Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* ?ORBT HRKBt, Mojiuay, May 7?# P. M. Tbe itoft market ?t?U tends downward. The reported aale< are large, but the actual trnnaaitlons are very tailed. At tha first board to day Virginia 6'* declined ^ per cent ; Missouri ?'s; K; IlU?oU land boode, Canton Company, X; Hudson Railroad, X ; Michi gan Sonthern Railroad, % ; Cleveland and Toledo Rail Kvi , x; Panama Railroad, *. Reading Railroad ad vanced X per oeiit The market appear* to be In a ?feiontc itate. Holder* are ?trbng, and not ditposod to aell. They are pretty well filled up with *tock*, and are ??t buyer* to any extent. Thi* works unfavorably for the bear*, while the class of bulla who look for imme diate return* from an immediate advance are nut likely te realise their anticipation*. The probability la, there fare, that the hrokera will have very llrtle buy mg and gelling to do on outside account for some Um?, or until some violent change take* p'ace In flnancial affairs. There are only four or five non dividend paying stocks on the lUt, and these rule at *uch low price* that it doe* not take much money t? carry them, and the lo*a of Interest I* net large. All the re?t are more or le?* productive, and ?ay well upon the capital invested. 80 long a* they eon tin ue to do so, and holdera are not compelled to realize, it doe* not matter much about the market value ef the stock. The variation of a fraction or *o, from day t? day. i* of no consequence, and holder* regarJit hut litUe. lo the broker who look* to difference* on hi* contract*, it is of vital importance; hence their el ort* to inflate and depre** price*. Alter the adjournment of the board thefoUow^ng ?ale* ef bond* and stocks weie made at auction by A. H. Ukolay $1S,000 Cleveland, Painesville and AshUbuH R R.^_ t'coti'reru'snd Indiana poll's R R first! mt > Jot $.000 Lake Ere Wab**li 4: St Louis R.R, do 76 4a7rt>4 jV<0 Cleveland and Toledo R R. Income, do.. ....82>4 li 000 Fox and Wisconsin Improvement Co. 8 ?, do.H3 75 share* Ond*on River Railroad ? 176 da Rearing Railroad.... ?? 20 do Ohio Central Railroad "H 180 do Tran*it C> g do Vnited States Mate Co.. . . ... . .J." MOO do B'fib Shoe's Mining and Kanafac g Co. . 26c. 1000 do Un'on Mining Co. of N. C Hvto* Draper'* semi-weekly auction *ale of bond* and steck* will take place at the Merchant*' Exrtangs to-morrow, at half- pa*t 12 o'clock. At the second board the market wa* altogether better. Indiana 6'* advanced V P?* c0nt- miooU Cda**1 ??ads V' Cumberland, Reading Railroad, %, Ba'lroad. \i ; Cleveland aid Tcle'o, *. The favorable ?cmplexion of the bank etetement besame generally knoa n m the street thi* afternoon, and gave quite an im ae'BS to trsntactioD*. Erie and Reading were particu larly active and buyer* plenty at tbe close. The specie returns af the bank* cosflrm the impression which pr? Tienxly exi.ted relative to the quantity of gold dust lieught in the bagg*ge of passenger* arriving by tbe reamer* Irom California. Ihe transactions at the A**i*tant Treasurer * offl re to day, were a* fellows ? Paid on treasury account %V'rm 04 2,241,013 7^ Balance do. . . P Paid for a*f ay office. . 95 79a 81 Paid on disbursing check* ?o, , ao 01 The warrant* entered at t'je Treasury departmsnt. Washington, the 4th ini>t., were:? For covering in'o the Treasury from land*.. <6,887 8. Covering into Treasury from mini, source*.. ??> * ' Per tbe War Dep rtment. ,'i4H 60 Per repaying in the Navy Department l,?3 6 ) Pr.r tbe Navy Department . . M,2W ? For the Interior Uepar'm^nt mw 01 Tfce redemption of tbe puMlc debt at the Treasury Oi yarteient, Washington, duriog the week ending the 5th last , was a* follows:? Loan of 1842, $500; loan ofj.816, $200; loan of 1847, $0,000; loan of 184?, $4,000; Texan indemnity, $1,0C0. Total, $11,7?.0. The following bank* in Philadelphia have recently de ?tared remi annual dividend* ? Western Bank, 6 ptr ?ent- Bank of Commerce, 5 p*r cent : Girard Bank, 3 per ?rat; Manufacturer*' and Mechanic*', 5 per cent, Tradesmen'* Bank, 5 per cent; Mechanic*' Bank. 6 per ?rat; Southward Bank, 5 per cent; Kensington B-.nk, 6 yer cent; Farmer*' and Mechanic*' Bank, 5 par cent; Commercial Bank of Penneylvania, 5 per cent. The total receipts of the main line of Pennsylvania nhlic works, from Nov. 30, 1853, to the lit April, 1854, ,IM $378,663 61 ; for the same period in the present year, $248,486 49; thu* showing a decrjase in W5? of $131,177 08, of which about $60,00# was from tbe disuse of the Alleghany Portage road by the Penn*y1vin a an I Central road, after the completion of the latter. Tho earning* of the Michigan Southern and No:therc Indiana Railroad Company for April ^ere l()5. and mail* UW.347' 08 $163,234 Freight and njiacellaneou*.... 47.486 o7 ?8,9J8 1To^. ..v $^-76 $242,172 lacrtaM in ? ? ? ? ? total earning4' for the foir months o.. ii** year ~ $S8.32?>432 $120?i7l'37 93,707 98 1 '6,013 tO S'.V?"7 149|586 94 199,677 00 I '**"!*?? ??? 169,833 66 242,172 03 *;1^s leertMe In . Tna April receiptu of vh? G?T?laad and Toledo Ridroal $100,378 iffilS::::::::::::::::-::.- .'. ?.? btrml $26,911 The aggregate for the four month* of the year It :? , Jfca--. r:: . :::: :n: f I 1 M4 i. 220, 720 bemse is 4 taonib* $77,317 For the week ending Saturday, 4pr I 27th, there ?rere ?hipped to market from the George's Creek reg on over th? George's Creek Ceal and Iron Company'* railroal, $,093 C4 ton* of Cumberland coal. The total amjunt from thi-> leclion * nee the 1st of January,1865, amounts $?(2,937 (9 ton*. From the Frostburg region over the Cambtrland and Pennsylvania railroad, the smsust of ?oal shipped for tae week was 6,336 ton*: 2,976 ton* of this ami nnt found its way to market via the Cbe.n Mike and Ohio canal, the balance (2,360 to is) was transportel hy railroad. The total amount *hipp*d by the Cumber land Coal and Iron Company, l'ercy & Co., and Kveiett & r*., tcrtae week, was 4,t>6? 92 torn; 1,30$ 04 ton* of this amount wa* lent by railroad, and 3,254.13 tons via ci" ?al. Tbe total amount from thui region shipped over the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company's railroad for the jtli ."'*c6 ?* J"0'-1*''/) amsantf to 34,453.00 ten*. the annexed statemen' exhibit* the valae t'f ?peoie shipped irem 'he pnrt of r^oitoa, in ea;h of the flrji t jar minths this year, and tbe aggregate compared with tiat fertile curr**; ondlng jeriol m each of tha previo'^* thiee year* : ? hPKtriR PHrPMisrra mo* Borro*. P<r Asia ? American golJ. tars $'25S.9'^i 63 ??*enc*n (old coin. 431,' 00 O'j ImglUh silver 90J on Ptr America? American gold co n 782,826 00 American goUl ban. ........ 92.419 27 Kiver I late 2,737 7. JacKa). 4,03000 Hayti 1,300 (0 Anx Cayes 660 00 Tbtal /or April 11,674,737 45 T ti) for March 1, 032,288 2t TVtal for February 613,791 47 Ttial for January 294,735 00 Tt>tal Drat four nontbi tbii ja?r $t,414,6tS 28 letal for fcor noon* be 1854 1,535..V0 64 letal for first four montba 18*3 622,378 5 > Tetal for first four montba 1852 558,901 0 Tke ate?m>hip from Boaton for Liverpool on Wadaea 4*7 win take out about half a million la ipeola. Cb letal for tbia mouth? May? will ba eoneMeraM/ lea than that for April lhe abaenoe of tha Cunari at?* ner - fram tfcie port baa forced forward a Urge amount o apeeie vl* Ronton. Thia i? tbepriccpia! caaie of th? ia area** frem fbat port The cotton circular of Niell, Brother* k Co. girei tb folio aing review of the cotton trade for the lis Booth* eidiog May 1, 1616:? Aa tbe alx principal nh'pp'nft month ? ar? now p^'t, it may be latereiting to examine the d!apoaition that laa keen made of tbe cotton received eo far, ami to make tbe anHyaia aa lauiUgible aa poealble, we ahall akow tie quant ty taken by each cUae of buyera up te tbe lat kovembtr, tie average weekly dUtrlbutlou of ea?b of tbe an moatua ainoe that date, the to'al taken by each to the prraent da'e the total taken by etch ta the whole of laat v?moo, and the quantity ati'l re by eech to make ita aapply eqial to that of laat Ureat Britain took till l?t November 58,000 baler, and par week in November, 24 <x.0; in Decemb'r, ?7,00<>; in January, 51,000; ln%?hrnarr. 43,'.00; in March, 48,00), and in AprU 3f',%r? m?kiaK a 'oUl quantity of 1,089,000 balaa. again** 1,6(4 >00 in all Wat eeMm/thatitlUre qnfarinf 615,000 balee to make her purchn*ea Ofiual thoa* ?f laat year. franc* took till let November 29 ,000 bale*, aal per waak In November, 8 400; In December, 7,7()0, in Jan nary, 9,000; in February, 11,000; In MtrcS, 17,ooo, and in April, 14,000, makinf a total or <00,000 balee, ajanu t 3*4,000 1b all laat MMi, thua ?till requtrioc #4,000 bales to make her purchaa* equal those ef laat j* ar. Other fore go ??r* eta took till lit November 12,000 bait * and per week in November, 3,800; in December, 8,M>0; in January. 10 600; la febraary, 10 800; is March, 8 500 and in Apnl 0,600 making a tot *1 of 198 000 balea, against 841,000 in all la?t aeaaon, thua (till requiring 143,000 bale* to make their purchaaes equal thoaa or ]Mt jtf&r. American cfnaumera took till 1st November 47,000 bale*, and per week In November, 8,4C0; in December, 4 00r ; in January, 11,200 m February. 12,700; in Marcb. 