Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1861 Page 5
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THE INCOMING ADMINISTRATION. Mi ? Liuola and the soatherm ????? aloalata. OCR SPRINOKltLO COBM8POKDBKCK. gmjfumu), Jail 86, 1W1. What It Thought by Ike WetUnt tUfmUuxmt <f Seward i Present 1'ottiwn Juddt Departure?Ifo Military JZi cort?Return <tf Mrt Lincoln??M' Lincoln?JIM Arrivalt, dtc., 4c. la my intercourse daring the last few days with ft crowd of Western politicians that are now all but con stantly hovering about Spring held,! oould not help being impressed with the Act that a reaction has taken placo la regard to the sentiments many of them entertained towards Senator Seward. But a fortnight ago they all overflowed with measureless praise upon the announce ment of his acceptance of the Secretary ship of State; but since the delivery of his last speech in the Senate ? perceptible change has taken place in the tone of their View*. They do not express any direct disapprobation, nor indulge in open denunciation of his present oourie, but it is nevertheless evident that they do not exactly like It. The second sober perusal of hid effort appears to impress them with the idea that he might have done better; that a little more firmness and decision would have entailed no harm; that a strong rebuke of the rampant treason prac tised by Southern Senators and politicians generally would have been In place; that IU mean nothingness In the face of the momentous events in the South would tend to demo ralise the republican party. Nor is the tenor of the speech in question the only cause of their fault-finding now mani fested towards the New York Senator. His seeming gradua identification with Thurlow Weed's efforts in hatching out bis compromise eggs ia looked upon with apprehonsion and even disgust. JUany already express their open re grot at the impending fall of the great republican star, and seem to be prepared to find him before long at the extreme end of the right, instead of the left wing of his pwty, after the 4th of March. N. B. Judd returned to Chicago on last night's train. Although retiring from the field of aspiration to the Cabi. net, his air at the time of bis departure was that of a vic torious rather than a vanquished competitor. His friends Claim, indeed, with the utmost assurance, that he is fully and Irrevocably booked for tho Secretaryship of the Inte rior. But, although my own personal observation has convinced me of the consummate tact and skill with which he laid and pulled the wires during the last threo weeks, and of the untiring devotion and exertion of his many supporters, I must yet say that I cannot share their confidence. I still adhere to my original conviction, that Mr. Lincoln will be the only member of the Cabinet from Illinois, and shall continue to do so until an official an nouncement to the contrary will be made. * A good deal of newspaper talk has lately been made in reference to the alleged military escort under which Mr. Lincoln is reported to Intend to go to Washington. A company of so-called Zouaves, lately formed in this placo, is mentioned in connection with this supposed martial cortege. Now, I wish to state, for tho benefit of all con cerned, that this whole story, out of which so many rude and unjustifiable attacks upon Mr. Lincoln have grown, has no other foundation In fact than tho conjectures, hopes and wishes of the youthful members of tho said company. The matter may havo been talked over in their drill room, and crept into a local paper in the shape of a rumor. But Mr. Lincoln has too much common sense to entertain so ridiculous a scheme for a moment. He utterly dislikes ostentatious display and empty pageantry, and the military association referred to will never be seen in the federal capital, if their visit is made to depend on tho pleasure of Mr. Lincoln and the advice of all sensible friends. The raw disciples of Mars that constitute it would certainly afford but little real protec. tion if sucn should be wanted. The President elect was delighted lost evening by the arrival on the Eastern train of Mrs. Lincoln and his oldest son. the Harvard student. He had been awaiting their return for the last three days. Dutiful husband and father that he is, he had proceeded to the railroad depot for three successive nights in his anxiety to receive tliein, and that in spite of snow and cold. Mrs. Lincoln returned In good health and excellent spirits; whether she got a good scolding from Abraham for unexpectedly prolonging her absence I am unablft to say; but I know that she found it rather difficult to part with the winter gay eties of New York city. " Bob," the heir apparent to the President elect, has been the observed of ill tho ob servicg Springfield girls to day. He walked the streets this morning, bring'ng up the rear of the "old man." The effect of a residence within the improving Inlluonces of genteel, well dressed and wo!l bohaved Boston is plain ly noticeable in his outward appearance, the comparative elegance of which certainly presents a striking contrast to the lonte, careless, awkward rigging of his Presidential father. ? Among the latest arrivals are J. P. Bliss, Boston; S. S. Saunders, of Michigan; Charles W. Pratt, St. Louis; Ben jamin W ird Dix, of Boston; E. Young and H. D. Shar|x?, New York; George H. Hazard, E. Locke and D. Root, In diana; H. Z. Stieet, Ohio, and J. S. Copes, New Orleans. STOWiFim-P, Jan. 27, 1861. The Pretident Elect and the Southern RrbeUicm?Pro gramme of the Journey to Washington?A Lull?About J/pfiicatimi/ur Office?Adrice to Place Seekers, <te. In view of the close approach of the Inauguration of the Incoming administration, the attituJe It is likely t> assume in roferenio to the overt acta of rebellion of the Booeding states In seizing upon and preparing to teize by force of arms the federal property within their respective limits bccomos a question of paramount interest. Will the republican President uso the army and navy Of the United States for the protection and recovery of tho forts, navy yards, arsenali, custom houses and post offices loeated within the States that will have renounced their allegiance to the federal government after his in stallation? Will he attempt to enforce the revenue taws? Will he allow the seditious members of the confederacy the further onjovnient of the benefits of the federal mail ays" tern9 That the peace of the country depends on bio treat tnent of these issues is obvious, and hence the general anxiety of the public to learn hts intentions in the pre mises ? The most distinctive clement of Mr. Lincoln's miral composition is his keen sense and comprehensive con scientiousness of duty, Upon taking hlsoath of office he Will not be guided ro much by his party predilections as by the federal constitution and laws. But theso clearly and unavoidably define his lino of action. They roquire him to securc obedience to their injunctions with all tho means provided by them, that he will endeavor to ful 111 the obligations thus Imposed upon him faithfully and fearlessly may be expccted with the utmost certainty. Hence I venture to say that one of the first acts of his administration will be to renew the atk-mpt to reinforce Kort Sumter, should Major Anderpon and his gallant band be