Newspaper of True American, February 22, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 22, 1839 Page 2
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LIVERPOOL, Al and faet aening ship I GA, ".tnltltu h, basing ll grIeat- r part of hel . artagngeted will meet with imediate dee rfiwl~ghht 0o 200 bales, or 1000 barrels lour, N .as la L HL LE, O:ttommon at p .8T4.1,ARLES THEATRE. A I.AY CARD-FINN'S BENEFIT. a On Meaday, Feb'y. 25, when will he performed ' TAM O'SHIANTER. ýI ~ c1|. ONE HUNDRBD POUND NOTE. ear Black, (with aoiginal conundrums,) Mr Finn. TOM & JFERRY. '~J~J 8 en, a e, ndered his valuable aid. h Ben Bouk now open. fC+9-=t CLA YTON' "3IGHTEENTH AERIAL VOYAGE. I SOLAh'TON will ascend with his slupendous eosletatli Vessel, from the City (iGas Works, oil I se t, .24th, at half past 4 o'cl,,ek, P 1. lIth e immenae Batoon, R. C. has performed the a tad eost romantic n rial voyages on record. rL ýe has larded on the Allelheey mountlhe, after a Utl itag through the airseveralhundredls t Miles . Admittance to witness the launching of tihe arial !r t the atmosphere, One D.llatl Children Filly hGa*ea will be opened at 3 o'clock, P M. Com Il6thnsta have Ibean erected. 'ticketa fir sali at #p4liplJey Bides, mad at tire Ticket office, near thei ,l df(Ie Gas Works. f 2.2 -2 cases aneats, cottln e -i-iiai shirts, for sals by SHALL & BiOWN,1 _96 Magazine at P . ,-oP Goo -o Robi' branu , for- sale, s HALL Si BROWNE, 96 Dhlaganioe st EPPE U - AUC e 311 a bo.S, a.superi, artilr ar al by SHALL & BROWN, -_ 9_ 6 Maglazine at ANK BIIL PAPEhR-A very superior article, for S le by the qohe ur rcam, by' " r L f2 A VII) VEtL F &fro,94Cbnrlree't I ski aMY KA FIG-1-00 drumts rf sall S aj, just received and for ale by SPRItlTtIiHALD & JO T AGERT Jr., fev car Magazine & Peydras A C ICAN BRA. DY--30 barrels Amtericanbrun dy, fAor io by fe GW PRITrCHARD JO TAGCIERTJr. " EA RUiMl-310 barrels N. E. Rumijust received aid -ft salebv Wl G -W PRITCHARD & JO TAGERT' Jr. A NDIES-5011 boxes New Bedford, Boton and .J Vnlstl ket Yplrm Candles, fot sale by et ISAAC RI DGE d. Co, 134 Msogazine at r`'UfllYAGS-100 [nnea ., 21 and 3 bashel 1XGoi ay ges, far sale by fol.2;. ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magozini at i @ --zi0i o boxes maaflu red Tobacco n8's 'L aai and pound lamps, of vorious `rands and ~qIdsf 1 sale y ISAAC BRIDG/E .4 Ce, t111 Magozine st TO BE DRAWN.IO MO Rt)RLcnW. SThe follwing ae the drnwn numbers of the Louis 4.Lpttoery, Glass 7, tlr 1839: " L7 . 4830 , 874 , 66, 26, 6, 9, 22, 19, 3, 13. 49. $20,000 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized Ib Act of logielattrc. Chlapter XLII, ,naoed March 21, 182l3, Clais No. C, Ifr 1839, ti he drawn on s atlirday, Febh. '2. 1839, at 5 o'clock, ' +1. atthe Exclihnce hIotl, St. Charles It. It. S. GIIiiilOlLY & Co. eioaceoroa to 'A TES. IclVTY'RE ." Co. 75 Numlar--12 I)rawn I;llts. GRAND SCIIEM L:., °7,814 Prizes anountiln: to $2:6,:357 Tickets $5 il--llnlves ,2 5'--.lLiarters 1 25 Packages of 25 tickets fr $125. P rknges of25 Jalf tlekd+se$62 .50. Palkages of 'J.1 (ll:lter I ickets lur 431 25. Foe Packages or single Tickrhet. april at 'ihe' .llnnlrelirr (Ol:. Feb22 35, (.ana:l str-er. ,in, to Camp ,t GRAND STATE LO'TTEIRY. Class L. Drawing of the Crond State Lotterv Clnns 13, 71, 29, 13, 37, 24, 32, I, 19, 41, 58, 6i, 72. ( LASS L, Aulhoriced Iv the I. Leilatore of the Stoa te. To he n drwn 'This i, n, Feb. ?2, 1;31, al6 o'clock, P. 1. at Itihop's lhod-l. S )AVI30 &CO, lManagers. 75 Dra n ondmers-12i DrIawn Ballots. Sple'did Scheme. 7 814 Prizes. amnoutintr to . $113,798 Tickets $3 IlO--Halvcs I 50--Qorier $11 75. Ilekagas of 2.,5 ickets tor i75, warranted to draw e, least $38, and oally tlrw tile Ilghl't e,pinod, ai llltlueting. $10 l,0t00 !i I'oackageo of 25 j lall Tickets 8.7 40, arranted to draw at easlt $16 501. Paekges f'25 Quorter Tickets $18 75 warranted to draw at least $8 25, For packages of single tickets, n ply at the , g AIANAGýItR' OFFICE, 16 Chartreast, andlat the corner of St Louis and (Thor tee es. Feb22 810 REWARD. STRAYED orstolen ntile morning of the 21st inst., a stnmll white Bull Terrier Slut, with black ears. The abovre reward will be paid by leaving her at Ie2'-3t (: F fIOZEY, St Charles st OOKING GLASSES-Tie suhscribers are now openiug a large and t ll selected at.ort:lloet of tmaplkhy anud gill fratteI sir...... ...; ..... or.1 D -l.,,¢lod ir ate u . 17 Campl an1d 84 Comtoon streets. fe22--6t I)BRWER & CO. 1 0t ALE-To close a concern. The fast soiling' Sfirst rate, coppor fastened and copperte, Philadel' 5iilt, packet brig GANN/ICLFTFFT, 200 tons' lsviog elegantly failited taced.ot odr ions for 25 ste. If sold at private sale oa or beforeTuorday 26tlhinet., she will ot.thaet dav,l e sold at auction bty wlett &dCenrs, at the Frenchl Exchange, St L.outs stert, at one o,'clok. For extaminatio and inve toryigtly on board, second tier, below the Ferry, to J 1flrt & Co.,tr tt WJ PORTER, Ib.S 95 Commoen at YYNAPHIoaL ASSOCIATION. A N Extr meeting ofthis Asueiation will he held at the Planter' I ottel, ont Sattlrduy Evenilg, at S"o'chmk. A fall atten|lnnce ,f omemerd in requested. Wfe" Ilr e order oft he President. O'I'ATOE -4itI b ils in tiaI er, itn tlr btTr. Srels, in store, for sale by (j i)OtISEY. fe2i 44t New Lcenv SAIL RD-e m kegs Lard, in store for sle ly I4 fe (I DOItSEY, I41 New Lavee W HIIISKkLh-1 bblos tIretifit, illeding from thIe streltr ASutquehlantu, for sale by 1ek W (. DORtSEY, 4I New Ieverr RT WINE-30 doe very superior oil PI t . Wie, tbor sale by Wi I'ORT1Ill, fe2. .95 Coeinmn st LfADIIt ' iSTttCKING 3--J00 eairs of supcrlo U qsality, landing fruto sthip Alexander frott Btcmeo or rale by A "'IlbtEtI , flahl 31 4r vrier ot ENCILS--It grosofbost mnoicturea Isnudi:. Sfrom slip Alexunder frulll lIr gIe, for sOte by feb38 A Itlilt' t, :34 Ghrtoer st labdilg frltu ship Alexnlder frotl Bremen, fur sale by A TIIER, c h'S 34 ,Magazine c t A CAIID. $ tHE UNDERSIGNED issengers by thet Wil Smiongton Expross Lite frdn C'ltrlestote deoi;e to plane travellers ot their guard agaioost tih delays and dicsppoitmentsa to which they subject tIhemst .-es by taking thib line. .By the advertisements .I saidl lite,t t oe ublic ore aseturd et a speedy .otve) onnce to Wrldot, ttlld tiencet so Peteraburg and Pirtistoutt. With thisassuratoo, and the additional one of our Ibeing enabled to cottnert with the Baltitmme boat tat Porltsmotl ot the otl1 insr, we left Ctharleston oil the inst, in the Guo. lDudley, and arrived at WVilnttg. ton indue time. On our arrival, ihowever, we louud tirae'ao that were about starting, filled wilth passengers lhee utter neclarion of ourneelvecl win, were, b.y law sad cutlom, entitled to the preference. r The only excuse offerd by the agent, was that they were unable to sed on the paasengern who then occu liad the cars, OU the previous day, as they had agreed i dot and that ilsey cold not aecoumiodute all. The dItention his prevented os frot mteeting tihe ldihnore boat at Portsmouth, and tetmpels us to lake a more eircuitout. route, involving additional delay, aud subjeting us to itcreased expense, a well as to tile loa of voersl days in reaching our resrective pla:es o dletnlattlnu. Wilminoton, N C Jo. 29, 1833. r Clevelantl, New Yok Bl rindle, lo Joseph Woods, 'lIsndutrg t C . KlDi~lie,*. "'oupvilh'+ Ga ,... 6 V Flson, lredlr.'kah,,rg l vtdn Jr, 1'niiaeldluu to, ObJ,. " ENB. 8i . o Lgh4t9 lta fatp " 'jry3, b3.9 TIU Sa rk of ctCtke hbs g ltot eed this tttI psoy will fsnit Pilttbuag tGeal, iu muall tqu- ln5,IC their custolmera. Orders receivesd t:t tile Gas Office, Blltk Alley. Je. . F. W WI.IA,ES, Soc'y, TO ]PI.ERCliJLnTS. AN L COAL, for sale at No 2. (:rookr tv. AAROI&51 HOUSE TN) LIT. nrjhe'ruwzmrIr Houis., eIxt doer - " ,extra one of lio moal ploaenutI .lde hecity, near the0 ,centre o hathing hk O.btrdw'IhIoIg it Itho Need o it one *MeegeiI. Fufhturn it e 'Smrcip Cltflek d urnhas l4 oucoentering further iouitrmaijoI the premisce. A"ESO., *'% - deira ad its ilt.ia. ua saecoed pteýýcd froz drinr, per brig :ezeueI and 7rhso. i.oadie, rune ned oermrngy, n Inalf quarter unoihi, old London 'arlcou iEeergllebueIce teerve. ai Er ee icoacl No-iar, Reserve add Lendon Ea. cnes,btl in Oporo. well tl(tlbor de . hear seealeenpd $Iteenle Winrs, flaraeolzino. ariiatCl14. tdtPa e n tle l W I8,OHIrR & Cc-, ' rower Cottnnam 4 rl Charles at Wi uefr refs b I I s L o d E iH T' o W,Irre e n Pir, n il rTF hhýce COMMERCIAL - L maSe lirae... hrl.tono eb...... ....... 