Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1855 Page 5
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?na Mmrr tasey? % Faithful Portrait of > will he publithvd in tho 1'blitM <*u*olto tit morrow, o, a fall report ot the celebrated Kiiuni trial . Libel i IS Philadelphia, Criiuuial newa, editorials, Ac. I'rleo V Of ritfc autographs oil tlu- new (hup lystim, In In I with 11:11* pMcut Am ricun ?l?r< Dtguerreo ki, ? ?n4> centt; et*i eo*?ope?, SI. by HOLMES' pttuut [reoeoopio u uble action uniin>, 'ant Broadway. % notion 8al? of l(oinl?.?Onr Htadert il i liui< remember tl;?t ALIIEKT II. NICOI.AY will i ui public auction, tomorrow, Thnrartay, March -!2, at ii ? clock, *t the Merchant) Exchange. at nil regular ?emi ekly talc, hydri!> rof li e Fort Wayne in Southern Itail <1 I 001 1 ??, $L'*),t)0O of their flrnt mortgage aev>>n percent ? I Estate Bon, l? Theae b<>ndt nro certainly worthy of >intiun, ?* they are perfectly *ecure wi'V.ut the ooBtem. kt? i ru.irt. irl facilities, ?? the r??l Htlls is now abioluto by irarri.nte' deed, 'he property of the company, and iius n inhered; to that they are unlike ordinary railroad bonda. ollior aovantage tkey posaeti i?, that they are exchange ile for the r?al estate mort*a?ed at auy time, at th" option the holder; and an imr" rtani leature of thU road i?, that ouohoe every count y scat on tho entire route, (except one, J iicb no road does, it is believed, in the United St*tea. Tho I* will be made without reserve, by order of the company, d we kdviic all parties that wtah to buy an uui" ibtej ae rity for Investment, to attend theeale. Kor fnrt.lier par mlare we refer to the advertisement of the auctioneer in Either column. H9Mty Uiid^Army Ofllrrrt, SoJsllers, St t* ri?. naval olsccre, teamen, marines, navy olerk* and 1* m- n, <?.r their anrvivinn widow* .ir minor ohild re n), 10 served in any war of the United Statea, are entitled to a 11 warrant for ItXl acrei. All person* entitled will, by ad Mwing ne, jeeeive the proper lorm of application, ana we 11 obtain their warrant* f?r a moderate charge. Our ar egementa with the Department at Waahinirton afford at osnnl facility tor tje prompt return oi warrant*. claim* euld be left with na a* early as possible Land warrant* ?ht and .old. DRAKE A BRADFOitD, 39 Wall at. 'erenet*? Union Bank, Cora Exchange bank, Uowery ipwUnt to Mo?wkfepr>*-Onr Spring Imtment of earpetinns, oil.lotha, eartaina and curtain ?teriala is now ready for inspection, and will ho offered at latly reduced prion. LORD A TAYLOR, Grand ntrcet, i ef C'hryiiie. nrnlng Mantillas.? Now open at Bar* _ialemew'? new mourning atore, the mo t ? ctenalvo stock Id (tiperior itylee eTer exhibited. E F. BARTHOLOMEW, 1 Moaning Store, 331 Broadway. o. 210 Bowery-Iljait'i New Carpet Km InniB.? flreat Inducements to buyer* of carpeting, oil 1 the, hearth rug*, door mat*, table nnd piano covers, mat Lga, window ahadea, Ae. ; also, lO.UUUyarda oarpeting and ? cloth*, at forty per cent leu than value. Decidedly great Irraina. tt thU be yonr Gnlde Itnaluli velvet oarpett, 10*. and 11*. 1 '* tapeatrv. 7*-, 8*. and 9a. ? three -ply, 7*. and 8*. ' ingrain carpet*. 3e., 4*., 8*., and tie., at 99 Bowery. Sewing Machine*, Improved, ao I to ran without noife, with very little power, and sowing flneit thread without over brt aklng. Tho profit of uaing M machine* U tl .OOO a year. Roferenoea in abundance i be given to taUify all who are interested that theao chice* era icited to do every kind of work perfootly. I. M. 8IN0EK A CO., 323 Broadway. i Salamander Satw^Robrrt M. Patp |('I 1* the Mile manufaetnrer iu Mm United State* of Hie eve celebrated tafea, and r. O. Oolltn'a impenetrable de IM loeka and eroae bare. Depot No. 1W fearl atreet, ? door below Maiden lane. ^Bnillard Tableau? Tlie only correct Millard ^Hllo cnibion con be had of UBU'riTH A DBUKEIt, Wl Ann reet, where thev offer for aalo billiard tabloa (uperior to y in the United State*. Cr II and examine their ti ne etook. ?Hill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whin* re, at No. 40 N'aaiau etr?et. I'artionlar attention paid to ewg, curling, and ehampooing the hair. Inralllble lent to grow the bair, and inetantaneou* dye for a atiful Hack or brown. __ i, Clark & Co., fixate Roaltton, Clark |c* P-Oennine medicated cod liver oil. ? The Arm of Ru?h , Clark A Co., being diuolved by the death of Mr. Rn*h , their genuine cod liver ttl i? now prepared only by ir (arriving partner* and ?ol? aucoew r* HEGEMAN. CLARK k CO., Chemiit* and Druggiata, 136, 273 and fill Broadway ?tor WUmot'i Celebrated Iron, Tonic id periodic pill*, known to be the only eflcaciou* MP lorallfemall weakneeaand obitr-ietion*. They will ? aWtolurMM on the rei nipt of a letter ooutaininr poet |>aid, to Dr. Wllmot, Ilroadway Pott Office, or 117 ^^llon atreet. up atair*, with direction*, Ac. Hie eele ited livtr pill* will be tent alio on receipt nf the above; ly are purely vegetable, and known to be the only infalli ?ptciAc for livtr complaint*. Letter* attended to aurely i punctually, Ibarra Oil, of the moat KxqnUlte tiunllty, in rona, and prunee of the cboh eft kind, cured, retaining > meitture and natural flavor nf the fruit, packed in tina, .adiagex North Sea; a!eo Engllah elierau, landing ex atcam lip FaciAc, for tale by JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, 403 " dway. Idraham.? Ilia Ongocnt" force* the Wlilakera, cueta. L- if bair to grow in aix week*, and will not a lain itijnre the akin. $1 a bottle, aent to any part of theooun y. R. G. GRAHAM r*& Broadway, basement; Zither, South Third street, Philadelphia. I Nerrooa BufTercra? A retired Clergjr> rcatored to health in a fiw day*, after many rear* [ gnat nervou* anffering. ia aaxiou* to mak* known Uie .a* of euro. Will aend "r??j the prenrlptlon aaed. on dvmg a lotter (pottpaid). Direct to Rev Jolf V M. kGNALL, No. 37 rulton *te*et, Brooklyn, N. Y. IHaUoway'a Ointment ?The First Sorgeona Uie great ecuutry ara gaaeroualy and nobly recommend m ibis celebrated ointment to their patlonta, and the publio Inerally, a* an fffectual cure for wonndt, aorea and uleflra, len when all other mean* have failed. Sold at the mauu luttrie*. Ml Maiden lare, N. Y., and Hi Strand, l.< nd"n, >d i y all dru|gi*t?, at 211 cents, 12 cant*, and tl per pot. | Outer's Spanish Mixture, the greatest blood urlf>erand alterative kaowa, a certain enre for all mercu aland aecendary diaeaaea. rortale by C. U. RING, oor erof Broadway and John atreat. | For Coughs and Colds.? Hastings' Syrup of aptba, Rnahton'a cod liTar oil, Ayer*' cherry pectoral? i?ti fl. >'or fever aad ague ? India eholagogue, $1 M; Deah trf pill*, |1. For dropsy, gravel. Ac., Wolfu'a Sained am Upi *. Watt*' antidote ? each 91. For rheumatiam, icrofu , to.; Hyatt'* life balttn, 73 oenta; Holloway'a pill a and a '.men t, each cent#. For nuppretaion , obatrnotioa. Ac.. ? llambert'* fnmalc monthly pilla, H. Thompaon'a tooth afaad orrla tooth patte? each 23 centa AtGI'ION'S, l'i7 very. ?UTEKTlgmNTg RENEWED EVERY DAT. iBCTl'REfl. 'LBCTRICAI. PSYCHOLOGY.-Dn. BENTON WILL A lecture, and rir* tome Tery amuainr eitmrimi-nta, thia Pedneeday; evening, March 21, at lileecker Building*. alio <utinue at 24 arenae D, Friday, 23d. Oflloe removed to 477 in;. POST OFFICE NOTICE*. ?>OST OFFICE NOTICE-TUB MAII.S FOR EUROPE, per I : i? ? J Stat re ?toemer Naahvllle, will eloae at thia ou Wedncaday, the Hat of March, at lfl)j u clock A. M. ISAAC V. FOWLER, Poatmaater COPARTSEMMIP itQTICgl, kl R AAA ?R W>,wo-a oenti.eman" would Pi.U?' 'UU Ilka to iiareat from fl&.UM to $3i),tWU in a and profitable baalsona, alroady oetaliUahod'. epooial or re partner would mak* bo differonco to tbo ndrertieor. J to thia, (It* addro** and naturo of (main***, and th* aM? return* for th* auuui.t inreated, and th* percent may be calculated on. All euaimiinteatioaa eonttdentiaL D. M. D.. whore I can call oa you. WriH MA AAA CA8n WANTED, WITH f'ABT BR. TO pJU.Ul/U take one half iatereat in a luanufurtnriag meea that will mora than double tn? amount In one year. Maanfaatarar, llerald oflice ?'l AAA T? WANTED, A PARTNER IV A i).UUU aate ia?h buainaea that will pay fn.m AO to 73 coat per year Addrcaa R T. A., Herald othe*. k') AAA ? AST ENTERPRISING VOUNU MAN piiVUo . witii thla amoart, aaa hare an equal intereat ? a coffee and (pic* and rotating aad paokia* eeiabliihaeent; headeertieer baa carried ou the baeineae for tb* laat three cara, at a profit of l*o thoueand doiiara par year and aaa Be lOireaaed to thrice the amonnt with a (cod buiiaeee man ?o take charge of tin oct ilaor department. For reference ?nqatre at No*. 7 aad 3 Front atreat Call, or addr?*a, at .18 ?- ttreet fcl r.OA ?AN ACTIVE Rl'fllNESS MAN. WITH pi.tJUU ? thia i.i i will be take* aa partner la a kacco manufactory now in fall operatiua The pr?<mat ayri" tor I* 'nr*r*d in otkar huaineaa A porena under aedlng tk* trad* | raferrad. Addrtaa Fact .ry, llerald H*. _ "'iAA PARTNER TO PURCHASR ONE BAI.F OUVi Iatereat in on* of th? baat paying bnaiueema la ?aalty. The bu'iae.a will par from ff.JUO to 91.MM a year * iaeh rartaer, and an riak. It ia don* exclaalt -ly f-ircarh. Ipply to c. B. IIOWK9, 07 Na?*an at root room No. #. |f\IMOLUTION or COI'ARTFERSHIP -THE CO ?1/ partnerahip heretofore eiietiag between the uaderatca Ed, m thia day duaolaod hy matual conaont. Tho naaettied phaaiaaw of the firm will be lettled by J.ho J Boeeher.wno i aatboriied to aign th* nam* of tbo firm la liquidation, JOHN J. HBBCRR, ISRAEL II ICE A, New York. March tt, 1M.V No UU Market alip. -.