Newspaper of True American, October 13, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 13, 1838 Page 4
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to dik *hiat ad tlro'blll@ gene. 1 eomm b then At kr.r l"nti h tw her v eitn cemfortnle, to raceiV t tt siiog.Coriaft/,a durilng the ment And bettOrr .a tioue i ihod them, on nmers I terrmtr tel is ploaeogtay aitate.d, and Wy 1 d Sncr ja I heryi h t ith C tda tll eervi in trit eito h Ito and tAntmn thcy patro the mt ian will Ube d to the tile which dIed ender Dr. 81 'isV ( rletei, ies, ana4ftruuu yal his idstant !if itt modisitalecd Ontrgiry. ha hIonor 11is pr mie .etrleet in tils ity. tile s and gptlemaen that the most 1145 clli:bh paid to the 0a11. which * td alm offers his ioes to the Ytn, hb ,Well acquah.'.with the t -on tath..hevig tn attaid them in he in Charleston. t ilon ptf #plis e thon ompositon of "e~tf m 0wlth di alno, can be had et aklWhecot a w jhisey have wo A otl ir eu ities, ,i el attended th eotee , taa. tahi "iho beat of S given. Applyv t No IMS Mage. in e t . JNO. W'LORING. WAR IO COD SlROWS, SAD *: IEONS &e. r'H..1 OW#ELt, ttlKS COMPANY, No. J 338 Water, near B.ekman street, Now York, have received the past season, and -are corstantly i'ifif large and extensive addlition to-the sleek of the ahe.r goods, which now eonsists of the dloNlIng. etortment, suitable for the authern and w oa.noracrketl. ellolw warn of etperior quality, eoosisting of Iabnt 1500 toens, via, al--of 3. detiffreat sizes, from 8:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizLe, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sises, from 3:8 to 18 $altons, tkepas a or Ovens, 7 dffeareast szeP, Teailttlee, i do tllet., . . S de ..ata.Spderw- . 6 do Oclddlos, . . 4 do Pirs Dot, . , do *'g/as bhoes irem 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Sort do. 5 to 7 inches. W .Srews, 20,000 gros, iron and brass, from h, No. 3 to 3:91tOhs No, 24 . a uperior a nd finish, and loo than Jaae'.s imported d Irene, asorted, in easus of about 500 lbA for . itsiling. Ta to' e and hattor's Iroen, saorted. aalreght. , 100 tons, asserted from 1 4.4 to Balls for Plantations, steambeoats, hurches, &c. mae to order, Alo itOiamboate and other machinery made to 3i eai'os aioretment 'olgoode is particularly snee,~a ed to theatttention of Southern and Western merohants, and ats offered for sale at low rites, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. ~ald to be the largest and best'usortmnent ever gCred for sale by any one eotablishment in the waited States. Merehants, by forwarding a reqluest by mail, can ha.. a printed circalar, with description of lood,. peei'ma, terms, from which no deviation is over made, fhroished by return of mail. All orders will r'eeive immediate attention. Iew York, 1838. j.3 tiON SYRUIP & PICKLB.-Underwued' Le.e lA aon Svrnp and Pickles. mansned sizes; lso, 60 hbxea of Lewis & lJakell'c Pickles; for sale :: cloae a oneaignmenrt, by JAIkVIS hA NDIIEWS, sit cor Common and Tchonpita.lul itJAO -l-Io half boxe No I Snap. brand of James SG.ould,forsnaleby ISAAC BDIItDGI & CI; m1l6 134 ltagnrie streer. ITO LET. O NYon, dwellinr husae n Triton strert, be tIwea T lvli 'ircla and taroudolel ;rert,. mn:J. Apply to J OTT, " . IIlEEI.I0.tRFOWVS, &o--25 Wheelbarrows, 25 ' di t do. in atw e, t.t n shol by tUIIA311'LIN& COOPER, m15 , 8 .lul'a st TII.AI n ruled ;ap and Letler P.prs, of all qua L litie, conaisti:g of very superior blue laid, blue and white wl o, aondl ai'i and rurled rough edge record colt, ccutrattly on hand a:nd tar Pale by IdAV)ID FELT & CO. a31 N 1' Stationer ' lall, 24 Chartrer et. 1J (;.80 So Or.Ir C.i'ce" 10 5.: bnhes ra: doe, each Moselle \\ ine, 18S, 11 do ofi do a,: do 1821; 51 do of 2 do I. P Port, 18lti; 3(1 dIo of do .P brown th-ry, itBl Lit pipe extra ..leira. For ale by IIERSIOGNE, BROWN & C.,. . .i C, ti treet. " LANlK IIOUKl., of every variety of rulio.g and .J hinudiog, onstantliy on ha,,d: lad Prinjiog, halin and Binding neatly executed, o t short non:oc, I' DAVID Ft'.' T . CO. me3 NY Stationers' tlall,2 Chartres t. ~it talk --411 hils liurth proof Ameriean Brandy glr sale AAC BRIDGE & Ct). mslt 134 Magazine street. rO RENT. A NEW two story brick Ioaue, situnted 5 door from the Seeoad Murieiuality Had, oon dt Char e atteet. Keft very low, puoanesion given mnmediately Eir at the premises. rn.o, f. .L LitUK-5itii al l linour. for saoleo bvy ml ( It)I . Oi EY, 44 4New l.vee. ýC IK6 BACON rid -in t hb t}1Jlw29 i l t V.t 41 " nPw I v P . PA0GI0 tN o I -.I- o- A 0t' .std 5 lfllcoils Rope, laading frnm Anbaa+edor,mlrsaie by I.AYE'T & ABMELUai, ml9 17 Caole asest. iriT; . -OO pae..s Jaggine, land in Stfra. s.t.,e er WVu e nat. 1 fr rl . b . YORKE, lt t'141oRs, " JG 6ii teamtp treet. eO NMROURT NOR COaIVA .nrwr orle.on, l.ov. 14,18,7 A BOLT six months ago I had the nisfortune to get a racret disease, ftr which I Imve alpplied, to ve ,al doctorn for o cure, and they did not cure me, o now u the aboee date I put myself under the care of Doemto Iuotarnd I exper hidm to cure me. Since that time the roeaee got worser, as as to break out in large ulcer to thet number of six or eight oa ea h leg, and all ouvr my lace, and eare throat, and not able to work It he praeeot time on account of the disense; lanre nleer on be right side of the throat. I am no., poatting myself moen lentyt uderthi eaor of Dr. Hue, r.f Paris, to be perft.tly craed JOHN DEAN. li. 14 ly T CEfRTIFY that the ative mentioned disease is ,.quite well cured to my own satisfaotion, for which I thank Or. Hunt; and moreover I assure that the me li nlse I hIave tiaken ker in me let, and did not injure my teatih at all; therefore I adrisa my f hlow suffeerrs to Iase no time and apply to Dr A. Huet, 124 Canal atretr, beiween Dh uphIne and Bourbon streete. Dr. teet is et hmne from 9 o'clck, A M, uatoil 4 P iii. [.hey will Lnd a trie doctor ion this complaint. JOHN I)EAN.4t Gravier street. IFU any qa wase to see me, call at No. 41 Gravies sitree, and thtb will be satistied. To e iniblished at the opttin of Dr. Huet. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. feb 14 Iv fls Genuine Indian Ialsam of I.iverwel.t alu tloe Ibohun, is put utp in botthes at the low price of 5il reaeh, contaioing the strength of three ounces of lwonrt, hsi leas the virtues of many other roots and berbe known among the Indiana as eficacious in curing pulmorery complaints. The I orivalled secess which bas attended the nue ot this inessmable Balsam wherever it has been itl'o ioeed. has obtained the conlfdence and recomnmntda . fatedrapetehie pihyiciat t for the cour of onugns, olds, pain ia the aide, want of mat, spittiug or blood, 3r,4er compainlt, &c. To whom it m ny conern. This is to certirv that we have tr our peractie freuaently prescribed lMrs Gad Susar' tndialn Baim of Liverwort ed ilnarrbond, with a 'detoidd good efect: we can therefore, from the know. lIdle of the materials it is made from, and o hmee yaton S ed epenieree,. reemoietll it rlne slataria preparatioo oreallthoSe aleetions of the lungo fr lwhich it is re ntneondotI. At.BYOR I' WII.Lt t1,tS, A. D. CALVIN ELlIS M. D. Membera of the Beton Medical Association. lttan, October 2. uolaby JARdVIS & ANIDREWS, ctl 1I 'n vlral I !';:r Oittl.ol aets inreo,,,,t.,,d y , M,.oi FNt t .I)L" h rR'$ Eltrvesrent Magnesian Aparient-PFor SLJdyaopeia on in 0ilmecti'it, nervous debdlto , giddi. mieac,haadah eaeiitv of the et.aaoh, hsbi!ua eos. inatInela,cauot.laeradl ares,gnou gravel,&rc. and nuch wsland losa n enle, colilnr purgative. This desirabin pral,ratilon has received the patron. are of Ptany eoient members of t a profP.=iont , aod r ea discroing tutlka may rospeeiable and unaeli. gjtsao ,mniar fits nffictioy as a medicine hase lmmn i t" ied. With all tlb paseing qoalitiro of au lae of R a daamr , ero it p asay fo actve loaelieinal propertire q( ths moat alopr awl slins pan seeae' iti o pleasant ! eqtll$ to, aod grailn+il t t o repp. S_ la dn4lTelt . deuorAr ot. ' sa"in d re Mooma . * o l t4 tuo4.AlOamr S lai th.• iefairoIa t thus tosla he hTro oos dllah . tahe. ed toti e ho it hod t sloatafl * esi . For al mf o, el a dl det iie. . mo W h ICKIE l & CO. preo ds. . . ..1 40i l ! lh Cahnnal erei. e 0N) ats I emle dry , i roseetoermao utr rrsson d i h e n -si5 . tIh.1 Is* Hir h Oil wee siren to t, uonele, it rhad v- , , cE a o ys caae of s iaothdoe, thiireOtiliar sl tenve It a r Ined to pnndiwa ep bP etide titeod l cc~roorý rosaderit bhealth, an prodlce s -r l hed -. This Oil Rivati ..arreoatoefre. on ron a sd iu preiitrrbbe rtnoa other 01 ir Oil for per umiar.o' a'ilir ad glesinip's heir. rhe b it satbe e o drP!e' os;i "i' Fn.i psl at + #, I &: .,. ,'wI. atd nolld 8a P o inke Her i t nattlg Pitlloablt and l Sbardhot neltý Powder eonR i l Clothn 1 Ta1 rt rd BPaot,, Caj%, 1 llnad teenod 1)rtihldia (t na Le. ,,at non npa and a.s., t `tint Neil lHunc Q adCh'li Tooth Wsah. loath P.,eder Tniletacatd .lbaie. +.Soaom, in.gfiat va. I trht i'iet(t teir Braidt, IRl rtol nold Pelsettea; Pear. [ nd i'Pldt Pna~dera E nr Ia brv Tub Cuhionwe tslls ati Pltme; Shell Twirt: Side and i cint. inhtlahiehin addition In their former atlno tWo hait itknshe4hir assortment aer complete, and will be old 1 SEnd on liabral terms, at othe int of t9 Golden: L'onh. i25-tf 711 tharltes street. T~ Hr osbetcriher, Agents; la, the raiteivebanse ofIe ar s e, ahr Sheffield Eorlandr, R tare N lek a criretla lr lt extensivel et oRf ne ,s, elnsitin of i'Vbtl and estsrnat Knives of ra -. doerimtitllt, Pen,r Pocket. itk, and Spear painrt Kn.e: Radoar, Sii trr.oE;Ie Tnala,&e. &e. &e. whikhthey are prpnared s enxhibit to the trde tr erm. Terms and conditions rill be made known at the m tie st6 J.D).BEIN &A COFHEN.tllUommnnant. , IMMONS, HARTT& CO,--Are now reeeainrIt paer hip Ihrti0avihle, Eagle, Merry Ahes, Hith. ndar, Pe adch i German tdonuble hoesl nlveins 1eerd