Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1855 Page 4
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fooTn*r*D mov arrpLSXiXT J MU f?m Ooriagtoa, by Middle tMga, Oak HU1, WVmough, aad Poublo CiMu, to Or 39 raflee tad back, onoe a weuk. Info 0??lM<mt Monday at 5 m Aftir# ?*6rHln Mn? Jmr by I f a i^eeveGri/ln Tueaiay at 0 jkn Arrive at Oovtagtoa aame days by ? ? m 6414 from Lythonia by Fla t ftoak, to WkltoHoVM I 14 mil#* and bvk onoe ft *?k Leav- Lj thontfa Friday at T a m Arrive at MUllto Htuaa by It I I/?? Wblte House Friday at 1 p m Arrive at T.ythonla ?ami> day by 6pm Ml* from Lythonia to Rockbridge, ? mOae aad back one* a week. Leave Lythonia Thuraday at 7 a m Arrive at Rockbridge Mm* days by 9 a m. < tock'oflife Thursday at 10 a m Arrive at Ly.boala nme iayi by 13 m 0419 From Stone Mountain. oj Tel tow River aad B???t Water t? UvrxiwTllfe, *0 niltf and ba^k, si*. tJm v a wr?k Lmv? Sioae jfcountaia, dally, iim^ Sunday, at 7 a m Arrtv* at La^eueeville sam* days by 11* a m Lawrinoevllle daily, except Sunday,at 12 Arrive at 8 ton a Mountain aame day* by 4 p m , 041T From Stone Mountain, by Flnckneyville, fcxj Warsaw, la miles aad back, enoe a week Leave Stoae Mountain Saturday at 1 pa An"Teat Warsaw aame day by 7 p m. L?Te Warsaw Saturday at? a m Arrive at Stone Mountain aame day by tS _ 6418 From Decatur, by Pantherrvill*, Tucker's Oa la, and HtoekbrMfe, 'o McDonough, 17 milea and back, onee a week. Leave Deratur Friday at 8 a ni Ai rive at MeDoaonzh aame day by 6pm Lex ft '.elu.oa<h Saturday at 0 a m Am >e at iMjatur same day by 6 pm 6410 Fnm McUonou*h, by Spring, to Sandy Ridge, iw mile' and back, once a week. Leave M.-Donough Sator ay at 8 a m Arr.veat Sandy Kidge aame day by 11a m Leave Sandy Kidge Saturday at 12 m. Arrive at McDoaough aame day by 8 p m. A4&) Fr;m M<vt>nnough to Joneeboro', 14 mil*! and ba^k, fix timer a week L?a*v McDonougb daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m Arrive at Joa*?bor<:> aame days by 12 m Leave Jon* bcro daily, except Sunday,at 1pm Arrive at McDoaough name day by 5 p m I 6411 From Washington, by Dauburg, Petersburg, Ca I bo an s Miila, S. C., and Leba non, to Ab beville C H. 43 milea and back, twice a week Lr-ave Waehlrgton Tuesday, and Saturday at i?|am Arrive at 4bba?iUe C H aame daya by 9 p m Leave Abbeville C H Monday aad Friday at 8 a m Arrive ?t Washington Fame day* by 6 p n. Proposal* for daily servise are Invited, with a view to con vry toe great Northern and South ern mails, at a tp-ed of not Jeaa than* milea an b??ur. 0422 From Aashingtoa, by Hallorysvll!e, Piahdam, aud Indian Hill, to Rlberton, 31 milea ui l t ark, onae a week. l**av ? Washington Friday at 0 a m Arrive nt Elberton same day by 6 p u. Leave klb- rtou Saturday at 9 a m Arrive At Ws?hii.gton aame day by 6 p m 6423 From WaijJngton to Ctntreville, 12 mi.ea and bank, once a week. Leave Washington Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Centr??v'lle same day by 6 p m Le?ve Ceutr-viLe tr, lay at 8 a m .1. ~.v Waefti.. gwou R*ai day by 12 a; ff'-.B* Uay^iua, by Le .tu> rvilie. t-> I iucola 'i ? ? -i ?' avd wck, t*iee a week j. _.*e iviy^T-lio Xut.;u4y au-i 'ihurMay, at 11 9 iO At;? - Ai LlT-co.iit^n uaiiid days by 3 pri L i*? fr:.wli?tuB Tu<?rday and Tntt '??}#> at t> a ux Arri<? at K.?y^villf aaiiia daya Itj 10 u m ?42J i-'roa L?-Xiiifc'Va, by toi-t Tettr, Hr ai R:?e', ^lWrton, barrac ny, Col^ Water, Mf?ntev*.:.'0. kv-T^re?n, S- C , Hock Mlllff, and MouoUiii v.c- a, io A&deraon C H, 69 luile^ inu baca, tF-iC- a "?reek ? e Lexington Tu-? ii?y <?n<i Kr}.'-*y H' ? * m Arr>va at ktU-rtou same dtys by 9pm -? K'l?ertoii mi aai laturd*y at 5 a n Arrive *1 Au i?i?>n \J H aeioe day? by 9 p L-** ?- va 1 < -co C il ?c?*.-tUy -tad Friday a n Arrive (rt iviueiiwu &ama days by b p q, L-ave Kli-ertoa Wednesday a^.1 -a' ufUy atbam Arri7e at Lexingtoa same <lAy by b426 Fr< m Le*io?ton, to Lex npton D^>pot, 8 aul?n ar a ba ll, twelve time* a we. a L-x-DsWu d-Uy, ^xc?pi >u..Jay, a a in %vd 1 vo Amv ? at Uxington IVpotsaai^ Jays by 81 am ??ad ?pa Leavi? L?x.n^ton D?^v>i i?iiy( ,.Snailay, at 9 am and 3pm Ar.ive at ^exingtoa um >y 10 a m and 4pm #437 From A'hxn\ by Bmnb*l, IUr an ny <lrove, M*>8Tili?.6ilkYi 1-, Pop arcpriig*. l!u;jj.?? burg ?o4 Dawson, tn Ulark^ville. ?_ uul?i aud sack, o^oe a vaek i^-a> Athebd Tum-fj-y at 6 a m Arr > e at Ciarkavi.L; next day by 6 p m i?*?ve Ularkrville Thursday at tf a m Anive^t Ath*n? next day by 6 p m ?428 Fr ai A'h-n?,by Jeff"n?on, Pond Fork and Su**r Hi'l to tialneevllle, 40 miles and back, three times a week. Lrara Attien^, Taeeday, Thursday aad Satur day a s> a m A-r'.ve at Uainetrv^lU aaica days by 2p m L av- 3ainee. 'Ie Monday. Wedorsdey ani Fri Jay at 9 a m A.rive at Atriens ?amedays by 6 p m 6499 From Ath-ns, by D-m- ,'aville at.d Madiaua *prrg?, to CarnfavilJo, 58 miles and back, thr je times a we-k L-" >e Athens ' u-ei*y, Thnr?lay aa 1 ?atur jay at 6 a m A -rive at C*rne-r<lle same days by* pa 1 /-;?v>* Cari.?-?vfl.e Maaday, Wednesday aad F rlday at 0 * m at A h 'na aame d?y by 7 p m 4430 F"'an Athena, by P.aater'a Stai.d, to Fort L-.m*r, 2b cnile and back, onue * vaek l^a?e Atbecs Tuesday ai 8 a m Arrivear Fort Lamar ram* day by 3 ; m Leave loit l<i(tiar V-?dneeda> at 8 a m Arriv?at Ailiei!> same day by 6pm 6431 Froui Ma iaca prtngs, by Frank in Spring*, Bo* r,vi le UartWeli, r0 lleuley'a Store, 3'1 uiiiee aud bark, once a week. l?*ave M.Olson ^pnnns Tuesday at W a m Arr *? at beiile.-ra Store same day by 8 p m L-**v - Ueni'y's ctr.? Wedneeday at 4 % m Arr .ve at Madison Spriug.^ aaiiie day by 3pm 6432 Fr. .a M.yaviii ?, by drove Lev 1, Sushville, Ml Idle Hir-r mi II >l iog^ eortn, to Allen d\.e, 14 lulled and ba^k, out* a week. Leeve Ma>eviile Thursday at 3 p m Arrive at Ailetdaie nex dav by 1 p m Lvave Aliet.daie Friday ?t l| p m Arnv at Maydvilla n xt d*> bv 2 p m 44^1 From Gala^evUie, by W?r Hijl, O.llaviila, Hau.^n and Walnut Hill, to Carneeville, 38 miieaitiid back <>n<e n week LeaveGainesviile Friday at 6 am Arrive *t uarneevdie atme day by 6 p m Leave Carne'vilie Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at uaine*vil!eaauie day by 6 p m fri ? From ti*ioerril!e,bv New Bridge and Auraria, to Whi.)'.e<a, M> miles and back, three times a w?ek. Leave Uaineevilla Monday, Wedre*iav and Frid?y at 7 a m Arr.v-a* L>.tbionega aan? daya by 9 p m L?ate Dahlnnega Toaaday, Thur.^ay and Sat Uiln? at 1 p m Am.? at (iainaaville .? ame daya by 8 p m 0435 P'oni tiainesvil e, by Croesville, Smithv, ie, Bftrrettevilla Bigh Tower, Pord Tie., Or^u.e. Fart liifflogton, CantDn, Foster Mill-,and Lattcg Gal, to Ktowab, 62 miles and otia a week. Live Gsi-tefVil e T^eeJay at I p m Airifo U r.towaL uext day by 7 p m Ktcvah Kenday at 5 a m Art.'