Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1855 Page 6
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iinHKfiigim Milium eteit bit. MKUDU arfcuM ri#rn Txim. WAflT*. w.Vfhl?/ . ??G WOMAN. ?" K"#d '?fon-m.. daiiona wirtTle iiV t"' ',h? Cm6w" e ?*> *?' ?th ?;,C bobu *?P*CTABLB do general bouee?u,i lsaeme^MiV !?, *5d ,lr0Mr. ? to Cm U Man lot (WO (lava a"!** . nii .. ^.0417 r?r??oc -aaadTIUarj .treat.* Uruo kft n. *"*' '<>** WOMAN; IS flotr, treat room. "? LHh an<l ltith ?t?., tint W*22?X A PROTESTANT YOUNC GIRL, A KO by the dat ? ?J??"<>?ror? io a roup. rtibli (amily, would Kettrallv >.{<'.> ,#"utb; '? ?i 1I"K to make keraelf for l^Ta ikJJ ,f retlirtJ- ^PJ'l i ?? HA Chtjtiit it., rear. Wantid-bv a r t>r tor ai>i e tuunu woman *L!? i _ff , afc? c*" cio ii?e.Uwurk and etnbroidcrv* ?n? U wiling 10 t*kec?euf4 b*i?y. i ho Tory beat of ro commeadatioo. from bar taut place, wh-reJie lived two yeari. I an aire tor two daj a ai ?&> .Unlborry it. WANTED? B Y A R{*l'SCTiBLI G1KL, A SITUA tioa aa oiiaiabiruaid and waitet, or to do the bouse wora ?f a small private II ,? Ured in hor li,t n ,V. WANTED- BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITl/ATrnv i? a resectable private family ? ?.? LJ ? cbamboraiaid , Bud.r.taud. dte-.maLim, Vaaei' try ' Call ??C184,Wauidaib'J,h!' 1X0 0,l'Jtcti&n *" the couu ?r7.okl," toVSriVSi1 * GuU and Uud'on . YAT ANTED? A SITUATION, By A RESI'ECTAHI K sa&SSr ssw .% ANTED ? A SITUATION, By A BE3PECTABI E rt.. katwaea Var.oaaud Uou.Un 411 ^ S,df,r<1 W A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITOA J7 0?i ?Hy Can aWSV *? d? P'?ia ??" Hfcka and Wlilow ill , Brook* vn W AmUy "W^JL T^?~A^UL TO 00 '1*NEKAL HOUSEWORK tUfiktrTi ?i "i?11' A 1'rotoataut girl, lately arm d' pMfwwC call at 04 Houston st., aftir 5 o olook. ' TirANTID-A SITUATION. BY A RESPE' TThTk cljldwi!"' ???" t0V.m''#r"'<>rk l" Uko 0;. re of rooi, lor two day*. -8Wl't I-'n ?'?. nejond floor, Irout Wr^f,TfDTuv A R*-s''ectable girl a siit* W*NLKI^7ly a hEsPECTABLE YOUNG H'OMa v Caa g?*e o?tj ttle^ee" ' ~ &SS5^ fmlfa 1'a.t Offip., Brook, yL.1Ao. t^yBntlr"' ?mpl0jef' W^1KD~A SITUATION, BF A RESPI^TABIP milrZ im fl.PT, baek ^ ,yt'.Vd^ .Vr^ U 'a,'ed.e>r 1,1 ?T W^T.EDrA SITUATION, BY A YOUNG u'iiu. .. r??~j vz;sr;, *,'? ".Vum?r" ? do "i WAJlT5l'? BV A WOMAN. A SITCATIOV 2KsS'l?aFHSS Ipssii na.^u^vg,:ys;:,y^&? IV ANTED? BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG WOMAV a WA??;,!A^"l^^k! 'aadYwi^ a.^t5,lJCwT,^,'E TTTASTKD-A S^UaTION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS a thort ditaaea ln?th CUj' rt,f*re"c*- , u*? no objiction to fo Arply at 125 -uh ?t -c?r WANTEr? li v A RESPECTABLE YOI NG WOMAN 4? h V 'f situation ?.? anri* and to do plain kJih1 .'In*? h,hM0*r0 ?Uli mi" cement al a Eaiy Dla?ar tnr?ii.KiV !" ' 'i reiomm. nded l.jr her lait ea. pV?Vo Tar Mfer*?"- AP" ESSSSSSS Ua *??, or ,.11 at 23o K mwy.'th^d floo,^"1 gvSSis! aauw a; iSli ukHpfh^TA?tE \ ? ?S5St? &?%;? W AMID? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION M chaiubernjaid, or to lake are of children. H>i city reference Inquire at t?l W. 21at it., back room, flrit floor, between 8tb and Wh av?. "fjyAHTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN, YY a eituaticn a* hrat rate cook; would aaaiat in the waah ing and itoaing, and la a good bread maker; would go in the country for the anmmer. the be.t ot reference given. Apply at IM 11th et., between lit and 2d avennea. Can be Hen for two d?yi. WAl>TED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a titration at plain cook, wather and iroaer. Good city refrrenoe Call at 123 Ka.t I9ib it , between lit are aneMd aveuue A, Are. flour. WAN1ED-BY A RESECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A actuation ai obambermaid or walWr, or can help to wuh and iron, or do plain aewiig. Can be well recom mended. Cm be aeon ter two dayi, at W 5th it., in the rear, flrit floor. TXTAN1ED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO MAN, YT ? litnatioa to do general tiuuaework or chamber *ork in a private boarding hcai*; baa no objection to tbe country. Gee d reference. Can beaten fcr two dayi, at 38 Elitabctli ?t . third floor, back room TITANtBD-BY A YOUNG WoMAN, A SITUATION YT aa ohamfeermaid and waiter in a private faintly, or waitar in a reipoetable boarding bouee: no objection to the eoaatry. Pleaee addreaa, for two dan, M. L , hoc tlf? Herald ottee. aad tl will be promptly attended to. WANTKD? A SITUATION AS A COOK, BY A RF. aaeotable woman who bai bean employed ta that ca< taclty before; baa no objeetiua to aaiut in waahing aad Ironing; w onld go in tba country. Apply at Wait 2ltt at., belwaea t-th and 1Mb aveauee. Beat reference given. WANTED? A bITL AlIoN, BY A PROTESTANT yewag woman, to do ehamberwork aad lewinr, or waiting, baa no objection to go io the country. Bc jt city re in eaoe. Call at 2U6 Beat I I'm it., between lat ?tI 2d *va. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, BE ? ween IS and 14 yeara old a aituation to take?areo. children aad do liatt work, or to learn to do waiting; U will tag ta mate herirlf generally uaelnl; Call at 81 4th avenue, tatweea lvth and 11th ita , for two daya. TIT ANTED? SITU ATI i?N 3, BY TWO RESPECTABLK TT yooaggrrU; one to do the general homework of a mall private family, li a prooa cook, an excelleat waaher aad iroaer, aad a good baker; 'he other to do obamberwork and waiting, aad would lite to take oare of children; M a goad aawer. Both have ebt teat citj reference from their taut plaeoa. Cm be acta lortwo dayi, if not engaged, at ZJ1 Mb at., between lit av. nuc an J avenue A. * \]ff ANTE I) ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE v? yew a* woman, an root plain cook, wather and iroier, or to do the general hoi^ow-. rh la a aruall private family. Gocd referaace givea. to be eeen at 17%' I'acitte it., South Brooklyn, lor two daya. WANTED- UYA HESPEC TABLE MAKKIKD WOMAN, With a trvah briaet of milk, a aituation n< wet anine ia a roipeotaMe Umii/ Caa be teea for three tayi at U2 t tab llM at., between 7tb and rtth aveanai. WAMID-A SITUANo*, TIV A YOUNG WOMAN, to do Lonaewora ia a email private family; la a good V>a<a iX)' k aid aa eteelleut a a her and iroter; baa no oijec ? lea to the eoaatry. O od el'y r?t>'ei?ce <lvea Call at I3J ' l:?abe4b at , he taeea Ur< ?a?? ai.4 f, ta C two day*. ANTED? A l.T WOV AN, ?" a? waiter la a ptivate family . uae n> <>J' atlr.a to do I waeMaf aad aeal t .a eh to. bar aurK; bai II ?ed three aad Mf raan ta b*r la?t place Uu 4 re eteaee elvea. Apply . . ;j.Ub are., betwaea I.Hb aa 1 I6tb ate., la tba book atora > V AN1ID? A SITUATION, BT A RESPBCTABLB tT yauij tl>l, to oo (ittril bouaework ie a private fami if. it ae oi ambarn.ald and to aaelrt in tha waibtatanl , imitnr; iiwllllng to ti'lip* in any kla J i<l work Ooodeltr i ? '"r'lieo. Apply at Su tlitabeth at., rnnt houMi le-at | U'i fi'.Vt. ta- be e??b ?aUl WAim Wanted ? a situation, by a respectable Hil, W do *??"> housswork is a small private faal ly , is a #r?t rat? waaher and ironer, and good plain cook. Cood city reference. Call ?' 133 West Slat at. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE y?un ? woman ia a private family, te d<> central hrniae wcrk; U ageod waaher and ironer Best of city reference glin Inquire at 144 Waat 18th it., for tiro daya. Ia kind ktbiUlw. WAMED? BY a RESPECTABLE PROTK8TANT Wo man, a situation as cook. and is willing to assist in wa?blng ai.d ironing; ban no oljeition ta so a short distance ia ths country. Can be well recommended. Please call at 158 Vn t ann ?t , front La*ement, for two daya. 1*7 ANTED? A SITUATION', UY A RESPECTABLE TT yoeig women; she is a good plain oook, wa-her and ironer, or could do house wurk in a private tamily Can give nferenie tiom ber last plaoe. flense cUl at ?i? 19th ?t.. be iwc-aCth and 7tb avenue*. WAN TEL1 ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, an et/ok, washir aud ironer; good oity reference. Ap ply at 82 St Mark's place, corner lat avenue. Tll'ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNU LADY, TO ? ' attend a laaoy store, bakery or c onfectionery. City rtierence. Can be seen at ltfO Last 13th st "VAT ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG LADY, IN TT a dreaauiaktng or mantilla eHtabllshinent; she Is at excellent sewer. Wanes not so nuch an object as a good situation. Address A. P., box 177 llerald oilioe, tor three days. WANTED-A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE PaMILY, as chambermaid, to wash and iron; or as waiter with washing and tronin*; or would '.aye no objection to plain cooking. Cl'y reference Call at 123 Kaat 11th St., flrit floor, lack room. Can be seen for two days, it not eu?a<ed. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A3 CHAMBER bermatd and seamstress and to take care of ft child, llest refsrtnse required. Apply at 31 Broadway, scooud story. TT7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESI'ECI ABLE TT young girl, to do chain "nsrwork ana waning, or to tate tare ot ebildien. Beat of oitjr reference. l'lea-u call at IDS West 19th st. Can he seen tor two dftys. TIT AN TED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, as laundrers and ohftinberuiaid; would have no objection to do tho housework of a small private family, lias the best of city ruterenoe lrom bor laat plaoe. Can bo teeu tor two days. not engaged; please call at 138 Iteth st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, fts cnambertnaid and kcatustreas, or to take care of children. Good reference. Ai tdy at 86 Smith st., Brooklyn, second floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do general housework and chamberwork and waiting Good referenoe given Apply at 661 Greenwich at., between the boura of 10 ftad 5 o'clock. AMERICAN GIRL WANTED? A SITUATION A3 PLAIN COOK, AND good washer and ironer; no objection to do housework Also, ? situation aa chambermaid and waiter, aud do plain tewing. Boat of oi'.y rifereneos given. Call at 228 Weit 17th St., between 8th aud 9th aves., second floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, (Protestant.) as cook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework. Good city lelereuces. Apply for two days at 145 27th at,, between 7th and 8th avenues. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO GO A SHORT diataoce In the country, as good plnlu oook, waiber snd ironer; must be neat anl tidy in tier habits. The family is small. To one that suits, It will be ft wood home; wages 17 a month. None need apply if not fully competent. A note addressed J. O , litrala office, will be attended to. illSSllfMlil WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation, as dressmaker and aenmstreia. Can be seen lrom 10 to 4 o'clock, at 113 West 11th St., between 6th and 6th avenues. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A STEADY, SMART TT young girl, to do waiting and chamberwork, or would take care of a child and sew ; would be willing to make her eelt generally useful; best of oity reference; would be wil ling to go in the coun try or travel with a lady. Please ap ply ftt 192 19tb st , between 1st and 2d avenues. TT7 ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT widow woman, aa a first ra ? cook ftud is ? good laun di its; would havo no objection to any situation; good city rtierence Apply ftt 2 to Eaat 11th at., for tw? daya. 1717" AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, as goid washir and ironer; understands her business thoroughly: no objection to tho country; good re ference. Apply at 33 Prince at., occond floor. TV' ANTED? BY A RESPECTA'M.E YOUNG WOMAN, TT a situation, aa seamstress and to take cure of otildron, if renuiicd; goo# character given. Can be teen at her pre sent employer's, 18 East 13th st. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as tilain cook, washer (ami irouer, or as laundress; good refer jnce ilvcn. Call ftt No. 7 Union court, for two da) s. |T7 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT ft situation fts chambermaid .light washer and ironer. 1 lease call for two daya at No. 1 Union court, corner of Utb st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE jouag woman, aa chambermaid, or to do goners! housework. The best of city rcteronoe given. Inquire ftt yi2 Mott st. first flocr, back room. ?WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A NICE RESPECTA TT ble young woman fta waliercss. ohambermaid and plnin sewer, or to assist in washing aud ironing; has no ob .1 :ction to going te the conatrv; can be highly rcoommeaded in m her last place where, abe lived five years. Can be aeen fir two day a, at 13 Union 11*11, up stairs, 2nd floor. TTAMEt-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. T T as cook, washer and ironer: underatnnds baking; good reltrei re giver. Apply at 43 Marion at., front basciueut. Cab beaoen two dftya. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman a< chambermaid, or to do the general housework in a small private family. Call two daya at 79 Warren street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECTA bit girl, to do rhamberwork and sewing, or minding children. Call at 181 Grand at , in tho store. Wl ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, T? a situation as chambermaid and waitress, in a small private family. Best city relorence. Call two daya at 337 last 12th st., between lit and 2d avenues, second floor, front room. TP AN1 ED- A SITUATION, BY AN SLDERLY PRO T? teetaut woman a* cook. She thoroughly understand" her business, and Is an excellent broad baker. Uasnoobjec tion to go into the country, and ban gocd reference. Can be at en tor two days at 131! Eighth ftroot, Clinton place, near bixth avenne, second floor, front room. TITAN TED? A SllUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT to take care it children, and do plain sewing; or at chambermaid, and to assist in washlur and ironing. Good reference. Apply at 111 Warren street, between Cliaton and Conrt eta., Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa cook, washer and ironor, in a small private family. The best of oity reference. Please call for two days at 103 Charlton at. "Ilf AN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT man aa eook, vastier and ironor, in a small private fa mily, or to do general housework. Good city roference. No objection to tie conntry. Please call for two days at If!) Wcat 13th tt., see>nd floor. T|,T ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS TT chambermaid or waiter; cau do all kinds of washing and o!ear starching. The very best of reference gtven. lias lived Ate years at nor last plaee. Apply at 100 East 13th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid, waahor and lroner, or ts do general hensewark in a small family. Good city reier enec from lier last place. Pleaao call Tor one daycurncrof Atlantic and Court sts., Brooklyn, first liver, front rourn. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION, A3 COOK, BY A PRO TT testant woman; wonld a*?ixt with the washing or take charge of the homekeeping of a gentleman's family, Call at Iff avenue B To be seen for two days. II? ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT TT young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurso and to do plain aeaing. Call at 185 avenue B, botweon 1 1th and 12th ata , .'Id floor. To be seen for Iwj days. WANTED? BY A COLORED GIRL, A SITUATION, to tiavel with a family to take care of children, or as lady 'i mtid. Please call at 170 Weat 2Vth St., near 8th avenue. rrANTBP-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa seamstress, or to tako eare of chil dren; good eity reference given. Please eaU lor two days, at No. la' West 24th st , 7th avenne. _ WANTED? THE WASHING OF A FEW LADIES TT and gentlemen, by an exeollent laundress, who tho roughly understands her busin*is in all its branch a. Beat city references. Call at A. Gray's, 79 West 2Hth st., between tth and 7th avenues. WANTBtt? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework In a small priva* family, ct chamber* erk and waitinf, plain sewing and nursing. Best of city references. No objection to the coun try. Can be ?een at 111 East 37th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE you:ij girl, to oook, wash and iron, or would do house work in a i mali fa* iiy. Best of city rof?reneos. No o >Jee tlon to go a short distance in the country. Apply at 2ft, , Elizabeth st , in the lancy store. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young woman, aa chambermaid or to do the wcik of a small family; Is a good wether and ironer. The best city reference ? lven. Can be seen for two days at 273 1st avenue, between 10th and 17th sts. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general housework in a private family; is a good washer and iron*r and baa no o hjooti- n to go a short dis tance in the eountry Can be seen at her present employer's, 11- Atlantic at., Brooklyn, room 11. "tlT ANTED? 20 GOOD LAWN MILLINERS; ALSO, A TT boy to go errands, and a little girl, at May's mlliinory iter*, 109 M at., corawr tf 1st avenue. IVrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT ycnnggirl, as children's nurse and chamoermaiil Call at 34') 121 ti nt . between 1st a*d M avenues, lor two days. None but a private family need apply. Mo ohjootton to the suuntry. ?TANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT )?unji woman, a aiuatlon tj do ehunber?rork and nai?i?jr. Bert ol ci i y referee oe ran be given. Can be teen it 52 Perry atreet.-curaer of fourth street. III 'ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO ENGLISH PER vT sous, mother acd da i.-ktnr. on? as prrtcaacd oook, the ilur a? nurse and inm-U' ?*. <??. od city references. Please .'.1 at vie tir-~ 5.JR ?. 'I'M jT"R\?iiu<j, on south ?ld> ef I'ovrteaath >tr??t. IIr ANTED? A ClTlAHON BV A KKHPKCrABLE W<>. TT man, as a ??od plate cook in s >nitll prurate faallr, tad is a ge< d ? asUei at d irnntr. tl'fd ralir^noee. Apply tt l A t in E'avebtL strte>,(.a ib? FIrvt a.eaue. ILr ANTED? A SIH ATION, AS CIlAMRRRUAID AMD ?T waiter rT to take ear* of children W. old b? willing (c irake baraelf p??.trally ueeftii. and Las refer IRtf tt'j m li t last place, Ad4*e.? Ne. 11 T?ath ?trm, won. WIT NUUE.-W ANTED. ?T A YOUMO MARIUID ?wu, i ritutioi m wet IUH, *f MUM ma atress. Hu no gUHtlti t? tU oouatry. Cll be mm it 91 W?K 19th at. WANTED, A SITUATION, BT A YO0NG WOMAN, M cook. washer, nod irontr. Good referaace Appl y, two day*, at 176 ImI ma street, third lour. hack w WANTXD? A FIW YOUNQ LADIES TO WAIT ON tablet U a dining saloon. Apply botwtea the hoar# of? ano 11 or Iroa 2 till 6 ia the atferaoaa. MKSCUlTrtct A DOWNEY'S, Cortlaadt oogoo toasa, II OowlaaAt ?t. Jk ?' . one door west of 4th nven?e ?' *'? WAMED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE I'roirdaut woman, at oot'fc, washer and iroaor; i? oom potint to take the ? ntire charge or tha lower pu-t of a bouse. Uvod city reference (iron. I'lents call for tw* days at 100 H. lull at. ?or ANTED? BY A PtOTESTANT YOUNQ WOMAN', A VI m nation to do obatnberwor^ and fine waauia* and iron ng, vi to tako care of ohildroc; bast of refero o< from her laat p. ace; would Ilka to lira in a Christian family. Call at l.M Forsyth ?t , in the rear, 2d Hour. W'AMIU- A SITUATION, liV A RKSi'KCTABLE TV I'rotettant youni woman, wltb good oily reierouoe, in a una i private family, to do goueral housework; U a good plain cock, and good washer and iroacr. Can to seen at 61 Xlnedougal at., front basement, tor two daya. WANTED? A YOUNO GIRL, WHO IS ACCUSTOMED to sewing, ltd haa bad 10ml experienoe ia ssllmg. Onl> auob need apply at tlie lace and embroidery atory wt Broadway, fiom V to 11 o'olook A. M. \\J ANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE T? young girl, as chambermaid and waiter; hai the best of rtferenoe Irom her laat place, where ahe lived two yean. I an ba seen in Court at , between lean and 1'aotBo, Brook lyn, over the tin (bop. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young v man; would do the cooking, washing and ironing for a minll private family ; teat of oity reference. Can be Been at 30 Spring at., first Hour. T\l ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE3PECTABLE VT young woman, to do general liou*e*ork, or ohamoer work and to assist in the washing and ironing; good city re ference. Can l>e seen lor two daya at 00 W cat Washington place, thira floor, front room. TIT ANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, SITU TV ationi? one aa professed oook, the other aa chamber ii: hid and waiter. Can come wall recommended; are Pro tenants l'leate call at b7)? Labrena at. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young girl. 16 yeara of age, to mind cuildren or do plain a?win|i; would make herself generally useful; no o i)a i tion to go a abort diatance in the oouatry. Can be aeon for thrde daya at fii' East 26th tt , rear building. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Kngliah girl, to do general housework in a reapec table family; ia willing to make heraolf generally useful; no objec tion to go to tbo country. Good city reference from her last place. Can be seen Hr t?o daya at StSi 10th at., between avenue* B and C, top floor, tack room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE jouug women, aa oook, waaher and Ironer. Can come veil recommended Irom her laat placo. Can be aeen tor three dayo at 70 Warren at., Brooklyn, aecond Boor, froat room ^ /^Un^rmTCtd7^ BV A YOUNQ WOMAN " ?n >1 ironer. Good reler?M? 1 or ?* ?hambermaid wash! cnM' ?f University place. ' lwa d*/< at 181 WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION to do the general houaework ol a amall private family. Has good city refetenoe. Can be seen for two daya at 212 Sullivan at., ia the roar, room 7. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MOST HIGHLY recommended girl, aa aurae and aoamatreaa; ia a capa ble parlor maid; will take the entire charge of a babe or growing children. Call at 217 Eaat 23d as. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, a* laundress iu a private family; baa no objeotion to go ia the oonntry. Good city reference Can be aeen for two days at No IK 2Sth at., betweoa 0th and 7th avenuep. WANTED? BY A SMART, NEAT, TIDY YOUNQ girl, a situation aa ohambirmaid and waitress, or to tale oare ol children, in a respeotable private family; is a tirtt rate sewer. Good city ruterunoe from her last plaoe. 1'leaso call at 73 Hammond at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cook; no objection to aesist ia wash ing and ironing; understands baking and pastry. Good aity reference given. Please call for two daya at 133 I'roapict at., one door from Gold, Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, to so light obamberwork and sewing, or take care of one child; has no objeotion to go in the country for the summer. Please call at ICS 20th at, betweea Cth and 7th avtnucs. Can bo seen tor three days. WANTED- BY A PROTESTANT YOUNQ WOMAN a situation as chambermaid, or to take oare of children; bett oity reference, can be seen for two days, l'lease call at 102 W liith st. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE AMERICAN girls, situations as cbambormaids and waiters, or nurse;, and to take care of ohildrda. Apply at 300 Hicks at., back room. No. 14, aecond fleor, South Brooklyn. Can be aeen for two days. City reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN aa ohambcriuaid and aewer, or to take care of children good rtltrencet. Apply at ISti 28th at , near 8th avenue; no objection to travel. WANTID-BY A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL, A plaeo bb st auiatress; is a very neat aewer, and willia* I to ge in the country. Can b? aeen, between the hours of 9 i and 12. for the apace of one wiek, ia 6?h avenue, aecond door above 8?th at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN, a situation as good plaiu cook and flrat rate waaher and irontr. Beat of oity reioreno*. Apply at 377 East 12th st., tbi^d floor, lroat room. W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situatloa aa plain cook; is a first rate waaher and ironer. Has no objection to do housework in a amall fami ly. Has good city reference from her last place. Call at UK) East 11th at., front buildinp, for two days. sSrSspt. ?2y? jfiSSSSS? ' WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ;oun? woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or as uhambeimaii, washer and iroL*r; would do general house work in a small private family. No objection to the ooun trv for the aummer Is a good waaher aad ironer, and is willing to make herself generally useful. Best of oity re ferences. Call at 237 3d avenue, betweea 20th aad 21st sts., lancy store, for two days. TTTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ WOMAN. TT to clean oflioes Pieane oall oa or ad lress Mrs. Sey mour, 320 0th St., between avenues B and C. Can be seen until suited. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as good cook in a private family; good rerereace; is a gcid baker of tread and pies, and ia a good waf her aad iron er. Apply at 160 27th st., between 1st aad 2il avenues. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation aa seamstress in a private family. Can make ladies' and children's dresses, and is a good shirt maker. Call at 1W 13th at., between 1st and 2d areauca, third floor, front room. TETANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young p,lrl, M chambermaid and waitics*, nt as child ren*' maid; no objection to go a ahort distance la too coun- ] try; haa the bout ut city refeieaoe. Can b? seen far two days at 181 Z7th at , between lat aa ? 1 2d avenuoa. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girls, actuation; one aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do the general housework in a private family; the other to take care of children, and to da plain sewing and embroid ery. Call at 19!) 13th at., between lit and 2d avaauee, third floor, front room. WANTED- A SITUATION. AS SEAMSTRESS AND lady '? maid, in a private family ; understand* ratting and fitting ladies' drosaee. Good city reference. I n tnire tor Maiia, at 100 West 19th it., betwoea 0th and 7th a /$., 3d floor, front ream. WASTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS; one aa chambermaid or laoadress; the ether aa cham bermaid and waiter; unuueutionable rofcrenee from their Hat place*. Call tor two days at 81 Mott at., near Walker WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, ia a private family, to do general home work, chambermaid or waiter; haa no objection to a ahort distance in the country; oity refer-no* given. Call at >ii 010th at., between-ave*. Band C, for two days. WAN1ID-A BEAD MILLINER TO TRIM BONNETS, v ? and fonr good millinere to make lilk and lawn bonnets, at the millinery and pattern store No. 3 Catharine at. WAMED-A SITUATION, AS CHILD'S NURSE, BY A respectable woman, one who is competent to tako charge ot aa infant from its birth, and do very neat sewing. Good oity references given. Apply at 197 IHh St., between 2d and 3a av*. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS NURSERY MAID, BY a quiet, respectable girl, who it fond of children. She can be well rceommonded. Apply to Mrs. I.EITCH, No. 80 Washington at., Brtoklya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as waitress, or to assist in general hni?-e work, or take car* of ehildren. Please call lor two days at No. If Stone at. tIJANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonag girl, to take care of children; ia willing to r-n of errards and assist around tho home. Can b?ao?nfo( two daya at ) 10 I aureus St., in the roar. WANTED? BY A GERMAN GIRL, A SITUATION AS chambermaid or to do general housework. No oMw tion to go in the conntry. Good referenoe from her last place. Call at 1M Eleventh ?t. fETANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, SIX TT teenyiaraofage, as children's nurit and to do cliam bcrwork; caa do plain a?wln?; ban alwaya II red with tho first families; is willing to travel with a good lady to any part forth* aommcr. Good reference from last pi \ce, where ? be lived seventeen month*. Apply tor oae lay at No. d Mor ris >t., three d'>or* tr.'ro Proa Iway . WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KESI'ECTABLE woman.' as cook; nndcritanda 1 *r business perfectly well; has no objection to assist in the washing ana ironing. Can be well rrc^mmeaded from tbe,ie sho ha* lived wits, call at 21 West Broadway piaeo, Bear Canal >t., two dsyf. WANTED? A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE j work; one who is a good cook, w asher and ironer, aad v ho understands baaing, may apply at S77 Bo*ery. 11/ AM ED? A SITUATION AS NURSE OE SEAM ' TT stress, ia capable o? cittlng or llttlng children's I clotbri, or doing light el amborwr rk. The best of oity re fercnto can be given. Call at 120 M Mark's place, drat Ho<r, fro t room. Can be ***a fort?o day*. "VET ANTED? BY A YOUfcO W<?MAN, LATELY All 1 TV lived Irotn 11 ?e"nrtry, I' gtieral lou>*work. I'loase call at 18 I laroaaont area a*, niekljt. WANTfD? SITUATIONS, T5Y 1WO YOUNG GIRLS. I one a* cook, w*?h*r, and ironer, uaderataiiil* h*r bast- I MM in *11 it* branol es; ha* th*> beet eiy fwferoao* fir C0"fcln? ?r.d ?hirt ironing, and sotri-.ty; tho ?t'. or a* eham bttn rid a> d waiter, or '<? do fit* wa-hi-g ila no r>->jeo tlf-n to ir Into *bc eonntry for the *ninra r ?t'li a private fsrrlly. J|ss th* best of ell* ref*r*we* call Iwv ii?/s at S* rni ?!., HHrHfrWU nk ?t?W?. WAJITSD? A SITUATION, BV A PBOTBSTANT QIRL, ft* cktaNrmM or nm ud t? do plaia sewiag. Good ithtMM given Apply at 76 Warren it. Imkhi w< Heyt iU.. Broeklya. Cm seen for tn day*. ANTED? BY A BE1PBCTABLB TOUNG WOUkft, ft situation as ium and r uilma; hM a* ehjeetlsa U gn ?? the o?untry, oc *nU trav.l *iu t IU;. Can be hw for two days, if aet ttiatti, at her tumor employer's, JM> 4th avenue, ourne* cf Zlst it. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS NUBSI. BT AH ENG U>h P rot aslant woman, who naderstands tht oa lr? charge of a tab; from iia birth. Qood references Caa bo be?n ftr too dsys, at 187 HnUt >i, botwoon Mulberry and Butt, room Mo. 14. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, Br AN EX l-erienotd woman, whoebas had oIotob years' experi ence both in tbo old couttry and this. Beit olty references. Ap|ly at 52 Mottat., bet wet a l'riaoe and Houston, second flfor. * WANTED-BV A 1 OUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION an cbani tens. aid or laundress, perfectly oom potent for tbo duties ot uitber situation. Beat oity rofereaoe. Apply at 240 Bott at., oner of frinoe it. > WANTfcD? BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE a lady to board, or a gentleman and hti wife who oaa live plain, a ill t? aooommodated reasonably where there are no boaiders, with a Ion* lady wbo has got no family; or tw? young men, or two gr.iwn boys. Aiiply at 138 Lturea* t?for furtb.r information inquire is the rear baaemont, WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A N1AT GIRL, 1 years of ate, aa cbiid'a nurie and chambermaid; is a | ocd nine and would wash and Iron for the nursery ii a unnrt waiter; lias pood city reference. Wagci from $3 to $4 per month No oljtctlon to a lady who boardi. Call at 217 East 2{d it. . in tbo slore WANTED- BY A BES PECTAB I.E AMERICAN WO ?nan, a situation aa oooh; bai niobjeotions to tho cothtry: best of cit> roftrenoe. Apply at 52U.Greenwloh at., lor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS WET NURSE, BT A youn* woman who hai Just lost her child. Inquire at 239 Canal it., scctftd floor. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE TOUlsG WOMAN, a situation as laundress or to trarei with a family; city refereiee. Call at 468 Greenwich at., near Watt it. WANTID-BT A GENTEEL TOUNG WOMAN, A ?ituation in a respectable prirate family as seamstress aad die s> maker; understands cutting aad fitting laiies' and children's clothing; the best of city reference given. Call at 175 Grand st., lor two days. WANTED- A SMART GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework. Call at GtO and 662 tith avenue, corner of MHh at., 'op stairs. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, MIDDLE-AGED woman, a situation as oook, in a small private family, t>r to assist iu washing and ironing. Can be aeon for three day*, at 5iH Irauklin st^ WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A MOST RESPECTA ble young woman, as cook, in a private family or boarding louse; is a first rate baker; no objection to assist in the washing and ironing. No objection to the country. Can be well recommended from her last situation. Call or address Mrs. Baths, 108 Mottat , front basement. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid and waiter; the best of oity re ference. Call a* C 2 21st st , corner Cth avenue, third floor, baok room, for three days. WANTED? BT A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as seamstress; understands dressmaking, and would assist in chamberwork, or take care of children Has no ob jection to go in the country. Can be aeen tor two day* at No 10 Union court. University plaoe. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT TWO TOUNG WOMEN, oae for w aitress, the other for general housework. Best of re erenee. Apply at IK) last 17th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, who would take the care of chilgren, and do plain sewing, or would do chamberwork and waiting, and assist in washing. Caa give the beet city reference trom her last situation, where ihe has lived for two years, andean be seen for two day* at 149 Allen at., near Riving ton. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl at ehambermaid aad waiter; four years' city re ference can be given from her last plaoe. Inquire at No, 3 A) Rivlngton st. WANTED? BT A VERT RESPECTABLE PROTEST ant young woman, a litaation as seamstress; she i* perfectiy acquainted with dress making, and would prefer to travel with a lady: best of city ret'erenoe can be given. Please call at 74 Charles st. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a situation as plain oook, or chambermaid, waiher ami ironcr; good city reference. Call at 128 7th avenue, between ll'tli ana 20th for two days. WAN 11 D? A GOOD SALESWOMAN, WHO IS WELL acquainted with the oity millinery business; to a good band airs" rate sitrfttion, and permament, is offered. Ap ply immediately at Gay'i millinery, 253 Greenwich it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT girl, as aeamstreas and to attend to children; can cut and fit drertcB. Apply at 68 Vandam St. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yourg woman, a situation as nurse and to do plain it wing, chamberwork and icwin(, or would go ai waiter. Good refcrenoe. Call for two daj a at 192 6th avenue, on* door from 13th *t. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A ?ituation ft* seamitres* and to take care of ohildren; is a neat sewer: no objection to go into the oountry or to travel; be*t reference given. Can be seen for two day* at 2t8 1st ave , botween 16th and ICth st*. WANTED-BY A R1SPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN, ft ?ituatitn a* nnrie and seamstress; ha* had several years' experi?nee,and is competent to take the entire charge of a baby. Can give good city .'reference. No objection to town or oountry. or to travel with ft lady. Apply for two dftjsftt 76 W. 1Mb st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A TOUNG WOMAN, as chambermaid and tino washer and ironer; willing tu do general housew>rk. lor ft private family; good city re ference; noobjecticn to the country. Apply at No. 110 W. 19th ht., between Cth and 7th avenue*. WANTED? A SITUATION. AS LAUNDRESS, BT AN experienood woman, wno fully understands her busi ness. Best oity references. No one need apply who is not willing to give gocd wage*. Caa be seen for two day*, ftt 187 lie iter it., between Mulberry and Mott, room No. 14. WANTEE-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as nurse and aeftmitre**, or as cham bermaid and aeamstrecs; i* wi. ling to make herselt useful; would like to go with ft family in the country tor the sum mer. Good reference. Call at 300 9th avenue, between 29th and 30th st*. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as waiter in a private family. Best of reieronre given. Call atfilO Pearl *t., first floor, oack room. Can be *eon for two day*, if not engaged. w WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE gill, to take care of children' or to do light chamber work; none but a respectable family need apply; relcienoe [liven. Apply ftt 71 Henry st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man, ft situation a* cook, washer and ironer-, is a goo 1 baker; ha* reference. Can be seen, until raited, at M Bands *t., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman; *he Is a good plain cook, washer and iioncr, or would do houte work In a private family: can give good'eity reference from her last place. Call at 10 Ham mond st . , for two days. TV ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A it situatioa as chambermaid and waiter, or would do the cooking of a small private family; understands her busi ness in either situations. Satisfactory city reference given. Can be i"en at No. 2 Aster place, for two day*, ANTED? A TRENCH DRESSMAKER, WHO PER feotly understand* cutting and fitting the latest modes; none other need apply. Also two apprentice', at 683 Br.iid v ay, corner of Amity st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A BESPECTABLB young girl, as ehambermaid and waitress, or to do fiac washing and ironing; Is well experienced in both. Good city refereno* from her last place. Call at 120 8th st , St. Mark'* place, ttird floor, back room, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, abeut 17 years of age, as nnrse and seams tress, or to do light chamberwork; hai been brougt up in thii country, and has a good education; is a ueat line sewer. Good city roferenue from her last place. Call at 120 8th St., St. Mark's place, third floor, bftek room, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant girl, u lanndresj or to do ckamberwork; is well experienced in both. Unquestionable city reference from her last placc. Call at 11* rith nt.( St Mark's place, in the bakery, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS FIRST RATE COOK; hu lived kiii year* with one family. Call at tU Ota avenne, in the ature. TITAN TED? A SITUATION AS NURSE, BT A PRO Vv tastant woman, in a respectable family. Beit of re fertnee. Apply at 2730th avenue. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable married lady, with a freih breast ot milk, ae wet tone. City refcrenoe. Call a'. No. 9 Vandt water it., front building, for two dayi. Wanted? a situation, as coachman, by a respectable tint to young man, who understand* hit besi ne>* perleetly welL Beet city reference. Call or ad Irene OX 13th it., between Broadway and University place. WANTED? A OGOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, and to <lo general housework. None other need apply at 228 Madison si. Wanted-by a frenchman, who speaks Englth, a sitnation to travel Apply at TOO Broadway, bair dressing eeloon, np stairs. X\J ANTED? BY A YOU NO MAN. NOW nOLDINO A TT good situation, bnt wishes to change it for one more detlrable,;a situation as clerk or steward of some good hotel or stean.boat. Refore to bis present employer. Address Hotel Clerk, Broadway Post Offiee. WANTED-A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING OR COL lectin* agent, by a man well acquainted in the Cana da!, New lirnnswick, Eastern, middle, and part of the Wont cm and Sonthern States. Sat If factory refer sneo and bonds if re'piirtd. Address H. M. C, Herald office. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNO MAN, A SITUA TV tlon as clerk in a wholesale or rotail grocery; tinder stands bis bttsii ess; speaks English and Merman. Apply, by Utter or otbtrwiea, at E. Ernst's grocery, 3-V1 Oreenwiuli it., corntr of Harrison. WANTED? IN A LAW 01 FCE, A CLERK WHO TV a rites a good en^ros^ng baud. Apply between IDA. M. and 3 I'. M. to D. Oonld vr T. C. Fields, No. (V) William st., corner of Ctdar tt. 11'ANIED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A EE TV sreetab'e maa, who is fully competent; knows the city veil, and can be litsbly recommended. Lived in his last sUnattoa tao Jisra. Aadrsts'i. W.. Herald offiee, two deyi. triMlli ? UY A RESPECTABLE YOC<OMA?, A | ? as ar ?ate coach-aa. Baq* JVSV ' * ".Ta sT.r IV ? daT?. ... k ? frs?a A Ha ? ar I s lisery stsWe Load* ay, cora *r 11. h **? ? lirradst . Ml** ? ? tL A4*rrM. ?v. t. Wilmot. reem ufaa?u liia st. WANTED? BY A STB A DY YOUNG BNOLISAMA*. A ?IhuUM M ? ? kman *T (TMB U< f*lM to t tr?v?l 1*1 gtatlomea; he thorough!# ailuiUUt tki owl u< trii'BHt o t horses; bM lived in Lu?d?*. rltb first cists families: U a goed diiver, In tow* sr Mutrr; ha? good re (<tn?t from bis last i?l?e? la this oity. Addroes B 0. M? ? lwlurt barn*? ?iobUob? >, 878 Broadway. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, Wit ? WRITES A YY good aand tad know* the eity peritotlr well, a sitaa tioa M porter la ? tailoring drj good*, boot ud atioo store, or ia any ottior business ni? Mrvloao au ko roqa rod; bu been the above for a oog tiae dest of eity roiaraa^o *l?se. Ceil or adarse* F. 1.1k., 44 Frankfort it., in tb? cottage, opposite Gold *t., or box 178 ifaraid office, for lira dsys. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN TO drive a horta aad ear ; be u veil acquainted with lbs ?hipping aad city deliver/ of goofs. Addreu J If., box 181 Derail office, tiatiag where aa interview eaa be bad. \|7 ANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG Illy. YY to biud themselvei to a trade; one to boot aad she* making; ba* serred all months; the otliar to ai; trade. Plea** call at MS Greenaioh street, room 17- Pay ns eb J"? WAN TAD,? A YOUNG MAN Of GuOD RECOBUEtf dauuu wishes a tltuatioa a? cuaobmao or gartaaor, or would te wilting to engage la any leap^cteble employ - tteLt. Ad*re? Business, lierald office, lor two days. ? WANTKD? AN ACTIVE BUSInE?3 M4.N, WELL acquainted with wholesalers aud maan'aoturen, ai an advertising agon. la this eity. To one pressing the re ?uUite qualitioafcone.termi liberal. None other* need applf. nquire at room 34 Gilsey building, corner of Broadway aud Cotllaadt St., this day. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN, TO take caie ot a hoisc, and work in a garden and mike himself gentralljr uscul about a houee; ban no oijajtions to ko in tbt country Can be eeea till engaged. Please call or address at 66 Mott St.. trum 7 A.M. till 3 P.M. WAMTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YfVNO MAN, TO work on a farm or dairy) is aoquaiated with the rutt ing of vegetables aad gardening; not a'raid of any worfc ilai good reoommekdation irou where hi has lived three ysars. Addrtss J. B., Herald office, this day. WANTED? A SITUATION. IN A FURNITURE 8TORB, by an eiperieuced tale?nian, with flrit late reference*. Addreu Hamilton, llerald oiiioe. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. AS salesman ia a hat aad cap stire; would like ts so We?t; is a Latter by trad*. Address W . 11. 3., boa 189 lierald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG FRENCHMiN, WHO speaks English and Italian, a situation in a pri vate family; no objection to go in the oouatry or to Europe; be Is a good waiter Good oity rtferenco given. Address No. 200 Church st. M. CL'LAT, WANTED-BY A SCOTCHMAN, WHO IS DESIROUS te obtaia a situation; as waiter in a private family. Address D. B. MoD., Union Square Post uliice, for tir* llfi. WANTED? A BOY. FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, TO attend a retail grocery store, lie must come well re commended as to honesty and industry. Aa Auierioau; noue others need apply. Call at 633 Greenwich st , ooraer ot Vandam. ANTED? A GERMAN BOY. OR GIRL, ABOUT 14 yeais of age, to attend in dry good* (tore; they must understand the business well, and speak good Baalish. Ca t fur two days at 190 3d aienua, in the store. Gooa rsferenoes required. WANTED? A BOY ABOUT SIXTEBN YEARS OF aKe, to go of errands and assist about tbe store. Must have a good charaoter and com* well recommended. Apply at store No 4 19 Broadway. WANTED? A BOY ABOUT 17 YEARS OLD, TO RUN of errand*. One aoquaiated with the newspaper busi ness preferred. Apply at 553 Broadway, up itair*. WANTED? THREE OR FOUR BOYS, TO SELLA nioe light article. Call at 62 Read* St., grocery store, between 10 anjl 12 A. M. w work. No objection to tho country. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days. THB TKADKB, AC. CONFECTIONER WANTED ? A WORKMAN WHO understands the general branches of the trade, and cap able of taking charge ot a workshop to a first olass confection cry and ice cream saloon. Address, stating capability, refe retoes, terms, Ac., G, A., Herald office. | \ AGUERREOTYI'B PLATE CLEANER WANTED.? A J. J first rate hand oan have a permanent situation at R. A. Lewis's, 142 Chatham st. Gardener wanted? one that can come recommexded and a young man, well acquainted with the tea aid coffee business Scotch or Bngluh preferred. Apply at Bowery, from 12 to 4 o'clock, in the store. OtSE PAINTERS WANTEr.? APPLY TO ISAAC LODEKV1CK, 380 Broadway, corner White street. H H GUSE PAINTERS.? WANTED, SIX GOOD HANDS; oity wage*. Apply to W. P. Bowden, Astoria, L. 1. TO BLACKSMITHS AND CARRIAGE MAKER3. ? A young man wishes to obtain a situation, who oan give satisfaction. Address a line to 1(. W. P., box 101 Herald office, or call at 138 West 32d st. TO DAGUERREOTYPISTS. ? AN EXPERIENCED OPE xator wishes an engagement He lias had considerable Sractice in collodion ot pbotograthy. Address Collodion, Itrald office. TO COACHSMITn?4. ? TT ANTED, A , COACHSMITH; one who understands li^ht woik ami general jobbing, loa good mechanic steady work and good trage* will be given. Also, a helper. Apply at Cooper s factory, 97 and 99 Charles st. WANTED? TWO CARPET SALESMEN. APPLY to Lord A Taylor, Grand and Chrystie its. WATCHMAKERS WANTED-GOOD WORKMEN. Ap ply to FELLOWS A CO , 17 Maiden lane. WANTED? PRACTICAL CARPET UPHOLSTERERS. Apply to t and Bead* its. to A. T. Stewart A Wo., Broadway, Chamber* WANTED? AN OPERATOR, AT THE MORAND DA guerrean Gallery. Ao. (% Chatham it. Apply from 8 to 10 o'elook A. M., With reference. TIT' AN TED? TWO GOOD JOURNEYMEN BARBERS Y Y Wages *10 a week, at Paul's, 41 Cortlandt street. MIiaiCAJU A LADY, TEACHER OF THE PIANO FORTE AND singing, will siTo lossons at $6 per iinarter, if appltca Uon it mnde immediately. Undoubted referenoe* pre*. Address Ratio, Broadway Poit Offlse. A81UCKLER HAVING REMOVED TO NO. 16 JEV ? ferson (treat, near East Broadway, continues giving locsons on the piano, Hate, thorough base, Ac., in hii usual strict attention and praotical method. Ladies and gentle men tanght at their own or his residence. A SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE (BY CELE brated makers) for 9100? mast be sold immediately. Also several excellent second hard pianos, rosewood and mahogany, at great bargains for cash. Prices, 918, 9A), tiu, 966, $75, 9b0, 986 and 9100. Pianos tuned, repaired or taken in exchange. Music thoroughly tanght at 402 Sixth atoaue, ?ear Twenty-fonrth street. ATTENTION-PIANOFORTE PURCHASERS? LOOK at oar reduced price* for ca;h.? 6'.