Newspaper of Evening Star, April 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 7, 1855 Page 4
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[COKlOrtWft rROW SCffLtatKT ] t>?i3 Frnu Ooris^tjo, UJ'lie Rilfe, Oalt Uiil, MoUoaaugb. and Double Cxbiflf", toGrifflu, 3? ui'h*' and b ?eX ones * week. \*a?e Oov;n#tton Monday at 5 a m Arrive at GrWHa same day by 8pm Leave Griflln Tueft'ay at 6 mfa Arrive at Covington cameaayt by 8 p m 6414 From Lython'.a by FUt Rock, to White House 14 mil** aad b??k one* a week L>*ive Ljthooia Friday at 7 a m Arriva at TCfciti llou?? same day by 12 m Leave White Boum Friday atlpm Arrive at LythonLa Manie day i>y bpm 641 i From l.vth<>nla to Rockbridge, 0 mll-M and bae^ once a w~eK. Lear* Lythonia Thursday at 7 a m Arriv at Rockbridge same days by 0 a m. Intf Rockbridge Thursday at 10 a m Arrive at Lythoai* ?me dwys by l'i ni 0419 From Stone Moontun, by Y*?Ilow River and f woet Vat^r to Lawrenccville, 20 milea and back, ait time* a weex Leave Stone Mountain, daily, except Sunday, at" a la Arriv* at Lawrenrevilla 6ame days by 11 ? m Leave LawrenMviilj daily,except Sanday,at 12 m. . Arrive at Stone Monntain same days by 4 p m 6417 Jfr>m Stone Mountain, by riackneyville, to Warsaw, 18 mi/-* and back, once a week Lee^eetoue Mountain Saturday at 1 p m Arr-vtMU Warraw same day by 7 p m. Lnre Warsaw Saturdayat6am Arrive atSUma Mountain same day by 12 m ?418 tfrom Decatur, by Panther fvilta, Tucker's Ca? in, and Sbwibridge, fo McDonough, JtT miles and task, once a voek. Leave Dwcatur Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Mclroncuga mme day by G p m ? Lsstk >cD0::03?h Saturday at 9 a ui Arrhofrt Deeatur tame day by 6 pm 14 .9 From >IoDoeous?h, by Spring, to tacdy Ridge, 10 mile* and L-acR, once a week. Leave McDonough Saturday at & a ra Arrive a: Sandy Rid&e 6am- day by 11 a a Leave baody UiJge Sat oriay at 12 m. Arrive a: MoDonough mme day by 3 p m. blti Irem MoDoncneh to J occsbcrc ', 14 miles ana back, ?ix timer a week Liave McDcnough daily, except Sunday, at 8 am Arrive at Jtx^sboro saiaa day? by 12 m Leave Joae.bcro daily, except Sunday,at 1pm Arriveat McD^ough same d?y by 5 p m 642i Frcm Washington, by Danburg, letersburg, Calhoun's -Mills, S. C., and lebancn, to Ab brrlHeC U, 43 miles and bark, twice a week Leave Washington Tuesday, an# Saturday at 9iam Arnve at Abbeville C II earn* days by 9 p m Leave Abbeville C II Monday and Frilay at 8 am At rive at Washington rame days by 6 p m proposals fcr daily Bervice are invited, with a view to convey the great Nor*hern and South ern ma^s, at a sp ed of not i~ss than 5 niles i.n hour. (<ilFrcm Waahirgton, by MailorysvWe,Fishiam, ana Indian liill, to fclb-rton, Similes and back, ones a week. Leave Washington Friday at 9 ? m Arrive at Llo?rt>>n 8*me day fc7 6 pm. L?ave Elberton iratarday at 9am Arrive at Washington sum? day by C p m ek-3 From Washington to Untreville, 12 and back, ouoe a l*-avc Wa4iis^ton Friday etl pm Arrivt at O*otrevilk? came day by 5 p m L?*veCiintreville Friday at Baa arrive at V^bicgtoa PKa-: day by 12 in 6i24 Jfrvm ltay-Ti'.ls, fcy Imx'itrv.lie, ta Lincoia ? ton. 1* inlle^ ar.d back, t*i*e a week Lt-av? Eay vii? 'iu^day and Tiiuralay, at 11 a m Arrive at Lfseclnton same ?fey?ty 3 pa Lea>? LUaclntcn Tu^-day and Tiiur.dayet ? a m Arri'.e atRaysviil^saiiie da; a by 10 a m tiZ* From Lexington, by Pi lot Feter,Broad Rive:, Flberton, Barmony, Cvid Wa^tr, Montevideo, Ilv- rgre?, 5. C , Rock Siilla. and Mountain creek, to Anderson C H,lU wles and back, twie ^ Leave LeKic^VnTu^day and Friday at (am Arrive at laberton ram- days by d p m LeavaLlberton Wedue*day and Saturday at C a m at Anderwn C II same days by 8 p m, Leave Ander cnC II lue day and Friday at & ? m Arrive at Elberton afltio days by 0pm Lyv. Elbertoo. Wr?lnei*i<y and raln^Jay tit 5 an Atii'e at Le^ingt^n paa.*, uay by W{jm C4ib Fr< m Lexington, to I.?XiBgton Depot, i mil-s acd ba k, twilvu times a week Leave L-x ngton duly, except fcueCay, a 7 J i m a&d I p?a Arrive at Le.Vin-tOT. Depot nai taysbySi an and 2pm Leave Lexington Lepat i d'y, at3*?t Sunday at 9 am ani 3pm Arrive at Lesirg.on sama l;/3 47 19 a m am 4pm itf? Fr^m Ath-nr. by 3H?">, Uar no ay Grove .Mays7ii^,<itiLvLi?, Popla?t;pr, igs, ilu*ha Lurg -mi-:" to Clarksviile, 6Z miiei ttd b&ck. otite a v.e- k Leave A^ens lutwi?y at 6 a m r_. Arnve JH Clarkrrl.le"next day by 6 p m Le-ve t'jrrk^ni.o thur?iay tt 3 a m arrive at Ai ie*j? next day by 6 p m U*s Frcm Aih-u#,by Jefl^.voa, LPond Fork an Sugar Iliil to CMnesviilo, 40 miles aad back three tirnei avfftk. Leave Aibeiis 'lo^Iay, Thursday a-id Satui day a.5 a m Arrive at Gainesville f&ae davg by 2p m IraveUaineev.lle Monday, Welmsday anlFr day at 9 a m Arri>e at Athens 'aaedays by 3 p a e^29 From Athens, by Dameisviiie a^d Madiso; Csriags, to CarnrfTjlif, 18 milt?-and baci thre- time? a w Kk I*?ve Athens ' utslay, Thursday and Satui tny at 6 a m at Cternedvil!f Ktme days by 7 p m l^ave C'arnesville Muaday, Wednesday am Friday at 6 a m at Athens 9hd? day by 7 p m ?430 Fr< m Ath.-n-, by P ant^r's Etand, to For L&mar, i6 m:is' and back, once a we*k Lea - e Athens 1'ues.iay at 8 a m Arriceat Fort Lamar tame day by 6 pm l^ave Fort Ltmar Wednesday at 4 a m Arrivaat Athens ^ame day by 6 p m filZl Frum Ma i? a . prints, by Frankdn Sprins! Bottv.-^villo aad li&rtw.dl, io lieniey's Stora M ni;!??e and back, cnoea weak. Leave 'l.-iiscn iturin^* Tuesday at 9 a m Arriv-: at lidiuoy <t Stcre same day fcy 8 p m Leav4 iion.'-y > fctcn Wednesday at 4 a in Arrive Mi 51idi-;;n faujedaybyu pc 04:2 From May?rill% by Grcr* Urfl, Bnshville Midd> iiiver r.r.i UjI iij??orth, to Allen dale, 4. mile> and bi;:k( on<v ^ '.vesk. Leave l?l?y?7ilia Thursday at 3 p ia Arrive at Al'endaU r^ix uar by 1 p m Leave APordal* Friday stljpa Ainve at Mrybvi'da n at day bv 2pm 6433 Frwxa Gaineeville, by W*r llill, Qillsviil? Budsvn and V."kJi.ut Iliil, to Carnesviile, 3; n-il^a-d Lurk, owe a wa*k Lrave CaiueJvide Friday at 0 am Airi7e at Carneaville saine day by 6 p m Le*vd Carae.-vilic Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at U&iQasviliesaine day by 8 p m 6tl4 Fr m Gein?sviLe,br New Brldg* an1 Auraris, to i>ahi ne<ja, 26 milrs and back, three tlmei a week. Leave Gainrsville Mcnday, Wedresiay aad F'riday at 7 a u Arrive a? Lahlone?* sania days by 2 p m Leave Dabl?n^fra Taefdi.v, Thursday and Sat urday it 1 p m Arrire at Gaineoville rama days by 8pm 64 >J From Gairt fvil>,by CroesvilJe, Fmithvi ia, WarrettevHle Li*h Tower, f< ard Tree, Orange, For: B-jffington, Canton, Tester MilU.uid LtUns^ fc^l, to Ltovab, 62 miles ana ? a-k, on e a week. Leave Gainesville Taenday at 1 p m Arrivi?t titc'.^ah n?