fount still holding out; to demand the restoration or tho federal property of Ihe rebellious sovereignties; to collect an im posing naval force to blockade tho Southern porta and collect the revenues in case of a refusal; to thoroughly sift the army and navy of officers sympathising with the sedition movement, and to put a stop to postal operations In all the plate* that refuse to recognise the authority of the general government. He does not propose to wag<o a war of aggression and subjugation. He will invade no Btate to bring about the overthrow of unconstitutional laws and authorities. He will observe a strict defensive, but nevertheless repel and defeat resistance to the exe cution of the above measures with all the power al hts command. Such, at least, Is the Import of all his Ute declarations oo the subject. Inlluences mny possibly be brought to bear upon him after bis advent in the federal city that will effect a chango of programme, nut his present determination is certainly to tost the strength of the federal government In the indicated manner. As the refractory States are not likely to comply with his execu 41ve demands, civil war may be considered imminsht. I am able to announce authoritatively the programme Of the Journey of the President olect to Washington. Borne modifications may be made previous to th? day of departure, and perhaps oo the way. For the present the plants as follows:? Mr. Lincoln will lesve oo the 11th proximo?a fortnight ? tienre. He will go over the Groat Western and Wabash Vallsy Railroad to Iafayette, and thence to Indianapolis. In the Hoosler capital he will stay one day, and be mtde lbs recipient of the hospitalities of the Bute au thorities. . From Indianapolis hs will proceod to Columbus via Dayton, and perhaps via Cincinnati. At Columbus be will make a stay of only a few hour*, and thence go to Cleveland and Buffalo. At Buffalo he will take the New York Oeotral Railroad for Albany, where be intends to spend another day. From the ospftal of New York he proposes to make a dlrcct strlks for Harris burg. But his friends in New York and Philadelphia are not Iflrely to submit to snob a slight. Washington will be o?dS via Baltimore. 7h<? sfent* bf the severs 1 roa.ta over which Mr. Lincoln 1 pes*, have been here and ascertained his wishes. |al traios will be provided all the way through, an<l the fewest possible changes made. The entire trip is ex pected to be completed inside of ten days. As previously stated, military escorts are not desired sad will not be accepted. Mrs Iunooln and her three sons will embark *few days after the departure of the head of the family, and pro ceed directly to Washington by the shortest possible route, under the protection of a number of friends. The pressure upon Mr. Lincoln on his trip la expected to be 90 great as to render a Joint journey undesirable. A perfect lull has prevailed here during the last forty eight hours. The Legislature has adjourned for a few days to indulge in a spree to Bloomiugton and Joliet, in this State, and but few obscure political characters from abroad are in town. Written applications for office are now flooded upon the President elect with unusual vigor and frequency. Fifty are received per day on an averago. Mr. Lincoln turns them all over to the tender mercies of his private secretary, who remorselessly oonsigns nino out of every ten to the stove. Being anxious to prevent a waste of labor by your expectant readora, I herewith give them due warning that no notice whaterer will hereafter be taken by the President elect of any epistolary supplication for subor dlnate appointments likely to reach him previous to hi3 departure for Washington city. Si-KCturieLO, III., Jan. 31,1861. A report from Washington, that Mr. Lincoln has written to Schuyler Oolfax and other republican Congressmen, urging the passage of compromise measures, Is authori tatively contradicted. Judge Bates made a speech last night before a republi can caucus. lie expressed himself strongly against se cession, but did not commit himself on any ?f the com promise propositions, and disclaimod to speak for Mr. Lincoln. Governor Yates is not absolutely opposed to the ap pointment of Commsshloners in response to the Virginia invitation, but objects to their meeting before Mr. Lin coln's Inauguration. This is known to be the view of the President elect. There is a good deal of agitation on the subject In the Legislature, and Commissioners may yet be appointed. Joseph A. N'unes, of San Francisco, was here to day to see the President. The following despatch shows Mr. Lincoln's move ments :? Charlkktox, 111. Jan. 31?1 P. M. The President elect arrived last night, and left early this morning for the residence of his step mother. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of the Overland Kxprexi?$1,414s, OOO In I*old Em Route for NttrYork. Fort Kkakmey, Jan. 31,1861, Tho pony express passed at feur o'clock P. M., yester day, over four days behind time, owing to the bad storms in the mountains. Saw Franiwo, Jan. 11?3:50 P. M. Arrived 0th, bark Almatia, from Newcastle, NSW. Sailed 11th, steamer Cortez, for Panama; 12th, ship Fair Wind, for Baker's Island; Norwester, for Hong Kong, carrying 600 Chinamen and $11,800 in troaaurc. The ships Orpheus and Morning Light are undor charter for a load or grain for England. The Sea Lark is ballast ing for Mexico, to load with wood for Europe. Ths following passengers sailed yesterday Tor New iork on tbo Cortez?Judge Norton, Don Petro Sarse vain, John C. Blrdseye, Jolui Temple, W. Waiaco wife and son; inward Furato, John Itennair B Pl&tt ami wife, Isaac Frederic, wife and infant; Mrs Kowalstay and three children, Philip Cadrio, J. C. Haven, wife and threo children: I,. A. Sanderson I Catharine Walters and three children, M. Folio Ov j mille Du Beaca, Mecel Du Beaca, George Adams, <). Wil son. Mrs. McDonald, J. Feller, Aug. Storum, Andrew I Meyer, Miss Una Looks, James J. Brower. J. I, Hull I, E. Barron, Geo. M. Harrington, Chas. H. Williams, Mrs. Mary Hudson, L. A. Khrman, W. Turnlur, Chas K. Satter lee, K. J. Stevens, wife, two children and servant Mrs Corey, Mrs. Schults, Thos. Fitch, Ben. Kendall S J H?nry, Wm. K. Doughorty, H. S. Stone, H. Kraft. B Ma thlson, Oto. McMillin. Geo. W. Dyer, F. B. Molger Wm. W. Gadcomb, I>. Samuel, Major Henley, G. B. Memen J ti ' iutl!r- m Clark, C. W. Hart, Alonzo Davis, Joseph II. Martin, >V. I>. Aldricli, Julius Caro, John llowes Mr l'aechall, L. Abrams, J. S. Darling, and 88 others. Tho principal shippers of treasure are ? Wells, Faago & Co. .$281,000 Murphy, Grant ACo.