Newspaper of Evening Star, 24 Aralık 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 24 Aralık 1860 Page 3
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MM" A I. NEWS. OUR CHRIST HA ? DIRECTORY. Jl?w*?n Slocitm. at W*tktngt*H, DC, l? ku rowjin Jotkua Tfcr*ox, Cat k an tt Landing, Stmt* of Maine. Dear Joah, II railly air *orpr1sln Tha way this city k<*<?pa a rlatn? Its jest about u jjood as new Sance yeou wus here In '52. I dout beliava the hull creation? Can show a pur tier location For bizneaa, h-ith or stttywasbun -Ytou rit I bleere fer roe tew say How twaa here ta a b!z'?eaa way, 11 kalkelate y eou ve sum ldaar .Maybe af emigratin here ) I speae you want a ginral sbowln lip. of wot ia heer * dewin; Will I've been bobbin rftoondthe ttawn N'4 pot !t at! beer ritten daown. Ita iucb a tbnndrln hew letter A'ritten on this foolscap paper, I gi>eas I'll print it In the Star \\ hlch airkelatea moat every whair, And save the postage tiieaa tite times K*r change Is scare and dimea are dimes. ?koitgr-aa aud Krisinaa yeoul remember Make bixneas brisk here in December.. The folks beer a! nt so easy skeert By cryaiaes and look as peert. As if the hot-beds and that aort'o Chaps wer dewin as they'd orter UftOCKRIlS AND CXIATUKK COMTOBTS. Tbe Grocers make a ibow I tell yeou. Tbe world* ball projeuce tbey ran wil yeou; 1? reject be?n sampling things at Parkt'r'*, H. C Ptr.ijf'i, f Barbour't, King f BurcktW* (great on teas) Dan' Jose pk (ditto, he ia) O Brum rd<> varieties) Murray B Whit* f Co , <*. Pear ion. K*nn*dy f Pugh, L A. Otlheig, MtdUltton Stall? All thrte he* fust-rate goods to sell. Boot*. Shoes, Ac Boots and sboea baa Hoovtr, S P. Fit yeou be kin tew a nicety; So kin Hoortr, A , or Hotonthal, iirijftm f Brother or A I hit mil, Forrttt | Payne or K F Hall; A nd near by W?ii is Cummin ?i- C#-, And on tbe same iTth) street lfi*4i>r f Brj , Dlt'o Anthony nearer tbe avenue. Also on 7th street, afu*r s little travel you, Come to the I aland (tore of Qtorg* C Henning, Who for a young man makes a good beginning; Gets the right sort of goods sad then advertises, And that's the reason why so many patronize hla shoe, hat, snd clothing store. but not least, there's a couple more, Hirmon Burns and Giorg* his brother. J halnt seen better nowhalr nuther, For purty fit n'd fust-rate luther. Boon, Stattonebt, Ac. . A book, tbey say a the standard X mus present, My Eunice says taint evynessunt, Hut is a thing of joy forever (Hposin it has a good still kiver.) Ttiere's Skthing'.en (yeou kno tbe Kurnul) Jest lias the most eternal l.ot of books and aich like vrares Yeou ever lit on ennywhares; 1 tell ys wot its wuth ver while Tew see the pspers. pile on pile, The Trtduntt. Sum and S.ars? His store Is crowdld when the cars tJ-I .... I. Ilu V Vnrk 01 iUK IH ?u?- ?* t " I Via wi?j wuuuv, All crammed with murder*, crvaisea, and ?ich new*. ?Uta atorv paper* aell like fan loo, One baa the leading run tbo'? The greatest aheet in any age or Kedntry?tfce ?? York L'dger, Ktt for by Cobb and owned by Bonner, Tber's no mistake, It la a atunner' Francis Taylor\\ atore la oddiab. kinder,? A curious front with nary winder; A piece of atattywary marks tbe spot, A S^ger-head of Walter Scott, Who In bis time was jest aa famous, And aa a writer bad a name as High as Cobb dux at this day, So I heer booklah people aay; Kf yeou want furrin booka or noahuns. He'll aeud and git 'em crosa the oahun Hla brother Hu tson keeps up tarder, C t> iVayry ] nis pmraner; Their stock '? tremenjas, eve?y nook And corner crammed with books Home-made book* and book* that's foreign, Fast as they sell they're puttln more in. Next door amost Is Solomt?.? f Pkilp, Who guv the bansuin prints to Albert E (Guelp)? (Sweets tew tbe sweet, prints to the Prince)? And Albert F.dard had 'em sent Away daown east to Portland. .Maine, Whair be tuk ship fer Lome again They've trot a jam up hansum store \V lth books aud plcters by tbe score. Bl<**ckard f Mokun cat a swell "With books and other things as well; Stashunery. artists tools. Picter-books. and books for schools; Thev've got tbe biggest store I've seen. Aud everything so bright and clean. A ad Sk'fkerd, down on 7th and D, J eat makes a spread that's good to see, He offers cheap, doz blzneaa squarely, And any chap must git up airly W ho sells more literary wares thsn he dux More books than Shepherd, W D , dux. Bayly'* sold eout ter French f Rtchstttn, it'renrk yeou knew with Pratt la Ills time,) They're opened with a fast-rate stock, Their big long store Is ftltod up chock With books and stationery nosnuos? Plies. and stocks, sad cords, aad ochuns! A ad then we'H g?t a "Gift Bookstore" I'd bar too know At No 476 Pennsylvania avenue Era*j f Cm., who sell for aotbln or next akla, N'd moreover maaage to throw a present la. Mrsic ajd Mvsical Ijutrumbnt*. Ellii sells the -'Chickenu^'' pyanny. And Mttitrett the ditto dtelnway,"? The "overstrung." I b leave they say, Some newish wrinkle in the music way; He aUo hu tome other kinds, So foika kin suit 'em tew ther minds. F.acb has a nasbun hansum store? Kilts where Davis kept before. And Metzerott on Eleventh and D, "itar Bulidin" corner, a famous place to see. To jame the thlag they hev'nt got is no go, They've alngla book* where I*, ei. do. go, Cllmbtn up all ia a row, ao; And where V1-06 sin? eout rigsrojs, Or simmer aaown affnuofo, Tis marked tew lei yeou know so. They re drums and Bfes aud concertinaa, Banjoes, UddlfeS. tlutes, dutinas, Operas and operetteia, (Notes and wot they call librettars.) Kt cetera, et ceterer. Their stores are thronged, jest uow. you'd better Believe,? and country peupie write by letter? Write tew them to jms-Seud A fust-rate Krismas present. Hats, Caps. Ac. Furs, bata, caps aud fine umbrellas Are article* that few can sell aa Low aa Af?