Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1855 Page 7
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Ill MT1SEJ KITS RENEWED ETUI DAT. jQAHPUfU A.1P tOUQIia, Q7H BROADWAY-FURNISH1D ROOMS, WITH ALL OIU the aomlortiof a hum*, for tanilllea or aiaile p>r nu The** r*ema must be aeea to be appreciated. Private title Tonal moderate. n UA BROADWAY, COR NIK OF RIGHTS STRUT, IU . r aoloag aad tavorably known as Sinclair'* Hotel, Will bo open early in May aa a flrat class boarding boas*. A few suites of rooms for flamlMes ui gentlemen. with fall board ; dinner at 6. A front otto* to reat suitabls tor a phy ? 7KO BROAD WAT? TO LRT, A HANDSOMELY I OZi fornlihed parlor and bsdroo,n on third floor, with bmltait served la room*. /? Q1 BROADWAY.? HAM D80MR PARLORS AND UOJ. bedrooma attaot td, aaitabl* for matlemen aad thair wive*. or >io(le gentleman. Rooma furnished or unfnrnish ad, a ith or without board, as may be required. Xnt.-ence flrat door la Amity street. not) SIXTH AVBNUB, BRTWXRN TWENTIETH tJOJj aad Tweaty flrit street*? Two turafahed parlors to lot, with or wl bout board, on aooond floor. Th* hoaa* la pleasantly loos ted, aud haa all the modern lmprovementa. Family small aad terma modorate. QA1 XAST BROADWAY.? A GENTLBMAN AND Ovl lady and two eingle gentlemen aan b* aocommoda t*d with board and pleaaant rooma, by oaUln< aa above. ml RAN KI. IN STREET. THRER MINUTRS' WA BR from the City Ha'.l? Rooms for gentlemen aad their wivea, at to 110 per week; aad for slafle gentleman, at $4 to >6. m EIGHTH STREET, OPPG3ITE CLINTON HALL ? To let, with board, d**irable suite* cf rooma on the t**oad aad third floors, la a flrat olas* house. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR CAST OF Broadway? Fuiaisbad rooms la suit** or separa e. Also, baok parlor aad extension room oa th* flrit fl.or, te let to a geutlondn, with breakfast, if tequired. A '.so, fur aish*d rooms at Mo. # College place. -| 91 1 MADISON AVENUE-TWO DESIRABLE SUITS IOU of rooms aow vacant, furnished or aaturnlshed; ?la*lo rooms or gen'lemen, In a first class boarding house. Tb*sa who wish to reniaia in th* oity will And it a delight fal anmmar resideLoo. Wall street stage* pas* th* door. "lflft LEONARD STREET, FIVE DOORS FROM XvlU Bmadway; aew and handiomely furnished rooms, with board. Gas in the house. 7 A WIST TWENTY THIRD STREBT-A VERY DB alrabl* isoond floor front room, with be? room and pastries attached, may ? obtained for the mmner months; alsa, rooma for single nentlamen (?ft FRANKLIN STREET. FIRST HOUSE WB3T OF I \f Broadway? First floor front parlor and two large bed looms attach* d, aeparato or tog*th*r, (a good looatioa tor a phjaiaiaoJ front parlor and bedroom on the a*oond fljor. Al>*, two largo Bitfclo rooma, all neatly furnished, for gen tlaman. All* TROY STREET? A PLEASANT ROOM. FRONTING UU on Abingdon square, with large pantry, wi.h or with out partial board RK Ht'DSvN STREET ?A HANDSOME FRONT PAR %JU lor, oa th* aeoond floor, to let. wUh board, to a*ea tleman aad bis wile; ?lea*ant rooms for uagl* gentlemen, with good board; also, a few day boarders can b* aooommo date* Apply immad'.ataly. A C EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, AVD 37 lRVl.VG TU place.? A bandaom* suit of parlors; also, sliule rooma, with board, tor families and single gentlemen. Re Ureaees exchanged OO ROWERS.? THE NRW BROWN STONE FRONT OO hens*, en* door from tho corner of Bayard street; nurnisbtd aad nnfnrai*h*d rooma to l?t. aaitabl* for gent lo ir an aad their wires, aad aiugl* gentlemen, with full or par tial board. Oa* aad bath io the house. At HO. 91 PRINCE BTREET, ON FIRST BLOCR west oi Broadway, gentlemen and thair #lvei, or ling1* gtutleaiea, can obtain lull or partial board, with well fur ntahed rooma; location very desirable; house first class; bath* and gai. A LARGB AND HANDSOME BACK PARLOR ON THE J\ flrat floor, furnished and an elegant front room in th* aoeead. t* let to a gentleman aad hi* wife; also, pleaaant tenia for single geatl-men with or withont partial beard; bath, gae. Aa. References exohanged. Apply MM) Whit* street, t>*ar Broadway. AFRWAGR1IABLB PEnSONSCAN OBTAIN HAND som* r?ouis, 'urnlahed or unfurnished, with or without beard. Good referenoe and permanence deaired Terms moderate, a* the resident family depend on other means. Call at No. 68 St. Mark's place. A FAMILY REQUIRING BOARD FOR THE SUMMER la a private bouse, having every accommodation for a r< apeetable family of eight or more pereone, will flad the aame on application at the office of the Daily Neva, Thames stieet, Newport, a. I Tie board will be of the bast, a* can be Mcartaiuel If iecei?ary and a good price is expected A PARTMENTS AT a WASHINGTON PLACE.? PRI A v ate table if desired. ASiRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY OF THRXR PER ? eat, having more room than is r qnirec, will let a a U o> turi isbed or nnforn lsh*d rooms to a gautlemao aod wile or aingle gentlemen, wi'h or wi'hout ooard References exchanged. Apply atitoK Weat Twoatj -sotond street. A FAMILY OF TIIRER PERSONS, OF HIGH RE spaetaallity, having a flrat elaaa bouoo oa Fonrt**nth tin ?*, would be pleased te have a gentleman aad wife, or two aiagle gentlemen, aa permana*'. >?? able ken* weald v guaranteed. elfica, wnfsh will b* pr.mptly aaat Addraaa A. Z., Herald 1 aasaraeed, A BOOM OR ROOM 8 TO LBT? WITH OR WITHOUT beard; house occupied by a amall quia* tamdy. and cm talis modern Improvement*. Apply at W West Tweaty aixth street. A PLEASANT ROOM ON FIRST FLOOR TO LBT-TO J\ me or two American or tisrman gentlemen, with o a i trout board, In a small genteel house. Kefs ranees ex ?Ranged. Apply at 97 Grand ttre?t, on* block west o * roadway. A BACK PARLOR, NEATLY FURNISHED. SUIT JBL able tor two gentlenan, to lei. In a private family, with sr withont partial board. Apply at 94 White street, ?M door from Bilk A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH GAS, BATH, Ao, in a private >*a?ily, real J in* ea Twenty-eighth street, near Fourth avenue? to let to a gentleman, without botrd; leaation unsurpassed. Address II H. R., box 1,839 Post OSes. A o boa: aers taken in the bouse. A LADY BAYING TAKEN. THE HOUSE S3 GREEV wioh avenu<>, Russell plaoc. is deeirons of letting rooms furnished or unfurnished, with board, h.inse having modern lmprovameata aoeeasible by oar? and stages; also a front basement snlta >le for aa offiae A few gentlemen can be accommodated with partial board it 410 Pacific street, Brooklyn, A LADY WISHES BOARD IN A RESPECTABLE private family, where instruction on the pianoforte, or tat otner branches of education, wilt be taken ai compensa tion. Address Maria, Herald offioe. A FRONT BOOM, FURNISHED, ON TBE SECOND ioor, to let; two (Ingle -entfmm preferred; broakiaat and tea if required; or a gentleman ana hi* wife, at 18S)? Sixth avenae, between Twelfth and Thirteenth aireett A TRENCH FBI V ATE FAMILY WOULD LET FUR nisbed room*, with breaktaet if required, to tingle gen tlemen, with the priviloe of takiag lessons in the Frenil language. Apply to Mont. Dubol, proteiior. Mo. I Clinton place, Eighth itreet, first private home from Broadway. A LADY WISHES BOARD IN A SMALL PRIVATE J. It family, in the wtiters part of the oity, not abort Tuir tieth itreet, whera there are bat law or no other boarder*. Btard (aid in advance. Addreaa A. B , Broadway Pc?t Uftee. A FEW SEIEC1 BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROC MS, furnished or unlurulthed, wi'h or withont board, with a private faniil) ; houte new, brown atona, ooatainlng all the modem improvements. Apply at 144 East Thli toe nth street, between Saoond and Third avonnet. Also, a tpUndid ?(Bee for a pbptioian or surveyor Keftrenoei exchanged. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED room to li t? To a tingle gentleman, at 38 Clinton place, E'ghth etieet. Uoaae ha* all tho modern im provements A WIDOW LADY, LIVING WEST OF BROADWAY, and In a pleasant neighborhood, can aoeommodato one or two gentlemen and ladlei with board; 'nil board for the 1 1 4y and partial for the gentleman, ('required Tn .se div postd to live quiet and geiiteel may Monro a pleasant home. Addrtt Cbanmug, Brood way Pest Offloe, wbioh will be im mediately attended >)? