Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Ekim 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Ekim 1860 Page 10
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TEE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN The Friends of the Union United. Strcng Demonstration 3t the Cooper Institute. gpcubcs by Leading northern and Southern Men, 10. . ?C.. *0 As ibe day fbr tho Dual and dectaive contest for tho araupui'r.n of the IYeaujentl.1 chair draw ? nearer the animation and cntbaeiaum of ibe democracy aneina to (trow ?r?ater, and tho timet active and united t-ff.rta are here* made to concentrate all the power of tu.t great U ?iud, rarty lor tho total annihilation ud daw. n fltnro of tho .actional and deatructlre republican parly of the North. Tho meeting lart ni,ht at the Ux.per Inatiiate wan one of the moat nu Mrt?. anii eathuciMtlc that haa been held within those wall. dure* the put few week.. The large baaetnunt kail 'airly eroded laa. night, and extra, rdloa?y and starring mwie.1 WM by m lmmam num. bera of per Bona , r?,n, / ,.rfe aud f.n, ^ ptared , l the ,.lat orm, ard did a good deal fo- the ?uo OTM , f the proeoedlDy, Of the evenly. Jt arrival of Mr J J nt.Brjl w(u, balM lr|th ylanrc, and on m >tion of that gentloman, after the ui'al preliminarlca, a oha.riran waa appointed, who maoe a briel up*. h. SriMCa OF MR. HIMTAJU), OP ALABAMA. Th? lion. W niLUAKi. of AUOama, . U 1 and elegant *?*mg gertlaaian. wan then Ihtrodonod. He .aid _ I Hi at It yon, gentlemen, Tor thl. reception. I know that ?hen the great heatt of New York ,p,.Wi, M lldoM QOW and . hen the word, or *> at hern men are here heard, the whole heart or the nr^akn ?ni lUhJl' the1 f hot or W'^utV. Jgr^ou^ S" T" iLrrlZ I Vh W""'h bM b,,, n ?K great prog roe* I then pr<MicU>>l( and I thm* .1 Y ?toe been rutted that in the overt of the g J,!., ?r ^ rSrSp ?ylaoia >??<? Already, I thick, Tended iome ,r ih? Vedl tion* I tteij u* t Wotk* bavegone down, credit mi.hik a " ?? ?U ?>a.H, and ther . la an oprl.tng atronc an \ Me people of N,.w (H'ar h!m ) J *,fi , *y?.ul? >'* u Jnn to "kJ m) Cjjutry d'd I B,,> ?t there Ir a deep feeling' throughout the laud nerymdtn,' ?? P*'U .. the pr. re?t m,n, -I, at ,1 that Mloi and thaf Z '" " "'n* rul""' V u"' <y>un lb^, rt "" tL"< do l l>^k cloaely |uto L .? W l"" ?V<', """"? *r* n"' preo?^ V . '* 1 u* ?M> ooBim?roe penah. lot crvjji he W rv tlk " c ',n0l, rCl4i meet wilh 'Jiaaatur " The af the 1-, i. ' ".h"?"'h b*' ?lre?Jy trauHi'lred, We .Vo Jrt . Z. r lhcT *" *lw?v" <*" ?o iL rJlllVtl T\ "" ',th" t,*Ule ? uu? !",>l " "f y ' " 1 ?.0' 11,41 *l th? ?> Buent Via ??"-?? we .tfo . Am ~ 1, .*nll0K lbe Mo1^ , and m:pi> ,r\ l0 h,. . v" *^ua m"r'> ??*i.<Unoe V p"n>'',t 10 bia rfiuutryiuet). Wnat waa hi* rei.l.v You ren em JPr ,t Y.? ... , he, 1 will ,upp ,m P''A ntt.o a,ore gr*D0, Oapia.D flra^ ? (UU|{Uu.r thcerr) And I need rot tell L* t?a Mtxi ma wire ro I an J cut u> p row aad put to fliabt VI batfe /, n t !? .ft " fUtur* J W. f:a?e Otily to p? racrere in our eiertlofin ?d T*W>ry wlli rea ar i u. , w.l yoo tLVSlK *?.. tL'l we mmj tr it ih? Imkt of it* tfeii An W4r-. !**aiDg lb U nmTerueni l<? virU?ry? .fr? nrired cb^mHstd Dir. tkme r.n we ,tTe tbe rt (th<*r? ) 1 prop ?e |0 a very few war-la to ar*a* of the qaiatiuu of tuv da., aud i .1 .y?? my rU" ?* lh' republican party I will no? occupy your timo lona, f..r I am aaare ** * ? 1 a*y. In the flr.TT.I^ t^at ili V.1 rtrra1' fT'iV T m*' *"* V6l0'-) 11 un Inrtak ? V? force f tUir.u! 11m ut?"? the thod'c of th* rtaht .ryuX; ra J?.T.r It throw Mr Seward ..rerboard, tb,y (UurtuTl 'SLTr"r ""7 ,r'Rhl 10 n U r? ??? (,r ll?> '?n>*!n!Bg ?uteata..4 la tbe morlU and * U)aa 0f ;f y j^ward h- b"P? lr'4U>'1 hr Iba rep-ihlu-iC rj, d llTLB'',nV WhVh ' h?' e aire. I y . .a. U" * H?TnlueiU of thu |y | |fta/| pari v iu Ih^'f fiofeioatfe r, f r caedi fate* r.*r Pr*?? ? m an^W TV-ei lent Th? .aite o?e of the'.r oaaXu-^ uTo^a C" U,> ??> ?" Maine to uw rt^thlr? ^i * ^"U L"v paaaej ovar L of Ur ' 1 ,lh,D ?? ?i.?l ev r m tnerhoreof r?., reenui ! vt p' /Tm \ Ah riflemen, l.m lh,y ,u%kr ynu J*,'* |U|Ll.hrr?^' ! Z' ' h*i' " rrf ut"' r "al'oual alt ent I l^Kf>r *ik.D|, <tovii or rlfin# un stii lifi^ a? w?iki.? la Uie ttrerlr. lb-re men bare entb^>?ed the ne Zm'uJi L '5*Ib " ""' M* m *> i . Lg itiv rtpuulic, and t^e/ eai??* u, cirr* i ?> ^ ifllo r<'??r oo Ibe back of Uie oe-ro f Aptnauae ) Their atataa waaahlp *a llm tm u> ?h?tPart fTd ? t?" 1 *!",ia?aa | ? 'U' "" V 1 "7 1 ou* "u' m.L? ' 40 ,w?jaai B ?r*n.i s. did Jetr?ra ia ! Vra "iu 1,4 'aaor ?Ure.? I).J WaahlaKW^,' iT ,e fT'i rraaa n?.o. (1,,^ .p Sere r^. f lf Tirr ,lvU*eM " ravotutwa, and f ik # ' ?>oteDtm?i that allied tb?? d??cim^i _K, , ? , ? ia to t>c fouii i aniiof iii *<>*4ily. f*"0f,t*'d ??* r4t.ta of eaeh aoj.r,,,. w _<*'f 4'iaa ) I dwall on the oama < f Waah n^i ? ITtJlTl , . " -> ?'?? '? ?naaiLLlli i * ' ' 'B l jt r >u? ivinoe? the n.r..^ Uiar-?ate?lap.) rr- at powerful en Ut,c?wvlMt;r";1^",(i,'"lah<1wli' ?ruri ^ ^u,-ri.r, ^hm:',dVrm: STS oU*ers deirrjiia?>d tii?i n<? ??' ^r?> sUitm . ,, . ^ ' ! ?ipt tn,bV "7'"" ^ repeaaetl >: ^..t-toT^d't.rfhr^ ?\u:r r" Uua . karly aaerrtcl that I V ?.|U? are pvtir n^.,!'riT ^^e'rn : M ? .Tt u .? "T JTr 5- " IbVt onr r ^ ^?:;<,U;W,han' ra'J'r l*'" ' 44J '? 'Uura T .-y oeairou r, ? *nur' r?rV IT ?* kvBi# *?* *af tr t .hh f r f aau v lo e?" no i #fi td ?^'U. t 1 "'OKBl ,! U " -U <?>+* >" ' ? MWM tar ail or.tu i .ue (,vp L, J "wawUia treat <ot tbar anaal .raj red*, tear# th^ ,|u.?tioB to tbe i.irtMte r? J Lv ?a. acu mala I.. e p. o??,n,.H>a?a t*? ??' I In* %% r?*|# tr?ef tf at fbr latar eraaea la ? ?r 1 Ittiat a atop t , it,., imp-iriama, ?r (lar , u| ,h.J oSiTrJT,'*i r,ll'k *t l,n * ?'<?' U>u <? T?. *? "i1 v ,be "? - mTJI H'l'J'gJgL1".! w *2! part T ta c t n n, , , . I(t ' ' "** 4 l II ?a are ^ ' r 'i?at * ?rth Cbtol ^.etb Vhl'J'i ^l'Ta>'r~(:iTn)-~ Me allow o? t? J. . "' r '^r^ v*"! U"r# ? a?| ay r?.( ^ ... i r t. a SlZr\ j' of i r> . > /t i 4l*T,"r " k!>? ?.rO I. t. let aaa yo i ?r.. 4 re. . W,l ,B ttio .ate u? .\e? . ,rK bul ?? I. e ran . ?<>t to rail but 7.1CT. -*.*** ?' ?*v1' ? 8?* '? ?l '" Hi ' (ilnig I r .. . IM. would but ?a*e ? ? %ad ? ? ",,,^" ,5 flf bt and UwlK# tl W ^ild Tfrt fWTi be * I , ui r?r **' ?"tt. V-t 'Mi (App:.,- ) u,it -ftb.,^ J7U^T; ?" ^ Ala??ama "Tta aba i emawiiWa jrmir ?>arta tbta h.^uktf l l*t?Ve taat ? a; d? m rteb and beaatifw b?rvicra raav: f waa.tfe a i, Mi ?,,?! a?d ??i dluf tier wva'tii to t very |H?.'t .1 1 : Ip o <ree aer ntbrr !?tat# tel. idea* ads-b h?, J!< a?? i <t. ia rot tr?rj t. Ibe ?pl-t ,4 |.. ,, ,,' (ap.i a. at ) K?w Y*?k oe r. tire oat t. a* > . . 4, Trx*. wVat right kv .a/ N..rf, m V., ? ??y trat the |r?i 01 Ua flj.iU) ?et. di'twite ,1 .'"ir ?tT t w''*, r*!" b, , r tbT ??' aav to Ib^,* t'n" ,#v ??'T mm ;naaw to s.t \ 2* *f ' 5 M fe/t ? he irol.oattoa t. iHrtata ? TV^M'^.r ; I'-m Wllrfv fH~>| fv.^, - ' ' 5 if I, s>? I Wf M t<l b* 1 a " '' 1 lhl* ;B ? r?r 'UM to be p.^aV. *'",i'?"Bt ?< Mm peoo4e Ktok jiaM aad ne 4V ?*?;?"?' 'I .nl ?.e fre*. d.ti<? *.'t. a .f, .l" 'l*cW?rt it. o*. "*?a . tl re Mr , ?* any .tl.MP ?MM In toaa . * *;*> 1 > ?'?* lo not M?e Uey oaea,i it., r, - ^ ' ~y"*< bat at Ul? aa^i. Mar (?f of mr , , ",*'w "?? C"??t'tq ' ^ u ??" *?<l aail that? T" lain W war f?u k? r?? ? I' n.frwi ..?? *v?v> Tbrf* <* th? Ui'f? it tb> nu Tlw ?? pr,?f?l?4 a, rwtmM Wrir't U> kri'M Uw rwwuM *?'