Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1855 Page 6
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ADTBRTISmXTS RENEWED EFEBY DAT. mjurrm. "widow LADY, OP PLEASING MANNERS, WISH? _#% u engage M MlHvtmii tn the fancy or millinery I ualneaa, either South or Wont; i? fully competent, hav i: | keen in the buaineaa for henelf. Addreae Mra. Law, Eaton s^ave Poet Office, fcr two daya, atating where an luterriew can be bad. Rt ference exchauged. a SINGLE LADY, WHO HAS HAD SEVERAL YEARS j\ Wperieoce in the care and management of ohil t?Jn dsairea a aituatlon where the children are not un der Ini year* of ace. Can teach the Brat rudiments of bfegUah Can cut and make their dreaiea. Speaki 1-Yenoh flaentW Or an companion to a lady and house keeper in a small family. An interview may be bad at V7 Th.rd avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, from 2 to % o'clock, or addresa M S. for one week. A REhl'ECTABl.E YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 3ITCT ?X atiou a m cook; has no objection to assist in wash <ng and ironing, or to do genoral housework in a small arivate family ; the beat city reference given. Can be *res for two days at 211 Atlantic street, oil Smith street, ?Outk Brooklyn AFRkNCH COUK WANTS A PLACE IN A HOTEL, restaurant, or private house, as cook, paatry cook oc confectioner Cood on pyramids and ornaments, lie speak* English and German. Apply at 96 Chrystie treet, in the rear. A HIGHLY RiSPECIABLE GIRL, GOING WITH THE Panama ?team*-r, on the 5th of March, to Califor nia, offers her cervices to a family during (he passage. She is not subject to sea sickness. Good city reference given, for conditions please address C. F. I'., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG A wtmfc.ii. aa chambermaid and waiter in a respect able family; can aHBir<t with washing and ironing; under ?tands her business perfectly; will give good city refer once, if required Address, for three days, I'll) East Nineteenth street, between Second and Third avenues. ASrEADY PERSON WISHES A SITUATION A3 nurse; u competent to take charge of an infaut or nurseiy, can cut sud tit children's clothes Can give fire years' unexceptionable reference from her laat situa tion Apply for two -lays at 22? Seventh avenue, two doors from Twenty-filth street. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO MEET WITH A party who would loan her fifty dollar*, for which utcurlty will be given it required. Address Mis.s E. Hall. Union square l'oat Olhce, for two daj s. A N AMERICAN GJRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ohambtrmaid. the is a good plain sewer, and un cersUnda general housework. Can be seen at 14U Fourth atniw. A WIDOW 1ADY, AN AMERICAN, WISHES TO OB J\ tain a situation as housekeeper. Would be willing to go out the city. Address M. C., Broadway Post Oflice, fi tat lug when and where an interview may be had. A NEAT RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTj A SITUATION aa chambermaid and plain sewer; has no objec ucn to lieip iu all sorts of housework, as alio does not want to take the whole charge of a house: has the beat city references. Can be seen at 165 Twenty-second street, between First and Second avenues, top floor, front room. A N EXPERIENCED NUBSE AND SEAMSTRESS f\ wants a situation; is capable to take the entire care of an infant, or one or two growing children, and asaUt housekeeping ; the best of city reference. Apply at No. 7 Union court, University place. ARESPECTABIJC YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WISH ee a situation to travel and take care of children goisg to California, or would ge aa chambermaid and ?stewardess on board a steamboat. Good reference given. Can be seen for two daya at 62 Leonard street, room No. 13. A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A PLACE AS COOK, washer and ironer ; she speaki) hnglish, and can <io all kinds of heusework. Apply at No. 260 East Four teenth street, fourth floor, room a. A YOl'NG PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SIIT'A tton as plain cook or chambermaid , ia a good waaber and ironer, and has no objection to make herself Renerallj useful; the best of relerence can be given. Apply at 76 Sands street, lirooklju. AG ARM AN OR COLORED WOMAN WANTED? TO DO the general housework of a small family. Apply at 783 Greenwich afreet. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS AS1TUA1IJN A3 NUR3E jCX and aeamatresb: can take charge of & baby fjoru Km birth: or aa chambermaid ana Meamatresa. Best of ?ity reftrenct from ker last place. Can bo Been lor two Jays at Mr. O'N'eU'a, No. blUniveraity plac?. A STEADY, SOBER YOUNG WOMAN, WITH THE J\_ beat of city relerenses, wishes to ensrtge with a Jamily going to California; is willing to pay one hundred ioiiars cf her patsage, anil has no objection to make herself generally useiul to her employers during the voyage. Would winli to ri main with them att?r landing. l'lea?e call at !i6o Elizabeth street, near Houston. Can be 1MB for a week. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WITH GOOD rtfeience, wants a situation as wet nurse in a re (?l?ctable family. Inquire at 92 Cliff street, first floor, for three daya. A RESPECT ABI K GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nuret an l sea nia; reus, or cliambcrmaid and waiter; is a gocd plain Be wor, u.u cut and St children'*! dresses. Has good reference. Can be seen for two days at '232 8ev?ntn areatie, between Twenty fifth and Twenty -ilxth etreets. A RAKE CHANCE FOR A PERSON WITHOUT CAPI tal ? Wanted , a middle aged man to act in the ca pacity of a shipping matter; one having an extensive ac quaintance with sea captains required. Apply to G. T. aO.V.B l<eFort, 162 South street. A N ACTIVE, ENERGETIC YOUNG MAN, OF THIR A. tj -three years, ol thorough business talents, and just closing a large business, would like a situation, as partner or otherwise, in a real estate agency and broker age office having msrt business than it can do, or wish, ing to enlarge. None but those thoroughly acquainted with, and doing a good business, need answer. Address, for three cays. Ambition, lie raid office. A PHOTOGRAPHIST, PRACTICALLY KNOWING THE ./X. collodion the cry stalitype and otDer processes on g!es* and on paper, as also ilaguerrcotyping, wishes an ccgagwaent. Address Photo, box 4,086 Post Office. ALL THESE SERVANTS AUK WANTED 1H1S day ? Six English and Scotch cooks; three expe rienced nurees; four waiter girls; two German cooks ; three French la'.y's maius, two Protectant m?n waiters; a aud valet ? nt tho Servant's Institute, 149 Grsnd atrtet, bIm> a mulatto bey. T THE BOWS FEMALE OFFICE, 195 SEVEN rH L. avenue, between leeuty thlrl and Twenty fourth plieets. ? Waited this da), a nuise aud seamstress for theccuntrr. also four g. o.1 cooks, washers and iron ori two chambeimaidH aud waiters. and a number of ?marl jii la for general hi usework. To those who are competent and have good ret'ertnee. good situations and the highest wages pa d, as this office ii patronised by first clas* faniilies up town. A lady in attendance. ?piST sEKVANlb, FOR HOTELS, BOARDING-HOUSES Ml and private families, can always be obtained in the greatest choice at MORRIS &t'OHNEKI"S, '287 Broad way, corner of lleade street. Also, German, English, ticoteli and Irish Protestant male aud female help In this, or in the branch office, 102 Greenwich street. COOK WANTED? FOR A FIRST CLASS SAI0ON. Mult understand her busmen thoroughly, and come recommenced. Apply at 171 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 2 and <J o'clock. "T7XPER1EN CED SERVANTS.? FAMILrES IN BROOK - 1*1 lj n and ita vicinity in want of Ii rat class English, Irish and .