Newspaper of True American, October 13, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated October 13, 1838 Page 2
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11 OF N1W ORLEANS. ' lt.RAILANCE& t l CtImesel . LniOe. Seton, J A Merit.t a ip earit, o lds,lHemtoe. J Baitley ARRIVALS. tTSbetl Perpsido owre. from the Poste. left ltbh at 5 lp Medille. Frl-lmr.e, S1 days from Bordettx, to A Cap ' #4h*4h - SsethottTheussos.a Pr- g ObKWA. Helvitll, from Thoteasten to muter-cargo dabsIseeaer, .Wile, Gnatestoe. CIMMERCIALI Latsst I. 5tob. C rattWa Oet ............. 8 Ws l ten, Ot ...... 3 do............. 5 Cltncinnti, Oct........ So........ .n , O ....... 5 do............... 4 St. Lteouls, aptI ......S8 fi..... ... .....8 [.ierpool, Sept,. ........ 7 ('Ieso..) Avg .....15 Pls Sept .......... 2 d Oa't ......... 3 ondo. Sept ........ 7 u .-.. . i . l Havre Sept ............ EXPORTS. ship Chlehesfw..ergo 574 heole eloes. o 523 S pit. lead, 9 sacks tearn, bbl hiltsugar, a.nd 41 te hoed. N" .Per sleep HeAalet..cargo 8 is bMbread. 5 hoes tieias, 104 hIls makeres, 40 bhlls oar, I jar gemes Sable swoar, Sbbls potetos, IOOEsacks sets. bb whlsrhey, sero eltsa, 0 hnets. tes, 4 ts.dl18 bohs ies, 70 hoses esdfsh, 1 ba b C.erdl,. 35 botaxe wis, S boer raisnls. 3 . - .ý ekey, 20 do Soer, 25skkeotost,boxes IMPORTS. dW11tX..Per shlpMet:tltlan..O hbhds rd wrie. 3 Ht. M0ea 2 doT tlousquetr; 4 ppep henndy, H & W A.odws; 10* do red wine. Roamansge; 24 do Mrhsenet 40 bbl visasar, and 10 hllf ipos bran dy. 8 Dnelad; 40 bhhda red wine and tOpips brandy, hrees & Prostl 1tO hist woolen bl ba Rot, H & W Andrews; I case sewingsilk.C . FikS. 1l bede rd wene,' cordial, For s tdl FPrse ls3 rsor linse. 40 hlds red wirer emiOeO· & Povernit; It hbd3redwni. 1tteases do, J 6 L GCritr; 16 thds do A Moliest 61 do J Cane 4" e I0 hhds brandY, Peanh & Duplauee; auk copper wao, Lattner i Dermo; 50 bhll via el A Itobarbse ; i4 bhdo red wine,7lcases do.i Chateeaal i 50 anes olie.s, J B.eaot 11 rCO.r d wine. Polotn Dud br; 3 cr.s wine, Canieer, Doren a o 20o.ntistersardlnes,G L L Gateiert 80 ans wine, H Cbhalolt; 23 cash lime. V Ruouee;te 70 cnes red wine, T iatve; 23 hhts red winse. bo's corks, It. beasy.J Albert; 19hdls resd wine, Sk0 do white wne AL L Gardnoer; 150 e red do, 40 wlits dotO ases liquor. t0 do oil. Ketlg, Freres 47 ease red win. 4a bhds white do, 1 pipipes brsudy, 30 used clses, esaks oil, I Knella. PASSENGERS. IaMcssenger-.K H5 Hynd·, E P arsuoi, G G Gorod F itsees. MEMORANDA. 315. YsTk. Oct 4..Olses.d,l ship Pnwhatten, for Notches. lhtt.Ort u..Ar hip Charlteton, Dill. N Orb. Wlbedilphint,OtS..Clees.d.ship Jans Rne,Melutshb, N Markets. MONEY MARKET, &c..Otobher 4, Thtok Market eontinues to presant the resama folotuoting pesmraese, for the lsa lfew weeks. Thoteodety in some dssrlpornot ftancy Sltel yesterday wu to Iadvace on Wdnesdyy' prisese whils a fw experienced a frther decline. £sonot the former. Ptteres., 8toeailto, and Boston snd Pnoid.o Rollroeds, advanced tot per oent. ad Harlesm 3ate per cent. Unitld Sttels Bank lo erd at 1224. T ulee in Exhqtse for the "Gruea Weltern," closed yestmdtay eateraoon, without cbote son tlns curreot rates of the preos day, ey 10t a 10 per cent premielm on England, asdM. llSa lt7 oa PFraneo. Tbeamostt of specis going fosward in the "Great Western" is estimated at ,2302- In oveeigs. The eeresary of tshe Transury give notice, that thewhole amosat of Trrnony Notes anlhorotrd by the eat of Ootnher It, M, having beet, ibo.ud, vit l0.So.J00 0 '0 Adtlkbr avtnangbosredeesmed ofthrehabout 7,510,850 00 T"sesemWM ae motle inpaof theost tdsor ,oto lMsy l, 1838. hvebees . 5,70,810 00 Thetene .sea retron into the Tresury of Oane otetahbo t 1l0,500 00 Ttnl.vea balance ofllouftetanding,equal to 130 00 October t. Cetts--The market was rsther qoint up to yesterday, but withoutany change in priers. The dman.d yesterday wee astie, about I100 bes harvil been aid at full pelrates.. 500 of which were for snportatio.. Soles of rhs week 3110, of wbich 150 were Upland, at 10 14, incluoling ea. 141 to 5, theb tatter price far asfew b.irs of vry Sone ; Og0Floridr, 10 a 14 3'New Orleone,10 a 15; 2.l5Mohile 001a I3 /1 Cfee-l'ha transactions have been excust e nnfined to oer poreel. fr boms use, at the prevnious curetrlices The plin embrasce abont tl0 hbge Brtail.t lt . Idi400 L guin, |11| a 1:;.0 Jara. at 31 ints, ail 4 men.; sod ' ba.8 8t Do mieo. 9 a 9 oeet cash. Iol ,esso-The demanod havitg become les tire. the lust few days pries geive w.y. The sales ianelue nees f Chbs. at 35 t5; Porto Ilco,e a 42; primes Triidod,, Mar. tinlque 35; tart Cub.a, 32 ets, all 4 months. Snser--There h:bl beeno a dem l from the trade at fromare prier. The sales icslude Porto Rico, at 8 a 8i; 8t Croal nt a 9; New Orlaes. Nr :t 81 1t Martins 79; Java 7 a 8; branwn Hortao 701t.0; hit. do 2i " 12i cal, ll4 oens. Tobacno-About 150 hibds Kelor ky have chanoed toandl at t to 10 lelltss and a lot of St Dm.ingo at 17 couIs. liE\WAIl E OF A SWIN)IEII., CHN G. littYl, n carpenter and builder, fnrmer. y flom the state of New York, through thle toe dinit of mwo or three particular friends, was entrosePd with property to the amount of alout thirty six thou. sand dollars. loeomnence businees with in July, 1836; he t..l beiag a ponrjourneytna, but emoployed in a situation of cnhe itetr. In the nmonth oT May fol lowing, he left lIs butitnes under thu supervi"in of a friend while he went to I'hiiadelphiu. In tihe vicinity of the Spreoad E gie, on Schuylkill, where he msied in woe found tbdt he had largely increased thentount of his debt, in addition to the slim of six thenand dollars in cash, which his friend hIad ldvtced for hin in confi dence, during his hbsenee, to keep, his nme fnot pio test. He, utder these circumstanese, sued his credi torn for a respite, which tlhey kindly gru.ted Im, and allowed him to coomeneu a ntow business and all read ily cherinhed and rendered him Assistance int proseru lng it, onder ropeuted anotranes ett idelity on hispart. By his adroitness he readily e'rocueed buoiness in his lino, ad applied to his itieod, at d creditoro for mate. niea ti be emnployed in his bsineeo, promising to op. proptiate the proceelds to tie aymentB the sueautd to liquidate in part the old lebt. when after strakuing his credit as far as possible ini uuing a pirtiot, f tile prctaedt, which it appears hie regularlyreeeivd for his own prodigal purporeo, he clandestinely nmade his dipjinearaoee on the 10th of, 'Otoler instnl; as i sup. ae aon his way North, and all the lonev he a cas r ned (bow mucL isnot f Ily ecertainedw . lie has thus swinllrd oan derauded hio fiends amtd hone tcreditors. It is to be IOped tiht all those credit, rs at the No th, who do nt wish themorlv a or teitnds toi be swindled out of their honest eartings hlt thtot who ate too pred. iGnl to obtain their own livelihood by tihe honest sweat ofthairbrow, will gove this advertisemrentn passing no lier. New Orlhane, October 12, 18:t8. FALL &w PI I lEit 6LotL I llNDt;. T P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, noazine street, r re ceiving their supplies of Falland Winter soahieg, and will eentinun to receive ehipments regu laily throughratt the season. Their anssortent being large will enable them to supply mtrchanta from the country, at the shortnst notice; for sale wholesale or retail, on accommodating terms. eey29 'NEW WORKS . rHE Woman oftke World, a Novel, by the author 1of th'IliE rv of a Ienu yr' in r2 ot. The MERCHANT'S DAUGHTLER By the author diI'he Heiress,' 'Agneserll' &c in o volt. JESUS AND ls ISBIOG RAPHERS; or remarks on the ospels, revised nith copious additions, by W H Farnese. Vol, 31, ENGLISH COMMON LAW REPORTS. Afew more copies of'Curev e Credit System,' 'l.uck. hart's LiUS of Sir Walter Scott,' and Nos. I, 2, 4 1 of 'Shetehes by Bun.' Jlat .ave led and for sale by WM M'KEAN, aetl3 aror Camp & Common vie PAPE--. a t received per ship Chester, from Phil. adelphit, eiglteen eases oftow priced blue and white Letter Poaperfeur cases fancy letter paper, four coae extra large siaz packet Post, for sale by case or team, by DAVID FELT & C:O, New York Statiuner's Hall, cetl3 f4 Chartres at OHI)ON Editioun at scarce and valuable Vorks: Lee's Plays, 3 vols; Farqultar's Work,; vole. Sucklings', Works, 3 vole; Klbopetock'a Menslal, 2 role, 8en. Madanml Bovin on the Uterus with plates . ol; Colley Cibber's Dramatic whrks, 5vols; Hanmton's Memoirs of Count G raomont 3 vol Seleet Works of the Emperor Julian, 2 vols; Lis of To.nis of Salvaduor Bosa. by Lady lor. pn 2 vole, Bee. Ireland's Life of Napoeon, 4 vion., 8ro MIemie of Napoleon, corrected by himself; Napoleon in Exile, 2 vole; The Port Royal Latin Gramtnmr, 2 vole, 8vo, Vraddock's Memoirs,4 vols. Hazlitt's British Porte, 1 vol, Bvo; Fieldiat'a Works, i vc, ,8ne; Gibbons a Memoirs apd Miscellaoneous works, 5 role; Roscoe's Miemoirs of l.orenzole Mediei.3 rots Shatebuhnry's Lharanterietlies. 