8W eoiln on.Feb .........12 i Now iork, do .............12 Cincl...ti, P .....13 Phlldelph'o e.........13 L iIe. ob . 13 Haildlnre ........ ..13 St. I.ol, F.........". B9 Salmoah. Fob.............. 9 Liverpool, Jo. .......... ID HotsOlo (exa) do....... 8 prs .................. owstnl. Feb............11.. II .ud. .o o d... mhile, Fe .......... 14 havr. do ................ 2 PORT OF NEW ORIEANS. CLEAIRANCIS. Feb.ay 29. FoldruasyDl, 1FIB. S REt Rose,, Cody f r Charleston, G B.eklin Ship Illoort. Seldo. for New York. LII Gale Ship Choirs, for loiverpotl. Aihbridgo I" Jenkins rig Akansas, IHnl, for Now o.rk, Colt 4 to Brig Emeliuih, ntkti., ll N,.oflk Chase Dixoy IBri Cervante. Joelly, lirNw York, IMltur ]rig Metaor Mayo, for Nw York, 1E A lBridge Brig Now Eoglnnd.Coilly. fior lProvidloce, . E 4 JAndrewl Schr Axis. Allen, for l"'ranIlin, .I..olcr Slhr, Alti. W. rt...n, for .ouaI.i Malster olo llop "o 11 A WViggoe.on. oltt., for Galve.ton, MaI.r kSoh, Ilrrlict, ludgidt, for Veinco, Asll.bridgo 4 Jenkil AIVIt \ALS. February 21. 1831. Towboat Grlnnpus., Mlorrison, fronl N E Pass, haIving towed to sea ship Clrel, ark Ionlolnmtd., sl ohrolo; 1oril, let0r.d to town willk bark Niagara, and scllr Mcridiall; flef ile Bar oal thle %0ih ist, at 9 u m; reptort nothing in ight in the oiR.g; tI soeral brig. and coh in the rivet,. 'owiloat Phoo nix, Atnnoblo, f.o the N E Pos. herinh towed to sea ships Mnonuoit, and t.hevoalior. brks Mary. a.od Lu cretia, nli brig Nine; rmoturnd'to the city w th ship Arnold Wells, brigs Nevn, o.d Jms GrOulnnmo ndi left lho Bar ot the 20th Ib., at 4 p m; reports nothin noew. Towboat Post Boy, Lombert. omo N NE Pup. having towed to eea ship Huntsville; rettecd to thn eityrwrith ship Anburn r oand IBr bqnluo Leoard DI)bbe. Left tle btr 20th ini. at 4 ip n, reports nothieg new. Towboat Porpoise. Davis, from S W Pass, having towed to sea ship Arno. lark Gu re. and seclrl OhGbika, and Diliiocaiat rnltrned to thoeiy with ship Eliza Worick, sehos WVilot, Tumawilln, mod Mals 3.l EJtoll; left ot lth int, at 8 itlo; ,othlno of. nothing noew in tile vr. Iir barque L.otn.d D) , Ctop..tnt,, fromo Iv..ool, 25t11. Dcemboe. 8ip 1 Eliza WVrwlck, D0y.l, 21 day. from Rostlo to Master. lyip Auburn, Durfey, 15 daysfrom Newt York. 8hip Arnold Woll.. Lovell. 25 days rom ItoaLo., to Master. Brigt Jauo Grulmmond, Blunt, from Ragged Island, to J V Z"aebnrie k Co. Brig Nova, i days from Now York, boulld to Natllez. BrigL.nnoelt, Clark, from CiaIrleton, to J A Blarilbl. Itark Niogara, .now., 19 dtys ioln, Illsron,to lMaster. Sclr SprteIIl, o'reemll,28 days froln Norfolk, to Ma.ter. Ochr A lBrantoll. O1mitI,, Fol Poenscola, ill halla.t, to MlotI lSchr Moridia, Ellis., 30 doys fromo Whorobam, (Ml1m) to J ll, . 0.hlr Eliza Wiliam.s, Rolies, from New l.oudo., via PFuat.; COI.. .hr Mlorlo, J Eolol, Haley, 3 day. from St Mark., in ballat to Mustler. Sellr Tuseawilll, B~vrin., 3 days fromnt 8tMarks, to J W Stilwell. Slr MIIac, Fry, 12 dllys room Glvtstou,, rcirllod oergo, to Master. Soll, Wolrott. Burtdik, from Atolknpo, to Master. Sebhr lirit. ITucker, frto l'Tampa Boy, io ballast, to Master. Bchr 0ultiv1lor, fr0lll tie Coast. sdtLtmmr Hail Columbll,. Vhittomlllore, fron , Vicksburg. Steameo llgc.,g . Viloou, folll llnchtir. Seooer Ititou Ilotl.,, rwil,, front layoll ara. Stelcm r Levalnt. ,Ilrient, frOmlll Bayou nrl. Slellor Wnolod l o 'op,, J Diller, frllll tlnlletlestr. (,,ealner Voeocipllc., Dlttlll,, oloa; NatchiLitocs. Stenieor Albanyl, Bricl:el, tfroll Cincillllolni. EXPOIltS. CIIAB.ItE1STON.per brito Itouo...!t1 Ihlld0. tO tlo malt 4 . bri mtolloo, nd 4 ldlsltooioo,. NEW YOllK..Ior shInp Il,olrt..301M 11 cototon, 30 hhids to bcco,3 18 bxt toea. ......k-.....P I.l .trk;o....11)4 ilMts, sid 19 tel mo losoo, 273 Ill. cottil ............. pir brig CuLrvlotc..3i1 hlldsl, andl 170 bll two boask,. ............. o;bri Mentur..201) kegs Itrd, 1;1. brim Sour, IItVt2ll PO0)l. .1,r ohih, barob..t .15; hia oottaol. NOtI.OL.1. p., brig fE,..lit... idi l ld.. ib., and SI brL. PILOVi[)'DENCI. p. Ip . hig New Eglt..Jl.'.38 b l. cotlton, 300 kgs ;lotll. It'ItANK IIN..por tclr Axio .. If, l 'oo. r. .A\'ANNAlI. pinr ,*hr All,.. 13)11 bi;g eorln, 2r brls lotur, i U do bIlof. 7 arlks bIuo.. f sllr lbiriet..slndry p l.ll ld ool , totla, rd, Ionn. polurk, lluur, collooe, .,ll, mksLo.s, and c tIl I.I,. sloop ool It A ));igoolton..snlldry lots fruit, Io ,ll, Ird., pork, rice, o lugar, r i, er, len, dry goo,;. werlllt apparelo , Ialt, iaiSill, gar d);l soodo, oil. 1MT31OlTS. 1IV1:It PiOtl].-lper Fr barque .o o1[o,,2nd..201i0 poCb6d iron a,lose I lls b, e- |ilIn plnt,,s. :dI O k rl s |i(lates.9ll 7 gloo toele, , 319 ellarolel do, 41d cmbtc alaolo , 1OS'l'ON..por bork ltiaoro.. .300 ebgs powder, altd lot ioe, to Ut S an, J Tlrn. ............ oo....Cr ipl Alo.l..l1iU ollo paving sitooes, anldo us''nl zn, to n lill' h, Ulrv olclellC , II IIARIAlAp..per to)r ., 1lr iioll. n it,,III, wore, 70 ;lt l fchereI, 411 do ,oyltov,, J Ellit. NIEW .ONDO1.. pr ichr Eliza \Villill . 21)0 brls p, teras, 2 bm rloin, ond 05,00U, Ileloird 4 Sogcnl'ry, . I} l,'very, enl board, nall Maletr. RAGGED I2LAND-pcr brig Jas (rnmolllolld..500 tushels Ssutl, 8ll 1 g Irls oil.J \V Zollooaio & oo. NORFOLK..p sp r holIell..419 brlot tar, .0 do rosill lnd IlltZo, tlo C:rlna lafIoloolll, Lelplage ' ro, Martin P'lBlasns 0'' co, Ilowe A- Ciendlaw. CIIAI I.ESTON.. S r hrig Ilncel..aIt'd mndze. COATi ..per sohr Cultivalor..'18 idls b.lgir, Folloil, Bollocq t.d Itegeloo. S'I' MARKS.. pr cllr Toscawillu..250 brls potatons, Maoter. A'II'AKAI'A1.."t,,r r Wohlrot..106 hllds ougar, and 50 brls Lnolusses, Lallbeth i 'holltlpsol.. R1CEIPTS OF I'RODUCE. Vicksburg..per steamer tliil Cohunbia..3(,9 hlls otton, Richd Beck, 231 do Ntlgcnt, Turpill & Woint, 166,11o Benlnett, SFerrid.y tl d d, 114 do Allen, Aber .e, to. tdo V W1M RI t. o 0 do Ricker. IlaIollvo Ilin to, 71do. Iturko, att &. t o, lib It N & J I)iLrk & o, 0O do I'eyroux, Arciul a &o. .55 doi ( D iloaker, o do \Valkor . Na[yn~l N ""o It o.t " or.fult,, PItrcoi & o'u. ItO I0 ,.ynll,, IL., is o o, 10 ,o0o I. J Fourlluotqo, 10 do Froeron. Dale A co, 10 do Loambeth & 'l'bolllp.ol, dtio V B art, 40 s bcks colton oedl. 'l'uylur, iardlcr & co, I I do Kirklnn. Ahernilthy Moilln. Aul-elmestr..per sealmnr Ganges..417 bls cotton Bckhllor, SI illttoo Co, 130d1o 1: C soti,, 101) do Nolgoolt, o'urln t \W.t' , do 60 51 1 lt el, 60 o I.0LWllll:e & Clihllnrs., 57 do Slieo lerolert, 39 dol Foroytlh & Lhrie,, ,1 dlu ItF D I.izrlt &i ct, 1i4 do N 4- J lick k- co, 5 do Si IV l)akcv & co, 5 do l Tayor, Gardllcr &. co,5 doJ M Bell, I do M bVhlito 4 o. Balyou r ,tcalnr lsloen IColio... 101 bis ootooll 3) WhtVlo & eo, 51 do A L.rdloox co, :l!t do Brke, Watt & co, o30douJ d BPiotlio & co, 2.l do I3.oouduoey, 24 do Caldwolo & Illokey, 22 do \Vn, Ftlwo,, 19 ,Io 2l Ilee L co, 17 do iT ''nvlor,liildtor 4 Coll, 1 do Lamlbelth & Thooopson, Io doS \V Ookey co, 9 dio J letoyor & co. 0 do A Rivardole & co, 5lto oeypoux. Arcieul co., 5 do Collnor k Gdridley, 5 do SIlnriso, oCl.g & Co. 4 do oBennett, I'Frriday co, 3 do V Woolsly & Montague., do (;aylo & Stewart, 112 brim .o SasO o CI;t.itollrior kiior,3 7 .tl looUlldrieo.. Haytu Snnto..po. soteamer I.oo. n.231:3 I.. otllon A I.odotux 2 a cos doit7dJ B ilucit o ko., IU d A tivaoio o, o 54 o d Order, 50 do, It Bruoioor, 30) lo lnlbcthio & 'l'lolno on. :17 .3o T'uylor, Car r co,, 3lo do G +t Ltetl , I.oo o 0 'loo. Barret, 04 do ltocyotld, oyrllo 1 co, - do Filday bo0, 2:1 do A;l3in & 'I'reloloaltt, l1 do Il ko, \VWat 4 co, 19 do W E Turtner, 18 do PFyroex, Areielll 4- o oo IR do Balooi.l, Frrll;lv o. o,1i do Allell, Aller & co, 8 do IV Fluwero , toi \W I Curtis, 7. d7 Sllith & Vooorlho.,d.. (iyll0 o+ Stow. , 4 do It I.oauduoiey. t 3 do Lane. Fontninot & co, 1I0 ildssugar, J II Loverioo h &ol. 57 bide, D eilt. 11onchclte-r.. pr stelnlor loWordeon PFope..lO bls aotton J BIlel & co, 7do Arouor. Lake & \V,,olker, 65 Ilto do Ricker, SIlolleyv 4 Davis, 11 do COllor & (iridley, 4111 do N & J Dick Sos :61 do \V I Betl, 5 do Jobs Ilnoooo & Co, 74 do BLonnet, l I'errdy & co, Suudries to A Faolen 4 co. Na lornbitolt ,oro o sttonloer Volocipoeloe--Ail tlos colton A I ,or.,bo & :o, o 81 do A onreo o . co, 1I2 do dJ B ioi'olih . co. 5 ,d, C ' oled.ano,36 itu [.l.CmllrglIter 10t do A D Clo.. m,., li7 , t O ear m,. bood. :0; 11 ,,f bi,l,,s L LoPtrpeotor. ;llriicllt..per stranln00r Alhany..H100 brl pork J tolodio. co, i7Ul kegli, Itirlbs lld 55 hlaFclfdo lrd, 148 ,,rlst ai, Ii alfl d pork Alolll & Hil towll, 06 I2 .lll . lla;oo14l.o & .hvory. )7 kleo, lard lOgden 1- Soulbgote. I1:0 borl llr ood Doppier, 7 drlms egs \.a{lto & o itcroooll, 2I b! cutllo , N & J Dick & Dick & cu. CONS 7:41:1:4 I~en YIrl..per shipl Aalharrl- P' L.411oa- r.afii, StevnnaA e", J l' G.I.lll. CuIHIsIUI:kI IlydB+ r II L~itbidie v Jilclllolin illalars & n G V Pritchard, I l-Clllllnl & to, (-it 5 co, It Geo.O ~-rilg & e., A \V Seinerl, J Lund:.. cn, J VaircllA c o. J A :Verleta & co, Starkey a " Vhitill glill , A (:rant A' co, Stowo A r o, Ahmos l Hartwell, ICgd., & Southgate, Stetson a ndl Avery, J Ch~ristie & co. 11enlhlluw A. Rogers, Pre-it, Jones &P cu, J J apmrt. J 11Fied&,. 