Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. LOCAL ISTK LLIGKNCE. Tbk ils ?Board of Aldermen - L*?t night. after this Board met-? Mr. lleojton presented i je poti'ion of Pat* not Keating for the remission of a fine; re ferred to the hoard of olaims Mr Clark introduced a bill appropria'iog $11 f> for the payment of the increase of salary to the surveyor; passed. The Chair laid before the Board the nomi nation of J B McFarland as scavenger for the Sixth Ward, vice Wm J. Shephar I, re signed : coeArmed?yeas 8, nays none. The Board then took op the lower board's hill refunding $31 00 to Henry Turner out of the Second Ward's funds, for over taxes jaid by him : refe-rod to the committee on claims Also, a bill to supply a deficiency ($*2 70) in a previous appropriation for grading and graveling N street nor A, from 10th to 14th stiee^, referred to the improvement com mittee Also, a bill to oontinue the improvement of id treat, ea*t Mr. Fittpatrick urged immediate action on this bill; which wi? then passed. Mr Fitxpatrick presented the petition of James Oalligan and others, for the improve ment of 1st street easi; referred to the oom Bit tee on improvements. Mr Pepper reported back, from the improve menu committee a bill to lay pavements and carbeionee oo Fourteenth street west, between I street north and the Boundary; passed. Mr Borrows introduced a ioint resolution in relation to the Thirteenth street sewer, passed Mr. Marks reported beck, from a select com mitteo. a bill to remove certain nuisances in the Six h Ward, (to fill op low grounds, Ac ;) passed. Mr Keed reported, from the fire department committee, a paper giving the location and oondition of all tbe rtservoirs in the city; laid on the table for the present. Mr Pepper reported, from the improvement!) committee, a bill to a ithorise pavements to be laid ani curbstones set on the south fronti of square &7S, and repaved and reset on square laid on the table temporarily. Also, a bill for supplying a deficiency in the appropriation for cleaning gutters and a'lejs in the Fifth Ward; paMM. Mr Fitxpatrick reported back, from the po lice committee, a bill to suspend tor one ye^r certain provisions of existiog acts to regulato whole-ale and retail dealers (to tax thorn) an i to iefand to certain of them their over pay ments of licenses Mr. Fitapatrick addressed the Bo%rd at s?me lergth in explanation of the provisions of this b 11, and holding that the Board had virtually instructed the oommittee to bring in thii bill, lie was of opinion that tbe bill should not pass, inasmuch as it would tako $4,000 out of the corpora:ion treasury, and more especially as the Counoils had not changed their policy wi h reference to lioe.-se liquor, lie said that, by the con dition of the corporation laws, its treasury had lost some $2,700 from the sale of shop licenses Mr. Borrows al.-o addressed the Board against the bill, and showed that many par ties who hold tavern licenses frum tbe corpo ration of Washicgton fail to comply with tbeir obligations to entertain travelers all nijht. 11c expressed himself in favor of ?np creating all tippling sheps after tee 1st tf November next, compelling thoso who bold tavern iicen>ca to be prepared to really ac commodate travelers : and he also urged that sn additional license should be impeecd on taverns. Mr Pepper replied at length to s->me of the positions of the last previous spc-tker, and advoc ted the bill on the ground that the in creased licence Lai been imposed on the gro cers, atid because the bill which had been de eiared unconstitutional was inoperaive. thus prevecing tbe grocers from realizing the in creased profits that were anticipated Mr Marks also addressed the Board against the kill. Mr Johnson advocated the bill Mr Pearson also spoke against tbe bill Mr lIoo*r<>B was in favor of the bill Mr Clark ?dd'e--ed the Board agains' the bill Mr Borrows moTed to lay the bill on the table, laid the table?yeas 8, najs b, as follows: ^ eas?Messr Borrows. Kvans. Fitxpatrick, Houston. Ciarke Marks. Pearson. and Hill Navt ?Mrs*:.-. Dove, Kced Bayly, Popper, aid Johnson Mr Borrows rejorted back from tbe im provement committee, a bill appropriating $llfl42fr grading and gravelling E street, from 13J to 15th street, in the Second Ward ; passed. The Chair then laid refore the Board the lower board s bill to guarantee tbe certificates of French's Warhin^ton and Alexandria Rail road Company for $*0 000. Mr Bayly move! an amendmen to the taid bill, requiring the special committee to be appoin ed under the bill n^t to make the guarantee unless satisfied ihat the $60,900 will fiLish the road, equip it, Ac.; agreed to. Mr Hill movel the reierence of tke till to the financecommitee with instruction; to in quire and report whether the provisions of the Virginia law chartering the company bad been cr m^hea with. Mr H addressed the board at some length in favor of his motion Messrs. Houston. Fitspatrick and Pepper addressed the board against the motion tj a mmir ard in favor of tbe bill. Mr Hill again addressed the Board in favor ol hu> me tic a te commit. .,?urr0W3 fcddreosed the Board against the bill ? Af;er some further conversation on the sub * motion 'o cou.m.t was lost. loe bill was then passed?yeas 10, nay 3, as follows - K??i.Btoyly, Evans, Pepper, Fitsp-tnck Houston, Clarke, Marks, John son. and Pear < n? 10 - ' ?<>??, Borrows, Uil!?3. lbe two Board* tb?