Newspaper of True American, November 22, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 22, 1838 Page 4
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IsalhisIsppi Fnd Lonisiauna Hotel, OVrTON. 1e.4 RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. . onnees to her friends and the public gone. aly that she is prepvared to areconmnoduete them at he above establioshment, and hopes frm. her Irertions to render visitors comfortahle, to receide, Secontimelance of firrlmtr favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covi'lgeon doring tlhe ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she ean afford themn, on mnore liberal terms. Her house Is plaas!cet!y sittuetd, and well supplied with every conveonience; the bar is Girnished with the most chotice liquors, &ec. in short,shopromisees (dat nothing shall b, wanting on her plrt to give Setire saonis.a.ielI to all who maiy patrnliz the insissippi and L,enisilna Ilotel. je3 Tr O IlE PUULIG.--Tho iiunderaigned.a livog stetlil. under l)r. Sel midt of Charleston, South C.arlina, and Ihr sroin years his assistant in the pracIicel of ml'dicine and surgery, has the honor to offer hlis prolertional servicne in this city. Hp assnoros the irle sle d gentlemen that, the ennst .prompt iatetion will be ;wid In the e;lls which may hbe made; and also offers his serviee to the holders ofolavee, hoein well aecqainted wilt the diseases commlOn to ltoheo, having attended threm in tile sugar houso il Charleston. The famous antil.bilioau pills a ;ter the composition of Professor Smollette. with directions, can he had ofthoundersigned. The effect which they have prodnerd in this and oilther cities, has been attended with lhe greatest successa, to which the eset of referencos can be given. Apply at No. 166 :Mnge. nine street. JNO. M'I.ORING. iL _ARF, _ O-D SCREWVS, SAD IRONS. &e. IIE ITOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Btcekinan street, New York, -hve received the past season, and are coartantly reneivhlg large and extensive additions to ithe stock of the laove g.eoods, which now consists of the oleewing assortnlenotl suitable for the southern and weisteru Imlrkets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of shout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 29 different s:rzv, from l:8 to 50 gallons, IfKetles, 15 sizes, froel 3:8 to30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fro,? 3:8 to 18 gallons, B ekepans or Oveus, 7 different sizer, Tea K(ttles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spide,,rs . 6 do Coveeed Spidoer, 2 do Ot)ridles, . . 4 do Fire legse, . 6 de Wargon lxes fromee 11 4 to 4 3 4 inches. C-rt do. 5 to 7 ilchea. Wood Screw:, 21).011le grass, iron and brass, from :e inch, No 3 In 3:9 inch, No, "2 of a .-uperior qir dliy atld finish, and less than Jame's imported p,,'ices. S.d Itrout, aso:rlted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retaieig. 'r.uler's and haltter'l Irons, assorted. Sash weights, l00 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20:.s. Bells fior Prlc'tations, steamboats, churchel, &c. made to orr!cr, Also steamheats and other machinery made to order. 'fie a! eove assortment of goods is particularly ree,!onmerrndd to tle attenitolln of Soutllhern and Weslterln ererhants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon tlhe most liberal termso; it is be. lie.ved to ,e) thie I:ergest and best assortment ever l'ti:rled for saleo y seey one ottab!iahmetit in tlhe United States, 1rch;.antse Ihy or, arding a request by mail, can have a pri:':d circular, with descriptlltn of goods, prices and terems, from which no deviation is ever made, I'arni.eld by return of mail. All ordlIl will receive iemeerdiate attention. New York, tod3. j,3 ; l.,'is & lr sale .by cIhSAC aRIDGe o ,or. 1 :i cur ,nOnland lll'icl aitmdl. .I t d'-IU. biles ,teo Snel, bread otP alts I nuld, fcirstiee by oI.aAC BitLeiiFr e, ) C). eIti l 3t Steeor'oli street. errl i 1,titT, 7nd thlrer no, ' a' 1 pl Circle l ran ugh t eduge record up t'.l Apply to l J OT'l'LT , It hitlt :IIlr( its, &r e-'5 , hcele eC..rtres dirt d o. in t e, fio sll " llll= Ib V CI.\itt'LI'N & COOPER, L .L1, N 1,i, ruc l Ct p utcc tIr ter te irsfell r gi S , n- ti eof e vr erior ~lue laid, bui Lnd Awhi ou, ,l' an f i in 'lrled rrhtl 'dge rIuI ard c h ctmti nhnd an hole hand a dc lot eat eIy Il etV II) FILT & CO.I IIc NI 'N St.,' Hall, :'4 ChartreC st. H o11L ei's o 3 rlz-h hi ttmelie Winer, 105, N le) d ho t l ri , r It 5 doorsdo 121l 51 t t do c'2 do I P IIl i rt, tltlih e le o o d I tc: l[ b'hewioneit mlmeer t, tlt. bile piet.:ie rt \ l ira. F r +d" b 11{.:I .'tere;[ t e".cilet\'N G "O r. ] i |iog .orscancee oIl hed: eet d ri'rieeei, Ittlin and t in, eneatlv exaecuied, al rtotet itetee, by CIAl til c Fl-;1 '1' 0 C . lii:', N Y'll" lini slr~' I hill,' tc Chartres st. 1.) Itedct, flcr tral::1,. ll'tr 13- hagazine street. I'0 ItOi N. N NICI etec Iee.ytcIe hi eci: sit enhtel 5 doors r i I. te., , llle cc c1c' It v iie e eIec: tttC eer'oc e e't ql ir t ith I ,-tt tc e ct 'o e nt e c, f.i t iu l Iji u",i':V, 41 , 1 ,c',w 1 5j,, ' <l.S IL.lCON aid s For ;'r byI eLJ t. ;', (1 Im .tIliflY, 41 Ne- Leers. lv LA.1ET' &4 AM11 III'.1,, Sp t11 , I 11, a 'I, , S11T" i month neo I had lie li.for tun to etr it r 'rv til es5', for e 1 ich I have alplied tl o seve r N doJ- i I n nU Y N u COPtIue l e ow SIm ,u , l e nbo: + da I ,,lit , 1,% ,ell ,l,h t' h +'1 ' of" Dl.+ l Iluet, nllld |I explel btin toll Ilcr l , in e ti t eiles Ihe, di-r ,, ,l +,,r-., o" as t ,o lr k out i, Ilarge allera t I Illllil )"f siltX oi r riht| On Pn h ' lee, a ll IIIl ( ' ,,I lalce, n llI ,lre Lhronlt. ; ld lllt aln to) w rk at lhe pr".+e+nt sllf r'n v'' ou' t or the dselse,; large nilcer lon lIme rICht e*il of" tf th[roatt. I anm n v lpultlilng mPyself omI dentIy it 'idetti asallne ol Oar. llut, +f Paris, to bae 'rtcl cured JO.L1 IDEAN. Ila i ly I )O 1': 'RTIF' ;1h2. the ah ,,ve nwp i ;Ion d dilenl e is floits' wel] t' n w;l l t to I n w cin, for which I tfliak Ii,. Itnei .utu m)re'er I lant re that the, medli cine I have taka, oakl+ mat t, and did not injture iay nll'rh at ll ll; th lbtr' I aldvirs flU I llow sufferers t lose no tiw .ld appIy to l)r A. lite't, 121 Clanal T'h,-y will lit.- a t rl.e for thi- n com plaint. r JOl|+N. I)!.,:N,1) (iravier atrret. If inlly.'r o ant, to see t'. cnll at Nao. I0 Ull viea 'r"u b: pah-htcd :,t the eli'"n of ar. h t. Ju)li DEAN. New uOrlran. F l, 13. 31. fb 14 lv IIE (Gcnui~i a IEnin [ tlsl -lanalof l.iver a.,ot tli.e lln I d, is put upI in bttls t tie low price o1 51 ea ri r h il', coni ine, i hI itrenrb tIl I of three lltrllll ll ofi L++'e orlt, beni na lh'e, ilrtu"^ ,of anll other root: nol etl,rs, klnl n III t uI.lllllst Indians as l ili. acilI u in curing tionl of rU p w" t. ill, y 11.. rh re of toulls, rua ll a. pain n llI~ lil l l aat m. sll' l +- ittig of hblo) d, e :" 1 ,h old BfeIt: wte (an htlhrorue, flotn tie know 4111 t e rlirrell r mlul ua llllle u it sn , rr ;tlelrr • replaratio urI a ll tul~l"ll 'i: L l+ at i ti o flt+ hllelom It lavt 'ivh it is re Mten a ,.' tIh liaton :Medical A--uniation. ut-tan, (lcolner 23. satle h r J ERVIl & ANI)IRWS, I ,,TI-,'S EnnailT'rvert ent laazI:',ita A'lu'int-lPo 11 fli · rl++rrl vi;u n h lier ti, nl erwy t*+ dr+.1h, ,,.irlid eLa x=, I"";darhr n' h. ilhy oIf| I I , '|l, hahiLJ l lll 4+flt+= Stotews, ut,,un . rtCadi l .eloul eratel, e.andmuch valhrd + a ge itl, ; plrtlil. 