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITII board, a splendid parlor and bedroom, uaf iraiihed, to a gentleman and wife. The bonto ii a newly built English baMinent, and ha* all tie modern conveniences. Location, west Twentieth itreet No boardert or children iathe houte. Addrttt Vk . H A.. Herald office. A80ITE OF PARLORS, VERY RICHLY FURVI3HED. ? i'arlora, with bedroon, drenl-g ro >m and oloseti at taefced; alio a fine basement, handsomely furniihtd, tint* bit for a phytician, to let, to rngle *enUemeu,with or with ont partial b< ard. The houte li nearly n?w. well aituatod, fitted with laths, ca* and rtilete with every modern im rrovemeat. Apply at 17 Oreat Jones itreet, fronting La ity ette place. , A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE BOOM THAN the) tequire, wUh to let tj one nr two gentlemen a Jailor with bedroom attached, at $4 fti per week: alto, a ouble bedroom, at fl DO. Apply at 71 Crosby street. A FURNISHED BOOM TO LET -TO OXR OR TWO ?entletien, withont board, in a private family, where there ate no botrdtrt; or to a gtntlem*a and wife, with board for the lady <>nly. Appiy at 93 East Twenty fifth moot, aay day this week. A PLEASANT ROOM FOR A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, with partial board, in a small private family. No. 1? tirand street, one door from Elm. Term* rtaaonable. Board? in a private family, at 17 charlton ?treat, near Maedougal; a neatly fnvaitbed room on so ?cnd floor (or oafurnixhed It desired), ta a gentleman aad wife, or two gentlemen. Location very pie at ant and genteel Board ?two young gbntlemkn can be Ac commodated with a plaasaat room aad partial board in private (bully where there are ao boarders, at 127 Third ave nue, between fourteenth and fifteenth street* HOARD.? o5dfo*DtbaWUdNyT!Sy-2uht 15 !i??i r>l?R,?nrt looati- n, mi wnw* tta?r# offioe. ' BOARD-aT A COUNTRY SEAT. ON THR RAST rl-er A private Ml By, ooewpylnf a largo house, with extensive lawn, vatetabfe garden ana bath house, wish do take one ?r two families of gr"wn persons to board for the ao inner. Carriage room and itabliag for horse* eaa bo tiad it derired Communication to tho oity every Ave mi ? ntes, by Fecond, Third, aad Fourth avaaue cart. Addreea K ountry Peat, Union square I'ott Office, for three dayt. Board -a private fahiiy, occupying a trtt class house, with all tho modera improvements. No ?4 Wen Eighteenth itrcot, naar Eighth avenno, will Jet, wHb bo%rd, to a gauil.manard hit wit* art wo single aea'leuieo, a suit ci ?oo?i or singe room*. Terms mo derate "DOARP? BE i WEEN BROADWAY AND FIFTH AVE XJ nut, a tew doort from Union square, convenient to cart a?d stages, the *eiond and third floor room* in aientoel house, wrtn partial botrd, to tent', omen or g?atl?mta and their wivot. Apply at 18 Eighteenth street. _ i k "R?**D-TWO LAnOE ROOMS ON FIRST AND SE I ? X? e*nd floors, (fi-.rMshed ) to kt, with board; tuit%>>le foy ccatlemin tad their wives or *ingle front I emeu. Hon** tt ntMtis moder. Improvements, tnd I* pleasantly lacated; '??J "d staget Mnveaisnt. I'lease call at 128 Wa*t Twoaty Wt* rtrtot , Board. -a neatly furnished front moon to let. to a gentleman tad lady: * 1th board for the 1 tdy oaly; wi<n a widow laijy; Uima moderate. Call at V*. 74 Ridge Itrnt BOARD ? GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE ADD TWO SIM I gin gentiemea can be accommodated with board. In * an 'amily, at 101 last Bruadttar; ? nono bat qalot ipeotabl* peri"M will bo taken. aad thou will reoeive all tho' comforts" of a bone, a* the* will bo merely taken to make ewly furnished, Ao. reepectshle ptti'li tho eomforu of a ho ap a family; bouie uew HOARD? AT 100 BAST SIXTEENTH STREET. SECOND -D door out from Stuyvesant park aad Uvingetou place, ia a private family, for a gentleman aad wife, or two ot three single gentlemen. Tho room* hare largo oloeot* at t ached, containing hot and oold watar. Reference* ex changed. Board.? a front parlor, furnished or un fnrniihed, for a gentleman aad wife or (ingle gentle men; other comfortable, airy roome, siujle or doable bode, B OARD-FULL or PARTIAL, CAN BE OBTAINED, at tho tcnthweit corner of Twenty fifth street anil aoar Walker. Those wishing ally, eleaa roomi for the no mer will do well to oall. Board. -Tw?t gentlemen can obtain a mice loom, containing largo pan tr lei aad tea* with board la a private family oeeupying a modern built houie, convenient to r niton aad Soath ferry itagee aad Siith avenue osri, and whero the eomfcrte oi home may be enjoy ad. Apply at No. 8 Warren place, Charles itreet Board- in am bnolish family, where the oo m forte of a home are studied, tor ge> tlemen aad th?ir wivee aad for tingle gentlemen, on reatonable terms. Trai dent at d day boarder* alio accommodated. Apply at 114 Leonard itreet, a few door* eai t of Broad ? ay. BOARD.-A SUIT OP ROOMS FOR A gentlkmak and wire, and one or two loitable for (ingle gentlemen, with a'l the modern improvement!, ean he obtained al 44 Weit Twenty-third itfeot. Reference exchanged. OARD? A LAROE BACK ROOM ON FIRST f LOJR ? 1 suitable for a gentleman aal hie wife; aleo a few young men ean be accommodated in a pleasant family, by asolvini at 64 Clarkioa itreet, coreer of Greenwich. aypiyiug BOARD.-A FROM1 SUIT OP ROOMP, WITH PAN tries, also (ingle rooms, to let, with full or partial board, in a flrit elan bouse, with all the modern improve menti: alio, a large sad pleaiant basement, suitable for a ith<(ician'( office Apply at 16 West Twenty third (treet. References exchanged. B _ " Fourth avenue, tingle roome or traiti, furnished or an fur nisbed; situation delightful, being adjaceet to MadUon square, with all the modern improvement). Alio a room on the flrit floor, with evtry oonveaieuee for a doctor or den ilet BOARD-DP ToWN, UhTIl THE FOURTH OF JULY. Two roomi adjoining, on the second story. tr nt, for a lady aad gentleman, with full or partial board. Also, one oa the third itory, to two young ladles ?r gentlemen. T ie houae it new and aai all the modern improvement*; ear* and stages convenient. Apply at 210 West thirty -firat street. BOARD.-PLXASANT LOCATION AND REASON A ble price. Gentiemea, or gentlemen and their wire* aan be aecommc dated, with board, permanent or transient at the Dariy House fir at houae from the ferry, Jer*ey City Board at i?2 bleecker street ?a gentleman and hia wife, lino a few iligli gentlemtn, oan find -x eelletit aeeommedatlcne at the above first olas* borne. Din ner at aim o'clock. Board in a private family.? rooms on eond floor, roitahle for a gentleman and hi* wife, ot ><r tingle > eatleinen, with bath room, gas. Ac Full or par tial board; convenient to ear* and ite^es. Apply at IM Weit Taei tj seventh atreet, a few doors weit of Eighth are. OARD FOR A YOUNG LAD V ? IN A SMALL, PLAIN, quiet family, wbere there are no boarder*. Terms must be moderate. Address, stating terms. Inoatlou, and nature of ateommodation, f'arlyle Benson, Herald cmoe No ap pliratinn* will reoeive attention unlet* these particulars are specified. Referenoe* exchanged. Board near st. john'8 park.? parlor and bedroom*, handsomely furnished, with pantries at tachrd, to let, with partial board, to gentlemen, or to a gen tleman and wife, without children; alto, other rooms for geutlemen, in first class home 13 Varlck (tree'; bath and K*?; privilege of park. Pew boarders. References ex changed. Board for nothing? board, with use of ga>, baih, Ao., will be given for the u*e of Sit 0; the lender will be amply eecured repayment. Address En largement, Herald office, for three days. Board in a private family? with finb par lor and bedroom may be obtained by a gentleman and wife; good location; houae flrit clan; all modern improve ment! and newly furnished throughout. No other boarders will be taken. Addieii B. R. D , Herald office. Board in hobuk en.- several rooms to let to gentlemen and their wives, or lingle geutlemea, with partial board, at No. 4 Hudson plaoe. Riferenjoo required. Board in Brooklyn.? to let, two larie, furaisbed rooms, on the second floor, suitable tor two person*; alio, a ball bedroom. Apply at 8ti Clinton street, between Wall aad Atlantic ferries. Dinner on Sunday. Board in Brooklyn.? several single gen tlemen can be aeeommodated with fine airy room*, both double aad liagle, with partial board, in a fine house a tew minutes' walk from South ferry. Apply at !l?0 Hinry itreet, T>PAftD IN BROOKLYN, 106 PINEAPPLE STREET.? JL> Pleaaant front rooms on (eeond story, very desirable loeatien, near to Wall itreet and Fulton Urriei. Refer eaee exchanged. B eodatloua tor a few single gentlemao; term* u?v? i WaehAg toaatieet, Brooklyn. B0^ VST/Lfd comv odiona apartment! in a delightfully lituated bouse w.tb all the modern improvemeate aad home oomfocra; aleo' accommodation! tor ? ? '* ? ?* " - rate. Apply at**1 Board in brooklyn-two or three single gentlemen, -or a gentleman and 111 wife, eaa be accom modated with furnished roomi, with or without partial b.arc, by applying at 10U Bot-rum atreet withia seven min utee' walk ot South ferry. Small family. Term* moderate' Board in Brooklyn -a gentleman and lady, or one or two gentlemen, can procure good beard m a new bouse. Apply at 44 Uickl itreet. Board in Brooklyn ?a lady having a house nleamntlv located, with all the modern improvement*, wool* like to diapoie ot a lulte of rooms, farnliiied or un furnished, to a gentleman and bis wife or two gentiemea, with board. References exchanged. Dinner at 6 o clock. Ai'Dly atttil Willougbit street. Board on Brooklyn heights.