Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1860 Page 7
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With all the rascals who oonceived the plunder ing schemes agaitst the rights and franchises of "ihe city, and in thia it found the principal "cause of ita defeat by Mr. Wood nod the Mozut Ball men last year. The Mozart Hall branch of the democracy la an independent organization, and its nomina tions for the city and county ticket are very respectable, (with the exoeption, perhaps, of a few candidates for the Assembly,) and ought to be supported in preference to any other. Tam many, it is true, has succeeded in disgracing some of the Mozart nominees by endorsing them; but for ail that they will stand geod until the election. So low has poor old Tam many fallen for want of prestige and ? what is more important in that quarter? want of funds, that it 1s reduced to selling ita nomina tions to raise money for grog. Apart alto gether from the nominations of Tammany Hall, there is fortunately strength enough in the de mocratic ticket to injure success, and by a handsome majority if a full vote is polled. Abolitionism Rampant In PMiuylrsala and New Tork-Mncola D?a?rt?<( by th< Radical AboiltlunUta. The Pennsylvania Anti Slavery Society held its anniversary last week in a little village Called Kennett Square, some thirty-two miles distant from Philadelphia. A report of Its pro ceedings may be found in another part of to day's Hkraij). The radicals were, as usual, violent and denunciatory one of the orators venturing even so far a? to denounce Washing ton and Jefferson as ''slavedrivers and thieves, whose memory should be held in destitution.'' But this was too much tor even such a b >dy to tolerate, and the reckless orator who expressed the sentiment was compelled to be it a retreat from the storm of execration which he brought upon himself. A very funny episode in the proceedings was a discnenion as to what constituted the best test of anti-slavery feelin.?. Brother Crosier, of Long Island (while), hewed th n he was on the most intimate terms wi'h coined men; that he had eaten with black m?n and slept with black c>en; an.1 thi* latter achievement fc ? re gaided as the severe-t test of a m-*n's anti slavery faith. This et'iu?c the seoMbilries Of brother Purvis (colored), who inn'anMy fired up, and plt' hed int > brother CroziT iu relent less style. lie seorntnlly repudiated the idea that social imlmacy with colored rn.-o was a test of anti-slavery character. What, ha 1 eat ing with a man or sleeping with a n> tu to do with the question of huuiiti rights A white mau might eat and otherwise associate with oolored men without conferring thereby any favor; on the cou'tiiry. brother Purvis sug gested that it was quite possible the favor might be on the other etd?. Purvis ctrried the day ? Cro/.ier was demolished; and now it is to be understood that even sleeping with a black man is no u?st of anti slavery faith. There we:e many other noteworthy things in Chia Abjlition Convention. A young lady of seventeen maintained an intellectual bout with revere iid gray beards on the question whether slavery is recognized hy the constitution; and she aeems to have demolished them as completely as Purvis demolished Cr<</.ier. The resolutions that were reported expressed the great satisfaction with which the abolitionists surveyed the agita tion now rocking the country ; commended Dr. Cheever : protested against the inconsistency of abolitionists supporting the republican party ; augured favorably for the Northern sympathy with John Brown. and expressed their abound ing hope that at the end of the next year they may have cause to rejoice in the success of their enterprise. Th annual report cites points In Lincoln's record disqualifying him for the votes of " uncompromising abolitionists, " and declares that from his administration they are warranted in entertair.inK no confident hope. This impressible coulitct presents rainy re markable phases, bat perhaps none more remarkable than the abolitioout hostility to Lincoln. These philosopher* are in earnest in their warfare agains- slavery, and do not be lieve that Lincoln cr the republicau party are. They will, therefore, withhold tncir votes from Lincoin. and irive ttoem to the sajr? ot Peter boro. This *t?t? ot thing* in Pennsylvania and thn State might possibly be made good uie of. It twenty thousand abolition votes can be given by New York to Gerrit Smith, Mr. Lincoln's chance* of a majority will be brought to a very close point. We do not see any rea son wbj Werrit Hmith should not get that num ber of vote*. lli* friends ure vigorously at wcrk, and will have printed tickets at all the polling placet in the State. Thej know that the; can have no suoniter reliance on Lincoln than they can on Dreckinrid*e, or Bell, or Douglas. Gerrit Smith i* their man, and for him alone will they cast their votes. A good reeolve, and one which should meet with en couragement. for in this way there is still a raj of hope left that New York may be saved and Lincoln defeated. Tu* Nbohokh CoKTRiemxo to thk Pmm hti.vlvu EiJtcrion Ft xn - It is pretty well known that a considerable fund was contri buted from various quarters towards the late Pennsylvania election New England throwing In lta mite for the republics side. Massachu setts alone having given $60,000 but we un derstand that among the most liberal contri butor* were the negroes of the city of Phila delphia. who handed over ?ome fifteen thou and dollar* to their white brethren of the blaok re publican stripe. We are informed that the list In Philadelphia was headed by a negro lumber man for f 1,000. followed by an oystertgan and ? - ?flmaker of the tame complexion for $.*>00 ?a. h. It must have b? en funny to see Forney and all the little Forneys soliciting money from the nigger* for the republican cause. Cm- vr Emtio it. ? The Mayor has sent in to the Common Council a statement of the expense Attendant upon the reception of the Prince of Wales, or rather that portion of it which ia properly chargeable to the Corporation. The whole amount is a little over $4,000. 