Newspaper of True American, January 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 26, 1839 Page 4
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? l 1e1 4Q!Oo lrd'No Mý!&RCL. I o .. 1tcw o "t i ret crliPnn~da('1rltc R' I '.i1 e L7itusrrit iPtli r cr1t Iidnr 'rir rd p~ýIF 1(t·hjdi\ Natur_ .0 cfhlM Peri irtsarce ",.v^ nAd o eat~ tFc0K'i Pi rrlr R nltl c %Inatc 0I tat~in'oj 1u r I aot--noo:r popuiler ledicine 31 Ttnatitllhomitry ( AS lyini ho nlciry CONIMRR JAT. AND NAUTICAL, maned andl p Rository, for 1833 oh eo/ltttecim l I)ietioncry, Lundon ¶.1 alAnrcTnne for 1839 tlitoc'a Nzavigation ( '..' ~ AOccrneoat AND OOCOAtiCa, «--r1T:iT* Oca cr ticccary rf Aeccctiactu, lodide 2,t. A mohiectur:, 3yotlioLoudou I t tS cifhiteatce.. I"redgccl's Cn-p ntiIy ~lttteoMfehnnicck fIE cloodIn, London '"5 Mlbhocotiocd Tab es DtID~LL.Oacri!.. jU Atttoeconc BiMngrkev n eruc, led lneollaniee from the I MIod ecN' JoATioroi ad Il. Conctcii ,(,iorsl Bpcon'a Wort a, 2 vela, I ·ond')1 i N~t':l Cnrionitie. ol l.itcraturoe,L Y~o~ cnnY by 0ev, do Veohake 0okete iOef V aite, dcottet1 vcole 001*hIId~ and Isabello, by l'reoeott. 3 volt M lapCcocoare eplecdid edition, 7 vole, gi And a general assortment of, :Mdical. Scian'fre flagieal, Misellaneous Roots, Novv IhiClIocrioo. Grammar, Engicoi and Wr33nD, Litih and Greek. 1, JOHNS & Co. acre. Clccrrlec' earn lC(rrcrccrn sty. RnivAýI rT' TONIV ai~lti'C:'I''i'Aie. obr treaicment and 'oce of' tie Fever and idjnoe. 1 F ceil I~e recrrlclcr rtiroerori cc uhcrrcici~e l'crcijc t\Im turoe uprrior tlurhe eordinrccrcccelco trerciinr the Flw'r cred Arur. In tie firit Icctcc. lie cri ccVezrc tJtle Extract, arnd frc crrrcr ainy dr itrri'rc uic ancid pioio eta ibgrediecccn it coop Ire rrarcc wici the Iuemot cc Cr tyo een by the tenderlnfnt, or aracrc inrcnicl. It tcre 'etnife ptoef ills diccari.crt sergnrnt c ic p e trntiitcc. ItfLa con regains itcci ooled tcrc e acorcdcc t itv Ir lcepclb Vtebeonit ionc 1 rin crrr irrcccccc iprccirc tr y ccccicrccrcccre III. Mtoouce,nsd given 11 lolialr to [!,e iln \inr,1ts of tr4 U'. ring oecoolccr iccdhvingcec rcc gul n c.rcrrcqorli rs, it remacinc. nlctcn tile bowels ccr.rl cc jre this dictrder, or t c itrc ferLe diseaers, buct Iiirrrglrlcr cliroS the scoeveralori 9#" of diyonciccrr, occd thurr Ircnerrsl he slRr ster with whacc'r r othcrr ilirtio~s it crry br rricprrcrrd. Individualo, after thr R.Icc ririr 'ctl: Mixtcrre Irrc been eaxpodnl toc all tie usual caunsd s or the d4neaee and have 0ccaped any trrlrtrcr ufietcrrcrr: whoirctr Icc the uie ccfic acccrcnn rorrrccirc there it alurars cccc tld on iicarerrcd licbi'itr to rcrcc reccace. 'I'cr rigrccr If frequent realaies o dliuc AgrCe, is vc- cvil nto. for th csp'tte,{cll coocn b rromo too mucci trot old to be aile to reatriccrrl rcecicine d .r re.rily fall nc nint to crjr ircesonno violencr lero Tcrcic tl itcrois ofihldWat nuichi reasonable price, crl to reing it cc ithlr tnh ranch of reery one!-eo thnt IcII r c an c diccticccre aegbherelb fCcrciebed ciihneetictuiccercc itciccct eccliciircg hIttcl'and alemlacce. whlich bo frreqcceclt delried to them. or elan ceryreeiclantly lteiccrcl. l'bor Pulicr arnrreectlc crlot c ld rrgrnit thcr opri rides imitations of thi coedicior,meli are daily olffeed Ihe tale. lkopreprtooc onlcr Icr Dr. clch R.c I:ad, at his Labomoric, liccriccrncrr r Iclcitoclodirlra. The a nhscsriheresnie the Hhulllr nb u sp:, far the6 coclcI Weccster~c `acrte., andrill cll I lncn cr te', c th. Phiilocleitcplia pricer. i'.r ho lcd at remail ul~o, a snat cfiba Apilhecari ec in ahe sirs. JAitVIs , '\DREWP, * rWlcrcicrcnc ircgzrrirctc .oLm)O_ acc Cocmrrc&'cc & cl& " itcrrnir Mississippi and Loutsiana iotel, M RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate t hen at h above estahlishmrnt. aod hopes frem her -szatjions to render visitors comnfortable, to receive t continuance of former favors. She feels conti. dent that persons visiting Covitlgton during the ummer months, cannot find better accommotltiois than she can afford them, on moer liberal tIcr5. Her house is plnasantly situated, and well supplied with every eonvenien.o; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in nhort,slh promises 5"at nothing shall bh wanting on her part to give 'atire ralesfation to all who mnay patronize the lississippi and Loisoiaoa HoItel. je3 studiedl under Dr. Scl miilt of Charlestlo,. SBouth Carolina, and for soma years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his prolessional rervices in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen thati the ient prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being trll ncquainted willh the diseases conmon too themt, having attended them in the sugar Iouse in Charleston. The famous anti bilious pills atter the composition of Professor Smolllette. with directions, can be lln I ofthe undersigned. The efifet which they have produced in tllis and other cities, hoa been attended with the greatest succss, to whirll the hest of references can be given. Apply at N t. 1.6 Maoa. sine street. JNO, 'LLOIRING. IIULLUW WAIt, WOOIYSCtitE W, SAD IRONS, &c. TIHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, .{o. O E38 Water, near Beokman street, New York, have received the past season, and re corstantly eceiving largo and extensive additions to the slek of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortmont, suitable for the southern antd western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2 difforent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frota 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovoens, 7 difirent sizer, Tea Kettles, 6 do *killets, . . 5 do Ilat Spiders . 6 do severed Spilers, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Curt do. 5 to 7 inches. - Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inoh, No, 24 of a superrior quality and finish, and loss than Jamo's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailjig. Toilor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. lash weights, 100 tons, assoeted from 1 4.4 to ' lOlbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. sle top order, . Alo steamboats and other machinery made to e'ydir. 0. The above assortment of goods is particularly epommended to the attention of Southern and Westu merchants, and are offered f.r sale at low ri , and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be Kied to be the largest and best assortment ever bidfred for sale by any one establishment in the epi ed [itates. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, ca. have a prinoed circular, with dc.ripti,n of g'oods, pricesand terms, from which no doviation is over toade, furnished by return of mail. All orders will renoivo inmmdiate attention. New York, 1838., t "3 NU rrmtriUUeo NUL UuO t 4vn t'cw ri-Olie, o ot t. 14, 18 7. A BOL'T sic mnllths ago I had the misfortune to getl a tl dir,'aso,ur, fitr tehib Ibryr nlaplild tou .ve ualdeetorr flur a -tlr, lodl they did rot ucre mie. F- sew n tlhe above date I Ipt yyo.elf taloerthl nane of I)euto I Hlunt, matl I expert himl to cure tme. Since that time, the diaau got worse, en as to break out iun large ulrcuai to tfhe ourbar of rix or eight on ea h leg antd all over my face, and sore throat, ndtl not able to work at h preeent timti onl acount of the disease; large ileer ott the right side of the throat. I am no € pitttulg myteli eonidently auder the care o' r. Ilueter, Paris, tdbe perlrctly cured JOHN DEAN. l.e 14 ly T 10 CERTIFY that the above mentioned diseaee is Tnuite well ourtd to lm even satiofiction, for wrhiilt I thank Dr. Huet; and moreover I asees ire that ti mudi qes hoae taken makes i o fnt, and did not injure tay bcltkh ao all; therefore I advist mo f Ilow ufferers toi lhterd.tilar ad. apply to Dr A. litte, 121 Cenal sls ttbetween Dauphinme srd Iourbtit lrree;t. Ir Hntt leat homroe from 9 o'clock, A li, until 4 P ,l. Tey Will hfind a trne doctr lot this enerOoplait,. JOHN DIEAN.oI tiravier street. IC an0y one ovayts to oe me, call t Nt. d4 4 oravite JOIIN IJtt N. New Orleos. Felt 1,1838. fer, 14 ly p G Ind-iat-.t lisam oef I.irern i ta ond itre. *.bouod, is put up in bottler at the lou price t of 511 cants each, rcnttaiting the srreugth of thIree ounces ,it Liverwort, heals lee the irtues rl many tliter rota andil kbae nown amone the Indians a releficciour in curing pulmonary etnlplaints. The u rivalled suaotos whlch ran attended the tte oi this iaaeeoltabla Balsam wherever it ho been intro doged, ha oltiined the cfidence andl recn itownde oa frer.tetable ldtyiicrnr, for 'ie cure of cugtisi eld, pain in the aido,, want of re~t, spitting or blood, liter Domplaint, &e. TA whom, it may cmecern. Thie is to cetlile that wre ala inoanr practice freqtentl. prescribed Ire Ga-id ietl.ndiatn Balsam otLiverwort a d Hneerhoclnd, c ewit a deediedg tooielTer; we can therelte, fltlt thle kntiow ,tgae pfthe mlaterial{ it ip made frt,, grnd cbsetrontor atuia uee, r~omeo it taa i tlaerir •l rparatiot aeji bc aeeflucleie of the eunes f.r ,vhich t is re taiandrd. A.I,,R I' WIt LIAIul. M.D. • ."