Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1855 Page 5
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Ik* Italian and Qhrman opera at Niblo'l. Mme. Cara dori ?u prima donna of Mr. Smith'* troupe at Drury Um last y tar. At the Broaiwat TmunB, on Saturday eveninj, Mr. B. L. Davtnp'xrt finished his very auccesalul tngif ment. Tbe bill for this evening mcludea ' Ingomar," ia which Visa Makeah, tbe young lady wio recently ( ?ude her <tebut at the MotropoliUni, will play PartUe ate to Mr. Conway's Ingomar. The return of Mr. Con - ?way to bis position at the flroadway will be very ijratify ?og to all the habitvet of the house. CM dit, tbat UU? Makrah will play during ilita week, and be auoceeded by Mr. Fernet, At BniTON's 1 biutks light and p)eai*nt bill* have <ka*n full bouses. Tfce nuvnas^r ia a perfect dramatic Hereulea, il never out of hia bill, and frequently play* three parti on the aamu o.^ht, a* oa thin eveulng, when 1m lonouMta "Aggravating #a?n,:' a new piece; "The Bfcck r-'wap,'' Ukewlee a novelty; and the "Wantering Mlnctrol." An underline ou the bill for to night irtati>a that "The Serious Family " ami "The Toodle*" will here After he played on Tutcd.t* and Friday evening*. At W>LlJiOK'?THXAniB, "The Busy Body," which has baan quite successful, will be played again, with the farce of "The Mew Footman." The comedy ia well worth ae?4ng, if only as a lurioaity of literature. On Friday night of thia week Mr. F. A. Vloeent, a very ejrel lent and popular comedian, haa hia bene !lt. Tliree pises, including all the favorites in the company, are announced iar thi.-i occasion. At mi Bowkhv Tiikatok, Mr. Hobert Johnston has been playing & succ*?aful engagement. He appears to-night as .lack Cade, in Judge Conrad's play of ?hat name. We believe that thia ia the first time that any actor other than Mr. Forrest has ever played thia pait in New York. Mr. Davenport played it In Boston. Mr. J. B. Scott will soon commencc an engagement at Hie Bow?ry theatre . -Mr. liknn appeara in the "I'erse" anted Dutchman'' to night. At the Amkkicax Mihkim crcellent entertainments are announced for thia afternoon and evening. "Love's Sa ?rlfioe, " with a go?d cast, ia announced for to-night. At Woou'u, 472 Broadway, thia evening, a good prb gramme ia announsed, including the Macbeth burlea<t i?. At BrcKiJnr'H, 639 Broadway, the bill for to night In dude* the "Cliallnnge Duet," frotn "I.e Chalet." The Black Swa.v will giv_o a concert in I'cughkeepiie ta-night, and one in Troy on Wednesd^j night. Police Intelligence . SLEIGHT OF H AND? FRO^BOH ANDERSON OUT DOME. The f?ct of ?n ingenious swindle perpetrated on a pawnbroker lias ju.t come to l.ght. The operator in this instance, who is unknown to fame, certainly <le i crttiil (or the dexterous manner in which he per itbe (.have. Th? fact, of the cane are these:- A 4*7 or two ago a fellow entered tbe pawn office of Louis Lvrey, No. 433 Grand street, and opening a mahogany cm. containing a gold watch, begged an advance of 912 60 on the same. Mr. Levey took the article in hi* hand, and thoroughly examining It, found that , it wa? a Mod watch, worth probably fllty or ?ixty dollars, lie Saneeutednt once to uie?u the aavenceund to his money drawer for the purpose of obtaining the wash WhiW '.be pawnbroker was over the Moaeynt hi* d-sk, tbe shaver managed to the watch In tho case fol a bogus one he bad in his pos session, and before '.he broW had discovered the band movement, th? stranger had left the Pr*m'*c"> taking with him the $12 *0 and the good watch, thus leaving nothing behind hjin but the Peter Funk watch mm) the little ca?e that he brought the good one in. CHAHUED WITH PABBINO OOUNTnnFKIT BILLS. Bolomon Brink and Mary O'Kourke were arretted yes Wrf-ay. charged with having passed counterfeit $3 bills ?? the Mercantile Hank ol Providence, Rhode Island. Brisk, it is alleged, passed one of the counterfeits on Tbornks Cagar, of No. 33 Avenue D , while the woman, O'Rourbe it is sifted, pawd another on Mrs. Marshall, keeping a' baker's shop at No. 74 Market street The tetter person, it is alb-god, came Into the store of Ms*. Marshall, snd purchasing some bread, received In change $2 79 m goo.l money, an<l that returning again to pass ?aother bill o( the fame description, she was '"ented ea a charge of Uiog implicated with Brink. Th?^ ae ~ were taken felore Justice Welsh, who committed i for e\aiulnat.on Tbe counterfeit Is a now one, remarkably well executed, aud likely to deceive, partlcu torly in the flight time. It Is supposed that a number of these bill* nave been put in circulation during the past fHk, DflBCENT ITTON AN Al.LBOED DISORDERLY HOfSE. Captain Dltchett and a platoon of tbe Fourth ward made a descent upon a dance house, kept by aaa and Robsrt MaikcraJ, in Water street, near Boocerelt, tbe rerort, as It is aimged, aad thieves and other disorderly characters. Just as the Jmtk forming a cotillon set the police mtde Iheir appMran ee , ?? ?? eo rted about thirty of the number 2Emtd?d to the station house. Yesterday they ware aUsent to Black well's Island, under the vagrant law, by Justice Bogart, of tbe l-ower Police Court. The proprie tor* of the plane were held to ball to answer the charge ef keeping a disorderly bouse. Court CalMidar-TbU r.MTltn ST4TM. IttwnilCT OoUHT.-lO 83, W tO Hupkkmk Coi fc*? Circuit.? No*. 145.'., 1J44, #J?, 1730, ?N3a 146<l, 1704, 1720, 2942, 1$66, 2364, 172?, 1731, 1732, M9, 14i>3, 2do5, 7, . *T ^ ?.)i 130 309 ma' ^21 y?.c' Q'lj 9^4 V2S, 930, 9.11, 936, 9*16, 9J7, m' Si'. ^ M4,' 7w, 440, 7S1,' W?. ??, 7", M4, 368, 6*2. 