3 vole, edit. 1732 - illigrew's Plays,edit'n 1tli, I voal 41o. Vlne.y's Travels, 2 vole, Volney's Ruisln, 2 vol; Cengrve's Works its : vole; Life ofCatherine I, F.mpres of Russia in voel; Joat received and for sale by WM KEA oetl rnarCanmp & Commonst iNES--Very superior Old Londn Particular SSouth side Madeira W~V u,in Pipes, halfnoipeu, quarter and eigbth ranks, and bottled-imported by the ubumrlhero,direet fIrom Maldeirathre vears sin s. Alm otlhr deseriptiott of MadeiraSherry and Port Wir,,in weood and bottled, loe sale by t.13 "STETSON 4 AVERY, SGraeier at 2L Us-. Sulphate of Quinine lading and fore a male 0 by H BONNABEL, __ TePhbopidenlaa at SOAP--2t, boves Gould*. No. 1 Seoap, iu se and for sale I y J THAYER &. CO, oet13 74 Poytros at N UTF ,gEIS-- cubk froah Nutme.s in store, ad fur ale bt JTHAYER CO, goctl't 74 Poydro st ftaaNe--i .u aso wlut Corn is prime ordor, forosale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, ld8 Julia st. i ell /so r an.-- dao a.- ts; i.n . ow u, fo-In by u CHAMPLIN & COOPER, oralSB 8? Julia t. a S. ' Iu lg; tiano Luten and at nra gs, for nln b STETSON & AVERY, 0etl0 58 Gta,rnr t l t'Hfil1 TIU AMERICAN. sDITicD 8Y atlillint 4III0N, SATURDAY....:OCTOBER 13, 1838. EXPRESl MAIL. The "Great Waetern atarted from New York on the afternoon of the 4th. inst. with 125 passen gers, and leaving behind hill as many more who could not be accommodated. She also had as much freight as she could carry, besides 51,000 sovereigns in gold. The "R S Stevens" and the 'Passaic" accompanied her down the bay, crowd ed with passengers. The Royal William was ec. peoted on Sunday the 7th. A numerous and highly respectable meeting ofthe inhabitantsof Montreal, L. C. has been held to ex press theireincere regret at the approaching depart ure of Earl Durham, when resolutions were unani mously passed in strong animadversion on the acts of the home government that caused the Earl's re signation. They further beg, warmly and re spectfully, that he will disregard the unwise proe ceedings in London, and continue to administer the government as heretofore, "thereby securing to himself the enduring gratitude of the inhabi" tants of British North America." The 4 mile race over the Union course between Atalanta and Decaturon the 3d, seems to have ex" cited great interest. The weather was gloomyt the course heavy, but the attendance large. At the start the mare was the favorite at 10 toO and won the first heat with apparent ease in 7 51. 10 to one were then bet on Atalanta who led until the 3d mile when Decatur made a rush, passed her isr a handsome brush, and won the heat hard in hand in 7 56. The 3d heat resulted the same as the es cond, in 8 10, which considering the very bad state of the course was very fair time. The second raes, mile heat, was won by Mr. Bot's J.largared Ridgely The own sister to Shark won the let beat. There is a somewhat singular circumstance in the history of this more. Her dam, Lady Light. loot, came to her death in giving birth to the filly Great Britain is likely to become a large pur chaser of rice this season, as the crop in the East lndies has entirely failed. THE' SIEAMsMOAT LAW. Objection o this aset are daily springing up not from those interested in the continuance of an evil so generally felt, but from practical men, whose wish is for a remedy, but whose experience rejects this law as incompetent to its object, yet deeply onerous to those concerned. The humnoe purpose of the law cannot be denied, though its operation may be violently obnoxious to censure. We have heard vast numbers of complaints, and seen some of the evils. The radical defect of the law is, in beginning a remedy at the wrong end. It is useless to imagine that the section of an act can exe rcise the magic of a fairy wand, and at a angle moment convert old boats into new, erack ed boilers into sound ones, or ignorant firemen into skilful engineers. A miracle only could do this. The reform, to be efficacious, must begin with the engin. era a,.d pilots, into whose capabilities a suit. able board should be competent to inquire: thi provision would not only be a security to the pub lic, but would protect the skilful, and experienced from the competition of the underpriecd ignorant A good engineer is even more mpor ant than a new boiler, for if cupidity tempt an owner to en. gngean empiric to save expense, the betar machine in. the world will not insure safety. If steamboal owners, therefore, are stil constiturerl judges of engineers, little change is made, and the less good effected. The principle of the law is thus defec. tive, and its operation liable to many objections, which seem to spring front a too hasty legislation on a most important object. Section 3. Requires that the persons appointed to inspect shall be " skilled and competent,' yet be unconnected with the manufacture of boil ers, engines, machinery, &c, antd gives to such inspectors five dollars for each bout. Now besides the thorough examination of the engine, the in spector must test the boilers, ad try the machine ry. To try thepower of the boilers he must pump them full, and test them with a competent force poump: now many of our boats have seven boilers, and very extensive machinery to examine, all which is to be done for five dollars. Would any person really competenl, go through this drudgery, effectually, for such a stipend? and if not thorough ly done, or by one not fully capable, the whole ex. arninetion isa farce. amination isa farce. The captain is required to obtain from the in spector a certificate of when his boat was built, how long running, &c, which his register will I better show, for we never yet knew that a boat's age, like that of a horse, could be told by auy ntark of mouth. Any such five dollar examinations must be superficial and defective. Then to make the owners underwrite lor the good conduct of all employed in the boat by ms. r king them answerable fr any accident caused by real or supposed negligence, is both unjust and un. Sconstitutional. The penal section which makes it manslaughter against the engineer, captain or pilots, should life be lost by his or their miscon. dct, negligence or inattention, is perhaps neces , eary, but to order to make it just it is essential that r more suitable measures be taken to comnpel the owners of boats to have safe and sound engines. Mlen, whose bread depends on pleasing owners, may rashly venture in defective boats, but the law to be truly useful, should put all risk (as far as practicable) beyond their power. ELECTIONS. GEORGIA.-From the Chronicle (Augusta) oflth 9th we learn that returns have been received from I 4 counties, which show an average majority for r the States Rights party of 3037. In the same counties at the last election Gilmer's majority over Schlsy·was 2O00. His majority in the whole state 762. The Augusta Constitutionalist (V B) aek nowledges that "the States Rights ticket forcen. grees is elected, and there is no doubt that the same party will have a majority in both branches of the General Assembly. Mnl.asar.