Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1855 Page 5
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A Compliment well mu! ? With all kk "J"' J"* Ulotl?*l reasoaing*, MVN laSMage Ui taiwn,ll. Oraclej, of Ui* Tribane, nut be allowed the credit of Aghtiag hard ud isal'uily, if sot iataiHgeatly, to feomote tbo inteie iU of American manufactures and though ye don't suppose thkt ti; tailor would bo ambitious at having H kaowa that he mad* Qrealejr's dtothes, J it we have no doubt that ho would giro tho mating of St ? old white coats to tho all whom he thought boat entitled t j hli patron are. Probably it wai from a |iot motWe that he eosnnissionsd KM OX, of Fulton street, to make the re markable hat ha wore on hi* embarkation for Europe, and wbieh be intend! to wear in preseaoe of all the crowned bead* at the great Exhibition m Paris. Greeley Is no D'Or aay . bat, for oaoe in hie life, ha ihowed good taite la eelect isg bis hatter. If wo knew tha name of bis tailor we would maatloa him, though not with any intention of doing ium an injury ?Courier. Hats, Cap*, Salt Hat*, Straw Hats, and children * fancy hati, at WHITE'S, 321 Broadway, oppo site Broadway Theatre. TIm Musical Public are Invited to call and examine pianotortea of HUE ACE WATERS' manufacture, st 3SS Broadway, which are eqnal to, if not baiter, than those of any other msker is the United State*. Great Piano and Blaatc House off Horace WA1KE8, 333 Broadwav. Tbelargeit assortment of oele heated piano* aid all kind of mine merchandise Is the Usi ted State*. The publio is aware that this house has, in op* Citloa to the oomblnatioa, adopted tho redueed prices, end t pianos, melodeon*, and music can ba had or Mr. Wa ters at less prioes than thsy ean ba fouad elsewhere. New plana* te rest. Ike National Police Gaxette of this Week: will contain authantio portraits of Mr. Hiss and Mrs. Pat terson, of nunner; investigation notoriety. Be on tho look out for the paper. ROSS, JONES A TOUSEY are the agent*. _____________ Anniversary Weak?Those In Attendance on the asBiveraariea. bow being held is the city, snd who are -*--J of obtaining pianos, melodeoas, musical instruments ef any kind, or muaio, are invited to oall at the great piaae sad sune house ot HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway, where they ean obtain really good lsstrument* sts las* prioe than they can be had elsewhere. Muaio at the reduced mM Lace Curtains, Lace Curtains .? Just received hem auction a very large snd rich stock af superior Ue* eartsia*, which wa will sell st 50 per oent under their real Yslue. E. H. LEADBEATER * CO., 317 Broadway, corner Leonard street. KM Gloves, KM Gloves.? Just received 300 detcs superior rails made kid gloves, which we will offer ibis morning at Ss. per pair, worth 8a. Also, laoe mitts, rib hes*, Ac., equally cheap. E. H. LEADBEATER * CO., 317 Broadway, corner Leonard street. Let tkls be your Gnloe ? English velvet carpets, 10s., lis., 12s. per yard. ~ tapestry r' 7s., Sc.. 9s. " three-ply " 7*., 8s. " " ingrain ?' Ss., 1*., Is. ?d., Ss. " " oilcloths, 8s., 7s. " American" 2s. Sd., Ss., 4*. " Sold window shades, 93, 94 and 98 per pair. Sable covers, 12s. to 24s., at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 90 Bowery. Window ? hades at Wholesale, for Cash, by WOODFORD A WEMPLE, 58 Catherine street, manutae tarara ef window shade* and table oil oovers, which they effer st price* to suit tha times. Watches, Jewelry and Silverware -At 363 Bowery, one door from Fearth street. A very extensive sad shoice assortment of the above goods will found st 3t>2 Bowery, (my new store,) whloh I offer for sale low. JOHN COX. N. B.? Watches and trench maatel oleokj repaired hy earelul aad experienced workmen. Wedding Cards? am Assortment of Ever* dell's ?legaauy engraved at homo. N otes? wedding card*, en velopea. Ac., ean be had on application, or sent by post to any part of the country i established 1840. JAMES E VSR SILL, 302 Broadway, corner Duane street. Important to lienor Manufacturers, Dis tillers, daguerreotypiats, photographers, eleotroplaters, pyrotechnists, steel polishers, Ac.? The best oil eocnao, both groea and ytliow; oil apple for elder brandy; oil Jargonelle msi, essenees gin, Monongahela whiskey, Jamaica and St. Crsix rum, oherry, peach, bromine, iodine, oyanide, potas dam, nitrate ailver, Vienna limo, asbestos, oadmium, bis muth, nickel, platina, nitrate strontia, baryta, chlorate pot* aah, blue vitrol. For sale by D. L. FEUCHTWANQER, re moved to 98 Maiden lane, J*tk*? lalawnrtcr Bafts. Robert M, PATRICE Is tho sole manufacturer la tho United State* ol ?fee shove celebrated safos, aad F. C. Coffin's Impenetrable kdasee loch* sad cross ban. Depot No. 1M Pearl street, Me deer below Maidon laao. K Only ?3 T5 for fine French calf boots, with motallio shanks, ready made or to order, by!A, BAKER, 15 Abb street. Patent leather boots flrom 95 to 97. Best quality ef shoe* aad gaiters chaaper than elcewbere. Millard Tables, -Bayers will And a splendid etceh. with the psteat cushions, at the manufactory of ORIFF1TH A DECKER, 90 Ann street, suitable for priva'* or publie use, at reduced price*. Ketohnm's Mowing ? achincs, Hay Presses, Setae hoes, cultivators, plough*, reapers, horse powers aud ttieshere, combined threshers and winnower*, aad other snksltural maehiaes, for *sl* bv P D. GATES, 12 Broadway. ? Hair and Whlf nstaataneaus dye tor ? dressing, ourling and sbampoing caguent to grow the hair, sad li beautiful black or brown A Card? To Invalids Visiting or BMldlng In Jisw York.? A itrong deaire to the invalid from ths snares which imposture and quaokery spread, induces tha undersigned to give this public invitation to all inva lids visiting the city for medioal advice, or thoie redding here, to oall upon him, at hif office, 714 Broadway. He wiu be pleated to give thorn perfectly iafe and reliable counsel and advloe; and la all o>Mt where he cannot be afford re lief he will give inch information a* will enable the inva lid resident or stranger to avoid impoiltion and find the medical and sargtoal aid required. For the following disea se* he may be consulted from 9 o'clock A. M. to 4 o'clock. P. H., every day in the week, (Sundays excepted):? Cqnsansp Mop, and all diseases of the laags and throat ; patpfcatfou, an all other forms of heart disease ; liver complaint, dys pepsia, and all ether diseases ol? stomach and bowels, piles, As.; prolapsus and all iosros of female eomplhtats. irrega ?ntiee sad weaknesses; rheumatfkns, serokifa, atnTall skin diseases. Persons at a distance are invited to consult him by letter, giving a foil statement ot the esse. Prompt answers will be returned. All counsel and advice without any oharge whatever. Address 8. IP. PITCH A. M., U D., 714 Broadway, New York. r A Love of a Beard and a Sweet flonitaelu, produced in six weeks by my onguent, which will not stain or injure the skin; $1 per bottle Sent to any .part ot the country. R. 0. GRAHAM, 888 Broadway; Zieber, 44 South Third street, Philadelphia. Ton pes, Shoulder Braces, Ladles' Belt*, abdominal supporters and Instruments, for all deformities of tho ham an body, nade to order and for sale by DR GLOVER, at the Surgeons' Bandage Institute, No. 4 Ann st| Hair Dye, Wlys suid Toupees. ? Batehelor's sstsbrated t actor? for those articles is 233 Broadway. NiM tosms for the application ef his famous hair dye. Sold wholesale aad retail. The largest assortment sf wigs aad i is the United States. Crlstadoro's Excelsior Dye-Why Is K In de. mend? Simply boeaaso it has boon oompared by an intelli gent, community with other dies, aad foaad superior. It has so longer a rival. Retail ?? no longer a rival. Retail dealers admit that it stands aisae. Bvery month it is in greater requeet. Manufactured, sold and applied by CRISTADOBO, No. 0 Aster Houss. JBead about Bats -Sew York, July %), 185&? 