1" Y Anrew. Wnnl & inntt Itn;crt & llawthorlI. Auslcy 4' Itobillssllnll and r " I.ivcrpoul..llnr Br bllnluc Lemlln I DbI,ooICl.. II an \V A n dorhull, IV F \ :goe and co, It II Mcleowerll, A G, ,,t And co, Ilrnuott, E'crrillny & o, F Seguurttu, II Calnlllk oneo co, W Dunn, an Dld order.T Rusion..por ,hip E li.,, Warwickct. C Flint,\\'hilridgs A co, Muhohrd & SigerII1III.Io V Ilou pCI& Rge, I' t'lmnnol, A Br.,TU J A Alorrelt. G S Curtiss, 511111 an If .s 'I' R 11ydo & ro, tiodfrey, tisane & Smalll, R L Allru, J 1' Allen,, E Lombasrd, Green 11 BroConnoiy , Elder, E Slay, Cared } Stephens. PASSENGERS.~r Now York.:per plop uburn-G Ellean, 8 Wilmot. Conway Prince, a 1. Huulh. Vicksburgp.. per steamer Blail Colmnhin.. Dr J Burnes, lady sad S ch~lildren, J Rugnrl, Wm 8mithl, C Malcrae, J L Levey, G W~ Daahiell, A 11 Gillmld. Mauchruer..po~r steamer Gauges ..Judge Golan & lady,, Judge J >K kluury, Me Garland,. Tsrricr. Bayou Far-per steamer Baton.10 Rouge..E Christopher, When,~l W Caldwell, 11 Moi·, It PelleaVloa J Sillmlll, 0 llmekI~l y, W Young, Walkier, W D Carter, Dr Pne. S' siren, Stockton, E: Dvis, T AV P.S. on Avry, R S Champ-, J P I Davis, C Uilrelllgrl, M W Clark,. A Ullplnnller. J li Illsool Itnlrer, J L CI nowah, IL Illcbcr, iulllpln, S Drvd, I' Klein. Shipl Eliza \Vurvirk .joke ,hlips Itapuhllic: au I Peuvinl off Ornlogu Key-. on 01115 trial,. On the Ilitll last, stouke ship Ar unwevll efrthe luEr 'Tllu 1'ro ,rutaud fo~r Cattmnl co ono' lnl mloderateo untll the 4thl Ill.ilil ll. tnIC 11 r,'YlV05 ( with h, :.Maros mu"1 continueld natIVe forr n P. day.~, dlllrlll which thle lab' leclillu of d parL IF, n.s full~y rerluvnrcll , III', ye~trlllsy andI Ion-.,v the lurLkelbo·sbo ,joint u~ru n and a shade lIaacr. I.hoI1h 31411 bales emu lake.. in one as~line, by aspeculaor 06 ,Burnam, '1'ho business sinces Ill inlrl, i" estimated sit 4 3.1110 halos. hntfei of t r pot.uh~liou.l Th'le accounts of tends al Manchesters are Ices cllcuulilaiinl tile Lnaoow, Jan. 7. Some fn Tw by. , Inc. we mlrl--d In thle nleiey ull'ch pre. veinal~l amlllnllil tilt, mnurmryI) and cummlerlral Ilntnrrtt rerllart in;l the In obulle s, Noa of the , cr!II II· f,., the end of the pastI fi naarllalljnm ter; .,I can, however, s tate upron sonic very good authoelily· that Ilo prnllll return hue beenal so arrangecd that it will Ahn".r a slight Ilprov nmmenl upon 111011 uarter, as sumup., rodl witU the c orruaplndidlZ quarter al' 1517, 1 the respective I.. I'·'tolaus of the xcise aud III. IIlollrm U II( genral tnl Pro-ti cut "an 111e yea, to about u million sterling. Nows Yoga. Tuesdaly IF A. Al. 'l to news from EnI~sad receivrd-ly the raluhrlde, down to " the 11 th January, is au ·pFlinl. l flat , r .'i~rIrian. hve ben as. lonndold. Bootness a f.r a maslenl 1 alc. Weal street crow ded w ith groues of parsons. btath thin llppt repo' is. SThree Bats Nw York packets all wragsd of yle tirnq and Sear earb other, it ooloahiag at on~ly uuperolelgq."ýl al 'Pile11 Ines w al fall vary heavy o n Wall Ireeti UJI. ofilasp must aaficr, su ovi of them very heavily. The I·Enollruwu_ : nd' I~. Anldrew, both Sorry l ust shortly after leaving Liver pool, havivng vary large cargoes of spring good. the lot. I. the owners andn undeprwriters, to well A disapponintment,. will be vefry grout. Tlto zlrr l ali ashore jos after hr arrival SHercsiyro. although valuable, is nut as lracblto u the others. 1'riv aN Imoel· say that the w ill begpot off So groatl has 5 so The panuic that the groat llhject of lnteretl viz. tae price of hitu i+ almout lost sight of-as the iu tercet m the l5wep morn ILM .nsnlon will h~o paid to this... Celina it wilt antý1 wýýp the gre (Irat weaak of uppra a 11,01 ,was tbate ity~9f t ±pgO f eE "loom.tales Sl 117 rlhe udva was I to} s. lYµiht star a rte tratle io105 11h Junnlnry, lh'ae ýsaay aw t" all it d (lwFL '['hle c~~na~plmp d~lel t, and~L· U 11 the m filet mre firm The parts were still open to, Flour At te 814iit " o Italy, but there was mo change whatever i prices. patVal ,If Iqud was qatatlll at M AeB On 011 Illah of DacelabdrOlao lot W iarrutelnc r iu wheat of, Luli1llug which war .Ollab u .egneufly Gal. '1'ha Luulb u cjlub, : nays-"Wb arc happy to Mutt that the liquidatio of" theoJ l American hoaes here is goi.o nfl quiet ltL fayorally. It ii slloeady kollt tlmt .oln. .ildss . co, resmed hobinoe so am nuths ago,o .l dischngiun in full nil outtanodinf claims a.aint them. Masers. Wigtb 4 o. are 'nO prepring to r.i ume lhstl." in a month or two, having early .ldtffOi all teoir old eno sements; and the aiors of lenrs.. Wilon 4o. whirh weeooensidosred tile loart proml aioe. leave in doubt ofa opedy aoL'ctt auot.t faIl of cii 'l'hostock maorko hero to-doy was, coslilering the shock, woll sutainel. OMariue sto.ks will 11,l... Express. TRUE AMERIC1AN OPICVE. In connection with this Olico is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE y rl TIHE PRINTING OF Pamoblets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every description of Job Work that mny be rellired. I.?'Th proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care ohall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unsurpassod in thin city, and at the lowest rates. THlE TRUE AMERICAN. Lei EDITED SV ,3O111M l O9Ii N. ea wl FAITIrVUL AND BOLD. co NElrV OR LEAN cSi FRDI)AY, FEBRUARY 22, 1839. no S-- - ro--------------In No paper will ba issued from this office to-ma rrow. ao V ET ERANS of'14 & '15, you are respectfully in- gi vited to vilsit the enCompient on Lafvoette sqaore, to to-dalv. (2d aebruary,) erlwr.n the hlorse of two and Al fouro 'clock. re2kA COMMITTEE. 22n of FEBRUAvY.-This day one hundred and se- p van years ogo, George Washlingto was born, on the r I bnuks aofte Potomac in Westmoralnnd County, Vir- ni gilin. Hii historyis the history ofltis country. From ec early umnhoud he was devoted to her interests. InL the l fel ac d aRthe council, lhe was her steadfast friend. If lie was amblitions, it wits a virtuous anmbition, and nso chastened by the ronearkablr justice and equanimity ofir his disposition, that the grosser particles, commnon to oapiranoo, rformed no part tfits coltposition. His ex amuple in a ibright and shinong lhght to his country now. H llis bosoml glowed with true patriotism. Like a full anid noble tllon, hllis course was onward. There was oo io rude ard boisterous palsion and prejudices to dis- ti turb or impede the current. t All tihe ends he aimed at, were hi caountrr's, God's, and truth's !" It is not our iltention to go back to, and traverse tile c details oIf the eventfll lifre of this great and good man A, As we Iefore remarked, his country's is his history. ti Thle mre mel:ntion of his name. calls uip his vast I servicesnll tihe iullllene debt aof gratitude, which cani o never bo paid, bnr1t which hilllows his memorry in the o breasts of hlie eoeutrymen.. As an exnample of virtuouns r p triotis l, Ielllpracl inll la il tlri so, fir lnoes without tvraney,prudence and judgment-l- c left them a Irice- 4 I less legacy. (ilor'ge W\a.lringtona diedlal Ia the night of thie Itlt (hDee ,17I, requeathing to tlhe world one nanle, over which the Itulre culd throw