$83 000 ?; Dav'dson 178,000 Sather kChurch..., 06 000 Alsop & Oo 146,882 D. O. Mills & Co 60 000 Parrott Ar Co 110,201 Henry Heutsch 61560 W. T. Coli'man & Co. 80,000 ' ?And others for less sums, making an aggregate or $1,428,000 for New York and $18,000 for England. ? ? Frasicboo, Jan. 12?Eveuing. The limited business that might be looked for in due course at tbig time of the year his been further sustained by the events ot the past few dayg. A. L. Stookiteth, Consul for Hamburg at this port, a merchant of extended connections and resident partner of the Lady Adams Company, of Sacramento, one or the oldest firms in California, committed suicide early on steamer's day, the 10th Inst. He was round to be largely involved, both in business liabilities and in obligations or a pei sonal aud conlldential nature to his friends. In de spair of any ( banco r>r extrication, and unable to meot the reproachrs or the lost esteem of his rrtends, ho deliberately put an end to his exist ence. So highly was he esteemed that not an unkind word has been uttered against his memory even by tbo principal pecuniary sutlorcrs. The remark is made wiih sincerity, that all he had borrowed and more was at his service to arrest the calamity that has occurred. Mr. Stookfloth's liabilities were tho result of unsuccessful speculations dnriug two years past. The I*dy Ai!anis Coni|>any is compromised, but it is thought not beyond their ability to pay. Legal proceedings have been taken amongst them. The amounts claimed as owing are thus far $100,000. A larger sum was due here by Mr. Stookfleth upon hypothecated merchandise. Candles aad crushed sugar were (lie principal articles of which the deceased wns holder; tt?se have largely declined. On the 9th inst. the effort to sustain the market for crashed sugnr was abandoned. 1,000 bbl3. soil at auction at II \c. a 12He. The market fs since Inactive at the nomi nal quotation of 12c. On January 1 the stock of candles was 67,000 boxes, one third of which were held by Mr. Stookfleth, one-third by other operators, and the re mainder by importers. Tho belief that tho bulk would be realized upon to cover advanco has broke down prices from 26c. to 20c. per pound. Hold era were anxious to sell, and there were few buyers, 1,600 boxes liave sln'-o changed hands at that Ogure. These abrupt fluctuations In two leading articles have had an unfavorable Influence upon the prices of almost all goods, particularly while the actual trade is so dull, anything forcod at ttie moment entails ftu-rlflcos, but there are few transactions to note. Coal is firm and moving In small lots. An advance on other goods not being worthy of attention is reported. Tho market for domestic produce continues Inastlve through the causes last noted. Wheat comes in slowly, and little for export can be had even at $1 70. The weather is One and propitious for sowing Freights are dull and drooping. The Nor Wester sailed today for China, and the En deavor, of Coleman's line, cleared for New York to day. Money was In brisk demand for tho last stoamer at 2 a 2K per cent. The losses by the events above referred to are pretty evenly divided among importers and jobbers, but in no individual case of sufficient extent to spread disaster The legislature has transacted no business, on account of the failure of the Assembly to elect a Speaker. Seven ty two ballets have been taken, and the Assembly ad Joumed over to Monday. A well informed correspondent represi tits the prevailing sentiment of the legislature as follows:? As soon as an organization of the legislature is effected a series of resolutions, expressive or the uualt< rable at ta( hmcmcnt or California to the t'nion as it now ?xlsts, and of her Inflexible opposition to secession or disunion In any form, will be Introduced. Who will have the lienor of presenting them ia not yot known, but more than one member in each house has expressed ? determination that the matter is attended to at the earli est possible moment. Such resolutions. If framed so as to express directly and unequivocally tho loyalty of Ca llfortila will moet with very little, ir any opposition, and whatever discussion may arise upon their consideration, will be contlned almost exclusively to the wording, not to the sentiment. There may be, as has been asserted, two or three avowed dl?unlonigts In the House, but in race of the ov< rwhelming majority against them, tbey will hardly be wnliing to come out and take a very de elded stand against such mi expression of opinion. If th< ro are any such men In tbo le gislature, they are un known to moat of the |?eple of the State, and without doubt will choose to remain so. The pony express, with St. Louis dates to tho 28th, lias arrivod. The latest Oregon advices contain nothing Important. The newspapers arc dtscussirg the probabilities of another Indian war, from the Tact that moat of tho tribes tnanl rest an in,friendly disposition. The following items, brought by the Alert rrom Hono lulu and Japan, are la addition to tho news sent by the last express ? rhe bark Yankee was advertised to sail rrom Honolulu Tor Pan Francisco on December 29. The crew of the wbalesbip Woby Morgan, at Honolulu, had refused to do their duty, and the United States Oonaui bad dlsehaged them. Several other ship crews soon fol lowed, among which were the crews of the bark Behrlng and the ship Stam. The Slam had completed her repairs aad would sail December 80. for Jarvta Island to load guano at $16 M per ton. The bark Behrli* would sail for New Bedford about January 1. She was unable to procure a full cargo Tbo brig Antllla and Russian bark Orefore, with oil, would sail for Bremen about December 28. The Qre-Tore was not full. TU? New Jersey Legislator*. _ _ . . . TMWTO* Jan. 31., 1861. The Senate to day confirmed the nomination of William T. Banta, prosecutor for Bergen, and Henry A. Kyersoa, prosecutor for Sussex county The Farmers' Agricultural railroad hill was Introduced in the House this afternoon. Ths Hunterdon aad Somer set Farmers' railroad bill was reported this morning. This Is an extension of lbs Millstone road, belonging to the New Jersey Railroad Compsny, to the Delaware river, with power to construct branches to different points Receipts of ttraln at Belleville, C. W, Tosnrro, Jan. 31.1861. U Is estimated that the receipts of grain In Belleville, C W during the past few dsya will average 100,000 bushels per day. Prices prevalent In Toronto to-day are II IS a $117 for white winter, and $1 a $1 03 for spring. IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. Ik iMi bane fti Ifec hulwW ?Mtrf Ttny CmWiki or Re CoocHUUoh the Dhtdkg Line in Ik C?vtwt-Kcp*rt of the CmmMm en Ik flrgteia ttMta* kill The Recommend ed?Unertly Report Igaloat Sending a Pmm Delegation- The General Appro priation Bill Reported to the Howe, Albany, Jan. 31, 1961. The Senatorial controversy Is the main subject of at tontiou, aside ftom those who are taking part In the Convention. Kvart* and Harris are both anxiously look ing after their chancoe, and both exh.biting a great deal of feeling on the question. EvarU has his agents out in all dilutions Inviting membora to his room, where be urges his claims with all the earnestness w ithin his power Ih this work he is assisted by llobert l Hawes, whoseema to be exceedingly anxious just now that tho slate BhaU not be smashed, but that Evarts shall be the successful candidate. It soems to be the generul im pression that Evnrts has injured his cause by oommg hero he docs not appear to have tho faculty of winning mom bers over to him. Never having boon a politician, and always abstracted in his business, he doe? not understand tho acta of the professed jwliticiana, and canuot rally any great support upon his owu personal effort*. It u said that he declared this morning that he would remain in tho field to the last, bo boaten or win, whether Weed continued to support him or not. That being his deter mination, It may go a great way towards keoping him on the slate. Yet if another