'This In Olndea the charge* for the military parade %nd firemen's torchlight procession? the latter the moat novel and brilliant feature In the whole programme. Thla bill la certainly a very rea sonable one, and the taxpayer* may tf>mt Mayor Wood for a moat Imposing demonstra tion at a very low figure. The Prinoe s ball eoet over $30,000, and it l> said that Peter Cooper t Co. Intend to eat up the surplus of toe subscription? eo me $8,000. We have n better Idea than that: they should appro priate this money to toe endow met of a professorship of elegant manners, and study diligently to perfect thsmeslvss In Iks OMfto of Iks ben* monds, so Iknft ton next time they bar* a young gentlaman to entertain ihey may know bow to do (be thing ; propei ly. The Prince announced it aa hU in ! tenuon to ccme back to tbe United States in | three years. during which time tbe old fogiea j might become very nicely polished off. The Professor would have tough work with some of them; but energy, industry and perseverance woik wonders in other coses, and why not in this? Decidedly, let us have the new professor ?Mp- _ Thi Kkv. Dr. T vno Amono the Dukovdh,? A few days ago the Rev. Dr. Tyng, a well ^ known fashionable clergyman of this city, J sought to point a moral and adorn a tale by stating, as a proof of the wickedness and de moralisation of the age, that Messrs. Ball. Black 4 Co.. the proprietors of the Diamond Palace in Broadway, realized a large gum of money from the hiring out of diamonds to ladies who were anxious to cut a dash at the Prince's ball, and could not afford to buy the gems they wbhed to display on that memorable oc casion. Tbe reverend doctor wared eloquent ob this theme, and mule quite a sensation among all the old dowagers who were not so fortunate as to receive Invitations to the ball. According to Tjng, all the fashionable women in New York were going straight to perdition, because they hired diamonds from Ball ?fc Black. After the flint shock, however, the pub lic was astonished to learn from the proprie tors of tbe Diamond Palace that the Rev. Dr. Tyng'e assertion had no foundation in fact They asked for the reverend gentlemin's authority, in a very proper and re spectful note, whereupon he declined to give them any satisfaction upon the subject Now, the reverend doctor is a very pious man? a bright and shining light in Israel? a distinguished follower of the Lamb, and an earnest supporter of the Sunday school truth. Therefore we speak of him with sentiment* of the most profound respect; but if he were an ordinary individual? a lawyer, doctor, mer chant or journalist, ? we should say, Tyug, you have got yourself iuloa bad sor.ipe, and now juu are making it wert?e by builyixix people. Tynic, such couduct us that is ungentleruau'y, and you ought to apologize at once We presume, b<>\?< ver. that upper crust per sons have svme special immunity over and above common mortals. Tney are like the diamond* of which Tyng complains, very ex pensive luxuries; but there tb?- parallel stoos, for the diamonds are always brilliant while the fashionable preacher is ofieu an example of the fact that a great deal of trouble, time and money in ?y be expended upon some peo ple with the most sorrowful results. Yet thi j Reverend Cream Cbeese most have a splendid church; a rec?ory with all the modem improve- j ments; a good jila?s of old wine to cheer him up for his fight atainst the Devil and all bis wnrk?; his broadcloth must be of the finest, his cuutiM the daintiest, lib library the choic^t, bis pa'ntiogs the rarest, his salary the largest. Tben he wants a country house; and every now and then the condition of his health demands a voyage to Europe. So. in or.e way or another, the fashionable preacher costs his flock a mat ter of fifteen or twenty thousand dollars a year, and perhaps, as he Is generally nn article of show, the investment in him pays no better than if it were put into diamonds. For the matter of that, we can see no great barm in the hiring of diamonds or other gems, If people see fit to gratify tbeir fancy in that way. The Prince's ball mas. as we all know, a very curl- ' ous affiir. It could not well be otherwise, when we consider that it w?s managed by sages of the elegant school of Peter Cooper, the Chester field of tbe nineteenth cen' iry. More than one p< itou undoubtedly went tbere In borrowed J plumes. One man who bad a drees coat and no ticket loaned the former to an individual who was so fortunate as to possess the latter but did not have the former. Ladies who did not go probably lent their finery to those who were among the elect. ?nd perhaps gome of tie fair ones b-.rrowed or hired the gems, rich an 1 rare, which tbey wore. And why not? Were we not all doing onr best to show ourselves c I and to cntertiln the Prinie? Does not Tyr g gratify bis own parti , -iiar vanity?? *nd is bo to send us all to perdition, and to wub Bill A j Black at the same time. becaine w? don't giv I him all tbe loc-e charge we have? Doea he re mrmber that portion of the New Testament wherein it is related that our Saviour rebuked one of his disciples tor saying that the money spent by Mary for perfumed oil should have been given to the poor? Render, oh. Tyng ! nrto Cw*nr tte thlnirs that are O "are; leave the ladie* to enjoy their diamonds In pence; ad here to vonr dull platftodes and s?.Je je tw; snd aboap all, explain how the statement about Ball A H ack happened to emara'e from the place wheie we have a ri?ht to look for the blessed truth, nod nothing but the blessed tnitb. Ock Co-'fRjssn vAi. ami Citt G* ? rr TVhijt.? A* tb? brat representatives of tbe popular national Union sentiment of thin city which elected Mayor Wood, we would roc-m mend tn our fallow cHir-ene the Mozart noala* tiooB for Congress. and fur ?>ur city %cd couut} officers. Tan* many Hall, whii h !or k me y?ani past baa been controlled by defaulter* ami criminals. i? at length ?o utU . lv corrupt a. to sell her nooiinations for whit they will f?-tch ia the market, with an except] n hen- and there as a peace offering to Motart Hail Bit all (food citi/ens who wish to bring this corrupt old Tammany Wigwam to an end. will give her and her special candidates the go by; for great will be the rejoicing of the community orer her downfall. l?et the rotten old (ink of Iniquity be extinguished. Colon* I tartia'i PaoriMvrt, Orl at. 1400 Cri Cartia. Governor slset of I ? aooytTsms, instead of b? t r d?ad, aa was tatqrapbed r>?ar iba cjontry to-day , arrirtd bere to aigbt rroa Bnetna, wb?r? b<i wu moat mlbas'satleally r?c#<v?1 ta FaataU Hsli sad by the ft*** uJ locai anlbortlM B? addrsaasd aa laiaixM* aodirno* la Iba Anademy of Haste, G->??n?or Hnppm r>r?r 1tcf Ool Cartia aad ?1f? irt lb# r*??t? of Goreraor Hrppui Tbaellyts II .aImih la bia ban or Am wig Ur-"? praacat vara Tilted Puiea Vaalora 8 aunnni ud 4aU><*y. CM. Cartia kavsa bara for Na? York u> morrow Haw* frwai Ta?