Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1861 Page 3
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ft-uits of the industry of New England and Penn sylvania it imposes duties which will prove al most prohibitory. In many instances it will defeat its own object, from the excessive character of the duties imposed; the articles taxed will cease to be imported, and the reveaue will be none the richer after the tariff has gone into effect. If the object of the dominant majority in Congress is to raise, by customs duties, a revenue sufficient to defray the expenses of government, those duties should be so distributed as to fall upon articles which are mire to be imported. Tea and coffee should be included among taxpaying articles, and the heaviest charges should be laid upon commodi ties which cannot be produced here. This is the way to raise a revenue by customs duties. Mr. Morrill and his friends, however, are not thinking about raising a revenue. Their object is to build up a manufacturing aristocracy in Pennsylvania and New England, and those among them who have sufficient sagacity to foresee the effect of their scheme are well aware that the new tariff would leave the government at the end of a year poorer than it is at present. It remains to be seen whether the representatives of the great Morthwest?who now hold the balance of power in Congress?will submit to tax their people out rageously and uselessly for the sake of manufac turing corporations in other States. If they are willing that the people of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota shall pay tribute to the spinners of New England and the manufacturers of Pennsylvania, and that after a year or two of such tribute the United States government shall be found deeper in debt than ifc is at present, they will support the Morrill tariff, and it. will become a law. If, on the contrary, they are honestly in favor of the fair developement of agriculture, indus try and commerce in the States of the great North west, they will not suffer this monstrous abomi nation to pass either house of Congress, and will seek other methods of providing for the necessities of the government. If they should decide to re ject the Morrill manufacturers' scheme, they may rely upon the support of the intelligent represen tatives from New York and the other great sea ports. Morrill's bill abolishes the warehousing system, by decreeing that, at the expiration of thirty days (instead of three years, as at present), importers shall be compelled to withdraw their goods frem warehouse. This would prove almost fatal to the commerce of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the representatives of these cities will naturally 4>e found in the ranks of the opponents of the measure. The experience of the past few weeks has strengthened the opinion of those who hold that it is not the interest of the United States government to raise its reve nue year by year. A great national debt is an evil, no doubt; but a moderate debt has advan tages which receat events have brought very pro minently before the public. No such heresy as the right of secession conld prevail for a moment in a country which owed large sums to its people; if such fallacies were mooted they would very quickly be silenced. If the United States had owed six hundred instead of sixty millions, the ponding secession movement would not have re ceived the encouragement it has. And if, instead of tinkering the tariff, the republicans in Congress were to authorize a loan of thirty or forty millions for the payment of the expenses of government during the present year, they would achieve their purpose more certainly, and with less injustice to the people, than can be the case if they follow the lead of Mr. Morrill and his friend*. A very few Jays now will settle the moot question at* to the attitude of Great Britain on our tsecession movement. In consequence of the re signation of the United States Collectors at Charleston and Mobile, ships are now clearing from these ports for England with State clearances. There arc not many such vessels, and tliey are paying an extra tax in the shape of double insur ance, and a loss of 1 a 1% per cent on the bills of exchange representing their cargo; but still seve ral vessels have actually sailed for England with clearances from the States of South Carolina an 1 Alabama, and when they arrive we shall learn what course England proposes to pursue. If the clearances of the seceding States arc admitted, at British ports, to be as valid as those of the federal government, the Southern confederacy will enjoy all the recognition it needs at present. We notice that the House of Representatives at Washington is discussing the Senate amendment to the Deficiency Appropriation bill, granting $300, 000 to Ambrose W. Thompson ami others in re turn for certain rights secured to the United States in the harbor of Chiriqui, New Grana<la. It is ge nerally believed here that this grant is a mere lob by speculation, and that certain members of Mr. Buchanan's Cabinet are accomplices in the matter. There has been a good deal of talk about establish ing a coaling station for the United States navy at Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui; but the fact is the coal of that region is tertiary coal, utterly unfit for marine purposes and of very little value for any other. An interoceanic road has been proposed, and this, with the proper means and under the pro per auspices, might, perhaps, be established at Chiriqui; but the bare fact that such a scheme is feasible docs not entitle Mr. Thompson and his as sociates to f.'M'O.OOO of the public money. We re commend Congress to look closely into this matter before they grant any money, and to see especial ly whether the Chiriqui company have any right? at all which the government of New Granada is bound to respect. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were 122,775,079 65, and the balances $l,3fi8,53<3 34. The business at the Sub-Treasurer's Office to-day was as follows:? Receipts $965,08* 0.1 ?Tor ?moms 60,739 4.1 1 ayments AM,MO 27 IWlance 4,491,8S0 28 The Long Island Bank has declared a semi-annu al dividend of four per cent, payable on demand. We find in the Boston Daily Advertiser, copied from official documents, the following statement of the shares of the several States in the surplus revenuo deposited with them by the United States government by the act of June 23, 1836, and wfiich the present Secretary of the Treasury pro poses to make the basis of security for a new loan to pro<ide for the expenses of the government: ? Maine ?156 888 34 N?w Hampshire 069,086 7.) Vermont 66.4,0*6 7') lteSMCHOSCtt*... /. 1 US,IT.'! M Connecticut 764.670 60 Island 384,333 80 New .ler*'1* ,.....? 7f*j il70 fnj Jfew York 4,014,630 7!*" s ,? ?,867 514 78 286,751 '> Maryland 065.8W v5 Virgo is 2,108,7'i7 M Noiih<?rulioa 1*448,747 ??>) Hotith CareI;IN' 1.051 4ii W Or ore's 1|0M,422 00 Alabama ????? 0*K>,0Sfi 71 loVtma&n 477 Old 14 388,885 32 Tennessee 1,41:!,757 80 Konlut ky 1.433,757 3) Ohio..... 2,007,4V) '14 Missouri 8*2.<886 80 Indiana.,. MO,254 44 Illinois 477,U1W 14 Arknnsns 288,761 4*> Michigan 2?fl 751 4!) Total $js,101.044 ?l Add fourth instalment which was not paid. 9 367,214 97 Total rurplns 837,468,860 88 The payment of twenty eight millions was made In threo instalments the fourth instalment was to have Men paid OsMir 1,1837, but wa* withdrawn on eoaniat of the financial difficulty In which the iroternov nt then found Its- If <>f the f^S.101 646 tctnally paid, the states which have bow tee*ded, excepting Florida, not then admitted, re eelved $3,0.12,166 41. The free Htates which abared in the surplus received 116,068,OS2 81. It appears from an oflcial statement that the amount of new preferred stock of the Brie Railroad Vowvuny i? less than eight million*, not ten, m has been generally believed. The total of unse cured bonds with accrued interest, to be converted into preferred stock, is aa follows:? Principal of bonds 1871 $2,469,000 of bonds 1876 ] MM).000 Principal of bonds 1802 2,301.000 $?,W0MK> Interest en bonds 1871 .845 Interest oa bonds 1876 363,160 Interest on toads 160.' 