Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1855 Page 2
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KV ;??> ING ST A R. '?AMii>viTUN ? ? | ; v IgUM?-,1 *rT3K?f^ Frbm^rj 8 ^ The l?rgc and aanvenient dwelling on the oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and hleventh street ia for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. Notice io L-cascr.iBXRa -Subscribers to the Star, who do not get their papers regular ly, will oonfer a ravor on the proprietcrs by leaving information of the fact at the Star coon ting-room. r.rir.iT or tke xczazAe press. The Union's leader is again in defease of the proposed Central American expedition. The editor bases his remarks on this occasion on the assumption that tj^e expeditionists propose only to make a temporary municipal govern ment We hare no space to-day io which to renew the article in question, which strikes lis as by no means breaking the force of the letter of the Socretary of State, published on our first pago of to-day's issue We refer the reader to that very cle^r document and then to the bhort but cunclujive letter from Colonel Kinney, on our third pad-e, evidently meant for the e^e of ? propo ed fellow ex peditiofcisi rather than for lh?t of the Ameri can Secretary of State. No man. not involved in an apparent necessity of defending the expedition, can read the two letter; to which we refor, without realising the fact now per fectly understood in diploina:io and political circles here, bat the proposed expedition can never be pcimiued to leave the shores of the United Stairs. The InttLligrre?r, in a long and able arti cle, discusses ?'tne Michigan instructions" With the Union, ? ?+- ? ?# The Pen.vsylvama 1Uii.road.?It appears from the annual report ju8t published that the amount of unfini bed work on the second track is estimated at fl 385;000. Tha to e earnings from passenger* were $1,272 581 18? being an increase of $222 840 83. After de ducting tolls paid to other roaJs, (234 737 77 ) the earning* from passengers will be 11,057,. 843 41. The earnings from freight durir' 1854 were $2 026 611 55; being an increase over the previous jear of $51?,oiH 65, or 34| P?r c?rnt The net revenue from the road amounts to $1 462.376. Some rowdies, sa,s the Norfolk llerald, haviug got into a fight in the lobby of the Methodist Episcopal Church in that city alarmed the congregation to ?uch an extent that a peifect panic ensued. It was suppo-ei tnat the building wa< on fire, which led to a genetai rush for the doors. The immigrants arriving at New York from foreign por's during the month of Jan ?ary of thefpreseat .year were 7.9&J, being a tailing off of vo per cent, as compared with the fame month of last year "The Boston Board of Trade are endea voring to extend the WMt?r.i circulation of Bo^n newsp.kpeis, for the purpose of in fluencing trade in favor of that cily. The Baltimore Patriot learns from a gam lew an of Cambridge, Eastern Shore of Marjr'and, that tol Sundi'er. of the United States Army, died at that place ljst we?*k He JTJ* *2e'*rrn the ?<rvice. and hid br en long afflicted with a s?veie wound in his le* which teraiOHted his life .... The Nrw York merchants have already contributed $4 425 to ?b<5 fund for a testimonial to Commodore i erry .... M. Victor Cor?iJerant, who has come to the country to establish a colony of Euro peans is known in Europe as the Je ?derof the xourrienta social i-<ts .... ?tie New York Commercial Advertiser ?tates that two volumes of the Rev Dr Prime s Travels in Europe and the East will shortly tZI? vnf y the UtrPers li said tntu * m"'e ",pr'1" W l" .... Gov. Wright, of Indiana, has with drawn trom the Methodist church, assigning asa reason that his pastor was a "Know Noth .... Mr. John E Warren, Who has recentlv fr?m tht> V S {^triet Atior -kik k v ?rrUor^ of Minnesota, in a eard wkich he has published says he makes complaint against the severity of the jude and^e!^ rtfu'ed <>"???? J^lnJhg^,f a?other/or th? of Minnesota. thi-rt !k\ ? 7 ?odure the removal from a ifre ~ 1 h. MneVer 36kTd f?r ,nd did not de" W .Micne-ota Democrat defends Mr Warreu. and sajs that so far from refuMn* to at ruction* whatever from the department .... TheNew York llerald makes thefol cla-'sification of the vote by which Mr Seward was re-elected to the Senate WwVTfi''* i" reee*ved votes?thirteen Wnig and five know Nothings In the Hou<e he received 6? votes-fift; -seven Whigs seven Know Nothicgs, and three Democrats The llerald adds : " The moral effect of this victory of Saward will test the solidity of the Kuow Nothings in tha Slrt m North "ad particularly in tfon ?i8u* n*twn?l p? lirieal organisa tion It will b* a godsend to the administra tion, and a windfall to lienry A Wise." vamlJk *1 . H#r*,d 8 we would ? !k* ^urnal is so given to lying of iat* that ?e shall wait until we receive ad ric?. trom a mora reliable source before we place much corfidence in it. ... We are told that Collector Kedfield, of Hew York. h?s never intimated a desire to ba relieved trom his p esent position The tbecontrarymost therefore be false. of thi iU iJ* gr?U?d another of the stories ^11 point ' veracious correspondent from .... 