Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. > Local Intelligence. A n*N*ns .MK Pai:tino (iirr?We had the ploasure of witnessing on Tuesday evening at ihe Library Hall of the Columbia Fire Compa nr, i very beautiful andinterestingceremony, it consisted of the presentation to that exsellent and popular company. by their esteemed ben efactress. Mrs. 1". II l'>:ndleton, cf a series, (four in cumber) of very handsome er graving? elegantly framed, portraying exciting scenes in the' Lifecf a Fireman." The offering was intended ax a parting gift?the generou* donor bring about to bid adicn to the brght and endearing scenes of home to sojourn for a "ori^f season ia soma of the gay aa-1 interesting cap itals of the Old World, 1 he presentation w.*9 accompanied by a very beautiful and ploasirg impromptu address, in the course of which the amiable sneaker express I the warmest fsntiments ef friendship for the company, dwelling, iueloquentTertBs cf cottucerdali -n. upon its high character, and encouraging the members in their philanthropic causo, by word.* ef kindness, gcntlene-3 ftnd twec'ners. Cap* Tait accepted the beautiful prcsjnt on behalf of the Company, expressing their end his luost ferven. wishes that the t >urof their esteemed patrcnesj might proro to bo ono of unalloyed delight ard | leo uro. and that the would soon return to *ladlenthe he*rf< and meet the cordial welcotn? cf thoso to whom she had ever bter.a guiding star. Capt. Tait olosed his neat mi appropriate address, by calling on Mr T. MeNV-hany to express more felly the sentiments < 1 he cump.tny. Mr. MeN responded to the cr.ll. and in tho course of his address remarked that though, in other f*ir and snnny climes beyond the rolling deep, ?heir f*ir benefactress wouidsee mcch to gratify the eye ard please the fancy ? though she wonld linger with delight amid scenery tho most beautitul and rtmantic. and Cjoteiuplatc with emotions o: j >v some >n the grandest works of Nature and of Art?yet he was sure that her thoughts would often g<> back, on the wings of inomory, to the brignt, and glorious land she had left behind?to the sweet home of her childhood and maturer years?to the picturesque and happy scenes cf Capitol liill?*o the familiar and favored II all of the Colombia! lie closed wit a the expression of the hope that her pathway, while abroad, might be strewn with ll^wcrs ? that bright skies might be ever above her, and true hearti always aruund her After these interesting cercmonies the fair donor was complimented by a splendid sere nade. composed of vocal and instrumental music, gotten up by tho grateiul members of the Columbia We had aimsst forgotten to mention that Mr. Grencup favore ! the company at the Ila'I with several delightful soegs, executed in a j. Biirable style. Rcgbt AcADc:rr ?The Hoard cf Alderman at their la?t meeting did cct finally act on tho bill of the lower Hoard. for the purchase of this property fcr public school parpowes. which measure is ba?ed on the recommendation of the Trustees cf the Public Schools. It was submitted to the Eoa-d cf Alderman, a week before their udj lurnment. ftsd accidentally was not referred to the Ccinmtttce on Schools On being reached at their lost moeting, it was ef course so referred. Mr Iieed, cn Monday cven-ng last, called the attention of the Eonrd to the fact (previous ly unknown to us) that tho privilege wairh the Corporation had of purchasing the academy was limited to the 24th ias; A note wjs also reaj from the Secretary of tho Tru3 ces of Public Schools, requesting the President to restate to ti*s Boar.i what he had mentioned at the mee'.iag on the 19th inst, namely, that tLo refusal of the propsrty to the cit/ was limited to the 2tth. and alio *hat another p-*r'y in be half cf several indiviiew, fcad obtained the refusal cf the property at $lb.50O from tho 21th to the 2d pros , and a!so that it had been stated in the daily newspapers that asocnait tee had been appointed to wait on Mr Mori*on, with proposal Cor the purchs-e cf the proper* ty for a Me'hodist Onllese. Tha L'a jrd, how ever. adjourned without*actic;; on the subject. We trust that tho Board of Ald.irui?a wiil legislate cn this subject with daa caatit?a. The sum 'hat wiil be required to pay for this property is quite larga ; 'and. though we have great respeat for the judgment or the School Tnutees. we hear so many of our fei!or*oiti sens advocate the plan of using ihe money to build two or mora tchool house* of mods.'t dimenstms aad preu>uaiont>. in d.ffsrent farts of the district to be supplied by the pr-poscd purchase as to ineline us s'rooglyu* ibe opin ion that due caution should le exercise* in this matter. Even though other parties may bare the refusal of tue property, for some tisie. at $1G 500. it does net strike us u* being likely that the corporation will be deprived of another chan^a at it, if, after examination atid reflection, it shall be uiiie apparent that the investment is the be t tha: ean be made under all the circumstances of the ca-e. Abbital ExraaosDiNAar ? Yeotarday no le<i than eight org m-grinders, bringing with them their instramcnts, arrived in this city, by the railroad cars It was a mvel sight to ?ce tLem, ens after another receiving their instruments from tho baggage mi-ter. and slinging <hex across their baoks, and hurrying away in various di recti)cs. In the course of five tuinu'es, ? unj ning locking dark-eyed little fellow, wearing a SDustsohe and a blue jacket, had '-grnun* out'' several tune3 and received afewcen*?in exchange for his music Owing trt tho arrival of th<-3e orgmirts, the <-ity was s>oa checrcd with that description of malocy. These adventurers lost r.o time, whatever, and as so on as they cou-U, coamsnccd opora tioss Thoir inatrutn'int", for the grer.ter part, reem to be new ones and ar? not only line toned, but discourse popular and familiar airs, in cluiing Julien's famcu - American quadrilles. It was a ganeral retaark that never Lefore wsre so many crgan-grinders seen at thesoia* time in this city '.'do would scarcely ccase playing in a ccig'^borhoad, before aaother would follow hard after Lisa; and. tomotiicos, two would be playing within sight?the souad of their instruments barroano > rly b ending. We scarcely think that, considering the . ground has bjen previously oc -upied, the new.! eosers will reap an abuadant harvest of i smill^hange but they a'-e at libor^y to oom pete with their rivals, and share the spoil:. Silk of Heal E?t \tr. ?tir an i Scott, auc tianrers. recently soid the foil >wiog de-c:i:-ed property at tho prices named : Two l.uildirg lots, on Twenty fir^t street between G acd II streets containitg 4:41u i?iaire feet. 2'J cents a fo>t; 15 S03 square feet, faroriLg a beta :ful square corner oi I street nor?h and Twenty second street, 17 cents a foot; the two l-r;;k houses and lots, carn r of rf.xtn strojt wo^t and Louisiina avenue, b^lonfring to tha estate of the late Sol >air;a Drew i>t)o McGuira auctioaocr, hss ?'