*n assembled ia ioint council in the Allc.mat ? Cl amber fcr tbe election of a pol:c?? magistrate of the Fifih district, when Kdgar 11. Bates received 22 votne? l blank being cast. ? ^he \ ?tderwerkea claim then came up, and wis discussed until they adjourneJ. CtnsHN Louneii ?The Board met at the t'sual hour Mr Barr, the Vice President, in tbe chair. Mr J. W. Davis presented the petition of m? Aiken for a remission of a fine, referred tt tbe committee on claims. H*- liarr presented the petition of William Jacobi, which referred to the committee on claims Mr J. \\ Davis, frcm the committee on im* provtmtnts, lej.Tted the bill from the Board ot Aldermen, without amendment, to pay J'.hn 11 kirkwocd $41 82 lor altering the drop at the corner of Twelfth stre<i and Penn>jl avenue: read three times and passed. Mr. Duticansou, fu in the commit ee on claims, reported ficin the same Board the bill for the relief ol Joseph Cross, and recommend ed that it do not p^v; which wa* concur red in. n Mr. liarr introduced a bill to pay James T. retry $#2 50. a ba'ance dn# for constructing the sewer on 4; street; which was referred to the cruimittee on improvements {be ki*}*rd of Aldermen. pay ing >122 75 to Hail A ilro., a btiaace for car I*uijA certain roomi in the City iiall, was re ^ <^a.mitlre on claims. lbe bill for the relief of Mcholas Kunk was pst?ed. f?wr the of u s bimons was T. ? 0 e?mmu?.ee on fire department. r* uli*u permitting oeorge Deas !Tnr IOr,.K,? ?f ^u"r# ^ was paase 1 ThOjoint reeola ion instructing the commit tee before Congress asking :h. supprosdon of p*sao<i ,ahor in the penitentiary was Ihe hill to pay for certain printing bavin* been re;urned Ircm tt B.ard ,f Alderm-n without coccurring <n the amendment of this Board, thai is, dirce ing ihe proceedings law and odverti?etnen.s to be published in tno American O g.<n printid m thi- ci j Mr. Clements moved that thu B?<*rd in?iat on its amendment. A debate arose on this motion, in which Messrs. l>unc?nson. J. W. Davis. Clement* ^rr.iot, Bsmb-rfffr. and Walker psnicijated ire q'lertF-n was then taken, and this Board dteiaed to iniiat on their amendmoot, and that Me?en Done, Walker, and Crow were ap,Ki"iiM %r of conference The bill Job Board of Aldermen authoris log'hecnrbronestobe set and the footwaw paved along tfae teat and wert side57M ?Js.ttf.'rsssta "M""?? S5^?? b. Council Ch.i. ? .o'L^hSfr^J .bum, ? may ?ol U ooanpiod j ?E~h'* On motion of Mr. Boiev a <*omMu. I ?TrdP? IS?*"' "?? olb" iSSfttSth" ? p"? ***?: aSS^sMsatw ?f"" > "? Jf*r5S5,tom '\W" f(" , ^ FiMtl I?s tssjsS* ???&* Au'p i rnd-the amendment coneurred in. The bin '"?lkh? '?"i hree times and pn?eJ. r ' '? i ht'iC^1 ".n"?? j ?* ? ""'?' ?",m 7" a.*v ;rr Attn:1 riot. MwrtU for the Fifth Di? After returning, they j I n--ned. L^u8"1^?1,0* AKD AlBS ^t>?URAILR04n ? ??d ^hTfofi?f ?h6 K??IMri,B ,Mt ?,8ht th?7 >a.aed the following bill, whi,h only wanta he signature of the Mayor to bwom.' lew ACT fe,^ZU ^.^hi^on and Alex uodna Railroad. Be * enacts* That, for the purpoee of ding the Washington and Alexandria Kail ae^r/T^ i r Construction and equip. i.a^^vra-,iradvfrr,m *'?wdria, iQ the Ita e of Virginia, by the shortest practicable oute. to aotne convenient point in the citv of asbicgton, for connecting with the dennt of he Baltimore and Ohio ifiirl!^ ^ of l,i?? of K. ci.,0. .ntooof th! ?aid oompn?.y 10 M P^P.?, ?.f, "jf ? li,r. ng interest at the ra e ot viz pe-cent t>er innum payable half yearly. aB/bawable^I u<in of not less than five hundred dollars Miim2.?? rCttfS Pa>ab,? in ton annual navalinentf. of six thousand dollar* x-mB.ncbg un the I.t Jay of Jaja,, *"3 rhioh1 ?ajd gua aoloe to tba aiuooot aforoiaid Jt?i .. JlKh"??<l ??d M^fiad oul of lh. a ^ J'^wisi o; ibis corporation witblo nVhsi - 7' ? r?n th? "urrender t ereof 0 this corporation ; and which s -id guarantee Jail b3 evidenced by th, certHcate"? th! dayor, Oountersigoed by the re^iater to h indorsed on eucb certificate to ^moull ifore#aid to the eff-t that the ?amo a-i rhat*th!fSirf* aJorc>a,J Provi/ed, always that the aaid company ahall flrtt execute an s lgnment to thig oorporation of all Ita rights """?'V"' and JLLuritjlitU unctu I j'ayrncQt of the internet and nrinciDal >f a?id cernticates ; end further th?tn . -J ?.?pau, .hall .ach oCiit'Su Jayment of ?atd intereat as shall be -at^fnr r?hr7,i? h^i?^r appoSfS' pbirh said alignment and security ehali nure to the benefit of the holders of said !al25CVSf-; ot"*ed> further, Ihat the I' u CorPor*tioD be first obtained ;?.ta wJ"drt ^iion w"h "u '"?j ??"> dayor CVd^ ?o selected by tho presiding officer thereof 'be fluted a commu-ee, unSer whise dfreciion c"rt?hcate? shall be issued, and the ame, or tuo proceeds thereof, be applied e* lusiveiy to the making 0f th, "iiJraf ruvide4 f't'th*-, That said oommittee shali 'n tb? certificat?? above guar aenTtf'SiTj afl(l ^ iibitioa. on the south side of the City iial! of -ooid* ^uors'oii:;^ one urse of people, including tffioersof the m&un00' and V8tor4n firemen and juvenile A lew minutes only wore reqaired to raise , 1 oI 'iMlin |th#"tre'ming' tfOUi two PiP?" one inch nozzles, commenced. At first th* fa'l? 10 tbe ^^tofthe City icll, but, by degreee, Xhe gushine water uired greater length and atrengih until it Toke on the roof, and afterwards leaped over h<? building, much to the delight and wonder fall spectators, and amid tho sh >uts of the hir^ ^ x fi niljr, earnestly, tbe ma hinarw"h * WOrk ' ratt'ing its mi hinery hecTily, and blowing off its dark WMIm ,rl?a,#' fr?m tfa#?ooke pipe wnile tne water was ascending in a north "re th9 hthmB of ,h? netting sun "? hi?