Newspaper of True American, August 2, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated August 2, 1838 Page 2
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HMil Yse sen de-,k ,saoerohe Per atnmer OWlrn srlo..Mi C Landry and edT Ldry in Laroks en ieleooier 4 children. Mira SImda. e C Verse. Mrdi , Brer o, Clement, PFret Ata, lJurlr, Sualins,, Ory. Preaston, Beonel. Lcy :hesn, Itom Fernundes. Lesag, Rst, Wger, Peoe,. Visrae, ls mta-, d 14 on dark. MEMORANDA. Sebober aVenus pos e hr Lodi to have gone ashore at Corpus Chrl'; wa obhlled tdtleod hebor carlo, prt of which wen token by tie Terle d en nor Ielo spoke bkl harry of PKiladelphla. 4 day. obs aide Cnb, bound to Ham buer, on the 10th July, iat 4e 4 atd rk, 23 Jlty--Ar. ashr Jeoseph RiLrd., New lavepool. t June.-Arr Wllem lilaes, Kendy; 15th Trite, Jones; Sltb As, Marshaskll; sod Mrsgoret, KIlo; .3d Globe, obrkl OletObarln, Hoyt. Doe, D'Orleasn, tirhard. nsoe. lOt Rolsn, Davis; Ithb Mary lowlend, Weare; all k4om Now OIsrle. June .61h, relled Ann, PCshallow. for oew Orden. At Liverpool, 3d July, Marylanod, Berry. 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The demand this week has been mt. deate, but there so scarcely any literalion to ne lie in priceoa the ordlinoary to fair qualities of Amreiean, howevernre very heavy of sleat last oiueek'oottitnna. 800 Aontiean were taken for ePeulatinos. 480American nnd 50 Benel frexol l.eoe have been forwarderd intothe country unsold aeoag the meonth 1800 balro American, 50 Wesat ldin, 50 Pernambuco, ad 300 Peruvian. Shle of tle week : 148te. lland, ord. to mid, 201; fair to gd fair, td 4dl, good to ine25 a 32d ;30 Siesned at 7112, edo4000Bowoed t(etrr 14 a 5 718i, 518a 7 I1, 3 l11t 1800 Mobile. Al. end Tl'en.5 114ia 5518,6; 4I30 New Orleane, 5 I I 5 7l818 518 a 7 518, 009; Moisorenl Pot and Pearl ashes reas in dull, and in limited request, at previous quotutiloe. Quercitru Biarkis in fair rtquesat at the quota tions. STbacco has been in moderate dmsnd during vhe monih, esad the seles eonsistins of 280 hldes Vsrj&ie lesaf, 188 hhds stlemmed, 58 hhds Ken tclty lest and 62 hhde steonned, of these 170 Virt oaln, and 58 hbld Kenltucky leaf,withl 47 lbd Virginie mnd Ktnluoky eteoned mere lot expnr. salin;e 5 hhds Virginia leaf end 40 hhds ttam. med tle Ireland;tl00 llds Kaslltueocy temmed loe veelo, and the renusaider no the holte trade at sredy puiie. ' iMBRELl.AS & PARASOLS-20 cases, campri i a. nJo anusortment ofManlta, fancy silk ,nd gif ham Utbrsllas dad Parasols, Lfr bale E6 ISAAC BIRIDGE & CO. jell 134 Alagarcne street. LLINOIS & OHIO FUNDS, for sale by NATH'L TOWNaEND, je2I Exchange Hotel Gray e, st. ~.LARKT IOT'I'L.-O hampers in sotr. and fitr . sale by T R HYDE C BROTHER, joIl car ('ommnon & Magazane ste. OT N-75 Ib ras Rosin, Iadiane d for ale 'y 8 Conti slreet I AP --. baxes soap, various brands and dilllreot L a Wos" sf' TON s t SHALL, Jot" 7 Front Levee M C.EREL..-10 kits 00 qr bbls. & kegs, far sai. by WINSTON & SHALL, all 7 Front Levee. iA4I4INR P l pa aggla - coils L Rape, Ihiag freo stesmboeet Comsnre,lor sale by LAYET & AMEI.UNG, N8 17 Commerce street. - aLLW PINE LUMIS ER--3.,000 feet of I~e Iyellw pe plank, f.Poer sale by... REyellwpnpak, AD &BlARSTOW, m2 67 Glavier etet. H l- Itl bbls in atomre for sale by W n10 (G IDUR$Y, 4 New Leves , Whkey and Lard0--d0 bbls me.s' U mp.e rwap and shoulder Pork; 20 bbls p~earlslO hlissOel~daa crnrd sem 1000 bega , ýUL ' JLJW)tS].-Just received a few groe off .n l Seidlta powdaers; noaly put up S sa tiaboa fle e l. bythe res, doe or single box, by DAVID FEI.T & CO New York Stationer's Hall, j.¢ 94 Charrs eseet. "L-LE WRITVII G INK-J4ant receiveda small lot Dof Pemment Blus riting lak, wrrantleda su p- io deasa al by DAVID) PELT & CO New Yaork Ikatri er0 Hall, - 1" 24 Chanrse street - oy iO EY. ie 44 New Levee. Sold rsatied, in stose, to 44 New Levee. la(aon House sreest. 1 1, of heabvy Kentucky Bag . qr -, I , m HOLMRS & MILLS, Wi'k Alley. RIC r i lr.. Urottfnugs of cauncil. TUEnDAY, 31st July, 1838. The cauncil met pursuant to adjournment: pre. sent, Hon Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; Ahlruonen Gloyd, Hall, Lockett, Meux, Nixon, Peters and Whitney. The journal of the preoceeding meeting was read and approved. The weekly statementorfthe treasurer for the last t~reeks were submitted, that of the 24th July, asowing the re~pts tohave amounted to$5,587 08; issue ofe Municipal notes, $1,800; balance 22.6f08 05; expended $17,853 57; notes rendered, 588 75; former baoline, $g,,052 81. That of this day, shews the receipts of the week to have amounted teo6,974 20; issue of ootes$0,400; balance $24,921 91; balance last report $22,708 05; expende. $18,624 19; notes redeemed $63,87. A communicatioa from tile same officer was re ferred to the Finance Committee. A petition from J H Wallace, referred to Com mittee on Claims. A petition from J W Breedlove, in relation to an improved mode of preserving timber, referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. A petition of W Dowoody and others, preferring charges against Wharfinger, referred to the com mittee on streets and landings. A communication from the Surveyor was re ferred to same committee. A Petition from Rebecea Stackhouse, preying pe rmission to erect a partially wooden buileing, laid on thi table. A communication of D H Twogood & S Miller, whereupon Mr Caldwell introdueed the following resolution, and asked further dispensation of the rules, which not being granted, the same was made the order for the next meeting. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay on the warrant of the Mayor, to D H Twogood and Stiles Miller, the sum of fle hundred dollars, in part payment of their contract for the paving of Carondelet street, between Girod and Julia streets, with hexagonal blocks of wood. An application of T J Baldwin was laid on the table. The Petition of Fire Company, No 2,was referred to the committee on fire. Petition of Watchman Burgess and others, comn. plainintg of a nuisance, referred to the police com mittee. Petition of H L Denis, whereupon on motion of Mr Peters, Resolved, That Hillary Denis be, and he is hereby authorised to endorse for the comptroller, Municipal notes, for which he shall be allowed the same compensation now allowed Mr Deacon, jr. and others. Mr Peters as chairman of the finance committee introduced the following report and resolutions, which the rules being dispensed with were adopted. The finance committee te whom was referred the application of Dr Win E Kennedy and W Stone, for a loan of the bonds of this Municipality, in order to enable them to erect within this Munici pality an Infirmary, respectfully report; That having given the subject mature considera tion, they are compelled to report against the ap plicetion. It having