Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMEfiC' A~ HONK Y JfiRKET. Titcsdat, Marsh 6 The stock market was not so Arm ' * *? Pncea were more unsettled, and - *?'4 "orning. active. Borne of 'be fancies adv Jperatori not ao declined. At the drat board, v ^ *?<*<!. while others J percent; Missouri 6'*, '??*???? improved Canton Company, j. Cup tirie bonds, 1875, J; J ier cent.; Michigan tV Company feU off ird, Columbus and ' /^ Railroad, *5 Cleve land at d Toledo R- J'*?" *5 Clm ieg are taking cr t *d' L buyers of Bead bears short, If r '"bV t"n ?* i"**' "4 ge"iQg the be diflkmlt U /?HB,bIe' t0 a amount. It will ^tipoeed ? ** ?U? an, shy, and not . a Put themselves in such a position. d tv ' 100 mDCh m*rgin f0r a rlw in the 8toclt' ^e company will show such an augmentation oi '.esources, that the market value of shares must ^ eLharced. The !act report of the Beading Rail ' *oad company should be ca/efu'ly analyzed before either buying or eeUirg the stock. Sellers, or ttrse wfco may now be dispoted to sell the stock short, should see if there is not an intrinsic value to it,' Weal enough to overcome the general prejudice of the timid against all railroads, and to place pricoa considerably in advance of those now ruling. There is not another railroad company in toe ecuutry, the reports of which are so clear and conclusive in their results. The botiness of the company, as illustrated in its hut report, exhibits a system of checks and balances in all its departments, with bookkeeping so minute and aoc orate that it may justly be considered as a model for all who desire perfectioa in registering the daily transactions of a large corporation. The 1 report .hows every do.lar that has been received from what sources, and for what serviflfeu; and every dollar that has been expended, and for what pur pose expended. In a word, every transaction of the company, from the largest to the most inconsidera ble, is exhibited under the appropriate head, and the result of the year's business in each is contained in the tables published. These tables, most accu rately kept, contain information of inestimable value to the great railroad interests of the coun try. It is drawn from the daily transactions of the company, and can be relied upon as strictly ac curate. We do not recollect to have seen any report of a railroad company where every species of Informa tion connected with its business was so thoroughly classified, and so minutely and correctly registered The transactions In Cumberland to-day were some-' what larger than usual. The dividend question has not yet been settled. The regular monthly meeting the board of management will be held to morrow, Wednesday, when the matter will probably be dis posed of. The probability is that a dividend will be declared. The debt maturing next year can be carried forward to a more remote period, and the assets in band appropriated to the payment of a dividend. The most important question for the company to consider, is the possibility of continuing the payment of regular semi-annual or annual dividends. That the company have funds enough in hand to pay a fair dividend on its capital imme diately, there is not the slightest doubt; but the stockholders have no guaranty that these payments will hereaiter be regular, or that the stock can ba considered a permanent, dividend paying invest ment The debt should, In our opinloD, be flr? dis posed of, and the best disposition to make of it is to pay it and put it out of the way. It m*y be easily carried forward a year or two, but it may then be ?ore troublesome than it is at present, and the company not us able to manage it, when dividends are looked for. Now the company is free. The pay meit of dividends has no'. bsen commenced, and funds are accumulating In the treasury. Wh?u dividends commence, it will ba more difficult to my cumula e asnrplus, and the debt cannot be so welt provided for. The best policy to pursue is to pay 4ebts flrst at d dividends afterwards, unless the debt ia funded at ioog dates. Nicaragua Transit wis firm to-day. We understand that this comptny have reduced the fares to and from California, and will on the 20th of April beoome a competitor with the Panama line, and leave port on the same day. This will bring up all the eld opposition, and give a great impetus to travel between the Atlantic and Pasiflc States and Territories. The Nicaragua Tran sit Comj any have an advantage over the other line, by the cheapness of its equipment, the difference in the distance, and the speed with which the entire trip can be performed. There were large sales to day of Illinois Central Bonds, at an advance. Most of the Bales appear to be speculative. The bulls and bears are carry leg on a spirited contjBt in this seen, rity, and considerable generalship is exhibited on both sides, and both parties will be, without djubt, Miflerers f;om time to time, more or less. The pub Mc mind has been considerably agitated by the ap. of several pamphlets, reviewing the com. pany'a affairs, and pointing out their weakest points. These publications are made, without a doubt, for stock jobbing purposes, and, there fore, lose much of their point and chara.ter. These who contemplate purchasing bonds of the lUinois Central or any other railroad company in tha country, are very apt to look into the matter for themselves, and act upon the inform it ion ob'ainel. With all these precautions tbey make mistaken enough, but have no one to blame but themselves. Western rallriad stocks are dally sold In small bte. Tb?j are all, with one exception, below par, and their dividends have dwindled down to the smallest rate. Several companies which used to pay five per cent or more semi annually, have passed their regu lar dividend (lay and are nowhere. State stocks aro peddled out daily in small lots. Prices do not flu a mate more than a fraction from week to week. One of the finest and steadiest atosks on the list is Can ton Company. There appears to be no speculation going on in it, and the traniactions are pretty regu lar in amount. After the adjournment of the board the following ?ales cf bonds and stock* were made at auction by Simeon Draper :? $2,000 Kenoiha City Raili-oaa bond*, 7*.. int. added 1.1 7,000 K n*biog Railroad lit mortgage... do. 8'.'1, 4,000 Ohio and Mi?.>li*ippi -'1 mortgage. do. .VI 80 Kbare?r*nandnif(ua and Klmira Railroad....... t?K? 5 do. <iranite Fire In*urau5? Company Hrt 60 do. Tbird Avenue Railroad 31 2 do. Pacifio Mail 8team*liip Company 60 At the second board the market opened weak, and cloced at a decline. Cumberland Coal fell off 4 per cent; Erie Railroad,); Reading Rvilroad. 4; Hudson ltiilroad, 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 4; Illi aois Central bond*, 4. Any advance in fancy ?locks appears to be but temporary. Tbe street his to carry the whole movement. Wry moderate aid from outsiders would give a great impetus to price* ud to speculation, and tbe broken would be mnob strengthened. There are, however, no Indica'J jiu of finch a favorable character, aod we must bs car. tout with the nsnal fluctuations. Tbe transactions at tbe Assistant Treasurer's tffice today were as follows:? Received 1114, CM 00 firiMDtn 44e,061 76 Paid for Ass a; Offlco, N Balance $4,260,74:1 &8 The steamship Baltic, from this port for Liverpool to-morrow, will take out ab)ut eight hundred tbou Mad dollars in specie. The demand for foreign ex ohasge lo-day was only .to a moderate extent. W* qacte bills on Utdon at !)