Newspaper of True American, August 23, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated August 23, 1838 Page 3
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For the Interior. PLEASURE EXCURSIO.N TO BAY ST. I.oUI AND PASS CIIIISTIAN. .d The Ilat rn nion tel,aboat M A nP- ' P t ACiptain Grilsiu, leaves the A-4l lake end o(f the rail road,. at the arri val o the 7o clyck cers, oi Saturday eve: tils I~lh lust. and every ensuing Stturday. RIetrng, will reach the rail road by 6 o'clock oI Mnl dy mral l Apprly to t(EO. WIITMl'AN. New Orleans &d, Mobile dlail t)lhrie. nug1 UInder the Exehange Hotel. 1t Charles lt. FOE: BAY Sr. L GUIS CO1 l WSH' I T IAN, 131 I.LOX & pASCAGOUI.A, Twhice a Creek. I The l tfine lowr prre re .steamer' SGIROAFFE, Capt. Swilet, will leave na o for the above places on t e elurniegs of WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS, immediately after t e arrivalfthe 7 o'clock cars, and return on Thursdays and Mondays to tile Rail Road The putlic may depend upot great l'unctoalitv. Aug 14 Lor passage npilly to Cantain Swliler. For Mobile, a n all lInerttediate Landings. The low preeure steam hboat C A ROI.INE,willceav New Orleans for Mobile. every T'hurday and Sunda, at 12 clock, M. touchling at all tile warering places at which pansengers may wish to load. For farther particulars, apply toGEO. WHITMAN, j724 Exchange Hotel, St. Clmrles st. For Mobile and all Intertnediule L,andinge. TiThe fast running and splendid steam nolt WM. WALLACE, entirely in state rooms, will leave New Orleans for h. iei non all intermediate watering places, anery Tuesday and Salaurdey, after the arrival of lit 11" o clock cars. GEO. WHIITMAN, jvy24 Exchtange Hotel, St. Charles st. MATURIDAY EVIENING AND SUNDAY TO MANDEVItlt. ,& I ADI:RONVIILE. e The steamerSOUTi AIAIIAMA, L Caupt. L.T. Knight,will leave the lake * en ofthetrail-road fir the above pla ene, very aloi a, evening, on theoarrival of the 4 o' clchk carn, and return the same light,-and leave Sun day moruing on the arrival ofthe 8 o'clock cars; retarn ia leave Madlaonville at 4 o'clock, P. 21. a 31tnw 2to FUn MADISONVIh.LE, LOUI:SIULRU , MANOE VILLE & COVINGTON. S- Thefastrunning and sllendidlsteam Iboat SOUTH ALABAMA, L. T. Knight ctater, will run as regu larni bTorottile above ports on Mondays, Wedoes day a aod Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock coarse, A M. Rleturning. leaves Covington I'uodays, Thurs daya and Saturdays, at 8 o'clock,A M1. N I. All baggage and panrels at tile risk of thev own. ers, ualossna ill of lading is signoel. GEll WiNllI IAN, New Orleanllt ol Mlobil Mail O)tliee, aS Exrhange Btuildie'd, St (Charles st. FARE REDUCIED! Thte teamtusnt MAZEPI'A will leave the Lake end ofthe IRail Road on Mondays, Wednesodays and Fti eayeont earrival of the l2o'clock cars, iuclhingat Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Itiloxi, &c.; retlurning, will leave Paseagoula at day light, and urrive at UOr leans at 3 o'clmck, P. M., toucltitg at all tile watering plaeces inday ligit. Fare from New Orleans to Inuv St. l.oulis 2 50 ', o Pass Critir n titn 2511 SItiluxi 4 0O GEo. WIITMAN, at Exchange Hotel, St. Chlalea atreet. NOTICE. RAVEI.LERS going to Mobile by thle Mail Line on Mondays, Wednesdays nod Fridays, will regie 'tcr their ilntle at this oliee, as a setes con be soeclred in the stagye at Pascaoula lon tile above onamed days, unless their names be placedl ot the way Ilill. 'llhose woo nave heavy baggage cao have it taken lirectto Mobile by any boats durilg the week, exect otn theabluvcutamed days. iEUO WIIIT'l'MAN, iORK-l'rim . and ,ees Porku., full raoed,c 0 Sand M ()o. Also, 90 pieces Kentucky Bltggingp 8.5ils l[le; fIr alcl II P L'VY L :V & CO. jet7 . 1(raverst. up stairs. 1GU iNG-ll15l pieces of inch K .,tuclIy Bu'gig, landing froml . I,. .Coriulhinn, tar rul blv LAWRENCE & ,L:GII;NI)rl:, jel6 2 n11d 2i9 New Ievee. W - E TERN BUTTEIR-2 0nIt k ,gs in star', f r sale jcbl .40 I'oldr astrct. - NEW DIRICTi II Y. PUBLISIIED this day, (Gilbsotn's (Guid, an Direc tory of New Orlean, ul VI.a lftt, ; tlr soil by IDAVIII FEll 'I' & Co. mI22 N Y Statioer Ilull,Sl Cllartres st. ]lAGGING & BALE Ill'E--50I0 ps Kellte'ks )' hbagging; 125 coils do hale roe. in store lnd fit sale by YORK , , lIR'lIE'ItS. jell tam (llp street. .~LW ORLEANS & NASIIVIlI.IE RAI. IROAD tRliS OF DEPARUTRL tU bLNDAYS eIl IATHI The retl of thlie elk. Frou IDepot. FIrou Bath O A. 1.I P, M.1. 12 I, 2 i'. 0l. 41 P ' .1., l'. ,. h. iL--'Peraons wishing to go ou lilte i'rrl, can dI) r ass lafrd the road extends without any extra cilarge. JAMES II. CALDWEI.L, jy62--0t I'Pesident. IFTY KEGS FRESH GOIIIEN BUT'TER 50 boxes cheese, 275 toses hunch raisins, 10M boxes imperial tea, 10 barrels cherry bounce, 10 half barrels Iulton market 5 barrelselnuked tongues, 10 boxes P A cheese, 511 boaes Gilbert's starc.h, Received per ship Huntsville, Ior scle by jy28 PETELRS &I MILLARD. ORK-B0 bbl M O,15 b el fnes, ojt r ied, Sfar sae by G DORSEY, jvy3 44 New Levee. ULED CR - d&F LETTER PAPER-aOn llaN.r, Slarge a~nortment of low priced ano very suleti e lue and White, Woe anood luea Laid Cap and or PFpert fur sale by DAVID FELT' & Co, New York Stationers' Hall, jy28 24 Chartres street '-AF LARD-O ) kegs, in fne shipping order, of l alteruor qo iity, at tle landing, for sale by ' DOBgSEY, jy31 44 New Leves. A UDITOR'S DRAFTS-on thel Treasur ofaTera Saurlarbed by NATII'L ToWNS ND, jyf Exchange Hotel, Gravier stacet 0IME-Sl casks in good ordel, on board r Neptuna,l lyng at Orange sreet whar, for sale by "DAVIE & DIXEY, jyB1 6 Customhouse street. W ATE COLORSl-Reeves & Son's superior W water colors inboxes, one, two, three and four rows; warranted genuine; also, a fine assortment of Gterman and Tay paints; also, Muddleton & Sewall's Drawing Pencils; a lew very superior sable and camel's litir Bru.ael for sale by DAVID FELT & CO., New Yi.rk and Stationer's Hull. ic31 24 Chartre street. S NANIFOiLD LETTER WRITER-Juo t received, 15an elegant assortment of Mlanilobld Letter Wri ,ters, son0 half bound, Bar the Coluning House, acid somle nleatly done up in Morocco eases witll h backs for travelling, a very useful and convenient article, for sale byjl . e D FELT' & CO., New York and Stationers Hall, '5y31 24 Chartres street. W ISKEI'- f h bbls rectified whiskey, ladin from steamboat Hanlibal, 12 do in stoir, for sale by LA E'l' & AiMELUNG,. jy2l 17 Comnlerce stres TUPFI'ING INSTRUMENTS, &c.-A s -pply of rm Cupping Instruments, Palent Pump Syringea, and Stooech Pumps, all ol the 0nst implroved des crilltin, reeired by the subacribers. Also, Cologcne Water, Bahn of Columbia, Ward's Hair Oil, Fine Hair, Nail and Tooth Brushes,dc. &c. jy19 SICKLES & Cu, 40 Canal street. rb0 HIRE--A MlaUo Wouran, a first rate wasller, Sia neor, and excellent crook, foe a smll famlily. AI'Ip!Y to REESE & D)'LANGE, jyl9 - 18 Camop street tIOE I. NT-Trhe Hose ud Garden adjoi liarby's SAcadealy, ol' Tivoli Circle contanlng six roums itll kitchen, plltry, and at-thouses, &c. Alplly to JAIRVIS & ANIREWS, jya 2I ecrner Tchoupitoulus & Conmoon streets. FOI'ITY DOI.LARS IREWARI). 1 ANAWAY from the subscriber, filteen days ago, L t11i Negro Girl LUCY or LUCINDA. Shlle is Strunlg old well built, speaks Engliso and sollme broken Fruta.'It; hler skin is nolt vry dark. Slle was owned by 1r. Togood, then by Mrs. Clark, in Poydtas street, lo solid'her to her present masater. Site Ils been seclt live days ago, in the lower part of th1 city, and •ounduv bolero lust she expended the whole dt. ill brick yard, near to the race rouund. H BONNA5LIEL, jy:2l corner Ntaltchez ad Tchoupioulno css. LEAF LARD--u,100 kegs superior article, in floe shipping order, and for sale byG DORSEY, jy't 44 Now Levere. - .LTT '-i . -R..-Jut received from the 1B0randy L wine Mills, leases c upolfine blue letter papel suon very low priced; 1o cases superfin whilt letle plaer, do; 2 cases thin pink letter paupe; 4 cases superc fine aicket post large size; 2 cases superfion a tte, aslorted colors; 2 cacls superfine octvo assorted ceoors; for sale, wholesale and retail, by D FELT & Cu, New York Statloners' Hall, jvcl 24 Chartres street. It ENT'--Pssseesaiun gir immediately, tle IIHose oa the Balk Rail Reol nea Ihe Like Shore. IThe two Pavilions in latil, near tie Ne, (rleanlils and Nashllle 1all Romd. Several Roonls in the Cur Iouse of the BuIlt Rail Rtoed Company. ,For the particularo apply to tl BONNABEL, jy21 corner Nautchez L. Tehoupitouls elta. SCOTCII ALE-72 casks Scotch ale, lquartl uud ,pints lorosle by HOLMES & MILL;:, Jyd1 Bank Alley. -ARPENTER'S Fluid Er.ou-c of arsapar. .i._ Sld all oilIer Carlpenter's Preparations, receited iltelv by H (IINNABEI., jy:2 cur Tchluupituuluc . I clits. .HIPPING. For Europe. _ F10l LIVERIIPOIOL.. -f The Al and fist sailing hip ,T.:RIG .'LITZ, Capt. Gib-oo, will ciceive ldtL,:pat, • havig 1tile greater pulrt ON hl ure.'tll,' eug ¢, 'lg ld; hano t ol t acc otuudati oS, tplly Itt tl tGA T'Ihe A I fa-tsailing Cp Copo.tLINtt.1 AUGUST I, .,Lapt lusset, having full car0 , el.ged', will saIl wilth d lllpatch,.t I ,st agf only huving good ncculllllltao tiool, lyi tilto . ., on board, or to 8 J IiTIIT\', augl I ( oulll trleet. The A I and fast soiling ship Hl )IERIT, Capt. Seldom, will recezve immediate dea " 'l :rh Iolr the labove port. Ior fireiglt oft51O bales l motton or passage, having haudsolne uncem modtioons, apply to LEVI II GALE, nugl4 9b Common street. FOR ILIVERPOOL. ,i. TheA 1 and fast sailing barque LAU RENS, Capt. Merrill, will receive despatch. For passage only having haldsome accou nmudations, apply to LEVI Ii. GALE, aug9 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 1 and fast sailig ship GLOBE, Capt. (Oliver, will receive imtmediate des patch. For passage only baving handsome accommodations. Apply to LEVI II GALE, augl 9.1 Cotnto street. FOR LIVIERPAtOL. A The coppered anndcropper ftntened ship CUMBEIILANI), Caplt. llaty, hnving most tl ar cargo engaged, will nave despatcl. For freight of3UO IBales or passages having superior acommnodations, apply to S & J P WIIITNEY, july31 8 Conti street. FOR IIIRAL'I'AR. * The fine and superior brig HONLEIt, Capt. Knnbb, will receive immesdiate ldes patch. For passage only, having hlodalsolno ccotllodaltionssa, apply to I.EVI IH GALE, allg9 93 : ln llll street. FOIR MARSELLLES. Tlhe lin fast nailiog barque NOIBL.E, Capt. Moanon, will reneive despatlch. For passage only apply to I.EVI II GALE, nugll 93 Comtlln street. FOR MARSEIILLES. i The well kown and iast sailiIn packet brig COLUMBUS, Posree, matter, wtl le c lie led despatch or tile abLve port. haviog tIheF rt ter art otf lher curgo engaged,- epFor freight :fdjll tolea cotton, t Ietoasge,1 havilng hantdsone oaeonlllttudtnti Oll, apply to A 1) (;()RE r LEVI II GALE, tollY 91: Colloll Ottolu FOIll MAil SEII.I.iS. S l The fast sailing Ibrig CAROLINE, Capt. Thomsno will have imomtliate despatch for .lthe ablove tort. For fioight ol 150 bales cot ton, or passage, apply to LEVI Ii G41.E, ng'13 113 CoImmieP:st. FOR TRIESTE. Tite fiast nsailing slip HELEN IMAR, .1 Capt. - , lhaving full cargo engagd, will haver despatclh; fior poassage allply to S & J P \V II''NEY, oaug2il3 8totint Coastwise. FURO NEW YORK.