1 he friends of Senator Seward in New York exult ?t his re-election in the most ei tranagant manner At Albany, Kochester, Bjraaase and other places they had bon-fires and fixed guns for every voto he received. .... Genera] Houston, it is said, is now ao tually going to Uoeton to deliver one of the course ot lectures upon slavery. A corres .'I1 t'ie Advertiser says that he w.U take the ground that the South is not a* Mndfl^al *}1 requires ia a faithful Uon nghU uod#r lh# ooMtit* ....A eon of Douglass JerrolJ, now in Canada has dramatised the novel ol "Ida I May" f-jr the Buff.Io Theatre A I'hiladelphia j aper states that Julia Dean is not married, but only engaged to be after pitying her farewell engagements. ' ....Mr Forrest h*> presented Miss Lixtie Waeton with a magLificent diamond ring, in token of his appreciation of her ability and merit as an actress, and for the excellent manner in which she supported him during am late Ba'rio.ore engagement, and particu larly for her rendition of the character of Juli?de Morternar. in ' Richelieu." .... A daughter of Mr. Conrad Hensler, of Boeton. h ts mtde quite a brilliant debut in the opera of Linda. She is only eighteen, and her roice is a soprano of the richest tone. ' WA?HIK?TOH KZWi AND U08SIP. The Central American >xp^dit:on?We commer.d to the reader the correspondence betw??n :he Secretary of State and Col. H. L. Kinney with referer ce t?the promoted Cen tral American Expedi ion, which will be f.urd. to day, on our first page We regard the letter of the Secretary as a complete verification of *hat we have more than once indicated as the probable policy of tie Gove-nment of the United States, with reference to this proposed enterprise. It ad mits the righ' of citizens of this country to expatriate themselves, if they choose to go fo-th from among us bent on no errand that may involve a violation of the righfs of a friendly country, and declares, in effect, that tuey must not go so equipped and organised as to generate in tho minds controlling this Government, the impression that their errand may not bo peaceful Tho Secretary further culls the attention of his correspondent to the fact, that bis claim to territory in Centra) America is based wholly on -grant" from a? so-called? Government, the existence of which with the light to make any tuch grant, this Government ha* consistently and emphatical. ly dwajs denied He also reminds him that the ministers of Nicaragua and C-'Sta Kica have pretested against the proposed enter prire, as involving a clear violation of the rights of their respective countries; and that the United States hold that Nicaragua and C ?? a Ricu?not the savage tribe of Indians, with a more posso?sory right?pofsees sole ju risdiction. He (the Secretary) goes on further to point ou^that a clause in his (Col Kinney's) le ter indicates an illegal purpose?that of e^ablishing a municipal government in Cen tral America?and clearly cautions him that to attempt to leave the shores of the United States with any such intention, would be a vio lation of our neutrality laws: inasmuch as the United States Government holds that all Cen tral Americas i< under some one or other re sponsible Government. Uut tj cut this matter short, we present the read?T with another letter from the head of ?be prop&sod expedition, which, if there be any meaning in word*, places the purposes of t*n enterpiife unmistakably in tho category w'^ih the Secretary declares (in his letter on our first page) to involve, if attempted to be carried out, a palpable violation of our neu trality laws. The letter in question is as fol 1. ws: [F.oin Montgomery (Ala.) Journal, Jan. 30 ] The MisyciTO Expedition.?A letter frem C I Kinmy, who is engaged in the Central American expedition, to a gentleman in this vicinity, has been handed us for publication. It may be of interest to the adventurous and enterprising: " Washington, Jan. 14, 1855. ?^Sir: I have yours of the loth Every e: iigrant to Central America, who engages to 'If governn^vt to he eitahlish'd there, I>I c military cnparity should it be required, for twelve months, (as tho militia ut any eoun u. ) will receive a grant of land of 040 acres, and officers in proportion to their rank. ?? Should you be able to con.'not * number rf emigrants to that oountrv. you will be en 'i led to a position as officer in proportion to ttK- number. ??San Juan del N<rte (late Greytown) will bo the pUee of debarkation 1 shall leave ft r that port by the 1st of Febru irv next " Yours, H. L Kihit.V ? Great mechanical Feat ?Somo friend has kin.ily sent us extracts from the Mobile Re giiter, detailing the results of the recent ex pcriments in the Warrington < Pensacola. Fla.,) Navy Yard, by way of ascertaining the capa city of the floating dock and railway of that es t ? fishinen' A huge clipper ship, the Monarch of the Seas was taken eround there from Now York with which to m ?ko the test the ol-jrc*. being, according to this writer, to see wae'her that docking paraphernalia would ac c< m.iiodate such a^s>el as the new steam frigate Niagara, which is to be a ship of im mense site Th?? Monarch of the Seas was found to weigh 2 210 tons and there was on the d'Ck with her as ' make weight," 1,268 tons of stone; together making a total weight of 3^28 tors This weight was probably tbo largest ever moved in the world by me chanical force There were fifteen inches of water to spare, which, we learn from a Gov ernment constructor, of whom wo have made inquiries on the subjeot, would admit of 1,200 tons weight more to have been added Or in othor words, the capacity of the dock was. ai we understand it, competent to have accommodated a vessel of the enormous weight of 5,728 tons ! We learn here that the weight of the Niagara is to be 3.528 tons. That of the ship of-the-line Pennsylvania, light, is about 2,400 tons, and when all roady for sea. with armament, provisions, and every thing else necessary aboad, is about 5.300 tons. The result of the experiment to which