Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I Fo* TS* 8taB. A SONG FOR THE UXIUN. < W a at iMni this dread Uuaat that uow grs't ?n our ?ar?. Aw*k?n'?f with".: n? ?uoh terror *Bd fenr?. Disturbing our peace lik* th* alarm toil a? nirrt, Ai.d p.ea^iufi ar?ac4 anon a withering blight ? *Tit the thrrwt of Dutyrox -a ternbla one, That wring* from th?? br-ait of eaoh patriot a groan; U drive* out ??? ?<? or a ronoan career, And ase* theiai e. ?nick * proadly we rear. Oh, why ie it threatened our i*nd to divide ? ? -kw?r ?K with love and with :<ridw? This land thiT ft?f"lT?fn and Libert?* ?ak*, Mad* tyraaay tranMe and mo arehy *oake ! Thoagn f*w war* th* number* ar.d weak th* r* aoaroo That wer* ca !ml to re*iat th* oppreaaora' dark Vat, with iiRMH a\? l.nnn!?watchword tub An *xampl* vu gtv>n to ail futar* time. Niton* of that true-hearted partv iirvivc?. Who for 0" pledged their honor, iheir f >rtufles. th<*tr lives ; Y*t, while th* ooU sarth is still freah o'er their heads. Shall the pris* tney so ohoriahed bo rant into shreds Iow can w* forget the great deeds that were don* o uid up this rx-aoufui fabric a* o>i he trials ao^ suffering* ol that valiant h*ad, ' ho shrank from uo danger to giv* us this land Thoy^foi^ht for one counfy, thrj mingled their THot do urod opt their vsias in one wranon flood ; Tjkm" for Freedom the* gave their last breath. Then why,oh, why shoalJ we part tii*:o in death ? flhall their glorious m,,rnorif?i e'er b? a-rayfd n ??iA? tK??p vi'firfi to till ? Brv lun (<titin ?tv? ? Ah. r." : for if apir.ta <s'er f.**l inorU! pam, Th<)':! we< p f r the Mai* they suffered in vain. No, r.o<?re tin# 1'iiio . he rirsn in twain, Let the wsr?i of Pacific At!a-.tio'a man.? Let wave vie with ware, and aea rie with s?a, la raakini thia ra'ioa the grave of the free. Deoeniber jn, 18Gn. t.l. ????! Mraoiaors Assault in Niw Toil.-Rirlf ?n Thursday evening, ofllcera Smith. Ely. Croa by, and Ward, of the lower police court, were attacked and two of them severely beaten, while affecting two m?n at ' Fatty Welch'a" place, gal oat whom tbev held warranta for Statu It ar.d battery On entering the bar-room a gang of rowdtea. aome twenty In number, made a daah after the complainant* who accompanied the ?ffl. cera, hut v-aa saved from their violent hands by prompt cffl-lal Interference, wberwnpon a &>an? of " Dead Rabbita." from the atreeta. pitched into them with alnng shota. cart rungs. ltottlea, bricks, and other mlaetles By tbe timely Interference t-f other officer* of the Plxth Ward, the crowd waa diapers- d. but without belnc able to make any ar reata. Pretty sute of affairs that! F- We learn from a correspondent of the Kno* Whlif that that veteran Democrat. Hon Cave johnaon. addreaeed a large and enthusiaatic meet ing at Clarkavllle. Tenneaaee, on Monday laat. He dfnovocrii (Lr uis niomra in unvruurra termi sad declared, in Clear and nnmlstakable language, tbat the people ot T?nneu?) ought to stand bv tbe Union. Tu!? la added, was received vritfc deafening applause. JC7" Good men have the fewest fears. He has but one who f-fars to do wrong He baa a thou sand who baa overcome tbat one. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?Dr Campbell, Md; T D Lincoln, O; F C Ward, do; C P Choutean. .Mo: D F JJuloroon. NV; \V Stump. Pa: J Mac Mullen. NY; J O New, lnd; \Y J Wallace, do; J A Anderson. M*ss; G L Stevens, do: 9 Hrooki, NY; A Atwood. do; L R Bowen and lady, Md; R Stafford, Mas.;; A H Spencer. Sandw'cb liland; P Jackbon. Maas; J C Hunter. DC; T Hvde, do; Mrs .Msj Gaines, do; J Mullins. I SA; A S Bul low and lad v. Va, P T Butter lady, do; Miss But - * ^ ? J VI*. f L'.n.t /!? ter, aoj u a nu|taru suu iauj, .? , **v, C Butter and laay. M?ti. M M Todd, NY; J Mor rison and lsdv, Pa: J Macdafl", ?; G P Flsber, Ct; R C Melvaler, NY; J H Dall, Oal; C Strong. Fla; H 9 Pierce. Ma*. J E Bagley, Pa; 9 Mumi na,NV; W H Allen. Pa; \V Allen. Auburn; O P Dor man, NV; C Mitchell Va; A 0 West, do; H 9 Hamilton, do; H 9 Peorage. do; T Darner, do; J 9 Hod#ft, Del; Maj Hant, L*9A; \V Herbert,? ; J T Morrill. NY; C Cashing, Maas NATIONAL HOTEL.?T D Stichlw. Pa; MIm Simon ton. NV; W A Jarboe. G B Clarke, Md; J A Mattingly. DC: E Hunt, J H Key, J R Dowell Va; Hon ? R Maliory, Fla; C Wheeler, NV; A M Walnwrigbt, P?, Mra Leaman and ton. NV: J T Morrison. M A Freeman. Mr Benton. jMd. W A Buchanan, T W Lewis. Va; H Snyder, Hon T Bowie. Md: J Rogerson. F.njj; Col Gates and fv l'*A; C C Haldeman, F J Magee, Va; J Blake. J E Brufly, Va; G H Gidding. Tea: L P Noble. W Brown. G K Ryan. J C 9kad?n. II L Mane teste i end ly. NY: H Barn-?. Mich: L H French. A Al Eattman, NH; D Kiddle, Md; Mrs Pmfitld. Mn Bibcock. C PenHeld. DC; G Hovt. Teun. \V Ry mer. Gi; G James, Mnas, D Ki. <ht. Pa; O Ben ton. RI BROWN S HOTEL?J 0 Pumpl.rey, B I Gwynn.J B Buab. J Bowes. Md; C Alexander P E Buckenrllle. W M Ewes. D Browning and E M Hoyd, R W Falla, J Burnett. D I.aferro. * Hud?r ni. \V H Tarns. C W Kuaaell. H Fltzhiigb H M Brent. Va; J J \Vsrd, NJ: T Akltis, Mo; I M Car'oett, Mra L S Madden, X V; A I.evier. R W Johnson, O W Taylor. Ark; J Garrett. A S Hln toa, Ala; W Harper, J S XoTina. DC; T Hnrrlaon La; J Haveratik, J M Waddell, Tenu; A Morgan BC; T K F^.'niaa. L M Wood, Mra Stevena an< children, Ala: L O Fuller, J Seattle, C Kidder Md KIRKWOOD HOU^E ?K W Browning, A I Jordan. DC; TO Watson. J W Campbell, T 1 Irwlo, H Gallaher. H Shackelford. J A Kelly, Va 8 Bulhrlght. G Watklnaon, XV; W (i Jackson Ky; A H Garland. Ark; E t? Hall. Md; W Cullai Allun, W Grailie. FU WASHINGTON HOUSE?Mr Bocper, USN Rud r Smith, Applet on: Burton Wurden. Ohl? Mrs Burn* and two children. St Louis; Edmun< r.tlki. V Uamnaklu. 