Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1855 Page 5
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C?tl*ena idorlng to tke Country Wit hr>?t expressing ? a 0pt*l(i? asio she propriety o i using alcohol. ? ?? J ]orTr < ii a but leavieg ibil to bo deWermlaed ?J *?' jperainent. the taste, end the physical condition of the ir /u^rto?l. it may ho aa well to mention Vho advan ***** * Alch the schnapps-possess over every other epecles of Mquor , as a mild and conservative exhilssant. From the ?f tto aaequailed purity sat iti combination with the ?f" ?entra?e<l ? nt nco of jetlper, (ooe of the moat valuab'e sm.icl.ics and diuretics known In phumaoy,) it neither hs f /to that inordinate appetite for stftanli. nor produoes that OSaious reaction. v> liloh always follow the habitual uio of ?l at ire usually called ardeut spirits. The highest chemical authority ia this oountrr ha* in dorsed tlic schnapps a? purer than the beat French brandy, While In price it is much eheaper than the worst. The re peated failures oi the E a rope an r rapo ercps have raisod tho ?aim Of senuine liraudy (If. indeed, aneh a rarity n i rooura hie at all.) to a figure which places it beyond the reaeh of nlae-tenthe of eur popula'ioa. At a means of noutrali*mg tho deleterious properties oi wswboleseme water, the Seuicdaui aromatic sohnapps is ab aolotely invaluable to tho traveller. It will infallibly pre Teat the dysentTiu and laxative disorders which atlaok strangers who uae the water* of the Mississippi, the Ohio, tbo Aabama. and other western and southern rivers. It ?tiinolates, in a moderate degree, the digestive organs, and thna eaahlea the stomach to reaist the otherwiie disturbing tnflueneea of the varieties of the univeraal Quid encountered a journey. It shoulJ bo in the hand* of every citiien and traveller. Put up ia quart bottles, with my name on tho battle, cork and label. For lalo by all the jespeotaUo droagists in tho city. UDOI.PUO WOLFE, Nos. 18, 20 and 22 beaver street. Spring 185,1 Vests.? We offer some three ?r four hundred different designs ot the moat approved styles of spring and Dimmer vests, ranging from $2 to ftl. D. DEVLIN A CO., k68, 259 and 200 liroadway. Bpilng 1855? Boys' Clothing? We would ask the special attention of heads of families and oolleges to ?ar larre stock of the above. Groat earo has been given to the selection and manufacture. Prices uniform and low. D. DEVLIN A Co., 268. 26? aud 200 Broadway. Spring 1855? Furnishing Good*.? A Large and select stock ot shirts, cravats, gloves, robes de chambro, smoking Jackets, Ac., selected specially from tho bust Euro pean souicos, or of our ovn manufacture. D. DEVLIN A CO., 268, 269 and 200 Broad way. Spring 1855 ? Mei chnnt Tallortn g Depart" Bent.? W o can say with confidence that we havo the largest atcok of tho most deairable styles of cloths, casaimeres, Testings, Ac., ever offend by any house in this market, to make to order; and if noi made In tho best style we would reqatst that they ?>e r<>t accepted. D. DEVLIN A CO., 258, 269 and 2C0 Broadway. Carpeting*? Peterson dc Hamplirey, No. 370 Broadway, corner White street, have Just received from the late largo auction sales a large assortment ot oar pe ting, Ac., which troy will sell at the following low prices: ? noh velvet carpet, Us. to 14s per yard; rich tapestry, 8s. to 10a. per yard; rioh Brussels, 8a. p?r yard; three-ply, 8s. to lta. per rard; ingrain (Lowell make), On: aud all othor goods equally bet thl* be your Guide fhr CarpettM .English velvet carpets, 10s., lis. per yard. " tapestry " 7a., 8?., Us. " " " throe ply " 7s., 8s. " " " ingrai.i " 3s , 4s., 4s. 6d., 6s. " oilcl'ths 6s., 7s. American " 2s. t>d., 3s., 4s. " " Geld window shades, $3 $?. Table oovrrs, 12s. to 24s. At III RAM ANDERSON'S, No, 99 Bowery. Haste to the Wedding? But be sure that the bride's slippers were made by CANTRELL No. 330 Bowery. Those of the bon ton trequently remark that a distingue appearance cannot be acquired without the aid of Cantrell'a ferautitnl gaiters and slippers. At No. 336 Bowery the la dles will find an establishment of a character entirely dis tinot fiom its surroundings, and worthy oi their patronage. Delicacies of the Season,? The First Straw berries of the season were served up at TAYLOR'S saloon, 966 and 367 Broadway, yesterday, where all eploures are re ?eawieniled to call. 1,000 Fine, Fashionable Cloth Frock Coats, banght no matter how or whore, for sale at EVANS' oloth lag warehouse, $0 and 68 Fulton street, at $8. A large lot ?f French shirts at lets than halt' ptice. The Wholesale Price* at Rogers <S> Co's ready made olothing warehouso. corner of Fulton and Nas aaa streets, havo been reduccd for tho spring season, below the minimum ot any former year. Tho stock ot spring and enmmer clothing is the largest and most attractive in the ?ity. Country buyers are requested to call. Oak Hall Clothing ?Now ready, 8100,000 worth of rasbionablo spring and summer clothing. for men and boys of overy style, quality, and prioe, twenty-five per eent below tho market {rice, at DE GROOT A SON'S, 81 and 89 Fulton strcot, anp47 and 4'J Gold street. Gas Flxturts! Gns Fixtures!!? We offer our aeeortmentof chandelier*, that numbers over three hun dred different patterns, ol the rarest and m1 st beautiful de signs. Buyers of us have tho benefit of a variety twice at large as that of any othor establishment in Now York, Irom which to make their selections. Our prices are a snug per eentaco lower than can he found elsewhere. W. J. F. DAKLEY A CO., Marble Stores, 631 aiul o?J Broadway. Shirt* of the Finest Quality made to Mear ?are, anil warranted to fit, at the foBowiuc prices:? $12. $19 flu, and Jlfi per half dor.en. Also, everv article in gents' furnishing goods. THOMAS McLAUGULlN, 292 Greenwich street, corner ot Chambers. Gayler's Dauble Flange Salatnonder Safe*, With powder proof looks, small keys. Fifteen thousand ?old? hundreds tested? not ono has ever failed. All sites on band. Only depot, 206 Pearl street, oppoilte yietchcr. Lorei* of Choice Wine, &c<? Wm. Irving & CO. will sell this day the stock of the late Robert Sin clair. No other winta admitted. 754 Broadway. Laotr Bier, bottled, by the dozen or In any anantity for family nse, can always be had by orders beinv left at KIXSELE'S Lager Bier Saloon, corner of Groenwich and Cortland street. Also pnt up expressly for shipping. Hair Dye? Wigs and ronpee*.? Batchelor** celebrated establishment for these artieles, is 233 Broadway. Mine private rooms expressly ior the application of tia fa aaoaa hair, dye. Sold, wholesale and rstail, the largest as sortment of wigs, toupees and ornamental hair in the United States. Ten Dollar Wig* and Toupee*? The cele brated manufactory for wigs, toupees, braids of long h:iir, back and front braids, curia Ac., Is situated at 27 Maiden lane, corner of Nassau street. Beware of Broadway prices. MEDHDR3T A HEARD. Hair Cutting, Curling, Oresslpg anil Sham pooing inimitably by BILL, 46 Nassau street. Sharing six ?tats. Infallible onguent to promote the growth of the hair also, instantaneous hair dye for a beautiful black or brown ?ls, soaps, Ae. There 's a beauty forever unrodlngly bright, lyes sparkling !lke stirs, and hair dnsky as night; Bnt tbere 'a also a beauty that seems half destroyed By locks flaming red. if by theae you 're annoyed, ?all at CRISTA Dolto'S, No 6 Aeto.- House, and his exceptor dye will convert the defect into anew charm in ten mlniitos. Hyatt's Mfc Ealsuic? HhrumntliQi In Its most painful forms, also scrofula, old ulcers, and the worst easea of diseases of tho blood, (Treat debility, livsr com plaint, kidneys, inuipitnt consuinpt on, Ac, aremisteor tainly cured by this great purifier. 