Newspaper of True American, August 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 2, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. For Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Beloxi, and Pascagoula. Thile ine low pressure steambhoat fo.t.i"(lRAlE ,le p. (',t. S l, o wile l l ave .rin, the abose daces, on the mornings of Thursdays and Saturdays, ktnmediatelv alftr he aurrival of tIh six i'clock cars; andl return as heretoaftre. on Fridaa aitId i1 nlda. he public mav depend on the Boat leaving pLuntuall oen the above dnav. tor ianssat atpplyv to Capt Stiler. P l. T'lie (rirle will lie prerd,'on prevlou notive to Captain Swiier, to proceeld a, ite a weeitk on Pleasure Elsersions, provided a sullicie::t na:ueir oiursa to emanernte. jy 19 SIA'I'UILIAY F lVI;NIl\t ANI) UUIDAY EXCUR5ION TO MAN[IEVti: :, ll -ONVILLE. 'Ie IrLa l al l.aer'e OUTIIl AIlAIlIMA, .. Capt. 1..1'. liight,will leave tle lake Eide oftihe ril'-rnd hi'r the above pin. ees, every Saltrda. evenin)., on the arrival of tihe 4 a' -luck ears, and return tie seatme, night,-an I leave Sun day morning o, the arerival ofthe 1il othck cure; returtt ilg leave Maditsonville at 1 o'clock, P. IM. a2 3taw 2tn FUK i1AUDISIuNVIrLL, L, .OiJelJSUIti, MIANDlE VILIl, & COVINGT'tIN. S llb e fast rcnlnltat tad spklendid steam bhost SOU'II AI.AI)A\ItA, L. T. lKnight tmaster, will run as t r-g lar mail boat lor the above ports oin MIdays, WlelaNe da a and Fridays, ater tie arrin al of thie a o'clock care, A "h. Returning, leaves Covinlgttn Itesda)s, Thttnrs daye and Satntlave, at 8 o'clock, A M. N It. All bagage lnti parcels at tie risk of tile own ers, unlessa bill ol ladig is signedi. ('ltO I Vill'IMAN, Now Orleans and Mobil, Mail ()fiee, a2 Exchtnoee ltuildiiigt, 'St (Charles st. FjA RE Ii II)U IE ;I; hi Thie atekmhoiat 1 \IZEPPA will - ale,e the liake ofsi tlhe Itail IRoad on oltndaay, Wvdneclaya and Fti day, on the arrival of lthe Ia 'clock cars, touehing at Bay St. Lotis, 'Pass Chrittian, Biloxi, &c ; returnine, will leave Paeagoula at day lirght, and arrive at tir leans at 3 o'clock, P., a., touding at ill the watering lnaces in day ligit. Fare fro atNew Orlcnan tao Iv St. Lois $2 50 , Pass Christian a 5 ,, " liiloxi 4 00 Gr3l'. \VIIITMAN, r 2 Exepange,, hiotl, St, Charles street. For Texas. For Matogaorda, l.ce Oak Point, aCd .1 raonste RI. li itR lfie fast sa ilinlg liri ( ii t ll ) itE, J h t Hlasting, master havilg i largb e part of i , aher , rg a ecngag , weill tail in a few dayi . jy21 V II 1 iL\\N, 5(i Conanon rt. N ItI 'ea Godl hlope ta ht been tirtuitghly repaired and newltr col,'ered the eanl now aind A ~, at tie diillet itnaaee4 ofices in thit city. jy1l For Veiiaraa Bretrit and :Ilariort ' The very svpcrier new light draft schtooner ALBI3RT STEI'N, Captaie - , haviig it large portitt of ier cargo engaged, will have niek despatch foir ietile above ports ft r balance of freighter pans.age apply to IM Cv ttittYANt. jr21 56 Common a t, jyOl MA~r(illlDA, COX' POINT AND ARANi.,A IIAY. 'TIe we l ko ai Sait atier L.OUISIANA, Captain Auldt laiciti it large portion tof ter cargo engage,', will meet with despautch Flor ]balance of freigt t or I,'. pgi, lpaly an t board, opplosite Jeffatoraon srceet. or to \V B1YAN, jy5 5(IlnIlo n streeYt. l FO I Veil-ASC U, RZlA, & IA~tltc. . - 'l' hte reg titr p t cket tahe, S I UT I I IO N EllI, C.npttit Gayylnrl etr, mu ter wa :ll br[ l" In oplte )le reargo. eFor htlttce ii freight or passage, apply on boItll oalA.1ite Jelitelsoa treet, or to W IARYAN, jv17 51.( C)IaIlO street, And nl Intertee ttt c.tttiittgs oil tile Collst. t .tk ="` ing, oaler tile arrivll ut the Im,'otllh: k FOK VI.- Ct, i RAtiZitR I tt i Il n1 Th well k n..n, ligIht drieiii't hrI I)E p rt ol t "r nar-_ engntd ii ll lll - e p t ih " Fi r F ' I, [ Int ! t i f I ' ,a li ht Ilo t I b ll.n a g f km 1 1m ^ parior aeemu n, dtti ,l* ntolpi t the, C ptllttin (,it board, oposait :ot dt 'teter asrti, or tto jel4 itCo(llllnllll mo strlee. For Sale. Freight or Charter. I 6 I III (lit CI 1111: 1. 1 1· FO ___I lll'O _31 I'llI:I N oi, lau 1 1it h lwvnito,( ", the inter In li + te II' c atiun b made toI.I: I II :\I ON: jyl I' A~l Ni ~ rl111 l v II. jy14 9'.31'o o\s lrl;(·IIIII1 st rut.:1 11' ~v'II': 11 ) I'll .1· 1 11 tllll 11( ·T - ~iSo 1l15lr1, 111'( III uvucIcou·ll 1 Vc,, nllII la f l ~ 1. I: II Itll ý, i I t I, 1Y17 \\1t ho 1j'111·11·rl utl 011111 - \III 01 kt jc5 e,,lI) I ll, 1 111 lu i 1 I, llluo 1 ~A vpilerrl to per t'' "d t,, 1 1 f ll " and ,here. \\'11 13111 ON, ~iie l, ;11 LI , le; Ilul ucl 1 UI t-5lu, le IIIIIISI I to I u PANCOint II0104 ilc PIgIII -J l1,o iue VlavI, Apply t t I VIII IL "LE~ . jet16 N V Iti llloc' 1(1'ul, N t (t1ll ). A)U-Il bbssl o Nt'l (11111' (t'of 01r It I5tyds 1111118 I.I:I 1111 cv COE '1 REEAN hAVANA C 9 It ' ...-U) blon, Lustreet, inedtluuale n y a ld 0. sale; by jylT4 1' 9~,11101E IL GALE, EJ AVA4NNA C:)IFFEI~E-ilA Ig-le Iuulu slare~ qlitbic~, jel8 930I , Co uti street. A NCY ClO ured Letter P lapller-Ju st received, (bu r~. Fcesfcatrppro y l nlull uly 11 E CASEY, IvO'G ____ liCuIHIPatcee.( -ii?3i14 fueuu 1 -, l Iltk l iulleo, siIII jel Ne Y 19atiolall ' M li,'! Cuirup uuet. 1:1-1N)phs ew trems ui, fr tie y jyGO1 ap lnt I1CK IVritil lu'-Juut arc\ivd ('r1 C B ulsilutelIruml Sem 1011r, 2(1 dKEEN 11AVq1NAr 1)0u1:k I:-lStin , Fluid, 244 duImlfpiml dtl 111 Fur sat o le b'ttut&u.,tu 4ety i I LIAVID FELT & CO. HAVANNO(C~l)F EI1-9ibugs 'superorq'ioholl jy'i6 ui Cl'oydrm sstreet. NOTICE. TRAVEIM R0 Cgoiui 1 mtubile by tbe Mail Lieu jy2.Coyn.Wdltilvuld Eiduyeuwtlregir. cratlti, I t t Ibil , I' Ine, aluIbm eealnd uhees, j couul jntaea unit ulbl, .0, stil Iby ulceddcc Thuee wJuuuu Iuy Illgguge cuu b2uc it mabeir direeOtt M'bite t0y 0lIInlY mu during lto neeb, sceet, en the chccovamed dupe. 661) WhIT'AlN, or cottonrim ucd M ct Puuk,T ull betoudad, P 1. Alo, for pleven Keutueby l~ufging,8i culls fopo; for jy 10 1ieeieet. up striet. flIOIS, 1411064 &iIRII6)(ANe4 ULT reci'td by allill buk rtJust rec lae igv Tpe tey B lmltt , vi 0 UU e , t ira lle 01111 1 rk ct 20 doazena llccertlBlatckWdllling Fluld,l tuw Feuborgsuul citv pI:per A F IbIIJNAI, j'31 91 ,e4Chautrs sureat. F NOiTV TIU VELS IN CECU.O. 4 IAVEL4 uu. be Cuatuount of Euoile, bte.: Mi Ling Tluad, Ireloud, Frucur. Itltly, 14dcFitdels, wll eregu ne the Neaaelsat hi. Bv,,* lwiebDII , eeonaidorted I tc heclagc a IP clelaity ut theu tolbovu, CIIIInlI iu , valame,wmihc uctuI igt. Jlustelllccl'1ld nm1 furcFat by IVOI '91't(EAN, rnle hi e op C te p ucd nt nlllut i tl . ThOnwK-11o naie llure blgglg caatee by iejahi 6 Mb 1)Rleby' 41 Ndcur lace flon5'1 1he TINv 'Lmd ay. O WHNC3ITMANu ,l Also, 9011e Kentue tic pluto, uI 8 15 coils RIly,;f atoro, ble by 1 LOCKIEV & CO BoT, SHOES &1 BROllerAN ro FF611 Ceiv)ed Fy.