- *<*??? Ihe Bain difficulty m our oity w?.U!d be to , rocure water enough to satisfy the thriat of He m n monster. That it ancwers the pui^..11 r" lutendo/i ?rftniU of no doubt. ?\"*?hT of l?u de?crip?ion it >?uld pto,o a baoafit to any city " he numerous fire companies whikh ? Dg but "a Ictl'Moo'imirS'.r.S'* z*?h .Ih?d by the ,Secretary of the Navy that blodk. trSSSfS f?$$sffsr?za >?H tving, T nited Mates Acting Consul at Athena transmits a block of marble from be Pa?th^' hfvrre'ent#d b'tb9 Government to die Monument Society. A oompany of Amln *ar,? residing in Moutreal, Canada ^ndafvhJ* SirfM" Kc"'""i S?ii?'y ' au5 T i? in h h limestone lor tbe monument Tfci ki? w" ?n lb? fl'8t of M?/ next. The blocks of marble for the monument J *~"'?rs a0d fireu;*n of I'hila ie phia. it was expec'.ed would leave Phila ielphu for Hashiogton this morning ' iKtx.inMRjsM ?Thi* morning between 1, md 2 o ?Jock, som .' vile incendiary forced his way into the c .rpenter shop 0f Mr Ilenry ? ftr^u5*lw??n Sixth and ^venth, ind, racaacking the premises, set fire hereto. A g?n<leman passing by at tho tim*, .erceinng the light, gav* the alarm, and en ered the shop, where with the assistance of I Mr. H Hodgson, and others who were tronaed by the alarm, be suoceeded in e*tin ! fui>hiDg the flames. Luokily there was a I lupoly of wa?er near, otherwise we shonld *?-d*y have had to record the destruction of BUib valuable property. When will the com suLity bo rid of these fiendsin human shape ncendiaries ? HAni'C?SpLK!*p,D WoaxKANsHip ?Hilbut t lilts, Star Buildings, have on exhibition aid for sale, th ee of J F Browne A Co's flarps, i f American tuaoufacture. which for >eauty of workman?hip and *wectness of tone, :annot be surpai.-ed Wt htve oouipured >h<sse iiarpc with come of European manufao ^nre, which have taken the premium at Pari iian fairc, and ooet more money than .Mr. I nrowne ?, and consider them much superior. I neir beauty of cons'ruetion is exquidtc an i Jewell repay a visit tj Means. Jfiibua A Dodg* and mis Babob.?W? had th? plM ?are of li atoning, for ? short time, to tho ?woot notes ?rat <mt bj Dodgo sad his fiuottotto bud. To My wo woro plaaaed would not oonroy an Idas of tho impression mado oo u*t VS o woro doligfatod with thoir singing, m also woro tfeo Urge anmbor prooont who rsro ek prossion to thoir fooling! hj hearty applause While Dodge mado eterj one laugh, hi? band, by thoir harmony and sWoot ?ooada.gaTO Uni ?oroal aotiafaction. It ia bat seldom wo kftTO aueh taleat ia Washington, and we ad rise all to improTo the present opportunity of witness Their second eonoert will bo given thia evening at Carusi's Stooon. PHiLUAaaomc Cowcirt. ?The Board of Managers of the Philharmonic Society hare determined to repeat tho fine onoort which they gave last week. This action is baaed upon the urgent application of a largo circle of our most distinguished cititena ana clergy, and it afferda us much pleasure to record tho successful result of their demands for a rope tit on. Wo shall announce the time assoen as the necessary arrangements are perfected. Thb Ballet ?The Roussotts again pro sented Giasello last night to a oharmed audi esoe. To-night they play Robert Maoaire and M. Deohalumeau, two of their most agree able and laughable pieces, together with the dirertiaement of Les Follies, and the Spanish characteristic danoe of La Jota Arragonaise Altogether, the bill is one that should com pletely fill tho house. Uhkdsical Figbt.?Last night, an ox-band leader laid claim to certain instruments used by his old band, and wanted to take possession of them. One of them he battered badly, and the person who performed upon the instrument battered bis head as badly It it said the instrument will never be fit for uae, and the ex leader's head is nearly in the same condi tion. ?? Back Aoaib ?A walk near market apace this morning, gave us a sight of our friend Allen, who is b&ok again, and as sharp as ever, disposing of bis rsaor strop powders Allen looks well and appears to be doing well. A large crowd had assembled t? listen to bis speeches . Criminal Coi rt.?The only caio tried this morning was Henry Dennison, who was con victed of indecent exposure, and sentenoed to six months in jail. Schenig and Barnes, the boys convicted of firing Hopkin s stables, were sentenced to 4 years each in the penitentiary. Bear ! Bbbf !?Our batchers, aa well ?s our citisena are paying dearly for beef at the present time Beef on the hoof ia selling at 31 and cents per pound, while in the centre market beef is eelliog at 10 a 15 cents per lb. Liobt Hat ?Some of our friends from the country arc getting their wheels in tho mire by bringing light loads of hay to market. Several of our acqnaintancea have been taken in in this way, and among them a sharp, shrewd constable, who ia about to make ''a dash" at the dealers F Struct Pbbsbttcrian Church ?We are requested to announce that the Wednesday evening lecture in this church will be omitted thia week RBcovERrno ?We are pleased to learn that John W. Maury, Esq , is improving, but has not sufficiently recovered to leave his bed. Watch Rbtubhs ?There were only two lodgers in last night, who were let go eaily this morning ?