Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1855 Page 5
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?eke this a precedent, and remove from offlee for no getd reason. Be doubted whether the removal would he proper, expedient or reasonable, and argued that it weuld impair the integrity ef the judieicry, and wouli be a violation ot the spirit of the conatitution. Wendell Phillips eioieo the hearing for the petitioners, citing ?utal; the arguments uaed by him on a former occasion Statistic* o t the Pork Trade. Cincinnati, March 6, 1855. The Price Current publishes nearly a complete state ment of the number of hogs packed in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennescee. The total' are over 1,330,000, against 1,788,(00 from heme places last year. Deficiency, 461,000. The falling olT in weight is estimated at eight per cent, making the total deficiency equal >n numbers to 666,000. A Mall Agent Shot. Richmond, Mtrcb 0, 185.i. The mail agent between Kaleigh ami Weldoo, nainel McGewen, was yesterday attacked by three men for a triBmic debt. During the metre, McGowen was shot by hie assiiiaints, and received no less than six balls in his head and body. When the traiu left he was supposed to he in a dying condition. Destructive Hurricane. Klmika, March 6, 1855. We were visited by a regular West India white squall last night. Chimneys were blo#n down, hou?es un seeled, Ac. Ihe car house of the Wiliiamspurt ani Jtlmira Kailroad was blown down, destroyed, and the .?agines injured Everything in the shape of signs, eexes, Ate., haw been scattered in beautiful confusion. McCoy's Hotel, near the depot, took fire during the night, and sustained considerable damage. This morn lag the weather is clear, mild and spring-like. Weather and Navigation at St> I.oule. l*r. l/Oi iH, March 6, 1866. The steamer Sonora will leave this city to day lor Kan van, and other boats will soon follow. The weather Is aaild, with some rain. Msurketa. I'llILADKLPlUA STOCK BOARD. Philadklhhu, M ir -h 0, 1855. There is no cbango in the money market to report to day. Stocks are stesdy at the following rates ? Heading, JO X, Morris Canal, 16,'*: I<ong Island Kailroad, lttjtf; t'eoDeylvania Kailroad, 4&X; 1'ennsylvanla State Fives. City Politics. THE FUHION MKBTINO. A meeting of the Committee of Arrangement! of the Central Democratic Union wan huM la?t night, in Tam nan; Bail, John Cochrane in the chair, and I.. F. Ilarri nb acting a? secretary. The details of the meotinj to be held tonight was arranged, and the variouii sub committees maile their reports and were dixchirged. The meeting wan private, but we understand that much dinaatiefactlon wa* expressed at the niggardly conduct of Hint of the Cuxtom ilou>>tt officer*, who witb not quite liberal enough with their funds to Hupport the m?ve> ment, and the official* in the City Hall had to be called apon, one of whom paid a* high a? $50 to promote the rucceas of the meeting. Among other*, we understand that Senators Cans and ltouglas have given positive assurances of being present at the meeting to night. The commune adjourned at an early hour. TUB TO UNO MEN'S SOFT 8HKLI. COMMITTEE. The regular monthly meeting of the Young Men's Soft Shell Committee wa* held hst night at Tammany Hall ia the Coal Hole, H. P. Carnes in tbe ehair, and David B. MeCullough and Samuel L. Houghton acting as secreta ries. The evening was spent in appointing the standing committee* for the enduing year, and otherwise perfect ing the organisation. Tbe by-laws were also acted u|>oa, niter which tbe committee adjourned to tbe llrat Tues day in April. Obituary. Mr. Abishai Emiy, a revolutionary *oldier, di >d at 'fennton, Mass., on the '28th ult., aged 93 years. Personal Inlelllgenee. ARRIVALS. At the St Nicholas Hotel? Capt. Stone nteamibip ('ana da; Mtjor Prince, II. H. A.; Hon. C. 9. .lone", Providence; Major iiunaldson, U.S. A . Hon. II. I'rin-le, llatavia; Hon. 8. M Wally, Wanliiiutvu; linn. JmUu 'Vain.', of the 1u Koie t'ouit,'ton; linn llishou l%rVin?, li;0<iveiaor Thnriton, Khnd - Inland; Marquis Talia>arns, Peruvian X i m nter ; Hnn. J. I.. Taylor, Ohio; Captain II. W. lailoek, Man t ranciioo: llun. K Mage, Troy ; lion. E. C. James, Halifax; llun. Thouias 11 HobbS, Washington; Dr. McC<ru. ic k, U. S A.; Col. Uenninr-on and family, Wa'h ?(ton; lion. J. Z. (ioodrieh, Massachusetts; Hon. R. W. Peckham, All any. At the Metropolitan Hotel ? Gov. Diinond, fthodn I .land; 'Ion. J Tencey, Cennsetlsat; Hon. M. MereJitn, rinl?.l"l pbia; Cal. Manrihld, I. 8. A.; F. Cartels, l.uua; Captain Jotepb Osgood, pbip Ganii* Cock. W Pice, Washington, A. L. Greenfield, St. I.ouis; Edw. Riddle, Bo?ton. From Savannah, In steamship Augusta? D W Hauler, I) Pyncknn, J Manning, E Walisfelaer, J A Knox, Mrs Julia Wiih<rg and servant, ff D Woedirn, R II Hatching*, T L Heiton, ts V Roberts, F l.eerier, lady and two children, <! Mttr.d.e, U I. VV akelt r, H m O Prioe, l> C Spalding, Kobt Carroll, (I S N r ??:11, J A Kelly. Jan Jennings, G W Smith. I W llrown, II I) Maahburn, J G Oliver, W II Thoraaton, II T Beebe, John liurnnde, I. M Attn way, and 27 in steerago. From Cbsriestsa, in steamship Southerner? Vim Pcanno, Wr? f A Davis. .Mrs MtMnnn and child, Gen de Tsnsoloff, H P Farenm, I. Diewer. Capt A Ileaiiley, A II Pennington, W Miene, W in Huberts, J I. Rons, and 30 it steerage. Court Calendar? This Day, Srrnt.vK Cot kt? Special Teim.? No*. 22, 12, 30, 31, 32, 18, 34, 3t> to 48. HirRiMi: Court? Circuit. ? No*. 1450, 779,11.1.1, 1114, 1632, 389, 1727, 1741, 1742, 174J, 1744, 1745, 1747, 17411, .760, 1751. HVTBUOR Cookt.? Vos. 921, 043, 53, 853, 62, 948, 919, 151, 853, 054, 956, 957, 958, 961, Oo2, 063, iXU, 998, M?7, 970 972, 973, 974, 076, 977, 978, 979, 981, 982, 983, IMt to 996. A Complaint la liiaely to spptar upon Mayor Weed's Pcok agam-t KNOX, tbe popular liatfr, for so pest i* tbe eicitemenl occasioned by the introduction ?I kis new tiring style ot H it, that, hi* establishments, Ho. 12ft Fulton street, and No. 633 liroadway, are run sown with custom, rendering both, in the eyea of lbs tnvioua, public nuisances. Spring Style of flat* Just Introduced?. Tho*e ?( our rea<ler* in want o( a fashionable hat can cttsin one at'3, 413 llroadvay, wis.) is the as kaowledgtd leader of fashion in New York, by public approbation. Corner of (.ispenard street and llroadway. The Fashion for the fteason, In Hentlt* Bs-n'c Hate, wa* introduced by Geuin, on Saturday tie 24th instant. New York and the Union have for para accepted the quarterly issues of Uenin as the fiveraing style* of tbe day. and his spring ha; for 1865 will bo found to possess the highest claim* to the admi ration of men of taste and judgment. GKMN H, 214 Uroadway, opposite St. Paul's. Btebe At Co, Wft liroadway, rrepeetfully loIIciU tbe attention of their customer* and tbe p iK a t? the spring and summer fashion for gentlemen's hats ?4 tape. (ientlrnien'a lints? Spring Htyle for I?j"i"> ? Ifll'KM'IIEID ollcits the attention of his cu*toin*r* an 1 We public to the spring style To g?ntle nsn seeking temtdnations ot econumy, *uperior quality an I elegan~e ?( outline, his olferlng lor the *ea*on l? respecttully mbmittoi. N. K4PRNCHK1D, 118 Nassau dreet. Auction Kale, This Day, ManCi 7 ? I.arne and peremptory r?'al of real estate, at the Mer ?bsn'"' Kxchange. For particulars see auct on heal of aNlllO.NY J. KJ.KKCKKK, in the Courier and Knqulrer an<i Morning Lxprtss. pwlnrrs of MpriiiK? Thr warm spring sun it now hard at work ? not only obliterating the traces of woter, but making the marnidcent photographs which enanate only from the wurl-l r< nowur 1 establishment of HtfOi .lua brood way. A vast number of spe imens to bi seen at the gallery iMon'i na|(nerrrotyp?