* at GtineeviUe n?xt day by 12 m ?134 ?r ui Griutavllle, by Duane treet, toClarka* vilie 3 ' uuiee aad back, three tune* a week Le?ve Gaiiaaevilla Tutaday, Thursday ?">' Sat urday at 3 p m Arrive at <Jla. aiviile same daya by 11 p m Leave ClarksviileTuesday, Thursday and .Sat urday at b a m A rr*ve at Ga'aeevill* sa'-w J*y by 3 p m 6437 ktt m Gaiu sviUe, uy u> Polksvilla, 18 mi'e* ar.d htck, oaea a '?- ek (??instill* 4'ritey at 1 p m ? ? ^ r.. ,?.ikd by 7 poi ? c . ?-vii?e F,idv a' b n m a . :ibiieevi'ia earj* di?y by 13 ui ?-13o * t i- -raeavilie, Ba:j>prin? and Kr ^tu iv -u i ac o. *vj and back, uitcr a wt ?L L*r' - LarunTiLt Satuioay at earn Arnveat Jefleripn same lay by t> p u La~vs Jnders jn FriJay at ? a m A*r!ie at Uraavflis same day bv I id 1'xwm it--evley'd Store tb Walton' * Ford ai?J baca. ??nc- a wetk Pi -? w?;i -<ta e d.?t ,n e and p. poee ? i- r.?-?iu''?. ... . i ?< Uanloae^a byCtOpt.'a^a^OaddutowB, -kainab. w.i1 S ..;,, ^.organtoo, Hot House, ?a--. e,Orjtr Miae, itaii, Brush Creek. eu i ParaaT* la, lo Benton, 83 ftl' ? :..U ? ., Uv jh Sfr'i 1.- /' l/eb'-'a./a lunel?y ?.? 6a m /iriv.- ,t hs'.t jo uext Thursday hy |] m !*?;. ? ocWu i hnrsday at 1 p m At M at Uah'oce** next Sati.rJay hj 0 p in &441 Jfiotu i>ahU>nena to K una Hill. 13 ::nlea aud bark, once a week Leave Dahlonega Saturday at I p n A: nr. at ttouiid Uill same day by & p in L -a * e ?.?? and Uill Saturday a* * a m Ai rive a' I 'aiiionega aame Jay by 1- in 6Ua From Uibl n^a, byAmicelala Catooaa, I'rinee Kdward.Carticay, Fllejay. Taila Cixek, and (u?e?wetlee, to - pring Plae*, 62 milt a aid b~-k. once a week I> ave Ltab'onaga Welne^iay at & a iv Arti> i at rpring Plae?? next day by ft p m b ave hpriag Place Monday at 6 a in A ii?? at Ltahloae^a arst day by b f n. 644J From Oentoa, by Vail Ground, Hiru^nill*, and Juno, to DaUoneca, 40 bUm and back, ones a week Umi OtntoD Saturday at 0 am Arrin at Dwhlonega nm? day by 0 p m Leave Dahlonrga Friday at 6 a m irrh" at Oanton Mine day by 6 p m ?444 Fran Mttm, by John Bandolph's and Oaina, to Onm aiing and back, once a week Bidden will stale the distance and propoM a ?Mill 644* From Sprng Place, by Oedar Rlkf e, to Dal ton, IV miles and back, three times a week Leave ftpring Place Monday, Wedneeley, and aad Fnday at 8 a m Arrive at Dalton aame days by 19 m Leave Dal ton Monday, Wedaeeday and Friday at 1 p m Arriro at Spring Plaoe name days bj 4 p m 6440 From Blairsville by Choestee, Loudsviue, and Pleasant Retreat. to Dahlonega, 34 mlt> ? and back, one? a week Leave Blairsville Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Pahkmega same day by 0 p ni Ii?aTi Dahlrnaca Tuesday at 0 a m Arrive at Blairsville same day by 6 p in 6447 From Blairsville. by Yonng Cane, to Morgnn ton, 20 mile6 and berk, twice a ?f?k Leave Blalr.rville Tu*tday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Morgan'on same Jays by *2 m Leav? Morganton Monday aad Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Blairaville ?me daya By 7 p m 6448 from Clayt n to Blairaville, 40 miles and back onee a week Leave Clayton Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Blairsville aame day by 7 p m Leave Blairav.l * Thursday at 6 a m at Clayton sam> day by T p m 6440 From Mergantown to Murphwy, N.0. and back once a vwi Bidder* will state d stance and propose a rched ale 6460 From Ball Ground tolfilqjay and back, once a Week Bidders will state tbe distance and propose a scheddle 6461 from Morgan ton, by Blue Ridfe, White Path, Kllqjay, Talking Rock. Fairinount and Pine Lig, to Cawville, 60 miles a?d back, twicc a week LeaveMorganton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p ni Arrive at Cassville next days by 0 p m L ave Cass v.lie Monday and Tharvlay at 6 a m Arrive at Morganton next days by 12 m 6462 From T? ung Cane, by Skeinah, Stock Hill, Trkenstly, and Carticay. to Talking Rock, 42 miles and back, onoe a week Leave Tonng Cane Wedre*day at 7 a m Arrive at Talking Bock same day by 8 p m Leave Ta king Rock Tuesday at 5 a m Arrive at Yonng Cane eametdav bv 6 p m 6463 From J*sp?r to Cassville and bacx, once a week Bidders w 11 state tbe distance and propose a schedule 6464 From Lawrenoeville, by Cain's aad Hog Moun tain, to Gainesville, i>l miles and back, three time* a we k Leave Lawrence ville Motday, W edcesday and Friday at IS m ? Arrive at Gainesville *am- jays by 9 p m . Leave Gaine^vil e TueKlay, Thursday and Sat urday at 3 a in Arrive at Lawrenc-iville sum*) davc' bv 11 a ta 6466 From Lawrenoeville, by Chiuquep u <irv.vt, Auburn, Mulberry, and Marcus, t-. J. (T-t^b, 30 miles and bark, once a week lieave LawretwTHle Friday at 8 a n Arrive at Jefferson same day by 6p,j Leave Jeflerw;o Saturday at 8 a m Arrive Hi Liwrerceville saae day by 6 p in 64W From Lawrenct v.lie, by Sa^auoee, She lio:i ville, J-Jav>-* Cr** h, Camujix-g, *ni Lt-wistcn, to High T-.-wsr, v. ar.J back. twice we?k to SLcltouvJle, ui,J a a week the re^* idue ? Leave Lawrucen )? Tu - iay ^ d Kr j ? ?t u in Arrive at Sbeit ,?> ' ?- e ? r , i; g LmmSMtu . niay atU f , ?t 1 p at Arrive at I,* *rtr.eev,li? tame Jay- ... : .n L..?ave Sbtltonvilie F^uiay at 12 n> * Arrive at High Tow-i -iiu^ day by T p Ixave High Tower fcatuiday ?t I> iV. Anive at Sheltoovii> same da/ '>y l_ u 6467 Fr in Mr unt Vot.aa, by L?.i>. :tiV M?ujt?in. acd Pclkvi!!?, to Pep ar fc"pri..a, 2:. miles and b%: k, on:e a week. Lteave Mou.t Y\ nab hatr.rd^y a 5 * ru . Arrive at Porlar Spring . ame day by 1 p a Leave f oplar bp ring Saturday uti p m Arrive at Mount Vonsh ? ume dav by y p m 6?6>? From Atlanta, by Uitoy, ^au'lt'.jra, Campbell tnii, Dark C'~ner, V ila Kirn, r.nd Hickory (?errl, to Carrolltrn. ? J mile- < ba~k, tl ree tiiues a week. Leave Atlanta Monday, Wednen^y, and Frilay at 12 m Arriv# Ht Carrollton next da* s bv 6 p m I*eave (,'arrolltcn Monday, Wednefxlay, and Fri day at 0 a m Arrive at At.anta ntxt dayr i.y 2pm PTip->?al3 to 'un by Flint HilJ atd fcan i Ilill, omitting Hickory Level, ate inrit'ti. 6463 Frein Marietta, by Rn.<well, f/ebanon, Farm house, Big ere k. Cumming, Coal Mouuta n, Cro--f?vi!le, an! An-aria to DkMod"^, &4 miles and beck, ttires times a we?;k. Leav- Marietta Monday, VVoineedAy and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Cumming im* days by 7 p m Le?ve Cumming Tuesday. Thursday, and Fatui day at 7 a in Arr ve at Oahionesra fane dny* by 3 p ia L*ave laijlonega M^rday, Wedneedav, and Fri day at 8 * -a Arriv^t Ja i^i l? Sime Ja^-g by 5 p m Leave Cum ^ u in d?y, Thursday, and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at M r..