Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1855 Page 3
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Gold Ptacera of Honduras?Valuable (?? formation We have been furore J with the folio nag interesting letter from a gentleman who has spent **v*ral yearn in exploring the mineral and agricultural miourcei of Cen tral An*ri:a. The information which it contain* will prove valuable to that large clau of our people whs are turning their attention to those rich and beautiful, but hitherto unexplored and neglected, southern cointrlei. Of all the Crn'ral American .States, Honduras has the greatest variety of resources ltn nortnern ciast it stocked with mahogany, roiewood, logwood, India-rub ber, and copal trees, and is rish in str<-ap?rilla, vaoilla and other valuable articles of com mere*. It is, more, over, capable of an lntinite production of cott >o, rice, sugar, cacao, and the remaining great trap cal staples. The high and salubr'04* plaint anl Btvauuih* of the interior afford pasture" for largo herds of cattle, and produce potatoes, wheat, apples, pear. ties, and all the various fruits and graina of oar o*a :oaatry Htre, to>, are sany rich mines of gold, b?tfi iu ih* form of mines and washings. But the silver mines are most numerous, and perhaps the most valuable although it is probable that the gold washing* of Che department of Olancho are not surpassed by thofce of California. It is to this de partment that the letter of our corrxsp >u dent chiefly relates. Omoa, Hoxhuhas, FVb 22, 1855. Sir? I send you a few general remark* on the mineral region of the department ot Olancho Toe principal me tals at present known to exist in this State are: gold of several qualities, silver, both in the virgin and mixed states, copper, iron, and lead in large quantities; quick silver? an yet but one small mine ; tin, arsenic and man ganese. The three departments of Tegucigalpa, Olancho. ?Choluteca, and perhaps Comayagua, contain the largest portion of the nobler metals. The most remarkable mining localities are as follows: in Tegucigalpa, the mines of Tuxcuran, San Antonio, Santa Lucie, Cedros, Mora inula, Ki Plomo, Poterillos, and Agalteca; in Coma yagua, Opoteca, Minus de Oro, Cuyal, and Car id ad; in Choluteca, San Martin and Corpus; in Gracla>, Co'oal and St. Andreas; in Olancho, near Danli, and Juticalpa, tne rivers Guyambre, Jalan, and Guyape. The Coloal, be longing at present te Sr. Castellanos, is exceedingly rich, yet scarcely superior to the Roaalia in l'abanco and the San Andreas, both owned by tne same gentleman. Another advantage common to tne mines iu this State, is the facility with which the ore cau be worked? the immense force required in the mines of California being here superfluous. Among the rivers or Olancho which we (t. e. mvself and Dr. li ) visited and prospected, the Uayape and the Jalan are decidedly the richest in auriferous sands. These two rivers unite a little below Juticalpa, the capi tal of Olancho. and flow into the sea ou tue northeast coast, under the name of El Patuco. in lat. 15 deg. 48 mia. oO mc. : long. 84 deg. 18 min. W. The bar of the Patuco has from flve to seven feet water in summer, ana from nine to twelve during the winter, (1. e. rainy season.) The water in the river, to the junction with the Vampu, averages live feet. Near this point are some rapids, (chijlon s.) Ttiese pasted, the depth continues about four an<1 a half feet to the month of the Jalan, about a league from Juticalpa. From thencc to the point of Aleman, the river has the name of Guayape, with scarcely two and a half feet at the deepest, with many bars and saudbanks. perfectly dry taring the dry season, which was the period of our Visit. At the Aleman properly begins the auriferous sand and washings, and continue up the river, the bancs on either side containing much line gold. The doctor and myself procured some from a small hole, dug with a machete, at half a mile from the river, at Aleman. Leaving Juticalpa in a N E. direction, and crossing the same department near Jocon, over a district of about twenty leagues by ten, there is not the most iniignlfl cant streamlet bnt that contains gold either in its ian1s or on its banks For the most part these rivulets follow the courses of the mountains, and throw themselves into the Guayape and Jalan. The iemalnier, including the Sisaca and Mangulile, (the gold of the latter being of j larger size, and taken generally to Truxlllo,) fall into '1 the " Rio Mirajoco," which, taking the name Of Ta^uale, after fertilizing the beautiful valley of Olanchito, reaches the " Roneano," and enters the ocean sixteen miles east of Truxillo, in lat. 15 deg. 57 min. N , and Ion. 85 deg. 43 min. W. In these larger rivers, the gold is found in deposits near the bends and rapids. The finest gold is from the Guayape, Ja lan and Mangulile, in Olancho, and from the Sulaco. Cal mito, and Pacaya of Yoro, near Juticalpa, there are some rich lead aad copper mines but little used . A little silver is also found in combination with the lead. Iron is alao found at a short distance . At Aleman, the wo men only wash the sand on Sunday msroing, and with their miserable "batteas." procure in a few nours suf ficient metsl to aupply their wants for the ensuing week. We did bettor, as you have no doubt heard from the doctor. Among the best mines we visited, near Juticalpa, are the "Retire," three leagues dLstaat. The Uuijana and San Filipe are the Ketiro; the or* is in quart*, bat very easily worked. All these mines are owned by natives, and pay well. The metal is sold on the spot at an average o $11 10 to $12 per ounce. At Guijana it is found, In a sof state, and San Felipe in red earth. At some flve league from Dacli, the Jalan produces well, and thor* were a the time of our visit over an bandred men and women a work with batteas, never going more than a few feet be low the surface. In my next I will *end you a further account, aa our skipper is in a "desperate hurry." Tim* and tide wait for no one. The following figures express the depth of water on the various bars at the mouths of the rivers on the N. coast of Honduras : ? feet. fe*t. Rio Tlnto 0 to 8 Rio Rem in 5 to 0 Rio Omoa 3 Rio I i mas 4 to 6 Rio Cbimlicoa 5 to A Rio Negro 8 to 10 Rio Ullua C % to 10 Rio Brewers Lagoon 4 to 8 Rio Port Sal closed up Rio Patook 7 to 8 RioTaglus 4 Rio C'arataska 13 to 14 Rio Quam 3 to 6 Rio Wank* 8 to 10 Rio Ltyon 2 to 3 Rio C. Gracias Rio Bapolateka.. ..% to 3 Rio Paluca 7 to 12 Should I again visit the mines this summer, I will fur nish you with such additional information as I can pro cure. Respectfully Yours, CH AS. DOR ATT. RI astral and Theatrical. Acadkmy or Music. ? Verdi's opera, "II Trovatore," which has drawn the largest audienees that have ap peared at tbe Opera House since its opening,!* announc ed for this evening. It is almost unnecessary to lay, the house will, as usual, be filled br tbe musical dilet tanti. Had. Anna Lagrange appears again to morrow evening. Broadway Ttikatr*. ? Miss Fanny Ylning appears this evening in the play called "Charity's Love, or the Heart's Trials," Conway as Capt. Algernon, and Miss Fanny Vlnlng as Charity, Mis. Abbott asFloribel. The amuse ment* will conclude with the farce of " Bona Fide Tra vellers." Botot Theatre. ? The amusements of this evening will commence with the farce of the "Miller of Whit stone," which will be succeeded by the moral tale of enchantment called tbe "Seven Temptation I." Tns do mestic dras.