-a gentleman atd wife cr a few single gentlemen, can obtain plo?->ant rooms in a private family, where they eaa have the comforts of a home, at 43 Middagh itreet, one door irom Willow. Board in williameburg.? a pew single gen tlemen oan be accommodtted with fctard aad plea mat rooms, la a small private tamilv, three minutes' walk from the terries. With reference, address W. R , Herald office. Board in yonkers ? two gentlemen and wivescan get good board in a delightful livition. three minutes' walk from dspot. Aedreu Vonkers. 11; raid office Board in thb country? can be had, wkhin an hour's ride frem the city by railroad or steamboat, the situation ii heaJtl y, and aear the water; the house is large, and surrounded by an extensive lawn, filled with trees. Apply to Mrs. Hidden, New Beehelle, or to Jamei Gray, 17 Wall itreet. Board wanted.-fermanent board wanted, betweea Chamber! and Caual streets, and west or We>t Broadway, f-r a gentlemaa aad wife. A private ramily wi hout boarders preferred Unexceptionable reference! to be exchanged. Addrei< A. B. F., Herald offioe. BOARD WAN TED? BY A YOUNG man, in hobo ken, in a re-pectable privtte family; partial board not to exoeed t-3 50 per week. Addresi X. P,,Herild offioe Board wamted-in a private* family, re siding in Brooklyn, bv two young gentiemea. Looa tioa between Saudi aad Johaion itreet*. Reference! given, it' required. Addren box B 196 Herald office, ler three dayi Board wanted-by a gentlemam and win, with a family of Intelligence and riinouient; be.o? Pourteenth at net preferred; would be permanent if initti. Address Plato, Herald offioe. Board wanted-for a respectable yoo\o lady, where there are no other boarder* ; with a widow preferred. Adoreii O. A. P , Herald office Board wantbd? a rook for two gentlemen, forniihed or unfurnished, with fall board, within five DiiBoto' walk of X ew York Ilotel; bath room re<riired. Terms not to exceed $9 per week. Address Q. P. C., llerali office. Board wanted, in a quirt family, for a gev tlernan and hie lad/, up town preferred. Addreu R. P., Broadway Poet Office. Boarding ?to let, a large room, with x- * try, ob leoond floor, suitable for a gentleman attack ?, or twe gentlemen; alio, an upper room, which will aoc.iin ntooate two gentlemen, at the pleasantly situated hou?Q, 27 North Moore itrtet. BOARDING? TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLR Bit a can be accommodated with board in a private fa mily, on leaicnable terma. Apply at 74 First a.reet. BOARDINO.? A PRIVaTEJFAMILY, OCCUPYING A ?r?t elasi bone*, coat ainms all the modi rn impr ire meiiti. and beautifully located in Wett Eighteenth street, near tilth avenue, will let, unfurnlehed, the two front ro mi on the lecond floor. Dinner at 6 o'otock. Addreti O U. T., Derail office. Boarding.? a few young men can be accom mt dated with good board and pleaeant roomt, at 166 Yartek itreet. Bear Charlton: also, the eecond floor or the nme home to l>t, with orwithoat board. laqnlre of Mr*. GOKDuN, 166 Yariek itreet. BOARDING-TEN OR TWELVE SINGLE OSNTLrS men. or gentlemen with their wiveacan be aoooanno dated with beard In a boat* with modem improvement! by applying at lt)i Atlantic itreet, Brooklyn. Boarding -two single gentlemen, or a gentleman and wills, can be accommodated with board in a plain English family, where there are no other boarders: thoie deairing the comfort! of a boat, with good auba'.natinl beard, may apply to Mra. Scott, 29 Downing street, near Blecekrr. Term*, 93 week. Boarding. 97* second ayenue -families or tingle gentlemen can be aecomanodated with handsome rarloraard bedrooms adlclMng furnished or tinfarnUhed, on reaaot able terma Oat. batha, Ac. L. BLAK BLOCK. BOARDINO IN BROOK LYN.-A ORM TLEMAN AND hii wife and two iingti gentlemen otn be auoormmodat ed with full or partial in a But clan hoew by apply lag at 196 Bridge itreet, near Concord. Boarding and lodgino.-a frrnch family. recently arrived from Par1?, living at corner Fourth Since and Clintoa itre?t, Brooklyn, la dei!rou< of aesommo nilng two ientl*men boarder*. The houae it in I hcautttal lies Hon commanding a line view of the aea, baa all the mo dern improTementa, is altnated within Ave mliutea' walk 01 Hamilton ferry, aad ten alaatea' ef Fulton ferry; very convenient for both care. Brooklyn.? dbairable rooms for gemtle men, with partial board, bona* flret clan, loeatioa and nelghloihoed onaorpaiaed; comf rte of a home uiny be relied oa; modern Imcroveineate; three miuntea' va'k from <he ferriea. Terma moderate. A back parlor, suitable for a pb/tloian. Henry itreet. COUNTRY BOARD.? ONR OR TWO SMALL FAMI lie* eaa be accommodated la a coaatry hou-e, a few milei from Brooklyn; aoeeai eaay by care or atagea; flne roomi, plenty of irult, vegetable! and milk. For far' her particulars, apply at 74 Bait Twenty -third itreet. El.IGANT ROOMS, BREIGHTFULLY SirDATBO IN Fourteenth itreet. fnrnlihfd or nnfnrnithed, in laitee or lingle, contiinlng all tbe modern improvemeeti gas, bath ro< m, 4 c. Periens wl?blnr tre comtorti el a k>me, eaa flad auek by apilylng at 222 Weit Fourteenth itreet. Rere . eti #*?bai>ged. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? BY A LADY AND gentleman, tor the nuir, ro % j rivet" family, by the ear aide, and eaay of ace eea it and from. Address, stating particular*, Madisar, Herald office. ?JMDRNISHED ROOM TO LIT, IN SOOTH BROOKLYN A* _ ?To a single geutl eman or lady, wi heut b?rd. Apply to Mr*. K1LLEGAN, No. 9 Deer aw cot age, twe miiiMi' walk from Hamilton ferry, South Brooklyn. "EUJRNISIIID ROOMS TO LET? TO SINGLE GENTLE A men, at tf franklin atreet, near Broadway. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHRD ROOMS WITH PAR tial board, for slnjle gentlemen, in n konao with all the modern improvements, Mo- 27 Summit street , three minute*' walk from Hamilton terry, Brooklyn. Furnished rooms and boabd wanted? a married lady, la delicate health, doiiro* n furniehod chamber nnd parlor, with board tor horiell and maid, in the npper part of tbe oity, in a family whtr* there are no oth< r boi rdsrs: widow lady preferred, who will give ear e and at tention; liberal prioe will be paid. Address box 1M Herald ottoe. Furnished rooms to let to ladies and gentlemen, with board for ladie* only, in a pleasant, quiet neighborhood, up town, convenient to the oar* and Broadway stages. Board in advance. Addre** W. L., He rtld office Gentlemen can obtain pleasant furnishid room*, on iceond floor, at 99 Spring street, without board, opposite (ho St. Nieholaa, and adjoining tho Freseott Homo. vro. <1 FOURTH STREET. BETWEEN HAMMOND J.1 and Bank, in a private family, where thero are no other boarder*, a front and baok room, on aeoond Moor, well fur niahod, to let, with or without board, to gontlemen and their wive*, or ainglo gentlemen, where every attention ikall bo reidersd that oan bo desired. Stage* paa* the door; Eighth aveiue ear* within two block*. PRIVATE BOARDING. ? TWO OR THREB YOCNG men can bo accommodated with board in a plain family, at 2t> Riviogtun atreet, near tbe Bowery, where tho eomforU of a home oan b? enjoyed. Mechanic* preferred. No sign ?n tho door. Rooms, with board, tor gentlemen and their wive* or unci* (Ontlemen.? House p'easnntly situ ated. facing Hobiken ferry, and in the vioinity of St. Lnke'a ehurch. Those deelring a comfortable homo will do well to call at 075 Greenwich atreet. Term* reaaonable. B.nd.&T"'"' Wi A' K^e^No.^ Room to let.-a private fa milt desires to let n iarg? square front room, without boar<i, to one or two rentlemtn No boarden in the house. The room is bans somelv furnished, and kspt in prime order. A good op portunity for two iriend*. Apply at 126 Foriyth it. Rooms to let? singly or in suits, with full or partial board, alao a fine room on first floor, aultabli ler a phitician'* office, having been uied for that purpose during the paat year. Apply a". 