Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1860 Page 3
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the r< .n of Frederick the Great, ooIcm actually ron ?to tod of misbehavior At the general election of 1864 [ liter* w.s Kim Ulk about proposing bun, bit tbe Mr* . waa dropped for fear w etdangtriiif (bo ciiUnU corJuUe fcplweeo uemocrata uu the couitiluli 'uala, the { reeult of the mutual oppression suffered by : them at l bo band* of the reactionists. Now, I bo never, ibe democrat* appear to Ibmk thai the* have carried Ihrir ie!f denial far enough, and thai < lime for tb'-m to come in f >r a share of the advr ?bWmed, ilirougb their oo "yersinia, by the ? rtralf. This determination baa occasioned a j ? ?moor tv moderate party, w bo are aw^,# ?;f . J ? with ?hich the K.fibt regp^s anjtt?iUF i?.. ?ore ol 6 rnocrscv By rtulB/f the n^rv- J.iV7m la 4ee<', ItU mudertlej Could caflly proven! It . r.tjrn of ;<u>rilaUd ?? 1 "u,u h CaadlatW 10 obboxloo* to royally b ? IJ/ . hfra.d that hi. mere no? J'w'oe JSJL T arlre the Prinoe Ilio the arm* of the fiJS Srtj as I Ml enly far, 'guard against the > ^ovo' lutloa. orrat exer;lnns nr.. hem* ap! .,' - juywuiui ,M,V latloa lirest exer;|ni>i are being therefore, to indoce M. WalCeck to extric jB uira? from Wis difficulty by to re enter tb t p,,;mcal arena, and ?a U ? now an old man. much br< ^tu lu health and spt rlta, It ta not unlikely that thee f effbrts will be suocsaa fnl. Perhaps the a!T?lr may h t oompri ml?eil by substl luting Kix.bertua,or some olb< A ^.mber of the democratic part) , wbr-ae name la cot <? ^^ctcd with so many remi n licences unplesshig to ro ( vtirt The SI k dou aid oontn oontinues U rag" with un abated v olence. A ''^y njeut lias boen published by a Dr. Parow, of Onlfgo contradicting the assertions of the London Aea, and .^cing tbe oonduct of the English traveller In the ? ^favorable Ugh*. Of course this aeolaration has ^rrly seised upon by the Cortnaa newspapers, r0'.urn the abuse of the Eng lish press wlh interest, all tho alns or the Bri tab na' Mat, present and to oome, are reoord ?|| ?'ilh inexorable minuteness, and poor John /I la wot 'eft a l-g to stand on Lori Bloom leld has ap to II de Schleiultz to have the case Investigated, and the oflcWs punished, If they Hbould prove to bavo bsaeedel their fU>?clioiis; but as It Is the Invariable rule vf tbe I'rcnian government to protect their officers, I do net believe tbe British diplomatist will make much by km mo two , particularly as public opinion seems no strong - ty sgsmit his countrymen. The best thing English trav eller* can do In future is to keep away from tbe banks of the Khtne, and direct their steps to inure hospitable re gtooe The I'rhjco Kegcct's return from Badca Badon has been delayed by the accident that happoied to Prince albert, It having been aetttud that he atinuld meet QMM Victoria at OaMWIa on ber Jaf sf t i Eug hmfl The Interview will n >w cjme off on the lttih Inst. , and bis Rryal Highoess will be hem In time to bo present at tbe eelebrittijn of tbe King's birthday, on the lSlli, which if a.?o the drtitlh anniversary of Uit foundation of tbe Berlin I'n vervity. and will be fcf| ; with all tho trial worthy or so auspicious auev*rt ? (I m-au the anniver sary not the birthday) ou the lHlh tbe Vrlnoe will take hlsdcputure for Warda? t? j jln tbe Dnperors of Austria and Russia whem the accouchement of b'.s wife haii at length permitted to leave h.s capital WbU will futorn ages say to Uie spectac'e or political deliberations ou which the fate of Kir?|? may de;>-nd be eg paet|K>ae<l fb ni wet k to wc?k lor no other reutiou than occaure an ?lostrions lady was "out of htr rcckon mgr" Previous to the mectirg at Warsaw there will bo a groat Mson bnot, In a Polish forest with an untnvnomioablo name, by special order ol the Cur, who is said to be a perfect Nlnirod. Prlneeg Charlea and Albert of I'muia, the Grand Duke of Haze Weimar, and a whole poe?e of prtnoes acd noblea, are leaving Berlin this morning to aa nut at It. Our Florence Correspondence. runtua, Oet. 8, 1800 Mmiian Affair*? 11u Pope's Alln-tUum ? A Glance at Be tmi BotnU ? Italia* Irtvrcowmimicatirm?AMi'ion of Purport!? 1\e Bmi Fait Approorktug?JUUy One am I buitixntie, <*? , dt. Ibuki to the jart and reasonable poller toward* Italy auil pursued by the great Imperial democrat of Trance, the cause of independence and anion (till oontlnocs to pro* per in a degree to satisfy the warm oet hope*. To be sure, within a few weeks put, some dark cloaila hare been seen rising in the Sooth; bat as desolating atorma < are not apt to oome from that direction, we will hope that j the clouds may be dispelled by the favorable winds wbloh 1 are aga>a beginning to blow. The whole ef the noble I barren may yet be gathered In without iiaoage, The l'vpe, In hla laat allocution, wearlea the world onoe i Mum with hia mournful tale of ton and wrong. If kas and a rong, Indeed, It rrally be. they aro oertalnly both with vtry little patlenoc endured. H.a Hohneea Indulges hla indignation without restraint, bat It I* an indignation mingled with many tear*, lie la not, however, yet driven to despair. He calls on the Catholic princes of Europe to ee?ie to hla aid. The hope of tae friends of the Papacy Is ao?r principally in a geaeral European war. With eat the despotic react loo which might possibly spring fr ?m the distrust of a widespread oonfoslon, they see no possible way ol saving the temporal power el the church. No one wishes to Interfere with the Pope Id his proper sphere, or to destroy his legitimate In. ?acnes as a spiritual chief. But the Italians, at least, are determined that be shall no longer reign as a temporal prince They are wisely resolved to break aid dlipel for ever the illusions which have worked so much harm to their country. No one doubts that the Papacy wtll still eadeavor to mere heaven and earth for the purpose of preserving Its worldly possessions. Ifearer to It are Its ?aadace riches aad power than any glories of the other world. The (ormer constitute Its solid aapltal, upon which it only fceis able to rely, to still carry on Its large baa In ass in - unconvertible'' promises to pay to nature bareafur. As It is not probable that the dmaand made for inter ?eetton, to restore the dismembered provinces, will be satisfied by Fiance or any othsr foreign Power, it still ra saslns a matter of much doubt what oourte the Prelacy ?ay Anally determine to follow. The qosstloa c mtinues to be, "Will or will not bis Holiness go away from Rome?' To leave his aapltal once more, aad oader clrcumtianoea se dlBrrent from those which existed In ISM, woald ai ssoat stem Ilka a resolution to abandon It forever. But the Court of Rome baa reesntly made so many blunders that It really seesas s?jsal to any additional folly. 1%e K .man pro t inccs have been swept elsar of ths rub bish wbieb orai posed the Pops's mendicant army, la a little more than two weeks from the day wben tbe pro aiamattoa of the King save the order to the troops to pass the borders the werk was accomplished, t'oder the vigorous blows of the royal flail tbe gram of a new bar rest naa be in beaten oat, aad the worthless straw an 1 Shall have t>eeo scattered to tbe winds. 11m Pope's paled .n? poor General de I-emxl< has been vaaqulsbed ta a shorter time, aad brought f> a bu ?lllatlaa more compkn, than even we, with no faith la tbe eooceaa of the crusade whljh be Tor so long a tlma was dlllgeatly organ nog, were prepared to eipeot. Tbe Cwnoera takon la the varloia S'lncaaftil eooangters ve been hurried towards tbe North, aad passed acrusi the bnr icr Into Hwltser'u l and A utrla a* rapidly as feasible Tney have had abundant r?