*& of "Paul the Poacher,'' with Johnston as Paul Co [i? I r rontludes the amusements. Burton 'h Tut atre. ? The dramatic piece by Alexander Dumas, called the "Youthful Days of Louis XIV," which has been produced in great splendor as regards costume and scenery, ft announced again for this evening, and If we may judge from appearances, the bouse to-night will be crammed. Wallack'r Tukatrk. ? This favorite resort continues to give unmixed satisfaction to the respectable audien ces who frequent it. To- night, there are two pieces an nounced. The first is the "Captain of the Watch," and tbe comedy of "Look Before You Leap. " All the prin cipal artists of Wallack's company appear. Axkricak Museum.? Sheridan Knowles' play of "Love" is announced for this evening ? Cl?rk as Huon, and Miss Mcstayer as the Countess. In the afternoon tbe comedy of the "Soldier's Daughter" will be performed, with a good cast. Wood'h Minstrels.? The selections for this evening are negro melodies, the "Rochester Knockings," the "W an daring Minstrel," and a concert a la Jullien. Buck my '? Srrwadsrs.? The much-admired burlesque opera of "Cinderella" is the feature of this evening. There will also be a variety of vocal and Instrumental music. Prrbam'r Minstrfi*.? Those who wish to while away an hour or two in pleasure should visit them. Madams Augusta's complimentary benefit comes off to-morrow evening. The amusements sbs has provided for her friends are such as cannot fail to please. Seve ral of the most eminent artists appear on the occasion. Dodwortb'b Academy. ? The concert announced to take place last evening, by Messrs. Bernard! and Charles Wels, is postponed till Friday evening neit. Mr. S. Glenn, tbe Dutch comedian, Is at present In the city, after concluding a very successful engagement of twenty six nights in Philadelphia. News by Mall. The loss by the wrecking of the rafts on the Allegany river at Pittsburg, on the fith inst., ft is said, will reach $40,(00. Nearly one hundred rafts were destroyed. A lsrge proportion of tbe Buffalo sailors who were en gaged in the recent strike have gone to work a . the old prices. The government has directed a civil suit to be com menoed in New York against T. Butler King, l%te Col lector of the Customs at fan Francisco. Cal , for a ba lance of about 940,000 claimed by the accounting officers of the Treasury to be dae the Cnlted States from Mr. King. Tbe Ohio river at Pittsburg, on the 8th Inst . measured ?even feet in the channel? a good navigable stage. The wbsleship Zone, at New Bedford from Pacific Ocean, reports speaking, lat. 18 48 S.. long. 34 28 W., English ship Matonka, 33 days from Liverpool for New South Wales, with two hundred and sixty-two unmarried female passengers. A despatt h from Reading, dated Saturday, says Tht military sent to quell the riot at Wolmesdorf have re turnsd, and report all quiet there. They brought down ten of the riotons laborers, and twenty- five others were lodged ia Lebanon jail for trial. The remains of poor Sam fltocltwell, who died in Sa vannah, were recently exhumed for the purpose of being taken to Boston, but the vessel was wrecked, and his body has found an ocean grave. A German, named Frederick Schu'hraas, formerly a butcher, committed suicide by cutting his throat at I'ittabn rg, on tbe ?th inst. Within the first ten days of navigation to the port of St. Paul, the number of era'grsnts to Minnesota Terri ?, ,tor7? for permanent rrsldcnre, exceeded eight thousand. * During tie present year there will probably be raised rape crop sufficient to manufacture six hundred thou V' gallon* of < *t*wba wme, fcud the demand u said to (k* t ed that u uaatity. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* ? OBIT liftKII,, Tukmdat, Mi; 8?9 P. II Hie stock market continues doll, but aot so much d? pressed. At the opening this morniaf better prloes ruled. Virginia 6'? advanced % per cent; Illinois Free Land bonds, X ; New York Central Railroad bonds, M ; Delaware and Hudson, Ji ; Canton Company, >? ; Cum. berland Coal, )i\ Cleveland and Toledo Rulraad, X > Rtadirg Railroad, tf; Michigan Southern Railroad, % . But for the operations in Brie and Reai'.ng we should fc are very dull times at the stock board. These are the two most active stocks of the day, and the latter has be?n within the last four months purchased largely for investment. There is nothing doing in other ra'Iroad stocks, but prices are firmly sustained. Railroad bonds are in the market to some extent, and freely offered at our quotations, but the demand is limited. The orders from Europe oootinue small, and we do not look for much activity until prices on both sides of the Atlantic become equalised. The ex in ting condition of financial affairs in England and on ths Continent forbids further investment! in our eecuriiie* for the present, to any ex tent, and we must take care of thsm oar selves. We can do so without much difficul ty, so long as money continues abundant; but we must avoid as much a* possible any increase in our supplies, by keeping down the issue of new bond* for railroads or any other purposes. The stock market gene rally Is not in a very satisfactory encouraging condition. The most prominent ctocks ars in hands where they will remain aa Investments, or for an advance in market value. The brokers have very little control of the mar ket, and cannot influensa prices a fraction, aven tempo rarily, except by a desperate move, which would cost them more in the end than it was worth. Outsiders quietly picked up large lots of stocks, at low prices, some months since, and having the means to carry, have withdrawn them from tbt market. The broker* were sailers at low prices, and the ris? has taken place with out benefitting them materially. They are, therefore, anxious to depress prices again, for two important par poses? first, to secure differences on the decline, and than to com* in as purchasers and inflate them again. The probability is that they will be disappointed in both in stances. The broker's occupation Is, therefore , gone for the time. They raisT be content with small comm ssions for the present. Unfortunately for the brokers, too many of the stocks daily operated in at the board are regular dividend paying securities. If the market price happen* to be depressed, the productiveness is not af fected, and they can be held for Investment. This is very different to what it was a few years since, and speculation is, therefore, now carried on more securely. The sudden fluctuations of past years have almost entirely disappeared, and nothing short of a protracted financial revulsion, affecting all our grsat local interest*, can seriously depreciate the market v.ilue of stocks. The bulls and the beam, the longs and the abort*, have had their day. The cliques of speculators operating for a rise or fall, have now comparatively no influence. Combinations formed for cornering certain fancies, are no longer heard of, and nothing but the as tual intrinsic value of a stock ean give it an upward im petus in the market. The recent advance in Reading is not the result, as many imagine, of speculation. Had not the financial affairs of the company so rapidly improved, and its monthly earnings shown such an enormous in crease on last year's business, all the combinations and all the speculation of half a dozen active markets could not have put the stock up to its present level and kept it there so steadily. The ad vanes in Erie has been brought about by the superiority of its present manage ment, compared with that of previous years, its diffi culties and embarrassments depressed the stock a few month* since to thirty per cent. It has advanced to fifty, under the operation of economy and sound judg ment in its management. Harlem, Hudson River, Cumberland, Nicaragua, Canton Company, and one or two other stocks, have not advanced much un der all the favorable changes in the money mar ket. The abundance of capital ha* not benefitted them much, and * peculation appears to be powerless in its effect upon their market value. The cause is clear enough. The stocks remain just about the same in ac tual value. No real improvement ha* taken place in any of them. They are no better than they were twelve month* since, and we do not know that they are any wcrse. The market value has, therefore, not varied materially. We see in theee stocks how powerless the brokers are? how utterly impossible it is, under the ex sting state of the public mind, to inflate prices for any stock, unlets there i* an actual bona fide basi* for such an inflation; and it is only those securities which have largely increased their productiveness that oommand high prices. Reading is still considerably below its real value as a permanent investment, while Erie is selling for about all it is worth, in view of contingencies. If there was no probability of an interruption in its present large receipts, from competition or from disagreements, a further ad vaace might be j uatified : but the danger of some snch difficulty is so great that careful, cautious capi talist* will not trust the stock as a permanent invest ment. After the adjournment of the board, the following sales of bonds and stock* were made at auction by Simeon Draper:? $1, coo Memphis City 6's, 1880, interest added ... 69 2,0fo Pandusky City Ohio 7's, 1805, do 81 2,000 Central Ohio RR. 7's, 1861, do 78 1,000 N. Y. and Harlem RR. l?troort., do 89\' 2,000 Eyannvllle and Illinois RR. do. do 70 8,000 Columbus, Piqua and Ind. RR, do 72 >? 