Newspaper of True American, February 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 14, 1839 Page 4
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14Jii atwoh t110 COIOe~ t aýil.. uWk1torooopho toIaM I4oTo ý+phi Ik n atr n" NWY'Y M IOCAL WORKS 6'svr-rrPlidtb IWu Rtlll..n I1. g TJIktttd ao Insanity r- aicano Insanity popoi~r HodicinO Urb NAVTfrAL. " Repository, fir 1031 Sototit Di'iinnary, LoOdon .Alauraac for 1.19 Ir___'_ Novigotion AL· ,t~hlqcrpl AN MEoRANICS. Al, J h noav f Arrhiteotore, Lodoi 2 v. A00j, iPctIIVO, 3 Mob. Lotond 'f"ct roegod Cut worry o hooicg Enooblowedio,Loudbf dlImoeofriam the t 1 JaSIý JomA'oyand II. Conroto wn r 2 vote, Iond.,o _Cur___ie of Literoture,J, it ON~R~ my. by Ray, do Vt~take a U'eW Walter Peot, 2rota inaidood lbaltal hv Preprott.3 vois ," ra, a edition, 7 volr, vo l Yar ane R keow Mpd aI, satootifc 1Gro) f r, Epglil, and 00, Latoi and Greek. +8 R F.JOHNS & Co. ---+ Car. Charle and Comlrmon sOt. 'ater, Eteeft ed cureoelflh Fceroa.d A ee. FiI be readily discovered wherein the 'ro;ic Mix is superior to the ordinary made of trenting d Ague. in the first place, beg aVege S and free fro any detrious and lpoison te, it toev Ie taken witll the olmost eate ly rOe tender fat,, or age . valid. It pre WtmS erIptbs O edietar oneequetl the cenenith n oeregms wonted otonel ad activity. It etb lish oa oo perp o an nent appetite, by invigerationg tse staolteh,nd gives a relish to te enjoyments of taete. Being peculiar in hlaving a phtrcatie quality, it remains notcin the Ilowels It itrease this disorder, or to create other diseases, .bt thoroughly cleanses the several or gaptt digeett.o, and thus boeefits" ,..t.. nwith lwtat evr other aetieot it nme be opiressed. ladivum aais, after th tso oftbe Toai Mlixture, hatve khen exposed tt aolld the m eal coanre of tie disease, nd hve es eaany epee ptoem of rettrn; whereas by the e r ct.on remedies, there is eralways ca hle c mo reoped lieblity to rcurresce. The danger hea Btn.ntrollres of the Agne, is very evidtt, for tm yevstm will noi boeomo too me h prostrato to toe tae t.react witlt medicine, and suledily fall a viec ha to such ilcessant violaence The Tonic Mixture is 'efer.l at sech a reasonable price as to iace it is iiy he a ,reat o avery oned--o t- the poor and de titut re herebyY frnished with assestance, wthiet soliciting the aid o ttedance which is frqfitently denied to oder, or l, very, reluctantly bestowed. The pullne trilpectic e.ttioaled ngrith tmhe spit fdslemtations of this muedicine, Itit are daily offered It is prepired only by Dr. John R. Rowaod, at his Lalrhonelor Msrket etreM PlitieabCphio. 'ithe saierier as the awholeolei acenis fur thie noutll Vetstern .late., and will sell by the cras, at ite Philadellphia prices. 'I', be bad at retsil nle, at sfreefthe Apuaotecaries il tit. city. JAIlVIS & ANDREWS, snv seWholesale lr eO~iNt.. tloti (Car Catlitak & 'eholeticlc.iate MIaeIaEippi and Louiianta hiotel, eRvtNyON. t.L M RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. v ounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at Its above eotablishtmcnt, and hopes fr'om he s*ertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of fornmr favors. Site feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the numntr months, eannot find better accommodatione than she can afford them, on more liberal terms, liar houa is pleasantly situated, and well sapplie With every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises Steat nothing shall be wanting on ier part to give ttire satisfaction to all who may patronizeo the dissisippi and I.uiiana ilotol. jc3 Feo-T pE PUBLI-C.-'l ulit~dgao d. hiading Sstudied under Dr. Sclmidt of (jharleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medichie and surgery, has thie hutt t ofbfer h.e profeseionil services in this city. lie ssures the ladies and getlaomen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to thie holders of slaves, being well acqlainted witl the disdaso common to thn, Ihaving attended thetn in the sugar ouse in Chatorlston. The fantots anti.biliou pills a ter the composition ei Profeior Smollette, with directions, caur be tad f the undersignod. Thoe cfeot whieh they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest eucceas, to which the best ol esforences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &e. IJ'IE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. '238 Water, near Beckman street, Now York, l ave received the past season, an. are cornstantlt rooeiving largo and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, whichI now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western marbets. Hollow ware of sttperior quality, consisting ol about 1500 tots, via, Puts of 22 different sizes, froe, 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizee, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sies, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Iltkepaor or Ovens, 7 different abizs, Tea Kettles, 6 do l4killere, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Coverod Spiders, 2 do )rltddles, .. 4 e do Fire Dogs, - 6 te Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inchee. 'Cart du. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screwo, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, front d inchl, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish,.and lose that, Jatne's imported priem. SSad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for notailing. Tailor'a and aettor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to lObe. Bolls for Pltantations, steamboats, churclhes, &c. anode to order, Also ate.blabate and other ntachinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reeaommendod to the attentlion of Southern and Western merohants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal teres ; it is be. lined to be the largest and best assortment ever eofred for sale by any ottone establishment in the lUnited SLtates. Merchants. by lorwarding a request by mail. can have a prltne.d circular, witl, dcorptlttonl gueoda, Ipicesasd trns, fromn whihit no dcviation is ever made, furnished by return of m,,il. All orders will receive interdiete attention, Npw York, 1838. t,': WO IM COURY NOR OOP VA 7. a s-eret disease, for which I I:ave alplied It . sveR - eal dcItors fIr a cure, and they dil it ti:uo In, so nto, on tle above date 1 I`oat n,.LI under ttit le t of I)trotar Ilmteetul I exptrct lim to cure ten. SitcOe that timte the disease got worse, so a to break outt in large ulcer, to tthe nt er otf six or eightn ea It leg, tln all oval osy face, sti sultre throatt, and .not to at reneelt timlt otl aclullt of tile dliscase; largo ilcer lt, he right sidl 'i' thetrthrtt. I oltt ttut. pttttlig otyeclf eotlfi,.elntly undor the care of Dr. Illect, .f Pairis, so be tprlretly cared J.ION DEAN. fee 14 ly T DO CERTIFY that thle abovem ottitoned diseltO in Squite well tcured to ly own aittinetilnl, for whic:h entlt IDr. Ilaeet anm moreover I assUre that lt Iteetli rin I hare takntt ,,taikes e fat. atod tid utttt itjttre my .alth at ill' Ihere'ore I advise tty f rlow atulorerr tr o lo nteo time antd appl to I) A. lluot 124 Caonl pI betweel Datlphl e anlle d Blotlrbon streets. lIr. uet iest Ithome front 9 o'clock, A 1, until 4 I' lal. hay will 6ied a true doctor or thins coItplitt. JOHN i)EAN.Itl Grtvier street. '-f aty see wants to oae oe, call at No. 40 (ireviot JOHN DEAN. . CrOlellee . Fetb It 838. feal 14 ly HkE Ie uiSie niae elalsemt of Liverwmtrt antd Ilore ' :toleaud, ij ptt tp in bottlea at tcle low price of 51) oemntcah. caotaitthtg thse t augti of threae aouttesrf Livewrtet, hei lee the virtse tIi ntaty otlter routs ttld 4ee kihown atmtlgh dl Indians as efflrcaiouto in curing p+amnary lomplalnta. TIe a iwivall aluccent w.itilliels atrotnled the tis of this tunal bll h BIalsam wherever it Ilts been intrs daLed ehlialed the onfidaee eartl rdreeomltttda *lwpleltftelltlbO tlhysicinls, for the curse of conglhe, e.,ol, painl t te silde, waut of ret, slittitlng of blood, ti rw1whpatnpl,&S. Toaeui t ta..y conaser. Tlist i to ceftiry that we batnjnnttt prartictt firtloettly prow'rited lire Gard . taihian.. Balomwl ol Liverwort a ,d lloarllouall, witld c nt getdl estct: we can therlorm, ltrttto il .,w haels)lA matezolr h it is mlada fotn, atd c bservatlon >[ e, lOomtliud it as a eulprior" preparationl erM 1ta sl l.ttat of the lunoas fr wlicll it it re e ssodeel. AI.Blitl' WILLIA3It, M. D. SCALVIN ELLIS .1. ID. lttbe.a ttln tstonu Medical Ao.ociation. '.tlab. . JARVIS & ANDREWS, tel. i |19 Gc.ttr1,tt4l l'Fitsittulas tie 3 k-iveos aPcfeamsltahip cSsivred,atl r sl at tlheir plmnaaent Wtrittp Atdetul eie it .hatl strteet, Now t)rleaous, 1t89 rtutdway RIlsi4Z ` lra~lydlti~h l Itr priate learnrts, and tlo aalteultled fitr Iperru allo e agaeo. ýlatta acacJ tesll tud nluin tut:htsae ulormod iu "any part efatjt.alretaseve leutoa at their own ref Patvi. I lr tlte :,' cll lr...