24 Twenty fifth atreet. Room wanted? a neat, clean furnished parlor wanted, by a single gentleman, with a quiet, re tired familv L< cation between Fourteenth and Kiftoen h streets, Math or Eighth ward*. Addre** W., Mr. So iter ville'a drug (tore, corner of Minetta and Bleooker itreetn, or Herald o&oe. SINGLE GENTLEMEN. OR A GENTLEMAN AND lady, eat meet with a pleaaant aquare room, good boar I, and a comftrtable home, hy applying at OS Henry atreet, Brooklyn. Tie location i* desirable, and mid* ay between Fulton and W all atreet fei rice. Term*? Gentleman and lady, $7 SO; (ingle gentlemen, 13 M or (3 each. SOUTH BROOKLYN.? A FINE BACK ROOM, WITH large pantry, on aeoond floor, furnished or unfurnished, with foil or partial board, at moderate torma, in n private honto, with bath, Ae., a few minutoa' walk from South or Wall itreet ferriea; tituation delightful, and neighborhood very rtspeotable. Apply to 242 Henry street STATEN ISLAND.? COUNTRY BOARD.? THE ADVER titer haa juit oomploted a lar*e, ooramtdious houae on Chel*t a Height*, for the accommodation of boarders. The home ia pleasantly sltua'-ed, ahaded and near tho water; in tho teighborhood eomeof tho best fishing, boating, gunning, Ae.; Ave minutes ft om Cheliea landing, twenty min ute* from Port fciohmond: good (tabling. Inquire at No. 75 Broadway; ABM. BUTLER, l'ort Richmond landing, or on tho premises. STATBN ISLAND.? TWO GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE pleassnt room*, with bosrd, in a private family, two minutes' valk trom the ferry, by applying at 12 John street, second atory. STATEN ISLAND A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING near VandeTbilt ferry, oan Moommodate two or three ainglo gentlemen with partial bear!. Acidree* Clitton P.O , Stapleton. TO GENTLEMEN? ONE OR TWO NEATLY FURNISH cd rooma in a private family to let, with or without breakfast. Bath room in the house, Location and aooom modationa dealrable. Apply at 721 Houston street. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN -A PRIVATE FAMILY occupying a now house, elegantly furnished, will let a beautiful suit of rooms in rosewood; also, one large room to gentlemen of high respectability, with or without board. Apply at 119H Ninth atreet, five doora weat of Broadway. rl.ET, WITH BOARD? IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, witbia tvo minutea walk of South ferry, two large roome on aeeond floor, with oloaets, gas. Ao , in a family term:. W r ??.otL.r boarders, for TWO FURNISHED ROOMS-IN A BTRICTLY PRI vate family, to let to single gentlemen. Apply at 140 Seeond atreet. Terms moderate to a good party. TWO OR THRBB GENTLEMEN MAY BE ACCOMMO dated with oomfortable furnished rooma, without board, at No. 9 Sullivan street. No boarders in the housa. TWO OR THREE BACHELORS, OR A GENTLEMAN and wife, oan have a (uit ot handsome room*, or a party of gentlemen oan be accommodated with parlors and bed rooms and dreaalng rooms attaohod, with break! a it. The hours is new. with all modern improvements, and now ooou pied by three persons. Tir^NTED-BY A LADT AND GENTLEMAN, TW,1 TT pleasant rooms; board for tbe lady only; location above Twelfth street; with a widow lady preferred; posi tively no otho* bear lore. Terms moderate. Address Homo, Herald ofBce - WAS TED? BY A LADY ANT LITTLE BOY, THREE yea's old, full board; a crivate family, whore there are no etheT boarder* preferred, above Thirteenth atreet. Ttrms moderate. Convenient to stasis or ears. Address J. F. W., Herald oAee. WAN1ED? IN BROOKLYN VERY NEAR FULTOV ferry, a large third story room, for one gentleman, lighted with gss, with partial board. Address Henry Ham, Herald oflioe. 1 served la the room I* ti? I#m*n *Bd lady, with eOPABTRRBHHIP ROTICkl tinnna-A RESPECTABLE PARTY, HAVING $1UiUUUi from (10.UUJ to *15,1 >00, and wiahlng to on *.??.? in a very lucrative bu-iuemi, with ptrtlea bavin- doable the amiuat already iaveattd, can hear of an opportunity to conclude a partuerihip act eften to be met with. Addreai Hokibeii, llerald office, with real name. <2?1 enn -wanted, a partner with this amount, in the tea and coffee tradn ; the atoie la w?li aatablUhed, and doing a good boaineaa The reason for taking in a i artner 1* on account of extending the Luainen. None but a good bnaineaa man nead apply. Ad droia H. W y., Herald offlce. Oiinnn ?wanted a man TO TAKB ax INTE ?_LUUV/ ? reat or eharga of my hoaia and atore ia ni absence, for on* or mere year*, having from $10)0 to $i500 in nih, all thing* ia perfect order Apply to Richard*, 307 Broadway, on Tneaday, from 11 to 3. -A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD BUSINESS JpJUU ? qualification*. with a capital or (?00, wiahe* to engage in aom* well eatabliahed reapaitable retail hu4naia, a* partner, or would aeoept a aitaation at a nalary. A J dreaa S. O., Herald office. grnrv ?a partner wanted with the above v# amount, in oae el tba bent arranged and 1-ioat ed batr dreaainr, bathing and per'amery oatasliahinenta in tbla city; a German preferred. A tin- left at (hie office. ad dreaaed to 8. A. G., (tatiag whete aa interview oan be had, a ill be attended to. (Jtortrv ?A GENTLEMAN WITH tHIS AMOUNT OAN JJpOU VJ ? bare equal loUreat in a gentlemanly bn*iaeu, over ten j eare eataMlatied. Will be ahorn before noaey i lnvatted that $8,000 a year can be mad*. A a'.eady man ia more required than hia money. To teat tha fact call on CAMPBELL A DAY. 113 Chamber* atreet. jiOnn -PARTNER WANTED, IN A LOUT CASH <J?OUU. manufacturing buaiaeea; ia without competition paying large uroflta, of unlvrraal uae, and may be extended throughout the United Statee and Car ad*. C. B. HOWES * CJ., 84 Naatau atreet. IDA P>R CENT PER ANNUM.- WANTED, A JLUU tpenial [artner, with $6,000 or $10,000, in one of tbe largeat manufacturing buaineaa la 'hi* city. The abor* amen at may be made, roc fur:her information a ldren C. 8., Herald office. ?r*ur# 'ow PARTNER WANTED IN A PRODUCE COMMISSION buMaea*.? A middle aged man, of good buaineai uatiita, who can command a oaah capital of twenty thonaand to tl.lrty thousand dollar*, which will lie accured to him on good productive real eatata, worth three timea tbe abore nn punt, and that will produce of Ittelf a large hualnea*, will find a favorable opportunity of a**ociating hiraielf with men ol experience. tnfinoM influence and capital. Reference* exchanged. Addreca D. A. P., box 1,251 Peat Office. V?ARTNER WANTED. -THE ADVERTISER HAVINO X mora tuaiaeea than he can well attend to, wlthna to tike in an active partner with a caah capital of irotn ?,">U to $lt4io 7b* hu.lneca la In thin eitj . ia aafe and profltaolo, and 1 ar been eitaMlal id ov?r twelve year*. To a man 'taring the aho?e amount of caah capital (for none other* neo.l ap i.l%) *iil find thia a rare chanoe. Can lear > all faitloular*, I, v iddrming. aith same and reference. and wh-re an in i err iew can ho Lad, J. P. U-, '77 Heia d offlce. T-HE PARTN F.K8IIIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tw<en Aufuatna Toekaey and Charlra 11. Wttarbary, undtr the Arm of Yochney A Ca , ia ulaaolved tbla day hy n.ntral eotaent Ho ry Whichello ia *athoria<]d to aettle the arcourta of the tartairaiilp, ami to me la - name of th* firm for that pnrpofe. AUGUSTUS YOCKNEV, New V nrk Mayl, 1HM. C H. WATEKDURlf. The nnd?r?l<ard will continue to manufacture and aaU tha oil* heietofore ?"ld liy Yecfcaay * Co. A I Ot'!< ITS TO' KN EY, 67 Bichanga Place. New York, May 1, 1M5 WANTEP-A PARTNER, WITH A OASU CAPITAL of *ii hnadred dollar*, In a aafe and proAtatila b <ai neaa wlieh will ray ajrUt of fllty per oent; a ?l tgl? man prefanad. Apply at afr Broadway, room .'<o. 0, up atalr*. T1TANTED-A PARTNER, WITH $8,000 TO $10,000, VT for tha mannfaatiriag of lewe'ry aa ( okalaa, already MtaMiaked. either aetlT* or *Ucat. Addrea* 0. R E., JewtlUis II*rald offit*. U?OB LlYBRPOOL?-UNITBD STATU HAIL STB AM - JF chip ATLANTIC, Captei> Jmn W**t.? Tbl* iteamahip will depart with th* DBitad Stat** mailt for Europe, poai kT?lj Kay I?, at IS o'olock M , from her bartb, at lha foot uf Canal tin** Tar freight ot p???r?, hkftsi unequalled accommodation for *l*gaao* and com felt, apply to EDWaBD E. COLLINS, No. 56 Wall atreet. Fam>c<" an requested to bo oa board at WJ< o'clock A M. The *t*am*hiv Baltic will *uee *ed ?k* Atlantic. aad Mil Ma; 90. Shipper* pl*ace tako notioo that tha ship* of thi* Ha* oaaaot etnj nay good* contraband of war. All lettire ??< thro m!) t fit Poot Off ce; any otheri will be rei nH NEW TOU AND LIYEBPOOL UNITED BT1T11 JHall Steamer*.? Th* chip* oompoxiag thia Mm an the ATLANTIC, Capt. Wert. BALTIC, Capt. Cons took. PACIFIC. Capt. Nye. ADB1ATIC, Capt. Theoe ?kip* have booa auilt by contract, exprwcly lor grv ? ???> **rvie*. 1?ij ear* hac been taken la their eea atructioa a* alee la their oagtaei, to Winn ctren*tb and ?peed, aad thetr axoommodation* for paO?|in an aaeaaal lad far ologaao* aad comfort Prtoe of p*cca<e from Mn York to Liverpool, la Brat line cabin, 1130. in eoooad da. ?76; exelucivs aee of extra (iee staterooms, $S2S, from Ut , erpool to Now Totk 30 aad SO gaineac. Aa experienced tor ^pa attached to oaeh jg No Vertb eoourod aatU paid tr novMn dath ov iailim. 'i?* viv toii. rmom utii ?