? r*l tba ?!*rv J nf : IB rt\\t TTw ravaaton Is*! O ??v-i ?t>f% n?. wu ..?>? Wat fu* r??' H"** ?>?pM^r. re? tr.? n?o of Ut. ?mrn?rj fca ' <Itt? Ibrtr <o? H? ?*- ?l n? r? -V? If# u It I..-HI ?4 W?t>.Ur ?i?? ) Ht k' " b* ? M ??'' '?Ul art< ? ?" n ? I'M'. tUim i b ??'?? H? r~* (? ??.? th.t !.<? *?? ? prtri??> a.d d. !? J Mm tr--r"(toi 41 t ht r J6<'? ?? thit b<? ? ? ? tt* *1 ' I I f ft !<)* ik* (If pk. ? J f l> ? ??rj fi.1 for t t ib>;-vo* tVrce, We-iter sett a , . Pilled In me I' to ropreaaaiu,,, *g b,r .rdepend. ?^^iac?c?d U> tffocU r MbUjJ tilIM W'1 . -4 (OV6nilAt)Oi ^N.litli r?hrn - ? /^.or"-^"r. ***?? ftduuitalnuk* ?hoU ik* WCrterrh. . ; 10 A,,,lfuk lt" l'?r face, and I orotic ? "Public who would r* ???;, ,ct2 ) ?";?: sswj -*% ?sw r.f Sfai towi ? (Applause ) Whal w?. lb? ,0ur cKfobu","rrten zTzrx Kir":', j ?r, zs'zA ????? "" the flair ot m r*, ? Uielr day polled dowrn Jewze tast-m vU:z^rrr' ihr ,,ut roUuiui,^r srs HPKKCH OK HON. HH. IWINO. OP TKNNIWS1*. Fellow cHlw dp, when I ecu-red your Stato, *,me twelve or filler J.,, .go, I fell nm, dtocour.g ?nt anl dto 1,0,1 " tbe P"*l*cl which graetod ... Yott were ,,, rf ?TrMpg mm tbe fla.h of ,he{ rl,t ,r ,< in Oblo. Pent, sylvania and Indiana, but aa your I-rei Jent bit just * for? d yon, having b?n through tbe 8 ale, fr^m on? cod tr> th.- oib<r, pp. ak in* night after eight to largo iru.s?i inot'p. t'uM'! ."f* eLt,,Jr?tr<l ?"?? roasrure.i at l0? Luri. i *h,rb to ""??"?? UP before ua Tt?J gencr ju? hearts of j ot.r pc; >Il- ?ra being touched. lit iu* -t* ?r(1 m r^a d rL 1 "r'Cg ' a:,J lh" l'*r* 'h rn *?* ?f >l'i I, ban i mm a d N; ig, on ait aloes vlflble t&ioitn u uo?- e | determination to flfhl iru> to the ena of the war. onth ,.'??'** IU ul,,lUll*l*u?,sl* tbousao.l iie.10,6 wer? ?r . h. d!r nnrner of ih,l repJbi'^u 0M*t? "t.snlnious resoived that If New yIJJL' wou d do her duty, they should ba beard ? ibe ?.! ? ? *'< .. * ( ipp.ause ) It, Buffalo I Zr. ^d o ?i * tort people; at the a BerS^^^^ T^b,vri';fjh'rh ih" 7*"^ ? ??? fluid. n a mil ?f ^p,,. at the's?.uih? W'" that New York has savel'* fr"m adlsiI^rU,jr<atcr'lh*o ?ut Wbv TV n'"r w4* ,wr yel ????aot red %p" W ) i f" }"B'CC,aUouo tbli drury ^ u '?nard to slavot}/ it ' ? ltiij'irts us It Imperils our livts ur ?" ,rt aed lthertKM and tbr.,,h our uresis a?. htu,K . . eour^.- iLahauil u t)gDl ,e mual ? hl g i4|| /L"'^ a s.. ; U.tte ? I ere the v,Wy Va7 l! ar uBn"t,ra?< d di??s.tT ?berever it lighta. Tae fruit I. n r?i -T " lht' of t?>o.e who rom.2 'as afu r , ?? MO- ' ? profll ln "?to ?KlWtKs', great f iti ' "l"r n'*hl yoaraf^jr ye*r. fja I are v?o'i i . r i?- c'liintry is thv. nur ?'.?t-?mea ~7* ?" they hare l?fi b-h:ud the a r.o tbe etr 'rg ? ces Tu o] Z r *?s", " w'hyM wv 'ari" ?,?P#r f 't,n)r <* v. w ^ Cb? ; ; r;:;v:u;^ :n, rQrf^ (,r. m it' T*^ .^ 4. )0" * "Ith a fv1- 'j ktc t?S?sS ?$S JOU fen aaiiumcd of it? /?' r*m v?.<- , >.? LWJ," o^u'Cr^virJ, \?,7 Tr'ai v.l,y >i ...:u you not oow I , Ok ab)fe the miit 1u I sm^e that !????? H?vy aboTe y0?, ,n.| gl an ^ ' around thj cer ileao biu*t?f heaven, mstoa.1 of look-.g down on the earth Tt ut .,? why I dishfe Mr te.ard. * ae Is a!?.? lookinr ^owt,, do-wu, down upon tbe earth flAuchtflr ? ' ? yon 1 r the North woold ooly re? y?.,r eyciTpSn the I m.tinai inu-resla C* th# country tnttead ot basv I to* ; joim:.,c w. h the concerns of, It would I reile-ve us .if th:. S?oth from much of the vvt 1 pressure under whl* m? are at present itMrgerm. H.iw won d tut h a >ysv tu of intermeddling operate in a ?"??*?? p? vnlly, einvor to firl oct what jour w'fe was dotajyest.Tday, to day wbat she isgo.rc to do t-, norrt,w; borv ber with pjrllaaeltv and Uootie tblugs over which you have bo ,fK.c' tMl, and yon *nd the would .(tiarrel In less thin tin ra*^ssywrs dl.u*t i.V. mf 'he lau,^~ ('?Ofhtor)? and we "t 'bese scrutiBla'Dt operations that have heeo r??? or It wculd be a aiugular st.t, of .ffali^t w uid i r?vent a man from drinking a g'ass nf whmKe* In a vrrltor y or kissing h't wife wiibout harm* ^ krcwB to the rest of minkind (faughter ) Yet tnfs la X C "i'.~ ivstev a--" -:t. dwindle down so small tLt yon oonlin^nd >m Z cXw ?***?**? Wnai TLZ i c uvcy in a, f jjrular t? trie mr*ni i1;',; lne f?',' I ann u al T y^trown gorrrcwrn., r.r-^v yonr o?n Jh. c?t, and cr ah- your own laws, but leave the i>en pie to take care ol their own morals I want to kn <w ir I when yoo ,,.,,at in a Territory it I. rot Jet as ri^JJ I " *^D, yu? 10 ?t"' S*?le Of New Vork and wh. ih, r doing ?b?s you are not able t? fors tie laws for v.^. ms, and decide your own of ni valin- I ' I"? ^ 'ou kw'P 00 ?' mis rat ? tB?"if h f : am 1. 1 an old man. and look for tbe time when taere *H| , be s lion of thi, k'ud that will .,)*e In every house b. ( rdt n men will be safe fn,m the acrufny lUt 'rt , r 'T thoft '* *" "'"" "I f?r !L (lAtig titer ) In regard to th.s quest, on of slavery ??T It .a ?i ?,nV "" lht K"vernmeot to y f ??4 roro,! t?to a clashlts Of pr e pi W that w'll cut us to the rery red (..m- 1,1 ! ts.lf you will, as individuals, but as a bojy le?ve ua a?one I' cot , ' n,' ,. us with the law . Ai'r mn,") ir i you Interfere wth cur s'arery. whv nV.r'J-f.T t lh ' the wJt'f"?..^ o"' '"^,9 *??' 1 the Baptists tbe V. u nr u.e talh .l.os as th* re; r-., DUti v. , ?f j iru riii "?? Tn^ta, by which men are u> Itr* an < h It p.%,n^'.Tr".KhV","'h,er*C* If *" souatry let as have a church govern n.rBt aton.? WI, ,-h ,ha'l l-.rh 0K t!.e right fro-n the c. t m ** *Jr"V ?'-?"? to the dark. ? Jh ? .r?^i"? ,Vvr ' ('*"Chtor ) If slavery Pr ? alaL TUTf I " i" 'l?. ''^?'?red that drlak ... sleful, ai 1 * hen you give uo ?ojr Intoer I II give up my algfsr*. (OiBtln< ed laugbi r) : ! , >-'1K,U"*fT'r' th*t 1 great gov-rn nent lik? mis rar. w 1 h i o k"8"" Wllb ,h??? 'ise^loas <* mora l , S. r , ,7 '"r?rf or aoy thinr sue The very cla ew. .V J ! H***1' '0fb",, "? ?? I base seen frnrr, T*s? ? .re*d eserv day s'noe ! have be-n to th>* s vti >i and aa ? k? si you vcderstAod as aed our I'stlt.itlos wa b-u.r ,,ujer..u t yos, the rough ?.gl.. wi.l b." uii j ,, , , ' ,*! "TT* 1 <*ip,*r ?"?'? t-arm mio^'r l^.o ?s M?en?rd.i,rW?(* Tl * great gWfWrukaol. lias aj - mis. fenwerer, si t t.?. th r Ixl st i fine *i im owl Irslltvttocs If the sooth a'? eo? his grewl qnestior ,*tb?y are doiof so npon great t'on.l prineip>S They arc d.? i$ S) '<eoaus It I ol b< ? or w lli lb. m. th ? i?h they kt >? tb?t wstw tt?m The floutb In point of numbers is i t do ii t ant'cip^ie a la the Terrltorle* st (.1 nat? aLd irtere?t are agi list them b it >t wai t you k> rvevruls tbe dsria. ma of tu* He. oi. n il wo d-. give up Ihe TeenK rw? w? Is n -t lo ( ve tlie t*'nclple The s ?<a*?r r..u w lb ? tft(Me at rme leuptb. There wal. iw itid. lObkm brtaeiB slavery and fro,-0'-m, an. I ria Il.e; o..?ld fljhl free I^'U frwe la . .r, I - *? I the wl e I'ghl wae agatost l aviry Ti ey b re i >re n. re ttian wai dreamt of. isl to ? ? as ? m them. bors>a an 1 oattk . aa I what w. u'1 they ry s.""1 go to war almost, and woa'.d Ggbt t >r vs ai. i |ihnl .s ( Vpj i v ) It w.uld b> a tbing to ba?e n.-grtee sto'en fr ?? tbe-n, ??re their property. He ratrt-kel ai tn pf a il|(ff >e'?g stolon oB ant sn >d aa t.y tf. ? stress, and <<b tbe har.