393 015 $1,200,010 Tota' |7 800 610 The new organization, consequently, stands thus:? Meirtgage debt. flO.W'J 000 Preferred stock 7.800 000 Common stock 11,000,000 Total |38 062 000 We have already mentioned that the Massachu setts Legislature has taken measures preparato ry to pledging the credit of the Commonwealth in behalf of the general government to the amount of the surplus revenues. The bill as reported iu the Senate is as follows :? Sec. 1. That the Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth be,and hereby is, authorised to guarantee, upon the request of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, the notes of the L'it>te<t States to the full amount of the money received by the Commonwealth in pursuance or tbe act of Ooagftaa entitled "An act to regulate tho deposit of the public money,'' approved June 23. in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-six, provided, that during the continuance of tt<e liability of tho [Commonwealth for account of such guarantee, the Secretary of the Treasury of the I'nited states shall not demand of the Commonwealth the payment of the mo ney so deposited. The Chicago Tribune of Monday night Fay:? The exchange market is steady to-day at 0 per cent 5rt mium, the supply being about equal to the demand tost bankers, however, look to an early reduc-t on, as it is believed present figures cannot bo maintained. Tho buyirg price is 6 a 5,'i considerable lots would not com mand above 5 per cent. The demand is very light, and must continue so while the high rate lasts. Gold, buy ing, nominal at 6 6X; selling. ? per rent. Bankers have a full supply cf currencv, and all legitimate business pa per finds ready discount at the legal rates, viz, 10 per cent. There j# comparatively very little doing outside the banks, and for really tirst class paper very little ad vance can be obtained above the regular bank rate, 10 a 15 per cent is about the range. The St. Louis Democrat of Monday remarks:? It is reported ou good authority that the Committee on Finance, in the Senate uf our Legislature, will report a bill in opposition to continuing our present bankable fund system after our banks shall have resumed specie pay ments. Very strenuous efforts are being ma le by certain parties, be wevtr, to prevent legislation of th.s kind: yet it is trusted that tliere is sufficient intell.gence. honor and patriotism lett in the State to carry through the Legisla turc a specie paying bank Iw, equal m all respects to the best banking system in the Union. An exchange states:? The Legislature of Minnesota, now in session, will pro bably take measures to complete the network of railroads* for which grants were given iu 1860. Both Chie igo and Milwaukee are now reached directly by rail with LaCroese, opposite I a Crescent, tho most southerly town in Minnesota. Another road is projected south from T a Crwse to Muscoda, on the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railway, and will doubtless be completed by the time any considerable portion of the line in Minnesota can be put in operation nortn and westward from La Crescent. That will givo Minnesota a choice of routes east and south from Ia Crescent, always insuring low freight and fares, and every facdity necessary to her commerce. . From La Crescent the line is direct by Chatfield, Ro chester, Owatona and Farritmult to St. Paul, Minneapolis and St. Anthony. A very oonsiderable portion or the road is already graded, and it runs through one of the most productive and populous portions of tho State. Min nesota has now population and resources to warrant its completion at an early day. If the State will extend its aid to this road alone as being now the iftoet necessary and important, it would at once inspire confidence in tho wcrk. and both Milwaukee and Chicago would at on;e combine their ewrgicB to tbe work. Built, as it can be, at small cost, with the in^reaficg prosperity of Minnesota, the road would |wiy a handsome dividend to its stockholders. The early history of tho Galena road is conclusive on this point. St. Paul. Minneapolis, and St. Anthony are prosperous Cities, and always muit be, and the road would be the great central artery of the commerce and the travel eif the Stale. As soon as the first forty mill's are completed, it will prove of immome advantage to Minnesota. Stock R $5000 r 8 6'i, 1666.. 92 iocor s<5 b, n.coa ei* SO.'OO Trea'y 12 p c D 102 6000 <Io 101 % 10000 N'ortli Car 6's.. 77 JOOOO Tenn O's. '10 . n 5000 Miftfcurie'B 110 68* 6C 00 do blO 08 2..000 <10 68 6000 do BlO OS 6000 California 7's.. 87 2000 NY C?n ? ?... U6 1000 N YCRRr p 7'S 00 4CCO Erie 2d m ex '79 OS 2CC0 N In l't mi(r... 84 3000 III CenRR b<ls. 06 6000 Chi 4NW 1m. 41 8006 <:o 40* 6000 Ilni.tSl Jos KR 65 ?000 Hud R RR ?ra.. 09 HOOO Cl A; Tol p f b<!s 75 10 f>bf Market Rank 07 5t0 Cm, ton Co 15 6 Pel ft Hud Can Co ft 1 67 do 02 SO Tenr Co.xt Co.... 80 60 Pacific Mail 8* Co 84>i 100 do s30 84 * 75 do 84* 315 do 86 160 do 86* 60 do 86* 70 X Y Central lUl.c M)l4 1(H) do C 80', 600 do,..,....c ><0 li'O do 0 70* 160 do. b3p&o SO* PKCOND $6COOTreo8'yl2pcns 101 * COO do 101* 6000 MiSfouri 6'g... 68 1000 Kentucky 6 s.. f'21* fOOOTecn O's, 18U0. 72,<4 1000 111 Con RR l)ds. !?? 1000 Chi AMV let rn 40* 60 -Iml'acM S8(Jo.?20 *5 60 do 86* 60 V YCcn RR. <!0 80 60 do o;g 80 20 Erie RR COX cnange* THrnenAv. Tan. 31,1861. 2.")0 sha NY C KR li.lO M)* 60 <!o bSO 80 276 Hud River RR... 45 100 do 46* 100 do 1>00 45* 100 do BlO 46>4 150 Harlem RR l'i 60 llljt'en RR scrip.. 80 160 do 70 V 100 Harlem RR prof.. 38 100 do 1)60 88* ?00 do 38 >4' 200 Rcndirtt RR 4i">*4' 200 do b60 46 100 do 46* 200 do 46* 60 do 46* 100 lllcb On BR.... 6s 1(M J do 58 100 <!o I'CO 58* 200 Mich SAN I KR. IS'J 35 do 16* 60MPft VI g ?tk.. 33 * 10Gal & Chi KR.... 72* 150 do 72* 50 do . 72* 200 ncv ft To'.o'lo RR 34 * 100 do 34* MOChi ft P.ock 1 RR. 6s * 200 do b.30 68'4 60 do b?0 5^'i 60 do .... blO 6S 1(H) do ?'<) 68 100 do 810 6-1 150 do S15 58 60 do B20 68 200 do 68* BOARP. 20 ?h/< Hud River RR 45>? 20 Harlem RR 16* ?0 do 1.',* 2(H) do 16 60 Panama RR 113* 12 do 114 10 111 Cen RR s-rip 80 20 Galena ft Chi RR. 7i 160 do 72* 10 Chi ft Rk lid RR . 68 10 Chi, Bur! ft Qy RR 73* 100 Brooklyn City RR 111 Receipts and Dlahnnemrnta at the Office of the Asslataat Treasurer, New York. January 1. 1881, by balance $1,242,874 35 On account of customs, in coin.$1.204.754 43 " patent fees 6 040 f,5 " Post Office Pep't. 189,005 94 " Treasury rotes.. 7,644 000 (H) m miscellaneous... 47.60139 8 985 ,302 41 Total 910,228.170 70 Paym-nit Treasury draft* (7.463 628 62 Peat OflMS drafts 188.510 40 7 612 1 38 92 Ralance January 31. 1881 $2,686.?oJ 84 By balance credit disbursing ? accounts f 1,145 771 82 By receipts during the mouiii.. 2,200,327 44 3 34* 090 ?6 To payments 1.741!>53 69 Balance fl 604,146 67 By balaiire credit Interest accounts fl,136.147 80 To payments 1 042.268 48 Balance.,... $03,879 32 By receipts for customs in .iiiuary, 1801?fl,204,754 4.1 '? " ?? i860.. .. 3 091.231 09 Pecr'are in January, 1861 11,886,476 66 By balance credit bullion and exper?c ac count for A^siy < >tf!< " : f lf?f>.*l4 08 Coin rtoeived during tbe month 8 (i71,086 74 Total t8,667,201 72 To payments In coin (s 4in fr.ti no ?' " fine tara 15.863 72 8,424.803 02 Bnlaneo $140,198 70 Py coin in hand in JUi;<-Uu t Troa?ur?-r'i Office f|.?84 062 83 By < o.n in hand in A?eay Officc. 630 831 03 4,914,894 46 Fine bar*. Ar*ay office #36,615 13 1,'bDarted 1 lllion. Amy (Htc.e. ?02,613 DO Bi IHoB nt tin: Vint f?>r coinage. 3 860 000 00 4 089,128 13 Total ft) 004.Ota 50 I ? fb due dqpueltt ra 4,612,142 31 Pnlarce $4,491,880 28 Receipts for customs in Treasury notes this nu nth $849,338 90 Mtatcment of Raalneaa at the tlnltcd fftatca Assay Office at *ew York, for the .Month Ktitling Jan. 31, 1NAI. I'epos,is of gold $8,039,000 Fore'pn coins $4 600 000 Kof?