00?, 63, ?J4n, 402, fttO, R63, 2?7. Br. Hunter on Consnmptlon.-UtUr Wo. 9. To th? Kdiiwh or thk Nrw York Hkrald: Mr? In aunt nuatlon of the -Bymptom* of Oon.iimp tk?"~ Mime oi the most prominent of whiib were set fartb in luy lai>t Utter? I am M now to consider ?rmwo OK 11 LOO D AND HIHORHHAO* VBO* THK UJWOH. 8oitung of blood occurs, in a Urge proporjon of sases of consumption, at seme perod of the disease. By the ?sra> " hemorrhage," I mean every discbarge of bl >od, man a few strssks in the expectorate! matter to one or pints of pure, unmlxnl blood. There is consider akle variety In respect to tbe stage of the disease at which bleetiiug from the lungs may occur. Many per mos spit Wood years before any symptoms of oonsump |M are noticeo, aad when, by general < jbservatlon, bey swubl be pronounced healtby. In others lbe fii*t at -teefc of hemorrhage dates tbe commencement of the dis ? ? the cough, the expectoration, the hurried breath ing are all ren-rred ami ascribed to the bleeding Some 2on?t raise. Oltod until late end In a few tnntances con^ sption runs its emirs eour'e without even a tln^e or o<3 in the expectoration. Aeoording to Andral, hemc.rbars occurs in tbont irt ? ? of consumption out of si*, louis found it In fifty ?sven rsaet out ot *.ghty-se.v#n; sod ''rof-sfcir 4Me of the physicians of the Ixndon Consumptive llospi ul m eirhty one elites out ot ev?Ty hundred? so that -?? may regard It as a rule that, at some period of the desaase, terne-rb^e from the lungs occurs in about rour OUt Of fif4 ? Tbe csu i*e of ipitt^g of blood U not generally w< H ill jmlod. There is tome obstruction m the lungs wliKn Movents tbe free paesage of tbe bloo?l through tbna. ?tadasl)y this cUUuctlon Incomes greater, and coo?es Uen tak"s p.are. By cong'Stion, I mean tnat tbe veins ?eoome swollen almost to bursting, like tbe vessels ef ?e eve wb.x It I- MonUhot. A(Ur a time tbeee vessel ?hi, so as to allow the blood to oote from th?m into the air t'lbta ceiln ? preu?elj u fluids ?io through * tkHer or strainer -an>. It Is coughed up. The obstrua- | tun alluded to geterally erf's <rom tubercles. ?ben a p?r on epiWblo<,.l It is a sommon belief that it eemes from the breaking of a blood vessel laths lungs, W suLh is J?t the case. It ru*? from the muoous aembraoe Un'-ng 'be air tubes and ertU. just as it ofun rt,r- {1m. n<sH-, without injury or the ropture of vessel"- In Tu.dlcal phraee. we ssy it Is exhaJed , H csnnet be tro wilely sojwn that spitting of blood a tbtng of fearful 'ntereet, a? pointing oat the silent, 'treseteinup pr<'?re?s of a ? sadly iisea?e within tbe leesrs. Thsloes of Wool ie sn Ind.eatlon of the pre eeoceof tuberolc, and from these tubercles will an?e, jeeser or later, all those changee and <ympU>ms which ?M?tltute cinsumptlon. U? th.s po.ot there is mtich 4vror It is l#y nn means unfie juent ler pbysicUns to e*?er th-ir yatienta by U?? aasueance that the b,ool has Ml, a,. D>e frim the throat Ut ms warn you against tnung d*cei>ed. 1 1 <? throat rarely bl?eds In nine ban mil n.nety elno cases out of a thoussod, when ns uonili up blowl however small the guant ty, that Saw! ooec. 1 uam t^e luegs. aad epesks a ierHble warn Jt * ?lur health, ? J on prirelrfe, if you have ?aw^tect that reader* eiisteee* desirable, b^rm now eoMaetly torcsis*. the pcogressof this feyfal mslady ,the eir4s l t which are so* n in tl?s Tnost vi-al f art o your My. 4 orunawiy, tns bleediM generally e-.curs before tb? t2<Mkt .it 4 '*r iei*J, 1' prompt an 1 pfop#r meat are# .ire o.i. v t... ? n to stsy its fur'Jtar the Hit of tbe patient may b? saved. But do rot think the dteeesK.nuai.ce of the Weeding any indication of Cr<-ur?. Th ? sn erro- etiich has pruved f*tal to ieand< 4s?m.nae tl.e lungs have r?i.e*ej them nelvHt ti# it*****, th* pat^n* **?ingljr 4?u bstl'f I sa> -eeitlnsly, because thetaVrcles, the rasse ?f tUil<e ling s'.lll lemau. In tbe luags to pro 4uoe a re^ui*e?ee, aad ?>Untl> Je**lope tbe <le*4s- ?:ti?e -hange? ?li eh mark the pregees ef consumption. Death ifr^tsr. '*k' < t '.a ?* from t"?e bleeding. 4ome 'times, in aijWs .>.<1 sta<?ssf <-<>asuat;itV)n. a lar^e llood ree?l is oix uir* O JO> the u?se?atloi?, when a eu Men gu?h <ethli ?l fol'ows. this caee. -leatb is inevitable, eud ? f isrj wvtli -i a f?w nimutao, from the lll^g <ip ef tbe Inngs Ttils, however, seldom hip;, ns. Ilwni ii " r 'n s? tl>e lunt'ir.ay heeeesel by an in/wry to Vurh'it " r b yerg+nie liitevt of ill'"/ IV Sw' ???), Mw sa4l tb s, In UV female. lt?iUo-:ur rtdtvxJrhj tvery m<nik, in j>lA-e M tbe usnal periodic ex tT9 Ito, i- ?( ? per-n '??' receive! no Injur-, !? the rtif. In ?herr the uterine fjnctlens are s mural *n^ who ha* mo di?s*se of tbe heart, the pre metier 'Aa th^rs aretuber-^s i?the lungs, amounts toa f<-vr'?! pr< 'abihty. Ot ?u b rsj>es, a eel^ tas-'drrj^ phvclan. 'Id bot mr*C with * ?ogle in eUnee o i* U '.-If kundr*' 4ttt, 'a whlih the bemer rhage was not pr. -?dsd or Uillceed by tke determent flE* **eD^?i<? of tM mesne wfclcb shoul 1 hs r? ??*./! to f -r the *u(prts?ice M hemorrhage, *s4 'i>r -emo^ti #f J?use, iil? be fuilf 4i?suss?d etao I to t)*? ?/ eoo^ampiiot My aii* kilttt iiUI fci .i.e d jT?rfi.t com ?u?p'.. c. "* ob?