-aaoa to be graff-il Ibr the ktadnews shown them, act ti ? gSMfaettf whicn e ahlfd thrm to rseape with tbelr lives With a tbe Italian klrgd- n., soldi rs nf tbe regular army, as well as compeaiesof the recently mobi'n vt Sui .tia! i.aard, ar> belt k exchanged fro? oc? to ai < ;>er of tb? vtrm< c;ttei ?a 'i towrs A le? i'ays alnce a divla on of the tarra^vrl of B-caela arrived Is F loraas ; as a noun ? f>r ? m< compeinee of th? Rati ml unH MM North Ibrwe a>nvf d here are a S * mi !tary b"dy, Cost Cied for Ue most part of hardy, well built, no . not very l young men. Tbe Florentines seem 1 1 be prmd of their handsome, manly young c >npatriois and hateglrsa their a warm recept ee ?u*h opoortosltle* ef iiridac lag ItaijtfiS K oaaaiderable enmsers t<> each other ar ? valuer's, ani'ia.e sever, pr'tiaf, b<-~n esjjyed !>efbre tosa e*usl ertoet (?ns part of Jta:y h?? hValy kn iam the other, by actea! inspection, s>> erell ?e the wli.ils Is ktwws by a>uay isteiiigsat lonilgears. who are fhrsrsr wand< ring rv< r the oonnlry Tbe Per emeai at Tana is ana Sairiy la pngreas witti Its work, act w.thia a flaw daye w* may eepact V< aear of actios heme taken opnrt the two or throe isterretin questions wh*b have called M together, an t watsb are sow i-adergvlag i iacnssioa Ac e*.>rsss' >a of roc i leu. s le the i reee?,t Ministry . and "vpa prwUmlsan to new aaneta' ?s, are the o? ? cl? 'f al enltoa Tor pol ry of lb* f vernfMat wi'l < u 1wit>tedly be coetrai'd by aa alm??t saanimo -a voto, aad m<aser<w wtu be take <i with rale rem e w tbe ouesammetioa, as ssoa as posaiuie, of ltaliaa MM fine of ths Nwietts which have sp nsg rrn-n the presort rsT>?lst>oa in Italy ?b rh a 'i^iga teaTet'er tret sotiose, la tbe a'.siost coaplete aboilUoa of psssp iru tlhs is aow able to onw ? letothe cosatrr. go taroogh 'te entire length ar d gn act nf it without being subjected to those eva-n reti me aad delays wbic*! wsr.- mate by the pdioe, aad which were not less vetatioas and eipaneive than h millai ng .Rome ts, of course, still tbe esoepnoa b< tins, aad remaius i morl the oaly dark, foul sput. B t the /hrsn 1 Oawedis, as tbe tla> aol ra I It. is there r early piajtd oat. The e-imedy has. 1a fact, le?enerat?l ta to a ?roe. which the priests wo-,ld proioug. even to aa aall saee of weary, aad ar i tbor ifhiy Mart s'rg paoplo. Tteler Fwiaeoel. that herole act *, has prsvwated the fcree being follewtd by the tragedy <X a hnxidy rendu ttoa. by petllrg ea the a lege a ?< w drsir.a. wmt-a la grard hletorte pet es ??Tbe royal army has lost passe ' lain the A' 'n*t ? the ?r?t at<-| i war ie forru og a a oja-.ct oo w'.th ths f'>n>'S of fi?rlhaldl, for the psrpree ef puttiog hi en. I to the remaintag power of Fraaeis II , eutreac'ird, WHh his forty Uv tsasd men, bsteeea Capua aad ia. is a few daya more must safiv* to tborenghy pargw mat part ef iMly of its tore go ste ?eats The sold ers of OariiHtldl wait wilheeg?r inte rest to grasp their brethsre of tbe North hy th? bar 1, and press on with them to a teal victory Whaa this triuciph ts aoromj shed 'lome will tbea be left la a stats or iwf ?t i n . feared ta w i th rows of forelga hot sot boa tile hayeaets From tbe Aipe aad the Po, to tbs soathera limit of the Praineoia, Italy will tbea be waa to Ms ooa Ire I of lbs itai'aa people A delegatloa . oowipowed ef Bore tbea twsaty peearms arrived la Florsase rmm Nap lee last evaalaf oa tbetr way to Aac?iia, to prrweot to v iev?r Ksaaauei espreaaioas of the loya'ty, tbe admiral low aad tbe coafldsaoe of Wm people of Maeles la aad Ibr tbe oe? whom they weald hate f<r llior aoveri k ? Aftsr a rooepth a and ooef* re roe with Bar^n R' *?<ill, the fltvernor Oreral of tb? pr? riece of Toe'eny, Hie delssati >o set of in tbe night tnwa->is toe r deatlcatloa They e III laelte the K 'ng. It l? ??.'?? , '? j ' ?-?rd ar an. n aa pra-'<oai>la Into the klog dom of th? two $lcllie*. and th is, by bla map!*- preeen ?? na^S" to revive the fcei rr rf I. ral'* aed harmony which has ?o mnrli d sti.'^d hr |r jeewoes whioh hae? o' Me Sera artfvafy at work U it a g <>d aigs th?t tbe f resent <v n m turn < nrr with the satire far * sad m sscacrmaat of 0ar taldl. ? ?r LaBdoii Correapondcnc*. Luinxn, Oct. lii, 1M9 y jtoc*?Th* fho thai an Lr/l? 1fcpte?? t*? rttidenaal Quotum? Tit I'alian Qutuunt?JYopoUon'i Hm*4 VwbU-TU Syrim Quotum- StnH Mn* ii? i?? Umdtm-Tkt JVue f?ero of "iWnn IIooJ"? Theatrical Niw?Kcw York ArtuU-John brotiyham Bwrvi ta til, <fc , ?Cc , 4c London if bow out of town. Few Indeed are the oe Ublct who Oil through Hyde Park. The roey old Doke of Uluttraif b?H(BoiUMiutiir (F) side of Pali Mall. The t'ucbese f>f Wellington, looking peaky aod thlo, but beau ' tififl aa a fading (lower, dashis put in her park phaetcn The Marquis of Nurmanby, laal rose of suauuer, blooms tn 1'iocadilly. How oomee It that one of the moil popuUr, gentlest, and movt successful of English diplomats, baa I bean plaoed in the retired lull1 He is the boat choice the ! English Cabinet could make to tend to Washing*!, bis i aun, Lord UulgTave, la now Governor of Nova Scotia, following in the footstep* of bis illustrious lire, but "wtta 1 unequal steps" ? hattd pauit-ut m/u it. The Mubs of i Ixindoa are clean tog up and painting; the few members I who remain in town are rcyarled with Imiwrtineot aid Indifferent eye by the club tlunko) a. We are congregated in a small, out of the w*y room, and feel like act>oolb>y<> Who do not go borne for the holidays ? a forlorn few. The flrst topic here la Garibaldi, the tocond Is 9yrut, and the third the I'reeideniial election. Taia last one la seldom mentioned, aa the "slave question" hat goue out here and haa lost Its Interest. The general oplulon here l?, that it matters very little who may be elected? that reaulti will be the same. A cbaoge In your politloa means only a change In men the people will continue to Increase, multiply, work and oouaume aa before; and It la gene rally believed that bo American ministry will dare to touch the slave laws or Impose a moro restrictive tariff; therefore the production of ootton and the consumption of manufactures will not be affected ; and aa far aa we are concerned your political excitement* create do sympa thy or cars. the Italian question brntlMt exhibited the drst more to the Napoleonic game of empire. The invasion of the apal State* bj the Hardin tent was plumed by Louis Na poleoo and Victor ftnanuol, and without this step Hie progress of Garibaldi would hare been checked on Uio oonflnci of the Neapolitan territory by tbe concerted ac lion of the other Kuropcaa Powers So long ai (iaribaldi remained in King Bombes dowiu.oua he w*s merely tho he?d of a revolutionary |?rty acquiring their reodom by legitimate mean*, and any government erected in tbe kingdom of the Two Sicilies Euiupe was prepaid to ac knowledge; bnl If the insurant chief crowed the Papal frontier his progress look a different atpecl, and ho ?u no longer leading a domestic revolution at home, but leading an invasion abroad. To this step, how ever, hs bad pledged himself, am, iiidood, the spirit of the people was only raised to the desjieration of revoit b/ the anticipation of freedom for the whole Italian rane. Napoktou foresaw the peril whijh would occur wnen (.aribaldl, by crossing mto ihe Roman States, aroused Uw nionarcnlos of turope 10 Interfere, asd he threw the Bard in i an forces from the north into the Legations, and caused tbe invasiou to bo made by a monarch who had done the tamo thing by Austria a few years before. Garibaldi s forces wiii Uot cross the frontier of the Pope, except as incorporated levlst of the Sardinian army, and under Victor EmanuaL If (.aribaldi attempt! any other step Independent of Sar dinia, he will be deposed. U Is rumore I tbst tbe Sardi nian foroes are advancing from Ancona, and will form along tbe frontier line, thus obstructing the revolution ary army, and ready elUer to absorb it or op;me it ai ?' 