Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. local INTELLIGENCE. fgt <?bajid Ball ard SrppiR at Willarp's Tne SO commendable apirit of rimJrr between the great hotel* of Waahicg too U muring amaaingly to the advantage of gaj and fashionable society of the Federal patrvpolis. It wiu bat the other day that we f^eorJed the history of the magnifioeut affair at the National; we are now called on to no tiee the splendid affair which came off at W U ItrJ'i l"1 tveniog We never witne*a?d a more iasbionable or brilliaot as>eaoUv, tor Mw ?s tcan* beautiful women, dreased with sacwh rich, elegant taate. The lovely women of Oor own city we^e not only represented on this occasion; bot other cities also bad oharming representatives, among whom we noticed Mrs. 11 of New York, and her niece and Mrs C , Mis* H. of Philadelphia, Miss P. of Brxklyn. Miss W. of N. H., and tha two Musrs M of Georgetown The daughters of several members of Congiwu were also there. ?nd appeared to vie with each other in loveliness; emoDg *hom we noted Miss A of N. C , Miss F of Va . and Miss J. of Penn ? MifsS , daughter of a late member from New York, was aiao much admired. Among the prominent gentlemen we no. ticed Gen i*o?t. Senatora Shields, Drdge Douglas. srd Sebaa'ian; Attorney General Cashing lien. Messrs Barks, Edmonston, Keitt, Brooks, ?P heeler and Gen Bayly There were at least a do?en gentlemen at tached to foreign legation? present. Fleet'? cotillon bard, which canrot be ex celled. discoursed sweot tru?icon the occasion Mr John Miller of this city, furnished the confectionery. The supper tablet, which were set O'it in the ladies' ordinary, were decorated in the beautiful manner by immense urns and pyramids of rare flowers and fancy confection*, ani loaded with all the delicacies of the season Tha following is the bill of fare: Oysters Je.-Stewed oysters, fried aystera. broiled oysters, stewed terrapin Cold Ornamental Di-bea-Boned turkey, in form of je ly; fresh round of beet. Russian style; ornamented boar s bead, with jelly beef ' t0ngUVDt f0rnV ,Yo,rk,hir? P'?: nam, wi h jelly; chicken salad; Du'ch aalad; small bi-d* charteuses, Parisian style; vol-au vont of squabs. financiere style; aspic of oystera, in fonn; salmi of partridges, with jelly; Mayo naiseof fowls; boned chicken; calf a brains in asp'.e; boned tame ducks Cold Roast?Turkeys, pheasants. partridges. Chickens, prairie bens, wild turkeys Ornamental Pyramids-Temple of Liberty fruit pyramid; pine apple ice. in form, French kisses, in pyramid; orange ice. in form; ra*p JU7 ,C1' 1 !?mon ice cr??m. in fo-rn. Dessert?Chanlilia baskets; grape baskets; pyramid of cake; nugur baskets; charlotte russe baskctr, ch?y?tali zed candy; nugar harps Koman punch; champagne jelly; blauc mania', flavored with almond; charlotte russe; sp nee cake, ornamented; queen tiscuit; Parisian V,8 ki?-es, fruit jelly, flavored with rum: Russian jell,; lady fingers: Madeira jel. ly; bavarian cream; fancy cakes; nlmcnd kissea; coffee *vTv#,!*'?e dinin**>?n, whi?h was used as the ball-room. containinjr. at one time, some twelve or fifteen hundred ladies and gentlemen engaged in dancing, or grouped In conversation, while the music swelled in harmony, and the bright gas illuminated the scene, brightening up the lovely faces and rich dresses of the la. dies, and lowing, in the moat favorable liaht tha beautifully frescoed hall, was a scene such as is but rarely looked upon. Having <Jined in this room at 4* o clock in the afternaon, we were surprised, when enter ing it at night, to see the immense floor cov ered by handsomely painted fignres, in fast colors, which, upon inquiry, we learned had all been dene in the short space of two hours, by Mr Lamb, of this city. At least fifteen hundred persona attended S?S W? shsh c,n?0 hasty sketch of this brilliant fete in language simi lar scene*' bj B7r?n in defcrib'ng a "imi f-*f the iltiimiard hail; ?II d th* banquet and the l?aii: *** *av of beauty ?? train leaked *r*c? md harmony in happiest chain. ?'7 Wrf* nianlj lie?iru a?d hai..U Thar nimpled n,, ,f!. in wHI ao-ordinj l>aii<j-. It ?a> a pi?ht the rarHul brow to smooth And niakj mi.,1*, and 4rMm iteHf !t youth And youtli .,rtot |,?ur, w. ?. , So apr tn.