Newspaper of Evening Star, February 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 4, 1861 Page 3
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1.6c A L N'EW S. |??' I feoi#h Tus&tas printed oatbe futnt v*p?a> pttn tn ose tenth of Baltimore. Ita edition h *? 1?ve ?u to rrqulre It to V* pat to pt*i? at an fcrly bc'ir; ArtTrT'T-^HnU, therefore, ?h"nld be % ? ' r?-rore i;: c tier* m.; sthcrwiee tbry may appear until the next day. Nctrrx.?IMftrtct of CrlUtoblo Adveetlaeinenta to V- 'n? rtod 1r th* Biittmoib t*r* are received M and fnrwnrdwl front Thk Star Offlce. Rr.t!?;or?.?Yeaterday, the churcbea generally ?*erev?>l attended Numerous vlffttng atrangera dd?^i to the rongr^gatlona of chnrcbw in the t?l*ral j'art of the city. tVaugk Ckaptl ? Rev. J. R. Efflnger preached from Hebrew. 7.1? The law w?? Ibe shadow; the lit*pet tb?- sabatanrc. In the former the Oaapel plan of 'sahration waa but faintly fore b ?dcw*d and typitled, and while under the < oid dispensation tbey were laboring under the i ffl fill f IM fnafflolan<?u > W-? ?*- 1 mv ? ? uiuivnuy^ ?nw rin ?*f*i i nOTUirnw U1 I I the law, w?; rejoice in the full blaze of Gospel lijjht and liberty They Were led by the symbols and shadows of the atonement, while we vralk in the light of salvation through simple faith In the son of God. Oar responsibility to God ts increasing every dav Every generation lifts -<> higher tuwaids our Maker; every day Imposes ifH>n us greater duties and weightier responsi*>ilitti%. \Vc can have no excuse for refusing to arccrt the offers of salvation; its simplicity re?d> rs it plain and easy to the weakest mind, and tts laMuite depth can satisfy the greatest intellects, and those who go down to rnin amid all the llgbt of truth, with th? wisdom rf the present and the experience of the past, will meet with a terrible reUi button. Union Ckaptl?Rev Samuel Rodgers, late paa> tor of the church, but now of Fredericksburg, Va , preached with detp feeling and grta acceptance. both morning and evening. At 11 a m , from John 1 ?1. The fitness of Christ for his work; *J The character of the work; 3 The comrreber.sivemss of his work. At night, from ? tlrHrfws, loth clapter, latter part of 34th ver*e. Tbe preachy proc-eded to prove, tlrst, the fact tftet th-re is a heaven, and second, that God's people knnw it. A lsrye congregation waited " upon hi* ministry, deeply impressed with the glowing truths so forcibly presented, wh le the choir?not yet a year old?by its tine singing, greatly added to the Interest and solemnity of the ' ervicet. J Mtlhcdift Prottfiant Church, Ninth Street.? j Rev. P Licht W llson, pastor, preached in the morning, from the text of John, 6:67.0B; after , which the communion was administer-.?t At night, a pre<ftical discourse npon tb^ invitation J and promise of God to those wh0 draw nigh to a him. 'I he text was considered as Implying a dis- . tance from God; the cause this separation and * its pature. The invit^^on; requiring the action of the separated ^.^fgon before the fulfilment of x the promise. T fle* nature of the actiou required, and the^poverto comply, were also cle?rly de- t fined. *ne promise was finally considered, and tided with an appeal to the unconverted to Vept the invitation and secure the promis?. .V k Chwh South.?Rev. Mr. Proctor, pastor, , mnducted the servlre of the day, and preached j In the morning from Matthew. 6 10, the second of a ateri's of sermons on the Lord's Prayer; after which the communion service was administered to the members of the church. At night, the discourse w:is upon the subjects of the Christian runner and the cloud of witnesses, from Hebrews, 12 land *2. Wttlty Chaptl ?In the morning, Hev Mr. McCauiey, pastor, delivered an Impressive discourse from the text of Matthew, 5 17, appropriate to the sacramental occasion. *fter which the communion service wjs administered to the members of the church. iu'wiij') Church ? Rev. Mr. Collins eon* dnrfuJ ii.. ?- J?i ??-- J? ?-? r ? -v? ?u' o? i wara uuriu^ uis uiiy, prrncLin^ in the iwtrainjr from the text in Act#, 9 6; and at night from Hebrews. 11 '24 to :W. Post Office Coxtkibctions to the National Waiiisstos MoxrnK?it ?SecretarvJ C Brent, E?q-, of the National Washington Monftment !*o- I * cittf, publishes a list exhibiting the names of the states whicn have respond?*d to tbe call for contribution boxes to be placed at th? post offices Jnrl tiding the amount contributed by each State, as follows: f Maine $8 15 Kentucky f*2*2'23 New Hampshire.. 96! Louisiana 6t> 75 Vermont 7 71 Tennessee 6 M Massachusetts.... 71 30 Arkansas 7 (Jti Rhode Island .... 4 09 Texas 3*2 69 Connecticut 1*2 61, Ohio 34 15 New York #1 28 Michigan '2U 48 New Jewev...... 43 66 Indiana 1'2 45 Pennsylvania 66 41 Illinois 33 13 Delaware 5 33 Wisconsin 21 01 Maryland 25 45 Iowa 14 *21? I>ist of Columbia 7 16 Missouri ?.. 15 7*2 Virginia n ? ? v*-? ......... .V i,UO U.I > North Carolina .. 17 06 Minnesota 5 83 1 (South Carolina... 12 56 Kansa* Territory.. 33 i ?eorgU 20 15 Nebraska Ter.... 3 50 i Florida 3 30 New Mexico 1 43 ' Alabama 50 09 Washington Ter.. 8 85 ' Mirstwippi 45 67 1 Toul 1,060 30 i i Odd Fellows' Funeral?The Metropolis ? l.-dge. No 16. I. O O F . with Prosperi's bind, 1 paraded our streets yesterday afternoon, the occa? on being tbe funeral of Mr (ieorge K. Cooksey, Wte presiding ottit-er of that lod^e. At the houst- ' of the decea?ed they were met by a large delegation of mechanics, employed on the United States Treasury Kxtens'on The remains were 1 taken to the Christ's Church, where Re*. Mr Morsell performed tbe funeral clH' e?. and precched an approp iate sermon. The exercises at the cburcb concluded, tbe corpse wu conveyed to tbe ' Congressional burial ground, where the remains were Interred, the final sevices at the grave being 1 performed by Chaplain R. G. Campbell. Assaults asd Batthit ?Saturday afternoon Thomas MrMabon. a stout laborer, went to the atabies jest erected on Judiciary Square fur the a;ht artillery horses, and demanded work of the perintendent. Mr. Naylor, who declined to emI Ploy him. MrMahon, probably to Impress Mr , Si . with an idea of his fltness for emplovment, , drew a large knife and assaulted him. He was ( *rrest*d by Policeman King and taken before i Justice Donn. who committed him to jail forth- 1 with John Graham was arrested bv Watchman ' O'Brien, for assault and battery on Els wife?the ' MM time within a week; be was also commit- J ted to jail. i Old Fa*hio5 Sociable.? By reference to onr J advertisement columns, our readers will notice that the affair of the season of which we madfe mention some two weeks ago as being under weigh, viz: an old fashion, sociable reunion, is advertised to come off on Thursday evening next, j at the Assembly Rooms From the character of , tbe gentlemen who have the management, with th- remembrance of the perjpct success of a similar I affair at their bands last year, and the knowledge that the proceeds will help to f^ed and clothe the orphans, we feel an assurance in prophesying a j I l-asant party and pecuniarily a hacdsome profit. Tui Mechanics' Usioj RifLKs met at the Htciben House Saturday night, about ljU members tuning pr?