Newspaper of True American, January 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 10, 1839 Page 4
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rvti if0*. V c ic 41 a lte e a: 'd'i - t ewt.. .;,`+` A thi~ (ý i6hA.uttadscdlm~ntef bi lo "o AIo II'i)io n y L.d I'll Alco$tt, n c r tit9 ý3uP@. teltln ',.Inm t ltd o ,elb0 a'O oocetiploe,. l Amotitcftoalt, 1.o!dei l o. Icoi Loadit JI!liam, ) nta d ý Wf I.ep ootdamaf modo 0"1 olgoe atim , tim. a:(4 R-~ altm f m Fhimd nt 13. Co ondnata of' mm oite, rd ul. of Llo toe dnl, i p. tgmn, 'e mni taadnnters Tu l faa ,l, lo atr at aite, Is tl o t'coiteoI i Poeeott, cc p tt a ae pb~i e edd mdhlc o,? t cIUv . R o rld Dmcd pp j, vlk ale R OW mao. Chncaall c s 0 m o Coh e i etc. 1"' ýfea' ýoks' Isnri, hr Prrel).e·d Pat~i teeicce(ng moodw of 01 F'rtut, - U~ o'uy O byyO coy AgoeAk 4It.mhti IYObIlOm, b rehecotathe 'fi vo " .- l Fia e pai c to tnd id tdition; 7 ol i teuo e.,ndu etnrl aartma of ~la, M$edlaal, s.Iwi i ,v.} Pvitmeaot, o tl call cat ictcce bei, aov i i;i:-` ke , k; r0a nnar, Elcglieh arc( au, matin anan preek, vvtj, r JOHN Co. Eo ae, lh t a, . Chnrlfo aed Coa mmld . et e. O AND" TON~;7;r, : IX'r'Uj - T -willnel and dgOre. ~or n~C~e w tall oaI reuitedc ia, dem too c-reccthe Tornic coit - ur im amo nrain r to icoet ordinarc otle aad , t ectina `Aim thesr itio d Au In thefirstIc bpioc i a Veer. lil t ; ci, and free from any deleerwmlja andc relct t mart in then lite Imcmcgayrteoaen wits, the litmoet ttiej ifrvtut by the tender infant, or aged invalid. It pre goon or diot enmcc, onlttoIemmolu the mc aitu oi hawn rengai.ns oitwed aionetnd mitrvity. Itcieeel. 16slwa a Actual .wo pennanent apretite, by i'nvisorating tod itotaenh,.rd Rivenep relieato the enjooments of thote. ed cay sl 'our in fcaving etoct urgtllvng fialitytreiinc Sltin the m o wlels t. inrretae Ie.ttism rder, or to cryrew . "el:etlied ott , bucoceo it n, to clteeto. the do ernI or gans of direu ioen , oi l ftis Imioic oni e it. em Idttiditten c'oiir mcbCvo, a. it mov bhe oppretetd. In~dividuals, "fortlei .-a, inde TnlCfc Miltlroi have been expo icicct i al the urThel colla, el the disease, end h~lnveercnped any evllllptnlp ,fretornl: whereas byh the reye mnctmicn reuedice, thre in nlwpicerrs-o ted an iocreceett liabiity to reeorieearr. The ddlnyer of-frequient rt l -porn Ifille Ague,( iS very evil. u!. fon the eehtet will anod brce." Soo " p he able t to ra iuee citoo h e , a cnd hi eoic, nall o vict t Cetroc f toletcud The To, ie cjomtum it i mice hde a t su ceh a Ire i ce.O e pc ho h o a t mlla i al e ib it m a hefihby torniahed wit assintuhc, wicci. t .tlieitill !them a, och to ? ~lg W hoir o ic I g d to I~or else ver reloctintly v aslocd. This pnhlir. new re·C. ctl ltol daavtts o roeniai ,of this medicined, lhll t or daily offered `It is prepared Only9 h-. Dr. John, R. Rowr:ald, at hris Lablmrnlory, ýflarkeiatrna Phriladellphia.. thle snlcttatraare~· thea uhrlnleoi stoatsJ for the !,infest \Yoatern "late', and will eels by the croner, At tie P~hiladelphia prices. T,: he had at rcttil olua,at maetefthe Apotheaecri~a in the city. nwvlo holesale lrugeirlr , eat' Crnloaueu~u & Tch,.. itnulns s Mt assippi and L sinn laHotel r-vrts.-fnN ~t, ,'hR. MARY KIRKLAND respcetill at i nones to her friindsc and the public geowi ally that alo in prepared to accommodate thelm habe naeo, astablisnmetl aid hopes ftom tr 'oerions to render visilors conlfoltaile, it recciv I eoatieauaee of fortemr favorn. Slie fc'tls coni Ient that persons viiating Craviog"lt dlaring ti ummeo mottis. oanot find beltri r acnnreomodlti, thn she ncan afiord them, on nmor liheral term: Hlr house is pl.:anabtly sitsetda nhat e attpplic with every eonlt, s citer; tio Ier is fur lhecd wi theI moat canice liptnlorsr, &e. it Fl:tl,ashe promiie ''oat nothling halil hb wanting on her port to gin atire Oati..eltint to all who ma' Fatruotizo tI Jisiositiapi and I[satisiaen. IlatNl. jI 3 " O--TUI.,PUIILI .--'F d ......n. . hbem e tudied et ndedr )r. Sc)ltilt ofl ChtrlesNrGe Sou.tih Carolina, atil for soeno years I, assistanlt it the practice of mntdioine nid t rro nry, hIe Ihe Ih.eo to aotfr hite proatraieno l services in this citt HO avmare ti.e iodier and geolllemn that. the tone preompt aitnttito will be paid to the sails wieiil e may In madr:; and also offers ahins .nvico to Ith holders olf laves, lneing F Iel ncquoited with lIt disealeen comn io to thea, haitliino artnded tit n ali 'tiler sgan Imorse in m l.ltrlrtston, lThe tllitne an ti bilious pillsa :er the rtmpnsitino m Professnr StiIollett, ilth directions, can be hall of the undcraigedi. 'Thea eflct wlhich they htvi prlodned in tilts and other :aitie, hue !ien atitlende with the greatnest amcess, to whtiih the hest moitbranera can be givit. g Aplilv at No. 11;6 OMrp kine street. JNO. M'LORING, IRONS, &c. T IIE Ir~V. LL WORKS COMPANY. i a 238 Water. anear Benkmant truet, Newa 'olk avre receivod the pat ataon. sadl are colnstlat recewiving large anld exlenaiva additionst to tile ooc f thoe attan goods, which naw cllnints nl' tlt, ollowing asnesortmntl, suitablt lr ttle aoullrtilul at western markoets. Hollow waren of nsuperior quality, conlsisting 1l abimt 150o tons, viz, Pots ofo 2 different sizes, from 2;8 to 50 gall.ns, Ketcs,. 15 aizer, froti 3:8 to 30 gullo.a, Kettlles, 15 fizes, froav 3:8 to 18 gallons. p akepns oar Ovens, 7 differenl atac, Tea Kettles, 6 cia Skilletl, . do Flat tid. nrs . 6 do Tovered Sptiders, 2 do Orldlles. . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxre from 1 14 to 43 4 inches. Cart io. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screnac, 20.Ollt gross, ircn nd brales, from :8 inchm No. 3 sa 3:9 itch, Ni, 24 of a superior qui:ity atd fiaish, and leas thar, Jamce' imported pilens. Sad I'ron, acsnrtcd, in caks of about 500 !bi for retailing. Tailor'am and Ilaltor'. Iroen, anaortcd. Saah weights, 100 tons, aneo:ted from 1 4.4 to 01lbh. Bolls for PI ntatlio:s, staoamboat, clhirches, &e. made to order, Also tateatboats and ether mtichlinery made to order. The a' ate na-nrtlment on gooda is particularly recommtntrltd to the atitonPn of Southern atd Westor.ti mrcehan.ts, and are offered fnr sale at low prices, and upon the moat liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever eff.'red for attl by any oate entablisbhment in thi United State.. Mlnrehanta. by lnrwardiog a request by mail, ca'n have a prin'o:d circalar, with dncriptoni, of goods, priceannd terise, from which no deviation is ever made, Ihraishted Iby return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. ,3 ii 9mEUJUR'I IWUiI GJUSt'41Ao No. Url.,tte, \,.v. 14,,16 "7. A BO'1' aix month: ago [ liot Iho tutslortune t. got • a saret lireasn, tor hich I have ap..hld to sere. eal doctors for a reoc, and the did tint cure me. n now mOn tie tbo+e date 1 lot itnyorlf under tint cnle of I)uctai Heot. udl I elo t :t!rit to cuO' Itm. Since Iheat tine the di+.etott wareo, si an to break out in large ulcers to the aoumlr erof si or eight l n ea h leg, l ad llore my faco, and throat, and iot abtle to wtrk at he preoect titan oit a,'connt of the dislr"-. !, ' .u o ,~r on to be prrfectl crated D P d"N. - ee 1t ly 7 DO CRTinF'. thatthe' ob..e t...oo.. dtt in-ne. it lqite well clurd to I; owll sati.-olt,,tllu, filr whti;b i tlank li)r.I Huet; atnd otneover i a.r.ttre th;t the lerli tist I have taokent. itate te it. and id ndot i, nra my eaith at tall ib refrolte I advisane f llw sntletrrs to lose no timne and apply to Dr A. llt.t, 124 Canal street, between Dalphato and Bourbtn strea;t. Dr. lluet i at ohure Ifrom 9o'clihk, A A., until I P I1. They will find a true doctor tbr ttin complain,. JOtIN tIPAN.4lli Gravie street. If aty one wants to see me, call at No. I40 Giaviel JOIIHN D'N. Now Orleans. Feb I, 1838. feb 14 ly / Wll~Genin-e Indtan Balsam of Liverw.rrt and lIora 1 houad, isttt oup in bottles at tht low price of ents eaith, nmteai'iug the stretgth of three ounces ef Lidefwort, beai lesth irtuei t el many ottor root. ant herbs known amol, tihe ludil U asefficacious iln curiag pltlmonary ean;daits. Tim u rivalled success which toe attnended the ae of, *is tialatlmable iaeam wherenver it has ntrn iluttt.r d hest, las tbtained tih eotfidence and reotntlnetn tins of Iespecbtable phyaieiant, for the cure of cuusita, colds, Pastin in ite id, want of reat, iftitting oC blood, liver omplaiat, &.c. To whom it mat, cnr eert. This it to certify that we lira in otr pmrrtie frcq:eutly pretO.ried lirs (iard n mr's Indlan Batta of I.o 'waort e,,d Ilearlt,tntd, witlt ; decided good effect: we c t torrertor, from Ith khow ledge 6ftthe materials it is made front, and chr.w.ttoa - nxaperieco, rteomttent it as a ulteri--n.