-t stO detirtd t(ttyaritae~t alltltretov wtlth. on hbard hipOin adlnw Eagle, Highlander, ýokner lsrdy Andrew, Freanc and sGersn plny cards; Back .tlniou Boards' Chsesstti 2'1-X'd 3:1 inch il Bals. ; 8,9t10 sad 12 sick lade Rows Knives;. leather and other ;ravelling Dseaing Cases; Belt, t Pocket, Horesnan's, ani Duelling Pistols; double and C tingle barrelled Guas; Game Bagls;,Shot Beltr, Powder Pi and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; or Psretssiont Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; end Nail Breshes; Orris at ChloiMe Tooth Wash: Toath Powder, Toiet and Shaving Soaps, ins gratva ie; hng Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frisetter, Pearl and Toilet Powder; Emery HIag; Ivory Tub Cushions: Patent Slates or Garters . Gsm Elastic Siuspes ers; w Ptwder Pilsi and Boxes, ilt Chains, Seals and Keys; a Ear-drops; Waist Bucklm; Bracelets; Bead Necklee and Chaiss; tilt and Silvered Beads Indian Bends, p Bells and Plomer Shell Twist; Bids and Dressine Combs;which,in addition to their former stock on hand, p makes their assortment very complete, and ill bi e sald ow and on liberal terms, at the sig of G the Golden .Cosh. 70 Chartres street. THE ShubEcrier, Agents for the extensive house of . & S. Botc~ler Sheffield, Enrlanol, have just C eceivet a very ext.afese set of ssr., consisting of Table and Dessert Knives of '- description, Pen, i Pocket, Dirk, antd Spear point Knives; Razors, Sets sarn. Edge Tools,&c. d&ec. d.c. which they are prepsrl a o exhibit to the trade toe osders. Terms end conditions will be mads known at the line. l J. I).BEIN & A COHEN.l Common st. NEW GOODS. t SIMMONS, HARTT A CO.-Are now rReiving rJper ship H tsville Eagle, Merry Andrew, High aoLer, Frenchl eld ermtn dloble haet plavingol rs: ater,helt and pocket pistols; Iplin, ribbd ani split euinm uo ps; sap titlders; saisrs; Razor, entwo. ese; Gillott's commercial and other steelen; Vio' as; Violin asrngl thellir, ivrysd hehorn eal h k, head and leather porses; hair baids, frMnt ausi ask ringlests; negro lmes; OGe an Fnrench ologne t water, Rowleads aeasmier oil, imitation do; antique i .d herasoilt poarahle desks and dreasng eases: paste bleckiag; statirnsnl toilet glenens; convex mirrors; op eal glnets asm views; Inleisn enld, bellesoaw plumesi; Sseoleon; whit- twine; toilet and shaving smpa; toilet Sowder, osmetic wash balls; Ircened roin ashlonse; pool astands; screw ,uthions; fassy head chains and Snecklaoce hilliardt hals; pocket hooks and wallettsa Germs boanes; razor strpis; fine astl common gmn olastie onuspenders, garterdlo; Bellslucifer matches; sil Sver erdleilrs; Crety ed. oe. S The above in addition lb our former stock of fancy Srticles, makes our artrnuenst very scm,hlete. For sale t wholesale or rveil; as the sign ofil t Golden Comb, 7,. SChrtrtsRe strett. age. n OTICE---Tihe oparnorlsi of Kollev, &Co N of New.Orlean-t Miason, harris &Co., of Natchez; ld Iarrils Kelley &Co. of Rodn ey was disoervesl on e, oleits of May last, by tih death of Samuel A Mason, y unse of the partnerss p the Sfires. "lwle undersicsed, urviving partners, will he clarged ir ilth tioe setling sod closing saiod slinssrs af, llows: or Levi C Harris will attend to the settling of the busineao to of Maons, Harris y Co.. ot Noathez; and Ilarris, Kel en & Co.,at Rnlnev nldl Henry Kelley will attend to S oe settling of tho buhsaesos fKalley, Mason & Co., at ill New Orleans. Therames of the several finns willes te nbed in liqailatiooonly. g Those indebted to said firsn ore earnestly roqsetcsd to ocorss forward sad make early settleseets; and tsose having claims will please present tim without delay. - LEVI C HARRIS, d HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 137. ao s cases more of this superior Cotogsw water, just a received end fit sale Ibyv thle dozen or siengle bottle. Also American taol French toilet powders, powder fllfs and luxes, slhving and toilet coaps,eosteetl wasnh halls, milk of roses, cosmetic eold cronm, oextr s o massk, kepalnhs, Ward's vegetablelo Ioir oil, posmatisu, cremle de pcrsec, Florida. lavendear, rose and bhy waters, trestsl's salts, Marseilles perfomery is trunls. vegetn ble s od liquid rouce, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, loth, hair, tmoothl, nail and esh brushes; together withl n. an odditissnl sspplv of fashionable Morn and siell e. combsa and jewelry/cor sale low at wholesale or retail at by llSIMMONS, HIARTT &CO, er ulv 6 70 Chartres otrcet. re COAL -The shbsersbera have constantly on S. Isad a large supply of Cannel and Liverpool cool, io in bhlk, of superior quelity, which they offer for se tale in lots to suit purchasers. 55. Also expeceted by the first arrivals from Enog oic loal sod the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach th Mountain oal, broken and acreened, put up in on bigeshessd expressly for family use-all of whicls se they will dispose of on the smost moJerate rms. o Orders lelt at their office, No. 53 Bieuvillo at. up stairs, will be promptly attended to. oct 3 B. & A SOULIF. ns Cologsso Water, Perlulnery, &c.-A s8pouia.. in article of ologns, put up expresely for sie retail or trade; also the purest ['"colc IPerfery, enbrsa s sng severy variety lor tile toilos, for sle hy s ct 2 RlEES & D'LANG. io 'l's aousstry Melchanlre ansd Pllnters. he Negro clthss, blankets, innols, ltnIseys, lowell in clirtiage, Checks, lioens, calicoes, hlsdkerchliefls, &c &oe.reccivod and lor sale low by sse subscri. sn bets. ROTTA & Co. ad oct. corner'Canal aod Chartres st td L IV Glenn's Pcrfumerierc. of ladian Dye, for coloring tle hlair ; Besr's Oil, SRuseians bear's grocer, pomatums , dMiclawsd Fres dle Wash, superior pearl powder, lip whise, creast o ,f rusts, vegetable rougs, otto of ruse,' lip salve, krposotule tooth wash, calhonic deoltrifioe, oraoec flowsr water, powder puffs and boxuo, A ecricoln lscharconl, neatly put up in leaour once vials, Preos. itinll sall, enlogne, kreosote tooth ache drops, heir ;y brushes, Eglish dressing csmbs, lodiall hair oil5 o with a vaca tsy of oeheb perfoumcrios, &e. For sale he by C. J. T'RINCIIARD, d oct 3 corner ol Coasl and lBourtiols a0 IRON ROOFS-The snbacribers have procured at a great expense, the right of putting on irto rouls in this city. They are adapted to pubbe buildings, warehouses, and private dwellings, and Oumbine at once eheapleos .and. durnbelity, and re perftectly fire and water proof. Terms may re known, and a model seen at our establishmenlt, opplosite St. Mary's marker, Tehapilmtlas at. otre2 E B COGSH ELL& Co UPIIOLSTERY &PAPER HANGING STORE. llenry Seabreeht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would meet respeetfully inform his friends and elee pueble in getneral, that he has and is constant, ly receivinlg a general assortment of upholstery r and paper hanging. The following cormnprices a part of his stock, which hle offers for sale at whloles sale or retail an the tnost accolrluedatillt termes, via : French velvet and satin paper, latetr style; do hall comtmon anId common, Peciladlelphia glazed land tunglazed do do, French landscapes, fire boards, blinds, &c. do velvet and worsted do do, tneorcaonze do celors, silk fringe and galltons of all qealitiee, patterns and prices, wnorsted Iritngs as sorted pattern. plain nad colored. Swies euslin, latest style plain and rolouaed, cottlon drapery tmudlinsplait and twilled, as-orted colors, new style of needle work for sofa caushions, fotstlool covers, &c new style of bell pullers, raised figures and plalln, gilt window ornaments of, all patterns lid izoes, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, &e, glass knobs, casters, hair cloth, figured sand plain,- a large assortment of toys f-r ctlJdren; lrrge silk cord and tnss-nls, worsted cord and Ins. sels, a general asortltent of upholstero sand Ipaper haltining, constantly eon btaed and fos sale Art Ihe. lowest price' at Nuo 41 Royal aud 64 Cu tuot lluse pri. N i-lPersons in the city or fioum thie counetry, are respeecfully invited to sail and txallsote lor themselves. Carpers and curtains ilade n tlhe latest moldern tyle, rooms prepared at the sqret eat nollrte, aSnd all kinds of ulphldeelcry work donell with netsss and despatch. uct 3 LS cEO;UR, No 54 Conde strestt, berween Dutuin slid St PIhilip,keeps cnutaolully on hlod all xternsive asRartlment ofboots and, and eIhiee,of New York manufacture, fI r cren, wmUIIt and cltldren of all ages, wlhich he will dispose of at very Imodernlepliete. Famo lies lof'is a qluictnone send netadn are order will have their wishes attended to LS SE"GO)UR I)EAFNESS. A NEW trticle fnrpersols troubled will delenbss, . (t:aoled the Ear 'T'rnlupet,) has juct beolle reersed, by the ue* ofl' .hich. the elighitst artculatiun of tIle Ihu ;sit voice is dismlltv consveyed to the ulr. Ally eol wlo Ires ever eaen oblige so an roversa cithl a very des orWseti, utest be folly senoible ret ilee diflicrlty ald eoe tllrrosloleltt experienetedb both by themselves ull the ille dlviduall s etsotrluastelv aeiaced. Ily ilee rse o .tei Ear Trumpot. this oejectloll is entirely eobviotedl. 'The teat sceptieal lie s al yn as a .duitl theo ir doubts auter hnvirg used tics Teuopeh. For sle at T F GUION'd,' [acy store. corner of Comnca and St Ckarles streets sIcr tlha Exlshoras Hotel. feb 13 'PERIlM OIL--IO gulious pure winlter d Sperm Oil, in caks and hbol, for sate by JARVI; & ANDRE\VS, Wholemsal Drgg ats, corner ammone antd "T'chap lea etrent. mr 1:t RIllTELEAD bbis, I bitlb 40 kegs, tor t 900 do 15 EFglishl do--5 1-4 bbla. 400 w " 1111) 'aint Urrolle, variouW s singo I cne Yertillitle Sbbls Copal Vnmrlah I 1 Coach 0 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do, Silver do; 100 do I)uteh Metal. WrINI)OW GLASSl, American, Et glist ard FrenOh 1t00 boxes, varsous sizes and qualitlrs. Boeto aLrown do.