|m bullion 1,000,000 CnW States bullion ? 2,639,000 Pepoeita of silver, including purchases 178,000 Kurefgn 60,000 Foreign bull on 40.000 fatted PUte* bullion (In gold) 23.000 Vntted states bullion (old coins).... 30,000 Washoe... 16.000 CaJifornla ban 18.000 Total deposits, payable In bars. 2,000 " 11 payable In coins,,,,!., 213,000 - 8,216,000 Cold bars stamped 3^132,819 Transmitted to( nlted htates Mint, Philadelphia, for coinage ??,060,00) CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. ? Thi'mmiuy, Jan. 31?A P. M. Ami eh?"ho market wan unchanged aud calm coniln'i to about 30 bbls.. at 6c. a 6 '?c. for pota and pearls. Bwuwrriw.?Flour?The market was more a&ive, while prices were irregular, and for some brands in favor of purchasers. The sales embraced about 14,000 bbls., closing withio the following range of prices.? Superfine State $5 20 a 6 30 Kxtra State good to choice 6 SO a 5 55 Superfine Western 6 20 a 6 30 Common to choice Western extra 6 10 a 7 25 Mixed to straight Southern 6 76 a 0 00 Straight to good extra do 6 05 a 7 26 Choice extra family and bakers' brands... 7 '26 a 8 60 Rye flour 3 40 a 4 20 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wiue 3 00 a 3 66 ?Canadian tiour was firmer, with sales of 300 bbls. at $6 40 a $7 116? the latter figure for small lota of extra brands. Southern flour was without change of moment. The pales embraced about 1 300 bbls., closing within the range of the above quotations. Bye Hour was in good request at our quotations. Corn meal was in fair de mand at the above figures, with sales of 400 a 600 bbls. Wheat?The market was more active, and prime qui'i ties of winter red and white were llrm, while infernr grades of spring and club were heavy. The sales em broced nhoLt C5.C00 bushels, at $1 26 for luferior white California, fl 46 a f 1 66 for white <?hi<> and Michigan, red Long Island at p. t. ,?133 af I 36 for red Western, $1 31 for rtd State, tl -5 a fl 27 lor Milwaukee club. In store, aud II18 a fl 22 for Chicago spring. Corn?The market was heavy aud prices unchanged. Th4sales embraced alwut 60 000 bushels, at 68>?c >or mixed,'at the railroad depot: 67)*c. a bttc. for new Southern yellow, 6)c. a 70c. for old Western mixed, in store and delivered, aud 71}?c. a 72o. for western yellow. Barley was firm, with sslos o' 6,000 bushels, at the depot, at (17J,c. Barley malt wii fiim, with sales of 2,COO bushels at 80c. Oats were steady, with sales of-Canadian and Western at 30c. a 36>?c., and State at 37c. Comae.?The market wns steady, with sales of 800 1 ngs Bio at 11 . a 12>,c., 150 mats Java at 10c., 800 bags Marucjjbo at 13}ac. a 14c., and 200 do. Jamaica at 12)?o. Stock of Coffte. Mn it. Rio 61.112 ? Maracaibo 3.696 ? Ingunyra 174 ? Jamaica 438 ? Savon lila 221 ? Java 960 18.188 Total 66,401 18,188 CoTrojf.?The market was without quotable change, while the sales embraced about 2,3uO bales, a |>art of which was in transit. Wo quote middling uplands at 12 ??c. Kkkioiits.? To Liverpool about 40,000 bushels of grain were engaged in bulk, in :ludlng corn, at lO^d., and wheat at lid.; 3,000 bbls. flour at 3*. 4', J. a 3s. 6d., 350 boxes bacon at 35s., 100 bbls. lard at 37c'. 6d. To lxwdon lCOboxts bacin and loo do. lard at 4f>s., and 300 bbls. Hour at 4s.: afterwards 4s. 3d. was asked. Two vessels were taken for I.ondon at p. t. To *;l??g.)W 350 boxes ba con at p. t. and 100 bbls. lurd st 37s. 6d. I he ship Georgt* was chartered for Havre for the roun 1 sum of f 10.000. Wheat to Havre was at 23c.; cotton, smiare and round, at lc. a l'4c.; ashes, flO for pots, and fl2 Tor pearls, and 12c. for rice aud bark. Hay was in go<d request, with sales in shipping lots at 90c. a 96c. MoLjistKs firm and prices unchanged. Navai Stokes?a small lot of so bbls. straight spirits sold at 35 i3c., aud cOQ bbls. common rosin at f I 27H per 310 lbs., delivered. Provisions.?T'ork?The drmand was moderate and prices steady. sales were made at about fl; 75 a $17 00 for new mess, fl3 for new prime, and fll 75 for old do. Beef was quiet, with sales of 125 bbls. at f8 75 a fO 62J{ for repacked, and flO a flO 62}? for extra. Bacon was firm and in fair request, with sales of 300 boxes Cumberland cut city at 9\o. Pressed hogs were selling at 7A,c. a 7>?c. liird was steady, with pales of 300 bbls ? at 10 V'. a 10*,3. Butter aiid cheese were Steady, and prices unchanged. Riot,?cales of 300 bbls. and .'00 casks wero made at 3j?e. a 4??c. SruAKs were in fair demand, wilh sales of about 1,400 hlidp. (230 of which were Cuban, for part low to fair re fining floods) at 6c, a 6*,c., with some low grades at 4c., aiid 170 boxes at 7,'ic. Whiskey closed heavy, and small sales wero made at 18 He. SHIPPING NEWS. Movement* of Ocean Steamer*. FROM ElKOl'Jf. JTmi? Lm ess. AM. IW Arabia. Liverpool. Jan 19....New York ('lilted Kingdom... .Olasgoiv Jan 19... New York Kedar Liverpool Jan 22... .New York New York. Southampton Jac New York Anglo Saxon Liverpool Jan 24 Portland Canada Liverpool Jan M Bo.ion Africa Liverpool Feb 2... .New York Bevana. Southampton Ken 4.., New York Jura Liverpool .Feb 5... .New York Krllon Southampton KwD ?....New York America. .Liverpool Feb 9 IWtwi Auatralaaian Llven*>oL Feb 16....New York FOR EUROPE. Teutenla JteWTink res i.... n&iubura City of Washington.New York Fob 2 Liverpool Arose New York Feb 2 Havre North Briton Portland F^b 2 Liverpool N lagaru Boston Keb 6... . Liverpool Etna >>w*York Feb 9 Liverpool Bohemian 1 ortland Keb 8 ...Liverpool Arabia.. New York Feb 1.1 Liverpool Ke<l;ir New York Ko'i 1.1 Liverpool New \ urk Fob 1.1 Liverpool Anglo Saxon Portland. f'cb lri .... Llverp .0| NewYora New York Keb 10 Bremen CTiitod Kingdom... New York 'Feb i? !!. Liverpool c*n^? * reb ijvJTS ? v?*- --- ? .Llverp. > Liverpo f,?**- New York. . . . '.';. " Feb 27^!Livei p,'.oi Jura New i rk Fob *> ....Liverpool FOR CALIFORNIA. Artel.. NewVork Feb l....Am>tnw*ll .Northern Ugh'.. Now York Feb II... .Mplnwal North Ht*/ ... .New York Feb 21 . A*pinwai KINGSTON, JA., HAVANA, MAT.VV7AS, NKW OKI.FANS ZiLf?Fn m New York for Kingston, J a, on tae 29th day of tai h montb. Bikkvillk? Prom N?? York 1st. arriving at Havana 6th and New Orleuns 9th. Kr m New Orleans l&th, Havana 18th, ar riving at New York 22d. ?t*k or THf WnT-Frm Vew York 9th. arriving it Havana 14th. From New Orleans 23d, Havana 20th, arriving al Net" Y< rk noth. Cahawha?From New York 11th, arriving at Havana l.Vh and New Orleans 19il> From New Orleans 2Jth, H?\ana2tkb, arrh >ng at New York Id. . SPECIAL notic*. A'' wr.'!?(|rt and \lfttl lnt<>u/edfor tKt Nrw YoRa HiRtt.o thou, ii I* mii InL AIMA.N.IC TOR KKW VOKK?Till.* nxr. 7 10 j moon hi-us mom _ _ 3 10 I hjoh watks eve 12 49 Port of Mew York. January .11, ISttl. njCAKFD. Steamship Trui. n a (Ham), Taube, Southampton and Ham I.urn? Kui hardt A <"o. Steamship John Be I (Br), Scott, Glasgow? Francis McDon ald A ?'o. Ship Medway (Br). Kennedy London?Funch A Meinoke. Ship Amph:irlte(Sardi, Broxberg, yueenstown or Kalinouth for orders?Kiineb A Melncke Bark Helln (Brem), Bremer, Bremen?H Koop. Hark l a Plata, Crowell, Buenos Ayres? P McDonald A Co Kaik.lohn Aviles, Lee. Saw Haven?N O Pllisburf. Brig LJubtca <Ans?, camhnarovich, Qtieen?town or Fal mi nth for order.?A W?ndt A Co. Brig Fldeo (Aus), Soppa, Cork or Falmouth for Tdcrs?A Van A i o. I Frig I' I N?viu? Rr\ c"ol?, Ola.gow?Brett, "on A Co. Brig K Fi?her, Staples, ( icnfuogo*?Brett, Soil A Oot Brg A B Cm k, Perkins. Xlhiirn?Sirni s n A I'lanp. Brig Surf, Mclntyre, St Marks?^mailwood, F.srle A o. Fchr Emma V. rook. Port an Prince?Brett, Sou a Co. Srhr Stepbm lloichklss, Donne, Havana-Tnijl.lo A Run ?ell. Sehr Narragans?'t, Hale. Matanxax?T R rh*?e. Schr Ui ks'.? p ? Br>, !)? rman, St John, NH?1? R Dewolf. Srhr R Van*. Vrink. Moiehe.d "Ity?1? ?' Murray. Schr Village liem. Baker, Norfolk?M Bedell. Fihr Atlsnilc, f aabburv, N?