<t nt'nm, h. d , rtiy?;-:*e fsv l)l??a?ee b' tbe ..tit re, M? akC|*?eJ, Vrw r- .ruse, 1?65 Spring H7!' j ?f IUU, Jut Introduced? lhose of our r< A,iara |B vut of a fashionable bat can obtain on* i at BALL'S, 411 Broadway, who ii th? acknow ledged leade- / 0f fatbi?n 1b New York by public approba tion. tor Gf ijipenard street and Broadway. & Co, 136 Broad way, rciptelAilly so"?' ta the attention of their austomers and an puolo t" 4 .be spring and summer faahwju for genOeniea's hats * a& cap*. Albert H. Nlcolay will hulil hli rcgnlnr Ferni- weekly Auction Hale of Sto:ks and Boods tbii day, at 1V}4 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange. Fi f further particulars re* hie advertisement in another column. Catalogue* can be obtained at the office, No. 4 Hioad street. Phttogriphi, Crayon l)agnerreotype?, sterescopes, taken at BOOT'S, 363 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. Daf;ucrirotype Portrait* tor Twenty-five | c>nt?, by HOi.MKh' l olled States patent double action 1 cameras, taking 1,000 portraits daily, with th? geest'ist perfection? illustrating the economy and progress of tte ege. 280 Droadway. Notice to the Public.? In coiiaequence of In superable difficulties, the Academy of Iduaic ie closed. March S, 186*. OLK Bl'IX. The Spring fashion* for 1N35,? The Ripen* echeid list for this season is without flattery tbe molt becoming, rich looking specimen of a hat we havo ever l(en; and although sold at ttiree dollars and a half, it is f inal to any, irrexptc'.lye of price, aud ackno*l*dged to lie far superior to the four dollar hats of Broadway. His store is 118 Nassau street, between Ann aud Ueeknian Jackson & Purdy still continue full of Or* dtrs tor their beautiful style of French shirts, busur psstcd by any in this country, Gentlemen cannot have u complete wardrobe without a beautifully fitting shirt, which they can have by calling at 87 Nassau street Tens? The Best Assortment ot Pine Teal will l>e found at the Canton Tea tympany's newly erect ed and elegant store, 126 Chatham ->treet, between i'earl and Hooeevelt streets, the olifent tea establishment in the city. We assure our reader', that they can do better here than elsewhere, either at wholesale or retail. New Mour>*. Wig Store, 551 llcoad way. ? Hpiing styles I'arl' mourning mantillas and bonnets. C F. Bar tholnn>*'"w will open on Monday, ftth March, in advance of liis Regular opening, a mtgnificent aseortment of.uiourn ? ng bonnets ev er mantillas, comprising the most beautiful | styles now exhibited in this market BAKTHOhOMKff S new mourning store, !>b 1 Broadway, between tu? St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels, and directly opposite "1 tils oy k Co's. Singer's Sewing Muchliic*.? <?rcat Improve ments have just been completed in these celebrated machines. The unpleasant noise has all been removeil, and the machines can be run with onelulf the power hitherto required. The fiuest cotton or silk thread can he sewed without ever breaking, the e<jual tension of the threads remains unchanged usder all circumNtancea, and the same machine ia competent to do evsry kind of Work perfectly. Call, examine, and be satisfied. I. M. SIMIM'. & CO , 32.) Broadway. To Phyalclann and the PriutlrliiK Medical faculty throughout the worM:? Gentlemen? As it lit* fallen to my lot to discover the mo it effectual tonic medicine ever known to the world, and ah It In my sincere desire to extend its useful* nesfl to all suffering humanity, I am Induced to make you the following proposition, hoping you will receive it in the same philanthropic spirit an I now make it, so that by your powerful aid, through your pactice, thousands who are now suffering dys pepsta, indigestion and scrofula, may obtain true anl permanent relief, I propose to nfcow all rognUr physi cians, on applicaiton to my olllce, No. 2 Gilaey Huild ing, Cortlandt atreet, eorner of Broadway, the full and true reenpt for preparing my Kluid Kitract of Hnr?*)ia r ilia . and ri plain to them the modus operandi of the peculiar machinery and apparatus used for thtt purpose ? believing, a* I^do, such a course on my part will do away with all prejudice on yours, andbe the m*aus of ?o establishing your full confidence In my compound tbat you may thereby add to your curative agents the best and greatest blood purifier ill the whole world. 1 am. gentlemen, your obedient nervant, JOHN HULL, of Louisville, h'y. New York, March 3, 18^6. For Cousha and Colda, llaAlliig'a Syrnp of Kaptba, llusbton's cod liver oil, Ayer'n nberry peotoral and pills, each SI; for fever and agon, Imtla oh jU^ogue, 91 !<), Rowand's mixture, Desbler'a periodic pills, each 11 ,for t ht- u nid 1 1 in and scorf ula, Towni-end's and Morse's t ?r?a parilla, and also Hyatt's life balsam, 76 <-?nta, for dropty and gravel, Wolfes' svbiedam schnapps, and Watts' nervous antidote, each SI; for suppression, fcc., Van Humbclt'i female monthly pills, (1 ;al?o Holloway'* pilla and ointment, atGl.'lON H, 1/7 Uowery. Ilalloway'a Pilla? Tlie anrprlstng; power possessed by this fine medicine in the cure of all dissatCH of the liver and stomach, is truly wonderful. Any case of dyspepsia will readily yield to a few doses of this golden remedy. Sold at the manufactories, HO Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, l^ndon, and by all druggi^ta, at 25c , and 91 per box. f Vn ily, whlaluira aal taoaMadM* fnasd to grow In six wes-ks by my Ongnrnt, whnh will not stain or injure the skin. SI a bott e. Sent to any part of tha country. R. (?. GRAHAM, 607 Broadway, ba.innent. Birth. On Thursday, Mar-h 1, at her residence, No. 01 Stata Htreet, Brooklyn, the wife of G. M. Burnt, Esq , of a daughter. Married, On Saturday . March .'I, in the Ra'ormed Dutch Charoh, Port Richmond, by the Rev. James llrownlaa, Mr Hamuo. W Plunk, of Newark, to Hiss HattibC. Pea coca, of Gas tletoo, staten Island. On Saturday, March 3, by the Kev. E. R. (,'ravan, Jon* J. Mum no to Harku.t, daughter of Hon. D. It. Benjamin, all of Newark N. J. On Wednesday, February 28, at the residence of the bride's father, Great Harrington. , by the itev. S. H. N. Greeley, Aicrkd Ituiuiw, of New York, tw Paxxtk M., eldest daughter of U. W. I'attisoo, of tha former place. Died, On Saturday afternoon. March 3, Mrs. Maut Hi;uhm, widow r.f tha late I'a trick Hughes, ag?