'Thi ll'. .:".'e prmIaIrii I:ta r..rivEd tIne pltron areI of lanly e,.innt Ill nbers of tnie n rIfu.sPion, tLad lre,.- IIi'Irian PublPita nnlfy rp ,tl,,,nir lnd lnnaa.r elic:itetd. 1 iIu all lt pl..aing a9ilitie. of a alasa of iana wit er, t .p nesses t, aactve raedicinl protperties. Ito h ltI,, appll rll a itl iptn rativ ; it is lasant IMPORTAT.I' (:AU rl)--lThe incr, rpti. lion and lleat demand for mlut!e.'i a.ltrveacent :31. illn AIe,.'i n* bao been an ii lelle: I for others th of feranl imliltain of" this vlnl e Heel lime. Jurrlhaers M15 40 Ca.nal atreat, N ). Am i Vn Belt ratiii r -i' , for fths restora-i na iil a- -h . of Ii ivirg holt illttand lhegut),a d i elid mttn,;+ '"lir I 1 w a ffreai, tol the phlie, it hd kedi"h h,,blre.,. ft8 .-s obhgl.gness,thitlnrsand gtmlel otit i t e rafiail iapevery instance its ltfultary l- e-. le h.-re it b.esd dry anii en seat mro, ininry to t1. hbead. This Oil gives ,= agreeable hr.. ant b I' ' - d'" ' "1.i " r, it For sale at .t, ** IeSt m ENAt. EES Sr D'LAfifG, . IluMMONls nAR & Cnd a1 e now reecivmngl ron SI Mon boar p Orlea M d eules Highlautar, thnker lerry Andre, Frenehfand German elay cards; eRck anomoan Boards; Chessmen. 1l4 and 2358joh rl li .nd Idlls; t9, 1l0 and 12 ineh blles Bowie linivneg. lenlter ant. lhe:r trvellin Dressing Cases; Ielt. C'nlket, Hrnemun's aild Duolling Pirtnlhr ; donule and, sitle, bnrc-lled Gles; Gamae Bgs'I Shot Belts; Peowder nad Pistol P kWra Dram fstiles and Drinking (Iaps: Perre2cion Caps and Cap Inldlers; (aoth, Ha;r, 'Toosh. Csml Nail lraslesa; Orna nnd Chlorine Tooth rWae. l'oath Paow er; Toilet anrld Slhet in oaps, in great va. rinet;: lng Bra ls, Ringlets sad-rizetes;, Pear; fndt'Poihh d Pownder. Fmtuay logse; l•vry'r T' Couhlnas: Patent Slldes or Garters; G(in Elastic Soependors; Powder PulnR. e BoX sa; Gilt Cains, Sealn and Kevs; :ar-drentep. .eVaist a klc.; Srrceelets; Bead Necklaom n srd l('hinea; Goilrta ld a iern d ter el Bend; Indian esl. oells ando Pltlnes: Shell Twit; Side ana DraPsine Thleo; wh.vhin a.dlition to their f orner stock on hbad. makes treir nnsoertment very enolplete, end nill te nrti ow end on lileral terms, at the sitn of the Golden Uomh. irt-f 701 Chertres street. Te il: tubJe.reinnr v A igs Prter atotn aenatiet beo ac'r V. & S. Setehar, Sheffield, Enloneld, Ilave jtes Newivrel a er ente I e tr net of nno ee.,a, ennasiinr of Table ndet I)ewert I(iver~ of en - dealritithn Peen, Pocket, ttirk, ned Spear poiet hIslrem; nrrIles Seri eors. Edlsg Telal &e. &c. &e. t hat titr K re prelare.l Ao Aehiit to Ihe trale ftnr oders. Teres nhlrI co dltion. oill te n.d,. k wn.w.n alt the trrte. nell6 Jt 1. SEINS & A g;Call:N .Itl Cnmmen e . SIIMM(oNO, HAKrT'I & CO.-A re ow treti ing oper teilr leheinetill, EageC, Menrr Athewt, Iliatt nndel, Frelle :aneed Gerlsen tlde(e-!,le Ieant pla. . Gesi e:r,. meefer te l e ; e erket atols; lasn riltetrl sed split cellosin Ca te): p ha lders; l etecs rs, R( zn'sn, tact. res; Cillolle' cnateomereial and olmr rtel pens; YVlo n.; Violin seritee; shell, ivnry and leorn emnhr ; wafncrs nk, hexrd and leateIr ars utirpus ,h Irn'aid, fird't ald ena I'nglt, i; egleo I'es; marld Fre.a h t c ontne rater, Renlalsr maernrscety oi, imitlhtinl ln; e tiaol I wilalereneoes; taeate tn-sk, aend t esneg crasees: aete I blnackin; statia no'lt' l toile.t gl's; Ia.ter.; al aal gil:sres, naleiew; ldian tends, bells:lrd Iand rs anestnteon; wheit-twnie: toilet and slavineg a.asen, I eilet nwdere, lmatie waeh alla s; N.enel ste i ati e :shiane; lirl nllalle. sreawa cleeiOaimse ac edc n -any hl nleeklces;: billiard balls; Ipocket Ieoks anti walletts; Germ:an lolnese ruazr st ll.ri filte aelnd erm t ga n 1attien'acleCero, gatrterset; SBealsleeil' nem metches; sel Ter tactiles; Creens &ae. &c. .le elver itn addlitriton oor ft-me,'m stok af fCley emticlcs, t,akeatollr ass'.a|lelt Vtten c aeltna ,t. a r sale hol rede or retail; as ilhe sinlo teie BGeoecn uomnt, 7e0 htenrlt,'e a1ll et. rpie t'I+'lE.'It'"e.or e "arlehit et KttRlic, ,lee.oe .1., I of N:ew afrlent ; :Mttee,, Iterris &CA., - Nsatlheze nil lnrris, K-llev &"Co., f Rtdaoers, wte... lisdIrea on he leir Oflfnv lhat, by the death oa Semetcl e N aeon, ens ntf te pertllers of lte fIrns. 'l'tht; oaeersi,-nedt, oertvillei partnetr, er ill he ec .r-eI witllhe thellli nelg r lnaint oai"g said 'eiehs as ,ll..nowa IaviC temeria will art'nd t.theal, netalia.. oel tlee heleieees of .lmenl, lharriia& (no.- it Naltrhe:; aRe Iltarri, l='I -v & (C.,t Ilodne; 'tand Icllenrv ltlehn- will ilettel Ito lie ae:tling tofte heisinese oel'C-llt v, 1tt-ttl , ('a., ot Nsa ()rlatnes. ' o'll e oe eettr cC ver l fen 'sr nilln e uedl in litlesidllatielll It. 'l'hose ioedebedtol Ie netieI ge r eanestlr ra- ll'a lel lcoll, rflrwalrl nl :,nke earlh" tlelemet; ;ilanlltths havingl clhillln p ill IIleaer esterl thele wela ltlltt'li V :.; IC lCtl.RI(E,d New OInale,,, Jlne M7,1, 17.: JIAN .HIAII(ItF latlNAh' COI.OIGNE t'A'I'E-I Scaesa Im-e oIf t'hin sl erior Cologne water, jeu't rse'eiaee e Etfolsr o I at Ita z lel/n or inle: bottlv.-'. Alan Ameriean te d cete'nh toilet pawnerl nI Ow- i re',n aondheecra seteier n'il tnielt snaps, r..eact v.l lIallts, nilk t ,f ioes, a . tee . tii n cold ecr'nlre eltr i n o atlllntk kep'l'lee \Wlle.edt v-agetnhle bnir iea n )eltlontm rrnllle de lrne, eloltlln. Ienveelta, rose r nalt s v Wllers nreteie;' snltt xInnaseills' pert v innn a en ,ve tent - ble t te liqlid - tee, CIt-reine nltd Orret tlooth wnst, loth. etnir, a-tha ndle tehtleh ru+etee; ol-eIlher withta an adeitieoeal eetrpptl of fatehiotnableor atate nd shaell Iroleee ged jen.tealflr aate low at wolleh.eaut or rt teil lby I ' AlICONS, 1IAW14I' &CO, jy f 70 ('hiertrema treat. N WV G-fOtIlts -S'iaeteee.ta ileere & el- no. re ccivile from on e rd ansllips Yeza o altn, ll anI toaa andhbrit Colllrlin flllfn New York a reanl vlrie-tr of gtoldk on, itla kees lthe ir t a ort:,; e llt ver . pltt te. "t'he tolh.iteeetnesleen part, rir: t ell ntrane, ate'ck 1eeathn llti tatee, t -teo aeee, eor tao on'ollt de.'rclittioa , Iet Slin rbhetr, nilk itll e woree.ed elasteit: e.ltersa, tlllllllltOt t& fine elnatie easet-tlltSd t n'ellfo l e) II11 m t II t t:i'l" Illleetc eet, ieidllitalpwde, powderetlaettelf aneI oll xea, taoilehr tte.der. pocket bonks and walIleis, ta-edll looktsee, h pe. arIl, irory and imoraca:ro cnard crise, heud orllelrallmt, lain i-'a tal be cetlda etocla ci1 Iat ligcea, hed thhuhlbead acklhlces, crt 111 I andll plilluecalsih'era llll gillt heads, Icntliu head, telltatnel IelUnet; pimeto and large powt Jet tlekaa,e e I et, tthot Ibll o o belts . lerk. l e lllld ilina .itottetltlc .etattlldsieal b rrl ,d l ow ekllvet, tllt dirks. linear or, .heare ,t knivei'acguardellt.t :ain, and ritelolnS, tetiast lte'lee clothl hl ir, e oohi , ilieCellle , orllnib shop,e plratr, llel ll. aIntee dtln lnl Ing' reh ,tClog ele lotrilhrtn tlVrln.roP h.rr, roar lr, hay wallOlR iollre iesalleuPl and trhenetoleat lnerstar, taee b aet:'atique eteld lt'.n'ea v' - pgelele htir oil , 'latteing nlld hdIct spa ailtl l) nal rhs criiliO a, letlie'et' and erItle.t l is' tesk ena ere-i"e n a case e, hair i t'i ans, fizcattes tea t ait , plain, lime anti v , k bll l attto ns, aPIia llell tIeV I shh iet , ]inctall-ar t lll s gold ,rod gilt lotlkeetee, eeinieueee dle, iihelr, leb .tl ant act 'liattelte , ht ks ante etets, hair pi , i itati fat, ll I tlee nndl redtink,t lhoe, violin ad leitrribbtl teang n eteel p ietellr -tei a tca s, hi.l. totllti , .aoe lllt , .th.'tte lergaol indi e ilet r i le e a'alit teet; ' e ,lnthe patltn r, l ee le hngs riildil w'i ip , wala illk In 1 " lllor l ll, ll .'Cil ~ dca lr' l el gold slut.