.11 two lots, the one containing &) acres, at $;U7 per atre. and the other, of similar cite, at an aero; carved out of the farts occupied by the Co lumbia Trotting Course. [TO!! TKB ifAE. PlBK TCLianAP33 ASD SlKAH EsGMKS ? 1Wr. Editor: I see, in your last e.<?cicg s edition, how a Sra company of oar ci'y dragged their apparatus six or seven miles because of a brush heap being purposely set on fire in the country. This is bu' one tf a thousand of such incidents continually ctc^rriog to jada and dishearten the brave fi'tmen of cities. W hy to*, like Bf> ten and New Orleans, adopt the system of fi-o telegraphs? Tuoa, to make ' good only the'? better," why not, like Cin cinnati. intr oduce the s'eam fire ' l ho eonforma*ion of our city is peculiarly favor able to both Promptitude d<? m ?nls tho first? morality and o'her considerations the seeded. April 2ft, lcS5. *** To* Calls last night, respectively, cf tfce Western iIo?e Companv an l the Monumental Clut> were largely attended, as we had anti cipated The festivities were continued until the early hours of the mornir g. Uallaut and attentive men, female boauty and genet al good nature, sociability and fine rnus c, com bined, with other thing-, to render tho^e en tertainments net only* delightful dure* the time they continue 1. but will aflf)rd a thenie for after remark. We rruit that the managers of each have realised their calcula ions <m to the pecuniary receipts, a subject not caiiajor when closing up the sccoants. i. Etafw a*t> Capture ?Lost Tuesday, a mui nam^d Robertson. who bad recently been n^nt to tbe workhou'e. wads hid e?c?f.e there from with iron* upon his limbs, which he atter ward;i Succeeded in having cutoff. The keeper* went in pursuit, and when they overtook h'm a desperate fight ensue i in which some of the? were badly hurt and had to return to the city wi'hout him Yesterday, officers Wise and Sim^nd' found hitn at the Spring Tavern, on the Baltimore road, and immediately arrested him and brought him before Justice Bates, of this city, charged with assault and battery upon hia keeper lie was sent to the county jail. Circuit Corrt ?There have been no eases of interest to the public at la*go tried and de termiced during the present tirm, if we ex cept the libel <>uit of Wm. T. I>?ve against J. II McB'air. The more important suit-?, brought before a jury, have related to disputes con nected with the question of parti-walls and titles to property, involving points of law co ve: ing too much space to be condonsed ia a cews^sper paragraph. Accin**r.? Last night, a nan naraod of liutton got into a row with a numberof young men. ar.d ia drawicg a pistol to defend him self it was accidentally discharged, tho ball pas 3; eg through the fleshy part of the hand and wounding him severely. lie was convoyed to the guard-house, whert charges were made against him. Lie was allowed to g> home, and this morning he appeared to answer the charge?, but they had been withdrawn. Disjrissgn ?Offi?er Stoddard arrested aco lnroi girl, named Bridget Johnson alias Ann Gas^array, this mining, and carried her bs f>ro Justice M -r.-ell and Captain Birch The change against her wss stealing but the evi : den*:e against her wag of such a naturo aejae j tifiei the magistrates in dismissiDg the case. Tn<! Ghaud Gift Coscsrt. thia evening, promises to be attended by the fashionable public of Warhingfon Many tickets were sold yesterday and to day. and we have no doubt the romainii.g one; will all be dieporod ?jf at the door. We havo often paid a dollar f>r concerts that were not so attractive as that which ia to tako pla'se to night, end we judge by the programmo that it will be one of the best of tho season ; so that the chances of tho Gift Tickets own ba considered as pre:euted tn tho audienoe. The Ff.vrbal of H W. Ball, late City Surveyor, took pi nee yesterd-iy afternoon. A large numberof frienls accompanie I tho rc maira t.) (Kenwood Cemetery; the Mtyortf Wa.-hin.zton and ot'ae- officers of tho Corpora tion, and members of the two BoarJe of the City Ccunrils, included. The Odd l'ellows, of which Order the deceased was au active and much esteemed brother, marched, is ro galia. but without music ; tho 1 alter having teen di-pensed with by request if the family of Mr. Ball. Res Ove::?Last ?renin*, a man n*m*d Frank Mocabce, a wagoner, accidentally i drove c?v?r a small chil d.'stsnding in the I street. Quito a number < f persons nearby wera very much cxcitvl by the oocurrsncr, started t" catch the driver, and it ia pos sible he wr-.uld have fired badly had it not have been for ciavr Stoddard, by hard man agem&nt, >?!)?? keep ahead of the crowd. The child, wo a:e told, is in a dangerous condi tion. Christt asn Woon's Mixstrels acain de lighted a packed auditory at the People's Theatre last night. There \7.a3 not room enough to accomrn&da;e til who ru:hed to their enter tainment. Music, fun, frolic and glee. ruled the hour E*eryb>dv was delighted, and we venture the assertiou that net a few thtoats are sore, occasioned i>y exwtive laughter A man with "the blue?." is sure to be relieved by their agreahl3 prescriptions. ! Yesterday Evkhixc. heavy, usap rolling j thunder, and continuous broad flashes of hgnt ning, and the falling, for a few minu'.os, of I big drops cf rain, be okenod a heavy shower ; j but there wiB a disappointment in this respect, 1 much to iha regret ol tbo?e who oonsider such a visitation etAeutial fcr individual comfort as { well as to assist vegetation. The Bonr of James F. Clark, which was ! f?,u::d in t-je cmal yesterday morning, was j tLic) morning Uaea by bis friends from the ; watch house.ffor interment. Taz Jamsstowh Socihtv will hold an ad ' Jjurhei meeting >n Saturday evening, at half ' past seven o'ciosk, to nj&ke arrangements for ? the iO'cnl nnnual celebration of the landing ; at Jamestown. j Thr CornT of C-Aiys ?We are pleased to I cec by to day's Scar that