- 11 rrj* CONSUMPTION iNll nPITTINU BLOOD?Bselhs certificate Mr. Turner H. IUuh?j, Snr w?uf year* proprietor of the Parinvra' Hotrl. Fredsrlrkibnrg, Va., afed late of the Ctty Hote1, Kiehm-U'l, Va. Dr. John Miage, of the city of Kichmonri, though a regnlar pliyaiciau, ami of course op|".?e<I t? what he called quack me.lirlnee, was utilise 1 to say that IU *oo?! effect* in the caas of Mr. R?m*y, wre woiiderful Indeed. He h?l been given up by general physician* ; had tried niost of the quark me lie iuea, and wa? on the verge of de spair, aa well aa the grave, when lie tried Carter's Spanish Mixture. We refcr the pabllc to a rail and lengthy certificate around the bottle, stating hi* en re. ??*See advertisement. r-T- READY MADE CLOTHING KOK GRNTLXVKN AND ' Youths' wear manufactured with taateand elegance by NOAH W ALKKK A CO., uuder Browns' Hotel. Tbelr *to?k ?uibrare ths Palllot or Snrionl Overcoat, Oversacks, shaped and ueslsire*; Talnaa, black and blue Cloth Dress Coat*, Krock Coat? of all fashionable color*, Ctutsimer, Husin-se Halts*, rJch Velvet Vests, Silks, Ac., black doeekln Caaalmer, Sgnred O*a?loier, a>i-l plain CaPnlmer Pantaloon*. For the youth?Jacketa, Pants, Vesta, Overcoats, Ac. As they are their own manufacturers they ar? enabled and will *ell at the very lowest prices. Hhlrt* of superior tit, Collars, Gloves, Tie*, Ac., of late styles always ou lisnd. gee 20? fV ,? WaTCRRS,? Member* of Congres* and other* Tin 'A?' wsnt of a tlr?t rwt? iltnek?ep?r wotiM do wMl t? make a aslsrtlun at onre that their quality may be thoroughly test e?I before leavlug the city. M. W. GALT A HKO'4 assort ment was never so complete as at preseut, tuibraciug every description, all warranted, and at prices certain'y aa low *s similar articles can he purchased for in any city In this country. M. W. <?ALT A BRO-, Jan M -dtf Pa. avenue between ?lb and l*lh at* HAHE1KD. At Norfolk, Va.. at the reaidence of Jo?. P. nolds. Esq., HF.NRY GMSELIN, E.q., to MATILDA E ELL 10. Rey Mif s DIKD. On the 2?th instant, in the 27th year of his age, EDWARl) McCULLOH, a r?si lent of this city. SILVERWARE. CI OLID SIVER TEA SETS, PIfCHERS, G<)C let*, Cnp<, Castors, Waiters, kc. Silver Sp hois, Forks, Ladles and Napkin Rings. Silver Dessert, Pie, Cake, Fi.h and lee Cream Knives. Sugar, Preserve. felly, OIivp and Egt Spoons. Asparagus, Salad, Su^ar and Ice TongH, Crumb Scraper.*, The ft- Mf we have of every pattern, all of our own manufacture and warranted pure silver. Order* r tken for every description of rich Silver ware, such as public testimonials, ke.. and strictly executed alter wnv d?-*ign. hewever elaborate. M. W. GALT k BRO., No. 344 Peiinsvlvnnia avenue, between Ninth and Tenth i-ts. jan 27?6t [Intel,I'nionfcVew* ] CIGARS-CIGARS?CIGARS. II ave received ten ihousaudmore of those choice Havana CIGARS, of tin? Concha brand. A tlif erent aiiiclc Irom those recently receitcd and of fered lor sale by other houses in tWs city. Gentle men are requested to call and examine my stock. ROHT. D. TWEEDY, Grocer, corner Pa. aveHUe and 13th street, south side, jan 27?fit WATCHES. IjVXTRA heavy fine Gold Magic Hunting Watches j Tocket Chronometers, Laities' pl<miC~ and enamelled do , studded with Diamonds i and Pearls. Also, Timekeepers of every! other description, all warrant'd, and offered at as low rates as rimilar articles can be purchased for tn inv city in this country. M. W. GALT k BRO., Pa. awnue, bet wet n 9th and 10th sts. jan 27?ti. [Intel.UnionkNew?.] G LEN WOOD CEMETERY. rpllE Rules and Regulations, and the met *f incor X pctation of the Glenwood Cemetery have been pub'ixiied in a neat painpltlet form. Anyone wish ing a copy can receive it at the oiflre of the Ceme tery or at the Counter of the Star office. jan 6 ?lm BAHKIN0 HOUSE OF PAIE0 & K0UR8I, Oyponle United Stxde* Trca*ury. ONUS, Hbxrks and other securities purchased * and sold. Interest at the rate of sit per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when left lor :J0 days or louver, jan 'it?fitn MY COURTSHIP k ITS CONSEQUENCES, by Wikoff. Price $ I 25, Slavery in a New l.iglu and it* Grand Results, bjr a Citizen of Georgetown. Price 12>% eta. A Night in Huenos Ayr?*, a new dr*tua in five acts, by a Citia* u of Georgetown, l'nce 12,'4 cts. The Scout, by W. Ginnore Sunmt} ?125 Ida May; $1 *25 Putnam s Magiinuc for February; 25 cents Ballot*'* New .Monthly for February; 10 cts Godey'g Ladies Book for February; 25 cu. For sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 1548 Bridge street, Georgetown. jau IB if MUSIC FOH BALL8, FABTIES, Ac L. F. W. WEBKR RB^TKCTirULLY INfrORMiS Hlrt ^KIKNl fe ??xl forrror patron? that ht o>>ntlnuea to attend ttAM.S, PaRTIKS, 4e., wiib his wail organise "f soi?ot?;Bc Musicians. U- ?iil iP'r?--d.'.;e alt tLe an-1 tsshifci ifcl Ifask ? An a?"'*>v!i^litlie<l Piati^ t turn st-nd it d'slcd. >H si ittiOas A Hub JiUsieP-poi. irauT;?*r s, or Millar's t.' ^nf?o:?oorry buorea, or ?t my rr-aideacs, na*r Ge.u Ilcodtrsou's. bivji Yard, wlu oiee' wit.1 |>*ontpt attnntioB. no* 88? PHb FOREIGN OFriCP I HST, (Briiiali) cor I. ifcted to August, 1854. jhis day received tn>m B London. ^jan 1? fRANt.K TAYLOR. Want?. TV"ANTED-A GOOD COOK To one who Yy f*n Produce satlsffeetorv recommendations or cbara ter and capacity, a good home and the iest Wit.'es *11! be given. Colored iMrmn required, ind a ?' ve preferred. Apply at No. T16 New lersey aVenile, near the Brick Bridge. jan 30?3 * A SITUATION WANTED BY A PERSON as (?ramrtrfw In a family. or to tt-w and nttend a growi g chlldrrt. Address? 8 M," at thin office, >r Georgetown Pout Office. jan 90? St* WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, W'A?H, and Iron in a small family at No. 3?9 Mw laehuseffs a'enUe, 3J do?r from 10th stre t. None jeed ?pi*?v unlesa welt recommended. Jul 30?3t* BARREL TIMBER AND HANDS WANTED. We want 500 cord* ol timber suitable for flour carrels, and 150 cords of poplar f >r heading. in half ?otttid l.?gs foi staves, 30 inches, and fir heading 19 n*he* long, delivered nt our factory in this city as toon a* practicable; .