+d eel telt wlt'' Ira' t '. --. T' e tlo e -ta- a a-el, lte r witle L.''et Vta rieta ne h r -lta'rtei N B Shell combs. mrelpired. cruith 11o70 ('(llpr rtres street. 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Luii' aniitoW (diA ,A, re iroad ou mu ~iIid Frxuint Lesson·s are giver, tit such iraoouini ar l e nv soil thee 01,1 lthA q:ilitr o attend untril they w~rite t * Ii llhl igntie wtll. AIot,,o 1)I11 i, tori l:Ao, i &11 I'oil and;· 10010 iit 011iclty Arso troVe ihO deai E1, wlh. dlohver b 011110died 10 Nuvo it I·ot iti y0n' .Ian per: 1,, 0.01Ire flly eo~ile o tilt , ii Itd oindeo-ll batrrnssuwutll exp~erience~d bothl Ilv Illrlll··rl r·r and thel ill dIl viul so lllihtltntllt t.llii n'TI. 7thi, ll lavilng used Nwu'o'rurat, For aalr it Fancy asst, Foracr~af (:o w~nan and S~t Cliarlltn treets {"t PERM (11,-I5011 Filielll lll·C Willer /. Spero, G Iil, in casks and 1Ilhii. for side byy J.111VIS & ANII1IIIWS, Whorlooula Drug, stnJ curtrer 1.' llln oll nod 'l'cilupl Ins wrrests. alr 1 &Flrli,h rho-4-5 1-4 hble. ;1,0( IL() Painilt Brushe s, vorVIi·III si;Cld I a olne VIorIilliau; Nl pcks Gold LIeaf 100( do hutch Iletdil. 10110 L) Iuxes, ,31·llle1 nitre and qu alities.. soldl low. 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[ kT*lew* lll' (1" nT llP prv~1u1 t I~i ltei co nin, bLer hisd care;~ Tutolr 1· jllavt sem.l·I noly lilt:) Iroe u CleK I'IIL.LnT.Il I.\ €3 IIOVVI, I,, • - yI114#' ll, le iiov HH(l o r. ri".1i bu pwdchnhlisl eir Ejfl pJal clu~ll:. l'. ilslli. u li li' dalh.c:l .,olm~, e : .~h is 1cll INIMiN'S I',A\At:Kh. .(1 tlhe icnu nfrheln n'aim,entr fulaorkingsevil,gout, sciadtica or hip ",.It, iniet-irnt caneers, salt rheum, slpihilitic andl mnrci e .u lisea.enes, partinculrly lers ani pai;ctielfnec'tilms of the blInes, nleerated throeat t i nos tlris, nice's ofeverv lde.cenption, iner soces, and internal ,absessnl , fiiul:os, Iiles, sc.dd lead, scurvy biles, ehro nle sore eyes, cry sipelis,hhlolte., and every varietofe on tanmlous alfeetieon, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed ing from any acrid humor, painni the stom ach andl dys pepsia proceoding from variation, nlicctions of the liver, chronic itn mlm.santirm of the kidneyv, and generac dchili ty caused b ha torpid action of the vessels ofthe skin. It is sin.gnlarlirefl~eious in renovating those constitutions juvenite irrcCglnt.itldes. In gennel terms, it is nreom Inhnlt_.d eailli tient inense whichn sri r from inciutritiec of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whiatever name or kinl. Sonme otthe the ove compaints may require some tri ling asistant applications, a hich thccnreudmstances of the case will dictaen; nht for a general remedy or Prifticatr to removelhecaus, the INDIAN'S PNAUCEA will geneally be foound sufficient. TOi THE PUBILIC. Iow tr'ne it is, thnt modenn lPhysceians, in their am hitioen to excel in their prl'ession;explor te the vast fields of science by the ani ofchelnistry, anll seek out new r medial agnmts; in short, to arrive at perfection in the pnetice by neans of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as Ibenneath ther notiee, the rich antd bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the in every clime! And how mueh more true isltthat while the American Physician looks to foreign conntries for many of his most common anad necessary articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates ofl'fashion or folly, Ihe is sutrroundel in his own country with ann ondless profusion of imedical phonls, sufficient to answer any indication in disease or to cure anIy uablhe disornler; and yet he is ignorant of their vlr ttes, ant the)y are suffered to 'waste their healing on the idesert olr.' The elfeets of vegetable medicines upon the system are temlomry--thnse of nmineals lasting. The nrmner ex ert their cflects and p:ss off-the latter, mereory in par tieulanr, act chemically uplon the solids, decrmposing th e bones andl ndernntiing the constitution by a slow and sine destruction. The eongeniallity, eflicieney mul SAFETY ofvegcta hble remediies enr mineral, m:y be esti mated Ihv eont.rst ing the ancient mpractice with the modern; or, to bring it ioreimmendiately on:lerour own observation, Ih" Indi= an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, cns not known or heard of re seated Insnnces wherein some dnecrephi, unpretendiing female lnlian, by mIealnsof her simple remedies alone, has afflcted tihe most rapid aodastnooishing cores, after the ncateira Medica of the -ammn practice. directed in the monst skiltfl manner, has foileon? And who las not heen snrprised at the eom iarativeaensea nd hfeility withwhich the t ndian n ties him self rom any lisease, andi st the almost tota abstinence nfchronic disease namong them? Who has ever heard of anll Indin withe onlltitution broken and rlined by ilt treatment? And ca oa doubt exist that this happy ex I:lmlption of the savage from most of the ills whincn the ilesh of man in hcirne , is ichiellyowing to mnore genlia ancd safe rcamedies which he en'rnlys? This astonish ilg diflirence inll success, is a fair exenmplificaion of tile infinite slnpe iority" of the simple andi safe means of cere which cGod has eatcred for the benefit of his c ildren, over those which thie pride atll d the rtof mail have in, From a longnc renhlence amoncg portion oftiteabnorigin alinllhhitlantsof thisco!untry, aldanl intimate acquain lance with lhe methods of cn'e of some of their most snecesst tl prnttitioners, the pipr peitor of 'ihel Indian's Paacea,'acloired a kliwledlge of some of the most Ipowerftiand favoriteremredies. From these Ieselected sich as were mnost eqaInCioIs anlld :Ir opnrites, ald after varions c xprilens tn tes t ot theirnc icilets andi strength he hls combine'd therm in thie fom here presented, as the most perf et anid btenCcii l for the Ipurpose lie which it is rIecomnmended. 'The proprcktietor oelorstliis preparatidm to the lnblic, wilh tihe conensrasss that he ins pncing withintheir sea, a tremed aepble ofrclinviog many of his aci liteld fie. - low bIllrngs, 'who al'mt s fdlthig unler tile etl'ioll chronic ndllbllstinatne complaintleo which it is applicable. To sl.hI it will p'roe of int'alelahle vabl'e, as the means, sod in ,,am cases, the only meansoftlehering tlleirsulf ivlingslg atllll restorinthlm oll(· noeu e to he ith and hnp p)illless. I'his is I.t oilCred a a .oonrnl remdn'y, that mwy pelr -ha::ll"" Ine te t.llv goodI with many others now in .o., hot as ote n hich is odadiahle of sac ing life in nmv exl reme cases hlch iall the uostl e n'ediiestfil. 