the Hon. Judge J S. j Tyson of Md., h'J3 opened a law office in this : district. ; Ths FxTESfctoN of the Post 01h?e bep art 1 ment building?Ground is being broken on this work aa we go to press to-day. WiTcn Kitcrms.?The only ca:e on the ri-aord, this morning, was that of Jas. Canally for profanity, he paid ?ne and co3ts. -? ? ?? - - GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Vti/f of the Ciiy Councils to th*. llti'lroal Ojfic, fyc.?Cf.iy Varly?Markets, Cfc. GB0R0EI0W5, April 28, 1S55. In compliance with the resolution of the Councils, passed on Friday evsning last, and the invitation of tho Pre?ident and DixectoiB of the Metropolitan Railroad Company, the W6 nler3 of both Boards met the President, e.gineor. ?.nd somo of the directors at tbtir cldce, yesterday, fjrthe purpose of exrrr*:iing tha profiles, msps. estimates, e.itima'et, <Lc , of the road, wlr.oh havo b;on prepared by the company's engineer. Mr. French. Wo learn trcm some of tho metal^ors of the Councils rrha were pre?ent that the investigation ws ? of tho meat scrutinising character, and resulted in moro thoronphly impressing tho minds of all piesent with .be faot, that much cf ?b? fu ture prosperi'y of Georgatcwn and Washington depends upon the construction of this road V?'e ara also informed that a number of qu? s tioas of tho most poiutod character, In rela tion to the costs of construction, A.3 , wac jut to the Engineer by our excellent corporation lawfffi jer Mr Odd, all of which was prompt ly an<we~rd to t'ae entire satisfaction of all present. We are unofficially apprised that SMna twenty four miles of the work hf>a been cuntractod for by very responsible person?, pnd that tho bids fall far below the climate? of (he Engineer V/e prc:iunie. however, that ?tn ' 15 ?1 ?1 report of the inve* i#nti'>rs will be j made to our City Council*. If eo, we will ob ta:n all the important particulars for tho ben I t fit of tho readers of the Star. We are greatly mistaken in the various itama cf go?sip afloat in our city this m^rn i.ig, if there is notf<un 1 in our City Couteilt: when the mut er of making sa appropriation to ioe?t the second instalment is up, a ma j rity of two thir?is in its favor. 3?oreover. ^ v.-j be;ieva that if it phall l o Bijhin submitted f t-) tba vc!^ of tho pernio tb'i baiio; box wM i hhi>w a? o'i forcier ( ccasiocs, a very decided I Eiiority ia favor of the roa l. Quite a l^r^e and brilliant Tattv assembled on Tuesday aftsreoon, at tbo mansion of Mr Jeremiah Orme, on First street, to witness the f lensing ceremony of uniting a happy ami handsome c >up!e in iho ^ilkea binds of ma' rimor y. The bride was one of orr George town belles. M.ssOrma, daughter cf the above nimed gentleman and tbe for ur.ati grtn>.n. Mr Jf hn^on, of Alexandria County, Ya. Tbe lluv. Mr. Sutherland efli dated. Wo have been rerju-?sted to ray that the Rev. Dr James Smith, of Baltimore, wi'l preach in the Bridge street Pre#byte:i>n Church lecturo ro >m on Friday sight, at 7i o'clock. Scats free Four market fi*m, but not acMve at $10 50 6$lU 75 as in quality. Wheat J2.45t.f2 5f fjr r*d and $2 5d?$2G3for white,for striotlj prime I Corn $1 05 by the cargo. Spectator DIBD. Y?trrJay. Apiil **b. MAY, sccond daughter of Win. J. liiti M-irtlia P.irbau, agyJ* >'^?9 f?" ar.d 10 d?yj The friend* ?f the auil> are juvirtl t<? attend lirr tur.tral the residence o. 1 i ?" rents, No. 4C1 Tenth .ticet, oil Friday a ttinoon at at 4 o'clock. A fWi-? t and tiuly buJ I* t-iiak* 11 troui tiie ro?e-lree of our hope?. The little Leiug passed | Like the sw.ft p?:rtuine ? f a bright rose, To mii)|le with tb? ikieii, Fr-.m whenc*; it eaate, For Balo and Pent. In)U SALE. ? Tin: SUBSCRIBER Oi FLRS lot * pale cheap for ea?h, a swill and n> at I rani'? l>?\ elii'n". No ^40 K chth street west, ne*i L tired, i-oniai.i" lonr goo 1 room* and Kitelicn- The prop ertv i-- situated wiihin one squire of the northern tr?ark?>?, in a good healthy neighborhood, a pu m? of pxe' Ilent water near by, and is very desirable for a small family. Atm'Iv on the premises, or to the subscriber at Apollo Hall. IlENRY KAISER. 1JO? RENT-THE TWO STORY BRICK ^ Dwelling on Potomac street, one door south of St. John's Epi-copal Church. Georgetow n Apply to R. (KUIKSHANK.on 15 idge street, or GEORGE WATERS, on Water street. ap-25-tf (Intel fcOrgan) IT*.< >R RENT.?Two handsomely fill niched Houses, ' eontaininz l."> roorr.s in one. a*?d R in th? oth- r, in a desirable ideation fronting on pnhlie square, one square from Lafayette Square, on H, corner of II and Eighteenth streets, with ha'.h rooms, Stc., will ft ? tented nil reasonable turns to good tenants, ap 13?1m* F^Oll REXr~TIir.EE ROOMS ON FIRST floor of "Forrest II til," Georgetown, -unable for ol lices or stores. Apply to It FORREST, 1 ap 3-1?Iw* corner F and 2?>th st-sets. IOR RENT?THE STORE HOUSE NOW OC copied bv Barnes at Mitchell, on Pa. avenue. t? tw?en 8th and 9th street-. Posaes.ion given on l.Vh May n< xt, 011 which time the present lease ex plres. Apply to JAMES DIX< >N, Esq , of this city, i.r the subscriber, "Cottage." Montgomery e.mnty, Hj. TIIOS. CONNELLY. ap23? tf 1.1 OR KENT OR SALE?THREE MEDIUM s ize three story litioK Houses on the corner ol <*ih anil N streets. F >r further particulars enquire m the corner of 12th and L sis., No. 383. ap ID?lw* 1,1 OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAK lors and Chambers, with board Also. Table and transput board. Inquire a? Mrs. SMITH'S, '433 F s.reet at. 9 IIOK RENT-THREE NEW FRAME HOUSES, _ containing six rooms, each situated on l'ierci sfeet, between E and M street", b? in" but four square<froni tie' Raihoad Depot; would make good residences. Rent inodeiate. Apply to CHARLES TiE IMA. on the opposite side of the street. ap 4?lni* \rAHJAREE REAL ESTATE FOR S*I.E.? ' The block uf building* know n the "Union Buildings." an.I tu w oceup e.i by the Union news P'ijmt establishment. They ate siiuatcJ 0:1 E :trct between 13ih and 11th street*, and front ng directly on PennsyUahia avenue, The lot is 70 (<?? t front by 1.">!I fe.'t deep. The properly is susceptible ofditis K>n and re arrangein-?:?, '.nd its |iositi n such as nni -t rank it among the best bupi.icsa stands on the avenue, and i.' yearly increasing in value. The t:.n. oftn- ; r. >-iit I. -m i' 1 \pir-son the 1-t Septem ber next, on which day po-session may be ha !. Also, that large thiee story I'.'iek licit e on 17th .ireet West, t opposite tie: War I ?lliceand tlue. doors south of G nire t.) AI o, that litres *tory li :tise on JV Hi street west, ne\t do tr to the Government Building, at the cor: <: uf F and 17 h streets. Sh.Mil! the a!