- the rIuHJt.i. bo-om to ? ?rJT?' Wa8"'."?toi? Light lm avtrt. i! k m'M' something enchanting in a mil itary ball; the Indies on those occasions never omit to rur on their best looks and pica..?! ? Already many of them have taken place, but one of the best baPa of the aeasor, has hlf ia.1, J announced their ball far the 14th inst to support this assertion. It is tha o'deet company in the city. Ita members lidli^h me ?f0ur beat citiscns; and with the experience they have had in entertainments of this character, the pnblic may rely that no efforts will be aparad by tibaaUo insure the gratification of all their Co*CMT RT TflR WlSLEV CHAPKL CHOIB ? Our readers will perceive by fur adverisin* ? ? ? Ch?ir *,tach*J to Wesley ?J22S pre^at I fiLe programme for Tue^ay tim. ?f th? be4t u,lent of B?' i hin-t0D win Participate, and. ucde. the diree'ion of Mr Joseph 11 Daniel ?b,?hl7 M,cce3?ful We prediot reader! f,?rde *nd r?ommend xur readers to procure their tickets immediately. Mcaicia!. -We were highly It hrntr* U ?* ***' ,Mt **'^1 at Browns Hotel, in listening to tha swef ractcvn ^a iK. J? 0 s*me e*"* ?^d cor rectnesa as the most siaiple ballad u* ? ITm' io m?Iodj ?d Wm.=, ss.g.-gg'jga'&eg SXriltfk .Fenn"y,va?'* avenue, betnecn ninteenth straeta. Firat Ward ) their donations, that the amount may be uls"i? e'il1h9 bV>V ?f the difr*">?t commit O? Th ward' 'or??'ly distribution among ^? suffering pr?r iB ronsequanca of thf wvcra inclemency of the weather, timely re wSir^r^ "d pnTate donatiora "d /afsi'rss, iK.vr4?""r "ifb" "f Sann DrV Kni?h* to the w ,7 Ty Ann 1U1,? wher? tl??j l?iT Th / lt7 were rM?"t*d to whJ! I y ""Vg0D* * whiI?. hen a atone waa thrown thnugh tha front ?tndow smashing the abutter, sash and glasa and r^?nii!-aTi Tfre fl*ain,t th? J?d Capt. Birch ordered them to give bail in to appear at court. aadL.1;lllAK7r ~~^ wveral ladies a slei?h W^nt uron lh* HT?nu? **1 take igy.,,"** tjodiDK ?n ch? .leirbi Ol their V- "TL "^rronfully towarda home. *n aoouai ? saw * 8'?igh belonging to the? leviiai J K g{iLt ,n 10 " l*k* * "nile;" i>*ve their oaT.^rt W#r,t off f#t f2:4? Pronertv v. ^ he owner, finding hia Sh'u?h/,^.r;'b,rk<? ??"> to the auourbs ,>r fr?en?i? took a trip StPRDT liKGOAma a. u. city is troubled kT pr?aenl time our *w? b?di,d kot?l 10 * do0r' MKl fr<"? not the iMiit . ?^i. from persons who have 5wi *' "? farm to employ them -.11 ? Ml IU !h. ?"P* "" Corre' vioi ?S King Shay F?o at andna into-ma ua that our renirt'a? was iiJ^oi r-rrin saying that ha h*rodn?H n,a tfgj' faat Th!!' ?ud>?noa on Saturday ayaninj ?s_ fha ceremony was ?ery handaomeU P?rform?d by Turner Kaq. 7 Tbb Meade Pictubbb.?By reference to our advertising oolumna, it will b? seen that the most valuable works, formerly in the sal lerj of the late Richard W Me-'dn ? w offered for .ale. They are- IW 10 b# St. Thonaaeof VinanueTaGiviug Alma to the b? szsmzS iarct fhlTeKAd?