Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1855 Page 7
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IDflOTISEHEHTS K1NEWS9 ITER! BAT. HKA bboadway. cobnbe of biohth strut, 'Vi ?? fevorably knows m Sluclair's Haul, will ha open early in I>; u a Ant el ass boar ding house. A few suites of room* for families and gentlemen, with fall kaard ; dinner at &. A front office to rent s citable lor a phy - f?iQ HOUSTON STRUT, THRXR BLOCKS WEST UtO of Broadway. ? A few finale gentle me & can bo ac com mo da tod with pleasant rooms, and foil or partial board, by applying aa above; gas aid bath In the honee. Term* M to >10 per week. Reference! exchanged. Q70 FOUBTH STRUT. ? SUITS OF ROOMS AND O4O siagle rooms to lot, with board, to gentlonen aai their wives, or to single gentlemen: iltnation desirable; Mo dem improvements. Dinner at 0 o'clock, French and Span ish spohen. OQO SIXTH AVBNUB, BITWI1X TWENTIETH OOfi and Twenty tret streets? Two furnished parlors to let, with or without board, on eeoond floor. The house Is pleasantly located, and has aU tho modem improvements. Family small aad terms moderate. 1 NINTH STREET - A SUIT Of HANDSOMELY . furnished rooms to let, on seoond floor, with private table, if desired. Also a stogie room on third floor to let, with full or partial board. House first olass, and oonveni ontly located between Broadway and Fourth avenue. m NINTH STRUT, THIRD DOOR BAST OF Broadway? Furnished rooms in suites or separate. Also, back parlor and extension room ea tho first floor, to lot to a gentleman, with bneakfast, If inquired. Also, fur alohed rooms at Wo. 6 College place. 1AA LEONARD STRUT. FIVE DOORS FROM IVO Broadway; now and handsomely furnished rooms, with board. Gas in tho honse. BAST TWENTY-THIRD STUBT-A PARLOR AMD large bedroom, handsomely furnished, on the first 32 81 floor, eon bo obtained with boarcf, (private table, if desired) h a first class house; tho location is very floe; there is a Its truit garden belonging to tho house. Apply as abovo rj ft FRANKLIN STRUT. FIRST HOUSE WBST OF I \7 Broadway? First floor front parlor aad two large bod rooms attached, separator together, (a good location for a physician;) front parlortff bedroom on the second floor. Also, two large siag|o rooms, aU neatly furnished, for gen tleman, fcf? TBOT STRBBT-A PLEASANT ROOM. FRONTING vU on Abingdon square, with large pantry, with or with out partial board. AC BAST SIXTEENTH STUET, AMD 37 IRVING iU place.? A haadsoms suit of parlors; also, single rooms, with board, for families and single gentlemen. Re foreneos exchanged. 99 BOWERY.? THE NBW BBOWM STONE PROMT W house, one door from tho corner of Bayard street; furnished and unfurnished rooms to let, suitable for gentle Ma and their wives, and single gentlemen, with fall or par tial hoard. Gas and hath lathe house. NINTH STREET.? A SUIT OF HANDSOMBLY furnished rooms, consisting of three on the drawing room floor, will bo rented separately or together, with breakfast, if required; also one or two small rooms. Ap ply as above, In the first new white freestone .house, above the Sixth avenue. OQ UNION PLACE? SINGLE GBMTLBMEN OR FAMI AiO lies desirous of obtaining board, in a first olass honso, located as above ia one of tho most pleasant aad ooaven 4e?t sections of the city, can obtain the same by applying Immediately at X Union plaoe. A FAMILY REQUIRING BOARD FOR THE SUMMER XL ia a private house, having every accommodation for a respectable > nmily ef eight or more persons, will flnd the same en apoUeationat the office of the Daily News, Thames street, Newport, K. I. The board will bo of the best, as can bo ascertained if ncoessary, aad a good price is expected MR1CTLY PRIVATE FAMILY OF THUB PER ? ons, having more room than ia required, will let a suit of turnished or unfurnished rooms to a gentleman and wile cr single gentlemen, with or without board. Referenoes exchanged. Apply at 289 West Twenty -second street. A PLEASANT ROOM ON FIRST FLOOR TO LET-TO one or two Amerioan cr German gentlemen, with or Without bosrd, in a small genteel house. Referenoes ex changed. Apply at 97 Grand street, one block west of Juoadway. A LADY HAVING TAKEN THE HOU8K 03 GREEN wich avenue, Russell plaeo, is desirous ef letting rooms tarnished or unfurnished, with board, house having modern improvements, accessible by cars and stages; also a front hasemeat suitable for an office. A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET FUR nished rooms, with breahlast if required, to single gen tlemen, with the privilege of taking lessons in thcFrensh language. Apply to Rons. Duhos, professor. No. 1 Clinton place, Eighth street, first privats house from Broadway, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED A room to let? To a single gentleman, at 88 Clinton place, Eighth street. House has all the modern im provements. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO i. Jl dated with beautiful rooms with an agreeable 1 private family, having a first class house with the modern improve ments, in the most delightfnl airy location for summer up town, verr accessible by stapes aad cars, in the vicinity of Twenty tbird street and Ninth avenue. Terms moderate. Address 8. 8., Herald office. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS MAY OBTAIN ROOMS, furnished cr unfurnished, with or without board, with a private family, in a new brown stone house, oantalning all the modern improvements. Also, splendid office for physi cian or survey or. Apply at 144 East Thirteenth street, be tweon Second and Third avenues. References exchanged. A FURNISHED BEDROOM TO LET. TO ONE OR two ilngle gentlemen. Apply at 21 Kivington street. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN NINTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Sixth avenues, will let, with board, one or too suits of rooms, separately or together, private tabloor not; tho terms will not be the first consideration, if refer ence ia agreeable. Address, with name and number, M- S., Union square Post Office. ACARD.-MRS. HAYDOCK TAKBS THIS METHOD of ia terming her Mends, and those who wish a comfort able and quiet borne, tbat she has taken the house No. 11 University place, corner of Eighth street, where may bo ob tained rooms en suite or eingle. References exchanged AU YOU LOOKING FOR BOARD, ROOMS, OR boarders?? Be assured that yon can find cither by apply ing at the agenoy office. Olinton Hall, corner of Eighth street and Lafayette place. N B.? ' This offioe has not been or is not connected with any petty establishment, but stands alone. fi PARTMRNT8 AT X WASHINGTON PLACE.? PRI A vate table if desired. Aback parlor, nbatly furnishes, suit able tor two gentlemen, to lot, in a private family, with er without partial board. Apply at M White street, oac door from Elm. A LARGB AND HANDSOME BACK PARLOR ON THE J\ first floor, furnished, and aa elegant front room in the ooooad, to let to a gentleman and his wife; also, pleasant ??ease for single gentlemen with cr without partial hoard; bath, gas. Ac. References exchanged. Apply at DO White street, near Bnadwsy. wLhtofiooirdm *r#uk,B xkP1fr.^^iHS Apartments fob families, and single rooms for gentlemen, with good board, Id n class homo. No. 6 Leroy place, Bleecker itroet. Dinner at six o'olook. French ana English spoken, Alio, ?? office convenient for ? doctor. BOARD.? PERMANENT BOARD wanted for a gentleman and lady ? board for the lady only? with a qnlet, retired person, and pleasant looation, and where there are ae other beardsr*. Address L. M. N., bo* 170 Herald Board ? at a country seat, on the east river. A private family, occupying a large home, With extensive laws. vosetnbfe garden and bath home, wish fie take one or two femllie* of grown persona to board far ?ho summer. Carriage room and stabling tor horse* oan be had It desired. Communication to the olty every five mi mates, by Second, Third, aad Fourth arena e ears. Addrees Country Seat, Union square Post Ofliee, for three days. BOAED? BETWEEN BROADWAY AND FIFTH AVE nne, a few doors from Union square, convenient to ear* ?ad stages, the ictoad and third floor room* in acenteel hense, with partial board, to gentlemen or gentiemea and their wire*. Apply at 18 Eighteenth street. Board.? two large rooms on first and se eend floors, (furnished.) to let, with board; suitable for gentlemen and their wire*, or single gentlemen. Hons* contains modern improvement*, and Is pleasantly located; ears and stage* convenient. Please call at 125 W sst Twenty - fifth *treet. T??ARD- SEVERAL BOOMS, HANDSOMELY FUR i) ni*hed, suitable for (ingle gentlemen, or gentlemen and iheir wires, will be lot, with good board, in a first elas* hense, No. 87 Ninth street, near Fifth avenne. Board? a front parlor, furnished or un furnished, for a gentleman and wife, or (Ingle gentle men. or suitable for aphytioiaa. Comfortable, a*ry rooms, ?ingle or donble beds, with every attention to cleanliness, at 33 Forsyth street, near Walker. Those wishing airy, clean rooms, will do well to sail. Board. ? a lady haying more boom than she wante, would let some handsomely fnrnishsd rooms to Citlemen only. Cleanliness aad comfort stiietly attended . Apply to Mr*. J. E. BOWDMN, 3U Stanton street. BOARD -GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO SIN 1 fie gentlemen can be aecommodated with hoard, in a ?mall family, at 1M East Broad ear; none bnt quiet respectable persens will be taken, and those will receive all fihe comfort* of a home, a* they will he merely taken to make np a family; house newly tarnished, Ae. Board- in an English family, where the comforts of a home are studied, lor gestlemen and fiheir wires aad for single gentlemen, on reaeoaahlo term*. Tran sient and day boarder* also aoeommodated. Apply at 114 Leonard street, a few doers east of Broadway. BOARD.