-a, laige else, for lltty eeate, colored and >n u n e .as>- lined with vtlret, aMpr server. ?wir* the site oth. re make for fifty centa, asdequl in '|'iality an<t siz>' to tl.o-.' ma<le elsewhere ? ftr two dollars. Anson's, ,'>89 Broadway, opposite Ms tnpoi tan Hotel Meade HrotherV American Daguerreotype Insti'ution for th" pro^e utlon of all hraScbos of the art, free tj tbr puhllr , unsur| iseed pictures t-i?eti daily. Aitl-tssbd In .porter*, i>.i Broadway; Palm, Boulevarj its ItalitL* Daguerreotypee for '45 Cents, a .V tvspnper l?r one cent, a dinner for slipenc, and trav*llin?* round tie world by steamboats, telegraph* and balloens, are tleach.evi io*nts of th> tlm*s, particularly the lagaer rwtypss for 2s., at 2KB Uroadway. Just Rctels a d per Mtcnm.r,a l.?ri{> Invoice "biloren * cuthmg, iu. table for the pre.eut ."?.i,n, aat will lie sold very chrap at GE.M.n S Haiaar. 513 liroadway, kt. Nicholas Hotel. llry (?onda. at threat llsrgalna.Ur Will figrt tni^ morning ,i ra ??? of t el plaid silas a* 4t. per }?"\ ' 'lo ? esse i Free' h gin{haius, yarow <te, at Is ri h printed barege* from 2a to mi. Also a Urge lot of r itsins ac h f their vslge 39) Mthaere l<4g shawls; 200 do. F j iare, of new ^engns htsss and table daini.h*, aapf. ies, towels h ? Tne abeve g? >ds s'e in pel cut un-ler t leir reat \alua F I I.0ADKA fFK h CM, :tl7 llroslway, e raer of Leorard itreet In|>oitai>t to lloiiaeHe-cpr is.? <?nr Spring afs?ir'.!>i?Bt ot earpatiagt, oilcloths cur' i n- ?o>i car Urn ma't-t il?, I no * r.?,)y for inspect on. and will be < ier?* at greatly re-i ie? : p . ?* UiP.'.t k IaYI.OR, Cnnd str-el, ceraet of t bry-tie. K. Derby <v Co. Tallnra, \'o. 14 Park I'hace, re-p* 'fully announ ? that t.n .r annul dispiay >( ? I' ,ng md suwmrr lshri-s w i t>.- raady for inspMtlM the ir.or ,lng, -Olnprisirg aj astortifient Of < a?- tner?-< an! wa'?te?a'.:: .'S alone, ,f tbe newest aol ri de 4 siMiH, m h.'iwar 1 s ot on* th' . ao*l <MV,ent vati*t?**s of pa terri fo those wbo ?tnay neaitrr e wu;, ev nuay ?? fssh m . ' .Hi of tr?-?, an jr>p r' .Oltv let *ie tea )e arirvo <r '.ben- stAttfae *s stota of gov s of our owa mpvr atioa sea* oil?r??l ,n U-.e.ojti Cj at a*f?y rr>'r '( *;r, ?- V|. i. I'.rt) .<? Carpet* from Hanc rty, Jones dc Co.'a *reat tale oli<>< 0,000 yards of splendid three ply and ingrain ear pet#, Ol Lowell manufseture, sold at a tremendous re j il action io prlees. HIRAM ANDERSON, VU Bower/. Gnen'i Stou t and Kiimlshlng Store, No. 1 1 Alter House. ? Attention it invited to the super.or artl ; cles in the gentlemen's funisbing department. The ?took include* ever/ variety ol undershirts anl drawers, DeJolnville and opt ra tier, scarf*, cravats, handkernuiet*, I gloves, half hone, ke>, imported for the winter au t | cpring trade. Die price* are moderate and the assort I rucnt unequalled. j Shirt* of the Finest (Quality, ready marie, I all M/ee, or made to measure, at the shortest notice, i with everything in mens furnishing gools, at ! MrlACOHMN'S shirt warehouse, 202 Greenwich street, I corner of Chamber*. I: I' | "If-.. ________ ______ I Per hum's Opera IIoiuw, SHII Broadway ? Thin popular establishment will be re-opened on Monday evening by a new ethiopean company, "oosittiu/ of eighteen mar performers, selected from the host band* in the country. It lit said the tToupe ii) superior to any other in existence, not even excepting Per bam'* original compsny, now in Boston. During thin Month, Prior to tuklng Stock 1st April, we will Nell our entiro stock ol Oerman toys and games, and Foolish wax dolls, a', half the market pricet. We make this Immense sacrifice on this class of foot!* (of which the sale has been much cramped by the ard times during the past holidays) in <>r.l?r "i it we may diminish our stock as much ail possible. Our tancy good* ha 7e alHo been much reduced in price. TUTriJ?'S Itnporium, 34b Broadway, opposite Appleton's. To Physicians and tin- Practicing Medical faculty throughout the world:? Gentlemen ? An It Ins fallen to my lot to discover the mo-r. effectual tonic Kediciie ever known to the world, and as It Is my sincere desire to extend Its useful ness to all suffering humanity. I ain induced to make you the following proposition, hoping you will receive it In the same philanthropic spirit an I now make it, so that by your powerful aid, through your pactice, thousands who are now suffering w th dya pepsla, indigestion and scrofula, may obtain true and permanent relief, I propose to show all regular physi cians, on applicaiton to my office, No. 2 (iilsey lluild ing, Cortlandt str?ct, eorner of Broadway, the full and true receipt for preparing my Fluid Extract of Sarttpa rilla. and explain to them the modus operandi of the peculiar machinery ami apparatus used for thit purpose ?believing, as Igdo. such a course on my part will do away with all prejudice on yours, andbe the mean* of so establishing your full confidence in my oompouml that you may thereby add to your curative agents the best and greatest blood purifier in the whole world. I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant, JOllV BULL, of liouisvllle, Ky. New York, March 3, 1855. (10 Wig* and Tou|>ee*.? The Celebrated manufactory forwigs, toupee*, braids of long hair, fronl braids, &c., is situated at 27 Maiden lane, corner of f'asHSu street. Caution ? lleware of Broadway price*. MKDHlIKjT h iiEAKO, 27 Maiden lane. Moustache, Whiskers or Hair forced to grow in six weeks, by my Onguent, which will not stain or injure the skin. II par Bottle, tent to any part of the country. H. G. GKahaM, 586 Broadway, basement; /f iber , 44 i-outh Third street, Philadelphia. IIoMowny's Ointment and Pills.? \ny ulcer, wound, or sore, ?v?n of twenty year s standing, may be cured by these celebrated remedies. Use them and no limb need be amputated utiles* the bone be destroyed. Here then i* a cure for all. Hold at the manufactories, Kit Maiden lane, N. V., und '-!44 Strand, l-omlon, and by all druggists, at 26c., 62c and |1 per pot or box. Rush ton's Cod Liver Oil? Or. Willi :?? speaks of this remedy a* until redly the most elBcs<!i'>.j of all medical agent* in the treatment of consumption, ncrofulous diseases, he., and one which, after several yeart' constant experience in it* use, i* still frequently surprising him by the wonders it works even in aggra vated cases. To be intured genuine it must have my signature over the cork of etch bottle. KKKDKKIC'K V. hi Ml'U'N/at the old establishment, |10 Astor ho is*, cor ntr Barclay street, and 417 ilroad way, corner Canal stre For Coughs and Colds, Hasting'# Syru.i Naptha, Rusuton's Cod IJvsr <?ll, Ayre's Cherry Pecto ral. each $1. I or fever and ague, India Cnolugogue, $1 60; Toni; Mixture, Iieshler's pill*, (1 each. Kor Drop sy, grave), kc., Wolfe's Scheidoui Schnapps, Watt * Antidote, i 1 each. For rheumatism and acrofula, Hy att'*l.ife Balsam, 76 cents. Morse's Sarsaparilla, $1. For suppression, obstruction, ho., Van Hambert's Femtle Monthly pill*, II. Dentifices, Tooth Hoap and Orris loot h Paste, each 26 cents, at (il'IO.N H, 127 Bowery. E. W. Vomttmiulth's Arnica Plaster? If you have a pain in the back or chest, just try the arnica piasters. 