11' V I I v W tavu , .1?W *? ?" ?T ? VT?HIU1%ICI ) a? S>u?ith, NV. SrKCIAL NOTICE TO CITIZENS AN] STRANCKR'.? KENi'H A UlCffgTEIN* U79 Pa ?r?na?, i? the ?u'y plaos m the city vh?r daily can be fonnd Trout every Si4'?4s l cit in the L uiuK. New Vork, Km adeiphta, ami Dvti pore pap'ra delivered in the city and Georgetowc lOlWWVt tawly on the arrival of the trains. Ail th Month y ar,?1 Week!* I'apersaud Magazines. Noi i* tne ti ne tu subscribe, with the beg.bumg of th New Vear. Sole ageuta for the Charleston M i wry. de a>? rYOU WANT TO HAVE THE UNION ca: at H A R V L V' 8 Who baa just revived a large supjly f freah LOfi Sl'KKS, Ki^H. and 6r.e uY?l KKr<,Vj?to vhioh he wi : u;ve to eutUnnera at th?^^-^2? shortest n<4 oe ai d on libera. teens. P. 8.?pyatera aerved to families and hotels a noi ?o?.a<o; m?y are uuiy acaiaed lor peraona mi uic them at tae aaioou. d?a T. M. HARVEV. |\K BcHENCR'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. u K: For ou? by 8. D. wAITE.ooraer of Seven! and Looiaiaua avenue. Prio* of 8yr*p, #1 per bottle. Pnoe of e*a Weed Tonio. fl per bottle Prio* of Mandrake Piila, V> o?nta p*r buz TV>ee afll.eted with die?*?ei* of the Lunza, Llv or Btoaaoa. aoooirpamed with pain* in tfcs Bao Breaat or Hide, ahooid try pr. SotoennkTa Med Ibm. and are referred to Ut? foUowinx eerti&oat ooe of toe ro?ny teatmooiaia of complete- oarea i Dr. fteaenok'a poaaeaaon. No. ?31 Weat Fifth street, ( WitliMioR, 1?. C.. Not. Set 1MM D*. ScWBitca?Dear Sir > 1 ?aff?-?d nmoii I eeTeral moat i? with Liver ounipiaiot, I wa> pe Mtadixi by a f.'imJ to try tour Puimono ?yru aai ManJ-ake Pi t. I am now quite well, a* ttiuw your wudi<mm wai iki mia*j of rortrw nu to k'Mlik a? I vigor. Therefore I take tuuoh p.eaeurein lag u to tne PaOi.o. M. 8. 8? i?a t? ??OL0H?, COLD*. HOARSENESS, 4o. Lumruu.yu tiftiUf OA UVSI ARABIC This p'?u*ct and popular Cough IC<?n?e?t? ii b?M >0 ,od? known a?j extenai valjr u??d, UiAt ?ihj cars & U'? bactx&e faui: iax with tU extnvord.n rytftoa-?. li cac U- ha-1 at tilth* priuo-pal dri fctcr*sat>6af^) .Siio#nua'K.rtie. ? 28 ?WnAei>4ffi W iKA.Vfc.MNG TRUNKS. h Hare Jmt reoaivad th? largtot assortir.i a*4 io? i>f?r Ui* rn "?t ex tensive vwiMmr Wi^Ws^rjaBm? VAI.(BR^, CAKPtt BAGS, SATCHELS, A m Uu ojt/, wbieh we ar* sell-ui at rarv l< prico*. WALL. STKHHKNS A CO . n* ? *f :W< >*<t. av?m* 'P?? *OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. I MK N?*t u h\ui of uid K'.jv. Havana L< Mrf. ooBUikbtwi Of thu Sor.nisU Guv?rnia?ii|, uno v* iuj#nui(H! wf tiio Captain Uemra of Cit will tale piaaa at HaTu* 00 FRIDAY. J ami: art *, W61. MOMTKO NVMBRO MS 0RDIXAR10. CAPITAL PRiZK f 100,000. ALL ijS PRlZKS. gjggga' forwmrdM M aoos uuum i ku)Ti. M " D^aifia/^ Jo j i tr Cut PoaC OhArl?ton. ?. 0 DWItlxT? Gl'NPOWDkIR, F- r Mi* %t manats.etorora JOHN J. BOH UK. <rfo*o S?;? i|?M| for tkt Dutritt A lATC* > ?T?r 1 e t?Ar , a: d*uver?d fr*# to all m I C*n HSO *>? left ftt J 6?. vVmhin*u>n. fHINA ORSiVltN . * Dr*?>nc C???m, P?i \ folio* Hui N^t ;, j'srUm >rf, 4c, I u b, b*??sta .1 4v 15 V miscellaneous. "" itott' k ~ iii a vr at ha ftlalr rest or at ire ! n-riBttH in ?7*rr to rhtokv gkat h*.a t* it? Obmisai. Colo*. in thotsannftrp casks id tfa? inn?i??; ciU? of New kii(l?cd. has NOT paired in a unfit maiauo* to it nonipli'h ai! thflt la eia mad for it. M.. U.i r i. ... Am, ,,r Bmri k.l tli. UI A U/ ITUi ???wi > " v* w / w vut '<? aun ?? ?% will change it to a beau* fn! tin like Brown u4 Black. It is n?t an u, a tan tar. eon a dre which o rooks, smuta and gives a dead black oolor to the hair; the patient havn* to aubmit to eoaptng. washing and sponging of the hair every time . t ia applied; nor ia if a preparation of salphar. sugar of lead, *?., nor of any iBCred'CBts deleterious to the heir or ekin. it ia au artiole repairing no preparation, do wash ing before or after aau.a.Uiaa?pited-in fivaain utM time, and with aa Uttte trouble aa any ordinary artiole for the toilet. "Peosle who have need thia preparation declare it ia miraculoea in ita effects, and that it will p?. form all that it pretend* to do '?UmiUm's Pittvntl. "Ita suocese won'lerful, and we oan only aar we i-idoree all the proprietor aa;a in reganf to it."? Bo$(on Journal. "We of>aervc>, by a notice in a Boaton paper, that a premium waaawarded by the Ma*aaohnaetta Me ohanica' Charitar* e 'heir lat* Faif, Bwetou, to Mr. Joaeph Hojt of th^a oity, for his celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair Restorative,' an article which riohly merited thia favor. It was for ita su perior merita in thia reepeot that the Committee, al ter auffioient evidence presented to taeniae, v^s, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this dattertag testimonial Providtntt Evening Post. Sold in Washington by J. W.Nairn, D. B Clark, Kidwell & l.awr?nce D. 6. Ridgelev. In Georaa town by J. L. Kidwell, and by Druggists generally. de 12 1m MRS. ANN R. O'NEIL, W1IMJW, ANN R. O'.Neil and Hugh B.Sweouy. Exeoutora, and 1 a i - .,A f.... nmt i v w iuu wuhb O'iNeil children and ueirs at i\w of Timoty O'.Nei!. late of vn ashinctoa county, D. C., deceased, and all other persona interested. You are hereby notified that the Hon. William M. Mernok, Assisted Judge of lite Cirouit Court of the Di?tnct o( Columbia. hath thi? <'& , on the proper R)p ication oa the part of th? United State*. is?ued hia warrant, directed to the Marshal of the said District,commanding him to summon a jury of eighie~u food and lawful men t?? meet on your land, oalied DaJecarna.or by whatever name or names the name may be called lyiugin sau county of Wash ington, in said District of Columbia, north of tlis Oeaapeake acd Otio Canal, above the Little Falls of the Potomac river, on FKIDAY. the ffith day of December instant, at noon of said day, for the pur pose of vaining and coademumg the perpetual and free tight to erect and build a dam across the Falls Branch within tne limits of Dalecarlia, as held by William B. Scott, at or near the site of the former dam, wi?hin the limits, so as effectually to coavey and thmw all ths water of said branch into the aforesaid rail! race, Ac., as of an absolute estate in perpetuity in the said Umt'd States for the use ofthe Washington Aqueduct, and assessing ail dain\ges which the owners therm.f sh*l! sustain, by reason of i>ie said Lnited States and oenstruotins the said Washincton Avu.duct over, upon ana through said branoh. whsn and where yon will at tAnri i! tii vnn it k1iA.1i ?ppm fit JOHN BREWRR, Attorney for Washington Aqneuuot. de 14 3Uwtath NEW PAWN Of F1CK. WK 6 V E. WARD. Doaier in New? O and uut Off nothing, respectfully inform* the pab'io ti?t hi has opened a i.IOENSKI) hWN OFFICE at No 7ft Louisiana avenue, between th and 10th sta, a f?w doo-s ?xuit of the new Cen tral Guard-house, where he will he at ali times prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the strictest iuatioe. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Meohan ios' Tods. Ao., always on hand at private sale, de 7 lm* lO HOUSEKEEPERS or WASHINGTON,GEORGE r*? * t isr at * ar k ?? 1 <?>?? (M w ? lUWIIAilU V1U1.1I1T, V We invito the attention of Houaekeepera to our very larre and beautiful atoclc of CHINA, UI-A^S and EARTHEN WAKE, which is now rendered joniplete in every department ij out reoent im por'a'.ioni We deem it unneoeaa*ry to, aa we have every thtnjr that ia usua'lr kept in the Chin* Buainea*, from riob deooraied t-recch Otuna Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and aa we import the aiajoritj of our gooda, we are prepared to furniah the beat uua'U> , either to the wholeaale or retail trade, aj low aa any of the importing houses of Baltimore Engliah an 1 Ain*rioan Cutlery of auperior qnajitv, Al to, Horn, Buok and Cnooa handle Cutlery from the aame factories. Silver pla'ted Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A large atook of Coal Oil i^arapa, numeroaa pat terna. Paper ijtmp Shadea and Chimniej, Cut Ulaa? ttiobw. Hyacinth Qlasiea, Fancy Articles. Toy a, Ac , to. C. * FOWLER 1 CO., 204 Oil.! Rallnwa' HVI no 16-eoAw piREMEN'8 INSURANCE company WASHINGTON and GEORGETOWN. Capital 1200,000. Qrftre torn r C street and Louisiana av., ovrr Bank of Watkington. 1NSURK-HOU3ES ANlToTHER PROPERTY* AGAIN9T loss by fire. D:*BCToa?. Geo Shoemaker, Samue! Rpiifara. Hsmnel Cropley, William YYiieon, Riohard Jones, John D- Barclaj, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Ruthweil, Thoe. Parker, Riehard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President Abkl G. Davi*. Seoretarj, oc lO-eoto! DEAD THE following from THE IV well known Captain of the Steamer Fulton: NlW OBLXA**, 3d Oot., 1851. 1 Dr. J. C. Aft, Lowell.?sir: 1 am urged bp mj wile to report to you a our* yonr S&reaparilia has ' made in oar family, and aa it la the oniy way ir whioh we oan make you any acknowledgement oi our gratification, Iwill pruoeed t > late My litiK ?on. eleven year* old, baa had Strr/mla aorea o; bia ear*, cook and arms for five yeara They were muchortLe time very diatreaaing. and we fetred they would kill him. At firat a awelling would ay pear, then it would break and make a running aorc which would not heal. They became very loath aorn- and often painful; they stepped bia gruwtt and acemed to undermine hia health. ?.< > that be oe oame feeble and aicklj. We tried Phyaiciana ant Medicinea, but they did no good. A clergyman ir oar neighborhood, who had aeen eome reinarkabU ourea by jour Cherr* V'ootoral, adviaed ua to trj your S*rtaparilla, and w did. The ma leat aorei showed ay mptoraa of healing in about two weeka in two more tney had healed, and In two month; the child wm aa well aa anybody. Henowenjoyi perfect heal h, with no remnant of thediaordei him that we oan discover. If yon, sir, are i parent, yon may well believe that we snail noteooi forget you. Very tinlr> yonr humble servant, j*o. W. Hath, Prepared by dr. J.c.ayer A CO., Lowell,Mass de21 eolm TV proclamation 1 O the wa?hinqton!%^o1i8btown ikli WKtrtat, cholbra mo DIARRHEA. DYBEiNTBRY, holic 6YBP??IIAkl|1UTy prevail to an aiarmin< extant: Filial <&><N$B({8$ncb to every family to knowo( be present season o ths yea It 0104 A REMEDY or Puu, [RACULOUS PAIN K1LLRR t offers kij^ REMeS? FoVTHE_ABOVg COMPLAINT la order to Mtii/r TUB PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in tLe *aie of thla THE MONEH,r^IL.?!,B^*kBFUNDBD 4? all tfl.'ei hen the medieiue (ails U give entire sallsfOotlo MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, take ae di reote<1, sod if aot perfectly satisfied Betara to oar Ac*ot, D/B. CLARK, ESQ., 4 X Street and Pennsylvania A venae, who will refund your money. Price? 34 and AO Cents per Bottle. For aale at all Drug Storea every where. ja3. McDonnell, omwii A tent, jyll-aotr . Baltimore. pURE OLD V F0? M,l?I, Prict 08 per gallon or SO tents ptr botlU. The va*t home and foreign demand we have f true article auffioientt j att*e?e it* purity and exo? lenee. Moreover it be mentioned in tail ooi n*xion that many invaiida of delicate orjanizatlo unable to aaawhielry or other branaa. have foui the ab;>ve moat eftoaeioua and happy in ita efleol A liberal diacount on the above prioae made the trade. edward hall. Dealer la ftne Winea and Lleuora, FamUy Grooenee, 6c.,opp.Center Market. UVkWdOU #VI1 uu OUI I DRANCI8 HARPER, FAMILY OR<%K&V>A^fB?>^EED STORK, Com*r of New York ?wmn *m4 Tenth strter. Respectfully aoiiciU the Mtroqt|? of thoMV mar be iu wiaf of any article in the aoore line. H endeavora hail be to pihw, and by a atnotattei &to the want* of the publics, he hopee to merit ? of their patronace. _ Hia Joek oocaiata of erery article nauallr to I fosad ta a ?rat olaea Family Grocery ana Fm Htorau ' laalT-ti T'UK 81K. tri#e on vS wy TU ..