Newspaper of True American, October 15, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated October 15, 1838 Page 4
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~ ieppi Rar i Loisiana ftoel, YKIIRKLAND respoetfitly an. S es tq her friends and the public gone. rhe is pretpaed to adcommodate theat at b" ao;h ' i stablishnient, and hopes frnm her e to reiltr visitors comfortable, to reccive a of rmer favors. She feels confi lt pthit p.nrrsea visiting Covington during the tai0not"th"isunsot finad better accommodatio.ns han pshe can eftbd them., on mere liberal toreS. i hoels tpleasantly situated, and well snpplied Ut'Iwveeiy eonvenienerv the bar is firnished with ec iq465lhbs|l blquors, &c. in short,she promises mshall be wanting on her part to give i.tratisfaetion to all who may patronaize the isuidslppi and ILisiana Hotel. Ie3 1rtO TtilE PUBLIC.=Tim tndsrignvd. having studied under Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, Boath Crnolina, and for some years his arsistant in - practice of medicine nnd surgery, has the hanor It.:oelhr his professional services in this city. - aessures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prmpt attention will be paid to the culls which -TWacy bb nlhde; and also offers his services to the --hoi~era ofslaves, being wril nequainted with the iAses cosmmon to them., having attended them in les .etgar Ihnue s Y Charls.stonm Thefasntous antbilious pills atter tlh cnmposrtion of Professor Smollette, ithil diretioans, can be sad ofthe endoreigned. The effLCt whic'h they have jtreduced in this and other cities, has bean attended .ih tinh greatest success, to which the hbrt of efsirenseo can be given. Apply at N, 16f6 M~as. 1- ne treet. JNO. 'M'LORING. EOLLU W WAtE , T"UO SCREWS, SAU IRONS, &o. T HE HOWELL. aWuiKlS COMPANY, No. j 38 Water, near Bteckmann street, New York. have received the past oeason, and are constantly receiving largo and extennsive additions to the e' ok "'a:of the abohe goods, which now consists of the oiewing assortment, suitable for thie southler and western Imarkets. Hollow ware of snperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tong, viz, Pots of' S. diffl'rent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, B:akepans or Ovens, 7 different sizo, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do PlatSpiders 6( do Govered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . • 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do /oagon boxes froln 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,0001 gross, iron and braes, from c. inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, N,', 21 of a superor utality and finish, and less tllin JaenO's imported ,.is So Sad Irons, assorted, in carks of about 500 lbs for retailing. allor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sasi weights, 1110 tons, asol: n. ftrom 1 4 4 to Bells for PI'.ntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also ateallltoats and other malchinery made to order. The alnove soertment of goods is l,articularly recommended to tile attcnt o ol" Stul I,: ;11t i Western merchants. and art of&.lYo tr oale it law prices, and upon lhe mtost hber..l trerl. ; it is Le feved to be the largest and bhest rlsortn:llt ever !gnred for salu by any one elabhl!ulucnti in tC: olited States. Merchants. by forwvarding a request by mail. ecn hero a priti' d circular, with detcriptlon of goodls, irices and terms, froln which no deviation i evoer nade, furnished by return of nlmil. All orders will receive iomediate attention. New York, 1838. j, 3 E3It )N SYIIUl' & Pi'KIlHiS-Ut dml.,,:'' s I e OI elon e: nditehicl csltcl .lre o.; "tl rl, 410 baxte of Iouie & H-oskell'e Pickle-; lir , in I I, 'b.:lc u enllsietttttt, by JAIVIS 14. tN1)1tI \\"°, etC C cnp o OClIcnIe]I, _lll, _ _llllllClllll __ _ _ .