Newspaper of True American, August 23, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated August 23, 1838 Page 4
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Mississippi and Louisiana Hotel, RS. MARY KI.,O\,1NL) re.arctttflly an. 12. l':nhlAcs to hr riendsa and the publie gene. I° ally that slh is prelmpared to accommodate them at mr he abovn establishment, and hopes frame her 1;e exertions to render visitors remnfrtablc, to receive a eontinuance of formeor favors; She feods conf - dent that persons visiting Cevi.glou dHtring time p ummer months, rianot find hvtter ,tiorn im tIan she can aftnild theln, on more liberal ters. I Her house ma pleasnIt!y situated, and well sunpplied ie with every coovonvenne; the bar is furnish!d with 1C the most choice liquors, &e. in hort, she pronmisese "'at nothing shall bol wanting noe her part to given Itire satiealetien to all who may patromuia the t ,lusiasippi nnd Lumisiana lotel. je3 , •[0o TI¶PH P(DLIC.--Thi tnd--gned. tamo 1 studied r mdor Dr. Semidt of Charleston, im Seath Carolina, and for some years his assistnnt in the practice of modlicine and surgery, len the honor to eafer his professional services in this city. He assures the laemiss and gentloemen that. the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his senrvica to tie p holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the ao sea es contnnan to them, having attended them in te a tgr hoste in Charleston. 'I beokmsms auti.bilioas pills alterthe composition or Profesmr Smollette, with directions, can he had ofthe mdoerigeed. The effect which they have preduced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success to which the best of fre can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mgo lse street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLuAw WAE. WOUt) StaJEWS, SAD IRONS, ke. THR HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 938 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have remeived tile past season, and are constantly reelving large and extensive additions to the stock of the abrove good, which now consists of tile ellowing assortment, suitabhl for the southern and wo-trll In matkets. tollow waro of superior quality, consisting of abstt 1500 tons, via, Pets of22 differet sisen, from 2:8 to 50i gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, B tkepans or Ovens, 7 dtffereut sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skiilloe, . . 5 do Flat Spiiders . 6 do Covered Spidors, 2 do Oriddles, . 4- do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boaes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 incimes. Weed Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from S.d ienh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and loss than Ja.une' imported prices. Sad Irons, atsorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sish weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20ulr. Balls for Plantations, steambeats, churches, &e. mande to order, Also stealnboats and other machinery maltde to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to tih attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortmmnm t ever ofered for sale by any one establislhment in tile United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immnediate attention. New York, 1838. j,"3 r 'Mi ON SYROUP . lmICItl.tjS-titlntdcrol'a I.e Smoen Svr end tiickles, tmsarled se; alo, txes ef I.ew is & Hasktll' Pieklel'i ; hire sle It clt le a cuuosircnment, by JARVItS a .Nl)I\WS, mlit ear Conlllnon Ilu 'l'Ilchtnpitouis S tOA1'--i111 ha taoxes No l Stoap, lhnund ol'Jammes A elould,fur ls hby ISAAC HtI)GtIst & Cm). tlni6 1354 Mlaonzine strlmt. lTO LTI'. NEata dwellitoe hlouse on Triton etrePt, he twee Tivoli( Cirele udst Cmrondalet :ittret. nf9. Appli to J OTT, S AIIEELBARIOWS, &e--25 Wheelbarrows, 25 dirt do. in sta m e, fri ault bv CIAMlPLILN & COOPER, ml5 82 ,I ufa st I .AA Iamn rulel Cua and L.etter IPuprs, oflall unt J iier, cenaistigt of very superior bilue laid, lur atmd white wove, odl plnimi ndl ruled roumagh edge record at.p, cotstantly on hand anti tor rsle iy IDAVID FELT & CO. 031 N Y Statiolel' lHall, 24 Chartres st. 1)4 BA as Soummira Cofftee 5t mmlmxe of 3 don each !.soelle Wine, 18fi; 51 de ofL do no ion Iil; 54t do of2 do I ' PPort, 1816; H do ofl do I, PbrewseShre,1816,lt. 10 pilMs extra lldeira. For male by HEROIO(iENE, BROWN & Ci. etr 0 Cor.ti treet. )LAINK BOOKS, of every varietyof rulilo and .B Lidindi, eol;stammly on Iha.d and, R ulint and Bindiag neatly executed, at ieort notice, hy DAVII) FIt T & CO. m:il N Y Stationers' IHll,2L Chartres et. Iisri itg, tur salehb ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. em1t 134 Magazine street. NEW two story brick bouse, situated 5 doors A fram toe meetnlm Monieinelity Hatl,o St Charles steet. lRet very low, possession given menldiately. KEnquire at the premnies. m29, tr. FlLOU R--ii bbls e f Flour., for sale by imo0 (I Il)REIFY. 44 New levee. 50 CA KS Ac; sides for sale Iy 1 I50 coils Rope, landing from Ambnamsodoforsale by LAYET & AMELUNG, 119 17 Commerce st. SI30 . - eee atc-ky Bagging, land in i rm stearmer oen vayae. and for sale byn YORKE, BRO'rTHLRS, jeli 65 Camp atreet. NO MEROCURY NOR COPV A 8 New tlrlenrs, Nonv. , 18fl7. A BO'T ix months ago hliad ths lisfortune to gal Sa s-cero diseale, 'ar whiecl I have applied to aeve rul d.oier' for a care, and they did not care me, so now on thi above date I iut myself anger the care of Doetol Hnuet,and 1 expect him to care me. Since that time t1re dioeaue got worse, so an to break out ill large ulcers to the nmnher of nix or eight on ea h leg, and allover ,y face, Rland sore throat, al.d nrot able to work at he pre.ent tihte oil account of the disease; large nlcer tlw rihllt side of the throat. I anm noiv puttingr oa0 cofliltently underthe care of Dr. Iluer, of Parie, to hbe perefetly cared JOHN DIEAN. feob14 ly I DO CERTIFY lhat the above mentlirned disease q aite well cured to imy awn natidhoetion, for wllic I hank Dr. HIoeor, and mreovve I asoure that the medi illre I have take.n imakes me fat, and did rnot ilnjnre omy oerlth st nll; therefore I advioe mr 1' llnw oulfnerrs t o loUe rno limte aid apply to Dr A. H-et, 15 Blourloo st. l'hey will find a tru letiter lir thin complaint. JOHlN DEAN.lI (;ravier areet. If alv one wants to see re, call at No. 4IU G(avieo street, andl thelrvy rwill Ie riatied. To be publieldrl at the optiln of l),'. Irhtet. JOIN D1.AIN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1,138. fehl 1.1 v' IT . Gelnuine lndian ltalsamof l.verwr.r t amt thre S holund, i put upr in bottles at the low price of 54l oonta each, colmiiainng tlrr strength of three ouncres of iverrwort, brei lea the airtues oil irallV other roults initd herbs known nmono thle Indians aellicaeious in curing phlmonary conmplaints. The -r ivalled success which has attenled the I sie of this inestimable lailsan wherever it has beol intro dreed, has ,htuained tile confidlence and recomnenrla tions of respaertable physicians, for the cure of rlrngros, eoldo, pain a the side, want of rest, spitting of blood, liver eomplinr, &e. To whomr it rany ro neern. This i+ to certifv thlt we havne hi our praetice freqrently preoribed Mrs tiard. ner's oIndianl Broinn o,f l.verwort anid Hoalrrllrlnd,withl a decilded e.nrd eFiet r we can thenrfoel,fiom the know lel irfithe materials it is made fIron, ainld i.eervatin or all thrsr e ildetilinr of tile runs flr which lt is re nInendedl. Athlll.IR 1II.LI AI4l , Ml. 1D. CALVINIY EI.I.tS .11. In. Mllentbe., of tire Roston Medical .\asciation. Ilostorr. O:roher 's5. osle Iry J. ALVIS & ANI)REWS, 'i't "r^ n, "lll l~s t t'r t at 5ln+ Pts Iecrrtnrneridedl hV tlre ledirenl frrll'rlr. l C1U'PI.EI'fS Ilerr'en-ernt lMagnesian Aptrrigrt--For .) dyornpsia or in ligestirn, nervrrs deIlli,, eihrlli l.rsnr,headnrhe,aci.lity of the eRamaoih, honhildl erar. Twelne.Sa, rrrtunenditl il-r.,gou i gco rnael, ke. al lllch valued ri a {ia'rlslIe clOlille rIllrL'itirI. Tinfs desiralie proepratiron has r:cnivad the ipatfna nace of many eerinento mlmbers of to e rfes.ioll, anid fron n dise,,rrinpi, llpllie nlrly n..lreroblth, rind inmmli. iolle teeflrlnrlmotll fite etlfilerv ri a ileiir llre ir have beorll elicited. WVill all the pleaoirni qualities of a olase of eaila wnaer, it proteseesithl r active mediCinnl prlcerlies of tlae tmo apprervd salinoa purgatirver it la pleasanl to tIhe plate, and grateful tl h ntoiirtach. I.\l'lOI'rA.,'T CIAU'LTION--l ie iiernroaing reputr lion and grerat detand for Ilutleo's !.flIervaier l lt Mlgnr aian Aperient, han been an inducementr for others to of ler an imination of this valuahle imedt ueio. Purchasers are paric.hulrly wornred of this lact that they may be oan heir enrrd, and not procure na impure arerile. The public art resprrIItlly infto r el that tihe utincri bero are ,onrtatly atl ll pplied i'h the t ,rigiunt and ge oni'le peflrtllatntOr. For oulf' mvhl atle a d retail. SICKLESJ O CO. Agents. m15 40 Canal street, N O. 1lTARI'S Vregerble Hair Oil, lir the reltoration Y airlnd growth of Hair, giving Irealtl and bnaluty,ad Sreventbie haolrlere. letilre thi IlsH r Oil was oialrel to the phlile, it had :nein tried in huinlrals of eaaesof rbeldles, thirrneaa,and lallt.e f'Tof the hair, and in every instance its salntary elilats have been realisul. It has neerfailed to apAduc a neand beautiful growth of hair an hends already olnd. In crimes where it hbeenoes dlry and seso n grow Ihis Oil will veryr ma reamler it healtdhy, and preifnce rahid and beautifa growth lf hair, witrout the least mlury o t t .a htd. This Oil a agreeable rl. grarae and is preferalole It iry otlrer II it Oil for per tming, nuringdand glosiig tihe hair. The h it nor beno e d, y ar ".ir' i' For sale at sri vi01 ':O.-'O,. ES & & DI'LANGE. .L d L atl d sho Orleeras, FOgles, tlizhland 'nker a r,'(:,'" . l r, ,.