27.000, anl in April, 21,000, making a total of 41#,OO0 bale* againat 600, COO in all laat feaaon, thua still re Sulring 190,000 bal?s to mak* their purchaaee equal lose o( laat year , Tfce grand total so far 4iapo?ed of then sums up 2,003 000 bale*, and tba quantity atill required to make the puiehaaea of all equal tothoae of laat year, would be 922,000 balea, to meet which there ia a stock or balea now in tbe porta, and the future raceipta tor the remainder of the aeaaon. Whether all will require ai much cotton aa last year, is too large a question upon in thia circular. Were recelpta for tbe remainder of the aeaaon only to equal those *h!eh caaae in sub eequently to thia date fa* y*er, or any oc casion it >h apparent tbat tb0re would be a aeri jua de^ ficiency, as the largest receipU after t^h.^evToas 4f8 000 balea l?at year? the average of the jji-evioa* Ave' aeaaon* giving only 246,000 after 1st ? out * without a general rise of rivers, there is good reaaou to lsrire excesa in the futura ieUveriea. We ome time fince obterved that little if auv could be expected t II May, aa eveo in Apnl the receipts hut Sew averaged 86, 00# bales p-r week, which ould nnt lT areatly exceeded, while in May tbey averaged onlj 48,000 bales per week, whish aa'ght easily be doubled with a general rise of rivers The facta are aa lar confirmatory of thU view, for without any auch eiueral rise the reoeipta this week amount to 85 000 bales against 60, OHO last year, and t>y tbe telegraphic advice* >rom Mohiie and New Or'eaos, it appears that tbe tablea of next week will show 1 7. 000 bal?? at Mobile agaicst 4 0? 0 la?t year, aud 41,000 at New Orjeana against 87,00^ laat year, the first increase at the Utter port MDoe January. There will probably be au io:rsaae evaiy week this month, greater or ltat, according to the atate of the rivers. The annexed statement exhibits the average daily con dition of the leadlcg departments of th* bank* of th>s city, for the wtek preceding Saturday morning, the 5th of Hay, 1865 N'xw York Crrv Banks Loam. Specie. Circti DiptstU. New Yora $3,196,628 843,:i81 247,101 3, ?38,072 llunhat'an Co. . .4,471,800 68-1,772 454,949 3,347,6*1 Mercbuut*' 3, 642,064 1,126,811 228,076 4,629,996 Mechanics' ..3,794 778 911,421 395.190 3,520 0? 6 Lnion 8,838, 754 4el,'l85 204 207 2.510 154 .America. 4,741.380 1,237,878 113,970 5,110,182 Phenix 2,386,362 39>,039 104,(89 2,299,362 Citv . ..... 1746.220 361,871 77,791 1,607,448 North River 1 064 364 6\358 186,288 880 543 1,383,182 131,161 246,645 796.579 vulK,D 1,581,199 177 6'3 148,268 1,821,267 Cbemictl ..1,402,689 4' 8,894 286,500 1,4?4,208 Mercbanta' Exo. 2,646.5*1 259 017 161,466 2,0,2,688 National ...1,491,879 186.739 200 949 898, 0W> liut s k itror.V 1,338 086 268 0-, 4 65,449 1,030,146 Ue.-h '# k T'ra'-. 730,368 69,443 12?,4J7 561,176 Greenwich *92.876 37,786 191,469 392,751 L?a'r Manufao'n 1,830,307 171, 2b7 7 1,438,->81 ^even b Ward 1,176,649 174,187 201 980 742,867 HM . .3 523 1,38' 704,745 629,879 2,638,624 Aruericun Fxch 5,?74 974 6 JO, 636 31J,5'?4 6,059,070 M^ch B'k Af.'n.l 122,712 126' 203 185,883 916,947 Commercial 7, .">09,687 1 056,744 2,166 4,682,725 Bow? v . ... 976 815 81,631 184, Isl 788,6*9 Broad vay 1,404,134 187 643 216, Sb7 1,279 667 Ocem 1,248,672 91,327 99,406 677,770 Mtrcantile . . 2,306 861 314, o09 92,419 l,748,o27 puc,flc 847,627 89 467 117 933 607,734 Remit) ic 2,897 000 626 943 102.695 3, 347,072 Chatham .......600, 763 78,054 101,008 361,649 IV onle's 876,103 90,307 128 130 689,411 North America ! 1 ,57 7 900 131,731 91 977 1,362,948 iiauovrr 1 279,147 64,007 101 977 701,233 . 616:227 76i515 117,079 470,726 Metropolitan. . . .4,202,658 641.174 99,481 4 824.764 Citizens'. . . 684,669 87,191 luO.OIJ 661,942 Grocers' . . 040,624 100 9*2 93,693 697, 2i9 Ku.::.:::.i, 012.154 120,013 900,451 Fa?t River 634 921 70,134 96,910 294,001 Markft 1 242:411 109^9 117,430 981.629 St Nicholas'..'.! '722,703 56,086 9^,930 <77,644 S>oe & Leather. 831.310 69,616 106,790 527,762 Coin Exchange ..1, 603,3:6 1.8 213 101 208 ],<6(' 752 Ortnt,neut?l ....2 744,471 224,167 86,852 1,888, 392 Commonwealth. 1,146,^02 107,662 oqr'ooi Orenial 522,006 43,302 98114 337,921 Mm line 729,734 94 846 99.079 581,430 Atlantic!!! 407 821 52,526 99,892 301, ?98 Island City 342.120 31.155 96,204 1^2,101 N Y. Drv 40;), 227 21 o26 62,547 143,^*5 N Y. KxVlisDie. 217,084 11,284 99,900 147,995 Bull's Head 217,605 25,567 94,461 130,712 Totals $93,093,243 14,325,050 8,087,609 78,214,169 Clearing Horse Transactions. Exchange* for week^Uy .. ....%VU |65,?M Balances for week et^lng Miy 7 it u ?? April 30 5,413,781 The !aat retuina, comf irei with those for the prev.oue wtek, ahow an Increate in loans and diicounts of Increase in sycle of. Inerea?e in circulation of *70, o? Increase in deposits of ?,??*, zio The above aggregates, compared with those for p re vious weeks, preaen* the annexed atttemnt Banks o* Nkw Yors. Loam. Specie CircuVn. OefotiU. iVe '64 .$81,063,637 12 076,147 7,075,830 62.828 020 Jan' 6 '65. . 82,244,706 13,196 963 7,049,982 64,982,153 Jan 13 -65.. 83,976,081 15,488,626 6,686 481 07,3'I8,398 Jan. 20 '65.. 86,^7,998 16,372,127 6,681,.166 ?9.M7,J18 Jan 27 '66.. 8?,65?,8t7 16, 697,2?0 6,639,828 70.136,618 Keb 3, '65.. 88,145,697 17,439,196 7.(00,766 72 923,317 Feb 10 '66.. 89,862,177 17,124,394 6,969,111 73,794,343 Feb 17 >55.. 00,8f.t,031 17,039.(M6 6.941,006 76,193,686 Feb 24 ,'56.. 91 '90,604 16 870,875 6,963,662 74,641,721 Mar 3 65.. 92 38? 125 16 (>31,271 7,106,710 76,?!>8,344 Mar 10 '55.. 92,331,189 16,870,669 7,131 998 70,269,489 Mar 17, '56.. 92,447,345 16 933 932 7,061,018 76,624,227 Mar 24 '56.. 93 050,713 16 60'2, >29 7,462,231 7^,289 928 Mar ?1.'65.. 93.634.0U 16.018 105 7,337.633 7N600 18? April 7, '66 . . 94,490,394 14 9? 8,004 7,171,634 77.313,908 Ad! 14 '55.. 94.140,399 14 89^,979 7,623 528 77 282,242 *nl 21 '55.. 93. '32, 93 14 3f-5,941 7.610.124 76 744 921 Anl 28, '55. . 92,6( 5,951 14 282,424 7,610,985 76,219,951 May 5/65.. 93,093,21-3 14 326,050 8,087,609 78,214,169 Contrary to general expectation, the banks show an incTeace inatead of a decrc?ae in specie. The increase ia trifling, but '.he fast alone ia suflict?nt. Tbe exportation of specie from this port 'ast week was nearly one an l a half million of dollar*, whi'.e the importation in the same time, aa officla'ly reported, amounted to on!y about three hundred and fifty thouiand dcllara. In the fac? of this excMor-'001^ "efiod aoount in the banks at !hedof.eoiiistw?ek|re?t?rtl)W at tt? el^of tie wtek previous. In all the dep*r;manta there has bseft an iLcreate. Th? line of illicounta la upwards of half a million larger, and the circulation has been ciuiide.-aMy increased The depoai'a are to a sertain extent n jmtnal, and the returns do not ahow the actual condition of tlat ^epar'men*,. The s at'irent la, on tha whols, more favorable than anticipated. The outward movement of specie thia week will be oomp?at,vely email, while the receipts are likely to be large The mall eteimer fr>?m Californ'a will be due oa Friday. She will bring upwarls <fa million, inciuiisg Irafta and piaaengcrs' puriea. ?TOO lad Stat* y?... 83 M MOO do h60 83 2(H0 Jo- 83'* 1(500 Virginia 96 X 20( 0 I.oiiislaoa rt'n.. 88 1(0C Oahfor. 7 'a '70. 01 2000 Mi?.*>uii6'? ... 92^ 71 00 Hud R -2,7 t(M Si..'.... b30 72* " tOt'O Hul C Bdi cU'ra 70 10; 00 Ji t?R Bdi i.60 74^ 7(00 oo 74 \ f0<0 <?o ba 74 V 8i.(0 do. . . . 9bl2d 74J{ 60(0 11 Ceo h Kr? Bjl B9 '4 10<0 N Y On H Bda. 88 X 8000 NY On 7 't.... 102 200 do SMlf 1000 C1*t A Tol diT B "4>4 i(K0 Vic 8. <? Br B-lg 87# 1000 Kris Bd? of '83. 92** 1000 N Id It tM Goal 87 W 1- ulii Bk or Am*r. 110 7 Bk of Commar... 109 17 Metrop Bank .... 1 08 ^ SOl'STruaCo 105 13 Ohio 1, A Tr Co.. 83 460 Canton Co c V6)i 150 do *60 ~ 100 Nica Tr Co... .*3 100 do b30 2(0 do 175 Cam Coal Co . . e 3 Stock Exchange. Tciwdat, Miy 7, 18&-1 558 aha N Y On Ril. $1% 8 do #2?2 '200 R?iiio,' R ??..?} 8o>? 100 400 100 6)0 m 100 200 do do. do. i ?*)'! at V'O do s'iO do o tl9 ..?!>) 8>^ 17 \f-icoa A W R.t. . 10 5 ? iirl* KK 48 s, 8f>* 85 U 81 86 Si 760 200 200 200 160 260 60 ?25 400 50 190 215 do do .... d > <V> d ) do .... . do do .... do.... do.... do ... do. ..?3 ?HO ,,10 b*.? . b 10 01$ 48 4\'a 48* 4*? 4** 4-t?J .biO 48* a30 4S* .. o 810 . n3 a8 48 ? 48 * 4S^ f* 4') 40 40 22 h 100 HO too 100 ICO do do.... b.30 do MO do b60 i o do nfO Mk. 16 l#K l 27? ?5 27* 28 27* 27, H 10 Hudson Kit UK e 2(0 do biO 238 do b3 60 do . . . . s'iO 3s?X 60 do C 40 10 ML d A N la On 94* 53 - do 94 25 Ml 8 A N la KR . 102* 50 III On KR ...6)0 Bj* i>0( l*T ATolRR... 78 10 Mich On RK. . .. 83* 6 Cla, C k Ula KR. . loin 26 Pantmi KR..B.M) 92?* 100 Harlem KR 30* ?BOOMS FOARD. $12<"00 Tni SUta 5 ?. . 83* loo aba R?*d RR. ..130 gn* 5600 HI C?n Rh Bda 75 5?'<'0 do...b30 7h* 1000 do 7476 50 rhi Canton Co. . b3 26* 1(0 do b6o 2^* 600 Cum Coal Co. . bM> 28 100 do *60 27^ 20 Corn R* Hk 100 5* Mi? 3 A y la RR.. 102){ 8 Mich Can RR. .... 83^ ?00 Readma RK....t,3 Sf.* M0 do ?3 8.<* KO do *3 86* 100 do 10 85* 300 fcra RR *1 4J 100 60 fiO 100 200 100 100 200 200 do alO 4.) do.... .. . ?3 40'f do h3 49* do 03 49)4 d? (3 4 J', d i b l 4 s# d> nl0 49 do a30 4t?* d } bW 40 lOOCtat A TolRR.... 78.'4 CI nr TRtliR RKPOltT. Momdav, M?jr 7? ? P. M Aonw ? 