^IMOBUnON.-THE UNITED PA RTNEBSHI P (J./ heretoi. r* en.tinf latweoa the under, uned under the of * . lliam H. Miller, i* thia lay dieaotrad hy mutual ?? ? WI l.l.l AM II MIM.L.RR, New York. Mareb I. IMS JAMES THOMSON. Tfco endcreigaed bare thia day formed a eopartuerahip or .arryiar on the tin aad Japaaaod ware huain**i, tinder Jie anate et Millar A Merriaoa. i_ _ . ? WIM.IAM II. MII.I.ER. New Terk. March I, |*M JONATHAN MORRISON. IS8dl.tTION.-TUE PARTNEBSHIP HEP. F.TOI'ORE labaiatiM* hetweou Ceor*- t Jefferi'i and E I* d llati. letllete, lUii Bowery, bae beon d;-eolted ky m<;(ual c?a aaat All delta <.?.n* t.. aad by the aaid partaerahlp will ho roeeiead aad p*id roaperliroly by th* aaid c Jet fanoa. ky whom lb* aa d bnameaa will lafatace l.e carried ea New fork. Mar. b 20, UiA. PABTNER WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE 9TB A W (Ofda hoaae. None but Am*rleaa< need apply, at It Murray ?treat. WANTF.D? A 0BNTI.EMAN WITH ?l.< TO JOIN the ad?ertia?r la a reapectal.le, fir>t e1a? tr?Tallia< om which a lar ?* income ol'h t" t manw ?eat. will I' realited In |uire of Henry, room No. k, M Ureadwav, in mediately. Id DERTHTRT. BTIilCIAL TF.ETII. OF A BEAL'TIFOL AND natural appearaace, inaortod, from a einjrle la*H M lawmplete aot. witkoat aprlaf* or elaapa. aad p.rtect *??? j??d *? n.rr' nrared *?? tho wearar. Full upper and a a dor oett*. hi:' f per *? W OR JONES. No. 7 BUaeker etraat. COAL, 4K. j M?AI, . Hi tl ' I HAN EVER -THE ?Cf?? RIBKR |\y wi.i boefienaa :er tbr?o daya the Uet of r< d aah ????? aad ... >aal, a', aly I* par ton mm bead*. Fall (?PHpk"?etH ? (. ..U.rt-U* ******** MM, 4IVERT18EMENTS RENEWED ETERY BAT. BALE* at ACCTIOll. HENRY H. UEDrt * CO, AUCriONEER ? H003E hol : furniture salae? tfeary U. l*-i? k Co., will giveibeir uaraonal attention (?a tt.ev havedone liar muiy years past) *> th* m1?* of household furniture, ?t the residences of families breaking up housekeeping or re moving. They will *leo have regular ?aim at ?h?.ir ano tion rooms, 1M Namu street. between fta?*nl Ledir, (or tbe coaveBieoee of those who may deeire this medium of sale. ALBERT II. NICOCAT, AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTO ry sale ol S240,UUU first mortgage tevon per cent real ??tats bonds 01 the lort Wayne and Southern Railroad Onuut. Albert II. Nlclsy will sell, at public auction, on Thurs day, March 22, 1K&3. at 12)? o'clock, at tbe Merchants' Ex chee-i). without reserve, to the hlgtcat bidder. bv order of f\it Wayne sad Southern Railroad Company, 240 of their fird itoruk.e seven pur cod*, real estate W ad* This railroad ia two hundred and two and a balf mile* ia length, commencing at Fort Wayno (Indiaua) tad extending ?outli to I.ouiaville Ky., creasing the Ohio river by mean* of a tunnel, and in connection with the Ohio act Mississippi Railroad formi a line between Louisville aud Cincinnati, 2d mile* ihorur than tbe Ohio river. The company nave issued bond* to ti e amount of S240.UM0 only, aecure 1 by a m.irt K? npon their real estate deacribed In ? ?neJulti So, 1. in ids of trances. They are tl,OUO eaob, bearing interest balf yearlv , and are made payable Jnne I, IMAU, at tho oiA^e ol the Ohio Idle Insuranoe aud Trnat Company, in New Yore. The landa of the lirat mortgage, aa contained in schedule No. 1 , were appraised by awnrn appral.-ers at the amount of $3110,1)00. and upon thil mortgage but two hundred and forty bond! are or ean he issued. The lands ot this mortgage are situated in the counties of Clark, Scott, Jennings, Decatur. Delaware, iliackford and Wells, being along the road and within tbo bounds of the State, aud the prices fixed npon theia sai iu reference to their caab value at time ot appraisal, and not what they wenld be worth when posseesed of all railroa i facilities. Tbe?e bonds are at any time, at the option of the bolder, ex changeable for the real! eatate mortgage, at snoh prioes as may from time to timo be (lied by the company, but in no case 1< m than four-fifth of the appraiaed value. This rail road haa, from Its earliest commencement to the preicnt date, been proaecnted ateadilv from the hotne mean* and twedit oi tho company, and without the aale of a " bond; and it ia the tiled determination of the oompany to move ra pidly forward until tbe work ia completed, aud unlikn moat other railroad bonds, the security of tbeeo bonds are of tbo moat undonbted character, independent of the snoeeaafnl proHeeutioa or the profitable working ot tbe road alter its completion, as the real estate being entirely unencumbered ie now tbe property of the company absolutely, and without tbe successful completion of tbe road, or aar other ooadi tion whatever. For paiopbleta and atatements of tull par ticulars of tbe condition of tho company, apply to ALBERT II. N1COLAY, No 4 llroad atreet. P. 8.? Tbe President of tbe Compauy, knowing the Intriu aic value ot tbeae bonds, aud not wishing the public to rely upon bis statement wholly, solicited tbe arppointmeat by me of some person in whom 1 had the utmoat eonfldenoe, to go aud examine the mortgage record, landa, atatistics, facta, aud tbe eondlMon of the road, which I did, and his report is more favorable in every particular than 1 oould have ex pected from the atatement and exhibit of the Company. I would, therefore, reoummend theae boudato my friend*, be lieving them to be entirely safe, and a moat desirable se curity as a profitable and permanent investment, and wor thy of attention, aa the sale is made by order ot the Compa ny, and Will be peremptory to the highest bidden. ALBERT H. NICOLA Y. A I'CTION NOTICE. ? GREAT SALE or EXCELLENT Jl household furniture.? A rare opportunity ia offered to housekeeper!, hotel keepers, and others, to procure tbo best attic lea for housekeeping offered at auction thia season, most of which have been made to or ier. II. WILSON, auotioneor, will lell, tbis (Wednesday) morning, at 10U o'olook, precisely, to tbe highest bidder, tor caab, all the riuh variety of excellent furniture and house furnishing articles iu tbe three story house No. 100 West Twenty fourth street, near Eighth avenue. The tale will eonimenoe with tbe kitchen furniture, which embraces a great variety of cooking utensils, ? rockery, cutlery, kettles, tables, chairs, oilcloths, 4o., containing every necessary for convenience and comfort. Magu iflcent rosewood pianoforte, of superior tone and finish, city made, aud warranted. Tbe parlors are elegantly fur nished with rosewood suitea, covered in satin brooado, ex pensively carved, and warranted In solid rosewood frames; riobly oarved rosewood centre and tide table*, with marble tops; corner aad music stands; 300 yards tapestry carpet, in superior side*; pier glaaioa, brocatelle and laoe curtains, gold band parlor ibadea, superior oil paintings, by celebrated artists; mahogany suites in datnask, with oovers to match; mahogany ensmoned chairs, sofas, tete-a-tetea, roekers; ex pensive bedroom furniture, embracing rosewood and ma hogany bedateads. bnreaus. and washstands to mateb; beds ana bedding, excellent hair mattreaaes, bedroom mirrors, < arrets, tables, chairs, Ac. Also, a great variety of ehoioo china ware, consisting of elegant china vases, card reoeivera, dinner and tea sets, with gold bands and expensivelv deco rated; ent glass ware, containing all the usual assortment. Silver ware? One rich tea service, salvers, oake basket*, spoons, forks, elegant plated caaters, with cut bottles, Ao.; together with a large assortment of other valuable house keeping articles. Sale positive. Deposits required. AUCTION NHTICE.-D. S. HOUGH, AUCTIONEER 2\ Important notice to the housekeeping publio and to dealers ai narally, of two largo sales of valuable and eostly household arrangements. The first, thia (Wednesday) morn ing, March 21 at 11% A. II,, at 79 Warren street, comprising t be w hole contenta of the bouso, consisting of royal velvet floor and atalr carpeting, tapestry, Brussels and ingrain do., but lUtle worn; rosewood parlor, dining and bedroom furniture, consisting of elegantly upholstered auitea in 1' ranch Irocede satin; Italian marble top ceatre tables; als j, sofa, aide and taney do.; alao, one splendid rosewood acven octave double action piano forte, warranted; rueewood Louie XIV. etegere, glasa plated throughout; work tables fanoy; ladles' reception chairs, escritoires, larte and splnodid pier glasses in costly frames, with slab and brackets; brocatelle and laoe curtains, gold shades, valuable oil paintfnas byeml rent artists, gothio inlaid clock, costly cbina vases, and bisque and panan decorations, handsome heavily oarved oak extension table, table linen, napkins, crockery, I rench ohiua, silver tea services, cake baskets, lorks, ap ions, ivory cutlery, out glassware, liquor cases, decanters, wines, champagnes. Ac., Aa. ; waiters, gas fixtures, china tea sets; al so, rosewood and mahogany bedsteada, rosewood and mahogany bureaus with n.arblo tope, do washstands; corner and towol stands, pjlassee, fine curled hair mattresses, blankets, counter panes, beds, bolsters aad pillows of tiae live geese feathers, stone china tollot sets, oval and square gilt frame mirrors, * o. Ac. Sale positive, rain