1 bey will remove any pains in a few hours. Manufactured on'y at the Bowery drug a tore, ,158 Bowery, above Broome street. For curing chapped hands and lips ute Vondei smith camphor ice. Slnger'a Sewing Machines? Great Improve ments have jutt been completed in these celebrated machines. The unpleasant noise has all been removed, and the machines can be run with one half the power hitherto required Th? finest cotton or alia thread ,:ao k* sewed without ever breaking, the equal tension of the threads remains unchanged under all circumstances, and the same machine is competent to do every kind of work perfectly. Tail, examine, and be sttisftoa. 1. M. SIN OUt & CO , o2d Broadway. Every Day lirlngs > omtthlug Ncnr.-Tht model of a valuable improvement iu the manufac turs cf scales lor railroad and other heavy weighing, hay scales. Ac., is on exhibition at No I Corllsnilt street, (flileey's building.) llg>est> Paris by the St liOui* on Saturday next; in the meantime the public are Invited to examine it. ?90, ?110, 9175, *r>0, S?uo? Splendid Farms. Al*o, 600 beautiful building lots, 10O feet square, an 1 I'JO farms will be divided among 600 subscriber* in a few day*; each subscriber only 116, payable in instalments, will receive four building lots by 100 feet, or a (aroi from two to twenty acres. A few subscribers only wanted. Apply to C. WOOD, 20H Broadway, or 126 Went Sixteenth street, sear Seventh avenue. Or. St. Mark's Pills ?Their Habitual Ue will eave a hundred dollar a year in doctor's bill*, curs costlveness, headache, dyspepsia, liver disease, jaundice, pilet. The best medicine tor female compUmts. Sold at Dr. St Mark's office, 00 Canal street, one door east of Broadway (up stairs), at 'io cents per box, with full di rections. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. SALES AT AUCTION. Auction notice.? crockery, giahh and cm na? J. 8. H UAKTLhTT will mil, on Wedii-?.i..y, March 7, at 10 o'clock, at No. .HI Pearl *tre?t in lot* from theahelver, to *ult p'lrcha ?ri, tl rat and aeeoad quality w. g., bluo printed, dipped y?Uow ware, gU?* ware, porcelain, Rockingham and ?ii paMrjr, He. ."ale fwniitoij. A irno.S NOTICE? THE LNDKK-IliN ED WII.I. J\_ give hi* peri >aal attention to the dlipoa tion of riou'ehold turti'ture at private reeidencee, and re*p*-.t folly solicit* ?.al?? of tl.e *ame;alno regular *ale* of tur j niture, pa.ntmp* fan-y gool*, Ac., at the *air? ronn, I No. 14 Maiden lane. JuliN L. VANDKWATKK Auctioneer. | a IJCTI ON NOTICE. ? .ST. CRARI.E4 THEATRE. ? J. Bt' < i A KT, Auctioneer ? Byf llogart, toi* lay, Wedaev ' ilay, March 7, at 11 o'clock on th* pr*ini***, No* ITaol j 19, Bowery, all the p*r?onal properly, coi.aic of tha ' whole of tbe rtaging, flooring. boxea, acenery, uu cbmery, Iron railii.g, pluah neate, (*uit?ble for a lec ture room.) chair*, mualc stand*, ga* fixture*, outaido lamp and fixture* ? all to be *ol<l without re?erve, a* the building" are to be concerted Into (tore*. By o rile r of K. 8. tallLnecht, Attorney for the MafrMoM hS .Ma? vaw itreet lhuj?day, at lfJ>j o clock, nouaeoold furni ture. fancy good*, Ac., at the auction room*, corner of i fflM anil I rank lort ft (Ml VLn CCTIOJf NOTICE. -4M NCI 0M00D AOOnONI fcft Na**an #treet, will trll by auction, at the I ?rg? Dwelling bou<?, 117 Weal Twrnty llr*t street, uear Third j avenue, to morrow, Tbu'?day, March *, at lu;; A.M., the ! whole of tbe houaehold furniture, compriaing parlor, tedroom and kitchen fumltore, with the u*ual avaort in?nt. Term* caaii. Kvery article without r<**erre, a* tbe owner la l?iun,' the city a I i i:on NOTTO* ?D. 8. HOCCH, Al CnoSEER.? XV Important notice to the housekeeping public ?u l to dialer* generally, of two large fait-- of valuable an i ?*o*tly houaehold arrangement*? the Urat this I Wedne*. da;) morning, March 7, at \<i% o ulo k, A. M, at i'J tarnn (treet, totnprlslag the wbola cint'uts of the boose, rnn*i*tirg ol rojal, velvet, floor and ? lair car petlnf. tapestry, Rrasaela, and m^ra<n do., but littl* worn, roaewco<l. pailor, <lining, and badrooat furnit ire, constating of elegaa'ly upholstered auit* in Frencb bro cade *atin, Italian ?t?tuary, and marble lop centre, tufa, *ki?, aad other tablea, al'o ouetplenlid rooewe >1 *e?en octave double action pianoforte, w*rr*nt"d ro-eaooj 1 I.oui* XIV. eiegerw, jlas* throughout. r w voA t? I*, fancy ladle*' reception chair*, eacr.toire*, U -??? *ari rplendid pier ^1, ??*.-? with rlabt aod bracke'* hrocatelle and lace curtain*, cold ehaden, valuable oil painting*, by imlnent art'*t*. Kothie and Inlaid cIock*, ci*t!? china va>e*, b * ,'ie aad Parian d<- oration*, banda'Mim heavily carved ?x ter *ion tablet, linen, cro kery, Fren i rh n? It a *'l?, twn silver te t caaa ba*l*t?, f. rk?, *pw?*, ivory cutlery, cut (la** ware li |0?r ca?t<, d?' caiittra, wloe*, champagne*, Ma<leira, tic . waiter*. g*n fixture*, al'o r >*' ? oo 1 and mahogany tiedvtead* an I Oil reau*, wa*h"taB>I*, fine curled bair mattre*?t<i, i>l>n keta; counterpane*, bed*, bclnter* and p iaowiof (inn f- atheri, ch<aa toilet ?et*, oval ?nd / It frame mirror*, kr.. .-ale, run -<t enme Al-o, to morrow (llinrxilay/ is<.rni(ig at lot, A 51 , a large un re?erved *ale at loo r?ili?n ? if J o. Hitch'-ack, li?.| M Wairen * treet, of th* wb< Ci.ntenta of bn large and well appoiatod f.r?t c ? a ng home. r.,0 cr.abocany *ideUiaid? o( ? x i ilent make, ?.mnganr rovr hie top, centre, *ofa and *nle l*hie? al*o thi lace ami brocatelle curtain* tbauee, fixtum, He . maboyanyaad walnit ea*y chair*, M'a*, |*ri?r i-bair* aod nu t in oro !?*'? ,le maiitel ornamtu'* line p ^'.urt* *c; alaa a toe t"??l octave p'annforle aleo an en 11 ? ? lonnt tr of ia*h><4any .n 1 walnut tieo.tead*, Niilb Am?r in ha'r ir a'?'-*e*. blaakete *he?t*, eaee?, K ? Hru**el* three ply ?od Ingrain eat petlnf* on 17 r<? m- mahogany bj reaur. ? a-b?tao<1', Ak., witb marble t' p*. tuilwt *r'm. fcet *ack, cana *eat ' hajra, boelde* a grea'. jantiir of crwiary ware, |la*? do, <-ntlery. ?pror?, oilcloth*. ?t?i?roi? ?tair earp.tmf*, parlor ?f>ve*. : oi|ogrvng.?, riming ?od evte?.|on <ahle? f.e. Kverv art -1* In IV** ?a/e? I* per'ee'ly free? th?rw le notn tig nrviglit in. I artie. wieh'nf ?'a 'l?e ?be:r forn't ire ; nt' i t?e rv of llav -*n ?'e*Brm?ea?e.>. < atalorue* rea-JV Hoa**! 1 ot?ti fof la?p? i-tlavi T?m.- e??b in fiankabte ni'aey ' n?p*>" t re n wire I IALE8 AT AUCTION. A t'CTION NOTICE.? SAMUEL 0 WOOD, AUCTIONEER, j J\ ?Uit? ni Nassau street, will sell ny auction, at the , store, No. 50.'> Broadway, next the Saint Nicholas hotel, 1 iid Friday, March V, at 10 A. M., the entire content* or tbe store, comprising bion/e goods, rich punt ngs, fanny good*, Ac., Ac. The wbole will he sold wi limit reserve, | ai ihe lirni are returning to I'arls. Terms cash. Auction notice? w. b. junk-", auctioneer? by l ?irtue of a chattel mortgage, I will sell this d?y, 1 at nice A. M., at 5M aud 5H West Twenty-third street, | one horse, cart and harness. W. THOMPSON, Attorney for Mortagee. A ICTION NOTK'E ? THUS. BELL, AUCTIONEER I x*. By Uell Ac Bush.? Tnia day, at 10)? o'clock, in the Kales rooma, 27 Centre street, receiver's sal* ?f furnl | ture, glassware. Ac. ; alao, 40 do. en Morris* El'nburg ale, I in pint bottle* ; 31 cases (dozen each) of superlo- naatel 1 Iols, cognac brandy, French preserves and mustard; 50 : Hue pam'.ir^a; lot of dry goods, nlta satinets. 