>*r Y. Devi*; And any chap who wants tew cava his Cash and git a fust-class thing la apt to call at " Todd's new Building." And then on Tth street, there's Anthony, W ho daals on a plan that he A rgys la best far buyer and seller; Keep* no books, ana lets no feller Make bad debts, which, of course muet come, Not out of thoee who trust 'em, But from the cash-paying custom. SmiU, further up, No. 460, Has the gumption tew glre hla place publicity, Advertise*free 'ndsellsaaoiuchaathenext one c? I I'll go It stronger)?or any other man ! ,'p lltb street way there s if. O (iladmon, Ha* bets In cords, and nary 41 bad un." A hanauui stock has B H. Shntmelx, Further up, jeet on the square next. *RD VIS1T1SO CilM They uy J oab, yon air bankertn utrr Mim .Nuk'T Ana. the deocon'a darter; A ad abound yeou tlx things fer tew ou?rry, 1 apekelate that yeou'll not care a Continental dern for the expeuaea, Hut aend for carda and tbinga at Dtmpsty't And 0 T?oi' s, or Cro*rUy'* at tbe '.National." Who dew it up In fashion fer all. Jiwilit, Clock*. Watchis, Ac. The li*lis bev lately moved down town A t^wr? or two, am oat tew Browns' ? (Considered by tbr ginerality of folks about tbe beat locality Fer btzaeas In tLe city)? Whair tuey bev bilt au edy Plre that rnM clean through to C atrcet. Tta jest tbe pnrtieat out?at least it Alat aurpaat by anytbin hereabout, N d lew see a liner one I dont keer about TLalr aiock. it's allowed lew. jaet take* tbe ah! trc ni tnytbln out la tbe jewelry line? Kri^ai a town clock dcwn tew a diamond pia iPor farther pa rtlkel era inquire within ) i baatuM ?bow baa H O. Hood too, Of artielea cbeap. new and good too? ISo pinchbeck muff filled up with atxider' He oianefactera lew to order? ftiaa tbe w. rk dun on tbe a pot din he, *?Vareby be kuoa lu wot it oiter be S^mAtm. al>uv, ia mitey fameua Ftff uaty j<*w'iry, and ibe mime be a Got W wutb tew biro a fortin, Briagii coatoaiera cavortiu Tew Kit t tier atork of bia at lectin, Aa aartin tew be tbe kor rect thing Leteu, Smm, hex mad*- hta pile By dewlu thing* ia fuaUrale atyle; Mia aon. tew, hanaum and perttte, km ahuw aa article jeat rivbt Tew make a feller bay't. Far clocka, the people go tew K?6??aea, Tm-im i being the bobby he'a ea. He hag all aorta. braaa and wood, ?ella rua cheap aad aeila coa good, W arranto 'em t?w run cloa oa I' eternity, Or eiae yet moaey be'U return tew pa. It's ginraly allowed to take a forriner Tew fix a watch. 'Taint so, fer Warriiur, Down town, knows every part N"d cog-wheel of a watch oy heart Cruit, a fust-rate man, is gone I His widow still routiners on The blzneaa at the same old stand:? No better place tew bay at la the land ! Machine Skwixq and Siwme Macbisbs. About the cutest thing I've seen, is that dun at iVoyo' sewlng-masbeaa Rootus, down oa Ninth street(SV4,) North of the aveaoe just two doors. Th? shirts they make there set like wax, And then thev sew all sorts of sacks, And linen things, and bags, and sheets, ims?U ? ? ..4 1-1- * niHMiu auu ^uiti auu am. ?Curtins n'a carpets yeour Nancy Can get sewed up her* tew her fancy; Er anything the critter pleases,? Skirts, er shirts, er-er-shemeeeee. Of thing* aboat a house thats handy, A sewln-masbeen Is Jest the dandy; Folks wan tin sich, save tine, and cash, n'd all By pnrrhasln of Spousltr, near the "National. Or of Steers, jest this side, who had rafts of em: (Veoull always see customers there after some ) Wood, Coal, 4c. The beatum wrinkle of this century, Is masheeu-sawed wood?cot, split, and sent to y? Page's mill he's jest best been raisin, Disseminates the klndlln' most amazln'. Metneu Marlotr keepjeetopposite. Of wood and coal they sell a proper sight. Skerijf # Datrstn do the big thing,? Hev 3 yards, and sell according. On Slstb street there's another Big consarn, Castleman f Brother. The Gaits, up town, do things by wholenle; The way they wood and coal sell. And farther on there's H ir Bat*.-, W ho sends it out at lowest rates And yet another, C. M Keys, (A pleasant first-rat* dealer be is;) And Bogus and the brothers Ckapin Hev jest the fuel fer housekeeping n . . ? Ef you'd preserve konnubyul love, Purrlde yer wife a fust-rate stove. She'll soon git cross and ugly looktn', Gf bothered much about her cooktn'. Great on stoves and grates Is Skirting, All sorts, more or leas deserving, Ef he can't persuade yeou to buy, why, Crow over to Woodward or SibUy f (+uy. Mii LimT amb Fahct Goods. When yeou hev gone and done it, You'll bear these words, depend upon It, " My deer, 1 want to buy e bonnet And a new dress?I halnt a thing tew wear Now 'taint no uae to rare And sware, but fork right eout, And tell the gal to scoot To Mrs. AUtn, Ptarte, or Lanphier, M'm kinder bothered fer a rhyme here.) Willtan, Ettkt*on, or Loir*, HiU's or Hutchtnson J Munro, Majritell Brothtrs, Stewns, Sktdd, And rig herself from toe tew head,? Git ribbon*, bonnets, collars, laces, Feathers, flowers?all that graces Purty woman;?dew it bansam Rt it cost* a prince*' ransum ! Hardwakk. Tew housekeepin you'll need a proper Sight of iron, brass, and copper Ware, aa knives and fork*, and tonga, and aciasora, Shovels, kittles, tea-pots, razors, Snuffers, waiters, coal-hods, tea-trays:? Elcam baa 'em, so baa Smvage, 'rwy If Sibley, J. E Shields too; ? Tools fer garden, shop, and field too Chit?a, Glass, ahd Fancy Waii. Yer next purceedtn orter be Tew git yeour stock of crockery? There's Fowler, C. E Green, McDtrilt, What yeou want, they're baound to bev It. Clothixo, Ac. You'll want a shiny weddln suit; I.emine tell you how ter do it. Send rite on to Tetl k Hmton, (Hev yer measure tuk and seat on,) Or Wall, Stephen % If Robtntm Can git a tali fit on one; Or ef yer not inclined to wait, Send and buy one ready-mads; You'll jrlt it bere at WmW$, Of Smith, or down at "Ode on Hall Alb, See F.t yeou don't go the Maine-law, Get turn ale of Cohntau, Or try the cream of Mortimer, ? (When tasted wunst you'll order more.) There'? GoJdard, t?w, and Army tf Skinn, Try them wunce and you'll dew it agio ! Cosfectiowmy. 