become the fixed policy of the Council to advance neither tihe meney nor the credit of the Municipality, for objects other than those of gene ral inmprovement, legitimately and solely under the control of the Council, and to avoid all connection with individuals in undertakings that their own interests or the public good may suggest, your cem mittee cannot perceive in the application before them a case not included within that rule. An Infirmary such as it is proposed to erect would doubtless be a valuable acquisition to tire Municipality and a source of profit to its enterprize ing founders. But there is no good reason why such an establishment should depend on the aid ol the Council more than any similar institution, and many other undertakings of equal importance to the general welfare. It is proposed to attend to a number equal to one.tenth of the number of pay patients from the Municipality gratis; such patients as would be sent under this arrangement are now sent to the charity hospital, which is open to all the indigent sick, and is maintained by the State at a great expense, a considerable portion of which, necessarily falls on the people of New Orleans. Were, however, a few hundred dollars annually saved by the proposed arrangement, it would not, in the opinion of the committee, compensate for the inconvenience that might result from such a precedent: while the magnitude of the public improvements in progress, which must within a short period be paid for; ad monish us to carefully abstain from issauiUg any bonds that are not actually required to ern.,i tile Municipality at all times promnptly to :::.<:t its engagements. Your Committee, therefore, submit the ltli, emg resolution. Resolved, That it is inexpedient to nced 1L, the request of W E Kennedy and W Stone, to i~,rlv to theim the bonus of this Municipality to ctalbil them to erect an Intirmary. SAMUEL J PETERS, Clhairnrai JOHN NIXON, JOHN HALL. Resolved, That the commissioners of the Sink ing Fund be and they are hereby authorized to have discounted in any of the banks of this city any notes in said fund, having less than twelve monthsr to run, in order to enable saend commisioners to dis count fobr theTreasurer, notes receivable, belonging to the Municipality, to meet tihe current pay ments thereof Be it further Resolved, That it shall he the du ty of the Comptroller to furnisli tills council with a etatament of all notes discounted in Bank un der this authorization. Mr. Caldwell, as chairman ofthe committee on streets and landings, made the following report, ac companied with the subjoined resolutions, which, the rules being dispensed with,wore severally adopt ed. REPORT Ofthe Committee on Streets and Landings. The sealed proposals for opening the stre to and digging the ditches in the rear of this Municipali ty, having been opened by the Comptroller, and examined by your committee, your committee is of the unanimous opinion that tile offer of Patrick Carolan ought to be accepted by this council, and therefore recommend thoe same for adoption. Be it Resolved, That the proposition of Patrick Carolan for opening and draining certain streete in the rear of the first and second wards of this bMu. inicipolity, and for cutting down and cording tihe timber, be and the same is hereby aceopted, as fol. lows-for digging the canal sixty cents the cubic yard; do. the drain near the protestant cermetry, at tite same price ol' sixty cents the cubic yard.-O. pening the streets as mentioned in the specifica. tions at sixty cents tile cubic yard. The said pri ces to include the cutting of the timber on tile pro jeeted strectsinto cord wood for the use of thie Mu. niicipality, at one dollar ai.d fifty cents per cord, in. eluding clearinge: prrovided, the work shall be done agreeably to tile specifications of the Surveyor, and to hIis satisfaction; and provided further, that said Patrick Carolan shall furrisl, sufficient securi ties, within ten days, for the faithful performance of his contract. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he is hero. by authorised, to permit the citizens to take dirt from any part of the front of ti is municipality, in conformity with the existing ordinances. Provided, That the Surveyor shall not allow ri. ver dirt or culture earth to be taken from any part of the front of this Municipality whoin it .,sy bi wanted for the public works. JAMES H. CALDWELL, SAM'L. J. PETERS, BENJ. WHITNEY Mr. Nixon, chairman of the special committee, to whom had been referred the subject of conter ring with Commercial Bank, to procure that com pany to furnish water to the poor gratis, made a report, which was read, and on motion, referred back to s1ame committee; and on further motion of Mr. Lockett, it was Reolved, That the special conmmittee. charged with conferring with the Commercial Bank, in. quire into the tigllt of this Municipahty to insist on and compel the said Commercial Bank to turnish water to the said Municipality, according to the letter, spirit and intention of the charter of said Bank. On motion of Mr. Lockett, the rules being dis pensed with, it was Resolved, That leave of absence be and is here. by granted to Benjamin Whitney, alderman of tihe third ward of this Municipality, till the first day of October next. Order of the day. The resolutions introduced on the 24th instant, by Mr. Peters, ta relation to furnishing John Mm tom the bonds of this Municipality being in order, they were taken up and adopted as follows: Resolved, that the Mayor to and is hereby au. thorised to deliver to Joe. Minturn in settlement of his aceount for paving under his contract, bonds of this Municipality for one thousand dollars each payable in 25 years, bearing an interest of six per centumn per annum,payable semi.annually, the prin. cipal and interest being payable at the Tre.a , cr's offiee mn this city; which Londs shall be issue, :n iae usual form and countersigned by the Recorda; oand Treasurer of this Municipality. Be it further iresolved that said bonds a!L I; !i delivered to msaid Jno. Minturn at the rate ot 100 for every $80 due him, said Minturn agreeing rch J. W. Breedorve as his security to hold said boh,dn for sale until the first day of December next, un. lems a sale be previously made withl the consent o the Council of this Municipality; and to account for and pay over to the Treasurer, any amnount re. alizeoD by thie sale of maid,bonds, exceeding 80 per cent., in which estimate of excess, shall be mcluded rey gain by diference of d xchange that may be realized by said Minoturn. The roles eing 'dispensed with, the following preamble and resolutions, on motion of Mr. Peters, was taken up and adopted. Wlhereas, The New OrleansandCarrollton Rail 't Road and Banking Company have, in violation of I the law and the rights of the public, continued to enclose the property known as the seite of Gra. vier's canal- Be it therefore Resolved, Thatsaid Company be and they are hereby required to remove, Or cause to be removed, all fences and barriers ereted by Ihe*, or by persona in their employ, around any portion of said grounds, being in the centre ofthe celttlau. ation of Paydras street. below the Poyds market, -within ten days, under the penalty of25 per day from the expiration of that term until said fen. cea or barriers be removed. Such fine or fines to be recoverable before any court of competent jurls. diction, for the benefit ofthis Municipality. On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 7th August, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. 