<u.4C be e l ard peril TV < 'be . ?ro >>t rtr -relh was ?.?arnst wh? I fr.. tn ? w it Ui 9 H est th l.tod "( ?ga' m .? ? free man to suata ? ths fas J lhe?.. r e0 ^.f New \ rk. to '? it.ej it't a- l mr the mh las of > ba> ? i t?y a. i< <??.? . iim I nior is Nap ktti the sua of aaetorttts, m Us *ay in <*s *i t r sgaiae, rrwted uo u.i plft t Apfiau*' ) si kbi ii ?>r mr, ioTRi Kit, ?>r rmorm*. Hi A R. H i itl* *M ?eatcd wtt* ajv?<?? "f B I t? f iif '|MT Harbor ? r<fTT. and. aa a rrpr *nl* Kit "f tkf lfc?r?. b? ettmM U>? fund of l abtp to U? pmplr af Naw T?** B<? w*? |>r .!? ?Uu1 la ?< rh a pr?ace, fare to fact wltk ?ueh tboaaanda ?? Itr taw b.'fora bim Ba fall it ?raa fo.>l tnr bin in br tier*. Ha w- ?I4 uk what h? t kNn|M th* n i? >? ' Ii waa n4 to v< f t* a > ?-h -me of |? raonal ?gl? ll??i ?! Waa It 14 ?>r i->t- aa? (M*r> of rnml IWIIIIIWf No II waa n-? ?.? ah<?"i b' '-itaa ror ?*?> p rfui? aw -r" <btm of lor ct i nUtiwa Sr ijjf waa It to i -init* t*? ? w> *? ?*???*? or w.h ? ii w?a |?'?a?'.la lb? oauar of aa*waati ft' ' > ? i *r laa#o ) Ba ono*r.??'i.'al?<l ..m#- I ?a if ? j o (- r"* of an *?<?? m anare*ur? |?rii? i ? t <? *-??? i? wMab waa ? -B'1''* alum aa-i |lr kr w that lt? j wara aai c rMirj tb* t.r%<irj, bat tfc y fin M|il :?l wL^e ^tb^lh IS great Md j^oTKy* oooulry IU In be given op to ?. ??WjotH r*xly He would nut believe that tbe buck republic*: ?*>*; wjj u rule over the great in terest* of the (lorkMM Be proftssed to be un oils laktabiy ? conservative 'a*?; but be ooull UH thetn that If UoujId was elected be woeld join hi* friends tn tbe South to carry io| oi>*? u; measure which mtg bt be ouo rldcred ntoe ceo ( ) The reMbllcau party wan seeo, from small Wftli D'Dfra, to march aloDg stealthily And what war their object* Not to seiure freedom for the Ten Ho r lee, for he would uk, where t? the Territory where tbe qaet>iion of slavery w?s uot alrnwlr a wltted <|iieeiloof Id 186? th?re was, perhaps, ao excuse for this repu&lioaa organisation. Thru tho cry was kausas, aud the groat baitli waa wared by the part e? ? tbe druggie aud the prso beltg, whoahould have Kaoaa* ft e republican! won that battle aud what mere do they waul' !>le wss uot a believer Id the higher law doctriDe wutca would fix tbe liailta to slavery ; fur there waa a bigber law doo trlBi ? tbe law ol climate? wtich would exclude slavery, for the tuple reason that It could uot flourish there; ?nd again, do power ou oartb ouuld exclude slavery from that Terrttorj where slavery was proUtablo. For ltittkuoe. slavery could tot fiturab lu the No# hr,iaLd States, and from those State* the peup>e excluded s a?ery long ago. Aud why? Bx-auae slavery could out exist without oou oensatiou And at the pre sent moDidt, although ihe battle waa with reference to slavery, tbeso was bo furriery witL rcspwt to which this qui stico of navcry coull arise. He would not o> ,4 pare tbe Nor.b aud tbe Houtb, seeing that one ba t '_f wti so much superior to the other In power and irVandeur. I But the South rejoiced in tbe prosper',^" 0r kbe j North, 00 i why should not the Nor*j, r?jr)ice in I the prosperity ul.I w Hare of *oe South/ The South tillered the "live jraneh of onaee I aud ret: tcillatioii, so ttat tbe tide of sectional I lnu, which threat/,c?d tt dtslroy the land, ml/ht b?sti>)td The (o'ublican p^rty must be pot down ? (ai'pl*usn)? New Ydr', 0/in put It down ? (ooaMote'd ufplai.0c)-.Ntw Yoik ?Jul (be votes aud New Yurie hai the i:t< ,?er, and hoktood before them as a Southern row to, U(i '.httn tu *ssiM and 'land by the South in pitting dewu slavery iigitati <ti He was glad to see, man ding ride by s ite, tbe fren'iof Dell, of Br <?klurldffe oad IVogias and lluis endeavoring to preserve lit" I'm. in and tbe coiulrv for one au I lor all. (Applaaie.) Wbwt would lie Hir cooaesueao* of Llnaolo's eleoMonf He eaied net to be told tnat bit admlalstratlon would be a C'U? rvalue ons. He could tell thi-ru that tbe mo meet Linco'n was ellcted the evil w out J be done. (Ap plause) The negro?f> of the South oa the ilr*i ct# nf i.looolli s flection W<U1 d nsn, a? ooe Dian U> perfMtrate and tak" |iarl a :tb th^ H.vBip?thisers of John Brown >a Cf ninii'uciug a nlooly rttil on ttie South He had wlt triH'd the John IJroan raid. He had s^'on the blood of his frlei.dM rbed like wa er lu the strettsof Harper's j lYrry. ii<' ra# tk" ne^ <K? with arms In their hau ls 1 Rr't gon tbu cltif-'M of that town and shooting tbom I do a u ? oce of their vicums belug tbe kindest and i bist loan cf the place He could tell them the . election of I lucola would be the (Irs. step to snotbi'r j blsck r ? volu i lou , ajid th?y wunlasoe the -itaut dissevered, I d > nfirurd and t?mger?ut. armed against each other : at<l ihe louutry p'UUgea lutu a civil war. Ha could a* ?ure tiit (>??,, >le ol lii t >' rth that no power on earth ootild I resist the il iunkd S^tllm> ct and Jilunlon feelirg of th<? [ South the Liorecut liiat the e'ectlon of t.m?ln v*^ in' l Doubcnl to the roUitry. It w*sr.harg>il a^aUi?*. tl>ein ; li st t tywuul'i t4 secede, they were tttymatiied as roaai ? In '.he sfmr a fUrppr's K<>ri v.but tliwy had there as at nil utber t ' Dies proved iho Bravery and galaitry of tlis piutb. (Applause.) He cool use 'e i tbttu IhV. this *' ft* the ir. ost 'mj orU-nt w.ek t!is' 1 ? ever preceded at , Pr? idential skeOtiou ID tbe hisU'ry of the c<iuntry. (Apti'atw ) Ho wonld fwg of men of the Ptate u be or ?rd ll'rrrj aud fiieaktog of the iieril" th?t surroui di d ttii lo n. It a ss in the Stat<> of Nes Tort ' that tbe >-au!<< would be decided, a>id If thoy fbught the jrood flgfct we I tbev w< u'd bavo all the iDflaciow and po?cr of tbe Old (oitiinlou with them. (Applause) but j fheold llr coin bo elected tbej woul I be ciinpellfd to go to srirs from tie tops of the \ll"?li*n'e* t? the 1 I da' wafers rf tbelr -late. They were prepared t.i stair their rivers with blood as Ibty llowed by tbe to ml <f WatblcgUir rfcher than t ? have to outrage p?rpetra ted ot, .he cor ?? or? teil soil ef Vlrglcla (Ap.daaee ) Tills sp<*ch o<>S'-lndtvl tbe pro.iecdinge of the uigbt,aud after some rausK by tbe hand the meeting dltpersed. SPEECH W SENATOR WADE, OF OHIO. Tht Writ to Pat Ilotra All Atlfmpu mt D(rriilon-Don(lM and Popular Sove reignty. O rator Wat<, of Ohio, addreeaed ibe republican* if Klrg* county at ths Wigwam, opp-alte tM 111 y Ha'l, Brooklja, leal evening. Before the irrtval of Mr. Wad#, the mcctltg waa *d dreeged by Mi J. C t aktbk, who, rcferrttg to tuc lureuta Cf K"CCf?i?)B a?d clius'-iijijvn , ?a!d If Abraham Llucolo be tot Itsaugiraed at Waablngton on the fonrlb of Maroa ceil, there ire two hundred tboa*aad Wide ?"win know the reaton fhy.'t Be arked waelber U>er? wer$ l?y p^raona preaent wSo would ba deterred by the Idle throat* of tbe ??o?eai.iQt*u, and wm atawered by a general thorn of *-Nj, no." They w.thed the quiwllcu dee ded now, and ctxd dtcldfd, It would be decided faccrer. (Appltuaa ) Tbtre wer? probably Iwo way* of aflbctlag awaaion One woald be by prevtelltg federal o 01 Sen fr ra pcrfora tbg lb< !r dtlioa ibere Well, that waa the bualiieaa o the ?