+, CALVIN ELIlIS M. D; MWtmbee f rho Bontout Medicil Aarciatinon. iBeetoneOctoeber 88. ealdby JARVIe & ANI)REWI. ra 19ll C n.nou an It':'teett rleet et I*MD'8 Veglerable Hair Oil, for the rcttoratint t [i w h'wlth of iir,egive l Itealthaud beutjand As"1 Hiir Oli was offred to the pnhlit, it ead ren tlerdie buodlrede efeereofbaldnee, thinnerts nuI gqaop e'efthe hair, oend ilovery instance its ialrenr iter r#e been reilietl. It hasni.rerfaired toprtdt.,, bald.:ti eaes where It dry and tenoasno to g ,eh~w ver, euettdedr elitealthy, aud pruditci be-..utnl t trib of lair. without rite itt. pl4eit t he ad. It.ala Oil girea n. . erreotl. fee gretu are ii prfaralrr l to ru ,tther tli t oil for ier qlterl.trt.l nn eel-alairn 4e hair. r'h h it e nheme edrh- eieitrf ie For aule at "er'" EES & D'LAV.Gi. c h1)M¶1N S H AltTl'T CO, ieve dow receirnmcrnc o on board shin ()Olt'nn.. r1;eWle, Riehuhimr, "Le cnlnmol lourds; (c e l'lm.rr, ol-4 nnil 23-I. l.ll iii ard Halls; 8,9, 10 and Id inch blade Rowie Klivn:; Leather ainl other truveell." Irc)reine Crnse; Belt, I'Pocket, Hnramnr.r , and Pnnuallinc Pietol: dciml.. andl ii re hnrmllal laune; Gamne Ince; Shot 1Belt-; 1 ,,1 er ead eei d l Pitol ke; cc-"rm lImIllcsc nail Irliahc' I cp$ 1rc' reon nape nnl frlp 1lnlicidee (Ctloh, Hir, 'i',tlih: cId Nail 3)rllashel; Oriris c;l ('hlorine Tnoth \0 ash: Tooth Powder Tnilet and Shaving c onps, in ipre t van rite'; iang Hair lraids, Ridnlet' and Prir.ttes: Pear. anl Tnoile Pnwder; Elnery Ilna.; Ivory TnhI Cushiblt. Patent SI,,le or Rarter;; (oin Scinpnlrdeca; Pownder Pafl' and Bonxes; Oil Itllaine, SealeM el dey.; F:ar-dropp; \, ni0t ucklesi: Brncalets; Bead.Necklares and Chains; Glilt and Silvered Beadl; Inli.n lBends, Belel and Plumes: Shell Twvitr Side and Drlesile Colbnh;which,in adldiion to thceir former stock on hand. makes their ansnrtment very enmplete, and will le sold ow and on liberal temns, at tle siee of the Golden Caomb. 125-cf 70 Chnrre .treere. ImHR 5 7nbsriber, Agentc tilr the extlnsive Ihene of WV. & . . Butcher, Shleffield, Enelafd, ha.' jst eerived a very extensive set ofl pl 1 i., .emisistinel of Table and flesert Knivesf o .-.. clreaeriliccc, Pen, Pocltet, Dirk, and Spear princt lnlve.; Roacnr,, eora. Fre' 'l'ls, &c. c. &. which they are preerend a exhibit to the trade cnr nrders. Terms and conditions will le mcde kcnnwl tt the time. ln_ J.. I). BINt &A COIHI:N.9PnCommon ct. NI-.A\ GO((1)S. QINIONS, HiARTT& CO.-Are fanw recrieiig ;cic er hilp plltutncill', Eagle, Merryn Andrewn, iIicrh ander, Prench el id Gerlnnl mcl',le hedloln avint eai rds: ster,helt aerd pocket pistols plamin, rihl.d atI split c cussioln eaps;: n h,]Iderse1;: gaosres, Th:ezrs, t,,.i ves; (Iillol's eonmmrcitl and nlher steei nle; Vit et; Violiccn tintes; shell. ivory and horn ecanhs: wa:dllirs; k, hend and lemnher purses; hair oirlds, front and neck rintlets neglro pcn'; German nil Frl.,nech cc ngle Water. Roncelsn m:accl nr oiel, imitntionm do; uanti ue cbl hearsoil; Imcrtble dleskn acl dltre;!n rrens.e: pest blanking; stalialnd toilet; conver mnirr-s; op ena.l glnsees and lview-, lilian in ale, bllsnal plannns; ccordeon; wllitc-ainel; tile rtd ll acvillg estgpa; toile; ow etr, eametle halls; seemed mratin eshinlli; pool standst screw clslhicnsc; ftlc)' bd claiis rll necklaoers: billiard latltl; pocket books tla d wallets;: CGerman hones ctstnar sentr'; fie ncl commnen gno olhatic suspenderscl, rt:lers crnlai; l l15 eltuticf-,cr cnmches;l sil rert lcnctils; Ccrey-oe, &e. &a. The above ic ndllilion to uo, former cnock of farnlc acticlas, irlnkesolnc-cssnnrcct vrctE . , etr c -c r sllt't wllcl.sle or" I ctli; Is the sign of thle Iolden Co,mL. 70i, ehoItr te sltl l ael. . cnOh t 1" OT'lJEl.---lhie pnrtnecrnelitil' Kelley, >hl.,.n .-('! ld llnarris, Klle Co... of nl crve wa na " Ics -l ,1 oc. hliost of Mn Iint, by the death o~n al Sml A lhiaon, lne of the paclrers o, tlhe fir us. I 'iThln unlernillcnld, turvivin partner-, will be chrrre rl jwith thic cetllinl and clcciti snil I ,usIurs t I'lI a ws: Lcvi C larris will nlctenld it,.the erlhl a el clte Icttinr;. i a Mn" Hl-act l Ntree adI lnr-la , le. l Pe & Co., t Jhlodner; lind lelrIn i(ullrnill nttend to h eseltling of the businlless Of lRclhv, \I t-on & Co., It i 'trNw (hl-inl lill oe of i evetal firmns ill:lu i e usl ill lelnlqn tincllerl r b 'hosee ltr.lhtlcd in nidl firms nre earncltly requtcaelt Soco-lte forwnrd lnd mtake enrly settlelmentl ; and th havinag claimts will please rtc" rl.t cliat ciholutlt delay. 1tIlNRY KI'ELLEY. 'Is.N b 11A\,1; F tl.%N I'd Cc 11 (lC.( F CVAT '' rasnec tt l- cc iif h l ott,:,, ne' cch tee lte ,+ itl-I itreeve,l ta fslrcl-t , , h the dozen ,r -itnle bnrl.. - t Alro AntrPlcn nl,1 lc--etlc)l tloilet Ip wcdme, ae ,otlr n u's and l ll I oxels l:tarii:, nll tailt,-rl ap,tosml.tice v anh :ull-, cil c ,t r , cc. ein ir cold crenm, txtr ne o lltsl, klcalc, W atrd's vegetahle hlair oil, poimatulnt, r'rtlec do! lrl-0, Florida. lavendar, rose and bay water.,t PI." c ,'s salt-, Merceillet perl'ccr- ini crunn,a evelctth Ile Id Iqulid i'oll e Clia-le and Orris tnc oth wnshll. . all nrl[litnlnl sIll pll of fi-h io sb l llb andll sll(l clmbs alnd .ewlehl)-,l sale lonw at whnlseale or t by SIecl.ONS, IIACIIT bCO, I by u! (- 70 ('hartrea shre. NE\V GOOD)S-Finmons InHartt & co are now 'r I ceinin from oll h(na'd l , Yazoo, anti Salto and brig Cotnt..irn,fitolf Net York, t great vniettl ofa gonod in their line, thqicl totFether with their I stoek on ill.d, tnkee their naamrt ent very , Tlrte. rite Io irm ttlt aomposen pmrt, viz: elltwist .,,r., 'tde mnel andi dressin_ combs, hrea do ofall deseripttions I u dlia rubber, sill and worted eletic carter, .l'.iOl(n tie elastic nu.spenders, loe, fce antd Luifer matc . oillitz l lkds, Oelts Pder irs and boxe, totilCt nowder, pocket hookl s lhand nallets, needle hnoks, shtell, perl, iror nl rtinern roae d lletall lel-dnurent, lauin. ral heads, laeckleates Inl nelinees, eand i mn% bar d r tecklnces, rut Clats and plinaied,1 ilveanl :il tbcarl-. Indihnl Ieads, beIlr and iplunrs pitol said ltue peow lea tlasks, sli belts, tllors, belt. nocket tltdlleililtt tistnls; drmltle atsdinile barre ed llnse, iroie knivel. and dirks. saeisor.,.h, i."m cotetknives, sellrd chaits, tand ribbolle nsiist bllcos, cl lh Ithir. taoothr, ilbcunlo 'rtllb. sho, ate, nflor ind daslatiloa brnltr Colth tieI, I:lrldna, lavrlnder, rose ani bhap Wtter,arars/ :I expeill,.;s, alln extracts, 'ateettsar, b uti , r tntlti. e, u,,d ý'ttr,'- t- getnable Ihir oils, shlattlin nai toilet en nmlo all dcn neipinl a ,t ladle'' and go itettle ttans' Ilcst k-lf d drrs.h. cares, ltahl' riegletsi nizlettes nd Ialid, lnill, Itan lev and mutsilal work haes, ltlia ald eilt, tisUllnd, cat and ,vest ltttons pearl and ivotr shirt du, shlirt slttdd, o,,ll and ti ilver leeaoil ases, tonilltelks ateL twerms,lated alId gilt Inelitc , l inititt ttr e d silverl bras :ud F, teer l tit.lthlle, h]ooks tld el e he Mir n inlt ilitat:o~ 'ruiilthl anot redalkahete ltinan vmiolns t nl n eiti n ,rin mied nil n llita perct sionl colps, lilnr tnnlltilt, sc oo d t.lh tein cgold alld sill\ r lce irn d p r.r, llloI er ",ar er, cfiaeor ao., riii W'li ill, r al iltnG tnd .a lll."t l.getldel, ii s gold, plnttad sl gitj.t t!l,.lies &c. 'he above, tlunether with n.gnrenlai vari:t of other arti Ie are offered tit wlolnsalce or rltil nu anwconnnodating eN ' Shell conmlTs f rpaired,1 IllI' Ei' SOinrl--at tih nigtn of tl h tile gol combwdoeT0 ih a' en ialt hesa!ncribors aas, t ",'c r ceivedl, i on addition to their reviou ;stck n hatnd, a fuinll and Ioimtplc1te Itqornllriol t oflt' rtlIt'l' ill their line; , iz: coibn, elrfnierv, Jntttllret, brnttthes, lokintr glasse:,e i'ncv rtnil'es, &.c. e·.nxsltilns in Iart as fi.dlow s: bleOllS-C-e t otise hella, wutatht tlir phlain tlck,twht, itilled Ihak, lontt i, r cn , racit, shitt't, curlt o and netalI, Brziliae ntita llllaItta of "'lla' desripto tl llo /t whielt are son:C ,'hxirnn olttel,'t, hIorysVPll:bI td' er·ei'cr LOdasiit;oln horn, adre-ingi and pnclet, tattn ier wilth , genral A -elnllnllelt of redla and .d'ncai .lsl-oin I'erRFUMI ERY-Cohlogne,, La.veler, Florido, honer, bay, tsen, nitl nanle noat r wafersa of c .vely size an ad dos criptitn, t l,etllolrattd Cologlne, entttt't ,ill'f I ;lnnitilo t, ancry aaps of aill kinds, shltviiig di ill ites a nd lots, creanm tont p dot , \tVarl' veettllle Ihaia nil, bears nld an tilneto. I restao et's eling tlile , lltlat aindl perfttu led todet prwdelr pearl o,,'drr, lit,,, her pilnla:i and bmxens po ltattln in piotns tni rols, tor'az aaid chlso'llo tootll eash iaund uaowdenl, it l a genctal nasrtmea t ofr JdE\Vtv.LRY--ste of thite t Iiatis old itrnt frui ionan Iltle etta, colsistilg F elwhite atld tred cllntelit, toli- "' iet eanhrnps, st in filagree, breastl pIina ota gret' ant itp oflate'la.., watch traltntiter, gilt t a nl siltt t cles, it.'er tllimblat, eilrer nand , ol pa tIcile" ad guardl chuine BrdUSHES-C oth, hinir, jewt.lmr, s, rulm,hcartblouor, lhat, :lesh, tooth, phrte, comb, NBail, 1h.,'in. , shoe and l ltite aah brushes,. lO)OlilNG GlISESI--Geroman etatli ant toilet ilnnass, ttagnifyitng nl I'reoeh dIatdssiag glnasts, hetine ta, etilh na u'ariiv of olnatr Iinds not eantllrrted. FANCY ANitD VAI[i'Y I ti rCLI'.:S-iF.tntt nltdAm.iealn poIrtabl n e de' :11'ad dresting cn, ;-, .:,i silng crseis, n ill u:ad witholt ilusl, llltical Doxo. l.. enordlia ot variu ltt kint , t i ioal s t ln d ' tgttitlt , iltt er ;ll plated pencils antd leatl tino d )e:vi ls ['i carptctters ad eruyvonsatnnlut loclKgelnttitla Iit .l..ol' with nilid wittlulhn Cetis, ecultnsttion Cn+II. trjen :l Ctnaal cha:lrGors ipple