-It is impossible to give a synopsis of the returns, but from the desponding tone of the Van Buren organ in Baltimore, the Republi can, it is quite clear that the Whigs have carried their Governor (Steele) and a majority of the Le. gislature. The Republican recommends its party "not to bet on the result, although, &c. &c." There was a serious disturbance in Baltimore on the night of the election, and shots from muskets and pistols were plentifully flying. The City Guard both horse and foot were called out to dis. perse the crowd, and remained under arms the whole of the night. We do not learn the extent of the mischief done. "The.ieMardanhs Daughter," by the author of the "Heiresas," "Anes Serle," &c. The reputa.. tion acquired by the novel of "the Heiress," would be a passport foralmost any work, but "The Mer. chant's Daughter" needs nothing but a reading to insure it popularity. The story is one of much domestic interest, and simplicity and pathos mark the language throughout, and will afford some hours ofagreeable excitement for the coming long evenings of winter. It may be had at the store of Mr. McKean. "Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland,', is the title of a work from the same pen that lately produced a "Tour in Egypt, Arabia Patrmea, and the Holy Land." The author has thrown together a vast quantity of information regarding the interesting countries of Greece and Turkey in a light and agreeable style. His anecdotes of Turkish ladies and Turkish lovers are exceedingly pip.anl and entertaining. Nor are his sketches of Russia and I Poland a jot less entertaining, for if the manners of thse toe coun'ries be nol so picturersre,, threy be. Isls ktnotu, and the novelty more than com-ru pemnltea for any lack of graphic beauty. The Wtonders of the summer and winter gardens in the a Hermitage on the banks of the Neva, are more singular than the Seraglio at Stamboul. The Russians have falsified the doubts of the poet in I these artificial Edens Shakeepbre says " Ah who can hold a sin hi band By btinking ofthe frc-ty Csauesos: Or wtlownakedt in Dsecember's snow,. By baeremembrance of the summer's hatd" Whereas for the very hot weather, which for a season is excessive, from the windows are seen glaciers, and mountains of snow, sledges on ice fields, and peasants wrapped in skins and furs: while in winter time are seen artificially heated gardens, where flowers and fruits are growing, singing birds carrolling on the tree tops, and give ing old Boreas, outesde, the lie. This really interesting work is from the press of the Harpers, and may be had at Mr McKean'sin Camp street. " The Woman of the World," is another webrk just issued from the store of Mr McKesn, and is one of the best of the fa-hionable novels, for while it pictures the manners of the English, and the English court, even in the present year, it is full alike of the agreeable and instructive. Mrs Harts ton, the authoress of the "Diary of a Desen. euyee," pourtrays but what she views, and every page of her work proves that " The Women of the World," is written by a woman of fashion. Resumplion in Misuiesippi.-We learn from the Courier of last night that the banks of oursister state will resume specie payment simultaneously with our own on the let January next. stenam Race to come off.--he rival boats, the r "Narragnsett," and the "John W. Richmond," I running between New York and Boston have been constantly bantered, each Iby the other, regarding their speed, and lnt.ahe newspaper controversy has arisen from their respective claims to superiority. The "Rishmend" has constantly proclaim ed a de termination not to race with its rival, while the lives of passengers wer, in jeopardy, and this the Narragansett has constrtv'd into a genteel back, out. The former offered a banter of $50,000 which the latter declined. At long if the "Richmond" has come out with a public challe'nge to race with the "Narragansett" for some three or four times the amount of the boat's expenses, w.iith a proviso that 6 days notice be given , f the vppointed day, and that neither boat shall carry ti tight or passengers. The Narragansett has the privilege of naming any time prior to the 10th instant, iond to make the trial either by day or night, a' its owners might please. The boats jwere there, fore in this awkward~diletnma at the last accounts If one declined, it was sure to be blown up by the other,-if they race, both might be blown up to, gether, by the press of steam, and in either case they were sure to be blown up by the steam of the preas, for having offered to rase at all. The Great Raoe. The match race between tle get of Leviatlen and Cock of the Rock came off at Nashvilleen the let of October, though for some eause er other the record was not mnads until the 8th. We have now the result of the week's races 'rum the Secretary. In the match on Saturday, 29th Sept. between Peyton's b.c. by Bertrand, and Minor's ch. f. by Leviathen furleit was paid,--the - filly being lame. d Monday Ist Oct. Great Match $20,000. p. p.4 mile heats between the get o Leviathen and Cock a of the Rork. James Jackson's b. f ExOTIe. by Leviathen, 4 y.e. t1 e Thos. Barry's b. f(- by .ock of the Roek 4 y. o. 29 Time 9 44n- 9 33. 2f nd Day. Proprietor's purse $t0ii---ent. $25, mile heats. d N. Davi'sch. f. HoanEYDr , by Count Badger, 3 y.. 9 1 l W. Wynnu'a s. . LowaNvD, by Luzhorough, 4 y.a. 1 2 Timet 2 1--- 0 -0-2 6. a 3rd. Dny. Jockey Club Purse $30--...en. $30, 2 mite heat. S. Ragland's b. c. St Josars BAeNs, by LnzLoroughi d 4 y. " 1 t J latloetsi b. . S.aaeIn ,hy Paciic, 4 y. o. 2 Time 4 22---4 22. 4th Day. Jockey Club Purse $500--.elnr. $40, 3 mile hets tN. Davis'sb.c. SctIPo, by Leviathen, 4 y.o. I 1 N. Davis's b.c. tRnT W Ynn, by Eclipse. 5 y. a. 2 Tirme 6 o---6 to. 5th Day. Jockey Club Purse $70i---ent. $50...4 mile bonts' P S. Ragiand'.sbr. h. OTHELLO, by Leviathben, y.o. I I e W. Wyna's ch. . rcroIA, by Eclipse, 5 y.o. 2 dr Time 8 8. S 6th Day. Proprieti purse $ J25--2 mile beats. p N. Davie'sob. m. PIONEY, by Count Badger, 5 y. e. t W Pitt'sa e. BALL, hby Sir William,4 y. o. 3 2 W. WyVnu' b. h. Ic:,.e war, by Merlin 7 y. e. 2 3 T'oe 0 0-.-4 .. Weighte: 3 y. o. o. : 4, 10: 5, 110: 6, 118: T, 124. rcOMMUNICATED.J .Meters. Editors,o EE I have seen in the columns of the Bulletin of yesterday a card with its accompanying Iran elation ptrporting toin he from the National of Parin f on the subject of France and Mexico, the tenor I of which is calculated to mislead the public opin ion in regard to the justice of the claims of France on Mexico, to arouse the sympathies of the Ameri. can people in favor of the latter; and awaken our prejudices against the ! former. In order that the American public may be ahleo to arrive at just con clusions on thesubject it ie neceseary that both aides of the question should be heard; nor is itjust that France our old friend and ancient ally should r be wantonly assailed in her honour (the point dear to all Frenchmen) through the American press without having a lance splintered in her defence. Let its exanine attentively and impartially some of the points at issue between the two eovern e meots,and I fancy every unprejudiced mind will at once agree that the Mexiean government has lost all claims to the sympaties of the American people, whilst it will tie accorded that France has pursued a just and proper course, one alike due to a injured honor and to the families of her citizons who have been rt bhed and murdered by the Mexi. cans. If I ant not mistaken a treaty of commerce and friendship was entered ilto by those two net tionain the year 1830, by the stilpulatione of which the citizens of each nation were reciprocally on. n t:tled'to the special protection onfthe laws of thleir several countries. If this however should not be Scorreet, Mexico having assumed the rank of a ci. a vilized nation was morally bound to extend the protection of her laws to every person that entered her territory. Did IMexico htlfil that ohligation and extend the ages of her laws over the French citizens? I answer no! and will proceed to to nar. rate some of the evils for which France demands indemnification from the Mexican government. Ia n the year 1834 some ten or fifteen French hrti aI ans with their families were brought to the city at Puebla for the purpose of putting up sme ma nufactory abhout to be estlablished under the im a mediate auspices of the Mexican government, they were busily engaged in their occupation in the vi. ninity of the city when the ch lera made its ap pearance with frightful