<l 48 I he frieaos oi tba family, those of ber brothers, Timo thy and lan'tl Chelan, aud of ber brother in law, Bar tholomew Canoll, ara respect fully Invited to attend tha funeral, this afternoon, at thre? o'eljck, from her late residence, No 120 tireaatrlcb avenue. Her rs ma las will be interred in Meventh street. On Saturday, March 3, Kmma I oi, youngest daugh ter of Sylvan u? and Mary Haight. Tha friends and acquaintances of tha family ara re. apectfally invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from No 10 Kirst street. On Sunday morning, March 4. Makia, wife of Matthias Rloodgood, in the i4th year of her age The friends and relatives of the family ara requested to attend the funeral, fron her late residence, N i. 129 West Taenty second street, tli.s afternoon, at t?) o'clock, without further invitation On Saturday, March 3. after a short aa l painful ill ness, John Mi [iomtli, in the 2Mth year of b.s age Ills friends and acquaintance*, and those or hi* bro ther in law, James Lawler. and the itoti?cutters, are rea pectluliy invit<-d to attend tha funeral, from his late re sidence, Na. 242 avenue A, at half past two o'clock this afternoon. On Saturday, March 3, after a short illacse, Mr. Eu Manixh, son of the lata Mr N'arris Marlar, in the 2'Jth year of bis age. The trteoas ot tbe family a re r??pe tf nil y invited to at ; tend the funeral, thl* morning at half past eleven o'clock, frosn tba residence of his sister, Amelta Marlar, Ho. 32V Ninth avenue His remains will be taken to Trinity ( emetery fnr interment. On Sunday, Maieh4, of consumption, RonrHT C. Davit, aged 24 year*. His friends and acquaintance*, and those of hi* bro ther Patrick Davey, are requeetsd to attend his funsral, U-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from St. Vincent'* Hospital, Kast Thirteenth street, between Third an-l fourth avenue*. ' tra Sunday morning March 4. S?h>ii J , wife of Charles Mackln, aged 27 v*ar*, 9 months and 26 days. Tbe funeial will take place to morro e afternoon, at two ?' clock, fiom her late re>lden-s, No. 177 Waet Twen ty second street on 1 huts lay mornmg, ll.r h 1, after a lingering ill aaea, Mrs. CatmKh ??? KneilAT, rel.ct of Jolia Kosbay, ) In tlie *iftth yearo' ber age. H?r ren.ams were interred at Terrell wn ? aiifornta and Albary papers pleaso <-opy, On Sur 'lay, March 4, of *-a?tet fev?r, Kast Mtlvii, youngest child of lr? and Amanda P. H?-s*y, aged 1 year, 4 months aad 6 dajs ?fin Saturday, March 3, Chahmbi, Infant son af I.. D. aad Mary S Fre.| ricks In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Mar -h 3, of consumption, i JUMaar hnin, eon of I'hilip P and Mary Alains, m the 234 year ' f his age Ills frienda and tho?? of tlie are r?spa< tfuUy in vited to attend the funeral at half pa<t tso o'-iKi to- i morrow afternoon, from hie late rtai ien-a, No. 3ltf P.. ifle etreatj near Huyt street. <in Sun-lay, Mar'h 4, after a ?hor-. illnes*, Mrs. Cuxa with |K>I nniRTv atred 77 years. Htr frend* aad t haae or ct r **>n, U'm. T>? jgharty snd son In law, Murtaugh are mr te<l U> attend h?r fontfcal, from the re* dence of the lvtte>r V> llVOmrt itrest, Rrosklya, to tnrwui v af*amoon, at tbrea o ekKlr. At i?r rssidt nca, in WdltamsSurf, aa "*iind)ty, Mar b 4, wif* of Anthony llatis. m tha iSto year a/ her ege. The aelmtivas and 'rienda a/ the familf are ??*pe-'fu'ly Invited to attend her funeraJ, at two o'cWct t-. morriw aft-s/nami, at Rev Mr Porter's churcb, <v.rn?r of Ku irtli and ftouth H? ?x>nd stre. t* rema.ns w J I be assu to the fsmilr vault, ' Jprees Hdl- l..r inVrm. at In Jarseys ity, on Sunday <u<sre ng W*r:t? I, Kit.*, itangl.tar of Richard and L. MorriU. s<>d I y^ers. 2 months and 4 day*. Tha rrlatavne tnd frl'ndsof the fasiily ara inv>> attend tha fun>ral -trricti, at U>? hoi*?, la Warrsn ?treat, ttis aftamson. at foar o'clo:*. Her raiaains * ill ; 1st 'ai'n to MeSihaaeett, L. 1 , for intefrneat, to mtrraw , rnr rn rg. Vn f'aturday evcring March 3, Y, Atxauo., af ijl|l >h Nelghh?rta ?d, N. J. At Washington (<?.?, D t'., cn at Arday, Marsh J, Mr. , Otitis Wnrr?iT, Wthie -ity. lOmTMElBJffR KE.MIWE0 KVl'ttT Dlf. IV THK iimntMAM, WHO RK-IDKS iy WT! IX(M< ! larg, tbat w#s tooting it ?he '?nfe?t.onary in Mir"t "ill M sa a. ad a* to sail, ha tan tare ? ? , oner, if 'or^ed for Iwtped.n'# y( >s ?te per?ca w *he? 