-Parket Line. ton Saturday, the 18th it S 'niThe A 1 colpertld and coppet r fau'tled . t shi'ARACI:N, clptail 1)erunx. nitting - prlnci pal art ofer cr egat gtd, aill hve q1aick. dt-lattel For Irtegalt tf:3tlllllles or t , nsŽ s e, avinc packet It'atnndl.tinas, apply on board aiqj eit.tbe vegtable mIIarket, olr to S & J 1' WVI'ITNI.:Y, anllc I 1 to ti tro . It Hlit l IN. The p.k;"t shi Olll I, Cnltter, rnoalel" Sntow receivi tfi',ahll, and hatving, r lit Irei-tl or Ittsaa,-e,apttiv c board o tott MP"['t;TSON t" AVIIllY, It ItI' :l t f. T e fine .chr VI\t1NT'I', Capt. Saoad . . hnril lavin_ p rtu ofher tIa*go. ,ogugIk e ,vll pusage; gl ly to1 &i .I 1 &. J I W I iNP' l , -t',l r {'-l t l l 'iE II S''tN N I.tIE, (alt. I l I atN.t., T"ll sail os ,fatrurdafy, a thr g1 th. T''. thl-t .ailbg hoig 1'u ll., (Con. J. Cturtii , will stil u+ uhavt ; lir d.te k Ir, eatd pIV t o t he ('apt iu, on bo ol, be il Ithe (tal lnt, or CH'dE & IIIXI"Y anaIl1I loll IIt'AIIF \'I : N, i. r a fl t g, I lsav'I'artN. -a '"" fTile finebri; I1l)lN) !, op(r,m' s Str i+ now r ad, to reciive i eigzht. und hvin, angll R l 1I (travier street. Se~- 1' resi'be at elter lit-aid ald rairoira WrenIi, St Itie aille Eta tIl. . aple itl, d aing n nt f of ler cago e, angged, will have dairpa which for balanee of freight or pnstg, heat ing good aecoln wntdations, apply to the Captaiu on ahl rd, Pout of Je rd street naille teor ti. W HJLr AL A CHtASE & DIXII Y, VAE Y STO E, . t Cunst How e. FOR CHAItI.ESTON, If a Bis ' s uicient freight offers a an Al upe rrf r and fat sailing aae rig, having C part of a COMleet with ilmedrtiate despatch railitor balance of freigtl angl 93 oared . twist, lng, mer e street. Uad d receig, ed at the Loui sinla Flurniture Ware S Rooms, st hienville streddin t,.g and Maple and Cherr ledrted ing, first rate article. Also, a good assr. ent of Ameaple, Walnut, and Painted Chairs, which andill be sold for the lowest cash prices. W R CANNES. v7wash, a5hie and allrit tl i; aen tred lt.ain VARIlETY STORE, No. 18 Camp stree ,uu der Bishop's Hlotel-The subseribersat. ,ow open ng ailet their new stan, an extensive assrtment on a. es her line, Somprising everg variety of Combt atle, large number of Fancy articles. The following rs COM B .--Tortoise and Brazilian high top tuck, Flst nd carved; dt, do, twitlongnepu, nail, , pal;, l;ite, Ioert, find dressig, ivory and horn; fine ooath, dressing and pocket combs; horn, redding and norse s'+mbs; wooden, dressin, fine tooth a nd peoket eomss. d PERFUMEI Y-A general aissuat. gt of French and American Perfumery, consistingd I d tilet e ne water n botlet s, of all shapes, nd sizes; la i er, Florida, PIse, orange, lemon, essaine, Hbrgamo, .illertensm, Hiash, crSpiel rtebonic, rn and hlorin deie; seed ad plain tRUSHS-Coprising a great variety of cloth, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, nail, cdemb, shabing plate, hearth, fne and plain dusting, sweeping, crumb furniture, s f rubing and wlhite wash, sithe, shoe and teler's n lring, paint and varnish brushes, and sash and grain various sizes , 5, 2 and I draw toilets; German sltahtia toilet at l pooketlass, mat ifying mi ers, letc. vet, PIAY1NG UiDS-~tspearlt itlal, Ht' 8tit Broom, anighander, Spie Garte, Paris, ench and nhite back Play rior assortment of prtable desks, nladies' and gentle men's dressing cases and tladic' work boxes; fancy box and Christman' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspen ders, music-boxes, lted penctils enrlons, violins, etad s and purses, an assortment nf fant l beads, superiore uty a itey billiardcs, alls, paste blackling; bone, shirt, st, pallria suspender buttons; pearl buttolns and shirt studs razor strops; as machines for creating light; Spanish and melee stgars( maecouba, Paris, rappee ama Scotch snuffs; an assortment of plain andt swtol canes; back Smmnont boardls; dice, fancy screens, optics, Jews hrups, Sarmonieas, lucier nat hes, piull, needles, peru.. ion Ilapsh, drinking cups, ndig lattl asks atli game bagslt steel, silver and plated spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc.; a handsone assontmen o ngravings, and a hage varie prices, for cash or city acceptaSnces. 1000 IIAI .IL.I 1. Elauding ioanl brig Uncle Ilnn, al.d , ' r sale by jyl9 S J P W\iITNEY UAND FL OATING AT, BATHS IN THE .1ER . :3 casks Pearl Ashes, 4 cases Clo1 el, lpse ... J~dh.,, Ithlubarb, &e. &ci.. landing lrom l brig William, from BostIn, antdifor sale tis t Aby lli e Wlholesde Ilrt.