vollence to the inhabi. tants; the terrilied populicee brought the Prreits toinvoke Heaven nod all the Saints trtop the pestilence, recourse was liad by thoirs to the usual remedies in like cases; the chohlera was exorcised with all due esletnoity, the most famons miracle. working saints (el which that city aboultde,) were paraded through the streets with all the pomp and circutnstance of zeal, oflferings ineu . stable were made at their shrine. but the anitirr co.ttlnt-ed its ravages regardless alike of thtter exorcisms and, the power of their seints, the debnae I populace bean to doutet tie power fl their eaints and the elicacy of prayer, and even tie prieuthood was dismlayed, and tretmbled I et their vacillateng pow er should be lost, their ingenelty seon presented them with an expedient to reat-re the confidence of the peo le it Heaven and the Sain c-iliet caused it to be bruired abouth by ineideus and sly friars tlhat the French lCereeciS hadI pisonied the water of the ctll, which, at once stccunted fir the iaefficacy of lhetr objurgations: thief ile Hc cunstton that only could emanate fromi the bsone of a fiend or a Mexican triar, .aos spread with ex. treate avidity and industry. In tile miean lime the disease h d extended amongst p the Door French artisans. Ill the vicinlty, tile director of the ee tablishment was suddenly seized with alarming ae mptome of desease, his wile having no person of confidence at hand who undersettld the Spanish lanlguage, was impelled by a site Ig sense ofduts to her busband and tamtly to go to the city fr professional advice and medicine; having obtained the first she alighted atan apothecary shop where she procured among other things a bottle oflau daaunmaeontaining a pint or more, she ascended her carriage and with an anxiety only to be .elt hy a wile whose husbant'sl life was endangered de sired the coachmnan to proceed homeward o last as posliblc: the carriage had proceeded but a few aquarel when it was stopped by a itlcb headed by a close shorn and greaey neckeu Iriar, the lady was dragged from the coach and the medicine found in; It was ulaclosed by the lrier to be poison which she doaubtless intended to pat in the stream that afforded water to the city, and site was tetme diotely obliged to aal.lw titi. ihlule pint or lcet. uflatdanum, after which she wee tied by theltnele to hie tail of a Iorse and dragged through the streets until her body was torn to pieces: her at. t ndants were murdered on the spo,. and the in furiated mob conducted by the fri.r proceeded to the residence of the poor artizesn whom they mturo dered and afterwards plundered their property, leaving the mangled bodies to be devoured by cu gotee and snpilotee, wolves and Vulture.. The French Consul of Vera Cruz, Mons Carri ere. on hearing of the outrage committed upon his innocent and unuffending fellow cilizens, with a promptitude that done honor to his head and his ( heart, immediately set out for the scene of the 1 direful tragedy, where he arrived some eight days I alter its occurrence, and fournd to his dismay that the civil authorities had taken no cognisance of the affair, whereupon lie made an olficial demand in the name of his country that the ring-leaders should be arrested, tried, and punished by the law which they had so scandalously violated. A prompt and satisfactory reply was given by the civil authorities, they assured hint the uerdcilie de aIn Icy, knilfe of the law should be applied to the leaders without delay, and in accordance with that pledge some ten or filteep of the leaders were or rested, part of wlhom were priest and friars, these latter belonging to thIe Holy Molthr Crurch were handed over to the ecclesiastical court for adjudi. catton, tile rest were prosecuted with a becomring zeal, witnesses were exanined and full proof of guiit readily obtained, and the processes handed to the assessor tr be sentenced. The Conunsel then returned to his oflil i i atalial in Vera Cruz, bear Ing with him a renewed pledge on the part of the I authorities that punislhment would soon follow. The moment his back was turned tie whole pow er of the Church was put in requmrition to save the assassins from punishment, a power by the by that Y is never vainly exerted in the sai dtsant R ,public of a Mexico. Tihe result was that the pledge freely given by tile authorities of tire Mexican govern. mtent ana eordiully received by Mons Carrtere on the part of France, was redeemed by placing the culprits at liberty, asld the Mexican government r by that act assuumed the responsibility of the mur. y der ard robbery of the Frtnch nltizens. The French gnvernmnent wisely says we cannot call the dead to tie, but as you have refused to render us e justice by inflicting pumishment on your own citi. zens, yeu must do us the justice to repair the da. rimage done to our citizenr as far as it can be done n in a pecuniary way. You have murdered our citi. g ns and robbed their property, you must now pay their hbeirsa pension, and as we cannot trust any more to your good faith you must capitalize that I. pension, or in other words you must pay to the heirs oi each individual whom you have assassin ated, that preclse sum; the interest of which, will h be equivalent to to the pension allowed by France to the heirs of such of her citizens as perish in the service of their country. Is this demand unjust or illiberal Does not esr country pay a peneion ie h divers French citizens,or the heirs of French cirn. ,, zens, for injuries inflicted by accident or negligence on the part of the officers of our vesselsof war? Then it a sense of justice impelled the American a Congress to freely grant the latter, by what parity o of reasoning do the Mexicans expect to escape, when then the injuries inflicted on the French ci. tizens in their case, did not result front accident r but design. e In a lew days we will present some other cases at issue between those two guvernments, that are d if possiblc, o a more flagrant charater, inasmuch Sa t'lty emunated dieet ly from therMeicuan govern. rillUet. Your obedient setvalt, AMERICUS. e . "As .ilariners and .lerchanlt are alike interr anted rtt all knowledge relating to navigatrwn, we e publish t. he annexed article as one most valuablo to every one trading to England and France. We are inde ',led to ther courtesy of the French Consul, M. Heltf ' a, tor tihe lollowing article trail e slated troot a Fre, ch auuority. It is ar imp r S lrance io thipmasters, owners, and seamtrn,--Ipti ladrlpthia Gazette. * NITICE TO NAVIGoTOuo'S ome wrecks ' hich i hippenedinh I lelrhe titr'art t tt ttltt Itt ittutt a with a fixed ighrt, agnalizil, since tht ilt otl N - vemiber, 1837, Cape Grn, z, at the S IV entrant , or the Pit us r 'e latle, th I' ben 'ttirtbt ed to tis d igiht berin ristaker l r 1th t t I t Du, ft lle. s, or l rlit English coasi, situated at 8 m"t.'"ne leagues to e rte olrth 83 deg wst of Cape Grtn, : A smillar liistakie tmust a l.ear imposs bble wt n 4 the huriz on l clear, f ,r as tie lights nt (ftt iez Iand Dungeness can be seeni a the ua stan. e s o , v k Ot or thit anr ne lear tues, tthet one and t I, i are tereitvabtle white crososig tle lttervalo w t. it S seprarate utellt in less I avorahle lttmo lphlerie ctircumt riances, coulostonl between 'ierse two v I hth seems still easy to avoid. It i F, in fatl evident hiat it c an iever take place whien n vi u ors come troi N. ;l. As to those cutinug Itrtm Sl, they can as rernt in, oi the i t tts del spt, ion to tihe ci arts t l the S trait, Ith l tithe e on set Ull ter i the sam c olil u tl wind the two afolresaid IIhub"t only by the blinow. ing drctOs ning t Io a ing i.,e itoI athno ot eithtrr ofl 1il the two ippU tlle coasto. at ini such dltecti IN s Sthle chances of a mtisak shoultd teven dist ielr in appro 'ehilg ]ulge ness by the lIght of the Point lights iof the ,orl s of le s ts and l i t I se. t f t . letrous, hotw. ver, to obvitn e every chance, t ell the lost improbable, f i a d v ang rous c ntlllc i S s ,,n e thte Idllllstr riti hrl s decided that a small ddit)Ial light should bte p[.co I otn Cape Grlnt cz, lrom and after the its Octoter, 1838. t' The light will hbe placed