-xt day by 7 p a Lr-. ve l.towah Kttiday at 6 a n Arnva at Gain??eville next day by 12 in 6436 From Gainesville, by Luanu rtr^ef, toCl?rk? v'.ile. o'j xoi'.er iud tack, three times a we~* Le?v.! ua uoevitie Tuesday, Thuig.iay and Sat urday at 3 p m Amvr at CtarkFvil'e tam^ days by 11 p m ^rav?Ctarksvill?Tce>day> Tharjday and Sat urday at 6 a m Arrire ?.t Gainesville wm day Vy 2 p m C437 Frcm Gair ^ville, 1.7 Ar^o, to Tolktviiie, 18 milcii aLd bjca, osu a w ok. Leave G?iut fvilic Fiiiay at 1 p m Arrive at Polksrille same t'?y b> 7 p m LekV?< P.iiu?viiU ki\Xc.j at 6 am Arrive at GuJ^vilie c?meday by 12 m 6433 FromCxrae&vilW*, By Paid Spring and Fraetus to <cc, Zu mi'esand be-k, once a week Leave CllMtvdk Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at JviTerrcn same day by 6 p m Leavs Je&ers n Fiiday at 8 a m Arrive et Lirceeviik- same d?y by C p m Fr sa >i< a-ley'*-tore tb Wilton's Fcri and l?ck,one;a week Ulddura wdl oia.ii the d'auince and prrpoae a eehed u'e. iA't0 Fr.m iKidin^ Oop^r'sCap.OadJlstown,, KVil.jJcott, Vi rgaaton. Ilot Uouie, Hiwa*ce,0^p*r Min.-, Teun, liru-h Creek, Ilixdot's St?.ro end Parksviiie, to teuton S3 tai't*? and La k, once a week l>?av* l'ahloa> g* Tn-s-lay at 6 3 m Arrive at Bet. too next ibnrp?j?y by 12 m Jjeave I eatoa 1 hnrs isy at 1 ;< u Arriv - a. WiJi'o^ega next e^tnrday ly 6 p m 6441 Frcm DaLhrt-a i0 R und la:II. 13 rnilea tnd back, cneo a wt ek I^ave Tabic nega S^.t^r.'ay at I p n ArriVv* at ivennd 11x11 tame day by 5 p m Leave Koun l Hill Fatvrday at 8 t m Arrive at I>ulil:n?*ga F..m?' day by 1 - m 64Ji From L'al>kn<?sfe, byAisical'la C-.teosr.,Prlaee ^dwatd, Cart c#y, Kll j^y, laii^ Creek, and CocfaCkUv, to spring Fiao^ 62 mii^e acd beck o..oaa week I-eav*> DfcLloae^Velr t!e^ay at 6 & m Arrive at F;ripg Place at xt day by 6 p m 1-uave i?lace id^uday at 6 a iu A.rite at 1 aLicaega next day by 6 f la C143 Frcm Csctca, by Ball Qrcsc-1, nutu?!trfil<, and Jane, to Lahloiicga, 4-J aii*s tn 1 Lack, cm> i a Wtek Liave Cautou Satuidsy at 6 am Arrive at Dahlon^ga ramc day by 6 p m Lft??ve Dab'onega Friday at 6 a m & rrive at Canton same day by 6 p m 0441 Fn?m Jefferson, by Jotn tiar dclph's and Cains, to Camming and back, once.a week Bid Jen* will Ftate the distance and propose a schedule 6445 From Spring Pl?c?, by Cedar lUkge, to Dalton, 12 miNw and back, three times a week Laave Spr'ng Place Monday, Wodneslay, and and Friday at 8 am Arrive at batten ram? days by 19 m Leave Dalton Monday, Wednesday and Friday atlpm Arrive at Spring Place ume days by 4 p m 6416 From Biaircvillo fcy Choestce, Loudsville, and Pleasant he treat, to Bab I onega, 34 miles and bsck, onoe a week Leave Blairsvi'le Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Pahlonega same day by 6 p m Lnave Dahl'-nesr* Tuesday attain Arrive at B!air?ville F?ra? day by 6 p m , 6447 From Blairsvill^, by Young Cace, to Morgan* ton, 20 miles and bark, twice a week I?eave Blairr.ville Tuosdiy and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Morganton rams days by 12 m Leave Mcnranton Monday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Biairsvilierame days by 7 p m 644$ Frcm Claytrn to Blalrrville, 40 mi'.ee and back once a week Leave Clay'on Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Blairrvii.'e same day by 7 p m Leave Binirwil e Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Clayton same day by 7 p m 6449 From Mtrgantcwnto Murphty, N.O. and bask onoe a week Bidders will state dlata^oe end prcpore a sebvd ule 6450 Frcm Ball Ground toElIejay and back, cnce a week Bidler.- will state the distance and propose a saheddle 6451 Froaa Morganton, by BlueRidge, White Path Ellqjay, Talking Ilock, Fairmount and Pine Lig, to C.XioViilo, 59 railed aad back, twicc a week Leaya Morganton Taeeday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Ca?#ville npxt days by 6 p m Lave Casfville Monday and Thursday at C a in Arrive at Morganton next days by 12 m 6152 From Ytung Cane, by Skeiaah, Stock IIill, Tekenetly, and Cartlcay, to Talking lioek, 42 mil** and back, enco a week l^ave Young Cane Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Talking Rock same day by 8p m L^ave Talking Rock Tuesday at 5 a m Arriva at Yoong Cane same<.dav by 6 p m 6433 From Jasp*-r to Capsvllle and back, once a week Bidders will stats tbe distance and propose a sthrdaie 6154 Frcm Mwrencevllle, by Coin's aad HrgMftUn tain, to Gainesville, fcl rnliea and back, three times a week Leave Lawrenceville, Wednesday and Friday at 19 m Anive at Gainesville Faun days by 8 p m Leave Gainetrif e Tueacay, Ihursuuy and Sat uriay at S a ia Arrivs at L?wran?cril!e sara? days by 11 am C453 From Lawrenceville, by Chlnquepin Grove, Auburn, Mulberry, &nd Marcu?. to Jefferson, UO miles anj back, <~nce a week Leave Liwrenceville Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Jefferson Fame day L7 6 p 13 Ltavs>c Saturday at 8 a in Arrive at L*wreac..v.ila caxe day by e p a 6456 Frrm Lawiencevllr, by ?nTaanee, Sheltoii ville. naves Creek, C tun mi eg, and Lewiston, to High Tower, 38 ingles and ba:k, twice a we?k tc Sheltonvillc, anl onoe a week the res Wue Leave Lawrnrevi'le Tcc-daya~d Fridsy at 6a m Arrive at S'le'tonv.lle same dnya by 11 a a Leave Sh;ltonvilie Tuesday ai.d Saturday at 1? p m Arrive at Liwrcnreville fame days by 6 p m L^ave frheltonvilie Friday at 12 m Arrive at High Tower ,axuc day by 7 p m Leave High 'i over faiuriay at 5 a m Anive at Sheltonville ?ame day by 12 m 6457 From Mrunt Yonah, by Leo. Skit.'a Mountain, ard Polkville, to Pep ar f piiag, 26 iMUes and bark, onoe a week. Leave M>ust Tcnah Saturday at 5 a m Arrive at Poplar Spr'ng ?me day by 1 p m Leave Fopl = r Spring 8*turday&t2 p m Arrive at Mount Yon?h taiao day by 3 p m 6458 Frcm Atlanta, by U tr>y, tandtown, Campbell ten. Dark Corner, Vs'la Rica, and Hickory Level, to Carrullt.-n, Co milej and back, three time* a week. LMve A'.lanta Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 m Arriv? at Carrollron n?xt daT9 by f> p m Leav.? C&ricliuu Monday, Wednesday, and Fii day at 9 a m Arrive at At.abta r.?it days by 2 p in 1 ropo?als to 1 un by Flint Hill ard Sand Hill, r init;ing Hickory L?vu!? a'e invited. C459 From Mnrietta, by RmwuII, Lebanon, Farm house, Big ere k, Cumiuicg. (Jcai Mr.unWn, Cffrfvill-s ani Au: aria, t-J Dablonega, 04 mllrs t-n i Inck, thr*w timea a week. Le-iv-s Marietta Monday, VY?in*.olay and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive st Camming Fame days by 7 p m L??v.? ?'ummiDg Tuesday, Thursday, and Bttur day at 7 a m Arr ve at Dahion?n fatae days by 3 p m Lrnvo Lahlone-a Aljcd^y, Weinesday, and Fri * ! day at 8 a si Arrive *t CJuuim n; ejmc davs by 5 p m Leave Cam a ng 'iuadsy, Ihursday, and Satur day at 0 t m Arrive at M riatia i.m ? cite by 2^ p m 6460 Mari :t i, 0/ h(?nCay tnd Woodstock, to Canton, 2 > m lvs klu Lack, three times a werk. I^ave Marietti Tueiiay, Thunday and Satur ? day at 7 & in Arrive at Can cn suae diys by 1 p m Leave Canton Monday, Weduesday, and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Mariotta