Newspaper of True American, October 15, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated October 15, 1838 Page 3
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OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, SPEEDII.Y, IIANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OPFFICE OF THE True ..nerician, ST. CHARL.ES STREET, NEAR I'OYIkRAS. m23 ,(OUISIAN,\ TUIRNITURE WAREROOrIIS No. 53, itienville street. V II.IAM R. CAILNES, (frmn rly of the firm of Flint & Ciarnes,) would respectully ilf.rm his frieuds and the public that lie is constantly receiving from New York and Boston a godl .soretlot olf Fur ,itrre, such as natthogany e:ir, h ofil I ed tells, no pi. and painted chairs, maie and helrrv b.dsteads, a.mhoganv and cherry tables of all description,, on reaue toilets, secretarys, writing delsks, wurdrol es of mashogany ndl cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, Yeatateri, bedding,&c. &e. NU. Furniture packed for transportation with great care. jet MlRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Customhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR TOST. CIARLES THIEATRIE, CORNER Of PucYDee &. ST. CIIAPEIES STREICT. aug9--1838. I]NE D PT)ItKI'E IHtO'I"I't,ES-501 gross wile and 100 gross porter Ibtl es, for ale by 110).lIIES & N1I11 I, jy~t 1_nk 0le,. . 'RIVA'I'E BOARDING IIOUSIS, No 13, Toulouse st,--lI Mrs Ithll)tmr.n T I1NI house is spacioul dconveolliently sitlated E fur omnl of business, near the Levee La the New The tIble will be well supplied nd nattended te, and the charge moderate. Boar ders wihitg I hoave tlneit', Can Ie l llllO dated, at diflterent ptesr with eoelnotl liolls Itrlrislh rooms,. Boarders will Iiave tile saoifietio to) lleOet there, peraons speaking the Frelch, Enlglisha ll Ulh - ul languagegs, u';. PENSION BOURLGEOISE, Rue Toulorse. n. 13, tAnur par .lde 1 tI. ilffnannr C E'' Ltablissetiaiit casctRiIac x eta c tru, e sttlt "irea de In Lrevi e a NouvI e h. B urse, I'e-l dire au centre de.s ntTires. La table sera bien fouLrnie, proplre mct teium it iA mn prix mroder. 'eu qui prenant pension diI.irernient vy lugr nu runt dc. upparte mens de dilltiens. pri., biln arnis colllmodes. Les pensionluaires aurant l'ag i:rrnt dr'y tglllgvr des porsonnes parlant les lungues rl ..aisc, l an lniiS setalanaalr._ __ :_ n AMILA(nolWiarp at uiud dry, ini quaitr iaiL, lmT Indian bola. faralea 3 " IaAD I rid .l 'OV, aug25 7 Bank macr. iUEDICINES, PAINTS & (ll.,--A h irge and general assort a a t oil rand, fi ra sle lo v,by JASIVIS & ANItlE\VS,l jy23-m.irs.c or Common & Tl'ehouIpito NOTICE. fT1IIE Cplartane rashr heretoore exi ling inll lir city Ihelweell tile subscrliblers, under tile firmIl at' LanII|! Vata Wyck l Cao. inl New Yolrk, ,lriiw r1 Co., aId in Natclebr, Miss., Van Wyck, Laildlw i . C .o, is riar dl red by tllltu llu ollc slllt. Jtlltl |,t illltw, e'r %.'. VI li Wghk, arid Thrrrs iV. Van \Vckr r nrk ulrized to N"w OrleaIn, aug. I th, I:1. (O:0-P,\ ILTN EI rSlH IP'. ' lhse liari|ri ir Hlt ha Fir ll edfIl ra-iI C tllrel.'Thl ill aeirrt.ry ardrld r 'ae rl.f af Via \Wi -rCu " (.,, Iny i. .Nav 1r.k aaderltl. Grlr nl'rat li ~ll li: ih (.· 1. JitIN I,.Ill t l.- V, JOUN'L.11')LN , 'lf.nlA 1i. VN. W'CKI I N ther 3rd ward, i l .'rIa l ,l Ila ii .li tl i re from thre d hte fireofi i rcb,. fiveasi i ii , i bri le tilaer l'l Rllllf ol ll i rlh c ., s, nit l ir.l e ,v l ri Clellaid rlltl J fu le, I.-oidii Si lih - h8 - ii Jrr I . I na l l IIdir i r alltld 7thlrl i ill, +n ;{I : r;I raio ai ffIi ieaet i i ,r ,,iiI ,iii-fi .fli Sir ir iir ll lif tiii' Ii uII or t i ml l li wII uill il oai lrllO it ellsr ir y e I'i l i nhldii. 1"Ii ,trtx, n . .'i r - H t ell o:u' I I· Morild( lil t r.bL lN di .ih n 1-1c 1 • hure Newl Trooti, Nfil '.3 . t- 1 f oItln Ino to r Ir lboth . i en,llr 1-, f." ,1'1 r a d. .... o tl+' he. ¢w eliar i ,, p iap iirI ' w 'ard. ., tl o diaiiai 1f ),' tlClollu ' tll'lU tI'lf hvre (.'lt(r I It...rer if £,,r el iri 1 ,ao prop 111-t ,,, tt' o , ,',, l t, l. Iar, lr I, N I. : hn t-llllllh.rrt IIt il l to fill" I+-1 f,11 1 C e larl: l. eor ,f l l,-' . " Sv v , o r de iu lt fi I h .. ,,, 11oillme 1orll lr , ,l ' tll Lllllo h i 1- ',o Ihn . llAR D +i -rt-, 'llil, genira, Ii r te, , : ',! i,,c t i~1". I e l' :ll 8111 , t 4 ,, l .( . 1rV , ,1 ll il t,e+ I {l Vllll lP i1". Jl n L urp ri S i l" - ,rl ,,, ,l s I r" ' ,, d s /ahlt , a rt r id iiiiii I ",,,,. ,, tiill l' i i- d, ,,; - •"r 111 dol d miri n A l i i '11 11, I , h La lg l a ii Aiit l i:, ill l,+i a 11 lir 3 i - 11 11ili i 1 1 (, diunride Kurd m hu'o-; / Ia ie ft iti'r. ff 1, hunl I1 'eii I Iriblllal lnll6, e h ll, SIll· Ioll S n ( l)'lemu h f-J ' l ,iI'riiii' i, ii iit , ' u ti f ,'r ii t. ninir i iiiiiidr | in " i ih u Ii'Iliir ll . iiti t l' a iiflii,, . i l (liu lt ' Illl ilnli t fi 'a3Jrii l de k lr mnII ATle Lt a. fi1 I ' l-Iiiiii : 'i',"f l I. , i ilu i llaniar'rl'rea - ti'ilytd"r f r , r Si,.-- fo the I ll - Winlli h 1-",ra i +t h < lld odi: ~ i,,l -'I IX. rivt e pr largell; lritli lli from f nint I ,- t. h Ih t t i/l\ rvimiA Ztii 7 of the u uihrh it' I t iiii ,ii i tiiififim " al M lh A i' P il ih le A I.t Nif e d. i 1' c o l ,te in 1 LeiJJ' or, the Sieges of greia-l,'l d. allrper's I"an ly I.ih a rv. ;I volet c llpleite J A ut reNiaed t Id frd ir caiif yy " Appl at o. 7 1'ydra stred .jy ! 031S 1C ttOttS-.larence, & Co 1-1 heavy acrown heetiege. Jackson ('e211 inch brut.., ahirtings. LoweI Nst. 15. 2 ~bra,, elotta. Fet-eath STET·:1S ON &C AVERY,~ AII 1.2118' Al.. il!c IICVIS(;'r i NEW \VOIIIC &c. r tI1E IUClY .lOtUN'TMANS-O, c-u.,,uint and adventures I"n l"th Fr l'C-t,"dig.e fI r m 1,e t-rlclel Caletaiteit I . EtIunne-lle, ol the Army of the Unitet Stctate-, anlillastretel irom vmricou other source.;,by Waslhin ton LITivin, in 2 Vol t..TIIL VICTlI.S 1)N' SOIE'It''-Ry the Couanate of I tleectiomn, to vuols Just rote ived anld for sale b WY it A\I-l(1I LMAN1 tor 13`, jut e,etvcmet per ehlt iy~i ktttat, lt-ot New York. 21 grace A, ericani Comic Almeaira far (139.c25 dn. Ceeckett's Almanalc, for 82:19. 25 I'.npleere Almanacs Ior 1239. CcllJl, tell ftrevery tate it, thle Utiat, cald cunteiuing a reqCt tarietett olf egrtitlgc fr sale by the e t ey, dze,, amtd Bitleby ]).VIl) PEI t' & (o, N Y Stationer's Hill, 2d Chartre s st. ( V 111~ \N Ps- t-ettet (:errants, 1 superior article, ) for sbaleIy I.1 llEN Ei: ý & LEG EN RIRE, sl1.1 291''J fete I29NwL ce j() IIILt. ftcst quality LinlraedlOtI, rle- Iy rep 15 _ 99 New Iete. 1%TA1.S-5SI0 kegs~ assorrle~l, folr sale byv lý ADAMS & \b(lIT1AlT si 1 tfti Ce7tc'vier treety w't-ill Ieas tota I-epot at the foot oftClanal It- fo the PRAIRIE Ut)'1"1'AGE, trv datE y. D)eplatcur-e8 atm-1. Ipal-!