-SeipClrleto cn borci, Tallue beurand, lae BooSho &nd Bogtk,1 !or ash orgoo ciy Aser F l1NA R m3u 2 C Fuutom~ e at. RAVELS on the Continent ofnhrr opeI: viz: in Esg IL 'i' 111111 I' , Nu'eult re11cei1ved anfo alb m23 ca Cmp ndComo sta. ý] R -it;is in stoe, forsale b BLOK TV, IN ' L'Z' Ps CO (.-tl gi loc tin, lll oxs tin late, nd 15 asks znc, i jy142 l ee bSHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LONDON-Pulsage only. The A I and fast osilig harque NIIROD, * Cuptain Patterson, will meet with imnnediate despatch. For passage only, having hand some accomlodations, apply to LEVI II GALE, jyl2 93 Conunoo street. iFOR LIVi.tIP IOL. The copered and eCupper fjsteneL d ship CUOIIIEit.AN1 , Capt. Has lV , having moot of her cargo engaged, will have despatch. lor lregligt of!'30t Bales or passage having superior accommodotions, apply to S&J P WIIITNEY. july3 8 ('oni streot. FOIl LIViIiPO IL. The A I and tsht snilinl ship STEIG LIT?, Capt. Gth-ont, will ieceilv despa:oh. having the greater onut of her carol rneeaed; ter Iretlghet o 150 hils tobaco, or pssage, harillg hindsolno accommodations, apilly to LEVI II GALE. joly:ll 93 Coml on street. 1Fe0t L 1k EI"l'Utub. The A I sPll asperior ship IUIRION, Capt. Bordnll lae r will riceive despatch. For freight of 0 bales on deck, or aIsdago, having hanol som accommaodtions for 4 cabin iassengers, apply to LEVI II GALE, jy2l 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL The elegant Packet Ship HUNTSVILLE, Cornell, moster, will be deopatched for the abovn . port, provided no immediate cargo oltbrs, lor tornm apply to J I) EIN & A COHEN, iy24 90 Common street. FOR IlIVERP()OI.. . The A I and :sat suiliog ship ROWENA, Captairn Reed. having lthe greater part of her ocargo engged, will meet with immedi te de ollch. For freight of 300 oDales ectont or possage, hlaving hnndsodlm occomemdntilnts, apply to jydt LEVI II GiA .LE, 113 _Commono Street. FOR ILIVERP)OOL. SThe A I and tos soiling ship ROBERT WATTS, Caltnin Dallingilm, having the greater port of hler cargo ngagIoi will nleet witl, immedliate deoatch. For freight of 0il0 Iboles , etton or passage, ohaving hasolldool ccotmmodlnaont apply Ito LEVI IH GAI,P, jy21 93 Cmmon street. FOR LIVEI1PtfIIOL. - The A 1 and splenodid I t sailing shlip IIUIRON Captaill Iardllai, will receive Fmediate desptch. For ips:lge, having handl noe accomnllodationlls ford cabii p:sonseoers, al. ply to LEVI II OAI.E, "jyl7 93 t'no,,oo street. Coastwise. FOR NEW YOR1K LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Regular packet (i6th August. 'T'he splenmlid fast sailing Packet shinp IJIIN'TrVIIE Connell master, will sail as hatove. For freight or passage, having splen ditl atcelnmodations, apply to the Captain, on board, opposite the vegetable mnarket, or to J 1) IIEIN & ACOHEN, jy6 90 Common mtreet. FOIL NEW YORK. . 'le A I fast siling brig WELLINGSI.Y, - Captain. J CIrchbill, haviag nearly all of .he cargo engaged, will have despatch. For ,eigit ,,t 311 bils or passage, hanving good accomln-o datilas, apply to the Captain on boarl, fiat of Delord stre, I,,,r to CHIASE & IIXEY, _ 6 Custoanmonse street. -'FOR NEW YORK. 'rle A 1 and fast sailing brig ALICE, Captain Jurdlan, will receive aunmednate des patch. For Irrighat of5f0 tons lead, or pusage, havin g hbadandso acconnl odationa, apply to LEVI II GALE, S principal part af her cargo engaed, will have Iuitit de-patcbh 1ar freight ai3lll0 halea orpassane, having packet eeu'nn'odations, apply on board oppo ite tale vegetable mlarket, or to S & J P 'VtIIITNEY, alv31 8I Conti street. OR l H)OSTJON 'The Ihst sailing brig COtRA, Capt. (iro. J. Carts, viag one lalfof hler anrga rags pgd wl I ate despatch; foir htalln:e of fria llt or pansag e, hlaving good ateol:nnolaliott a i -n, - ply ta th t Ctptain o bard,blawtt the (nil Ilttador to CHiASE a DIXEv, j I; C'unstonl house street. 7TI e .A I and fast sailinug schuonr SI'Y \--.2 .r tll allve pollft; fto fricl.ahltt y tot LEVI I II l.l,E, ' TheA I hrt. IL n',a. th, Ca tain lirner, i LL.h in. prt ofhrfr ,,'go e,,a-aed, will hayv " - rh path, lor I'r iht-it or It,.ogl,, nptly to ul)t IR ,1t of, \. _ The ,w ilnt ft -t iil ria s ~loiper \t A R Y lo.nh it or thell. al l. portl. For tli''P' Ior p nee, on l oard, (opp.-i t, a ., arket ,) ,.r to jyl1 I 7.1 I',ydr,{s relrlo rFOll I'1 \il l, E''Tl)N, a."- The ,\ I and lust .atilig -lh( iPr SI it - I I p :irt of aaerfreiht e'.tftIlr, ll g lllt t lgllt lt bldl, will rceive ,1lmedat desp1at Ich tiln he pbI\e port. For tariglt of f'0 Ibarrels or passaN e,'bavillag halld somo accellml.dations, allply to LEVI II. tALE, na 93 C'o:lnollon street. FelR CIIAI.Etf'I'ON. - The A I and last sailing schooner SIlY LOCK, ('ap. Htpkin , will re eive despatch a abr the above port; for frtight a 'ply to LEVI A OAI.E, jnly31 93 Conallon street. For Mobile, and all nltrmediante Landings. R ý i. t ahe low pressnure stwanl bat "C \IOII.NI:NE, aillrav, Ne Orlcans .. -s.... fiC r Mobile every Thursdar.y a..d Suday, at 1. o'clock, AI. touchin, st all the watering lln liat whih passengers nary wish to land. For arI er particulars, apply to GEO. WOI'IAAN, jy Exchlalg,:e Hlotel, St. Charles st. For Mobile and tll lltt'rmcdiale Landings. Pe Ir'"um Tie th'at rttanin. and splendhid nteam lJ-'. tault WV). WAIACE, eltiiely in ·u.i" " stnaaten rooms, will rave New Oriaans f r \lohile, aind alll illtermll ediatte watterilln plac's· , every Teslday and Stlaturdy, alter hle arrival of Ith 1"2 a'cloc cars. (:EO. W'HI'TMAN, jy24 Exng_ ' lIha lotel, St. Charles st. ,- The fast sailing nerhr EMERALD, Capt. A l ergern, (avinlg lost o' iher narao engaged, will have despatcli--tir heighft tf 1511 barunlc apply to S & J1' WHIII'NEY, 8 Conti sat USTl' recei'ed at the Lou.aisiana Fatitura w-are RtRotas, 53 liainville Stleet,200 Maille and Clherry Jedsteads; a first rate article. Also, a gaod atsari nent ofl Maph. WValnat, and Pailted Chairs, whicl will be sohl for the lowest caah prices. W It CANES, jy7 53 Hi.nville street. ("UitNE, EIa. O1-iI SAT'rS, A",) CALni)f;I;. r1511 olnees Frenall (hli'" . ta bbls Epsom ,Salt 3 casks . : Cnlomel, lcae.. Jain, Rithuatrt, An. &n.. landitg fron brig William, frmn, Boasna, and for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale I)ruagistt, jy7 rna Cotlitton & TChoauplto las street. Notice to the Public. I IFTY )tl.LARS REWARDI) fr the conviction of fThief or Thireves -On Saturdtay night the 7th instant., ay hrou Chest wasn (arnilr lroken otn inby au.loi .il llns alnt robbed otft fitlt llOWing About twenty dollars in specie. A e'.nll til box having mly narle on, anai containing Jnotn II t(i a bum's te at 4 moat.ts, frtom 9th Jannart, 1837, for $1011 75 C Casmgaa 's note at 4 months, firom 14th Janiary, 1837,for 609 70 C Canrlgne's note at 4 months, from 18tt Jannary, 1837, for 000 00 Morton and I'atttrson's (in li quidation) note at 611 