* a * u; ? t. j?. by VJ p m 6460 Fioui Mart ? ta, .V may and MTocxlstock, to Canton. *??fc m left H". Uck, thr#: timen a wtkk. L^ave M%rletii Tue?lay, Ihur^day and Satur day, at 7am Arrive ai Jan on >>me days by 1 p m Leave Canton Monday, Wednesday, acd Friday at 7 a m Arrive at MarieiU. aame dais by 1 p u 6461 i'lom Marietta, by Powder Springs, to Salt Spring', i7 mile a d b et,twice a week. L-.ave Marietta Tu-wdav and Friday at 7 ? m Arrive at Salt Springs sume daj-s by 12 m Leav- bait Springs Tuesday aad'Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Marietta same days by fi p m 64Ai Frtm Marietta, by Los. Mountain, to Dalla*, 18 miles ?nU back, on?5? a weex. LeaiA Marietta Wednesd y at I p m Arriv at D 1 a^ sanir day bv 7 p m Leav Dtilas Wednealay at 7a m Arrive at Marietta Mine day by p m 6463 From Cartersf!lie, by StilesborV, U. \an Wert, 28 mil1 s and beck, twice a neek'. IiehVe Carters*ilie Tuesday aud Friday at 9 a m AmveaiVan Wert aoie days by 6 pm Leave Van Wert Monday a&d Thursday at 9am Ariive at Cartersviile g ;uie day? by 6pm 64ol Frrm Caasville, by Little Fra rie, 8?>iJora, Red bod, Fr^e Bridge, and Holly creek, to Spring Place, 39 miles and back, a w?.ek. Leave Caasvi.le Saturday at 6a m Atrive at cpricg Place came day by 6pm Leave Spring Place Friday at 6 s ni Arrive at Cassville same day by o p m 6465 Frem Kingston to Koine, 18 ^-6 milts and back, six timet* a week. Leave Kingston daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m Arrive at Home same days by a in Leave Home dai y, except Sunday at 5 a m Arrive at Kings'on same days by 7| a m 64% From Kesaca, by Sugar Valley. Vi lan^u, La fayette, and I'ond Spritig, to Frkk's Gap, 39 miles and back, once a week. Ltave Besa a Friday at 6 a m Anive at Frick'iGap sane'lay by 7 p m Leave Frick'sGap Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Re;,aca same day by 7 p m 6467 From Biug, oM, by Wood's nation, to Lafay ette, 24 mi es and ba^k, twioe a week. L-ave Binggold Monday pnd Thursday at 1 pm Arrive at Lafayette same days by 8 p u L?av* Lafayette Mondiy and Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at hinjrguld name davs by 12 m 6468 From Cnnttancog*,Tenn., by K^ssville, fla , to Frirk's Gap, 24 mi es and > a> k.onre a week l*av?t Chattanooga Wednes.< ,> it8am Arrive ?t Fri^^'s <iap-.i nt; day y 6 p m Leave Frirk's Opp Tuesday a Ham Arrive at <;hattan"Oaa same day bv ftprr 6469 From Chatttnooga, Ter.n. to H?-a.l of Mcl-e more's Cave, Ga^ and b* k, once a wn k Bidders will stite the distance, and pr-.v- * n schedule ^?70 Iruiii L?tay?-ti- by Fuck Spring ai.u ? ro* Hi I b> Koesvill'-, 22 miles and back, ? d .? a week 1/eave L?fi.y?-tte Tueeday at 6 a m Arrive at Roesvi le name day by 12 m Leave Uos.v He Tuesday at 1 p"m ? Arrive LnUyetts fWri*'- d?y bv 8 p m 6471 La.ayette by Ch?--rct^t K'ats to liordon's SpriuiH. 9 mlK's aud ' ^rk, onoe h ^e<?k l.-ave f.iNy^tte^.-itC'tnv at b a ni A rr??? at tJor lor t cpt *-1 : -*a \* i _& \ ^ L a?e Gordo 'o Sj rinj ^vur k u Win Airite it La'ay^lte -aiv - U?7 Ly 1 p ?"?ITS i*.. cd fc- r>?- ' ,? Ar-.. achtv. Lirtf nu, viour a*>iik, ry, s-u^iiaervmi- ami ir< u ractory u> l.ih/itt* 41 n ilea and beck, twic? a week ' L aye Kuiao Monday *ru Thnrsday ,vta ui Arrive at Lafayette ram* da) s by 7 p ra L"?ve Lafayette Wednwday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Kouie name days by 7pm 6473 From Bfline by Varm's Valley and l^txe Greek tt> Cedartown. '20 mils* and back, three tunes a we*k Leave K< me Mob lsy, Wedut?iay and Friday at d " m Arrive at C^dart^wn ?hiu,? da\? b- 10 p m L ave O-lariuwn Monday, it sine day anl Fri day at 5 a m at Home Jimc daya by 12 in *?474 Frtm Rome bv Tb<>maa's Mills, Cedar Creek, CVauU, Ala , ar.d UoweL'a Cress Koxdj to Oen ''e,40 nt l?s and back, once a wt>ek L?r- v? R ni ? Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Centre aame day by 7pm l*?*fe Gentrv S?tn:day at & am ^ Atr:ve at Rom* same day by 7pm 64.5 From Crda-tiwn to Pumpkiukili, 8 miles and beck, o??w a a?-ek Leave Cedarfown Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Pumpkinp I' aame day bv & p m L ave Pnmpkinpil! Fr'.dav at 10 a m Arrive at Cedar town same dav by 1 p m 6476 From Palme'to by Oountr Uoe and Oada' Branch to (liter Town, 'JO m*te? ad back r onut a <reA !#??? Pnl??tto Friday at6 a m Arrive at Hirer Town aaaa day by 1* m Lmt? Hirer Town Friday at! p m Arrive at Palm?tto tame day by 7 p a 6477 From Newnan by Bolnda to KJdron, 12 ailM and baek, twic* a week Laaxettewnan Wednesday and Patwday at U a m Arrive at Kidron name day* by 3 p m Leave KJdron lfednaeday and Saturday at T am Aariveat Newnan mm* days by 10 am 6478 From Newnaa by Lodl, JUtbarford, Bowtm vill* and Tall Pin* toCarrolltoii, 27 bOm aad back, one* a we^lc l.wNfwnun Saturday at 8 a m ArrtTa at Carrdlton same day by 6 p m L?ave Car roil ton Friday ?t 8 a m Art,re at Newnan ume day by 6 p ml 6479 From Newton by Willow Grove and Corinth to Ashbury,20 miles and baek, twiooa we*-k Lmt? Newn*n Tuesday and Friday at 6 a m Amn at Anbury mdm days by 12 m L?av* A?b?ry Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Nawnan same days by 7 p m 6480 From Nawnan by Rio and Knon Grove to F ranklin, 21 mile* and baek, onea a w<*k Uave Nawnan Wednesday at 6 am" Arrive at Franklin same day by )2 m Leave Franklin Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Nawnan lame day by 7 pfca 6481 From Nawann by Paris, Location and Har> abrn to Krie, 26 miies and ba-k, once a w-ek L ave New nan *a urday at 8 a m ?. Arrive at Krin sam* day by ft p m Leave . rin Friday at 8 a m Arrive at New nan same day by 6 p m 6182 ?roia L^ Grangu by O'Neal's Mills, Cochran's Cross Koads, Hamilton and Ca?tuUto Colum bus, 4i mil * and hack, dailr L^avs La Grans* da Jyat 9J a m Arrive at Coiumsus *am? days by 9J p m L*ave C< lumbus daily at 8 a m Arrive at La Granga sums days by 8pm WSJ Prom La Grange by Vernon, 'ntfoch, Wehad ke^ Ala.. R ck Mi Li and Roanoke to Wedo wee, 5 mile., end baek, one* a week L-ave L? '?r*n?e Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive a* Weedowe* next day by 6 p m Le%ve WeadoweeThured-iy at 8 a m Arri. e at L1 Grange next day by 11 a m 6484 From L \ Grange by Hcustou to Franklin, 21 miles and baek, twice a week L?ave L?Grange Tu>eday and Saturday at 1pm A r v* at Franklin same days by 7 p m Laave Franklin Tues Jay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrire at la Grunge same Jays by 12 m 61 hi J?rem Villa Hica to Van W-rt, 21 m lea and back, ouce a week L are Vil a Kio* Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wert same day by 12 m L"ave Van Wert Saturday at I p m Arlive at Villa Pica fame day by 7 p m 64S3 Frcm Vil'.a Uica, by T'umpk'is Vi.?