'If01- . ?? lLo "ecUratlon of tne klugdoro of the I wo tilcillcs in faro r of Victor KmaoueL and his coronation at Naples, the I'reooh will occupy tbe western 'J2T.Z ^ IT*1*.'*' lue ?*?lbiaJ*a e*sl?Tu or # .V TS?*' dividing tbe occupation of the Stala of the Churchy Sardinia will then demand a popular vote of the pa^al dominions to doci.le their save relguty, to which Napoleon will gi sat a, reluctant oonseat, and thus the fi-si game of Ita lian mdeptndence will be played out, and Wibaldi (dnctaaatus, will peacefully retire to agricultural pur The Syrian question Is lining much of its Interest w? think the I roses an. Christ,.!., or iSCte?!^, Je called, are aroniefoeiA.? :>iac**uards both? to which pair of ignorant miscreants maybe aided the Turks their rulers. The questions of Syria aid Italy have convoked Uie W arraw conclave of Kur?(>raa Powers and on mnr decla.ou will depend the campaign of |M1 Tne position Si iulf ' n* cainot ? * onarosd, for the ?IUl Itsliao revolt, and a war with Sardinia moans a war with Kranoe and a war wltn "u^ct means a war with Ksglacd also Prussia wdl nevir consent to such s contingency and i thus stands the dilliruity. The French KmpoAw always uncJi iTIU> *reM *>?Pu'*r smotioat for his pi?ces, and thougb j?raoaally uot a favorite with the Eu ropean masses, he seldom offends then, generally loads ! their sctions, and never has got them into trouble j tk> much for politics The New York system of' street railways Is going to be put into operation in Ixmdna oabim* t',l>ud!ir*bl* dli,'reooe ?r "Piston about lis sppli tabiJUy 1? lii. j car-row ttroetal metropolis bul It will CII5D?C I1 old faabiooed notiotu of tbr Karlisb and snake the an>t ont of our old wigs; so If t fail it' | will sucoeed in arousing as to s sos improvements M JZJOVEff. maaMa"'i ??*? >? much new. Her Majesty s theatre was opened this week with s hybrid *p*r* "floss wssk sad Knglisb Oiwa y*?, l!MT,,ate nlghu Tne Italian nights failed THiena aadGluglinl playm to wrstohed housss. The Knznsb Opers, with Sims Ilecvea, opened last sight to s lrom.?o I does boose The new opeJT-ltobio Hi*,- by M^ f?. *** * socoess, but is not liksly to prove a very noim Ul lh* ,U?# ?? *' ' Umaa SdTt fight Madame lurteai lor Its poasessi.m Tbe wtrk is ??d muswally goo.1, bst lacas those popular mviodtM and bits of ??g that are whistled by the mi make the lUtuse of ie barrel Ssm P, S carries oa Otvsat (isrdea quietly but prjs,*r,usly Tom Taylors new piere failed at ths l.yeesm, aed Mm ijvugenneim, who replaoxd it, not si.ccesd'd la gai ^ Til* T ' "?? Irisa Hei ??/? int. much life John Itre* has l.esn eoga??d by tbs aiai.sgiDient.and appears In s fs? days in -Ths Irish Kmtgrant ' and "llanily ^ndy." Broagham ma.1- a very jkvoratls Impression at ths Usymarket, hut it is tb .tight ~J*' ?el?-ted s better pMne for his debut J^v Tb* Delphi is orammed s very nifbtard pn.mi?? to remain so for months to oosse. Mr. Bourc'..>anit and M m Agnes Robertson ??.im to have lAcdos sll their own way. Mr Webster tb? m? "f" Aoelphl . goes to Imiry Lass Utestre. and takes with him that portion of the Alelpbi company ret?cwd ">?* ths mana?remeol ? this theatre is nos in the hsads of the dramatist sal wiii rema.a so tbroagkoct tbe winter. | The Issdra public s rr Oiled with sstonMbment st ths P.*" 00 * S'w *ork artists Jobs Broegham sad Mrs fj*w sod Mrs lHaries Howard are the sol? ssasnrt at Us 1 jreuin, whl's Bioeetoai, Hnberls?ii srs it pe--nsnent i-ra-.,,n of the Adel,?i T1,/r. " ^ ' ???k of hulldia# a theatre h?re on the Amerl ran plan for the latter geotv man and bis r^jarmier wife u, s ^ ? k .JK ? *" *b'0h "M P'"d JOed st Wal ??. ? ,,r* ? ?O,oa Jt^ari ago ia now ?ir?? n# woeesd hoiwee (S, what with railways trior* ir.n,^ and mbcr Uiage Sew Vorfc has taken posses,**, v load oa ui this <ui. sad unguarded muateut. Tfcs t ally of lt?lw. f ff7-n the Paris Debate. Uci I I . r?Hy sorusel of adb-rmg to th- doi tries of srcomplisbsd fa? ?s. asd it is as av isatt ,n that we can retort i ;%n Us from wham !t cones r? - ars feet* justly ancr>mplw'iod and there are Tarts as nt'r *r (set but t me has n it stamped It with the seal o[ ,ust ne fh. mo* ardent ruVw of Christsc -l.,m n.vs { l? with aralt'r ti The <wrnp?tK?n o' Crar ?w Jsr scomnpl shtd la. t but It was In to at no nf all tbe Jrsat ?? [a the ear ? wsy Italy t r ss.lerg>.*ng the yok? ao^t, rsnsy of scximplisl ed fa * The Tta .as ca not towb Rime. Wfcy t >? Trarr* li tfise^. and bmaoss Ui<- serving r. r 1? re I In'.e'ilci ,t?iy (r0!B i-ij. s?a ust her Tne its'ltns raaer,i i.nir>i teu'tta ft! W**"" sm Kaglaad, un^se ?. J, of other ,n h.v a? m,Uiiag Wj do ae Italian q>MSlK>r. are l ,esu|Vort?m nf a fart Wb oh they f?n ls?s la the,r Anteclww 0 ati thle where t* tl?* quest k<a >4 Justine st l mjsrtirsf ran liberal t. mi nvmse.1^ urop. re.cke the w r is ths ha* a > ofv-n at ' lerso- Who can he persna i ? J that the A ftrisn mis Pj \ eaetia Is Is eemform-ty w th jurtmr. sstire. order, gn, grspby and sot, na ;?.? enstrsry, s crime asa. i*t tne MghUof sail"e,r At the ei'OBHacemsat e ttK war Ti frit il th"c ?al*ersal th .ught r" " ''"hoed tbo ? Obir ;*noe of all peoples? when be said tbst Italy most be fr^ from the Alp? t.i the a inat , ? bf daggers of lb* <lra 1 Turk. Is now s*sk|rg Tesetts pav the prlre of tne F.or?? |<sar rqqllihr um. rtr her desertion at the elerenth hnnr b" sad preached mntf ??udly thai, nay an* Tke rtfht "f Iial'ar* r-mslni. thee wist It was Its, J flops IS preaerre ef stt oafs r might, asd that s al Thle compulsory lalt to wtieb It Jy must susoiit. *h l*rB I* assnfat by organ' ? rg herself Is tbl respnrt *s It Is ne<ve*ary lo l-t'n ho* to irar? .rrofli shh even tb?- lU we radsre ths [?#eee?ion of V ,? by "regnere may altera 'aehoa. subserve ths aatiosa wose Were lia'y completely trstd rom the eorh to , * , ><"1 ooW. Bg more to lev from w.lhout the aoulo end beraeif. perhsfw, too er?.n hor ows m?s tr'*stoerj'y her liberty to an orderly mtneer Tb I A Mr as quarfri aieral Is, perhaps, s as I nary clv^fe nn^ 1U;> reoetil j emancl.sttod if, for ?>me time |.*ger a j leiist, this *w."rd were not toepended ovr her beat | I Ih-werjes of brnase were sot innrsaaotly rrwaMlsg tfr she m ylt fa'l ato tbe anar. hy from which ?be has b therm been So happily preserved, w? ml?bt SSS all Ibnee rival ; etee* ?*. now rMlu?ie<l to rlennr. r*<y.m W 'OCII g tfcr ir elaaor, all tbe capitals sgala nlsimlns tb* j Bret plare. a. I tb^ separate sutenomtsg aga's i'ft<ng sp th. r beadr, su Hal ibs work of Italiaa oalflruioa might be aga n r -Bi|>r?.mised Iri reality ft l? Anstrla Ibat It the most settee lastm ?rert <.f lu' ai aUfW?tKm it It she whi will <vHle?eeate " Klbf "f lulf It It tbe sb ) will | St see* ad the trsl'itonal ;*al.' Wl*s. all tbe h1*toeloai j '""1*. fn pr-w nre of the coir i*A,i .tanfer In*tro.ttel br , mlefortune, u?' Ital.ans bsve at .sat oomprtheaded thst , ? e . orgnt to have only one h.-art Mi ene head and that " teven ony ton-; rary, la tb * wa ? i ' 'k kT f ? Is thi* na'.lKtal o." til, so. ^wt, botyaii'i legiUmaie, has hwvxas tbst )ii ii-r'L'.'.* ",."TrT"f *"'? * ,h?* ?? ? laearaatod |?raoa of Rfaf Vistcr Kmaa isl; that II baa loard Napoleon in a powerful lraltatnr; la X deCavwr > Cat poilllsla* able lo froundate and roslrtiu li, m 'iart dt om of Uum sublime mulmwi who, in spit >' \>r i UtoiiaJ consideration*, overthrow aud euDeliuim fn in e a [> li oa? Lec oa lis triumph appear* to ?!