'iy , Out bus ne>* Af|>f W MjrtM avanoe, 0r???ly?. ' _ POL1TICAU Grand union MERINO?' Tammany hall, WKDNK8DAY, MaRCH 7. The following dUt ngiu*li"'l g*i-tli men will addrw** the meeting, "u Wtdnetoay etentng, at Tammany Hala tion. S A. Douglas, of Illinois, Mod .lease Clemen*, ot Alabama, Hon. J. 8. Wells, of New liamps . ? ??. Hon. J. W . Korney, of I'enasylrauut, Hon. J. S. Orr, of South Carolina, Hon. Col Ricbardson, of lll'noU, Hon. Col. McMulleu, of Virginia, Hon. J. A. McDougal, of California, Hou. W. 8. Barry, of Mi*?iiiippi, Hon. Robert Tyler, of Virginia, ? and othtri, whose name* will be nuoounced on Tuesday. Bjr order of the CKMTIUL DEMOCRATIC UNION. Tammany focikty or (.wmmiiian order ? llrother* ? A regular meeting of th? institution will he li> Id in lh<> Council Chamber of the <ire?t Wig wain, on Momlsy t veiling, the 5th I nut., at hall an hour after t w ?ettng of the sun. General and punctual attendance is j reijueeled. Uy order, K1.1JAU V. PliRDY, iirand Ha -Item. Ftti'HKN C DmYlM, Secretary. Manhattan, Heaium of hhinaoam, third moon, year of ilhirovery .'MM, ot independence 7Uth, and of the institu tion the Wlh. THIRTF.ltNTH WARI> ? A MMTINO OK T1IE TII1R teenth Ward 1>? inocrati ' Ward Committee, sill be held at Roiiert Undercook1*, corner of liraud mid Clinton ?treats, on Monday evening. M iroli fi, at i o'clock, for the puri n'e of electing officers for the eorfuiug year. T?jo numbers are particularly requested to intend Hy order of VI t* Kit L. ? ORNEI.I., Chairman, pro tcm. Kuwi F. Mil urn. Secretary, pro tcm. UNION OK 7TIK DEMOCRACY. Tfcs ??emocraey of the city and county of Mew York, without distinction, together with tie different ward democratic Union club*, und all other democratic associations, are invited to MKET IN MASS with the CKX1BAI. D SHOO RATIO DM0.1, at tamniany ham., ON WKTlNKHTlAY KVKNIMO, MARCH "Til, AT 7 )> O'CVKTK. A Urge number of dl?tlnguiahed gentlemen will a1 dre?* the meeting on the etale of the democratic party. Their diiumi will be publtebe'. in future livcrtisevmit*. By order of the CKN I'RAL DEMOCRATIC UNION. KIKANl'lAk linil To w AN 0N diamonds, ?OOUfUv' / watche*, jewolrr, h> , or bought for cm>n. Good city stock*, note*, bond* and mortgages, bill* of exchange. Ac., negotiate ), limine** conllden tial, and promptly executed, at 1.2 Naaniu atreet, room No. 2. THOMPSON & CO., brokers and commission mer chant*. (2h i frgr i~inf\?To loan on diamonds. ? lOOt vf\J\ J watche*, jewelry, negate, ami mercbandiM generally, or bought out. Honda and mort gage* bought and aold. Money constantly on hand at 14t> William atreet. near Kulton up stain. KOltliUftU k CO., loan and ooinmUaion broker*. dh6)r\ AfVfl ?MONET TO I /JAN, OS DL\ fflaSv/ev'vyV/e monda. watches, j??elr y, |U ??<?, dry g> ods, ?egars, or imrchaudlae of every description; husiaeiiH confidential; 212 Broadway, ami lftj Fulton street, room No. 11, third story STKKI. M CO. jjh-l i) AAA WAN TKI), ON BOND AV? MORT ?J w.UUU d*ne, on threw flmt elm houites, situated on l-exingaton avenue No brokerage w.ll bo paid A il<l rem Investment, Herald ollice. , JBQAA ?WANTED, $800, FOR THE USK OF F;Ov"\ye which, ben idea good sacuiity and Interest, u k >od borne will bo given, tj a respectful* party, in a fir>t claim house, if desired. Addro** A. M II , Herat. I office. TO $2o,imo TO LEND? ON STRICTLY FIRST _ ie jTrnu to be worth the amount wanted; $10,000, $.'1,0(10, $',VM), class down t'iwn busine** property, the ground BIO to be wor $3,000, $2,600, sud 1 1,700, on city o. Brooklyn leal en lute, worth double Apply to II. SAl.TON.VrALL, 107 Broadway, room 13, between 1 and 2 o'clock. A NY AMOUNT OF MONKY TO LOAN, OR WILL /\ buy at sight for caah at highest prioes, mur. ban Jlze. d amoniln, Jewelry, prcp?rty or security g-nertlly, at the old responsible Pacific ofllce, over l'a:lflc liana, 114 Orand atreet Business strictly conlldential an t mile, Thrte private offices. CI AMU APVANCKD IN ANY AMOUNT. OR I'U ft' 'II 4 *12) J at sight, diamonds, watches, ncli jewelry, and valuable p?r?onal property generally. R. WO UtJ. (.0 Fulton street, aecond floor, front room, from 8 A. M. U 4 P. 11. C1AMI LIBERALLY ADVANCED OS IIOUHF.HOI.D FUR ) aiture, diamond*, jewelry, gold watcher, firearms nautical instrument*. mechanic*' tool*, and pertonai property of any description, left to be sold at auction or bought out for cash, and higfceat price paid for at 26 Catherine atreet, by MoCaFFRaY k WaLTKRS. IRVINO HAVINOS INKITHTION, BO W AP.RF.N HTRIOIT, one door from Greeowicb.? Open daily from 10 A. M. to 1 1*. M., and 4 to 7 P. U. intermit at the rate of all par cent allowed on all sums from $1 to $.'> m. Tm faibla ol this institution are securely Invests I In bond* add ?<$l|?l la UW Mtj of New York, worth double Dn UMtll ImiI, W4 La bonds la this city. OAUW ??. I U{ /T<*ldaat. M. Prixm, h Vie# Preeldeata. U. D. Va* Psi.t, / v a mi>er fu lt l~ Bnrro*, secretary MONF.Y CABH LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON walchea, diamonds, plate, piano'ortei, furniture, giocerlea, liquor*, or any other description of prop-rty at the agency ar?l loan ofllce, .'Ml Broadway, eoraer l uine itreet, second floor, room 9. Conll lenoe an 1 ! honor may be relied upon. Ilranrh office. H4 Weet Sai j teeuth ?Ueet. M'UlL'Ulil.lN k O'NEILK | "WONEYTO I/)AN. -PFJWONS RK'HUIUNO TKMPO J\ 1 rary advances on real estate, diamonds, watches, ! jewelry, furniture, pianofortes, wines, spirits, and [ier j sonal proferty ef every description, nan be imiaeiuately 1 accommodated, on liberal term*, at the Kmpiie Loan and 1 Agency Office, 3*21 Broadway. OFFICE or TH1 MINNESOTA MINING COMPANY New York, March it*!, lfiftft. Dividend ? Tbe I Hoard of Director* of the Minnesota Mining f'ompany | Lave declared a dividend, from the buslnen* of the peat ' ymr, ol thirty Rollers per *hare 'being thirty percent 1 on tbe capital atockj payable In cash at this otti e , No. 187 (ireenwich atreet; a* follow*. Tin flft*?n d- iUr- no ; Monday, the 1 *5? 