'This it has ohei rey patecly-; alcc this is the ',c' ation ic tchsob ained wh'IrevrcY'I it lhas beenl intrl'liln1. It is unly adtot i hrtloe cars sinec lhi spr'ep.ra idn was presented to the Inlhlic: hutin tllt short Slace of ltine, soli huce dre is of per-mos lli'ht le filleil, O en wold inolemnly declare thal they beliceved that their oties wore .r.vcd by it, ani d in mst ..dsnafilc r they had tried i.miv : cad pe'hwps all the .mi.n remedies in vain. 'hei: evte it is klown it isrpldlv ioilling into Iuse, ani this a[[ii£ llshe nmost[ ublstanelaland onlinnltig proof of it ''he valor if the l+,rme.: i most cornrirrsons in toitse long stanldillng .nd1 s)!fililic and scrulo!hHrs al*clions which hate detl', all other l .tedies, anh ,artic.ualh" in those cases whelt mercrlyl$ ha;s hlen so ivis. !y Iis I as to camuc, distressi,. I'uins itcn tidhe iedc' , r'ce rii ulcers, deracc ge n nt "d'the d;.'.tice erdde-, ec. nhes' it compl lel.y rent.l _. mil i1 al as'.s it .ntire ly eadniates ti lis.:t,r s toil 0'-013 of n rtlro rrn. ' ell. In rli, imeIii·l ; t. n iln t:tl'g l so - 'I l ber it fl i htyipy rl il sI.l ua nt ll e a r ; tll rIrii, ghi i. '; ,lha ot ilul n e i i:it,' ,+_li<.i: 'sl' t-. i n 1"'"1".'q," 1-~ ·k, ,h,- .'.> th<'h l ?., !I:al:'t(':t ' ' tat a''ta'a I a1':111 , ll a·'l'l:li~v ,itH t ". ; ta Iat 'l'l , ! lai 'a, 'lll'll a 'a:'li tal.aill ' : atli- alHI%,IH.I I :tila aaaa 1iala 1'a :'lat ill ail ' rst'aa'a'' l,'tkta'ataa ; L ta''Ll:ll, alltlt. i ;l'I( .l~ l .(·t(li, K i\.,t I11I1. .. :,lnl ttl hil I11 allO t'.t,1 1il(. :lllinl i. tIl " .']:tlllll.ifll .1 11/.!..11:+liI+II , I IitllIt .,· 1··011 111 ] (I51: FI.l~ i .) hs itll lC.I:llil~lll l:I 1 II l 'hlit tltli. t hi.i ' ,a I a i l alr . e Ia 'II e ia lat tillhd, -nd it hIl b, l IIintt'a wo a' t'1 i'ta.r tt.', a l l , rit att, tt: I al t il l 51JlIS %$' I 0 \ It ]i t II1 I , f)i(~ i hr(.ll m~lu llT(I I)C:5n :1 ] d lII"I'I"' h much i,:as i;ate, at ]:s expeSI'. , :I ill: l'ht' litllt"t i lttetlrtalla'atas, t' It tI'ah'iiiradts sihil:at, h l chhh mi.!.l ht: h mr ld, are ,g· t . Iw .h tt s w t ht eItat.'a t oLa a latil~atdtl t l' i t atallLi hii t'l s I t.-I't Itlllatall illl nl 'tiat.tat h il!ta ltt..aioti.,o ih.t it lt oisa(aaia t ' allttt rtli ' I~ljlll)lllll..l ij liijil·' l ('il OI:li~li :Ih S.+·C I I' (lln il I~q llll ell ll lbu. " minAr i tssuT 4 . o ' d z it s 1 in F I{IInAT S II. Cl A IN LEwIr , Ni . 1a .1]3pt |)uring..lhe luist . inter, l sprsug, I ns :ilde1.hd w.itlh a'''.''l '" s tataiilt Ih~t atatahi t t., a t , I ht a .thtact ri:l ll+a 'nt I tllU t lllt ' p Ia titi h llit Itlat ll[ta ll lt al t itty llt llllt llt itIo ya IL.' h'at 4li l l 1 tln ailaitattn.l (At'UES 1 SCII0IIIUI tti PIi urngs Mast l iaaa, SIa Ih . ItI, Il.a. 'IIis tem a eat.tila'i t hatthi 1 Iacla i . a t 11r, 1 ha atataetattaaaaetat'stittasttctaaaic hl atycccr Iith en mllu i l e yi atal tatcl wh tteh hit :tiste .l r* I'ro tlil Itsts t'. i tall ttt a I ttt,' t 'i'e'. I this Arh Ie ha llbl, le. li tl ilnlil i lI lt? M lleIl I. i· l itsl,II illn lhse i a)l a tllr I ata ta1 i tilal as allrllS:alcl Y th 'aeasLatl l cnita' tatttta'ttaittaatitt''a alttaaiaaaar dtyilt'll!', wihh ittlu hanidIIsC a latt i ha . th t a i a athe asl l tst t a th 'tctt ai tae sc arcely t ahlett tatu u.ia atltnilch. T, i ta ay lllll ''t ttitat II at aII" ll o a t tlllll aaal. t ti. 1 , In·li lt h I llll ti li ) Ily 'rtilirta h l'+d |'ill }mF · 1~( ill, ,IS) Il :I AItiarfll se ta s a ta |htilt , ictutd.ita at.t f llaa .ratta.i al t L. to neeliket, I. wa pronoIVu. 'c I I +\tte ly i iurabl t. At. wa.d.ook"-nrybo)l,'es.o{(fUwim'sJUnacInnFeigl, 5111·(·~ ~~ ~N:\ ·101) Irl IIII1Llrlll{ WCSI.I. EltiS(t, 1.i0, bottlhs nlayt te' + il at.)+il c| h i thll nlll o I nte.3. Iris elitCiz wi1e s welleng-o li ltiy tliSct.hlll·id n llow whc hn blllliS hwar me!+,' Itu.ell d ii tt anl uciltl la .in Nh ew Il rktll inl 1lly , i . titi ;lhlhtilo l lh lll l Ilwas Ci alll nI "ot·r.l itaas ' ll'n' .' lirt. Tohs +my Igrath su hpas, asiwerrlcal satisfa tion, .ia'l tsa t ll it t atl a t t h IcX nItsf aan ai e a ll.lll·m ie a Iti|I' ll ' (IU III :I "+II ( Jttl holjt 1I~I wIlli' iiB liiille~ i II 11U i SIt' l tiriil k-j~lilfC Ii., \+ h ih hCLl 11o\Y L tt'InI t!Itlil'liu lil'o ] l'Ote ll1 to IllSY I) liill' ii l C ' ol k ill I s,gl a /. il t' Ia altlltlilalal' tIac a'lhl: l' t it'atit' lt I.t a tat et 'll siln I a ll la ils llt .line lll l ot ia, as.i au ls e thedwrel. lital thawy I.heat fllr ,llr wull lng tene lsimlar 'ttl linrifllldiv4'fl~iN II ilplllr 1'.:Ot Teli.,lilld II oll(' tllkI. SI'I"VI II I t lth',tell lc''+i':t litn Il l If lir , lllller ,I el'l i+tlll a Iiih, w Inllin a' 5!l Alo- 'ya II w I' lla 'el ri tIIi lllel S1i cilailo nally nr syom iiit wd +ctithlly c sIh at:) tl(1 iniih ) 11' o)1 . IN ' iI I \ II1 wasll l s licl:. I~tl. %'ltlll .+ 811)111ilh \l [I·I1 Ij.(' ('. h illl I 1,., I I"lnl .u lil|J)ll i..illlllP I. liYI·.+ \lil .l'.1;1;; l ,|iy lnlls I Ji l// o ll~lll Indtattktttatteta tatl aaaa tact tate MAl t:AltT A t \attaa Ta , t ' ll rkt t'lorsaleby |EII NRY tHONN.!i"L,4cg giP Istl aeTI n forhepopretosT hap tca st' 'a t itatla I,,t t I ttrllaellu rinllS, titr i ta'a'e a amtnto' 'Ita talla lirlalrna li titl. m a. t n"tL ' ' t t a tiV la aito ldat act' tlnlr i .l slo(.khllt i~ 11 " I I llli . 'I·onlilinl-( illl't2 hL're y l1 - l ..L, l th, 'l" y a ri aa it'ion f aa ih baltla d t1' li.a a a theli 9l i nmlsi I ) tt · 1 9 . a l ill la ' a' le 'ttail ata t, lt' lh ·u taofc t'the Nwlt:an cat' 'ttNactatiltelt'Il .'tdtCtntpan ti t'ai liit , tre r lall'a otif ha t ailtl' t oa t t h | 9inp aroe+ anyI l ill e1 th on the nl k tlfd'a Ir t nprih yor m li, IhCtt , trn u all he \V1 iIr IA., 'ritre ll'tion ofaty8ss onft ol a~l~l' ir 11:(., id l tthp at it hItta i hat lataan tt , tca th," the hhock tll a ta th tr, r l a, if. trat .t' he i a'tt t t.'c a t' a t rw l r sh a tal thc.ttt" tet n t d tt aih', tat h tlaa i oth orat t, i" aa,'.'eab a'rt'at atr a tl t'i '" . ' l ie trit ta l+xt' a ia a " aila' , a tilt tila t'a t I t'hatr' f e mins of thea tatil It ''aa't a 'tat"l lata I at • tai ttI tatat.'il ltaa'a til.o~ [++tll t, ltr~ll I~ h. m u i haat lt tti~lataa lal l~a'.'ilr ~ dr.t.r~l junr el A R attlattia ry with t tt6attat'. I a' ali,'i'tlta'ct'i'taa'iaail t'al~at l aata'ili. tat1. itIt li' I 'a 'Siaa lahcc tat caital l+t li.l ah.n IiilrI l aahaa iaa'atiaaaaa nha~ tt hlat tat l t 'ai talcr h t ah mh a ilatl hat', iit at hl at' it,' i to k tati ahi't l t'laatatl, tal itt 71toa alitla t'l" litaaall attlli..t~li 1 I ttio th.-tat atr ttail t l il att' a t at lh t 'tll" i(n 1'h '} i, fa+,r.h iat' lalaltalt tat'nddu .laaaae aait't', I~i. (' l.a , 'ti''tlaa.a'at, .Ia"'lVIl.liti~att'ltta Ulttaa aat'al" tat i~ihl.tltatt~lll als ta Iti~lll o tiel, ail. tat' the tatatraI. '1 i,"~ ( I, b.iItti. I,, aatt'. :-.3 atc a . t2, i 'L-, I, I./Ihtiforttalst Rally It GI~t 11AM. stat If Porclh and C;it, ofi Neo' t4rm1 .TlE ST.OI'FL U AP f.OUISIANAr To 11 wlrhom hy tire Slhritt1' heu diih of lo'hnr thle propert hcreiuner dresrerihedna, rsh lliel to tile lerW o' tlina ,olrt, in wrrrostleth dr olic r lf iale war reCorded on rthe Qrdnr of April, A. 1). 