-A FRON1 SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH PAN tries, also tingle rooms, to let, with fnll or partial hoard, la a first elass hones, with all th? modern improve ments: alto, a large and plea*ant basement, (uitable for a physician's office. Anply at 79 West Twenty third street. Reference* oiohasgcd. BOARD.-PLEASANT LOCATION AND RE A SON A ble price. Gentiemea, or sen tinmen and their wives eaa be aocommcdated with board, ptrmanent or transient at the Dariy Home first bona* from the ferry, Jersey city Board at i? bleeceeb street.-a gentleman and his wife, also a few sl?gl? gentlemen, eaa Aad ex cellent aeeommndations at the above first ela*e hon*e. Din aer at six o'clock. ? ?? ? ?? ? Board at as ninth street-fine fubniihed room*. In snlt* and single, with board, may be had as above. Modern boose, with the usual improvement*. But iew boarders of flrtt class taken. t>oabd for a young lady? in a small, plain. X> qnioe family, where there are ae boarders. Term* mast he moderate. Addreea, stating terms, location, aad nature of accommodation, Carlvle Benson, Herald office. No ap plications will receive attention uaiess theee partiealare are specified. References exchanged. Board down town-gentlemen and their wive*, also single gentlemen, deelrou* of ebtalalng very comfortable apartments, with coed board, il a desirable location, can have the same by apflylaf at No. 8 Broadway, the large white home opposite tao Bewliag Green. Tran ***"* boarders taken. TJOABD IN BROOEI.TN.-TO LET, TWO LARGR, AJ fnrnishsd rooms, oa the eeeoad fine*. saitable tor two ?lse, a hall bedroom. Apply at M Clinton street, ??*??? WfiUfiMAUMttoftnfefc 0taMCMlta??v. BHOABD NEAB ST. JOHN'S PABK.-PABLOB AND bedrooms, baadaomelr furnished, with phMm ?t ^Hhcd, to tot, with parWal board, to geatlemoa, or to a gon tlMuu and wifo, without children; also, other room* tor gentlemen, la firat olass houae 18 Variak (treat; bath aad gee; privilege ?< park, ftw boarder*. MrnuN M c hanged. B HOARD UP TOWN UNTIL THB FOUBTH OP JULY? H Two front rooms, adjoining, on the second etory, for a lady aad (tatleman, with fall or partial board; alio, oat on tbe third story, to two yoaaglaileaer geatlemea. Tho house it aow aad haa all tho modern improvements. Cars aad itagot Tory convealeat. 810 West Tklrtyfirst str? t. BHOABD IN A PBITATB FAMILY? WITH FINE PAB ? lor aad bedroom, may bo obtaiaed by a geatlomaa aad wifo; good looation; hoaao flrat olam; all modern impreve awti aad aowly furnished throachoat. No other boarders wfll bo tat oa. Address B. B. P.. Ilorald office. BHOABD IN H0B0KBN.? SBVHBAL BOOKS TO LBT ? to gentlemen aad thoir wive?, or single gentlemen, with partial board, at No. i Hudson plaoo. Bsferonooo required. B HOARD IN BBOOKLYN.? SBVBBAL SINQLB GEN tloBoa oan bo accommodated with fine airy rooms, both doablo aad single, with partial board, is a tea hoato a taw mlnutoo' walk from Sooth ferry. Apply at XO Henry ?troot. B HOARD IN BROOKIiTN.-PAMILIES, AND GENTLE ? men aad their wives, oan obtaia mites of airy and commodious apartments in a delightfully situated house, with all the modern improvomeats aad homo oomforts; alio, accommodations tor a Tow single gentlemea; terms atede rate. Apply at 206 Wash tagton street, Brooklyn. 1BJOARD IN BROOKLYN- TWO O* THREE SINOLB ?> gentlemen, or a gentleman and bis wifo, caa bo accom modated with furnished rooms, with or without partial b?ard, by applying at 100 Boeram street, withia seven min utee1 walk at South ferry. Small family. Terms moderate. B HOARD IN BROOKLYN.? TWO LARGE AIRT ROOMS, ? suitable for two or four gentlemen, with partial board, in a private family, delightfully looated, within five mi nutes' walk of tho Bonth or Wall street ferries. Inquire at leu Clinton street, Brooklyn. References exchanged. B HOARD IN WILLIAH8BURG.? A PBW SINGLE GEN ? tlemen can be accommodated with board and pleasaat rooms, in a small private tamilv, three minutes' walk from tho feiries. With reference, address W. R., Herald offioo. B HOARD IN THB COUNTRY? CAN BB HAD, WITHIN mi hour's ride from the olty by railroad or steamboat; the situation is healthy, and near tho water; the home is large, aad surrounded by an extensive laws, filled with trees. A^ly to Bis. Haddea, New Boehelle, or to James Gray, 17 T>OABD WANTED BY A YOUNG MAN, WEST OP X> Broadway, not higher than Bleeekor and Amos streets. Address, stating terms, J. G. G., Herald offioo. Board wanted.? a young man wishes to ob taln a single room, with partial board, breakfast and tea and dinner oa Sundays, looated either In the Fifth, Eighth or Ninth wards. Please address, stating terms, Ao., Amroka, Herald office. Board wanted, on Brooklyn heights-by a slagle gentleman, in a family where the eomrorts of a homo can be enjoyed. Please address A. B.( boa 3,497 Post Office. New York Board wanted? by a lady, with shall child, ia a small family, with room and bath room con venient. Addiess A. P. D., Herald oftoc, stating prioe and location. Board wanted? by a lady and gbntlehan ; board for the lady only. Address, stating terms, Ben, Broadway Post Office. BOABD WANTED? IN JERSEY, BY A SINGLE HAN, who has his own conveyance; partial board, etcher in a village or in the country ; a private family, where there is some socletv, preferred; would prefer being on or near the plank road leadiagfrom Hoboken to Hackensack; not to ex ceed 8 miles from Hoboken ferry. Referenoe given and re qulred. Please ad dross J ohnson, Herald office. Board wanted? by a young man, in hobo. ken, in a respectable private family; for partial board; terms aot to exoeed S3 60 per week. Adores* X P., Herald office. BOABD1NG.? A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A first olass bouse, containing all tho modern Improve ments. aad beautifully located on West Eighteenth streot, near Fifth aveauo.will let. unfurnished, the two front rooms on tho seooad floor. Dianer at 6 o'clock. Address G. H. T., Herald office. Boarding.? to let, a labge booh, with^an try, oa second floor, suitable for a gentleman aB^Ttfe, or two gentlemea; also, an upper room, which will accom modate two gentlemen, at the pleasaatly situated house, 27 North Hoere street. Boarding.? ten or twelve single gentle* men, or gentlemen with their wives, oan be aooommo dated with board in a house with modem improvements, by applying at 146 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. BOABDING.? A WELL FURNISHED SECOND STORY front room, with gas and large olosets, and it desired, a large bedroom oommunicatiDg, to let, with board, by a small respectable tamily, at 21 West Tweaty second street. A gentleman and his wife may realise the oomforts of home by applying as above. References exchanged. Iii!!!y@gp COUNTRY BOABD.? ONE OB TWO SHALL FAMI lies oan be accommodated in a country house, a few Biiles from BrooklyB; aooest easy by ears or etagee; tine rooms, plenty of trait, vegetables aad milk. For farther particulars, apply at 74 Bast Twenty -third street. COUNTBY BOARD.? TWO GENTLEHEN AND THEIR wives, cr a family of four grown persons, oan obtain board for the summer, from June 1st, ia a private family re siding oa a farm In a very healthy location, distant IX hours from the city by railroad. Also, ample stable aooommoda tions. Testimonials of the highest reipectability gives and required. Addrese box 3,807 Poat Offioo. Furnished rooms to let-to single gentle men, at 46 Franklin street, near Broadway. T70RNISHED ROOMS AND BOARD WANTRD.? A J? Buried lady , in delioato health, desires ? furnished chamber ?nd parlor, with board tor herselt and maid, in tho upper part of the city, in a family where there are no otht r boirdert: widow lady preferred, who will give eare and at tention; liberal priee will bo paid. Addrei* box 1M Herald office. lj>URN 1SHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT r board, to tingle gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, la a beautiful and healthy neighborhood. Apply at the Phila delphia Borne, 138, 135 and 137 Fourth (treet. Williamsburg, of E. L. TUCKER. Alio, a beantifnl (tore to let, aa eioel lent itand for a barber. Apply at above. Handsomely furnished rooms to let-with ont board, at 22 Waverley plaoe. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with a pleaiant fnrnlthed room, with partial board if required, In a small private family, where there are no other boarders. Location, two blooka wcit of Broadway, below Spring itreet. Inquire in the book itore, 341 Broad ??7 PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN? NEAR WASHING ton avenue. One or two gentlemen of retired habit*, do ?iring a respectable looation. can be oomfortably aooommo datea with teparato roomt and partial board; three persons in family only, and no other boarderi. Termt $1 to 96 per week. Apply to C. E. FKOST, conveyancer, Ac,, 41 Fulton street, Brooklyn, near the ferry. PRIVATE BOARDING-TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN of reipectabllity oan have permanent board, fall or par tial, in a private family, where they may enjoy home oom forte and good toeiety, or room* without board. Call at 384 Broome itreet. PERSONS DESIRING FINE ROOMS, WITH OR WITH out partial board, with the comforte of a home, oan bave inch by applying at 909 Houtton itreet ; house con tains all the modern improvement!. Tenne reasonable. Rooms, with board, for gentlemen and their wives or tingle gentlemen. ? Hoote p'eaeantlv situ ated, facing Hoboken ferry, and Ib the vicinity of St. Lake's ehuroh. Those dealring a comfortable homo will do wail to tail at 67ft Greenwich itreet. Termt reasonable. Room wanted in a retired location-for a lady and gentleman, in a house where there are ao board eri, with board for the lady and occasional board for the gen tleman. Address A. M. O., Herald oftoe. Rooms to let -.handsomely furnished parlors and bedroomt. wiihont board, to gentle men only, in a private family. Refereaeei required. In quire ttSUZFoarth itreet. Rooms to board, in a pleasant, well located house, 57 High street, Brooklyn, only a tew minutee1 walk from Fulton tarn. Alio, Meats wanted, ia a light, profitable business. Apply to J. Parten, No. 4 Saadt itreet. Boohs to let-furnished or unfurnished, ? with or without board. In Fourth avenue, near Twenty ninth street. The house contains all the modern Improve menta Apply to C. FLINT, 15 William street, near Beaver, room No. 12. Room to let.-a private family desires to let a large square front room, without baaed, to oae ot two gentlemen. No boarder* ia the hoase. Tha room is beat somsly furnished, aad kept In prime order. A good op portanlty for two trieads. Apply at 126 Foriyth it. Rooms to let, with board, suitable for a family, or for ilaglo gentlemen, at 1M Weat Fourteenth meet. OO MS TO LET? SINGLY OR IM SUITS. WITH FULL 1 or partial board, also a fiae room oa first floor, initabl* tor aphtiiciaa'i office, haviag bee a tiiod for that paraeee during the part year. Apply at >4 Int Twenty- fifth rtraet STATIN ISLAND- A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIYING near Vandarbilt ferry, can aioommodato two or thre<> tingle gentlemen with partial bearl. Addrei* ClUtoa P.O., 8tapleton. TO GEN TLEMErf? ONE OR TWO NEATLY FURNISH ed roomi ia a private family to let, with or without breakfast. Bath room in the hoate, Location aad aeoem modatlont desirable. Apply at 711 Moaitoa itreet. mo SINGLE GENTLEMEN.? A PRIVATE FAMILY J. occupying a aew home, elegantly furnished, will let a beautiful suit of reomi la roeewood; alto, oae large room to gentlemen of high reipectabllity, with or without board. Apply at 119)6 Ninth itreet, flvi door* west of Broadway. rrwo or THREE GENTLEMEN MAY BE ACCOMMO 1 dated with comfortable fnralsbod rooms, without board, at Na. 9 Sullivan itreet. Na boarder* ia the bonse. fWO~OR THREE BACMEloRa. OR A GENTLEMAN aad hit wife eaa hava a suit of handsome rooms; or a psrty of geatUmen oan he aeeommodated with parlors aad bedrooms aad dressing rooms attaohed, with breaklast. The houte it aaw. with all madora Improvement!, and now occu pied by oaly three person* Apply at M Wert Twenty fifth *treet, near Seveath avenue. fTT A N TED^BOA R iTl.N THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF Tv Orange, N. J., for a small family, where no other boardtrt are taksa. Apply to J. A. Rooterell, 94 Maidea lane. WANTED? TO TARE A LADYTO BOARD, OR A a gentleman and hit wife; one who oaa live plata will be aeoommedated reasonably, where there is ao boarder but an old lady, or a couple eaa bo aeeommodated with or with out board. Apply at 138 Laareat itreet, ia tho rear, baee meat. R rR 8 A LI ? A HANDSOME IMPORTED SETTER slat, well broke; alto a pointer dag. Cm b? teea at SI YNt Twtuty ieuxth rtm* . 7K monivL spring bonnets ? or ml I O broidered rtriw Mi mp?, jut rmlni If laatl atcamar: u( the novelty of the atvlaa which wa poafttvei? ? Diunoi-olli* in New York, aa no other Ilike uti?U. wiU Mtnet, we bin bo donbt]HHMMMB |>ri??d? and strangaia, who will MtropoUMa store l%f . HARRIS * , ? , 1 hiv bo virtk the metropolitan store of SON, an Broadway. EMLKGANT AMD NEW FASHION.? LADIES DRESS ? trimming rib ban*. The uaderalrned hu tbo pleaanre to lLform hia Irian da and tbo public. that ha haa reeeivod to day b ibj haadaomo additlan to hi* axtmtia atook of beaa ttful draaa and mantilla trimBUBga. bonnet and other rib boa?: and would invite all ladlaa who hat a bo* been able to match their dreeatrimmings with handaome trimming rib bone lately 1b hia (tore, to pTeaae (elect from hia fresh atook. Bad bopea to bo able to Match the moot difficult ahadaa at Tory low prices. M. H. LICBTENSTEIN'8 Ribbon store, 80 Bowery. ILLINIRY.-TBI MISSIS ROMANES RKSPBCT tmlly intimate to their friends and the ladies, that they hare opoaod itoro S7-H Bowery, a few doora above Fourth atreet, with a choice variety or fashioaable millinery. First claae miUiBer* wasted. Mo other need call. IPBCIAL BOWOM. At the annual of barry Howard Boac Company, No. AS, held OB Monday evening, May 7, tho following peraoBt were aleoUd oAeera tor the ensuing year, vis: ? Frank A. Rockwell, Foreman, unaalmously re elected; Hoary R. Noyea, Assistant, do. do. ; Fraak R. Mott, Secretary, do. do.; W m. A. Feati, Treasurer, do. do. Aaroa P. Raaaom, reeidonee 148 Second aveaae, Bad Samuel 8 linger laad, Jr., do. 27 Barrow atreet, aa Represeatativea. FRANK R. MOTf, Secretary. CHAB. J. iLLIt, > Geo. R. Blbbcmaw, J NEW YORK AMD HARLEM RAILROAD COMPAMT. ?The annual meeting ot the stockholders of thia oom pany, for the election of thirteen directors, will be held at the ottee of tho company, No. 1 Centre atreet, ob Tuesday. May 16, UBS. Poll will commeace at IS o'clock boob. Bad eloao Bt 'i o'elook P M. Tho tranafer booka will be oloaed ob Tueeday, May li 185ft, at 8 o'elook P. M.,aad open Wednea day, May lOAM* at 10 o'elook A. M. ? W. H. ^EMERSON, Secretary. NOTICE. -THERE WILL BB A MISTING OF THI Liquor Dealera' Aaaooiation of the Twelfth ward, oa Ihuraday evening, at the houao of Mr. Bdmund Jonea, Clan moat, which yon are reapeetfully invited to attend. By order ot THOMAS T. JACKSON, Chairman. VTEW YORK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY WILL XI bold their meetlngo every evening thia week, axeopt Saturday, at tho Westchester Bouse, at 8 o'clock. JOHN M. HAYWARD, Pre aidant. D. S. Paigb, Secretary. to the stockholders ea aad after the 10th ia*t. Tho transfer booka will be oloaod until that date. By order of tho Board of Directors. H. V. MASON, Secretary. OFFICE OF NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COM PA By,62 Wall stieot. New York. May 2,1866. The Board of Dirt c tore have thia day declared a semi-annual dividend of fifteen per oont, payable on and after Wednesday. tho 9th iait. Tho traailor book will be eloaed until that date. W. C. KELLOGG, Seoretary. Resolved, that the liquor dialers of the city of Now York, including lm porter* , jobber*, brewers, huel keeper*, diatlllers, grocer* and bottlers, are requested to meet In their respective ward* at *ueh place aad time within ton day* a* each ward may direot, for the purpose of eatabliahing ward organization in accordance with the con ?titutiOB and bye-law* of tho Liquor Dealers' Sooio'.y and tho following rules:? 