| octave, plain, at 9143; octave, plain, 91C0; octave, plain, 91Wi 7 oc tave, plain, 92UU; 6' i octave, extra finish, 91'kJ; (i.'i octare, extra finish, 91?5; t..'i ootave, extra tinlsb, 92U0; 7 octave, extra finish, 9260 to WW. H< Dt? ALU BROS., Manufactu rers, 2S?2 Bowery. First premium pianofortes, manufacture* by STUN WAT SONS, 88 Walter street, boat Broad way, N. Y. ? These pianos received the flnt premiums, in competition with planp* made by the most celebrated man* * etorers of Boston, riew York, Philadelphia, and BMt4 more. Every piano warranted. Prieet moderate. For sale-a new seven octave pianoforte, lancy case, at 23 Amity place. The owner being obliged to sell, will *?)1 very cheap. MUS1C.-A YOCNO I.ADY. EXPERIENCED in Giv ing inltrnction on the piano and singing, will receive a lew pupils at her residence at two dollars per month, with privilego of practice, i'npils attended at their res idoncc,ten dollars per quarter; Apply at 238 Eighth avenue, between Twenty-second aid Twenty third streets. New mcsic-' mavor wood- song, composed and dedieated to the Mayor by the Hutchinson Fami ly, and sung by them at their concerts with enthusiastic applause; 26 cents. Also, the most popular pieces of the day at the reduoed rstec. 110 RACK WATERS, Publisher, 883 Broadway. NEW MUSIC.? "SAB," A SON U; WORDS AND Ml'SIC by J. B. Bacon; title page emballislicd with a highly artistic ideal of "Uncle Sam's Youngest.'' Price 36 cents. Also, the most popnlar pieces of the day at the reduced ratcc. HORACE WATERS, Publisher, aft Broadway. NO. (383 BROADWAY-RIGHT BOUDOIR PIANOS, made by Gilbert, of Boston, new and **cond hind, for sale at Itwer prioci than ever before offered in this market. Also, two upright grand piano*, mad* by Trayvrrs, or Co vUgton, Ky., will be sold without regard to cost. Pianos to rant, and music at reduced price*. HORACE WATERS. PIANO ? ClI ICR E RING'S BEST MAKE; RICH TONED, beantlfnl instrument; cost 9860, to be sold for 9 J"". Ap ply at 78 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. PIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MANUFAC tnrcra, bare removed their pianoforte warehouse from 68 Barclay street, to the new and spacious building, 19 Caral street, between Hudson and Varick streets. 1 ianofortes at wholesale prices, for cash, or satlsflictoQ paper. A great inducement to purchasers now offered. fPO BE SOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFCE, AN EI. B<1 ANT JL rofewocd piano, round conored, ma&u by a cdebratcd maker; keen in u*c only three month*; must be sold, a* the oi> uer is going to California. Also, elegant chandelier. Ap ply at 71 Crosby street. TO CI1URCBES-A TENOR SINGER, FULLY COM petcnt, and hating several years' experience, wishes to take charge of a choir, or tenor in a <iuart?tt*; op town pro letted. Irrms liberal, if circumstances require it Address, for tlrcc dajs, Tenor, stating particular*, locaalon, Ao., 417 Kikhlh avenue, in the st jre. ?HTiHH? ? Billiard tables for >al&? patrnt cusnioN ed, rosewood er mahouany tablee' with either marbls pl.te, or wood bed*, can be had at tha toweet price ef W. I. SUaKP, 141 Fultcn street. Old cushion* rspaircd. Billiard table for sale? has been u?o bnt a short time. Apply at ecrncr Frankfort and Pearl streetr. Billiard tables -we opfbr for sai.r supi rlor made tables at r*duo?d prirei, wi'h onr Utc pa rent eurhi?ns,'of superior elasticity, with erervthiog c-m p ete. 1 wi> seed hand tables for sale cheap. Una N s- ta at onr factory, W Ann nm t. (IRIFPITn A DECKER iLllAkD 1AHI > K K .?ALk ? A Uw^LWuwD TA nilrr'r., b rleti eervo* f'nn"? Al?? a nandsoui ' counter 4 i i < ?ftsw'i U ?>>l >1 1 tint iai,ka. Apply at 2J1 Or* u wieti itrttl. wTTt IV TTrITaT AWARDED fo' LEONARD A Bl < O J*'nt at the W oild'? Fair Ut&t, for the best Mllieti tal l*. *<tl> sp-eia' apr*ak*M?n for *orkaiaatfala Thejev '? as dertd onr esshiosu alene entitled so tbe abovu award We have a splendid sloes ol Ul'iard tables eietke, balls sues, lee tl era, Ac , de. eheai*. 'ft sa'a LEONARD A H?N JAUIN, highest presnlnas maker*. UN Broadway. N. B. Tw? mvad hand tablet, cheat, ftCMla> Anon. A BO TAUT Ft?R fHB SOUTH ?A ft iakmh A 0#_.1 I w# r&XS! 1 1 s<ri*? ?' Standard Sohe? rhVBlntfJrVwtlt^ " ?i7L'rm,W W?Tk- ???*"??< * Botaay 0* schools a*d academies ia ?h. 8ou?h ?ndTs? .thw.rt It U tbtotdgwork op*a thi? interesting tobj^i for ih?t |?i| tude. Th# following are A. 8. bTTU 'i Ut? _ i?r >f Aritlmetio, three p*rt?, OUrk'c N??r Bazluk Or** mar, sew eJHiun; Lard Kane's CritUum 4Jiw5 J! Boyd; MonteiLle's Jir.t Le..o?>. i. Geo^nb, ^ ' A. 8. Bt>NM A Co , 51 John itiHt, U hLiWAKD LlrRKMuRE, i'ablisber, SM Bttkui'it. OPIRI1CAL 1'UliLIbHING HOUSE, SI- BROAJWAY U "Hsallfc* of t'lNiiKDi," by Gov. Tallmailge, Cheria* [?tnton, mfdtum. 6M)p?ge?; price >1 AO, package St cents, 'haeved riroic. '' May number, v?l. 2; No. L by Juiy> Id Warren. $2 per anuum. 1'AKl'ltlDijK * Bttni Aft, trnit of Be Taltrtitlt. W UAE *5 HOM,t WITHOUT A MOTHERf bT * Alioe Ifawthorae ? 6,1.00 ovui* of this beauUiat and ??S? BoW "'thin the pv,t ?ix ?mU Published b> H lauer A Shunter, Philadelphia, and far ?ala at all mutio btorw. I'rica 26 ceata. A copy will be aaat ti any aridross, peat paid, apon the receipt of tb? prioe ta ut a?e atampa. iftUM f aSHKMH. HF KAUTI1 UL Sl'RING BONNETS ? OF CM 4 t) bruidercd straw aad crape, just roc o I red by last ?Wsmcr: and the novelty of the etvlsa wliioh wo pe>itlreljr monopolii* In Now York, ao no other bouseean exhibit tha like artiole, wi'< attraot, wo hare no doubt, oir siimmaa fri<nde and strange,*, who will never ho disappointed to visit the metropolitan a tore of Mill, HARRIS A SON, 671 Broadway. TO CASH BUyKR8. The kubvc: iben are In receipt of all the recheroho atytoa of airaw boanetH, 4'ienob flowers, Ao., which they oKor to ?aab buyer* at reduced prices, at Nob. ti and 66 John street, corner of William. N. T. HOMER A KETCHUM. PU? ARTS. Fink ARTs.-uiMRALoar.-roR saie, a larcir oollootioB ol minerals, arranged for tho itady a I mineralogy. For further informattoa apply to VIOtOA B1&HUP, importer* of preoioui itoneo, 23 Maldea laao. OLD ENGRAVINGS AND BOORS BOUGHT AT THE Hid Curiosity Shop, 107 Nassau (tract, wboro tho high eat rath price will be fciven. 1 hare alwayi oa haad a tary large assortment of fine old and modern prints, paintings, ectap print*, Ac JulIN l'YNE, 107 Nas ai otreot. FUJUdTtlBB. filKECKK A CO., MANUFACTURER* Of PACBB* 17 spring hod bottoms, French iroa bedsteads, aad saaA tseosos of every description, hare removed from SB aad M Centre street to J82 Broadway, where thaa hope to ooo uhofc patron*. Enamelled suits at reduced prices-at ma '1QEW8 A STACY'S old established warerooms, 614 Broadway, opposite the St- MoUolas Uotal. Su ta of furai ture with hair mat tresses, straw do., and pillow* and bol sters, from 940 per suit. WATCHES, JBWELRI, AC. 131 ?ROGERS? 