orahiae. Also, oa Thursday, large and unreserved sale, at 10la A. M , at the bouse HI Warren atreet, pi tbe whole contents: splendid aad eostly farniture, rich and elegint tie. ot.: elegant rosewood aeven octave piaao forte, valuable oil laintlnj". Brussels and other carpetings, besides a large quantity of fine silvtr ware, and basemeut and dining room furniture. Sale positive. AUCTION NOTICE -SUPERIOR U0U?EIlOI.D PUR niture? SAatCEI, OSUOtlU, auctioaeer, will eoll, at his salesroom, >h Nauaa street, to morrow, i Thursday, i March 22, at IOM o'elock A. ?.. a large and superior eull?o Hea of honsehold furniture, comprising mahogany, rosewooif aad black walnut bookeases; marble nip and plate dreaslng bureaus, rosewood marble top etegere, mahogany tete a tetes aad other sofas and lounges; salts of superior ma : ? enamelled chamber furniture, marble top centra taoles, mahorany parlor chairs, wardroles; exteusioa diniag ta bles. Trorn the best manufacturers in the city; marble tip washstands, bedsteads, oil paiatiags. eagravings; oaemxda lioa back rosewood parlor suite, in rich crimson brocatelle; also, a quautity of useful household furniture, belonging to a gentleman leaviag the city. Sale peremptory and for cash. Auction notice.? joheth l. smith. Auc tioneer, will sell to morrow (Thursday), at |oi? o'clock, without reserve, all the furniture in tbe large lour story house 271* Ninth street, near Tompkins square, tbe late re sidence ol E. Li. Armstroug, Esq . c insisting ol rosewood, black wslnat and mahogaay parlor and bedroom furniture ? one painted suit, rieh oval mirrors, carpets, oilcloths, crock cry aud glass ware, plated ware, rich ebiaa vases, marble top centre tables, bureaus, washstands, Ac . kitchen utea ails, Ac. This hnase was furnished anew t bi? fall paet, and ia all in good order, and worthy the attention of house keepers. Auction notice.? crockerv, glass and chl aa.? J. S. If LARTI.GTT. auctioneer, will set!, on Modnerday, Mareh 21, at 10 o clock, at 'i^l rear! street, in lots to suit purchasers, of W. G. painted, blue printed, yellow. Rockiagham and Gip?ey ware; also. French p .r< e lain, cut, pressed aad Bohemian glass* are. Country m?r chauta and retailers should attend. Auction notice.? a i.aroe and peremptory sale of tools. Ac., appertaiulng to the manufaeturlug of axes. Ac . together with a steam engine of twenty horse power, in good order, will be eold on Thursday, the 2id nut . at t.n o'clock, at the axe factory of TIlOWAS R. WILSON, ia the city ? Trentoa N. J. Auction notice.? thos. bell, auctioneer,? By REM. A Bl .xfl ? This day. at 10^ o clock, in too salesrooms, T, Ceatre street, will lie eold without reserre. IS counting bouse desks, 4 valuable couater show rasee. and other furniture, paintings, Ac. ; nls? frum a hotsl, . ouut 'rs, oyster bim stand casks, 3 splendid canary birds, ia cares, Ac. On Thar .day will be positively sold the rich silks, hosiery, furnishing articles. ISO boxes prime samara. Ac AUCTION NOTIC E. -BOOKS OF ACCOUNT AT AUC tioa.? JOHN W KOMERINDYRE. Aaetioaeer, will sell et auction, oa the 7<tli of Maroh. at No 110 Centre street at 10 o'clerk, ander the direetioa of the aaaign^. all the hooks and honks ot accounts, four in number, containing the aceounta claims aud demands remaining uncollected which S. Schoonmaker aesigaed aad traaaferred to his m signee on the 2d day of November. 1HM This sale h ma le to close a Must. AUCTION NOTICE.? J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEER - i\ Bv S. flOt.AK I? This day, at 10!, o'clock, at the a#c lion rooms, corner of Frsnkfort aad William etreets rari ty saleaf dry goods, clothing, fancy goods, Irish liaeas. table linen, curtains, I an' >n trap, shawls, hosiery flanaels dr lames '' ^mgbams. glevee, ladles hate, aew carpets, coats, veets and peats AUCTION S A LE OF AN ELEGANT COUNTRY SF*T snd 11 kmildiu lets, eituated in West Farms. Vt .,st cheater coaat). Consist, -l* of spacious dwelling bouse kn .wn as tbe Bsrk'r place and .V) acres of land. II nee spacious, containing la raem>. with neceeeary not building* and oraa mental garden, fruit. A' Sale will be peremptory on Toes day, April 3, at 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exaaaage, ua less previously disposed el at privaie sale For terms and full, particulars apply to CHARLES R Mil I.ER A CO, aactiuaeera. 1 W1 Broadway AUCTION ?aie? ar niun, ac< tk>v Mr, IK S'u?ii etreet ? Hmr*t?y, 231 inetat.i. at WJf u'cloeh. it tb* auctioa room. bv ord?r of the tdmlalatralor, will bo (old all tho prr<ou! wirti Ac, of the late Elua betbW. Mball, AX ADJolRNED PAi.K -BV VIRTtfl. Of AN EUfCtf tl"H, I will otpoee for nl< at public roadie, on Wednaa day, March XI. At 12 O'clock, la front of the Mor?!.aat> Et ebaaio. uty o( No* York, all the right, title, aol nnr.rt of Abraham O. Jack ton akieh h- bad oa ibo Mb da y of March. ldM, !? aad to tho ?t*am' i*t If nrv M rrlaeo. or th*r?aft*r. JnHN a rtRAiCtulaU* Uatod 1Kb day of March. I BV P OOLTON. aCCTIONBEK -I.aRUE SAI.K Of roavwoud and mahoiaay eabiaet -urmiar* I rm h plat* and oral mirror* per'or ?alta, carpet* matlroioea. I maling*. Ao. f. Colloa will Mil. (kit day. (Writ** day.) March 21, at 10^ o'clock, at tho auctioa ro ma <0 B-ckman atreot. a rer.t large and genteel aoaorttneat of ,.bM nrt farai' are, of arory leacriptioa. It will compria- la part about WO mal.ogaay cl.air-. from ? manafaatory ; l?r<a aad amall rattaa aad c?ay ehatre, rocker*. tete a t?t? eofaa aad aola badatcada: oao or two *oil* of parlor faraitore in ro>c?o?d and brot atoll*; makogaay aa I roe* we* a Kr-ech hadaUadr. roarbla top ceatre, card and aofa labia*, dlaln* , aad ail?n*i?o da . Areaaiag and plain, hofthcaea* 1 and errrelat<*i, marble t?p ?aah?tanJe court.**. carpet 4, ? Ilcl' tln .priru aad bair mattr??eaa mailing. Ac . alao.|e-* -ral rr'?cb plate aad u?al mirror*, oil palntinga. A*. : at* 1. a lam aeei.ttmrnt of allter plalod Ma eota, eaetora, gobl*t*. napkin rlara. table aad t?a apoaaAl alao a larr* lot el aoaoad haad laraitnr*. from a family who ara riatnu together wiitaeercral -lorea err! mapl* chair*. cottag* i/*d*t*ad?, Ac. ftal* will be pcrtmptury aad gooda mnat bo rimered thia arteraoon, or early Ibt rada> moraia/v BT C A. WATERBI EV. AtJCTIOMI* ? O* TH0t? <iay, Marrh SI omr r?ralar meekly Ml* of llaraaa aad I.crman eegara a lao* and br?ndio? tak?* place. Tbla aal* 1 tncloda* **ry *>cara. ol )>i*h 1 oat. adapted for botol and prtrat* *?*; *lao alar?* aaeortaent of wisaa ?al Mta .Ik-*? ao honor imported City bayera, tin W**t*ra and Vouth<ra parahaeera, are redacted to atiead The aalo j ( 1 n.m?L< ** at I0)t o'clock. at oar etora, ? Uroad itro*t FfXECOTOiT LA LB or valvabTb ? arm" IK Ij W*atch**Ur Moaty. boloag.aa to th? late Wm Smith, doreaaad, tw*a?y rli alia* from tba 'lii, oao aad a halt a. lie* fmm White I'laiaa oa Harlom Railroad . tba aal* will tak* f>la?* oa tba 77th March, at tw*l?a o'oloeh M , oa the ni!*e> For r?" Kolar* aad map* of pr?p-rli apply to . SMITH, V. -i y.aet Read, ay, .lew T.rk.-r lal. C. ri.ATT ?.rr-.*a(? 8 W. ??lth, er Kitef. ?ffc.f?e!al?? I av*J?w??eai. IALKI AT ACCtlO.l. DniCAN * ELLSWORTH. AIVIIONEERS AND rrnl e?tate broken, under l:auk of tl.<_ < 'bminouweeith. oirmr of Pine anil N'wmi htreete, ?<Bi? So. S DIE mil give their atteutlon to illrf if rial eittlt at the U< rohaiUe' Exchange; alto. to lursiture at 'tie r?? idenoee of thoee breaking up houtekw [.in;. Kecovered oargoea of all do ti.riptiune, and make ca?h advancea if ret|uirad. 1,' I IAS COMBS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON j Tburadav, March 25. at 220 Eaat lonrteeutb atreet, >t || ' o'clock, tueleaecuf the c?al yard. 220 Mil 212 Eaat h ur teeath atreet, al? year* to ran; alio tt.a lo?ae uf 2 brick dwelling, 237 and 239 Eaat Thirteenth atreet ? 10 vara to | run. KLIAS COMBS. Auctioneer, 244 Graud atroci I 1?XECUTORS' SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE \i in thin city.? Will bo aold on Wedneaday, Mar all 21, at tb. Mer (haute ' Eachamr-. by ANTHONY J. Bl. BECKER, Auctioneer, by order of the executora of Frauci> S Utua, de ctaaed, the following valnallw pro luctivo rcil eatate, vU. The *tor? and lot Suutn atreet lhe internal in the wharf in front of the itore. The etcrc and lot 43 Ueaver ttr.ut. The itore and leaio nl lot ti3 Ham y ftreet The lo1. 13Carllal? street. Thirteen lota un i-?th and 12Utii itrecta, '.tlween Ninth and Tenth avenuat. IjtCGHNF. B. FRANKLIN. ATCTION F.EH ? BY FRANK <j 1.INA NICHOLS? Office 79 > aanau atreet - Aaaunae't tale. ? Wedneaday. March 21. at 10 A M. at Not. Jfi and Eaat F.ifhteenth alrect, the property aeaigncd by Bruwa A Mn.mon*; roaaiatlnr, In part, of mahogany, black walnut, and pine liinib?r, one mplne and boiler, two planing tnv chinea, lour turning latbea, aawmp tnacbinca, toola, Hatnr ?, ibaltmgaad gearing, horaea, wagona, harneia, if , Ac liy order of J. S. Blaueon, Aaaijnee. IjMGENE I! FKANM IN, AUCTIONEER -BY FRANK. J lln A Nicbola.? Salearnoin Na--au atreet. Atrignec'a aale, Wedneaday, March 21, at 10 A M., at Not 2H2 and 2SI Eaat Eighteenth ttieet, the property a-aigno I by Brown A Sinim?na, emitting in part or mahogany, clacV walnut and idne lumber, ono engine and boiler, twu planing machine*, four turning latbea, *awing machine*, toola, tt**.ar?", atuift ing and gearing, bortct, wagona, harneei, Ac. Ily order of J. S. SLAL'SON, Aatlgnea. Eugene b. franklin, auction eeil-ry frank lin A Nleholi.? Spring furniture auction ?a '?.??. Tho tnl aerlbera will give their peraonal attention to tlr*t cla-.