'PTiI TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED BV .sOaser 'IBnON'. PAITHFUL AND SOLD. NE1V ORLEANi:I THURSDAY......AUGUST 2. 1838 THE CORONATION. The all bshorbing topic of European journals, is the coronation of Victoria, Queen of England, who at the early age of nineteen is perhaps the moseet powerful monarch, and the most popular ruler in the whole world. Over twenty-two close columns of the London Morning Herald are occupied with the description of this august ceremony; and though the occasion may warant that quantity of gossip for the apppetite of John Bull, it would more than surfeit th at of our readers, and we therefore condense the description to more mode' rate limits. The morning of the 28th June was showery, and threatened to spoil the pageant on which so many thousand hearts were eet, but the rain held off; and little damped the ardour of the spectators, while it served to lay tle dust and cool the air. As early as 6 o'clock, she 20th foot, the 5th Drs. goons, and Sd Life Guarots, with 12 pieces of artil lery were in attendance at the palace, and soon after 9 the procession began to form in Pall Mall, when the equipagesofthae rreign ministers formed a magnificent spectacle, and among thet Mtlarshal Suult's shone pre-eminent. At 10 o'clock the royal standard was hoisted over the marble tri umplhal arcih, facing the new palace, by the jolly tars of Old England, add in a fen minutes after, amidst the ranr of artillery and the noble strain of the national anthem pealed forlh by a tnilton voices, the yamcag and graceful Queen waved her hand affectionately to her loyal 1eople as she took her seat in her carriago of state. Tile procession was truly mnagnifieent. Following the royal guards came the equipages of iho resident foreign ministers, 1(i in nu.ctber, that of our lir. Stevenson being placed between tile represento tives of Holland and Spain.. Th'ien the superb corlege of the 13 ambnssad rs ext rnatrdtary, from the great European powers. F iflaowing these came the regular ambassadors Iroll| Turkey, France, Russia, and Austria, lollowed by the carriages and suile of the several members of the royal lamily To these succeeded twelve of the Queen's car riages, each drawn by 6 horses, and containing tile retinue of her Majesty, preceding the state carriage which conveyed "VLctcoria"herself. T'lhe vehicles passed at a tolerable pace, yet tile procession occu pied three quarters of an hour in pnasing. Througihout the whole line of tile procession's march, the frontsof the hIouses were supplied with temporary balconies and filled with beautiful and splendidly dressed women, who by their smileand gaiety, seemed to share the triutttphtnt popularity which was attendingone of their otwn lovely sex. In every open space, in the square at tile foot of's street, at Charing Cross and at P.arlia meut square, the dense mass of people presented a complete sea of living heads tihat swayed back and forth, like a field of ripened wheat in the strongest breeze. The roofs of the neighbouring c'*arches, club houses, and other large establish nttets, were as thickly covered with living crea tures, s the pigeon roosts of tile We s. All seem ed hIppy,--nll c-ere loyal. While the queen was preparing to enter the choir, many of the strangers ofdistincetion, parti culnrly the Turkish t envoy, on entering the scene of ultra magmlicence, gazed in perfect abstraction on the splendor and beauty that everywhere met the eye, and the assembled crowd could scarcely restrain their feelings of pleasure on witnessing the marked attention which the Duke of Wellingt ton paid to his noble rival in arms, the gallana Marshal Soult. At various points of the line of march the bands of the crack regiments were placed, remaining silent as the grave until the Queen came opposite, when they burst forth in full swell with It God save the Queen." At hallf-past II her majesty entered the venerable walls a of Westminster's old abbey." 'The regalia having been taken by the several I noblement whose office it wee to bear them, the Queen entered the choir amidst, and surrounded ty a blaze of splendor unequalled. On passing to her chanir of state, south of the throne, the young Queen was introduced by the lord chancellor who presented her to the peers and people as "Victoria, ithe undoubted Queen of these realnms," calling on all to recognize her title, receiving the loudest cheers of " God save Queen Victoria." After the church service was guioe through, accomptnoed by tile varloua splendtd antheenls appointed fcr tihe ocecsion, hIer Majesty, at the altar, tcc.k and sub acribed tile ccrccnataot clth, as prolouneea by lhr Archbishop of Canterlbury, who thlen aunointed her " W ucen of Enrhnd." The ergan's salemn peal, and the exquisite unu sic of Mloza;rts anthems, rolled through the mighty edifice, as seated in St. Edwnrd's chair beneath the canopy held by the Knights of the Garter, the Archbiiohtp nenaerated ,it, murked on her youthfui brow, and hands, the insignia of the young queen's faith ! On receiving a sword from the Archbishop, she placed it as an offering on the altar, whence Lord Melbourne, as Prime Ali niater, agreeably to some worn out point of eti quette redeemed it by the payment of one hundred shillings in silver and wore it during the residue of the ceremonies. The sword,-the orb,-the mantle,-the ring, and th- sceptr-, were then in rotation presented to the Ql ,ii ac she sat in St. Edward's chair, either as s'ymbols of her dignity, or types of the duties she Ihad hound herself tode. 7Te Crowninng-The Archbishop then took the ancient crown of St. Edward-Edward the con fessor, and having consecrated it at the altar pro ceeded, together with the body of spiritual Lords in Caeonical robes, to where the young Queen seat and after holding it aloft while he pronounced a I brief prayer, placed it on the calm, fair, brow of the gentle queen. At the same instant the peers' and peeresses, assumed their coronets, and the bisholse their velvet hats: shouts on shoesof'God save the Queen," rung through