200 hMa. ??ra aold at ?5 81 a ir. 87 fjr p9t<, and $6 18 a Sfi 25 'or paarla. BKS*m<T;n^? Floor? Owing t? llmUed auppllaa th<? irarket for cm in on and ma Ham iradM wera tfala flrmer, ?nl cl< w.l at an advanca of V2?<e , and In aoin? caiaa tk p*r hoi Tha markot w*a aotWa, and tha aal*a footad np about 8.000 a 10 0n0 bb<?. . laeladtng com ra< n to choloa U\*, at $10 0?'4* * $10 25; do do. W?at ?ra, at DO 12 a $10 50. CmL?<!Uo, (2,500 bbla.,) a*. $1( 26 a $11 . tVnitUrn, ('JOO bbU ,) at $10 02 a 111 25 f< r common to choice, anil $11 87 a $12 for fancy and ?itra. Rj* fionr? 30o hbU. w?r 9 mid at 76 a $8 26. Maal waa firm. a*. $6 18 a $6 26 for Jma/. Whant? Salaa of 2,600 buh*l* Southern whit* were mid* It 92 M, tad ! for OftMdlu 92 60 ?u d amine) ed. Ry* ? 5, COO bu*b*l* so 14 at 91 SO 4 II 66, (North rirer.) Cora? Aboot 80,000 buabel* wm *old, oik th* spot and to wrln, in cluding Southern rniied, wfflte and yellow, in market, at 91 14 a SI 16; and Weatern mixed, to arrlre in July, at 96c Oata war* dull, at 78e. a 84c for State and Weatern. Bbbwji.- 1,600 lbi. were aoldat 20%*. a 27c. Comae ?About 300 bafa of Rio war* aold at a 10)?o.; 200 do. Laguayra, at 10)je. a lO^c.; 100 mat* Java, at 14c.: aadK'O do., at 13 jfo. Cotton ? The market waa without quotable change. The sales embraced about 1,000 a 1,200 balaa. Hoi lera war* a till unwilling to cono* 1* to the terms of the buy er*. otharwia* tb* market would hare b**a quite active. Kkjuuht*. ? To Liverpool, about 2,600 baits of cotton w#re * ngag*d at 6-32d, a 3 16d., and 100 oaaoa of clocks at 10*. To Glaagow 1,000 bbla tar war* *agag*d at 3*. To Hamburg 300 bait* of cotton were engaged at >?c. 26 tons measurement gooda at 26a.. and 26 balaa of hop* at Jfcc. To Havre, cotton and boo* w*r* at %o. To California, rat** war* at SO), a 36c. p*r foot measuro ment. Fruit.? About 200 boxes M. R. raisins were aold at 92 40. Ha y ? Sal*s of 800 a 400 bait* war* made at 91 12^. Hxmp.? About 160 baks Italian were aold at *300?8 month*. Ikon. ? Small sates BcotcA pig wer* mad* at 928 ? 9 month*. Molasses. ? The market wa* firmer and active. Sales of about 1,600 bhds. Cuba, tart for distil ttry, moatly from the Eatt, wrr* mad* at price* ranging from 24c a 26o a*d upwards, per gallon. Naval Stoiucb, ? 600 bble. tar were aold at $3 a 93 SO. 1,000 bbla. rosin at 91 86 per 310 lha. delivered, ind 60 do apirrte at 44c caah and in Alppiog order. Raw tur pentine waa at 93 37 a 93 60. Provisions.? Pork ? The market was firm, with sales of about 1.100 a 1,200 bbla, including old meas. at 916 60, anc now do at 917 44 a 917 50; 100 do thia mens at 910 76, and 914 37 a 9 4 to for new prime. Btel waa steady with a fair demtnd. Prine mesa beef and beef hams were steady; 200 bolt, of the latter. Chi cage extra, wer* sold at 920 63. Should rs and nans wfre firm at 7^8. a 7>jjc., and 9^c. a 9^c. asked. Bacon ? About 400 boxes were sold; ihort m<ddl?s, rib* in, at 8 Ytc , acd 200 do. inferior Cumberland at 8c a Mic I.ard? The market wa* steady, with sales o* 300 bbls. at 10c. a 1< %c. Butter and caeeae war* inactive, and prices favored purchase r*. Rica. ? Sties of lot casks were male, at 5 a6'|!. Spicae.? JOt. mat* cassia were told at 4'?c , 100 big* pepper at 10*?c., and 16 cas*s nutmegs at 9"J?c. BLtiAR. ? The market wan rather quiet. A cargo of 170 bhoe. Forto Rico, in bond, sold at 4\<: ; 100 do. Texas at private terms, and 200 co Cui>a at ; c. a ftJi 1'ai.i.ow. ? 10, COO lbs Philadelphia rendered sold at 128. WiusKRY.? Tne mirket was lets buoyant; 50 hhd4 drudxe ??re told at 40e. For titate prison there were bn;crs at 39c., whilo sellers remanded 40c. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. ?HBC1AL MOT1CTBB. At ARD.-THuMa4 C. Mc-RAE A CO. TAKE THIS method of informing t ht ir friends and customers geno lal.'y, that in consequence of the destruction, by Are, of their manufactory, with the whole of tbo ooutent*, on the 4th in btant, the> have beon nuible to fulfil their ordera, but are bow prepared to execute ordera for fringe, oords, toassle, Ac , Ac aa heretofore. 117 Uanal afreet, X. Y. Dealers in patent rights, and all per aom withing to make money, will do well to call at 7!i and 57 Nassan street, (office ot Pitkin A Dix*y, room No. 4.) where two very valuable patented improvements w.U be ibown, and S'ate ard county ri*hta are for sale. Ca'l be tween 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. T. PALMER. Empire city bank. -tub stockholders in thin bank are requested to lea .e their addreea with the uuderaigned. liusiuec* of importance requite* iinmsdiate atteLtion. DUNCAN A ELLSWORTH, No. 8 Common wealth building, I'iro street. Grand floral festival -the independent Battalion Kyndera Grenadier* &ive tbeir Miy ball this ? venu.g, at Tammany Hall. The Mav Queen will be se ect ed bv a committee trom among th? ladies present, and crowned with a tloral wreath at 10 o'clock.. BevDral fancy ana May dances havo been arrange! for the occasion, '.inder the direction of 1'rufessor Vatea. Shelton'a celebrated baud will k? in attendance, officer* of the Battalion mi 1 appear in uniform. Pickets may be obtained a* Tammany Hall. GEO. B HALL, Commandant. Wm Minvr, Chairman Committee ot Arrangements. IMPORTED WINBS AND LIQUORS.? WINES, BRAN dies, gins, Ac., in bond, far he me consumption or export for sale by L. H SIMP jON A SONS, 19 Beaver stroot. Clarets In care* and hbda. VI ESSRS. HAYES, IIINCKS. CAREY A CO., LEGAL iVj aid General Reporters and shorthand Writers, are pro pared to execute all orders Y?ith which they may b* faverid, in the noit correct and-expdditiou* manner. Mote* of eri detce supplied the morning after being reported. Offioes 10 and 17 tranklin building, 196 Broad w9y. Masonic notice? thi members of indepew dent Rnjal Arch Lodge No 2 will pleaie take notice that the regular evening* of meeting have been changed trom the second and fourth Tuesdays to the aecond and fourth Friday* of eaoh month, on which evenings the bre thren are raqueited to attend punctually. The pine* of mating baa also been removed to the roome formerly occu pied by '.hem la the same buildtug. THOMAS HAYS, W. M. Thomao Piiinns, Secretary. NOIICE.-THE UNDERSIGNED IS PREPARED TO pay a farther dividend of forty per cent on the amount <>1 draft* of Meatre. Page, Bacon A Co., of San Francisco, on their agent* in thia city, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Loaia, fit oit t a* I, Louisville, Baltimore and i'Utaburg, which bear date from the 9th to the 10th day of Maroh laai, both daya inclusive, and reqnfsts nolders of *och dratt* to pre-ient them to him, ia orixinil and duplicate, at the Bank of Ame rica. on avd after Tuesday, the hth inst. GEO. E. llOADLE Y, Assignee yew York. May 7, 1PM. VI? YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, i v ?The am ual meeting ot the stockholder* of this oom pai.y, for the election of thirteen direotors. will be neld a> ;he sffiee of the oompaay, No. 1 Centre street on Tuesda.t May 10, 1868. Poll will commence at 13 o'clock noon ariJ e'.ote at 2 o'clock P M. The tranifer book* will be oloaed on Tuesday, May 10, 1858, at S o'elock P. M , and open Wednea day, Mtj '.6, 1^56, stlJo'oi'ock A. M. W. H. EMERSON, Secretary. NOTICK.-ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED againat negotiating a certain picmijfiry note, drawn by Genr, e F. Brltton to oor order lnr anout four bnndro-1 and niueteen dollars and fif'-y cent?, <M19 50)atfourm<intha date? ro oonridt ration having been r ceived for said note. Payment of tbo same ha* been stop;?d. PALMER, MALLESON A GLOVER, No. 2 Pine street. New yore city literary union.? ine thiri> quarterly sesilon of this congrass of literary sacktiej will be held ut Clinton Hall, Aitnr place, oouimenein^ this ovening. and continuing and closing on t'>e evening of Thurtday ti e 10th init. Ex< roixes to commeuoj at 3 o'olook The public are invited to fo present IHjUGLASS LEFF1NQWELL, President. O W South wick, Reo. Sec. FF1CE OF THEMW YoHK. FLOAITNO DRY DOCK "54 South stru t, May 4, ISM.? A I nine (9) per cunt has be?n declared. 0 Company, 254 South stru t, May 4. ISM ? A serai an dividend of nine (9) per cunt has beou deolarcd, payable to the stockholders ?n and alter the lOih luat. The transfer took* will be cl:sed until that date.' tty order ofTie" Board of Director*, H. V MASON, Secretary. OFFICE OF NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPA ny, ?2 Will It:w* >fw York. May 1 left?, Tb<* H>ard of I'lMctom have thia day deolarci! A ioml annual dfv dourt of ttitoeti p?t oon*, p%y%it]e f?u and alter H'odaesdav toel^tb Inst, The traas'er teok will be olosed nntil t>iat date. W. C. KELLOGG, Secretary. OFFICE OF 1I1E PRIDEYALE IRON COMPANY, >0 Buavtr street, New York, May 0, ISM. ?Notice ia hereby clven that a general meetiug of the shareholders of the Pr-devale Iron Company of Vir^iolt, will be hel 1 at 1 ridevale, Monongalia county, Virginia, ou Wednesday, the 10th ii May, 1KU, at 1J o'clock M. 1 he transf er I. .? h will be closed from May 9 to the 1'ith, incluaive. By order of the Boird ct Direetcra. 1>. L. SC 1ION UK KG, Sicre'-ary. The mfmbers of the knickek3ockgr lodge No. 22 I. O. of O. F. a-e requested to meet at the let<> rcfidetit-e ?f P G 1 refierick l.oomia. No 87 South Kou th streit, Brooklyn, (late W l.iamihuri/ a". 