-se:it The company went through 1 the drill, and afterwards organized for business (!aot Rutiifrf-rd in th*- chair Th<? mnliin bat the company was entitled to tbe prlvile^?t of tL? Columbian Armory, the same at tbe other volunteer companies. It was understood that the < oiupany would in future avail themselves of the above privileges It was also stated that arms would be provided for the company so soon as tb?y should determine what arm they would use The company determined to apply for tbe Kntt?ld rite. Mr 'iioaoi (jilbiit has been appointed station agent of tbe Washington branch of tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, vice Thomas H Parsons, resigned. This appointment la a capital one Mr. Gilbert la an old attache of this road, and has Ions enjoyed tbe confidence and esteem of all with whom be baa come in contact, and surely a more r efficient and faithful officer could not easily be selected. Titrnai' Apsociatiox ?This association met at the Smithsonian Institution, Saturday mornlog at 10 o'clock The following officers were elected for tbe ensuing year President, Z. Richards; Vice President, J H Coombs; Secretary. J. 8 lie Hart; Provisional Committee. R. B 0e trick, I. C Loomis, A C Richards; Treasurer, <*. H. Twiss CaixmaL Copet ?James alias John Henry waa tried on Saturday on a charge of steeling a Kir of boots. Tbe jury found blm guilty, and was sentenced to one year in tbe penitentiary. Patrick O'Donnell submitted two cases of assault to tbe Court, and was sentenced altogether to pay a flae of 911 and coats A O-Slif AT, ?d, ** ?? iitLiAJiri?^., luiii* raeoces at course of lectures at tbe Srutttiaorilan, on China and Japan. The subject for this evening is The Literature and Government of Japan " Lwtora to commence at a quarter before eight, when the door* will be closed and the red light extinguished, aa usual. WmT TNi Mayor or Washisgtos Will Do L'nd*r th*a head the Washington correspondent of the New York Times s?>s : " 1 am aasured that a witness before the House Treason Committee testified to a declaration, by Mayor Berret. that if Maryland seceded he would give up this city so far as be was concerned ?' As ixti* trata of cars was rua yesterday for ! at accommodating the western dele U crmtM to th* Con*wit1o? ) ??*ton lo day ? WllW* ;ardi' lill Th* Inlnirrlwd hrreaboutSp m , bringing Urx<> nun?br? of delegMtea. ;rtxi,2rz ~ aMazs? t * I ^ Thi Peaci Cojivbttjow ? The Convention called to meet In this city, under the Virginia resolution*, assembled at 1*2 o'clock, in , at \VIlia rd Hall, with closed door* About two-thirds of the Commissioner* wem pfnent, and a temporary organixation was effected by electing aa temporary chairman Mr. S. C. Wright, of Ohio. It la impossible to itatc accurately who Wefe present, no reporter* being admitted, but it is understood that tb? fnikrxisg gentlemen, who have arrived Sn town, were all there: Msryland?Reverdv Johnson, Wm S. Gcldtborough. Augustus \V. Crawford. John W. Crlsfleld. J Dixon Roman, and Benjamin C. Howard Virginia?John Tyler, James A Seddon, William 8. Rivea, George W. ^uminer*. and John \V. Brockenbrough Delaware?George B Rodney, John W. Houston, Daniel M Bates, H. Ridgely, and William Cannon Kentucky?James B. Clar, Ex-Got. Morehead, James Guthrie, Joshua F. Bell, Wm. O. Butler, Charles A Wlckliffe. M Imrl \v.m? d f-i r??1-1 ?? >* wuv a . # VUIIVUII y WI. U>/UI pusil| Judge Brough, Judge Buckner, and John D. Coulter. North Carolina?Thomas Rutfin, John M. Morebead, George Davit, David 8. Reld, and D M. Barrlnger. Tennessee?Robert J MrKinney, Samuel Mlllijan, J N Anderson, Robert L. Caruthws, Thos. Martin, Isaac Hawkins, A O W. Patten, Alvln V Cullom, Wm P Hickerson, George VV. J ones, K- K. ZollikotJVr, and Wm. H Stephens. New Vork?David Dudley Field. Wm. Curtis Soyea, James S. Wadsworth, James C. Smith, Addison Gardiner. Greene C Bronson, Wm. E. Dodge, Amazlah B. James, Ernstua Corning. J New Jersey?Charlea S Olden, Robert F. Stockton, Joseph K. Randolph, Rodman M. Trice. Peter D. Vroom, BenJ Wlltiamaon, Frederick T. Frellnghuysen, Thoa. J. Stryker, Wm. C. Urxandet. New Hampshire?Amos Tuck, Asa Fowler, Levi cnamberlain. Ohio?Salmon P Cbas?v 8 C Wright, V. Haran, Tbom-? Ewing, Wiliam G roes beck, Reuben , Hitchcock, F T. Backus 1 Pennsylvania?Wm M. Meredith, James Polock, Thomas E Franklin, Thomas White, Darid Wllmot, Andrew W. Loom Is, and Wro. 1 dcKennan. Kh de U'and?Pamuel Amea, Alexander Dunan, Wm. W. Hoppin, George H. Browne, and lamuelG. Arnold < Illinois?Stephen 9 Logan, Judge Palmer, Ex- . iov. Wood, B. C. Cook, rios. J Turner ' Among the prominent gentlemen present were rjx-President Tyler, Ex Governor Chas<\ Hon las. Guthrie, Hon. Reverdy Johnson, Ex-Gov- ' rnor Morehead, Jaa B. Clay, Ex-Governor Ewng, and others. j A committee was appointed on a permanent ( rganizitlon, after which the Convention ad- i ourned for to-day. < It ia believed that the Convention-will wait the irrlval of delegations from other States, before ( >r< cetding to transact the more Important bualit-M of Its sessions. Many of the delegates were 1 ippointed as late ai Friday end Saturday of last veck, and Lave not bad time to reach here yet. It is understood an efl'ort will be made to have he sessions secret?no reporters to be admitted. Aibival of Mom* Tmoops.?a company of ^ avalry, acting as light artillery, arrived In this ity on Saturday evening at 6 o'clock, from West 'olnt. They numbered "0 men, and proceeded it once to tbfir quarters, on E street near Sixth, j heir borses being provided for at the stable In tbe >ltv Hall square. This company la commanded 1 >y Lieut Griffln. They brought with them four >rass Held piece*. A large number of spectators lathered about the auarters of this company ynerd '.y morning. ana continued to come and to ill day The 6 o'clock a. m. train yesterday >rought anothvr detachment, it being company J of the first artillery, commanded by Maj Hawtlm, Lieut* I>ugan and 4 oopcr, and numbering it men. This company Is acting as infantry, and s quartered on 15 street north, Capitol Hill. It is 'roin Fort Hamilton. The great