< I urn it urc aalea at auction at the residence! of faioilln break ing up hontckeepingor removing; they will al*o hare regular aalea at their auction ruoma, 79Nattau atreet, between Ful ton and John, for the i-onvenlenoe of tboa? who may desire thla medium of aale. Br. aabon will sell at auction at THE ? aala?room C7 Naaaao atwt, at half paal 10 o'elooa, on Wedoeaday and Thuraday, 2lat and 22d, a mortgage aalo ol apwarda of 2A0 Ana gold and ailTer watch, a, a?mo of which are very line, cbronomatara, and Independent aaoonda. hunting and open face patent levera of the mnat celebrated makera; alto an lnrolee of fob, Teit and guard uhaina, broochea, aarriaga, gold peaa and penclla, Ao. Perm* wlah inggood watobea lor their own uae will do well to attend tbla aale, aa every article la fnlly warranted, and will bv Hold without roaerve for caah. Catalogue* are now roady. For sal* at aitction. on Monday, aprii. 2, IMOA, a ralnable farm of 2Macrea, altaate one mile from Dean'a I'ond atatloa, on the New Jeraey Railroad, between New Brunawick and Kincaton. The Impreaemeata nonalat of a trick tavern atand and atablee, alao a good dwelling auil outbonaee, a never falling well, and flab poll; peach and apple orcbarda. with otMr fruit treea; one third valuable woodland. Will be aold to euit purehaaera. Terme eaay. For particulara apply to F. MeCrak'-n, 74 Wall atr>et; A. Mi. niton Dean'a Pond etation; or Richard McDowell, Croa* Roade, New Jereey. C1EOROF. COOK, AUCTIONEER? STOCK OF A rCR F nitnre dealer at auction, thia day, (Wedneaday,) at I0>{ o'clock. By STOVEK A COOK, at aUr* (Kl Br >a.l atreet, a large aaaortment of cnatom made fnrnitare, cua alitlng f.f oak and walnut aideboarda.aatenaion dining tablee, dining rootn ehalra, roaeweod parlnr auttee, marble top centre and eofa tablet, mahogany aofaa, teia a tetea, eprfng aaat ehalra, arm do., rockera, roeewood and mahogany bedneada, marble top hnreana ana waah atauda, wtrdrobee, eeceetary bnokoaaea, mattreaaaL oihce and oonntlng houae deaka, do. chatra, oane and wood teat chalre, etc., ate. GEO. W. JENKINS, AUCTION EER.-OEO. W. JEN KINS will tell at auction, on Thuraday, Mareh 23, ISIS, ?n the premlaaa No. 20 Amity atreet, the entente of the livery atable belonging to Jamea Quarry. The ef>ck eoa alata of horaea, wagoaa, aleigh robea, blaakata. wbipa, har neaa, Aa , Ac. The whole will be eeld without reaervatloa. Terma caah, In New York money. Sale to commence at 10 A. M. GO. HORTON. AUCTIONEER, WILL GIVE HIS PER ? (oual attention to the aale of houathold turnltar*. at the reiideacee uf familiea breaking up houaokeeplng or re moving: he will alio have regular aalea at bif auction room, IS Sixth avenne. Acoonnt of aalea paid tne aame day ol aale. CI 0. n0RT0N, AUCTIONEER WILL 01 VE l!l? T. peraonal attention to the tale of bnuaehoM furniture at the reaidenee ol lamiliea breaking up housekeeping or re moving: he will alto bare regular talee at bla auction room. 13 Sixth avtnue. Account of aalct palJ the taiue day of aale. AUo, Inrnitnre itnred, removed, packed, or thipped, by experienced men, at one hour'a notioe. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer ? assionees tale uf ajewtller't factory, corner of White and Elm atreeta Henry H. I.eeda A Co. will tell aa abuve, on Friday, March SSd, at 11 o'clock, A.M., the maunfaotury furmerly occupied ly Tbumaa A Mancheater. The aaid fact'irv will teat forty lianda, running by atenm power, with all the ue ceaaary machinery and toola, a larje lot of diet, uaed only for tbe mannfactnrn of hardtolder goodt; altu a iron eafe Tht aaid factory it in good running order; will be aold at it it. In whole or in lott, to tuit pnrehaaur*. Terma at time and place of tale, by ordtr of the atalgnee. Henry h. i.eeds, auctioneer -by ii u! leeds A Co., Wedneaday. March 2t>t. and Thuraday, 22 d, nt o'clock, at tbe aaloroum 19 Naanau atreet. Signer II. G Pandoltnl't large tale of abont 100 caaea auperb marble gooda, Jnat received from Italy, eonaltting of lam and hatu tiful Eiruacan. Ueba, Roman and other ntw atvlea of vaaea in bnaao relievo; al>" a large aaaortraent of amaller deaerip tion, and a large aaeortmeat uf fancy marble ornament*; alto an invoice of beautiful alnbatter groupa, Vannt ol t'a nova, dancing girl*. Cleopatra, Soaaaaa, llebe of Canove, llarculea, Venue la a ahell. buate, Ac . ?!?>. a lam lot cf freeh goodt. jutt r?**iv?it from Tart*, eona^ting of i,.vo i aMnett, l oxet, looking glaaeet. cablneti. (Ilnminated night clcckl, gronpt, flgnrea. ormolu cloekt, broaata, plated ware, ehlaa, and other dealrible goode. Sale without reeerve. TJINtT II. UIDI AUCTIONEER -Bl H II. I.KKDS 11 A Co.. W'cdntadav, March Zlet, at U o'clock, at tb* salesroom, IP Naa?ati (treat. Aaainuce'a sale ? A choioe ao lection of John Mitchell's celebrated atuei pans, including moit ul hla dcairahle styles to close an aaeUnnicnt. Whole tale st^tioucra would <to well to attend the aale Hou*e and i.ea?e at auction. -nv .ioski>m HEUEMAN. Auctioneer. Saturday, March 24. at IX o'clock at noon. <>n the premieea, the two atorjr frame bone* with kitchen attached, oo the southeast corner of Tlllary and Raymond street*, Brooklyn, together with tho nana Klrtd term of the leaaa of th- lot, having 13 yeara to nan ?om the lit of May ueit The lot ia 2R feet front oa Tlllary, by V. feel ft inobee in depth on Ka*n?nil atroet. The house ia V> by l? fret, and the kitchen 26 ky B feet 1 1 ii an earel leat locatioa for a retail uroccr. ana ia now eo oecupied Tba ground rent HO per annum, and ordinary laid from M to f>1 per aannm. The aale will be positive without rwrn, aa the present owner aad occapant leaves for tbe waat oa tha 2d day of April. Term*, twenty per coat of the purchase money, together with the anotleneer fee of (10, immediately after the sal", tba balance on the 31at of March No further advertisement. J THOMPSON'S AUCTION ?AI.E? -R W I. ATI! AM. ? an< tieneer On M'edneaday, Mareb 21st, at tbe Mer ? hianta Eachanae, at I"1, o'el. k. t- ^a) Virginia ft parent, coupon bondo; lnteraat payable at the Bank Commerce in tbia city. t'-'.UUi Missouri per rent, coupon bond*; intereat ami I annually at tha I'beaia Ileal in thla oily. tit. OHO Indiana A per Hat. halt stocks: Intereat payable In thie cita . $2 iOG Indiana per rent, e?t pin loads; oupone pay at fa in thia citv. Ift.ia*) Indiana IU per f?nl State rlitl, Intereat payable in thla oity. SKiaai l.oni-l ana 'i per teal. ? oupon L-mda ; intereat payable in New orleana (IK.iaat Michtian S per cent coupone; payable at the i'henia li?.k iu tbia city. fUK# teli'mla 7 per rent coapon band*; dne I "7<?. tl.MO t alifornii 7 par ccat. oupon bonda; due 1.161. $?. OUO Nashville and Chattanooga RR p*r rent coupon t.nnda, guaranteed by the Mai? of T?nn?esee: interest p^ aile aemi anniially at tba Pheati Raak la thia rity. (i.i'lO " Erie RR7 per cent bonds. due 1A75; iaterrat payable in thia rity ACO aharea of the capital stock of the Cumberland < oe. Company, par value flOO per ahare. 104 aliar-s North River liana : par K". 10 abarea I'benlx Insurance C impaay of Broikltn. parfluu All patrihaaea must be paid for, oa or before I o'clock of the day of tbe sal? ffhtn p irohaae* are mane for account of [.arties nut of Hie city, 10 par i'en* will be required on tbe day er sale, and aia day 'a (fate ?i??a (adding iatereatioa the balaaee The accrued inter at will go to toe purr baser (tbe >an> aa at tha board of brok-rap except wLeu otUerwlea (tated. Ottee No .2 Wall atreet. J THOMPSON J I.. VANDI.HATIK AlCTIONEEB, ITILL Jtf.L, e tbia day. at OK o'olaak, at tbe salesr >om, It Mai l-n late, private stock"! fine old vines, brandies, | liquors. ee aara, Aa; among which may b< l und ch ore preaerve fruits, in clasa Jars, i randy peaches. I ranch chocolate. and ganpuwdrr teas, for family nee; fl:a, ia drums; nan fi * < vies, sardinea, Ar , alao, fine old IluT Oordon aad |<ato shir ry wiaee, llowarl an ljeoatbeide Madieras. port wines, china pa?ne>. old Otard brandy, rlu1. lvn?e ?in; al?o, n liar aa srrtment of Havana eejgari of 'b foil ? v> 1 1> <r hraads ? Cat* aa. Palvadora Opera f irar > an! many other braada. m tenth and <|r, hoaes. f.vsry artfie wirranted according to aaruplr To be aold without raaerve. to eloa- an '-state iu It tnldatloa. J L. VAMIEWATER. AUCTION IER, WII.I. HE 1st, ? on Tbnraday. March SI at 12 o clock, at tb' store of Messrs. ('shorn, Turnbuli A MrOaaald So. tl Hrldce street, n?ar Male, i.v order of tbe >'i(.r?Tns (Isart, uud r thr direr ti .nef J. M Van Cott. ??< . referee, la tbe raae of Haven i or1 A flippar ?? I'etrr A. Leonard, two new encine side lathes. U and IS feet ahenri. 2ii inchea m awia<~llervey, Nredbam Rood A ( o . make rs, New Ifavan. Coan Terms caah. citr fnnda. JOHN W SOMKKINDVEE, AUCTIONEER -AI?MIM.? el trator a aale of furniture. Ac . this day. March 21. at 10!, o cloak, at I Ad I er>yib)st reet. roasiatin/ of tLaae<aay solas, rbairs, tablea. tapestry, liraaselt rarp>is. (ahont I'll yarda.i nurrora, ciraadelea, ruas, enrtaans and ornnmenta, marhle top rentre ta>ue, astral aad ball lamps, etaar car p-ts, mahoseay rre?cb bedseeada hair anatirsseea. I?r?ana, ekairt, f-alh-r hade latraia carpeta alae a ?o?d ass-art aatt of kitrbea faraitare lollV II MiMKRIMllM AUCTION RIR.