-w London?Muster. ARRIVn>. sienir.?hlp York town, Pmri?h, Richmond. Ac, with mdse atd, to Lndlam A Heineken I'ark Harm, n. Baker, Uirgenti via Oihraitar, Pec 1, with frnll Ac, to II Tnpp?r A Son lUd .trom; NK ?!<??; spring Joriirsst and split -all-, llec Jl, at 21 >1, on 2S V>, si oko sehr from Philadelphia for i>?n Frarietsen: IWh Inst, Hi li,oi>jft>piiP brig .lu!U Kurd, fnun Norfolk for J? ma tea Park Pallas. Rldd'e, P?lire lion, .tan >?. with mahoganv lr. lo Joslah .lr*. Has bf n S day* .V .r lla'^ ras, s ith heavy n< rtherly weaihi r. Park Tyrian (Br, of Halifax, NS), M'i'a in, Santa Martha, Jan A. with sal*, to ma^'er. Park N W lifiitre u ? Portland^, f ane, Msfnn*a?, .Tan II, via Hampton Koads ? days, with giuno part of caifo of ship John < o'lle) to Brett, Son A ?'o, Psrk I 'atallo, Washington Lavaca. 2R days, with eilton A", to .1 II Brower a < o W ?s 1(1 d >y? r.rnaaln(.the CJulf of Slexl- , co, wlih nothing but light W winds. Brig ff II Ti wii'ei.d I r, of Yarmouth. N's\ Oroshy, Mala. e?, Pec I. pssaed illhraltar sth, with md*e, to master. 2?ith fnet, lat .14 AO, Ion 74 XI, spoke baik I' Burton, hence for Havana. Brig Keiitiieky, I endleton, Buenoa Ayres, Nov 27, with m.'n . lo Wa'-li.'i srver A Chaso. Br'gSimers (of K.^tonl, I'aulf.eld, Monrovia, Dec 6. with pa'ui oil |e, to t P ('lark, of Boston Brig Deniarara (of Ho?ton), l?<inningham, Remedioa, 12 dsi ?, ? itli sugar, to master llrlg I O Anders n, King, Ferpandlna, 6 (lays, with cotton, lo Small* o?d, Anderson *i'o. Sehr W II lite, mb (of Itoek'snd*. Thayer, Slerta Leone, #l days, with i a.m II Ac, to R W Trundy Sehr A Lewis iof North Haven. \l?s?\ Bush. Ochorloe, la. 21 daj?. with pin onto, to Henry,DeCordova A Had very heavy NT snn SK gales; J4th ln*t, la' 4 M, Ion 14 IS, passed a s<br bo'lom up. ?ame day, dnrlng a SK gale, lost jib aad re celved < Iher sllgl I dsmsge; Schr Arieliaisf Dennis), chase, Jacmel, Ian IS, with eoflfee Ac, to Brett, Sun A Co. 17th Inst, CapeSt M.-oU Molehonrlng SI. 4(1 mil. a, spoke hark William, ?( hew Orleans, from car thag? na for Port an Prince srhr I'hebe, Morrow, Havana, 19 day*, with fruit, to Doll ner, Peiter A < ?>. Sehr Klliaieih .Tane (Br, of St Andrews), Anderson, St .'ohri, NB, lu days, with ^lck<*t?, to Jed Frye. Had heavy weather. s<br F Dtirfee *nf Foil River), Davis, Franklin. La. 20 day., with, lo Slurges ^ Co, llnd hoavy weather; broke bo< m. *c Srhr John R, Corson, MoMle. 19 days, wllh eotlon, to N 11 Brighnm. Hsa exi erlenced heavy weather the wb"l* pa* ssge. Ifih ?n't. lal 2A. Ion ?4 AH, .poke brig Fanna, from To haseo for Hamburg: 27lh, 7u miles K of llatleras. was In com psnv with three ms<ted ?chr yneen of the Routh, frjm M Wl<? for 'Providence. f rhr J 11 Seg'ilne, Pills Pohoy Island, 4 day*. Schr Smlths- nian, Pavis, rhnrleston, (i (lavs, with cntlon Ac, to J< na* Smkh A Co. JSih in?t, lat 47 41, Ion 7?, pxs?ed rchr E (1 Russell, of and from Baltimore for I'orto Cabello. Schr Mesaenger, Fulford, iiiarlesion, via Beaufort, NC, .1 days, with o>llon Ae to master. Sehr My Brrer, Hugne., Wilmington, NC, 4 days, with cot ton Ac, to McCready, Mott A Co. hehr D C Iliilse, Conklln, Wllmlnglon. NC, 8 day*. Sehrl'lam, Barrett, Newbern, 3days, with ootton Ac, to master. Sehr (teorge Darby, Rogers, Morehead City, NC, 11 daya, with cotton Ac, to I) c Murrav. Schr Amelia c Reeve*. Vomers, New hern, 8 daya, with oot tc n Ac, lo I B Dibble A Cm Schr iris, Co<* Washington. NC, 4 daya, with ootton Ac, to Darby, Corners A Co. Schr .1 11 Youmans, Peterson, Pantefo, NO, S days, wllh slaves, to Demlll A Co; vessel lo maaier. Srhr Paitlmiire (of Bo*t<m), Mayo, Alexandria, 4 daya Schr Baltimore, Mills, Alexandria * daya Sehr n S Morse, Trenehard, Alexandria, 4 daya. Sehr Buena Viata, Boby, Virginia. S days. aRh Inst, aaw sehr Oeorge F Brown, from Virginia for New Tort, wllb wood, towed into the Breakwater In dlsireee. Schr P, Wnit(^n, Plhhle, Virginia, 1 day* Sehe n U J'T.'*? VlI?ln'?\ a day* French, Yonne, XHnrlnla .1 oaya (kwiw Oak', Benity, ]Qui^day? ?*?* Wool?*y- Baltimore, 3 'lav*. Bohr ( H I'utDter Mopkius. Milton, Del. 3 days. Scbr California, MoGrath, Elizabeth port for New Uaven. Sekr Mercer, Martin, New Haven, '? ilays BILLOW. One bark, unknown. SAILED. Ships Viking, San Francisco; Augustus, and Confidence, New Orle.ius; barks H T Vennard, Bristol; Talavera, and Im Plata, Huenon Ay res; briga U>j!uo, Kio Janeiro, Arabella, A? 1 inwall. Wind during the da, w to WK W. Miseell ??rou> Shi* Oraritf?A tolerraph despatch to Eltwnod Walter Esq, Secretary of the Board of Underwriters, says:?"Slop Granite, of BoiUiu, from Callao (or liampUin Koads, became waterlogged and was abandoned Jan 28, South of Cape Hen ry. Crew tared, and arrived here in ship W? Penn, from Liverpool." The G waa built in ISM at Belfast, Me, 1G37 tons, rated A1 la, and owned In Belfaat by A Hardy A Co. LatmcH or the Pilot Boat Wa II AsriirwALU?Messrs J D A J B Vandeusen launched from tnelr yard foot of Sixteenth street, EH, at 1 o'clock yesterday, a new pilot boat with the above uame. When she was launched there were on board a number of ladles and gentlemen, one of the former of whom waa a member of the fam'ly of the merchant after whom she waa named, and who chriatcned her in the usual manner, by breaking a bottle of wine. 8he I* 100 tons burthen, 80 foet on decV, 7t feet keel, IB feet 6 inches in width, 8 feet 0 inches depth of hold, with a draught forward of 0 feet, and tf feet ti Inches aft. She has a sheer on deck of 3 feet, which gives her a vary graceful and buoyant appearance as she sits on the water. Her cost is $8000, and she is owned by the following New York pilots:?Capt Walter Brewer, George Burger, John N Dale, Gideon Mapes and William Anderson. The oabtn is handsomely finished In hard wood, with maple, satlnwood rosewood and black walnut, and lias 6 enclosed berths and 2 staterooms; pantries and refrigerators in the run; steward's pantry, water tank and coal bunkers amidship. THe forward cabin la handsomely grained in oak, has 6 berths, and a flue caboose for the culinary manipulations of the "Doctor.' The launch waa a very fine one, and aa she dipped into tho water like a swan, repeated cheers were given by the large concourse of people on shore and responded to by those on board. The Wm H Aspinwall is a beautiful boat in every re spe % and we have no doubt her performances will reflcct much credit on her builders. See new s columns for San Francisco shipping advices to Jan 12. per Pony Express. Ship Rajah, at St Thomas, has been condemned, and was to have been sold at auction Jan 10. Smr Emma, Agry. at Charleston 2t'th from Liverpool, In the late heavy wrather, while at anchor otf the bar, lost both an chors and chains. Bahk Charles E Lkx?Brig Ella Kee<l, at Philadelphia.10th from Foriune Island, brought one of the passengers and four of the crew of bark Chaa E Lex, i-et'ore reported lost on Loss Cav. Crooked Island. Shi" brought all her coffee, ronsistlngol 84t> bags, and 70 tons of logwood I saved out of 136 tons). Tho coffee and logwood were sold at auction at Inagua?the former at 1S'4C per lb, and the latter at $8 per ton. Bark Dhcle Sam, Cole, of and from Charleston for Bor deaux, before reported run down Jan 3, had on board 386 cks and .