2 spton i did watches, gold '?bains, a lot of sp'endid books, rich i*; standard works, shoes, Ac. Thursday, Bale of | rich ailks, furnishing goods. Ac T. 0. BARTINE, Receiver. A ICTION SALE OF GOOD HOUSEHOLD FURNl ture, elegant roiewood pianoforte, He. ? R. W. WEdTCOTT, auctioneer, will sell by catalogue, thia day, (Wednesday) at 111 \ o'clock, all the handsome fur niture in house No. 72 Klghth avenue, embracing the eutire contents of 17 rooma. ? ale positive, rain or shine. , C'arvfd rosewood maho<aoy sofas, marble top rosewood table*, rich carpets, rosewood parlor furniture, eu auite; embroidered eurtaina, rl-.h shades, spring a?at chairs in I velvet and hair elotb ; French pier glasses, 30 day orino lu clock, rich vaaes, rosewood etegere, oil paintings, | Ac. , with a large and valuable assortment of chamber furniture? rosewood and mahogany French bedstead*, superb hair mattresses, feather bed*, oval mirrors, marble top washstands, toilet lets, gothlc and oak chairs, Ac., with a large variety of basement furni ture ? silverware, rich china set*, ivory cutlery, glass ware, e i tension table*, Ac. A deposit will be required of every purchaser. A SSIG NEK'S BALE OF THE PHtENIX FOUNDRY 2Y SAM UI-I<i OSGOOD, Auctioneer, store ftd Nassau street, will sell at auction this morning, Wednesday, March 7, at 1< A. M , at the Phwnix foundry, corner of Vestry and West streets, North river, the entire con tents of said establishment. Will be sold without any reserve, by order of the assignee. Term* cash, in bank able money. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.? 1IENRV T. I.EKHS, Al'CTION eer. Thursday March 8, at 10^ o'clock, at 109 Twenty fourth street, between Seventh aud Eighth ave noes, the rich an: costly household furniture contained In the large three story house above, consisting of one superb rosewood seven octave pianoforte, of magnificent tone and richly carved case, cost S.'iCU; super or rose wood parlor suite in crimson and gold broi-jule; also, one suit m crimson and green, witn most elaboritely carved frames, very large heavy Frsnch plate mirrors, -met rosewood marble top centre, side aud sofa tablet , a Ann collection of choice oil paintings aad steel plate eagra vings, in rich gilt frames, rosewood divans, covered in the bent of satin; costly china vases, tete-a tete, seta china. Parian, bronze and bisque figures; twenty one day mantel clocks, brocatelle ami lace window curtains, and Tlch gold banii parlor shades; about two hundred yards of the best English tape* try carpets, In excellent order; mahogany and black walnut tea, diniog an l ex | tens in tables, gold hand china dinner and tea sets, sil i verware tea service, salvers, cake baskets with solid nil I ver edges, spoons, forks, casters, napkin rings, best of 1 ivory handled tah!e cutlery, crockery, rich cut glass | ware, to.; also bedroom furniture of tho host quality, | Brusasls carpets, murors, rosewood, mahogany, black | walnut bedsteads, bureaus, washstands. gilt china toilet ) sets, best of South Ameristn curled ha r maltr*i<s?H, bolrters and pillows, fine wool blankets and couuter , punes, bookcase, mahogany rushioned chairs, sofas, rocking chairs, work tables, Ac. ; together with a fine as i sortmentof basement furniture. ASMONkfc'S 8AI.E, AT AUCTION ?NOTICE IS HsiRE by given, that on Thursday, March S, 1IM, at 10 o'clock A M., I will sell at public auction, on tbe pre mise* of the brickjard, formerly occupied oy Charles lliower snd Tlireidwell, at I ow 1'olnt, three miles north oi Flshkill, Dutchess county, the following property, viz three horsts and harness, three uew brick moulding mi ' chines, carts, wheelbarrows, one wagon, picks and shovels, lumber, iron caps and arch doors and other articles and implements used in brick making SIMON P. fCHULTK, Assignee. BKAMAll I'OOIRA FOWLS AT AUCTION ?PETER 1'AllKf will sell, tbi* day, at 11 o'closk, at the sslesrooin 79 Nassau street, between John and Fulton, a splendid collection ol* full blood fowls, comprising a small but select stock from Hatch's celebrated breed. Terms cash Deposit required. Iluyers will please re move tbeir purchases without delay. ClOUNTRY SF.AT? IN RYE, WEST CHEBtER OOUNTY, ) for sale at auction, by ANTHONV J. BIJCKCKEIt, at the Merchants' Exchange, on the lith day of March, 18M>, at 12 o'clock, bills of particular*, at the auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street. (CONSTABLE'S HA I. K? OF WATCHES, JEWELRY, fcc., J on Wednesday, March 7, at tea o'clock A. If at 310 Broadway, consisting ol an assortment of gold watches, earrings, finger rings, breast pins, lockets, pen eil cases, guard, fob and *est chains, stlvw spoons, watches, Ac. J. II. FAKRINUPON, (unstable. CHIMES BURDETT, AUCTIONEER ?BY BI'RDEf T, DAVIS A MAIN, '27 William s'reet, auctioneers and brokers in stocks, bonds, promissory notes, real i estate, Ac. ? Wednesday, March 7, at 12)1 o'clock, at tbe | Merchants' Exchange leirmar sale of stock*, bonds, ke. >4,000 <>r?at Western (llliaol*) Railroad lit mortgage ten per eent. bonds f.V'OO Ohio and Mississippi second mortgage Conver tible Bond*. 13,000 Iji Crosse and Milwau .? "a 'road 8 per cent. Ccnverlible Bonds. t4,0<H) ( ity ot Memphis six per c*nt. Bou ts, |3,i)00 Cleveland and Toledo Hailroad 7 pur cent. Con Tertihle Bond*. 1600 ia Bonds of the Cine unati and lulianapolls Rail road, issued for last year'a dividend, interest at 7 per rtnt. , payable in New York. 10 sbarr* Third avenue Hailroad. 40 do. vltl/en's Bank of New York, IJfi each. *.'i do. Rrooklyn Hailrnad 26 do. Mechanics' Bank ? r 'W ill .i csburg, I'Oeach. 10 do. houthern Baok of > niuc'. r (100 ea- h. 60 do. I'roTldente and Stonington ; jtiiroad Co , tl00 Mch. lersif ? 10 per cent, on the day of sale, the balan e to be paid before 2 t 'clock on tbe lollowing day at the office , of the auctioneers. R AARON. AUCTIONEER, Wll.L BEU., ON A JlJ? ? redit of four tn< uth?, W'-dneaday and Thirreday, M?: oh 7 and H, at the *elee' rooiii, ?* Vi.??eu etreet at 1( o'clock A. M. upward* ol MO gulo and *uf*r watoha*, noma of which are the flneet e*er imported m tli n country; patent |e??r*, chronometer* and Independ ?t WCWMh, part of which h.i ung hecri manufactured ?Iprtialy for exhibition at the Cryatal ! alace, being the atock of a manufacturer Mi l importer retiring from bu*ine*a. almi an a?-ort;noiit of jewelrr and M) dozen gold |i?nci)?. tee whole to be *old without reserve. Kull | particularn in catalogue* on morning of ?ale FCOLTON. AUCI10NKKR.? UARUE AND IMPOft a tact aale of roaewood and mahogany firm turn, | pianoforte* carpets, oil cloth*, Kien:h plate mirrora, Ac , Ac ? I- Colton will Mill thin day ( A'ednea-Uy ) March 7, at 10', o'clock, at the auctloo ruan, i'? itawk man afreet, ami H9 Ann atreet, a large ami general a* aortrr.ent of catinet turnltura, comprlaing roieeood and I mahogany Kreneb b?date*ii?, mahogany ?pring -eat I . ha r*. ample do , roaewood find mnooganr ni*rt<T<- top waahatand*, ro*ewood and tnthogany centre *ideaul cr.rd table*, ni'iaic atand*, corner *tan la, fancy table*, mahogany an : black walnut bookeMa* and aecretarle*, roeewood and maho-^nnv marld* top dre*? bureau*, ao faa, ttta rt te>*. mahogany roi-ker*. Voltaire and ?a ay i chair*. nur*e rocker*, etegeroa, black walaut and oak I exten-icn table', r ore wood do., black walnut dining and tta tablea, f?0 cottage b*date*il", ro*ewool piano (tool*, coucha* and conch be-in, *ofa beda. mahogany wr 1 robe*. o*?l mirrora, tight lay clock*. in/r*Tlnga, oil painting*, V , Ate. Ahro, tbr?e load* ol **eiud hand luruitore, of a larrily who are removing. Alao tlnee ro-i wood j lano forte*, ?? , and 7 oc'ara, made bf the Drat maker* in (lie city, and fully wtrrautad Sale poii tire. HEXRY H I.KKP8, AIX f IOSEEK ? RY II II I.EF.IH k Co ? We?!iie?day, March 7, at 10)$ o'clock, at 4i willow *trtet, Hr?