we refer above, embraces a proud triumph indeed for American geni us and constructive skill. A-chimedes boasted th at with but an appro priate fulcrum be could lever the world. The quiet and regular working of the machinery ol this Government I asin, dock and railway, with a load of 3,52* tons upon it, was really the nearest approach to a realisation of the boast ol the great mechanic of ancient times, known to the history of the world's progress. The Texas Debt Bill, as it passed the House yesterday, is stripped of all the feature- which rendered it objeotionabie. though it seems to be understood thit there it littlo hopo that iexas will file the requisite releases un lerthe law of 1S50, to enable her to get the money remaining in the National Treasury subject to her order when she satisfies he' creditors. So far she has steadily refused to tax her own people for the balaaoe due to her creditors, it strike* us but because she and they have up to this time entertained the idea that it wa? but necessary to plead hard in Washington to get the good hearted old soul, ?? Uncle Sam," to foot all her bills, if but to get rid of being teased so to do it. The Tariff?The refusal of tho House yes-, terday to take up the tariff bill, after ge*g into committee, was as we expected. i.hat is, we felt sure that a majority would hardly agree to undertake at this late period of the session the herculean task of revising the whole cus toms revenue system of the Government Nevertheless, we ehall not be surprised to find motions to modify here and there an item in theipresent law prevail in the shape of amend ments to the civil and diplomatic appropria tion bill now under consideration. We pre sume that such motions will be made by the efficient and attentive chairman of the Ways and Means oommittee Tne Manna Hospital at Burlington, Iowa We understand that the Secretary of the Treaty has aecepted the bid of Mr Henry W. S^rr, of that city, fer furnishing the gito for the marine hospital at Burlington, Iowa. It is an elevated square in the middle of the I town, with ? view of ibe M!s*i*s<ppl river for ?ipht or nine milts up nnd down. The prioe to be paid is $4,000. The Current Operations of the Treasury D^artmeDt.?On yesterday. the 7th of Feb. I there wore of Treasury Warrants entered on the hooks of the Department? F >r t-?9 payment of Treasury debts 5,017 35 F .r ibe Customs 3,202 00 Covered into the Treasury from Lands 403 00 For covering into the Treasury from customs 638 81 For the War Department 9.194 59 F>r the Navy Department 44,793 54 F >r repaying in the Navy Depart ment 9,082 74 For the Interior Department 77 390 8ft F?: repaying in the Interior De part Tent 23 356 46 CONOBEflMIOIAIi. In the 8enate, yesterday, after we went to p^e?s. the debate on the bill to establish an U. S Circuit Court in the District of Califor-1 nit was further discussed by Messrs. B dger, Uutier, Toucy and Douglas, beforo being laid a'ile. i 1 h* bill for the improvement of the harbor] of Bal.imore and the P.itai'Sco river was tnkei up and advocated by Mr. Pratt. Aflor bei*g j a nended by reducing the appropriation fr?m $300 000 to $120,000, it was passed?yeas H, uavs 7 A number of other internal improvement bills, each for a separate work, were then taken up and passed, ere they adjourned. In the Houss, on motion of Mr Breokin ridge, (in Committee of the Whole on the state ot the Union,) the enacting clause of the Texas debt bill was strickeu out?ayes 91,' noes not counted The committee then rose. The first question was on the amendment of Mr Jones, of Tenn, reducing the appropria tion from $8 50ft.0U0 to $(">,550.000; agreed to? yea' 120. nays 82 The amendmont or substitute of Mr. Smyth wio then rejected?yeas 29, nays 161. The bill, as amended on motion of Mr. Jones of Tenn., was then passed?yeas 153 navs 43. Oa motion of Mr Houston, the Uouse then we:.t in o the Committee of the Whole or tie I st.v* of the Uni^n?yeas 104. nays 97 Mr. Edgertcn having been called to the ch ir? Mr Houston mcved to take up tho bill to; re iu:e the rates of duties on imports Mr. Bobbins moved to take up the civil and diplomatic appropriation bill, which last mo-1 tion ha-.iflg precedence under the iu'es, w is a^r^cd to?ayes 95, noos 89 Shortly afterwards, and without having formally proceeded to the consideration of that measure, the committee rose, and the U"use adjourned. PrncrrdiiC^ of To Day. Ii the Senate, to-day, Mr Badger intro duced a bill to modify the 30th section of a certain judiciary act. which authorized U sited States courts to take depositions without no tide ; read twice Mr Chase asked leave to move so to amend ?he bill as to require thirty days notice before going into operation. Mr. Badger declined receiving this amend ment Mr. Mason opposed the bill, which was fur the - discusscd by Messrs. Badger, Mason, and Adams. On in .j t ion of Mr. Chas?s. this bill wns so amended as to make it provide that nothing ther^iu contained shall go te invalidate tes timony taken before the first of May next; rea l ihree times and passed. Various petitions were then presented, and referred. The bill for the re'.tef of Kobecca Hinton,1 wife of Otho Hinton. was taken up and passed ! In the House, various mwrnbes of the Ju Idi-viry Committee reported bills, inest of whian were referred to the Committee of thai Wt jto on the state of the Union, at tor being 1 | read twiae I A hill changing the time for holding the . Untied States circuit and district courts iu 1 Te-ncFs^e was pa??ed A bi'l providing for holding the United Stat 'Court? in tho Northern and Souther* i I>i 'ri*ts of Florida inca*e of the sickness or i disutility of the judges of both districts ; and a b*II authorizing the printing of the opinions ! of -ho Attorney General of tbe United States. .Mr. Parker reported back from the judiciary con mittee the bill to rngulato the salaries of. ?hejid e? of the distric* courts of the United ' S:.