Newspaper of True American, December 5, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 5, 1838 Page 4
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/utidlli add Louisiana Hotel, - ovliteTOlt. La M RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfilly an nounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to aceonmmodate them at Ih above establishment, and hopes fr n her xerations to render visitors enmfortlble, to receive I continuance of former favors. She fi:els contf. dent that persons visiting Covigtln during the ummer months, cannot find bletter accmm, odalions than site can afford them, on more libelral terms. liaer house is pleasantly situated, and *ell supplicd with every ennvenieneo; the bar in furnished with the most choice liqutlrs, &e. in short, she promises *'tat nothing shall bI wanting on lier part to give ' tire satisfactinn to all wrho may rpatroize the Riseissippi and Louisiana ieotel. je3 rO TIlE PUQBLIt,--Th-e nderignd. htavmg studied under Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; end also offtrs his serviceson to he holders of slaves, being well acquainted willt the diseases common to themi, having attended them in tie sogar house in Charleston. The fanmou anti.bilious pills alter the composition of Professur Smollette, with directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have prodouced in this and other cities, has beetn attended with the greatest success, to which the best of referescos can be given. Apply at No. 166 Magn.a sine street. JNO. M'LORING. IiOLLOWV I-ARfT V, TO ffiTiit W-; , --SAD IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bookman street, New York, have received the past season, and are cotstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the st.nk of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons. viz, Pots of 22 difflrent sizoc, from 2:8 to 50 gallous, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kellltes, 15 sizes, frola 3:8 to 18 gallonls B.tkepans or Ovens, 7 diffurent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . • . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 dio Oriddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, . i do Wagon boxes fromnt 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, -21 of aI superlor quality pnd finish, atnd loss than JaaIc'sa illmported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, in caks of about 500 lbs for rel tiling. Tailor's and hattor', Irone, asoorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-.4 to 20lts. Bells for PIhntatios, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambotats and other machinery mIade to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reconmended to the attlttirn of Southerrn and Western merchants, and are offrted for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it ir b. Ilvedl to be the largest and betl assrlllltnt cvler oflered for sale by any one catablishlnt in theI United States. Merchants, by forwarding a rreqest by matil, Cla have at printted circular, with descriptilon of iondlls, prites ad terms, friom orhich no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive imlmediate attention. New York, 1838. j,3 EMSON Sllt)l' & I'lt'l.:H--!ndrwoord's I.t Itlll Svtavlll, Il al ih.cLh: S, :,.ell'llol 5i1.t'" aI(,, hi : blxerr ei I.nia i .& ilahkll' I'i:l.kl -; it,r eiase IIhlaA r I con.i omnent,hy JAI\R'ISk AN.'RI,;WV, 0l ,i n dllltnlliny I t r 1l__'-Ilm huall be_ N I S·p Illa,,bid -n 1t_ limld, LS\At· ' Itlllf;ll'. (:1u. ,lll a":e y c , l .tltilt I iltl . Illl n I~i. n d lli. h i, ,,. ''ri , ', , - St-J" ween Tivoli ( irtle a orlll m llll r.ul[. .ll .l m2tt. Apply to -J FTT, ; HIIELi.11IA!tRO\S, Ar--:. l heel(lbanrowsI o• dirt do. iln doue, 1. .1.8:1 IN&i d C p (1n1r ill1 , 11.AIN ll l e, on r' u in. ot very sulerior hh,' laid, bll', I.i 8ll I:lLI & iO, 'n31 N Y Stationhl' I11!, . .aotl,.. at. l. ? 511 Ii a ,l dz 4 ch,, t Ah Ilole 1 1" 1r , 51t 2 o of do I. I' Port, 18111 5t do of2 (I,, Ihi h 11 tdadig, frt CUIl by ISAAC IaIIIIt o r'l. mall IIll l at.a i ba ret. -l0 R7 1AON rodf ,rtirtle I y i le l ailill I l il li;( jliX , d ill+ |1ollN :. pica. Tl,- it lll l :lli~. 