10 A M. on Tuea dsy, hth li st, for the purpose of paiing the la-.t tribute of rc apeot to our d< oeas> d brother. By or li-r ireu'k B. worth up, n. g. Tweopopr F. Phi dis, Secretary. r\ HE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE COLOMBO PE.i JL pic wi'l meet at l'r. I'cnnin^ion's c!iurrh, I'riuce itroo , con tr ?t'Marj >n. or> 'iuesday, May S, at L! I'ciook M. Even lag session il 4u.? pla?t. at 7-j Adfli'Mpu )'? terciors (rt-? tn all. A public mectlug, in nirtueftncd 0 it ohjccts, wili be held at the same pl?"o on Friday evening, llth in?f. Fted<riek Dnugla-s, th* Kov Dr. I'v.anltt^t'ili, J.I n D Bountr, of Illinois, and the Rer A G Boiu'aa, o: CoDiifcVicn*, will h> ainomr the ap^akera JAMES Moi.'UMK SMIT'I, I'reiUent. The < arfon league will hold a mektino on Wedne day evening, at S o'elock, in Knickerbocker It a !l, cornrr ol Twenty -third street n id Eighth Itum Addretsen l.y Wm. D Murp'-y, Eiq ; H.iv. I'ref H. Ma ti -or ai.d others who believe iu law and its oaf >ro? u etit are inaittd to attend^ T'llE WOMAN'S HOSPITAL, K? M \ D1SON AVENUE. JL cr' (r of Twentv-niuth street, opened on ThuraJay Msy.H, tor the rtcei ti">n of patief.ta. A committee will i>e in attendance ilttly, trom 11 to 1 o'olook, to receive appli cants. H) order ol the Board The hxtii anniversary of tub amkrioan snd Fortign thriftiaa L'ni. n will be held iu the Broad way Tabernsele, morning, the 8th inst., at hal' - Tsst ten o'oloek. Addreues may he evpeetel from Hon. ' ra?f' rd R.Wood, of Aloany; the Rev. A. A. Willett, of Plilladelphia, and others. Lou and roi/fmi B'OCND-A SMALL PORTE-MONN AIE CONTAINING several small pleoea of gold. Address E. JACOT, 14 Koie street. FOITND? A GOLD BRACELET? 8. M. FuOYD JONES engraved on ft 'lh? owner caa have it bj calling oil ( apt. Ditche.t, Station Uonse, No. 9 Oak street. LOf-1? ON SATURDAY EVENING, IN GOING FRt>M E'gktecntl. street aud lhitd av.-nue to Fo<ir#-e?ntii ?tu-et and Sixth avenue, a ladv's anmoaer mantilla, waito lace and freen velvet rihbon. edged with grwn silk f'ring*. ll.o finder will he rnltably rewarded jy returning it to 135 East Eighteenth street, or to 16 Wall street. IC8T-ON StTURDAY, 5TH INST, IN PEARL J atreet, between Fulton and Maiien lane, a tl?e*ti?e hoop clote set viamond ring, th-' fiii'tor w:t| ne lltierally re warded n\ leaving the . ame at Seymour, Hoyt A Co.'s, Iaj Pesrl street. - IOST.? ON SUNDAY EVE NING, tJTH INSl'AVr. GO J ing rem Murrav s'root, to Pi? mouth eharoh, Brook J n, part of a gold braeelrt; whoever will ret iru I lie <a t e at the office 2lit Vvs ri rtreet, ? ill i e ?ni aily rewarded. LOPT-SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 6rn., ON GOING intn St. Bartholomew'* ehnreii throng.i Broadway, to Houston street, a mourning breast pin. glass Ri>, sur rounded by Jets. Ibefleder will tie snitnMr rjwsr.lod by returning It to Mr. Elijah i'urdeys, No 9^3 Houston ar.-et. I CRT, OR Ml?l A IP? A rOEt'K, I'RAWM BY J. KU3 MJ tell A Co. on th* St. Mlehola* bena, 'or #".1 28, l ate May 7, I8M, payable to hearer. Payment of the same h?* lug been (topped, the finder will he suite ly rowar led by ltaving the same at the ( flics ef Stephen Brown. 23A Wator street, in one wetk. IOST, OR MISCARRIED THE FOLLOWING iuTEi J drawn by th* nnderaigned, to the order of N. Seeluf, Bethel, Conn not endorsed, and inai ed t rtl 21, IW: One note, 3MI, dated Fahroiry IA, 1<M, at S w.nths, for f <M <0: one aete, lei, dated March 17. tSAS, ?. ? mootha, for Jt.'tfi; one r.ote 2i?2, datei April 12, 1*56, at 8 month*, for I'.*: payable at the North H.ver Bnnk All persona ars cautioned not to bny or aerotlete the f a* pay meat hs* been rt pped AhCii kfi A CO., !?% Water street. lun AT AUCTION. Albert h. bioolay, auctionecr.-blioa.nt household furniture. rosewood s#Taa ootiTt piano. ditto melodeon, both mad* by Otakekeriua ; rosewood ui black walnut ajltes. oovered with green plush, brooatel, and batare'oth; oil painting* greenhouse plmti, Ao., At e??tlon. Albert H. Nicola? will ssll, aa Friday, May 11. At 10* ?'?look, A.M.. at the resi dence of Janes W. Cameron. Biq , A quarter or A mile sou'h of Vanderbilt landing, Clift>a, Statea Island, band ?ome bouaebold furniture, consisting In part of rosewood and blaak walnut snites. coverod wim groan plush. broea tol, And halr?l?th; rosewood pianofortes, aeven octave*, ?Ada bi Chickering; ditto melotleon, made by ditto; marble top table*; magnificent china dinner *et, in gold; clan war*; oil painting*, in gilt frames; handsome obina and poroelaiu vases; Parian tnrea; damaag window onrtaiui, with fix ture* to match; iplerdld ehina toilet *et?; marble top waibitands and birtAii; mahogany and enamelled bedroom aaite*; Brussels and ingrain carpet*; curled hair mattresses; oilcloths, Ac. Ac. Alao, a very onoioe **leetion of greenhouse plant*, together with a variety of kttoban artiste*. The States I aland lerry boat* leave the foot of Whitehall itreet every bour; Alio, Vand'rbllt landing Dcpoait of 25 per oent required from every peraon unknown to the aiotioneer. atalogue* oad bo obtained on application to the auotioner, Mo. 4 Broad *treet, New York. Auction noticb ? bdward schencic will ?ell at auction, on Tneaday, May 8th, at the aale* room, 10 W all atreet, a general aaaortment of good*, *uoh a* clock*, desks, painting*, vate*, and a variety of other article* lett over from laat MAion'* aale*. To le *old peremptorily. Auction notice ?by kowabd schencc.? on Tbnriday, May 10, at 10% o'clock, at l(i Wail itreet ? line old wine*, brand!**, sesAra, Ac.? The balance of those fine old win** remaining unaold from Friday lait, togeth r with a amall reserved cook, ineludin< eome ehoiee brand* n*ver before offered, via.: Peter Daaeeqr pale and golden (berries, 1539; uonzales A Doboao do., 1810; J. W. Harden'* fui erior, IMS; old B>Aok Warrior Madeira, Landemau's Port*. Graham do. Alao, Otard and other L. U brandies, champagne, Cognac do., Tokay, Aaibrack and wedding win**, old JamUM rum, Ac. Auciion notice -large sale -excellent household furniture, rieb velvet oarpeta, large mirrors, oil paintings, ailvor ware, Ac.? JlHBl'H L. SMITH, auc tioneer, viii tell thi* (Tuesday) morning, at 10>? o'clock, the furniture is the large three atory bono 70 Franklin itreet, near Chnrch, oonsiitlng of one ooatlv grand action piano forte, In roiewood. very coitly and nearly new; elu^aut earved rosewood parlor *uit?, in aatin ^roca le; malogany ?ofa*, cushioned chair*, roekera, rosewood centre, aide aud oart table*, book rack, muaie and comer stands, elegant tapestry carpet*, marly new; large mirrors, UiU\ rich bro catel and lac* curtains, eoatly oil painting*, extension tea and dining tableSBbedroom furniture ot the best kind, viz , loicwood and mahogany bedstead*, bnreaui and wathatan is, mad* in th* b**t maun*r; alao maple and otUer bedstei is, cane seat chair*, two elegaat painted bedroom suite*; l-eddiug ? sheets, pillow*, blanket*, feather aadi, hair mattrosse*; common watbitanda and or>ekery, bedroom carpets, loungoa, cbina vans, elegant china tea lets, best cut glassware, out lory, rich ailvtr ware, aalver*, caatera, with heavy out bot tle*, cake baaketa, spoons, fork*, rich plated tea service Ac Th* sale will commence with the kitchen furniture, whioh embrace* a large and desirable assortment of everything necrasary Tor bou*?keeping. Persona about going to homo keeping will do well to Attend, a* everything will beaold contained in tb* bouse, and without th* least reservation whatever. A oash deposit required from all purchasers. Auction salb of diamond jewelry. ? john L. van DE water will sell on W*dn**day, May 9. at lti>? o'clock, at th* aal**room, 12 Maiden lane, a >arge and rich assortment- of diamond suites, ooniistia<r of broouii and <*r riigs in casts, a large variety ot single stone and olus ter diamond finger ring* and breast pins, studs, earrings, Ac.; a tine assortment of 18 carat gold cased dies' enamelled independent seconds, ehronometers, pitnnt levers, all made by tne moat celebrated makers, and atTorda a One opportunity to tboae in want of a good watch, im ported; 18 oarat tine gold suitei in cases i?t with mosaic, cameo, opal, coral, Ac.; fine gold fob, guard aud vait cqalns, *e*l and finger nogs, of every variety; gold pen* and peneil ci aes, bracelets, brooohes orossos, sleeve but tons, studs, lockets, seals, keys, Ac. ?v*ry lot to bi gold peremptorily to lose the stock. At., t: n notice? J. BOGART, auctioneer-by S. bOG ART, store corner Frankfort and William sts., Wednesday, 9th inst, at 1 o'cltok, at I'JJ William stroet, between Sprnoe and Frankfort, the entire stock of Canary birds, English starlings, thrashes, As., comprising about 'AW n.alt German imported oanarlee, all in Mautifnl song, hoiu; the tli.eit collection now In the city, haviug been leleo'.ed by one of the best judges in Europe. The whole to old with cut reserve to the hi j heat bidder, aud are well worthy the attention ot thoae wishing superior birds. AtCTlON VOTICE.