<2 hf cks rice, and 423 bales upland cotton, whieh Is In sured in Bordeaux. There Is $12,000 Insured on the vessel ill New Orleans,, and fit*10 in the South Carolina Insurance Co of Charleston The freight la Insured for $.V*KHn fhe Insu rance and Trust Co, Charleston. (The U 8 was built at Cum berland. Me, in IW, .'Uti tons burthen, rated A2, and belonged to Coby A Co, Charleston.) Bark Fortpnv? Palermo. Jan 10?American bark Fortune, Cotter, from Girgenti for this port and NewYork, stranded on die night of .Ian 6, about 2 nules N of Mazzara, and is likely to become a total wreck. She had on board about 230 tons of brimstone and W tons sumac. Brig Henry C Brooks, before reported ashore 4 miles W of Oerarock, was from St Jhgo for New York. About two thirds of tie cargo been saved on the 2T>tli, anil It is proba ble the balance will be. The brig went ashore at high water, and at low tide one con walk around her. She remains tight, and has sustained no damage. Snin Jci.ia Grack, of and from Orland for New Yark, be fore reported ashore on llasard's Beach, was hauled off Mon day night by steamer Ezra 1) Fogg, Capt Gibbn, and towed to Newport, f nil of water. She lays aground en Gravelly Point/ near Long Wharf. apparently but little damaged: some holes were rutin the deck In order to facilitate the admission of casks into her hold: one of the butts near the stern has start ed and srme o' the seams are open. She will be pumped out and takvn on the marine railway. Scbr C S CaRjfTAins. from Roston for Philadelphia, floated off Gallup's Island night of 3Cth and proceeded. St Thomas. Jan 8? Ship Charlotte A Htaml'r, from Leghorn for New York (previously repoited), ha* arrived in a damaged and leakv condition, having experlencsd very heavy weather; and had It n< t been for the steerage pas'cng?rs It is doubtful whether tl.e shipeould have been kept afloat. A pal t of the cargo was thrown overboard. A survey has ordered the cargo to be discharged. The foremast Is badly sprung, as also are the fore and maul tnpg.illantiuasts, yards, Ac, and the vcasel is much strained. The British steamship Karnak is on the small Balance dock for the purpose of having her hull repainted. The ship ilix s,ir, on the great Balance dock, will be stripped, reuaulked and newly coppered. Haik R'jnan, built at Med fool In 1830, 24.1 tons, A2'f, which out Into Philadelphia Oct 2.'t in distress while on the passage hence for Liverpool, was sold at auction yesterday for $600. Whalemen. A letter from Cap! Barker, of bark Osceola, NR, rwvirts herat Mahe Pee l), from Iort Dauphin, with 180 bbls sp oil?K0 Ibis the last cruise ti"? ? us ie> ?l*m, Harvest, nij, uoiiiiofc tnis season; Ocean Rover, Ciark, .Matt, do do. A letter from Capt Wordell, of bark President, NB, report.! her at Ma ho Dec 8, with 220 bbls sp oil. Also reports at do same time, bark A 11 Tucker, Be-be, Dartmouth, 780 sp, bound home dtrc< l; a few days previous, bark Hope, McFar Ian, NB, 100sp. A letter from Capt Taylor, of ship Zephyr, NB, reports her at Mauritius Nov 6, with 40U bbls sp oil, to sail same day on a cruise. A letter from c*i t Sloctim, of bsrk Pamella, NB, reports her at Mauritius Nov 13, with risin;.' 4*0 bbls sp oil on board, ii 1 we!! Aiso reports at Koderique. no date, Thomas Pope, Hobl Ins, N *, IMispsince leaving Mauritius. Morcurv, Koumn, do, Hi I do do '.flnerva Smyth, Smith, do, .'10 di ilo; Surah, Butler. Matt, 4t'do do Spoken ' it t-, I u ?l 9, Ion 174 W, bark Elizabeth Swift, Cans*', NB. oil not staled. K|>nk< n. <S?c. <-hip Cromwell, Symme?, fnm < "alcutta for R. ston, no date off C? |W Of <1 sh p lian est, Loring, from NOrlean* for Havre, J in 3, la 34 12. Ion M40. sh p l i clo Joe, from Savannah for Liverpool, Jan 23, lat 3 tO. Ion 71 6.V snip \>'on, Br*<ll*h, hence for Liverpool, Jan 12, nolat or ion?by ?l'*mwp Borumia, hence at Cowee. ship J'ikn Truck*, from Liverpool for Philadelphia, Jan 26 lat S7,1i n 74 '?*>. FurV 1'ndlne, from f<.r NOrlean*, Jan 21, lat 28 25, lor. fl9?A An Am bark ateerinit RE. *h w inc red slfc-nal ?lth black let ter r, ??? ? r<n Jan 19 lat -ft i<>, Ion 74 30. Sclir Aretic, 20 lav* from Baltimore for Ronton, all well, Jaa 31. 20niile* S of Handy Hook?by "teaming Yankee. Fori Ijjn Porta. Puirr, Hon, Jan 1C In l "rt bark Honduras, Marshall, fp ni NYork, d v Hmiuiii, Jan 7? Arr bark. Lamplighter, Thornrwn, New ?#rk. J/cm11 .Ian 1#?In port *cbr Ab^y Forrest, Smith, for New Ti rk about Iff dav a, Mg. Rmi>T05,.l? .lan 10-Arr hr1? Echo, Ooo lwln, Baltimore. Lai-.i-ayua, Jan 4? In p< rt bark Rowcna, Wilton, from Phi ladelphia. Matakxa*. Jan 22?In port *hip* ?eba*topol, Auld. for Cirk. f hienlx. Bona, wtf: Kial'o, Prince. do. liark* Indian F< Jr. Tenner, and (,'nlloma, Olbbs. for Falmouth. Eng. Mc: E K Chare, tJllkev, and I.ney I'rennea. Jones, for Boston do; Yumurl, Ander*..n and Pkllena. Winslow. for NYork do; I'n tnipa. linifonl. dl-?; Albion Lincoln, Hr?wer; Georje Leslie. Bradbury; Fventido, I'artrlilcc; R' Jago, Berry, and Theo dereCurtt*, Rraxler, wtg: brig* Fii?*n Puncan, Prinkwater. for Roaten. 'd>- e?nt? i Jara, Elitngvood, ami William M I' dm. Hardy, fir NToik, do; Aroo<toek, Pierce; Wan,??r\ Wilkinson; Ease*. NiAnt, and Queen of the Houth, Chap ii'on, dlfc*. ''ecun Wave, Morion; Castllian, Marwiik, Anna PTi'irer, fJrlCn; Omton, Ingiaham; fi?"n Mar*ha'l, s?g*r; T?mp*?i, M'i obh; Mary E Mllllken. Norden; (leo Martin, Rl-Wers; Tr ail Brown; Amand.i Jane, Porr. and < hlcopee, P|arrow, wtp; *ehr* Calls ta, Paya?n. for Hampton Koad?; 1!i?c"e, Pettrngtll, and Quindaro, Walla, dim?; llMifo liar rlt, Nt*v?r?: Pelmont, (linn Bela Peck, (Jar.lner, <l?-n Her hey. Fi ras'ie. and Transit, Carta, wig. Nkwca ti?, NSW, Oct Sidahlp Windward, llamlin, B*. tarta. I irttOfctr*. .Ta. 'an ft?No Am ve??el In port. I'c nt I'i.av >. CVL PeeIS? In iort bark Parker Cook, QUJ lan. fn m s?l<.m arr nth, for floree ready. PritKaar i o, pec 29? In port brig II A Pidier, I/eighton, frcm New York f"r Pelaware Rreakwaler for irdera 1 days; schrOerge Byron, for Philadelphia 2 (lava SfKtltAM. 'an 4?In port ' ark Alien Tnrle on, Howe, from ( ..Vftine, ,|;-i:. brig Trenton <', for Hoaton ldg BM 2d, Ir'.n Verctie, II' mar a, lb*; >n. ?^AMT1. Mahtim, .'an S? In i'-rt brig Crimea, for N"sw York n?ftd?y; rchrC'narlle A Willie, for do do. Amerli nn I'orM. iirstov, run <l? Arr l.ark Amv. Ilamnmd, I'lnlndelp'ila: brig R Tt Ifn-klna, l^nnoti. .<av?nn*b ; ? hr ? M iry *nn, i Slbb >, Norfolk; t llla^e Queen, liA?lr1na, Alexandria: Edwin R"e/f, <;"dKp<'ed, Fl /nl>eihp<'rt; Ore#..n, Or^vc", and .'*nen I,aw r?rce, Allen, N>i>tk. T? enrcph'il. bark Wedora. frora Eliaa hc'ht rt at anci.or o9 laland); aelir John Fllloi, from Mlraatoane. Belew, at anchor 2 miles off I'ototAlderton, ahto Pa*ah v(uni.n, ('ebb. r'alentta. <'ld,"?mbiiili<e, Bin*. Phllxdelp' abin ftiwin llinkt, AlwMi NOrlean*; bark* .madi Vlt ir 1 Va'aaxa*; Inland CHjr, Keller. (Ml ve?'en; ?chn? Ann McNeil. ICcllcv, Mobile; M?ry Il*lcy, ll.iey, i bai r?i n. Bid, Wind NW, ateamer *nil>rj.|gii: alllp* w Oil ('at. Cn?pr#?nd Snuan llinka; bark* M H Water nmn, Ziphrr. Salem, Fea Rlrd, 'J W Union and Canada; hrlc* Rainnel Kilhnm, B: and 'rom the lioaita, Nabe! la l'*r. J'ark Ceean Home marled and anchored In the Bead* IRAS'lEAR ( IT". La, alx.nt Jar/t?In port aclir* M S Pri"?, T erd, f cm Ri?ton, to l"*'l live 'itlt for VYnrk RhlSToLk .Ian 2S?Arr ochr (larelle, WilUit-m, Providence fertY. rk; 79'b. t ark Topekn. Munro, VOr'cana I'KNTRBVII I.E. I ji. 'an l.i In pe rt '"hr* I.otn*. nark, ff mite .n errltlh, Idtf ?uir?r for NYork: M I, Davis, for NYork Mb; C |f Sno?. Heath, from Bo*'<n Jn?l arr. rHARLEaTON, .'in Tfi Arr ?ie??T.vhli> Marlon, Adkln*, NN ork alilp In ma, Asrv, Liverpool. CM ltr aliip Ruader lard Fru'l. Liverpool; Br nark Eugenie, Armn'rong dn. 27th?Arr aehr Onl Battrlr, Kempton, NYork. In the of. flrr Br ahh J.? Howe, from Llvernool: Br barki Jane, from Bristol, ?? ng; C'nren-e, frotn Cardiff, and a *hip and *chr un known S:d Sp ?hip Teie?ii?, Bertra'\ Barcc in*; Hr birk For'eie. Arm?1ronr,'pool; Br br e R B Minium, Co >k, d- . ?ehr* R1 cei Ar> hor, William*. Jackaonvllle; lleicne, Per rick*, n, N V ?k. CITY POINT, 'at ?.1 - Arr Br*hip M mine Rtar,Liverpool, nl.OrrB*TFR. .'an 2ft?? rr M-hra A Nel?en, Plcroe, NYork forrertland 27ib. F B Nk-keraoB, Nlckeraon, Fortune Hav, NT Fleet* Inc. pntip'a*, do NdbKilh, !<n??<?