Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1855 Page 3
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' AbTERTISEffENTS RENEWED SVERT DAT. FOR 8AL.1L; ~ A ^vAA OOtOTM PROPERTY .*MISALK IN ffllviOUl'i Brooklyn. ? Wanted to sell* tlir fomr ?Tom and lot*, with dwelling* over each itVUttw) on MJJ* of Fulton avenue and Alelphi ?treet, Btook iym. The leti are eighty eight feet on Kulton avwmse, end one hundred ami twenty- seven feet on Adelpbi street, and rents for SI, 725 per annum, l'riee $16,5<JO< 96,(00 cash; balance uu mortgage. M. L SHELDON, 88 Nassaa strett. CB<\ AAA ? 1 K0R aALK at yo.vkkrs, a bkau vf". tiful residence for a gentleman doing ?business in thin city, a double house with tower, juit finished in the best style, with all the modern improve msnte ? eighteen rooms and cellar. Inquire of JaMES. VOl' MANS, on the premuea, Warburtou avenue, near J-amertine. <&<A AAA ?COTTAGE FOB SALE AT STATEN Cp ?/?UUU? Island.? A beautiful cottage, with euven rooms, a line conch house, and about oue and a half aerss of ground, well improved with fruit tiees, Ac., most elegautly situated at Clifton, ou rit*t?n IsUnd, kud known an Chestnut Grove Cottage, will b" sold at a bargain for cash. Apply to M. L. SHELDON, 86 Nas sau street. CM/* AAA ? F0K SALIC? A BAltE CllAffCE |I)0?vUUi An importing business ol severa! years' standing, and commanding a Urge trade: in wel worth 910,000; rent quite low. Also, several beautifu country seats, farms, and city huunss. Apply to SMI 111 & LYON, 321 Broadway. <?i A i)r/ 1 ? ?OR hAIJC, A l ARM 0>' FIFTY Up41:e^tJ" /? acres good land, house, baro and \Flher eutbuJdii gs, peach and upple orchard. Ac., two miles went of KliiabvtUtown, N. J., and half a mile from railroad depot. Apply to H. MaTTBON, Ns. 3 Nassau htreet, thira floor, front room. <JhQ CAA ?RESTAURANT ON BKOAJJWAY, FOR jPyO-Ovf vF. ??lo, in one of the most prominsut lo cations. (*wenty years established, )>lthin live minutes' walk of the City llall, now doiti* a thriving businoss, Tery neatly fitted up with bar and private room-i re spectably patronised. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. WA AA ?FOR BALE, THE LEASE, 8TO3K eT""/"e and fixtures of a first class grocery store, situated in one of th<' best locations in the city. This is a chance seldom met with, llenson for srlling, going West. Apply at 212 Broadway, room 10, to HOSTED & BROWN. ?i\i VA -HOUSE TO LET, AND FURNITURE M for f-ale. ? The genteel three story .vricK house. No. 3 East Eluventh strei>t, having modern improvements. will be let for lour years at 9500 per an num, and the furniture sold for 91,'~t0. The house not to be let without ks*le of furniture. Apply on the pre mise*. <17AA ? F0R A WOOD, GENTEEL, AND jJJ) i V Ut profitable business, which pays a large profit, unequalled in this city. No capital required. May be greatly extended by an active person An ex cellent opportunity for a person with a small capital. Apply to lllOMI-SON k STREET, 81 street, rooji No. 7. -FOR 8 ALE, A WELL 63TABLl?HED manufacturing business, paying three per cent, done entirely for cash; an excellent chance for an energttic business man. Must be sold on account of sickness of one of the parties. Apply at 167 William street, up stairs, front room. Cfi QC)C ?FOR SAIJI, A DESIRABLE BUSINESS, tRjtJ&tJi paying 300 p?r cent, tdokneM the cause of a&.e, also, (or 9'-M), a splendid guutcel business down town, netting 93,000 per year: also, a farm of seventy-one acres, Steuben county, New York, 91,ltt5;aUo, partner wanted, with $.r>00, In a patent business; also, $1100 mort gage on a grocery store, worth 91,000; also, a boarding house in the Sixth avenue, 940O. Apply at the United States Agency, 212 Broadway, room 13. <Sl1 ? 'W?R 8TORE FOK SAL!:, AN OLD l?_LOv/e and establishel stand, now doing a good business, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth olr^ots, en avenue If. The present owner is retiring indepen dent, and is not eight years in business. Apply to DUNCAN J. McMILLKN, 10J West street, corner Li berty. AN Oil) KSTAIJLISHED DRUG STORE, IN A 11 API D 1; improving cei'ihborhood in the upper part of the city, (or tale, on accommodating terms, or a part ner taken, as the advertiser lias two stores nti ! cann it Attend to both. Inquire on the premises, Klevmth avenue, between Forty fourth and Forty. fifth streetn, of Dr. Wright. No other drug store within bve ur six blocks. A VALUABLE LEASE OF WATERFRONT FOK BALE? at the foot of Thirty-ninth street, North river, containing 10U feet of bulk bead, and nine tots of ground, with the buildings, having eight years to run, lroin the 1st of May next. Apply on the premises. A DRl'G bTORH FOR SALE? SITUATED IN A DENSE A ly populated neighborhood and doing a good busi ness. To l>i' Mil., cheap in consequence ot the proprietor leaving for Kuripe. Address Medicus, Herald otlice. A KKW 1.1 MUEK PROPERTY FOR 4ALE.? THE SUB J\_ scriU-r oilers bis uew lumber property for ?ate, ly ui lHunascus township, Wayne (.'ouuty, Pennsylvania, five onles west of Narrowsburg depot, New York anl Erie Railroad, and six hours' ride from Naw Yon, con taining 1*7 acin ol land, most ol wh;cu is heavily tim bered with tirst rate timber, and a fair proportion 01 ?ach kind, viz : hemlocc, m?ple, birch, bench, bass woo I md sonie wh.te at-h. estimated to be at leant J, lKj'J.UJ) Teet of lumber on the lot. The improvements consist of .wo two story dwellings, one barn ami one saw mill, all sew, having t-een built within th<i last eighteen m<nihs I he stream is large, and the mill can saw from 1">0,<00 to KiC,COO feet of lumber a year; and tbe i u t ol uia.i jfa;tu ?iog and getting the hemlock lumber to Kastoo, iron too, (ordentown anil Philadelphia markets does not exceed (6 !)7>i |ier ti.uu .and leet, expenses all Mild; or it can be nanuiacturea and delivered at N'arrowsliurg d-'pot at a ?:ost not exceeding H Si ft thousand feet. Taere are ogs enough cl.opped and hauled the milt (o make ,bout 4W Mt ftei ol lumber. A number of *i>r pow rs on the lot besides the one occupied, and guol sites > r all kmis of marliiiiety. The bark is valuable. Moat f the land good for (arming purpose* after the tlrabei i T-moseU. Title perfect, and postessir n given when gieetl for Price only $*,6Ut), most of which may remain i tne ]iioperty If preferred Any od- wish lag ti pi' uare, and, upon viewing, finding it not aa favorable as I bu?e repf-tnted I will pay all reasons bio ex pro* of |i,nr?i-it 1 or I .rther particulars resp' ctmg t]i>) | nper p or te. ui t oi sale, apply to the sitmlbw on the ^reini lea, or by ttttar to N a r ro w - 1> >i rg Post <)!Jlce. b't.:ivan i, nt v , New \ork MOSE4 r. TOGNG. Kel? ieu e ? J. S Hughes ? Uro , Merchant*, Narrows ?irjr, Nee York; Ilorton At Co., do., do. a GOOD BUSDfHB I'll an ck. ? ro AH* person DE sin, us of entering into business a. a tinsmith, i ait i in htc\r>. general housekeeping ? ire, A.;., a goo : pport unity otleis to pnrcha>e a well estabilsnej bi;-n e?s, ,n an excellent location. Apply to K \ R. JACOIN, I'M. ran atnet, Williamsburg. | a coon GHAVOB FOR A PMR OF mm all W capital. ? The stock and fixtures of a noat fancy |tore for sal' 'Die stock is small and the nut only |U month for -.tore, large back rwjm and helriora, at >.'o. b" Greenwich s'rest. ia ?MtnklVL MHWWB, nun m nrv, IN a |f\. I. K ' location, about a lull an hours' ride from ?e ferry, in Hathush. PriM, *?