-500 boxes,ecr, iguslent, will be sold low. Also, a general assortment of artists' corlura anld tools, for sale by A IV SCA1 ES, S No d46 (Caal street. N II. Alabamnanotes taken at p r. and Missiooippl notes will be received at 10 prerent discount ftr goods, or io psyment of debts. je I Iw 'LLOUR-30 asdiag ft as teacmer ladepeteld F naes,nle up eI t4EY. nreli 4 4 New I.ev. Esllerason' stlar Strols--lThe casea of tile genuine article, jtnt received by et 3. REESR & D'LAJG, 181 Caop st 5Mi-soure Rop, -300 eols Missouri hale rcpc, meade all ti htlp, ,ie ere, a td for sale by I 3 .OJ.UR" & 11AWTIIJlN, 63 Gravics o OO BINDERY. Under the Picayune OTtee, 72 Camp at. BRONSE:MA A& ROWSON beg leave to inform a U their customers and the public generally, tult they have removed their establishment to Nur. 72 Camp street, immediately under the office of the Picayune-where they are prepared to execute all ornler in their line. Having received from the North a supply of pa. per and materials of a superior quality, for the manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and other. who omay wisha o work of that kind ; and havingt the odraeage of several years's experience in that line, they are conlidentof Riving satisfaction to those who may , tvr thenm with their custom. For notaries, arcliteets and others, maps and plans will be pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the oeatst manner, &. at the shortest notice. Plain and fancy bindin, in all itl varieties nlt. t CHINA GLASS & EARlI'IIEN WARE STORE f 36 Charree street, New Orleants. III M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French e and English China and Earthen ware, are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfasr, dining and ten services, toilet sets, pitcheto, tea ond coffee cups, teapots, sugars, creans, bowler, plater, dishes, lureenle, wash basing and ewers, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. warr-goblets, chlflpaignes, lemonades, jellies, t clares, wiuesr, cordials, centre howles, decanters, tum blers, preserve dishes ,celeries, pitchers, lamtps, lamp shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel l lersi etc. it Silver plated, bronzed and britunia wares-cac' e tore, liquor stands, cake beakets, candlesticks, e branches, spoons, ladles, coffee and teapots,sugare, creams. lamps, japanned tray, astral stands, and hanging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoons ei and forks, together with a great variety of articles st fr flmily use. Merchants, planters, hotIel, anid steamboats, furnished wih goods at the most tea sonable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed with safely to any part of the coun ry. Also. nap.heenrios' llasewave. nnr 2 THE FLORIDA LINE iFroln Mobile to Anoustn, (;o. leaves Mlobile every y at three o'clock. pm per U S mil boat t(orfllill'a L ndine, above Blakely,-thence four ,.ost coaches to Pensacola-thence tenamnboah t to n Lngr ince, where tile lanid route is resumed-thence i, via Mariannea and Brownsville, Fin. Bainbridge. Pindertown, H twkinsvillo. Saundereville & Loties. I villetoAugusta, Go, cnnllecting regularly with :the rnil road cars to Charleston, and the ateam Sockets to Now York, Norfolk, Pliludelphia, etc. o The steamboats are the best for the service, and nt the lnavigation presents more advantages than carl be he foud upon ally steamlboat route in the south' ern regio.. ed The great improvements in the route have been se produced byrlle constructionn ol lifty miles of new Y* road, by the proprietors, viz : front LaGrange oil LaFayetlo Bayou, an arm of Seanta Rosa Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chattaouochee river, ten miles above thie Cowlrd, or 14 above Cedar Iluff, t whereby the tnavigatill ol the river, inid the eon iseiqteint detentions, and recentlly the incon or venient crossing at the Cowlfordl, ore entirely sit avoided, and a fine road fromt Marianna direct o to Binbridge, instead u tile rounldulout rord via i, Chat taholehcee lessening thedisianee about fiorty ra, mils, alid ielCteaaig the tLacilitela tImre than - oce a day. ih, Alv, a branch line of two horse stages every iother day flout lawkinaville, via Perry to Macon, ail Ga. connecting with the lilte to Savannah and Darien, G'eo. A mail steamboat alies regularly beoween Bainbridge and Apalaehicula. 'T ravellers wishing l, to reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalachi cola, can take steoanboat at Brownsville. Mr obile to Pensacola--Laud Romt--During the time oecnpicd by the repairs io bhoaa, the proprie. g tore of tIhe Florida hne will rtn a lile o lour a horse post coaches every other day between Mo in bile and Pensacols. SPassengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clck, p m, o. it the U 8 mail boat, and proceed to aill's Land. st. in, where a lour horse coach will Ie In waiting to convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles Ilall, 1 I 4 mtile distalt, where they will find pleasant accommodations for the iighlt-leaving nil itext morning, they will arrive ill Pensacola early a- in the evening, thus avoiding the discolmfort of nilht travelling. Office at the Mansion [louse, lolile., and Col. litle' Ilotel, Pensacoln, where enls ilust be sere red. STlOCKT'ON & Co. nov I f, Piano Furte Itslruclion. ri. William Smith tende his lie ourvices to the citi zens of New Orltens as a t heler ol tIle pianll ft forte. Mr S having bell eIIIployed several yeats Ssea teacher of music in private Inlonliea in B.aton, and also at several of the rfllale seminareies in i s ii, vicinity, cannot hut hope to meril their confidence. et Ile is permitted to, refer to Rev Dr CItpp, Menesib ttl Steton & Avery, Hiadersun & iat.les. e, For terms, &. please apply at tile bookstore of go AlexanderTower,49 Contp setact 2 Drugs and Jiledicines. lir J B Prevost has located himself in this city tor it, ilhe purpose of Irlnsaecting a general Wholesnle lt Druet businuesa. le is now rciving a full slupplly of Ireah and geuluine artieles, which hie will sell on liberal tlerms To city druggists, and hose oel the interior, to physicians, merilcharts and platlllrr, ed he will offer indueements such as have never be. n fore been offered in this city. Ilis inllentio is to e do a strictly legitimnate business. Ills stock will ad soine be complete, mnd in a few weeks will he rea. ld dy for business. All orders from thle coulry,and an from merchants of it ii cily, receiving such erders mIw ill be promnlplly attended to. oet 2 No 39Camp st PROSPECTUS. PROPECT'I'US. TI.E subscriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the ensing winter, a Condensation -f the twenty volumes of the Old and Now Series of Martin. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised In four volules, bio., according to the model of Peters' Condeesed Reports. SThis work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, mid by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from Stheir peronnal supervision all the advantage which msay naturally be reaped from their experience. Sudch a work is becoming every day more ae. enesary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too in Inani Fost, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and tihe circusnltanc of the numerous principles here de. aided intlhe adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes a the knowledge of our adjudged coses of prime uti lity to thejurints of the whole Union. Moreovel, the rising republic of Texas hlas adopted our codes, and thus there is a great demuaad for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convesient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those an the more authoritative forulms of tihe other States, will oe added to cach ca: e. 'The work will form four volu ms, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subsacr.lrs at $6 per vol.; in case it shoul I be found practicable to compress it illnt three volulmes, the p-ice to suo scrilhrn will be $7 per vol. lusbscriptions received by WM MclKEAN, eo caur Camnp and CounOenO sta. W "llOLE'.SAlEI AND IET'AIIICOMB AND VA RIE'Y ST''ORE-act tie alga of thle golden coib,, Mo70 Chartres stelPr. The suscrilbers ave re ceived, iu additiou to their previouls sto.k Il ueld, a full alnd vcomplete assorllCnlt oi'articles in their line; vie: colmdis, ierfullmery, Jewllrv, bruolteI , ihwking gBlasses, lifey artides, e .c. r,mietio g in part as ; Idllws: COMIItS--trtoise shell, wmnli.l and plain t uck,twict, quilled back, long round, dressitlg, sil puff, curl and neck, Brnailioa iombas of every description amnmgsa which are sense aexican patters, Ivtrve eomi of every daseriltion, horn, iremsing and pnckei, together with u general aseortnmirofh renollh aud Aiimericaii. PERFUMERY'-Cologuc, Lanveder, FIlorido, honev, ban, rose, and oraneua fower wafers ofevervnieoe nrd ile eriptions nlpi, horated Cologne, extract 'f Iergr mot, lany hoiapn oTfall kiads, shavig, do iu cakes anud ots, cream soeado, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and a-il litiuedi. I reato',s smnlliig saltk , plain and plrfiumed toilet powder, pearl powder, pow ler puf and blxes pa.c ointnm inp lou an rklls,orrs and ea lorine tooth wash anl powders, willl a genaral assortmoent of J.tWELLItr-a o em oftle latest iRd emot fasliono le aetlo, ofwhite and red eloreliai, tioler es jet eardihps, set in filagree, breast pil of a reat tI of patients, watch trimmigs, gill sand silvae . rckles, sliver thimbles, silver nod pl le tells iid guard cbalins lIRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dusLt .,erum ,earth,fluoor, lint1 fleshi tooth plate, cmb, Neil, shaving, suhe and wbhite'wah birushes. LOOKING GiLASSES-ldernk n stalini and toil et cloess, imignifying and Frech dressing glasses, hiue o, with a variie of other kinse not ennrmeated. 