^tionof th'Magi, or the Visit of the Three King* to the Saviear in the M^r.r ? ?????? Murillo?cost $3,000 * ' $1 000 ?f lh# 8*Tiour' *y Correggio-ooet $lT00e0 U?ad ?f th? ViT*ia' hj CoTTHglo-oot Rilh^S ParchM?d by the late Krln^ ? J Weade' during the invasion of the STL'1!0^. whi,e be was actin*w n!I J fhj" in Cadi*, their owners being forced to bring them under the American fltg to prevent their destruction. it w well known that Mr Meade possessed the means and knowledge which enabled him to take advantage of the many opportunities of acquiring such objects of luxury and taste Lvery painung is sincerely believed to bo as Sift m *i j *"? one of the most bear. Mr. Meade s former celebrated gallery representing Ch vrity to the young and The old" 'b,? Wi?d' h" b"? eomoareu nh tbe ongiDal, and do difference eocld be Bridge, do* id thin cttj, hes >eeo ik. or.ff.e', ?d tb.t tbi. picture, i. #o J?. r *hia picture we bear that $ ,000 'fwked The Adoration is a MuriMo ,J#aBtIf?l,y grouped that no one oan ? aatJeDt?city. F,?r 'his $1,500 is ?kld' tK?fi ?r Co"e?io* SM00 each is asked?that is, if sold separately Thev a?-? P?t into a raffle..however? valu&.t f^00 0 tickets at $25 each, and four prizes i>uch an opportunity of obtaining pome among the mo-1 celebrated and valuable pic tures which are on this side of the Atlantic never before occurred, and results only from m? , r at ,h? respected member of the Meade fami;y who owns them, ia literally oom peiu hVwnecMii!i#a ' part with them The ,8t Thomas is nc at Taylor and Maury i book Btoro, when *U1 also be found a subscription paper for t: fropesed raffle as well as in the rotunc cf the Capitol ibere is * laige and xt.y celebrate J St. Jla hew in the collection which is understood to be under a mortgage for $2000, tc a com pany of gentlemen in Baltimore, though we hear that if the collection be sold to any one individual, that can be included at tbe price above indicated as its value. ar? T#ry loth, indeed, to have such cele brated and valuable gems of art go out of Washington, and therefore rejoioed a day cr two since oa hearing that the collection had been purchased bv a lady of the Federal me tropolis, well known for her wealth, good taste, and liberality as a patron of the arts >Ve learn, however, that this is a mistake?th? collection remaining up to this time uusold. "? 9 kU ?nly "?y> m they must he disposed of, that su<*h an opportunity of obtaining snob ehrj?i aurrr.* by raffle was probably never be toie presented in oar counvry. Mr. S. A iMatlack has been appointed agent tor.?!rs. Meade, and will wait upon our eiti aens to solicit mines tor the rattle. .. _ [COMMUNICATED jAes^rs Editors : In yesterday's Stir J nuioed a very high eulogium passed upon the musical talent of Prof Heller, and his fiuc performance of cla;sic music. If that notioe is correct why cannot the Professor favor u who are otherwise unable to hear him, with a public concert, iu which only compositions of the great masters would he introduced ? Such . a eoncert would be a rich tj?at to the true | lovers of music, and a set off against the tnsb which now a days till up concert programs <m. Disorder is Market-This morning, thert was a vast deal of di&ordeily conduct in th? Centre Market, and several person* were pus lsbed by the authorities for misbehaving. It is a great annoyance to quiet citizens to hav? this continual occurrence of boisterous, black guard language in their ears whiie pas-ins through the market. Solomon Pribrain and Abram Clock were ordered to i ay a fine and eosts for disorderly eonduct, and llenry Johm was sent ;o the workhouse f jr thirty days foj lying drunk in the market They were tried before Justice Morsell Militart.?The President s Mounted Guard held their monthly meeting at their armory on Tuesday last On that oecasion several new members were elected The company, we are happy to le lrn, is in a most flonrishinc eondiuon. and that they purpose turning out in fill force, at the ensuing anniversary 01 >> ashmgton a birth day. Passage Thieves ? A number of thow | villains are roving about our city, robbina i ev?ry house where there it an opportunity tc enter. \\ e now warn our friends to be ca-eful of theentrys to their dwellings, if they wisb to secure their valuables. ;^na.u?T,L8J~0ur hotels aro rap idly filling, and some are