|tlM. Saw Oauuas, Ost 7t, 1M0 Tha brig Sabam SMaui . fraaiT taipiao 1Mb . baa arrlrad. ' Go. raer Om baJ Isaacs ^oerae dselarla? all dasa at Um Ouatoai Roosts at laraiiro tad Matsanraa mm* ba paid ta gold sad aitese Raw* (Ma tb* HI* ?raad?. Naw Oauin, <)ei. IB, ISM Tks tp Arltoaa, IVowa Braaua Mia, wltb $1M, OOla ^aata, la balaw , <wta? a?. fN AMsa Oatwsrd Bwaad. k. hmm, M. t , Oat M, UM. ffca MMMblp llHa frw Haw Tat ?W Mvarysal, ftm K>h imM f. fctaMy (1 nH|). NEWS FROM THt NATIONAL CAPITAL. Tlt? lecuiloa UaulloB- 4 Pl?? ??? IMlMl-l'hc Via II of Prtmom o I Wklu-Tkc C*neure ot Uem. Hmmjt, Ac. Wi.sHL"?(:TOW, Ok'* a raw nodi or raacnoai xmmmwm. It Is highly probable that, in the event of M . Unooto'* election, all the higher officer* of the federal govern ment, throughout the ilaveh aiding Slates, will forthwith tender to Prealdeut Buchanan their resignations, to take (fleet from the 4th of March next. This would be a form | of practical stress ion at leant quite oonatttutlonal, and showing sucn patriotic disregard of self and devotion to principle as to oonclllate universal reaped. It wtU be lmpeaalbl* to Qnd Southern men at to oocupy the place* thua vacated. Without Collector* of the Custom*, Receiver*, Poatmaatera, Mail Agents, Marshal*, District . Attorneys, Ax , Ax. , the republican administration will Ond itaeir without power to carry on the government except by ? utterance of It opponents. Coder the British practioe the Premier resigns when ha loa<? the confldonoe of Parliament, but Lincoln will have neither Senate aor House nor cubordlnate federal otlioer* In oae half of tho Union to support bim. tbx rurarto* or th* hhwidh*. ill the rumor* whiob are caught up or fabricated la regard to the (entlment* of the President Inooaslstent with what has already been put forth In this correspon dence are quite iiluaory. The President will do bta whole duty when the time cornea. Hi* friend* know this, and noDe luow it better than his political opponents. The latter In the South would be glad at this hour, all over the South, to take Mr. Buchanan for another torm; and if the North would not agree. It Is because of partisan ship, and not from any idea that he would not promote the lnter*ais of the whole cation, North aul South. Kxiraa or lord ltokh. Lord Lyons has rt turned to Washington, and made an cfllclal visit to the President to day His iordahip also cal led on many of our most diitirguuhed families, and received glowing ax-ounta of the imiireaaion produood by the Prince. Be stated that the Prinoo was highly pleaael with Lis trip in tho United Stat *, nothing bavtug oc curred during his entire journey to mar for one m unent its pieasare*. TUB Cn>Ht'K* or (IKKKRAI. HAKNIY. The follow ai; it *be otllciiU tailor a inch, by order of tbe I'realdcnt, ? if to day adilrraie l to (ien llirnm Having given u nun', caroful ixkBilvttloo to all the pv( UU ? bi< I. have lawdy in the n<i'ertm>-nt of Onguo, and in iliu oxptauatlou of ma r*.u ijct therein auboillted by Uicoi&l IWrr.oy to th'.* Diyai tmen< , the Krretary ot War l.el* u h'.H duty to csprnaa hm diaap pro vat of the o?(ier* ictaied b* (i.noral, nud?r diicol April '0, lShO by which Captain Pickoit wit placcd in i . lutitird at Camp 1'ickolt A qn-atlon liav u>< arisen bot?ceu the f vorumiut# of th< I'mtid lau-e aC Uiial Britain a* to the eovercigoty ? i the lelarit or Ntu Jusn, and daug-jr ben.g anticipated t) tbr relatione of tbe two counlrma from the cou rllltor r ( eff.ilrii t, l*.e inla >d Itwlf, (Jouora; Vott ?ka nit, on tm- 16 h oi September, 1H6P empowered by the govern meat <1 the L i i>eo ,?tat?t, to tank* euch tetnno r? > arrangi-mcm at would avoid all collision, until ttio ?Mf xtlli tad beou amUably m juKtwl by tb? 6 matio action of the tw l raitoua lu puiauance of tbeee lowers raiSfil repaired to San an 1 having ?\K> ci eu>pe the wbicb te deemed a'tvtralle, returned, leaving with Gtutci fUruey, for hla guidance and Italnotu n, lillem and Orders of the follow Ir.g "alt* Mtrmbtf i?b and tflh, !So9 Tun tmtlltl p-itnta cf ties* l.tlrnntl'm* and ordera w.-re, Inn the r. m. val of the largor :ui r t of the t'uiu-d .Stat-a force op ?<ai> Juan la ai d; mcouB the rn. i .ioo of one rote I'M y of I'nltet tr<*> #. ur.der Captain H'int; tMrd tbo ? p'-clal Injunction mOenerai Harney to roraoui her that the rovero,?.uty ol tbo iklan I la Mill In tllapute betwtan thi two goi entRim t? and until deflnt .ely ?>'t lied beivem thorn. la*t Britiah rubjecte have equal rlgbta with An.eriran clti/.rot on t'. o island a>woiipan!<id by a r >pv of <>et .r?l S ??it> a??u'aroe to Governor liauglaa of I) ik In'mUm to tnatruct oar c>n! marking MBeera oo the itlaod to allow do potion -lalmlog to bn functionary of W?, iirgton Tcrrilory to interfere witb any Brltifb ?uh)ect raaiding or rapppciog to ba oi tbo ?at?? Itlatid whllat It aball rrraal i In dlaputa b? tvi<n < ur i.'tprctlro govertiiiM-oui la oppoaittou to tb??c inttruC' tona, Gvocral Harnoy rrmt vod Cap'alr Hut aud mbrtltutnl CaptaUi Tlciett In blaplaoe, 'aaulng al the tun e tim? to Captain I'lckott the following order ? TMiit ? I'rle- (lie ('rganlr acl of the ("-wicri-aa nf I he Tnlted Mali ? f r the eet*^ luhoi^nl of Ibe lirHwul *o?erii?ieni of I WeaiiirtUir ibe 'Sr.t l*-?i?l?llve Aaaeinily ?