no pall, and to which nof tr reve'alnmrlr t could uttach Io hnloat--a lnolae lhat shall a live Ithlrrgh all ager uarrn'lied and revered. The setrs ilfnlimhtier colquerl; llly dimn-their lustre wrtll- at Sbrecome obscure, but his shall shine brightly on and forever. T'her is nO Iay for whirch we have a greater rever d ure, thlan lifr tlti. It is oneo e or national sbblatls far fIa'lerio was given to America, when Washington to was born. We are glad to perceive that it will be duly celebrated by our military. It should never be neglec A red,-fr the sanociations which are called up, by oma Is king it a day ofjubilee, are of a nature to awaken 6 patriotic feeling, and lead to the bnnirhmnlt of the nar- r s irow and degraded spirit, which in late times, has infest ed veriy many, who should never have permitted it to o rfind an entrance to *leirbosolns. I Who would not like to emulate the virtues of Wash- r legigon. How much more exalted in Iris fame-his alilirary reputation out of the way --thn all tihe eleva* tioe thlat corruption and delrarnoguiem could win. We n are sorry to say we have had Presidents who have not fi a.lllwed hisa example, bat who have prostituted the ioffice, to base and seleih Ipurposes, whlich ihe filled with D m O"m o1 hol.ll)r L tlilllOtr d dvcanatag- e to Il ounotry. do lay lhe terlllillation lle near at hand. do LarrcsT rtouo r(uaoe.-SSblpwreCk and loso of life. r, Tie 1I'aket shilp ('ambridge arrived'at New York, on t the 12th inst, bringing Ltomlo dates of the 9111 Jan. antd Liverpool doule of the 10th. Thu Cambridge mrade do a narrow eoape bring ill imminent danger of dashing against tIh walls, nod being drive agega:net the pier head, before she left. She was detained two days be do yod her oal limre of rilling bIy the weather. The a Liverpool ppelrs are filled witll accounts of a violent I a and destructive. Ihurrieane, which arose on the night of ' do Sunday,January, Gtit, and continued during great part. a- of the next day. Thel Liverpool Courier of January S9thl says:-" AIll around our own district the destrue netion has beent dreadful; and intelligenre of buildings, ; out lhouses, wall., roof- cllnflllysr , lilay strack, fneces and tlree. s hal.ving Ibeen destroyedl or blo tw down, reach do 00 froa every quarter. Ir this trown, the loss of life do ad properly las been vlery gret, and nullbers of per - sonus hIars beell miore or less injure.d, while multitudles are recountinllg paticullll rs c of murrowV escaples from deatlh r and frractured limba. The destruction of the marine, b t is fieareil, will have: IOrl exceediiagly great on the sur er, rounding coasts, though the intelligence oa that surlject Ais not yet very anple. Mayny vessels have leen snk ail thie river and in the docks, and not less atln filleen are noev lying ashore at Ilentle lay." " 'lIhii worrt fo:l'r resprcti-g tilre ill fitted shlips men y, ioned illn the lalest of o yresterday's news are unhap. pily cnfiraed. The New York lpckets Pennsylvania and St. Andrew are total wrecks, and the Lockwood a British ship willt passeCngers lir New York, is in a hsimlilar calilitien." Tile (:reat Westelr v s Ito leave Bristol on tire 981h A of Janunry-The steaner Iiverpool was not to sail till ite Gal ilanst. & 'he death of Miss Itandon, (Mars. McLean,) is con Ot firmed. This occurred at Cape (:oast, shortly after her n arrival. Shite was fund dead on the floor of tier room, with a vial of rydrocyanic acid in her hand, aled the jury gave as ia verdict, that she had probably taken an tovrr-dosa for spasms of thle stomach, to which she was 'd, subject, and which were re-excited by the change of clmate, her husband it appears, sulforing at the same time. ay Lord Norlerry, so celebrated on the Irish bnech, has Sbeen murdered, havig been shot by some ruffian front behind a hedge, while ihe was walking through his grounds with Iris steward at day) light, and directing Ihim in referenoc tte pruning ofeme trees. He lingered ea short tirrer and expired. One anlly of the six halls o made afllfiWOti wounld, having passed 'through his lungs O and a nllllelrd lthe bIreast bolle. ci- The wreck ofllte Loekwodll took ol ice oil what ie called tluh North uBak, .all thle iral'nylvaia was all. ,f chlored unar her. hip A public meeting wro-3 hrlI ait Liverpool n1 tile 9th ofJaulllaryr Ilrousllider lthe, bra plan of anu nrlling I(iee Swreho hIa exerted ltemtelves to save te lives of tihr tie persons on board tile vessels wrecked on the banks. A n l ge ag lnumber of menrclhantsl asseanbled; Ite Mayor was keC put i tile chair, and renllutioll were paaosted, fr openll ties log a subrcriptiot list in two colunss, oae f r the relief Sof therutfere r nd aunlorr for the reward of thoer who had rescued thel. To the funld for presentl elief up . wards of 1100 pounds war- eunbecribed inl a very short prI time. t- .Captain mithll of the Penowylvania. the first aud second ao tIe. h porislled. to llaY-.e LeX Iast abn saftlri slrtelyart pereun aos aOl I.. riod III aidyila .L tat. nod lao refeld Ia(caIr C her. Tles lirllt l ho a r ot wu eir-rl tl:;ire -re irt: . l.lie wo io rec" oalthiklrmld rer lyillcdlend raver atbe tidwl or hrllrglllg t liFl--iflUr Ia abc. r elkairn hlniogirir.llied frocul Ihroserily of Ott otr uRertnr. "Tie dlOl!ia al ik khe br -arltollnt ea ]l;ivao lio tbhe to-ol sad leot ofte th loeu cr afpelrocs raitrcd aloy tho sLera1 lglool.a -I- Onte Trsday tlre etl of Jauarny, frra lltlo So. dodewr 23, froie the lroe-kwonl 33 ss "Thin dat. tae 0th of Joonllrre. fToo the PnrnM rallnin r6o s olo hfIetochaooko daA. IOortael140ealel*, orenaid a htre Iterlllsd ill lhe Lokekwod. ltd the Areoa foem Itongor. a e wireked ont OiaBhtaol. The Lena or-ro thr Cenrotreore srnrdo "Tfhc'dwUdo5froa oundee, ie tontl ,rek ohn Ihrttloylc bhre. TlaeAnllou iblefflrea at, ies uearly onl rIlre sner tIoly res heo..crdw ome otcs6-j teSh~rttco. Tho Aoo t'lloy. from ent I.lh.n, is os suhaoe eur nbeC~Wlth-lllreo of tho rrrw hin. T|hetttra Vi frori r tiheisrtot sep shine .e Lsaowe. e- "The Vmlaorieast elsteattu, bul .lahnlt has wliade 1e320 dery emriio t e It.ns in or Itriwlhd the !IOIctr1 oard luaa.csear f troel the w retki. |'hoy IrOcodedL jiehilr a con. trhal lotrnor tnmtl from PU to rU moultl nrs rf~tss arght... ad Amlontet ihaseo prmreed sos ano only eright tnYPns old. nhoe fLbtar alld nlatlletr tot hle oard. mof IrlanlgWthtwhurrircne wffoltrwitheawlcw .bs - e4 bridgr on ste asn .,an. t rslln toy it llate stenrc. hwe edilht IaSI t broktero aentpt Ihe op e1ers, mid nl Ihr eb w~trllrlsm itnr l the eimlsae etf tha gals re t. t ooulnd mrhnhstJ~Lst$oset FRANCE.. lalr T'e Chamber Peerr is cngaged in a discusseio of inr the Address. It It sald the King contemplates the four , motion of a c;alitioo minsatry. 1Th3e minister of com rcme is about to hring'forwardl Sid the colonial sugarhill. The seminary of St Acheol,near Amiens, haos been closed by order of the government. Marshal Sanlt, oll hi way to 'Parise. LaLtn'ls'. four highwiyneaen, who were re rsilted and n I, his domeeti.s. The minister of finance has o .' e 506.,00 fralcs to time Bank of Mar-. The American packet Burg3un3l. it., i3 3 , .3L at 3) Havee.i The council of state have declared that the Bisllho of Clermont committed an ahbuae of power in refueing to allow Count do Montlosier to hbe lterre aecotrdling to to ithe rites of the church. frt ite Diodeamen, tmant of war, and tle corvette Eogenio, ol arrived at Toulon from Aanconta, on the 241th oh, with tle M French garriseo of that place. I Thie Auogsburt Gnett atnnuno"ee the arrival of tie si Prince Ghliko, tie Hoepoar of Moldavine in Milan. a, Advices from Alexandria, of the 4th olt, state that no cases el' plague had occurred in that city since thoe 14th lovoember. T'le Dukt e D Nemtur arrived et Fisa, tile IlIh tilt. d The Ioalth of his sister, tim IDuchess of Wirtetnbherg was much itmproted. do The Courihr Ftanaeins states lhat ifete-the departure In of tite Fr.nch troops front Alonn, aserilms di.tnrlhnces took pla:e in the city. It was foend necessary to re inflre the garrisoth'by 2010 or 500l men. Scveral p0r sons ihad heen arrested. t' An article in thie Leiosic Gazette states, that large t Iurchases of proviaions had been ahade for thl.Prus-ian of Snish provinces. I a An Ordinance approprilting, annually, a certain sum of money, to the uniform companies attached to the Fourth Regiment of Louisiana Militia. 