(. MO (M down, tiiu i May. The remaining ctn stau i for two ymrs if de I red. The hou e is two story, and has two wm(i, grape rbors, Irtnt tiees, \c. Inquire ol Wkl H. b" Broadway CILDING P10T FOR SALE, WITH STABLE, t AR _ riag* Ac , with good water and all kinds of uit, also fl.e acres ot Isnd adjoining the ??ami, At fie Uage of Newtown, L. I.. Ave miles Iroui liran 1 s'.riet rry, New Vork. Apply to BENJAMIN AbLiiKO, oer r of Kldridfe and Division streets 1: >01IJ?LS?. BllRi IN MOOlUa PI 'R 8AI.K IN J parcels ol lout lots aud upwar is, t a blocks I m niton aveu e railroad, in a healthy an I laprxrin,, lo ktioa and ou lug<. ground, at low price*, an1 on -ssy Jrms, by jfWff B>Wl>ltT No. T Jsunrey Court 41 Wallstrtet, N'ee Vork. -1AL1F0RNIA? FOK bAUO, A FIRKT CLASS HOI 8E, PI two cot' ages, and a splen lid corxr giojery store, uatoi on Washington .tvenee and Twtirtu street, Mor snia, five m notes from central and upper depot WiU ? sold cheap, on tasy term*, as the present owner is |ling to California. Appi/ to J. FILL, on the premises hMBI .-<?ATH)it wiia m> no ?AKK or riiK Hudson, on this isImmI, o' easy access by rntlrja!. house ia conveniently arranged ntd the groxuds idti'jllj laid out. For terms Ks , apply W> WM. k. KWU4, MW (-.tar stroet, eoruer of i)r'>*d?ay "tOUNTRT SKAT FOR SALE.? A BEAUTIFt'l. OOUN try pia*e with three acres of excellent lanl, a l. i? bnca mansion, with ontbuildlngs, all in perfect er for sale very t neap, aud on sccom novating terin^, excba .gvu for city property It Is situated in a very ban i peasant valley in West-ro New Vork, tares ir n. a city of about 34,000 nhsb t ?u'? Apply to add re ? I R Glta.,\ 14 WaJ stieeU hOI HI?>]DENrfc I- ui: 8.1I.K ()!< TO IsKA^K? at W.t-fbu ry, < onn.~ lio*<s If ill. th? reaideoc* of i In t** W i ? ! f N f.t t . 11 j. ? ! ui* (< otfit': , ? 1 |m th" WfJun ( of ?t;?r, hot .tnd I ^ss fjiosie ?nii^?. \o , and ei<ht^ >u ro ini? ? w, and built of brick sad grsmte, witn marble sills ^n<e v In . "itb bsrn. stabling, grapery, conserve ?, t. . Mi 1 !i- Hie /: imii Is are la' : ool b fountains, w alas, carriage drive, *?. ; beautifully |usted n a mosi bMltkj region, tod will; a a short ice of New York or twl.e ? . ' ? jr by ra>l Ap).ly to i? VC. E. CI Rlla, 10# ilroadway, thir l (ry, New Votb. vol N1HY .SEAT AT AST>iRI A FOR ta.'i og two seres, one r lo so la half Iron, t!i Ti. wlvu <i--w of llie bay. 1 lie bouse !< n?-?r.v ^tait* rtt? looms sn 1 < <-ll ?r also, bsru stabiiB, e?f* KSmH sii-I otlier outli |0 1. urf?. Tiie ground* are tsfully laid ont, with a large variety of fru t, eier en sn 1 ornamental tress es t ?'? re> - ^ixty p t c?-nt <io bond and mortgage. l'o*sew?n.a ftisn ii .,;s'?' ?? I f-trtber particulars apply to J ACi;U [| I I . |K resr tbs premi-es, er to UIaRI ? W. il D, Id * ri t'. stree'. It tFTOK, fit AttH ULAND? BUILDINO LOW OX \ hi h g i. . n ' , ?i o f!n? vsws pure wst-r aa 1 ; i seaerag' , -i. ' rng them -tje m.,?> attrae*lv? for ? ni-se vi. ib? Isls'M, tor sals without re?trt?ti' n>, s^,t s-sis-' buimi f s. App'y '?>> M O 1j str *t, New *o. a, ct et ee 0' Maibtll r jn ? mm mix CLIFTON, STATIN ISLAND? LOTS FOR SALE, FREE (ram conditiana, ex sept afainat nutaanoea. Theae are among the moat deiirable lota on the tract of W. W. Van Wageoen, Kaq., at Clifton , animation for raaidenoea unequalled on tbe ialanl. J. H. bIkGEKT, Vanderbllt House, Vanderbllt landing. T\OCK PROPERTY IN THR CITY OK BROOKLYN, I / tor aala or to lat ?Thirty lota with 500 (eat water front, and bulkhead with 10 to 10 feat depth of water, will be diaponed of, together or In parcel* to ault appll eaata. Thin property in very dtalrable for m?nufaeturing pv7poM?, buildin/ material varda, or any butineaa re (|Qk7inx a good water (runt and dock, and eaay aeeeaa to tbe city of New York, being aituated in a central and rapidily improving part of the city Term* eaiy. Apply to DANIELS DARIJNO, No. 4 flan In atreet. DRUG STORK FORSAIX? Addresa C. 3 , OFFICE 132 West Tweuty fourth street. Dry dock? patent floating sectional dry dock (or raiaing venneln, with the right to uae the name on tlie Fant River. The dock i? in complete order, and of auflicient nine to take up veaaeln of -00 tona; will be Hold at a sacrifice, if bought at once. 1>E MOTT, 17 Spruce atreet. IjTAKM FOR RALE OR TO LET? SITUATE IN WKST field, New Jersey, containing twelve acre* of land, with good garden, orchard, and variety of fruit Tha frvmiaea comprise a neat co.tage, good barn, stable, tnd other outbuilding*, and an exteunive poultry yard. Alio, an excellent family home, net of harnenn and rockaway. Terms rtatonable Addrena Country. Post Ofllce, Jersey City, or C. A. l*veridge, Wentfield, N. J, Farm at flatiu sh for salk ? twenty four acres of ttrnt rate land with a three story I nine houae, piarza in front, and wings; nituitel in the t-i*n of Flatbuah, Long Inland, ubout tour miles troin tinCiiy Hall, Brooklyn. Apply to CROWELL U BALDWIN, 341 Fulton street, Brookly n. IAARM FOR SAIJt? CONTAINING FORI Y ACRE3; good boui-e, barn, (tc ., and good loam noil laud ia good order, thirty-eight milen from New York, on Long Inland, on" nnd a hull milea (rom the shore. Price, $?.',000. Aino, thirty actea c ( good loam hoII Inn ! in good (enre eighteen acres in mowing, an I lir<> of wood. Price, *1,-00. Apply to E. W. AlllIIUR, Kb Fultjii country ii .irket, tioin H to 12 o'clock thin duy, or by l?t ter to Northport, l?ng Inland. IrtOR HALE? A IIAI.F SI7.F. VOIGHTLAND CAM EH A ' and buff wheel, nearly new. The photographic ! prooosn, with the making of collodian. Ad'lrena J. M., I box 128 Herald otlioe, tins week. 17V OK SALE? A HOUSE AND FIGHT LOTS, BETWEEN ' Third and Fourth avenuea, on .-Seventy seventh and Seventy eighth streets, Inmutifully aituated, with large ? haded lawn in front o( the houae; aUo, a variety of fruit tnea on the premises, three railroads in night of the houne. Inquire on the premises, or ah 1 'i liowery. FOR SALE ? A THREE STORY BRICK ENGIJS11 BASE mi- t houae, with all the raodarn improvements, gaa bath, Ac., aituated 47 Summit ntree*., Brooklyn, about tbree minutea' walk from Hamilton avenue ferry. l*rice I . mii" terma eany. Apply to Wm. 0. Stonti, corner of Broadway and Hurray atreet. IT OR SALE? ONE NEW FIRST CI.ASS FOUR SlOltY houae. in the block ot five all al.ka, -<? by 6"i foot, No 4<J Twenty fourth atreet, between Fourth und Lex ington avenuea. Haa every convenirfuoe. I'oaaesaion immediately Apply at 44 Kaat Tw- nty fo irtn atreet, or at 44 Wall atreet, to CHAS. 11. SMITH. FOR SA1JC? A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SKAT, ONE hour'a ride by cam and ittge over one of the beat plunk road a in the country. The houne coataina nine rooma, with waali houae and all necessary ootouildinga, with about 2^? acrea of due land and tha b?at of fruit. All information can be had by calling on <1. W. TAYItOR, No. 6 Ann atreet. For 8ajx? the uosk and fixtures of stock No. 5";? Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Alio, a magnificent plat* giuM exhibition case, being one of the largest ami most costly us<?l at the Crystal Pais. e, and va'ued at 91,.!00. Will be fold low for cash, if to plied for immediately. WM. ?. PARSON 4 an 1 JOHN CLARK, assignees, 1N7 Broadway and .M Cedar street. For sai.e? a superior brown sconjc uuimk, | 30xfW feet, lot full depth, bo 1 lurty -neveath ntr<x*t, between Fifth iwiil Sixth avenue*. All modem improve m< ntN. and iu all reapecti a first class house. Street an mi; width as Mad hod avenue. Apply to I). F. VAMLIEW, 1,110 Broad way. 17?OR SALE ? A FARM. AT MOUNT PEASANT, WKST ' Chester county, about two miles and a hall e**t !r?m the railroad station at Mng St seventy U?e to eitbtjr aires, farm house, carriage house and ast ral otb-r outbuilding*, orchard, cboioe fruit, shrub berr, Ac. with beautiful scenery, a bo it six acres w Mid land. Appiy to E. II. BROWN, 71 Wall street, from 1 to 3 P. M. _ F?R BAI.&-HOC8E AM) 1/TT NO. bl EAST TWEN ty hi x tli street. Lot 21 feot by half the block* Douse 81X99, three stories and basement, witi. mo lcrn improvements. Terms liberal. Apply at 3?2 1 ir?t ave nue, corner of Twenty third street. FOR 8AI.E ? A VERY GENTEEL FOUR flfORY E\G llsh basement house, on Fourteenth street, between Mxth snd Seventh avenues, with every modern improve ment that could be de?ired Will be sold low, anl but a small amount of money required Possession 1st of April. HOMER MOKUAN, No Pin* street. E^OR 8AIJD? ONE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY AND basement brown stone front house, ' 0 by AO feet; [ lot, 08 feet l? inches deep with all the mo ji'rn inj rove 1 ments, situated at 64 Last Thirtieth st ?e'., lie'.ween Fourth and Lex. n .'ton avenues. Inquire oi JOHN W. FIE1.1 J-.R, 60 East Thirtieth --trcct. FOR 8ALB? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A fXM ' fectlonery and ice cream saloon, one of the bust locations in the city. Inquire at 3>KH, It" very. ]/OR PALE ? THOSE FOL'R FIRST CLAW TENEMENT I . houses known i. No*. 110, l'JI lil aul 134 Ea?t Twenty ninth str-et just finished wUL all necessary convenience ; pays about 90<I0 a year each house, will lx sold i-eparsle or together; term- very easy Inquire at 115 and 117 adjoining, or 110 KaU Tw. nty tlfth stn-et. ImiR SAI E ? A Bl'PERlOR BROWN 8TONK IIOCHE IN Pacific Street, near Clinton, Brooklyn: lia.i sll mo dern convenience*, water, fas, furnace. built for the present owner three stories and attic, ba?emeritaad under cellar; on easy terms, by ROUEKT BARGHANT, No 7 Jauncey court 41 Wall street, IAOR SALE? IN THIRTY -EIGHTH STREET, NO. 18M. neai Eighth avenue, a four st >ry brick bouse, 33 by 40 leet lot % by lix>, store unoern- ath. i'rice onlv $4 .100, and must 1 1 sold for want of tuocey, an I is wortfi at least 9.r>, 100, 93,300 can remain. AppytoJ. VAN WAOMIB, 172 West Fortietli street. ]7?OR SAI.K? WITH I EASE OF *90* YEAR -I, THE wholesale aad retail contectioni ry, with, hit lies au<l toots, allcompleto for manufacturing. la quire on the prom ses, 68 Third avenue, betweon 3 aa<l 6 Y. M. 17NOR SALE ? THE YACHT MARY, ABOUT 111 foNS, " sloop rigged with a nee suit of sails, * >arylhing iu per'ect order and .i very fust sail) r She no Ites at tie Atlantic hotel, lloboken. Enquire of A. BAKhKit, at the hotel. ] X'K SALE? HOUSE AND I/)T 175 SPRING HrRftsr, . lot Ho leet d-ep Ily converting the dwelling into a store will pay well. I'rice $10, 0U0. Inquire of J. II MILLER, i'-A Canal street. 1.M)RHAI Jt? THE SUBSTANTIAL THKKE STORY BRICK bouse and lot, AOW East Broadway, having all the convt nieoces of furnace, gas, baths, Ac. The house is in ei ellent order, and will be sold at the low prict of |i> i.Cy, with two thirds on mortgage if desired. Apply to EH. l.UDl?W, 11 Wall atroet. For bai f^-thk focr stjky brown stone front house Ih West Thirty second street, near Fifth av enue sl/eof honae 32ix44 leet. Also the new three story brick house on Iierington svenue, tnt house above Ibiity third street st re Tjxli feet. Price 90,030. In quitt'of the owner, 15 West Thirty second street. I 'OR ,-iAIJ^-THF. !?U>OP LIBERTY, EIGHTY ONE toi.s register, carries 110 tons coal built at Nya 'k, about ore year since, of tne very best materials and in the best manner, well found in rigging, sails, anchors sodfiiains. Will be sold very low indeed. For further particulars inquire of A. H. BAY1.RS, 194 South street. Ij^OR SAI>? THE I.EASE OF TEN YEARS OF A HO and store in one of the beat situations in lirosdway. >oi a etand of business it cannot 1? surpassed. Inquire at A hFJUiEA NT'S office, No. IS Wail street. T7")K SAl.i? A HOI "HE, STORE, AMI SIX ACRBi OF r land. In the town ef Kastchester, W?st<:hester county, N Y., twenty one m les trom New York city, two and a hall miles Irora Tuckahoe one an l a half miles from the SraredaU depot, an 1 en the post r fr< m New Vork to Whtte Plains. For further parti u Urs inquire of the subscriber, on the premises, A. L L'NDKRHILL Ev.r saie? an elm; ant and oompletf: otar liabmnt for a rmall family, cnasisllag of one of the most valuable and beat broken burets in the city; a city made c.upe roekaway ; a set o' heavily pLatel bar c<?*. dr*?s blankets, sheets, Ac. also. oa? new top wa gon and light harness, suitable fer tbe sain* hone, wbii h is Isst wb>'n on tne road. These articles wer* all Blade to triar for this h?>r?e by the best workmen in >ew York. They will l>e sold low according to their v*#ue Apply ai P. Fagan's stables, H?J Weil Twenty SSiOlid street T.-'cK bam - a none now doing a good bi i f nets, a short distance in the country. In s flourish tng Tillage on th? Hudson Riv?r Kailroad. Has been in operation for eight year* Th? reason lor selling ? Uie pre?ent occupant going West. h>r particulars Inquire at ISH Atlantic ?lrret, Rrooklya. I^OR 8AIJ? A VEBY GKNTEtX AND FIR-T CLASH boardirg bouae in the lower part of the city , re pute with ail necessary intprovein?ota, furniture fee. reason for Mllli.g, sicknees. Aptly to W. R. HAKMSON A CO., lil'S Bread way. It R UUE-TOI HOIHH AMD LOW NOS JO 111 H Ludlow street, each lot beiag 2i feet front by half tbe bloca For terms apply toll J Bosen, 121 rir<t stnet. or E B. Ssabury, lliSouta street, Eie< jv?r 1st R luLI-n?ri<TOCK7 nXTTrvWI, "ANJMJOoD will of s regular lieen??i saloon, alth two back loom*, tbe fee- location In the city, and dniri (tbe best business Kent very low, and for saie very cheap -for oas vb zl "f its value. Kermpts from %\{ to 9 0 p-r da; tf % re of Hoi.liHR'itiE H WARAKM, W S Bowery, Auctoaeers, FOR IALK. PK SAlJt- TWO SPLfcNDW IHM'SB, N08. 