480 Mercantile Mutual Ins. Co. scrip, 1852 13 760 do. do. 1853 12 share Michigan Central RR 81 At the second board the market was very steady, and pretty active. Illinois Bonds advanced )?, and Camber land Coal fell ofT X per cent. We notice transactions at both boards to-day in Brunswick City Land stock, at prices ranging from 4>? to 5}? per cent. The interna1 improvements In course of construction at this place, some time since, have been revived and recommenced, and we should not be surprised If there was considerable activity In the stock. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to-day, were as follows:? Paid on treasury account 9223,961 61 Received do. 146,706 34 Balance do. 2,153 616 09 Paid for assay office 4,600 23 Paid on disbursing checks 16,820 85 Of the receipts to day $100,000 was received from the West. Mr. Thomas Lord, late Vice President, has been elected President of the Nicaragua Transit Company. Mr. Charles Morgaa still remains in the direction. The stockholders of the New Haven Railroad Company elect directors to take the places of the pretest irregular board, on Thursday, the 10th inst. The election taken place at New Haven. The repudiating and non-repu diating parties are hard at work hunting up proxies, and the result, we believe, is somewhat doubtful. The pub lie mind is pretty well posted regarding the vital ques tion at Issue at this election, and considerable curiosity exists to see if there is real honesty enough left among the Connecticut stockholders to do justice to those who have a different class of stock. The result depends sntirely upon the stockholders residing in Connecticut. Holders of what is called the " spurious stock" do not appear to take mnch Interest in the elec tion. They are in the hands of the oeurts, and feel con fident justice will be done in the premises. They are satisfied to wait tb? decision of the higheet tribunal in the State. From decisions already made In our courts, t is easy to foresee the resnlt. It is pretty certain that the earnings of the road will do no one any good, ex oept those who are directly engaged is its management, until litigation ceases, and by that time the road will be a poor, worn out, dilapidated coaoern, not worth one half of what its bonds and stock represent. The situ ation as director, conductor, or any kind of an office in the New Haven Railroad Company, must be a fat office so long as the concern Is la the hands of the courts and lawyers. The earnings never get out of first hands, and, as they are pretty large, somebody gets good pickings. The steamship Asia, at Halifax from Liverpool, brings five days later news from all pnrts of Europe. The finan cial and commercial accounts she brings have aot had any particular effect on our local markets. The advices are favorable for our great staple product. We shall have the Asia's mall to morrow (Wednesday) night. The assignee of Mesirs. Page, Bacon ft Co. of Saa Francisco, advertises to pay a further dividend of forty per ceat on the amount of drafts of that house on their agents In this city, Boston, Philadelphia, 8t. Louis, Cin cinnati, Louisville, Baltimore and Pittsburg, which bear date from the 9th to the 16th day of March last? both dsys Inclusive? and requests holders of such drafts to present them to him, In original and dnpllsate, at th? Bank of America, on and after Tuesday, the 8th last. This makes in aggregate payment of 70 per cent, Ieav iag per cent, which will be paid Immediately after the artival of the mall steamer from California, now nearly due. Tii? Burlington (Yt.) t'roe Prtu of Uu 4th iutut "Ji 7k? V*rment and Canada Rsiiroid Cotnptny hu AM a bLU in chancery. in Franklin county, agaiust the Ver mont Central Railroad Company, and th? trustees ?( the tlrat mortgage bond*, for t tie purpose of getting poeatMioa of tha two roada, with their rolling ,ntu s, under the provisions of the lean* of the Vera >nt nad Canada road to tka Central, for the non pajroi'nt of fifty four thousand dollars rent, due on the first day of December, 1864. Th* bill also ehtrge-t miaceadact in the management of the road* by the trustees, und asks for a decision. The trustees bare, on their part, it ii said, prepared a full and detailed answer, embracing a complete history of the business connection between these two corporations, from first to l*4t. It is also staled that tbe Canada corporation, instead of b?ing a creditor, is a large debtor to the Vermont Central road, aud tbat this indebtedness, amounting to hal' a million of dollars, must be flrat discharge *, before it will become necesaary to teat tbe validity ot the i?a?e. The miter came on to he baud before Chancellor Poland, at St. Albans, on Tueedat last, but the heiriag was postponed to be heard at St. Joansbury, on the lUh instant. The warrant* entered at tha Treasury Department, Washington, on the 5th instant, were: ? For paying Treasury debt* $2,111 02 For the l.astoms 15,8HU 69 For covering into the Treasury from lands 77,098 00 For covering into Treasury from mine source*.. 2,998 00 For the War Department 27,818 64 For re-paying in tbe War Department 100 00 Fcr toe Navy Department W,0W 00 For the Interior Department 4,875 00 Tbe business of the Losg Island Railroad Company is steac ily on the increase. The receipt* for the fiscal yoar tnding Mtrch 31, 186ft, amounted to $303,576 19 Do. 1864, " 247,611 04 1ncr?nM $66,964 16 R?ceipt? for April, 1865 $24,814 62 Do. do. 1864 18,923 22 Increase $5,899 80 The surplus over expenditure* last year, waa invested in the company'* own bonds at a very lair fig ore, con-, paied with prtftht pile**. The Boston Courier, of the 7th in*t., says:? A lingular and startling development ha* recently been brought to light by the committee whisk is botdisg daily meetings in this city in reference to the proposed union and csntolldaiion of the Canada and Central Rail road*. It ia openly charged, and said to be susc-ptible of proof, that tbe late President ot the Vermont Cen tral Railroad obtained M? oAce nad power to over-issue stock by brit>ery and corruption. To effect this object, tbe sum of &3C.OOO was rawed by sales at 00 per cent of $6(',000 of the second mortgage bonds belonging to the corporation, and obtained through fait* pretences, by one of tbe directors, who at an evsning meeting of the board, at tbe Revere House in thli city, about one year ago, was made I'resident of the corporation, to fill a vacnnry which then and there smMtnly occurred. The proceeds of these bends belong to the stockholders, and may yet be recovered if proper atepi be taken. Stock Exchange. Tukhday, Hay 8, 1856. $2000 Virginia C's.sS 97* f.O sbs N Y Cen RR. 92-^ 3COO uo ?"% 26 111 Can RR 95 7000 do 97i? 211 Cleve & Tol RR.. 78W 6000 do bGO 97 ^ 60 do b60 7*% 2000 Cal 7's, '70 ... 91 47 do 78% 10C0 Mich 6's, '68. 97% 500 Erie RR blO 49% 4000 Kentucky 6's. 101 26 do 49% 5000 Krie B* '75.b'Q 86% 60 do nlO 49)4 2000 H Riv 2d M Li 96 50 do C 49% 6000 1U Cen RR Bd* 74% 300 do b3 49* 8000 111 C RR V Bo* 70 SJ 100 do biO 49 % 8000 N V pen RR B* 88% 100 do bt5 49% 3000 NY Cen 7'* b3 102% 200 do *3 49)^ 7C0 do 102% 350 do b3 49% 2575 CI & lol Dv Bs 74 % 200 do 49% 1500 Ohio June 1 M 82 450 do blO 49>{ 16 sha Bk of Com.. 110 100 do btw 4!)>? 23 Am Exchauge Bk 109% 100 do *10 49% 8 Metropolitan Bk 108% 150 co ,.s3 49% 20 Del & Hud CI .*3 126 9f0 do 83 49% 100 Canton Co... *45 26 X 1G0 da *30 49^ 100 do bbO 26)J 100 do blO 49% 50 do bfiO of 20 26 200 do e 49 450 Xio Transit Co. . 16 aoo Reading RR ftfi'f 2t0 do b30 16% 360 do 86 ? 100 PennCoalCo ..c 106% 600 da *30 86 300 Cumb Coal Co... 28 % 50 do nlO 86 8t0 flo 28! 200 do bfiO 86 % 300 Brs'k C L'dCo.s3 4% 200 do *90 86 260 do s3 5 100 da s3 86 50 do *10 5 V 26 Hud Riser MR. *3 40 40O do *10 5% 60MSa AtNInCon. 94% 50 NY Cen RR. . . *3 92% 10 do 95 100 do *10 92% SECOND BOARD. $7000 Ind PtateS's. . 83% 500 ih* Reading. b60 86% 3000 IU Cen RR Bd* 74% 50 do *30 86 1000 do 74* 150 Hud River RR.. 40 150 shs Cumb Coal. . 27% 150 Nic Transit Co. . 1?% 50 do btiO 28 100 Brs'wk L\lC .s3 5 60 NY Cen RR.. blO 92% 100 Erie RR 49% 50 do bOO 92% 100 do 49 100 Canton Co... bfiO 2ft % 200 do b3 *9% 100 Reading RR...s3 86 100 do c 49% 2C0 do s 30 86 2f0 do s30 49 200 do ?10 86 500 da tw 49% 200 ' do blO 86% CITY TRADE REPORT. Tuesday, May 8?6 P. M. Anus.? Small sales were reported at $5 81 a $5 87 far pots, and $6 18 a $6 26 for pearls. Brbac stuff's.? Flour ? Tha market waa again firmer for common to good State, which was scarce. The sale* induced common to good and choice State at $10 25 a $10 31; Ohio do., fancy and extra at $11 a $12, and ei tra Michigan at $10 76: 1,200 bbla. Canadian at $10 37 >j a $10 75. with some lota of extra at $11; Southern at *10 a $10 87 % for common to good, and $11 a $12 for fancy and extra brand*. Meal was held at $5 2i for Jersey. Rye flour was unchanged. Wheat? 