-p'ratioll orall the a otdeotioea of the lungsr f.r thicb it is re l .Otol.qd AhBF.R V WII.tI14IS, 2. D. CALVIN ELI.IS AI. D. tMembas af lh, Boston Medical Association. Boston. October 25. Sldeby J.tR Vlds AN DI)RI WS+, taI- 19 notoaap. t'1`tl nttoalat eti AiU .D'S. Vegetable Ilir tlil, for lhe resetoration toa V Iu mw...h of Haiti, ivinltghe a thh l~eant;, and lsl.wltlll ·d ttwI.l;lrtl " ' e .th.Dais lrOil was offered to the public. it had imll jd in ahttd ds ,.fesasesof htlalts, thinuetos, au of ofthel hair. nd iuevery instanes its atattary 'mns have beta rediuld. It hsssse.r liijd toproJluce e: Lpowaw d+ b.lOfshiI pweth of hait et heads already I where It aero nedry atd rlses to jrnwv S .w19h? tll.,te toolt mrindr It health', .ad produee I n l 'Nd Yeuflh IIvWth Of hair. wit'a.t the least iuemrvtp9 ll a head. This Oil gives a'. elgr,.e tld frs. 5laT.a aid ispaeefraleost to any r Ih ir Oi farl:.. ahnittl.i urli4 tl .loiss laa hair. T'he h ir ,i.+.peate adlreft" roirr i* For salte at - h cr ,t. 1 gt58 & D'.Ar;. _ ;Kýý .Bk 'fTLf s rt fi·ciiisio recibinogio I hl CdWleid h al , Ea gle, HighlamterhYok~r le; iy An reotw. nac anid C~ermpn a ay ard; Rails aI.mnn jrradsl; Clkpmen, en 1-4 ntl 2 3-.8 ilr iil .and lnlla '8, 9 X0 end il iocl hhfde Bowie Knives: Leather. anlI other travelling" Tlessing Belt Proket, Hiotimah,ni' antd )nrollie; Pistolnidonble and Jinitle h'irrll G Ga e Gcga;e In;-Sot llqt~;. Powvder cand Pistol FPbhks; )rnil oIBtto.a i,.ii Driiik i.h CIpi; POle'ninn Capon and Co) ltol~lore; Cloth, ilni, Tooti: sid NaSil l|ruh'ns 0lrr1 fall Chlorine Tothli Wash' Poolh Powder; T'ilet end Shaving Soina, in 0reat v'a rieir; Ialn Iloir Bmril.s Rinolets nid Friznitio; Pear. nd Tl'oiletr Powder, F nerv Hler- Ivory Tobh Cainlis: Patent Sltdes or (iarter.t" ,tr Ea'Fanic Rislmnilere; leawiler Palt nad Boxes; ii;t Clhnina, Sealle nld RoKevr; '.rr-dreti; WaVnist Iincklo: . creelste; Read Necklaces and Cheaie; (Gilt and Silvered eada;: Indian Bends, Ilells and Plumes. Shell Twist: Side and Driesing Cmnhb; whirh,in aditlon to theirformer steck on hand, makes their assortment versy complete, nnd will be -oli ow and on liberal terms, at the aign of the Golden Cotb, * i25-tf 70 ChaRrre atrtet. 'IMI td Snhcriheea Agcentwfor the entenelye houte of t W. d S. Btrer, Shefleld, Enelnnd, have just .eeired a very extenive set or lta , eeeneirtine of 'Table and Densert Knives of ,a, i dseailstlin, Pen, Pocket, Dilk, and Spenar point inlvee; Ranora, Sis. sot. Ed Tools, &c. lr.e. e which they are prepmred o exhibit to the tridelrnrw.mie. Terms and conditions wll be made knomw ne the time. M6. J.I.. Bl IN & A COHN .90 Commnn at. 1)I ''* ý (;Hi t)$ iA9llM( HIARTT & CO.-Are now rereiring Iperthlip Ilntnille,, Merryr Andrew, Nligl. srcr, Fretcl sd.l Gerin cil " lllieal plsvin slcr,lblt nadil lenorkel tistols lain, riblbrd nsd splilt nctisa capst cap hlnlders;icissue, Rlaors, Itoo. et; (;illotio's eonmercial ald other steelpensi Vie as; Violin strlings; shell, ivory and lhonieelomh;, wafersi k, beadrl anil leather pnrlesl hair biilds, frot anil ask rinallet, negero latil; German atl Frea'll cologne Water, aowltsla m:aeasaer oil. imitatianm ln; atiillte tod oil; por:dle tlhek andil dresing cases: list blsekinfg; atatin.lnl toilet glswesi eonvet nlirrl.ts aol eatl gal:ses el1l view$; intlili teeil, hellsnnl idulnmes;l conleon; whil twince: toilet nod shaving seeps; toilet nowler, e',metie wash halls; seerledl stin clshions; pool mtalnd, screw etnhiona; fancy brleli chains ants olckiness; billiard halls; paoket nooks snd wlletlta; Gelrman hlones; rezor strlp.; fine sol emmonan gnl-. slastic supelrlert. Sineras di Balls Lucifar sathes; silt rer pelocils.ilreyons. &e. &a. The above ie addition to nlt frmer atcak of fanevc rsiales, makenoor assoltlelti veryr a'a | ts. Por ale wholeale o, .taih; al thle diie ofilhe Golden Cnml. 7AO. CJhmltr. e ciirst, . N 'PICE -.-'lhe irtrshlip oa Kellev, 1lOoasn &Co of New Orison ; Hnaon, H|rris &Co,, of Natchez; nd la-rrie, Krlh.' &Co., of Rodnev, wan disaolved on hoelst ofluv Il'sot, hby tile entlh on Salnuol A Maton, IIe ofthe pcrtlera of the liral. I'ro underciptird, 0hl'hitLo ilrtvee', vill bembseool, ..itlkt F i l!-'~i, and eslnging i d olitaiees n so II ows: .eVi C Titlrrioe will ettetd to the settlinte of tlhe bnsienas of l'nsoa, larris & Co., at Nntclltz; and Ilarri, Ke.l er & Co.,t tl.dne.lo;v i llenrv Ke(llevy will atted o lie catlina oifle hblsinews of"Kelloey, lIon & Co., at New Orleiis. The 1n.,es ofihe several firlse will be tnse r l i l l l i t +u i n ti o o o llo I o n . Thboor iildht'rld to sail ferm are eacrnestlv rsqested oee:e forwder, ned lnal,oearly sctllrement,; nld thloseIo lhaving claims ill plenae i rh s et thel without dlay. ],LIVI C HIARItLIS IIENeY KELLE Y. SNeworlenia, Jntt e °7, 1837.  IiA Ilrl~x y+ iin"v "i'o SFAN i1iA RIII FARINA'd COLOGNE WATEF 2 asers more of this oa .prior tologne water, jos tfreceiveilld ond ir sool 1b t11 dozvni or single bottle. Also American tmld i;el h toilet p wdern, ponwde i o hllosn ll, , l t0 l l+ i, tooilet oo n e wita h-s-it, milk of ro HcostiC c old roa n, oextr aoc e ra.s krephitlio, .i rdE i vegetable hair oil, nlonmato lrI ;,rt v CI prr, Flrido laveidanr r, dIll en wa i'm h't)s, 'aannillarsicaril rr ierlunrv i tronks, vezet hler im linld rnt I , Chlorine andOrris tnoth wrel ,nll .hb'ari Iotlioiil nod fsh nlt rolhe; togetiher will i nall Iddliiion'l ayn of ftlhiohnjble Ids and aleit mrolbs aivr jpewelhtl r too low itl whanletRw e or Ir tai t by - " I3MOM\d, tIART'' &Co, r 11" u . 70 7 lChn rtre o reset. I1n reWrink hiS, ihnl,-akiion oarti &. unra "rin. l coanini fro nlion hcrd hipn laneo, aseod csatna andlbrig Contrdln, la omi Nw orn gek, Ingreao ie ., O hneds in their linh,r wlich together writh their forrne tolek on il.tld ,a oklel thtir rtsort oit veary, fplato 'r f'e follwing campnsr a Irt, vil.: ell twi.l, t,,r, ';d, I lk arld Ilroesill o atlbi , ollrn dO oftIll doi triptino, I ii di in rl,bber, silk linld .snrrt edt g er, r vlnel dl cline elastic nt lendters, rloco fo c and Lonifhr naltcihl: eillitz lowdrn, powder in l and Ilosi, toilet lowule ocket r ks ,lilld wnalles, ncdlhoioks sheil, panrl lvoi'y alnr rilroeco elnd cttes,l cll nrnomnilns, feaien n a nl bead! r ecdc, nc slnrn g n g noklig-e e cainr, bhru . lk esalro, an d prnll re IIlooain ,eda l errno silr b. len lndio, d eads, ibelli and pluner ; pintol anl Ianrge low lea fleks, honis llnlo'itnee liirt, rocket lanld dueliou Sistlls; doll e an singlae brnlolred un, nBowg e kniovc anid dirkta. .cioia,lr shors, pockeit kInira. goal rd chain illl ribbnns, mGlliSl ibuckls, cloeth haeir. tnthtn, ail,collb rnol. Inli, late, floor aind idLtinst rithen, Cologne Fl'ilor mh, rnld trbn warrdr,asso i tel lssen.n , lld exlrlnctas, anlccrnar, aoes, niati li lond Vrd'atve etalea lhair oils shali ng d toilret op.s o all ds. erioplinu, IrdiPi' nil gentleamios' delkleind dreiinn ata. e, hair riCnglet.,frizetus nnl r.old-, plain, flnc nvll iU.@S]ic worlk boxes, plain nodl rih, fiet'red, coat anti ovet blttron, pearl and ivory shiit dI., .lrtitihlodGold : anod srilarl'nil Irrle, tooth lelrisrllld to'-zers.,ltr'I aind gilt Ioket,'l liil,,tare ts, silera hrars ont lntrel Ihhnble%, hooks nid a ro, hair pi: , nit t li-nithbl I nd renllilk,lohnh blakic, vio.lldins lInd nillnr ,llll alcd plain eusioni c ap, ta, iI ti.t"ccnld 08l. n, ol.ohl tndslIor lace nul trrnle tl,1. parper, game hags, ridiog 'iips, wenlillo cane, ,playi-ngi cad, lfln gold, lnlo-d nol gilt jnllih; :c. ~''hce above, I',,7therwith a. great variety 'f other arti le anoIP ofl 'd art wIIholesul or etnil oni ,I1colmnod!ilni I" 11 lhell cn',bllo rlircd. r RIETY:'1'' i,'.'1.,--a tihe sign of the golden collhdlo7 I (llhorltltes ct.,.. "'1he 1wicrihr. have ro ceived, iladdliton ooto tlleir prt'..: rilrok n handll a full tno l romplete nsorltirnt of article,. in their line; viz: comlbas, irllirrv, Jewellry, blnshell, luk-Inll glaooo., ,' cp- articles, &r . c, i'lotinrg ini pnlritas follow.t CUBl--tirtorise she, kll wrwll it liod olain tlrk-,to'.:, ,iillel hoak, lolg roid, diresoiln, sid.l piIi; eurl od oick, Blrazilian etolnla of every deslacription ,atoonge which ar .,+ .iMexicanri pntterr Iirvrcolnhs of every daascritinl., horn, dressing nllld lacketi, tlgcllcr with aI gnnerol anatrllelltofIrellt aoll .a l i,A r icnn. I'ERFLUiI ERlY--Cologne, Lavenler, Florido, honey, hny, ruln, and orange flot er wafer of tvery size and des rilption,. conmphorated Cologneo, extrat:t of llergonlot, taory sonaps oall kindl, olittiun;i do in tnkes eldlpotm, creal sou 0 do, Ward's veoetahh. Ihair oil, boars anid a. tilttlted. Pr.stoti's olellilng haIt, lain aud iperfued toiletpwwder, deonl powdrr, pow Irr pofl andhor.xe pI• iltlnte in pot anil rolls, urris and ellotrint tooth wail tnd nowde.ln, will a plgeral Ra.sortntllr, olf JCIV.LLRY--omt oftl Inatest lnd Imnst fahlidonn. ble motts, ronsaistng of white andl redorll corliots, lopano e jet enrdrata, sot in ftloglee, brasl Jtiina ofa greo" nt tv oflpatterlt, watch tritinlilisa, gtil and ailve ckleoa, nilnradii,,tlnlrs, ailrer antI al pt toils itid guart chains tot, flet, mthni, tiata, cout, Nail, ,having, asoe and LOOKING1 GLASlFR--Gierll i ttat il and toilet olaonai, tma.glifving and lfroich drensing glasses, hoIlo do, witll a arieiv ofoither kiind not eillcralaed. 