* to bo n<t V f.' cured, and Ibe kingdom of Italy will be oousittulsd, a, indeed, It b? not constituted already THE HEWS BY THE FULTON. <\lPl Ram, 0 23 \ Via KaokviLla, (VI au, 1M0. / The ttciimthl? Fulton , Caj't Woll>ntfroin Southampton 17ih uisl , pakded Cape Raoo at mix 1 U ?o Sunday, and was boarded bjr th<> news yacht of lb" pretta Her Dews la three Uaya later tbau by Ibe Aau al Vew York. The Fulton has 202 passengers and 100 'ona of oarg>>. Sbe bad experienced a coctinuali n of severe Kales sluoe leaving Southampton. The steamship Teutorla, from New York arrived al Cowea on the 14' h., en route lo Hamburg. The sieatiihblp Au<l? Saxnu, from Quibea, arrived al Londonderry on Ibe 10ih, en route to Liverpool. The steamship Adriatic, from New Yorlc, arrive! at Cowea on Ibe 16ib, on her way to Havre. THE WAH IN ITALY. The Neapolitan Prlntxs bad ordered a renewed attack agtinst the tiari bald tana. Victor Emanuel t ultra Naplea on the 17th. He bad al ready entered ibe Neapolitan town of Quilannova amid 1 enthusiasm. The great Powers, except Hn gland, bad slgmQod to tie Turin Cabinet Ibelr non recognition of the blockade of tiaeta. The diplomatist* at Gaeta bad protested against the de eree relative to M llano, and all the Ambassadors had signed It. It was asserted that great consternation prevailed among the Turin Cabinet, lu uonaequenoe of tbe K itaian and Prussian Ambassadors having remitted formal pro tests against tbe Sardinian invasion of tbe kingdom of Naplta. Tbe Kusstan Ambassador will demuud hla para porta If no attention Is paid to the prolcala. Maaziua h-.s rafnsed lo leave Naples Tbe vote on tbe question of aanexal on to Piedmont la to bo taken in Sicily October 21. tioyon bad rooccupied Vlterbo. Three new forti, armed witb rill'd cannon, have been completed between Hldo and lialanlocco, and the artna meats on the whole Venetian shore are being reae tod and oonntrled wilh an electric battery. TI1E WAR IN CHINA. Advices from Cbina state that tbe allied troupe reached the I' .ho August 1, and established campt al Pebtaog They found llie nor '.hern and southern forla evacuated . aud attacked the Tartar camp on the 12th, wben tbe Chinese Ue?l in diaorder. At tbe departure of tbe mail tbe alliea were opposite the Taku foils, where tbe Uilneae were preparing to re sist. Tbe grand attack waa to take pi toe August 16 Tbe rebtla attacked Sbai ghae August 18tb and were repulsed. Trade waa slopped. REBELLION IN JAVA. Tbe Swiia troops bad mutinied at Samaraog; nine were killed and thirty Dve subsequently banged. A similar rlaing had been discovered In Java In aeaaon to frustrate It. FINANCIAL ANI> COMMERCIAL NEWS. LONDON MONET M4KICT. Consols were quoted it the close of bmlnan, on the l#th, at 93S a 9i\ for money, and 92% for acoount. There w&a a bettor demand for Illinois Central and New York ai.J Erie aecurltie* LIVKHPOOL COTTON 1IAKKIT. nie talcs of I bo two day. (Monday an! Toe. Jay) amounted to EO OCO bales, Including 16 000 to snd ei porter*. The advices from America caused aa op ward mo*, mnet, and unler a large speculative inquiry prices bad adratoed one auteenth 10 one eighth of a penny par pound. Holders demand a still further o?n com ion, and name stock, bad b?n withdrawn from th, market. M ANcniKTIH TRADE REPORT. Tbe market for yarn, continue! to bar. an cpwsrd tendency, wblle tbat for eotton cloths was steady LITRRPOOL RRK A DMT V FR MARX IT. Wakefield, Naab \ Co , Richardson, Bpeccer ft Co and other, report flour duU, and *1. lower for Mm. deacrlp tlon. of American, wblch wu quoted at the range of 2|s. ? SO. Od Wheat firm, and adranoed Id. ??l. per oeotal, | psrtlctlsrlj for red Western, which waa quoted at Ha I ?d. a lk Od. ; white Southern 14* Oorm quiet mixed yellow, 3fi? Od. a 87. ; white, 3l>?. a 41s. Liverpool tro vision marx it. Provisions were generally quiet. Tb. circular, report beef 6 nil, pork duU, bacon .teady, lard quiet, tallow firm at lsst week's sdTam*? bolchsrs' quoted at Ma a MS. fd. LIVERPOOL PROPTCI MARX IT. Rosin was dull; common, ta. Spirits lur pentlne firm at SI*. Od. Vufar .teady Kloe quiet Oaffee quiet. A. he. qalet for both pots and pea: la. LONDON MARKKT8. Hcgar an! e-flec quiet. Rice, aaltpctrc and tallow steady. Military lst?lll?t.r(. propositi tisit or compart r. ninth k*i imi-t to RXOI.AND? INTRKRSTI NO CORK! STON DKNCR? LITTII FROM LORD PAI.MKK.hTOK, ITC. For "omr time past CoB|?ay K , City C.oari, OapU n William Alterbnry, bare bad ander 9oc.iiera.ion a p-o jeet for a tlalt ol the oompany to England The Mb ect has be,0 Tery fall/ d Massed, and grmi unanimity of feelirj ami spirit bat bees etblbltcd :n the matter Tbe IWk>wiac Isteresltsg oorrsspoodeaos baa already Pmm>m be:w~r AO tan. Cop linger, of the Ninth regiment .ad lori ilimsrstos. on tbe subjwt _ ' No. 10 Wau. Strsst, N.w Vors, A'lg II 1M0 to the Right Honorable Vaacotmt PAUUMNa, Vc ? **7 not know Iki. far I am oorreel In al htiL l?r'!-,,P ?* lBe Of this OMMIUIM lies, or abelb r It is ooe tbat properly belong, to another b^"To?re^-irT!.rT,m*Dt' bUl " '?rTOr P"">t I .. lo?<J.h p to ex. nee UM>. aad to u.met me to tlie right etoaonel is wbleb to address ay inquiry Tbe |i rat;<>n I hare to aafc ynjr tordsblo m wbethv a he .Sew Wk maw. Ml lit.. woo,, be permits! * & { V?r *1?" P*,*d' "?**1 ?**d equipped a. a all, lary Tfce organ lsatk? t? whl-b 1 w, attached-'^. paay K * Vof*C?> "??M.o.n.m .uaed by IRptals Win Alter Sary, and la wboaa ?Mfcalf I wrlla? ? ?.? roo. of mak ?hgSo nmrsio. to Sag Ian 4 sext ?i.k 011 i1**' < hara<T?er, asd of exebaagmg < oorte?i m wlih tli? tolnaterr organ iMtl ?a? >?t me aa> iselr ' bro th<-r io:dlsr*"? of Groat dnuin Our regiment i. among the Dr.t snd moat re? peel t ^ > or the aiiltiaorgamxatKia.of tbia H?aU. t*lng asapjawi mainly r.f y??>g m? n nor nprlrg high aortal and pnruniary pnalt In lb ? eommnriity, an iccln-'e. aany proaai i sect clues*. profeMlowal ?? - , banter* and merchant* j <>ur ??tl is {?rop?ed |o be m<-'ely one af p <a*-ir? wbieh, bowrrrr, wn?ld b? nreh enbaoeel to M irbult' wa be prm. it te'i to e.Und sad bare reoe'Ted by th? n>i IMh people? tha Rrltlsh ?oiasl*?r? the right haad of r?l lea tblp aad the p>?;ge ,.{ mdarjaf f<at?r&ity. >?r I I ksow I bet apeak the *? nllmenia of .very man of a> | ron, ?sy Whe. I Nr tbee. .* Ml a heart I, , ?? i g us that i -? 1 1. , > lie mors qa c*lr, rescMwiTn . to toe eel eg* if .1 ,t'r wituln our br a*t* al tbs tbo'taht I 51 t't?dl?g the rhor?* atg en^s> n* the fn?t,d / *rm t ' ? W?e mfmx ftoe aad eel rtiUr.?d bMios of Mm K*?tara ! keaii*| here, asd w ih wh ?. tnu, ?e her* s> o?aat tt.< j of t<nur<?'. rape", and nlf t.t .u ! y' *? p?? milled V' aa, that H' Arclilbal I, hr Or tatinie | -*t? 1 1 Jo*aii! at II. * port, win !?? ham lo bev t-at , ni sy U- Ihe miuur) anu slu I sg of m. I "'# Hi' 1. 1. Tn^stiOg that tola oou .vuniaati >o may rretir. rou* lorcahli * fav .rabl- r-??i i rat-is, I bare toe o>.oor to a* four Irriwlii ji * nir,?; i>. <1 ttatrruil, J. B. (XX'IINCUt, Ai ^ttiaat Ninth regla-ot. 10 ffc?w?w? rranr, l/?st ..*, (SH 12, 1,?) . "? ? * b*T* 'he hoi. or to s. kiioa ie>ise. by >laa *n of Uffl PR merawn, tbe i*oel|.l at y?sr -at. m o. tie 81?i A?cn*t lul a ?? r*P'T. I" l?f"nn roo thai ber Mairaiv a gf.?rr?ner,t a* W II as lb* whole ftrl IM Mt'SM.SMMM fhel rrrr [-real ckmaure at a feleodlr Tiwit ir>t r* -rf ?- n of Um !*??!> of to# I T. *"* ^ <***>?*?l ?tlh toe Uw* of ih ? I Sited K ng iota tbat a bmy of arm?l men, organlaM a* SBiiiiary &*,, ,uJ c,? . ,alj rw JJ? aboKl'tbere^* * ^ 1 Kl??,0? ??<?"?? ' aimeretoe . r-owerr, wo^ld remark that !f any of tba meWihee. o? the eon a ?h, ? you m-Stlonw./ II ' ?*" ' ,n is the .nmmer of r.n yeair, br'r# '**??' b ili#a IJ'#tr f )f |r>?* ptir,?*P Of , nirru ( n?n '""T'1""" " "** ssaoal rill. *Ho. t./ g oi<etltg t isr f * "kt that tb?-y would b.' n.'wt Ueali.y ?r eoae< I bar* ibe bosor to bs. sir. y. ,r m ?t f '.<Nll?nt ,. t vrxv* A-sni-icr J 8 C<pm*?WS, A 1|utanl Nlslh Reg t. Ws hope hi. lordah V* oh>?ett<as. whaterer tbey a-e. *?7 ^ orsreoww, aad that 0-np^.y t, whlcb i. -oo,: poaed of *ofn*rrf oar wealthy As>e> lean eitlsrn*. aad bo ^!T"wf i " roT*r1e*' n? r*rt la doing bonor to lb. Prla.^ m hi. r-lslt to i|,i. eifjr, may ?>e iwrmitled to mm ?" lb,tr ?lliur, raiarity. Tbe matter i* Still ea^er rrma deration, aod will be the fi^itst foe i rnlura owteepnarteno. betarMii A IjOtant (W, ng r ai.d "Lf . "> It>rd t.