1. Be it ordained, That the sum of Oneo Thous. and Dollars, be, and is herebyannually approplria. t teted to the use of the Uniform Companies attach- th ed to the Fourth rcgiment of Louisiana Militia; s; which sum shall be paid quarterly, to the Colonel It commanding said Regiment, to be employed as follows : Ftas.t-To be distributed by said Colonel among 331 the ditffor nt Companies aforesaid, according to the number of men actually present at eaclh inspection review, in tihe months of February, May, Aug3ust 0, and November of each year, preceding the distri. bution; or at any other inspection review the Le - gislnture may think-proper to designate; the same I e, to be paid to said Companies in the months of d March, June, Septemb.r and December, sue eed ing the monthly reviews above mentioned. SEcuNa.-Tiho surm thus distributed, shall be em. tployed to defray the expense of music, aced for 3e equipping those desirous of joining said Compa. n -nies-whose circumstances may not permit the no. n cessary expense, as required by the rules and regu. an lations of the Companies. If 2. Bo it further resolved, that the sum allowed 30 annually to the Louisiana Legion, by the ordi. o nance ot 2 Nov. 1836, be and the same is hereby 8 fixed at one thousand dollars per annum. . TEAs.-Wo have Galveston dates of the 15th, and . Houston dates of the 0th inst. S Thile Galveston Civilliua says, a young- mlan tonatmd i tlamed tVm. Robinsone was drowned in a pond near a this city on Sunday last, il attempting to swim in lir a I' id wild duck which hlld been shot. It is sppasedl that he was taken with t le cram:p, a his muscles were nmlch a conltracted whe h w was taken out. , A female seminary is to be opened at Quintana on I . the lt of March, under the clharge of Mirs. Gihs and 1 et her daughlers, formerly of T'ouseumbia, Alahami. t Judlge James Webb lits been appl,iuted Secretary ie of State in tie place of the Ilan. Bernard E. Bee, who 3s roniets ali Minister to the United States. tII A male insllttation of learning hs be.n eostablilshed at e- Velanco, Gen. Ruosk has accepted the office of Chief Justice tlh of tile Republic. rr The Galveston Gazette says: f. t'The navigation of tihe lhav3n, between H'ri3sh t trg all ano n ou to, has been mnlllch illinrell Itv thile ilt ele. L argS e quantlities of sleet ac hr talnllllte t ul on the Irie s, irs lul, assisted by the willd, tore mtnllyof thonm down; - and those up in the banks, faling into tile bayoul, 1have, ad as w" lealrll, inl lanv places formed rn0fs, reonderig it 31negeron3 flr stetlll;hntlS It 3olnll3 down witth tilu plts 03sct rapid eerrellt. A snmll sloop has been the only er- arrival since the gale. 'e leoa. that great injnry hits also been done to the timlevr upon the Brasses. We learn froinl the Ilouston Telegraph of the B0th ult., Tlhat a cmnponyr oF fifeen men from Bexasr, rer.eltly Lvisited tile eceleblud Caton hle U1llhalde, sittnICItel hot en 61) miles nortll-west of Hexar. They enterod the nr r. row pass without ilnterruption, but immediately after Sthey reached the middle of thle vallev,and lwhilislhey wee en6gaged locating sonie land clalic, it large party toof C omnattches rnddletnly oppeared ait the upper ex tremity of the valley, andi Iltndtl prel0rations to sutr 1. round them. As the Indiane, however, did not altenll3t to make an attack uponlc themthey re3n3inedll It ac s turt of detence dluring ile day, nIod1 at ngllht set anilt ii ra thir return for Be'xar. When they arrived it the lower Ve entraneo of the vallev they diicuvered small Iparlty of Int Idia3ns stationed at tile pass. lMoat of th3l a3ere sleel; tlhre.e or loer, who were .ltndald by a fire, 0 p he parent v of t, rl.tthry o..h t ,t ..--. , .1 ,, ,l tn( - r3 - h maino ...t.i. · e.ot to tm i0nl3 holly at the tipper ex try reity o thcvallev. They then re3stn3ti rllelr rnnleh lry. d renelald lexar'in snfeil . Inlnlelintely afner their mtulna3, Col. Karnees raimsed 3tronpan iofeixlV ll33 an11 t c h drecedled t tthe mmne loln0 t lI is e Thlell Vel he liered thius 3t3npany willr e eulfiiee.tto Ilideslers atny on Illliln lilt e that San ber faild inll Ilat secion11l. , 1 Wa leoarn lt s a cop1ny o all onlt twll hvlndred chi e zeits, ntd aont Oell hunlated l.iplnd rnmd t'lIkcwt a Iatn doine0it, re assenmbled c0 t . tlri5t313, and i :elnd making all etg eatpedlction into the. Coolnlnatche colterv. The spies of Ier the l.ipnils. Ia recmntlcv dishcvered'the pilet where - tn woineu nn children of the lostule COnllhane leu ar0 lationell. 'lt'he warriors are 3now nhsent ollll e-car 'lis aio ,either to ontr frontier scntleonleUl, or in pnrsuit f lit lhe Ihfalo. It is helieYve, therefore;3 Iltot .thei women nof 0n1 child3ren 33ay Ih e ,ptlr3 without difficulty. An intlligentgenttleanln f ln3 Bexnr thas iformfed i3s art. lcat tile Cnlnon de Ullalde we.ld firrt the ast station in cry that section ibr the trootps intended fLr 1te1 protection of tl- t13 fronlier, 3as the Comnlnnclea on their retnrn froet ex 3editinse t) Ilexoar invariably passt ntar this point, and1 g, it is sitluntel at 3allh In distnece fronl exnl'r that ltleir s hlrses cntre gener3illy eXIhalute3d with f3tigtle wlen tI3le tell arrive i he vieiliy. C3oiseelelntly i3 tollps of i'la elif gewhh itl fresh Ihrseos, starling front this plaee, conld easily intercept them l on thcir return. Intelcligenee of Ir- an inlvusio ol Colsn3t0llches could o csily he colnnltnni tlo ed rliol Bexrll to tlthe C 0anon de tUlhnll, in a few 1h3eeurs, by m0en0. of rockets or oether 3 .c.nnl3. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of )ay Police and Night Watch. February I20, 1839. Mrs Lawsin and Mrs Itiels, arrested for fighting and dliturbing the peace, no person appearing to give evidence, discharged. Mirs Riley, nrrested for being drunk and disturbing the peace, discharged. Wet IlughlCe, arrestel for knepitlg a Pharo Bank bound to Crimuinal Coutrl, $5(11 necurily. G allm pay, arrested for disturbing the peace, dis The statement in tile Louisianian of yesterday that liensue had been defeated in his application befure tile Supreme Court, fora Mandamus, we belierve is without foundation except in rumour. Rumor may, however, be a good proplhet. This would not he tile first instance, in which law and justice deviate at right angles. IFor the True American.1 IIOUSE. OF REPRIESENTATIVES. Weodnesday, 21st Fehruary, 18:19. AMr. Morton presented the memorial ofeundry inhab itants of time purish of I.afayette praying for an appro priation for the keeeping of an oftfice for the recording of brands of cattle, referred to a special committee. Ontt motion of Mr. Lewis, a resolution was adopted mnking it the duty of the speaker to take his sent every day, at 10 o'clock A. M., and that tie ntales of the members theln absent withount leave, shall he published I t tihe state pu all r. Mir. Brashear, on behalf of the coimmitte oni Internal Impromvement, reported a bill granting to Samuel Sot to tile privilege of keeping a ferry on thie river Tick fw. lMr. Lclis, ont behalf of tihe commttittee eppiltted to examine into thie alfairs of the Atchiafiln tt Bank, pre. senttld a report showing the condition of that corpora tioe. Ordered to he printed. Mr. taillo presented ai petition from a large'itun-r her of tite inhalitants of the pariah of Rapidesa prai ing for ae appropriation of $5000, to aid themt in making bridges ot I new road between the town of Al rxandinand tit Sabine River. Referred to a special committee, comnporod of Melanrs. Baillo, Phelps, Dun bar, Patten &L Thomias. On motion of Mr. Lavergne, the house took into con sidenration the meaeage of tIe Senate, persisting in the 3rd article of the resolutiaon to obtain the action oecon. grees on certain laid claiml in West Florida. Mr Lew is moved to aglee with the Senate. Section insistedl upon by the Senate. After a few remarks tile motion to agree with tie Senate was lost, and a motion made by lMr. Lewis toin. Bert add to appoint a eommnittee of counerence was adopted. fir. Estaven reported a bill relative tn t te police jury of thle parinh of lberville, and for other purposes. Mr. Fortier intrtduced a bill to create tie parish of Duvergi, out ofettat part of the county of Orleans sitl ated on the right bank of the Mississippi. The amendments from the Sel ate to the bill creating notaries anti utciimeers in the ptrirhea of Carrol Caldwell, &e., came up fir consideration. Ott motion of Mr. Preston, the bill was laid on the table. lMr. P. showed tIhan a general law existed giv. ng the governor power it appoint notarins,a nctioncetts, re., whelever they nmight be wanted. 