days, from 28th May, 1837, fr 4l00 00 Julinas Vairin's note at 60 days, from 8th, 1837, for 1150 00 Felton and Holdler's note at 60 days, from Feb. tst, 18311, for 179 05 Feltont and IIoler's note at 4 months, from February Ist. 1838, for 1 ill 00 Felton and HoIlder's note at 6 months. fr'om February let, 1838, for 111 00 Fergusoan, Parker &t C' nnte at 10 days, from 3d January, 1838, for 722 97 Serapbit Cuculln, due bill, dated, 25th May, 18:17, pavable on demand, 682 71 And sundry other documents and papers not rrecollected. ALSO, The Western Marine and Fire Insurance Comapany's Policy for fire, risk or goods. Ditto, ertificate of shares of stock. Merchants' Insurance Company's shares of stock. Commercial Bank's certiicate for shares of stock. Canal and Banking Company's certificate for shares of stock. The public are herebly autioned against trading or negtiatittg for ally of the above otres or documeans, as Ilaiya ntnof them are herebly stopld; they having been sttlen from me by somett thie or tiaeves uInknown. J G BLANCIIARD, jyl2 3:3 Gravier street Office of the Firemen's Insurance Company, New Orleans. r IllE Stoartkhlders of this Company are herchy noti. I fled, that tile Third Inslahenvt on their stock will be due and payable on the Ilih of August next, at the oither of the Company, No. 2-1 lusson's Buildings, Canal street. Blnreau d'Assnrnces ds Pompiers dI la ot tcllo OrltiBans. ' ES A(tionaires de cet tompagaic sont notiti que A_ tetroisnine paietn tt pour letsnationas saort payables le Ilaotlt prohait tlnu bllrean d laeolnla S1,aille i E L. '1'lAL.N', Stcrrtaire.. I lJIl l-C0 tithsks of "hslallo ile fr salhe: t _A GHAME & DIXEY, jy 1I 6 Cntonhotluse treer BUSINESS CARDS. PA HI1ONADLE CLOTYHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, N;i. 14 (Chnart'e Mlreet lIAVa censtant stpplty of evere article jerltntllelg to gentleie'.lls rei, ni rthe latest style, at New York riers dle 211 'FEEI'IIT * SLICEOUS METALLIC TEETI. SPECUIENS of these hbeautiul teeth, nnti the man ti ner (setting themr, may be so!n at tie ullice of J.B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Ounalstreet. e These teeth never clthage coloulr, andl reev many,and in many cases, prefertble to tile atural eethl IP )r. R, will wait upon ladies at their residence, requeset. apc9 ii S. A. PEILIIOISI [:l1, MERCHANT TAILOL, 67 Comnmon strelet, B EGS to inform the utblic that hlaving purchafsed from Messrs IIOUijli, SKEtitiG & CO. part of theirstoek, he will continle the bstiness at their old e*andI,opplsite tisthop's Hotel, where lie hopes to meril a share oftbeir strmltts lie has illaide nrrangeuttets at the North t oe supiilied monsly with tie latest and mosnt fa.hionble goods. ar_ 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1I2 'oydras street New Orleans, IANUFACTURFRS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of alln deriptionts. W'ARM, COLD, AND SI.OIWER BATHS Fixed on the nmst saproved principles. MIIL'D I.EA1), P'IPES, &e lr7Order. executed in any part of the Southeln States. mrel Dr. Robert F. I,indee. OFFICE ExcHSeNsE IHOTEL.. Oim CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 103 Pvtdras street, J E:P on hand s esn:t.tnt tistlyi of eIrl Pipe, ite "re 2 ins. diateter town to e3O its. diameter, flrt sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BlLIS IMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. tW'ILLI.A GR EE.NE, PROPR IETOR nrl J H. PARKER Comnlission andt Forlwardilg Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New 3 slenir, Feb. :. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEeSALE AN) REIt'.\II DEALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE STUIT' S AND WLNDOIV GLASS, Corner of Commeon andi Tchoupitoulas streets, NATI1AN JARVIS. JOtN W. ANDREWS. A large upply of Garden Seeds. warranted thie growth ofi 1:7. AT MOBILE Al S. 1. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and eti3 WAT'Ei STREET. r llE undersigned, having established themsohos in i obile efor thie p-trpose of trasactin tihe Auction andt (tOtlutlisiole l builless' in its various bsanches, beg leave to inotern thlleir frielels and tile psuclie that they are now prepared to reteivve teoensteents, and mnake liberal advances on the smse, either eor private or public ale, SOI.OIIAN I. JONES, ISRAEL. I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. Mobile, Febt , 18 3. feb 13 SAMUEsL SLATEsR. AnaeHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Fors ardtllll &.J stO5l5 S-iUoS Mle rchlssts, No. 40 Poydlras Street, NW \V I I, LEA NNS. They will devote their pIartieell. attention to the sill ol \ ,esturr l L'urhlce. Rfit'retiees. R Abija Fi:k, fE,,. S li ; It llln a l, It Nil ~Sht;I New (Orleans. A ..'I Nllth ,, MIsrs, itom.s ,iOs)nru &, Co. J i1) &. 01\I \ lims ) esriggs, Wild s io. i Boston, I" 1o11 Vtsl.t ItC) Iet.sit s'itsie. 5 New sork. Otol Pehl v .its ill. Stautfsrd & l).ti.. St loui, . (illaow, S:haw , TtIllteu. t 'lteisr & io. I wlIv, a t & ) sl s Alti. A It Skidmore Il,. .5 it lstirtil & ('s.-l~ssitillt. EI.1 SIroN E. n. T. 21o,1. E & .T. S'T ONE. Foramlrdlrl. anld lOlnmul[nsioni .tlereenues, 1(I:1tNISIIE1IS OF S1111' ANI) 1(OA' STORES, No. IT I Il'IrCOUPITOULAS STREEf. N, w.Otrlhns. Rlelereces : Ileooro. Bil.,., ARnRt ..Co. Bo, on EBaYzNEME Voot. & CUo A. B" M:AH & Co New York. I. PUTNAM, J. & P. IO.t.All, Cineitneti, O. W ourHT SMITH I l.hVIt, STONE, DL)ytot 0 IB. CoasTroKC & ('o. Coltnlmots .() N. A.toatell, & Co.. lIouisvtile, |I.y W\ILL.IS,I+T'aeVENa & tec'rls, t Louis Mo A. II. RItFOe, Alton, Ill. Wm E. WrIeHbow, Rushville, Ill. J. P& pP.P. 'AuTWELL, BRayU arTo, La. SOLOMON tlhlen. New Orleals. I)EALERS IN AMEILICAN & ENGLtISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CORONDELE'r S'FREE'r. 01 FIRE r1IEN'S INSURA NC E COCMPANY 1 NE\\ ORLEANS. 'Ihis C.mpany atre now prolpred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's [uildintg, Canal street. E I. TRIACY, New Orleans, Mav 15. 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN CoIImission anl l RForwtnrding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Layet & Ameuntg New Orles. JoS. Landis E5 . & C. nl°_ lm o 01OB1RTI CI ANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camnp stree, \Vholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varniheos, Brushes, i itn350 \Vitdtw and Pienure GInss, &e. &c. T. W. COLLINS A,/ TTOJRVE Y & COU.VSELLOR .l T L~A 11: .O)W prnetiein in the Staute antl City Courts. Cli N t cntt ill find hlt at thlt Clerk's oflie, U S Cirecuit Court, in the Custom House buildiag. je8 A CARD. ll TIE. undersigned nave o pell a u10118. in this city, S for Ihl purposeo of tranlacting GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRS. II P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued in thle above namle. ReferoUeet. Godfrey, LariLe & Sall, Nr Orlean, La. 