>M*, lbs alii. Iia "?"X*?' -,l Wsa i. legtos, ss4 Mr T 1* r i Coital ib %b\4 c if. fv &r<% fnim# r?u>o ft wn ?v%r# t %l I ^ TlWt. of Aai rlesa MHHsry r>*siyaa * to p m?n Irol *n- I irr jeraa hue a'ready be?o roa'e, ??,(! r?- o 1 CBly >a the (t'ergtber. Ing rt ID, n M. ^ *ee~ n "?MeS'S. We m wiifln. wnbo*t ninrect. 10 J? f. ** ,b* reomlneai emu referred to ? Tb* Mottiesl risid Aattery Artl w-/. s Ik IM T&ias Utr < jimpan y , \ ksit< d UiiS eiiy two year* ago, *0*1 waro r.-wiv?>.i iio?;)ii?uly e?n?rtaU?od by the Nan iual tinard if N' "? Y?r? Tfre old S>.w \oin t.lty liutrd, uiksy uiftmberitof which aie KOW enrolled m CMB|*ny K, mad* ? vlnit Hi Montreal ii.aiv aad * ago bmpitauly rco>ivMl o , ttmuh troops ?<>ui-<f.y If, -apt. l/;?unrr Uuok, Washington <lra> i, K'^ulb ifiniul, uf tbikcty, visited t ut ? a ' ? VI -o ii t hi in ' ii* i-uoiUi' r of I80J, :uiJ were ra vel nd tutir Micrtf '>V It'Sb tn> >J 8 in.- Uiaiuot?r <! uaid *,nj , vera! other military o-nupa b*K <*vt v ifcu#ii tbe British peovlggee from time u? time, I i Nfo vlilU atre a! wit; k of lite mot*. pi? ti au . charao U r T je Ii rtou 1 uluef r?, au Aueriekn miliar/ oi>u>t<tujy, , * (lit runently. ami took au active pt t in thu it i. o( tbe uf Wales, bide by s.tle viui HritlbD . In- . I < iilp of Coinpuiy K, if u.ider' .W ? i, will mtipv if.i'; I wo mn lbs, it an*kp*aMOf ,.io OuO ? ;i0,C0u of . I icu h already subronbtd oy uiumscrs oi u IX OipkBy. The Tbr?(r?> Utl .\iAtii. MBLO'M UA.IU1ICN ? MK. KOKKKHI' AK UTIUI.LO. l.;iii L.^hi \tr r rr<H commenced the seventh week ?. 1j b ei'gegemoat , playii g one o his lira- m t?? Othello j ab usual on the Forrest nltbtl, the tbeairo waa r ?<# a tocioets Not only were all the availabl se?' os i.m'', but large numbers of ladtes and gentlemen, ena*mpo<l in the lobbler and corridor*, obtained transitory views of tbe stage thn ugh a dim visla alforded by noiaalonal o! aii>'?'B of position by tbe member* of the Handing MiiDoiittee, which multr-d ihrte deep. The prilnrmanoe Itielf ilefeatii tbe intent of the critical olUce, in const queuee ol 'be fact Ibat Mr Forreit baa mailA no marked obaugx in toe maimer nr matU-r of hli jrtformaare of tbn prtacipt! 0 >mcUr. AJ btfore, be f m vory quietly ihruiigu tUo 0'?t ?n (round act! H >? delivery ?? the *|>u < h In itin : 8- i a-c feM calm, clear, well NuaiiCi. ' aud iqu-ili; ^Kiisod. 11m r< bult> U* Cataio ?aa alttiu^uiab.- 1 by au alinirabld ( nlnnr. icg of the winter in milo ?H'i tho forti rr in rt Tbe Ki net with lago In tbo tbtril arid tourtbucv- [ireBent ! m no new points, but w^re tnoat carefully and i Q'eoWvoly ; r> tiierro It Btemi to ua that Mr. F irreat au<l<vi Tora, flrtt of all, to give to tho auliouoe | a i-'iar ui drntaoding of the test Hi* ' p . r '.ion l?. In lUelf, a great Hn-ly. It la natural,1 ami, | w.tbi"!, cffectlre, graoelut and correct, but never in tbe * t bleat d?jiie ptdalilic Of uourae, in acttog, Ur. For. reel biq He* for great eiraota, but he tunx* da in making tbeai Wilhimt violating the proprleiK-a or olfanding the judlciuua <r rrltica lortion o b b an o ? o. Hie |wf foiuknceof (ilbi'llo, aa It appears to ua, ta even bolter tbau before, lie makea the Moor Itis tarage, ??s vio (lletive, auil prolongs tho ilruggln lietmern his e, iuvkjuhiS and his love for the 'soy whom be ba>< revolved to put away. Mr. I'orrett's UthtUo is V itrucg, full, earnest per formance, realtzlLg Mie author's mua tug auoordiug to ibe plain reading of thn lev lli? potn" (io speak lecbuioally) in tbe fourth and il'ih aois wi re nuule wlih io much artistio llok-h aud suliiuod onurxy twi to carry the aualeLce with him against tut own ?>.- vlcti >rp 1 He tuaktsOlbello io gi n- runs, so LoOio. tjai or< '. in? absurd credulity. K?r the rant, the play di l not aaAr so much at tbe handstf the vtanas "Lear" and "H unlet." Mr. Conaay was a little Maw and pudautu lu l?go, and reminded iia oc<'?aionally of a V -r.. t at L'rtan Htep, but ba aetad tho scoaa with Otbe.u> in tbe third act so well a* to u.*ke up for pre vious Bborteomlngs. Mr. ChtrM fmber's 0?s o was an exoeili.ut ctrf':rtn* >>. Tbe drunken scene was exoeodingly well aciel Mrs. Conway made a wavy, Isngunblog and agreeable ft-idem <!ia, and Madame I'. nisl did lull justiue to ibn rOU "f Emilia. Hit cenery waf new, and pail of It? tbe part and furtrm of Cyprua? very w*II done. '?Othello" oo Woilnesday, WINTER UMtDaN. It ii refmblng to lee an a iwi of Mln Cu'bmu'i potter bringing fh' km-re back to o'tr ?u^o ajfam In tbia age of captivating len'attou dramv Her (Jueou Kitberlne, in " Henrr the Eithth," bel i her andienoe en tranced during Ui? latter port too of last week. Ikr L*1y Macbeth now arokea i nboaium uot l< aa Intenae. Her performance last night ?u a auperb t (Tort, ber rendering of tb? ?Uei leg *"-ne being, prrbapa, ooe of the tiuerl plecea of art'ng with wbtrh tbo ba? er.-r "nthralle I an aad " Macbeth" will b ? repeated to night, and we may aay that the caai generally i? eery rerpeotabla? the choruiei pf wltchei belag girei. with m >re e?re aad etTeot tt .8 wa a/ call 7 ?e",an1 ihe aoenory aal ojetjiiiaa, upon the whole, without fault. ACADKMT OP Hr?IC. One of the largeat aadtOLCea that haa boea aaaerabled to this houae for aeraral aeaaoaa part waa drawn together laal Bight to wltneaa the representation of the "Hague oot*." Every neat waa tilled, the upper t:ora prese uiu>? jnat lueh ao appraranoaaa the old Biwery wears on the first Bight of a new mt>!odra?a The audisace, la fan, offered to Uie eye inch a marked Teutonic aspect that the assemblsga Bight wail hare been mtatakao for a naa? meeting of the irerman d-wwera cy Mo mailer how cm poaad, however, It la certain that the bojae waa a largely paying one. It la fortunate that the maaagr meat, la ihe dearth of patronage whloh the Opera haa latterly ex per Mooed from Ita professed supporters amongst our fashionable people, ehould meet with II la a quarter on which It baa not beea aocuatntned to rtly. The fhel U, o course, In a great mesaureowlagto tbealmoat purely Ger man eooatit .:lno of the (-rearm ootnpsiy, and It n bigbly crrditaldsto our fellow oll'ieas of that nationally tha they should hare come forward thai ban lanaa'y In aid of the apparently desperate rffirt of their nompairlots V> r??rle?e tie faring iwi' un uf tb* rrinl m jae. Tb' leaturta of aorclty la the r*|iresenuatkja of las, erenlBg were the first appearaooe of Ma-tamr Fabbrt to the rvU of Valentlaa and the deb-r. of Ml la. Faaay N a tail in that of I'rban Of Fabbri'a per frrw taaca we may ttate tbat, although It lacko I the h'gb finish ar>! delicate KM < I<>m of wl.lih ih? part la lua ceptible, it wu marked by aJl the dramatic. tateoeity aad passion which characters m-wt of las laly'i eflbrta la the duet with Raoul la Um third act, atd la the el ?* rg wm ef tba opera, aha wi< arbitrable, and, lakea alt <f?tber, her p. rformaooa fu' y susiaiaed lbs ai xcWtlocs that ha4 l>e?a form?l o' It. The letrH of Madeoi<>tar||a Natal wa* quite a luc oaa. SLc baa a go>?t a.ti/A aupraaa rotaa, not powerful, but rntad and swest o 'ts toass. wttftaa ei cellent method aad a brt'haot rxecutl<? Tae good opm loo formed of bar la Philadelphia waa fully o rollria.M by U>* T?rdn I of tbe audience last n gbt Iftlgelll at Kaou', acl Tormea aa Mamal, wero rail eflhclira la their way We wi?b wioouM eay the aame of tha r.horuMoa, wlnob were lam-rUhly waatlng In ?iutm/4* ??n W?tcr*day "Dtr Fr? Irchnti" will heglren, wKh Fabhrl, kitgtHI aad Formei la the prlac.pal ralm, Ihe latter | laytag Caapar for tha Brat I'aie la thM on itry f* r -w Mil a Hit t ? Ua*nan1 Tbomaa aantcnce their 1 ?ratdaiaMai an#>?oi the a?a?> ti to he glraa thta ereo irr Tb< r qiiartatto of |M rf<rmer? la Uie aeme aa that o: taat Kaaoa. The llariy < aa?. la "-''reatw *o the aaa of young ilarry and the Hf-al way r^mblera, d<t?rtlrs C. *. Il>-gaa ealfod apoa u? trtter<ay to mate a few e^rTErtliea, wh'rh la joatWa ire ,kbl?h. 