<.uth liarif If It did not cbooae to hare Dotted State* dtlrlcl attorney* to ptinlub crime. pnat oiBooa to driver Icttirt, etift m huiiM lu g 1 vc cle-ranoo* |apera to ve??el?. It waa the f*.jt:lh IU< II thai would Buffer tbera by If there Bhnuld be an opra revolt ll would give a rhapee for tbe ill*, .lay a# Southern ooa?erv,vi?m. Bad he Bppre> eBde* ihat la j-owtr would In- m >re lhao adequate to the ootaaioo. srnca or fkk atok wan*. It wm twenty mm II lea |?at eight when daoator Wa It' arrived at tbe Wigwam, under tbe eaoorl of the &.o*y Mcaataln Cub and the /outre Club. H" waa (reel- 1 with nuneroua c!,e> rt. He retuniid thanks for the wel come he had ri eelved, and apolog'aed for hie i art of tplne, wore out in 'be can rata Taking off bn cravat, he pr> ?t?J?d to a>idrr?e tbe audience Imp irtanl u *?? me ebi t'oool afneretit whea tbe government ? u fi-?l < k I.. aa? rt thai t jr. w more :m p rtar t ev?rj four yrara No magitlrala. Iheeefoee, ? lu <1 be e >< M lo 1'iia treat otlkir w tboui tbe moat ae r * t* i 'M.a.oeralt >n ol tbe |? p'e. It hat c >tn- to tbta now, Ikal lite people ' I tbe North were to be Btihj "la of the a a ? hi - U oraml* nM wttti i Hal .1 -tern lieloa which ibi-.ld characterise a free pan p*. . (Aiplai.M ) Tt.'ro oeeer wa* a lint* wh?n the wm if ? Preaiomi*! electloa weru at impTian aa tb< y were to <1av. fbey were told by a )?r*?o high n fr. <r-1 1 Hire Hal If a mta not *?ti*'?-i..ry to a *mal iae t ? n of ike ntalrjr aa* e tcUd. tie r jat waa to be ilepj'. d .td ti e Tnl >8 diaaohed If the/ were to Itbn t mi thia ll would oe r tain t.g tbe furn Jf the (ir I'Lti. tl fr?'.'i a ripublic h a Tilt utigatcby I know, ?a d Im tb?t t^i-re are tonne n.?n wbo ooi n??l aubinia ikw , aut I would inflnltety hara preferred, tf I HrM at tbe t a.. . to bare Wi toe rla ma which urea Br la a f>a?l ma<it- lo our father! tbu> lo a>ibai<t to the rem ? let t p Ir. .lay to orerawe na and coi trot the a? ptiw t; i (Met (?i>ria?.?e) Hoali thia impu'i-at el a oi >>e gciud' ("No ") If ?i, there wim'4 v a ftal < n I a^d term'catkm of oar jpnera aeut A maj rlty wnoSd bo loajer if vera, iMit i he wlebr* nt a avail vert o? of tbaenanlr? war* to !*? d . t d lie r!alrard tha. tbe mti was a baae tea. ur I i tbe r/<i ctilutioii who r?ciiaelied auhmiea in to frlwr , 'ikettnae (Ap.ilaa*e ) Me ha.?-d Ooin llie I*. ... V 1 1 1 . ii | ri ? i ii tli.' whieh, tn a p-Ju.oal i . i.i .? t a, we nit beard of. Th reaa^n of thai waa ti'.t li Vt.^twae an ei.iju.-e in iMrlf.aal thai n< oae fkcan ll tl ae< Hob ht l e?er bee. beard to aaemince Ulao ? i. ilk la? ? of linaaoa to Ika (oreruniaal rhe Wilt 1 a 1 r.rr i?pti!alloB than Ibe Aoutb.and.ia puuil oi weaJtL. It low< red niMawurably abore tbe III I' hi* oaa Aati' ?? re pot BP at aih t'wi It wonlrl f* i. ha* rnt-h aa would bay two tlitrda of tbe <*wuh? ado that wilt.i.ut mu>llo( guou free w.eo at more than half i f tbe value of t'.aro* (Uo|iilw ) Wlti v\*r heard an* itnp'a.nta at I tramc ing oa the t gfcta III li e *e?t ' WbO rriT h ard, la Mt that the Weal til any rlglila" (la^hl w ) r e Weet. ta<d br, i? t:? act t> de'acd the notatilut a of the poi.ntr , aid wbei any aectloe nf tt? nat?a aiail aiUtrpl to i ut ut> rtwr i.on lb ewe thr^ita that we bear nl I bey w>ll fltd that there t? a ?Wpirf Ilia In th r path. (loud aji lie (tail ed U-at thi r<>oukli 'Vi t?it? ? ?e a aerttiaal (art) , an weal into lb* |* .|ilK-ai hifUiry < tbe g.r.ti.m. n (r.u |?0 to tha praaeot tin?. to lafau -br ar?ert" lo ib<iw ttat aactKaaltaia ea*ne Ina Ihe OfiT' rrai e party of tbe South Me ailadoii ?<i t:?t.<un.| ii be*n Mtatee aya it? lb? ado. aauM of i? liiurtlaaa a free ilale, and to tfce |'antt?g af tbe tea ?hi lee oa m of Teiaa Had Ueurrat TayUr lirad, thai kM iitlaay would am tare b^n r u*tAl aad if ?f *?* had dared to u aka to btm tbe tbreita of a. , ?rti->a wl.xbahe did make, be would Ua*e i?,i'.o.t? "!* ow.e fruta the Valor ' I will hang witb 5 .?r tea in,.ttiera t-i. .ia averi of y.ia who jar" u- atw-apt *ucb a tb.ra " (ileai* ) Wa<i, he art. I,* lha tuaal ?rehiatd tato tbe t a na aad I itn-Vd th* eeratien r'o* if 1*'0f W4* N ibe rep Mean paetf? (-"uoata of ao '*) It aaa tbe . w> pa if wto b'. ke lie p-ac aa 1 Ibre-e ibe Brebia i ji an t a af' "?l.i the . alt . n ^ ? > k eoa? (> r - p j bate* w thai of t Blaine, waa got np 1a IbM. l? break Itte i . aoj, a id bt . t batk Ibe aeltatt. .1 of tte tia aery 1 Mt <ia Ta a N<wib*'? drnt.rrat. ar.t the ^outbera d?m eeti aod lb* -oapN-rn wbta, r pr.nted la a m'<tntg*i esa.nat in tba la m at W?eh eg ton. tt-t* gr?' I p?*> aerd the Kan tl.e" -ll ? ?or una a< .rie-.' ire?. .-r) > .1 Mr ,??glaa' asauaa wa*. at .I tlat it ?aa uetircd to pa- ?'?n/y taie tba Trr?itor'ee. bat I bat It w?a to ?tadiaaia lb* gr?a " prln p'e " of (Ojmiar tor<r?t| ? t.?. (laaghtor. IV.' ^ lea' . an declaration, at t-? r| ^<1 nf V t ??wao<a wa* 1 Lai li.* pr.Lf pi? of io,n .ar a r. rti<i i) bad t a ri nw fr. in fr?edi>Bi to alarrrjr r or* than a iegrew aad a ball of Terr t< ry be?iad whal tb<' ? nth Wad BuUli' d to. Th * dep.?ia' o? wa* made by !' > gi?* In ,b.< l^terral be tweea tbe rT.artratoa CoarenUaw aad tba fluiiaaor* 0"* ret tlm He i.mnj tkai br thia m*auaee* be eijlil get P utb 11 t. tea. P ? ha bad ?'r?|>ed tun la^aitaly kiw.ardl al arled too ba*ely, to he trnal^d aa* by the P. nib TT.e reptibticaii parly, tlKfef.T*. wa* not rt*-- r?<bie for the ag tttln r>a tb- *objeet ?i a'arery The man who. in* ti. g'aa. tnt<"g<ed tbe |ieople to *0 lra*ttig I. m w th pnwar. and toee went to perpetuate awt a ebeat *a p< pn'ar atrere gnty, deaerrr I tbe haltor aa mi;, b ?a a th ef .teerrred <ut?. priaoa. Wica a ra puh'tran iKitler olferr-d an arra<ta>ent to the Kaa*aa N'ebrarka b| 1, to c^me la after ?ini Rentwi oailo t ?'lit ?Ib?p tfeeeh !B tbe body of the h B," te? arlnf thai tie pe. pie of tie Tornto-iea *' .u'd bate tha right to ?i'' vie ?!avenr. aad wbec Ih* yea? and naya were caiird on that *n;t c 'mi at, Mr IVvs ?# an t tbe dawio reatc parly in tbe A tale riinl "an " Thee? tbey aaw tbe r **?- d rb al Aad yel th'* *tre liwr'at rtae be^re Ihe peenle t ow ard (irat'd ahowt bt* grand pria elKerfr. ular awter* eitr. a 1 bough ne bad aarer la u ae i - tar re an ?a bn .w ? um V i .at ivoctpie. or tried ir rarry I enl Mr nnvglaa now an id that ha tek tgrJ t > the grtai na: oaai Janocrmt u part/. Wbara WM U? proof Of Ita nationality! Mr Dou^laa bad fewer representatives from the Houlbern Stole* U> the )oo ventiou that nominated bin than Abe Lmooln bad to the Obtwco uonvenlioo, and oeruataly Umi pctuoiptoa of Abe Lincoln found more favor la im acotb ISm UkCMOf Douglas Republican prtnelplea were ruiiuin* Willi railroad sj**ed through the Souto? through I?l? ? are tliroogb Maryland, thro Of h Uiasouri. aad now old Virginia waa trembling at their atroi.gth The only , Douglaa bad to be called "national," wta thai be mm re pudiandhylbe whole nation fLaugbiec) . ualK'-cal democrat President with but one r-n the Pttato ol tLe United 8utea, aud hia 1^ ?-., Vplwn.-\ would be off on tbe 41b of Mar?b next P h- kIh more of Douglas than he was worth 8wedenborg, who lived as much In the otlcr world aa m u.a tV., h som. t.m,* .raw groaa sensuous ap^,,, whr) ,^'beBn dMd lr the ^ah thirty or forty ye.^ d h?, |ot toun(1 ? onl- I' ,"" ??*?"> Mr D,',dglaa Hlmaelf and hia frieada imagined that be was ?>'M *e bot |(oltUe4Jly h8 WM M dead as the gb^ of 8wedeiiborg. (Uugb?r.) Jhe '"T" w ith Dong las waa, thai he was ou "t 5i i ^a was in ine South; that bo . Ibere, and profeaaed admiration of the The* ' ?j'*8? Ihkt had ever dlagraoed the earth. ' ?fttour of the world could not return to the place or '.ailvity without belog persecute!, aoourged and D'l'.dered; but Jurfaa Iacarlot oould have praaabed bia ''ocirines wherever be went, and been "ball 'allow well met" with a!