person Is brought forward by that faction there will not bo over Tour votes that will support him, that number is all the strength that Kvarta has got of his own personal strength. I doubt if, with out the fc ipport of tho Regency, he can get one more vote than that. His friends wero quite sanguiue this mornins, hut later in the day the friends of Greeley were declaring in all diteclions that they were gaining strength. Tho friends of llarrls claim that they have at least thirty votes for their favrite, hut 1 ha\e not as yet discovered any real change from tho figure* that gave in my despatch yesterday. There Is, however, a feeling in favor of going over to Harris on tho part or a portion of tho Evarts meu. Most of those engaged in this contest, who are trying to Influence tho members, do not take the real view of tho affair. It is' not a personal fight between tireeley and Evarts, neither can it bo entirely confined to a con test between Greeley and Weed. Thoro is another issue behind all this, or, in ottwr words, it is the Tribune and tho no compromise doctrinc advocated by that journal, and uot tireeley per sonally considered, that enters Into this controversy. Members may be influenced to vt te for him on tho ground tnat he Is ruuning agaiust the slate, but as tho lines are drawn bet ween Greeley and Evarts it is no compromise against conciliation, und on theso two issues they are rallying their strength. If Wood wishes to d? (ireeley, 1 do not see how he can accomplish it without dropping Evarts and taking up some other man Evart." mav be on the same plaitorm witti Greeley, but ?? (fettle (iardeu specch goes dowu hard with the members from the Western part of the State. Thoro are mou hnrA to-dav working for tireeley that one week ago wouldhave lMghod at the idea of making him Senator, and are flKhttne ujon the issue stated above. Although tho friends of Greeley continue to be over sanguine, yet I cannot to-day Me anything torhango my 11kurcs from yestorday, except by slating that more of tho Harris men will finally fall upon (ireeley than Evarts, If the contest remains to the list between Greele) an 1 Evarts- yet I cannot as yet Und < -nougb members who will no uix>n (Jreeley to nominate him, neither do I see any possible chance for Evarts to reaeh over fifty, or nine less than the number requisite for a homiuatiou. . jho contest is becoming a bitter one, and from ail ap pearances there will be a general exhibition ol the dirl> Imt'u of the party on Tuesday next. Hard words are being spoken on both sides, and you need uot lionur prised to hear of a row generally at the caucus, it haj been generally understood that the caucus would be held on Monday evenlig, but the committee have already Binned a rail lor the caucus on Saturday night, and unless they change their Intentions it will be held then. Mr Vr ce rrom the joint committee on Mrg.nia reso luUous, m.d'o the following .oport i" tho Uoui. thu, '"The'ioint eommitU-e to whom was referred the resolu -sssi.ffss.TT is: ? sss szs&ssfsr ztsssbSWRt 'utes0PM?n it ^s "nUilnsL8a'|Ul,neeJ0f..l grantee* for t^p'tfiht.M t^e Stite^are^ne^verthehw^re/wly^a^a^ irtovances^and to do all that can Justly be required of lhl!^o!r^dU>ll'aM^v!d1 DudTy'Tu'l J, Vastus Indite' and Amaziah U. .lames, be, and aro hereby, ap BaSSfS=^R^^"5?& ,,n the 4th dav of February ucxt, or so soon au bjec 11 o" the wttol'tf t'll* U-g^uIture. it t in thus aooeedlng to the request of Mr .1. is not to be understood tluit this legislature ap giuia.itis not t _ submitted by the (ioneral Ax ^ V's"ate lor conc^Se the propriety of their Option'? .he prop<*ed convention b|U wh e r^i,?ritiir to tho position which sb< nas ucru occupied, New York will not reject an tegcther*the*men ,,rbon,''scci.ou?''"^' out thej?? C?K?fioh ed Tliat the Governor be requested to transmit States and to inform the OommiBSkmers without delay ^fisxsr&e rwo,itioM ""j/rt mUted to the Honorable tho donate with a requeat that they concur H[U,nouae, rep. I 1> H. ABKLL, rep. J Committee. CSBOKGK T. riEHCE, r*>- \ . .._ MARTIN FINCH, rep. I BENJ. F. CAMP, rep. I Gouim.lto#. GEO. W VAKIAN. dem. J Mr ninaham on the part uf the minority of mluec-SinSy,*enato?McCeod Murphy (demerit) and himwlf rrwahltwn)?anxious to split hairs over tho tffiow beset us, made tho following report ~ The undersigned, a minority of said oommittee. respectfully "Cube 3 *t2toa. TrlVSth ankle of thai eons.ltuUon Sgsangassass Any othrr ??fch^Remu , . Cjm0,J Upon by nor by < ongr# ** ?* . . .. i^ ainlaturt* of \ !r aSsSSHI=Ssfe? ndvlaory ?|U| no powei^ <)t K ,? coujUWtton ^AyfRfJSKJK! iS* no* ^s;^u^u??^"'^r;iaw the Cnited Hl*tr" SHri^iT uo ilinrtlon from tho eonstltutl 'D, ^I^5Lt^ "tVe any such action, except ?? pwldod by the constitution Itself. . n|miv?r manner. Another convention has been ea?e?, in * . for the same day tke fr?In?nu of th<- old a^?M3SSr?' SS^SSSSSSasysraarrts of calling the Oc?venWy_appotn<ed hyj^? lhr nv, delegates t<. that ''"nTenilon^ (n q^.tlon the tut ion are dH-fne*! necewanr, tbey ?nn??tS in tua way. j moleod MC*riiv The reporti were made the special order for to morrow (Friday) evening, when we shall he able to aacertain if a majority of the republican* are in favor of carrying out the Mine apllitlng hair proceaa of the minority of the committee, whilst civil war, dissolution and ail IU evda are staring us In the face There will be a hitter Off*) eition, and I confess that I have fear thai tho m*f>cUy report will not he ndo;*<d The Oommltt?? of *ay* and Means thla morning, through Mr, Wrtiaw, cluiraM, r*port9d Vm (??N Appropriation bill. Otu u a decided change m the uau*l action of that committee. Last year it wu not rep tN uttUl obo?t the 1st of March, or, if anything, a little lator than Uutt. It war, made the special order lor uext w ??*, Friday. The entire moruing session, excepting the of the Committee on the Virginia Resolutions. wan taken up in the Committee of tho Whole-?moatly local bills?four or five of which referring to the city of Brooklyu?Allur ing mape, fixing .Judge*' salary, Ac. Mr. Hardy, of New York, rote to a question of privi lego, and stated that the bill to remove tho Department of Assessments from the Street IVportmen'. to ih it of the Comptroller wan acted upon and reported by theG>m uiittee ou Cities and Villages whilst the democratic mem bors from tbe city of New York were absent, and moved to refer It back to that committee, which was carried. The report of the committee on sending Commissioners to Washington will receive a severe overhauling in both houses, and will need every democratic vole to unite with the conservative republicans to carry it, notwith standing It is a measure that should receive the hearty approval of every member, without any straining to see ir the constitution 1? opposed to it. It is a wonder that Home mon do not examine the constitution of tbe United Statos to see if going to bed at night is not unconstitu tional. some of the names presented will bo stricken^out. There Is a compUint lliat there is too much radicalism in it, also that Bron*oii will not answer. The report will bo attacked from several sources, and the fear is that it will, In the tinkering that it will go through with, be voted down. Seveial of the Senators are anxioua that the Governor shall appoint. There