'n Ihe flrrt . ar<-, t? aaya f tt a.; a a t'gular o* Itra tflleer, it ffcU eonatttion with the tl. tro ? ? tan aad a<>t bt ai.y m>?ra a MM o{ ladoiteaC ? it , tf!,i?r ?ft 1 1' u?"r I II UlUtCI .I.a, he arr. ak.l four it >.' ti r II 'e ga iibtera, aad It .thl yt->? l?fara Jaati<v W y, who he u Hem f ? ?r riamitiatioti rat T"eattay acit 1 ? i* er mat wu aim arreated. tft 'Cfh not by hiat, and trig"! I ?'?re Joafoe K'liy. Youru R irry aaa 'm t>r in tt!> reaitral >taln? hntaw irom the MMNlal I ? acrat, aa Mtdnea la? . tha Mth met, until bo waa bfkgha befora Judge W* i* it *r k titfia, ' ? Bnuaaal of jo eg Harry, haa ra H ? aud >ia to evua tha* I n < ?l i.ut not yet been i ? ( t ! ire Mr. Ju?il<-?- K> r b it taat he II lo >?e br< a>,t h ore hha to naarr<MI. Ihia alat aieal u a?ate ia ^.?ttea t> J it? It Peranual Infaliltfent rat J. I* PtytMaad II Y f*->y to?, ho'h of Tlrgiala. ^ fMpt. M.'4rearea, of the Vailad Raltl Army, aad B. It. Bart, of New Orteat i, ara ?or>i lag at tha Mraroori BovM J'b'; B Mar aad party, of Ylakibnrf, M ** . () H?g ?rrty uO H Uu-U, <? f N m York ar-> air, ng at tha I*f? ' | e f - r l? Ti rnrr a-d w"?. af Phi:a??el(thi*; fMpl "t Ca'etr M ? ? of Tent ??tf J >M? l/in.'f H rtrf?l .1 A F rarer 'ad wire, of C1W' na't, a> d II aaindera, of fon traif rco, arr at^rl >ay at ihe ?' Sieholaa Hotel, ?.?ft I' r*< a, of Wert fola* : *"hr R tlacr'oa, of the rtearr hip Ma'ai ra? ,t H taarter 'Jalt , tha a^ulptor. from N?ifo k V a It I) II wrdmari, of N Y (J. W. hrjai 1 ai d fi C f mwiwall, of Ho?t/?r>; Or Hay and wife, of Vxgtaia ? A. Gnabt, of A lUma. and S H Uobb aoH f.r.ii , , at Naw ^ ork, are ? u>) at tba Fifth Ara awe P< tel. ( ajt I R ttall, R W lar n, n Tierce aad .1 idga Hart lege, a l ?if * f"in * W W {larr.ol K?w !/?adoa; K. f^tvr, '' ? t '?? rial' R J. Pk r?-e, olfbieaco: W J. t"?t ii?I ? f ' * lit >let(d U W. Yan?wy, t>{ tir.hmoni; tTiarlea he*k, i f t ?m->rirff ai 4 .1 I' I r. 'rajt, of Sew Ha- 1 ? , are ?t> ; .' tg at flkai V?tr^,*H >aa AoM. At It-all at it Drpartarea AahiT*i.a. I n?iv-e- r> P ;rr ib H . Vr R r? r. e-tfe t- 1 ? rb J *r?i ' ej Ml wl'e I'-rry, r -m I ,it*f, pi r fet* - KW I'l l AKarrlw- M Iter* M M<r i r >bi fu thaiittraa? S M Cr>klaa. City UttlllgtBM. Allbu b> Wiks Mi kukh Unl ? BMUgt t Dugan tbe old woman, who tu bo ae?er> I; Injured by ber hueband, ?t ber reemenoe, No 40 K>?wi>| street, on Thurs U? night, i died yesterdar at tbe New York Hospital From the efftfcla of her w i.nd Ppcetred, II will b? ri'moiiibero 1, wa ? struck in tbc leg ? th an a* ?, ibo bio ? havlu* two given w ib suflicient (or cm io fracture tba liosb fha ??M'lact w?a ?rr. ? ed at the tuuo of the as- i leaked i p lfi the Poril'w i i K*Klt lite ree lit i )t ijm Itjurltr. Tba Connors were u, title! of *rx Digan's di'iiill, nat tte lDvflHi|iUao w i* iMfet mod antil . i.t Itt'iKo w?* 61 jewe c* 'g- .tj I w*u a utlr > i lai.d. W'okk iT TIK tin lal'KCIOB'a I'll AhTHS.vr ? IMi log tbe *eek ? ndmir ou K*tnr>lav laal t tit' folio* tug work wall 1* r'oruird by the ? mplov en lu the City linpeotor'a oIBm ? U jSoutd at d iIIdi a??"i iU' aU * u-d, 3 481 poun'm aiO?? garhayc (i d atri pt tilth r moved, 14 St9 1 lads; <"Jiean wi abated, u dt r noi re ten, links atd water c'oai'M clea r "'.140 loads i f right soil removed from the i iiatta 776; dean horn* n moved from the mty limit* 71; '.?a,t row* reuiovni fn>ro ih? nity limn*, 4; dead h?tts remove t 'ron> 'heoity limits 19 dead dog* and otnor Kma'l an roal* removed In n. the city Untie, 80. number of ham'* of offal removeo from tbe city I'tnlta, 2 150 CiUiw Dmyimi i* dauanwAT ? Ou Friday laat.abiul twelve o'tsl' Ck noon, ?? Mr Joecph Monquin, a 'arrier, re elding lu Ktghth avei ue, ?? <roaatng Broadway from the K'gtith avenue curs tu the Mi.aeu'n, bu knocked down aid run over by an omnibus driven at a furious and oaro Itsa rate of H(.eeil. the born a |, ageing over his body, when they were 'topped by one of Mi< i>&<*er* hy Mr H, ?t? taken out hrt-veM the lore and Liud wheels of tbe atage greatlv hrulaed and Injured HrKSKn to rn/TH ? Two children of Klward booster, of fall* Village, Coun , wore burneu t) dealt) lut week. The moiber left the houee for a short time, and looks 1 In ibree children, who, while playing, accidentally set the hoi se on lire, and beeanrn no frightened that they waul lo bed in a uhtmber over the lire When tbe Are wa* dlf c vered ere i no ?t the houae wa* mostly burnt, and ere ol ibe children whs lonnd dead acd a sooood so sadly burned that it du d the same evening. risk in Division sntarr ? Shortly aftor eleven o'jlock ] a fire bioke out la a grocery stire corner af IhvisloD aii l | Attorney streets kept by "imon Koch. Damige estkna- | ted at about $1 600; (aid to be Inaarcd. j TaRtiKT I m'|'kmo?h ? The Mlowiug largtl oonipeule* i pataed our ? ll:ce >eelerday ? The Mb i iron lilght Guard, t'uptaln Vale, nnmherlcg about 40 men. a o tnaklFg a crcditattle apiiearanoe The ( Vntre Market liuara, Caj u u J. Oallk t.?, u?;nber Inn 46 miii-k> t* Walti r Koai-b (isiird, Oaptain M""V)rlen, an1 Hie Fult' D In n -voriia UmM noaiptcl mostly of men en plo)Pd m Uie Kullon Iron Workii Ttia KiliUMl Gl'AKP ? Tois ilue I'Aiuipanv, c >iama.u. I by Captalu tieo McCiy , o- m posed of the em(ih>y^* of me Fugletou "Wire Ml, la, of Now Y rk, patae I our ofl o I Saturday, on ito-ir r< . irii from dtateu Island, wh>'rn they bad been for a day's .arret praetine They marched with greet precision an I evioovri marked tklil in the baoilling of their murkeia They ban bored reveniy Ave mudkete. aud ui pubaibg paid a tuarohlog aa ute to ibe llMiuui bRlce. Y% llllaiMiburK City Kent. QraniikajiiAi I'AKiDi of Tim Fltvaa* ?The Hit q ui rimal parade of me lucinbsr* uf iti- WliUaui'burg Fire IX'|?rtuii'iil took place yesterday atteruooo \n ? pa geant ll >u imli.ri . Uy *uo let'iful A tew ooinptole* Jit cot tura out, never Itiuit^a thu mcu oa Uc line of march numberel con*:d?rably over one tboiitaal, diair>butod among fiiUro or reimteoG ooapaniaa. tbe <tay , loo, wa* Well adapu-d to the duplay, l>?'.jiil aa it waa with all tbeglorie* of Uio Indian m. minor. AH ? <>ag lb* I, je of march tl.o nun and ctripo* aud other Jeojrai n.j . acre fghioited in honor ui Iho gal ant fellow* who cj.u | , uh . I the i.uhl? (t portion of the | ??? ant At a little afler oue o'clock. tM line w*aa formed on ( firreL point av. uue, the rlgnt r i-Ung oa Kratrf.tu aveoue, Ore?n, *>iBl, and ri>.">rtly after, the order to ni-rb nay 1 give.,, lirtt Ibe proatiatau atarted, ht-aded by ll*ini 'tua Alltu, me Uiief r .igtneer of tbe Kaai District, and ha itad. Aootmpanjiug tbcm were ?everal of the civic ' author '.in**, ai.d head* of department*. Tli y were folio*, u by tbe pneral pfoi**aloa, among which tbe foiiowii K c niiMii'i tbe moat prominent: ? Tbe Umtineutal U'?e Coin p? or'* carnage wa? (urmouDted by a beivy p'u ne, and had lu charge the Continental flncftet (lininoj aCtrrlage, th'rtv. two bucket*, twenty Dto nuu, fioin Junaioa. i. f faey were ai'oo.jauin. b> Wai.aoe'* Cornet Mod, cereuteea piecea Valuy Fnrge Engine waa decorated with two amall Amcr.uu U?#e. lu wh el* and tongue were new y patr.led tbe latter bearing the luecrlptlou, ' By peraevo lance we ootquer " They numbered ?e?enly II re men, and were aceonipanb 4 by tbe K'gbih rrtlni'-m band Northern Li(hi tun r.ogiue waa vurmouuted by a Huffed detr and parti c teed plume Sixty m?n marched In tbo I proi-Maion. a>? >mpwulM by Tarl'a band, fnirtoeo plec. i Manou liuae Carriage, (urmouatad by a gorgeou* p.nui and too beautiful b >u.|u?U, ? ity me*, aooompa iiml by fc.raplru Baud ( Wallace's), *nU -a j ucea. Mtumnra Iloae C?iti|iany'? Oar rtage, ?