-co'ch setvants,are respejtfully reminded that the largest and most respectable selection in the city can always be found at HENDERSON'S office, No. 8 Obort street, Montague building, Brooklyn. SXPHUENCED l'llOTESTANT AND CATHOLIC SER vants, with good leferences; cooks, nurses, waiter I, laundress's and sea matt esses, provided for first class families in city and country, at MANNINC'Sazency. 10 Tillary street, near Eul on, Brooklyn Established for the last six years, ander the most distinguished pa tronage. MILUNXIB .? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, riRSTCLASS m H. nets (none other med applfj, at No. 645 th avenue tall between the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock, P. M. SITUATION WAMED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, as Brat rata cook. Ujod city reference can be given. Apply at No Wist lit leeutb street. Can be seen for three da) a. _ Bill AlION WANTED? BY a RESPECTABLE SCOTCH won an, as nur?o au'l seamstress In a private family is a good shirt makei, and is w iling t> make herself useful and o?ligiug good relerenc^iven. fan be seen for two day?, at ?l Hudson avenue, between John and J lymoutli ntreeta, Brooklyn. Situation Wanted ? as cook , understands the cocking btuineae thirourfhly ; goo 1 city refer ences given. Apply al 48 WlUet street, between Pacific and Amity streets, i_*ar AtUntic, BrooUyu. Can be Men lor two daya. Sni'ATIO.N WANTkI>? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Uermnn girl, who lia- b?*eo a lew years In England w th Ttrj re*p> eta be families, as ladj's maid. Also, a -- spcctable German glil, who I* a good cook, wants a fc.'.jit.on si' same, or to do chamberwork. Inquire at 84 West ,-evonUt-utli street, ii> the basement SITUATIONS WA.MI.D? 1>Y TWO RESPECTABLE young Frfncli girls, as nurse or chambermaid in Brtvate families. Good city reference given. Apply at o. '246 forty, fifth trie , between Eighth and Ninth arcane*. fJffiJATION WANTED- BY A TIDY, WELL REO?M fj mecoed liwtestant cirl. to do general housework or cnamle-work. wa?l. r? snd ironing, is a goo<l plain cook, first rate washer and in ner, and is willing to make her aelf generally useful. Please call at No. 1}{ Rivington sum for two day rrCAWM W ANTE 1 1 ? BY A VERY EXPERIENCED *W, in City or country, as cook is a goo I baker, gfgf rate vaeher and ironer will '!? housew jrk, and v oderataade milk and batter U required will take mode rata wgm, br having ? steady home Has good refer 0:? ^7p'7 SO AtlaaUe street. Brooklyn. Salesman wanted? in a cut retail dry gooda house, who ia thoroughly expertenoed in the trade, and ean girt the beat references. Apply at 1ST Broadway, from 0 to 11 o'clock, A. M. mo BOBS TAILORS ? A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WO X man would be (lad to obtain employment immedi ate!/ ; ia a good Teat maker; haa had long experience; can do other branchee ia the trade. Long aiokneas has been the cause. Inquire fcr Mrs. Long, second floor, 108 Greene atreet. TWO PROTEST AN' T GERMAN GIRLS WISH SITL'A tions? one an good cook, washer and ironer ; the other as chambermaid, or would do general housework ia a omiiii private family. Good referenced from both. Pleaxe call lor lie (lavs, at 611 Fourth atreet, near ave nue C, room No. 0. mO MILLERS ? A MAN, WHO HAS BEEN BROUGHT X up to the businesa, will be open for a xituation oariy in March. Haa bad eextenaive experiruce in the manage ment of flour mills in Europe and in this country, and thoroughly understands every branch of the buainess. Address McKenzie, Herald ofttce, which will be promptly attended to. mo southern and* western dry goods mer I chants ? Wanted, a situation, by a man of long ex perience in the business, either aa buyer or salesman; tully competent to discharge either duty; best of city reference given aa to capacity, &o., 4c. Addre is lin den, Heiald office. WET NURSE SITUATION WANTED? BY A RF.3PECT able married woman who lost her baby ; has no objection to a short distance in the country. Can give best of eity reference. Please call at No. 170 West-six - teenth street, in the rear. WANTED? AN AMERICAN WOMAN, EXPERIENCED iu the care of children, to take charge of an in fant. Apply at 14 Varick place. 117" ANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NUK3E, BY A W respectable young woman, whoso baby is one week old. References given as to respectability. Apply at 219 West Twentv- fifth street, frout room, top tloor, between Eighth ana Ninth avenues. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL CAPABLE OK taking charge of an infaut, with good city refer ence; none other need apply. Call at 148 Hicks street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL withes a situation to take care of children and do chamberwork or good plain newlng; has no obje:tion to do general housework in a small respectable family ; the Lest of city reference; was four years in her la9t place. Can be seen lor two days at No. 20 Ludlow streot, in the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid and seamstress, or would go as general houseworker in a small family: is an obliuing, trustworthy person. Call at 88 North Sixth street, between Second and Third, Williamsburg, third floor, front room ; or a note will be attended to. WAITER WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL. WHO can bring good recommendations, may apply at 78 East Twenty-first street, Graniercy park. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A YOUNG GIRL fifteen to seventeen years of age, to do the light housework. Apply at 107 Fourth street, between 10 and 12 o'clock, with good eity reference. STfT ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, 7Y a situation to do chamb-rwork and waiting, or as nurae and chambermaid; is willing to go for low wages In a comfortable home. Good city reference given. Call at 122 West Twenty- seventh street, third floor, back room. WANTED? A (SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook and baker; under stands wasn<ng anil ironing well; would have no objec tion to do the general housework in a small private fsmilv. lLe best city reference can be given from her last p'laco. Apply at 340 Sixth avenuo, between Twenty first and Twenty -aecond streets. WANTEI>? A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy, competent woman. Can be seen to-day (Monday) at 297 Third avenue. /?ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamstress and dressmaker, bermaid W chambermaid or waiter. No objection to go in the country. Apply at the corner of First place and Smith atreet, South Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, ? SITUA tion aa chambermaid, or to do general housework. Please call In the rear of 11 Knover place, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a Hi tuition as chambermaid, or to do general house work for a private family; can be seen for two day's. Please call at 278 East Thirteenth street, second floor, back room. MTANTED? A SITUATION. BY A MOST TRUST WOR ff thy young girl, as child's nurM and seamstress; can take the entire charge of a baby or young children, and is a most competent seamstress ; can cut and (It for children. Ha t six years city referenco. Kali at (or ad dress) 823 First avenue, first floor, back room. ANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND ironer, by asteudy, active young woman; Is civil and obliging, and willing to make herself generally use ful Can give the best of city reference. Can be seen at 40 Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues, in the rear. WANTID? A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE American girl, to do plain cooking and assist in washing, or as chambermaid and waiter.