1,1 '|'. i lll it i tIlll . llf Nl I t. i\V i~aýAV~ \A V ov 1 BOLT six mouth.i igti I had the lied ortnm" i I, gai a aiirret diseuaei,tir wlicIh I Ill -c. raldoctorrliurru care, anid tles did nu ut n. ~it no iithie abore date I Iat imsvlf unler tl clueo f I)ifiliii Huet, and I expert him t ol curer Inc. dace flintl little thedisenae gct wor,ci noiiitIoreak oit ii Ian8 uilcers toIihe numiheriof Fixior eight on an Ii I,",,hieI all . mcy fac, anl atre thriiit, iidl notihiliiii t eak it hi ptresencttime* opnaccooiuntif the ditieiie; iarge lekeronii the right ride of thue threat. Iiiiinio vpItIiingiiiyell confidently undeiirthe care of Or. Ilurt, if Piris, to he perfectly cured JOHN IDEAN. febl4 ly I DO CFI1lTIFY ti'thlttliiubuuci' uumeiiuuiiicd ulicniei'u l uiutiliieullcuune.d ti ei'Vtw ien i-uij.,iciuui auririluiclu thank IOi. h irt; l iilICe'uei I ulul e tl fit,- n luli. rijiu I have takeln uiukunuiiifutliuiulufl didno iniiuire" Il htealth it iii!; thureofire I adviseiuiut lllowiiuceudric. t lonuetto iiiiueriand appjly toIirA. BurtH Ciltuil ciriurt, hetweeniu h)uiilu lii (,fill hu nt bon met,. D Thry willtfindi n true i do 'r leu Ieliuiilueiur. JOHllN Itl>ON, 10. l:uvicr tre.t If ally liiue welts to nee fur, salt tot No. IC (r.Iio street, an~d tit-v will hr a,:hntl.r·ll lob hr puublieiid at the uIuui."ui oif Cur. I Iust OtiIN EtN. Nerw Orlreai. Fri I, 1I^1.. Cell I I lI TI ¶IIE Genuuinue Indiauuthiaiuuuuui uh e ~t n la Jlunaiidiu ;isutti in biutitil tiuiillu iowr price of il lI~trriwtirut, hetiig le he irtr fu~vnhot n herbs known uiiiig the Indians as vlficaciouU in curing thins ifneutnapuhl Iiuliviiuuici i asben nto dnreall. has obtainelrd life ro nd oii oi ii a-lied tions o reopeetatlllle pit ysicii;mr, , folr the rare o f nazi s rnldnl, pain in the siIlill", -out of T1'- , l~itltld. u' blood,~ livericiiiplu iiui, l . Tore whouleiici it full y F iquien.tlyli I 'i+ to( !tit iii haii tla ur ei cir Illuiflu'rit'uiciy pr~~iii lIes(ad a truuidud gocod iliuct: we ,,ic than~ for,', c ~ l le know ledgeo of ihe iiincrinlu it is uadn Ic foet aInd, bcccvauon toe, exllerinllcen rruru llo·sl it axIPII.~s n uperi",opreloocll r all thoiisei ii1tlnui of the IIII. rFly hih t t ,Iamcmld IE I VI.,I11-,Al ) CALVIN Eli \. 1). Mleuuuhr o f lii liuuIiui .hldicuil hAe iuciaiiiui Boston, Ociober '-15. nuleby JARtVIS & ANI)IICI ',h iii I '"iiii ae n iii] ttsitl+ i hriiciuleeo~n edliyitoe iMedical ilcnlrt. I UCTLEI1'S Eltervriceri Mlgnirriai Aperice -F er dyspepsiuccu iiiig.ion, ulicrvue dcbit, , rill ulae,heeulerluaeci-riucuiflf tur oaliaiUh, iIli'ul ci. tuareuuciuuihce,,un seil rincr, faeii C eiucl, tc. nl ,utral atuliiuee iis, iulhiaci ttr>; Ihis deuirairueun rriliuruIIaIuu fI h rule I rii lir ii nagiufc' iunyuiaifie tireluuuuh.r otleiitpru".in ' itrincea d is, rinriiig pululicyu reiiic'ailil w u seli Citcd tcetiiaiuuials "fits aerivueuV n yueulieuicluurIebeInI elirulted. Whit ael the julruouug uIlullitia of a ;l;inc of uluoda rer, it piipuuaeeu thie uclanteiuediuuiuiul pnrper noftlhe masrtiiipr .%lad lioutu Ieluulniiu;u iti s pleuaaunt to utheululiaul m graeiifuul t Ill FtI Pooarb IMPORTANT (AtJrl'ho'-'Prlir uuuurrnuincu ripoun lien and griea denmaid fur [utleu'a Effervelrentr Algntn Finn Alurient, hlulueuuen ani ilacuu.ueit fuur ithi,.itiuuf. fera iluion othiu auubillijuu le ei i.uiiilulc 'arr i ari piaeiculiuly waciu ed c tlhis ftl t thaiutiIieiii· m lay rlie pululc eri retroeietlully in&tou ell Hlut the suihuri" hers are rI-lllticr tll ;Ilp ir r wi'h file ulrilr seal null ge rui Iv pirepiuuti ifs. Fuuur"l wil rse u a ol ,,wail. SICiii. hu Eoh uel . 'iurei In 5 40 ('alunl aIretrui O, jýj ARIIYS Vegetable Hair Oil, foltlrr thte i r:e anti tmrawth of Hair, giving Ireullhiall I,1·Ht',n a I icrititilt nlulucere. BLefirer ti Ilair Oil wee oriintel ii lie IIIiiilii, it hall uens triad in buielac.liiI crea uifbaldtelul, tluituiiue, andu I hlline tllinhlue hlair. atnd inuevery juuteuuu lit aulutuary aiiul Iruiutl leien rilisitl. Itnueuur Im r ii h iriuTdiumaiy baldl. fit canna where? it breams ,1, Ily and (:C:IPPY to crow this Oil will veeu nauutiil gruiua it huu, lliuuic ai ldruult oeu ruuiuluadlhrueitifitl grouwuh oii louur. withoiut h tlea ht injury to the hrud. 'Ilic* Oil gives nci atrtuthli frii ureee .ind is ptrferable to any utlhcr I ir Oil fii per tuningre urling and glansing the hair. 'Ih It it nut hlnew dt a ultee -mine it liFr sie, at 1 0I rind feet. IE &D AC lM~oN9 ItARTT dr rO ore .wr receirlngriri a oh bna hoard l Orlhe nsm. . Fgl, Iliii.dc inh. iIlk. cri i ndrew, Frenlc nn( l (irclinnc plcy rccrI; lik cIllllb lt Qoarls" I nll) ? I-2c mil : -H 23- :h IiI ord Ri~ls. 8 fi 10 and 1:7 inch ,blad Bowie Knive., Lilhirr I.n 'lh r tril 'li,,.1 Icw-l ..i l C aeil l lBec t I'nek,!l, iior.Flnnll's, .nl "D . lln, • .i~tll. do hie llilI (inclP hnrrelhr~d G ; .; i-(ia, e B· HiYi ,.1 .i II..h% I.Iow, ,, nl Pic t l lclcksic Ircln nlll si tillPlrinkinci- (lllii Ire l -ion i pi c l d l pi Iihh;l ie : (:l thl Iihtr Touth; NlllI Nll riclPE; Orricc I nd hli'lcrciie Tooth I r\fIt "nd Chaih s Po dr il i and ivrd fhirivi ; Iond1ian .read w, ihnake Itl heir aso lrtcllhli ih v iir i iipgl Irii i ill It Prii , ,initi . r Iiil iii II ilc, Iii ir i ric "iiii l l+<hIii rowdcr P Inll,1,- Ic . I'c hl; li crlilihs n: r l aii lI Tlp Iii Ii iiiiP, i,,I t K IIi Ti ijifi h hciii n r ni miti J. I).lmN; & A COHEIN.Dnl Common~n ul. tCIIc cd liic NI,.