| tlie Icalcrs in Jerosilem rto It win with Douglas and Lincoln LMnglas aald at t'l il ton Springs tbat be could go anywhere in aearch of als mother ? laughter)? l>nt thai Lincoln dare not visit the grave of his grandfather Eight yeari ago the demoe- alto party entered on the full possession o' all the detriments of th'S govt mine t; therefore, If the government went ustiav the oeniocrallc party way reap nstble Ant no# he tmcx>trbo1 tint party of this crime, thu to not a (?Irgle inrtancc bad tbey either legislated, or attempted n legislate, In favor of tbo free laboring ma*a*a of the I'nil-" I Stofa who had elevatiti them into power The vthole langib and breadth of their legislation bad been to give predominance to tbe aborted alave power h ?aa time to call a pause in the national a'tairs to tiro ( i:t tlieae i n alihio servants, and put better m?o in their places. He protested aga'nat the shuffling ftlaob -od of ? be charge that tbe repiiblioan parly had imp'rilM the existence of tbo government. Tbr act waa that of the democratic party They had broken tbe |ieace, aad now, becanst they ?!o not govern the nation any longer, they sought to destroy It. The democratic ptriy h?d en'leii voretl by force, by f-aii<i, by mu'der, by arr>u. to extend the accursed system <>r slavery over free Territories lit magotrcea alone could gain a< vantage troin it, but the democratic people were nu'itlje 1 to the Interests of a vilt oligarchy When tbe bill or the House ot lteprtn"n tiitivts of ls?t wleter, to give e(T>ft to the act of the Ka:,-at 1> gif lature, encluditk' slavery, t aaie luV> ths Sc ratc, republican ^wcai-ors a/ lo the a,> ?tle st|iial ti r aoveretgnty lo belp them be w .ulJ n I do II. He had "gout In the"? ia'ighto') ? vid oould not vote "no." So a'so with the bill to nullify the infamous slave legislation of New Mexico, t*s?ed b> the H iu?e. Repub lican Senators appealed to Ibe democialu to tielp tbem. I?iu tliey come f l>td Iioi:glaa o ne l? help theaf No air, jou could not get him 'ulo the sa>ne t?n aore lot. (laughter) Iicuglaa went tolo I'tanaylvaiila aud hypo critloatly spoka of ne t being able to Jo anything for thi wri(?ow''tg to tbe negro agitr IWm XVhy , brotber Dougtaa, 1 have brard yon tr>aite agotjd niaoy aptccb-'?,bi)t never one in wbicb there wa?r.ulaL.g; rat tbo beginning, a i tger at the ei.d,aL.i a bigger in ibe mlddla (lA ighu r.) Theoemociat party wus beld togvUMT by nothing bi.l tbe memory of ita past, aud ban uot now a alngk prinoi pie tu rely upon. fh. Agricultural Cioikge bill leased the II' cae laal tifwicn, aud ina Ivertei tly, as It ?ere, pa*rei tbe Set ate. bu: the slave power dt inancled of tbe Praai dent lo veto It. aiid he did. Whv were the South oppiistfl to itf II i n<Jo \cd coilcit a in tb-> Sju'beri ^tt:. a as well as in tbe N'orthcri. Stales The slave p >wor bid thai lull cr -shed berau*e it knows tbat Intel l^en'-^ tmo, g thj u.asstts Is locmpalible with t o portnan. ucy of Ita ac curttJ ayvtem. ( ??? ?^4. aime.) ibe boo. alowd bill ?u alao ?tr*'glfi by the fiat a power? that ac eur*ed power that nri theg every th'ng tlia people wanl. The p. ople never ooull Ki t it?i gre?t D.imoaiead mwjniro Ircm the demo.-allc par .jr. they xrnld nevar jet it exoept from fie rt ptb lean party. The or If iiathern Senator who bi 1 voted for It waa AU'lrew Johnson of Tenm *a.-? ? a line oil fellow, wbo, like their candidate Abraham 1. 111 coin, Wf rked hinieeif up from a ooodlt >0 of poverty. Ai.d he ?tt th. oaly Siilberti Senator who aver would ?''?.a for !t. Mr Wale app^alsd to bin audleoi ?> to giva en'oin ici port to tb4r caudiaato for U>ni;reaa, Mr. Hum. pbrty, a.Lu tben prooeoae.] to m..k? a tariff arc imeni, in which he a<*ti*eil Senator noun!** of giving tte b II of iaxtftpsli.o tbr j.ihf Hit ilrst Lieutenant I'ugh waa |.rracot, aud 011 the motion to lake It voted "bo," but Uug'?* ?tf r'.t to be found. W heuever you wanlod him he ?a*"iick" The democratic |?rty wm now broken I fragment* ? oai tp each oilier up like Kilkenoy rati ? aid ware sow array lug thernielve* agatoat the porple of tb* t*i tied *tat ' 1 to prevent their electiog a I'reeidatil. Tbey weje fooo I tfi fbflf imploring the remnant of th? Know .Nothing party ? the flam | lai'fa rn party? to Co ac uji and help them, for God'i aaka. (I-augcler } |6CJ W at led to 'end It k> tho Home of Ke ,e4, whera it wonld ba rafllcd ?od gambled far toe advaLtage of itoek Jibber*. OaptUliaU in th? great cilia of the \01th were Utaaspiing to convince the people of ttie United StaU-a that tiair Interest* were incompatible with the peopla't llbertloa Tbe libartiea bl tbe i^opla would Ftan t even though tbe pa'aoeaof theao merchant prlrrea were aowed with aa.t (Applauae ) Tnere ata atrlbe In Julea whl-h worablpped tbo devil, ar it tried to proj mat ? him becaure be mlgbt do them ujury Ho wltb U. *e merchant*, wbo aaetned u think that eooaervatlam waa playing into the harda of a (lave oligarchy- Tboy tnlghl wake rp noma mornlrg and had that their cooaerva tlrti bad pr lucod their deatroction (Appiauae ) A* (i ll llveth, liberty will ?u'*lve all their rcbea K they win hare i hi (Applao*.- A vokvt? "Hit 'em araln.") Tbey La i mMiakro tho apirlt of tbe people. Whatever e'rt mlgbt b- na 1 of fie Amerlcau pejp'e, tney ware a courage. m?, a bravo i*vp!e, a-.d wb.fve.- appeal 'd to their* w uM ba* e a mighty poor abowing fAppiaiwa ) fmuglaa ami Bell, dndlng that they ooull not nare tbcmrrivea, bad taken to aavlug other*. Me dtl not Wonder at 't, fo- be w? uld ra'ber ??re the I'nion than e?Tc ? bi rand o' th m (I* ? irhi. r ) Mr Bruwn bal aald in bla ({wwrb the other day, that tbe Houth waa ?leapt! g 1 rer a pnwuer m??axlne, while reokie? men were f-nii king arour.d It He D ':*?d It WM Bo, for (rar aril terror aie the pnnlabmet la wnlcb O >d baa provided 1 for tbe oprri am ??The wicked fleo when no man pur- I auetb " W hat I bold >? wbla, that liberty la Uie gift of >tad to every man t<iat wi^rv th?> human form (Appiauae, and a vol<w, " Araeo ') * by did not tbe North irel any terror? (Wauae their r* one waa not mark *<l by any f.nb violation of rtgaland luatloe He Ofiiod the tV oth to eo-na and abow wh-?r? tbe N* rth had vlnlatad any r *nt of ev?n Ibe alavebolder. Tbe attempt* made I 1 g? l ap a paate to Wall atreet re m rde-l him ol the fable of the ua and the lioo. abo mat in a Oetd when tbaee ? u notbtng oat corn to eat. lba Jarki?i eat h.? iiiioer, but tbe lion tai l , "I can't aat ooen: ? hat as t to dot ' Ho tbe a?> a* I he wonld go taVo tae tlilek< 1 and bray an aa to frighten out other an 1 malt, wbea lb- Hon enald h"lp hima> lf Ha did an. and wben became bark he aaked Uie lion wlietber be bad ?>t frightearta! tba ar'mala ?' Yea," aan the I loo; "aod by tbeg'vtj. r waa a taoai friyhteoel myaelf " (Iji'lgb trr 1 I ^m the aat man wbo . aid wieb to Unit a weaker f<*. and I roald pity their i> ait ion but 1 will ray U. a thai looetaioa K a unlyeraai edict ol emaiie;pt tl<n a 1 over lb 'a lac.: (4p,<iauae) T&?re are doom on eartt) ao 1. >?r tt'e-' at tie- MM ol a olltev>o between tbo two rrcf 1 na of U.a l'ui?n u Uiiae man who prate tu ?t loudly about It. If tba tioath c->Tie< up ti Oght with the N <rth wbtre would tbe.r alggera o<-* He waa !.