*^aerfay, Bareh 21. ...1866 Satarday, March W*dne*day, April 4... .1866 Saturday, Mareh 17 1861 w*da**d*y, April 18....iM8 Saturday, Mar A SI 1HU Vodaeeday, May 2....18M Saturday, April M 18fl| W*4n*?day, May 16 1HS6 Saturday. April SB lS3 Wfdanday.May 90....18* Saturday I May lis? for frolfht or Mwut apply to BDW'D B. CoTLlSS. No 66 Wall *tr*ct, Now Tork. MOWN, SHIPLEY fc CO , Liverpool STEPHEN HENNAED A CO., 27 Austia Prairi, Leadeu B 0. WAIN WEIGHT A CO., Wtir GEORGE H. DBAPBB, Havre. The ownara of th*** ahlpi will aot bo acerantabt* for *o.e ?Over, bullion. *p*eia, Jewelry , preelona itouae or motaJa unless bill* of lading are ugnsd therefor, aad the vaim ?hereof therein ex proceed. Shipper* pleaee take notto* that the (hip* of tkif Uae ea> aot oarry aay good* ooatraband of war. THB VANEERB1LT EUROPEAN LINE OP STEAM ehlpe.? fbo firit elate aow eteaiaehip ARIEL. 2.3# toae, Lofevn. Matter will l*av* Bow York, from plor St. North river, fact ol Chambers ?treot, at aaoa preaiaoly, o? Saturday. May 19, for Havre direct. Ftrat ^la*s paxsago $llt The Ariel wQl be followed by the North Star, June 9. ** The owaer ot tboee voetole will aot be aeeoaalabl* foj e'd, silver, bullion. specie, Jewelry, preciou* etoaoi or me e. aaleee bill* of India* are tfeaoa therefor, aad the vain thereof therein *i pressed. Specie and (*ode taken at a*aal r? ?e. No freight received after aoon of the Jay betot* tailing. No berth secured a* til paid for. Lettere pi*pail, l.'kc. par >4 va , will be reooived at th> office up to 11 A. M. or tha day of (ailing, and will be sairio^ in strong India rubber Sag* nader luck, aad on arrival a* Havre, wiH bo immediately depoeited la the P?it ?hero. Panola takes, each prepaid, oa* dollar aad ?V ward*. ram bat b* ov ?axliivo. 0MOM IVIW >011 f BOM HATBB. Ariel May 19. Morth Star May U North Star.. Jane 9. Ariel...... June 9 Aliei .....June 30. N*rth Star Jn ue* North Star. Jul? 2L Ariel JulyX Ariel Auguxt 1L North Star Ao^uhi 1) North Star.. ...September 1 Ariel September 1 Anel September 22. North Star.... September B North Star October 13. Ariel October IS Arial Novembers North Star..... November 3 Ariel..., Novembers* Theb* ateuBihipe an elaixed A 1 at tha inenranoe offloe^ and ?i>ecte and goode a ill be ininred is them at *a lew rate it premium ae ia any other ateamahlp* that ercn tha ocean For freight or paaaage, apply to D. TOBKANCE, No. 5 Bowling Green. New York. SVMNSB, MONTANT A DRAPER, 26 Rue N. D. lex Yi? tolrea Pari*. CHRYST1E, SCHLOSSMANN A CO., 27 Qaal Cuirnir Selavigne, Havre. fTtHE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP L Comuan/ Intend tailing their fkvortte tteamahip*? CITY 01 MANCUESTBK 2,124 tone, Capt. WyUe C1LY OT BALTIBORE, (bow.) 2.638 ton*, Capt. , CITY OP WASHINGTON, d?. 2,790 tuna, Capt. R. Leitoh Saloon 190, $ti6, and SAO, according to etate room. A limited number of third olaee pataengera will be tskea (torn Philadelphia aad Liverpool, and toand la provlxionx. Prom niladelphia 630 | From Liverpool tA Far ike wixbiag to bring ont their friend a can obtain curt* ileataaof paaaage aad draft* on Liveraool, in aninaofS' uteri ng and upward*. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, Ag?nt 17 Walnut atnet, Philadelphia tad No. 7 Broadway, N>t York. Empire line for livekpool.-tiie favorite packet abip AMEKlt'A, Capt. Baratow, will positively tail on I'hnrxday, 10th May. For paaatgo In eabia, ae joul ca bin or ateerage, haviag iplendid aooommndation*, apply oi board, i ior o North river, or to 1>EMAREST A JONES, 10 S?nth tlreet, esiner Old clip. FOR LIVERPOOL? SAILS TO DAY-PACKET SHIP NEW WORLD. Sojm for a lew more panacn^.rx. Ap ply to 1HOB. C. KOCHE, S3 South atreet. For bbemen, via Southampton,? the united Statea Mall ateamahlp HERMANN, E. Hii^/ina, com tuandtr, will axil lor llremun, touohing at Southimptou to land the mail* and paaeangere tor England and Prance, on Saturday, May 19, at 12 o'clock, M..from pier 37, North river. Price of paaebK* from New York to Southampton or Bremen: in tt *t oaain, main aaloon. $130; Arat cabin lower aaloon, $110; in aesond oabia, $60. An experienced eurgenn ia attached to each ateauier. Specie delivered in Havre or London. All lettcre niait paxe through the Poetoffioe. For paaaage or fw Ight, apply to C. H. SaN D, Agent, 11 South Mill tain atreet. The ateamer WASHINGTON Will auoooed the HEBMANN, and tail June 16. "DEDUCTION OF Fa RES TO SUIT THBTIMES ? NBW XV York a l d CaliloruU ateainnbip line, via Nioara*ua. Acceisory Train. t, Cunipauy, of Nioaragoa, Hropriatura Tlirough In advance of the mail? 70U telle* xhorter that, any ra Mirae o'clook P. M., preeisely, for Pnnta Arena*, cn Satur day, M^y 12, lfefifi, connecting with the ateauahip Cotte*, A 000 ton* burden, over the Nicaragua Tramit ronte, having bat twelve mil** of land tnntportation by Brat elate cir riagee. For information or pa?ag*, at the reduced rate*, apply oaly to (HAKLES MORGAN, Ageat No. 2Bowlin? Green. Letter bag* made up at the oflioe. No unatamped latter* received. Commencing on th* 20th of May, the day* of lea v lag " each meat of l*av in^New York will be c Hanged to th* Sth aad 20th of Dispatch line for san francisco? guar an teed to axil on or before the 29th iaxt. Th* iplendid A 1 clipper ahlp Radiant. Beara*. fnxater, ia now rapidly loading at pier No. S, ?a?t iiv*r, and will positively call lor San Franoiaeo, on or before Tueaday, 29th inxt. Shipper* are pxrticularly requeued to aend their freight immediately on Wore Tu-adty, 22d ' i occurring on the ,1' or not full, the Radiant will *ail on or befor* the day alverii** !, and n? freight taken alter tLe day prececdlag the lailinx dar under aay eircumitaace* or at any price. SUTTON A CO., M South atreet, corner of Wall, formerly of fM Wall atreet. particularly requeated to aend their rreignt n board and complete their enxa^einenta before inat , thereby avoldiag tha du appoiaxmcnta o< la?t dxya of|loadiug. Special notioe. ? FuV < A USTRALI A.? PIONEER LINK, CARRYING TUB .ix United Mate* mail, lb* oilebratei A. 1. olipper (hip OCEAN RTEEL>, fur Melbootae, at pier 8 E?*t River, now nearly loaded, aad wilt be potiively deapatohcd in a few day*, on her iicnJ vnyage Shipper* will pleaie clear ttielr good* at ciitan bona*; room lor a am all quantity of freight and a few t eoond eabin berth* unsold. The ocean stued will be auceeeded by the magn ficent elippur *bip NIGHTINGALE, toiailaboot l?t Jane, on her lecond voyage, baring made her Br*t In 76 day*, the beat on record. For freight er pa ware r.pi>ly on bcard.or to R W. CAMERON, No. 0 Bowling green, and 116 Vail atreet (CLIPPER SKIP GOLDEN BAOLB, FA BEN S, MAS J ter, it now loading at pier No. 10 Baat river, and will ;oaiti? ely pail lor San FrancUoo an ar before Tuesday Htb of May. Ail freight ihould be on board before Tuoaday, May 1. SUTTON A CO., W Wall atreet. VJhW TORE AND KBIT OBLBAN8 STEAMSHIP i> Company. ?for New Oriean*. Hopping at Havana, ckrrtiag the United State* mail.? The tteamahip BLACK WAHR10R, J. D Bullock, commander, will oommenca re eeiving freight an Wedne*?ny. Mai 0. and aail fir the above porta on Weduetday , May 0, at 13 o'clock, from pier 27, foot of Roblmon atreet, North river. Freight for the interior and tor Mobile, consigned to oar ageote ia New Orlaana, Jarne* Conaoly k Co.. will ha forwarded free of eomraiiaiona. Pauenger* for Havana muat p*ooure paaip rta before leaving port. Bill* of lading ir. uat bo aant in for signing tbe ? previon* to tbe >hlp aailina. For freight or par *age apply to LIVINGSTON, CROC HERON k Co., AgeuU, SI Broadway. N . B ? The Cahawba, R. W. Bhufeldt, osm r Mider, will aaoceed the Blaok Warrior, a>d aail on Friday, May 2?. ST. THOMAS, W. I. -THE ROTAL MAIL STEAM Taeket Company'* iteiuir TEVIOi', 8. W. Snwv?r, Vommaider, will tail for the above portoa or abont tne I9tu lnat. lor paanago apply to MA1TLAND. l'HELPS A CO., 14 Stoae itraet. LTiOR SAVANNAH AND FLORIDA? UN ITED STATES r mail like.? The new and elegant ateamthip ALABAMA, Captain Geo. R Schonak, will leave Maw Fork for Savannah on Wednradey, May W, from pier No. 4 North river, at 4 o ol" k 1*. M. Billa of lading atgned oa board. For freight aplly on beard, or for paaaage to SAMUEL L. MITuHII.L. IS IlioKdway. For Florida, through tioketa from New Pork to Jacksonville, $81. to 1'ilatita, $33 The Kaoaville, Captain 0. D Ludlow, will aneeeed, and leave on Saturday, May IX FOR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA? frBMI WEEKLY United Stat'.a Mall Line.? The ?te*m*Mp SOU f II BRN I.R, T. Ewan Ccmmanuer, will lea*e pier .No. 4, .V. R., on WeJnoedey, May 9, at 4 o'cloek P M., preoiaeiy. For treifcV t apf ly en board, wh.'re all billa of lading will be riiinvd; and tor naeeage, at tbo olttco of & POP FORD, TI LES ION A C<X, 29 Broadway. 