'FANCY All VARIET'I' AiI'ICLES-Fraonch sad Amerienao l, trtolo drahka nltld dressing caes ac0 01e very rich and finely tlall 'd ladiesra work -lixestand drena .in Earseo, with a tldn without nltici, tuieail hoxes, Ac cotrdiun. ofvarious kinds. violins and guitars, silver and platid pencils andleudn.,woud ortoils for carpenters slid rrtynoo, ttanu cloealgunolaond pistl,. with and without ea itO, tpercussion 00ap. la'rc!ldsion cap chalrgers, nlpllo crtowniversa, shot teli, potioe bogs, lpast blckitgltoy trr ettsn, htliuu beads of avery kitld, Itolla and phinnes, hiaaad commoi knivoes, razors told Missors, tnimbles, nrollrs, pins, silver plhted, steel awl coitnantm jlecta oles, pocket books and wallet, itt various kinldes, vsitig nordnalld cord coass, playing cords of Frillech, Uoriall ,\nlerinun ilant tlsotata, dolls. iloitatio fruit, nls boxas, prnltl of vaioals kinds, Saundon' lontel.vy't, Etuoertonou's, lilhan' tal Hawktil' razor straps lnd imetllli a houeo,ldirks, fanoy bhead oceklacea, tdo with .--r drps, toy watches, iluurl buttons, powder flaks, eu, end plai secd bheads, gilt and silver du, gut ol lic "aspeu dailand garteror, pilai iond swornd coanes. bucltgamoti boards, dlice, optical vieone, jowsharps, locnlobco match esnuid dlriikiu nilps, with a grtt vanorioty of olther atrli oles, all ofwlhi.b will be sold for cash or city asceptan. ee en 12 molult.mrcdit. B If dl.lit'ftl, & co. 414 70 oaGh rloat.. i')OLISIAR'S Sciencce of P··- - -t"%r, .:- a,...< No. tlr· .d ritil 'r~ng ncads-~is+a No. 8 (1.stroes o rat, .too ktrl~oou, itJ ltrduody +h .o' Tur,tt I)u rtironot., }tht, It is particuriarl derioged ft O private learners, aod mc:+oolt, and is clculatorst i per..ous ottnli t a. ee. I.sdier rod geort'.rwee aro io.ted toa att oou xraminj the svsotet furo Ithe.,lves. I.useuula mIle giru lit a ooh Ihllucs a no sa suit the ollvcaieete it ull, uud to clurroa s frured 'i oray part tt ttr cittj Ludior who prefer itcan receive esnons at theireron ree oidenoor. eR. a n. parrot. Tor one arse of Iramonuare detired I aattnd runtil tlhyuyorite t+cell as tltr wt 'ih. roo lJDI.4IAR & kSIttOTHR.,. DEAFNESS. A NEW orticle for persona trouhled with drefrnre, (rulled thtt Ear Trrtmpn,)ha r jeJot be.n received, b ithe tn,, ul itBh, ho o!itsltteot tirutirrion ofthr t uh 010n voce is diurunott correyrd to to toCur. 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Ira'teo t.roun da-o.ft trUeae.,anootnme."t mill be Alwt, a erorral muorlero of attitre' enolote and tooloforo mle my A 11 'j .:l Ea, Nlo 16 Canall .tree[. N i. Alaioma torture tk.[ at p r. and ur iMsioprippi oonre trill be rucuinod or Ill per cent dieror or it erred., oitlsopameontofdlrhts. ju tol Loutrn. q 015 $aYr* P LiRS re! al's 111 Ye LC'ee NOW AT fne JtlrlftsoU mot;sa, Jaroatlne sTaT"E e uuIV|LLe. T7 the ?E ar of the miioaidlle .4dertfier: I I'-If ppea hby tile observation, of the Ed:tors of Ihe Noshville Prtebyterian, [lnisn and 'rrans etipt, ars ell as th e editors of the Memnltis Enqaireo. Siat tih ld t'r:entle)ian" is anog the Doctors 'i'he in prvnd by I;ishkintly raear, knawio that hlis time is bat eha. ra, that the Ol.leRIldent Amnerioan npeoptle ore ohie to jnie tn theer be lves what anre pufh and impositions. T'he a nthveditors who are i)Loetors, tho pr'prietmo', editars ora n.b-oilitora of the nlirve conained jarals, call every letter from per'sons I hlare re'orei r to night in tho ahbve ilaces pa.l. 1. The.fact in, tfat I nover iad suah greot suceeen within so imihed a period ea ten or twelve dtys. One wio wa oll aeit denut ten years, whot had only seen the light from his birth, heoan to see to follow tsit anasi't to my hotel, instead of beine obliged to he led by hlin. Two young tedies, who had eaehlost the eight of one ove, one for ten veer;. atid the other for nearly two years, havinl both of them the other eve very ;teek; vet each of those young ladies he an to' ee wich both eyes, wrich benefit Ipledge mvaertill eoontlnues. e eeptiog they anre tnder eti influenee or dmninoti n of the Medicea Doctors. Another is the daughter of respeetable merchant, whose name I am Ihonio'tevoe to mention, (s he paid me my fees), who sid she had lost the eight of one eye from tbhe ae of months, but that site now gin' to read airge etleno whith the other eve eempletelw shot. This the doctor editory kew, a the gentleman told me himself h e h'ld con dte'ed his dsouhter to the o mce of sie medical editor,. that they migtt he inforned of the faeet. The lat I shell mnrnon iis lselderly genalemean'by ite name of Vount, nearly eeventv venars or age, wlho declared ob lictly by letter, which' lie took to all the different officee in Nashville hot one, and hitnmelf told me he had paid for 'he inertionn whetaver they dsliRnded, who d'lora el toiu that letter Iliac lie ha tOeallv deerived of the siell of oo ne ye from f ha shtr h his birh, ich Il tiei mother stated to llAt , oceasilond ity tim teadnes or small pox; thnt tnc-n t could not otly one thie lieh of she aun, for the first time that Ie readlelcts, but tihe seats nlson, and was bginningl to distitiguish sonv objhierts; and did before I left that e;ty, give nat ny proof that he could see to walk abohut the tret with tbe other eye eeospotely cnsed.l Hle mid he had heename ember l the lMethondit Epsecopal Charch eor ne, tly forty earns. an I tihat his word we never doubt. etilhr themgh whte eouenu ofhie life. 2. 1 repeat thct I ad never greater useees than as Nauhville, and ho.t the medical and elerica. doctor, had neverh eforo .a.ell reason to he enrae.ed. 'irh pial indlignlacnia efan Rev. elericnl Dr Smiitlh provn, when 'e stated to me that inblt six yeors pest, li wans coneerted from heirt a perfect infidel, te Ibelieve in the dactrin o of sbe Bible,thot he maet obare maeds a trifling error-that I most have Ititent to aoy th t beflItre th end of oit tetr to omen, he oh', old he converted froo, his ifildelilv, ns the epirit of ithe te h praenfal old beia". 'r.,ne . aitrer of the t e o .d.,.tnnett of te Clristian religion .iit nreallc out dest'cetion, rage, tcalumny nd faL seloml ton pleae his medical fiuiades, a.linst the man whom kn w li te td done so0 muh eliol, atd no it-. jury to any one. All the inhabitents ,f Nashvill e spke of the greet .otcier I| had, a.cpt the aieditnl dscnies. Moot of thrm also had been iofornled by Mr Y'oUt of the cure perfirted na hia totolly blind eve. S. l'The fit-nos (G'ilah S. ofIlhi town; pretendsl tlat 1 have lost tie lanorle I Rained in tie Norfo, since env arfival in the Snthweet. ''hi proven, hnsever.l lad, and tlar I kept thenm mail I arrived ill tli. rection. If I gnined ()nle in1 the north, I onlght to have gained anloth er iii thet eIathi naid setihweit, antl I ltill hope to wear tboem on my verv viounhftl brow on the dev I Ihave, in spite of the vituperation of Ihe great Dr' S.,if I nay juldge foat the meani I ave alioady benrfitted in tlis cite within tlhree days. d. 'lTi oahject of the present i. to inform the mcdi ral (illialhs and edlitors of he liepilbliciailnd Triet seeript, as well as tihe clerical D)r etn,ith of the C. Pres huttorii and of the L'Uion, I.f Nlvlille, as ..ll as the editor aid sub medioal editor of tnhe Merhist Enqu ire, tas welli es ir lrentic, thle editir of the l.aiuiile Journal, lnod ule the ioedieal (ielinh edier of thle itoy, tihe reot Dr S., that I shall hrine aotilont anlast tllhennall, fir vittlrotiit, , olaniler or ealutnnv, tmo .di itely after my arrival in New 'thOtk, a well na ;goninst thaeir ebt irde ,ebran tle edicatl GrOliola, ol'tle nlorth. I now lind yeselflv pronulloe, egvcera quit Ibis lalppy lad of iabet* moil Ito have broughlt the noses of all m. . edit·hi Gnli G h of the aor'h, oas vcl a tie aeiu nod tcht wresto tihe grindulnne! The aillicted, tlhere foare, tay eaClenare on finding tae during the ".oel of loxt anr in New Yorku w'here letter, piost palid, and il oiln', will le starE to reoach tlie. . a'o iiform tihe pablie intti the ltuul 50 cal'ed, which tihe IlRv. ElleriClll cnverted ifidel prtenid was wriftee fior him, was wiitten n core ihaeia weenk prier, land iitmiled for tihe Rev. I. l)awsll, waie read it in i pryesetev iithout manifesting any dliantlrobntion; tIon tIle corarv, took it to tis. tuldy ant c:e,nden-eel it ii ano wa. lie did, wlict lie snoid he ithiu.lnt iwmold ln \ itra-iiv IltlllOnl e lltifer lie dehvnrler them h, I t i t le, wiiihoi iorerent ine that ] wanted tu o t ibe hIim from t l daty, ne I never eould preso tle to offer that peielllenla r en. other, any money fir ortoing filuct rho Iev nien;,u'sown i:teniii,o't is before libeepnlic: had ite not Lexamiand ll mo y dipm'o-ono,. &e.u&.ic h a geenlen'a-n, a'i iinimate friend of hli. a ovell as thI whiol. of n-y patient, in Omiianiiy itll anolher letrgymnn, aend foanm, them nil o It i ullho nlit:, 'ean all illy ,utients to he lore or nosn Imtleittld, he ievter eould have haell inluerd hby a otnl lstranger to ldraw u suh al nu, ticle n e wroite hiiii-elffir thieilieiit, on I addreaed it to MIr Strinulfield, eiitor of 'hi S 11' C Advo' ate. Cf. No toitaderthe I'ican nigbted medi,:al t;o ialts of Naihelllle itook the al:t, a. ll ilerelhru used tler ea foratr io lain wit bhuIm tine al-pmwierftal, aelletia, lh', a oiecl ad trce onnf te id ti-becevPrlcted I elerieli iinfidetl. i renad in the Bilde tIht 'a tr.i' in illholl u bv ital flalts." I dtare n.y the eonveri'd infidel Ilmi premtliehlfram that passager. 