* Good refer ence given if required. Please call at 469 Fourth street, in the rear, middle house, second floor. Can be seen for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do chamberwork and scwiDg, or go as laundress, having a thorough knowledge of her business in either capacity ; can give tho best of city reference as to competency and honesty. Can be seen for two days at 269 Seventh avenue. WANTED? TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO men; one as laundress. and the other as waiter, both mutt be well recommended and understand their business. Apply at No. 76 East Twenty-third street, be tween and 9 and]12 o'clock. ' WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TIDY YOfNO woman, to take care of a baby, aselst >n washing and iron ng and chamberwork. Please call at 92 Yarick street, third lloer, front room. Best of city reference given. WANTLD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the general housework in a small family is a good washer and ironer, and wilting to E*ale herself generally useful No objection to go to the country. Good city reference. Apply at 17 Hester street. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as good plain seamstress and children's 1 maid: can do fine washing and ironing; has good city re i' fere nee; would have no objection to go a distanco in the countiy. Can be seen for ? lew days at 298 flicks street, South Brooklyn. IXT ANTID? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A I W situation, to do general housework in a >m ill pri 1 rate family , she is a first rate oo jk, washer and ironer, I with the very best of city icferences. Can be seen for j two days at 216 Elizabeth street, between Prince aud j Houston streets, first floor, up stairs. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RK^PEt TAME young woman, tojeut and lit children's dresses; i is a gcod shirt maker, and unders'.aridn chamberwork; has no objection to go a short distance in the country ; 5ood city reference given, l'lease call for two day* at 96 Grten street, near Amity. | \\7 ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YV ycung woman (Protestant) as seamstress, who ; understands dress making. No object-on to assi?t in i the rare of children. Best of city reference. 1 'tea so call at No. 89 Sixth avenue, near Eighth street. WANTED? A SMART, INDUSTRIOUS PROTESTANT Scotch or German woman, to do general house | work. Must tie a good plain rook, washer and irbner. Good rity reference required. Wages, per month | Apply to' .Isines Jaek., Third street, between Bloom - ' field and Garden, Iloboken. W'ANrLD? A SITUATION BY A BESPECTABLE woman as first rate cook ; understand* Kr<>ncl> I and American styles. Is a first rate baker an I pastry | cook. No objection to light washing. Apply at 12N Norfolk stieet, in the back basement. Can be* seen for j two days. WANTEI>? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, a situation to do general housework is a good washer and ironer. no objections to mind children or do r lain sewing. City reference if required. Please call at 22 Mott street, for two days. ?rANTEP? BY A GERMAN WOMAN. A SITUATION ff as cook, washsr and ironer. Would like to go to California or stop in the city. Inquire at as Eas Eigh teenth sticet . '11 r ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A COL'JRBD WOMAN. vT as cook. Address a Bote A. W., I nion square Post ; Office. 1 "11 r OMAN WANTED? A BE^PBCTABLK A>TEirAN'T W woman wanted, mu-t be a good cook and washer 1 and irouer The fain ly i? very small. Good references 1 requ ltd Apply at Hi1, West Twenty seventh street, n?ar Seventh avrnne. \JLT AN TFD? TWO EXPERIENCED SALESMEN FOR ff the r?t?ll slla i.epartmcnt Apply to A. T. STEWART k 00., Broadway. 11, ' ANTED IN A I.AW OFFlCK~-A PLAIN AND RA ff pid writer. One aeru-tomed to copying I*w pa lters, and coav errant with accounts. Address box 741 Post Offlc". I II ANTED ? \ BITt ATKMt, BY A RESPECTABLE ff man wc ma n to take care of cmldrvn. she under I stance the German and trench Unguagi-s, cm ri glvi fted ' reiereices. Plea; e call at 81 Crosby stre*t. ! ?fT ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS SAL TJ ff man, at the Commercial House 147 ftpring street, j J. H. UPSKIT. W ANTED? A SITUATION", BY A RESPE ,'f ABIE middle sged man, as waiter in a private family ' the advertiser understands his business thoriugh'y, and ran give goe.d city references as t? character an 1 capa bility. Apply daring this week at No - Brenor'. place I r?at h street, betweca 10 m4 U ? cWci, A. X. Wanted? a situation as clerk, assistant bookkeeper, light parter, or collector, by aa Ameri can young hub. Address 0., 810 Madison street. TIT ANTED? A YOUNG MAN, AS ASSISTANT B00S V he^>*r in ? ^?>Uy grocery (tore. Unexceptionable reference* required. Address M. ft Co.. box 130 Herald cfRoe. ' WAITERWANTKD-AT SMITH'S DINING SALOON, 393 Bowery. WANTED? A HEAD WAITER IN A FIR-T CLASS reitiurut. Mutt be of good addreia, smart and understand hla boaineia in every reapect, to keep ac counts and to take full charge of the help. A go id sala ry and a permanent situation. Apply ut Collins' Hotel, foot of Canal street. ANTKD ? A RESPECTABLE BOY, WRITING A good hand and correct in figure*, in an office ; be must make himiteir generally useful; good reference re quited; one residing with his parents preferred. Ad dress, in own handwriting, D. C. O., Herald office, stating namo and residence. WANTED? AGENTS TO TRAVEL THROUGH THE States und the Canadas to sell a map that pays bet ter than any other published. Apply at 60 Fulton street, up stair h. WANTEI>? A MAN WHO IS CAPABLE OF KEEPING book accounts, to assist in a coal office; good refer ence required. Apply at coal yard, 670 Greenwich it. W'HO WANTS A NICE RESPECTABLE BOY?? HE IS fifteen years old, has had a good commsn sctiooi education, and c?n write well. Business more an ob ject than compensation first year. Apply to his father, Jame* Moloney, dealer in gentlemeu's fine left o(T cloth ng, 11 Baxter street, (formerly Orange,) near Chatham dSnAA ?WANTED, A GENERAL AGENT IM 0)0 V/ V/e every county in the Union, for a new arti cle commanding immense snl?s. l'r.ces ranging from $100 to 9300. A salary of (800 will be paid tlie first year, also a small commis?ion on sales. On security of ?J 5 cents, to cover expenses, a sample of th ? article and full particulars seut. Address Dr. C'narles Llppird, 831 Btoadway, New York. fTHJB CKAJnSB, fto. A GARDENER WANTS A sm'ATIOV; VNDBR=TAND3 A. the manage met. t of green house and grmary. City reference given. 1'lease address C. M., Herald office. GAHDENER WAN1ED? TO EITHER RENT OR TAKE on shares, twenty-five acres of bind, near Jamaica, with a small bouse and barn; it will be made an objoct tor a good, trusty man. Apply immediately, from 11 to 12 A. M., at 100 Broad street, to Hugh Allen. WATCHMAKER WANTED? APPLY AT GEMMEL'S, No. 302 Kroadwuy. MISCELLANEOUS. fA AAA YARDS TAPESTRY CARPETINGS, I t/V/eWv/ from 8s. ; al#o, an immense assortment 1 of ingrain and tliree-ply, just purchase 1 at the recent auction sales. LORD & TAYLOR, Grand street, corner of Chrystie. 