* log, not lew ihan 18. and tear! log* not lea* than lfi inches ih diameter. Also, 10 or 12 hands to cut barrel staff and cord Wood in Fairfax county, Ya. Apply to IS. Milburi^ 378 Fifth I ptreet west, or to John Van Riswick. lumber dealer, I tooth end of Sixth street west. .??*???* Mil,BURN It CO. WANTED?A CLERK IN A DRUG STORK, One who has some knowledge of the bnsi less is required. Address "Druggist," Washington 9" 0. jan 27 WANTS NttOKOKS.?Th-ibacrtbrtar ?11 tlmec In the nuktt buying 8LATV. pay Kg th? highest cash price*, Persons having K1*t* oi Mia will pl**> aall at 242 PRATT STRUT, Bal lmers, Md., (81atter'e old -land.) Slaves teksn ok toard at 26 cants per day. fab J?It ft. M A W. L. CAMPBILL Boarding. Boarding and rooms to let.?Mrs. k. E. WHEELER has reveral finely furnished looms to let, with or without Board, if applied tor nmediately. She can also accommodate ?e\eral vntlemen with their meals. Immediate applications re desired. West side 4}^ street, 31 doar south of Penns>l ania avenue. jan 2d? 3t* BOAtiDIlfO ? A l?d>- bavin taken tiic hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union How, on f street, ictween 6th and ?th, can offer tine la>go room* for nmiHes, either furni.-hed or iMifiirnisbed. Also, lias uoms for gentlemen much larger than ure generally ppropriated to single persons. Table boarders and permanent or transient per ons will lie accommodated ou the most reasonable Krtns. jan 2D?Iw* For Sale and Bent. If Rg. FORI), comer of F aid 13th sts., ha- ] [jX three or four fine ronin?, which she writ I rent rith or without lto.<rd, on reasonable term-*, jan 30?3t* FOR RENT?Possession given immediately, a three story brick House and Store, No. 161 tridge street, near tin Market House, ? ont anii.g 10 | 04ans and kitchen, :i perfectly dry cellar, capable of ioldinc 20 cords ol wood. This is a first rate stand or business, partieularly as tiic Fall* B?i?lg is now a passable order. To a good tenant the rent will lie casonable. Apply to T. O. DONNOGHUE. Also, a very convenient Dwelling, containing five uoms, kitchs.i an 1 cellar, lately finished, situated n 1 .ingan street, near Hick's Cottage, one of the uost healthy i?nd pleasent situations in Georgetown. kp|4y as above. T. O. D. jan 24?2w* For rent?for ove year or a term of y ars, tiie well situated, commodiou?, we|| uiisbed, and convenient dwelling House, over the lusic Store of Hilbus k. Illtz. at the corner ol Pa. venue and Uth street. It contains seventeen iHiins without the baseme >t, iu which the kitchen jsituated. Tim is a rare chance for a private, fani ly wislnng a large house on Pa. a venue, or for a per on desiring ihe nest location in Washinjrton for a trge and well kept boarding house. Possession iven immediately. Apply at this office. jan 10?if _ |T(?MES For ALL.?Beautifuly and healthily [J. located Ruild.'ng Lots, 24 ft;? t front by 130 feet eep, on graded streets, can, until ^priii*. bought t the exceeding low price of $75, payable #3 per iionth Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above Odd Fellows' Hail, jan 9?6:n JOHN FOX. Secretary. 2TORE FOR RENT?TIIE ELIGIBLY SITU 7 arcd Store nri f'n. avenue, l?et*reen Tenth and ii venth street*, lately O' cnpied br u*. HIL BUS ft IIITZ. Posfe??ion given immediately. Enquire rtt rtir (usic Depot, corner Pa. av. and 11th street, jan 3? tf noR RUNT UH SALB.-THh iiODKFN I; Four-ftory Pri-V 'n Tbirt??entn rtie?tl iwr B, east side. The house is in good repair, dry ellsrs, snd to a good te lant the rent wi l be 1? w 'o?>erelon (riven on the 1ft November Apply to o?t30-3ni JA8.C. MoGOIRB. Aue'r. Medical office. Established in i^5i, by i?rs. brothers j fiitSRAY, 179 'outh B st , for lie cure of vene eal diseases in all I* forms. It is leploraWe to wit lend some of the axes that are pr? '?nted to Dis. B. k. G.. where the| lisease has been I r i v e n into the yst?*m bv i|uacss vi h M- reury, to ireak?utn^ain in he form ot sjiots ind ulcers on the tody or in the liroat and nose. iVe|perfnrm exira irdinary cases in front three to five days, anil old, utf-treated, lingering cases in two ti three weekr. There c*n Iwr seen at our office prescriptions from iearly every phvsiciap in the District for private liseases, which have failed to cttre and at last ap ?tied to n? for relief. Remember, 179 8outh B street, Island. jan 27 1 m* Gentlemen are Yon Ready 1 'OR UNION HALL SHOOTING GALLERY,| BILLIARD SALOON & RESTAURANT, C street, between ti<A and su. I^HE Pistols are of the best quiUitv, maiie to order by J. E. Evans. Phila ielplna. The Billiard Room is furnished with Tables ot the u<wt approved style, by W. J. Sharp, N. Y. In the Restaurant gentlemen will be supplied at he shortest notice with su|?erior OYSTERS. GAME md all other delicacies of the season. WILLSON & HAYWARD. Prop'rs. jan 25 ? 1 w SOLD, SILVER, STEEL & PLATED SPEC TACLES to suit every age atid< !?e, Riding Specs, R. R. Glasses, Eye >rotectors. Eye Glasses of all descrip ' ions, Beading Glasses, Goggles; lie., 'araboln, perifocal, Concave, Couvcx, and Colored Slasaes put in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may be sure to hose which benefit the eye at II. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa avenue, b?tw. !Hh and lOtli sis. jan 20 THE FORMAL OPENING or TUK SKCOND EXHIBITION OK Till METROPOLITAN MECHANICS INI ITITE WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE SMI I IISON IAN INSTITUTION, Wa.limgton, D. in the 8Ui of February, 1855. This Institute was found> d on the 31 st of August, 852, fur the promotion and encouragement of .Man itiicturcs, Commerce, and the Mechanic and Useful \r*. The contributions to the Exhibition ate already tuinerous, and every indication is afforded of a full tad most intercsuug display. The arrangements ire made upon a g<and rcale. The main hall and >ther apartments of the Smithson an Institution ?et ip irt for the purpose are admirably adapted there or, and are supplied with e\Tr> thing condu<*ive to tic rafety, convenience and comfort of contributors irid visitors, while the ayipr -aches from all parts ot he city have been greatly improved. Persons twenty-one years of age, and friendly to ts objects, may b? admitted to ineiuber?hip of this Institute ; il between the ages of fourteen and twen y one they otay be admitted as junior members. The former are required to pay an initiation fe? of >1, ;?nd $2 per y?ar thereafter; and the latter an in uauou fee of $ 1 and ?1 per year thereafter. For the benefits of the School of Design, members ind junior members are charged $1 extra |x:r seas if four months. All member* are entitled to the rrivileges ?f the Exhibition. Members'tickets each adn it a member ind one lady, or a member and two children, or Uie wife of a member and two chi dren ; and junior members' tickets each admit a junior member and jne lady. Other persons are required to pay tor tickets as follows: Single admission 25 Sea-on ticket (convertible into mcnil>t'rship)..i53 00 LJentKm ill's seas-m ticket, single I 50 Lady's season ticket 100 The office of the Superintendent of the Exhibition ?t the northern main entrance to the Smithrnnian ins i ulion, is op*n daily from M a. m. until ."> p. ni.. irhere alf bnsineas connected with this enterpli?^ Mill receive mompi attention. Written cv.n.mBiii ca'ions dww ld alio be addressed to the undei. igrtrd. THOMAS C.CONNOLLY, jan 26?eo3t Bupvnntendent, Auction Calls. ?. S. WRIQHT, Awettnaeor. ?po an own New Orleans susar and molameh m Auction. On FRIDAY next, February W, ?l 12 o'clock, on F. k A. II. Dodfe*B Wharf, the ev (o of tlw Brig Fid* lia, consisting of? 232 hhd< Clarified choice and prime Sngar* 142 hhds choice Molas^c*. B. 8. WRIGHT, jan 30-ts Auctioneer. (lBtel.l'nioBkAleifl?i) My ?? S. WRIGHT, AMtUatvr, Extensive and peremptory hale OF Dry Oooli.-ihi MONDAY next, the jth F?b uary, at 10 o'clock a. m., (to be continued from t*y to day nntil closed,) I shall ?HI. with on* ee?ervc,' at the store of M. L. William*, No. ]<H> Bridge street, hi* entire stock o( fresh Dry Goods, consisting of? Super and fine C1oth*?, nil Super Merino aid Silk Ve*un? < Cawimere*. Caasin* t*. Tweed*, Dfi!Wi:g* Colleind. *, Dock*, lie. Super White and colored Hannels Heavy Woollen Good* fot *eivant* Dress <fc*?d? in Silks, Merino#, De L\incs. .V>p*ca?, Poplins, Ginghams, Prints, kc. Plaid and striped Cotton*, Tickings Checks, Brown and Bleached Cottons Osnaburg*. Burlap*, Super Irish LlneM Diapers. Napkins, Blankets and Haires Super Linen, Silk and Cotton Mdkfr. Carpetin; Silk, Woollen and Cotton Hosiery Gloves and Suspenders A Urge variety of Shan-la, Emhrofderies Laces, Inserting*, Lawns. Muslins Rich and plain Konnet Ribbons Sewing Silks, Spool Cottons, Thread* Butioas, Tapes, Pin-, Needles E??eire? sfor the Toilet, Conihe, Biushes. kc. Forming together the meet desirable stock oi Goods ever dffefed at Auction. Term-: AM sums of and tfnder f25 cn?h ; o* er and under a credit of 30 deys ; over ?'*) and under $75, 60 davs; over $7.*? and Under flHO, 90 days; and over $100 a credit of four month* tor ap proved endorsed note*, hearing interest. EDWARD 8. WRIGHT, jun 3"?td Auctioneer. Great k attractive saleofch<?ice AND VALUABLE BOOK* AT AUCTION Commencing on FRIDAY EYENING, January i*jth, 1H55. at 474 Pa.axenue, (Fitxgereld's blnck,) at 7 o'clock each evenim. Stock nil new and perfect, direct from New York Trade Sales, comprint the choicest and beet *e lected assortment, Foreign and Domestic, ever of fered in the market, consisting of School. Cla*-ical, I aw, Medical, and Mire el la neons Books, in every department of litcature. Bibles, Prayer Books, Blank Boohs, kc., a great verity Annuals and Holiday Presents fr 1865 Agricultural Works, sonic 50 different author*, all new i.nd popular worka in print, American aud En glish Guld and SteeJ Pens of e.ilra Quality Diari?s, Pocket Memorandum*, Porimonna es kc The above st^ck'wiU be open for examination, and offered at aucUon every evenuig until In; eauie stock shall be disposed of. The sales of this evtensive and magnificent stock will be conducted by Mr. J. VY. Rhodes, late of N. York, and offers unusual facilities for obtaining Books at a price to suit the times. jan 26? lw* By J. C. HcOl'IKK, A?etlnn?cr. Furniture and household effects at Auction?On WEDNESDAY in-rning. the Hist in?tam, at 10 o'clock. *t the store of H. Lisher ger, on !'??. avenue, near '.Oih street, opposite West Mark I. I Khali sell alt his stock in trade and House huld Furniture, comprising? Mahogany Sofa. Lounge*. Hookers MarMe top Tables, mahogany Bureau* Cane and rtocr* ?eat Chairs. Looking Otaaace Bedstead*, mahojrany Cri4**, E.t?> Chair* Withstand*. Toilet Sets, Clocks Feather Bed*. Bolsters and Pillow? 