1 swan tew man yer mouth ud water To aee the iww-t thing* spread by Uautitr, Potmtini, Page, and t'ussell, S. T. Drury, Aigler, Sckaffield; The bong-bongs, patties, Jellies, Ices' Thair stores air artbly paradises Whalr narvous folks forgit the crisis, Everything so good and nice Is. HorsxrrfcNisBixG Goods, Notions, 4c. Francis, on Seventh street, beats the nashun For notions in endless variashun ;? Pocket-knives, and combs, and brushes, Forks ud spoons, and chafing dishes, Coflee urns and table mats, And toilet sets and stands fer bats. Bottler, lew, at "iron Halt"? I tell yeou wot, bis atock ia toll! Such tsmal hansum parlor a >ota,? And then be sells so cheap to boot, Such marble slabs and lookin glasses, Such springv chatra and hair mattrawea, S?uch giaaa, and plate, and hansom china,? Not Boating town kin show you finer. Bat after all, aum folka dew aay McGregor i store, down Seventh atreet way, Jeat takes the shine for household ware From any body anywhere; They aeli right cheap tew. no miatake, And that makea money airkelate Wall f Barnard make a handsome ahow too, I dono a better place to go tew For beds, mattr?aa, tattles, chairs, N'dsich like wires fer married pairs. And then A Green and Green f Clary Sell lota of furniture to fotks woo marry A right good atock has T. B Brtwn, Up at the north part of the town ; Ditto, Buck!f (deals ia new and old,) They d-w a fast rate blznesa I've bean told. Dst Good*. Mantillas, Cloak*, Ac. Von'11 bev to shell out strong fer dry goods; F.f twuz me, I kno wbalr 1 stood Send the gal tew git tbe tinea Things you'll want fer a be^inuin;? Blanket*, carpets. cotton sheetings, Calikera, and go-tew-meeting Fixlns?cloaks, mantlllers: (Things that flatten out a feller's fas, like suthin hard bad thumpt ont, Er, say, an elephant bad stompt out,) To Nttrtou, May f Co , or Egan (Who's blldin biiu a store where he can Show bia good* to all who call la;) To Bar fBrotkrr, Hilff, Alim; To CtlUy, Skuiter, Taylor f Hmttkimto*.; To Ftrrf's new store, which Is tu Of tbe leullng wonders of Waahin 'ton * J l W-J A* \ ( 1UO tJW UWU1IWI 1ft W1MH iww UVUV / D*t Goods, Ac , on Bktxsith st. I>sar J acta, 1 spoee you've no Idee How things hev changed out 7tb-st. way. Taint long ago there wernt a house, Tvruz jest a range fer pig* and cowi Neow,?from Page * wharf tew Page's villa, (That's eensmoet beyond the hill a bove the toll-gate,) buildlna atretch I if one straight line as thick aa pitch. The articles that yeou can't buy at The store of Burdtttt, (late K Hyatt,) Of Bomt* f (injfitk or R. B. Hall, I acace tew gtt I guess at all. Out 7th near K, Matthews J Gore Hev a cute sign, " The Cheapest Store !" Fobs. Yer Nance, 1 take it, wou't demur * fw a i.iuiuui iuii ui iarm, Hopkins, Davit, B. H. SfMimil: Hct fer tale aum apeshul line sets. GKSTLKXKM'S Fl'IMltHIMO StOEKS Before yeou take that weddla bender, Veoud better git aum French suspenders, S-arfi and gloees and stylish neck-ties, fitted right, Jest the kor-rect siia;? Wall f Stephens, Hopkins, Steer, Ttel jr Hmton, keep 'em here. ToTa and Farcy Aeticl js . The toy-stores make a brilliant sight. Kapeahully whan lit at night. The children jest surround the shops; There's bat and foot-balls, humming tops, Toy-games, crackers, automatons, Tsrgets, fish-poles, trumpets, wagons, Battledores and toy pyanners, Soldiers' caps, and flaga, and bnansra, Platola, haaketa, rltln-caaes. Pocket knives, and ps per-laces, Picter blocks, and inuslc-boxss, arks, with dogs, and sheep, and foxes, Camels, tigers, bears, and so forth. Tut out with Noah and household go forth. McLuttgklim't stock Is wondrous fine, And LarninoMd's too, la the same lias. Francis and Huppert, more or lea. Deal in toys and keep the beat. UpHOLSTKKT, PirilHt!l?IKSI, Ac. splendid Store has Jo An Markriter, Nowhere you'll see a purtier or neater, With h&Dgtngs, picters, winder shades, All sorts sad site*, prices, grades, And everything tew plrase the ladles; In feet, that's wot be says his trade Is Jrst set It down that be (Markmt&r) Has a stock that's hard to beat, or Yeou kin call on AUx*mdtr, Bin* , or Clark, or Fr*a?ii W*)**?, They all kin be railed oa Per any job of work tba^ra tried oa. pA*rsTs, 4c 1 do'ao jistly hew tis dour. . But strangers say that Washlugtoa Beats any other market Tew buy a good cheap oar pet Jw*? Km pirjwo *y, Of J. B Mm. or Clm*ttt f ff?y, Perrf*?kjr, or ?. B. Hall,? They'll show you patterns weuever you call Hops. Balls, icc. Hi Jest the tine far folks tew shake the fee*. Am we bam the chape to show 'ens how to do tt. Witktr*. Wtbtr, and J?kn E'pmtm, Are fiddlers, yeoa kin bet yeour pewter! The* draw a bow a leetle luer, Than Ole Ball or Fi^aalner. Raciri roc a Cmiktxas Dixxtt Wflfr#*'J AVftera u if??'e Vi(itt?r CanfitW* turkey*, sweats of Gautur, Linktnt' atrloln. DrmiUk't cig-ara, Dtmtmg't nlnce-meat, Dyer's Liquor*, Make a talliah Krlmui dinner, Fit for any Mint or tinner. Tai tbi Dolus Stab ! And now, dear Josh, J eat tell yer par Tew aend and git tbe Wtrklf Star. It beata ail other paper* holler, A ad only posts a single dollar Fer a hull year, the cheapeat yet, Amee Kendall rttea fer it. He'a rlt ram article# agin secession, Shoin It up In master fashion, That's jest been read all threw the naahun, And made a peowerful senaasbun. The Star'.? the greatest paper ont Fer tellln people all about How things are gwlne here at tbe Capitol; And aa tew parties, It haa a rap at all Who don't engineer accordln tew Gunter;? Who go In Jest for apolls and tbe plunder. I tell yeon it glvea moat partikeler thunder Tew thoae who wood tair this republic aaunder ' I'll stop right here and say adoo, Hopin soon to hear from you ?? " tmuw w??i vvtaw *r ucii juu i/uuic,? Your luvln cousin, Rkubkr Slocuk. SiliSAti TO Sxnator Push ? On Saturday night lome live hundred citizen* and other*, pre ceded by the Maria* band, called at the residence of Senator Pugh, of Ohio, on Louisiana avenue, to offer him the compliments ?f a serenade, ex pressing their high appreciation of his recent efforts for the restoration of peace to our distracted country, on the floor of the Senate After several airs by the band, Mr. Ward, of this city, came upon the balcony and said: Fellow-citizens?I have the honor or Introducing the Senator from Ohio, Mr. Pugh, a Union man; what more can be said than that? fEnthusiastic ch.ers and ex preaslons ] Mr. Pugh stttd: My friends, certainly no man ever had more cause to be thankful for a compli ment ao unexpected. 