at li;ty melres WNW I from the present iright, aund its elevation will be tr about eight mo.res Irght. This additional Iigat will be varied by flashes every three etisutes, and preceded and tollwed hy short eclipses. Its visibility will hardly be hall that of the old Igit; that is to say, that in rodi 2 ntry weather navicators will begin to see the new 3 light at the distance of 3 or 4 marine leagues. By order of the Minister of Marineo, Thie French Consul in Philadelphia. IlERSANT. From the Key West Florldinl, of Sept. 15. MELANCHOLY StIIPWIRRCKS, AND LOSS OF LIVES!! We have the unpleasant task assigned us ,f rela ing some of the ctrcumstances of one ul the most severe gales that ever took place on our coast. \Ve Give the particulars as lar as our information ex tends. N, doubt there have been many vessels which have experienced a snmolar fate, thle news of which we will not be in posas.uiolor of t some On the 7th a severe gale was experienced off Cape Florida. Tile French brlg Courier de Vera Cruz, Jules Julian, from Havana, bound to Bor deaux, with a cargo of sugar, segare, &c. was driv eal ashore ito the night of the 7th, about 12 miles north of Cape Florida light-only 7 out 16 souls sa. ved. lirg and cargo totally lost. The survivers rescued tont the devouring ocean were soon visrited by a large party of armed Indians, who spared their lives because they were Frenchmen, saying that they only killed Americans. 't'hecaptiin and the aisurvivors were taken from the beach alter' the gale was over, by a smack from the nrtlh, bound to this place. TIhe namae of the persons saved folnm the brig are-Captain Jules Julian, 2nd Captain Charles Hupre; Toulon. apprentice; Senou, boatswanm; Dupua, apprentice. Paasengere--Messieurs Legrand, Arrambia. Names of the persons loat-Cuaeinier, Carpen ter; Gaudin, Cook ; ballex, Allant, Guaya. siliors; Ray lmoid, boy. Passengers-Messieurs Durand, A Lacavre, S maaln. The American brig Alderly, Thomas, master, from St. lago, went ashore about the same time and near tile same place. Every man on board, ex ceptone, a Dutchman, massacred by tile In dian! lie was spared at the time of the general alaughter, and subsequently hid Iimself in tile hold of the ship. Duringgall one day and night the Indians kept up a horrible pow-wow aboard the brig; they were about fifty in number. 'rhe next day the Indians left the irig for a short time, when the poor man crept fromn his hiding place, discovered and hailed the wrecking sluops of A mericsanld MiouatVerr.:l. anld by them was taken oft, the Indians againt apic.e.ring in signt alter he had left the brig. 'lite Indians will wreck the brig. rt\'ri tt, . [D71Missing from ship Mliasi.sippl, one box, marked B & M, No. 2:"'. whoever has said box will return it to J D) BEIN & A COHIEN, octl3 90 Common at Lb..,."--loU Stacs (ii rmaln ueas ti store, for sale by CHAtPLIN & Ctn tPElt, oct13 82 Julia at MAYORALT'I OF NEW ORLEANS. TrllEprie ol iresh flour to-day is $r .50 er barrel accrr.;ing tm th, tariif; the ibakers shall give du ring the prese.,t week (tfrom t londay 15th Oct.) 32 oan ces of bread for a bitr. Bread ofthe second quality is requited to weigh 25 per cent. nore. vi: 411 ouuices. uottl3 C. ;E\ itIS. Ma or. TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION. T 'A mouthly lteeaiig oi tile Aslamcaolmn will be held at tbi t.lC.mueici, iL rxclhanc, corner Paydras and Calmp-ti.t1, Thi Eveninrg, it 8 o'clock. rctl3 J \ lIES O'tI)OWI) ec'y. OU'0'S, Slhoes and itrogani., coihirisieilg It gciretal a-sortment, ,ui rtablle tilre eity ior country trade, landing trom shilp Centordia, aud for sale low for casbh,orapproved paper, by A [ D)UNB.\It & CO. sep8 21 Cusitom ilou e 1. AN. el.A wlollUn take chlare of two chit S dren; one who is will"re to travel, a middle a ged WirlllitU rile. AmeIItricaI, English oir c(itr:h wutld ke uir itrred. Npite ireed atitly wi Iout til btet rafier ence. Apply at he oltice of the T'rue Americain. )OOT'dS, Stluns tld Brogans--4t7 cases tBourt, S) Shoes and Brogans, lauding from ships Chero-v kec, Eliza Ann, and lenrv, compriing a goid assort incnt,aml suitable for tte city or Ecomnirry trade, aind whlich ill beauld on the most areliiioainta termns. A f DUNBAItI A CO, octl 21 Custol Iouse st. SUGAIll Houae Mollassea-40 Iarrrlslr-lle s I ltJ 'l'lA'HAEit . Co, oetln 74 I',ER Titt i Lt tdrs seet IaG.)I.I.A.ei arsl, tltl,ntlr t ir r iaael ý.1L ..ep 13 5I.A. l'lt R "f.l'v:ll.01n'o..dr satit St. Charles Theatre. I 13TH NIGHTOFTIIE SEASON. b Second night this season of the pnpular fare: of CROSSING THE LINE. This Evening, October 13th, 1838, Will be performed the hbentlifl net n called GUY MANNERING! Col. Mnnnering, Mr. Dellar, Henry Bertram. Pllmtre Domini Sampts,o Cowell, Meg Merillies, Mrs. Farren, Julia, DeBar. The Ov-lure, by Orclhestra, Grand Pas Seul, Mlad'e Ravenot. The performance will conclude with the musical Er tertainment tall.ed Crossing the Line. Wnttverman, Mr. R. Cowell, WVouter, Phitmer, Pomona, Ilad. Thielman, Oct13 EXCHANGE READING IUObI. THE proprietor hae re-hited his Reading Roon, in the St. Charles Exchange, Corner of Gravier and St. Charles street, in the neatest manner. Besides all the principal 'apers of the Unitod States, of every city aand state, the Canadas,Texas and Mexi co and Havann, the room is regularly and extensive" ly supplied with the latest European papers, Load's Lists, and Prieu's Price Current. Also witll nearlY all the Literary Periodicals of the day, and lhas the re publications of the London, Edinbure, Westminster. Metropolitan Reviews and Blackwood sMagazine. The North Americaa Review; tile Southlllern Litenrry Knick boaker, TheAlerican Jouaral af Sicincer and Arts Cabinaet Miscellany Democratie Review, (Gentlemeot's Magazine, American mlonthly, Bently's Miscelleny, the Mexico Chirurgical Review, and a variety of others. All these works are regularly subscribed for and recei ved. 'The roam is also supplied with a lalre vnliety ofn maps and aetlases, Niles Legister, Levy's Nrice Cur rentfrm its commencement, Gazateers, and a variety Sof works of reference. The most active & intelligent news collectors are em. ploved, to give tile earliest arrivals, and no pains norex aonse will be spared to reader this Reading Rooar the irst the United States. Subscriptions are respectfully received. octll--ti GOLD LEAF. TO SOUTHERN & WESTERN MERCHANTS. 1IHE Subscriber takes this opportunity of inhtrm lag his friends and customers, that ho still con tinues to tanulacture the follaowing nslned articles; Gold and Silver Leaf, Gold and Tin Foil Bronzes, &c., and warrants them superior to any manufactured in the United States. WILLIAM BRADY, No. 10 South Filfh st., Philadelphia. [itAll orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. TThe 'lCourier' Charleston, SC. 'The Tree Amerli can' New t trleans,nald 'Lhig' Cincinnati, Ohio, wil please insert tile above 6 times, and send their hills to the office ofthtu 'National nliona,' Philadelphia, with papers contaiing the advertisement. octf-6t LADIES & GENTLEMEN TAKE NOI'IE!! T H.IS evening, October tihe 6th, THE PAVII. LION IALL ROOM, on tle other side of tile river, will be re-openeld for tie searson. iN B--No Ladies adlitted without being nccompan ied ry gentlemen. otclti-tf Cr t-PAIl'l'Nr. IL-l if Nirr''lr;E. rl111E Co-plrtr'rohip hcrrirrfisre ietirrg onderr the .1  firm of' td,'tO"' V 'I, it)NNI'lIt, in tire In l change ort v ' , - I ev Iby ntlt' o ls- . .. .. ",I illh tlhe Itie V r i' "i ,,r r ti",, tand tIir name n . , t t. y "n )q i'hntionll . h 1: ,:.t1 . ·_ 't " "^, "I ·' l l,n lre r le >· ',,llut th'i a ," , ln "I ' it S; ill h Co. lcollprising in p'trt t" , i ,: cxtr polishing to I, do no 2; frnirttlrte no I, r ,n oo 3; oehh vrnisi nt, 1, do nr 2: va nhll no I, lan 13 lifr or ilanry use; black and hbrown japan, for sale by sbeantop9 R. CLANNON,12 Comp st bulith RerimertLt rtwor.arna .llilita. N)ITICE T'r Al.L Wili\ll IT MAY CONCERN. rlar11 Militia Iaw of the l2th Feibtnary, 1813, de i l cnres that L"every commlirislsioned iler lirof intan try. whose duty shall rcquire himl Ino serve on foot, shall be armned with a suitable sword; andvery officer whllose duty regi ires hirt to be tmou.e.d