<rr ?'hr W S'elver, Nick?r*on, I> >? ter. <'M tb ii Polvnrala, Mnroe, Ham urg > FWnrRVroilT. .Ian2'.; -Ar' aehtafanUBMBt, DavlA, B ilmlng'iwi, NC; Jraixit B Ollebrii". Baltimore NI WPORT, Jan 28?Hid ?ehr 0 W Hammond, Wiaon, Pa g?n Ci'ek, V? BENRACOLA, Jan 22?Arr lark loale Nlchnloa, Nl. >iol*i. A?pi- wali. cm brip? AlletOB. Rialtlt, and R R Haae*:l, lla? *?11, Havana; ?chr* Witch Queen, Strait in, do; Dleanor, Tow n?erd. NY"rk PIIILaI'ELPIMA, Jan ,*V-Ait *'eamer Boston. Crooker, NYork; bllf Ell* Re?rt. Pavla, Fortune 1*1 and. aehrIndian Oi'cen. Ilarilv. St Martin* rid ?chr Hannah Matilda, Price, Wllminc'in, NO. S!d-hln Tttnearora. Dnnlevv. I.l-.erpool 3l*t?ArT ?tenm?hip Stale of (leorgla, darvln, NYork; Mrk While Wing. K*llng, Port i ('.ibet'o: *cbr RUr, Croweil. Pro ridei ce. He nw, bark Vsrgare', from Pernambuci. Old lirlg ('Rinline (ilbb?, Remedie*: ?ebr*(' M N*al, 'iodfrcv, Port an Prlree- R L I'ammonH. Hammond. Pa'.ein. 1'ROYIPt.NCF. Jan 29? Arr (teamer Penguin. Williams, NYork . lark Wm Wll*i n. Oe>llln?, Warren, loU ad for NOr Iran*; bri?a Ho^a'd, lV"ar?, '!rand Turk, TI, via Newporl; Oondova, Jones, NYork. CM olive, Manafleld, Matania, Ifhr liarrv Mayb>.% Culver, Mollle. SAVANNAH, .Ian 27?Ait ateemahip* Rtar of the Roulk. Kearnev, MonlleeUo, Oager, and Mvn'g.iniery, Berrr, NYork; Loenst Point, Freneh, and Cbe*apeake. Crowell, Baltimore; alilp foutk Shore, lAthrop. Bo*ton . hark* Hooka*vy. Ilamp ton Read*; AdJo*'er, Enell, New Ynrk: srhra Lorett Peaeori. Hoban, and Marv Rteadman, Ooodail, do; (i.ilden Oate, ?**k?, Norfolk. Below, brig Oolden Levi, Johnson, from J'*'* York: also ? ahtp and a aohr, unknown. Cld brig 0 t O'Brien Hamon, Provldenee. bS? 'B j'*n Ktkr E?|ene, Partridge, Far* via WlLMIBtlTOW. NO, Jan IB?Arr brig New Bra, Walker, CMdenaa for Queenatovrn for ordere. put In for repair*; sckr W * J Neai, Moore, Nmhmi. CM aohur Kmpire. Reed. B( Do BOAHPHC AWD LOOOIKO. AFKIVATK FAMILY will LIST A IIABTOOME frout Koom. UP Sunny! ttiMir; lUi a single K?sjm, with Board, to a gent lunan and wilt; or single gentlemen location W East Twenty sixth street, lietween Idling ton and Fourth avenuta. Dinner at nix o'clock. Ket'or?uc<? unchanged. AMM?ptIIABLB FAMILY OF ONLY TWO PERSONS wish to rent, to one or two gentlemen, a genteelly fur uwhfd Bedroom, with every convenience. TU>w.> wlahlng a quiet and respectable home will he suited Moat reanactabla references given and required. 1B8 Mercer (treat, corner of Bleecaer, N. Y. A gentleman AND WIFE or two PINOLE OFN. tlemcn can be accommodated Willi a pleasant, nt '.ely ftirniabed Koom and Board, in a hi nail private family, m t/4 ?lane street. Term* m.'derate. AFWmUBP ROOM TO r.KT -A PLEASANTLY situated Room to Let, wtth bathing room attaih'-d, fur. nlshed and with breakfast if required. In elw proximity to several lines of stive* ;lnd cam. for parHmilur* Inquire at 71 Hammond street, between Bleecker and fourth streets. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE SOME UXWWfUTO Ko<>mt thfty would 1ft to ftingto penile men, or gfOtlftm<,u ana wive*, at moderat*ftricao, with or without Board; house Sn convenient to car? and nta^'j i all at 412 West Twenty-tbtnl street. A FEW YOUNO OBNTLBMEN, OR OENTL8MBN AND wlfee, will find pleasant ne&tly furnl?hnd Rooms, either . , . ST B;,,Ioom?'1 together or aei.aratelv, an.l g xmI sub stantial Hoard by apply lug at 99 West Tenth atraet, between Fourth and Bleerker street*, Reference* given and expr ete 1 A LADY AND OENTLEMAN OR TWO sinhi.k GUN . tlemen can be accommndated with Rooms and Hoard at 124 Ninth street, a few doora weal *.f Rr<>iulway; house In complete order, with all the modern improvements. Avery handsomely furnished second ?tor* back Room, unliable f<>r a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, to let, with Board, at 22 West Twenty nialh atreet; alao one imall Parlor on pat lor floor, and two alible Booms on third floor, alao two on fourth floor. Table and atyle of housekeeping unexceptionable. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A F1HST CLASS house, with English baaenient, wlali to Id toaphysl i tan a lar^e well ftirniabed reception Room ami Bedroom; or o a gentleman ami bla wife two large room* on the aecond floor. Address 115 East Thirty ninth street, near Lexington avenue. A OENTLEMAN, HIS WIFE, TWO CHILDREN (AtiED tour and eight, yeara) and nurae, wish Board In a private family In thla city or Brooklyn. Will iwjnlre a Sitting It mm ami two Bedrooms, well fumiahed, on tint or second Moor, with full Board. No communication* noticed unless they state full pnrtlrulara of location and terma, which ihuat bit nn derate. Address B. A II., Herald ofllce. AN ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR. FOUR ROOMS, TO let?Well fumiahed, with good Board, In a private French family, at 170 Weat Thirty aeventh atreet. A good op portunity for those desirous of learning Krench and music. A YOUNG LADY OF REFINEMENT AND OF Q'MET n. hablla, wishes lloard in a genteel private famllv, where sl.e will be tieated as u companion. Address H. M. F., I'tiion ii]tiare Poat oflice. At.'EVTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN SUPERIOR Board and n aeeond floor pleaaant Room, with pantries, Ac., rn moderate terms, at 118 East Fourteenth street; the house ia modern, family small, and neighborhood desirable. Alao a nice Itoom for two single gentlemen. A will mnmn parlou to let, iphailp for a lady and gentleman or two jting e gentlemen, with or without Board. Call at 96 Clinton place, Eighth street. AYOITNO WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE, AND having a nicely ftirniabed Room, with the it? or Sitting Ko. m attached, that she would let to a getitlem wi and lady, with Beard for the lady only. Call on Mrs. WILLARD, 149 Thompson atreet, third floor, over the store. A SMALL FRBNCH KAMII.Y, T.IV1N<SIN GOOD style, ? ould aceommislate a few aingle g< ntlemen with an elegantly fumiahed front Patlor and Brdroom eommunl eating, and a first class French table. Apply at 47 West Twelfth street, batween Fifth and Sixth avenues. A LADY HAS A NICE BACK PARLOR, HANDSOME. 1? I m ulshed, to let to one or two gentlemen. Breakfast If required. Inquire at 14 Crosby street. ALAKC.E WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let, with gits, grate, pantries, Ac ; terma |2 .K) per week. Also, a smaller Koom, with gas, at $2. One handsomely fur nlshed in rosewood and hrocatell, at $5 l,.'VTi Broadway, southwest corner of Thirty-fourth atreet, next door to the drug store. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OOOVrmtq A l'LEA cant little house, and having a few apam Rooms, will dispose of them to aingle gentlemen d< airing full or partial Hoard. Terms moderate Best of reference given and re quired. Inquire at No. 18 Hammond street, corner Wavcrley place a wall familv, ooovrma a rror class JL house. No. 231) West Thlrtv second street, between Eighth and Nlnh avenues, wish to let a front Room, furniahed, with B<iard, to a aingle genilcmau, at (4 per week, dinner at six o'clock. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BEDROOM ON THE first floor, w ith full Hoard, to let : location convenient to all of the atage routea; unexceptionable reference* required. No. 21 I'tilveiaity place, corner of Ninth street. Dinner at ti o'clock. A SMALL FAMILY. WHO OWN A HOUSE WITH THE A. modern improvements, wish to let two large hamUotne ly furnished Rooms, and two small Rooms, with lto.inl, to gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. Inquire at 242 Madlaon street, between Jellerson and Clinton. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 102 EAST FOURTEENTH street, opposite the Academy of Mu>lc, have a few Par lors and Bedrooms to let, with Board, to families or single gentlemen. Dinner at six o'clock. lieforcnces exchanged. Spanish and Fnnch spoken In the family. AFF.W Y0UNQ MEN CAN HI! Ai"COMMODATED with full or pirllal Board nnd pleasant Booms at 177 East Broadway. Also a gentleman anil wIff. A PLEASANT tart,or and BEDROOM to LOT? Furnl-hed, on the first floor of a modern house, oon tainlng every convenience. Family small anil private Loca tion central and unexceptionable; not far from Broadway. Apply at (CW Broadway. Terms moderate. P. PEEL A CO. AT NO. 64 EAST SIXTEENTH STREET ?FURNISHED Rooms. ?ith Board, tor gcutiemcn and their wives or single gentlemen. A PARTY OP SIX PERSONL (ADULTS ONLY) can Und H'tperlor accommodations In a flrst class privoio family; house Inrtilshed In flrxt style, on Lexington avenue (Murray Hill), between Thirty-fourth a/id Tliirtv fifth streets. Apply, with good reference", at ?18 West Twentieth street, ttfirek 2. Alaroe, FURNISHED room on the second story, with pantry anil gts, to let, to i ne or (wo gentlemen; rent $3 per week, Including gas. Inquire at I4K) Prince street APMALL PRIVATE PAMILT, OCCUPYING A comfortable, well apoolnted house, up town, would like to let two or three nicely furnished Rooms, with Hoard; pii \ at<- table if required. Please address Private family, Herald Mm A gentleman ANH WIPE, ANH TWO OR THREE ?Ingle gentlemen, can he accotnmodaK d with plfcassut front Hi t in* and Roid Hoard, on r"?? liable terms, at HO East Broadway. House Is furnished with gas, Ac. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITH PULL OR partial Board, two or three pleasant Rooms; house fur tiish'd *lib pas and liatli. References exchanged, inquire at V hiiNt FII teentti street, mar Third avenue. BOARD- AT 5.H HENRY STREET.?OBNTLKMEN MAY now obtain lirst class Board at from ?'t 60 to $4. A handsome large Room for a gentleman and wife for#S. The rooms are furnlshi d, with grates and gas References re quired. BOARD.?A BACK (Pl'KNISHBD) PARLOR To LET, w Itli Ore and pas, to a gentleman and hi* wife. Term* tit per week Apply at SO West Thirty sixth street, one iloor west of Hroadw ay BOARD.?A ROOM F'>R A CENTLKM AN ANH WIFE; also, "ingle Koons to let, from $1 to per week, In t social Aioerli an family Broadway stages pass the door. Apply at 77 M Mark's plsee. K Ighth tr<et. 1JOARH ?TWO BOOMS TO LET, WITH ROAKD, IN A J small faarily wheie tkere are few boarders, house with all Improvements; single gentlemen preferred: Maces piss within me b'o- k of the hoove. Inquire at Mn. 0 Hack street Board.?clinton place.-to let, with board, to a family or sing'e gontl'tnen. two fnrnlshed Rooms, Apply" al 61 Clinton pla e, two d ors u:ist of Fifth an nue. References required. Board wanted-two wish a handc-mriy Room, with hot and cold yf&er, bath room, Ac., adjoining, not eheve 1'nion s<]i?reananear Brood fray. Address Merchant, Herald oHloe, giving full '!?> acTlptfon, terms sn<l location; Done others noticed. Breaki .ist and dinner required. Board wanted?por a lady, whose husband | will he absent In Karope fMr Some Months; family c in sists nf herrelf, f"Ur little glr!s and nur-r thee r wimi re quired; mial he In a pleasant location. Address Kurop l Ik>x 137 II-raid nfllce. HOardino.?'the advfrtiser wants plain Board, in a private family of a ouple of persons, in the lower part of New Yo-k or Jersey City Terms ,1<) to $1 a week. Address Mr. Banks, Hoboken, Now .Jersey Boardino.-a front PARLOR of first floor and front l!oom on third floor to let, to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, wllh or without board Apply at ill Woooterat., near Canal. A few respectable young ladles taken. BOARD!NO.?A OENTLEMAN AND WIPE, OR TWO Single per?ons can have Hoard a* No. 4S Fast Sixteenth street, i,ear i nlon srjnarc Terms. Including flee, gas At- . $10 and $11 p<T week, si ? ortllng to room ; dmnet at six oclock. References exrhxngtd BOARDINO.?'TRRP.R ROOM" ON MRCOIfD FLOOR: also one large Room rm third enn ? had at 4't ila'o 4*> Wi st Ninth sirect I!<-om? con st* ?*?, hot atol cold **? ler. Din:.* r at d Heferoiiceoexeh ji4 ,i. Board in Brooklyn ?a okntlfm\m and wur or a Coutleof singh. pent O. 11 rm he accommodate I with pletiranl Rcoms and b ?rtl. in a small family, \n iu<iulr Ing al 2I? t Hnl< n street. Board in brookitn, is clinton stieet-a Mill of Boot r. a mint bed, a'so single Rixims, tesuilcir | riimsiaic r^. Pi'a?e ci.ll Hoard in bkoorltn.?a well furbished front Room, suitable fur one or two (en tie men; also a single Risim 011 aamo floor; refon ncea cn'hangod. Add use .*1 r?mt place Bo\ri> in brookh n.?handsomely fcrnishkd ' Rooms, In 1 modern house, pleaaaoily lis-atod, with Boord, are off 1 red by a MBall nrlvato family Terms mode | rate. Feferenpe. required. Apply 161 CBntoOMidi TJOABD IN BROOKLYN?a oentleman AND his , J j wife r>r a few single gentlemen ran find very pleasant 1 Room.", '*1tli Hoard, at l'w Clinton street, corner of Sttto. t'onveuient to Wall ureet and South ferrlea. References re qulrrd, Board in -outh Brooklyn.?a small new England family will let one or tw 1 furnlshe.i It.Kune, I with gss, hath, hot and rold water, to a gentleman and wifo or ?ln*1e gentlemen. Trrma moderate. Apply at 2> Tomp klns place. Board on Brooklyn retorts -a orntlkman and wile and two or three single gentlemen can be wom modated with Bnord aiW pleasant double or single Rooms, it No. iH Wiiio" street, IrouAiyn HeighU, m*nd rulion aud WM itrect ftineo. hoardiso a\d liOnuiNO. BOARD oif BROOKLYN heights.?a gentle?av ana wife ana two Min*ie |?Qll<aMD Ota t>e ^cunni > dat<><] wltu inea# ant Kiuing by applying at 75 Monti foe corner of H enry st., n?*rjW all street ferry. Refereuees ex changed 6 HEAP FURNISHED ROOMS, AT THR FRANKFOKT House, wirner of Frankfort and WUlUm atrwa -i.whI KooBdn from $1 to $S per week. Lodgings frorn U, gcoti to 37 cents per night. Open all night. (?o?>d rMttmiii suae bed. J^RBNCH HOARD IN BROOKLYN. ? ON* OH TWO r gentlemen can be accommodated with Room* and Board by *PP'y'n? at Vo. 198 Clinton street, Brooklyn. ?l'RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET?TO TWO SINGLE OEN t lemon or gentleman and wile: two larse Rooms i far In r and Bedroom! on second floor. In a fashionable private hous* In St. Mark'* place, with breakfast If desired. Addr-sa Brock way, station P. "L1U R NISIIE D ROOMS, WITH HOA RD, FOR GENTLE F men. to let ?two email, neat ?ln?|e Rooms are n >w va cant. Sialics pass the door evepf five minutes. References exchanged Apply at IMS East Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS IN BROADWAY TO LET?EN suite or single, In a first class house that posae-aes alf the modern improvements. No H."Vi Broadway, below L'mon fQUIA Ona of the best locations In the city. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?ROME AT tl PER week: water and hath on lloor; breakfast can be bad In f he r<?m if required; stage-, and r tr* oonvenlent to all part* of the city Apply at If*' Mutt street, above Hr^pta. TTHRMSIIFD ATTIC BEDROOM TO LET? IN A SMALL r private family, with or without Area and meals on Hun days References required. Apply at 19 Renwlck street, near Canal. * VTICELT FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOMS TO AN let i heap, with everything for housekeeping. Apply at No. X*,7 Kouitn avenue, near Twenty fifth street. ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN FIND A comfortable Room, with Itoard, by applying at M Cottage place, bt-twcan Bleecker und Houston streets. Reference re quired. Rooms to let-furnished. single or in suits, / in the brown stone house, W Howery, bv the week <T ine month. House first eiaas, furniture new. Reference de sired. Inquire on the third lloor, of J. WABERTON TJEKPECTABLB SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN *N J I Raged In stores desirous ?f a happy and comfortable home mar have Board and Lodging at No. U Laight etrest, corner of St John's lane, Canal street; the men at U per week, the women at $2 SO per week. TWO YOt'NO RESTEt'TARLK MEN CAN HAV* A NIi'R front Room, containing water, gas an l lire, and Board, fort7 a week; also a single Room. Accommodations for two young ladle*. Apply at 116 Thompson street, near Prince. TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES DESIRE TO procure In Brooklyn a set of Rooms on the same floor, w ith door opening lietw can. If possible, with hoard, (Ire anil gas Included, in a private family, when- there are but one or two other boat dent. Dinner at For a desirable place t>*J per month n ill be paid. Address F. C. W., Herald office, for two days. TWO LARGE ROOMS TO LET ON THIRD ANIJ foprtli floors, suitable forrentleman and lady; hoard for lady only. House Is nc?v, with all modern Improvements. Terms inod< rate. Inquire at 161 West Fifteenth street, near Eighth avenue. TWO LARGE ROOMS TO LET, ON THIRD AND FOURTTI floors, suitable for a gentleman and lady (Board for the ladv onlyl. IIoufc new, with all the modern Improvements. Terms moderato. Inquire at 261 Weat Fifteenth street, near Eighth avenue. TWO SUITS OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED APART ments, containing all the modem Improvements, to let, together or separate, with or without full or partial Hoard. Teims moderate. References exchanged. Apply at No. 910 Broadway, between Twentieth and Twenty first streets. r LET?WITH BOARD, AT 30 WERT TWENTY-MIRTH street, between Bro,id*?av and Fifth avenue, one larga and two small Rooms, with pantries, urates, A". TO I.ET-A LARGE AND PLEASANT FRONT PARLOR, on the nrst floor, for two persons; also small Roosts, lor single persons. Apply at W, Broome street TO LET?A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OR WITHOUT Board; a female preferred. Inquire of Mrs. Rogers, No. 2 MUIlgan place, Sixth avenue, near Tenth street. Tenth street?no. im?, between third and Fourth avenues, and cl"a? to Broadway, a handnonoi front l'arlor and Bedroom ail joining, to let with Board, oil moderate terms. Also n back parlor. Tl "ANTED?