| a 9j per cent premium; on Paris, 6f. 134 a 5f. 114. Mr. A. H. Nieolay will sell to-morrow, Wednes day, at 13 1 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, by order ef John Orser. sheriff, one hundred and eighty ?even shares of tbe Third Avenue Railroad. The -Miner*' Journal, at Pottrville, says:? Tbe rate* of toll fixed liy the Rifling Railroad CJom n>f are thirty cent* higher than tbe opening rate* of 1S64. Tbey ar? the tame rat?? charged after .Inly 1, 11164, except a deduction of ten par e?nt per too to ?ng Mill, and the different pomtn abor* 011 the line of road. It Is needle** to ?tate tiut tbe** high rate*, at tbe opening of tbe trade hare rati*i?l a deep fallal of opposition throneboot thl* entire region? and there is ? nettled determination to sobmit rjtiletly ae longer. Tbe rates by canal we have not yet received b .t pre mme tbey wfll co ire* pood a* heretofore, with tbe abor* raiea, making the tall II to Philadsiphia, with propor tionate rates for the line. We understand the Schuylkill Navigation Conpauy are making arrangements for the transhipmevt of coal from the boat* at Philadelphia, for distant markets, in order to increase the boat capacity ou the liae of canal. This ought to have been done long age. The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart' nitnt, Washington, on the 8d inat., were :? FortOe redemption of stock $l3,rtSS 35 For paying treasury debt* 10,774 90 For t tie customs 13,601 30 tkwering into treasury from misc. sources.. 1 45 For the War Department 33,901 98 For the Interior Department 10,594 02 The payments at the Treasury Department, last week, fcr the redemption of the pablie deb', were I o?n of 1842 $24,100 I.oan of 1M6 63,000 Loan of 1847 167,150 i.oan of 1848 S3, 700 Texas indemnity 15,000 Total $29-2,960 The JmUciary Committee of the New York State Assembly have reported in f*vor of modifying the usury laws to the extent Bet forth in the following bill :? Section 1. The rate of intereat upon tho loan or for ben ranee of any money, goods or things in action, shall continue to be seven dollara upon one hundred dollars for one year, and after that rate for a greater or lesi huiii, or i'or a longer or hhorter time; ami it shall not b ? lawful for any per-on or corporation directly or indi rectly to take or receive In any innnner, any greater aura or value for tho loan or forbearance of any money, goods or tilings in action, than in above prescribed. Sec V. No promissory uote, bill of exchange, or other contract or itcurity, Khali be void by reason of reserv ing, or an agreement to pay or allow more than the rate of interest named in the first section of thin act; but whenever in any action it shall appear by the plenjinrs and proofs that a greater rate of interest has been di rectly or indirectly reserved, taken or received by or on account of the bill, bond, note or other subject matter r'of the snit, the plaintiff may recover the principal and interest at the rate m mcd in the last section of tots act, and no more; and the Defendant shall recover his full costs againBt the plaintiff. Sec 3. Every person or corporation taking or receiving, directly or indirectly, any greater rate of interest than that named in the first section of tills ait, t hall be liable to an action for the excess of interest thus taken, by or in behalf of any person or party paying the same; and the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to full costs, without reference to the amount of the re covery. Bee. 4. So much of title third, chapter fourth, and part second of the Revised Statute*, and so much of the laws of 1837, chapter 430, as are inconsistent with the pro vision! of this act, are hereby repealed. Pec. 5. This act Bball take effect Immediately. The Wisconsin Banking Law was paaied by popular vote, and ia therefore not so liable to legis lative tinkering. In lieu of State stocks, first mortgage bsnds issued by Wisoonsin companies may be taken to the amount of fifty per cent of the circulating notes. Tacse bonds are receivable at not oyer eighty per cent, and not exceeding one half of the cost of the road upon whioh they are a lien; United States and State stocks (including California) receivable at par, being equal to six per cent per annum Interest? the rite being sustained by the market price in New York city six months previous. There are at present one hundred and fifty men employed on tae Saut St. Marie canal. Toere abaut 2,600 yards more of rock excavation to do, some 8,000 yards being already completed, which is claimed as extra work. There remains about 5,000 yards of dredging, including two coffar dams, to complete. The contractors have taken off the slope on the outside of the canal for several hundred feet at the head of the portage, thus affording a much easier access to vessel*. It is expected that the whole work will be in order for the passage of ves sels by the opening of navigation. The Railroad Rtcord says that the Supreme Court of Tennessee has decided the bond cases in favor of the railroad companies. About a yeir sicce the county of Davidson (in which is Nash ville,) subscribed liberally to various railway com panies, as did several other counties. In the mean time, the County Commissioners *f some of these oountiee raised the question of legaMff, whloh had to be submitted to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has decided the Davidson and Sum ner County Bond cases in favor of the railroad compa nies. The Davidton county case involves a million of dollars, being the fubrcription of the county to the Nashville aid Northwestern hailro&d. of 1300,000- Lou isville and NatbvlUe Ra-lroad, of $300,000; Kige field and Kentucky Railroad, $700,0(0; Tennessee and Alabama, $?00,000. The Sumner county case is a subscription of $3C0,C00 to the Louisville ana Nashville Railroad. This decision will, we presume, secure the success of the Northwestern and tlie Louisville roads. Tbe credit of Tf n oatisee is very high, and the State gives $10, OoO per wile. The Northwestern Railroad will commence with $2,600,000 as a solid foundation. Tbe annexed statement exhibits the condition of the leading departments of the banks of New Or lears for the weeks ending Feb. 19 and 2G, 1855:? Banks ok Nkw Okijcans. Feb. 19. Ftb. 25. Loans $15,917 081 $15,478,078 Dec .. $438,403 Specie 7,717,321 8,221,332 Ine.. 504,011 Circulation 6,673,669 6,901,034 Inc.. 227,965 Deposits 12,124.208 12,142,419 Inc.. 18,211 Do'fic k for ex. . 4,158,823 4,101,324 Dec.. 7,499 Eur it g the part month the specie on hand has been Increased about one million of dollars. The Buffalo Dimocrat gives the annexed state ment of tbe amount of tonnage navigating the great Western lakes, including Lake Champiain, which is owned and registered at United States ports, during the year 1854:? Amkkicam ToimAOR on tof Larks? 1864. Vortt on Lake Erie. Steam Ves'lt. Sail Veitelt. Total. RuTalo 00 Erie 5 Cleveland .. . 16 Sanduaky..., 3 Toledo ? Detroit 94 Total. So. Tonnage. jVo. Jfmnage. 24,666 .147 74,213 530 77,361 Port i on iAtkt Michigan, <tc. Chicago 11 3,260 Milwnukie. .. 