Newspaper of True American, October 6, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 6, 1838 Page 4
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S ogtel, gene. thms.·to th o S ition r, S had ," have 'adtedded bNed bstrs ofd . ,5 PANY, No. ,. ti vr, t, New York, rnd ore eorestntly fn, tj" o to the atcMk do. coesista of the Wood t, the southern and S sllity, soonatiog of f. om,:2 to 50 gallons, to 30tguilets, Tr and ,1a to 18 gallonr , Bashý wei s 100 , aoreat rmse4, Sl katsle' , .do Behlls fr n, s mbdo Flat Spiders 6 do Cnoiher 8sdrm' , o do le ·, 4 do aglnboiae From 1 14 to 4 3.4 inches. C.rt don.;5 to 7 inches. WVo'.d Sernwy 20..00 gnros, irson and braes, from AN inch, Nd. 3 to 3:9 inch, N., 24 of a superior ,j.lity and finth , and nless the Jao o'r imported plOnes. ,a S:ad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for etailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, asorted. Sash weights, 10 ton., asortad from I 4.4 to Blls for Plantetions, steambots, shurcah, &e. made to order, Also steamboatR and other machinery made to ordnr. Thie liove aseortment of goods is particularly recommendd to the attootllto. oa Southern and Westero merchants, and are ofend ter sale at low price, a.d upon the molst liberal terms ; it is be. Maved to be the largest and best secortmotes ever ,tf"red for scle by any one eatablishment in the United States. Morehanta. by fnrwarding a request by mail. can hoRrIit prn, od crclar, woith, description of lgtoole, ies hand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, ntarnahed by rtourn, ofn Iil. All oarder will receive immediate attention. New Y ork, 1138. j, 3 "'%LN Sn Ipl' & I'ICKiLliS-U-deraed'e I.e I.I oonn tan,; nod Pbkbh'e. srloed sizesr; dlo, 60 lea s of lenis d& ittkeli' P 'ickler; tier vile Ir, elue a eouniegntmeolt, b JAIA VIV It . tt)\Dll.WS, e tl c",or f'.l,:ll on and'r lll' l itmnl+re S). al'--fl, hl1 boxP, Nor I Sofap, rrend of ul Jae S. leaid. foralel by ISAAC BtIDI;E e:. 1CS. .I: 1 1 E 'npnviT ,Ir,.,l. O tasn doellinr bose00 on Triton street, e-r twoes Tieeoi 'irele aind , Iart lalelo CInrel. aM9. Apply to J OTT, --lHIIEI.BARROWS, &e-25 Wheelbarrows, 25 dirt do. in atole, lier nale )rv C.t AIt'L N & COOP)ER, m1e5 li tl 'IlI st yjit·ri ..l., lu '.t,:ll . asl l lnltl.e , i.te r ti. + e, a I ll, t. Jl lilies, eonai+then el e t'rl' .llllPellor wIItll, h ill, b)illP en.d white wot., ntl bu ilointd rfled lrtough edlge recovrd sap. cenat.,ntly vo head and fur sale Iv leA IIt) I L'r & CO. a31 N ' Sttlitmt , ' Ilall, ." (.'itoer, s sat. B00 1 c(; - --Pe 5ýU S baes ,f3 dd,, eacthl Moselie It ins. 18211, 50 ido if do oo, do 1821; I) do ef2 do I. Port, IllG; do do of2 do LP brownlrrvytll81L 10 lpipe extra 0 nreirv. For. ula hby lEKRO(iGLENt, ttJtWN & Ce). v 4 C.,aIti street. ou A K jiOOt(l , utf every variotv of rulinv and ._ birdiesg, or.stanlly on h e,,od, vnd Prinaine, Rulin sod Bitdig tiatly eaxeeutlednt ,'hort niotse, hy " AVIlt Fi; I ' CO. M31: N Y Sationers' Hall, 21 Chartres vI. iiiTti4--'.IW hbl (ourth prouf A:seria Bllrandy. .1 coding, ftr sale by ISAAC BRID)GE & C). mit 134 Mlagazine slreet. -- i'o -EP. NEW two story Irh:k Itttno, nsitntued 5 doors A frotm the StCendl MHUieiUUlily Hrl,on St Charles _tleet. Ilent very low, possessio n given tnmmeediately E.quirn at the ,levli+e,. Ill., f. k·L4LULU---IIU bbin a af lour. for erae br It 1L.0 G DIt.',ti.t, 14 New levee. ,e4 I t t.,i I :et It'tY V . 4 1 " e w R I e v e. ,: I IIm m m tn.lI ia 1 AI A tit ilt i l At'tt rttrr'--to i. t, U s. a ,auaaa I J 151 coils lope, landing Ifem Ambaaeador,Iorsale by I.AYET & AMIELU\G, ml9 I? Comnmerce st. ' A i .t¶ U ia. petces lIeatucky ileginh, laad in nfret atemer ieau \Va net. an.l for atnle by YORKl<E, BILOfrllRS, jetS Ii ('iamp treet. l0o U ,3iUUr NOR OOPAIIVA " w l'.a li t, I\ov.14, I17 A BOLT six months ago I had the minstlrltue tol get Sa0 a cret di" ans, ftr e hich I have a!lplid to seae ral dlaor liar a curoe, and tllea did not cure Inn. so nOW oln the tutae date Iut las naelf tilller ell. caen of iotala hoet, and I expect ht to cure nlet. Since that illne the dineose got worse, aa ais to break out in large ulcers to the numlller f six or eight on *ua h leg,aISd all over ay faos, anld sre tllrtn, and out able to work at he prarset timn oil aeeount of the diseele; large tiler on ite righlt side of the throat. I sn an t llting myshll coo fie.l ly uader thd care of Dr. Iunet, If Paris, an he perefetly cured JOHN DEAN. fe- 14 ly 1 DZ c CERTIFY that the taa-ve ntentlonedl disease is qait welleuiad in my own sati.. s tioneton, for whaih i thallk nr. |lat; and lamoreover I that tlhe nedi -.e I have tael.n aaeal me fat. and did not injure a la y sellal nt nil tinealiare I adlvise n f Illlw suollerers II lose nol tinme snd aly nto lr A. lilRe, 124 Canal .lraea. aetweeao Datallt " nld lburbla atre ,e;i. Ir IHuet i ata l:oa e frtIIi 9no'clock, A 21,atil i P iI. iltay wil hod a true daatur tar tlin r roirplnit. JOHN ,.I).NINll tliraevier ttreet. If lly one wants tao ee ome call at Nn. 4ti Uravie, street, and tIny 411 he snlislled. To be piublished:lt the optit, of Di. t Eat. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb l, 1l.3. felt 14 I v l4E!.lienuiee Ilsnutu l at e.rvrwrt ana ntne I htll 1, iJ pilt t.ea in bttllesa l t It low price of 511 ,;aats each, conlaining the strlngthl of thllree ounces of L veewlnrt, tsii lea the irtuae tI malny ornler rrta anl herbs knlowan aml r hne lt Indians as elficacious in curing pitlalllarn cnmlltainls. Thae U itrlled alacceos which has strended the alen of this itlentalmnlll Itailtm wherever it has been illnro* ,tced. laon ttinled ithe conlidelcea and renotalla a tuaa of respetatlale Ilphysiclans, for the cure of couIncs, auldt.pain it the tid., watt of re-tet, iltilng otF bloud, liver comtplnit, ite. lTn whcol it ialv conerae. This is to eertiev that we have it our practice freltnettly preterihed Mrt Giatl tier's Indin Batrnlmof ieisnort a I lionerhiltnd, with a dueiled casl eetaert we can therefore, from the knllow ltlea of the slaterial it i anads fmln. and " lervantloa mast lermMtra, t etuti tnt it asn a aatoPerr. ptrelarataaon or.nIll.a. e alatbitne ol f t1.l lInma fr htlilli It is re ummindedl. At.B"RI' lII.LI 41M, , H. D. C.L, Vi ELI.ISIl 5. . Mlembee of iht'Boston Medical Assoneiation. Bostnn. October oS. saleby < JARKVIt & *ANIiRE. S, net ,.a.a.· t e yalhlonl an Pa aacv. T LTI.ER'i4 rfereety enta Mh.nesian Aptrient-For 1.3 dysne-pia or I inlltetihitan Iervltas debilit. , iddi: aer,hlansaie,seidiey of the tIa:,inh. bhbitual can. t clveetn,elintaenlinses rontt tea tI& . antd imuch saliad i+aa caures ftieg pualeativl. This desishle ptlvaatltn ha. received the natr.n ace of Iloallaa eineitan .h. rta Ia n pofeion, aisld beat a ditcnrninp ulhcttle'sny respenahle anrd unreli. togettianmnili Tfins efficad y a- an medicine have imabe liaited. Wsintall the plonng quatiiei in t a elaels of at asl e s. it paielm eatlie ti e iri. lia:ial propenti e of tina Iiit latlpr veal prearitiet; it IL pleasalt s ,loe a,' geesnlll n t,h nlllmnch. illI5lTANT CAU'tIOl--'Iie inareasinL replt.s Nos aelcteau demand fur Butle, i a tRervesernt alsoe. sa Alperienr.hla hobesn n induleae- t flr othe . to of iesre imistaoollaf llis valuable iaed aine. Prehalert lm lat, ly wairnd nf this icat. that tllhe a telt Rtasc al anid not proer,, al impare asrisle. 'le lo. alic an . slsll. l ly iefor ed that theI sihor ei. bes ae ltarntlv snpplied uilh the oeirhasl aNi go. asia. pnepteltl, la. Fe sate b wholel a d reail. 0ICKLEL. & CO. Agean, mils 0 nll .rtnet, N O. t AR, Alls Y,._hie Hale 01, ie the eeleas r arlrawdk i s hln ie hth ent eu& ,wd Ilefn . ths$ i p Oil wn. oared to the public, It ad iean flad im Iu its d f case of alrdneae, thineoeot sallins ofwfltie hair, snd illevery imsnrees is alasstu naarta htrae been realiedt. th ltaennaertfitld toprndnte a semme heautiFul eaowth of halt a head alrnad; - M.h.aasehetuleil t temee dry and eeaesto a.