-tItIrt 12 m. -C it Sunday s-di ItI , 111a cm-I pet1-3 an8 -1 pm i 6.Pin - Sept II J.111 E; 1t C:bt.tlWEt.l. Pc-It ('lOPEE-tat1 I-mgs Mo. 140 do. 11cc-mt. 1om tale - y STETSON 8 AVERT 0)ri~5 sack ttae ii, mt -tet re, l fo byJ i 0 CI1:f lA LLNLŽr & COOIIPER, snppO 32 Julia st. *OW HV: I.IT.'em ('tT.I isl caes heavy utattc, J instore antd fer sale by WVIIITRtIDGI & CO(, oct6l 76 Maynsinr st 7'4A\Hfltý-o 0 boe SPerm Cmndles. New lt,;d. Ij tord, Brta.l on:I Nantucket brandm. for anla by IVIIIIEIDGR & CO, ______ `8 tl lgcinr at " O1 K-'2i bltr It ned aPricie Pat-k, antli,- ftctt p flatbu.,t, fin' sa!, by LAtYL & AME.Lt NI,, cIIetttttetee r yert For the Interior. FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, ARND ALL INTERMEIDIA'TE PORTS. The, substilin; i steal Lunt GOV. SIHIEHI.Y .1 J Kercheval, nasier, in hlorly exi letje'd to arriv, ad will he tespItch for ltise aove i pots. For freight or passage, having rsperior accollnodations, apply to ,LAWRENCE & LEGENIDRE, rsepO 28 & 29 New Levee. - - For Muthte, s-d all JirteY~duttrtgag.. trt I The Iow prtssote "lealn Ilot .. . tX.C L\tO.L N e, oil leoar New OlsEnnos fobr M sll osle every Jlhdttstsrw and Stsaabyg, t 12 o'clock, s . taoching at ill tie wa'erin pinest at which Ipast.llnger my wish to lanld. For fulrthr particulars, apply to cGEt. WIIITMIAN, jy __ ExchnIge liloel, St. Ihirle, st. " Isor Molaile asnd Nil Nltermeditle I.arditas. T''lie fist runniAIg n'ItTletlid "toam - state rL.To, will leave New Orllnks fir totile, sall all intertlmediate wtiterti plg (.t svery Tuesday ansd .aotLtotny, after tile arrivul os Ill 12 oh'cl lk Iars. It (I). WIIITMAN, jy2.I Ex.'llhlilng Ilotel, St. Clhrles stl ti ISTURI)AY I' EVENING ANI) SUNDAXX lEXCURSlION TO MXNDEVII.I.E: & MAII:IONVIII.E. S?'pa l Tihe ielinerSOU'I AI.AIIAMA, S- Clpt . Iott .T. Kniortw il s t Irve the Inks . s, s .l end ol'therail- roa lilr ti allove iWla-, clr, everLy S.tullrd evelilng, o t rile rival the il 2 o'I clok ears, clad reli'nelh ale d ile llag l-and lelv. Sui diy imorliig n ian this al ase o !o' clan c ers rseture int leavs e o al; tsatlllse at , o'clock, I'. M y. FolL t3 ,I)IS)NVII.t ', I t.IU'tItlCtw ilANDt. VI 1.1,I & tO)VINtI'I't:N. Th e t n 'lhe t tlrav lillL ni d pln s let did 'tlen S l. beat ,OITIIt AItAAI., I..t . "" .- Flight master, will run li 't 1r,gI t allr l I o the above prts I t o LOs I ln ll o .lli k eF A Mt. |tes.tlailtI, leoaves oCovoiagta t'tol'sdys, Illtatr' dIty)n o Sali tl l irdt a, tit II o'lloeks , A lt. I It All bl.'itt'e laod I trcel Ut the ri-k oIfth' uwd 1· , unless at ill of ladinb is signed. Notv Orleaotrnl sId Mtlih Mail s ofie, utee ,itr lln· I(' at Ibis A tll , as ,ai csleas c i t sIecrti ed in lilt 'XPge t Ilaosl' o to i It sTi nnlt.ttled days, lan.-s h,.o nom an be pllced oI thie way billo 'l'l'oe Wile nllve heIsav btgatg co ", :ave it takenst directto tllhile b lilly oatls dIntla lthse week, exotep I til thl:lalloavle naill alva l. tIt. \ 11lIT:1 ,l _, SotI'1't' i l ttto RES II os N 110XlI'.i., :ill boxI," cheese l 9;.I box . Iunlh lln l t r illi i I 1It)l boxes i plll- erlsil ttet, o5 barrel, morTketd ton guea., ,I Ill Iuxe.1 ' .X i'~lac es' ' IboLx"s Gilberi'. lltls Is t IR o' l ved r sthit I lunasvtilte, it sale by jyf2l _ i'is'''ltS & '111I I..\II ). i .-tll Lr l ,11r l l I i blls tayioca. j i II rt re' ei' ed, _ ' 'I.. New o . It'e . (UI3tt'IINti tNo'I'ILUIN'TS, \.--A tXstily of and .nlllll b.l 1 Pu p.s, all if' tile , most inm rovI d dUe cl piotli, rot ret l bIt the.t . l r:rber* . Alsot Colt llgt e XX' ter, tilhll of 5'tlm liil, Ward'so I tir Oil, a'i il o,- Il ,iI, lu llltld 'liToIt I olru st.,( & .l:. j I J 1-0KIll:S & Cot, -ua Cottatl ot . j v' -0. I N,: I. p Lev , r'11O ICl'] 'l'--l 's>sr.siuil 4i-1. Inlllldl., l, , the /mlose oa l he t lit Rail /os.! near It, lotst Uýhore. Tfhs twt o PavII o. ilitt J htt near tia s llt N ti t ('ar lotttste lr'thloltt th til tniI l on l l,"ttpoo . 'o [le pitic .I tsatly tto(:ilhfa)d I IItt NNA t1' I., yý Ott 'CT I I n. ,lll: 7 :.1 ,l,. ,iolclt tale, ()'; tl rt anti1 J pla,) f Itr sol by 11)11l Itt1 . & I .I , 1 AII NT I uI is'di l l'l - I a N ao'ttttrito I tah ' .V by I .. , 'to,, , ;. : ; , , tt-h- .... .... t --t - - t - S-al Iy at ill + At I t l'stc , I 41 91 7, lauk I'Inec. J I citcicttil ,,l" , l, l . Il' 1 i c. -:; l L h' i r l l \i ci ',.\i , ." i ,i ' . itl / , I p- t .JA ttE It l (11 A i ll1t, . t ": ti o;.yLh',uN 11c'iica i cici" , ccci. ler ig :., ! . I' 1 i: t c1cI i c'c l 'llf l, n t 'S'll ct. cc .icl l - c .c-Ic t I;. c cc" I A .IcIEce oi . . . .l c c I .' - IccUyly t N.1c . 1 4 c .I,' " N .bb. ".'I 1!h'ejOIh. \'1 1' " ' hI:\\ cl P rk' 'Be ; .1 N . . I. c Il \lrl llll brI l le' i i, i- i jlPA N I I lnr u-lill a ll It i a n '4 11, iot i40 ,ri chclccclli lV'ccaict'0 J a cil rly.3l.+ supel rhc Ili ll inl +ll ti -elltllra o f- N th'l.eih ! )0 c11 : ;ltiNl v ,. l iTalhf btiI , nLl i acht ' I Rihll . cineu dlr~,' ".Th! Gips r'k, *Attilt a ,- Ž' ian v . Jj e.C erlililll Kiccwnoleh i, i auth orn l fric , NicTha hv Failihy, i.t.d by'ts z'--with I-rln ons c 1.~acln, liP J le I l by alt ,aI'c & ALS, ' -( i 'lIi' .r...n r l liaccit, ain aPi ck ic' ,,d .,atl m a n nn c e w it I iiii l i & t u U c I J. -u lil t tit li ot, a 'rLc, by tI e aachcr of 'RAich' C et:ic,' 'Tre e otlcaroy, ' 'Alcita,' & '. a 2vler. T'ic Lrace CIEaGT, a CaO.Olcei a lire eaV.a, by .taca ccvc caricni a Kaates, aueccr at' 'Vcy gicciaa, rIcc l:'r i gvdy, itv C live by riuls of EiiAng. i a in l'm i iary N tis; t.ngeill c, a witll a crites al' tbles, riclcwig wllice3 n ill,, ca.le led acllr, drasn T eI alceptey at y dae i llih dae TRo w lle nwaeaddnd, ratasoef caoe ciorinal nad ra1ge, a ctatiaon, at pTalcae, ac cd gaavor o lar, ctHEc LcOce c cl wci iCaomdcs tic f ccactiae bmesat by S Fl'dante, AK onestaat, o r o f i arai', 'Icce Dicic ght' r,' &. . &c. 'La, LTragedy , in five; acts by Th emas Noon tsrallsiurd; 4tL c g e edition.. by Gaarge Cnid lry;' in e vole; 4th edition. AjyL raei al Cmory of the Law add CUsage o or w ith a series of tables, llowing when bil l esnt and loans, drawn ot r accepted at any date wil tll. Livieg ap te the eabanr, -Livhcg bvyoe;ad tbie d ae;" Suel to whi a re added, r cits of eol issio and storage, equation of payments, and genera ifer. ! iColle ATrenatiur Booke Savic ng,' clhe Clerk'o Wu INdTeR' & C. O c a lessons in Landscaps,, Figures, &cc by Georgc Childs; 1st and 2d l eries. l l Jst reived nd f cta by M A Jy8 au r. of Cma p and Cauniol sts. ALSO,-An additicnal slpply of "Three Expe. ritnents of Livinlg.-- Living within the Means . Living up to tie leansc,-Livig baeyond tI 'The ltareourts;" "Tie Saving's Bank," &c. W INT ER Cl.O 'rlt tl Itf It si.i ot iiiai; u sc pcccratlict, ofS ilead Rtdeb oad Ic yn o y aha l e letti iety, at tsr l ' ream ie tice lrd willeda' E.lchrngts, holng otiag n Raylt street, bLdy Iaiy A.cs, pI e 1 vBle;. 