now full and room for no more. A great many strangers are ar ming here daily and tbe great majority ol them remain. J i Watch Returns.?James Makle. sla-e disorderly in market; five Isshes. We noticed on the lift, the name of a lodger who clairni L J JL* in,h At?,?r,8*n- Uia D?Bie is Joidac i f .?rn IU euns3'lTai??a, but was raised in Ireland. ftSO^.dXTUWH COK?l?S?OKDEHC?. Gboboetowh, Feb. 8, J855. p?U Lecturt b9 Ben Perly Voore hsy. C oid Weather?Burglar it.??jyjr Mounts and Blackford-Dull Time Our surprise can better be imagined that expressed, upon learning yesterday that onlj about one fourth of the 412 neat and band somely arranged letter boxes in on post of flee had been rented. Indeed, we could not havo believed it, had wo received our inform ation from any other source than the one we did. Why this ia the case we oannot say Purely it cannot result from a want of pubiic spirit upon the part of our business men and others It must be tbe result of thoughtless ness. Let it however, re.ult from *?hate>ei source it may, we have no hesitation in ng that it savors pretty atron* wf th6 rid;0i lous, End lor the credit of Georgetown, cur eusines.- mco, and others of extensive corres pondent, r bo h:ivo not already, should come forward, rent the remainder of the boxes, and thus in a small decree remunerate our old and faithiui public servant, (for we venture to as sert that no postmaster in theland has striven haider to please the public than has Mr Til ?y,) for his outlay in furnishing us with ac commodations we never had before. We in tend ibis bint mainly for those of our leading men and mercantile bout** that have hitherto stood aloof. The Georgetown Advocate of this morn^n*. contains an invitation, signed by some fifteen of our leading citiiens, of all religious denomi. nations, to Ben Perly Poore, Esq , to deliver a lecture for the benefit of the destitute poor of our city To which Mr. Poore re.-ponds in a very modest, and handsome manner, de*ignat irsg next Monday evening as tbe tine, Forres* pl?C6? ADil iiifl European tra?el? as tbe subject of the lecture The subject of the lecture isonethat can t irove otherwise than interesting ia an eminent degree at the present time. And we kuuw of no one better Cilculated to do ample juctice to it than Mr. Poore We haven't a doubt but the hall will be crowded to overflowing This is the lec ture, it will be remembered, to which we al luded on Tuesday last We have a continuation of winter in good earnest The ice upon our river and canal is some six inches thick, and still freeiing faat Snow has been falling at intervals ever since luesday night. The ground is covered to the depth of luce four inohes, and is now re ceiving a coat of hail. The warehouse of Mr. Charles Brown, cn Water street was ertered last night by bur glars, bis de.?k br ken open and tobhed of some $20 consisting of small change and cents. Our town appears to be infested wi d a parcel of nocturnal thieve', gem -dev!l?, and we thifk our Mayor would de well to increese cu' night wa*ch, until they leave or are detected W e learn that tbe honseof Mr. JosbuB Kate man was entered, also, a few nighta sinoe, by burglars. Wonder if the authors of theeehu Kl?ri? *r? th? three rilUfnt who ?an? to cur fw y' a f* ***? *?0' w#Bt on bonrd of on* of ?? packots lying at tho wharf, and demanded money of tho eaptaia, and booanae ho woald not gratjfy their raaeally demands threatened to flog him. and then went to one of ottr lum ber merchant. and r-mued the name course with him, and afterward, knocked down and robbed a man in the Firrt Ward of Waahing ton ? We .in erely hope, if they shall show their face. In Georgetown again, and oar po wn.w?H 1 thIm-'that ? PO?e of citt wJ7 L TV11?01*11110 th? P?rty We take great pleasure in wcomtBandin* to the farorable conuderation