'ete & Slillrd, Orleans, La. H B l1ill & Co, L.ouitville, Kv. John Mi Gilmore, Vicksburg, Miss. Harper,Carpenter & Co. Grand Gulf, Miss. Muir, Moore & Co, l . Silos, Lillard, Natchez, Miss. New Orleans, July 112,1888. jyl2 A CARD. N ATIIANIEL ''OWNSEND having located him self in New Orleans for tihe purpoue of transacting a General Agency altd IComtlisston b ausiness, would re rpectfully solicit from the public a share of their pa [ronaer. Hatving a house in Texas, he will attendlt the truns ctitg ao ally huiness tllat tay le desinrd in that country, ndl will guarantee proetllt and unremnitted at. toltitll ,tO IIto a Iuiuess enotrusted to his lharge, alld at [aithful appjlication (ill aceordance with insltructionls) of all toultd that Utlt retol into his hallds. Oflice it Ner Exchlange, oil rnvier street, otpotaite to Rev M1r Cloppos church, and ad:ljoining Gbsaon's reoding roomt. lgo of the Pexion Cotsulate. Netrw Orleans, Novemober 25,1837. "Ref!renees. Mossra Hitllyer, Bush & Co. New Yor. Burr W.kenttn. r Se . Alvarez Fisk, Natchez, Bliss. R M Struoth r. Ltoui.., Mo. Jolhn T tfr y. Louisville, Ky. i..htil A Ahoe t, Ih.pkins'ille, Ky. m28 Sm FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Office No. 24 Musson's Building, j2c ('CANAL STREET. LEP'TERto COaVERSA(LIONS, Cn.LLEI CUE I TIONS, of S T Coleridge. KonitgsmarkLe, or Old TimeN in tile New World; be ing Ncoo 7 ant 8 of the Unifornt Edition of Pauhlling'; \\ orks. SColtun, on the Religiots State of tlher Countrv. Whale Fishery; iteitg Nos 26 tand 27 of the Boys atn Girls Library. Just receivwd by J12 C H1bANL'ROFT I I Camjp TRUE AMIfERICI N OFFIfCE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, tuR I THE PRINTINlG OF Famphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars, And every descriptiou ofJob oVerk that mlay be rerquired. IL.The proprietor respectrilly ctalls the attention of the public to the above Cril, an l asallles them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at thile hort st notice, in a style unsurplassed in this city, and st the I, est rat's. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF THE CITY OF AJVew Orleans and Lafayette AS published on Me3!ny,21st May, and is now e fonr sIle at the eoulting Proom of thepublislek, Exchange IHotel, St Charles sereet,--and at thre Bok store of Messrs. E. Jithns &I Co.eomrr St Charles and Commonstreets. nm23 SI'hi&iATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Distriet k Court-James Mayfield vs his creditors--The stesion of the ptaitioner's property having beer accept cIl by Ihie clrt fir trhe Iearfit of his errldlisra it is ordered that a meeting of his said creditors oa take place at the office of W\Vm Y Lewis, Eq, not. public, on Tlhursdayv tle 9th Aiugut inext, at nl) o'clock, A , for the purpose of deliberating oni the i lafirs of the naid petitioner; and in the miaun ime all judicial proceedings against his person and property, as to tihe creditors tllrertinll.d ill trie schedlr le irec taeyd. ita order ol the court, this 7th say of July le38k. jy12 P 1,E BII.ANC, D.p Clerk. ETAT DE L.1 LCI ISIANE-Premier District .I diciaire. JAMES MAYFIELI) rontre seas ereianriers.-l.a J cession des blcns uIn ph6tinnsa ire ayent 6iti nrrcep l tie pnrracr aur hranbirlie dsleri6aueciers; it est ordon nti qi'une assembl(o de sea erehaciers anit lie n nli' iud de i rWm Y Lewis, tnraire public, Jeudi le 9 d'Aout A 1(1 heures dit matit, t afri d ddntlibirer sur les alltiiles dudit Ietionnrire; et en lrtllie tempslll toutes ploursrites coitrte sa persoaine it sas noprpit s mIt arretees. Par ordle de la Cors ce 7jrtiliet 18:3. 1ijuillet P L.E IBLANC, Dip.Greeffier. Pirates' IOwn Book. T IIIE PIRATES' OWN 1300K,or authenlic nar rtetives of tlhe lives, exploits, and excnitnls ot tihe miost aeeIbraled Sa tirbrerni. with historical sketehei s of rhe Chai.mamee, Spanish, Lad rtne, West Intlia. lalay, autr Algerine Pirates, in I vol., just received, nied fisr sale Iv \V8I. I'KEAN. je6 r elr Carmp & Common streets. a T IIISKEY-150 bbls Rec tified, inl srre, for sale S.t by G DOILIaE', je26 41 New Levee IEI) IlEIN--60 bbhl itnlstre, foreale rby S DIRSEY, je26 44I New Levere. a - and lor sale ty TI It -IYt)I & lil(.), jul4 cel Coir n atnllld rlllagzine st. 1iAt F lAARD-600-iO kegs hest runlili, ir atare, for L .sale bIy I; I)II.ntLEY jell 4.1 Nw Lever. AMI.LY IiAMS-Put ur in bes;, also canvas-id ido, in bIbl ail hhds. xprressly for family use just la ltlde I and for sa le e v e LAYET & AMELUNG, jelo 17 (orlllrarre aitret. CINCINNAIT'I BACO)N--i7 hibdnds HIua, iloul l ders and Sider , of suprerior quality, larling from steamer Chancellor, for sora by ISAAC ltIiDGE ` CO. Ir4 _ 13,t Rlugainre streert. I PEit .I O I1--20 casss Wintrer cper, Oil, blsaea ell,for nale by ISAAC ltitII).:E &1 CO. jell 131 elagazine street. SIlIISKEYI'-- 7 bb\l Whiskey, olndirng fronl the r.seambouat 3 errinlr l, lfor ste Iby j I.AYET & AIEI.LUNIG. JA R1)--00 kergs prine LarlL, in st, ree,ifor sle by ,le " I ,A Y "' |' r & A .It' I . U :% O . 011iK-:3l) bhIls primle Pork, lalnding from seam o. t I':mper or; frl s.del IT Aly GUtAll-1h 0 hlds oun plh r rtion, itr sale bysl ! iir e S1,, 11 1 .t 1i't1.1 It, .1 I'ordrna is. Jo~ili'h 854E15%, oaddle, Hlarness and l''runok Manufacturer, and fur/ nisher u 3Military Equipmets l oj'crcry dl sription. No ill F '0erUPcULAS s'rRoEET. I I AVING in temlpl o y Covernl o ilihtry \Vorkmtn, Ii hel is ready to execue work in the abtse linle at s eriptionco. stlt ot v in hatld. t O(t, ttILtt' -l cnrn mtill. tA ýlat:"is astl J coellllldlltl . One J i In can l 't i'd : o lr :31) hb shels t' me.llli per dctalll wltL thee mlill., and tlhey. ran b llt tached to c tt t in, mlltl d aret particulahrly caull atel for planter's use. Apply to tI.\ 131'1IN & C001'7h, f1111 '.! J lia st l eer. 1ERp.IIAN'TS tca.l ave a beautiful cteiloer otrtuck 011 'o at two hour notice, by Llwling at the trleai s l itho raphic ( altice,53 Msgnzute street, opposito Banks C71A-KERf L-35 half bbls tNo 2 lockerel, fior sale hvIby READ & !I\DA(TO7W, 8''"2 1i7 (Grcirr street. B ACON-1lO oosk prnime baeon stles received per steamer Ilaniie Wellster, for soale bv LAWRIENCE & LEIENDRE, jef21 98 & '2I New Levee. NOTIti, fIIfE mubseribers have this day nssoeinted them. 1 selves in bt.ltones, tlnder the litot of llamtny A. Robertsoa, and solicit at conlinulnlnte of thei patronage experienced by I 11 1 Ha lnny while ctnductin businesa in hison naue, as Generale Agent and Colnmission l3e lhantt. RIOBERT M IHANNAY, jyl2 IROBEIRT A RI)1ERTLl''ON, LEAr LARD-l100 kegs i store, ftr sale by (S IDOR0SEY, jvl2 44 New Levee. SjENT'UCKY BAtGOINlG--10 IIo ir aole by jyl2 Bank Alley. S-1I CtIII1AOOINtI 401l to itentotoitl laggging 4; inolrls wide, fr sale hvy HlOl,1ES & MlI1.RS, jyl2 Balnk Alley -fXCFANO - ( ON EWV YORIK for sale y A LA.WREN.CE & LGLit NDI I ,11 jy 12 208 & 9 New Levee. VrEAS, NUlTMEGS, o-o0 six and thirteen potund caddies of gt'plllowr alnd impnerial teas, 15 cases of canister imperial and gunpowdder, 20 half chests of pouchong tea; olne eask of fresh nutlegs, and a general assortment of r:eries, fillo stle low- by LAWKENCEA' LIiLEGENDIL., jyle` :8 & 29 New evee NAl11.