-gist-, y7 let or 'Conuon ' Tehattaltl pilttas srlel t. AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, Oppothin e g lat le illc lend ct, Theird .4hltuarihalilty. lto dre oing eld are Pro rietord hae provided dooru eryk thing which moey tend to tdeenmfirt owbsatlers. Th er dressing r uoos are now provided with doors under etuk and key; ladders anad ro ,es aret Irlepnled tor ascending front tie bath; a eollstsnt suap ly ,1''lean dry , owel; is kept for tile bathers. 'liT 'h atwing wllich toIens an agreeable shade over the batil, dring the tealt ofalla dayt ie anow ore elevated and aIlowa a flee n.ieulaliu of air. DJTlTeOnnibnsaenplving batweent Canal slrel and the lower ottont press, pass every talf hoar within lilly steps of the balths. Bly subcrittions. 25 tickets fur $5 hIt Price of a bath with a toat,., "ii J'The Baths are open ('it,,n I ''la'k .\,. 31. utttil 10 P. M. These baths aflrd n, gr.d'ltatl ,t.lrth of water of:3 to 7 feet, htoaed', llb an eat'',td nt'tl I:ttaita f, by :il broad, protneted by it railing Ilnt t," tnlra ll 'llrettll o the river, and vlet .,llicttmt haap'tst , 'hlaw a, frt'tt'e nre. - ttttl3'- I a BUSINESS CARDS. FBsHIONABaLt LbOTIHING 'TAYLOR & HAl)DEN, No. I- t&hI.artre . hrect I I1 1 ller na .etllllg hle. : ;, play bl e t'a n at the oliw" <, J. B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, N Itt; 4:a al.lrect. 'IThse teeth never clt c setcitollr, llld rel by Ia.. and ill many cases, prel)rble to the iU lr. i:. will woait upon ladies at their residence, requesled. plif ; A. PERIOSSIl" Iln. MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Commllon street, B EGS toinform the public that having purchased from Mesars IIOUGH, SKEUiGS & CO). part of their stock, he will oontinue the bnhiness at their old stoed, opposite Bishop's Hotel, where he hoples to merit a share oftheir patrooner. lHe has made artangeaentsa at the North to lie supplied monthly with the latest and omtll fashilo.ble goodt. Inr 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 Poydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTURERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Paumps Of all descriptions. WARM, COLD, AND SHIO WER BATHS Fixed on the most approved principles. MILL'D LEAD, PIPE-i, &c [IrOrdere executed its any part of the Southetn States. lur 9 Dr. Robert F. Lindoe. OFFICE EXCHANGE HOTEtL. im CLAY &. CI.AIK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Plvdras street, [ E.P . on Ihand t eonrtant t slupply of Ler d Pipe, 'itnou 2 lo. dianleter down to -" io. diamoetr, tia sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIlM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Hanks' Arendo. WVILLI.AJI GREIEE, PROPRIET'OR tIorl J H. PARKEER Comnuislsion anld IForwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVER, UP ,TAIRS. Neo O,'eottcoFe l.2 "2', JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLtESALE ANID RETAII. ItEAIEIRS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE 8T'UIF'ES .IA'D IIVNDOIV GL,/I SS, Corner of COlnll)l and TCehoupitoulas streets, NATIItAN JARVIS. J(1OHN W. ANI)IIWVS. A large uply of Garden Seeds, twarranted the grlowth of 1837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & 1. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 andt 3 \VATE10I:ll e'I'IEEI't. rIl.E undersiened,, having el-t.lithed thellstloo s ill .Il Mobille li r the parposcll ofll * t tllll n ld iten- .\5u tion land (;orl isin l usiaums i lte ,v,,riol braWlll th:s, tbeg leave to ill nrl their fri o T -+ 1and (,.e pmn lic, that thev nre now prepared to receive counleahlnhls, and l;sae lier al advales on the amlle, iln , tar p ivah I,,r lutttie It'efer to Walker, Knight & tn,. Ncw O ie'oos Mo ile, ItI.b It l3. 13I SCtiRDl). SMtUEL SLAT*R. .\lilt HA T[IlEln. SLATER & TRIER Forwtrttdilt; . -,'t )llll,~-i..ll :t'e1:tcllan N : V I Ill i ",I \ NS T lt w ll d t th ir ttlt t tl ll I. t P , ..l,,u )~ 'tlll ' "ltSh1iloot I-op t / - Lever' 7x Thomas. New York. V n l'Pul , \le I;ill. ) Stwn th l .- )avie, St ilia-row, Shaw & Tatu t. EL E&It.Ttt. B. T. SrOtNE. Forao.ldl..g and CUoIiuIIIoiu .elrcllanut, 'URNISI!ERS OIF S11IP AND) OA\T STI'tRES, No. 114 TCHoUPI IrOULAS STREET. Nrw-( Irleans. oeaasr. BIALL. BAKER & Co. Eesr EnEA \ A..1 .Co B oston A. B' MIEACH & Co. New York. R. PUTNAM, J. & P. HoII.LANI, Cincinnti, 0. WRIGHT SMITH DAVIDu STONE, l)aytvtO O B.Co.NTOEK & (Co. Coloultots :1. N. AI.DRICH, & Co.. LouiOv lle, Ky WIL.IS, STEVENS & C.Lrls,. St Louis MU A.11. Rovr, Alton, 111. WI E. \VITHROW, Rushville, III. J. & P. P. . AIWFWELL Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON Illu. Newt Orleanls. jan 22 DOYIE & ilAN , D)EAI.LERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDELET STREET. o0 FIRR ,E EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NE ORLEANS. This Company arc now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson's Btldtng, Canal street. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May lb, 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Iayet & A elong, New Orleans. J,. LaLndis n Co.. 12.l lot -ROIEERT CI,ANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, Wholesale IDealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, tm301 WindoUw and Picture Gltas, &e. &.c. T. W. COLLINS .ATTORlJVEY & COUa'SELLOR .q T 1,. 