-THOS. BELL. AUCTIONEER.? by BLLL A BUSH. ? We will coinmeuoe our rn<ulAr aalei in our new salesrooms, 12 North William street, and running through to 215 old William street, on Thar day, at V<)i o'c'ook. Par.ioulars of sale will be duly announced A superior variety. Auciion notice? j. bogart, auctioneer ? By S. BOGAKT. Wednesday, at IU>, o'clook, at the auc tion room, corner ofFaankfort and William atr?ot ? liort sageaal ecf boua^BV^rniture, oarpeta, Ao.. consisting of a large and gen#Irassortment of parlor, bedroom and kitchen furniture; else tapeitry, Brussels aad ingrain oar pets. WILLIAM TBOMP8HN, attorney for mortgagee. Thursday, large assortment of dry goods, ranoy goods, Ao. Auction notice ? crookery, glass and china.? J. S. H. BARTLKl'T, auctioneer, will tell on Wednesday, May 9, at 10 o'clook, at 2SI Pearl *troet,W. ^ra nite, blue ptinted, Irenoh porcelain and Rookinghim wnra. also a large aieortment of out and pressed glassware. Cata logues on l uesday. Retailer* and oountry merchants are directed to the above. Auction notice- wm. b. jone>?, auctionee*. Mortiase sale of a grocery store? Hy virtue of a cUattol mortgage, 1 will sell this day, at 11 A M., at 13(1 Third are nue, corner of Twenty -sixth attest, the atook iu itore, o)u listing of tea, sugar, sogers, Ao.; one gray horse and wagon, itandfng casks, shelving in itore, and Ml other property on the premises. BEN RY BISHOP, Atty. for Mortgagee Auction notice.?1 tbe plumbing establish ment No. '273 Ninth avenue will beaold at publio auc tion, on ILursday n*x*, lBth Inst., at 10^ o'olotk, oiasiat iu^ of a very large and valuable itock t? hoppers, basins, fauiets, hydrant*, marble *labs, traps, benda and sinks lto a t air of platform scales, desk, clock, Ao., Ac. CR. MIL! ER A CO.'S BEAL ESTATE, STOCK AND ? pi optrty exchange, 195 Broadway, has unusual faoili lieafvriale or exchange, of every description of real estate, itock, merchandise, Ac. Sales at auction, as well at priv.tto rales, promptly attended to. DD. NASH, AUCTIONEER.? STORE 310 BRO\D ? way ? Sheriff * sale of furniture, bedding, Ae , this day, (Tutsday ) Hay 8, 1866, at 11 o'olock A M., at 310 Broadway, consisting of bureaus, mahogtny and plain ta bles. cane and mahogany chairs, French bedstead, single and dcnble bedstiad*, cots, store*, warhstands, feather bods, pillows and bolsters, hair and s'raw mattrosses, armchairs, ottoman, mar jle top table, centre table; pioe, oak and ma liouany table*, wardrobe, mahogany night cahiuet; giran doles, with drops; self rooking eradles. rocking chairs; Brus sels, tapei-trj aud ingrain carrets. onrtain fixtures, iron hat stand, what not, stair rods, meat safe, lounge, ballroom set tees, oonnter panes and blankets, crockery, oounter aud shelving, bar oounter, Ac., Ao. EUGBilB B.FR4MUN, AUCTIONEER ?UY FRAN K LIN A Mlt'DULS Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10 lj o'clock, at house 168 Chamber* *treet, between llii lion and Greeuwieh streets, all th* furniture or a first class toardin^ h.use, consisting of elegtnt suites of rosewood parlor furnl tore, solas, ekalr*, bookcase, rardrobe*, etegeres, extension, centre, pier, fa :cj and tide table*, WJateada, bureaus, wash stands, Lair mattresses, paliastes, rloh gilt frame mirrors, oil paintings, lace curtains, ceruioes, carpets, oil sloths, oLIna, glass and croekery war#, allvcr plated ware, Ae.; one ?upetii r rosewood 7 octave pianoforte. This furniture is of ?operior manufacture, and in exoellent preservation having he.n but a very short time in u*o, and is well wort'jy the attention of puroh**era. Salt positive and without reserve. A cash deposits required from all purchasers. Catalog ion on morning ol iale. EI. AARON WILL SELL AI AUCTION, THIS DAY, ? at 1UJ4 o'clock, at the ralesroim, No. til Nassau strcot, a splendid assortmeit of 18 K. gol4 and silver watohes, ric*; Msmond* and jawelry. Persona wishing good watohes lor their own use will do wall to attend, as every watch is tullr guaranteed as to quality and time Sale without reserve tor ;a?h. ELIAS B. HENRY, AUCTIONEER, WILL 3EI.L THIS day, at 1UJ$ o'clock, at. 82 N titan street, a Urge varie ty of i tandard au J dwart standard roses, moss, perpecunl un-l running rose.*, pec nies, i;ra i>o vines, Ao.; also alawiuintlty v. fruit trees. oontietlog, ol apple, ptars, apriaoti. peajhos, ilums, quinces evsrgi<en*, b x for e Jgiug; a'so a buoi t.ty ol grteubonse p'ants. in bloom, from I ho nursery of Mr. O. Uax, Astoria, L. I. All j lants warranted true to uuoio and in perfect order. En LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER -PEREMPTORY SALE . to close an tsttte, of abju". 100 desirable lots, gores and vainakle water right at lltrlem ? fc. Q. Ludlow will sell at anctioa on Wednesday, May U, 1855, at 12 o'oiock, at the Merchants' Eschapge about WO desirable lots and ioraJ on 115th, IIGth, 117th, IlHth, llf>tb, 121st ana 12M streets, aud a valuable wate: right on the llarlem river. 8ove*ty pur rent of tbe purchase money ean remain on band and mjrl gage Full particulars aud ma pa of the property can be had at tl e tffloe of tbe aue'ioneer, 11 ffa'l street, or of Cl.ASON t ENGLISH, Counsellors at Law, 30 Wall street. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF > household furniture, oarputj. otlol it' s, French plate n irrors, g assware, croekery, Ae.~F. COLlON will soil, ILL day (Tu (day), May 8, at 10>i oclcok at the auction ro m 59 Heekman street, a larje and general assortment ol new and secondhand furuituro of every kind aul descrip lion, comirisit.g rosewood parlor suits in hrooatel, marble top dressing bureaus and waihstauds, c niiuon do , niaho . s?ay a..d cane chain*, mahogany Krcncti and oottigo bed rt<ads, mahogany and black wafnnt bookcases aud so.>ietv lies, wardrobes, Voltaire and e*s> chairs ma:ie:any rocktr*, I'.aek valnut aid inahorany centre, tide and card ' ilea, l.laok walrut tea and dining table*, black walnut a..i oik exicuiion tables, corter alanda, ete:ere, fanoy tabl^a. writ laoles, flru?*el?, three ply and ingrain carpote, oilcloth*, (tired rasters, hair mutrease* aud piilliatses, elj/ht day vl?cks oval mirrnri, Oil paintings aud ea^raviug*, Jtc : all of wbloh will be aald without reserve Sale positive. Also lor storage. a large quantity of beds and bedding, crockery, elotLing, glasswara, Ao. C-tROCERIE*. NUTS, PICKLES. SARDINES, HER J rings. - This day. at 10X o'sl^k, 57 Dey st, oorm-r Orjen wioh street, choeolate, groceries, macaroni, tom, colfee, sngars bratdy, winee, gin, tobaojo, stwara, siap, candid, scales, spring halanoea. nails, knives, fjrks, cljoks, whip*, raws, ohiseln, shovels, Ae. W. A. CARTER, Auotioneer, 57 Dey street, German seuar st .rr and le\sr ? fins day at 2 o'el< ek, at 162 Washington street, eonaisting of Havana, 1'rineipa. Herman and 'domestic itegars; smoking and ehewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, snuS boxes, se^ar eaao), Ae.,tcgetLer with three years' lea^e and flxtnros. Dcpiai'.a required. W. A. CAKTER, Anetioneer, George cook, auctioneer? hy htovf.r a cook. ? tieateel honMbold farnitnro, Ao.? on TniKdny, tbii day. at 10>| o'clock, at houae -o Eaat llroadwar. the en lire furniture ol a family relin inishing hon<ekeo,<ln7, eon aiatiug in part of scpeiior tapestry, thre-i ply and ingrain rarpeta, stair do., hall oil olnths, rosewood parlor ftirnitur4. en suite; ceutre ta lee, pier do., Frenoh plate mirrors, oil liaintHkgi, vases, mantel ornaments (Mretarf, bo.kravi. I'lnlng ro m furniture- Extension tables, *o(a, chairs aria do.. Ire-eli c'.ma dinner eats, tas and e->lfe<s setii, lino ullv r listed war*, 'atle outlery. Chamber fnrnRuve? Ro'e?ood snd mahogany bedstead*, bureaus, waakrtani*, d'ostint ta tl?s. rhair*. lonnge*, lace curtain* aad eornioes, cbiLa tJi let ware, mattieiaes, bed*. heddln<, Ae. Alio, the usual a' rortuient of kitehen luriiiiure. Catalogue* on the moraing of *ale. GEORGE COoK, AUCTIONEER -BY STOVER A Cotk ? vm this dav at o'elook, at the sale^rooma. 3*4 brrifrdway, corner of JDuftne itreet, ?pltttai'i collection of ne* and fuMoLftble i?irnil?f? wid hou-jxeep in* trticlea of iTifi Gfuctiptlon, oon of api ?suia po*? tnod cirvcd of^iiiPca, do. d). wCMturifl* ma b>oXon?o?; very unpfrior roiowtWid roabo p%rl??r iiiltf, in ricU Krooh brocatel ?nd plu?hi m ?TbU *op to n and lifer ttbltt; funK nirrort, oil p?i?Mng?, ???iom eMensios dining table*, o*k and mahogany sideboards, oak bli.l?| room el, airs. In rip.; *at? do., sriw do., tJ ?atchi wardrobe*; roeewooi, oak maho, aar aai walaut btl.i afls, a part of whieh are teautlfnlly earved; marble t >o dretsiaj bnrtaasand wa*h*taads: ona solid oak olmmbcr furnitur , richly eeryed; ename lei eottaga furnltar", en suite; ?upe rior bair mattresses, palllasees. beds, bedding, elonks, Ac j slsn rleb gilt and decorated china tea and eoffea ?e?s, el* raat eaaee and mantel ornaments, glassware. Ac Cat* incites en the morning of sale E"?ry facility aff >rd Jd pur chwbra for tmxlng and skip- loa at moderate eharges. Par ties from a distant can attend our sale* wl'h tb.