>r k?g a w itb the weak, but aa tba Ho i?b root tu? I t< tl.row Creb?ai<(i< n* tb aate n, ha waa ure.i of :t II *ai lot the S i-th n <w to t>?e mi aak ?K ? it waa that waa r>it t l. > d atr^y tba I ivn* Tb' r own oer>. ?u?lhnwe<* that the Mao h waa bit <>ba fourlii of ? la AMrtaaa people tod mlaarwbly p.. r at that there ti net a *>itber<l?ia'e thai ran kee( t.OoO men in the ft : lor ail ?aatha f^nth might eoma ap beoaai^ o-*v 1 ..wiler ai . jnr.a f> n tbe meet pmr I'c ?i?n, bt- a. ?e lime wool'! bcaa mo>b daagee fro"? ; , u M 'r " thr -a j ?ir oM ? 1 1 ' '???? fljaaguter ) Aa Una eer ?f ae aa i wa? a inlaara' ? h<.tnbu* , a |a> itieai do<i?a fhey th igtit e. f defeating poop.e it the flatra m tbrow eg tbo aiaetimj I l" the Houae of Kei '?e??n'ati raa l<4t even if tl,< y 1! J, Alitahaa I tuco'a t? ?> ! I at 1 l>e t'r l Uaat >4 tbe lotted la ? Aa i?>1 llvein ana aa < Id Aba llvetb. lie reign*. (I/md ".beer* ) * I'd AHe 1 In* ^'n .a the v?wy In.- tf naiM? at th" Airiei ia laborer Will I|.e ?merle?n lab ?rora ,aave hin aid ia?e np a gaotieinan who waa broogbt up ua4?r the iiave ?> i ll m ?nd had I atf a MM* Vgt>r? t lake car" ?f 1 ti ev.ey won i r ilatgMer > Myft'?'nil* M alt narti ?. 1* il lot r ght thai we aiiowia ?e? an 1 put lb* old 1 11 >w (iaughtor ) Voo, th 1 and kvoroU ?aa. you may i.-rd a'.l tt.e an 6'v yor con, but at I the iter 1* raone ied ta ibe boo* 'if fate that A"rabaat I to> n ar l ftaml^ Har n are tba bevt I r*a .lent ai S Vine f r ?l neat o' the I i?!M !*ttlrt. Mockl may be itepeee?atfl I, 'fti maybe b-.^e, y.o ? o?raelv*a rra> v< lapuver i?!?eii hot ?i|<t .aba I >n do will r? *n A it aa ?> <.*ap?tte4, ro, *?? fair In bie 1 bkra<'>r. th? iv*" 1 a eoM" <aeatu."Ha> wrae a m (Aooiauae ) A'>d why. f ? ;bt> fi ?ee-i ,.%ia i?aa. If thl* Cull* fl ?a dtaantved* Whtrb >?( tm a ao v ault g la ? ur aeif r* ap??t ? Vi * aei.nai *?>? I.IoodIo IwetiW Ih ?? traitova tall you tbey will diaao|?e ue t 'ulna? blV ? ? reb a nwo MMl 1 a |ar~ral atiovt ctf ' No ") Ho, tir, aorta#)* <v>'iiry lagrwt rapob 1*0 part v are tn? ooly |am that boar tlio ai < of the r 1 r. ' rental 4 1 b<e ty it. at *tai. ? n tb* t'ark whera ??' ttWgrrit IWtlti ? ami fageo Of tb* repaid >o MM (r ?ra t fltey b.v l tl.a di^nriie* that md flar?r flay bok), and iii we are to be braoti-'d a* tr* 1 ?* by t.l*e wv. oal tb*MM> ve? otd In. ? a".a< II Ibe r pvblioaa pae?j wero atr'rkea 1. an ? aW| a ?. 1.* ae'-.rae.l c?a**q .ereaa nmd ? 1 a a l over the ?? 4 tbla gtntioua eewpaay of w i* iaue a'nMiai mi 11 1" t?Ma*tbeK rtboro tigbta lll*Ri*elv>a. at - erarywber* orfauii1^ ar.<i r ?.??? ,1 f?ir tbe great battl* af r./'r. ai 1 an c njiti up w t ti at le*pi-a , ? wb ?:b ? ? I ovr al < '? (A| l.0f ) tnat rfoat l?l .Onll uf prlni l-l* ate lit I' be H augurat. it, Augi?| Ui N Ml "? te * a* bi eb 1 1 Ui , ear* e* if U <?*.? tii-n %? to ?? ) thar aaaae ? hale tar ( tin *?<??) ? bat* th- U a wot ua, t < ar'.aitbo ,1 I an- Miami of a VwaiM'a rig ?? n?r 1 n ll*i to |i.*e tiiotn ?* nr and l-.n-a i Ue'r vat'-a. I ?(? I I gn hall 1 ?? *m M h? l??.tait for l.ii.e.ta aid H.I. {I.t'-,' ae t rn ?re nr .?- t *,?? . .0 a of tn; .4 , a *1 .. onpre*?i n. (It-r,* cb*a* f.a in." la | <*?,) ai ?? pa>w g?M!- m-o . wa a-o o? aba ere . ? a t-^l * 010 ry. M>- \ 'g. ? 1 ? . at," >? ? a m?-ana a.olhat .T.rr *mert ? an r ?.<|I n?4 a a. * " ea Iii* 1 . - jf ? ?I" , < mt *1 if lant rti ur. I?r ha a?'ae, aa If be be dull ai . 1 Mer b m Mr Wa.'e m -k" roe ov?' two t -r| ar t a ?if, and wa* h ?( flanlad tbreug*io'' I 'as an mnai ?? man t;g bri 1 ai ibe **me free, at wb'eh a'eo.-iaa wora ?ode by J. J i. ocb aad Otlvrr t ?Vm-' i j >m -ai to-aie r.( lnm*ell *a a not. < artad Br*-tt rlJg ? dim -cral Tin JNTtw^awraatr ?A maet'ef of r-rra-* waa fee*. I at Humboldt Ha . ta F?*r?fth ftraet, triday laat, fnr th* afealal pnrp"*e of aaidoralag than ?miaal '? of t'>l. (t r'.tl at. ^hw*rl^wnal?l?r for ?*t!p*"v'a?r. Mr Ho' r>ra ?l??a<!. Addr<Mea ware aiida by ?>. M^rktu anlnthw* In grpport of tbeir eardidnte, an(" retrlatlon* wera ;'wa*4 er.tforotng the a'^rnnatlna It waa there v'.atet that ant to v tba f^rmaa ><a?iee'ata. but anmer>?ie ?? -mat ro puhltoai* lataed t" aipiwrt Mr *arhwarn aael.ler. Tbna, t *a* ttatad, lb*i IM) iWra" raonbli. an* Ip the iter ?a teanth ward ware uoaamioaaly in favnr ?f Mr f*eh?a?a waatder, aad hao icotart , Uw .r mteatioa la vuta lor high. auuigtiM. A ^-Atwraoror f yvu0^ 'm ?iw Juan ?41 a meeting CD ' x *+] Mid Saturday last the committee* or the Break ! inrluga dMMC rati, the Douglas democrats and the Btll and Everett party of New Jersey agreed a poo a tiokei wbicb la lo supersede tbe aoli repuollcan tickets hitherto published. The change consists 10 substituting tbe names of John 8. Darcy, gnus Gondii Joel Parker and Theodore Runyon for those of Edwin A. Hteveni, Wm. K. McDon ald, Benjamin Williamaou and Peter I Clark. And It i* thus oomi?aed of two Breckinridge democrats, three Douglas dtmocrala and two of the Bell and Everett tarty. Foaxai Doiao rna Work op Him Ma.tsk? ? Nutwlth standing that a Union ticket, satisfactory to both sections of the democracy In Pennsylvania hai been agreed opou, the Philadelphia Pre m keeps up lis cry in far >r ol a straight Douglas ticket, In order to make tbe Mate sure for Llneoln. Tho following advertisement appears In Its editorial oolumns:? Person* desiring straight Dougits eloctoral tickets can be ancommodated, by Bending their orders, with the money enclose 1, to the offloe ef the 1'rcu Ai ? Pamirc ik Gkoiou r* Favor or DisHournua.? An Immense meeting, composed of cltlscaa, Irrespective of party . waa held In Buena Vista, Marlon auunty, tta , on the 17th inlt The friends of Douglas. Bell and Breckln ridge wi re numerously represented, out partisan pre'a renivs wtre laid aside, and all concurred In tbe noooatity of Immediate secession >u the event of the election of Lincoln. The following resolutions were adopted: ? Resolved, We regard the election of Abraham I.lsnoln t<> the Presidency , noii Hannibal Hamlin to tbe Vioe l*re urtenry , sa an ovcit a< t of h>?tility upon the part of ?ha North, and as a declaration of w*r upon the rights of the Booth. We rerommend the |x>opie of Georgia, npon the elec tion of Abraham Lincoln lieing known, lo nice; irume'i atfly in convention, to determine the tnode and manner of redress. A Position roit Maim at Ratso ?It 1s slated that Gdtrard Baler, of M.esourl, In case Old Abe is elicted President, It to have tbe place of Attorney General In the rail split ter's Cab tact. Twisty Skooud Pwivcn.? the Derflocrano 6>ugrc? ?local Committee have presented the name or Berjaraln I Chapman, of Madison owunty, for Oegrras, in the place of Hon. Wm. Duer, who declined. A Dmockatic Niooi Otifiao THftiaBt or ?irrrK?os? Tfce Clcvelsnd (Ohio) PlaimUaler tells of '-a democratic darkey '' in that city who wanted to vote, but wis told by tbe republican judges that he wouldn't d*?? he waa 'a little too black " RaanirtiaM or RaarLArot* ? At a regular meeting of the members of the Vigilance Committee, huld at Ue?ci Branch, R. C. , on the 28d intt , the following rsao.utiont were unanimously adopted and ordeied to be pub lish ad:? Bitolvod, TU?t should Sylvester or HantJiaGluu ever be found within the bounds ol our Committee, that tach (ball receive a* a penalty two hundred |?d<:les Rsaonred, Tbat Hannah Glun shall receive nor hundred paddl<a it ever lound within tbe hmt-s of this Oum mittce. Wuat TBt Govswroa <>* KlJm'CKT Wiu. Do. ? It Is ru nion d that Governor Magi filn, of Kent-icky, baa oxpresa. ed bis determination to oall out the State Guard to pro vent the federal troops from marching tbroagb Kentucky to execute tbe laws ol the United StaW'S. Mors Visits Mu ?The Waynesboro AmtA ntat ? th?t tbe young men of Burke county, Georgia, are formiog a company of Minute Men. Stormon Sraa^? The Montgomery (Ala.) Mail declares that "every true hearted Southerner is of opinion that the on y hope for the slave section Is inaivii secession oa the election of I.inoolu." It appeals to Uie southern men thus ? (>ut with your banner* , men o' the "V>uth' Tbe h-p garl> abolition crew will mm be up .0 you' Ycur eafety lies 10 your own brave heart* and airoig <i-oin In* Gotik.