- ,t. rl e'rry r , d erm a lat a rds; Ba k. 1" :ct i ! ,,ds; Cth- s smea, 1i nd 23. inert ch li nri Inll< l'1In 9n lr and 1 ilch blade Bowie kIl ve*: S. I.ta,',ler -,, ote tr tra.lveling I . sric Ce s:I ,It-I. itlet hliarrelled ri;nas nto IadGa Shot Belts; Powerlr t Itd Pistol PlaRksa Irai Paolt-r. nl Drinking Caps; i P-re.":on Capes nd Cap Iltlder.' Clothl, Ilair, 'ooth; bill cad Sael lIlr hts. OrrOis Anod C llhie Tooth Wneccar I'lolhl Powller Toilet iani :Sihaviln Sana, iu grat vI-.l It, ritel; Inng liir Brails, Rinalets and Frizettea; ear.r the 11d Totilet Powder; Emlery leas; Ibory T1ab (Cnhion.: act IPatlnt Slrle or CGarters; fl Et itc I Ntt penlpders;t t ant Powdter Pal's and Boxes; (lilt Chains, Seals'and Keys; :nar-~ops; N\Vait Buckles: Prneclrte: Bend Necklraces thd tChains; Gilt and Siivered Bends; Indinn Reads, l Italls and Plumes; Shell Twist: Side and l)ressin lig Comb'; which,in additiln to otheir firmer stoek on hand, ankes their assortment very complete, and will Ice -tdl lh ow end in liberal term, at tie. aien of the Goldeln be Loach. 71l ye U Ill& Sb IteaRlc Cor, crten xtinsive hlal of e . &, . tlhller Strlield. Entland, heve jut nl r( Plwd avery c'xtanP niretlf lto eI (ea,( ltitlinr of th Tchle rlt Deroet Knives olat in. i el.rilplltion, Penr Pock., Dick, and Spear oaint knirve: Razors, Snin- t, ater. cdee Teccn, &be. &rRo e. & e. . wbhilh they are preparend oexhibit r theA trade forlcreller. 'rcro er l ind irolldins b will he mdle.i known at tiec timne. o m1fi J. I). IIIN & A COIEN .90 Conmmn qt-, it; 1%IMON.S, II1Rl"rI CO.-Are now receiving th t. gar ship Hnlntvilln ,, M/,trrV Aelhew, Ilizh- of Ander, Ftrench and Gelman i ,on: f head I clatin cards: net" hehl and ck pckLeistols; :tn, ribhed and split Its ermacn aeps; c rar lrcas; . tistirs, lclzcnr, trn. M vels: tillott'n enllrrri :d ad ll iter steelpens;'io- f as; Violr l st'ings; shell, ivorvtll nn orn entnuh wati-rs: e k, htle abdl leather urtle;lhat r himr bmls, front and 1 oak ringlets; cncprn iornllt (lerma cnil Frrneh n clogne wilter. lealaccla m:teaoasser oil, imitation Coi; ntaacc , cnd cctcr rrcilc: cereale deoks Aend cellg cl diaes: c Icste bl1.sckit~; satia il:l toiletl glteath convel minil ; onp crl tlcs rtan viewr ; tciat:c adc e bt, nallcd a ctenles; a onrleon; whis twine; r; iltrtend sehatintig sneaps tileit owder, crcnmetie wasr h halls; sreiractl Eati n unshls: pi l tstlnds sttRw cnHllOlnll;f y ed ollc haons : ond neeklcc citetclllard t:dltt; pccckct aooks cut wallets; Grrmnoernltraat; tcnr tlrarp,; fine antl cra-l c ln elnstic clctlpenlrCer, rcrtersdcl; Bells lueilfII o-teothcs sil ver entcilrs; Ce cnvm &, & e. &. The soviln odle r ion to e ur frms' strck of fancy aticlea, makesonr assnrl'tllrcut very cmlllellll(tlr . F"or s:lla raholerale ar retail as the sllin of Ile cllheal ;cnt, ill,t Choartce istreet. Alct. NOlTIT E.Cl-T'llhe rcrcrcillp fcelhv. galin tac, & I 1 of New O(rleIn - ; allhte e arri &et lC .,e f Natch'ez nd Harris, Kelley &C. ,en, t adeCh was aices Idl Itia he2lst of ray lnst, t thle death a l Sanlmel A Iflea,, ane of the partners o itct firSltr. The rrdersigrlcd, talcrvivilc partnCare will hi ecltnr.edg wirl thhe ettling and cllling alll hntainrec s fs llhows: Levi C Iarris will attend to thoe eatlticn, of he icusilas 1 al, mo ena llarrise& C..c mt Ncchiz acd Ilriniec, Kcl d ce& Co.,at RIldne; anlor Ilnrv KlaI,:llo will attendt i lie settlicng of itha btsiless of tI(olle.t, ine t CIc., lit or New Orleans. The naenls of tle sevral irhls willle nsed ill llquidlatlon onl y. r Those indjeted toi sald firml are ewarnealil requestel ceavne frlrwardl d a n ke earli sre ttlenanl and alatloas havin celais will leas chrlc rlt them witlhtot delaty. I EVI C I1.\ R IS, c. IENIRY KEIE.Y. New tOrehano, Jtlae 7, tgS7., to jrEAN 0H R1( g F&ILIN'A'c -COLOCNE WATER l' casts mnre of tils superior Cologne water jtest y aeceivedc adforle sale bl thle dozen or oinle btItlv.- Id Ale Aeueie-ne and French roilet puawdera, powder c aos and heaxsr sharving lld toilet roape, cosmetic w:ail balls, milk of rIoes, oentir cod in cruem, extroae o malsk, kephnha, Ward's' vegetable hnir nil, parennll[, creme e parse oridaler, .nveuln rose an rr hay waters, taPreo :'s salt s Marseilles eratctnlery icr trnks; . veghrta ble r c e litc tld ronae, Ohcrice ani td Orris tooth wash, i cloth, hairt rloth,nail eid flesht !rahes" together witll cn additic an l supply of fnshiothle laor and shell com ls and jaowelrator sale low at wholesale or retail by SIMMONS, HARTT &teO, jol, fi 71h (t hrtlre sutreet. iiJ t~W ls)Ol)S-Sictnnccae Iteact _& 0cc are anca cc civing fromatn no liard l ips Yazsoo nd tSael,actlln - allcbrig Concnrdia, fron NowrYork, a great variety ot II, goods in their line, wlhich totacl`r with theic tbrmer a t c ek on h.d, nilakes their p ua verrec plate. tuck and dressi ng eolllles horn ofaltl doaeriptioea, In die rbbhher, silk ald worsted elastir garters, comemo a ine elastic orus anderr, loco lriac pnd Lucifer matches, Seidliltz powdere, owder lpctte and txes, tobilet powder, pocket bhooks and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory ani mlnrrtho cnard cases, head ornamento , plain co a- ral headsneckllR c se ant negligaes, bead chains, head necklaces, cut E.i st and plain,seed,sciverand gilt heads, - ndian beatds, bellis a nd plumers; pistol and large pnw SJar eflrsk, shot belts, horse, hell. pocket and dceilingr istolra; doulle act single barrelled guns. Bowie knives, and dirks. srcisasors, shears, pocket knives, gard chains, and rilbhons, waisi buckles, clarth, lir, rtoe, nail,cobh, - ,rrn . shoe, d late, n, er and dasting hrushes, Cologne, uFlorida, lavendcr, rose and bay water,assrted essrnces, eand cxtracts, llMaccassar hear, b ntiqne, and Ward's ve d gtetahle hair oils, shavico ng d tilet esoaps of all dcsa cariptiona, Icoliec' and gclrtlenltns' desks e nd dressing casesr, hair ricgtec,frizetles and hraids, plain, fancy nad musical work hbxes, plain and gilt, tigucnd, coat andi rest hbttllls, pearl and ivrn shilr do, shttll atudde, goldl and silver pencil rases, taaihlplckh aSit tweezrs,placed and gilt Iokctte, nlttialere du, silver, brass tild steel thinmblea, hooks eend eyes, hair pins, imitation fruit, hlk 6, and redink,s hne blh.kilag, violins and guitars, rihbedh and plain arcuessiin cape, linen twine, scenited rcih lena, gold and nilaer lace and fringe, ltter Ipaper, galce bags, riding w'dpel walkbig crcees, lctayregcerds, filc gold, tlllted and gilt jrwellry &c. n The atove, together with a great variety of ttier anti lie lea are offerred at wholesale or retail on aoctninmutieg tenns. N 1B She1ll conb rrpairerd. iy, RITY STORE--at tilhe aign of ilhe ghlden eomhb, 1t70 Chartres ateert. Theanhscribers hlavPe rn aeived, inaddition to theirprevrous stark oln hand, a fuill and complete eseortmlent of aricleas in their line; viz: combo, peefumery, Jewellr, brnshehc, lacking glasseAs, gfancy articles, or . c.inisting in part as followre os COMBS--ortoise shell, wrought and plain tck,twtlt, y, qnilled back, long round, dressing, side alf curl and neck, Brazilian conbs of every descripticn amongst Swhich arn smeal Mltexiecn patters, Ivory combs of every dasecription, ihon, dressing ned peaket, together withch general assortment onfFreah aend Amrican. PEh:RFIIUtRRY-Colenee, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and craege flwer wafers of every size alld des - cription, camphnratcd olocgnc, extract of Bargamot, leancy oaps of all kinds, shaving do in cakes andtlote, Il cream oatpdo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and lan ticcedo. P restona caielling anita, plain cnid erfueCd todet powdc der,perl powder, perpuffa ndcepo enmote tin pots and rolls,rris tanid ohlorine tooth wash and owdees, with a gctnralassortmernt of JCWELI.RY-some oftter latest nnd mast fashicna ble cartr, consisting of white and red cornelia tops,er a. jet eardrips, set intlilgree, breast pihns afsl grer' i ty of pattiens, wach trimcmings, gill and tlve ,ahCkleta, ' rttlver thimbles, silverand gnlc pe cile and guard rhaine BRUSIIES-Clolth, air, ier dst g,crronb,hcartbh,flor, em hat, .esh, tooth, plate, cole , Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GLASSES -German etatia and toilet glanas, magnifying and French diessing glasses, home o, with a cary oother kinds not enumerated. IFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French nd Atnmeriean portable desks eand dreassing cases, some ery rich and finely finished ladie work boxees and dres sing eases, with and without music, musical boxes, Ac ordians of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver mnd plated pencils andleads,wood pencils ttr carpenters and crayons,mtentleclocks,guns and istols with antll without .ases, perc.ssion cups, percouslsOlln cap pchargers!, illllple crew arivere, shot Ibelt,allle bace, ptate Idlockitg, tty tea sets, Indian hoealds of every kind, niells nd pittclla, inetad cunollmn knives, raors nlld s.eisors, thimbles, needles, pin, silver plated, steerl and comttmn specta eles, pocket boaks and wallets oet vawrisa kidls, visiting cards and card cases, playing cards of French, Genaont and American mlanufacture, dolls, imlitation fkrit, sna bnxes, prlnts t f e arilos kinds, Saundlers' I)f( lle.", Emteorsonas, Iillmnan's and I awkit's razor .tr1ua und ntarctullic haneo,dirks, fatlc:y head nRecklaces, do wlith r-ar rlhns toy watches, pearll bttnns, pi wder tlnaks, eu: and plnan seed beads, gittittd silvetr Ia, gutscl -iu Sllcell dara, and garters, ilain and srwond riaes, hackganunnn noards, dice, optical viennes,,jewslharp, locotenu niatch a atld drinking cups, with great vartiety of oter nrti nles all efwhit.h will le sold Ibr crash or city acceptat. cos on 12 months credit. l II SlMl 1(N.S, & c. dl 70Citelrtrenat. ITOLBEAR'S Science of Pelunnaship received, lld fIr sale at their pernlantent W.riting .cademni No. 8 Chateres elret, cw tirlausti, 189 liroadwiay New York, Dl)aunhine st., lkobile. Itis partiatrl ryde signed ftr private learners, and sichools, and is calculated fir perrsons of all naes. Ladies and gentlemen arc invited tocall aan eoxamine tite system for thettnse ea. nre given at sleth houoses as may salttli i clonveniellee ofall, and Ito aleiea f irloed ill " part of the citv. ldies who prefer it can r.e. ive lessons at their owne ref tidences. P'ersols pving for one : i arse of lessons are desired o attend until thely writ., "ell as ltv wltit. all lti. lL .,11.1K & ~lllt l' 1,.I5 NEV article oIr person trtuhlind with delineas, it_ clled the Ear I'runi net,-e) lieea s l IIlt et ceived, b, thle use t, , hies, the sightes Iutr(llmllrloll O" lhewlIU mIln voice is distinctllV con ed to the ut'rl. AIt nella .illh hras eat." tIl nliged t. tt, oltntersrt nith i very danI barmssmnent experien'dbll Ilt h,' Ihoineleeh stidill I in. dividuals so aulll t rllale;v ntilitel. Iy ile l of tlhe iar Trumpet, this lbrettiotn is entireci otvitted. The nost sceptical have atui sy ayt andotred their doubti alier loaving used tHnl'l ulpet. Flr saile a T GITION'S, Fa..Iv store,rct'ner of ('tlltinlen and St Charles rtreets ntdler tihnt x1 ttl n , ltntel. feth I1 SPERM OIl-lint calmns puren wtmnter d Sperln tinl, in e,,ks and hhIs,Ior sale by J.