\P-- i nt hefll boxe. I NSo ,, lOr. nd [ ,I Jateo io (ould, for sanl by I1S.tL' 2Btt Il , ('A ). nLI flit rl'e' t rall O tNEctn't dwellingt hlelus OIl ritor stllet, ho itwecn 'T'ivoli Circle a tI OTrolldll't t',,t. mi'19. Apply to J OT'', SaI I ttiROWS, H&a--5 l.,l helba rs, '13 tirt do. in cDot e, tir t ilc tyb :i5 C1tfA31l'l.fN 9: 'Oil1'R, ft1 5 8'f t 1f .1 . r) 'oA1' N 'od rolled allc and Leuter l pvrt , ll , !t i hic 0 e Oll iSlilt; of ' cS v Slllerilor hlu laid, illur and w ite folIt Illld r:ttitnrl ld r Flull g t rtr ur ap,' cetst.ntly oon h find ad forrsia 1" I)AAVCII) FI)G & ( O. " . N. . tll t ' , 11alu, i.' trl t. 101 511 baroe !f dui each jln=sllo 1', inr, 18`6";, 50 dh o o ,1 do i drI Il ll; 51 du I f;I do 1, 1f ' Pottt 1t ; ;fill do olLt' d, l, P b',111 Pt l.l..',. ,111. 10 pipes exlra deTir. Ftr .;:ll Ii, mr d (ioig t, ftrl, t. Sbinding Rrhetuilly ieth u.I lagir, bn .ul:in m 31 N .t " n tan liOlna ' llulln 0 a I ' ,taro . . Irding, faur sale by 'ISAAC BlIff)Gff & CO. oOl 1; m1lagzihnue :lo rt. SI RENT. SNEW tro story Irhick ioteh, ituatend 5 Ioovr t fro iltn Seet'd .hftlticianlit bli, .or at . sliest. l nllt very) lot, Iposbcssion given l :no teiyI EnOttefR at tihe hltrcti-.'e. gloa, fI -'tL UK-a-Ull cbbhi. f'lonur. ,at tal,: bov J intO (.d tOltlnl'. 441 :N:: I evn . , e 981 f..inJ ACON :id, e a f it.e od- . .. S tn t4, G I) tsIV.f 'ni.' l e.vir. I).AnGttNof, A1D ltthi'l"-..If It. S5I5li ceill houre, lafdiog frmn Alslnlclltor,, rraPle by I.AET'L' : 11I.U \(;, n119 17 Cbin:ho'eo et. Sfrl sto ntller eil \VnaOie. t.ll fier sol: Ilv YOR.I4., r :Lo'rll' I im, Jte f6i ('amp -herl. NO MZRt;UIT NOR COPAIVA new Irle -ts, Nov. I, f 7 A BOLl' rix mtenohlli agfo I fad iho IIItlittlhule It gite A a s'luri tli'eas.', thr t hichl haive alpli.d to fite rtll d',tinlhir a Oltlo, tlid tilcn did ni iallrte IrP. t iO\ oil (hle ,.mllm dale 1 petlt luys.llf lundtcrthb cote of I llmtol leelt, nd L expwit fdtu to tore tlle. Sitce Illilt titllS fie disc -so glo worse, all as to breat o)utl ill lalrgC uller= to Ihau.olnbor oEf six tr eight l ll h cl leg, :tin all over tly lno, and sre tlirot, nld tli rtll able to worl at l t, presellt titll, on aottant of .ilhe istlellsre; Inre lr ou ilte rithIL sidle of the lllrt. I nll n.nn +.,R '. .I" be tle crea"ed Jff DiAN. fog 1-1 ly I DO CItRI'IF1' that tihe vr inost l:neid t d;ttn is guittf well Cutred t lnc onO enlaeerloiint, Ill', illbl I tbllllk Ur. lhlutl and m llmrover [ urerl' thaltl thell"fle ii cine I have tikes Iti.:.' ittte rfat, aud im llo Iif it iltjr ealllllt'a allthterefire I tladviio:tf f l llow t lfittrle. I: olust is at hutte Itrtl 9 o'clelk, .\ nIl, ltill 4 1' MI. Tllhey w findo rll w a r ImH:otlrtorllioe notiollllitll. If aloy onlt went, to sea lt. c.lll it N,,il. 4U t vis' street, and thv wl l be slftiaed. 'T'o be publiolid at Ie np.ifill tof I)f'. ltttt. JJffN fOE .IN' Newt Orleans. Felt 1, l_'9t. _ . t.t.-. _o1 nd lise ilo t tit l in Iotdlo + at thIt |,+pl::l .,f o :f nllt! each, colntiaillrg tihe ltrtll.hI of+ thle ou'nIlllo(.t 1,f L.velwort, besi the rlr tlr s T 1 InlIII .tl " r to i ruin herbs known n moaur lte IIdir.|s au lti.nciuu- in curing pu!lonary o llnlplli lll+. prhuo at 0R Ie wit as whi-h as alle d il the itO t ofI . ii. i l tsllnl l mi - I ,r. t l 'lio It , It it , h + i.t, into - tono of eslpeet. lle piyic insll, fr he cre of ltrl olid, pn in in t!e sitde, want ol rc-t, .i':ti: or bl6od1, liver omplalniot, &, 'tr ohl it mly c'ncern. This i tno ltirv tIlnt tw e hive in our practice fregqlclltly prwe.hrcld :)rs [tlerd tierb! [adii] iclrlllll ofl iverwort a d tltrhcrlllltund, whll it decilided good eiecttot e Canl rlb', Ir from ttt k.ttr dlage of the tntteritla it is Itoda o11 romi ,.u t .r.l' vl,ol aad experitsuee, r-oltilesel it as a lllolpis lnrvuilllllt or oil it lols iltetioos of tito Inn.., fr t vt t ci it it re ilunudetid AI t't P VlI .i.l0, - l. D. C 1t.V1%l ELIi.tit,. I,. Memlnbere of i Boston Medical .tss0ciation. Boston. Oeutler '25. suliby J.hIt'IS & ANtIIEI.,V . l to " u n lt it i': i i,tirt il s ate tIeo·,,,nnl.f',le ty lott Mledical Ftl'oty7. U'PLER'iS EtlTrvescent 1tiurnesiatt Aperieltlt-Por Sdysprpsit or i lireotion, nervous debtlil.t, ghhli arte,iOtadoelhe, etidlty of the ste +nch, thiolal coen ieitte.GoatlOltwll diseiae.4 gout grael,. &c. ind iti malou.'ll a gentle coolinog purertire. T'it desirable preparation hta reenived the natroin tgael inotty eminent mtrnbers of tne prof.iioin, allln trlml adilperniog tnltii miany repertllilie anld tottli. lited teetiiunniuol 'fit. eliirnev or a medicine hBve been alieiteti..b: With all the plerntig qualitires of a less of tal.