<o?ljn, n*ar I niton Kerry ? Per twptory aale Hegaat bouaebafcl lurn-lure, eon>latiog ol talret t*pe*try carpet*, carred roncwood parlor tola chair*, arm and a?, entered in rlrh green and gold ?ilk bioeatelle root wood centre table atatuary marble top. large and elegant pier gla* ?? w M!i marble ?tahl, ? uperb roa'wood < t?g?ree, cornice* to match, gla-ae* ; about Ui.'n, rich laee .-urta.'aa, oil painting-, tine i n graving* and lithograph* parlor auit roeawood i.i criai x n and gold *llk br> catalle complete, Rru*** I* carpeu in tea room, furniture in ro?e?o> d con-red in wina m ? ilk brtxatelle, mahogany din Lg table, en^ T'n,**, chin* and gt**?ware. bedroom furr ture, nana! aaaoi ' turn!, with uatlre. e? alao, (ir*t ela*? rcfawl furni ture liedetead*, Ac -aie wi'l commence e tn a email lot of kitchen war*. The abore la ia vary flna order, ao 1 wi'l b- ?old without any reaene Hurt h inn, ai tiomsr -by h. ii. ubem , a- t o ? Tuewlat W? :ii- -lay ardTnuraday, Mar>-^ 4, 7 and R, at JO', o c oek each ? 1 iy , at tb* aalearooo*. 1 ' >?? **u at , aufierb nale of lancy gi/oda? r*?l marbU< alatnary, niai^n.!,- < nt cabinet, made ot eb< ny MNM with pre. m, .* ?t< n?? an 1 marble*, foni.eriy owne.1 by tbeii-ao'l lluk* of Tti*< an; alao aereral p r. ?a <.f maible atatu try frutu tie < rytal l'*la e i riclu-: r. g a lam aa*"r t men*, of mar ble go d * recently taportad by figmr II fan iuHnl, fro? Italy , roecoco rain ii?- 1? fancy un? p la lad vara* etc ?.?, Had emian all ) lancy glai* ware cblna aad other eoatly gooda, Umgone of ihe ln?H aale* of tke aeaaoa. Among the >tatuary wtll he fouad a bea ibful piri?r figure of H- at the W*U ( leopatra, and li?i<Hae, li>?e an 1 Frlen-lahlj ) i*t of I/ird l alin^riVun. eery lie*. Ac. the g< <e r. CM t< nam ua 1 aa ao >>e on* <Uy pre . ricu* to tha aala. H iNKY II I H I - *! < ?T AU rHiNKf.K -il<?l;-aK hob! lural'ur* aale* ? flenry II l?*d< A ' ? , wtll *i?e their peranaal at'eatlon *e they baea i?oa for many yesra pa*t) ti lite *a ? * o' 'i i*aholj famit'ifa* at tb? reenlea ?* of tamil e. break ag up b<ra*eka*pt?g /T re m? ?mg the- witl alaO hare re- ular aa.-a a'. Uiair a ir ton room*, 19 Na**au (treat, ? ? ;e?en J iaeand Oadar, for the aaa?e*t?0ce of ti.ia- who biay tbi- Of'liun of *ale I~"' ? UN W SOMtKIMlYK V. At < ll<7lEICR.-?Oi?r r*ic? ra'.e or ptarco. rr.ail. ue, K > ?On Tbur-t?y, I Mali h *, at 4i Alii *tr-at rear ball ting, .e??u 1 ? n, 'j elrtue of a (battel i or* ^a?* at 1 i o < oca, ona If ? j -aa:D,- r< achite tan eo*a!<-r ? I .alte, four n mgea, ai. 1 fit* yailie* appcru nlng ta , *?> i * ai?> I -even ro? tfeae, land witt ataet. JOHN ? ."-OKKW.MiY KR m y tm *?rtga<e. N~ ~?n cC- #nx fit no i b ax rl iiu<; hai k a f ? i f y _ j poaad, llro ? leaf ?ad Inly ? ??? . ?,e?' o* llulllay, lid a k a*, li M - gM yir*, .! m t re-taeaaad le'^re of ??!? Jt J' ''Omu. ?i?-l?r. half* \r auction. JOHN W. SOMfcRIN'.'YKfc, AlCMONEER ? SHERIFF'S sale of mago'tlcent i >?e?ood lurn'ture, pier ami mantle glasses, chati'telier*. Wilton. Iic-'try ami llrui eel* carpets, silver were, <Sc. , ? i utainol iu Lou i. US Houston street uu Wrdueadey, tui* 'lay, at 10 o'clock. The pallors are furnisl ?>1 with suit* of richly carved rneewood, upholtlered in rich brocalelle, tela u tete*, arm, parlor and rlc?|i!Kin chair*, full length pier mirror it, front and back mantis mirror", Wilton car pet*, made to order, with borler*, rich rug*. marble j top centra and slue table* (rosewood), spleu'lid laca i curtain*, Witli silk and aattu drapery, !a**els and cor I nice*, magnificent rote wood piaio and atuol, sundry ornamen-a, chandelier* of tlia ri-.hsit duarripUon. In i hall ? l'o*ewood marble top hat *<aud and drawing table coinblrad, gaa fixtures, oilcloth on hall* throughout, in good order. Brussels stair carpets on all the atair*. Tbe sleeping room furniture ia of the rlcbeat Jes-.rlp tion. twelve room*, I* r?;e and small, ml furnished w.tu rosewood bedateada, very coatly mar lie top dreaslug bureau*, do. enclosed washatanc*, do. 'Ida tublea, rich j gilt toilet set*, Brussels carpets, lace curtiina, the heat hair niattri **(*, <'ewri pillow* and bolster*, ailk and ?alio bed cover*, rosewood lounge*, rocker* and chair*, satin cover*, mirror Iront wardrobe*, plain do., I mirror Iront bookcase and *ecretary combined, Ate , Ac. Alan, In dining room, eiten*ion table, marble top able board, cana chaira, crockery, glassware, silver w ire, plated salver*, tea and coffee urn*. Also, tbe Mtcheu lurniture, Ac., Ac. Catalogue* at *ale. JOHN I. VANUFWA TKH, Al CrtONKKK ? K T. II I'. n*r will aell, on Thursday, March H, at l?'4 o'clock, at the aalearotm, .'10 I'lne and ifi Cedar street a splendic assortment of French fan-y good*, !<>n?iit ug ol china decorated va?e?, card receivers, colognes, jewel caskets, richly decorated dinner and tea aeta, tea and cof fee aata; bronze and ormolu clock*, figures, groupes, statuettes, coupee*, rtndelabra, richly I bta<|ua statuette*, figures, ftc. ; rllver plated t?a an t coflee ser vicea, colTea um*, card basket.1, caketa, caster*, tea and dessert spoon*, table and de>*ert fork*. JOHN W. HOMKUINDYKE, AUCTIONEER? MORTtlAOE and execution sal* of luachinary. Ain. . on Ttiur* ilay, March 8, at 47 Ann street (rear bull ling), second ttory, by virtue of eevtral chattel mortgagee and evecu tioo, at 12 o'clock, 1 nliile lathe, H Toot *beura, 1 do. 12 foot aheaia, 1 drilling machine, 1 hind lathe, 1 portable forge, lhafticg and pulley*, 1 irou safe, 1 plutforut acale, '2 aurila, lot of turning tool* that!*, hunger*, pulley*, pattern*, ben -he*, grind atone, Ate , Ac. CIIAH. F. WATTo, Att'y for Mortgagee. 1AR0K. AM) VAI I aIII.K STOCK OK M'llN'I Tl "UK ^ II. r. LKKDH, auctioneer? Will aell on Wedue*day, March 7, at ten o'cljck A. M , at toe atore of Mr*. N. Fnburger, 1141 Klrfhth avenue, betwei n Twenty seventh ? nd t wenty eighth street*, entire stock, cabinet turn! ture, aale positive. Mb butler, auctioned ? public ai.minm . trator'a aale of a jeweller'* stcra.? Will be sold on Thursday, March 8, at 10S o'clock, on the premi*es, .'it'll Sixth avenue, near Thirtieth street, the entire stock, fixtures, tools, and leaie of the jewelry store ol William Wise, decease.!, conslatlng of a large assortment of watche* and jewelry, iron safe, regulator, show cases, counter, gae fixture*, Ac.; also, a complete *et of watch niaker'a tool*, and lease of premiaaa. Ihi* is an excellent cpportunity lor any one wishing to commence hu tinea*. For particulars, inquire of l'KTKK B. bWKENKY, public administrator SI Chambers straet. Terms, ca?h. POetTTVB HALE ? WM II KRANKlJN k SONS WILL tell on Saturday, March In, at tl.e Merchants' Kx cbango, at 12 o'clock, the valuable water power, paper mill, two dwelling houses, aril xuventy live acre* of land, aituaU'd two miles nouth o* the railruad depot at !-|>ottwno<l, N. J. Can be reached In two hours from New York Two-thlrdaof the pur-haae money can re main on bond and mortgage, at aix per cent. SUKHIFF'M PALE. ? BY VIKTL'E OK A WRIT OK execution to me directed and delivered I will expose for sale, at tbe vcatibule of the City Hall, in the city or New York, on tbe 7th day of March, 1145, at lZo'Hock at noon, all the right, title and lntere*t of the l.att rig Observatory Association, which they bad on the 7th day i of October, 1S64, or at any tima thereafter, of, in and to a certain lease i f 9 year* and U month*, from May 1, 18*. 