the lofty arches of the sacred pile, while the artillery in the parkas the Tower, and every spot around the city by elg nal flag from the abbey steeple, burst forth in thun. tlertsg roars, telling to the surrounding multitudes that their young queen, having sworn to govern ac.erding to the laws, had that moment received ln her head the crown of her ancestors. On the sat momtent of silence, the splendid choir struck i,,a i nble anthem "the Queen shall rejoice in strelngth," finishing with the joyous "T, Dt uan.t. T'le Queen being placed on the throne, with all the great officers of state around her, the lords spilrtual and temporal, proceeded to pay their ho mlnge. Tl'he uncles of the young monarch ap. pruenchng, raised their coronets and knelt to pay their homage, then rising touched her majesty's crown, and affectionately kissedl her on the left cheek. The peers then in rotation, paid their homage and hands, the seniorlof each grade touch- t ing the crown; but when the old Lord Rolle. i now nearly 90 years of age, vainly endeavored to I ascend the steps of the throne, she rose from her seat and kindly presented him her hand to save t his infirmities so painful a labor, while loud shouts of delight sprang from Peers and Commoners at no becoming an act. The sacrament was then per' formed of which the queen portookl, anltl "hile "the offerings" were made, the "llallelujnh ChI , rus" burst from the full chair. llavtt ret'n).oi the heavy robe of state and assumed a lighter and substituted a lees cumbrous crown for St. Edwards the queen left the Abbey at half past 3 o'cluck, wearing the crown, the sceptre, and the orb, and about 4 o'clock the procession began its return. About 5 the young queen reached her palace once more,and the flag being raised on its summit, the bells of the city churches rang out a merry pent to tell that all was over. In the evening every theatre in the city was open to the public gratui. tously, and loyal hearts were wakingthroughout the night. We have followed the florid descrip tion of the London papers as closely as we could afford time or space for, and finish by wishing John Bull every species of joy with his young and popular queen. Coronation domngs-lhe night presented a scene of itndieertbable lustre from the illuminations throughout all the principal squares and streets of the metropolis, the inhabitants vieing with each "ther in doing honer to th.s interesting oecasiton. There was also a brilliant display of fire-works in Hyt.e park. The following is an estimate of the value of the different jewels contained in the late mngnificent diadem, the "Queen's rich Crowun," and from which the present one, manulfactured by Messrs. Runnell and Brldge, is composed, and which her Majesty woreon Thurspav: 20diamonds round circle, £1,500 each £30,000 Two large center diamonds, £2000 each 4.000 54 emall diamonds placed at the augles of the former, 100 Four crosses, each composed of 25 dia monds, 12,000 Four large diamonds on the tops of the crosses, 40,000 12 dinmundecontained in, 10,000 18 smaller diamotds contuined in the samte, 2,000 Pearts, diamonds, &c., on tilhe arches and crosses, 10,000 141 diamonds on the mound, ,00i 26 diamonds on the tupper cross, 3,000 Two circles of pearls about the rim, 300 £111,000 Notwithstanditg esch an uncommon mass of jewellery, independent of the gold and velvet cop, ermine, &c.. 'Ihis rown weighed only 19 ounces 10 pennyweights; it omeasured seven inches in height Irom the gold circle to the upper crowss and its dtameser at the rimt was live inches. European NeJVa.-So much space in the English papers ns .uceupted with Coronation glories that little room is Itnt lfor other news. Parliament was esnvossing LordDurha,'es measures. 'Mr. Turo'as Ippointmtnt, wHtch is strongly condemned seems disowned by the ministry. The Prussianos are s:1 to have attacked Venloo, a Belgitn n'ow ' Queen's party in Sunin is said to have g ti n .' i portant advantages. The "'Ronert Peel" afftir had reached Liverpool. Mr. 'l'rollope, of no'oriety, was lying dang:ronuly ill at her brother's in Lvn-. don. The PacEn ol Egypt has officially informed the European Cnsuls ol his intention to assert his independence, and requesting their aid, so farnt least ne flrbearance. Ilostilities with the Turks were immediately to commence in Camarance. An tillVU tI attemot at revolutton was made in Lti bd ,,o the 14th June. On the 26th all was tare.tlpl. Don Carlos hats removed Guerge andI ap,,tnted Maunotto, general in chief of his armies At Pencerrada 800 Carlists were tnke.t pnrsonetes and at Mtonreal50d. 'Th'ey had also been werate near Bilboh and Sontander. The New York papers speak li the Igliest terms of Captain Swatirsen, of the Royal William and nil his offic:ers, Ior their gentlelmanly courtesy and good fetlinui. d 0TBy the Liverp..ol ,ilpers of ihe 5th of Jily it appeast 111h1t cotton wal l shad*l ite lowetr, anld uI. eer were sill shy from a helito thlu prices wouhl Ctill more decline from the u lausoally large stock oU hand. Console on the 4rh were 93 I- to I 14. L. E. L., iloe pt,.oets, slow l.rl. .ti'Len, silded to South Africa with her hnusbndi, on the 2d of July. Madamor Vesiris' farerwell benefit was hled i for the i2th ol July. Tue Royal Will amn ti od one half her passage in one week, but encouunter. ed afterwards eleven days of head winds. The king of Sardinia is said to be crazy. Free Theatres.-T'he slnms paid to the London theatres on the night o thie coronatiion were: To t the Drury Lane and Covent Garden Garden £400 each. Astleys 3001. Haymarket 2001. Englishl Opera 2091. Surry 1561. Saddler's Wells 1051. I Pavillionl001. City 1001; and Vauxhall Garden 75U., amtounting in all to 13,0001. ( -'l The author of Alice, Pelham, &c., has been created a Baronet, Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer, Bart. Durine the storm on Tuesday, the lightning struck the double and covered chimney of a house in Circus street, near Commton. It descended the chimney into two rooms, a bed room and a parlor. On the bed room chimnney it broke ine of two vs. ses, stripped off the plastering, throwing to somee distance two portrails which were fouind uninjured, though covered in the rubbish. On the parlor nantel it destroyed a looking class that covered the whole front, scattering the plate into millions of atoms about the room, throwing the gilt f'rme on the chimney unhurt. A clock in fromnl l ohe gloas was thrown across the room, andil tie pencli. lun cut clean o9 as with a chisel: a pair of hand irons were thrown from the fire place anoass the room. The fluid finally made its escape through a broken glass In the window. The house was filled with smoke which issued out ol the chimney and doors. The family.was, fortunately, at dinner in a back andso Ilecaped uninjured. Falal tistluke.