- wa'er, it p:,aessles the actitve tleli.itnl properties of the ams[tt ndppr otd tlius purgativesi it is pleasant to thi naltte,rtnd grotelful thit vatomatttrh. I OIPTT ANT CAUTION--''hle lncreatrng reltlti. Sion and 0reat demand for Bttlelttt'oterveeont trlligtlr eian Aperient, has been an indduremet for otllhr s to of feran inmintin of tliis valunble nitdel ch. I' Are potice.loly pan.rled of tlhi fact thit tlvynilv Ia e n Iheir goard, inofot prooonra an Impure arltile. Tirttalll arm reepertfully infer ed tht the collberi arb r.ner(lety l pptied wih the nriil;nl l ie .lstii t e ott per sale whoewal ad rr m' il. S SICKI.ti & CO. Agentr. I " 40 . O(nnl .tretrt, t N O. " A S-W Vrgetobe-rle air {il, bfor the . ,torot ndrowith of liair, giving health ond beottltyn 1 rere :inodoae ll thltistn Htir Oil wr oir rel to the pbllhic. it ld iiedon ie h llnti .d.e .f rlcaseo oflbdoleso, thinnest, snid &ding otef the ihir anti i.every inttalc. it, o t, yn llcutltnre heen reajirsd. It hrasnerrfai!ed to prtonete a noW and beaetul gro.ith of hal, ott hetd nlreatly hbald. In caens where it teh metary ndtr nreoer.t togrot tlil Oil will very soon render it itmlthv, and prtoder retld atid baitiftil growth of heir. wtit'lttlt the let injury at the head. 'Pshi Oil givesrt., orie'tbl'fr Ir. grinee ad is preferable to any thetr it ir tril fir plr tlming, tlonindg n glni.rtg the hair. '"'l'th I r rot beeo ce dty T.'a 'rl're it For ate at et ,ve, a • -twl tent. 1111 & D'LA1Nf'. S '[1OtNZ IIARTT & CO, a nnwr raelnngtlrc on board ahlill Orlen.'l., lli.'lllanior, i'oker Itry Anldrew, Frnchar and G hormin calTea; ta'ck eIpnmour Boards; Cltetnmot, '21-4 snd 23-8 inch 111 arcd halls; 8,9, il anil 12 ile iblade onwia Kleora: Ieoher n other travellrt D .arinr7 Casre; Balt. Pocket. FHerermuc'r, and l)llellian Piaealsndaubla nnd maln e I;r-'rlll rua.. Carer llnogo; Slot Baltm; Powder -nc PiarslFlratkc. ara lectrliero rend Drinking Cape; Pe-e-cinn Cape nd Cap hIohler; Cloth, Hoar, Tonrt: Snerd N llar ot me-a.h.t-rr l irnlorinert Tooth aValh 'T·Oolh POwflcr. ' 'n c a n I .hnvin 1t7 l,'4 in {it gmevo kle Parniletl,, r; lI lr yl Irrm·; In ry lra Caegll hionl : Patent SlRie as (rcerter; Crtil I.!altin Bcorariera; laONrle Poffa ard tOi-. Ciile Clnihain,,. ~rR and lieys, eer-dlreo lntarnill rlcrklaa; nerrrlett; llend Ncklacre lorlhChain- lihl narl Siir'rr-r le.lrrl Inlodlcn Blerlea , tlr e and Plicm ceas; Shll T serr: S.ide nd l)esslhains TCr elbc ollwh inhhl diti(n tlr t hrirflrmer stlek r ol hreand naikel ehleer nerle ao remn t v ery ro tlcel, nel w rill Ie nl wr re:nl on libelt t hleal rr raa aiernf e the (onlrlen itb -rf 7f Clnrnret srtet, oir. u er,. 7Ti! r;ir. n in,. errn e , .rlr' Rwi-,ll -,r I heC li g rfterbir iee fKle,1 wn& fna ri t1 \\" .= . TIh he mnre flrhrr f rlrl Enl d ha . r l illn c laih wklltace et nrian tll o ut. Inll ,1, I). IEIN R A I COTEN,900 CYm·,n .t. Ere- Olet rea ol Tue9, 8 - I ....... .. N \ (() l II t P I S . G nE A TF It ,l el nrrl, lcr.ia rIe- ollr er rO--Are wc rwerpre-e 'h tar jwlr-krrn a tre tae lwa hlsl rrti cr16 It1PhN& CITI NT i &CrOnrne EW XrflldlN I ni ILT I u n&h Slt arrr e Ah Hi 'o S ' e eio, l. riarpI rtlll l e it vi Me-te I Sarlllhl n r I le r,.Io t carde m ke tr nle- lera c h, h rirr rplh mr I 1 at i catee e a n ino rl. eI I c c tellle hrcn hh-.e ee l L iea t1 r er llmasll ulrel. ae, olle t rl ereillorl r rirletein r r rnt a r Itr r rrtial tale exrarrtepaves uiuau ad< Setrole S r Icll srl sheolle in l ne d hlril so' a e 1,; n lnrlc rrrepli ,lre r l-rri- re'~ ll a n ei reeeeleltreinl e ek nn srearo et are e, l xerI -el h pl e n ller c ll h air i'la i, ple cl al cr-ree alll~r r deru rellInlc- e r-(~ )I:I l:rl~:lc a~l~lskillltll uI Il(·Ei .lalO sllt;· (]ler ~n lllrl .sEolnglll /d:l!'lIlll Il:rt rl -l lrilca.l Ie kr-, I lerIlerirkE e rlete ,llc e or ilrl hi~lP€ ( jl1: iiilr. Olht . {fl]{ a d (lc· l i~e:r~ *Ii le , hlll n eI eellrleli-l e o e rI e ere i afnn I rae -ree.ksheal hiew cr l , e ah .,{.