* will leare 5' and SATUR NATQ'L BO ^SaaS^n AND ooal. 1 TO THE pljjlic: GO WHERE YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY's WORTH httbt it ? prove rr! know rr; TRY~WHAT? wsod <ui?ri?nkkr milf<9*411(1 sc/irp urii a rr * r? ii/ii i C7" PronlMtrn o?n fet roir WOOD th?r? o Uan HMwktri m the eity ; an4 then yon SHOW WHAT? 9riu, AKii Oiuruis Fiu or Ciiwi. Call at ths PIOW E ? R MILLS! SIUN OF THE BLUE PL At*-STAFF. Sovtivmt Comt Skvejith ht. AMD Canal (Souin of the Bridce.P no 19 UKOKbK CAOK, Asixt. w o o 1> M ^ AND CI O A h Delivered to all nil of the oity, At the lowest fouible rates. - - T. J. A W. M. GALT. Ofioe 999 Pa. AT., between 11th and 12th iU., ma 17-tf - north aiae. Cure Cough, Cold, Hoarimtn. In funxa any 'rritaiion or Sore nets of the Thro*!, Rthttr. th? Hatkint Couth in Con sump tion. Bronch'ti.i, Ashma, 4 Catarrh. Cloar and girt strength to th* roite of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and S1NGHRS. Few are aw?r? of th* importance of oheohinc a Cough or '"Common Cold1' in iU fir?t stage; tnat which in the beg;ning would Tield to a mild reme ? '? ? "tbiwchw. sdiiu juscih tne i.uni*. 'jfri** * Bronthiai Troehft" containing ^ernoToentinireUi *nta, allay Palmonary and Bronchial Irritation. __^?-wta 1 "That troah'e in my Throat, (for BROW N 8 wbtoh the are a apecifie) havin* wade me often a mere whie TROCHES perer* N. P. WILLI?. BROWN'S " I reoommend their uae to Pvblic Sriiuni." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great arrvtee in anbduing Hoavsk BROWN'S , ?*??." REV. DANIEL WlsE. TROmvo "Almoet inetaot relief in the die I ^ trMaine labor of breathing peouUa* RHOWN'4 to astuma." druvvn ?. KfcV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything , injarioua." DR A. A HA ? ES. BROWN'S Chimin, Botton. " AsimpleauJ f.eaaacit onuSina TROCHLS uon for Coveua. ao." DROWN'? flE ?i f BISELOW^ ?.m nAn?fiAiAl In RtnurmTTi 99 i KUUBtB j.-F. wVlank. brown'S Bono*. " I have proved them exoollent for TROCHES Whoppijio Con?H." rev. R. W. WARREN. brown'S Hotlon. troches ,o BROWN', i'V-kYrjXM$a2S.\,. TROCHK^ " Etrtcrvm in remonnj Hotru " n?i? and Irrit&t on of the Throat, ao brown'S oom <>n with fcriAKKX* and Simo **' Prof M.stacy JOHNSON. troches BROWN'S TROCHES Teaohe /.? Or?w?i Oa. ofNluiio Southern er? r __ Female College. "Great benefit when taken before and after preaoliing. a? the? prevent brown'S Hoar?enet?. From their paat feffeot, I think they will be of permanent ad TROCHES vantage to me." Rev. k. rowlkv, a. m. President ol Athena College, Teon. BROWN'S troches de 1 It RrSo'dbyall IHuni?t?at twf N r FIVE CENTS ~ A box Dr. J. U. MoLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl'RIFlEK. THE OR FA TEST REMEDY i? tkt WORLD, ?IM1 IIIO IUU? DKI.IcIOV* AMD DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL , KYEH TAKEN. It it atrietW a ael DUlc and Vijitt Li# Cumpoond, Pf ? cnr? J by tha diaulU tior> of roou, harba, uid bark*. Yallow Dock, Blood Root, Black Root, Baraapa nlla, Wild Charry Bark, and Daodaliou ntara 1010 it* BMlliM. Tha antira acu?a r?r-.tlUI prinelria i ofaach infraditM la , ?j-j tfwraBffaljaitr-cUdlftef tflKlOg. by my in*th?? of diauliin* Drodaein* a daliciaaa, aihilaratl** aplrta, ?ad lb? moat .r.A'lfbla ranaJ; (ot ranofatiuf tk. A.a..? ?y*?i?. and raatariaf tha ring-, ana aaDiuiaiaa lnrana ia baaith and atranfth. MrLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afaetaally r.ara Lmr Complaint, Pyartpaia, Jain I dica, (Jkraiic or Marroaa Dability, Diaaaaaa of tha Kidaaya, and all dtaaataa truing from a dtaordarad U??r or Btoaacb, l);(lipau, Baarttarn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Bicknaaa of tba Stomach, Faliaaaa of Blood to tha Haad, Dull Pan. or vkiamtaf la tha Haad, PaJpiutioa of tha Haart, Pallnaai or Wiirtl la tha Btoauch, Boar Kracutiona, Choking or Bafocauay Paaliaf whan iayinr down, Drynaaa or YalioW naaa of tha Bkia aud lyaa, Night Bwaata, Inward Parara, ! Palo la tha Snail of tha Back, Chaat, or Bida. Baddac Plaahaa of Boat, Dapraaaioo of Bpirita, Prtfhtfal Drama, ' Unnor, Doapoodancy or u; narvoaa dlaaaaa. Bora* or J Btotchaa ao tha Bku>, aad Pa?ar aad Agaa (or Chilla aad } OYER A MILLION BOTTLEB have baan aold daring tha laat ais mooiha, aad ia a* In atanea haa U fallad ia gtViag aotira aatiafaatioa. Who. than, will aafar from Waaknaaa or DabiUty whan M< LEAN'S > STRENGTH KNTNG CORDIAL will eara 70a 1 j Mo laafMf* tan eon?ay aa adaqmata idea of tha iaraadi I ate aad almaat miracaiema cbx/.f prodacad by taking thu 1 Cordial la tha diaaaaod, dabiliutad, aad ahattarad aarroaj > eyetam, wbathar brokaa down by aicau, waak by natari r pt Impair ad by aickaoaa, tha relaxed aad aaetraag argaai I eauao ta raatorad to It* prUtine health aad 'ifor 5 MARRIED PERSONS, ; or athere, cececioae of inability trout whatmr ceaee, will ad rrumnnuinu wnuuii a u? roagb raf anaratar of tba ijratam; and all who ma* hata to lard UubmIxi by iroprapar indalgtceaa will Ind to ihli Cardial a ruin and apaady naidj. TO THE LABIES. MckKANY mUCHOTHrSINO CORDIAL ta a mtu alfn aad apaady cara far Incipiam CouacutpUoo, Wbi'aa Obttrmciad ar DiCealt Manatraulan, Ineoouuanca of Urini or InTolBoiary Diacharg* tharaof, Kallinf of tba Woi >fc OiAdicaaa, Faiotinf, and all dittaiaa ineii'antto rtmafii. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Bmfar na laoftr. Taka it acordicf ta diraetiooa. It *11 limaiata. atranfthao, and tnrtgorau rot and eaaia tb< blaant af haalth ta namot yoar chaak again. Kvary battla li tuiaaul ta gift aauafaeuoa. FOR CHILDREN 1/r?ai children ax* aickly, pan* or aBictad, McLKANl CORDIAL wiU inaJra '.bam inilihj, fat, aad rabaat. Dalaj oat a mamanl; Irj It, and yoa will ba catiTiucad. h la da Uciaaatataka. CAUTION. Ba vara at drmf fiat* ar daalara vhi mar try w palm apa* 7M aama Muar ar aaraapanlla traab, wbfeb thay eaa bo; ebaap, by tartaait talaat aa rood. Avoid raah aaa. Aal far McLKAlVt VtrChGTHENING CORDIAL, aad tak botbinr alaa. It U tba ooly raoitdy that will parify tbi Blood Ooraagfclv and at tba aama una atranfthaa ui lyatiu Ona laaipoocniI lakan I'irj morning faaunjr la a tartau pra?auti?a for Cbolara, Chilia and Parar, Yallow F???r, u any pravalaat dlaaaaa. Ii ia pat aj? la larga boulaa. Priei mIt Bl P?r b?ul?, or oouui ror ?a. i. u median, Bait propriator of thla Cordial; alto. McLun'i Vblcauie Ol UalaaaL Pnoclpal Dapot *a tat eorutr of Third am Plot iuiiU, Bt. Le?