-750 kegs assorted Philadelphia Nails, in store iand lor sale bh YtIlKE & BRIOTII EIS, jyl12 65 Camp streer. (Oj TON BAG(:INO -in sttttno ttft r stle iy C YORKE & liOTlII. E15, jyl2 (5 Camp street. LI AGG1N ;-- 1i5 pieces of pt-mt-o iorIh Kriott nkv II Baugging, hmdigi frotllt o. . CUorinthian, for ttlo hv LAW (3IUNCE A, LE(IENOiE, jel6 28 and d9 New Levee. ESTEIIN BUTTl'EII-O00kegsin store, for sale hEy n1.1VI Ef ' ' T'IEII, joi2 40 IPo dras street. [ ARD- 1779 kegs leaf Lard of superior quolity S landing froln steamr.oat Monarch, tilr sale hy LAYL'I' & A31IEI.UN(;, ij 6 17 Commerce tree GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY O.OR the State il LouIisiana, and Cities of New Or ' leans anti I.afityetot; for ale hv 1W McKEAN, 1n23 cer Camp and Common lts. I.OST. A WVARRANT, drawn pon F. Gardere, Stale Treasurer, in favor of teot. T. Dunbar, Civil En. gineer, for the snot of Five Hundred dollars. The find. sr will eoioera favor by letviog thle same with F. Glt. dele, Etq., or at tIhe Office of tIhe 'Loa Atomerio. jy 6 'AISH, or Batik oxels,-l n F It received CU B BUIIt E\ L& CO, jy26 17 soteet. LEAFI. ARD-Landing frm, a, er Tt nn-essean; fur salebv bDOIL;EY, ap25 .I I Netiw Lever. LONDOtN iPORTER-1 l asks Iel London dtlll Brown Stout, ior sale by liOL.JIES & MILLS ml5 Hank All ) L.OUGIiS-37 1'ittsburgh Blue lIloughs,in ,atonr an .y.. lt . ' LO e:KE . C0. ap 17 0° Ol l.dever street. [1ATTI N1--20 hbales Npani.h Matting, ol r sale by I tEAD & B1AISTOW, 211/ 67 : Gratie r street, NI.SO 1,00t0 ht,.. - F 1117 lo merican DI)mocrat. or hinto tn thne soial andot j civil relations off he United Stntes. iy J. Fen:i more Cooper. The Two Flirts; or, Adventuret, ill a -Countrv Hlousr; nd. other nilte , by Lady !{lessilltehmn, F I. Bulwoer. Mho Norlon, Barry oCornwull, Mrs ioore, (Captain irMedt ndl others, in 2 vols. The River and the I)esert, hy Mtos Pardoe, author of tihe Cite of the Souhttn. Th'l Casket of iitms, the (lift of an Uitle and Aunt wvith fine wood etgraviet byg ho nd-.sto. Jo.t received and lior salebv it '31 ' eSl ": %N, jol6 cor nCa(np nd ('otnnnon e. Sfir saleby Jh 'I'1 i. 0 A Cto, 01v II 71 PIodr, .htcer. L8.MO-N SYRUP AND 1'ICKi. S. C(]) BOXES lemton Syrup; 1453 h.o.e assorted I Pickles, in quart, two quart and iUllon bot ies, from the mnanfuertorv of W.V Under, nod, and lewis & HIskell,of Boston; landing from brig Talley rand and ship Charleslnt, filr sale bl JAIlV .ii &' ANIIDREWS, nial cor (tnImmn and 'reatptoulas eta. SUAvYAQUIL Ct)COCA-1000 bagn ale u_ jedti A IA I 1(CI II.E--It bugs prime gre*o' titiana LUulte, I/ landing from brig A E,aod fhr sale by je2f -59 ('enmp sntret. (.aGING( & RtOPE-13i.A ps Keotneky linegmti, n ad I II Coils Rope; also a sall lot of Twitn, in store ad for sale by J )ANIEr.l., 3 -Oll.ACiJO-!i booxs and I kegs prone itewaug T 'obacco, (Lethoer's brand,) i ioe Ial for osaole hy .1. lIA YI ILI,, 'J20 59 Camp street. 1) (I OFFEE-800 bgs kin (toffer, of good .l qtality, ladling bnHtr barque ent1 , fiVr s(ale by jo."O "____c'l'TN(t)N & AVERY. L3IANACKS lsE 1839.-Just eij-ived, at nmal lut of Pelple's Almauacks and Cocekett's Alma nocks, for sale by DAVII) FELT & CO., New York Statiorer's Hall, jiP0 24 Chartres street. r ..XAS FUNDUEID CERTIIFICATIS atnd Audi S tor's Draft , on the Treasar, wantled bt NATH'Il. OWNSEOID, jel8 Exhange Hoitel, Gravier tr. T1EXAS BOUNTY ENDNanel t NATH'L 'I't)WNSEND, jelS Exchange IHotal,Gravier street. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. 'TOTICE is hereby given, that the Itboks of sibscrip 1 titn for the relnanioig shares of the capittl stock of this Coipany, Iro wr reoprened oil MlodIvly, the llth inst. ietween to hours of 1t ant I onlcl em I' l, nlid rtletnopetnnipe tie samle hotr ealnrh dav tlPreafter, until tle whonle hall lnave ))tt e abicriltled ntr. By order ollthe Board of Directors. E L '.iACY, June 1.1, 1838. Secretary FRID. WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, FFERS his services to the public in the depart 0 ititis of Surveing andl Civil Engineeritng, both iI rnwn and country. Fruoml considerable experience, in his profession, anil I,y promtttnels and fidelits ill lhe execution of ttlhlbue.,n entr'astel to bits, lie hIUies to terit ned eceive a slare of pltblie patrttoaee. Ile will also imneasUlre anid alttult tile Loltents of walla and e oivatiotns. Oltiee No 8 ('jartres street, second story bock. je7 I INSeh ItIL, in Gabki and ic n bilts, w"arranteCd J pure artiele, tr sale, retail, by JAIlVIS & ANI)RI'IW, Mledicine l'nint & Oil Denliers, jrt8 Corler ot Ciltlllaon & 'I'clthtpinttal stis. -). V-VN S.tIEI1'IN(;S--0,,11001 vyards -1-4 IBrwn Sheetingsi. landing fito ship Cherokee, suitable for thie iMeieic market or (tsi, trnad, ttr sale. by STEhlTSON & AVERY, jelo 1i0 (Gravier atreet. SPI'Rll CANDLUPS, OIL. &c. .200 BOXES New Bedflrd Siernm COnlle; kUU btI csoks New Brdllrl Winter oil 15 easks Rotitln Zini ; 6bo Itxe bIrown lnlvaua Sugar;, 10U coils lhale Rope; 30 ieees llaggirrg; 0 ciasks Black lkald Crucibles; 30 casks p'ulper huilltrinls; 5U baskets Champagne \ ine. For snla by JOSPI'Hl C iCKAYNE Jo3 25 Gravier street. ®f ES IERN IIUTlER--139 kees, leceived per tttsteamer Vaundulin, froum Springiield, Illitntis, a superior article, for sale, by SLATER & TtrIER, jel8 40 Poydra street. )ORl.K--Rutmp, i lt ..ess anOd P O, Ibr sale by jet (i I)OIUSEY, 44 New I.evee. "i0 csks roolino Zoe, 1I1 boxa o Boslan oi\old coadles 300 sheets Uraziers' Copper. In store, for sale by JOSEPIfI CUCKAYNEf, ap20 25 Gravier street. LEAF L.:AK D--2I1 kegs il store, for sale by el (I I)ORSEY 4) N.ow s lo!,,. lA1..','P1 U tUICAf'I'IfNS. C IIESS MAI)DI ASY; being new introductionn to the rudiments of that scientific and popular game. liy GeolrgLe 'oalker, 'lTeahe of Chess. IUncle ferace, a Inovel, by ,dis S C flail, author of Sketches of Irish Cihfratfer, The lluccaneer, &Q. 111 2 'TVhe Spirit of the Weools, illustrnted by folored eln graviug, by thie author of 'l'ir Mral of l ,owers. Finden'o Views of Ports and Harbours of Great lri Flora's Grte, or tile Treasunre of tile Parterre; I^ bnollouets.droawn ona coloured frot nature, by Jamles Aiidrfews: r ith poftical illustrftotf, by Louisa Ann 'I'Tanle Ithr If' The Itl)fnoft'ce of Natllre. . Glsary of Te fs fsed in Grecian. fRotmoan. Ita liaLI, an rlG(;oi ArlchitlturT; the secold edition, ell iorgfd; exenotdiile.If by .101) wo d eot.. ,thlocif's I.ngileelrs' Pocket Ilook, for the y. ar 1163,; w ifth lin All.mana; by Hlenry Ahhlick, Civil Engiineer. Works of Lord I.aronl, with afl introdul.tory efayf sllll Illlttroit; tlow edition, comp late ill 2 vol." fii-l.o ; litfn'fet's Ilfstorv ff his oita 'i'ffff: fflnm tife re'toration oof (ChIrl.s If. to filth treaty of pence at Utrecht,l, iln i' of QueeII Ante. A new edition, W.I)l1 i.fffE\N, w_ l:Jl.f.f Ofor( ffifffoltll fifit fffOfllllolo(fO . il.