1 brough tloket.i to Florida a? folio** ? To Jacksonville, 911; to Ptlatka, $33. The Jaa. Adger will tncceed and leave oa Saturday, 12th iaat. FOR THE SOUTH? THE FAVORITE STB ROANOKE leave* her* Main on Wednesday i ? or Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond, arri'lng It For norfore, Petersburg and Richmond ? The United Statea mall ateam?hip ROA.N't/KE, T. S k inn < r, commander, will leava pier No. 13 North river, on Wednesday, May 0, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at Nor tolkthenaxta ternoon, and at Peteraburg and Richmond tho following morning From Norfolk paaiengera for the Srnth pr .oeed by railroad direct, with thromh tioketa from M elden to W ilmington, Charleeton, Ac. Paaaage and fare to Norfolk. $#; to Peteribnrg and Riobmond, $10; atoorage half price. 1 brough tieke'.i to Lynchburg, $14. Apply to I.UDLUM k PI EA9ANTS, No. 32 Broadway. N. B.-No freight taken for Richmond. STEAMSHIP f afternoon In Norfolk c 21 hcuri, where pau'engeu bound further 8<uth take (lie Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad. For t ftf.rsburo and Norfolk? the steak chip ROANOKE, Capt. Skinner, it bow loading at |>icr l*e. IS North river, for Patarabiirg end Norfolk, a id will rave on Wednfrday, at 4 u'olook. LUDLaM A Pi. LA r ANTS, 32 Btoadwujr, ' BUTHMIU' BCTW. Tne NEW AND MAGNIFICENT STEAMER METRO POLIS, Captain Brown, of tbo FaU River lino, will leave bar berth, pier No 9, North River, New Vork, n Tneiday evening, tbe 8th May, at fio'elook, on hor flr?t regular trip for Newpoit, Tail River, Providenoa and Boa ton. ai d w iil thereafter leava New Vcrh at the eame hour, on Tueadaya. Tunf adaya and Satvrdayr. wnnectiua with the O. C. and T . R. Railroad, at Fall Rlvar, dl> cant only ore hour and forty-flve mlavtee from Boaton Train ioon neeting with the Motrafalie, laava Roatoa on the alternate dayi. at o'clock P. for New.Vork.1The ii?imer BAV STATE, Captain Jewett, wiU rnn In connection with the Metropolia, leaving New York oa Monday*. Wedaeedaya and Friday*, at 8 o'elonk P. M . retarnp<gon the alternate day*. W M. BORDBM. Agent, 70 and 71 We*t atreat. LROAL XmCM. LHEOAL NOTICE TO SAVB MANUFACTURERS ? TH I ? tinderelgsed givea notice that a ra>*t waa lacueJ March rj, 180, far ike alam Mliag for aafee need by Mfeaert ?elMaa A Batler, ?aa. $0 aad M Maldea lane. Ml that aU fHiie tafHageaieaM thereof will he rigidly proie nltd. Thia aotiee beoemee aeeoeoary, a* *ome of the prin eipal tafe maker* la Now Terh (aad *?* ia partiealari art aadentood to have aaed 14, or an taalWUa of It, alaee th? Cryatal Falaoe teM la 1MB W. 8. HAMMOND, J,., At eri*v ?r Be'wee ? Rvier He. 18 W*n rtjn* G* _ AWIMIirt BROADWAY THEATER. -R A (lllflAU, ioLl Uun - Door* opea at 7 V; SOBM >?? at 7}i t'ol?k. Tuiaday Kij 8. will b* |W f"' ?W 1HB LOYB CtlASB. Waiter Wildrak* Mr. OoMtf Cimtinci .....Miaa Ktiny Viniug Foad]?v* Mr. wmitiagi NaNfe Mr Sanford Waller....... .Mr Grosvenor Widow Green lira frUM Trueworth... . .Mr Laaergan Lydia...Mis* A. aougrnbeim Pm de Deux.. Misses Hoary and Prioc To eonolnde with th* far** of _ , w THE WINDMILL. Bam pirn Low... Mr. Davidge I Marcbione** Mil. frilM Marquis Mr Whiting [ Maria MUl Riohmrtbon WALLACE'S THEATRE, BROADWAY, NEAE Broom* it root? Tuesday. Ma* 8. FIRST BENEFIT Of rflSaTwSA BBNNETT. The lUiliii eomtdt ot THE BELLE' 8 STRATAGEM. and the elegant petit* enmedv of PERFECTION. Mr Blak*, Mr. Latter, Mr. Brougham, Mr. Stewart Mr Dyott Mr. Tinaaat, Mr. Stoddart, Mr. Blaad, Km Row B*?B*tt, Mil. Brougnam, Mrt. Stephana, Mn. Cramer, Mr* Conor ar, Ao. Wednesday? Socond night of the highly successful com*d* Of LOOM BEFORE YOU LtAP, * with it* powerful eiit, and THE CAI f A1N OF THE WATCH. BO. CHB18TT A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO 472 ' Broadway, (Mechanics' Hall.) Proprietor* H*nry Wood and Geo Christy oummonolna every evening, at So'oiook To oomol?M with THE WANDERING MINBTBB1. Ticket*, 25 eenti. All buainei* transacted by Henry Wood. QIGNOB BEKNARDI AND MR. CHARLBS WBL8 0 bog leave to anoounos that the* will give a grand Vooal and Instrumental Conorrt, on Tuesday evening, May 8, at Dodworth'a Academy, 806 Broadway, MaUted by the following celebrated artlats:? Mme. Osoar Oometiant, Mrs. 0. B. Stvart, Signor Gasparunl, Henri Fraier, Hahn and liinm. T.ckets on* dollar eaoli, to be had at the principal music stores, and on th* eveting of tbe Concert at tbo door. To commence at 8 o'olcok. Door* open at 7& WALLACE'S THEATRE.- MISS ROSA BENNETT ben to announce that her llr?t benefit in the United States will take dUo* on TUESDAY BVENINO, MAT 8. when will bo produce tbe oharining eomrdy of TUB BELLE'S STRATAGEM, in which Mr Les'er, Mr. Hlake, Mr Brougham, Mr. Bland, Mr Dyoft, Mr Stewart Mr. Mod 'art MUa Koaa Bennett, Mrs. Brougham, Mr*. Conover an! Mr*. Cramer, will ap pear. And, flrit time in tbii ihc&tre tbo very farorito petite comedy of PKRt Ei'TlON. in wbiob Mill Rria Bennett, Mr* Stephens, Mr. 9t?wart, Mr. Vincent and Mr. thippundale will perform. WALLACE'S THEATRE -EXTRA CARD. BlNBt'lT Ot to K3 BROUGHAM, 8ATUKUAY BvKHIMC, MAT 13. The oomedy of MONEY, with, first tine here, the IRISH DRAGOON. Box book now open, Grand national bahy show, at BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM, In Now York, Jane 5 li, 7 and S, 1S53. Twenty one Premiums, amounting, in all, to over Sl.fOO in ca?h I A portion of the premium! to be given, if preferred, in gold or silver plate, at ita exact coat This Baby Show, tbe first exhibition of tbe kind *v*i held in New York, will be open to children (under lito yetrtof age) from *11 parti of the world. Retiring rooms, cradles, Ac., will bo provided for one hundred babies and their attendants. The proprietor of tbe American Museum will pay tbe following iremiums to babies exhibited as above:? The finest bahy uuior five jotrs Of age, $100; the finest ?aby under one year, $50; seoond finest under one year, SIS; third fii-eat unler one year $10; tbe finest baby of from ono to three years, t'>0; seoond fiuost of from one tr three years, $15: t: ird finest of from one to three years, $10; the finest baby ot 'mio three to five years. $50, second flneat of from three tn five years M$; third finest 01 ftom three to five year*. *10; tho finest twins, of any a -e under five, 150; seen- d finest of any age under five, (15; th<rd finest, of any age under five, $10: the fineit triplet (or three at a birth), any age, $70; a sound finest (or threo at a birth), any age, $25; third finot (or three at a birth), any age, $a>; the finest qunteru (or four at a birth), any age, $550; second finest (or fonr at a birth), any ago, $100; tho tatteit child under sixteen j ear* of ag'i $50; seoond fattest under sixteen years of age, $2) Diplomas will also bo awarded, at disorotlou. Ladies of the first respectability have oonseuted to ixrve as Judge* on the occasion. A11 per sons oonpeting for the above premiums must obtain, at the Museum, a J> timbered Certificate, depnaiting for the same one dollar, which dollar will o e returned on the seoond day of the exhibition. The number of babie* exhibited at th.* Baby Show is limited to one hundred, and none exhibited that liavo filled to eecnrj tho " Numbered Certifioato." More than fifty certificates hava already boon applied for and leaned. Dats and Rules of Exhibition:? Toasday, 5th Jure, 11 A. M. to 3 1'. M ?Sable* of all ares exhibited. Wednesday, 6th Jure, 11 A M. to S P. M ?Babies under one year of age ex hllitcd. Thvrsd*y, 7th June, liA. M. toSP.M ? Babies from one to three years of ape, and babios from throe to five years of age, exhibited in two different daises. Fiiday, Hth June, 11 A. M. to 3 P. M ? All the premium ohildrcn exhibit ed. Premiums bestowed at 3 o'clook P. M. All the twins, tiiplets, quateini aud lat cbildrcn, as well a* the bab* taking the highest premium, to be seen on the 5lh, 6th, 7tn anil Mli June from 11 A. M. to 3 1'. M. The names of the competing children, or ot their parent*, may or may not be given for publication, at the option of tho parent* in quos ticn. as the Numbered Certificate oonatitutos all the moans of identification demanded by the Judges Newark -iheatrb-ceo christy a wenn 9 Min?treli r. ill cive their eeoond nnd last concert a* t-ils ertablishn.ent on Wedneeda> afternoon next. May 9, oo n mcr.cing at o'clock. Ilckots 25 coats, to all pa :ts of the house. UlSTHlCriOX. A I, ART. WILL ACQUAINTED WITH THE E*0 li?h. Fret, oh and Spam b lanmiages, with to meet with truie ladica or aen'lomen, Americans ?r (onudw, to impart to Hum the shove on moderate terms, either at her ACF.V11.EMAN OF EDUCATION WISHES TO ES ter in an honorable family, ae i<r?f?