< atsnrance ef slways Hading* splendid eelleetion, well worthy of their ittentioa. HI ii AWIW. FURNITURE SAL*.? A. M. CR13TALAB, Auc tioneer, will Mil on Thunday, 1Mb last., at 10H o'oloek, *11 the lurailure oontainsd ia at per part of boon 2JT Bowery, consisting 1b part of a Ollberf piaao, xolian attachment; scr&pbine in roaawood cue; two gilt frame oval mirror*; pier and mantel glaaset, roeevood etegere, sofas, chair*, centre, nler and card table*, tete-a tetee, oil paintings, damask and lace curtains, Braeool* aad ingrain carpeting, French bud tteads, wardrobe, bureau* bed* and bedding; al*o. a *et of tllver plated waio, together with ohlna aad glass ware, Jto. Henry h. lkeds. auction err-by h. a. leids A Co ?Tuesday aad Wednesday, May 8 aad 9, at 10)i o'clock each day, at salesroom*, 19 Nassau itreit, Signor 0. B. Pandolflni'* eocond *al* of real marble *tatuary. va*e?, Ac ? Superb (tatuary, of Carrara marble, being oopie* from the no t celebrated Florentine maateri, consisting of the Madonna of Teneranai. Magdalen of CaaOTa. Venn* of do , Pavid ?t Greelaa tcbool, Flower Girl, original of Franebi; the tout Seasons, and one suparb mantel ol ? tatuary marble. A fine butt ot Zeao, oaecuttd by olo of the moat celebrated Italian sculptor* of the preoent ago. Alto, aa aiurtment of Vtrde antique marble aad alahaitar group* aad ftatuetta: among them will be found the Rape of Proierplne, Rape of the Sabine* the Farneaa Hercules, Heroulea Reposing, the D\ing Gladiator, Heron lee Returning trom the Chase. Group ofCentanr Iltrcule* and the Lion, Venuaot Canova, Dancing Girl* of do., Cloopatra, Pleaiure and Paia, of fin* polished itatuary marble; Hebe of Canova, and other beautifully ex* cutod antique aad subjects. Superb moeaio inlaid table* and brooebea-flve magnifioent inlaid with ma lochlta, pietra dura, and various other fine ape cimen* in landioapo* and flower* ? all from the menu factory o! the Giand Duke of Taecaay, lately on exhibition at tbo Cryital Palace. Also, richly carved wood frame*, various (ilea, auitable for painting*. Alio, eight riohly carved aad fluted ratrhle pedestals: a largo variety oi Bar diglio, agate, and Yellow of Sienna vaaei, of various ? t) lea and sue*. Gothic, Etruacan, Grecian Roman, Mo diciano, llebe, Florentine. Ao., taatofnlly and elegantly carved ib alto and ba**o reiievo; Horculaniunm and Pompeii urn*; rich tnd elegant tmias aad card receiver*, Belgian lions on pedestals. corner pleoa*, fruit bowl*, flower vaae*, b< autifu! Florentine aad open work baakcta, agtte candle aticka. watch ca*es, fountain with bird*, and a variety of marble and alabaster article*, uiolul aad ornameatal. The above f coda have been (elected from the moit celebrated Mudios ot Italy, by Signoi Pandoltni bimaelf, expressly for tfci* market, and mutt do elated peremptoiily, a* he it ob )lged to return to Europe early in the enauing summer. The rale tltrefore preaenta an excellent opportunity to persoa* deairoua ot decoratipg their reaidence* with articles of real taate aad ornament. Plated ware? A large assortment of plated ware, consisting of casters, liquor stands, cake bas keta, card receivers, spoons. Bronzes, clooka, Ac.? A supurb collection of Ironies of various subjeots; among them will be found the following choice productions:? Phidias and Peri eU - War and Peace, Tragedie and Comedie, Intant Bac chus, Francoia de Philebcrt, Chevau de Marly, Commeroe and Agriculture, History, Meditation, Maaidora, Ariadne, and oilier* of oqual merit. Alto, bronie and ormolu olook*, ot tbo best workmanship, ay the most celebrated Pari* makers, of the newest and most expenaive d*vice*, forming in the whole the moit reeherche and unique collection olfor ed thi* year. Alio, ceverai superb French china diuner *?ta. Sale without reserve. At 10)$ o'clock at the atore No. It) Nasstn street, a small lot of tine rosewood furniture, the oroperty of a lady leaving tb* eitj , consistina of rosewood bedstead, mat tree*, pallia* ttra, rosewood bureau, marble top washstand, two divan*, Ac. Sale F- ithout reserve. Henry b. lerds auctioneer -executors' ?ale of elegant boo> jold furniture, statuary, ptotares, artioles of vartu Ac.. Ac ? HENRY H. LERDj A 0<> will sell by auction, Thursday, May 10, at 11)% o'clock, at Ho. 2 Depeau row, Bloeoker street, by order of executor* of tho late Madame Depeau. all the furniture. Ac., ia stid house, consisting of royal Wilton, Brussels and other oarjwts, lar^o pier and man'.el mirrors, |NM aud other *ilk curtalas, s.i perb earvod oak entre deux, caunet*, centre table, side ta ble, carved figures aotas. lounges, obaira, ranteulls, Ac., oov ered is green and white medallion (ilk; arm chair* ana fau ttulls, covered in French de laii es; superb real ormolu aad sevres clock, India and Japanese vasei, marble statuary, valuable paintings a costly palutiagj presented by the Aca demy of Arts, at Paris, to the late Or. Hosaok; alto, two valuable picture*, painted to order by Benj West, beautiful colored engravings, Ac. Also, life (lie flguree in ooaoori tica; black walnit oarved centre Jardiniere, etegtres, carved bracktt*, many article* of verta, bronie figure*, ormolu or n?menis, antique*, Ae. ormolu oandelabra* fire screen, se vres vase*, large bronie figure* for niche or entry, 'carved oak stands, dressing bureaus ot rosewood, bedsteads, mattros sea, Ac.; rosewood pianoforte, fine to? e, real sax figures, Ac ; beautiful India aecretaries, India oane etegere, Ac., Aa ; bed room* in mahogany, rosewoot and blaok walnut c> actios, chairs, cibinets, wardrobss, bookoasea, furniture, covered in worated de lainea. oar red walnut cornice*, curtain*, Ao. Dining room? W llton carpet*, mahogany marble top buffet, ?ids tabled extension dining room table*, dinner *ote, *axo china tea lets, plated ware, aad other valuable artlolea. Sale commcncea with kitchen furniture. Cab be seen one day prcviour to th e sale. Henry b. hebts, jr., auctioneer, will sell at auc'loB, on Tuesday, May 8, at 10) ? o'clock, at the store No. Pioe street, a choice assortment of wine*. Honor*, Smyrna figs, French chocolate, cordial*, pickled salmon, By*** London porter, Mnir A Sob'* Ediabarg ale, and Havana segars- the entire stook of a dealer declining buainess among which will be fouad old Otird, Seignetto, J I aouin A Co. and Pale Uenaessy brandies: old Jamaica rum. vint 18*0; London Dock port, fine sherries, Holland gin, ;:rape If af do., Sillery champagne, Loadon porter, Edinbnrg ale, lemon ayrup, rasea of maraiehino, apioed salmon, French chocolate, Smj rnla figs A] ; segira- Reg alia*, Plantations, ligaros, l.aPrueba Opevas, La Normas, Ac. Sale positive. Henry b. debts, jr., auctioneer, will sell at auction, on Thursday, 10th, at I0?^ o'clock at th? etcra, No, 6% fine street, household furniture, consisting if tho usual variety, removed fox convenience ofiale. Par ticulars hereafter. HENRY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER ? WILL SELL at auction, on Friday. Hay 11th, at 10>; o'clock, at the ptcro No. 6>j Pine street, assignees' sale u! Hue watc-.e*, Jewelry, diamonds, precious stcnea, fancy goods, oil paint ings, (.last oates, Ao. JL. VAh DEWATEIt, AUCTIONEER WILL SELL ? a'< 12 o'clock, la front of salesroom, 12 Maiden lane, a kUycar old hone, seoond brother to the oelebrated "Mao," Rood traveller, kind iu single or double harness, good saddle be rte, fifteen hands high, dark bay, is warranted sound and kind; cost 1600 Also, a buggy made iu good style and in K<>od order, one seat with top. Also, a aet ->t single harne is, silver yiited mountings. Can be teen in front of ttu vtorc oi e hi ur previous to the sale. The whole to be sold tor *ant of use. JOHN L. VAN DEW ATE R, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL on Tuesday, May 8, at IU>? o'clook. at the salesroom 12 Maiden lane? Standard roses, ao., from the nursery of D. Boll, florist, eotner oi Broadway and Fiftieth street. High rtat.dkrd, rerpei ual bloomer*, half standards, do t Modes perpetual blcomiig roses on their own root, climbing and tunning rose#, queen of nrnrie, ohlnese, western, virgin rose, with a variety of otber kinds, all warranted true to name, selected with great care, without regard to cost, by D. Boll, personally. JOHN W. SOME KIN DYKE, AUCTIONEER? STORE 110 Centre btreet, oorner of Franklin.? Grocery (tie on tMs day, Mar 8, at 10 o dock; the (took, fixture* and unex pired lease or the grocery store, oorner of Grand and Cl'nton streets. The stook consists of the usual variety of teai, coffees sugars, Ao. JOHN W. SUM ER1MJYK.E, AUCTIONEER? ADMINI3 tratrix'l continuation sale of a stook of furniture, Ac., on Thursday, May 10th, at Nos. 10G and 108 Centre street, near Franklin, at 10 o'clc ok, the atook iutradeof tdo late John Wallace, consisting of blaek walnut extension tables, black walnut bedsteads, feather bed*, hair mattresse*. ma hogany bureaus, office tables, sofas, ea-y chairs, maho?\ny Uii ing and breakfast 'able*, horre, cart, and harness. Ca talogues on day of sale. LETITIA WALLACE, Admlnistrix. J I10UGH, AUCTIONEER? IMPORTANT AND EX . tcntive sale, this dap, (Tuesday.) at No. 70 Murray street, of splendid rosewood furniture, rosewood pianoforte, valuable oil paintings, costly ehina and silver ware, heavy velvet and Brussels oar eting, Ae at 10^ o'clook precisely, the entire splendid contents, consisting of royal English velvet floor and stair carpeting, ingraiu do,, English oil cloths, Ac.; rosewood parlor suits, elegantly upholstered and cohered in lr.aroon, crimson and green French satin damask; alto, one antique medallion set, heavily oarved; Itwlian sta tuary, marble top tables of all tht usual descriptions found In well trrnlshed rooms; heavily earved seven octave double tetlen pianoforte, made by Barmore, of this city, warranted; tliiu instrument, for fineness of exter or and quality of tone, Ik uscurf axted. Alto a very fine rosewood et egere, finlahed lliiougbout in plate g1a?