'FANCY ANI) VARIETY AIRTICI.ES--French alll lAleriean portable ldeeka acd dlressig ease, some very rich anl finely linished ladies work loxes niod llSe-. sing eases with nilld witolt Iimuoie, lOmuiSal boxcs, Ae eordlian ai Ivariouen kilds, violins anl guiturs, silvr ind plated pmneils ulImlleads,wood immcils for carpenters and erayooe,muiatleloensa guu.osaml pistolls with and without eae io , iePliou con liereuosIie ill eiacp chargers, nipple ecreew drivers, liotrbeltgauli Ingo, g nste Ilcgkiag, toy tea serl, lllIdian eals of every kiid, bells iind hlluces, fienland cnmmoni knives, razors nlmal lcissos, ulinbles, nmeedllesa, Iaini, silver plated, steel aad coiieunoj peca ells, pulcet Ihmkb and walletsla o various kinlds, visiting criasmldl card ceaes, playiigi cards of French,l German rl Aumerlea manufacture, dlls, imitalion fruit, nus bohee, prints if vcrioun kidsl, Saumdler' Poieray's, Emllllerclrem'nstIllmhan's and Hawkila' razor stlepu pad mellic hioamtdirk, fieny bead nleeklaces, do with t-ar p wlat..-.ed beads, gilt .ald silver do, gum elatic sluspe.- t dere,uul gartere,;.lsainanld sword Luine, baekgamulllOOi boaIrds, dieeropticl vielnOe,jevaharle, Ii ifiw• matchl es and drinkinp coi, with a great variety om other arts ellr. all ufwir h will be sold for cash or city aceptiam I cesa on 12 months credit. B Il Sl.Ih.lc1:NS,, d:o. i all 7? (.,erlrsl.i I OtIS' Ildicl l,,mku--Ic.i, ii ... lhIlaiic, d,. cLi A lludlcttiig, a ncc. soT ,,:'d Ii lv leti A l'sh .hii 1: Cc up "I'SiE INI)AN'n PANACEA. W Ittbhecutreofrhleumtilsm,cretidS r kingseivll,, seiatica or hip p.out, illetiiellt cancers, saltrheus, alphilitie awl mercurlial diseases, lrtlionularly ulcers and palnfdlaffeetioi ofthe bones, itdeenstd tLhrostar es e trils, leers of every descreption, fever mores, ani internal c bshleuse, fistulas, piles, O.cld head, scurvy, biles, chro nalcore eyes, yeryipelis,tbllthes, and every varietyol'fe- Pit smcones altetion, chronic Catarri, bend ache proerel ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach and ldy peisla proeeding from varation, affeotioa of the liver, ex chronic inflammation of the kidneys, anId general debili- t ty caused by a torpid action of the veaels olhe skin. It nI is ilnglnrly eficacious in renovatin hose constitutions to' which have beent broken down by ijudieinus treatment, ic juvenile irregulrities. In general terms, it is recom- ita tmended m all those liseases whicharise from impurities na of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever sr name or kind. Some of the above complalnts may require some tri- 5 fling aistant applications, which theeiroumstances of the n case will dicutat;bht for a general remedy orPurificator of to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will ds generally be found nllltee t. I TO TIHE PUBLIC. III How true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am- of hition toexeel in their professon;explore thile vast fields oh ofsciencbeby the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re- cc medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the ly practice by mesans of art alone.--entirely overlook anid nIeglect, as beneath theil notiee, the rich and bonteous i5 stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to ta spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much U more tree isitthat while the Amerieno Physician looks to to foreig countries for many of his moast common and ti neesary artlicles, perpetuoly changig as they ate at A the dictates offalsion orfolly, lie is .nurndled ill his J. own country with al endlesuprofuson of medical plants, OS sufllcient to answer any indication in disease or to cure G any caroble disrder;amlyet he is ignorant of their vir- ti tues, and they are suffeedto 'wastethelirlhealing on the s desert air.' The effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are tempornry-tlhose of mineralslasting. The ibrmer ex ert their ffects and pas off-the latter, mercury in par- I ticulor, act chemically upon the solids, decnomposlng I the bones ani undoermining the catitutito by a slown atl sure destruction. The congeniallity, elffiioeny and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may ne estimated byontrast ingthe ancient prsetiee with the modlerni o, to bring i more immediately unlder our own observation, tir Inili an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, ac nas not known or heard of repeated Instances wherein I some decrepid, onpretendin fenmale Indian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, has affected the most rapild e and astonishilng cres, alter the lMateir. Medica of the at r*mmon pral:tice, directed in the most skilful manner, I has foiled t And who has not been surprised at tle com- I parative ele an facility with which te lndlian freesin- him self irrm any disease, and at the almost Iont abstinence ofchrtonic disase among them? Who has evel Ileanr of an Indian witha constitution broken aml rtinel by a ill tratiment?. Andl can a doubt exist that this thiapiy ex emtlion of the savage from most of the ills whoicih the b, lesh of man is heir to, is chielly owing to more genin Sand safe remedies which lie employs+ T'is astonish ing idiferenee in success, is a fiur exemplifieation of the ilfinlte superiority of the simple and safe means of cure I which C;m has creoted for the benefit of his chihlren, over dtose which the pride and the art of nmn have in vented. F1From long resilencee among a polrtion of theaborigie aliulhablitantsof thiscunlltry, andan intimate acluain- p tance wilt tie, methods of cure of some of thteir most nsceessfl iaetititioners, the luIoprietor ofl The Indian's PeC'araco,'anulireed a knowledge of some iof thie most powertitl and favorite renedies. Fromothese heleetele suchl as were moteflleaciousand appropriates, anct lfter p y variiluexteriints to tent their principles and strength, Sie ihas combiaed them ill tile fornt here presented, as the most Ierect and beneficial for the purlpose or wlhich it y isctllomlnelldedl. STlhe proprietor oTl'ersthis preparation to the piublic, , with the consciousness that he is placing withinlteir sea, a remedy calable ofrelieving many of Ili aftlicted fel low bellgs, who aS r sulfering nllder the various ehronio a and obstinate comnlaitts to which i t is applicable. To' such itaill prnve of iocalculable vllie, as the means, and in many eases, the only means ofselieving their sulf bfirings and restoring them once more to health and hal)n piness. Thls is uiot offered as a common remedy, that - ay per chance be equally good with many others cow in use, bit as one which is capable of saving life in many extreotmecaseswhich all tile ntususlremedliesfail. Thisiat has donle relpeatedly; and this is the reputation ithasob r tained wherever it has been introduced. It is only about threie years since Ibis prelpaltllon was presented to the Iuiblic: butill that sholrt slpace of time, some hsininrels ol wrsonlls mightt i lollnl, wtho wuldi solemnly duclae tlhat tiley believed tlhat tIlletr lives wetri to saved by it, al.d in nostasesafter they had tried many I and tperiais all tile commnon remedies inl vain. Vheir ever it t is know t isralutlly conling into use, nid this i d iorRdsthlnmost substanltaland convincing proof of it g merits. Y The value ofthePmnce i most consplicuous in tnlll e tInl ip otoaltiig tndi syphilitic anci serofulons alloctiocc wl ich IItae defied all other re.nedies, aid particultrly i. in those cases whern mereury has been so l avisl.y used as to cause distressing plains il the bones, nodes, nlerret rial ulcers, derangement of the digestive organs, cde. These it tcomplletely remloves, and in all cases it entire ly el.ldieaes the discuss nlll efccts e e ofnercnlnyt t iri-y, , votes te constitutiln, lltd lecattes e pntielt aelnintllld , well. In rhumatisim anin inl uleraed sore throat, its Shappy effccts areto not less aplaretuI, giving almost inllue diatle r'elicl: Tloaken ill llrll dotneen, tilellltinlttn's Panacea olpetles as alternative alnt detergenll a diaphitlreuir, dilnctir, and laxatives, ai anti-olnsmolici allll anodyne acodl i nropel cases, as aon.itiae hicand eOumeungogue. Gelletr ally expressed, it increases all the secrretatios l ad ex eretiall, gives Ltone to tile toulaellh andll etites ation i the glautis in at patiecular milller. Fro : tllese prieni. ples itsopelations may bte uderstaum l. 