-! Il'iici diii.-llo rcc~ ri C icilciclil n i all ' il l c-i Illh " nlrlrr m tcc 'k , Iil , rakP+. Illir n....ol-ili~nnl~ l v~Viloll'll It all Iii+ \ ll' .s w ?ml J on Iil)rL CIrm nI he , n1i...f ll~e all 1rci tie - a sh cci llr ci u(ll llS.r n. T he] s uhore i, w ifio , 7 ili-r.frmie -I,,,c , o t r /iIl ii.,& rcIs ll.Ascrimli, t ..lir cI l ili.I c criils: wtl l v <d u V II' I)l; aslhesli f~ l thlll Goldn .Cornll ill. 7o [ v~lt~ll. liinwlr ller ~rlKrom ln~iv,. i~' ..I ..iId, 'rilci hl , cI PnI Porklih, n l Qi - -n1.]ld l illoiin cl Irti rc l u ill u!rltlc * sl,!, l'o. & ir. & c. cicii 'hhiiiiire .r .hollhh Io thmtae har inrs of! T~ierll, 31i-nd& Con.hh cilcll li ii ill i r Illl cl; I.o c ici ra ill 6lii . .I).i Ii Il & A (10hIL FN Qi0 . Ol l nn S INIM NlS HQRTI & (0X-c-rie ,ii r ri ici-g h vin cli hlllc iles, 1l e i l l ill An ilc, t ilh . A el, Ar·ne ln a,. Ven h fal h iloe p l wI ponelmrIs p i i'cicl :il:'hic:':udi-ciiciinil iiiah cir, eh lhl-ii-rccl t Wcs li i'iii s Ii ii Ira llh chiifiicdhiplrhllio i ili l eiihil· ric tali cy i :S ('u .s ; c IihL ;iONl S, lARTT &G , ) ll;. EW Gol )I)S-alun Unr r &cal a col sil lil rldcl nowrerk k ci clccilI ; rl ioiirc ccl Ji cihle t,, ens, - inii c·iolici cs s ir- , li~p irilc C Ir li li csc lgchcs r i hii ad n ek lhe,- c c l hcar Ic iis, . m salk wi.lrk hx iecr , ilins Iieicilcl lrli coil hc a iwanchter ,whla. i IIii iii ccc .I l 1 ihi t ii iiuI ic n;li, nlicd chrl m oen cil i' i c ci 1esii, tlli i mimll'lc ch Inick Fslc mc mm-I|llillc - I ll- ilu, l icr(ic iiii ,,i i l mci il. l .i 111 0 i cal . i llcllll Iitr( llllcc i lilillcr hlls ai ld iiii lll ci and pain artisionenp i Ici ,- tw in , scift'cciish tn nIs F'r t ()J( i lw o ee lig , nte cli lcrco 'wlct l c. Ilia mIllcqilll c rillll ll il s I) ''wd i ,l~ ~II c I) ,smt al lll· ) II scc1' if1 itllp( ..t , lllhiol / i-Iiu tmllcifl iiiiic-,rw I c c~hm. I'a~vl. 2 c c s nPrllicn ; 1IIII bIi, llhlll| hllc ll)I t~i~1llll('c PIIooks a id wallett. S Iccllliclli 111!· i uiillliiicpl i Iiiiriciiilll( ( cc ,Ij The abovei, toeher itho o ora vro'ietyo otcr artI-me cil. -Iii i ih.s i ln.(8 llc i ciw·nIccll c- i,% Illllllll . ICIrs I. iiic ,:( fiji!. \l.'iiicci Irliii l il iiii II.III\ Yel wt £c liohs] i'ct:lil a llld the sle ii or rtil on (;uh un (.o1d1tin N H il' ll, ml't h 1 111o11nrn. N ci ill cii Ilw (1lll -c "ll7lill? JlT I.. . r ,i. . il iji IA . 114111 I ItIA n- (Iii 041 44,h1 I !l I bl rl (;)I)S- [a l, by lht. €|p if . fi lclnT x.. .ill( )ll }Il fi p -i, e r ciiithii-ic iiili wi h llc ( llll /. l i l ,' ·w .r- , , "-. .s nl . cPc( l. Irr .Ill III ll.ll l l so lllin, 1( l IiiljlV;II of .III('I il.¢l+ |l iirrls<. o..;it c i l ii ll III Iilicrlcri% KI 'l'~ih 1. r h~ldehII ., s .iI i .lflh)NS Il lilt' ri1ri l, , .. .... fi w:rc i cii Ii ,i .......-i, , ... c... i iii.... ;,,il 'i ,. giiiiin i ci, ilr Iii. cci i lb , i)I- hll-lcl mi Ih l illl Ilola~r. 11,,iiiiiii cc iiiii I 11iii hu Krii liliil'\ Nrl, ( )rl 0li,.(lilil; 771 ki lc c7i iiiiiiii . ii riii ull cci.i~iii cl.(kii, ,! I Iui lcicliiurcl'(Iiiiccl cirYII (· iiiiii-U -I ~ll~rIll%.' 3 1AIHF Sli Ar I INAllil~'l' (7i I.)I ,;l~lll eiI'AIIIIii( j (Iri , I~lrHII~, l'l it] llll IIlt.]l' ·* I i O1P l II'W lerll· I I) tl fll li~f~r CII,1; , 11i : 11:1x.. v vi - ill o Jt Sll 11115 j\il' l+ll %./·F h ""I ,~lll lia i c, i ill.i i" , .ii- N.)Ith c h I'i'.',m, 'nit c1. I. , k .i l m l 'll ' . iiiii ilI. cIilhl lull l 1 1 i! / lriimic iulll i' 1i iluln llc i "licciP, li " ' ci i i i,, llri : I II(lui le llilc 'l-l-rriu t w . , i ?illh, iii lllil i i filll . sII i ri lh ii i IiiPirii-ii buiinrh l.clii iiii*i cli, icu, f h w lilic ,iii i!i- , ill i! I I he g i lllllici -i, . iV -cOl ii llll l :Ili r r, tu ,il-liii G 711 (-'nruir'ii- ci l . 1 cii iii cncr i clll - I cl iii l i i cIii ! mcllil --lior. II irllt I .ooi[. hllilhl'rl hla llN r~lF whh i .zltli r 1II lll l~(ilil" fI~Ini' uiuc. l i c i r h-i h icl, cuckcsiicir lii ,t, -c ii- v c " c',Iii " t "J. P i'll IIIt% Pi. ' T I Pl. I)li par ll . Iilt,: I i Il·lw ·ll F+ ,, rt. ci ill, c]ll~i clll iiciiicl|lr ii kI ii, i. cc-u- ,i iiii clh, Ii IPP ory olIirlo ll.. .ll'llo a u ·l~l~ lil I II1 -,nlCw.ll., l~illlI n,, r i II- h ,d ii II1 r.i!il N II ]+l..Si,!! iici i i Iiiilp l ,,,,,l~ rd . l ,a s I, ,f it l('ll I·(IIII tllrll i ly rrtil,'h ;.c',.i titin trt 0 : tt c icvr , in, atd inll st . t Ilt. l it ll rai lt lln l't" ma rl n, p e rt v, w ' as lurkingt t , Ji lWL iclen,,\I i onl i il tinet irn t irlluwnd : m t ('111me 1EtS-tsnlyoe ofhIl, whonTie oll and pornelaid l'l, to t'i11hSd Ihat, holng Im cdh, .