of the cood i^o Pi? of onr old friend andfainer fellow ?it,f?n?Mr A. k Mounts, at the cor fo7. hU /' 8tJT,t8 ^ hare hereto Tore had considerable dealing with Mr M, and ever fouod him to gentlemanly, upright and correct in all his transaction.. Wmrtto ?. " oheap for cash." In oorsequenoe of the severity of the we* iSJLn ?in#M a every kind ta n**r,y J ibiS idf?.' " many Per>0na ar* walking Mrgai?f jewelry, watches. Ac , call on Mr. John Blackford, on Bridge trLI* flAa:?ErkBt Li8 ,teady?sale? for home trade at $8.T5?neither buyers or fellers dls pofed t? operate, except to a limited extent. rid InT??DoVSriDg~.b.eld*tfl 90ai 94 for red, and 91 9aa$2 for white Spectator. H0?"0* ~We ?e?rn that Mr. Sumner will corUinly lecture in tbe courw on slavery in the Tremont Temple some time during the month of March ; and so much do .ire ha. been manifested to hear him, that his ecture will be repeated to a different audience in the same place on tho subsequent week ,, n Houtton a lecture on .lavery will be de leered as originally announoed, on the 22d or February, and on the following evening be mil lecture on " Texas," at theTremont Tem to another audience These two will be the only lectures that Senator Houston will deliver in Bo.ton during thi. viait.?Boston Journal. ' Fifty fire mule. Mid at Richmond the other day, averaging over $150 each. "o/fWh! (?,hR8J PKCTORAL -ror th. rapid ear. - S.7SSS&Z S*:tl? If 0.7?.*, f IU cnr??. thai almoat trerjr u IWoountry ?boan<l? In pernnn. publicly known who have lean re.torpd from alar mine and even daaporale y-'r U" ,UU*" by ,U WbaS ouce triJd IU^? rlority over every other medicine of Its kind In too apparent nuS?1" ?b"?rr?"?n' ?,"1 wh'r* "? ?r. known 7h. SutL T lf'r ',w,|t*te what antidote to employ for tha , "flections or the i>ultuoaary or gan* which are Incident to our climate. Hy Ita timely n*e tht^y.' "*7 ?" "tacka ?-r dieeace npon the l.nnr* or ?^MarfrnmTt * th" ,'av'',, m*!iy thonaind. ev ery year from a i.reraatm e grave. No family ahonld he with out It, and tho?e who do neglect to provide themselve* with a remedy wliic.i ward* <>!T thla dangsron. cla*. of dl*??>i*? will have can** to deplore It wheu It l? too late. Proofti ,.f ^rent^r'"^ Ty?f ^ ,'erU>r?l "?"*1 not b? Riven to the American people?they have livlnr prw.fa in every neighborhood, ltut thoae who wlah to r?Td th. .late menu of tl? *e whoae whole health ban bean re-tored and whoae Uvea have heeu *av.d by Ha u.e, will Snd them In my American Almanac which the ageut. below nam?d haa to furniah <rati* for every one, ^P.iepared hy DR. J. V. AYKB, I?Well, Maaa., -And .old Z D. OILMAN, Waahlngton. G M. LINTHICl M, G?Mr<Howii. .Verywhir.." * ?? ' ^?"^ick.burc, a.d bj .n Drowlrt. dec 17?euiin ^=-rOBBR?)NrHITI8, Thro.t DlwtM, Haeklu Oo.rl, ... . I"'1 tl,e of,1 "'prudent nee of Mercury, no mild! !c1n? iiM ?rer b *u di?c?>vt;red whfcL b?? erTucUd ?Qrb cure* Cmri^r'? SymuUh Mixture. ??r<",lni'-^ ?>y nailvatloa, Hacklu* Oourh, Bron. hial AlTe lion a. Liver Dlaeaee Neiralda and Kl.eii matlam, have all been relieved and c.^d liVwouderfSl M*itore' ' 1>UI lfler of ltl* blood, Carter'* Spanlab ?'/?*,r." T H" R ia"*r alone ahonld aatlafy any who doubt. Call on the A?eiit and procure a pairphlat containing cure*, wb!ch will a.touod yon '?"See adv.rti..m.nt. awT^^"^".*!." r " " " ' c ? -Mr. WHITKHCR8T l.aa beao Vnolh*r Pr*m,nn> for hi. .nperlor DaKQerrwitvne. exhibited at tbe World's Fair, New Terk. It will b? remem w*d th?t Mr. W. receive.; from the World'a Fair London two medal* for hla aarlvailed daguerreotype, of Preeldent FMImor. an. Oabtaet, and Pantl.?ci?pe. of Niagara Fall* be prwnloeja at all fie lalra at which he h*? eihlbiied for many year* patl. This eyeaka volaioea lu favor ol hla gall* OrnM and ? av. your llkenerf-a Ukeu at Whltohorat'i Gall* ?ep *?