2 eatila. ove, ti Lady C14rry 2 l. e nl zine . i ce Tiece Flirti, ae-3d )ther 'Tae Iy Lady fue' L riag ae, lawdigr, aado ship at vts.for s alce i. Ita ns.i tbs Desert 3 by izies ld 2 t i T`1Ic RaEIber, by 1 P1 R Jcimaat S npies. Vilerm Adv intrl lai lt folac t Niebsslcy, by ineb, r pl os. CiAS. or sal CIE, iyrarian SLATACI RIG T.. Ro Ocll 1:4 I' uacia e st at. N5W iILcANcc tcOMERCIAL cicJlti, T I E following c ew wcc c , rks have bee reIcbd edq by tie Library Society, at teeir room in the Iady of Lyonl , by Bt w:; & cvol. 2 coMies.v The Two) Flirt, and other Tales; by Lady Bles. 5 copies. CHIAS. RITCHIE, Librarian. 0,50l5 IJ.SA'C BRtIDU' & C7o, 1"14 Ma;,azia. st bHIPPING. , For tlurope. FOR 1MARSEII.I.ES. S The fast sailing brig CA ltOL. NE, Cpt. , Thmnnm,.u, will h:,ve Ibane iite despalCh hor .-. t boac port. Fwr tIaoight atI1 5,Late ot 44 or pllasse, apply to L I IE LEVI 1f (0;\LE, naug23 ,3: ('cncm:1 't. The fast aoil ,ia ahi a ItI".I'N 11\, Capt.- hvmn full a'rgo -noged, v ill _ have despatch; fat r i,-s aco np'h ro S . J S' \ 011 11', v, au'23 t C(ollti st Coastwzse. TUST rae,'iael at the LoIua ena a Fun'itara 00aa'e I Sedste .; i fir.( r lto article. Air .ls, it tro u sort oot of Muple, Weber, pa' t '.'iu00 d (ohair' twhich will be sold for the lowest cna h i·raies. W It I. 1 tiNEt. IV I0tIISAI. AN\I) II'AII IA011011 ANlt V VAII';TY SITOlt., No. 18 Cm) shwee n- a dert lishop's Illotel-'The 1suoliber.s l'. n,. npen "ag at their Lnew stanl, al etxtlnsive assoa.t l t t IaatartIlll.a their line, comlprising cerv vuariety oalnmbs, Ilra'tae, r I'eramea', laooking latsses, 'Playiang Cards , al a lrge tnumber of Fa'ncy articles. l'The followia k to pr eta d lcriptionl: CO(NIlS-Tortoiseantl IlBraziliaon high top tuek, ~1aI and carved; do. (o.. twist, lonat, neck, pna i side, pa,, e and dressing, ivory mat horn; finlt too L , dressing ana pocket combs; horn, reddlillg anll h.)r, ar ,bls; woode, t Idrussaing, fine tooath and p)acketcaaa.a . PI'II'FUI.MIIIY --A g-e-oral itassvIAat of French a and Amerieao PeI'rlilery, cwonisting , u a lne watea r in bottles, of all shapes anl size:s; Iat, ltar, Floridaa rose, orange, Iclan n, jitssaline, lhnr.taaua a herells, etc.; flcy so: lls of e.'.eirv lit Je riltiOlln Imm:IA,.lldP) tlOique, wash, carhonic and chlorine dentri rice; seemedu at planlt toiletl powlt'; onlaltu;lll pIa toll lts, at. IIRUSI'aS--(,Comprising a great watiety of cloth, hair, haat,laesat, tooth, mail, ce ), she)iri , plate, hearth, fine all plain Ildstig, sweeping, crutL furuiture, scrubbinllg H hlte \ash, horse, sl.oe and ttnllelr's acoaaiatg, paintt and va'nish blrushes. a sia sald grain n.g T.old of all stiz s. I.OOK1IN(; ILASSES-Co.a1prisia g gilt frames of va iolls sizes, 5, , '. talt I draw ta ilba ts; I..a rma italtia toi IAYIN(; (ARIIIS-.alu , ilry 8ta h T llroom, Ilighlander, Spital arten, "a',nch oad white back Pla'y tag C I'aras. FANCY ANI) VARIIITY'Y AltTICIES-A supe rior alssorltment of portaIblet desks, ladies' al gentle men's dreIllssig asesas : ladies' work boxes; box es of various deicriptinls, sllitabl for Ithe new y-. and Christmahs' gifts; cketl hooks o :all sorts; suspen ders, musi-loxes, lend pencils, elat ons, violins, bead bags and pursesa ' titf a ae beads, superior h:I il lstspr.ler bttn s ll)llS Ipe utIIo s and shirt studs, razor strops ; gas machllinl's l.l crltiln; light: Slpanish allllnd n iu lIe sartk, l )l|ccoul, Paris, rnplee :tl'd Scotch sllt ; iun !;las otn.lllt of plain atd sla ord cl ; back ganllmell boaaarsl; (lice, tlllae) screens, ,optics, ,Jews har:ps, hlalnmliics, lucitcr ilatchrs, i11n, needles, percussion :caps, draliking cn.s, huoting Ilacks asol gnae bags; steel, sil\ ae ad plated spectacles; thillbles, twine, etc. t f of ohiher :n'ticies ll bf which clip be sold Ibr low prices, or cast or city actceptantS: .S, mnly .. . . IFIS Ia ),il ANS( 001it)t ,1 \,i:,i·fl , .,ll l,,: lali.u,'.i.,r bri,, ULcle 10! "t, for gltb: by I 3j-y9 Sa & IJ I IIITINEY UjU\INIaF EI'a atoll a),1,'1'S, ANI) t;.lt01t:t.ll.i U.50~ olloll"' I r,"n~t. lto,, , Itt 1 . I ,1l I "tdaaea 1: a-a-kso I'earl .1.lh-a, d4 ao,a Ctlo n01. I, I a...,Ilup, Ititoaah, \c. \'a.. a'ndiag lraaa lh4 WVilli,,,, tlrolt .11 lill i0 .11 ib IE A )''7 co at a'aaaaala) o b. " a'c tloulta street. I'A.T E i IF' rEl EI x\x -FEýllT' JIII('I lx I I ID~'u 'IlICt r ftt( h I'.--Th 1 f ll l ol lailnl., 'l',l a ll \. ti ·lll t r llltl. ll anapr l, lt .] ll s (·l*, rli g: \ herll( +4, elhillr¢ 1.\'illin 1'ntlli,"v' I1I;i, iil llr I"tut :4, ~t nlll s Ie ..liio rlv ilrtl(, .: llill +I I . litll~d rf Ow of lEd, ald tI:ralt lil ilt, s ol . , dro .,rted It,,, 'It1r lip . 1 ,li,'tl t h. (hiln t-<r th," l,+ ." f. llt, " ld l r \. l . t a ll a il . 1 :,1 I i . in i llt i or t a ,r.ill ,)il· ,lst ll n h' l rh In. m t ofii,' i:'"..i-tat' ' h lthe Molto -fI.-ui~hd t, ' n th le l ".\n .\i ,t for ;h,11i a tI h r,' tl h ; 1t' , llp r . of ili . or l ch tu 't 1".,l1ii,'it +ill ýIIII ~1,Iluihd tlll h dicll" Id; 'o rr11 r r rh. I I. I . lll +ow i.l llrrr .r r ir' irr I .lm t v, ::n'-p , 'I lcrilr n iol wtl'lll r i fn,hi al, h,'r ",' : nd ..h ,i . '," in h nit e o .th e S t ' e o I h. ,I a nd. ilt ' t h.: 1 'a t J li i, ' ' li -lg h e t C l,,I , rr.'m I l Tl a + ' tlth or' h, m hi .l td l, the ;i',p.l1+ hlr,',t li , , r 11 ire, 1 . '+" I . ,cl+ , . ,,nt Srlrllrr ilr ,llrll l; it Ii t on .rl r , .t., li, ,f lln u. niin I I rllr mE IlIE t e r E 'lll r 'lln ,,h a' 'lr Im ll' l , olr' Err ' iI-rI.hrll/ or il h"r.r I lr'r in ihlr' '' r lrri i ltr ll.' I lr E ,' I r , '.tl-, 'rhl rh. t, . " ol..on r Eo a ' 1E l or ly .11r , ito !,,' f",1l ... h l;, .,< ,, Ir , t , I, on m ... , -,", iii .. i th l lilty .I .-.. l, :o W "ll'Ihr .n - E :'U l n trort e lr r on.dr; E i ,ii, I iolll _ J ulh ir 'I. '''rr l t'r l ' r t -l-( tl d 't el' , i'i r, 1b. . I. lill h1, b . Eirr I ttt i r i i , - Er'!rl, i , ' rll E.l'd r i Illr r i rli l er I 1r,' .i t, l1. I l.IH; I. In th,. , i bl r ,f I:I n 'dI S 1 .'.ahzl m I ' r-r: Iv ' ,h I l, I I )I,- rv II. l'ir"'r E bl r't ',illlr'h I crll , IU" t I r~ ifl; l c rill thr r llr.l' ,i 1 vI oin,, ,', te e , r. r rt j , r,. il r , In ". .lil.llli . . lt t1... ., , ih.i+, -i llll ,I J' lh., ,;o-ll , oll , I . I :r .l-,l, mol scri ti . II rr l l lrr rti c lirs r'rlrr t r rrrt.e , y l Iqua t; ,:dt i l"r it till , lllal, "'el o ild tiillt- , C intl 1 r, , I ra l ,rr. p i, r. t rfl t"r ' t rrralr, r rIrv l hto ill d Il, ll n In l trr1 e ri lli ,I l,,l lt dI t C+~A"e ,rrll. - 1i,. Et-ll n,+ ci ,lt i momhl de ' ,I terrt, E 'lrr' i r,rn imrrt. n ed frbll y X rl'lll 'n bEr r il r llirillb r'tr r II I rrrrll n, lirt Pl r nll lr 'hr illrrr i n ,r , rll ,,i liliElE P . ilt. Il.,.ll t. llllllll earlmoin'll I rreltou ,rlre ' IA r . r hairl , ub. M e loo drih l illte t t) < t t 1rti le ti E r rllr' r Ie, 't, i r.rl tll rlllr i lr: drtlr d'll~lr~ve!l'l . ie illh illhI I h' e ,11 rI.EXX'lrfL I o ¶ li ll 'a lEEt i in Nl/(ir . Iiir 'trnr. r Im rl rrrivr'r', <h'lIth, etw.'n plllra l lile:.. .i. T'1'w rorylimn 'lo f nl II Inh . t iiiin ,.