are several indications to-night Kvarti is gaining ground. Weed's friend* are working hard, and appeals are now made on the ground that Seward desire? Kvarts to bo his successor. The announcement that the caucus would be hold oa Saturday, instead of Monday evtning. has caused considerable fluttering. A number of operators were expected en Monday to bring up the lust day of the battle strong for its candi date; but this change of the day has defeated their plans. U is a dodge of the Greeley side. Korceil Contributions In South Carolina* TO TOE EDITOB OF THE UKlt.U.D. Nkw Your, Jau. 31, 1361. Will you do me the favor to publish the accompanying letters from Win M Martin, Esq. , to refute the malicious coHunnief! fabricated and published here to prejudice th<? public against the republic of South Carolina, and oblige, ic., G. U. LAMAR 1 Ciiarijbto.v,S. C., Jau. -6, 1801, Wm. M MaOTtk, Esq :? Diur Sin?In reply to your Inquiry, ' whether Gov. Aiken Lad been required to furnish funds to the State, ic.," I have to say that there luts co such requisition been maile upon him for any amount, or from any source. Gov. Aiken has cheerfully iven to the volunteer compa nies Of this city from time to time small amounts to as sist In their outtlt, but never except as a voluntary and gratuitous contribution. I may further state that 1 do not know of an instance where any one has boon required to contribute one dollar lor tho use of the State in any form-, and ill rumors and publications in Northern cities to that etleet are utterly false and without foundation. Yerj truly and re-pet (fully your obedient servant, J. I) ABOBf I make the awn e statement .u the absence aud ou be half of Gov. Aiken Ja.V. 20,1861 Pkav Sip?As I shall probably not hear from Mr. Hay den until Monday, I send the above. It is just hx reliable ns if the Governor had tdgncd it. Mr. J. I). A. Is his rela tive and attends to all bis money matters, yours truly, W M MARTIN. G. B. Lahah, Esq., New York. CiiABLFtrox, 8. C.. Jan. 25, 1861. Gkktmwbk?' I am to day in receipt of a letter from New York which refers to coercive measures of our Stato authoi ities in making heavy assessments on csir citizens for the support of secession. You are reported as hav ing promptly responded to n call for ft ooo. Will you he good enough to answer if such call has been made on you and by whom. Very respectfully, j your obedient servant, W. M. MAHTIN. I Messrs. Havi>ka k Whiujrk. CaARUHXov, Jan. 'JO, 1861. PRAn Sir?Your letter of the 28th, informing its that you had received a letter frrm New York referring to "coercive measures of our State authorities in making heavy u?*ettmeals on our citiaena for the support of Hccessiou, and that we are reported m having promptly responded to a call for one thousand dollars," is at hand. How the rei>oi t originated wo aio uiiablo to loaru, but w pay emphatically that it is false in P7ery respect. W ith out thanks for Hie interest ;-ou have shown in agisting u? thus promptly to deny a r?yort so entire,y without foundation, we are very truly yours, To Wm M. Marti*, Esq. IlAYIlKW k V^HILDEN. Chakumto.v, J?a. 20, Istil. Mr 0. B. Lamar, New York:? 1>kak Si*?l now enclose a note from Messrs Hayden fc Whilden, stumping tho report of their >???*?? <r hoou ma ?essi?ua *i uou ror secession purposes as "false in every respect." 1 deem it not improper to rofcr aUo to reports that have gone abroad, that every negro In the State had been taied f 16 j>er head. That is also false in every re spect, saving the amount named in the Tux bill just poh-sed by our I,et;islutiue and which is now before jie, and reaus as follows:?"One hundred and twenty-S'X cents |n'r head ou all slaves." It ; ?ems to me perfectly Idle to notice the rarioi..-1 re ports that are afloat to the preiudice of the South, and time alone will (possibl/) satisfy tauio ol the people of the North. The ropers I s<*nd are at your disposal. Yery respect - fully. icT, W. M. MABHN. The Canada Kugllitr Slave Cast?11'lie Artlon of the Kngllih CoWrt. Toronto, C. W., Jan. 31,1861. Much feeling exists In consequence of the action of the Kcgltfh court in the Fugitive Slave KxtraditloB case. Tho Udder, the government crgan, to-day pays it in an unprecedented interference with the rights of a free people, and tliat Canada will not surrender her rights in oboUieuce to the writ of an English court. The Jarkalow Case. Trtw.v, Jan. 81, Wfll Mr. Granritn concluded hi* argument in tho J-icknlow case to da> ou tiie part ol' the defence, lie was followed on the sunn side by Mr. Vorhees. Mr. Voiheos concluded that the reason why the go vemmint did not tlist try the indictment for murder was brcauee they knew they could not sustain t. ll? contended* that the government hid n>d proved that a robbery h#d taken place. They failedi to J.rove that the money taken from Jackalow belonged to thelites. They had faded to identity the money, and the defence was tiol compelled to show h?w tho prn uier came bv it, until It was proven that he ?ot it wrongfully, lie concluded with an eloquent appeal to the Jury tc be right before they ens' the fatal dye. He was followed hy Col. Cannon, who said the defence had not shown why the sloop Spray, alter she h?d started on her hom trip w:is afterwards seen going In a contrary direat Ion, and far US) ond the point she started from He said he did not expect a conviction on all the indictment*: th>*y had been drawn up to meet the evident o At tho ad journment he had not concluded. Tho Judge will cltarge the jur> to morrow afternoon. If the prisoner was con victed at all, II could only he on one count?that charg ing him with taking the coat from the vessel. Fire In UnlTalo. BcftaijO, Jan. 31, (Ml The stove works of Weed, Ilnhbell K Co. were damaged hy tire this morning to the amount ol from four to nvo thousand dollars. Fully insure 1 ? Markets. Musn *, Jan ."V), 1-M1. Cotton is in good demanl and tirtn. Sales 6,600 bale*: middling, 11c. Mobil*. Jan. 31, 1961 Cotton sales today 3 500 bales, at 11c. for middling. Mai kct steady. Cu iw.twron, Jan. 30, l^'fll. Cotton unchanged. Salct 23,000 bales. iioHK.i n, Jan. 31, L861. Receipts of corn for the week 130,000 bushels sales 20,000 bu?h<ds to day, mixed and yellow at 60c.; wht.o, 6.1c a 00c. Cotton tirm, at 12c for middling. Cin i<rv?T Jan. 3I? 18flt Floor Arm and in improved demand, at $* ivtu >1 fla for sup<>rlinc. Whiskey active at 14c. Hog* Arm at $0 80 a $0 70; mess pork. $17. Money market unchautrsd. Sight exchange on New York per cent premium. / New York Aesdemy of Muai?. The Academy audiences have been so slim oC late that s poor house on the night of a dobut or the production of a new opera excites no surprise That which greetod the first appearance of Mademoiselle Elen?lar4 night was certainly not such as was calculated to uocourage or warm up an artist new t< > our public. This lady Is young, strikingly Italian la appearance, and of a noble Stage presence. Her method is pure, and exhibits evidence of careftil trslnjig Sho hv; line dra matic quo I Mirations. and will, we have no donht, wh?n more familiar with our audiences, tiecome a great favorite. Her lAicretU exhibits many points of resem blance to that of Griel, and is evidently Sued upon a close stady of that great ar 1st. Wo have uot timo to enter Into an elaborate analysts of the naanv effective p)ints which she made, but we may iosUnee that in whl' h th ms*k of Uiorexla Is torn oil and she Is held up to the scorn of Gennato and ha companions. Tho look of withering hatred which the cast ou Orslni and the im. prewdvecess of her attitude, a? she stood with her 1nr> a pointed In vengeful denuacMtVm, formed a tine dra gWtlc study. So also in the scenes In which she Mree* her Incredulous son to take the ant Mot* to the Itorgla poison and wle n she hangs In mute deeper over bis lifeless body, and Anally gives way to a torreat of im petuous eloquence These, the three jrr?nd po'ats of the opera, were perfectly sc'ed, and drew down the warm applause of the audience. The beaut'^il aria In tts> last ast, M odi ah' M'odl," l? also entitled to notice for Its essentially dramatic reading, And the line chromatic passage introduced in It. Bustni's reading of the rol'. of Dulo Aiphooao was marked by exeeiient judgment. 