1,200 bushel* of white Miohigan were sold at $2 60. Corn ? Tbe sale* embraced about 21,000 builiela, including white, at $1 15, and yellow Southern at $1 16. Early in the morning a sale of white waa reported ?t a lower figure. Rye wa* scarce, and wis held at $1 76. Barley ? 306 bushels, sold at $1 20. Oat* were quiet at 80c. a 86c. for State and Western. Coal? 100 tons Hull steam coal sold at $7 60, cash. H Cofprk ? A sale of a cargo of 4,526 bag* was mace at auction, at 9%c a 11 '4c ?average 10c. The sale drew a good and lively company, and proved quite satis factory. No sale* of moment were made to the trade. Cotton.? The sales embrace! about 2,000 a 2,600 bales, and the market closed at about %c. advance, especially lor the better grades. Fkmgiits ? 7,000 bushels corn were engaged for Liver pool, in bulk, at2%d , and 6,000 do , In bags, at 2d.; and afterward* 10,000 do. were said to have been tiken, in bulk, at 2d; 250 boxes bacon, at 7*. fid. ; and 1,600 bbls. turpentine, at Is. 9d. To London ?100 bbls. speim oil, at lfis. ; SO bbls shoe pegs, at Is. 6d. ; 24 tierces rice, at 16s., and 1,000 bbls turpentine, at 2s. fid. To Glasgow? 100 tierces beef were engtged, at 3s. 4d. ; and 300 boxes bacon, at p. t. To Bremen ? 200 bales cotton, at %3., and 10,000 lbs. bone, at 6 16d. To Havre ? Cotton was at )fc. To California? Rates were .'50c. to 36c. per loot. Hay. ? Sale* of 300 a 400 bales were reported at $1 12 per 100 lbs. Iron ? Scotch pig was selling moderately at $28 a $20 per ton. Logwood. ? 200 tons I.aguna sold at $26 ; and 300 do St Domingo, (pmt In bond and part duty paid,) at t>. t Wolaskks ? -sales of 600 hhds. Caba clayed were made at 25){c., which wa* an advance. Naval Storks. ? About 300 bbls. spirit* turpentine were *old, part in shipping order, at 44>{c a 45c , and 1,0(0 a 1,200 bbls. Wilmington common rosin were sold at $1 86 a $1 90 per 310 pounds, delivered. Raw turpen tine varied from $3 25 to $3 60. On*.? Whale and sperm unchanged; linseed was in moderate request, with small sales, at 86e. and 87c., and in retail lots from store, at 87c. and 89. Provisions.? Pork? The market wa* firmer: sales em braced about 1,600 a 1.600 barrels, including old mesa at $16 62% and new ao. at $17 50, and 1,000 barrels d?w prime, to arrive in thirty days, at $14 25, with aome in market at $14 50. Beef firm: about 500 bbla. sold at old prices. Beef hams were steady at $20 50 for extra Chicago, repacked, with salea of 50 bbla Should ers and hams were firm: sales of 100 hhds. dry salted bams were made at 9 %c. Bason firm: about 660 boxes were sold at 8%c. a 8\c., alter wards held at 9c for olear. Lard better: sales of 300 a 400 bbls. at 10% a 10 %c. ; butter and cheese were dull. Rich.? Only small sales were reported at previous rate*. frricm ? 200 bags pepper were sold at 10%c., and 20 cases nutmegs at 97%e. Scaars ?Owing to the rain tbere were no sugars landing, snd so sules of moment were reported. Tallow ?10,000 lb*, were sold at 11 S J. Tobacco ? Transactions were limited, out prices con tinued stiff, and assortments were not vsrv satisfac tory. Tbe sale* were about aa follow*:? 46 hhd*. Ken tucky and Maysville, 8%c. a 12c.; 80 bales Havana, 23c. a 29c , and 72 cases seed leaf, 6c. a 10c. Whiskst.? 60 barrels priion sold at 39%o. ; drudge was held at 40c. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERY DAY. RBMOTAU Madame r. oavelle has removes her estab liahment of dreat making, milliner; and fancy goods, to No. 741 Broadway, oppoalte A a tor Plaee Hotel. REMOVAL-HOLMES A BUTLER'S ALUM PATKNT aafe depot hu been removed te Nee. 90 end 91 Maiden lane, (below liberty,) where an Meortment of thotr ??w patent alnm Mled aafea My be earn, ? well M tbe (original) aafe made by them, which received the flrat and only medal at tbe .treat Cry ital Palace teat of twenty- ftonr honra, in IBM. N. B.? A written warrantee of dryneoe litei with eaeh aafe. Removal.-the fibm or marquand, moorka CO.. Job printera, (late Vinton, Marqnaad A Co..) have rtmoved fiem 188 Greenwich etreet to tbe Snn Balldinca. where, with enlarged accommodation! and inoreaaed faolU tiea, they are now prepared to exeonte all ordera for ejrary deacriptlon of plain and ornamental printing with which their; frtenda and tbe pnblio may favor them. For paat pa tro*a*e they render thank*, aad weald moat reepeotfnlly ae licite a continuance of the earn*. Removed.-j. N. DO PONT'S LADIBS- SUOK BU aineaa haa been removed from 811 to 437 Broadway, third door above Howard etreet, (the atore formerly oo<ru rled by M. Wt?e, Optician.) where the proprietor will be appy to aee all hi* old enatemer* and the ladle* generally Richard busteed, attorney and cOuvsbl lor at law, baa removed hla office to 237 Broadway, cor ner of ParWplaee, over tbe Broadway Bank, roo-na Noa S and 4, onth" eecond atory. kICBAKD BUSTER l>, MOSES ELY, Attorniea and Cooniellon at Law, 237 Broadway, cor ner of Park place. New Vork. rriHE MISSES O'BRIEN HAVE RCKOVED THEIR A echool f nr jenng ladlea, from fl!7 Hon?ton, to 145 VTn. t Twenty teeond etreet, between the Sixth and Sevintii avennea. A lifted nnmber of rooag ladioa recelvod M boarder a. Clreabc* obtain? 1 it th air mtdeaoa m abort. dry onom. sac. DBB8S GOODS, Ac ? LEBOU rlLLl A, BROTHERS, iavit* attention to the foMowlag:? 13,500 yard* of bara^? and Mum, (trum auctiea,) at U. M. m l 2>. par yard; b?au ti'ul drew (ilka at 4? , Si. aud I*. , vary nupcrior black ?ilk?, cballt baraiea, lawn*, Ao.. embroidered and lac* collars, slrevea, chemisette* anil baud*, very oheap. Kibbum a. ?dial ol utWNt atylea, and *hawls of the Stella and other kinds, W Canal street, lour doors Iron Broadway. EMBROIDERIES AND LACES.? JUST RECEIVED, 4 complete assortment of embr?id*ri*a in new desi*u* and all qualiiion; also Valeaeiaonea. Brussels, guipure, Houitoa, poiat, and other rich lace*, black thread mantillas, point*, veil*, Ao. The price* are anch below previous aeaaons. MILLER A GRANT^STl Broadway. Laces and embroideries. -3,000 cambric band*, at half the r< gular prices. GEMN'S lUuar, ftl3 Broalway. Laces and KMiiRoiDKKiks.? on Wednesday, May i. a large and uiacaitio'iii assortment of tbe finest i ron eh embroidered collars, at lb per ount below the usual price*. UBNIN'S 8at?r. 513 Broadway, St* Nicholas Uotol, May ya&hions IN MANTILI.AS. MOLYNKUX bell, 58 Canal street, lavite* the attention of the tadles to hia immense atoc* ot LAC'E MANTILLAS, comprising new atylea, in real Guipure, Chantilla and ap plique, in tilk aid velvet. Also, a vury large and varied assortment ol l'aria and Brussels lace, ot lit* own notud mauula?ture. elanaut In styl* and design. well worthy the attention ot those who wear them. Ilia now ly imported novelties tor May are very pretty, and entirely different from the early spring style*. Ladies who eall to inspect hia atook auay alwaya rely upon prompt and good attention. 68 Canal street. NEW GOODS PKR STEAMER " AFRICA "-J. BECK A (HI , have received a large invuioe of entirely now good*, ol tbe latent Parisian styles, and which I m y are now ofltring at extremoiy low priooa: rich lluusoed ail k robea and plaid ailka; flounoed harene ana organdy robes; bareges, or gandie*. de, calioos Ao., Ac., No*. 304 111 3&7 Broad way. and 780 and 788 Broadway. New dress coods, by thk atlantic. will be opened on Wednesday, May 9. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadw;^ (.'bsnibers and Beade streota. TjICH RIBBONS AT AUCTION. ? 100 BOXES WILL BE ll/ Mid at Mr. WM. TOPPING'S auction store, Broad atreet, on Friday nest, Uth May, fct U o'clock A- M, Tin cases french organdie and jaconet mualina will be opened on Monday, May 7, at 24 cjnta peryard. Alao, Vfeasea 1'ortamouth and other la. par yard. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Read* atmta. FINAKCIAL. $7^(1 OftM YORK AND HABLIM RAIL V I t/v.U v v ? road, aecond mortgagj 7 per ooai bonda, part of an iaana of one million. Thia mortgage coven a large amount of real eatate in thia city, aa well an mant parcel* on the line of the road, not inoluded ia the Drat mortgage; the branch road to Port Morris, on the Cast River, with wharf and ground belonging thereto, and all the colling atook and luruit.ure ot the roadi The bonda are iaeued with intereat coupons attached, pay able on the first days of February and August in each year, and the principal reimbursable on the first day of August, 1 8M. The mortgage ia made to the Farmers' Loan aud Trust Company, of this city, aa troatoe for the bondholders, aud recorded in all the oounties through which the road passes. Thia issue, added t? th(f first, will make the mortg&ite ia oumbrance upon the road lour million dollars? leaa than fifty Br cent upon ita oost up to thia time The proceeds of the uds now off i' red, will be used? first to extinguish the floating debt ol the Ccropany; and, second, to ooraplete the double track to White Plaina, and erect some few atatioa houses required on the line of the road, all of whioh, it ia ex pec ted may 'be done (ao aa to . eloae " construction aa count " at the end of the year. Tbe aocurity upan whioh these bonds are baaed la believed to be in all reapeota ample, quite aa reliable as that of th< first mortgage. The earninga of the road are constantly la nreaaing, and its business, present and prospective, never at aatiafactory as now. Prouoaala for all or any of theee bonda may be addressed to William B. Draper, Treasurer, Harlem Railroad Com pany, New York, endorsed "Proposals for 2d Mortgage Bonds," until tlie fifteenth da^ of May next, when they wit! b?- opened, and should atate whether the offer be made ia cash on receiving the bonda, or in in' atalmenta, of twenty -fiv* Kcent, payable respectively on the ISth of May, l.'th o! le, lfitn of July, and 16th of Auguat. The rignt of ra jeoting all or any part of the bida ia reaerved, If deemed fot the Intoreat of the Company eo to do. By order of the Board of Directore. NICHOLAS DEAN, PreaideaA Wm. B. Dit APra, Treaanrer. Notb ? Thia road termlnatos la the oeatreaf tbe oi?y at New York, ia on* hundred and thirty mllea long, con aecting the city with Albany, and all the trad* of the great West, together with a portion of that of the North. Ttia annual groas earnings of tb* road now *xoeed oa* mlllioa tt dollars. New York. April 3d. 188ft. aann nnn -money to loan on diamonds, ifUUUiUUU, watnhea, jewelry, aegara. pianofortes, meroliandise and peraonal property generally, (or bought for cash.) Business confidential aud exooutod promptly, at 78 Naaeau stieet, first floor, back ofllce. FLORENCE A CO., Brokers. LIBERALLY ADVANCED, IV LA ROE or small sums, on diamonds, watohei, $600,000 , jewelry, stocks, bonda, or any valuable personal property, by B1RDSA1.L A CO., 73 Nassau ttreet, rear building, room No. 1. second floor, N. B.? Koal estat* bought and sold. Auctioneering and conveyancing attended to. Busi ness strictly confidential. ?CCA nnn ?MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, . watohes, jewelry, dry gooda, setare, Ao., or bought tor oaab; city stocas, notea, mortgagos and bUlf of exchange negotiated. Buaiaeaa confidential and prompt bv TII'iMi'SOh A CO., brokeraand oommisaion morohitnts lot Nasaao str**i, corner of Ana. room No. 2, second floor ?-i e r rvnn? persons wishing to negotiate ^Juu.UUU, loans, or sell anv valuable personal pro pirtv, cimsistinn of diamonds, wa'.cnea, Jewelry, segara, Ac., can be accommodated on reasonable terms, oy applying to KORBLSII A JOHNSON, No. IU7 Nassau street, entrance No. VJ Ann street, rooma 4 and li. N. B ?Real estate saloa, loans and commissions generally attended to with prompt ness aad dispatch. A'l buaineas striotly confidential. nnn TO LOAN? OR BOUGHT FOR CASH, ijptJU.Ul'U diamonds, watohes, jewelry, and every de a?riptiou of valuable property, by JOS. E. ISAAC, bnaemeut ottice, 11 Cbambera street. Transactions at rijtly confidential Office hours from 8 A. M. till t! P. M. N. B.? Highest price lor gold and ailver. <S>rn nnn WANTED? FOR three OR FIVE JjpOv/.UUU years, at 7 p?r cont intereat par annum, on bond and mnrtiiane on improved unincumbered raal estate in tliis city and Brooklyn, in sums ot from $2.5 0 to $5,10U. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, 25 Nassau street. I? TO BE ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, 1 other merchandise, attended to at thair own residences by appointment. All buslneaa striotly con fidential. Apply to J. LYONS A CO., 598 Houston atroet, betwsen Hern r and Ore*. Business hoar* from 10 A. M. until 3 o'olock P. M. <t/<n nnn -MONEY LIBERALLY advanced, in tPrrU.UUU. small or large auma, on all kinds of dia mond*, watches, Jewe ry, aegars, stocks, bonds, real estate, and all kinds of merchandise, by JOSEPH LYON, No. 1ft William street, room No. 10. N. B.? Business strictly con fidential. TO LOAN IN ONF. SUM, ON DOWN TOWN CHASE A FULLER, Real Eatate thr- e doors from Wall. (t/innnn? to advanced ijprrU.UUU watohns, jewelry, and in small amounts or otherwiae. 1'artio* a $8,400 T?t,N Brokers, No. 7 New street. nnn -MONEY to LOAN, FROM S3 TO $5,000, iTU.uvlu. on ail kinds of diamonds and jewelry, or bought fur cash. U e offei great iuducementa to per-ons in want of money aa to liberality. Call at J. H ROBINSON A CO-'S, 212 Broadway, corner of 1'ulton atreet, r>>om U. ?nnn T0 ti 00,000 CAN be obtained for ?UUU a email investment. For turther informatioa *d dreae A. U GREGG OR A CO., Banker*. >0. 233 North Gay at . Poet Office, do* No. 210, Baltimore. Md. Broken bank rills b./Uoht.-wheat grow era. h&o ; hridgetoa. ?3c. ? star* Bank, .Vxj. ; Kent Couu y. 7i'c.; Co? liltr?t< . S?e.; Waahteuaw. 27c ; Railroad, 3c. , Stat* at Morris lOr ; Eastern. W. Kiliingiy. lOo. ; Lewia County, lOo BKNJ. ft ATI] AN, 140 Greenwich atreet. (1ASI1 ADVANCIO IN ANY AMOUNT, OR PCRCHAS J ed at aisht . diimonria, watcher, rich jewelry .merohan di*e, and valuable personal property generally. R. WOOD, tW Fulton itreet. *euond floor, froat room, from 8 A. M. to B I*. M. CIA SB ADVANCED ON THE M08T LIBERAL TERMS J on watcbea, jewelry, dry gooda, pianofort x, furniture, or ary other property, at the old ani confidential office SM Broadway, corner oi Duanc atreet, aecond floor, room No. 'J. The ftrioteat Lonor may be relied upon. CASH ADYANCIS MAPI ON WATCEES, DIAMONDS, jewelry of all kindi; real eatate and all other kind* or bntineaa bought and aold. Inquire at 20s Broadway, room MONEY LIBERALLY advanced? By PECABES, BERNSTEIN A PHILLIPS, M* tioneara, SI Liberty street, one door from Naeeau, oa stooka veeael*. real eatate. furniture, pletaie*, merchaadlaa, A*, left with aa fer aala. Money to loan-persons requiring tem porary advance* on real eetate, diamonds, plate, watcbaa, jewelry, pUnoforte*, dry good*, tune*, carriage*, and every description of personal property, promptly ac commodated at tha Empire loan and agency offioe, ."B.1 Broadway, oppoaite the Broadway theatre. Removed from 321. E. i'. WILLS, IfMt. VfORTH CAROLINA SIX PER CENT STATE STOCK i.1 ? Treaanry Department, N. C , Anril 18, 18AA? Sealed proposal* will bo received at thi* office until 10 o'olock A.M., of the Slat May next, fer the parohaae of the follow ing bond*, to be itaued by the State of North Carolina, in ?nma of $1 000 aaeh, to wit: SW.OOO running thirty years, tearing iaeerait and data trom the lat January. liW. Al?>. #15,000 running thirty year*,, bearing Intcreit and date trom the llrst April, lrt6>>. Al?o, SMt.UUO running ten year*, aad bearing internet aad date fmn the flrat January, UM. All of them are exempt from taxation by law. They will all have coupon* attached tor the intereat, at *ix per oont per annum, payable *eml annually ; and both the principal aad latereet will be payabla at the Bank of the Kepublio, New York, nnle** wham the rurcha*ar preUr* to have them paid at the Trea*nry of tha State. Parties bidding, will pleaio addreaa th?*r letter*, endorsed " Proposal* for North Carolina Steak*,'' to the uaderrigned, at HaleUh, N. C. The bid* will b? opened at K) o'eloek. A.M., the 21*t May next. in the pretence oi the Oevernor, Sacr?lary, and Comp troller . f State, and tha President of the Bank or the State. Tl.a undaraigned reserve* the right of aooeatiag *aeh bid*, in whole or in part, a* he may deem moat advantageous to to the State. Suocessfnl bidder* will be required a* aoon as informed of the acctptaace of their bid*, to depoait la bant the amouat, with tha accrued Intereat from the date of tlie bond, to the credit of the Treaaarer of the Stata. This depoait may be Ma i> 'n the Bank of the Republio, at New York: the Bank of tbv >tave oi North Carolina, or the Bank ?