Crew drivers, :dltt belt, .etiIn balts, paste hlaekina toy tam setts, uililtllad- of ever)v Iindl, Ile!ln a tni anhte. tihluca d "unlman11 knlives, rali;!.zn aiid scisso!s, tioi;llbles, needls, pias, ailter 1d ttI, steel ald olltlitt laStCt clee, lckett books alld walleta at arintiOs killatl vlsililay eterdidtl card cases, playingt cardnl of renet h, (.rta IIa nlid Allleric an itiUlrlt tul'rc, do ls. iinillllion friall, sni9 t boxes, prnlt-a of Nationn kindt , dat 'utlteersn |otv's Entelllrall't, Ihilian'la aIt Iluwkin's i laze ite 1"ani aid'l tantalli haouts,llirkk, Ihntoy Lorad iIttl:klaee, do witla, ''.t dromtoy wtc, ay l pearl Itbtto:ls, powdler llalmta, e:.. ati platm sced ItLad, reilnt i " il aim lt, t elnit ae lell deres, altd grtale-ae, pthinlltat d "wold twles, haciatrlID boards, liee, lpUCat vitirnas jeti hlaai ,., n ucoitc, Ilt.ttli exand drinkiniug cuie, with tt great viuety oi OtIetr artc eles, all fali'i ht will hbe sold lIr cash or city nceltt.ini ces an 12 montla credit. B 1 SI..l(t:1l d, &r co. td4 - 7U(uilarirc..i. E\OL1I:AR'S ticince t.f t r,:nnnaorip receitod, tdd IJfor sol oot their jlerooot ocot t Wrtin g Aoaltoi No. 8 C'hutrer ploo't, New OrtIton, Ulb Iti 'tIouv New 'York, Id lphior sot., Mobil.. It it,otartieulurl, delci~oad lilt privat' learners, alit schools, wdll id en lculat blotip I o,'t u nerd. Ladiesalnd gentlemtoana invvtead tool cal d examine Cite syototfur thett elho : s. I.fottoootar gove at swiCi Mtuve", to o ta soli the oooooiuee uotooaal, aod to oboio fatroed ill t oy pat 1 of iho city. Lodijs hlia prefer itcoo recoive lessons ar thoeir ow~ re sidoocca. Yeeottattting ftr one iroo of Issaot are desired o attend ootl lthey writs ,t ..oil a slatooy oh.o I mlt f .. ,fLAIth .1 (OttO Flit I t)EA<NIEFtha. A NW article Ibe bro. trootblod wlth des'eeaa, (tolled tlte Eaor fottmpot,) has Otet hO.O recetotcd by ths ooote 1t'toticl, th, s'ightrao rtitulaaton, of 0 ho Ito stianvoilo ij diletltotfo eototter d to til..t nr. .t oo ooo toro his evoer oon oblogea toteonv.oo with :i v. F den on, ttslt ite fully 5001".le of the dioh iculr med e~n hsrroosttt oorpericured built to ttt'ro;cilooat ad tl, in. diviluats na ootitrtuoot. totIaili to I1. lty Itoe tie ..1 to,., cur oTrumtt tlhio ol'.tOtio tO entitelyl bla~ted. 7Iheo Itotrtseopttlot have I tbeso a"rtud it thir odobtthaloter hoving u ed o atat 'ruoulrt. oor :ale a' Fancy storotr.oe onot torCf., ntO ttd l0'ot0 I tdid t I.,.: 8 UtltII1 a IjJnl · . i PE 01 OIlt-t-Ai gooootot porna I a d 9S'suttt ,1, in etfio suo t lls,l ot salet' Wo lonatl: Drts=p ntr, oaaoar C tttoma aotI ftn w ilI''1L't- - m i .-- 41) kegs, tta.l E eh,!i .le-"'s 1.4 1thin. Sun ""( 100 ,'.to~t Brushes, arr" at sizes; I or Vorot il Japan u !6)Jr.·1 1 " Utroak h 20 packs Gofld laf; .50 do Silvertt ]Mll dt Ijtolt Olt.'t WINfrJl1' G Llttoh. Aott'rioo o F., ,'tlab and Frooeh -1 , U boxt-o, vsrlllnlH r 'i~i I and 1Iulilulr, t1',-um Lru..u du.--jUJ betty,cl~llouaigtun:.t ill be Alas, a geootal aesotnrtmot ofter(ivtt' tblo11a nd rtols, forooaletby A IV NCAAI Es, Nio ;(; Canail 'teed.f N I. Alastrtno rte taketoo t or toand )1 I. ij·;; l Inotas ·Kil lie recesived at 1U percent Lli.·I "I" ;). CU·(!-, tor li Io' enven oftbWbto. t41.t ) t-;0 notd Ir -,ale IN ýpa at A]. ILLIAMS, 'OCULIST, 0ow AT T.ut,4FFERSOW ti: USE-.Po,JlEFF ON ST1I4T, LOVtSVIt.LL. 71 ther dttor of the onfist ilie .qdrerrtl cr: it t I '--t alppars by theb nh tirvatinnt of thie Editor I t3f tlhl Nashvile Presbvterian, Union and Trans_ 1-1' eript, as well as the editors of the Memclphis Enquirer., al tiht "tih't)l i Gentlemttn" in amo.e the DotIort his nht is provCrl by his klinly rane, knlow ig that his time is in lt short, anlt that thit inennndent Amterioan people tIo are uile to judire or themselves what are puffs and to imtoitit:ols. The we thy edritore who toe I)uotor, ch the, proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the hbove ty nained journtildt Alt every letter from persons I have is rs'oreol'to iefltt i 'thA bve pllceo, plt'a. wl 1. ThA thflat fs,Att I never lid sloh reent ottcess ju within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One n who was needI abtut ten veers, wie Ihad only seen the of light Irom his birth, lbegn to osee to follow tis mattera to tmy hiotelt, iutted of boing obliged to hbe led by him. Two young ladies, who had each lost the sight of one fli eve, one fir ten vears. and the other r fornearly two , eears, having both of them the.other eve very enek; to toet each of those youtng ladies began to see with both eves, which benefi I pledgenmvaelfstill continues. ex f ceptint they are tonder the influence or dominati -n of the ,ledical Doctors. Another in tiho daughter of na respectpeable merchant, wose name I am bound never ol to mention, (no he paid me my fees), who raid she had lost the sicght of one eve from the age of 10 months, " but that tlhe now hegins to red large letters with the P othetr eye ermpletelo shut. This the doctor e:htor " khoew, ts the grenottnn told me himielfhe hld con-.' cite eb ii dnuchter to the toicee of the medietl edtitots. that their might be infi rmd of the fact. The last I n =hall Imt ion ins anteelderly gentlemtin by the name of It YIootl lle e.rytvoito yeoars of age, whi de;claoret pIb-I i lie l.v Irttori wititit he tottk to nt l tle difif-ent ofiiee tl in Nolvillie hut one, end hilmself told me lie h oaid paid fir ' he insertion whatoter they deatonded, lhit d clar e ' l tthat letter tint lie Its totlly inleprived of t'e oiohtt -f ote oe ve from f ke ltrr ieri his birh, whtich his motherstatt d to Ithi. occsitoned by the d tn aqle t or small lix: iter nt v r.t c,,lddb not otl rct tie lioht of the sun, fr ti nfirsattico ltt Ilt recillects, oi _ but thre tint: anl, ond wIas rt ginnine to dintinui.ns many oljectr e p a d ch befor t loft that rlty, give eot. nv .rtf tht iii'he cild i ee to walk nbetiltii e i riets 1t i ith tile otier eve e.inoleteltt c ot-sed. He aIid ire hnd beon ire mber ut thie IMethodist lpiertpal (I iherh tfor no rlo Ibrte vrn. ant I that hist wotl o never doubt ed thiltolgh o .o 'shtote eonirt of hios 1in. . t reitpc t:. , i 0ttd ne0ver trcealr torcest thaln it Nahvoille, e. 1i : : '' on mediconl and Iletli n doctiors alld I everncf- t ' re ;ell rIasolon 1 le hr Oa, a red. l h Sio,.nttndig na.tie A.;l thev. elcatnl l0' Nahitlh woaves ih e n tnt t do tb . that nnbot nix veint pist, the a.V I cn-ver edtl , tci.;rol 1n polrf'c i:tiolh, tio h Iline an tye I dtril s tf'ihe iotntte t eit hove t aj , erI. h fl t e nrror-that 1 ktp n t have inilltt ai , ia I thi efn'ti I illti of SIn vents to come, rt it , old ot a nverred frInom ii inidlii es tie tpo"t i f te tr 'ut Inite tof t e i does h:.t breathi oat rlestltltion, nor, 0t .luliv lld . on ,' 'lit' l o t i c t, Ia te Iis mc edlic t i tro in o act i't ioit IInl w.Joilie knew hiad dota ho Iuclih nd, and ldIIo inl jlrv to uy one. All the inihabitn o,f Nnithvill- pnoke OItf the e 0rr0t it-itr f.t, 'at-p th, tie n:t'dio d, tas I I ost ofthem ti el hot . i oniie iofued by c ir t ou ift hof it tile co l, tt nterf I aed on iis totl tht blind eve. i - . The f no ioes Gtn'itbl R.thi. tionto, ott ndl that I S1 hilse ie the inR rcls 1 coinvred in t'hide slpr e ince s Stnrivnl in t!lhe IS,.thwiest. Thid ph.e Iht w ulrl ha.nd, told ibrt I kept thtinetoa il -t1 ri ei i t htl i 'o, tiln. T I I tnind osne il lirh. u or t to ,I ve t lied nlltoth-l erl in timlltl nnd ofI e iw, as ill a b, ,oe io era lem r on llay very y muthfll lbrl oil te dlate I Eiue, ins i tpiie if tle f:tuleration tif tIboe '.tit Dr'.,if I mavy Siuwle y fr,, tihe man I daoe a::y the bcnefttt:d in tidel , ,.,tv a ithln three davy. ' i. The bi et oIf the ;lroa' nt it to iofi.ln tle Lodi- i r al G3is!ihs anld editor of ,hF l lt e hliran olnd Tri a ,I ovterian and of tie oiot, of Ntshvtille, as witoll ti he edit or itied sub nodito cditor octhe it , n plto is l:ntlo rer. iaq well o edt r tos toiice, the edilt- r of tihe Lotdville il roal, alnd al·e thte medical iloli ll editor of this cIty, t tthet D i., thati I hle l brintit" etios ',niastf t f tti ootll ll it, r r'u tiiti iia o 11iandelr ea ith t ll tt ctllllodi. a:l tely lrl00l ar'rival ict New Yeoll nooietr.lo a teainot their tmiable h0, o ormn the toedical oliahtt ofthe ttorth If tow'n not till ooify tOnti hfce\ itr tot/c t toit haplly ; td of , hbety, until I have hr -ght tile nnes of all oat' o,edlial tliuhds of tle tuor It, oo i well a - the south nd thtie-t, to the iritotitone! Ti e uotlited, ulhrd . tc. . r inform tihe ;uttlic tht t t he lu; so cnl'cd, ut+ hc k thle Rev. e!..rieultv converted iafidel pl'e, nd was i" 'te.Vitr r him, wa'o wrtt--tt trore that l a wels t ioti ,oi , id l ll r PTC tlle r e Ioyt ' . h1 1 1w 0 0 , will, end it iu 'si irtt presectt o itoiinut ilotnit'ttiitga," diso-,-io-ooatioti; l, n Ilte conllrtlr v t,,k it to hisiltt tlo- co ttente it inth art, Ile t.tay he did, which hie said he hoactr ltt :wnold ain ^' w~r jay puroose ioner;hlie dehtveredl then1 both t, , !ip, all tvi lilmt proten .inq that 1 wanted I, b'" bbe him fro,1 h;l: 'l;" doty, itt I net el" coulbl nreannte to 0101+,r that reetlnlatn lrtn or tineWhtT, nny mlollney fr .ot;tinhg forltt i'he lRev |r )Oetl(m.'