ateWrbelmntid pocket pieolan pltin, riEheand a it iet ceuien vopm ete hs hotldes; cniss re, Ronion ti e. vest Gilott'o mmmerelal other stel ens; Vin o; Violin s ral ingt shell, ivory and horn dnotmha whanrs; k, boine ald leather poerte heir nir la, wrnt andle ras nlers; negro prs&.; German antd French cologne ostcr, Roolands acarter oil, litatiml dot atichea Titl hearsoil; portable tesko out drnolerg rases: past Uackihgti sttia nlttd toilet glates; ronvex irotorse o-' eatl glesn an viers; Isnlan t bead hells no l lsmers eonreon; whlttwine; tnilet and shaving sceaps; toilet owdler, oa', etil wash halle sMe ettl atin oleinl, otb pat moarlr; screw anlhiotls; fancy bhatl chains acnl teklHatris; illiand o:de;t pitoet hooks and wslletns; (rseltman honesar .or otres; fine anto coammnl gsm as;tlo sutctndera, n urterin ; Bells luciir mtcllhes; w il. oer benais; Ciryatns, dee. ete. The rhove in adtlitinp to our former stoek of fotey ritelrs, matea ndr ianottotrilt very e mloplett . Fo atele holele or retail;o tae iess aig of the Golden Ccom, p t, ,Chinsraco tr st mi o. e f NeOe anrlee e; Mnason Harris Cee o.f Napluhez; ne Hrris, KelleC, n e f i oditev, was diialveoly on. hose oaf Mba Icst, hy tei death of aneuel A lusoan, one or the partners ant he firs. and Tai undersigned, gaurvllag partners, will he chargedl with the settlin and saild Iainerss a followa: Lesi C iearria will attend to the settlinr olf the husnesa of lason, Nlarris& Co., Mit Nntaher; and tarrin, Kel e & Co.,at erloine v and Hnray Kellyr will attend to resotlin of ath basiilteae ofrelley, MInr n &r C,., at Ne Orlroana. Tf e names of the poneral firm s willb Tsed in liqnidtaiononly. 't'hoe idttbtd to said firmg are enarnestly reaqusotod omate forward and itake toarly settleaento ; ano thuse I hatving claims will please preofte them without delay. LEVI C HARRI:S, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June T27, 1237. SJAN MARIE FARINA'S COL.OGNE WATER Scases 2r are of this sc parlor Cologne warte. ju't received and fir sale by tile dozen or single bottl:. Also American and -eeltCi toilet ip wlers, powder ronllf ani boxes, hlvin and toilet soap,ieoametie wanl lballs, mIilk ,of roases, rosmetie nlt creoam, extr e o ttnsk, kephbala, Wonrd's vegetable thair oil, poanltum, S reie do prrse, Flnridn. ilvenda ir, rore ani biay waters, e Preeut'.'s stallt, Mlarseilles Iertiur.'crv in trunkc.veoet-/ le I d liquid ron,'e, Chlolrine at '1 Orria tootl wash, Sclntlt. hir, toioth, nail ndti fleslt tre tles; together with an additional sopplv of frnshionalit hiar and shell Scombs and jewelry,lorsale low at wholesole or by SIMIMONS, IA l'I"I &CO, ju.n!y 6 . 71. 'lhroetras strert. ceiving frem on henrd ships Yazoo, an .Saar aee ndl rig Cncordis, from NewYork, a A r7el variecty a grls in lltheir lint', which togetlhe w Ith their fartele stack on lt.nd, wn ken their aswort entvet, plate. 'he folalwing camposn e a prt, i:t e ll tr 't, I.,r.'rc, tuckndt sid d irs, , s Ilorlltio ofnll den,,'lp tiar a Int iia ruhber, silk nd worsted elastic r'es ,t ' toltm tn, t lin elastic susleadners, locoie and ea Iatuerlfe satches, Seidlitz iowders, powder pufl nd boxesa, tnila r I.owder, pocket nooks antd wallets, neredle Imoks, Shtk, , ncearl r llcldsr necklaces anlt neliger l bead cnins,lt nd rkrek.ktns, e.a.t and plrain,rcsd,rilver nl Sillt b. l d Indian beadr, ell anl Io , tth ; pIistal tan Inree Ioe'r-, aerflnilks, shlot bcltsre,hlorr, helt. pocket anad dhealt" iatols; Idobthlrtandsittle tarrelled tans. Bowie knivt'', and dlirk. optirssi'a, slliarpocket knives, rceed cltins, anll rib) aInc, waist blcklel , c loth, hair, taOceIt nalilen - nnel,. shop, date, liner and frih brusher pape. o, Flriln, lurldleri rle and bay w p:laters. ortdSellCes, nti extalOSe, tncens Ir, ICar, Rti ltle, a War otd's ve getable hair aoils shlavinS nld toilet senap om all dts criptins, ldi-' anl geltlelllent.' tdesk and tdresrsin enase, hair riletsn ftoizottes anil iraid, tlal, fircan an lt musical wortk lnalXt ., plain nd ilt,ll tZreid,coatl nd rest buttns, pearl and ivory, shirt d, .lhir gStuddas, ol, and silver pentil mase, totthlticks und tweapzers,tlated intd gilt latkstu, toinitatunre sit, si, bras and stc l 'i:imtlee, hoanks nd eyes nir plir hita:titton frtit, blk sead redink,shne llackil.t, vitlins tnld gnitr,rribbetl ,nil pIlain Iaercusin cans, litll'Ir t\illo, scetO ell yh Lens,gol and lace s iw d frwnae, littl pereoe e, ranes han ,ridinta, wls, walking eauls,laymtg cards, lita gJld, platera smd oiltrjnwellry &.c. The above. tcoetlcl with an eret riet ofother arti les are oalbred at wllesarle or retail of accuenltdatiug N Ii Shell onlbs repaired. comb, Mo7t Cha-tres steeert. The saubsribers have re ceived, itadditon to their praevits sticnk t bonll, a fIll and tonplete anrortment of articles in their line; viz: comnbt perfinmery, J'wellrv, brnshes, lacking glansseC , fancey artiles, &c, eeasiting in part as follows: COml It--tortoise shella, wrn.alht ant patin tttch,twist, quilled hack, long rontd, dressitng, side ptll', curland neck, Braziliao n coabs of every descriltion amlongst whicl are snme Maexican patters, lvory combl of every dascriptio, horns, dressing and nckaet, together with a generala ssortlnent of renah and Amenrican,. PI'ERFUMIERY-CColognc, L.naveder, Flcrida, toney, hay, rous, nd trntoe flter wafers of every size and dea.s cription, canplhorated Cologne, extract of Borgomatt, laney sonap oall kintds, shaving do in cakes ant pots crealn surpdo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears antl an tisuedo. Ireston's ntitljg salt, plain tnd lterfnted toilet powder, pearl IpCir, po, lerItlufs antd teas pao atntmn in pots and rollE rrs anti chlorine tooth wash and tlowdncs, with a general assortment of JE\VeLLRY-somea ofthe latest and most fasleiona the setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, tops- - let eardrolsw , set in filagree, breast pins ofea gre"' ~7a ty of pantterns, watch trinttitaa, gtit and silv~ ,aickles, silver thimble, silver and Igld pt tails and guard chanins ItRUSIES-Clttht, hair, ldust: tI,crattb,lhearth,floor, tat, lesh, toothi, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, ahnoe and whitenwash rus thes. LOOKING( (LSSS--German statia and toilet glassa, mtagnifying and French dressing glasses, hotne do, with a vnnrtiv of atier kilntd not unttearatld. FANCY ANDl) VARIETY AR'ICLES-Frenchl and Atoerican portable lcaks and dressing cases, some very rich alnd finly tsislt'd ladies work boxes and dres sing cases, with antltttilltt music, musicnl boxes, Ac aordians of various kindi, violins and guitarse, silver ad plated penitail and leadswoa d pencils r carp Cntert and crayons, mnttle clocas,gunt anttl pisttls with a,,d without eases, v cusason ta ir. plrclt~ionr cap chargers, nipple screw driver, ssht belt llachnt bngs, paste blacking, toy tea setts, Idiat an blads of every kitnd, Iells anti II tnat, filleasnd comnn r ktivea, razors and scissors, tallilbes, nealles, piisa, silver platet, steel n d antoltman alacta. des, pocket books and walleta al various kinds, vlsltting cards and cnrd cases, playing cardls of 1'Frenchl, Gcrmt,, sad Atwricasn Itlanacture l, dolls. ilitation liut, sou boxes, plints of various kind, aslndrst POntllaelvy'a, Eammeroan's, Hillntnu'. arnd llawkin's razor straps tad mctatllic aones,dirks, fancy bead neckltcea, do wtl', .r draps, toy watches, pearlnbuttons, powder flaska, e., ai d plain seed beads, gilt and silver do, guon ela.teta sulpen der, and garters, plain and sword tancs, btackgauantn baards, lice, oplicli vientes, jewsalnrps, locotocn matlch es ad dlrinking cups, with a great variety ol tiler arti clan, all ofwhi0 h will ie sold iter cash or city acceptat. cas on as 1noatlls credit. 1111 dI ..11Cil , & :o. d4 70 (C.tnrraal. I'OLIERAR'S Science of l'acmattsiti received,aandl for sale at their aertaneitt Writing Aesadltiets No. 8 Clatres traeet, new tOrleats, 181 Bltoadwany tew Yerk, Datplltiue st., ,lobile. It is particularly designed ftr private learnera, aud schools, and is calculatedl fIr personas of all aues. Ladies atttd gentlenen are invited tacall and examine the systetn iar thetlaelvne. l.aestmns are given at s tell hrouses as nmay suit tlhe convenielce afall, and to classes formed i'iltly purt t'f the city. Ladies wli, pre!er itcan reaeive lessons at their own ret' sidencee. Perts uas paving for one s ares of lessons are dlesired a atted until they writstl t ell as they wlh. DEAFNE [SS. .A NEW article for pa. tr,.,,,bled witlh d'eane.a, S(salled tita Ear 'l'rttntelt,) Itan just been received, bt tihe usea lI , hica, tith sligtte.r artt'e, lation of Ite' ht . ian voice is diatslatly conveyed to tle car. A v ita who ilas ver Iteanu bliged to culnverase wth a very dca p.-an, tlust he rafully s.lti its f ie dtilitt icalt, antd e tt. barrassmaot experiaened btit Itv tlhe-mselvra and tie - dlividuals so ultitrlnnatatv nalltated. Ily the use a f te/ Ear l'rasipet this uble.tion s Sltirealy ited. '1ita most sceptlnl Itave al*tt n a ttduaeld ithlredatubt+ alter having used setatl'allllrt. Fur sale a I' GU[ON'S, Fancy store, cornesr of Connnon and St Cikares streets Iner tti ra tt, a.ys Hitel. ferh 13I kPEItM OiL--I21h galinns winter d S' Sperul Oil, in casks ind bids, Ior sale by JA:IVIJ &. A ND)£tEWS, Wltoleaala DragE eta, crneer "' tnman and l'lltap ina slreelts. nt' 1 - 1j'I lE LEAt)---5bis, t t,If Ilest " 411 kegst, lao • 201 do z5 " , English Io--5 1-4 bbl. to0 100 Paint Brulhe vansi us sines; I earws Vertilli ri 5 bbl Copal Varnish; 9 Japan a I a CUtnh a 20 packs Gold I.eaf; 5ll do Silver do; 11t) do Dltch a letal. WLNI)OW (iL \IS, Asmerican, Ecglish and Frenah -Il boxe. variouns niese and qualities. Btt.t, troawn do.