sama daTS by 1 p a ei61 F:om Marietta, by Powder Spr'.r.?e, to Salt Spring?, 17 mil?a a-d btck, twiec a woek. ^ L^aye Marietta Tusaday and Friday at 7 a xa arrive at Sclt f'pringH same davs bv 12 m L*avei^lt Si-rings! ueaday and Frldav at 1 pa Arrive at Mi?rietC3 same days by 6 p in 6162 Fr m Marietta, by Lost Mountain, to D-iilas, 18 miles *nd back, enee a week. Leave Marietta Wedncsd-y at 1 p m Arrive at D,llas rame day by 7pm Leave L'alia: Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta tame day by p m ei63 From Car tors viile, by Sti'.esbor A to Van WerL K 28 m'lfs cud back, twice a week. W Leave Cartersville Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arriveat Van Wert r&de days by 6 p m Le\ve ^an Wtrt Monday aad Thursday at 9am Arrive at Cirtemiilr Sim*! days by 0 p m C104 From Cassville, hy Little Prairie, Scuora, Red bad. Free Bridge, and llolly creek, to fcpiitg Plfcce, 39 mile* ani back, ones a Weak. I>*ave Cas;vj lc Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Spring P.ace rame day by 6 p a Leave Spring I-lace Friday tt 6 a m Arrive at Casoville s line day by 6pm G46o Frern Kingston to lioine, 1* 3-6 miles and bsck. Fix times a week. Leave King ton daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m Arrive at Heme sam* days Dy a m Leave Kom?d*i'y, except Sunday at 5 a a Arrive at Kingaton s < me days by 74 a m 6466 Froia Resaca, by Sugar Valley. Vi'ltnon, La ?ayette, aud Fond Spring, to Trick's Gup, 39 miles and back, ouce a week. Leavo Besaca Friday a: 6 a rn Arrif e at Frick's Gap same day by 7 p a Leave Frick'rfGap Satur Jay at 6 a m ^Arrive at Resaca fame day by 7 p m 6467 Fiom PJugqc'd, by Wood's ftation, to Lafay ette, 24 ai es and back, trice a week. Leave iliog^old Monday pu<i Xhureday at 1 p in Arrive ?.t Lafayette ean.'j d?ys by ? p bi Ltave LtlayetteMonday ri:<1 5'huirday at5 aa Arriveat RingfoM same days by 12 m 6468 From Ctatlan oga,Te:in..b/ Rouville, 6a , to Fri?*k'? Gap, 2o iri'es aad back.orioe a week. Iifay? Chattanooga WeJn?f lay at b a ni Arriveat Ffick's Gap same any y 0 pa Leave Frirk's ?i?p Tueh lay a. 8 a a Arrive at Chattanooga same day by 6 p a C469 From thattano*.ga. Te:n.. Heal of McLo more s Cave, (Ja?, and bavk, onceu w. es. Bjdaei"1" w.U fei.ite the dutmoo, and propese a schedule r 6470 Itom LrfkyftMby Efv.k Kprir? and Snow Hid^.o l?Ocev,.k-,22 a:i^awna back, once a L?ave L".fay*t*e TueFday at 5 a a Arrive at ltoscvi le game d?v by 12 m Lw-iv9 KowvilieTae&iay at 1 p q ^rriveat Lafayette ?am* day fcy 8 p a 64,1 I cm La ayi tte by Chestnut K'ats to Gordon's . priugs, 9 a lies and bsck, once a week L ave Lafayttw Fa'nrday at 6 a m Arrive kt Gordon's Pprioge p.itae dav by 9 a a L ave Cordo?*e Spriurs >a?ur 'ay at l i a m Arrive at Lal'ayctte easie day by 1 p ra 6472 Frcm Rome bv Armuc'nee, l lrtt: ws, M-un1 lii.-kcry, Sumaerviild and Tri n kactory to L.fayette 4 ! nilfj ?*rd back, twi? a *etk L ave Rome Mond?y and 'lbursd;yat6 a m Arrive at Laf^y^tte -am> dsys by 7 p a leave Lafayette Weduesday anl l*riday at 5 a m Arriveat Uoni? Earn.-days by 7 p m 6473 Ficm ttcun by Vann's V*l}<?y and Uke Crwk to Cidartown, 20 miiu and bac k, three times a we?k Leave Mondty, Wedntfday aad Friday at 3 pa Arrive at C '!?rtow-i rem- dnvs by 10 p a L av? Cvdartowa Monday, Vi'eine .day aui Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Pxme '?n<' dr.yi by 12 fit 6174 Fvoja Rcme by Thotaa^'e M lh, Celar Cr^k, tc^ ia, A1 v , H-.d IIow.-L's Cross Koidi to Cefc tij, io iii?j j,nd back, once a week Leave U .iui iid?y at 6 a m Arriv? at Cfctr<; same dty by 7 p in L??aye Centre Butorday at 6 - m Arrive at Itoni"! ac me dsy by 7 p a o4<*/ Frcm C?la:town toPuinj kinkili, 8 a?t'e3 and but, oioe a wrek * lewvd Cedartown Fridty at 2 p m Arrive at 1 um^kiop-1. sam ^ day by 6 n m Leave Pam^kmpill Fr d^y at 1) a a Arrive at C-daiUwn taaeday ty 1 j a 647c Fr&m Fakusllo by Ccaaty LI:.4 &ni Cedar Etaa.h to River loan, 20 iuL'ei a ad back, once a week Leave Falmetto Friday at G * m Arrive at Hirer Town n?Q<? day by 12 m Lmt? River Town Friday at 1 p na Arrive at Palmetto sains day by 7 p m 6477 Fr-m Newnan by 8oluda to Kidron, 12 mOM ami back, twi" a week L?sxj Newnan Wednesday and Fatttrday at 11 a m. Arrive at Kidron same days by 2 p m Leave Kidron Wednesday and Saturday at T am Antveat Newnan Kama days by 10 am 6478 From Newnan by Lodi, Rutherford, Bowen vill? and Tall Pine to Carroll ton, 27 miles and back, ones a week L*ave Newnan Saturday at 8 a ra Arrive at Carrolltnn name day by 6 p a Lsava Oarrollton Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Newnan same day by 6 p ml 6479 From Newton by Willow Qrove and Oorlnth to Ashbury, 20 miles aid back, twice a waek Leave Newnan Tuesdsy and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Anbury same days by 12 m Leave Asbary Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Newnan same days by 7 p m 6180 From Newnan by Rio and Knon Qrove to Franklin, 21 miles and back, onca a week Leave Newnan Wednesday at 6 am* Arrive at Franklin name day by 12 m Le-tve Franklin Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Newnan same day by 7 pfcn 6181 From Newana by Par's, Location and Har al*:n to Eris, 20 miles and back, once a week L'ave Newnan Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Kriu same day by 6 p m Leave l-rin Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Newnan s uae day by 5 p m 6452 From La Grange by O'Neal's Mills, Cochran'* Cross Roads, Hamilton and Ca*tula to Colum bes, 45 mil-3 and ba k, dailf I^av* La Orange da ly at a m Arrive at Columsus same dtys by 9J p m Lsave Columbus daily at 8 a m Arrive at La Oracg- mm'j days by 8pm 61SJ From La Grange hy Vatnon. * nt'och, Wehad kee, Ala., Kick Mi'l* ard Roanoke to Wedo> wee, <5 mile. snd tack, once a weak Leave La Grange Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Weedowes next day by 6 p m Leave VVeedo wee Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at L-? Grange next day by II a m 6481 FromL*Granze by Houston to Franklin, 21 miles and back, twice a week Leave LtGraoge Tuesday andSatuiday at 1pm Arnve at Franklin seme days by 7 p m Leave Franklin Tu?8lay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at La Orange same days by 1'i m 6585 From Villa llica to Vatt^VVfrt, 21 mile# and back, once a week Leave Villa Rica Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wert name day by 12 m Leave Van Wert Siturd.ty at 1 p m Arrive at Villa Rica fame d%y by 7 p m 6186 From Vill% Rica, by Fur?pkin Vine and Dal las, to Huntsviild, 20 E.U43 and back, oace a week. Leavo Villa Rica Monday at 6 a m at Hontsviil j fame day by 12 m Leav* Huntsville Monday at I pm Arrive at Villa t$ica Fame day by 7 p m 6487 From Villa Bica, by Burnt gtaad, Cepp;r Hill, Tallapoosa, Oak Lsvel, Ala., and Rabbit Town, to Jacksonville, 60 miles and back, ooce a wetL:. L?ave Villi ltica Wednesday r.t 8 a m Arrive *t Jack^onv lie next day by b p m Leave Jack-on7illo Friday at 8 a iu Arri?e af Villa Rica next day by 6 p in 6428 From Villa Rica, by Lorg'Lesf and Etna, to Cedartown, i'i miles and back, ones a week. Lesve Villa F.ici Monday ct 7 a m Arrive at Ce-lariown same day by C p m Leave Cedartown Tu>?