>a, Ma. McLean's Yoloanio Oil Liniment, (THE BUT LINIMENT IN THE WOULD.) Tkl only iifi ud cartaio cara for Caneara, Pilaa, Ta mra, Bwa lliafa aad Broochtla or Caitra, Paralaait, Nil ralfia, Waahnaaaof tha Maaclaa, Chronic or lnnimmaior Ehaaaauam, BuEotaa of tba Jointa, Contracted Maaclaa a Ltfaiaanta, Earaeba ar Tocthacha, Brataaa, Bpraiaa, Praa Cut*. Wound*, Clean, Pa*ar Boraa, Cahad Braaat, Bcr Ntpplaa, Buna, Baaida, Bora Throat, or any inflammation 0 pain, *0 difaranca how aavara or' lonr tha diaaaaa be baVa aaiatad, McLEAN'B CELEBBATEU LINIMENT i a carta in tamadr. _ of Wo taiaga baa a fcaan aarad a Ufa of dU crapitadt aad miaaiy by tha aaa of thia iaaalaabla raaadj. McLKAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rail a* a pain a 1 moat ioat&nuaaoaaiy, aad it will tlaai pantj and baa] tha foalaat aoraa ia aa tocradihia abort Umi FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'B CELEBRATED LINIMENT U tha oolt aal Spavin, ItffMai " ?r BwalUar Platala, Ol Raaaiaf Boraa, or Baraaay, if proaarly appUad. P< Bpraiaa, Braiaaa, Bcrauhaa, Crack ad Haala, Chafai, Baddl and raliabla ramad* for tha cara of Spavin, I Windfalla, BpUau, Unnatural Larapa, Nodaa or Bwalliaj It na?ar failad to cara Bif Haad, Pallavil, Pti or c?utr uti?, vhu, ocrwi w w oufill, U II U IQltlllOi r?m*4/. Apply U u liricul u< t ear* U MttaU la ??n Tfcoti trlf ao lonrtr wttfc lb* ouif worthlota Lialoitn oftrod to yom. Obtain a (apply of DA McLKAJfS CtLl HUTU) LINIMENT b will tar* *oa. J. H McLKAN, Sol. Propriots*. Corn#i Tkird aad Pint >U., Si. Uw, Mo. CBAtLKI STXJTT, fit Pa. a?., ooio agtal in Viikui too; R. I. T ClSaKL.Ooorcotowo. o? M-OAWly At FRENCH &KKICH8tI?iV'8. 9T? Pa. a1 iKitti fm Ik* wkolt World. Alfo? Aftrion Bar'and'a Books, Nemeeia, Moi Sid*. Hidden Pfttb and Alone; price each 91JS t m*il noM /"JRKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.?Oe? ! V? moe eeven-oetaT? Carved Piano Porte, k&ving been in aae a abort time only, tht owner leaving the eity, for atle for fino One rery "f " ' m IS"*-1 eannj the eity, for aale for #*? VM1V oe. . no I ^OOO LIGHT paraffin e ?r?1B CHEAP LlQH|^rE UftHl, DY1 TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. ? . .. i |JOOT3 AND TO #V!T IFb Wf Md bow macafkcumu mil Inr.dt of B( tad SHULH, u4 rwttmtTV rooomux & iiwlf anibriM^* ww>?k ?r *7?tjQ* , tiuuto ?x>r*Mty tonnlAr.and wtul m old at a muck '.ovot prior than ha* bam horotaiore ohiw?N in Chit city ferwwk PeraoLM in wa?rt of Bo*.U and SIiom of c oity made work, will al war* fiwla good awWJsoo is storea*'i at tav i"*wt ^nwi. 6ivea?acatu * HRO.. Mf-r 314 i'eunjjlvun* trnvf. &r irwtMtmiftT of traveling rMaifttM- M modffnita pnoM, to b? CARPKTBAO?, SATCHRlS As. U71 Old Trunk* rapund or M? ia luiAW* for ufv OD0t. WALL, STEPHENS * CO, Trutk B& m Room, ttitr H-tf P*. trwii. gOVVHKRN iianufactobt, OnMiiitt Odd H?jJrVd thins: cm, D. C. Traveler* will ita<u their interest* t>? erami tin my TRUNKS, VALlCKS Ae. before j?r oiiMiut nHtcre as i am do no hi mrMHIi best material the raamet *.dord? ir.d the best workmen, I can confidently rec < mend my work to be upwor in Strength and Durakikty to Tnmks that are made in other tribes and sold here. I keep constantly on hand, aad make to order ton one week's notice) every description of SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mn4 WOOD SOX TRUSKS; ASHLAND and ?tk*r VAJ.ICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HAH NESS: SADDLES: WHTFS, fc., #r. Trunks, Ao? Repaired and Covered, In a W?rk manlike manner, at short notice. Trunks delivered in any part of tka oity, George town, or Alexandria. Alao? Arent for Ilowe's celebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. de 15-1 v JAMES 3. TOPHAM. WH ATCH REPAIRING ANDtMLVER WARE manufactory. I hare one of the best establishments, and fur nished with a complete set of tools for repair- gv inn every description of fine Watches, and particular attention rive to the same, by a?HK thorough competent workiniMi.auu a. work snaran tied A!-o, e\#ry descrip ion of s'andard SILVER WARE, pla.nand ornaincnta'. nwi-ufactu ed u^Jer my owa supervision, which my customers will fend iar superior in quality ana bnisn tj northern ware old by dual era in general a ad repreeented at tijeir own manQfaoture, H. O. HOOD, e 6 S3* Pa. avenue. near 9th at. 19 IMM1 GALLONS CHAMPAGNE AND l?,UUU CRAB APPLE CIDER.?We in*it* tue attention of the p*it>!ic to oar larre and well ae li>oted utock of Ohampaxne and Crab Apple Cider, whtah we gnarantee to be pure juioe, and will b? old on reaaeuable term* in order to make room for oar spring atook. Give ub a oa! 1 at the Union Bottlin; Depot, fet No. IT ftmw ?t.. FD. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, ft., #r.t Corner of 12th and B streeta, Waanmgtua oity. (IT Caah paid for all kinds of Grain, au 26 Am HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Them Soalcj are ottered t" the vnMic aa tha tDoataiinpla, durable, and reliable aoaieaerar ?ut in aae. Flratclaa* preniinms have been awarded them by.tho United Stated Fair and Virginia At*icnltur?u Society; Virginia State Acrieultural Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennajlvania; New York State Fair; Vnrmnnt MtntA l>'iur. Vn.. i" la AvAnr ndui vhir? exhibited they mm received first oiaes preraiuifl Kru?M(? Louisiana a venae, Depot of Suler* iled Iron Sales. dull It K' C. PATT1BON. A tent fREEMAN ? SIMPSON^ EXTRA" OLD 'AMIiy RYI [SKIT EXTR/i OLD FAMIIYR1 OTIS] I u6 0kboV0 r U KCj W M ISIV I f vOPPlK UI^TTLL.. ?