1 have used almost ever} thing which has been offered for the extermination of rats, ooakroaohee aad aats, but until I triad I' arsons k Co.'s vermin and insect exterminator, I did not feel Justified in rooommending either of them. I therefore oheerfully stats that Parsons A Co.'s extermlna tor has effectually destroyed all tho cockroaches is my hotel, land has nearly, and 1 believe will completely, 'destroy all tho rats thereia. It is valuable to hotel keepers. K. ? REN CH. Proprietor ef Freoeh's Hotel. C. T. CLICKBN1B A CO., Agents, 81 Barclay street. BlMff tlsas ?oaptain Corns toe It, of the SteasMr Baltic, (Collias' line,) was cured of a severe attack sf rheumatism by Dr. Ttbias' Venetian Liniment. Sold by all tbs druggists. Depot 60 Cortlaadt st. Price, M cents. Four medals ea the wrapper, Of Lisa's flask you soe; His signature too, mark you, A fair "(ao simile." Beware of cheats and peddlers, Whose trash no inseet kills; Gst Lyon's genuine powder, And true Magnetio Pills. Depot Bar Lyon's Mafc netlc Powder and Pills, ?sr destroying Insects sad vermin, 434 Broadway. HsUoway's Pills.? Purge the System at this season with a few loses of this woaderfal modi sine, so as to purify the blood, aad live a healthy aad vigorous tone to the Hver and stemaeh. aad thus removs all liagering signs of disease. Sold at the msanfaoteries, HO Maiden lane, N. Y., aad 344 Strand. London, aad by all druggists, at 35 ceats, 62K cents aad $1 per box. Sewer Despair.? A certain cure (tor Neural gia, rheumatism, gout, Ae., Dr. WHEBLBR'S newly disco vsred remedy, "The Annibilator," tor sals at hts offise, No. 486 Broadway, seooad floor. A pamphlet, with unquestiona ble testimoaials, oan bo obtaiaed gratis or ssat by mail. Suflbrerh? A Retired Clergy^ health h s few days, after maay years nfferinfe.i is anxious to maks known the Vaitderhoofs Oils. -^rery body has been oom plaining c%poor oil aad hlFJprioes; hut if families, ma ehialsU, andpthlrs desiring pure ?U, that will burn all sight w|kbes?ftrteimin|?an<yree from gum, will order, by dseaetsroostor otherwise J*wlll send them la three or flvs isifsh sans suoh.siJhs thesy>h*sr used before. Will you try woaso and see .Mos. at and 80 Frankfort st. Oo Tuesday, May 8, St St. Htepben'i Church, by the Bar. IpPPrMP, Mr. Bjc*uw> F. Pckot to Miss dasax A. Faokhii.u, allot th?Uy. p OmatnrddKevsn bk> Say 6, by tbs Rev. Jamee Mil st his rsmtsmee, No. Ill But .-Seventeenth street, ?sides* f tns sad re^ond avennes, Mr. Jositra fl. Fn u.m Tcm, ef OaJsAryBs , to Miss Joesnuns U. Mallost, of this {ttwjlTs Os Monday even in r, May 7, by tbs Rev. Jamss Prsstly, 1?*" H. WsiflH to Mis* jKimrrr, lanfhter sf Petsr Yule, ?HHsflof this city. ? Tn*d*y, May 8, by ths Rsv. Dr. Mafooo, Duma 0. . !' ? v *?e of the lats Dr. Joseph Ray, of Cincinnati, H. ifc?*! Atotota, daughter of ths lats Joseph ffes ?sr, Ksq., of this city. W. LaSS?*' IM,,n Thsrsdy, May 3, by ths Rsv. Zl.T Dr- B Larasor, of Rock island, IIL, to Ob Ttwtey amh|, Mt; 8, Mr. imno Ciumou, from injuries received white on his way to tho lira oa Monday afternoon. Funeral from Ui late mitaai, Mo. ISO Oanal * tr*et, corner of Sullivan street, to- marrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Hia friendi, and the members of the Fire De partment Mitralljr, are invited to attend. On Monday, May 7, MAiteAur, wife of JohaLindsoy, aged 58 years, a native of Pathhead, Klroaldy, ScotUud. The meads and acquaintances. and those of her aoas, John and Kobert, an respectfully tantod to attend tho funeral, this afternoon, at two o'elook, from her lata re sidenoe, No, 41 Hammond street. On Tuesday, May 8, after a long and severe illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude. Charlm f. Boa ciiut, aged 28 years. 2 months and M days. ilia frUnds and relativee, the members of his family, the members of Franklin Chapter No. 0, 0. U. A , and the officers and members of the Fourth Regiment N. ?.8. M., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father, No. 182 West Thirty eighth street, near Eighth avenue, tomorrow morning, at nine o'clock. On Tuesday, May 8, of consumption, Mary Kutuku, wife of Beubea H. Cudlipp, aged 20 years. The friends of the family are Inn ted to attend the fu neral. from her late residence, Broadway, between Forty seventh and Forty eighth streets, to-morrow afteraooa, at two o'elcck. Suddenly, on Tuesday, May 8, Mart, wile of John Evens, in tli? 68th year of her age. The friends and relative* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at two o'clock tmporrow afternoon, from the residence cf the family, No. QB Chrys tie street. On Monday evening, May 7, at the reaidenoo of his bro ther-in-law, Arthur Treanor, John McNamaba, in the 48th year of his age. The friends of the family are reepectfully Invited to at* attend the funeraL this afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 67 West Twenty eighth street. Oa Monday, May 7, Briduh r. Bill, wife of Frederiok Bill, and daughter of the late i'atrick Brady. The friends of the family, and those of her uncles, John and Thomas Brady and Walter Cullen, are invited to at tend the funeral, this morning, at ten o'clock, bom the residence of her mother, No 134 West Twentieth street. On Tuesday evening, May 8, at her brother-in-law's re sidence, Mr. Henry Neal, No. 16 Hamilton street, Miss klxxa Qkbagbtt, aged 21 years. The friends and relatives of the family are hereby Invi ted to attend the funeral, without further notice. Her remains will be taken to Williamsburg, to-morrow after noon, at two o'clock precisely. On Tuesday morning. May 8, Maboabk Eleanor, daughter of James and Eleanor C. Kerrigan. The Mends of the family are Invited to attead the fu neral. from the residence of her father. No. 181 Bast Broadway, to morrow morning, at nine o'clock. Her re mains will be taken to St. Patrick's Cathedral, where a requeim mass will be celebrated at ten o'clock. On Tuesday morning, May 8, Samuel Co lb Mott, la the 48th year of his age. Hia friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend the funertl, from the residence of his mother, foot of fifty fourth street, Had ton river, this afternoon, at four o'clock. Tho remains will be interred in the fa mily vault at Bloomingdale Carriages will be in attead ance until half past three o'clock, to convey the friend* to the bouse. On Monday, May 7, Oiokoi D. Van Wart, sob of James L. snd Ann Julia van Wart, aged 5 years, 7 months and 28 days. The relative* and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'elook, from the residence of his parents, No. 07 Troy street, without further Invitation. After a short but severe illness, Catharink, only daugh ter of Leonidas and Catharine Osborn, aged 4 years and 6 months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from the residsnee of her parents. No. 264 West Sixteenth street, this afternoon, at two o'elook. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood for Interment. On luesdav, May 8, William H. Lravt. only son of Jimes and Charlotte Leavy, aged 1 year, 11 months and 20 days. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residenoe of his parents. No. 80 West Twenty-fourth street, this after noon, at one o'clock. On Tuesday, May 8, John, son of John and Anna Cha tarina Bammann, aged 10 months and 2 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residenoe of his parents, No. 14 avenue D, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Suddec ly, on Tuesday, May 8, after a short but severe illness, Thomas, youngest sen of Robert and Julia Ful lest, aged 6 months and 10 days. The Funeral wil> take> place this afternoon, at three o'clock, Bfrom No. 84 Division street. The friends of the family are,-invited to attend. On Saturday, April 28, Thomas H. Ltbll, son of tho late Rev. Dr. Ljell. On Saturday, May 5, William Brown, In the 55th year of his age. On Monday morning. May 7, Wilbib Fisk, youngest son of John 6. and Catharine A. Bolen, aged 2 years and 4 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the fuaeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 260 State street, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at four o'clock, without further invitation. On Tuesday morning, May 8, John McMcllkn, son of Patriek and Mary O'Connell, aged 4 years and 7 months. The friends ot the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from his father's residence, Lee avenue, near Division avenue, Brooklyn. ^ln Boboken, N.J, on Monday, May 7, Abraham L. Van Bohkkrck, aged 60 years. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeraL from his late residence, this after noon, at two o'clock, witnout further notice. At Scar ad ale, Westchester county, on Monday, May 7, Earns Clinton, daughter of Augustus S. aad ?milie Oat cbe), aged 4 months and 2 days. At Bordeaux, France, on Tuesday, April 10, Caub Babbatt, youngest son of Jaiaes Barrett, Philadelphia, and brother of Alfred Barratt, of this city. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT THE TURK. Rid house, harlkm.? this fashionable re sort Is now complete la all its appointment!, and the sales stables attached are constantly filled with tbe finest ana fastest horses to be found. Persons In want ef horses can always be supplied at ?fae Red Hease. The trottiu track ft In eplendia order, aad trotting matches occur niTj Asm afternoon. The Second Avenue ears pass the door every tve mWntis. pMTRITILLR COWRSE, L. I.-PAJMN6 -MONDAY, V ' l?j 14, at I o'clock P. M.? Mateh $2jW), mflc beats, best Sin 6. Mr. Janes B. McMaan Barnes eh. m. Pocahontas, (racer,) to wagoB, wagon and driver to weirh 300 lbs. ; Col. Joseph Hall n?m?s g. g. Hero, (pater,) to sulky. Omnibusses leave Peek slip and Grand street ferries, Williamslmri, bonrly, for the course. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. CENTRSVILLE CODRSI, L. I.-TROTTINO.-THtTRS day, May 10, M 3 o'elook P. M ?Match $2,000. mile heats, be-t 3 in S in harnees. Col. Joseph Hall named ch g. Whalebone; Hiram Woodruff names bl. m. Stella Omnl basser leave Peck slip and Grand street ferries honrly for the course. JOEL COM KLIN, Proprietor. THE TEADK9, AC. BOYS' CUTTER.? A SITUATION WANTED, BY AN experienoed cutter of bo? ?' olothing, in noma reapectable ertai.lisbment where hn services can t>e appreciated. Can give the bet* city reference*. Address S. M., Herald office, lor two days. Confectioner wanted ? a workman who understands the general breaches of the trad*, and cap alio of taking charge of a workshop to a first data confection ery aad iee eream aaloon. Address, stating capability, refe rences, terms, Ao.. O, A., Herald office Gardener wanted? one that can come rooommeaded aad a young mas, well aouuainted wigh the tea aid coffee euainess Sootcb or English preterm. Apply at iWC Bowory, from 12 to 4 o'clock, in the atoro. TO JOURNEYMEN CONFECTIONEERS.? WANTED. A thoroughly capable cenfeo'ioner to take oharge or a ahoy-; one with proper qualifications will meet with a per manent sitnallon and itood salary Address (postpaid) M. confectioner, Broadway Post uffloe, atating what expe rience, general qualifications, age, where to address, ao. Communications atrictly confidential. - WAN1 ED-PRACTICAL CARPET UPHOLSTERERS. Apply to A. T. Stawart A So., Broadway, Chambers aad Roado its. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A CUTTER AND SALES man, folly oopmeteut to take cbarse of a custom and shop establishment down town. Noae but a good band need apply. American or German preferred. Addreaa, for two day*, J. H., box IDS Herald office WAITED? A SITUATION AS OARDENER, BY A aingle man, who has had many years' experience, both la Eaglaad aad America, and thoroughly uaderatanos gar dening la all it? brunches. Can giro the b?st reference as to obaraater, capability, Ae. Call (or addreas Hardener) at R. Hathison's drug store, 301 8th avsnne. WANTED -BANDS THAT UNDERSTAND THE pressing aad flaiihiag of printed satlaets. Apply at the American print works, 87tli at., between Broadway aad pth atenna. JAMES BURK, JR. WAN TED-BY A STEADY MAN, A SITUATION AS gardener; la willing to take csre of horaes, ant la a eareful driver: no ebjeotloa to the country; beat of refer ence can be siren. Apply at 64 Bayard at. ANTED-A GOOD PLAIN PAPSR HANGER, AT ?>1 Ureen?lob n. \t] ANTED ? A FIRST RATE TAILORED, ON CUSTOM TT pants. Also, oae to learn: must bs a first rate sewer; will reoelTC constant work after learning; must assist a lY tie in housework. Call at 380 Pearl street. ~~ DKNTISTRY. FOR 9C0 I WILL MARE A BEAUTIFUL AND USB ful set of thirty-two teeth, on the beat gold plate, witboat springs or oiatpa, warranted for lite, each as those I wsar myaelr. Teeth oan be inserted without extracting the eld roots. Dr. NAPOLEON PRETERRE, 435 Broad way. w Ft* Mi ARTS, OLD BNGRAYINGS AND UOOES BOUGHT AT THE Old Cariosity Shop, 107 Nassau stree'., where the high e?t cash price will barren. I bavo always on hand ft very large aseortmeat of fine old and modern prints, paintings, aotap prists, Ac. JoirN l'VNE, 1W Nasiau street. FLATHia OAMI. T) LAYING CARDS.? FARO PLAYING CARDS, YRRY A old aWI well aaasaasd, with ^1 the various other qaal tiles of Item aad aettoa cards, mads by 5AM HART k CO. For sale* the trade aad elak beaeee at 1Mb store, M?. 1 Barela* street. erosadte the Aatar Mouaa. WA?Tfc A PROTESTANT YOUMG W CHAN WANTS A SIT aatioa as se am ? tress; Is eapabla to do chamberwork if required, and understands the oare of cbildrea. Goad refer eace ae to hoaesty and motality. < all at 33fi 0th araaae, for two days, fourth floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT* A SIT nation as eblld'a aarse snd ladiei' maid, or as cham bermaid and waiter. She can be soon, for two days, at the residsace ef her present smployar, Henry at , corner of Hal tie, Souih Brooklyn, whose she has served falthf?lly two years, and wbo will take pleasare in recoaatadlag her. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNG LADT WnO J\- baa attended in Ant iliu store*; understands the bukery ud fite; store business; hu food learning ud ou si** unquestionable referenoe. CftU ll, or address, <00 7th ????, Moond floor, front room. AYOUNd LADT WISHES TO TRAVEL WITH A family to Europe; has travelled all parts of it; bo ?wh required Nono bu . tbo moot resptutaole family Mod apply, at 44 Charlton it., room No. 8. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ohamberwork and flno washing and ironing, or to take ear* of children, or do plain sewing. good city referenoe given, if required. Call at the corner of State and Smith *t?., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, AS laundress, or chambermaid and laundress; ihe i< capa ble of being either; can do French fluting, and do up fine muslins in the nhatest style. Haa the lest of eity refer ence*. Can be teen at her present employer'* 29 Washing ton place. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL WISH ee a situation to do general houiework; I* a flr?t rate washer and iroaer. Also, a respectable woman aa cook in a private family. Beit ot eity reference. Inquire at 297 lit avenue. In the confectionery ature A YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY ARRIVED FROM ENG laad, desires a ntuation a* stewardsss on board a ?tcamer or sailing shift Address M. G. D., Herald oSoe, stating where an interview can be bad. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH G1 RL IS DESIROUS OF obtaining a situation with a family going to Europo; ia fully oempetent of discharging tier duty in any capaoity required ; or wssld go aa stewards <s on a steamer; good olty relerence. l'leaae oall on or addrots 3. M. II., ID Washing ton place. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION in a small private family, as p'ain oook and to assist in the washing and ironing: or would be willing to do general homework in a family of two or three persons. Please oaU at lit 21st St., between 5th and Cth avenues, for two days. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO FIND EMPLOYMENT as salea woman In n first class laoe and embroidery or fancy store. Addreas box 167 Herald office. A SCOTCH PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlon as chambermaid or to do general housework in a small private family. Call at 400 3d avenue, corner 30th St., for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN GOING TO Eu rope would like to engage with some respeotable family for the voyag?; has lived with some of the best families in New York. Good city reference Call at 119 E*st 11th st , np stairs, back room, for two days. A MOTHER AND DAUGHTER WISH TO ENGAGE; the mother as cook and tbo daughter as waiter or cbamlertnaid. Best of oity reference. Call at 228 Mot t st-, rear room. No. 3, E. G., for three day*. R1SP1CTABL1 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation to do the ohamberwork and fine washing and iron ing of a private family. Can give gsod city relerenoe. Can be seen for two days at 102 Eait 11th st., second floor, front room. ^ SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A young woman; can do general housework, oook plain, watn and iron. Can be seen for two days, if m 222 1st arenne, top floor, front room, between ! A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHILD'S nurse, plsln sewer or to do cbamberwork; has been ao euotomed to the care of obildrun fur the lait eight years. Two years' city referenee. Call at sort Houston street. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD cook, washer and lroner, or as laundress. Good city re icrence. Can be seen lor two days at 84 18th st., between 6th and 7th avenues. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion as proteased oook; she thoroughly understands her business in all its branches, and has li'ed with the most ra pectable familiea in town at present. Satisfactory reference. No objection to the oountry. Address M. D., 208 Cth avenue, oorner of 17th at., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as cook, and thoroughly understands her business; has no objection to assist in n ashing; it required can give excel lent fr. m her last plaoe; can be seen for three days If not suited, at 164 9th st . between 3d and 4th avenues. A YOUNG WOMAN. OF GOOD ENGLISH EDUCA tlon and respeotsble recommendations, wishes to en gage at governess and seamstress, cr to wait on a lady , or any suitable situation. She bas no objection to go a short dlstanoo in the oountry, or with a family to Europe. Can be teen tor two day* at 85 W. 19th St., between 6th and 7th avenues. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A young girl, to do general house work in a'private fami ly, or to do ohamberwork; has good eity references from her last place, where she has lived two years; oan be seen at 133 Tlllary St.. Brooklyn, front room, over the store. ANY FAMILY THAT WANTS THEIR WASHING AND ironing seat out, can get it well done by oalling at No. 5 Hester street, rear building, third floor. Good reference givon. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION WITH A small respectable family; she oooks, washes and irons very well, is perfectly temperate, kind and willing. She has food rooommendations. Can be seen till the 11th inst. at 16 Atlantic St., Brooklj n. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUA* tion as cook, washer and ironer; is a good baker. No objection to go to the oountry. Can give the best reference. Please call at 127 W. 24th st. tor two days. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A situation; can wash, iron, or do general housework. Csn be seen from 8 A. M. till 4 in the basement of 20 Leon ard st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A ation t* do general bonsewtrk. plain oook and ironer. 'Ihe be*t ot eity referenoe if required. Can be seen two day* at 118 W. 27th st. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION TO ATTEND a store; ean bring good referenoe. l'lea<e oall at 406 3d avenue, betwe*n 2Wth an 1 30th its,, for two dsys. A YOUNG ENGLISH LADY. SPEAKING FRENCH fluently, having bad several years' experienoe in the care and manasement of children, desires a situation in that capacity; oan do all kinds of sewing, or as sompanion and assi?tant housekeeper to a lady. None but families of the highest respectability need apply. Please call at St., Abingdon square, for MissH. A., all this week. A HARDWARE CLERK WANTED, WHO THO roughly understands tho business in all its branches. Apply at 8 0 i.tli avenue. A MEDICAL STUDENT, WHO HAS NOT THE MEANS to eomplete his studies, and who has had experience at hook keeping, wishes employment for a few hnura during tbo day, at keeping a set of bonks, collecting bills.for a phy sician, or at any business which will help him to defray his expenses. Please addrass Medioos, Post Office. A YOUNG MAN, WH*3E EVENINGS ARE UNEM. ployed. Is anxious to devote them to the writing up of books, making out accounts or otherwise. Satislaotory testimonials ean bo fnrnisned. Address R. Baker, Herald office. ______ An experienced BOOKKEEPER wishes a SITU ation in an offioe where abilities and Integrity can bo appreciated; longexperienee as bookkeeper, cash keeper, and office manager, has made him tbniougbly conversant with both in door and out door business; will have no objection to go West. Unexceptionable reference given. Address Box 154 Herald office A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD ADDRESS, WISHES A situation in a private family a* coachman, and ia willinr to take care or a greenhouse and a amall garden; baa bad long eaperience in tha buaineaa. Bait ot city reference* {iv od from his laat (lac* Can be teen at 29 Prinee it., for wo day a. A COACHMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE family; be thoroughly understands the a arc and ma nag ement of horses in ever* leapact. Hat the boat of oity reference iron hie laat place. Call at, or direct 87 10th at., between UniTeraity place and Sth aireuae, for three day*. Advertising agent.? wanted, an active business man; one who haa had exprnenoa in canvas sing for advertisements can make a favorable arrangamin'. Addreaa, witn real name and references, A. 11. box 107 Ueraid fflce. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH. -THE SUBSCRIBER having a mutation ot a salary of $C0U par year, an^u be ia abont leaving for the weat, will give it to a etpaoTo ' young man, one that ia a good penman and qoiok at ti<urea Addreaa H. K. William*, Broadway Poa>, Office, enclosing SI for the payment of this advertisement. A YOUNG LAD, SEVENTEEN YEARS Or AGE, JUST returned from hoarding achool, la deairona of obtaining a situation in a wholesale atoro or shipping bouae. Not partleolar in regard to salary. Undoubted reserencoa given. Addreaa Benjam n. care of YoongA Jayne, 432 Pear. at. AN ORPHAN LAB, SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, WISHES a aituation in a ?t jre, or would go to a trade; ha* no objection to go to the aountry ; be ia a atont hoy and willing to ?ork; beat of city reference given. Adareaa J. B., corner of Rapelysand Hicks ata., South Brooklyn. AT MORRIS A OOHNIRTS, NO. 387 BROADWAY, corner of Keade atreet, can always be found thj great eat choice of English, Scotoh, Irish and German servants, tor hotels, toarriing houaea anil private familiaa. Also, por tera. waiters, oaafimnn. gardeners, farmera, meobanio<< and laborers in this or onr branoh office 102 Green wloh street ACAHEFl L SELECTION OF COuKS AND OTHER servants, at the Employment Agenoy Office, M) East 14th rt.. Union square, established 18.V", for tbe protection of employers in the selection of servants and the guidance ol persons seeking situations. J. O. OALLAOHER, Agent^ Any numkik of well recommended ser vanta, male and female, can And speedy employment in sity oi country, by applnag at MANNINU's, 261 Bowery. Cooks, cbatubrrinaida, waiters, nurses seamstresses, laan dreaaes, and genrral bouse aervanta; alio, gardenera, far mers, clerks, sorters, boys for trades and saloons. Em ployers promptly salted. A BOY WANTED IMMEDIATELY? WHO HAS SOME knowledge ot tbe silvor plating trada. Apply to Isaao Mi.rray, 196 barrens st. Barkeeper wanted? with unquestionable city refrrenoe. Inquire at 609 Broadway, basement. W alter wanted also. Apply as above. CALIFORNIA.? A FEENCH WOMAN WHO SPEAKS English well, and is an excellent dreaamaker, wants a sitaattoa to go ta California, or would travel in Europe, or anvwbere, with a lady or family, la cot sea sick. Best city tefrrenaas given. Apply at 6#H East 19th street. Carpenters wantkd-two first rati com petoat hands wanted on a Job at tl a day. Apply with reference by note to B. J., Herald offioa. Also a bathlag tub wanted. Coaciiman, or groom and valit? wants a ?ti nation; laan Englishman, single, age 36; can .Iriv well; has an exeelleat character. Address ta, (or oan ba ?ten from 2 till 5 o'clock,) EL W., Herald offioa. / 1LERK WANTED -A GERMAN, WHO HAS BEEN \ / in a commission business either in Hamburg or Bremen, is able to keep books and eoaversaat with the English Ian snags, may hear of asltuatioa by addreaa! ag M., fost Office, box 13?i2, (post paid), stating amount ol salary expecUJ and retaraneas. Dry ooods salesmen wanted-those ac qnaintad with elty trade preferred. ' JONES k CO., 189 Eighth avanna. C-tlRL WANTED.-A TIDY GIRL. OF PLEASING DI8 f position, capable ol dola* the general housework, washing and ironing in a private family, may apply at ?I8 lioustoa at. I "IOVERNB8S.-A YOUNG LADY, CAPABLE OF TAK U ing tbe en'ira charge and Instruction ofy .?