1? day of A{>ril. and fifteen dollar* op Monday, the lftth day of July next. Tbe time jf cluing ' tl.e tranafer book*, Id each eaue, will l>e duly notified ' hereafter. The A-neual Meeting of the C?sspany will be hel 1 at , this oft re on Wedueroay, tbs 14th day of March inatant, i at eleven o'clock A M. , when a general attendance of tbe 1 stockholders, either In pereon or by proxy, is re^'teaied, sa busMief* of importance will come before the m*?tin< Hy or'Wr of tbe Directors, MA Ml- J. W. IIARRY, He re ! ??rj TIIK THAIMCH, A4'. 1"<N<itN>ER ? WA.NTFD, 1?Y AN KX I KIUKS' KIi KlV j a situation to ran ?? engine he 1* well a -quaint -J witb tbe high preasure and condensing engine*, and will do repairs if required. Can give good city reference Apbly n ?ddr?as T. I trad bury , 28 2 lladsou itreet, corner O. (lolUKalck. ?VT 0?(. K TO CONTRACTORH OF IEIJ.AR.", AND OTH era whom it may concern ? That it la the deter mmatto* of tbe Dirt ( artaien's II. B. M>:iety that on and afftr tbe Ural of May neit, tbe wage* nhall be twnty ?hilliBirs per day, and ten hours be the day's work, Ui enniormlly with a rei< lition ailopted at a meeting of their a?aociation held In (>ni)n 1 1 all , Thir I avenue, reb 21. IH06 TIUOIMY RKYNOUiS, President. Minium Crt4Jt?, Hecrelary. PAFIR HiNOkR AND UPBOUTkRER WAN m? ? A amart Intelligent young inan, who i* a flrat rate woikman, and tan |ir?dur? e*ti*la' lory recommenda tions a* to rapacity ant integrity, may niililn a perm* neat altuation by applying at No. 290 Hudson street rro WHOLJLrAlX CLOTH 1K1I8. ? WANTKIi, NT A X young n. an fully capable, actuation a? ilurt cutter in a wtioieaale clothing bonne, to take entire cbara* of <W| art merit. < ?e fun.lali good pattern* f?i abirts tf all e?y lea, ami plain and ?birred drawer* Al?? w ban required, a go<el clotbit.g cutter. R?-fern?ce from !?*'. situation of ovsr three years. Addreas W. I., t4 Hay ard atroot. TO TAllvORS ?AN KXPEBIEMCU) < 01 1 " I ' Paris) want* a "it eat. on aa cutter, s?ej I fWlSfence* given. Afaknsa M P., Herald olB e \MJ ANTED? TP N ORNAMENTAL J A TANNERY, SIX TT Wiys wto have worked at oroaa>eniiug. three var .niahera and fol nbers, and ten boys to learn tbe trale. Apply at Holland % Co. 'a papter ma h? manufactory, d6 Wariea ftrret, eorner of (hiurcb. W ANTED? (DAOCERREOTTPE) ? A VOCNU ! - I wtio ha* a desi/s to |e*rn tbe art ? on- w *io oa* had s<ine tuition preferred but he m>i<t be re >in nend<4 If Ms late e? plnyer. Apply p?ra.m?l)y ty KINO h IWi OTHER, 106 bowery, near (Jrand afreet tMJ iMgb-A RTUATtOM a-i OARnOfM nv \ fT a n ?Je man, nlxi ha* a tboroi/b aod pra .-t *1 ki.owled|e U Ue 1 ar* aud menatf-inenl of lr"^* ir i'ie, I plaiite Coams, vegetablee, gre*arouae and ?.nery. ran be well re'i tusriei>.|e.| AddreeaU H I.E4TVHRH. i DR. H BHjHN WIIJ.IAMS, Tllh OHIOINAI I"*' ? t?.i? g et, |e< ture* and ei^e-ln>en'? at?J"l ?'?I V ?i ' Hall, I'att* r?oa, N J., oa lueeOar. lb iradav an I yt*ur' a) e>es'?ga of this eeeh, and Hoi- * t ils i'?lo.i villi the I'.ry Itiah < lark asamrt tl.e ?o rtiiel a^lrtU ahem of the .'ay, at il?? labarnaele N Y oa Mor'Uy, Widn>rd?y and fil-iay evtning* of ttii* e*es, a; ! rj^ML ?,P?AT lift I WON ON FUhlU AIJKM .iY J lr Wtlhsm* and Per Mr f'ark coattn^eaa iha lirtkleay Tat'ir.a ie Monday, tho Mh laat., at 1 , Adaiiaaloo, I i S ceuts TIIK. Mia. IT % Hl< ]"? INIflCV BI.I ?*- WVITAlloai *??IIUCK? F ?PT *KA i urn, a? " al a*a?nikly, W?<aea-'?y evn sg Htf? 14, ism Miaelr ky >heltnn. Positively >0 <eati.-u.-n ?drifted OMiyi t.pannd ' j lade* RIN0V4L n. <nro fdi i/.h *f? ha." Mttioi - it FR<?y noT i !r? ng pUrm, <??> of Pa .r'eein-I >lf-.t to ?l T.e?J, ?b rl lt/e*t : etween F-firtt. sad t4iis|tiN HAIRS AT mcno*. "i cctkjn notick.-- on iiovruv. uarch s, it A 10fc o'el.?:H, by EDWA?l> SOIUVJK, 18 Wall iWpt, p* iem lory *.ib? iii tau * alaiu'e if itc'. of ch >1 ?* London I*n k and chaui,>*?uo hr**UM, t?o'ith 8id? Madeira*, Uuii Qui ion an I I'mui. rti.i'j aiierrua, London port*, H|||||Im TvU), huie<t, glu, xuiu, and whiakeya, i^ara, fc?, , all ? if which are .<ar.~a.jled aa represented. No other llnujrv ad-uitted. AUCTION woncn? J. BOUAltl' Al vnON'OCtt, BY 8. llogart, on Tuesday, at 10, '? o'ctjok, at tin auction rooma, corner of ItauMort and William a'.reeta, a large ataortment of bouaebold furniture. ; 'if parlor, btd room nnd kitchen furniture; alito, cro???Tjr, glaae?ere, atovea, Ac.; Havana aegaia, w.itcbe', jewnlry, rant; gooda, dry gooda, fcc. ; out door ialea attended to ' A I WON NOTICE? TliO MAS HEI.L AHTlOVKKIt ? | X* Hy l!l'" ^ llunh, this day. at 10)f o'clock, ?' th>? j ?alra r.x ma, So. U7 Centi ? atreet, extra aale of elegant ' dry j^ooda, aiikh, nalina, delaine*, alio, gentl'-men 'n fur ni'biiig good*. 1( 0 ail* htndkercbieta.'", hoviiry, ladion' palter hoot*, Inola rubb< ra clothing, faiicyg.i da, ricli jewelry, line watchea ; alao, It' "uperior canary tird-i and rage*, kc Fuetday, lir^i aale of furniture, by order ol the Marshal , pictinei. Ac A LTOKT II. Niml.AY, AUCTIONEER. ? (MOO0I ASI) bonila at aueton ltegulnr aale. Allxrt II Ni.olay ? i U fell tbia day, March A, at l'i% o'rlouk, at tha Mar clianta' Iiotwio, for account of wlium It ?iay comarn, (7,('0(i Hui-oo Hirer Railroad third m<r'g?ge 7 par emit convertible bom' a. intrri-at l?t May and l*t November, $1,000 each $5 000 la Croaae act Vflhr.uikie Kulr >?d m rrr cent convertible bcuda, Intereat lat fan and lat July, $1 000ea<h. $\0'.0 Teaues >ee State fl per ce it boii'll in'ereet 1st Jaununr ngl la* '"ij*, ?' ,***0 eaoh; ?