'Te amaendlents of the Senate to the bill granting a penash.,fo.'J. C. .Mero, were next considerrl. uu The amendtanntegranting ipensiunsto Levasseur, an invalid veterant ,ad to Mrs. Narnm, tile widmow of al Officer in the late war, wer adopted with an additional rrctiin, loffered by Mr. Davideon, fbr the relief of Toey, n ,te ran of 1815. On motion of MAr. Winchester, the house took illnt con sidtlorntion the bill to increase tile number of tihe lolges of ih supreme court to five. I I- ,ill had three readings and underwent con-idc ,,in made by Mr Davidson Io refer the bill to iary committee with instructions to elltlire expediency of increnaing the appellate juris diction of the court to criminal matters, was lost. The bill was therepassed by a vote of22 to 13. On motion ofMr I.ewfs thle House took tip tile bill to amend the code of practice, and after smno remnarks from Mr Ratlifoun the impropriety and uitonstitution ality of dlpenvting with the trial byjury in any case, .Mr Conrad replied explaining the 3teessity of dispen sing with thle trial by jury in summary proeendings against sureties on bail haods, but the discussion was suspended by tlye adjMolronmet for wnnt tot' quorum. CINCINNATI, Felb. 12.--Tleb Evening .IPost of this date says:-'The river Ihs risen four feet since yester day noon, and slillrising. It is tow fourtcon feet above low water. AvoUsTA'S BliEFnFIT-Attd lat apperanCP, tlakes placet himsevening. Who will not take advanttge of thlis last opportnunity of witnessing te grace and beauty of this lovely duolsensc She mlove with the light, airy, facility ofa sylph; anld in forml, if she is not like a sylph, Praxitiles could not have desired a more per fct model. Sac is in truth " the mIould of form." This is her last night, nod all of her clharln will be hoigh t ned at least ill the opinlion of her aulhirers, who rcllect that it is thet lst opportunity they will enjoy this sea son, of gazing on her beauty, or being dolightod w itlh her grace. Tbe total number of fires ilhirhl occurred in the city of New York front the lost Jnuurv, 18311, to Iho 31st of I)ecellmer, in the name year, woo one litndtred untll ifry four, cansing ia loss by the destruction of tIhe llliudhlgs, oif 333,Fli1, adtdl of polperly by fro dl wralte, ohl' $339, 943, inn-king a total of li!)3Ol0). tMelancholy D)isaser.-Tlhe Pluttslourgh Whig says: "nA ngeatlottii just cElled nt our oflie', tid olit)rlld tloa thatIlast evoniog the house of H r. Atdreev I tin, of Sa rantc, was burd,and lour of his chllclleu cotnutlled by fire. Contemptible -Thel'l Newark lilv Advertiser av: "Thle Berton democracey of Missourilhave changed ile i"oie mof Ito Ku .tyll ty, to tliat of tlotthsooa (lto glorify tie lono ftco fiderlnl eoenltrr of IPenlsylvanina) i Ka was a (terllttan by birth, coeil to Almerica in 17711, was napptointed mltljor 8000000l I3y can'ress, llld "a killed in 17811 it lin bltlle of Caonletl, figlltig'ti r tote liberties of this country. BIluchulan vwana totrO y lawyer oieLstCatter, Pu., IwhIo ldenouncedo tilt iaorrof nUl"1 Buoanted thilt if lie Ilouglt hre ihadnl drop of demoratic blood in his veins I e woilld let it out, and in now a lead er of tle Vann Baren delmocray. There has ben o a correlspndor en ierweoen I.itennt lMackehonaiot of tIei U. S srlilt I))olllin, and thit o 'o!ach AI rlliral, relative to tle firlig of too orf il F[l'ellt. vcsh r sets into the .American barqile ilao i lna, of1 Philadel Itlrio,t as shire was going oultt of Montevideo. The aldoti rol illaoll allt r lttiiit aitjology, and arrn sltedl thi e Cliht in o tit, Vnssnl thoat firetd Outrage on the Ioroniter.--We havthe lthe llrity of the Motlretal (rztee that a tlawless illellrionl I'roon Al [ otbEglh, VeoiIiu , i wast ntote root lthe inhllahlitlloRs rot Cat l I well's itlnnr, rv i about twenty of thl 1J. ttotes, who, on the lf6th no!t., usIllllr ool dligi.g ,eJ blrolo ineto Ile house of Irtt itman tlnaielt ion.lutort, oulll id I om all iid Ili son with cordl, rwoildedl tile I.rlllr so, sneverely that Iiis life is in dniller, atllll l the seel fire to thle ho .o. The tllltes were extitgllit he I by sI o e nrihbolltilllirs from tI,,e Ameriten sid e of Ith liole. IIt toioe of tile persO 0s0 eln it gcged in this oItrege was00 recogioteol Iby the Vbtolturlt ftiui..-El'xpres~s. GOVERINOR'S IIO ttSE T;GUiDI)S!! J 7t i t e Ih . l d i ol i instant , 1 leti l k,' .n \ Me ., ill llli pC'esit thle l (;he rl l',, I'h le a tl Ilt. order onl'laltl l. SIorn C(iill. tReDi)0 JIWIO N iL ItON (N. I LOUISIAN A N )litt -.hN --AATTLNil'hIT N ,i T enlll n iill (lll h ' it he [. I ,sIlt I. nI I cl' k 1 . el. ite' iii ilthe mlIirlorll, on herllltl'r unilha iifl . l. order ..I n ip ll r I s> l i t i OT. I i - -- be c4i t r iI (''r(1 I I sr. s Ii s l ea : n I n tli t ah ' el ( h.o ise t 1'Ih-t'i ofBuiNuI ( il I isih' (I+ MI "u-ie D 11' e e i,, d,'yl lanigIsta b, , vntd n t t e narl a , .' ''l\l N NI'KIIA IN 'l', -(itl)Ell,: \VA II11\('ll Ol (rI A111S. - -I{I [V 1 ont I li.ere.a Ne1i. 21h, Iat 9. A T "l'ldi l, ornsau lTllls DA V the 2"d il li lilhl, wil b k of . red ., t r aso llrlel ry, in wni Cunirrles l. i nfly ori r \ i (ai; n II , ll , e.ill swe Ie 21 i RI- . i . * lt Ili .WK., N s . t. 7t .l l. O'O'lj'i l 'NTh IIUTLIEIL- At. i litr t, g l Ier thL ,, 7 lnk , i le day odis lv 7 hky inut, 1'+ePnl. Jh aLN . risile, dscnllvs i' I lh l i)ed I llle ti al irs of said n ir l, and c will t tcasl , the. I il lT e in his owne i r iS I n, I MIItI i1" t, SNTilNNO -ta e Chthi Ng 'I, .p iJr.i n f aitive aanslort.,ntll , '< Na.,oi.i i I drO .a Fbyi by y 1 IIC ) WIIiAM~ , IOAAII I Illl)anE I Co, f. l----hIp,. 3.5 ( h ,t Rl.hht lt hel 13-1 MAilniell t 1 an I&c nh aS ,rllnC., J , . t of tinb ley, t h Gapsey,i 'wlavel in iofered r T'Iaell'a e et. E i Ill l artres a, CiALAGAr-WainI,:-.1i, ahi vir ...f Mat laga wnet l ir ilnel it Iitnhoa se I slljls'oll" ithe hy It h l El D \"1'; I t 1"ll 510,' W (1%%s, Nl\o 7 Blllnlk tII nc y ERAII IIAIl.TIW, I '1 - 21 Nol 7 hank P lnc Sfr aale b y WIEA II t .lleiA oall 7 lhlelk Phlace. A NO - Oli hdsyclEn u hseiv llall In nn Illy hid sides 1 lir slit by t. l &ell C+, by ri1, I t A I Oli111 ill l st. SPP:11.%I 0(l.-2.-lilts s winner ,ued Iull aiuahmd i s r l - .il, wn tr iire , NIla, r l hy i,19 IA ( Iw Ii i(iB2lS o, 134 Maadlnitl e atl d tensl ve aiSsortll I arll lllm illihels, laedin ( o. li by Ial AC II IIONJ & Co, fll t', Melaga 'te At. Or )I hiI h Nes C.rllfis, Iiin .eIt, ryl: 3 9. S byife lt i N Jti ,autlll a l tho i it i ar,,lt, tle Gyl aisey, lTravels; in h Ihe 'mpl'het.tlrltt llIetiIfniIh.s f Ilira, Rulasliill anl , "urkeyI by I III lioltil lalC hr of 'Lent ers ira Ihe Norlh f urp, in co just receivtld i and NEWfor sale by O M MLEKNS AN; iaoala,9 h Cltiilter of(ra p anti Ci(iesdoyna. IANO Nl Oentl' I'rtI- , ae lire ile e ilrin, a t le mnti, 7 with'0, ,v atlse e lur . llli, ji sll tela uuld fn l sle, iaa enrrll lb. I O \a l, 4On m atpei-lll oSe n'd A S -n pe-Si., a ll t urty. ti yrl s a il , o ll Jrs n , nroulla alll slnne l l te i lit ba , tlR s , 'ry a iy, eby h I II IlleNNA II. Je ey Clltb I',r t II $ il ONN. IIi L'S .... - ... . 7 1r B NKi,,T - Naea r w ' )rleaa-s, Ila c'hr$l, aIh t .n *e'r nr I llckllhe-n nin h le l'- ili it a e r i I e-r tois, lo s; re frtiiheent suhinll Yer, (t.aI ba Vela at tie Ilma 3 iu0.l llase, iii hlndau tlh March tNI. ,ill h wer. Camnp St. Theatre. 2nd Night of Miss EILEN TREE, For Tills EVENING, FEl. '-2, Will le perlnrmned the populnrComety of THE LOVE CHASE. Sir Win Fondlove, Mr Jolhnson, Wildr'ke, Fredericks, The Costance Mist Tree, llli Ltia, "M Barrett, Tel Widow Greene, Greene, T. conclude with the Petite Comedy of tle YOUTHFUL QUEEN. D'Oxentein, Mr Johnon, G Steinlberg. Fredericks,, An Clhriltine, Miis Tree, On Saturday, 3d Night of MISS ELLEN TREE. Til DRESS & MASQUERADE BALLS. 