-d.iy aC7tm Arrive at ViRi Rica isai' day by 6 p m 43'J From V.lla iUca io Flint Hill, 6 miles and lack, once a week Leave Villa Rica WcdnasJay at 10 a m Arr ve at Flint Hill sami day by 12 m Leave Flitit Iiill Wednesday a*. 7 a m Arrive at Vill i Liea sirne day by 0 a m 6490 Froia Ofroit-n, by Laurel Hill and Union Miil", to Frankl.n, 37 miles and back, once a week L^avnCnrrollton Wednesday at 0 a m Ariive at Franklin same d?y by 6 p iu Leave Franklin Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Carrolltcn uatm* day by 6 p m 6121 From GreenviU*, by Farmer's, White Sulphur Springs, King^a Gap, nnd Goodm-n'n Cross R'adt. to Cochf&n's Croe? Roads, 24 miles and baokt twice a we-k Ic-'av.' Greenville Wednss lay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrivi at C-jchran's Crocs Roads same days by 12 n Leave Co-Juan's Cross RoaJi Wednesday and Saturday all pm Arrive at Greenville fame days by 8 p m 6492 From Greenville to Warm" Springs, 12 inllm and hick, twice awetk in Juaj July, and August, and ouce a wyek the residue *cf the year. From lii Jun*. to cist August. L^avs Oieeaviilo Wedaei4ay aud Saturday at 114 am Arriv- at Warm 8prin*s fame daya by 2 p m Leave Warm iipriuga Wtdnasday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Crwr. villi sam; days by 11 a a From 1*' F-ftmbf f to 3lrt Hvj. L ave Grienville Sat'jniay e.t 8 a m Anivs at Whrin Sprintr. i>aiuo d^y by 11 a m L;hva Warm springs fcturdiy at llj a m Arrive at Ore nvi'.le same day by 2 pm 6493 Frftni Greenville, by Woodbury and Magda lena, to Plca 'aut Hill, 27 mihs and back, cnee a week Leav? Gre9nvill? Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Pl^htaut HiU lameduy by 5 p m L-ave Flea^ant Ilil' Mturday at Sam Arrive at Oreenvil e man* da. by 6 p m 649^1 From Jones's Mills, by Rocky Mount, to Holly, 15 mil-s and Lack on re a ww't L?aveJones's M.1SbFatUrJaya; bta Arriva at Ilolly stme Jay by 12 m Leave Hollj Sa'ur 'ay at 1 p m Arrive ?t J;te.s'< M l s n^me day by 5 p m C495 From Fl<*efant Hill, by Believae, B'ufffp-lng*, Waverly Hall, aod li'lersville, to Colambus, 40 mdes and ba-k, t*ice a wevk Leive Plfapant Hill V^edneaday and Fatarday at 7 a m Arrive at Columbus .lamednys by 6 p m L?ave Columbus Too?day and Friday at 7 a ra Arrive at f'leasant 11:11 fame days bj' 5 p m 6196 From Knoxvllle by Hofo^fll, to Ruis.Hwlle, 12 mil's and b?ck, cnc?> a week L^ave Knox vi le t*atnriay at 8 a m Arrive at auseeMTlJlc tame day by 12 m Lave RursfllyilleRutu.-'layat 2p m A rnve at Rnosvilie ?ani3 dry by 6 p m 6-197 Frcm Knoxville to Hammock'* Giove, Cu'lo den, and WaynaHjigT'lM, to Thomaston, 2S milu." ?nd b rk, twicca werk Laave Knoxville Mi uday anl Friday at9 a m Arrive at Ifcomaston samedays by 6 p m Leave Tbom-iston Tuusday and iS.turday at 6 a ra Arrive at Knoxville fame days by 4 p m 6190 Fr*m Knosv.'lle, by Hickory Grore, Hootens villa, C*r-on-villo, I'raltsburg, and Centra, to Tslbotton, J17 mile.; and biick, once a w^ck Leave Kooxvillo Wednesday at. 6 a m Arrivs at Talbottcn tarrio dty by 7 p m Leave Talbot:on Thursday ai 6 e m Arrive at Knoxville eamo day by 7 p m CIU9 From Colombo*, by C ttage MiU, Umes'cwn, Haunaha chee, Lunpkln, Cuthburt, and Cot ton llill, to Fort Caiu^s, 79 mile? and back, throe tim^s a week Lsave Columbuu Tuesday, Thursday and Sttur day, at 4 a m Arrive at Fort Gainee rarno fays by 12 night Lrave Fort Gaines Monday, Wednesday and Fri day, at 4 n m Arrive at Columbus fame days by 12 night 6500 From Columbus, by Fiedinont, Mulberry Orc-ve, Mountain Hill, ard W hitcaville, to We^t pGint, 3S usd back-twioe a week Leave CV-iumuus Tu?sday and Frid^r, at 6 a m Arrive at VVe-t Point same d?ys by 6 p,m L'avu Wist Point Wednesday and Saturday at 6 a nt Arrive at Columbus sa?ae days by 6 p m 6501 From Fort Gaines, by Rlakeljr- Pino Ridge, frtcam Mill, and Argyle, to Cbattthoocbee, Flu, 78 miles and la k. tvica a week Leave Fort ua'uts Wedneediy and Saturday at lpm Arriv.- at Chattahoo:h/'?next d-ys by 8 p ra Leave Chattahoochee Tuesday and Friday at 6 a ta Arrive at Fort Gaine3 n.?xt day? by 12 m /br hit of ]Mttrnz~'rrs in Otorgi-i aulhoriz d, to CiT* tifj to the tvjjiciiuy cf guaruntort, tee u Jiutruc tio.u " anr,iz?<i. FLORIDA. art rrqwt'ed to /M?iv arrfu'ly tht in ad^rt^^u71" T^opoiaL tfc., attached to thit 6c?! From CL?rleeton. 8 C, by JackvnviFe, Fli.? Matuiarln, Magnolia Millj, MldJloor.r/, Piio ? fl?* lMi1'8't0 Pilatka; o00 miloa a..u b?k, twick a we>k , AT*C.^'8ltnn and Saturday at 3 pm Arrive at Jaekaonriil* n^xt days by 12 m IJ n " Wednesday and fcunday at Arrive at Pilatkq next days by 6 a m Arrtf. \M 'n1uy an l Thur?(l.">7 at 8 a m A riye at Jaokar.H,meDfxt dayg by 3 ? m am Tuesday and Friday at 4 Arrive?t Clia'!eston nc# davs bvin ? m Bxd, to extend to Welaka ar/lnvUe5 ^:02 LiV rart6r'e. Alligator, Madiann 4 ' i p'a Ooluaibus, 6cd MonUcello, to week mik'8 *"d Uek, twice a ^'-^Ul.r.oday and Wednesday at Arrivs at Tsl'.ahaaw? In 48 hcurs, by 7 p m L^ve TaUahsssae Sunday and Wadnwday at 3 Arrive at JackaonvUla ia 49 U3ttrl> by 3 a n tmmm ISO J From St Aagu'tina to Plcuiata, 18 mile* and bacl. four time* ?wwk Leave 8t Augusiiua 8und*yand Wednesday at 8 a m and 12 m Arrive at Picolaia tamo day by 1 p m and 5 p m Leave Pioolata Monday and Thursday at 6 a rnand IS m . Arrive at 8t Auyuitlne same daya by 11 a m and 6pm 5804 From Pitatka, by Orange Springs, Orange Lake, Silver Spring, Ocala, Gunp Iiard, Au gusta, Pieroeville, Ms'.ende*, and Pert Tay lor, to Tampa, 169 miles and back, twice a Wc^)c Leave Pilatka Monday and Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Tampa next Wednesday and Satur day by 4 p m Leave Tampa Monday and Thursday at 2 a a Arrive at Pilatka next Wednesday and Satur day by 10 pm Proposals to omit Silver Spring will ba con sidered. 3805 From Fi'atka, by Welaka. Volusia, and Bn terpr ie,to M'llonville 130 miles and back, onee a week, in steamboat Leave Plla ka Monday at 8 a m Arrive at M?l!onviile next day by 11 a m Leave Mellonville Tuesday at 1 pm Arrive at Pilatka next day by 3 pm Bids to commence at Welaka are Invited 3808 From Enteiprise to Netv Smyrna, 30 piles and back, once a week Leave Enterprise Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at New Smyrna same day by 6 p n Leave New Smyrna Monday at dam Arrive at Enterprise same day by 6 p m 5?07 From New Smyrna to Indian kiver, ISO miles and back, twica a month LetveNew Smyrna on the 1st and 3d Wednes dais of etch m-nth Arrive at Indian River in 6 days Leave Iidian River on the 3d and 4th Satur days of each month Arrive at New Smyrna in six days ? .? 