+ oll ty i,n r i'; rlLl-i+, rlli'f the tI dl efltll"" i, 1 II lded ',iV ('our#IIIIFOI, "/'Dird, JrfIerxon a,,, /.in !.al ."e i, th ll rrrhol it r, L I wLlh pilrh tll illai r r r',W ' -A Iolot. Itih r l l -l 't"r ,lll l -ill +1 1 ll(.. , d t di i Al t'i Iri rr.r ,h s l id iErrrtherr r'ihe f ll 1 i r'ra'r nrota''y lub.l ilce, i . \imiI n crl t:.i", I' ..lir in parnel llf groilnd isitlant 'ri r r.l rir r 'rilll i rlrr lr l hlle r . l. , o lrnrdrr ,r rrll r l.. pe i, pllh \ltohilj .1,''i "; IPiv 'int It, the Itp 'ro'iollli i, i i1lo I.. .lil,.lik iib ot ill 'twit/ i) t,',i,,, , ...i ule e I i·r n l+ all rile n ltd o T the U per s n,, to \V li,,: ,ht ,,.;. :\I1 t+llrt,ht ,a I lota i(,rn nl. ll ll i Iltit fthet +1)111+. er ly ,.llra.h'rltl It "aid a ai scut h E d L tz ITIIIille ltl hi+ +t rlrt rrritl, (41h Jal i 'E'y 1817. r r..rrra "r " Errrrrirrrr Er.rr': Et r iro' Er, rrsll rrr r 'rrIet IrE Ot''-3r "r r ,rpul Cerrk. ir l'lr A'Tr Ill:. I,1,O IEIrr t/l1:-Goth itllr prli r antls, fl x i l£ ime f, iiti.lallnlt: I.(lI . i --At. ttill e I cli· ll . t r \Lr , il'irey yalnt l,c lt', n vA nt role ci-ajlr< dIlceit,, nr.est the1 c ttt ol i'o. ll! tici ce lltte o r (a1l ~la .lilt, Vehte fat tclir(.tel i.ll le l ,ll r dli, se tri - lift" d, I' il 71;11;~, E l itr llrr i rrrIrr c n nlrrm ,: t ri n lrrirr re . i rr ilrir lier Ilr ""tihr lit ]: ill ir iI . nl ol":\fie "A le r, cm uirnltr hcy titers dIes ,cluen, . nir Itil.. ti'tll lr, iill.ittn+ ,;., "I Tlllr ,t., i 0 I ..t ar 0 liP 18. 1o- (t£tl uit irOlnl . p t Ilouttls ptl' ll nw nll l.a l.. l rant r ce pr r-ert, s jonrlrurr alu non d I'0-pate Err , Ie rIll]lisin t+ rt dC + C m dtla pre utinr J l,.tr ju l ai e, ql ri rtl r lrr rrirt Errh r h rrr rrirel a I brrr iirrrE I "tt!. trr~r~l~'t'iEr, E'rrrrrPr' i l 'l rll 'rr i''rrr rI, l rrtrrr rl E rclue, rirr onftr guri nce r I' E rr 'rt lprlrrrr I a rrrrr sdnrr I'.urth h+ dBe e rulllr E . j* lliicn ll r I n r rrrr lr Eret ill clmt, i X vt rt r i fl b rlre, olrr E C ru r t ir' qirr,,, airrer pll aih E da e 1 ', rrt I ll, .li.r rilrl trr teri et le liit .du,| I " relll i rl po 'r ' a ot+Irr . . •it.rr r i ''llr r li.o Eih l r, n , l tsl rut j tl litie ipirrt rrr'lir pr ee clat ise .i oullrllf-i Iici tll ele tii.l "itito e r +e lait pats domlirnle et homolh e. rrrr dire prrr rr'rr tatr r r endr e prr rrr r le ryl r r s I Et Ir r- Etli.lii j r o jlli de I' irrrr, 1r8'8, ,.n vert I' rrr de r8: '3 i li, pirr Lrrr ir illrEr E ' ll, r .rl'tln llllre E r es urfl.a ci,-r. Na. Jll, lt I! nIlid dockl t dt, l emi Ie t rour hi ati, venite. I1. 1L\V.P ll'rr L'esl lendu CnE 'Err r pr ur it" litprix +,c $ x7.18. Il'sE r lien ht lEr plrifr rr rr 'aprrrrrr. r l'l jiti cairr, savrrrr: 1. r i' in Ir l .t. d or' r rrrrerr' r. .r. l I r, _1 .rr, rrl rt, 10, Ererr a r. i rrolrlton Jil s r l rri-, J'll'cro tt r li rinrlr eneirl.l centr lllilr e 'r hr-r t r ix srep I rda ri'rrqulrer piedr du BIce E .' l IE rr i rrr , oe rre pr qrrrrriit Erirr Irirrt G, i r t lr t rEr , Iou men . bent"rerr'r Er trrr ih rrEitlro srl' r Er1 r rre rThir rir r ent r l itErrtr Iotr do trlrrzr ir h rin' reux Arlttu. C( errr rrrrlrislrr . mEriiur'. c pr cent ciilante pleds do profondeu :1. r ' hiE lt quntle olo de farrre rrurs rin rrre eit .ur. inelus Berrrr l tot' t rrr ht J. r trrnrrl plr r lerr rrues pird l bip trrirr canr t piErr lE de fblrr psal E rhl ' rne , d Ii Ierues Erusr llrrnrirr rvr vr p Pr ntrlr rr e premier. . nmarr 1833rr et ridEp Eaose d rr I'ssrer rrr.. dt 11. 1r . reril drlr lirp 4p Etltr ncertainrnrErl eirndrE are SitrEr durar edit. Crarr rllton, ' n' srant deux crr lr t rlze l erlrhI &nze roai deux celrt cinqrante rir r rl nir r'enlhr publi Cr r lerqie "[' rur .i EI r di ts r rte de terre lilr ri rt parr ie re. rI pro. Air. .. rrr.r', •. hirgtimre j..rtr tE EtrErirre A 'I i 58 BUSINESS CARDS, J. P. FREEMAN & CO., I·I5eolsa le Clothing EIMtablishaoel No.3, lagazine street, H AAVE canstantly h ca hand a largea lnptlv of Cloth in , calAleatV d fbr the eounorr trade. 'Their nlt. oorntoentl geill arge, merehalnt fronl tle country can e s0 oldtliod at tilhe hortost ooti.e. FASHIONA- LE CLOTHI1NG TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 C(harre. Mlreet IJAVE a eon.onnoroto.lqy o f everrv otlle PIotolling to geoltlrI.o,'s dress, of tle laeot rotvlr, at oNv York prices " dhc! 20 SllHICE(UII MIETALLIC TEET1r. 6S4 Pf'r. OIENS of lhEoe eruallfil trelleh, and the mtao. -I ler f elttillntlle ,nll y 0 be l ol . t the uotliuT of J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, Nol 46 Clol otreet. o'hos teeth nver lhbongo volour. ant are by mllny, and io n aoloy maso, pretilrable to the el lIr. It. will wuit op:o ladies at their r..eidence, S. A. l' Eltlit.lSl 'I., MERCHANT TAILOR, 17 C onlllllll)ll rl t, 1-.) ES to inform tIh !)lonlic thet hnvino purchlad I frool 31o,.ro It(lU(;II, SI.E(;l & Cot). lpart of their stock, he will continue the l4ineoss it their ol stand, op osite Bi0 iliso IoIn.:, where he hoipes to merir a Ilore oo tlo ir +toro lloHoz eo Ilo . lhlo mallelloo t o rllllra lli t4 nothe Nort to be sutplied n'hlo with fle la llr al CLAY & CLARK, LHOUSE AND SHIP PLUMEERS, No. 1Pt02 I'oydros str'eet New ()rleao,4, MANI;FACTL"an FS oF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps OI'ull descriptions. WARM, COLD, AND SIOI7'ER BA.4TIIHS l'ixed on thle most ,proveld principle,. M111,.1)'D LE..), PIPEM, &c a.lOrlders executed il any part of the Southeln States. Dr. lob.rtl 1. ILindoe. OFFICE Exc n.snt Ilortr:r.. Pom CIAY . CI.ARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydra.s street,oI Ir :TIP on Ihmd a cn.itant rsoply of ilend Pip,, .li from 2 in. diamenter iowa to 3.- in. diameter, tilr' EST .IllISIIM EN 'T, No. 53, Mdtgazine Street, Opposile IBanks' Arcndu. IVILIJ.1.tI GREEIE, PROPRIETOR 0rl J H. PARKER Connmmision and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, f:r srAInRS. Nev O o dtm,to Fo.. '2 . _ JARVIS & ANDREWS, %11014...EAI.E AN) RE11A1')I I) EAI.ERfS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS LII I: .4"1l1''F :s; .rI."') Ii ',I)011%' (dl..) SS, tl:,ller ofl (.O n ,o l a ld l'clllllitu lao streets, NA'I'IIAN JAIIVIo. J(3IIN W,. ANIIIEOV(J. A large uPl)ly of Garden Poled,. warranlted tIe growtht0 ol 1.1;7. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & 1. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 04d 063 WA'I't; SI'REET. 7 ! lol 'oer 0i dl, b sil estl hli' hed tl0eloeh.os in Il. Mlohil Ir itlhe p irnse oi traosr osotlng tlhe A oimoon v (sllllllli lll lll t ill ito, O ri, onq tIm br lI'Ia o l'oi, l g Illv n illtlrlll thI ir frilllooo nll till Illlotlli ,tlnth t thLeo Ire now prepitred to reeive conlenln~llhs, nod mlIake libhtral advllcVll ol tile m oIe, I itlor l iltr Irivte r ulblic sohd. S4)l.