depth of the nud near where the stables are erected gave the ompany no little difficulty, and the guns were learly mired s-veral times before they could be tauled up on the tirmer ground. Thkatkb?The new Play, "Our American 7ousln at Home," brought out in such spirited tyle at the Theater, hat proved a great hit, deervediy, and Is repeated nightly to give every>ody an opportunity of seeing it. 9o much lovd un we presume was never before crowded Into a ilngle performance, and the Infinite vivacity of he piece causes it to run oft' with wond-rful pirn, me novel leatures of an at (Ml skating :arnival and an actual moving panorama are imong the noticeably good things with which he piece Is crammed. The Dundreary family :ome out stupendously in it, and 8cthern lias vorked this mine of f<in to its richest depths. Go ind see "Our American Cotisia it Home" by all r.anner of means: Thk Philadelphia committee of worklngmen cached home on Friday evening last They were eceived by a large procession of Philadelphia srorkingmen bearing torches and headed by a >and of music A lxrze transparency was borne it tbe head of the line Dealing the following inicr'.ptions: ? 'Welcome Home, Committee," Industrial Works;" " We want Working, not ralklng Men In Congress;" " The Union now and Forever. One and Inseparable." Addresses were iisde from tbe p->rt?c"S of tbe Wetherill House, n front of which they halted. The committee xpressed themselves satisfied with the result of be visit to t^e Federal Capitol. r* ? a? n . ? o ? - ? ? * i iii tui'iK or r?T. r*ci'? r.soi.i&H i.i ihkkas > L'ncac h give a concert to-nii?bt in the First Baplit Chnrcb. Tenth street. Tb? Amphion tjuar;<*tte Club, the Fartello family, and other muiical ialentwili assist u(>ou the occasion. A rich enteraiiiment is anticipated. CmcriT Court ?In this court to-dny the case if Sibley A Guy vs Clement Woodward, was on :rial; an action to recover a pro-rata share of expose incurred in building a party wall. Tub Rkv. Jacob Skchleb, Well known and much respected amorn the Gorman population of this country, m*k?? t!ie (ol ow ing statement lor the benefit ol the afflicted : Hancv?k. Pa., Feb. 16, If5?. M's'rs Setk W. Fowle 4* '-o , lioyton? D*ar Sift: Having realized in my fainilv important iienefita from the u*e of tour valuable Dr*o*r% tion? Wiftar'* Balsam of Wild Cucrry? it atf rdn me pleasure to reeommcnd ictotbe publ n. S?uo sicht y> ar? ?*o oni* of my daucht*ra ?eemod to Tie in * dealing, and litt e hop^a of her recover* were ?nt rtatned I then procured a b' ttle of jour ex 3M|ie.-.t Ba itm, and before 'he had take* the wh<?? c?f th? content* of the boi tie th*ra was a zreat improvement io fterh?alth. I have, in my individual r?ase made frequent use of your vaiuab medioin*, ind havo alwav* been benefited bj it. 11could, koteerer. caution the vuhUc anainM imposition bethere ?j * food rf?i/ nf **mt*ous Ivistar'i Bal sam of Wild Cherry afloat throughout tKf. rountry. Jacob s^kchlkr. _]U~ B v>?rc of rile and ir rtMtss counterfeits T\t only (tenuine. Pure and Medicinal Palrnm has the nam ? of "I. Butta," wrrten with a pen, ad tl<a arintml name of tha DreDrietnra. 1 S. U Pnwln k i u.," on tils outer wrapp-r. Prepared by Seth W. Fowle tc. Co., Beaton. and for MJe in \\ aahington citi G. Stott, B. Waite Z. D. Giiman. John Scnwarze. Nairn & Fa.mer, John J B Moore, and H. H. VoPnc-iuin; in Georgetown by II. 8 T. Cl*a 11, and G. M. ft J. Bonthron, and by druggiata everywhere. fe 4 lw,r Home Testimony. From the PittfbwK Untied Presbyt*ri?H. We have tri??d Hoatettere Stomach Biter* for dyspepsia, and can *p-ak favorably of its etirota, and hav* no hesitation in e^mmendir>c them to thuee suil ring from anv docility of the ki -d. From the Pitt.-burt Post, A*g**t 27.1858. HoaTKTTEK'a Bittibs ?Thete Bitters hare obtained a wide-apread and well dea?rvod celebrity lu all parta of the eountry. They are an adinirabe remedy for a feat variety of atoinaeh diarasta It ia auCoie it evidence of l'a beneficial character to observe the immense quantitiea of it shipped by M*aara. Hoatetter A Smith, the proprietor*, to all pointa in the country. From lk* Pitltburt Gazette, Aur**t 18,1888. Knowledge ta itintd by eaperienoe, and, though we have heretofore dealt very iittie in madioal preparations, we are compelled in justice to the m&nufocturera to ut that Hoate Wa Stomach Kittn'a haa been the mean a of oaring ua of a revere attack of dypepaia. and haa removed pain in the atomaoh in a very abort time. For Mile by draff late and deaJera generally every where. ew3t Cough* ?The sadden ohangea of oar climate ara ou roes of Pulmonary, Brom&kial and Astkmatte Aftctions. Kxperienoe having proved that aimple remediea often act apeedily and oertaioly when taken in the early ata?ea of the diaeaae, recourse ahoald at once be had to " Br?um'? Brmuckial Trecku " or Loseogee, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be aver ao alight, aa by thia precaution a more eerioaa attack may be effeetnally warded off. Public Sr*ak?rt and S 1*4*rt will find them effectual for clearing and atrengthenina the voice. See advertisement. de 1-ly To th* Attlictxd !?Be eure to rwwl the advertisement of MoLoan'a gtrengEhening Cordial and Blood Putffier. in another oolomn. tf f?5!*!W. Person* desiring peonies will always find them for exohance at the St*r Offioe eennter. tf MAKRIfCD. On 'he 17th January, in Keokuk. Iowa, WILLIAM M. Ki.KTCHKrt, formerly of Washington, to Mim \1aRIA J. SULLIVAN, formerly ot Gln0111 uati, Ohio. * 1>I?D, h^a Jwiuary. ultimo, near Now BloomIkh? '?"? P*">ful illness, JOHN h KR'.I'SO.n, 56 years. Mr. F. vm for iMn rm as es'eem 4 resident of this oitr. prior to IHS5, a no leaves numerous reli tires and friends, her*. M well ?? in hi* native ?uto, < Pennsylvania,) to !am*nt his loss. In Gft-rgetown, on 9:nday morning, the SJ in ** * HM?. Mrs.OtTAVlA o. WliOl'W ARD, wife of Thomas Woodward, aged S3 "? h ' friends of the Canal t are requeead to attend her iun-ral on I'netday aft*rnoon, the 5th instaat at 3 o'e oek, from the resident of her husband. *' In Q*orsetowa,oa Uw3d instau t, .Mrs. ANN T. washing ION, w>d w or t..? c.H i,.or? O..vv?sh:nato#., in the61st year of age. rwlmtewDombwton .t, T? i % ? ? . ; . sate Ton TWO DOLLARS WORTH OF OOfi FOR THE ENSUING TWENTY DAYS 1 STOCK ON HAND at an Immense Sacrifice. I price. Tbe Slock mu?t be closed o?it hy the *J0th i Improvements in the Store, and rather than p?ek 1 without regard to coat or valne. We n ime, In par French Merlnoea. 50 cents; worth VI. All-Wool Plain Delaines. 