13 AND II E*at Thirty flrit (treat. Alto, i very superior blown stone houM la Thirl) third street Price, tin, 000; onlv >3,600 down. Many other twir>M> hounee I* fashionable localities. For euii of wtalutoo ud far ther particular* apply to CHASE k FULI KR, No. 7 New ?tree!, third d*or from Wall. For ha ix? in a vkky pleasant city, wrranr mi; acceai of New York bj steamboat aad rail road, and much freqaented by military sotapaaie*. target and excuralon partial, durraf tha Mam, a Ant rate resrauraat and party house, containing an ample saloon, private parlor*, for supper*, dinner* awl the like, a noble ball or dicing room, allowed to be the finest in the State in which it it situated. of 110 by *>0 feat, with every acoonimodation, of gentleman'* a?l ladies' dressing rooms, Ac.; good billiard roams, pro vided with drat rate table*, an.' on the drat floor, a It diea' icecream saloon and confeotienery, lilted up with uncommon elegance, which can be let, either separate or with the remainder of the establishment. This house haa done a splendid business the paat season. I'h* good will of the establishment, lease, furniture, stock and fixtures will be aold on favorable terms. Apply for Information to HENRY C. BRANDT, It Nassau sU >et rH HALF? THE LEASE CF TEN YEAR-i OK A THREE story briok liou-e, with etore. on Hroaaw.ty, inous ' of the be't business locations al*o tha three story and basement loodern brick house and (tweety years less*) of lot 64 West Fourteenth street, near Hfth avenue Ap ply to A. SBRUKAM', 16 Wall street. I |WR SALE ?A COAL, BRICK, LI MR, LATH AMD OK [ neat yard will be aold on r?K*ouable terms; it i* eligib y aituuted in a location lor ilolug a Urge ami pro fit able business The owner I* in the wboi.-sal- loal bu ainess, and caunot attend to it; ran furnish the parties with coal if required. Inquire of CAARLKS Mli.LMt, 07 Nassau strett, room 9; or an partner taken. F(ll< SALE? A THREE STORY KRAMr! DWELLING house, IS by 36 feet, with a two ? tory wtowint II by 19 feet, court yard io front, Iron f?nre, i*? id house and *tre?'t, and a row of shade tieea in front. lot 24)* by IUO feet; situated cn 1be east side of Kr.tnkl n aveuue, 100 feet north from Dekalb avenue. Priue I'H , SI, sod can remain. Apply to CROWKLL A: IIAi.DWLN, 341 Ful ton street, Brooklyn. IfOR SALE? THE I .BASK OF BCD-DINGS NO 770 I and 7H1 Broadway, having eight ) ears to run from ' the first of May next Apply to W. H. PARSONS, or JOHN CLARK, asaignees, In: Broadway, or 30 Cedar street. ],-U)R SALE? A FOUR STORY KNULISH IIA-KHKNT hotse on th>' uorth side of Twenty ninth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; house 2b feet front by 64 feat all the way up, buiK in the most substantial manner far the owner, has all the modern improvements; will be aold for less than coat For further particulars , and card,, of admission, apply to ANSKL C. LOOMIS, | 1,128 Hroadway, near Thirty fourth street. 1,X>R SAliC ? A liAKKKY, CONFECTIONERY > ANII Ice cream saloon, excellently situated, (Eighth avenue, near Twenty eighth st/eet.) and doing agnl buslurs*. The op|M>rtunity good, terms reasonable. . Abo ebrap, and terms easy, two three story brhk Louses and Mtores on l'rasuent street, near liiuiiltun avenue; three on Hamilton avenue, near South street; and four on Fulton avenue corner of Adelphl street, bv WALKKH ti CO., 76 Nassau street. For salf at a bargain? a mkat, fish, podl try and vegetable market on Eighth avenue lilted up in tbe naatesi style, and now doing a good cash busi ncss. 1. ease of the premise* at only SI.1)') a year rent Will be sold v?ryeh?*plf applied for immediately. In. quire of CRANTO A; TAYIOR, No*, vjrt and 27 Washington Market, corner ol West and Fulton strsets. ITiOBSALEON VERY EASY TERMS? A NEAT THREE story high basement brick house, situated on Di vision avenue, near Fifth atreet, Williamsburg, L. I. Only asma|l stun required down, balance can remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire at the Real Relate ODlce, (basement), 126 West Sixteenth street, near Seventh avenue. 1/um SAI.K, AT WII .LI AMSBCRO? THE CtTOLA . cottage ho 11 ?<?, 4.'i6 Grand aire. t, with aev?n full Iom of ground fine ??r loii, fruit, aud itaMa in the rear, on I'owera atiee*. The bouae in in nrrllmt orHir, wllk gar, beater, and every convenience for a gi-utleiuan'a re sidence. Apply on the prim I tea. FUH HAl K CHEAP? ONE FRAME MOI'rili AND I/)T <.n l>? Kalb avenue, between Bedford sad No* tiaad Hrrou)*, houM -0 X .'14, three atory, banem-nt, and ?lib collar, marble mantlta, gratea, gaa pip?*, Ac , one half the parchaae money may remnln on bond and mortgage. Alio one neat frame fcouM on Ltfayellu avenue with one or more lo?a, near Tom)>kiue avenue, houee 20x30, two atory and baaement One-half tho purehaae. money may remain on bond and imrtgage. Inquire of BALDWIN K HI KT1S, I'll Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. ]7<OR HALE CHEAP?THREE i-TORY HRICK HOI'IE and lot No. 1 t'.-l Mat Nineteenth atreet, near second avenue, with all 'lie modern Improvement*, ba'.h, wa terclonta, ajieiUing tube*, furnace, ^a ? fixture!, kc '1 lie rar^cta will be hold with the houae. Inquire on the premiari. Fur SALE CHEAP? THE LOT, WITH RTABLE AND carnage houae, on the corner of I.eiing'on avenue and fifty ??e nd atreet. AI?o the al.iuijbtei boute and lot adjoining, on Fifty aecond ftreet Inquire of Mr. K. CKAhTO, 2C and 27 Washington market. ].M>R SAI.K CHFAP? lOl'R CYLINDER BOII.EiW, 30 feat kng by 2d inchaa diameter: mar be leen la operation at I rtce'a marble m* null, corner of Kirui/ ton ?nd Attorney atreeta. Alao, for aale, to the trtle all kindaof Italian marble, aa?<d or in the block, on liLeral terma. IpoR BALE CHEAP?' TEN FARMS IN MONMOUIII ! and MMfllikil rountiea, New .ferev. ai'e from twrnty to thiee hundred ai rea. alao. aaw mil*. grlat u.illx, anull mill*, on good atrnania. all near rail run I ile Eita and atramboat landing!, and within two to thr?e 30 ra tra i'l of New York or Philadelphia. For Infor matin rail on It. 0 WEIJ/4. architect, .'<* ChtroVr* atrnt, third floor, backroom, from 10 A. M to 2 I' M. Will accompany puinonn to the premiaei to jul^afor themselvea. IpOR !?A!.K AT A BAROAQf TIIK Flil->T CLAM ? three atnry brick houae, Ml Tenth ?treet. near Tompkn,* ?quare, built in the moat aubxtantial mtnaar, with i<"o<l convenience" Apply to ROSWELL O. PI Kit' K l ine atreet, comer I. roadway, under tb ? Metropolitan Bank. ITtOK SAI E, Oil Vt ILL EXCHANGE Hilt A II01K . in Brooklyn? A new bull, an I eight lota, on Maten lalend, three mlnut"- walk froin Vaoderbilt'a landing Apply to ItOBKKT MAIIGHANT, No. 7 Janurey Coart, 41 Wall atreet. Foe bale ob to ua? fata mown stonk Fogliab baeement houaea ? S oa. 50ftt Mf aod 3M H'Ht Twenty aecond atreet, biteeen Ninth an 1 Tenth aieiiuea, finiabe 1 in the beat manner, with all th" 1a >? drrn improveaieota. In ju re on tli? prtmiaea, of M. I'lNDAlt. 1 1MB BA1JE OK in UBF? D? THK VILLAGE <>y n^ ack, IlocWan<! county the h'.tt^l known at Hi" York Ilouaa. Tbe abov* boua ? coi.lama forty rooma, an I ia coaaidered the beat atari 1 In tbe county. AUo, on* four atory brick atore. It ia well adapted for mercantile or manufacturing pur|-<>?> ?. lor particulara apply to THEOIlOKE 09 Pearl atruet, New York, or to A/.AHIAH Itorj/I, on the pramlaea. ]7*0E 1AUE "it To urr? THE FOCB TEAEV LEAK etock, furniture and hiturea of a rmall hotel on the >.urO[iean atyla. up town, rooma of whlrli pay all etoenaea of hiuaa; retlauiant on Hr?t floor, fitted aplandidly, b?i - ainma go<d, two thouaand men emplcyed on aainn block; gi.c chance for boardini;. A man and wife uu laratan : ing tbe buaineaa can make money. Oa?, water, range, allde cupboard, and everything conveg.ent The |.ropr<>< tor tal>ea a large bon>e down town No one nee?l aj.ply without $..o0 or I'iOO caab Call at 212 ttroa>lway, room No. 13. I^OB BAIJC (fit TO lirr-A THREE 8T0RY RKOWN atone front houae, with modern improvement*. aituaUd in Nineteenth atreet, between Kightb and N nth avinm a. Apply to > I NL'ND A .SMITH, ripru<;e ?tract. I 'ok BALE OR TO LIT? THE vacant LOT IM >juit Twenty third atreet, and the bri"k atable and lot in tie rear, in Twenty Mcond atreet. In>|ulraat6i l-aat thirteenth atreet. I'l.R HAI>: OR TO I.ET A l.ARt'K IKH RIE HOI.' HE | at ^a>t New >ork, luitablefor two or four familiea, w 1h about one acre of rich ground. Hoace new. Ac cc?? by omnibim or railroad In thirty mln'iUa, at cheap fate. Apply to Oil AKi U K Mil I.KK. 10? Broadway. i IyoB BATE OB TO LEABE? A WELL BUILT ANI? I rommodiou* bonae, with atore atta?h<el. located In the flouriabmi; village of Mount Vernon, in Weatchoetar i cotnty, on tbe New Haven Railroad, lately occupied by How and & Cooper, aa a firat ciaaa family grocery, with aaleaof alou! t20,000 per annum, and tMe l>e?' buaiaMa ?taul in the place The flxturea and *tO"k w II ala*! be <!