\AVIiS & ANISIiEW:I, Wholeele a I)rutg sts, cornllr C anlnoln nd Tll:,p Inn etreeit. emrr 4411 knes,c w ', , Milt do An English do---., 1-4 bhle. 1(101 " 1110 faint Irta htler vaerius sizes; SI ease Vel'rilliit; 5 blil Coal Varnish; 2 "' Japat " I " Cenit 1l0 packs Goll I.eaf; 50 do Silver do; 1101 do Dutch Metal. WINI)o\V GI..tS,. AmlleriLan, Erelisll atnd French -ItIih hoxes, v:annlan -iees and qualitihs. o tlu tLrownuwl dl.-5-ot toxes, cmnsigmnieit, w ill bhe rold lown. Alho, a gernal assorteltne of artists' oinnllr at l tools, far sale he A \\ SCt' ES, No Iit tatnal street. N B. Alehama noter laker, at p r. antd lMisnsisippi notes will Ib received at 1i per oent di:cnlllnt for goods, or in pa yment of debts. jo It o [LOUR--?0I noding from tteaeer Independ erce, atl G It11RSEY, m23 44 Netw Levee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, OW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, F LOUISVILLE. To the Eddtor of the Louistille Adertlier: 1i IR--lt appears by the observation.s of the Editors pe oof the Nashville Preshvterian, Union and Trans- 1il cript, as well as the edttmn' of the Memphis Enquirer, abs tha the "Old Genllematn" is among the Doctors. 'his nlt is proved by his kinld' rage, knowing that his time is tan hot short, and that th, indenenddnt American pnide lag are able to judge for themntlves what are porll and pel impositioos. The worthv editors who are Doctors, eho the proprietors, editors to Sub-editors of the abovs e namned journals, call every letter from perrouns I haves i restored to sight in tho obove places, puffs. wh i. The fact is, that I never had such great sueccess ja within solimited a period as tsn ten or twelve days. One me who was aed ab shout ten years, who had toly seen the of' light from hie birth, hegan to see to fillnw his master nam to Iv hotel, instead of heing obliged to he led hy him. Two youvng ladies, who had each lost the sight of one ft eoe, one for ten veers. nod the other for nearly two t years, haviln hoth of them the other eve very weak; tn vet oacr of those vunoe ladies began to cce with both eyes, which beoefi I pledge myself still continues ex cepting they are nnder the influence or dominati m of the Medical Dlotors. Another is the daughter of a hi respectable merchant, whose name I am bound never of so mention, (as he pild me my fees), who aid she had lost tile siht of one eve from the age of Il months, bat that shie now abegins to read large'lesters with the fP other eve completely shut. This the doctor editors krhe, is the gentleman told me himselfhe had con du'ed Ilis datghter to the office of tle medical editors. that they might be inftrmed of the fact. The last I m shall mInein in an elderly gentlemasn hv the naooe of to Youso, nearly seicntV years of age, who dleelarnd pub- as lilvy h' letter, which lie tok to all the different officeps t in Fnslville but one, and himself told ml he hall paid 05 ftr the insertion whatever they tdimanded, whoi dctar- m e iu that letter tthat lie tha otally deprived of a the sieht sf one aye from f, ko aher hi birth, te whichl his mother stated to It,,, .- occsioned by the di mearles or smalllpox; tlht tnowV noeuetld not only see the lillt of tile Stilt, for the first time that he reclllecsl, t. but the Stars aloe, anld was beginning to distinguish e many objects; and did, before I left that e:tv, give mao ti ny roofthat I couolld see tsoa wal aollit sie treets si wilh tie other eve compltceleV 'Itosed. He naiid lhe haod benn a member ls the Met.odist Episcopal Chtrelh eor nearly forty vears, ani that his word wa never doubt- h ed throughli thsewhole cotte nfhis li'e. 2. 1 repcat :hcet I nod never erdater lcrcess tlhan at Nashville, tn.d tihe the medical and clerica. doctors had neverheforo so m.ath reason to he enra.ed. Tile pions iidigsatien A lthe Rev. clerical I)r Snith proves, whet e statedto iae that aohot six years past,he was converted from Leing a perfect infidel, to believe in the doclrin a of the Bible, that he mntset have made a trifling error-that he Imust have nmeant to sa, tht before the end of eti veers to cosne, he should be converted from his infideliti'v, as thie spirit of the trute minister of the I peacefil aid beliacn doitrines of the Christian religion dls :lot breathe oat destructioi , rage, calumny and faoseooo d to tpileae.lhiA medical fiends, agailnst the man whom he knew had done nso much gool, and no in jnrv to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of tlhe great scIeo ' o lhad, tcep tile medical doctors. iMos ofthetl also tol iten informetd by lr Yount of the ctre perfi.'tled on his totally blind eye. e. 'I'l( lmnous GolQiah S. ofthis town, pretends that I have Ilst the laarels I gained in the North, since mv ar ivea in the Southwest. This proves, hlowever,l had, and that I kept tthem until I arrived in tlhis section. If I gained one in tile north, I onght to hSave eaineld anoth-l ert ii the, nuth and e.othwett, snd I still hope to wear themt on tty very youthftl orow ol the day I lerve, in spite of the viotuperation of the great Dr S., if I toay jllutde ftro the manm I ave already benefitted in this rity within threc divew. 4. 'The object of the present is to inform the mcdi -nl fioliahs and editors of thile Rlicplican and Trans crilpt,ats well as the clerical Dr esnith of tile C. Pres I etirlao and of the Unol, of Nhslille, as well as the d t iatiter anl sobi medical editor of the Mernlmohit Enquirer tsoas well es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Lounsville Journal, and olsC the medical (lolilh edinr of this erOt, the reat I)r S., that I shall brine actions against Ithel sil, for vituperation, slander or calumny, immtedi oately fiter my arriwa in New York, aon welli a ogainst Itheir aniabhle bhrehren the oledical Goliahs of tihe north. SI now hind myself bhy promise, neverto qit this happy laol of liber ty, untid have brought the noses of all tmy medical jtliollas of thle norlth, as well as the ootthl ire d ttl wet, to the grindstono! The afllieted, here. i ftote, ooay calcelale on findling oe dtritg tite tcoli of of next yenr in New York, where letters, post paid, and oer oi others, nwill he sore to reach Ine. . 5h. To inform the public thsat the puff, so called, I which the Rev. clerically converted infidel pretend was - 'ritte folie hire, was w uilteo nore that a week prior, & and intootded for thie Rev. D. Howell, who read it in , tmy prersence without manifesting any disapprobation; -r, on i eeontrary tlook it to listllody and condensed it in rl, the weyv he did, which he said he lhought woudd an - tri my purpoese better; he delivered tiem both to ale, td .itlout pretending that I wnnted to brihe him folmItsh I i, dclrt, as I never could preoume to ofler that entlseman Wor any other, anvy money for stating fLets. T'be liev Ofk )oetnr's own st patmcts is before the poblic: nlad ite not n, .xaninned tll my dipltomes, &. &c. with a gentlconao, i ', t intimate fried of his, as well as tihe whole of my h, pastielIe, in Poolpaly with notther clergyolhn, asd se, fod ltlhem all, to e setltentic, and all toypstieuts to b, he more or less Inefittled, he ilever could lave ell e- indoced by a total stranger to draw up snllc an h cticle - as !oe wrtee himself for ptublicatlio, and addressed it to O Mr Stringfield, editor ofhtie S \A C Advocate. ad 6. No wolder the clear sighted medical Gonlolat of SNashviobslle tool( til ales..; alt d theIr'forte osed thet i et dti forts I jotin with hlsten the ll-powerful, athletic, ptt)s eo ill ond intellectual force of the said to-le-aotvertel cl elerical infidel. We retd in the Bible tlhat 'o Irre is .lk known byIt its froits." I dare saty the converted infideol ed has pre.lhed frtm ttat passage. 7.' le evidently wanted toestablish hls moral enter icter as a eman, by slhewingl that lie was above heh:g i brieed. Let is nee whether the sIIil' of thirty pieces of silver will apply to hint as well as it was well i pplied to atnither conterted inlidel, wht, in the days of ther in carnation of his Divine lMuster, absolutely oldt him tir tent number of piaees of silver. My lnscer is, that it enas never intended a an hlribe, nor could it he eonsiderl ed so hv any one, as it was not even erittal to the lenth tast oftnll the regular pInteir'ns I 'e, of $l per sqirlle. Ciotaitaiing two or three elolnmns of cloidil pinted niitter, which were to le repeated three or oner timeo in the Presliterian, UItion eld Mieitor journals, had I ever intended to hribe him, I should have oflered him at least $300, his regnlar fee, itnstad of$ '0, which, in ill roabnhility. lie woldl have gladly received as his fee, and not ansa hribe.. Ol the iontrrev,if I had bten cea pable ofeolerine a bribe, I should certainly hove done t in way to hove insured hia es tCeptIce. 8. IIad the Reev. IeDotor een really ponverted to the leliieftf the dloerines of the eavionr, lie woutld not have Irolised to colle anid examine il patients with. nut keeping his wordl, as I have always found every minister of the gospel zealons to len. 9it. lind lie been really eonverted, he woald not pnh lilv lavn epoksn againlst the Ameriean institutions, which, it is well known, are more numerous, and which are superior to many in some parts of Europe. Ilis conduct so much disgusted some young literary char neters, an to be scarcely restrained from punishing hlim on thie apot,v ilaying vilent Ihatndes on hint The liev. geotlemnn, though a Scotchman, is without excuse, (unles he is calumniated), although ie meay think he l hs a right to ubuse the American institutions, because is a converted infidel. I say lie has not-as all ought to speak well of the brildes hie goes safely over. I fancy the gallant Captain alrunde , and several other amniable young gentlemen of Nashville, recollect well the conduct of this pious expounder of the IHoly Scriptures! 