1'rlncipal depot, 246 <3rand street, seventy -five cents per bottle. What hot Gallant*.? My Onguent will force tho whiskers or mustachea to grow in six week-i, and will not sttin or the (kin fl a bottle, sent to >ny part of the country R CI. GRAHAM, 686 Broadway; Zei ber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia. llollowoy'a Olotment? ^alt Rheum, Scor butic eruption and scrofnla.? Nearly nair the human raee ean bear witness to the eiltoicy of th a wonderful onguent in tho cure ot these diseases. They never fail, hosrevor long ?tam ing rr derperato the cas>' may bo. 8 >ld at the manu factories, H) MaMen lano, New Vork, and 211 Strand, Lon don, and by all drng?i?ts, at 26 cents, 02>a conts, and 81 per pot. Owner* of Horses will Find Dr? Tobias' linsment, in pint bottles, at fifty eenta each, superior t) anything elae for curing oolic, swellings galls, braises, lumps, *c Sold ly si the storekeepers too druggists. Depot 60Cortlandt street. New York. Rushton's sfsug alorts are now only at No. 10 A?tor House, ccrnerof llarolav street, au l No. 417 Broad way, corner of Canal street, whore all medicincs aro pre pared witb the same care as daring the life of the lato Win. i Knshton, father of the present proprietor. To ltcrwous Sufferers.? A Retired Clergy1* man, restored to health in a few days, after many years great nervous sufferings, Is anxious to intke known tho means of cure. Will send (free) the pr. scription used. Direc; Rev. John M. Dagnall, 67 Fulton street, Brooklyn. The New Inhaling Remedy.? J. R. Staf ford' s olive tar. Trice, 60 cents a bottle. Sold at No. 4 New street, and by J. MILH&U, 183 liroadway. Claim o' Thousand Flower*? For h-nnury ta* 'be complexion and eradicating all tan, ptmptos in A *ra?>k'os *roin the faoe. FETRIDOB A CO., Boston; C. H. KING, 1U2 Broad ? ay, ageate. Freckle*, Tan, Pimples, Rraptlons, enrnl by UuURAUlt'S Italian UedioatoJ Soap. Poiidro Subfile aproeta hair from any part of the body. Rouge, lily white, hair dye. and restorative, at 67 YVaiker street, 1st store frem Broadway. If lurried, 0? Tuteday evening, April 24, bT the R?v Mr. Clapp, OiRiwopim* Hampton to Minn Klila Bkrian, only d*ui?ri ter of Cornelius Berian, all of th'B city. On TWwJay, April 24, by the Kev. Dr. Matthew*, Sam cm. T. V awdkrtkkr, of Colt'* Kec*. Monmouth caunty, New Jersey, to KatsK. Drdkrick, o* tan city, hew Jersey paper* pleaae copy. * On Tce*day evening, April 21, by the Rev. J. 8. Lord, Fdoar K. Iuhak, of till* city, t j 3arah W , daughter of J. V. feswan, h ?q. , of Harlem. On Monday evening, April If., it the residence of the fcrtiie'a father, in Fi'ty eight ?'r. ? by the Ker. Joseph Harrison, David M. Bkrkll to Eluaiietii, daughter of Mr. WUl'am ?. Berrv, all of tit to city. On Wednesday, April Vft, at the Church of the Holy OoniBiuoion, by the Ker. I>r. Win. H Muhlenberg, rec tor, ChaRI.j* Van ll*r, of Butralo, to A Hunt, youngest daughter of the Ut? -tephea liihs, Esq., liU of Hartfjrd, Conn Hartford papers plewe eopy. On Wednteday, Aj.rtl 26, by the Rev. Mr. Drisnoll, at the Church of rtt.*Kr*nci? Xavier, Mr. Joux Ui.nt to Mis* IsAiin. Cab?*a(". _ ^ , At Scotch Pla na, S J., on Wedneaday morning. April 16 by the Dev. 1-cwte Bond, Abraham P. VosRru.of this eit'y, to Harau I). Chow ell, daughUf of the lite Themp eon Crowcl). Died, On Wednesday, A cril 25, in the 38th year of hi* age, ttevMASTuoMAB, Captain of the Washington I/ghtHuard, eeajmny B, 12th Regiment, First Division, N. Y. 8. M. . Dbe relative* and friond* of the family, aleo the mem hctp ?f the Waabiogtrn Light Guard, aad the officer! aid .^.tibers of the 12th Regiment are^respsctfully la vtted t# attend hia funeral, from hi.i late residence, No, 244 W??tieKton av?oue, Brooklyn, on Jund?y afternoon, ?t two o'clot't, withont further invitation. Cartiage* ?111 he in wsttivc at the Fulton ferry Brooklyn, to con vey the friend* t* the home, from one to half-part one, 'J?*' 0D Sunday. Pn I utmttay, April J-i, Sh(kp Foityu, Jr., ion of Enoch Folsom, Sml, of consumption of the lung*, aged 30 years, 3 months and 12 days The relatives u< friends rf the family are respectfully Invited to attend hie funeral, at one o'clock, thie after noon, from hit late residence, No. 20 2 Weet Twenty ninth street. On We.'netaday morning, April 26, after a short illness, Abb aha* Mills*, aged 64 years. Bis relatives an a friends, also those of his eons, Asa F.. George W.. and Thomas J. Miller, are respectfully In vited to attend hie funeral from his late residenoe, No. 5fi9 Hudson street, corner of Hammond, this afternoon, at three o'clock, without further inviUtion. On Sunday, April Zl, Mrs. Sauah Small, widow of the late John .-mull, uni 67 years, 3 months and 10 days. The relatives ana friends ol the family ar? respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her son-in-law, Charles H Lyons, No. 2 Franklin square. Her remains Kill be conveyed to Greenwood Cemetery. On Tuesday evening, April 24, Zachaku Taylob, son of Hobeit and Harah Silver , aged 6 years aud 7 months. Ihe friends of the family are invited to attend the fu etial, this morning, at elevea e'clock, from No. 137 Ell zatieth street. On Wednesday, April 25. of ronsumption, Jans Eliza, youngest daughter of Charles nnd Maria Kingalaud, deceased, and 21 years. 2 months and days. Her remains will be taken to Ixtng Brani-li, L. I , for interment, from the residence of her brother, Fordham, Westchester county. On Wednesday, April 26, Stkmuoi Rockkk, aged 99 vears and 10 months, a native of the county Carlow, His friends, and those of his son, Patrick Rourke, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this after noon, at three o'clock, from his lata residence, No. 265 Greenwich street On Weonesday morning, April 26, of consumption, la the 26th year of her age, Amanda, wife of Henry A. Btaktlee. Funeral this, afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, Atlantic street. Brooklyn. The friends and acquaintances are invited to attend, without further no tice. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood. St. John, N. B. , papers please copy. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening, April 26, Mrs. McMahon, daughter of John and Margaret Smith. The friends and acquaintances of the family are In vitee to attend her funeral, at two o'clock, this after noon trom Myrtle avenue, earner of Byerson street, Last Brooklyn, On Wednesday morning, April 25. at Wolcotvllle. Conn., Waltkr Edmund, son of James and Mary Jane Wooding, aged 8 years and 4 months. The tnneral will take place this afternoon, at four o'clock, at Wolcotvllle, Coun. OmTlSiSillWTS RMKWKD JBYBM UY. nuw PuauiCA/rioxs. JUST PUBLISHED? TllE TRUE "LIFE OF WILLIAM i'oule," giving a correct history of his grandparents, his parents, a fall account of bis life trom the age of eighteen months, the various kinds of business be followed, the mur der, investigation, verdict, Ac.; written by William L. Knapp, and sanctioned by bis friends and relatives? it is, tliere'ore, autheutio. It being a stereotyped work, tho author has spent considerable time, as w*lf as money, yet be has placed the price to low as to be wltbiu tho reach of all it being only eighteen cents. For sale at 89^ Namau street. Sun building, and by all the principal bookstores throughout the United States. T All AKT1N E S NEW WORK. Ju jj. ai i'Lkton A co., 340 A 348 broadway, Have now ready HISTORY OF TURKEY, By A. Do l.amartlnv, author of "The Girondists." Travels in the Holy Land, Ac., translated from Early Sheets, by a i arrangement with tho author. Yol. I now ready, Prioe $1. To be completed in three volun es. Startled from their long slumber by the perils of their race anu name, attacked in the midst of peace by aa Invasion of their scae and territory, insulted in their dwellings, as sassinated overwhelmed oi\ all sides by the armie* of these Muscovites, who take number for righ*, and the sabre for title. The Turka erect upon their latest frontier, and wield ing the weapons ol diapair, are lighting reckless to see it Turkey shall not be regenerated in their blood, or to die tbemrelves before the last hour of their conntry. Extract from preface. . Till GREAT ENGLISH HUMORIST 1 Published This bay. MEN OF CHARACTER. BY DOVOliAS IF.RKOL1), Author Of "Caudle Lectures." '-St Giles and St. James," "Man Made of Money," Ac. containing: Job Pippins, the Man Who Conldn't nelp It. Isaac Check, the Man of Wax. Tltua Trumps, the Man of Many Hopes. Jack Runnyincde, tho Man of Many Thanks. Humorously Illustrated with Origiunl Designs by Coffio. In 1 vol , 12mo. Cloth. 