-l. - in a, .11in O 1m'l itl LOK.I,, , Grlilin crmls. oI m ,rn , rin taln m tlnntg whic:h fire 9,ne 't",9:iea patterlm, ,romb, ofo eery ,raye ripon , mntirlc, kheIsinz 'nlil ar('k " It·.neldr withou g e aIt us l it : l, E a nt- I- ii Is. i cu.nerow', and .r na.slI [l+ver gl tis of FreInc n -hT trlpltinll, Canlll]pmrnlell CoIIIIIogn, exhort' o't f R:r,..unt, anly Am ri all kind.., a.Vi , h I taII k at''tilit I orexeus . dit, \lItILrd'- te,.en ll I ir i n, il, 1lr ald 0 ll I tII ti t ll t' 2 1 . ' g nll ll intitic lll. ain lind p rimll Io e1 c wd.rl. 11+111 Il l.l tl' ill,++ Ifr )1 Inhll .And bol.x | i c l rllll ll i , lll ,illa l t(hloh waI Kulvr l l l l lhl l co , hil1111 a i 'l( ;tS 'I l s IIIII oIII S 'V I.I - n- n oUmo i lt's id no , I .,io . hi.. riettn -on1 in(nll-, ,i while Itl, red r.l'rtu"Iialm. Io m." A, let c rrdc , .el l in rcl. .rl i e, be as hr clon oifI ol . ol wn rf Io f pa lerlus, wathch Irinnnin,., +, rilnl and -ilv~.I.,I tkl, m :Il.e+r'lil ele, ,it nnd ithl ai d .mtrd t'hnin li1 [JI ll":t l l ';olt, h air, I tIr, d i (,. (rmlb, h ,drth oor ha iii, ;Oeh, lo ithl, plte, col lli . Ik linl , sllt ii, w iit ,- hi l he, I s ior FO N E d toc ie LOUinRs-0 oIiuiiig tr a idttii,'i iodqtct ho. rdo, wih , arei of oater kif no lmcird. v Wrt" rich and finely sta, I dies work 1.,xe. . re. Eing. lcve, with nsd wihtlht lnlllie, I vII l] boxes, Ac eord of varirl,1, kinds, violin+ and ~nihl.. nile a.dT plated pencils aRlu lenl iw uolld lenils lar cairlpleterseil I rlnvo1s, mnt.l e :loeks,gun+nnd i :.vo Ii.- with and witlOtll ellve., pper llslolt, Ieretll,+nmlll (tl I Ce ll: le;or, I1 ) dle bu rw,-iri , n, llh be(l; t ueiIii hbla , ]citic bl;ill oIII tea etsll , IIS. hI 1) l.adls of~ll vey'r Kind, hbell.S and ,l me,,: fulll0 ('llll knive, )nls ol rs mt wi.'ia-ors, ttfi:I b . nr, Wl.e, pi,,il. er pl tltl, ctrb llII i and cunlllnr m . hcl.n clon, purmtt book, and inductn o I ous cillm, h Aubt, IA rd caner. playing cards of n li"r It' ane I andl AI n ril.m unuu.lhrlln'e dolls, inil itnfinll l . +'it *t pl:, x s, lllnll of VLclicl,, Iil.d., ,~, le y' 1d 'r Il'mr v',i lslnlnllrsi 'll'd, tamI's amllti ild It1~. kiln's hl1.ur rt fu(, i I + vwll c . e ll. l',dll lll a l 4 1 r Ice int Is, 1 ill g f alll r l . 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(cal led 6ldrI' ) I. n Ito ,. ll'et n I' III,, l, Sli n I'ni ch n, ,x +., thl e nl .hte ltri i lr t n l 'lt hnl mal tbl vI) In dla ll l (l ,o .+l 'l to It10 \:it , .t Il , vidllnlr s.o u r l. It tte It 111 ·lh-,lln lll. i.t" or lls J'.ar Trnn . llhi. A lin n t'nt . . . i 1+' "il ' i, Il tVily l u: l oall it ' i lllet. JIllr nul,' It '.ptnrt €()11 i-ll n,·ir llld l gn liou , h' r ..l/ll,. h+ \Vholeslh . tre s. g I- t . c..... U .............. I mp "I I',. ]Ili ffreroi. 1. - i,.+, , i. Il..'r . ...... 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Theiti- lh I 91 l'l IIIPII'iOI ili o " lder ly A 11 .( tllle llb lll T lhon of "I: r myt pmu;lrnfs l sie v vprorIaIIV t'er age, ... wh th.< rr pu t, f hll eitr rwic h n eh Itoni all the f ,, " thI lhe fIr, lh ii .ertli n ,hittIvert Illec- diai r IhI-, i wl oIrc i tr• hurI it thalett -er pirt n iit)i ill i .l a llv i l lVl e ',i+ 0I " his orjlar in ,,, ... lvlel .h ll by t he t11 a pron or sm n tll iox: t h in 1,v .( 11e Ie d o ly sec .hI I I lht 1 be r s lln f ohI Islt it ime t Ol nt clll.l , jlo t fil e Morsl r lso, a wonli-ti lle 11- ti o dIr i 1 llin h morlt] it1. h li'lll di tl, ir tittie I ift that , ivel . = n1 prnnf that Io 'h, 'lc e r to walk onlibnot the en I l, friy wa.rget', [an t1 hl hnd wor w; I ver I t-b ir' ti t il tull ith w I to te l r it fhi+i il I, ". 1 repa tll ~ w ollll h nle.'!. lllgl rlalters'l e lhnnllllllglre e s e Ih n ,at it i .hvll i and artct i t( I nltt'llll t Ite llt wie'h l lt 11 110 -Iellile i ttldI -ti cn llt itf i -, . 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I erila llt and of Ilh, It li,0o. 1If Nas-hvie I-i wt- lititthl i tt-ilt-c i1t"it-I at.-it i r 0--111, b 11i1- I I s .ll-irh. . - -t w-tllts1( l'ri .16ce, the 1. ilm' 01' it,,. l( o0 I ill I ltrial itit 0 11s It i ,l-c ti di,t l t Ii i:i edii- , of l i iit . ht1 tli;itn l l ii-., l i I - I t 1 iha h 1 .lli p+· 0t .n in SIlllllcot tltlrie Ir ll0 hp r;l l, l, llla hr 4r (' I lll]V i + .i ,Itl,'tv.dh,110 arrival. lhl N \vl')York . o well( ,, j illl th i aii-11111 e o, I r It llt l 'l c c 1"tnl( 4 I ;oi lih; ol'theti - r io itl w n w l' I hi0 [l ratsc () 11 'hi 1 1110i0. ll,'tl t o 01i0t Uit Ihi. h )l pV h Iod f ]ibpic ,lc ,,i titt oe~ll In coio.h r h. c i ofit 01 mi i liti, 'I:I Iol-, ,f" ,-' h Ih0 0 1-,; well , the -I h null Ilh, wost, 0 IIht- griticll ! The i t flli i ed. 1hi"- ' ) 1 Ifoe i'te thlllt -mi+t- n te,, on Ildh ii ltl l IIo0 the ',l.l 1 it ll ,,x 1lllre - ll wlt , - 'll '10 i-t i , 1 1u+I, l:. 