#? chil dren, desir'e a aituation: reference* ot tbe Brat reapectability given. Ai dress A. C., Herald offiee. WAITIi /^ROOM.-A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN WISHES A SITU V J ation with a P'lvat* taU; u ir*om, ? aderatand* th* rare of horiea, and ii willing to make himnelr generally aaefaL It attentive to hi* dutlea and wall r*eoma*uded by bia f recent employer. Apyly to John t. Ball A Co., Wall ?treot. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED, BY AN American lady. In the country preierred. Addieia A. L , box 1W llerald office. Hardware -wanted, a smart active young nr an, hating a knowledge of aueh bueine**, to attend 1b a hardware atoce. Apply daily at 174 W*it ?t. UNIOR DRUG CLERK WANTED.? APPLY AT TBB dru,t itore in Van brunt it., South Brooklyn. LAUNDRESS -WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a aituation in a private family; under, atanda her buaineaa perfectly well. II aa no objection to go to the country. The boat city reference. Addrooa 87 6th avenue, aecond floor, front room. LADIES' CAT MAKERS WANTED.-AI'PLY AT MA dame Romertse'a fancy and trimmings atora, Oil Broad way, corner of Bleecker it. *? box l?g, llerald officT 0n,, ^ "ra h<"-? ? Addrea. J? NURSE OR CHAMBERMAID? SITUATION WANTED, by an indnatrloua, attentive and tidy young woman, well reoommended. Wage* moderate; undoratanda the care oriabes. Can be eran for a few daya at her proaent place, tS Kaat 30th at. NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS WANTED-A MIDDLB aged (Proteatant woman, thoroughly oompetonl In the above capacity. Apply tliia morning, between 10 and 12 o'clock, at l(i University place. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, one ai excellent cook and baker; hat no objection to aa aiat in the waiting and ironing; the other aa tirat rate waiter, cbambermaid. or laundreia; haa no objeotion to the country for tha tnmmer with a private family. Beit oity reference. Call at No. 00 29th tt , between 6th and 7th ave nue*, for two dayi. SERVANTS WANTED? IN A SMALL. PRIVATE FAMI ly? a cook, who muat underatand her butineti in all ltt branohet, and a woman aa chambermaid and waiter on table. To auch liberal wages will be paid. None but Protaatants need apply. Addreaa box 1,049 Post OAoo, which will meet with immediate attention. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to mind children and do plain tewing, or as cham bermaid and waiter. Good city reference from her last place. Call at 186 20th St., near Mth avenue. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant girl, as cook or to assist in wnthing or ironing, if required; the it a drat rate laundrest. Boat oity referenoe. if required. Call at 608 Uomton tt., in the ttor*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A QUICK, SMART G1 RL. kJ |a good washer and Ironer and plain cook: prefert a place aa waiter aad chambermaid, or chambermaid and laundrets. Apply at her present smployer's, 278 4th avenue, between 21st and 22d sts. Situations wanted-by 'Two respectable girls; one as cook and to assist in the washing and iron ing; is an experienced cook; the other as chambermaid and waiter, or aa chambermaid and laundress, and would wish to live In one family; has tho bast of city reference. 0*11 at 372 Id avenne, third floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AN Amerioan, to take euro of ohildren; it oapable of taking charge of a young child, and is a good plain sewer; no objec. tionto travel; good referenoe given. Apply at 214 Blteoksr St., for two da)*. SAI.ESMAN WANTED? IN A RETAIL DRY GOODS (tore, to go to a neighboring city. South, a young man of good bualneat talents, who is willing to devote the whole of bis time to the interest of his employer. Salary S35U f>tr annum; situation permanent. For further particulars squire or Richmond, at the Glrard House, corner of Cham bers street and West Brcadway, between 7 and 8 P. M. , Thsraday evening. Salesman wanted-in a gentlemen's fur niahing store. A young rain of good address, who it experienced in the business, by furnlshingsuitable test! mony aa to capacity, Ao., by addressing H. B. II,, Herald office, can obtain a permanent situation. TO TEACHERS. ? WANTED, IN A BOARDING school, a place for a young lady, where ner services as an assistant will be taken in remuneration for her eduoation; would not object to go out of the oity, If required. Plea** address G. J. M., Herald effloe, tor three days. TiWO YOUNG WOMEN WISH TO OBTAIN SITUA Hons. one as good ocok, baker, washer and ironer, the other as chambermaid and waiter; has lived three years in her last place. Good city referenoe. Call at 287 1st avenne, between 17tn and 18*<h sts, third floor, front room, two days. TO INVALIDS OR AGED PERSONS.? WANTED. A situation for a middle aped woman; can bring satisfac tory testimonials for competency in nursing or waiting on an invalid or aged person, In which capacity haa maoh ex p<rience; nan make herself generally nsefnl, aad her services would be found very valuable to any la want of *uch a per son. Apply at G2 1st St., between 1st and 2d avenues. TO SHIPPING, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND IM portert.? Wanted, by a gentleman who speaks and writes norrectly the German, French, Dutch and English languages, a situation aa bookkeeper or correapondlng clerk. Salary moderate Good references given. The advertiser will call upon any one who addresses a line to T. H , Herald office. UNE JEUNE DAME FRANQA13E PROTESTANTS, ayant de bonnes rscommandations, desire se placer dans une lamllle Antlricatoe en qualiti de couturier*; elle est eatable de faire les robes tit toutes les ohossa relatives & la toilette d'une dame, et repass* 1* ling* fin; ayant re^u une bonne 6duoatlon. ell* pourralt ausai enselgner I* franf al* i des enlanta; uuoune oLJectlun de voyager. S'adreaaer imm6 diatement A. B. C., Herald Offioe. UN JEUNE FRANCAIS DESIRE UNE PLACE COMME domestique dans un* famille privge; il peut fournlr lea meilleurts reoommandations. S'adreaaer J. K. M., Herald offlca, pour deuxjourt. UNE FEMME FRANCA1SE, DESIRE UNE PLACE DE bonn* d'enfants on da famine de ch&mbr*; saohant ooudre et biod*r, et parlaat l'anglalt: elle peut fournir de bonne racommandation*. S'adr*s**r 179 Variok St., dan* 1* store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO do chambirwork or waiting, or tak* care of a baby. No objection to go a short distano* in the oonntry. Call at 123 E 11th at., third floor, back room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE French Protectant yonng woman, as chambermaid or to nurse a child, in an Amerioan family. Inquire at 29 Frankfort st , third floor, baek room, front building, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE youag worn to, a* laonor***; u oapable or doing ladies' the washing aad gentlemen'* linen, and i* a (last rat* to&k\ uiideratanda Frrnfch cooking. Call at 23 Bedford *1, be tween Downing and Hammcrsly ati. , f*r two days. WANTED-A SITUAION, BY A RESPETCTABLE Protestant girl, to do th* general housework of a pri vate family; csn wasb and iron well; good referenoe given: can be seen for two days. Call at 134 Centre St., gornaror W bite it. srws vfe^&Saa4 >.-?%? WANTJ.D? A SITUATION, BT A STEADY INDUS tious young woman to do general homework in a nice private family; she hi? goad city reference; can be seen lor two dsy? at 3A E. 19th at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A NEAT GIRL, SIX teen yean of age, at child*! nurie and chambermaid; u a good nurae, and would wash and iron for the nursery; ia a fmart waiter. Ha* good city reference Wages from S3 to Uper month. No objection to a lady who board*. Call at 217 Eait 23d it., in the itore. WAMED-A 8ITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE do plain cooking; I* an excellent washer and ironer. Ha* no objection to do the homework of a amall family. Ha* the heat of reference. Can be *een nntil luit cri, at "6 Spring *t., in the dry good* a^orc. WANTED? BY A WOMAN WHO HAS LOST nER baby, a month old, a aitnation a* wet nurie. Please call at 2M East IMh at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTECTANT WO man, a* cook, washer and ironer; is ?f sober habit*, aud know* all kind* of homework. Has the b?at of city re ference. Please call at 140 Cherry it., rear house, room 2. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE FEMALE, AMERICAN, Englieh, or >ootoh, to attend in a bakery. Addres* Bakery, lleiald office WANTED-A LADY AND GENTLEMAN BALLAD singer, to king nishtly in a free concert room, at New atk. V J. Alio, a pianiit to whom a fair lalnry will be laid Address t S. BOL'GIITON, 264 Market street, or apply personally at the Bay State lintel. Ii5 Fulton street, on Tbur*4ay, May 10, between 3 and 5 1*. M. WANTED.? A YERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAR ri'-d woman, a tint rate milliner and dreismaker, withe* emplrymeat by the day or week, in reipeetable fami lie*. Term* moderate None bat the best tamilie* need annwer. Addrea* H. B. b"* WW I'oit uffloe. XMl ANTED? BY AN AMERICAN Gi RL, A SITUATION TT to do aeneral housework, or ehamherwork, in a amall family. Heat of city reference. Apply at 33 Monroe st., 2d floor, back room. TI/ANTID? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Scotch girl; I* a good cook, washer and ironer: ha* no objection to do general boueewook in a imall family. Call at 2A0 Mott *t , between Prince and Houston, second floor. B?*t city reference given if required. TIT AN TE D? B Y A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TT to du up stair* work. ?r to take earn of children, or do plain aewiog; beat of city reference siren; can be seen for two days at 188 Monroe str< et, secos J floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a iltnation a* chambermaid and waiter, or ohlld'a nnrso; good elty ro'irend from her last employer; no objee tion to travel. Please call at 16 Dean *t , Soaih Brooklyn, WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN of undeniable character, a* chambermaid and waiter; *ba uoderatands hor business thoroughly, sad I* willing and olllgieg; baa tho heat of elty reference. Can bo *o*n at 48 Lait 24th at., for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, a *1 to at ion a* cbambero aiJ or waiter, or a* nine; no objection to go a ihort distance in the country for tho rammer Belt of eity referenee Can bo ioon ior two dart at 131 7th avenue. WANTED-BY A GIRL. A SITUATION AS CBAM bermaid aad *eamitroai, or to do flno washing and ironing, or as latmdrw-s, in a private family; understand! crimping and flittir.g if require I Beet oity re erenoo. Also a girl to <lo housework or ohamherwork, or waiting. Can be keen at 130 lit avenue, flrit floor, for two day*. Ti; ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT voting woman, a* child'* maid and general sewer, and to make hirielt uiefnl. Can be seen ter two dayi at 4.W I ait 12th it., between avennee A and II. Beit elty reference. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT TOUNG WOMAN, A iltnation ai plain cook or chambermaid, or te anlit with the washing. Good refer* noe Can be teen at 131 7th ? venue, between ltfth and a>th it*., ior two day*. I1T ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESI'BCT ABLE TT yonu" woman; ia ? flrit rate oook and baker, and aa excellent waaber aad ironer. Beit of eity reference if re quired. Can be MM for two daya a' USJ Croeby it , rear. tl/AMED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT w man. ai nnr.e; understands the ear* and manage ment of an infant from Ita Mr'b. Can forniib the beet of city refer ace Apply at 183 lit aT., one deer ires Uth it, WAin. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH YOBNG WOMAN. A f * iitaation u housemaid or waiter. Apply it Si t? wick ?t., out ofBpriay can b* iwg HI I WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLB TOW NO WOMAN, a situation as luaaiitn; can eat and tl ahildrva * drataaa and da family ?e?iu*; ha? no objection (a aniat ia cbambi rwi rk or waiiiai Can ba seen at 79 oormar of Pike and Monroe ?ts , frcnt room, first Boor, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yeung woman, as seamstress; can cut aad It dress** and all kiidi 01 bojr?' clothm*. Good reference. Cub* seen for two days at 1*2 Suffolk it. WET NUB8E.? WANTED, BV A YOUNG MABRIBD woman, % ntmtioi at wet uurse, or ourM an d *H,n ~ obJwHon t> Ui? country. Caa ba Kta at 97 Weft lylo at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TT to elaan offloes I'leaio call on or address Mrs. Say moor. 320 9th at., between avenues B and C. Caa ba taan until luited. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA lion a* chambermaid and waiter, or to do the house work of a small private family. Has liv*d in her last plaee for the last tbraa yean. Call at 381 Greenwich it., second floor, Mr two days WA>TED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG LADY, IN a dressmaking or mantilla establishment; she is an excellent sewer. Waxes not so mnoh an object as a good situation. Add rea* A. P., kex 177 Herald offloe, for three daya. WANTED-BY A COLORED GIRL, A SITUATION, te tiavel with a family to take care of ohlldran, or as lady's Please oall at 170 West 2Vth at., sear 8th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as seamstress, or to take eare ?f chil dren; good city reterenee given. Pleas* oall for two day l, at Mo. 12y West 24th at , 7th avenue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMEBICA* WO man, u situation as cook; has no oMeotlons to tha country: test of city reference. Apply at 020, Greenwich St., for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl as chambermaid and waiter; four yeara' etty re ference can be given from her last place. Inquire at No, 310 Rivington St. WANTED? SITUATIONS FOR TWO PROTESTANT girls; one as cook, washer and ironer, the other as chambermaid and waiter: will cngag* separately or to gether. Can be seen at their present employer's, 84 Weak 21st at. A-ssasri?" between flth and 6th Avenues. ' 6 ?? W.* 1,5? TITAN TED? BY A HIOBLY RESPECTABLE HEALTHY TV young woman, who hai lost her owa baby, a situation as wet sarse In a good lamily. Beit of oity rerersnoe. Call or addrese C. H., at 178 rfast 17th St., between lit and 2d avenues, third floor. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK; UNDBB8TANDS baking and pastry; would like the country for the sum mer. Qocd city reference. Call at 25 Prlace at., for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A YOUNQ GIRL, WHO is strung, healthy, and willing to da general housework; is a gcod pla'n cook, washer and ironer; can act as waitreea or chambermaid; haa lived with respeotable families, and can give good city nMeronee.JCall at kr. Flynn's, 103 Hester st., second iloor. for two day*. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN, A aituation aa chambermaid, washer and Irener, fine aeamatreas, or te take care of children. She may be seen at her present employer's, 31 West Washington place. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as eook with a respectable private family. Has eight veers' superior city reference from her last two places. Would go a sbort distance in the country. Call at 88 Bid ridge st., on* door trom Grand, room No. 6. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OI RL BE tween IS aod 16 yeara old, a sitnatlon to wait on ta ble or attend children, or do ehamberwork; is willing to as aist at genersl housework. Inquire at No. 31 President at., corner of Van brunt, South Brooklyn. WANTED? AS SEAMSTRESS AND CHAMBERMAID in a private family, a girl, who mutt bring a recom mendation for her seamstresswork from fome respectable lerson in this eity. Apply at 743 Broadway, opposite Astor plaee, basement door, between 9 and 12 o'cleck. ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A 8ITUA tion as chambermaid and waiter; Is afgood plain sewer. Call at 614 Water st., room 0. ANTRD-A SITUATION FOR A SMART, ACTIVE boy, twelve years old; wages no objeot; or would be willing to give hiin lor his board and clothing. Call at 84 West 18th ?c., until engaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS HOUSEKEEPER OR companion to an invalid lady, by a person well qualifi ed. No objection to the country. Apply or addresa a not* to 62 Oardtn it., Heboken. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to wait on a lady going te California. Tb* beat of r* commtndations fiven. Address M. D., box 181 Herald offloe, will b* attended to. WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS good cook and first rate wather aod Ironer. City re ference. Can be teen for three days at 15 Stat* str**t, Brooklyn, first floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO PROTES tant woman, to do ehamberwork and sewing, or wait ing; no objection to go in the country for the summer. The beat of city reference can be given. Apply at 2U5 E. 19th St., between lit and 2d avs , for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT woman, to take car* ot cblidranand do ehamberwork. Would b* willing to go to the country. Good referenoes. Apply at 74 Charles St.. for two days. WANTED-A YOUNO LADY, TO ATTEND A LACE embroidery and fancy store; a first rat* hand will fln this a desirable situation. Apply at GilUgaa's, 325 Gran st , for three dsy i. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO TAKE in washing at her own house; also to go out by tha day. Good city reference. Apply to Mrs. Ross, No. 10 Leroy St., nsai Ble*ck*r. WraWtfB? TO WAIT ON TA WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A S4TUA tion as plain oook, washer and ironer in a private fami ly. Bast of city reterenoe. Apply at 156 37th St., b*tw**a "tb Rid 8th aveua**, for two dajs. WANTEB-A GIRL TO COOK, WASH1 AND IBON fer a email famly; she must be wall reoeminended from 'her last place in tkis city. Also, a good seasastrass wanted. Apply at 77 West 13th St., near 6th avenue. WANTED? TO ADOPT, A MALE CHILD, SIX a.montbs old. Inquire at 29th St.. two doors East of 2nd avenue, for Mrs. Thompson WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as renmstrcss in a private family; can cut and lit ladies and children's dresses; has no objection to go in the country: can have a g->od citr reference If re quired. Can b* scan cr addressed 2 days at 129 West 24th st., corner of 7th avenu*. top Boor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOK, AND TO AS slst in washing and ironinr, by a w* man who perfectly understands her business, would be found generally u serai In ssaisting wit)] light work; has only one child? a little girl, 13 years old? whom she wl?hea in th* lions* with her. Can 1* seen at her pretest *mploy?r's. No. < St. Mark's plaee. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, B* A RESPECTABLE TV ?irl, to do general homework; i? h good waaber and iioner, and nnderntandi cooking. Beit of rererenoe. Can V? ?ten lor two day a. at 628 td avenue, eeooad floor. WJ A> Tit I) ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a Mtnation aa laundieaa, in a private family. No ob jection to tewa or countrj. Beit of city referense ai to capability and good character. Call or addreu A. R., 2ti Eaet 19th it., between Broalway and 4th avtuue T1?ANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, (ENGLISH,) TT a iteady young woman, to da the general homework; ?be muit l e well recommended, and be a food plain took, waiber and lroner. No other need apply. To an autive and competent perion, liberal w?gea will be ftven. Engliih or Scotch preferred. Apply at 136 Wait 23d it., near 7th avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO WOMAN, ae chambermaid and nuree, or ehamherme'd and waiter, or general homework for a email family. Apply at Ml lit avenue, between 10th and lltb at#., front room, ap itairi. W i ANTED-BV A COLORED WOMAN, A SITUATION TT aa child's narie and ie am aire' a. or aa chambermaid and to do plain tewing, or ae laay'i maid. Good city referenoe. Apply at 26 Minetta lane, two doori from 6th avenue. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A OERMAN PROTES testant girl, aa ehamSermald or aurae, or to take oara ol children. Would like the country for the inramer. flood reference. Apply at 3 Cariiele it , between Greenwich and W athington ?ta. WAN TED-SITUATIONS, BY TWO ENGLISH PER loni, mother and daughter, one ai profeaaed oook, the other aa aurae and eeamitreii. 3oo J city referenoee. Pleaae aall at the flret home from Third Avenue, on aouth tide of Fourteenth itreet. WANTED? BY A GIRL. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. A ?iiuati n to miad children and to do chambir*ork. Cau be ieen at U Ridge it., in the baaement. TXTANTED-A SITUATION, B? A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, ai nnrie and leamitreii, or to do chain bcrwork and plain aewer. Beet city roferouoe from lait place. Tall at 187 lit avenue, near 17th at., third floor, liaok room. it ,^ortwo diijfl, 10 l* ooonTrj *cZu% SITi/aTIav IT ? " ? ? ,0??b floor TIT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A TOUNG HEALTHY TT woman, aa wet nam; li a widow. No objeetioa to so in the country. Apply at 24 i avenue A. between 18th aad 17th at*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to lo ehamberwork aad aewiag, or to a?l?t in waablag aad ironing, or to take earn of children would make heraelf generally mefal. Heet of eitv refe rence given. Cau bo aeon for two day* at 229 Mulberry et In the rear, fourth floor. ' W ANTEtt-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SEAM T? itreia or chambermaid aad aeametroai, by a reaaeet able Protcitaat yauag woman, with highly aatlefaetory eitv :;:v.rgt.u.'^r= 5r,,rv<- J WANTED^BY. a RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, a eltuatma to d? ehamberwork, waahlng aad iroaing, or waiting; would hava ae objeetioa to the oouatryrooed ei'y reference from her laot place. Call at *1 Pnnoo at., for two any*. WANTED? AT 181 MADISON STREET, A OERMAN |ir of roepeotable eharaoter and well recommended, who et.e?k- F.nillah, aad ie capable of doiac the waehiag aad Iromac aad geaeral homework of a imall family. Ap ply Numediately.j WANTED-BY A RRSPEOTABLI TO UN 8 01*%, A v? eitaatieo to 4* the housework of a ntll family; m a aood plain oo<k tad good luliif aad I -oner. Cm M h? for two daya ? 1 430 81b mm, aeooad floor, Croat room. WANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLE WOMAN, A BABY TT to ?et uuree at her own r?eid?uoo, No. 44 OrcUaid ai, third floor. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A YOUNO WOMAN aa chambermaid and waiter. Good oity wfenwil. Aptly at 103 Ile.t.r at., in the roar, aeooad floor, room No. i w ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUN 1 WOMAN, a eituatioa to eook, waib and iron iu a private faml It. Bait city referenoe. Call at l'Jl Mott, betweoa Broome aad Spring, iu tbo rear. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS COOK aad to aeeiet in washing and Ironiug. Beet refereaoo required. Inquire at 11 Madiaon eqoaro, north aide. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Y"CNU WOMAN, a aituation aa laundreaa. in titber a nice private boarding borne or a hotel. Can be aeen for oae day, from 10 til 6. atSS2 10th street, third flour, troat room, op stalre. Good reference. WANTED? BY A RESPBCTAUI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general homework; ia a good ooek, waaher and Ironer. Beatoiy refer* uce. No objeation to no to the country. Call at 120 Kaat 22d at , for tiro daya. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NORSK, BY A ,** ...'???lthy young woman, with a troth broaat of milk; ia willing to msike herielt uaelul in the family. Good oity reference. Call at AC Greene atreet YAf ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A REaPKCTABLE TT Proteetaat woman, aa good oook waaher and ironer . * f *;;? ?*?? lh.! Uel oily re'erenoe it required. Cat at lib 2d avenue, between Jtth aud 27tb ate., far two daya \\ ANTID? BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TV aa agree or waiter; ia competent to take oare of ohll dren. The beat oity retereuoe. call at 136 7th avenae, bo tween 19th and KHh atreeta, for two <?aye. Wagea not ao much an ebject aa a comtor table home WANTED? A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND A FANCY and trimming atore in Brooklyn. One of ploaaiag manatra, good diapoaition, good aaleewoman, and who haa been accnetomed to a atore, may hear or a good aituation by addreeaing a line to Buaines*, Brooklyn Peat Offioe, giving true name, addreaa, and where laat employed. WANTZD-A FRENCH WoMAN FOR NURSE AND leMiairesa, and an Englleh woman for cook aad to aa liat ia washing and ironing, G lod referenoea required. Call at 34 Weat 19th at, between 9 and U u'olook. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do chamterwork aad waiting, ?he ia willing to make htraelf generally naefal. Haa good city refereaoe. Call at 213 7th avenue, between 24 tb and 26th iti. WANTED-BY AN ACCOM PUSHED PROTESTANT young German lady, a aituation aa goveraeee wharo ?he can be ueetul ia inatrueting and taki.g oaro of children. Ste i? a a pleadid embroiderer. Beat oity refarenee aaa ba given. Pirate call at 212 Broadway, room No. 10, trim St#. 