.on. .lntemleot is before Ihe public: held lie not es, exltnlltnel fil my di )In ia'u, \c. &1. w'i It a ee~ller nten, I n a:n intiutnth friend olf his, as well tit the wo,lle of ii,, fib, patienr il eeoalprnt witt anthler t 'lergyl nn aib nd i'e Ot nd thee1 atll to b' atlulbe ie and I ll l mlye l hatlc tlls tol nd Nnslttlle took the ntl:l. ; arid !l'eline old their el A,, Aorta to loin with there thli2 . ll-)\ vorll. utl athletie", 1 t s. ell aool nsld inltele, tool11 fortme of tl e. ,:iid tofll-beeotlvlel l I t 'el cleiienl Idfeli . \Ve rend in the Iihle that ,n known by its floois," 1 dllte -av the colnverted iufidel toll It1 i/r'enlc ed fa t hnat !lnt. [l~ei 7. Il evidet'tly ontted to establish his moral o hotr ac;er 'a a mr:a:, Ipy showing h111t lihP was l0ove lhcil hr·ilci. let u'. Ere 'lhltll r tlle u1nin of thbily lices f I .t lver ill11 a toly to him ..s 'ell a it was h elt upplied to aother conierted intidel, who. in the Ilttvs of the in o.rnati'n of his Divine 'Mln'ter, abstoltely ' ohl him folr t ot oltnulmer iof plces of silver M'y anu wer is, thot it was nev\er illeudel as a ibite, nor could i, b.e rounidel ed Fs by a-,r o tne, as it wais olt evenll g it to to i e lentll iurt of all the regulll r priln(l's fe , of $1 per sqUI le. C'oottoni'twttio of hCotit''tts of clositly pliito, It ittt'nle t to bribe htt i, I should ooiered him at -1 o t, o his tre oulr lite, intar.d of l$ 0, hich, ill all , Ioblablitr, he WouI bhare elaclly received ,s hi+ fe, and not t. i bribe. On the elllt l;ery,if I oil been co pbtle of fl;lt in: a obr le, I thoutt cecrIinly have done it it a wavio have in-lured his ac:eptanlee. U. tall thle Rev. DI)ctor boln reallvy ronvertold to tihe I-el,. fufthe doctrines of thle :nvioutll'o, e would not h 1ove prollie to cotnt nt d exa nlllt ,' ti Iplienls , itl atin kee ilo Iris wrot, aJ 1 it av eulwy,,s fOuhod eve"Lr tIliister ofothe t o-opel zeatlouis Ito ,no. l. Ind he been renlly cnaerrled, le woulbl nt pub li'ly' h:ve spokron ngninst tl.e American itiolitutionu which, it is well know. ire lmore nulmerous, and which ott superiorttll t to tlAnly i so e paits of :llrope. Ili ~moduct sit lurchd di'eu-ter; some young literary Oro ha c t o b ittorb re l ftot t t i lnisht g him I'l e I~lb. gentlemarnthreab ;I a orIullnan, is without excusel , (tlle-,a he is ealulinliuted), ilthotL h hl e Imay Ilhink i, ha< I, a right ito uht-e the Amelrien iuiitlutions, becau-e he is a converled inl:lel I sav he has not-nn tol ou't ot speak tet o.f the it es hIto toot tuttoe .+er. I tuCV the t.:lllll:1 nntaid tinottoot' itnd govern othetr alliablc t otil. geott t men Iof , ,ll.ille, ct llect wtell o ft e er,lu.t of thi pious expoun:ler oof the lHoly IU. I nleer saw mlnhl a demolln ill Ihulon shape Its tI e ItR'. ltertor wa Ithe dav I c':l I to r'oeon with I:.m, when hle le!naced my grey Ia"rs witli an uplifed o lltic arl;n. n II l olt w ,dd ll flltr nie tr the hi- ;Ito, bh a bribe of :II pIircso lf iver! I really inet,e ld Imorl t han il the "'ld Gentlenman" had ult - Ipetrd io his wi "' shLate! 1 . I slemnlv drclare before Grid, andl am nnt afralid t tlI I tla to witess that tI t.e ittI in the ]hole cou e0 of 4. years pr.lactice i- an ocllist, ill lGrent lritlin. 'ltanie l I t ren alwd lme'ricn, io a o si, t InUtonce ol fererl as a lribet aly mount to the editr of 2t voj, or h-t as a otpntttito fiot the ' ioto I ,ofohietd and the rod,'o oet' lt c I' oot.eih Wle ol oe;ind thad '' wtt' o'¢ii s notllle Inelined ll ro o cetri thor tt.l n utoa d t or t t l oell o r"e. printer'a bill; ~hlich is a sullicieut prol' that I had w ek Co i ltaill s a tile of l.tRou nttl lfl.ellhood. , ic, aohl Ie will catch a I.- !" 'I'Thougll I paid hi. !;tr inmy advrtIemllleUts ll"r two or lllee wee.ks, lie t'oul will please to msert this lett,:l in your next pa per, LanI ublige y ous, tto. JulIN WILLI 'MI , lthe o'ngolit h Oculist. i cli,.ille,Jaly- 1837. Copi ed uf, ,eke S. W. C. edoclate of Ile, 20h Jumne 18r. alt the 'T 11", \\r.ll'dlwliu we iuier, the fUllUw ia'sn te ftm tihe Rev. 11t Il owoll, of t Nat.hol., to the udlt oraeoo t. South t ,t stern t iniitt t oiom. 't,, w o' it a .pears has exofmined tlic dipiloas and other dcttu u.ts.,evi.cive of the Ioartor' chios to lpublie patron wain in lille It n dlatto longer than helt flst int,'nrld--sar the lst Jult. Rlev. ir Stringfici :--I lving been requested by Dr. \\illiam.s, thit nicAt -i tow in tl hs ity, to ex, tinieo is SnUtlllero ut dtpioms atltd orltoher do"cu" tslo evilcit, of s clais h to lubli euofileit i ir his prllofesion,i have, ill eII a.llllv wilh valued friend ,llone so pith plentsure :Idol toE tot t f t 'OtLnd a lemttr fi,'.o tr l'Otteot at i le set (lharge d'Afl'nire ll ihe sKin ofy the Freneh, at \Vashilgton, addressed to Dr. \I'illiams telilfing te gP'uill. s tt he dipo tloha froll the i ' ll oftFrll:'et I tt.s ofortt-oot btts te lt o n 'etron votue ltrou U i I ees of gireat sucees in t e Itoo.l'atiol ofogt' tot tlhe ,..lld. 1 have eeell le n v all In.. ;rolar putict i in this e -:. I klnew non.-· of tl.inin previllos ou tl ,eieommnine w,. or his care; lIot all I hlave ."eu s.yi t,. y are un i o]o.looutbly bonetirtod. Rt)B'T. B. C HOWELL, Noisvilote Jone t , 1i837. 10. '. o'u ritin the anlovl, o e of Dr. .rV'illialr ' ,patieu, h bs voAle Iu ,, a I UIo It h ie had scti I ad totaly toit the aigot of otl etro :or sevte.t i tyto but nowdeelare-;himself Ilhet t Ieoo tlottttr thtet' t; nguish,wilh t!l t ev', i,1 the pItl.+. i lt: tars. 1 leal, ulh[h tlhi o'l gelllan hl: a hlsl li;ved manult gua "s in thi. rlzion,and u, Iva lie na beau a .1Ct'.lJib t d'uring Youril trulyL au-lU R. B. C. iI. 4 till "'lo Ito I IIILAIiELtlii A-For tslt, hy YORI"! It' l'lllIItsl, 'IF' t\EiR' l (I' OF I,OUItI.ANA,&e. &o [n ot r .liir ,oUtitao'"to iotlh its 00e olot, roatls ot!o.t dielac(, ero il ' lllo e 111 liob e, al lg tile: lilge ,l, oot,';ll bun t route,, be, 1t. S. 'I elnu r. Ill rfeJ-.LI.S M ao OF fHo IT.lE;D ,"3ATE): vh,,w ng l t, orilcjpai 't'ttooolll a llt ire ol ll I ., ;i,] 1u hi]Ol are i-.e tit itIo' Sues hio t Oallis fro"" on phuOtt to o ia thr i.i .--io ish,,d hIl :. Alt, ' t m ot l. JJiITC'lI. I1 S '|RAM I.LFi'too iliCE TioooloGho otIti ,o re irt=' . t io & o-et t ., 1 a h,r sale' (tI'F ~i, ISLE tINIbAN'.i PANAS-A. . O11. the eurenf .dheumatism crofulaor kingsevl,gnnt, Saciticae or hip gout, ici;ient can.ers, snlt rhellelm, silphilitic an mercurial diseases, pvrioIularly ulcers and1 iahslulaloections ofthe bones, ulecratel thlronant nos-d rilk oelersof every description, fever sores, amn internal bj labsesses, sfiulos, iiles, scald head, scurvy, biles, chro-. ile sorme eyesl, ervsiielis,bloitl:s, ild eve'y vrnietvo'loc- C. l:omeos alfectl ,ol i hronioe Ueirh, brread ache poeedvl- I ing from anyacrid humor, pain in thle stomach anvi Ivs pepsin proeeeding from varation, atlieotiocsofthe i :. ch'ronic intlammation of the kildneys, eal vleml:d sy naused y a torpid action of the vessels '. is sing:iarlyeffioacious In nelovatir n th, whiuh have been broken down by itnjiolb juvenilet iregularities.. In genernl terf mended m all those diseases whicharis. I , . of the blool, or initiation of the hnors, i whllatuver it name or kind. l Some of the alpve complaints may require some tri- ii fling asisAint applications, which thecircumstances of the ti case will dictat'; but for a teneral remedy or Porifisator s to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will n generally be found sufficient. TO THE PUBLIC. Is How true it is, that modern Physicianss, i their am lition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofscieance by the aid of'bhemistry, and seek out new re. medial agents; in short, to arrive at pilefretion in the practice by means of art alone,-antirely overlook and neglect, as bIeneat:thther notice, therich and bounteous (1 stoees of medicine, wlhich the Almightly ihs caused to 11 spring out of thle earh in every clime! And how much d more true sit that while the Anmerion Physvic;a looks f to t;reign cunvtries for malny of his most cnnmmn nse l ireevs:ivy iativlrs, perpelanlly eclavging as tilcy av'e at tile dlictates ol'f:lshio m't'no ll, hie is svllsrvnisls in hisi own countrllly witlh a endlessiprnflsion of medicanl pIlms, sufrlciv:nt toimiswertany idiic:ltion in disease or to clre Sany clurablalisnrderl and 'yet he is igialolnt of their r'- t tloes, ustl Il) nare sulllredlto 'wstethiis hIealing on the vdesert iir.' lThe eflfets of vegetable medicines upon the system are t emrparv-tdose of niinerils lasting. The Ibrmer ex I crLt tiir .leets ands ps niff--thLe hltter, emenrcury in imvr - tietlbr, act chemically upon the solids, deconmposnng Sthle bolles ad underminilng the constitutii n by a slow i kind snre destruction. r The congeniallity, efficieney and SA IETI' of vegeta ble remediei over' mierl, Mllw' neo estimated bY contleait ingthe allient practice with tile smodern{l or', to lbl'ig it l ioreeimnltudiavl oil.l e on onwnl observlltion, th' Ihall. :m platLice with LthtI of the whites. Who, in America, Sanis (It known or ihe-r'd of reptvuvted lnstlonces wherein snme decre vjid, vnilreteiIinv,fsele1olidi, hy mneansof her simple iledies olie ilas nilvflcted ti(le most raepids e ustkstonishing cOres, ,lt'.lete .litt'irnt Mledie11 of the r-mmon practice directed in tile most skilful mllllller, has Foiled? Al whol has not been surprised tit theconis S:,r thecaae ndleilitywith which the Indianficeshim self IiIlt v ny disease, lld ti the almost iota ahstinence d Iolt' c r n einsseuiatnlllg thplll m VWho hsn let ihear Sof an Indian with etonstitition brokontl nod rained by e illsi iSitmenIt AsnI d cin a dsui t exist that tlis h lly ex eI ismltillon of the snnvge from most of the ills whllich the SilIh of man is heirto, is chiefli owing to more genia I if 11 silt e remsllles which IIh eni IIoIysI ? 