11:. N oW pratising inthet State aond City Cttris. Cli Court, in the Custtom Hlose building. je8 A CARD. r iliE undersigned have oeneld i house in this city, Ior Ith purplose of tntll-mtiig GENERAL Ctl)\IISSION IIUSINESS. OF-FIce, No. )10 IIAvttIt:R STrItEET, Ut' STAIRS. SI' I.I :V'Y. Thie hose at Grand Gull Mliss., will be comtinued ill tile above flamlel. lRefercces. Godfrey La trie & Small, Nt Orleanr.l.u. lI lters t lIllord, r II t Hill & Co, Louis ville, Ky. John M1 (Gil mre, \'ickoaurg, S\lis. Sair r", p I t . & Co ( ,u.,d ul; " iss. S-l..s l.illhrd, atchez, 3h1,. New )rleanrJuly I , l ;U . I , t -ob 1jyl2 A CI.1). AI.TIIHANIII,' TtWNSF NI having lcalted I m JI ilNe'1 'l t rll ' h ,lill n t ot N l11t-ull d l lla Ia Genlll l V II ldyaw I ' -lllllh ili Ifi glllu l e ,,,l li di I loe lulls solicit trools the p uh- i s re of their pa. tl'tut a Ill oll i ' l Il e I IIiltl Itt niIIt lllo t d - acti 4 oif' uuy bu~in , un . tt m t - be Itr.It in ot" faithful upph1 nlla, (it, aic ' danlle wolt instructinI} ul all u1 Il lil\ uw t cow.. 1111t Ilis h n s. to Iete Jlr Chq, 11is ,h c.h,)i .,l n1Jo0iuing .lblL, ', tlo :1uc ,, ,\,t tR MNasrs lv Bush Co. Ne Yo Alvoroz lshk, Natchezl, 31i-t . John T tr v Lttitvdle, K - FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OIRL \Nt, Offce No. 24 Musson's Building, .I._ ('ANA.L -Ti'JRInET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY 341OR the State ol Lo.ttisian, and Cities of New Or 1 loean andl Iafayctto; tor o.ul: by \1M McKfLIEAN, m23 cor C:,mp and Coanuae.l StS. ( ¶SVIll,tr Bank ,--ju.t e.t'dtl byt " It BRt I\t 7 t j. It), ly2 7 it. TRtUE AMERICCAN OFlICli. &301od JT013 iKRL'SWflTWP Ii costt,'t'liUon esith th' tOlict It s SPLENDIC AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMEN1 OF TYPE, Pamphlets Dlane Checks S:taloguncs Bills of LEading - bels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction huiis, Dil Forms, i Show Bills teim foat 3Bills Circulars, tnd evnr. dl'srl'iptioll el oflJob lorl that mnlly be 14qlluired. LFTht'l'l rorlietl r i resss.'p stc l: illt' tll tn attllelltolln f blel l tstltO Ub ve i(L rel, tIt I I ssl reb hll that 11 work intrusted to his care n hallll be don lle t tle l short st notice, ill a style unsurpassed in tllns City, and t tsel os , est rI tes. GUIDE & DIRECTORY OF TIIE CITY OF .rew Orleans and Lafayette VTAS pulilhed o lMotniay,21st lMay, and in now TV for sale at tile ounting rom llf thepublishe-, xechanlge liolel, St Cnharles street,-and nt lse Itook. Cltre of tessrsn. E. Jollll Co.corner St Charles iltd ,'{lnll I(lr l *t rl, ts. i.. Pirsttes' Oou ]BoOk. iIlE PIRATES' OWN 11OO0K,or nuthlletic nar Sratives of tile lives, exploifs, and execlutiens o hte most eI.Ibrated Sea Iohbers, with historical ketch'ts of the Chalusannce, Spnih il,lalrne, West tdia. Mlots, snd Algernne 'iate ll I v., jnst seceived, nttd roe nloe be \VM. I'KEAN, jertG etr Camp & Clrn on stneets. JOHiN HOEY, Sndle, Hlares nod 7'ronk Mstnfouest, and for nisikr of Mlilitnrp ESqipmeo*s of'eaery dncrienjeltn. No 18t9 ['ClrOnnsl'reeI.An SeT'et:u. -rilAVING in temploy several Mlilitary WorkmS -Ii sIe is ready to execute work in thne f aboetle t (e slro1st noSlls ntd oil lh c SIlUo! re'ohaBt e ters rl ats' t lld I ll llr s' tssnt tnllgt nruti sl't lii Irenttl .. ;riptint, nt nty - I had.I "4Ol+N ,MILL~ S I corn-mill, I f & ister's ittin1 , • } :1 lllli ()III combned lll sc l l.'nilll r in .- or 31) bllsh*JI s of Inent p (er dite with millt' ad they ca, be al ached tl o n I et'ion ll gi ll, andl re plarlicularly cahtlculated or lhu l·:lllrll+c tIcI+,- 1 A :I+ v l~ll~·dllC, III~il II1\ or1 ~ ltr u jlPLA IN & COOIPI':h, tI I s0 Jinl tntt. II sll. ll R J T . .. . . o .il.,,i , m ,Y|':-.. ..~ . .. ,I,,~ E-RC II'I.NTS can have a hauntiful chenher so~k t. s1ii at two t t 'st/icet'by tanll int ' I tll.trttt lS o +ithograp hic t/llice,.3 Mug g llle streettipositl lllk illi-,+ i K fl .-L---+J,3 116 (IC)Cf ·\i l 11I (, '--.Z+X+. .: . by ¶tll..ilL D lk t W, HiOTI I, l i'lE sublscribet1r.+' ths a1 y as( .intd th,.r - +. !·' lxc II I·I 1 lilllt'S uIII.II lllh'r th Jlll i·ll " I·lllll ly ·11 .11 I~brlll o/r l, ard1·11 ..1i2 a .Il. l I~ III. I t.-: of! tilt,-1 ;;tlrllllli2 rj Ilt' lled s y 1e s t l e's IIIstvt whilt conitl ,etinolttn s h IIn.·I n hi ssen eunt l, as ne stral lnt l s. l lnsit. I.isstssissi snltt. II. F V lltstt( nslt/ i ls1 1't'sstitl 11·11' lIi('i n IIOI tIsii T n l .11i.\':'t n , jyld IaitiEIt T ' I l it lliitI' N. l+ t l tilt s-ills is i . - I 'SlC~el iss i '-iii .Y 1ip NT Cit l II ti ll ilit t t - llls s ,i'n s il. s I jyl i- , ti' ti Ii. 'lth'yt ,.U8 li?