|,oo<) Stale iii Wi?ronmn Improvement Kun I e*r tiflcate, iu*?re*t lat day of January, 1 1,000 New York an1 New ilaveu Railroail 7 jcr rent bond*. interest lat Jun* and let Dectmber, 91,000 each; $7,000 Michigan Soutjam It* 1 road (Jaeki-on brarch) lat mort^ii^ii 7 per cent boo la, intere>t let February and lat Auifuat, $1,<MH) ea-li; $?'1,600 New York and llarlem Bailfold 1?'. uiortgife 7 per ctnt bomlx, intereftt lat Way an I lat Noretnbfr: a claim f r inaaraui-e of $h;i0 '.'3 agAiiiHt th# Ur initi V ire Innurikcrc Company due tojamea INrding, for louea auatamed at tbo ilertruetioa by lira of Ja>Uon'( Hot-I, on the Uitli of .Voveuiber, 1M.V1, two dteda for A.OOO iwiri a each of Tennea i e land; on? iir>rt^ag" for $i ,.100, from Jotiah 1 1 at Ie ton to Jobu Krler; ltn) ntiarei Ene Railroad. $100 each; lo I'eorla and Onuawka it ulrnal. $H'0; l"a Cutnbfrland C??l Company, $100; 50 I'nitci Statea Mall ^ti Mmnhip (Viuipuny, $10i'; 100 Marine llauk, $60; 100 Chatham Rank, $25, 4 New Amaterlam Klre InMirauc* Compuny, $26; l.'>9 IaabelU Copper Com pany, $10; fl Noi tli hunter!) Company, $100, 1H I'alrd Avenue Kailruail, $100. Ttrma of aalo. Ton por ceut tbia day, and the balance before 1 o'clock to marrow. Ttie ?c croeii latereitt on all the bomla will oe cbargM to the pur chaser. Next regular nale on TUuraijay, March fth. j Albert II Nicolay bolda regular aal. a ol' atockt au l bondn otery Monday and Thura lay, at the Merchant*' Excbaugi', and al?o special ?ale-, wheu r?i|uli?d. Tuei day, Wedueaday, Friday aul Saturday. At private aale. ?A great variety of tt r -t cUan railroa l, citv and f*ltte bonda, baak, Inauranw and other atocUn o" uwloubtad cluracter for luveatinent. For part culara aee hia pri vate ?alea catalogue. Otlii-e, No. * Urua l atreet, m-it to corner of WalL Notica -The tindei ignel, in addition to hia auction and private nalea ol a>'cur;t ?"*, it fully prepared to buy aud ? nl on eommMaion, all aindaof atocka aud bonda, at the llnard of l!rok<ra, anJ be^a leave to offer hln rervicee to attch par to- i that prefer to operate through that medium. AI.'lEltr II NIC<)I.\Y, a conoN NfflicE ? tiik ooPAamRwiP bob J\ tolore axixting under the firm n' Vaodewater k Turner having u iliaaolvuil, the iinderaunad will con tinu* the general audi in and ? nmmiaaion biMinena ufou hln own account anil will give prraotal attention to the aaKa < f houaabold furniture at atorea. wnrnrouia* and privat* leaidencea A.aoaabaof lancygootla, painting*, gUarware, and all artirlea ol vertu. Saltiof i*ale?tate, Jkc , at the MercLauta' I ?i barige. JOHN l? VANUKWaTKR, U Maiden Uue. A UCT10N NOTICE.? ?T. CIUKI.KI TUK U'RK ? J. A 1 OCaKT, Auctloni or ? By 8. Uyart^on VVvd )e*. ? lay. Merili 7, at 11 o'clock, on the preiuiiea, No? 17?ud 1W, l.owery. *11 tho permnal property, conaietiEtf of t>i? whole ol the staging. flooring, Imim, scoaary, m* chmery, iron railing, plush iikii, (suitable lor ? lac turn room,; chairs, music s'enda, imi fixture*. o.itsid* lump fixtures ? *11 to he sold without a* t'ie lailvings are to be converted into stores Fhl do >r will be open daily, from 10 o'clork a M. t? .1 o'clock P. M , for inspection, by crder o( K S, - tallaueclit, Attorney for tbe proprietors, kft Nsissu street. A VCHOM NOTICE ? H. WU40K. AliCriOXKKT. ? Excellent rosewood am) m*b<>xany furniture, jder ami oval inlrrora, silverware, l>ruai"U eirptU. Ac.? II. ic (Monday) uiornlug, at 10', o'clo.-k, at To Iranklin, tuar Oiurch stroet, being the entire . on'enU of Mi<l boon*. Tlx ' ? Bow woo I tu'l mahogany parlor furniture, centre, aard, an<l ?ide tables. ,n rosewood, with marble tope, r??ew(.od etegi re, with mirror iloora and back, neb hiora'elle and lace curtain*, eteg*nl par larshad>e, aiahogaay aofaa, chairs: dining an I <-i'?n aion tabled, oil paintings, excell# nt brusaela carpet, two E luted suits of bediooui furniture, best liair mattresses, tlrooDi carpels. oil cloths, tleyarit china Ua seta, glaaawsre r'eli silverware, inch a? heavy plated caster*, rlth cat hottles. spoons, hit '-a, Ua service, aaltMrs, kiti ben uteasils. Ac fale poaitivc. The whole ia lu su |>i rior order, and offirstcla-e wirkiiiaaahip. Ilouae to AWK.NKfc'8 84LK.? THE l.AK/.K ANH SPI>:SI)U> ? lock of evahrwi*tertaa, laoae, hosiery au I kid gloves, coatained in store No. 77b Itraaii?y, U now uJa-rg'J [ijt ?ale at aucb low price*, that UJIes IflenUnj to par ? hare will Bod it t? their advantage to 'til andeiauiln* the Ko>?la The stock, which ia nry Iar?-e comprlnta* the llnest goods In the mtrket. must be dlifioaed of In a few day*. Dfeil from U o'clock, A 4, to S o'clock, y. M . each da y. Hr orier of the assignees, No. 77U Hr'nlws y, betweio Ninth nnd Tenth street*. AHSKiNKK'H BUM Of THK MI KMX VQUNOK t, ? 1'im engines^ boilera, kr ? HA if I FX UStiOOM, auctioneer store C> Ka*?au etieet, will selt, by aactioa, i mi Widnes'lay , Itanh 7, at li')., A. M , al the r'h i nn | foundry altuated eoraer of Ve?try and Writ ?trr- tt the i ntire rnnlei.ta ol a?.d eat.tbliai m- nt, :ompri?in< in | part fini'bel and unfii.l*h?d m *r(1nee, boilera, drnlinir inarhin < turning and aide iathea, toola, He, Ac. Full particular* in <-ataiflgua>. wb > li are now r> ady at tke cflire of tb< auctiet.e*r. The whole will be enld by order of the aaalfnee. AMWUBRj salk-to mv. BOLD at tVMJO Auc tion, < n the pi- miaea, Kranktin, near f.T.nton otreet, <ire*u|*rtnt, herenteenth ward, i!ro<.bljrn on Tuesday, March A, at II o'rloHi A M , the *-nt re ?toek of inachi nery. toola, he , ol the firm of H*uie?h<-?k h ''arrl<?, M<ii?l?tiB| of a trn li< re?