> ve prop-rty not be roH at private pal-- prior to the '?5th of May, it will be sold on thai ilav at public auction. T< rms wi.l be made fav-rahte t? the purchaser. App'y to CM. II WINDER, Cor::cr of Seventeenth and G eticcts. mar 1"?9 iwt *ayt5 T>I lUnSG LnTtTKOR SAEE.?A \.\K:ET? >.?? BiiiMin^ Lots i.i the vicinity of Ci'y I; iil. Abo, in all other part:; of tl:e tiiy. 0:1 accommo 5it i?? rr terjus. I'nquire at Mi-'. ADAMS' B>?ardin^ Honopposite to Browns' Hotel, to be m vn frnm k .? a n:. or 3 t<* 4 p m. Al-o, an address through th-' Po-t (i.ltce wi.l restive r..i"ii. maro?eoti:n DAVID MYEKi^E. f TOMES F 'P. A!.L.? P nuti!>i!Iy and h? ai:hily i JL iovatrd Huiiding I '?tti t' *? t lW>nt by I.'*) feet d"< i', t.n irr;id'd st?et 1-, can, tM::il -|ir:ntf, be bcujht it t. exci t.-iu:!! low | rice iil itayibic jj3 p^r uiou.Ii. 'i'iile indisputable. Union i.and tsiHce, 7ih rt., above f>dd Fellows* Hall, jan U?f>m JOHN F?>X. Secretary. EN'T' RFDUCKr TO SI'IT THE TIMES. j\, ^150 a year v.-ili l>? raceiv-d 10,? toe i*"nt ot tlnue new ami conv?,ni"nt cottaffi* at Ken?jall Green, with tW" ?fres of ground. stni.|?*. wood shed ^;4 ofher ciinveniencM att'jehei!. ('tsmps ot pijre vv iter ;???? nk,;r ii.e <?k'T; m.j rojnmijiiicrjt on l-4 hrid with Georgetown by w?y 01 il aud S.v- a:!: ?lroeta and Pemi. Avenue, mom 1 tig and afu rnooti, at the t:-ual f.ire, for the accommodation of cierks in the departments. To sec ura the a.'.Yintns'' of this ere it reduction of r^nt immediate application tnu-' be made to the, either by !? tt**r, or at his house rt KenrtfcirUte^c, QPer of. hours, where the kijs may be lud aini trie liousf-* 1 p.*|tested at Ohy tim'-. Several of Uicse reai .enecs v. iii te r-?>t.t 011 itneral tennj. WM SPICKNEY, No 4, Ketidnll Cteen. N. B.?KentJ paid quarterly in advance. apr S?. i?ii - tf )R RENT <111 SALE <>N P. E A S O N A li I. E X* Terms.?A three story Frame, with I nse m nt,! ou New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Al?o, a iliree stcry Frame, with hick l.nildins, on I street north, between Fourth ar.J Fifth sis wv.-rt Aoply 10 James W. Bark- r, residence on I! stivtt north, between l^th and 13th -tre?t -t west. DICKSON 8c. KING, ap 5?1 Jul* Gei raeiown. k CtSl'.iAIN CHA^C^ 10 MAKE A l-OH j\ tun:! ?A lady h^vaiij; aequireu a c&iii|?eieu. y in tin: Miilinerv bii.ine.-s, is now d? siroits oi'd.-j?) ing of her e*tabli*hm<:nt, and retirin- into private lire. Her location is one of the best in th<- city, and is a rare op|*?rtu:'iiy for <-ne acquai:it< d ?till the iiu-inesa. For terms an?I particulars ajip'y ar this office ittartf) - lni Want#. VtTANTED - A SITUATION AS CHAMBER V tin 11 or Nurse, < r to travel ui;h a lady by a young won-an w. II acquainted with the duties re quired to either situation. The best rcterewes will b? given if required. lii(|U:re of Mrs. FAVIEU, at tlie ? otner ofTwirteenth :.t ami Pa. avenue, ap 2i* Tjfc/ANTHD? BY A Y < iTN'TW uMA N A SI T Y f U tion to do chaioberwork, or to do the rra?ii inc. ir i.ii.g and cooking f'-r a -mail family. Apply II No 4 4 1 Sitlli --t, between F and G. np2G?It* < j^A.NTED?TO TTTilE, A~BOY AND *.1UL, Vy slaves, fn.m 14 to 17 ye-rs of a^e. as house servants. Apply at No. 41 1 Nititii st., N. E cr.r ner of II ap'J6-2;* ?if aN li-.D?TWO ?.:>? U> fAltM li A N' D S? > V o:,fi I'1-* utidersiandJ tiie cara i..d raent of horses, that can and do all kin 's ol I I'm work Appiy at Eocu>t ili!! tatm, on Seventh street Road, near the First Toil Gale. np31?3i.? \\J ANTED?A SHALL CnTTAGE AN!) A V\ fow> s <if ground in vicinity ot the Chain Bridge, on the V .rg uia *i.ic: Aduioss (i W., - a lelphia P?Ht Oltiee. ep ?4t* A _ Kituatton.?A mi.hlie aied lady, aceusiomvd T.r mar.y years to manage the detai!s of a I""ge b-lar finr; In u<e, as housekeeper, wants a situauoa. Siie can give -utistactory refereucw to iier energy, industry atid experience, and tl>e fldelit. witli which ? he di-chirges duties confided to her. Ad 'les.s "L S," at this i lfic. ap 13?if 1&7a\T;:d?A CuMI LETE PILE OF THE VV WEEKLY {Washington City) STAR since ils publicum a u;? to ti.-'pre-eir. date, for which a libera' pn?*e v. dl be pai.l i; sjntto thisoihce. a;? 3?tl' Boarding. BOAIi Sevi rrd pTsons cast he acorn ni ulaitil with boartl and l.o'g.ngs, wh- le th?re :;re no other boarder*, by applying al *14 8 Thir teenth sn et. ap -G?2.* S)OAUDI9U-lna pleas."and healthy iot a } lion. Two !<*:?:? rootus row "n art App'y ai the toirhea t comer ol Ui!i ai.d W . t:eeu. ?p '.B?eo.'lr* \? T t C Id.-FOR KENT-PARLORS AND C.l iui' crs, with board. Aleo, table and tran si? nt bo.trd. '.villi a bathing room an I ? bower b iths and every attention to render it mo#: ag?<-able to tier boarde.-tt Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Penns)lvani.t avenue and \yk -t. up 23 ?3111 rlUAKUnO -MHS fcPAULDINfl, cn :h: > cornel <.r J" and fth s!r? els. can ccccininouate Uoart'e'*, citlier peuuauent or transient. ap '23-4t* HOARD, Ac?MPS. BATES, on th? sott'h J > we<t corner cf Pa. avenue ami 9lti street is pre i??red t<? accomniiklat: gentlemen with ron n-, with ? >r without b tard. Every effort wdl be tunde to ren der those c cnforti ble wh ? may favor her with their pairvnage. ap C?tf 1" OST? On Tr.urslay last, between the Depot j and Th rd street, a Self p-innng Maynardo prit ei:t PISTOL. The fioder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at this cilice. ap 25?3k* I/A 1L1EH, MESStS OR SINGLE GfcNlLE . men furnished with VIEALSfft their reaiden c.;s upoa r<a?.onable terms, by L. THOMPSON, Fr> rich Cook, No. 20 tf G street, uear 13ih Also, rooms to let. sp25? 3t* |>\Y UP.?WB WOULD INFORM THE SUB l scribeis of the Evening Star in Georgetown, that we have to pay the cash fi* our (>apers evciy we'lr, ami .t is iiupo.-sible to do it unless they pay up the suhsf riplion when it is called for. | ap?5 3t J A*. A, UURNS, Agent Anction ?&iea. Vy <*. ricWiniK, Aa<jiloa?/er rixRt'STFXH 3AI.I: OF VALI'AUI.E and eli?i ( _hly situated Improved Real Eginirnn (he ctmirr of .ill .11; d D streets?Ry virtue of a deed in trust, t tearing date on tI?o fiib Hay of June, 1851, recorded in Uhw J. A 8., No. Um ?87 he . the sub serilier will sell at puMic sale, on TUESDAY, the 15th day o( May, 18.j.i. at 5'.4 o'ciock p. in., on 12i?