()110AN I. J()ONES, e.tfl!r to Woalker, Knight & Co. New Orleanls. tohloolo I,+60 9 Ioll1L ffl, 15 . CIID. - AUE. S.ATEaR. A oIIAIA'I TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardltintg & (co)In onII Mlercllhants, No. 411 Poldr0as Street, N f \t ( ) I A I, A NS. ITh,y will devote their plo n(o laro au tion to tle . . le f of 00,torn I'rodutc. lo l tIoill a hardo 1 tsrt 1& Tho11, New Y lo.alr . týr+ I.I 1,0,0 Srn & Co. 4 A & 31 \i llM i ll. ) ( rbt\, Wihl & Co. . alstoan. "110,0i Vioe oI .l Ii1 II, l'.t II rIl ll C L. C 1o. I,,rt r&'l'flo ao. 'r New York, Von Pohl , e. c ill. s'"atlll .l i)ovia. ; t limi0. SIhdr ,o. . to Il 04,h'v I,;-, & tNt'lap. Altn. I&L S T NT O N E . T Ferwardang nud C'onllumiion Jerclnnmt., FUI.NISIIERS OF SilIP' AND BOAT STOIES, No. II 1 'T'CHOUPI OULAS 7TREEr. New-Orleans. I"RnE ZI.:ILt c CIU S A. It' MuEcuI & Co. New York. IJ & iP. io..Ax n, " Ciocinn:ti, 0. W\IIr IT (nMITH IAVID O SToNE, D):Iton () II. CJOM.TOCK & (Co. ColtuNo:NNs O. N. AIi.nmtn, & Co.. Louisvill', KIv \l\'11.s, TI5,7T NS & C.'rts. t Louid Mo A. II. ito r, Aonun, Ill. WM I.. t ITohaliw; Rushville, III. " J. & 1'. PI. I' Aur't:.E., lnav.u Sara, .a. OJan 2 moN 111h1. Newl (iNleal;. IlAlEI(S IN AMERICAN & ENIILISIl CROWN GLAi S,, No. :l CtIRNO.'El.ET STREET. .1 INSURANCE COMP( 01 NP1:,8 ORLEANS. This Companlly are nowlv prarel to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 2t Mus'on's ulhlilg, Canal str:e.. New (ileains, lMay 15, 183. ecrtury. WILLIAM IRWIN Commnissiolln and Foalrtling Merchalnt, CINCINNA.I'rl, 01110. Re1ir l::aL't & ei ? IeOrleans. iO(IIEII' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Noi. 2 ICamlllp streer, IWholesle I)ealcer inl Ints, (Oil, Vlrlli:he., irus:le., 1tll) .Vildiw and LiCtliur Glss., &C. &c. :T. W. COLLINS A TTO ,Y. & C~ot, :...'EL.LOI .7' ./T.4 . N ()OW lmrctisin in the Stat1e nolld (it Colirts. ('li eml8 w ill i.1 hi tlll (at tne lerk's ollheC , US ('hlrllult Court, in the CuLstolt llou1se buihling. je A CARD. TliE undlersigned have opened a hoIlolls in tis cits, . for thte purpose of transacting a GENERAL. COMMISSIOSN iUISINESIS. OFFrcE, No. 10 (RAtIER STr, STRAIRs. II' I.EVY. The hoIll at (hand Gulf, Mila., will be clnlnllued In Ihe lbuove mlalic. 11II 1lill & 'o, L:,ui: ville, K,. ItIoh:,n lI ilNmr:e, l icklI:urg, Mies. irper arp ener & Co r.d Gulf Mi:. Sil ,s d, ll N, hllcez, N s. New ')raei:w, Jul2 121 8. jy.il2 A CARI). ATIIAINIEL 'TiOWNShENIl havin g loc.ted hium sclf in New Orleans for tihe lpurpose if trlactillg u Gienernl Agellc lanyN 'nNuNll:on blinNess, would re. spl Nii illly solicitfronl tihe public a ilNhle of their pa Ironlee, I Ovin NhouNNse in Texas, hie will attend the trans acting ol ly busilness that may be desred in thllat :otlony,n and will guNarautNNe prun:Nt and ourelmilted Nh tcntilll to all Ibllil+ enlltruistlel in his clhtrge, andl n trithful ujlkicuti ll:(in Niccrtnln:lc withl ilructtio(nis) of all lund thn mlIy n(NiCNlllr irtl his hnndl. OfIce in Ni w El:chlnge, n nli tiravicr Jtr:eN ,lIpposite to Io,' Mir Claplp' church, and a.lj,'inittg Gijbson's realilng r,,ull, lign oll the'rexiAN (':oltinlu. New irle(ans, Novem:ber .5, 18:17. Mnars Iillyer, Buk & Co. New York. Burr WVakel:an. Alvartz F sh, NNtlhe , Mis.. R5L Stroll, r S1 I.ouni, Mo. John T i;r y. Louisville, Ky. . Johnl A te' e, II pk::s:ille, Ky. n2gR fun FIREMWN'B INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS, Oice No. 24 Masson's Buiding J CA.VNAL STRE& t. TRUE AMERICiANI O E.IIS,. In connection with this Olfice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, S tea rIl TI PRINGTI OlF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bills Steam BoatBills dir.tCars, Antld every dcription ofJob lWork thnl allay bli reilind. [lt he p,,.. rieatr rela..tlly alls the - wa tteIr on r Iof the public to ;.e .hve Codi, sital a.-tre' Ihetm that all ,ontk lltrltte!, a lit t ctr >h ll be dhole ot the hort est notice, in a st3.e unurpaa ed ill this city, tndI t the lt. rst rats. I tultx, jl i rtlllbbert bhnk h ll llanus, poo's I nad r, [r P - other article of tat r, ev., ery bet qualit corai i Allllaty l Ih Ill ia d til f l!t i stie b . t i i I)litTO:W, 2l 9 N 'I' Y ntiso .. 1ri lt11, _d ('l!al tlypl .. i EN LfUCKY t tit ti-t, Nt li r ati h St +rllnctbogrp hit lOice, rl . gl t l lla latrl tvt ,o plposit It. k I Arlde lt t l i t ,u! by I t & IL!lT I n'-!21; t 7 ;rtlvirr ;trt,et. jvet 44 New Ievee. jyl2 Ia.k Allry S 4:1 icltrl e. , nhld-, ur salt by " IIOI.AL FLA E & L MI ll , i lXCIIANt;! tiN Ni'E' I PttrK ftr s Int hr i EI~n o n I,\ th lit NC! Vt!! , la:NItIl' u ' 12 ':3 & t9 N\rw Iba tre (N hi \11 l i5 tKS l" r l ti. tll t tran I hnis'cratt or alnt ('n i latlrro :l Ian. 1 ciil rlqatluni If tille lt'ntd i S tatle. it J. ti 'l li tnore Cotel ir. Th1 Te'h." I'(l'a'uFirr; .\dr, td llrnl' inn IC(7,tUlntrv lhou' e . anu!t ttaer sal i U, b IladY Ith .ltss.tIl , "l: 1 t lAer. ii- r Nro Ilacttl Crnwall, or ( cte Ctro ofa bsin ate l Til' e River and i t )e(rt, by Miss Pardot+ author Uf te 'piov of the skit, tittlit or io Ctle ad cite wifathe; ile iold Iarise lrot s ii re state of cte jellt; cor Cintnp in d Co(` oaa al e . s1lligi suitytlio J'ie 'Ias, sd al, t" dordr jy Ill 74 ]',,vtlr si. atr.'t. ! tract ,,f Saraapairilla, for tho cluro of obsltnate 1 erltptions o 1 the skiln; pill ephl s or pustules of the i fat.e; bihns w.ll; h arise from an impure state of the blood; scaly erultions; p ins ill lie bones; chronic rheamatlsni; tatt, r; scrofuin, or kint's evil; wllit,, swelling; sypllilitic dieaases, and all disordurs. arising Ironl anl impulre atuto of the bloodt, by a tlong residence is a ho' olinate, or tile injudtciout use of inerctury. Also,-Cave & Schalff r's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: the best preparation .w eoxtant. Among wilielc are thse tlllowng:-ltndian Dye, for col rilg tie hair; Iihar's Oil; Iitaoian IBcar's Grease; Intatuel; ' i:taw's Free,,o WVas: sot. perior Pearl Powder; White; Cream of"; Vegetable o lougRo ; Otto of ease; Lip Salve; KIre. odite Tooth Wash; Clrlonic )Dentrltice; Orange Flower Water; l'.wdur Puail and Boxes; Amer. can Charcoal, nuatly put tup in four onuce vials; Plreton Salts; Cologner; Kroosote 'Tooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushesti; ELglish lDressing (C' obs Ulsiiait lalir Oil;-with a variety of otl!her Porfu nmeries, &c. ,For ailo by L WV GLENN'S PIERFUMEItIE.II J C TRINCIIARD, Corner of Canal and uaurboo streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE I,.1 T' l l:1 ) Ior the execltion lit lea ps, plans tad drawi it T s, i rIhtr a ' cl, bul..inss nl adtles. urlds of st ert description, fIneral n icoi' r- Oll dlegp IIOIrrllill I La r, aI n ,ll+l',ry t· l ~~ III iuoltat'lNrli Nlllk checks+, dtr ,/mtt rcit-, &le illtn l Intld 'nod 'tl d ill acllcap uadll expeditilolls style, y the l lo ietulr. NR. Boink Noe.'s nl.'lt excuttlhll . 4 JIT 'T received oper ile arrival fromo, New Yhk, I fre+h arl Iashhionld aso. rtmelw otf II.'TS.'