( Gapa Fear, Kaleigh.N. C. Document* showing the resource* of the State aad the amount or it* indebtedness may be had at tbia office, or oa application to Meaar*. Brown A De Rossett, N. Y D. IT COURTS, Pnblie Treasurer of Nartb faro Una. Railway acceptances as n business paper diecennt'd, by JOHN B. MTHRaY 4? Wall *tr*st, over Bank of North Amerioa. C a?h loaa* upon bank, rail way, and Are iniurance "took*, bond* and note*. Advance* npoo flonr, train, Iron, provision*, and other merehaadui, and ea veisel* at tea ar.d In port r CAPITA LISTS.? THE FOX AND WISCONSI* Improvement Company of e* t* eapltaliat* fer invest meat the remaining h?!f ot their S pet eent bnuA*. fflflO.iKIO.l parable February I. 1*73. (a tenet oeai iaaaally, at th< Bank of North America, city cf New York Then *;r-d, are neenred by a flrat aicrtgaip apoa land* worth at t In valuation, mora thaa doable t\e amoaat, alaa apon the i% prnveneat tt*?lf. together with I U proceeds, *%?*? powe; A*. Utitn ?? W (In ?fMu **???? i, u TM rtroat ? wm BAim. fcfi Hftn -roR 8ALB- Olil or THE TW1LY1 4'U1l/UV/i Ibra itun brotig itau.toiHi n tin aortk ?id* of Fltt* (frond itrvct, be* ween Eighth avenue ud Broadway They are fitted op with marble mantels, ornn intuited corniest, wast baiics, baths, we tor cloeeW, dumb waiter, range. Ac . complete. Inquire oa the premises, of J_V OM>ERDONK._ _ (WiH -earm on nortii side or lono jPvr.vFW. IsUl ! S<> miles from New York, new Hunt in g ton; Ho acres 60 woodland, 2 locuit ouiNriM. fruit, * .'tor, Ac , comfortable bouse, new baru a:id ojw hoiiee, Cut) vi^w of Loot la nod sound and eurruaudiu country. Title perfect and terra i aecommodatini. E. A. Ul'NCt, 212 Broadway, room S. -wn.LiAMsnuRr. express for sake, an ifut/ui old established concern, with a good run or per manent work W ill bo told fur bait its value, as the owner his otuer business. Apply at is William ?t. KENnBDt. d>Q tn ONLY, FOR AN OLD ESTABLISHED iP?jtJv bukery, lea?e,stoek and fixtures. an t everything ucuossary to carry on the banine?s. Tin .us unit .u.tedly a rare chance, a? the ?Tk>t? muit no i lively be ? .Id this week. Apply immediately nt 2-U Broadway, r oni lu. GEO RU E W SIMERS Anew turee story brick bouse and i.?t for anle, ? Lot M feet froat by 100 feet deep, will bi eold olienp, together with the house furuiture, it required. ai the owner and bU family arc *"in^ te Eur .w. Inquire on the premises, 72 1'ortyniath street, betwix u Tenth and Eleventh avenues. A RARE CHANCE.? A VALUABLE FARM, PAPER mill and water powar for aalo or exohangn at a bargain. There are two dwellings, barn and other ouihsuses on the farm, which consists or seventy-five acre* of land of which twenty tire acre" are meadow and Of ty aoros good tillable land, term* accommodating. Addree* S. M. J , Herald office, or apply to C O LINCOLN, corner of Court tut Snckett atreeta, Sooth Brooklyn. A RARE CHANCE. -TWO HOUSES AND LOTS rOR eak ? -0 oy UN) feet deep, three story, briok, aul base ment. I n< ?n as 304 and 2Ui West Twenty eighth street. C2,0w can remain on each on bond aid mortgage. Apply at tho (tore, 2Mi A SEA-SIDE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? , wi<h about one acre of ground; also, lots adjoining, on the Highlands of Nevesiuk, coast ot New Jerxey ? one of tho I most delightful situations in the world, and only 22 miles 1 from New York oity, to and from which four steamers ply daily during the rummer, and two tho whole year. Tae view U VAtqualled on the whole oosst ef Amorica, also the faoili tics for sea bathing, and all sorts yf aquatic amuseaututs. The ho?K?i two ?or? ?n4 ituMto-nt, wUU plaija in front, fBd Mn taint olfllit rooms, tight Closets, sior*ro6ti an*ue?.Vr. t is situated in a beautiful grove of holly, dogwood, and other trees of large growth. A fine well or soft water near the house. For diagram of the premises, terms, Ac., apply ! to ALBERT II. NICOLA Y, No. i Broad street; or to R. L. WOODS, KIT Front street. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT EOR SALE, EE lightfully situated, in the town of Kye, Weitchuter county N. 1.. on the shore of Long Islaud Sound one quarter of a mile from New Haven liailroad station. I' -run easy. Priec S5 5(H) Apply to JOHN LOYD Corner Nassau and Pine streets, or S. LYON, 100 Fulton street. Book and newspaper store for sale, in Brooklyn? iii oho of the best locations in the city; the store fronts on the two principal streets leading to th- fer ries. The place is well established. Will he sold rmwnn-U on account ot other business. For particulars apply at 103 Fulton, Junction of Mala street. C country residence and building sites!^ ) Public attention i( called to tho auction aale oi a splen did country residence, with about six acres of land and seve ral beautilul building sites, of over fix city lots eaoh, on Flat hush, Cnrtolyou and Clarkeon avenues in the village of Flatbush, just outside the Brooklyn limits, aud throe milos from the ferries, on the Iftth ot May, at 12 o'click, is the Merchant*' Exchange, by James Cole A Son. For healtli tulness and besuty nt scenerv this property oannot he sur passed, and its nearness te the city? being the same distance as Fortieth street from the Exchange? ronders it convenient as well as dexirable. Stages pass tho property every few rninutos from the Fu'ton terry. For maps, Ac., apply to MURPHY, I.OTT A V AN DEKB1LT, No. 3 Front street, Brooklyn; or J AMES COLE A SON, No. 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or IS Nassau street. New York. C10UNTR1 RESIDENCE FUR SALE OR T? LET? ) within five minutes' wa'k of the cars, consisting of a good bouse, barn and csrra*,n house, with from three t<> four acres of pastur* land together with a variety of trult trees and garden shrubbery, on Long Island, nine miles trom the oity. Apply at No. 1 Barclay street, at the tiuss otlioo. CITY PROPERTY, SITUATED IN ILLINOI3, TO Ex change for property in or near Now York, or a ^ood farm; will go to New Jersey or Connecticut, or lands near this city. PIc&bc address tic Witt. Herald office, for ten days, stating particulars as to property offered, Ao., which will be promptly attended to. D1SIRABLE residence and PROPERTY IX Brooklyn.? For sale, on the west side of Washington avenue, between Fulton and Gates avenues. The house is square, double, built in the Italian style, two stories and attio, in the best and moat convenient manntr, with Key ser's turnace, range, bath room, Ac., with between eight and nine lots ot grouud, tullr stocked with choicest grafted fruits, grapes. Ac. Stalls and hen houses on rear street. Or tho Loune, stable, Ac., with fouror five tots. For terms, Ac., apply to JOHN Y. COLE, SO South stioet. Drug store for bale? a good guanck for a physician.? The store is neatly flttod up. in a good neighborhood, and doing a cash business ?t trom $10 to $12 u da> ; the rent very low, and a l><asu of six years from the 1st inst. Address Business, Horald efflos. No agents need apply. Drug store for sale-neatly fitted, well stocked, and doing a good prescription and retail busi ness, with first class customers. Location in a fashionable neighborhood, in the upper and wwt side ol the oity. Will be sold low for cash. Address West tide, office of Bojd'a Express, 40 William street. Drug store for sale at a sacrifice-must I ba sold this week; an excellent chance for a young phy sician vithbat a small amount of capital. The store is in au excellent neighborhood and good businiMs location. Fcr particulars apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. EI.FGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR ?ALE? WITll the fnrniture, carriage, Au , and twenty acres of land, one and a half mile from the New Brunswiok Depot, New Jersey, on tha banka ot the Raritan, and commanding a magnificent view. The house is In the gothio style, lately built with the best materiala]andtllled in with briek A pho tograph cf the place can be seen at the office of F. D'HER VlLL Y, 18 Ixcnaoga place flFTH AVENUE PROPERTY FOR SALE - FOUR first clasa brown stone front bouses, situated between Thirty fifth and Thirty-sixth streets, four stories high, with all the modern improvements. A large portion of the pur chase money mav remain on mortgage. Apply to NICHOLAS GOODWIN A CO., 23 Maiden lane. Fine grocery for bale.