--, It I 3it l\(It -:Ido'n Ihai 5, , len i l l it l IS . i ' itlAu 5 ss lits I i 'e lii'' ii NIst 's ssssl II ui 5555 itt1 b .1+ . IE lerE I R,,n k r. 5T \it tst it'LsOt ii !1 lu sts' is' si srtis st ' ut't IIr Nt a-s Ntt isl Pr tnt Wtitttis n 1s si ts' is . t It ll st etitt S i.5 t ist' stilt ;-Th eir:+( i'.r " .. l t, ol\' \ ili-;r, tnIr- ea, h Iiit f ritt i t ll1ne d ..n soi. ati e t sst.s' In l " I s hn ly b:! tr-s t s ire a stI es ti s ls It ih i Nhts t ' Ii,ll'u otir la 'I , Ni.oer, inl l thet Itl Iti N len elstse s Isrh lll I i r. ltiss p 1 I ero, ir n t I furl \Illll ii Aroerst , ri n thenie lh - I ses, es'es' fe net. t Pollin tihe le iten s -T' '.h t's Olit . tao tnnneu tqner, l e lqnisei , nItfTs It .i'ndndJ' B~ns iEs .In \VItIsIt ..'tIs s rtl' ,. ses1lsN seorssiss iltst jtsittt s ostwlr aseu nitteion dei ti1.i'3 e.t. csseo s rssn des ', l i'll, h n l ntstteosststtelonti stnttttO oy t ote actsoisss''i'notsts' teursl' h t si lc, sl e lit iti do I t e e ltel' i Klit. oe ' l t rs, Ehe e itetsnnt pIsee , s ercrdi . se, Plare es pttonndesteet'oe t.edncmsp tuteu 1hre anspedues Et}i li . lFt. ietd lus urrh t qiue1i': Gift Bulrtsee to (relliee ,Nouvelle Ori-unn, itnests l' t AAR.ANDl'. Hs'l, ir''t'1r. NEW IBOiiRS. I.IE American I)emocrt. or biai. n the seojial and civil relationsa of the UCited Staces. ie J. Feli tore Cooper. The Two Flirts; or, Adveatures in a Coulnry 1 leouc;I and othfer taleJ, by Lady Itlessiaoton, E 1. IulIer, Mla Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gote, Captain Medwein, and others, in 2 vols. The River and the Desert, by Mics P'rdoo, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Gems, the Gift of an Uncle and Aunt ith fnne wood engravings by Andersou. Just received cad fer stle by \Vnl IeKEAN, jeld cor (Camp and Ceonnion est. R OSIN I)ROSS-710 bids rowin draes, lauding and Lfir sale by J TI1AA ) .RI & Co, jy II 7t I'ydrus street. CAVE & SCIIAFFER'S Cuotllpuniti. Fedli Ex tract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure of etalili.te cruptions of the skin; pimples or pustules of the face; biles which arise frolm ani impure stale oftthe blood; scaly eru,,t.ioas; p tilnn i ihe boles; chlroniC rheumatimo; teltter; scrofula, or kmei'sevil; whit. swelling; syphilitic diseases, a,.d all disorders arising rom anll impure satut of the! blood, by a llg residenet in a lnot alitlate, or tihe injudiecous use ul' mercury. Also,-Cave & Schafler's Worm Syrp, or Il,. fiant Preservative: the best preparation nuw cxtalnt. Among which are tmhe tfilowlig:-ldian Dye, for colorig the hair; Boar's Oil; Russian lar s a Grease; Pomnatuat; ichaw's Free,l \ Wash: so. perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whle; Cream of lRses; I Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Reoe; I;ip Salve; Kre osite Tooth Wash; Carbonme li)etrti'ce; )lOri go Flower Ware; Powder Pultl an: floxe~; Amer . can Charcoal, neatly put up in thor ouuce viala ; Peaston Salas; Cologne; Klreuste ''ollth-a-hu Drops; Hair Brushes; Eoglisa D)resing 'Cot,,ib Ihllian Meair Oil;-with a vatuety of other Prl'. imrles, &c. For sale by L \V GLENN'S PIERF .11ERIES. J t' TRINt:IIARD, Corner of Canal and lourbonl streets PARKER'S ROCKY lOUNTAINS, &e. SOURNAI, of an Explorlng 'l'or beyod tilhe SRocky Mountains, under the dreeoen -f the A B CF 3M, perl'ornwd il the ye*ari 135, '36 and 73; ctntaining a description of telt geographiy., gc ology, climate anld productions. and the Inul eC, mIattners antd, auntoia of the nativt.-; t It la Map of Oregon Territory, by Rcv. Sam ri I'm .er, A I1L he River agnl ti lD)escrt; or I collectl hlst of the RIhiuc anltd the Chartreuse; by 3ills arnde, aulthor oftliet ity of the S tanll. . ill 2 vols. The Rllubber, a Tile, Iby the autuor of .tethclie, i," i; I. t , A.tila; i .ovls. tI he Two F'ilr; or Adveaure in a Country IHouse, and othe r 'l's, by Ladly I,.nte .ttly IE : IL Ilihln.., MrsNrton. larry' urwdril, Mrs Gre, C1tit-a liedwtci, nl Oa i'; 1i 2 voels. Tile Il, h ,iand Av IletuII FI c Nit holts Na i, eby, cutliad by fizs, with Iliksetioeus by I'uz, No. 1. Just e ivuded aid nir sale by EieNJA .Il IN' LEVY. 4 1 AT l'lN.- -21 bhAr, panrii-l anitnlg, shr Inulh tiv yllf , bl l it .\ iT , " li0T. L GUI ti -la l "t . r sllt bl 1ý Alt. :.1, 1,_" u"I,,t ,t. ,. I'ut~e I pIcaNuI.,R , " it . tOD- 17:'.1 ke s leaf I and "of ru.ror i ualitv te laeding ioa teab. at Mlach,r sl e by je . li 17 _Co- ' ' 'tnoerce. I, O..I'.--2.tI boxs .up, varitus brands a0,] nmaint . ie ttoxes, (tr ate ST O l jell 7 From Levee. I ll.n N 1 tIt,' mi b .,- I l 1 dc i. t S ah I-, by "I:1 .\ Itl I I I'I , . i.:LEMtON SYiRUi NI) IN(DlIVES. SI BOXES Lemon oyrup; .15b bo., .,ssurted `Ii L t a | le,"kh , in Itart, L yumrt mnd _thllu bo; tle, boati the u laatntfaetor of \t',,, 1'odst "rod, and 1.rti- . I 1.-kll, ,f lIlo toJ; lanlin, ho,, btIo T at'l:et - I aud andIl oip hl l at1l .st. , for ",. I,"h I ( I (. li ' 1 -1k., I u l( , , ..1-I1,, u II I I , 1 & All ,, I 0 IlNl 11 (li t 1 31 1-I ri Ita Intaico oi\4,t1i.\t: - ROlPiEIP--13.1 its K,.t ucky, .y J. DAIF1E.I., 12;"511 1 ('ml p street. S1 t aO n t htf-!`t flfIif;.fd 4 llent IoI,'C o j I uhacu, (Le.undtsi blra nd,) r II .lure Iwd Slur eby by J. I)_.\N " I.I. FIRlo 5!fl1'l lNiS , COMAtY. l., illlityt Itf l g' t rllllllfl r" tl e il lllf byfor fPIIl b nucks, for rusale hby AVI FEk e T 3& CO., New Volk Sttttionller's Ihlu ijes11 2I Chartres rbeet, r 11.XAS FIUNI) II) CERITIFIUATI''" nud Audi tor's 1Draft , onl tAh l'les wrs, wlted by jel8 Exl ullge Ilitel, Gruvier st. T.EXAS BOUNTY -I.A wantnd , -" jrell Exchauge Hotel, G rovier et -,. IREMEIN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW OR)ILEANS. l OTIP.'E iS hereblt givenl, that thle looks of subscrilp S till f the l elll illill: lh res of tile ai pitll E tlo k of this Cn)I11lllly, were o.Plliel.d ofll Jrlldal v, till i0th inNt. ltn ' tt haor of 1 i ('lck I' \I O , nlll I r li o en the s nll l ll Itour oll 'ellch dol l th,"reatl ll order ul' tie Board of Dir ector. *t I.ifili Jtner I . 