1.8, tier n monition or rlver tisement in conformity to no arnet oftitel.rgisltrlre of tile -tote of Louitioan, entitledI "An net Ibr the furthrer assnr Ianer oftirles Io Irrro relt.or utjndicialr;al" ;"ppl'ovCd tihe 1rth darv of' Mlarshl, 1814. NOW, herefirre, know ye, and all persons interested herein,oare herelv citednd and adlnonished ill tile namne of the State of Lerrtisitne, and of the Parish Court, who can Oet rup any tight, title or claim in andr to tim prtrpetr tlhreietnlie- detierihed, sr eonretretrnle of'ony inlrortnalirt; ir the c(rricrdeeree or iuorirrertr rf tho snurt under which the I ale wato rR ade,nr orr irrenularitv or ill.gailty irt tire opproisementt aont t Otlrt.CmontO~t itt timoe, or meanner of ralre, or for nery tirher efeect ever, to show caune, witi n thirtv day fi' rno tie edoy this mnition is firteter ine ihe juriice papersr wrky the sole so tnde ahould not be corlirmed ord Ihmao iogrrtrd. . The00o seld rroperty wto soll yryrthe SheltilT of the pone ith foresrai r oa the 14it dAy of April, A. 18::8, iry virtue oftr decree of this Corrt, rendered on tihe 5ith dair of Febnarv, A. !). 18381 in a orrit entithrd Alexinder Culdwall vps..l oames Hnns, No 10,367 of thre ducket of this Courr, at rwhich sale the said James Hlanse became the purchaser for the price of twenty rneo tlousandr dollars. Description of Proplerty as given in the Jrlicial Con oevnoee,riz: A certain lot of crrmrrl sitrrtced in the slubuOrb An nunction alar Lrrneourse of thir otunareo No 5, and lot hkring French crmneanre, 7F tert irrrrt nn'rleoit piconlas Ptreer, :l,61 ft~cT t'mrnn tn Ora,,grrs street, nnd~ iO feet on I alnaele drr iMare' cstret-, in" such a manner tIhatosid lotorfgrornd is 6i feet wie teor oer erirde of the eurrre io tire other grelher rit ha n delling horl sre front Ir on teopion lar oree, the kitchn attn dct pendencico, also the dintiil/ery erSiiboishcrnrt erected titereonr and othrer 6uilrliagrg rrrrr iiprtrprrenrrtt, tire Jamitrres Hanersatce6 n ete ite ipaerro~otforr l~eriitoi mn Oitt.rv uteen ils impletentn anI fixtrsa brleh.gin' to said die ille), its itetnldenti t fcs dny tfireoanes. aid the dehts Letioerr ns a niVilges ticres"er belpongiogb orr in ttoy wise nprlltrtrtininlr. rlebse Ofsico, Nrew Oprleaens olany 7, 18nm. m14J,94&j3 JOIll. ,ptvhrk I.-AB I d l -co Litoer etrULArt in --Cr ur Ale Parolsst, ui mpourronise et oy roitr c la pN,,roiprie ireriue ris. IE'I'Art lE drt l It OUlSi AntrIS.--A oir CoI ierx lte ureea l.rienites n onreruIeotr, e tlllt: Atrrt teIno rrur laimes nans t, e tlttiantion1 une renle fuitemp pr le herif delapalmoise d'o)leml lan roptirutb ele-nns decrire. 'est adra.stt all Orel de cette elar opub lito te vett eldctor gishe ct teeour le n de 1 rr de Ill'ene 1838, llr ounr cviN ortlometut un aoet tie It LogiSrlare te ' Ett tie la Ioarisiorter inttilt, ".Acteoimm• eontfirerdr e titres tiers irtiurereln Prorllt rener ljudiciitresr" r iiaronr te Iti) prrs 18.Io ndil miritchupitt, tt toitre IpesOes ilsr lot drel'so atlt sc.m irescnteo p oltllds ·es a l nt on ie l' ] lilt de la Lom sieable utne maion (ountie Pno ist., tui p crraoint nvnir drtrl'tttini el i prprirre r-aprris deerhe I en eontlt,1| ltse cett drrB|rt e frnle dpe eanesrs I'tlltIt ditclllrir e lton Itr jugemrte t loe eit uttl, oi errtt tiosL e I rlae te a rAIrtrc o l'dtitle fatiller iertrularirpionr iani litdaeIna Ieseti fimlet tr'itso ouletie s ertt riileot te or penirr oil roianr Inrtllrtllleo.iirittoe ittlllrof;tt tir ohl v(.il., (lans teelltle Otll'~s a dtl" tlt. d~la Ituhle~llion li_ de( ~:e yvis, poet lln tr llerNvlls la entIte isrlilat p7s old dtsm.e el homoL01pglognre Itt proprriitf firt vrndeit prrr le reiltsi nuredit, In qrr totnrz ree o lr d'avrti d re tlrame 181Sii, en vprtu r llll tctielt rie eette ctrtr ir 5 tie 16rierr te I'annttle 18118, irons I'nfioire df'tleartrcier Cahltwell, renetrre Jmnirte Htatte, No 10,367 drr ricnirti de erette Certe I Ilnepllle voeno e elitlanes i-lance Otent renrdi aoqlllreltct lreour ie prix tcd $~!i,io0. looeriiotio t rela Proplrii6 it'ttpr-its lc trtttsioeti udiciare, Saroir"· ',ertr lain ir t e ters sirtlb att anorrirr.R ne I'A nnon laioal alias I.acollrp,., l tie tle ville, drirt Itlt eNr5, le rit lot ie tt'rre ovaat [tnreorr ifrr it.rt.n] eoirtrttte lttrrin It firee "t it rrrt "reonltetrayt rot centpien tiP, l e itt 1 l-tit r e s t r luszE. t oi rrre ptier.l iere feltrr In rtlr.ltl r e Irtetrtilrlt, h e srt otrs te in, to rlit h i t ttrltt ttt t stitnte pltlc t det tnrtlttlt r tit Ietlt tII· I'ilel ;' I'allre: 1, Tlelnb~l e tint+' nmlii.+ll fI'Ba tll t e I-n ii I F·lIP ''l'eho++ ,itmlllsllui elisin e e st,(i s ~l. Wlhl~lnet(s.:,i~li qee l I sl(lti~lh, iP eo) nsllli h.r .ill" It' till tit, t'1 i=lrtl s Iit-i rtiolre, &e. t tp+ rItomu; A hit dtistr ilh'rier -rrs diitre d +Iatrtrrtortrlnorlrrttelaces or It. ,ictrotn, acertios* rivlg i to'P It n t7t. ].nrti r i J. 0r" vl ltrli, , Ch l, iel.t (I'.I oriainal ( 'eetabl e fligeiP m C,'lioan ,sl liedi t'ia I tatile rllr :i ll'l h p .iii i l'III It i lt ' clfiiiit h1. flroval Colltr.,. t"'v of .tl.¢,Og, Icllilllli:" of .+lll~ltl.'h I I".'".LI tltl 'il'lllltll i l '' |+t 1oI 8'|"II - 1.Oll • , e i '.i'l sanigts~ompa th rinl l iti It~ ItC l , it in, 'S h iio oI h I ih t r o tal U n i iill ! it llOtelo tinllh oitci'r Pl'l ce, lt\iale'll l'theg-, 'a. li epch i; the ' il of ill)'1 ind St. 'lf'lu : ' t's tll , 1 ,llil l l' t.It it II n 'his ralumllhi il!in; tilln , I,, irsnll of r ld t wh ill ,rll {+1 Ill r .:.lle Ian 'to t1l'Ih'cl elr ,.,.,ln Ilia exte.d n iv, ,11111 h ' I -Int le i f - raisell Ie l-. ulh tnlll nd l ilil t nit ' i'lo'al int uothieu. ithe t l iiet ol h, tth 'itn i ln ic, tilt ' , turlt tlt itl - Ii.ilatiou .'" a wvoII i l llcrI+ i-iI'l'*;r. llil ffl Of Ion awll. ht11(h lh tlotI Itoall jIn t c. lti;li tt illli Ituia, itlltt i IL, Ituiafelaiulo, i'o inl 3 ft h-k e iu tits ind any 'e I'atis t, " lito't1ao o lt il,1 1- l o T Io'n+:itt .; l n dIt, 'itit lsan lll.s I 'ile 't'll n ir , t' tlil-ilf l tt n i it h t l : histl lito i e l utctnlela itfl Ilta lu t boiltu itl, lulit h ' a l oliln ll r thr . Ttl' a ll oi ll t ok aIt ltltis tl. + l a h , al t, t'af this tIt.otutu.t , ,i!l n. ! i if l,]Ln' , llo n in. or pl, a ,N ., ..n ,ll l ctl.u i.i. ,,t utit Is , aoi11 ino l, t. t.... 1.ItlcltIdInlull i lu: . ilnllp , fiti ,rtIl -lllt ft inI e " t, iti :t it n1-~r tititt It . Af L ttn anti Ii- i nli i urtw t iive ll ill i'l pll a s Ul s " illl r t '11. h l tti'iiti tt i kil,, Iw I at ti aisor ,me ,t i t ail t ll. t ll I 1i, nll t d ot l itI I lol u ' ii lls t hti'urlvu nii't', h,,kt;ltta.itoai l ti('ltoht 'iau tlt','d i h, !h" t lullo ,it qSint Ua. I -t in, ll+ llleh thl -. %o,,, illrll\ l'hil i tl ,l ii esl nil i . r -i.ii ' llf rll, mir ' :l; lel l ;l..r.l . u int 'I,. j , A. I!' uli.',t+., \1. if, :I>t; or.T h- inslt an1r rilg:ll nl I e, Si'll l aano51 1' i oa n t I e il roi s I dll l A. ylot ~ i lll in ki anli .' I ni I gsillhl i l intoe s ', lil r t1 a gn l i , ai.ninn b ll qlty tli 'l etr i ilosr , Jntai . ln' l .lullc ', n ld t 'ni ' )tll ' :aw, N. ,luN, SIoll e ( h e nTs Agentr Ihfo l f, Usil tdSaeil h ' 1-'. i'nl.