>e(oa?d of with tb? piemi?e? at a bargain Tia par'i wlaltlag to embark in a aafe aad pront?ole buatne?> thia pre?ent> a favorable For furtb-r parttn lara in., uire inime?Iiately of KIJ^iWOKTH < IIW.-'KBR' ? '.I ' ),am??ra atreet, orllKNHYt.. 0CVHI1KR. 2lft Wa.h Irgtoa atreet. ].V)R ?AI F. IN BRfiOKI YN ? A CASH RETAIL ORO- ' * eery of ov*r $?? 0 per wee?, aad wbi 'b can be in created \? alm< ?t anyj' .njbt 1 here la So liquor ooa meted uu the buaiae-a and tbe atoea, 6xtar?? Ae., ? rein firat rata order, ma<irg it a mo?t d. -ira'-le op p?r tunlty frr a Wtihiag to enter that km I of bu-i neaa Addr*aa M. A C. , Herald otfloe 1MI1HAYK.ME p'l.-'Alf El VK LOTS 001 'A'Mt Of Thirtieth atreet oa? do we?t aide, near in rty firat atrtet ooe ?> corter "f Th rty Mon1 ?treat, thr"? do O'ar Thirty third atreet two do CO* oof of I'. rty ?Ixtb atraet, ?*n- do c r?i<r of Thirty -ev?nth ?tree'. three do naar Tl.irty aerenth treat three do roiMror Thirty 'igbth rtreat, four >'<< toicr of 7l Irt / algMi and Th rty alctb atreet one <!o. at a l>*rgefa ia T we ?, j. third atreet wl'h parly walla '.wo do in fwemy ftatM atreet, |,e%r Kt.'th avenue two do. la i eenty fif'.u (trewt, teo do in Thirty aaeoad at-e?', twenty one U ia tnir ty faattb it e?t utai>0 l.ftl. avenue a*4 Itr iadeay, tvro do. la Thirty aeventh ?kr?- 1, ? itber ai te Fifth ?v?aue , f< ur do, ia Ihlrty etghtb atreet Appiy ta B04WEI ' <> HUH l ine ttiaet, a.raer of Broadway, under Metr ? p<>!ltao Kaak ei IJflHMMB - r??R .?aia, ;he HHHft t?k>!.-i f hr of t- . fa^ 1 .ey ai ;*te4 a fir v,? ,?n < ? ?ween JoUa aad %ler?Uail alreeta, near Ja^Kaoa fer*y, tofe'hev w th ".a lea* ? of feet, ry aad d*> dp?1/ ! at No ? I1?tt atraet Nev Twi _ roN MtiB. xfWTSri. LOT FOR SALE ? THE TURKIC 8IORY xl and bunnit brick twin, 31 Wo ?rt*r street, dIM Crotoa ?atsr, bath room, he., md in good order. 1'rlce, W, fcOO. Term* ea?y , no* rested for 9M0. The ttiul will remain if dNiH. larfulre of J. A LAW | RKNCE, 140 Wert Twenty second itmt, or H fill. House and ijot in walker ma jcr for ?aim. ? The very deeitab.e two story ?n<t sittic Iteuee, No. 13 Wont Wilier street, will be -old k* foe cash M L SiiklJMtN, 85 Kwtu street. IMPORTANT 10 DRroCIXTK ? ' THK SUBSCRIBE# baring two first class retail drug store*. ii obliged, oo account of hU health, to dispose of one of tti?m Both stores are well eatabliabed aoing a retail cash trade of over 910,0< 0 per year earV To ao; one wisbiug to ' engage hi the business, this Is an opportuuity seldom to be Blot witli A ppjy at the corner of Eighth ?v?iiuh ani Thirty fifth stieet, from 'I to 3 1*. M., or at Srt'i Hudson \ street, from 9 to 10 A. M . I' B. KNAPP. Lease and fixtures for hai.e with BTSAM power? The buildings now oceupie I by the Union Color anil Chemical Works, situated corner of First live sua and Third street , suitable for any ni mufa<luring pnrpo-e requiring large premises. with sufficient sl?suj power I'oeai'mion 1st of May. Kor particulars, E. HemlH. bo* IlHtt port Ollice. VKW HOUSE FOK MA1.K, CHEAP K()K C\SH ? A liouae on the seulh ai<ln of Thirty fifth street; ia the third houae east from the Fourth avenue- ia ? new three story bouae, brown at?na front, with all the modern improvements Inquire of Mr HARVEY, at fie bouae next door west of the one for sale, for term* an J to view the house "I \ EfcTAURANT FOK SALE ?THF, PROPHIKTORS OF A _1\ very popular anloou on llroad way, in g?'?d buei near, being unable, from other arrangements, to atu .nl it, will aell ball the intereit a great bargain, to nse who Can give it personal attention, or tbe whole, if ileairel. Apply at '.!54 Washington straet, up ataira, from U to 12. STATKN ISLAND.? TO BE SOI.HOR LEASEii FOR ONE or more years, the large fuiaiahed minsinii of Mrs. S Orymes, ?ttuatrd on the highnat hill ot the island, if teen minutes' walk from the cecond landing, and c >ui mandlng the moat sxtensivs view. Also, to be sold, tbrfe Oof ages and several b< autilul builling lot?, eov ered with forest trees, all situated on the lamu hill. For (articular* address Mrs. S. ORYMES, on the pre mises. STATEN BLAND C0TTA0E.? A TURKIC YEARV ?esse for sale on a new and comfortable house in a beautiful location contiguous to both ferrios; ground* m d vegetable garden in a liijh state of cultivation. "Wi lding for four horses and two cows; ago>ei poultry yard, itc Als.i lor aaJo, tl e modern and complete furnit ir? of the establishment. Address N. N. (postpaid), lion 1,337. Post Office. mo IRON Ko NDBM FOR HALE, A TALC ABLE I full lot, situated 10(1 feat west of Fourth avenue, in Hllty fourth street. Tie* whole can be takun out in iron castings. Apply st 10# Bowery, N. Y. rito BUTCHERS ANI) OTHERS ?FOR SALS, THE J stock and fixtures of a good lari(e meat and vege table market, in tl.e city of Brooklyn. Price low For particulars, inquire of r. C. VAN VOORHIH, corner of Myrtle avenue and Adelphl street, Brooklyn, or of M. A. SAROENT, 16 Wall atreet, New York. TO BUTCHERS.? THK. SUBSCRIBER HAS SUDDENLY concluded to sell out bis business at a very low price Call at the premises, Seventh avenue ami Sit teenth street, southeast corner, before l'i M. TO BOSS CARPENTERS.? |DR SaLK CHEAP, A PRE niium morticing mat-line Can be aeon nt the store of K. E. MOSS, corner of I rand and Caunon stfeeti. riAO BE SOI. H A BAMMN -A STKAIUIir I, INK EN 1 gine turning lathe, a iltst rate machine, and in per feet order, with everything i i.niplete, will be sold ch ap, if applied for imme.iiateiy Address K J., HO Nassau street, between Fnlton and John, room No. 2A. Ttw? fi IX size Brn.bivo lots, at a bargain, situate ob Forty ninth street, between Uwliaon an 1 Mfth avenues, free from rock, and nearly level with grade. One half the purchase money can remain at 0 per cent. Title perfect. 1) K MOIT, IT Uprui-e stree'.. 1 | PBOLBTKBY TOR BALK, OB EXCHANGED FOB %. I property. K iltaeu rrurt eatahlialied, up town, lu a i {[ood IoCHiity, with Aral -lane cuatom To any one ?nil rig to commence hunin<- '* tlila I* a rlia?' ? latldom met 1 with, aa tbe proprietor winhae to retire, and will tell out j on accommodating teriua Addraaa, until Wednc < lay, Y. '/. , Herald oBlce. Til IB TIIHK ]> Hi IKlU- 1 PUUM.HE UROONlki, UAKI.kM. ? | wii.ijam A. BAOWHi nam to tun IritoiU ami the public generally tliat be liai dow complete'! hi* e*tenm\e lmprn\ ementu at Mil* rel -hrale l p are of retort. addttiou* have l>?.in Dtil" to bin ht.itli'e, which cow n fiord accommodation* to a I tlioao who may avail thenmelve* of lliair convaolenr-x Borne ol the iiiOet c? lebrated raciui( and trotting naga are now in training on In* ground*, among other* of Ilia own iro Wild Irialiinan, I jit In Kiea, Kilen, an I II ira Ten. pie, whi''h rao l? wn daily by peraona diamine t to flail the prtm ken Ihe training track ami rii'.et grntinda ire now in fine order, aud are unequalled t>r any other* in the country. 