1 deserve only the credit of having discharged my plain duty as a Senator of the United States, In striving to avert the catas trophe of civil war. I am truly, as my friend has said, a Union man. [Lond cheering, and cries of "Good!" "Good I'M But I do not believe that our Union can be maintained by the aword; It must repose in the affections of the people In every State; and the way to preserve the Union, now and at all times, Is to endear it to the hearts of the people in every State, by convincing them that it is better, Infinitely better, than any other form of uovernmem. uei us prove, as we can easily prove to South Carolina, that all her rights of property, her Interest, and her honor, can be secured within the I'nio.j, rather than by sepa rating from it. The fact Is so, and ever was so. Our Revolutionary fathers were of that opinion; and until we can And a greater prophet than him whose name your proud city bears, we may well adhere to it. The Union was erected upon this foundation. Let us continually observe the foun dation, and thus protect the I'nlon forever. (Cheers, aud ejaculations of "Bully for you."J The American people, 11 Ice alI free people, some times quarrel; we must expect that, but ff we can prevent the spilling of blood in our quarrels this will be no union of thirty-two sUUs but of thirty-three and very soon of more [Voice, " Bring back South Carolina !"] She will come back of her own accoid If we speak to her only In kindness My friends. 1 have Mid enough ; yon all know my sentiments, 1 am surrounded by eloquent and patriotic gentlemen, some from the slaveholdlng and some from the uon-slaveholding States. Allow me to thank you. [Cries of " Go on, go on, Oh ' goon !"J 1 should only repeat what I htve said to the people of New England upon one side and to the people of the gulf States upon the other. Tbe mainte nance or overthrow of the Union, may be a de batable alternative. It is not so with you or mc we live loo near the ooraers 01 wttl could De speedily, two hostile empires. If the extremes continue to be unreasonable, wc, of tbe border, must bid them both to stand aside and leave us to determine the whole matter. We intend to have peace and to reconstruct tbe Union wherever It has proven to be faulty, or can be amended. If either extreme should leave us, 01 refuse to co-operate in the task of honorable ad justment, we will continue at peace among our selves and wait for reason snd justice to conquei them. Good night, gentlemen, I need bardly say again I thank you. The assembly was then addressed by Messrs Vallandigham. of Ohio, Mallory. ?f Kv , Josepl; Segar, Esq , of Va . Woodson, of Mo., Pendleton of Ohio, and lastly by the venerable Mr. Critter den. of Ky , who happened to b? at Mr. Pugh'i residence. We regret, in couseauence of th< crowded state ot our columns, that we cannoi give their speeches space to-day, being, as tbej were, replete with patriotic sentiments, and evln clng strong desires for ? thepreservat'onand per petulty of tbe Union," not by coercion, but b; conciliation and mutaal concession. Cixtkal Gtaidhocsic.?Jmttiet Clark ?E M Harhold, profanity and obscene language; fine* SI 94. D nlel Pyfer, profanity: fined SI 94 Thomas Douglas. obscenity and profanity ii Marble alley; fined S4.17. Sidney Riley, pro fsnlty and disorderly conduct; SI 04 hdwan Kldjjway, disorderly and profane; S4.17. Jame Laskey, do ; do tM 16 This party paid out am was dismissed, and shortly aherwards was r? arrested for a repetition of the same charge, am was again lined to the extent of 93 17. Ueorg Laskey, profane and disorderly; lined S3 17. Jaa Rldgwav, do ; do. S3.*26 Ann Green, profanit and indecent language; fined S3 19. Bartholomew Caldan, disorderly conduct; security to ksep tb pence. John Earley, do ; do. Augustus Hnnl profane and Indecent language; fined S9:W George Jarboe, profanity; S3 17 Samuel Lee, Charles Haws, John Pnmphrej George Nolsnd, James Green well, Edw'd Verno and George Pries,were charged with building a unlawful bonfire In the street after sanset. The were each fined SI and casta Charles Haws wi also fined S3 and costs for profanity In the stree Tat lactJiDUitT Cap* ?Saturday night, Joh Banks and his wife, colored, appeared before Jui ties Johnson for trial upon the suspicion of betn concerned in the burning of the barn of Mr. Jesi B. Haw a few days ago Mr. Davldge appeare for Mr. Haw and Mr. Chilton for the aefens< The suspicion was based upon ill-feeling whlc baa existed between the accused parties and tt complainant tor aererM years, ana the threat < Banks' wife about eighteen months ago that, i soon aa the complainant c.uneof age, the proper! would be destroyed. AfU-r a consideration of a the testimony and arguments of counsel, the msf titrate Immediately dismissed the case upon tf ground that there waa no evidence before hli that would justify the sending of the case to tt Grand Jury. Cbiminal Court.?Saturday, after our repo closed, the Court proceeded with the trial of W n Johnson alias Wm. Lammon, on achargeofstea ing a horse, wagon, set of harness, ana a lot < poultry, of the value of 9343 35. The jury had n< returned a verdict when the Court adjourned. To-day, tbe sealed verdict of the jury In tt caae of Win. Johnson, tried on Saturday for gran larceny, waa banded to the clerk. Johnaon w convicted of stealing sundry articles of produc amounting to grand larceny, but not guilty stealing the horse and wagon charged in tbe i dlctmeut. James Welsh was t led on a charge of aanu and battery upon the person of his father, The Welsh, by throwing a billet of wood at hia hen The caae was pending when our report closed. Held to Bail.?On Saturday night, Hen Boucher appeared before J astice Donn for a furth hearing in the caae in which he waa chargi with assault and battery upon Michael O'Brya A certificate that the skull of O'Bryan was lit tured and his condition dangeroua, caused son solicitude on tbe part of hia friends for tbe reca ture of Boucher; DUt his appearance at this tla snd the subsequent assurance that O'Bryan is n uau^vivuuy wuuuucu , ic^urcu lue ouminiuu ball for Boucher. A bond for his appearance Thursday wm given by hU father, in the sum 500. Chibopodical?Such of oar readers as may afilcted with corns or bunions wonld do well examine the new certificates, published in anotl column, from parties wall known in our ci Thousands of the most notable personages in ti country and Europe have submitted their pe< extremities to the skillful operations of tor and publish their views of his treatment in tb several cases. As thare are few " Ills that flest beir to'' more annoying, so there are few so g< erally mismanaged The Doctor's ccrtittcatea ; vouchers for skill and experience. Hiirii k. Bbothsb have published two at very best juvenile books of the sasaon The CI den's Picture Fable Book. Illustrated with elg engravings, and tbe Children's Picture Bom Birds, containing over rtxty illustrations. SI ling ton has the a bo re books for sale. AUi Urge variety of handsomely Illustrated bo suitable for Christmas presents. 