*ior of the French iarnume and literature, (dip'oma exhibited) in exchange f it a comfirtable home; the but reference given and required; 10 nbjeotion to the country. Answer to A. t\, Herald cffioe. CARD. -THE M/BSCRIBER fli.L RECEIVE NE V pupil* daily, f?r clas-> or private Instruction in penman ship (no l ookkceping Card* and cirenl irs may be had at the room s, SC2 Broadway. UIJTIR B. UOLDsMlTH BOtKKEEPINO. WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? EVE RT business man should understand enough of double entry to htep hl< own bosk* or jet>-et the error* of clerk*. Tm* nay be lesrced ptactically'^n a few private lesions, at DOL 1) EAR'S Aoadamv, 6tdt Broadway Term* low. Writing lei ?one tbi* week, f r. A JTTOCUTION -I.ADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAY I3J have an opportunity ot Jtning a select class, or receive private instruction in (locution, from an accomplished teacher. Am ly at OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH'S Academy, 362 Broadway. RITING, BOOKKEEPING, AC.-M. 8. PAINE RE speetfully informs the ladies and gentlemen ef New York and vicinity that be baa removed to commodious rooms, 233 Grand street, corner of tbe Bowery, where he will give bl? persons! attention to wr ting, bookkeeping, commercial arit t metic, Ae. Academy now open, day aud evening. w AITROLOtJT. A STROLOCV AND I'HRENOLOQY.-THE CELEBRA A ted Mrs Fleurv. from i'aris, whose relation has been (instantly consulted by Napoleon I., |.ives information on lit events of lite, at 20U Broome street. ASTROLOGY.- DR. W 1 1. SON, 172 DF.LANCEY, BR twe- u Attorney and I Union stre.ts, New York, is the lest astrologer in the United S?ate?, and gives the beet ac count and treatment of disease* extant. A81R0L0GY-MRS. I'hKWSIER FROM 5t? GREAT Jones street, bas removed to 7<> Madison atreet, next dot r to Catherine street, and still oontinue* her business as usual. Price fl. MAPAME BARKER, FORMERLY AT 38 LISPENARD street, ha? removed to 3(i2 Broome street, between Mott. and Elitabe' h s'reet*, where eho can be consulted In rdatlon to lawauits, insrrla.s, business, character, aad colcrof tt.e lialroi the husband, Ae. Madame aiwin, from Paris, tenders iier sirvictii to the Udles und ^'ntlemen of this oily in jd.rctiolofy. Hit'csn be consulted about love, msrrUge, busiLeiiS. aid will toil tbe n?me of the lady or gentlgjptn tbey will marry : also the name of the visiters. Madame Al v in converses in English French and German langta ot. Residence, .'H'9 Bov > ry, between First and Second street noTiin. American uoiel, bab> lon, l. i ?this favor alien tort, eitua'ed within a shirt distance of the mean? of-ening to a hay i urruuuded with tbe most plot ir isuOf vitv * t/.ftt tne amateur cun Lahuld, crowded with rail*, all mating a*, f ire Island and vising alth eajh other in rrscL P|i the lest h-kliu itiound lor blue Bah ? 1* now open f r the aeeomaodation of visiters l liuee in'endlag to spend a day or more, prohal ly the whole mms r is theaountry, tingle or with their families, eauaot Hud a more pleasant location wit i. in so short and convenient a distance of the city Lrn. Island Km I road to Deer lark, tbeno by stsge to Ital y Ion. auiriLg tliere in tbiee hour* from time of s'.art Injf. WM. B WATSON, Proprietor. -METROPOLITAN HOI El , LONG BRANCH, NEW JM Jersey ?VAN DYfcK A COOPIR, tbe proprieurs, i,e^ leave to inform their patrons ot last season, their trends and tbe public, thai the establish men' will be opened for the rcceptlon ot gu?*t? on Monday, the 2ftih of June nsxt. Eve ry addition un : alteration tbat could be devised by the<r last y< ar*s experience for tbe tetter accommodation aad for the comfort o< their gaeati has been made. The advantages lor sea hathing, tbe eommodioas and extend** suit* of apartments, tbe dally and *a<v eemmunlcation with the eitieiof New York and Philadelphia, render this hotel one ot the most desirable at.d pleaiant places of summer resl eence in the United States. Application* [??partment* or for any ia firmation respecting the establanment will be promptly attended to bv audre-sin* either M. M Van Dyke, 23 Catharine slip, or J. H. Loeper, Long Branch, S J. EW YORK BAY PRIVAlt FAMILY HoTRL _ . Two and a half mile* from Jersey CMy ferry, i* nowopea for summer, oa Uerpen I'otnt clank road. Bathing, beat ing and fishing. Stasia leave the ferry every boat. Apptj to Capt LFES. proprieiot, Post C fBoe Jeraey City, or at the house. N. B.? There ia ao bar attached to this hon*e. N SPANISH AND FRF.NCB HOTRIe? MR. T. RUIZ RR spectfully Infr rms tve. tinhlie tbat he ha* removed his reataurai t from M St. Mari s Plaee, U 73 Seventh itreet, where he olfers all the comfort* ef a home, and better ae airtance than tefore. The wayfri.ey house, on the corner or Broadw ay ai d f onrt . street, I* new prepared to furnish vety sirni ici ac^ mmodatioaa for iamdie* or mnicle geatle tcen, cn the European plan. iLHA!^ H' s?IB,'l'l'Y TlIESMllHAONIAN HOUSE, AS ENLARGED, IS NOW crer, corner of Broadway and Houston atreet, on the same V'trV with the Metropolitan Hotel and Niblo't. The house I* ooniltict*d on the Enropoan plan ef lodging r?m?, renginir in price from fifty cents a day (for Inside liable ro'ms) and ut ward, aeeordlt.g to ?iae, location, Ao.; many detiral <c at IA sad (6 per week. Tne new restaurant i* lo cated cn the (lr?t tocr. on Rroarfway, wliere, or la the prt vate room*, meals Will he famished at th* lowest price the market will tfford. and in onpeiior style? the >ne*t* paying c.aly for what they order Travellers and citi^na win find at the Smithfoalan aeoommodation* of superior order for re *l*ctabllity, order, nealaeM, attention, comfort and eonno wy. SIDNEY KOPMAN. Y0** F*"JA.T , HOTEL, MR W BRIDGE ITREXT, J. Lads ate Hill, London ?The above house is eeatrally ?itnated, ha* an excellent e< Fee room, ten or twalve private ?itti?g rocms. between forty and fifty light air* bedroom*, a lord smoking room; warm, eold and shower hatha always ready. A ni*ht porter In attendaaoo. A txed charge for ser vant*. The New York Herald ladled. THOMAS QUA S TV.RM A1NE (also proprietor of the Crowa and Soeptre, and Ship tavern*, Green wlrl,) tender* his grntofnl thank* ti hi* American frieiuls for th* fnvor* he haa ao long enjoyed at tbelr hand*, and eeUeit* their eontiaatd patroaage aad re (9Bmta?a?to?. a oa dx Mr or Moaic. A ITALIA* OPERA. The Committee of luiifiura hare lb* honor to ?? llit tpuuuM In Aaunct of , _ MADAME A.VnA JB LAGRANGE, ia RosOni* opera of the BARBER Of SEVILLE, Mflitod bT Tu"uat- *?* M*. 810V OR MO&KLLI, (bia tint irt'Ur?iie? ? u A ttteri?A. ) SIOMOK LOElhl, bIGMiRt M AR1 N lud BOW*, (their flrit app<arauoe >ince ibeir return from MaxiO' Conine tor SigBor A u>1 _Ba*ta aiaybe hc ored at Uali A 8oa?; Jolui'n, K .4 Broadwaj, Van Nordeo A King'., and at itiMlt' the Aeademr of Homo Notwithstanding the heavy ex|>ea(ei incurrod by tfea ? tioa of tfco two front Opora Companies, the Oomm.ttoc t decided act to augment the price*, bat tor the molt p. maintain tbem on the fortaer male. Prlooa o( Admlsaioa:? Parquet Parquet Ctrolo aad t 4 Second Cirolo*. (I; Secured. ?] 80; imubi .boaWe, 50 ? ail i Doom o pea at 7}A, partoimano*. vruiiueuoe at8 o'oiooi B URTON'S.? THE PBOUI SITED HISTORICAL r. the youthful days t>r louis nr.. will be rop'.a'td tbla eveni g ( Tne-Jav ) w>th NEW s< ENERT AND ELEGANT COSrUMES Loni* Xir., Mr G Joidau; Muiiere Mr. FUhor; Car t Maiarin, Mr. Barton; bake D'Aajoa. M lie Mao j\ Anna of Austria, Mri. Cooke. Mens di Maaoini, Mil .y Boad; Georgette. the gardener'' daughter, Mr*. Bar u The Scenery la alt new, eouipri-in^ I'to C<>aaoll Room -r\# rore*t, with Destruction ol lie a inz'a Uak by Ll*htu The Cardinal '? Ante Chamb<r, with the Royal Garden* l'l>? < aatla Court Yard and Viow ul Pari* by Moonlight, aad r > Throne Boom. BOWBRT THEATRE-!. P Wil.l HON, PROPBIEl i aadManaxei, Robert Joues Sta^e Manager. Pri>? of adaiiailon lioiet, 2b cent.; fit, uw oeuto; Gallon, 1 :'i cent*, Prleato 8"?e?, $b -Tmn.l.v eteninc. Mai & SEVEN TEMP T A I I ON 8/ Tho Bvil Ono Mr Webb | Hie Mi. ?o?B TDE KING S touL. Tribonlt t. .. Mr. JohiutoS BUCKLEY'S SERkNADEKS, MM BROABWAT. - MONUAV EVkNING. MAY /, ' and all till* week, tho grand harinique on the fairy opera, i IN DEttb I'LA, la foar aoti, with the n>oat eon iy nunnery, dreises, Be. G. Swaine Buckley in hi* great oLaraoier, Daadini, B Bishop Buekley aa tho funny l'edro. f receding the oueia, SkJeu M1NKTKK18T. Concert at 8 o'ol< ok. 'Uoketa 'it cent* N. B ? Friday evening. Ma> 11 besotltofR BlihopBu k ley, when ho will appear ia THE iWo 1'OMPBYS. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSBUM. - TUBSBAr, May fl.? Bvtntug, at 7X j'cock, LOVE'S t'A CKIFICK Afternoon at 8, lUE nYlNG DUTCH MAN. Mamaiotb Girl, o vor m hundred noaaJ-; Maine Giantess neatly ?