>i'moantn1 by a heavy plume, and hula boy drtaaed in Qrumaa'* ant lurai , tort) men, carriage newly painted. I n U<1 UtC* faiftM CbmpMf Sevrut)' fl i"<? men j ac ouiDl?i' rd by Sew York Braw Band, twelve pierec Atlai tic H>?e Uompany, Carriage decorated with boa quel#, thirty m'u. W*' liingtcn Eck nr. Newly palntf l white, tlity m<?o. R?il Jurk. t hi M'?'', kurm'>'<nl?l by a pluiue; aevtuty miu, aooompanied by Mayer'a band, tewive pkaea. fuiuam tiuok ami ladder truck, ducorated ?itb varioaa aiird A iaer)<-aa Ha**; forty mrn. Neptune Steam Kigine (toe linndred and fifty mrn; aco'i<i|>anlej by Urootttyn Baud, tweoty pie.**. hruw.r'n ip luigiac. Nta*i> tuou, aucompaalati by band, teelve pl*c?l. Hi ,'trewond Ilowt Company. Carriage aarinonnM by i htat) a bite piune, lorly m<*n aad m drumiuera Victory Itaiu No. 13. TboataC M l^yle, forn man, drawn by fmr magtuflneot borate, bati'l?xn"ly u ?juratec altb parti <f.|orv i plumea.and tnuatoricg aixty ?vaua lh? royaa Tbe engine waa >>eMtifnlly d<? kati out In g*rlac<lt, ftat ax* aiid tKii ?. i? ol ma olHc"i.t fl<iw?rt T be ueo, unlike the other r.<mp'\atee. wti;,-h ? rr drrrved in tl>n unvarying (Wsirn'a unUorm of black | troa> '? atd red tb rui, wore browu troai<rr?. Tbla I waa a< kboa^lgad aa to* "crack ' oum}*iiy of the pro ' ctraioti I An tie', ber cn?i pan lea were awaited out l? nambera by invited guteta, aad | ft-e? nie>l a rery tmpuaiag ?( >ar aoee. lb.- Traateaa of Uie Kir* I >* parti 'Bt were dra?n In ai> i open Un-oucbe. tb. ruule lnJlc?t<'d la yeater lay ? >laii?Lr>. and, tin lefbie, r ??? .1 not l?e rrf?at"'l K*er>tlitag pttaed off well, aara ki atlemut on the i?rt ?f avme t* mbera of ragii.e t<n|*ry U to ptek a q .arrei wul Kngloe Cum l?oy in. but wh cb araa put a ?l>>p to by an eLercti' p>'< i :? mar, at tbe mrrtr of Nortti fiwtk and -Vwid urttr ai.1 Who wa W-l Off itumlyrnf th>- #r?> n tm*-l i com paii y to ?* durance vtia. ' foe < I i dcrly ooeAM Loaf I More the ?bal< i? of evriimg ba-l f>l.?c.aach C >m -any ai.d it* a| j a;at< ? waa cxm'o'tably h < ?"i T ne Hllllartt Tontnkmrnl at I'Nrlan'i. l i.claii ? line bi i.aid roosia, la Kourteeaib rtre. t, o n tlaae to he a centre of macli Intereat. lite g'<at tocrrairient of tha prafraatoual bili>ar! piayrrt of the Called SUM* give tbem their m ?t attractive feature at l<rea< at. Y rterday afternnno, at two o'alook, tbe toarao Bi?al coBtlooed. Nearly ail tbe pr ifeaikiDal MIIMN p.ayi ra la tbe cow* try attended . beaMea a large avmior of otb- r g entemen who pa iron lee tbe manly aad a'llat io grme. Th -re were, bcai l^a, aoraa akiiful foreiga playen around tbatas>lu oa wlilcb tha ga> i*a of tl.e lay w. re to | be played. Tfce flrtt match waa b*t*n ?n t|<'e*ra Kava L*gb and WhlU', the gvi e, a? uen%l,c ??;,t>eg of MM l*HLl(op. The , ?) lug dl-l Kit t?me uf to l;,.< tkwa of tbe rpectatora, tbowfti It waa etc elmgly t ?I aad ?Wiiiy. It waa wna by Mr Kavanigb, wh > def.>*t<" t Mr kl. te by l. J (* ou Mr Kataaagh ao?rad M te , i ut ll r a\i iaip> it' mi tr of bla *<-. ne waa ab-ial *? Mr w tine a h at r*t te >a wa- 41 atd i.ia ?'? >nd beat rea nail , B lh.> i.ay waa dan>p, !>? ?" /er, an ! lb > i. rr i. ? i f in< aiot't atirrepfcere < n tb ? ta'i ? atl iu?#d ei.ia. i. i.itily i|i i,et tie rte r' .ling <4 tin t?al ? ,i ? i?, iwl|trii . ?. ucta and I ynob, waa by (br it.- n.-?t liter.wt tg Phtlaa, tha Napnieaa of bll m> ?. ,?<?? ? t?> (??'? i.i b i tereet ta tli * nam' Yea ii rria 1 (?*? | ?>?' ! ' a n a?t y meane", eviooiug iri.ili m in?k rg d'lli .i't c*rom?, aad keoplng lb> i.a *Ui#Hboeaod in poattlaa Wbea "upertomly nOered Mr I.j rntM a'ao ibowrd I. ??? I ak't'..i at rolling tne ball* utopnall.' n and mak I g U 'HI k < p tflffeUier He olao rnwue II a , - r. I lo p ay a'ei- et a wu> ? na the red Ml e il ? reby r?n .er a? advantaire of "tly per ner.t la tbe w re which a * ? * ar 'iu4!oa*, tbi load Ik eg an* by Mr 1 '*?*?? ? Cmh f??Ma /y nek rmt 3?* I I 16 Third ? ViinMh 6 VWh. w 14 U ttb ? 41 tnei Ih U It Fiphin I 91 Kiatti #???????????????????#??? ? if 14 II SO I evi i ta 9 'it 1 wvHIh I 10 ffclrfcettlt 41 14 f,e,rt -en lb ? ? 1 r ".bill I ( i m a* by l.ynch ) 2 mmmi II It '?vetbnHl 40 JJb RlfMarat*... II S N i m 'h 4 Tw? r t < *h II |K . wi ?ty l?'?t. M 4 Te > i ty *-r?>t d M !? T?? ? ty-tVfd 4t ? Twettj tmrtb *? ? tbla' WO ? Tfeplayirg u tbe Itrt game waa dectdadly brPPanl, Tl??*a lett rg |i tiolt "ul!*tal< ih y Inward* the rl'?e nf || r \ '^y h?>th r%?> ? tb* rlr".e* wee? warmly ai ,'i? id?d Tfif tm.rrxn> - t w til be eoniiaaed m day i,? Rm?n Sa ' - 41 Maakvl k, Trrtn , oa Moo j day if 'a> I e< ??, *| nne 'rw. "en W W * wl j f''** |i It t*< .'am* 'a ? >e , of A abi***a, bta relenrateil | -*<-e mire '? I nb> f ..rl e." I'ire" year* nil, by imported I ' *!' ton." i*im ' M>' '? ltm?," by mrvotfl *' ,*i?ef I ? tjrr , ' f"r ?4?'<? I' ? 'n 'a l*e Heater, nf Ala 1 ban* " f . n ?a" ' '?v ? 'rf " ( ka i!ia "l>i>ira" ' by Imported '? 1't *l . I eo jnart old, fc.r IJ.6C9 ' Kyadara la Court. Mambai Kv u ilar* app. ar? l a tbe toner Poiioe Ooart yesterday, be'ore Juttiee Kaily, to mtif tbe oompliut recently mMe against km far u?tU)t ud battery by Mr. William Barney Tbu redoubtable Uptaia detuan led an Immediate investigation. aud said b.. w?n quit* sac. gulnc of the complaint t? iug dismteeel. ruo pr???cu> tloo, which It being ooudu lei by WUiiatu Curi a Noye* >u sol ready to go on with the namiuaii.m , Uewever, ud lo tbe cane waa adjourned until Wetni ad?y etumocu. In cococcttoB with tb ? assault by Mxmh i\ Ujn deraou Mr Tappaa and hu friend, *kM llWf oaDad ? buu to riqMtt 1 > have Ibe three little u. grota delivered np lo them. we hare reoelved the following otiicia: cornea pondtneo with tbe Marshal ttolJing tbe oedoia of Scru ury kl< l*m, tbe llarmial <? id not leel warranted In ?m pis It g Wiib tbe requeat of a by partus wiw Dad no claim npuu them .? LITTMtnp BF.CMM'AH Y M'tAIV. Colo* uathim lfnojss WamiMiro*, Oct tb 18rtO To Tumi Kmouui l>q , United Stau * Marshal, New Yora ? You Will pip**" rfehver the three Africans In your Oarge lotto h. v J Ii I'inu y, LI. J, Seor ury Ne? York Cjlocltalton Soei-ty. ac.virling to tbo in atrection* ?.f tbe Him. J. Ttaoutfo u, tiecreutry of tM la* terior, anu much oblige your*. ni??t re*p?ctrully , W M( .ov, Fin. dec A. 0. S l.rTTKK OP HKV. MR. t IN'SKY. rouiMunon <?khlh, \*w Yokk. (vt 20 I860 Ifauh RrabkKM K?<4 , I ultra HWtec Marauai ? lntaK cm? Having, al tbe reqiteat of Rev Wni VI;l*a, watted on y ?? n. euit.rday, UTib oc.-ber, with au or.iar, as iron. -ititur) Tbiuipauu, (i r the three mHh y<> >m lately . a, t, ? : m a clave ?l.ip, wnioh wn A an ler yo ir oare, 1 uesiru to lli;ibk you tor }' ur pr oupl uud gnnt e nncl.v dtllwrj ??! tin 111. m il to uave ou reiKft luy tcstl* m< ny to the gi*M, 1 , i,t\ u .1 tb? lals u > y wre tvi. dontiy qu.u- happy, ami ^ave ? vllenoJof good treatment T !??>? were **>11 UuUal and in i-erlcct health, and bate gone (ii their w?y to I.iborta a sib a cheerful spirit I bave great cot. Bdi i?* tUa' bamaiter. hi? n e ? 1 Jtt>>d la tbo reboot* 'f Liberia nud a lopusi aa members of that republic, ibeae bright l.ttW' Ia n wil! rooal to inoutoi y ) our tlb'lness with UiUt'b gralit' da. They hare proceeded I t BUilm .re, via Washington city , to t,kki? l arsage in Ibo pu> k<-' H C .-tevt ..a, wui.-n Ii avt? for Libcr.a ihla weelc, with nearly one hait lrad eiuigrst'lt alio seretai nuesioriries, who wilt on lue voy age begin to edtHw'e tba iu. Yours, ti aly, J. B. P1NNKT. I'aptaln John VVttion. ?IS CLAIM ON Till. I'MIrjCl) T\TlvS K- It n*MA(IKH FOB TIIB SKI^l UK OK HIS Vb-.-KL UUKINO T11K MUCtCAN WAR. to ?'k mrroa or titb iranai.o (^ptam Jtibu Wiigi D, n iw tbo subject or oommon'latloa ou all aides, f. iin'Tly sailed a Teaael in tbe Oulf of Moxl co, and alvays rank d ln(b at a bo! 1, honest and faltbfu] maribtr. He hut a claim on tbe United Stalot for damago reaultibg Irom an illegal set/arc or a re?e;, tbe "Star, duriLg ibe Mixican war, op to this tiiuo be bar in rain (ought rtcretr. IVibai* bis eourageoua aad gallant con* duct may inlcrtst jour etttaena unit ovburs to vuable him to obtain redress for ar. uijuet act of miliary power Captain W.laon owned the Star, which reMol was r bartered to carry a cargo to MaWinoraa, with a pros iso tbat if the plaoc was occupied by tbo Ascr,caii army, the vessel was I) return to Now Orh-ana. Tbe to ? 