2 MlihUmaci'c 12 !i8l 8,393 133 72 10 23,467 11,304 2,070 Total 25 4,640 216 36 R91 1'orlt on Lake Ontario. 683 161,684 240 41,831 Niagara 1 KoMioater... 1 Oawe^n 13 OedeufVurg. . 6 Watertown.. 1 Jacket* llnr. ? Total. 100 6 768 128 8 7H6 4,f,r.H 107 20,043 3,044 7 1,166 372 22 4,771 ? 13 1,817 7 9 120 12 23 13 868 914 24,rtll 4,210 4,1 13 1,81 7 21 8,212 163 29,361 Vnrti on lASkt Champlain. Wrni'mt 12 4,038 42 2,103 Cbamjlain .. 1 873 19 903 184 37,663 62 20 6,141 1,336 Total 11 4,411 61 3,006 72 7,477 Or d total. . 200 91,776 975 140,679 1,179 238,465 Comparative .Itntemi-nt. , 1854 s A'o. Timnage. Han. Pteamera Ill) 67,908 rrot* lleri 0-1 31.779 Barka 3.1 12,840 ItriftN 103 20,45.'i Pcbooaera, he 620 70.869 Other cralt 217 32,644 , 1845 , No. JXmnage. 05 88,942 45 5 93 548 123 14 416 1,645 21, 310 71,618 5.IH4 Total 1.179 288,465 914 16.;,4,'.4 Am n(r the-teamira now in nae ar? aevertl of from 1 Jmi to 2, COO ton* burthen. Thert- have been brought out ("urinR the pant 131 rea?wt? of an aftgre,(%t? ton uage of 40,740, hut the construction of new onea aeemi to be almost entirely auspenoed. Ditntteri in IV, 4. Steam Vrttelt. .SaU i'emrlt. Total. Caitfei. Wo. Uui. A'n, Lou. So. /???. Wr'kd At sunk. 9 Klre 4 Ctrande<l 2 l>*m?Ke.l, fcc .'>4 J?ttiron H Collision* 10 ?4"0.0<0 61 240,000 2 110 000 61 14" WO 198 72,000 .2 100,700 18 6607.620 60 22 '.00 ? M)7,6'>0 2 161,37ft H2 ?v., 770 :<0 165.?M) 34 69*7,020 ?in 1,600 lin.noo 4?M75 lot, 770 266,350 Total 93 1,143.000 291 1,043,991 3S4 2.186,921 Fecapitulntion. Pteamera.. .. 41 64(3,4 0 Rri<* 55 6184, 12S PropelUra. .. 52 679, MX) Schooner*, Jkc. 219 711,796 17 148, 0?O Harm Total ioaa.. 62.1H6.921 It ill fi little remarkable that ?team resell, 6> cordiog to the aV*>?e table, are more liable to naffer from oollition than Mil ve*ne!ft, ah h nigh nit ho cer tain to be attended with diavtirona roeulta. In 1843, we believe, tbe Art', freight propeller waa built no tho lake*, and waa called the lie calee. In 1345 there were on'y eight, and ten new onea we-? ad led to the '.i?t during the Following jear. In 1843 t'?e*e were forty flye profiler* on the lakfa, and in 1854 the ii timber waa Increased to clne?y terra. Tfce I-onJon Tint** girea the following accmnt of the adulteration of winea In r*e London I)ock?, which may be intererting to doaiers raid conmiraer* in thia country. A Tory lnrg? nnmSer of oa?k< nf ' xctlknt port wifl6 aurt have beeu tic teratcl with four wine from the forty one cuki to have given ?ncugh pert to All the casks emptied of the ?oar wine. As the markets of this country are need fcr such Tile liquors, the probibllity is that the con sumption of this mixture of gjod port tad soar nine will take place on this side of the Atlantic:? Sowe circumstances which ctme to ight several weeks back regarding in adroit *ystem of plund-r c?rne<l ?a ia oo? of tb? wine vaults of the I/oedoa Dochh are yet occu pying the attention of the director*, i he detail* ?f the cai-e are atill involved in mystery; but, an far an they have been unravelled, th?y are represented to be a* fol low*: ? At the laat rummage sale of the St. Kathar:ne'i Docks a quantity of very bad pour wine, ameuntiog to forty- one caeks, wax height aod immediately removed by tbe purchaser, under ttie usual regulations, to t h ; London Docks, where it seems to have been bonded and warehouted in a perfectly legal manner. After it had remained in the Londoa Dock* for Home time, Inform v tlon was given to the Custom* that tbe whole of t'-ie roar wine had been taken out ef the forty one ca*M, and tuat port wine, of an excellent quality, had been substitued in ita place Upon an examination being instituted, this singular ntatement waa borne out, but u? to the m inner n which tbe change had been effected, or the way in which the pour wiue had been discharged, uo evidence transpired. the suggestion maae by per son* familiar with the dock system in, that t!ie par ties in the plot must have contrived to get them selves locked into the vault* at night, and then hive taken small quanti'ie* from the various floe ports belonging to the princ'pal merchant*, putting the -lour wine to supply the place of the portions thus taken, or starting it through tbe drains o( the vaults. Ths east vault, where the transaction took place, ia b?tween four and five acres in extent, and contains unwartis of 20,000 pipes of wine; a very small pillage from each pipe wouli therefore suffice to fill several casks. The profit of the substitution ia reckoned to be about ten t met tho amount of the cost of the sour material originally vatte I and a largo outlay could there'ore h*1 alforoud to pur base the collusion on tbe part of subordinate servan * of tbe company. Whether snob collusion has existed is not known, bnt the Dock Company, who have acted w:th spirit and promptitude, have discharged the whole of the men engaged about the spot at the period, and have al?o ottered a reward of ?100 for any evi ienen that may lead to a conviction. By what method the CuhtomH' informer came to a cognizance ot tbe a:fair, m one knows, hut the ciown a* well as the Dock Company, are engaged in tbe investigation, and there may pro nbly have been imperfect supervision on both sides. In the present case, no los* has teen sustained by the revenue the only sufferers being the merchants, but a different result would ensue if the practice were attempted to be applied so as to substitute W'ne for brandy the former being exported and the latter being taken into the come market. Stock Eiclungti Ti wdat, Mar h 6, 1855. $1050 U S 6's, '67. . . 116% 13a shs Penn Coal Co 101 2000 Virginia #'s.. S3 96 % 60 Cum Coal Co. b.10 34% ?2000 do 95% 400 do *3 34% 3000 Missouri 6*s ... . 93' 260 do o?b) 34% 600 Louisiana 6's. . 85% 60 do s3 34% 1000CalifomiaTs'70 89 100 do b?0 3 1000 Har 1st mrg lids 90% 100 do c 34, '4 6000 Erie id mrg bds 99% 100 N Y Cen RB. . . bl 95 1000 do 99% 140 do s3 94 % 1000 Erie bnds of >83 90% 100 do &. 0 9?> 12000 Erie bds of '75 84 50 do a 0 94% 10000 do s3 84 % 66 Del I, & Wes RK. 81' 6000 do bSO 84% 100 Erie RR blO 46% 10t)00 111 C RR bds s60 75 200 do blJ 46% 8600 do 76 '4 100 do b3 467 f 6C00 do....at30 75 >i 45 do s3 46 % 12000 do ... 76% 50 do 0 405* 6000 do b30 75 v; 125 do s3 46% 6000 do b.')0 76% 100 do b'10 46% 500 N Y Cen RR bds 90 200 do bttO 47 6000 N Y Con 7'*.s3 99% 20 Harlem RR 32% 6 COO do b30 99% 100 de b(10 32% 12500 do 6M? 200 Reading KR..S 10 79% 2100 do 99% 100 do b30 HO lOOOCh ARkl RRbs 94% 250 do c 79% 16 sbs Merch Bank 128 100 do bio 79% 6 Bank of America 110.% 10O do bOO 80 '4 26Bkof Commerce 108 100 do b30 79% 14 Ocean Bank 71 lOOHudRRR 3?% 38 Am Ex Rank.... 106 100 do.... .b30 38% 10 Metropolitan Bk. 106 27 Mich Sou Rlt. , .. '10;., 17 Union Bank 114% 10 Panama RR 1?9 6 1'. S Trust Co... 102 66 do 108% 26 Canton Co... s3 24% 60 Nor Ind RK 90 100 do S3 24% 84 Nt Ind Con.... 86 100 do SCO 24% 60 CI, C Ik Cin RR.. 102 100 do bOO 26 60 CI it Tol Rrt..*60 74 200 Nlc TritnCo btwk 16% 100 do b60 74% 360 do c 1?