* s.od Dal 1*?, tD Hantsville, 20 mils. a ai back, ore* a week. Lear* VI la Riea Monday at fl 9 ia Arr ve at liuntsvill? ?ame day bv 12 m L*ave Iluntsville Monday at 1 p'm Arrive at Villa Hica siuie day by 7 p m ?487 From Villa Uica, by Burut Stand, Oopp>r Hill, Tallapoosa, Oak Level, Ala., and Rabbit Town, to J cksonvilie. 00 miles and back, ? o.ce a week. L-save Villa R>ca Wednesday at 8 a in Arrive ?t Jatknonv lie next day byOpm JinaVH Jacksonville Friday at 8 a m Arrire a: VUU ?.iea next diy by C p in From V.:ia Krca, by Lo?:g Le.f and Ltna, to Oedartown, VI miles and ha- k, one* a wa?k. L - .ve Villa f.ii- i Monday at 7 a a; Arrive at Cedartow a samo day by 6 ,> >u L ave Ceoartowu Tue-day a'. 7 a m Ar.-ive a Villa f.ioa <am? day by 0 p ui 4S9 Fr in "V:!U ttica io Fliut H U,i>mU .s and baek, ?nee a wet k Lpav- Villa 'lica Wednesday at 10 a m Arr ve at Flint UtU sain? d.'y by 12 m l>:?vo Hiat Hill Weine^ay af. 7 a ra Arriv- b? Viil? I2-i ??ui" day by 9 ta <.430 Fro; a ('*rro;lt >n, by Laurel J Mil and "union to Fraakl.u, *7 miles and bac?, once a week L ave Carroll Vn W^dne-'lny at fi a m Arrive at Franklin !*y by 5pm L >vo Fracklia Thai -day at C h m A'r-re ?t Carrolltnn sa"? ? duy '.y 6 p m C191 From Greenville, by Fi. ?r--V, Whito Sulphur Springn, Gap, *1.1 Oo dm n'y Cross K'-Ms, t"> C.)jLrar?*H Crop* '.t ,j i.?, 2! ra'lc* and !>aok, twic-i a <? e-k l.^T? Or??onvili . '"'?^lLeaipy Saturday at i & ru t r/ive.?t C <ehiaa> '.rsr r%'+%*o a i.< la, ? by 12m 1 -ire Co hraj's Cr">-r It<i j- Welti la- and . Saturday at 1 p or Amv-? at (ir-oivill* ?.wr?7 -h?y? ty 8pm 6*92 From Greenville to ^ ..rra Bprings. - J miles aad ba-,k, twine a W\-tit i:? luiiv J'uy, >.nd Aagu.i, and once a at*s th-j resiJtae of *.b? y?*r. From 1>( Jute to feltf Lenv? (Jroc tvi'.le W'ednf- aay aiui tfstvrdiT at lliau? Arrive at W.u ra Sprin.s <ima days by 2 p m Leave Warm Spring* Wedaeelay and Sat jrU*y at 8 a m Arrive at Greenville name days by 11 1 m From 1 it frptembtr io litt May. T**inv Greenville Saturday at 8 a m Arriva Wsrm Sprlngr; name d*y by 11 a di L?-ftV* Warm Sprio7> Satar-l-yat Hi a m Arrive at Gre uville ??m*day by 2 p ra 0493 Fr*m Granville, by W^odhury and Magda lena, to Fba*ant Bill, 27 mil-a and baek, once a week l<eave Greenville Friday at ? a m Arrive at Pleasant dill same day by 5 p m L-a?e Pl-agant Hill jtatunlay at 8 a m Arrive at Green vil e ranie dav by 6 p m f4U4 Prom JonesV Mills, by Koeky Mount, to Holly, 1< Liil-s and baek on??a w?'.;'c L'ave Jones's Mills faiorday a" dam Arrive at Holly same day by 12 m Leave Holh Hatur :ay at 1 p m Arrive at Jones'* Mil s s*me day by 5 p m B4W5 Prom I'l"asant Hill, by Hetl<?Tae, Blnfffp !ng?, Wiiye'ly Hall, and LilersivilJe, to Columbus, 40 m les atul tack, t<*i>- a we?k l-eave Plsafant Hill Wednesday aud Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Ccluinbus samedayu by E p m L-ave Colombap Tuesday and Friday at 7 a ni A rriv> at 11-asaut Hlli Fame day# by 5 p m ti41M Prom Knoxville by Ho?"ew*Jl, to ilu's-dlri.Ie, 12 mil-sand buck, ncea week I^ave Knoxvi le haturJay itt! aa Arrive at lumllville tame day by 12 m Leave Russell ville Saturday at 2pm Arriv>- at Ki.oxville rame di.y by 6 p m ti497 From K.nox\ilieto llammnek'- Gijve, Cullo den, gad WayninansvT*. to Tbomaston, 28 miles and b-ck, twice a week Leavn Knoxviile Monday and Fridav at9 a m Arrive at t bomaston same days by o p m Leave Tkomaa'ou Tuesday and Saturday at G a m Arrive at Knnxville same days by 4 p m 6.98 From Knoxviile, by Hickory Grove, Uootena vdl?, Carsonsville, Prattflburg, and Centre, to Talbotton, S7 miles and back, once a week Leave Knoxviile Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Talbott n Fame day by 7p m Leave Tally.t'on Thursday at 6am Arrive at Knoxviile same day by 7 p do <499 From Columbus, by C tta*e MJll. J am ee town, Hanrutha ehee, Lun-pkiu, Tuthburt, and Cot ton Hill, to Fort GaJuea, 79 niilea and back, three times a week Leave Columbua Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day,at 4am Arrive at Fort Galnee same days by 12 night Leave Fort Gaines Monday, Wednesday and Frit day, at 4 a m Arrive at Columbus same days by 12 ni^bt 6.rMK) From Columbu>, by Piedmont. Mulbtrry Orove, Mountain Hill, and Yh;t**vUle, tc West Pt-iikl, 38 miles aad ba-k twi^e a w?ek Leave Columous Tuesday and Ftidtv, at C n m Arrive at VVe-t Point same day? b> b p.n> L ave WVst Point Woin^sday f ul bi<' ui lay at 6am Arrive at Columbus Fame daya by 6 p m f.Z'ii tn>m Fort Gaines, by Blakelv. Fine Ridge, Hr-am Mill, aud Argyle, to Chatt^hoocbee, Fla, 78 milis and b&' k, twiee a week Leave Fort Ga'ues Wolneidty and Saturday at lpm Arriv* at ChatUho<x-h?eu*xt d*ya by 8 p in Leave Chattahoochee Tuo -day and Friday at t> am Arrive at Fort Gaines n xt days by 12 m f\,r lit I of lAJttmis'rrs in V^orgi* aulhom-d to cer tify '?> '.If miftcteiicy 'f zuarantort, rec " butruc tiom" anntx*J. FLORIDA. Bidders ar* rf/uested to examine cart fully tKt in t'ructi tic, fvt-mu of propotaL UL., nt'uuied to thn advertKrineiU. nrOl From Chaileaton. S O J.y Jadunnville, il?' Mandarin, Macnel-a Milis. Mldilo'mrg, i?ioo iata, and Orange Mill*, t<> P.iatka,?00 mil.w aud ba'-k, twick a we*k e Clrai le?toii Tuesday and Saturday at 8 pm Arrive at J acker. 11 rill* next days by 12 m li*Hve Ja ksouviik- Wednc.*iay aud Sunday at 12 m Arrive at Pilatka next dayi ?>y e a ra L iave Pilatka Monda\ and Tharaday at )>am Arive at Jacksonville nex' iky^ by :t a 10 Leave Jacksonville Tu?^dR* and Friday at 4 am' Arrive at Charleston c*? t <3a> i h- i0 t> m Bid. to ext< ud to Wel?Ka an invited 6^02 I roia Jaokr^.nvil?e, by Harbor'*, Alligator, L ttle Riv-r, Miu*"al 8pr-n^a. Uclumbiu>, Malison, bandy kor.j, acd tfontioello, to Tallahassee, 1 ?2 uni- ?UJ hj.ek, twice a w-^k. I/eave Jack-*onviUe ? ot.i#v aa t Wfduaeday at 7 pm Arrive at Taltahaa ee in 4H hours, by 7 p m Leive Tallahaace- Sunday and W?dna*lay at 3 ? n? Arrive at Jacksonville in 48 hour*, by 3 a m 6803 Front 8t Augu tin* to Hoolata, 18 alia ud fonrttaes a week Leave 8t Aueusfine Pundeyaud WaJiwdey at Arrive at Picota'a aane day by 1 p a and 5 ' p a Leave Pieolata Monday and Thursday at 8 a ? and 12 m Arrivf at St Augustine mb? day* by 11 a a and (id 0804 Proa Pllatka, by Orange Pprlnga, Orange Laka, Silver Pprior, Oeals, Oamp Iaard, Au gusta, PieroeviPe, Melendex, and Fort Tay lor, to Tampa, 180 mile* a ad back, twioa a vwk L?eve Pilatka Monday and Tharaday at 7 a a Arrive at Tampa next Wednesday and Satur day bv 4 p m Leave Tampa Monday and Tharaday att an Arrive at PUatkanezt Wednesday and Satur day by 19 p m Propoaaia fc> omit Silver Fpring will bo con sidered. 