*om Maxtid Grain, being superior and umfoi in 4 o&l > tr and Mf lily improved by ace, is prelerr try ftonhuinert to all other Whiskies, and partio The above CURE WHISKY, Cor ran Dmtillxe form rrred | lo? larly reoommecaed by the beet physician* and ohemists as eoseeesing all the requirements of a TVm Tonic /net*orator and Rtmrdial Aitnt. The Sohuylkill Water of Philadelphia, used is the disMl.atlcu of this Whisky, is proved by anato is to be the rofteet and purest water in the United states; aud to tiai may, in a r reat decree, be at tributed the exoel!?noe of this Whisky. Fois?.:ot?y FRHKMANJt SIMPSON. Phenix Distillery, ?L. U.Lu.llr.1. - Qkii.J?l.VI. uujur couu/iiiu fivri, r BUfinifiu?. Offices-98 Will street. New York ; 109 South Front street, Philadelphia. # T8ave the Piceei! ii ?cidmt$ will UmBi i*m to wsM-rtnUat* fmmiliu, It 1m rery Aeairabl* to hare mo* eh?| ud oosveiiimt war for repairing Fur tut arc. Ton Crookiry, *?. irALDINe*! PRE T Ail ED 6LDB meets all suol) ?msrienoies, and no houaahold mi aflord to be without it It is always ready and ] to the sUokmc point. There is no longer a neoes ity for Itmpinc ohairs. splintered sneers, htadlea dolls, bud broken oradlee. It ii lust the arffole fo oone, shell, and other ornamental work, to popula will, ladies of refinement and txrte. This admirable preparation la used oold, bplnj chemically held in solntion, and poaaeeainf all tin al liable tnalities of the beet cabinet makers* fine It ma? b? used in the plaoe of ordinary mucilage beinx Tartly more adhesive. " VSKVVL IN ST BR T HO VSB." Pritt, U cent*. N. B.?A Brash accompanies each bottlt. VTk?ltt*li Dtftt, No. 40 Cedar street, New Yert Ajdree* HENRY cT8PALDJN? ft CO., Box No. 8.MO, New Yorl Pat ap fcr Dealers In Cases oontaiaint Poll Eirbt, and TwbIto Dosen?a beantifal Lithotrapb lo Show Card aoooinpanym? each paoka?e, -inT ? bottia of SPAVISO'S PRE PARED SLUE will sav* ten times Its oost an aaaily to srery hoaaehold.-/"fl Bold by all prominent Stationery Drauisti Hardware and Fmrnlture Dealers, Grocsrs, an t ifloy Btoroi. Country merchants should make a note ef 8PAL ??rlr Tkit H>it? it bi a b a rjdu " i er <-< > laiftki/iir mr'ty (lit tldrtt t>im>ltrr im Ut Vmiliy / ?*? ildumftkr'a,) fr-m rktf**rt e/ *?', pnpartJ iy ^ a procttt rtdf k?j+?to Aim. ? ' an dtp?ul ?> <* ftimm t ukm tkfj tor I Ad r<L'?f I |?tu told by tit BaU t v?li wmmndtti ijr U< /-W /I Ai raw* ?> f > iit y. I (fna'ilw*. ** CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS JUtUUnC VALLEY WHISKEY I THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABELALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.H.DALY, ? SBBfflillUAM SI NEW YORK. MOM BALM IN WASHINGTON BY I Ml nifO014 BUUUB __ _OAS PITTING, 4c. _!_ | pLUMBERB AND GAS FITTER*. ! _ ,, i. W. IH0i??0N * CO | AVoaM e*il th*aUt>avo?ol wmtm t*k?ra t> Ui?n 'ul; MKi-tBiil of Fixture* MMjan tp it* 'Mr* ' JrlTCHfcN SA.Yo KS,8 JTH , TUBS. WA^rS^.^lfh,Tr('f^ATKR HujLhRS, kitchen fUNKi*. pumps. cm msM&gt?**- '***&* llnvi: t wmptrwr MlvtLtHH. wiUi ?r*otir*l k'oviadcft w* Wf*nd In mtrud?r?? Water into dwtuinxa with ?TU# latMt l??mTMr*nU, I prompt?;, ud t prM*a Ui?t onotot tot! to mt*tj. _ ?6V ftmm. um taf,aiu jra* ta fuvraua IWI BVOt Office No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Pal on1 Hall ? OMnfronaa. m.. tale. aw CHAJFbKS W. CUNNINGHAM It U-tf Inspector and Bwtr of ?u M? J?vfOfT_^J1CKA JLTN.T TME REMEDY REJOICE fx HEALTH. Friend, do yon sufler? Are yon the riotim of day of taoee numerous ail menu wiuch aria* irom ic. urtty of Lie blood/ What ara titer, do yon iul Rather ask, what ara they not / The Lixxxi is tne aonroe of lite and health, and it u the fern element of our beiag to reepond to nay cause Wtucli tffMU th* ?ystem, aa the pulae Infallibly attests Taeerer prevailing Neuralgia, the Irritating Krysipe.aa.Uie availing Neuralgia, the Irritating Krysipe.aa.tae suMle Scrofula, the afoninlac Rhaw mart ana, Ner tobi Debility, Dyspepeia, Lirer Complaint with ita rpor and dejection, ana the nnmberlees ilia that blood. Dea: kindly thea and gently with the Moo<J Use the vitalising reeouroea of nature for ita aid. and Buffer us to oomruend to your oor.fidenoe and nae that truly valuable me.Ueaniect known aa IXDIAX TEG ih'A BL ?l)BCQCTION. With regard to this almost infallible epecifii Kuiar ner.timent haa spoken in deoided terms, the evidence* of tliia great taiaed l?y oonstAnt avovi'i of curative effects nod pla m I a cures lire not song tit Irom tbe illiterate and surer boia!, bat they are volunteered from the moat re lAA.-ktn Kin aAH?? \? a * -? t <jh?u.o o>'ui wa puu WUO miani barnu ir. which it is possible to oommeod so raiqabi* a speoifio to puVlo approval. We mar *d<l alto that tne curative properties <>i Ul* medioine are** nailed 01..j by its restorative efJ -c.a, the system reoover 1DZ from disease with renewed constitutional Tif or. For sale by aU respectable DrugriaU in ihii oity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None penume nnleej her name is biown on the bottle and her teal on tbe oork rrr Hriee 01 per bottle, aix bott'es for RS. Wholtxaii Attni. R. H. T. CISSEL, Dmciist Georgetown. D C.. Wholesale Agent for the Dta triot, and will supply the trade at my ynoaa. an IS tr ^1TY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS A3D COAL DKPOT. Foot of Srt tnif.ntk Hrttt, btiov War Ut^artwtan. WOOD prepared, any lencth and aixe, to suit the wants of eaoh purchaser COA- -KEPT IN COAL HOUSES, protected from the we<vther?delivered free from alate, dirt, and other imparities. 2^40 tbe. to the ton. T. J. * W. M. WALT, no 10-tf *2*2 Pa. ar.. b?tw. 11th and 12tn at*. TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a 1 kiuds of Virgiuia money for ray book debts and for Boots, Sboea, and Tronks. An persona indeb'ed to me will pleaso cti and settle np,or 1 eha!l beoompeUed to give their aooounu into the hands of a collector. 