% 60 do 71% 100 do WO 17 6 Ch 4 Rock I si RR 86 100 do s3 16% | SECOND BOARD* $1000 Ind State 6's. . ' 80% 200 sh Cam CI Co.blO 34% 2000 do 80% 100 do bl 34 lOOCOVirginiaO'B b30 95% 100 Ills Cen RR. .slO 06'i UOCOFrie Con bs '71 79% 100 do slO 97 2500 111 Cen ltR bds 76% 25 Gal * Ch e RR.. 89 10i0 NY Cen HR bds 90 300 Erie Rlt 46% 400 N Y Cen 7's.. 9fl% 60 Co b3 46^ 60 sbs Canton Co s3 24% 100 do s3 40 yt 60 Cumb Coal to. s3 34 6 do 4*% 100 do s3 34 100 do bUO 46% 200 do b3 34 200 do s3 46% 100 do *3 33% 200 Reading RR.... 100 do. ...btwk 34 50 Hudson River RR 38I4 100 do.... slO 33% 10 Michigan t<o RR 90% 100 do bl5 34 100 Clevc&Tol RR. . 73 CITY TRADE RKPOR r. TrraDAY, March 6?6 P. M. Sales 30 a 40 bbls. pots, at $6 26 a ft. 37. BKFj?nwT>T?.? Flour.? The mtrset continued firm, with an upward tendency in prices for conrnon to choice State. Tbe sales embraced about 6,500 bbl*., in -luding common to choice State brand", at f8 62 a f S 87%. Fa vorite brands were held at 99; common togoyl Western at $9 26 a (9 50; and $l06f a $10 75 for extra Ohio, and 911 a $12 for extra Genenee Canadian, duty oaid, w?s aetive, with sales of about 3,00<> bbls., a- 99 60 a $10 26. Southern was firm, with a fair amount of sale* Amnnj the transactions were 600 bbls. Richmond county, at $9 87, while some 1.000 a 1,200 bbl*. common to good and fancy do. sold at $8 94 a $9 60, and $9 56 a $10 60 for extra. Wheat ?The only sale was that of 300 bushel* Southern white, at $2 36. Prime white Gen?**e w?< held at $2 70, with buyers at $2 60. Corn. The market waa active, with sales of about 66,000 bushels, part for export, at 94%c. a 96c. for mixed Southern, (We. for while co., and 98c. for yellow do. Old Western mixed, in store, was held at 98c. a $1 per bushel. Ryecootinue.l in light supply and firm. 600 OtUhelS New Jersey were pold at $1 31, and 1,400 do. Northern at $1 36, in store. Barley and barley malt were unchanged. Comx ? The market continued firm, but sale* were light. The sales embraced a!>out500 bag* Rio, at 9%c. a 1",' . c , and one rnnall lot, 100 bags, sold at lie , and 100 do. St. Domingo, at 9c. The stock of Rio in this market was eaid to be about 6,500 bags. Co.M. ? 200 tons Liverpool orrel were sold at $7, four month* Cotton. ? The market wa* quiet, the sales having reached only about 600 a 600 bales, the market closing steady. Kbjooiitr.? To Liverpool about 100 bales compr**s-id cotton were engaged at 5-32d.; 14,000 bushe's grain at 5(1 , in tbip's bagi, 600 boxes bacon, 17s. 6d ; 100 tierce* lard, 16s. 6d.; pork wa* at 2*., and llour Is. rid. To I<on don about 2,000 bbls. Hour wa* engaged, at 2*. 3d To Glargow 100 tierces beef, at. 4s. There was no change :o notice in rates to the continent, or to California. Fkcrr ? The sales embraced about 600 boxes. Dry rsisins at 92 40 a 2 46, and 260 ditto at 92 70 Hay. ? The market wss heavy an'l nominal, at 90c. Ikon. ? Sales of Scotch pig were mailing at $30 50 a 31; usual time. Mot.A>c?v8 ?The 'all s included abort 400 to 500 barrels New Orlesne, 100 of which broa^bt 26c , anO the re mainder 26o. Naval SroKua ? The sales were moderate nn<l con fined to 76 bbls spirits at 42%c.; anl 300 b bid. common rosin a*. $1 62% per 310 lbs. Ohm were uitcti<iu^ed. Provisions ? ?>lrt uv-ss pork rontlnned flra, ond the fale* < m braced <00 to 5i)0 bbls , at $13 "?), and 350 do at $1,187 with pew it $15, ami 300 Oo prime Western at ?15 60. I!eef? Sales were to a raoilerat-! extent, at un charged prices 1 a kd. ? Sale* of ab iut 300 to 100 bbls were mwle, at 9*,.c. a !'%<?. Cut meat* were stooi'.y, at yejterdiy's quotatinn*. but. spies were light. Kick. ? About 160 casks were sold, it ?< a 5c., tbe nitrket closing tlrm. >'oa P. ? About 100 bores castile were sr 14 at 11c. T/Ltow wa* uochinged and dull, at l.'r foi city ren dered. SroMt.? 1 Tbe sales embrace ! about 700 hhds \#w Or leans. ?t 4,','c. a 6%c., anl about 4i0 to 400 do. Cu'ja Muscovado at 4%c a 4',c. Witisi.kY.? The tale- embraced f.(K bbls. J?at? rris.n, at 32c., *nd a lot of Ohio oa private terra 1. Tobacco ?The ?ale< ar- to a nvxl-rat* etten', and price* fr r all graces sre fine end looking .ip |>1 hb Ia. Kentucky at fc. a lOr 80 bales Havnoa 22,'jc. a 33b.; 79 bales Cuba p. t ; 72 cases -eeaieal '>'40. a Uc. 43do. Florida 12 l,c a li e. IDVSJITI8BXFNTS RENEWED 8VK&T OA! DRY CJOOIM, <M'. P AA PIECES OK NEW ?!I.K3, SCITABLE FOR Ol'U th? pre*?nt ?eaiton, will l? opened on , March 6, at fin per ?ard. A. T STKWaKT k CO., Broad way, * liuml?T? and Reade street*. A1 I'. COI.K K, Sort rroadway, lUOIXiuKSAHOVl I" moo l ark, ju*t received col'd toil black *tl?a, lot of llaen pocket liandtarrhlefa, very Ur<?. t*bl? lm?n, limn ataeeting and ahirtlng* Inah lin?na, bom'iari'ie*, ( antin cloth*, lioy*' war#, ca*aimere* and drilling Con ?tartly en hand a full aieortmeot of houaekeeplng <117 good* . C1LOTIV. CA8SIMERKS, VESTING*, AND MATKR1AIS j *ui table for boy*' wear, Ac. ? A. T. STEWART k CO. ha?e opened In tbfir retail itore a departmen* for tbe f ,ile of the above good' in q>iantltle* to iuit eua tomera, and will continue to make addition* of nee good* by the arrival of every eteamcr. Hroalway, Chamber* and Reade alreeta. TJTE ENTIRIC ?rdCK OK SPRING AND Sl'MMUR dree* gcola, will be read* for iiiapection thin morn Infr, conipriaing rich dreaa *ilka. flounced ?ila robea, ha rege robe*. French organd.ea. lawn*, brUHantea. calL-nee, Ac., Ac , aleo 10 cA?e* cheap atlka c.mim-neing at f>* par yard. t'HPPF.IJ., PEIR.10N ft LAKE, *71 Hroacway. T_ KNCAMS MORE OF THE Oil F.A p TrMH u!N P1VK, at 2* f>d. per yard, will he opened thte morning I'HfliKIJ* rlURBON k I.AK H, 471 Broadway. Wf ET GOODS, PER SHIP DEVONSHIRE, *01. D AT auction by order of tbe Underwriter*. ? Ju*t re elegant double damaak. anowdroe and n?ured (a Me cWtb*, la., 6a. and #a., 2 yard* aquare, worth dim ble, 1 yard* wide table linen 3a fd. per yard, embroider ed and tambor drapery 1?. a yard; 6ne ya?d wide ahirt ing linen 3a. 'and 2a. ?d. a yard, anowdrop line > napkina 11a. ?d?i. , ladiee' linen handkerchief*, e*tra line, 1* apiece, at Bt'RbKTTtt cheap atere, 191 Uraad ttrcet, cornar o( Mulberry coPARnraeMinp ?oticb?, if AAA ?WANTED, A PERSON WITH THH 'vl/? amount, to engage iu ratnufa-tunng ?nd selling a staple article, (patented,) which will, by attention, rvalue an ampla fortune. Extensive cash or ders ahead; security clvtn if required. For an interview address box 790 Font Office AAA ~A G00D BUSINFS8 MAN, WITH or without thii lam, rosy obtain an interest In a money making concern A person more or leu acquainted with medicine* preferred. Application* confidential. Apply to A. Biitiop, Herald otfice, with real address. 10 ,-'000 ? PARtNER WANTED, WITH I the above ?mount, in the fancy dry loous business. already established Addrene Fancy Dry Hoot i, box liift Herald oftice, for three days. Refer ence ( iven and required. MAAA-a person with the adovb .1 lyU- amount would be glad to invert it io some wife and pro 6 table business. Please addres.s W. W., Poughkeepsi* Post Office, with real name and busi ness, an none other will be attended to. ?f AA OR ?l,0C0 WANTED, WITH AN ASSOClArE, f )U\ ' in ao undertaking of iUuxtrtted lectured nud fj poi tions, oi an unusually superior description. A veil infarffied eligible party, of respectability, will ob tsin unquestionable sei-tirity and an interest bo'h valu able a I'd ajirteable. Adams Agricrla, box 7J Broadway Post Office. (Jh 1 Ai \ ?A PARTNER WAVTKD, WITH THM amount, to travel with the advertiser, and tale charge of the money matters of a money mtklui; exhibition: 9t!00 per mo <tu will be guaranteed Please rail immediately, but uot without the money, at 578 Houston > t r. et. near Broadway, sec md liaor, room 1. A PARTY ENGAGED IN THE 30<>r AND 8H0H trade, in one of the best established stands in Hrooklyn, surrounded by every facility for a Rrjje cash buriness, wishss a partner with 91,000 or $1,600, either active or xiiecial, to engage in enlarging the businee*, wh ch, without any additional expense, c? b? easily done to an extent that will pay. Address, for one woek, B. B. C , Herald office. I>AR(NER WANTED? WITH $10,000 IN CASH; SE curdy given to the amount on real estate; the bu siness will pay 30 per cent and no loss. Address Inter ot, Herald office, stating particulars. PARTNER WANTED? WITH A CASH CAPITAL OF 96,000. No risk, and .'