1. The liquor dealer* of each ward, at tald meeting*, (hall elect a w ard committee, to ooaiiat ot a* many aa they may deem proper, provided that no person* shall be eleoted but membera of thia society, aad thoae wbo premise to join it; but no person shall be allowed in the meetings of said com mittees unlet* he produce* a ticket of membership of tbo Liquor Dealers' Society Of this oity; they may adopt euah bye-law* for their goverameat as they may deem proper not iaeonsUteat with tne foregoiag. 2. Each ward committee (ball elect three of ite member! as delegates to represent the ward in a central convention, to meet at such place and time aa shall hereafter bo ordered by thia society. S. The Recording Secretary of this aooiety shall furniah a book to each ward oominittee, with the names of the mem bera of the aooiety in the ward, alphabetioally arranged, together with their residences and places of busiaess. 4. Each ward committee snail be provided with a blank book in which they shall enter, alphabetically arraaged, the names of all the liquor dealers iu their respeotive wards, and cheok therein the name* of those who have aad of those who may hereafter join thia sooiety. 0. There shs^l be eleetion district committee* appointed in every ward by the ward committee* thereof, whose duty shall be to call on aU liquor dealer* in their dictrlote and invite them to join thi* society; and if any should refuse to become members,1 to enter their namea, residences aad plaoes ot buiineia in a book to be provided for the purpose, and report them to this society that their Barnes may be entered by the Seoretary en the book of referenoe, so that we may know our enemfe* from our friend*. JOHMN. HAYWARD, Pro*ident. M. R. BUNCE, Vice President. D. 8. Paice, Secretary. THE CARSON LEAGUE WILL HOLD A MEETING oa Wednesday evening, at 8 o'olock, in Knickerbocker liall, corner of Twenty-third street and Eighth avenne. Addretie* by Wm. D. Murphy, Eiq.; Rev. I'rof. H. Matti son, and others. Those who believe in law and its enforoe mentare invited to attend. THE WOMAN'S HOSPITAL, 83 MADISON AVENUE, ooraer of Twenty-aiath street, opened on Thursday. Mays, for the reeeptloa of patieats. A committee will be in attendaace daily, trom 11 to 1 o'elook, to receive appli cant*. By order ot the Board. WPAETHMUHIF BOTICM. ?Q c'ftA WANTED, AND AN ACTITE MA*, TO iPO.lfUU engage with the advertiser, with a like amount, lii a branch of the lumber business In thii city, under oir cumitancei that will net $4>,0ti0 per year, Particulars will be given at an interview, by addressing Lumber, Herald of fice, stating time and place. djcnn -A YOUNG MAN, Or GOOD BUSINESS ipUUU ? qualification!, with a capital of $000, withe* to engage In ioiii well eatabliahtd reapeo table retail busintss, ai partner, or would accept a situation at a salary. Ad drete S. P., Ilerald offloe. , ?PARTNER WANTED IN A MANUFACTU ? rin* and mercantile business. The article mana tactured can be mad* to pay $4,000 annually in this city, and may be extended through the United State*. Only part of tb* money to a man of the right stamp. C. B. HOWES A CO.. 84 Na**au street. -A GENTLEMAN WITH THIS AMOUNT CAN $500 $300 have equal Interest in a gentlemanly business, over ten year* establisned. Will be shown before money 1* lnretted that 98,000 a year can be made. A steady man 1* more required than hi* money. To t?*t the faet call Ok CAMPBELL A DAY. 113 Chamber* street. inn *"ER CENT PER ANNUM.? WANTED, A JLUU special partner, with $6,000 or $10,006, in ene of the largest manufactories business in this city. The abort amount may be made. For farther information addrea* C. 8., Herald offloe. Any lady with a small sum of money tbat wishes to engage herself in busiae**, and can write a good hand, Kill hear of an opportunity by inquiring in 29th *1, two doors East of 2d avenue. A RARE CHANCE FOR A BUSINESS MAN, WITH about two thousand dollars, situated on Broadway, where four thousand dollar* can be made yearly. The occu pant ha* other and mere important business to attend to. None need apply but such as oan give the most Mtlifaotory reference*. Address 2,946 Post Offloe, for three day*. PARTNER.- A GENTLEMAN, OF GOOD CHARAC ter, education and business tact, who oan contribute from $2,000 to $3,000, i* desirous of joining some one already established in a safe paying business. Reliable reference will be given as to integrity and disposition. Address B..S. will be given as to integrity ana ai V., box 110 Broadway Post Office. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tween Augustus Yoekney and Charlea H. Waterbnry, under the firm of Yoeknsy A Co., is disaolved this day by mutual cos*eat. Henry Whichello is Authorised to settle the aoeounts of the partnership, and to use tne name of the firm for that purpose. AUGUSTUS YOCKNEY, New York, May 1, 1868. C H. WATERBURY. The undersigned will continue to manufacture and sell the oils heretofore seld by Yeckney A Co. AUGUSTUS YOCKNEY, 67 Exchange Plnoa. New York, May 1, 1866. TO LAWYERS.? THE ADVERTISER, WHO HAS A large and good business, desires to form 'a copart nership with one or two respectable and industrious members of the profession, with the view of securing and transacting u mere extensive commercial practise. Address box 2,666, J. Is, Post Offloe. TO MILLINERS OR DRESSMAKER8.-A LADY, WITH $2,600 cash, wishes to loin with a lady already estab lished in millinery, or wodd furnish all o? a (took of mil linery, with a lady having a house and furniture; alao, a dressmaking business. Address Miss Cinderella, Herald offlce. Drowned. ? on Sunday evening, may 6, Smith Frier, captain of barge 8tillwater, of Rondout, was lust overboard while passing through Haverstraw bay. He was about twenty-one rears of age, had on a pair of strired pantaloons, white shirt, and red flannel undershirt; upon his person he had a silver wateh, and a small ameaat of money. Any Information leading to the recovery of hi* body will be most thankfully received by his afflloted family, and all trouble suitably rewarded. Address Washington Frier, Rondout, Ulster county, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED-OF DUNCAN MoPHAIL, from Glasgow, Scotland, who landed at New York In November, 1861. If he will call at Mrs. Moylan's, 186 Twenty -fifth street, he will hear aomethlag to his advantage INFORMATION WANTED? OF MARGARET DAILY aged thirteen years. who waa employed by a lady giving her mama and address, Mrs. Terris, Hopnerstown, or Hoopers town, about three weeks since, at Manning's offloe, 361 Bowery, and has not sinos been heard of. Any person bear ing of her will tonfkr a favor on her afflicted asotaer by drop ping a line to the offloe. Country papers pleass oopy. KR. JULIUS WILLIAM HMBER. FROM THARANDT, in Saxony, and Mr. Gustav Ferdinand Schwaebe, (rem idea, in Saxony, are requested to oall as soon as possible on the undersigned. If any one can give Information about the abort named, the same will be thaakfultv received by GROS8MANN BROTHERS, ? Broad street. NB -ANY GENTLEMAN WHO SAW AN ASSAULT ? committed upon a passenger on one ot the cars of the hixih Avenue Railway, yesterday, the 7th Inst., by the oon duetor and driver, will tonfar an obligation by appearing at the Jefferson Market Court, at J ?T M? on Wednesday, May 8. NOTICE TO ENGINEERS. -IF THIS SHOULD MEET the tyt of Thomaa P. Frsil, late engineer on the Pana ma Railroad, be would bear something to his advantage by addressing a not* to John H. Dean, Jit. S Ninth arenas, ft ew York. Tiie young lady who left orange, new Jersey, en the 12th April last, and parted with her father at the Market itrtat depot, Newark, the same day, i* earnestly entreated to return to her home, where she will meet a kind reception, and relieve the deep distress of her afflicted father and family. B MILLIARD TABLES.? WE OFF!* FOB BALI SUP1 ? rior made tables at reduced price* with our late pa Tnt ?a*hioB*,>of superior elasticity, with everything com piete. Two good second hand tab fa* for Ml* cheap. Can be atam at oar Astoty, $0 Ana * DECKER 1HM; would ahtc give ssfcs to ? Bfcrta, m. 1 TWiOSMgnXXWJajSZS!. wOl depart with the DitM Sutta mail* for Kvom, Mi ttvely as W educe day, Hay 1?. ?