* premise*. part ofj.ot No. 8, in Square No 457. Ironuns; K fed on Itk street west, and nftMlMbaek ;.l on I) street north to an nMev. with Um nuiid nigs r.n.J improvements whi-li consist of a well and substantially IkjiIi thrf o atorvbri-k war-house cov ering the whi le of said pail of said lot _ The aliow property is situate.! on the corn, r r.f ? tli and I) street*, oppos.te the Na innal Intellige?,. c? r office, .-'nd i~* ?me ot the nn-t desirable and val liable hu-i.iess location' in Washington. rap:. h en hancins inxalue, and offers an epp ?rtunj:y tor in vestment seldom to lie met wish 'J lie term* of .. > will l?e : One-fourth of the pur chase money in cash, and the balance n sis. tw. U ? e^yliiPen, a?i*l tttrnty-lmir months, f^r no..t*s hi .".mm/ interest from d?y of talc, secured b? deed in tru-> upon the properly If V.v term? of sale are not com plied with in six days after the sai , the pro em wiil he resold, at the risk and expense oi the' pur chaser, upon one w? ck's notie. All convey am nig at the expense of Pie purchaser LHAS. S, \\ ALLACfl, Triis!*-o J AS. C. McGUIRE, aP 36?3taw3cds Aucti?n<*er By .T. C. McGUIllK, Auctioneer* rpMUSFEE'3 SALE OF VALUAHLK JL My -ituatcd (louse and Lot on Ctli street west, between K and F streets north.? lly virtue oradeed of trust, h uing due mi fie JOlh ?'ay of F- bruary. 1853, a i?l reco ?b-d in Liber I. A. S., No. 51,t^yos rG4, &c , the soho-riitrr w>il s? ll at public .rile, on MON'OaV, t!?t! xJ.-.h day of May, 1*5*. at 5J^ o'clk p. in. on the urmsew j.nt No ??. in Square No ?!88, fronting 'Jl feet !?\ inches on Oth street west, betw. en Land Fstre* ts north, by 91 f.-et 4 inolov de-'p, with llic buildings r?:i*l improvements, consist inc oi'n lour -tory brick dwelling lions -, with aback buildin?, built r.f the best material and in the best maener, and very ioin uo .i. us. w i;h all the modi rn iinp'ovem. iits, and in all re .-pert* one of tiio most i!e ira'.le houses in Washington, and lut reccnt n bmJl. and well kno.v.i as property ot Peter Ilev iter. Ike property is situated in one of l';e J; altli and m ?-t desirable parts' of ii:e c;Jand offers to jiersnti.*. socking a ic i.h nee or investment an oppor tunity seldom occurring. The lermsofsaJe will he: One halfca h, and t!ie bn: <ri< r hi C, lj, i,-i, an I -Jl months, (<>r notes lx .r in? inteie?t fi ni uay ol sale, s<jcured h} a d? ej i:i trust udc.n the pro^ rty. If Use term : qfs?lcare no; coinp.ieil witii in :-i\ d.ijs u.'ter th?- s.ile.the prop Tt\ wi'! lie resold, upon on?r week's n tioe, at tie- ri-k a d ejpr::se of i'.e purelta-er. Ail convcvaiicing at the t xpeUae of :!ie purchaser. CH iH. 3. WALIjACH. Tri' JA^. C. McCL'lUF., ap2J-3tawii'?< > r. Ul J. C 9ieGL'll(K, Auctioneer. T>RAUTIFUI. COLLECTION CV IMr'?K 1 El) i > Engiish, Ceima^, and French Li!?,tixii)--.? I ii.; attention of a-tuts, co:i:if;issotirg, a::d adtmier aad lovers of ?'?r.a Prinis i< re-peeti-illy cii.Sed to the li;r;?a collection o! fini En-.'r.iv'i:;*, !.!!?? i'Meiria tion, now oi> ;n for cxjuiiiiiiie-t! and rale at the si r." I'ei'.nsylvaiii i avenue, two d-'ori ea-r of I4i>i k(ii i !( r a tew da>s ooly. '1 iis colltcii n i:iclud^<* linnv plea ine Mihjejt- from ?,id n.xste.- lan.Ncr.p.-s, si^ri;!!!:re pieces, sim ies, ci.iy. icu.1, an I otli?-r cle' irt. tff .rf, ni .iiv of which aie scarce, d ue in !ine fii? 7.v."'ihf, fct'j y c??Tir< 2y ?:?*\v in ?ii!s <*i:v I'.ivat-' sale tluri-5 the d.-v. Public < ?!.? ateru'.y **??> o. McuLli;?:, ap^i6-3t Auctiope^r l?r tmt.KX A, SCOTT, AurtMneers I'ALUAR' E UCILDING L'>T.-' ATAUfT.'OX V i Oh WEDNESI? AV. the 9d dnyot ??e ? '1 J-'.H i? '"?or.t <>f j'ie j.renr-"j, at ,t o'c'ock p m. L'.l No. 1, in sijiitr.- No 4 i.avo?? a front on -.tiiii street v. ,t M siviy feet, and fifty fuel on nP.ili iv si. The above is a Handsome concur lot, contait'.iti; tlifee t'iCU; oid tf:i; tre feet, fooling on the f.tret-t'-.'4 to tli- lower brii'gf, beivvei-n Georgetown and Washington. And immi di.llely after tlie c;t'e of the above we shall se.l, L<d: No*. 15 a;: ( 1?, it; Square \o. ,'h! lr<int;iii? one tiity feci six i;;e'i<'>-, t]:.; other 51 feet,' on Vireinia av. nue, betwe.-u 2Ph and 2f h we t. bav.m? an aver:?;e djpUi o. ao?ui one bundri d .tint vif en. Terms lor the fi ^t named property wiil be one fourth ea-h ; the b dance m six, twelve an.! eirht een lie hi For the seoond nr,?:? d pnip 'rty, one T.uriii cash ; in nne ai.d Uvo ytars, ir.a pi;rcba-ers, in all ca^es of i.n dit, i? gire notes btarinj inlerctt from tli" day ?aie. 'J'ifle iii.:i?putf.b!e. A deed given und a dt-ee of tru-t taken. G vEi.N x c<(,'OTT, ap 26 -J Auctioneer*. By CRKKW A SCOTT, Auetionc.r^. BRICK ANI) AT AITT'O.W- OV t* A t'U llli A Y, itie ^cjth iiisi.tiit, m ?* Ml.ill at 5 oVIoi k p. nt . on Pennsylvania avenue, betw. 6i!? and iui ilie*t<, i la sie lot of IJ*irk and Lumber tfie contents of two btics iioutes pulled down. Terms at the sale. GRRKN ii 9C?' l'T, npr ii?d Aueuoiie?>ij. By WALL, llAKNAitO ^ CO , Aqctl. 1.?Xi.E!>LF.NT FUIINITUHK ANI) KITCHEN k.que;tee ??t Auction.?On MONDAY morn I'nf, the -i^th iiutant, it 10 < 'clock, wi -hall sell, at tin-Idte t:( Mrs J. IV \\*. Thompson, do c: a.-ed, s: uaied on tjie ii. rth side of E si., In twetti 1-Jth and 13th >tre t-, a 1 Iter Furniture arid Kitchen Keijui-ites. con?;?tinir in p>rt of Mahogany Itureau.', CVoruro!,; s, VYa'distaitJa In* .^?de Titbits, wuinut llairack I'.edsle.tds, IJeus, Maitr s?.es Sola, Lounre, Carpets, Oilcloth Cane s-at and other Chairs Pa.lor, Cook and other Stovea ls.-.f , Crockery ware, Sic. Also, the stock of Fancy Goo,!?, Cu.^e?, fe"., in the store underneath. Also, one !:?:?" Show t;a>>e. Te/sis : All of and uit.le,- i-JVczsli; over | i'; a credit ot UOJand Ci) day^ Jor notes satufacL fiiy endorsed, beating interest. WALL, BARNARD & CO., Aucu. ap 'Jo ?d S. Will OH T, Auctioneer. OSOHaKiC^N I)OKTO RICO FUG AW AT A UCT1 ON.?ON MONDAY lie*:, :b ? ,')Ot'i instant, ai 1-2 o'el'k, f;I r. ft A. II. IIihI ;e*s Wharf the cargo (if the barque William Chase, from jJayaguex, consisting of? 3 8 l!OgslitaJj p:ime Sugar. El) S WKiGH T, r.pC8?iUs A ucti-ineer. I-y dt Oi Jii, Aucllcucsra I^XCCLLENT l URNFi URE and llr.u . h d l E: J feels at An ti-^n.?Oil TUESDAY mora ins AI;ty 1st, at 10 o'i lock, at tin residence of lion. M. "?tucdonald, north -?id-- ofG strsiet, near l.r:b str< et, 1 .shall su'l aii bij furniture and household effects, c o-i p:i.