-. SOIl will vry., agt Iteeer et huattaaly, p.aduc. rt Idsand le.atiful growtlh al hair, wltloutl tin lea. 'ihlul i tihe heed. This oil gioes a. agreeahle Ih pase i is pslleoible to any other li ir Oil f0 r pet oietg, 'trrtins andal gassig lhe heir. The h ir no bevoc dlder alle -nim it For sale at toe, e. It e i Mc.' 198 &s 'LANGIL 8 10 12 Inch blade Knie Sr ' , d Dli t nbe and P * 'la, ; sdD~o~lan ,4he Pl.ende Sl ; , al Poawder Gatwinm is rnking Caps; a" t~Int(yý U ,Clu h ,H Tenth: i ' e aand Chlitrhe Tath Wash wer Tilet and Shaving Roten. in great va Hair Raid., Ringletw and iriettea; Pear. Poneder' mer tags: Ivory Tuh Cuasinns; Garters 'ilm tain tic tSuaspenders; Bnaxe; hilt Chains, Sonlt and Kevy; kle.: Bracelets: Bead Necklates nu 'I.t Silvered Beatds; Indian Beads. antd hell Twist Side and Dressing i hic iltion to lteir former rnetk on hand. heir a'mmolrmnt very eomplete, and will he old iw d on liberal terms, at the erint of the Golden ltab. i2.5-tf 70 Chartre treert. r IfHf tSheiterhee; Agents fir the exteninve honse of n W. & S. Btcher, Sheeld Enoland, have Just eelved a verry extensive seot . of pn et, a neiting of tiale and Iletert Knivep ofl e - dle.eeriltin, Pen, Pocket, Dhir, nnd Spear point !nlven: Rasor., Seis teon. Erlee. Tol,, &e. &e. &e. whi h the are prepared Sexhibit to the tmle aor nlce. Termn and conditions cill he made known at the time. mit J. It BEIN & A COIIN..fl Cnmmn elt. IMMO HARTT CO.--Are new reeing per hip tlmtrvillee, Pgle, Mer Andrew, tilih. etder, Pinch anil German double liea plaeving ards: ner,hel, t tad puroet plditlalin, rihhltd stil split cesaton eaprn eap hnlders t s ins , I Razors, oen. nea; tiillout'. cnmmerrial and lther tneel nean: Vio Ts; Violin trineglt shell. ivnry aln hnr, eronlt,: ealrn:; k, ICbead and eater puredt hair braidll, farndt tad apk ringletf; tnero Itbi's; Gem ein a,1Il F tIrel, lCo.ale eater. Rowlaetnd m setewer oil. imitation dn antinute eel hersonni; prtaitle iletls and de'eleng ores: lent tdaekinat tlatimtild toilet glanlesl; onema ti n'linr la. etl glasesanld views; lItalian ad., ltllanidt plumeY . enortlen; whit-twine; toilet and shavingt snaps; toilet, a mertie wash balle to eiled 'atil nali, own peal llntll: terew etlnhi.t: fanev headt ehins anl teakiane.; billiard Ihll; Ipenet Iaks co ant watlettat iernal, honest rmanoe taptt fine aeld enamon gum. i1ttoiati rltendern, gtnrtmdni dealls llei'e mt;teheit ail. 'er txtntilt; Cretts. &e. &e. The ahne ii alition o our formeer otank of fanny e;oielr, nlakelitrit mat. t vert ve ,mleat. oar tale wholeale or rrtail; as the sign ofLIe Golen Coamb, T0. Cnetnr e tr .et, mR. OT ICE-thie partnerh ipC orf Kellev, i ern &(r o f New Orlean ; Mason, Hirrio &C, .. of Natchez; Itnd Harri Khllev &Ca., of telaoev, wnas dins Ilved oi halet of atnv lI . te, ty to dealt o1 Samuel A Mlason, ,tle of tle pInaers o, the fir llt. Tht utleroigCaned, tlnrvivinr part er, will hea charge, with tlhe retling and e.lteing elld l.,tioiR't o fIllows: Lavi C ilnrrij will attrnl Io thle atilitl o0' th, haqiness ci' lrn31 o, llarris& Co.. It Natulche; inal lurrie, Kel. er & Cn,.,tt I(l.deev; and I tnrv ller, will alt end ct lie '':tlig .f til, h bsainet of tley, Mlouti & Co,., at ptew Orleans. Thernanes of. lile -'veral finns willhls axeed in lignidatnlaonlv. l'l:ale iodlbt'ed to said firm are enrn:tlv requnestrd ae aoieaownrdl and make early settlementst aldt rtle having clie cill pleasee "athlt thete witllrut delay. LEVI C HARltIS, HENRV KELLEY. NewvOrrlana, June .1, 1837. I r;AN MARIE P.bRINA'.-S COILORNF WATER e reae of thin enperi, r Cl,.,ege wate-. just receive. mol for ,eel Ibv the dozen or oi,,le hottlJ. Alao American aodl V enil toilet I w:lert, powder - ttiL antiWnxre, hllaving and toilet n)epl , iOgartine wah Th:ll, milk of ras, rcosinetie aoll cretnl, extr te o mlok, kre llarll, al' vegetahle hair nil, ponoatlnlm, 'nrllle l pere, Ploridln llvendnr, ro.e ntllt ln wrterr, t'reeo ,.'ello, Mnlrteille" perlannterv it: truntke. veget,. Ile id ru,, e. Chtlor;ne and Orris tlolh wath, 'iotl. lltir. hmloh n:ll antd fleh !Iro-Lee; togetller with nt: edllitionel soippl of fenlaioneble aItr, and shell conhe .l jreelry,Lor ole law nat ehllt'oale or r tail Itv SIM.MONS, ltAui'T" L'&CO, ill YS 70 (''arltes t ltrt. ee'ivtiteftlll- o ln no hllilp Yaizoo, at' 'flatso' *drllr Cirln,'te.,rein frtm New York a erre: vanriety el t.ltl itn thr litre, lhtI:li tonether withl tllheir ime Itlk ln bInd,,i ,ntlltkeo their neotts rort eler ' biete. 'T'hel,,lowiltige,,lnleea rpert,Viz: elltql, ,,t.,,r., tll:uk tIId tlressilg ,Oalbl,, , ello, io ofall de'rriltlolla, III. lia rlubber, ailk andl wrtled elnati en.trer, lllllltan & fine elatitc aottr,,nderee, lot., faalo And tili'r,,l atnthle., Seihllitz Ipowdleils powder puff.- mn Ihlxl o ,tolerlh, powdler, pocket books alod aillets, need. |,onk-, shell, pearl, irlvrv and I i)ro.Po earl ens, head ornulne·nts, pain ea rl Iteadlo, neeklauneel al neliiee, Ibead tol ,lllill, elnd ' -'kl.(r", itt riat aini dlaiu,,,eed,Iilveranl Iill btelda, ilntdian, tred, bill. and pillmen; pi to l a ilt lre pow Ir e llke, Plhot belts, horse, belt. Iplket and dluuilia :,ittlo; ,dhill' anld oiaCle btrrelletd grsn. Bowie knives, and dirks. s, fisntre, sheorr, pocket knives, eeard chitine tinl riblonls, waist 1411klP s , cill iIla r, to ith, nnillcoln b, ul-Idi."l stlte, pllle, flout nail dlttlin hbrlleale,. Colllolge, l1"hltt, tl,,lleltdrr, rioe and1 bay waelelilllorPII eellees, end ilteoi'te, 'iei..e.r, hear, ti;ti, li, att11 WVrltadsl vi retalle hlir oile, shlvilgnlid lilot t ,ip ol all deat t clrilititll , lnl,' alldt gelltlellete' odeok, tnl ldrertilg eatee, hnir ri,'tlete, friettt to Id braids, plain, fae . and .musical work bo)xets, plain an,l ilt,figlu'ed, cnnt anti vest botlnm., pearl and ivory ehirl do, clhil Studd, 'ohld and aileer,,il a-ser, IOotlhpclllhskl and twlznerr,plated a,1l gilt Ialket:l n, 'nietlnre dI, silver, I,lblae aned ateel ihimnltle, hlooks alll eyee, hair pintb,imittioin, fruit, bI:, and rreliik,olm blIrpkil:g, vlolitnsa.ttd l'itar-,ribedl all plain percuesilon (llpp, lillne twine, scelltetl clll tens, golltld re eiler Ine' al'ld fr.nge. nlatte paller, alllei bags, idling w',ilp,, walking eales,playlg cardel, llns gold, :latt: ald gilt jwellrv &A:. 'rte alMer, toteeller witl a great vnrilety of other arti. ltearee offereld at whltltle or retail on atcmOdntiag N It S''ll comhbrepaired. HW )II:AI.EE AMIiI RE"tAl Ui,1 AND IA RIIIETY STORE-at the sign of the golden coemb, 31m 70 Cltortres steetr. The snhecriber have re. ceived, in adIdition to their previos stock on Ihand, a fall and complete assorttent of artirles in their line; viz: combs, pirflnnerv, Jcwellrv, brushes, lorking glasses, feunev articles, Or. c,isting in part ts follows: COM Hld-tortoise shell, wrought and plain tuck,twiat, qoilled ack, long ronund, dressing, side pnlt, curland neck, Braziliun combs of every decreiptitn amongst which rie some Mexincn pitters, Ivlry combs of every daecrilption, horn, dressing atnd packet', together with it o,,neral tttOtfIPnt PofFreithndt Aetrican. PEKRFUM.ElY-Cologne, I.aveotler, FlIrido, honey, hv, rune, andl ortnge flower wafers of every size and des cription, cnmphorated Cologne, extract of Bnregalot, fancy soaps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes anndpots, cream soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, hmear and an tiqnedo. Preetott'es astelling salts, plain andil perflm:ed todlet ptowder, parl powder, pon ler pul's antd boxes po ntntnln in pIots and rolls,orrts anl chllorine tooth washl and poiv leias, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY-Somo ofthe latest nad most fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, topl ' let eardrops, set in ilagree, hreast pins ofa gree' jt tv of pntter, watch trimminegs, ilt and rilt ieokles, seiler timbles, silver and gold pt toils attd guard chains BUlUSHLtES--Cloth, hair, dust t,ecrnall,hearth,foor, hat, ,eSh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, slton and whitewash hronlren. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet elatse, nmgnifying and French dressing glasses, honte do, with a vatrirlv of other kinds not enutntlered. FANCY AI) VAILIETY ARTICLES-French and American portable desks and dressing cases, sonnme very rich cid titnely finislhd ladies work hoxesand dres i:g Rnes, witlh and without music, musical boxes, Ae e.rdiios of various, kinds, violins and guitars, siter and iSlated wuils andleads,wood pencils ~ir cat: enters and ecra tolnnnt in leelocws,gitlnn tnd pistols witt nlld without eases, percussion ctls. .per aslon cap chl:trgers, iniliple crtw drivers, selt, belt,eine Iloge, Iastoe lllc.i:ll,lIoy tea setts, Indlian letlad of every kintd, hells al Id Plaies, toe alnd onlllnl knives, razeor anrd scissors, tI.nbles, needlresx,pin, silver plated, steel tand colonta aplte.ta clea, pocket books aid wallet, ti varltatl klnds, viatting eurdstl crd casens, playing cnards of aF'recOhtt, Gtoriat and American antttnnlnetare, d:lls, initaliao, tialt,Osnu boxes, prneI of various kinds, allunders' Ponelvy's, Eltnroenoa's, HJllaan's ni ki's raur tr antlawbi ra tran metatlie Imoee,tdirkn, fancy head necklaces, do witlh .or drape,toy watelhes, pearl buttos, powder flesks, ec. atd plain seed beads, gt.tan silver to, gtn elaett susape.l ders,mnd garters,plain and sword canes, bIckgauaton boards, dice, optical viennes, jewsharps, lncoilco tmatch eand Idrinking cups, with a great variety oat oter arti eles, all atlwit hi will IM sold tir cosh or city acceptan. ces ne 12 moitha credit. B II SI.1,IC:I( & o. d4 711 Ortreasl. UOLiI:AIL'S Scienoe of IPetannsltip received,nnld for sale at their lpermanhtt WVritnlg Aoad.:lti,,n No. 8 lhaltres s re:t, New Orleans, IJ littredway tNiew York, ttnaptaine st., tIobile. It ispeartictlarliydesigaed the private learners, and aoktal,ns atd is eleoalated fir )ersoUa oftall aea. Laies end gonlaentll are invited tocall ant examine the svstent lr. theoelves. oft the city. r Ladies wtahljefer it an receive lessons at their own ref sidences. oPersos pnyint; for o oe t itrs of t essons are desired o attelrd alol tthey wrlt, t well as tlhey Wthll. tnl D)0D. tRL -EAt &II ,UI'IILt. D)EA FN ESS. A NEW article forpereo:us troubled with deatneen, (cal:ed tile Ear 'rutnpel,) hls iset heell recelved, by tile ir et , hieclh, the olightest artnilatioli of thte lt. man voice is dtalectly conveyed to the ear. Alnt oll who Ies ever beetn otliged t, crnIverese itlt very dta tnotn, mast ltoe fully seauitle of tha diliicalt, and et irraslmnl uexperiea:ed utl bly Itheaelves and tie in dividuacl eo utairtatnlev aillieted. By the-use uf the ear I'rumpet thlo olbetion ts entirely oitviated. The mset seepttlcal have l ays a andott ,lthir doubts alter having used to'l'ruinlet. For-sale ra 'r F GUloN'S, Fancy stor e. crner of Common and St Ckarle streets Soiar o.1 ,.1 ,t-1.0 Hotel. fei 1t s PERM 011.--Ill galiote pure winter d Soparau Uil, to casks atd bils, for sale by JAILVi, & ANDItEWs, Wholesale Drugg sts, corner C atmmen and Tcihap W H'l LE.AD--. bbls, lanIbs tcl'; InlM do w' English dio--i 1-4 hbls. 100 - * 100 Pain Ierushe, aurituas sies; I n.e Vermnili g, 5 hbls Copal Varnih; " Japaer 1 .Coanch I paeheks Gold LeaP, 50 do iliver do; I 100 do Dutch Metal. 4 WINDOW GLAIOS, American, Erglish and Frenoh S-1010 boxes, varons sizes anti qualities. e .strut ,rown do.-li0U boxes, cotatsiqtent, will be lio.a a general assortment of art .' clotEnr and tools, for sale by A W SCAIR Ed, SNo 16 Caral etLp N . Alalatiaot w taken at Ip r, and Mialsls note iwill If received at t0 per cent diseont for gn6idr, or inpayment of dehbts. jes I Iw i.OUR.1- 0 andiag from steanmr Independ. Sile e, tle IXR)SEY, a 4,1 NOW LoL. Mor. W* l.I L 5TA,, -'t.r, row At rSaWaara es tsm.assr5galZ g swami, LOUISYILLL. lb the Editoer of te CouvtsW Adoresera Il--t appears by th se oesationa of the ditor Sop the .arsville Ptlbytoarins, Tlon and Troes cript am well a the ed grs of the Memphis lqaer', that the fOld" is among the Doctor. 'This i pn.ved by hll kingly ge, knowing that hindme is t short, and tat the isdmendent Amerinan poeple are able to judge for themelves what are poos and impohsitions. The worthy editors who are Doctrs, the pro pretor, editore or sub.editora of the horte named Journals, all every letter from psoa I have mreorad to ight in the abmoe ploen, peers. 1. The fht is, tlat I nvmerahd ouch groat success within so limited a period as tea or twelve days. One who was nced ahout ten tears, who had only san the light from bis birth, began to ace tn follow his meatr to my hotel, instead of being obliged to be led by hin. Two roong andies, who had eaehlost the night of one eyre, one for um ears and the other itr ntearly two ears, having both ol them the ether eye very weak; vet eech of those oune landies began to see with both eyes, which heeft I pledge myself still continues. ea sptingo they are under the influence or domranti in of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of a respectable merehant, w'ose name I am holnd never to orention, (as he paid the my fees), who said she had lost the sight of one eve from the age of 1O months, but that sile now begins to read large letters wih thle other eve crmpletel) bhut. This the doctorldttors krew. os the getitlemon told me himself he h d cn dnei ed hbi dauhter to the oflfee of the medic.I editors. that they miglt he inf rred of the fact. 'rhe last I shall mesaion Is anteldorly gentlemen by the name of Yount, nearly seventy vearn of age, who declord pub. liylv b letter, which lie tok to all he diflrent ofice el iu that letter tliat lie he totally deprived of the io.s of oes aye froma ft a ltery his birth, which his mitliher tot d tom .. - occasimned hy the measles or small post that nao rr couled not onlt ree the lilht of the unt, for the first time that he reclllects, but the slatr also, and was b'giovning to distinguish many obiect; and dlid, heftie I let that r;tv, give ma ay priof that he could see to walk abort the istrets with ite other eve completely closed. He said he had been s member of the Methdiat Epicopall Chureh tor c rely forty ears. an I that hin word we never doubt ed through toe whtoe eotise of his life. 2. I repet that I tarl never greater socn esr than at Nashville, and 1r. :re medical ail lerice dontors had never befers-. m tell reason to he enaraed. The piomo indicati te cfth Rev. clerical D)r Smith proves, whena e sartedto me that nh mt eix veaes past, he was converted from be i a perfect ifidel, to believe in the doetrin s ofwh he Biblthat he must have medo a trifling error-that I moast have meant to ay, th t before the end of ix vears to come, he ehoull he converted from his in fidliit, as the splat of the true mivnister of the pracefrul tnd eImaicn rlmn.trilir of the Christian religiom dtie n.Lt breanth- ot delltlitetion rng, cn!s.tnv atnd filsrhood It, ilelae hii Itetdical fririttd, avolitaI tim man evllortl hl knew rlod dte no trmoh ood, and no i-.i jrrv tit any ine. All the inllehitnts.f Nasltvi tll cpe I of leP Lcerest rci. e I alnl, o"-cept the ',edi,'nl d et rt. I oeolt of them ala had Iec informld be nAr Yount of the cure Perfutimed on his totallv Ibliod eve. A. The firenna li iaoh S. ofthib town, petend that I have l,st the larel I gained in the Nnirt, since iny arsivl in the Sottllwest. -This proves, h.wever,l had, aid that I kept them until I trrived in this section. If I gained one in the north, I ought to have rained anith r inttile s.nth and sridthwest, and I still hope to wear them on my very vyruthfil ironw oi the day I leave, is spite .f the vituleraiullo of the great Dr S., if I iay judge from the man I ave already benefitted in thits c;tv within tlree dvys. 4. Tile laect of the present is to inform the mdi. ral loliaeh and elitrvs if the Repbaliehn and Tre is script, as well an the clerical Dr I-itlh of the C. Pres. hvterino and of the Ution. of Nashville, as well as the editier on ul ll medical editor of the tMemlphis Enqairer, o well es Mre Prentice, the edlitnr of the Louldsvile Jonrtlnl, anld Rs lie a medical Gliali editor if this city, tire reot Dir ., that I shall britng actiods agaist tliem ill, cr vlta peroti Yn, slander or calumny, imt.di-. ttrly uaftsrlnvy arrival in New York. an well as aoneint their miablld Ie llreo the medlical Goliahs oflthe north. I nv Itind nr self bi prmyr iie, nerertno quit this hittiat lnd of likhe tv, until I have r'.iclit the oases of all miy tv.relial GIilialb of the nor hI, as well as tile vIith aid ctl i went, to ile grind.nte! Th'le ulllirted, there. fore, may calulelate o trilidinlifle durinog the of Ierxt etr in Neo Yotrk, where letters, post paid, and iiIthers, wll ,e rsre to reaell le. 5. 