-MOKT el sage sale .f th' st ?? k aad tainr-a of a barhera skop. thla<ia>. at Nos U aed 34 Nasaaa alr?et. a?r?-r -.f Maidan lane 'laarmenti, at lo o'clock, c insist I nf o( elabt abaeint chairs, sofa, two ottomans rnab >rany eentrs tahts In nr rors. floor nil cl .lb. cases i .arkie weabst ends mar ?s alaka aid brackets. CIIAKI.t< f tr*TT? Attorney far Nvr*?a(ae. ]E?'I8 nMAN. Al'CTIOVki. R -To it I HI N BOtlKft. J TKe catalog it is now readj^nf aalnakia 1 rei?t. b<, as ia all laaroac a |?art of tae sto< k of aa eais at imp>rt.o( In use retiriaa lr- ia baaetaees Toieaol4 on Tnors lay eeea I March 8. at 7 o'alock. Ge<>da Bow e* tka taiile. Nait 1 aaU of same stock aa Tborsdei March 1 1 1.1 Ha N A CO., sr. Itroadaray, snrraee"ra to < o-.tey A Kease Hrfhii.LM HL>rioTT. AUCTIONEER ? MAOMI'I cent boasebold famitare, irslieu ; iaa < forte. I'arisisa lulir rt selvet tarlx te Ac at tba r>slt<m< e 3rj West Thlrt r trai .trret ? Thia day, V^olnrsdat Marcb2l.a< 10^ a '.leek. K W H' stratt, win esll all tbe elegaat fi.rnlt'ire, Ae . e >a tniaed la the above Aral rlaes bat se el.arb was faralsb-d tbrouabont in Decern 1 -r last most of which w?s made by Mr Diaon. <f hroadwaa aad la oftbeaa'st swperk aad ceetly deseriptioa, tbe entire < atalo?ae will be unreeerredly a?.J.| without retard to wsatnrr Parlor? MaaaiSeent at iluaa plaae lerte rr.ade i.y T OiSbert A Co , of lattoa, I.V) yaria of ??lret ta| estry cat-pot suit? roee?eo | pwrlor f ir ? iter* In three aelora hroiade two sotae. two arm r I. aire. f??r rnabion lack rari -r 'hairs, teo r? My carved reaawsa4 atapML etyle l.onls I V I'.n ptiaa aad stata.ary top tahl-a elaesat i r. i ortrd r reach mirror* marbla aad hroaar c. "kj, m"?ated in eraoln . bteqwe caad?lal res. ri'k ? I aads'.iera, ?Mlw statuary, ro?ew?. d aanate caldaet, Me ante ln!aii tablee, brocade aad laae eartaaae'ddered i?. ep laa al eir>. A' , wath a anmber of ortalaal "'I ? aim . n( a fisdaa raose farai ?are- oak aiteaeaea table, taa ' .airs side Is- arda oac>o<?ry kookraae, silver ware. mi|t il"-*?k rbiaa dinaer eat. 1?0 plecea: eryatal eut (lata war", ivory aad silaer eatlerr Ac < kamler faraitare ? Araioar d i fe>e sad Ctseval sfseeae, roeeweod bedateada. rosewood dreastan Unaaa pser aad o?al mirror*, raei wa od bookcaa*. aiak??aay caaa pee ferte, Rieaa' make, fraacb chairs ia ??ivst, i deaits ia aair cloth, aefaa la kfweaUlls aad hair aietk dlvaas. .eedstel^as marble top waah steads l.aed eith 'alia *se4 raeh r Id baad abades beat hair anaa tcaseee tad ta<4iaf, Rroaaele aad iarrwa rarpeta. riek vaeee eal eistli *tav 'arpet, reeewo?4 hat etaad, aaat I1X; kltefcea ware. Ac i etaiafaea -aa be eMalaM at ?ka ktase, M| a? tAiteaeCJ, Tf. ?AlaKN AT AUCTION. R. L| F.AME, FIXTURE * AVP STOCK Of A GROCERY sad liquer *t?re-- Th.a oay, at I0o'*M>ck at the eorr.rr ot Drlauoey M<i I'ol.uilia ?tr*?-? uaa, iv 'nr?, ?? *???. pa prune*, I-uieu *yrup. candlua, ?l,?el m i hinktnit II- ur, apcm, Hard, amuetug and obewiry ul-acoo, eaoniatera, oil (Mir, aial?? and tar c vndr, atan 1 cana, liquor*, Ac. Depoilt* r*q> ii*od. W A CARTER, 57 1>*J rtrwt. ?\l U. HUTI.EH, AUCTION EH? PI' HI.IC ADYUNIS i>l . trntor'* Sjki*i ? <?n W *dneadb? , March 1'Ut, at IM ?n i> ? b, at .No. 40 Ann .tr< . ? iMi I f o >t . tb< n la c< It llliaui IViae, J a If llelui, and other jltHUtrfl, o< uMtting ( i furniture, l-edr, mttriiM*, at'***, male and ftmiic rlothiBir ttyek*. che*ta, tiol*, watch**. Jew*l'.<.ry Ac I'ETEK U. SWEENY. pul lic atlm.nlatruU r. PUBLIC BALK. ? WII.L UB WU, OK NRTRfDAY, March '?i, al 1 c'< lock, en tb* pri|MU| abrnirf |Uly I acres, In the tewnland cl liouipetrad, 1 I , the property of l.ilwnrd tlilroy. Thirty acre a ?r? tiilalle aud t *ea(v acre* Wcadiaud. with dwelling Iwan. lam, and olli'* outbuild inn, together with a quantity of fruit trse*. flaid farm Ilea Kitblu twenty mile* or New York, I > tho l?ou?- laiaud K..I road to Ifempstaad. and two and a half mil"a fr n llrmp ,tcad. and a few minutes' walk tn the plank r ad Icailingto Rockaway, through <.'hriatiaiibo*k lo J>n?i Till# India put all*. Terms on the day < f aale Apply to t!r. CIIARLUS SIMIiNSON, living near the prenitaes. C. KEMP, AUUTI<I<<EKB.? FURNITURE. PIANO frrtoa, carpet*, oil paintings, mirror*, ? tUce farnituro rifle*, Ac., tbia day (W odneadav). at 1<I;, ov ? , at rl> afaaa >tre*t, two doora from Fulton? U. <*, KEMI' wll n II at auctioa, a* above a largo and handanmo Mi rt n ? t. ? of rosswood and mahogany parlor, dining room and .turn hrr turnlture, carpeta, pianofortes, mirrora, oil pilntlng*. nfltca turBitur*, Ac , which it well worthy the alt ution of liouaekrtper* Salo poaitlvs, and without limit, and < on >li,t* < i roaswood, man aany and walnut I'-wkcaeoa. eaiou aiun dining tabl**, carved maewood pkrior fur ".tire in auit*, roatwood, mahoaany tad walnut heditaada. irsaalug Inrcav and wu?h*tanda, oil paintlaga, rich tapeatry, parlor ami atair carpeta, nrarly ntw; larac pi'r ami i?al tiiif run, chi'taBd |tla>a war*, rli h palntad chauitx-r mriuiur* n apltc, niahoiany aofaa, tate a (ataa, raay chalrn, roi kiBK i.t.aifa, apriiif acat parlor ekaira. marlda t,.p taatrc atd piar tahlan; alao a lot of ralnahla hooka, olRcc fnrnttur*, couatcr ai aoutaldo ahow caaca, Irtfr prraa( Aa.; alao four auparlor roai wiod plaaolorioa. I'ataloauaa iu the morning of aal*. Alao i viral fowllBK pla> eaaad riltf. Ol'KCI Ali AUCTION NOTICE- ?t C. A. WATIB O BURY. aacMoniar.? <iur brat aprlng packaga ?alo ot (law ana china war* takaa pla?* on .Saturday, March U, n a credit of all uiontha, rotnpri>lu( over .'mu pa< kajaa of tlio manataetur* o< lh? Jrreay i'lty Flint Olaia I'unipaoy , alio rery rieh e?t Frcnoh *liiaa?are, Franoh porcelain, llnbi' mlan ware, and earthenware. Catalo?>i?* ready on Friday. The ?ptcial attendance ot city purcbaa*ra and toe trade r? nerally la r*<is*(ted. tJUF.RIFF'fl KALB ON FRIDAY, 11TH MARCH, AT 10 kJ A. M? No. AS l'ine rtrert. twenty Br* to thiity Srwin* Ma< hinee, different alt'*, made by Raker, (iroaer A < ?. JOHN Wll.HiiN, Depute Iherif The abava aal* la adjiurned until Mcoday, l!?th March, lKVi, at tb? aane place and hoar. JOHN WII.WN, riaputy Shenf The abova aale la fnrthar adjourned until Tburaday , ?tad March, IMA, aame place and hoar. JOHN WILSON, Depaty Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE OF ROrBWAI.K, Ao.-ON WED i.i-aday, March 21, IRV,, a* 12 o'clock noon, at 100th atreet. Bear Bloofrliigdale road, rupawalb and coateata, coariatinr Of aprint wbaala, inacbtnery, Ac. Alao the naht, title and Inlcraat ot David W 11 llama, which be had ob the lith day of November. IM4, or at any lino thereafter, of, IB and to a quantity of twine, Ac. rrUNIS MORKBI.L, AUCTIONEER? HOUSRK KB PBR8' i. chaaco.? ' To morrow. iThur?day,i I0X o'olotk . at 01 Naiaaa atroet, riebl and plain faraitnre? ?alt* for parlor, conered ia Freuoh aaita hreeatolle; table* vo matoh , ?ahaa any aad oab *> teaaiou table* aad ohaira. ^pendld aaaaael led farnitare. library bookeaaae, aofaa. cbaira, lete a tate, eaay and roekiog chaira, centre, card and aofa table*; hair i<iattra***?. Ac . rich bed*t*a<J*. dreaaing buraaua aad waah ?laada. Alao, two ai?ra|roaewc.od piaaofortoa, of axqulait* U na? truly prlae* la tb* way of valuable iaatr?a*au; alao, recond hauil mahoiraay, alao, (ranch china, (ailery, oil paiutiac*. luirror*, Havana ae?*rat noli and platod Jewelry, ehlaa aad faaey article*, coaatltghouM daabj, aad iroa bni k aofa*. Not half caa l>o aamed. Eaamint tbo cata lofue, now ready, al aa*Uoa root. \tr 9 MEI.LOR, AUCTIONEER? UY HOnoHTON A TV . MKLLOR, to morrow, Thuraday. at |I0>, o clock, at tbe two apaoioua aalearoom*. No. 11K Na**au (treat.? Firat apeclal a|iirtn( trade aala of cabinet furniture, beiar a large amount, on wbkh wo hare mad* advance* durlai winter, aad now to I-* Mid byaareement of partleo. Said atoeb amo lata to over fXMWO. Wc invite th* trade aad partial about refur iiiablng to viow the article* ptevioua to aale, with calaloguea, and they ean reat aeaured that every lot will he absolutely aold? alt'iirftber forming the lar.e?t a*torlm*nt aad rich cat collection that baa broa offered at auction thlaapriur, vl?: Carved roowood parlor, drawlag room, dtulng room, library and chamber furniture or modern and antique atylaa, Mft**n roaewond parlor auitoa, uevored ia aatin bracatolle, fluah aad hair oloth; 30 ro*owuod oottre tablet; 75 tete a rtea asd lotae: 'JU attenalon dining tabl*a, richly llnlabad, II fort long. 160 mart 1* top bureau* do; atageroa, mirror* door* and lack*, rich! v carv*d laaelau ia roaewood, maho K, oak and walnut, oak library chaira great van. ty, II j aud tecrttary bookcaaoa, Ac ; 15 ro**w*od b*d<ioada, l ur*au*and wa>b*tan la to^uatcb; tl richly dooorated aad ? namellrd chamber auita cottage larnilure. aime of which ***t to manufacture t,'ifiO, fifty a Bay aud Voltaire cbaira; 3) dor "[ring ?*at parlor cbaira, al diffcruni atyloa; In aofa bed ataada, rich wardrobea, In roaeuoud, maln gaay and walnut; 'JII'plaiB boobcaaea, eevaral seta quartette tables, covered elagrre*, twenty marM* top laacy pier, aide aad card ta I ira, SI mahogany aad walnut round office tablsa It WO'lld be impoeeible to enumerate all tbo art idea coutaia?d la this sals, aad caa oaly l? appr*?latod by *aamlnati*n. Cotalo guee lamed one day previous to aal*. Also. 7'?