8. P. HOOVER, In* Hell, no SI Pa av., between 9th aud 10th sts. OLD RICH. MELLOW AND PURE BCRNSIDE'8 MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Cor.?cientloo?ly dutillrd by Mr. Jamea, of Allegany County, Penna., in the old raehioceo honest war, trowi theohoioeet acid nmt carefully elected Rye, and in no ou? wr offered for aale until adapted to wholaeorae aae by a?e It u at onoethe noit palatable, aa it t? eropnaUoaJtr one of the puree) be vara* ?e in the reach of Up publ.e. To the Invalid, as veil ae to thoee in I ooamenda itaelf for ita unri railed ?ualitiea aa a i atnnulant of the aafaet. treat, and moat beneSoetit r lieeoripfion, and many of the most distinguished physicians are using it la tWr praouoe with the "TLktW 8TOCEOALE, Proenetora, . Agent for the Proprietor*. 998 Pa a v., ; se 3*-6?w opposite \yi Hards' Hotel. r BALT1M?RI? BUTTER HOUSE. ' Daily reoemng fresh and sweet. in Goahan pack aje*. Alw.Oh.oBatUp Wl^a^mSce^U. BLLlvU 11C HE*W It? la Ktoiiante PUoo. Haitimore. ; 275 ALkEN 275 JACKSON. PLASTERERS, Pl?n?A. AvBKtl, Between lnth and 11th atreata. J* U |MfORTANT TO HOUSBkKBPERB. E. E. DURKEE & CO.*8 Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but groaad from fraah 8picea. Heleete>i ana cteaue< by ua expreeaiy for the pureot* without referer.o* to coat. 1 hoy a^e beantifal'y packed in tinfoil " W?r,) to prevent injury by keepln? i! weiaht, while tit* orcinary (roam aUnoat invariably short. We nrru (lined with, fll 8 Bpioea we a. I moat invariably anort We vim u, .. -^rois?!." M % tingle trial wiiJ abundantly fiov*. Manufactured only bv I ?,fi fe U ^EASONAB L E DRY GOODS Claaka, Bhaw'.a, Flanaeli Mennoa, . . Ottomans, Blank eta. Pall Cloth*. Linear i ? , franoySUke. t?ilk Robee, Poplini. Valsnoiaa, Kept Yarna, Hooped Skirte, Inah Lirena, Hhe?t;nca, Napkini Beaver Clcth, Sock Flaanel. White Gooda, Linen Seta, Embroide. tei Hombastnea, Alparaa, f ounterpanea. Cowfoita. Towelin*a. A11 of which we offer at prioex to suit the time*. de 13 TAYLOR at HI TCHiMJ.N. Ti J U8T OUT -NEW BOOKS. HK Prinoeof W*Im ib America, br Kio&ha Corm<alli?. Uma.olotK; prioe fl. Petty Annoitooea. from tba FrencL of Houori 4.O., br W. P. Btrloklftid, Ua? de B<Uxas; P'lae f IJV Old Mackinaw, cloth; price deb At"0* fli^RENCH * R1CH8TE1N1*, I 27b Peon. irnu. I^AMAK, MOW * AW I. ?. . ?. E hott. V. X. AVTST. ^ ?irji6iriii Hc.LLiBrxjiM, Nul Wilt y raoUoe in tiif ktg>,Oofri of Error^a?d C&e^oorta of ggg^VIIMd-* ?. < pLOUK. BUCKWH^.lT^rOTATOBH, AF 160 bbie.iiew Riohmqrul family and Extra Flow 5,nr? lb?. Freeh Ground Buckwheat M?J, ano bnahele While Mercer Po'.itoee, loo do. KIim do. do. 5 do. Chnetaata. Reoetvetl to-day Mod lor aato k?w in lota to aait t D. L. MORRISON * CO., ao Coraer of Ivetfth and Smb. r...4f&^Sf^SP.T,C? J3A9EI3S2 oa 17 8ib hatww l?th aift 13U>. rf*RAVBL8 IN THE REGIONS OF TH 1 L yper and l.ower Awnor, bi T. W. Atkinaoi ra^KsregBra^acs rs .$????&!& eAgtagMrec Vol line on# of Torn Brow* ?t Oxford.* *? < to Tom Brown M Ru* by; eh??p ?dltJOG Si o*oU. 4>nr Y*r,? ohud'i boa* la pre-* ami rt?, I tne author of Jowl*!**!**; 75 OcM?U. lInCHARI) 4 MOHUN, orntr KUwtli ?t nd Pt. w. 4? S OOTD0T I A FEW FINS PIANO* FO* RENT MY At Two Ftft&M fa twuKtlil ft mo uT 1Mb ??. <1?S R" *1 iniMi I uw jin BJ.U m> au.. ao?Ui HI*. A WM. T. DOVE 4 CO. RE Nov to nwirtt U| order* w*U FITTIN# (17 3tor# on tth itroot, n low door* north of Ps, W.? OA* FIXTURES. E Rat* in alore, uj ire d*< y reoot _. , FIXTURES of entire^ New hmakm! Doaic fia tnd Fir.ifch, auponor in etjle to anythin* berewwor# offered in Una market. We invfta oitiiena ?*r.or*. It to call UJ exomir.e our atnek of tiu im w?t? F ixturen, fooUug om.fcdeut tiiat we lun tM boat elected toe it m Wnahincton. \il Work in the above iu.e minuted to Mr Mri Will bo promptly attended to. MYERS fc We(jHAN. mar 5-tf ST* DatrweC IBN VDtK * PL CM BE R A!fD GAS FITTER. tfaa removed lo theoorner orTwelfth and F ata. He it prepared to ia:rodBoe Water &c<) (hi u?ou the mo?t favorable terra a, and gaaracttee enu aati-faotion Hehaa on hand a lot or COOKINO ud other STOV h !*, which ha wi'.J aell UuUi.i ooat. aa he wiahea to cat nd of them. bo 17 0FP1CE OF INSPECTOR AND BRA LEE OF GAS METERS. NOTICE 18 rmREB )[(?*.J T ably to the proviaiona of the mdinaaoe of tneOor poratioa approved May l2.iam.tlM ?aber?i(C?d ? now prepared, "whenever rea aired in Vrttiif, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to impact, examine, test, prove, andaaoertaln tnf aoearaoy of regiatratioa or any gaa meter in aae in Una oity Every Bitter, iffunnd inoorreet,will be ooaJemnied, and another, aeaic-d and marked aa tnie, will be aetini** p.ioe. 11 proved to be aeoarate in it* oMaanrvment of km, it wfll be sealed aocorditfly, an/) km* ? ML^CKLLANBODS. TiuAi>u<tiiini.)> ri U??ta?r Ttwm CT4W1BC IHWWT Hi aft ?" tu appro noft *nr?Miv( wvrda ofotMr iuikm?mm iA? "forth* hwi " u low ^'F,r.| pofcWtaai it noBMntlon vith Mr. SmMiii'i grm,I IndMM inMiT b?t it viu Bwor. to mm la a Mwr* |i?m war. ami tM wurd ClyMlM ViU bMMM u ixidiMii m K.i?etfi?tJM ud rut^jj vthmt wkom liatisoboB m formga word* kaa toM ?om ??v t?V AOBBM ?Mi ^ ?i Ilflf Hi '?4 > VrriM* 'm4wK? tkia tfUrvooi, kM.: | it hfcoti* fcril." a*ra ' ? "Buiiifcii'y.'' fci. and upon tkftt ' > a ChWk Fttl haod >on bic oBor it Mr?d dm ao |?'.M liM( I *m/c.y ratliMd I m4 'mi m ' a-laoh*. I.THmurm ta the fkrortt* ?'*r by whi'h n*Tur? mux knovn u* dfr^uion wb&trr?r f on, tha r&tar?i ft*l* of the t>rt?. ud twvc^ii tfcu tight it mai b* leokad o? u ? t*Jar >:%r<l to ijy* noboe ?I wit.oh n<|U uUwwn i attention, tif. too late to t* r?ia*d*?d; ai.i loatiow akeu.'d never ha ne?'eci?<i ilr*. Mb* m*? t? oimM ?L<1?r f*n unw.v.t SrwptomaUoMi Maa?at>i*. l?T??iom?nr H??