7. iis evidteuy wanted toe.rnhlis'u hia nmiral "h'r e naaer a h. e ehnl, bIy hiewg hait lie wa t itbtve beiai briled. Ithtam'.l'rtbetrle nfl of thivm hicesaf nilver wil ,pilyti t him "',a well a it wasI 'ell opplied to aniliner enueiit imdillcl, who. in thli dnays om tlai maorla.tin nof his Diviae nllsaer, abshltnel'y oltd ti:o far tiit inii1liir o piaiar of nilvor My l'c'wer is, tael it vawn iever inlelide I an a t ille, nor Cmuhll i- hc viiieoi;i"l. n oil no byv n:iv onn,Oa it waHIs lOat een equ1 tI the fleeent per: afal tiLe rneentolrr vin'a'ts fee, of gI per oqtn re. tlNltatniileg two oi' h-ree chnllaius tf clmosely t lm nte, inllt hier, aiei cale ton bie relented ltl.ce on bl mli e s in tie Pcesn.tierann, ' 'e iiuin mnd .lotihiinnrjotirnlnlms, hn I evr illclllel i to lrie hie, i oI iltd hmvn ouuttret himn at least 3:h10, his regnlar flee Jllfa d of $ 0, wvil ", in all probability, lhe would huve gldlIy received as hit fee, ae.: orot an hbribe. OI the ctitrory, if I ad been ae nuiuLc i ,.n-'i a inbr be. I should cerlanl ihave done it ill a wiyv in llna. inl'uurcd liii ac .epianee. 8. ta n tire R. , Doctor been reerly roeoererd to the t-elihfof thie ile'ineoira o0' the 'Jvaiumur , lie nooUit oat have prowleisd to comne and exainine my rtienlts nlth. ,th keelinoc his word, as I have always fouaed omery rniiaitei' ef he gnittl zealoin t, 'tIo. 9. tHad he been rea!!y converted. he would nt toulh lioly hive tnuhkn ogai.snt tlme AnierKnin in.iitotions, w.lheh, il is well tknown, are mu;c nierrinlc and which sre copiriir to onanv in a loie partto of Eui^pte. lis conduct sou u iatu diugusted eome vcoug literary chtL' nctel', as tone o seaicrly rterarined fromn paiShna g himn On thne int,by laoving violeat rands oo hino. The Iev. ealleaonull,thno.h it cotchlllon, is without exeoao, (anle-t he is calualniated), aithoatugh tie inv think ha hoe ni rigalt ti abo'e the Anloercan stitutcions, iecIu-o he in a etlnm.irmed iafidel I say Ie tin net-o-n all ougti to Icspeak well of the bridges lie gees ao.fv ever' I fany the gnllant Captlaioirunodyand sevenil othor aniable youeg ento,i men of Na.fhiet re.COllhct well lthe caiduet of lhi3 pioue exiounder uf the Hloly Scr1.ptures! 10. I neoe. sawi such a demon in human shape en h tile Riv. l)uteyr was thie day I cuL e. to reason Ititl, thim, when he menaced my giey hairs with an uplifted gig.til: arm, n' if he would ihave fll.,d nme te the groncnd,hr darillg to diraw a pious miniltvrway from hin dutv, b a b rinbe of 30 pireeas f ilver' I rcaliv d trembled mere than if thle ',JId Gentlnema" had al It pecred ifn lia own lhape! I . I colennlv iteclare befire Glod, nd aem nt afraid y tIe ull fini teo witea that ll eCve, in tile .a ole course of 4. vyears pratiece as an eaoclist, itn Ireet Britaittn, r, Irancee, tielgict aned Aimerica, in a aingle icstance of - fered as • bribelt amount to the editor of aoyyjeurh e hcIt an a ompeneation fir the iapace I occupied ad tlhe Itrouhlewhichl 'ometsioned thetm; and that w wacalways more inclined to reduce, rether tltaniadd ary money to i. tie intenr's bill; whiclh iea eufacient proof that I had Snoaiteation to bribe. 1, l. ,.rt v--Thle Memphis Enquirerfortwonorthrec d weeke contuina a tietue of lanraot fajoetteda, wrhiclh tile medical Goliah drlitir. learie I from talir brethren aof tl M. Gelidea of tlr North, and I shall treat Ihem with ilnelt centemtt Itutil the propaer time arrives: Unless i ia true what I have beoc iufLrmaal-". ue a beggar, and you wIl catch I.--!" T'rhough I tled Lin, for my advnrtasma.n for two or three week, htO anl y teseraed Itaan nnce. Yoe will pleease te innart tcle lettor In your neat pa d aI, s:id oblige y"urv, ia.s. JOHN WILIA S,13, the English Oculitl. I.e iloiil-ee ,Jel; 1637. Copeied rtca he i . l'. C. dcoe.ote c the l24t .Iaae, 1t37. sAtlthe request of l)r. WViiamli, we cnserlithe follow ico n-to frno ilo tlier. A1r alow:Il, cTf Niashvilie, to tlhe e i, hlol c f"t V-,ullti W C itern Christine Adcocate, who, ii aelepear., has ecatticied the dliplonmss ancd oleer dcclt mautcev,ciicive uc'tho I)ector' claimsn to public patrou eage In collsequence of tn accident, D)r. W will ra mumu in Naahvdlle a few days longer than l•e at first Sint-ndad-sav the Ist July. Re. Mr Stringliel i:-Halving been requested by Dr. VilliamI., thIe ocili-t, now in tliis city, to e:ianhie hia lcemerous diiicileaac n cd other docucente evieciv- of his clains to plierli confident tin his irotbensionl have, in eomlane with a valued frientd d ea.o with pleas are. Aneig them I fieund a letter froem hr Pagent, at pre set.t Charge d'Alairrea of the Kieg of tihe Frenclh, at Washingtlon, addressed to I)Dr. William, te.tifvilg tihe cgenuilenema of the diplaomat freem the Kinga aoFraneo, IBeigectn, &c. as well as tios from tile Madical Secie ties of Flranc. lie Ilas numerous vouchers fremn men knoic to Ie ilrhigh ralnatierc, in thin coetCry, receirve since hli arrival itn the UeitLItatet, detiilng iootte css o great cicoas in t ,e rre.toration of sight to the omd. I have Sren ne rlv all hii pour patienae in this c.:y'. I keew none of tliem p'evioua ti thei. reinig his care; hut all I ave aseen say they are uac qteertionahly benefitted. RKO)'T. B. C HOWELL, Naohvilie, June 21,18.37. 1'. d. 'irtlc Wl~rtng ihe auoveve,-neof Dr. Willhanca' petients hilas callo.l n ,aon ei and uav crie hee actually and totally lot tle eiht of o ey or seventy vorr hot ,ow declares hio el ette Iitilia lst Ight, for the firt tine in hii life tlua t hacn reeollect, lte eotld duo tiigeilehwiih ltt t ev.eane of tlte prcluieot tara. I learn tha tcthi old geei.v.eean hcts lived many year. in tin rdeioe, and says ie nas been a .letiodiat dering fort) )eare. Yours, truly, anglO R. B.C. I. C IhIE:K' OR I IIiLADELI'III --Fear nale hey YORKr. I 'lIIeF:RS. "I A - . lln lrest. TENNEK'S 1AIP OF LOUISLIAN,&c. de A N 1W icr LorLaSteNA. awitht its ataale, rmade aend dltancta,ftaromc pine. to plte, alog the stage, and atetr boat routes, by L. S. Tanner. llITHEL.'S MlAP or THE |UNITLD STA.e eil.,Wing thei !rinipal 'turnpike and common roads, on wrhilch are serte tier aetoaanes in mile. fromt one place to anether.I "lso the io.l..e of the caealI and rati rods Ihnleughi ati the coury ,nroeffiy cemlpiled front thi beat iu. tlerite--,.nilihed Iy S. Auguetue Mlitchell. MITcnH LL'S Toave tL.H'S GtIDE TatROac *nti .'·rrnt- mS a r.a.; a min -f ttl roedle. distanaces tee. t'ren. andaaecl rn:ta, ,Lc. t reeai"-od an. for l efei chAr5 l.f'KEA.t S r lofrhJANaii' er, fulPoAk'(eACP lAlgo. o ltties or bw si .as., ih.n finrhnaeu, sit r~n.,. Sbilitie anl soe.ernal diiseaes, pantieularly ulcers and p1lnfulatiioelltns of the bones, ulceratedl tlbnnt -'ns ens. stil. nilerrofevenry deisoropion, fevr soes, and internal ubseesa.6nlules, lpiles, setaileiad, sourIey, biles, ehro olie set' eyes, ornsitnetl ieihiotlhts, slotl every vnarietinl'non naeonnnnl .Iditie;i, hroniei Cattrnh, bIeani clle aoeeoeol= ing Fronm any ritil humor, peain ill the stomn.h ando dyr epsia proeoeolilngfrlomnnelriatioln, ofl'ectionanIft nhe iier, hteonie iu in.ammntin of nhe kilo.'s, .so geono1 Il ebili " sytusn l hn v n torpninl aCion of the nesoselO file skin. It Io sing 'lrilj ffimuioil in renovating those onsnlitttions wliSh b!hve been Irokeo diown by iljolldciions untement, Ijue\nlile irreiosnun'tvrit In general nom; it is Iruon "sn-nm.l In oll those nliasnses wblihbarie from imlnritina of thie blood, or initiniMn, of the hnImorn , of wlateve tsme or kiad. of cove oonnmlionslnmay reuire some nt. H ing asisnos alnplnainos whieh oheiremnmnaosls s of the ease will diitanatbut For a oenersl remenly or Pinitreater Sto remove heanue, t ne INUIAN m PANACEA will generally be found anfleientn. i '0 THE PUtilC. Hoihi .it in e tset molern Pbnyoaina, m tlnir am hitioo to excel in their prafeasino ePqrlnre tim vast fnelnls of sciene e b he id olamistay, r.ond leek oa new re medial gr.ntsn in shoot, to arrive at perfection in th. pesrntiee by mease of mt lone,--ontirely overlook amnl neglie, as bennth theibr nollusel the ric and boanteout mtaes of mceieine, which the Almightly hs monuled to springon of the earth e in every clime- AmlI how mnneh more true isltthat whiletheAmerina Physieian look. to foreign oantries for mansy of hit most nommnon and nieosnry arniteis, pineretueally nao lng asthy are at the dlitatet offasnion orfnnlly, Inc is mrrrenttled ill nni d own nountry with n endllem profusion of mnelical .ihnnt, snlmciont to answer ny inldinetion in disease or to cu.t any onnrlnbl doisordner anl yet he is igncrant of their vinr sues, aal tileey are suaffl to watsotheir beinOg on thi 5 ietent uinr.' 