(b* i*?t hi*l , Dwarf Laay, only tventy seven inohe*; the Mermaid, li'tng Oatricboa, Ac. Adniittanea, 2A oenta; oMlirei ludar ton, 12K Mif GBAND NATIONAI BABT 3HOM>. /one I. i; 7 and B. Proasiasr tt.iKiO, for tbo Oneai )? auW iaeludlnK rery largo prlaoa for twiaa, triple'* ard qaa??nt* OiroalaH tele bad at tho Ma*?um MAD. AUGUSTA.? TUE BOX BOOK, at THB Ml tiopvliiaa Thtairo. will be opea, from IDA. M. to i P. M , every day, up to Thurtda*, Ma* 10, wboro tlekrW, reaerved eeata. Ac., oan bo bad for Mad. Aagoata'f oom -H mentary htacbt. C GOTHIC MUSEi; M Sit! httOAUWAT, WILL Oi K X thii night, andtr the dlromiou ?f Prot'eeaor Floor mi SentrThomaio Midi, who, witn 'l>eirt;attretroap? of Fre h and Italian artti*(, vill rxldbit. tboee popular group i flylre living pletnrra, wit' long*, dauoes, Ao. Tiokot . > and M) cent*.' Open every nirfht. IpRAN ALIn MUSEUM, Ni. 63 WWtMT, NE All t 1 oppoaito tha Kowery Tlieatre i'erformaaoea evary ? t?rnoon, at 5, and ereiy eteoin*, at 8 N B. Straa^tig will observe that th? Franklin tuHoni it tho oaly place m tho United 3tat?? where tht M .dnl Artiate are oanUU'4 .. with othor original eatertairment* <t*B0aib?r, Bo. <1 Bowery. PERUAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE. Gfll BROADWAY Now burloaque of MOBItK's r*kK CAKt. On Monday, and every ovemug thin weot, at 8 o'oloek, and on Wtdneeday and hatord^y altornoonf, at 3. Provtoun to the faice a GRAND ETHIOPIAN CoN BUT AND OLIO. Fridaj? Btnebt of L W MaLi.oKV, Artitt, on wbloh oc casion bandM'ine i rii?? will lie awarded lor the TWO Bit ST ORIGINAL CONUNDRUMS. Ticket* S!S cent* Gift tioketa admit four per*ea? oaoh. BROOKLYN MUSEUM ?TIIB NEXT REGULAR PBR foraiknco of the New V? rk Urauiatio Sooloiy will bo given on Tnesday evening next, ii e l.Hh in*t , wbon will bo perroraed the ootnedy ot T11E RIVALS, and THB DE AOL'NCEK. By order, J NORTH, Secretary. DUSSELDuRF GALLERY, 4U7 BROADWAY.? THIS gallery contain* u award* of ISO ol the ohoioeet paintiaga (Ter put upon exhibition. It ia ay far the beat gallory aow on thl* continent open daily tro>n 9 u'olook A. M. till 10 o'vlock I'. M. Adrniaalon V) ociit*. ?eaaon tioket* SO oent*. Theatrical.-)! r. and mks. w j. Florence. the Irish and Yankee delineator*, will arrive la Now York iu a lew day*. Letter* and ooinmunioatioaa abonld ba addrcaicd to W. i. FLORENCE, SIS Greenwich (treat. New York. IPOUT1M6, BO. B'OR SALE? a NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, OF THB bp?t > r?fd; i* an excelixnt watoti dog thoagh very klaB with children, baa all the belt qnahtie* belonging to anoh breed of dote. Will be ?old oheap. Secoad atable from Fifth avenae, la W'a*hiagtoa alley. MEDICAL. DR. J. JaIIVIS, LiiNTIdT, MOVED TO 08 ST. MASK'S Blace, Eighth *treet, nearSec-nd arentte. tw? ui a hilt bl?>ck* iron Rr adwaj, will bo at 4M Qraad llMrt daily from 7 to 8 A. M. and ? to 7 Y. M., for aatraotia? only. r\B. HUNTER, NO. 3 MV >*IOS STREET, N1 W YORK, coaauited at, h 1.' ol iTeWWrtt JW M..V, S>S.J,aW?*? *??, *? tided in one bratcb ol medioini fur ?he lut 21 /We,aoV* made mote cure* than any other man In the city, in many ltitance* c t perton* oon-iilored lu jurkh'e, eome of whith M bag (itrmiiiion to refer to aa heretofore. Chargaa node rite, and in all case* a t ure g i trautoed i'antioa? My area* remedy. Hunter'* rod drop, thai oure* certain ditoaeoo with out drying iti peiann in the blood can oale bo had a* aboro. Price 81. Call and ?<tt tho Moui'or of Hoalth DR. COBBETT, 10 DUANE st* let, mat bb con aulted with confidence on cer'aia diaeaaei; 24 year* M one fpeciality of the profeaxion. enable* him to guarantee permanent mm. Bit treatment It the una aa that prao tued by the groat Rioord of Pari*. N B - Dr 0. '? diploma a? member of the W. Y. Ualrareity, may bo aooa at hit otto* DR. COOPBR, Id DUANE MKEST, SO LONG KNOWN to the citliens* of Ntw York aa tho moat fueeeaafol practitioner thia oouatry can boaat of continue! to b* cor suited at hia old office, relieving tho anfortuaato, and girlng eonaolation to many an aching heart. N. B.-Dl C. gnaranteee a euro In allt>a?ee undertaken. DR. JOHNSON, 16 DUANE STREET, HAS PERFORM ed mere caroa tban any other medical naa is Now York. Dr J. 'a treatni* bt la kafe and exprditiuue; bia medl ciuea ean bo taken without (ear of detectioa. Charcot mo derate, and tbe money refunded u latitlactioa la not giroa. Dr warren, member or the collegm or Ssraeoa* of Loudon ai.d Edlabnrg, at tarda t* peirata praotico at hia old eetabiithrd offloe, 71 Madiaon etr?ot, a ear Catherine, where bo ia performing the inoat aatontahiag cure* on rtotrd, without ran tram t in diet or baaiae** pur ? Uit*. R. WARD'S UNFORTUNATE'S FRIEND, 81, WITS a book.? Juat what thoae oant who hare oontraotod eertaia diieaaoa, namely, a euro at oaeo. and no delay aadl mora exponas. Oroateat cure in the world b> Dr. fitl'l '? Unfortunate'! Friend " Afllietod take aotfoo? ao otboe remediea can aero yon radically. Slight oaaoo earod la a i;l?t*"~ " D lew baor*; nothing elao do?a it. >o. 5> Caaai atreet, oao doireaetof tha place to got I hia rapid and '.Lorouib remedy? no a here el -a in Now York. A euro war rant, d by l)r. Ward, l'atleat* anxioue for relief may rely on a rai id euro b* hit treatment, without taiiag tM ayetcm Alteration of diet or oeaaa-loa from bwaiaeaa aot required I M P ORTANT TO FF. MA I.EtS.-UA. "DUBOIS' OTVICM 1 ? Agercy for <bo exclusive treatment of all diaeaan ineldoat to fetialee, No. 86 toxin/ton arena". Remediea lor female derangement* from 81 to M Adrtoe gratia, Coaiultatioaa and lottiri eonfldontial. Mail fettoow contain tag K 'erred with adt leo and modiwvao by ro turn poet. Relief guaranteed in all aaeoo. Fatten ta from a proridod with eligible board, asrtlag aad at toadaaeo. La rmon t" "pa riT a v u lo n don physician, ? and lurgeeB, author ol th* Medlotl Adrtaor aad Mav riago Guide, 34r> page., 7.'i an? -av.n.a (mailed by bia. aeaiad cloaely, to any addreae. fcr 81. ) la ouoaal'ad at ii Road* atroft, comer of Hroadway, ftetn II A M till 8 , aad 6 to 9 P. M., Snndaya exorpted Tnoie at a dietaooe trtaM by mail and eiprtea We concur ?itb > th< r pap* re tn rooom mend'ag Dr. I., and bl> tre>ti?e. ? Uituatcb. Coorior de? Ktata Unl<, Steal* Zeltuag, Day Hook, Ac. N. B.? Not tho drag *tore. Tbe diseases of w<)man? their causes and cure familiarly eii lained, vith orae ical Hlate fir their pieTentinn, and for the pre*erratii>n of female health, b? Frederick Hnlilek, M D Prion ?l. Pnhliehed b j t. W. STRONO, KHNaeaau etree*. Ne? Yurk, who will forward lb free by mall naroooipt of price and addreeo. "ft te ? eom plate piaetioal traa'lM on female dieeaave, aciaatile eaeagb it a medical man, aad yet ao plain that anybody aaa ai der* t and it, and to delicately writ toe that eren tho moat fkatidioB* oat. i ot < tyect to a tingle paaeage.-'? New Talk Tlmea. rpiil GREATEST MEufCAL DISCOTERY OT TO 1 ago -MR. KENNEDY, of Rotbary. baa diMvrotadki one of oar ecmvioo paataro wooda a remedy that mum kind ef burner, from the woret aoro'ala down to a Mhn pimple. Re ha* triad It tn otot 1,100 oaaoo aad a ore* fhilad, ax?ap8 ta two eaaaa? both thaadao bomar Be baa bow ktlilri aeaeioi orer t?e hundred eerttfleatoaof Ma Tkrtaa, allafa to eaty milt e ef Butrn. Two bottlee are warranted to e??* a aarotaa tore i One to three bottle* will euro the woret kiad *1 1 ' tho faae. Two to three bottloa will euro tha ay atom ef beila Two beitlaa are warraatod to car? the worit oaakat ftltfel mouth or atumach. Three to 8to bottlo* are warraatod lo eve tho wont eaao of erj iirela*. One to two bottloa a ro warranted to rare all haaat te tha oyoa. Two bottlee aro warranted to tare ruaaiAa of tho ayea aad blotehea amonr tho batr Four to tta bottlo* are warraatod to oar* oonafl aad (at. a lug aleera One bottlo a 111 oare ?ea y eruption of tho ahla. Two to three bottlee are warraatod to etare tho want oaw of ringworm. Two to three lot tie. art warraatod to eare tha moat daa porato eaao ot rheamatlam. Three to tear bottloa art warranted to ran tho nN rbenm. Fire to eight tottlee alttear* tha warat eaao of Mtftl*. A beneSt ia alwaya ea{ >rteneod from the drat battle, aad a perfect euro la warrantad whoa tho above t?ae,lty M lilt, Header, I peddled not a thowaad boeMoe of tbte la tha ?f atnity of Beotoo, 1 baoa the effoota of H ia erarr ona jn eare a* wator will eatiaaulah Ire. ea aero wffll ? oan ha mor. I aeter *old a bottle of it hot that aald aa otter, aftac atrial it alifVy* (peak* for Iteelf There are two ihda?i about thia hert tbat appear ta at. In *< cMSg'- ~ Falton ? treat; Mareh A Northrop. 180 Orooawiah atroeta SBKi SSJVK? ojrttLTiaao^ tad'tf |

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