<1 a$W? u mad U the r. wairmi vanviy 01 ui***?ee, aa&oaf vhtoii ?.' Ap>p eay, tto?t. Khe?raatia"i arxl *'l f Kr diMUM. la IU rtrrou (ana it ) m*?ttt?t.? <>?. e4MofU??t(IMMb ObMtltlttBC >?fi kt?4*(<.( hepatic dia*a*? o?nabtaUi.c hmrnJm.k'. c( woraH,?!onstipate<>nai*dotlMri,,?< r<Uraofth? , ?.*r la A* wall rena atd iUrinaa*"??i<'?:i. Pimm of the heart are very frrqaont'y att-ndert Ha?.i MW Anapmia a"d ^laUiora ara alao aff-et. m which (VeqaaatlT mowm haada***. 1-1 i???athie HMdMk* iaalao vary toiimoi, haaac aaua if a. a tiniM.ahed by the nama ofmtim< hfdtu-kt. aixee timea ?oniD( on ?uddenly in a ?tat* ?.f aound health and proatratiag at odm th?? ia*t it' aa<l pbyaiaal enarciea. aad in other iaeiantee it ooraaa on alov.r- he-aided t?y dayreeaton of eVtrtu or aoarlnty of tamaar. In nuat iu?Tarm? Um aain ia is front of tha baad. om one or both eyaa, and aomatiiuM prcvoMM, asaer thia elaaa nr a!ao be naai w mmm m vi - VMMnM < " ' BVW1VVW Oyha'.:o Pii.a ftava bMC ft/tind a *ar? ud rU? remedy, rtuin&f the ao*t aeata pun ia a |?? rssusSta."* IK**fi?f.?Yo? isnct nifu Ppaidlag'a CtfU-K Pllla. Bri Yf <f.?Oeh ' rare Jbw ar.d jot'w aed It. Lere'f the q Banker wd civ > tka Cut" eat! doa't m a.! day afreet it aiUer. CmUpatUi er (eett reseat No one of the "macr ilia fleeh i? heir W>" la ao *r*>al*Bt, ao Uttle Bnderetixtd. and ac mack a?? looted aa Coetiv-mim* Often originating IB car* iMcceaa. or aedaatary hetota; it ia regarded aa a aiifht dtaorder of too ittle ounaeaaeoeeto ??oit? anxiety, vbUa ui r<*iitr it la thear*ee-aor ?nJ oompaclon of many of tha moot f*ta and dan?< ou? diaeaaoa. and bb1*u #?jW raJie*U-d it vi'! brinx the nfrtrltlt ant:rn*ly (r*?e. Amuci the lighter enla of vhiah 0>atl*eTi*e? ia the ini. at tendant art Headache, Colic. H h?-uin*?i?pi, Foa. tireatfi %n<J other nf like B*tnre,? 1U? ft long train of fruktni: dneaae* auoh m K???r?, Aboeaeea.I)yeentery. Drapepata. IHairhe*. Apo Slexj, PpiiftpaT. Pkr??ni?. Hyaterta. Hf^nn r:'i? n.Mc.Moh'i'y an 11n*erltf, first Indicate Iktir pr?*acnoe in Ur h; thia alan-in* aympUnu. Not ULfre?uaaUy taedia?a**e named originate In Conatpatioa, feat take oa aa independent aim no* anleea th? oaaae ia eradicated in an rarlr eta**. From all thaae non?idera.nuua it io L"wa that the disorder ahoaid raoain immMiaU fttUatmn vbM arer it oooara. and no aerar>n ah aid n*< >ot lo ?*t a box of Cepha.ic Pilla on t?>afret appearance of the complaint, aa their timely aa* wiH *xpei the n aidaoaa approach** of iheaaoe aad daatroy Uia dar.|eroua foa to ha man Ilia. A Rati BlMalif. PkkivriMM.? Wmli- M rm In... V-? ...... I ae)r*>? Mrs. Jamts.?BoM! Doctor, all f abb ! u>? pill yo? eat rod m* 1b jut twenty tmnaM*, tod 1 wUi? job would Mad more ao thai. 1 on a Lava Uwt handy Pkyticimm?Yoi can cat them at any DrvcP't* Call fur Caphaha P?I!a, I fcnd they awdrwi, and 1 reoomir*n?l then ib all caui of H4iia?li?. Mrs. Jmm ?I shall aaad tor a U>z mraottT. and hall tall all iay ferine friaada, for Uiey ar? b r#*i Muiiaii irrOVCT IXCtTBMKXT. Bed the Oiei.LaJ OBTBBnd nnxi<*ty incident tr> eloee artert'.ot to tat sni or ktMuy.are among the numeron* eanae* cf Nenroae Hoviiclie. The dieordnrad etate u? mind and body 1 DCidant to th 1 dl>lraM?< -# - - ? ? ? -? - ?? ? ?" vi ? iiiun ibir vwpv. whoee btiwiU will be expett?noed by eafbrtn* humar.ny long Altar their aiecoverert are forguCtoit. CTI>i?Tfli!iwrli???tk?ftrt BenlMhjf !*? yoa remember the thrown* temelee, 'he fevered thr io?tkjn? u*l diacyet it tn? ei?M of food. >n 1 TO* L k Hi |iryo?M yon ahoald *2 waye have a box of them on hai.d t>> ate u ooouiob re^ctr J CUREj I NervousHeadache cure x ^JriiidS0 Headache. Uf ths mm of tksas PUla t)>s periodic Uluki "i Ntrxout or Sxrk Htadtu4/ may b? prerts tsd; a?J if Uken at tbe o?mn?oMant ol id att*o? uutf diat* ruitsi frora pain and siekMM will b? obtains^ T&ay saldoa ftul ta raatonag tks Nmu** aaJ Hiadackt to wtai&h (antlM art m> s*hjset. TUs? act cmitif apon thsbovals.?rsmoviag Cm For Mtm, Studmi, Drlioatr Ptaaia, and ail persons of Mrfmfary Aa*u?, Uay art ait aluabls as a iuaiiM, imp-oring tts aepmhtt, gmajr tM/ and rtgor to tha digssttrs osgaas, an J rsatoung Us natural siasfcmt; and straag U o4 Us Who.s k j stem. Tfcs CEPHALIC PI LS ars Us rMait of !oag investigation and oarofally oondaotad s?#sriw>sat?. having fessn la ass many ysars, during wiueh tUas th?T havs prsTSntad ard rsiierad a vast asoaat of paia and snfsrisg frass HsadaaLs. vti?ta*r ongt natirg in tas *?? ? sjittasrlnsi a israaysrt state of Us nomatk. Thsy ars antirelf is tksir nompAsiUoa. MM mmj iuvn m* m.i mmm trim fmrtmm miwj Titkoit ntkiu ur ?hanf of tfirt, mmd tkt af nmtt 9/ *? la+U rmd,*s M iMi l? vim miller Htm to ekildrt*. beware op counterfkits! The (enuin* Uvtlvi M|Bttirn ol flaan p. tpaldinf on Moh Box. ?oid by Draft t*ta and fell otfcw Daalara ia MmU 01mm. A Box vill baaaai fcf msII pripaKoaf?>f?a* tk* FH1UE. ii* CKNTft. All ur?*r? akoaM bo ?14i wH to NK^IR V C. tr&LIMMe. iw U <X4?Lf t* C?041 ttfiet, >?w \?iU blow to a'l enercy and arorulioE. ^ullertrf by tfc'.s disorder can alwaye obtain taeedy relief loia th"e?? Uist-ee?i"c KMMk* hy mini uj? of Ui* pbaiio wbonerer the symptoms trpear It quiet* the overtasked brair. aid eoothee tt? strair d udjkrnntawTM.kFd tolaxee the teaeioa of the stomach whioh always houbmuImu! if era rates Uie disordered condition of Um bnu. Twum Millioni or Dollau 8atkd?Mr. Spa.Jin*has sold two mi IJiotia of bottles of his W f.r&'.ed Prepared iX**aad it is estimated tin each bottle saves at ieast ten dollar* worth of broke* furt-itore. thai ? w'-y an acirecat* of twenty ?il Iiods of dollars reclaimed from tota. toes by Uus callable lavtruor. Havinc maAehistimeaboaaa bold word, he bow propoeae to do the word euiI Irenter sittim by oariaf a.' the aohiac heads wHh &isCesha..e Pi It*, s.-d if they are aa good as hie Glue. Headaches will soon vanish away like saow is July.

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