9808 From Indian River, by?Jup:ter,to Mis a!, 189 miles and back, oace a month Leave Indian River on the 1st Friday cf each month Arrive at M'aml in 6 days L?ave M'ami on the 2d Friday of each month Arrive at Iodian River In 6 days - 3SCO From Key West to Miami, 209 miles and bnek, once a month Leave Key West on the 8th of each month Arrive at Miami by the 13th Leave Miami on the ltthof each month Arrive at Key West by the 34th 1810 From Newcansville by Fort Clark, Waca huotie, Micanopy, Flem'ngton. and Newton, to Ocala, 67 miles and back, twice a week, supplying Wacahsctie only on tbe return 1 rip on Fridav, and omitting Micanopy on that trip Leave Newnanville Wednesday and Sunday at 7 am * Arriv at O.-aia next days by 10 a m Leave Ocala Thursday anl Monday at3 p m Arrive at Newnans-ville next days'by 8pm BS11 From Newnan-vile, by Ellisvill) and Provi dence, to Alligator, 40 miles and back, twioa a week I.eae Newnaneville Thursday and Saturday at 9am Arriveat Alligator ram? days by 8 p ra Leave Alienator Tuseday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Newnannviile frame d*ys by 5 p m G312 Frem Newnaneville. by ?t 1/ uL?, to New% River, 22 miles and livk, once a week Leave Newnamvilie Thursday at I pui Arrive at NewRiverf-am? day by 8 p m Leava New River Thursday at * a m Arrive at Newnanev.lie s*mtf d*y by 12 m CS13 Fr*m Newnansville. by Tu$tenug<e, Santa F??, Clay Lindiux, Wac.-sawa, and Long Poad. to Atsena Otie, 119 miles and back, once a week Leave Vewnanpvil'e Wedn?sday at 7 am Arrive at AteeDaOcie next Saturday by 8 m leave At-eaa Otie Satur-ay at 11 a a Arrive at Newnansvilie nsxt Tuesday by 8 p m C314 Fr m Newnan ville, by Fort Harlea, to Mid- ? dleburg, 60 miles and ba-k. ccce a week. Leave Newnansviiie Wedn-tday at 12 m Arrive at xMiddleburg next day by 6 p m L?ave Middiebarg Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Newuansvii:* next day by 11 a m Bids for semi-weekly service will be con sidered GS1S From New River to Middiebarg, 30 milei and back, once a week Leave New River Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv - at Miidleburg same day by 7 p m Leive Middleburg Thuisdavut 7 am Afive at New River Fame d*v by 7 p m 0818 Fnm lark's I'-riy to Fort llariee and back, onoe a wee r Bidders will ptate the dlpbnce aud propose a echtdul) of departure* arrivals 6817 From Alligator, by Durham and Olustee, to Hew ltivrtr, 46 miles and back, oucoa week Leave Alligator Friday at Gam Arrive at New I'.ivur same day by 10 p m Leave N'e* liiver Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at AiiiRaccr same day by 10 p m 6318 From Alligator, by Suwantiee Sh"al3, to ' P ou t'* Ferry, 34 miles and back, onoe a week Leave All'.g&tor Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Blcun 'e Ferry same dr.y by Jp m Leave mount's F?iry S&tuiday at tia m Arrive at Alligator .ua^e :*y f.y ti p m 6319 From Aligator, by Wtdle Sprinrf, Jasper, Belleville Jennings. Cherry Laku, Hacr.bur^. and Clifton, to Montic.>llo, 96 miles an back a wet-k L-ave AMgaior Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Moniicslio next Welnemlay by 9 p m Leave M>nsiceilo llrur-day at 6 am* Arrive at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bids fcr semi weekly service ?iU be considered 68itt From Orange Springe, by Morrison's Mills and Fort Ciauc. to Micanc py, 28 miles and back, taico a week Leave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Mfranrpy same days by 1 p m Lsave Micas, py Tuesday a?a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at <>r*uge Hpnogs same days by 10 p m 6321 From O a la. by Long <>warn p, to Aiam5ville, :J0 miles and back, once a week Leave Ocala .-a'ur'ay at 6a m Arrive at A :ain?Vill? aaie day by 6 p m L??ave Adam-vllie Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Ocala eame Jay by 6 p m 832i From Alam-viile, by Pins Borcugb and Lake Oriffln, io Fert Butler, 60 miles and back, once a wetk Leave Adam^ville Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Fort Butler ne t- day by 7 p m Leave Fort Butler Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Adauibviilo n it cay by IV m 6822 From Aug"fta o llcmosa^a, 12 milea and back, twice a week Leave Auguetta Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Ilomosarfa fame days by 12 m Leave Qcmoiasfa Wednesday and ?a.urday at 2m Arrive at Augusta tnme daye by 6 p m 6834 From Melendex, ty Cedar Tree, to Fort Dade, 21 miles aad baen,\>Ece a weei. Ltave Mel?ndes Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Fort Dade ?ame day by 8 p m Leave Fort Dale Saturday a; 5 a m Arrive at Mt lender saiae day by 13 m 6826 From Pisrceville, by Springfield, to Eay Port, 16 miles aud back, once a w< ek. Ltave Pierreville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Port same day by 12 m Leave Bay Fort Satuiday at 1 p m Arrive at Piereevil ? same day by 7 p m 682C From liomo-assa, by Crystal River, to Long Pond, 40 miles and ba:k, once a week. Leave liomoeas a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Long Pond next day by 6 p m Leave Long Pond Ihurrdoy at 6 a m Arrive at llcmosa^a cext day by IS m Bids to extend to Clay Landing will bs oonaid ered 6327 From Tampa to Manatee, 42101103 and back, onoe a week Leave Tumj a Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Manatee next day by 12 m Leave Manatee Friday atlpm Arrive at Tampa next day by 6 p m 6328 From Tampa to Oid Tampa Bav, 30 miles and ba?k, cnce a week Leave Tampa Monday at 6a m Arrive at Oid Tampa Eay same dsy by 6 p m Leave Old Tampa B?y Tue&Jay at 6 a m Arrive at Tampa same day by t> p m 6829 Frcm Tamp*, by Kennedy's Store, to Iche pucke*a?a, 30 m'dos and back, once a week. Leave Tampa Thursday at 7 a ni Arrive at Icbehucke^Fsa Sim? day by 6 p m Leave Ichepuck&a^ca Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Tampa tamed iy by 6 p m 8830 From Ichep' ckerassa t? J. rnig-m, 62 milej afnd back, onre a week. Leave lch'puck'sassa Friday at 6* m Arrive ut Jcrni^an next day by 13 m Leave Jerrii jan Saturday at 1 p m Arrivo ?t Ich puckesissa next day by 6 p m 6S31 From Melloaville to Jernlgan, 93 miles and lack one) a week. Leave Mflionville Tuesday at 12 m Arrive at Jernigi.n s?m* day by 8 p m Lei^e Jernigan Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at M?llonvill- ainie day by 4pm 6832 From Tallaha see, by ' St Marks, 23 miles and bick, three times a week. Leave Tal!?habs;o Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a in Arrive at 6t Marks same daya by 1 p m Leave bt Marks Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur day at 7 a m Arrive at Tallalnsses sam^ davs by 1 p m 6S33 From Tallahassee, by ?iieo>ukie, to Bunker'a 11.11, 28 nr.les j,nd t^ack, twic* a week. Leare Tallahassee Monday aLd