1838l ,w"r,<e rvl PRED. WIL[KINION. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, L"+ FIERS his services to tie public i : the depart mnl ts ot SMurte, ini and Civil Engineerin_, holth in Iowan illl loltLrv. F'roll considerali expeId eli ce i his i.rIfi sit.i , andfbt pro-nes. an lidelit, in~ the execlltliu ol" llljill e d luoillso e 11 t lill. h im, hit h ,1 s tol lllort ald i teivtI ai hi ll'" I p lic plltrollln I II wi ill I .l Imesure Will 'a ll'" Iu11 th Itflftl o "f walls nlll ex,.aiuttiuas. thce No 8 Clth.,ru'es street, seetnd story loe k. jr7 i Sit.1:l1) 11i,, in cv: n, . it btls, ,irra(ted I, pure artlcle, I for sale, " l hle ulto ii d rtalil, by Melliihle, Pnints & Oil Dealhr, jsl 8 Corner 'of Co on & T'hopttulllllll lts sL. [ tIW) VN S IIE K'I'I \li t llllil I I).11 ar 4-1 B '( 1o I Y Sheeting, illdinlif ' l .010,hi ( 'herike., nuitabic hur the %Jel.ic. a s inatkei ,r 1'i, trade, ,or salh, l v jalo I Aviver I a etI. SI'Ill I I'.\NI11,I.:1. 1)11., &c. i t 3 01I"S Neo- le rIfd Sp, ra (',tnlles; o1 11 : ilsklu t lnk e Idhl ord \\inter Ll)il;l j bll 11011 h latie a I So,.i. :il tll . r l l c la ' I. eld I rin ;lillI .. b1,iaskets ('Ih n(l , 1\ lilLn l ie. F aor . le by JCtSE 'il C 1 Eill· C itl(.l' i Jed . . _ 'r" vier , re_ t. - .'T-- tN li) 11 · t L1 T'" t-- 131 keg-s, ter ivcl per 'I ea t vr \'aidalbli ,froiI Sprin.ll i etIt Illin .I l iT & 'l']lIElt, j,8I S Ill l l ' ,tdir< ?,re t.l'l. "j." ll - iu ill I D.,lt I O S(·1 -,11 - li: , - . +t .-. -, - I '. l:l l .1 11 (I 11,C~ A N I) . ,l:S , & -.- .3I11i r . N o,, I: linrd \\hhr Ol il; 1ai I ox s t1o Inlo jp e C, ar, t leh, ":u,;u: ks ro.. line a"1,1 .oone,, l i n ns lo t 1 ndle, Soill lh Is rl.o ul! Z Iiers' , 8,. t l tllo w l, l .l'll h. , pIi .t (;utl e l.-ll, i ..1..I , L i '1. 0 11 t1 1; 1' I',ll Ill" I111C1_ 111ESS .1.111;: El SY; heroinI ii." itoldllh ion eill11,. I (i'l l 'geo~ \\'alkt'GT'It' htal 'r l ('h,"o+. I'u le l Ilooue, la ovl, Iby .AIrs S IC all, U i I hor ef , h, s ,fi' I.i'h lllt, t h lt ,The IIliu ecm l'r, rtc. n' e The "pirit o t'hle W oodV , illu-iralt'd by co oured ell uill -, in 1i1s,' oll l T Iw l, h l of 0hlo,.rs. t Iud i \' v, i " is of tilt 1' u't Ili oursd Gr l lri ,'or:l's ls;e,.n , or the T''nr t<ir,'o of the IP'arterre; I^ h·\, msl, '+, ,It<, +t :, a ' ll Ico l li. ll t e 'll llt l't+, hy iami .\ adi',oono .ilti poelitic l illu btlnloo , b, Louist :\lIt r1'" a ii ai lllhlo" .4' ' i. Ie lio tin,:.. i lltl ii' pvn . \ lh-sarv I d' T I- tel, u Il I .reril n. lh nan. l I - li:am, ia d t \ he hilc . hitJ ,r,r ihe to',''d editionl , el hu ks i h , 1" k . l'l I J k for Bo , sthe y Ior 113;l with ,to Ahnaltu tC; ht 110 r" Ahhock, Civil !"+giuheer. \\'sk' , Lord IHaron, with anh iir.,odn 'torv 'ay, l t.lltcon of (Iholes II o ito th+ treaty of pite. alt 'I rstch t, ithe sI'n el t Queen At\ii'. A lotw eiitlul 1\l,', McKEAN, 11 TI;X.tS .11 1N I:Y-Il or >-aleby . T1r' Il O1'i ll " ll: 1 & R TllH 1 lTrl, lThlnt-I ilbhls lhte Io, nlil and i r je '7 8: (;raier slret. 1.01 It I - 11 t K.--50 blots- Floor, 500 hhls cleh 11Me- 11.O., Prime P'.0;, Kuilps k houljers jeu" r IA..\'ET & A.MFILUNG. iiISKE1'.--300 buls rectilhed 'illen'a h jests 44 New Levee. 1 )OILK --o01n hbbl. of till lalities. just inspmeted 1 and will be sold behltti the irluatl l, biy j"2 214 New L.vre. n,, 1 3ll I J 'I'IIA Y I'I &. CO. FRANKLIIN INFIRMARY SFI.r public are respectfully Ularllid tl t tthls insti tulltilon is erected In the. nost improved pIln, and in an uirv and most adhniruhle sltllunliOll, ill Ihe ft illloatr IF'rauklin , ulpo'n Ihe ruilroad, mle Illi[O from the ,lissis si.| ii 'he haildlin is large anld mostonm lodioausly divided illto Inrt ntel ts, fr k(leinhg separalte dillirrent cluses, lnd dlflerelt diseasl's. Th r ilslitutiun is si pplicd with the most skilful and alttenlive mllloe and IfI e dPtlsIIII1 tlt tondspleaki g he va .ulnlls nlOtttl'll lllu llttS es. Private rooms lar had h1l by eentlelnen at five dol fIre per dnv, including atteldancv, S,'. " 'm+ 'e inz tho+ or~illary "arils, Itto ,]ollor.c per day, lves w aL tw olr. Smll 'x u the ordlutry "arls five dollars. AlL 'n thi la l l'.icali Oetlr iltI'll+ e~r ll.u T e a eililt p h isi, )r ble. lnan, it wholm , aipplicatioul lot a oll+(llh+cl Mlll nutl LIb'e ll + Imd .ll llto r C \ ,IIZPIII rg J N' o 17) Ra"Im pl art strult. 11141r91 I E A l "' A lA. t 0)- -dltl kegs it ors h r I lr l il?.,. ii li lt it )I ,'.'Y -- ,.9 41 N,,w I we. . - - Ii' I lit,\ + I l I +:1G O M O1 1 P Hl l Y IY 'r ofL ti T rll l , ti l l.g e c , i is u il w . irioporedI totlI rute riw oI 'IIv It lo , vie rl i Illt hc di: - ,osll etL', · I 1 +l ih I i if t "ll ·lll l l ll e ill ,IItrll ll, it summer, in ac,(utrul floc Irol l "It, ,pm'. or 1. -1 'llnl ,,1" NAItt'IL t L.L~'lll. ()hl. I,'l (ll'h )1C-Clll~lh it1'i l lg II I.n l 4 l tlli uc kt9 "clgx T ..I u i ll haIve a >+`'lIII ll bolrlnl" | m 1 o11 'll lllr i ll'|l.'ki I, 1 'it. 1.I N. II. ''ran ,l;ati lll-s ia a ;s us L dl. licLhe, ill 'h I -NIEW \'(K.S. r ll\ l I 'i N A T IU R A I.lI T ' ,I { IVO N 1 C I p -(lis)K -C· i nI hin S del scri; ious anI d nulthel lii l unedltes of Qtuadrul, e,; > q. t. Ii ll," lvc arnlriltrllu'd rconr ih I lls ,vlh l l 1l ofl --'II, jet ll bl ythell ' Ii 1htr o1 ti ll lllll'' ,lllo l un t 11 1', 11 ii, l. 