* 1 o'clock P. 1L, from her berth, at the foot efCtonl rtroot. Tor freight it pa**age, bovine unequalled aocemmodation for elegnnee and com fort, apply to ID WARD K. COLLINS, Mo. M Wall * treat. P?nn|cn art requested to bo ea bonrd at K>H o'clock A.M. The rteemihip Baltic will *u*coed the Atlantic. and call May 38. Shipper* ploaoo take notice that tho thipa of thU line cannot carry an y good* contraband of war. All letter* martpass through tho Poo* Ofto?i any other* will bo ro n BRITISH AMD NORTH AHERICAN ROYAL <01 gteamahip*. rmpi mew Toms to urnNOt. Chief cabin portage $180 Bocoad eabiu passage 7# raoM boston to uvrnrooi. Chief cabin paseage 9W all oabin Dillilt ) (hlpe from Boston call at HaUfnit. B1A, Capt. Judkin*. AMERICA, Cap*. Lang. PERSIA. Capt. Kyrie. BUROPA, Capt Shannon. ASIA, Capt. i. O.Lott. CANADA, Cap*. Stone. AFRICA, Can* UarriaoB. NIAGARA, Capt. Leitch. These veMflb carry a clear white light at maethead; green ob itar board bow; rod on port bow. Afrioa, Harrison, leave* Boat-on Wednesday, 9th May. Alia, Lott, " Boeton Wednesday, 23d Hay. America, Laag, ?? Boeton Wednesday, 6th Jane. Africa. Hnmton " Boeton Wednesday, 20th June, Berth* not secured until paid for. Ab experienced mrgcon on board. The owners of theee ships will not be accountable for gold, sliver, bullion, ipecie, jewelry, precious itonei, or metal*, Bale** bill* of lsidlng are signed therefor and the value there of therein expressed. Tor freight or p aware apply to E. CUN'aRD, No. 4 Bowling Green. There will be no steamships of thia line from Mew York BBtil farther aotioe. rpHX VANDERBII.T EUROPEAN LINB OP STEAM A *hip*.? The flrit alaaa new (teamship ARIEL, XM ton*, Lefevre. Baiter, will leave Mew York, from pier 30, Worth river, foot of Chamber* atreet. at boob precisely, ob Saturday, Bay 10, for Havre direct. Ptoet^elaa* paeeege fill fbe Ariel wiM be followed by the North Star,' June 9. he owner ot theee v easel* will aot be acooBntable fee 8 Id, allvcr, bullion, apecie. Jewelry, nreoion* a tone a or no li. bbIom bale of lading are signed therefor, and ih* vain* thereof therein expressed. Specie and good* taken at usual rate*. No freight received after noon of the day More calling. > No berth secured until paid for. Letter* prepaid, UWc. per % o*? will be received at th* office np to 11 A. M. or the day of sailing, and will be oaJried 1b strong India rubber bag*, under lock, and, on arrival at Havre, wiU bo immediately deposited In tbe Poet Offio* there. Parcel* taken, each prepaid, one dollar aad up ward** FIXBD DATB* Or SAILIWe. ??OM RBW VOBK. m OK HAVBB. Ariel Hay 19. Hearth Star Hay A North Star..., June 9. Ariel...... June 9. Ariel June 90. North Star June SB. North Star. Jaly2L Ariel July 2L Ariel August 11. North Star August 1L North Star September L Ariel September L Ariel September 22. North Star September It N ort h Star Ootober IS. Ariel .October 13. Ariel Novembers. North star..... November 1 _ . Ariel November St. The** steamships are olaoeed A 1 at the insuranoe offioe*, aad apecie and good* will be insured in them at a* low rate* of premium a* in aay ether staamahlpa that oroa* the ocean. For freifbt or passage, apply to D. TORRANCE, No. 5 Bowling Green .New Tork. BUHNER, HON TAN T A DRAPER, ft Bne N. D. do* Vie toirea, Paris. CHRY8T1E, SCHLOESSHANN A CO., XT Quel Carimir Oolavigne, Havre. THB LIVERPOOL AMD PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company intend Miling their fhvortte ?teamshlps? CITY OF HAN CHESTER 2,126 ton*, Capt. Wylie. CITT OP BALTIHORB, (now,) 2, MM ton*, Capt. , CITY OP WASHINGTON, do. 2,700 ton*, Capt. R. Leitch. Saloon $90, $66, and $86, according to (tate room. A limited number cf third ela?* pauengere will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, aad found in provisions. Prom Philadelphia *90 | Prom Liverpool M Partiee wishing to bring out their Mend* ean obtain eortt Acatesof paaaage nnd draft* on Liverpool, in sums of El eterling nnd upward*. Apply to BAHUEL SHITII, Agent, 17 Walnut atreet, Philadelphia nnd No. 7 BioadwnyTVov York. BHP1RE LINE FOR LIVERPOOL.? THE FAVORITE packet ahip AHERICA, Capt. Baratow, will poaitlvely anil on Thursday, 10th Hay. For pauage in oabin, second oa bln or steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply on board, pier 6 H orth river, or to DEHAREST A JONES, 10 South street, coiner Old slip. I7IOB LIVERPOOL-SAILS TODAY-PACRET 8HIP JD NEW WORLD. Room for nfew more pauonfors. Ap ply to TBOB. C. ROCHE. 88 South atreet. PASSENGERS PER SHIP ALBION, FOR LIVER pool, will please boon board iteamboat Achillea, at 8 o'clock, to morrow (Wcdneaday) morning, at foot of Peck ?lip. TAl'SCOTr A CO. FOR BREHEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON. ? THE UNITED SUte* HaU (tenmihip HERHANN, E. Hlggin*, com mander, will aall for Bremen, touching at Southampton to laad the malla and pa**enger* for England and France, on Saturday, Hay 19, at 12 o'clock, H,, from pier 87, North river, 1 rlca of passage from New York to Southampton or Bremen: to that cabin, main saloon, $130; ftrst cabin lower saloon, $110; in second cabin, $60. An experienced surgeon is attached to each iteamer. Specie delivered In Havre or London. All letter* mutt past through tbe Post office. For passage or frt ight, apply to C. H. SaND, Agent, 11 South William street. The steamer WASHINGTON will succeed the HERHANN, and tall June 18. T?OR SOUTHAHPTON AND HAVRE.? THE NEW UNI JT ted State* mail iteamer ARAGO, D. Lines, command er, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to lanl the mail* and passengers, on Saturday, June 2d. at 12o'clock, from pier No. 37 North river, foot ot Beach street. Price of first cabin, $130; price of second oabin, t"5. luggage not wanted during the voyage should be lent on board the day before railing, marked ' below." No freight tiken after Thursday, May 31. For freight or passage apply to H. LIV INGSTON, agent, (3 Broadway. N. B.? All letter* must pass through the Poit Office. T>XDUCTION OF FaRRS TO SUIT THBTIHES. ? NEW XL York and California steamship line, via Nicaragua. Accessory Transit Company, of Nfoaragun, Proprietors? Through in advance of the mall? 700 miles shorter than any other route, avoiding the deadly Panama fever nnd two mile* of dangerou* boating in Panama Bay. The splendid double engine steamship STAR OF THB WEST, 2.WJ0 ton* burden, Captain Turner, wfll leave from Pier No. 3 North river, at three o'clock P. H., precisely, for Punta Arenas, en Satnr day, H^y 12, 1HS6, connecting with the *te?n*bip Cor tea, S,wO ton* burden, over the Nienregna Tranait route, having but twelve mile* of land transportation by first class oar riagce. For information or passage, at the redueed rates, apply only to CHARLES HORGAN, Agent No. 2 Bowling Gieen. Letter bags made up at the offioe. No unstamped letter* received. Commencing on the 90th of Hay, tbe day* ef leaving New York wiU be changed to tho Mb and 20th of each month. Dispatch line for san francisco? guaran teed to sail on or befere the 29th iaet. The splendid A 1 dipper ship Radiant, Bearao, master, is now rapidly loading at pier No. 8, East ilver, and will positively sail lor San Franeisco, on or before Tuesday, 29th Inst. Shippers are particularly requested to send their freight immediately on board aad eomplete their engagements before Tuesday, 22d inst., thereby avoiding the dii appointments ooourring on the last day* of|loading. Special notioe.? Full or not foil, the Eadiant will Mil on or before the dar advertised, nnd no freight taken alter tbe day prtoeeding the sailing day under any oirenmitaaca* or at any price. SUTTON A CO., 38 Seuth street, comer of Wall, formerly of 84 Wall street. UNITED STATES HAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, via Aijpinwall and Panama.? Callfornian* are informed that the rasama railroad is completed and the transit of the isthmus will be made by raiiroad, from ocean to ooean. No more mnlc travel? no river boating. On Honday, May 21, at 2 o'clock. P. H.. from pier at foot of Warren street, North river, will be dispatched the fleet steamship ILLI NOIS, to connect at Panama with the new and superior steamship Golden Gate. A spare boat always kept at Pana ma, to prevent detention in case of accident. No ireight re ceived alter 1 o'clock on tbe saUing day. For passage apply at the company'* office, 177 West street, to J. W. RAYHOND. UNITED STATES HAIL STEAHSHIP COHPANY? FOR Havana and New Orleans? On Thursday, May 17, at 2 P. H., from pier foot of Warren street. North river, by the new aad eltgant steamship (i RAN ADA, Capt. S. P. Gnflln. Pasaageean be *eeured atthoeompanv'* office. Freight tc New Orleana, thirty eenta per oubio foot. Shippers will be supplied with blank billa ef lading of tbe form signed by the company, on application at their office. No other forms Mgned, nnd no Sills of lading will be signed after the hour of sailing. For