* ai.d Italian msr le; Frenoh work tables, fancy reoeptlon chairs, escritoire*, iar/e and splendid French plate pier ;iasses, in costly frames; rich heavy lace ard broiati He oi.rtains, original oil painting*, by ominont .nodcrn ar'tsts; Cothlc inlaid and solid statuary marels decks costly Drrsdea chili aware; fino vases of Sevros por ot'ain; Farian mcrble statues and classic representations; mahogany extension table wi'h antiqne o srving; tabic lin -n, Frore-h china, silver tea services, cake baskets, f irki, spoons, ivory cntlery. he ?vy ont glassware wines champagnes, li quor cafes. Hecanters, Ac.; rosewcod and mahogany bed toada, of the antique and modern styles; rosewood marble top clrenl!i? bureau', waihatands, oorner nnd towol stands, liAiliistM, hAQ cnilci h nr mattresses, couaterpaiei, hol sters a'na pinows, cliiua ioilet set*, oval and fqaare frame gilt mirrors, Ac Sale positive. J AMIS GOl'SILL, AUCTIONEER. -FLOATING DRV dock, ttcaui crgine, boiler, shop, and top superstructure or piers, at public auction, on Wednrsday, slay 9, at 2 o'clock I* M., cu tbe premises, at the root of Morgan stroet, (Nonh,) Jorsev City, ihe floating part of tli?, dry dock is 2."ix?0 feel, 4% le t in depth, sides and end* Georgia pit c, li inohv* thick, bottom and deok 3 inobe* thiok. whi e l ino, frame all or Gcorgii fine and very substantially built; burtl cu about 200 tuns 1 In floating part or the dock will bo useful for market boat, oca'ing barge, removing cariii or rthcr material* f-om dock*, slips, Ac. The purchaser will bo required to remove the property on or lief re the lHh day of Juno n.-x- Terms made known on the day of sale. For portieulars io quire of James Qopull, 67 Montgomery street, or Selah Hill, 167 Grove street, Jersey City. JMORIAR1Y, AUCTIONEER ? WILL SELL TI1H . day, lit 10 o'clock, at 173 Chatham street, a larso *nd general assortment of rnmiture and other goods, rroin taini He? removed, being an over stock, among which are *oine pood larpets Ac., do. _ J AMES COLE, AGCTIONNER.? POSITIVE SALE O? 128 valuable l"ts in tbe Tenth ward, Brooklyn, at auo Urn. ? J it itu a Cola A Son will Nil on Wadnaaday, Miy 9, at 12 o'clock, at the Merohtnta' Exchange ?e w Vork, lp vain able building lit*, situated on the Third, Fourth and Fifth tvonnoi. and on Wjoloff, Wtfrw, Baltic, Butlif and Douglas* stre'ti. These lots are located in the most deslra bit and improving section of tho city: in^it of too airfats ?r? araded and pavad, and lots ready for immediate flnproTO mi nt. t " p< r cent ol the purchase money on bond and niortcat*. For maf s, Ac , apply to tho auctioneer, _|3 Ful ten street, Brookl>n, andtA >aasau street, New York. T ARCE f-'ALE OF READY MADE CLOTniNO AND J J iiieco poods? A. M. Cristalar, auetioneer. 23 Bowery, will tell on Wednesday ?th inst., at lutf o'cloek. flnt i olotl. rrook, nick and buiclness coat*; ea*simere, *?tin?tt ata doe skin pant*; Valencia, filk, *(itin. linen and Marseille* VeeM; together with Frenoh and Kngliah broad clothj; eaiaimeres, ceshmer ts.iatlnet*, linings, linen, ?araejlles silk* and ve*t ?njta, Ac. Alao an iavoiaa of ioAaS5 or 40 doaaa oapa and hat a an<i oilcloth cTefCoata. DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, THIS . day, (l'uoidayj, at 10k c'olock at the sales room, *7 Centre street, near City Hall, household furniture, eon sisting of sofa*, lounges and lounge b*d*teads. droning ho reana. ?ith marble tops, washstands, mahogany parlor chairs, rocker* and ea*y ohair*; centre, oard and diring tables bookcase, t'renoh and oottage bedsteads, hair mat fesse*, feather beds, roveral good carp*ts tor rooms and fialrf oval r.nd gilt mirror*, with a large ass rtment ef tecond lxnil frrnituro. S?l? peremptory. N~ OTICE, -LARGE SAf.B OF PAINTINOS -WE RE" pectfully nife-rm tlie public tue *tle of Mr. Granville 8harp oHfleld's eolleoMoa of paintiass will take place at Cnrroll Hall, oa Tuesday, Maj 1A. at lOo'olook. laths larte Concert room, and will prove to bo well deserting th* aotiee of po'-tnns desirous of obtaining genuine works of.irt as the ?*lo will be made without any reservation. The eolleotion Kill be on view at his late rosidenoe, Mcunt Vernon Flaoe, Baltimore, from 10 to 2 o'cloek eaoh d ty, (Snnday ercept ocl ) from the 1st to tho 12th of May. after which time they a ill be removed to Carroll flail for convenience of sala, T. W. BENN ETT A CO.. Auctioneer*. ON WlDf<ESDAY, MAY ?TH, AT lJ O'CLOCK, IW front of store IV Na/-?au stieet, a bay horse, lft,'< hands biirli, between fix and seven years old, warranted perfectly *out.d and nlad in all harness, i a very stylish driver, and ran trot ia 3H minute*; suitabU sither for a lady * or gen tleman's raddle horse. OAKF.EY A WKIGH7, AOCTIONEEBS-WII.L SELL on May 8, at o'elock, at the salo* room, ho M3 rolton street, Brooklyn, a lar/s aad ?*neral a?sortmeat of ataadard aad mlseellaaeou* book*, ttatioa ' try, A*., Ac. ** Jkvcrwom. p??e ^OJScutf^arjsweG Mia, MlBiiifiiM, at public aad Mi rata sale, aad to tha ?*J? ? aoaeloa of e ergo a*, household famitmra, aalnliu -a, gauaral?' W,rk* M ,rt' *?-. and u out Soar ? '?? Mnuej liberally aavamced aa real aataU, stooha, ht' I, furniture, 4a left as sale with a a. Uaia negotiated. PLANTS AT AUCTION -W 8. MelLLTAlN Ml thia da* at I0H o'olc^k, at tba seed store, 7 ? hm, itraat, a splendid aaaortmant orperpetual, monthly, el.r.b ing aad aicaa rosea, (in and ant af pota) hota> sneklaa, jo .a minaa. arena viaea, oarnatious, JUV verbenaa, aabl.aa. gladiolus, tube roaaa, ie., Aa., direct from the xardet on morning of eale. ho Peter Headeraoa, Jar lay City. 1 at iloguea, RC. KEMP, AUCTIONEER. ? PIANOFORTE# AT ? auotlon, th's day. at 12 o'eloek, twelve rosewood (>?? ltd 7 octave piaaotvrtea, from various oity maker*, loth ??* aad aaooadhaad, several ol wbioh are very aaparior in struments, aud all of wtiob will be told without any ra aerve, oa aeoount ol removal, aad to c'.oae tba baaiu. *s. May be examined befora tba tale, aad eaa be packed foe ?hipping it' required. R. C. KEMP, AUCTIONEER, WOULD INVITE YIIB particular attention of bunaakaepara and tka trade to iha large aad tpeoial aale of furnitura, planofortai and IS Urge mirrors ana about SI) oil paintla.-a, to be aold, by ordec ot mortgagee, en thi? day. at ID o'cloak at tttNaaean Itieet, sear F niton. Special notice 1* requested to this aale. at everything in the (tore must be sold, ai the uaderdgned. la leaving tha auotion buainaia aud tha etore malt be vacated thia week. Cash dennsit* will be required from all pur chau ra to enanre prompt delivery of tba good*. R. C. iHl', ^auctioned RC. EEMP, AUCTIONEER.? MORTGAGEE'S SALE , of rich minora, oi paintings Ao.?Tbis day, at 1' o'cloak, at 86 Naaaau atreat, aear Fulton, H. C. KEMP will aell at auction a< above, by ordar ol the mortgagee, aad removtd irom a faaluonable botal up town, 16 large French plate pier, oval and manta> mirror*, on* large mantel mir ror, which eoat S3u0, all ol which are aearly new, and in perfect erder; alio, about thirty Una oil paintings, wnich ara wall worthy the attention ot purchaser*. Rt'S'ELL W WESTCOfr. AUCTIONEER -AUCTION '? hale of superb h nub Id furuitare, to-morrow, Wednes day. May Oth, at 1UH o'olook, at No. 72 Eighth avenue, en^bracing the entire genteel furniture of the above houae, which will be peremptorily ao d. and muat be removed im mediate!*. Those in waat of furn tare will Had thia aala worthy of apeclal aiteailon Eiagaat carved rosewood pia nolorte, 7 octave, a apleu lid >natrumet. 20 good velvet, Wil ton ai d ii.grain room and atair carpeti. coatlv rosewood par lor suit ia satin brocade, rosewood marble top etajera, mir ror front, rosewood centra aud pier tables, aeoretary book* case, library do., lace otirta.ns. abades and oeralces, lent# French pier glasses, alaba and braokets, splendid mantel vases and ornaments, thir'y aay clook, French sofas, tete a tetea, roaewood oarved etaitda, Ac, with a number of oil painting* richly framed rosewood and mahogany bedstead*, ?njorb hair mattraeaes, palliaataa, marble top raaawood and nmhogsiy bore >*i', ma' ble top waabataads to ma:ch, ehina larae <,iaa i?T or chamber and basement furniture, dining and hr?