. ''The liber wolnh paurticabrly r":l l the uIll t illll lo' the pcldw ti -ttle tof heaver h! t., of ai NprilI llnishl, lien toxtue, rir I Land beutll fl lushtr; else to a filor )l:,i,, £{us but hat ol'a slulperir qu tality; c dall Ise a hlideidi orltool of silk hait, er onith. o1 nil a+ sorntnllll 1 ,l:II ta Ld ty hiunmsell, ,expressly ol r thi. Imllu.r et, ~l ll cvlle Ullll rotoil J W OS: ORN,.l Camp treet. N. IS Citi and country de cerr are invited to call. rDIITRIT PAINTING. iI. I, Itih:it .respelruoll IIwUlor the pubrlic th t 11 h' ~ill ai'nt r. 8hoi~ot n ju inNew tOrbans fbr o .i 0.Ulp , Iso 0 i o loainti oor or ro'aits. 1he ) p r l < :i o) lil ll l i I Charles, in the bouils nIruirl by I i"ornld \ .t·lyou, 1leutiIts, whler perimins Ilis painli:.;, can b h eeln. Entrance in St I harles tre l. I i I i l lilt %tttlktI E TIN.1:1' I I WARII. l E II. NUIf'AI(I'IIRY sll I nr:Kl,;t CO., No. o Old . Lever, }hai e in . st.ue, ,f their own ,, mlfaetolnIr, o largs nd oex tensive s'ltnen.0t of eia ware, which they• invite deal ers i in thl lrah to eI ostln alsro11 Popp, ,n noor, ugI r hous +ki mter..; M){ do. SugaTr Ladles; n du. ('pepel a r itol. li J 7 Budil trlls rted sizes; 11 i groans N. I-i1oollllu f loi;ling comerred wilth in, e I tin. tlopp ll r and tie Alltters put up n te Ash rs r oENGoIo lo. Iul.\Co ANoi)l i.o.'oll Aotolllo.o EM Y. i ROFIr SI)I lO R ' IR I Y, ali sisltedl y iv entlenmen i of S p er qill uilifreih u a. dilll llld 1 ri rr ,.rellul l tl l d aIl Aevlloll" ills tilts brick buld , e!llongin g Ito V'il. ii'nol Eq., adjoiing th (l. rano a on Si. Charles ltretl, whie lounl genldehen, well di.+spsed, will ei. eeive ii ro l iirducatiOn . 3Mr. i l. sul ..oit l the o-operation of his friends and Ithose of eduention, lt enallhe hhn to rleder this insti tultion utlfal anod pernanret. rumorn s o thle Uoderigned having solo elo . or discootinued hiso old and long tctalbohold GARDEN SEED) STOIRE, .\, i5 I ustolonm homys, laving been most indastriously circul tid by self. interested parties, the subscrber begs to assure his friends generally, and the public at large, that he still continues within two door, of his late, or tourt.r sta.d, to be thrnished with a full anld ox. teeivo l supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vogetdllle .rdno t Sealos, of tile growth and im port of the present season, 1837. Snoce the early part of Scptnlbeor, he hla re. ceived amtple supples, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and ArkatnIas, all arrived inl short passages, direct from Now York. fly the Minusi. sippi and anothor packet, he is in daily expocta. lion of a supply of Fruit Trees and .iapar:agua Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. The subscriber beg frther to aur tlho Inroce public at larlle, that tie in at prelent as well t nabled to meet t d xeclto orders fotr all the kitinds of Garden Seeds, either wholoesale or retail, as he ever was since his first establishinno t in January, 1822. ('Country Doleaiers and Mlarket Gardaotrs' orders flilhd at the lowect and must reasonable rates, by th1 pounld weight, and gallon or bushel measure. C-taloges, cithlr in French or I.vglinlh, may always Ie oblaied j ol pers onal Iappatlion as usual, to WVM SM31I.11, G(iaren oeed Store, 85 (Cutoslou Is o. stre'. NOITE.-A conlstanlt supply of Bird NSnd, riti r mtixed or piaio; pulverizned soup; herbs, and ihankrrns dried heobo,--with a supply of pen llland beans l'(-RO) (I'.:'I'illon--10 pIckageI li n-e,-y, er. L seys, Ae.,suitabll e o r llo rl l.lo ii,r lsale vo ISACAe l ll n iiotli i& "'), + hl oo,:zh s. Ljutl dd o tl r tler, 0an1 ibr sale ho 0, DOlt.lY, relpt 44 \l Lever, r t l Nllll leer .,Ion lo l o Ientu n00ggs I.AYE'T & .t1I.I NG, __~o01 __0 __ 7 _ _ tlll C_ rl , t. Ltcele iOI 'ror: ase l UtDoln s0ll 001 $ lll0i0 i(l.rnoo roi ohooikoon ,e ltl lb l America oi new York ionl oli . rni 00ll00. A dpl, lot Ihe ofce liof tErl. W111T IN, mp I ErlheIge llr hI.orst. (.ch rl ont SinLl.\ ilt | 'e l acg, sweet andted f-nfiln.,.{ w"isle to0 iltoimn hisn rioond s qau tli luic. in geel lat he i tabon polepacd tco forllrlaish nl' Ihoing, i thel ahovo busilcn, w d hs ~ oolstoll) lfor alore h0llol oo nI brig Charles : airollf sale by JOEPHU CO'" AYNE. I oset, erman R rarpee, .Moiorlotoy, Englinh Pe.i , oltovrgt, Altcriann Ilappeci Naonkitoooioan, Inhuted, Anoeerhmno gentlltan's, Ilorganoot, lhinkosnt ilololper Iridsi lllhckguardl, St. ()Iutt, Cotorooa., Paris, Pnurerlioih, lhdtf nolorn IRtppoer, ioStol, anl gttnlile tooth powdedr. 'TUBACCiO. Fone roll lhewiirnog, sweet narottd no plain. Fint rut sonotookio u t triono tualitie,. Rib-lloot inhgini, inituo, . Tlerabcverrthilos ore all warran.ted wlag d, ofooot u orrorlto nut~lutng of Ilhn kind inmlporlted, oiiil oill he ftlrnishedlo n droole eono fhoe allow lihbrooternos,. 0a0 4 Li All ,'.i 0FED-5--9 borao tone green I . IL too Coolloroof the neon croop, flow hlanding bio0ia brig Charles Ca, roll, for sale by JOSEPH1 Cf'OK'AINE . I nto C.o (I raotrol I if ,l%)NESS. 1I': \r11T IF,'l h'I,,d of hnir i t e1o mrr orln ti n n Illh ,ni 1., tl IIllllln tFram . Ilnw strance tilt I is o1 it IhAnneo Itrh CroIrn nn elll ll a'n.1 pro1e111 rlllr ly t.riln onl the rll pirn rllr onfl Idn , whlli'h ir SIIInIV mo re il It Ib l Ilne n(ovr~rFI t ll. l f -toictilh e e n t' l hllrv -lll ' iP r 1y Ilt lill thr l a and r nll urrs of thei Il tlo nlll ,l· n e:the remnin ll lh r io' their lives tllre rln 331111aly nlpt 1 in relimiien1 t. In i' ort, not vnlll il t fr ftrpplitnti on, n-d I ioI.ttt r i er r , ifagnin. It liUp" i'r produces -"brow- nod whi-ker.-; pCroents the ulllr Irfolll o ltlllin . a vrl., illek\ r< il ealrl I..ln tifoll V, aIInid Rol ert l rl\hurtou. E: . lte Ml vor ,f l'hiladeIlpt lot- r, rtilql' a, itny hr e'en bvlui, t, thohlh irh :rn i It. ill he |'l ll rll.1r l.ll Tll l IlT ill.R ,e i S tiivs. 1A IlIitI . p Ti'1IAT'lIIIR, S.eior, Metllldiet Milliter ill St (f;orw- -riit ot,. No 1;w ; Nort h I, ifn h l t. JOIIN P INttI.IIN:'1 Arh slrert. J( )IN t) n ' )M1 .A,, M D) 11i 3 Iti e'S, J()llN . PI'RI'E:\" fi 1 S1,pIoP etr(ol. IU1 ;I3 t 3 dlc ottl)' . 