75*oeuts; Paper, 50 cents. Douglas Jerrold's keen satire, shrewd observation, piquan cy and humor are unapproachable, and in nothing fioiu his fen have these characteristics been more foroibly displayed ban in the sketchy stories which compose the abovo volume. The; arc redundant with comic situations and amusing ad venture* and iro replete with that humor whioh gave so Hide a popularity to the "Candle Lectures." The oddest end moit laughter provoking characters are grouped toge ther. Plights and predicaments, Inexpressibly tunny, con tin it ally oocur. and the reader Is frequently betrayed in' i spontaneous explosions of langhter. They are not only mirthful, bnt sharp, keen, sarcastic, possessing a covert phi losophy. and not unfroqueutly making use of the j.ister'1 liccnse to start suggettive truths. BUNCE A 11ROTII V Publishers, 1J4 Nasnau street. The liquor law in a nut shell.? will be published on Friday, 27tiinit?ut, 1a pamphlet form, pt ice 25 cents: THE L1QLOR LAW: ITS USES AND ABUSES; OR, A POPULAR A3 WELL AS LEGAL VIEW OF ALL ITS PROVISIONS BY A MEMBER Or THE NKW YORK BAR. Nnnc est blbsndum This la a thorough ex '.mlnation and review of the new law, section byeeJion, ana ?y toe light or all the aeeistona m the subject. ^#is also a com pi te ^ BOOK OF PRACTICE on the law. Its defects, as well as its beauties are shown. It is as amusing as iostrnotive, and should be In the hands of everybody It makes the new law, whether for TEMPERANCE OR AN 1I-TEMPERANCE, at plain as A B C. J. S. REDFIELD, 34 Beekman street. FKKSU9AIm ANIONIO.-ALL OUR EFFORTS TO 8KB YOU proved unavailing. We only wUb to band you our let ter. We are goin^ away, and wish yoo would name a time and plana for receiving it. We are unchanged. GEORGE W. CLAYTON WILL REMAIN IN TOWN unli' W edneaday. Addreia Aator H >nse IF 11 R. W. F. WILL CALL AT IDE OFFICE OF TIIE t-'emtleman to whom he wrote on Tueaday, he can very easily couiuiunicate whatever intelligence of iitportaace he may posse**. IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF ELLEN BRADY, 1 who formerly lived with lln. Thompson, at Green I'oint, or her ?l>ter Mary, they will, by calling upon T. C. Aldeu, No. (i Willett street, bear of aomethiag to thtir ad vantage. INFORMATION WANTED? OF CATHERINE LOVbTT, who left Boi ton rn the 1> th of thia month, with two chil dren Any information of Iter will be gratofnlly received by her nnhappy buitand, Michael Lovett, at 14 Washington street, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED? OF DA SI EL AND DEN ni? Sullivan, native f of Bandon, county Cork, Iretand, l,y their rister Mary Sullivan When la?t he.i-d fr->m were in >? ew Orleans. Any inlormation of them will be thank fully received at No (i Dunham place. Thirty third street. New Orleans paper* please copy. 1NTORMATION. ? MB. SMLACK, A NATIVE OF England, mutt fetoh his tiunk within eight day*, if not, it will be aold. S STEIN IIIJHI.Btt, Corner York and Adama street, Brooklyn. L1ZY S WILL FIND A LETTER IN TUE BROAD way Poet Office to her address. MR. THOMAS BRACHER AND MISS MARY ANN Kerby, or either of them, will pleaae call at Dr. Mor tal's office, 336 Broadway, between t no hours of 11 audi o clock tbis day. 0. GRECO, WALLER, YA.? CALL AT COLLINS' Hotel, foot of Canal street. s. The undersigned would inform his friends that, tor eo/ent reasons, be has anticipated his return to this conatry, and would request them to address htm at New York, as formerly, L. S. M. ELLIS MORRIS, RPlUHti FASHIONS, AUCTION GOODS.? PETER ROBERTS A CO., 375 J\. Broadway, havo Just received 310 Eugene Uco capes, at >2, usually told a'. 90. 10U Longollen black capes <3 90, worth (6; Valenciennes laces, from Is. per yarl; 'French embroide ries, muslin bands, veils, Ae. Ladioa should make an early call. U Li'iA '8 SIX DOLLAR MAN TILL AS? MOST t'HAi** ? inr novelties? manufactured of the very riohesv taffeta silk, and universally pronounced alike superior in riohnesa, newacssand moderation in priee. to anything ever offered. L.*dies call and eeo. 361 Broadway. Ul.PIN 3 SPRING MANTILLAS ARE NOW READY for city retail trade, and comprise a matohleas n i lec tion of Parisian novelties, from a beautiful blank silk man tilla, at six dollars, to the most oostly garment* mannfao 'ured. 361 Broadway DRY GOODS, OtC. DRESS OOODS FOR THE SEASON. -A BEAUTIFUL assortment of the above, in careires, plain aaa printed; Par* de Alma's ehallie's, lawns, cumbri je [ brilliantos. French and domestic ealicos, in great variety. REMSSEN A POWER!, 20-t and 206 Sixth avenoe, one door below Fourteenth st. E EG HORN BONNETS AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES ?Also, a large assortment of straw goods, Leghorn flats, Ae., straw tisane, silk and crape bonnets. Leghorn lr<nti< with silk crowns f?r misses. WM. BROWN, lata Dunsmore A Brown, 443 Broadway. EW GOODS HER STEAMER N aSH VILI.E.? TKN eases of new style Paris organdies ami Jaconets, from Otoe Odier and ethers; three do or/nady flounced robes; Ave do. bare/e do. do.: three do grenadine do. do.; three do. Irereh shittlpg cambrics, of beautiiul designs; fifty do. ll'.y le's and Har rave's 7-8 and V H printed nam .rins, In new and elegant patterns, in?t received in store by A T. STEWART A Co , Broadway and Chambers CILKS~ AT REDUCED P HI (JIs^- LE IiO U r I L L I E R O BROTHERS have ready for sale about 8d0 yards (ilk at 4s ; 1 20(i jrsrds at Ae. ; 2,000 yarda at 6s. Plain bareges, tine quality, 2e., and alt wojl del?ines equally cheap. <0 Canal street, tour doore from Broadway. QILR8.? BLACK AND FANCY COLORED SILKS? A O beautiful let of stripes and plaidi, from A*, to 8. A splendid lot of brocades, Irom 12s. np A tew mora of tha Mack alike fron. 6s. np. RF.MSEN A POWERS 204 and IOC Sixth avenne, one door below Fourteenth it. TV ET GOODS FROM AUCTION.? GREAT CLE A KINO " out tale of wet goods, consisting of black and colored alike, linen shirting and sheeting linen damaska, napkins. tow? ling, eotton shirting and - beeting, print*, gingham* and de l*ine*, besides one hundred lots or needlework, collar*, ?Isseei, hat it iblrts, bands, flmmcegs, Ae. Ao. ANDREW Q. COLBY, 37 Third avenne. TRA VMJJt M'OCTDE. New jer8Eyra.lroad.-for Philadelphia and the South and Weet via Jersey city mail and expraea Unee ? Leave New York at 8 and M A. it. and 4 and 6 F M. Far* K J# in 4. and *3 i. 8 and 10 A. ' M and ? P. M ; a*eond *U**l 12 26 In 10 and IS M. at |2, Mopping at all way rtation*. Through tieiet* sold for Cincinnati and the Wert, and for Haltlrnoie, Washington, Norfolk, An and through biggago checked h "?buigton U a aid 10 V. u and 0 T.U train*. ? *" " WAIM. AMERICAN GIBL? DRBbttMA^EB AND SBAM ? trm, >uti a situation viler* she can work at har trade, with those engaged In tbe business, or private family, at vaiM that will afford her a homo. Ii an orphan, anl can the moat undoubted rofereaees from the family In which aba la now engaged. Address a note to M. . bo* 2,073 Foat Office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLB Froteatant girl, u seamstress la a private family; haa no objection to assist iu cliamberword. Can be teen for two days at 173 Adams atreet, Brooklyn. A FEW RESPECTABLB YOUNG GIRLS, AW TWO /oung men, can be accommodated with board from the 1st or Mar. at 13 Renirick (treat. For partloulara enquire at 17 BarrUon atreet. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant young woman, aa chambermaid and to as sist in washing and ironing. No oMaotion to wait on the table in a private family Haa good city reference Can be seen for two daya at 210 Sullivan at., front baaement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion aa ehambermatd, or to travel with a lady for the summer. The beat of reference oan be given. Pleaae call at 8% Thompson at., third door. Can be aaen for two daya. A MIDDLE AGED GERMAN WIDOW LADY, WHO la quite a superior oook and housekeeper, wants a situ ation with a tingle gentl eman or a small family. Inquire at G67 6th avenne, corner of 39th at, A LADY WHO HAS ALREADY BEEN TO SEA, IS deairoua of obtaining a aituation aa stewardess on >oard a steamer or fine tailing veaael. Tbe beat of recom mendation* can be furniahed if required. Address Steward eta. % Cliff at. A YOUNG LADY, WHO IS A COMPETENT DRESS maker, wishes to be employed by tbe day; will go to tbe residences of her employers Good reference. Call at 144 West 29th at. A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN _?jl. wanta a situation to cook, wash and iron in a private family; no objection to go te tbe country. Rest of reference. Call at 91 ltith at., near tith avenue, in (he rear, front room, for two days. AS SEAMSTRESS AND DRESSMAKER.? A PERSON, who nnderstunds her business pcrfeotly, wishes to en gage permanently in a private family. Can be seen until engaged at 17 Kast Utb st. A FAMILY BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING, ISDE A sirous of procuring a situation for a respectable young woman, as a good plain oook, washer aad ironer. Apply at 1(19 bleecker street. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, WANTS A SITUATION to take oare ef children, or a* ladies' maid, in a private family, or with a lady that is boarding; ahe lived in her laat place eeven j eara. Can be seen for three days at 347 Hudson street, third floor. A LADY, *110 INTENDS SPBNDING THE SUMMER at New Roohelle, is ia want of a respectable and ex perienced ii<r.on as nurse, to attend to two boyt, the yenngest y cara old. She must understand dressmaking and plain seeing. Good reference from her last plaoe re quired. Apply at 33 Rose St., between 3 and 8 P. M. A GIRL, SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE. A PROTESTANT, wishes a situation to <*o plain sewing or take care of children. Good reference given. Calllior two days at 100 H oat lf-th st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO JA. do housework in a snail private family, or to do plain sewing aud take care of children. Best ef reforenoe for either situation. Call at 448 12th st , near avenue 11, baok roam of grooery. A SALESWOMAN WANIED? FOR A MILLINERY store. None but one of experience, who understands trimming, and can tone well recommended, need apply, at 151 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB O. tain a titnation aa aeamstresa and chambermaid; uu deritands hair dressing; haa uo objeotion to travel with a lamily; best of city reference. Can be seen tor a few daya at her present employer's, 19 W?st tltt at. Alao an excel lent nurse and chambermaid, who understaada plain aowing, can le teen fer a tew daya at the tame place. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY OF EDUCATION AND RE il finement, and aeouetomed to the very beat of aocioty, woald Ilka a aituatioa aa houackeeper. to auperintend tbe domestio affairs of a small private family, or at lady's com panies; sbo bat a thorough eduoatlon in playing ami siting on the piano. Keferenoes given and required. Address G., box 166 Herald oflice. A LADY BREAKINO UP HOUSE, AND GOING TO Europe, wishes to ttnd a good situation for her girl aa cook, who has lived with her for the last three years. Can be seen at her present employer's, 48 W eat 22d at. A SMART, INTELLIGENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES a sitnation as nurae aud seamstress, or would prefer to tiavel with a lamily; unexceptionable citv reference. Please call at 678 Houston ?t., near Thompson it., room No. 3, for this week. ARESPBCTAHLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion as obambermaid and assist in washing and ironing; or to go aa laundreaa. Good city reference trom her last Slace, where. he lived four years Call at 266 tith avenue, etween 17th and -th streets. AKESPFj TABLE ROMAN CATHOLIC YOUNO Wo man is desirous of ootainirg a situation aa chain' n m i wait< r or narse ana seamstress, or to do linusowork of a small family. Too year's reference. >il two dtiys at 63 Columbia St., in the rear. Wages made rate. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and plain sewer. Is a good washer and ironer, aud no objection to the country. Good reference. Can be teen two days at 101 Lawrence st, room No. 6. A YOUNG RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid and waiter, e r chambermaid and plain sewer No objection to the couutry. Best city refe rence, Apply at 81 West 28th St., between 6th and 7th avenues. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN -1 Kl l?fa a lu a T?*W?to f*a*Ujr, m Lurp? and ieutnstre?t, or u eh*mb?rmafd and to do pl*ia sewing. Best of city reference. Please oall ?t 114 Charlos it., corner of Hudson. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG MAN ? isbet a aituation at ooaciman and groom in a private lamily; ia a good, steady driver, and is well acquainted with the ofty, and will make himself generally useful; hat no ob jection to go a thort distanoe ia the country; haa good city retercnce. Address Mr, Trainors, 378 Broadway. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS eook in a private family; she thoroughly understates her business. Good oity reference oan be given, and can be highly recommended Irom ber lait place. Please call at No. t-7w*tt 19th St., bstween Cth and 7th avenues, first floor, back room, for two daya. A RESPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation aa dresamaker and seamstress, and to assist in chsmber?ork; she it fully capable. Good ci y reference from her latt place. Call at 44t> Washington street. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIPUATIOV AS chambermaid aud waiter; good reference can be given;, no objeotion to the conatry. Call at 3'J6 W. 17th st , tec Jnd floor, back rorm. RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WHO JUST lost her child, having a fresh breast of milk, would like to cogago as wet narse in a respeotable private family. Call at 101 1. 24th st. SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG WO man who bas lived four years in her last plage, either a* chambermaid or to take oare of child-en aaa do sewing. Apply at 30H Third avenue, of Mra. Byrna. A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBER ir. aid wanted by a steady young woman, with good city reurerce; understands all kinds of work. Has no objeo tion to city or country. Address A. C. R., Union square l'oat Office, or 112 Eait 39th st , at Br. O'Neil's, for two days. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as rook; understands all kinds of baking snd cooking. Good reierence from ber last place. Call at 133 W. 13th at, between 7th and 8tli avs. A A AS CHAMBERMAID AND SEAMSTRBSS, OR WOULD attend on a lady.? A reapeotable Protestant girl. who thi.rouphly undera'and* her fcmineaa in either capacity. Ket< rtncea unquestionable. Call or ad ire**, 1SJ2 E. 19th at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a reapectal.Ie faintly, aa ohamberinaiJ or waiter; no ob jection to tho city or country. Beat city reference. Can ho nen for 2 daj a at 29 Vandewater it , tirit floor, front room. AWm LADY WISHES TO GO OUT AS COMPANION AND nur*o to an It valid, or aa housekeeper or aeawa'.rea*, in a reipectable family. Mo objection to go a aliort diatanee in the country. Can he aeen at 91 Mulberry it., for 2 day*, from 1(1 A.M., to 5 P.M. A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE famili; ii a go.d plain oook, and a flrat rate waaber and ironer; no objection to make her*elf generally neetnl. Beat of city reference. Can be aeen at llj22d at., between 2d and 3d avonuei. AN ENGLISH girl RECENTLY ARRIVED IN THIS country, wiihea a aituation in a reapectafclu En;lt*h or Amerisan family aa good plain oook, or ohainbermaid and waiter. Addreaa U 11., Herald offloe, for two day?. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation aa aeatnatreaa. She underatanda perfectly cat ting and fitting children'ii and Indict' droaaea; understand* all kinda of family tewing. Call at 278 Em 13th it, be tween avenue* A and B, two day*. A SMART PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS TO AT tend to a lady or familv going out to California. Beat ot city reftrence. Can t? aeen for two day* at No. 2 Gsnae toort at. ? W aTenoaa. fear " m Xl'bJt&J & A SITUATION WANTED? AS FIRST RATE COOK; underatandi French and Engliah and American cook in* in all it* branch*!; ia willing toaaaiat in the w?ahing. Beat city reference. Call at No. 9 Inlon court, University place, between 1 1th and 12th at*., two day*. A TOUNG WOMAN, OF RESPECTABLE CHAR AC ter, wiabe* a lituatioa a* aeamatreaa in tbe city. She ia a nice aewtr, and can out and fit ladle*' and ouilaren'a dreaaea, and i* alio a drat rate ahirt maker. She la n;w ia the employ ot* lady board-n* at tbe Clinton Hotel, room r>, where ihe can be aeen for two day a. A DRESSMAKER? ACCUSTOMED TO WORKING in finiliei by the would lik ?* A few more cmtomerrf. l<e?t reference given M to eheracter and respectability. I leaae addreai Mantuamaker, Metropolitan Poit Office, Bi M?, house. A STEADY, CAREFUL WOMAN-WANTS A SITUA tlo? aa genet al aervant, or aa plain oook, wa*her, and ironer Good reference frrm lilt place Call at corner of Van Brunt it. and Hamilton avenue, flrit floor, opposite tbe market. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tlon aa nurae and seamatresa. Would rake care of one or two children Underatanda outline and fitting children'* dre aaea. Would make herielf uaefnl. Call two day ? it 3H 24th at , comer 7th avenue, third floor, baek room' Good city reference. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon aa nnrao *r.d aiamatreta or ebanberaaU; under deratand* doing all kla<ie nf embroidery on ohiUrea'a sloth Ing. Can give go' d city riferenoe from her laat alare. In ??lr* at In) W cat 16tb at., next door to corner of 8th avenue, for two dayi. A SWISS PROTESTANT IS DESIROUS Of OBTAIN lag a ?ituation ill udie*' maid, or te attend an invali.l Indy or children; i* proflciint in hairdreaaing, dresamat i ic, and all kind* of needlework. Ha* no obj?etion to roiuto ? he rruntrr or to trarcl to any Far*; ?* aeouatomed to tra villinj, i* rroof aratnrl sea si k i ar, and ap- ka ? ni wri'M (bXft I*f>fu3*r?, AdUrtM R. U, V. A YOUNG GIRL the ??-??. te;.5t^y clTuortW. dV,. .1 33 We.t ;?'y?a^%yuter;.aU" 1 liisr'CTABLi YOUNO ^rigaaa^r^; TWng woman wan^bitoauon ^ood ~~i YOt'NO AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A-tssr !??:::?,? ?-????& >??'? !K'.'ia- r.'f.'i. ^?.b.'!'A*. ? tiiTiTATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE giVen AddreM A. B , box ICO Uerald oft ee. Acgrman girl, to travel west with a flint claw family; two English oook*. and two cham bermaids And waiters wanted immedijUl/ for ^le;;/?u?7^r^mo^^th^P.nTu., between,^ and 24tb sts. A lady in attendano*. Tfinvn WOUAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO Tt.nnhcrwurk and raiting, or to do chamberwork aud ist in taking care of children; no objection to tlio conn trv 'best of city "fere noe. Call for two day., from 1 to 5 o clock, at 31 Spring ?t.. neat Mott. A N ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE A ota child from one to six years of age; she will he*^"* tame o-i re an J attention to ft a* to her o wn two obildren. Call at ib -d avenue, iscond floor, frout room. A LADY BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING. to ft a situation in iom? private fainHy for a good girl, ctlv honeit (who lia? livcl with her present tbe'VUt two iiSi ) either a. K.ncr.lhou.eic.eper ot oham bermald. Apply for three day. at U2 rhompsonilt. i mTIT AT10N WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS A t'laincoo*, l.a good wa.her and ironer; h??M ob day i at VO We.t e8th ?t., in tlio rear. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN oit? "or country. in a tailor's shop; iias heen lot (We yearn in the branoh of cutting and fltting all kind. of clothts Address R. lleeht, Broadway Po.t Offloo. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WHO ISA PLAIN HAND writer irood bookkeeper and aooonntant And who has .omo TnarVtime everyday, wi.he. to employ the .am. . ?? keepin? And balancing the be?ks for inch where bi. constant pres. noe is act required. Please addresa Bookkeeper, Broadway Poet office. i HOME FOR AN ORI'n AN BOY, ABOUT SIXTEEN A" year, old, to sssi.t and make himneli *''n4ra'ly """^!! in\ hardware and tool .tore In the city. Hj- mo.t oome well iecoinmended, and write a lair band. Addre.. M. C., bo* 111 Herald office^ A MAN AND WIFE WANT SITUATIONS IN THE same house in town or coontry; tbe man aa waiter, the woman a. flr"t rate cook; both bave'lived with the one family, one !or"gbte?S month., the other for over two year. A3 dress at the residence of their present employer, 10?> 5th arc nue, between 17th and 18th stfl. A YOUNG MAN AND HIS WITE W I SJU'SI Tf ATIONS; A be a. as.istant gardener and to take caro of j would go a abort distance li the country; i? well JJJ'l"? ? ' With the business for the last six year#; no objection ti go without Ms* ife ''lease call or ,S.d a note tor two aay., to James Borne. 287 1st avenue, between 17th and IXth ?ts., third* floor, front roorn^ Atlantic ?t? Brooklj n. a v uiihris A COHNERT'S, 287 BROADWAY, COR A *? of R?ade .t., can alw?.b. found the greatest ^nk-e of Enilish Scotoh, Irish and Oerman servants, for hotels boarding hou.e. and private families; also porterd, wai t er' . eCMhm en , " ard en era, farmers, mechanic, ana la laborers. In this, or ou* branch ofloe. ltB Otmwteh ?t. a^^ wwam.tre?l!^r aa^hambM ^.d^^^i^?\w?,ia,^'at, re^^j^^^nr^o. 91 Columbia ?t , Brookh n Height.. The be.t of refereuce. BaIiKFKPER ?? WANTED, IN A DRI IKING AND A?.^n, .aloon in tho be.t part of the city, an expe pc rf o r m an oe o f h i s d u ty^' N on o otbo^apply. Apply at 116 and 117 Nast.iu stroet, room 16, thi. day. B- TiV WANTED? IN A BROKER'S OFFICE, ABOUT 14 vears of a^e* American preferred. Salary lor the t. ?tx months, at the rsto of t-Nt per year Apply between the hours of 10 and 11, this morniu*. at 78 tt., flr.t fli or, back office. BOY WANTED? FROM 14 TO 16 YEARS OLD, TO aot a. waiter and t) make himself generally useful. A, ply at 114 Cedar ?t., from ti to 10 o'clock thU morning. Bnv WANTED? IN A BROKER'S OFFICE ABOl'T Ts ^eiu . of aje; one .mart, active and intelligent may addresa A. J. B.. H?tald efflce. TlftY WANTED? IN A V HOLES ALE DRY B T?c.? ?*lar7 fl'?? the flr,t ?eM' Adir,^^, Johnson, bo* 7^1 Pet Office. TXiT WANTED-ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS OF AGE, B to Warn the drug Lu.ines.inaheaUUy^illa^m Nejj J. ?ey aboat fory ^.U. from New Y^rk^ra^ ^ b4tweto Kh aSd Ntalh ;;.nue..,T.?or? 10 o'clock this morning, or between 4 and 6 o^eloek F. M?- ? r?nvs WANTEP.? WASTED IMMEDIATELY, A 10 A M.,only. Rutlman k Co , 1/7 oroAaway. a^rtssiA "i'iJi'.IIi ""?v."."!1'?"'" *??'>''" WANIED-IN A PKIYATB FAMILY; A GO >D Friday, at any hour after 9 A. M_ CTtbkTwaNTED? J. R. JAFFRAY * SONS HAVE LERKS _WAjW tu men in thulr embroidery Coachman.? wanted, a situation a? coach man, b> a vary raspictaLle <'i testant man; has lived with tbe first families in tbo city. an. can give the nr st >a tisl.ct<>r? re'trence from wter' Lo lived the last two years, a. to capability atid charaotor; Las t.o incumbrance. Call at (oraddre..) 120 Grand .t , three djots east of Broadway, fnrtaodftj.. COACHMAN'S 81 JUATI'.lN WANTED? BY A SMART young man, who understand the care and iniauem nt cf bouts in their different branches. la ?<i oxaolteit driver, aa can be seen l y bia references loth In city and country. Ma* no ohiection to tbe oountry, and ia wllilnr'.o make Hmaelf generally useful. la a Protestsnt. Will be w?rth Wokla* after. Can be men for two day h at I1 1 3rd avneue, corner of 2tit at. Address C. A. L. DU'O CIERK WANTED-A PERSON WHO tiio rougkly understands tb< retail dr .g businese, ig a^oid tnlerman, andean produce unexceptional r?ferenjoa, and id Billing to go ont West; a Rood salary w >11 be givun to ? icli an applicant. Address, Ert-ltua, Herald offio.', with real nam* and addreia. Drug clerk wanted? one who* can bring good reference fr>m last employee may address Drug gist, t nion square Poet Office. I EMPLOYERS AHE WANTED FoR THE FOLLOWING 'J tirbt data servants: ? Four good cuoka, washurs aud iroaers, eight chambermaid* and seamstress#*, four nuriea, aid several efficient gcueral f.ouio servants; alao a number of ?mall r irla. Apply at tbe feouth llr >ok lyn Employ mtnt Office, 88 Atlantic st. The above aro well roeommended. f'OR CAMFORNIA OR AUSTRALIA.? A MARRIED couple, tbe lady :otn|r, educated, speaking En?l.*li, French and German, and being an exper1ena?d house and hotel keeper; tbe buiband hualthy, strong, speaking Kngli?h and German, and being willing to do any work, would ac cept an ?n<af ement for California or Australia. Address Ql <i , Herald office, for an hlinii*. L'AWM LABORERS, MECHANIC'S AND fHMALE D.I I? mestics, may be engaged at the offlce of tho American and ForeUn Emigrant Protective and Employment Society, 27 Greenwich s'reet. Prospectuses tent on application. Housekeeper.? a person of many years ex perit nee wishas an engagement in a hotol, or a amall privtt* family; ehe haa i o ohjeo'ion to g? to any part of the c< uitry ; the can tnrairh teatlmonial* '>> tbe highest charee ter. lor a parmanen*. situation a m ^derate aalary only ex pected. Address, post paid, II usekeeper, 293 Hudion ave nue, Brooklyn, iu the bakery, for >ne eeek. Hotel waiter wanted-io take cuarge >p a dining room; one u?ed to tho business and can ?' tie ? ell recommended aa to honesty aod sobriety, m ?y apply at th- Eastern Pearl S:rei:-. Hou?e, 9j'J Pea I at., alt. r 9 a M. Milliners wanted-tiirie milliners want ad to go to the beautiful city of >e ? Haven. Conn ; none need apply but those thoroughly acquainted with trim ming ladle*' straw Innntta Wagea from $4 to 17 per week. Cent tan t emploiment. Apply by letter, for throe days, to EDWARD MALI.ET , New Haven, Conn. PARSOL SEWERS WANTED ? TO