1 Fsssolsl Ca{.L Accepted?We understi thst Key. Chsrles fl. P?n?. D D , late recUx Christ Church, la Alexandria, has accepted s < to the rectotshi p of a chureh in Port Gibson, M Police Matties ? Btjort Jutttu Clan Phillip Nephuth charged John W. Hays ? stealing s dead turkey from his bouse on Sun morning. Cm* dismissed for waat of er)^en< Til ?H<MtTKST ? Ws bar* reached the shot 4?J' ynr??luf fcourp and four miautes A* A?rcrf*dni? Roum ov tsb Utmio* Dipabtmkitt!?9930.000 * Stew Btmdt Ah Mtreuttd frojt an fron fAf rfcr* tn Chargt of Comet Forward and malus m Voluntary Co*f*txio* to tkt Sicrttarg, ft , fc ?All tkt D* tmi's.'?A day or two since, Gordan Bailey, the law clerk of the Interior Dep* tmeot?a native of SoRtii Carolina, appointed to offlrc from Alabama, a \oung married nan of about thirty year*of ace, admitted to be a person of remarkaMy floe nbUi Itles ?nd attainments?placed in the buds of a ineua a lener 10 oe nanara in Mcrrnrr i nomp son. This was dar ing the latter s recent iWicf. Hit manner mi such m tnat tin* friend pressed him with Inquiries cnaoeraing Its content*. and, learning thein, hastened to deliver It to Mr. T. on the instant of hi* return to thta city on Satan day evening Int. It proved to be a voluntary confession from Bailer that at the instance of an other he had abstracted rand loaned to that peraon) from the Iron sale under nls chsrge, a large amount ?#830,UUO?of the State beads held by Mr T. aa Secretary of the Interior In trust for sundry In dian tribes the proceeds of their bonds sold by the Government, and ao invested and held for their benefit In pursuance <>f treaty stipulation. It seems that the Secretary had endeavored to induce the regular treasurer of tfls department, Mr. Peter Lainmond. to become their custodian, but not being obliged so to do by law or reguls tion. he declined the responsibility of their charge. The Secretary then entrusted them to the keeping of Bailey, the department's law clerk, who was under bonds of ten thousand dollars for the faith ful performance of other trusts?not that one. The recei pt of this letter by the Secretary of course created great commotion in the department, and be, with Bailey and other clerks, were there en gaged In the consequent Investigation all Satur dsy nitfht last until three, a. m., with hacks, po lice oflfcers, Ac , plying over the city. According to Bailey's confession, he loaned the bonds to the party who bad Induced him to commit the abstrac 4am Vars# itrqa nnf Ia raAiiva a< nrt1? rlnllftr nf |K<} 1 via * uui *? ua nv? *v ' ?v * uvttwi v? iuv proceeds of the speculation. He bad cut off and preserved in the safe, the coupons for the next ix months' Interest, so that no part of that could be lost to the Government or Indians. One theorjr of the abstraction is that Bailey and his confederate deal red to make a large sum by speculation in the stolen bonds (the first of which were taken as early as live months ago) by selling them at the comparatively high prices at which they sold some time since, and buying them back ana replacing them in the safe when toe sectional troubles they knew were sbout to arise should depress their prices, as st present; snd that his confederate having failed to return anv of them so far, B. became alarmed and made tils volun tary confession to the Secretary All yesterday the Secretary continued his Inves tigation into the affair, and is said to have so far found sll the statementa of Bailey's letter of con fession correct to the letter. He obeyed the Sec retary's summons, and aided him on Saturday night and again yesterday afternoon In his labors of search. This morning, a warrant for his arrtst snd com mitment was made out by Capt. Goddard. Chief of Police, and it was determined to place nlm In jail without an examination at this time, unless that wai demanded by bia counsel. Mr. Carlisle. As soon as Mr Thompson received the letter and ascertained the probable whereabouts (in New York) of Bat ley'a alleged confederate?\Vm. II Russell, of the Arm of Russell, Major A Co . the great overland pon^expres* -?nd army-trans portation contractors?he telegraph- J to Marshal Rynders to effect his arrest; but up to tho hoar at which we go to pres? we have not been able to learn that he is Incustody. He is believed to have reached Washington this morning per rail, get ting Into tlie cars at Philadelphia, and leaving them only after tbey had backed oat of the Wash ton depot, to retnrn in on another track; eluding the officers on the watch for him, by jumping orf thus on the outskirts of the city. Kuassil is said uot to be the only pcrsou implicated besides Bai ley A Washington banker and others, whose Dailies we have not been able to learn, are rumored at the department to be well nigh as dt*eplv in volved in the transaction, as aideis, abettors, advi sers, 4c , and ts sharers in the contemplated profits of it Bailey had threr millions of dollars In such bonds to his custody, and uiight as easily have taken the whole. Our impression is that the par ticular bonds can be Identified If so, while parties who uiay have innocently pare bused por tions of them may Lose their money so invested, the Government may not ultimately be a loser. Bailey was appointed to office