-.ale h. ll p oll .i lhm enL t of !be erlii'.in ll u' l'o lll . Sllwlli. at ile I T ni ' ii n llll, -ll N 1a loIiuoo ils tlisl el Let; by," A misss' anfr cthilenof Loslislii. jult v Y - rl w n 'evell hIg, (1 a tl , l ,hl i Naslkil ., aI, !Ct'lol lll' o Ih+:tli I1. other O l a orri 'aI(" .IICvl!s fro t 'lll h :llltlot'h (iti" , iag ort', na l an w m.C ev'l was nIIIlld alr air i tl lalll, a i 'le tlu . 1I a ll a l nitro:alnl t tt 'arti a at' Aitatuit' Ii lineiay f and 'iniaai' onii TI'+llittlll ll'.a, MIluurltlla'l e tl , di'in a dti l a ll ; l la I lrti stin o ulix pugged I t o ts unm lSllile shit's; o nru flr's Cli1( t ca rf sal kid .Sollolc .1r1 . i , lllr 111 u d obrolnisos, wI rilh shoe% bw ogint t il ti ll eai l l: lo. si l tl. i altllt ll kiped i lit tung e li oil h i ;ult t' o no sti! ;1 t s h'uiois it'.l i tIN t aw tIut'uk li'ii I 'll i; 'ni t c fll _nltti I Itll S Icklnt 'ote's ilti s I oinl i lld lfk se il atit blcL, I ti Il lll p|'l e!.s, dp o :,f, bull o,,i ,c l wnigo SirlnuWa ulittrllt o l e uaat ill" ist n l Inli tyo I'll o i ttl .rso Ii g'tnlt .l 'luiIllsltr'illl men's si neI wr a a' roil aut og | is toa etht wi"ittt ant( pa IhsllS p d rIIIt eIss. fo .,l oasso tm ion of I1 b IIa ,eo.l s , w ai l , Jicll arl I l' ttii i Of ai intL'ioiil'; uil r ll was lr ll a ti. r ltn is nt h a ia Iott Es' etlalsur seal, i.rncIurlnl nirl'tiall elta hian p l .ll lle sho s; l l ine 1"'cih,\h ll\o co ad. In ki I1-n 1l;ll slippero s do roh n shoes, whinh :no widlutb hcls I, calf, seal s il t u I.niT4 1oSt. du rit'rn lla s hoc' ana t"and tots, ar adhy S( Et'1. lila. , Ay ( h t a Ihhl balver do oin t p . l d ileiyn o illCinn tiion 'iotlem io; roa d anv i ltit.rlow bilrd mn 'sn tinte hrab nii 61: k rolsf.i 1hort lso r hafts, a new aticle. Yo"lnhti 1.1 ha size hr its of tihi it enq iualities; tn childent' .ll oer alutd b,:)'s black and dralb wool biats i" v rio alu lic, wilhr gelr~t'al :ife soni'ln i of bill\' iot lhiel's 1-l,! r rs , '11, ills ssortllll| wn l 00 )11 I- l|P isll.. , Ibc (rl oad otf cLa Itia kclshrni IK - ..N va ia.etlnh lie, all of t ll'licli 1 1 t established rep Wito lateristid l y hrini. In} S thom d fe " t his n !ld i ioh,?I rIutdy thf al'u r of .ser,' ti ar of 1.b,~ 111 h, ugwl ri 'es,+ In sub+, vrr ofl' i tthe t i adlnlrrird n pubic. Arran Clrn l r-v buri il do o fli+ I ). t S i a 1 N lh i i, l c p uthori o atl "to... in the r; i," d tale.s, so i s to platc it ithi ti ch h othe te rch 'elic f ll lic, lu r hi n h d thi haruiiih) of 1 mit dch ir,' Toolh-lte le. \Vh en regulie r t y cortin i1 eurections girt'. p ni h .tti , as r n evp er fn i :i a lld g i T d r in tell dige t e prin i n Imnu' t rer i,rf. It alio errless |he diry v it, Ihe.v " 'f [ho lo.rui noe binb r o" l ersni in tii ll ,''rions oill In b e ctr (lilrt the snlli c go|d) their tW 'iile t I t an - Giotm, f romhte o r. It' s hre India o r Ge I ,. th rt theiv i!iz',d world ns 1Th Mnat vllulble dii cei, 'n 1 Cm'rCom o n and T ebishl,,lu '.f0. In31 Concsirgoes G+!,, JU(IST PUBLISHED FROM STEREOTSYPL PLJTES. The FYith I'diliun of ItOWL.rTT'"s TABLIER (IF INTfItI.RST: TO whmchis naw adstll al Time Clcla- I Stor, or easy methodsla or filitin the avniYre time ol storage, noles of hall or hills of goods, when pr-I chasel at different dates, an lifferent eretdits, anl l'r I vaionls aontSl; ,esies i fatsill andl :omnplete Bankiung T'inm 'It' le, the best lhat aen he contrived. or that fi gires can I edlce within the same condesend compatl , An ttvertisenment in thebook is in nearly the follow. ing word: Thile high dlistinetion this work laes received thrmogl the ten leginlItive acto ptreflnd tl tie title pge, is n re conmmed:.tion in itself; so nltommon,, an so eonclll tive, it t noithing is necessary more than by wayof ad vertisement, to givea ront, need view of some nof its pe culiarities:ns fertinstnece, hile Itrest has been eompts-i ed f'rm,,ant eompared with, what in equivalent to four teen setlsnfenlulatione, ex:lnit:edl in the press Ithirty fire tines, and prmited frmn trrentype plates tested Itht tlly.e tinmes, frim al \ehiht, it most bhe eident even to tile skeptic (e';trcinlty , th Ilpe.onanl ofthe tie tall t (r roornin tile pree'tee) tihat tile w "k nmust hie elrit meticalh' infallble, and ill cnnftrmtitn orthis beliel' preltiut ef two hntitleed anti f!iv dollars, is nsw oflte ell r, tile detection sf nat erroer fa cent in the pIreselt or fifth edition, as expressed in the preface, mak ng five laltrcllrteemimas ferel foe thte ste c eillnee thir Ipnhdialthn in the year "18hit. Onle of the most consptietnous features of the thlhks is in the airrtnentle of thie litne and Almount., whichni for expelrlitit..n, reference ontlperspiepilty, with the help orthe side andt ialex, cannot he excelled i ant the adity ty andl ease with twhich tle interet' can Ie fm'ttl.nto the extent of gneral htusincs, 'wilthent doubling oafsuns is hesitls a convenience fi etssenrtial, that in the estima tinn of some ni tie most competent and practical bhlui nats tlelt anll ihbllie offt els who hate Iatle. at ilse of the work, i hlas been Iliisttgttisld ty tibto honortble pellplilait efofa "master piec". And canasileritg theintalltliliti of Ihe miethodl originally adolptet in conmpinsiO thll work, atl the extranntrlilltuy lllnlmber nlll t liety of the examinations, nnid tests of every edition it lhas l .std in Ithe plress, entwithsaanding the a hole is in sterentlype, considering. in sheilt, lie positive necteuney securel byv the unpertecedet tetl means employed, tie n.o lnelttas been helt nll and emphatically styledl " tile most wnnderful hook In tile waslk;" most certainlyl no, nman can lamen figure work ofthe same extent, which since tile beinnieg ot ereation, lias hall tie sane tuttm berantd variei or tests ill tile same numnber of edlitss; no, nor one hitlfthle number, as is clearly shown in tile prlfaue. Ieelides, e test and sallndard itl hasleen tried andll preeeil ill nearly all he hank and public alites in the llUitell Satlill, atItt b SIte pItiiic gonernlly, dturing the long period otf'tlhat-five Ieals, ret li erera of ie rtel ittletiolts Ias erer lIeen tfblul itl tItini, allhnetgh coatti - ally challenged by the offe of very larv e iprelminels. 