* liiW oaaaed an | art erluiltnK the laiaail of Hen Joan aa a nart of Whalcim oona 11 Th>. aal w XM 6 |l| 'tibnito i to 1'o. grnx, an 1 haa not been | duatirro* ed. It therefore, the law of the Imm) Vou wl I j l?e ob'l^ed (* nae?viei.U> lo arkn>i*led(e and reaoeci (ha clrl) jnryiiUm if V a?hl' (ion T?rril"r> In the iIIm hvi(e of your ' fli.uea in Kan Jn?n anil the Werera; i-ogiman llB( i? aaltaflM thai any ?tletupt >it the Hnuah com awarder ti izitore m.i nahl of lerriu ?. > will ha loUownt h; diaaaroeable raaiuti ou. ot Bla ; powar to cuotrol The JWrrotary of War disapprove* toll orl cr of (ieneral I Harney , lo Tloiatloa of the order of lit. Scott, and ot in? ( ag"" mor.t betwe?'a ibe two gorernmenta rvapao.tlng tha lalard of Sail Jaan, wbicb mtgbt nave beeo attend rd i by Uiaaf>tr< u? oonaequon jea at U.c aaine tl*e, wbilat | tlprotiieg bit i1 ^approbation ba bar DO douil of tbe , good iDtantlooa of l.eooral Harney In the preaiikaa, and i fr< m r.ia known high character and diatlngu ioed aervioaa bo ? rot dlapoafU to he aevore in hla conlerncation JOHN B Kl/)VIi, socrolarr of War. Wn P*rj?7Marr. (tctobar to, isoo rn* ciacvuino* or cajiriHia norraaiTN i mimo. Tbo tieeatira ooanmltteea of the four political pa rile are c;oa'j3g up thalr buainaaa, baring cauard to laaue any ?novo prlbtad aiaUrial. It la eatucated that the aggre gate r, of dotwult circulated by them ilnoc ibt nomn' oci oicat of the freau'eotia' canvaan, ta botweeu als and aavee mUlloaa. Nearly all of tbem were folded at Ibe capital. Tit a nurwroa or raa ri.iim a-.trra A coff i t remroitranco baa bean preaented to thla go ?cruiBent againat tbe diversion of the Bro<>klyu and tbe Ht Marys vreacia if war from the protcetlou of tha I'ar.a lea route to olhrr f .rpoaea. Tbla ramnnatratoe la from a r?apooaibl? aoarre, and baa baea tndtioad by tbe neoeol occur rcncea al I'anama, aa well aa by rival and eon:: ct Log loUrcrta ulatu-g ?lih reap?-ct to tbe !>aiiaiDa Rail road and tbe propoaed &xnmuairatloD at Thictunl. The reDW-artraita urge, at a freat anbjeet of enrrpta ot and of bumlllatloa to Aiaeneanr, that the Panama rente, over wbicb tbore la au much travel and transportation of tree tare, It left to tbe protection of Brttiab men of war, though Uie New Granadian treaty tm,>oaoa neb duty on tbe I'Dlttd SUlea Til rnrar or ct ar? ? Ite Catted ctatea Court of Clatma bit raiume 1 Ita aea a'nc after a long rereat. The ns?ber of cum ua tbe docket la imali. Ileoewed efforta will bo mad) to procure an amendment to the law aatabliehing tbla trtbuaal, to that awards not exceeding three tbimaao>! dollar* ma* be final, latlcad of having at aow to be definitively acted ?p?>n by Ooagrata immni Robert A . Hunter baa bene appilnted Marafta; for tbe [uVre dlatrlct of Uiulelana vice Reaeedy, retUraerf and Cjieaa Armatroog , of Geo. gia Ueoteaaat ta ihe aary. Arrival af Uald Dait frwaa Plka'i Peak. fMtaaa, N T ,uct 2f, 1M0 Tbe Denver Mil reach reacbod tbit ety a Son ten o'eiook last eveaiag. five dayt aad a half from [tearer, bringing flvt paaaencara, incluliog the me?enfor of H lack ley h Oo 'I eipreaa,' with (2&.000 In (old duat. IT, MO oa?e a:?e la tte haa la or paatenfara. tb.i m.a'.ag sewn vat unimportant l oan Cwlaaidar? Th te I9mjr. ?r'TJnrl Cot av ? Omit- - Part I ?Oyer ao<l Teeratner Part II ?No* 1607. IUJ IM? 1?M 1880, 14M4 ITWI, 170i 1700, 1T0?, 1716. 1711, 1T14. ITU, ITU, 17W, 17M 17M. ITU, 1TW Tbe r ther Oourta have adjoursed for the term II. R. m II Prlmra ef U alee aad Pane at RRAttTH HaUoaal Portrait Oal^ery. auroer Brad waj and Tet.ib sir eel INI I ULt UAIJ.KNV II* TBI fRITRn *t?W H" F< Rfcl> WITH A aelClAL, TltiT BT THt RoTaL PARTY Pboutrapke of B R II ike Prlaea of Walee and PnMa, are a"W oa "lew at Hk a III h i#allery. ta er?rr arte al the an tm aaie. Oallery area tram ? A. ? ?L I P V. ft. K. II? Tha PHim 1 WalM aad Puna Al fit'RBRYR O A I.I.RRI TOT Bmatwu The lael pkiAnmirh takea la Aaarlaa of tke Pilai by foyai iteetre Mow on eihlbtUm ? be pnhlie are invite* u maetae tkla, pmooauad b) H V. H In he tbe heat ever lakea nf hlia. Alan or new, all the meant > a o1 ike mat party kCltea RIPTluR KOI ROW OPM. leal leer omb fnaa I A I Ul> ? P W J. WCftKBT A fTR. PVaogeatbie Artieta. TOT It road way. Aaerdota of tk? llake of Waweaatle.? ?*>n?i Aaieneare " aa M tke I'nka of H" watle. ? wakelba faateal awl ban (aomeea river a?aier? In Ike woftd " ' And I Ueprettieat fit la " adUM tbe Prtaee ef Walea "And tbe Ue prrtlleet (Kla ' adUM tke IT'aee af walea _ anl iw" ew elegant aad heeoeing beta." enaMaoet tke Racl ci ML (lermaaa; ' lab at (Mi bat I tmatM U of a aannfarmrar iai?ed K not rm tke mraer ef Hmatway and Palioa ?iraA, graeefnl la forra or dbi-tarne la app"*raooer" Vba Pflaao ? edenlte hat to admit tkal Kooa'l bat kaocbai ail ' Oem ?ma Abaalata and IniUaltaaeaa rare ef aoraa aad Iraatona wHkmrt eattlac or eaatfagaala - WR RRROAI.U Of M Recaat atraat. I nadra, aaa be ma eubed at ? Raat aMR Hew t nek. ?lift WliMbtial to Uka Beat Mi fs^jLBtfisrBtsnr-srtt larabaadl Bbtla By* Wttat, ItaMbRtewU a o Romntl!' /^."iTtrAvtUii. r?w m*. ?8?alwa<l mm FAaiLI U r: li A L u. Iii.|>oi (?B( New* ?tV?* Kurupr ? m? Bit tie of \otiirn?.Tl? Uevo u.iuu at 8K? Nuuili? luc Urates ?A 1 Mnro?ll??-A? lnite|i? iid<nt Anil Sia V' flI?tl?oa?at Cli ui < li?Tbr Lktut Ni?i 'r#m CaJifor ?la, Fike't Ptik ana I tab- "^taU ?? ' "?? Marketi, &?,, <t? Tbe Familt Uiu h of Wi Jni*'l?y ? 'u; ciuUid ti).' latent News from burope, with it report u.' Ul? dls CVMiOfl in I be Hard m ;tui Chamber oo the prt<poaei4 aiuion of ail U*ly, and luterettlr* detail* of ibe H title of Vol turno; lot tori fruffl tbe Siuttifro ^Utoi, reflecting l*JO popular ftoltng in tba! aoclion ??nc? ibe reoeul Hi lotions in recuejlvaiua, Ohio and Indiana; Intelligence from GaJifo.ula, Piku'a I'cak llid lab, Kaport of a l<octure do Uvered before Ibe Ar 'ran fieograpbica) and Siat.itlcal Society on tbe I>run *n<i Maromtna, a report of ibe Eierclw* at tbe laying lb* Corner Htoneef an Independ ent Ann Slavery Church in Forty Aral itrert . An Aoooual of tbe Fatal Accident on the Fall River Rallrr?d; Alleged Oaae of Swindling by a Fast Young Man; Obitaary Notice of the late Captain ?lla* Holmes; All tbe Uioal New* of New York and Vicinity of iiaportanoe; Report* of tbe Oattle, ProTiaiou and Hooey Market*, and all trtare4tluf new* mailers of ibe preoedlac week. Tamil 1*1 a year; four oenu a single oopy. Subscrip tion* received at tbe offloe, uorlbweat corner of Fulton and Nassau alreeu, Now York. Single copies for sale at the counter and by all news agent*. Advertisement* iu asrlM at the nana l Hjsuld rate*. Drawlhfi of H. Kraaoe'a Otlaware Loitertoi:? Hum II CotrsTT, Oioai US Oorossa IS l*4U 56 , 44, 36 , 71, 2, 61, 1h, 22, 52. 21, 3S. 33. 29. COSBUUUATBD UlTTBHT l\lH I V.I < >OT W, IMU 32, 45, 33, 49, 12, 66, 60, J), 70, 71, 13, t>6. Circular* taut free of chare, by atdrewta^^^^^^ VUmingVa. itelawar*. Drawings of ttae Drlawar* SUU Lob t*ria* -WOOD, K Did A OO., Ntm?i of lb. liudu sasTcoai ajts anaouiu Mara uitrauM. 