'hitismedicinte lias bect found highly useful in many nr abigua.s diseases not here specified, and it lhs l-ent r used tiith wonortitl success as a Spring and a Fall Pn. rifie;, by those who sulljete to compnltilnt o tile chest, €llt whose Couttit llilnel nil. iew vigor. Snlch Illpir soLs will do well to use o toco oturee btles in sali l to ses. WVhenver a diet i.ilnk is considel.rd necess:ll, s this Panacea, taken in a small dose; will answer all its pmurploses, inll muh less time, at less expellse, nal ill a fO la more agreeable ainnoer than the ceommon diet tirik. Thue fllowing certifncates, out of hlundredls similar, Swhich might te procured, are given to show the effect o i b cite Snutllldo's Sncccn, illte ivarioua cm uiltliltctntiei;J no ilentioed;ntld II Itas t erxllibit ill the ituet sctishfetory aucuser its superiority ever tile ayrsI it cotulllmuo Use, CASES SF ItHEUMA'I. ISeS. -CHuRLESTON, Nov. 15, 1832. l)urilng the last winter ald Inprillg, was flicie id with u very severe alnl disoresslng Ih.,tn:tiuL t occstiollet byiY ii a exIposure illd Wtl ueier i. I iow tllkegrett iIleasiltre in of ttilg, that six Instiles of lie Iianian's Panllice, restol'ed me to pelrfect healh, and I confidently reco.umenlld it to a'l similarly talinted. JOHN YFER;UStON, King st. CHitLaEsTON, M.larh '27, 1839. I was seized abut three years silnce, itil a tlisltt.rssig 1rttemnlsatisml, causede by takluga sever. e col, while unlet lheinflueceeoft mercury, anll which has disabled es t-omt iutsilts nteatl" eve' si1e. I)uiluaig lthis eriod Isave betae a Ipatitlltll the Marine Iloalsital, inl this cl ulpwalrls ot tilur months, and nearly the sae lengthl time in tle Blltinlore Iosllita|fand ftrietl almnost ccl remad,+y, with little benlfilt. On thle 16th of ksb'tss last, athiat ti me lcarcely able to move abluet upon cruItch esI esolllseelesl the us t laitlisn's PaIaces. In ose laltllth I fIulld slysetfel dielea frellied from lai, alltd +m now hiappy to state thlmtl considert yself tirletly well. W.I. TUCKEII, 13 Market St. CAFES OF SC.IOFULOUS ULCEIIS N.w YOan. Seplt. Ill, 1830. This may celtify that i the fall si 18'5, 1 was seize with a swelliln i my neck and imce, which allles'wa ". ieloatledl aI became tisge ghastly ulcers in mly ieck. Alirrtllyisg ervelre lhytsiaillsato lt adlvaltage, I welt. It lPhiadtlllhtipha, atd tlacest myself sllllles tile tare, lirs. Physte and itenach, wtet, siteer reiseated siivatiota to lo cnhicl, 1 was prnoulnUelt OI ieiluabsle. Alier. wards lonk twenSty littlesol'S esllsal PaiitCeuane l eigit bittles of "Potter's lU.atlhlliolt, sitl Ino luatelial belttefs )esptsrigofl i tlile, which had now become a burtlltlle me, returnedlll to sy lparents in lew Yorlk, in 18,J, at, gave mvselfl'up to a lingering death. Hearing Iof tit great success of Tle IIItinann's Punllttecu, Iloweescr, io1 siek uilr to lils' oa'n, I was persuUaded to try it,asa lamst s. sort. T'lo aI) gnrat aurlprise, asl well as satisfactioll, onle slsullsd lys"lilall ay r IaTpdl y rlllt, aslld sIil tltkill seven bottles, the tlsltloltelalecl ali I became lis'fcctl; wrelis th e cousle oftwo lollnths, and have Ieaied so ever sillne. I make thissaleselneu andl Wlshit| ublished fi'trs tell lGit oftlltte whss aste laulttlinlgll "tter sie il.s scsrifluloutosr s) Philitic alTectiouts, that they lsa.y know what hte ciretd otne wllo has suirelld eve'y thlilng bIt deathl, itnd slto culsiders his life stsed ty the alb.ue sy. WV.M. IIINIIA' UCsALEasTO. July 11, 031. I was alhlited', (oau years with all ulcer tl Ite leg, oc cassionllty accopllllnti ied with eI tysilatous inllltllltatito)l and exceassive Ima ill tihe e lg ent attle joint. Svevtal elirs tslt lphysicilaS e.eeltedt theirskill Usoas it, sat with ouIt 'lt1sastt beln1eit. Itl tiss case five bottle Inldiail's 'aneacea mailde a llarfect cure. MAIIIA ILEl' A WE-', I' 11I Malhket qFor sale by HENRY BONNA IEL, drltggist, agen ItI, the prollrietors, Tihoult itolltls street 1si NEW ORLEANS &r NASHVILLE RAtL iOAD COMPANY. T II I sttokhntihlter of this collpanv ire I eret ty bo Wlit tEIhatS by a resolution of tile botard l a diree. lion teassd oa tle l!eth llat. tlis calI lits Os tIteo m sils ithe 13ill February last, for the Iaysne tokf five dollars it shre, was s'itindAll and the said a tckholdersa re fartullher lotified that WIt IitEA+S, bs itas Illlltlton f ths Is i sisrl Ilassel on lise 19ih lust. a Ctll Jasl Iac ts llsodss on hit st1ltsiltldtre of Ithe N'.w Orilellls altdl Nashville Rail Iload otill laay for the fiollowillgJssuvnuts on tihe til srtok hesd r(sl.t Lively by tIlhlu, tlll:--twlt oliire per ahrce, Ipayable os hit lirsel day Of Seltsleuber seat; two dllar peIl sllsra pauable-lRtlhtse fiesrt slav of Dlcemlgber ie-lt; aliil twe dollar eeur sllare paylle oail the hlt dsisy of next. NoW therere be it rsolvedl, tJiila the seeetary of tis c oiillsals slall iliy tie Share hlldr s Ilheriln tllshs Iht Ihe Iuth!ic si`a of the aily, tIhat in es esi .a tt wil stih l e s hlasealtyr li.s ufthe rht itrtit lle herhllllilts i tu ostlptlle anly paymn cll le .d in on thle stock oIf sid tlllptltv for Ithe teruso-s its s letvs, ivfrllu atl af`Ier thil lay Oi !lehll, it iasailde isaylille, witih thl exsiss call i su sivevrr, that if ilttt regularly itlid witii t s, said prrollletion sf asixty saeve, fruls li uafter sI', tna stliecll it shouldl Ieav .e aidtll ah thniltIheit tileat:k a, whicshiel a lyniesttaciits l Iho l iare bLc illtade, is asd elns "t: *arlisitrd to Ithe olmlliay, the cl arter isls slits lint Itaistg ilmslss tive. Ilt eonsfolitly. theriase,t o saait sall, ullstllek of' the sltokholdere it sait eoslltllvty, us tiliu lph r e to itt o0 tilt e lipaylltlets oa sihir stlak ri tiheed oa( ilte uslliiialtl itly dvaal tiewhi ItIe arter llows tlllllnro attified that Ishe ivtltevtt is Iswy ltat. linr psr pIshare iClllll fstraluldtte ttil te lfires oh S.f.t talluh.rex nly he potstpe t dselllrli tlthe aic itltst'c i ' isild clrter, tustil site tllt day str ()i toltitr arex, tstI ltie tscssis-t e +a twt dioillarst esr ishare culled fssr, aus duo cilla s lfrl irst- da lfelscemillr sect, Isty is, (tIt. nled uatil tile s10thlthilt of Jautarv le..t;ttil tih fy nutm lt tIw Id' lr dlhpI r share e.lheil for taudt .lilt. tiii nIe i'st dur of Mlairchl rext, Iuay' be Iustloed utlil lhe 30t~lh Iav of April tiaxl. Lxlrltl Is al It;, siuutca oif tIIi bIH rd it 1l .l It.. lh\.ltii, Sre''rs. t5 it. Il.-lh':. iss. _:,as. +.'I ntshel whir ill vu t týI i+t,taut .eh; JhlIN 11 til.lilAl. . a1. Ia Royal College of Physicans, London. HiE original Vegetable lgeiao Uoivesrl Medi clle, preparedM by W Milkiu, EsIt. Mlemer of the lheval Couler: of Strtouins, li.aetiale of Apotte cary.iomupany, Fellow el' Bolt Coulrt Society, Su.lgoo to tile oyal Union Pension Asociatitl, Lncaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St.' Tomas's Hospitals, L.ondon. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty yetrls' experience and unparalleled success ill the extenlsive anti highly reispeatble practice of the propriety, patio aised by the focoltysocd nobility, aotti iunow introtlmlcd to the notice of die American publie, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hopled, as a preliml nary step, to check the evils aod fatal eonsequences r arising fiom the use of the ntmerous and deleterilus nostrums foisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated Sproofof fmi'aeulous cures, and other frauds, bya set of mercenary, nlprincipled pretenders, so totally ignorant ot mtldicnl science, that it impossible the monstrous I delusinllan ay longer s down wIth the intolligent peoale ofthiscountry. Theseis s, mild and agrueehle i their nature, should be kept in every family in cases ofaudden illness, for, by thelr prlll'lt adllnittistlnltion, Is cholera, crlalp si slats, fevers, and otller alarming eomltdalintal, whichll to oelln prove ftIal, oy he speedi ly cmred or prevented. Iti fact, all thoe who vale good d health, shotld never he without them. They fire loh' iin pcketlt at 50 cents, $1 and $2 each, lly every ramlee o table druggslt, bokseller, antl ventldorof medlcine i tht h Ugited Statesi tI he Canadam, with colious dulletions, to tgeer with: estunotlials of priolsiional ability firoat Sthee following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astlev Cooper, J a Ahernelhy, Jatmes Blletll, M. I., V. Ilek, M. DI., is J. Aston Key, A. Fralmpton, M. D., slid Onulmeroa a, others. The originals ma he seen u possession of the a General Agent, by whlm tie natdllcine is importedl into Sthis eoultry, and to whom all applications forageiehoCs e muslthe made. JNO. HIOLU EIN, 199 Waverly Place, N. York, e Sole General Agednt for the United States, ise. For mle by appointment of the eriglnal lrolitietor. r- bI SwAtix IillTon, Itraggiios, Na II Cual steet, tg me, Agent sler otfathees Loisialao. jal vl n .EIlLY It LEE U co, No . Magazle sltreet, are a- ow receiving from ships Nashville, l.oisville, l- tclk, Eagle, and other late arrivials train thei i 'tthlern cities, a large and lew selested assortment I!, lBoot, Shoe lland Brogans, Sonsisting ofgentlelmen's flte calf and Moroeco boots in do d gquti tyl do bufdll, ald stout wax pegged hoots n of Sarioius qlities; men's flie call sudl and lMoromcl ilh dol'r. plllsaltil brogals, btckbkil shoels, bromgl al i shlllper mt ll's lille calf nlld kiil.lel hpegged ooelllti r, I rogaio; do boots; do stout kilp adil was pCggeld shoes a- a id