10. I 'necer saw snuch a demon in hqman shape as the licev. I)Dctor was the dav 1 cal ell to reason with hint, when lie menaced my grey hairs with an eplifted gianutic arm, as if he would have felled me to the etnd, fdr darillng to drnts a pious miinister away front lis duty, by Iribe of l:i0 pieces of slilvel! I really trembled more thnt if the "Jld Gentleman" had ip peated in his own shape! I1. I solemCly deelare btefre God, and am not afraid toc all Ilia ict witness that I never, in tie whole course of 42 years pratcticeeta an oulist, in Great Britajin, Fl'rane, lellctittil and AIt'iie, i in a sitigle ienince oel fieed as t bribe iliv amount to the editor of nytouryjnej hut at a itcl pestioi ior Ihe sptee ic [ pied and ttile trouble which L eIlcasioned them; and that I was alwtnls miore intcliiuedto redutcccathier than adid atiy tyonevto the o intcCr' Iill which is ita suriiet proof that I lad nlotlenOl on t bribhe. 12. I.ste y.--The IMealphi. Enquirer fir two or three wereks conta'i]]s i tissue of llntgalnt fttlaeholn , whlich the mcidical Goliahl editors leIarned from their hrethrellne of thie i. G;oliah of the North, and I shall treat them with silent coltempt ltiitil the poper tinte nrrivesi- Unless it is true what I have Ieen ifrnetl-d-"Sue a beggar, and you will catch a I.--!" T'lhough I paid hiie ftr my itverttsemients for two or three weeks, lie T;lly inserted themln one. Voun will please to insert tis letter in your next pa per, and oblige yours, t&e. In1 taste, JOHIN W\VII..IAMSI, Iouisville, Jely 1l37. Copied from the . I. C. .deocate. rf nthe 4th June, Ielt. At the request of Dr. Willilms, we inseert the follow it ntte fron thle Rev. Mr Hnwelle of Nashville, to the editor of the South Western Christian Advocate, who, it appears, has examined the diplomas and other docu imnat, levheive fl'the lD.ctor's claims to public upatronl ice i lio tiiteallsoee of an accident, Dr. \VW will re Smttn ln Nashvile it few days longer than he at first inte'ndedl--sy the Int July. ulev. Mr Siringfield:-Inving been requested by Dlr. Willittae, the oculist, now ill this city, to examine his tnlneeou dipicntllS ndd other dleanetlCI evincive of SIliuCl illles to lic ronlidtellL illilis I)erniesion,1 have, ill noplllllaln witle t vleind rieed,done tno with pleaatre. Amlni themi I triend ai letter froem ir IPaget, at pre sent Charge d'Atires lof the King of the French, lit Washingtcn, addressed to Dr. \\illintie, testifying the gerntiu'ness ni' the diplonas from the IKings of FrUUance, Itelclitn, &c. te well ae those front the Mledical Scie lie. of France. le has nuenerous vouchers from nIen known to be of high repntation in this country, received since his areival in the United States, detailipl instea ces o1" great success in tle restoration of sigllt to tie aund. I have seen ne ,rly all hii poor patients in this c.:%. I knew none of thenl previouste toheir comint at,.er his care; buit all I have seen say they are un qltestionahly beeftIitcd. I1O1'T. B. C IIOWELL, Naahville, June 1, 1837. I. S. Since writingl r ainove,ine of Dr. Willianls' ptienls has cealled opeu .c, anld says he bhd aLtually iad itally Ioat tile silhl of oiln eye or seveaty Years, beit now declares hiiself bettere, thnt last imght or the first time in his life that he can recollect, he could dia tionilh, witb thi t eye,si.ieotltthe prontittentc-Iars. I learni that thil odl geltleei lltIehs lived Imany VtIenr. ios this rdgion,and says le ihas been a .lethodisiduring fiorty year's. eours, truly, ugl0uIu Ii. B. C. H. -'TENNidiL'.S I6AP OF LOULTIeANA,&ec. &V New MAr oI LouVtslta, with its enanls, roads and distances, front place to place, along tug stage andstenmtbon t rontes, hy I. S. Tenner. MITCHE.L'S etAP ONi THE UNITED STATEcr )l.Winga the principal Turnpike and commnnton roads, on whieh are givnt the dinlsnees in miiles froln aem plac to anoltlher; t ee die counens of the catnls antId rail roads Ihrotbg r'i the countra , aetrufidll eompiled from the best aun tihtrities-tpuhl'ished by . Augustua Mitchell. NtrITtunLL't ''lanat LeR'n GUIDE THROUGH TnHE .anrITeD nTATes; a map of the rMdla, distances steam beoat and canal routes, &c. just received ad f orale WM i'KEAS, I('1II'gKS ON I'llI.IIDELrIIIA-IcF r sace y J1 YORK C, BROTERc. 31 lib laSmp sitedrt 'THIL INUIAN'S PANACEA. Si TFOR theure of'rheumnatism,scrofulaor kingsevil,gout, s aciatica or hip gent, in.iient c.ancers. lt rlhem, ': iphilitic anit merculrial diseases, pa:rticularly ulcers and painfulaffections of the bones, ulcerated throat eor sno- Joe trils, ulcers of every description, fever sores, and internal by abseeses, atulans, piles, scald head, scuery, biles, hro- her ,nlcsre eyes, erysipelis,blothes, and every vorietyoftu- tot taneons affection, ebronie naterrh, hend ache proceed- the ing from any acrid humor, pnln in the stomach and dye- te peipsa proceedingfrom variation, affectionsof the liver, bt chrmic inflanmmation of the kidneys, and generia debili- rae ty nau..el by atorpid action of thevessels of the sin. It tie is sing:larly efficaious in renmvatin; those constitutions which have been broken down by oinjdieolus treatment, th jivenile irregularities. In general terms, it is recom- mh mended n all those diseases which arise from imlpurities the of the Idblood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever inn nameorkind. , Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri- ill, fling anistant applications, which thocireumstances of the tic sas will edicta- but for a ne oral remedy or Purifiator ee toremovetheanse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will n generally be fouad sufficient. thi TO THE PUBLIC. 19 How troe it is, that modern Physicians, m their am bition to excel in their profession; explore the vastfields inC of science hv the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re- via medial ageetsi in short, to strive at perfection ib the of practice iy means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and Ci neglect, as beneaththeir nottee, the rich and bounteous tih stores of medlicie, which the Almightly has caused to lb spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much dc more trite isit that while the American Physician looks D to foreign countrieslfor many of his most common and neeesTy articles, perpetnally changing as they are at the dictates offashion orfolly, he is surrounded in his 01 own eountry with an endless profusion of medical plants, ' nfficirent to answer any indieation in disease or to cure any curable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir tues, and they are sufferedto 'wastectheihealing on the ti desert air.' f The effectsofvegetablemedicinesupon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The former ex- tI ert their effects miand pass off--the latter, mercury in par ticler, act chemicallyv upon the solids, decdmposing the bones and underniinhlg the constitution by a slow anl sure destruetion. ThIe conrgeniallity, efficelncy and SAFETY ofvegeto Ile remedies over mhieral, may be estimated bycontrast ingthe ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring ii mrore immediately under our awn nbservation, tl. Inli an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, os not known or heard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, inpretendingfemale tndian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, has affected the most rapid and astonishing cores, after the lMateiro Medica of the -emmon practice, direeted in the most skilful manner, has foiled? And who has not been surprised at tleeom pariteivecase anrdfacility with which the Indianfieesehirm self from any disease, and at the almost iota abstinence of chronio diseseanse ong them? Who has ever heard ot an Indian with a constitution broken and ruined by illtreatment? And can a doubt exist that this happy ex empctinl of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh of man is heir to, is chiefly owing to mote genia f anti safe remedies which lihe elmploys! This astonish ing difference in socess, is a fair exemplification of the it iilfnte stperiority of tie snlple and safe means of cure v which Cod has created for the benefit of his childrene I, overthose which the pride and the art of man have in If vented. From a long residence among a portion ofthe borigin ailinhabitantsof thiscoontry, cndal intimate aoquann eance with the methods of cure of some of their most y sucoessful pt1rtitioners, the proprietor of 'The Indian's s Panaca,'allireld a knowledge of sonme of thie most powerfuland favorite remedies. From theshes helected such as were most eficaipus atld appropirates, and after variosenperiments t test their principles n l strength, he has combined them in the form here lresented, as the to most perfecft and obeneficial for the purpose for which it lis remrmmended. isThe proprietor offesthis preparation to the public, with the consciousness that he isplacing withintheir sea, la remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afliceted fel 0t low beings, who are suffering under the various chronic h.andi obstinate complaints to which it is applicable. T'o such it will prove of inalculable value, as the means, anod in many cases, the only meansofrelieving heir suf h ferings ati restoring them once more to health and hnp . pilness. This is nototlered as I common remedy, that f may per chanle be equally good with many others now d in use, b as one which is emhlnbe of savinglife in many extreme cases which all the unusual remediestilil. This it I, has done repeatedly; and this is the reput:ltion ithas ob as tained wherever it has been introdlced. 