'I his astonislh isg difirvuec inl success, is a fair exlenplificalion of the Svill hol si eIIliorily of tile sinle a tll ol moan lls l' crel which (od has cr eated for thle benefis of his lilhihen, overshosl ' s Bich tile vride alid sll t of sneon hrve ill I" . vv~ilcle. Irom itn Iog srlrellce lrtnotg at pnrlion ot'fhe abigin l iluhaitats of thi ofnth t ye un sslan i timate c:letlllin tane with the isHlliods of cure of some of theirl must successful pecn tiite,'rs, the i' oriettr of 'The 111sil's t'ltter.'acquetlitod a knowledge of some of the most i powerfulland tforiteromdies. Fromlt'hse hesel.tetd stellts is w'ort' Inosl eMfiCiOtlS:lllld to oirtlliles, and Itller valious experiments to tst their pt'itleile nitnt stIrength, he has combined t hm in the fott I tr pr1esenlted, as tle most perf et I Lcll.eneficial for the puropose for which it is rveometllaled.n '1 ie proprietor offersthis preparatio~ In tho I publie, swilth the consciniusmss that he is placing wihlilltheir sea, n remedy capablel pf reliving many of his allHicted til low blings, who awr sutflcring usler the various chronlic anl obstinate uomplaints to thirlth t is applicable. To L sluch it will prole of innc:eldablc valou, as the means, Iesl in nn:tny cases, lthe toly mtcans Of" chieing their suf- a feri.'gs an 'resi'rilg them once mot e to health tland hap itess. Th['is is not oilred n's t emmson 'remedy, that t m:Iy per 'hiioC ioe eltrttdly gnod with m.lny other's now in use, but as ro e lOhi ca Masble oll slts ifsg life inll lot'y extroeme castisih sali tiheusllusuel ietllslll i.'al This it has done repeltedl'dn and this is the reputation it hsob. It is ulnt alMut thre years since lhisprepalration was I:pres.tetl e oIh pnulic: but i tt shot hot slneer of tite, Some hunlnr Is Of persons might Ie l'enll,( who wouhldI solemnly dlclare that thlev believed tat teit lr lives wesre I .ss I hi it, sl is iiaotas. stlte' 'te hss lad tril' manyt l amp hipsllsit ioel t ss commonrettedies it sain. 1 her ever Its ks \ it is Irsitislp into a.l.i, iIland this altly tiihe Itot subs t .tlll att cointing proUof of it 'I te vallue ,'fit1ell . most collnspicuous in those Ion.g alnudlin"g n1 s hilitic atin srl tlous nssi.i tilns thoIuh be dteed all h(tier re.mndics, asl pu.tisuhtly it ll.i. itecsit R llhl l'uee ItseIrl .nr" t i h sll b ltllge o li ttsv.i llus l's to I t t.ll ll istresnI pll liIn l~l holes , nodes, I e io II . dial tlers, ltranlllll ,til ntll l of II t I dligestive ol r nI1 I e. l'h' it i' l ! tIel retl o s l ll s lll ta in all l ases. i ilt lltires i'i ii(.. it;es I s dish .ses Itolls tollstlls lfilmerct) l , rien-l l'li.ltte l ls 5,5i i nllt i n oll lareat thell pi a ti it s t nllll d W ill. In Icls nil llist l uld i ln iu t ll rt sorel. hltll , its hol-l ts an1 iolt lel..s nlappmriiti giving almostI inlsmsls - 'I ll' I dlil pro. il oses, thelr . n'sllllilll. II t lLtau S ol" alts ",r tn :,Ite u:,tive and deter'acs; a disisphseitic, tasi tic, lld ,lal 'ti'es,a I'nll ti-Lpasnll odic alind .1 ) mo glhly l nlmd il er IIIIIL rIIases, :0::lstomacllhicand r nll m 1 . nLCItuagogl e. (ie rlll\. ally' e.illsse , it inctl e ses:ll t all tihe sIieretii ns and l Ier '.11tiios lntoerI. to the stoiml h, Bulsl eacitls hctisl it te glla.llll in i pan tlcul lr imnnt11 . ro ' : these peinci. pl. .:is llsopt Iitsll . oI s' he tlll!,ýrl o . . 'sis' it'uslicit l tsi.bIn l'and Ikilss y uefll in many big)n.lllit. diseases Itl Ite.lle spe)til I, anldl it alll s bten Ised "1: s If11kersl aucessts . ltogand a Fu'1i ll P'u 'ii; , by hsti e re sutto conplo of asoe chest, s;tl ll. hose .onslitu llt II:' ulihe oi.w liofr. Su cI p: !us. s... d o well uJ I I('n"ii ll' e i itlleiis ii n l Ih, I., . t. it " ai 1 diC t.I ilnk is ci l lsi dt sl I'IIt C.lless y, siis ri s'i.acs i, tak ist I sn rualr'r l'eose; will nis'er all is i S ilst:oss all misch less Tit lle, at less expensel , landl i i r' I . agreebis 0lle Innri tnlle I ig llt illollll dieti driik. rThe f'ollowtog ceriiiflotes, +ul of hundreds snhe Iwhiuh lmight bI'e prurtl, a're gi-en to l how to he efloct oIi .i lllhalllll$ l]lllll' l.'lls F IO aill llt' ..'l'i l8 colm lni'.st. t rIi islotn tit t'rtssl iiiit' l stellll I xh Ih s tilIlls Ii mo ilst ' .suLstiit 'I. In neIIltr its sLLnperiurIILy o. tl'lilt,411 li+lt nll" VrI1t il ll io lll ab " CASES OF" IIII'U.\IA'rISM. .au.rollTIN, Nollv. I 5,1830. )uringhe lasl W inter andtsls lg, I uns s l llic te with n Ivery severe anld itstresInllg Ih utlllou ilm, i cliones ed byi )I·. osIIu e in hnd wt'lltlet. I now 1111€. eat l dt :l..ll't inl sitalls.tIn Iiith i Ih oltt s ot'th I d Ii.[iNi1Nt ..I, testot dill 1 lit r to llt 1 a ll l ', nlll d I c onlfilenitlly r lieommenll d it to :dl i il l a ' " tl ictitd. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst, o UIst.AeLss si Maruch -7, 18ts32. I 'was szcll ahnut tihei years sinceI with a distresli. g ihln llttim, causeId lby talllkilng : severel. cold, Iwhile under theinhine.n.ef mercury, ,l 1 which Ii:ts disabled .r froml blsit ss nlarl ever slince. DI hin.g thits period htne b tity Ittielt.n tie Marine s Ilospital, it this eit iardsll i.blo1r months, Htnl nearly l'at, hse s lough l llille nh tilt 13,linlm rel losllpital, t d tlried 11almost 1 u 'l' e ie'ly, willh little be1nel hs YslIt, It litih iof li c narl last. lat illterh , I tm sa ulrce lyabl oI ln nta llllut upion cirlll . tls, I icottll lnsed the usi e oiif lllilult's i ita, nlrlta i on month I ilourii myslf lenti.C frel t .d e 'lrol iltn, and ir now happyi to state that I l.yoieni ' tll is ll sll iretl well, V\I. iUCfKIER,1s.i t sl et St. CASES O, StIIOI'ULOUS UI.CEIIS New YoII, Sell it. 108.310. Thiis may eertily That in the t idl o 18i25, I was seize iittlll ai sipelingin my necik snld hce., which afticware tidee'ratle Sled on tbe e large ghistly ulcers iln Isi ecl. Aliir I, i ig teter lhtstiees t toos I trttise i Itsen s Ililtt elpRi, ii d placed s st1 self under the csusaret. tle. II'l illtsrucn lench, so hen, tlet r repits saolivatllot, to niio elhtl, I Was pir o1not . ilutne rly incurlatIc. Al ter. wnrll hok twt n o lll.sol'Swllslt's Itelllacea~:lned cigh r tthrs tof i Pote' Catlholicuu s ilh to matertkl benefit s)espal ingl ofr lite, which had nowe htettle Itn' hslltn t ome, I rtlllll to llsIy pareInt itn New rYolrsk, illn 18 l, an Stanlvsel f I p tlo a l i tgering deilc th lllh ariln of tll sllmillr to m ly own, I was pe sedll llllUI 11trw it, ass:L ist l. sil. To it) gruats surprise, as well as satistl'etion, welll'sl the coarse to monthvlils, and have remained so sinlie. tI make this staten tien iiisl w i t publish ed f rt el Iswnefltofthoso who are suffering tooter similar si.I'tIIIIEos ii1itohitltis aittoms, touttthey I mai y kilSuiltrl wh al hr- coe dwle mlho has. sallluved novre tlling total deth, i.nd iwho considers his life saued I y thet above is. W.M. IIINIIA' Cstnula;tTon July Is, I e3l. I was afllictess , for r yearsi with :' s lse er Is te legt oc casion:,ly pucpniel wiLh cr-.ipelatous inliamatiol and uxcssi r n iniu thle leg s lnd s ncl joint. Sevesile eninent physciains exerted their skill upon it, but with out pean ltent benellit. In this case live ohutle llnion's llnacen llllmde I Ptllll m ect cure.11 MAIAIAlEI'T A WNS'.T, 1I Muarket ,For sailey , IlENY IUONNAIIEL, drtggist, gope to ie Pir IllltoitictsLrs, Teiloupitonl asi1rlstrt It NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COT9t 'AN 0'. rllttE stotkhotslets if lthits corns ony ure Ihreeh no 1 ltaid thsl by a resolution of tie srood of dire - it'u paoled ss ius on the 111 inst. hull ms on the onra ithe 13th Fembruary Its, tor tliss ptscnt of five doloiru f share, tuns re scisdd otity the sisd stockhulder tore tithr isosisisost t cittt ii o rlleiti t \ith useAst, b. e teol'in of hisrelbnte arsted tsi tie 19ssite anus , hc t ul hst n o n o the stock of alders of thle New OUr eas atd NXhs9 illo Bail lto,.d'Com :. uir tsite fulnsssjsllsg isn'1 ottsif e the otslot held t spotet e ivesy sylhumt it t. slmd pitr, wit.rtt .hare lssoble o ole fisll tl ot' o ene b l:el'ni tistd,lti ars per sr toi e abl o rthe tr d ti i of December it tm ; ete d twod dIts per ohroe payldlea he o i hSt day of March of hls eti t Uyt ut shall notify tit slyulre holsersd hereish through ith.ultblic pr osnitn of the city shat in soesr oti. dwith ia sisuot shutio, of the eghnrti.s, thit," a rniat;, to postpone 5°Yinsysl'sntt call'd i' Io th stick s,fhsaid Isnisiss ftr r the teiss ill' eslclsit y.dy theoriesso teostd y ln lsthich it its made vblet oi, wi the ext te us tei. sit ists 00t.lioil of sixty dasis t.ry ird ft r . tos dot' Ol which it thouhl hanve leeot tmid, tu then lhe suoit on w'hich.aitlpusnntsohould have t ientmadte, issind rtm , !uorui iiti dto tIle cotlpany, hoe chartet r oieltha point t's ntl it'lt 0 tsve. ttslsticifse riss thscefore, tiioesit the ahal (I" the ittditionul sixtytdss' s hith thoe chrter allows thsmtirn notified lnatiihe i pays'nt of two tsi teni.'s lacxt ionisl t 1, pn.tss Oi.p undeor ith uixth ise1ction du;te usAieslt s ees dollars per share calle for, and due .,It Ih nt. lltiry of Iittsecnlbtt r f iext, s o In, potut jurs di A II \1\,1ItI. S..e'"y. ' isI+ S'I'AT'I OF LOU|SIANA.