-ing La wtbV-i.i r si v. ocd I'ianj Forte, by Knabe it Gable Luliimore Crimson p!t; h covered Sofa, Rocker, Parlor Cliair, ai i! Ott(.man3 Eie^iui French plate Pier Gl-^, with Si;.b and Urac':et ??I.irb!e-top enrve! rosewood Centre Table Wiiatiiot, Rout Tabled, Lamb o Chairs JnU.-il.i Carpets, Mattir:', Dtug^-ig Hail ..-ome VVirdow Shades, Clock Girandole.', iichemian Glass aad F^yptiart Vasn MsxhOjiAky Lit-ii-im Table, D;amg Cliaus Leather covered Loun^s l'evolvijig Oifici Cliair \Yainut Sidt boar.I, Puilt r'.i Tray iiambome walnut hijih post IJediti a l.ti l.Iy eatv. d Marble top Dre^in^ Cabinet and Wasbsuuds to match Toil.;t Sets, P?ycb( GJass W?,rk Tal.I^, Ila.-y C!;airs R'ue Enaine|U;d l,'olln^c Suite Superior curled h&ir .Mattronea I'of tors and Pillows Walnut Ciiba d Mattress, Trundle Hdslcad (,'l:i .a T> a Set, ^r.'iiiti1 ?)inm r ^V."kle Silvi r plated Ca.-tors, Ta!d? (,'u:lery Excellent Cook Stove ami fixtures' J'ogctkrr witba^ asser.n. ntoflloujekcrp :ng articles. Ivrms .:! sale: i:;<l under cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty aid ninety days, for approved eu dorsed notes bearing interest JAS. C. McGUIRE, ?p2">??_ Auctioneer. II/ UIlKblM A hCOTT. Anctlonrcri, \TAI.UAIiLE IMPROVED PROPCUTY NEAR the Catitol, at Au-tiiri.-(Ja MONDAY, (he 3Jth ins'ant, we shall sell, tn front of the piemises, at 6 o'clock p ni., a nearly n?-w brick ail l !"ra:ne llnu e, three stories rnd ce!lu.r; the lower klnry and (??liar are (1 brick, the two npp r Tories are o' f/arne. Th8 a'.ove ducrihed ptop?-rtv is titnaliid fr mting on let >tr?? t east 31 fed 10 ini-hee, running I a.'k 1?0 feet, l.ctvveea C tiiid I) streets north, being p.-ii I of Loi No. 8, in Square 651, caot of the railroad Depot and near tiie Capitol. Also, p rt o: vacant Lot No. 7, In ?ame rqu ire, a Ij.iiuir.g the above, having a front of30 lee" by IOC f.-et de- p. 'Firms: One half cash; the baiancc in 6 and 12 ui mills, the purchaser to ^ivo notes for the deferred payments bearing interest from the day ol the sale A deed givi.n and a de^d of trust taken GREEN Ik SCOTT, ap ^4 ?d Auctioneers. 3y A. SCOTT. Auctlotieers. riMIRER VAl.UAHLE WORK HORSES, Carw, X VVa^on and Harn-^sat Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 27th ins: , we shall tell, at 10 o'clock t;. ai the stable* of Mr Phillip Gor?sleyl &ki jij f st west, te.ween L and M stieeis ncr?h, three valnable woik Horses, Carts, W^ou and Ilarneu. Terms i Ail kui^s of and under $50 cash ; over $50 a credit of 00 and !H) days, for notes .MUtracto rilj endorsed. m * green it acorr, op 25?d Auctiotiei rs Anction Sales. My J V. BlcOUlUfe, Auction**!. \r?RY SUFERIOR AND HANDSOME Fl'K nitnie, Ko.?ow?nJ Piano, xc , 4t I'uMic Ail" thin?On IVltiNDAY morning, April $Hli, M JO o'cl'H k, HI the rest d nee of Mts. J. It Itrnvn, Ta. avenue, between I I'll and loth is, imm* dial* ly opposite Willards* llot-l, I >hall sail all of her*le ?rant Fnrniture and Housekeeping Effect*, vl* : Superior rosewood c??e seven octwe Piano Forte, Ly Nunns Furlw-r, N? * York r.iir ol * !cc*i*it rosewood medallion Sack Sofa?, fin ished in rich blue gold *atin damask p.iir of crin son p'usli ccvm! I etc J TVtc ^ofs.?. Rocker, and Parlor Chair* to li r'til of i;..lii rosewood medallion bac* Parior Chair* finish' d in cotton Lan.U.;..* marb'ctop f"onIre TaLlu I'.'in!- i !a'e <r!!t t'iMi Pier lilacs SI li nrd Hrackou V Jv?: Parlor and Stair Carpet*. R":r? Elegant daini-k Window Curtains, with nr-lrty tv??rked Lace Curtains, Cornice and F xtrtre* Sj .lrrior r>-? w ?>.and male-ganv Hw>inj Bureau* and IVulmianiU with marble top* Hinlsorne ro?p\vood and mahogany Frcneh and K tzabethiaii Bedsteads Y.rv superi ?r rurb <1 hair ani spring Mlttre?sei R. Isters ar.u Pillows, hu<k do 'l'wo lino mahogany IVardio'i s < '.irivts,<'urtair?, r-l.asi**. I hair* Handsome carved walnut Extension Table M tirble top Sideltoard, f1. litre r.-t'de French d-ning Chairs, S.h Taitlexs Walnut atved French Sofa i on Reclining, Easy Chair llandrome mahogany IlHrarx (Fill Oilcloth. Vemiian Itiiuds !>;,utifol ?"ld band From h t'hina Dinner Sot S.I /i-r 11* CI usware l.arL*e Hobby llorsc. Cnil rcn'e Chairs (.'o -kins Snve, Kitchen Uteii-ds, kc. Thr* above Furritare is ofmiperior make and fin i.-b, and in ??Tcellont ??rder. TcrGft ? and under rash; over that sum a v*r? dil of-2 and 4 month*. for nolen satisfactorily on d'jrsod, hearing interest. JAMES C. M( CL'IUC, npr 23?d AactiuuM'r. liy J. C.Mi OClUS, A?<ctlon?cr. '? kus'irxs sale ?*f valcuh.k house I and Lot. Fy vi'tue of a ?b*e1 r.t trust foni IV. F. Ami ii Mi-I ?i. ?, ic Htinu' due on the 6;t? <!:iy <? JajuM'y, If -1 J'.n.l i;'cordo?! ir. L;'?r J A. S.. No. 7U, :oI:ms y.?tj. 317, 31!'. sub ri"??-r wi'l mJI, at |4ihiie nk, on THUK^DAT, Ike Skk ?'av' of Apfi', 1 at L o'olook m , on tde pr. n?i siv- on Fir-l ^ir- i t t a?l. b< ' X and O rt -opiIi p ;rt ot I. >t No. r>, mi ni|?ar?* Mori: (>i No. T frontinc '-'J If' t 11 iin it- ? on F.r*t -lro? t *, I?y T.% O-.-t iio?'p. on a Gil !?vi .;?! y, ingt-liur with ill* hnili! iii^s nn I ii:i|. i>vi'iui iis. n.-i i < l a woJ! and si|t?st iit:ai!y; t?w -t i.-y dw? I mj; I:. :: ??. 'I'lie friii* off! li wi-i !. ?: (lie 1..;!!'? a li, rtnd tl:f 'ni.'iin'i' .'li I' i'i: I at f? an i 12 r:ioiith?-'. f< r iioti-8 ?>? t-i:'; ii. ? r. si f.-.?m ::ay of faie, rocured l?j ?:.kI Hutu-.! ti, .hi ilf p.- t.T.y. If ;li'" ?"??!? oi": :di nr.- int rcn ptinl v. ith in ix day- n::"r tli'_' sale the pn-tw rtj 'W-. ?, rt>oid, s>i the ri.?A a:id h;h r.s*' of,!..- pur<ir.-? r CHAo. s. WAJil.Ai'll. Tn:-tee. JA.S C. MiCUIUE. pp Is?? oStd=; Am'.o.nt-er. L'y J. C. floGsJIlifcl* Auctioiuir T M I'KOVED PROPERTY AT THE \AYV t Yard ;:t Pnh'io Auction.?< >n Tl'EsDA^ after :..)'mi, >lay Mi. at f>'( o\-l-!ok, oa ti c ".tiii.-.?*, I ii :Ii soil i.ol N ?ul, in Sin re \... t ^.','-i!uP.ioi at ' < ? iit? -r of so'.;t!i i. aii.2 S. v? t?ili -trool-' ea?i, T'i::u.t2 -ti feet "a .-nutii i< ft'eot. t.y 7! fi. i on 7 }; str<it,\,i;h the iiiipri.v- iif 'iis, c>n.<.isti::g oi thrto Im-.-k a'.t! oar Irani-- ti xt'iiag hoi(s?>. Tertnii: One '< tinh ra#jt: ti? in C, 12 an J aad li inentiw, for n *? rur< ii my >t dooii of tin>t tut the r.i< utiles? I.ouitn? i' l-'itM. JAd. C. McGUiRE, r.pSl?eofcd^ Anctior.cer. liy j?. a. WiUOHT, A uctloucer* G?orn?to>Tx-. :i RCSTEE'.J SM.F. OF VAI.CARI.E P.EAE I E-tai.1, St? atn E .^n -. >!a. hi-.tay, ?F.y v,r !?;.> of a d< e.1 of date.! ;ii? litn Cay ot S? pt- m l.or, Icil, and d'ily r?'-'?i'r -tl, ;J?e > !!sci:l> r-, as filiate, s, w i";l sflj, at aa? ti'iti, ??? the i roaii??