on perhaps the strongest testimonials as to his alleged high char acter that were ever offered In behalf of any other appllcsnt for a (government clerkship, though since his appointment he has been known to tlie men about town as a fast liver and a regular fre niianUr a/ tVia fa Fa KnnVl (j UbU This morning Bailey went over to the jail in company with bis counsel, Mr Carlisle, and gave himself up, and waa fully committed by a magis trate. p 8 ?Since writing the above, we have learned additional particulars of the affair, as follows Viz: Bailey ia said to allege that he loaned Kuasell the bonds under his persuasions and thOMof a Washington banker, not for the pur p?M of speculation In atocks, but that by sell log them he might mtet sundry accepted drafts of his firm on the War Department, pay able out of any moneys due them or to be come due to them from the Government, to meet which the Department had then no mone\ at command Of course he allege* that be anticl paled that when the Department might be ir funds, the stocks would have been re-purrbasec and handed back to him. Russell gave htm an amount of such accepted drafts equal to tb< amount of stocks B. illegally loaned to b'm which said-so accepted drafts be placed In thi safe as security for the eventual return of th< State bonds It la farther said that Ruaaell obtained from th< Bank of the Republic, In New York, on the Stat< bonds?that bank now having them in lta posses sion?the money with which to take up the ac cepted drafts on the War Department. It 1 doubted whether the accepted drafts which Bailee held as security are really any security whatever Bat that fact will be settled very shortly, we ap prebend, on further Investigation. Later?As we go to press, we learn that Capt Goddard, Chief of Police, baa lust received a all patch from Officers Allen and 6usher, of this city dispatched by the Department to New York* t arrest Russell, announcing that they arrested hln this forenoon. Thx Hotxl Dodo*.?This morning a younj man. who gave bis name as Samuel K. Kelley was arrested by officer Watson and taken befor Justice Donn, when complaint was made tha Kelley, with another person, took board at th< Exchange Hotel. C street, near Sixth, atSU pe week. At the end of the week the bill was pre sen ted. It was not paid; but Kelley and hi friend left the house. Their trunks were searched but they were empty The excuse Kelley gav for taking bis things was that be could not d without a clean shirt. The magistrate had t dismiss the party, no criminal offense belnj charged. The landlord said he thought boarding bouses and hotels ought to be protected agalus such Imposition, and so did the magistrate. Thb La?t Nioht, remember, of the fair at th Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, j great number of beautiful and useful articles wii be disposed of at prices to suit the times. 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A liberal reward will be pud to the finder, if left at No. 467 S 14th at., between Pa. avenue and F at. It* fOST?O* Friday !aat, in the Georgetown ooa h A iir nn Uiirn at iAr*atn?n a Ui iHlf n.isifain. toy on* but raid lor it* , corner of If f^SVTRAY.?'Taken up by the ub*oril>?r.oii To'.* J Hil\north ol Georgetown", a large gret r\ HORHb, iam? in hu hi*d foot He m at tLVi Mr. Peter Voneiaen'a stable, on Con<rni^v / ? ?t.. Georgetown. The owner i* requetted tocome forward, prove property, paT charge. an<( take him awar^ IJtl J AM ti8 HICKS. LOST? By a lady, on the 2lct instant. in one nl the ? v^iith street otnnil>u*es. a small rre*ii l?f POKTKMON N Al K. co. taini g fhin pie'eaof ?ilver. and two pontage hla-rips Tli* fin - er wil' l><? anitablT rewr-.r<l<*1 b? I aving It % 1th JAMK8 A. KVANS, oomer of !*i*th at. and Pa. avenue. de 2<-at* FOUNIJ--Yesterday. oor> or Pa. av^noe and 17th at, a small pvkase of JKWKLRY. The owner cm have it by calling at .>*9 17th street. he F and 6. and describing the ?rti-!e?. Call HKWAED.-Lonti between my residence and the Northern Lii>?rty Market-house. a BASK e.T. oontaining stall c oth anrt apron, iw conr.t b->?k? and kexs. The fiurler returning th# aceoiiiit Ixjok, Ao.. tivme, either at my renuleno* ?-r at the Market-houae, will receive the above re IxUween b and ? p. m. rle 22-St* ward, de 21 tt* LEWIS KKNGLA. FOR SALE AND RENT. { Ft* otk*f ix Fot Sail anA Rtnt" adt-trttstmmti, *?? fir ft r*f ] M AWvkT GA.RUKN FOR RUN T-Two 8<jor ground, containing about 8K acres, 6Mt <>t tb? Capitol, well fenced, and improved by a rood frame(house. Possession given (January 1. 1361. Inquire of J B. KIBBEY, I\o A !_,< iusiana av., between 12 and 2 o'clock. de V4-:H UTORKONSEVK.NrH ST FOR RENT S' The Store opposite the east portico of Patent Office, at present occupied as tailoring estaS isli mrot. Possession given on lit January . Inqu re of BATES A UKO. de2l -St* VIRGINIA I.AND. ftc., FOR SALE-4 BAR GAIN, FOR CAS H.?Being pa>^ "W rears of ace,ani wishiLC to retire, 1 will tall my FARM, called BUSHY RiDbE, traversed by the Orange and Alexandria Railroad at 35 nines from Alexan dria. in Prince William County, adjoining t-au quier Virginia, containing 107U ACRES, or thereabouts, be the same more or less, of whieh aboutcne third is in timber of original growth, and two thirds in various oultiv&t on, a-:J having upon it threo (arm bome^eads; together in? farming LIVE STOCK, consisting of 4 work horses,S colts; a yoke of oxen, a choice bull, 10 tanking and in calf cows.asd heifers, 9 yearlings and calves, 25 in amli a good buck, 2" or more s ?inc. 100 more heads cf poultry, inc'uding turkeys, geeae,ducks, tens. Ac.;also iuv UROW l.NG CHOPS, consisting of when-, and timothy, winter bar'er and winter horse beans; also my CROP ON HANOol .ast harvect, couaiatiug of hay, straw. *?<lder, southern cow-pnjis, corn (the produce cf about 30 acres, a fair cu.p,j winnowed oats, (soiuethiiig le?? tl.ari '>{> huahe a. saved lor spring ceding and horse fr?dj winnowed whut. (20 bushels prime.saved for a wintor supply offlosr for family uce, and many bushels of tail wheat saved for poultry. >a few bushels of garden or Eng lish p^as, and a liberal store of garden escul?Lts, including turnips. Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes. Chinese yams, beeta, carrots, parsnips, sassy, onions, k.0 , and inotuding alto one third of the grain crop, not yet received, of a few hundred aores. rented off to an industnoastenant.on shares; al?o al sorts or AORICU1.TUKAL IMKLE MENT9 on band, including mnn? plows, harrows, rollers, cultivators, oarU,wag.->T).harnesa,ftc.,fto.. and a first rate DAIR V, oompiete with fittings up. and mamy etcetera/?in short there are all things neoessary to enable a purchaser to start, establish at ocoe, in a fair way, with provender enough ior live stock, an J provisions enough for servants and a moderate fam ly, till another harvest, so far as snoh are usually obtainable f o<n a farm. But the pure tins* is not to ino.'sde the hosteho'.d and kitchen furniture, librarv, and some other domes tic artio'ejand personal property?for the round sum of THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOL1.ARS*. oash, or city property, ?bosses) mob as I shall deem desirable, and of eqnal value. Tne title is unexceptionable. The estate alone, considering the value of the timber standing on it. is presumed to be worth from 15 to 18 th >usand dollars if cold subject to payment hy instalments. An energetic practical farmer would find this a real bargain. For additional particu ars. or to in?pe?v. the property, please appfy to, or addre*s me, as foMnw-: DR. EDWARD KINO. Cation's Station I\ O., Fauqu er Co. Va 9n . ?* D t'VT A QDirir VL' i v iv uu.i i ?n sjww umvn 11 v/1/ >-U| wt bit 1 hack building and cellar, havine 8 rooms with gas, and at' e alley, m.tuatcd on L street, near Thir teenth. Kent moderate to a good tenaiInquire of M. GKKEN, Gioc?r. oorner of Thirteenth and L at a. Th's property ia near Franklin Kow, on!; a low mr met' walk from the Treasiirv Buildings, and one of the healthiest loca.ions in Washington, de 81-lineo* F 7M?K RENT?The large three story KR AM E HOUSE on New York avenge, betwea 4th and 5th atreeta, recently ooooaied by Hev. Mr. Ca rothera. Apply to JOHN W. MANKINS.or to Mr. UObM, next d.>or,where the key may be found. Also, the three three story Bncka at t?e oorner of Ninth and N its., Northern Liberties. Or fur ale low lor oaah; or property in the county taken in exohanc*. Apply at dir. HAGUKRTY> store opposite, for the terms and the key, or to DICK 8uN k. KING'9 wood and ooal yard, oorner ot I street and Vermont avenud, or to tiis sobicriber, at Georgetown. de 19JhUw JOHN DICKSON THE 8TOCK AND FIXTURE? o? a LARGE MERCHANT TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT M)K SALE ?Th# anbscriber having de termined to retire from busineta, ofl'ers for sale hn eutire stock of treah and well selected Cloths. &o, The at' ok is not very heavy, aad well assorted from late importations. The store, which he kas oocu ? piea ior over iweni; ye?r?, ii&ii om eKi?i>n?i,e< fcUud, one of the ItMt on the Avenue, ruler a larif and well patronized hotel?the United State*. Foi t- rmi, 4o? appy to P. W. BROWNING, undei United States Hotel. de U StawtJan 1 V. a. Y l^OR RENT?Two fine PARLOR* on firel 1? floor, and three CHAMBERS on the aeoont floor above, at No. T5 Mnaouri avenue, betweei 4,'i and Sd ats .near the corner of ftJ it, de 1?-8aw3w* u ! o nan acers of choice unu i> 6,UUU Minneaota.iowaanri Miaeouri will be ex chanted for improved Waahm^ton cil> property a fair prioee. A(fdreea"Trader."* Box 30- City Po? Office, giving location of property. de !4-l w* 11 it. ie t'a or 1 i llARI>ORANUCHAMBKR(on fir?t floor)FOf X RKNT. withor without li?ard. Koom? ?plon dully fnrmahed. A firat-claes table ia eei. 8<>u h vent corner Ninth and 0 ata., oppoaite Patent OI fioe. de 13,17.19,33 O KNT REDUCED.?That pleatant COTTAOI l\ KrlslDENCE, containing 7 room*. witn fron b*looay large ?ard in frontand rear, iruattci H at in Printing Offioe Square, between North CapiU and Firat ata.. will t*e rented for per montu i a punctual tenant, Adareaa, by letter or in peraot \VM. STICKNEY. Hell tf Fur RKNT?a ihr?? ?orv urn mhiuk I fh amk house, aw P? ?v.,oi T?th, b tun r' kr>d h ?U., No. 4IS. Inquire *t ifl BI.K' auuy*8 H?rdwsre8tore/PB?v. do It tf Furnished rooms for eknt,m4*? I street. l?tw?n 6th Md7thsU. d? 4-tf I^UK RENT?A PARLOR. <>B ?h? first floo r and three fin? Bed rooms on ti?e floor sbor;, I No 976 p&. imue, tvo doors wit of the Kirl wood Houm. 4m?-et eiiR<?^ubggTT.pi?.l&y^- ag'u, m^K'ooS""" ^ ?^r,|. p a.rt,rS?, o MQLA^lta, wr, ft>< r t mrMtim f. i tva'brown sturr tw3mis.? stir goufr tv?uu> %i>4 * THE LATEST NEWS i &LEG&APH1G. Tk? >Mtk ttr?UM UlTNtlN. CRiiLUToi. I>rc ? ? Tbe Sovereign Cotieao lion met i|tll at noon tfrnnl report* turni Ik* rarioua mmIUni wwf rac?ln4 aad I?fc?n4 S o report baa yet been made oa tkr pasta 1 arraaf e nenta and cualoms. bat it >eema In be g?rally ronceded that tbe corcmitioe wUi ni a>ni .hat the rrTruue livri of tkf laltad Staw* aba.. be idop'-ed?the collector to take Am eath praaort bed jt South Carolina and that the postal nUbn re nala unchanged Mr. De Sausstire, from tbe c 001 m 1 ttee to Whom ru referred tbe commanicatloa trmmI a partloa >f tbe member* or tbe tfeogla (/((Mature, re wrtad that tbe caoamuaicattaa waa recel red just Wore the ordlnaace of seceaaloa waa passed The commuatcatton a Tea tbat there be aa sac as ilon till South Caroliua. Atabaaaa. M.aaiss'ppl md Florida hire aaa-mbled la CoaveaUaa, whan lutl State action ahall take place 1 be commlt lea mv tbat tbe seresstoa or Saatb Carolina baa t-uUcred the cooalderatlaa of t^ie rasassuatcaUoa Judge Mag rath. from the committee oa su.