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"il-ava f?i r? bed t*'i i?ti- a e route y p*r<luen's ati 1 ?* would n t inn ti^e any & 11 tr nln i>f oar own I tu u it to*' lulely ataij u* t*.l> tnlae >? *? |,IWki t.ioiirx-lvwi au.i we tbi Jl tb*. <? . #ry t? h[im' ?bl* b<>u ui the trade 011 1 >y the a mif Y oil ran judk<*. tbeu what **liiualuiieri, mxl m rtl r-.Uou jour artloV p/tmto'e amen* the Iv'lee ol br* Voraan'1 o' beiMUilrj generally, who will pp bally feel it neotMsry I ereM ter to > nor 1 d jrrelpWni hi. la t > lb ir wrn uuri.ia 1. uru?-r t > relieve Ibeaaeive* of aurplcion* an Uuwa raub-o aud e> un worthy. *? c ad Greedy written to Hev Dr T-o* In cot*-?-|u*nn? of jour "nftWal irpoii ? la yeatefdaj'* rtaaa. a c py ot wBihwe cli e hoi iw, a? ? c utradlrtlon and reditu ono <if ik? Incorre r? report, *.i 1 ?r mi we arc ronoerueal. we wi aid ibaos i in to publtkb the w bole at an < *rlj day Y?ai*. ?rr respectfully, H ?1.U HL.AK .too. lOrrl few Tom, <irt 16 l.-tdO. Bt 1 Kiel rtn H. Train, D I)., l?o, W knii'uttiilinlT'i - Uear rir- : the Itm-e tbi* day. ?" In-: '*>? foltowtut, uu lb- be?4' m k eport 01 tie iir. r.can tJhurcb Mlaalotiaxy hcii^ti mnri : 1 ? "He (l)r 1tti?) di- ii>eit an I ta'em m fact reiatlrw Ui tbe hall (l'rucwnf >.b'?b w- be-uve Iw nnl before oeen ? 10 IHi pu 1M tr. 111 any aet'iilat ?om. ?. Hull Hla k Ilia aicutrli.K 10 Lir !>.(;. htva ?l it*1, mat bT tli> rent of jew*- ? f' r wotnMt to wt iw~ at Iba Kr.ue '? bail tbi-y made eroti h bi p*T tbe rant tfc< I* alore f^r a year' We ?e- c?yn !. nut ihat a < h ;e. orta wrre co^*o!*Uof foe miui i-iie tj? ? ? b iv. i?a?: rti* tone *a 10 Itelr tnitb, but. be Ibjr ni ? ble to I'M e Ibetn, ww roitjd lake no at!" ?. bow. wit fwl tb>.i a r??p. elble n*rtv baa b 100 It alv'ii* "urr-nry lo tht- fakebood. we a, pis Ui ytwi ai-, rweeWiilly demaadlnx yoi r autkorl t lor auek a elatem-iit la order ibat wa may pan le v deny It An ar.awar a* e^rlv 1? r-n , enleLt alii much ohllfw rave rard ?;?, ?o?r* reaped (ully. flriied, HaLL, BLACK A CO. ?" P h ? lir "vi.r helP)T wa'te,1 cpwi by i?a of our elrrka, to tmiw 11 bi would kltdi) repiv 11 tba ?bo-?. to !%r. aiJd tbai b? 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Ill* vole WIU Ibea lie aw-t ^Mhian e wtuh tb? neenalllee of j ta lea In ail time* ul (I real e> nttnaunl. Ptrnl ? BRAKORiril, a. o. l'hoi??rnplie In Brooklyn.? Willi* nucn. ?atkbliaked iv i Best New York MlUru. Made lo meaeure, ales Collar* maotifaettired to ?erfer. 1AA ritasoo A KID. tl Kaaaau (treet. Freedom Tilanplianl.- 4>?r Uarlbsldl I* |jnr?iln. or.r ('eitnervy la free aer ar<* 'i-~- . ?? a free lam - aad f'e? booiea frea rarib and 'rww hearwt , tree iel ?>la aa<! f'ee 1 bnTtea fife binrew aad '? ree .- kkU (rne l?V-r and free l*- i*kt free apeea k ami tree -Ten: ertwj aotf fre- rfci trcapha taken -ly f'l i.MKr> Twen'y f> ur p! -iMr?* for -we dollar until Ui* ni'uey (it la kli'ied br a tree eivtlKallna. Hue* ul Ifcto. ??*! a HrKtse*' Ha-lery, M nroadway. KarckB Netting Hnchlnce. PiImI'iU. CAB BK PAID FOB IN VI1CLT PATMBNTH OCoe til Brradwav. Areola waet?d. |) U LBVT. HupL FJ|ie*M hold 1 Call and Winter Kyle. 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Hale fyntn the beat Ataoakeac and Wawuua Moallaa Uepul 1 14 ' .a?i**Ht atreet, e-<rner of i'eari Ta Kwery Nother H ho Ilea Children ?unarm* tmm any of the tori Im.| 10 toe perort af eetklp*. we aa? do ar? ia? jot -r owa prejudi. ??. or iba 1 re,e alee* of ether*, mm 1 In the **> of the raftef Ikat wii he any* > ea thrtnle', a ire to f illiw tb? M fl' Mr* * 1 r- I LOW* HTX<TIliB(I a* BMP " l.eil lae' Bo aa illler."? Phalon A ?ioa'i "Maoe White Orleaui Cream " i?old h? aU drag*ieu ?'Beaatlfal lloaplellon." Phalon'B ?Hatw White CrteeiAl i reaa ?? Prlre tor. per boltie. ??A Clear Coeupleilon*' la IMtlretl bftll ladlm l*e HAU b ' "Saow White 'mei.iai i're*a. ' rnaaph at Art ? I amiroa't lawlalhla tX aad T".-L*ae *ew and noral bsventl *. Aeeee?ioa liapne alb.a IW Tnnrm atreek BrootUy*. The trwo# eappttei am II ? 11? Inimitable Catter of Hair anil Wbtaher* *a every ayle to euite the omniraaeer Bo. I Bar clay aUwev Knyal Havana l.ntiery^-*?e Drawlage la at H?er eel .aa For ntvpular*. Ac addreat CH ABB A ''O , Bo. 9 Wtiiiara Mraet. New Yurt Htll'e Hair I>te? Ptfty Coate, mark or btotra W airaatod Heyot Bo 1 Marelay etreei, aad *oil by all drnrrtola. ( Ir rel> agh'* llladwe U l?* and Tua iwwe -Bo to'-iw# up b#kia.< Partlar* niwtalna-.i*. Bo M Ilrtadway, neat A I at* wart a Bate he lor'* Wife, Toapooe aM Hair Dye have been new aula nrpaa^B* all ollmr*. aalweai aaa aeey aerfeol M; no turam* up baAted. ?n 11 Be OaaraaaPe Oriental Creaat, Rn?|e, Mly wklte I'oudre (uH'le, lur apmotlu* mpertori* hair, aad Bwtirated ?&? ?? & ?e>?ar atreet Radlral Cer* of Hwalk, *t It a |H a re^? Dr I B MARfcH, of tha well hew an hnuee of Ma'ak I iti. Bo I Vieey a'rwe*. Aanr Heeea. oppoalle tha nhoroh. darcntae greHai aiHBittoe to lb* nritnal adapiattoa of We ha-tto*,! Cure Beaatlfal Cenhlailen.- I^lrtl'e LI^bM Pearl kae *rhkn?d a relekrtty ** hana* ao equal fur heauti fytBc aad anaaaiita? the er^ipleatoa and a an Bald Mall awililat*. rnaetpelAeeoa 737 aad IB Hrtatdway BerofWIa?A Pew Blltlll af KeBB*4f*l BealMa. lttaeeiai j a jodMooa aoy leetaoa of the Hamfaia Omtaaeot aad BaaWae Okitaaeot, aad I dtrwettoa la mm ptm ?Vel weaad eaaB CrWadere'e Hair Oyt, WIpAiMpM. The tXtly W?? v nto* U ?? j boy jo or Hal of W IUTB, 21? linkway Hlifiniuatl.m Md Palni la the JolM" cuied ? i hum failure - tiuLI/OW 4 1 '? UWaNt b?? be> " ??*d v 'tb uoiallfon fuovrta li tb* cure of Kb^mi uwri wiO bKkil Junta fur Idly )#?*?? lu ?*t part of lha world Ntolawk) <* !???*' Ovaritraag ?r?*d and square l'uu<? me now mustdMed liut haat ouuiuf aelured , are wKrrftnt^l for live )wi Wi/t>rntma 0 and S4 Walk* f H?rtkdi Savai.k ? Warinu ? lu tun city, no Tuesday, October 13, b> tin- Rev .loan lh.wltLg, I) D , Mr Thjmam W E??auk, of Pavai nab, ?J? , U> Mi ? -i'? tlSK-TKrna, youe* hi daughter ul lt? Lite ft.tiH 8 Waring, of L'liUir couuty , N. V. Tauiot? 6roM ? tt Hudson , on Thursday. October 16, \ by 4he K?rv D. 0 IV mam I, Mr hi>WAHi> R.Talbot, of ( New York, to M#s Ijhkk P. Stouji ot the lormer piano. Died. iimTw ?4)o Saturday evening, October 77, Cahouna Ti? *k wife of the Kev John Alburtis. Notice v.