100t i l0:14 , alll 11oe tliic'g -ttec ll he slieor i01,ii lile.l n .c 't'c n 1ic inti1 fiileiiblic li-- Ihcietieiccy, - eit- Pci, -blt,: i lh ttl . chrit , * lh It e 0-, ic, i,- i p, e r, oot ili erIf l l'hll h line . him, wt's il , 10 r"i k priorr W 11i 1 iltll,,,1l t-Is -i .. hc th f s I t. 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Is loN F w "ar: bu't I;,r Ihtllltlro· I·.is ·: 1; 1 1)·11·· 1·( n1 -1 ntoht, Iso' Its ir 'i,,,,,,,, hi i t, ' :' 'I Iioc s..i, 5 o i 11 t,5." "555.. olthc sru scr ' 1,11,*;" 1 I~so Is~ ii . ~lI c'slirasSlthOF1 'I 0IiK > y. as TI'IE INl)AN'S IPANAE.A. lI oR the cuc 0,I rheumatism,¢e, falhor kingsegU,gMol t.etitltat or hipl totl, ilteipitnt canters, saltTheum, si hilitic ll and m rCl''riali diacses, italticularly tet ers and tainflill iflrcstoe eoftlte iltnesn, altrated thtrat acr nosl trils,]CI"s Il ctel? alescrllation, fever sorest, and initernl ailsess s, fi ;tua, piiles, svahl head, scaury, biles, ehre hi soreeye :.r silcils,,lthllts., sIti every sariety afc. It'lnlls atf.cti'l, nilltetia Carta'h, head ache peoaeed illtt trg'e n' actt:'i illllllr, piain i tile stomaeh and ldys : eits l proteetlingt tllllt variation, attietions of the liver, chronic in!tamnmatinl ofthle kidneys, anl genend debili tyv canused hv a ttrnid action of tile vesselsofthe skin. It 'is s'i.l.t'a-lt lcillus inrleovating those aotsitlttians tltiit'tt have tieitl bltOkell llown by iajud.eiaus treatment, jlltetilet itrreguilarities, in genleral terms, it is recom mendrd t all thostedtliscases whicharisa from imatjritiles f the blood, or ilitiatiol of thie hIumors, of whatever Sollme olthte shlove cmalldait tsmna reqRire some tri. Ili ugas;statt acltnicatits, thin the lintletlttItaances of the at2se dil dicla; btll for a gelleral remedy or I'Purifieator (to iremvC,+ thit C:ase, thie INlIAN'S PANACEA will g eLnlly e foIund suffllcient. T'O T'HE PUBLIC. Ilw triute it is, tiat molen Pi'hysiciaia, m tlteir am htiol It exlel in tllheir tit.tlessiott exlstte tile vast fields oscienle v Iltie aid ofchemlistty, sit seek it new re medial aernts; in shoRt to ar~anive at iterfection in the Italctice ty realls otf r1 atlone,---ntirely overlook ant aeglc't, as hIltleatthellla' noletce, theriehl and Iouteaous stores tllmeditine, ahiteh the Almightly has em led to slritg tll of the ear'lil ill evtray clime! And hlow much lolre Irue isit ltt awhile thie American Physieint looks to to'elgn caigotries for IImany of his most common asad ileeessa'y ct'ttinlcs, perqetttlly ehbngiag as they are at tite dictates tffshitolicit tily Ite is sut'altttad in his ownll Cltllr itlladll elndlcss profuslioti of medical ipklltsa, s-l'ic·ae'ttt to alns er ally illdi'ttioa in disease o ta crule Cuy eciy:etablc ,isder; and)l e ett lie is ignelOant of their vr. ties, atlti till' at'e s~t'uetedto 'waastetheir healinig ol the Th'le t'fftis of vtae:ibe tltedicites uptnt tite strem are tle~lltl' ry- -thlc of' Iltilartlet tlaiting. "|Il Ite l'llltar ex cl'trhil tli~ar elIIIIt aml )ss llfl'.tlle lattrcl, mercury) ill Ila " tieculllr, act htinllltcally plimll the solils, d~ecllmposlg the ileaons :ad IIldermiilnillg thie eonstitttition bya slow ;ll t Sill,. destlrult'ionl 'TheI collgreialitt, tiffiiney asd SAF'TY ofvegeta hic i'l~reedies mer u' t'llinerl.n, ma"Liy be estimated hy eoll trast itgthanciniect pr.ctiae withtletilenode.n oa', tiI'i tg i r'e mmeilllllls diateiv Rllu elne lrur ownll obslera ttioll lh- lllli-I at lacttice with tthat ofthe whites. Who,, itt Antetit, ias elt klltowlerl leard of repeated installes wilerein solnm: d|ecrtep id, IIIlluretenlldlngfmc13aleIndian, hy Ineansof heir stilleli'. relldtiesalone, hIas letedl tile most rpill +. a.stloishing c'res, :nier( the Malt, ira Medics of IhIF e lslllll pnractic ea, directll ill Ihe mat skilflll mtanneta, I:lfi l:,+ile~ll) AlibiW11 wi l1t s it10t II ..... ....l at1·~~if ll ........ eO pm'a"l i~ctl: a+.'am hi it y i tl wlit tIhlheIlldianim eertshIilr sl tel n i tsl. s , aIllltt the alhtost lttia a stiellaloet orc+hl'onic diseltsle amllonlg theml. 'Who has eret ilte1r.d ill lldi: it lia n c:1n sti utiobrolll enill and rliled 1 b ill tt'tit'tt A:illt ete, det ltexist t heni thit haa tit' exe ttI ,li'l'eettat livtel l Ii'tttnttig l tiitta BIOIte hat1 ~IY i tmll lllll oftil A s itt'e t tol a olltaist o ite ilinls which tlhle ':" Pa"ll lld it id.s \ch h e t elttq c p i alitr l-ps hie ll.Ie' lct iti llsltlt s, is c ttiraexett iti. t iittin of ttic' inllinlll. . liori t le i ti" tinlic anl ' s atf n i .asl of citt n hi++h I :.l has cete',.td ftr the b~enlefk of his c hiln,u Iow o d a(llol bids the ll'ide anll[ t lst of Im hll..t in F leo e ] tlien t resldence llntlg xpartian of theaborgl t Sal elibitlttstel tltisca eLnttry, atdtt itttitnlte atcait luin. wih hctt nt. thlds l" cuellrcof sotme of their iost I suc.sIs rful ipractitionerst tp'tro irtor t l'he Illet'. I I Illlrv ,ll'nequldl' 1 knlowil lide of sole ollf lhle most p w e l 'i 1. 