+fl'di. ,i wI~,tlr ~ ire.oll h~t .19(1·11111 -l~l·Ye ·Ill. · 'llr t~ltolet n~der tlcar t, er u w, r tlnac t s e ,e- sel re ter r e - teP Is i ltlN; 0 I e oe red u Ls who lea |lle r or re i o d c eh;1 nq a tLIi eterarreel, ae-,rrrheelarerIale r leer et Itre-t l~ wlets n.Ierlr-trI r-rret; ce-errin $I*reee-ar ci eile- nlirr eirlere~ Urrerln, I t I. n le reeerra. - l e(r.,I refllll s h lit] n latch o il lee- lctrrfllr I rc rlerlen e sl vk . f fI y tier tire Tl I e a, e ,, k i er; r lllllre c.ier ,! er c I,.ci laclhs~ e -c- atti :s thce scc ,N nelerrcreeldm ,.9, or l ' - ir e j cer l~l- · I c Cee ) i~ir a· 11 cciii 1\· rre-el'rrarl eicr. r cli, a t S Ire al her-r el 7l earer ; e;ai,, l ric &crrd fra nre'ear pallt/tav i~ eell lcec a ar n rr at %l~ ere-cre-(llilll fc lrrrec IP ecer l reir-e-rriro -rice lIr I L~:-rare 'l I~ lllflell ri· F!l nie l I.l'th f.l.l ll. 'liih uud r~I~l l lliz .nrvI ll ,.· a"llriRS I 1i I h, c I rl cI Sr-ln~lr el Brie-rect I·leccell ref Cll~l. 1617 1 II\ YIII' a'lll j h,- a N IIhIcl .ile P Ri 5rl eeidI. ille-N < Ste i I'Ih I ! .1I' (J I jlnri is III i llalllr f,, IIIIh (,'lfl i,. 1i',hv h IU~i,,v ;nI cr lrra~ ··trre- rae rire t l i rl ee " IV. e! tree i re j 1 l,,.e lad, II(. 'III i l~r. . iIIII fir., nee I1I enrn.,; ilt f r..r l' n ste ,: til Il~jllll.O l f+.,rw lllld al (-i, I cra ee rly trr lhrle-rrir . llr , err cc kin g cl ir II rll ra , c(' ,,-e erie-i Wllctce iter Ir , creel lie',-\i err Irlet e-ri rr'l rS, "ri 1 I I lee-I rcrclYri I. e I iEc.c Il(ill . {.,lIt,. lllir o IIIIII I11 1C I,. i,,r~ ('oh, ., l. L a ',', J)I)W ro eml u,{t, o+ lIv Oth e , I~z I r lii I 5 ltl,. cr6llin .l l e l ld I",. • ,r t. el wll er e l,,w~h,-: - li rI Ier lhlr llr P ,I errecr llet fll lfl t!dle, Ir:ai ' . ' l.'fi,' \' amh ballls, lln ,ll ,,"IIIC· ro.,%(.-l*P~ :ll lv ,,1,:l ( 'r.'~i,-ll. li cxti-r at' oF hre lltl ilelrc c l l . ri r lnr ir hr larr eIlitri o i. , lll / I'll'it,€"liI Ir;·.('~ l .l,'hlridl lll,, ro-e· nn,|1I~ 1111 \v:i rs,(' lllee rr I er r l rc.-r c i l. ril er -l., h il ,nk'. .v - i cleeIrd I ri rll i rre, hr llileer ,i, lh .va li -h i,,ere hecirk, creehnal tnlire,d chcc hrl rerce tkarcirel creeflI rreyrrr- "r iacrorrlcr-iONe-l a IIIT . , " rce- rt . rl rcrrirlerr 7e-lrer-re I -lilrt l crr Ire • Icci vanri cr "r ella crel In~si rerera z Ire-reel e r!! ,.l 1n11kri t'oc le-~ flerrii cr1w lee cree' l cai err ,i re-err!, -rlire hir lra'rc hI-err ic re eel rrc I~ih e " t'ili err! ier -rrce- irr cclN ,11 rlrc- l e rilllrr kir arir , l r , "hr- r ,ela I -r - .r-e " n a, i i i',, :;di acek rid,, ,hcc H, er ,al. raee--r-c ci r-ci'a} h" cdriccraec1 i ' 1re-c ileec' c-irelk ,n, rw r.It {¢lrr tcec l ftrere r i , icier l~lll. lll h -i '- cl,, eecitr,1, rl.+.a dIuc ll ret i'h s acre! rerir~e c, -'icc r{ a s Lenrec r ccc ,lerca . c ,cci ~ lna~ h,,creel cr{e,- {er hs, cr ,'rec , }Ic f e, lal{,{,'l licc rrrecrllh'ae- lrearnrl al1+. ereehd'u . hw.k i'. Nlld tl rirr., -rc clsrsSl~f,)l]lf]li,. . il, .an .x. rU,:TV S'rfRx --x ,t 0ix , x ix if, lr golx.x'x c imb, M o , (& h w, -, s'twx t. Th''e silx hrx h c r7 ceived, illadll .oull to lheir previous tooin k on bIi m, fllt, fll illl t'otpll ll q.+ I l" llHtlllPll) ti" o nl' tit l rs their lihla ; viz: r'tI"nLý III rli'tr.'Ic, t .+,(IIv J II, h I illv, *i (; Itoc l (·h+ I "la ses J ('i )ii --ti to ii, x sih ll, xxr' ithx a ; l p in'ti k,t;it, lnýerilti, n, horn, drie xx- l , I'x t I 'x l.i'lt, ( t. elh' r w t grllP ltl :t -qll lll :t,. 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OT I .,ETT'S TABLES OF INTEREST: T O which is netw s a rI an Avrrage 'rithne Caaleula tfr ' a t sfo, aey lm s ftr llntint t tihe asvlage imeo ot storage, t6lcs Of ltad lsor ills of goods,tthen put"sr chased at difttrent dates, on diffeIlront credits, nalI ter various lnotllats; besides aus.fuil alnr complete linking 'limet a '' is, the best i lat e ct ;ll triled. or that fo gttreseean p' tluce within the sme colldesenld acotlpas, anti site oft'\ pe. An a vertigi:ent in the book is in nearly the follow ing wr'ds: The hight dlilintion this work Ia.t s rt-e,ived through the t legi tlative aets teaitert tao ale title ae, is a tre tion in itoa'lntaatw a. so 'ttanoa, nta ot so-Itt i live. t tiqi l 4n is 1ces o ar more than by %,to?