3r, It is only ahnot three years since this preparnation was in preseted to the public: hut in that short space of time, si onme hlnlireis of persons migiht be trfound, who wouhl or solemnly declare that they believed that their, lives were i saved by it,aild in mostn.asesalterlthev hadl tried manyi Sand erhapsallthe colmmonremedies in vain. WVhe ever it is known it isnrpidly coming into use, and this Saffords thle mpt substantial and convincing proof of it merits. ot The value of the Panacea i most eonspiuenons in tlose r, long standing and syphilitic and scrofulols alftrctiohs 1 whichr have defie all other renedies, anld particularly o in thlose cases where mereery has been so laiisP!y ulsed de as to cause distressing pains in the bollnes, nolet, leltr le rial ulcers, derangemlent liof te digestive organs, &ce. to These it completely remro ea, anl in all cases it entire ly eradicates tile diseases and eflects orf nercutlr, reno ,f votes the consittitntion, a leaves the patient stoulid anld t- well. li rhrcnamtiss i nr in ulrierated sore trnowat, its i rrhapity effectesare not lanl arent, gil ing alinrst inaimne .i 'Taken in prop-" dlore.s, thlel.tiin's Panacea operates e Rai all nl teiartivnitd dleltergenta a dicrhlretic, dirretic, and l;xatives, an anti-spaslmndic and anodyne; and ill r proplereases, asnsltomachic and remnleniagroue. Genelr :n ay iexressen , it increases all the secraetltanls lind eX o cleli*rus, gives tone to the tonncbh, andl excitersnetilon in id Jle glarndsl in a pricnlOllarlmanenr. Fro tlkhs: intcir in les itaopemations may ie understood. -ic TIliisnmedioine has been forund highly usefll in malny at ialobigos.a diaseases not here specified, aand it has been P- usedo with wonderful sucicess as a Spring and i Fall 'u tl r.iller, iythosewhoreasnuhie lucoimphlinils ofthe l, 0e. ndwho .econstitutionsrecquire new vigor. Suacl Inle :e1 sons will o well to use or t r oe bottles in snalll to osee. WheVlever a dliet r'ink is considered ireceso.y, I this Pllnacea, Iake ill a smlall idose; will answer all itc ralnPrploses, in mlll less time, at less expeloe, arr ini a e'Ifr morm agreeable manner than the coumon dietcdrilik. e ' The following certificates, out of hunidreds similar, e which might be prooured, are given to show the effect of the lndian's Panacea, inl the various eomplailtsc nerein to mentioned; and alao to exhibit in the most satisfactory rto maunner its superiority over the syirlps in onimon use. t CASES OF RIIIIELMAA'I'1SM. o g . CUdOLeSTOS, Nov. 15,I18R2. )urinhg thelast winter anld spring, I was afflicted with i- a very severe and distressing Irhnumatism, occasiored rby no, exposrie in had weather. I now takegreat pleasnre in ch statiug, that six bottles of le Indian's Panacea, restorsed is ore to perfect healthl, and I confidently recommend it to r. all milarl alltieted. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst. COnaaLESTOca, March 27,1835. I was seized about threeeyears since, with adistressing rheumatism, caused by takhig a severe cold, while under thellinluenceef mlercury, and which has dlsabled r' from business nearly ever .ince. During this pieriod have etn aspatient in the Maineo Hospital, in this cit upawardsol four months, adul nearly the same lengthsl time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever, remedy, with little benefit. On the 16th of February last, at that time scarcely ableto move about upon crutch es, I commenced the use of Indian's Panacea. In oru month I found myself entirely freed from paml, and an now happy to state thatl consider myself perfectly well. WM. TUCKERI,13 Mlarket st. CAFES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS Now YOatK, Sept. 10i, 1830. 'This ma certify thatin the fall of 1823, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neck and thee, which alierware ulcrnated and became large ghnstly ulcers in my neck. Atlierryingseveralphdysiciaustone advantage, I wen' to Philadelplla, and placed In)yself under tihe care s l1rs. Physic and Ilench, when, after repeated salivatlonc to nto eflset, I was pronounced utterly incurable. After. wardstsook twenty boitlesot'Swnilm's Panaceanand eight bottles of tPotter's Catholicon, with no materll benefit I)espairing of life, which had now becomne a burthen tt me, lreturnedto myunvrents in New York, in 1829, an' gaventyselfup to a longering death. Hearing of thc great soucess of The Indin's Pnacses, however, in case similar to my own, I was ersuaded to try it, as a last an. sort. To my great surprise, as wellas satisfactioc,. snon found myself lsapidly rcoverlng, anlld upon takin) seven bottles, the ulcershealeld and I Ibecame perfectly well inl tie coarse oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. I make this statemen and wsshitpublished for tha benefit ofcthose who are suffering under similar scerldonusor sypilitic alfections, that they may know what hIe cured one who has suffered every tlsing but deasth, andl who considers his life saved by theabove v-. WM. IIINHIA) Cssn.rETOs. July 12, I 31S. 1 was afflicted, four years with an ulcer In the leg, oc casionally accompanied with crysipelatous inflamation and excessaive ain il the leg anl ancle joint. Several eminent physicians exerted their skill upon it, but with nut pcrmacentlbenefit. In thisease five bottle ladlin's l'anaces madle a pertifut cure. MAlRGAIREfT A WE'ST, 121 Market .PFor sale by IIENRY ONN ABEL, druggist, agen :a tlhe pirorieltors, lThclulitclas street II NEW ORLEANS &, NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. I E11i stockhollders of this company are hereby no tifced that ch a reselution of the boardn of lirer oan passed on tlhe 19th lst. tbeeal"oade on them on the icth February last, fir the i nyment of live dollars a share, was relncided, and the said stackholders are fIunher notified that W'II .REAS, ba a resolution of thin hoard passed on the l9th inst. a aell hasn bee" n .nude oi te stockholdere of tle New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Company lir the following payments on. thie the stock held respac tively Iy a tll., viz:--twsso soiars per share, payable on tile ret day of Siptember next; two dollars per share lsvabla ou the first day of lDreembler next; acnd two dolarsper share padniala on the fist day of March next. Niowtherefl re he it reenlved, that tile secretary of this company sheil t otify tle sllare holners therelr thllroghc the poislic Ipren ,." tile rity, lthat incofleormity with tlcn sixth section of the harter, theytare peCrittdl I stpoane eany paymect calrld ill o thle stock nof aid comlspay for thie term of sity days, from and after the day on whichl it is made payable, wit the expeao cn. dione lowever, that if nt regesrly paid within the said proeoteatioc of sixty days, from and nafti the day on which it should have been paid, that then the stonrk lic which ulsaid savmestsshoulsd have, Iaen n mle, is and rena-ss hrreiteddto tice company, the charter on thai Ipint twiag inlperative. In confonmity ltherefore, to said callall stick of the stockholders in said company, a sthink pra er to ptal off tie payments on their stock to tile snd of the additional sixty days, which the charter allows them, aem notified that the paymnent of two dol lars per nsare called for,and due on the Siet of Sep StembeIar next, may bhe postponed under the sixth section of said charter, untail tlhe 3lat day of Oetober neat, that tile paymnat a tw dollars per shalre called for, and doe nicth firs,. day of DIecember next, may Im )al. ponel until the 30ih day of Jancary nest;ssad the any menet cf two dallare pet shre called for and due on cc firstday df lMarch aeac, may he poslpoard until the 3lth day of April next. xtracts of tilnscicutces of the board. june 21 A R McNAIK. Ser'ry. S l'at,nfor al JO)aN II OI A.IlM. al IS STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Porish Court for the IS Parish and City of New llrleons. T IIE STATE OF LiOUISIANA 'no all whom lrhese I'resenrc shall Come, Greetitg:--Whereasc1T ameoe HuLso hbviog purchased at ne sale made by the Sheriff of tIre porish of Orleene tire propertry 00 bereirraoler descrihed, as iceppl et to the clerk of this olin' urt, in whlose office thie deed of sale was recunre onr he 2ddav of April, A. 1).1838, lir a moniticn or ader- 'ie tirement in conformitv Ic an ectof theLegielattire of tie gun Stale cf Leruiianoo, e;rirlerd"An act for the frrlher ateri tnd ance of titles to purlchaier at judicisl sales;" approvred A the 10th day of Marechl, 1834. e NOW, therefore, know e, nd all perena interested a herein, are herebyrriled alod adnonrsled in the name of thu the Strate of Louisiana, and of the Parlht Court, con who can set up any right, title or claim in and to si the property hereimaflter described, in consquence ofany t informalit in the rrder,decree or iudg.ent of the court u under wic h tihe sale twas mnador any irregulaerity or n illoealitr in the apprnisements p nd dweertinemints, in tiler, or'manner of sale, or for anv oher tefeet whatso- ir ever, to show caulse, witin thirt'daye fromi theday this A nlonitin is first isernle in tira publicO paper,nwhye t the sale sto madi shoultd not be confirmed and homu er Tre aid property was seold by the Sheriff of the pr- r ish aeforeneaid on the 4tl day of April,A. D. 1838. by p virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on ie 5th day d ofFbahnery,A. D. 1838, in a suit enditdfi Atlexander or Caltdwll rs. James Hansee No 10,3c " of the docket of I this Court, ot which sale the soidi James Honso became pe the purchaser for the price of twenty one ttousand dollars. l)soepriuton of Propterty as iven in the JudicialCon to r a e eane, il: of A certain lot of irrr Ji sitLuted in the subirb An nuneiotion n/ns LAeourse of this civ,in square No 5, e rod lot hning Frenoch meraurle, lfc't toullt on'rechon pIhulu street, sti feet front inn Oranugors street, e nd 60 feot oItl.oloaade dir 3atrclk street, in such o manner ramt sui lot ofe oned is 60 feet wide frmn one s ide of thie rsnire to the otre er, togelher uih a dwelling hroutse freontog on Tc Qoupitonlas stleent, tIe kitchen and rte pendeniees, elso the distillery esltlishmnents erected i thereon arnd oiler buildings utd iaprovemente, the n machiornery, utesi, inmpleement d a l fixture belonging to said dietillerv, its depenidenciest oad oarp rtenauees,o and tie rigints, ~ctions,ani privileges ierctrent elonfmg . or in aov wire Ieppwrtaroino t e. Clerhie Offlie, New Oclecos, Moy 7,1 iN'. Ic miid,24Aj3 J. f)t1,1,1F, teiyty Clerk t hf IAtL' Itt. lIA LtrUttcLArh,·--t.,eur or t'eior~ueo poue lot a0roise et cillt de it t Niuvelle Orleans.e r ':'I'Ar LIE LA tOUISIANI.