-Parislt Court fiar the I JUST. Parish nold f'ltv ,"f New rltrians. T FIE STATE OF ,.O;iHIANA, To atll whom ile I'Presents shall some, Groee,,o--Wi,,eres, .O Jamles -laslse havinlg pIclha eld at sutie imallde by liae Shlrilr of the parish of OlieanP the iropeirty O slot hereinfter de..ribied, as npplie I Io the clerk of tlies IChse clullrl. i , .llon olfice tile d, ed of sale was releordtd on caino Ith" ,ý ,, \pril, A D. D.1838, flr n nonition olr itler- Time i'ornlitvto an nlettftiltel.enislatnre of the gurex lle, grlltled**An net for thle fllrther su- and si Iurchla.sers atjudicialsalas;" approved Aa Ilarch, 1834. inge ,re, know ye, and all persons interested Thy lIv eited and admonoishdll in the of the to Louisiana, and of tile Parilsh Court, coma , u ," set ip any tight title or claim in and to ive, tIlhe pro lty hereilal erl esribed, in eonsequelnft o y ver inlulnlilit in the birder decree or iullglient of thle court enlim under which the sale Wno nade, or anily irregularlity or ell t illegalitv in the appraisements and advertisrmenls, oi time, or manner ofsaleR or for any other defect whalso- teen vel to alow cause, within thirty days from the day this met monition is first inserted in ihe pnblie popers, why thirty the sale so made should not be confirmed and home eve leatied. t. l o ]'he eaid property was sold hy the Sheriff of the par- Instil ish aforeeaid on the [Ioh day of April, A. 1). 1i38. by preen virtau' of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day ed ofFebuaryv,A. D. 1838,in a snit entitled Alexander orfit Caldwell vs. James Innse, No 10,367 of the ducket of lare( this (Collurt, at which snal the said Janea Hanse became ptit the purchaser for'the plies of twenty one thousand dollars. int it I)e, riplon lof Property as given in tho Judicial Con f~, veyanee, viz: ofth A certain oInt of grolnd sitnted in the suburb An- tv. nuncition alias Laceurse of this square No 5i, e and lot hav:ing Frenlch mensm e, 60 iet irnt ,n Tehou- is pitnlulua ·reet, :,6tl it·st fr'll;m • n (+era~et street, and ia ptO feet on I of:,eode dll tat b sUe' t, ill such a manner19 that sahid Ilt o relOlnd is 60til feet wide I'naln one side ofof et the sq are Io thle other, together with a dwelling holluose front lig on Teohoupitoulas stllel IhP kiltlcen and dl- 2 lendlncies, alsoi the distilleiy esiahli inm nts erected Ihereml and other builings unin illi11ovel8elts, the om machinery, llelsile, heaplens,elus and ixttlues belolinli 'lai t. sahl di'lillery, its depetdeicia.n lid alipelennncres. hst and the rightns, e iont,nntl Iuriilegefs theretu belonginig n or ill rtny wise mllpert uinillo. serU uiel'as o)fice, N e w Orleans, May 7. 1i38. woen m14 :,4.1 j"3 J. 0 1,1.1 I(, fiepu iv Cherk. ms E-.TT ' i i , I.:\ 'UI'IIA ct --Umu iolre r le'si i" r Io leir. t s .s8 Qil t si lac Nu, uelle Ortlenls. Sine 'F.TA'T 1rE ILA LO1UISIANI'.--A toils teuxl qne hr i i./ BSees lst lltes eoncerentvs, s:ollhi: a.tteleln lli "n' t' Jntes H nste- a I ollloichi.e e thde fah re PImir . Shehrif ie lapurmiet v'(h"huir In rll propl eibl-er ,! vci-ts, se rlt adlll,·r, d rn (i l t, ll' elDte Cia m .en Ii I.te ille veoI e fn te r ' e lr e I¢ e rmejlim le M atte, e It 155S3 , nili i' t, is eti ll v lifolno'ie llnlt a iin Ilelti d l LutL .gip 'w . le I' I o1 inv~t de oltniitllle illlill "I AcE t oU elloli•mu lreP los l vir s t js az r lclell t'l Hll ellt es j 1tliuhltlts; " +ill, ittuvb I 1 le Il r Mali.s 18.14. Q pl'i s eitOnllll, ct !0lsit0 leu ua cs 7 ioribsme soiR 'uviso l a esents olllnes all o,1n d e I' n so r 1e(8,n de at LoJ m isiane iet e n Cllle due Pur oissc, n aqtl piourrienlt ovri t h'oir A In rle.o.i1le ui-cinve "0 dlscrilte etll ennst~qtleilcn iuttdii tr~ut d orm d'q'~e lns ln I- oe, le d t o e de ere! an [e rel dr la eil,] oixt et 'in liple Ite' i face d l e I l i r .u T boupl ito (llall irroislall e , ticl c d~~it In de irre n eti fatepiit' to It,, eeur d'uurte ille I'ile g n I'an tre ; ona le n olmai rt ietanpsst la te tl. " I ve t seh onie I11 .t , itlllr1 illlc.nllltin t l e et .t lip p i n illt % ti la dIen is r jtiteori s c t11r tesr bl ditc'i i ilb III-l CV"' 1 i'(u 111 i lI, iO' nollllli Inioll- in aill t o c t ine suraltel s tfi l nlu e t s i. hnolllol Oglln. Ie ill La r'u u tl r flit vr.ndue par le srli Letdit, lI qMai. - cs st torzimlllo loll d'vril leetl Ialll. n 18 i8, en sl rlru di SOn ed'c Ine pepleallur c 5 de Isy i 1is do s'ulnlie 1l:;;, s r S dmlillS i' ..liri. dI'\lexiltlleT Caldltlcll, ilelil. Jltllmes s Ilbitre, \o I!,..7ds doctl ti'rt de (sett, 'our, i illllll, li " S elvcn leo dlt Jalmel Ilanso s'el L rendu atfitrre or "oti:! Ih"- par x d o.'1,t oil, Hll s Descriptihon dea ProUniienso'apt's letroat,sfer.ludiciaee, ro it ~Saysie cr' on certanl I t Ilc terra situe au altbnlbor dle l',timm- for c Pilionllli IWaeOlidgro h r CLIe, dd rete tualds I'let ,o 5, iu t a, le dit lot de thunre a.pailn [Leoa.lre fi lians.] Oinixt iie l- led, d- faTce al ]alueTedllce hilll'ns, IloiSrellt Ileldt S,, ics ae e a na rue de.r illl .sr., et soitnle 'e l ods t 'de ' la fafe Inluendl d In rile sts \lalhecl,de syotcrr qua it lie it, sil Int dts IPrlea a soixnnte pi,'" d ." al -t'l d, l l llltlhlltl l tf tie n'ie oflre; e Ane riae ilei maieu l li;sn li lt c hl t Is il - rue 'staml 'l-itlg n l t cl lisine et ss hoc peldll, pel. dii q @t ne in lstillerie chllck ith e Pill I,. die l :,tllr. bnLA t if s2" et n1, elinrnlill-;I t.< -,-h'is-e . -wnl, "~l.. 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Slisll hy ilie alhcull it mI.I i:lelilh , :b ih "n . ihimtii..Ie. , In olthe nloice of I1e A tinli-iicsm i.uhli, af t t Ih c:all .. nl lar - fe. IiCili oss ,f a " IlllllulmbP ol'gc" lll~ lll~t~i of I"ll-:sllll I1";,I )s er- st'dii ,g in the Ii-oti, .sion. It is hIop)ed, , :I piiiltll":i- Inn b w. oar etep, t" herek tihe eils and NIo1al d n cnt.. eI. to, ,It :"u sinhgli'o e thlsecar of 1h iii,,-t"wns . :o lll llel ,lelcl,.rh i l lll t "I I iii h s te uoutn h It,- !IIt hy. I' b h f:lid J tit l.ic t, i i ie'- prolofs of t:tl-lelo ottt cllltl, and otb u 'i mdl, I)i :,I oI n' tin ~tt ,-c,-,lul'll ',er etii 'icttlle I~". .l lie t t( l I 'lla lll ll4 ,,,' ,1 , .o I'.llll ed li llr sc fn or, Iv i-theil' ll. li1;. " : ml.llllh r tl: , i. i1 , col .,l l ahnt an I m:hich d ts t i t li 111t . , i lvtii , ,i. it c"d s'i~s " nr ,-" I ce"il'ser Allr ietl, df r IIi,)' f 11 6 i r a. " ; 1 1 l , f is, rilhl erla nps, II s 7 s rl ll'l ,: , he thout lllil. '1't a l 'i'l .jll.i lt . :II t'l. 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NMiss' Itu, Snott l ingl, i loes it , u ganls. .;halilren'scolored Moeoco ahd lausting br i ts it ll t boots, l I lllo. i cl i llti ll li on 'niutl lien'sotinotittshionab iltack silkti i s; !otto1hoo itl rilt d; toiCiltl and nrlolli brim menjl' t idill.nt ail 'tI. ok iatsi: hllort o lped ihats, a ncw ilto licleh. ii lots l. lo tl size hats of dtoilltterut lities; inll chi ldren.; it h'ttlead totI)'s bltckiull IdoLib iooi l hatils olf ltl ioi sll teles, wilt gieneral assourpiota o o tt s' ild men'sl sI a ! rllOs. 'l ut. a.smolncnt will be replenisl..,d h, ile arrivatl io r it , llpl l rtsrl t l h ile n ol e l ,ll'e cll iesi , all of" whlli.l, SII a be sould n a fulolitint. Iterms. ll Ci 1-tll f t hI'lNTAGU l':+ B.1 LJil FO1R T11I; T I T CTl. 1I\ iJIe, elaihihod re "ilalll nund coon tnl. ih, hlc ea,;l tl dlllad for llhis elliu tll remllledy lllllle y e Iiini prio tervlativ of the leelh, has inldueLt,nd tile U -rirber otfer it to the Amelrican public. Arrangemeneta hlv been lladtl; to \lplidV ag llaent inal! (lli he p pld il. tha leach l hose stlrine and ielI to tis tnos hen 1 plie oil cl. Sll I to irecto in on botrle, t h ever C.',lm I, oil'td inl)leditilt Flld munet relief. It alsio arrestst the dtecov it ,lefectiv te ll, S-id rli Svees that lreness vhich'lo freoqutl renlr a lstro toslooth uslletss t uihe applicatio.l al remellldy are sso ll , inn'cent se et l not uileasani the large nullbelr of ersons t in different ections of it conlry th ilt havl lir. Ily experieiced iluch t dolihg ptu ind stlutoryio ifltel1otoil the. itei ooto ih ihoiit, are ra.d LAt'" E ' I 01 [CAt tt tt o h to bar lfur tle pubL tli gito heir tit ttllonv o ti Its asItor rivailed goahtm+. It is an Iidianul re;edy .luined tI.'tol',oed witicd itto, toe llootilo Advluble dotsýcri. i Oednllill of eooy d PhYis. Pliee $1 er bottle. Sold liv JARVIS & ANDREllS, tar 5 Co r Clloliimon a d lll] lul ll [ llllUs n;.I 'Afloat and ashore. WVith characteristic rehimscen cgs I'ralngellll f nd u pinione. By the li.utlhor of aitl ske s of he ll leadinl mllbers-- one i f o pr yoJlts t'ccived a eiild or sl by it b1cKEAN, LATE PUBLICATIONS. .1ROM\VEI.L, an Historio l Nfvel b the author of S*The Brothers," &c. in 2 vuls. uti nliof illoAntitoy Pi ysigy, and Iyliyri ii lt such Ilints n o ho pctit e of Phy i '. rr 1 i families whe,1 regular plhysicians cannot be procured: eilg a It comntiUUn and guide fin' intelligent lpri.cipal. tof mnti follotrie, plantions, it d bIotd:no .s-oho . heads of tfanilie, Miasters of vcs'cl, mis ionnries, or ieter Parcy's Univer-al lliIr te of G(ogrophy, for ilhe 11xe of families, illustra t.! by .aps J n e receiver) and |fur s:leb he 11' 3h:K E.A. N, n9 war t "mp n, l C.l inoi l s.ts , t it I ll .