+ 1131 car Cnuip uY r nd Co tnon rsi. je27 cur Common & 3ha_,azine. jlI \lt-- i f s .lprtiehff Im,1.aniinglva r slile by TETf'l''UN & AVEI Rti, j '-7 ,f (;ravier ftreef I OlI f0\ PjiKf.-flf hdil- Flour, 500 tbils clca Mess i. O0., Prime P. Oi;, !tL. Ifps k btoulders is otnr,o anid or sale by je JAI'YE'1' & ANMFLUNG. fIII".KEI'.--0 btils iectitied (P'ullen'o b for sole by G. I)ORISEY, je22 " 44 New Leveer. P ORK -500 biifs. of nil qualities. jest inspected I _ andi will be sold below the qluotations, by tL. lDORSEY, j'22 44 New Lrever. I)UT"l.lER-ti kegs freosh we'torn buli fter, ftr a le -P ap R J 'HIIAYEf & CO. *LOUl-")1 bis in ott'rl, for ole b f if fy tS)ISEY, _.1e29 44 New I.veo. FRINILLIN INFIRMARY ºTr11E pubhc are resplletfflly lnrmeld fthat thi ilosti tution is erected on tie most improved flns, and in an airy and mllstl ndmirnhle Sltuation, in the faull tHrk iranklin, upon the railroad, one mile fronm the Mlissis 'lihe billding is large nad moatconnodiotsly divided into alrtllments, for ke0rping separate difllre0t classe0, all i lllbrelt disensecs. The institution ie supplied with the most skilful and aIttentive llfale and nff oe ni'set, and speaking tle va rinous mltlert lallgllaces. Private roonms mrny b had by gentlemen at five dol lars per day, incluling attendancef &0. Ierm il tif or0.,iflrv w t dar, o per day. Slaves also two dollars. SnllI Pox in the ordinnry wards, f ve doll:rs. All nffital surgial oplerations extra. T'lhe resident fIhicflian is 1)r OVeddff anffto whom fppflifftion fir aolfiosi onnerot he mabde. or to I)r C A Ltozeio ferg, No 17 lRfnflpart street. ffp1f ly L EfAF LAltD-600 keg in salor, for sale fy L1 G DOIOSEA', ije2?3 _44 New Levee. IEGO MORPHY, I'rofesor of Languages, is now Iprepared to receive gelntlemenl, will naly be dlis posed tl foid t ,1part of their leisure houlrs i uring the summer, in acquiring the French, Spanish, or English I.antongu. leh genllnlan will have a separate ffour frfffff.lf o fo'clock, P. ,,. N. I.' Translationls made as usual. Oifice, 67 Char tfe andll 4 til:lff .lia jr:02-Iw -N:\W WOICLS TIIE NATURAI.IST'SOWN BOOK-Comprising deerrifftions andl authentic anllacdoftes of QUlldrufp eds; sehienilfcalfarred accordfling to Ihe 0vstnm of Cuvltl fv thie nathor of life "Young loan's Own IBok! TIIHENATURAI. HISTORY OF INSECTS-In two volunes--vol 2,formning no. 74 of the "Family Li ffr0ry". A digrestof thie IAW OF VIIIECF. IN CRIMINAL CASES -hf llnry Roscoe, Esq. with notes and referenes to American ilefision, and to the English common law and ecclesiastical reports by George Sharswooil. ON DIAnoNOSI OF l)ltoIrSsEs of the CHEtT-hbaed up. on flte nompnrison f f their physical and general signs, by\ \VW Gerbhard, .5 I)" PRINCIPLES OF PATHOLOGY, AsND PRACTICE or PHYSIC--IvY John Maekiftosk, M D., from Ile lost Lon dol edition lvith notes and additions, by 8anaucI Ged,. lMorton, Al D, in 2 l's. 'is xF At:IMr:arin (URTERLY RY..IEW-No 36 for DeItonber 18b:k. Just received and for sale by fl2 Wom llcKEAN.cornor onfCanuo arnd Cis. i L EAF LAIRD-420 kegs leaf Inrd, lanng fro m steamboat Gene al \Wayne, e il lle, hy LAEET' & A.II:.LUNG, j.2 1.7 C(:.,erc e street. ACON SIDES--13 hlls l balconl sidels, landing frolfI steamll0oat Generul W\avf , lr Iale fly LA'IA'I &. , IEL1 NG., jy2 17 C'o .omerce street. Y- 1'lP~RSS '(' iiTiI.l.-Two f inf1f., of 1 about 11 f0 Iogs, lying at (atrrllthou. tlr sale by T1 IlYD & BIOTHER, j)2 car Confnon & Magazine streets. LOUR, WlIIISKEY, PO')RK & BIfETF--148 hbla superfine nid I:11 du fina flour'; 111 fhis commonln in'i 46 blbls rycified whiskey; 7 hbills mess and 15 b!fle prints pork; "1hbl primer beie,; the cargo of a flat boat finr aale low, to close, hy LAYET & AMELI.'NG, f 17 CfliiicFree sflret. SI.T--3t cres (;f0 fIes tacsh) f-blyi s.t, fior rale 1 by I(EA) & ffAIISTOW, fyti 7 Iansk Place. R tlM.AN ClE ENTf-for sale vby I IEAD & iB.RSTOW. ja l 7 Ifsk Ploac. BAGGi"G--54f0 ptf 1ieulucky flugiig, fofr ule by RE',.\ID IBARS I',,, I .0. t11t) . Ii. RSFioUO hove O'fftf.00d to Na.? Ba0k Place. jyol J.tAMILY tiAO-ln-71f blo cnfvafr el Faiily Hams nol er ,s rior qualitIt, o lif fIill .tnlambot hir, for a!e oe f . r.. . (. loth I7< Cc,:llle r'plet. NEW tMUSIC-She wore a wreath of arser; ellen I're; .Look forth my fairrest;The Star Spirit; Cboe sing vour lesson, Tilhe heath tlh night; .iat the Inv of the (a.ndolier; The lady leaves the banquet hall; "a adeon 'a midnight review. Just reeeived and fir safe at 1I CASEhY'd, ane I P'ianofrter ancd Minlc IRVING'S NEW WORK &r. TH E ROCKY IIUUNTAINS-Or acenes, incidents and adventures in "the Far \leanl,"digeated from he journalof Cail,itain It LE itonneville, of the Army of the United Stater, anl illustrated fromi various other ouresrr, b \VWahilnti-a Irving, in dvolt. I'HL. VICTIMS (it StOiIlT''Y--By the Countess of Jileesil:gton, il 2 vols. Just re.rived .and hir sale by WiV I'i ti AN P APE,, quilt, ,tecl pen, ink, fluid, wafers sealing ax, itnlia rubber, bluac aill, ouuce. anlld every olther article I nttimerv, oof the very best qualit .con -aalltly nlll ne lho d Ilol ec Iby Ii. VID FPTI.T& CO. al.! N Y Stationers' Itall, "28 ( harrrerl t. ItTI't: It I VA.. SUGAt-25 bLuaxes lunditig Isma achra 'e.nv. for gale by racv 2f; r IA I' t A. T"rlElR, 41_ Paydraes i frllX.tN 3L.iUEY-$18111 'I'reasulrv .ores for ale by T1' K HY )E t ' ltI'I'HER,; lanSll t 39iComllton. acer. Manrain at aL %AI--lu bbdt in e, i ar sale by u-- G It RE) Y,. i44Newlavee. Ai. l1IN-4ll casks Cinueioa CutiredI i store, hor Ssale, Iby G. IILSEY, jel 41.\ew Levee. iLtUR--400bbls, in store. for sale by S jels G. I)(KrSEY, ,4 New Ledee. +EA Il IIR-500 kegs, in fine shipping orde b .l;t Stale by G.t I)tfSEY, jel8 44 New Levee. iaf ACKEREL, LIME, &r. 3ld '741 bhtl. Iumckeral, alis.1, 2 anl 50 hall barrels muckeral, nos I anil2 1129 casks if linue, 20 hundles haty, 5111I feel lumbller, Landitr frole llrig Riatldo and for anlt,b, J 17 St1 .'I'SSON AVENTY'& I'O. NEW IIAT STORE. UST received per late arrivals from New Yolk, " frieh ielI ftshionahle asstrtmeut of HAA'TS. The subscriber walult particularly iall the arteintion of the uali. toi a -t)le of reaver hills of au perliOt finish, fiue texture, ric . andu bhlautifil lustre; lns (tIo a line plait Rlusia hlt ot a aluperior eualitv; and al.o, a rplendld arti'le if silk hIr, tollget ir hll ihager ree isa sortment IuIufaetuell.e by Ilnsell, expressly for this milarket, whoilesnal antl retail J W oBllORN, 34 Camp l reel. N. R Cil, and country dealers are invited to all. rell 8 1j RICHARDS. 