'The itll fact exprrcsl) dOPted tlby elI theenaourts orlanw el sevtal of'tle States as tire "rue of cJ.lttetot, firstatute interest," as also by law for bank interest, according ts the boonk is Isetl, nll as way hIe sete ist part, by .,,te Iares of the suttscrihers, and a few of lte sullhserllnt, in the last itthlleenld of the hookL isin IIIItstitell ein 'ets IclaIotci eitizt nts ill everY) Ia te of the Unit e States. It is moreover well known that, iy its rearly cheek, it lus s" often dhtected tlarge terors, long titter lncy were nllde, teven by thle most erellfenl and nmost comlell enl arithmetlicians, tI'l its lusellness, and the absolute nle censity fior its IsI have been extensiYlell insisted up-n, so evidcnt, inceet, hiave been ilt atltlttges, andll its savilgs, that, seerrel vetarsng, rwhilst the first elition was scarce, nild out of p'illtl, a great Inmher of second hand cop ies were soughlt itr, stome to a gre t distance. and n'etrsd ait variouls prlices, as tlhe coell oceasion ally he t-ickttrl ill at from $d11) to $5 per enly, anud some personls h tave necn. y dlelnrel , tild inlitanee could hi quoted that ih.y wouldl pay $5ti, $1l1t, annt $50tl for a crt, Ifnot tll be had fter less, snll an illdil idual in the |lter intale¢ parti cihrlty, hievitng at the sanlt. time rxhibilted natislictory proo, tto seu.rul persons pre sent that to himi it was really wolth that momney and nureh t hilt ll I te saving of hlis Ar'rs vanhalle time, hes I teinlg a vlr r rich t m yltlo in pbll ic.i tac It is like.tisc worthy of nn te, nl indled pltrltpe r Io imlllrr , thbt aldsu is the ill :tret of fig.Ie walk gEnetrll}Ca land i:ll when ill" I th extnt sanidl iipalie ll ofIL these till I t hIilltllud this i ool k l orl its like ht on prplrllll ell in the suitl muanner vilte, Ito the tors, conptent clcu;llltr in the worll, andl alerl allrs prinlt It m.t clntinlrly init r histown colrrectinn of prloof shol.rts, it wmild, snout teo I er.tiyy, ai, beenll notf li.t rc frttllt,)raiil IeIr it any piric, a tl e prefe thiiktll Ibrli tl tihs. Ilia s ti perle.i atnll Vaiintbllll hte tnlilt slta ientlr plles of this 'u klbren liti at , that h tu llllr I them , i..hthei e inm crcus saill extralol rdin:U ' ir l erun inl tilnls.lngninllt fir ', f: trn he llt.ll bent fii t e:l t 1 t1et (ll :.llle\titamnn) c4ostuatly kept in a plac.e of special ai it·:ll, " "'le whih. utse, I" il. piw'ilq . A ltn, ledir 4 h tli oli. nl Io n le s andl sAtatue, int'o eat wi 1h n, til I ttle thle, low i: t, pr t:in , Itich, tit thisi " t l l : 1 i Ih ( Io I t Iprec ed i t- , ; d it li is, r lon lli ,tl l ill ·+l'l~r all: ii n ý \\ in!l; Itho itw lt n ful - e'ItJe s of t n. it iaI inler -i , t,. , d : ,s a --" aet', 'e. 'I retin .tuinsii tn l Ip r rlfit lslhat, n. twilth t.lnlf.'. thlh Incommnnnly week, h ihh wits .utblisleet, trethrl'st tlhlfv, w+tre iutron' e.ld i. dolhlr, a d cents h, yl itlhit t iln e t:il, hls ll t + n snil , ex nsivelh and salih ,r sl, sixi 1'v e ti f 'rd il| 1"799 1} 5i , . w It ll l iol i i tl , l ,e ir e lh t ,ret tn e ,. ,. t o i ,- ,, t • i . , cn' l" as n or ,ro ;l bar ;dnc\\ I t II , l o, , I t tih . .n e .tlie. \ 11 the I thor tli r firs e . tlth . 'iU , l t".:,\\' ,a ..1', 1 n X,, nW , II o1 tI ar1 ..rI: ""\ 1Y r il, .S ; "u ii i" ?PAVE .k iii' I']t'. ,, i, xlx . ;.l I' bl'. ; uly e, Ii"s; i ls t he bof N ; c"n!ilrte rll:lllllltlll ; to 1 rI; ,cro ul;l( , or ,i:g' e:VII; w)gI sP+, e ol; syphll,;illte phsein a s or, in d all h lrderi a;rilsig Irr .l lllan lpure Mt of the Ill oohh , by a >.iag reIwlee.h,, ill at he. clllnte, or lte IInjudicious tuce of Am --Carvr & Schaff r's Worn Syrp, or I.. fant P'rensrvative.: the (rest preparation now extant. Among which are the followrng:-Ildian D)ye, for col rtg the iar; Bnar't O)d; Rnositn fiear's Grease; Ponti;tonill; inihrw ' Fr'e In Wosh: io. perior Pearl Powder; Lily Wititt; Crea m of Ri.oes; Vngetable Rouge; Olto of Ros ; Lip S.,Ilv; KrE. "site, Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentr,tice; Orange Flower Water; Puwder Punt.nlo a Btox .; AmeI,. cin Chnrcoal, nently put up in tiur .nce vials; I'neston Salls; CIolgite; Kretsoto J'otth.acel Drops; Hair Blrunshet; Enghth Dre ng Co., bs I|ttn, lIaeir Oti;-with a variety of !othr Perf'l meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S P'ERFUM RIES. J C TRINC..ARD, Corner of Canal and Boumbon strect f(lY1.E k MlAY, IIhtse, Sign:;lt r,otii ialanot a I'iainters, No, 3 arntnrlele stteet o two donrs tfii.t (alll| steer '. linitlditns of *he followin g woods lid m1al'blescs eculltld illn a mast manner. venoOs m HRLER. Pollard do , tOrient:, or vernd antique, GCurlerd 1aple, I0no S'uoe, lirds live do, l)ub'., .rttite, ( Satin Wtood, It 'aonln, IPair Wood, I)o e or Iturdello, Aitw Tree, itali";n 1hite, Coroma,.!le or Black Simon: ard lirnetella, i t s. \ n ok lo A r i mt ( re y , S;pecimens to be seen at the sholl. Paints, oils, glh:astsopt: varnish, kei . on hatld Itnlor sale. Im ti InTlitt iVY -lt, star =' atd hundle iron, well l s·sortd. ile"nl sroldl and rod i'ron, umil rode, and plowh ('ast, G an, slloe:,-, blister-d, spring, shert nod Crnwlc' si tel I lollow l ar, clut nd wroutht noils lt ul sike Zion, block lin, mill nd grid sto;nts, salt klettles IChain tahll:s, unlholrs, ho's I IX lond a.It taile thhions, corl mills .\ovilh, tices,H lammersaond bellows W ire, she \ ' N tig and . lead; lh-ot odi enl tll toig Soiiteitesit AntEs, Ite tilltnt's l lotliher s:an i tit a ttplol hnvels I look and plat,, hinges, door and window hooks Coills, I |lootsll% Ihr \ll ilShri, a lndthrres l'ar'd and n\lanih at.nage, li..irs ai twine I i mtt l sheaithiig otio nl: 1 aval stores tlll P .intiltli tied a n nid s .'tllli oil o ll i t A iill ssiOi 'tmItinillt ihrwre lll an shti ip chandleryt always on. hand, aid which are olntortd I:r side at whtole leu or l, oelion thie nmot l.ivorale itlrlll, by . ... .....I .YTON k Co. 53 Olf( Levee. IIARROWGATE SPRINGS e ,on,got Ierv 'ountu, Alnltitti. TIIREE .'S JIOURN a -EY FROM E..i ORLE.1 YS. TlIr E pro prietr of this estaldiohment has the peIh i slre lof Itnouncing to his lrieo d ill ne publi in gencIal,thnt he will he in readine sbv th te fi 't day of JMy to receive visilers. olh will alno ,lalte ofir the i,' neolt on'tIose at t tis taone,nthat tlen'e I havt Lon Inrs improvelents mode, and others now gois on andl ill rapid "prores; wi e completion, whil, will embhle the s tller lher to ne Irlstl lellit much lr r it numbe"r than rletrtolre, mri lot thile .la time ullcl h bIIt hter. iFamnllilie call he accomodlllredl - ithl odll rlooms, or th e willolpla er .lan have large h uc bies einltched lIronm ho inll ti btlding.i Jtlr of ll he chae ter of Ihe.e wator , 1,' llt its relulrlVy believ'd that they are not inl.rior hi nlv in the Saudi - eral Stairs. All the amusil ementellt thdr are ta:lerrlllI lhetme at Watering Places,l will he finrnd at hIs. h T hest music tlat this pa't of thl- coutry atfl;rd, hn' Lees engaged, dud wdi be in roost nt a ttndn"e at the 11 he su ac1ih ,illi nii hit l fo o f ,hi h parirunity in renrniag his uneigned thanks fir th, ry lilmral rll giver. hire laot slealonl tndn hr,lp.. by the ( ."x rr - the tlute+1 da1ions, to mnrl it lIberal punlonie.' stk" ples l.n ..o... J. 1R 1. T (l IIII+"..I tl) ,':.. 6lre ia. tp a MAIL ARRAANGIEMIENT orher i Ie Evertv Iay at 1 11. C Poses Every dlay at 101 A.,M W er Mailt b s, t11n tearv Snady, We\r;:,luri ann by trny of. th Frilay e by 5, ' y. 1. dea , and sRntdlny,by 9, 1'. i. sDne every Touelkdy, 1'lw rsdny a T he Lake .M ail S tS llr. , .5 ' ., M. , a Closes eenr$" Monldrv, \Wedlnesdny EXPiRISS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'I'UKF ID)IST. NCE &c. of the Exp..s Mail, betwaon Mt "tale andl New York--loseving Moblile daily at 3 P. 1. Nurthwrar Nea York daily at 5 P.M Southward. Arrives Arrive Nosrhwanl. Distansce. Timte. Ilemrn'g Msatfsnmery Ala. pa... 198m11's :t 12, In. 