-Trhenwnerofl,.vernd lpurL esmerch.lh i t hi-cr !arn teted I T'Tl.. \ Ir V1 tY " JUS jTPUJ/LSHiEilr' fO.i ST'I:Rl i "111 P /..T S, '1'- Al/l lEdrror''r tO\VI.ETT'S TABLES OP IN'fr KE T Nor': f"10 which is n.w akdo":.! an Averuge Time t::,ie.k L tor, or lcar mrletlls ifor lin.ilt- the l averlle ime l sn on stolage, notes of haul or bills of gloods, hlen. pur- by chased at difier.elt dates, n dlillerier t celrlits, i'Id l Wevl r various amonolts; IesiIesa rluseful lunl copnl/cle unkig Tie STime Ta' e, the hott hl' t can be r contri;e. or that oi gulres canll r nrhlee withinl the saure elllresed iompall,i and size il ly pc. An i:vertisement in the book is in nearly tile fullow ingwords: 111 The high distinction this work has received throughr &i the ien legislative acts pIreflied to tile itleu pge, is a re i commendation in iitslf, so uncommon,, ad so conEclu sive. Ih t nothing is necessary more than by way of ncd Soertisement, to given condentsd view of some of its pe- Ion en cnllintities: ns fer instance, Illeinler n lst Is een comllps. CBol ed fiom,lnd compared with, what is eqluivllentto tlort - Alilo leel setsla eliellllatione, examliei ll tle piroEssThirly- (all i five timles, and printed rrnm terdnlype plnaes tletedr Int Y thirtyty-one times, frnom nat which it st evidenrt iVa evento the skeptic (e.pecially on he liec soBL ol'l i/e- fere ild if 'oofninf tie prefooe) that thie work misi Ire nrii/- Riel r. meti'eally inflilible, and in confirnation of this hliell'.a rei y premiuin of twu hundred and fifty dollars, is now offerl- Wan ed for the detection of an etrror ofa cent in the preset Hall r or fifth editinon, as expressed ill tce prdicree, mtking five Phil of lalre premions offered for the se n er e crro sirth first Ne Spihlication in the year 180i . Id One of tl/o Inmot conllspitelos features of the ta:les is inlthe orlorlgemnlelt of the Time and Amomitn, which Nor for expedlillls, iref.iroter nieolllll ' iei ity w'ii h he hI ip Ir ss ofthe . .ad indlex, an t be excelled; I Il thll' sallit tv tiod ease wi h whh the iti hte in:eresl ca l e rondl to r hi i ' O extent of general businnesos, l/iIhol dIllling nof stns is hesidhs oa clnl eieni elle e i 'eltial, Ihat in tll/ estlllel- l s-e' tionloooamenoil nr tlnmi e ClOliel nti t 1)iirai lcalI loi- inn r ies nren .iinr public /il ers who h //e m /i/e groal lie r B of the work, it hals oobeen ditiig ishlld I iho I/ilrlle ll l nle rq,pellhtinn effa "nmster peoce". Ac d cnsideritg the infellibility of the umethod nrigioinly ad:/loptell inl a eomlli nllrg the work, lul Itie eXtlraorl'lillury tll1 bermllll utel : g variety oflhle examl:inatilns, nil tests of every tedhlio it S hls passed linll t lhe rss eotwitlst.ldllli the I w hI ole is in ell t g stelrelltlpe, cnlsidellrlig, in sl6 t, lie positive lcc:lnii sel.clrer n rIy the nreeelcellledne otll emrllll rnl the iso lume his iee he l n itI uintl emlhtieal/ly sty led "tr/e tr I most l hok III tihe walk;" ImoIL n er/lrll y, nim-c/n nimrn fig lre work oftlheu oime nrtent, mnhiIch sinlc tle he iri ilgot ceation, htus hll i tni e cloine l I e i lt ld vllari (. r lesti s ir n tile Sa 1 lllum ber nf editillnn; not, m.rone flrthe muhber, as is cleer) shown it the c rif / { ni/cn in rer c / Ilesillres, n rrtrelrt ,ti -lall] tlli(, erritlWl.l her l triid 11 0ll l prced in ne rlyi :rl Ihe blnk noid I) hlr / ir ves in ti hei , -i U /ienrl r Sllties, lorn I s rl r r repulic g inerlollyi uiring t. ' h eong period nf /oirt - /st vers, eit on eror f inhe ' - e l c'lhliBt s h is llulet bhi·err I't nmd i Ll p iln(l, lltholl h Ion ill nll nlly ehlle ind h the offer ol'f verr'v nire m 'u-sts //i The Ihn , i/ til el t r essh' eslirpted Iy .all/ h le~w'o t'i nf'lw cl sen.lral of tie Srates s tile i ratnlsll e e li ollllloll or~ilttLte inllllere " is a(l by Il lilr lllk illttrlls rccorl'll nes ithe / okl is used, nell as i it ) he s.ll it i part bi ian/er' o ' e... e the uscribers, ed few of le At tl supllll s t clisee 'pllel i ice s , i ll in h s l II t leni I1i ' I h b nik, it isi nll p sesritll el'every r tl of r l'ci tiz 116 ill ever' qI a - 'nI te tof the Unl rU Sta .inll. nhe / iSn i nn/ s i/well krln,iow th t, hi its ell th i l ch. , io t it has so i lr//r i/ti o ..r ii err, / a , I". ' lr ,r r/ it/ e e I , I" '.d e vu len I.V. t e r ott 1111l1110 :1,11 imo t r.ooll .tn 1 iilltolici:lm;, i !nt its ,tu's leet+s, :lad th e.elide ie* . coossity i r its us1 have been ext en r iy i/sintl rup ', "1 i rn so ei idenlr, incoal i, fai/ I ren its :ri l0 :ll+ es, hd it n : n \1. ! | i/tIhe( l i t :11 n emi /g , hllil/ t IIi r' (il nII .h n es wass t :I ,( :al nd ('o t Im ! o l i t,:I i: " 11, l i atllull il • if .."emlI ! a u I copies wise a uholt for, soi ne tol 1 Ii .algt. | dsll to ;II tr iO 11 , 11/rctl: /rt I miouir. price., a: s t yv cn ,uhtl ,coi-iln hily he pIicked I i'opl 1I0 to 1 5 per n co/ey, aIo e, some lersons bal\e rer. . ii y declnre, nlde l Iloainnieh could he quli,| d te tll fat they ,.uhld p:a' QJ1, tII)1, nml '3H I - for a copy, if o /t Ito be 'had ir Ies+r, :u ii r-n I 'i'ri.u l Sin thi' e inn / tin . ,e ,I rtI lmr rl",i h/raig it i hn .. tt ibhne rx!hil. l- sat isl .'/ii oy n ori 'f, to so,"enr: per'nlrs lee isell that to hti it wa:is realyv wonth lha llnl v tud ids oretlhlougt the sntilng of llis toeiy tl..ahletinl I.w" le being a vnert rich mIn sil I rr.blirc oic.e Ih t is likenise w,, ihv of .oi ce, t,.d indeet pr,"p,,r to In inpl"e n, thatl sulh is fthe nature of figoe anork grenclerlls i: In :,1 , leh iv whel of ho- 'twe nt :ad IIrr ''' rI a th' l I +e I I l h |l, s t bi rd this lo+,k ,,r its ike il+ .+1 prtn p:, t ede in t ie llsal rn,,lr hlonh , hi the most I oni il e/ alcul nrle in the world, nrd /i e ni/viii I 1 lii ii 1 ,_1 e i Ationiu nsy illil hi.own ii( l)lt/.ll i, r I/ elf/ n itni'1 , i i f 10rir , allmostito ir a certai/tnV, hr.u. In r/ll./ I,/ IIn" I r- flr r l l I ienc,inr l die.i' ri i I u p ri I',, 1 , 'i/i / ,'o i S i, e\phis, h so I, 1r I : .I ,i f e th l eilrll pe, pti:lll l"s IilI ri wlrk ulllihee : lll'nli t . I . III I I. di- c imn , o -i Arhcrirn//mrerctk :chub rxit: uns - an/at r n i(:r.riist / i re, f,,r th,.I gen :, 1 . I i1' I i11n , are (It I Id-.d el a'e tl, ) c tnslantiv kept in a pl c'e of ' peca. l si-l ,, , exc.. .t. I/ il . ... 'e i ..p i r/ii.... i A't r le directio/s t, fii hod h b l/l no ld sr:ante in.i - I ' ro-t - ilt- uselful notes, tlo lt l: pllll i , will'f. l ichi , i II t fill :IS il l flrhe twio p netl oltlll l ,lilt isll , t'l, ai' ll .hI ' - s llo ' I a n ti n c a nll:ll tllhl. l wll l lle. I w l hL l , l muih.l lilt t '.le~ ll l - Ie irn iter |ls, ter l.i I s /"of g/ li/e, Nr. - It l enll all, nll'y It /.cm nk III th t, . I dhst 11 h tl.i - I i l n cll lelr lll orllcl ll wll ork, h iclh , ,. , I'.II I .l'1I 'e I ilnl lterI tibiles w er'l , is r tll lL 1 Ill L i II is iis 1I h ,, I ; l 1:· nI .n't,. e,' h a't. ll t+ i tll ll, f ll l lll ' I , I '.: 'I . . !, i'' I oIor:; l lhI oleo : rIII! 'AIl II I FI'll t'Il' I r lit',, I1 I ' e h e. 1. o, Ie'1i I I ' 1 I I 'r·1,1 " \ ,. I ,1 I, .l . .. I . : ,'ho: : l vh. • 1 - It rev,' , U II :atlo l l t , " \l li. l 1 ' 11 ! ' ! l 1\, N i' i) (' ** P1 t "1II, , 1' ...I I : 'il , : f t " ,u lb .. ill I, I h, for III, U- lCnrr ! i- o maIlt t t 1,; ' I, 111 , I I I,; lut In i I .; r ;. m'i it hl) A t, ; )plihi dlsa& 1 s, dt pal r l l n t ". i) a 'tot. Iinth , or t oo Ott A Il..l-- ra, & , \o l 1\',,:1 i S p, t1 I. IIIt t' .e, Irvt .li,: thI,- be I I ,.r. : . C iir ltra oluliloolil.t --~l. htu ICToLo A FIO I, icE Nr tI e 'i it'1i'. n! - Ili.ll 1)y, p, er Parl P ,irI; L,!v \ ht .; C eam of ;1,, 1 l , Ve lehllal R ug'; Ott. tf ., ; I , s dr . l ; lire I iTul, T th W, \ i.Ilh; l ill o ; LOoI, lhaser \e',l'r ; 1' dt r ot ', S , -; . " ,t )1 l3 I hneatly puto. I II..I to 212oo" C Lo l ; C ,g ,; liC~,.oi l h h Dropy<; ailr lho :.he-; l"' li)1., l)rs ug Co I,.. la i:, 11'ir it ;- .i ,a llyt.of t!her 'li-t ul.s ice, Cc. 1'~r s.ih. h.; L \I GLENN'S 'iIRFPll ells. J C T'l'N( AtRD, Corner , t Canal and .e,,h<,n streets I TO \ '."L ; & i .\l A Y\ , th s e , S ignl , ln t ( hOr ll n: n la S ,int'rs, No 3 'laro,,lele 1 ' suee, 1tw doors I'rom Cana I steet. Illmilot llns tlhe ll tlowing moodls and mIrlle:,e ecumld iII at mast l . maniteIr. tltl) )II')o) ,)ooll Moo I b it.od. ..1Inhge..u,s" Egypliarst ll;ek tinl gold, lo.k, ( itlln illl Alohilco, . S;tin \ioo , Ptl, I hir i ioo l, ' )I ,e oI r lI hrdello, Yl, Tree, Italian WIbhi)t lCornli n ,lle oir Ilalck ISi,.tn: l 'e t lIlrmctella, I'3tl \,o. ,I lk, t t ri t rll ey, Ahrk II hh ;, C( ,rl o.lnooloIt, pllcimlo, s to he seen at th, e sllop, aints, oils, olaos, cp lal ltltillh, kct . ao l o )IhI ,; tirld o:, k. And l lllndle iron, , ell 1ssill ted. Iluoll, rlro sli d roll nld iroin, mlil 1(!·r anid plU.I CIut, German, sheari blisterd, spring, sheet 1ll11 C l t. l,% .in tol o ZiAnt l o n,o o in, o ill ad gruts ttne salt ktt.els Chi 'ook an. ochor tIs, Ihot toIdoto t tox, i1,, a d ralclt tll mi Nm l stosli sle re, sil, on ti o std favr leald; shot Ilook and plate Illgt, doorC. 