'I, ASIIINGTiiN BAIL ROOtM--Friday 22nd C Febbrotary. Il19--Ie melory of Wrahigton'so 'Pe Birtlh Dany. Grand lDree iad Msi(i ueiCUdle nll. On this occasion, the itirclhetrn will execute nt 12 o'clock, the march of the great Washlington, a.ud uther National N.' i. 'The Bells will eontinnae every Tueoday, T1hurdny and oSunay of revery week. fir22--t TfItll': (;IIAFI'Etatd hierctmp1ruioIns, will be. ex- e I bihied alganio al hele fr rerlrcilnlrllr e iothly enllld e eeoly fore lisri 'irhc earee eeSt Chhorrloo ,ed Per Admittanre 50 ernti; rhihlreln nntl ervrnlse 25 cente. flecre, freee1 oe'locbk, A it, tog I' l1. enh edoll. for 1'The pr tltietre in conllecting this rare assemiblage, have exclded all animals fan ordinary cens or of nii oilbenive chracIer, seelecting such only na are l jr.etn oint'ni e illetcrel teotl teeoelelluiy elorge, terel especially to tie intelligecet sad ccrol of othebries. chi thls GR1EA'' ATTIRACT'ION!! - At No. 53 lfagnnzie srett, oOer r. Leer/'s Auction Rooin, opposte bank'se Arcade. RIJt R I.LER respectfully iformis te inpublic that it J the elebrrted No fStatue of CLEOPATRA, Qeen of Egypt, - Which has Ilinen exihilitad in IIItmot ef lhe irincilel tIbl.1snd viritrrs, hn. arrived in this city, andI is now being exrhibitredll fir n lshrt tie oly., IrtI li uo'eck ( A Al. to 9 o'cloekb. I' M. [ii'Admittance,.50 ceIrts; .enoson tickets, $1. Ni felli-if. JOHN V. CIIILDS, ENGRlAVER ANt) COPPIER-PLATE P'RINTER, No. :i, Camp St. TII... ,engrave and prinlt I order, blalk notes. bills ii S o'exhellange, bills of lIding, sliplh nnl , miiirentna tile and visi:ine card,. noturill, ieollslular . llnl couer nlting o ne eal, idoor platein, ilver wnre, ere.-alwanyon i hatld, anll assortment of silver iplated and brass door I SS Cards printed frnom pltes alretdy engraved. b A IWASIIINGTON BALL ROOr Dress & Masquerade Ball it St. l'hilip stre, etween Royal & Hoiulron. rlitlleIte.eger ofehecie bvantired ll Ilcoce,gretr L feill o I Il friilells cnd the italic fee the no rural 1- llled plronlage bestowed (on film forseveral seasons, i- resp'rtfilly informs, them that the establlishnteet has l in Iern enlotge.I for the amsllcelmtnt of visitors, and Iun ilergone , icmense replirs. 'lhe o nr will hie rpassed Ihv 1ecce« in qcclity eof lihuors,ac filte Itemtrct inn ill Ii 1 c ,'et bIy tie ablest t Rest rie,,etrer in tlhe States. T Tl'e eom winlr roenltl ol Satucrdly even'og, 3rd of - NovPlnler Illnit. e L i . IILANI) DIRESS & MASQUiERAI)E IltAl.l, ie ev wiill tale plowr . . I' uno ev.reY Moniay, \VPrIoe iI ,i a( Se relltll rdI y eveiL'iieFr, Iwltrilln. dh,. Ul, cI ehll - e etwill l ed o th lot of il'.i, 11:3{. C N. Ii. The er'int' e utiltec iIIon will be paid tco kb i., i.-ins prf'ct order througLhou the eslali lme1 t, as wet| ',- do.e lent ePIuon. IA.\V It)OK ,K-. g TQ( I'IY ])raltl- nli. E+ uhy lai) P tee 0o riles ee ,:l I v lo, ic, vce .lny .o i.c1hce llig'.-t' cvol, 1 h ionei 119t. c ' Ilerle IneR t c cl, onv ,ito Con iracte I'llre4r\ er .nt I'ertlrbipIi uctir e hridble rsec' 71xl.1 , Ialam, N., Pohlitic l I.a'. lealevy oI. HIills, I1rilklNrhorek Law ,t,( War,clinghaln tl IIfaL Adiine ol cijhteinerts, Anthoms llucksthone Abbott on Stl i ,I'' An,:ei . A lr clcc , it ti ioiietellloll Golll (cii lld I 'lellll , tarrieo.... Itigec . .. votle, IIt n .... . n.. ran slt', lnesll o lr Ihile l i, lng l toll 1)iget, Kceti ('olml turis I oin, f e ciow on li arllPership. tlre'leys EqIity lvidhnce, onithe Chal cry Praclice 2-rls, (Conklilsf 'ir, (orris Adc l C il ity DI, r.t, I b e I ctie , Iric i c 1 cr i Jlce Fer nch Icy Ai.IrX.ANI'lt v'l' TI\Al, t! Camop St. S AlS I e,-- 1,,l ...... Nit Risinien. ` I 1) I 1 flhexes I h e o 1011I I- ibol es do c i , , do In se.e end for seh' I, fi.,II CIIA.l 1'lIN &. t'oI O l'i,'i 19e Julie cI t 1 11 eecbe 1e-i, It;, v e it.. c ncci hi or \ 1 COTT liOll C 0IIIACe'Ip ci'Et " I D irih he freNest OIi lit nitde Sin :- solle u bsurp ti w . L.N, etir ,ole in ls I t t it nliceori. Apply to 9 I' I.t I)IL.AW, c;it Co stipe I it:\V t)olltl \9.e ANiC N o' ' II'iL. SlI Chl tle. ltOA lilicroie wilIr ltha )rMl i tt Ii o fit TRi Vo Tir ICAO RN T NG cFlru IA , c its" 1 l , tI ari , e lvlvt t . te.trt lea A . i.nd re e~lrll il I Iw corner of. P, r o nl d St Cha, rles Streti, uil bill cepi~ngilleg ctredtdro. 7 .e . M. II1 prl rVl nlllP .ltire. STEAL[ 0Al'T BILLS. 1'NE 't II. kiTS'~, ~o C il'AlNol oollE.AM I: I\'lAd S r bnchre their IBills sh,,,,k o in one Is or afore Colored lois, on Plain or Colorrd Iper, ,ih ib despa/rh, and on naf le Teai sI'.., by beatijog their C Ono,:nsat'1'U I" t M EIICA1N OFFICE, comer o410 Poydn'a t* int] St. Charles s treets. S1'1":1111 Ott-) '.(1 : tits ,, iitre sts sedt sperm j54 S ttir E &Cs, It Font? Loen ( A Isti 'y-1 4,1' 1rc.ofnraw cn fatue fr 1,rort I,,o" lisl,, ioe sale b,5 `ýrI11T1: lir l: )-in kegs, 'at I n stem, ur Ily S LOCKE :S Co, - junl8 U Front levee ,t 1liank Checka, Bills or Lnding, Auction Bills, PanipheltS, Show bills, Calta logius, &c. &c. tljt'OIiD:IISfoS.- tie Abovo, adl eeery other des eripliso,?fI3'I'llNl' tf(i U reseaeed at C.attIptJg .,ssofo/'l"l.UR AMERICAN," in ST. CoARLES EX CII*IC., 3d daor froms (ironerr streslosr alikte Printing ()slice, eorner of Fsydno otll( St. Charles streets. Eixeanive and bea,.tif/tl Boom: and Juo FOUNTS frso the best !Foundries isio'Usnited Stales, have jus been added to the alreraly ,rsll-stoebedl lstablibhment; -andtt ORDERs till be-e.eeuted as Lsw, as Ctheaply, Exlpeditiously sald Beaultiully, as at sany siher Olbice I in til, City. CARDS [l3i' I'IIIN'I'E nat tale hottelst Notice, in the s nos r/./fi.O mane,,s,, in Ila-bk or Cslorsd Inn,, oaEsur] 'rd, WhIite rl lI, a). Inlsi sr,,4fi14lt CAlDS, .nd l'ricra eery r,- ,r, able toat ThUE AMIEIIICAN OF FIlDE, ornser of Polydtes 4,,, St. Charles nts. Several Ncwsarnd lls,,itil Footls of 'loup: have just biree adtt,' to iie Fstabtlisbhmest. Ordters reieedl tit Captlist Rootm, St. (harlesi Excrha,, e, 3nd door .rontU(rvie, r s sor at tbe Pritlling Oilicr, aorer of sL'odras & St. Cbsrles streets. sosl-tf TO MERCHIIANTS. 37l.El .IEItC1AN'1S csaz boae a llsontu-e.le. CIocu Sis streusk atjaloo bauuse Nortcc,byeal/toasr the I Costoing Rossm of TRUE AMERICAN PRINTING; I Uetles , St. Chasrles Essanuge. asdjatsish tke Iiont, iso Rlost at Corner of esvijr strsle, oral the fIlot ifg ltiie, corner of P'aiydr and St. CIhsrlrs Lteetl. I)ACON-7i coslts of thums, slho'dieos orld nside, tar an sle by I ODRSES. 19 44Neiw evoeo I S. I'AI.I:ILk, Destis, respati.flly givsa so i tio, ltha Iho arty be. honsultd annully in Nes (lrlrloo, ,lringeh, tlss,,lla of Fi'brury, Mosarch sd A pil. Ilts as iisntlin joi prsslito, Ur I.sool, whoe Ilaoliessiouonl skill uud experience, butte in the stlriCII l Qnd r wcloliietil l spsrooes, is bollr. sse is to this pounirv, will remain permsasols.ly4 fold Otliet,59 ('ansol stret. N 011 llERN IIAb-_is balts 14r44n4 'Ass York lloylangby frau, COtip Nb 11 Csod in sa LVI. ~ 'FI IIYIIE &BC RO. Fst9 39 COlsoo,,oertloosoilso 0,1401 Ftll- 1IN ,strrloeh,,jee tbssodo i good stall pig IllSutth loaldiog, fop sole Its 114 I JORLSEY, 44 New Lespe S lCLY IIAIIIRA WINE-Iaghooa 'o F; Cot /,zso boodst, in pipes, hoalf l!4110, qlartsar coas and e atnos, ior osle by ISAAC Bi RIIIIE &Co,,, 134 blogusllt. Ai TL beas lfoer flosHPolwetlyRFltoats to Itrlsotsn an.d furryoresosIf land, teah. By the 4,t 44 thelsgeis aturo that sriptjr as tbe hold sod tocated by foreigner nov:9 1T1llIs It LEE & Co. L)I'r bIFI F IIREl Ej jsts rrspised ti.rt ],f oats l's ITEAIt & BAltlit1W/1V, sO"ý ltsab Its,.' St. Charles Theatre. For tohe Blonefit and last night of tle celebrated MlAIt'I.t.': AUGUSTA. This EIening, )'ebrunrr 22, Will be perfortmed the celebrated Opera of LA B.TYAI)ER1I. The Unknown, Mr Page, t)liltuar, A ratner, Tehnopdn, Dennitia;, Zolo,', Mad'lle Augusta, Fatima, Kerr, 'ALoion, Ritaent, Grand Pas Soul, by Mad'lo Ravellot An Ovcrtnre by the Orchestra Previonu to which the petite Ballet of TIUE PAGES OF TIlE DUKE DE VEN. DOME. The Duke, Air Debnr, taunt de Manet, iuarke, Pedrtlhn, Runsell, Victor, a page, lMld'lle Anuigsta, ,Engeae, B Iennie, IRON CHESTS-Jost received at tlhe Louisilna Wnre ltoturn,53 Itienville street. I2 luperior sin gle and donhle fire rooofiron elhests, fromt tie factory of J L Brown, New ork, ior sale by -ell. Wlt RCAItiNES. J I.. IIROWN'S Potent Platfornm Balanees.