8808 Front Pllatka, by Wolaka, Volusia, and Urn terpr ee,to Mellon vlHe 130 miles and back, wnce a weak, in ete/unbeaf Leave Pila ka Monday at 8 am Arrive at Mellouvitle next day by llua Leave Mellon villa Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Pilatka next day by 3pm Bids to commence at Welakaare invited 6806 From ltnteipriae to New Smyrna, 30 milas and bark, once a week Laura Enterpiiee Tuesday at 8 a a Arrive at Mew Smyrna &?me day by 6 p n Leave New Smyrna Monday at 6am Arrive at Rnt 'rprise same day by 6 p m 6>07 From New Smyrna to Indian Hirer, 190 nailee and back, twioea mon h Leave New Smyrna on the 1st and 3d Wednes days of each m nth Arrive at Indian Riv?r in 6 days Leavs Ii dian River n the 2d and 4th Satur day* of each tn-n h Arrive at New Smyrna in six daya 6808 Frotft Indian River, by Jup ter, to Miami, 188 mi'ea aod beck, o ce a month Leave Indian River ? a the 1st Friday of each month Arrive at M'ami in 6 daya Lave M'ami on the-id Friday of each month Arrive at Indian River in 6 days 6309 From Key West to Miami,200 miles and back, once a month Leave Key West on the 8th of each month Arrive at Miami by the 18th Leave Miami on the lvth of each month Arrive at Key Wert by the34th WI10 From Newnancvitle by Fort Clark, Waca hcotie, Micanopy, Flemlngtcn. and Newton, to Ota la, 67 mil** and back, twice a week, supplying Wacahcctis only on tfce return trip on Friday, and omitting Micanopy on that trip Leave Newnnnville Wednesday and Sunday at 7 am Arriv at O'-ala next days by 10 a m Leave Ocala Thursday and Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Newnan? viile next daya by 8 p m OSll From Newnan vile, hy Kllisville and Provi dence. to Alligator, 40 miles and back, twiee a treek Lea-e Newnansvilie Thursday and Saturday at 9 am Arrireat Alligator famedaya by 8 p m Leave Alienator Tu?rday and Fiiday at 6 a m Arrive at Newuanrrille aame daya by 5 p m <W12 From Newuanavilie, by bt Louie, to New River, 22 miles aud back, onee a week Leave Newnan* vJle Too relay at 1 p in Arnve at Ne w River tarn* day by 8 p m Leave Ne# River Thursday at 6 a ni Arrive at Newr.ansvJle suns day by 12 m rS13 Fr m Newnanfville. by Tujfeuag^e, Saa'a IV, Clay LtuJinr, t*ec*fcasra, and Loir Po.v*. to Ateena Otic, 113 miles and bark, once a week ? Ijeave Newtanp\vl!e Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv.: at A t*-enaOtie next Saturday by H m l<Mve At. eua otie Saturday at 11 a m Arrive at Newiiansvil<e next Tu^day by 8 p m 6814 Fr ro Newnon-viMe, by Fort Harlee, to Mid dleburg, 50 milt* and Dark, rnce a week. Leave NewcarsviMe Wodneeday at 12 in Arrive at Middieburg next day by 6 p in Leave Middlobn.i< u**sday xtfiam Arrive at Ne*nu:iavilie ii -at day by 11 a ra lhd? f>r semi-w>??k!y ^crvioe will be con sidered 6815 From New Rivt-r ic Middlebarg, 90 milet aud back, onoe aw.+k frfiavs New River Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv- at Middleburg name day by 7 p m Leave Mildk-burg Thu.miay at 7am Arriv- at New lliver Mm* diy by 7 p m 6816 From tery's Fer;y to Fort llarlee and back, one" a week bidders wiil pta*e the dli<t*n;^ nod prepoae a rtch* dulj of departures anl arrivals W17 Fiom Alligator, by Durham and Olurtee, to F.iver.46 miles aUd back, onee a weak Leave Alligator Friday at 6am Arrive at New Uiver same j?v by 10 p m Loave Ne# U>verSaturday r Oaui Arrive at Alligator pan- day by 10 p m CS18 From Alligator, by Suwenuee Shawls, to Ition?>t'? f erry. 3a miles and ba-k, once a - w??>k Leavo AUiz&tor Friday at 5 a m Arnv< at lUoun '.s furry inmn day by 6 p m Lc?Ve Blo^ntV Ferry Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at AiFgntor en-ne 'lay by 6 p m C819 Prom Alligator, 'y White Ja^er, lSeileVille JonnKjrs. Cherry La>i??, flnu,bur-. and Clifton, to >lon'.io-lk>, 96 rallee an back or.oe a week L?ave Allgator Monday at 2 p si AiHve at Montic?llo next Wednesday by 9 p m Leava M >nMc?llo lhar.-day at 6 am Arrive at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bids for semi weekly service will be c^aaidered 6820 From Orange Springs, by Morrison's Mills and Fort Crane, to Mi.-anopy, 28 mile* and b?ck, twi.e a week Leave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Micauopy same day<? by 1 p m Leave Mi can' py 'i'ue-Jay a;id Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Orange tipringi saae days by 10 p m C821 From O a La, by Lug .iwajap, to Aiamsville 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Ocala fatarday atCam Arrive at Adamsville came day by 6 p m Leave Adam viile Friday at 6 a m Arrveat Ocala same Jay by 6 p m 6822 From Adam ville, by Pine Borough and Lake Griffin, to K>srt Butler, 60 miles and back, once a week Leave Adaiu-ville Friday at 3 p in Arrive at Pott Unt'.er neat day by 7 p m L'ave Fort BuCer Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Adams viile n-xt d<>' by li m 682u From Augusta o lie mofa?ea, 12 miles and back, twice a week I.eav? Augueeta We<iaeeday and Saturday at 8 .?am Arrive at llcniosawa fame days by 12 m Leave llomofas.aa Wedni-sday and Saturday at 2 r m Arrive at Augusta same days by 6 p m 6?24 From Melendex, by Cedar Ti^e, to Fort Dado, 21 miles and I acx, once a week. Leave Melendez raturday at 1 p in Arrive at Fort Dade >aue day by 8 p m L?ave Fort Dade Saturday at 5 a m Arrive at M? lend?* fame day by 12 m 6825 From Pieroevlllo, by Springfield, to Bay Port, 16 miles and back, onee a w< ek. I^eave Piereeville Saturday at 6 ? m Arrive at Bay Port same day by 12 m Leave Bay Port Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Piercevil-e same day by 7 p m 68i6 From Uomosafisa, by Crystal River, to L>ng Pond, 40 miles and back, onee a week Leu ve Qomoeaa a Friduy at 2 j> m Arrive at Ix>ng Po-id next day by 6 p m Ljave Long Pond Thurcday at 6 a m Arrive at Hom'iea^a rext day by 12 m Bids 10 extend to Clay Landing will be consid ered 6827 From Tampa to Manatee, 42 mile- and bock, once a wt ?k L'ave Tanif a Thursday at 6a m Arrive at Manatee next day bj 12 m Leave Manatee Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Tampa next day by 6 p m 6388 From Tampa to Old Tampa Bay, 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Tampa Monday at 6a m Arrive at Old Tampa Bay Fame day by 6 p a Leave Oid Tampa Bay Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Tampa same day by 6 p m 6829 From Tampi, by Kennedy's Siore, t> Iche puckoMnsa, 30 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Tampa Tburaday at 7 a m Arrive at lcbehuckeMu>*a same day by 6 p m ljeav?- Ichepuckeva-sa Wodne day at 7 a m Arrive at Tampa game day by 6 p m From lchepockesasaa te J.raigdn, ?2 miles kod back, once a Wrek. Leave Ich-pnck. .