-Carelesusness in mixing druis h;os oa too freqlntlll y led to tile lose of ,ife, sulch as unlforlunately occurred day before reslerday Mr if Tirrell !I,Ie ey slet a writtenl iresciipton for some callnrl, w' ich he w ls in tthe hallbt o keihei. ilg t In hasIl house, but Instead oi culollull ihi, - ~Invl man in tlhe ap-llcecary's arsore piut up InlrlU+ crIIH.t . A few days after, his hoIuse'Iteiper's hlldl, ia it, boy 3 years old, being taken unwell, took a .iz of the mlslaken medicine, and quickly died. Felons caught.-Edward Sallzman and Geoffry Lceeford accused of robbing Messrs. Feytel and Ruchez of this city, have been caught II Boston and detained. Some ol the stolen watches were iounll on them. The heat of the weath.r begins to iffect the northern editorsin their persons, as well asin their paragrophs. Many of Ihe New York suitors have lately thrown out suspicions that Leggett is the real author ol Forrest's oration, and among these is lie lo the Journal of Commalerce, one at whose paragaaphs gave such offlnce nto the supposed au thor that he waited on SMr. David Hlal, the pres ent editorol the aforesaid Journal, and on being informed that "he took the responsibility," pulled his nose, and intllcted other personal indignities, not named to ears polite. Mr. Leggett then went to his Iomes, and Mr. Hale to the police office. Mr. and Mrs. Barrett are playing at the Franklin, Mrs. Maeder at the Ol)mpic, Mrs. Cramer at Ntbla's in New York, and Ellen Tree at Buffalo. At the coronalion of Victoria the olher day, a Lord Rolle, rolled off the stepsof he throne. There is in England still, we believe, a Mastler of the Rolls, although it is not Lord Rolle. lie should have the office, since he has proved himself so skilful a roller. ·11 The deaths in New York and Philadelphia fo the week ending 22d July, were exactly the same in number, 153. When tihe difference in popula tion is taken into consideration, it does not ap pear an empty boastof the New Yotkere that their city is more healthy. Van Buran is gone on ia our, -not an election eering one, of course. lie stared on the 23d of July, in company with the Secretary of War, and with two of hisseons. Ilia travels will extend to the western springs, by way of Norfolk, Richmond, &ce. Wonder if he meditates making a convert of his ancient ally Ritehie, to the repudiated dnc trinee of the sub treasury scheme! His selection of Virginia to open the c;mpaign is natural enough. He has had too much experience how the govern mnent is losing ground not to wish to restore ils old dominion. The Milledgeville Joornl, in announcing the entire departure of the Cherokees, felicitates its self that none but the troops of the state were in strumental in effecting their removal from he limits of Georgia. The men have been honorably discharged from service, and received the warm and public thanks of the U. S. General Scott, as well as their own inmmediate commander, General Floyd. Navy Island is being cleared of all its timber by the British Government. It enlmains about 300 acres and would make a delightful farm, eom manding as it does one of the most magmtficent prospects in the whole world. ( The steam ship t"Chba," Capt. Swiler, ar rived hence at New York in nine days. The papers have no mention of the fact, but tile owne ere have an express letter from her dated in that city. PORl'i OF NEI;i l, I EANS. CLEARANCES. Brig Alpha, Thoma.s lans, aa tR rauing & co Brig Eilsworl, Homer, Boston, & J P Whitney cehr 'erese ltaeomb, (inr'enen, Pensacola. Master tcbr a'Paen, Chpilapa. New York J H Alshbridge ARRIVALS. Steam towboat Hudson, Heourn, from the Pauses, toned to sea [trt Dale, brigs Sisters., Willhiam. Chmnpion, Nelson Clark anid Alice; nod to tie banr ship Franklin. Broeught up tmrq Noble, brig Columbla, scuo Venus; pllliot Anna Johanna, and a Droger Left ie biar 4itth, at II P M; reports oil vessel iu the offintg, Ithtie new ill tie river. Barque Nolel, Mantoll. IS days froml Miut,i to I.aster. Brig *'olhm us, Pirrce, e:oton. 37 days, to A D Goeys. Shbr Venu, Alomea, Mitmoru, J Prastt & cu. illiot Anlla Jolanlllla, Banlmrn, from Bremen, ibound to Tnmpieo; ordered off by the Frernch blockade. August Ist. Steamer Caroline, uttlle; from Mobile. Stenmer Mariner, Nolnod, from I.afotrche. Steamer Washington, treck, from I.afoureher. r 1 'I N[.'P .V I( I It ANN, .1 . I% 1 r L". O)FFICIE NEW OILI.EANS & NA-I lil.i.LE RAIL ROAD Co., Aug. 1st, I 1,8. 7 \N'I'E)D-Barges to deliver about 400 tone her iron, &c. on the Lake shore, between nvw ca , 701 :Il uyayou La Branche. JAMES U. CALDWV`I.L, I WENTY FIVE DOLLARS EIIt AIl~t. I ; above reward will be paid for appr henl'in of tite boy HARIRY, aged bolt twtnty ytars, five fret ive orlx itclhes hligl; gotl looking an I,lck flicr; lie ulbsconded himself yesterday from the sulbscrile No.15, Suzette treert. LfiCap tins of vessels and others are forewarned not to receive or harbor him, ander Ihe etrictCst penalty of the law. L. t. GARENNIR, a--3t 1 TATt OF titUISIANA, First Judtclal nt rlct, Court--Warner \V. Stewart, in actual custody, vs. his Creditors --''.,c creditors of lit, petitioner, Wur tier W. Stewart, are Itereby uotil ed to I.e ad aappear in open couert, on Monday the 20th Auglst next, at I0 O'chlok, A. 1t., to hiew curse, if any tley have, why eid lWarier W.Stewacrt slolltld t ilve tche benefit of the laws nmde for the relief of Insolvent Debtors itn actual custodyv. ltb ouder of this court, this 30th July, 1838. iP. .I1'BI..ANC, Ity Cl'k. july30--'2tawf20d ITA'1' DtE I.A It.UISI NE-- our tie discrict du I AIPrlmiecr listriet Judiciaire-VWarner W Stewart, ictenll, contro scs cr.itcier-Lee crelucicre Itdu pti- tionuaire, \yarner W. .Setc art. bout part le pibsent notlifi lie comllipuilre en pleinle t:ourI hnd It ) 20Hut pr(chllin, A 10 Illucres dti atin, lpour 1fire valoir turs raisons. 'ils e Ollt, pl rqll uOi t l it \.1 u er It n'nuras lt to I ll 31 jail P. I.III.ANC, Dit . Grlel ler. I AV N A \R--11111,,00 t l dltnl quality ft r ) ya low, ,lortd sieO ti rll lletllt S'l'T 'lSO.N & AVER', acc 8 (;lLavir, er stret. SIN.c.L S--50 bai;. l.llorll I.ilosas hor -l|Je rtV tlfill ruvw:r -terl P --1 nn-I ll aIc l ler nd TttrI'ou, cti tcoMcg, aid stlUc l tJ yallt, a Kathd sitr, J u r mahle ,y S'I'E'I'SON &, AVERIY, ati t 88t r,,ier street. OI U'''--20 Kels Crlear ness, soft oes, and hther droe orders, for sale by S'I'ETSON & AVERY, aog 81 Coiirvier street. LAR(I)--8l0 Keeia i'rme Leaf Lard ill etore, fr sale bo y LAYET & AMlELUNIG,, ang2 17 Comm.erce street. HISKtY-- I bbls Rectified WhViskey in store, for sale by LAYer & AMILLUNG, aulI' 17 ClAomerce street. T UGAtt--7 llas rdtitry suotor tin tlore, und ill be sold to clsesu conaignment, hly LAYEt' & AeeELIJNG, ang2 17 ACommerce street BUI.WER'S NEW WORK, &C. AI)TERON, rThe Courtier; a Tale by the althor of c'Pelltct 'Alice,' 'Leila,' &e. &c. BIARTON, or the igee; a Rttoatncr, by the ant. tlhor of'Sothweslt,' ando'lnfite,' il 2 vols. Th'E SQUIRE; y the outhor of 'Tlhe Heiresst' 'Agtes Senrle,' &c. itn 2 . elo. Tihe ATHENIAN CAPTIVE, atragedy i 5acts, hy T'rthmnas Noon T'tlltourd. antthor of lon,' &c. IEMOItS o tf Sir WVilliam Knighton, Bart. G. C II., Keenr of the riv y perce dkrling the reign ul It. majlesty king (;eorge Ilhe Fclt ll; including his co is ondeice ith many ditiltguishlted pernaonges. By Eldy Knighton, The SACIE) HISTORY of the Vworld, N ttempt St he tpl ilt-ooptically c,nsidered, in a series of Let ter t to a Sot. By SIohta T'atner, e '. S. A. & R. A. S. L. &c. in 2 vold--Vol. 3, being Aio. 81 o'Hurpers' Familv Library.' C.