>5. ?.n M< :VJ? A the :'t)tli day of Apiil, at -1 ??>?<?( !? p tn . lit ? f iHow.n-j Lull ia Coorgotown, with Jic- it.ip:o?o tiietKs, v?r.: l.ou27 and 37 in Prt-r Fonuy at Hawkins' a.!di ti !! t > '?? orsetown, ji-i d '?.!?? liuts'.itil on l?n i?e nn^ ? ri.' jaiiiij r.a *k to Prt.-pect street, 'i li' im 1'ioy. :?|. iii? < on- ' t of a !ararid ?u:>- nntiai frame li!:i'dinff. wi'li a Steam Ei?g:n** of fi:t< lii |i ir-e pow er, t<i et.,i;;:l. t.' riiiitiini! urui r, t?:,io'li?'r with a van civ *:f V ii?irt!? ?? Machi nery. 'i t.r .per . <* H.'tn'r:'' ly a-*a;it.-d for ca:r.i?i2 rn rts l)iiM ie*s r* <!'ii.i'-_'loom :t*ul an a'.n-idant feiip j ly <?: v- :?t< r ; i. tit.' r. n i^tt u~ U< l!i? C?i? s. j? ako ant! Ohio Cnntl. it afl'.rds l^oilit'os foi reeoiVr g^?lp ;.!;?? ? of fuel. &?*., r t oh. ap nitrn. It i_; deem d unneee< ary t > ;ive a furih- r ?Iesnip tioa. as f v - ry one u i^hina to v. ?'l Ue <;.?? n ll-e orot?'rti oa ai'j'i e alio a i.. the Auctniceer. Vf- 'Flie pt p- iiv isj.ipriv.a< u..ul the day of sale A p'y to iho Auctiooot r or Tmsteoa. Tctins at .ho sale. JOSEPH Lin BY, JOHN H. Kl.V i, flru tee?. E. U'HIwHT, apr 17?law&.|* Aactione r. Dy E< S. WniCllT, Auc;ion?erf GSftUGETOVVN. "1 rEUY DESIRE RLE PniYATG RESIDENCE Y at Auction.? 1'.;. vnMo of Uio authority ve-te.l in me hy the la-; will ana ti ?Util-Mil of Emily Cor ouron.a-.I, I v\?il at ntiblio nu.'lton,on \v EIINLSDAY, tjj. 'J.l May n> xt, at 5 r'c!.??k p in. t ttie t;:.h?>t iiniiii r, ?.a tiie preaii>os, tho v. ry de fir'tide I --t, and dwoiliae h .u.-e thereon, late the r?-? idi-tice of ho deceased, rituated r.n Wotl .-t., 1^' f.voen Copir- ?<? arl Washington streets, George town, cno oj the n.<-st d? siraH;.' ;.arts of ttie town for p private r.r.-.d. nee. The hois?e e ;i : tin* pari rs. two kitchen#, nti l other r ? ihk, in ali 11, bc^idos a tine collar; ami Miitable !or a (arg- t tmUy. Fhcio u a go<Ml cis tern in the yard, an ! oth? r oovon onces, including a staMf, s-epar.atod tiom t!?o hr.u.% F-t by an alley p a;Ki? on Wa:hinetoii cireet; and iho title to the wl:o|t? i^ believed to l.? urque$4ionab't*. The lorn-aol'nale are on : t.'anl ea-li, a'id the bal ance in ono and two \earn, wi'h intirect* the d? - furred payiniuu t j bo secured by a deed of uu-t ? n tiie pruportj'. If tin: terms r,ro not cotuplied with wiUiin f.vo :iay-i 8ro tiie day of taie, tl:.- Mibscr her re- orvej: iho n?lil to r? -soil liie prop.'.tv, on or.c week's pnli Lo notice, at the risk and cosiuf On; delin<;u nt pur t ha-er. All conveyancing a: e.?-; of pun has* r H. (.'. A I THEWS, FlcCUtoro* Eiiii'vC'>icr*ran,dec? ;Lstd. EDWARD ri. WRIGHT, ap 19 -eon Atii'tt uie<*. liy J. V. aicdUUlK, .WUlonccr. fpUESTEE'd SaLL OF IMPROVED PROPER 1 ly:?tin UAY al'u rn-ioa, A ril ill, at;? o'-.-'.o^v, oil tl." pri n.sos, by Orttm c.. wo deeds oi tru. t. to t!;.: Mile.oti'.icr, Oiie ii i.:ii :y 10 1*47, am: rocoalcd in lib- r ?V P. . No. 131, f?:io Kill, fco , t' o'lio- ''.blod Ja .o 151, 1S17, recr-rdc-' in !.'.iei W. I'., No. EC. lotiu -i7d, Jwc . tv.o of the land re<tirl. lor Wathui-tosi . ? ui.ty, ia iho ??" t, I th:UOvl , on the pfcmicuf, hits r.;':rrd !0, 11, 13, 1 J, \o, and U?. in square Vo 3A5,!ro!it.!igen |l|ti -iroeUVcjt, bettvoen F ai.J C^Uo t? .-snili, r. itil tno iaipr..vcii.e:-,t<, oi lis ting of an cxce.lnit two slory brick dwt lliug hou !s. 'Fi .ins : One third ra h ; the re>i-'ne in t-ix, twelve ami eighteen mouth*, with iuUTo. t, to ho secured to the! of the trust#;;'. NICHOLAS CALL Vv Trustee. J AS. C. McGLit.E, mat 7? co Auctmnwr. (tj-Tuc ahovt i/ih iu paitpontJ un til 'MIF'USDAY aiunmon. iiay ? t, same hour aud p'ac-i. N. CALL AN, Trustee. JAMES U Mct.CIUE, ap 3? la'.v&d-^ Auctioneer liy J. C. McUl'lKL, Auctioneer. ri'Rn<TEF/S SALE OF IDjC.E AND EOF 1 lie .r the N ivj \ a.'d ? <5u FK1 DAY tfu-nmuii, Itli, at 5 .iVIrwk, o;i th- preti.ts< ?!. ;l.e stt'.^cri bora will f< II, 1 y \ i ?i?- of a di .1 of iru t, oato.i the 2Jt!i Mar-'h, lt52. and duly rei ord. <1 in Lite r J A. S., No. 40, toli-js 319. &c.. one ot the I >n i reeo'.h for \Va-lii:iAlai. county, I ol N ?. 1 iu S.,'ir?r. 'JJ6, itnateil ai the corner of G ?"r.'*'t s*.u:li anu 9.i< >i. e.i-1, under a gr u'.d n nt of >-iJ p r auburn for ia?* j. 'riod of ninety nine y*-tir<, troni t?epi? nihor If.'h, ltil. with the i.iiprovemcnis, coi.b -i.iij of a two story frame D velunj* w i:h back building. Terms at .-aie. J NO W. MeKItf, ? tmna RICH H. CI.MIKE \ JAMES C. McGCIRE, mir 24 law&da Aueti-m-'er. By <>Rk.UAi A ftCOVYf A uct ioattri. flARUS'FEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AND X Kitchen Furniture at Aucti mi.?On WEDNES DAY. the 2J d-v of May, I si a'l sell, at the resi dence ot Henry 11 -ldwin. E.-q., ..t liie corner ol :2th a':d II rtroeu, ?t 10 o'clock a. m , by virtue of a .ie* of truM from said Baldwin to the ?. b>oriber,h?ari! g date Ute27th day of February, 1-55, and duly record ed in one of iho land lecords for VVashingh u county in the Di-trict of Coluuibia, a I the goods and i tels specified in said deed, viz: Sofa, pa.lor, aim readme andoihr r ( haii3 V-ihogiiny Centre, Card and other Tables Three fine painted F'ottacc Chamber Feather Reds, Pedding Hair and chuck Mat re-,-^ China, Glass and ware, Table Cutlery Patlor, stc. r aud Chamber Carpet^ CUcloOi Lo'-j^,-. ??%oiiet Wash and other Siaitd-i Lot Roo^, Slmvi 1 auJ Totyi | Cooking, Radiator and rthc i Stove a VYuh a uood lot of kitchen R? <^ii?ite?. Forms , All sums of ?nd under .405 cash ; oyef a credit of 60 and nine y days, foj i>ati#factaiily endorsed notes, bearing inleresi. C. W. BENNETT, Tinstoe. CIIEEN 81 SCOTT, ow21 ?eofcds AM*mtn. TELEGRAPHIC. REPOUtMl n>B 1Mb DAILY EVENING BTAB. Detail* by the Afriot Eorto*. April 26 ?The Africa arrived here at quarter-past eight this morning. II er maila wilt l?ave in the afternoon train. Bostoh. April 26 ?The Arts mad* the rnn front Halifax in 51 hours. After leaving Hal. ifax, <ne of the p&r?;nger? raitsed aix hondrcd jcun Is sterling, which is supposed to have been stolen. On her irrival here no comma Lie at ion * .is allowed wi?h the ship, and ? general fetich cf the passengers took place, tho result ol which hat cot transpired The j apcrs by the Africa contain but little intelligence in addition to what has hereto fore been transmitted by the wires from Hell fax. A despatch dated at l>over, Ajril 13th, states that thn Nepmne, of 120 guns, with twelve sail of the fleet., under the eommaad of Hear Admiral Cochrane, were moored in Dover bay, a waiting the arrival of the Inape? rial vukori fixm France. Latdat frctn Havana K;w Orleans Apiil 28?j}y an arrival we have have Havana dc<*< cf the 2Jd Every thing quiet. ihe San Jtcinto and l'rincetan were at Ha vana. ihe '.eft on the 17th. Cone. MoCau'oy Lad not entered upon his cffi^ial Julie*. Su^-b were rather inactivo, and it wax be lieved that the croj-s would be short, and the planters anticipate un increased demand. ^a?