12 superior husk Mattro?es Cottage Lh <ni I Mir Set (?ilt frame Mantel Gla*s Carpets. Oilcloths. Mattings Crockery and Gla-<w*are Cooki g and other Stoves Kitchen Utensils, kc. Also, an excellent oaf horse Wagon. Terms: $25 and under cash; over tlsa' iiim a credit of 60 and 90 days, for note# ?aii*factorily en dorsed, bearing interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jan 91?d Auctioneer. HXW LINEN A COTTON GOODS JUST received and will l?e *old at fair loft prices for cash; or to i ur most prompt ctMomer*. We name in the lot 25 pieces 6 4 9 4, 10 4, 12 4 bleached and brown She* ting Cotton#, all of the be* brand* }30 lit superior hie ched and brown Shirti ~g C*?tt<'n? fiom 6A{ to It* cent* per yard 75 do all p'Jre ShMin# Lln? na, raneins from 31c to .ft per yar.i, which w?: know to I* very cheap 10 do fine Linen Sheetings and Pillow ea?e lin ens A large variety of Table Diapers, Bleached k brown Table Clotns Damask Napkins, llackubac and inatiy other Tow elling#, Seotcli and Rua?i? lh?|K-ra, Cloth, Linen and cotton Table Covers Willi many other desirable Good* which nc de alre pu<cha*ers to examine bHore making their ae feetioiia. t>h*er?e that all a 'icle* sold at our Crtab li-lnneiit are tvarrnnted to proye a* represented. ttTLL^Y k SEARS, No. 544 Seventh *t, 3 doors abo?e jan 20?co2w Avenue HoiieC. DAVIS'S POEMS just received and for sa'e by ALEX. A DAM SON, Seventh st.. opposite the Post Olfice. He is agent feral' the Chc.ap Publication*, Map tinea an4 Newspapers; llar|?er's, Putnam'*, Gra ham's Mariiines and> ** i!'?ok at ?2 50 a ye. r. Lontion Illustrated News, Bell*? Life,Time*, Punch received by every steamer. The N?:W Yink Herald Times and Trilmne re-eivtnl every nifht and deliv ered to .-ubscribers. lie keeps constantly on b; nd a larac assortinenl of liiank liook#. Pens, hik, Ta pir, Knvehrpcs, Pla\lng Cards, Ywilnig t ards, Chil dren's Toy Books, Pnniers, Knapp fc Ri^himyer's Copy Books m bolesaie ami retail, kc. jan 2?lni BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are deairous of obtaining these bene fit*, s ould use ZERM \N'S CELEBRATED TOOTII-WASH. Tliis delicious article combines so many meritorious qualities, that it has now be come a standard ftywrite with the citizens of New Ynrk, Philadelphia and Ba timore. Dentists pre scribe it in their practice most successfully, and from every source the most flattering laudauom. are awarded it. Inflamed and blcedine turns are immediately lien efitted by its use; iu action upon theui is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanse* Ute teeth so thtroiipity, that they are made to rival pearl in whiteness, and diffused through the mouth such a delightful freshness, that the breath is reudcred ex quisitely sweet. It disinie U all those impurities which tend to produce decay and as a consequence, when these are removcJ, the teeth must always re main sound. It is used aud recomaietided by all the eininetr Dentists in New York, Philadelphia, Ball in ore, and other cities where it has be n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZtRMAN, Dro^ji i aud Chemist, Ninth and Catharine street*, Plula delphia, and told by all Drncgism everywhere, at 25 cents per bottle. W. H. G1LLMAN, jan 17?3m Agent for Washington City. UNION ACADEMY. Comer of FburUemth rt. wd /few York nreniu. ' FEW more pupils oan be received to make up the limited number. ArpWiou must ie m*de soon. The dlre'pllce, Instruction. an1 mean* of Illustration are teen a* to ineuresatiefartory pro gres in those : upils wh< ate punctual, re^nlar aud obedient. Circulars at the Bookstores. d?c 30?3m 7m. RICH A HPS. Princifl T. H. PHILLIP!' 00ACH FACTOBY, 47 7 Eighth at, adjoining Itainey'* Livery Btemee A OWING to the increased trade whiah a generous publl" baa heetowed upon me,l bar* bean com pelled to erect a new and largar building for the crrjing on of my busineaa. Here I shall be en abled to -'xecute all orders entrusted m* wi#i neat-1 facilities and dispa'ajj. aud I would reaaert raVy solicit a continuance arm* publi's pat-ona?e. Carriages ant Wsgcna, ot th moet mc*l rn sty e, built of 'be beet m?tar aid, and wairanud to 6lv? aatisfartion, ..epairs ol every leter'pticn punctually attended ti. For sale, 'haap, a seonnd-hand Clarence Carriage, ariv oa ? ecxti?u NEW STOKE, NEW STORE. ??nmfia aeenva, of*potitt the Bank of W%>A?nytct "R. THOMAS DKLRANY r??epacrfUUy invite M' the atfnlion ol the pub;ie to examine bit stock of GOODS, which he bas opened on Lonsi>n? avenue between Sixth and Seventh rtreetf,opportf the Pank ot Washini^oD, consisting of all d*tnr> tiooi of Teas, Mr.. Imperial, Oanpowder, and Bbel Tea; Win ? and Liquors, of all rorte, whieli be enr mil at the lowset prices f ir aish or approved e?p-r. Beeidea ail the n-caeaariea for Oro err feuslnaea vis: Broms tucketa, Ced?r Tube, Matches, he., Ac Plea*e ca'J and see for your elves. nov tB?'tm SPECTACLES. G< OLD, Silver, line SteH and Plated SPECTA I" CLES, LV F. GLASSES,kc. of all foeusee.with l>erifocal periacopic and parabola disuse*. A long e?peir*nce gi\e# n? peculiar anvai\ia?et in ae!e?M ; IDg glusse? adapted to the eje.- of wear?ra M W.GALT k BRo., 394 Pa. anenue. bet. 9ih and 10th meets, jan 27?