\ ESA It's ' nmttenttriee on the Gallic W'ar; ndt tre lrstl oh ok of thle Greek Paraphrasce, with English notes, ttol erpluaatt'y; plalts of attlies, sieges, &c., and tt hitot'ictnl t ogrmllical and arehatloi. c.d induxes, by Charies cntblyt, t. L. D. U A tiItAMIIAR ,Ithe Gireek Language, for tihe se f scholl o and colleges, by Charlre Anthon, L. L. 1). SKETCHES by ltOZ, NO,. I. 2 atd3, , ith illus rations. J ut received and ftr sole by , WVM. M'KEAN, aO Corner ofbCamp al.d Common stSa It)LAdrSStIS--40 bhir Is tolasses iv store, far tale by S LAYR.I' & AMELUNG, aug2 t7 CoTouerce street. P LFFIB'E NEW ORIE.ILNS ASIVILE SAII =•ROAD) COMPIANY-- Irafts ott New York at eight, fr sixty (aL s date, lit)l s ti , in stlleto tlsut plt-r ctaaers. JAttIE It,, j fil I'rc.:d,,nt. " Itpot ofl the Bank otl \cutucky at Luuivilia; i.,a' , 1 LAWRENCE rc EI.GtNI)IE 02, 16 2"8 and '9 New 1 eteen. `e'lRw-tM ino tds, A cding C rom s trte',lott em 'c" ecs, for sale by' G IOt)aIE.t, ,6r 44 New else. S IISFEY-l bbls rectified Whisker, tor sale Ity HIOLMES & I111tLL, j7 BaUnk alley. Il ALAGA WINE-weei cc Ita Mulnga Wicte, L ia or casks and Indian bils, entitled to dchbentue, for sale by READ &- BARISTOW, m23 67 Gravier street. 500I SACKS SAL'I', landing from brig temue cE0 Oand John, tor rsle bh jct DS &J PWHITNEY. SOlt t--2w bbl 5 Mess, 300 d Priute, l4l halc bhls Sl't aless, 50 hbls ' O, 40 l,bls Ilulnps, 40 bbll Shltlders; in store and for sale byo jell I.,AY: T & AMELUNG. ' t tOIDI)IALS--Codil olf different kinds, icr sale by J JARVIS & ANDIIEEWS, 1e12 cor Comamon and Tchoapitonulas t SLAVERY. PUBLISHED T'IllS DAY. And for sale at Illt Ceotting Room of the True A sri can, Exchange lintel, St. (harles etreet, SLAVERY: A Serm,,n delivered in the First Ccrgrepatlierl (1 e in New Orleane, April 15, 1838. L2 Rev. 'l bet d Clapp. Prier 50 cents. je9 ICE--50 casks and 51 casks landing and fir sale biyP JTIIAYER& Co, yt 174 Poydran street EGRO CLOTHS, LIN'EYS & KEInSEYS.. S'The subscriber offer for sale, landing from ehip uncord, 2 bales plait mined negro cloths; I bale 'willeld mixed negro cloth; l8 talee linseyn, assarted Ilotlors;I bale wlhite swan skins; I ease printed kerseys. l balet'heavy mixed Conlova t.erseya; 1 hale unufiisiec odova kern eye. ISAAC BRIDGCE 4. Co, jylt 131 Magazine street [IRESIiFLO UIt--.0 bble landing end for sale by Cy G DOIS EY, 44 New Levee SECOND MUNICIPALITY. 1WERE broughzt to the Police Prison of the 2nd Muniuplity, the following named salnves, viz: HENRY, about 34 years of age; says he belongs to Mr. Collins. ANDERSON, about 40 years of age; snys he be longs to Mr. Edward Chitfie. CHARLES, about23 years of age; says he belongs to Mr. Mondelli. JACK, aboutl3 years of age; says he belongs to Mr. Cregge. MAr IA, about 16 or 17 years of age; says she be long to Mrs. Garmly. The owners of said plsaes ore requealed to prove property, tipay charges and take tlhen oway. I1. S. HARPER, jy31 Captain of the Wates. O NT etb elnon6 Ab i riso u do i Secande nlu nicipalitb los esclaves suivaois, savoer: LHENItY,ag6 d'environ 34 ens; so dit appartenir A A. Collins; ANDRI. SON, ag d'environ 40 ns;r se dit epparte CHARI.ES, ag d'environ 20 ans; ae dit apportenir ai Al. Mondelli. JACK, ag6 d'environ 13 anal; se dit ppartenir M.I. Cregga. MARIA, ang d'envirun 16 A 17 ans; se dit apparte nir A M. Gormley. Ledesdit propretaires desdit esrlave eont prises de r6 clamer leuIs enclaves en piayant leas frias. 2noul H N. HARPER, Capt. de Watch. ERE biought to the Police Prison of lthe Second Municipality, the followiny named slaves, viz: ALEXIS, says ito belongs to' Mr Sauve, aged 45 years. GEORGE, says he belongs to ir C Johnson, aged about 25 years. The owners of the said slaves are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take theha away. 1 S IIAlrPER, jyl2 Captnin of the Watch. tLa be asmtcae a Is h piaso de In s.onde Iuaaii;i Scipalit, rue Barronne entre Iesvia et Girod, lea Esclaves suivants: ALEXIS, se disant appartenir a Mr Sauvs', Agh d'environ 45 ans. GEORtGE, Re disant appartenir A Mr C Johnson, Ag6 d'environ 25 ns. Leae prpritaires de d dit t eclaves voudlront bien prouver leurs propri6tis, pa) or isa faia lt les retirer. I S HARPER, juil 14 Canitain de Watch. AS brouaaght to the l'ound of thie Sae.s d Muici plit syritnrted in Baroaner street, between Hevin and (irod street, the following iniianals,viz: One IBrown icrse andl Bay Colt. One large Bay Mare and Colt, One Whitrr Spotted Cow. The owners of raid aninadal are requested to prove property, pay ehiirgee, anti take them nailwany, on or Ielbire Saturday, July the 21st, when they will be sold at auction, by I' A uillotlte, ansstiosseel. IISHAIIPER, jvl2 Captain of tihe WatIch II st b nienbe au dipdt de ln lsoounde Mlnaicilpaliii-t rue Borroucne entre Ilevia et Uirud Ies anuauua solvants: Un cheval brun et an Poulnin bnie. Uae grandeJument bai e et h loulaia. UIne Vaehe ilane et taehetie. Les prepti-itairea des tits adninuxn sant pile de prou ver lears praprib6s,brver Is, firis et let retirer d'ii d Snuedi 21 Juillet, 1838,'ou ii serot veandlues Is dit jour pier I'. A. Gudllotte, eoncaoeur. 1t IHARPER, 14juil Capitain de Watch. I)ICE-- I csiass now laildia-r Irain Chbrlea on, for i I s baley S G iLANCII\ItD, jyl- 31 Grtvier street.I rI i RENTZ-A irge alrd siery oflue, well etisli-, I and in the most businessP nl of the ity. Te'rms. e.,derate. Apply to W. GRlEENEP at the Orlenns I.ithographic t)ffice, 53 MRagnite street. 