1 CtPL CANAL foTREET, NEAR VARICK.? W. * U. 1DO VAM NOTE'S grate and fender, kitchen rang*, summer range aod stove warerooms. We have alargt assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges and stoves, for sale on reasonable terms, Urttei and rangss sot and repaired, ranges lined, brass found' ers' and jewellers' furnaces built, stoves lined, bakeru' ovens built and repaired. CURE OF CORNS BY MADAME BERHARD. NO. 161 Bowery, oast side, between Broome and Delanoy streets. Madame B. respectfully informs the public that she has reduced ber price in order to enable every one te be free from pain, and feels confident in promising that she will remove corns, bunions, nails grown in the tiesh, Ac., without causing the least pain or lnconvenienoe. Persons can be attended to at home, or at Madame B.'s residence, from 1 until 7 o'clock P. M. GAS FITTING AND FIXTURES ? ESTIMATES, AT low rates, promptly furnished, for fitting stores, dwellings, factories and public buildings with gas fix tures of tne latest styles and designs, or made to order. Material and mechanism of all work warranted. Gas TjORNS? THE BUTCHERS' HIDE AMD MELTLVG Xl Association are now prepared to make contract lor all cattle horns that inajr bo received by the Associa tion for the present year. Apply corner of Fifth street and First avenue. QHOW CASES.? SCllMIDT & BROTHER, S MANUFAC O tory and ware rooms, No. 18 North William street, near Chatham street. New York, and at 77 West Third btreet, Cincinnati, Ohio. A large assortment constant ly on hand. Old show case* taken in oxchange. Orders promptly executed. SHOW CASES. ?HOFFMAN & FEKESH, SHOW CAbF, wareroom, 67 liowery, between Walker and Bayard streets. Qpxes made in every style, silver plated, brass, rose and satin woo l, mahogany, sc. N. B. ? Old cases taken in exchange. Orders promptly executed. I UK FASHION FOR THE .SEASON, IN GENTLE'iEN'S liata, wax introduced by Genin. on Saturday next, the 24th inst. New York and the union have fur yean accepted the quarterly issues of Qenin as the governing styles of the day, and his spring bat for 1855 will be found to possess the highest claims to the almi ration of men of taste and judgment. GENIN'S. 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. rpHE PEOPLE'S BAKERY TRIUMPHANT? HAVING I satisfied the people of the Ninth ward and vicinity that the bread from this bakery is the largest and bast iu tho city, and grateful for the unprecedented patron age ol the public, the proprietor in determined to in crease the site of his bread in proportion to the decline in tlie price of Hour, which it is anticipated will be very great. Please call early in the day, as the crowded state of the store at some hours prevents the sorviug of cus tomers satisfacti rily . No 2ol Rloeoker itreet. rpilE AMBOY CLAY COMPANY, HAVING JUST COM JL pleted the necessary improvements on their pro perty on Clieosoquakes Creek, near South Amboy, N. J., are new prepared to receive orders for thoir superior quality ot putter's clay, at the price of 92 per ton; and tor reiuse clay, at $1 per ton. Full weight alwsys guaranteed. Orders mav bo addressed to the un dersigned, who will also forward samples or give any in formal Ion required, on application at his place of busl ne.?a, 8t)i Chatham street, corner of Tryon row, New York. Also, have a vela of superior l'aper Clay, whieh they will sell nt a low price. OTIO ERNST, Sec'y and Treas. A. C. Co. 1*7 HO WOULD NOT POHSKHS A BEAUTIFUL HEAD tt of hair f The receipt ot a medical preparation which has never failed to restore the hair although used In thousands of cases. The reccipt will bo sent to any direction on the receipt of a letter containing 26 cents In postage stamps, post paid, to Dr. Ellis, Broadway Post Office. Letters answered Immediately. REWARDS. (l(lfvAA REWARD? PROCLAMATION.? MAYOR'S Vf Office, New York. Fob. 10, 1855. Whereas, John Betts, a lad aged thirteen years, was run over by a liorBe and sl.igh iu Broadway, near Seventy-Brut street, on Sun lay, the 1 1th inst ; and whereas the said John Detts lins since died in consequence of the injuries then re ceived; and whereas the person who drove said sleigh is unknown to the authorities, 1 do, by the authority vested in me, otfei a reward of five hundred dollars for the apprehension and conviction of the person who com mitted said violence, to be paid on conviction of tbe of fender, on the certificate of the Koiorder or District At torney that such conviction wan had upon ths testimo ny of the person or persons claiming said reward. But all claims not presented to the Mayor within twenty days atter such conviction, will be disregarded. FEUN VNDO WOOD, Mayor. All papers in the city of New York will pleuse publish tlie abote until the 1st of Marsh next, and send their bills to the Mayor's office for payment. flh 1 A REWARD ? I.OST OR srol.EN, ON SUNDAY, ?_L\/ Feb 11, a black and white spotted Newfound land dog, named Joe, from the mar part of A. Crown's grocery and liquor store, 148 Anthony stieet. The above reward will be paid on conviction of the thief, or $6 for for the doi? alone. Addrt as aoc ve. (JNff a'\rv REWARD.? LOST. ON SUNDAY MORK lIlOiUU l??) 'rot" stable, 'is W?st EigMeeuth-st., a vellowiab fccotch terrier dog, ears ba<)ly cropped, an swers to tlie name of Jack. Any person returning the Mme to 18 West Eighteenth street, or 21 West Seven tnnth street, will receive the abov>- reward. u>j {? REWARD ? I.OST, FROM 30 WASHINGTON I DO place, on Saturday, 24th last., a Scotch terrier dog, aosweilag to the name of Jack, with a brass collar on Any person returning the same to above address, will receive promised reward, and no quostions asked. ?Q REWARD- I/WT ON THE 20TII INST., A SMALL fj in. morandum book. The above reward will be paid on having it at 270 Greenwich streit. LOST AN1) POUND. I Crr- A PATENT LEYKR, SI I. VIA WATCH, S. J. j Tobias A Co.'*, Liverpool. No. 2,724. Whomso ever may find and return the same to J. GODDaRi), 242 eve nth street, or W l-iberty street, shall bo suitably rewarded. Pawnbrokers will please -top, it ottered. LCfeT? ON THK EVENING OF THE 23D IN5T., A corotllon stone seal ring, (letter I. ) The tinder will be liberally rewarde<l ev leaving tbe same at the office of Coining A Co., Mi Watl street. LOST? IN JFR-EY CITY, ON SATl'RDAY, 2HHIM9T., in or mar the ferry house, *or id one of the (.rove stxiet omnibuses, tbe following articles attachod ? A gold (ham, a gold pencil with F. C. P ujion it, a Urge gold locket, containing a daguerrrotyji", ? golloross, nnl ?wo small gold cbaims. Tlit liO'H'r will recoive n liberal reward on the delivery of tho sauie at No. 10 NeMpn place, Mener street, New Yerk IOST-ON FRIDAY, 531), A GOLD PES aND PENCIL i case the pencil slide broken ns<l p?a wanting Tbe I'iliIi r will to suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. S>l Broadway. ?OCCATWi fjO\ia> ANI) KDICATION FOR CHOIMSN ? PA 11 rents desirous of a comfortable home for their chlluren. with the advantages of a good education, will please apply to the Miseeo ANT1SEI.L, opposite tho Post oflkee, Pert Richmond, Hta'.ea l.iaad. Terms #129 for MAB*, BUflc Included, VIM. 56 BOAmPPIO aid MWHHHO. *7Q er BROADWAY, CORNER OK TENTH STREET.? f Ot) A gen tie Bum and his wife, or a (Ingle gentle m?u, cm be genteelly accommodated with a very desira ble front room and bedroom, at reduced price*. En trance 136 Tenth itreet, just below Grai e chuich, weit aide of Broadway. -I A fr HUDSON STREET, OPPOSITE ST. JOHN'S PARK J. fib | ?Furnished rooms to let, with board, to single Cntlemen or gentlemen and their wired. House niwly rmshed, with all the modern improvements, A few day boarders can be accommodated. WH1TK STREET, FOUR POORS WEST OK BROAD Uv w?y. ? Two Urge parlor* on the ground floor to let for business