-5hl boxes, etssignmnent, will be oshl low. Als. a teneral asseortmeat of aertsta cnlons. and tools, for sale by A W SCA1 ES, No 141 cattal street. N B. Alalbama antes taken at p r and Mietilippi notes will It received at 10 percent discosnt for goals, or in pvintaotwnfdebt. je Inw -" J '4LOUR-300 anliag 1 ., . tanr lnlepead. F va }!e 4 n l+v , MI. WIIAM. OCULIT , | Now AT TatsU mat eon . at atlfs, 1 I the tltorofhe on in rillse Adslverlt&: s S ".--[t appear by the N mrnatioan o the .doori s 1 cipt, a, wellh Wiie edttno of the MemlblJ.h4¶teer, ' that the "Old Gentleman."is among the tettle hia is prlued bhitqly. itN it tlhiat his timelis buet shount, a.d tt Wer rantla are dpbeetr I impnoiitions. 'lo wt'th . !-*ho are Dcltors, the pripriei0tr editortor i ilosi of the above t named jourcaln, eall evei' Itinr-fmnim pernnl I have resmtorelu to sirht in th. ebee pices, puffe. I. The fact is, tiat I nwet had etth g t sattnen within so lintitt* a periotd n ten or twelod ltys. One who tas a hed iaout ten gear%, who had only en the light from his birth, be.s.n to see to follow his manter to my linhotel, instend of being obliged to he led by his . Two vyoung itdies, who had eaehlest the sight of one I eve, one for ten years and the other for nearly two veare, having leth ol them the other eve very weak; vet elachl of those young Itadiea began to' see with both eyes, which bene I mvself still continuea, ex eeptinc they re tinder the influence or dominati in of the Medliel Doctors. Another is thedaughter of a mespetllhble met-chnnt, wmone name I am honedl never to ,entrion, (as be paidr me mny fees), who said che had lost the sight of one eve from the age of Ill months, hut that she now bhe:ni- to read large letters with the other eye eempletel. ehliot. This the doctor editors knew,as thbs entlanmno told me himself he hod con doe ed his dauchter to the office of the mediesl editors. that they might be inf rmed of the fact. The last I shall ma n ion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nenrly cevent'y vears of age, wlr decelared puoh lielv by letter, which lie took to all the different offices in NAlshville but one, and himself told me he had paid for 'he insertion whatever they desrandod, who dclar eI iu that letter thate lie ha !otallv denrived of the sitht ef olte sye from fi ka -oer his birth, which his mother stated to tim. - ooeasioned by the measles or s nell pox; thut no.n Ito eiuld not only see the light of the cun, for the first time that he realldefts, but the slaes Ilsn, and was keginning to distinguish many otdectc; end slid, before I left that ofty, give nin nv proof that he could see to walk about the stsnets with the other eye completely closed. He sald he had been e member ot the Methodist Epiacopal Church for ne rly forty yearm al I that hin word wa never doubt ed hroulgh the whole coarse efhis lire. 2. 1 repeati.rle I 'tad never greater nccess than nt Nashville, and tltl the medical and elerica doctors had neverhef;ea no m tell reason *t he enraered. The pionaindlignaticn oiths Rev. clerical Dr Smith proven, when e statedto me that albot ix years paort, e was converted from beIng a perfect infidel, i* believe is the doctrin a of'he Bible, that he most have made a trifling error-that I Pmust shave miean to san, th t before the end of.mix years to eome, he sh' uld be converted from his iifidelity, aes the epirit tf the true minister of the peaceful and tenim n dintriues of the Christian religion Idoe iot breathe olt destruction, rage, calumny and falsehoold to pIlease his medical friends, against the man chonm he knew hbd done so much good, and no in jnry to any one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of tle great' ucc.:ss I had, a-cept the nediceal dnctors. Most of them alno hed been informed by Mlr Yount of the cure performed on his totally blind eye. .. The faoua Go'ialb S. efthis town, pretends that 1 have lost the banrels I gained i n the Nort, since to ar, val in the Stithwest. This proves, hnwever,I had, and thlat I kept them until I arrived in this section. If I gained onee in the nortl, l olght to hove gesned nltb. r in the sninuth end snllthlwesti, and I till hope to wear them on ty very youAhfil hrow it the day I leave, in spite of thie vtupertion of tie great Dr S.,if I nay judge from the mnn I eve already benefitted in tuit c.ty ithin three dave. 4. The hlject of the present is to inform the medi eel Golinlhn and editora of the Repbhlian enil Transia scrilpt, its well its the clerclal Dr Smnith of the C. pres bvterinn and of the Union, of Nashville, as well as the elitor aid srb nmedicel editor of the Memphis Enqliree, as well es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Lontaville Journal, and alse the medical Golihnt ediior of this ctoy, the eract )ir S., that I shall linirn aetions against tl;emi na, l¶.r iltseaill ni, slandelr or caluinny, itnttedi. ately afteriy arrival in New York en well an against their atiinald be hI ren the medlical Goliahs oflthe north. 1 now billd imyself by promise, never to quit this Imhapy land of lile tr, until l have brought the noses of all my oedhcalnldiao b hof the ilorh, as well as the eeuth nd tilt wet, to thle grlndstoie! Thie alllitedl, there. fore, may caculate oil findingi me during the wcolta of ii ext year ill New York, where letters, post paid, aud no others, :vill he snre to reach ilae. 5. T'lo inflorm the public tlit the ilff, so enl'ed, which the Rev. clerieully converted infilel pretend was uwritten firl him, w wn ritten, ore than o week prior, i antlll intendedll for the Rev. 1). Iwell, who rend it in lily presaci.v iwitliut mnoiftsdlif inyv liatpiroialioti; or,u tlcolllllrnrv, took it Ilia satdly sil.,nclden e I i Ii , the way lie did, which lie said hte 'htunht woul d a S cwar i oiy porose belier; lie delivered them iith t, ime, wii itrhu pretn inl thit I wantedl t' It ibe hiiln fro It h;s dltv, as I never Iould presume to ocilr that geoitIentnO or mlly othi r, aily motny l' r siti'tilt fllt; T'e lieV I)otolr'sown .ittlemet is before tie plluhic: had he lint an: illllllntte frieid If his, .as well as tile wihole of nmy al . i t-ta ill *lnlltiv iill tainother clergymlni, all fin lliu1 theit Ill to i e i nilllt lic, andi all im y Iptletlls t it e nlre or less hIoefilote, hle tevtr enulld have blenl iln'lu end bv it tloltl rilner to ]raw up Stlnhl all Rlcen sI € wrote hlimi elfftr intluliymoii, no liddlresed it to M tr utl nefeleIe ofIlp h \V " Advoi, teo A. ,i i onider the clear Leimhted medical (;oliahs of Vashi~tl;le took tile ala. ;and thlerrlefnl-e ulsedl Ils rel (tll\t- i ii m wit h thielni the all-lllwe rfil, tlhtili phi\.s iotl and in,'elle ttl ilorle of the osaid to-be-icolnerted mild ll. We read in the Biblee th ilac n ure is knol;w I its fuits.'' I dare say the converted infidel Iin, lptea e li I:-oII Ihat to m.e ee. 7. Ite eiil, tlI Wltll to eranhlis!l his moral chi r nco:r a n tlul, ovy sllewinf that hie wni abllove blilng bribed. Ioet u ', . o... i whether thie um of tlhillhv ies of silver will , po y him "i.i's well n-it watns weloe! pplied in t;inr cmiinierie I inlidel, woin. in the dain of lie in clat'itint of hlim Ditt Sh -laier. chsoletinily sohl hini Ifor i ilt Ilulner lf picte1 oif silver bly iniecr is. tle it was tnver iitentIe I as a t ilie, nor could 1 b co:lmider ed sit bI nnv one, s it wi.s int eveI tqu 11i to the lentdl l ftrll 01 h,1 ice re ulr eli ll 'r's fel , oIf i1 per stdill e. Itlllter, which wlt telio b role ited llrei or lilllr limes ,.er ,,fen~;7l to ,on. Ie .i!,, .i shoulltlv. of)fe rd him a least $.1iil, his r ts !r .e, i staO d of 0, which, in all plo habhility, he wouil hlave gladly received Is his fee, and not Ie bribe. i the contrary, if I ad been ca Iuble of ulTerina a br be, I should cer:'ainly have done it in a way to have insured hisi acseptunc e. 8. Hail the Rev. Doctor been realiv converted to theo -elitfof the doctrines of the -s.iaviour' lie would not have promised to come and examine my pa'ients vith not kee his word, as l have always every iintisle' of Ihe gospel zealous to ,lIn. 9. Had lhe been really converted, le would rno't pub li Itv have spoken against the American iostitu:tions, which, it is well known, are more numerous, and wlrich are sutperior to many in soe poarts of Europe. Hlei condtct so Oeelch disgusited some vyoung literary cilar 0eters, s IIt he scalely restrained front punishing h; n on the .plt,by laying vilenst hands on hin. rite lIev. entlenlan,thoubh a Scotchiian, is withoon excusel, (uoless he is calumninatetl), nlthouh he mty think Ihe hIas a rihllt to abuse tile American insltitutionS, ecat-e lie iis t converled infidel. I oasy he has not-as aill ought to speak well of thie bridges he goes safely over. I fancy the gallant Caplaiu Grundy, and severni other a ciable yountg iertlcumin of Nashville, recollect well the cotduct of this pious expounder of the Holy Seripture.l 10. i narer sawssch a demon i hlumsn shape ns the rey. I)eItor was the day I nel el to reason with him, wlea lie mrenaced sily grey alirts wit al uplifted gigantict arl, no if lie wolld have n ll'id me ti the groaud, flit daring 'a draw it pious mioist~r :,way froam Iis dltv, by a unirte of :30 pieies if itver! I really trembled anorr thon if the ".ld Gie llcman" had op pctrd il his own shapoe! It. o solesnily declare before ol, and am not afraid tr call inim to witness tat I nevrh in the whole course of 42 years practice as an oetllist, in Gileat Britain, fr.ance, icell'mut and lAmerica, in a single instance of feredl as a hbrile siv amount to the editor of anyjourrt-j ho tos ta OeonutiUt fosr itle s)ace I oecupied and the troubsle whiclh I oleasioned tlhem; antd that I was always moare inclined ti redluce, rather tiho add ary sionsey to t'e printer 's bill; which is a sulfficient proof that I had lti .teniion to bribe. 12. ee.t y.