freight or passage, apply at the offioe of the company, 177 Wert atreet, corner of Warren. H. O. ROBERTS. XJEW YORK AMD NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP JLl Company? For New Orleans, (topping at Uavana, carrying 111* United SUtei mail ?The steamship BLACK WARRIOR, J. D. Bollock, tomaudir, will commence re ceiving freight on VnUWi Mav 8. and Mil for the above port* on Weaneaday, May ?, at 12 o'clock, from pier 21, too* of Rohinaon itiwt, North river, Freight for the interior and lor Mobile, consigned to car agents is Mew Orteane, Jamas Coaaely A Co., will be forwarded free of oomroiMion*. | far Havana Bant procure paaaporta before leavin g port. Bill* of lading mast be Mat infer signing the evening previoaa to the chip sailing. For freight cr pas sage apply to LIVINGSTON, CROC HE RON A Co.. Ageata, SI Broadway. N. B ?The Cahawka, R. W. Shafeldt, oom mander, will saeeeed the Black Warner, and tail oa Friday, May Ifi ST. THOMAS, W. I. -THE ROYAL MAIL STEAM Packet Company'* steamer TEVIOl', S. W. Sawyer, commai.dcr, will sail for the above port on or about tae lirth Inst. For passage apply to MA1TLAND, PHELPS A CO.. 14 Steae itreet. For savannah and Florida? united states mail liae.? The new and elegant (teamehip ALABAMA, Captain Geo. R Schenek, will leave Mew York ior Savannah on Wednesday, May 9, from pier Na. 4 North river, at 4 o'oleck P. M. Bill* of lading signed on board. For freight apply am board, er for passage to SAMUEL L. MITCHILL, IS Broadway. For Florida, through ticket* from New York to Jacksonville, $81; to Pilatka, $53. The Knoivilie, Captain C. D. Ludlow, will inceead, and leave en Mat or day, May IX 17' OR CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA-SEMI WEEKLY Sf United State* Mail Line.? The ateamahip SOUTH ERNER, T. Ewan, Commander, will leave pier Mo. 4, N. R., on Wednesday, May 9, at ? o'clock P. M., precisely. For freight apply ca board, whera all bill* of lading will ho signed; and lar paaaage, at the office of SPOFFORD, TILES TOM A CO., 29 Broadway. Through ticket* to Florida as follow*:?1 To Jacksonville, $31; to Pilatka, (33. The J a*. Adger will succeed and leave on Saturday, nth in*t. For norfork, petersbdro and Richmond ? The United State* mall steamahip ROANOKE. T. Skiantr, commandcr, will leave pier No. 13 North rive*, on R'edneeday, May W, at 4 o'clock P. M., will arrive at Nor folk the next afternoon, and at Peter*burg and Richmond the following morning From Norfolk paaseazer* for the South proceed by railroad direct, with throaeh ticket* from Wclden to Wilmington, Charleiton, Ac. Paaaage and fare to Norfolk, $8; to Paler ah urg and Richmond, fit); (teerage half price. Through ticket* to Lyaehbnrg, >14. Apply to LUDLUM A PLEASANTS, No. 33 Broadway. N. B.-No freight taken for Richmond. For the south.? the favorite steamship ROANOKE ieavea here again on Wednesday aftcraooa lor Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond, arri ring in Norfolk n 24 heura, where passengers bound farther Snath take the Seaboard and Roaaoke Railroad. FOR PETERSBURG AND NORFOLK? THE STEAM ehip ROANOKE, ('apt. Skinner, iaaow loading at pier Na. 18 North river, for Petersburg and Norfolk, and will leave on Wednesday, at 4 e'oloek. LUDLaM A PLEA BANTS, 12 Broad war, rnuii'iDRE. T\RMEURE A CO., MANUFACTURERS Of PATCH*! 1/ aprlag bad bottoms, Fraaoh Iron beditaad*. aad mat treeaee af ovary deaaription, have removed from 63 aad W Centre street to Mi Broadway, where the* hope to see tbafc patroa*. Enamelled ivrm at reduced prices? at ma TREWS A STACY'S aid established wareroosns, S14 Broadway, opp sH'tka 84. Niahelaa Hotel. SaMa sf fa ml tare with ha? ate seses#ttaw da., laid ptRoW* aad bol ster*. from*# re.K, A CADIMY OF ITOtlC. A ITALIA* OflU. LAST W EU or V*rdl'i greatest opera, which kw hMlj KMMtNprt lound.a HaMtlm throughout liruM, 1L T R OTA TORI, . <*?* TlOlliDOQK,) Till be performed, tar the LAST TIM, ... T1118 WEDNKSDAT, MAT 9. The principal role* suppoited by B1GNORA sTBFFANO> E, SIGNORINA VESTVALI, 810 ? _ NORI BR1GNOLI, AMODIO AMD ROCCO. Musical Director and Conductor Mm Mare*aek Bwti may be secured at Ball A Sen'r, Jollies, N?. 819 Broadway ; Van Norden A King's, aad at Ut box oAee ut tk? Aeademv of Musie. Notwithstanding the heavy expenses incurred by thejaat tioa of toe two treat Opera Com panic*. the Committee have decided not to augment the pricee, bat tor the moat part to mala tain them on the former scale. . Ttrit aad Seeoad Circle*. SI; Secured, fl M; Amphitheatre, SOeeate Doom open at T>4; porionaancc eemmeaee atB o'aloex t>eoadwat TBUTU-A A MARSHALL, BOLE D Leesse? Uoore open at T>?; eomme .oe at 7U o'eleek. Capt. Algernon. Mr. Conway | Almario Mr. Lanergan 1'etronio Mr. Grosvenor | Advocate Mr. Bradly Col. Almario.. Mr. Hanohett I Carlos. Mr. Vincent Job Fustian Mr. Whiting I Floribel Mn. Abbott Charity Mill Fanny Viaing Fa* de Deux Miaaos Henry aad Price To eoaolade with the faroe of BONA FIDE TRAVELLERS. Butt* Mr. France I U'Orippon Mr, Seymor' Joe Mr. Davidge I Jemima. .Mil* J. Gougeuhelm WALLACE'S THEATRE, BROADWAT, NEAR Broome street.? Wednesday, May 9. Wednesday ? Second sight of the eapltal comedy, LOOK BEFORE VOO LEAP, with THE CA I' IAIN OF TUB WaTCH. Thariday? Mr. Sullivan'* comedy of El.ol'EMENTS IN HIGH LIFE, POPPING THE QUESTION, and A KISS IN THE DARE. Mr. Blake, Mr. Latter, Mr. Brougham. Mr. Stewart, Mr. Dyott Mr. Bland, Mr. Phillipe, Mr*. Blake, Mia* Roia Ben aatt. Mra. Brougham. Mra. Uoey, Mrs. Stephen*, Mr*. Stew art, Mr*. Cramer, and Mr*. Conever. SBO. CHRISTY * WOOD'S MINSTRELS, NO. 472 Broadway, (Meebaaloa' Hall.) iprietor* Henry Wood aad Geo. Christy Thia weak, a varied aad pleasing ETHIOPIAN PERFORMANCE. commencing every evening, at ? o'clock. To eonelnao with THE WANDERING MlNBTREL. Tioketa, 28 cent*. AH bniine** tranaaoted by Henry Wood. WALLACK'S THEATRE -EXTRA CARD. BENEFIT OF MRS. BROUGHAM, Saturday Evening, May 12. Tbc comedy of MONET, With, first tine here, the i IRISH DRAGOON. Box book now open, ACADEMT OF MUSIC. ITALIAN OPERA. SIGNOK RAFAELLE MIRATE will make his first arpearance on Thursday Evinimo, May 10. PERHAM'S ETHIOPIAN TROUPE, MS BROADWAY New burlesque of ROBBER'S TAKE CARE. On Monday, and every eveaiug thi* week, at 8 o'clock, and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon*, at 3. Previous to the farce, a GRAND ETHIOPIAN CONCERT AND OLIO. Friday? Benefit of I,. W M ALI.ORY, Artist, oa which oc casion handsome prizes will be awarded for the TWO BEST ORIGINAL CONUNDRUMS. Tickets 28 cents. Gift tioketa admit four person* each. A CADEMT OF MUSIC? CARD TO THE PUBLIC.? A The Committee of Management of the Academy of Music have the honor to inform the public that they have succeeded in effecting a junction with thu Italian opera company announced to appear at Niblo's Garden. Great risk, much trouble, and large snms of money, kave not prevented the accomplishment of an object equally oon dnefve to the interests of both parties, but still more advan tageous to the cause of art, wLich has been the solo aim of the Committee from tho first. A struggle between the Academy of Music and their rival* for public favor, would neoessarily have entailed loss on both, but, worse (till, wonld have jeopardized the final es tablishment in this country ot tb3 loftiest torm of tho lyric art ? the Italian Opoia? and that, too, at the moment when its fortunes seem so near the zenith. These result* it was most desirable to avoid; and the Com mittee therefore turned a ready ear to the first whisper of parley from tho opposite camp. Alter laborions discussion and tedious negotiation, the matter ended by the Committee deciding to accept the terms proposed. Toore is no lecestity to ccnceal them, and the Committee desire that the mnaioal world and the public of New York (hould knew that they have dona their part in mitaining a noblo institution, and in seeking to give a permanent ieatnre to the attraction* of thi* great metropolis. The Committee have agreed, for the period of two months, to take charge of the rival company, and defray all the expenae* connected therewi'h. By theeomeanea collision has been avoided that might have dispersed the opposition, but assuredly would have left the Aoademy erect, however enfeebled. Be that as it may, the most re fined of amusements, and the loveliest of arts, has esoaped a fatal blow, and has found a final and splendid renting place amonp us. Under present arrangements, a heavv task and an ardu ous undertaking have devolved on the Committee; but for midable as it it . they laco it boldly, knowing that they have the public of New York to rely upon; and the proofs of sympathy for their disinterested exertions already mani fested by the taste, resoectability, and popular feeling of tho tfawn, encourages them to believe they will be aui taiied to the laat. Pecuniary loaa may beiall them; but if, through their effort, a musical institution, whoae refining influence admits of no question, is established on a a solid laais, their object Is achieved and its cest will bo cheerfully met. Academy of Music, Monday, Mty 7, 1685. TO DRAMATIC AUTHORS.? THE UNDERSIGNED proposes to tho dramatic authors in the United Statue, to inviie'their tfxertlona in behalf of the drama, to a oorapu tition for the following: - For the best faroe, in which an Irish male and Yankee female character (hall be the leading leatnrea ? One hundred aidhfty dollars. For the beak drama, in three acts, with an Irish male and Yankee female charac ter? Three hundred dollara. For the best comedy, la three or five acts, in which an Irish malo and Yankee female cha racter shall be the most prominent ? Five hundred dollars. These sum* will be paid to the snooesefnl author* respective ly. The decision* will be made by a competent, disinterest ed committee of five gentlemen. The latest term for Uie re ception ot the play*, which are to be sent to tho subscriber. 