- power rt*am ? n/.iie boiler, and appurtenance*, *tiaftiti( and heltlnir, one in?rtl-in< machine, two rr.n'latonea, circular naw< and Hiturea, jo;B' ra' MBflker, cliwtpaand handaa **, arrewa, together ? itb the \ineiplre<l tnm ofa lea-e of the ^roun I aud the buJ<tlD|;a thi rei n. Alao. a quantity ?f boarda JOHN II lUf)Al>, A<*ixnea. Brooklyn, ?h. 20, 1.Y I naSVAN, AtXTnONtn.? TCUDAY, kabor > n at ten o'clock * H it VI ft 'J Krnlfe ?tr?'!, corner of Myrtle avenii)-, llrookljn parlor, rhani'iT and hiVien fuimtura I it l'fu?? at the bouaa on the oaoraln^ of aale. C'lONSTAHl K'HSAIX? </? WATCIIKM, JKWEI.Ry, *r , J on Mointay March A, at ten A M , at 31 ?* Broadway, i ot?-i*t nj of a j't.n.t aanortment of gold ' Wktchea jwwelry, breaat plm, llnirer rinva, i>>a>'4?, keya, 1 guard, fob and real > bain*, Ue kefn ?tTfer apiema aud watches. JOHN K KaHHIN<> TON, Con-table. 1<?l NT hV t- KAT- IN RYK, W&TCHMiKK OiiUNTT, lor rale at aucHoo, by ANTHONY J BIJUVKKB, at the Mer>>haate' (irhange, on the l!>th <ay of Marsh,, at l!ln'rlofk, btlla of particulare, al tWr auctiiina*^*, No. 7 liroad itrm. | DANIH. T. MAO A hi. AN . AI'CI IO.NKKK.? I'kHIMI' lory aa ie ??? that ral iahle prujertf, altuatel on | 1h?- nothweat n rner'of 1 e? r g'op avenue an t Kifty ae atre*t,lat;*ueti<.n ? MA< NKAKI.A k MKRKITr, A.ic tiwiaara, will aeJI at aectinn on T.naday, Mai-h 6, laM, 1 at Hlo cloik, at the Merrhiu'a1 Ki' hauge ala 1 iU of ground, eMoated on the northweet ?rrner of I ei ag'oa avenue and Kilty aMi?4 alreet the profwrty l< w> k>. caiert it makea a vary deaiiaMe re?iden<-? for a hutcher, being %'ija'ei,t to the W ? 'hir/Mn I>rove yards J The property roaalata of two vssVnt MU m l?i ngtna ? aveaua, two lota adymalBK. with frame dwelling bo<iaa ? nn earb , one lot oa the northweat rorner of l^oaiWa | avenue sad Titty second street, with stable and carriage I hiuaa I rooting in Fifty i ecwwd street aal one lot oa Klfly ?*crn4 rtfHrl , wilh ikufbtcr bo-i^? m4 '?Attic lrvn * will b* r kuowu on tbo bf itli II fftf )nij ? of th# itity-rly an J furtK.f-r inforrn*t? ?a, mI th? of t)?# Auctioneers *r>. V?ia i KH A.N KLIN, At ' II'?VKKK II V j J J I 4 HK^OI^ ?! Vu)ii ? lumitun nctkiii ??W*? fU b? 4 %?? lu J form thtlr frl#i?d? mi th?> p a tu%\ th#/ wiii if f# j tb* faoiliW? *Uai UiUotl l?r ip ho >m 1 ft tie ?; r oif In '.ink b HKA.NKijn, AcrnoifFm - mr runtf I j I IS A Mi llo|?,_ PJegant b iimMI fura>tare at, on IW day, Match t I , - loe at tita 1 lirge fotar (tory h'??r "if haise < S . a< 'i ?'r.e< , i,e,r Fust avaaae, eahr*. r,g the eotire farai' '.re eh 4. baa i fcoew moetly made to or e* for ti e preeeat n ipant so I I baa beta la ?a? tut about t*'< i ? T att*ntta>n of hr.i,.. keepers aoi" tha trade la In . ted to t|ai< aale a. I tbeff la a largo Ma4 splMAM v*r sty ?f p<rl < ? %an ? r, and haefmerit f imlt?re r f e .ery dee ; , ? . emptory. 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B l ..u loiitul ' finai Italy ; iocro-o rivD'iiKti, fin^y bosaa, plated warr, clock', Hut.' iniau an) fai ><-y glaa? wars, cblua arl ottu r ' coatly *ooda, btlng una of lh? flui-?t e*!o? of tbe ??'*?? < > n | Anions the Matuary will ba found a bemt'ful ptrl r ll^urfol Keb?cca at tlia Wall, Claopatra an 1 l|nloia?, I I oh anil Krlemla'ilp, limit of lord Pahn^atoo, rery tiu", 4c. The auo. f can b? exhumed aa above ona -lajr pre ?leua to Ilia lale. 3'OHNW. MOMKiUNDYKB, Al'CrioNFKlt ? SUKHUVS ?al>' of niaKOiNri'Qt ioa*?i??d furniture, j.ler an<l mnntio irlaaaea cbandalier*, Wlltoo tn|>??try and Hrua ? i la car tii, ?tlvtr w?ra, lie., contained iu hou*a atW HouiUm ?lrtet, on Wedaeaday, Hareli Tth, at Id Si o'clock. Hie parlora are furnia'iad with aulta of riclily | carved r?rawood, upholitared in rich bro?at?l|e, ? a t*t?>n, Kim, purler und raropt on cb?lr>, full Imulb pier mirror-, trnnt and back lunuili uirrora, Wilton car | p?ta, made t? order, with bordera; rich t""" warbjf t?'| ' centre and aide table* (roaewood), apl'nill lace curtaita, witli allk ami ti. tin drap< ry, ta*?<iN an I oor nicea, loagniflrcnt ro'nwood piano and at m?I. lundry ; oriiani n*!, cbnndcl'ira of th? riebeat daaeriyUnn In I bait? I oaawood ?..iarbl? top hat i>?i> I and dre-Mn* tablo c< ri.bli.vd <ta fixture*, oilcloth on lialla tliro urliout, In ! I' 'yt Order, Brutaeia ctair carpe'i ?n all tha ftaira. I he aleeping rcon furniture ia of the rieti-et dea rip tu n twelve room ., lary* ami ?mall, all furuialiad with re - wool! lcO?Ua' ?, vtrj coatljr nmrbla top dr*a<-inK bi r?aua, do auclorcd wa<liatac a, do. Kid* tallica, rich gilt tolirt ??ta, ItTimprla i'arp*ta, lace cur'.nna, ilia baat Iiair niattr?.n.? a, ccwn plllnwa and bolatara, allk an l ?at In l.rd cortrf, r?"awuo<l lounx'a, rocker^ and cLaira, ?alln loncra, rolrrur Iron'. ?ar Imbea, | lain do , mirror front btokcarr aud ?i'cr?tarjr coaiblnad, Ait , h Alio, in >Hpli n room, riti uMon table , toarbli- top aide board, ran* chalra, crockary, k'*' -war*. ?Hirer w.ira, platt il aalvara, taa and coffiu uran. Alao, the k tolien liirnituia, A.c , \r. t'atalo^ura at aala. JoltN W f OMKRIN l'YKK ArcnoMKBR | U' LVth. -toe* a,,l IWUir.. ofth. j SSS?a^S?S Lk,^bcJi t~^.TrUlf.r- -w, U .* WOOA SoUN W. 'hoMKRWDYKE, Alt'y f.r _ -1_ ... M)MLH,NUYKK, auctionkih-murt U,t ot UUDIUftOOU. .b.fu, ?'??.?'?". P?u-y?> P"11 ru<' 1 ' ' '" '? tm l-*r? _ 7CliTpAlNTlN(;8.-THlS JtOWUNIJ, AT II ?KtflMt, I I .. .>I? miller* ?u A l>ook ??l*?r"?iii, ?*+' n Wriii- i-uMtctlim ?t oil |'?inlinn>>, bjr .\i?rrle?n ?' 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