'lhe hotlM hart uo lafRMM lilrntira repairs, and lar, r vMitmn* liai ?? been ma U , malting tlie whole vue of tha not perfect ?itabliati nieiite io Ihe world. rami ii? 05 A A A A A ? money to uoas os lilt B\)\/V/e\/ v Vra B.onda, watche. J>-*elry, ?? g.ira j anof'itna, n>*rcbMtliu>, aud pa rao na I property ?? tie-ally (or bought for raab). Iluameta ootlilwllal atil eie^uKi! priDfllt at tl Naiitu atreot, rtratfioir back oil. re HjlhKM K k CO* I Ilrokera, 78 NfcaaM (t I yrjf f f\ I w |i \ TO IjOAN ON PI AMOS I W, ?OOLf e watcliea, jawxlrr. f.3 . or bugV. for rK, h. i.ood city a'.ocka, uot?a boo la an I niorttfa,??, hill (I iirkani*, it., negotiate*! Builoaaa coniluen t il, and promptly atecutad. at 1M Naaatu atre<'t rooir No. HlOMfboN k 00,, broken an 1 coromitaioa inr ebMia. Sd/A AAA ?HOOD riBST Oft B800ND M9RT H V?UU va t<?<"a, harini? one or tw i y ara " r? na .'.aw ^ nrk city propeity only, will !??? ur ti aa. i ilao, | to Iota, on trit cliu inftoitd ?ro ] perty Inquire of KO-WH.l. <> I IKK 'K Ploa itiNt or I fcer o Hi' ini way, under tb? M> tropolllan llarik ids AAA ? Momrr to iaanon dux vna, |J?,? ),l M M I, witil.ia, jaweiry, lueiohai 1 ?lid' piatola, fce.; or bought for ra?h Itu<ine*.?< >n'l dtolal and aate. Apply at tha old aatablitbad an Otiice v.iT lirand ?tre?t cornet of lloirery, aacool t ?>r. for aa'e a llrfe cpantlty of rhainpairix, tl pa* ad Ttiiri'i IVraona d<-alrliii( t<> pnr' haae will Ood it |(r-iatly to tb'lr adrtntaga to call a? above. s it. woorjxr. (IV W 14 a n/|A ? ftONKY TO IXIAV, OS III \ lC' ' 'a ' ' V/\/a nionda, Wltcb"*, je?d rf, plate, j diy K' * t?, ??|rar?, or DMrcbkndiae of o*aiy d?ar p' <n I) !-ia> ? rool'lential . >13 Itroadway, an I 153 I ultoo atraei, r '?tn No 11, third atory. ."TKKI. h CO. W6) AAA WAMKH, ON BOND AS'D MOST | *a<?, on t'iri'- Drat (liN iionx). ulual' l on I* x iMf(a T'>1> areatte. No I rokera,;> 'ill b* ptnd Addrr?< liiveitneBt, ll?rald olflr". gj I / i AA/\ TO l>OAN OS KKAI. IMTt IK W J3p J '/#U' 'V tbia cltr, In mm/ aum from < I upward*. Apply to W. H WOfili, Wail atreat. Wn /WlA WANTED ? KIMJM TWO TO KIVK " /' I yeara will ?e. ure It ftra to < rie, by Ix/Bi'. and mortgage on real eatat* in Michigan, and pay ten |-er ient. Ad Ireaa J. V. rt., Herald oltif, fur two day a. ^ NV AM' I NT <>V MOVKY TO LOAN, OR WILL, A buy at alght for caah at hi?>hait priooa, mrrraan ?l/ e, d amond*, j' w. Iry, p r< p?rty or a??ur!ty g-i.erally, at the oi l re^ponaihl" I'aclflc olfcr.e, oter l'?-iflc Itario, 114 Of n.d eiraet Hnalnaaa (tri'tly ant a*!e thr?? private offlraa. BltOKIN liANK lill. I.H BOl l.lir ? OOVWSMK.N'r i Mock, 46 cwnta Vt- ' barn, a' Hank, M'mpLia, I -tiik llank, Veruioot, Ml, VYbeat Omwera' 10 M?r cbanta' lUnk, llrldgeton, ?0. 11 NATH hS, 8? <?a*l (trtwi. CtiMlA' IN ANY AUOI ST OK I't K' JIa^KIi J at ? *bt, d.amonla, watchea rich j<-w?lry, ?n! valuahi* ^raoaal property gwoeral'y. h WltHf. V* Pi, vooati ?t, e*e?ad B.?#. front rooa, fro a V A M ta IP. M (1AMI laiKKRAlJ Y AliVAHO HON H'it MKHOIJ) PCK J gitu'f, I' jawelry, (Old watchaa firaarw.a tiautlcal i atruni'nta. maehanlaa' Wjoi ? an' p?r> nai property of any i|*>criptton, left to ba aold at ?>i' tn?o or b?'iKbt out for ca?h, and h.gheat price pa. 1 ft r at i4 (.nti.i r ne treat, by M')CA> > itA Y 4 WAJ.TKK ?. IfiViM. t avwom DtfrntTViN, g? wa?kkj< m imn, oae d<or Iron. <>rew??lcb. ? <> j^n da.!y froia 1" A 4 to 1 I M and 4 Ui 1 V. tS ir.teraat at ti e rata of ? I ja> 'eat aitoead oa all auma from II to fnafundj of tbka ioatltntico ?ra awnraly lavaata 1 In >"<0 ? tal nortrage* la ti?- -tiyof Saw Y"rt, won:. d.<ab.a Urf autouat kaaad, an la ?. ?oda I* thie olty Ca'JJI ? t?l?>l?HU'^, tr m fi I-"*, , , . u. V Y aa I'arf, } v 'VonaaetLt L *> now, iwietary M iiM V 1 A^H IJRICTIAIJ.Y ADYANCEO ON watchaa,'.a a, p ?U | ano'artaa (urn r? |iiion?. I iuora or any ot,,?r d.*'-pt a o' pi rty at tba ageti y an ! loan o?, e :m4 tWo*>tway, r r--r I uana ei <*t ee- r.od floor, ro iiaa 'I. Conft lanea aad In nor wia | ba rehad ?p"-? llraarh o!fi?a ?l We?' -".i tntlb ?t?e?u M Hit OIIIJjN ? O'SKIIJC. tjNl.Y T'? 1DAN ? PERl?'>Nf Kl <l IKI T> <4V ? lit] a<* I ancea oo real aala'a, r anion t?, watcfe jeeibf, fainitara, ptaaofartaa, aptrlta. A , in '?.tl. b< i?e? r*'riair>a, cr othar pwr??.aai propavty a m ??? date ! a? liberal t?rm? proaaptaaaa aal 'oo'. Vnr- i all ram at tha I mp re I*an aod Agea- / OAoa, til \*< adwav. ix rum A VII A I HI NTH. Od 1J-T AM> A' IttfT -Aimrt' I AL ?Y>4 -JI-*?T recwivad, the largaat aa l ?! ?t beautiful talbtlMa u> artlketal 'yee avwr \ , to?y rea? ? I taa ratarai eve pt. 'ia* ly :a amor aad H(f?i..<ia af?4 will ?? vea?a-U> It, and -aa ba taeerVed aal nvtol wHI >?? the tllfllbit paaa at aperattoa The ivifeeaeoa t I tm Uberal Urmi JAMIH ? POWH ' M r> OnM a?1 A una W >1 M-->?:?a; BOAHPIWO AUDI W{>7 BKOAOWAY, HOCTHWEHT OOltNKK OIT NINTH ) J atreet? KaniUlea and eingla ooUemeu ran be aar?inmo4ated with Am room*, *incta or ta auita, and full board, in ? liouae with all U>? modern Improve mi-Ota, aUo a art of parlor*, uafurniahad. Dinuer at 4 0 'clock Keferance* eichangad. /> | n BROADWAY TWO ELKO ANT MKM or \)4 O front room*, itilablf for familiea, al*o rnu ioobi lor a amgle (vaUtatD, with full board. UouM coatalaa batba, ga^ Ac. Dinaer at 0 o'clock. /?.) A HliOAOWAY.? TWO OKNTIJCMKN AND Tilt! It familiea can be accommodated whh deairabl* roon>? and l.naro, parlora witb btdrMima, or rnouM, al?o, tan gentlemen with eingle room*. 1 4 r McmoM hthkkt, peontum an john'h 1 "if ) |>ark ?A room for two (ingle goiitltinmi, an- 1 Mutable fer a pliyaiciau'a olll-e Kugagement* wa?le for family roonm from I at of May, or previou*. tiaa, Imth, Ac. Keferenoe* aic.hang< 4. MA1,|SON avknuk? two blmant ?trrm f)'J of nmuia ran l>? had, either furniabed or on fu retailed. bjr the l.'th of March, in > ?? boartlug home Tin- Sou** la replete with all the modern aonve on ly. a, and the furniture uaw. Application to b? made a* abo\e. Hull lit real i?tag*? pa*a tlie door. QT KA^T TWfcNTY Tllllll) .STItl Ef - HAVDSOMBLT I 'J furnlalied apartment*, wltli board, may ba ob tainad in n llrat rlana kouta; location tine, with a Urge fruit garden aad private atable in the rear )TA nUKXUN hikkht.-two PARLORS m M 4 " ' tir?t floor, a good location for a pltyaieian. par lura, wi'h large !>??? 1 1 ooma attached, on the oii'l and third tloera llreakfa?t a#rve I If re<|tiiivd Rnnma all neatly furuiabvd , al-o our or two aingle rooma, for lodgioga. QA HOWARD STREET.? A BANDHOBE PURBIS8BD fit* ii'oiu to li t to ? lentleman and lady, with board for the lady ?l'Qii bedroom foi Miiale feutleuieu, with breaktait, il ilealred. Apply aa above. 1 A I NION 8Q0ARE- -A BANDBOX* PARIAH AND ' 1 v Wikioi on tin incotid floor, amiable tor n gen ticman and hi* wife; al?o, two room* lor atugle genile men. A LA ROE ANH PLEASANT KRONT ROOM, IN TliK second atory, furnlalied or uuluiuiah?d, with lar?