>0 par cent guaranteed; refer ences given and required. Address Consequences, He rald gffire, for three days, stating where an interview may be had. PARTNER WANTED ? EITHER SILENT OR A7ITVE, with a capital of 9'2ft,000 to 980,000, in an import ing burners in which there is but small competition, and jielding a profit of 30 per cent. The%dvertiser has been engaged in the business ten years; has an extensive acquaintance with the manufacturers abroad, andean iilluM>c? consignments to the amount of 9300.030. He has also a first class city and country trade, ind can find ready Bale for all goods in this line to the amount of 9600, COO per annum. Ibe advertiser, who is n >w en gaped n the business, hut requires additional oipital, can refer to several prominent importing and jobbing houses la this city. Communications addressed to lin. porter, Herald office, will meet with prompt attention THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tweeo the subscribers, under the firm of Draper k Rowland, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. The business of the firm will be nettled by tbe subscriber, Caleb E. Draper, who 1m authorized to use the name of tbe taid firm for that purpose. CALEB ?. DRAPER. New York, March 1, 1866. f|0 CAPITALISTS ?WANTED, A PARTNER TO AS i mit in bringing oot a valuable invention in this country and in foirope, and to carry on an old estab lished iron works. Address National, Herald office, stating where an Interview may be had. TO HOUSE CARPENTERS.? 93, CO0.? WANTED, A smart mechanc with the above amount, to take ai equal share in * business already established, with work on haiid for one year, principally fr r flrr.*- class building'; best of city references will t>e given and required. Ad dress Lumber, Herald office. ? TIIB MILITARY. rjlO THE VF.RERAN8 OF1812, OR 1HF.IR WID0WA? J. Those who received forty acres ol land are now enti tled to 1-0 acres more, and those who received eighty a -rex are entitled to eighty acres more, and ran obtain llieir warrants of the agent. P. T. BEITS, 66 Wall I street, basement. SPIR.ITU AMNM. INTENSE INTEREST IS THE SflKITU AL DISCCWSION between l'r. Williams and Rev Mr. Clark, at ttio Broad rnj Tabernacle. Only two nights mora. Contin ue* this evening, at 7 >? o'clock. Admission 12, ? cents. SPIRITUAL RAl'PlNG AND WRITING.? MRS. CO AN will leceive visiters ihis and every Cay turn week, at 720 Uroaaway, Hep* ( hapel building. Hours, 10 to 12 A. M . :) to 6 and 7 to 9 P, M., Wednesday and Saturday evenings excepted. N B ? Private circle* by request. SI UiHTAUSM ?MRS. TRaPHAGEN W1I.L CONTINUE to hold circle* every afternoon, from Sttttft o'clock, and evinlng Irom 7 'o 10 o'clock, at No. 341 Broadway,* the Tabernacle. The beet of tests given. P. 3. ? A boy wanted, to attend the door evening* SPIRITUALISM.? MISS KM MA JAY WILL, THIS (Uecneeday) evening, at 8 o'clock, be at ttie loiti tule correr of toashiagton and < 'on cord street*, expect ing to discourse anil sing in the trance state, induced by spirit aid. To defray expenses. Vi% cenLfl admission will be charged fcr this night only. LOHT AND POUND. Lost? on Tuesday morning, <jth inst., in from James slip. East river, to pier 11, North river, a leather poeket book containing irom thir ty -si* to forty dollars- two five dollar bills and the ba lance In imall bills and silver. Whoever finds said pock et hook will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the office of tne Providence propeller, pier 11, North -iver. WILLIAM KBTTE. IOST-ON MONDAY. MARCH 6, A LADY'S GOLD j wat:h, landscape rack, with chatelaine chain at tached. T'.e finder will bo very liberally rewarded by leaving it with John H. Uabcock, 102Hoatu Sixth stre?t, Williamsburg. LOST-ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, IN THE NEIGH borbood of Thompson and Hleecker streets, a small white English terrier slut, cropped ears, long tail anj a black mark or line over the left eye; answering to the name of Fret. A very liberal reward will b* given to whoever wlil return her to No 2 Depaa row, Bleeeker street. OST?IN JANUARY I AST, A LIVER COIORED j pointer it g, aged about seven years, with owner's nsme and address on the collar. 116 reward will be fald for the tecoverycf slid dog, by leaving him at 2t0 earl street. A. J OOPPOCK. I)l( KEI) CP? ONNP.W BRUH TON DO<JK, A BROWN setter dog. The owner eaa have him by provng property and pay ng expenses. Apply to F/lward Carey, at New Brighton lerry house. New Brighton, March 5, 1865. HOTELS. ASTOR TLACF nOTEI., NOS. 733, 7 5 AND 7S7 Broadway, (opposite Astor Pla^e ) S?v*ral suits of very pleatant rooms fon Broadway) are now being vacated at this family hotel, and will be rented on rea sonable terms rj'HE" ATLANTIC H0TM.T NO. 5 HROADWY, H J. now open again under the management of J. l/>ve joy k Co. Boarders can be accommodated by the day or week on reasonable terms. Good rooms and board on the European plan. CRK FAMILY HOTEL, NEW BRIDGE STREET, I.udgate Hill, London.? The above house is s?n trally situs t?d, has an txrellent eolTse rnom, ten or teelve private sitting rooms, between fortv and fifty H|t ht. airy ecrooma a good smoking room, warm, cold and i hewer baths, always ready A night porter in at tendance. A fixed .-.barge for servants. The Now York Hers Id is hied THOMAS Ql'AlUKRMAINK (also pro prietor of the frown and cei tre, and Ship Taverns, Greenwich) tender* bis tirateful thanks to hU Araerivan triends tor the 'avors he lias so enjoyed at toeir bands. and soliuta their continued patronage and re commendation. AHTUOLOGV. MAFaME ALW1N, I'KOM PAK1*, TENDERS IIFR *<rvices to the ladies ami gentlemen in phrenuio 8y, by books and St ience. She in b? consulted about >ve. marriage, business, Ac . ?nd will tell the nine of the lady or geotle*>an they will marry; also the name of her visiters. Madame ALWItf converses tn tn?Msh French aui German. Keaiflen.-e JOV Bowery, near First street. MPS. HaVES IS THE <?LY CLRARsKJHTED PER ? on we have in this country, who em give a cor rect ?e<Kinnt of dhessee ab-o n: friends, Ac. Siti?|nc tory e? aminatinns given to all, or no charge in ids. Of. 6ce 10 Spring street, nesr the Bowery. DOCTOR HAYES. Electrician. kemovaL Broadway, march i. mr> ? Joseph lb: imis to sciioaint his friends and the p?M.c that he has remreed bis '.adorn / establish mv at from 8t& Hroalwsy, toUl sej's Huilltng, 1MI H roadies*, ind respectfully t?o ders them hie thanks for the very liberal patronage he s'owed upon bim dunrg a period of eighteen yoars. His assistant, Mr. Andrew V Pea, ('or mmy years in his estab islinieo* ) and Mr Ceorya lligbsm. he has a-socia ted in the bn?ines? (ion tin* above late ant wi'h th Ir rouMoert evrtlnns tensta to ensure a eontmuanee n> Iber fsvrrs. Joseph I >e h ?'