Wednesday at 6 am Arrive at Bunker's mil same daya by 6 p m am r*1' Tuesday and Thursday at 6 M,Ar,ri" Tallahasse? same days by 5 p in 6381 Fr m Tallaha^sos to Waukeenab, 18 mUas and back twioe a Keek, ' T'allihi&Tyo Mond?y and Wednesday at 6 Arrive at Waukeenah same days bv 12 m ^p8m^# Monday and Wednesday at Arrive at Tillahasee same day* by 7 p ra J t??5 From TallUiaassa, by Denhad- u. 8 bail Pol at Pawtuxet. and Sc|rVp?T, to Walksr, 00 Bin? tnd back, one* * ***. L*ar? fellahMlM Wedne day at 3 a m Arrive ?t Walker Dtit da? bjUm Leave Walkar Thursday atlpm Arrive at Ttlkkanw next day by 9 p m 0886 Fiom Tallahassee, by Mom B?a slay's, on tbe Telopee rirer, to Ridley svllle, and back* once ? week. Bidden will state tha d'stanoe aad propoee a I'Jwdak * 0837 From Stilleplca to FlnhoUoway, 30 mile* ani b?c.k, onoe a week Leare BHl'epiea M ndiy at 5 a m Arrira at Finhollowmr name day by IS m Leave Finhol oway Monday atlpm Arrive at tftillepica tune oay by 8 p m 6848 From Madison, by Charles MUU, Charles Ferry, aad New Boston, to Clay Landing, 00 miles sod back, once a week Ltars Madisop Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Way Larding neft Wednesday by 6 p m Lmve Clay Landing Thursday at 7 a m Arrive at Madison next Saturday by 6 p m 6630 Prom Madison. by Hamburg and Clifton, to Groversvllle, Ga., 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Mndieon Monday at 6 a m Arrive at 6roversville same dsy by 6 p m Leave Oroversville Toeaday at 6 a m Atfive at Madison same day by 6 p m 0M0 From Waukeeaah by k?*s'.ey, Moee'y Hafl and 8t:l]cp'oa to Malison, 32 m^u and back, oieeawetk ^ Leave Waukeenah Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Madison same day bV 0pm Leave Malis n Friday at 0 am Arrivs at Wankeaaan raae day by 6 p m 6341 From Qutocy to Chattahoochee, 21 mile* ami back, teree times a w*ek Leave Qoiney Monday, Wednesday and Friday at7 am Arrive at Chattahooohe same days by 12 m Leave Cattahoocbee Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Quincy same days by 12 m Bids to eommeoce at Tallahasse are Invited. 6843 From Balnbri lge, Oa., by Chattah^oche, Fla>. Cchesee. We?t Win toil Ridleysrllle, R ckce'f B1 off, Iola and Fort Gadslen to ApalachU'* la, 206 mile* and bark, three tie** a week the 16th October to It tb Jane of ?a-.h year, and twiov a w*ek the residue, in firrt class steamboats, vita the privilege of using two horse coaches from BainbriJRe to Chatta hooehs when the river Is too low for naviga tion. From \hlh October to 1501 June. Leave Ba'nbridge Tnecday, Thursday and Sat* uiday at 2 p in Arrive at Apalachlcola next Wednesday and Friday at 4 p m, aad Monday at 11 a m L?ave Apalachlcola tuzday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at BainbriJge rext days ly Sam From Ibtk June to 1 blh October. Leave Bainbridg? Tuesday aad Saturday at 3 p m Arrive at Apala"h*?cla next (lays br 4 p m. L ave ApaUcbiTla Monday at 10 a m, and Wedn<*e^ny at 10 p m Arriv* At Bainbridge d- xt Tuesday by 11 a ci, "and Thursday by 10 p m 6843 From Ch*ttahoo?hee, by Marianna, CrowelL, Campbell ton. Geneva, Ala.. Anderson's Mill, Fla., Gentsv.lle, A1 mi rant*. Milton, and f lor id * town, to Ptnsacola, 200 miles and back, twi<*? a week Leave Chattahoochee Tuetday and Saturday at 8pm Arrive at Pcnatecla n*xt Friday and Tueedsy by 4 p m Loav* len*aco:& Tu? *diy and Friday at S a m Arrive st Ch-ttahoochoe next Thursday and Punday by 6 p m 6814 From Apala h cola, by Chattahoochee, to Co lumbus, Q?. and back, one; a. week. Bidders Trill sta'e the dirtanc*, nnn:? interme diate oSicerf, and prrp se a ethedul* 63 i5 From Ma Itnn.i by Orange Hill. V.rron, Do'ig'assvillc. and Knox ml!,to Uchee Anna, 04 mil- s and b-ck, once a week L*av* Mar.anra Th rsd-y at 6 a m Arrive at Uchee Autu next d:iy by 6 p m Leave Uchee Anna Tuealxy itCam Arrive at Marianna next day by 7 p m Bids tor oemi-*c?kly service will be considered. 6843 From We?t Winton. by A?pen Grove, to Abe Spring. 22 miles anl back, ouce a week Leave We?t Wi ton ??Ion ay at 6 am Arrive at Ab? S ri 'g a*me day by 12 m L ave Ab?> >"prirg Moid y at > p m Arrive ?it W?3t Winton ? me day by 8 p m 6817 Fr m Varnoa to Ss Andrea's Bay, 45 miles and back, ore* a week Leave Vernon Frilay at 6 a m Arrive at St Andiew's Bay same day by 8 p m Leave 8t Andre*".- Bi* Saturday it dam AtIts at Vernon same day bv 8 p in G848 Fr-m Milton, by Coon Bill. N?tbacsville, Ala , aid *?" rt Orawfo. d, to Spirts, 70 mile; and hack, ouc% a *eek Leave Mi I ion Wednesday a? 6 a m Arrive ?.t Ppar'a n-x daybyGpia Leir? Ppsrtn Friday at 0 a in Arrive at Mil'on next .lay ?y6pm 6849 Prom Mi ton, l>y Ka*t tlver acl Alaqua, to Uc.? \nr?. 89 c. :be and Lack, oace a w?.k LMilfon Wrdne?day atO a m Arrive et Uchet Anna next Frld-y by 10 p m Leave Ccbee A&na SnMiriay ttCtm Ar ive *t Miit^n next M'-nday by Gp m Bids fcr semi we-rkiy P'-iVice will he conddsred 68t0 If mm P?naaecla by l'lakely, Ala., to Mob.Is, 57 miles anJ back, d?'ly L ave Pmi^aooH da".y at 12 m Arrive at Mr b;le next day fcy 0 a m L?avs Mobile duly at 7 a m" Arrive at Pensa^oU n?xt days by 1\ a m 63(1 From PensucoU to Warri . gtoa, 0 mllaa and back dai!y Laav^ Pensacola dally at 81 a m Arriv-1 at Warringtos same day by 6J a m Leave Warringtou daily at 7 a m Arrive at Por.?ac:>la same day Ly 10 a m 6352 From N?w Orleans La, by P*iu&c?la, Fla., App :lla.hi~ola, ?t Marks, Cedar Key^, Tam p4 and Mans tie, to Key Went, 1,000 miles and ba-k. twice a month, in steamboats Leave Vrw 0^:ea^s on the 10th and 24th of each month Arrive at Kev West on the 20th and 4th Leave Key Weat on the 10th and 24th of ?ach month Airi*e at New Orleans on the 20th aad 4th Fr list of poUmastertin Florida auttorited to certi fy to the rufficUnq/ of guarantjrt, tee M Instruc tions'1 anrux:d. INSTRUCTIONS Fbrm of a proposed xchrre no chisigt from advertise net it u contemplated by the bidder. I, . of , county of , State af , propose to convey the mails from July 1, 1855, to June 39,1659, cn route No , lr^m to , r.greeably to the advertisement of the Postmaster (ieneral, Cated January l'i, 1854, and by tha fcliowiog m xle of conv yanca, via: for the annual earn of dollars. This proposal is ma3e with full knowledge of the di?tanoe oi th? route, the weight of the mall to be carried, and all other particulars in reference to the routs and eervire, and alto afier full examination of the instructions and requirements attached to tbe advertisement. D* tod [Signed.] Jbm <tfa Guaranty. The undersigned, residing at , State of ?, undertake that, if tha foregoing bid for carrying tbe maila on route No. be a cepfeJ by the Postmas ter General, the bidder sh*d, prior to the ltd day of July, 1865, or as so^n thereafter as may b?, enter into the required obligation to perform ihe service proposed, with g'od and sntflcfeot sureties. This we do with a ful knowledge