purposes, and a baiement, also eeveral furnished bedrooms, on moderate terms. No muring in M?y. LiSPEKARD STREET ? NEATLY FURNISHED rooms for gentlemen, without board. QQ GREAT JONES STREET. ? A PARI.OR AND BED OO room, furnished or unfurnished, on third floor, front of the abore first class house, will be let on reason able terms, if immodiate application be made. Also, one single room. a JADY AND HER DAUGHTER WOULD LET, WITH J\ board , in a house with all the modern improve ments, an elegant suit' of furnished rooms to a family, with or without a private table, and use of a fine piano; or would 1st the same to a party of gentlemon; house is pleasantly located, and near stages and cars. Apply at. 61 West Thirty-fifth street, near Sixth averihe. AS THE MOST DESIRABLE AND RESPECTABLE persons taking boarders decline expo-ing their bouses us such in public, and our medium of ndraitisiug being universal, boarders can receive every information, and be politely directed to such, free of charge. Office, Clinton llall, Eighth street, near Bioaiiway. SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A ROOM, WITH or without partial board, in a small family who uuive no other boarder*; will pny a /air price, if suited. Best reference given. Address a. B. L., Herald office. JSl'iENDID FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ONE OP. two bedrociui attached, to let, in a private hausc, with aU the modern improvements; al.o a single rooai with grate and ga.u in it. Apply at 06 Prince street, a fow doors west of Broadway. BOARD.? A GENTLfeMAN AND W1KE, OR TWO OR three single gentlemen, can obta;u room:, with board, at 2'24 Gio?n street, near Fourth; also, a banementto let, suitable for an office; all of which can be bad on reasonable terms. References required. Board.? a widow, living auke, wishes to let a nicely furnished front room to a lady and gcntlemun, with board for lady. Those wishing to live plain and retired, will find this a desirable borne Call at 87 Houston street. B OARl) IN CHAMBERS STREET.? A LARGE FRONT _ and back parlor on the second floor, with pantry attached, suitable for a irentleman and wife, or singls gentlemen, can be bad, with board, on application at 121 Chambers street. No removal the first of May. Re ferences exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and his *ife, or a gentleman, can find a l?rge and hand somely furnished room at 38 Willow street, three mi nutes' walk from Kulton and Wall street ferries. The bouse is furnished with gas, hot and cold water, Sic. Board in Brooklyn? near the south and Wall street ferries; persons desirous ef obtaining; respectable board, on very mode: ate terms, can be ac commodated with pleasant rooms at 91 State street. TiOARD WANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN: jO a furnisbod room, with breakfast and tea, and dinner on Sundays, in a private American family; up town preferred, l'lease address, for two days, stating location and terms, S. L. A., Herald office. Boarding? a eew gentlemen can be accom modatcd with neatly furnished rooms and full or partial board, by applying at 106 Ninth avenue. Furnished rooms first, second, and third floors, with or without partial board. Apply at 55 Watts street two doors from the corner of Canal and Hudson streets. Handsomely furnished rooms to, to single gentlemen, on tho fourth floor, in anew _ Ish basement house, first class, with all modern im provenient?. Private family. Also, a suit of offices on first floor, to a first class physician. Inquire at 110,' i Ninth street, four doors woit of Broadway. ONE 8INGLE GENTLEMAN, OR TWO, WISHING TO occupy the same room, can bo accommodated with partial board and furnished room in a private family, by applying at 280 West Twenty-second street, between Eighth and Ninth aTenues. ONE SINGLE GENTLEMAN, OK TWO WISHING to occupy the same room, with separate beds, with or without partial board, can be accommodated at 154 1 1 rand rtreet, on* door from Klin. No moving at May. Also a largo back parlor, with pantries, and a small kitchen, to lot from 1st March to May. Terms reason, able. KOOMS? A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LOT TWO front rooms on cecond floor, with large closets ad joining, to two or three gentlemen ; an atti? would be added. Breakfast if desired. The house is newly fur. nlshed, and no other inmates will be received. Address V. M., box 3,864 I'ost OOlce. ? Rooms.? two or three gentlemen can ob taln very desirablo suites of rooms, or single rooms, with partial board, if require*), in a first class brown stone front house with all the modern improve ments, convenient to the ears and stages. No. 71 West Fourteenth street, first house west of Sixth avenue. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTI.E nian aud bis wife, can be accommodated with plea sant rooms, with or without board; location desirable; situate 172 West Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. mo LET? WEIL FURNISHED ROOMS, PLEASANTLY X situated, with or without full or partial board. Terms moderate. Apply at 118 Fourth street. Gas and baths in the house. _ BOB8E8, GllUUAQBtl, AC. AT THE BAZAAR. 31 CROSBY STREET, Witt. HE sold, ou Monday, at 12 o'clock, trenty horses, suitable for all puinoses: also, new and second hand wagon>, harness, saddles, La. ?JOHN H. GATFIELD, Proprietor. Brought to the stabije. no. 34 canal street, by the police, on the 21st ini>t., a lorn? tail bay mare. The owner is requested to call, pay expenses aud Uka her away. | "IjH'R SALE? A BAY 1IORSK, 10 HANDS HIGH, | J? sound, aud kind in single aud double harness; can trot inside 2:.' >0. Also, a light trotting wagon, sleigh, one set of harness, whip stable and dress blank* ts robes, bolls, Ice. All to be sold together, as the owner is about leaving the city. A; ply at 91 and BO Mercer street. TT^OR SALE? A HAY HORSE, FIFTEEN HAND? IHGH, r seven years old, long tail, sound and kind, gentle in : single or double harness, and can trot pretty fast. Alii, a gray horoe, sixteen hands high, six years old, long tail, i a very pronilslng horse. Can be seen by calling on I). A. Molcnaor, stall 21, C ntre Market, before 12 o'clock, or I after at stable 94 Third street. Also, wngou and har I cess, if wanted, with either horse. fOR SALE? MUIJ8. ? A VERY FINE PAIR OF mules, deer color, five years old, well matched, a { first rate team for ar.y use. Will be taken in exchange I a sound vounr Morgan mare. For further particulars I Inquire oi WM. ELY CHUSON, 305 Broadway. FOR SALE? ONE SECOND-HAND ROCKAWAY, TWO doctor's gigs, and one no top light wagon; also, one new two seat phn tcn, one square standing top two ?eat wagon, one leather top buggy, and two n> top light wagons. Apply at the livery stable, 18 West Twenty third street. FOR SALE? A GRAY HORSE, ABOl.T EIGHT YEARS old, kind in all harness and under the saddle, and a good traveller. To be seen at RARFIELD'S stable, l'?> and 127 Broome stroet. Price 9100. For sale? a Tor wagon, nearly new, and in good order, suitable for grocers or expressmen. I Apply at M. OKAY'S livery utable, 25 Warren street. I 'fT'OR SALE ? A NF.W HALF SPRING CART, Sl'ITA 1 X? Mc f(" down town worl.. Price 9120. Inquire at | 64 Cherry street, I T rVEP.Y STABIJ:, IN a CENTRAL LOCATION. AND ' I J doing a Une businrss. for s*l?, consisting of first class horses, heavy and lignt rarria<qa, wagons, sleighs, I harness robes, balls, Ac., suitable for city work. Apply i to WI1.1.1AM EGINTON, 149 Fultcn street. Livery stable for sale? the stock, fix tures an<*. good will, togoth?r with a lease of five | years with the privilege of purchase of the stable No. ! 