'I'III: .XTI'I{ 11 , II IS,'I {\' I~ l," INN : 1 , - I\l o nlhllll tmo - vol ~ it r i-' u. 'Ill It | l'the "F i lV iJ 1 ', kodIt I 100 ' Sd,,ee lol'the ii: . t"'o-"t . t \iii 1.: i a tlllyll k. " ,'1 l\I l g -\V ru Clel ' l ,I, h I ('. 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Thetal e, I- .0tcl0 110 ail warnliatt as 4 d, ifonot S~ marit1l. it, thi g or tho kilol inport,.d, uud ill 1b, I to h.• d 0: 1oIn Ihe IllsI liht :r'l l R. ,I11a i r1 ý 11"t lll".l lli s: t ,i 'r;ihil i.\ 11(l.110- It1 f~\," o ,f low lh dt..r.I Sl lerl, Candli , 1l0n,,ii li ilo , Alit, Ketunli'k, i ll I . -,de h,_r A I ,.t \\ P 1 1''; (I , heI, (et-i"laI)iI, ro we.ighil:; en pon Im s e noedl d'l l si de by o 1 ront lr Levee, hetl een CostIn Ilto-I e a Ition Nex" (OrlC alll IIIitl Cursolltn Itail bIond - .1r r nl.l' lrll l lii I' llll t 'he l- Par t liln plus l . u dh du d o do do do II do do 1l dio ho ,h 1 de |h ` l du d dI. 7 iu The Jacksonl ,street, ars and llllIn retl e, halpf al t ;i Sl .ck, A Al. | nllrr1, street at o 1,'."hluk .1 11, and r'u1 line_ hourly at 7 chlook. These ar. will| i,(liU l I uoling every hall hour. rod colminiut thoulghout Idle Thelrrln'nleuset ihr the La Course street curl tln sa1e as fitr Jackson street. T ( .A 1 '1)1"11'E , in 9111140s I,4,-1- i, reci ed 1 per brig Star, insl.trlt fi1r TRIe b in2« 41 'oyldrus street. ~ulAII) NI: VA 'El: -) iretly i .ip .rte.i f(,r, Co 7-J log1ey II II l \NNA i7I.3., cir Natchez und i hapllito ulas iMs. IC[ The genuineuess t'i the article is proved by tlhe utogralh of' the nullnulctui.rer, Johann lurisa lr:iai. al+.'r t A (lREd'AT' IAI ((AIN. l LL bhe rivoen inu a chlo ce Parcel of SlUMMlEI C t YI.tiTIIN(:, to clos1 it consignmIent. ,er, - sLos rellills I o pullchse are invited to call anlld ex- i NATII'L. TOIW.NSENIi. ie.1 Ixelucange asotel, (4rlvier at. . il . iU--hill lis tiIe lanhin., p-r tisP, sir mise d vby U IltI( Il , jr43 1I New ' Lse. . it tl ALAGA\ WIN l-Swevt allu irv lll Vrnu, 1I1 r, qr cakso and ll mli hiis, entitled to debenturua .1 for sale vby IRE.D &. II15S'', jc7 i7 rv A0 .l ( lllullerial, gulllpwdr, young u il... ad N llll l ll 'g rell tr. i " " i tt b 1x-0 \1 It Sl l ga lhstus. I I)ll haif do (io do. 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I'il . t, t' tul.Il ly i al l llllad, tolethel r wl h li gt ralll l use1 narl enli t ofIi' rus.uries, whl l hIer s 11d retail, by ZA ;IIitR . u lilt Ill'i]lt, je 7 76 si iI si lvee stlret. s l .\0l":I"2t t11-50lll 0--5 111i l . les nt2I .11 11h 110h 11 , S oil,ow ind i rs,'n Ieo b, hs IW illli',, , h ollm Ih.,ll . |12 eII Li:boh s lI.t igll , u d l itl herni l al t)Ii rd ii - n7 , r ( &", .n1 Te'l'le(Iption i n esr elt e 12 i Al'- I.,u boL .,s N o, I ,, e, I d , lu.n t., " o I, is' i h ini;trIl o llih \ is ilt l'tii' ' er 00 1 , I 1 .1.14 110ll~lili 01':, jy7 1: - in i I. l1 :i1lt'F;.-1:1 coi ils bale Iro , .I l l l I C)) , i'ssr I ti so;'-I1 A7 l tI . l_,,,:1 t .ll -, t.' 1'," l., inr .,lh, I, b 1 j1\V I l'sI i 'I oss i I + E si,' / 1.+\l i2i, S IL :.' 31 ('uI.el s:l b(, i 11x-, ea-h: flil, i i ii. b'." 2,-t, for. Xis- s by I s1 1".5'l, ) ' I1 ' 11'('ti\s i . jnly 19 7, Ilnuk iI nrsil I 100l.. l 1' i ,l14, hi udi - l, s','., .i.,tJu- h Illl l '1ill f.r l. 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It llhan 30 [lFrom, the M1avir.) ( Tt iw~lry v l llhiC I\f til Cd I ;f )pI lliv l ' I Ia Seib iI .I blilrt lll' rtouiei~ lu 11 t , M hu nid w - uitnde. nil-f il-lhnhnlna,-h roof o ~ I I b e ntii ii mi hirAed II.u rlllh, r~li. \. htrll, c!it,,l ilnr~irlll t'h Wll Iahlln er` ..hit,, ,, I~~.,r:, trlplitiro io which I rell pi. withe iSiNll,. i I I-b ilb d - t li l r, thile h ntpb n l ur ntn li- Ii. ,-10 I' .i t S ir lii, ,uealo u-iii tL e ht fiol! Iral risalll berupd fran M iru iis l e pertismuss JAl'S&ANliRi-WS, TII nh.rnriiiu r propon. o to pui ticli, in the le tinning of thn isong wientr, a Conidnratinoi nif etwunty voi l iic i, d>l uh , ,,. ,l , Nn- Sierite of Mlnrtiii's ouieinal Repnritsoii hicomiriodisri fuinr nolnino, o i., according to the iodel of Peters' Coccicoonl Deports. Thin woik im now in prnpcrntinon by 3. Barton lirii nlli, Eeq, Of tIle city, acltl-lhd by William F.d lrcuciu, Enil. The Editor is sal- licronitod by a idil iniuiled retirl, Jdgrl ofii the r lieair, ICoart, d lih ncl of u, aittiJud, e tgdg o exper. t from. their lerciniul enpervicino oll the advaciege which lay a ltll'ly eo ri-aped Iron , their enp Mvrie re. I Il ,-. Fillg \'l ih ,· .ht)ll hli ofT X Iilfil (Liphl~ h. I.,u n C llnl Si ll i l iOrklll Li is hei onng ellllll nl i ry dll more ne cecocry, na the original is inlneiinnns, exprenive, hiiid m ilne. An inlcresimeii cotloey ton i mI i hln, i hh t I ! othrr Statll of tile utcion , o r.eferena c in hne phil luisjirdoeeeof Loouclcnn; cad she cic'cu \nio lc ofl ther lietour pnluicirplie here da I,, Hlill l' ar -.lllivurill] , v Irui+)..I to uar~l;.i-48+ill li s-l[tll s nided in the aljsit ostiil at conflinueof l-ar, makes the kno lhdgt of ei r adjodcrd cfcao of prime uta erily i ll he j c iist ef teI whler ioj. 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