on ,le).inrkr'h, shall be amre with ias erdan n a pir r ofristolt- ; every non rl'silitIV krt- p inlllll f rP ll'r vided t rithl a t R 'Itl I lt uset r or tno, r it sutnlr.ient ha onii t a ln icirl, it kAl iacki, two n sare di its, a cartrice thx or pourth, t, ilt i a box there,. in to collii o lt iless th l t ent,-four eartri'Fes l itted S 11 )+mil l+S(k, ti'tos. -.oIl ll tuet, o)wder h l IbVn, t t y aIll ', l t tr, tile irb ,re t h I rlrie , ra l t rtrrl"' ll a po(l ad of eI,' vdr--ad shalI apre:ur o rm.d and Itccontred stan pr i OJ i e nPl" l 4hW e ro r lled oi tl, \ei ept t l l l e ar c.1st oeUtry exertn sr.. ile , ht i m y il it lear withllout o. . .. ,lirtrltd s loaded: 1 w i'll ,1 1. cProvId lle l t pev t c a te'r, o... . t ,ll ret e it r o n'r : ' , r - oi' orerr viren y or ebuvnm' the xu"h ro S rir ed r Ilfr otr h rera , r rr llf ti ll t it ap+ear to the seisfy a u o l Lr''rrrr l cout rt oI at lo.snly t ttr ht t o Iiilr ,tt f l Ihe; "In'ti I f l ,Qro ,.!in oritl es lfr hl the i elllner ir T , tl'e shtn a l all iate l ir i ine I ab . imi... t it r . .. t'tt-rf r prr" r 'r e t "a a sid lt, hle shall e o rlxnlore ,n t heintnc lnei o s all utureed oiaethe oftrhe pkcinaho Nce. e a t te Ird rli tll iltat i trh e in etirlte , e r y il h tr u l "T at evilte ry or l errwl n e blr ect to mll illt, r e dl' , l rit it si allt or orders given vy any oli,,"er, Lv,,. the in g t toa give sulc order orhrders or who shall reuuse t. r lneleet is comply v with ate roart af tre ilrlli lul t nr oc i foarce, stueh Ipersionr iiiers ln tr enlile and every tl.i.le, if residelrt of the lerish tof t\ew rrlels, shall br filaed TEN di llars and in default ilIelelo; shall be imp 'sol f e I atrourt titre pexrnse of Ite Sit. irant itf irel lng ill anyto' the otllr tatls,i Puerh el.lla1 or padrs 'rs slcll ae, tyled FIViE dullrs, IaId nl lelhult tih.reof, shalh be illlronlled trenty-flir hILalrs,"a ''p e niiliaia law will bei full, enore'.t in this instance, and on all future occasion f erthe kind. To avoid as mulch as llpssible ulnnecessary trouble and expense to all Itersos subject to nmilitia dulty, wh refused or nIeglecld to Uompny withl the o ilitlry laws of the ae staen 'till 2(tl dary aelelr. lalt, at the rieview and iltpectimi of the dtl Irergitnet IC. 1I. on LIlayelte Stllyre, every delintelleet is resplerttlull requestld to cell at my onrfice witkinr IIr e at s f'rom the date eol this S leticee, between the huers of 1d arigl 'clocki A hl ied settle his ille or n .ke hris exclase. ,-/ S Any i'e of a fire or volenteer compaey lwho may hlave been itadvertantly enrollred nd notified to dor railitia dlltv i the 41tih Renaennt on lrah 2al'l of last eonth, will alel -r a l irticular firvnr l end sav p hiaself froltll being troubled and perpflexed, by informing mle oif the friet, within telt days, either verb.lly or addressing a note; and also any otller persons who may have been enrolled andr notified, and rot eing liable to mllilitin dlu ty. The object of this notiec. is to .imve every delin quest the opportullity of settlingr his line or making bis exrnases, or tiving hir reasels why lie ehould not be in el accordin" to law, thereby nv,[iding the disagreeable necessity of legal proceedings against him ore the part of tbl, State. t It is hoped lhatevery person concerned will duly consilder thlis matter, and proluptly comply with the a bove reqast. Respreetfully, JAS H DAKIN, oct5--10t Adlj 41dr Regiment, I.. M. Office oftlle oael' ol Itakln &. Dahin, Architteee, Merchant's E.ncichoe, ilaek Place. ¶HlE sirtcriber olTers for sole: 500 boxes Sperm Candles; 75 Juadd's patent do; 100 Tallow dr; 750 " No I & Extra Soup; 40 bblo Refined Whale Oil; 10 casks Sperm oil; 200 boxes manufactured Tobacco; 120 boxes Teas; 78.5 bgs Ileavy and coarse Bonair Salt; 80 bbls 4th proof Amnerican Brandy; 300 kegs Bostorn Nails, 25 setta "Stevens" patent Balances; 310 coils Bale Rope; "0,000 gunny bags, assorted sizes; t00 cases boItIs, shoes, broganes, Ae. 50 cases secasonable clothing; l"O hil,", en"'ing of LindseyV, Kerseys, Lowell cot't, n1., -hefunes, Shi-tines, lockir ' 1 ;it tnet; also, Umnbrel las, Ink y r. +(K<iD ;E & CO. Oct I,4 a\!agazine st tII1E ,-r! ,:: t rad after thie 1st day of ,tO-' ., . -rat cent+ per barrel in thie Gas ill k'as ard, 1a.r if raen illr luntities of one hun dred barrrl,,, ciil he .lehy red freen of draynage. Thle advanltage that tbis article offiel possesses o ver the anltracite arld biturnos coals, igniting tore readilv tl.ll the forrrer, rand free from tile unpieasant smnlokl of tite latter, shoul iilduce every family to make use of it. Orders reerived at tie Gas Office in Bank Alley. E W WELLS, sep29 Sec'y. MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! J AN. S. S1 \Ot IN, of PhilanI lpbin, Ibasr resp.ectflly ] to apprirse tne errhants nlid pllile Ienerallyv oi Iet" Orierana rld I.,rasiana, that lie bIr apptrnrDteI oescrs. Reee c I)' e, ihe sole gets tafor the sale of his urnequalled and o nimitable CIIAI.LENi; E lBO)T AND SIIOE BLACKING in Itis section of clnltrr: all article whin.b stands pre *minent forits brleautirll isTre, and luniformllitr of ri i ity The m,rotrtturer warrats tihe Cbialluge Baick aig to retain its victrler in rrnv clilrtIe, rird prreserve theleaticr to wrichit itisapplild. i lh.i r oricrs $100I tre nium to alny person who will prodnre its suplo ior. Cortaficates can be seen at the store of Meissra. eease and D'lange, from merchants of thae Ilhbet respecti biility, beariaite.tirronr to its aret at: l snperorrity over evelv otlher Blackinag in tile Uniteri Stto.s A i crders fOr this article i N. rae or arr y a m rrftis aection of tire Utnira, mrrsrt Ia: b.rerardied to the sole Agents as above, who will pay particulaer attention to the sanme, and fill tlelm at tile anufetrllrer's prices. JAo. S. BAO).r, Philadelpina, sept. 10,1838. 95 Cllow hill et. REESE & I'LANG(E, Comb and Fancy Store, 18 Cramp street. sep22 O'PTTON BROK).ER S IO MPIING,of various si zes, just received nlld for sdle by W1'. MeKEAN, octi eot Cranp & o:nmnton st 1 NSTIBOuIEN'I'S For Army or Nne,-A ehest from I London, manfaettuhed by Wen. Evnans, reerive d atei'v atnd for isale iw, the Doctor it ws intre.ded for haiing no use far it at present. AIpl to II l INNAllEL, o,.t cor Natchez & Techopit.ula; at H. JK. & P. D]. Newcomb, H AVE opened hooe fruthe transacting oft gen eral Copndissaon businote at Natehcz, and any business confided to them shall be faithfully attended References: H C Gammack & Co., ) Maunecll White . GCo. New Orleans. Caldwell & H1icky, etld2-cofel O . 1TO LET. IThe hbasement fltor of No. 123 Julia. next Sthe corner of Camp street; suitable for offices .Lj. o.eptore rooms. Apply otn tihe ilensmias, orto C W CAliMACK, 12 Ctntal Bank. I ATTENTION!!! GOVERNOR'S HORSE GUARDS, OU will attend drill every evening, Sundays ex cepted,at the drill room, Magazmne street, next door to the Atchatalaya Bank, at 7 o'clock, precisely. The greatest punctuality is requested, as a master is engaged to give lessoan in the sword exercise. By or der of Captauin Oborne Cross. JOHN GIBSON, oct12 Orderly Serg'! UNNY BAGS--40 Bales anl 300 bundles, bushel Gunny Bags, in store and for sale J IHAYER &'CO, octl2 74 Poydrasst DEPPER-40 bags m store and for, sale by J THAYER & CO, octl2 74 Poydras e IMENTO--60 bags Pimento in store, and for sale J THAYER & CO, ectl2 74 Poydras at. H AVANA COFFEE-200 bags superior quality or lantding from brig Triumphant, part new cp, for sale by STETSON & AVERY, oct12 88 Gravie ret PORK-25 bills M se ana: Prime Pork, landing from S flat boats, for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, oetl2 17 Commerce street LiLOUR-200 bbls aaper fine flour, just received; y and Ior sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, octl2 17 Commere ast SARD-I500 kegs Prime Leaf Lard, in store and for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, octl2 17 Commerce at S AGGING & ROPE-5011 ps Kentucky Bagging; S 50110 coils do Hale Rope; 500 do Nothem do do. In store and for sale by STETSON & AVERY, octl2 88 G raeierst - UPEK FI E FLOURi-300t bbl fir saleby - LATER & TRIER, a; ctl 40 Poydras street .IRUGS--40 large packages of Irugs and Medi. a S cines, received Iy the ship Orleans, and for sale by H B4NNABEL, octl2 eor Natchez & Tckopitou las Iy VIALS--100 rote asorted, ftrou Dyott'e manufac tory, for snce at cost, by H BONNABEL, octio cor Natchez & Tchopitoulas to SURYEY0R'S OF ICI:-- ECOvD IIIUtICIPAL.i th ITY. 1OICE i Isreby given tihat in eonformits so a S resolution of the Council of tbe Seeond M-.. nicipality, passed at theirsitittin of Tuesday, the 15th of Antst last, I witl at noon oi'tlte 211th October, 1838, S djudicateo at office to the lowest bidder! the fur nishing the titaoer, req ired fcri te year, from the n. date ef Illte ad liettiou Ibfor Inidgit t ail ether Muni nicipal works, ex lusive onh of the tmnber already contracted to It furnished torthe wharves. The wood to hse osaed tI vprss good qutlhty, flee fromsanpand he outhtt flaw o(l'nv kind. SSatifattoty security itn the sum of S10tfi will be re New Orleane, Oct. 10th, 1138. oc1JOS. PILIE, oetll Surve r BUREAU DU VOYERI ooLA2Oe MUNIUPALITI' S Cnllofoiltt d'lne resolution in conscil dela 2c tt mnIei talitt. pIasie dtnts In .