50 We>t Fifteenth str?et, now doing one of the best bu I t-iness' in the city. Also several private carriages aud horees for sale cheap. Apply on the premises. "IIR HOPSE, W II.P PrtHHMAN, THAT NOW STANDS . ready to match any horse, mire, or gelding in the world, one. two, and three miles and r?poat, is to be ?eeu st his owner's stables, at the Red House, H?il -m. : ? here aUo Ellen ISateman and Little Flea are stabling, | uridtr the attention of W m. A. Brown, ?ole o* net ot sat 1 i itoek ; "u t-HlNGION.-FOR SALE, TBS FAST TKOTTINO Tv Imt sialliun Washington, lft % hands high, t. n i jesr* old; (wrfectly sound and k nd. \\ .tshiiigtnn is superior t?<al gi tter, as nil his stock has proved. For lull psititulsia apply at M end 90 Mercer street. TK.WEMiEM' OCIDE. - JUtSKV RAILROAD? Fl?R PHII ADELPHIA and the South and West, via Jersey City mail and i cxpttM lines ? l-eave New \ork at 8 and 10 A.M., and 4 end ? P.M. Fare $2 75 in 4, and H in 8 and 10 A M and OP. M.; second class, 92 2i in 10, and 12 M. at 92, stopping at all way stations. Through tickets sold for j (' ncinnstl and the West, aad for Baltimore, \\ wliingt m, | Norfolk. *c., and throngli baggage chec^e?l to Washing von in H and 10 A. M. ana 6 P. M. -*f ADAM MORROW WIU. GIVK 1.ADIES PRIVATE [ ill lectures an all con**?* of life; her predictions ? re truly astonishing, though she nrsrtleM nothing but what Is reeoneiUMe to phtloMphy. If not ssAisDed j there will be m charge. 79 Itrooa> street, new Cannon I bwUNM s4ellied I rent balk. flfcl O AAA ?FOR BALE A SUPERIOR FARM of ninety sere* at Eliz?bethtowa, If. J., will be iolil or exchanged for good real estate la this city. Alio one of sixty a:res, end una of naet?en acret in the game vicinity. Apptv at 119 and 121 Nmau street, room No 3. /tARD L. PURDY A CO. KCAA ?a bargain? for hale, a ?Ul/Vt three story and basement brick Home, irty ilxth street, between Fifth and Sixth arena**: bouse 25 feet front by 6 feet deep on first floor , lot fall ?Ir.e, with modern improvements. Apply to Ansel C. I.oomls, 1128 Broadway, near Thirty fourth street. <&6) CAA ?FOR SAIJB-A HOUSE AND LOT IN tU/^5 eOv/V/e Ea?t Brooklyn, near the ferry. The house Ib new and well finished; has gas, und' marble mantels? $2,600 Possession immediately; terms easy. Wanted to borrow for one year, S1.000! on uiort/aire. Apply to 9. C. SMITH 69. Hose street. t) ^AA ? FOR SAIE, A PATENT MACIIINT, ?P^?t)UU? whereby one man can net $25 per d?y. Parties who can raise the amount will find tills un opportunity seldom offered, by applying at the I'dtent Agency oflice, 1112 Broadway, room No. 3. (ft 6) AAA ?FOR SALE, LUMBER AND FEED jm ?UU v- business, located on the corner of outs of the best urenucs up town, this includes two frame buildings, horses, wagons, Ac. Also, an exc?ilont two story fiats e house, built last spring, for $1,00$; reasons for selling, going Wtst. Apply at UP aud 121 Nassau etreet. RICHARD L. PORDV & 00. dtOf 'A ?FOR SALE? FIVE LITTLE BUSINESS, tU which will yield $2,600 net oyer all ex penses; also p'ntnt-r wanted in a splendid shipping busi ness, with $1((,000 to $16 000 capital, also, $700 upon household furniture, worth five times this amount, in Twenty second street Apply at the United State* Agency, 212 broadway, room 18. ! (jijOAAONI.Y WILL BUY THE HALF INTEREST IN : a business founded by a gentleman, In ! tending to leave thu country The business in in highly | respectable bands, In light ami pleaiant, and will return | tut time.- the amount Invested. AUdre.-s Opportunity, Herald oflice. j -| 6)QTH STREET LOTS FOR SALE.? SIX LOTS IN 1 JLJmlrf 12t?th street, near Sixth avenue. The street is I paved und lighted, and the above lots ar? beautifully lo cated !or improvement. Apply to JACOB PECARE, 103 I Hester street. A ff TH STi.I'.ET LOTS FOR SALE.? TWO LOTS IN FOR i ~rO ty-flfth street, 100 leet eist of Tenth avonue. , Terms easy. Apply to JACOB l'ECARE, No. 10.') Hester | street. 7TH AVEN I E HOUSES FOR SALE ? THE FOUR STORY brick houses, 210 aud 222 Seventh avenue. A gooi I investment, will be sold cheap and on easy termf. Also I tho four story double tenement brick house, 491 East | Twelfth ctreet. Apply to JACOB l'ECARE, 163 Hester j | street. i A VALUABLE LEASE OF WATER FROffT FOR SALE j J\. ? eight eeais to run from the first or Mty ! next, containing 10 lots of grourd, and 200 feet of bulk I bead, together with the buildings, situated between ! I Thirty ninth and Fortieth streets, North river. Apply ; on the premises, or address I.. R. T. A CHANCE FOR A POOR MaN -OM.y' THREE OF those beautifully located lots in the Ninth ward of I Brooklyn, left. Three minutes' wain lrom the Fulton I Avenue Railroad. Will be sold in monthly instalments ; of $10, if applied for bofore March 1st, next. Apply to JACOB l'ECARE, 163 Hester street. | A HOUSE FOR SALE IN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION j in Jersey city. ? Tho hanasomo, small three story | house, 01 Susuex street, modern built, furnished with ! gas, 1'assaic water, bath room, and many other very do siruble conveniences. Apply on the premises, or to j 8. S. WYCKOFF A CO., 104 Murray street. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ON THE BANKS OF THE J\, Hudson, nearly new, moderate size, two hours Iruui the city, with outbuildings complete and in good order, near a railroad station where all the trains stop, will be sold very low If Applied for before the loth of March. Apply to STEELE A OWEN, 47 Wall street. Business opening in caval street? for sale, the stock of hardware, house furnishing, tancy goods, basket ware, Ac., of store No. 08 Canal street: front finished In modern style, with metal sashes and Urge plates of glass, and one ot the best stands for busi ness in the city. A rare opportunity for a person to purchase an established business. Apply on the pre mises. COUNTRY RESIDKN'JE FOR SALE ?THE PLACE belonging to the estate of Martin J.Ryerson, situated about three miles eouthwest of l'aterson, N. j , con taining forty acres of excellent smooth level land, an ex cellent mansion In tho cottage style, containing eight rooms, exclusive of servants' rooms, a cemented cellar under the whole, a superior ice house, filled; all the requisite outhouses, in good order. The grounds are tastily laid out, and havo a variety of fruit troes and shrubbery. The place is in etwry respect a genteel, con venient, and salubrious residence; is accessible from the city several times a day in forty or fifty minute*. Will be sold cheap and on easy terms. Inquire of Mrs Ryer son, on the premises ; to Jame* Speer, Congress llili, Paterson, N.J., or W. H. Falls, Tradesmen's Bank, New York. ClHEAP AND VERY DIHIKABI.F, l'KOPERTY FOB ) sale ? One handsome three story houie in Twenty - (???nth straet, near Ninth avenue, with all modern im Cvemonts, $8,7f>0; aljo a model three story English ?ment home In the bent part of Thirtieth atreet. near Ninth avenue; several first class brown stone front houses, located on Twenty-second atreet, Cheiiea square, finished in the beat possible manner, wtth every modern iir provemcnt; also a number of houses in differ ent parts of the city, for rale on easy terms, by J. F. WIIJJAMS & SON, SM Eighth avenue, and daUy from 3 llllt 116 Chamber* street. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE- -ON THE BANK OF TflE Hudson, on thia isltnd, of easy access by railroad. The house ia conveniently arranged and the grovnd* beautifully laid out. For terms, to., apply to WM. E. LEWIS, 8!) Cedar street, earner of Broadway Drug stork >x>r saij;- established ten years, well stockcd with drugs, 4c.; rooms at tached; rent $10 per month. Being obliged to leavu the city, I will neil it for $3.10 cash. AUo eight building lots in the village of Lakeland, I.. 1., for $20. Inquire at '-JO Broome street, near Essex. DRIT. STORE FOR SALE- WELL STOCKED, HAND nomely fitted up, and doing a good business. Tho proprietor having two stores, he is eompelledto disprso of one, or take a partner. Iliocash no objtet. Apply to J. B. CL, Broadway I'ost office. Elegant country residence on long island Sound for sale. ? The residence of J. P. Knapp, Rsq., situated at Orienta, and fronting on the Sound, about '23 mile* from Now York, via New Haven Railroad llie hcuse is new, of the Italian style of architocture, spacious and conveulent, containing all the modern im provements, and elegantly finished, 'and having all the necessary outbuildings, such as carriage house, green house, graperies, forcing house, gaidener's and b>at houses. The grounds contain about seven acres, are beautifully located, and tastefullyflald out and ornament ed. Price f 16,000. a reasonable amount may remain on mortgage. Possession ran be had immediately. For sale by JAMES H. TAFT, 83 Beaver stru t. TpNMNE AMD BOILER FOR SALE? SIX H0R3K Tj power; will be sold cheap; has been used but % short time. The owner having made a change in bis business lift* no further use for them. Can be soen at 41 Hester street. JOHN' H. MEAP. IjM)R SALE? HOI SF. AND fcOT 202 WFST lHI.tTV ' second street, four story and cellar brown stone front, with all modern improvements. Inquire on the premises, or of D. H. SMITH, 19# West Thirtieth street. "L'OR SALE? IN LEXINGTON AVEN'tJE, BETWEEN Fifty-ieconi and Fifty-third streets, two lots, each 20 feet front and rear by TO feet deep, and also a good dwelling house, two sttry, basement and attic, lot 20 feot front and r?ar by 70 feet deep. Inquire of M. E CRCT8TO, 20 and 27 Washington Market. FR SAI-E? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD will of an old established wholesale grocery and commission house, with the leaee of the store; the own er* are about retiring from the trade. The location is second to none on the west sice of the city for either city or country trade. Will be disposed of on reasonable term* to responsible parties. Address box 3,918 P0.1t Office. FR SALE? THE NEW MARBLE BUILDING. CORNER ?f Broadway and Chambers street. Appllcati ? to be made at the Central Bank, No, 88 Chambers street. Walter OAKLEY, Cashier. TT'on SALE? A VERY GENTEEL, FOUR STORY, ENC, F Lish basement bouse on Fourteenth street, between Sixth snd Seventh avenues, built in the very beat man ner, and has every modern improvement; plumbing work very ruperii r. Will be sold with or without the furniture, at a low price, and but little moneyfreiulred for the purchase of both. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 8 Pine street. FOP. SALE IN Y0NKKR8 ? A DESIRABLE TWO story and ba-emeut bouse, containing twelve looms, outhouses, Ac, ; lot 76 by 125 feet; or the al joining ?ix lot* nay be had? all of which is delightfully situati <1 for s country seat being near the railroad de pot, and having a beautiful pronpect of the Hudson nver Apply to It D. OOObVlX, Clinton Hall, Eighth street, m ar Broadway. I-'OR SALE, LOW? A FIRST CLASS PATENT MEDI CiDe, with stock and < very thing pertaining thereto. >or further particulars apply to N. EUSTACE, 20 Chitia bers street, third floor, corner of Centre *treet. I 'OR SALE AT A BARGAIN.? THE STOCK, FIXTURES and four years' lease of tl e old establihlied boot and nboe store. 62 avenue I>, near a large market. The stock Is in g< od order, and the store fitted up in the neatest manner, with glass sashos throughout, and fixture* painted and glided in the best manner There is a good run ol customer*, wi-.h a trade of $300 a week, and can be increased to $f>00io ordinary times. The reason lor selling is the death of the former proprietor, who baa done business in the neighborhood for tbs last twelve year*. Rent low and terms easy There is a dwelling attached to the store. Thia I* an opportunity rarely to be met with for any person going Into the bnslneea. For particular* inquire on the premise*, or of It. W0IIE, It 9 Water street. fJIOr. SALE? THE GENTEEL THREE STORY HOI'SE I J; No. 223 West Twenty -seventh (treat, near N'lntU j avenue; contain* twehe rooms, is in good order, with modern improvements; court vard in front, yard in rear; price reasonable terms accommodating. For additional particulars and nevmleainn to view the Uouee, apply to 4 AiUfi nuu , SU Uadm atmt. TOR SALE. TTWR SALE? A FIRST RATK LIQUOR STORK DOING J. . ? good builww, with accommodation* for lodger*; is licented, and t?*rm? Terr reasonable. Cool reasons for aelling. at Nejrtone Hotel, 330 Water street. FOR SALE? A THREf STORY AND BASEMENT 2fx6ft brick bouse, with all the modern improve ments. In <ne of tie mo?t faahlonab'e ami aristocratic localities up to?n between Fifth avenue and Broalway, and In the vicinity of Tbirty-te.:on1 street Prio $12,(00, all caali down. Apply to D. F. VAN I.IF.W, 110 Broadway. For sale- ihe first cla^ englihh baseihokt hou>e on tt>e north side of Thirty eighth street, b* tween Seventh and F.ightb avenues; house 17.1'; by Ii4 feet, lot 17.1>, by Pe 9 teet. Apply toR II Cjdlipp, lit. William striet. or Adrian CralT, Real Estate Agout, est; eighth avenue, by Forty-eighth street. For sale? two first a .ass four story ani> basement brown ??.?>??? front lioues, 20 by SO, Iota 9? feet 9 inches deep, with all tbe modern improvements, situated at 6b aud Cft Fast Thirtieth street, betwees Fourth and lexinglun avenue*. Inquire of JOMM W. FIELDER, No 00, next door. For sale ?two houses and i.ors connecting. on FravLlin Mid White streets, near to ami of Broadway twenty-live feet on Franklin street aai tweuty-tlme feet six inches on White street; whole depth 20li feet. These lot" are very desirable for an ex tensive business or ?jatiufacturin.j purposes A poly t'? J Out. S KEIriO, b2 William street. rOR S A LF. ? A THREAD, NEEDIJ5, AND FANCY store, in a first rale licat.on, doing a ?ood bust nfPS. The reuroc for selling is on account of the owne retiring from business. Apply at 414 r?arl street For sale- a beautiful oouniuy hock in the village of Madi*on, N.J. situated near schools, churches and railroad depot, contains nine rooms aud cellar, with barn, carriage house, sta'de, ice house, lar?'M and splendid gardun^fruit trees, 1G?^ acred of superior round, spring of water, and two large ponds, l'riixj 4,010; half the purchase money may lay on a mort gage. Apply to Y. DE LA (iRaCIiJMK, on the pre mines , Y7I0R SALE. ? A TWENTY HORSE POWER STEAM l Jp engine, complete and ready for use, will be soli i low or exchanged (or a house and lot in Brooklyn. SAMUEL LDl'Y. 63 Wall street, basement. For sale? as i am aboit turning my at te-ntion to faruiing again, I now offer for sale my residence, located on Buena Ridge, Mot'. Haven. West cheater county. The Louse is 34 by 38 feet, finished tlr.ougbout in the best maauer. built two years ago by the days' work. It Is ot th- Gothic order, csntsinui/ all the dim rent apartments noce.