--The Mlemphis Enquirerfortwonor three wneks eoltaiinsa a tissue of flagrant Itleltsotde, wlhich the sieSlicol Giliall editors tear, o, froms their brethren of the ..1. Goliahs of the North, anid I shall treat them with silt:t ctetslltt until tseui loiper time urrives:- Utlhso it is truie whit I have bLee iitll ritedl.,,ue a teggar, and yo will catch a I.- " 'Though I paid hieb tor ly advtertisemeuts for two or three weeks, he only inserted hmslln once. Yot will ilease to isnert this letter in your next pa per, gnd oblige yours, ace. In haste, JOHN WILIAMS, the Eaglish Oculist. .louisville, Jely 1837. Copied from tte S. r. C. ldoeecte of thie 24t June, 1837. At tie request of Dr. Wtllioiss, we insert the fllstw usn te fruitl tile lien. .lr 1owell, if N'ihvillu, to the edior of l u SOltih Wesuters Cbhritian Aslvocate, who, it a lars: has exlOlailled the dillstis and odher d cu-. wuntsevihcivce o the )uctor's claials to public patron age Is1 coIIe.qui ce of an aceiden, Dr. W will r nil in nolasevllle a few days longer thea he ilt first introdetd-etsy tile 1 st July. IRev. Mr Strigfisel i:-Ilaving been requested by Dr. \Villiaisi, tite nclilt, notw in this ity, to ' ex mie hIis nsllllerous di iitlllla andl stller slscuen e ts evitciv. of his Slimi s to i hitlhle turfile, l, ill hs ri aill t , Il iave, in col tlllnt witill a vallued fienol,dlulase wt ih Il lea.usre. Allllll tllnl I t li e ttnd letterfi f os lsir la.;e)t, it pre se tItharge d'Alo.tren ot tihe Kin e f tile Fretelh, at WVash.itgtl.. alddressed to Ilr. Willianas, t-til si g tihe gentitoiuns tof toe diplllur ti I, the RIine. of Frace, lleli lt, Vc. as well as tlt-e fruits ite .adical Scie tiens of Eance. Hle has nllnerola vouinchers From IsCets nowns to tie uf tight reputatios in IhistAlostry, received tsince his atrival in the Uitd -taomte, letali in.ta netl of grout suscees tin t e ri'tnratita of sigit to tile a..nli. I Ilve stsea n no ly all his uaosr iotients in this c.:%. I kliew lsno of ith t. levillonsto tlei enlsing u ,er hiis care; iut all 1 have vs'e say they are una qsestionubly henesfitssd. ItItI)T. B. C HOWELL, Nalshville, Jille 21, 1837. 1'. 3. Siole writingthe aoove, nnof Dr. Williams' Iati.ll, has nlle.i uonll. oie,alnd spyi hte hsd actuallyv alt totsllyv lost tl. sight fll one eye to sneventy cearn, but I mow declares himself betler; that laost Onght, for itle first lime in his life tlast he cun recslleet, he could dis tiluiash,wilithh t eye, csteof thie Iprmisiet; tars. I learn that this ohl gentlesman has lived olanv year in this rdgion, asd says he has been a Jlethodsi during forty years. Yours, truly, augl0 R. B. C. H. TIJN'Eh{'S MSAP F LOUISIIANA,&r. &s' A NEW Ml.Ap IF LOUISIANA, with its ctnals, roads and distances, from placine to place, along the stage and stesam boat routes, hy I1. S. I nner. lITrcHEL/$'s MAP OF THE UNuITED STATmeS Pehwing the pirincipal 'Turnpike and nommon roads, on which sre irson tile ulsstneen in miles from one place to anothes1 gn sthe eourses of the oanals and rail road through sout the country, carefully compiled from the best au. thuriti.s-.nuliliuhed by 8. Aulgustu Mitchell. PMITCHELL'S 'll.¥a'I LIR's GUIDn TonaeOUn THE GsNTED trTATrls; a man of the roads, distaonsc steos boat sndcane route, dtc. jest received and for sale WM M'KEAiV, C HECE8 ON PHILADELPHIA-For sale by bORi. .RIOTHERS, Ii -'.- . . *5p steo t. f T ftE INDIAN'$S kANfAl:E5. [OiRt hesereofrh mmti aeseking evltgmot, asietite hip iNgt, itpiet esteiaee, selttrham, r sphilitie and mercurial disea, prtis nl ulcen. an iaofutafetlionm of the bones, uloeeratedthiorts, so reiloul f rrofevee desomptin, fever sresilt intertna h ahh, lituls, palen, salI head, scurvy, bile, chro- h n iqt ey~n, orvvnieli s,hlol.he elp ever varlyofen- - taafis ialilpUtio, chronic Catrih, head ache proteed toing omltlmed c humor, patinAiNtheS oeac ilh l dl ys pepuispel.ce.odingf omvaraltion, iaffetioasnofthe liver, mdtn on e ofthe klhaeyl, nld genemrl debili ty oeas.i by ltarpidcftionmofthed sndselsfthe skin. It i slg lsrlyefieemiou t in rrnoivtnt those cnstittions whi,. have been broken down hy lnjudieinus treatment, I juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is rounm nended in all those diseases whicharlsNfrom imlwmitish of the blood, or isitation of the humors of whatever o name or kind. Some of the aove omplaiotnay require some tri. flingusiant appliantions, whieh thaeirummtanees of the ease will dieta-; but for a ieneral remedy or Purifieator to remove thecarue, the INDIANS' PANACEA will generally be found ofllciet. TO TI'HE PUBLIC. How true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hitiol toexcel in their profession explore the ast fieldls ofTsienoe bh the aid oflhemistry, and seek tut new re m eldal tgentsl in short, to arrive at Ipteretion in thes prentice by means of art alone,-e-ntirely overlook and neglect, as heneaththetrnuuoe, therich and bolnteousri stores ofnmeldiine, which the Almightly has eaused to spring out of the eanrth iln even clime! Anl how muah more true ist that while the American Physician looks to foreign anontries for many of his most common asta necessary article, perpetually ehanging as they are at the lictates offashiml or folly, he is mrrhAsted in his owl counitry with all enrdlessprofusion of medlial Ila.s, Illslremst to Answerany indoietis in disease or to eure any curble disorder; sad 'et be is ignorant of their vih tues, and they ae n hfered to 'watetheir healing en the desert air.' The effects of vegetable medilnes upon the system are temponreryn-those of miermls lating. The filrmor eon erttheir effeetss al pms off-the latter, merury in par tieolsr, act chemically lpon the sMlids, dlecomposing tile moles and tndermining the conetitution by a slow arol salre ldestrction. The comgeniallity, elhciency and SAFETY of vege-a. ble remedies ever mineral, may ne estimated tyontmast ingtheanetiet It.'etiee withthemodemt; or, tobring it lotreimmediately under our ewn oblervlltion, th' hlli-. Spranctlie with thet of the white. Who, il America, tans nIot ktownorheard of repeated Instances wherein some delrepid, nnliretending fermae Indiso, by mans of ier simple remedties alone, has affetel the moat tepid aril astonishing cures, afterthe imateirp Mesicn of the -nmmon praetie. dlireeted in thile most skilful manner, has foile.? And who has not been sur prted atI tse om. parativecase and facility with which the Indlian fiees him selffrom any disem, and st the almost totea abtinence ofchronioe tdseae among them? Who has rtes heard olant Ildian with a oonltitution broken alsil rlnied Iby illtreatments And can a loult exist thai this happy ex emntlon of the savage from moan of the ills which the flesh of man is heir to, is chiefly owiug to more genie e and safe remedies which he employ. Tl'is astonish. ilg difference in succets, is a fair exemplificatios of the ainfiltte superiority of the simple eand sofe means of tire which God has reated for the benefit of his chlidren, over thoe which theprl and itheart of man have in f ventml. From a long retidee ne o'lig iportion ofiteuborigon at indhlbitantsof thiscoalry, :inlant Ituimete aoqtain tlete with the nthiods of cure of some of their moa snecessli pleitlionert, tst ,sproprietor et 'The lntliian's Pana.ea,'eiaquirel a knooledlge of some of tile moat spowerfulp al favorite remelies. Fromn tbehe eseleete luch as were most effieaeiouss alli appropriates, andl after vnriola expserimelts teat their iprinciples aansl arength, he has eomhieed them is the form here pireu etel, as the most perf et and beneficial fur the porplose for which it isrreommetlded. 'he Iprolprietor offersthis prepalraion to the ptllic, wilh the aolisiotlstslss that lie is plainig wilhisheitr sen , a remedly aapahle ofrelieving salny of li, afflitedl lil. low beiligs, Who ar suffterinsg lindet r tihe in.ailus cthonllia sllllll hstisne oniplaillts to whlh ilt is nlllicmble. 'lo such it will priovne of inealculable value, an tihe melmns, alt itt nolly cases, the oly imneasn ofirehenlisg theirssllu, bterings nilt retorioimg thle one m iottnitles ll his iu - plless. Thiisis ilntolfeotl oss a PolmlloIn remecdry, lt if m:o per ehaici be eeilly gnooldg will missy othe;s ow il inssi, bill as inlle wlleh is caplable of sal i.g lilfe iiT illusi exlrtnle mecltlael l sil theuuusu:ll enesll lellsfe l 'I'llis ii 1, t on Iscso e r lsstet llyi ansllst llsi is the t'elitlim jlt itistls o . s initsrll whlervur it Ilh beel ilntrolllleell. It is Olssi abolt tihree Vyars siince tis isrfi1mato was ln reserntl toilhe Iltlhlic: lltill IIItI stort h soase lcl Ivle Is; llla si llllllhrtis ol ilersaOlls llliIght lie isdlllll, t 1 Wo ll ls Ssotlenisy Islst re Itha Ihey helieedhl Ithsheh. lives tuu sv slIved y it, Iiii ill 1llOatt 01s.tsenss ltfvYr Ih h ll h I ltl sllillll al nII perhlssps atll ite scostnon re* dis s in vasis . \\t'her s ,r it is ksislw it isns rslly cotnossingtisO s t, asdl ts i Q nfilss'sstsllse' ost.. as al soslts lal lll ets lsiIlCslig pss'.s. of iti vt n'i.'....... Il.... ............. 'loe vaslu ftlhe IPsmeen i most enspietons;in those Ilmtg sitmlllin l e t svhilitic and acro'ttlots a.iCtliosts s li e hl '. l ots ed d e t il ith e r rr -. d ie s, all p n tiv hlu r ill tllhose cases where mercury has bee n o la isl !y usll; as to tens sdistessing patins itslo the bnes, Olcs, iI.rn ilt uleers, IlderalRllngltl ofiTle digestive or:gans, t e. 'Thesee it completely remotes,tat l i nit cs II entire ly etlicates thle diseases ..ll efrctsf f melrl"s, rell ,OIes n lllluslillljI sot Ialet.ecthle patient s.ttd ttnld well. In tho umatisRtlh ail in ulcera.tetd sore throet, its Ita ly eoi..ets eee not les Opparent, givino altmost iune-. li:,te relief ! 