+ of ad 10tT.elnltellt, io gine' aoll, neued vi' w olf se'n,, of its pe llitrit tii' t: i. f it' i :tancell h 11th, ,tesll has beeln a ln ,al ld tlllo :ni d ct in lirlal will, what is eo llak tt to I all 1 a-Ln Iatsel lrltalaiaa ie, a xaliilldh int the i t pretos thhil"V l.e Sit es, satd lhriated from trreltype plo ates teat d IleiillI-nor tible;, f'om li wlhich it nllg he 'vident pt'tlelIo lt' In the skeptic (ety< :I ilt' oI thO pe santw aftht de tlit ta - itisat r t.ttklwf inth e aile vliae) that the wt. k mostlt arah lm tie lit l innallible, aIll in cnli mlllon of l is balI fla premiumll of two h r tllled llln Ilftv dollars, is now olelr ed lt' he detetion ofl a' n error il a ent in the prestent or ilfth edit 'ion, t.txlaareissael in the t l ttt'etin, makaf linve I al'e itni tit.I ail t.t1ttd fit tse aIntl terrorl't ' simetII r.t st tltllhtlIonIIt I ias tile ya-r I t ll. tlit of ti' mIaost elons ieolllal f'llltres iof tae inhls i inthe rl':llngeetllli of the "i'i to ald Atonts, which for expedittlns, irolatencle and perpi lityl, with the hell oftllesild. ile ald index, canlll a he extxce lt 1 • ll.+l he salty Iv and else willsh which the, it.' t esl lcatl It t tIlul lhe ex'lrtll of gelnlild Imsines%, wilhoit doublillg of stets is hbe'irls a .olveelle slll essentil, that in thili esinla lion of sllle i the noilo- cmpetentli aIndI pattill hisi teat nl eal attpubata alic o tls who hale s- llo e l l.a i In It of Ihewo'k tiis Ioak at hata aellatih, llh Ilal tahe htilah Ilppell:ation efofa "master iote". Anid tonsitleriag the infallibility tiof the elthod origitnally alsmttidol i conalosin. the woak, and the lra" llestardia n er nI va'iety oflhe examinatioo, tlal testls ofevery editiion it has passedin the iwss, eotwih h lst.tillg the w hole is in stereotyltpe consitring, in slh6 , the posiive accileIaey set'hlei l "te n'(le ltlpl'c llellie ll Ieans eI 12111 nrl, I i ihe $'1 llie has "een hthie Ia atipttaai eoaltttitlly sl led " the most womlt ttlla book in the waslk;" most ecerainly nt man can II figurell work of lhe .satse extelnt, tthich sinal thle ,eginningot creation, htn had thmeime mn-nl ier alt variet'tt of leasts in thet satole lt ber o editors; io, nittr onet hialf the lnumtberl, t is cleatrly showl in the prlthre. Lesides, as test and stanldal, it has been tried and preted in nearly ill thae hank and p, li t llices t nll thet Unitedll States, Ial by the public gonerally, lduring tile lon, pelY il· ft'h liS l rt'in, yet LaerirI'tt r of the te'lt tt - "litS has ela er bl. i a te t Iflaol it iltl alaalhtitash EOllthiu ailh challleged by the oollr of vry hu ge pr milutnsl,. T'he in Iitel expirl+sly adoptedl by all theoueillts oflaw cl sevt.lll olfthe SianeI A the h rate of c, ctlallt on foraaute hnteret," tsltso by law lfort hank interest, alcordilg i tstIhe bool k is tsedll, 'taIll a fllIa s ll" tae ll in lIiIrt, blly re nlaiels of lilte sultscrillrs, inlld i few of Ihell lstse'111e11 p ael tlla:c ls , i athe li t atlith cud atof th olok, isit poseesiuon it every classof citizyns in every quan ta of iae United States. It is moreover well knowan tlat, tyl its reatrly check, it hs so afttl Itttd.etedal large e1iaro, longat ater they were madel eve by the Il(most calrefill otld lIt .Ieten t aritihmneici:ms, t"at its : oveflness, :ni1 the :absolute nIe cessity Ior its use, have been exltensively insisted up t,1 Iso elidletIl, inceledl haiv.e Ileei is m: it(· . a tlagal, Istal its savi s, Ihat, sew 'ri l ypIe nisgo, 1 hIilst the first edilton was sral'ce, and out of pi.nt, n great umber of tsecold hand copees wetre sough tlr, same to a gee I ditlnce. slad prcaralal att laiots priee%, n thy coul ow<Cion ily ie i. icked p ilat t tiro $11 l to $t per copy, andl 'solt l s·"ns Ilhas Irec.a . y dtel at ral , o aIl iont t sll ctulda1e t ohd that they wolld p. 'Sll lll), not8 0 5. ftra topy, if not to a e had fa r lessi , naldl at din l in a the l aterT iolae partit vl 'ly, havnlg at the tanie i e rxhibited .tis:ietory r, i o 'tteral peraots It e sent hb: tot him it was re'l t wo'h that monety aMdl i more tl ogh the saling al'lal tbs t'v al'l tlimc, he behig a very rich nltnanl in whilic (flle. It is likewise wonlhy of ioil i+e, l m i ided proper to inrl l. , lthai1t 1 s lh is the,' na ltut o ligue wolk gena aa i l ly tnd a a -atially whent of the etent and oip.ortace of tlwse la h 't, ihat h.l a this hookt iiits like htr i epr ied in sIt imeal lit:m hi a, IS, tih iaostml oma il ealcdo i in l w~rlt , a n l s t a rul r ds pri, t i i most " elti nly 1ili1l v hiSonn corr',' lion of pwoof s.he1% it Watiat a ilaotat l to a t-ta I ri t ,1 , 1tat, h,.'