MAKE FINE WORK. Apply at 28 Cedar afreet. I.EAVITT k GROVES. Salesmen - wanted, thirty men to canvass a new article, can make >4 to M per day; al?o three young men on salary; a amall eapital required. Call a', lis < hamheri at , third floor. Situation wa.nted-by a respectable youno woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to assist ia wishing ant ironing. ..No objection to a private boarding Louie. Can give the highest city reference. Will he founj ? tiling and obliging, to ?e teen for two day a at. 141 Eaat 18th at. Situations wanted-by two respectable girls? a Protestant and at atholio? to do oookm<, wash ing and ironing or housework; the Protestant girl ia willing to do ohamberwork aid sowing; both neat and tidy, and mt afraid to work. Call at the intelligence office, .9)2 "th ave rue, near Ztitb at Tliia office ia free to employer*. Best 1'rotei.taat and Cathollo girlt always on hand. Situations wanted? bv twj respectable yonng women, one aa regular aeamatreaa, whotaadr"> maker and enderstanda cnttiag and fitting ladies' drescei and all kinds of family sewing; tbe other a* a renti er cham bermaid. or ekair bermaid and soamiiret*; th.. beat of city reference 'ran bar last Wane, where ehe na* Uv.d for tbre tenia. Call nt 131 Eaat 18th at., corner ot 3d aveaoe, third Hot r, for one dny. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG German weman, aa ohtmbermaia, or to do the house work of n small private family. Can he seen at her present employer's, 63 West Washington place, near 4th avonue, ftr two daye. SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY COMPETENT Protestant woman, aa cook. la a good ( Itin pastry c olt and firit rate laundreta. Noo'j. -.'.i i to go tsh>rt dii tance in the country. Undcrslanda th* cars of ni'ik ntv<l butter, la i person on whom everj "onfidonoe miy \t plv ad. Iligheat city refersnct. Can l??D two Java at 00 ;vb it 'a? _ WAJTM. Q ITU ATI ON WAJini^lT A YOUNG OIBL, AS O mamtnm-, i^triludi drassmaklng or M chamber 5?!*. ?f Can be m?b for one day at 114 VnI jjy" *>i Between 7tb and 6th avenues. SIX G1BLS WANTED IMMEDIATELY, TO LEARN the millinery Apply at 224 priof it. SITUATION WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED ENO lish woman, a* uurto and seamatrass ; oan out, At and make ladies' dreasea, boy 's aacks, paats, underclothes; o vn attend a new burn infant. or invalid lady. No objection to travel or tba country. City referenco. Can be seen for three days, at 93 avenue A, between Oth and 7th eta. Situations wanted-bv two respectable yonsg girls, one is a very good plain cook, and drat rate washer And iruucrj the utberto do cbamberwork and wait irg, or would be willing to do general housework in a email family. Good reference given, Please call at 1)7 E. lUtli St., In the rear, lor two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED, well recommended German pa^rv cook; uudoraUnda both the American and French style of cooking thoroughly in every respect. Give tho tut f city reference. Hat no objection to the cauntry. 1'ioaae call for two daya at 1 1 i Rivington ?t. SITUATION WAMIU-AS COOK IN A PRIVATE family. Wonid have no objection to go a short distance in the country. The boat of reference Call at 3I4>4 Bow ery, this day only, between iO and 12 o'clock. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ woman, as cook, washer, and ironor in a small private family. No objection to the oonntry. Beit city reference. Call two days at 87 feth avenue. QITUATION WANTED? BY A CAPABLE, INDUS O trious girl, an chambermaid, or to do tho general house wcrk of a private tamily. City referenco. Please call at lf-5 Varick it. Seamstress wanted-one who understands her luaiucas, and ii willing to do the oharaherwork of a rmall family and can give unexceptionable references, may find a good situation at 2ti Brevoort nlaae, loth it, TO MILLINERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A GOOD milliner, to whom a comfortable bom? and ^ood wares will be given. Inquire at Mri. Hillier'i millinery and dross making rooms, bb3 Broadway, or at Mra. Nowman'i milli nery establishment, 20 Commerce at , Newark N. J. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS? one aaoook, wtaher and ironer, the other at chamber maid. Can let the belt of city and country reference. Call for two dayi at 174 ltitli it., betwocn avenues C and B, second floor, front room. TWO SISTERS WISH SITUATIONS? ONE AS CIIAM bermaid and waiter, the ntber as nurse and plain aewer; would take oharge of an infant from ita birth; bent of city reftr?neo. Apply at 210 25th it., between 8th audUth ava. TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. AND THREE SALES women for tne millitery department, wanted iminr diatelv. Apply to Mrs. Sell, 122 6th avenue, between yth and 10th streets. THE FIRST OF MAY.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY a young woman, aa good plain cook; is a first rate wuiher and ironer. Beat of city roferenoe. Call at 108 Wee t 22d at. thil day. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, SISTERS. WANT SITU ationc; one aa oock, washer and ironer; the other na chambermaid and acamatreni, or ohnmbertnaid and waiter. Ihey bavo no objection to going in the country with family. Cau be acta for two daya, at their lait placc, 51 Bond at. TO MERCHANTS. -A YOUNG MAN. OF BUSINESS habits, wishes a fituaUon aa ontry clerk, assistant book keeper, or in a shipping office; ia a good acuouutant, writoa a good hand, and can furnish recommendation!; expecta tion! moderate. Addreaa M. E.. Herald office. To WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.? A YOU.VO MAN, haviag bad several years experience in the wholesale do paituient, is desirous of obtaining!! situation in the city or in auy part of the country. Unexceptionable reference given. l'kate address Drug Clerk, box '2,442 Post Otttoo. TO MASONS AND ODD FELLOWS.? WANTED, a sent! to sell Masonic and I. O. ol O. F. regalia, Jewels, Ac. None need apply except of good address and in ??od standing la the fraternities. Apply to ?. COMBS, 244 Grand strett. TO REAL ESTATE BROKERS? A YOUNG MAN, (American,) 20 years of age, of activojand industrious habits wants a situation in a real estate office, to do the ont door business, or to travel on an agency it ?hn Southern or Western States, on a commission; writes a fair basinets l and, is quioa at figures; good references given; wages 53 per week. Those wishing the service! of a competent and trustworthy peiaon may address E B. t\, Box 11W, Herald <Cicc. TO STEAMBOAT CAPTAINS? WANTED? A STEAM boat captain who la alto sufficiently acquainted with itcam engin-a and boilers to auperintend repairs, and who can give *ati*factn.iy references aa to eharacter. Persona who can meet the above requisitions, may And it ti thoir acctunt to addreas box No. 1,830 Poit office, stating real name, previona and preaint engagements, and reforenoes TO BUSINESS >E V. ? A YOUNO MAN WISHES A lituation an crrmnn rr indoor porter; ia well acquainted with either, knows the citv well, and has good reference. Addreas A. B. C., Herald office. NE PERSON NF. DJ.S1RE SE PLACER DANS UNE lespectablo famillo ponr solgner lea enfant i otcoudrc; eile n'a pat d'objection. a voyager et pent fournlr do bonne rccon.mar.dattons. S'adreasor No. 70 4'ne avenue, entre la bine et lOmc rues. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITU ation to do ch&mbcrwork and aowing; la agoodjhand at shirts. Can be seen for two daya at HI) 7th avenne, between 20ih and 21st *ts , fourth door, front room. WANTED? b? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tion as laundress, in a private family. City referenoe. Can be teen for two days at 228 Stith st. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL TO GO INTO THE country; ahe must l>ea first rate washer and ironsr, and understand cooking and baking, with veneral house work. Wages S6 per month. Inquire at 134 Bowery, in the took store. WANTED-AT 81 WEST 13TII ST., A PROTESTANT nnise and seamatroas. I tench preferred. City refer ences required. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nnrse and seamstress. Call at 37J Ilth St. flTANTED? A SITUA7ION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestart young woman, as general soamstress; ha* no etjeetion to take oare of ohildrou; good referenco. Can I eaten fur two dayi at 3W0 8th avenue, bstwsen 30th and 31at its. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, as chain bermaid and waitor. or to take care of children ard do p'aln sewing; best of city reference can be gi?en. Call at 103 Last 24th it , between lit and 2d avenuei, tor twe days. A N T E 1)? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young wou'au, as chambermaid and plain sewer, or to do fine wa?hin< and ironing; she is a very bandy waiter on ladies; understands bairdreaslng. rnexcepti<>la refer trcf. < an bo aeea at 240 East 14th st., firat houao from avenue A WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young w> mnn; is a good cook and excellent waaher and ironi r, and baker o<' bread; baa no objection to go i> abort di'tance i" tho country. Heat of city r-ler>ncas. Apply at 042 Sixth avenue, corner ?Uh at., top room, Tront. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOM.VM, to do rencra! homework; is a go id washer and ironer, and good plain cook. Apply at 13<> lat avenue, near 8th at., ? n the top floor. Good references. V WANTED? BV A YERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, a situation a? seamstress, chambermaid r>r waiter; it an excellent washer and irouer Can bo highly recom mended from her la t place, ?h< re (ho has lived I.J month*, i all at 18 1 Eidridge at., between Rivington and Stanton, ie e< rd floor, fr nt room, for one week, It not emaiod WAN 1 ED? A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE ? v young woman, is waiter and chamb'rranid in a saiall private family. Good reftronco givon. Apply at 1M 32 I ?t., tbtweni 7m an! 8th avenues. WANTED? BY A TIDY, SMART. WILLING YOL'N'G girl, a situation, in a email privato family, to uo ?<? i. -r a I bcotcwork; is willing to make herself ??')? rally u*o t u I Cloud city reference. Apply at 2AS Elisabeth st? cor ner of Houston, top floor, over tbo bakery, for two days. TITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU VV at Ion; understands cooking and baling; is willing to assist in waehing at.d ironing; nn objection to go a short dis tance in the country. Good rclerenoe given. Call at 101 ?Ath St.. between 2d and^Sd avenues, second floor, front room, for two dayi. WANTED? EMPLOYMENT, BY A GOOD DRES3 makri ; perfectly understands cutting and fitting la. dies' and children's dresses; would go out by tho day or week. Address M. N., box 168 tleiald offloo: will be pnna tuaily attended to. ilTANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, f T to do general housework In a small private family, (?ood reference given. Apply at 130 Crosby St., third floor, for two d ays. ?n'ANHD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOM AN' vv as wet nurse; has been seven month* nursing. Good ci'.y relerenee. Apply at ISA Crosby it., third floor, 2 days. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tv women, a? cook, washer a id ironer; no objection to ?( in the country with a family, tiood reference. Can be seen for two days at 74 E 32u at., between Lexington and ? th avs., teeoi.d floor, back ro'itn. TI7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WO TV man, as plain cock; can do washing an<l Ironing; has lived in one family foing on seven years. Good reference g-ven. Apply at M7 22d it., between 7th and Hth avs., rear. TTVANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TO vv take charge of a child time years oM; she must ho a good leamiteeu, and be able to produce undoubted refere ice as to character and capability. Apply at 17 Vth st. WANTED-A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or chambermaid and to do plain sew'ng. or washing aid ironing. Best oity reference from her last p'ace where sh: lived six years. Can be sten for two d^yi, ai eU4th st. WANTED-A SITUATION Bf A RESPECTABLE woman, ai chambermaid and to take care of chil dren and do plain eewing; no objection to the oouatrr: good city reference, ran te seen for two dayi at 214 Gold ?t., Brooklyn, first floor, fro at room. WANTBD-BY A RESI'Et TABLE PERSON, A SITU ? tion as ?<-araitrei?; wonld like to travel, no objection to the care of groving children; good eity r*f?ien,)?. In usire at the itore of John J. Morrii, comer of nth st and University plaoe. "II/ AN'lED-A FOREWOMAN, TO TAKE CHARGE OF W aworkrcom n ? ladies' repository; enahaone, perfect h esperiinoed. with good city reference, may apply lintne liistely at 109 Grand street: also several irood lowerj; Ger p in and French girla preferred. "U'ET NURSE WANTED ? ONE WITH A FRESfl VV breast of milk and good character required. Apply tttweea the hours of 9 and II A. M., at No. 5 Cherry street. WANTEB-A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT vjung woman, as dressmaker and seamstress in a re spci tal le private family. Can be seen for two dayi at 19 Exit 29tli st. , near 2d aveom*, third floor, back room. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, AS nnrse aad seamitresi, la a private family; she will hei required lo eat and (It children's dreseet A Prote taut referred. Apply from 12 te 3, at 90 Weit Baltio St., Brook te-day . WANTED? BY A *t?P?CTABI E AMEKI< AN GIRL, from the country, a eit :?tion to take cte? ?f children and do*>laln eewing; has b.en used to the . are ?r eMIdreo (or leveral yetre; prefer! a family (hit wll! travel a su'O mer. Can l>e ??<.& for two tlaj s, fr>ai 10 to 3o'olot'?, at IW KvUltko st WAXT8. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESECTABLE .? *? a""*1 koasework, in a small faaiilv; tu ml 7 WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG WOMAN, u co> k, waaber, and ironer; ahe U a food baker. Good refercn. ? given Apply at 13 Union court, I uivrftty pU*3, letweeu 11th aud 12th ata WANTED-A WIDOW LADY. OR J MARRIED ONE, without vltil"rvn, to take the maaa<em??t of a bttri ? Ing home. Oti ?h<> bu acme furniture wow*'* with. A^drtaa T II , llerald ? fH?? nTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT SEAM TT atreaa; ihe unoeratanils the cutting and making of children's dreaaei, and could alto wait on a lady, and see to the room. if required. Beet city rferenoe Iron her iMt placr. Call at 90 Eighth ttreel, (St Mark'a plaoe,) two day*. "IITAN'TED? B Y A RESPECT A BLR GIRL, A SITUA TT tion a* nuri-e and ae*m<treaa or aa chambermaid and aeamatrea* No objection to tne ci.un ry for the mmmer. Good city reference Can be seen for two daya a: 7M Weet 24th at. VVANTED-nr A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TV ?lrl with good oity referene? a aituation aa chamber maid and fine lauadres*. Apply for two daya at 47 Charlee WANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS BV A I' Proteatant y< ung woman, who can do all alnda of ae?ing or fine noedliwork; no objection* to do arnie lig hi cUuitH'rwoik or to take car of children. Pleaat sail at 133 ltitl at , bvtween 7<b ana 8th avenue*, is the candy (fere, for two d?y?. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN" A SITUA ?1 tion aa conk, waahtr and iioner in a small private (fe ar 1} ; uo obji eiirn to a jrivaU War in< house Good city reference from her latt place. l'l s<e call at 22 6th avenue, iu the rear. TI7 ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT I'roteatnnt young w?mau, to Jo rl.amberwork and take care of children . I? *illiug to muke heraelf generally uae ful. Call at 2o5 W. 17th at. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOiAV, a aituation aa cook or a> cook, ??<h#r anil lr*n? r, in a ?mall private family. Thi beat ordty refereeoe Inquire at 1(10 l.auiena at., between Spring anil Prince. In the rear, for two daya. TV' ANTED ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN TT wlfhea a situation aa cook, chamber aaid or lanndret*. Bent of city reference. Call at 103 W. Itith at., aeoond floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT girl, aa tlrat rate cook; is a good baker of nread and mike. No objection to aailat iu waahin* and ironing. Call for two daya at 3)1 E. 16th it. No ohjeetion to the cooatry. "II' ANTE D ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE T T young woman aa chambermaid and waiter Goad re ference. ( in be afcen for two daya at 62 Lexington arenas, between 25th and 26th at a. TITA1STED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS T V chambermaid and waiter, and take care of children and to do plain-sewing. Gocd reference given from lier laat place. 105 2fcth at , between Mb and 7th avenue*. Can b? aeen fir two daya. No objection to the country. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUMG WOMAN, n Protostait aa chainhormai I. Good city reference given. Apply at 12 Kant lMth ?t , bi '.wei'n t'jc 4th avenue and Broadway. Can bu aeen lor two daya. WANTKD-BY AN EXPERIENCED PKOTK3TANT woman, a aituation at housekeeper and cook. Good testimonial* aa to cnaracter and capability. Ota be *een at SOU Broadway, at thu toy and candy atore. WANTED? A SITUATION RY A OOOD CuOK; CAN make paatrv nnd puddinra; in -.vil lln .- to do t'.io waah Ing and ironing of a amall family Can give good city refer ence. Inquire a* lsfi 7th at., between avenues IS and C. "11 rANTED ? BY AN HONEST. TRUSTWORTHY WO TT man, a situs' on to work by the day aa mamatresi or to do general honacirork ; would take chargu of a bouae in ahaeneo of the family. Apply to or addreaa Mrs. Webster, 8( Lexington avenue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG VO iii a ii , a aituation aa chaiubcroiaid and waiter; ia a good tcamatreaa and can rive the lieit of reference from her pre acnt place of employment. Can be ?c?n for two daya at No. 3 Ludlow plaoe, Houatoa at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a [ituition to do cbamberwork aad plain (ewlnc. or would do general housework, in a amall private family. Good city reference from her la?t plaoe. can be teen tor two day* at rN Mulbeny atreet, In the rear. W/ ANTED? BY A YOl'NG WOMAN, A SITUATION TT al cook; ia capable of all branches of cooking; none need apply bnt a private family; no objection to go to the ct nntry. Call at 14 A inns street, for tiro dayi. WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION as cook in a private family; can wash and iron. Good reference. Apply at itx) last 32 at., Dttween 1st and 3d avs. (or two day*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation a? ehamhermaid ?nd waiter, or to do waab ing ana ironing. Good city reference. Call tor two day* at 121) East 16th at. "\VrANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT aituati' n aa ohtmh''rmaid and waiter, or a* narae aad plain sewer. Gni be aeen for two day* at 11 Deabro**** at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chaiub <rnriid aad to asalit with the waabing and irot.iug, or aa laundrtaa iu a private family; th? l< it ot city reference*. Call at 2ZS Wooster it., near Amity, Iront baaement. TV" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, T 1 n situation to do geucrtl honxework and plain eookiag; i? a good waalier and irontr; best of oity reference; ha* lived in her laat place over tlueo ycara; tin no objection te go In the eonntry. Apply at 00 Grand at., la the thread aad needle atore, for two day. "WA^T^P-A, SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB a amall privnte family; tfce advertia er 1a a fir*t rate washer and irontr; baa the heat ot eity refereaoes. Please e all at 210 W(St2Uth at., bstweunStb and Utn avenue*, for twe day*. WANTED? BY A RESI ECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA tloa a* cock or laundr^o in a private family; ean pro duoe long and aatialartory referenoea aa to napabillty aad cliarictor; no tbjeution to go ia the oonntrjr. Apply at No. 4 lat at., aecond floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant girl, aa chambermaid and laundreu; lian e.xctllent waab*r and ironer, and understands makiag up niuailn; no objection to go a abort diitanoe in the eonntry; good oity reference* given. Caa be seen at 44 We*t 17th *t., for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatant young woman, of neat and tijy habits, a* cook iu all its lirauobea; a moat eacel lent baker; qndentaada pastry ; can get up a nice dinner, and i* fully competent aa eook; baa the beat of city reference. Call at 323 let avenae. Drat floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN ? s eook; nndorHands her business thoroughly. Qood e'ty reference. Can be seen tor two day* at 350 Cut 10th It., near avenue B. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do general housework rehamberwork la a private family. Good oity rctereuoe. Call at 275 W?*t Ifith st., ia the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gill, to do general housework, or aa laundrea*. Beit of eity reference. Apply at 243 7t.i avenue, between 2Mb and 2tth it*., for two day*. WANTED-A PROTES ANT GIRL, TO DO ALL THE work of a amall fami y. A good eook, washer and irnner required, .-.Uo . ity reforence from her la?t place. Ap ply immic lately at 101 Wu*t 22d >t., near 7th avenue. WANTED- lit" A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, A aituation aa nursery .overne-a, can toaeb English in all Iti l ranches, and would be witling to give the remainder ot her time in sewing for the family. Beat eity refarenee. No objection to the couutry, Cau be seen for three daya at 860 Prince st. WANTED? A FRENCH NURSE, (PAR13IENNE ) TT who U perfectly competent to take tbo cliarAe of a young infuiit N one la*. tbu?e tally able to ail the situation ant brim: nno*oeptionible reference uutil apply, btiwctg 10 and 12 o'olock, at 124 6tb avenue. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE y nu i>p w oiuan, as cook: understand* baking and paltry . Good city refirenco. tan l?e seoi. tor two days, if not suit ?d, a'. ?7'J Mulberry it , near Houston. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT firl, to aisiit iu waihtng an i ironiug. Is a Hood oook, and wtll nudintandn her buiincu. l'lease call at 171 41D sr., betwten lit and 2d avenues. "117 ANTED ? APPRENTICES, TO LEARN TUE DRE9S TT making bualueaa. flood iewer? and sood reference froin latt place retired. No other need ?fitJiva Canal >?. ?? A- TOMPKINS. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE UIRL, A 8ITUA Hon a* chambermaid cr to do geurral house vork for a 'mall family I?*.onJ washer and iroaer and plain oook. City r> furenret. Please oall at .No I /ay at., lirooklya. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTECTANT woman, to act an uhamb'rinaid un I "liter. City re ferences rtquir 1. Apply at 1T7 Wet 14th it. WANTED? BY A EESPECTABlB YOUNG WOMAN actuation ai chamle-maid and Mini tress; wonl<j Lave no* lion to do np fine muslins. Bait of ?ity refe r<- nee. Call at No. 4 Cornelia it., uorueroflth it. aad 8th avenue XAJ ANTE D? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ GIRL, AS TT waiter cr cliani bermaid and seamstress. Good eity refe rtnee rrom her l?t place, ? hero she has lived fire year* ( 'an !>? iccn for two days at 384 Ninth it., between lit aiMM and avetiue A. IIT ANTED? BY A KLSrECTA III.E PROTESTANT TT young woman, a ntuitin as chambermaU, washer end irnner: wonld he willing to do ,iooeral housework for a small family ; is a food plain cook, lint ar city reference fr m her la.t place. Can be seen at 247 West 36th I*., first floor, front room. " " WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, as nurse, and would Ilk* to tako charts of a baby. Good rsfcrence. Is willing to aasist i? light work. Call for two days at 400 6th avenue, b?twMn~J7th aad 28th st, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youni w'man, aa lanndreaa or ohambermaid aad t? do fine wa>hinj.; is of a rood disposition, neat and obliging, Bi-kt of eity reference. Can be ae?n at 231 Beary St., be tween Atlantic aad Pacific, Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN as chambermaid and te assist m tl.s wa<hiog aad iron1 inr, or waiting. Good city reference. Apply at IIS 27tb St., Ii''.wien7th aad 8tb avenues. Can be Mien l?o days. "ll|T ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT W"man, to do general housow?rl< la a smalt private family; is a rood wanner and lroo?r 1 ?? K't ^ood city re ference front her lant employer. Can be s< tn for two day* at #3 Monroe tt., second floor, frynt r 'ni WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamftrees in a private family. Can give good reference fro? '**' fl*ee. Attply at SS 3d avfime, In store. all 'Ms week. ? II' AN TED- A 1 1 TC ATI ON. II V A YOUNO WOBAN, fT ?? sta*i.eraiald and plain sewer, or nam aad eham hennald. Good reference from her last place, where she ha* lived two .vara. Please oall for two days at MM Hoastoa street in the ?tore. "ItfANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ft a .Ituatlon a* seainatrsas; she eaa cut ud At children a dresses, and do plain at d fine tewing. Can be seen for three days at 202 \lott street. For Balance of Wants sec Sixth Pace*

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