'Tobaincu and Sulln manluti ic S turer, No. 277, Cannl,, New-Orlennac, wishes to iniform hiis triel anid the publie in giteiral, I dtatiel prepared to furnishl anl thlin, in the above hblsiness, aInl hias constantly for ale t tollowtnati g articles: SNUFFS. Rose, German Rapnpo. Macalley, English Pri :,' liegnt, Al..i iappee; Natchitl oles, Iitttated, Amnlriiln gentlemanl's, HireMninot, IltakeliKcnt Riailr, Irisa Illackganrd, St. lan., Curenon, Paris, Pare SiPaish, Half coarse lappree, Scotch, and gelnuine tooth lpowder. T'OIBACCO. Fine cut elhewmng, sweet scented ar plain. Filer crt smoking, of varioris qalniies. oilefoot Virgiliu, Slanish, tec. Thealtovenrdeiles are al warranted as g d,fnat soll perior to an thing of tile kinl importell, ald will le Itcirnairedtotailee non tilhe nitr lileral leernl. ilel. 4 iI iof New Bldford Slpenrm uCandles, landig I'from ,)hip Kentucky, aml foir eale hi LAWVIENCEb' I.EGENDRIE, iel 91 • '29 New -)mttAZIERSC O tnEI--100 Oe .bra.nieracpper Swelghinig ton pounalr r nre ntnd Ibr sale l. 8" ,OCKE & CO.. iao8 Front Levee, be- tm House and ien ville streets, june .4 New~ Orlen- allen Rail Rani Arrani , the cars frol iin i I date. Fr Finetr NW:V (IRI.tE.AS. TFir A.t Steamlar at 7 A l do do do 9 o do do do t d /a do do I S r t i o eta, sIrIe arat 3 dot ate..A. P do EE don do 4 do do doc do 7 do d* ,Io 8 do doa ler Jackson street cares nal I.sfivette hyalrfnr , o'ilock, A M. Ccanal street at ic o'clck A I, d n run clinlF horly at 7 o':clock. 'herelie cir will cotlllece ruecinal every ha ll hoSr, nd contiinao tlrocughot the dia uatill7 ocelick, P . I. Tlhearraeellilt for Ihe La Coorse street cars the a le .ulJcksuin traet. i per I rig Star, i store, Ier sale biy n "2 At r..,..1 n.. '.. (COtI.U.( :i WVAlTE-Directly imp...rted from Uo hJ gn,tby H Ii ttNNABEL, cnr Natchez and Tchapitouilis asl. a7` The genuineuess of the article is provel by the autograph of the manufacturer, Johaann Maria Ftariat. A UKGREAT HARGAIN W 7 LI, be gives in a :cho:ee Pisrel i' "SUMMER •• CLIOTHIING, to close ia eunsignmtlenl. Per sona wisheing to purchase are invited to call and ex amine thle salle, at tile f ONice of NAI'II'L TOWNSEND. J21 Exenhantge IHotel, rayrier .t. ý'V HISPLhE':--0 bl Is in store, |or sale hio 1244 i IDORSEY, 14 New Levre. ILOUR--31I bbis at 1he1 lundint, per fiat; or sal. I t llG IDUlEY, j-e3l 44 New Lenvir. Al A.AGA WINE-Sweet .nt Dlry SMaing Wine, 1 inl r casks and Indi n hble, entitled tI debenture for sale by REAL) & AR IAISTIOW, je7 il Giraiat At. I50 iCASE Im ial gunpuandr,.young vnaot uand 1lt b Its M R Malaga Raisane. ]Ill hulf do do do. ill bag. prime green Havana Celli't. 20 boxes firshI Havana Sweet Mlenas. 300 boxe, 'nung's sulperior Chamlpgne Cider 275cases Bun'oreauxClaret. 1ii eases sutperior Uld Port Wine. 25 dtl do Sherry. 2 pipes old L P Tenerifibe. :ii keea prime Goshen litter. 50 coilf ilnnilla Cordage, anaorted sizes. i0 iells tarred do do do. t1110 dloen snperior Corn Brooims. 5it lkegs assorted Naili. 511 kegs No 2, White Lead. S Il casks Winter Strained Sperm Oil. 111l) boxes New f3edlord Sperlt Candles. I10) boxes Huston No I Soap. 311 hoxes FIrecie Brandy Cherlires. It Iloxes Underwtod's Pickles, aaSllted. Itt Mhin American Gin. 15 bbls Amermcan Brantd'. 5 qr casks tBarelav's Port Wine. Y Sugar. Butter, Water and Soda Craekers, Pilot a al Navy Btread, manufactured by tihe Patlt Stteam lIake v lsltantly mr hand, I tofertir with general assorlterlt of Groceries, whlolesale and retail, 1y ZACHAIRIu: & liROTrIER , je 37 7ii ld Leveer street. I INSiBDit OIL-501 gall bein t English linired a oil,now landing Irmno big WVilliaa.from 1U1 ston. 1'h10 gLallouns foreigln and northiern man,.factltired linseed oil, in casks and balrels, ill store, and ar sale low by JAIVIS & ANItlEWS, \vholvsulre i)raggi.ta, jy7 cer Colltln. & I'choupaltmulna treet'. It `r OAP-.151u bolxea No I (11111, brand of Janes 0,1111,1 Slanding from brig Wiilitest fr sale by SISAAC BRIlI)GE & Ca; jrl7 13 'tagnzirNe Ltivet. 1)ALE iRi)i'E-lt0 C e:oia bnale rpt, tih aupinlr . qunality, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE&Cii, j.7 l.3I Miannzine triret. ORK--.15 bbls lens and Primta Il U nthd P U P ITrka, for ale w lie LA\VWIRNCE & I.EGENDRE, jeli 2it nnd29 Nea Levere. ABLE SAI.'I': 30 Cases: 60 boxes eab: fina td Sb'e slt, for sale by READ k H AtISTlOW, july 19 7, Iltnk Place. SIpEACHI BRAND)Y. A li bls aid peach blnndy fr nale by READ & GARS'rOW, uly 19 7, Bank , 'lan S ills, fur aale by G I)OItLEY, jyl7 44 New Levee. j_)tlRK-2-.ti bbls, prlme P U soft prime & shouldera, 1 Ir saleby i DO)RSEY, S jyl7 44 New I. ree. C O''IC-E-Tthe subscriber having purciared the . Stck of lMessrs. Irwini, Hall & Walton, will continue to transacts aa Wholesale G;rocery and Catl mlla-in Business. He has on hanld a general assort. ImetIItl'tt.ftl a BOATr l NTORIrros,whic he Offers for "ale on moderate terms, and solicits the patronage of his friends of th. former concernt , and the public in gene rat. jylI4.7t JOHN CHRISTIEI, A Card. JOlIN CHRISTIE htan ,toved from No. 15 New Lever to 27 Colnnmon street. Jyl 7t Lackhart'a Lile of Walter Scott, &e. ART' 7T1 and last,of aLoc klhart's Life of air Waltt, Love, by the author of Flirtntion,The Divorced, &c. in 2 vols. '1 hl Works of Washington Irving, new edition,vols. ,ill. 11 and 1t. T'lie American Jonnral of the Miedical SciencesNo 43, for Mayr, 1838. Just receittl and for salr by WM MrKEAN, c~or ('amp andall Common etreel. Als, a supply of Alice. or the Mysteries; a sequal to Ernest tlaitravers. jetui I'CM itN SY Ii U i'-5-0 anxes rtttertr I ren on Sy rut I tftr ale by REAI) an Bith 'tPUr V, 0:'1 (i67 Groaier tstret. j OIaK-.iiti hbis Messand 1 l'oak,125bbias prir IP inspected Pork. br sale by I.AW\Vtt.\CE &.' LEGENItMIE. n28 :3 ew '"l %Levee. ,.ll iIS.l 9i...hir lsrtttlilited ilau n"fromr steamm t er taudid, lot ale,bv G T)ORSuY, nlt " 41 New Levee. NEV PUBLIOATVItSl. tIFinLntdnr lh v ne d De' and. L Jerry Hadiltnr. Eleq t CoM ramblerisn iorprrer t rongh the ,M Pierce Ernalin 2 vole. Vivian lireou Novel, he Ileroeli, Ecopldet 'Floe Yotngl)eke,o noive tbl,y tihe Autbe f a (irey,enipltye in I vol: The Huonirist, Edited by 1'jieonjore Boonk AM * 4 Gilbert Cdeliey. Just receiver) iiid fir' ocid at the roner aiCceln to Cotmotoo streeir, by Wm MsKt&N QI IN DOQIt FIl UVrITUII-8 sou :err i 3 ;eritr plot i, old eet brie elidingdef efewreIot itl'pli se: jioistreceived lpk oshiji Gets Undremna ne i erIle be L.1Y' VON &ao. auK ii 58Orr! edie: ('iCK i~ 1'116: UNIT El il1'l%' B C of Phil'ilelvlin, and ill iamid torsnit pnaee. fur role by I..L VwrENCE & LEHIENDIE jyi 28L&29New Len: BIdiiANS-Il croeo .leii'ti notd llouyo Kip and B Russtelf Deoutn', itir sale hr ISAAC Iil~lO(",k; & CO,~I jel 134 M6gioo eee: M It. SAIIUEl. HAKSl'EARE is thih dl~lkiriue SAgenti during Icey free tllo citi.. DANIEL DANA. BALD)N1PN. A IlET~fIFUI. heed of hair i. drle'neo~tk errs t lcot hrleofusii tutlte ltinfrornr.ltew Iv th~e leer ot iteflngerP the e..tei~peoor r, rii~reer4 turle~l I~riori tn iii. a~pieoere of nht aie. wh~i. eu.