1 1 t oi r v . e Ite m e di le s. 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Alier w.rds I tol,. kt0 i bo.iii \ l."sofSwtainl's I'a lcenanle igl hots il lolleT ' i la licon, with I m t" rkd bencil DeJ ,liring of lile, w hick hakd now ecml a blurllhen to rle, I ret.rined I to np'" Iprelnts in New fork, in t 18o.o , an ate lk) ,llsll tp t a lingering dcl tll. HI t'arin ofi thl gl etl ell. t oft' The I lonn's llll lltl'nac , however, inll i simil"ar lo iny own, %'a persuadel d lot.y ittt looolast . t. . O lay great surpriseR, as well as saltijt.hltiotn, wcll intheucHurseoflw'r lmonthlsad have remained so Iever silce. I nLketllhis stletnenl aulld wishilublillshed v on l'4+'l s l l"lsl' jlhilit ie l tll . " Irile y illv h lilley m Uy o Iv:i, lt . 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C~lilll1'l111 01lllllol~l \ll~,ono:l.ll Isi 111, 11111 III 11111·1 I·~· l'll'l· Iabl(I I·Ill 011l~lilll'llll~ ll~ 11 11 IJlt I II'11 1( 1': I l~~l 1, 'I 1 1111111 II 111l·1111:110(- 11 i, i: Lil 0L 1·111r10111.1)10111k 11111 I:l·I)\ lil Iel~ 011111 ill 11I s\!ims ll 1110~ ' 0111k hill~ '0110 I W111 10011111111110 110)1 lll 11,1111 )ill ~~CI: 'jISI.ICILO 1110110 11 1ld 1U5 CII IIll'lob'I0Il'lll II11 1)1( II)(\( Il)ltl il~h 1 III 10111011 0111111111111111 (101 1111- 0.1 . lil)(11·1\ ~·1;1) :1111,' 'III''I 1111 1 11 2 llliil I ll'l'l Ii ' 1 ,1111 II (115(II II Illr~l II'111 1 ·110111 11~ ilIl tool ll 1:11111·( l li il I I I II l~ll' 1,~~)l 110 11111 Il 10~ll0''llgr I I ll'~'lld 1111 IIIl.ll '1111111 1 .'l'''l'i ·1 111' 1101i~i~ ll III l 1.1~·1111 II~ll · I IOlfllrlllllg ill 11i111·l'll IlllllllO 1,1 II ;I 2U1i~i lo:·~ ,,lll~ I 1f1 tlll Ui 11111111CIilll lC ·'(I Ill ( O( 0111 1111 l'lIlll Illlr ·I(lllii'l'l'o 1 001 1,11111 t·III 1111111 1,11 ln,1 1111 111 0 III 1110 111111[(1 1 1100111111tl II 111111110 111011If111 lIIiI 1101111)III1)I L S;11·110 $1ili 101101 1111l( ;(1 'lvi. lla l·. ill il liV.liil N.III 10rUII .oIV-lbllllo(ll, lltl I·IrI IFI ( 111111- 111111100 l~fl *.111111 ii-?1001001111 11 IIII Ili. N11L'.III?, (;rII~ (0111 1; &1 0 11 l r:lllllll11111 bolloo1111 111 111 JUSTPUOLISHFE) FROMflSTElREOTI't'z P'b ITE I , The Ilth Edilin, s,' ROItT\\l .Tl ' TA.'Afl:e (OF INE'I' R yS'I': TO which is new adderd an Average Time Calenla . tor, or easy nctlho ds tfnr tihtdin tlte avcltrge lime on storage, Inotes of haad or bills of goods, when pur chase(t at ditl.erellt dates, .n t lifllerE't ettdlits, and 'I, va'Ito 1 isa tlIns; .le side al SI.en fuI ll cmlte ( plete lankilg glres eall ir ,shlee within the smle cn .eselld compass, and size olfht.Joe. An adscrtise, mcnt in thelbook is in nearly the follow ing words: lI.Thethlgh disttncliool this wl'k has reetived t htot1 nghi the tell legislative acts leeixsdo to'he title page, is a re sivet, tit t nthin is necessary more than by of alll - rtisementll to given e ond s i ed votfietofnst of o ts Ile cnliarhlis::ts fir instance, the hireslt Ihas been coal .:s Srm ed , ll opare wil, what is ell ivalent to offer teen setsr t ealcllationef exan iue iror te ttia s thliletr ,fi fte tiest, sal pl inted a r at d 'rolfypo plate tested hillty-for e e, fromce all wehich it nist he evident evenIft n te askelti (espe, ially o the I eesonlal on tle de tail ty r n t'in tis e preathice) that tie w eok I n st e till aletienlly iofallible, and in e on, mit tion oftllis belitfs v premium nt'two hnndred and flits, dollalrs, is now oflIer edis r hie deteetion se an erssor al, citt in the slresent or fifth edition, as expressed iln thie p eflce nmaking fivs losteit ptemiose off'rind fi s te i e il tor since te fist pnhlicasinue iu the year 18t2. Once of then most enionhaous featles of Ihe etaes is in the arrangement of tl, Time andm A ofants w ic fo exopediti' , o s, rofteen e ondperspicle y wtl the elp ofthe side and indexs esnntot he exeilled ' an tre salty y and ease with whic the in.aeresl s an I l' 'moe ns to thi extent ofte neree l sist t ess, wt iont doli r g ofk s ins is besides at conveietie s"l essential, tl at ill the es'tlma tinnof oomeo i the most ceml atent ai d platie al si nes s enll nt pun licat fti o oi l t l -w ho hale ml lade .gr atw rise of tile wot k, it Iha teen l distieuisl: Il by Ite eglt' tapesllation eful'a l"mastee lace', And eonsidlerilg