-A torts eux 00 e Scrps pereentes eonceenrct, Solot: Attrndu rlo Jamens ulnse d yortaerietikn e n rent faute tar le orif delpoeoisse d'Oleasr I 'noprloei r n6 ci-aifbsu dcrite, s'est tdress6 ao GOeffcd e eltts Coeo oil Iteciof vcnt fLt i enrergistrinel. l e rojore deMat do l'antor d838, poorn on avis conrlircemect c oi d ete cie it LBegdislatur le o' Etat de ta Lo liSidne, intitrll' . AeAnte pout nofrleoree os tltrea des aeclrereure 0ee ventcsjudiciurrcs nt" appreouve e le I(ll Mres 183o. ,l'il coitcouno, et routes peaestnos I httiyi~rreso nt itre ert C.trsentenstottrltet au norIare I' il fit rioe tla irousiieos ci de lt Cour et Ptroiessc, qui pouriet niratu irni droit dacin peopiteni-alrens I deerioe, en copseptuenrce d du tfit e frI s drend I'ordtnte clediet oe le jogenrcnt r e la cot', elr vcrto dlqouer hr verrte a ftc foite, ou dIe toute ire(fgtoarite ou ille.:iitr d tns l'estimnlron,l'ocmn ou tc temps et le orode Ii de ta venln, oil ponr un.u atre ctise qclconiru'; lie faire v(.it, dsns treatse jourls a d:ltce tie Is publication de celeitc arrieos,plooartu ventes lesiti le oitr aerrtiot s oetfirmC i t - l hlomologuhe, i u pry oprihti frit venduer por e sltirosfsdit,lc 0u0' torzi~ic ltor d'avril do l'anni'e 1838, en tertu d'cn dlireot de rette cour lo 5 do f~vrier do l'onnoe 1038, 5 eons I'afflere dAloxndor Caldwell contre Jameso SHanse No 10,3E7 dui locket de cetto Cour, it taqinlle Svents e ldir Jaes laose o'est rendu ocirreotur lor Ie prin de $8 fi,00. S crition dcle Propiit on d'Arcs lietirnsfe, e udiiarear ii Sovolr' Un eerlain lot de terre cituri n firritturg de P'Annon-oo e lca alias Locouree, de eretti ille dan I'ilet NIu 5, l titlotde terre nyant [uteure fr goisno,] soixnote Sds Tde fae H f rkte Tchoupitoulo, troisncent pieds le To alah rtle edeo ( rneres, et soixnte pieds t lr lhde oc ofgtcd ie lA Mra du nlrcb,d ortte iotqe le sdi Int ie terre a soeixante pieds de nargeur d'uo hoit de dfilet . i'nrt enrseomble nne mison isane felte lo In troc 'ot'rltop'ttosteduontoepie bliocodilpidrteeeerieoie itrTllonpriu geflier reNotele srOrur6on lle le o t, 834. is ei 14,4&j3 5, f. ltLIt'.mp .ilethte Clier , Royel Cotcn l ofge o hysi tnh to rtdiou. lit 7ple ofitiriot Vegon ito ble Hvgriut Umoivesd Medi nr otr nlire, hiorcpiard he Mikehin, Esr. Memil er, inrrf Rtofn sddEn RD:iness, 1 for, y hire pidlrompt adunstrb~oati t he toyl Comlego, of Surgeens, Licecoiate of Apthte cocyt Cmplyans, Fcllow oftf iovt Cuctl Sciety, Sorgeri it io tire Ioleet Uio Pension Aetiartioe Lonluneaeo SPl Crel, Worroo tiiige, ind Pt'petutsi e. ulTetr of Cy' rnid St. °'lhotaS's e tClnitalns, Ltitthot. To his vrluaolle nirriedirle, thre rosuh of trielle tri oes' ltheeris. ntee h tfl nrllrnlcled srceenss in thIe exrotesivore 'an itl 'ret Ageithe irelir' of tire stmoiirtey atco r iise e v lhe tity IandI oholilit, aerl I strw initttorlecid ctbhe urotice of tG e Ameticne ifodric, at tire etnatest so Slictiatio..el a ritmber ot'grrntlenrl f of lonig ael rigr by swi N ll ilefcssinn, h is hoped, as a pNCnleen to- tarv relo, tit Sheok ithe roils eri jl ritOlEtISetrllv8Ie trsiorg fenl trrt iisr of tile rtttnltcnl'U 8Md dlells i erlnr. oi!l teti u tire puhbrlc ythre run rifIiahriertnrI lttO|% o o mionlclhu s elrtrc ar l titeleirfonlea, lyo a set o ae|.lellaIIr\' nIIl Uill~f~l· l I)Itd telUlldei· S stltlalvuI1)YI R~ILlll rt o mrtill s erltca, thal it itporslhle tile iltriet(t)rttn retlrsiyn can :m'* In rrtr~r go diottn with the ihltolligcitt leo1de nt'thislee llr ltttrc. 'tircsr tills, mild :ll:r ueah nII ttloet natrte, nhohld hIe krpt in evroe ferily ini case 0 f rtlrelrl n illllrss, efoe', Itcrtlteit' 1tn rl altilerntl:ltictirn ll eteit njtote oliI lll..S, fev't'rc, neIrI otiler ahurlrrllillg lrircltterinlr, whlilh too rflen wi ove liral, Itny ne s edi I\ ly .lu~ll ell"pevelli..ll. Iil last, anl lilnlse w he vahle lllodu hrrerlohh, ihn'thrl Iietcr. lrt without tltenl. They ale tr lle' 'elin pacetl~s at 51) ceelts, Lj1 auI .'2 eat'it, by eve,.y res .ee roy tile rlmfigsf bilckiellr',and venlltof Illttitcille ilr o ilr Lurnitt Statere I CIort (oalldlos, whith t C r)rIcuS IIoiis togelltr r l rnlll ,tlUtia s ofm profo·ssional rtbilitvr frulr lthe follic ing emirreirt grerttlletteer: Sir Alle tey torloc, J 7 Ahenlht'v , Jlorres Illurirdcll, 31. i)., \V. Iteck, MI. I)., Js . rn y iom A. It'rlnrrtolln a. L)., coid llnel' others. lhe'cihirels ne:v ho seeon posessiouo of the rk, CGnernl Agete, hy wlnoer the mocrileinto iimiported ilto orthis enhy, end tu whom all aelpriicatious forogeooios moantbe nade. JNO. I-OIIIEIN, t2il Wcerlet Place, N. Yolk, try Sole (Genierol Agent for tmIe United States, I'c. For saln by oplpoiatrernot of the eciginal prolicietor. ty Swore It ttollnresn, I)teggiats, No 11 Caunrl serect, Urnee,, Agenllol'r Stetthiee of Louisiaio, jelvS ii lEILY It LEE & co, No 9 Magaztse street, are Snow receiving from ships Nashville, I.ouisville, Kenlwtckc, Eagle, and other lato . arrivals trom :he ::tlihers cities, large and new selected assortmnot Hats, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, consisting elofgtlemen'sfine calf and Morocco boots do Od qualitsc ; do buff'dl, sad stout wax pegged Ioots o various quaities; men's fine calf seal ansd Morcset shs lw pups and brogans, buckskin shoes, blrogatns not alippet s; men's file calf snod kipped pegged shoesandl I rogans; do boots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes ta d brogans; gentlemen's best quality calf sewed shoes, |rogans and .lack iDownings; do calf and Morocco , tekle shoes and brogans; do calf, seal and Moroceos I sdian shoes sud slippers, do calf, buff onu seat wnegss, as ew article; do fine calf, seal allnd morocco quarter tots; hoys', misses'nsd children's pegged and scwed hb ogoans, std slhoesof every qluality ant kiol. Also a general assortoaent of olen's stolt wax and rnltl hrsogas alid saloes, together with 10,100 pairs ogro best quality, russett brogans, nailed in tlh sobnks, madle expressly for plantstion use; a good as , Oetmen of men's fine and stoolt kip rssett brogansl,: , w article, and a arge quantity of an inlsrior quality r, sset shand wax brogans. L adies' iine calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, and pomp sole sihos; dol fine Fehmsh Molroco and kid run roold slippers; do roaot shoes, withi antl without heels; Is cadf, sceal ad stosos leather booteos; do 'Prullla shoe. I nlll kinds and qualities; do lasting brogans; so gaiter a o'and foxed bootees. Misses' lastilngspri'lg soesanso or gans. Children's colored Moreoco and lasting bro g0 is and boots, &e. senstleen's fiielashionable black silk hats; Io black to Idrab Ieaver do of a suplerior quality; do imitation ll roam do; broad and narrow brim men's fine drab mat d 41:.-k Russia short napped hats, a new article. Youths' Iu ;e size hats of dillerent qualities; do clildren's. anl's nd bcy's black and drab wool hats of various tl pies, with general assortment of boys' and men's seat[ nps. This assotment will be repleoished bhytle arrival of leach pa ketstrom the noie o namned cities, all of which ,i il be sohl on aceommodating terms. Oangt -tf MtINTAGIJ E'S BA,,L.M FOR THE TEETH. F lHEelsshtlished reputation aad ronsta:tly Increa.;in I denod fior this effes tul remedy o pain, and pro servative of the, teeth, has induced thie subscriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements hav been 1d to o supply agents in all the prini pal witie and towns int the Unih-d Stotes, so its to I tact i i thi the reach tit those salliriog and likely to suller this meo harassing of all aclle, Tooth-ache. When applied accorling to directions given on bottle, it has never failed to afford immediate and anaueot relief. It also arrests the decay Io defeetiv' teeth, and relieves that soreness hiellh so frequentl( readers a strong tooth useless The application and remedy are simplle, inocent, an not Ulpleascanl; and the large nuobor of persons in different sections of Ih country, that have already experienced such delichtfh cud salutary effects frotm th use of the Halm, are realdy to sear (fibr the public goodt) their testimony to its utt. rivalledr qualitses. it is an Indian remedy, obtlaied asiogoletary and unexpectedly. and coa, be b regrd by ithe civilizedl world as tile rcot vlutrble discoery rednall ofs tile woods. i'lice $l e1 bhottlc. oldi by JARK lI & ANDREWS, .tr 5 Cor CoImlon and 'lIehapitoulos ss, lEW il t)OKS-Naval Skeotlh ook, os, sile Service Atflat amd ashore. \Vithl carueteristic reminist:eo ste, fragmentas and opinions. By the author of ITalsol a Tar, &c. second series, ml e2 vols. thtlldmn Recollections of I It house of Colnmmollns, fsnss lhe vear 1i30 to the close of 183i. s-uluding pereso oal hketoelOs of the leading members--by one of no par yjust received and for sale by W MeKEAN, lATE PUB1LICATIt)NS, - It(OMIVEI.I, an Historical Novel, by tile author ol 'i "Te Ilrothers," &c. in ' vols. Popular Medicine, or Flamily Adviosr; consioting of Outlines of Anatoly, Pbysiulugy, asd Hygiene, with such hints on the practice of Physic, Surgery, and tihe diseases of women and children, as may prove usefil in families when regular physicians cannot be procured: being a compaoio anod guole for intelligent rincipals of manufactories, plantations, and btoarding schoolo, heads of families, mastersr ot vessels, lssioariesto , or travellers; cod a useflsl ketsh for young Ineten eotsreoe. itsg the stsdv ofnoodlesso. Bo Rossnel Coss-c, .0. Is. Pater Parley's Universal Iistorv oat the bases of Gienoraop, four the use of families, illlte ratet d bv ioaps andi egrasinotsin 2 volw Just received asd for rale bIy 1 lIth Kl: N, 1n9 !, tur t'atrp milt( C{,nltllOO cls. NOTICE.