102 East Nineteenth street, or the Broadway Theatre, is the first day of August next. The subscriber deems nimself to be called upon by the recent wholesale piracy of his pri vate manuacrinta, to make the above profoaala, in the hope that hereafter be may he able to protect author* and artist*, in *ome measure, from the unprincipled u*o of individual property. LARNET WILLIAMS, Comedian. MUSICAL. F A LADY, TEACHER OF THE PIANO YORTE AND tinging, will give lessons at $6 per quarter, if applica tion i? made immediately. Undoubted reference! given. Address Made, Broadway Post Office. ASTUCKLER HAVING REMOVED TO NO. 16 JEF . feraon street. near East Broadway, continuee giving leitona on the piano, Ante, thorough base, Ao., in hia aanal strict attention and practical method. Ladies and gentle mtn taught at their own or his resldeaco. A YOUNG LADY WILL GIVE LESSONS ON THE pianoforte at the residence of pnpila, or at her own re?i dence, 114 Watt Thirty sixth street, near Broadway. Terms moderate. IRST PREMIUM PIANOFORTES, MANUFACTURE? _ by STEIN WAY SONS, 8H Walker street, near Broad way, N. Y.? These pianos received the first premiums, ia competition with nianos made by the most eoteorated nana ftcturers of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Baits more. Every piano warranted. Prioes moderate. For sale-a new seven octave pianoforte. tui cy case, at 23 Amity place. The owner being obliged to tell, will tell very cheap. VTEW MUSIC? "MAYOR WOOD" SONG, COMPOSED JLl and dedicated to the Mayor by the Hutchinson rami i>, and sung by them at their conoerts with enthusiastic applante; 26 cent*. Alto, the most popular pieces of tho flay at the reduced ratee. HORACE WATERS, Publisher. 838 Broadway. NEW MUSIC.? "SAM," A SONG; WORDS AND MUSIC by J. B. Bacon; title page embellished with a highly artistic ideal of "Uncle Barn's Vouucest." Prioe 35 cents. Alao, the most popular pieces of the day at the reduced rates. HORACE WA'i EKS, Publisher, 333 Broadway. NO. |3S3 BROADWAY-EIGHT BOUDOIR PIANOS, made by Gilbert, ol Boston, new and second hand, for tale at lewer pricei than ever before offered Is this mark* t. Also, two upright grand pianos, made bj Tray vers, of t'? vlngton, Kv., will be sold without regard to oost. PUutu# to rent, and mnsic at reduced prices. HORACt WATERS. PIANOFORTES.? JOHN P. WAKE A CO., MANU1|>C tarers, have reteoved their pianoforte warehouse from M Barclay etreet, to the new and spacious building, VSt Car al street, betweea Hudson and Variek streets. Pianofortes at wholesale price*, for cash, or satisfactory paper. A great inducement to purchasers now efared. PIANOFORTES.? REMOVAL.? JL A D. WALKER have removed their business to the spacious wareroom under the Mereaatile Library, fronting en As tor plaoe and Eighth street, a lew doors from Broadway, where will b? kept for sale an extensive aasortment of new and eeoond hand pianofortes, by various New York and Boston makers, including those of their own manufactare; also, a large stock of boudoir. Piecolo and horisontal piano* for hire Pianofortes received tor sale oa commission. ECOND HAND F1ANOS.-SEVEN SECOND IIAND pianos will be sold verv low, If oalled fer Immediately, at 447 Broadway. Also, fifteen new pianos to let, at low prices. ft. P. B. CL RTI3S, 447 Broadway. THE GREAT PIANO AN D MUSIC 18TABLI8HMENT ef HORACE WATERS, 3.CI Broadway.? The largest as sortment of piaaos. melodeons and muale merchaadise of all kinds la toe United States; over one hundred planoe and melodeons of every variety of stylo from the plainest finish lor school or club rooms so those of the most elegant and ehaate workmanship, from the different manufactories, are constantly on exhibition in the extensive warerooms of this house. Among them are T. Gilbert A Co. 's oelebrated pro mtnm pianos with Iron frames aad circular scales, with er without the eollaa. Uoraoe Watret' modern improved pi anos, having in the improvement of over strtags, and in im proved action a length of scale and rower of tone equabto fee grxnd pianos, with the sweetnees of the famed icelfaa united to the beauty and dnraMlity of the square pianos. 8. D. A U. W. Smith's melodeons taned, the equal temper ment to which was recently awarded tho first premium at ?io National Fair, held at Washington. D. C. laoh Instru ment guaraateed and sold at prices which defy com petition. Mew pianos to rent. s RKBTAJmfB&Sr Ci RF.EN TURTLE SOUP AND STEAKS -A FINK F turtle will be served up this day, at U and 17 Beekman street, by R. C. MONTGOMERY, Spoon exerclM to com mence at 11 A. M. HOTRLS. METROPOLITAN HOTEL, LONO BRANCH, NIW Jersey ?VAN DYkK A COOPER, the proprioters, beg lcavs to inform their patrons ot last season, their frisnde and the public, that the establishment will be opened for tho reception of guests on Monday, the 26th of June next. Eve ry sddi'ion ami alteration that could be devise! by their last year's experience for the better accommodation aad far ths comtort ef their gaeeti has beoa mads. The advaatasae for sea bathiag, the commodious and oxteaslve saits ef a; srtmsats, the dally and easv communication with the cities of New York and Philadelphia, render this hotel oa* of the most desirable aad pleaeant plasae ef summer reel dence la the UaiUtd States. A pplioatioas fcMtpartmonts or 'tflBaseat will he for any information respecting the estah promptly attended to by addressing either M. M. Va 23 t aihariae slip, or J. H. Co*per, Loag Braaoh. N. J, VTEW YORK BAY FRITATK FAMILY HOTEL? J.V Two and a half mtles from lensy City ferry, is ww opes i fer summer, ea Bergea Poiat plank read. BatMag. lag aad fiehiag. Stagoe leave the ferry every hear. t* Capt. the ho as*. ser, oa Bergea fotat plank reM. Batatag, *>*s lehinr. Stages leave the ferry every hear. Apply BURTON'S?1 he PBOH I B J TBD HIWBIC AL Flit . Til TMVBifL DATS O* LOUIS BIT., ? tl Kill bo repeat* 4 this ??enuit. tW ''da?4wjw>th NEW SCBNERT AND ELEGANT COSTtJ Loot* X IT., Mr G. Jeidan; HoUm. Mr..Ml Materia, Mr. Bunon; Link* D'AaJou, M Adds of Auatria. kn. Cook*, Mario di Mar " G*orgette the gareeuer'a daughtor, The Scenery U ell utw, MDiprMn The Counoil F*reat, with Deetructiou ot IH Kiu'l Oak by 1 Th*CardiaaTa Auu ( bkiuUr, withtL* Royal Cutli C curt Yard aud V?* ut Parie by Moon Throne Boom. ' -i i Bowbbt theatkb-i. r walbbow, raorxiani and Muu>r, Robert Jone?, Stag* Maaaf**. M fib ?I admleeioa:? boxea, 26 eea te; fit. UN oeBteTCaUw.Ull fats; FrifM Boxea, $5.? WwlBeeda/ eveaia i. May 9. * THB MII.LEB or WUET8TONE. SEVEN TEMPTATIONS. The ItII Ou Mr. Webb I Rlc Ka* Ml.OM PAUL, Tufc rOACHJUL B^BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEDM. ?WEDNESDAY, ? .rveiiKSakt SHOW, Jan* t. #, 7 and *. Pi? t? ? tl.OOC El ROPOLITAN THEATRE. COM 1'LIMEN TaKY BENEFIT M MADAME AUGUSTA, Tnukiuav, May 10, under the sue* lee* of a targe COMMIT'* EE OF GENTLEMEN. The entertainment* will c< iluh nou with the pMtlf MH lar operatic ballet of l.A BAYADERE. Director of tbe Mmuc .Mr. Feaaloa Tbe Unknown, iBrabam in diaguiae,) Ml. fHW Olifoar, Grand Juuge Mr, A. Aadjnwl (By tbe kind pernUaiou ef W. E. Burton, E*q.~ Chopdoor *, Eeq.) (By the kind pertntiiaion ot W. E. Burton, ] Zoloe?