'n inlform tile plblie thit the trlln, no rrled, twhirs thIe Iev. clericsllv innverled infidel pretendl was write Iiwa witte fit hu, ma owitt than a week print, alrd irntended for tile Rev. I). Howall, who reor it in ly ireoenie a itlhutIllrltonif'riiog tity drlirstrttbaoia; iii Ihecoitrery, tratk it to his nrtldy al ot'ltthelltel ii in tile wita he did. whlich l lie hdlie ihiuhlt woul] an oi·r lily aurotse lbetter; le delivered tlhem t ,th t tIill., without preteo ing that I wantedl to b ihe him frtlor : hntv, as I evCernull precllnle to offer that tentlettnt or sty nethr, any ioney fur stating fars I'he Rev Dorietr'sown .+nmtelent is before the pthlic: ld hl Ire lot examllnel nal mty dlip'onnmR, &c. &c. wi hi a erlemtvln, al intttimate friend of his, as well as the whole if ity pntielltn, ill ,oret nnv witlh anotlier clergyman, rlld fulill tlhem all to he authentie, and all llry iatients t he more or les belrfilltted, he Iev,.r coal Ihoe beIll induced byii a total stlruagr to dlriw up slmch all article ns "itrote himtelffiur ptthliPation, antl nlresred it to Mr Strillgfieldl, editlr oflite S 1V C Advoliett. 6. No oanrler the lear oigllted merlical Goliahs of Nashville took tihe ala. ;and tlherefore sed theirrl firtan to oirl with tihem the alI-poiwelful, athletic, ph . etl oand iutellertoual forrce of tht said to-lbe-cotvrrtedl clerical ilnfidel. We read ill thle Bible thlire tree is klowre by its fruits." I dare nay the converted infidel has preached front, that passage. 7. te evirldntly waltodrl to eatablish his moral is-r a aser a a11nar. by shewing that lie wae Ribove beinr briled. us see wlhclr ithe tulan of tily pieces oIf silvr will niplny to hit.I ',s well no it wits well appliel to anther conrertel infilel, who, in tile drvs of the in cartation of his Divine Master, absolutely sodl tilm for t'.at number of piace of silver. My answer is, thlat it was neeer intende.I als h ile, nor coull it be con.ider. ed so hv any one, as if was not ever eql l to tilhe lenthlr pnrt tofall thre regulnr printer's fee, of $1 per qul re. Conta:nine two ti three columns of cltoelv ptrilted matter, wich were to he repeated lthree or loar tiriee in thle Presrterian, Union end Mlnitorjotrnals, heall I ever inlender tl bribe hinl, I should have offered him at least $300, his regular fee, instead of $ 0, which, in all prolbablility, lie wouldl have gladly received ns Iis fee, and not a a lbribe. On tie rontrary,if I ad been can plrhle of fferin' a brbe, I should cerrtatly lave done it it a way to hlave insuew.d hin ac eptinee. 8. Iarl Ilta Rev. I)octor been reerly ronverted to the Feliefof the dloctrinles Iit tihe :alviri, hIe woulil ot have promisedl to comr and exaline tiev pratientsi n ith iout keeping his wordl, as I have always fouad evory minister' of tie gospel zealous ti nla. 9. IHad he been really contverted, he would net tbh iirlv have spoksn ageiast tie American inttlitutinn, whichl, it is well known, are more numerous, said wllieh are opr'rirr tu ialty in aullte parts of Europe. Ilis errudict at tmth dliluated somine voung literary char ncters, as to be catlerlv restrained from punishrlg hiui on tihe Ato',lby laving violellt Ilands on him. lree Iev. etlleman,thlnuli a Saeotchtnan, is without excase, (uiless he is i'alamniatecdl), alhouli he tnoy thiuk he tias a rilght to abt-e the Anierican inlitutin-. heean-e he is a eioverted infidel. I say he has not-as all ogilt to speak well of thle brillges he gree veafly over. I fancy tile gallanttCapain Utrundv, slid several olier alliablh young genti'men of Nashville, recolleet well the calduct of this pious expounder of the Holy Scrlil nreo! 10i. never sew sieh ademio inthuman shape ts tihe Rev. IDoctor wma the dyC I aI e:l to reason will, him, whe, lie menaced Illy grey hairs with an upllibfted gigantic arm, as if lie wooild have fellrd me t., the groned, for daring 'a draw a pious nmi0isttr way f(,m his duty, byv a hbribe of SO Iieee tif ilver! I really tremrbled inare than il the ,Iold Gentleman" had ap psted ill his owe sheape II. t solemonly declare before Gml atrl am not sfnid t, call idio to witlless that I nev', in Ite wholle coursr of 4.1 years Iractie as allt ocalist, it 'ilrat Iritm.l, t.'rttnie, .crlstl. arnd loericn, i't, single ilrtliece oI. fored nsna Irilte rirrv aoiount to the editor of trryjtaurnt lr'rt nsa n. 'rleonttrir, l tilr the itaOC I'recupied 1noI trze tvrublewhih I tcrasiened thetn;nd that I wanulways moare inclintedltd rieduce, rather hlaid ary einouey to tire printer's bill which is a nuaiicient proof that I had I tOluitenrion o bribe. Ill. Last v.-'iht Mtemphis Enquirerfortwo or thre I weeks vonitains a tissue of flacrant falsehnnd, which the medical Gmolialh editors leyre t from their hrethrent tifthe M. Golilhe of the North, and I shall treat thenar with siicilt onateplt until tire proenr time arrices: Unless iti s trite what I have b.,n inttriedr"tlue e bieggar, and youi will catch a t.--!" Tllhouglh I t'il hin, for toy advortlsorneoun for two or ihree wesks, he trly inserted tller once. yoar will Ilease to insert this lettec inynour neat pa I par, aid sbligs yours, &s. In Ilastm, JOHN WILLIAMS, the English Oculict. I I.onisville, Joly 18.17. Cepiedjrbm ut $. W'. C. .deoc·eu on /te 14th Jars, ton. At ths requasatf t)r. Willians, we iuserl thre fillew. iu na so fromn the Roev. Mr Howull, of N-hvill., to the edlorof ith routli Western c'hriotiln Adlvitat, wha, it ipeer*, hln exameimed the diplomas end other doweu. ntrntsevilcive oflthe I)ctor's claima ti pulllic paln=ti ago ln aoesqaaunie of an aecilens., Sr. W will ra mai in Nashvlle aa fe dyg longer than lit it trst teinilided--ss the Ist July. lIen. AIr Siringfiel :- loving been r'quested by Dl. Williams, tire ocult', taW ini tlls cityr to cx,,mine li ntltmerous diirrillitn and other doeuillents evimwivc of lis claima to ilublic confider e . in his prtfeeion, I have, ii coOlrtati) with a valuerd friarle,dne so with pIleasunre. a lnessheln o Iual nettur feom Ir Paotet, at pm. mut Chere d'Aair t ol tsi Kils of tie Frehla, at aitmshgiagtml, eddmeesed to Ik. Williams, tectifying the geanuitlleotl of the diplotnas frui the King, of Frmivc, Belgium, .mc. ns well a those fernn the Medical Socie. ties of Feanco. He has nrmeroua vouchers from islon a.hoynut to ire .f high repntation in thia eou try receveriv nince hiw arrival io the Ualted 'tlten, deonilint inelu. ge r of grnat uctess in t e reartlrtiou of sight tir the oand. I have seen ns rly all his purr ratienta in this e..v. 1 Lieuw tan', of thel previous te thtei calnino utiler his care; Iut alll have ecet say they are u.. qoaetiaoobly benefitted. Ilot'T. B, C IIOWELL, Nouhvills, Jitna 21, 1837. 