--The ewnerof several paekahes merchan die smarked Madame V. Artoquneecav.. ser tsit tireotn, from Nw Yourk, is hereby cht fiel ts tlhe hsaw !n sc otored by STETyti N, A'5E T i-' & Ct(. ctJi COlcs .inet -l(ltoalu' JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTYiPE PLATES, The Fith Edition of ROWLETT'S TABLESOP IN'fFtREST: rllO which is new added a e Average Time Clenolat tor, or easy methods for ilnding the average time Wee on storage, notesof band or bills of goods, when putr- by chased at different dates, on differret crerdits, and for variousamounts; besidesnasefil and complete fanking The 'Tlime IT de, the best Ihat cal be contrived. or that fi guores can prodnee within the same esmdeserd compass, and size ol type. An aevertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing words: TI The hig distinetion this work has received through & the ten legislative acts prefixedl t the title page, is are eonmmendtion in itself no nonmmon,, and so eonclu- sive, th t nothing is necessary more thon by way of nt vertisement, to give a condenaed view of some of its pe- 1o euliaritiesfos orrinstance, tie Intiest has been eomp s Col ed from,and compared with, what is equivolentto four- alil teen setsefeale/latione, examined in the press thirty- Co five times, andi printed from tereatype plates tested .i thirtyty-one times, from all whilch it miste ht evident WV even to the skreptie (especially on the pe.soonl ofthe de- pr tail epproof in the preface) that the werk must /e arith- Rio metisally infallible, and in eonfirmetion of this beliefa Fr premium of to'u hundred and ftfty dollars, is now offer- WV ed for the deteetion of an error ofa cent in the present Be or fifth edition, as expressed in the preface, making five P/h largepremions ff'ered for the same en'or since thi first Ne pnhlicntinn in the year 1802i One of the most conspioen.s features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the time and Amounts, which Ne for expedilitns, roference endperspieuity, with the help It of the side and index, cannot be excelled ; and the salty ty and ease with which the interesl ncn he found.tothe I extent of general business, withont doubling of sums is besides a convenince so essential that in the estima- se tion of some oi the most competent and praoeteal busi- ne ness men and public otlfcers who have made great use eo of the work, it has been distilguished lbtho leonolable ia appellation efofa "master piece". And econsidering by the infallibility of the method originally adepted in bO comosling the work, and the extraorditTary umber andi variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it of hapoassed in the press, eotwithatamding the whole is in stereotype, eonsiderlitg, in shl61t, 'he positive accuracy fo seeured by the anrteereecnted means emplo/oml, the vo lumehas heen heldjup antd emphatically styled "the most wonderful book ie the waslk;" most certainly no man can namesa figure work ofth/e same extent, which r since the beginningot creation, has had the same num her and variety of tests in the same number of editors; c/i no, nor one halfthe number, as is clearly shown in the f prelfahe. c Beside, astest and standard, it hkas been triedl nt l I preeed in nearly all the hank and public offices in the United States, and by the public gonernlly, during the long period of thirty-fie reors, yet no error of ibe cal culations has ever hreen found inl print, althongh eontinu ally challenged by the offer of very large pretmiums. fhe isn factexpresely adopted by all theenorts ol i oflaw cl sev~ral ofthe States as tle " rate of ctdeclatlolln forstRtute inteCest," as also by law for bank interest, A according as the book is used, and as way hae see ill P totrt, hy ,,,e anes elf the subscrihcs, ated a few of the A /aubsequeet p/rloser/ae , iethoe list retthcend of dci book, isin possession of every closs of citizens in every qutar e te of the United States. I It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, . it has so ofteudetected large orrors, long after they were It , made, even by the most enmrell and most competent arithmetieians, teat its usofulness, and the absolute ne . cessity for its us', have been extelsiyely insisted upon, B n so evident, inoeeI, have been its advantages, ane its C , savings, that, severrl yearsago, wilst the first edition C to wassearie, and out of print, great t.lmbler of seoond C I hand copies were sought for, some to a gre t distanee. C r and prerased at various prices, as they could occasion ally be picked up at from $1( to $25 per copy, and , some tersoos have declared, and inlstanee eouldlbet qoted tlattthev wouol ,ayLyS, $tt10 .ac $510) .for a eopy, tfnot to /elead fo' lens, anoetil Individual in the latier instance partievlartly, having at the sameo ie ilme rxhibited satisfactory lepro; to several persons pre c sen/hit to him it was really worth that molyv and s more thlough the saving of his ser c valuable time, ihe le being t very rich man and i public office. It it is likewise worthy of no)t er, atnd imleed proper to im'pre;, that such is the natore of figne work gecnrally eei and aspecidlly when of the extent and illmportance of Sthese t los, Ihathad this book or its like hcon prelpr c-ed in the usual manner vlotle, tt tile tmost competent calculatoria to tile world, and afterwaris prinlted most cautiouly under Iiisown correction ocf proof s/i'ets, it 3 would, ilmnostto a certainty, have hltven uansAd' for re ferenee,and dear et any prire, . s the preface dartiiu - rlp explains. tlut si pertfect anod vailuable have the stereotype plates of this worktllheen mae, that tonecre /i- them, wit/htheir nmercus and exlltaordinary examoilo - of tions,egainst tire, for tile genecal ileoceft, they are (by e- advertiseente) eonstautl kelpt in a place of special '00a sat), except alleuse iceil printint. ter Ampledireetiots to find Ioth bilks itlld statute intor 03' est with usefIl notes, follow tile Ipreof e, which, inll this fitll ts in the two preceding editions, contaion mtoch in Iferolaetione rttonetroniog tite two lawfu desl .otsof compt ve ing inter sts, tee days af gt Ife, ue. 0- It reaerts aoly to recmtok that, notwittattlding this ed tuneomonly costly work, which waslubliihedl before o- interest tables were intrlndued in dollalrs ald) cents he igh yend anlomaneoe, has beelnsot exteasivele us.l so libetally le- paitronied, it ans notii tt yet to as paid withl interest. te les heatv loss of urialt foour tlhosaod tiedollars, besidl:s Ics six vea n oft time front IT99to 1805, susttined nil the fie0 l d edition of 700f oopies, e aisieng chiefly tfromits ahlica to tio atlthat timt, at all undler pricre,o to a:y naoling of ttllt eopeno/eltion or e rt t 00tfeor /lllOt alile-timln".of 'aore ttil, 'toand sacrifiee. \\I bteertfe Ihe i/ t totoer still relies ono tie et diseerlnennt atd genertosity of the public fotr aeontiocu: bile once of prefeerence a0d pa/crnr(ge. Vrm selt by tile se Preioril l I noksellrs in the thtedl Sltals. on vI111Fi't oN W Wti/OKh,&e.-T/eeoAoesm i ig IEglatatye tihe auethltref"A Year in Spain," ill c h NIhIi)eredsof \Wrnen, in o vls. thl'le Young Wife's Ii ok, a manual a moral reli ee rote e dr dtmettih. duties. h Jus reeevnc, and foraale bt WIM. 'KcE AN, DOCTOR JOIINSON tAY be consulted confiloently at his oflite, 1431 1. Custom Hiomse street, nclr Dauphine street, or' tile treatn not of a esrtaineilass of deliente diseases. From Dr. Johnson's extensive oppnrtunity in son of the most celebrated Hospital on lIEurope, reiaXsivtI ly devoterd to the treatment ofl Veneril antid 8lphlilitie complaints; anl also lrnol u restt!one of ive velra in Neow York, during which time Ir. Johnson olfllned his practice solely to the treatment of those diseases, with the most unprecedented cuereas: Ihe is enabled to re move anlly of the following complaints in from 5 to i2I daye witlout injuring the elnstltution by nlerour've or any other deleterious medicine. tihonorihee, Glet, Structure, Sominal Weakness, Affections of thtulilad der, Kidneys, Prostate Gland, md any of those numer onu train of affections, which generally fellow neg.a . ed or mal-treated cases of Venerial. Seroftlloc sores, ulcerated legs, and worms,retoved hy a simple neth od of treatment, without restriction in diet or interrup. tion fromt business. Persons residing in the country, and whb feel deli cote ineotsaltngtheir family physician, by sending a statement of their case by letter (post paid with lees encloedl) can have I. Johnson's advie, fil their own treatment, with mledieine, necessary to be used, forwar ded. Separate oftices provided where patients can never come in contact with each other. Attendance froml morning until night, at 143 Custom House street. IlPConsultations strictly ronfidential in all cases. dec 13 IOYl..E k MAY, House, Sign, andl Ornanwma Painters, No 3 Caroadell street, two doors tfom Canal street. Imitations of the fellowigt woods land nmlrbles, ex eouted ill a masterly lllanlel. Wnlols MtnB LEn. Mlahogoany, Egyption black atd gold, Oak, Gi;tlln ind Antico, Pollard do, Orieet:l or verd aetique, Curled do, .asper, Curled Maple, Blold Stone, Birds Eye dol, Unrby Granite, Satin Wood, Potomac, Hair Wtooll, )ove or luordello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Coromandle or Black j Sianna and B'etedlla, Rose Wood, Amerli.e Grey, Ash White Oak, kc. k& ks. Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shopl. Palints, sils, glass, oepal varnish, se. on hand ndlor sale. ml IRON, STEEL & HEAVY lIlt01)lS--hlt, and bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, ta il rods sltd plough mounlds Cast, German, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel Hollow ware, out and wrought nails al spikes Zinc, blick tit, mill anti grind stoaO, salt keltles Chain cables, anchors, hoes Ox, log and trace chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hlnmers and bellows Wire, sheet, ig andll bar lead; ollot Conl, and tlloking stoes Ames, lowhlnd's ond other spadles lld shovels Hook and plate hiigus, dool ald winldow hIook Collins, Hlunts, Sharlps. and other axes ' l'ar'd an.l latilla cordalge, lines ntlld twiel Bot and sheathing copper; Nat\l stores Pailts, linseed allnd slel nil A full assortment of lhardwure and ship chandilelry, always on hand, anlld which are il;red fr sale at whole sale or retail, onl the most litvol able terls, by mA LAYTIiN is Co. 53Ol Lter.nt. . IANROWGAT- SPRINGS llOnrgolllerv Iloullt, oy ltnlalto. THREE DA I" JOURNE i FR0oI NEW ORLEANR. TII HE proprietor of this establishment has the plea nsure of annountcitg to his friends and tle public in general,that he will be in readiilewlvby the first day of May to receive visiters. He will also s.tate for the hl - nefit of those at a ditantee, that there have been large improvements made, and olhers noW going on and ill rapid llrogres, for completion, which will enahle tile subscriber to alllonlnodate a much lareer numlber than heretlfore, and at the same titile much better. IF'amilie can e aceommodated +ith gold roonms or those who prelar can have large cabinls t;etached from the maoi building. It is deemed unllnesnet.y te say anvthing in partlit. Iar of the eharaeter nI thesm wtaers, (or" it is generally believed that they are not inferior to any in tile South erm States. All the amasnment, that are generally fould at Wateritng Places, will he fondl at this. The hest music that this part of th- country affords, has been engaged, and will he in osteti, atteldance at the Springs during the whole season. I he sltactihb, will avail hlimelfof this oppurtunity in returning his unleigned theaks for the very liberal support given him last season. and hopes by the exer tions tlht have been tllade in improving and extending the acconnlnodotions, to mtelit a libera/l Itronlae thie tpresent seson. JNO CRAM. mt3 TO THE LADIES. A TKINSON'S IDEPILI.LATOILY, t.r removing asll Sperfluous hair from the ahee, nerk and arms, with ncuualsafety and certainty, leaving the skin liner and whiter than before toe atpplicio.n. A fresh sutpply aist receivel at tiliO:N'8, No I Extrh.