\hr or Son 11 uiuu Parana* to 00 t<i vita t"?mn> .-'titjb" t?jeui? ? fljjd tne fonowlig letter from , Oorercor Gti'., 9I ^uuiL ^arollba in the oharUaton M?r tur\ ?? (?oine partial friend, orir itaa tiguature of "A Citlaon," In Vine Msrmry of the I7tb turn., having nounuatol ine fcr Vnlted ftatce Senator, "if bo duaoiution of Ui'l Union ebould take ( la'e up- n tbu election of l.looola to tbe Preoiilrncv,' on the out day, an <tber writer, ov- r the algnatnre of "Many Cit'z n?,'' Intiata spoo the re election of Senator Hammou>l To remove all dlflinliy and iil- Dce dlacuaoion on the aubject, 1 have no beciutl m In saying thai 1 would i.ut aerve, If elected Senator, In tbe cotitlngetcy allud.d to. borauae I i-irold not truly au I pro 1? rly r.-prieent ? State th>t a ihmiiH n bliirk republican rule, and all uppr? lieoaiona of riva<ry with any on* may, Ifconftwa, be ciatnlaaed. WM H. Ulif. Brooklyn City \<wi. Omiio* Coram ?A Hated doming wa* beM ynator day cvening?Preoldent Kalt>fl-)ech In the chair. Oertaln rhangta were made Is tbe appamtmeut of cu varaer* and mapcctora for the approaching election. A ootumonlcatl'iti waa received from Mayor PjwcU; to toing the reoniution of the B>ard, of tho 16th Inatant, authorti'rg (If It can legally be <foo?) the aa'e of a por turn of Waahlrgton Park to lb<< county, for a mmrt bona?, in the following ground* ? 1 It j reiso.e front the rwntre of bur new 3 It wonld divert front Ita orlgloal purpoee tbe only apet <>f ground In the citj worthy of tbe r.ame if a park. which, In <topr?eent MtltlM, blrtt fair to bt aa rt i?braled aa toe Outnm >0 of Ifcwton, but which it oan not be if encumbered with bu .dtcga The cmttKi*'. -alloc waa ordered to bo printed In tb-a micuUa, and a ter tome routine b .eiutaa the Hoard art Jtariol. Naw r*TMinai< ni N?w J*x.?rr ?Preliminary atcpe hivo been taken for a -rancn . ! tbr Northern Railroad of Sew Jeraey. to connect Bngiewood (Bergen county) with Nannet en the Rooklaad brainb of the Er e Ralleo*il Tbta will brirg the latur place within twenty ?;x mile* of Jeraey City. Kite !? New ()rlf%M. Krw iiauujm.Oet 29, 1460 Tbree bnedred hale* of cotton In the I'nloc Ireaa yarJ were eelroye-1 yitlurday !/>aa gl.'i (>00. tnaurod. Knathrrn (litan Steamer lovrmenti. **VAinua,Oot 39.1*60. Tbe acrew atoar attp Mont r >mery. from New York, ar rived at Tybee at not) "f 2*ih r rtact Ularketi PBILADII.I BIA ?ri?Cg BO* HP. ftat-?mRF?u,UM 30, iaoo Pt"?-tt itca.1v Peonat ' a a ? ?,??)?? R^*d'a| lUilr a<1. 20' Uorrtr Cat , . he- I/or/'?a..j Railrna1, 13,1,-; ivrr.a? ivaaita f?'im?d, in, Mcht eac.Uaog> cm New TMt at par a 1 2Mh par eeat pttmiaa. a?ttm hb, On 2>, 1W0 Ho r >r .ive, '< ,t <*(cllem| ; H??ar<! a re> t, (?ol? end ( ity MrHt, f .'i go Wheat a^i've. but lem ?-m r. t, f 1 8 a $1 IT white II 40 a $1 U Onra hu a dwlictBg let ''?> rr, aad >i< ruied it : yellow at rr, ? a Oh--. wt>"e at 71 a tic. htn ? one q ikt an 1 *tc* it m<"?* i?w?, ? IV tO Cue* tria Wli >tiy at .llt21),i! Pnitjrr mi?, O l ? 1190 F n?r dnll, bi Wb<>M?luli, favor??g buyera? II 40 a II to *-e w^Itr. ?e I 11*32 a II W f >r tad Oorn, destl 'nr tin.Imey? TJ1,'1 fr- vetlnw n. 1 13 ?, a 1ft,- f.,r rh *1 U I this r? ? 119 75 f f rr.ft UWd dllil t*b'* .e4 fi)| t- c (lrm Ik t I 200 bag* at 14o a 11 V limn. '>r' so tsoo Ho' r w h< 1 ???re a* ?! b ?cy. Wh<?' ? Nn Bal ? Ooer? tareirrti - 1. 1 h? rp (late lover aalee 20.000 bweb? ? talc at *?^ Ba-i- y dull; Slate reelected , TOo. ' ?:' (??< ' ?hela . late aod St>,l,c f rl.MOb .abeiarooi.* Cat* a Wrfi Alt <*r, f?et. 20?6 P M r rt'a'r hot l"?er, e>r??"'ally on low trade* t> 1 ?i I?wl1 ???)<-* of t((Q hiKhr ;r w^'teVicI f*n <9 f r va'e le n ? fiete '? ?er ?al ? 30 |>00 hanhe'e state eniifatada I ?*i ?' ,"8t Cneti? No ral'-a Ba'ley very do 1 ' >? *tatr f r wli (I t? d'ftl'- It to gat tf "0; a car r " <#l? Me "ra ?>i -ait 0Wi?.t* . ff?ed at Mk , w 1 at "r ? |fe t-eyee .x fe ,.f la r{0 h ? ;-| Pl an* a Wee a? 1* or "ay ?lB f - " 1 1 tn aitk,- *rtr < i'-o; 2 ' " 0 * 1 ? ' ? r"-' wia.t at 10*, and r%r :??? 70,. a 'S tia ?? 1 ply aSoat to la~g* wbi?kay, R ,.1 Bi-rvio fi t 29-1 r M rv ir do! aM ig 1 >u UoH raai h?ari>i !?.. .f 0100 ' ? 1 ? '????? r'!h al II N uooo ' UI>I ' ? N e?: '.*1 g It! 01 a 11(4 O..OJ.II ar 1 ? < ?a ' 1%'r rt a<*? . ?*,i* 1'. ( 1 0 s ** t " t ? 1 tal ai 21 ' ? ighu *rwrt I ? t art ?' a l" r 11 ? V w V.. k iap.rta ? f? f 1- >nl 1t>* mo |,n.v? . w1?m, 4 -*>0 ? ' ? ? ? c r ? 1, n- ?'?u?1 CIO bo ? Sour, IU ijq b'^ra. ii?t4 t ljw bnat' ? 1 ? |rw..n net ?_tp M F ?*? ' .'.at ' P' ' tefed f. i?ai t tt'l aftd dr >'<Dtnc; ?* 1 ? 1 a f< j ' ?' ? V" t n - **r - at 11 01 ? It ?2. HOtf t. ?h<la red ? ,etee at ?{ IA a 1 l?i<; g (? I a ?ti <> Cat a> tan pr r?t" teema Corn tai, ti 00O h tr 1a ,152- . , ?id? faloe U.OiXi loiffcei# at 27 Sn ' x ? w Tf-r* 1 ake r ? it?? 14""0 1 Wf t r -4*a ( 1 il h? ?be!e w leal, IW Mm ?>? a^eMt c?eo. 'atai **|<>rta? lfS 000 ?? t?ht ? w^ewg, fl.002 bueoeia aan ">?!? i.Ort 30-6 " M. IS. Bf ?BCharrtil WhMIt? -Varket npen?d dttll ari j eaey , b?t 1 ?iae?l tnrev. with a gmd aeiling rtewan i r .? |il*(l hi ?ht . Vo 3 rt)i*gi ap'ltig at tt 06 14 *.?ft xufbe'e H 1 Nliwaoki.' clo1" at II <W, a>>i! It WO h ! e ? do ar. prtvola 'enna (Ml <o'! aaleo It ,000 bul ? ? lid *1 ? ai l? < OiVr , rata* qnlet. Caiml fre thta et.?e <f tc?r 49> . ahcat 1*1. and cira llo k> V w Tar* I4tke Iieprrta? I7BOOO Ht?h*la wheat. 1S.S00 5 SCO h. the la harlry . 600 "oahelt rre 0a I ??: t)*rte?im P00 '-nfbe'a wheat, 11 W0 boahaU com, $3 a?0 butl ela harley, 4.100 boabel* rye ttncaoo, CVt 30 ? tr tf I ar ffiet Wheat ?.<varr* 1 If. a I <,c a*l?e 4 ^0 |> tea Vorth wet tern ohm at *|to , loooo bwMle>a d^ at h '?> U"1? ln-h'la No 1 tprlnt; al. ! *?? 1 3C<' hc?V < il at D2t,c. : 1 MW h ]*b<la at R.V , i all la atc?e 1 "fr t'iric , m' pN 17 819 brahelii (lata , actiro liar'ty ac' \< and eae.?r Fraighta m 8?ilaK) Ortr * at lie. rmnrMTi. 0 w 3?, lvm aimtr i*nl' aolea ? t tvt|?*'aai Wni??e? d?ci,ae<i 4c al l?r Pi< IB-- I Mare -rv tl* ftar n atdaO I b"ih b 1 ?r eitbt fi- barge oo Now | York Brat at M par toot pira-na. I lajwo M?u? cirruit Court* 04t%ru Hod. Judge Nelson. *. Oct SB ?