1h? scena In whish the potsotiad eup is adm nif t?red to the umvosi ious Genoaro by the nnstlllng hani of Lurrezia was acted with coa summste addrers. SteUn # Gesoaro was well sua talned tbmughont The ' ff P'seaiore ' was given w'lb unaflHtSd swe?tne-?, lis slmpVottv not bstng Its least charm Miss Phihpps d'-t:ng>Ahed h< rsol/, as u??al, ht bar careful execution md 'trough appret iattoa of her f*U. AUspther, tu? opsrawaa vvy kaky parAwasd. 91r. IMtotk aud UU Theatre. TO rai XDITOK Of TUX OUiLD. No. lid EAOT.Fopimatjrni ttnunrr, Jan. SI, 1M1. Some persona, indulging In their inventive faculties, hare lately been misleading a few of the gentlemen of the preM in respect to myself and my pursuits. Various erroneous statements, therefore, have appeared in several publications. It is not (rue that the work of the new theatre now going up on Broadway and Thirteenth street has at any time "slackened in iLs progress.'' From the day the tirst nude was put into the ground, it has advanced wit 1 all tho rapidity possible and consistent with its profound solidity and' safety. It is not tine that "ten gentlemen have subscribed a purse of $10,000 as a gift or loan to aid and facilitate me in my very duiicult enterprise." I sincerely wUU it were true, . Nor have t entered into any arrangement for tho use of the new Opera House, Brooklyn, in order to Uko my company of artists to uppear there. X am sure these mistakes have not been published from any but friendly motivw towards me, and 1 notice them merely that those of the public aud pross, who may kindly feel an interest in my bold aud anxious under taking may not be misled. Yours, dear sir, with re nnet, j. W w.VIJ.ACK. City Intelligence. Ftsirai. or Cai-taix 8amckt. Ciumtkr limn.?The runeral services of Captain Samuel Chester Keid, a hero of tho war of 1812?an interesting sketch or whoso hf? waa published in our edition of last Tuesday?to.?k. place at two o'clock yodlerday afternoon from Trinity church. The magniticent edifice whs tilled with a highly resjw, ta ble congregation, composed principally of the friends of the deceased patriot, who was greatly admired, loved and respected, uot only by those corning immodiately within the clrclo of his acquaintances, but also by tho people of tho win do country. Tho services were of tho impressive character to the Church of Knglaud, four nMn'fters (the Rev. Messrs Viutou, Ogllby, Hlgbee and Awor) officiating. About half past two o'clock the eollin, which was beautifully decorated, was carried up the middle aisle of the church and deposited near tho altar. On the lid of the cotlln the following inscription was engraved.? r*/w///////a////// a///// // //// ////////A CA1T. SAMI FJ. CHESTER BKI1>, L'. S. N., f 5 Died January 28,1881, 5 iAged 78 years. J ?/w// w? srrrsr rm-tt ////////// ?////////^ Arrong those who acted as pall bearers we noticed, in uniform, Captain Ward, Cuptam (iansevoort, Lieutenant MeDermoti fuid lieutenant Henry; and In citizeus. dress, Messrs. Henry Grlnnell,Charles O'Conor, James T. Brady, Tileston and Spotlord. At the conclusion of tho services the remains were oonveyed to (iroenwood Ceinotery for burial, followed by several hundred carriages. A.nm'ai, MxiinuTTo.f or rm Pficw York .Juvkxitk Asv ?A number of visiters, members of the city and county government, assembled at tho Now York Juvo nlle Asylum, at Waslyngtou heights, yesterday, to wit nes - a general examination of the pupils. Tho occasion parsed of! very much to tho satisfaction of the visiters and to the credit of the management of tho Institution. A collation was prepareu for tho occasion, when tho President, Mr. A. R. Wet more, Mr. E. M. Kingsley aud others, made appropriate remarks. Thore were in the Asylum, at the commencement of the year 1880, 417 children, and there have been 432 since received?mnk ing a total number of 830 who hare, duoing l!>" year I860, oiijoyed the discipline and lion.-Ills of lli>< Asylum. There have been 417 discharged (to be tudenturod and de livered to parents, 4cc.), leaving 422 now In tho Asylum. Tho average age of those admitted Is eleven yours and one month, ami tho average time in the Asylum is less th..n six months. Srn.i. Ancihkr I'iton VoirmtKu MovEsnurr.?On Wednesday evening last another com|?any of volunteers, ; holding themselves in readiness to assist the federal gov I erumcnt in reclaiming United States property Illegally I seized, was organized at tho Adriatic Saloon, corner of I Hudson aud Harrow streets. Kx-Aider man Hilly Wilson was chosen captain. A series of strong resolutions, con derunatory of the act of firing upon the t<tar of the West and the seizure of the foderal fort.--, were adopted. Thx I urn Ci'sroM Ifot-HK Fraud.?We are inforinod thai of tlis $0,000 worth of goods withdrawn from the bonded warehouse on forged permits, only $2,000 worth belonged to lb* tirm of Goodrich & Walker, the balance pertaining to diAercnt parties. Dkowskp.?Th? body of an unknown man was yester day found close to the Battery wall,near the bath bridge. From appearance* he bad either walked off or been pushed from the Battery wall, as at that point thero is i-ome tire feet descent without any protection or guard to prevent such accidents. The shore is lined with rocks, whith i? suthciput in itself to causo death by a fall upon them. The body lies fuee downwards, frozen in, And In a jujsition not to bo identified.* From Ins dress ho seems a man of respeclability, liaviMg on a dark bluo sack over coat, black cloth pants and double soled e.alf skin boots; has litfbt uwto n'lii?korn ?a.l inouataeh". I '?rum'l w<ais notified, but had not u;> t<> ten o'clock 1*. M. made his affMfMO*. Drawlnyi of the Delaware State Lot* teriea.?WOOD, BDOy A C?., Manager* of th? DELAWAKK, KKNTUear At(l> '.MaxOUHl STATK LOTTKR1KS. Dklawark? Extha Cun KXt, .'an. 31, 1861. 28, 48, 52, C4, 39, 07, 19, 6, 9, 11, 8, 35, GO. ItKi.awai.K?Class lot, Jan. 31, 1861. 22, 17. 27, 33, 6. 55, 16, 49, 1, 46, 44, 61, 4. Circular* m>nt free of ctiargo by tddrefcidng either to WOOD, BODY A CO , Wilmington, Delaware, Or to WOOP, EUDT A CO , Nt. Ik.uIs, Missouri. Drawing* of it. Framee & Co.'a D?la Ware Lotteries? Sussex Copktt, Cum 27, Jan. 31, 1861. 23, (58, 14. 57, 65. 01, 7, 46, 78, 18, 73, 72, 20, 66. (toNMiuiiATKo LoTTKar, Ci~ts? Nink. Jan 31, 1861. 