32 rente; worth 62, Best Figured Delaines, 18 cents; worth 31. Very pretty Poll De Cherres, IS cents; worth 37, Long Brocbe Shawls, fW 50; worth #16, Stella Sbawls, ( Brocbe Borders) S3: worth sfi B roc he Shawl Bordering, 20 cents, Ladles' Ktd Gauntlets, 30 cents; worth f I, Ladles' Vests, at a great sacrifice, CARPETING, OIL CLOTHS, and SHOES, We have many choice and desirable articles no a call from all thoise who desire to supply themselv Bear la mind? Von (Jit Tw Dollars Worth of feb 1-31 AMUSEMENTS. VAT ASHINUTOV T U V ? T O ! " " ,711?Tw.-o \o'inc Manager J. T. Raymond I itage Manager?,?. Humrn*EY Blatid THI8EVENINO. Greatest Hit of the Season. M R. 8 OT HERN Aa tbe Brothers Dundreary, In Charles Gavlor's successful comedy entitled ' OUR AMKHICAN COUSIN AT HOME. Elesfivai with shouts of laughter and vpplacse GRAND SKATING SCENE, Every lady and gfntlemin iu the Theater on skates. Seats can bo aecured three daye in advanoe. Parties from Alexandria, Georgetown, and B'alensburg can secure feats by letter or t*Wraph. CO N CERT For th? Benefit of ST. JOHN'S OERMAN CHURCH, Br the vHOIR OF ST. PAUL'S ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH, Assisted by th? celebrated "PARTE*.LO FAMLV," the "AM PHI ON QUARTETTE CI IB" md other iniifioal talen', will be Riven on MON 1AY, February 4th, 1361, in the First Baptist Jhvkcii, Tenth st.. b^twe^-n E and F TICKETS Ui CTS ; CHILDREN 10 CTS.; ID- For sale at the usual piaoes, and at the loor. ILT The Piano nsed ?n the occasion is kindly o(vne?l by Mr. F. C. ReiehenKach. fe l-3t BALLST PARTIES, &C. r*ld fashion sociable cotillon lf party, TO BS G1VIN AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. thursday, F?B*PA*Y 7TH. Proceeds for the Orphan Boys1 Asylum. Tickets .$2, a Imitins a seot'eman and ladie#, to ) had l.y personal application to any of the followng gentlemen, who oonstitnte the BOARD OF MANAGER*. *met ti Berrtt, F McNertnny, P O'Dwinoflmt, IV T Dove, J*t S fhrtrey, Jai i!8hekell, lot F Brown, Thot K Llovd, S V No*et, ^udton Tayltr, Wtn Seldeti, John E Le arh, r* Mohun, Edward Himmi, John A Marknter, j I C McGuire, C Wendell, B P Richtti'ne, I P Pepper, Wm F B.ijriy, Win J McCutlom, fit F Mulidaj, K C I)rer, ' Pr Toner, \ B 8tourhto?, J>r A Nlcl) Davit, J?t A Tate, irejrory Kim*, Tliot Ferran, 8 M Mc(irav, % B Greenwood, R K O'Beirnf, JVl?rtin Kinjr, Wm II W*rd, A L Newton, i? W Hinton. Alex Prove?t, Lent Towert, John M Keating-, lohu F Kllit, J J Ktne, A P Hoorer, iimuel Lewit, Andrew Joyce, P H King, Win Morgan, John F Bu lbil, Theodore SSektllt, ! Hichard WJilacli, L J OToole, L Newmejer, Cdw Hall, H O Hood, Jaine* Lackey, Win K 8iul>bat W W Leakey, C '8 Joutt, II B Sweeny, Rich ird li ?rrv, C IJ Martin, Jonah D Hoover, J ?? L Barbour, Pr Ridjrley, V * -v* ' R. (. ?tev#i,t. Fiupauiek, John Alexander, Dr J C Riley, EdTowere, W W W ebh, Albert B Norton, Wm W Ml, Jrrome Di?jr?>?, P?: Hovlc, )obn F Corle, Frank Brookt, F J McHtnry, rh<)? J Cither, Rirhd H CUrke, John F Kn> i?. Folu. F Calim, I)r Jos Walah, J.ti Chtinf t, ' W C I', Eugene Ctruii, Jno CUrroll Brent, C L Green, Jieoh Vichme*ir, H?-nry Will ird, F Gallant, < M W i^ht, J'ho? Berry, P Thy?on, P White, K B H ill, Thos Mtepheni, John W Boteler, W J McL-orhlm, Jo? Peck. V Becker, ieo W Cochran, Win E Hov.ird, Dr C Boyle, L'h?? Oilletpic, V E Kmr, Geo JilU'rd, L F CUrki, John McDerrnof, l>r Jon##, H Kichorn, I}f J McCnlh, 0r F Hill, r B Entwitle, Hirim Richey, Tho? Barchas, Dr O A Duly, W MeCorrnick, Ben) Nuar, leo F Allen, Dr B C Mi lor, M H Rieveni, IV H Philp, J W Mankiua, Geo Ojater, las 6k irviR^, Geo I'.itton, B Rofcinaon, lohn Mil* ell, Walter Tnrpin, J C B?rrett, Or J Hellen, Kred H*rfe/, W ! Hniioijoo. kVDi Hamilton, J T Given, Humon Burn*, Edw feii iffer, C R Bishop, Dorse? Beck, R. Lynch, CW Cunningham, Andrew Carrol], lolin Lincoln, Dr R C Griffin, P M Henry, lot M Kennedy, J Kendall Cain, A Van Bu?mm, Dins Gallifan, E 8 Allen, M Williams, Dr W G Palmer, K E White, Dr Thompson. \ Mehwartcman, T C Co*, M ( onno'lnj, M D RuMell, ZichB Brooke, Dr Kid wall, E F dtieru, John l>owlinj, W Albert King, hdw N Rof.h, L J Mtddleton, John J Slake Li W Miller, W J McDonald. Kunuia'fl Fnll Ban?l wil fd*i:i*h the Music. Mr. Unk.A..i.i ?.11 f.. 1- ?L- n ? r?A.; ? - ? ouiiouivin win iiMiKMi liic uumomiorerj, *Tr.J?hn Thompson. the popu'ar attendant of Odd Fellowi' Hall. will have care of the hat am coat room. fo 4 4t_ BALL TO B K GIVEN BT TUB ti YOUNG MKN'8 BENEVOLENT S# SOCIETY, /m At TEM f KR AjVi K HALL. UM? On MONDAY, i-eb-uary ?tli, 1861Ticket* Fifty C?nts, admitting a gentleman and ladie?. It* CUAND FANCY BALL I AT Oft FORREST HALL MM NUNDaV, Kobruar? 4th. ni , Tickets 9>. f?r a gentieman and ladies.WwA Costumes aiid farcy dresses coold he had next I Monday, at Lang's Hotel; No. 129 Bridge street, Georgetown. fe 1 WANTS. WAN l ED?At No. 4?i North E street, a young WOMAN , to do the cooking ?nd housework | of asmall famuy. Keooir.ineod&Uons required; i one need apply without tliem __ <e2 tf WANTED-A SITUATION by a sober ani industrious mftn, wlio is capable or taking charge of a market parcen, and understands the mviageineni <1 a larin. Address tin* I bar this office. ja30 eo8t* | WANTED?A whit" COOK that is willing to do ! part of the washing and ironing. None need , apply without good relerences. Apply 29'?! H st., b iw^n 17th and 18th sts. fe 2-3t* I IVANTKD-A sood PASTY COOK Apply at w WILLARDS* Hofl. jaS9 lw WANTED IMJVIElvl ATELY?From Mb to SlO.Ofm worth ol SKCOND-HAND FURNI | TURK of all kinds, for wiiicli I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u?uai. at the shortest no- ! tice. R. BOCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oo 3 408 7th ?t., hot. G and H east side. VI/ANTED-8KCOND HAND FURNITURE "" Persons doc ining housekeeping, or havinc a surplus of Furniture on hand, oan obtain thecach and fair prices by applying at 3<?9 Seventh *t. ! !< iVTFf *_ PIIIPPIVII iiu 11 du.^ i /, a uivir rii II. C* REAT REDUC T'ON <?F PRICE TO oL'iT tj THE TlMKS. We are offering great inducements for cash. Oar entire stook at a great ro i -otion. Full suits of | B aek, n arte to order, f?r 925; p!aii> suits of Mlaok, ready made for ?lu, with a large assortment of Gents' Furnishing Good*. Military Over Coat* made to oider for $6. WAI.L.. 8TEPHF.(N'8 ft CO., jaSl-d3w 328 Pa av.. het. 9th and loth ?ts ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Viotimaof Self Abuse and t*eoret Diseases should apply at BHUMAN'S Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hotel, corner Sixth street awl Fa. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Southey's Celebrated London M-dimnes. Tht v are warranted to mire the m<ut viruient form* of Gonnorrh?pa, Gleet, Syphilis, ; Nooturnal Kmiaaiona, Stricture*, and WVakneae of the Bladder in from 3 t? 8 day*. Trie Reinrdiaa can he e*at by mai!. Office hour* from ? a. in to 10 p m. ja TH\T NOTICE ABOUT PBRSONS CALL mi to pay up we find by many diar*Karilf-d We want it uooeratood we are in earneat; we want the money for ail Hill* doe ua. T. J. k W. M. GALT, Dealera in Wood and Coal, ja 2) 9^2 Pa. av., bet. 11th and I2ih ata. CHKAPER THAN EVER UST RECEIVED a Freeh Lot of that SUPERIOR NOTE PAPER At 75 Cts. pkm Hum, At SHEPHERD'S, at the oorn*r of Seventh and D atreeta. the beat we have ever had. Call auon and supply youraeivea. Other papers in proportion. It won't l&at lone- ja -.6 lw i muds' w iu, dkaiu snu ui/sl mahuFACTORY, 848 Penn. avenue, near the oorih of Thirteenth street?A very compete assortnifnt of BraMB, Carls, Fnaattes, Banrieans, Ac., now on band; also, made to order at the shortest notioe. Hair Work repaired or takea la exchange. oo 3&m V NEW BOOKS. JU8T RECEIVED AT FRENCH A KICHBTEIN'S, No. 9TS Pknw. ArBHtr*. The Shadow in tto House, a new norel, br J?ha Saand're, ltm?~, cloth: 91 by mail. The Dutch Dominie of the Catskills, by the Rer. PavH MuroflD, D. D.? lSnao..oloth; ft 3i by mail. The Romance of an Irish 6lrl, lino .oiotn; by mail. ... . A large assortment ot the beat Military Works ya blithe*. i?W I EOTi'Ktm n-JS* t # -- .1 R MONEY) j IDS GIVES FOB OSE DOLLAR VE WILL SELL THl? BALANCE OF OUR dan- article* will be off-red at half the original mttmt, as we will commence at that time to n ake tfeOo-Mla away we hare determined to sell them t? I Pore Linen Towels, IS crrt* worth I*, All-Wool Table Coven, f 1 40, worth SJ, (Jean-men's and Boya' Underskirts and Drawers, .V) cents; worth SI. Br at Calicoes, only 10 cents. Rest Canton Flannels. IU centa, Besv 1^-cent Cottons, 10 centa, Ladiea' and Children's Beat Extension Skirts, at half price. at a very heavy reduction from former prices t here enumerated, and would rean?rtfiiii? v?y wilt 1 I e> with good* at half the usual cost. Goods ft One Dollmr. R. BRICK HALl, 373 ud 375 SEVENTH STREET LOST AND FOUND. I OST?A NOTE payable to tbe order of J. WilLi ion, drawn bv Jesse Shoemaker, and dated loth Janna-r, lW ?at fi ve month*. I hereby oautinn t*e public against negotiating tin* note aa the pajment ha* Iteen stopped. If JACOB WILSON. PAME TO THE PLACE OF THE 8CBV> aoriber, on Washington and Rock-fatf-nfl* ville Plank Road, near the First Toll gate. Waif* oi the 3d instant, a b!aok and white hornedUU CO W and a red CALF. The owne' is requested ( t>? eome forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. fj. A (V t UV p. 8. holland. i District of co? umbia. cocsty or Wakhingtox, To teit 1 heeby cer tify tliat mki t Klynn brought before n.e,a^4f^ ah a*i ertrnj, tre'pissing on her f r?miMe,fcAa a red COW. of a dark a it ard orop of eaoh ear. Given nnrVr nir hand and ?<"Al this 4:hd?jof February, 1861. thomas c. donn. j. p. THE OWNER OF the ABOVE DK? scribed Cow is requested to come forward, fay ot arget, and take h<r away. MARY FLYNN, Bla-1en>burg 'lurnpike. It* Second hou>e from Firat Tol'ga e. C?C REWAR D? Lost or stolen,a black and tan terrier, ca ir-d "Yap." I he plate on the oo'lar has the name of "Malwl By ard." An* one returning him to No 1*>4 " F s'reet will receive the above rewara. fo 2 St* YOST?At trie eoncrt given by the choir of St. _j Peter's Chinch, in Odd F eflowa' Hall, Navy Yard, on the night of the 4ith January, a LA DY'S fl'r. The finder will be suitably rewarded on leaving itat A17 Fourth street east, Capitol Hill. fe 1 ft* REWARD.?Stolen from stable, on Eleventh ?t., between E and F sts . jcv Island, on Saturday* January i;?;h, a B a Y J. ?r MARE, blind in the lefi e*o; two white*"^* "* hind feet, i will give S.i if delivered to me. on L.iiui*i?r,a avenne, between 9th and lOth st?., *nd 825 tor the thief. (fo 1 3f) E. WARD. BOARDING. STRANGERS DESIRING HOARJ) CAN BE accommodated, in a uentoel private family, with taMMt Rooms and excellent table. A few Table Hoarders tak< n on reasonable terms. Lo*ation ounvenient to the Public Departments. Inquire at the Star Office. " re 4-3t FOR SALE" AND RENT~ [For otkir 'For a%d Kent" adtfrii'itsraii, ft fir ft pagt ] LHl* RENT IN GEORttETOWN-Or.e twoI story and-basfinent FRAME HOUSE, on Pro?pe>ot street. containing fi rooms. Fur raitirulars inqnire of RICH AKD PKTTIT, cornor of ifd ar.<1 Market stJ ; or J. J. McQUlLLAN, Highst. fel 3t kwx r-rwti KUO.M^.aml nte of Pirr lor, in a pleasant and healthy part of the city. Inquire at the corner of Tenth at. and New \ ork avert ue. ja 29-tf A valuable farm for sale or exCHANGE for ci i y 1'ROPKRTY-O?nta'ning 181 acrca, ?ituate.t 14 mileo from Alexandria. on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, under jooa cultivation; timber, wa'cr, fruit and all build inga nncewary fhr a hrst-iate form, Inquire of G. VV. BRAY, at the Jewelry Store, 410 Seventh at , Washington. 21 lm* l^OR RENT?The three-?tory brick DWELLr INtt-HOlJSE, with basement, No. .i05,on K, between 21 and 3d atreeta, nt preaent occupied l>jr Dr Lewie Fossesaion given on the lit of Februaiy. It has all the modern improvements, water, gas, Ae Rent ?450 per year. App'y to HF.NRY EG AN. 691 Seventhrt; or W. KG A N, i0:< K at.. ( next door.l (Intel.I Ja la-tf FOR RENT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOUSES, containing six rooms. situated on Mass. avenue and Flileenth street; pump of food water in tlie yard " K J ** ^ I^URNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 40GD r street, botwoen 6th and 7th sts. de 4-tf l?OR RENT?The tin? RRIOK HOUSE No. r 100 Westst., Georretuwu. at present ooou pied by the subscriber. it fias '2 rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ao , and is in arood neigh><orhood. Apply to JAS. A. M \G RUDER. oc 25 tf FOR RENT, in the First Ward?three squar's west of t-h* War Department?a small OFFICE, with back room, or the former may answer for a Miop: and Parlors and Chambers, separate, or suits of Rooms. fiirniFhed or unfurnished ; clo^e to the ^ verms. Inquire at thi? office. de 3 Ztawtf For rent or lfase for a term of years-The house add grounds lat-ly occupied by Postmaster General Brown, and very recently held t?y .Mrs. t^mitli as a female institute. For further information apply to chas. adekt, Esq , or to tke subscriber THOMAS LAWSO.N, a 1 > f * - ? ? w?iRwu ncn'-ioi u. Oi Army. FOR RENT-a three story bnok HOUSE,containing 4 rooms, in good order, with gas fixtures complete, ou Ii btioct. between 4th and 5th. Alto, a two-atorjr brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an' 14th it. east. To punctual and tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, I