brogiats; gentleaten'l best quality calf sewedi shoe, ' Iigolan atlsd Jack tlowlillgs lie calf anti Morocco w i Iokle shoes and llrogani; dIo call, senl and Monroct, tl idianot shles an slipal0rs, do calf, bull toasnt seat wings, Y a .ew article; tlo fiue call, aec.l and Ioroclcol quarte iots; boys', lisses' ota chlildrenls leljel andl sewell to bogasi, aolui shoes of every qtllity and kitll. Also a general asertmelt of mn's stolt was and It- ret Irogans oald shoes, togethier with IO,itO) paihr C ,grt hleat qouality, rtussett hbogalis, nailed in tll relihnks, madle expressly for plnItatlio usei a good lu n, ntamenl of men's flie adll stout kip rosset llb'iros, a "- ow article, and ar ae qualtity of an ifelrior quality ri sse slid wax broglns. LadjplI fineelt c eal; seal, morocco and grin welts, and n- primplole shlloes; do fle French MurL o and kiid run 1st tllram sliplpeirs; lio ro1nl shoes, with aiid without heels; 'i calf, seal andll stoit leather lqtles;i do ntalinllaaine, at 'fallla kis iiand qlualities; du lastilg brogans; tI lglite' e ra'slitl foxed ooltees. ltliates' Ilusiiltlg lllp le s l:llol ct *.ios. Cllilrll 'll's coliorell Molcttl: utiindl lasting lilri I"t git tiIl oots, bc. Ie eltfntlllenl's litnefushlionble bluck silk hilts; lo black it n Ihmbl be;ver do of a sIupr orll llatllly;i do illttionl lt ram dol; bretl and linrrow briti illl's line di til , slIhak Russia short Ilinllpedl tats, a Iew article. Youths' SIt:n sizle hats of dliflerclt llelities; do children's. l- n'llatI' d be)'s blaclIknud drab wool hilal of various i alul pes, with general assolrtauet lof boys' and uale's Io s ral Cps. 1, '1llls assaotlnent will lbe repilcislcllll the arrival of i' h Itlaaclletslrol the mottae ilallted cities, all of which I" wi ilb sold n necoll, odatilnoi ter,ts. ant Itf lot - ---- -------- - Mo lON'' A UlJ E'S ty I.1L. 1 l FOR TiHE T'E TII.e ttt rIIEset alllised rell gnlaieiiltrt ' t oi ,.l lr t irlitilat I lleotlld ford tlhli eor lbitt l rliltlly oIll'lilU, nool fro aervalive of tlhe teoth, has induced the Isll riber tas offer it to thet American publicl. Arrangenlltii hav ae, !beell illClode I,) rol~lv IlagIent ill ll the tillni l ritiU IoIlld d towIId i the aUlli.d stlll a ls Iti ilptl i it iti to tle eclh lof tise llo llhif riegad likely to siil'r this ioa l ay har.a.hllg of a l hll'r, felIoolh-anche. i"s b tl apit liea tI di re t Illl ld¥anll It istbottle, it has never iiilcd to 111.4ind . tlie tll l and tt tla d 'alstrel. rriests thie dtraie defeltiv b e eth,and relieves thats sor ItJnleess 'hich 1 I'lr Illll io I renders I stu ng li t ooth i ltsli t s T he ili n i lls rcledv re arhnile, ihl entl nt, al not uunpleaoa.t; andI l ie l. h ie c lillllau ibr lf pielronillshi ilol ,l+lfirot sI.tIIO IIs lof tih to aud salutary rI'euts from rhe asr ofhtie Unlm,, ore trad) r nd <ti' ( lolther ullliIc go d) io ilti t es io oI iti lI - rivillead t l llli. It is ,till l lndi l rta ll'dv obltalll silll:ti + ila .l unl expelll , H , dly, ul lllln l, let f.+.i ll.l., L s 11 3111118 & ANI)I1 F.11i id railu .of the watn td Ai' s. Ic-J.\l & AIItE\VS, Il0 r ,c ( Ti llr (illlllil l' ,' ll ,ilUlll.lll+ C Ii. let = +_-. to _- is 0 _ - '1',11": l'11RI i -U-tud,:d t. rlauOat oefl tile uolvrri.laed lhvillt iot d out, er.- or discollltod lis old alnd lang roelatltshud GARDEI)IN SElI) ST'l'ltiE, it AL 1I lOuititm hlice- Steil, eci- laving been most ilduslriot.sly circtllattd Ily seli. intereuteud parlies, the i suscrdlt r begs to atbure hii aLy frienllds gitterlly, aild the llublic at large, that !he n still eontiueitis within two dioors of ili late, or furnter etalnd, to be furnisheld with a ialll and Itx. st, Leiove supllly of all tile staldlilard kindls of kitchelo a- or vegetable warden Sttled, of tIhe graocith and illn. port of thoe present season, 137. lt Since the early part Set Sptolltllr, lie hlau re. a a ceived ample sulpplus, by tie plackot ships Vieks. tk. burg, Kenltucky, and Arkansas, all arrived in short at, passagea, direct fromt New York. By the Minsis. .datipi anid another packet, hle is in daily exltecta. ea] tlol of a supplily of Freiit Trees and Asparaguin it) liRoots, havinig already received invoices tliretof by mail. The subscriber begs firther to oassure tIle publlliG it at large,th that e iat h ItrIerlt as well iiabled to inol ltand executto orders for all the kintd of Gardeil li Seeds, either wholesale or retail, s hle over was ed; sineo his first establilshment it Juanitiury, 1822. to Country Dealers and Market UGrdoierl' orders filled at tIe lweost and miloat reasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel Itaosureo. C.talogues, either int Frunch or El'glisli, Imay 3 always be obtained on plrsonal olappilittion a usual, to W,1. SMITI'll, ( arden Seed Store, 85 Cluatladhtiiou oItrel. NOTE.--A constant suppllly ulfird Seed, itller tit.ood or plailn; pulverlzed soup; Ielrbs, and Shakter' dried herbs,-with a supply of tllea ald lithula. S Fancy Pocket looks--Unider this head will be r fotund a spllendid variety of ladies' and goetleltel'a r potket books, note, tard, needle anld thread cases. i Fancy Stoeks, Susplenders, &c.--Ol' the latest lpattern and of sulperior quality, consisting ofplain and ligurod satill, boullbz.oe, velvot and cloth stocks, linen bosomsl, plain, and fancy with and withoutl ruffles, shirt collars, suspenders called SWaohinigton sUsalenders, also, gutt elastic worst. ;L. ed utd cettolontt do, witlh altd nwithlout rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great tva. rluty of gentluien'ns woar, mado expressly for the Sreutail trade, by A. L. Vanhaur and Ion of Plilf . dellllcL. l C'otlnbs-A general anod coillleto asortilOnen o of olilb iro Lmi their uatliiteI.tor-y.Aiso, ENlglieh atld Fro.cth bdresaiing cumls, eitc. ieo7? IRUSIITON & ASI'INALL'S iOMP1'OUND TONIC MIX'il'ItItI.-.lA speedy Stland cultain cur fobr tile Fever and Ague, remittent and intertittunt fievers; Irepared fromt the original recipe. lUed wtls (untntet rad uni versal sucecess in 183d, by peortons of the highest respectability in this city, as atated i th Ie aunexed certificates. Th'llis medicine is highly ruronrnleleded, and has been exteunively uscda in tihe above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced It offer it to tse pub. tie in its prescunt form. in the hope that it isay be the means of relieving many of those whoo are suffering under the scourge of our couLtry. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has nIever filed of ifrecting a cure, even in the most obstinato stage of the disorder. It is tot at all disagrcuable, and persons of the weakest stolnaclh, and children imay take it with imopunity. It strecgthllens the digestive orgals, creates all appetite, anlld seldoml requires more titan one, or ill otirtinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsonic i tihe medicine, tnor any thing injurious to the hsiuman constitution. The proprietora are so well convinced of its efficacy, thr.t Icy agree to refund the price of every bottle which ihas boon taken in accordance with the directions and hasl not tllteted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, solo agent for New Orleans, at his whIlesale and retail drug and modlcine slore, corner of iienville and Chartres strccts. For District Agencieis apiv to jo5 '. .MItIl., 48 Conti st. gIlOW GATE SPRINGS ssssrrcsssery cssssjy·. Alab amlis. TIHREE DAYI'S dO UIdtViY FRO.l NE IV ORLEANS. Sllr"ll pror ietor of this Cstlblishltwet has IIfe plen sure oltlll annousncillg It I Ili c li'i elll to Ite p bli c is gecleal,.ls.t ie will Ise in reasdiassbeo y tire taist lay of lIe te receive vieiters. Ile will talot s0ate I5,r the It. refit ofethose at a oditltlse, Isht Ihcr hIave barte large inprovemertss Inaslde, alls oetra IIate goitlg oel lld in rtisd pirogress for c.smpliotl wlcll will seslt tshe ltsitrrler to IrroeetnosLllststlt e t IIIsstch ltrgcr numssler thsas lrrtsets.ll. and sit lihe samieI tiah s Isacis betllh. utllaiti.i iAllellss tlaccomtssttitlrd ltitb l gorlsllsl'sss. lr Isaoe wsO prefer ran base largescabiitat rcsaefhed frcsns tiat el' t echras ter e i tyes, till te i ttir rt It i .s fTttesr.l ttitiirc . All tis tiusrttatmstsslst S testsn i sttetoallt isatttafai'stateritf I'lttees, til iiis relid ait titt. t'ise ,at mllulsic tllal isis part li' lt, r r . str v edited,, h er. e l glle al l lll lll lI inll lhltlb l llll ldoc aI t fille tIrillSa darillg Is u wlloe .isaln. ' t sastllscibetic will atvail bimslaef f I ts t tia ts ttttiy r it itetu itg Iis tt ifii g Ii lll tIata I tr lit Iervs iberal il II venr gsllirls lll ic ist e.alls lllltls[ ii 1 '1, ,i, . ssI Ilct ltohai b nell i l dlis lls Le is i tillL all illlleul . 