-has been esta blished for the lart ten years, with a good run of 11 rat class custom Will be disposed of with the house and lease ? of the lot, if required. For farther particulars, inquire on the premises, 171 Thirl avenue, oerner of Seventeenth at. BtOR SALE-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, CONTAIN ing one hundred acres, is in the best order, wall watered, I plenty of fruit, aud sufficient buildings; high elevation, and 12 miles trom New York, and one mile trom Williams bridge, on the New York and Harlein Railroad. Inquire on the premises, ot JEREMIAH TIES. For sai e? a fine cottage, with about four acies of land attached. beautifully situated near the town of Westport, Connecticut, within tea miaute? walk of the railroad depot. Terms model ate. For partioelars ap ply to W. 11.. 21 Old slip. fCR PALE? ONE OF THE HANDSOMEST Resi dences on tho Hudson river, situated in Poughkecpsie, one mile below the railroad depot. The house is tifty feet square, Luilt of brick, in the best and most subitantial n.anm r, two vtories, * 1th attii rooms, and surrounded by a wide plana. There are on the first story two panors, one sitting room, a large dining room, two redrooms and bath rooms aojoininp; on the second story there are eight or tun commodious bed rooms and bath rooms, with hot and oold water. The attic has lar<e store rwinn and rooms for servants; the bailment has all the mo dern inidrovcments for the kitchen and laundry, and a fur naee; tho house hi on a high bluff, oommaudlnga tpeadidviow up and down the river for twenty-fivo miles; there are four ncree of land and n garden, a good barn, lod."j and out houses attached. The place is known aitlieCapt. Dodge Place, ana was built by him in the moat ooinpletn and tinlnhcd ityle, at a cost i.f S22,5IK), three years ago. Apply to STERLING A TIIAYKR, No. 7 Nassau street, or to W. 8. Johnson, Railroad depot, Foughkeepsle. For salf.-the yorkville livbry stable, consisting of homes. carriages and llfiht wagons; it Is well established and new doing a good business. It will be sold on reasonab e terms, as the owner has other buniness to at tend to. Apply to T. MURPHY, Eighty sixth (treat, be tween Third nnd Fonrth avenues. For sale-the business and stock, of a soda water, porter. ale and cider bottling manufactory, con sistlng of all the necessary apparatus, horses, warons, har ness, Jte., for carrying on the business, which bai been es tublishsd for four years, and is now doing a good bniineaa. Apply to MAYI1ER A CO., 197 Water strvet. For sale-front and rear nous? and lot No. 62 Forsyth street. Apply at 18# Eldrldge street. For sale? the stock, lease and fixtures or a paint shop, with a good established trade. Satisfac tory reasons given for selling ont. None bnt cash oustomers need apply. Address ho* 140, Herald office. T/<0R SALE ? A BARBER'S SHOP, ONE OF THE BRST JP locutions In the city. The shop Is handsomely fitted np, and business for two men. Also, a building lot at Yonkera. near the steamboat landing and depot; price 1250, only part cash required. Apply to C. B. HOWES * CO., 84 Nassau street. |?0R SALE? AN ELEGANT AND VERY VALUABLE r family or road horse. He is thoroughly broken, very kind. fast, and a faultless driver. Also, top wagon, harness, blankets, sheets, Ac., making a complete establishment for a private gentleman. Can be seen at Tlgnny's stable. Love lane, Brooklyn. I7?0R SALE? AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, IF SOLD IM r mediately, a beautiful two story house and three lots, with fruit trees, shrubbery, Ac., located in the most desira ble part of Ilarltm; also, property to exchange for Improved farms in Indiana or Illinois. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34K Pine street. VOR SALE ? A LARGE H0TRL. WITHIN TIN Mi nutes' ride of New York: It is a licensed bouse, and oa* of all trouble, with good stabling and skids, and every ao commodatton for a hotel on the best road in the oiuntry. l or further information! inquire of JOHN HIGHAM, City Hotel toot ot Grand street, Jersey City. P0R SALE-THREE SECONDHAND ENGINES, from K t > 1A torse power; also six boilers from 6 to IS horse power. Apply at the fuitok iron works, foot o< Cherry street, East river. *0R PALE-TIIE WELI, KNOWN GROCERY STORK, 377 Last Twelfth street, together with stock and fix tures; and also four years lease. The cause for selling U, that the present proprietor has bad health, and wishes to ga to F.urupe. For further particular* apply on the premises. For sale, or would exchange for mbr chandise. railroad stocks or bonds? a farm in Weftofaei ter roonty, of abont 40 acres, 2ft miles from tiie City Hall, and within six hundred feet or a depot on the Harlem railroad. Address A. B. C., Poet Office, New York, for twt lie j a. B'OR SALE OR EXCHANGI-A nOUSE IN BROOK; also, would purohase a good oendltioned and well improved farm, in some health/ location, West, net far Irom a railroad depot: will pay for eame In cash, railroad bonds and stocka. Address, with full partlouian, location, prlne, Ao , Heakia, aare ef Bowen, Post OBee, New Yark. For salr, or exchange? a country seat at Tbrogsneck, lor aa eligible, dwelling in New York. Ap ply to JOHN W1M>EI.L, 13 South street. For sai.k or to brick shop, well lighted with et"%m engine boilers, pulllesj belting, shaft ing; a goo 1 supply ef watsr 'rom a well la the cellar Also two lots of groand For particulars apply on ths rrtttjses, t IIW59P riufiui t Mi t Mill* pm T**Ti J AND FANCY STORK FOR SALE. IV HI vicinity r f tl>? Astor il 011 an, without exception ?< af but atands in lb* citv to make a lortiine, having bMD laaf aevabliahed The owner raid's in t?? ooontry. Tuna ?1 paymm.1 "??r B. U RICHARDS. 307 U road way. LAHCE STONE HOUSE At PELHAM VILLK. ? SAUK postponed, by Mr AntUny J lileecktr, at the Ma* Chants Etcbaug*', uutil tbe 1Mb i Tuesday next. ? Intending [Kirobmr. tin nil ng Mr Edward Patterson, j'ell?a>UI(| or at t lie o&ce, No 7 Droati street, where a view can ba aeaa and pMU?g)wihU. TL? place ia ? iveataeu aula* from Ik* city. OB tilt No. limp Railrtad liua. R| IVER BUILDING SITE FOR >Ai.K. ? A GRNfU nian in seaioh of a beautiful and picture* ine bnlldMiy Site, van find Vou aores of lend, pvrleotly level and 1 roaUaf immediately upon the banks of a n?er leading wt* Lag la) and Sound, two mile* distant. The property it oaa boan ride Irani tta ?> ay by New Haven Railroad, aad aboat ear roll* from tbe de^oc Tba premises attend for a quarter at a mil* upon the banks of the river. betides fronting upoe the turnpike road. Oystura an ! hah ara ebunJaot, as tke tide abba and H >ws upon tha bank* of tba prvperty. Vac a* seat, few if auy sites in the Statu wiM euro par* wttb It. If built Upon, Will ba aold low. Two thirde ol the pa* ehaae ran remain oa mortgage, If dosired, or wt I ba ex changed for city praperty, if unincumbered. For further partn ulara, send addreaa to box 70ft Poll Office Maw Tart TO DRY OOPS M RRCII ANTS. ? TOR SAI.A, ABOUT HH.OOO worth ot sale* la dry goods, with now and oaa piete fixtures and counters. Also, loase of afore and house, two jeara to run thia May; storo S? by liO fuet l,ooali*a a< good aa any in th>- citv ol N aw York TbU is aa o kcellon* opportunity tor an energetic busin- :>a firm to make money, ttuiiuen established seven year* offer! received fur let days, if not deposed of 1 bo stock n >w assorte I will be re tailed off. and the premises let or leased to a 'oad dry goad* firm. Arply to S U. MORRIS, 102 Sixth aveaue. TO IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN TIIK LIQUOR trade The proprietor* ot an old established aad a* teneive biiaineaa in spirita and wine, located in Baltiaenu are detir?"a of retiring. The connaoti >n la large, l-otb local , and outride the State. Tbe busiueaa has lieon carried aa nearly tweaty yeara, and been coufinsd to li.|u?r?, and far I many yeara past baa sfforoed aa income of not less thaa fifteen thousand aollar* per annum. The tosaooe and soger trad* might and ought to bo added, which would deubueea almoat duplicate the profits. Aldress, with real ntma, re ference preferred, Y. B.. Pest Office, Baltimore. KIKIKIXAAnHIB. 1 CANAL BTKKKT. NEAR VAR1CE.-W. A H. TAX J ot) NOTE'S grate bed fender, kitchen range, nmaa a (MM mm stove THraroomS W?