1'. S. etivme writinglthe sovev, neof fr. Wiliama' 1ratienr boas collel Uiln cnielsl says Ie had actuallv and totallv lost the sight of one eye nor seventy ycors, hut 0rw declaros himslf beme tta t sta last nnh, for she first shne in his life trat he can reolleet, he could din, minauish, wih tih t eye,sotr eofthe pcrminnetr tars. I eaen that thin old gcntlctaon tao lived meay yoara in thia rdgiun, aud says he has been a Mlethodlta during horty years. augl0 R.B. C. H. TIENNER'S MAIOF LAUISIANA,&c. &r A New MAP or L.UISIANA, with its canals reads and diataneeos, rm place to plana, along the stage and stean bhot romute, by II. S. Teuner. MIITCHKLL's MAP OF THE UINITED STATER ehiwing he principal Tunpike and common roads, oe which aer ireon the ilasnac in miles from one lasco to anotiher, also the coarira of the canals and rail roads through ,ut the counr are.ully compiled frmn the beat ns th.rities--puua.b d by 8. Auguslu Mitcohell. MDITCHELLO TAsvI ie.a'sl GUIDE THROUGH THE UNITED Saºrs, a map of he roal, dietncon stasi boat and uDal routes, a. jest recivl and for ialU WM M'KEAn., C( XFSL ON PHILADELRHIA-For sale by YORKce. BROTHERS, 8 . bt, Camp street. - RtIU irA WheAA.iEA, 'fl ltteael fltterbltorkie tgserelt~Les, a rhinltic ml meroural dii 1es, partinularly uleer and pallefmla hetlton othe bones, o eerlc tedtomtt, wM tells,,les ofever y desmsplton, lver mes,r ao intemt tbssems,fl ulas, piles, meld head, matu, y, les, hmi. nrite sore y, erysItells,blethes, and every variety of osl. nmeas alifeetaion, eronte C(ntrh, had she pen oeel iq from any serid humor, pain inthe stomaheh met dy ileptsosie ending l fromnvarlntln, affetionsofthe liver, ebmoiib inliam ttilnotthe kidneys, nl d generalP dehili ty eased by atorpidestio of thevesselsrfthe a:in. It is log lldarlyefe tiouslnrenovating those constittions whichhave been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenile iregularlties. In genenral terms, it is reanm t'onled n all those liseases which aise from imlprilieo of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatrever nameor kind. Some of the ehore eomplnintsmoy reqlire some tri linglu;stant pplioatilns, whceh theeireumstsnees of the ease will diet-.; but fora general remedy or Purifilcaor toremnvetheiasuse, the INDIIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found mffRiernt. TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, tht modern Physicitme, n their am hitism toexeel in their mprofension;explore the vast fields of seienne he the aid orfheemistPy, and seek ant new re. mdlial agents; in short, to arrive at prferfction in the iraetlee by means of arset alone,-entirely overlnok and negleet, as beneath their notier, the rich and bnnnteous stores ofmedilone, whlich the Almightlv h:s omuised to nlsintgontiof'theelrh inivryeslitie! "oAln hocwiotmon more true lisltthe while the Amnrien Phyait Im looks to foreign eountrieefor ilaty of his most eontmmon snd iesleary titles, perpettlly ebtginrg l they are at the ditatee offoshion or folly, he is smrrsulded in his own counsty with an endle spmrosion of medical plants, enfitoint to nswer any itdieation ill disenae or to core any icunblv diordert snd yet he is ignorant of their vil toes, and they ate sufleredto wasite their healing on the desert dr.'i Il hef et.ts of vegetble medicines upon the nbitem nre temolmpary-thie of mi.eroal lasting. 'I he t'ooel. e el thrntreilbce.d os lofft-he lhiter, menrrymri par. sieul-r, nt ehemiwlly npml the solids, deeltciolllseng ithe botles lnl uilmnisrmiis the ellstitutin by a iot andl p re detrtsetion. Thei eogeniallity, emffnemy sod SAPFEY of vegest bile remendies ver mineral, mo or rstimsatnd by eontst. ingthe stioinit i lmteoe withttle modentte or, to ring it luoreimmedietely uin:kl ouel, io uarheentimi, sti, Itdi o:t leatire with thisofthe whiteo. Who, i Asmeriea, ,s sot klm wii'hal o r le o rel otei l Irnalees whereit some delrellid, iniretedinb femarle halite, by merinof Imer limdle remedienslone has afi.etinl the mort ropid a'nil atottisdhlt oures, nilrthe .IMteira Meteaie of the -nmmtil ratim e dlreeted in the moot skilfld nmaner, on foilios Atid who has not ime n . rtprscl n ttlees.o lsrivechaser motecilsi with whioh she Intisof anbi ote aiIf llom any, ol tet the rihos tols ahstlinreneT ofehriiom iiene semoing them t Who he istel heatrd ost al ldlisn. withe a onstimltito bmkUthI ottl r eibit ly ill tsonltet 'A:nd esn sn llout exist that this Lapliy ex entmlli oflthe mniBse lrll Iot o iioot of t ilel widei tile Ih.l o rmsaton i heirto, is etiefly e wiig to nlee geniti ail nlfo remedies ih ei e elne l oy To'lhis altllisll. hinglifferetite in snco es, is a luir exeioplifeatioa of til inhioste speeloritov of the simlile ustetife slo eis hof eare whih ianot has, ntrie for the heefila ofa his chihirerl, overtholsewlloh tleilridle lmd the anrt of m i have iii Inrlm a Thlig reidenone among a pomion of the ahrigin nsier with the nvtltmsn of eure of some if thelr mot siucesslfl bulittitimoerw the sotnideto atr 'The h liUan'sm IPaaeeal,'aeotteilll a knoolmlege of some of tile most pIxweire"lnl faI torleermlies. rmntheeeselr eteds sluh ns were most eroacineus cntl lll troplistel, tll after aitrlls exlt rimrl tin tese their lerinei anttl ll eareldgll lie his neobited them in the fil. he ipresented, as tlhe most ierf rt asts ..eneficial r the purlolre for whiuh it ise eoonmeoimel. 'l'lle lnolrletorn oflershis preparation to the paulihi, witll the eotinraiools llS ot he islleisog wilhinatheir sea, on reoiely 1nlaesI ofrelieving iany of lis affliletel felr low beings, who or sfnl'eritg ithier the vetriios ehtI lti ola oltinaite eosplaintls to whah itc is i llicable. iTo slicil it will teooe of inoalelulle bl valla, as the nitAeit lo i iany eaes, the s ooly oiuets ont uieiritgtfei .f. letrillgl tnleotl t(ltg ltnl otne lee Ilte t tetl.lih :t.1 Ianll 'ilell. I i isuial otlferd as OIceIIIteoi r trmety, Ilat nto, liet atlleli be eeitlrlygenol wish oltiur ,ice ill use, ttits line whlcl isoo elll. tdir nilio;g le illtnltly exlltroe asesr ahie all the unuiu:cl. neiesiill. Tlls it hala done rela l(enehi) slly this is the l'lnl utiotlle it hutsnl: itilltl weIPrever, it ins lree introtisreti. te isonly tisttier tro thelss tache tills ielitii o itos I reeuteld ion he tihlic:'hillt iii tot hrot goece rf Illlt tI. tttwl teIIrlro h Ils .,ons nighth IeltnBla , chit wooti f iolenlly iloulre tp t mthey e lierven tIl theli lives wrr i Ialed by it, lntl ill msu10 c.easIeal r they hall lell ti :ll) otll ileel.dops lli t te taoi ir te liees itn till ito hel. ee Wit ish known it israinly eonoig ioensi ooe, Icoda afftollltileroosLt sLItoutiolool roocitoitg iL.oof of it merits. Tie value e fllue P'lan ea i nleos tcois w ieinltainl thosle uro lI alal ingll o mund svyhl itie, andnt loelils o ni u l ie: ill tlMoose ageen',ble mlnerenr tha bee som I:lnial !y nIJr aI it, i wn l istressincg htis h the b i ,n, s mles sierilar ixi uleet' t ileiPgemullt i the i ligestive iotet li o.ll f. Tllme it u eotsleely vetloVes, stuil l till aes it eutie. Ia erlieates tihe dliseases and ,msts of nletcll'u, trto ts oteillle elstienIti, lonin feute'tthe iit l.llrsaed sinl well. In tlih, nmntio la ill ulEtltaled, sore thiil, lt, ill hllt ly efty alue eeareot nt, to givhl p al stt inllle Tokeit itoe- ,it ses luhel lihtt'i Pansei uttieonautt oseao eluenttivetnd dietergeut; a dihpl iritlic drt,ic, l ie titll tlxatite, ioi talti i-notntuilite utttl iOiteloe; and in liotleer et;es, as nllTra.hic r il entwunteligt~t e. tielel. aoly exr eaedl, it inltso os a I the saeel al t ll. t1 ent s vrellasn, gieiltot tlr to tel i a tn ule t.xeinesHeliln ih ellsI ghunis iii apieultl i alhrlt. tw Foli'li thCese ItsEi. illts ito Crthillll hisy irl fotit hlgl y oneli i. 0 "'i k tedmis alle inme lulreen I(lln higlhly usefull in mnli anlligui,.s dtliseniet tle i.eree, eificd, it hal bh.elt tselc wilct waldellt inseoues as Srilng olid Fll Pit . Iruieie,h). hue whl ehilo it hLtono t earnilll i or" ihe si anl ttuhLre enostilmnntlnt'etai. i ew vigor. lleh itien alms will do well tu use t .rIo n thl.e nodes in stnll i do. se%. Wlhlenevel s diettcink is tolnideedi stistellelyt this lsaaces, tk he ll ta simalll dise will answer all its il'rtoses,in mloch Irs time, at les eo r.exl, tonlt ill a tao nioe agreeable rtnner tlus Iton elttono dtiet dii.tlt 'llhe flltlouwitg oetiftates, out of hin simnilae, whail smiglht I lt iroetrcid, are ginellio show hut eOff.l itI the lithns'aoPuitoates, in Ihe vnitsit etnmluai, i tsmen . Illetlltllanlil wthlt ietor liilt ill tie oult stli"Elvtole ntlllet"l itslulae iloily over ihe t ysl)lt in tololllollt I1C. CASES rWOF HINUAMArItLM. CHR.Lt.sero, Nov. I., 1832. Douing ihetlt wloter ard sp ritg. I twas itfflile wih a very 3erre till isiltstresshg t uiallt, oceitoilnem h) exct.'ess i nll ail wostiler. I enlw nkegieat idreavie ii llinill otel six htilet iflte Iloliot's d',l.ea, rtet, .