'jylS rj O LET-'r-he IInse siltuated on the eursir of Orange ltd Religions streets-ialyI) ton J 1) BEINM.A L :e IIt Ni jo24 90If Cnusu n street. A Curd. ORI.EA8 ., LI-4IIOG1RA PIIIC E STAB1I,ISII MEA ', 5:1 MA GAZINE NTREIIT,; , orPPOSITE BANKS ARIADE.o SGREENE relllnas li i sincere tha-l to Ii. IV tfriends and the psblic of New Orhiavns fir III-, pestronaee bestowed on i, I -br the Isat tIio years, ancd begs ltave to assuret:hi-i thnlt tat all orders l ini:.l l his charge shall be punctuallnty teodedll ; Ihi wil Ia unsal, keep tile onflicei ope iltrillng tilse Sllllner, Il sallb he ulsns i-lly to stri-ke ifl Uieressn'n elircll-. lars, bu.iness anti address cards, f-l-eral IlS, plans, and drawings, of every del+lrition, a tilhe shrtestt notice, inid n the tioiti reasoinable Ierins. Being assisted by arnt isi su priri to lany other estsallish. inmet in the i .its. inii rod lion -is experience in the lithgnihi line, he feels culfident of giving entire N ll Apothel'aries illi dirs~IEgn1t' I Ibels exi utled in n good stlii Its -pi'pei r ils te ingri ving, uli- l t i Ii e i lr Al Illn l nsks 'l:,h iel phia Ale, I l. to s btni d, LL jutl received, n for n. e by J Ii 11i IN & i I III - iE.i j) tit C slll tlllllll street. S ll uit pur al baers, tfrll " l jy 4 .'II:s'I'c)N & AVERY. .+t ltllrllsIN l t e v arrn f I,\C Iel fo)E & 'o, jy i 1:ll Ma1: zin, sllreel. S itle by I IN I.: 1Illl!' Co" L n - i li sssorti-ri-t, li--r s li-i ISAAC 1IlII)GE, & (',, i.v21 131 Mlactain,: street. t, i -N f -l.I:N' -- Ilie ti l rll ati (ro l d, tr salel by RIE.DI) & f Ito -i- jy'- "7 lHank I lne. . IL ti E o 1i 1 Tt \: a i talc )v ciLAyE & " . ', illER,. v44 41) Po dras street. jyI4 TIC l I'Puydrns street. S. IEWINGs TOsBACCO-. i.-s-l I-i--s SLATER & f 'RIERI , jy24 4L i yLAi-f l tlr ee H AVANA rOFFEE-ifs 6 b-g, pritn, lasing anie' Ibrig Winal, sti-i far rae hi jL4l'24 _ 11Pti- liRI+sre LI ..E-.. casks of ' ,, t ....... . ,,Rooat,,, an for sale hv CIIASE & IE & I Y, Huntsville. for sal' b ISA'AC IBRIG)GE & ('n, jy24 1.1I M-lirhinle st"et. Ki EI~a'-3 rose ,,s li warp Ikrrc..,landilg Sfirolm ship tlntsvllle, for sale by ISAAC mlfllt1iE & ( ,, jy24 '.l I oesazincw str et. II r. -:. IY- es of lay, reed pir sh lt sville 1 andifrsaleby .1) IIlN,',:.ACOtHEN, jy24 ;II Conlmm street. I'.L 1{1tt I:XCIliuSiT)NS-- I'~ s .. ihi,.g , charter a Stsllnl Ileaol for P'lt.nnre IExcunrsions can be cllnmodatedlat the shCortest otie, withl a inea beat and first rate accoelnlonili j aIlI toe (lE). V'HI',' IITN, jy94 Exchange Ilotel, St. ('hnrles st. ' RAGE moy be had iy appling at No. '2 New LI.eee. jyl CO 'l"E[.-'00 ba-s it, ci 'ff.,t.-..-fitgrst, tzulitv landing from brit (Clnlnmpiorn, fior sile by STI''TSON & AYt'I.IY. jyl" 28 Graevir streets. AN TlE--A -LOJK SIN ll--Na.on, need ap W piy but a workman. W McKEAN, jyl? cor Camp & lmmnr streets. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE, No. 0 ,.azunlllO. nri , el, opposite Iianks' Ascule, LT STABLiSIED fIr the execution of nmap, plans A and drawings, merchants' cireultrs, b sii'ss andi a,!lless cards of every description, funeral cirelirsd on deep nonrnia paper, apothecariy alld rlggistRlbhels bank cheiks, dreay rceipts, &e. priutid and a xeeutt d in achcalp and expeditious slre, bly tihe plprlelor. "VWI.I.iALI G(IEENE. 1Nl alnk Notes neelv oxcr lleeld. 1m24 PORTRAIdiIT PAINTING. I . I ARKE respeulll iolorCs the public that ,1he will remin ae i rt li n eR c Hla l Orleans for 1 he purpose olf tling Iortraits. I(oolms corner of Canal and St Chalrles, ill tile Ihose oeulpied hby Parullly & Lyon, )elitists, were s ilne s of his painting can be neRo. EntrIance ii St Cha(Irles - treet. 1n98 hen IOAP-lS0boxes No, I ssnpbrand f JameseYould, landing fros brig ChIampion, for sale byI ISAAC I1IlIII( E & Co jy 12 13.1 Mngaozio street. 1MNE I;GUNS--A few fie doable iarrel guns int Sstere, for sale by ~S LOCKE & L(o. jg14 'o2 Old Levee. H -IiSKEY, Flour anl Poik, in store, uer sale by W m"2 (G DOISEY, 44 New Levee. -EMON USYIlt P-ri I Ij bohes lemou svrup, aonding frain ship Concord, andc for sale by J THIAYEIt & Co. jy26i 74 Poydras street. A. j- ..-b4 i bags Al. -ie-in store, tut tor sale "y- l J 'iIIAYEIL & Co, jy-0 74 'ovtlrai street. LA'l'HSýlOU luths in storey and Ior sale by PORK.-:-4U0 bhl. Mess A O, priroe and Bolt. Prime just inspected, fr sale by G. I)OItSE', jyA26 41 New cLevee. HAVANNA COFF'EE. PRI.MIF--102 Bagsa of prime green Havannao Coffee now landing Irom brigTowen Enrique per Ilavan na, for sale by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, jy26 25 Grovier street. LATE PUBLICATIONS-PAUO PaY's JOURNAL O a residence at Little Pedlington. CaRINoa, or Italy; by Madam de Stnel; lolstilen, ranslated for the Library of Standard Noveas; The Po tical Passages, by L EL. American edition, with nru oerous corrections: in 2 vols. Daraz's AND IHA&.Lac'sa PoEas-new edition: 2 hi sis bound inane. TaE woits or JOHN DRYDoEN-in verse and prose, w th a life, by Rev I Mitford: new edition, complete in IC ao Just received and for sale by I2W McKEAN, ecor Camp &Cancou st olIt FO LET-A comfortable Dwe lline Ilouse i Josephs street, between St Charles aonl Ilet nreet. Apply to jyl4 J of EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEIDIII.Y, IIANDI) MEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE TrIe .Aimnerican, OT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 - - • i I : INE & POSTER llBO'1'LE--510 grosa wine, and 100 g:oss porter hbttles, for sale by Ht)I.MES & MILLS, jy2l Bn__ k Alley. SCUTCII AL.--72 casks Scotch ale, (quarts and S pints) for sale by HOLMES &a MILLS, "y'? BIank Alley. ARPEN TE S OFai.ld Exlract of Sarsaparilla a and all otser Carpenter's Preparations, received latcle y H IIJNNABEL, j2t ecar Tehoupitnulas & Natchez ste. Fifty Dollars Reward. 3 ANAWAY abaout one month ,go, the Negro Ba. I. ROfBE'T, belonging to thIe subscriher. Said boy is hetwees 13 and 14 years of age, elit built, aet neri dark, and very intelligent; speaks English and a little French. Twenty dollars will be p aid for hia apprehensina so that I can get him; or fity dollars it taken out of the state, on application to P )ELAIOUSSAYE, jyv214t Faubourg Lafayette. New Orleans & Carrtliton Railway. P ROPOSALS will be received by the undersigned until Saturday, 28th, for the ereetion of 2 two story "louses and Kitchen, one Blaeksmith's Shop, one Corn House, one Stable for 23 horses, 120 by 2 sand one Car llouse. 40 by 13. Plans and Speciiicatinns can be seen on application at the office, corner Poydras and Baronne streets. y2l GEORGO E MERRICK. L LTTER PA 1' R..-Jat received from the Brandy wine Mills, ii cases supmfine blue letter paper some very law priced; 10 cases superfine white liite. paper, di; 2 cases thin pink letter paper, 4 eases uopet fine packet po~t large size; 2 eases superfine letter assrtelolrrs; 2 clanse H.iorfine octaro assorted colors; for ale, wholesale aTid tietil, by D FELT & Co, S Neh w York n s ationers ' Hall, jy21 24 Chartren street. r'l IAEN'1'-Ylsaessiun given inlmediately, the SHmte on the Bath Rail Road near t ahe I-a SFhore. Ther two Pavilions in Bathl, near the N.. Orl.eTll Tniod Nac vill Iail k Roand. Several Rooms is the Calr t eaoe of the Built Rail mRad Company. For til particular n apply to H BONNAIEI,, jyil coraner Natchez n Tcloupilouinla sta. i~0 REN'T--The Hanc, niud Garden al.joing Hrby's - Acadenly, on Tiaoli Circle conltaing six roome ithll kitcleut, pantry, ani oaut-lhousesa , &e. Apply to / JARIVIS & ANDREWS, jy 2I corner Tchupitoulaa & Comnmon streets. Fl'tltTY IitOLL.AIRS REWARD. - I ANAWAY Gan, the subscriber, fifteen days ago, t tha Negro iirl IlUCY or LUCINDA. She is atraul. and well built, speakse Englis and some broken Frenrl; her skin i. n.t very dark. She was owned by Mr. 