3, at a rent of tl,10o, one thou*and one hundred par an nom payablequiirterly The following is tliedeacrilied pro party, to wit ? All that lot, place or parcel of ground situate, lying and being in the city of New York, de. scribed a* follow*, Tlx. ?Beginning on the northerly side of Forty >.econd straet, distant two hundred and thirty four feet easterly from the aorth?a*t corner of Knrty second street and t-ixtb avenue, runoing t.ience easterly along KurtT MHond street twenty six feet, thence oorth ?r!y. on a line parallel with the 8>xU> avenue, one hun dred feet and tire inch**, to the centre line of tbe block, and equidUtant between Forty-aecon l and Korly third streets, tbance weaterly and paralbtl with Forty aecoud street twenty aix feet, tbence southerly and parallel with Sixth avenue one hundred feet and Ave inches, to said northerly ?He of For to tecon 1 street, the point or place ot beginning A nd at?o all thoaa three lota, piece* I or parcel* of ground which, taken together, are described as lolltiwi, Tlx. ? Beginning on the southerly side of Forty third street, dlatant two hundred and eight feet easterly from tbe aoutbeaaterly corner of Forty third street and Biith avenue, rnnning thence eaateriy along the said southerly s d* of said street seventy eight feet, thence toutherly and parallel with said flxth avenue one hundred feet and five incnee, to the centre hoe of tbe block, and *<|?.dt.:aat between Iforey-Meowd and Forty-third atmeta, thence weaterly on the amd centre line se.TBty eight feet, tbence northerly to said aoutherly line of Forty third street one hunnr<d feet and lv? incbea, to the point or place of hegtcuing. Also, the large and eoatly building thereon known as tbe I/ttting Observatory. Also, the large Droinmood light erected in tbe top of aai>l observatory. Al* i, a large quantity of barroom and saloon fixture* in the lower part of the observatory. JOHN OR-ICK, Sheriff. TIIOK C'ARUN, Deputy Shsrllf. Dated JMBiary 30, 1Mb SHERIFF'S 8AI>: ? A. M CRMTALAK, At'CTIONKER, XI lloaery, will sell thia day, at 10)f o'elock, ladies' silk, satm plush and velvet circular*, cloaks, mantiUi*, children's bale boods, aod var ous other articles In the line. Removed from the Ughth avenue for convenience of aale. TIICKfDAY, II \R<II *, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT THE Mi r<-hauta huhantf* -Kirfhty fourth atreet ami Hatesith avenu* ? 4 rery chile* lota of ground aitii?t*l on ant 111* nartbweat rorner of kTarenth arenu* mill fciglaty- fourth atreet all fronting on the ir?au?. lb* ri rorr lot 1* -7 foal 2 Inche* front ?u I r*ar, by IUO fn t in d*pth the balanre of the lot* are each _.'i feet by 1(H) feet in daptb. Kighty aeventh utreet- Al?>. tt (man tiful lot* of ground, 4 of tbe nam* aituato 1 on th? aouth ale:*, anil 5 on tb? north aid* of I ighty?"?*ntb atreet, brlii? nppofita rach other, W??n klavnlli andTwelltli antuti, n?ar Broadway and th* j>rojw-??'l Central Part , ami conim*ni-ing 100 f*?t from Kl*T?nth arrnu* Thee* let* ar* each ib f**t front aod r?ar, by 100 feet 8 Inrhea in depth, ar* f*nced In ami on beautiful imo itb ground, and alao t r? from rock. Tlila property la b*twwo I! urn bam * and fttryker'a Kay, and la lu a rapl II* Improving neighborhood and aathry ar* V> he aold without reaera* to tl.* hlgbeat bidder, th* aa'e offer* great mducern'-nte to tl.oee asking to make profitable InTeatinenta (lex ball of th* purchate money ran rxmaln on bon I and murtf ?g* for t!.re* year*, at all par rent For map* and further particular* if the abor* property, apply to tbe auctioneer, Nr. 7 Broad atreet. \iriLMAM TOFPIKG, AUCTION KKR.?LAK(iE 8AI.K I Vt of a Jobber'* *tock of ailk good*.? William Top liu? * Co , No. HI Hrna<t ?tre*t, will aell on W*ln??4ay , Marrb 7, by order of aaalgneea, without r**'TTa, for caah. the ?ntir* atoca of a city Jobber, including a full and d*?lr*ble aaaortrnvnt of mllllnary aila ami dr?*? good* rirb poult o* eoiw and >atui ribbon*, relTet and trimming rnbon*, marcellinea, llorvnr**, bonnet a.lka and; lae*a, ?uibr'?ld*riea, whit* s toda, crapaa. crape >Ui?ae, gla>*<- alike, aelret* ?ilk and kid (lore*, f *;* t m.ta rr?|* and other anawla aod ararfa, Mai" gro* de fcb.n* awl <1 itb mantilla* and cloaa* * c., Ac Th* lore go.og lumpriaea the atoek of a firat el*?e jobbing bona*, aoil will all be aold for eaab without any reaerre CaVa liU'??a r*ady i arly on morning of aal* f| kkl.l OR, ACTION KOt. HT Hot of (TON * i Mki.lOH. ? Tomorrow (Iharadayi, at 10-, ?k at th* aal*e room, No. lid Naaaau etraat, an pa rlor m*')* cabinet furniture, French plate oral an 1 p *r minora. thra* auperior toned roaawood piano fort*a una of wbb;h Coat ?Kw, maid* by W fllaam'.erman k!*oa, of S*w York, pearl Inlaid plat**. flolahed all roMd, rirbly raraed, ri.hly d*ror?ted French chloa raaea, t?v ?at?, toilet -*ie, Ire, aertral fine oil palntin<a. am a |i eat ranety (if aeceixl havl furoitiaflft ' ataloguea will La i?au?i one day prer'otia to tale. w**n th* artlciae ? aa be inspected. He inrfi* tbe trade, country merchant*, ami ? Ui?r? to ihia really elegant aaleo' ?t*ry artlrl* of *W . at> * atd rfcbneaa In th* bona* torn ahinif lln* ria aeaeral ro>*?oo<l armoura, French plate 'loora l?U>?t at)lea t( ?ewoo>l parlor furniture *r, aaite, c<a*r* l n rirb a tterlali. th* moat appoor*d patent- aiteoal m dioina tabtea lo oak, mahogany roeeaoot aad waiaat <* ? library and r In ng room furniture in aull* ? to ma'.- b, rn I ly rorarwd ro*ew<??| centra ta'ilea mab?<any aad wainot i) ,>a*?(bian atyl* hall ataod, do caa re am: mauogany tiooa taaea aa<l a**ret?r ea l.o* i with aatln wfK*l, roa*wood Kr?arh plate c m>I giaaawe, *l**sot rarred roaewood, mahogany and walna' cUaru b*t in: nttwra an buII^ Ui mate! w Ik marble t'?p?, ral ena aalM chamber aultaa, lao<s tp* pe nt*>t r*ry rr. t' rether with an en 'Una rarely ol ut+ \ iia al*aa furnt rr, ?1? te'e a l*(a ao'a? ?a?y. rn a i,( and ajrl'ig ?eat parlor tbalra gothie an 1 pan Kr*iib kM fi#u. ? otta w-ai a, $tt. Ai?w, a la% of food ?-1 h*oJ f raitur*, wotthy cf attention U * WmUH, AIT710NKKR. Will K?.?J, Ttft4 Yf <*ny a1 1C o ' l'iea at 1 10 ), ran I r ' n* fur n mr? an'i flature? tit im nyat?r ?? I j ?er a>l >n t?j:? p atir.|r of '.h* u?u?! variet *a, together w I*. \ fa* '? ? r < ?ai ' loth and atraet lamp. I.KI Tl It K?a. 17* vi nino* with Tiir mrv< m i->rr' no<f i MKt H I '>>I.A Ml'k- i aa ll.a hoeaf ?? tor, .it e t* will gi?* a aer.ea ..fleet,'*. <u ? of t * ?? Mi ?m tm b hata," la tb* "torture r > ? of 'h* II' j* (1*1* l..-'f*'iway near tourtt iirew ? ? ' * e*?t.iB. aal Tl o *a^ay the Mh t,-l.t*,. ir a/ tl.. I lib, a Monday ti.a l Jib ln?t. >t, ?? e ** t erea r>* Jh?e?ur?? w II inel id* ??le? .?? f i larrtr'.iB* Vt '?r llaia H raagar, aa ! Af(?l * , .{t, It; :te Mli laetant lam." n-. A !t, . ia to tbe ,r>a II U to a etati* ?- tar* Mr*g|a p<?? r ori if r; mm h icm, ?tymr oirici wm? i no maii. k t? J |?*r I ftHH lutiii Htinwr fkUt < * - it. ? . fbre ?* MeOuaa-Ia. , U.e Mh m, Ma". ?! , . . y. A M IMlC \ town ?jer W *T? Hiew, JMWKI.nv, ?W( . S- (.???. ?A( l|>- I IUIN I ? * * I '* J I ** lb* a tbear ra -'r a?? <? re I la Ha tilde ak-itiNlaar null ai a (Ml Mmt'W, (ar caafc i ala? aa? I a(a? ? are -a to *? ?'at( iureia?la. ? Ir* ? to r* Ma>t toe f*' tk> k'tl aiUi.a ??* waal, at 4i Mar- lar a*'ee< ( w?