'l otebenctsofnee tlh e mrliiane upon the ysem are neo nmllnslr--thM e of miseals laniag. The Iormer ex er thane rfeets nod pnlass off--the latter, meneta in n tiend-r, act chemictllly ipon th~e solids, ndeenninioosnng tlihe bommes and lnlermaing thie lenstinuiin by a slo Sanl sore destrnetlionn. '"he ongeniallity, eimetncy and SAFETY of vegts ble remenliesever mnineal, moy or estimatedl bvonltrst ing thie annient itrcice with the molernl or, oin rilng ii Soreimmediltl nil or oan observatian, Inb Inli. non tinnene wnithtltauof the wlitnn. Who,in Amerrioa, knll lmnownllln rhard of nrteitonl inlmsres whereun ·pntne onsenindJ, ainlirtowdih hi ftemlelnnnlia, by meensof selr ainie oanLnn edlo, alonce. Ian aYfeoted the nol nrapidl anon tOaeenistngmnre., alteenbhe 3oateira Alonies of tnb 'enmnn io tice. niircrttls in tnh. c - ;. l mana.or ))Insonn jnenI ulnoi WInnsi non meenu turinonsenl at nit e m : inaneonuineease~l~lhitynriitnubicbhil le l:dilttnl~rlsbia.· '.,f "m~n ,'+, a . ......heRlm~ t".' ·silco orc..hrnic.des..n. .n them? Who has .re. lher ol an Indian withn eoaostitution brokev aml rllilnell by ill tInreatmentP A:li cann a lnnnltn euist thal this happy, e enImtionlofbtho saget frnnm most of nthei ills wlti'ch tie leo boenm i cirtn, is chi en owing to nnon genl i annalt afoe innennda b which Io en'oilloyn? "rhin nItmlish. inlgdifferene inn sonecos, is a fair exelnllifilation of the n iefinone n etnrion'ity ef Iho lnple .niscnfe means of cre v otnioh fotl tn cnreatle !or tile Inoenla of lis sinilnlrean, ovenrthoswhlich thepride danl thneart of nman have inn. f vnteed. From a Ing residene among a portion oltie anhorigin al inunitantsiof thisnomtny., aonnso intinmate aenuainn. atance with the nmelhl s of cure of some of their mosa socceslfl Itnnctitionner, lhe ipon.ietorn ol tThe InJian's P"ll" ;'.uniollt a klnolenge of tolne of lhe. most anwefual adfavorine r,'noenios. Frant; these boslcleN soclt as were most enflicaiou no tlt atreoplriuatne, anld after varhins exlrinnints ton test their Ilrinciiles nlSd rengtln, hle tHascomnbinnd thlcm in thle fi.m here plealenteld, as the most lcrnFo c nnd beneficial for thne poiuose liar which it is tIacln etltleI. :The prorln'ienor ofel'rl his preluration to te public, wih the ncotyic.usws that he ispliachg wihitlhair sna, a rmedy eanlble ofni eliviing Innly of his aIllictel fel low beings, wnho ano .s.lleriln under tile vaionen s elonnic anld ol tite eonloplaits to whiclh t is alliiable. 'To such it will prove of incnieculable nale, as thie mneans, alid ill tan.yllV caY s, tile onlIy namt nolllsl lietiltgtheire-Lln. I erittngs anl r'atonring tnrenone nmotne to lhnlthn atnt Ial. pinileos. This ininot oltn.ent as comnllllll enledy, tuy t nnyn pln luntee he eqnlln)ony good with mlnany otheltnlas low tint uehnltnasneonenlichtiooetnnllhle" saninglininnnnniny Sextllwme cns·n.thichn all tile lllnllnnan :ernllledit.olll This it haies done tenp.nedly onllll tlhis is the tnlonnltaion itnI sobo Unilludn wrnlenvner it haol been ilntlollrtced. I! is onh AI [lllllt thl'te Yel.$shleennlntnnnnrtmatnooof tn, ts Ir,wellted tolhe [elaitist'hit ill cint lll· shl'ilaec! a." ~lli.+ ;annarnuonni,,h'tnnn ,oetnnonnnnighnknnnt e'm l, hw th " hlelllll Ilele hnno I benlievonntnn tnel e n lines wrre ennvd biy in, eni t nin nornn na.E'.soin r lhun lin d tried Iny enrui~p i hennnnnnn nnonnnirsi ionnsie. 111ner eare ir isknonwI i ist'nmo ~l cnonning into ose, and R is anlinrnsntheualol substnnnalalnnninnvinnnng ilroof of it "l'hll da111e,,flle Il: remi Til(ed lie tlm lticl hale in those cases nhile tnelu.nrv iaon iseen so lre,.i ni aI t o cals e distre~shln iaios iht he h o nnls no nes n nlenl, ial nlcnrs, dacllnnelnt nofh T ie ligoetivo orgnos, de. Thesen it nonnlnletel rmovnlnsn an d in all eases it entirle I)" enadicates ihe diseasen nnd anItnets of mtoern , rnn o olesthe eonlsitilnlnn, mnllll halo. thl atieninlln snlannund I well. IIn rh,· 1 lmaltislk unsl i,, Ite. ,d·e l o orn, tlloonlt, its ihnnit eli'eta arte niot Is lpnar.lnt, n irin n i lng nost ig m-.n ointe n elion. "'l'nhen inn nnotooinno.noa tine oniilnnon'o |.tletoaooonens-l00toe anl el;nx:itnn.,nn tln .1nti-.eqnroenn nnii m.1 (no ni. ; n Io ii Iror )'ccste, ss~nanllt;ln.ocannnt ol'enal eni. nnlgll e (;G er' all . ex ,ressed, it inrel~ase.s at the se latiois aol ex cr etinills, n ivetonlle to the anteln, onantle nexcite. ioo l i tie llaionlsoitt aarintnic l n tIn ern t i r n n nnnninnn nci ple5 i1+loIeR'atatu1s sill he tlldnlSiersta d. Thislnn dicilne I lesnn lt lnuul lhienln h tenfilin lnyns' l' Iilic.i·, I, llrlr [h). +Iii ~l. nl~lllP.t hrrllll C(II)!:lliltt11 tIl2I~ PJI ht, I llin ,Sigo.neo)titian'n ,,tnnnolonro nrnw ini,-~ntj;Sll . •nnto ino nn n itonln n t Ven ne lle, n lnb l c itn o l o nl.lo. On IIit ennoeit ue s too nnnnn noe eninnaula anl II u - l. 1 heneoer a diet iinoiok is conasinereni eaess no, his PlnaceI!n, aknll itoi l snoIntlnsoe;l will annswer all on lnrontens, in mollelh less lilme, at less expeonse, no in a alninonon mi tinle nnnonoonrnoue, tbrnun tne eouonloh nineo niok T'lo follonowittg nernntinene, out of hunndrlr ots sninlo, netihll niiglln no Inonneenll arc girnll to slnow lhr eftnlen ol ttr lOn nltn's lnennnno, it; ninevw'iouromldai t. .r.;n Iolonn'nllone,. non.nal o oe.,ilnti inn the .._.n nanoclonnen3 c:SES uF b 111FU I , "1Tu'r .. tl It t C ILesrowe, Nov. 15, 8l~S. iDuriagtlilallt winlter anl l..ig, l was afflicted with it very severe and istreI imell I1 U ntism, ochsionedl) iI exol slle ill baldi wather. Io t Ilcuseta' in iue to Ierl'lit Ilelth, andll I colmldlhlly ro.olelltned it Lt aill linilarly a'"licted. JOII\ FERICUSI)N, illgst. CcA.RLE:sro , Mat.ll .., 183t8. Swit .L:Lr i 4l0tll three yars silce, witll listl,esing rll.eullatisIn, eantol , i | h.ek ltiga lty.ere clohl, w hilel mde , thIll fillle llnced " mle.lo llr lln u '|lic1 hal dl sal blecd '" Ilm'a business tl nelll , itr Iliee. uII ,iLI thi eIle 'iodi hate he, i it patiei in the M.,arine Hlospi:, in *i s e.l ipic.ardsiol oulr months, ccland neatrly the same itn hll.-, til.e inlthe lll iticllll losp I t till i:d triel IlmotI e;r, remedy, with little bclnett. On the Ifith of llttuatr last, atithat time se.rlely alleto mote lhou! ullpll o ltclh. es, I ommencedl td euse of Illialltl I)Panacea. Ill ow mlonth I foundl ylsellletily tlieeld firotm pa, land tr iou lhappy to st.te thlatl co le.y11 selfpltrfectly well. WV.I. I'UCKPII, I3 .Mal'ket a CASIS O1r SCIOI'FULOUS U.ElISltS NKw YORx, Se.1. itl, l8.0. hlisi ment ertily thlat it thte fall o 18i2, I wasl eize wills swellie it tgilny to td nace, wltictl alietoate ltlceotet attld beaame lalo. ghastly ulecer is my neal. After lTyitgae.veeel iphlsitirllh e ton utdtto tage, "I ten to lhMiladellhso, ltandl ;lited mlrelf U lller tlhe aret lies. Pll e talnd etlch, bhen, leltelltl tlivtlAote to ot e.Iclt, I wlR olet ouetteetl utterley illetolblle. Al te. waol ls Hook twentl bolttlesolo'Sliil'al Panalcet tllt d Celgh Ilntllel ol'Potter's. C:tllnliton, titlh no matl:roikl benetil gave mn'sell'tp to a linering dieath. Iearit of tlhe iu'st .Il:u of "'IP u 4litialie Panlaea, hom'eeea, n enr sttilr to my owltl I a terr.tletl tontr2 . it,. e.I. o i . sort. To ty tttlUllUe, las well as satslilatio,.a soonoofoutd mysolfrattidtly teovei'ltllg, ,atlltl pon Lakin, sovell bottles, the ulorahltaletl and I became piosti'tl well it, tlr oarse ofLtwo igthla,to ba ...te.,O -.. eer sinc. I lktatris mlietm ,,en ttl wnh itltoblitltel ;ert, It.n tolheft lth t ale wotstr sullfei.itnallder similir etvluA..uaotr sylhilitic .ttoetitllt, Illt they aopv kttow wllt la ;LtItet ote wle htt soollet etere tlit.g htill deatl, atd llo coneO erl hisl life saved by tflcdtboec At. -WM. IIINIIA' CIutLeoLTrto. July i2, I 1JL. Sntes lliietet, ftor Vtlrta with aLt ulcer i thel leg, o. .aetitolly reoliplttie.;l witlh resi it.latous it.matt il etlitnl Itltttittois eXteltetleltil. bkill llhuOl itt bt t wtuIl o-t ItIrtaeno brenefit. I lllis eause five bottle Illditt's lotlaeer o mule a f.oe.t clt.e MAII.AI{:I'' A WVEjl', .1 Mlarketl .,Por rslely IFINIIY UO1NNAIIEL, dnoltggist, ae NEW 0 L ANr t A,. NArhlt ii I.F.R .l t t uaaeo NEW ORLEANS k- NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD CO3 PAN 1'. TIE stockholders of this company are hereby no titled that hy a resolution of the b.tard of direc. 'l.on passed on thi 1|9thl ist. thecall madean thet oat tile 131h FLebruary lat, for thile pavmlentof five dollars a share, was reindad, andI tlhe said stockhuldes are lurtl.r attified that WH .REA.1, by a resolution of thi board pnseed on the 19lth ist. a call has heen ", ado on the stmckhulders of the SNew Orleans aid Nashlville Rail Road :.:ltap y tor the fedtItautg fpavemtts on the tile stLck hlld te.pex tively by then, viz:-two aciura tee .ohlare, teyable on tire lirst day oif .etclteborlnext; two dallars per tltra pavahlae tothe firal day of December neaxt; alid tao d,,lhra'ter share payable o, the li st dyl o1' .March next. 