'Colulbus, do. I .1 n 3| a.m ililled eville. Ga. 2 1 2 p. m l('omltia, S.C. 74 am. 11. 17j 10 " Rleih, N C. 5 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 no. 55 tI1 r Peto'slurg, Va. Ill p:n. Ira ") 9a, Jm Rientoad, Vs. Lsa,. 2it 3 ft Frederi:ltdbnrg, 8 67 7 It p as, IWnshington city, 21 pm. 1 i 5 nltinlore, 64 38 4 01 Phiilatdlhnia, 1 am. 100 11 2 aNewa Yark: 2 par.o 90 1305 14:1 t. r 5d1 23k Northward, (Cosinp Slntiwagrl, the tiol ias ix Il hon leas: t..insS5 ,sa adn 17 hours. 'I'ON Inti I-LAIIS IiIW¶I. -. .... muANAWVAY tr nor 169 C:,rondelet corne of Ilet Sa'lreta, on tIhe night or 30 I of Arnrnat, nd was end ;he next amoning in Patvlrasn treeot a n r.rgn hboy A.tmane CIHARILE, about 17 yenrs o, ag, sant 5 Ie or theriahonts In heiul,t, vcr blank, anot hoasn irped imren in his spernch one of his logo is sore, orosioner hy a rcent hurt; he had on wloe.nloe l ent naav a ,hit. 0conon or li oien nhiro nd rhite ettIonotsilut,no. Maseters of vesseRls and Stestn i)nats nore nutlindl t gninat receiving orhnrborng shit negro, as well aa nlI other persono, as the srrmat rig.r ' lon lanw will ha enfarred t gaint them. 'Tn abot e ren'earl will Ie,pail ftrdelie:tag him into any of thie jils of eithralikhe municipalities, or at 1 l9 CJaron let, corler of levim eteoet. aspt 1under the firm of I)uloin & Garretsnan, tin btee dlssulved. Th'Ie susaecrier will liqtidlaie the allrsin o tile con oerlnill this city, ollrl re, 'io' n It otoatas ia le) - ed ttto, make ayentto l to fll those ntviop claima. top .yaro t Ihem forseltlercitt. oine 8- t li litAlhll':TtON W. W. SWAIN. lre. II!Cant & e r tnnet Arn r ie ,, H d l alwnvs onha ml ecnnl ,taon ey n re, ,i, ilty l)rt. I)ven a, , 'h icla,nnd Ia.lm ',a ,te )ln, . ' - ollown '-: Alotit,.tty, eonde, AAt gols, redt, do Icgultl, %]A' l Ali", ip.". .Aarstie, el'llie, Alltth Qalaotol iopnot Ccltiolttta onx, IAOmperc [n'l'.:l li ch eo·icn, ltimsalo, le, iI :,t , 'at pe N do roll, do ('un, io l llo r, .In S lmine, Iirmlt0 t'ntin itch LeT,,t, .astorl il, lign, Ihtng:, C.ota s tart , .h lil:, C onuliharid rg, AiR |i't.", It on de tinco (:.u. k' do :af.lln, t I , go 'S note, otht ito Senexit, Cin o 1 eol l, ro ghr, atltu.,, , in, l , Ao meriat., ,)n C,,t, r t doturl~,nrh, cro, tdn 'a) Itdo rt lit c olit }hCh.. ht'kin,,, Ada) ttO onh' Poies, ig o t pttt']:.l , do opitlsln , . inltmh, tn sht ll' a, 1la6 i,.. l t, w I,. serwgtl, ' rm , l d., tin Fortign', Itr'd ptt'rt., rc, (di Alatricsll ed c r :, , h ,irl-:.,rite hal ltsn ,r h';,,l. " ' l cln, e' Stider ·.i 1 , a ca ia, sialltl n,.e do Iet i. 'lte1 , ' ar ie, " , dII : bu,..ln , ·'. t h.,, I. h .rý, .]o l,t-.:, "r~itt% r "l l , ,i,, s.11 pt tho, I.i4 UI, g,., ,., i,.+,, " t 'll 11 l i, d. . T-ot.I ;: ,r. ,k, e cirC) . 6 I, . .., , I ,".. ' t I\To € :, Cl ;:to u lv'i'r iv ' fgai IY ll "tll, ' N ran , SJtr;/ Ir v (ttf e f, 1r1 trr1 ,ile, I er Ao ); l.h ,1lw o rrt ir., f hl . nhm rnr f iS t't, r Ie l, It orl e sal en Ib r trSlii i r,i . S rle, .I-,tih+ I ntllhn ,t relhl i f( ,i.,llil± l I Jfi' Ne. 'iit i f I . i l, } '1. si,, i I rrrr i isI r .i ie ir L Ie FhV In , 0'EI-. I1f,, b e rtle e i1ry'" ( ' e e r rOit e c Aird'er ful. j ic rl Icn t / ,nln , einr r lnrh 1ir r n. hr -in i l Ciuanou Dlll| Pl inrilc , ytc ( .i . r r, . fye h le. N1" invfttHnrprtr'ste In mit e of a r " I rollslt t r tln r e e t tirn e I . nb i l |l ern. . IllI rfel RnNhu A.n. t ,ion Jl crn St r'el'.. .ived a ,d ,for sal . hy R E ,. I ,:!r.. no'_ v cu-'x 2 RE c. o y Uni h an o nu \vr sts a S- I i N"Hl rne i i Vl ys i n Libr otheAlb.A-eri'diniec c f enerl, Acrer c, 1be T "I rm,'r, Er+. ir Pe.litiel (ne tcnc, e thie II irae re q, by r a Ti llR v ie S tio'e tlery 1te, ire lhtlll " it, vtllirn -de d 'ee,,reai Grr , ot tthe Wtrcltrc.ANrtietta Ianred le g over l nme s, ill) the I tilh ( ll llr ll+lll r-dedicatednre., rn d toll,,l( theioe tL e rtn r nl i l, e rI.r-t, ui 11"imro,'s [{to tinre 'oreciters r,-hd with rh:grniter is tl i ml e d o te s , s a v,. n tl d o in g . o r, l hi + c iin , in tlrrlint ntlieies of the pri .ilrtal r, nk ,t'rt ir s of tr e da W till erlls Ii. i Igo'elltc Ilril, hrgll rl,, tl h r ot- if i le, , q - - FOR Til CURE OlF·: .": [J (itetlie Clltcneo s I .I-Ir- P is iln the I oell , fy free ease.c, rise of.lrercery Thi, very coe tttr r rll et. lll' i reVrllli rl eirl , with •e grenatet lpr nulp 'rtc, 1learei'ol ,imh' , nv , 'oll il. tie a rive pr tnci clie of c i earia i l I n r t,,, -tt tr te r itreteget"it i tcte di gr c with ohe tvegea- rsnsIi eo Io he k e rle, I etllncev. tlehei, reat desl drr nte t with rrt fIh'.uerr r- l hi- i bl to0 ehih-it it large gmtnitl Of Sa.,t :ia i' il a na d.e, h $ts ien Ob rtierd io tilt' re no-- "v, br i 's fullly o(vIIIced o'it.s £1 ,r it, eo f I iu tlvltIv adntiu;,Ior Itrich1 ie 11 le 11 0, r hr ttle. Str i ll r' at IN 1 frr i wrimt ' lll t ..nllnr c a l t eror 11re1, l , .I lt,,lllC ron, (C'arpenelltr's PIrep araonl , and a batrge I , I ,gl+101t "-- (;oh 'l, ith' ,\hrldgenn t of tlih ilittit v of t ollt l io \hieh is prefixed rilt ttrt, d,r 'tir n trtr e r tu- ly e |It. mrr,,n htotrltry, nrll it greet V rri, tri tirl i cll infor ,nntiol. nd~hle "I r) ttthot thi, work, oh tri, trhlr re Iel'mll Iii,+riijihirol l d I stlll rl n Note.. l and (II n at es rI , folr ex.i, io ,l i i e e rr ltllt i t ile"l h vsti,, ,. ten11 hslr4led i lh thirtyelln iiravtnigi o n tI wo rd, hy Acthrtn iof rrrlrr d, frir rlie ltvrtio of Jillt t s (rr, Ir thIr thir dieith of trieorge 2i, cith R coriiaatcir, t tre yea ret;!. \ hitl, Ieetiois lr etrr i nat i oi rt tler ccii rnlt t Itlh i tllro llh llh thie tor. t 'll lr i stirr oft lchli of (I ll ttnl ll l 'nt tm s rereigtc nrl emient rers)1 t rrent s io rt ex rlt.ecrv totes. Itoorkr rn the rite o acrs, trlrtlltterr atn liirertete Of the a ret, Ali utr linre tint Constituton, ct &t e. Illtustratedy 1 ry mtny ertg.e erlt' I'Ire'rec. c+ Act'crceN r-,celit .I e\ ' ri|i ,in ti Kerith', Newr I'rertievt ton the lie of iiilries. Now Ameritcan 'c dititr , weth arhitiorr trrr, In ieri ve.e t attd an exlration ol'th,t astrontomicl part o hf rie Ate retan Alumnae. J u' receired ad fuir sele by \VC1 N'iRIEAN IlOV d (turnier ol' iil and (tllll io st IIAI{PIl'te CLASSiC., I.t l t' 1 '. O l "+,Irnsl~a,~I by Phillitp,'r i 'j2i. 1 Ii, w ta.I n appe ndlltlix, r'nlltioin4 ['l .l 1 .. vao-v r oie ,Ale isre swile i .rc- le.rc , , etter , "ti,'her "o'-+,i I ratel, .. tnl sertint ifte t i"e e e.ll l tlll i ,t- of tl I'trHee- Pr.Ie, with lat c appencix e,. tlie n r thn Iod Ilt}f"Parpetr'+ i,+ Lt' a rv 'I'i, IfI-trr l - rilltlrilit e" C1.1 ;'t S othltt, ,l r , t itht a i,llt-r or trile \ltttrer, by "i" u RsIt oe, Kul.. h-w e, t .Iilr ,, l.rtr'tere , by Ge lit'r 1 ++1'+r " r rt 'r ,h b, i]tc altretr of "Ri,.crlitr t xtt.;.I;'I -irg -ivr' &t'be i c c tt,,tee ci .elthrr lireit[, tLIi,.C D- b1 thecrere im i rc ir "Pe t nnf, cclt"L-l w erioto, q+lew l/h) sr ,,,.t rftr ,ived a, sale ,y CVI" ,\lcKk,AN -i\CON S1U'Er--O ca-l: C,,reiac,,ti ercrc 8FtaallO retle t'tceraeltrelll e1ecO, erll lot geie,. B.o.RbI & AlAw.r

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