. t.<l.|, Iai l Xtlp explai as, lltt sa pettlf t a:l at inta lt ht a e tihe stld e.:,y pei o:tes 1. ihie . ikll,"Lo tInn "C. thait to w ri e aorn vi 't a etyan y s a n , An1 ' Ixamine A ll, b . , h i , ' I,, Ii, 1 , l th i,,i :,nd . t.l lre i .t - i " I ; ' i1,+ Il du o 1]'. :on i l 1I 1 h i': ,ioli- ' i I , n t' , I \ a t:t' ant, a ' t at..1 it , I, h." it it ,' 1 =11 ASil,; li~, l1 I 1.11 I i ',,cl /) II IIII1P )'l.··l II'· O F(. t 1.1' t,. 11 "fi! - ·ed lll~luli I. t 11P lit Irl; Illi,"ri. 1 13 1:11 111 lHII I Ioil-l` - I":,!, le ,I1' Ill litI1·ll.ItII ,t ill t. , 1? 11r\ r11t·1 11,lil·· a, ir :(LIII 11) of li·11 : III. Io -Ieljl jl IH l llll l il -t t ,; :I· I : ":I I I~-,III :II , ,;I I . 55 ',·0JLi(' .. z I -,": It vowd LO !II," i l "i~t ,c ilt al \ lneI ; and S ph 1 III'. Jli rý.nttuuiu .t"; : n". 11 m .I l. e- liar e ""I , s ii · - ·, ni! lilt 1 1-1 11111 1ti 1·. 111: ,thir 1. 11·· ': 1)) I-. r ol~l~kll IIIP In'.II" le ", .:e l,'I ~I II .' n "'ll lelll- nt ,.f cl~ l~ll o I i I l !,'lf rho I, ·ln-l nr* I'lrl,·t ilt a (; : "H~,"....: Inv 111 1 (1?11 11111 1' clll rf 11 of 1!r`ll Iiii l):ll TVT tl~in illll t- lit hoot I to '!it1) ,lilts~ llvvltlllllc j lli. . In." l-lfr tti:n;:I u lihtei Ilcli not oi11, rr l - lvi, rl oi s noel is'. U ' illl~i,'' i. ,,, .ý r rlne ^ ,111 1 \,.,m - ,.1i1n n "It der, :vid Oril (· ·i iI to tilluml·r l sully of tbir o a c l,,,ere all.. toi of ,1li~ennl, ,slob lar. S eol' 11611 Ilse .,,191 1 C;: l~l orIsl -e te aso 1r ero. ýtrtr.s -rs eult~ll of o nlil t, itel. trtet iI iH in die lriltrt ll, W~~i' I ' I:H:.2;. Peroi r-iius n he r uty_ v aftcilIll I lll " I tai l s I a blly ,l ut pai d i its lees 1)051 1, Av l 5.e5 Is- u' t b na, suor tome i ll vont rt with arl i Uhvrl. . ~ils. rie AlIS Clll mho lreliuln u :nCi O until nightat 113 Cu-to ac Ill D 1)1'L : k \1.\', I Hr t', Sign,;...I tLrnstnn!l C:'5, ncnr:,, Nail Car blidlle sl, Sct, two (lSjlrr ion I, sal gtr l,. eeoled in a master':) ma nt urr.~cl rllsld sltr woo II It c nAuuuu, I )uk, l (ilr ibis l' e l Aotcllo o, L i Io All ib hslub iso u, trIds:; u I s s niue, C ArlXd dI, ,lalprs Culled MIs s Ilie s hiuslottd s, I,oius Hinds Fve &su, Dos by ilssit,, jIlINl illlCIl.t~ll' & IiEASY~. IilJ.I5MIs isa'se 1115.1 IIIIWGS I 0 1 birisotd, hoise o ju Ig, lust sud IIw'Is'o's', siss'soiuilossohile. Cu ror lamll~ I Ir Black Sil·rcnnli l sod v tre et allla, ·ll ho, s' Wos, s At sslis ass sre,isss As Ia ht, c OaIlk' , ke. lea. spc, Is',' ato he en at the llshop.u sints. Hilt, glass, ei pal var(li h, me. il haln shuti forittle. aisas, Illsl 's usl (:lr l Ii,·' lisoor 'i o u II I lalS f 1 mid hand11 Ile iron, well assorted. llVilltlC Zo~ll sI Shills suoiag ''o iron, nu ai rods and ploug Isist Germ j, shargl, Naisalkd spris gs h t Irwe sts'el hil w su sas rll I Ialsa sontt uA silsa spissslklss Zinc, blockFi '551 tit., mll G IId 5Iuoes Istt ktlesols Chain 5',! sil s i:m'SsOi hI)' OxI Irk a& 1 ch :i 1s1 (1,al n coig oe "IAYIOWGI'FlA S.fINGSS AnTIf, 1 Aw 1) 1$l's((,,'NeteYr f"Jdile Nadsoveils Hook and pv lat e hinges, floor and w indo w hooks lll I 'n,'- llaCor",siniI fud twin I fonts sosusI s l .nlt Issladip st d 'lo i l rel ssa si a) irsi sallu tlIh li 15li11 m" 551 Jetil onI311AM.fuv bl bu,,b 41-11' LEWCADMSIE GS 4TI IIE'fl I Ij.1'S/LLA(?I111Y l'.Uie AI ii 5nls.,Iaolssofussss rll~~sli.11istlsAII, sl05le ubic~ iisgnrtl,ofo ossl til l s'oI iý" j , ls5itesg v tl hs ti t ayo sloes thus Iselsovi~ sr- la lie twiuso stl !hr sh e Ol 1g 51508isaeci s made at doh^r o -on Is a.nd' i r 558 api lors i oopeim h il lal th e MAIl. ARRANGEMENT lth De Every Day at 121') Norhern il, O Every lay at 10 A. A Weste e n l ve SIldayy \Vedansday an by stor Ciloaes .very Mlodna, Wednesda Coast, Iand Satnrdnly, by 9, 1'. M. TheLakeail fle every 'tledalv, Thursday, an Thurdake yiral , Iy 5,P. . via Closes