* ill f-o given in Wud at* day's paoers when the . funeral will Uke place. Bi YTU< ? <* day e eiiing, Ootober 27, Ti n; ?*, wlf*" ?f the Be* John A. Itarr.l* Nni.i? will iw i:t<* to Wedrmaday's papers when the ; funeral will t Ail* |ila?Mi C?i jifur ? i >i. Menlay, Oct >b?r 39, Iamsh Coimak, a native of i'arMg" West, county Cork, lroiaad, aged M i ye?rs. The friends and wquali tanfles, and tb"? of bl? brsther Mlibael Cj^rmar , IT rea^ecWtiiiy 1UT1U''1 to attend but funeral, on Wednesday a teri.\ooo , at 2 o clock, from hit iate res ieuoe, Ni 377 street. Cork paper* p i age c py Pamm ? On Sunday , October 29. of softness of the brain, John R Davis, aged 00 years The friend* and relatives of the family, atd eSlocrs am! and m< oibt rs of Ho*arl Kn^'ine l-'onopauy No. 34, arc n-e, ? c'Juily Inwttod to attend lit* funeral from hi- late rwtoecce, 2X2 : 'rill van str?>t, this ( I'ucaday) afternoon, at fOMn-Oii Mr>t,.Hy, October 39, Saeah FouiuB, wi<i i w cf th* late William FVrslwe, aged 72 /ears, 6 it. i. Hi* and 27 days. Ihe relatives H.i'l friends i Ctlie family are respectfully Invited to atund ? !io tuner kl, >n Wclneeilay afternoon, at 2 o'clock, Irr-ii the r< idi noo of her son lc-lair, 8 A Cooper, No 0 ' T'lJrd nvesue Her rema i.-i will be taken to the Now Vorlc Kay CJtse tfry for iniermtnt New Orh acu papers pli a:-e oo; y Kloou. ? On kotdty, ivtubor S, of 5)*?aao of the Learl, Mart, the bvl i d wi'e ot Mlcbarl flood, lale o' ? he county Cavan. picrleb of KUIiukere, lrc-lnud, in tie yci r 1 1 h r age. The ielat:vei> aim friends of the family , <uid those of her broil i r, Plilllp Clarke are respectfully 'uvitrd to attcm. thi' funeral, from her Uw* rMtdence, No 2?^-Virsl arcnuc, on Wad net ay morrm^ at ttu o'clock, to t^e Church of tee bi.maruiate Conc<*td:> n, Konrteen tb ?tre> t and aveou? A , where a Hipb Mac* of R> i|U'?;ni wl'l be tillered ?P for U>? re|H tt ol ber soul, acd from theou' to Calvary Ceme t *ry for tnt< rment tnim ? On S'indny, Ootober 28, Km it-ri Miuji, joui;n?l d ui|Mvr cf Kewtou aid Mary ai.u Gilbert, a^m! 'A win 10 i..iKitbs auil 10 days Tbefrutii.8 ?l >l?e family aro r -spectfully tn?lted to at'eiid Ue fiip< r'd, ti i* (Tlsseday) aluirnooo, at one i o cl'i-k, Irom No ".M Ht-werjr. (ill ItmcT - "ti V'. 1 I.J n( ?< mono, October 29, Mm. HKH M , w.Ie < ! Otorgr d. Glitwrt, Jr. m the o3it > wtr of her l|A The funeral ulll Ijiuo pla. <> frotn b-r late n mdenae, No. 1M> Wrsi !? rty wnrlb street, ou Wedner lay afternoon, at one o'r'm k Tbe flrteo J of n.e family a. o luvlled 10 iilu urt without iui*0v invitation. ? Ii hsMS ou, on Monday, October 29, of scar let frvir, Win jam Nimi nsHT , *oo of William A end Kli ?ahetb A. Berru g, a#i-<l 1 >ear, 4 month* am. 2<iayw Hm- fuaertl win take i lace (Tuteoaj ) morning, at ten o'fioclr. I r oi No 248 'lloomfeM irtrift Jc??Mro* ? Oo Sunday , Ortober 28. at th-?or II., after a !ti (fern f tlloesa .Ions JiMwr in, ii*ik) 42 v-nra Hi* fVlradl and ibe member* of Henry day Iiodre of K A A M a/c invited to attend hi* funnral, from hia ii< r?.M?-ni. , tit Martls-m etreet, Ibis (Tuneday) alter r <n .at two o'clock. Hi* renmux wit be interred in Gie< rwcod Ctoeitry . K*ii.t? On Monday morning, 'tctober 29, ol a abort but fc-viic in ???* R. ? k Kiut ? nalleeof the to? loud rf HmuimulUgh aud |?rt*b of Tulljcjrbit aid county M?i Irt laud. The frinulii and acquaintance*. nod tho?e of t.rr brother*. Ji hu Owen, lalrick aud franci* Kelly, are um rt r?ap?ctfally invited to ait- . i tic finoral, on Wed i.i?day afternoon, at one o'clock, from tbe reel lcoo* of her brother. tjwen Keilv, corner of Knrty aooond street f -i Lth ?vi in.*. ? lib .lit further notice Mi Miom ? Oi. Sunday morn' i October 38, Mrs. Eu. 7. Mti Luuii, mother John Msrkin, a*c<l tb roari. Huv ahe r< st U> i?xir? The friend* and acquittances of the family, are rc *p?rtiiill? limited m attend Ihr lor.frml, from her la> ro *' time, 229 w?r< Twenty Or?t stmt, u !* (luM'Uy) ml U rn on, at two o'clock. Mokii --i <Meel> , oo Son day, October 28, PiTKiOK u *mm. *r*d 913 years Tb* relallvw and Mend* of the decerned are reapeel i M'y lev-, ted to attend the fCn.-ral, fr< m hi* late real dtutx'. No 12 Vine street, Brooklyn, tins (tuueuay) alter lies, *1 two o'clock Mm-Hin. ? (Hi Monday i-vrn'nq, (Icteber 2>, at III , o n.' ck , Ha>at H , I iilar I child ol (bomaa H. anil r.ciina Mitchell. at?u e T?intl-r and fi <layr Idk ri'lat i k Mid frii nos of Hie family are rnepoctfully ltvltw! !<? atti-ud tbo li.neral, from th? rxeuleeoe^nf bis rruicfatbo, H s M't'-tw-ll, oo Broalwmy, oeor S?*ty wMDth ttreet, oo K i?lo<-ecay mominf, at oirvtn o'clock, : without furtbir in vital loo M' I ?*> ? <m Monday, October 29, Jonx A. Mi l^oaji, a native of Scotlaod, ayed M yrn III* frlenJa are lovited Ui atkrd th? funeral , from the resldtroe of Jobn Just, No. 84 Weat TUtrty lereotb Urn I. thl* (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clook. M< K ita.<i ? < lo Monday afieraoou, Octolwr 29, Miouit { Mi Ka>>a, native of the Pariah of Kngaltroufb county, Monaban, Ir, land, spe?l 41 years The frienda aad relative* of Ibe family are reepeetfnlly Is riled to attend hi> funeral, on Wedn'wlay an.iroooo, at two o'clock, frniB his late rreidenne, I^turel Hill, opposite Ca'rary Csi -etiry. M ti sa ?tn thia city , on Bunday, October 28. Mr* Ra ssi. a (i MitKR. ikff'A 12 years, wi.lnw of .lam<? Msvsr, aii 1 1 daii?btcr ui the lat* Dr. Robert Hal*te<1,oi Dlaabetb town, N. J. Tbe Iriend* cl the family are respectfully Invited to a'.i -td h< r M aeral. tb'? (M ?la? ) mornirir, "W m the l'lr*t Vr.? b> U r wii. cbuii b, corner of rifth a\i-u -and Kli-rontb atreet, at tel. a'ciuck. Hi r remaina will be taken lo Ktif*^ th, N. J. Mi irsici -On Monday, OctoKr 2<i Am amtaki * L Mi ;? iikau, a^i.t 4 y> ars, nine aiontha and I? uay*. 1 Ifce friee it and NMnHNMMlM^ invited t? at lend tii>- luneral, tbn (Tui?i a> ) a' two o'ukiok, fToaa the rvSMlee-W L'f her lather Wm. R Viuirhead, No 411 Oreenw" b street, corner of Watte Pnomr-dl Monday, October -U. OoMItU A , *c c nd dai.gbter rif Thotnaa and Ai>n Marta I'mckaey, A^eil V ) ?-a.