'owv thaiare"'e b e it resclved, that tle ocrcetale ot Ills t r n alctv ill Iatify tlhe shaere holders tlenletit. thlnlluh t1. llllllic lr tc. t" tle citythetin alton reiea with the xlate seectioa. of tie charter, tlter me perrmillid to laUetltaU e aty iayment called in on tle stock Ih.acid Celllpulley flr lhe tero tf sixty dew, froam ltd after tts day tt wheichi is is tetds payable, witlh tile ellrs ea. con di:io tlowt:ver, tlhat if at regularly ptdtl witllin te said protl'eation ol sixty days, frnt attnd eft.r le, dUay on whichl it shull have l.clt paid, that then thit stoci on lwhir:; aidp:lymetsshould have been made, is ald re- .. herfiteld to the company, the clartsor al that point tttnr impetttive. Ille confrunmity therefore, to sail etll,allstcck of the ateckholders in said companyl, as think propler to p(,t offlt the paymentt on their stuck to the sltd oa tito adlitional sixty days, which the clarter alIlovs thet, are notifiaeld thalt the paymeat of two dol lars per share called fir,attd due ,on the first of $el. tealheresxt, mayle pmstpontted under the sixth sertjen of said charter, until tile 31ist dry of Octuler neat, that the Ipaynmnt a Iwn dollars per share called fur, a:ld due on the first day of LDecember next, tay be tott. Itnet until tile 311th day of Januarv noatt;adl Ite peay meat of two dolltar per share ealled fr and Itte ul tile brst lay of March neat, may he postponed until the 30thll day of April neat. Extracts of ta mintes of the board. jine I A It MeNAIR, Sec'rv. Olt iA~d, it rers..-2 dszet whitse'ou V TaWsA, farrtia ! JnN If R 9HAM. tle 1S STATE OF LOUISIANA.-:Parish Court for the Parih and City of New Orleans. T IE STATE (F I .Ot)I.9IANA. 'T'o all whom Sit1e Presernt sIoa lid rotle ('r -tiog:--Wleltreas, Jome lit ano het.l.ig lrchloaed ot .le rol made by tloe ilerilist ithe alit d of tOleroo tile pr peOrty herehmiloer deocrihed, el applie l to tilo clerk de thisi curtU, ill w otlo Illel te i.rtired o, tle oa recorded on iSle t1 dlr tf April, A. I). 1t3., lirr mnonit r tlit rer iaeuent i I:u lne rlllto toiao loutfltiel e.isinthrre of tih tile orf I.chaonae. errtiled o 'Alt net oIr thile fotrer hran rerin titlea to i rcll~ers atj dicil e al;" alprovu d lhe lith ldio of 'nltIrh, 1t83,. NOW\, lielreflre, know yre; an l il perons itereslted Iherei, ore Irhereby sited alnd ndnonir.hd in the naote of the Stot of It:nioion., rnd of the I'n'iPhI (:ourt, wheo can set oip ear right, title or elaim in ond to tle propelet Ilereilloanei decritd, in onoo.rqueer uof aly informality in tie rrlosr,decree or iudeg eit of the court Indetr which tim oale w , made,(or otv irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and odiertit.oment, ill time, or manner .lfole, or for noa other 'eferrct whlro verrtl show cause, within tlhirtvdays from the day this mouition is first inserted in ile pultie papers, why the rsale no made should not be confirmed ahd homo iognted. The mld preperty won sold ty the Sheriff of the par. ist aforeaaoi on tth 14lh day of April A. . 1838. b.v virtre of n decree of thin Court, rendered on tire 5th dy, ofFebuary, A. D. 1838, in . nit entitlhd Alexander Cadiwotl vs. James Hnnse, No 106167 of the dockt of tins Court, at which sale the saidl James Hese 6ecnme the purchaser for the plice of twenty one thousaudl dollars. Dscription of Prolpert) ns given in the Judicial Con veyncer via: A certain lot ot irrollrd oitutled in tlh ortlnrb rAn tnuntltirto ali/o Ltotttroe tf thit cityl is qulnre No ,5 and rlot hiting Irench metusll e, 10 fert truonttt 0 Tihon pitoulae ftreet,:,.t .-rt f'ron' tl ()Oo.gere otreet, slid fi0 freet on I oiseode dt tnale tl'r.OI, in roh n imanr er thut saiti lt otrfero.od is 6tl foet wide tront otte ride of the oq ofre to the otier, toeither witll a dwelling ltenro ront ng on 'reontitontls 'ttrlt, tlo khlotren altd tdo Ipndnneics, alas the dirtillety erloklir m tts erecteld trereon end other hnrilding ntri illtpruvoeelts, the m hinertv, utorrilt, impleelents and liottres halnetoging to Pai diatillerv, ito ihlpeudrnle e anod eippurteno.oer. and tile rig.lts. ations,anol privileges thereto belongllg 00i any wise npttrtiltOirtrf. Ceertao Office, e ew Orleans, iny 7. 1838. m14,24&jIL .. F Iteprito C(lhrk. ETAT IE LA LtiUL .-AN .--ti,l tde Vtta pItor la paroisae ett ii. dt Ia Na ualdIe ~1" ''TA !)1. I.A L.OUI½IANI&.--A tour eeelx rlua eepr Isen teI L ileueirnent, SaIut: A etteoul (alU tloparosie . 'Uritn ,at ½ ;:troiwtr aEl-apta - ilctite, J mCit . klUl e tll Orcfth de mrte .ntir oitl nt ite vet le lit etregisltr.e I 2Oemejour dte iMn de I'allntce 1838, Imour un. avis oforlMm ent A . uln ate die In L.6gisluat.le t I' Etlat de la Louisiane, intitul, "t Atle pout lou lltfirmer les litteltie. ct~queelntu r na aveutetjtllojdioniora;" aitli.tOet le Itt llca *i34. Qt'ii taitnomlalt, t totes lleltonliea inttt6lleerssowlt iar e prea n IItes soIiertlnl.e an nom ie I' Elta de I Louliaioe et Ide in Cour de Paloitat, j ut pourlliellt anvoir droi at It propilte deerIt, ell coustqllueure d'un lfantul e 'lt rllie dalls ICol~lee, It! dearer eel le jugetueut tie la molul, ell verlu nl otuel iatiie i le tite, ou ite tnie i'r fllroite tme illdltio Ilent ot leilneliote,l0 is out le itermpl iti e tmot dIe laveelle, ou e letor Iitottoit tautreaequelotutnet tee iitlt tOile, dani ttiate jouers ia ad to de 1ttuklimnliolt tie te||e sit Iur, jl lloie Istitlnte ntll1i Fitlice Lteitit ltUs noltl.fictte et hoitolotttgttt, I.a troeltrilb ft e vtnlue par le ehertittaudit, to tjtt otnziblte to lr d'avril de I'atte 1838. en verta d'un dCe t deee otte 0000r le 5 de ltri-r de I'aonntte 838:lr. dana I'ilttlttre d'Alieonder Clllttwell, enctre Jslten Hante, No 0O,317 du docket de cetle Cuur, d laqoelle vep ed it Jansm Ilanse s'est rendu aequ6rcur pour to prto tin $t1i,|t00. scripltion dela ProlaPiieth d'aprts letolnaofer Juieiatre, Savoire ln cerlain I:t de lerre ituo au fanhtnnrg lie I'Annno eiaion alia I.acouuroc, de ceitte ville, duns I'lete No 5, le llt lot~l I .ilra uvaut [,nerare fr Ill'eid.. ] Ioixa~lle i''ed, le flee t lu i~ue 'rclloupill,ullla , uto .rent Iliel s II R luce d lu rue ti ,rut* r. t.l~lll .*(~ dit lot iee it sanne pilet de arour d'ui `ltolnt dr I'ilet i 'tllre: enIcemble u' e m.aiopi l t etao t tho e a la rie Trceho'iitouls tea c aisine et se d te pedneanensi.. que la distillerie conctruitle Ou Ir tl t lit. ot titeli ,it |ipres el n11 {.lioraliolw; ie. mllehi,,e.,i us| .ll~ilex. ill,.lal. Il|ions, &..l. aplp r:enaul B la di|P di..ilh'~ri. se row )orl°lsl n itnet, slpllartenamesi et ls druito., uctiuo tet privili.cas urniae udt grefler,Nollvol e Otritnl·o, It 7 iil,18.o. ttit.,2i4j3 J. UtilE Ii.latV. CrtlOer Royal College of Prhlyieay RIIan, iotdtilm. TIliEa oilitit Vogtoibl e lagi Iloiehnal nil I cli T. iner. wilrlletl Iv eV tMirkil, Elh . r lclten , lit IIutcI C lhig'. of Si-raotelt, Iice.lsiote ofi A tles.e a'lSy.Otntlcot y, icllnw ci ttltllh Cact.i Society, SOttaegic 11 tile It..V·:ll Ullion l'ellsintl AP. :fi~ll) tI 'll+:aea-kt· Phle, WaerhmIlrilge, ottocirlt ofltcootl tfnov)' nllll Sc, Thmna,'slll~s1 (1)1itns, I+.Ollnhln. ex w'ritlnee alld ulllqlm-lhle4r· slier'ass |el the UIx t' s .t, HIlld hi·hiCJI i·CI'eCIVItldC Ie in'. lic of. lIt(" |ire f'llC? Ir III Ilis·~ hv i+he (llllull. aHI .ohll~lily. 4111 is mIw il).l 'o, (c ' Iotlhe l ltice of die Americac Iftllic, Iat Ihe erl•esat sn. licilatia of s Illnlttler ot'gelttlten~iltO of lgont- ltll IigI stauding in tihe proIlessien. It is hill d,~ as a llrelitlul. nary- sell, to ea ck thle evils asi lhtal Icnllslllel.c+ : noii lltX f nn tintl se o f tit' Illlt ereit l t a lin nll th i Ol f r1Ontl'elllll igln I+lell l tll tile tIbia+itc, the: ;li tl"l.+t 1' il~mt. t • ilnelrctllnll, till ricllpltel pluet lenldelrs be tut alig" ,. m1.11 1 o mt-ictll .salence, that it ieilloeihl he nlt I rl.. dlcllllil eoanyl gaoieilay cccII~· Co I!(+ ll , l ll to . it their llletare, dhoelnd hi_ kep t ll eiett ti lL te.em S l ' :; t ltt ltittl tietol', tteottl ti' th-l ic filet1leaf Ill il, lii lti1 1, hlo.lll ct, s.iLcce I t )ll ll , l 1si 1111h tit otto l IL'a t ll, rl~nllhll Ilc~lt·~l te luithlultl tllenl. +I'her~ al. stilh' hi pa:"kt'lsl as so ceiitu, bt anldl $2 each, hv eerye" respl t'l It l l I a e ctgis t ho tok tt.lleo, anc vtitenor. i t i ttltt.ic i tllt U'Iilt.I Wal.esa s h ie C.anlaila, wihi ernir as € rectionIil eIter ititilt et lielelltlt gicletrtlt: Sir Atlt C+.cit il,t J Ahercthtitity, Jaito IlhdIc-i M. U ).I . ll Hck, . Di., .1. Antoll Key, A. nltlitoIn, M1. ., altt Ilnluerus (cilera]Ageut. k)' wlionlhe nilll lpreil,, i i, I enrie Iille illiets illltlr olid to whom i tll anlplieationlt tritgelleit e J'O. lHO.IlEIN, 12L Wtveoly Place, N. York, Sole (icileiil Agettit flr lhe itellil SiLICte, O. For llil! i. i~llillo i lnelle n of ti e orlgiall irl ii'~iellu'. t"lp W lAN&lTo illtna,hLt.u i.tlalNo Ii ialcl oteiI t Co;ciio Aglent afor S~to'.tli~eo at. .. litotloc.,. "ciu+ n i1 riiM Y It LEE U co, No ." .lgaz,.e street,r,,, 1 ow receiving from ships Nashflle, I uisville, Ient.llk), Fagle, and other late arrivals trln th "-tiern caire large a ll nlw seleelgel te ssollment Iltsi, Boots, bhoes nld Brogans, nonsiting ol'g"lltllentttt's file call and Morocco Itoos d1Il0 d lill;ill do Inill'id atn itout lalr llehged hoos oI 'tlit'itmltllthities; Ottoll's il, ule f ro ll t .il t tilertcc ShaI - te tnll tI ,ttgans, htuckkin shoes, bro.gttos ttt lippts.s: mei'lslie alll.if anlll kippLed pege OCel sll anid I roganll; doll Iouts; do stolt kip aunt xl :" Iigs e Id htw i. a il brogtns; gentlelmen's best. ly c't lltmelte shes iL,.etno and Jniek li e wniogs; tht clalf tlilll l.ll .oi s itkk slae s tt d lbrotints; Ilo le , seial ilol Lt.,t.ot',n'. htot tol tl sli ll "i, Ido calf, ilol anet sat wings, a Nw Ito 1' tie lille it fset. and morot.ltqrlt les tits; li. ',tin;..'