<tea, which was being considered as we went, to press. Coi rtrsies of the Pkkss ?Th* Worces I I ter Transcript has a few remarks about a pass j which some reporters had with an Agricultu- ! ral Society in that county, in which the corps wore by no means civilly treatel It adds I this : 4: While we are about it, let os say a word concerning what are sometimes called the 4 p iviieges of tho prets,"?the system of giving the reporters and editors of papers free passes and tickets. We do not think thi* is regarded as so much of a privilege after all, among tho gentlemen of fh? press. We do know that it bores tham dreadfully s.-metimes. They are drugged to places which they have no desire to visit, and a-e thougni to behave very meanly if tbey do not praise everything, indiscriminately. We believe it would be bettor to abolish the sysrom altogether. It would be better for the public, less irksome for the conductors of a p i| er Yet. while the custom continues to be recognised, it would be well for those who ask the tavor of the notice of the pTess, to remem ber that some courtesy should he shown to its representatives; and that when they have cx ten !od the beceming courtesies of the occasion, tbey have not made the press- their slave, but that it oontinaes, or should continue to be, the servant of the public." Buin ok a Girl by following the Advic* of a Fortune Tki.llr?The New York Ex press of Tuesday says : " Complaint was thil morning lodged at the Mayor's office, of a for tune teller having her rooms in Great Jones street, who advertises to secure husbands, Ac " It seems that the young lady in question saw one of these advertisements, and called on the fortune teller in relation to it That shen (tho fortune teller) told her that she would ragister h??r (the girl's) name :?nd sccure ho a nusbacd for five dollars This she readily paid, in the vain hope of securing to herself a Sood husband. She was subsequently intro uced at this fortune teller's hou^e to a young gentleman who was represented as being in search of a wife. The pleating manners of the young man soon won her aflecti >ns, and she agreed to a proposition, formally made by him, that as soon as winter set in he would take her to a ball, and there receive a formal introduction by some respectable person. He cnbsequentiy, by bis acts, effected her ruin, and she ii now likely to become a mother to an illegitimate child. A correspondent, writing from this point, in allusion to the President's refusal to sign all manner of bills, gotten up to fleece the Untied States Treasury, says : ''The sum of our present condition is, that we are in the hands of tho Philistines, and must suffer affliction for the next twenty five months." He might have added, " at least We say, thank God for it.? iyit would seem that Mary Kussel Milt ford, whose death we mentioned a few days since, was tinctured with, if not a full believer in the doctrine cf presentiment. A recent let ter from her to an American friend has this characteristic passage : " You'll not see your old friend when yon come to England again, for I ."hall not be alive in the spring, but they will tell you where I am sleeping." Usury.?Propositions to repeal exiiting liws concerning usury, have been introduced into both branches of the Louisiana General Assembly. Taa Libel Law ? For on* of the purposes wfaioh newspapers should exist?the exposure of frauds end villainy and the proteeiion of the public from the nnscrupnloua?the preient ftate of the law of libel makes them amoat useless This misfortune is. thet, while the law is no cbeok on scurrilous prints, it Tetters the usefulness of j >um ils of oharacter, whose petition and interests would be compromised by indulging in assaults on private or publio iidivi<kials without cause'or a justifiable aim. it raielj happens that a good cititen has cause for a libel suit against a respectable newspa J er; but the men who cheat at meek auctions, swindle the ignorant emigrant, or make them selves notorious by their rogueries, are they who seek the benefits of the line! law, when ever a journal ha* independence enough to publish their doings or warn the public of them We trust that we shall jet see Ameri can Legislatures revising thelaw of libel so Jiat it will stand in harmony with the common sense of the age, and with the theoretioal freedom of the American press. Know Nothings at Albamt?A dispatch from Albany, in the New York papers of yes terday, says: % A regular quarterly session of the State Council of Know Nothings was held to-day. The attendance was la-ge, but of the proceed ings little is known. Symptoms of rebellion from the influeoce of the National Council were apparent, especially in the rejection of. the third degree, concocted at Cincinna'i, whioh proposed to expel every member who bolts a regular nomination Camps of an order calling themselves the Ln:ted Sods of America have been formed in several wards of this city, from which Free toilers are excluded. On the other baud, lodges with the Free Soil element predominant are forming in other parts of the Stata. Extravagascx m C aliform a.?The fol lowing is an extract from a California letter, dated January 8th: "There is more distress here than one on your