1:tl.lh 't t t't. JlI ) rI IIn a (;R11 3) Jr, 1d3 A 'h lr , ,.i at. l iitt tw o wt thatittre ol tihe rli ove sid lo +t ioitnllr I 51) en of a , a d thlle oth re nolll I.., lhall 30. A I 'ro til the 'o y r. t t to ta a? o FltihIlll rtltlllti ItI ltn ati ann- a i i t ti;v to1 t'lt'sde ,htip ti e ino, dia h tll'ltl it cetify Io t ntt n twell ncat rfILniotit cwlt, l h, t . t1tirt' ti tretn lbo , St i ota lbr , , i t' C lnt r IIP Iubscriber 1 -.. pose FIto p;, ilial tlu in, th ( r i h t. n mio s tare i nilI t,,o wte alto chr Saifi t'o, aleh id tre ,tentllyvoli of .i. tr oa O d rt , itrit1o ot '. s : fllh l credi 'h111d ie- Firrl to the ,alid eerriftl te. IIIn ~ i tt o alir ve h trot tol, Lie o .eol ll ttan h IInu ao 'l l IaUr"d lh g seal of oilei Io be fli i this [I.. S.], " f RIII:1tIr \yVIIAse yWIITN Ia Fn . BranEp t rheohe Eoitoir by alsorite by . til I' I1 ,tNin 1 :ar s:, i oI i loln ofth, nd reltti t ile t ttt, ole eti tecr , rlca. 0o2 Fletcher,,ll eetf L-t air I mde l n eclne lout ,m'ar/. trlly oetrrd b roiVI thAIe I,r e perin, e. 1,9 In9 %Vholrsnh Acvn., .ew Delrhnn. n pTE uc1I i berporill)op oli to i hih, in the cinnig a work it benoimng wi s vrry da y o'ond atin l fe t. iwenty votluer State of the lio a nd New Series ofnc to tein' Louisiana Rueorls, to be Lou rialn;d t faire civolume, i te, jaccording to tcolitdel of la et rnk Co knodelsede of our aj. c o rie ui This work iejriof tne w io preiUtration by J. Bortove Ilre rising rEn, ofblie oF city, asi adoted oi llur cFnd, and tilingus hed re ia re d Judge ro: r the Supreme Curt, and by one of the sittin g Judges, tho expect from. their lers in al uiplrvinnion all theo advanthoe which layre latllorilyive rmrolll of their other Sln, neill Sucl aI work is Icac.lig every day inore le eere ,ork s tille original i vollnlE royal expncive, iln will bhe olhver States of the Union, in reren ce to tper vol.; i case it hu e tu prLou cticanble; a toe coprided in th d ijtment of colut, s p-iof la to sabke Convenient note il tir vol. t paral case ubsdecided in Lllla, civd hoe Iby te 'Tite work will fOllrth four voh lnm, royal oclavo, OLmlpres itillto three voL llllu s tle p-ice to sub ,VM, McKEAN, je5 ear Camtp and ('onmmn t. Th• i, ci s1.a1 is opeallt.I every 'It, I. room 5 to 9, ,'l,, k I' A AUBER'T. .. , p. ) _ 1- ._. :.__3 .. _ NEW OILIt.l.N'S ('3I.\IIh':I:CIAL N'lrlI. "'(T'r ,'E. Pface treet, brtt en .lloreqtt ad (_neararalo, asub'b. i tI e t itrt.q. PI'ECIAL ('lour's of jook I, e, hin.--'lhe course aF Iof c'; Ii]' R , llg IIi eiI-'4 --ill .oat I esa1rceat , willil t i" t Ill i tllalit IIttrn . r. S fhig ci I i n t a r, ,ill be tIe rrflirn l ie t Illl: ,,IP r of atb ib r llata I t ll ttHL* LI; it will e:i .( ill NIo.eib"r lixt. For ge htlIl lIIt siill ill tit l tll Ipr lonot I i " ti heci Sl ilIc g talah ., IIIs s Il ,ile k, will ',t u ta1 i d lit he ilorner of St It. L al~lin led Ixcai I lal I'lcl,1 Il, b rui llles an sllln slrlg ild (Civil Enginr Ier I, both I III o IIIw o id en tryv. Frol ioi(rllr btlll ire b et tir It I a iu is pint.ll , i llls a by era inii aLl llTtl ollidtll itu ill he xte i lof hit" ne- r l.a ' 'estitt aitl tlo hitt, ie hop cs to tnerit ioal rcie at shur. of pibli" puiranatie. iewin linel aLisre and ca lat t'ei n an o fito , afila andi tatia t aliaoa. ttice No a ('h. ttra trta eecn el matitr. l ARlTIN II I':VERIT EliX oIlira ,ira.a , u large Iron. Just reriered ai eatrtvioltt of'., Cook ati ar sI4ve' of lIe la .t.e, p nlern a t h, T'ruonito ids xtret , rtlll'ON)N & A.PINALL'$ 1OSItPOUIND TONIC s:l x t11- .I ' Sauand eltaill cure for tile tFasver anld Agure, remlitelit and iuntermlittent t.ver; prepared tfrol lthe original recill. Uitad w:th tnlUlllnct and uni vorail success int 1830, by persron of the highluat respectability in this city, as rtated in the annexed certificates. " Thisn edicine is hin, lit y recomnlended, tatd has been extensively udii in Lllie above diseases with oueh distiaguishl d success, thnt tIe proprietor of the recipe ha been inlduced to ofter it to the pub. lie i its ipresentt flarm. in tie hope that it may bet the merans of relievinlg I;manlly of those who are seacring under tlhe steourgu of onl eoultry. It Is a Ilrmdicie possessing great viitue, and when used i according tc ttihe directolll has neltver fil-d of flbclinlg t eire, aevu ill the imot ohitilnate tamge of the disorder. It is notat t all dangllreew ubli, a persons of the weake st llomaiI. h, ld childrenl. may take it with impunity. It strengthliIe the digrstivr organs, creates l ilt ipetite, rand s1ldol rTequire Imre than one, or ill obstinale cast.s, two bottles to effect a cure. 'Thlre is neither Inercur notir arsenic in the mledicitne, nor lany tl g ijurious to the lhuman .. .tiluti.on. T. propr.e.trs rr. so well cunvincid of ill ienc.iltdyt, thrt they ngrter to refl:unllld thlle price of evry otlle which has bleenll taken in accordance with te i dirctionll and has not rf.i:et,,d a a pert ct cure of the fev-,r & agle, A. OLIVEI, sole agent d br New Orlealns at his wholesalo alnd rclail (Irag nald Inedlilulle tore, corner of Ilitnville and Culartre jtructs. For District Agencars apply to j,5 T.W. tII alt, 48' n ICn I 11Att: hilra pren itvk ii t;ird starat nr I ot rMitOll S an .iorl , t h, lie .t oln 6 r i i. -l.F hie• . ,, h"pt Iof Bll ia' it.,.rov.o..m co x tn ,fit dte relltlt I1ramc dwllin INAion, an kitheriang Tuth bryin tin lgaa brick Mlditats undar tb i l-dirvided lute at, 13l cmtatnitg a twtha lltion ot tire o.a r h. itoh , p. att t goIe)d t utllllll t . a\l to atia a oew Ogn rlerry , "S Aule.1alk, A I t I I tt anti uk is e h e k i g o n er rk a Cr A I Re t a l &tta n .t OUIe NAIR of an Exploring t our bltiond "tire, Tlotey Mtlil, a Ta uder the diutr tilo tel Itn A n C F tr, Aeriirllld in the year' 1135 '36 and Ti; containing a description of tr g inr a uhy; e. Cagy, lit Medianl piroduetios. and t lll ,e. le llllor and A l tllne tl e ot Nivla; wltii tt Map edit Oed by Berrithry, liy tratie S by R I'nrk, N. A . "I le River and lho i)elrl; or iteeulleeTiona el he Rhune and thi. 'hartreusc; by Mity a rdol , author el'the ity of r tan, &c. in r v as. The Rubber, a Tale, , - the authur ol Rlt teliocu, etl Gylpy, Altila; in 2'. 'I'ha Two r lirli or Ad &'tlure in ta.lta "Iouse, aud other 'l'ales, by Iiady I1t esslugl0l, E L BIulwer, MlrsNortlon, IBtarry (Crnwall, Mrs6 Gore, CalItaitu Mndhvin, and uther-; in 2 vole. T'!he LIfe alnd Adventure ofi l Nichols Nie': !rhy, edited by Boz, with llustrlltios by Plhiz, Nu, 1. Juit receivead an Iir -si Iby BENJAMIN LEVY. BACON SI.)ES. 51 HItbds WSIErun Macon ±ilde i1 in lrt nhipping order,hfrr otale by LA V I.\VICT &b \AEt UN( I lilt best quality, alcr dae , whltsale and rwaili by - LIt(ON NA1:.,, oct# Qtlr ,uhbezl & "l'¢hupateular . THEpabhia afrmpentrenu1 yaeO M-1 eiae Iwb( lotican iterected nn then m0Lt LnJt edinP tlcI, btt in sen airy an mot edmnirahte ertui' In the lictiocpul irecklin, ulrn the railroad, one tulle rmm .Ie11 &etig' 'lie~ bailrting ,Inlas e and unt conromdioualt divided Illttl lllllltun)1·tatW for (iar·Ing seplrllt dil)reu( i saars; " and d I.Hrent diesprers. Theh inenllutirnr is ullppirrd with hie' Itwt skilful and attentive mule a nrd fetnal- ualse-,alm / reekiif the en Piouls tlln teem1i the ihees P~rivate minas lr 1,1) t u b y Lv Irltlrlpllu t five Jet Iota par day, ineli nlca.,lheecn i ant. & c. 'I e ia nio'r ,t r y. .4ne e.tie., two', dllar . Suilit iee in ie' eerd c'ary words, five dollars, + " I~~l rler n J J bl Aill .,pitnlni + treie p lllb ri ei i.. Thl rlle lDea tt wi rat0 appta'iree ioe Ii,,,dnie,,,,, ,'iýt e ,ande. ort., 1)r C A. g) AC 311 Mild-tIdolti bicee 'leer,? .d i$g ftw LAI'I & tMI .iS jyif i7 o.,,ne., entreat.. ,.ioiisepork; 7hla pti.. iieno'll tin: cargo fa citat beet for is e o , I. lsb t.AVE:T & AMELii2'G, 4j llLY A1 -i~ile aceured Faeiily Ham, lit er leirior quali clieg Fang rom teaui Si.,. e.'h, fo. adle iby LAY'T KS AAIEi-IlN(.. I'`?d 17 Commorele ? IooU 1 liicN-71 bialret s erii ,, Iaiinr e id for nile y 1=1 ,,.A 0 A gflaCl'"-7o,0ilb~bl -Iii 'iJi'rne-'t 1 iu stole, furl sole In AI.ATER & 'IIt ff, i1i _______ 401 i'uydrteetedg .nt'I 1 on Mbile wentedh b 1)R~t''-5 bl..l 4.t. pre o.f Aineiicni, tweedy few slb 1)ey 1iAAC IRItIUE C&o' .IIPIt4 133 Mageihe rtreet. 