bftween G ajd H. no 13-tf |?OR RENT-The FJRST FLOOR of the bnildr tor immediately opposite the wtit wine of the City Hal.,recently oooupsed by Chaa. K, Wallach as an offiee. Also the front room in the seooud lory and the third floor of the same build inc. For terms apnly to RICHARD WALLAOH.Wo. 8 Louisiana avenue. ta IS tf 486 OVAL FRAME*. Ae. ~ Different stylos and sizes OVAL FRAMES for Photographs, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS, all sizes and colors, PVPkRHANGINGS, all grades and pr crs, REMNaNTS PAPERflA.NGlNGS, at oneiourth less thau cost, at JOHN MARKHITER'S, No. 4*to Seventh st.. 8 doo' s above ja 25-eolOt Odd FHlox' Hall. nTOPHAMS gprg PREMIUM TRUNK D MAS U FACTORY, 499 S*VK3TH STREET, WASHINGTON, D. C. Si'verMfdal awarded ? > Maryland Institute of llAUimn>e, NovrmlMr 7,186' Also Medal b* Mo roroitau Mechanics'Icstitutn, Washington, D. C\, 1857. I am wmUhUt making. ami alwajg have on hand, of the best material, ev?ry description of Fine i*o!? Leather, Iron Frani". Ladi*'' Drafts, Wood Uox,and fackir.r Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet, and canvas Traveling Bats. School Satchels, Ac., At Low Pnctt. Membara of Con^rMH and traveler* will ploase cachiiuic inj piuvn uoiwio pu ciihidi eisewaera Trunk* that are made in oilier cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunk* made to order. Trunks covered and resaired at short rrotice. (rood* delivered free of charge tu an) part of the sity, Georgetown, ar.d Alexandria jaaa-lyao JAMKS H.TOPHAM gCHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. Dr. 8CHKNCK, of Philadelphia, finds it impos I ?ib<0 to visit Washington e??ry week, and has 1 made arrangements to positively be m the city the I third Wednesday of every month. I He ha* a snitof rooms at the Avenue House, , where patienU oan obtain advioc free. He onl? charges when it i* necessary to make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Respire metor. t*. 8. Wiute l* scent for Scheuek's Pulmonic lidPlia ??* ? ?? KjvMIA 1 uj > ?|>( |tnvv i |/u? inri.uo, iur nir ourr ui V?^UKDIi Cold* and 1 onkuiupnon : Sohenok'a 8m Werii Tonic, prioe ?1 per bolt e. for Dyspepsia; Sohenot'e Mau<1rake t?.Tle, prioe 25 cents liar box, for l.iver Bilious Complaints and Coiistip&Ucu of the Bow a. Dr. Sohenok wouiU lie Krat"fu' to tli<>a? who have l.ean oared l>y remediea if thev would < leave their oertificatea ol our* with S. B. W AITE, corner nth ft. and l<* ay. <e 1 Wn rpo INVENTORS AN? PATENTEES MUNN A "COMPANY. Proprietor! of the Scientific AniiiriH, and Agents for procuring Awencau aud Foreign PATENTS, i With Sirletm Y*ar*} Exj>trtence 4m tkt Bumne**, )Eefer to H?n. Judge Mm on. Hon ioaep . Holt, on. W D. lliahop. F.x Commissioners ofPatenta, and to mortt-than fifteen ikeu?a*4 meettier* who fc&vrt had bvaiuen done through Wot a A Co.'? Pat -1 * Painpiifrt'of Advice cent free by mail. irAiect uti and KoguUtioni, lw? pac?a,S5 oeoU (lftofr-No. 3T Park Rr.w, Nn Ycrk. Wukfefiffnt ^ fcnd 'Xlg MtH* GEORGETOWN. ? m Cwrrnsjtandrmx* of Tk* Star. Gioisitowr, Frbrairr 4. Ml The Board of Common Council met on Friday ornlng last, Mr Dun lop In the chair i uc renewing message wu received from Mayor Crawford Matok Orfici, Gaoaorrowji, D C., 1 January JK. l*?U \ T" tiit Poitrtl of Common Commeil; Gentlemen?In reply to the following resolution, passed on the 23th instant. vit: ' Resolved. bv the Hoard of Common Council, that tbe Mayor be. and he la hereby, requested to inform thii board, at ita next meeting, for what causes he removed Kxtra-Pol icemen Caleb Sehastian.Jefferson Robertson. John V Donaldson, and Walter B Pomeroy." Now, and at all times hereafter, saving acd reserving to myself sll benrflt sad advantage of pxceptiou to tbe objection apparent on tbe face of this resolution, that it ia the act of a single branch of the municipal councils, which alene appoints no officer of the corporation but tbe clerk to ita own board, I readily inform you that tne appointment ?f these extra policemen was revoked by tbe operation of tbe principle that tbe derivative authority expires with tbe original authority, d* facto, from which It proceeds. Tbe power of constituting these corporate arenta wu founded upon tbs alleged right of the principal to the office of Major, and when It wu determined, by the law of the land, that that right did not exist, by that very fact the right of those extra policemen to continue In office ceased Finding these vacancies, I filled them with my own selections, by the power conllded to me by the Joint resolution of January IS, 1881, to appoint "eight persons as an extra police force." Very respectfully, vour obedient asrvmat, R CsawroBD, Mayor Mr. Stake moved that the message be entered on the record; snd after a warn diacuaalon be* tween himself and Mr. Tenney, the motion was carried The following messxge was also received from the Mayor: Natoi'i OrrtcK, GioaatTows, D C., > February 1,1WI. \ To Ik* Boards of Aldermen and Common Council: Gentlemen?I deem It proper to Inform yoo that the quarter'* interest on ten thousand dollars of lue Corcoran ccaritr, Invested In Menphti City Bond*, due on tbe 1st instant, viz., three hundred dollars, baa not been paid. Tbe ordinary want* of tbe poor of tbe town, at tbis inclement season of tbe year. It is well known, are aggravated bv tbe general stagnation of budneM. throwing out of employment those who were dependent for their dally bread upon their daily labor. Tbe very mention of the objects of this noble charity, ->tbe helple?s and destitute ftm-ile Inhabitants of tbe town," Is sufficient to excite compassion in every feeling mind, and when it is remembered that tbis fund ruust be expended in the provision and distribation of tboas necessaries of life, which prevent tbe calamities of cold, hunger, and nakedness, In tbe purchase "of bread, tea, sugar, coflre, body and bed clothing," a forcible appeal, I think, is made to tbe Corporation, to obviate even a temporary failure of tbe blessings of tbis charity. The resources of the Corporation at this time are perhaps too limited to make an advance of the interest, which I have stated to be due; but may It not, by the use of Its credit, make tbts charity immediately available to tbe beneficiaries, so well calculated to engage its earnest care and sympathy! Recommending the matter to your most favorable consideration, i am, Tcrjr reapecuuiiy, vour coed lent servant, Richard K. Ckawfukd, Mayor. Mr Stake presented a communication from the Truntee of the Poor and Workhouse, asking whether it was in hi* power to make a change in the superintendency of the institution whenever he