's tict'stosil tatitte*. ts stem a Itbttai p .It s.n s tie Icst.s claautst. .t',U tij.o lu Illj JUST PUBLISHEDFROM STL'REOTYPI'' PlJTES, The fibbh EdilioT, of ROWLET'VO TABLES O1 IN'tCERPT: TIO which is now adld n Averge Time Calault t lort', or easy methods lor fiamdlg the avnerage time on storoge. otesl of hood or bills of goolds, whent nur. ellseds at lliffrentt dote; ell different crediit, anid for vlrioums mouMlts; besistlesastseful and colnmplete ankilng Time Tal''le, the best Ihit can be contrived, or that fi gores can proluae within the same nomlesetld oalipss, nod size ol type. Atil avelotisement in the book is in nearly the follow iog wonlrs: The higi distinction tis work les receivedl through time tell legislative sets prefixed to tile title page, is a re eonmmendltion in itself, so umsommon,, and so etolu I sive, th t nuthing is necessary more tlas by way of ad I 'ertisemont, to given condensed viewof some of its pe I otiarities: s fer Ilnstance, the Interest lss been eoumpas. Sed from,and eomlmred with. what is equivnleatto fbur teen ..tsafealeulatioe, examioed in tile passt hirty Sfive tilles, anld printeld Irom dtereolype plates tested tli tiyty-ose timles, from Iall which it mutst be evidenst een to the skeptio (elmeeoilly on tba pe.saltl ofthe de ta'il of proofi o tle sfrelae) that tile werk nmsot I.e rilh metionely intellible, asd in emoflrmation of tllis belin.f premiumuof two hunlred anld fifty dollars, is now offer ed for the deteetion of an error of a cent in the Imaeest oI orfifth editio, as exl.uetld in tie pjre, makingfi'o lage preminas oltered for the same error itne thle first pnslleatinon in tile year 10l. One of the most eonspieuos features of the tables is i inthe Iarrangeolent of the Time and Amountls, wlicll a for eaxpeduins, roferene onmlperspieuity, with the help ofthe side and imlex, cannot be excelled; al tlde salety Sty and ease with whibh time inoteresl cea be foundtothe exIent of genell business, wilhont doublitng of slms is besiddes a convenience so essential, that ill the estima o tion of ome oi lthe most eompletent anUd practical busi 4 ness men and publle oftllers wih lane measte glrat utO of the work, it iss been distltguishd ly tllo Ionolsable appellation efofs "master psce". Anil considerin the infallibility of the methol originally adolpted i eomtosngr die work, atd the entranordiunary uumnber mIen It variety oftlle examinations, otdt tests ofevery edition it has passedin tlwe pleu, eotwithstandingttn whole is in stereotelye, cosmleri.lng, in lh.iti, she positive accutloy seenredt by the nanleedenated meant elnllo)al, thie vo lumelms bheen mehmlup anti emmphatimally styled tsiel nmost wonldelefil book I the waslk;" most certillny- no maneao namer figare work of the same extelt, whi.h sice thie giai*ngot creatiot, las lad the same hum her and vanriy of tests in the same number of emlitors; no, nar one aIlfthe numlber, s is clearly slhowi i tile prelhee. lesies, ssteslt andl standard, ithk s been tried and I proed in nearly all the bank aod tehlic tellies it Ite Uited States, and by tle pnlblic goierally, during the , long orlod nfthirt-fiwve reers, yet o error of ihe cal o culations has ever bten lionsd ill trimt, althoslghl onittiin ally eltsllengemt my tise oilr of voey lelse prrmitsns. Thl'o ill f'irt esresslty sisllslted itt ll otthseeasrts eoftlaw c. sevnall ol ftle Stailes as te "rite of ealeulatlon Sfiwsiatutei illterest," asalso iby law for bask iiterest, aeotnlingesb tie Ixok is msed, land as may he seen i I prt, by ,,se nlaies of tle bscridsrlers, and a few of the 'esuboeseot poerdissers inethe list otthednl of the book, isin usessin of every cluess ofl'citizcelss i every larn tc of tie Unit el States. a It isolnrovnre well knowe that, by its rearly chseek, Sit lihs so olcudetectetd lrge errors, lomg alfter they were imade, even Iiy tIe most lr'elltil at d Uiiso t O lom peseti II nristlmelicilsi tat its useulitteis, and tule iabllste lle eerssity for its mIs, have been lertelosvlyly insisted uiion t so cvilelt, isnied, hilave b:ee its llvllntate2 gesO, its Isavisgs,tlthat,severrl yearsogi, mshilt tile firns editiion n wasoealrce, and ont of prsint, gR'ea:t sunIaler ef oacsei IhaIld co ies weIr sought for, seone to a glr I lisiaem. l llnd plllCed.Sl at valious Irnices, si csouhi occshilml llt' bin picked iuput fIslllll s 1s$io $25 per celly,:lllll k solr ipersols bae recen.,ay drclarell, and iIstanceo t ouldhe noted thaIit tilry woeull t:y $'5, .$lti, auln $.5 i for a crpmm, tl'eotto be had tersil ls, at.o i n ioulividiilH in thle latter iustance palstievlarl, Isavilg at tile same . iilme rxlibit-l oatislts.tory uiiMl',to seami~dll pmersnslne is sct ltisl to iilml it was relly worth tiat nlmoey nnds Smore thlssogh tsie isaving of Iiis very vatable tLImoe, tle beinga very rlich mallandl ill pllblic offie. S It is likewise worthly sf nmitice, lln indeed pIroper to Ii imnl'esnI that lsucOh is the Iatre of ilgne work gel'mrally and nslecally when of tihe ultent aniI ilnportanice of tIbese n Ins, tlhatl:ld tis Itook or its like he oln iraelr el il tihe usuIal inlllltuer losne, my stle moist nollmetenllt e1clll.anrill the world, allll alel.·rwards rlo illltst nout canm'ioily unmder ttisowsn cormicteon of pioof stiiets, it w elhl, nlsos lIt a cartlainly, lave bliCel unIsai' kla l. e flrelll and dLear Ut ally Ills'its, as thle iIr'tilisee sariicu Iarl1 etplains. Bull so pei"''riL antd a.ill'lle iale tdle ter.l'emylle tltes of this Wo'sklbiieen lUC, thallt oicsel ihelll, witlltllrir immllrus mm d s Xrs' llaoitllmit exalllill tioens, ngainst ire Ftr ' a m general bICl II, tley are (Iby advertiisrenst) russeasitly kept in a place of seeial ialtty, teelit ohilc Iusne l il aistiing. Amplie tiriections I flud botlh bl ks ank d sa:llllls illtall I est a itl uis'fid notes, flslow the le'lace, r iah, i this fil as ill tlle law lr.reellillg editilns, oIstln Iuuch il 1 erl'llttill oncerla1,lngs two Iwualiwal ioUdes tl'cOuis at Il iugllls' ets, t.e dtlyaf l'gioc, ~ le. s it rlunslsllll lys to rts.ealak Ibtat, lhtwithislinll'nlil m im leuncnaminnoty costly womk, which was plished bulbre illsems'at llbles wesn: ill'trocist'm in lsilm m iiom cttlll ,m i nisis inimseine, tusssisri nnsrestniii'tc mami mmlibrmanimsl } lon1isdh itl hantiees so Itmichmit s i d s illh i t'1 llI. mt.tll Strll, l lla.) olU~ .csa~ l: so llllld i l~llil k .I lll htll.:l. Iete hlilet(( ll:s " iif ,ll i i, th,.I ua- l dolhla , besidl: six~t olr' stimnle tIIsom 17ssi 80t5, smsstiaimi ui tle tmnm smditioss of 7si t .os iea5ia ideg chrltl Ihom is ' blica Lo limits ,eime 0m misies' tsr armc, osu ii a hng cm stlllll it hi tllt s ls s ftla ir m llnlumsl t li.,t-ti I 1 ,i taoilo o ii 5llrl.are· . \1 lttil'l e t't llns'ha still Leltie on 'llte S lis.ellln enl al lls gellrosi ltv of tll f illllic lf t cnlltilln: aner fl'l, rfereoce antd paaloll,ng . Per sa,, I,. thle Princi a/l hookse licrs i'. t/e t rul .ed Males. 11.1)l.I1':.l', NEW ItoltK,&c.--The Almlerienn~ i a Noble I)eldsdr WolVmlen,in J oIls. 'TlI l'o it, Wifslok, a aniit oarale rola - mlls t dmlmsslsllll Isasules. J- I ,' lc a i ha n ld W .', l KXIN, - h &-.flAFE-R'/S tsms,,mouss. listed E tract atf Sarsaparilla, for tethe curo ol ollstinate ptiions of thie akin; pihnphlms or pusttulos of the a ; eles wllil,' ariase troIs an Ilmpuretr ltate oftthe ot d; stely nru,slions; pilla ill lthe bonos; chllroic i- Ilsulutiai'll; tetmr; scrofulan, or king's evil; whtais a swulling; syiphilitic diseases, std all dlsordern is arising Iroinl aln imtipure situt of etle bliosd, b1 a loeg sy reeidute il a Is:. clilatet, or the isljudiciuus uae of 0 screury. i Alo,--Cave & Selhnlfl r's Worm Syrlup, or In. to fatls Presaervntive: Lh betal prsparatoioe low extant. 5 Amsong whiclh are tcis fillowlig:-Indliani Dye, Os for oet.ring tlso Inir; Boar's Oin; RIusianl Bear's Greusro ; Po tatum; iclalw's Frie do Wlash: s0. r ierior Pearl 'owdesr; Lily Wltlte; Cream otf lioel; sy Vsgutollo Ruag;i Otto of Ross; Lip Salve; Kre. oeit Tl'ooth Woa;CarliCrbonic Dutrtlllice; O.range LV t"lower Water; Powder Puel ana Boxl ,; Amelurs. Si car llarcoal, neatly put up illn four .uce vials; PI' eton Salts; Cnlotgne; 5Krcosto I'ooth.aelt r. D)rop; Hiltir Bruates; English Dru ig Coonba r Illlasn IlIair Oil;-withl a varioty sof ethUr Perfu ' teries, dc. For siale by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. o J C rRIINC .,ARD, S Corner of Canal and ouarbon streets I~OV'LE &r MAY, linusa, Signl, itnl (*.w~anltia Pa Iining'sr, Nn 3l anaodnln ,irml, tan duonn afrm ImlilattiM~I nr~ 'lie Ibllitnnitg nratnlsittd marblel,, o ecntnuliaaPmimerlya.nititinr. WmHIIin. i n niittttl.s ilk (muttl tutul Attiimi, Sl~l ll\Vocwl j1liti lt tittinatit, InIIL ni lunkrsr Sittivli mInII luntullaY Anl \\ litii(tik, kn he kin;r. I .ttI'Ii l·i·III U tia·~llitilli'iu, I nntllnnnt tl' 6111.I;(l~* iS glint, (gu~l i'niin linin', binttnl ajiting ilami gitnll~ Zital, b;lank iii: ll, blnull nutl gn Oma,lip, nal kiutilt's (In, 'gait wline c~tin, tllwoalt,, il~ll 11 li~ Auth,,Illr tii., IlnaiamnmnuII~II~·1 alnllutag~ klte Al'~iun, nl'twtspi~iannl bat1~ miI; au nt "''Atnt', hawld (Umtil~g adtlinggiat. hAlmtkaiito~lltlutlII ngnsl tlna~itnlwlttrIIII linn(., uIngk ~. hi~tt )ingo, S can'1,,, HldU 1o hiu'dini itl Mulinllatatnlagn, litna,ur lum Iine Ilillt iii slinalliitg titilemi ';Nuinrl gijoin, Aiaillutssoiiianat iii IIlntlinimi autl guli1, tl.uullnell ', ahtYnnit~ kn1Inis, aiiul abblima, ullini luratletit tlm ni ,,-l ate l mml~ii, oni ha titan rttbutluble hCimI, liy mb1 LAV1'ION&kCo. 5301iiOittunao lAYW (iOISY-ititi,,an mu Ilhauii in, l~ IIV gIutuiiltilim Iir,,,' oiliI triige li nrl nih, SI~to~ aiuiu~kuIiuIIu·tuul, Itinken tlutir nnaulT1inIInaetiyni) lilcei. '1kvl Iltlluutuimg itiiinpnm* t tinlt, tin: n il iniait, i~u,uu cdn, lar1k uituldni'uni*imatllaaa,lutui-,,lu, loo uahl ullarintntiut~lr I I liii rulbe,', ,ilkatia marntnulelnatineutrtnivr,ut~tu &:11101O hutl eRltintt niinl~ttitlndra, mitt 'tim tutu LarIIiltriu· inlcben, uduilltlis iiutulnmn,iuwduur ltu ull'nauuliixne,tli.tiivdce ,oer nleii'rkn limubti ndc mtlniut innll~e, litiitkn~nllljtcarl, netklultnen, viii gina, ata~l PltlnuiunctluilYruuIItl gilt lIKntnln lnduiialinlnlal, belluinitll julnitien' jtinlIO l tu InigeptI)(W. .ierllnknrk, ahat uItl, mitt', Imit. Inurkel nl ~dunilitig nnl Iilink. ananimarF abtlinen puikt knlkivnn, giuttid rhatinl, wllrll~lsntnt luuvlni,ncliith, lnir,tmunilu, ttIt'lrnitilt, n'lr liiit, lr lite*, lio umr hniut ultaitte utaarr lvutnCttlttgrb, i~liiniii~lanetit rtimuttiui1 ~llill ItIvIvtilneiinliuml, lenirit.nlc nti'atntntaMaclrrec; i'nnanel untie, naiqtteT~ iuiiiih~al'i1 na.c al ItItIIIettIIltlSiI titaniti tiiull h~illel nu l~ltInpa~ l m21'e·1)111 iiie gt!C Utillntitit'P. 111) ulunka 1·UII nalteau nitnnolieniuglen~fennin ttu ttitil, ultuit ! littn ititilc ' MAIL ALoSANi ndMIEFT j... IDue Evurvy av at !7 M. Northersn Ma,, Cloens Every fay at 10d A. M Westerns Mail, Due every iushdy, Wednesdav by lna l of th Craosn every Mwndav, Wdneslda TekMail D ae evTr edav, Thursday, a va Closes every Moadsay, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMEB OF ARRIVAl, I)EPAIRTURE DISITANCE New York daily at I P. M Southward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Ietrrn'g Montgnmery,Ala. Qolur. It m's r23h 12m. Cslumhmb, Ga. 114 81 I11 Sham Milledgville. to. m 133 14 e p.m (ui-at, i nS.C. 74 nm. 163 r1i I Raleigh, N C. 5 215 1 t Warrenton,Va. 12 m. 5 ae R Petrsburrg, V. 30 pm. 83 10 9S. m :irhoantb, Ve. I aa. 2 3 6 I sed 8 b, 7 1!ry . Asinga .. ly, O pm. Ig p m.o al Bltimore, 64 . 8 0 SNew York 2 an. 90 I8i 1805 143 I. or d .'J Northward. Coming Soothword, the lie is six hour less; beimg5days ad 17 ltours. TEN IDOl.l.AIIS REWVARD. DANAWAY from 169 Curendeolea ornor of Ilevies sa estreets, on Ihe night of 30h of August, a·d wis seesn the neat iarning in Psydras sitest, a negro usy aimed CHlARn.ES, hootn 17 yearor tee, s ee or thereabouts int hihLItverv hiashk, ani tlie an isiape iadnt in is speech, one of his legs is sore, oucasiodn by a recent hurt; i hlaid oer nhn lie went amy a white K cotton or linen shirt and white rcotton pantaloone. SM ters of vessels andl slesa boats are eautibned a C ganst reeiving or sheararitg sei negro, le welltas aia iother peoa, aile sisoto. igoure athe lw will tI " eniorcel agant lthe,. The aiove rewrd will be pal fordolive.'ng him ilt, (niy oa tih ails ot either oatles manicipalities,or at 19 Carndelet, corner nof Hei. isrOtTICIa,--The tuoliluershperere euisilg nder tla fi of Iubis , alrretnon, ssa lase Sisoilved. Tis abshcrinler wil liqehuate tOeuaf snras Sthe conceti in this ity, annd req.slair n peerais indeb - eId to make nynsenmlo lihn dy, aind all those arviog Animny, hunts, Sel Ipl, arndlsthe es el tis s pto ereatt, taop iettlessttte. ate, i--ti H SJAIRWEI'SON WW. SWAIN. ano. llJConl n sreel Aoei OrsIt "_Anlwaysaaa ossidaod cin taaly h raeeivios I)a3 . II ih ves, hlsemiculs,and Pa rlta,a mliiOg lleri. are Anrimaosy, rsde, Argutls, rTme, rlte Il sgnlth , Aisottla te, se ArElSo, eralle, Alum sldo fIomwered, llriller t wmoon, Balsam alOmvis, CsEhinisIal, tlao ,intheira, Cllelelsog , Aw eriean, dore i oelit, . nai ea, ll riilsatod ress ne, b ot t diie lmdrric s, do dbil, ta CIoits, cnirmul. YIo Iat e, Ierries, Ceo. d tr arces, do n nilla, r albestsarie, ttlg ie elrrutac e s a m saslores, do iga n isats,, sido Aisitie, Lugaidi, (Iuststshy Inia Hlbeiads, io Jadagip, e dfo hellzil s, Slldo aod L S dlo oin ll, loueg, Nre1ga, n umir s k n d o d A estic er, do (uorn , dor h or, lat er mle d do Maransih do do rtlh a do Ialaeh. lie tiilealn. CIIEAIICALS. a do tr canstl, hlo mbri alie, G ao shelu le , Iltiti vitritol, r erm p rgoe , i.' c ll u do csl, ,p, c iesa sir aasioh5 a l rilosriie at in ir a n anlog1e, l ai rlie asst, niv ( o orbtt s, p o l, sirs d ,Jusilcl Iteplsriel A, IUeiiea cs l. a ltr eaii, p 0(1o1 s is Psi rl' igi tIsU lerttsiailav s e l eagsir, Eh k tglisihs, r ol.nlle ticll, Ind Amaerialli led elills aeintial ud itia , hube, p nit stelel SO, s aille *ice a lt er, Si ioar len,, o S l di seltlia il ill sse r ntG d o I , i I w i ) w intsits h t t ih Ic.ii s IAIVIh hose. intl ,ststsst iils nut , ivy, T Il ih.r l.l . ea 1, I 1h ,are i I Sa ng k do in rI l i 1 i z abc r, II ahae., . ihi Ehi llll A i Cun 1ing ln Itit tbi.i ish nant id o ttli siil, Iasitlhll, ilt aih, - t Io . "'im i t pI ttali lsiliie reut"ll htl, ,Ii) Jull i rete., le d , i ostiltrlit Ihll iealhilll ll Il d o IENJ . !LEYi . sltl iuttitIstik \i.Vi aI gl'llllli e;elti·t,'sI Sl, fllil .I inllnt il. i s Ellldllesa'ts ·s iI i Autan 50 it tsse hilnt , sio A ..i55 r ltit ci ie CsI h o .h CA PI'AIN IIt .YVATTtl'u NIEWIV Ndl'lI.x Rl nini eh v l isfer,ab thil tor Peter SLItIIir, Ra i. e helpprnnd lee orlitt titti.nefil. 2v d Naoupeadieol sloltor istntlnted Ir issa a i r e rtvigitn oIttaha hun Ntia ttlttnie (:icene ias i olis l for "Risll i." ]mniet rllrvevor' t lonveeteotslllrlor .m i5, with teihiss ti~iinill ss I sleo 1t.4 oml 2 1-2 i., silrIe (silhelt's itopvroed iletuiae lPent,japuncd Ipsprs, wwsil & Ar. re.&e. a- Jnet reseivnedasdtrsal by InI1t BENJ. I.EVY. P PIAIN REVISITED,.iltT by, & Ayesr iul Hp~ain,' ill 2 volsl. 7'r5nii e~ladmn rhaaeltrr an generally t p alicahly t tl e Ahurigtitie of North Aiterica, by '1 ourter, EIq "l'le P'liliealI Gemaner, of tIe Uttited State, tir a umaple t i vi tfw itll.l theory all I irittite idF tii. goteri. U 1l| 01.'P eCmo rllli , l i'wtl, l lhe illl l t lhtlll --ledlicatedl aed.dI Illllf d tim }+8)ung: laea ot Urll VI ed Slute'., by E i 5,tanefi.hli, I:,eq. 'imrod'i llrKintt y 'o.r. ictu , rspirtj witb eeetrelt 'alic alliry lolleet t3illro tllld etyrilltt ofsp etr eib t theling et ie t .flhe t .'ie.Ci.lO t lrk 'la itt lt c. i wtitl timalytical ctitebited et-lt ghiener iedet af neabsltat vt lh t llle iu. fORH TiLe C`USE OY 81nr~fla~ rKil liiig'ttvil, eirnl paealtittheunltieun Clhlmollie Cl-Jeutal]Ol D~is- Plauia ti 1lrele~010* by free hi lli titl a t eat rti tlr ae thio h Ild hi tyti e N. v Iitt t ttateti. trhto vetry i lu:eelttruteif Iyrei p tiii tptad wite tefi ,r-fult, el ihIrll~llllleo llil'll l·ar l 1I I~lltcl.ugal+.v llll euIn) ui· tle tit'tiv e llrla 11ll a Ie f lotal Vcrilo l ill Ifte Cltol t Ioat gl tIcitll alettr'e repln timd totte, coitl a s itrBe albndtaeEa ol kllolwii ellirnotv. ··I Timl IJLMutd CI~dralmn withl phIVsieianm il being" abl attthiirttatttorcetiiiug.ivof .4'aalI. liillil)liNNOCK'S eli'it* nilt OlVltOV plilly ITiO aN Otr I'riiie 1 liret tr I atltteh. aitthil t inty at YWAItd !].(iO'i)ll('. dIrag nvtol, No,. I )(:liml *tresrt w e" lRlav ilts Ilita, Fr ntlalgued reniuiuadirrCtyI faiI the itif rolc Itrtt, twlliill'i Atttliict alltr Veuif ute, Iotter't ali aeUit tarpo bleris PiperatiusI taid a loar Nad gelara Huallrtliteat of ta sh a tit gl, t a i 4 PINNO(:I('S R1OME, .t.. 3LI'NO t-J.K'Y hi'lOYE ll EII;ITION OF lIR Itetoitillliilh'cs Ahlcdgitit toflt rh Hiiioi utllo ifltor to oll ttll i d tlirell i an hlltdlltinali to Ill Jtlldv ' I tallan listrt, aatt a geut viriety ot valutble iifer Illatioil adldei "hrolleitybita the weork, oa tila Molf eta lusiltulhlans aiid1 Anlnlaili.++ Il tile ionans; withl ill illtlttt bittt lphi'roy lit l cligiltieaid Notelet and tlelot litlll e F tr lXlltoiuiiit It t i ll ( itfotorh a el o on. t i . Ielslrllnla wiaitIlaioyellnvi & illata wteld byy Atharton I'lvaoca'Et~ elroavad Fithm of lIr (tllite aitlt'a eHiltnry oafEIIthtad, oNelun tIha !iiintiti oa of .ii t ih the tNeh Altlili ul, etlr.tic, d witi a tidio uat a ie to flbe ve 1 ttli . 'ittll itt li o l cs a tr oxallllutitli ao the A.ill It rn~ll, srclilal, livIleIo vnrh hl'uhlllll ili~llrli lIb la adell Ihllruflgllll ti e work. C'oliitiilhlI uC table Jift macllietll ly for ltld elahyat IVrME n+ tvili~ilS Pxtlauelrory else, ltllaniarks ui tt l allu tiec, ,latllllrll$ tlld iyen tiLl ip IIto ane. AlI oulh, it !ale Cout lillee.i. t lcyed iLy lllellt, IUgd lllgll. iuts' EIte .MEyp i ,S Ail'rtaN, ii It InaD Aorltltm'e id'Kcilll's New Tr'mtali* an tile Uale of CihLba." lleu A~sltrieall elitiolllwilli iddtioills ulad hiull~veilain lrlyllulleXl.ll iad iftthe ofl tUlaieahiineot paertco of he rleaal AIuIllae.IC uat r-elat vd at d forsale by WM M'KEAN Iliar . eanrier of C'oalp alud Col~aulln 81 a1f OhAliE,L, tly Peillip itrt iciu I) ta, uwlh ii lll apuiediiltociutilll IrunIalM lll by vlrill siuf lo.ty iitI tittUll tIti tlwl, ihtIftI, by 'IVduti R'Ole e Addison, Swil tIitittrowil, lhiuotuaoled, Pbys ie frytfu, 3. aad soea ' i'ul etyt. tu llittelt t utte of tt lav--aul~l Mar tll!aittl with he..,ll utlc ,ih it ulhilta tr2 t aleoap lid b W~lll~lll~lle +ll llr i t vldt llr lia -ll VUhil tll~d tite ituf"ltarier's iltstriI I ib tirv Tilt . Otleditl'. tf IIUeI'Ij tY (:I.INKtR, i y nUalsl.lolr M I). whhl al IIIllllir 1111 ofl I,. A. h~ry ThII,.ll B- Itutl, INal I, new ediiuu'- with illte strttitua, bi t til Till'+' ]LI','iSU; a"'alr, y It'lllhltroF "libhleta +.liir! till. I :llll~lIYli BCI:·i IY!) iVrtdili i1 Y lt·t BIulll) l II .lIe0 PA.\1l. :I.IFFII~i) b) y te Ills ullr el "·l'rlill+ 'i'l+ lll It~,'l,%..+ Imli I t U1I·l)l. Ult llel llow 01 /i _J ,U\ Ciiu l 11t.Ulll3 lllf * (l'illl~li. :llltl llll IU i ll,·l liuul~ll k I.tW I'

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