11 of Matamoraa wis in p???6o??i n >1 the A ueri cans when tlie Star riacbed tliat i>Uci*. bu. tte Oolb otnr allowca tbe vetiel to enter, gave bor captain p< rmitaiuo to iab ' bit cargo, au l cleared liiii raael for s'o? iirleana in hat <irt After tb< cargo ass lauded (nn:cb vim ?> ry TaluaUi*;, the Colle*'ii,r ce:xed revtel aul cargo for au alleged violation of tbo law, in tbe act <f lauiiiug cargo, &c Tbe oaptato >.j|i tin prison. Tbe venae! ? ?? acut to Galvostob, ai... a? toi-re w is no oce to d It-nd her, sbo was sonde one I an I sold. The cargo waa tbe propt rty of a rr.-ucb subjoot, ?uO made hie claim on the Tuaaury U partui'ut lor bus toes, aid who, on proof or th" ?sct? statod, received payMi ut for bla g <oda, tbe United .-tat-s tbue adnillliug tbe i-eiruiii 04 tne vi sael and cargo lo bave b?enl!:?/al < attain Wilson preferred lilfc r.iain for tno value ot bis veaael and his Iretgnt, but coald never pro cure any red'eea Tbe rvidvnce on wbicb rest*tq?iou wan made to tbe owner ol tbe cargo Is on Olu lu A ??oinglon, tno fnliy es tuM fhia tte claim of Oapta'o Wnaou Mr Carlisle of Washington, and ex denatnr WeaUiott, cut both nubslau tiate wLitt I slate, they Laving be. u employed in Ibo mailer. May rot ibe frleuds of Captain Wtiaon bopo mat hie rlaito may be brought Ixlore CungrtwaaoC exauined lulu, auu, II loobd just, provision male lo ita allowance. Folic* Intelligent-*. Ciukiii or EmfizzLkusaT? Ix>u:* Prager a Herman ?boat thirty clgbl year* of age. vu brought before Jus tice Bteers. bl the Ikst-x Merkst Polioe Court, oo charge of tinti i zllbg a quantity ot jewelry value! at $T COO aud eatb U> the amount or ti 000, tbe pro|>eriy of Lane rus Wintbetg, of N<:. 5# ust Br>?ailw*y. The ac cused, it ta alWg'O. waa engaged by Wiueberg to no to CalUornla ?Kt tbe Mock ot jewelry ta que* tton for lae purpoeo at dl/-[i<*>tug of the name to Han Frantttoo, tinc-rame* o, Kk?'WU?i an l other cine*. During tlx- sbst-nce bis wife, who kipt a n-ndl store at No 02 tMham street, wu u> bo provided lor o y Wioebt-rg, and a *?? ? ? su .. > ?l 110 al oand on ao r )Ubt of bcr busb*i><). bi. u tiy after Prager's arrival la California bis wile wrote to him, ana urged him torvtu'n, as Mr Winebcrg neglected to ki>ep bla pro? me Id rega'4 to the matter of 910 a weak Pragor loiraediau-ly coat C1 wllb lim will '$ n .j -usl, aud Ml the Kl I> "? l? ba be h?? time to dl*p<?i of the j.welry. Not repor lii< i iiLttlf to Mr WlMberg oo bin arrival iv>aie mm., ftlllaf a ili aire to ooiu.- to a seUl.mebl, Prager ta oo* aroused of having erojcs/letl bn 'rap >yi r'* property to the above rnint'ot.rd amount Tbe <1 fsadaLt ptt Ball lb tbe foi iu of 16 COO to answer, ana tbe ceae ?u *-ul bs fore tho Grtoil Jury Am I ?at<*t.-ri l b'Horurrr.K ? Two wi raeo, of rather genteel app*arat<cr, entered tbe a -ore ot l.tlolr. No. It Bower/, yesterday, aaUer pnlence of making tone purrbaar*. While in the store oo* of tbe frmajts stole tbre* ooats, and, concealing them beueatb h< r cmollre, slarlrd ofl with the Muni As so* war leaving tse store, however, ibe gnoJs becam-? loieejed , and la.lieg upoa we floor were observed oy ?>bi> <1 tbe clerk* , iitiuiii Jatx/b oibea. To ? stop. ill- r, as tug Ibal she w.s discovered, t'lOk timber b? s,, ruimleg off al lu'l?l?od,' i| to escape Iter ooinpvuoo, M?ry Kelly, wa? arrested. bow*ver, aad brongbt lo tbe tilth prtcii.l station boute, when sl.o was t<jct?l up for examination M a'y deal d all nwtodg* ut too woman wbu ati>l? lb. nuts. u. I said abe wee Dot ac qua uiid with her, or aware of Iter errand at U. Uc loir's premises. Ca< ' kt i* nts An ?Mary It>ylan was aangbt in tie art ot stealing a piece of silk reload at Mi fr u ibr st ra of Im H nr.illli r Brothers, N i 306 Canal st'eet, ytu r laj aflernnt*, an I bauiied over to the i it>ly of polio* man taatbrook, ot the Bro.i'lway ?q i*1 When kicke4 up In the staltoo bnvse of ths K giilh preciot tUe prtauoer becan,? to vlok bt that It was ... .ud aeoseaar# lo fal a slraUbt Jacket apoo b -r M a y a aa full o> light, ait 1 j 'I'mlic so bard aat it took three of like p.>. o tu ?u j dne li?r Tim Atinntr l?'nu*ra Fui ?The sstmlnatK>o n Ur ca>i of Uie I'l-o.ile ts On [>iftl (oaplaln of Uj? bark K A KlofBab), J. C. P<<>rlg?a, Henry deli / ierre and i lev id V Mill*, was r*ssmed y?*ler'ay at llm Jeifer | too Market Price Court, before Justice C?Bn'f A , Bum'mr a lltx s*e* were cxaiati rd, nut noiatag sew WN r lit. ited. The raee wan a- ; urrtod ani l Novel bi r It, wben it is bnpxt ibeevileooe will b* iia**4 and lb* matter sabmllteti to Dm sourt iJumii or K ssnni t llimmit Nora* ? Hr*. Iron, proptletrss* of lb* pr<nil*ea corner of Twelfth *tr?el sr.d I'nlverslty plnri, nypenr*d baur* Jastlo* CbneolJ/, at the .1. ff.rsw Market Pilloe fmirt, snd gave hiH in I be ? 'iaot lilt to antwrr the chars* or Krepiog a oieorierly bt uae The eon. plaint wan main sgt net Ihxnreqael by Jat?b Mlf) . a Bah ilraler reoiJing al M I'nlvstnty pi toe. Unprtin* t'nart -t'hasnbrrs. Bel.. '? Hoe Judge inward. Tit* 0Hft?(K?IN RllLROStl. Oit 3D ?Tie /'rnplt ?atf tk* fVWwj '/ Ik* Vu' rf' /!? i <r ?S. J Kn k*rr 1*4 irKTi and H t ,jr of Ane 1 ?* ? T it* wy nn ap|'Ue?t|(ia Ibr an .i.jni ' a to r>-*Oa i tbe Je*' Jilaals in o. -n .stcu- <i g tue vtntu aii i ut* U ir ?' r tbe .V a ??y parai.. I roa 1 , lo put S. anor ot tbe > ar t .if 111 let stature. t'.ti aritiiicat on aaa ? t ??il, ? t ib" t>?ort t-. lay wat pun |*uy twuplad with i. ?armg a.MMon*uiar> a. tsno*. I tu t a*? ?!?..'? ? .arned Nntnl 1 nte|ilg(? nee Atidber i ? '?r.menlnl .>?! wt? n. ?'.? at Ooiey ffls^d ywui ay by <?: t rly - am U ly. Mr. Kot'i' at I ?Iber fttriren eotti ectatl with tbe t'a t"t ittftrri'C lorlh t*Hea, nt !ef the dirr. t . r f C% tun Y "'I the i ? w j ?turn inotk#** 'a' ? v a ? ;ti 'I it lb? ?" no est|t, if wt.trh we n?%t? n. nt o wnne time si ?. C pu b * "d'? repvr r ' ?? far. bar* I' -ie i l?"iy SIM I?afi I, proving lbs* to ? ?'m m mr*r i* *"T T irvt t cd for mat and I < ifefeoe* hae noen lal. t lie r Hi t I the M' "? " ?? " ? I Ut") ontii ? i it* r 'ria as ? f*ti t ,.. V sic*. lay wv< im.i1 was Mept*d, Mil rM 1 to ba r i'hiu. 'I tbe *rtalS*l *? s surg Ibfe*. ?t on* i m | ife* bails pesetrab <t tr im aevea ai 'a bat lo ?"?' f.n* 1 t'lor mch-w, .. , bur' 'rd r*r?? * ?bl In lire, wbi-.h ??? me gru'cat d< plh alt? r-4 In dry ?ai I, i .a. * r*?'1'*'" 1 ,l ?*"" ?i?la?.nns marly a* ' fsr m \ ?' *e t<" 'id to be nn r? tlaltenrd after .elnf tx trk*'"* Tbtyiw* ifom-ti *tely Hit. gb g iUa t-wrba. I W((,| ??<? n.iin* frt-ir d it'-renl d star, e* irf on* b nd'tl ? font- bandrstf ytrdn Tlie b. t iM mad* was Ored nt , ibe <1 ?tasc of tli're bnndi.^1 tarda tr |. . wet sar.4, rl<i** | ly fwtktd. lie ba I SlitlllM tbe t*rg?t br oat' Slile r jil pe I i.t trail, g seven inrbe* Tlila was n line abut, hilt i g IB side of l?e rtrg and cite* to lb* ball's <sf4 Three rite* ere pu- r!y adapV'l to the HnAly drill, be|ig las* IS wright. rt ? ah sburWr, and bnvii^i aa elevated "'f hi, wbtrb qnalil ? are not ty ttnlwd In tb? tU pwllsrn rt(l* na**k*t It at ars by tb* roe'iB of tbe tr ?rnienlt vi tlerOy that t?> ball ha* like ? t I- -ce at ibr*t b >n drr l ta? la a* It l aa at i*t ban 'm. , ai l una ba tr*d wub as great act uiasy. P<vs-- v, H. J , *3 1*10 I , ,-rgr yrSri ? I' r .IV C" ? *>?*r rrr -d ot ba r?*i t' i ) . . j ? i iy ii avivi.wg afwf nwe?t'? ? k ??***, I I II n M.0* of M?e ar?a H* will t?k> pbM t* mtirrsw.

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