-aena Friday a* 6a m Arrive at Jernigan rext day by 12 m L?ftve Jcrnidran Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Ich? puekesreffe next day by 6 p m 6?3l Fr< ai Melloaviile to Jorni^au, 00 miles and lack, once a week. Leave Mellonville Tuesday at 12 m Arrive at J?rnig&n same day by 8 p m Leave JemljjnTi Weduesdayat 7am Arrive at H?Llojville ?amo Jay by 4 p m 6HJ2 From Tallaba H?e, Sy 5<t Marks, 23 miles and back, three tini-t* a week. la^avo Tal ahafsee Monday, Wednrsdav, und Friday at 7 a a Arrive at St Marks same days by 1 p ui Leave ft Marki T sued ay, Thursday, and Satur day at 7 a iu Arriv* at Taliahaaee* eam? days by 1 p m 6833 From Tallahassee, by Kiooankia, to Bunker*! Ilill, 28 ^I'Ihs and > ack, twics a week. l?ave Tnllitbssee Monday and Wednesday at ( a m ArHve at Bunktr1^ illli sai^e day; by 8 p m Leave Bunker's llill Tuesdly and Thuraday at l a ui Arrive at Tallahassee same days by 5 p m 6834 Fr m Tallahasse- to Waukeenab, 18 mil# an< back, twice a We^k, Leave TalLhas?ue Monday and Wodnosday at a m At? ive at Waukeenah same days by 12 a Lea re Wauk^ecah Monday and Wodneadsy lpm Air ve at Tallah?*eee same days by 7 p m Kb. Shotl Foist, rwwk?r, tOmllm 98M from Tilhhmiw, bv lwfc?< ^hn?1 to L?ave Tails ha?*e Wedaw day ot * ? a Arrive at Walker Hit dov by It a - Lao*e Walker Tburaday ot 1 p a Arrive it TitUkiNM ae*t du krf pa Ttlllhll,IM' bJ Mo*i BiukT'i, on the w*S?? rivar, to Bidley?Tilla, tod book, oneo Balder* will state the dituoi and miiii ? n hedule. WJ7 Fran fMilkpiot to ftnkoik'vtv, SO bUm t>< heck, Do? a eek Leave BtU'epm M aday at ft a a Arriro at Finho'.loway same day bv 11 m Leave Fittholioway tfonU) at fa a .l..Arr<Tt2f ,MI*?*rbj * ? a ** ** 0harU" Okarlas Fer?y, and New Boetra. a Clay hnndiag, 00 alloi and back, oaoa a week I/tre Malison Monday at 7 a a Arrive at Clay Laiding aezt Wednesday by 6 pa - ?L*otw Clay Landing Thursday at 7 a a Arrive at Madison aezt Saturday by ? p a 6839 Froaa Madison, by Hamburg and Clifton, to Qroversville, Ga., 80 aik-e an* bark, oi week Leave Madieoa Monday at 6 a a Arrive at Oroverrritle Faae day by <5 > m I*ave Groversvllle Toeeday at 6 a a Arrive at Mad?e n ease day by 6 p a ?4? Proa Wauk?aah by keaaley, Moeoiy Hall and tttUUpka :o Maibvn, |2 aiiei acd back, oteeaeok l?eve Warke?nab Thursday at 0 a a Arrive at Madieoa aame day by 6 p a Leave Ma^ia -n Friday a: 6 a a Arrive *t Waakeanan same day by 6 p a 0841 Proa Quinry ti Cbat'aboocbes,*fl ailee and back, three Mn-s a w.-ek Lsav* (juiney Mjaday, Wedaeadty ar.d Friday ?tl aa Arrive at ChatUbo *;he raine days by 12 a I^ave Cattabnoe'ee Toe day, Thursday ?nd fotardav at 7 a a Arrive at Qaincy uae days ly 12 m -n Wd? Jo commence at XaUabaMsea^ invited. 0842 Froa Bainbri i|<e, Ga, by Chattah oobe Flo, Ochesee, Want Winton &iil?y-viU?, 11 cWs Blalf, Iola and ft*t flaus leu to Apalochico la, 206 mile* and ba^k, throe t'Sfi a v?tk fti?a the Ifttlj October to l th Juue of ead year, and twie? a week the r#?kliie, in firrt rlase ?t-au#*t?, wit: the pnvili*? of u* n? tao hor -e coaches from Bain; ri lg* to Ch.ttta, hooehs when the riier is loo law far navira tion. /Vo-n 1GU October to 15tA Jukc. Leave Ba n bridge Toeeday, Ihuraiay and Sat u day at 2pm Arrive at Apala.~hU?U next Wednesday acd Friday at 4 p ra Monday at 11am L?ave A|alarNic la lu day, Tued.y and Thursday at 6 a ni Arrive at Bain'bri tge r.oxt daya by 8 a a /Voi* \U)i June to 15M O -.UArr. L 'aTp B*jn bridge Tueeday and Saturday at 4 Arrive at Apalarh s ,ia n-it day* by 4 y m. L -ave AptLclii is Monoajr at If a in and ^ednasJay at 10 p in Arrive nt Bmnbridr* n-xt Tueeday by 11 ? m and Thnrso y hy 10 p a CW3 From Ch t aUwoohee, by, Croaell, Oaaptivllton. O^o*va, Ala. And^ rou'b Mill, Fla., G^nNvJle, Almir4nt?, Milton, *nd Vior idatoxn, to Pin.?acila, 200 mil ? and back, twio? a wt>?lc Leave Obattahoo^bet* Tne?d?y acd 3<>tur j?v at 8pm Arrive *t l?rneaooi. i>,xt Friday and Tu<*dav by 4 p m Leave tcnaaoota Tu.< jfcy aQd Friday at S ? m Arrive at Oh ? ttahooci,.* next Tbur?J -y and Sunday by 6 |? m 6814 From Apala h col-?, by Ihattih oeW, to Co muibas, Ga., and back, one* a Week. bi tdire will ?tate tbe d.rt^no*, Dnm? irtermt diata office, nnd prr p >s?j n s.hednlt 0M6 From i a ianua fcy Uratge bill. Y?r on, B-ii-g'as ville, and Kin* ilLi.u: Lcliw Anna, t>J mil< s and ba< it, on->; a vm>k L ave Mar.aura Th wl?y at 6 a ic Arrive at Ueht? *L!ia n> vt d.iy l?y I p a L-Mive Uc. #1' Aqu/Tiih^Ihj ti 6 s a Arrive ar. Marianna nf-xt -Jsy by 7pm Hide for *eai-?-e??kty *rrr',c*> will be atari ler*d 6840 Frc>ui u Winton, l-y A-;>eii Giv??. to Abe tprinir, it aile.< ;n 1 )>a< k, onoe a weok Iamvu Wf ?t H'l jt<?n Monday at ft a a Arrive at Abe !i mn* iiy by 12 m L aye Abe Hprinz d-y at t p m at Wwt n :u' ?n a^.ni** d?v by P p m 0847 Fr"!n \fTimn t&dto-T'a buy, 4ft tailr* aaJ bvk. one* .. vrr-k Laave Tonioo-Friia/ a* 3 * ra Anive at 8t Ao<r? w'-. Day *jni? da; by 8pm L^ave St Aaurew's B .> Hitardny at 6 a ca Arii7e at V?rno j d*y t?v 8 p m MIS Fr>ui UiJ'on, b* Coon Hiil. N?ih?b'nli?.' A.? , a.Mi Pert<Ha?ford, To >?{u 'j*. ;o udir. and b??-it, cw a *?*?k Lfaya Mil'on IVfJncAilaj a(Ca u Arriv* nt H;ar;a nrxi dayb*. 6 p a 1 eave fcpa-tA Friday ay? a m Arr'Vo at *dil ou (Jay by 6pm 6640 Vu m y. tou, by fca?t i>lv> r ai l Alaqut, tc. Lr.^ve Anna, S^iiilfSKudlack olco u we k L-av? MJton Wron'-pday at^aa Arnv.' at Urh?- Anna w>ri Friday by 10 p m l*?rc U. b? Aura oafnr-lay kt 6 a m Artive at Aliitcn n^xt M nday by 6p rn Bids f^r icai we-k j sa.vic- will to ?.oa?4derod OttO Froa Pan??cola by Blak>ly, Al*., u Mobilo, a7 aura and bark, daily L- ave ProsaooU tlai.y at 12 m Arrive at M< tide next day by 6 a m Leave MobUn daily at 7 a a Arrive at Penaa^ la n-xt days by 2| a m 6S51 From l'?n^ae*>la tc Wnrriogto.i, w ail?w and bark dai y Wove I'ansaco'.a dally at S] a m Arrive -V Warringtoa kuo- day by 6| a m Laave Warrlcg'on daily at 7 a m * Arrive at Pe^aoola sani^ day by 10 a m 6852 From N?w Or eaas I^a, by EVntaoida Fla, Ai p^lla hii?la,8t Mark?, C>iar K-y?, Tarn pi and Manatle, to K-y WoU, 1 ?tO milts and biK-k, twice a moo'b. In st-aaboats L*ve New Orleans on the 10th and 24th of tach month Arrive at K v West on the sJHh an ) 4?h L-?.ve Key W st on the 10th aid 24 h cf each month Arrire at New Orb an* on the 20th and 4th For list *f past ?nasi, rtin Fl?ridtj. atU,oritcd to certi fy lu the ru fir Una/ of $uarantort, S's " Instruc tions" annsx d INSTRUCTION'S Fbrm, of aprrtpaud vkvre no cfrom adwrtut aenf iscontc nplattd by the bidder. *? ? of , oountr of , State d? ? . propo^ to convey ,h^ mnilw from Ju!y 1. 