* J' r . H i tA. | POtJTICAU , TTNJON OF nib. DKMOCitACY. (J The democracy of Um city and count? ?fl New Yoik, without diatinction, tofotber with U* diriment ward democratic Union cluba, ami nil other democratic aaaociation* . a re in\itr<> to UhMT IS MAHe! with tho <"?T1Ui. IAMl)C?.AT](: CSIOtt, At' 1 AMMAN V HAM, (IN mtllHUI ENKNIKU, MaKi 'U 71H, AT 7 W o'rUH'K Ibe following iliatioguialiod gentlemen will addle n tho meeting ? Hod. 8 A. Pouglaa, ot aoil, lion Jarre Clemena, at AU'iami, Hon. J B. VVf Lin, o t New Hampshire, Hon. J. W Koruijr, of Pennsylvania, Hon. J 8. Otr, of South Carolina, lion. Col Riehardaon, of 111 neU, Hon. Col. McMulieu, of Yirg.nia, Hon. J A. Mclleugal, "f California, Hon. \V. rt. tlariy, of Miaaiaaippi, lion. Kobort Tvler, of \ irglma, Hon llioiuaa R. Florence, of i'ennaylvania, and other*, whoae will be duly announced Hy oritur 01 the ( KNTRAL DEMOCRATIC UNION. He dilFrtrtt Ward Democratic I nlon Club? are In vited to at* i ud in mane, and to arrive at tha 1 tall a* near the h< ft "I 7 f, o'clock, aa practicable. V>l VKNlEBNTfl WARD DBNOCBATIC UB10B OUJE? Un u. "ml>er? ? f the above club, and tit* democrata of tlit* ward In genrritl, are inqueatad to aa<?iuMn at IW mitege ||?ll, ' < rn?r ot Allan and llmia'ob itreeta, at 7 o'clock thle ( We<in(a<iay / evening, for the purpote of forming a pm-earnm to proceed to luininany llall and take pa it in tha grand iiivtiog to b* he'd there. Hy "r ler. W II.i USI C0CLTEK, I'rea't. C'iuki m f. UMMItv, 'rjr. rpilK DEMOCRATS 0V TUB FIRST 1AS0 ABB M 1 <1 ii? nt <*<1 to meet at iM-uiocratia He?.|i| in rter?, No 110 Greenwich atreot, on Wolnemiay evening, at ?eveu o'clock, to torni a proceadon to marcb ? to lauimauy llall A J I'hltllY, Chairman. Can. 8. HlCaroi, Secretary. Young iobpb democtutic union club? the tnembora are invited to attend tlia ORAM) UKMOC'KA I'lC UNION M r KTING at Tamuiany Hall on Wedneaday, March 7. CORN El.l I'd CAKSBH, .-'ecretaiy. NKW PIJHMCATIONM. BROADWAY ItKI.IJi ENLARGED? DOl HI.K SI Ih KT ? No. 11 out to morrow, containing " DmImM," " Magic Night Cap," that great local romance, by tieo. TlxmpM'ii. " llla-k Maae/~ Aij., Ac. lKiuhle nlieet ? orig inal illuatrationii, he. % ?' a year. P. K. HARRIS, Alitor and Proprietor, 102 Naaxau atreet 1'KANK LMUBM OBEAT BOOK OV FASHION FOR March contalna thn now "prlag fai<hlona for bou ueta, niantillax, drenaea, etc. Thi* work In t only re regm/td authority on faahion. I'rica 2b centa, to ba had of all booktallera. 1SPBAK AS "I NTO WI^K MKS JUDSB YE WHAT Itay"? A Bombihell Into I'opary. ? In preia, the new Konikah dogma of ths luiiiiacul.ita Coortyt oo, or trial of ILe Church of K<im? before a Jury nr Itoman Cathollra, on a rlitrga ol loipoalng on thn conacianrea of (1irf>tian people a yoke winch neither we nor our latlitra were able to bear. Hy tbe lie* Kdward Maguira, Incumbent of Muckamore. Tbe above wora will be Pfetiilly piihlii>heit. Ordera uiuat be aent to the pub lUher, I' I M AtiAOMOd, No. 'J, Aator llouae , liroadway Jcumv nkw flOHorrucHE wu.i, he pub Imbed In a few dnya. JWliN DAKClK, New York, and all mutic avilrra rj'HK MARRIAGE 0UIDE, OR. KaMII.Y MKIUCAI. AVI) 1 I'HYMOtXXilCAL 1NHTRUCTOR, fur Uie apecial una nf the married ur thoae^binu to marry. Ily Dr. K 111 Hick, tbe celebrate'l author and lerturi-r Ninety o'Khth edition, '>00 pagea, and colored platei Tina book in decldealy the beat book of ttio Kind ever pub liahed, nnd baa atta lied an unequalled reputation mid circulation; in fact, there la none other like it In the }nicli?li language. It containi full in'orinatioa upon ? very Uipin Intereating to married peraoua, but la atridly moral, m lentlflc, pract.cally uaeful and popular I'rica one dollar. I'ublinbe<l by T \V .-TKO.Mi, UH Nateau etreet New York city, who will aend it anywhere free by I* t, on rtcfitin* <?n? UolUr arid thw addrtii*. To limi *Ut) of all book rlU'ri*. Thou?aiidn art noM ?lailjr. rnilK THIRTHKNTII KHITION OF "TlfK WKAI/Iil AND J[ Itionraj-lijr of thf Wtuhliy Otli* -on of tb? ( itjr of ' N? w York," in dob Sr??ral huD'lrt*d alt^raiiiiUH j bl'1 corrftion* hav** b?-?n u> ;??!?? Blnc? thi maun nf th? twelfth vUilion, maki*!^ thiB, in vBnantial ptrticulary. hi tirtljr a n?w toon lor wait* al the Hud otlice. l'nc?* i t c??U. \a FFKI Y I'AI'KR-, AND lUMJ^S ? AlX W Iki IV Bton, N#w Yoik. rblU<l?*lpliia an I for*-l^o weekly pai?+rB, iuatfa/.iB?? aim bookB ar? rec?iv?l hy ub, of wbic-h tu? !? . ?? i n .? ar? af?w ItaiiiDg oubb, ail I the principal agtota For tale by ua and ail t tie mvi .'v^f nt ? tn c* t y and ? nvriiry MutBiii B, Irni I lay, !>?? myB. u ? lUnk &tarh|*ai|rl?J IIbh llom^ Journal, Report r. a?v Abu Mt ('??ri?v, UboU ftm, J'at. I vrtii?K 1'oBt I'nli'iM, Ollv? Hrau< h, An* I'rtvatecrnman. l>ut''Hm*n, Yank* ?? 1.HU1I i? I i?in.'A?? , Nfw York 1'iek, hpiriiMal l#i*/ra|ih. Wtk'kU ll?raM, Itrtra/ u, l?oliar N'W?i*Bp?r, N. Y t'trajrniiB, Yankee NmIIorb, W? *^kljr Trtbuaf, !.(??!?>||i'ih?vk Lon<loi lllu?tratf?l W ? kl> Ti:n>< I a^iBB* Nat |la? Nib?, H e?k?/ Hum, 1/iUr i iiuf ttB Nrw York Journal ' I ,amUr ? J 'irnal, II o u 0*' h o I <1 H'ordB. Pnnell , A> . Mttia 1'ilyrim. HticntikAinfiiean. IJ?ston I'llot, ,*ri*i"r ?? ll .tii M ?*/ Au6 all c4li?*r flrBt clan* M? ?e?kiy pap?r?, msirarinea, bcoka, Arc . wbirh ?r will park and forward to all par f. ? of tb** world at putjUBhrrB* prteai, an mmio aa putiliBbrd A list of Dapwra aiad inatfatiti?M will !*? ftirnit*b*d fr*? to any of tli? tradr at 14 -u i 1*? Ann iitreat, up ?Uiia I?KA J fc.H k BftOftfKK l'KKHO*AI. A NTONIO? YOUR WI8HKH MtVE MiWT HKMMK J\ too aptiarant to bo inlatakan, an<t Ihrjr ahall h?ra kitrr l<* <>b?riT?d. Mat aoin- riplanat'on of UiU an* ? rnuntabla wnolil ba?? b?>-u MC*flibl< Y"ur brutbtra I'miii <in hanf*<l to?ar?1* 70a, n? yon ki?o? INFORMATION WANT? - or JOHN J BKI.1-, A carptutar ind jolp?r iiorn th* county T Irrlanrt. ??? In Ko?li??t?r ait y**ra agn Any Imuran tiou ?f him will b? tliankful'y a by h,? mli( Mary 11*11 , >1 No. ft )l??1rr ntr**t. K0TK1.-IK MR. CANmiJi, Till liKNTLAMAV who Idt Man KrtnoU'-o on tba 1Mb of Un iary la?t, ? 111 pl'aa* > all or ??n?l hi? ? Id * W l'jr?r, ??7# Crtanwieb ?tr'?t, ha will ionf?r a <r?at fa?or nvmcj. uu pouui rum a larue ausortment or Jl I J 1 banutllul a llmmoti, !!>*?> t.y 1 i?il!??rt \ > o , otniti nt tlia jollan art fir aala ? nljr at U.I Hrradway, by iK/KACK WATER*, a?l? M*nl Tn writ Htm* pari baaan, uinottily paym<nta takan 1'ianoa to mil. AlARoe A.w^01irMENT lit hi 1 IH;OK I'lAMO fcrtaa, from n to 7 o- Uim, with tba . l??ut*^?of nrtall.c frame*, In aUgant ???*?, at an lmii?nu> ra4<te tli.n In pnca al>o ?ron<]hno'l pianaa from lib t< |is<t lib \ H BAHMOKE'.-1, 141 IIImtim itrwl. GCITAR ami ClNfJINfi -MAtiAMr. UARR9 ?<)N'- to K >'? laaaoaa In g* u r an I ? uging, at bar r?al<I*Dt?, *7W l,'rua<t?ay (iiltel taugbt >a an katOM, for accompany lag th* to u, ).u lata for >aW Mcmc and ?? awtino? a lady, wiio ha <<?* patrol an<! ? i#*rlanra?l Ua lift of t: ? p ?uo aal droving 111 atrry atjla, ?I!I |ii> IhMI ri a ?< an utu pliat.n ant at 1.0 pa month, of ? glit !????, na Apply for I?a< bar at 143 Ifroa'loay Mtf-IC- A YOt'NO I.ADY PU'IJ. '<> Jill. M^f ealal.rat*'] io?-al act laatram<a'.nl pttfl intra who ba?t ?i<it?"l tba I ol?a?l '?'a? an t graat latural abliit aa for lnatro<-'mg ttbiri, ?>ll g>?* iaaaona to Uulira at h*r r??i'l?u-?, |.?fl III rty ,'ourtr, twai n Hoaantb an I K gb*b atari i?a, or * II attan4 ai r ?Man'"*. Ibrramootua ailJ pro*a ?u T.<-.?n[ far ma in arc ritanc* with tba Ml MCAI. ?St.