?>. In re mo e lug 'o their rew ptraiees. ap|irise the'r friends that they have s? lee ted. w,th dtseeim nstion. sn eatl-elv B?? and e|e4snt ? ?sirtnent of broidelntbs plain snd fancv c??>iio^re-, ? ilk, cs?hmer- aad Maiseillea vesting", As , to waieh tley invite atteiitlnn D~ b. OTionn uuuifil kemov kd nun noT i frv ng place eortier of fixiltwnttl str?'?t, to *1 fast Teeo'y tti.rt street pe'.aeen Kourtuand l^iiu^'un a venae*. REifAnunrR. " 8' TAVWIX II AM., N79 IIR.urWAY, OPiWITB MElRO poii'an Het' I ? To all good llvsrs Terrapin soup I and bailed sea bass, oa Thursday, at 12 o'clock, M. Breakfast, dinner aad supper at all hours. DEAN k DEAULK, Propriotors. THE FIREMEN. At A SPECIAL MEETING OF CTTY HOSE COMPANY i\. No. 8, held at the carriage house on Monday eve ning, March 6, 1866, the following preamble and resolu tion < were unanimously adopted ? Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God In his wisdom to rt move from our midst our much respected and dear ly beloved member, Andrew E. Boice, therefore be It Resolved, That we deeply deplore the aad loas which h?s oej-rived us of a kind and efficient member, one re ?pec'.ed and beloved in an eminent degree, and one cal culated, by tha generosity and nobleness of his charac ter. to have beeu an ornament, to the Fire Department, or to any other position in which his lot might have been east. Resolved, That wo most s'ncerely sympatfr.e and con dole with tbe parents of the deceased, in having lost a kind and dntiful ion in tha very prime and vigor of man hood, one who would have done them honor and been a comfort In their de -lining years. tteaolved Tbat we tender our heirtfelt sympathies to th<Mamlly and relatives of deceased. Resolved That a copy of the above be sent to the fami ly ot the deceased, and be published in the New York Herald and Suuday Mercury. JOIIN J. SHAW, 1 DAVID MoGEE, VOoramittee. JOHN LETSON, J INSTRUCTION. AUrY OF ACCOMPLISHED EDUCATION AND highly qualified wishes to give lessons in the Ger man, Enel. *li and French languages Terms molonle. Also, a young girl, a perfect dressmaker and able to do up finery and dress twir, wants a situa'ion 'is ladle*' maid or seamstress; she would prefer trtrelliag; no objection to taking <-.are of <ro?ing up children. City reference for both given. 1'Ieane call a*. 88 Whito street Br. FOSTER k HIRAM DIXON GiVe LESSONS IN # bookkeeping, writing, Ac., office 346 Broadway, (Applet on 'a Building.) where gentlemen are qualified foi tht counting- bouse, In a superior aad expeditious man ner. INSTRUCTION ?A FEW YOUNG LADIES WILL BE instructed to embroider on silk lace or velvet per fectly In two weeks. Can be attended at their resi dences by addressing Mies 8. Moore, Tompkinsvdle, i-taten Island. MARCH'S COUNTING ROOMS, FOR THE PRACTICE of bookkeeping, writing, ke . No. 846 Broadway, Appleton's bultaing. Circulars, with terms, reference Ac , Ac., on application. Marsh's work on Bookkeepug, in Spanish and English, printed in colors, far sale as above. mills WEI K.? TEH MS REDUCII) ONE HALF.? GOID J. SMIlH'S A:ai'emy of Penmanship and Bookkeep ing, No 3t 2 Broadway.? I adies' writing class at 10'i o'clock A. M. daliy, excepting Saturdays. Gentlemen's classes at 0 A> M., and 3, 6, 7, am H o'eloek P. M. daily, excepting Saturdays. Terms red need to >5 for ten, or >10 for twenty-five lessons, Including stationery. Pri vate Instruction, $16 for ten, or S26 for twenty lessons. Each pupil is entitled to a separata parlor Bookkeep ing ? Terms reduced tbU weak from >25 to >12 60. MISCELLANEOUS. 1(?{r CANAL STREET, NEAR VARICK.? W. & B. JLOO VaN NOTE'S grate and fen ler, kitchen rang*, summer range and stove wareroom*. We have a large assortment of the latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges and stoves, for sale en reasonable terms. Gratis and rang** set and repairud, ranges lined, brass found ers' and jewellers' furnaces built, stoves lined, bakers' ovens built and repaired. A FORTUNE? THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING PUR chased tbe most valuable Invention (and only one of the kind.) in tbe world, via.: a machine for printing, without setting type, offers to perrons of respectability, energy and anility, inducement* to secure a fortune rarely to be met with; a capital of f '00 to >600 is ne cessary; best of references required. Ad ires*, er apply to G. W. JOHNSON, 79 Sands street, Brooklyn. N.Y., or P. U. HUNTLEY, Dey street House, N. Y. BRUs-MIS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUSH factory, 337 Pearl street, Franklin square. All articles sold at the lowest factory prices Paint brushes ef superior quality consUntly on hand. Machine brushes made to order. JOHN K. HOPPtL. COLT'S PISTOLS OF A1J. SIZES, SINGLE AND double guns, pistols and revolvers, bowie knives, shot bags and powder flasks, gun locks and parts of locks, and all kinds of articles for gun smiths, for sale at the lowest price and on reasonaole terms. A libsral discount made to the trade. For sale by A. W. SPIES St CO., 91 Maiden lane. Decorative fresco painter of the german and Italian sihool. ? Is readv to decorate in tht most approved manner, and in all styles. Address, at 206 Spring street, New York, GEORGE FITCH. Eveby ownkr or cultivator of land, every mechanic, or other person tilling a garden plot, should read that reliable and practical guide to profita ble culture, the American Agriculturist, tbe only weekly agricultural paper in New York city, one of tbe oldest in the country, aad everywhere acknowledged to stand at tbe bead of the agricultural press in America. Volume XIV. commences March 15. Each weekly number con tains sixteen large quarto pages, funning two voluin?j annually of 416 pages each, lermn, >1 per volume t'i a year Specimen c pies always free. ALLEN & CO., Publishers, 189 Water street, N. Y. 1>V1R0REEN trees.? PERSONS WISHING to or t mmenl their grounds with Norway spruce, silver fir, or arbor vita , should addre-s soon D. A. RaY. Patarton, N. J. N. B ?No charge for packing and shipping. HOE'8 CARD PRINTING PRESSES? THREE FO 1 sale very cheap. Apply at 12 and 14 Pitt street. INVENTOR'S OFFICE, 68 WALL STREET, NET York; 40 (office 27) State street, Boston ?The ob ject of this office Is to place Inventors of patents in con nection with capitalists, whereby they ean obtain as sistance to perfect, or sell the whole or parts of their in ventions, er form connections w>th ptrties for the ma nufacture of their patented article*. Such an office haa long been needed by young and ingenious mechanics to enable ttiem to obtain means to perfect their inventions with rapidity, and place them before the public, that they may realise substantial returns for the works of tbelr genina. Offl'.e hours from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. Macaroni? hecker k brother have now for sale at tbe Croton Mills, Cherry street, New York, macaroni of their own manufacture, which for del. -.aey cf flavor, and superiority in other respects over the imported article, recommends itself at once for family use. Tut up In boxes of "4 pounds eacb. A