hide would imagine. At the same time, there is more extravaganoe than with you, it possible. The fashion of New Year's day is beii g carried out here. This year far exceeds any previous one in the costliness of the enter tainments and ladies' dresses?the former cos ing, in Bome instances, $500. and the lat ter 5*200 to $500. Most of those people who sjend so much are mechanics' wives, and the w ly they dress is a caution to the men's pock et i Laces from $150 to $,".00 tha ,-et. Any quantity of dresses can be seen daily on Mont gomery street, costing $100, fiOO, and $W0. Nobody wo&rs a 'calico' here, not even servant girls, who sport their $10 and $15handke, chiefs. Mowhere is money, in some cases, to oastly made, and so foolishly spent, m in tnii very San Francisoo." ifc (J sir O. IIIRTOH ?A private letter received in this city from Honolulu, a few days since, contain# the following item of itelligence re specting the great mail robber, General O. LI in ton : '_Among the foreigners residing in this city is Gen O Ilintcn, well known to many of the older inhabitants of Chicago as a mail con tractor Ac. Vi hen i arrived here he was at tempting to practice law. Subsequently he kepi a hotel, bur with indifferent success. Latterly he is working as a journeyman house cirpenter, as I understand make' a good living at it. He is sober, indubious and q uiet, and seems disposed to acquire the repu ta ion of a good citiien." -DeclINB I!? THB I, SITED STATES REVENUE. The amount of the revenue from custom, Ac., oollected during the month of January, is 8aid to be less by two millions three hundred thou sand dollars than was received during Janua ! ry, 1S54. The aggregate falling off since the | and of October when the re aotion in the im port trade, began, is $<1,000,000. During the l first seven months of present fiscal year, the | decrease is $?,35l,00. Cy*The Albany Knickerbocker of Tuesday ! says : Money still continues abundant in Wall ; street. Rates arc about one per cent, lower j than they were & week ago. The panic Is ! QTer 11 Ring qp for a etreak of sunshina " MAS(t\u;_THF. >1 KM HERS OF THE ?L Wa?hin<n<?n Naval Lodgp. N... 4. nre re I MpVw at ,fU 'r ,U" at U O'clock, P I MORROW to attend the funeral of our late ! brother, John lluicliimon. j Members o' Si <er Lodges in good standino are I fraternally invited to attend. ?nmng, are | iVbH^Tt* JOS. MUNDELL, Sec. ' k k yrlF;V r,? ?? VONTI MENTAL GUARDS. H ? Ail Adjourned meeting of the Company will ? 5 ' HITRSDAY, the 8th ins-ant, at 7U Ml ill o'clock, at Potomac Hall. n I The attendance of every member is desirous n* business oi iinjw.rtance for the prosjierity of the com pany require^ a fuli meeting. Persons wiping to join the Company how have the opjHirtumty ot doing so. ^ ED WD HAM.MERSLEY. Se<# \\ h. Titker, Chairman. feb 8?It* J WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, AT ten ion !?You are hereby notified to meet at your armory TOMORROW, at 1 o'clock p. in., tor the purpose of attending the funcial oi our companion, John Hutchinson. * ?Pf?,"1 Iiwcting of the corps will be held THIS EV KM NG, at 7 o'cl <ck. feb M ~'t* __ B. F. REERS, Sec. V?.| Hank Kot?i J3 bought and s Id by A. M. SNYDER k. CO. Brokers, corner 15th street and Pa avenue. *%- 'I ran -Alleghany, Va., Notes bought and sold by A. M. SNYDER fli CO. * SeWen, Wither* & Co> F\ >hnnee Rank Notes bought and sold fly A. M. SNYDER & CO. feb 8? Im Apples, potatoes, cranberries, but ter, Baron, Lard, lie., at the very lowest pri ces. Just received a few barrels of lhal justlo cele brated old Yeigler Whiskey. Call at Hie ehcap cor ner- JOS. W. DAVIS, feb b?It* corner ol Ninth and E street*. LOST?A small white terrur SLUT, wuh long white hair?has black marks on hcrm^ l eais, and brown or red marks on her back. Whoever will bring her to T. F. f Crampton. Esq. British Legation. Heights* of Georgetown, will be I bera'lv rewarded. feb 8 -3t IOST.?LEFT MY ROOM, ON*PA. AVENUE j last nigh', a very small black Terrier^ % ' Sl.UT. She Imd a collar on, with lames Dull, No. 18 Kiondway, Paltiiooin. I will pay any one $3 who may return ilic' - dof to me. A. D. H ADEN. It b 8?;it* 41: AYfill I. El) M. T drawn by United States, on ?J 7:.-Vr^hinR,on r,tv Savings Bank lor the iiiii of$4<5 61, dated Feb. 5, 18o6, and pay able to note or b?nri r. Ah its payment ha? been stopped a suitable reward wilt be siren tor it- re tMrn-? , J JNO. T. GIVEN & CO , Coal and Wcnjd Dealers, cor. 14th and C bu. RD 1 NOTIOB. ?HE public ar* forewarned against trusting my husband. B. F Thomas, for any thing, as I will nn v nnv /If Kitinf tmt. a ....n. r. i nomas, ror any thing, a* I will not pay any debts of his contracting. They ar? also cautioned against selling hiin on anv representation ol his that I will m; tile his bills. They are further cautioned against having any business Healings with luui, as he is not of sane mind. SARAH A. THOMAS, Steaml>ont Hotel, cornor Pa. avenue and 7ih. feh 8?3t* VALENTINES! VALENTINES !! HUTCHISON fc MUNRO have just received a beautiful assortment of choice VALENTINES, which they will close out at very reasonal?i? prices. Alio, constantly on hand, an asso tmeiit of Letter Pajit r, Visiting Cards. Envelopes, 4?., at their new store, neit door to M ssrs. Harper & Cn.'s, No. 310 Pa. avenue, between Nimh and T? nth sts. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO. feb 8?6t [Intel] DRAUGHT ALeT" 'I^HE undersigned respectfully announce t5ia? they | have obtained the sole Agency of th" District for the sale of Kurtz k. Nes's \ ork Draught Ale, snd have made arrangements so a? t ? have it con stautly on hand, so that all who may Tavor them with their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a mpply of Porter. Ale, Cider and ftlin e/al Water constantly on hand. Orders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet with ftnet attention. Terms cash. ARNY k. SHINN. A first rate Wagon, but little used, for sale Apply as above, to AKNY &. SHINN, , . ? . , v Union Bottling Depot, feb 8?eolui Georgetown! THE CHOIR OF WESLEY CIIAPEL, bv at*vera! of the m >*t talenteil ("boO*rr? of Bailim -re and Washington, will jiw a Concert of Sacred Music At their I'tmrch.oii the corner of FiAli and F Ou TUHDAT kTESIRO, Feb 13th, ' Whin following Programme of beautiful aed popular i?iece? will he presented hi their beat ?l\le, under the direction of Prof. J. II. Damu.l. PAST I. 1. Hail, Great Creator 2. sfoli, CAuinteite and Duet?G>?d of tba Father less Mi** Keed. Mr?. MtMSell, k Mc?i. Ilodrson. Shnstrr and Daniel 3. Solo? Hooked in the Crsdle of the Deep R Hall 4. Lhoru*. wi'h Obligato Solo? Methiuk* 1 hear the fall Celestial Cliotr, Solo by Miaa Reed 5. Solo?The While Squall J. Hodgson <> Uui't' tte, Chant? Where ran t?e Soul hnd Rest (by Alby) Mr?. Tabler and Mc<ers. Alt>y Daniel andTabler 7. |,?. t_What are the Wild Wares Saving Mies Reed and Mr. Daw*on 8. *?!??. with Flute Obligato-Sacred Trace (by Al by) Mrs. Rutter 9. Anthem?Thrice HappftMan. ritT it. r. Chorus. with Obligato Sol?>?The Marvellous Work, Solo by Mia* Reed. Duel?Have Mercy upou ua Mra. Ra'ter * Mr*. Tablet 3. Soln?The Dytn-ttlrl I. Tabler 4. Uuartette?The Christian Pilgrim ^y Gretf )Mr?. Ku'ter, Mrs. Tablet, and Mewm. Tabler and J. ,-*o|#?I'he Star Spangle-1 B;inner Mis* Reed 6. Uuartett*?Slumber Gentle Pi'grnn (arranged by Alby) Mrs. Tabler and Mw?rs Tabler, Alby and Danb I .. Solo?Eve's Lamentation Mr*. Ruttcr |t?. Solos and Chorea-Let us with a joyful mind, Solo* by Mrs Morsell Cards of admission ?5 cents, to l?e had at the flrn kstores of F. Taylor, Taylor k Maury, Gray k llallantyne, and ol the ladies of ihe Choir. Concert to commence at ? % o'clock. feb 8 ?ThMS3t* NEW FANCY STORE. AT the new store of Hutcliciisou k Munro, 310 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOih streets, will I constantly be found one of the largest and best se lected stacks of Fancy Goods iu the District, cott -i't'iig in part as follows: Porn; Monnale* ol pearl, sin II, silver, papier niaclie I inlaid. Card Ca.?w, Cabas Work Boxes, Portfolios, J?wel Boxes S.-winj Birds, Jet Ornaments, ladie? and g<-ntlemens I (resting Cases Toilet Bottles, Ikioncy Btlfs, Shaving Cases Canes, Fan y and Pocket Inkstaud* Gold Pencils and Pe.i?, Visiting Cards I'.? th Powder, F-mcy S .ap<, Pomades tlils, Cologne*, Lu bin'a and other ch'iice Extracts lor th- natidkerchie! Icon's Kathairon. Barry's TrieopJvToiM KVmbs and Brushes in great varinty, l* res of Per fume Shav.n^ Cream, Raz >r?. Pocket Knives, Scissors Tablets, Parlor Bells, F ather Brushes, k.-. Also, superior atylea of one and eight day < 'locks, Miintrl Ornaments. T > all of which the attention of the public is in viied. HCTCHKNSOS k ttCNRO. No. 310 Pa. av., tie.. 9ih and lOih sts. feb 8 ? d3t CLOSING OUT WI5TE3 STOCK *T 0HE4TLY X JJUCKD FKlCi8 C1LAGETT, NEWTON, MAY k CO , have re j maiuing on hand a very large stock of all classes [ o: WINTER DKV GOODS, and as th* season is so far advanced we have determined to offer all such i."w?ds at greatly r. duced price*, ami in fact many articles will be"sold at cost rather than carry them tin m over to the next s? avti. We have a p?kk! assortment r.f Mennoe*, plain and fiifiireil Mous'.tins. an immense stork ol plaid, fig'l af.d plain Silks, black Fr?ach Mouslalns, seperior B'imhaz nes, Alpaca, blight plaid Kaw Silks and p!aid Valencia, wool Plaids, a good a?*oruii< nt ot lad;es and gents. Cashmere ami Merino Shirts and Drawers, silk, wool and cotten Hnw. and llose, 4 4 bl.ick and colored Silk Velvets, very cheap; la ge lot of French and Scotch Embroidery, ail classes ot fin* White Goods, best brands of ln?h Linen, English and American Shirting Cott. n?, a lar^e stock of all kinds of house iurmshing goods; Mens'and Boys' wear in great alHinuance; Welsh and English flannels, kc., 4c., e?iiipris<ng by far the largest st >ck of Dry Goods to be found in Wash ington, all of which witl be sold a-< ab??vc su?te?l. CLAGE IT. NEW! uN. MAY k CO. feb 8?3t [No. M?.] NdTlCR OF Itlf.*TORAT!Ofll A*d Wilhdtawil of certain Lands in the Cairo and Fulton Railroad Grant in Mis souri XJ oriClC 13 HKTHY GIVEN, tba? I" rrns^ 1^1 qu?DC9 cf the r?[re;*nti lecs of part of th* 1H-rstien In tVngresa f c>n? the J'tat* of Mict">uri cf a ma*.<wial ehr.oge I" the suppo??d ro its ??f the -an 1 Fulton rsilroad in saM h?r?t fors SK-nmed in vltbOra^lrn 1 ?n!s fr.m osrket f r the ^rsa?. to *?id road and on t^sir ;eq:?est t'iat e?r ('?' s*id !ar?t? ? iould Ns rebate 1, and others |*ubm'vtel In li?'j t-er-of, <*onfTiaat y to ss'd smn&ddl ron'e rhich i d'rec? a-d ."Pu't'd con id erabir rou'h <>f ths cl 1 rou e: ;h- Pr-?l'?nt. 1 y h?a ord"r b-ar'-cg date the la' frbmary insfa't, bss I dir *< ted that the lmda ritu^ted In the townships h-*r? inafrrr arum* rsted. ?bich wrr* withdrawn frca n*rk?' b? hisrrd-r of the l'th 'f May. lfc53 *nd their reserratioTJ emtlco?d by public noti a Si 497, b?srin< date 23-1 .isnusry, 1854, fir th?0a |lron.nt Pnlton r?ilrr>ad giar.t lathe 8: ate cf Via so-ri, sh-?il l>e restored t5 -rark't, anl that certain o'h r l<uds rititate?l in town-bipe namd brow ('ng a p^rt;. n of the old oriclnal rrwrvation) attu%te''. within the pr.h* 1e limits of the grant a | cir Hng to ths rou eef fn*M ro*d aa a?v od d -hill be ?uh"i?t't?sl abd re erri?d froa sal* or entrv ^vr * emp'icn rlsiira rot e*c*pt>d) unlil fur h?r n?ii<*. Therefvr ' all the racant laads subject to ssl? st ?lA'Kiox, MtPjOtn whi -h -sere Mubj?ct to rrivau 1 en'rv ft t'r* <?:i'e ot withdrawsl. rnd *bi h hire r ot since h en nreeapt*-l In'tLe tdliwing tewn hips. wll 'gtiia be a lf iect t" priva-* entry on and aft?