'akrll in ptropPs does, theldilltin' Pnaelee operstue as a alternative nll dete"gent; a diaph tretic, dinvetic, an blaxaltives,: an li.slmlalwnili aind anolysne; amd iln 'prolprr cases, astomahie adl emmetntgogue. Gener I ly expressed, itlltA~oes at;t the secrrtlations antd ex crettitlt, gives lons IIt t' astoulclh, alnd excites ctitot in the glanlds iris pimoicuhlar maner. From these prine. ples illnperations t ally be Imlersltod. "'Thismedicine has'been Iound highly t.eeul in ntoay diseases Iot here lsecified, alld it Ihas blen Iusewd ilth woderflll success as a Splrinlg Rln aI Fall IIu. ri'fier, by llhose whoure siulbleet to eompnlillta of tile chest, told hllose onstlitultinareqfUire new vigor. Stuc icer sons will io well to use vo orltl.ue bottlesin smill do ses. Wtheevelr a diet osink is considered necesemy, this Panacea, takel in a small dose; will answer all its lattpocest in mllch lessntime, at less espense, coti n tr'nlore agreerable malner thain the eommon dietl srik. The fiillwing eertlifiates, out of hlndreds similar, which might be proeuredl, are given to show the elfect of the indhalm's Pateeo, ill thie various complairtt . oteotl meetsiet';l c d ialsoetoexhibit inl the most satsotisetonry mannersits suptrrierity over the syt'ups in common use. CASES OF RHIEUMIAISM. CtAnLciSTOx, Nov. 1S, 11S5. Durilg tie last winter sad splring, I was afflict with t very severe andtdistressang Irt umatism, oceaoioled by expiOSure ilnbad weather. I nowotkegreat peasuae llr stating, that six bottles of the Inlian's Panacea, resoated nle to serlfet Iealth, and I confidently recommend it to all simliirly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, Klog st. CIatLasToU , .March 27, 183i . I was seized lhout threeyIearssince, with a distressing rllemtcatism, caused by taking a severe col, while under theinflueoesef mercury, antd which has dissabled r I:oau business nearly" ever since. Ihis lried tave betot n a tient its thie .Marine Hospital, in this i ip*ttswislao l thttr montlls, and nealy tthe same lentgtt : timelll i the Ilalimre Hossital, and tried almost ever sremtes, with little benefit. On the Ilth of kibruar last, at that time searcely able to move about upon crutch s, 1jcor, ineneed theuse of Indian's Panauoea. In otr emltst I t;otnd mtysfellttire tiored frotm ials, ultt ,r now Imppy to state that l oostsdster yseotprrfuetly well. WM. 'TUCKEIl, 13 IMarlket st. CAI :S OF SCRIOFULOUS ULCERS NEW YOnK, Sept. Itn, 183O. This may certify that in the fall ofl 1825, I was seize with a swellinglin my neckand face, which alierwart ilcerated and became large ghastly ulcers isn y eehl. Al'er ,ryigse'vescdsphysieCansto andsalitage, I wen to Philadelplhia, and lced myself smollder the carer )rs. Plhystlalnd Beach, when, after repeated salivatlott to toelfeet, was pronlounced utlerly incurable. Alier. wards losok twenty boltlesofSwoaim's PaIacen anld eighl oattles of Potter's Catholisos, with no matelkil benefit leslmilrihgof lite, whieh haid tlow baeenme a illr:hllrel me, l returned tn lay larnls in New York, in 181J, an save mvselfulp to a linglering death. learing of tiot r, es sisecess of The Inlcian's Pasmcen, Ihowever, ill ca similar t my own, I o tpersuasdled totry it, ass last is. solt. l'o y grea't C:suris, ots well as ctislsietiols, slllOtlsd yel f rats..-i rectoerstltUle.d ut clUM takin seven bottles, the stert . lst : tnd m I became perletlc well it thie course ofitwol mnltths, as d have remIhnled so ever since. I make this statemen aitdl wist i published its tit benefitofthote who are suft'eing aunder similar seofitlouls or syplhilitic affections, that they lmay klllow whallt I curedoone who has sulfered every thbing bul death, Lnd who considers his life saved by the above +. IVM. IIINIHA CanlnrrTs :Itly i 2, lt 1. I was afilicted, fopr years with a lcer l Il the leg, rt. :siontlly ateomtnltied with er.silt.slbouts itllttts tt. and excessive iai ill the leg aoI asnle joint. Seveosd eminent physicians exerted their skill upon it, but wittt Ot purisastert bienefit. In Ihiscse lice bottle isa liat's I asttca made n titli et cttse. ,NIAIIiAIIE I A WE+NTI', IlI Market For sale Iy IE ltN Y III.NNAIIEL, l drigist, asen 2 ilte qutierot rs,l_'"ehe-sssilose lassr.e-s. 50 NENW ORLEANS A- NASHVILLE RAIL ltoAD COMIPANI tllE. sloekhol less (ir tis eotinltny are Ihrelev lo lifted Ibhat by a resolutioin of the isatrd of sliceC ts.n passed on the 19th inst. made on the oni the lith February ast, for thie panent of live dollars Sshlate, wes reecinded, and the said atocklolders are farlserntifetd Itha WN RE.tS, by a resnlution of thi.bnard pnsred o, the 19thI lost. a 'elli hus beet ude on th. stockldtlt ers of tie New tOri:eos iid tNslville ail Ist -i d C omultny lor the f tl.swig pllav.vlltlee o Ilie site stock held respta. sivel by Iltsm, viii--two ttuitare olerm ttt, Itraytle on the eirst day ot' Seltemtbernext; two d-tar Iper sllare pivuble ,n the lfrst daly if Ieeermber next; asd two dtllureier ttare lsayable oi tihe i st dtiy e" Manrch exts. ,sowtlere-re lte it resoled, thilb the seserearev of this comanuy shall notify tile share holders th erein, tiltnueh lth iubslic flr sis of lie eisy, that inel snlorsrita willh Iblt -ixtht snetiot of ttle charter, lthey are aenitttis ito io.tlltete any iayciect calledh in il tlte stock ofsaid esllnpay fCur sle terlull sixty dyls, ftro and after the dlay on which i is made payalo, with the exlleasso en dilinir. howover, the t if not regularly IptiI wit lin tih said Irbloolealiolt of sixty dcys, from ated oft r lh- dey on whicie it sheull have Itee paid, that ihen t ie stoei on whlie said paymesta ehould have been mlde, is and res s: ofed to the company, the chartter o that p oint Aioing imper-ativee Is coanfority thoresfou , to sail eoll,alllsct.k of the etockholters in said company, as think lrmper to pst off tile psyseenta on their stoekto thie tnd of the aldlitiinal sixty days, which lthe charle allows thsm,are notified that the payment of two dol lers per share eclled fnr,and due ,o the first of Slep emllternext, mnytspootpoed under the sixth section of said charter, until the s1 day of October next, that ite payment 01 twe dollars per share called for, sand dueonthe fitstdn of DIaeemher next, may ie peast. posed until the 3th day of Jassary next; and the pay mest of two dollars per shams called fort and aue on ithe fi.rt day of .leeb nex, may ha posltponed ustil the 30th day of April next. Exdsts of ase misl e f the itoard. june2l A It ScNAIR, See'ry. ' ialbfi l n Jial l HI GRAHAMi Ip 16 STATE OF LOUISIANAr-ohha Court for the II Parih and Citr af New'O leko. T HEl STATE OF' LOUISIANA, To all whom . thase Presents ahall eom, dGreeting:-Whereas, James House having purchrsed at a isle made by the Sheriff of tie parish af holean. the prope.r?, a hereinaiter described, ,an applie t to tihe clerk of tials d court, in whoa, office the ded of sile was recorded on vs the 2d day of April, A. D.1838, fir a monition or ader- I tisement in conformity to an aet of the Legislature of the g Itrae of LIouislas, entitled.'-An act for ihe forther asna a, rene o! titles to purchasers atjudicial salles;" appraovd the 10th day of Maroh, 1834. is NOW, herefore, knw. ye, and all pernons interested herein, are hereby cited mad admonishrd in the name of tl the State of Lenisiana, and of the Parish Court' a who can set op anv right, title or claim in and to tihe property hereinafterdercribed, in consequenre ol aeny oinfrmality in the ordor,deeree or lodg.eirnt of tha court under winch the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and adrvertiasement, in time, or manner of sale, or for any other tefert wharso ever, to show cause, within thirty days trom the day thisa monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sale so made should not be confirmed and home loated. 0 Tle said prcpery wal sold by the Sheriff of the par ish aforesaid on the I4th day of April, A. 0.18.8, by virtue of na decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day e of Febuary, A. D. 1838, in a ertit entitled Alexander Caldwall vs. Jamne Hanse, No 10,3671 of the docket of I this Court, at which sala the said James Hanse became the purchaser for the pies of twenty one thousand Description of Property as given in the Judicial Con veyanre, vie: A certain lot of croand 'rituated in the suburb An nanci'tion alita Laeourse of this city,in square No 5, 1 nd lot having French measure, 60 feet front on Tchou piltnlaa-treet, 611 feet frant in Oraegers street, and 60 feet on I.alagade do Marc 11 street, in such manner that said lot oftground is 60 feet wide from one side of the s qare to the other, together with a dwelling houaa front ng on Tohoupitoulas street, the kitchen and de pendencies, also the distillery etlablishments erected thereona and other buildings and improvements, the machinery, utensils, implements and lixturee belonging to said distillery, its depeedencies and appurtenances. and the rights,actions,anil privileges thereto helongitg or in any wise appertainnlg. Clerl'a Office, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 J. OLIIE, fDeputy Clerk "ETAT DJE LA LOIUIbIANS--our, de Parnoas.a poer In paroisse at ville de la Nr uvelle Orleans. T 'ESTAT DE LA LOUISIANI.-A tous eeux que L Eers tprbaenes co ncernent, Saint : Attetul quo James Hause ay antachet6 & one vente faite par le Sherif delaparoilsse 'Orleans la propri6t6 citaprba decrite, s'est alres6 anll refe de cette Colr mt Ia dite vente Rlt etregistr'(e Ir 2 emejour de Mat de I'amne 1838, pour un avis aonfornmetent il n art de de la Ltgislalttre e I' Itat de la Lmoisiane, intitulnt " Aete iour confirmer les titres desacseqirenrs anx ventes judieianies;" aplrouvn le to Mgars 18.34. Q,'il soitconen, et toucs pIersonnes intArbos.ees sa n liar ces presentes sonmmores at nom de I' etat de is Louisiane it de Ia Cour de Paroisse, ui pourraient avnir droit A I proipible ci-apr'bs decrite, en consequence d'un dtfaut de forme dans Iowdre, le decret on le jugement de la cour, en vertn Iuque la vente a 6te faite, on de toute inrrgularite on illgirlitt dams I'eatimation,lavis onle temps ct le mode de lavente, ou pour tne antre cause quelconque; de faire voir5 dans trente jours a dater dela publimation de cette avi, porqunoi la vente sinsi faite no serait pas confirm6e -t hos oloogube, La propirib.b faut vendue par le sherif sasdit, sle qna Stnrzilne lonr d'avril do I'annae 1838, en vertu don d.rlet de cette cour le 5 de fhvrier de I'ann6e 18.38. Sdoan I'affdire d'Alexannder Caldwell, contre James i Hanse, No 10,367 dit docket de cette Cour, A laquelle r venteie dt James tianse t'est rendu acqu6reur pour I I prx o de $'I,1;0! 