/Hnn Ame n an h'iree hair maltreats*, piiliaso*, Ac. The sale will i-nta m*ac* wi'h the medium claaa furniture, in the upper salsa room; flrat ftoor will be devote 1 saolaalvsly to siecant furnl I I re and rich article* (Soode can be packed tor abipptns on the pr iBiwr, at a reaaoaal lo 'rlarge At 12 o'eloeb, several ?uperlor t?nsd roaow.od and 7 oclav* pianoCurtes, New York and Ronton msbari, on* of whioli eo?t (>VJU made by Wm I lad "Til an A ^rn lully warranted. Alao. an Invoice of thick Frearh plats idsr aad oval tn'rrors ia richly orna manttd framaa, tcvsial oboioe oil paintiaga. engraving*, Ac. Alao, SB invoice of rich silver platod tea acts, plated, sas ters. Irivs* aeb forks, spooni Ae tli*. aa invoice ?i pier mil* nil u>ti>'*? n I ?ew ,*tleru a?.l .leaWae, French plates, rich China nisnerlMta, aad alasaat vae?e bad era* ataa ta WF. MEI I OR. APCTIONEKR.? ItY III'IIC.II ruN A . MKLLOK -Tharailay, Marl. Ef, at I uU ? aloak, la tba two rparl. tit ttleiroouit. 11.1 Nnaeau atrrat ? l'ir*t aprmr t r? He isle o( cabinet Inrnlture >1?? a lar*.) unoiit on wbioh wa* tt?de *.l?tne*i dnrtn. wlntar. tad nut to la 10 Id l.jr ayriemcnt of partia* ha id etoek amount* to cnr <<Ki *? luTita the trad* aid part lee about rafar mailing tn Tlaar the artlclaa |revloul to ula, with i'Bl?lo/u*e, aail thiy oan ratt ?-? tin d that taary lot will ba abaolut*ly *"lil Altoyather forming lh? l*rt*it aaaorlmant and rtabaat ? o J I < r < i #. n that baa l<an offered at auction thla *pria( Ciraed rnaaaood parlor, drafting r out, dlaia* roe.ta. library and ihttnbar tnrnltnra, of modern and antiqa* aiylaa, |A ro*eaord pirlr r initie. coetrad la aatm lirooatall*. pln?h, aad haircloth; .1" rotawood c*nlr? tablaa; 75 Ida a tata* and aofaa, 7D nt?r*lon dlalBg tablet, rlakly flauhad. 14 faa* lone, l.Ht marbla top hareiat; do etanaraa, mirror, doora arJ li<ki. richly carved baaalata In roeawead. mah'.raay, oak. aad walnnt. oak library chain. uraat vartatr, library and ie*r?tary bookrata, ate ; 15 rneewood badttaadi, bureau* aad waahatar da to match . ? richly daeuratad aad enamelled i Number tuit*rolt*f* furrtilura, tome of which eoat to maaa< factor f-IVi ,vi aa?y and volttir* chain; dotan tprla? i*at parlor chain of diff rant ttylat; 10 *ofa badtUada. rich aardrubei In n.ah may. ro**wo?d, and walnut; J) plain bookcaia*; tavaral cnetotn uiad* c"iintin* boot* detkl Bad imurtrc* office tabl** nan *larant walnut bookraaa, worth fii*'. 12 feet wi'la Kl.iab-'haa etyl*: tar.ral acta .|uartelta tablet. Ji mahotany and wilnat rmod ufllc* ta'.lei It wt u Id la itapot?lhI* to ?anmarate all the. artlclaa coutaiaad In tbit tala, and caa oaly l a appraclatod by ? tamnatioa. \1* I I.I.I AM IRVING. Al CTlONIKR.-CnNSTABI.K-S Tf tale of mirror*, oil paialinxe, Ao? William Irvine A Co. will tall at auctl'ia ?a Thuraday. March it, al l?)? o'clock, at the taletr ont. No. M I'laa alrwat, fraacb plaid plar rlteaoa lu ailt frarnaa, 7ft I ran. h p!al? Kilt frame i.atl rwa mirrere, I'm mahogany frtmad mirror*. n.aatle. mlrrora ? a rrcat rariatiea, framed ?erra*iu?e. Hi oil paiatia?a. oa Mret. hart and la (lit Iratr.oe, iulrr' r frama*. folio* of an^rar in**, flat flit frame oval mirror*, oval mirror aad paiatiajc framei, Ac J oh a f l'?raa, < onttabla. Alto, at II o'clock, 1 7o doien *11 k and tackram Aa!?btd and uaflaialkad bona** framra. fkabieaahla ttylaa; 73> yardt willow, for bonaal tranaa; tloth, eaahmare and twaag otaronata, botr a Jackata, irliet feili, tnismrr vtttt, wool tumnar ooata, Ac , A< II' M W!TTXR.?. Al'C TtONIKR. WILL SELL. Till* TT day, at K), u (loci at |e7 < anal ttrral, all thayantaal bi tsaak 14 faraiiart I a fan.ily i.r.akm* ap h?oaakeap(??, ?tfftt ?a?T. ro'klaa aad ? thar . I ? Itl , diaiai aad t.a tablaa, tilt Irani* miitort. apl-aoii oil paiatlait. mantel ?a<et lapaatry, aad ?tb>r carpet., at a r r'M.a, ?ile|oth, laa llio/aey aal walnut b*dttradi bair aad ntbar mattraaaaa, I. adt. leddlnx. marble toy drcatinc harraaa aad waahetaada, t ilet actt, chiaa. (Ittt aud pltlnd wara. bltabea faraltota; aad aiao ataitataa tala at 11 o alock of l/ill tilaar plat* I eaa tore with rut ilaaa i<attlaa, by order of liai.rt* W*etlak, ataitnea. alto, 10 ('clock, a lartr quantity of )>?ardia( kvaaa tnraliore, twenty l.edataadt aud Hkddlr>?, tat laa. wMbataada, i balrv mirrort. toilet aatt. -II** WITTRIl" AI'CTIONBEK. Mill. - Kl.l. ON TT thuraday at VIM a 'c look, at IIM llU'Uon atr??' a aatall ?;i t atlty of bi'ii??l>i ld lariniura, Ai , eoaaittint of llroa.alt rarriatr, mra ctirtalat. maaUl nrntm.nta, marbla top ? aotaa rhalrt. badaUada aad baddlaa, kail laaip, kltebea faraltara, A a. Uril. MAM UlMfiNT, AI CTIDNKIR -CUNI>IMNKD ttorea at ao< lion, on Thnreday. Mer- h S. al 12 a'etoak, at tha Nary Yard. Brvoklya. by ordar ? I tla Vary Ataat, air - fli af, t ork. lli.Bf rice, br-ad . >a?ar taa, buttar. b tot, molaeiet. wbUkay, dried appl'a. iiefl-e. aad oaa oa, alao, Hoe cloth paa. moi kay and r and jaekata. troweara. bloa flannel oaar and und< r thlrt* aad drawer . wit k har.dkar r biafi, taattraaaae th a?. t.laakata, row Ac , old 'laiiier and wood, tb' nba of tba friiaia fal ina. T> rodt ta ta paid for ai.i removed Immi d.atah after tba aal* \1' C. A l-BCRTl'S, AUCTION -1IIKRH I 1 T> . ta'.a of dr> (O la. frlataa .V m t' a la e, ribb' aaand ftary (Oodt. of aaary l*aaript w-a. e> Wadoaaday. Mar''. .1, at li*. o 'lo?k, at No lit Cearl atraat H'aoklyn Julia I'll aei, Dapnty P MfTT, Sbar ff W'll I IAMFBI RC. APCTION HAI.K -fir.NTI KI. PAR r iad r'.amler fi.rcitvre - arpatt aad all rlath. rot. ml paiallnct ehlna pi-b-r aW ta. t? earner raa<* aad kill-baa furaltara al *1 ' o<ilk Ci/btk <'ra*i Wadaaaday, Mi re I 71 at IWa o el?.h J MIS CAMI'BKLI., a.t..a?*r lUaad lli' tl. 11 'M B JOMf*. AUtTIOMir.l KV VIR7I K <>V A It ibattei Bmrttar* I will aall. aA lb* t lll'aaal etr**t oa Wadnaaday, Mama II. ItM. at II t'alatk M . I ?vta. 1 mat.* any litlr r-.eb.r a da < Sa ri. I markla top table M??ar*e, ciraalolaa, l.ada aad ba4diaa, Ae A II. I rrc* J?>ll .MHOS Alt fir TIIK HAIX IKAkOI. Pm RllF^^Pf|R FA^AI C'? IIA? Tim HHV'il T't AN | aontee I* kia frwade aad Ike p?i>Be )a r-a-ra teat lit art bt fare wall ball will take ylaaa at It a I uca I - ? m bl> It" a a oa W'la?eday aaaata*. Marab IB |e.* aa wink ocean n tka "Oraad Mtaael da la Coar will la daaead by rr?fai> r ^?rac< a* d a lady, kia fapli Tlebeta lor tk* t all ' al* f eaeb, ??* Si", laelad ar laala* |*iaoaa? ka aa bad al tka I'rafaator t reaidaa**, MA Braadway ntixiAnoc Billiard tables bi* rai r t < o i'unnos maaafae i arar af billiard tablaa. dl Aaa rfra-i w.n faranf tlib r'a t .. . .1 ;a* wldk ta? Iraaal e**ti?M aaa, I or aver a aaa; >HW roeewoa4 ?r aakeiwy wita tiala, etar'.le or f*m ba4e T C. O'U'SMtl if Aaa atrawd HHATIN6 INTtMtl' A SUPKNIOI tl A'T1' ' I 'll ? laa, W* la vita aayera ta rail aad ataaiaa aa r r* *a ?aad aad makaraay btl.ard tabUa taa tatak taiiatla r*r prt nit ery*UM bh i>a? a*eaad aaad labia f?* . al*>e*a?. (.SI I mil A 111.! I 1.1 IIAaa e<ra.( NATHIHOflAL. VI A l R I M< eft I A I. HADBMOISBLI BIBILRTILI tTTS. iTl pe. laaaae af aat? *raeby i raaaia* < I ? ' eraat- r b* a peraaa e baaAaniiay. tad a t?*riUiai wrltia? aad *?, will, a paa tka raaatpt af Iwaty ?*? awata or ar^aiaalaad ta |eaia<a etampa.j aad a tfeetieaa ? I iaedar '.at. e-ad to aay *anea a fall da It aaa t laa a! Ik- t ? ,aeaat?" affair* if ? ka heart, taaeaaa daitlay. 1< alaa a daawtipteaa at Ik* a a* tfc?e |e--a *r wtll marry Addraa* , faad, tdlLI Til I r"rry. p. e-ad. a^ Paad tl*- - M y fkwta rawtdia^j HSSdkiniitM aad ? id vd is aw aaa* IMS (Sadtf^ * ^Ti. 4 YOUNG GIRL WlSIli? A SITUatToN as ChTm J\ t-ermftid Von# but a r?*p?etal>lt? fatally lm4 apf !y. C all +t No. ft Grwtnwiwb avt ute, for two daya A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS TOOK wftahtr and Iron or in ft amall private lintlv or *o do chan.brrwork. And aeaipt in waohinx and ironing, ha* no ai. JM-Ut'ik Ui |io in lit count ry. iiooi city referent* ub t ? *iten ii required. I *1? a** call at .V? Wyckofl ?trcet. Brook W*' AI'RoTESTA.NT t.IRL IS IV WANT OF A hi Tl A tiou ua go d cook and tint rate ???hrr tod ir<#ner IUt uu objection to (u is the country. Apply for two daya at 71' Fulton avenue, (lr< ? kl> n Got 4 city reference ?i*i d. A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN ACCUSTOM ED TO J\ travel; wiihce to meet with a lady or family in wont of ftft attendant while travelling, would gj to any part; I* ne var aeftelck A r.? t* addroecd to Altec, Ultimo .Njuarc I'oat OfB o*. will inert with proui|<t ktUuiiou, A MILLINER AND DRESSMAKER fAKTSIMO 00 to M Teiiu., to * Iimu ? pormaoent aituftti >n Md iiHfll wa??a will bo given; referottcee gtv?n and re quired. Apply at id Ilr<>adway. upetaira AREM'ECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WHO THO rough!) undirected* all kind* ol family ??<winr. and ? ut tin* and fitting children ? clotboa, wiet.o* a aituatiou m v?>aio?t rt aa and to ataiat with Urn oaro of cbtldrea. or liebt chain' < rw< rk, or would go out t ? ifw ??y too w*ak IK r<*? <t r< :? ri?a?n adtlr?e? Saamalfnaa, .fci> Kifbtb ftv? nuv, in the tftuvy etore. tor two day* 4 WILL EDUCATED Of. KM AN l*ADY, WHO 1^ \ it food dreanmaker, atid uitd?r?tenda ahirt*, alao emfar <i den** of every kind, wi*h?4 to obtain a titration aa com j ai.ioi ti< um kr? |m r, or U maid, haa no nb)n<-ti ?u to t na sal 1'WftftOiaU lor two daya, at t'jri W? at Twelfth atreet A KKSl'ECTAHl E YOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A SJTU il tM?n a* ihiiiuhrrfuaid Mid waiter, or ehambvrniaid and i lam ?? wcr; ia a J'r tftatant. Can i*<> *?.