-tro S cers Lain lid tat 5:3 ienville streetl Patent Plut ferm tlanlucen, superior to any ever ot'ered in tlie city. thll W It (CARNES. i11E firml of J D BEIN & A COI.EN in this day tdissolved by nllunt l conslent. John I) ItIn in charged with tihe settleennt of tll oltitnie t thitnt thlie ceoaere, and will lus the tae omru oftlhe tirm ill liquidation only. JOItN D. BEIN, jrin23--1t39. A.COIIRN. V[A COIHEN conlilnues tle Couninioih lursillesr in ll individual Ille, anlld for his own aIccunt, at No. 90l Commoni street. Jan 23, 1839 i'I Itt ult,-- t- tIrrels iii rtorne ld fr anle Iby i j17 ABRAHAMI 'l'ttER, 314 P'oydru am t OAL--276 lonl of the hest Englrih coen , well srittet for steetot taoiture, otin boadtiotoqnr Abenoa, from New CasleIr, er anle Iy 11411.111 it & MII.I.S, jo') (.lanik Place CIIINEf. I'aes'n n, No, . IS, 1836. nThde souncribtr being one of lhe agents of raid Wodwortlh, hnuon of staid Mlnnhins ptnit ui fir use, ill lie mill of Meior . Iilortoi & Co.,itl tie city of Ln layeite' whihntiar PelSo ll r ete mnlahri; irt tie han at umberrofsatid nolehinestftorIttrle, dad ht thine ngncy for dinspoing of lhe privilege for tsine saul I oechines, Iher i leteIrous to sell by state or timrisl'es, s nmay beet sailt Ilse lnppclict i ' tI ho umachines n'l the greatest Ia blnr nevoig mnchil ever pint IIIlNse, for Iresinng and snaihtil;g plnk rnor loo or ioarlds fr wocnther idiag. An, person desirous o rtnrciolg, coeall call tit No. I71 Ita,.lart street, iwhere the autsaerilt'r tan te fit)ntd. ja: I9--lul ttl. I' IIASIiNS. Si AIl.ltN-25 ,r barrele, t0 eighth, and 1Il h1 ege sal3eaon Inarite from ship, Cholrlenton, far sale by re2 S & J I' 1VtII'tN':Y. 73 CamIt it N '''l" f a -Fursile rCI FlE, l' it: IIUSE, witht all its fixtirres, in Crl ti et, inl thie ientral part of atlon8irs, and doing now a pretty onltrl luinless, for far. ther particulars pply noffire of i t tIlllis paper. I1 TMitlREliAS-ti haces, 28 to 36 in. tantua aln Sil lllumrell lit Iatile n , 134 Maby flct IS.'lAt Itl I II)(;E&tCo,1 leiiiW'rie s[ CIIe formIule hy ISTEPISON &. AVERY, j"9 8U (;rtvier el TI ltn I't)I.'InI OliIPHAN, or Virissituldea--A tnlo t I l thtle althlr of the Swies Ilciresa. jilul reieived ':v,.r. nrtilch illn ottiunnrv r~.'lly ladite, or to erler Si ltllo, atshol'rtt otice. Who l,.slila or retail, on. or lapproved crellit. f15 rit Tit iF I'f' i Illt . ittEt IA IRS-'fthesulnsriber IL tlit josi re eioed laIrge rno.mriont of Glas rltioblersa , IIl,'i'nterc, S ngar lowls ant d silver n IIodch a l.ude Ilcid tLudly aiapnl, which tthey ller fcIr ftr n loW. ja2T' I I( ItWt IL & (&Cn, 17 CaoIp II i ONlI)ON EJditlolls of stanJrd lworks, consisting o. the Meloirs of Cradctk, literary and miscellannaeous. drt Npiillllla, ii deliiated to Mnletholo L (lourgnil!d, 7 volt, do Phillip, le (: 111 I... si 2 111c, S C,.Ult (I te h lllllnrimnt, 4 voin, dir Gibhliu, 4 tol.. do C ntlh'rine 2.1,3 voli, Sdo ;;iilTrd do Sir uldlev North, ion Sir Jiihlli NI thll, li N , nlen v II Irelnd. I t ;.ll or ti Nn mleo, biy cSvary, Dke of Reovigo is work, 'st rAi l it,, r ons l ' eoo at, j.if; W. 3h'l'KE'l-lN, nor Cnotp t" aI (llnl'ly I, trll tl t.11 i 1('1 ' Ad artilrI t ili'get-A tigett of .. n it 3 jle courti s ntof , Iminitltcy in England, in ll vl. It f,,ivo, iilet irceived alt in . T Atlr , I 49 i, AIFX II'(iWA It, 49 (.*tiillli o -111:ISl \11 'INI:S FOIR i1.Ih- It htt Iae tnekhei''er, S'i l ihmlrklnmnr(lmh r. '"llllt wIldl anter taingllI I o fi e igy Ai nIleld ftni I wtn... 111 hd , p ,r i bmi.tlo , cd whh iarnicol n pr rare. lictres ta t F t an. kfrt, Mleurs odd llologoe I, nl n inl l'x, ivehla ilh Ii l i Inll, l lt , I r thllit s i oti try. O(n Iov. vii'i,'r oiw'l h illlla t I illn lm y iinoon slt . ilnpoiller. m na e t n ti \tAIIInttA 11 TitFR, a1tI (;ravir lt mt1101 tin the .msnion, annaw and interstind I wotrk t b Ihs cry populatr th, i1 lt rec to atd far sate by ALEX 't'Watl t, tehil __5 Ph Camip rt )IES'll'ON'S Treatia e e, Bouk-keepig, in I.t - n- pert, onefor meChallic, onall assea, and 1on flr merchnItm Silli nankers. Alaso, BIennel's. for mer cbanl.n exclusively: secuuantl ookl f ert deseriptionll fur sale Itby IDAVIID .EI. & Co, 'el r N Y Stationrsn Imall, 24 Chartres at ('I- I-l, ili bis flavan, C, elree, landing fron(m )J brig Clhliunltn, fI a.nle Iby l15 .. . ' J IIITrNI":, 72 Camp at BASIAIIIAI l1" y i.AF uh.lil.F'A,, r [11E H pr'P EaI lr61 fnloar tu-day s $775 par barrel jnrcardin g , th , i1; IIhn bakera shall give du. hlg the Ielsill'0' Iseek (fro Mlmnoday lal ialt.) 37 noun ces of bral, d for bllt. read ofth sec alld quality in retPitt.lred t weigh j per cent, nmore viz: t IG ounces. I16 C. Gl:NIS, Mlayonr. I,3 ARI'Li & 'AYI,A'I .Altieiieyn at Law, 14 ± 'll slreel, city ufNew York. (TCollectionn and Ibusiness attended l o In ally pUrl of the state of New York. Reference: Macrk Walton Enq, lon Ogden Hlofflann, \altoI & K sep, Alesars. Cripps & Wyeth, C I hured 1Elsq,, Ca~hlor, Frame &, Kimbcrlv, Rubcnt S]anrk I:q&, New ark.*" ANew Orleans. teli--91p ItUooIPN G kZINC-I." s bea r noling Zan I lnw Inding ron, barque Ilnshllaw, firsale by 1516 JIISEPII COCKAYNE, 25(iGraier `OIAP---,J7Laeb No. I n d entraaonp, brands Jas. -" Cuuld, Jackson &. Trowbridge, George Robbins allll J H blorlon; for stl e by jal6 ISAAC BRI DGE & &n, 134 Ma gazinm at SXCIIANG(I. an Noew York. rr eI b ANDKVEWS & BRO'8, 151I 50 Camp atreel (i iGA-[i-~imlt hld- og on plantatinn. Ior sale : eby IIERMOGENE BROWN & Co, 9 Conti At A NEW Dictlonary of the English L angunge, hy J Charles RnichYnrdton,clsptete in 2 vala. Almo, No. 8,ol Nicolaa Nickleby, just received, an fursale by 4 W M'KEAN, t.1 4 nor Camp a nd Common rlretl 30j0 E.i"l' hh Ita,. and tierces, for anale by SSHALL 4c BROWN, jaltl l, A azialne st a3 C A S d ".n csl ,e a nil S tl , idJker - f a, of hand n ,e - patterns, for cale by GOSS1P &&CO, Jetls . .... St (als At 'xchac Ho I+ A IIIt ( EI' L+Nl 1Ts T ihum. te.... ' ,,ry ful artiele Inew stle,just r,,red from unrpe and fr sale by DAVII ,:IT & t C, le13 N Y Stationere llnil,24 Chartres at COPPYI NG IIRESSE--Jist received I dos. J Ricbces' Pal tent Lever Copying P lresses, foll Iy DAVIt IELT Le neo, 1y13 N Y Staietnr, ll 1,'4 Chartres at hN WAf E an a nulrey- Everyr article al Til s lid bo LI ho - ewre nlTucured n av n laa tie snort eet notice, nod i n isuperior style Iby el13 S L.CtKE OW Ce,8 Front at N B--Olhand llItn l lilles a Ierge snornment nefTill and copper wares. Coulntry- Iellnlllt are partieulr Slvincited to call VIO PLANTEaISb'-ee Ibi.,brsr offer 1i'r salo, Alullicr's Corln Millr,cob crckerr, corn sheller, trw unn fodder ntlers, and ever, otler varilety tof lunuling ai.l gurdeu tools; gr in, glass and gatden saedt; lhoeks on gricuallre and illnlllngelcnl o'stnrk; fru it cad eurnnmenll trees tndplnlltta. Catal'ueas cOlntain it]g nneas, prine nmI descriplion of leac a.ticle for snal liurnishied bIy Im subtrlerber or aby Shall & Brown,. whoi are appojlnted agenIs r Illi Iestblishalellt. RLOBEILRI' SINCI.AIR Jr 4 CC., re! Seercaden ,,d ltalsalfelureec, nlaitietera SUE OF' 1'IAC'I7 ----E 5Ju n- L ('des bee tli 'u / .uw editioln The euhacribcre to Ih s wo rk snti gestlletneu of Ibe liar i geneaal, era informed Ihat slh ew edlition oithle; Code f l'rartlie, is o'w finihedl utsl ready for delvryal ati. salta o,.tlle eubscribers. 'The Code of Pr'aece is ,,notltrd witl Ited with elegnme, nan pahlished in Englialh end FPrcnch. The dliffreat nurt Rules are cunluined in it, Ib se shape of an appendix. El JOH NS & Lo, Publishalers, New Orleans Slatinners Hall . ell) or Comm oD* andS t Charle st IA) -I'ItELS v illtsa,,ee fio ale by ' rt- fel S111.1, & IlO\VN, 96 Mlagaaine st ATATS-SO cnases men's black Rleiae mcu'a and hlHby's Ilack silk Ilntvfor snla ly fel8 ISAAC BRIDGE &l l o, 134 Magazine t VNGI.IlH WHIItta I.EAI)--55 kegs 56 Ibs eatrl, 0 do . 150 do., 14 ba just are eived, at d fer sale by re211 9 CAI N. I I"'Is lpittssla at. I"NGI.ISI I:INSl.ED 011-Stt galls, Eaglick a I. ls.eled sljestt reivnd, atd for aaleI v 311 1 CANNON, I Tl'hopliionlas at 7i 111iL:\." l. ..Ib- ,el e an.,er, nt, ll aoI s n,.ll b tB--y II n ,1.t \ala:. I le , u, l8I itl uaul. J hau t .ez a

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