1 nDeberipltitl Brila Propyrieit- d'rrda le :-rnslferrJudiciare, Il a 'e al t e 're tin anobtorg de l'Annon a ~d ,, , "I - or 1 vile dan I' let 'o 5. Sir rt ' [ e.ure1 Ifrnlli..] ranixnt i" pled (- ci oupiltluias, 'a loserent l'eds I'd a' e act a .. a .e r, et sori.ntte pil d ' tare f u Iliagad de In ruI dvlu lnlclib,de saortr qu le t, lit Int lle tere a soixanle pied' d. arceur d'u , aout I- dil 'ilet A I'fatre: enselblhle une maisnu fesant Ihn e la r- re Tchol itoll , ar cuisineret sera d pendancer..-i,'i it queta ditil:erIe conltruite sir le ldit t, et .utr a IA w tiwse et tto iliurationi; le. michli ea, ustensiler inram' tlionII, i&r. atpp rtenat ti la dlite distill, rie, cas d(lpand Ii lle, apllrlrllnances rt lea droits. actions ct privileges y n tp it iulit . Slurlnu inlt grefler, Nonvelle Orlans, le7 Mai, 1838. a _14.I2r&j3 J. O.LLIE I6la )rt6 roatier RoyaI College of Physicann , Ltscl:.rh. Id VtIE original Vegetable Iltgeian Ulliversa l Medi r cine, prepared by IV \liskin, EPsa. Nemrrer ,of ir he Iltral Collegr of Surgeons, Licentiate of Allothe t'- cart's ot.nnpany, Frellow oflt Ii Cotirt Society, Surgeon i o lthe Iolral Union Ptellsio Asoceiation, Lalleca'er I', I'nitrilo Ilridle, antd P'erpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. l'ithmas's t spitals, L01.1101 se This vahtalae medicine, the result of tw enty yetrls' Is expleri.lce and tullrparallelrd t success int tile exellsie i)'IIad hlifyh 's lwetIble Ircliee o(f tile iprorIieyl, pI: Ias1 1 isd il tihe i 0'it i . r and 1n0hiltK and is atler nuTllillrhd lo the i.utice of ihe American public, at the eartiest so t. licitaiona of a number of itentle tn of lonlandlhigh Snar seop, to check the evils and thi consequeiice d arisilng iom tile irse f i e m11 i erlous sand eleteriils an14s 11 1,,a mited neon the pu'.lic by the aid1 1of litbricaut pr oofol miRaculous corer, mn d othIer f'ramis, by it oll 0 d tmercetry, it nprriteped preeerf stn totally ignortR ee .. ldical science, that it impossibl te the li.istroi's dhlusirn can any lollger glt dlownl ith the ihrtlligclt tttireitte ntthisrorrtr'. 'hi-atn pillr.rmnitlt a1it ogl'e rlhli its tirtile ttr1atnt , ihlllllnlr It, kitlillt e lrner tltllilt ill :ars, of e bldlen illness, for, iby teir p11m l t tll rtll i i , n chollra, cramntsa, snrtlts, flevr't's, arl oather nlarmlihg SenCrlllllaitst, which too tlien prloe Italt, may ibe spitertIl I trcllr-t ori. prevente'd. In liect, lall thosew vi, rltegn'il ) I;eallll, should never hi' withoit them. They are so l 4 ill plckets abtst et , t ttlt adl $'2 e.alt, hby every resllre tatle ri'lltugist hiat ksellre', and t lltllnitoiiie m ii in Ill L Unittd Statet I I bie COiat su with copious dietrlirt, r- with. crrtanoniails i' prtnltaiatil ability fromn t- file follaa ola emilnent ,nileu.enn: Sir Ashley Cooplei, J avtAbelntlly Ja eeslBl rnefI. i ) IV. Back, M. I), t J. Aston Key, A. t'rampttO M. D., and umlerous others. T'lle originsls may be seen n possession ofathe k Geanernl Agent, by whom the medicine is imported into I this ounatr.y, eald to whom all applications foragencies n musatbe made. n JNtI. IItOLBEIN, 129 Wacerly Place, N. York, Y Sole Genieral Agenit for the United States, .nc. For aile by appoinltmnt of the original proprietor. by SwAta & llno'rnE. , Druggirts, NO II Cain street, .Ienerl Agcent for Stalltthee o Louisiana. v8 3 EMILY It LEE U co, No 3 Magzlae stret, are I r cow receiving from ships Nashville, Louisvile, Kentiekb, Eagle, aod other late arrivals traen :b. -"tlern cities, large and new seleated assortment Hliis, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, ennsirting ofgentlemnltit's fae cal and Morocco boots do 41 qunlity; do buC'd, andl stout wax pegged boots a lariousqmlities; men's fino calf seal and Mlorocec ,b. um)ps anIl bir.gYo.s, backskin shoes, brogans ini slilppe s; mcn's filne calf la kipedl peggedl slaoesnd I rogAs; dIo boots; do slatt kill ald wax pegged sloes a id brogans; gentlemen's best quality calf sewedi shoes, Ioogans and Jack )aownings; do calf aind Mlorocco I ockle shoes and brogans; do calf, seal al Mooreen', I cdian shoes and slipipers, do calf, buhll an seal wnigs, a .ew article; do tine calf, seatl and morocco quartel lots; Inoys', misses' and claildren's pegged and sawed Sogans, and shoes of every quality atnd kind. Also a general assortment of mesn's stout wax nad r. o brogans vnd lsito',, together wilk 10,0100 lair gro ioest qualit', russett brogans, ailted in it 1tntkatcmaod exyitsoly filtl- olintation uis; a good nu. tltrietl' of iiii's liste Satl stout kili rsseot it.tgiula, :" w allticl, 'u. il a arge quantity of at inlferiorl quali r ·stl u.:l was am% Itgals. Ladies' line call, seal, minroteco and graint elts, nti Sulpl soe' shoes; do tinle Ftch..ii Mlrocco al kid run an oul silliPes; do ron sholies, with and witliout leel.; I calf, seal .ind stout leather bootes;a do Prunella shluo I loll kinds adl qualities; do lastiig brogons; uo gaiter. . and Iobed booteeas. Misoses' lastingalnring slmohes~i, at iguns. bhillren's colored Morco cosd lasting bro b'1 a, said boots, ac. , s"entlemen'afinefaslionable blaok silk hats; do black om inhiab beaverdo of a superior quality; do imilatin, 'I oram do; broad and narcirow briom mene's ille dll.ib nill l'; : k lassia short napped hats, a new article. Yonllu.h I.u ,e size iats of diflerent qualities; di chilldren'. t n's ntal be)y' black aln l drab wool hats of 'arinol. alu es, will general asnsortlentof boys' andII men v n ' tratis h s p a s : +t n t n r i '.rill i+ t'g isbt, the arr.lval1 ei + , r t lt ,a l ,it: : '.':l vlt! l"mot a , ittcro . I. h,/ I'/,f I.ei.. .tld *'onAlatii lh t.lcrei l ;in r ai :t lito it. tn it, al l r le ti p;lllat i ti l }ro ,ser ,e itl o I.- h, hla- in)lnced ne sub-ll crlller oufr it it thre Aletril pbi. Arranllgelmenrt. hatv bees made to sauppi eents iu all the lnaicipll title ,aid to,was in il e. Untirrel talsr, sol ns It pine' it itti tile realh it thosem aflteriue andl likely 'to suffer this tots bkarssllut of all lelt-, Iloltll-aehe. fluhen taptiliedl i lordling o dlirections given on blttll, iltha leVer fui.e tlc'iloil'd nllcudilltru ld Inaueut re if. It also arrests the dtco, In defectiv teeth, and relieves thate oreness h biclth'o fre(uneth re alrs ta stronig tooth usiless The oaplieatitn astil remedy are Siltpte, iunlrent. an 'ot unpleasant; and the large nu ihbar of persons in different aectionis of t1i connitry, that have air ady experie'reed such delightfu nInd alutary efccts from tae 0se of the Bultle , are ready Ii hear (fbr tile public goal) their teslinionv to its un rivalled qualites. It is an Indian remedy, obtained iglultrlv and unexl)ectedly, and no he regar lkd by athe cii iizl twortld as the mlost valuabhe discovery redntlun ou the woods. l'Igce l ler boltle. Sold hv JAIL.IS & ANt)RPIWS, ur 5 Cr Cunonmo ald l''elapituulas ot'. N E\ BOOKS-Naval Sketch nook, o, the Serviic Aflhatanid ashore. Withcharacteristie reminiscen sea, fragments and opinions. By the autllhor of 'Talts of a Tar, &c. second series, n vols. Itlttc Io RecollectiSns of it a Hollose ol Commnon, fmia the year 1311 to the cloarse 1835. innludiog p.rsio nal ketlies of the leading members--by one of no par y,jmat received and loe sale by W MoKEAN, LATE'I' PUIILICA'TIONS. C ROIWEI.L, an Historimal Novel, by the author of "'lThe Hrethers," c. in t vols. Popalar Medicine, or Family Advisr; consisting of Outlines of Anatulov, Physiology. and Hygiene, with *och hints an the pnea.tice of Phlo)ic, Surgere, and tie dieases of women and children, as may prove uselitl in families whet regular physicians cannolt be prmcored: being a companiou and gaide for inttlligent principals of manau!otories, ilantstions, ad boarding mcheon, heads of fuitnties, masters of vessels, msasiontries, or travellers; std a uselul sketch for young men conmens. ing the study of medicns. y lseynell Coales, ). I. Yeer Parntey' Universal Ilistor. n the isat ' of Geography, for tde uce of families, llstalcad be tsp and entrgvinga, in vola Jutreceived sand fonr saleby W II MeKEAN mO curnalainp n ndComino NOTiCEc-Th.nfreros( enl poLcaga. eroton, fire Now YnLk,_is hensby aotnfad raws tban asiad by "TETSON, AVERY tCO. .31 IOnslmro s ceten,;u rffotPUB i.fI. DFROM I lREOf I.f. L. 2'S , The Fith Edition of Owhich is ntow dred il Average fTime Calteo. tor, or easy mvehods for fliring the aterage time on storage, notes of hoted or bills of godckl when pur. ehalsed at dtiferent dater, an differest etedts, and for various amounts; besides a useful al cottiplete tlankhs g Time Ta 'le, the best Ihat can be contrivedi or that fi gures can pr educe witiot the same conteseni 0ompass, and size of tl pe. Ant a vertisement in tie hook isn earlty the follow ing words: Thehigh distinction tise work has recelved throegh the ten legislative acts preelroet to th e'titlepage, is a re commenomtion in itself, so sti.ormon,, and so enoeltn iee. th I notrhing is necessary rjil'e than by way of ad vertisement, to gives eomtnnsed vvewof some of its pe culiarities: as fr Ionstance, the Inter'es't has been compn. ed fr'om,and eompared with, what i.s tquivalent to our teen setsef ealculatione, examined it t'he press thirty five timtes, and printed irom 4ereotvpt. plates tested thirltyy-~n e times, from atl which it .rno't be evident even to the theptie (espreially on the pe..on rl of the de tall f proof in the preface) that the woeak Irns't be