thought proper. After an exciting and lengthy discussion of a partisan character?iu which Mewri Stake, Tenney. and other gentlemen participated?the communication was referred to the committee on the poor and workhouse, with instructions to get the Recorder's opinion on the legal question involved. An account of the assessors for service*, one of Waters & Hunt for printing, one of J. J McQuillan, and the report of the late trustees of the poor and workhouae for the quarter ending I>ecetiiber 31, lNki. were read and referred. The ways and means committee reported the usual ordinance for the levying a general tax and special direct taxes for thecurrent year; read once, and lays over under the rule Mr Hill, from the conference com mitt e on the Vand?rwerken resolution, renoru-d * antiatltnt* which wa? read once. A resolution in favor of \Vm. H. Fletcher, and a revolution amendatory of an ordinance in relation to swine, ^introduced by Mr Tennejr,) were rend once and lav over, and the Board adjourned. The officers of the "Home Guard*," of the "Georgetown Mounted fiuard." end of companies A and li "Andcraon Riflea," received their commission! on Saturday. The officers ?>t the "Potomac Light Infantry ' and of the "Scott Rifles" received their some daya since. The Georgetown Mounted Guard, Capt. Stuart, will parade to-day, and we may expect to see a fine turnout. Remember the grand fancy ball at Forrest Hall this evening. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ? r A I t? WTI W *? ? * ?? - - ? ? -- v ALiiiiiiiiiDs: VALfi^Tl.^lSSS T VALENTINE?!!! A large and fin* ataortmei.t ot Sentimental and Comio Valentine* received and for aals cheap at CRAN HELL'S, le 2-St _ On Bridge at, Georgetown. I \ A NC1NU ACADEMY. Atimm Hotil, I " Ukorsktowm.?Fr. f L. G MAKIM ft* haa tne honui to announce to hi* patron* and JH citizens of Georgetown that hia ?eo<-ud nuarter will commence on r(JEMl)AY. Feb; imrvMMh 5. 1?j1 Daya of tuition fliE?DAY, THl' KSI?A Y and SATl. K PA V, Iroin S to 5 p. in f* 2 3t* fJ1HREE HUNDRED DOLI.AKS RliWAKD. iM A YOB'S OFFICE. ( Gkokgbtown, D. C , Janc&rt Ulh, 1861 { The aut^crif'er will give a reward of Thre?? Hundred Wol H'a.for aneh in> >rinn ion ae will leaJ to tli>* conviction of any parauti or persona who have Brt on tire, or who shall h*re*fter set on Lre, any houae wi'hiu the Coipoiauon limita of thia town. HENRY ADDISON, ja 12-dltA2aw3w Mayor. 1920,000! MPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! In order to reduce our large and well aaaorted stock of DRY GOODS we will, during the next an da? a, deduct in rer cent, from nil cask puoha?** of ...I tff.' ? 11 Aw a a ? J ?kj ciku u>ci n?>o urn bum'-j auu uaii i?i vr> dii lk r t., for hartam*. SPILM *N & HUNT. ja7 eolm 6>o'tw?wn, D. C. JUST RLOEIVED10 hhda. prim? Porto Rioo SUGARS, b> bbli. u.d Rt? WHISKY, 2*> bl>U. HERRING and ALEWIVFS. tu t>bl*. Cruthed and Rehnod SUGARS. 90 liafs Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhd*.(low priced i .MOLASSES. For ?ale by JOHN J. BOGLE. ?IB Ladles, Call Early RinnLP.v origInal fi store. RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL #1 STORE, No. 30il PENNA. AVENGE, No. 308 PFNNA AVENUE. Additional invoice* juat reoeived of New and Beautiful Jewelry. From Ora Entibb Stoc? YOV CAN TaK YOUR CilOICE KOR ONLY ()>E U'lLUK. CORAL and GOLD SETS, ENAMEM 1> TWIST StrS,>* SETS, REAL ROMAN MOSAIC RETS. RUBV aid VASK SETS. LAVA ana BEAD SKTS. VASK ?rwl BRILLI ANT SETS. RITIN MOSAIC *KT8, CAMEO and GOM? 'TONE SETS. CARBUNCLE SETS, PLAIN GOLD SETS, BOQL'ET and RIBBON SET"?, LADIK8' NECKLACES. I.AIM i S' NKCK CHAINS, CHILDREN'S NKCK CHAINS, CHI'.DKEVh ARMLKTS, ' GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KEYS. GENTS' SEALS and CHAINS. GENTS' Sl.t EVE III TTONS and STUD8 THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. KINGS. SILVER Pi.ATED SPOONS, GOHLIsTS, CUTS. Ac. Everything ia the aiure new and perfest. and guarantied hi hsauofc as represented ID" Krrrvnrticl' manu/ar urrd for Ik* rtg+lmr rnaii trad*, mm warranted to h the unit q uaiitj as ia retailed front five to thirty dollara eaoh iuuii unuiuk run udk dullar, RtettDLfti or Cost. As Una great aaie continue# bat * short time, persons desiring to supply themselves with Jewelry at tlie*e unheaid of prieea will pi -a?e call early At ?Ur ORIGINAL ON R DOLLAR STORK. SOU Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and lot1 it'eeU O W. RIDDLK. 117* RemeuiOer the .Number?S04?as we nave atfoonr ection with others, profeuinc to sell at i>ur prioes, in this oity. Received thia ilar a large invoio* of SILVERWARK, consisting of Breakfast and lea Sets; I Card and Cake Baskets; Pateut Soap Fitehers; Batter Dishes; Fruit Kntvect Tea Knives: Korkr; Tab e, Dessert, and lea Spoon*; Tobaoeo Boxes; Sugar and Croats Spoons; Napkin Rings; Batter K?ives, in sets and single; Ki?'i a ad o?-k?. in eta: lee Cream. Pie and Pith Knives; Breakfast a-id Dinner Castors; D< nl>le ami Sinrle Salts, a large variety oi Plain. Chased, and Gilt Gobieta, Caps, *c. All the above articles to bieeeM without regard to original cost, at from $1 to #30, and WsrrarJed to be vhat they arr tepresented. and fa ly in per cent, lees than they ou be bought. ia 38 tr 30ti Pa. ir. hat 9th and 10th * ^ASTONISHING. MIT THUS I IT WVfry atrftngs th?t SMITH nhould cat u Nrw Goods when srery body is ryinj h?rd tU|M. But tts s?iia his goods it suon tow pn*m Ikat tb* feopU wi!I buy tbMB. N_8 ? Jmet rcc?irid ? lot f CLOTHING ud FURNISHING GOODS, K*y^*r-^M,:SLT?.uS.t^? X . yposito PostOHos. ja ?-! rjQTO fiBBPUftD'e. 9onm nk DbUm lU]bf bargtia*. i* 1M* " - V S THE LATEST NEW s I TELEGRAPHIC. | Virgiata ElKttoi. [?pcrU! d.apatcb to Uk Mv j Feb 4. aoon ?The ?? ( for eaad Ida In to Ibf State Convention, and upon the question of r?furring tbe aneattoa of neceae c?n to tbe people. boa profeaaed eerr natetljr !n tbe Flrat Ward. Hr?y?t (t'aion) leada Knaaten ( ?ee?n lon) ten to one. in tbe See?od Ward, two to oar. in tbe Tblfd Ward be baa a liryf majorltr. and In tbe Fourth Ward nearly three to owe Ito vote "for reference to tbe pw?pl? la well aitfb onantmoui I niaa Meetlai at < harioatoww. Maai. B??ro5. Feb. 2 ?A great I'aion neetlng waa beld at Cbarleatowa to-nitfht. Tba apeakera )?eluded Hon Kdward Feerett. Mraara *alau*>atall. Jaa pinna, aad Richard FtoWngbam, Jv nrwuuiiaiia vr? rr taupM M fOliOWt H'toh'd. That this meeting roarur? m?r heartily In the aeotiment eipres-ed br Uoo VVi? H ?eward. vlt: "Tbat tbe qocotloa of aiavery M not now to 1* taken into account W* ara to aavo the Tnion flrat.and will tben m * all tknl It worth saving "* Kn*.'rii, That we nrnntlT bop* that tbe pro position of