.lado hildrtt 'is iged ait d aoll osti 1ns tit shoes oro etltt iutlilt etdi kild. 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Snld hby JAI\VIS & ANDREWi, ori r etEt,'C e.ctavSet . ookl'a, o(, the evice ,i ~OflLtiad orr~eb. lrh .e,.cteriolirremti:tccu tol frigtelleo and opinions. Ifyl the nu(hr of l'als tf a Tar,'&.rc. eollelld series, ti tl.teols. illtludittt Recollections of tl.i flouce :f Contions, floe, the veelr l830 to the closcol 1835. l:ludrng Illelen eal sketthtee of the ledling moobert--lht ona otof par y, joet Iecived and lor osale by W'MlcKI AN, LArE PL'U LICATiIONS. C ROJIWEI.I., au Novel, by the author ol C "The actlhere," &e. in " vols. opular ileditilte, or Family Adviser" conritling of Dotitol' of Allatolmy, Physioloe-, ltid lirgie e, wlth celh hillts oil the pt .lice of Phisle, Slurcerv, ntll the b dliarooea of woolen ead children, ,t mary peone tusfal in fmiliec wahen regular physicialts eotinut be proctred: beiog a comlpaeniun ald glide fur hiollieil lt prinlciplt it )t' lirnmulacoriea, pIlatatiotn, s ill bt lal llp st:II i s Ieada of fooiilina, nariler tif vtsttola, Inlotitshitries, tr trIaelie; milcd o litefl skethl fr oti·lor intltlet no: i t ileg ti strudy of ltdlioine. ly iBtnel ol Cte, 1e . ). Ieler Peret'c iv' r I I otllllloy olt tile Ioerl.s if tietlratlhb. Lii the tih r t fittllie:, illustiatld by aimalls tad elgroiuigl, in oti vrt Just rrceived lnd fur sellt Iy W iVIKE.f\N toa9 ~ tr t'n:np Ind Cuotlteotct, s O'ftCE.-Tltcoet rfce te e ip om.l .hagel,,. .erelt. II dice marked Mladtiaoe o. Arltqueneoo. per ltpI Grote, from New 1'urk. is heraebv not fled that the ! bsee lon stored by 8TET'rON,'AVERY&CO, 91l Colir.'res "routo,. JUaPWBLIHMDFoROMf IToERrOTlY PLJWTs, The Alth Editi., of ROWI.ETT'B TAtit.ES OF INTRt.EST: iO j hich is l,'w :tdtltl ,to Avnrgt (iime Oitleola - tor, or etatv mletolls tho tlilting Ihe avRwtlge lille ott stougr, nnotes'of Ial or hiis tdr potis, otuhen uI| ltumet atlut llifrentt dtaltes on Ih'Ir' oledits ,ld ot Iittt'olta Iton ,l Ie Ioatlltotoata ihl an ttaamletire -tloktig "Tire l l, thle heIrtt Ihit canr tto or tiato L lrc esel~it (ir shlee within thiels llloc emuledlsetutl, :allto size Oil lie. 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It isaoloovor woll klto.rn Itll, hra ill Priotly heek, thi hs o ntrclttaeter.lak so cirtaan l.g. ttr:rtelate, itra I l dle, e lm hIo thae ll uiO ll tl al] iiiosIt thr itelti etoal'eoottan It arattoooatopitl, uati taats ooef tae tataie. tir itrhellei:spo, fte its usottlttesa, Ittal tile arlolt tae othity ftwitsaas, Irurlootrusadxtrtasiyantyieiatletl toeitga n. t' l, i.oser yar tugel ioll teh ilirtaac all iaj( wts oitsre, itl bn oot l of k pr t o in t o t iutt.eo r of meCiil hitllttl tltliot were OalagI l Inti, tinuine to i g.or t itnaoe. mll Itllllitlel li I''ielll In'iee.., PItsI.' 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Itot or itu like It otW tll t e rI i'tltle .itttl an lil.r l llt, I ie t ol l ell ca ell iall·t hi tile w~nhl, m.:1II *Itfle.l'l loi'*ts |ll'ilt* lit~nl cmliioulv a 1 IItir hlsotl at tPoraaotitan aa f ,tlttldf l cttoo, it wllllhlr rltllittto r etll~irtot Ittito Itr orfatalloti;. 1it. IC I'cr, ;·lltllle r m I .titll t" l~ I' I c Iuttb l .lortt eol,,t ill. rlflt\ Ieell t ~li. lll i ll p llcl tltllru tatt taht Aultltltai t tlesilltat ti lllltt ll t 1l .otlmt ot ,t t i.ttllltt I rlil~nti~li i*pllllu~il h llplt rlIIlS Iult L'X·ljl'lie. I'.ttlll C ltlllirA ttlton att t I t, al h t lt t a,. oh, . Lt(i ll llll) llre I lls oI1 taull att, g nt l all l til ti , kl aoill ttttlllr s of tot, I atttil otll t, t aX t tli ttsol h ' totI' ii. A,: ln~liul. h+ it ilwri Ilit~ s,, ~il 1() ,.,kf IltdilltiI~li islll·i·.-( I'+tttaalititlol l llal* ll" lo l et.,,"k, ' lot lllatI llIi' 1 1"lll IIti,| ~lc.ll lll . I ihc :I I wlI I lla. fuI~ l lll l~ tI le·.! I tIlt-I I( ht iata.ll s ~lltou r c.+le k Ih , ,-l l dltg i hil ll Illl llnllll~ye c \ltr l~rth .It l l c I ! I ttt.ttt h t'It'tttt : I~~llln~l'tl ll1 +It.w~l, ll(lrll~ll*l~l( Ill dollit,, (II ltlill c~ik i. I.. yct nalla~n m.hee ..'lltoot.I, tldl+ih~~~l . I.1 flst. ',. ,I11Y \l. .ih.k. . '. -T'l'h-e iln s,,:n; a I tt." l and, by the aitlthus on-\ I cl r iil .'l'l ," ill Nobhle.d I)ed f V'idwllI, in ? ,.2 1Yo '1'I,.. Youste .' lltý b k, u illl ual lllllt l 11l1·1 llll(1 {I 'tII ' -il' tMllti .R I J tl I'tcepir e nl t rlll l.l iy \ I. 1' ' E.\N, tract 1' S.tralp rillt, i hor 111h cure l' olotll.rte ptions of thie skin; pimpl, oru putul",. uf the ,; [iles wii hI urioe Irol a. ll purT o state of tile ad; edllv eru lions; p he in huollboul; cllrtllc hloum.ltilm; to t r; acrufuiaf , or kinle's evil; whii as.,liho; syphilitic decaie.s, a d all disorlder armiF ng Irlro an iulptreistte of thehloId, by a long resldene in a hI. climate, or tile iIjudiclour use of mercury. Alen.-Cave & Sclhaff r's WormI Syrp, or Tl. fant Presorvutive: tih best prleparation nOw xutant. Amon.g which are the followig:-llldiau L)ys, for col rig tihe hair; Bear's Ohi; Ruslsian Bear' Greaos; PoioatUmi; ichaw's Fre lo Washll: so perior Pearl Powder; Lily Wiote; Cream of Ri.e; Vegulable Rou ge; Ott. of Ro,. ; Lip.Stlve; Kre. ouite Tooth Waol.; C arliute iDotrlico; Oralnge I Flower Watoer; Powtder Pul.t .., Box .; Amer . rlo Chllrcoal, neatly utv pli iu hor .0 0 a; P erton Sihll; Clh'g.,'; Kr,.oteu I'u.lh.achl D)rops; flair bIr'sher; Etgluh: I)re itg t0" bh. I loal I( r .1l;--with uttulty to t i ehur P -rf nlrlee, &c. Fur tii.,h by L W GLENN'S I'ERFUI i RIES. J C TR'ii t ARD, Corneor of atd Dourbon streets l0vI.E; o MAY\, leeisee, Sigie,ucl n I leerenlecc I e1iclllrllrl, eo 3 C.ealrlo ceLe too eloecI flrue Ce.oladereet clllitalions Or tIle followinlg wlcods and merbles,e. eoctell in a mllsterll mnollenr. lalogan, F.e ptian black sld gold, O(k, I Giails aoI Anlieo, 'Pollard do, ( Orientlc or eorli altique, Curlled do, I .usner, Curled, i Illo.Il FtOole, ilirds I ye .c l Ielhy tleeit, S:leie Wood, at llleoolme Hair Wood, I)oeror Ilurdcleo, Yew T'ree, . inlilan White. Coromeandlle or Black Si:uem:a need li retells, Iole Woodl, Amcri ean Grey, Aslh .hlite Oak, ,e. & &o. Gurled Elem, Spcillmle to be seern at tihe s3eo1. Paints, sils, glass, coi.d tlrnlliel, ta. on, hkned elinorc sale . 7t eJN, "'l' l:l:. & R, l elF IY (;Jti)S-Unly t, llaleret moteIlllehlld e ir nwrlel i naee tId. llup, S.tll and rol iron, toil rods and plough C(al, Germlan, shear, blisler.d, spring, seeet nlli Cleewley steld Ilnlloo eore', ltae clseloneeglel Icenilo.lcei.sikcs Zinc, blonk till, nil anl grind stoeno, Oilt kelllcl Clhaill ulbles, e1lClIOlI, ellO.r Ox, loeg at II tCe thl s, l cor omillllill Aill ie, iees, e I Illlonerlll d t liI 'eIl s b1'iree ele eeetpoe "eelr leer neadl; sot C- al, c dlcllc e o kiln g ' eles Ance, Iltolowni'n aind eother spades anid slovel Ilook and pllate Ilinlges, done 111.w1 cnldow Iooks Collie,, Ilonts, Shleps, nd oh er xes larl'd andl 1alilla colrdole, lines andls twine Ille ied slrathing e colenertr; Naeel stores A Iroll ess'tnlcee t ol hlu.niva e ie shipl cha:lenleoy aid")"oOl e'snl ansod whlilemnte onllir uf r toleire whole-' sole or" dail, Oi le nst ico.eot nie te'eel c et, cV e m4 I, YTIee ln e Co. 53eri, toe.0r0. IeARKOWOGAT SPRINGS .Aplloe.r ere ColatV Alen, ,eell e. TIIREE DA ' JOURitE F RO.i 'E IV ORIHE. IN. NllýlE proplerilcor ,l Ihis estaboeliolment eia the plea I re lteofnnonullnnin Ieg his i'rionlldsond Ile ubli in geellonl, t at Ie will Ie icl rcollieelshy th e flec t day of ( ela, to reeioe vioicero, lie wce eloe elete folr tle'lme nelit of tdece uo a li ctlloer, h cI cicel- Iclave blelle lorge nl ronc mIcllade, and e oUd rs Iwe fno ingc og a0 nd n r ephlIreegreo folr ccueclrelce el -chle oil!l re llo elect oubocr Ier to lcccreeellell e la n luce lurllnr geor cr thie n leereeleeine, cend ac t the eetln theeo oUcl betler. lVlooille cn e aeellbclloo nl,lllntd - iti gelled rnls, or cleore who eprelar can have LJorge ctbiellec oacrled froet the acaie buiildig. I It is ideenmed uotooessary he say anylilng in parcicl~. lar of tle charnter oo tie leoe w iers, tc it ici generelly O believed ha lepy are noul illferior ite anv ice ti elutl;. cre Steeso All elect cc alotemecthcelecce urn nceeeeaily lo.:dl at Wetering Places will be frlad at Ithis. T'ee dc hest lollic tihac tlhis part c ' i I cll-cllllotrv afll, rehas bos ee llg ged.od will be in lroost. It altod.mce a the o Slrines during he Whole SEaES. al 'lee hneleorib eI willnoril chil op,ertunict in rltrningz Ilia..nlbiglmd Ihlnnk fr tIl , verr liberal S Pplnort giveen hilt la-I reeto1. astll Inpa.s Ilv the i er- 'I` ticel ehal have leers meilne iele o lpro ile and xleIo ling 1, etr ntiOllllentoatons, to meritl a hleral el.etollaGlr. Ih. leaenrlll seaso,. J fo (01 e "re . o1,3 S''KINSlS N'S DtWPlu,.e.orelt )It rocecocg nec i. n oe+l,,, :e , i obl . , fr ,ece ch o fo r.ce , l r l n od n -n t n i tc l -c eol obccy neld ronre ey, t il l- 1 in oilie r acld Ie cdhijer lhan befoore oe applireatiro A freohl cplyl jest received at cIClOi%'S, No I Exchange Hotel, corner, 0r 'n40r, cod Cnoos-. c.tee cc. cv - MAIL ARRANGIEME&NT Nirtheor Mail, Ua oEvrry fati 1 I A. M. • lmc E v y ny ·IrlA.M Weern l oe . ,e.e 0iy, Wednesday Wea,. " J Frirny, IV a, I.M.I y t, t he er lv r .'o y, Wsedresd t'1 , l . a lt irll, , J ','.