#?n for two Uy? at 2*4 Ptventh av?nue. Ututeu Twauty fourth and Twenty bfth atjcct*, fourth floor, front ruutu. ? au tlt? b?*t of eity rtfrrence. ARLHPBCTAIltE l*KOl fcSTANT YOUNG WOMAN wt?b?? a nituation to cook, wa^b and irou; rftti l? lino w??binfr, b an ix> obJ?*ctiou to go to Htato* laland. Ii??t ??ity rcfcrtn< * Can h?- ??m for two day*, at Ul HiittiuUi "troot, B?ftr Bilth ftvenuc, ??uond flu or, iu tho roar. A RKBI'ECTABliE VOL'S (ifyOM AN W 1 H II KS A MTU i\ ation a? chatnbartuatd ?n P "%'r Haw n > objvrtu na to a i ritatc bonding bvune, or ItTJ iii tho oountry H?'?f if r?f<r?nioa. I'leaeo call at Ul Uio?nwicb titno?, for two d?y- _ A LADY. WHO IIAS Ml < II KX HIKIBNC1 I N TKA''II J\ (Oft, wi?h?? to proenr** ft aituatiou at r??id?nt govcrnaas in Now York or it? viotftity M,n u cftpablo ?t tfiving >n vtruotion in muiuo, and all tbo brancboa of i;ugllah uatiaHy taught in tbo ftrot aeboolf, ?p?aka t roneb and Itallas fluantly. and can givo ro!or< ntoa to ?oino of the firtt (woplo in tba I'nitad Statoa Addr*?a A U, oaro of Edward Trima, Ea?|., I'rtme'a Boil<imf(i, W all nircct A VERY RESrrCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRE1* A a ? Ituation, iu tba elty or oountr) ; ta ft good eook ftod an rxeallent waal.rr and ironar; tan wako good braftd and pioa, would take a plftco aa lauiidruaat can bo higblr rooom niendad. I laftae apply at 2t>l llowory, In tho coal office. 8 COOK?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN; undrri>tandi l.rr buaif'<*aa parfoctl) ; la atrictly bon<*t, aober aad ??: . . i . haa livid ?ith none but roapoatfttl* families, md can bo well racoatnieudcd; would notohjoct to go a ? I. rt diatance in tba conntry , willing to aaaiat Iu waah lug and iror.ii ? I'lcaae a^ply at Hi Math avauua, ona door irom f ourth rtrcct Can r>c ac< n tor two daya A COIOKED GIRL WANT.i A SITUATION ON br>ard of a abip or atoamboat, aa atowardaao or ohatft* brimaid. Haa good raf?r^Doea I'icaao to addroaa ft noi# to C. V F., No. I'irat atraot, below tbo Bowery. Mr John aon, I received your note, and wtntto 14*1 Hotter etroot; I teniid a colored woman, but uut Mr. Johaeon. ARK.HI ICTAHLK YOUNG WOMAN WANT8 A situation aa children'* maid, or aaaiatant chamber u aid. can do plain aewina, and ia willing to make horeelf uaetul; baa no obiccilona to go a abort diataftco in the country Haa got two and a half year* boat city reference Can l'**een for two daya, at No 4/ East Twenty fifth atract, near Fourth avenue. A YOL'NG GIRL, WHO ( AS WABU AND IRoN, wanta a aituaiion to do general houeework; baa no ot> jrctioB to go a ahort di*tance in thM country; can rome well recommended Irom bar laat place. Apply to llouora Rourke, ?'Arti lludaou atrect. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG HUMAN WANT* A RITU J\ ation aa ?eamatn***; aha umleratande dreaainaking, and ia eapfttlc of doing up flue inuahua; would act aa lady a maid, if required. Can be aem for three daya at &S1 Twelfth atroet, between Firat and Hacond atenm*. A SMART, CLEAN, TIDY GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA J\ tion to do the general houeework of a private family' ha* no dljcclton to tbc country It . hr.? rit. inuudr<-?, rka <i.m< * 'II r*c' uiuiWKlotl (.'all >t 116 tic Twcuty flflli ?trtat, hftwrcn frcond ?u4 lliir l hvuih. A VOCNG WOMAN W A NTS A BITI'ATION To IK> A t lii> inter* i rk ktid plain ..wln?, or t? laha rharra of < hildran Inauira at hti i raoanl amplajrar'i, V Waahin?toti tr?ra< <-, lloboVrp, wli*r? ,l?! baa Ii?ail on' >?ar. Avotmo i adv 01 aamcTAaturr, Aeon <ouad to tandmx Met*. *ant? a aitnation in th? |fc()? < a| ?ritv in Naw York or a nniahboring city, la an Amarican l.ood 'ft y rafrrrsca ?iv..n Apply at J Si Twtlltli ?tr?at. ..eon J Soor. C.'a? I * ?afn for tliroo day, AKRBPBCTAHI.E PE01ESTANT CIIL WANTS A .ituation a, i ham)., rr .ai l and uauitiMi, or uuraa and xamiina,. I'laaia rail at l<*i Thompaun ItrMt, corner ..f Houatoa, room No. IU, third floor t in l ? >a?n fr t ooa w??k, if not ' n, a,<d A AQOClD **1 AIN COOK AMI FIRM RATK WAHIIA.R *ad irontr?rb* ntiil alia !>? a good Irott bltil Nan* otad a l-|'ly Prolan ant* I. tain, (<>'.4 ett, r*f?ra?or Iri to Uitir lut pi ten. Call l,*t? ?iu V tud It '/clonk tbtt dtjr, t H.IHtlh timti. ft KSi'BCTA II II Jol.'NM <11 rtlf A N CIBI. WHO A I if * *l?l iron!**. wt ?o mn'h ?n olkjfft M A tout lorUbU fitjr roftrcn** sivrp. Apply to K!1m Wlti tlrrfcftr ti tt4 avrna' A, Door, 'or thr#? d?y* A Yol'NU I.ADT WIRII 18 TO OBTAIN A -ITI-'A two a* Knilriu ?iil !?)'? lusiJ, bat fc'?? mm "Brd llrend I'dalr, ?outd i.? wlttiny to tratol ?ilh ? tn.lly loquir* at 9!> Math a,*aa?, ? oiorr af Kl?k('?uih ilrtR. AI.ADV DEKIREtS A H1TLAIION Al COPVMT, OK I* Ilt'f; writ** a ?oo4 U41UU ua#l. I'i**.* A. T , Broadway Pott off, , AOKRNAK 1.A0 V. WUO ?I'LA*: IRKNCH AM) l.iitlltli i?rfetill>. 'lr?.*m*ki?,-. i:ii!|Im< tj tilil 'it . ill I . ? Ikl J * art ? a [-tritB'^t IB laouaa* kaaplna In Eatflih railiaa, would Ilk* U matl >nii t aoiitkl- aitnation AJdrta. E. 8., 869 llr-adway ?< ratr ftaaaataaath itr**t. I'irt n niotr* AREHFECTABLi: Vol s,, WOMAN WANT! A SITU ation a* ehtraUviuai I anil to taka tart of rbildian ho <>b)a<-iloa to waka herialf (aaarallir uttlal , or lu da kaaaawurk far a toiall prltat* faaill; I'fat.a to . all al Waal laaaat, tilth itr?-t, l.atwaao Kljtbtb tad Ma'li ?*< aaaa, to tba itora Can ba tare till lura^Kl ATOUNO flfcRMAK OIRI WaNTR A BITL ATION AH a it d I'iaia aaak, tnl Uraaar, bat a? oMt- iioa to mak- btrttlf ,iatrailjr uaafol laqaluatMa lu rb?vi| ton tlraat. A situation w a rc.hi k.ctahi.e marriad man and Ml wif*. at a *aod tuftlaMt gardaa ? r, ai.d bat 09 otjaatim ta Ha* tart >1 a kor?a ad two , l, it ?!(? at (ooii plain rook tr..| 1- la waiblft* aa<! Iran in, Ikrta yaar. ia bit laat p.aa* I'ltaii tail IA < r a*,, attr Hoattoo itraat. ARisrr.i TAtu ?.'S'drkis wiitnr.s m qkt dr.* wattiia, abt la au iitalltat laoadrata aad 1 ??*? up all kiBd* ol atothat aitli ear* tad aaataaa* alt- (I mat H?tt of rlty (? f?r?-u?a (itta I'l' taa rail oa Mrt lata, i'l Waal Twaot) tiatb itraat, tat two Jajrt ARK8I'K( TARI.r. WOMAN, UTK.V rk?M BMO Itud, ia doanoat ol al taiaia a (ItuaUaai ta aa at atllaal laoftdrta. aad a ??,> ??, .J roaatl trmail. ar aaald Ilka t-i ?niai< In t (aatll/ at >.bi. Ir?a a aarta. m It U' aw, ?char and >?toiir,'iti ( t: ,lta foad r? ' raaat tt la tba# actar tbd ' toal lilt) . I'laata tall "f iaa<l a a'?ta ta Wl W att T*ao<; aiitb iiraat . trit (I r ti Kn " tla't A RK I M IAIH.t UIL ?AM A * ITt aTIOV All J\ aid. or in do Mtaril kaatawarb I ratmill lan-ll) . amkiaatloa I* fa a ab .rt llttta-a it tba caanirt C ta alt a ,ood rai*raaea I'Wat* '*11 at I <H tt ?t ?tra*v, r '"'ib No ,1 I aa >?* aaaa far l?o dajra A IHMKTM.II. pkotkstamt oiil viim I J\ Mtsatiaa *t rt. iid t aarta a?d > k*n. .araiail <? ,?d 'H| ral< raatt m?aa I'laata tall far twa dara, at'.j Alitalia r'ra-\ Itr'.ohl/B \RSHptlTABLR lot'Mi WOMAN W'IRIir A XI tuallon ta ?>.'.d aaai aa I l ak?r aa atjaxioa lotfca aaaatr; 0**4 laltftata ?i'?a lr?m Bar laat pla>a, wlwi ab> kaa litad II rta >>*?? i'laaaa ?> all foriaa da, a al If Waat iwalftl, ttraai katwa* n IWIb aad hut Ifaa <?! ARI.?I II TAfll K VOI N 0 WOMAN WANT" A HITI' ail" a ta 4" I kaalarwarb and taa waafeAaa *ad Inaiar, tba >.' a>-w rk 1 1 a aatall larall) M??i of ihf rala ?"???. I all at!4 hnl aitn * iwt ? aa Aaart'?atB tai f iftaaatb ?tr>a<> aa< td n tor, ? ti k r JRKM'Rt TABIR VOIfN'. Woman * I Mir- A "Itl* a* " a o, >aot, waak aad ir .a ia a prtaata itatii, i a* t l?a fi-4 "If ranraaat < ail at It" Rati Iwaai, faar'k ? Iraat, lataaaa t i/it aad .?'??*4 Biaatai A OtklAN rtOKAN TMIMIV ) IAI* Ol.'i WHO A Mt'dtbaiaat ?i,b< ^*art ia R aatta aad aaa.rtta. t iba att ???arj f.a?.itb aad I raaak aa I atar, >.ad -< i.?4la work, aa-i ia * ra^'d ? *ak ??an a ai>wh> aa b?aaaka.)?tr > r lad>?? alll Na akj?tt?a ta ,a la tba aawwtr, ar Ira ?i ??)?'.'(? Aapl, ta A I aava > Htr tad fin a aatrr ? W llhata tlraat taraar ' I nakfar' a UTCATION want rn iir a k?: i'R< taki g J\ f -aaj ?? a.aa at < aaal trial 1 iad i? talk* ta> tt>t t| aad iraala, It t *rt< waabar tad traatr Maa ta I Wti at atlt ralaraa'a 'rata B?? laat pla??. a kara t1. a ba littd for lb# laat liria,*tr? ?".? aaa 'til al Na It K*t MaaaaU. ttraal ataita fbirl aad taarlb aaaaaaa, (a iwa dljt Ap,l, al lf> ftn.b I \n roos-WAKTRi/ ?r a rmtkt i t?ka tataaa, t ?itatO"B it aaak ta a pritata <aa.atf I atarttaada i f kiait af aaak a, fr-a-k aad Ra,liab Iti kaa ? i ? , til all kia4t af laliai laa tank taa >^ai af fatB. .?t ia f w p* at aaAiaaiatbta tdkf I aa rrwlt-a Ik* taat ?' It , ralataaa* Addtaat If at 'a t, Ik. ratt- I ?>>?".? at . a ? r plat t \t itc atior wANTti'-ar a riortiTANT J' aa? tiail taa? ,????ti kaara a ar%. la a ttaall ft tall,, af aatakt taia id tlllliaa I* a kttl rata *aakar Bad traaar llt?< radaraata Iraat bat laat tdata ta tka alt* ? aa aa aaaa f- r laa da, t at Na t Harall* IttaK la tfcd raa? ta*aa4 ftat AMTt ATlftft NA?TRI> BT A B??! r T A fi I * fata, trrl. Ml a |naata I tai j aa .baaaiaraaaaa ? a* a a abjatlia* t/ kali ana ?aakiaa aad ira*i? If ruaotl 1 '? il*a 'fca katt af tata f farataa 'faa Bar lat* awpdajftr I'laata a a. I *1 Ml Nlatk itttal, kaiaaat r.r>* ataaat aal tataat A, tt id latr > f k r?