1.1 A Ai EGi A Ii j-4 Iiieofnc ; e eolr teeld 1 'i fr o-r aI lr Libertyl nail "(lll nags in slur oi stole lby SiLArI-EtIi '&littER, nnol"1 40 I'oydnrts stree . 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I tik ' bii, in'ii Ilima in pIrepriDg. I nod lit= IiiIIe %veey nie.aly roiani lei, a new edi· iuiint, ftel 'odei,,itl.'l'nlie..i uipo inlcian ililc .iihets boll to leeetne iii,...l tlIt,'tu,, li'ceicnl in eIeie Ihe is a~is. .nici' to.,. Int if i s l rie nd'.,ici e Silo'. ir ie iue ii toe SIna of wilt of, hwn dab- Ill1~· f atu theP eetulllirllmene of ow-judll~icial a? FCtlllll, nul d oode whoe espe(Cial direction tih ltl·Ili IttPe ohleri ipepaire dI. Silne thie ii,.lroci, c of the spetiatelnumber (it the Cie di Cde, lilli. Pi bly eIl'FIe EleiobatII ('a.. lit wIa thought n, iiilctl tie Iiiill litlie Codel Iol IiPlatice in te love (IIued, pih ir whioi dilnire it, wIayp be eillbledL to Inii.d tche two Codrit Il-p-tlerT· 'I he urrang Patent, hawl~l ever, will Ilo ti llerlu. After I. nlilee iiueI al th, eciii' r iclile if it... Cadurit upne. fiiior',d ii.. ellne lithe Criicithey iie hee d . gesteed a.d , et. I c ini.o aP N.t' n (1p1oplr te niaic, i te sniapeIt lif non,; ,geticr cr ell icrekeiie eo fil ne -am; o tatthe. of 1'rrlic I~ls Henkrllas tie Ioa enatilt andrrountiF ns tl~e first of Afarcll neat, nnni bolll in good rnlbtn intl n ihrRI anI on... low iudiilg, snld i tic nlrocine At. GREINER. In u2n-2t Ai'acco at Laic I a Card. ORf.EAS L3 'IIO7GR.IP C C LR7'AJBLISBH lILA f, 53 MA GA ZIA'E IS 7JREE 7', 010011111 BANK' ARCA' E. O 3il ET'NE rwolrllo h3, sinlcere tI3,an, to lifw friep nds 1e1n1 the10lie of New1 O13, n.s, for the 'rulnuller I ceslot Ilia for the st 1y11r n,11.1 3 ojslei.I oL meats 3w1413n0rthart al orflyers rUmp1311,1 to ~ lit,' hurtr~~e shall he1 ponctonllll l Itendcrc tol; he will as usua1l, keepi 33,, 31. I ollo ob',Iope drin thie 111er 0 and '1hllll he tlilt I.I r,-1 v to sfri e oft' merchant's ciri u I le:, bu--lote s and addlress Bardsl, fuoelril Ilotiees. maps Splan,,' utl' dIIIwilles, or every decrriltion, at the shone.( oro-e ad on thie mosta reasonablle terms, l l Ih·ile r,.·i'ted by a rtisLR lnlllrior to any oilier estalblish. meetll il the city; a ll,, fn,llr longn explerience in lbw ft 1; APO llheearie·* nnl drogI.tIC'i' Inbele P FXCCutd to t agravin1g, and at on. i Ilild ofI thm Vellr·1IYC jV24 P1-tt)1, t .t 1i t.f.S- U I f rd and Nal nliucktt bra lllla tar sale· by ISAAC t3333 33E & CA,, . 1015 13.1 33lg.,wmw e;rnes(. o t 1'- 311 31,11, 0 3,a11311 N, SoaP Sodoml, and foIlr sale by JOSEPH1' 1 C()(:YA).NFE 31 Comnonn nlwwes ss 3.1Gtittti AND I1()1·E:-liinl coils Kentucky 1.11 (top,', OINI piees lentulckr lb pe tIg, in t~r e and b lr o III , LA WIIENCI. & LEGENDRE, Fepin G L331wnd ,2 N3w I.eysm It 1'I1I:(I Wh1 le Oil-315133 g,3311,, winter 0330303 3L3 31333 gllon 00umm1er oil' :11333 gallons retied 11( sleb 1130 317 W'k-l'BRuI)03E 4. Co. 3330 Alagnuine u. i'f~l2LLAl o, Chirol lrlllw Cirouforo. are M~wcan M J 11iilllng to1311 1-av a h310,llFLjd o3ie13, l rtitek ioft rile sholrtest nonce, has only Illv o soil at the (Irlenne Li l l3ngllhio 3 filwe 53 5gliill1. 1.311 1a oppo1ite Bank'. :lto,,le. septll Il/K31()LLtiloIUS. [JAY'S 3.INISIIONTN, 'l,311wo-=Thi. ox. tr.111i11.wy 01,1.,,iC.13 CO113103ili31, tih resull 1 ··~·;.:~I .okoo1' "lll31w~,ln 0I 31o3.elwrawd aitdi; cal man, the inl31.13, u 10,, . w10 ilnvel,3td Wit tI, e sol,3133y of It uwlo.., tint .3,,ec gain101d a refutationt unparalleeld, f1u3lly 11l11lui11 the corrg tnscclllaww of the lmenlted 331 (Gridley'n 31.t coo13,,1ei1l, that3 "ti dared not lie willtout3 givinlg t, o 1postrity the benfilt of hie k31111.303g1 oIl thiws ulbjecl," a31d 3,e therefore I, '31lllllwd to his liiownd and1 attendant, Solomon*, tiro arcret of his dicccovery, I 3t Iltiw used in t3,e principal11 hospitals, and the~ privatle pratic1 in 13r counlty, first and nast ce.3 inly flit the cure ill' the Ples, and so ellen. ! mild elli-el ually asw to baffle crdulity, unions whellore its effects wituetnwod Externolly in tho tattoo tug complaints;n~s For D1opoy-Cw.reati,,g ettaotdinnoy absorption At once,· All Swe.llings-Roduoing thlem in a few hours. Il33e1311l111j,,ll-Acute Sr C3ronic, giving quick assn. Sore 'l'llroat---fly (llers, Ulcers or Colds. Crou.1111nd lSWhooplilnig Couogh1-Extorero1lly and All lwuowo,, Spr3aiin, and urnlt-Curing in.'s tofw hocurs, bore ,11and Ulecrr--Whethllwr fresh or long standing, an· .ld 1·B Uleve ure Iw 1p1eration upon adu3lts and 1hildr1 n in redo,. iltg r3,nuioww, wl wllling, and, loo1ening oue0gh3s and Iigl,3 11,1,f the, ches1t bwy 33 laxiation of tihe parts, has1 been wurpriwog b3yond1 concep33tion, Tb. coll~luntu remalrk of thosre who h aveu used it in the· Pilj',3,.. 3 It acts hlke a1chur131.1 'Il EI'ILES-Theprice,, $l in refoundd to any Persu11 wh3l will ueo a bottle of Hay'w Liniment fr t33e 1'd31, and return thwe 03313pty bottle wlthout being cred1. 'lhonw are th. powitive orders of the prprrllietr to the3 Agontee a01d out of many thi.. 13033 o,1313 not one 3,3n been un.wcceweful. 1V,1 niglt insert 1 erliftwotes to any length3, bat preftr 33ha3t t33o1. who neil twe article, shoulld ni CAU'T'ION-None, cu11 be genuine without a psplendid 01ngrav11d Wrappero1 n whic0 h is many ne, 333d aleo that of lthe Agen3ts. SOLOMON HAYS: Sold wllolnsulo and retail, hbyCOMSrOCK & Cu, New: York, still by on~e Druggist in every wornl ill lbwu Union. wokr sal by ti1e Wh3olenale Agents, corner or Commoan & TCllouoptloula trewlt, and by lb. ApotLecarios g1n3rally. $40 TO til NEJIS AND ) USNRS O1 HORSES. UltUlR1E l WALbuGtAVE-S CONLDITION POWDERS, &c. N. t".--'rlia article has been inltroducd into 313e country but aboit tiniwe ol31o11.1, and t30e 110. rulhinlg delmand It has smet with5 ha 3 13t ely 3xawwdtld 333 wonst Maegni Ihopes of the3,1 3ri t3 r. Na rly all livey nItble.. a1 d 3 grunt lillebr of gentleunmen owlolng botree. 333 u1o.l an1 d are delighlted with it, it not owly improDves t eoreoent 3.31,00,m33. of the 3woooe, boa 311it pe033,awl,,ll a3d 13ost3c decided la,,.c113 Apply to tio druggists ge110rlly3 I9 I) ANK N13l'3E PAFIO3-Jnoe rwiv,'w a few thou. 1Dan dhshoo ofUsak 3t33 I aper, ofaory saapeo pus'ity, o~r bale by~ DAVID FEI.T & OU, ng,33 N 'Sn"iiSalrw rIo3Il.*ee l4hwIw M33INTING: INK. J 11'!' toowrod a feo w kt o lnther a wwy cepe. I> 33f1r .11n Irk, fur I ul"t by I3AVII) OELT& CO. 1l,3 N 0t,.Iiw.aoers Hal1,.4 t lCfs M

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