Hon Mr Crltteodea b? adopted aa the baalaof a aettlement of tbe Impending pert la of tbe United Siatea aa tbe only practicable plan that II aertlona can finally and honorably adopt, wbtch la all that human wladooa baa bem abl? to offer our dlatrartcd country Kttoivt*. That the proceed lag* of this meeting be forwarded to Sea tor Crittenden. with the re queat to preaent tbeni to the Sonata as the rote# ef the I nion men a* Bunker Hill. A coll baa beau issued for s mass laloa meeting of tbe people of M aaaac h uaetta la Fa a well Hall on next Tuesday sight Tbe liouar, lu cret aeaalon to-day, eoaaldered ?uc uiu appruprisu ng le IM emerjencv fund. It was passed und?r suspension of the rulea IiIimu UfUlaur*. Chicaoo. Feb t.?The Illinois Senate Commit lee on Federal Keiations yesterday reported Uiat with tbe earnest desire for tbe return of harmony among all our a1*t?r States, and oat of rrtpw t Is the Commonwealth of Virginia, tbe liowtor be rt<qnested lo appoint lee Commissioners to attend tbe Convention at Washington on tbe 4tb Inst Tbe aecond resolu'lon s*\-? tbat tbe appointment of a Commissioner by tbe State of Illinois la response to tbe invitation of tbe Stats of Virginia, Is not an expreaaion of opinion on tbe part of tb.a State tbat any amendment to tba Federal Consti tution is requisite to aecure tbe people of tbe slave h^ld'.ng Sutes adequate guarantees for aacurity of their rights, nor an approval of the basis of settle inent of our difficulties, proposed by the State of Virginia if|?ttn?iu il Mr LikcIi. Chicago. Feb. The Springfteld MrmpM4ent of the ('blcifo Tribune hvi that Mr LIimIr returned borne vealerday He bad a reception on Tburaday eveaing "ttbecourt bouaein Charleston Being presaed to make a apeecb. be deeliaed la any way to Indicate bla future poller, but expreaa? d great gratification at the hearty unanimity with which all partite had come forward to welcome him. On bla return, he met a committee of citizens of Cincinnati, wbo came te tender him tbe boapitalltlea of that city on hla way to Wart lnv'tou They returned yesterday, bearing tbe letter of Mr Lincoln accepting tbe invitation I-rem ( aillarala. Fobt Kiusit, Feb 2.?The Pony Express from San Franciaco on tbe l?tb ult , bia arrived F. R Ruonell. the candidate of tk? Doarto democrat*, bad been elected Speaker of tbe Houtr The decision in tbe rase of the Aioiadrn Quicksilver Mine suit ?ivea tbe mines to tbe claimants. and rxpert* their claim to adjoining landa Thirty prisoners had attempted to canape from the ?tate Prison, but were met with vlgorou* resistance Three were killed and thirteen wounded, only one escaped Tke Abolitionists and the Mayor of Albaay Aliast. Feb 4?One bnnrired cttlceM of Albany have petitioned Mayor Thatcher to prevent tbe meeting of abolitionists in this city next week for fear of a riot, he replica, stating that be has neither authority nor Inclination to interrupt free- ? dom of speech; that he has no fear of riot in the orderly city of Albany, and that tbe beat way to treat the abolitionists is to leave tb?*m alone, aad give I hero no capital by cr ratine an excitement about them. Tbe Fi|IUft Aadersea. Tobosto, Feb S?Tbe English writ of habews corpus in tbe case rf tbe fugitive Anderson arrived In this town yesterday Tbe Chief Justice of ttie Common Pleas has also Issued a writ of habeas corpus As tbe prisoner is la the Brant ford jail, the result remains to be seen Both tbe bench and tbe bar are unanimous ta the optaioa that tbe Chief Justice of England arts unwarrantably in sending a writ to be executed within the Jurisdiction of the Chief Justice of Canada. Kentucky Legislature. Louisville. Feb f?Tbe State Senate has passed resolutions appealing to tbe southern States to stou tbe revolution protesting asalnst Federal coercion, and providing that tbe Ceglalature re asaemble on tb? 24th of April to boar tbe reaponaea from slater St'.t-s, also in favor of making an application to Congress to call a National Convention. _ \#rth t nralina < enveatten. Ruii<>h. Feb 2 ?The subject of a Stale Cor vention is tbe leading topic of conversation bare Several members of tbe Legislature have gone home to pre[>are for tbe canvass Volunteer companiea are forming throughout lbe Stale to be ready fur au v emergency except to aid coercioo. ieavicttea ef Jackalew. Tltxfai, N J., Feb. *i.?Tl^jury In tbe Jackalow caae camc tn to-day at noon, and rendered a verdict of guilty of robbery, aa charged in tbe Aent AA?>t ?K? ! i 1W* r... - > ?? * vr? ??V 1 IIU I VM?IVU?. M Bt IX'HVI WW indicted fur piracy,committed on board tbcalocp Spray, below New York. F<r? la Altai. Avtos, IU., Jan. 31.?A Are thl? evening deatroved tbe building occupied by Wm M Hart, drv gooda dea'er, and the *raln warebooa* of L>. J. Cawaou A Co. Loaa. 8&.(I(I0; fully lMared - % Sprrlf f *m Ul ltrilt New York, Feb 3?Tbe ateamer Northern 1.1* ht, from Aapinwall, baa arrived, bringing ?l,5U),U0?J In specie from California Military Si. Loci*, Fab. I ?Major Hell, c omnaander of tbe araeual at tbla city, baa been aapemedad by Captain Jorce, who entera upon bla dutlaa Mon <Uv next. SrHUrul X?aUatl*a. Albasy, Feb. 1.?Tbe republican legislative caucus nominated for l'.8 Senator. In place ol Mr Seward, on tbe tenth ballot, Mr. Harrla Ccaalultaen front Udiaai. Indianamolis. Feb t?Tbe Governor baa appointed CommlMionera to Waabing*on. dtkuatrt Harknta dat-naoaa Feb. 4 - Flour active aad firm, Howard St., Ohio and City Milia *5 ?> Wtt.t ?i-ad v; r<d f I JIM I 33; whit* ! 40?1 80 Cora sif -dv, v?*llow ?( Clc; new white 8?i?5?c^ old do. TV Prov.9 < n? ar'lve and unchanged Caffw firm; Rio l*J*a!3fcc. VVhiaky Arm at lri*16fcc. i .? !%ew Imr*. Marfctu. \?w Yodi. Feb. 4.?Flour doll Wheat dull and drooping Corn dull and drooping Previalou* dull. VS hiaby duil at Uc tteaartal. Nsw York, Feb 4 ? Mocks lower Chicago and Rock lalaod : llilsota Oertia] ahare* ?k, MlcLijffcn ttoutbern 27k: New Yerk Ceatral 7*. Ri-adtav 3V; Hudson R R 44tf; Va % 78; Me 6 ? 8i;|TreMury twelves 1U1 bs Treaaury teaa Wj|; Treuurv lit* 'a 100. JMPOftTANT TO LADIES! I kmjMlraoMrodaWKofetbUMiok MUPPt, W'M from skina Uuim M on. whisk 1 will aeil M Mtrly b? I tMNr MMiti ? ioe. VKfljOB Alao, ob hand. Frenoh J WHi WM-r Mink ML'KFb, ^rio?a[rum #2S0to#SJ0 dBW1 . half capes Mji vj?TO*: J' l.^fcsoi virion Kinoa M,r?L": r L ' _ A f-w mor? Chl.dr*na H R.8 left NUlllMta. HATS IB BNT? M4P*I(. r for # i and #3 fio ! thaa o<t#C r- -~s~~ i J J. * W. M. QALT WOO^AWJooal i>jl i 1 iff laio im aseee 01 ? oout%oi A IAK8 t K?r ok-k&im ia J\ Boo- 't!wk K^ok* J|i<??il?Mni Bout* ; R5?l? \S%\ SWi^tfaTbSl' I

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