131.? MY FRIENDS AMD THE PVB lie aro invited to oall at No. 131 and examine my assortment of clooki>, watches, jewelry, silver aad plated wa?e. which I will sell at low prices. W. U RtJGEKS lit Myrtle avenne, between Gold and I'riaoe streets, Brooklyn. Clocks, watohes and Jewelry repaired. Fine and xxtra fine English watch mote meLts, i vr irecent arrivals, for sale, at a dtolded rodus tion from import oost, by DAVID CAVAN, 36 Burling sUy. THlfi HIUfABT, LINDSEY BLUES HEADQUARTERS? CRYSTAL 224 Grand street. Tha members of tbe a jots corps are h?re b> requested to attend the regular monthly meeting, t hi a (Tucbdsy) evening, M ay 8, 1865. By order, EDGAR A. ROiiEK I'd, Commandant. John J. Toal, Recording Secretary. KITRA FAT. BOUNTY LAND GFF1CK, 00 WALL STREET. ? ALL ?oldltr*, sailors, wagonmasters and teamster*, or the widows of those wbo served fourteen days oa sea or shorn in any war since 1776, are entitled to lbO acre* of bounty land. Ihoso who reoeived 40 or 80 acres oan obtain tba balance. No eharga nntll (the warrant is collected. Astir to the agent, 1'. T. BETTS, 66 Wall street, ba*em*at. Bounty land obtained for soldiers, (RIgu lnrs and volunteer'), seamen, marines, flotilla men. teamsters, wagoners, musicians and others (or their surviv ing widow* or minor ohildren) who served in any war *t?co 1700, oan obtain their wairant* by applying to A. J, JkER K1AN A CO., 37 Chamber* street. Navy bounty land and "extra pay" orncK. ?Bounty lands and "extra pay" for U. S. Navy sailers, Ac , in all wars sinoo 1790 ? their widow* and heirs ? prom* ttljr obtained and paid. Balance* due widow* and heirs of deceased U. 8. aaflor* and other*, collected-, and all kind* of olaim* against Mm United State* rooorixod by EDWARD BISSELU Agent and late) PurserfU. 8. Navy, 67 Wall (taroeL kuckllaheoo. 165' CANAL 8TKEET, NEAR YARICC.-W. A H. VA*> 1 NOTE'S grate and fender, kitohom range, humbh ranice ana stovo wardrooms We have a largo assortment of tbe latest patterns of mantel grates, ranges and stove*, fur sale on reasonable terms. Grates %nd ranges set aad repair ed. range* lined, brass founders' and Jewellers' furnace* built, ttoves lined, baker*' oven* built aad repaired. AMIELET.-THIS EXTRAORBINARY CHEMICAL compound, di*covered by a New York phyeiiiaa, con talning the aotive principle* of South American plant*, war antcd to make the hair crow, to prevoat it falling oat, to ?Mlve the dandriif, and keep tbe hair luxuriant aad beau tiful. Sold by M. WELKIN, No. I Clinton plaoe, aad 09 Well street. JOHN K HOPPCL. BARGAINS-TO BE HAD IN LAMPS. GIRANDOLES, china vasos, tea set*, tea trays, plated and britaaaia casters, crockery and glass ware; must be sold this week, on account ot having to leave tbe premises. I'lea** oall at ft) Bowery, one door above Walker street. /CHARTER OAK GRAPE ROOTS rOR SALE-AT NO. V7 7 John street, where tamploa of the grape* eaa be moo. 1 mm grape* grow to the die of one ud a half incha* la dia B eter. They are at sweet ai the Iiabtllt, aad three week* earlier; perfeotly hardy, and will product nor* pouadi ol grape* than any other ever cultivated. Order* promptly attended to by JOHN B. J AMIS, No. 7 John (treet. COOPERS W1LI.OW, COOPER'S WILLOW.? 400 BUN die*, in prime order, now landing from Bordeaux, aad for *alo by L. U. SIMPSON I SONS, 19 Beaver rtnet. CORNS AND BUNIONS REMOVED FROM THE fUT without pain, blood or dan<ir, by Dr. J. CLUTE. The doctor hn recently returned from the South aad will be happy to ??e hi* Mend* aad all who may favor him with their confidence, at hi* office, 906 Broadway. Baeh torn axtracted. 80 coat*. Decorative fresco painter-of the ger man and Italian school*, 1* ready to decorate la the mot approved manner, aad in all itytc*. Addrei* Xb Eprlagrtrcet. -? GEORGE F1CUT Gas fitting and fixtures?stores, dwel ling*, factorle* and p.ublio buildiug* promptly fitted ay with xa* pipe* Aid fixture*. oheaper than aay other hoaao, A (plenai d as*ortmeat of onandellen, pendant*, bracket*, 4c., of the lateit defiant, at the wholeaalo and retail ni feature manufactory of JAMES 0. MOFFET, 119 and 121 P.taoe street, 3d block we*t of Broadway. Glass signs in burnished gold.? drug ?tore* handiomely labelled, and all kinds of drugalit* glas*ware. ? Person* requiring handiom* ilgu* for their (tore* would do well to eall an i see HALE'S show rooms, of Nassau *tr??t, up stairs. (>REAT tCRE OF THOMAS DI 'KSON. !f DR. SWATNE'S coMPOr.tD ftvat'F or WILD CHKRRV. The moat effectual and apeedy crita known >oa oonsvmption, oco ibs, oolds, asthma, bronchitis liver complaiats spitting blood, difficulty 01 breathing, pain* in th* *ide and b re k*t, palpitation of the heart, Influenza, oroup, broken conititutlcn, *or* throat, aervou* de bility, and *11 disease* of the throat, breast a?d lungs. 1 ho*. Diokion, Point of Rock*, Frederic county , Mary land, wa* troubled with a violent cough day aad aight, lot* of appetite, and extreme debility, aad a severe gathering m thebreatt, which formed a large abiooes; alto communicat ed to the fangs, and di*char?od large guantltlei of oornif Hon, external and internal; la fact, had all thoiymatoms of cenftrmed eoniumptloa. By the a*e of the atovi invalua ble mediclae he ha* been reetorod to perfect health, a* the evideaeeof the Rev. Jame* R. Dur borrow, pastor of Borlia cireuit, Baltimore Coaferenoe, aad tbe principal merchants ei Poiat of Reeks, have tsatifiel. Be very particular to ob tain theoriainal and only genuine preparation- or Wild Cher ry, as prepared by Dr. SWATME A SUN, at their laborato ry. No. 4 North Seventh street, Philadelphia. For sale, wholMtli tad retiil. by C. T. CLICEEN^R A CO., 81 Barclay street, New York. Harrison s upper ten extract.-tiie apes who have not brains enough to originate, but only to imitate, who have for yeart beea copying aad counterfeiting Labia, aow that Harrison ha* takta th* lead of the world In quality aad ttjle of perfumery, a* American* think, h*vo lelt theirlEuropean modela'and turned to copying him. They have copied hi* bottle, hi* label, hi* title, aad put forth an Upper Tea Extract a* original at only fer tha*a they represent, the vassalage of Europe. Hsrrlaon invented the extract, de?Unod tbe label and the bottle, and applied tbe title, and hi* only i* fit for the refined of America? tb? Upper Ten of a republic Henry Bavlland, 33 Joha strest, h** it at wholesale, and J. M.Griffith, 874 Graad *tn? t. at ftrtko I 'of^opy rig Sf." *Cap" w#",d copiod but IMPt'RTAKT TO ALL.? THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING ?ecu red to hixaelf a fortune by a *ecret proeos* wsiob Le own*, will iirfart tbe knowledge of the tame to any per ?on who wuhe* tosecureto tb?m**lv?e an honorable bud mi* requite* no capital, and with energy aad ambition a ill Insure a fortune. Pettont to wlthlu* (Ky lnelotlag II) will bo iornlthed with a koowlcd/e of t hi* tralv valuable u c ret. Adilreat 8. lluutiy, Ann street, offijo No. 6. REFLATING ? HOTELS, SHIPS, STEAMBOATS A*? private famiiie* can have every deicriptioa of old war* raplated avd warranted. Stair rod*, piaabera' fixture*, tea His. *poona and fork*, and every Kind of metal plated with gold or diver, at thort notio*, by tbe M*nhattaa Plato Com pany, No. at>7 Bowery. __ SEBA8TOPCL AND CUBA, THE MAINE LAW AND Ma>cr Wood, . . . . Are "tnbjeet* ou the carpet,1' in eirclos bad and good; But , either *, oor olk-leths sad carpeting* divine, tnprcM far n err attention, with rw?? and drugrfOte fine. Two tliuu?aaii tuficd ruge, too, for dollar* two and thr;?; t'rUUJ* VWi > a* x; Vr: a H ? iwery rtriNFfW HHAMt* AT WHOl MALE AND RETAIL. Vf ? >GRO. w CARPEN I BR ha? oft**ted a e-ew store at C.batbsm street. where he lnvlt?* th* inibiie to call and aee hf? sfoek of gold aad other H ad**, or all -I till. Coral W?. i?? F*. *?. WMttM'-i v* liMi,

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