-t lintel, trnler St 'hattl . ,e14 Cotmmro stre to tp b MAIL ARRANGEMENT a r. De Everv Day at I ,1. North M(erna . a C s Everyv ayv at 114 A. M eWester every oradli;y, W\Vdnaredy an eyereo Mai,4 Friday, by 5, P. il. by tray of tle Closes every Mlondav, Wednesda Coast, and Saturday, hy 9, 1'. Ai. TheLa ail ( e every Tuesda, llThurday, an The Le Saturda), Iv 5 ,P. M. via Closes every lMonday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL,DEPARTUKE DISTANCE &c. ofthe Expreass Mail, betwia Mooile and New Yo:k-leaving Mobile dail' at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Retorn'g Montgomery, Ala. llrm. 198 m's 2 h 12 m. Conlnbus, Ga. 11 81 94 31 a. m Mlilledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 21 p.m Columbia, S. C. 71 am. 163 174 11i Raleigh, N C. 54 215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 mi. 55 Fl a Peterhburg, Va. In pm. 83 10 9a. In Richmond, Va. 1 am. 21 3 64 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 Ilp m. Washiagtn city,' 2Ipm. 61 6 65 Baltimore, 64 38 4 04 Philadelphia, 6; am. 100 11 2 New York pin. 90 84 1305 143 h. or Sd 23b Northward. Coming Southwardl,the time is six hours less; beingS days and 17 hours. S TEN DOILARS REWARD. ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet cerner of Hevia 1 streets, on the night of 30th of August, and was seen the next morning in Peydras street, a negro hboy named CHARI.ES, about 17 years of age, sad 5 fee or thereabouts ili height, very black, and easan imped bieent in his speech, one of his lags ie sore, oeasioned by a recent hurt; he hadl on when he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white cotton pantaloenn. Masters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a gainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well a all other persons, as the almost rigour of the law will be enforced egainat them. The above reward will bhe pai fordelivaring him into any of the jails of either oathe municipalities,or at 169 Carandelet, corner of llevi. steete. Slpt OTICE--The copautnershilp heretofore existing Sunder the firmnn o Iubois & Garretson, has been i dissolved. The subscriler will liquidate the aflhirs o the concern in this city, alnd requires all persons indeb - I ad to mlake payment to him only, and all thosehavinp I clais, torresentther nforsetlaltllerr. one v -t (7 iAIItRETSON / - W- - W AF. . No. llTCanal ,reet New Orleans - AS always on hand clr n tantly reeivin; Drt.e LH l)yes, Chemiclsa,and L'Pants,auonng the,, cr.' ollowni;: I)HUGS. DYF.S, Antimn,.r , reudle, Argyle, red, r o regelhs, Anlttoi, Si+'-r . a Arsenic, crudlle, Alem, do powdered, Itrazillette woon, ialsatm lapvia, Cochineal, Barax, rlv, crude, ras, Aierican, rdo rfinedl, Cupbear, e Brimstone, crude, Fustle, Tampico, t do roll, ' do Cuba, do flower, d o Milee, Birmuth, French I.erries, s Castoroil, Indigo, Bengal, SCream tartar, do Manilla, i Cantharides, dae intracens, . Gun aloes, do (tiidamnala, do Aeabra, Logwool, Canrml elh' Ido asseafettida, ro St Domit.o In do amonisc, do Jamaiea, NI do benzein, Camwood, aO do eopl, rough, Madder, olnbin, SdIo no scrolled, NienurIagua, MOalllre do do 5 Ameriewt, do Core,' Id do camphor, crrrce, oi Malraejb S o do io refi. do Hache. ,do gaiacum, CHIEMICAIl. to do kino, Acdl, nitrous, ly do mastic, do mlriatic, ft do opium, do sulphuric, d- to shellac, Ble vitriol, ,t .. . eenegal, Calaiul, p p, tt do~i sahlrc. .orrosive sublimaltie it do tIacaoth, hllloride of lime, e- Gamboge, l'tponc salts, u- Jliper l herries, Alnerlcanl,Lunar caustic, re dio do Fioreilg, Ited p1eeipiiiete, re .lMalgesia, Erigliish, Rhll le alt, do Anerieuli Red chroelate irptas Iy aelinn lke, Spll carp Siek. I eto sorts, Stilp potal L.igilmice bail, Suitgo- Le, - Oil clore, Sul, zel.e, his docramia, Sclprli iliair. i- nherlig:not, Tarirr ertetice iti- id leImon, PlAINti-llae. lie lieppllerll it, l ller , is Hilind ieiiiti, Chrrmio yellow, I"y, e Ile ioitpe iee, t il in oil ie- do jalh, do green, dry, i i) do hi illll;ie, dIo do n oil, st. do rlihanlrh, I 1, Lamelbinlk Engllih, es iio sew.n, ll e liermiatow.: ile Ido aerpt vig. , Lithlrge, v.nglhsh, a- do timdnrne, +o A\ma'ioan dii, a.e. i si o do American the do carni, Ict lend, Phtters nu: do crd:hunommin, do (;lasike:lrs, till corili r, SllI t' mv n, der, 1)glid • hs. Ito ielnicdalc, do ido Amirica SIp Itc lmoigrelrk, do gRmlnd ias il S oige, e.arse, V1',n. red 1+.nglish 5, , i o fio, Medi, do American, Sitl'ren, Six iIiiil grlound i til, reli- Nitre, crude, f 'i m, illio , Lbinesl, Sillilin Illea?, A<l x, 10 g luntd pure, hie trio IIdii itdo relucedl Selp, Willsor, English, 11 itei etd, dry Aner ie 1 rn e do do An richs, st ,ie Engl ish, lo Cioetsile, An grond inr hoQaiekvsiler, Am arrnllrl lipure. Sdaii -6m CAPTAIN MARlItYATT'S NEW NOVELS. Rtelins the Recf'r, by the author of Peter Simaple, &a (ummings, or a Winter ntISchloss Inainfield in Lo.n Styvra, by Captain lBasil Hall, Royal Navy, F. I. laord Rohbt, a rmenere, by Allan Cunningham, tno Shepptard le, written by irnself, in 2 vols. d Compenrdiaus lisiatorofItly, translated fromn the originnal Itaian, hy Nathaniel Greene, in 1 vol. for fling No. 79 of Harper's Enmily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 oi'the new conmp ete and' nniform edition of Itashinglton Ilrir'a I'aorks. Roger's French aal English Dietioaary in 1 vol, 3ro Nugent'a French and F.gishh Dictionary.. At.sR -A few more copsenof Combe's Phrenology "Ricnzi." Large Surveyor's Cnmpases eofsuperior qna ity, with chains, Billiard Balll n 21-4 and 2 1-2 inches Gillott's improved metulic t'ens,japoaed pnpers,-weights &c. &c. d&e. Just received, and for sale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITEI),&c. &c PAIN REVISTEI), &e, by the anther of A year ins pnin,' in 2 Vols. "rails of ndan character, as ecncrnlli a tplicnble to the Aboriginies of North America by G Turner, Esq 2 vols. The Politicanl Grammr, of the United States, or a complete view f the theory and practice of the genera and state governnlents, wit the rtniti.las Ibetceent them --dedicated tnd adapted to the young men of the United States, by E D iansfield, Esq. Nimrod's HunlinT Teaors interspersed with character istic anecdotes, sayngse nttd doiags of sporting tmer, in nhdilng notices of tile pritnipail crack rilers orEngiald with tanlytical contents, and general index of names,2 volulmes, FOR THE CURE OF Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumantinsm, Chronie Cutaneous Diia- Pains in tile Bones, by free eases, use of Mercury thle blod being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrupi is prepared with the greatest phtnnaceuticul care and aenaraey, ad contain the active p tnnile of Sarsaparilla in the mnost concn tnoted degree, ncombhined with other vegetable substance of known efficacy. The great desideratum with physicians in being abt to exhibit a large quantity of Saruisaparilla in a ems dose, hIas been obtoined in this preparation-they, being fully convinced of its nerits, eonfidendy odminister the course ofthitdr practice. Itrice $1 511 par httle. Sold only at SWAIN BROT'IIER'S dirug store, No. 1 1Canal street, who may be ihad, fresh ant genuine, direc tfran the prrepri. tore, Swaim's Panacea and Vermifige, Potter's Ct.taoli con, Carpeuter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortment of fresh dru gs, nm4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Rount to which is preixed an Inttrodrtion to the Study o Renan History, tid a great variety of valuable infer toation addetd thrtanlltttl ithe work, on tile Mannerr Institutions and Antitquities of thie Romans; with no neroua biographirnl and historical Notes; and qttes iontes fr eaxonnation at the end of each section. I1 Iostratrd with thirtyengravings tn wood, by Atherton I'tsUcR t's Improved Edition of Itr Goldsmith's Htstory of Eangadl, from in, Invasion of Julius Cesar to thi death of tieorge 2d, with a remtinaloarn to the yea 1832. Witi questions for exmnination at the end u each section. Besideis a variety of valuable infi.rna iont added thraoghout the work. Consisting of table of coe notat erasy Sovereigts mrd eminent personat Copiouas explnatory notmes. Remarks on the yol tins, mantners antl literatre of the age. An oatlitiea the Constitution, &n. &e. illustrated by many engr inge. GuYs' E qrEamra OF Anaraonoat, atln an Aoridgmen of KEcit's New Treatise on the Use of Globes. New Anericat edition, with adtditions and improvrettent and an exphation of the astronomicali part sfthe Ap ritan Aimanac. Just received d for sale by WM M'KEAN nov 24 corner of Calp aid Common ste IIARttEI'S CI.ASSICAL LIBRARY. 1 ORIACE,trasliatt bIy Phllip Francia, D D, with I nt at ppendix, eCttintiats tratshtiaBs of eari oa cres, c. by Ben Janson, Cowley, Miltsn, Dryden Poape Addison, Swift Cthatterton, Gi akolteield, Porasn Bryan, &c, and some of the moreeminent poets of th day-and I'tEtI)ERUS, with tl* appendix at i2udies tronsla sed by Ciristopter Stnrt, in 2 vole lnfn, a atilutes 18 and 19 ot"Hnrper'a tc;ltaical Lilrare 'File EXllcditton ttf IUtPtIEYL. CLINKER, by Smollett, I D0, witth a amemoir tlt the Author, by 'Illln s Roscoea, Esq., new editiot, with illustrations, by Ge Cruikshank THE ;IPSY; a Tale,by the authortt of "Ricaelieu Mary oil! urgaldy," &a. tw daitio, 2 rots te.mplrP n one. PAUL CLIFFORD;by the ausner as "Plhath The Dit r ad,' de. , hett vOlnlme IV as ttt new es s naof"Et ar Complaw Ireks. uantrneeired a stsle,) VWMi McKAN I ACON SIDES-Ati athes Ujincinnati attttih iJUsaaiu. folau rl: hteal,, , ,at ERlhe. and for saleav tUoti0Rr & IIAW rI

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