1855, to June30, 18i?9f Gamut* No . lr m to ? i*greeaUy to tbe adrrr iSement of tne Poetmasv-r uen?rel, da'eu Jnnuary li, 18?, and by the following a de of conv yai.reJ vis: the annual sum of dollars. This prop s.l is male with full knowledge of the distance oi ih? rou e, the weight of the mail to be carried, and alt c.ther particulars in reference to the routs and service, and abo afier foil ?.xaminatir n of tne iostrucUous and requirements attached to the advertisrm'nt. ^?ot*! - i 1 Signed.J Fl-rm of a Gucr mty. The underl ined, residing at???,8tatoof u> dertal^e that, if 1h loregoing bid forcarryicR the maiU on route No. be a c*p ei by the Pottm s T*ri tncf? ' bld,lrr sbail, prior t> the 1st day ot Jtuy, lWa, or ai so -n tlert-a^er as mav benter into the requir'd obligation to perform "ice service propoMif with gcod Anil ^urctien * Thia wa do witli a ful knowUd^e of the ob'iga "0D? *"J aaaunifsl by ^ua &ntors und-r JooJi7th"Mti#n of the ?ct Cofc-re.,* of July 2 183(5 ?*t?d (Signed by two g us ran vo.-?.J ' Form of Certificate. The undersigned, po?tmasifr cf 1 State of 1 certifies und?r hie ruth o' office, th?* be is ?cquaiuted with the ab ve gaarautors, tud ku .wh fr^m to be men cf prcperty, afc'e mak their guaranty [signed ] ~???meh>7Z un pr, povals ma/ v? certified by a judg^ o a curt o roc rd, and by pogt *J e lo,l?w ng p> t offi^j, A!Jd no cAers. at th! VIaGlMA- P'^tmaethr* of offlcee at tne court bouse or county aeat or paeh ronntv 2ov n""- ^",y Herryville, b. tit VZ' n * 4- * ?r-*?*P'rt, Bn.^n-luig. Buckaan Do?? ChT'Stieneburg, Oiarlwvtll-, Co'umbia, I an Ti le, vnle, Emury, Fail mount,P.lnouth,rara Tille, Kmlen-ksburg, Pront itoyal, Goriou-vilW i?'.g^ille, Gu>ando ta, liarper's P rry, Ilarr'a a Mi/ni h0W* i"*1 vk'K*nawh* 8?-?ine Lexing^u New Marke^ N?*towr, Stejibensburg. N'o-th Moun tuin, Oak Crove, O'd Pcint Conifart, Pattoueourg Pe^uburg, S bm SoctUvile, hh. ?heida:; w!) Uuiou, University ot Vngi, u, Upp.rvi 1^, Warsaw V\aterford, Wayaaaboro', tf.n, WLiU Sulphur Springs 1 Al?>. Baltimore,CualierLnd. Frederick, and Lla getftown. Md^ Uakwitowu aui ?n, l"a Biountiville, Teen.; Wa?hin-toii . ud Geort-eU?wn! I). V? In the State of KOli Til t Al?01, I* A, po^ maeb'ti or oflioee at tha court h u-? . . c uat ^est c>f ?vb county; ard at Chapel Mill, DaviJsooO 11 ge, R0. field Fayenerdb*, Ftau!i!inf<"?. u .eton. Ot'ldeboro1 Qreensb r Wtndfreon. Kef.?.r.K ill.., Milton, Mur. freaaboro, (Jxtord, Saleir, iic (land N*ck, Wil iaa? ton. Yaooeyvil e. In the &%u> ot 60UTU CAROLINA, po^aasten ofofRcesat .be cur'-hoa^o or .e?t c? ju*tic? diatri't. and at Aiktn, B-nnetOvi le, BiabonviJe Blwckrvill*, Cheraw, Cck-sbu.y, ConwyiSS, Ta W?wt Corner Or?h*a?Td.*.Grauit?v<ne, lUnibur* M*. * Blutf, PeLul .tor, 5tn iety il?lt Ma -^burir Muaitei v, le. Waiu-rb ro' Winsloio'. Yo kville- ?tw Kar.xvi 1?. Ten 4 Clayton, Ga. In h< xtate of G1CJU.GI A p-*!masters cf <fflce at tha <-ouit boa* or county-neat ot luch.cum* ?' i4*r?iU., AUaol*, a?Su, ??, Till*. OaIb?mn. Oar*er?r11U. Odartftwa, CwUoder Oolamhaa, TVfcl. u?rv Dal to*. ?t ^wah. Ptoceaea FiMklia. Fori Gate-. v ri ValWy, Hawk hmrtlie, Ppt >nea, JnwSw'. KnitDK Montuo.*, MariU'a. Oxford. P?nfl*id. Palm Mo, Poudtowa. Riwhoro', ?hnty*!A. Reewail l^t Mary's. SoeM Orel# Mon. M un^i HommervtUa, Mar'kTiU*. Tm^ MI1L TUU Hi a. Wavariy, WaymerrlTV.Weat Prtnt, Wrightaboeo'; ?]?r Ch*l tanoat a and Beaton. Tub ; Oatre, OomV WIn the JState of FLORIDA. poetonaXem <4 at Ut? aoart-koae* or auuaty?t * '?'k ? aad at ApualaaMaoia, Mtoaaopy, BaUytlla, belltewn, JMptr, Jaaaing*, Maadartn, Moa?ly Hall, Newport, New ?myrna, Piaa?n a, Tampa. Beta* Anna, eala, Pflaika. Quit Oaala, Pllatka, Qulaey. Warrtagtoa. to be inoetyor*rt in O* emmirmeu to <JW tA? Department may deem proper. 1- fleren minute* w* allowed tu each iattmx^li ate o?ee, when not otherwise specified, for sorting the mail*; but on railroad and r teem boat rout** there U to be do avre Mar than to raffirtimt Ibr an uebwff ?f the mall A On routat where the mode of oonveeaa* ar it, the special agent* of the Department, also CUS^SSarM ***** lock* and keys, are to oonveyed without extra char^t <wJu jS|lrtiJt!1,,.Pt~,nbort ''***? ?rtttah and otrred are to be enneered wWh 0 it additional par; aleo. the roate afent* of the I?e paitmeat, for whoee exrloatve ue while travel ?? 2? ? ???55 ? <**5? of ? **' Properly lighted, warmed, aad furnished, ard adapted to the convenient aeeurUneut and due security of the mailt, U to he provided bv the contractor, under the direction af the D< nart ment. ^ *i ?? 2? "lmmi" ftn ,rt?* I ifcwl; and for each Of such omuwioM not eatietorc rdv ex plained three time* the pay of the trip may ?-> deductod. For arrival* so far behind >?-?- m* to break connexion with depemiing mail*,and not sufficient I v excunej. one fourth of theeompenaatlon Ibr the trip I* mityeet to forfoitnre Deduction mar aleo be or d-red for a rradc of performaaoe ii.fonor to that spociftedin the contract. For repeated del inqueMe* of the kind herein specified. enlarged fecial lie*, pro portioned to the nature thereof and the imnortan.* of the mail, may be made. ft. For tearing behind or throwing olf the mail* or any portion of them for the admission of tassenger*. or for being c.neeraed in eKthxr ut. or running an express conveying commensal intelligence -?*er1 ^ Ue mail, a quarter'* pay may be deducted d. Fmaa will he uupownl, unleaa the delinquanar U promptly ani aat^l^giorUy explained by certifl. ?*te? ot pf>xtina*tera, or the att Jaeiteof other ered lUhlp peraanx, for fcilingio arrire In contraet time for neglecting to take the mail fr..ra, or dettrer It into, a poet office; nulTvrinz it (owinr either to th* uueuiiablen?*n? of the place or maanrr of rarrrinr it I to he injured, dei?t* yed. robbed, or loat; and for r^iusin^afterdemand, to<vnv?y the mail a* lb* ?ju.-ntly m iht contractor run*, or ie roncernod io runninjf. a coach, car, or .-t*an:r>oat on a route. 7. nie Poatm.-w'er General may annul the contract for rvpeat-d failure* to run agr^e*Wy tr oontiaet; for disobeymtr too po?t flice law*. <? the inetrue! 'v as o| th. Department: far refu*ing u> diarhanr> a < arrur when required by (he D^jarUnent to doa^ for asngaing the oontract a ithout the ?M nt of the Pv>^tma*ter Oeneral; for ruunii.gan ?xpr ssa* aforw sail; or for transporting jter*--nt: or pack.aire* con teying nnuiable mattr r out of the mail. ?. The i'??una?iter Oeueral may order an increase ?.J serrioo on h route by allowing therefor a pro ram lU'-rea^e on the contra-t pay U. may rhanre thv schedule ol .irriral* aud depart urea, without in rea^e of pay, proTided he doee not cuttHil the aiuount of running time. lie m?y al*o rider an in -reai?