rith metically infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefa premitm of two hunred d a fifty dollars, is not offer ed for the deteetion of an error ofa cent in the plrsent or fifth edition, as expressed in toe preface, niking five large premions offered for the same error sinct.le 1filut pnhlication in the year 1802. One of the most eonsapiuoos features of the tables is inthe arrangement of tho Time and Amounts, whiclh for expeditirns, referenee ondperspietity, with the help afthe side and indlex, annotlt he excellerd; and the safty ty and ease with which the interesl can be foundto the extent of general bhsiness, wilthont doubling of aums is besides a convemence so essential, that in the estlma tion of some oi the most competent and practcreal busi. ness men and publie ofili ers who have made great use of the work, it has been distinguished by trho onoaoble appellation efofa "master puace". And considering the infallibility of the method originally adopted in oomtosing the work, and the extraordiuary number and variety ofthe examinations, anl tests of every edition it has passed in the press, eotwithstanding the whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6irt, he positive aeenracy secured by the unpreeenloted means emplao od, the vo lumehas bheeon heldup and emphatically styled "the most wonderfol book an the woslk;" most certainly no man an names figure work of the same extent, which since the begininig of creation, has had the some nmrn her and variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, nor one Itlfthe number, as is clearly shown in the preface. Besides, astest and standard, itlas been tried and preeed in nearly all the b ank a public offles in the Uniten Slates, and by the public generally, during the long period of thirtyv-five rears, yet no error of ihe sal. otiotions has ever birsn foml in rint, althnorh oontinu slly chalengedt by the ofotr of very largep Imiums. 'the in hit exreltssy sdopted by all the courts of law el sIvantl ofthe States as the " rate of calculantio for slaute interest," as anls by law for balk interest, aenordinges the bonk is used, and as way lie seen in prt,' by .,e names of the subscribers, ald a few of the subsequent purchasers, in the lihat atthe end of the book, ilan isressiuo l'evef y class of citizens in every quar te of the Unit ed States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it has so often detected large errors, himg after they were made, even by tihe most eareful and most eompetent arithmeticekms, tat its nsefldness, and the absoluthe ie eessity tor its a.s, have hoes rextensliyel insisted up n, so eritect, ineectt, have been its advaltages, sani its anvings, that, severrl yearaagr, whilst the first edition was scarce, and not of print, a greiat .umla r of second hand co)pies were soought for, some to a gre t distallnce and purcrased .t various priees, as they ,could tecasio(. ally ie I icked up at flom $. tol $25 per cop y, aon se t'e rrsnslb have recil. y declared, o'd insqtaneer c 11 l lrtr qrltedl that they would ly) $5i , $1t0, andl $5ltI tir a e rop, iflnot to be lad lf'cr les, ald a individual ill tlte laerl i ansIa'e prtiirevirly, lhaving at the ntM'. liner rxhthit.d satistctory prod', ttse1e'al personsp 'e setl thtli to hit it was really worth that io,.r'y and Iore thlough tie avitng of hIas ser valnable iime, lhe bein a ver) rich man and int prblic fllice. It is likewise worthy of lnot ce, alnd indeed proper to imre ., that suhnell is the nature of figite work generally anl aspecially whil of the extent ald iUlportance of thln'e ia ilo, thathud this bohk sr its like bI.nn preInr etsll r i rn thte usnal manner line, hai thie most cohielteutll cdlculstlor in the world, and ati'ersar Is pri'tt, d most eautiotly lvndr hisoawn correction of proof sheets, it would, almost to a cerltainty, hie been lnsl'," flor re F'eretnse,nd dear it any price, as the prltee darliiu. -lurl explains. Iit soa le.IcIt antid anitiutle lave tihe stereotyie phites oi this wer kllertn mtice, that t eenre shem, witbhtheir llmercus and exivIfi'I nolr y exanlilan tions,ngatinst fire,l tier the general lenr fit, tiey are (by ::,dveltlisemnlt) onetatlltily kehpt il a pce of special rn aI t\r txccI t v llilht' It i I-ll n till , Amtple li'iectins to il sh blli s and iastllte intnr ret wilth iseuil otes, foillow Iht. t' ftae, which, in this fish as inl the two prnieeiling editions, coitain mulch inl s' ferlnatilOn c.O IIIIIIt g tile two la fill iorelcs of cri nlrput iuginlter sat, we d, ays tfgance, Irt remrs.l.nOi only ito rea k tIt,l, nitwiht:ending this Itcommeonly eostly work, whicr h was i ublished r belllore inllterl'ebt tablirs wetl. inlltrnlte 4 in tollas saI an cents le= l 'endall:tnlluln a c, hal etn ll soextntillsiel.t atrd O libelrally ipuIti ised, it la ilt yet so nch lIts paid with ilterest. lte buh\y Il.s of Ius:oly filll' th)llsand dhliners, esidele six ce'rs at l time frm ,1ir'9to 185,d ie stined ot the first edition f 7-til nlopielu'risring chiefly ti'nm its lpulica lor llet thIt tnIr, at ia r ller prine,n t o nsy n t hing of Icomp ensatiolI or IPr'fit f;r hollost at liet-time oft l re, to I il, ,, i:lsacrifice. l eretlre the author stl 'ltlies on the 1disrellnlent aold gitro.sity of the ptulic for a continu: nct tle ol preferenc and y patein' e. Fa sale by the Ll l)hi.LL'S NI":WV \111)K,&c.--Th, American i Sl Ew land, by ilth aulthurofl'"A tYear in Shnll," in Noble I)eedsof W.i men, in? voil. The Young n ite's BooIk, a iciaiual a moral reli ous alnd dnomeslticr duties. Just reveiveI rual tbr s:ae by 1,M. M'KEAN, DOCTOR JOIIHNSON , I'AY e consulted cotfilently at his office, 143 SCustom Ilouse sreel, nor I)auphine street, or tile treotaluc of a csrtai eilass of delicate diseases. F.rom l)r. Johlasom's exteisive oplportunlty in sotr of the most celebrated Hospital.e i Elrope, exclusi, r ly devoted to the treatment of Veneritl and Svpililitie comnplaints; and also Ier,, a roeolsvne of live ycearn is New York, during which time tDr.Jolnooe ct;fined hkin pracnice solely to tie treatment of those diseases,with the most unprecedented succens: hI is enabled to re more any of the following complaints in front 5 to 211 days, wiillot injuring the constitution by nmercury-e or any other Ideleterious mediine. iGhloorihear, let, Structtre, Saminal Wenkness,Affections .2 shnlllad der, Kidneys, Prostate Gland, nd any of thllose nuler a ustrain of affections, whick generally follow neg., {. e.i or aol-treated cases of Venerial. Scrofelous sores, ulcerated legs, and worms, removed by a simple meth. od of Treatmeolt, without restriction in diet, or interrup tion frotti business. Person; residing in the country, and who feel deli rate inco .stlirag their famtily physocian, by sealing a statemellt of shlr ecase by letter epost paid with fees enclorsed) can haote It. lohnsoa's advice, for their own treutment, with medicine, necesenry to be used, forwar ded. Separate offices pronvided where patients can never cone in contact wtit easnl thter. Atteidancefronm ioruing rotil night, at 143 Custom Iloorse street. l- nConsultations strictly conflidential in all cases. dec 13 IOYI.E & lMAY, House, Sign, adll Ornamrewt - .alliniers, Ne 3 Car.alel stireet, two doors tieom (:allnal street. mnitllinns of the following woods and marbles, ex acutedl in a malttrl malner. wonlus MABLe, . Mnhtlgosny, Ftyption black stll gold, Oak, GItali: alI Antico, I'ollhul do, (hOriental or verd untlique, Curlecl In, Josier, Clllcl laple, I3wIl li tone, Birds la e 1do, Darby (dntite, SIlitit Voodl, Potomac, Hair Wood, t Ilove or Ilttrdella, Yew Tree, litrlian Whie. C(romn:no lle or tltnl k Simtnn and irectells, ltts Wi VliOd, Allmi o.nyIGe) As hutitke slob, Inc. I kc. CII.Ird Elm, plici ocas to e seeon it ti,, shop. Paints. atil . rTi"ll,l. L It liv tY ()llt )S--Hat, sqoar. - d tludle iron, nell assnttedl. - a, "1',stroll nd rod iron, inil rods and pluli, ot,, tiernman, shear, blisier.d, spring, sheoot aoil Crowlet sterl Hllow irare, cut and wrought nails Sad sepiks Zite, block tin, mill andl grindl Lones, salt kettles Cho.iill bles, alcIIOIs, Ihot. Ox, log o dI trace chains, corn mills Aictils, ices, HaolllmersTl l hllows W ilre, shil t, pig il bill' t leail; shot Ctd, .anl eooking states Ameis, Itowlinwl'a slrl ltIher sllesdellad shovels llook tid ti:te hinges, door and window hooks ICollins, Ilots, liharpsc, atl illhe axes rIr d atool in coutl ge, line and twine hlihad siteathiig npllltler; Natal storesl lPaihts, linseeilrtetd sp+ertn ril A illl asortmenlit ol Iarlware nll shlip llchandlery, alw ason holl, tandt which are f tr alent whomle sale or retail, oil the most favorable terms, by r4 I.1 Ytl'rt In k Cto 53 Oldl Levee. UIARROWGATE SPRINGS ltlltglo.,ery teLtt.i Ali.,, THREE A YS JOfURNEY FROM NEIW ORLEANS. r RllE Iroprietor of Ithis estulishnlent hal the plea S sure al announcing to his ti'iends and tile public in general, t, at e will ble ill readine.sby the first day of SlMay to receive visirers. lie will also state for the he nelit of those at a di-tance, thia titere Iave been large improvemlents tltde, and others 0ow goilg on and in rapid lrngress for compunletion, ahlch will enable the su.tor her to accomlmodate a much larger numuber than Ileretolitre, anid at the samlne time much better.+ Familie can be accommodated - ith good rooms. or thore who preler can have large cabills i etached from the main building. It is deemnedt utnneet e.ry te say anything in portiu.i lar of the chllareter sof these waters, fa it is generally believed that they are not inferior to any in the Soutll ern States. All tile amusements that are generally found at Watering Places, will be found at this. Tile best musie that this part of th. country aftorls, has beseluttgged, and nill be in coustrnt aitendanne at tihe Sprincs diuring the whole season. 