every londay, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. T'IMES OF A RRIVAl , IPE'A R'!'RI? DISTANCE &c. of nhe Eaxpreas Mail, bemte-. Monoile and New Yo k--letatg Mobile tdil' at 3 P. M. Northltwa New York daily at 5 P. il Southward. Arrives e Arrive Nonlhward. Distance. Time. Return'i ,lontgomery. AIa. p tm. 198l m's 23 h 121f,. Cnlulnbu in. 114 Ill 81 9 3a.m Mlilledlgeville. Ga. 2 133 114 21 p. l nhlutmbin S.C. 71 at. 163 117 10 lRalegh, N C. 5 215 3 22 12 WVarrenton, Vat. 12 m. 25 l55 I I'etrllbnrg, Va. Il plun. 83 10 9q, ! Rielhonll, Va. I am. 21 3 64 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 I p a. WVnshingtln ity, 2 pm. 61 6 m 5 ahlttmtre, 64 38 4 01 Phildelphia, 01 amn. 100 II 2 New York: pit . 90 8 13052 143 h. or 3d 23h Norlhwnrd. Cnminm Snutbhwnrl, the time is six hourn le; hein:5 dacys ua 17 hoursmd "ENi,,. IitI.YAtl{ RIEWARD. SANAWAY fr a. 19 Cstondelet corner of Hlevi l r ertll, on te nihbl Of 30 t of AlgT n att d wan seen ,le liext ilorliln,t ill I'nydrns street, n negro boy natmed t'lA tIFl," abunt 17 yearse of age on 5sfee or thlrrellt ill Ileicln, verv lnck, and /las ime i d illlntl in hIus speed, olue of hlsn les is snres, enciane. by a recgnt hurtltie had t nnlt th lie went tnay a white coton o r liles hlirlt all whrile cstton o1ataloItns. 91 lnstrs -e f vessels nled ulellti blats ane coutionen a gnint reieivlng or harboriing sid negro, as wellos alt other peruolnr , a~ lIe ItmlEt ,ur of the law n will hn , etltoretdsl aigilt Iulutf. The anbose reward will Ie paie fIrdelib.o:itg tim int, any of the jails of either otfthe Moneilsalities, or at 169 ClJondtlet, corner o llevi. toPuet. Se lt N It'lIl.--TeIt euloartnershl, I heretofore eaxlsting ullder the frl ofl Ilbiu C G anrc'tnn, lin beean tdissolved. Tb. snulscrilner willo lquitlate th offlhirso ll CIremerI, i'n tlis city, aod rs.esn ui. l pt.snn in.ole' t "taest ltet , t him ole, rall ho vi, nk 11--71 1-i GAI11IITSON W. W. SWAIN. No. I19Canal Sorest ASe Orlanns AS lsayaoon hatdLoa a oamlyin roeeiiu;f, ln * yeni, Chm.'isaloa,and', a,ta,', ug ,,hea a ollotsoig: 1o2i UGS. DYES, Antidlttny, slull, Argfoln, redl, do r glus, Alttllttn, Spur.. Arsncio, eroldlle, Alun to ptswderedt Iltazillette womc, Ralsts eolrvia, Cocllinllel, Ilolla, csaloIl, Colpesnl, Ameriean, do relinued, CupbeAr, iteintstoI'e, stte,c kotia, 1i tonplco, t o clll, do Cluba, Ido flower, do Munie, Iliemutlh, Frelh I.tLlesl Castou oil, Indigo, Ilengal, Coresm Ittitar, - do tiotnilla, Culltllariies, do ltarm-aoic, (1tat,, ;ltos, o n (At Inmala, du Atltie, Lngnl, Ctllnpeachy It assllattitla, tin St Domingi do aluroliacI do Jamaina, do bzohn, Cmwlool, do copal, ioughl, M.lll-, ombio, uo do ser:1ed,t Nisauragasplo, MIatt, do do S Ani ha ri, do Cnne, tdn cl , st caib o Ia rt it t Is Ilaeite. do goiltosl, CHEMICALS. tie p .indi Ac,,, nltrie u tl s I.ttc stIn ,olrurtic, d10 nispi e, do nhio elltle, - shellesac, Il e aill iaiol, i, s al, llon , p, d lo s Id-ir . ..nrriivc s It ,u lip a tl l do t ,l't~l ll ll, ý:hlrll e u ,Id lime, .hMil Lhories, -It-iet, l.ntti .tie •l t rSIl lI I.:lllul als R'l ile nll l l + t Still pll' "I. t 11I t, ' It. i l v i i , I.i m 'A.I \T --llae 11 ,In, , i et, t;ie,',,r c t , l ' o wept i' n;,ah' I~ilh:lkrg,, inK:ll ",', , ,. A ,,,, ,"' I ,[o .r. 1:,.1 , ell g -i n i n (let<.sig +, A m ..... , ....., 'I p . i\" ""'"'' .-.lh ; ,,o/o/, e oeoer, by tiwle t or ,I Peter l Si.opl,, :l.t / oTn.o,,in., or a Wiotoer tl Sio Mors Ui'chihl in Loone -t too, Iv 'alain BHotl Iall, Royal Neay, F. L I rd /too ldf./n, o a ronmoce. Il, Cunninglham, vo . oopptrd l .re, wtrittn Ir lihjon lf, in o vol. .I ('oomrooodlinrto o'/ "laly, trailslatel froto tile toliotinlI llalon, hv Nnlhotollel (.oeen~ i L o ol, for ,iting NO 79 of Il1trper's EFamily ILibrary. V ilu. : E II olfthe ut w complrte atl unifhirno edlilnn Io, I ical..rir mmrt, h nedinn e's, Iook //o;,r'o, nch a +o .ot+.ood +/ishDI U : s. l ,1cc oto --iw to eo't'e-Aof I; e te or rClito'atPhreuology "ltrl ni."l'rg' S0' oaro'or('no ( m foii/l suporiorq Ia itvo, ] Ehuis Billid Iso d I-,! it.lesa (illmot' innoved Toltuli l'ers,jap.i papers, weightl Jst receivedl and for sale by end1 