-< pantry attached may be obtained, willi board, at Ml llouaton i treat, MiKiad block from llmadaray aUo, a room In the lourth atory. Awux n KNisian apartmknf to utr, with . full board, to n gentleman and hi* la lr, or to tw? aingle gentlemen, in R llrat clap* huuae, 10J VS'.tverley place Modern improtemeuta. liinnar at U o'clock. Apply a? *bore. AI-ARTMhNTN TO IJCT, AND YI'UNiri'RK POR 8ALK ? |j|(lith arenua, near Troy *tr??t, front roinn and l>ed rimin ailjoining, and Mtcbi-ri h\, furniture nearly new, together or feparate. Aldrraa Am itardam, llerald oflice, li?al' r? need not apply. a pew odrruomr can bays pleasant and j'V ordeily kept rootnn, wi li l.reakfaat and tea, mora comfortably furnmlnid tlrnn u?i*l in boarding bouaa*. I mention li * e ir i nu tea walk froai lultou ferry, Itrooklyn All oommanleauoai a ''l?"?ae.l to II. <> , lleralj ollice, will be promptly anawere4. Am'ht. op rooms, on m.oono floor, to i.rr with bt.ard, up town. Kuoun farnlatied or unlnr alaliad. Iteferenca required. Apply at iU Weat Twenty , third t treat. 4 PRIVATE KaMILY" OCCf rYlNf} A FIWT CI.VH J\ houi-e up town, 'will let to % xtotUmi m a bear- wn ? <n I he third floor, witll the pritil*|e at lioard with tbe lamily , the beat of reference* required. T?rm< ino derate. Addre** A. D., llerald oi'Xr.v. Board.? a parlor and hjcdroom can hkiiad, together <>r re|i?rately, with lull or partial leiard, at 11^ Ninth atreet, ac?t of and nnar Broadway. Board? a private kamii.y, wwiino td ac commodate but a few boarlert, would let neatly furiiiOici ioouii to a g?al)eniaa and wife, aud on* or two enisle gentlemen who would be permanent. Per annn deririi.g a neat i,uiet boitae, where ine feeling of fiooin can lie eojoykd, i?a; obtain audi on moderate ti'iim. l.o< atlon pleaaant and conrenlent. Ill# N oe teentl *tr*-et, l>?t w> < n .-ecoud and Third avenue*. No < reinnral at May. "|)<>arh. ? wanikd, irv a ukntlkman and wife, J I on* lar,/* mom, or jiarli r and lndr.i.?ni ilUtsliol, willi full bokrd lor both Allium W. 8.C., bo* 1,074 I'ut Ofllci, iUtin| trriio, tc BOAUD ?A B1UH1.Y UMSl'ICTABLK PUT ATI KAMI ly wihIiIuk to rf'lum Un*.r H?pan*' ? ? would bo happy I to accominodktat two or thn?a airi|(l.. (tnllfinan with Iknda'.tiii- roouia in k fllkt rlaa? iiouaa up town. k few 1 dnorn fr?tn ItioadwwT, cltbar with full or part a) board i I'lrur ak>td t V , llrrnl.l oflw- atating whaia m iniur ??ii w inky ba I in*! ! |kOAl.l> I I .- "I liiKIMH, WITH I'll!. All lAln.K, J) aiiil ni'Wljr mid bandiM.girly furoiaU-l. In a ? mull | ti?ktr lannly ll iuir Brit elua with kit nl*rn ill.j ru*rB>*Btl l/iatloa (Ok l.f tbi> duct in thinly .\iu<r<k? Oliver, I n:wn ?.|.i?rw Font (!fhc?, Hill l ? > > IkOARft ? A YKIIY ri.KAKAS'T I.AROK HJI ARK AT > tic room to Irl, witli full or partial I'Uar I, lo a prl ?kt?* Iioum, aiiitabl* for on* or tan jxruoii*. App.y kl 111 I rnriklin ktrrtt BOAKP -WAMJJI, A l AhluK A.VIi IIKIUMOW IS i<* Willi ? (.Urn Impror -Blent* with Wird for k lady mnl faulli-iDBn, where th'-ra are n > i l< .it* r?. A welow 1 .1 I * ,.refern-l Location on w.?l aide, bnwm IflMlrr tad Tnth itfMtl Addr.-aa i n noil nil I V , It .Stuart, I n on i^uare I oil Offl'y" B~ UARI>- VUtfMbUft ROOM.-, WITH POLL oil I a rt i a 1 1 >i<rd atao one l*r<" unftirn -l.rd front rooir lAmtion rtr; Mrkbll not ami to'il w?t r, kli' MM hktn, ft No II Iwauty -mil iIimI, nortli writ u-riier of I'rnk.lway. Ma**- p<> 1 t'i" liiiu'f B0AKD?WI1B VKHV OONVKNIhNf AI'AHT \O.N]r for fainillaa ir iunjcii yentb-oim I//' aoa ?ery dl ? i?Ll? fur K'utlCinfn down bo?m??? loWB town, rail and atagea (MilDf ti all (.art a of tli ? ily Apply it No. 4 Al..Ui< 16B k'|nar?, ancrmd 4oor frit l.atik atrwt. "I >OARH ? WaNTKH, BY A OIO.T14CMAN A WK | ) iitati'd loom with i-oard, In a prl?ai<- fmilly or where but few bonr'tta are tokia. I. >? ?i <n bol"W Iwetit* fl '>d atfet. d.ituar at 6 o < l< ck pi ;. rre I A I iiiwi I M , lltriUofl'*. Bt-AH!' I I* Tt'WN.? A I .A 1 1 V S I <.KNTI.r.MtS >?n i>? ae< oi.iteo'lktxi with (' o t I., ar I and a wall furii.?),? I rooiu on tb? ??roiid atory kl i on ? r two *m irlf gonUftifi. or y.uoK lai?-. ifoiiaw baa tba invlwra ? ii i i >. n '? t- and ,?ii' ?n>il.orh'HKl . t am and nta(p? NtmUnl. Apply at ii'i W?at Iblrty tr?t ktr^t |M(ID IV A fRIVATK FAMILY. -A NvfAl.l. TKI I f ?a<* family, hannr obi- n> r? r on. t ?n tl y ? abt, a u jmI liku to r*M it to a aln| l* |ri >ai>n w.ib or wit In lit t rtlal board. IUwioi b >i. '? .mrly f rn? .r) Apply a' <A Amity atra?t, (?'af,* ) BOaP.D IN A HKIYaIk m v l I AMI . V R 1. 1 tird or unfm di?b?<l apartmaat* It Lkl W< Iftnl W of four or fitr pfrawn. or a (arty of fl?? ? < n?n t.' m?n, with or with" . I boarl .No Ixiai >r? In th' bouaa 1 b? b?u>a totUiti a bath luum A(ply at llrootn* 4tr. ?t. Irom II to j I . Bhaiu) is |Hkcoki,vn -a rur usu awru ot*n < in l>* a?ronn^ date I with R0?< : bon 1 and pi' akant rooisa, by ap^lyiaK at K-i ntala *tr?rt, b>a mlnu> ? walk Iron. tb? rouUik'il MoBWmua f*rr ? ? Board in rr'?<ikuvn ?a <.kntlkman ami wifk ?as obtain a p'?aaant fr at loom, hai n( rfa'a an 1 |> with l/>.ar<l t?o ?.IJ*1' (WtUamwn far. ?> Ur t oi?n? datMl, In a prl*kt? f*i ..iy, n. nil* a w?;? fi.iton frrry Can | a>a tt? d?*.r Apply at 113 tan. ? atr?*t, llrouklya. BtlAKIi IN h<il III lIROOkCTN.? ftl U.t, WITH txiard, at <M I'raai lrat atrawt. two fron: twim, w lib |ar, wilhiti thraa mlaatwa walk Intm II. Mill o fairy, aii l t?n of ."mjbIIi farrr. In a j jiat ?ol nr?*kt.4a ft, inly, wb**ra a?rry attention la pa Uf Uia .nioal#a ti tba MMB.'ort of Ui<.? taaidiBg witn tb?m Boarh wamu?~ kkom rtiic khomc.,? r <m rwm ti' 1 at of May i.ait or (antUmao wlfa, a<<a a ad two dao?ht?ra, growa M.ii fain. at. tb- r <>wa r mai, ? ?'<p* . ar| .i? U ktii.ii 'antral, al?o?a lk.ul ilrxl Ail'Ir^aa K * W.* HaraJ I ofT.-a* BOARIi ?AMBMN VhiKiKI IN OK HK0 V'tRK in a r?ap*'Vabl* |>r<*ata family, for a (?ntl*R>t. >l.i bit wlfa wbar* th*r* ar* im otbar boar<>*ra j ?f*r r.d l?rn? mint ba aalaiala. Ailraaa Uw lftack, H'<?'l"ay I'Wt J>OARl< WANTXIl ??>R A l'ilO?i.-Vl?iNAL ? TJ > J u an aod farn.-i iri a ftl 'at* fam..y 1 w. >*a M.? aaaaad hoar with H?? aad prlr.ia^? af bat1 raantn I b* r*i< l.i-B.aB will a<<t '.lit* MB' Al .raaa i * .1 HaMM '.arm. I ?UAKJjI.S? ? (Ht TllfOK M tTirjIlN " ?S J ) i b i p aa<ant noma, wun |?i< atari, at M li ? >.,a >li>rt 1AOAR: l>U ATMWAKRKn .WII U. r - THKU! Ml* 3 kadiaa <-a?i t<* MMMl >'at? ! w .th a pl-a*aut rmm w tb hwar I alaa a f?w |>ui an.*a - *v.n>aa??!at?l wi'.h I- . ? ' cay Bbardara a 'Xtatad w.t . '-.*r , | jOAl i : ??. at ii< not i > fliiwr. ? ti r?r k i,?.s J I t.?i ? i. ran b* ?MMMMteM with fiiriuaS*^ ii ? li . partial boa rd, iaa arttlt) faai y ii? i,t '?? a I <a lit li*ati ri A yj-l) II M >i. W Wittiu . .,(,<? ?? d ' ' a'r?? ? |t? ' .an ? ^ > ' I I i ' ' IN I : I . V S '.IS IIH.S A 4 > gf i ? ?r t . b? . > a .. w.ti.f | ?'! ?i ! i?r. a ij r* ? ,i? a r.> w Wife nil IM tao>larB tuft .araaaatl aV f ? i . r, ..r . t'i< ? ItrM/alya unmttt*' ? a MHOis. H?B" *..iaa Bl I ? .a- <? . .. r WHB ' ..rt ,f '? . ?a 't . ? r?< abw i?.. .?*, ? ? ,.,j. n ?ti?at war Urtadai' / r .i ? il .. , J" OU.IV/*-- WIIM i iR Wl, ?I . ,{',:a J la h>1 at l?'< t.raad it . . . . . I'm ?-'Way '? ra?k"?a?. ? ??*?. IOM.INI. fO>>Hr H IUR IIR"A. WA . . f ?' j || Ml |i*r w.?a at tba <*raf it ? ?>r??t ?<?* nr af Rr?a4wo? t ?