16, 46, 74, 26, 37, 19, 75, 08, 43, 9, 10, 49, 60, 2",. Circulars sent free of charge by ad?b maing ft. FRANCE A CO., WllmlngUn, Delaware. THe Important Ptntarc In BKANDRBTirS nu.H I* this?they improvs b nith by purifying th<- bl".id, which compreh?nda perfecting tSe proeens ? >?' digestion, tiiuit curing ? ' aliveness and I'yupepHa, <ind otherwise imparling vig'T and regularity to the animH of the 8t>.ia?ch and bowels. lu the Cold* and Coughs of th-^ teuton they are unriralled. No change of diet and bo i*are Is require# when they are used. Old ntyle, Meenta per Then, ruated Milk t'onarete cider. 2a cents and fit) cent? per t> <*.?the latter contai'i.iu 611 1'llla. ><jM at the pi Inclpal ofiinr, ?I CANAL STREET; Aba at No. i UNION Byt AUfc. 612 BROAnWAY, and CAMI'PKI.I.'H, comer Eighth av and Twenty eighth at. Cerman aud EugtUh Aiiuuniu ? giatu Htelawsy ?fc Boa's <?%? rstrnnsj C.rnnd and !?{varo I'iunob are now ooaaUerodtkabi'Hi maiiufat-turpd; &!>? nnrratiled (or firo years. Warer oaubJ at.d 6i Walker street. Holme*' Large Klxe S>ollnr Photo gTiijih* done In e<,li>rs. 24 i a*di'letoreefor 91. Ambrotypes, Ac. tialiery, MS Brt>adway. Hhiliinf AdvrrtUcmnlii! facilities pTwTkMPLiUYMEXT. ? TO EMPLOVZBS A NO TUB UNEMPLOYED. Vt* N>-? York 8CN, a* tkc nalunil organ of labor and Employment in tbN city, will, during the prra< nt aoarolty of work, <lo what In poaalMe lo facilitate >-?mmunl< ation bet veen Um hmpiot ii.ft ?rwl laboring elaiwa, t<y ?<li(iltttru( THE MM A I.LKSI Al>v B RT IS I.MKNIH A T ON* Sllll UNO A MVr: And by elauilylng ONE LINK Advent uienta under appro prtate beada, to aa to exprnaa a dtiwiinl f?r elttar Ltlmr or Employment of anj kind, with all- tie-am nary cle?rtiu*a m one Hue. tTmtCt PAILT CIRCULATION (OR THE TEAIl JUST PAXT, .ALMOST entirely in new yokk city a.vd ?UBCRB* Tin- HtrrllBK Oaa HrcnUlor Improve* the light and aarea the gaa. WarranUat by Wheelur k WU b'jti h t>ewiug Ma< him- Co. Olllce SOt Broadway, baMmmt, Crorrr and Rcker'a rr'ebrtted !VoI*ele?e Fevtan Machine a, (40 and Mjiwan!a. 196 Rro?<lway, N. Y, Whrtlrr At Wllion'i improved Sewing Machine* al reduced price*. Ofllce, JIM Broadway. Btlrhrlor'i llnlr Djra? Reliable, llnriM leae act Instantaneous black or lu-*wn. Factor?. Ml Barclay atreet. H< Id a ad applied at BATCHKLoR S \t i? Factory, lo Bond atreet. KtW Invented Wi|(l anil Tonpeeas nl?o Moldavia''rum f?r prt"?*r*lnc and beautifying tlifl balr. Maiiufacttirail by W. A. BATCIIKLOH, It Bond ?tr> ft. Hlll'l llnlr Ujre, SO Cent*?lllark ur brown Uepot No. 1 Ban uy atreel, anAalldiuggiata. Arctic Ointment. Trn?e?.-MarHh A C'o.'i Radical Care True*. Ho. 2 Vcaey at reet (A at or Uotue), optxnlte ttw aburcb. Harry'a Trlropherona la the battl and eheapeit article for in-alng, tx**Uf/ln*f, O'lrLlsa eieaadag, prt aei ring and reetarlug the hair. Ladlea, try Bo:d by all dncgiata. Crlntadnro < Hair Dye, IWI|? and Ton perv-1 he l**t In Hf' world. Wturiaaale and retail. The Dye privately applied No 8 A a tar Houae. Will Care UR J. BOVKE DOD K IMPERIAL WIXS HdTIRRrt COMiaFRCK. t>VSHBPHU AND NKJtVUl'M debility' Tl cy cert r.*ly have caw! oaee* whert all othor remedlee had been Ir *d and failed, and are apprwred by the inoat dla llugulahed ahyal- iana ialhe tliy of Mew York. Bwtd by all dr> ifKlata I>?pot 7? WOJIero atitot, N Y. Married. Ravvrr?>Baiutv.?In thia citv, on Ttiureday morning, Jmtuai\ 3L, by the Uov. Jotin yuiucy Adams. Cham kn P Ha^ A.vr to limit T. Rah vy, youtig?iat daughter of Ht< pheu D. Wat ley, l-iw> , all of New Vork OauuiAS?CiJun?Tia?In Brooklyn, on Thuraday , Janu ary, tl, at the reaidfncr of the bride's brother, by h* Ut>nor Mayors. 8. Powell, Mr W*. J. 0>ijui4.'? to Mui l'Mi T CtantxTK*, all of Oraago couuiy, N. Y. Woebrk papers plrwe oopr CamPWii ? Acitaaon On ruealay, Ian nary 20, by Ua Rev. J C K MUll|an, Mr .Ioh.* J. wurimu , of Ilopkia toB. Uwa, to Ml'a Maar H. Aimaow, of tbta cilr. Uao-Harrr ?OB Thuraday, January 81, at tha Churih or tbe AmwhIod, by tbo Rov lohn OHion SinitU, William B Jfujai. of Iowa Cltv, Iowa, to Phjiiih I* da-'tMer of the lale Cliarlea RrulT, ot thia r.itjr, )Anmi?Wednesday. Jaauarr M, b* the Rev. H. M. Iaaa? a, Mr. Mai Jaxximy to lllm m Jju?. ?BB, both of thto city KoNv-Stwnrw ?on Wedneaday, Jmumtry .10, by the Knr t<r H Adrer, at the rfsidenea of Ham). Aehlflbr Jaom K(w> of Mootaomory, Ala , 8rwm?, nelc? of 9anl Scliillbr, of thia city. Moatgontfry, Ala, paper* pioaan eapv. M*m i.0w?Bww.-Qa VctoMdv, Jmmrj m the Churcli of Um Tranailgiiration, by the Rev. %h Houghton, Omrmm C. Moor*. Ksq., to IQ?? fliijB youngest daughter of the late '"tiiilhnn L OMbUBgl^^ I'AKTiunoF? BRint ?on Wednesday, Junary M. al Church of the Incarnation, by the Rev rwMfc (umi D.D.. of Trinity, Joseph R. Partromic to AmwS (laughter of the late J<?eph W. Hrick. IMatf. Bnatnj..?On Thursday JUaauary 31, Makt ftun M. fant daughter of Samuel N. and Harriet L Burri*. mB 6 mouths an<l 12 days. ~ Tho relatives and Men da of the flamllr are respeciftiW invited to attend the funeral, thia (Friday) afternoooTi oue o'clock, from No. 72 lAight street, without further invitation. Caswkia.?On Wednesday, January 90, after a short and severe illness, Claju a Cabwmll, aged itigyeara, ? mouths and M days. Tho friends are rcspeotfully invited to attend the fune ral, from her Utl residence. No. 79 Mercer Street, m Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. . Verment and i.uiada papers pleaae copy. Domor?On Tuesday evening, January 29, at WsehaWf en, N.J- of scarlet fever, Maky IUr, daughter of ^"'fT W. and Caroline Hunlap, aged 2 years and A months. PKMrwriEK?On Wednesday, January 80, at seven o'oloefa of typhoid fever. Am Matilda, the beloved wife of Was* Dempster, Esq., late of Belfast, Ireland, la the Ud yeaf of her age. Tho friends of the family ore respectfully invited tl attend the funeral, from their residence in l'ark avenue, corner of Franklin avenue, Brooklyn, E. D., tlus (Friday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Belfast papers please copy. Dk (iituiKK.?ou Tuesday, January 29, Atraustue Da (it kkwc, youngest *>u of the late Joseph f. Be Guerre* at his residence, 62 Itleocker street. His friends and thoso of the family are respectfully iuvitud to attend his funeral, from Hi. Thomas' churelu corner of Houston street and Broadway, this (Friday) ternoon, at two o'clock, without furthnr notice. Dun?On Wednesday, January 30, of constimy4i(M| ?>?* "f lli? parish of Monknewtown, count# Month, Ireland. i T!le ,"ld Mends or tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from No. 263 West How ton street, this (Kriday) afternoon, at ono o'clock. fiiuwwK.?On Wednesday, January 30, Susan, tha beloved wife of Thomas 'ioldspink, native of England, ia tho 57th year of her age. Tho funeral will take place from her late residency No. 226 Ninth avenue, this (Friday) afternoon at two o'clock. Tho friends of tho family aro respectfully in vited to attend. Gaurrrn.?On Thursday, January 31,Mr*. Mart, widow of I)r. Robert Griflith, in tho 75th year of bcr age. Tho rolatives and friends wo roH|>ectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 830 Fourth, street, tins (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. orange county papers please copy. llARomo.?At Astoria, I,. I., on Wednesday, JifltUUT 30, Mrs. I.t'cy, relict of the late Captain Samuel Harding} aged 76 y oars. The relatives and friends of tho family are invRed to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son-tn-lawi K. l.ewls, No. 87 Willow street, Brooklyn, Saturday aftox* Boon, at two o'cloclr, without further notice. IIkkhimvn.