the iln elihilitv of the methodi origiuily adopted it cnllmtisillias , or te"o tk, itlll llhe extraorldnI ryh anblllel nd .rsely l fthe IxaSll, enlini sen e n testsi I el . (ett itiost it ihas peseti l t tl, plr·,s eolwllsr a l lig the l ll' e is in stlelweeayre, nllll!iilt tl in th, 1I ,let positive acellln: ..rellad hc w Ihl, I rInpi e .ll i smealuns t lll m l , the vn Ite h as "he.e t u tIup a rId es lllatie elle 1 yled " Iet niosl we illc e 11hook iti Ih w,.sL l le most eerttil.y lit man callE - Ier fo i lgte rwork h slltllan exelt( , i c sic cl Ihe I-h illllillg f rL eat w hll bl a dlI h he h llth e . llllle Iii lIhr sile vlnifeiy noi toest ih Iill . e, I InI n oll tis o Ilfos; n tlleon te llrl Shns be eill as is slea t l ee s wn is the's let as o test ' and s allt' s rt , hit hats e Ion re antll d lt Ire ted it, narly l fl h' k a.m l. lhre stls'ee. itn thel itsesesgl5 elect assetw o sees's '5',, Untlttth Otl i sul t I th t ' ullte p bic g.e' rall I 'IIo' InI el I solpocn. tiillt whe n o fsltIf ' rllee s, et, nealr e or." l, eIari nlut , inlll'cst," 'w a nlso h) law lil n1 ban lk il 1T0i' , ac only d inst the bI, s k is e i uor a I :n h e te,, 11vill p ulrt, I l m o te a es tI' t t rItel, :1sts I feisll ,:Ir let ttist', ,tv e' i t ' pe. 'i'es ttt Siisl 'ellleoit' well kItui t ll ., I IIts tIeadh' ete-te' il has lse t lll ills lectl hl'iT n l sr , Itltig t:etlet Iellve liel'l sllte'lle vel Is the tilese Lr lll aIt; e I t con.tlO SO Ie vil en slie e, e Ihlllev e i'll t e its te n' lli , . . its sao hley e tlhal s 'cl 'l .i '1rla15 s ltilee s i ll., In., ,dil' on Wassnl "eiS S ll ndl ou mll rll 11 1' ill" · orhfarll "";( ml)lllltI, i , i hand eo ies t w ee' tt t e.l s'I to l ne ee staI. t . anlld ll. rllne ll lI t - aitl' )llp i 'it,:, asill111".*l ll( Ill i'l'll ilnl y pt on piked, i t at fro m toee',', set e r Ith 'nd som ilersoll s I lamee' l le.een't ..' (a d e d, tes lyllle g, mtlllltell I e Ih l e o I t'e et"illlt I 1 1t, s Its1, l 111" for a en 1I1 nf tal 1o bh halfd (I IIi h :.,. oa l an imliml 1ual nI e li atler i lu etee i telst : hi'e l ,, It',vis , tit I'st lit , ii e tlieehelse d se lisll, l liy iIll lf' t llls e1,ral Joel'..III. i1"(% e t th at t him it was mlll ty wll 'l l lelit te e i'l',,t 1 1 ttere.see'eeel ltee se thor 111 1, smeete fle benl. tt e ' e'ih l l pa i te' ef h e sIr..n e ' tee II'is lo k,' wpr ef won lly of n0a ilrlole I . illl ed Inl I ie, t 'sl.e-e., Isle' .s.chi ih Ie'n','s IIeae's ee I IIe lk rEl .ee rlll ae a p.I s r:llle htee l oIs hi etl i :id ilel 1 'nllc J t, l S l o 'l c ii hlo. isht shad th'is te k' e' ia like 1I, i 0t illil d t ei Is lee lesseei l esse I slll I lesl i llleIe 'htll' I "I l tl.l cal sul,xr rlbllyr i Otuv ih.Wlhis Iit o' 11i s pette illi, settle settle se ttt e eprs' , else' este I tees', It aa ser sapi lo w s o lf th i wogk l,,ell it." i,, 1. I ,t -,'t Iehllllun wli ll.w . illh ier lls ;II au .:ti llrdphr I l u 1 i, : li et , t lee ) '.c l I ' h I. II( ' '. '1 t in to i lt,' r A i ly ee'is ; it I hdr : Iselo 1 i, lli., lllll v s t l i, lo' 1s.l milh ll. yh il tle I , t " Ii, i r i lt l hc ite (filh :s II. ' II t I le1epreetie . in) ' .. I e:. t l is ,, - 1l ~lmllllll ,ill rml i i'lill i. Il l ' 0 , I:,C,, f 1lol l ,. ll i, IU 1 e 1i1 - 'rui I , i,,ll a lho clmalte, lr the slicih.,ul ule s t tAl ,-- C~a ve m r hal l t r's set l, es' ril or iee . fnt l. rs rvltivele : work, l hi.t ,l :tl l ll l,,i htllltl. I Ai onss wltl,, \'el, ilhre le i ,ll o, n:- nll lll l I I)ye, r. u daIc ol , t , hehse sol'es 1' rt,1 INyral , o r h ,l ca la r toli ald , h a tilly I utule i pl i Iur i I ivls I' .t I, ie ilton lolts; CIlt 1 I I ll' slls I ,,so I'o.l lhe, Drosxa; Hl lir fIr'ullll i Eto glli 1Dr IgC ll,-l 111h - I, V lou ll air I dteso;, ai ite fa hoe' ri 'ly o -,, Perh eiiilo erie li, . e lor h i sle Ib ly l lls' s Io tos ' i L W oLENN'S PERFUsI. l RIES ,' j. eitl. IDe i; lettelCorner of Clanl aielnd ltourbo strels I eeetsIs I bI s ( i\'e oI e'(111K, e .--Tv hy e s lles i ol-o, i L II GLENN',S, ,.E)PU.f \KIilll. 1:. m11.. alid il C,. ,luti,. sw' llil C; sy oeliih dstea' es, se nd I ll eue lsort 'rs Corner of Canal a.nd BIourbon ntrect:s 'l MIX, k MAYr\, lIltrusr , Sit'nl, anlll t)1·I:1II )1I: i'ain' I rsl N', 3 Ca!' I e I C rllru"1, awe (Ines s Iris~1 ecenl ecl in a Illssl e·l!! In:lllllcl· ,vo ns '111111 L}:F. \laltng~nt, I~p rol', black nnl gnl·( OA,1111: e lcIlli 11,,1,1,", :ll. 1: I ll ..n... I Ash \'hil 033, e.