(her original character; Madai Nmka tflrst time; .....Madam* Lovataoy (Wbo baa moat liud:y volunteered.) Fatima Mile. Heart Dancing Bayadere" Meadames Znleia and ArWnb _ Bay ad erea? Meadamei Gimbtr, Calla. Walby, Fielding , Duckworth, Jamea, Malebir, William*, Barclay, Ae., Ac. Comic Clog Medley Dai., e, by... Mr. B. Yatea To conclude with ti e tavurito comedy of NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. Admiral Eingston Mr. Brougham Lieut maat Kingston.... Mr. Leaier Sbort Mr. Mat* ( By tb* kind perflation of J. W. Wallack, Beq ) Dennia... Mr. W. ILMortcn (By tb* kind pcrmiaiion of J. H. Hackett, Eeq.) Mrt. I'entlfex ....Mr*. BroOfham Misa Mortimer Mian Roaa Benne.i (By th* kind perinlktion of J. W. Wallack, Baq.) Tiokata Fifty **ata MO J'arqeet and Baleony On* Dol-w May be procured of any of tbe committee; al*o at " principal hotela and muaio store*, and at the oS** of Ui? bom* Journal, 107 Fulton atreet GEO. P. MORRIS, Treasurer Dcera open at 7 )i; commence at 8 o'clock precisely. "DUCBLBY'S SERENADEBS, 689 BROADWAY. -- JD MONDAY EVENING, MAY 7, and all this week, tbe grand burlesque *a tb* fairy opwa, ? 1NDEKELLA, ia four acta, with the n.o?t coa-ly scenery, ilrwan, A*. G. Swaine Buckley in hi* ^reat character, Budai K Biahop Buokley aa the tunny l'adro. Preceding tb* atiei a, NEGRO M1NSTRELST. Coaeert at 8 o'elcck. Tlckats tf> cent*. N. B.? Friday evening, Mai 11, bentflt of B. Bi*b?f Bn*k ley, when he will appear in THE TWO I'OMPBTB. ?I1EATRE METBuPoLITaN, BROADWAT, OPPO aito Bond atreet. FRENCH COMEDY AND VAUDEVILLE NIGHT, Saturday, Mav 12. Premiere representation de la Cnmpagnl* Fr&ncaia* donndo 1* Skin.idi, 12 Mai, lf6S. Sou ? la olreotloa, de M. Anthony. L'Orclieetre aera dlrigi par M oatfi<5. EDUAKD AND bA itOUNB, Cemedi* Taudeviile en uu acte pur M. M. Marc MUh*! and Labiche. LOUISE l'TE, I.A CHAUTECSE DBS BUBS. Cnmedie TaudevlU* en drux acte* par M. Mar* MiobeU UN BAL A EM ATI ORES, Vaudeville en un aote par M f aul Uoiaaelot. Lea Bnreau de lecatlon serout ouvert* Tendredi aad Sa medl, depuia 10 heurea du matin jnaqna 6 benre* du aoir. Lafficke do jour donnera lea detail* de la repr**entaU?a. MAD. AUGU8TA.? TBE BOX BOOB, AT THB MB tropolitaa Thaatr*. will be opea, from 10 A. M. taj P. M , every day, up to 'i'huraday, Mar 10, wb*r* tioketa, reserved aeata, Ac., can be had for Mad. Aagufta'a Mapll mentary benetlt. Metropolitan theatre, (opposite bond atreet,) Broadway Leaaee Mr. Ha?k*tt Thia eatabliabment will be opened tor a limited aeaaon, *a Monday next, May 14, 18M, with a comedy, In which MK. HACKETT will makehla tirat apr<aram.? in New York tbeae flv* ytart. 1 urther particulars in luture announcement*. N. B.? The company engaged are 'educated to meet oa tb* stage, at 11 o'elock ou Friday next. May 11. JOHN SLOAN, Maaaft. T'he grand tocal and instbumbntal eon Ctrl of S1GNOR BERNARDI AND MR. CHARLBS WBL8, will take place oa Friday evening. May 11, at Ded worth's Academy, btiti Broadway, aaaiated by Mine. Oacar Comittaat, Mra. Gaorgiana Stuart, Sliinor Gaiparoni, Meun Fraior, llaha and Timin. licketa, $1 each, to be had at the priaci l-al inualu atorea and at tbe door. To commence at 8 o'el*ok. TBE MOST GORGEOUS ASSEMBLAGE OB BBABTI ful Coatumea, hiatorically correct, may b* ae*a *v*ry evening in the new piece of LUU1S XI Y., at Bartoa'l, with magnificent icenerj and good acting. ?? LOUIS QUATOIZE ?THE PICTUBESQUB ILLUS tration of the eventful reign of tbi* monarth, may k* aeen every evening at Burton's. PRANELIN MUSEUM, NO. 03 BOWBBT, NEARLY oppoute the Bowery Theatr*. Per form and teraoon, at 3, and *very evening, at 8. N. B. will obaerve that the Franklin Mu**wm I* th* oaly plaeofei tb* United Statea where th* Model Artist* are nlftiM, with other origiaal *?t*rtaiam*ut* Bcmembu, Mo. m Bowery. DUSSELDORF GALLERY, 407 BROADWAT.? THIS gallery contain* upward* of 150 of the choicest paiatiacc ever put upon exhibition. It is by far the best gallery aoir on thia osnaiuant Upea daily flrom 9 o'olook A. M. till o'clock P. M. Admission 2S eeat*. Seaaon tiokoto 09 1 XJ EW ARK THBATRE ?GEO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S il liinstrels will cive their aecond and last concert at tkia establiahment on Wednorday afternoon next. May 9, **? mencing at 2 >4 o'olook. Tioketa 26 cents, to all part* of tk* house. AITKOLOOT. About to leave the city-madame morrow. Thia highly (lifted lady .will poaitivoly leave for Imft in ft few days. to ftll that with to consult her noit call aeon, or they will not get the chauee. she will tell *11 the create of life, ? nil even the very thoughts, to the great astonish ment o' all her visiters. No 79 Broome itreet, Bear Caa non. Gentlemen sot admitted. N . B.? No charge if aot satisfied. ASTROLOGY-MRS. i'REWSTER FROM 80 GREAT Jones itreet, hai removed to "<> Madison street, next doer to Catherine struct, and atill continuoa her bssiaeea a? nsnal. Pries $1. Madame morbow, seventh daughter.? avis Highly fitted lady has a natnral gift to tell fail, f ieeent, and future events, and even the very thoaghW? la he great astonishment of all her viiitera. She ia, wit boat exception, the moat wonderlnl astrologist in the world. IV* charge if not satlehed, 70 Broome itreet, between Caaaoa and Colombia atreeta. Gentlemen not admitted. TRATELLEIU' BtllPE. The new and magnificent steamer METRO POLIS. Captain Drown, of the Fall River Baa, will leave her berth, pier No 8, North River, Mow York. e? Tuesday evening, the 8th May, at S o'clock, oa her arat regular trip for Newport, fall River, Frovidcaae aad Boa ton, aid will thereafter leave New York at the came hoar, on luetdays, Taatadaya and Batardays, connecting with the 0. C. ftiid ? . R. Railroad, ftt Fall River, dDtaal ealy one hour and fortwfive minutee from Boetoa. Train (con necting with the Metropolis, leate Boston oa tkc alternate days. ftt flk o'clock P. M., for New York.TTho st aimer BAY STATE, Captain Jewett, will ran la connection with the Metropolia. leaving New York on Moadaya. Wednesdaya aad Fridaya, at S o'clock I*. M. returnt?gon the alteraato daya. WM. BORDER, Agent, 70 and 71 Weat Mreet. BEKDICAXm DHR. HUNTER, NO. 3 DIVISION 8TREET, NEW YORK, | eo long and favorably kaewn te the publie, may be coaanlted at bia old eatablished "flea, where ha baa prac tised in one branch of medioiae for aha last 24 yeara, aad made more enrea than any other man in the city, la maw laatancea of ptraona considered incurable, aome of which A baa permission to refer to aa heretofore. Charge* rate, aad ia all caaea a care guaranteed. CaaMoa? My great remedy, Hanter'a red drop, that eareo oertaia diaeacccwMh eut dryiag Ita pciann in the blood, can only be hadaaakava. Price tl. Call ftnd get the Monitor of Health. DR. WARREN, MEMBER OF THE COLLEGE OF burgeons of London aad Rdlabnrg, atteada to pal Sate practice at bia old eatabiiahed offloe, 71 Madiaoa street, scot Catherine, where lie is performing the moat nilralahiag curea on reeord, withont restraint la diet or bnaiasao pur auita. DR. COBBETT. 19 DUANE STREET, MAY BR *OV snltcd with confidence on oertaia diaeaaaa; U yeara m eae speciality of the profecMon, caablea him to gaaraatll pormaaoBt cures. His treatment ia the sftme fte that prae tiaed by the great Ricord of Paria. N. B ? Dr. t.'t "tf' -ia aa member of the N. Y. University, may ho aeea at Ma office DR. COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET, SO LOVQ KHO'VJI to the cltiiensa of New Yerk aa tho moat ?ac-??nil practitioner this country can boast of, ooaUaao* to to eesanlted at hia old oHioe, relieving tho aaftrtaaM*> and giving consolation to maay aa aching heart. M. it -Dr. C. gnaraoteea ft cure ia all easea nadertakea. R. JOHNSON, 16 DUANE STRR1T, HAS YERl'ORM ed mere c?ree thaa ?ny other modloal nan u, New York. Dr J.'i troatmeat Is safe aad ompedlttoM; his m?dl ctnee ean be taken witboat fear of detection. Charge* >no derato, sad the moaey refunded ll aatiafacttoa ia act girea. r\R. WARD'S UNFORTCNATR'S FRIEND, tl, WITB J J a book? Jnst what those want who Tare contracted oertaia diseases, namely, a core at omoa, aad ao delay aad more expo nee Greatest care la tha world by Dr. War#! " Unfortaaatc'e Friend." Aflhoted take noitse as cthea remedies eaa care yon radically. Wight eaaeo eared H ? few banra; Athlag elao doee it. No. 4J Caaal street oaa door oaat of Broadway. U the place to got this rapid aad thorough remedy? -no where else to Mow York. A ?ar? war ranted by Dr. Wftrd. Pat lea t? anxious fc# roll* may rely oa a rapid euro by hia troatmeat, wHboat laahag M ayatem. Alteratioa of diet or oeaaaMea trom wmk aaaaaak required J stub mall aad expreaa. Wo roacnr with othet aapore la tin as mendlrg Dr. I- and bis treatlao.? piaj>aUhJgoar|?r doa t tats Lais, Staala Zeitaag. Day Rook, to.jf. B.-S?t tha

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