of the obliga tions and liabilities as?umed by gniarantors und^r the 27th section cf the act of OotgreSs of July 2 1834 Dated I Signed by two guarantors.] Form of Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of , State of , certifies und-r Lij?alh of office, th?t he is r.cquain'td with ths abjve guarantors, and kn iws th?m to be men of pr- peny, and able to make good their guaranty. Dated [Signed.] Tlia sufficiency of guarantors on proposals may be certifiel by a judg* o' aeourt o' rejorl, and br poit mastei>- at the follow ng po t effloes, and no oifart: In the State of YI^QihlA, postcjaltera of ofilces at tha court house or oounty seat of each -.ounty; and at Ayietts, Berk^'y Springs, Berryville, Beth *ny, Big Ll?k, Br dgeporr, Brown-.burg. Bcckhan non, ChriH*i&n.?burg, Chrksville, Columbia, tan ville, Kastville, Em >ry. Fairoiount,Falmouth, I'arm ville, rredericksbarg, Front Moyal, Uorjon>-viila G elgsville, Gujat do te, Harper's Ftrry, Ilarriscn burg, Howardaville, Kanawha Salino, Lexingwn Miildieburg, Lynchburg, Morgnntonu, Newborn New Market, Newtown, Stepb*naburg. North Moun tain, Oak Crova, Old Point Comfort^Pattoueburg. Pttersbct^, Salem. Scottsri.'e, Jihepheidsww;, Union, Univenity of Vjrgi; la, Cp. ervi le, Warsaw, Waterford, WayuMbaro', We?tcn, White Sulpbur Springs Also, Baltimore, Cumberland, Frwlerick, and Ila gerstown, Md^ Unlontowu a-d W/.shingUjn, Pa., Blcuntcrille, Tanm; A^abington and Georgetown, D.O. In the f?t%t^? of w0RTII CAl.OL NA, postmrsters tf offices at the court hous- or c.uat' seat of each county; and &tCtiap*l Hill, l)*viiconC-ll?*ge, Kn fie'd 'ay-tteviilf, Franklinton, Ga*ton, (kldsboro' Grernsb n', H*nd?rson. Ke ians1 iiie, Milton, Mur freesboro,' Oxford, Ka em, ?c tland Neck, M il'iams ton, Yanceyvil e. In the State of SOUTH CAROLINA, prt.nmuttrs ofoffioasat the c^urt-ho-i^a or tea; of justice ol each district, and at Aiken. B^nnett'vi.le, Bifhopviile, Blacksvills, Cheraw, Oc>kesbnry, Conwaybonr, tu? West Corner Grabamsvil.a, Graniteville, Hamburg, Mar's Bluff, Pendletcn, Society Hlli, EtatWburg, snmtervi le, Walterb^ro'. Winaboro', Toikville; else Knoxvi la, Ten. .; Clayton, Oa. In tha State of GKOhOTA, poa'masters of f ffcei at the court house or comty- veat of each county; nl at A'MrTiU*, Albany, Atlanta, Avar la, Barm vL'lt, Calhoun. Car: ?m ill*, Oedartcwn, CaDefc* OnlaratoM, D?bl< noca. Pair on, Ktoweh. f.?r?w Franklin, Fort Gatees, Fjrt YalWy, Gnffia, R|?| insvihe, Indian Springs, Jonesboro', Kaotvliu, Men tern tea, Marietta, Oxford, Pen field. Palm fC Pond'uwt, Rleeboro', binggnM, Roewall, s?iB. Ma: y'?, 9odal Circle, Ron* V contain. Snamernita. Stark rl lie, Tunnel Hill, ViUa Rlea. Waverl? Wayaarville. W?< Point, Wricbubore'; alf ra?V tanoega and Benton, Tenn ; Orntre, O^eola, W?o?. wee, and Jacksonville, An. In the Stat* of FLORIDA. pc*tma?ter* of i|^ at the conrt-hooee or coaaty-?eat cf each ocaatv and at Appalachiccla, Mk?a pv, Bellwllle, Cub' belltown, Jasper, Jennings. Mandarin, Moe-ly fc, Newport, New fmvraa, Pk?)a'a. Tampa, Deb* Anna Oeala, PUatka, Quincy, Wairington OtmiUunu to be incorporated m the eomtrmdi U 0a extent the Department may dcrtn proper. 1. Seven mlnntee are allowed t>> each mternvstv ate office, when not otherwise specified. f -r assort >?># tbe mail*, bat on railroad and steamboat rout** there is to be no more delay than u sufficient for aa exrbaage of the mall ha** 2. On routee where the mode of conveyance admit* af it, tbe sp?-olal ag-ot* of the Department, al? port office blank*, mail bags, locks and keys, are to W conveyed without extra charge 8. On railrwad and steamboat 11 sea. Belt)eh and Canada mails, wben offered are to be oonveved with out additional pay; aUo, the route agents ot tbe De partment, for whose exclusive use while travelling with the mail*, a oonmodiou car. or apartnent in the centre of a car, properly lighted, wann?d and furnished. ard adapted to the convenient amortment and doe ae^arity of the mai a, i* to he provided l j the contractor, under the direction af the Depart ment. 4. No pav will be made for tripa net perform* ? and for each of such omissions not aatiafcKori! v n'. plained three timet the pay of the trip m?\ t* deducted. For arrival* ao for behln^jme a? to break connexion with depending mail*, iff not snffieWnt]y excused, one-fourth of the compensation for the tnp ia subject to forfeiture Deduction may alao be or. dercd for a grade of performance Inferior tu th^ specifi ed in the contract. For repeated dellequ-nci^ of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties. pro. portioned to the nature thereof and the important of the mail, may be made. ft. For leaving tiehind or throwing off the mafia ar a*?y portion of them for the admisaion of pamaagw^ or for being concerned in setting up or n?nntng La express conveying cr-mmercial intelligence ahaat. of tbe mail, a quarter'* pay may be deducted. 6. Fine* will be impomd, unlet* the delinquency be promptly and *ati*foctotily explained by eertti. cates of postmasters, or the affidavit* of other era*, itable persens, for failing to arrive in oontraet tim*. for neglecting to take the mail from, or deliver it into, a poet office; suffering it (owing eilli?r to the unsuitableness of the pla^e or manner of carrying it) to be injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost: and fer refusing, after demand, to convey the mall aa ft*, quently a* the contractor run*, or i* concerned ia running, a coach, car, or steamboat on a route. 7. The Po*tma?ter General may snnul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract; for disobeying the post office laws, or the instruc tions of the Department; for refusing to discharge a carrier wh-n required by the Department to do so; for assigning the contract without the aasent of th# Post ma-ter General: tor running an ex^n-ee as afore sai l; or for transporting person* or package* con veying mailable matter out of tin- mail. ?. The I'o^tmactcr General may order an increaaa cf service on a route by allowing therefor a pro rata iacree..-e on the contract pay. lia may 'Vaurf? the ecbcdule ot arrivals and departures, wiifcout in-Teare of pay, provided be does nut curtail the amount of running time. lie may also order an increase cf Fp~ed, he alio* ing, within tbe restrfo. tions of the law, a pro rata increeae of pay for the additional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, in the case of increase of speed, re linquish the contract by giving prompt nottoe to tha Department that he prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect. The I'ostmaster General may al * curtail or discontinue the service, at pre rata d* crease of pay, allowing one month's extra com penaatiun on the amount dispensed with, whenever in his opinion th- public interests do not require Um same, or in case he desires to supersede it by a <L??r> sot irrad- of transportation. 