* * <? ifc* 1 p?a? p?aa ?.Afilt?. . i f| It 1 ?nr ' >T .WITH WMHI', in A VTWktr t \ + m 1 0 ? ? ??*f ? I*.# BOAJUMDTO and Lowura. rnTVV IJCT? AT 69 BIJtRC'KRK BTRETT, A rtUITK Qr J handaoane roonu, on the flrst Boor, to o ftiUm and hU wlfo, or to a port? of aingle tfeoUeoaoo, with or Without partial boord. The roots* will b* lot aoparet* It deafred. Uo? and bo th in the houto, and will ?ot nor* on tha flrat of May. riV) I >T A WFI.I. M KNLMIH) KKoNT ROOM, HJtA J aantJy for o gaotlemau, with or without boor 4. l'l**oae coll At 107 Tftiih atroot, botwoui Itruod way and I niveralty place WAN'l kU ? HOAKli IN A SMAL1. FKKNCH KAMILr. by o aiiitfU K?ntlriimu d?airnua of learning tho language. Kotorrmcoi gm-u ond required. Adftrooo 1. box, 1 , til ft I'oit Office, f??r tor do vii. Wanthu- my two yoino mkv, or tiik fikht ro* poet ability, rooma, with br?akfaat, to o pmato family, where there or? no otb?r U??rirt? Io?iUqo bet wet u Fourth and Fourteenth itmta, weat of Ilr<>a4 way. AddiNC K bo* 2,7'~J l'oat Oflice IIOiHKN, liOOMs, *V? ., W VNTKD* <L' i * i ii I J fc w ASl KI> lu r 1 ? 1 { 5f>\ >?' M J\ '? *6.1* <> or !???, tern ?h, I o two ??or/ b?^n.?i.l and nu'l attic Iioun, aitualod between Firot ai l msth otnun and HUth aud twentieth atr??4 o AUu $4,tio0v f'i.UlU, on unproved r o t worth double th?- oinount Apply to WALKF.K .V CtJ., 70 Noatou *tre*t Ann i j)i sii ixri wantkh ihk. advkktiab wi*ho* to buy a full *lta build 114 lot, in a r?- <p<unto ble neighborhood, below Thirty fifth atreot, mnat be rea?onebIe in pine for raob, or would buy a well built lhn? atorjf aud boaomeut brick houa**, with the ino?t?ro improvemt ota. in a good uaightx rhood Addrea* K. M 1 , liioadway !'o?t Offic#, >tat 114 alto, location, price, kr A WIDOW I.Al Y, DEMI KOL'H OF TAKING A IIOU4K fir the a u in mar a??a?<?u, on Stat n Ulan 1, waold llae to it party of Keuth-nirn who wool! becoSM ?wuritj lor ao<> pay her rent, In part piymnnl for tb**U' board llring al* ue, nut <i?*p?>n '< nt upon hor own ro a on 1 1 *he find* thin cout?# uecn-aory to prup^rlr ?o tal>iiah I ? r ??*- If Krfrranc* gf?< n, if r^pi re J. Addrooo, iiii uif%ii ot < ly , Mra H I'. I,., l'oat itfllct* I^AHII WAMKll, Willi >KOM To .H6 ACKl&H OK I.Hid, wnU hou^o and oth?-r wituin thrwo houra' rlil? of New York by raili 1 ! or at?**mboal, ta l>o paid for ao inurli p<?r year, a oonilog t ? wiiat may Ik* aj(rc?M), with lnU*r?et on the amount IboMi having o f ?iiii to diipoMi ol on ai.< h taraaa can a ldi< ?a S. t\ ?xm? IV, 'i'?o Hjoa.lwnj, atat n/ price nud lo aliou, witli ib?* an ount re<|iilrej /farly I^rKNi.^iKD iiornK WAsrtit kkom i in. riiur of M ?y, at a ino 'arata reul ? t*>roo at >ry aaJ attic, or four utory bouaa, b*tw?*<*u KLeacknr and H4? too nth and r'ourtb aud lith ao'uucn Ad lro*?( poat paid, (' II , boi l'oat OlOi ?? Gi MI 1 L 011 11 LBOI HI WITH H kmt kk, w yff o?l, by a hijfhly reap^ctohle fain ly, for one or itioro yeara, rent of which nol to eacO'xl t ?Mf [**-r anuino -It 111 u at no! !?*? nboie 'twentieth ?tr?wt, out within two blorka of Hr??idaay Apply at tho I mtwd .MaUl Ag*ao cy, KI'J Hroadeay, room 13. noi it WAHTUO B1 A tm I > Alilli ? AM A p#t nianent leaidon* e imiuor.UUdy, or from tho lai of May, with *11 the modem Improvement*. Io ?oin? t?-?l local l<?n below 'lw??iity foaith atr"??t reot not to excood for a good Uuanl. Apply to 11 Kloll Al'JiH, !'?07 liioa?!woy. Hoi 1 WAHTBIi WANTED n't LOWS <"? 1 V per | art of. or a ?mall liona#, by two j**raoo?. bo twe*>i> Krankl 11 and 1 ourth aVie^t#. flent from tww to four honored dollar* j ? r year lu-at of t?*feraoce? ^ von. Adf'reea i>tatinf< partlculara M K. 54 , (Ah) Ifcoadway l'oat Offlot. H< 1 I \s AN IK!' A SUA I l HOI IK WITH TIUI modrr j improvemonta, 111 the seventh 01 iwutli war?'N. AildrenN I. J ^ , Chatham a-juara l'o?t Oihoor utatirig tarrn- and oration. I 1 01 81 W H IP W AN Kt> ro 1 M 11 \ K, A J 1 atnali, w ell built three 01 four atory boua*. with liigli atoop uc 4-i o ">?|i>ra lmproreu" ?ta pro?* not U> **a Cet- 1 1 4? i.tion botoeeii fourth aol I w ttt/ ??All la tii afreet* arm Fourth and Ninth avenue Ad)rw?o lleriry, boi ?'f W&U l'o?t Oftco, *tatm^ tbo lowaat priol, teriua, A* I I Ol I WANTltl^THW.K TOItY IIAMIIMKNT, WITH J I all modern lmprot? m? nta, gai( t'rotoa, an ) both rotiin, >n a pleasant Io ati? n, we?t of ltr'?a loai an 1 not above Tw? ntieth atreet Kent not t?? eicel Ad On 1 ' I' II , 1 r> - hiiton atr?*?t. hr?t flo *tr, up at?lri Hot -K WASItll- WAM>n IM??:tilAII'.I.Y, A ?nail llift* alorjr bouao, with uio l*ru improva ru?nU, local*-: l.*lo.t-a iblrl m i fourth a?*nu*a, aa4 (mirUi iu>tl?ri.tir1li atrrota Ytarljr r*nt out t?M ct rd IIOn. Ail'tr* ??, lo< atiou, iru\ Au , J m M , Hroalwaj I'urt llOiro I I Ol HK WANTI.O iri A BMA1J. I A VIM V ? A (?M J | truii ul, (ImillB llllllli Mm ikwi l.aurtfc ?lirrt. rri.t mil to *ar raa f '< A.iir.a l> >> .'.W I'wl lilfrr. ?ttliPK location, ha, HOI >K WANTHl A I>MaI I. IIOI'RK WITH Till: nwliia laproaomatita. in tba |oo*r (.art of INo tit/. Na> cli'Miaa Ittut a' out llQIt '^a liroailwa/ l ot Office, alatin^ loot on abil tairoa nfll.-KUAMIO I AKT "I A I! it Kllll Ali. ibr oii'lrro liiij/ior?Di??i t?, gti, Croto'i, As, a mill ii hi ?? unaar-r-pllonol truant man, ?lfi-?nla*? foot, till rhil.trm I'.mtmo mutt - |>l*a-ant ln>(M ta?l !?? i?li lo.rl.i ml nut almai- I or I ? Ii atrial, roua- m.-at to raiiioart or atagr r ?>'i ?? I'-" ? r'l?-*i (lift ao-l r..j*lrt'I. Allow ?i?ln< lull ilrarrlp'iott ?>r apart ? Hit*, (frclit tr l>? a boxuaau' Ibo ?(>?u?at(l# roat n. tli, u^.i a nr till- i A I' Mi II AN I /lnaol 1 1tr? <it would ran a small ralUf a ?*| aNI KAI M I IS'. I! rIM.-H AM' i ??V ||U ill iu| a bit ? i f tho aina* iljili'.B i ti ?l>, in*) ai.oitaa, alatir.jr particular* A It N, ll*raM ofkna ? j a ? i or a ii'ii 1*1. w anti'j? if v mi nr n ? ?? T Ma< . I ; i > Baa ' r?|i?' tal.lo Ainari aa faunlr thioa fo , r n 'uia n a r**|. !???:? ii? . bba>rb'<<ati urt atna I litiHilli -tra-ot I'oa not ? < .-a- 1 1 11,0 |?r ana ina A' on an > a la.k, ?? J VI II , taot 4i Coat ? fl. ?. JJ.'.HI OK A HOI ? \? MaJ. I T Till. l*? I HAT? t"r a ft ti lo-n ai*. lit- a f* 1 a* yaif or upfow i. aft I a Ith ll'rlinb aii ap ra . <)i ooa of a nirlrrn I i. t i.i .a* b , ifanir*! i" ?*? fi - at a ant of iV-ot I. 'i A i'li? .a Jmbm>4||mVM a u fy iiart'-olaro 1 >Ai!T 'T a Hi i -i wavt ii i i ??!!? MMUM J A| * bf a an ? a 1 1 irrpo*-t?o.* , inortras fiaily af III >ro or I ,r j,an ? I. >ati- H lit t t>? a'Jirr h'litt lllft', 1. a?a' ? llf |1f" ' 'a l?l #at l4?tnaM|0| |?r?T | *? ?'????. ?? Ii . liaia ofS'a aU'. nflo cat if ? ?? a tr/ma III. /I I ? WAN III- 'N , niA?*'.! roll I.'KMI J\ i. a in ? ?' A mi I bn ao or a In > Hj ri I !? '. ru i / i r ?a boi I . IXI, I'./Il OS. a STATIN I.-l AM '.??tUi UN l-H HAY K'?K A laiml/ uf tl.raa u i ?t?iHroriJ a amaU nrat ./ iia r 1t?r*? la a ro.,o. taMa banhk-?h'??l an I atari l to KM ol tbo lanllB, . Al lOaa p>.|t (.til lull (aftklltif, u< VS W., tan I'. ' Ofllaa, H T n?-A'Tr.l'-A NKAT TA-TY 11/TTAOK, IN' Tlk^T II hritn4lfi NIMMM Vr >M or too a?|o of la*l, ltd lltiaM oitkia aa In ra rt-lo ?( .Sao torfc Tfv lecatK.a m??t t* j.l?a???.t an-1 tliO'o b/althf Thoa LxIiik or I |ilon.|raa l?. |*t na raaa uabU t 'MM. ml. I |.laaa? a.:4r*a< M f I. 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