53 w hl look Linl. ,\ t'TIi%; h Co. 53 (Idh I, .evr.e HAfIlOWGGAT SPUINGS THREE Tht I'S JOl;R.'NE:Y I' RO.M) .LW O)RLIJAS. in genel t lie w\ ill lie inl re.ljile~tby tt Ottil t~' day of Satv totecaite al-hiet. Ile will aUls ealate fo thet I: ttiitof tltte iat d-ta , atlhati tItea aeat' IIn farige impr altmn.t made, and e the i no' gioit on :att d in rapid pro";re " for r lllaletilo which will cuul le ll" 1 titliette a taedttte a tutt ,butteatbr that' 11e'e1lnlr nl·· and it the same timi,,e mlri, bette~r. IYolmilir can be accmumodted litgradroono, o thre who prar c~an h~tate tUta ge bit"e tuIthed feet the mnie buidintig. It is dteimed etntcetaery taoyay· lting in pa ie-tt of' thle chlunleer of these watetra, CU"· it isi gRII~1I'nliv Ieliveld that they are nit itb-jaiur ti natt in tht.ittld. Stteti. Aii thte um acatia that ite i'l lly litiid at Wattieriag I'lttetr, will bie fitul at hitt fe best ..tet'ic thatt this lport f the ouutry tlthnle, t.b re'eigeed.ttnd willbe i et, roost l uttidi. uec lt Il Trincs durin'M tli'a t , teason.. 't ht, enbemib, t Bill -- i! Ii:. eelf of this !.ý.nrlt nig fit.- a, iomr tttdatioll . to merrit a iberal pallllll a ti "1 -I' C I -- I'l' ll ;1 tt tiS, - - - ýý. Ipc:lluamlL line 1('1) fit,- face, reek and am., wll· \\ithi nl tr·.tt -I nd ati.: thn efoa ar ify "'rai .ltrah ) pb SIAIL A NI;F. ll1-1' DuI cu i t Ean'v I/y ot I M. 1Norlhern til, Cl a I.:ert day at 104 A. M stIrn 11/ . 1 ti 1ns I ' 'rnar lltnn,v W edtesday ' ' '" tit' l, rIrlud., by i'. Al. 1;.u (ar (!c< ru vrv Mr ndav, Wednesda nti ai ,lt'thtb I,"b'¢ ! I'. 61. The ke Mail to Tr'Ttul-dav, Thursday, a Tlelhkem e S/atilldi. , I;v 5 I'. If. vi Clnoses evcry o lMonday, Wednesday IEXPRESS MAIL. TIMIES OF ARRIVAL, DEI'A R'!'URI DISTANCE &o. ofthe Exapres. Mail, biew-.or MonIle and New York-leaving" Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Nortlwar Now York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrivesa Arive Northward. Dislance. Time. letaurn'l Molngomery. Ala. 2 pin. 198 m'a 23h 32m. Coloa,lua, (n. 114 81 94 34a.imn Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 14 2p.m /oln. i Si. S.C. 71 .m. 163 17" . n 5Italei , C. 54 12. .12 a\Vrrenron, Va. 13 m. 55 t Ita I',tcrbure Va. 1/ pn. 83 10 9a. a. ltihllnmi ' Va. 1 cm. 21 3 6 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 I p m. Washington city, 24 pm. 61 64 5 ]iallimore, 64 38 4 04 Ihiladelph/a, 64 aa. 100 11 2' tNew York. 2 pin. 90 83 1:105 143 h. or Sd 23 Northward. Comino Sruthwar I, the lime is/ix hour Ir; breit dayte s 5 alnd 17 Ibors. 'T'E, / It/)l.I.AS IREWVAIRD. I ANAWAY fr it, 16I) (/nrondelet conero of IIceie a l Rtr'a, o the nicht ofM' 30 t if AIIgIIa, nitt( Wad ien . IIniextn Illllllgill lrvdrnal street; acllgro bl y caoned 'I,/A 1t.,/:S, Itttn 17 year orIf ne, n;l 5 ee illlllt i h I sc llee c , ell il o Ili e gs is 1 re, iICT siOllN-. Iy y Irlnt hl t11; h had onll a lltri he weal a wvhite l' l O i -It. I t:I tttti ti /tllld w ilte t IItt III01 ;hlu I. O/llt'la' an f it.aa/a IIoe I n.ltealnt Ionl tire atnlintl'd a gniinst receiving ti h'bl rhineg miid Iegn "no awell s afo other parsnllu tt I/o IIItiht/i/t ri0our of the ltw will b/ cafi'rrrld againt th,'a. Th1 ie .bve r/word will lie ptal f itr d i i/i, lly n rftt t ils of eitcer ofathle ilauie: il ltit , or :tt 1011 Cnrlloldelel, comller of Ilevi.. I'k It/l I-/In:-'I'hc c iu'Inier/ii ia t IIrcatli/ie atexitig 1m/it. i/it ltlIll fi t)tll Dbi & (iitnreIalionI h beer' I tllr ill I nh city i/l aoll l /1i'tnii/ all ittlnll l tica - it/o t a.r t lt iit h /r ttll :nl I t + n_" 1-.-71 II l;ARIHI'lt'aON. W. W. SWAIN. 11A. i11ta y Se et t rty Orlenir , 1 I'AS uiw yil..uý l i and on, . tlll ly \ r,:'iilli I)rL i t Itt, ChcilcniiC tl,nnd I' ttt:eamot hI te. arr ollown;: Ill'UG; . DY\'':Sj A lio i t.,o, crude, Argols, irel, Arsenin , er , lus, A unt, Sparl . do l owleertl, lai'zilletle wooi , 'asan m io . Coehincal, l tx,t: ,t ( tral , American, , ustol, l' e ubnlit , 'lanmpico, ,o roll, do C0 Chn, S flolwer, do t t lMile;, lhiesouth, F lrench l. ,erries, ;astloroil, Irmligo, lrogul, e n it l tn, t i n llnill:, A ilo ,tterttc,, I : iiii a sllh i d, do St llll ni, d .\. ,icwood , tiottoi, ll Jamaicn, Id ll hez Ai, i amwoIl , Io copul r.g!i, Maldder, omhio, do I,, ser:a d, Nicar...guN, IonaI re, do do S A lricl , do CorIo, do ,IiiI I. llllle. Ido gLi:,ct m, CII.MI(CALS. dlo kill,, Aclt, nitrus, S nstic; do mllllllriallic I shelhe IhII, I il0riol. l- slnl g;l , ulr l, I 1 p, do F:nIIrIc ;orrosive sublimantioa .lllil,tn Lr l l i lrs, .l nr is:,o, lon:" c us1:0l, 11 d)o, lF',rign, Itd l a e 1te, do .\ u,, fed l chroma"ta ,,.*lah l no. Itkke, SuI, .rl S. I ., ' ball, Si l"o', h'an, ! hl Il ll,,,.'% lollt, a.ider, doll, ,ioioi. d,. v, -. , '1 , I wh,,. Et h 1 I . ,,'l( s" ll , dr(, l l"I ~ a "d I, ,' ",, :,, ' i , i', l : .Il io i: .ll.~ ,r sl ,II , fi~ II I I 4. l . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Clnu V r r I \11 a r r t c hh Ini- ol , r l h l I.·-I, r- ". !. t. 1,nm lb 1 1 Royal Na ,,, F.L /",r~l iirltd r) . , n1 r-ll,, .III"'L' . Ii" l ('tllllllilloghllll I tI" r' t . ll: /'it . I I sh '. -il i tll I .ilrnri .! i ( ' n e^l, ,, .. uht r !! o l / oy , 1 -:l o nal t d fro a n, '; liellllll [i~ l·l'. ·l~lr lll. I. ., lhr le: l l' llllltol I ,ene illlvI| lol " ; - I n · li ,: .',) . ) IIII ilalll ,l 'rl I '] t nlC)lll l~lhl'r u he. lle :,l . :l ..'v |,,t tlh,'n e ~ II , li le l- n,'h' : u il:"rn edii in of a t',rIC webu' h in sp I /,s ll, pris eih llo.,re l x I/l , ". / ~1, ,'J.[t Il i ilir.t'.hL I .ol IVT ei - l.i ~ ~ i ,' ,- l ('1 h lh,".1 'hrn o en r "llie..'.i.'' I ,!:e,' .' ,-, ,': t'~1'. r,'.,.,, ,, . )' pi,,rior qui i r, t",lh qh:fr Id ",n Iliar ct]r ,aI"~ I -,1 ,erl y: I in k on .11ofn o f Norit Ameyica by E The P t h l'. i'i' al G ra aro.h t .h : , , It 1, s, o,, ai .lei - ,i' ,' f he tem p a rnlIe o.f er.alg bray 'ir, l , r ,/ ( "l . er ia bn mr Tur te U r e t Ime .lire i Tour s of i N nte ~mrlperb d witrhurer, erq "il the I' clnied w ( vr lrnnr, of th ll Inted SInter, or al w lullrh i lo fnlth," Ihenl a r gum l •,ine of the u scaer 1, lP muttll c l),'l ,llm,ullln a will, tle re iillhnu blttrcn them --di ,.nt,.d lolll ;o I( , 01l ) t he h eti reull n l 'th United 11II·(l~lh. I, It ,\i.d, Esq.( Serdllla p Or King'n ))((1I? d ir()lhruat WIon, r'imonl'.r I CutIn,"m "ours iiuntrspored with chaaercer tsl, I c.1be r In in ratd ,in n of Mcourtng y e. i11n ,ihll II r n tice,. f trli ep ylr ill• I e ' k ri d rs ' f i lt r tlhle rilh h'ical m s ct r.-S, e g r llll co l) in t n nnlt .e "gOj 1'.1"J:11K".12 "" n'm `?,.roffil or Kiu.-'s (:tsit, ('hronit. Iheumnatistn, (ALl 'o'ic Cntanecour Dix- Pains in tihe (tones, by free, ea(,URte, of Merctury the l eirl beling i n vitiated antee. hi+ s r"r ) srli pon'pury l with tl* g realeMt hi~hrnuttmlllic~l o lfcurenn ll,~ l ..(,nn-,un co t' ain the re'lire lmllciple of 8ursajoarilht in th. tunas concet~e troted degrec, comnbiued soith other vegetabl:e ubsta .ee of know.n e.fib aev, 'lhe et':at dr idatrun with phvsieimns in being ab( ,n exhih~il n la)re r ynrntity of" .arsapr'iliu in a mina ironc hue o oIm hteihned ill this pre, rurntionrl-they, b. nil hly iv clone iinel o fl it (,r its confidently aduminister the rortrem. ~('the'ir )tin'lice. Piers: F1 5ft .ro bottle. Sold only at SWAIN lIWi'rrI'IIFqI'n drng moreI', Nit. I ]C;nnal streett Wise rnny Ihe had, Ite,.ht and gte1tinllt direr i front the ltr,.frie, seer, Owailll'e e'tunn and Vtirlt, Putter's C to, lPt con, ! rntrellr' Pa', p)t-iolns, and u lurge and genera 1'INNO)tCK'S ROoti, lc. )INNO(2I'S [OtI'ItOV'ELD ItI)I'TION OF I)R (IGold,1'itl,'o Ahr:,l~ulr~ e of the I-i :ture of Root. to whir i.. is r`etiord an IntroIuctioto t (o trthttdy o I~u+M tiitorv n~l tBretoornety of outtltole jnuro itot addd týr00hln the sorlt, ont the Mototera Iount i toti, and 0t ijititx or the RIto t; twith ott Inrolt iogirohieotl and Ihistorical Ntotot; and qiee iclllr for allllll;lati l .it rcod of etolh uuection. II l Ituo wihtittoc otnKvitgo ont wottod hy Atherteeon I'tyOuto'o sIt.jrot v I.. c I nt :oft1)r t ldotnitlt't hiistory" of EnRglnd, iton the lItoujiutt of Jotlios Cmour to the dcitenth of tr Georhid, with u cottin'otit,, to the yea ith ijtiaqnetrueshtt fu eno ttttttioto at tite rttd cacti arrtiio l. I13r l1dre a""' n'to of \ulunble illfor ll tioti uddol thtnughn1tltho' Monk. t outtoiotittg ot talbe or ootttettttto a Snurttcigntt and eooitttot ponrsots ooopiua apitaOatnr notes. Ioteinl hon tto poli tics, lllllllllr and rtt' ofttt the oqe. AuttutinIe, the Conrtititian, Se. de. tllnstt-ated by Manly eabgr tttgo. Goc~a' Rat.oottoa Ir Anrttoaoatov. aItd nn Aorilttten of K t's Ne Nra 'ite tore Oo le Ue of tlohbet. Now At ercirt lit htinti,,-tt udittox otote imprtoovettent o a u epu~ t the totroteotoati jtrt ot the Atp oirtttt Aitooae. Jost recejeed old for oale ho \1'11 'PKEAN ihhi PiR'S CLtAtSlS(iCA. Li IIROARY. totottolIrueftud tby Philli Franeis, 1)D wt hdra, eby Iton Jolnottett, Cowley, lttn Drydut I'Atrr :ldritlle, Sot fit ctatttrttot, 01 0Voolelid, PI'trxooo Itreto,, tin, On(t C et n, ofI tto totreettitent toeto Of th Itllit:l, i;in, tl I he op tcodjo tO ftttdius trtnsit ted ty Lrietmre, trt, i.tjontolortnjin vultmtes. and l!ote"'It:+rtlrr'a to itattlcl Lihttrv 'lit ion htrIot oIfIII I.t'lt< h' CL.INKERI, I6y 'ttoicttt, :t1i, wth ha teeetttr of t I. ether, hi rotei Roscoelst', t edittitot, wtot ill by (il ('llllkaluutli 'tILl: iItt'od ; o [ lr,ho' tite anCthr of "Rilroeie. Martt e l'tItttoI''u ,tO:. .rtjt.t110atoe voottetr O.ptt o~t- 1 1'O tbyte ttert -e!,it ottto t) , !etpietjt :utoo. It'o ct. newt mile ,; \\'111 .MKt"dhN !2a MolitA IL 0

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