* tie iiine'ffnth day of MarcK next, to wit: North of the 1>j.*c li'-f ard east of thrfifth prmdpol ( in'.ridtan. Townships 21,22,2a io, and 2^. cf laa-;* S Townships 2^, 2>, 24, 25, 26. 27, and 28, cf [4 Town hip* 22, 20. 24, 2?, id, 27, 28, ?9, and 30, ot r?n^* 6. To* nafcip* 25, V6 27, 28, 29, CO, acd 31, of rang* 6 Townships 25, 23. 27, 28 , 29, 30, 31, and 22, ol rauge 7, lownships 26, 27. 2?, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33; of ran<* *. Townships 25, IT, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 a&4 33, of rani e 9. Townships 27, 88, 20, 30, 3', 32, ?nd 33, of ran g* 10 Townshipi 2S 20 HO 31, 32, and 33 of rang* 11 Tcwaahips 2H, 2d ofl, 3t. 3i, sua 33, of range 1 2 Township" ->S 39, 3t, 32. aud 33. of rsngv IS To?nshij>a ??> 30, 31, Si and 34, ot rsnpe 14 Townships 29, 31, and 32, of range 15 ALSO, Thst all hi 'and* aUyated In the sa*i hutriot within the following named townihii>a will be re sorted from tale cr ent.r (net eic^pilic pre emp iions) for the purpose a to re peeified nnttl turtber Orders, vis: North of the base line and east of the ffh prir.aj a! tfsridian. Towishipa 2 2''.*, an'! 21*, of raaga 6 'i>wn8?'ip? 2i*, 23% and 24?, of rang* 7 lowPEbips 21*, VP "iS-, 24?, an I 25*. of raww * T- wn b'i's 20, 21, 22 23, 24. ??d 2o*. ot ranr* ? T>wush<pa 20,21, 22,2<, 24, 26, avd 26?, of rang* 10 Towm-hlps 21, 22, 23, 24 25, 26, aad 27?, cf range 11 Townships 21 22, 23, 24, 26, 26, mad 27*, o?range 12 Towi.ah5ps 22 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27* and 2S* of range 13 Township- 22, 23, 24, *6*, *6* 27*, and ??, o! range 14 Townehips 23, 24* 25*, 26*, 27*; end 28*, of range 15 Townships 2a, 24*, 25?, 26*, 27*, and 28*, of ran*e 16 Townithips 24*. 25*, 20*, 77*, *cd 28*, of range 17 Town?hips 24?, 25*, 26*, and 27*, of range 15. All the townships marked thu? * were included In the origln*l rese. v?tir u of 1853 Preeiupti n e'.iimants entitled to any of tbe above meutionr.11 rids io b? ret... red to market on the mntteent/i day of March next on settlement* al roadv nuds, T wbi-h xn\y hereafter be m<-'le, and aho th< re claim ng wi'.bin any ot the above iowu ?hips ?' itiidrawn or ooa in'ied to b* r<M?-?e?l on s-1 tlements m dr p i A to the date of tie pre?en' wihdr:'*'*! wili make pr of and p*y fir th* nm , at tb* pr;ei fixed by 1 w, v>ithin twelve m:?ntt<- af t^r th- ''ate of their reapeitive sef.'eti u s; other wise their cta;ms wi>l be fbrteitM It is suggeatei th?t pre-emption ;laiir.*nta to Iaivis^u the trwnahips to be rest red to pr<v?t* entry alionld giv<s notice t>f their claima and t ie the pr'? f- with th* lan ? oW'iers b?fore the day at p tnt m1 f >r tbe re"toi?tion ot tha lanii, no a- to pro>ect th ir daims from private en'ry cn ard after that dar. acd prevent much difficulty and d?l*y. Give*. u> d? r m? band,at Ihe dtv ol Washington, this sixth day cf February, anno romin? oue thou sand, r ight hund ed end fl ty five. l<y order ol the I resident: JOIN WII.RON, Commia ioner i f Oenrral Land Offl-e feb 8?law6# fiAKKIUtt HOU8I~OF PAIB0 ft H0UBIK, Opposite UmiUd States Treasury. BONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased and aoid. Interest al the rate of six per cent per annnin al lowed on deposits when left for 30 day* or longer, jau 24?6m IRON HALL. four mights JBOKk ROBERT HELLER'S G'?at unheard of ONDBRq First niflil of the MARVELLOUS ORANGE TRIiKi By request, the DBm OF Tllac MPIRIT*. ? >wing to the increasing uriti-mw attend;hr perfn. mancc of SECOND SIGHT, Thv wonderful feat will he con?i? u-d until fnrtfcer notice. ~ ? _ _ raica tr A?HISS|ON. Tolling Dcuas Code <Vcheatra Seat*. "nn' * *rvr "',^ur*, frvl? 10 ? m to 4 p m, at th? st without extra ch.vr-. otfi rJb'sLi?4 *,"'n,,ve ???????? will be in Itt 'iuhnrr. Ul nntCKOM haxii r en ?MUi t? obtain admission <>n Tue.i,,* lam . ANOTHER GRAND NIGHT w it ^ KH' ?, ?l <hM Feth.n .? Hall, by the gieat master nf Nscmanncy. MACALLI^m. who will-toll further delist the v.-itoo I., new ar,| ?pi ndid feats. MALOXK RAVMnMl. haifBt been rapturous!) MMlNi by a crowd, d ?? dienc* will make hie trnnA mtiA laM .u.~-?rri,? < Madame MACALLISTER a* the Wiaard'. Ta*r >ame as mmL feb 7?2t* SPLENDID RAFFLE. ,'e Rallied f<-r a-. e<on M the MMtr ' f number ol'CliaM * have been taken, the i?*| lo^nt *p!? nd d and Cf^ily iftirtrii, vtr: Pn*e. C#?e splendid gold Weight, eo 'tan.ins an Automaton Sinking Bird and f day Chronometer, iiio-t IhnuuIuI.v deeorated and adorued with enamelled -? i ?* ''""y -;? .fl.ftftU *u J Lsdj^P (?old W att U, richly iifi with l)iam'>nd< sn?! Pamtine on Knamei '*"* :H Priac. ?hic Lady's field Watch, richly a> t with I Osmonds. and Painting on E'.amcl | 4t.i Pn*e. One Gents Full Jeeel.d Patent Lever (with r.impenaator) ff..l j lluniiut I '??i i? ^ -? .? It I n*r, Lad) ? (.old Hunting VVa'ch, Knl' h uidljr cha?cd Mt 1.^1 iOi Total value fM, Thwe will lie Two Hundred Chances, at Ten It ?'?am ?|*lie raffle Will take place at Hilbu? k. Hit** Mm ... P**' !S7r corner P? av^w and .li lreet, where Ticket* can be pro.tir. d and the itt.Hc* are <>n exhibition. I'.rsons de-irons of poMweaaint wmr of the m?M -?:? rlt rti"lc? ol Workmanship ever exhibited, have i?? v 4ii opiortiiruiy , ff,-red theui of ohtaininf ?u< h a. iti extr. iiiely low price. 