-sary to accomuiodate a large and genteel family, wi'h stable, carriage hous4, Ac.; also a productive garden. The house stands in the middle of the lot, which contains three- fourths of tan acre of land, handsomoly'laid ont, and pUnted with a variety of shade trees, evergreens and shrubbery; also upwards of fifty choico fruit trees of various kinds; commanding a fine view of the Harlem river and the surrounding country ; tbe locality is unsurpassed by any place In tlie Ti:li?lty of New York : only three minutes' walk from the depot, and halt i n tour's ride per Harlem Railroad from Twenty seventh street, and that every hour in the day. Terms of payment will be made easy. If Lot sold by the 16th of March at private sate, it will be sold at the Merchant"' Exchange on that day. For particular inquire of Midilleton Bell, No. "4 Cortland I street o' the .subscriber on the premises. THOMAS BELL. For sale? two full lots in forty-third street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway, oh the south siitn, 460 feet from Eighth avenue find .'If, 0 from Broadway, the most desirably located of any in the i vicinity.' Price $2, MX) each, and $1. SCO can remain on the two on bond and mortgage Al-o, nine lots on bier, gen Heights, cheap. Apply to P. WEIJJNG, 226 Bleeciter stieet. IjlOR SALE? "UPWARDS OF TWO HUNDRED HOUSES 1 in desirable locations in Brooklyn and vicinity, vi ryingin price from $1,600 to $20,000. Persons desirous ot purchasing or silling real estate, are Invited to call and examine our register. COWLEY \ UAdivELL, No. 0 Ham lton avenue, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? A CORNER DRINKING SALOON, THE stock, fixtures and good will. Is licensed, and doing a good business. Receipts from $16 to $26 per day. Will be sold (or lesa tban half value, if called for to day. Reason (or selling made known on application. Apply at the cr rner of Howard and llercer streets. For sale at a bargain? in t-wkn it-third street, near Madison square, a first class brown stone houso, containing every possible improvement; house four stories, 26x63 all "the way up; lot 26x100. Principals desirous of purchasing may address A. R., box 1,328 Post Office. For sale at a sacrifice? a coffee and cake saloon, an old established stind down town, doing a good business; must be lold immediately; konly reason for selling the proprietors are going South. For further particulars inquire of Rj L. 1'CRDY & OO., 119 and 121 Nassau street, roam 3. pOR SAI.E IN WILLIAMSBURG ?THE HOUSE AND ' lot No. 2 South Ninth street : or it will be exnbang for a houae In New York worth about eight or tea thousand dollars. Inquire of CONLIT 6i JENKINS. 46 Wall street. T7U)K S.UJ. OR TO LET, FROM FIRST OF MAY ? THfr !? two brown stone houses No*. 13 and 1& Kasl Thirty first street, between Madison anil Fifth avenues. Also, in Williamsburg, two brown stone homes, it South Eleventh street, comer of Second. Inquire ol M. H. Keith k Co., foot of North Third itreet, Williams burg. For balk, or io let.? the four story house with all the modern improvements, low Eait Thir ty- third street, between Lezin|ton aod Third avenass Apply on the premise!. "TV>R BALE OR TO LET? THE TWO STORY AND AT t c brick house, 2 Mi Delancsy itreet. Po-ssssieo Id mediately. 'Also, two large rooms suitable (or meet n^-, Ac , and fevers 1 lodgo room* in National Hall, 29 Cant street Apply to Mr. Wetteroth, 861 Broome itreet, or t< Edward Van Ranrt, stable 34 Canal steeet ?OR SAI.E, OR EXCHANGE FOR WESTERN I ANDS Bome very desirable lots up town. Apply at thi on square Real Estate Office, No. 3 Everett House corner of Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. KEYKS k HOJ GI.AND. T7HJR SALE OR TO I .EASE, FOR A TERM Of Jj years, three lota, fronting Broadway, Forty-seventi ?met and Seventh avenue; a good situation for a liver; stable, eoal yard or manufactory; or would eichaag' for improved property. Apply to HEAD k KNKJH1 Plumbers, 1,018 Broadway. LOUR AND GRAIN MILL&? E HARRISON "3 PA tent, the best in the ( cited States ?Over COO liav. been sold alri *dv. For any information address J. E. L SMITH, Agent, 3fi Broadway. OUBES FUR rALE? NOS. 144 ANl) 148 t 'HERRI street, between Catharioe and Market. To thou who want a money mak ing investment, thi/ is a chan<v that rarely offers, and will pay 2 > per cent on amonn invested. For terns, particulars, 4c., inquire of MAR1 LEVY, 27 City Hall plaoe oT>k an dlot for 8ai.e. ? the mcmTfrn buil three story brick bou>e, lot, No. 68 Monr. street For particulars apply to &AMCEL TETON, 6' Market street, corner of Monroe. 0U8HS FOR SAIK AT A BARGAIN.? THE FOW three story and bav ment mastic front brie* houses situate at the comer ol' avenue and Ross street (ami adjoining) Brooklyn ; ten minute*' wall from Peci slip ferry- The iVive houses have marble mantels, cor, under cellars, Ac., and two thirds of the money may remain on mortgage Apply to JACOB PE CARK, 16.'! Hester street. TEAM ENGINE- FOR 8ALX ? A SUPERIOR 8TEA1 engine, of thirty-five hoiee power, made and finish e.l in a beautiful style, and known us the Southen Belie, the prire engine at the New York World's Fair For sale low by GROYER, BAKER k CO., 406 Broadway OHOtT" CASKS"" ANIi COUNTER? FOR " SALE.? ONI O show case, C feet 10 inches by 3 feet 10 Inches, witl entire French plate glass; 1 do., 2 feet by 2 feet 6 Inches with entire French plate glass ,1 do., f) feet bv 8, wstl 5 squares French plate glass; 1 do., 2 feet fl inches b. 6 feet A Inches, with 2 drawers, Ac., all made of ma hogany for the Crystal Palace 2 long mail 0{ any toj counters with roller drawers; 2 counters, each 11 fee long by 2 feet wide, and sach with 16 drawers; 2 singl high mahogany counting house desks. 1 double tow 6u do . 2 office c'csks, 1 copying press. 6 arm chairs, witl cushions; 1 safe, Wilder's patent; 2 office stoves am pipes, 1 elosk, tables, Ac , for sale cheap, at No. 21: l'earl street, up stairs, and lofts to rent. STFgAR STORK FOR HALF- Till- PAY NEAR Fhj ) Park, with stock, fixtures and manufactory, at t bargain A good chance for a young man having a fry bnudnd dollars ready cash. Apply immediatelv to THOMIflON i STREET, 81 Nmmo St., t'oosa 7 E~GREAlFSt *3SmW THE MARKET ?Voi sale, two new well built commod.ous three slort basement and si. b cellar houses, 20 by ii2 feet, witi imitation brown stone front, bay windows, marble m ,n t?ls, grates, gaa throughout, with ornamental cornic* and centres, and the modern improvement'. Pri?? $3, *00, Or.e or two geod building lots would !>? take; in part payment Alio for sale, three lota adjoining th. above. Price, 93,000 for the three. The property i well located, situated on the southwest corn r of Frank lin snd Wllkmghby avenues, l ast Brooklyn, and witbii one block of Myrtle avenue, whe e the cars run to an. from Fulton ferry every five minutes Terms made aeJ commodating. Apply to G. DKNI80N, builder, on H> premises. I'O MAN I FACTl'RKRK ? ft'R SALE OH EXCH tVG for city property, or to lease, a lsrge ant cooiok; dlous brick shop, 6<> feet bv 36. with engine room I tret by 20, well lighted on all siloa, four stone* an basement, suitable for heavy manufacturing bus ne<* located on Eleventh avenue, near Twenty. ninth etreet with 2' horse engine boiler and shafting, in good ruaain i order. Possession given on or before the 1st of May. J F WILLIAMS, 364 Eighth avenue, and from 2 to > dally at 11 ?> Chambers etreet. O BOOK, MAGAZINE, OR NEWSPAPER PUBLISH m. ? A gentleman who travelled over the prlncips portion ef Cuba last winter, will dispoee of a careful), kept jourusl, revitwrd by impartial persons, conUainj ?octal, political, and g'Ogrsphical facts of great interest Arcompsn; int It are maps, views, Ac. Address Travel ler. bo? 1 4?> Pest office. ?CTlCMs XOR KALE CHEAP, THE OWNER LEAYINO V Europe. a seven <.<-t?ve roes woo. i pianoforte. Until ivteo makers. Has been scarce!/ seed. Can be tee< at Kj lw*U\k itmt, bmc 8???ad irtiu J

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