-s and 11 days Thr frMnds and ri atlvre oftbe family are r<w{v>ctfully Invited to alletd tbi funeral, oo Wnoneaday n. .rnnj, at rlryeo o'clock, from the r?oidetic? of her i ?? ; t? No. 109 ]A*t Kortv niritb MNtla without lurUx-r IWMM Hraa-Op Monday , October 29, of conaniaptioo, Asa Hksh. a|nlM v?i* Ttie r-lativee arid frlenil* of the funny are re*pectfollf 1 tnvlied u> attend tbe funeral, from her : i*. rsaluaoce.No 12 RrK'ine stre<t th ? (T,ira.lay) after ni?o, at one o'llna. Her remain- will oe takun to i.rc >owood fx la I u i meat Raan ? ftit Monday, frtober 29. Fii Hajik. >.?, y-innjeat *r ii of I Harrison and litoocra Reol, a(*d 3 Jiart and 8 Riot, lb* Tb ' relative* and friend* of tbe family ar* ro*rv*lf-illy Invited to ati? nil tbe funeral, tin* (foetal*? ) aftorn'OO, I at bair rast two o'eieek, from tb* roaldeoo* of bl* pa , M ilts, No 416 Tenth arenoe. ft?*?rrr - Al Newarfc, M. J., oo Mnoday. 'ictobor 39, a'ter a !<?(( and aevere Illness, borne with (?hrl?tiaa for , in ode. Kuaa Siawon, tbe beloved wlfb of Mn-bnal Sienott, i a**d JO ye*r* Tbe funeral w|tl lake pis*, from th* reeid<*rw of her mi ther, No 236 Hank sirret, Newark, *. J., oo Wodaea day afi< rrooc. at two o'clonk Humha* ?On Sunday, Oetober 38, after ? short and sevrre Ulaee* Mah.ashi Sohant*. the boluved Wlf* of I 4M9M Horaban , la the 30th year of ber a(B. i H,-r i.l?ie-* and her frlcmla In |rei<^MAare rsetiertfiiljy | Irvltrd to attend tbe funeral, fmwi Mr late r<wldeqca, i No 283 Wiwt Tweoty 8ftb * treat, tbl* (Tne*. lay) after t ii' on at I alf past one o'ekmk , without f irtber notice Her remain* will heiak<n i? Calvary Ometery Win*.- After a short lllne**, I"*ra* B Wane, in th* 18th yiar of bla afe The reiatlvse aad ae^uainUneee of tbe family are ro > ; . ct:iil|y renoisled to attend the finer*], hi* late new! i re, M V?k.y street, thle (Tn?edey? afternooo at I tarn o'clock The remains will be taken to ' .r*?a wood. I Wit/.* ? AtCbieaf. on Tnefwiay.fiolober 33. of lypbol<l frvir, HaviK L., afed 38 jraorr, formerly of N*w York Wtraat*" ?In thlaerty, oo M'ndar.nev i.'-r 39, Can*. Niia M., w H of I'e.lerlrk w C ?eii ?in4, and datifblor I <t Olfew Kr-.-aieth f>i?naa. afe.i 33 fWI*. The fin arai will Lake place from the reeldence of tbe 1 la- lv, 8*1 Wa*bla*ton ?tr,et (near llarrt*on) , mt Wed n<sday *ft?r?oon, *t on* o'clork The relarre* and fr.^r" ? ar* Invited to attend wltboat further lavitatloa. RI8CRIXAITC009 a WW I ro? iTiaTHOtrr. Wii be road; lo morrow mnratoa at dajUfbt, th* ' h P|I?*I b'wve**?r ever Moood for iwn neot*. entitled TBS FAMII.r PAI'KR. ' ? irtnr M arid eol : aev of >-b> ieo revival Wtoriea, Mhelr Ma, Pnooo, oilttsa eipremly fer THI FAMtLT VAItR. the mlllioa be r? Ibe aiarl for THI PAMI'.T fAMT*. W tie* will bo for sale all over tbe ratted atose e?d ilseed**. New* A feet* bead I* r>*r M? erd*l*. BO** 8 *or*BT. " Wboiesal* Ago***. AIXOir'H * ?.i ** worm. \ V r" "'??I ?UOCU> PKOVIIU | n^,r, trod*. a ??? '-<"> ? | " ?*??"? r I- : ?? ' aT JAtoSh tVHtll kl L.*# m " \ dl Tiff. ? ard.1. ht- ? ?W* 'h? 1 Vtnta Ul<?* ? Jf *??' J- ?o& uUsjU ib* Mr ?" w?Mle* ko?? AT n 'W?KB1>BK.-T"la UK. y H*NI> *l?n? "i, fcorahtee la the 0*<d end aUttoaery I'lM n i? n ? "mm . b> u'-?brodR. ui p? feetlor. ?I,a 'jgawMw*/: A hTIFfflAl JtlTH.- t H I <? h IC A TfcHT lMt'Kii v A?e?l In.Lw ?? ?>*?*???. l'r* K.?-.e awl Um* f K' tilts . ^ f,J25Z2X2^ ?omfort aid aetlefAetingi bltbrr.. Waverley pUoa. rrar Hroadwar. IMaMUb TJ rrrrrrvrrrrrr tyyy~ V*J* n rrrtrrrrrrr yyiy \ V? ^Baa 8?L FY KF YY V J S H rr mr "ivf" ? rnK if Y ?*S# rrrrr rr yt Bi? Krrrr SAU.OU'8 PATBWT 1XFKOVBU /KKMCB Yl'KIC SHIKTB, P\Wolo1 Nfwmber 1 18W A VfW TYLB t?r HMIRT. WAKKaNTBI) TO Wt, ?tut* to n>u ,r?. at ?M fig and tM, Ae , Ac., tier dumb M or^er irvlr for leea than half edoirn thbna. Wbolcealr Irade gup tied on the uaual termg HAI.LOU UBOTHBM, Mo. tun Broadway, New Tom. f /10BB8, BUBIOBH, I1MBBTB1) MAILS, BOT.AfUin \.i jiiIoIk and ?D rltaeaere if the fnct mred, without puta or iDi onT-nt?ii(v In l)M> patterA. by Br Z A * "If A RIB Homes Cblropndtal, TV) Broadway. Hefere to pb> uciaxui and lurgeae ? if ike c*y. JjKArXim DBAFNWW. DBAFTIMB, AT ONCB RBYOV3D. RBAD TBHriHONT. B/?* or th? Rnnur, > Mgw tuu. An* 16 WBU t I?r. Von Ko?*r*irt?r li-anted me fur dea.^em rrry wiciw? I' and H?a*fa?t.irtt? Jfy brartag was reeturwd and e? Un j ? ae good aa ever It.l 1 add my leetlmoey lu tla f?n*. I*, h I, AM AH, PreeldnM of the Bank of U>? Kej'ihUeu N?w Yobj, Oct 1#, 1MB. I wae indurM by ble ht*h leetlnoolela la come ? great 'fl*. Inner m on? nit llr Von M ?aih/takei . wfco rtmt red my hear ii ri perfeotly; aad 1 aincernlj reoomui<Bd him aa a iumt ?B fiil aitrun. J. THoMPHOIf. fcaiiblr?epMe. Dalrbeea ?anty N V. Hie Voea Uct U, IHM. Dk. Vie MoeCnaaKSe -Or*' Su I am a Using w inraeaC your aktll in the uvrrtUra nf lh<- Kar. I came to you dee t, ard my bearisn ta .tow aa K'vid ever. Your*, with great ra *??*1. ROBBRT HAiIR, l'.-ealdent of the (tondhun rire luitrnna I'nnuiaej aUj dibhahks or Tim kvu and kak ccbkd a* iuh tm <TB. HO. 107 CI.ACB, lietntua FUth n?a (vi th avec<ite E rtTABLIMUXU HI ITT YBA JL MKBL'B OABINBT FVBXTrj HB WASRBOOm, I.'IS anc' Foonh utieet, ni<itiMrat t eormos at r HtHiertar Parlor. Library, Dtruag aa 4 BeArcna Fwataea r erery avyle. /ram the plain and auhetautlal tu ike ? 'laraai and eapaMMh at nsaeooable prta a Intrrlnr Deooratlooa. Iter, Ha >4 'el Olaama. Aa Oooda packed and ahhipad to all warle nf the worK. GRtAT BKDITCTIOW IN CHINA AJ?U (H. AHBL On and after Tu> Mlay 3d teat we ?? "lall oCir tar mtt Cub rvu. faarioaa qr cniNA AM) <lLAl?, Oaprtdii ZM Itmre. at #71 par a4. Th* China la the vrry iinewt quaJHy of ethtta PnaOh GMMk and lh* giao la ru b cut and migravnd lur?emlae itlai??g% lor whole turn, tug a acrtioe At for tto beet tabtaa la flM ?ouctry. Wf are only erwhlKi to oOVr the ah>>** nk tuie^iiiri cr of harin^ ktmrtd tb> na from Ih a gn-al bargain for c*?h and In fi?ng the r ita we hare #MB ou> ct.atL*n.i ri the full beaefU of thr redoeMaei. Tlx* ? dra'r. .t.? of arc rl : , A: I.h* of he etume eeu will pla eaH rarly ae our av>< k of Ibna !> Im.tad Al?<> (>i bind tl r r V. .'Vliif, wblVi ware pnmhaeed by ll*u/bwcnt. Ir Knmpe. at low ralee:? HT'-II DBCflR \TY > XiIKNBK HK.Tt >om V% oi Do do TBA ilo. do. H do. BKONZKB, Y aK.'a> (KX)IW, At *o k. v. BAfoi-wotrr a oo? ?S" tat and tfl Rmadwav. i*>n?e.' of ilf ?<n.. 5 KKJUTCtKV HOUR HON WDWKKT Hirer i>lrt lle -ina. ratnblltknd IKW We Are lbf utile H*|*T II for tax i?ivb .