>bM I Urge assort laant al ut??l patterns Of mantel gratet, Hag** Mi itfltL faa f on reoBnable termi. Oratea and ranges let and tapalg ed, rangoj lined, braae founders' and jewtllera' turmaaw built, atovea lined, bakuri' oveni built and repaired. Bargains- to BE nAD in lamps, uika.n dolr\ oli In a vaaca, tea teta, tea trayi. plated and briiaaeda raelera, crockery and glaes ware; muat be aold thia week, aw account ot having to leave the premise). I'leaae call at tt Bowery, one door above Walker atteet. C11IARTER OAR GRATE ROUTS FOR SALE-AT MO. J 7 John street, where aamplea of the grapes oaa be IS at. 1 hoae grapes grow to tbe sue of one and a half inches la d im B ?ter. They are aa sweet aa the Isabella, and three wealM earlier; pe^lectly hardy, aud will rrodnre more ponada ed grap?K than any otlmr ever cultivated. Orders proapMy attended to by JoIlN B. JAME.S, No. 7 John street. (^ORNS AND BUNIONS REMOVED FROM THE HK J wiihiiut pain blood or danger, hy Dr. J. GLUT! IW doctor has reoently returned from the 3outb aad wdE ba happy to ene his friends and all who may favor Una wit their confidenoe, M his offioe, SW BraadwaF* Baah eaaa axtraoted. SO oents. I \ECORATI VE FRESCO 1' A INTER ? OF THE GRR J / man and Italian sjhoola, is ready to decorate ia the must approved manner, and m all styles. Address SM Spring street. GEORGE F1CUT. Desks i lesksi desks double an<> singdr, ntKoding and sitting desks, of every description, fraaa three to eight feel; office tablea. of ovtiry aize, othoe ohainu desk stools, Ac , the largest stock in the city, at KNOX'S deak store, Ml Beekman street. HARRISON'S Ul'l'ER TEN SO.M'S.-TO MEET TtiS highest aapiratioas ot themiat refined; te fulfil tna desires of American lovelinoas; to gratify the elegant de mands ot Americau manliness; in Justness of chemical pro portions, in scientific prooeates ol ooinpoiiuding, and in rieh fulneas and doliiacj of purrnming, the best productions of France cannot compare with t&em, the higheae of Europe cannot eijual them. '1 hey are \oung America against old Europe Dea>crf, supply your wholosalo demands of MClli AFFEL1N BROTUEK i. Co., 170 Wilnam itroou and conrumeri. lovely, ta.itnful and elegant, yonr retell wants of 8. B. N ASH, 141 First avenue. They are of six aa sorted odors in oue box -Benmin, milleflour, musk, mvusae line, patchonly, nnd rose. Thnt gr. at Amorican extreos, tba greatest of all extracts ? Harrison's |l'ppcr Tea? they alee sell. Get some. IN ORDER TO SUPPLY THE PRESSING DEMABB for housekeeping goods, ?t this seaann ol the year, VS8 DELL, 1'EIRSoN A LAKE have made large additloaa la their imtneuse atook of this class ot gtods, aad will ofltr fa* sale this week? fi.uUU pieces linen sheeting, ol every width and quality, 10,1**) do. cotton do. do. do. 10, OKI no. linen and ootton oloth for pillow cases, da. 10,000 Marseilles ouilis A oounterpanes every sue A quaUbr 10,000 pans Whiting, Bath aud otuer blankets, da. 4a. 16, HIO pieces Irish linen of every mauuteeture imported ba the United States. 2,000 toilet covers. 10.000 damask tablecloths, every sisa aad quality. (>,000 doien damask napkins and ilaylios. 10,000 do do. diaper aud huckabuek towels. Alsa. A beautiful assortment ot tuble and piano oovers ot tha It test designs. Also, a large stuck of mualia and laee drapery. Housekeepers and families commencing housekeeping wH find tui* stook of goods the cheapest and moat dusirablete this city. 471 Broadway. PERSONAL.? BfN. WARREN SBIl'H BEGS MOST reapectfully to Inform his pa .rons and the poblia ia general that he Las loft Phalon's and located himaell at No. 5 Cortiandt atroet. National Hotel. UaIR DRE 4SER. REPI.AT1NO -HOTELS. SHIPS, STEAMBOATS AN* private families oan have every deacription of old were replated aad warranted. Stair rods, p. umbers' fixtorea, tea ?eta, spoons and forks, and every kind of metal plated witfe golo or silver, at short notloe, by the Manhattan Plate Cea? pany, No. 2b7 Bowery. SUOW CASES-HOFFMAN A FKRISH, SHOW CAM warerooms, 97 liowery. between Walker and Baysa4 streets. Cases made in every style, silver plated, brass, roae and aatin wood, tnahogaay. 4o. N. B.? Old eases takaa i exchange. Orders promptly executed Window shades at wholesale and retau* ?GEO. W. CARPENTER has opened a new store aA VO Chatham street, where he invites the public to oall aad see bis stook of wold aad other shades, of all siaea. Cores - ces. bands, loops, pins. Ac. constantly on band. CLOTimiB, AO. (1LHTHING AND FURNITURE. -LADIES~OR~GHMk J tli mon having any to dlaooee of oka receive a bir iuk price by eendleg to the itorei 12 Lauren* atreet, near C?ud, or 52 Weet Broadway, or by letter through the part. " attended by Era. Cohen. S. COI (1LOTHINO AND FURNITURE WANTED.? LABIM J or gentlemen bavins any to diapoac of, oan obtain a (ak ca<h price far the aama by aending fir the aubaoriber through tba l'oit Office or otherwiae, at hi. realdenee. M. B. ? La dita 'attended to by lira. C. M. S. COHEN, 6ti Elm atreah. CLOTHING AND FURNITURE BOUQUT FOR CASH? alto ?tock and fancy good a of all deecriptieae, oil patat inga jewelry and preeiotia atonea. 1'lnaae addreaa L. It Il'U ELDORP, 13 Elm (treat. Ladies attended by Mr*. D English water proof alpacca coats. -jmb* received from London, a large aaaortmeat of anpecie Macintosh coata, which will be cold at retail, at oaa-bal the nasal prioe. 8. C. BISHOP, India rubber and gutk percha good*, 181 Broadway. YOUTHS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING.? JOSBM B. CLOSE, BAILBT A CO., Ho. 8 Park plaaa, omiBI the City Hall, hava now on hand tba baat aaaorted apctaf and anmmar atoah and atylat to ba found In tba Baikal Btatea, and auitabla for all age*. from tbraa to twaaty nan al ak wbolaaala. and for rraatlr rednoed orioaa LOST AND roVIDi Dog lost- a black setter slut, with DAr plad lege. Had on a collar with ownar'a addroaa. Any perron foaad in aoaaaaaion ot hrr after thia date will b? ?lealt with auooreiag to law. The finder will he auitablv re warded on returning ber to her owner, WILLI AB KNAl'P, Jr., 216 Waabington atrtat. Found-in sixth avenue, near sixteenth atreet, about three week a ago, a pooket book containing tome money, which the owner can have by applying to tba Superior at the the Cothilook Orphan Aaylnm, Fifty flrak ?treet and Fifth avenue. IOST? ON SkTURDAT, 57 H INST., IN PEARL J atrect, between Fnlton and Baiiion lane, a five atoaa hoop eloae aet diamond ring. Tba finder will be liberally re warded by leaving the tame at Seymour, Hoyt A Co. 'a, M Pearl atieet. LOST-ON SATURDAY, MAV5TH, A CHICK DRAWN bv Joba M. Pateraon, and dated 1th, payable to the order of Jame* Lynch, tor eeventytive dollara. A liberal re ward will be paid by leaving it at 32 Centre atreet. LOST, OR BISCARRIED- THE FOLLOWING NOTB8 drawn by the underaigned, to the order of N. .Heeler. Bethel, Conn., not endoraed, and mailed April 21, 1844: ? One note, 200, dated Fehrnary 19, IfWI, at 8 montha, for $31 40; one note, 281, dated Barcb 17, I WW, at M montba, far ona note, 262, dated April 12, IWWl, at 8 montba, far St&V, payable at the North River Baak. All peraona are .autioned not to bny or negotiate the aame aa payment baa b Altrn m k CO.. lai. Water atreet. OPERA CLASS -FOUND. IN A STAOE, AM OPERA glaaa, which the owner ean have by paying for thi* ad vertisement. J. F. JONES, 52 Ann atreet, aeeond floor. EBWAHPt. $20 .RK.^AJ?P-~T0B HOPS* or WILLIAM WAL ? ford,!127 Waet Broadway, waa bnrilarionaly ea?m i on the afternoon of tba 30th April, and the fallowing geeda and papera taken therefrom, vu. ? 1 gold banting wateh, I gold ehain, 1 gold ring aet with blood atona, t gala ring* ae?. with diamond, I gold ring ae< with paate diamond, I gall wateb (gold dial), 1 imitation goM abata, 1 large auve wateb, 1 gold chain, 1 large gold aeal with yellow atoae, i large geld aeal- with red atnaaa, 1 gold mourning ring, 1 di ver hunting w>iteta, ft breaetpiaa, gamete and pear la; J liajk Sarneta and pearla; i! plated forka, 3 plated labia apoena, I eeda for land in Waablag eonnty, Wiaeonain, town Ne. 11, range 18; reeeipt* for taxee, Ac. Alao , other valuable pa p> ra. t'M will be paid for the return of the two patent*. W. WALFORD, 127 Weat Broadway. d>m REWARD.? STOLEN, MAT 7, FROM NO. WT ?JIU York atreet. Brooklya, a blaek leather Uuak, mark ed W. H , In braaa lettera on the lid, containing aeveraJ val uable article*, geld watcb, cylinder eecapement, fenrbelea Jewelled, M. I. ToMa*. Liverpool, No. 18,74*. a gold ebaia attached to it, one ail k dreaa. one bine barege drear, aad a rbawl, blue and white, and other articlea, too aumaroe* *a mention. Pawnbroker* and other* are ca?ti*a*d aga the *am* PRO FOB ALB. TO BRIDGE BUILDER#. ?PROPOSALS WILL BB c*lv?d at the office of the *ub*crib*ra, No. 3 Nat ?ireet, New York. ??*? rropetala m nit he aeoempanitd by the plan* aad quaatity i timVr and Iron. BARKER k MOULTON. matrimi ny She treeable manner* agreeable mannera. and have a goed education. Nana baa tkoae itnoere need rr ply. and ail oammunieetloaa maybe re lied on aa rtrietly c?ufid?atlkl. Ad?i*M QtnUl oUc*. pw p*t4. ^

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