· true rln to reccil etheitic tingocoreti. ma neesmriiee rr~r,itrliiioiiett·.ruit~ rutid ther idet meeoteeereef riirirot'riiniirteice. thr retttitdIotr ir their lyreer r1 eon tetfti'cl rop'i1ienrttrilttttirt. In eleirt. loe eree sId oct i lrteer (,lilt 11 ther retiroor thtiehing n'ooh witlJ tilte emrto riokicer elcitot en tie. c the leer oC let herin Itehen ci rit'l,tciuin trite. the hrui Fertr n hling etfite ehi iit·t eppliettien, octl n etc Imultl Irertrre l ertein. I lketrine pnlrtupte ce·heorow toil irhirherni trreranee tecrieeon fn~ir ee. mohir ii curl her lftiln'. emi ere,jr fite ertinr'lr. Nitrlrenet errtilrntetq'of phIre ne eeeii.'etetlulitev ioprpytrt oi !lce ririttee Odrd~ Ilelimi, c0t Ic tIc' tbiprrp~iet ro. ltj` kecd rite follttllrgh: fltheet W'heruti,,l Frq. rnid bhuitor of Phbiledeiphe lntr teertilet' 00 tImI r it oeetd Iohutw, ito thohigh diem Ice ii its illoicit cetltrtt. Ihlte J.I)if (iii tittihimi tIioi~e;fred be,J. Oldnilg~r med tot~e tuiiititi it blight orlCVitenlllienni netc eec jrevrehire l~n i e filling onifr Itoir; 1 ;Itl tienecrseo rc torsa Ii'e. IlinibotliFn lidiflcir in tiihe' ia.lrge een Nit 1n Ninth tit iwtit. thIN P Inli.tS,3ŽIs Aitl ttheet. JeiHN m t Ieoabi tnHd M a Ils Iteede JOHl N NI Fl'REFtl.$ikeior.t HUrili llltto Ri)Yd the irate dere. JItIIN fAtIh,Jr, 113 cncl. ieS lheir begoait :to t rIei i ie r iii i heiOr rlivegn are etete Ierne olyeorr in retime ent. li n rltherotiot Irno theen 5t' CI..p ,tttinttettl th i nkineyouth wit Cite tif 'fchri.. Ih t lncen r hitiinito, enl iT o thfea rite ofh Toi over Illeveet certify tutu I metelhl ocquebitth L ili OeoIn o J P~ hltltt. S Fhirel, fiti Hfellttib Wdur birte tot nire ore aiined IIf ttle mItittio eeriif seheie Ihty Free. it t f lr m tsrf ittertd Nopms etifcte ,oif Ied it olch foll ncrilit tinteipppt lf tieit itt tic miii eartidbsu Iii coieittrbet twliitc I eeRllini rte elrhleJ etl T Rtn eih d the itnl ttlterlo itrtuhd..ffd, tlel bilt I. ht tf Ilerrutthier. Mtr f~loe rthifErieas n th htttle itfihe r nuit thhg lteim 'theidrirred dcetipprr, tin which el repre inoee thr foir' if Ciolmitto dicA rdr yJOdra n hold n .Idrt itthighd retril Ite ike rolt nlyrh"M hiS Aete thuNiat th eleclicngtrsft, trimhirlibu Lnoi etin lendo iteltir' IPetl oteeti, nttd Ile ittiott druigieten~iit ld zin Itr JAN VI8 6 ANIoREWtI, nil ONPINtll Sr,3P A Ansrtriee. JON1)''H)A~,M ;laIare JOH ;iFIRRVlo.SjLeiaret PROSPECTIUS. TIlE subscriber proposes to publish; , iii the ;. ginning of the onsling winter, a Condennotien rt the twenty voluntes of the Old and Ne SeOries i Martin's Louininaa Reports, to be bomfiihted in fin voltes., 8to., according to the model bf Peden' Cnodensed Reports. This work in new in preparation by $. hurtgo llartison, Esq.. of titie city, assisted by William F. trand, E.rl. Thle Ellitor is also permitteal Iy r dlsti.nuiilled retired Judge of tihe Supreme bourt; arid by one of the sitting Judges; to bxpect freeo their persmnal sapeerbieibn all the advantage whilc may naturally be reaped from their epllirinene. Such a work is Ulecothing every day morn ai; ecrrary, as the original is voluminous, P3ienldo; and ocar'e. An inoroesing buriosity too is mnani test, in the other Statesnf the U. -, in referendEi to the peculiarjurisprudeno bof Loulsiandi andth; circumstance of the lnumerdun ,frinciploa here de. cided in the adjutystent of ctnIjibt. of iawa. maked the k lenwhdg of our adjitdghI poses of priman uti lily to the jurists of the whlole Union. Moreover; the rising repuylic of Texas has adipted our codens and thus there so a great deoandl fdi tile Louisiioli decisions from a freslh tttartor. Convenient niites, ii.,icating tihe parallel eaide deiiided in Ltoisiann, and occasibnallytilbhe in ~1i enidre authoritative fornms of the other Staten, will ie oddeil to each base. The work will m irm oiir tdlumiies, royal ditavo. hak will be delivered, Iound, tti suliberiitn a, $ per vol.; in bine it ihduali lie fdiind firae.tilcal to ktnpreess it into .tlrees volhilee, the fries to lab. ecribers will be $7 per vol. Sdbscriptiotns recerved by jc5 cot Camp and Comnllon eti. L;(-;-.i. very trteel er liltntailntigh Se miles f tis rite, ftr cle by" I' it II r irE & BROTHELI lo-79 :19 Cnmett , ost eurner iitMagnliiltd .i. "IT.\I RIL]L.AS . ' PAILASOL--.5h t . i.".U lU hip a IlRslmrli..nt I" Dluntua G inbhi. ies. brelles aoid Parasols, luring ftirt BItrquen Alean le Ir salt, by tt ISAAC IRII)GE & 1O, 13j la.eboainn I t,EtbrnotEi ottttfr, tdireto Pikli; BPne eitrr'J: Ef'rvecene t Meglesrll, l tlot of Cothtmhe ; n e . *e; inletieg ard for sale ib H BONNAEIL, mn5 tcr Nateherz ntd l'ithapitnlrli IIs. - larise 3 rrIl rii'rew Streetst.; hrhtilohe ft a ltlt famnily. Apply to IOYLF. & M t1 je48 3 at'rditeli etstnel: .'0 Lilk.-t: miOlds iipbiF nur, ir-tied k3ep tfrom snrting lis irer, tie, for sael by (- . DOR$n.Y, je2i 44 New Levee. S ii.\NA CtrlFliE-l:-. ibgs R'een C e- , e it nchr lieret, fiom Hintar; for o.el by SLATER &r TRIPR. je14 40 Ptoydra streot. uetoh.t r ate U or tie subi:ribci:, I Ohl Peach Brandy in bbls; American Brandv and Gii ih 8o; l '2 llackerel in h half di; ft'able auit it cascsef bt boxo; lltttn W ile, S'weet id sI iryi, i iii iktilsd f dira tls, (entitibd etridel Spnfli'h Mulhig; l.tndo, oIt ter and Lbetoh Syrbpl Philridelphia Whitite Led.l No I; Codrfith tr boees; Cottlo Gibe., iREAD & iARherhji tiel. 5b7 Graftr whisd h0butter ptt up toxprcraly flit family Wie; fit pdli low, to coane a cohsitrlnrlt, b LA\V.iENCE r t.E..I NR3,. jyt7 it8d 29 New isieid A-- fyl iii, bhtda ..1s, d- hhd. shble.ile C cinlhatt baclen. in prite rler;,In i lnE Usre liir fuaily use. a supeti,r t rtice, in stbl'r ale, LAY t'T O A MLIUNG, jely7 17 Cbmieirce annel LitE dli WESTERN Iti'lTE t i re~ltQ m fro steailttiot "'arnlbhl, iornnealb RLATEIt l. TRIE s jyt7 40 tOPydre ttoi; BLANK BOdKS-J0 0 ertie edhy reeent frors Nws Yetk, a ahliiiool 'pPI ef lsk Boiiks, ol'every vareb-y ito Rullg and B- . iri wanit u Blank biet ks and Paper, aret ti call eahinb oir eiensiv eeok, w.e fetail ty DAVID FELT & CU. New YorkR tationer's Hall, jy 17 4 rtUNe a bdirie T LOL IL--140 bbl0 lat, HlaenVLg, aid ad 6t jy6 74 P'ik lt eeM . ealnvu-selld ts, fer sale b , J TriAYER C j 6 74 Pdar C V .:akl'.IA di T, l Endkfil". s Itee . or sale bby Ii tag tr, ele jý7 ( sbHM% HITi '1"Er-9i kegp 1 luudine FruOm steeewr AlbAlbA A R sr rO

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