* fiAMO 111! HAlA ( r<? TMMH ?X ?ta| ant roMao'-' plan ? by ? Aril rat? Biakrr, B.a- ? to >ir?!?r, aalt any < l.utal' pr 1 ? I ",Vj, parttek?nin tra'la at a lair prira Apply br WtUr, ir?a, to ilarfais, ll'tal l MHHIiH'.N ?' P. A ft W r Mi til 1 V> ii'.i W;VH taM< tba "|*ial tanpatanant. it, r 1,11 at tba n.u? ? an'l piaao atora of 11 il'.Al >. W * TMl .t I rta<ifiy T: ? IraJa aapp.ia l OS ti?? ? >?' I : ?ial 1^* KW "OHO. * I Ilata -?an ham Kaply 10 " Hat a Yon ??n a' Kaa4y on I oait. NO Ml JIC ? "Ouf >v.y ?, ?oHa >?y I |i t?a _ rn lift tr.? l*i?r , ? /u r| ?.i.f Of tba Youa( A n< r : a arh*.l, nmt bf A 1 f'brtati* * Mmatra ? ?.U? yr-at tat ??? I. .f "<;-.r Hoy?" 0*1 tit la pa#' ttpartUn/ l'-?iaa y ta? MMa# coniyoatr ll baluM an lm??aaa rna a* an' . a !. tl* n >a >i,? < .it IIOKA' ? * * i Ml" l'? 'a I ?ay Mu ai* at tba rMt'.'" I MM nl/Uft* iiaMi miW-vftv U'W i-rk:^ -ovg O at ?? ?I10 ll? I'X. IIH UN, |IM, Ml I* ?? ii nl at tl?a mua ' I a*" atora of UollA' K WA 1 1 r>, i. . Itr? a-laay ' AJTFT? BV A * ??r ???a fAfiY. WHO ? ttloWOII w f t ? ^01 r* I ? , tft / ?-# |ii?h (r>* ? 1 'vldtik ?? 1 A i ?rK'rf t *?f * |?fif ?** (?? ilf wWri" U??r? ?r* ?? ? ?!i|llr | h *? < (?*? b Pa'.raa- ? ? f ??a aa 1* |<i ia4. A . i?? Mania bog 111 ll?r* ? ? At 1< R|*l 1 MK. S'- 1 . , , . 1 | ?A I llilW Qg X|f ami I , ? " r, ii ' a 1. : .11, , ,ia I ,1 ?. , ? 1. Mvokiyn <?? a*,. 1 k# ?? ,?i > ? . *r ial fa ? I'.f ||a I'd a ali. !? n?bl Ian It *>11 l? , ra>i ,at aiat latklj tb' o'aia'J 4 uit kfl aiaf a > la ' I a|??aa 1 a tk>i aV *a , a*l * 1I4 a tan fa?ia up . a pa 1 1 * M M. Cili t (, IU I alum it?aat, .???# 1 ???. >a 1 . . .. ? , u ta aan ail 1 tfctf p.rti . ir ? |tf n M s Aur mnw curmn f 1 mm 1'# ?*? pi | ?t J % * IkillN rV? m? 4 ? ? nrt?ftU4 WATTH. AlUWPDCrABlJ: YOl'NO woman wavth a sitt at. on ? tb * faally going to California Can b. ??"ii At her preient amployar'n, 'Jt Kaa'. Twenty anil, fltltf* AMllAliliN WANTS* ? BY A MHPipKUEt young girl. A( rhAtnbarmuid or waller. Tb?i >?aat of nly rcr?ttnci cab baglteo. Hlr?? rill tt 3tt W?it Hi rte> o!h alraet, betwreu 1> iftli MKt^'t'b avenuea At.tXUi I'KKs-MAKkK WD-HKf TO KNI1AUE HKR ?elf '?) t?> <uy or weak or fur a law dayaaarb ??*?>, in a ivcpactabia American iainUy. Minn (J. W , Herald A tWM I.AliY, WUO HAH W)UK KXI'KKICNCB, IB J\ Oral/one of obtaining a aitna'ion to leaoh lb* hngll*b lira or Ik a ol aduiati* u or to o'.ialtt a few pri rati* pupil*. Hativfar.tory referenri-A can ba given. la i, aif at 1 S7 Adam* ?tr?.t, Hr?okl)ii A YOtMi WOMAN WU4HEM A (PQAAV'N A-IOlAM J\^ bar* Aid <>r waller, baa l<i ta cara of cbildien Can !?? aeen lor two day*. I>ant rail at .16b .'? itli avenue, in the bakery Aiuncuni tovm oihl wmiikm a -itia tion a* feemaueaa or rl<.tuil? rinaul in a injci u bl? (am ly If willing lo make ber??lf generally aaafal. < an give iiwiiI filjr rrfrrrnrea. Apply at 1 1 1 ami 101 l a at 1 weulielh itreet, near tb* Havaatn avenue A Mil1 A HON WAMMi BY A KK4PKUTA1II.EOIRI., A\ t<> do cooking, waaliing, aid ironing or to do gene ml homework lor a ?mall private family. Oool rity reference I'lraaa rail at .'164 .wrvenlh iftnu, l? l*?ni thirty i mini and Thirty third aim ta. AMWUCfABU WOMAN WMK a mutation aa cook, a ho um'erelanda lur In ? ne*a thoroughly in all ite varielit*. No objection t? go to a liaiTtby plaea la the oouutiy lor the aumini r No ?a>hiii| un ilertafen, tod no?i naail ap| ly but pnval* lamillea To be ... u lor tbraa daja at li.'i Chamber* atract. a uwiixtfui iwiMMinr ami wanw a f\ rituitlaii la waiKtNM, and to taka cm ra of rhll ?Trail ; will make het.ell gnivlally u?e(ul In a (amity. 1'laaaa inquire at 46 Watt* aireat. i ao M> a> < a foi tbre? ! daya |o< d i*ftr> oca given i an aoouvumd nomMMT utnt vmi >\ Kuitpi rpeaking liertnan, Irer.eb and Kngliab , II i.i ntlj, an 1 l?eliig a akillful per'ortmr on tha piano ti tle. ia i ealtnua of obtaining a altnatioti '?} the beginning I ol May, aa HntahiU|r governe.f, or a> travaUlof i ? In (.anion to a lan.tly going to Kruin ait*nil?a { aiparianea her aartieaa 1 ? tithar <?' tlie.e eapa?it<aa ?<>uld ba of iataluable importai.i ? in any requiring than I aha wnuld alan be willing to arrrpt a aituall. "I in a Qral r ma neminary ll?>t of refi reti ? U'li "I! application In A II , Iw > I 1V7 I'oat Office. BuIaUj N Y a natraoriMjc mothamt younu whmas u\ aanta a utaalion to cook, ?a b aud Iron 11 aa , nn objactiaa lo laka a laundraaa plaoa In a privata lauuly llaat of city iel?r?naa glren in ba a??n far | two ilaya at IAI Varlrk atrial balwieti CUarltoa aad \ aodani atrial!. A COMI hlKNT UltM-iMAKKII - I l"lt I'iJRI.Y ^ \ unilaiatanda cutting ami fldiiv to gn out in anrk by ibe day or waaa lo the r* 'iiien. . ol employ era. 1'leaae rail at 73 Weat Hi rlaeul'i nUiwt, fr mt room, ai eond llnor YOUMa, niiunr and BBWTaBUI woman, who la< Inat her baby tan man tha okl a ibaa a bitliy to art nurae at heroanpla' . l a ri be a?ll ra ci n.11 i Ddeil by llae ilortor alio alle- '? h?r. Aay ota ? i. Ini g aurb will | l?r?a apply parat nally nr hjf no'a a% . 4'J Wiat Ta-nty ninth atraat, be! ... . Tenth anil Kl? initli avtouri lo fclr*. Maghei' A Mialea a altuauou aa arain. Ir. a. I ?? on o*>ja.- 1 ma fo laki caia of cblldraa nr db U(bt ii.imi?iamk Haa the i?at of rily ralitenea. Apply .it 'ilil Taranty llrat alrtel, bataaan K irat and haconil .?? > .?? |i>r !?'? <>aya. AUKKMAN I ADY Willi. A hlTI ' A TION AH I. All* M n.aid ar ai-ain?tr?-?a in a rr?p-'a..' ramlly Hhe api ai.a I renrh ami >o|li?b,iaa >ary aifatlaiirM llraaa maker, and umlriataD'la all kind* o' ? w n/. i an Iw vary ? ell rrrnnimendad. I'leaae rail at I ? Mullivan atraat. ARMMTiBJt YOUNU mm. WANTS A BtrQA tn ii ae i hamiiermal I and aa.t ?! la ago<<lp<ain ? ?<.er i r wnilil take cliaiga of a bal/ Ilea aa rail at 4' )i ban ml ititlP, between Taeat) a . litliaud Taealy Dint || alien*, lor two daya. fan ba well ie:o,iiin*a la.1 AKfMEITABUC YOt'NO WOMAN W1MILS A 4ITUA l Inn *? rbamharniai I and pla.n aaaiualrata, i* a quirk vrwtr, aud undaralanda ? inbri i ? ry I he naat af ? ity rifereare ran I f gnan I'Uaaa ell at 'iU. 1 Kliuabatb ? tieet, near llouali n witiow uttnr, or h.ka^iso manner*, wmidi In eaga.e aa aaleawoman li a Ian y nr mi Inarf eftal.l .bnif n' . either Houlh or Weal la fully ???mf tint, having bem in tha baalMaa Ini l.araa.f H* feietire eirlanged. Addie>? Mia Aal.'.^nl, till llu laaa atraat, atat ng wliera an Intirv.ew ran !? ha-l A III M %t I A HI I. HTKAIiY iaMI. WAST.tA ITI'A j \ tinn lo do rliainl^ rai.ik and n'ai.i, nr w lu-aiat In it>a nare of rtnlilreu . wowM t-- ailllag to gate tlie ronatry or In traeel Call at lo Mm. IVa l??f l as ba win for two da; ? a ) t-i-Kn abi>. voi -.ii ami. w ii'.h a itija | x\ tl"? lo lake rare of . hlldrrn, or 'in pu ? e - rw j ilianiM rwnrk or tl.e work of a au.II faoul/ . Ta Itary ("B'l of rliiMren, an I aauld go trerahmg with a liny flat gMxl rl'y r>(eieace. I leaaa ill at M f o irttl a??n. e fur twn day* A BtBraCTABU VOCWO woman Wl'lim A MITMA J\ tinn lo 'lo rhambaf Wirk, IAI i*>ii( In aaili'ig < and Ir'-niciTi or to ? <k, waab and lr> n or a a nail family. I an I' aril le. omn.enile.1 from Mr la<t pla.a Injuire I At .'.07 badlano atraat, irat floor, ba' i room. A A I. ?!?!'?< ?( A HI K >01 NO WON A* WMIM % -rrf'A linB ? BUM' Bil l anmatfaoa, tr W m?wl aii<: to f!n litr xtbiiiK in I If nlo? Bl <1- f?Uu ! < *il ? o4* of Fl?-I>rh pi ft tl r if aft'l IlilUftf Hm Ir-tritf ftca bi| ??t Bla ? n>iN ill at 17$ ta.t r ? uiy aaioail a ia?(. I'.rat fli*!, fn Dt roam, I r t ??i li;< 4 V0t.NO <> CHI . 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