<tativyns were unaltered. 1 reights to l. irope had declined Freight* *o iLe Unitid States rem ?iuei firm Arrival of the Stcxmsr St. Lonis. New Vohk, April 23.?The steamship St. Liui.s of the Havre liae, arrived here at hal:' p st seven this morning. Her Earopeon news wjs anticipated by the Africa. ihe St. Louis gover.ty-five passengers, amorg whom arc Mid. La Grange and the other members cf I^iblo's opera troupe. On the 19th of April, lat. 50 23, Ion. 33 55, the St Lotii parsed thesieainer Union, bound e?t. On the 211, lat 42 14, long. 61 47, passed tiie Jicrth Star. lho licrttann arrived at Southampton on ! tho evening tf thc7Lhof April. The I?ew Orlcaca Teste aster. Xr.w 0iJL*?R8 April 24 ?Postmaster Ken iall wa- arreted by Mr. Blair, a special agent oT the Poit OjE?c Department, upon the charge, it is said, of having purloined a letter belong ing to Wills, Rawlins & Co., containing $600. Kendall gave security in the sum of $10,000 or Liu appcaraccc to answer the charge JLovement of the Jamestown. CnAr.LrsTu?f, April ??th ?The alocp-of war Jame.towa arrived at Key West on the liih. She left Havana on the day previous. Cctto* Market.?Sales to d*y of 1.&00 bales at Eakiinore Markets. liALTix^RE, April 2<>.?The mirket is dull. r>car is quiet. Howard is held at SI0.7y Wnoat L lowiir ; sales of red at $2,S3i$2.60 ; wiiita at $2 6aa^2 7J. Corn is dull; small stitsol white at I Jt ?1C2 ; jello-v, lO-Ul OGc. Titvr York ila'kots New Vosk. April 26 ?Cotton is firm, with an u->?&ri tendancy. Flour is dull, with a declining tendency. Sen*hern fiour is lower ; s ties ct 10 J bb'.s at $10 7iaS11.50 Wheat is itneaacged v. Ith a limited demand at previous rates. Corn is lower ; mixed U2all3o. Pork ic u;,war*J and firm. Beef unchanged Lard is firm and tendency upward. Whiskey? Ohio is firm ; sales at 3uao7o. Kew York Stock Market. New York, April 26 ?Stocks are dell and lower. Money is unchanged Sales at the Crsc board of trie Railroad at S8; Cleveland ??.hi Toledo ltailroid. 764; Cleveland Cclum '.us and Cincinnati Railroad. I04j; Camber land Coal C^uiptny, 2y; Resdirg Railroad. 85 230; Canton Company, 27 bbO; Indiana 5'a, S4i; \ ir^lnia G's, y7f: Misauri 03. 8TBA MDOAT IttXCDUIIOM. LANDING 0F TIIE PILGRIMS. (le'fhrativn of tLe landing of tk* Pilgrim Fathers of Maryland at St. Mary's City, ?S:. Mary's cottntv, under tk' auspices of ike ! itilvdewite Society of Lreorgetoto*. 'f'HE Cr>m*;iiltoe oi Aira.'T^Miiniis ol iLe Young I CaUit.Ucrs' i'lit ud 8>?cus>, of thu _ ci r have the tiuiior oi annnuurir.c I 11* ? r;:.zciis m lVu6tiinjh<n rnJ its vicinity, Uiac ">? v h;?v." c!ia'it-r?ii tlr- well known autl poi-ular st<*Matr (iLOUUL WASUlNiiTOX, for tilt atxjw .ii'nti? n< ?l Lit un ion. Tlic i.-fice of Ti.keti for tho entire trip u $5 nrh. Tli' V can be procuml at lh? fiHowin; Drng 8ihu: Kidwolt & Lawrence, c^rttct ol' 14tit Ftrfri and '"??iiiisyi vania avenue ; Caiman V, comer oT 7U? and -tr?cia; Marlni F. Kn ? 's. I'uiiiqlnaia avenur: i .? It. OiirkvV. c*?rn?r lit llth ar?l MaryiaM uv.'iiUi?; 'no r. b>luV Vaiivty Store, P?-nn?jIviaia He; A. Kennedy'^ lt'?oli-tore, 7th street; 'i..| If tai Ftaucic SJcNetiiai<y. Naval Storekti per, | S:.vy Yard. Adthe nuUi'.K'r of t>^Ut? i? limited, pereoas de if.'i- ol fciijtnmj 'Id' !u:<t< -tins Exeurviua -r?' p?r ucutarly n-qm-sied to make < arly ap|>litaiinn as " hove < r t.? a-iy' ;il iti.i <t<>mn?Nte? oi Ar incus, a.? ii?<? al'i will he closcJ on Saturday <ven'iip, the liJls May next. Ana.igtiuetiU liav?t h< >u luade Mk id, ti:e proprK> t..?"?<l l'uiey Point Pavt!!inn ul.urihy c<>uifonnhi'' tcc<>iiiiuuda(i4'n^ ti?r Uie l>c ttcured durin>r ih- Lveui^ion. 't iieUtorge Wa.-hir.rt n ^vltl leave the Steamtioai VVha?f, at the f'Wt <u ll;h stjeet,<?!i KONDAV tn - the l tih .M.:y ie xt, a' 3 u'cIik k. and wilt re tarn about - p. :u. ???i .he t?iluwi:iz Woduesday. J Jll.V CAStROLI. HkENT. \v.vt A KI'.WUHY, CKORtii; HAltVEY, J< ?H*? T. C*S?ELL, FRANCIS M.NERI1ANY, 1'iMua.Uee ot Airangeracnts. f.p 21 ?TuThSaiil MISS CCNniNUIIAid'S SCHOOL, Vill :.n; Gruve. S. v -litli ptree- Rua.l, 1 ^ mile? from the City ff It'ii- ton. 'pr.H .lilti?*i.f this Sehw.1 will <Miubi<*Bf MON A DAY, the ui April. ? f the buuther of pt: piU will !te limited, thue- ? ho u to avail th? in ^?"ives vyl its advantages, ?l?ouM i:,ake a? early an ap plication us |?Ml4e. 'i ll ? couise ol liutructiou Will b^ UeTnurh and com; letefni;?j will <*t: brac<* all the Ei^l?h hrarche^ u?:i;hI y taught in tli:* U-sl seliools, together with \tu ic, Trench a:.-l Latin. Terms made known on application to the Princi pal. * ap21?2w* pitlVn.XC UFFICE Fna HALK?THE 8UB Jt* M'riher oU"<*r> lii< unti e '?lab'i-h.nrnt in Georj< - :<>w:i for . :Je. The material are *nod, ani evety ti.ii:^ n qi'i?u* t<>r the |*ri:>tiac ?-* * paper. To a p. :mi-i ?nh a su:a!l capital uic lnvesinient would bo a profitable ?<ne. A. L. SETTLE. ap2l-3t NOW BK l.'iO UECklVKb A f?,'plyof every article in lint Co-cj, line, inrludiiiK 20t? yards of our A No ^ Cauvas.-', 5J inches wide C<ll ear' v ' EL VANS Si TndMrSOX, 3IO Pa r.v., brt'.^n uh and ltlth et*. aP -?!?1 w (lutelkt k&U') D THIS ! .Maeic ''r,iin([ rre?*. Iwprttwioo \j Pap r, and Mauih I j vVru?-.-, t^>r loiinf unpre* from Leaves, t'lanK. or F .wt rn. Al*i, for copying i'ktuu s, Patter# lor ?ir.broidery, niarkfng Linen an*', othci Hrtkte*. iu<ir?ibly and p.Ttat?le and manifold Wr.tet, k r wfitihii u'lihont pen or ink. The abeve i:nui>*d paper has been ?ck?owleS|?4 by toll w ikj have u^ed it. io be ihe mo?t nuefol article rjtaat. Manntacinred ?nd ?U by IOHN CROW LEY, 4H 7 Eighth *1, between Louisiana avenue and I) Ktroet. I'rvce ^5 cor.ii r package, cf lou.' different colors ? Ula^k. blue, red Lnd g ten-5 packr-gc* to ^1, cr tfti (xv ?icsuu. On the receipt f-f the money bv mail (prut paid) nt the above j.iicen, the pajier will be a*nt lo n.y p-art of the Uni .:4 hUtea Willi tu:l prmt?d dirie lionr, free of posture. N. U.?All ordtr? i lompilv utcmL-d io, i'5 3.*

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