discount allowed to purchasers of ten or twenty boxes. "VTOTICK TO BUTCHERS? JAMKS BI'CHAN (t CO., 1\ are paying 8}{ cents per lb. cash for riugh fat, on delivery at ttieir soap and ctndle manufactory, ISO and 1*? hiitabeth street, or at tbe.r malting establishment, No. 6 Ahatoir plait. West Thirty ninth street and hie venth avenue, near tbe North river. PAINT, IX CINI8 PER POl ND; BOILED OIL, 70 cinti per gallon, at UU Maiden Una. JOHN H SMITH, A ire nt. POTATOES.? FOR SA1.E, A LOT FINE ENGLISH potatoes, juit arrived from London, either *>y th? barrel, bushel or ihe whole Apply on board ahip Lon don, foot of Burling Klip B EDUCED PRICES.? CONFECTIONERY , WHOLESALE and retail, at reduced at T. 0. HODGMNV manufactory, 164 Greenwich street, between Cortlandt and Liberty. SHOW CASES. ? HOFFMAN * FERES H, SHOW CAiE wareruom, 57 Howery, between Walker and Hayard Otreeta Cahes made in sv-rj style, silver p'ated, brass, roee am) ratio wood, mahogany, Ac. N. H ? OIJ oaau taken in ixcbange. Order* promptly executed. Stow CMK? SCHMIDT & brother's mancfac tory ?D'l wanrnoms, No. '# North William utreet, near Chatham, New York, and at 77 West Third *t,rest, Cin cinnati, Ohio A l?r,'e aasortinent constantly on hand. Old show caae* taken in exchange. Order* promptly exe cated. VjODA, 8ARBAPARILLA, ALE. PORTER, CIDER, OR atiy discretion ')f WlhlltW or fermented waters? ? Iboae who drive their own wagons, or have (hipping contract* or country conminurs, ea?> make oon tracts tor a better article, and of a superior quality, and at ? bout half the naual price. Contract' for any am iunt, ? nd always prompt. Pn miuin good*, nod always go<?d. Gods j acked for shipper* in any desired style. W. A I,. OSlRANDER, 4S Ka*t Broadway. flvHK NF.W YORK FOUNDRY AND IRON RAILING X Company ? Mole manufacturer* of Crowell's celebrated caat iron rsilng without rivet* (saving at lea*t twenty five cents per foot,) alsn of UroetK'i ti?w style of wire railing, daeloedly tbeeh-ape*t in the United *Ute? AU kimls of eastings ?m h at columns. trimae*. sills and i'utels, glider*, veranda*, bracket), vault oovers, window and doo* guard* \c. F.very kind of nrojfht Iron work for buildings, *uab as doors, abutter*, anchors, gra'inrs Ac., none at )o?est p'<-es ant with .lespatch Cpacial attention given to contracts for all the iron work for boil'.lnts ?>f every class. Foundry foot of Forty sixth street. North river. Sample* in sact'oos of all work at tli* war? rooms, Not. 79 and 81 Duane street, a few doors esst of Broadway DNITFTD STATfS KIFU3? THE SCBSCRIRKKR OFFER foraaie five hundred United States rid-s, of their o* n manu'aclure K. RLMLNGINN fc SONS, ll'on, Herkimer CO.. N. Y. 1*7 HO WOULD NOT POMJEM A RVAUTDHJL RKAD Vv of hair f The reneipt of a mell^al jrs pa ration which has never failed to restore tba hair although n*ed In thousands of eases The receipt will he sent to any Mrectlon on the receipt of a latter i-ootaimng 'Ji wn'j tn poet* re stamps, post paid to Dr. FUlia, Brw'way Pout >4ea. Latter* anewwre<l tausediaMy. CO .\Tj, M'. PFUCII ORCHARD COAL.? THE SUBSCRIBER HIS lecei te-i fra-h *upplie* of this coal of super or quality, which b? wi'liurnU*! In the best order at the lowest market ptiee also I?high. Wh ta A?b. Schuyl kill, Caanel ana Li- ?rpooi orro' coal* at Correal rates. HENRY KUCVE, rorner ' and C-ntre ai d corner Jane and Went etreeta. PROPOIAM. ljROr<*?Al.S WII 1 Bf! RE( 1YMI AT THK OFFICE Of the t'l'it"' State* Mail *t>a.n*hlp Company, J 77 West street, for the eoretruetlooof a pier aad bu n. at Favnafa, llu- soo eoioty, X J., opposite the foot of Wrina street. I Ian* and speeiflrstiona will he prepared aid exhibited tobltljera, an application a*, the office. M. 0 ROBERTS. miwiio. t |/*?* UVBtWOL- UNITaSD HTA1BJ MAIL RUI JL shtj BALTIC, Oapt. J. J. Comstoek. to?imto. ThU rtoamsnip will 'lepart with the United SUM mails fa* Enrope, positively M VwImkUj Mareh 7, at 11 o'eioek M., from bar berth, >t the foot of 'M-*' ? tract. Fa* freight or passage, having unequalled acoommodattoss for elegance and comfort, apply to EDWARD K. COIXXNS, 50 Wall ihMi Passengers are requested to be on board at 10K e'elooM A. M. The steamship Pacflic, will succeed the Baltic, and nail March 21. Shippers please take notiee thai the ihipi of thia Una cannot oarry any gooda contra band of war. I HE BRITISH AND N0R1H AMERICAN ROYaL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. chief cabin passage *1*0 Second cabin passage 75 FROM BOSTON TO LIVERI-OOL. Chief cabin passage tllO Second cabin passage #?* The skips from lio?ton call at Halifax. ARABIA, Capt. Judkins, AMERICA, Oapt. I*ng, PERSIA, Capt. Ryrie, EUROl'A, Oapt. Shannon A>1A, Capt. E. <i. Lott, CANADA, Oapt. atone, AFRICA, Capt. Harrison, NIAGARA, Capt. .?itoft. f These vessels carry a clear wmte light at aaaat head, gr*en on starboard bow; red on port bow. CANADA, 8 tone, leaves Boston, Wednesday, Mar. 14 AFRICA, Harrison, " Boaton, Wednesday, Mar. 2? AmIA. Lott, " Boston, Wednesday, April 11 AMERICA, Lang, I" Boston, Wednesday, April *i& Berths not i*cur?5 until paiu for. An experienced surgeon on board The owners of these ship* will not be acoountabla fee gold, silver, bullion, . pec>e, jevelry, precious stones or metals, unless bills ol lading are signed therefore and t)M vaiue thereof therein expressed. For freight cr passage apply to E. LUNAJvD, 4 Bowling Oreen. ? There wiQ be no steamships of this line from New York until further notice. THE LIVERPOOL AND FlIILADKLP/UA OTEAM8HE? Company Intend sailing their favorite steamship*? ? C5TY OF iflcHUm 11,126 tona..Capt. Wylie. CTTY OF BALTIMORE, ( uew) .2,438 tona..Capt. . city of Washington, do. 2,700 ion*..capt. a Leitafc. Saloon 900, >66 and f 56, according to state room. A limited number of third class passengers will bo taken from Philadelphia and liveipooi, and fonnd iu provisions. From Philadelphia >36 | From LlverpooL $4f Partiea wishing to bring out their friends oan obtain certificates of passage, and drafts on Liverpool, In aumfl of ?1 sterling and upwards. Apply to SAMl'HL SMITH, Agent, 17 Walnut street, I'hiladelphia, and No, 7 BroaA way, New York. 1*0R SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE? THE U. 8. MAIL 1 steamer ST. LOUIS. J. A. Wotton, commander ' will leave for Havre, touciiing at Southampton to land the mails and par senders, ou Saturday, March 10, at 12 o'clock, from pier 37 North river, foot of Beach street. Price of passage? First cabin, $130; second do., $70. I.uggage not wanted during the voyage should be sent on bearc the day before sailing, marked "below." No freight taken after Thursday, March 8th. For freight or parage apply to MORTiMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 63 Broadway. Steamships betwein Havre and new yorb direct. ? The steamship ALPS will Bad from Havrw direct for New York, (without calling at any port ia England.) on Saturday, 26th of November. The rate* of freight and passage in first and second cabina will be very moderate. The sailing of the succeeding steamer* will be shortly announced. The rate o> insurance in France is less by ships from Havre direct for New York than In shins calling at an English port. Apply In Havre and Paris, 17 Boulevards des Italiens, to Donald Carrie, J or in New York to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. E