(H f lntei,UiuonkN?we.J telegraphic. for Hill crenin# lllf. FROU C4Ur<*K!Qil AirivAlof the Daniel Wob?tcr Mi* Obbbabb, Ju 20 ?The DuW fe tter has arrived hare with later CalifhrnU data*. Ska brings 90# pe?eengeie, hat so Tha Star of tha We*t laft San Jaaa at Bight, ob th? 21ft, for Now York. The Legislature of Califeraia waa orgaaiaed on tha lot, aod tha 10th was fixed apoa for tha elettioa of Uaited States Saaator, ia plsee of Dr Qwio Tha Oovereer's massage exhibit* a letter ing lUU of affairs King tiB?haa>h>,of the Seodwioh laiends, is dead, aod his era has beea declared his suc oesaor. Arrivals at San Fraaoisd'*?Jan let, ship Challange; 2J, tha Aatalopa; 4tb.?ahr b ar of tha Wast, froa Baltimore; 7th, two Fran oh frigate*; Oth, tha Hornet, freB New York. Tba Uoole Seas, frcm San Fraacisao, broaght dewa $800,000 ia spente aad 300 paaseafers. Arrival fro* lanu. Cbablbstoh, Jaa. ??Tha steamer Isabel from Uarena, via Key West arrived here to daj, with Caban dates af ths 25lb Tha El Dorado left Aspinwall en the SMh for Now York, and the Faltoa will leave ia a few daye. Now sagars were more abend est bat had not a^eumalated ia eobseqaenoeof tba do ma ad f>r shipping They are reported 1 higher than on tha 7th Kiee is ia goad demead# Molasses 3J. and in demand Freights to Korope are rstber bruk. bat to United States ports vary dull; vessels ara abandaat Exohungee dull, lii on London and H ob New Yorh. The Princeton is still at key West Shipwrick?I oes of Ltfe. aad rasperate Sit uation of faeaengers aad Lone Bsaiub Jan 30 ? The b?rk Argyle, from Glasgow to New York, came aahore five miles south ef Squam Inlet, on the night of the 28th. She is reported as going to pteoes The life saving apparatus cannot he effeetaal ly used. Oae man succeeded ia reaching the beach. Four of the crew aod oae paesaager ara known to have been drowsed, aad five ara elingiag to the bowsprit. The bark waaloadad with pig iron. Arrival of tha Crescent City Ntw Oblbcvs. Jan ?8 ?The Crescent City from Havana on tba 24th arrived to day. Tha news by her generally is of an unimportant character. The Faloon was ttatei to be at Havana, and would leave at ha'.f past seveo o'clo?k on the 27 th for New York. Bittta with tha Iodiaas NbwOblbahs, Jan 28?Texas papers have been received of the 20th. They Mate that a battle hsd taken place near the Pores river, between the Camanches and a party of ran ger*, in which the latter were victorious, hav ing killed seven Indians and captured many mora. Charier on Maik.t. Charlrsto*, Jan. 29th.?Cotton ha* ad vanced i since the receipt of the Pacific a new*; sales of 2000 balca of middling at 8j. Baltimore Market Baltimobb. Jan. 30.?The graia market ia flat this morning Wheat?12,000 bushels were offered, quoted at $1 95a$2 for white, and te'e* of red at $1 00*$l 95. Corn?yellow at 87, white at h4e65 mixed a* 82 Oats?Pennsyl vania, &2<S4; Maryland and Virginia. i>0s62 Floor?Sales of 3 60 bbls Howard street at $8 371; City Mill*, no re'ef, but held at $8.25. Hew York Markets N*w York. Jan. 30.?Flour active aad fir?; sales of 5,000 bbls of good Ohio at $h 62*a9. Southern is firm at $K 75*9.25 Corn is easy, bat price* are net quetably lower; sales of 25,00 1 bnnhele Western mixed at 98c. Pork is upward and firm. Beefi* unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous rates. Lard is dull with a downward tendency. Whisky sales of Ohio at 33c Falling of Br;dgo Wilkrsrarre (Pa ) Jan. 27 ?The Ion* bridge over the Sucquehana. at Towands, fell yesterday, slightly injuring Dihon 1L Br>WB, of New York Western Mavigataon Cibcirbati, Jan. 20 ?The Ohio is full of heavy toe and the navigation is almost entire ly su*ptnded. Eastern exchange u one per cent, premium. 9' am ARNY, Me. 84 urtet, Gwrfetonn, is prepaieU t?titnuli Bm.u. Dikncr*. Wcddinm*, Ac., with everything i.i tb? Cor.'tc tionary line, tn any part of the l>fU?ct. at the sliott oft noiK'f, and on the iuoft rt asonablt term?, jan 19? tf 255 LookiDg Gluses, 255 Fall *ud qaai j, f.mob or German pl?t?. Fancy or plain PritraJt Picture fcam's or Colored. AUo, Gilt Room Moulding. Mat We top Bracket* aod Tal<l?*a ma<t" t* or?l*r. Ala*, ell k'nd* of old ?ork r*(hl4*d with dispatch an! oe rrwnoible t rn.* hy j. waairRn. ?45 ft Pa. avenue, < pp. Ktrkeor-a II u*?. deo ??t f CHARLES WALTERS GENBKAI* AUENCY AVII INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO 55*4 SEVENTH ST. oneeiia cairraic m*rkft. office hour* front 0 to 12 a. im., and frt?o? 'J <" 5 p. ui. jan 17- I in* NOTICE. " TO ALL WHOV IT MAT COBCER* 1HAVE tliu ?lav received a; d opened a xreai \an rty of CLOCKS, WkTCHE*. and JEA ELRV. Good Clock* from fl 50 t<? all wurnurrd oni year. AI*o, M(id and il\*r W atcli'* in jreat va riety, silver tVatcbc* Ami 9** ?o #35 ; f*?4<1 l? v?-r VVaictie* from f25 to f I .*>0 and e grr*i aewrunent of Jewelry, at! of l*t?-li h iO be aold chfa|t?r than goods of tame quality ran be inujrlu in ttiia city. T)?o?iv wi^tiina to *.-i good Ciock* would do well to buy fmin nie, a* I pin all my Clocks in order be fore wiling the it. Call an t i<ee for youratlvee, at the Clock k Watch Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 349 oppoeite Brown*' H?K< I. jan 10?1m (Intel) PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NtW end seoo.d bacd PIiN<)fi, of my own and aeverel othtr fer*orW. era alwyf to be had at mv l lano M arero-m, on B*?WT\tI ?nth at., between Ra. avcrun and K it. ?Id Pianos tak"n In ^zi-Unp. Tuning slso attended to. F. C. BK'CHENBACH SILVERWARE. AVHRV pretty ?ixirt i>ent of Silver Cufrr Beta, Pitchers. GoMcta, Cup , Creeia*. and ell kinda <H Spoona and Porka, and a variety of Peecy Silver ware, >uitable for preeenu. via: Roup end (Jymrr Ladle*, Crumb S. rapet ?<, fish, pie and cake Kilw% Cream and Sugai Spoon*, etc., I* .iffered si low prt r*", aod wjnauietl eierllng. B. PEUKBN, No. 999 Pa. aveaue, bet. 9th ead 10th a^a. jaa 10

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