(aeint de mardi, 15 g out iernilr, Avis eot dIonUle Ro Iel0 d'oetnbre, 1838, 2; d tildi. A man huauro, l,'njuger. i all rhuibs, la four nI ere ds tout hois de charpentle dlllt la municipalie I'd potrrait acoir beslsiu oll yes travanx iendant un an a iprtir du jotr de I adjudication; le boli dejacon sta:es, Ypour les whalfs excrlos; len hoia seront de ,Lp+,re sei.. all niot . d, e t b tlt e qualile, ann auls ier, f ,Th,,. r xultn, nt piqure. Una caution a tifoinsante lt $1 000 serua xig. r (1soat .I')O PIL.lF,Vover CO1MPTitUl..EI'i IFFIC:..-SECIO o) MINtI CIP ' i ITY. New ()Oleanc . Oct lbrti 1838. A (lRE. . RLT t, a rsolltion of Ibe Council; dated Sci Sel.tenytlller, It:1, sell.i porposlnals will he N.Iovemlbert Il. ltr hlhrve lte e Ir'in hoIUa lld fdoI ars Bloods of hi:s nluiclpalilc i:lpvahle In thirty vears, andl Ieringa six p..r cet 1;,r ,scum ,m1erest. Trhe in eirest inyhii, SCilei-ilo lly ill looollon, New York or New )crlllean as cIla bP bartIIl onl. TheR i i l h"" , iIir I), iif tha interest be payablle ill e I llite I Nat es, an1d 'or '5'.,0 sl enclh, if the iulemrnl be alYvohh inll I. on. The propo als to be JO11N CALHOUN, ortl I Comptroller. Blt,,c tl "e Ci,/nirte e -e', 'otlot' dicipaile, N ioveihe )dians 10 (let 11833. C( l NF(ttO8ME11 lT \ It I reioltihn du('onietil ' hnae du '5 sep en bre Imlrt',hs ofii'c cftjachetlee I+i'" t r nl'ls I a t b nl'ol lni,.h in ri nrdni, le 27ejourde Iioven dhe i rde "b,, lh ll r'rl ' o n iIllile. n nasnres des I Ins d u1.1 e n lt ' le h I' re s i ti ie vlin hl, 'ilt s I rec li t ass, l por ll lllt III £1 rt I v .isx poi y clven t r an, el 'iteret ,lu s, red il snte: c'trediors lof hre, &ew ly,,rk no a oouvel C., t lhis, r'on., I -ern convenuv. ir lneasbri dllveIt Iru io uhr ldie pinireshahqllte si 'iltorut t IlilIiplvea nh i ,'n n Urir it pour 'do.t thIPu .nll slit iineni gi l tine s dill lot poLVUblte n l.molllIres, les )rol-l)i ioll. s domveot etCrodresse0es- 'r diipo iNsa fur Bondsp e " Ilb)at JttllN ` 11IIlDN.Comnp, ur, S TA'PE 1OF itLUie? al .,A-I',ilnhi conlut r tile Ptiriih anill city ofl'ew Olens Ptareaelt thne Inm. C'ior's li urnine, Judge, No. --, Oct. bilb, 1838, Jolhl Whiteh, InIolveot deltor, in actal ctetsldy vs. his creilor amc tfie itielitnrs if \Vihire & Folly. On nmoiion nif C. 31'liliintn, 'o iccl for tihe ltcilvent. anid oii givin tile .oirt to nllerslnd that sudtfcient nuilbcerof cecdors in illbcr and alllOlt hd not ap. 'learce at the mtcetitg of ceditirs to etarisciCe dic ,, urge uader thie In. It is tlherNfore ordered by the ccclt', that tiHe seearl iteet ring io the creditors of the petirtlnee8:nd of White and Filley take plale in open Conurt an: 8iioiday, 29th day of October, 1838, then and there to dcl;.ln'ate le tI'ilers o tile petitioner, and to shew cause wchy tie said inaolvelt should not be dischaiged. E1xtnrct from tile m,:Ittes. Clerk's Offlice, Oct 8th, 1838. A 31 GUYOL, octl0--twftd D'y Clerk T\TAT DE LA LtIUIIANU- Liator tie taroilaa pour apemaroisse et ville de Ie Nouvelle Oleear.,- Pri!enat lion. C(harles Mltriael, jilge ocatobre 10, 1838--NO, -d-Joh White, dbhirteur isolvable, actel lemeut en prisoi n ontra set cra'lcirs et Ica erhaiaeeirs et Ice crinaciers de White & Folev--Sur motion de tC McMlillen, avocat do l'icsolvccle'at en foisant en toadre a la cour qO'llt nohro suafisant dec ctreancietn en nmpre et e letaniit n'est ' as ptru a I'asee.mbleae de crenneiers por aautoriser uue dearlhge selen a loi; dons certe affaire, il eat drltieiir par laeour qotune sc eonl ee assedble d petitiontire et deccU de White & Foley ait ltau en tline cour, rlnodile 29d'eotobre 1831, potre y diliireer oair leo affaires teo John White, pour fPire saeoir pourquoi ledit Jehn White n serat ipae dcharg- tse lonC I lli. Extrairden minutes--c n reau dlu grctier, 8 oetobre 18o31:. tO oct A M Ge t UYO1)., depute greffier, COIPTh IRUoLLEIt'S tFFb I rE-iEC-ONDr MUNICI PALI'I'YV. New Orleann Octoer, 10th, 1838. SEALED proposals will be received at thi office uetil Friday, te 19th istout, for tile furnishing ol thiu Mtloieii lbit with five thousand gallons offirst quality na ter srinrtid Slrean Oil, to be delivered at a trinm to lie agreed upon. Proposals to be endorsed 'Proposrs for Oil." JUlIN CALHOUN, outl0 :tt Comptroller. TEN DOI,LLxARu REWARt. Rantiwai finom the Carollton Ma chi anershop, orire n , nmed IJ): I N BULL, aged about Ithirty years. Said slave is stout built, 5 liet II inches in heilht, lae it slilght r esa pon his left clleek, speaks Enoglish an, a little Irench. 'rite above reward will be paid upon his de livery t i itie subscriber. IGEORGE ME tRICK, oeti5-rl Chief Engineer N.O ,hr I;. R. '1'U RENT. MHlIE four story fire 'roof briack atom in Cam p o traet, ate present occupied by Messrs. A H \Vallace Cao. The three story brick snore at the corner of Bank Al ley and Natlchez street, at present occupied bv Mesers. lleath & Co.; the third st iry being fitted for a bed room. Also, the 3rd story of the brick stomr in Bank Alley 4th door from the last named--tte 2nd ad 3d stories ibeing well fitted up. PossessinOl to be given nit the Ilt November next' oets--tf CHAdS. A JACORS. 'I URB & G(IT1'ER .ni : a-d.,--J OIi runmiilln SJ feet of curb and getter rtones of the fullowiig di. meansions, l2 it;, 16 hii, 8 io., 2nd ic., 26 in., and 28 int. Speterd to arrive between tile let oa IOctolar and 5lbt' Januare nest, will be sold by the aubscribern on arri. ,itn, bh the icnvice. 'Perna. (Gash ot it'e delivery of tl.s hill of lading. Persoos ouplylng salln irecteive tit stuiles as they er rive, in tae order of their aplication. L"ET'IEie & MIILLARD. el, 27--tf UST received peorslhip tI rleaf t.on N York, sO 6il graca bhlck CoIiil t 'loiler, 49 di Flech cold hti 2 lo lleorv's cahlcined Mal gesia; 2 li Ilutter' A periert tI 2 do Seidlitz Powdermn ,farsale by DAVID FEL-R- & CO., oct12 N Y atoliotersa' loll, Chartre st LONION Editions of Scarce and Valuable Wrks: Sorratt on Chess.2 vols. lemoirs of Philij te Corrines, 2 vols. Otway'e Works, 2 voln Lawm reae o Horses, 2 vlds. Memoirs of Lady Hamilton Siasmondi's llistory of Literature, 4 vcoas; 'lt Woraks of Sir Philip Sidney, in 3 violt; Anacharsis' Travels, ii ols and 4to Atlas; Biogiraphlcal Sketches of Reform Ministers, I voll Hervey's Worke; complte in I volt 'hompsoen's Chletistr, :2 rl.; Tihmnpson's Mineral. :gy, 2 los, 8,la'; The Flncrur'e Calendlr, I vol 8 too; Jerry Benthao's Ratiomale li'fJudcial Evidence,5 vole Ciohnto's Renords, 2 vole; NMerir's History ofthe Pe liosula War, 5 vol.; M'ilnturh'e Practical Gardener, i vols; Gallery if Lritiehll Artists, 4 voae; Newton's Primncia, 2 viols; Scott's I',etical W'hks, eomnplete in I vil with platesr; tBosh's Geioloi; .,liddletlon's Lile of Cicero, io vol; Meotoir's of M irnbesn . by himself,4 volr; Hnnme & Smollett's ltlistrv of t miEIottd, caempiete in I aot; Iliet'si Ilislorv if Iis tica times, with notes, teioi'ite it 1 oI.j c jui- r dciied :ild fr sale bvl WV,\. McKIe AN. ,tl,? (inii,:nile 'n:nn ad nt'tomnmn stto.a SECOND MUNICIPALITY. W AS brought to the Pund of the 2nd Municipal ity, in liuronne street, between llevia and Gi. rod streets, on the2tith dept., 1848, A large Bay Horse. The owner is requested to prove property and take iln away. or he will be sold b3 P A iilliet. Auction. eer, on .uturdny, the 1lihi lost. td S HARPER, oct5 Catttaitof Watle. I b I6t6 teer an ldpot dile I econdeM n icia Jt lit, le 26 se tlembre, un gratd chevul bea: le pro prihtnire ent prib de veuir prouver s propri6h ntlemn mener; n mttcemet, it Oeta vcldu i I'enenn par PA Gntillotrteoennteur, ontedi Io 13do eourant. S5oct H S HARPER, Capt. Wateh, 2de Mae. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. eHI mrnniicent structure has undergone, during the recess, an entire new order ot e at ellishment; ,whole of the interior has heen ropaired: the Lhan deier has htee taken to pieces, and tee 13 ewe. of eat glass bheads anld drops cleaned and polished; nothing has been neglected, either in the buildieg itself or in engagements, which haveheen made with the fiat dra matic talent in the countrn, to promote the high char aeter which tihe St. Charles has obtained bothat hoes and abroad, for its being one of the first dramatic Ea tahblisbments in the World. The Orchestra, heretofore acknowledged snpsior,, has been cons dertbly inasenod in number and talent, end former deliciencies in paaticular nmemlber of the Prague Band. Doring the season the most suressef) dramas of the day will beprodued, and in a style which it i pren sumed will give generl satisfaction. The folowlng Ladies and (Gentlemen are in meaty with, and engagoed. iJOHN IF BARTON, Step Manager, EDWIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRUTUS BOOTH, J. R SCOTT, H. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES, S. T. BROWNE, and GEORGE HOLLAND. Messrs. Harrison Messrs. Plnmer, Pearson, Page, Porren, Porter, Williams, Davis, CHweo, Pares t 1 r, Dennieon, And otierr in treat. CELESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSEPHINE CLIFTON. .lers. Brnues, . Mils Ch/arlotte Barner. Mesdames Fnrron, Mesd'ltes. Sidney Cower , Cowel, Jones. Debar, Chester, Plonter,, Harrison, C. Smith, F. Brown, Raneanot Madden, Smith. S. .1. LEE, Prirteipal .dlirl. N. Lewis, Cnstumer, .aell, Tailor, F. Wallie, Properties Maker. ORCHESTRIA. Massrs. Croce, Mesrs. Hostler, Galleeari, Myers, Jacobi, Storm, Zitterbart, Luciani, I)esiorges, Charltsn, Carl. B. Hopt. Fay, Eherhard, Kroer, Roae, itlltand, Smelger, Foster, Cioffi. Conduit, Estrelts. Pari, Cripps, C Htpt, Even I'tltson. And others in treaty, It. W. JtNAS, Ltader IR. W. Elliot, htad of P'olice. sep'27. NEW ORLEANS A\D BAITIdIORE LINE OF PACKE TS. llU s line will cbui of the following vessels which have been built, or purchased expressly for the Irade, viz: Shiti SI.AllAN, Captain Miner, Blarque l 1 n)Y, Nickerson, I I\I) FRIIRY, (naw) Stevens, " 1 iLONION SAl'i'UO , Latlha, Brig Allt HITE 'T, Gray. These ve-sols ate of the first class-have handsome furnished uacmtnodlatl s, and ume of o light draft of w iter, 'o I to nadll ol litelr rcel in; and discharging their , ar ,es in Itlutmoore at the City. Fr ight will be thken lifor pt i tilhe Chesupelke otn Jamle' River, iaod for, ald-dl 1 thhe Ugeote, lesers, Clark & Kellogg, at lilahinoe; Exp. rises on goods shipped will be ad vntsed when r-tquired. Thlier 1.1. " .cfq-ltaU is frixed at $6i0--ample stores of the oot qualtyliV o ill Ihe ironided. alShto ul, nnid down the Misiasippi will he taken on oll (•il s(,i For freight or passage applI to tiElhO.GE BEDFORD, ol t-lit 22 Birnvilli et . . ioR A Vl(lF "The line fihtr sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, rostter, will have immediate d, s oalch, andl nOts 80 bhales ettoun to eroe plete her cargo; for Ireight or passtae, aply to 93 Common at. F.'OR H-'Rl's Th Al ship ALLIANCE; lFerwald at'hr: I oI all Ie:r cargo engaged. en rcpt .10lotblO cLotton, li'r ifrightfowlhich, ap ply ono oo, or to S&J I' WlITING, Sl _ _ 8 Conti street FKlt NEW YIIRK. Packet of e I fthinst. LOUISIANA ANDi NI.W lINE. Thie co,,pereland cppler fastened pack. et shipl MISSlSIII'PtI Bibese, master, will sll ans hve; for reight or passage, haoing lohgaoto octnlaiodotiont, alopiy on board opponite th VeeLtablle markert, or to J D BEIN JS A COHEN, e8 90 ICotmmnn at __ Oi_ NEWV IaRK. The ship CHARLES, Capt. M'Lana* than, having 34th of her ocnto engaged and going on hoard will met t with immediate dee patch. For freight of IOU tons Lenad nd 121 hales aot toot, apply to LEVI H GALE, teptl9 93 Common p t FOUl BI I UN. S The first class ship HARROLD, Howes master, haviong most ol her cargo engaged, wllmeeot with despetch. For remainder of freighltor passage. apply on Ioard, or to SIETSON & AVERY, octl2 88 Gravier at 'OR AIOEXANDRIA. The steamer DENMARK. will S run. aa regular packet during low water, from motth of Red Rivar to exaonlri. or particulars apply to sapd2 JNO H GRAHAM. Ia IN. & I. , ROPE-300 piecee basling 109 coils roe, for sale by LAWRENCE 8r LEGENDRE, sept9 28 or 29 New Leves JEFFERSON AtADEMY. I)REPARA'T'IRY to Jefferson College and t oth ers conducted by It. Grant, L L D. Exchnege Alley, between onti and Iienville. Thi ituation was tile most eligible that could be found; being entirely free from tile noise of the streets and the rotling of drnays and carriages: The Jefifrson Academy is divided into two depart ments. The .l unior or elementary department for the various branches of common education in French and in English--''he Senior department for Latin, Greek, lathematics, &c. Punetuality, order ant discipline are strictly enjoined tnd observed. 'nerms. Juniol Departnment,per month; $16 Senior do i Spnoish 6 ttt. Booksa, itle, paper, &c. chnrged repartrely; 2nd. A mloth once begun, to be paid in full; 3rd. No detdlutiot for absence nor for holiday: 4th. Itstoonts to be made regularly every month. ehool Ilorsl rom 8 1i- to 3 o'lo.ak, oeept Thurs days. sep27 I.'ýlNRY'S Calcined Magnesia Jatl received pr_ I ship YazRoo, from New York, a few graene o Haenry's genuie calcined Magnesia, for sale by the doz. or grace by DAVID FELT & C:), seph7 N V Stnatitoera Hall, 24 Chartr at LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. SIllS Inasitutian for the edlcation of young gentle men. will go into operation on the first day of O tuber, in the basement story of tile :rlethodist Church. corner of Caradelet and PI olras, under the directieo ofthe undersigned who has occupied the chair of math ematics in several Colleges of the north, and who is a graduate of one of the stoat celebrated universities of Europe. The course of rstudies to he pursued in this semin. ry will he comnpoheudedl in the following division, via I. 'The lE..gliah department. embracing all the branches of a thorough and nconmplished Englismh td. ucation. 2. The classieal department, comprehending the Latin and (.reek languages. . 'flloe dopartmeht of motnd languages, io which mill ha ttogirt the 'renjt, Spanish and German Ian. guager. 4. The ,ithelratical and philosoohicat department eomprehending A ,gebra, Geometry, the two Trigonom caries with their pna:ttical apptlletion to Survrying. N vigat on, Astronomy Nc. NI tural Philosophy andi Cheotistry,illhtrated bd appropriate experiment,. [L-,Evanag Clasoes in the Mlod rn Languages will he forLmed tadl atteoddd to tram tle slot Oetober. C J HADERM1ANNA M. R IFERroNoES: J GIBSON Esq, J Rev I'REt:IENTr SIIANNON,Louisiana Col!eg Jacksnn. 1) C A LUZENIlERG, I. t: I)UNCAv I:sq, J NICtOll.SON E.q, New Orleans. set,95,l 1:1H. AN.\U ILa F lkt 1839. frPIE GIFT: a Christonas 0al New Year's Present 1 for 1213!9; :iltiln by :tis: Leslie. The 1iolet, a lhristmas and New Yeara gift, nad Birth I,.y pleseot, for 1,39; Edited by Moas Leslia. Go A-hedl!! The Crockett Alhnanc fir 1839, enn aiiliogd:olll.'oturest exalloits, sprees and aeraon in thbo t.tV.a, life and roanners in tile lackwonds. The c norion Coair Alnmanne Ir lol3, with whi®, eolpos and oddities, lirmll tie land of Johnny Boll. Irothoer Joathallan al 3llonsier Nongtongpaw. lThe Poolel's Altnnie of Useful and Entertaining Knoa ledge, ilr 1839, just received and foIbr sale by WM McKEAN, oct8 car Camp and Common at rl WilNo.-a bales ti soure ad tir sale ly m T.IAYIliP. & CsO. tl lI 71 Pn dt asl at

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