'i besullhli. will avail htiself of this opportunity in returniog his unfeigned thanks for the very liberal sunport given him last Reason. and hopes by tie exer (lationa tlhatr have been mtade in improving and extending the accommodatiouns. to merit a liberal patrtnage the present season. JNO CRAM. m3 TO THE LADIES. A TKINSON'S D.EPILLLATOIRY, fer remoting ir! LI. pertouera leir from the face, saeck and arms, with oquatl Mtt y and certaintv, leaving tho shin finer and whiter thau befnre tile eppltrirai. A frlesh ipplt" je rea.siredlt (GUION'oS, Nol Eahahsle Hotel, cornet 3t kharles and trmmes l-it, bp 6 MAIL ARRAnn M.MNT Nart..ern Mail, Due resry Day t 12 I. S.... lo. Chms, Every day st 104 A.M Due ever Sdnd ay Wsd&", yan Werern Mail, ]riday, by M. by C e Closes .,vry Monday, We dnesd. e, ~.and Satnrday, by 9, P M. The LakeMail De every Tueedy, Thursday, an via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'°URE DISTANCE &c, f the Express Mail, betw'.r Maoile and New York--leavinlg lobile dail at 3 P. IM. Northwar Nlew York daily at 5 Pd M bouthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Returmn' Montgomery,Ala. 2 pm. 198m's 23h 12m. Columnbue,Ga. 11 81 91 s.m Mi eville. Ga. 2 133 149 24 p.m Columble . GC. a. 163 17 10p. Raleigh,NC, 5 2 15 22 12 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 m. i Petersburg,Vs. 10pm. 83 10 fa. a Richnmnd, Va. .1 am. 1 3 .64 FredericlAkurg, 8 67 7 itp ". Washington city, 24 pm. 61 61 r Balt.imore,n 61m3 ? nPhilodelplia, I am. 100 II " a New York, 2 pm. 90 8 3305 T'4311.e.r dS. . .Northwoard. Coming Southward, ies time is sixs bh I le.-; being5 days t hand 7 s on. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. NA NAWAY fr~am 169 Cemndelel earnmr of Heel. t ss,'eys, on o hI night or 30th of August, and i war. seen he iset morning in Peydra streets, a negro tbyr named CH.:y RI.EI, abort 17 years of age, int 5 feu or therenbouo.sin height,verr blacn , cmd hanna naped.. imAent in his im"leech, ons of his legs iier seeesioesE by a recent hnr';hehad on whnahe went away a wilt cotton or linen s.birl and white cotton Ipntosloos. Masters of veeeels .sld eteam boats are ecosimeed i gainst receiving or lh rborhlg said negro, aa welb a all other persont, as the u otnet rigoer of the law will bit. enforced ogainst them. .lhe above seward will bohpel ftcrdeliveting him int, any o the jails of eithsl of hl municipalities, or at 169 Ca rnudelet, corner m f lHee eteet. l.. lpt N TIC'E-'lThe eolalnerehi.l heretofore easting: I.under the firm of l)ubos & Grretsn, has bee, dissolved. The subaeriber will liq ldate tht hinmo the concern in this city, and requireo .1.1 p'rons istleb. ed to take payment to him oetly, oan all tholohvuing claime, to treaent lbO forsettlesealt. soe --7t ii uA.tR 'SON W.w. r dWAIN. h No. 11'tCanal 8.reet APre Orleaac TIAS aiwovs on hand cen tontly iS receiving DR.. y Io y ess,l nemicaland Patmn:,amtnit ltet ac. ellownig: irUntI,. DYES, Antimtnly, ertude, Argnls, red, do regulus, Aattlmtt, Splio 5l. Arsenic, erlde, Alum, do Imwdelerad, Brezillette wool, Ilssametopavia. Cochiteal, nsrax,na tle, Coppera, Amerisa do refited, Culpbear, Brimstote, erude, Fustic, Tamplen. tie roll, six Cuba, do flower, Stl Maine, Rirmutb, Prenc Lerriles, Castoroil, Indigo, l ngal, Cream tartar, t Maniloa, SCanthlvides, dse u raemncme, ,, f.;a atoes, do L.a tnmsh, dae loehinb, l.anod, UompesletL do snrfeitida, Q t Domingo do ttnulri, doix Jammtaea do bIn rtlili, Caniwoocd, do Elollill, rough., Mladder, ombie. do I slried, Niaursegust, nnt re, In to S Aseric'r, do Uo.r, ieo icinicphor, oernte, 1s do nlr.eaib d o do rt ii.; do Iclle.I" doi galICttom, CIIEMIICALS. S dlo ukin l, Alc.a , e itlreli t r i kmsltic, do ml'itleic do slclhle , llle vitriol. t son igs!, " i;°. n lml, I p, it t s n:tllntoe. :orroivre ttlilimra:tlie ttdo lrvt atI ,A ',.tlihi letittime" It o (oitli ae, 'p .llslll is,L tildo l i n Filig llI lIed tlteciiilae, e M IIoiic l, EIigllih, R l.,rlle =sit, dio Amellrican;ll Itlx chromalt potsllla y |:llill fi uke, S OI. carp S(0% tdlo, tolll ipotl ,h,.'ice bal], Sugar leae, til elutes, Solp zinc, ilt t.ilt. I , l lllp lutlillnine. - Ii [, le'iOnI PAIN TS--lneai. tilii ttt Bttttt tltle, is ttdtm11itn , l , rmic t yetllow, dry, ie l lltrc te, nit dlo itseil do') jalnp, do ge.... dry, lo linuorice t o il oil, 1. do rhnhlll:lib E ], I,amblhck En-llb,4 d-1 dt seelllct, l o.t t _or.rtt , : 11do swlept vi , Lili e i :r , dtl d llo "i:oliiioo Pet-r iw ile Flill;·ll% to dol cnrn RIcd Ieill, lINtlel, I: cit , lllull: onlini do (; hasmiker% do rnri:tntrr, Span elalrt ItI, tl,'l .:Ilh~b h. in fol~ iiedulc, deI €lo Alm.r+.i.h ld) k, do ll"o!llltl mI, -il Spong , eialilil'lir , V nIII. red FJný,li,.li.h d , i ne i \l., hedlit, ldo At -erirn:,ll S.lti'en. t l.",iih, .llllgut|/hl ro t I SHi lt'e, t lc , e , l;l:iiiC -l CIO dloe fI' dlI %tClt'ug• do (C stile, ni gl'lllll ia 'r Quickailvrr. Am walranle.t iure. CAPTAIN MAnltIYATT'S NIE NOVELS. Rnuliot the Reefer, by the author of Peter Simple, &o in 2 vods. Cnmainpa,, or a Winter at Schloss Hainfield in Lowe, Styria, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F.L Lord Roldin, a romance, by Allan Cunningham,l vo Sheppard Lee. written by himself, in 2 vols. A Compendious Historyiepf' lp/, translated from tih tirigiani Italian. byv Nalhaniel ireeno, in I vol. for tmint No. 71) of Harper's Eamily Library. Vols. 1 & 4 ol be new crmplete and unifornn edities of IVnhingtlon Irein's W'orks. Roger's Freach and Engllsh Dietoinarryin 1 oel, 3ro Nugent', French tand English Diclionrur. ALs--A few itmore copies of Colbe's Phrenology "Rienzi." Large Surveyor's Compnasner ofs peror qoa ity, with chains, Billiard Balls o 21-4 and 2 I-2 inches (Gi loat's icproved inetnlic Pens,japaned papers, weight dc. &e. &e. Just received, and for sale by im31 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN IF.VISITED,&c0. & SPAIN REVISITED) &s, by the author of'Ayear in Spain,' in 2 vols. Trnils o'elndsan -harenlr, a, genersllr applicable te the Aborigiieo o Nonrth Amerieca, by G Tumoer.Eq The Political Graen ar, of the United Siates, or a colllete view of tLe theory and Ir leiere af the genraer tilla sate governnments, with tre relations betwteen them --dedicate and aIaiptld to the young ien of the United Slntres, by E It "ansfllehl, ELq. Nimrod's Iintin'- T',,rs iinteerspomed with character istie anecdotes, sainj ileri nul dieit of sporting menI, is eladillm notices o' the prineipal crock riders o England' with analytical contents, and general indesef eamus,2' volumes. FOR l THx CUIRL Or Sc:rofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rhoeumatiem, Chronie Cutaneous Dia- Pains it the Benesrby fra eases, use of lMertcury the bliaod bring in vitiated state. This very mtteentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest plturuneotieul care and accuracy, and contain the na.tie pIincille of Sarsnparilla in the Inal cauneto trated lderee, cenabinerd with other vegetable snhetance n know t efficacy. The reilt deail.eratum with physicians in being ahl o exhii a large Quantity of Snrau.rillrln it n a St duIe JIis be.,n obtalhed in thit pre anion-l-they, benlog fully, convincell of its merits, confidently administer thre oellure of iteir prae tice. Price 1 5011 pr oattle. Sold only at SWAIN liOTHEEI'8 trg store, No. I ICanal street, who ilay be hotd, fresh and gentiae, direetfrnon the pre-rie tulr, SwtijitI' lealtCceta tlld Verllitutce, Potter's Cl.ttole con, Ciarllltter'e Preltarations, and a large and genera assortmenalt o fres drugs, te PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPIROVED EDITION OF DR: Goldtsmith's Abridgmlent of the History of Rmne to which is prefixed all lntrodnution to the Stndy e Ronltn hlistory, anl a great variety of valuable inlr intjOtil adldedl tltlrtugihout lh(i work, on the Mamsaor Isattt tiottanld Antiquities of tie Rotans; w nilsnbo nierotls lilgraphicol ald historical Notes; and qgwr tions for eXiItlineliton at the. end of each section. It luatrated with ltirty cngrvinpgs on wood, by Atherte '. PaIIxnocK's Ihproved Edition of l)r Goldsamith'a History of England, front the invasion of Julius Coar to the death of George id, with a coltinuatiot to the yea the . tith ti, c.i &c.r llutratedion at thmany erid ceh secGliont. esidles a varniety of naluablA infnna aioll ndlethN t Troughel tie work. Coesisting of tables oAl' eontlllteitin t Saovereigns and eninent persole Copiots explunatury iotens. rnemaarks on the poal ties, inao4lera and literathrn of tile ago. An notlihla tie C tuiranslated & c. by Phllipu Franid y ay engD, with G2.u1 EtI.ttEnTix o AnrtoaaNy, and an Aoridgmen of eit'a New re f thie on the Usne t poets. Neof t anunt al ipnlutiot etthe atrondlnicaal part of the A} riedu Aliteanar. Just recived cad fur sale by WM MKEAN inv 24 canter ol Camp and Commoan et HAR1PIR'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY, Th OAUE,xpediron of by PHillipt CLINKER, I) D, awit SImll an t, endlwitha meotnir of teranslations of variou des, & Esq., Jonw dition, Cowith leylustrtions, Drby dn Pope Adldumn, Swift Cltatteiton, 14 avekoield, Ptrsoen THryn,. andPY; aome by the autor eal Rientpoe of t 'H(ELDUS3, with te appadiax .i hilhdinu tanell ted hi Cliriutntlter Sillarl, ill 2 vtle turitna vaolunesa 18 atd it of u nlrper'e Classicel Lihrary 'TIto Ihxpeduien of HUtJMPi.egh CLINK ER, • Sittllatt, il n, with a meilnir of the Author, by Teot ns ltenue, Enq., aoe editino, with illuslratioems hy e 'fIHE t IPSY; a Taleby thauhaorf aRhtoIial , Mary oilf urguudy," dAn., taw aditias, S veTwe Maple i one. PAUL 'LIFFORlD;hy the autner a "Palhar The Ditt r ad," &c, hnitl volume IV of tas new .4 nteu"lit sarS Cunplex irLkS. Just raceicnd a ale li WM .KlAIjN U.ACON SIDES--:id eahks Cincinnati smo l-and4itn ,otu ilClreatbnt Roha, in for sate BOtI;I r lr.'iiA r :.t

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