` 4c '' slrcinlss to hel seeln at III( shopl. ('amilts, oils, 71 11111) 5 1rol1 ill sv ~ill i,(ll it rl ·.11 (i l 1t 111n 1i (lo'lls, slam11. ~1(:1., lli,;,.I .I, ti1I1 e) ill d" I an.; II, .I·5 e ,,:n cnl n' n 1) an~ ";I1( :, .,is :c",I ull i ti,::j In,, ,lll I,~ l(: I il ....d -.:; : II1 I til...... .:, IIIIU L . ()xJiO, 1' .I 112 1 (ll 's IIP , c"v ,.illsl IJC. :Z· \n ~ills, ices, c~n nlerlan. i inc loil irc, l s :hcclt, I~lt i i :nnl hs 11? n I" ilia PI; ShotI.I I'm 'd ilv nell ilth Iilla ce:1111(11111* lines a~ (I In lill II faints~lil, Unwed :uu ( liver's Io ilL li·) 1'1. I::na nlil: hand, and which are lllil1II ill 1;i,, ale al)11thol1) .s s Ill" or tail, itth Il fvnabrten,, I m3 li.\·L LIIIIIPY11. .11C1il.l5.ill 11 111-Levee.·il~ill-( are -cr flli ll: Ii IIII·i ý I~n Id- ll,-; ;i1- , . .l tw p a lII1.i; in ecn."sali tl".. Ise ill h i n r. .1U1)· illl( IIII thei 11r-1 (it" of 1. Alit, I....... ,e ,miter=. Ile wIIP ill l lll rlllllC lira' PI(·t h,"-l improves ucu to !,mho . al" ollol, u,." on :I IIIi III1I.II.1 I I"l ýnChlrnr herll In allll tim iIn Intoit n, n,"I I Igcr :_I!III than Nll I a xl Il ilr ter ,a ll hay,: l ny 1 cabin, . et1 (·gh I i Irni _ Ise nri h il. aý MAIL ARhIANG(IM lENT Northern Molil, #1B i Esvery I)r i at 1 2 A . ...str. . -il Fr I, '', " ,ev r ly . Intn , W e ,~ i t,, it,; , o, oo< ', l ,, . I w.N ,. otslntnI lo lItI'l, IIinvb:tV , I'. 1orol. i Th LakeM ail 2 t " , I " Iu , f'cv "ln y, vin C:los2 evry Mnlo aty, 1iluesllay I'I:LES OF ARI *VAI, It'AI Ill]) 1 1 IN(" &c. of'Ihe I,:xprina 21ll Il,-'"mo ,II l, n n. IIIt Nrw tork-- laog Mobile luil 3 . oil'. . Nultowar New York daily na l 1t1 oouth-ward. i A rri yen A rrivi. lmntngonlery l,Ah. pi.a ls 2t l" , Ralei.,i N C. ,54 210 It 2 1"I Wi I·arrenton, Va, I2 In. 55 at 6 Ie'rlrrohlt g. Va. 10 inn. 831 10 9Io. i. llihlo l, Vn 1 am. 21 3 64 01I . oeioioklini· 0 f7 7 a. Washington cl t, Ir p .1 l 61 ( Ii 5 Balhimor, 04 A:t. 4 04 Slhilnlelphia, 14 am. 1040 ) o New York. 21 mo. t90 4 S1101.. o1 r 2S3h I Nollthwl rdn. Olllil SOllhtlrnl, he illle is six holrs ,' I lo ol; ileiC5 dysn ld 17 oors. -. ' I(OLLAIIS IIEiVARI.Ii e ANA Ao tfom 1169 (l 'oilel i or, I oRsi f It levia i .b. isret,eto the tll , nit h of A AIt, ilAnun,t 0l 0" ae f owneytdso no nia i n , o y . IllIIII'd tl1I\1,1?S, it1iii 17 m1 r1e o age, f g lllill lllsll ll ,, i (l lt L· l';11 " g II . .tfee. ,or ihr l tsill hei hl vc . II k, ohd r asac it l ped e tlil tl iitst iI P h ,s IIIh ,o of l i is 0la Pl ie t-, An ,t Sby a r lh t rein ' hadI o Cwllnom h ~rt elll llol'i whll Ifolll h or lion shirt nn- -lo ro, olltI n ,% slera ,f vessels and sce:tr c,,rl nrt eo M tutniob a gain(P rcevlng o hr or111 l sa no ' s w1111 e 111a1 o . ' il oter crso-lls, Ir llt Ilsllaalll ri. or,,f I* ,he lv will h ~,uiu..f hem, . 'l'ln" h,.'.,. r o' • will he painl filridoli.eorino hillln ln ," of t jll ilos o 'itii r r fii th iunilcipu l ries, r u 119ll ('inc c llrncier o Illhv. It ecel l. .i lt ili dler Ir li. hrt of' I)llll ~ll R. Cl rt'ao, ]'as l ero i'el h) Ill]c. pilak I lio, t to hli , ,,l v 1, an I III n all l lh i'h ln" t Itr l S ll heiu l ilr B"c. im. -. _ll -- i t;) l .%11 1'H1",4(N W. W. 'WAIN. io,. ,l1 '.rnt . u,-iutl iAt,o ()rt..ui,o I n , 1110, I Y.t,, I il h i lllll ia t , u " oll ýl Ilrl. AlI I)ves, (i riio, ls ill Iiiu"l ,g o :l, Ihi l i-,! hIlr bI;, uIl. II, l E Iltotohahr, II- I Aop s,Ai e , , \llill llll a tlllllOl o I gal e \l.px in, lIll 1 I lla n i A ir ni , crud'llll. 1\ i w ,Ai. do rpoll, i -ohn, Ia , u il ,ll l g:'i (I'l.`ul itar r : 1;,0n oloti lit. o , ... . llllqh ae, I,g o ' .. .....I -. I l.,,tlhyio , I l i, l lllout. o --l:l liC, 1 d-o Ino.,- (ami iwotd, * I copal, P ., lC r I m h , lo I aItil, l,, F ,,, I, I . 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''1' iililll II 1) i( I ,,",,,I~1R (·Nlll~lll "S(I T i \!ilit~l Il r )llii_ lili.(i(l l 'i", ,(~1 S hll"l I'XIN· \1Id VI'I \ Iil-~l )l &1 &·(li III Ir iI ~l,,-h ~riiy I l.·s I ~ Ir' I,,,.., l~ I 1~(11~1* )I~·IIIC "llil~~~~~~~llni." ~ ~ ~ ~ P &,,e·slvl\l·F Illllr(lIl'IIPi~ ~ " i* i i (liil~ Iilli~ ~ililll lilI. -)i(IP Jlla I~lc~·v l·~, ;rlllF~lr ru 2!'.~ III:( I1ESr. 1''ii. 'I, i dI~rl ,,brtn I,·,, I·Y1I'~lJIIJJl(i J1 ' ~'r I'uii ·~ IXrr,,,u, I.I' , l 'I11Ir~le nil P J ' 722:;; p1 flN 0l1 . vi . p~;1., 1. iv·i I) .v,, XPllveP· i 'pr~lll iI r... I i' Ii.- .-v ,,n, (lllfI l(l~ll~i (pie A 'ian-'~i~ (111·i ila I,,,- I.:jl Pa l XII I'lkP l 1I .vn.IX~5 vapa II`I·CI. ", i~i* Xi'iPl-ii~~i XII Is-il Xl.(lll 1.·l~l:·i II(li il p.' II X l~ Ii..,,, I a ·;i 1I.I P.lJ IX ?-I·.Pn, il ill (I 'I~-c, it ; II· ii1111·111(1 ll l~j /I~l~ililllll~- 1111·p.., ll rilll( Il~lliil( rli Il~i!~ Il'. l i-I ','llil'll\ llii; C 11111~~~ ~~~~~ li usI.· Il~i'i I// ;· I'' ii1: 11 I 1·1 I., i~ , . ll l~ Iii; i~ll 11 ~' 1Ii I, ' L\'i i il~ 11)1(11 11/ \llll//(lI11(11 ·1(1 XX.1\Plv uc"lll i l.. iiIP:Pii &I IITIII(lxwr 1III( illl

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