- aa lot iwa 4t,t \ORRMAR Tfll-NO IAI'* WW I. IK'ATID a tab* t ta altaia a aitaat' a la a raaj?taB4a h a art*** '?ar, ia ta ba ' ar* a' ~w* a, t*a ak.ldrwa *aa II ?uk*t la I '?aab ika* tka ? ? rata > laa. .art, aa* ' ta^a rad ^r?% V, ?apaitii). aad all >l*di al *aaa, aa I* ? MkAlkMMaw ' *** * " *' * ? A PROTECTANT CIKL WANTS A BPTOATWN AS rbamheratald er moi. Apply at HI Stat I'woaty. ??. (id itratt, arond ?oor, lark room. I THoRoraBI Y COMI'EWNT C <*>K II PMIIHUI J\ i.f <1 toiaing ? ?tlutlifli la i flret elku I'tmlly, tr la ook in ? I, >lal or a roaportabla hoAf'iuat Iiuiim; ? ? t'l prefer litla< in flmoklta. Tba l.aat "( ra l??wi?o? r<* ? ?? I'laa- apt-ly Hi Vtf Mill I'tMl hefwaau -pfin* ?> 'I l r ?? nnri> Can la aaan fir mo dayf, If aol m r? i" ?< 4 R MI'Vt'TA Bl I PROTECTANT OIHI. WWTS A ?II'HU II a? -o.i l |.|im . iiuk n-l fin rat ?a?b?r aad in r aad ? ,<...d taker tan i. well r romtun ad from I?',1"1 M?" an I ?? ? ?. I r tw . la. .t Ji.1 IU.| I*.ilitb !ir?|. baluetn Vlrtl ml Saaoad ??||M \? NURKE.? WANTRIt, \ flTIWTtOV, UY A KB. Milatli mar winae. aho uud-r-ian.l. i . r:ratly will Uarara <?! .-Ml .Iran; It a ;? e llaw iluan, aal wilL mi I* maka binall otkaiwi. ue. fal la i. r. . .' la lam. I> ? an hr at ?B ai I'f T*? .ly third atraak, l.e'weau I.?a mp tin an. I Third avrimoa, f. - ? ao da> i A I ADT'I MAIB AMD "TIIIII KRYA' i "VV \.NTKt? 1\ ill a f mil. ii an ? faatl y ; a ta'j . mal l k aireo, . liktr. '.erin aid lauailraaa, "alter | , ?r|ri.. r all iau<t thuoufhly underHand tbair buatnaaa, ba I'rutaak aula. Kft(llab, I'rench If iMlik. l.a?a pt'> l. i <i inn,,.! ir< m * urup* >T (Ma i-oua'r y, and apply at If) (Irand ti rati, \WBLI rori'ATIP KKI M il LADY W I > 11 E* TO rart0li?ri?lf .a'a r< rapauioa, In aoa. > raayaola. bit fatally, i r to laarh th? P r?nrh la nrtiag.] to child re n , no ebJa*tU<a 1. > tra??I, 1*1 a t r?ltwici aiaia, aa n/r<?aklt h. ma it prater ted la a bl/l] r atari . PLaaa addr.aa A V , lo* J,U4 I*. at OflUo 7^ AriTrATiov VARIVMr A respki taiilk w<i ii.^n aa atira* anil aaamalr. a?. ti.iKr-taii'i a i br ca rt < f i tiildraa , can do ahatabe rw.ilk , l>aa no ohjaatioa tc iraaal with a lady for Ibe anmmar Ca> *i?a tba I mi nty raler. Iif# from bar laat employer 1*1- aa. call at fll llroad ??j,l?t?Aa Klnialb and Twalftb afracta A Rtfl Et TABLE GIRL WANTS A M i CATION A d J 1 aht.101 rrmaid and waiter, aad la ra|.*.,la ?f ta> .Of aara . f . hildr?n, I* a anod atam'lreaa Can prodnra tb* kvat *< ttlv rufttcaca. T'laaae fall ?l 18 (Iruar.a atraat, r??m Ik. AlXsrsCTABLf rOBM woman mtmiibn to on tain a ail uaU?i> ia a ataail prlTala family to do ?? uaral bouMVork fan roiat wall rteoutmaatlad U raqairad. I'laaaa ? all *t .V 1 UrHltllb attvrt a inrvoTAiLS protmtakt cirl wasted t? J\ ic go N r* llampal.ira. I n> t'luy ar In h? aaaa tbia day fro<a tt til i claak tVauUdalao. tbraa I'rolaalant nrla aaa to rook, *>a?h and Iron, an. tk?r aa i haui^ariaahl and aaraa f?*r a yoiil lauian'a fa tnlly talbatlly, aad tba ..ibar for tba aona iry lioid ra Urania maliai. Apply al Waaiay a Malaoa I en. ale dlBro, IM Itavautli avauut, batwoaa Twaaty ibirA and Twcgty lior'li atraata A lady la attan.lanra ARESrECTAUIB OERMAN With SPEARiNW IUP> hiiratly lb# Engllab laarnaaa a altuatloa to do plain aettlr ?, and racouiaitad kataalf aa a (aaAtoohi would l? wall ditpva?"i I" takacara af tka i blldraa af afaml ly f inf to t ahfornla. Call al 39 Howard itroat, Bam, t ftolal _______ AThLNO man, or activi: and inhuktrious bal lta. wlabna io obtain a >ltaatioa la a at. ra ar tua> mar'ial bouaa, wktra ba rat. maka hlotaalf faaaraily aaofol; ha !? a food Ii>min tarratl at A?araa, and r aa praduaw aailalaetnry IcatlB'.ulala aa la abaraeUr, Ao. I'laaaa ad. dri'ta R. f , llcrald nftca. An im i ? mini man. who spear n qerman, Irincb aad Eattllab, wrilaa a food baad, aaa ka.p book* aad la an aalouir I la Iba aallia? ot dry Rtada. waala % eltuatlon, the taal af fafaraaoa can bo (itoa. Aadraaa II. h . Ilrrald "?ca. Hark ti rr.K - WAMti' a man to BAK IB a rae'aarant, ba moat |?rf<?tly aad?raiaad kta >m?> ? i.a>a. with un.|oaat|oaabla elty r faranoat, aoaa otbor aao4 apply, laqalro atW>/ Broadway, bafuiant. Boy wmiiEa a situation with a i armcr-to apprratloa himaall to a lanaar or aay othar i rada Ap ply "r addraaa a note to Jaaapb Mcl.aaiblia, No. d Float atraet, I'.roaklyn, up ttalra, fraat raaa. nOM WANTED-ONE WIIO IK TBOROUOHl.Y NBAT, " ) wall at "luaiiitad Willi baatnaaa. aad al ia Va krla< rr?' ulaaa ally rafaraaraa Applr at M Uramaray ?rk oa Widnaaday allaiaooa and fboraday aaa'niai of tnle a^aok ( tOfiK WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN, To COOR. " ' waal. an I Iron, aod do Iba booaawork lo a aaaalf family. Kla unit l a aall aoqa ait lad with har bnal naaa, neat aad lidr. tad Inn, a>oat uaaaaaptioaaLla r War i nea Apply at 1123 llanry atraat, aaar I'larrap. ot atraat, lltooklya / 'I KBK WANTED? IN A LA WYBR'lt OPPICR, ABOUT 1/ ICyearaof ??a lla muel writa a ?>o I haul aad lata i'od racoiamaadattoaa Addraaa. poat paid, baa I ddd, Peal < Blra IV R I (I CLERK WA'.TKII.-A VOL' NO MAN; ENOL^H * irai.rrad. *e|l aiparlaaaad. aad with rihi i aoaa. Apply al No IA? I ulion airoot. ltr?oklya. F1RLRCHCOOK ?a PROIBSMONAt I UEI' DE t UI ? laa, nlabaa a altuatloa in a public b >?aa. or raolaaraatl If aacraeary, ha ?UI a at pi .y bit vwa aaaiataata L'aaaaap tlr rafertaaaa ran ha alT>a aa to abaraatar aad aMiitf. Apply at llall'l lntalll?anc aSoa, No. W Leonard itraat. FflRF.Ni H TI Al HER - A UENTLRMAN OP EDOCA tiaa. in at I'raaoo, wouU Ilka u> taaoh tha frwaah laa aairr l? a. ma family who would |i?a blm a Itaina la eoaipaa ? atlon fr r I. la aaraleaa, or l a would ha willing to laba rbar<ia af a (lata, aithar la aoraa laatitatton or fatally. H^tara to C. ^ l.iatrm.ra. Eaq t4 Li 'nata plara, aad N "alllaaa, P.t'l . . n . i itraat F'ARM LABOBEBH, MtCDANICf AND fEMAl.R DO meatica may ba ea<ar?d at lb* Aaaorteaa a .d Por?taa Emiaraat I'rolactlca aad Lmplavaaat Hoalaty, 1' Uraaa wicliatr?at. Vautalaa oaly at tb? "ppar oBi?e. II Aataf plat* I roapae.uaa. aaal uo appli all'.u. (lOVEMNr.1S.-A SITUATION WANTED, RV A I yi un* lady wllb h. al of oitr rabtraaoaa Wtll gtao Inairti' tloa la fraoab, (iarataa K . A> A good l?a> la layer'abia lamlly mora ?l ao aWlaat titan ealary droa* i. I raaab, alita af tka Ju raal of Coatmai a M II 1.1 M R1 -W IN JKII. I MMKbJ ATK1.T. hMvhhai. ? *; i??al >?* aa4 ii,?lMnl ?? ? or I II t ?? .1 oajaa hiii (|.aa Aiaa. a laaa irffHUnl, il IMum lakm i,Wli?4<t; MUI IM.K AND l?RK*aMAfcKR ? iVA 111 UO U * ? iij ia Vlrnaia, oaa im 'laaa unllta" lar faanj I'MMii, >l>o ?? (k>4 4rt?ukN at XI J?ka at??ai, ar Main NmUlM VilttMT a KE?I'RCTABI.R mu<ia i/iarrlail a ? mum m i ru|"iahl? truai) 'auaiiji Naaa ?it hart m* I ai i'l y Milk a faa? 4ara?fl llul >1 t all f .r i <l?ja a( CM T?m; IHk airaat. aaar Nlatk ?"??? Ural #?or bttk rMn. Nim vitfntn i Ak? cars <>r an infant ? Lir'aaa m ail.a of aft Ap|><y at IRf Baa?a4 aaa aaa, ">r?rr el Hi Mark i i>l?'a ORIiAM-T .1 IITVATION WANTBD \k '"R'iA * >?i. ift.m I at of Mat. Ik uy tknpli if ikinl ia lln V?rk ar Rrt<oklya. > j a a'ntlan. ?a ?L<> .? ?aafa^tij afcla aa4 an ?!?? i ba kail taallm-aiala ml ra'araa* * a ?? ' . i.ia ??M ?'l*y Allmi Naila, II' -ail ? cm J Mi MAlllINK -A tOVMQ WUHAN . AN \y,< 17 ?ko au um >a Anifitii iaa iakn aaw.n# .aakia. A|'|>lf l< Wain Mai.r Ca II* Br adiar. ?<* '? SITUATIOK WANTtD? Rt A lOVMU WII"'W I A I'T, a. i.n|.wiaa ar !><.??< k a* (.?r. tr t??H nil to aa laaa ii4( ka a (?aiil Bual'iaa, aa4 fwa4 ?f aklldraa Hok)(<i,Mi le (la >??(? ?r Waal Alliaaa lltnan, Iliaa4?ajr I'aal ORW. 8111 A1IOS ? k NTEt> -III A LAW, A* ?<? VRRMr.SH a a "uuikaaa (aiailj la 1*11/ i uplaal la <>a>ku< I r.#l.?i lf?i.'k-a >|4 mMt A 4 4r ' aa ilalia| aaar; atiaa >>4 akara aa latartiaaa ??) la ka4, R4a?*<-aA, R'aa4 a ajr I cat I if* a OITl'ATtON Mr A>Tt(l RV A l.RRNAN NONA*, il '.Ifcar tfc laka aanaf HMIM, ara k??a? M-* ia a (?a4 ??l nr(a<lli aiitiaa Aa4 k?? ll.a Ual a' rafanaaM. A44ta*a r. * . IfataM *R? OltCAtMlN W kNTRI' >it A RRCf RCTARkR rOUMO t~ Ia4 a . tatliali. Iraaak. l.-??a? aa4 Ualiaa. aa aaiaaaamaa. or aanai-aakaa (4 a ad; IW? 1 ralm >aa ?aa aa gjaaa Haaaa ? all at Mra Claalia a, ka. 41 Wl a iMaal ItlATlUR Iiv A rol !KO WUKA^i la a r*a4 aaak aa4 a firai rila aaakar a*4 Ir aar. i.aa Ika MalMnlf rafaiNaa I aa >? aaa In laa lar a > aal aa iaH, a' .1] lilt'a Hital. Iki'1 fl ff fraat raaaa SITUATION WAMtl?-,iV A K t l R< I Alil i. WOMAN la 4" aaaaral l?a?. ? .<? aai >a a ??<-4 aaiMr aa4 ucaar liM4ali;>>liraaaa(iiaa A?;>al lilaannrni, taiaaaaa kill I. ta l fUUi At a ..aa ? aa ka a~a far laa 4a pt ^?iri ATIOV WA.VTKti 1:1 A HK.HI.r a: I la jauaa aaaaaa, aa rU<ai?raal4 ar aa.lar, ar W laaa aaia af -kli'lraa. in a priaaia lawlf, i? tka tlaf A44r-aa laaa l?: R?ral4 ? &" SITI UTION W % VTCI>- Ml A -MART TOI NUWOflAN aa aailar. < r ? ' a?. 1 araaaU aka la a *?-?4 alaia aaiik. aa ii raji a' Iaaa4ra.a aa4 ? aa (naiaa k<M iliakraaaa f a l? aaaa at Na Rlaktaaa rtfaal, Hr-aklfa Ulll'iTION WARTRIa R* A TOONU WOMAN to i~ 4'. akaaakaraark aa4 i p la aaak aa4 liaa *r liaa lr?a al a- l<a<.4 ? ? I J rafar aa (iaa* Irk'* A* IR 1 a.ifik alraal ( a* ka aaaa r- r laa Aapa. uiTt ati<'1 wanth> b* a r<?c*o rR??< hiait a7 r"l <? aai! aa ?? a'.4"i 1 a lata aa4 4a (la a aa?iag ? 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