EDUCTION OK FARES TO SUIT THE TIMM For California ? New York and California Steam - ship Line, via Nicaragua. ? Accessory Transit Company of Nicaragua, proprietor*. ? Through in advance of the mail. ? Seven hundred miles shorter than any other route? avoiding the deadly Panama fever ani two miles of boating in Panama bay. The splendid double engine steamship STAR OK THE WE?T (2,000 tons bur then), Captain Turner, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at o o'clock P. M. precisely, lor Punta Arenas, on Mon day, March 12, connecting with the favorite steamship Sierra Nevada f2,000 tons), over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twelve miles of land transportation by first class carriages. Several new and sirift iron steamboats have lately been put on river and lake, which shorten the time on the transit from ooean to ocean. These steamers are unsurpassed in their venti lation and accommodations. For information or pas sage apply only to CHARLES MORGAN, Agent. No. 5 Bowling Green letter bag made up at the office. N. B.? Commencing on the 20th of April the days of leaving New York will be changed to the 6th aad 20th of each month. Dispatch line for ban francisco ?the mao nificent A 1 first class clipper ship WITCHCRAFT, Freeman, master, is now receiving her cargo at pier No. 8 East rivsr, and will sail for San Francisco on or beforo Tuesday, lbth March, and is expected to linlsh loading on Tuesday next, 6th. 'lhis famous clipper has made three voyages to Kan Francisco, in 101, 107 and U7 days, successively, shippers will please hand in their bills of lading for signature as soon as their engagements are, ??< mpleted. Special Notiee. ? The vessels of thia lino will hereafter be advertised for a certain date, and posi tively sail on or before the day named. BUTTON & 00., 84 Wall street. AUSTRALIA HONKER IJN E? CARRYING THE D. 8. mail.? The new and elegant clipper shin GhORGES, 1,'*C0 tonn, for Sydney, In now nearly loaded, and will be despatched In a few day*. Intending ah p pers or paescnters will apply at once. A few Bret cabin berths. and tome second clans. The celebr*. ted clipper snip OCEAN STEED it now at bar berth, rier No. 8 East river, receiving eargo lor Melbourne. 1 bin fihlp ii now going out on her second voyage, having msi'e the second bent passage on record? only eighty ? nine day*. Has excellent accommodation* for passen ger". Early application for freight or pain age requisite an she will nail early In April. She will be suooeedod by the magnificent clipper ship VMHTDMAUL in May Apply on board, or to R. W. CAMERON, 114 Wall street CHIPPER SHIP SWORD FI8H, CA1T. II. N. OSGOOD. I for San Franc'Sio, in receiving re-go at pier a North river, ai.d will potitlvely sail on or hofore Tues day, 20th inst , and is expected to finish I. ..-.?ling Tuesday next, 13th . Shippers will please hand in tbeir bills of lading for signature an toon an their engagements ar? completed. For balance of hi r imall capacity, apply to fcUTlON & CO., 84 Wall ntreet. ?\TEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS OTKA \fcJIHP OOM JLl pany. ? For N*w Orleans, stopping at linvnna? Carrying the United Etstes mall. ? The <le*m?hlp BLACK WaRRIOR, Caft. Jane* D. liullock, will commence re ceiving freight on Wednesday, March 7, and sail for tha above ports on Saturday, March 10, at 12 o'clock pre cisely, from pier at foot of Beach street, North river. Freight for the interior and for Mobile, consigned to our agents in New Orleans, James Connoly h Co., will be forwarded free of commissions, Passenger* for Havana u. ii - 1 procure pasnports before leaving port. Bills ef ladlLg must b? rent in for signing the evening previous te the nbip railing. For freight or passage apply to LIVLNGpTON, CROCHERON ft CO., Agents, 31 Broadway. N. B. ? The Cahawba, R. W. Schufeldt, commander, will succeed the Blacx Warrior, and sail on Monday, March 25. f OR SAVANNAH AND FIORIDA- UNITED 8TATK3 Mall line ? The new and elegant steamship FI<ORl Capt. M. 8. Wood hull, will leave New York for Sa vannah, on Wednesday, March 7, from pl*r No. 4 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M. Rills of lading signed on board. For friegbt apply on board, or for paisage, to .HAMl'EL I*, MlTCDKi L, iii Broadway. For Florida, through tickets from New York to Jacksonville. 931; to Pilatka, >33. Ilia Augunta, ('apt. Tbos. Lyon, will ancceed, and leave on Sa.nrday. March 8 1710R SAVANNAH-FARE REDFCED. ? THE UNITED 1 States mail steamship KEYSTONE STATE, Cnpt. I K. Harrtle will leave Philadelphia for Savannah on Fri day, Msrcli i'tb, at 10 o'clock A. M. Fare $20, steerage ?K Hie Keyntone State will leave an above March 20 snd HO Agents in New York, 8CRANTON A TALLMAN, ltf Old Slip, where state room* may be secured. IrHjR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA, ? SEMI- WEEKLY 1 United States Mad I. ne.? TLc splendid steamship MARION. W. Foster, commander, will leave pier No. 4, North liver, on Wednesday, Mareh 7, at three o'clock I' M precUely Fur freight apply on board, where all bills of lading will 1* signed and for passage, at the office of SPdll OKI i. TI1EWI0N kflLN Broadway. 11. rough tickets to Florida as follows: ? To Jacksonville. I to Pilatka, 133. The Southerner wiU succeed, an<i leave on Saturday, March 10. FOR NORFOLK. PETERSBURG AND RICHMOND.? The Un ted States mail steamship ROANOKE, T. I'srrn-h. eommandsr, will leave pier 18 North river, oa Wcdnnidsy, March 7, at 3 o'clock, P M. , will arrive la Norfolk the next a'ternoon, and Petersburg and Rich mond the following morning from Norfolk, passenger* I for the South proceed by railroad dweet, With through tickets from Welrion to Wilmington, Augunta, An. I'as ssge sod fare to Norfolk, *8; to Petersburg and Rich mond, 110, steerage half price. Apply to Ll'DLAM A PIJTASANT8. 33 Broadway. For Petersburg and Norfolk ? ^rre steam nhlp Roanoke, Capt. Skinner, ts now loading at , pier 13 North river, for Petembnrg and Norfolk, and will leave cn Wednesday afternocn. at 3 o'clock. Ll'DLAM A PLEASANTS, 32 Broadway. LKltORfl, 4iC. A choice sflfttion of brandies, superior caret snd otbor wines, rums, Scotch and Irieh whi'keyi, l/indon and Ihiblin porter, Scotch alee, domes - tic ale snd p-rter for family u*a; syrupe and cordial* for sale, by ?X. H. UNDHUUIX 430 llroon* street, I corner ef ( ronbv GlORt.E O. B4RT1 F.TT, AGENT, IMPORTER ANI> d.altr in snp?rier Havana ?egars, wholesale and retail. No 14 Ann street near the Museum, New YorkJ G O. B intites bis friends te give him a call ae above. ])URE IN< LI*H GIN? A RARI1 Y ?THE ADVERTI ner has s nmall consignment of the very flo??t l.< niloe gin, junt an Imported, which he offers at very rrdoc?d'pvices to poblirsns and families by the quanti ty. A qnsrt hot' Ih of One old Tom, 50 cents; a qusrt li ttle of genuine (Yearn of the Valley, cent*. Call soon. II 11 MAYFH8, No. 38 Ann st., near Nassau. OCOTCH WHISKEY? 1HE GENUINE CAMERON O briitge, mountsin dew whiskey, in demljohui, kegs, or p-m.'b^ns, for ule by LETHHfclDGE K DOWIJNO, M Sowth street OCHIF DAM GIN, LANDING ?X IEILA IN WnOIX O end three quarter pipes and ce???, win . iw glasa t? all diaiensions; low priced segsrs, Ai., constantly oa band RIULN k MELCHERS, v? Front stmt

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