(Ie iln to peel'eet healllh, sald I eonlhiidetly ret..muelti· d I on :l si iladlly afllictel. JOHN F.ItGUS()N, ltig ist. Ctu.arS -ru. , lMarsh 27, Swes sizetd bshout threrem n eales , ile with Ililottssilt ihelnllotllosni eanrle hi tiIsi skc.ere coii, wlile olto.' the islntweeoef mercery, oidl wlitoh lio itisotloie litem Iisiwte nemrlh ever sier. I)uring this eri. i . hovelet n tatietitllI the Mslllet IHosital, ill thlis c i ititwalnel offr iloelluthis, lo Ioil tmely t ltse lelttlllt. titn i t the ltltior Imoslultnl, and triled almot ever Irlorulo, with little heonei Oi t lei I of' Io*falutHie tIll at 'lht time: eoalal) ohetln nomvealoten itfe. I elttilh es, I clnotlliel.t l tei ille if leli;lll'o lotiaelo.a Itt on molli I I'imi.I mysell'e~lirel? lvedelliarnlla llan lnl anl tow happy to snIte thluatbiconlieeloyelfltrfeotly well WII. I'U.KEIIi 13 Malrket t. CASES 0W SRIOFULOUS i UICEIIS. Now YORn, Sellt. It, 18.30. "hi ally eelgtify that in the tHll o 18s5, I wos Suiz wciti a iawelling rin omyenelk sntlltl w hinh oylerwar iteei'attql mostI beCamne laicb ghastly UheerL in niy meet. .k.tireIyiilf morveiuI llihniittLntuo aiha iltliago, I wen iI I'klittielln., tuu Ilhawel nirerlf nosiee slth cai li)es. bl|lebtonel hiewch, wolne. altelr iteflotIf sllicetioto¢ iolrttisl l oet. I itlooounelotieentyttrctnioefnrilse. Altlo. t ls.tIII )k towily. botslebeofdwoilUosPoiullaluuoouif tnigil tutlicclssltt'elernlUcloliotln, wich io tiicetelel bhloelt IIelslblingoflilt, which uni tow m herotoet fete heon ulwteth'oseto inty 5lirelitl in ttew K oekn ill I uau, nn oeicsylluslqsto e iitgeringt ieith. Ileaeitg of tie geit nltenoss of The hollsintt Pamtmt, howvert, ini on elsilsr to sity ow0tn wan letsui tteItr it . 0'I-0t r.e mit. t"O Ity groot sel'wie, os well l on iolntioiont,. wlot foIttll nlysyneferepitdly irotovrtog, entd Uoles !akini soeno buls, tsueitse slorholnltflol I hocvle uesli4tly well ill tile oteorle tftwo mnoiatls, nlstl ofV le inllotlnm so errreitei. I sake this sltrttotee lt wish itfllofinelih i.rthe solefiiolltilmost clot ore nfl'eilit sm ILe nIhnil r -otlfilohsor slyhiltfo olfentiwons, shits siy alty kllet whit lIt enureomlm who hoe ntierrell teerc thihiug but stulh, anti who eonsisier his lilfe saed by Iltrlobec ovn WM. IIINIIA' Cocllnosoo.e July 12, LI91. 1 wens elietim, foer yeo. with bo siloer lb the leg, ti. oniatoutlly oeromjtsuiel wish erfsilstlsltou tillltmttit.o, astl eereuive shio in the leg lr otelstub joinit. Seviocul eminent Ihlynietcn exeretel trlieski altla it, hot wetlt ou1 IpcrlOuleolt flworLt. Ibl hireist lie hotIer hllirn's It'otsre nmse a ptfat oltter. ' ILII(AIIOIAt~l' A W.'I', I, 1 Nltehet For raler hIeIfNIlY II.ONNA I, l, dsliggist, ogo. Io ' I o ,ite ttttrisno rl'cIoDlll osoll ttm s 1. NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL KUAiY COMPANY. . TriHE eteckholders of thli compatyare hereby no. St itd that by a reaolution of the bthld of direc. t.n paseed on the 19th inst. the cail male ,a u dieth. on the 13th Februarv asest, fitr tie payment 6if five dollars a thre, was rescinded, and the aid stockholders are furtlhe notified that WH REiAS, bIy a resolution ofthishoard penred on the 19th pont. a coil has bee i a on e on stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Comally Ibr the fillowong paynntse ont thethe stock held seo de. lively hy them, via:-two oniiarn ier nhare,-payable on the first dyv tof eptpeoter ext; two l ir llar irer share pavubleouri the. firsr day of December next; and two dlludrs er hale Ittyable o thie ti st, d:ly ola Meclt dext. Now rhere1toe I it resolved, th.,t the Secretory of this eo lpony shJl notify thre allre .olerant. therein, thdtuah thtepublic pr" nesot the ioy,thaiton eeunloteit3 with tite ,iitl stoete of ithe charter, thlyevo e ermtitt+d' to piotlone any naytlent ealled it ono the stock of id eompony for the qrtaof silty dayst, from and afiler the day on which it hi made payable, with the eriess con dtioa however, lhat if not regularly paid within the said prolmacatioo of sixty days, from oand aftr the tav on which it should have heen paaid, that then th. stols on whir:t said patinteohonldhve hten ntoade, isand rems , .orfited to the company, the eharter aln that point being imperative. In eaonformity therefore, to sail call,nllotoek of the stockholders in maid cumpamy, as think propler to pat offthe paymeato on their stock to the and of the adlitional sity dyst, which the elharteer allows them, ar notifiedtht the paymoent of two dol lre per ilhare called foer,and doe tn the firet of Sei teml.r next, may be postpo[ed under the sixth teetiott of said charter, Itil the Jlst dPy of Octobelr next, tlat the paymtent o: two dollars per share culled for, andt doe oa tihs firstdoy of LDecember sext, atttv toe tIt. otoeda until the tthb day of January nent;atd tte pay mwst oftwo dollar per share called few and itate ti "r'tdo'y of March neat, may he postponed until the 3Uth day of April neat. Extracsts of the siaae oe tltmboard. june21 A it MNAIR, Sec'ry. at, for sal JOHN H GRAHAM. ap 16 STATE OC) COUiSlANA.*Pyir Count for the Pa ith and City of New Orleans. ,TIlE STI~TE OF LOUISIANA. o all whom e thou Pseents shail come, Greetinc:--Wherea, I James HBas baring punehaend, at a cale made by the Sheriffof th parish of leane the propenrty Itereinohter described, oas applietl tr the clerk of thin ouUrt, in whose office the tied of pale was recorded on the 'ultlda of April, A. [D.1838, fore monition or suter linement: n eontrmitpto an net of tilet eniilator of the na o' t e t a o pur cha e r at judici ulaales ;" approved [tfo~mltynte oufLsrinr,denri~edAet for th~en ofenhercourtt Ihe'lrth da h of M aarchl, 1834. NOW, .'eforre, know ye. " nd all permon intereatet seretn, anir hereny eted d adunoniihed in tile name iof the State of Lauisoianr, and rf the I'aish t;ort, who can set op no ti,ti, ste or entailnt in and to tIdeIl prJpeUv heae Hantrde..cri .e, N eon 1ueqe keolt no iofuormalitj in the urler,drcree or wiudeuteot of the court unoler whumh the caln wan Incode, tr n irreguolrity ,r illgaolitt it, the sppraiseneete and ndv'crtiremtent, iii tite, or maoner ofsale, or for ano other eu-fert ohatro eeer, to show cause, witlin thirt'doaye from the day this monition is fint inerted' n ihe pui lic paJuer, hy Ihe salen so made should not he ontlirmed l homo lnegted. 'the said prpenrty wa eroll y ther Sheriff of the poar irht uare.sid on the 14th do y of Aprilt, A. D. 11h8. hy virte of ti derre of tti ('ocurtr, rendered on the a 5th doa of Febancry, a. I). 18:8, in a rti:t enutiu d Alexand1r C mldwoll vs. Jaotes Inre, No L,3"7 of the dttket of tlis Conrt, ot which sale tlte tild Jaooes Ihansn bhecame the porhaer for tshe price If Iwnt*y tlle tholu-and IsoriptiontT of Prollerti as civen in the Judicial Con eyont'e, vio: A cersain lot of cnrotnd rituted in tlte hsureb An nunei- ionn ln Laeoutne of th5k qonrse Nho 5, and Iht h:urin gleneh meetae, ti fet iron ,n'r ehou ntoulas ttreet, O:t fert fro oIn (lrnger setree, and hn feet on I aleaden de ~ sre 6 trtu, in ruch o manner that said l oufrottnd isioll feet wide from oe nride lof sIte q asre Ito the there, tuether wit', a dwielline hlt'e front ng on ToluopitoutIonaoat.e't, the ikitehen alod It plendeois; also the distille. y eltoli hmlnt etrected hereou and nolher huildinos a 0nl itproetntlts, tile morhiserv, uteltlito, itplei eno and fitrote be llniupgi t'urail d,'tillery, itc dln'poe d'n-cin and al puolennoes. od ithe rlagetr at6tue,anul purivilegeo there:~ hlongnugl or iu an wine ippirt i Cerlve o tfloee, New Orlenon, ay l. 1828. ml4,24&j I J. tILt.l K. to.utnt Clerk ETA'TIE LA.d IrtUI'tIANIEt --,t uotoir Putcto tne1r torn uoin el t ill it- In Ne 'tlttte On lec:ns. j'ic;TAT liE+ 1.4 I.tlt'l:lANh'L.