- J SOmi I1 ? m G. Heard tlte Sam ? U. a JettU Same m M J Mar^Ken danw m 0 M JStfear; Sawte n. .4 Haute* and oihert ? Theee ease* are all of IM fcame class as ih<*e pending in tba Northern dleUlet ct ! New York, and ?hi h we have already dispoaad of. Decree fcr plait t If mil a reference to ibe Clerk, aa jummiaatooer, to take an aor-ount of proflta John GQiftt w J Dart and other); the Same m. Jt. I'cih Slyke and otirri, Same m G D. Rout, Saint ?. W. , 11. Mau-ardi a alt.; Same M. W Mrrd and oOwrt Ami# j M W Hutch* tif and others; Same nt. J A Smith ? De ) cision In tquily. These caaea came up In Um Northern dsirtu. IVrrrf lor the p'alnifT aod reference to tba Clerk , aa oon> miss inner, tn uke aa account of prod la. HKVIM'g CASK PKNALTT. Antonio i'maza mui other t ni Heman J. Red field ? Tbta I I* as set. on u> recover hank a i?i alt) of twenty par cook mpostd upon a cargo of mnlunea aiid sugar, from Ooba . tn tb>s rort, for ki ui.der valuation I'pon g ua(lnf Um rank? n fi'tnn r number of fallout of molassea were found i In Hum than am tinned in the Invoice, to that an esoeaa waa reported b_\ the guMfrr and aopralsers. The valua tlon of ibe article U> the Invoice waa correct, bat the quantity iD ibe cask* waa Kb?rt The caae did not fall ' within the eighth and p'nth aect'ona of the sot of lMfc. , Thai ia conttre j tn the enhancement of tbe value of tha 1 goods at the iin>e of eiportatlon In tbe foreign market by j 'he appraisers to the amo iiit r.f ten p*r csnt aoove tha ! invoice valuation. Thr Inert ?te of the quantity la otbeg . wite provided for In ibla lcnUnre ibe guafing oorredo tbetrror W* must cot eiiend the application of ihtfi penalty by a strain"! cx.nstroctleo. We think Um pUin ilffla entitled to recover bank 1610, with fnter-si from tbe lime paid. .4* to the other casks, tn which the Dau ber of tailors d t ?i>e<vfl-?<i, the penalty waa properly ? eo'o'ce-4. The cage waa on? strictly of under valuation,. Lot of now of quantity found by guagera or appraiser*. Tbe general m>orrm aiding that a bogab?ad contains one bui>oreif and ten gallons, when the quantity la not xtauxl. it ton ipdefli ite to b? realised or to change the reaalt of tbls coLBirocli -n In the ease of Christ, Jay A: Hess va. Augustus Schell, repcrtel In Sunday '? Hcrai.I), It was erroneously sUtod Ibst the jury sU?>d eleven to one. It sboull bare b?ut tbat they stood eight 'or the importer* aud four for tb?:. | Collector * Tlx ermf arose from tbe fart nf one juryman standing up to ?XT>laln the reasons of the disagreement, and, as no ntht r j .rors Wok an\ v>arl in tbe >-xpliuiatlon, it was ge ! neiall\ uidertujod tliat he w at alone on the Hue of toa | Imporu-ra CDAhGK OP I'lRACY AND V01.1TCTARILT 3KKVIW? OH B<>AKP A XLAVKK. I TbeO'and Jrry fnond hlli? of indl.itnmt agnmst Ho tbaa .lordon (f'apta'n), Wm Warron (flrat mate) ul David Hul' (aemad mate), of the Krie. Phi prts maeo ar? rbarged wilb piracy, sni alto vi ltb serving voljchwliy on board a sicver Tney ?tre u|x>n to pl'-.d, hut upon ato'.loi 0 i their course) the iite? ??s p* ?t|>--neil until frid*" neit | On motion nf tbe District ah rney the aixtused partkee were Ciimiuitte 1 ui til addlth hall "ss given, tbat h? - furs the 1'on.misaioLer bviug iDstdlsieut after an tndlot 1 aient. JJPticiMi av am *t>m?a ? We cup the fol'owing from ihei Fermoioina t'oruiian ? Ji;st befure g"iug to proas wo were grieved to hear ft ?he rfeat'i of J N dn?en. lata ed'tor of the Indrj-jvtent Tbe de ?-aae>l nommttiej tui-.ide on ?aluroa> i^ke City, by abonting Dim I se,f ibrnueh ll t he.d with a plc 1)1 We have net hetrtV any canw nssign* d 'or the rash act Wa?Mly H*|>uri ut 'n the :tv *i.d County of New York, from th<' 20 tr ltj at Ort 'her to Ihe 97'a day of Ortoher, 1800 Me* ft', women 78 boyv 1 13 girls 106? Totu, 800 Adults. ITS; nhtldreu, 317 ntles. 307, females, 18ft; rolowl persons, 7 M*t? tOi I'irw WKBArOL Apoplexy 8 Brtduig . 3 8leeillt,t( fr ni howeis... 1 Heeding from the liioirn 1 bronchitis 3 3i> i?ra inlkr.tum 10 Qholer* morbus 1 WKeetmn of the brain 11 O'li^eitK o of .he liver. , 1 Ocngsatlot of tbe laugs 8 Potiv tils ions . 1 toruuooot, infantile.. ?>* >oop 30 Vsrrhn* 0 T.pbtberito.. ? :>y*eotory ft E|>tle(*y 1 Ery*ij*:las 1 fotel K -ver, Inlerollteof ... i Krfver, nervous 2 f ver, puerperal 4 r*ver, scarlet .... ... IT r*ver, tvimold a fever, typhus T Hooping cough ft Inflammation of bladder 1 !i it&mmaiim of bowels ft ti'Wmroatioo of brain. .. 0 Inflammation of liver.. . 2 ?inanimation of lungs.. 30 U.iUmmalton nfsUnnurA \ itioo of throat 'J Umdtce.i 2 I'leurWy 1 ''.uall|Ki* ? "?cth'nf % 5* ???Ann noa cnomc du AWcw of liver 1 A?l!:ma 4 Cirrhosis of the liver. . . 4 jopsump. a 60 ebllity, ailuit 3 >blllty, ?ufautile 6 "alsy Insanity 1 Marasmus, adult 0 tfaraemus. Infkntlla.... 20 Vi. truncation 3 Mumpa 3 >?r?y 6 I>ropay In tbe ( tieat,. . . 1 Orope) in the beau . . . . 14 Heart, -lieease of S Heart, ?!. erase valvular 1 Total Scrofula 8 -ime, a mease of I r nrratlon of bo<rels.... I fuknowa 1 15? saatm rmiia utimu awo otvisb oacsss ?0f imn>i>4 t ros <ajvAn muvni horned or *ca:ded 4 Jsaaal'.ea 6 Caora ity. by being ttitosr INB wagon. 1 "a*oahty by f'-s shot. 1 Cyanosis., 2 .iirwui IroiSBOa . . . . . . 2 *?wnod . S lutuas' aoepti.w o' mUS tines 1 Tw? Itk-npi'raaoe I Uica vsterea L ti:iiea or muriered . .... 1 ' .irkjaw 2 MaKiirmatloo of hcarl... 1 Vd ace ft I'llSoU I "* ?mail. re birth ft Aid' cat loo, accidental. . I AMnrm-LAtum ? I'umxmn clajwmd 4- nsa, > nts ??c 1 *r*n aud cerves.,,... us >?? ?**? (irians 6 i?art ai I Wm?I vessels 10 '? p. t *e*t *r Ill *d age 6 w*'u. kc , and aruptivs 'rv rs 36 Total -Of which 33 we-e fenss vlotoal ranees. Prematura birth R ttomacA, bowels and other digestive organs 71 Cr certain seal and pa? ral Overs 40 Cntamwa | Crinary organs. 1 we nder 1 ,ear lto 26 to M years 2S In Ijfiil Ml >0 to *0 years... ?& I '.o 6>'Sr? 41 40 to 10 years S| I to 10 year* Ik M to 90 years 1| .d u 12 years 3 ?? k 70 years & 13 to 16 ) ?ars 3 70 to M year* 9 ? to IT y?ars.: 3 HO to 90 years g \1 ?<> 'JO V"?rs * BO to 100 year* 4 ?0 w lift) ears 31 too and cp?a.aa. t Total 390 <?r Britlat. Amrvioa 1 aglaud . trtnu*. .<emaar iv^ua .. 1UIJP rvui... * ieaia ......... ... I ? aland C ' nited Sialca +$ 1 ('ntnown 3 West ladiaa t m mm aan.iw titer. i' n, Uiai ? ialaad 14 ?> i.ukn's Rna>.tai 1 Jelle* ie Huapflal fl V -.renll MptUI . . . . ? Cllf Hoepltal 7 ~ "" * OcKWed H'>ire H<*pltal.. 3 id Bear tal I A-v im IHars ?e|l"? IsUj'mI Stirry ano thud's Boa gfc 7>sial '.Ward's Islaal tin ?r??? ??"?pttai i w rk n>nse,)iackwsn'a Caarttf il'?0iai i Si J'??(>h r BMp tal .... 2 40 *Aim 1 T 13 ? 3.... 1 1? It 4 14 It tl 6 31 14. M M 30 IS 19 30 3S ? 31 13 31 30 14 33 ?e 14 ? 3M T>w tiTr'-T of deaths n?*r > ?r?.| ari'A fce oorreaooo < rg wests ?' l?a aiw* I0M aed ?* '?*< weewwaaaalHiows ? ? Week erdiCf fVt *0. I?*i ,.34<? rreoW* 43 '? Ort ii im ...3T3-la?w0a, ........ 13 xaiha fitaa ano ? 18 IT T 13 IS A 9 .. 1? ?1 13 Intai Oct SO. II r u, 4>~a? r4) rmie d'leaae ...1MI> 414 ?real na>sss. An 44 ? 314 ) s. ' T> I, Ar .Tnj rnramr ifWsl arute dM ' f.-onH I i-ttmuU oatsea ?M ST, 1000 j !Ycrm*tb?swese... .... OAJClin B. |Wn^?A(4.C31tvlB?'>ertw ^ ?w Vivas, o I ?7 i?? ntUsrsliigkal Ka?lats?. fba arersed taitts ef AVrs MM temperal'ir. >f h? U> ?eat teea la MiMetty 4iMs? tba was* eodlr, (? jnw |p| U? ? the h?-v, ? ? * ? r t' r * . lion f *r ; I r rreais. nl 'Jit Uip ? . r t>. t hrrr perkMla dur ji? mtitt lav. *"*s- at 0 4 H , ? . ? | ae } 0 o'rlorA f" H ? r m. BXMASU. ^tiirday? M rn m nverrajt; blowing '-rah all lay; ? <y til rata f ? n-'av? "Wverast all day: n'rh' b<*f Won.laj ? Urn a| f?w*T alteram* ovrrae , n et ovi-reatl. Tae^JS'? Hoa??v al' <Hv; I'rM ?le?r a?d rt>?r *e?le'a()av ? CIs r a*i day ?rlear a-'f in- ""git. Tbe>a>iai ? Clear all day : i ?o? r ?** s'1 d u?it Friday? *. e* ;r tM-a H'f afteraooa SMAr, s', itohir and ino< i I'gbt aaxrda/? Clear all day , ai^At clear im nK?o light.

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