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN IREVISITEI),&. &c SPAIN IREVI';I ITEI &o, by the author o 'Ayee, C in Cpaniu,' i D- 2 vols. Torails of lodIa nrharnetir, a o oenerolly applicbloe to lhe Alorigird'es of Nortth Amoerica, by dI Turner. Eoq t'he Poolilcal orammar, of ti. Unoied State, or a coal ete view ofth arat at u israetce fthed gearsh ro o ph' rm of nt' utoty c are p t of the geonera tll tate goer-tlllnl, wit he rclttiono olleel theml h, udr icatemd anrlllo t oI tle oaung lml of tine United Stales, byl E I) M:lstieldbl, eq. N'imronr losating Toarto interspersed with character ioio allcdllotes, oayiglgsS ld doings of oporling men, iR coling notices of the linc ilcol erack riders of England vil anoaytical contl it, and goe toel indte of .omee,2 FOR THE Cl;RE Or Sorohnll or Kiig'os Evil, Chronic Rheoumtismo, Chroiet CUltaeouse Ds- Pait s ito the ionoe, by free enaes, use ofl eroury tlhe blood being in v ti.ted state. This very colletr .ed Syrup is prepared with the fogretst llarlueo lttio ul crer u ooooaomp y, a nld contain the active prncilple of Saranparillo in the ioos t conoelc trierd degree, coobield with other vegetable eubstoanc ol" knownl etibcey. 'l'T groent desiderotum with physniino in being abl toot exhib i large quantity of SarsaparilIn in a ant dose, Ian beoen oltained inthis pre nlortion-they, beian folly coovinced of its merits, coolfdently aldminister tile eourse of tlor practice. I'ri e $1 5 par Ibottl. Sold only at SWAINe IRIf)I'l'llI"'So drug store, No. I ]Canol strelt, whor moay to hatl, fresh aond genuotin, direc tfrom tile pro~fric tors, Swaint'o Pnacca aId Veroiifuge, I'otter's Co.t.oll con, ICarpeoter'o Prepnrations, tand a large oand getera assortment of fresh drugs, end PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldntith's Abridlgment of the Hlistory of Rmne to which is prelixed an Introdul:tion to the dtudly a IRonmn llistory, anod t grlot tvariety of voluable infor onttioo oalddt lthroteuoltt tile work, on the Mannter lhititutitlt and AtIItluoilies of tile .tomonn; with nu ncrou i biogroloicol and histoTtclo Notes; and qone. tions for exaoinntioen at the td of elictl seoetion. II. lustrotteld wl l tlhirtyeogoravieg on wood, by Atherten Pix'oc's Imporoved EditioU of Dri Goldnhtitl's listory of Englult, tirol. the tIvosioon of Jlulin Cioesr to the deoth of OGeorge 2d, with a cottinuationo to the yea t18;1. oVitlh questiuolns for exoinatiotn at the end n each setioto. lstldces a variety of valuaolo ifuormtn tion a lddedl tIouglu liOte worko. Cosi.stinog of tloble of eonlolto p,,trnsy oSuvoreigno anttd eloinent pBotOlla Coapiots extllolaatory uottt,. Retmarks on tille llol tico, lttnnnes and litoeratue of tite age. An outline tI tihe Conollatitutt, oe.&. . llustrteted by inaoy eolgrt G ti' EtoEtEtrs OF At IrtRO.tO ,tlointd an Aoridgmen of liKillt's New Treatiose till tio Use of tllules. Ne. edition, witl ladditioots and iuprovelnoen a1ti at expliation of thei, astronlloooio part of the A. eioan Alnilie. J ust reoeived otod for sanle by WiM M'KEAN niv 24 cornter of Camp mnd Comlnon ate IIAOOPItII.'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. l OR.\ l, tolrauslatoot by I'illii Francis, D , with - tlol ulotolollox, eonlltaininiu trnusltnolou of vtritoun toleo, Ao. by Ben Jounsou, Cuowley, oit'nt, Drydon Pope Adliouo, o iihttertou,to tii tkotleld, Pitrson Bryai, t&o. und soae of the uturetuiueutt of th du,--and I'IlEI IO.US, with tle appeul d dil oI ooliti trausl ted Ilv Cniolrtol.lter Soortt, it12 voetfo foit oleta lta1 nod lt of'tlltlltcr's Chosoieul Librurv The Expld+ti.ou Of'itlh'l CI.INKER, ily SIooolloto, .l i), witlh Inoiatooir o tlft+ Aithoir, by Tiotot s 0 00l , R scoe ot., totew eE dtiow , withl illh strottio n, by Ge 'I'tIF .'I.lS"; a 'nole, by thelOtler of tt"Richeliee BhIty ooil. ogoUoldy," oo,, IoW editiuol, 2 vol Lonpllt I',\ltL 'LIF[ORD;by the alllllor at Pellot hle t)ito e rod," he, beitn volumen IV el t. noew ell t of'"1 o rer; CotonploW Y r ks. Jotlreceived a able 1 WM McKI*AN |IACI.VN SIt)ES--'ti o'asks Cincinnati coot • ulhll ut Rt t oe: atnteanbot F.plto, and for t lre r I)t/)IEItI' & IIAoW r

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