-A [ttorett titenx . l ot-nnltuten C'IcIu,'rIHrluu StillSt: Attnlmic qnr Janmes HsoIe yrst '.hhrt0 o ulre oPillr foite to"' le SItet-i dilnpautinae d'lh'lmnuu In p, irtlu et i.ulc.c.lie-ite, n'e Ndllc .r , oG dOceffo de tte Collr rl dlit sette liq l et'reiotre It' 8emcjiut d elaot to I'ot're 183. tIlr titll oitt iuoufeuu l an Aeto lie It I. ougitl'llultr l E'tou tli It Luliriotle. illlitull .i Aolr IloUnt eutfiuntr let sitreelu tqoelmuPelrsu catr vnejtsjeioifoireaun Slloot In Itattion aliBL. Q 'il diteonnuct. nt ll'onl I'Itelroeum iltlmclaeelol lterar rel I'eewltes tor m.uchr all nm tie I' iEtot i Io l.uirite t ule o Cuitor i de Piriealr, rue Thoor i tl s.,eisIn dro ct e I. I lpenine s .i. i ,hlu.hions ll, sr p r.lena Stlts ou it € lire irkorita ~ e ,ul enlo., on qlor'tnlonestl s alrtist tie f'ps cot dloe o ~lilel Is vents. · Oi te fluitu, uttulrC tottt itlt. utllloutue 'U veilnu tleu.lll o ( tsl.S a 'I tel' de rt Ioluuiesiiu uo ettelsr ar i., I'nurluni lsou 'tee nt totllte tic setrltil s onfiln8e oe ItColCologmuueh I.n 'ltui"ht Aitt vendue pr le shle-i susndit, Ie q tia ItoziA ·:e ,o Ir d'cvril de I' t818 n vnurtu d'on dhlert 'ie cetes ceur It 5 do iuri' r de dI'onoe 18:ito. dtnos I'ultfie d'ileandler (.ahldell, notentr Joame oone, ,m 10,~,i7 dlu dloeset de celuI Cioor, I laoqelle veil c Is dt Jamcu Ilane s'est reendus oeqhreur pour lc proX de $lt1/ul0ii. Lnedrilutituuelo PmelrihE d'thOitIA loeposl'err.ltu ieinre, tin ernoaini tun tcere uito con Fnuitrgu tie iAnol c oi leis. I'ottlrrc, netnhe lile unil let du Irt l i Ieuliitlc ulie ti , oht tllrotnt (ttcecec f t eti .] iu.J 1utrdsutlr fttrn ltt'or'I'c~lunopiutlo'on'ruIoinecultt it toe lant dtio rue onlrte n ret, et hi etu utc - h lic foee e iu igd-l do lo hr li.i, 'ioelti,lr a rlt, tn~a rie'IC~ln · iterre oo~it el~nint pido (( do 'lllDB· Ii aicuno, ie. Rorp r:enten InA t'ite dilili'rie, oe i-uuinu(I nleurts slat rtun:ncets t leu iroit. ol.liout trt priviiigesc nCip t gIst , 11111e11nvn oro m dciein1* nl ateutu du gremsar,Notltelle lrli'·o,'l c Intion8:1b. 1toI4,&j3 A . Otlilon l:.11 otb u:rndrer bognli College of Phmyicrin.. I.ltllt i fj tt t o ri g ni tu o h' r n c ltut tI pg lic (ti o tu -n Slo th-nc ult h Ouie.l Ut geuti l'u'uu eio Uniiuud MlnUe, ci e'it . Iot entu hru v \V ttie isukine , ti s. r lonru hi.· J.'-a] .llleg,+ Ill S.'Icrgela, i.ieenliale of Apitbe r·Ul.'sUlnomnv,~ Fellow of II.III IConll Smlely·, SII~jl'gtnn l'i t'e ruovUl uouleidsu Aelti'lillltl Lttle P l'laee. .Vs'terlsm, Rridge, andlc P'erl.tunl Pupil of (;oy' uoui St. uigitl 'joa'. "'os ilt s, -itoi .cde.." 'This V.ilsd t lnediurr eh u-lo Iesltll ofu c ilt vtti e-, exlt'roleee ninl unpalallehud sucess ilc lthe enlkus coil loll| highhl .• l ta l ,·r l·ll ll·l? eiet of tlilt·" po l''irlv+. lI): 'll" llo- is ol th ihe n ttIr ''tn, 'itt l u lh tlh , li ti n, i It tll . tlui lieiclalio, ,,f` a illlnltle p oi ..s,.)~llell e of Inl~gl . HII I~iI iI~I ul~I. ilelee Ih le io essioo HII Is IitlHl:d ab a I(iLlhlu. lr.slelll, I~l~sl 11;ielk lhe evIIlhr1 Ioid( tidallf ll.C i e ct' 000i0fr lie lrisa t'gor gi clariltelu (il tti'rtIIi4l.t ilOv utu-lun w hlto'ettru~lil tuit ll.1titot, o i'IIiti., it-llr tofo li- en lll-tu lllru' i lter' u leit llluht uttttt Sl' lo ultltle lll- ilt Iiirut I l'rite ll:n l u tu , lllol, ll lltls ili . ltgrir oitllueltl tl seieLce t iiillo8s 1Ibok 'outthnli I'tu ltn tlie lutiloi 1g, u ltiulltetru gttli - Siri Au llor Ih t tIIltet, 3l. iit et-ute-lty, i utuo ll otle-I'l, h h NI. I).,IrV IuaklllNl cmIII ht'si· le ll l~ei eSr, Iot,k Iner htir lll .(Illp'l· ~ OICd lill( i .tl- l ,1 cl~h lel'., cilJm Cis, IIII/ s 1 msn Ps l ·t, lt'PS a l Hlilel, (j., g s+til'eLlt iae ell.lillel, h f'·ilet~III .l· lhlls his, eg, CII· l1 Aenlutlroy, A. l'u-ootttittut,.1I. II( ,l~ oni;IIUI uttrt.hh shnlteve oti1u witthoutut~ '~t.liem i;rlnl palckt'l sl 5i cllts i.1( nimll . eatib hv evl_'rs i'esll. Isillde I rIIgI |IUl3k l h.i l~llll v~lo flieillitUIIIlitil6CIi~ tltlle wla 5 .II)Ujllll e lnoils of lu*i'tlnttinl iultluflgltulm th idlSis nit hilel elnltlo utiiu-dy A'tles ,o - e AI enetuJlesirr lliruuhliirtit.-tti,-\u.MB ttr, .i),, I. Aiewru &Key-,un eA. Fltogi us, No It Coolan ilutlt, (entre Artmt nc Stout n lluSte llh tft lelluo- mitllO ii sIlY It 1LKE . e , :c ~ \'sualziN, astrceett, srsw I'ieeiaiog framl hips NSIa Xashtl.e .oi illt aat'aa kh , Etagle, :1'~! the'r hate llinl i.t.N: to "I en cili's, a ilage and new sele.ct d aassoI'rIbaelau lytass, Maootl, NShoes anld llrolgantis, annaolllinag ogtileli .'b ca'sline callf lasl Mn.troco lo Plo 2d.1 uliit lo; do bol, mad stollt sia lss leggeld homis a aoioulls sldliies; I 'i s Cl eaill ai e tal n id ralic, SI,. e lli p anl lllanag'as, baukskin shoes, lr'oglals m' spel.eis; me 's itle calle auld kiled peggled hll uleslea, I rotas; las Was; do a lin kip n'il wal peggedl shoe Itd brrgans gentlemen's best quality clt saewaei slms, I'og a "si wl Ja o wi llwnings; do llr l l i a lnd .rllvloc I Iekle l,,' unit 1,11 runst do nalf, wit a1nd Jourer I Irlial i eal s llla is ll r, i o Ilsla Itt l .I i i 'sesl WoIIg' a lew alicaie. Io tIaoe clll, soavl anlid ,, nn l u it. .l..; I u)s' Il sai ss'aILe lld lillaa's Isegl mt, i Illsia l same. iaogna% 'adl slaotl'es Ioaecy q1 liu t aav a ld klntl. Alll a gensacl iaso'rellntL of metla's sltll wlaan u,. Sl* alalagasn alnd sknes, Ilgelher wilk a10,it11 lalr l Isabt loolis y, rlus.ael ll'gaaslu sailedl in lal I Iaiks, iladI expl ssly falor pisalaillaai .i.a g.soai . . *lllnu of men s line nld stiut killt illp l r ll , hlls, r wai I ar i", a t jllarge qualaityao ail iinl.ei'iors ualllh t sisei braagals. LaNdlis' fine call; seal, 0a10scano aiul glain welts, il. i ,sllso so tl stet ,s; linae a schah .ulaNacn oaIl kild aaan a .sndila is allS hs a. 1l0ahoes, lills wilh anl wilholU heel., Ia'l, n l and . l eailthellr hIOell0 slo slt n lrella slaue Salliaalss amt qualitiesa'iagnsaas; iaa 1o(0aila' Is .al t l aaed boiees. Mlisses' I stillgsparing slaase.,t a guaas. Clslalsaen'scolored llaorecalta d lasting nro. o .uaaad bmlots, ke. Ileailen's liahislefslhimshle Ilalik silk aulls o blllaclk n Idh b elsver ldo olf a superior al lity;l il inialiailo t1 rnsalo; Ianmad raalaat arro'a me"niae's thte ll nd xm1 aI .sk llsesin asltlil aunpalall hats, a new article. Yaliths I e size llats of dillerent sltahsliilsato chilhr.n'l S"ni's amld bi:y's black aadl dlnal wool hills of various s lyes, widl geles'al assoltmenat of haboy s' alld ien's ist a alls. llhs assortment will be replenlishld lby the arrival ol ellsa iaketslarnd le some amed citiel, all of which Sbl i h lsola 0 eno aenonmliainllg lterms. ialg I-al' MI IN'I'.TAG I.'Es. BALi. i FOR THE TEETH. ' I-lllsinalisebreputai ion aosd aclottas.ti luaret ;isf T dleanld for thais ellb tol s a lliaeedyaf, eil aadpra seralive of lthe teeth, has induced a .le slU.,criber offer it to the Amerlican public. Arriangemenltls ha bleen made to ail lya1 ilneas ian all the priniptal citie and tlnaS in a ie United itales, io tall o ilace it ithi th reIac li those suifferil alld likely teitl llrr this mta hllaolsiog of oil tice l Toetbia-,leh. IWhlen oapplied omeording nto directions gliven on bottle, it lhas never toi.ed ioat alfod iaaaaediu and inoilent re if'. It lsoa arrests the decay in lefectiv teeth.a sd relieves thia soarenes lhich'en frequentl rmiders a strong taloth uneless The op;'licalti.n and remedy oare sipte, ilnl.oeot aon tt unplenasmoi; aatl the large nu iher of per ioen in different sections alf hi eountry, fhlt lloe al. ody elaerienced ouah detihafu oand llllsalary effectssomis oe use f th Ille aol, at reada it bar tsli thte blic gaod ttheslr teolialovla to its l. rivolled qalalilles. It is an Ihdiatl remneds, obnained siengolsly and unexpectedly, snd ua le eigar led by lhae ci. mined world as the most valusblediscuvery " todoaso Of taim watads. Pices $1 ter bottle. Sold h1 JAILIS & ANDREWS, mtr 5 Car Comimoo oand T''elsapitoulos its. N EW IIOOKS-Nocvl Sketchl lhmk, ola the Service Ailhbtand ashore. Withchar elcteristierei nisceu ase, fragments and opinionas. ily the author ao Taleosol tar, &c. nsecond series l to 2 vols. Ilnandtoin Rleeleectioaa of sha Ilosle ei Comilnons, sona Ihe oeal 1311 to the eloeool 1815. I,:lldiuag llsin. sal sketla le f tlaending members.