'PIognooal, lthe by Mrs. Clark, in Poydras street, w il sold her it her present master. Sae has been seena livvelays ago, ill the lower part of the city,and undayv benfore lasat lit, expended the whole day in hlrick ~nard, inear IIto the race g;round. II BONNADEL, jy. l corner Natchezr and Trhotpitoulasste. LEAF' .AIl2i--tllli kegs superior anrticle in st shlipping order, and for sale by G DORSEY, i'l 44 New ,Levee. rt, liKH$o 7 1 I tt rectified whiskey, landing Sfroletealo, nt Il balh, 125 do, in store, for sale by LAI ET & AMEI.UNG, jy21 17 Commerce street 3 A ON IDES-5 Ibidg baco aidses, in store, Ibr sule I:y LAYET & AMleLUNG, jyl 17 Commerce street. TU'I'ING INTILS' tIEN'lS, mc.--A supply of CI Capllinio Instruments, Patnt Pump Syringes, and S"omach Pu 'ops, .ill of tho most itmproved deo Alo, 'oltgne Water, Bla of o'ut'olnmbia, Word's Ilair Oill, Fine llliv, Nail and Toloh Ilrushes,&c.& e. y!1!1 SICKIIES & Co, 40 Canal street. ;I II llI.--A i\tllolh ii., 00 oi , i11, I1rst rte OWdASor ironer, and excellent tro.k, or na small family. Appldy it REESE & D'I.AN(;E, jyl1 18 Camp street LE11N)3SYRUL' in bt.. oli I tdoz. bottles; for -ale be ItEAI) & BAItSTOW, jnly tI 7, Bank Place. W ,N'I'EI).-- tn .ccii,htt hotill occurred to Doe tor \Veieulo, residen.ilt Pbysioian of the Frank lin ltfiro.nry, thei ituation is now vacant. Applieante will please ,pply No 17, Rto.part et. 3 july-3 ;/ IIt Ctil.ltOS-Iteeves & Son's superior . waiter colors inl boxes, tne, two, three and four rowtvs; \tull tl'rllh Fthlll('; Ilo, a filleo nesortmsent of ;t rlrn nlllnld1 0ILv ptllollt,; dIoPi) Middleton & Sewall's IDrl ilo g Pc'loio at ii w very o .upe.rior siable and camel's DIAVII FELT& CO., New Yo.rk and Statiomer's H.Il. i 31 24 t 'harestreset. i AI11 .) I.F I' tE :K W It 1t-Just received, 1 t1n legant asortl.nll of lollaifold Letter Wri. terls, sllll" half ound, for the C(olllltilg House, and 1Oml neatilyto deot-u iill +rooc. In.or with backs for ollv.lll v g, it very Inel0111 and (ot nioi t oll.trticle, forsale y 1) FEI:T & CO., New Yo'ik .nd Stationers Hall, J).:1 14 Chartres atitet. ."r Lit"l)--- 1 0,,t h.2 c ha shtipiping order,of j31 41I New Levee. FURNITURE WAREROOMS, 111. IIA17 IR. 'A \ I+t , (fLrmoerly of the firm of . .IIP .ot \. a r oe s, ) w, old li p e euilt tlu ly info i rnm hi frill+ It(I Ih tllill lI tt11 M I i o o :lllnstaotlllly receiving fI'll , Nl ow \ k aill til(lll i'11 . ltd i ntilio 'nt of Fur oitrc, such aots unogauy 111ir , Plotlt01, I e odtends, ma l. :ol pu:t .ed t hn,, m, plett and cheIrr.y bdsteads, ltlltl oItl.av t ltlad cherr) tables of all destcripti slo, hu. reola, toilets, i le ctorys, oI ritiag desks, wardroblea of I otu ily nd cherry, wi atll alndos, looking glosses, l'ttt ols, l.ddilg, &t. &e. Nit. Furnoiture packed for transportation wittlras) jell (. ll) I)iN \hVIII.ll --itlI hbbli, landinEY, Sfoar sle by G(; 1)DO1 I tvee. UDIII I['l, l1ttAFT'l'--oi the 'lreasur ol'.ist a jA prcln.....A. I by NA'rll', TOWNS ND, El'ttxchange Hotel, Gravier street iN " NthDREi DOLLARS I.IE ARD F'It ti lle otlel"il ofi hte perolli r perion- who Sh.t1 lay hoy Iioll., on ]his way fironl e city of I.nliaVrh tio his unster, 1ti'l IWtGIOJi(D, in thet city f Nl.w O)rleans, or anly inforimation that will lead to Il'_tl: hti_ _ ,n5of ,t: thereolf. jy'28.3t MAIYOIRIALTY t F' I t E\V OREL.EANS. ri iIty priioie of tosl. Ihlor ti-dahy is $6 50 ier bbl:ta. Y olrdiutg it) the lantd, thie h, shtall give during t111h, eoI go week (1. 1 \1hthoot) l30th July,) 41 ounees oft.r.,, If. I/o ltit. loruaod of the secood quality is re quired to weigh 235 per cent. Mote, vit: 51t oun00s. C. tENOIS, Mayor. II l-.-21111 cah ks in god order, on board brig .- Neltono, laying at Orango street wherf; or sMle by CIIAHSE & DIXEY. jyt'8 li Customhouse street. -I )i~ INlll't:lS, PI,/l',t9 & tILS--A large and general as sort let oil ind, for sale low,l.y J.\IIVIrI & ANIDREWS, jy-li:-n.iis., or Common .t Tlhoupitoulas st. @TOKl a 11.1;-I .lm of Columbia, Eetaces and I lTemll e's lxturen. Ilav's .ilinment, Rose Oitl lent, deadadcher lemedy, liorn','Corn Plaster, &c.tor .ale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, jy'.8 cor Coimllnlln & 'T'ehoupitoulas st. 11 Il' KEGS FiLE. 1 G(IOSHIEN BUTTER, ;5 blox1 m bane:li raisins, 10lt boxesa iImpe ial ten, Sii horrels chlrtn, ill half barrels IF'iut1. market beef 5 barrels sokedl toulgues, IO boxes PA\ (lere, 511 boxes lI ilbe.t' s starh, Received per ship Huntsville, for sale by jyi28 IPETEItS & MILLARD. I.OlKlt--o;l bils MO,1 ,15 bbhlsc lis, just received, P O'i;Le bly G DORSEY, JOv_ 44 New Levee. U tK--6U hldeo, superior qioliiyi in store, for itale y G DORSEY, jy`8t 41 New Levee. StUI.LEDI CAP & LETTER PAPER-On handr, a -L. brge a sbortlellnt if low priced aod very supetior Ilt1o aitt \VWhile, Wove o1l Blutle l.sid Cap and Lters Paper, thr sale by DAVID FELT & Co, New York s(ationers' Hall, jy23 24 Chartres street. SiNliLlitlEf INK-Just receivdt , n dditina S supplly i(i ery superiri indelible ink for marking linen, &c., at ranted a first rate article, for sale by the dozen or single box, by DAVII FELT & Co, New York Slationers' HaI, j%28 24 Chartres street NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD IIOURS OF DEPARTURE ON SUNDAYS TO BATH. From Depot. From Bath. 6A. M. 7A. M. 9 do. 10 do. 19 .l. 2 P. M. 41 P, t. 6P. M. The rest of thee. From Depot. From Balh. 8 A.. i. In p. M. 12 it. 2 P. .M. 41 P. Mi 6 P. hi. N. ,l.-Persons wishing to go o tlhe Prarie, ean don oi as fir as the road extends wilhllt ally extra tnarge. JAMES Ii. CALDWEL, jy2.'--it Ptesider, NEV DIRECTOIY. UBLOL. IIiED this day, Gihbson's Guide and Direc U tory of New Orleans and Lafayette; for sale by DAVID FELT & CO. im22 N Y Stationers Hall,24 Chartres et. AGGING & BALE ROPE-500 pa Kentuckv bnIagging; 125 coils do bale roe, in store ond fTr sale Iby YORKE & BIRO'THERS, j)I12 65 tamp street. UO OWNERS AND USERS OF HORSES. SURGEON WALDGRAVE'S CONDITION POWDERS, &e. N. P.-This article has heen introduced into the country but about threo non Its, and the astonishing demand it has met with I as entirely exceeded the most sanguine iopes of the proprilt.r. Nearly all livery stables, a d it groat number of gentlemen owning horses. aove used ad are delighted with it. It not only inprovos L"o prteent appearance of the horse, but is of permanent and most decided bel.efit. App y Slthe druggists geocrally. jyl0 a

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