-*< J lui. Inna Us-I--.: bran.J of Wbijtkdy, In muw * <mly ? :-<Vr- *or tr.e i I - 'i-ii ,t nM I* <Ur*< #<? aliaoly -4. 1 iii't i Hi* DlaUUartea, Iwiiiokjr. Oram far iw Wtoakafr t na >!*<1K.H ?f A iX), rh'D'l?t' H< llwrlet*. 1(1 SI* *11 and TNi Hr"*,twiay. T AWK<* OR OK NTT. WT'osR IIP '-I/T H IUK >;R >>*? tJ > rm l urr.1 wt.l Iii?. h? Gmano lirtn'i Toot , at ?*i 1 KVV Anfir , h cv mu! t'lriiriL *?' ?iw, u<', At HA VW la Itiu.klll. eor 1 1 ?n,ij >??- emu a b>. ua 1) C. MORKllkAD. M 1) , 19 Vbbi Aiwsi KlfYA Mold 'iy aV ???! rtr i(? wa CTO DaA* PIANOR O ORaMR s^UARK AND PJOOOU}. rbr baal iuaau.'a<anr.?l. Waien?.?A3tlH Hrutdway. SII.K MI1EI1 WAI.K1NU OOAtR. HRA V. ?<U r ? N m, tit. Vee la. (.1; ret., v |p*>d litim i '.O to 9Hr, ?rr? Una. tlH. ? lotki, t mnumnrta at A \ r tuaim tor 1u* '-rdav work Man/ artlc'ee will be *>11 r or .?-e man t?w i"ta* OrrrenAt. V fact H. I'LAklK. Ill William and. T HI HICK ARK IlRKPl.Y INTBKRRTRD. I)ii ? IlrEi>' Ph . ??r??Ti '? Yrc.rr<?tA PmvrM u Pima. The lon*ee.kro? p. ??'? a?ed and ?<?** under*. ? -1 taed'.-tna In the wi>rl<1 1 kalr uae HraoanB.tke ren'ore* *.11 M mor* nr nth< r >>???,. na la or out nt tba war* a I Uie nri-wln Urm, pravaala ai.?r?aa?a. an1 a#optaitaa ami atiddea death* otir*a noM* mu#ha. a.Uiiaaa rteumatlem and ifOut A aa/a aparixBt. an I an unrivalled AaU Htli ita **111 ;|Warra/.v-: P*aa it V?Grr*RUi aad Inr.oeeat K<mt Pi in.p t?n> Mntt Knomi. tV.ld al 1>?. Hk<?i*>T!i'l prlrrtpai nfRoa, Ho. Ql <'aad ?traai a?.l alao al Nr . 4 t/DkMi Tiai* 24 o n ia p?r (h i lrt?? tiooa la moat la ?ui?ra ??**??' ii lOTIOBt. A r< . ?. > KRTVKXH lilH TIIAKKN ? >? TKHT -A A Ton aud ttegm to lafnm W* i>atmna thai a awtwukaaaiBr I Uw lat# Br? ha k ?a a*vn rwjaiH at lh> old aiaad MX 8MB | mmmm, *? ? ? ? ? " > - all kinds of MxlMUac oaa ha kaA t> o. or r. h. or ?rik -a vo'Ial ???ti*o or ' J), t tia a ??H 1 will ba b* d at Mrtripoifjia )<?"> full m Itf d Klraat, on ilila 1 ? ??la> i r '.rLlaa. ? ? H, i ?./ Ait lb* ara ra<(oe?. d W< Urnr Hj <rdar I ? K,UU' K* J'tllW U? K *KM !J. Pru^t CI Rt/TDR AI4UROUC7V DR1*ARTVRKT, 'KM 1 UN.. ) Hattaa I* kara.IT titan lto\t an ? ? ? a. ^a-aj'a -t M> I ,?r will ba add ad u> all u?eaM > Totoa ntrr raata. oa Oa firat Oat nf pf"T*ati?w uiA k. A MAiK'I. In' an. T lytTOR PKAI.EhlV MKKTINO.-tN CuKliRgCRM'M I i of Ik* aart rwc*lar BocUi iv aire ini >f tk> iwor aortMly orctirrtap on tk? ? ratJi t of ibo IVaatAanU* llam a Ike r??niar i?eeUB? wtU <*)?? he kel<* o> tke f-ni?g rf l?L .tl at Um Hetr"t?MitAB A/.?iu. No !?! U*?t?r airwea. at "y, nr.t<irk. Mrabara will pleaaa be i nnetna. n. aue i taer*. Hj order of Ike Preatdert, P w KMt4n. MAWMf ROTIOa- KTBTIC TIK UjIhiK WO 2Tt, r. 1 A W ? Tbe m?Bl*ra are rr., i<?led In ke ynn^Utal ? aUaMaiK-' !kla (Tanwaj ) a?eniB? al 7 ? o>leek H> 'r?der. NAlA>lJi CAKf iKl Is W. *. rm*. A Kairnxt, fanretary MRKHKBR or UBORUI WAPTIWOTOV l/>r JR. T A V ara rwnnaate4 loaHaad a aptWal rouiaii.itiB tioti In be hr | at tkalr ronwia corner ?? !>,?>?; andllr-in? ?tree la. al It] M. m<lajr. *1 order ..i tkr A t , ?IM>. U. A HA IUK N 7!RW YORK rm A*i? <'orwTT Mg- ' r?" ' i cm P?o|eri.?e M rleir - Member* ar? retnanw-4 k' tee<1 a ?partal o. -rtln# of the abore aeiett a' Ike r m ** w I! <ia% eoraer <?? Hieerk^r and ilrame ttrewta ol Wed. *?la#, ?i. tober M ?IKl' K Hmineea af Imt wrtai rr allle i'?. teted It, order or Til' M AN H * kit*, Tire C| fi -ra Hi>,i Aim. Reer.r.'ln* bee raw r, ()' |!.I> 'It'ARl! "H IIRI k - ntR MKMHRiV- HJ1 AU> ' "tkara tkaa trie: d rmder wltk ike W. 1 } '<w* Miaa k. eer. are r?<|'i'??e.l V? i iret *1 Harrwit* t. Sfl. n <e rter) T.ira*a? arl fr la? e-ewm?, at TWo'alwA. Mbwtf r> 'I'l" iaiarlAkat wl I la !.-^ae<i-.l Bt .e<^r 'IKkRY HaKRIND?M'i' f. < aetata. Outmi R. KjK,WLn, Heer?*>ry. Orri' k ukiht" hoard tbr^iurt okpart ?ri< Waakinrtna. II f. (at R imi k?a <d frnxm:? win barwneirad at u..a <?re aattlU Ue aMk ? 'wR'iid>? 'v<- S 1 IO* ' -r n?e IRON LtnilTNOITaK P'-R fAlt CtlltlRKtK PLA. "rawlnr* And ifeaU>*? may t>a<>?R*l?d ai UN* ?ea. or at Mie fmlowlnf r.?a?: n'aewa ? *?w Totk eitf X' 1 1 1 ar real au? hare - !"t I I taaiwarrtal wft+i% . I"Wl?rfelpbA 'V?eer M O and TVAinfe C.raaM By t rdar of tbe l.igktk 'iae Hrmrd <Vt ?V. r HM1TII, Rr^w-r tornr? . The ??tropoijjai rraR i rmsr* mm ootr a #t Raw tor* Ort S UMk - Woti.e la tereb y -,re? Uw'/*e i aotiaal ateatku. <?( tkto ? ai| aa| ?B b< aetd <ei k w taia *? 1 ktk day of November rati fro? II to " e'elne* P W^fnrmi | rkotaa of Ml 4traiv~w la liaa rf U ?a .im*" awnta eiitirw <m ibat day >*d of ib-e# y u?e.-t I IranMH bonka Will b<? j?e.' till afU r Ae eceew. R A. BTA Wit RT. ? rrakk ?y. ^ . "" . ' i V>Ai? -Hob iht wRiairr and ni?-r ani? an ] \y <un?l. atal?rarrr?Baikaafrmaa: _4A- - d-wW ta i lAa an t delieerad ta Ike b-el of >-4m< tm 'BPda ornar of k ?? i aad llranwkt ?tre.?, aar tt torw )umr , ud R??a?ai mkim | m i -nji, %k| ii7 DmuM ** Mm u ton* ? A ^ :w rr.twToif I * TOO IATR r??* HJI'NI# ICATIOR ; A f'ABIl. - IIIRIRO 01 ARORjm V vA THR (SRRaT A (tfnrtar <# tkr ntk toe" eay? iha. ? / aa of >ar I \ TJ" Aad |wr? tky ^wwlaia iBdnnaa'i^ k>| ihat inay lowel o h aa/ (J .moad* ?" ?" ?? ??? 'Vrn* of * alas !l*ll Ir, U > rit? W*. w?* '*? ?toa? -.reel ' r# ?n~? aa 'mr?MN?. a?? imn aafaly ?) tkal ?? , nr to be WW? ? ifcai ~ea*ott ??*. |rr 4 e km .It <i itw 1AM mat real m aw*?d ta tke a*era ar?? . wa wonld a.< tkat ww j mi. In ka WW kl ike r> '?w . RaJ\ nr w?-tfa of to m> w-.rtA | of '\a?ae^ta l>ta??v?a aaatn ?<?M W.iaral rotd ?>*??.? de^rw Ibe mam eipert jad|??. Aa<^ ? rrwaln^na ?. wiij "lb ?a. '.i elder It A baalrma irtat* ' * tw .eeana ?r. ktr', or erne | bay, rani da mown ? ta be wax, oa ? r m Mkn wbrt tkey mn kn; nu ealabraaK OalifoivtA I ?armd>. a^oel In kerf Maner ta tba raU. ant *o mm nr ? aartMer lr ?t"^ ? _ "fcillllAl UAnriM. V* NrS W?| KIT. IMRABI.K RIAAR9 - A flRjm.Pf A* or R*"PRO UMiRy ami ran* ad kn.'d' ? raa (wl dar ma Roma? wlto tae eraat'olir# a Atv?n k? ^-.?it* a' ? ?rat Twenty aarond Mraat near rVU araaaat D' F IRNT riJUto TRACHRRN AfTPT.IBn Tfl PAKflER. rkmk aad puna m ? ? n ? n<? ?,' ? ttk iVkooi flrenlam. eflar rawlin <4 v w*' led Refer ?<> 'ar?t?y R<w lirwta (er ? leMlewa. Bi Iftv.MRmad Bar Ik a Y*a B' i man, aad bmttk. *oa!a tNll'l R? OR IToRnAY. rtrroWRR ? A?XALLRI f ^ ? >waar A?ply to itataa I ?? >aiBt. 3

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