9. Payments will be male for the service byocJ'eo tions from, or drafts on po9ttna?tera, cr otherwi after the expiration of each quarter? say in Febru ary, May, Au*urt,and November. 10. The distances are given ac^rdins: U> the beet information; but no increased pay will be allowed should th?v be greater thai, advertised, if the prints to bs supplied be correctly stated. Bidden must In form th?min;lve^ on this point. 11. The Postmaster General is prohibited bylaw from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mails with any person who shall hav* eatc-rod iuto, or prcpced to enter into, any combina tion to prevent the making of any bid for a mail contract by any other person or persons, or who shall have made any agreement, or shall hav* give or performed, or promised to give or perform, any e:nsij>'iation whatever, or to do or not tu do any thing whatever, in order to induce any other person or persons not to bid for a mail contract. Particular attention is called to the 28th section of the act of 1S36, prohibiting combination* to prevent bidding. 12. A bid received after time, vix: 3pm of tbe l'tli April, 1855, or without tbe guaranty required by law, or that combines several routes in one cum of compensation, cannot be considered in competition with a regular proposa'. reasonable in amount. 13. Didders should, in all canes, fir-t prcpos* for service strictly according to the advertisement, and then, if tbey derire. separately for different service; and if the rrgular bid be the lowest offered lor the advertised service, the other bids may be consideied; if the alterations proposed are rect miiiendcd by the postma^rs and citizens interested, or if the) appear manifestly right and proper. 11 There should be bat one route bid for in a proposal. 15. The route, the service, the yrarly pay, the name and residence of the bidder, aed those of each member of a firm, where a company offer*, should be distinctly stated, also the mode of conveyance, if a higher mole than horsebatk be intended. Tbe words "with due oelerity, oertainty,and security," inserted to indicate the mode ef cccvey^nsc, a ill constitute a "ifar bid." Itt. Bidd-rs are requested to n*", as far as pracf cable, tie printed f irm of proposal furnished tv the departmsnt, to wiitc out in fa 1 the tarn oftLtir b:d*, atid to re.ain o? pies of them. No altered Mds can be considered, and no bids once submitted can be withdrawn. Each b d rnurt be guaranteed by two mpocrilla persons General maiantee* cannst be adm'tted. 17. The bid shoald be sealed: superscribed " Mail Proposals, State of ." addressed to tbe tec ond Assistant Postmaster General," Contract Office, aed s?nt by mail, not by, or to, an ag?nt, and po.t masters will net enclose proposals (or lett .rs of friiy kind) i? their qoarteily :c'.arns. I*. The contracts are to be executed and retnrr.pj to the Department by or before the 1st of Jnly, lf>55, but the service mtbt b* ctmmerc* d on the ma:l day next alter that date, whether the a ntraits be rxs cu'ed or r.ot No proposition tor trailers will te on idercd u*Jtil the ocntracts are executed in wue form and receivwl at the d?iartment; and htn no transfers will be allowed unless good and inffrjent reasons therefor are given, to be determined by the department. IB. Postmasters at offices cn or near railroads, but more than eighty rods from a station, will imme diately after the 10th of April next, report their exact distance from the nearest station, and how they are otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the Postmaster General to direct a ouil messenger supply from tbe 1st ef July next. 20. Section 18 ot an act of Congress, appror?d March 3, 1846, provides that contracts for the trans portation of the mail shall be let, " in every case tc the lowest bidder tendering sufficient guarantitt for faithful performance, without other reference to the mode ot such txr'importation than may be n*c*i sary to provide for the dun celerity, certainty, a..d security of t?uch transpcrtatloa." Under this law a new description of Wids hvbe>n received. It does not specixy a mode of conveyanf*, but engages to take the entire mail each trip with celerity, certain ty, and security, usiog the terms of the law. Tliesa bids are styled, lrom the manner in which they ar* designated on the books of the De|<artment, " t'ar bidt," and they will be construed as providing for tbe entire mail, h<j%oer>r large, and whatever may bt he r.vode of conreyanc actuary to ituurt iU " celerity, certainty, and security." lu all ca?es where the lowest (Tade of service is believed to be sufficient, the lowest Lid will be aoewp ted, if duly guarantied, lu preleience to a 44 fUr" or specific bid. When the lowest bid *? net a star biu, and specific either no node or an inadequate m<Hle of ?nve> ?ne^ ft will not b; accepted, but set aside for a specific bid prop . ing tho neoexeary eerv;oe. When the bid does not specify a taode of con vej ance, also, when it pro;.oses to carry "according to the advertisement," but without such specification it will be contidered as a pre posal for horseback *er Tioe. 21. A modification of a bid, in any of its eavntud terms, is tantamount to a new bid, and aannot be received, so as to interfere with regular competition, after the last hour set for receiving bids. 23. Postmaster*1 are to be careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without knowing that they arc persons of sufficient respon sibility; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties jre distinctly notified that on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for tbe service proposed for in the accepted bids their legal liabilities will be en forced against th? m. 23. The contracts will be rub-tar.tially in tbe form* heretofore used in this De partment, except in th* respects particularly mentioned in these instruc tions; and on all railroad and steamboat route* the contractors will be required to deliver the mails into the poet offices at the ends of the routes and into alt the immediate post offices, not more than eighty rode from the railroad or landing. 24. Present contractors and persons known at the Department, must, equally with other*, procure guarantors and certificates of their efficiency sub stantially in the form* above proscribed. Ibe cer tificates of sufficiency mu.-t be signed by a postma* ter, at one of the plao** b?:<. re named, or a judge o? a court of record. Postmaster! at the ends of routes on which they think the present mode of eonveysnce inadequate will weigh the mail each trip for *ix tuccewdve weeks on weekly routes, and three week* on other routec, and'report the reault by lOO^A priU 1866.^^ ^ Jan K-SUv Po?Ba*<* Utuerai,

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