\ FURNISHED ROOM, WITH CHAMBER Tf attached, by a lady and gentleman of retired habits, in a respectable neighborhood, where facilities for housekeeping or Boaid for the ladv mav be had at reasonable rates. Unex ceptionable deportment, and tie advance guaranteed as refe rences. Address, with particulars. Friendship, Herald oflloe. 1 "XJLTANTF.D?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A SMALL, TT cheerful l'arlor and Bedroom, furnished, without Board, where there will bono moving in May; reut must be mo derate. If suited will be permanent. Address L. W. M , Herald ofllee. WAVERLEY I'LACE.-SEVERAL FURNISH _ _ Rnf ins are now to let, with or without Bonrd, in the ^ " desirably located building, No. 1 Waverley place, corn v' rY Broadw a*. *r of /? BEACH STREET-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ") two or three single persons ran be accommodated <*ith Board in a house with modern improvements by applying ao above. "I C BOND STREET.?FURNlSinfb ROOMS, WITH _1?J Boaid, for families or single gentlemen. The whole of the second lloor may now be had, together or separate. First class house?all improvements. Dinner at six. -1Q FIFTH AVENUE.?A NEATLY FURNISHED I'AR lor and Bedroom on first floor to let to a gentleman, with or without Urcakfuit. Alio two ICooms suitable fur a gentleman ?J7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN BROAD. ? > I way ami tilthMIBW-ON f. U ct tumily and tv. . <.r three geniN men can now be aceomioodated suitaor sm. gle Ro ois in one of the most del.yhtful iocuWJhs In the city. I able fit at cluss. References exchanged. A Q UNION PLACE, CORNER OF SEVENTEENTH lO street and Fourth avenue.?Alamilyor party of gen Hi men ti.ay obtain di sirable Rooms, with Board. Referenco required. ,-.0 ST. MARK S PLACE, NEAR SECOND AVENl'B ? Well furnished and iii>asanl Apartm>nts, . 1 Board, for a gentleman and ids wife, or for single gcnuefnen. House I.rst class. Reference* exchanged. /?pr HAMMOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH STREET-A UiJ fniiilly or gentlemen can h ve Rooms on the second fl. or. Convenient to car- and stages. Tn SPRINO STREET, THREB DOORS FROM BROAD ?/ way.?To l?t, several handaoraely f umlshed Rooms, to single gt nilenien; the lis-ation ia near all tho first hotels and plates of amusement. Reading room free. Inquire ot AM BON bOUHE. 0O OKKK.SK STREET, ABOVE HPRixa.?alstom O House ? Elegantly furnished null* of Koom-i, goa, Pro ton, and every convenience for houiekoeplng economice'lv; | pnrtii ularly (.uitable for xiuul) r.js|>.'<lable families ur single i g.-ntletnen. Rent low to permanent tenants. <1(1 PRIN< E STREET, NEAR BKOAUWAY.?ELE ? "?/ gantly furnished I'ar'.ors an.l slnitle Renins, for gen tlemen; ev i ytbli g nut iwik<4 clean; all the modem Luprov^ mtutii, tcruiii low. Applj ax abovt}. 1/IQ NINT1I KTREET ? A SUIT OK HANDSOMELY _l"/0 furnished Boom* en second floor. also a single Room, to let without Hoard; all the modern conveniences I.'station very desirable, between Broadway and I'niveralty place. ll?7 EIGHTH STREET, THREE DOOM EAST Of lift Bioadaa y.?Wfganlly furnla/ied Apartments for g ir t'eiw n and their fiunfllrs, or single gentlemen, with or wltla out Hoard. Dinner at el*. References required. 1 rft PRINCE 8T?ET BT. CLAIR HOUBE.-ELE J ? 'O S'tily lurnlsh?d Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, wnli all 'lie r nvenlenots for housekeeping complete, Includ ing uai and t'roton water, to let l?i respectable families, or ?ingle gentlemen. 01 /\ ELM HTRKET. NEAR SPRING?MARION UOl'HE. Z> 1" " Nicely furnished Apartments, arranged for economi cal hniisrki'eplng, with all the conveniences. Including cook ing utensile, beat bi dding, gus, water, Ao. Henta low to r? spectabic tenants. < r AND 617 HROADWAY?CLINTON HOUSE -A few el. ^antlv furnished Rooms for gentlemen iiow be engagt d f>y a| plication at the above house. OA Q BROADWAYULEOANTLT PI'RNTBIIRD "I xO Rooms, on first and second floors, for families, also, I'll1. *?rt sln,;le K< "inn for gentlemen, with full Board. Loca tion veiv reniral for business gentlemen, flood table and leims 11 asonable. Transient boarders $1 30 per day. *7(\*X "ROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH AND NINTH 4 Ut) streeU.?Suits of furnished Rooms, on first and second flMirw, to lei to gentlemen. together or separately, lloioe newly furnished air I haw all the modern improvements^ Location pleasant. 7<t7 Bkoahw ay.?Ai'ARTMKNTt fv for I'll fnmlllea, and single Itooms for gentlemen, to let. 1 uliei furnished or unfurnished; location central. Term} moderate for permanent tenants. LOST AMD FOUND. T)HAS:- CASHNO LOST OR MIKLAID?A COP SH APR II t H-ting weighing about I't pounds of the greatest valug to the owner toll Cost will be paid for Its return to No. 9 Meicer street. TvtHl IitMIT ? A SMALL BLACK AND TAN TERRIER if strayed from No. 12 Manstteld place. West fifty first stree'; CW. had n 11 collar of white and red leather, sll. m r p'.titrd biukN H ?Ue Ik brought to the above number thg lln ler will be reward'd. I OFT?ON TlESDAY ETENINO, AT TIIR NRW YORK I J Academy of Music, or walking fr< m there to or in % Vo?ri< nth street ?tage, a rtold Bracelet. The finder will be III. tally reward'd by returning the same to Madame PattL 843 Wt st Twenty second street. -r oK' ?BT'PPOSED TO HAVE BEEN DROPPED IN J j the vicinity of Fifth avenue. Thirty eighth and Thirty. h ".tie e, *. s lady's Uold Watch and Chain, Initials on the rn>" Tt,?? Order will be liberally rewarded by returning It la 1: ,1. r, at SHO Fifth avenue, northwest oorner of Thirty, ?lal. b s'rert. ' | OPT-ON MONDAY JANUARY JS, A BUNCH OF J j Keys attached to ft ring and claep. The Under will b? SU1W1I' y rev.aid. d by leaving the same at No. 5K Pine street, C llayter's dining saloon. Lmost-on the ibth ult.'a laroe si ts la ya Hieastpin, Id going through Orand street and the Bowery to fourth street. The finder will be suitably rewarded by ti turning It to 16> BUnton street, New York. ^ LMOBT -AT, OE OOI NO OUT OF THE academyTp music, a heary Oold Chain Braeelet The Under will be suitablv rew .irded ny leaving It at the offiea of the Academy r OBT?.1ANUARY 30, OOINO FROM BROADWAY Xj Uinmgh Eighth street to Stoyreeaat plaoe and through Ivnth street to the first avenue, a lady's Braeelet. The finder I wll' I n liberally rewarded by leaving ft at ?. A. UoaejweU'a, I 74.'. Broadway. IB (>ST?ON WEDNESDAY EVENINO, A BROWN BKIRT. ?j with ptimngat the bottom. Any person leWihlag the ma to Hit Eaat Fifteenth street, or M Crosby street, wtl hg Hb. rally rew anled and reeeire the thanks of the owner. , T OBT?A BUNCU OE SMALL KEYS, THREE STEEL, Li One hrass. The finder wlU be suitablv rsWwde* try tear - lug them at the office of the Commonwealth Insurance Com. panv, Ne. t Wall etreet.

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