| . The L.ake . nil a e ave ." Thursday, n ,,,+.....Stirdn3,i~y 5 1.31.' Closes every Mloiinday, WVednesday . . DIJ. -l. TIM1ES OF AEl llVA!., h)ErAli'IUE~p 05Th NCIL o. of te EXprellm Mlail, Iilae-'m. Mooils mad New Yolk--len.N Mobile dull' al P. Northr New York daly st 5 P. M outlwaod. Arrive. Arrive WohnotgomeryAla. p2r. 198 m p 3 I 12 m.i. oi , . 1 81 3Ja.m Ml oviedgeelle. Ga. " 133 l 24 p. (oaiodllia.S.C. 7j ani. 163 17 10 Ralei~n, N . bll 91.5 " Wrremon.moo. I. m. 35 6t 0 etersurg, Ia. 10 pni. 63 10 tio.. Richitotm, Is c am. 3 6 W lahinelimeity, Ipro. 1p m. aoltimore, 6 61 6 Piilled.iio,, 6te. 1)0 'i 2 New York. 2 pci. 10 Cl 1303 143 h. or 3d 23 Norhward. Cmlnr Snonuthworl,the tina is ail bour leme; ihmrg5 days eoi 17 houar. lEN I)OlI.AIiS IIEIVAli. ANAWAYi kIr, I169 ColrlIerl, ie:nor or lirvie Ik atleelsllon I e ni 0Ahl of, 3ia |I oF .lllll. tlld Mil I ce,, .h e I,,ou iiil'y ra let i l roJu gui~leII *Ira, I cire, a1·mIi~grho onnnterl (lAtlll,l: ai.,oal7yea a. "a- 0, 5feo 'hltrill lii.lIi v,.rvh lack, aoih at:, im leC |)v uar esln Ihlarli lIe Ilad a ,an nlil~ I+ m elel aatlr r utt lie· licllor orl lilies rlie alld wtia olet lion oril atlultIlo. hlscira if varesela nd rlem hoota are Oalllilllled Rginal rereiving or Ilrlnrilg said negro, a er ll am ol oilier bEIroii*I ..u Ihlie nlioo iarigourof te baw will Ii, enforedl aj~all*IJI1l · Pile boys rows Hi e eglol u,. •h aov cravrd wil O spailt firdrlite.-itg hi intio.,ny of Ihe jails of either of tc iliiooieipaliiec,or t169 Caroodolel, corner of Hevi. cleanl. lof N -T'-L' ---''ri erlnllctlr... Ii, i .....larc.i.tio .. ii aer tim fire of Ilubaije & Gorrrlei,,i, hIc loea b.iavlved. Tah4 mublieriber will iiainlm the olfbira o ir raeer, lln tlis city, lmd reqilires ail p.r,,.i, indeba. ail! too~kelIayllo h n+ v, anduicakell .e aaa_ ,' tail~l+, Il, (,rrd~lt i lroin vor delllemllli. asr -t-7t i tIEIIE'ITSON, W. W. SWAIN.. No. II'Cnoal .reet A.rl Orl I.,. I tASN alwavl on hand cen:tnntily k ru, ei i Dry I ll y , l~h leanic lo,and Pl'sl.u ,aoo , - r' arr. I lcUls( . llfk.s, Antimony, crude, Argola, re,I. Ilo Ieg· lus, A ndl l p* . . Allyio, clullde, Alullm, do powdered, Iltozillette woon, Malum colavlo, Cochinelt, losaox, crudle, Uolperas, Acmerican, dlo elilcwd, CuLpbclr, Ulllrntone, crude, Fulti,, Toomplo, o roll, do Cubla, ti flower, do ll.i.e, Ilirmutl, Prench Lerioehs, Caotoroil, Indligo, Bengol, CcI m blrtar, do Mnuilla, Callluthide, del (.rraceas, IHoa11 aloe, do to, loomals, do Acidb,, LogwEood, Calyllloll do ulalibidea do Sc Donclmgg do lmuoiace, do Jamicci, do bezoein, Canlwood, do coaul, rnng., Mlader, ombio, do do scraped, Nicouragla, Bollwir, do do S Aoirile., do (two,. do uanlhorm, cru it, do Mlaacoib do do rte, cit Ilache. do guiacum, CIIESIICALS. do kino, Acid, nitrous, do mnolic, do nl.lintl, do opio... do . .llhuic, do slhellc, Blue vitciol, . '. Sleegal, i&omlol, p 1, do anlnrhe. .onrrosiveu chlimati.j ,l do u"atitco.ll, i P rlide of lime, (Cruiloge, tinit, cllk, JUiinilr herries, Amerl,.lLunc, a caustlli lo di Foreiln, I. , ltd precipilate, Nlollwshic, Elcglccsl, Idhololle tl.l, do Amhleericanwi lired chroilmalc ipua 9loio Ihlok, Stio cpb.uu ,(-N dlo core, Sulp ipot, Iiq*urice bh:dl, Sigol Icla, Oil elm es, Sou zoine, decsasia, ullp ilUinine. Io he.. rgomll Tallr emiie, dollllln, PlAINTS ITlaec. i lplpriiltiot, Blue, ilo grccinu, Cil'iomic rello, dry, i Ioni-lec, lo doo in'oil oledo do in oil, do jsdap, do La eluc n l, do snirced do letnw norw doserpl riln Lihrloge, rnc-ircil, l al l m lo.mlnral ih, do las" rila o do T, Pari lliie F, alill, do doi Releddlo A oter Elo iu c oiri, Eol(il'h~glen iI c iori ,e l IScfn r o t e r S CSmio rWn u d, ,, n , d roliLoe, o Ii ,h a o. o ill, Ag cri, I a dlo ngllNolgr !. l ga~rer'llllll ill ,. i t SIT I, S :olllh, Iid hindd,o N ll,'il ,l , 't illiu A, o.l '. SIT,,0 %,,,,lcl hg-roo Id do mlordl, Sl Cdin idry, So dr llon lor e, S Winds rr, F',ylih, I1 bo ccd, c- And, . t. J iecF. l io ttil, oo l louldllllr, i QIlicksllhl',, o A ll, Clol-nll .r l iiile. ,ld(--fm ( TAII'r.11 JI*ItA'AI'T' W EW NOVELS lRat#in the ~eefer, by Coo atllhlhlr of Peter Silmple, Se IA } s) .,ht t;.q· .iu Blasil Ilall, il. a Na, , F. L 'h uward ceo , wrItn 1'e liieio lf, in a( omyudian ll Ihtor0 of aloy, Iraidn cd fi,, 11,4 'ririnal Illihnu, lby N hicilciiel (Eimc0 , in I vol. for i.lillug No. 719 of Ilarper's EKoily Lilbrar. VetI. :1 I & nfle u lew corillete ind ulfodn ediion of II'anliultol reig'• II'orkr. Roor'- 'Frioiw aod uiLglish Dirtiounrypin I vl, 0ro F',Ch ond ouEulish Dirll r,. . ru--.\ fiw Illloe eolllllol, ("icln 'u l'hro,-I.oqr it i', o'll ' hi ns, I$ ll 'lliul Inlla. l'2 -4 il n I2 l' Olh i lhp lu o edlh e h ni l'e ll e, ul 4 coe d 2a l -l u b te Jlidl ,ri' ed, a IdI fr ~uh, li y r &r' . IF.J. l l . 'I IIN i Ns it & V.IIE,-l 1w &tani cliedineeaae noice Net heipnicipalrnt, r, d urenof Engnud 70 I'aInyt IclVISIentien ., hv tle Iralltliln l naVenl the Polinicl nrlmvnr, i the I othi .lne..t 1wr ~, ,,..4,hct· riaw hi'the Ihorv anrt Iym..tirp ,* ll 4." ,: .ro -q.,lnni,.teleninLnnlnniedtntnlen sci mugeei etl I], United tNlneat, by k. Il allaricd, tleq. Thinrnod'n Ienntin; ''onra il rittperned with chsaoetnr i ntie udlten . ev # and dni.enn nfnfne nloring Itenel, in telding loieeil othe ll Irine ill cnherk rdern ofunCsgiad whiti atnlytjaeiIl jlltlnent, sd getneral irtdnnel" O lcl, 8 volunlne. S.ennllhn or Kiligy' Evil, Chrnllic lleluletainn. hrllenllic Utaltneus Dia- In ill in thie Olleain, by ar enaes, Iillo onMeirciary tIle lind winvin in iti eatlenae. 'I'hic verye onentraedtr Snyrup i pnelmd WAith thn ngreatcet ihnnaeuill caroe and ae rart i nd g tllllha t he nIlivt lrici lle illapnrilln ion Julie alSla to It! tltreni dieree, nliniIan wi ilh r veain .emnnenl e rub onine Js" kloWin eainntfon. Tin giltl dlsoelnralunn with n .ineinena in heiut abl tnlu nnll,nt a large ir411oeitilvof" Snnnrnn41nrn1uiln Iins thrsAc, In Inenl otailled illllini ireanlilln--tincy, beinh 4 cliv eonvincedl ofits lilerin, CUulidenltv nninnnliniStner ItleAonre i4' tiir itracteice. d riee $1 50 omr oettle. moild eone at poWtsi|o aiOTI x ll1t1' t Irug t tore, N, I naCnnnl C tretnR, weh lisylli J I I, lrelh and genrulnlnlareet Inrom tnt n rp.r ri. tlaE, Nwtil'n nplilenann alnd Vtrnli'ne, Iutter' onll, Cnnrlnoter'rn Pelratil., an, cdsn a large nd, gesle Anurtleln LIt( of reseh dr tge, la PINNOt:Kei ROMtE, &c. P INNOCK'S ItMInfOhEl EDITInlON OF DRn G(noldntmitl'n AltidgnnlnCeil Of ttle Iisnurn of Rolnlnn to cijllh " is jlixetd an Irnntln.:tiuntn tn tine lndv o IhlEnin Hitioi'y andl ngeat vcriety of valalnle ilnfnor nluationnatddd ittlhrnhon tin nenor. on tIne Mluncers hnItitintiont ennd Antiquili.n of tIne Roannt; wilh nu Inerenas tingr~nhienol atnd hitituimnl Nnnen; and qees tinllns for nenalllllnnnntiin tthe eend a each nUetilnn it nlntnrlted nith thirty ellngrn ein e ntwood, by Athereton Illt..eottn Inl itroved Edilictn iof Ier (ioidesithe* Itiea r) un1Einglaed, Itont the tlvanilnn of aiinto Claur to tila dentt of inornge t, witit a etemlllltntiun to the yes 103i. With tunetinlt tcr exn atntnntion et tile enniS eniat ection. Lieninten a vnariey of anllnlle inerlna liont added terolngBntnnn tle work. eniunsittitil of talhe nnf ennllllnlneeey Saovereigln nttld enninetnt pernotse Cnpioun enlnleanlnry lentel. Iiuetninrb on the plat tinn, illatieri end literatnre of tile ane. An nutliae tinh (utltitution, &lt. .&C. llhttntled by nnauny eng. ilgae. (Gnat' ELIMEcern Or A'rnROnOIet, and an Aoridgmen fKieith'i Netew Tinetins on tile Uan ni Gil llten. Nen Anerlneinlnn tditit, itit eddiliuenn cad intllrevnemetl anal cl anxllliun oflthi tletnltnneninnatl 1tna utlinh AP iicll A halulae. Just received and for tale by VI.M M'KIRAN nlev 24 conetr etnCamp cnd (onlUunta l tt tIARIER'S CLA.SSICAL I.I IgARY. [jORiAU& nlenlrno nd my IPhilli n FrpeanSi, l ), with JLan a I'eladlx, e lalniniu tnrunnltltlclcl ol earnnuei Odeen &ie. by Don Jolnnnn, nnowley, tlilln, Drennln icite Addlinon, -stift Ctcltnerntln, (ii nonlniald, Pn'iejlnn lityaill, dn. end nnnUntnf tlinel nceeelnlillnent oJtt ni lb dav---ad k)iIUgDR US, with the nppendiel JI iulita tlnntit lcd hy Clitisttnn insr S tern, ini 1 nnln tnnenr i vnin t.]necnI nind Itul'-tllnrpinre Ulhtaele L eibrar iThe t'ntpednttnna itt il~ttIdili'i,. CnI.NKiIn, ny Snnunuloltt, S ln, nait a nnnenlcir n ih".I .tntnCtr, by rntn Ic Ilunnun, i.a;.; Inan edntinnt, with i thint tnnnen. by (a t'h uikrllank TItilE ipt'.Y; Ttiltt nv tIhni. athntr e" nfictlelhi Minrn el.n regundy," n e.,, tnnwv diltnnn nn *un a ts. phl I'lnle inn nIII,"~ , 4"nnnil ..ltn. ....I . nnttnletnne . anoin ~in - Crln Lles~nnlilltl tlnnI Jnste..neieed s ·sl~~WM ,.hK lcl~t HC.) S .IUlE..-36 ea~k. t.'iuniuuditi .im.'" 'Ot,, l. : F. i:. ·(.h.)1~!· .e.,ilb.. MO.,. !JI.. #~- B ..i.iS•-3 --

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