-h x>rtiou of the aneesage of the Prasldeat of tbe I n . - .ed State* as refera to Federal pro|>erty wlthlB tba Imlta of South Caro'.i na. stated that be dealrad to eport at a secret session Mr Walton, the soil< tior for nrfoariaa u* Initial! of tbe joint comailaaion to Wublngton, ATM tworn to keep an mf la reference to tbe pro eedirga, and ordered to prepare I be accredited sapera, which wore dellrerrd V> tbe CnmutaaliMi o-day The Commlaaton have a atrrrUrr rm sloyed, and tbetr traveling tiprnot and Slli per lay la allowed them A debate on a proportion to attead rburrL to morrow took place Mr Rhett'a add rem to tbe Southern Staica haa loVbeeo acted upon. Agreeably to tbe revjurat of he Convention, we refrain from arndlng oat an kbatract of the document The Cotnoilaaioa to Waatilngton will go wllti 'ull powera to art aa joint comi , aaloaera After a aecret aeaalon of two boun. tbe Coavea lion adjourned till Monday. keceaaton Pele Cat Dawa. PtTMtiKU. Dec. SI.?A aeceaaton pale lfl? leet alfcb. bearlag tbe Palnaetto flag, waa planted on sue of tbe moat prominent aireeU yesterday mar a ing amid tbe cheers at a large crowd, bat tbla morning tbe pole waa aawed down J net Wow tbe dawa of daylight by aome unknown party, and tbe flog carried off Ureal rxeltemeat ex lata, and a colllalon la feared. A factory and arveral other bntldlngaadjatnAag were destroyed by Are tbla afternoon. I.oea fJu.dOU; partly Insured. N?w Yoke, l?ec 24 ?Senator Seward la a i|wh on Saturrtav before the New Kk^Uiid Society of this r.ltv ?ild. If we keep rntlrelv cool. entirely rilm, and entirely kind a debate will ensue which will be kindly In ltnelf and It w'.lt prove very soon or cither that we are wrong. and we shall conccde to onr off?nded brehern ?r rl?e that we are right, and the) will araate* * ai.d come iwk into fraternal relation* with <%. Me predicted this reeuit In ality day* The Reactiaa. Boston Dec.21?Wendell Phllllpa apoke in the Town Hall at Watertown thla evening and waa hased by the audien* e, but the police pre vented any further demonstration of opposition, lie aaid be a [Hike for Uov Andrew, and Andrew would uotai^n a bill repealing the I'eraonal Lib erty law Handbills were posted around the town calling upon the people not to let I'h till pa apeak. fteceeatoa Keeling ia Norfolk Noimu, Dec 23 ?The secession feeling here la on the lucre js^ Aahland' Hall waa again crowded laat night Disunion aperehea were miHe by Col. V. I). <? rover and (ien J no Tirler, wb'.ib 'were enthusiastically applauded. Goa Tvler closed his remarks with " Let the Union go to h?I, which received loud and repealed cheers. Secession Moveaeats la toatk < aroUaa Chalestox, Dec. 24.?There is good authority for stating thai the Commissioners left for \Yash* lngton this morning. I i 4 ? u?j um.h auKcu i r?vriwu j li v?n o**ua?ll for tu<* p'urpoao of tendering their aerrlrea to the Governor (or any emergency. They are under the name of Minute Men, or Bona of the South The Call the llliaela Baaka Exteaded CiiTcaoo. De??. 22 ?A diapatch from Sprtegfteld ataV-a tl.-at tLe Hank Commiaaionera Uaveextooded their call on the bank* for additional margin The extended call reuulrea the banka to put up one quarter of the additional margin bv the *nh of February, and U*e other tiiree-qwartera by the ?ifth of March. Fr?ia California Koar Kcabxky, Dec 28 ?TteCalifornia Pony Fxpreaa passed here on Friday with datea to the 8th Inatant. The news la unimportant. It was reported thst an American bark nad gooe aabore at Wooeung, and all h*nda murdered by the In habitants. Tennetaee *t> lerewlta. M?irnf?. Dec 22 ?There waa an enthualaatu nieeti r w here laat night to ratify the arc fart on of South Carolina Fifteen buna were trad, and the Avalanche newspaper office and other building a Illuminated Narth rarallu Legislature. lvALUsh. Dec. 28 ?The Leg islsture haa ad journed till the 7th of January Aa etf jrt to take up the bill for arming the State failed la the House of Commons. BaltuMr* markets. iiiXTraoaa, Uw t4.?Flour Arm and ?6c hit t er; City Mills *4 97; Ohio *5.*& Howardat SS SO. W hrat 5c. higher, red f I 1.1aSl 25, whit# *1 Sua 1 58. Cora 3c higher, old yellow and while Oua 65c. Provisions dull, mess pork $16 I.ard It* Coffee quiet at l< ^sl3c Whisky dull at lee Naw.Tarh Markets Niw Yori. Dec. *4 ?Flour quiet and Salt) eta betvr Wheat firm and la2c. better Corn ad vanced lc. Proviaions steady. Whisky nominal at 10e. Flnaartal. N?w Vou, December 24 ?Stocks are heary, dull, and depressed, cloaing at an average decline at 2 | er cent. Cumberland Coal Co. Illinois CeaUal abares 66 Michigan Southern New York Central 75^: Rending 53%; H idaon River K R 43; Cantons 14: Mo.rs6t-fc. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS XOTICE... x -? UVN T WASTE YOUH MOSEY. Thenud?r?.gned hu aiely oprptdtcnwp BOOT ard tHOE a TURK, ao<t pareua?er* will bod their prion* ih? lowemt in Ui? LHatriet. A large ud rtritJ aacortmtnt o?i hand. CiH ? '!? M ii. 8fRA8BURGKR A BRO.'g. No. *3 Bridge lUNt, do B-lw i?kr Finntri ud Mechanise Bank. ^IFTS FOR THE OliPAYM. An elegant Mtftawl??f Book*. Writing Oaake mmI Cam*, I'ortlolioe, PafetriM. Work H in, BscknmnMn Butrdi. Chtti Men. Fimt B< ana, UmmU, U dm and Tnji, Ac., wit* iui; Q 't enaia*rat?, we ?*? at reduoed prioea. W0 would invite oar old cnatotuera and atraacara to nail and look over ?t<oia, ana tired liiey will ba al e to make ael?obona at MIS* TH(?M\8*8, deHl 3t High utrect, near Firat Qtft AI'I'LK*. > 'lOU BBL". No. 1 MiatiMf Baldwin*. Sweet Greeniaga, RutooU, Romana, Moodie*, Pipptaa Ac , in prim* order, ju?t arrived par aonooaar 1. W. dtaaeer. For aa.e upon accommodatingteraaa b? J NO, W. LUU8D0N. del?7t* No. 74 Water at., " y t. TT UK I U VJ \J V O B I u * b. The undrraimed, havi*? taken the Dry Gooda Store on the corner of High and Gay iUmU, (for mer.y \V K. Herille'e.i will keep Mali Uium om hand a treat variety of the ui*Mt and lonable TRIM' l treat variety of the ueweet and nwit faar e UK V GOOD*. FANCY UoOUS, DftKftH I MlNOP. Ac.. Ac., which will to moU aa :heu ai the cneapeet. deTe ]w Mr.. FRANCES DKHAJU rjUi APPLE#. vH/U BBLS. Prime Nikl BALDWIN APPLE*, ppr clitK-ner I. and N. Baker. Will bo aoU o o reasonable ttrnu i>y J. G. WATERS, oe IT ?w No. 1^9 Wawr at., l?oorg.-u>wa. tfOR RKNT-ln t#eor?etown.a l.aodeon* aad 1 convenient C<>TTAG K KKSlDKNCfc, eoo tainiai roomt, kitchen, pantry, Jkc. TlNrtuM taoheJa large aad apaeio** lot, and abvadance of aq ueduct and pamp water oa the piene? It le ui the immediate Tioiuuy oi the Culler* A^JJT of tlM Visitation, oqbt-Uietaat frea wdi. Tm *0">rt<to reyMr

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