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday. January if, S.imi ki. I'., twin son of Stephen II. and Helen Iforrihuui. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho fraeral, from tho residence at Inn parents, No. 126 Dean street, this (Friday) ai'toruoea, at three o'clock. Lyon.?On Thursday, January 31. of consumption, Ak mk E., wife of Henry VV. I yon, in the 148th year or her age. The funeral will take place at St. Luke's churcb, <x? Saturday morning, at eleven o'clock. McUkatii.?On Tuesday, January 29, Michaki MoGrath, a native of county Waterford, Ireland, of COMBfUH, in the 42d year of his age. The friends of the family are invited to attend tho funeral, from 08 Hast Thirty-second street. McLoi'oiiun.?i?u Tuesday, January '29, of disease of the heart. Marcus C. McLoushuk, a native of London derry, Ireland, aged 52 years. OoiiKX.?In Brooklyn, on 'lhuradny, January 31, GnftRoa II. Ogwck, only son of the late Riehard S. Ogden, aged IT years, 2 mouths :unl -20 days. The relative s and friendH of tho family aro respectfully hurtled to attend tti fmnl, from HkhMimi or hi* mother, 255 Bridge street, Johnson, this (Friday) af ternoon, at half past two o'clock, without further in< Vi tat ion. Powkks?At 39 Cannon street, on Wednesday, January ro. Maiiikw Powuu, a native of Carriokbegg, county or Waterford, Ireland. 1'owsjfj.?(to Wednesday, January 30, after a long and! tedious illness, Mathsw 1'owkk.h, which ho bore with Christian fortltudo. Ilis funeral will take place from his late residence, 90 Cannon street, on .Saturday afternoon, a* two o'clock. Run.?4in Wednesday, January 30, Li'dbk Rust, in the 55th year of his age. His relatives and friends, and tho members of tha United German andkbo German Drotherly Association, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his resi dence, N?>. 114 Klghth avenue, corner of Seventeenth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at ono o'clock. His re mains will be interred in Greenwood Cemetery. IUkhhon.? on Wednesday noon, January 30, J?W Kikkikin, after a long and severe illness. The members of I'agio Kuh'ino (Company No. 13, an<t also the friends of the family, aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his Into residence-, 10 Batayia ftreot, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Smaix.?(Mi Friday, November :S0,1880, :n Dungannon, county of T>rouei Ireland, Miss Sisanna Shali., agod years. 1'hiladelphia, Pa., and Linsinghurg, N. V , pa|vcrs pieaaa copy. Si mmkkx ?At Bristol. Wisconsin, on Wodneidny, Janu ary 2.'J, after a short illness, Mrs. Mart St ukrs, late of New York, aged 63. Her remains were interred in Kenosha, Wisconsin, oa January 2H. Srnn?On Wednesday, Juiuary 30, Gkra ?d, infant son of William 8 and Jane L. Htith. Ihe relatives nnd friends of tho family are invited t? attend tiie funeral, from the residence ot hla uncle, If. H. I'ockwell, No. 100 I'ast Twenty-aecoud streot, this (Friday) afti rn<>on, at one o'clock. TkCMiiou.?On Wednesday, January 30, A. C. TRtr*. in*! i, sou of l*vi nnd Klizuheth Trumbull, agod 3 yoara, 6 months and 10 du) g. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully inviti d to itt< nd th funeral, thn (Friday) afternoon, at, two o'cli^k, from tho Mission church, No. 09 King street. Worih ?on W( dnesday, January 30, at Williamsburg, Of Scar let fever, Ihahkiia, youngest daugl tor or 8. A. and F,. B. World, aged 6 years, 3 months and f days. WRU.irr.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, January 31, John Whkiiit, oopjK r?mlth. formerly a resident of the Seventh ward, aged 75 years, 2 month.-, und 20 days. Tli" relatives and friends, ulso the member.* of Neptun<i lodge, No. 317, and Metropolitan I hapter of F. and A. M . and the order generally, and also tho members of tha New York Exempt Firemen's Association, are respect fully invited to attend the tuneral, on Sunday afternoon, atone o'clock, from his late residence, No. 19 South Kightli street, Brooklyn, K. IK MIX KLI.AXKOI M. LL AT WAR PRICES. White ' 'link Tea F?||. 44 pinces, for. $3 7> WtaiM dan* Dinner Plate*, per dozen - I 80 Wlitt* china Hrc?kr?*t Plate*, per Amen 1 .10 WlilUi china Ten I'lulcs, per rt<>u?-ii M Whit* rl.init lilnri?r s*m, l?y pieces V. M 4?<>!?! band China Ti a Hel?, 44 piece* 5 M 'inld And colored chin* Tea Set*, 4( piece* * "? Rn h ? *lored and gi ld china T*a *ei?, 44 plecr?> 12 (? Gold bund china Dinner Se la, 187 plrec* 44 It Hold nnd colored china Dinner Heta, 107 pleoea 56 00 Out |Un (inblat*. th? dorcn 17V Colored Bohemian kI*a* Finaer Bowl*, the t.oaeo 1 41 HliTer plated C?*ter?, A cut glaaa bottl* iHilvrr piarcd Tab In Spoon*, thread pattern, '.h* doien ,. 4 <J$ NilTcr plated Table Fork*,thread [ a'tern, the <l>?an 4 Ut Hll?er pUted T*a Spoona thread pattern, thairiieu 2 <?J Irory handle Dinner Knlrea, tha doien * I Irory handle Tea Eulvee, tha doten IH Many of them article* aj ?? offered at ABOUT HALF the utual frier, the remainder at a diacou?t of 21 to 30 par ?ant. Order* from the country mint enclose Ibacaab, wttfc a *of fleieut Hum to pay lor package*. J. r. DAILET * CO., ?SI Broadwar. At everdeix-si or.D store, .*? broadwav ? Wi-ldlng Card.*. These elegant carAi sold only at tMa store. AT ?? JB?DOUBLE HOLE NAPOLEON TAP BOOM *t /f INKS', 1J and 12 Ann street, a new style. At dm everdeix'h honh-wkddinu cards and Envelopes of the latest styles. 10* Fulton street, Newr Vol It E*lal>ll*hed lnl.V AT tllMllKKDE h-tiie GRAY CARD AND OTHKB novelties; a atln tie for wedding card* In perfection. ?10NCBBTBATBJ? KB. It I* far less difficult to iav roll*. nak**, breed *nd paatiy in a few miiintea, since t!*e tatrodiu tioii of that heai.h) com pound, Mesar*. E'lw*id i UamUiriia A Co.'a iBo*'jttt Con orntraK'd Le*ren. For *ale by all grp>Mr* sad druggi ~ ? II. HAT c OEORilE II. KATEH, Wholesale Agea', IH9 Pearl street, ft* York II API-ED IIAJ*U8. FACE, UPS, *t\ CERTAIN CI'BE ANI) PREVENTIVE. IIEOEMAN * CO.'rt Camphor Ice, with Ul)o?#tne, If u*e4 aa directed, will U?| ihs nkm *oft In the coldiV. weather. Onlrtoceuta Saal b* mall for 30cent*. I1EUKMAN A CO., flemlKt. and Dni?gl?u. Ml, ,??. Ml and 714 Broadway. CHORNB, BUNIONB, INVERTED NA 11,1, ENUAMMB Joint* and all IUxxuie* ->f the Feet ciyi ?L without pain or Inconve tlanc* to the patient, by Dr ZA< HAHlE, Baram Chirop.xtlH. 7?0 Briadway. Befera ta iili^Waai Mil Mb ([eon* of tfcla EHUREKA HEWINO MACHINES Fn-aiW ilM radur Maaafaattirln* m A (eat* wanted, uffioe 49R Broadway Family aatat ilim. F?-aity all* radiine<l to 1H Maaafaeturin* du t? (93 :: - ? Apply at tha oOfi HUWB'8 |'8 BCAI.ES | RAF KB Fatt* ?acood hand Hafea, of Afferent tuAen. for Mia sbM#. Alao bcalaa. T IK) Broadway, on* b\wh hataw MX OIIAT CURATIVE. rsiuvLut BTBUP lifrt Bold br wTdrneglita. FRANK ?. IU>W*. W?a Aator H<n ? UHBri L MID RTONOMICAU, ^ , See (hat yo? 4?t the iiauine artlela. c?C ntUntii. ke. Mr , ind for nl*anta aUka, rlbBMka, Br . equal ta aaw. wlthtrut t?J?nr ?? fabric. Raid \<y ilru?ft*?. only 15 centa par ooitla 'in nnn per*0** purmo lU.Ul/l/ Of irnre throat*, raurapa and or<M?, hf Df ?

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