-lay oe0 Io ptr yjust isstired and Ior sule ly W McKEA N. SLAITE PUIII.ICA''Isais. C ROM WELL, an Historit al Novel, h I the author of 1 "The Brothers," &c. in 2 vols. Populot Mealicise, or Faomily Advisar eonsioting of Oulhne of Aastomy, Physio;og,, and hlygiene, with suh hlis s on thle practice aof Phisse. Saurgers, ano the diaasese of women and children, its may prove useful in fnsailieas when regular physicians cannot be procured: being a companion and guide fiar intlllieent principals of tanu:oatores, plantations, and ba dong achuml , ig l.le sthld.ol'aedieino', By tea'a ,.l Caaoeto 1t. I). eler Prusev'ts Univerosal lliato.ry m the haets l (ieoeraphy, fur the use of famnilies, alustrasead by mapa ted etngaFtvuoos, is t c.olt Justa eceived snd afor .aleby IV MeKEAN, t9 l ,.r saamo p ad CoUmlmO a a. OTICE.--'rhcwoerof savetl psckagea aoersehbns dir e marked ldomae V. 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T'HREE DA YS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. rlvlF, pirolrciei rf l his seildieslinent t lies she pies Isure lltllllucillg to his Irienls ,nv l r le llhlic in cvelesl Il Ice will Ii' ii reavlineesly Ihe lefirsl dca of lev Iv reive iuicilerv. iHe will also late for thelIe aelit t a imli-taiee. that Illere lieci larvge imllrovements ilnalle, nd hlllerd uiiiw tgoing on and In rapitd llrolress lillr compnlletioln, whlch wlll enallle the+ subscr her to al:ccnmlmhllea t lllllea inu lrch lare utlwer them mti tmhe mIlm tilnm iiluch lm Lhtt r.m Fnamiliv can hie Uvevcmmnlmiduevd itl goold rooms, or thlrce hiio ir ior lean elve large cubi is elalched froln tle inll Ibu|ildi ig+, It is devemed u nevees ry .tv say anyeheim in particl. lar of the ellcarn.eter o iheae slelr, l' it Ie generlly believed that Ihev are al inferior iv anlly in lthe Sonlh ern Styl's., All ithe aeesemillls Iha ere gvuletlly lIUmsd s1 tWuerincg 'lneve, wcill he itmlnl ci Ilii. 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'e L ke M Da e even TM y, Thursday, a " N"-- .... tnatu .) mley orP. e. i Closes every Monday, Wedusday EXPBESS MAIL. TIMES OF A RIViVAL, DEPAIRTURF DISTANCE eAc. of the Express Mail, ber--, Motile soad New Yo k-le, ing Mobile dcilo" at 3 P. l. Norahwr New York daily at 5 P. M usslhward. Arrives Arrlva Narnhwarl. Distnee. Time. Besmts' Montgoinery. Ala. 2ljm. 198li'e a l 2 1 Il,. Coluil.ue, (O . 11 81 4 a.m Mlillelgeville. (ia. 2 133 141 21 p.m Col,bil. Ct. 71 am. 163 17 10 Rnleil,, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warrelina, VI. 12 im. 55 St a PeP'rbhur, Va. In pm. 83 10 S9a. m Rierhond, Vs. am. 21 61 Frederirkos urlo , 8 67 7 I p a. Vashingtusnl, c pm. 61 6 Balimoere, 6l n8 4 04t 'liildclpli, 6 e. 100 II 2 New, York 2 pm. 90 N:wri 14:1 h. or 5t1Ih Noerbhwrel. 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'Pioe slhscriber wilt lilaslate the afltirno hi, eslllpert in this cily, oid rpeqliree all p eons ina !e. OI Iillecke, Ismllle lli bu anly, and all tlLsealiiof ldaimea, to ,erminl :ela foraettlelt.sim n tSo It UARETSON W W.SJ\AIN. No. 11 ,reeet Ace- Orlsaua [AS adways oaiand coan ,tatly k receivioi D. ' Iliso lle, Uhemiocasle,d l'an',alnaount loes aro. lalt UfS. DYES \oai.o, ciusde, Apgols, red, do angeulas, Aa,:ttli, S1,so`. * lemollicI. 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A l.s-A f w iiire . lies of Counbe's Phrenology "ll ieIzi." l. rie, .urveyor'rC (flmlloee ofsoperior qu, isv, with chain,, Billiard Ilnllsf l 1-4 and 2 1-2 ibhes. , i.i'll as oved m etalic Pens,japaned papers, weights Just received, and for sale by ruail BENJ. LEVY. S( ' IN I:I:VISITED,&c. &L SI'A.1PIN IEyVIS IrItE.&. by ie autior of 'Ayear a i , l Iitl, ' iii, L VOt h "raesils i l ronltes hratsr, e, generallr applicable to ine A Cof.rgiuto. of Nirth Aineriea, by d Tnemr. Eq 'ke Political Grammar, of the United Slates, or a s'taplete view fbtie thery at l pracllice of the geaera call state golerrnlPlts, with the relationl Imt.eIan them ledlicated andi piried CII lt srung ten of tbhelsted Sateshe, hr E I) A:sfieln, Eeq. Niunrud', Illunlinq Tort intersperead with character ;site anecdbues, aylngi anil doinge ofsporiing men, in liihdlljng ntics lif tihe prineilal eich rilern o'England Witil ainalyicdl cnlldtlu, aiud general iude N of nane,2 FOR THE CURER OF Scrofula or King's Evil, Chrmnie Rheumntinmn, C'hmnie Cutaneous Din- Pains il the Bonnes, by free esles, use of Mercury tIhe bhimd being in viliated slats. Tbhi very concentratd Syrup in prepared with bth greatest phailrnmceutie l care tl ae c ,,. r yady cnntain tlie ntires ilreincle of Sarsaptarilla inos SLoar1 contice arled ldegree, combined with other vegetable substance uol kiown efficacy. 'lThe iareal desileratnln with phyvsicians in being obh to exhibit n large quantity of Sarnsairilla in a en' dime, has been obtained in this prelaration--they, beoilts fully convincedl of its nmerits, confidsntly administer tilheie ors ftlleir ipractice. P'riea $1 50 par bottle. Sold only at SWAIN litO'IrHER'S arug slore, No. I ]Canal ,tiet, whir uany be had, fresh and genuiue, direr t from the pa-f rte tors, Swoim's Panacea and Vermnifuge, Potter': (I.lsolh con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortlmnent of Ifesh drugs, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, Ice. DINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR . (oldemitn's Abridgment of the Hintory of Roue to which is prefixed an Intnrductlon to the ri udy d I.itinan listory and a great variety of valuable infer tlatiou added thnghobiul lhe work, on tile Mannera Inslitutiins and Antiquities of thle ionas; with no nberous biographicol nid Ilistorical Noles; and qges tiui For exaillnation at th(e end of each etlcion. II lustremted with lhirtyen pavings on wood, by Alherton Pinvsin'• Imp roved Edition of Dr Goldsnith'a Hiatar 4'Englmnd, fren the Invasion of Julius Csaeto the death of Gleorge 2d, with a ontilulatioul to the yea 1832. Witlh quertions for seinnination at the isad a ecal setlles. Beitles a variety of raluable istrma lien added lthrougllon, tle work. Conniting of table nf eonlntmphrasy Snovereigns and eminent pOrann Copious explanatory notes. Iomarks an theb poli tics, lnannera and literatur of the age. An outlines ithe Constliution, &o.e&c. illuslcaited by many engri isigs. GuYs' ELEMnn rd or Aarwosoey, ad an AoriIgme of Keill's New Trcatise on the Use of Globes. ilew Aimeriean ndition, with additious anld imprsovements ans an expiation olthlam astrmlonial part ofthlb A. rican Ablanac. Just received and for sale by, WM M'KEAN nov 24 corner of Camp and Common m IIAILPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. _ OlACLE,tranloslutd by Phillip PMnci., D O, witl' 11 an lappendix, c,,ntaiiing jral.elsuonns l vrionls odles, &c. by Ben Junson, Cowley, iltm, Drydos Pope Addison, Swifl Chattertos , V , autield, ONorb Bryan, Icc. and somens ethe Inoreemlent pOat of th day--uand PeIllEItUS, with the appendix a. Judin traalat ted by Chrislnplter Suart, is 4 vuis foriuug eulutm, 2# and 0uf"alupera C'lasral Librarv 'I'iu :xpedmonu of IIU.IhPRh y CLINKElR, Iy Sunulleltt, 31 J, with it lsamuir of ibe Autlbr, by'rhos ni tos.ree, Eq., 1ew edilion, with illustratnls, byht. Cuibnkieaum '1'11E dIP I a Tale by theauthor of afi el Mary ol l rgundy," us., nlw edition, 2 veo se9pL PAUL ;LIFIFORD;by the au.r., a 'Pilhu. Tlhe 1irt tr d," Sc, boelq volume IV alas qew t4 isf"El t auraCompIe. Nwhk. jes, eaceled a aale, ) WM MeKIIAN B ACON SIDES-- 6 asuka Cincinnati aomo ltaainig ratm t'la taabboat Eioi and for saless IOGEIIT &~'¶IAW r

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