* of speed, lie allowing, within the rentrk tfoM of the law, a pro rata in-reaee of p?T for th^ ad Utional sux k or carrier*, if ?uy. rhe ti?.iracOr,r ia-y, however, in the caae of inrraaae of i r nod r? lin^uirh Lh? 'outra- t by giving prompt notice to tiie Deoar'ment tUut he prefer* loin* nc tc carry in* the or<.?;r i4ito efi?ict The i'wtmaeter General may al?o aurtail or li*cunMntie the *.-rT?ce. at pre raU de crr-u* of allowing one m tth> extra eom j-ei ii*tii,n on :he am< unt Ji*;^rHe<i with, whenever in hi-* opinion the pu? hrifct-mu* do not require the #?n?e. or io case he Jeeiree tc eupenwde it by a diS?c ?flit ijiwc of tr^tiM-jriMUcu. ?n(r *iil mnwc for Lfii ^itkv by njluo ??* po^mattere, or otherwise, ?. r the expiration of each quarter??ay in Febru !tr?-. Mny, Augu-t,and N- T?mS-r. 10. Th< dadano^ -re gir.^ a.?>ulingk the teat in:?;.*C5*tion. bat no m reaaod uar will N? aUowe<i ??? -Uld tlhiy tj? jreaU-r than ad\ ?t?ed. if the poiuts n '>? wp'/Jed be crmwtly ?taUri. Fi<Vi -r? muat ia frj-a? BihuihItct on thi/ joint. 11 llie l^jstinacter Oeneral Ie prohibited by law frou kuow:u^ly making a contrar? forthc :saimt^>r t?r on of the <nail? wmth any j-oraoa who hire entejed L;to, or proposed to enloc uHo.aav <**Bb?f? tiou tt) p<v\eot the maki?g of aay bad for an*. ojdtract by any other -^ersoc or i?iw?r, or wh?. *a ill hare made any agweoient, ?hail have or formed, or premised to gim or any oon uder*?i in u hat. \.*r, or to do or nOt hi do ai.r thtug whtt?T?r. in order to indoor ur >?/?r p?rw>n or net to bsd for a mail ooutrart. ParH<mlar *tt--Btioo I- called to Uie Ufeih v*ajo? of the act at ivo, prohibiting oomhiua&on* to prerant biddinc. a'1 i A?H ne^x' -i*"er time, vU: J p m of the la ji Airl, 18^6, or wMliou; the gu.ranty t^wintd hv ? aw. oi llikt eon'Moce K^Ttrsl route* in one sum ot compeawt.on, oanno; be <*jitfidered in <*>mpeUtioa with a i? pr^aaal r.?aonah!e ii amount. ? ?i. bildera rhould, in all ca-^s, fli>t pro pot* for Mfrvioe ?ic?Jt at-.riin/to the adrerti^jment, ?.?> th- .11 they dp?.re, ^epara^Jg for different mttmp* ' ii.1'!; r'*uJar bld tii'' h <?e?t t fferctl for the a-Kcrtised, the other bid. may t? oumddera* if the nlt?Tationf! propo^d ar? r. cmunendud by the p-.-uua?terH an i c.tix^mi I - ten>*te,l, or if thev ghall appear manifestly riirht and proper. 14 There should be but ?me rout- bid for ia a pmpoteL 11. The rouUs the serritv-. the yearly pay, the na. ie and residence of the 1 idder, and thoee of ench nieinber of a firm, whtTe a rvmpany offer*. Rhould be dietinctly -tated, aln> the m *le of ooneeyanoe. if a higher mode than horeeback be intended Tin* won^ J* ?i?e celerity, eartainty.and *e^urity." in trrted to indicate the mode or ooneerant*. will oon-titute a " itur bid." 16 Bi ld r? arc nque*tel to v*-, a.- l~r a* pracU ea?ne. the prnm4 f rci of propyl tulai^hed he the d?,>ntm?ntf *o w-.iteout in fu.l the ?um cf their bid*, and to retain o j ie* of *h?m .No altered bWi ran be coneidered, and no bid* on.^a huhuiittod can be withdrawn llach bd mu*t be guaranUed by two rerponrihU .2 'V. antee* cannct be admiu?.l. Too hid should be sealed: BunemTibMl u m?ji nn l' A^rf'V '?'* *0 the Sv on 1 A..'rttitant Pootmaeter General,"Con ra t nthe^ u?t U7. or to, an af-nt. and port-' T111 B *ncloee p-oprea^ (or lettoi r of ar v kind) ia their quarterly returna. M. The eontracU are to be executed and returns to the D?'partmont by or beibrethe lat of Ju ? \hUt l?ui the service tuu't b- o inmencedon the mail dar n. xt aP-r tba-date, wh-tL. r the c ntract. be mT ch >?! or not No p:op -aitioa lor tian>fer> w 11 eon i iced uetil the e^ntraci* .re ? xecut^d In due fwin and recMVtxl at the department; and hen nc trailer* a ill he allowed un;eaw good and lufllcient "? *""? * ta >? a,. *1* i?h ?f iprli sr^oit ?js fr>m ^ and hr-w they are otherwise eupplied with the mail, to enable the Poetmaater General to direct a mail ? - ? upply from the lat of July next. ?wens? I 'id. Secti<>u 18 of an act of fionm-. Match 3, 1815 provide* that contract* for the tr*n? p-T.aUonof the mail *ha'l t?e let, " in every ca^e to for\ r.7^ ^ tendering sufficient guarantiee for tuthful lerformance, without other reference to the mode ot euch transportation than mav be tterem ?ary to provide for the due celerity, certainty, and security of euch transportation.-' Under th* law a ti? description ot bid* ha* bein rec? iv?d. it doe* hlf>C 'jr * mod? ?f conveyance, but engaged to take the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, u*ing the term* of the law. Theee nida art* styled, from the manner in which they are i. Mv'u?teU on the hocki .?f the Department, -?/?r butt, and they will b<- con -trued a* providing for the ?w"'". mail, h.wcvcr Uirg., and whoever auiy be u" m "Ie UJ C"*e? yan<* utceuary to insure V4 " orientv c. rtamtv, ard security " In all case, where the lowe't grade rf seryice ? be i. red to b? *u(h<-i#ut. the lowe?t bid will be nc-ep ?ad. if duly guarantied, in preference to a " ?tar" or *pe<-ino bid. When the lowest hid i* not a ?tar Ind, andepec.fiea either no mode or uutnod^/ua/e m deot cf.nvevano. propntmg the uw\w?ij (service. when the bid dow not specify a mode of con ve.vaiice, aho ~a hen it nrupoee- to carry "a. coriin* it Sii^.VVr^^tf without such sp.;-ifWtion vice "^nwd'-red as a propoeal tor h?i>?-iiark *er^ 21. A moihhaation of a hid. in any of lr? tei me, y taulamouut to a new bH. and cannot he re><?ived, no a* to inteifore with re^ulc oomDetiti<w> afi?-r the Uit houi set for receiving bid*, .i."**' ?" to Imj careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or su'eties without knowing that they arr |vrson? ofsuffi j?Dt rihUity; and ?1 bidder.*, ruarantor*. aad suretiel ai. di*t.nctly noUfiai that on a failure to enter iIX>^r pa^torai umi oi'Utra< ts f ir the eervi.-e or*.i~?mI a,r ,' the a?e,,t?il l ?i.. their h-al liabilitiJw will U an for*--<*l >t^ain.<t them. '. The contracts ?ni \+ buWunf:ully in the f?, heretofrre used in this Department llT re*pecti? particularly oiemion^l tious; and on ail railroad and contractor* will be required to deJiver^l the jK>*t oflicea at the uZuJ '?'? ftoai the rail; <ad or 1^,^??^ ^^7 ^ guarantor* and oertifl<*te? ,j tl! ! ' ?tantiallv in the U"'lr *ufhe?ency sub tor, at oue of the olaeai heft i a rourt of %?ord. named, or a jadge of th!;.^" at ^ eBds ot r?ut?a on which they ^"?^hTiT^.r0^ ?f v*,nT*yanoe Jn?l L ^ the m4il *** triP saoreeaivew-m^ 1 i *T r"ut**- ?^ad three w?aka on other ran tea J and report the result by 10?h April, l&fti

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