4 o'clock. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABUE YOUNG WOMAN, Proteatant. a aitnation aa nurae and aeamitreea, er chambermaid aad aeamatreaa Good oity referenoea irom her laat emplovere. Can be aeea ior two daya at tha leather ?tore 334 8th aveuue, between 27tu and 28th atreeta. W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A vv aituation aa plain eewer and to take eare of ehildrea; no objection to the oeuntry. Beat of referenoe. Call for twa daya at 271 Mulberry at., third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A PROTKS tant woman, who nnder taada baking, paatry, Ae. Beat of referenoe. Inquire at 144 W. 19th at. for two aayf. WANTED-BY A FIRST RATE COOK, WASHBR AMD ironer, a aituation in a private family. Beat i?aom mendationa. Call at No. & Sheriff at. , rear baaemeat, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa aeamatreaa; can cut and fit ladiea' or ohildren'a eiothea, and ia a good plain eewer-, ia willing to 4e cbamberwork, and make herteif generally utofal. Call at 286 Wtat UKh at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoeeg woman, aa chambermaid and aeamatreaa, in a private family, and ia willing to make heraelf aaafil. In quire at 338 12th at., between l*t and 2d trenuei, front room, aeeoid floor. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS 8EAMSTRK93, IN A private family, by a young lady of reapoo table eonaao tiona, who nsderetande drearmaaing, catting aad making ohildren'a eiothea, embroidery, and all kiada of plain tew - ing. Beat of city referenoe given. Addreaa ar eall at Bnhgie'a book and atatlonery atore, 420 8th a venae. WANTED-A GOOD GIRI. (GERMAN PROTESTANT" preferred) to do general bouaeWork. None bat tboae having the best of retereacea need apply at 232 Water at., near Beekman WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, FIFTEEN yeara old, a aituation to do waiting or take eare af children. Good reference giveu. Apply at No 96 Kaat 18th at., between Broadway and 4th avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RK8PKCTABLK young girl, to do chamberwark aad waltiag, or te da cbamberwork and aaalat in waaLing aad Ironing. Haa the beet of eity referenoe from ber laat plaoe, where aba haa lived three yeara. Apply at 84 28th ?t. , between 3d aad 4th avenuei, aeooad floor, front room, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A 'MOST EXPKRI erced young woman, aa laundren in all ita brauehaa? ?birti, table linen, ladiea' finery ; ran take oharge ot a large waabing in a private family or boarding honae. Prefera the oountry. Excellent oity reference. Call at 217 Eaet 23d at WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa obambermaid aad lanndreae; te a fir.t rate eewer Beat of oity referenoe. Call for two day* at 2S4 Vth at., aear lataveaue. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation to do general housework, ia a email private family; good reoomnendatlona from ber laat nlaee. Cam te aeen at 2fi8 Pine at., front baaemmt, fcr two daya. WANTED-A PERSON TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work;ahe nut understend cooking, washing aad iron fng, aad be will lag te do ber work; waioe (0. Call at 119 Liberty ft., or 146 Llvinaetnn at , Brooklyn, after aevea o'oloek in the evening, or at or before eight la the morning. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS ehambermaid aad to do pleia aewiag ; no objection to the oountry; g*od eity referenoe. Can be eeee a > 240 ave nne A, between Itith and 17th ate., third floor, froat room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonag woman, aa cook and to aaaiet ia tbo waahlag aad ironing, or to do the work of a email private ramify; beet of referenoe. Can be aeen at 2M6 Weat 19th at , for two daya. WANTED? A S!TUA?ON, BY A RB^PBOfABLB young girl, ai chambermaid acd te attlrt In f&thiac mad ironing; good reference. Hit be eea at 287 0? It., brat floor, front room, for two day ?. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A| RB3PBOTAB LB young wiman, to oook. waih and iron aad do general homework. Can b? ?cea for two day? if not engaged, at 87 Union ?t., Brooklyn, tnird floor, front room WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE yonag womaa ai cock and leamitreu; oaa take ear* of a babe from iti infancy. h?? lived fourteen yeari ia Loa don. Can be teen for two dayiat 26 Bait 19th it. Goodre icrencei giv? WANTED? A YOUNO BAN. TO ACT AS PORTER IN a grocery itote, and late the care aad maaagemeat ef b oriei, Apply at 199 Hleeoker it. alio, a youag wowHn to eook, waib aad iron Apply ai ahore Good rerirenoe will be rcquind. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS clerk or porter in a groc ry it^re llai the bait city reference from bia I alt eBployer, and thoroughly ander ?tindi the huiin"i* Call at or adUreu 25 Priaoe it., aear tbe Bowury, in tbe greoerv More WANTED? TdlS DAY, AC! IV* MEN, AT 89K Nauau ttrect, (Son Boildin.-.) >o can* ai* thii gi'y and other i arti of tbe United Mta>e? for a popular work Joat puMiihed Ptrtom poitemd of an' eimrgy will do wall t? attend to t) li. Call between H and 9 A M. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG MEN, A FURNISHED room witb partial >oard. In a ?irictl> private family, wVere tbire are no ether bnirder*; will be permanent if mited; location went ? de of Hroidway and not above Houi ton itreet preferred Rularence given. fleam addraai M. M box 819 Poit Office, itatiag termi, not eioeedtng S6 for both, WANTED? A SITUATION AS PARMER BT A yonng Scotchman, lately arrived, who uaderitanda farming in all iti brancbea Can be >eea, personally, at Be ?hi nlci' Botel, 117 Cedar it. IITANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO BANT, AS ? coachman; tba belt of eity nf>MM. Addrati a aote to J. L , Berald office. WANTED? BY A YOUNO BAN, NOW HOLDING ? good iltaation. bnt wuhet te chaoge it for eae men derirable.' a litaation ai elerk ir iteward of tome good botel or iteamboat. Refari to bit pmeeat employer. Addf^m Botel Clerk, Broadway Poet Office WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO BAN. AS ?aler man ia a hat aad cap atore; would hke te Wait: ii a hatter bj trad*. Addreae W. U. 8.. boa 1S9 llanif offloa. WANTED-A COLORED MAN, TO ATTEND TO HALF an aire of groand, to look alter two horaai and aaa cow; be moil understand gardening, and kaaw haw to a horn; wagei $100 a year and loud. AddroM Wuot2r Herald office, to* two dayi WANTED-A SCOTCHMAN OR ENOLI-4HBAN WHO aaderitaadi tbe aare ol, carrier ei, aad ale* tba care of a tardea, may hear of a permanent it uatioa by ap plying at IMt Palton it., Brooklyn TirAWTED-BY A YuUNU MAN, A GERMAN BT VT blrtli, a iltnatioa in a dro< it< r?. Ha baa taac bnn ?en and medical eiperienee. boo I olty r?feraaeee. Apply Irom 9 to 4 o'clock, at 212 Broadway, r ?om 10. WANTED? IN A LAW OFFICE. A COPTIST WHO wrttei a good and rapid hand, aad wk? ia a eober. Heady man. None other* need apply. Addreee tea 1,474 Poit Office. WANTED-ONE CITY OaNVaSSE*, FOR A BECBA alcal aad commercial ataaaime Kefaroaeee eichaag Id. Addreee boa SUI Herald ol6c? WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO BAN, A ?itnatioa ai waiter; thoroagoly anderitaadi hie baii nen. Can be highly raooaimeade* ir n nia laet plaae. Ap pl) or addreee, far two dayi, I7tf Ka.t 17th a*. WANTED? BY A BOT BETWEEN l< AND 17 TB ARB old, a litnatlan, to iaaaa aay reepee table trade, a plumber ar carpenter prefarr- d. Oooi e?ty reiareaoe. *a drew a note to J. H., Herald oB?e, for two day*. WANTED-A BOT, PEOM 12 TO " to eerTe ai ?alet to e . kJ?^tPe2P2L Mmt Va well educated; fen* ? **?" ** write preferred. Addreee boa S.IW ? ?'? Ow**. WANTED-A I. AD, AS ASSISTANT BAt TBNDER, at W igt l??' hotel, Cone* I.latd ?'ank road. L I , (W mllee froaTaltoa ferry, from IS to 18 jeat . or HP- A* American prefrrred. WANTED-AT THE EMPLOYMENT AOENCT, 341 Broadway, (bawmant ) man for itaamen, elerfca, eo? dactere. baggagemea and brakemea for railroad", aakoel teaebara, eoaehmea rard.neri mea as fanu, ebMabw sieida, eooki. Ac. Charge* moderate. Apply to Thomae Spiat, Agent.

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