1 all and eianmie f..r rnarahm at th? Mnsie He i orim.p.i s u hit/., suw 1 ibi f?t 9 o'clock a. hi. .-"nd f< p. m. :0> 7?tl" ri f "E l*W 'I.EM SOLVKD; <*, din not m o<k1, I '?>' Mllen P. S.|i|ier, U.ll. Tile rimstian Ketr<>?pect and Re^inter, a f*?immarr ot tlie Hcientitic, Moral, a.,d ?;eli4i,?u- Pn. pre*. ?f ||,? tir?t halt of the |?ftli Cenrury, w ith a supplement, brin^n* ilie work down to thr present tune, by Itobi Kaird. .-Vriptore Portrait.; ?ir -ketefce* n1 Bible charact' r> by Rev. J. Brace A Manual for U?e Vonns, by Her. C Rridge* P.aycr for OulIf*ra, a pn-uiium Kiwav, bv VV. t* Tr ler 7 1 he Westminster Sho/ter Uafcltism. with analr mi?. proofi., infer nce?, asM illustrative \nec dote*, by Rev. Jan. R. Bovd A -^outh Side View ot Slavery | or, Three Month, at the South in 1-54, by Nehemiah Ad ia*, N' w Kliimn of the Wide Wide WoHd. in I v.rf pnee reduced to *1 *25 Ml the new Ho"k? t?f the American Tract Si-rtr an t Sunday School Union received and for mv , [ ?l. ir priccK. GRAY h BALLASTVVF '"!? 3t 408 Seveutli sireer. TIIE LATE MR AJEAfE'S PJCTl Ria "atim eum" FoR 1V auo rHAV ,JS riir.i no. 1 ' Thoman of Vill nu- va, pviit( Alms t^ the ,r a copy ?.f Munllo. hy one of hi? pupiU *..d to-died by that frrat nrtMt?said to be coial to Jic 0 -{ii al, cost .54.000. PRI/.I 2. ?? The adorr.tioi! of the V\ i?e Men of the Ikst * a gL u ne Murillo; Co? ?3.00ii. raia?: 3 Head of our Saviour," by t'orregno; cost f!.U0U . , 'gj^*- oflh'' Vir;in," by VarrecjK.. <sml . Ir. S. A. MATLAt'K i? authortted in nceiv* "l! 'S^nptions in thia city, of whom tickets mav .? o' -tincd. or ??f M<wra. TAYLOR S MACRY." \!l money received ouacc.-unt of Uie Baffl, will I' dep.isited in Bank until th? dranme tak > place, n lnch will l?.!uiy anitouiiced. ... From Irtelligcnrfr. AiticIeK similar to tlie aunexed we liavc o' ^rH [ in several di-tant papers, contained in ilitir W^a?l? in ton corn ?pond?'iee. We are rla lt . ?ce that a nn mtier of the family is willing to a part I ct he rare collection of the I ,ie RirJurd W. ^irad*. w o, dunnc hi? lone reaiden -e in Spam, hat tiMiitie*, which hi* opulenc" .-nahl. d linn t'.uuiulx . I fo- prlftiinf many of vli?* fin#fi ftajiitinc^ n ^p^in? tii-ttrcasure liouae of , ictonal rich.* Th^ itw tui ned state ot the ?>untry at tbe time. nr?r>-?vr. I R'? ?u 11 ,aV0ra,'l'> tnf obtaining manv gems <.f art wntch would otherwise never have been purctrra 1 blc. From tke A"4on OtromrU. I , D'ri,VR?? A rr.?Several rkej fan* o. Murillo, ("orrcggio, and other mast rs, w'hirh were bioijcnt from Spain during rev? lutionary n?< ? I? I l;V ,t'' "? ^ Meade, have ?In tt< d the adiuira nw I o- . onnoinseurs durirr the past weikin tlo K'Umu's o. .toe t apit?.|. They are to l?e dtstK>re<l ot liir 2?e | n- iefit ot a dau hter of Mr Meade, reading in V? 1 rk, after an op; ortunuy has been p\ot t<* the } u jIi;: for an examination. lei. 6- ? yo:KG LADIES' CLASSICAL UTSTIiUrf 9 / mrenitr. | I'L second term ot the pr* sent scholaMic year has just commenced. A lew more boar. ir.| aitdtiay pupils can be accrmni?<l*ted. ? "WHEK H. Ml Kit K, A. M . f-b S-9W Principal 4 TYSOW ft SI8TKB.S' SEMINARY FY)R YOUNG LADIFS. .. ^ V-*tk Greets. MVinf M t II K second t. im of thie institution rwnwM t on Wednesday, the 7th of the nr.- nt in -nth, andI will expire on the im day of Julv nex-. lrcnlara may It- had at the principal hooksw in the city or at the ix minary. 6 ft NEW POLKA. JUST published and tisr sal at lllLBUtf It HIT7.' Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLK*, ( ompo-ed and dedicated tf Jacob Hilbn*. Esq . by J. Ksputa, eiub?;i|i*hed with a Iwautilul ai.d cor rect likene?> of the vcteian tuner. .'rice R5 crntx. Ttfe trade supplied on v? n liberal ;erm?. r? t? 6 tf IVY WALTZ. C^(?MPOset? and dedicated to Mis- M. J. Table', / by Piof. A. F. Little, jui-t published and 'or ??lt atn ,a. ,,II'BrTH * MITZ'IS Music IK|-h Price lajtf cent*. ,eh ?i BUTTER !?BUTTER! RARE Chance lor hotels ami hoarding hou~< keep *rs-?Received this day per consignment li ea-ks very Orange c.Miniy Butter, *-i.i<'ii we -ImII w|I on reaannaMe terms. Alan, UMasi pure Ilaltana Cigars. Terms ca?h. R. H. JEW EL LP. fc CO., I' ? -?*' 31 T Pa. avenue. VALENTINES. WE have this morning received the larger and most vari*>d a-sortuient of Valentines ev?r before offered in this city, consisting of every *tvle, finisliand priee to suit ill kinds . f people ef all ar * sexes and <-onditions, all of which we will run of at such prices as suit the tinie?. , , JOHN F. F.LI.IS, 30o Pa avenue, near corner Tenth streets, leb 6?tf ItiST?ON TIIE 4tli INj<T*NP, BETWKPA" J St Johns Church and ilie corner ot F and it*tli Streets, a it old Bracelet, w lib loc et attached. H M leaving it at ilu? othec the n.ider will be liberally " rewarded. feb6-Ji* T (UI A KIlBBkhCODI B^^iliTre^Tivd I a "upply ot India Rubber, tuck, side mff dre* and children\ ...M,g OmiC and ^^Te nf^ f. h b-Jt LAM MON'D'S, 7tb st. Y* ,* 1 S* ,ComM: a?<l menial, ? vanNHle and reuil at h'h 6?3t L.OiMOWU'S, 7tfa st. 1 W.I I Sr0?8 AND caLVES. I 8 ,e u ^ Mjuket "??* Vwd ^ ? * gJZZH five cupanor *ou?S ?'? ^.V^ ? 01 Drvo? *,Kl Ayr-hue Wood JabC?>? L BEEILEY. SILVER PLATED WARE. C ?rLk?E*#ff''' Cantors, ('aks and Fruit ^ Ba>ket?, fV alters on wt 1 .. .. . - ' -vhite meial. Table, l>. - nert, a??d Tea spnon* and Porks, double and t>. e plated on ,4'hata. the best subetitute for silver wW rant-d twIaaM by H. 8EMKEN, Jnu li ??????, between VUi and lOto ^r?.

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