*kfa>* tables. rioh ehina silver ware, crooksry. cub glait ware, 4?. Cltelnjuas at boat*. No postponement. KEC El V i. It's SALE ADJOURNED TO TBUESDAY, 10th inat., at 1U o'clock, althe Bloomiugdale and Man tiattaavilla line of stages.? By ordar of the (Supreme Court all the horses, stage* and huruesa, aud also the personal propjrty belonging theruio, will be told at public auction, at> Manhattanvill*. The proper y coaaivts of alz lota of ground with biick ata lea, oarriag* imute, blacksmith shop, A situated on the corner of 129th atreat, and BloomiagJaU road, in the village of UauLattaaville, aubjeot to a m rt ga^e of Sti.uuo. Also, a lea- e of two lots of ground, ooruer of Sixty ninth etra-tand Bloooimgdal* road, with frame atables and a dwelling Lonaa which rents for $4*0 per annum, iherevn; leaee r.ns iLirt en years irom the lit of May, 1866, at fionnd rent of CD per annum. Alao, eighty horaos. twmty sis stages and a number or earriages, aleigha and harneas, ans other ar'to.ea too nnmeroua to mention. It sold together tie pre?ent property will b? subject to two chattel mortgages, but if sold tn parcels will be free of In cumbrances; alao.all th? licence* and good hIH ofsald Bloom irg?ale and Mnnhattauvillc li e of stages. Terms or sala for rani ertate ? Tea per cent on day of aale and auctionear'a fees; the balance who;, deeds ar . dcliverel, which will be In Ottsan days after sala. Term* of aale ot personal property ? Caih cn delivery. Sale to commence at 10 o'olook M, on tba 10; h day of May, 1866. BENJAMIN MOORE, Rasalver. Ac. Allkr, Hull, Attorneys for Comolainaats. RW. LATHAM, AUCTIONEER? J. TBOMPBON'S ? auction sales.? i?a W eJi e-day, May 9, at the Merahants* tx change, at 12)i o'clock, $6 two Qeorgia State 7 per cent bonds, interact annually on the 1st February, at Augusts, dated 1st February, lt'4'J. due la 16 years; 19,600 Indiana Stale 5 per cent stock, interest payable In New York; 16 000 North Carolina Si ate 0 percent bunds, interest semt-aanua1. )y, in New York; 10, t OUaVirt-inia State 6 per cent coupon bonds, interest In this ci'y ; 23,0 >0 Covington and Lexington R. R. Co. 7 per cent 2d m rtpa. a convertible bonds, due in lt!SS, iLterest in New York; 6,0U0 Lake Erie, Wabash, aad St. Louis R R. Co. 7 per cent |*t mor gage convertible bonds, interest tha 1st Februa*y and 1st Angnst, in New York, due lt-t.5; 12 i-hare- New Auiatwdam Fire Insurance Co. of New York >26 each ; 10 sha> es Ir ing Hank (took, 960 each. All Juiiihases must be paid tor en or cefore one o'eloek of tha ay after the isle. When puruha*es are made for aooounb of parties out ot the ei y, 10 ?r oent will be required on tha da. of sale, and six d>ys' Fraoe given (adding interest) an the balance. The accrued later >st w II go to the pnrchaser (tha sum* aa at the Board ot bmkets) except when otherwise ?taied. Office No. 2 Wall street J.THOMPSON. S-IIERIf F'S SALE.? W. C. Al.BUR'lUS, AUCTIONEER. will sell, on W ednesday, May V, at 10 o'oloak, at 19q Pearl atrcet, Brooklyn a two story frama building, to bs removed before the 1st uf June. E. LOTT, Sheriff. J. I'ltnci:. Deputy. Tums mohkell, au? tiokebr.? enolish vel vet carpeting, roeewood, Ao., furniture, pianofortes, oil paintingr, mirrors, Ao , 'l is m ining, at 10)4 o'oloek, at 81 Saa?au street. The stock ia this day'i sala will alva to pur chasers aatistaciion, (not,> but tha ohdeast selec tion from importers nod iraurfaet'irers at tba drrt olass, embracing oak. Ac., extensiou dining tablea, rosewood paxloc suites, mahogany, dc., chain oer, parlor, Ac., fumi ur?, curled hair mattresses, sotai, tate a tetes, rockers, ea-<y c aira. rotewood and maho^auy ateyeraa, eottaga bedsteads, Irera bureaus and waai standa, it ar le tops, Ac.; also! superior velvet, Ac., carpi tin -, also, rosewood pianofortes; oil paintings and mirri rs with gilt framas. As addition* will be received this moreing, roll description oannot ha iven. N. B.? Every atteution to buyers. TV1L1.1AM IRVING, A U OTION EE It. ? ADMIN 1ST RA TT tor's aale of hotel luruitura.? WiHiam Irving A Co. will sell at unction, on Tuesday, May 8, at 10)4 o'eloek, ab the sales rooms. No. 8 Pine street, Brussels ana ingrain car pets, mahoiauy sofas aad chairs in hair eloth and plash, mahoganj and rosewood marble top, pier aad centra tables, docks, mantel ornament*, mirrors, window curtain* and bookcasea, wardrobe", blaok waUat and mahogany ex tension dining tablea, china, crockery aad glass ware; window tbidea and oilol fi, inahogaaj French bedsteads, blaok walnut and map e cottage bedsteads, oottage chairs, mahogany high poet bedstead*, mab >gan> and blaok walnut drcrain^ bntCKua, toilet acts, waahatands, hair mattrcssei, feather beds, bolsters and pillow*, straw and hnsk mattress es, ,.tc ; oil paintings, Ac. "TVMLl.IAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.? ROSES, SEEDS, TV do ? W illiara Irviox A Co , wi 1 veil at aaciieu, on Weduoiday, Ma> 9, at lt)? o'clock, at the lalei room* No. 8 Fine atteet, rones, Ac , from the nursery of J. B. Mantel, Afcttria conaict'ng or <j'and?rd half itandard, d vurf, pei Ktual on their own roots oerpetual bloomer*, moii, Bour n, noisette, liyb id, Bal liore belle, olotb ol gold, Prairie tauten Rnssfll cottage, at d otiiei fine varieties of roM(, im {?orted two jean a?o, ai.d have ainae been Rowing in tbe nurarty of Mr. Mantel. Alan, a iar, e aaiortment ef fruit tree*, cumi riling pear trees, in ar-at rar e iea, aprioot tre?i, quince troct, Ac i alio, a floe collection of tree peonies, Ac , all from the nursery of J. B Mamei, taken out of the ground on the mornii>K at tho hale. Alio 10,100 packarei aaiorted flower seed?, ot all viri'tiei. Alio, one MM bulbi, from tha nursery of t. M. Bi?iel Oxford, N. H. T1TM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL OW VT llionUay altoinoou. at two o'olook, at 187 Canal street, a lane and desirable a..?oitiu< nt of genteel household frrnituro of a family br. at in* up housekeeping, eonilitine ?f good second haij carpet. three hundred yards of HI clot ha, two mahogany wardrobes, together with every arti cle useful for housekeeping. Wii. WITIERS, ACCTIONEER, WILL BELL, THIS d*y at 11 o'olook. nt IH7 Canal itroet, eight elegant rosewood pianofoitu , *? ade by so j>e ot tbe belt city makeri. tlniahed all around alike alao two melodion*, one organ, two fit Una, lot music, two etoond hand ptanoL together vithctlioo furniture ono carpot. one dealt, chair*, imall mirrors window shades 1 be above p'anoa are ot tbe beet workmanship. of superior tore und finish; can] be examined tl:t uio'nicg of tbo tale. Sale poatlve. By order of the a? fijtCCI. 0~ UoOA>0, AC. I) 1 flfiH LOTS OF AUCTION G )ODS TO BE SOLD AT X.UUU A. O. COLllY'3, his day, coaaistin* ot draper iei, black ailk, roat'ln , do lainoi, giiuhaiaa, embroideries, lawns, priuti, ihir'in^' daioMka napkin', Ao., Ae. See advertisement in '1'imiiit ;.ud Trionne, under head of dry ROidl. HESS GOODS, Ac.? LB UOUTILLI A, BROTHERS, Invite attention t" tbefo lowing:? 11,600 yard* of bareita i n<i tissue, (from Miction,) at la. bd. and 2a. per y ard; bean li ol drnai rilki at l?., .'>* und 01. ; very inperior black lilki, clialli lcrc;ei. lav na, %<?? embroidered and lao* oollara, sl'evea, cbemliettca and liaudi, very cheap. Ribboni aa nmal ol newest *ijle<, and rhawla of the Stella and othec kiii da, I'll i 'anal (treet, Ivor door* irjrn Hroadway. 1/M BROIDERIES AND LA^ES.-JUST RECEIVED, A Jj ecniplete assortment ?>' imtroideriee in new deeiyai and all qr<a'itioa; alao V al< nuieuum. Braeaels, guipure, limit on, point, and other rioh Uc> a, black thread mantillas, pointa, vcili. Ao The prices ate rnoch- below previoni leaioni. MILLER A GRANT, 371 Broadway. CiRKA't BARGAINS IN BAREGE ROB S3. ? JAMES I KKaNCE, 7n3 Broadway, will offer for sal* on Tusiday, Mb, a beautiful aaiurtiDont of flounced bareze and J% cor'-t ronei, much ui der regular prices: atao. French and F.n.lish printed j item- la ana law i, at la. ana 2i. per yard. METROPOLITAN LA' E AND EMBROIDER? STORE, , ?1.1 Broadaay, ??<:< n<< duor a' ve Blescker itreet Ml ? lorant laco 'IreFiva at each, wo>th$lu; SO do. mualin do. f aa *a..W caoh. worth *:?. H 'J uo. lac oape* at $1,75 each, wortt. (7 ; 300 do. camhrf 'j hr^aklait collari at 3i. each. 7 MADDEN A STEWART. M AT PA5UIONS IN MANTILLAS. MOLY*i?L'A BELL, Wl* CMIil Invltei the attention ?af the ladia* to hii Immenee atoca of I LAi E MANTILLAS, er m|>rl?in* new itylei, in rct.1 liaipare, ChantUla and ap plique, in silk aio velvet Alio, a very large aad vartea aaaoritnent of Parii end Brmawi laoe, ol w awj aoia# oniulannrr. ch^ant in atyle aed deiign, well weitay tna attoi.'lon ol thoae who wear ttiein . . IIIan. wly importeid i.cvel iei tor May are very pretty, an? f,itir*lv iiiflVr-nt fiorn th >? earlv apring Itylee Leo tea who ctll to tnipcot in.t atoek may alwaya roly up n proin;.t and good attention. renal atree' X EH GOODS PER SlErtMEE ' ^fRIC A -J. iN A CO, have rtcelT.u a Ur^e V1'1 r*Jj f-codi, ef tfcn lateat ??.aula" aty iea, and w ??TB ofl? rtiifr at extremely low prieoi: "4 plaid nlka floun-ecf bi e e a?d "?<ai ?dy roh^ '5'- J ! ? dim. tie lalie., caiu" - Ac , Ac., No*. ?56anda67 Bnadf my, end 7SB and l<ro"lw a>. VIW PHES9 QOODS, BV L"" 0 TLAA"t srTKWARTBJ i\ orer? I on M f A- J* STBWAHT I CO , Hriidway, rhemt" > ?'"! R?ad? atreeia. n FN CASES FRENCH ORGAN DIE AND JACONEll 1 umalini will be epwed on Moi day, May 7, at * oentA ,i_, ard AlltkMn^' I' irt nioutli and mher lifl a. i Si EW A K'f A UM., Br. ad way, chtmberfl aad Held* ,,i**t*j PLAV15G OARDI. PLAT1SG CARDS.? FA HO PLATING CARDS, T1E1 eld an J well aeaieeed with all the varieue other qnalfl Uiee of linen aad eotton earda. made by SAM HART A COJ for aale ?e the trade and olub hoaiei at tMkl M?TC, Ma. f larelay ????*?, fypiak* the Aitor Qonat,

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