-tfUr *U % 'treet, Penu.ylvanta a van no. Q?p RKADV MAD8 CLOTHING FOR OKNTLRvrn AND V.UH W1LK?! luanufa.'tore.l with UaUand el.g.n^e by NOAH nlLKKK A CO., nnder Browns' Hotel TYmir stfi#k embrace th* PelUot or timrtomt OTerooat, Overa ll, ?ii%ped ai??1 ueirl^ew; T?loia?f bl*rk ?nd bine Cloth I?reri Comtm Frock Coat* of all faahionable colom, CaMlmer HniltiMN %>' ,y""< *?., bl.Vk "Tk|nc"",im " n<"re.^?lmer an" plain faa^mer Panul-^na. For th. youth?Ja<ket. P.nta, Veata, Overcoata, Ac. Aa they are tl.eir own manufacturer, tliey ,rB and will Mil at tbe very loweat price*. *hlrta of .nperUr Si Collar* Ulov? T1-, Ar? of l.te .tyle. alw.y.on hiand. ' dV ^l * VJti smuimvx receive, all tlieoew Rook, and New. paper, aa f?i a? | nbllahed. He I. .K,Bt for Harper', and all t te otb.r Magazine., and our reader, will alwava find a lar?e and g ,.'.! aaaortirer.t of Blank Booka aud Btotlni.erT hi* Hookntore. O-ieou l;uHdlng, cor Pa. avenn. and 4 \ ?t ' ! TTy1* WATCHK|..-M^,hers of Congreaa and other* "In want of a Br?t rate tlmekrcprr would do well to ma'ke . .election at one. that their quality may be thoroughly ie?t ed before leavlug the city. M W. OALT k BRO'S aaeort ment wai never ??> complete aa at preaent, emhracin" every description, all warranted, and at price* cerUinly a. low a. aimilar article* can be porchaee.1 for In any city in thla C0.un,IT ? * w "ALT * BK,>. Jan 10?Ut| p*. avenue between ?th and lMh ata HAKHIKll. J;ln,'ary,by K*v. S. A. H. Mark^, M>. CHARLES C. GKEINSCHUTZ to Mrs. AWN (>n tlie fith inMfiii, by the tame, Mr. JOHN" \V MUBPHEV to Mies DRUCILLA C. MARTIN daughter ol Mr. .Snmo?l Martin, all of thu cit}. ' Ol Kit. This inonimv, the 8th innant, MARY 8., daiish ter of the late John :tnj Margaret Keith, in the 21 t year of her age. Mineral will tike p'are from the residence of her unclc, John Tretlc-, Ninth street, between G and 11, to-morrow (Friday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock. The friends of the tamilv ar * invited to attend. * Yecterdajr. evening, the 7th instant, after a pain ftil tllnemof two week-. Mr. JOHN HUTCHIN SON, in the ?5th year of his age. {ft^The fri- nda anil acquaintance of the familv are reape. tt.iily invited to attend his tuner-I, ?t 2 o'clock, to morrow afternoon, from hit late residence near the southern ba?iu of the Canal. ? ' I CAUTION. 1 HEREBY warn all persons Irom receiving or ne gotiatinr 'lie following tie cr b d notet, which were stolen from my hou?e on the night of th? 5th :j?.n5 Q 2e.dI"^ hy Ha""Iel Burrows i ,A, f^.'i .? u,y',H^'al 90 d?y"; a.>d a due bill of Henry Parrv. lor .<j7o, dated 'aometime ,u, .*Iay last. I In: note ot Hurrow.s was endorsed by me, and is past due. Having topped tha pavment of the above described notes ih0 can be of no use to any one, and may be returned to me throuzh the Georgetown Poet Office. feb7?3t* (Ihi) WM. T. HERRON. PIANOS FOR SALE AND RENt7~ The nibscrihtT hRK always on hand a usso.t inent ol German-and American "f ?? Au . '1r0nLt vefy hKKt ni?'iufaeturer>sfflbvR which lie offers tor sale at lower prices * ? tlian can be purchased in the District of Columbia and ? u the m?M accoinmo<laung terms. All Pianos Pn^ 'm me arC wrirranlti<l to give eatisfac i Pianos taken in exchanee. B. REIS8, Professor of Music, G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, feb 6?3in* SUPERIOR PLATED GOODS. fT1 HI! subscriber would invite espec'al attention to I liis extensive assortment of superior quality Plated Goods, consisting of? Tea Sets, Waiters, Butler Coolers Salad Stands, t astors, l.'ake Baskets Forks, Spoons, l.adles, Salt Stands Goblets, lVa Kettles and Coffee Uni?. All of wlneh are warranted to be of the t>wt qual ity, ami at greatly reduced price*. C. VV. ROTELER, House Fuuiuhiug Store, feb 6?1 w ? ,ron "'l"> an'" n street. M NEWS FOR THE MILLION. . SRS. RYDER 61 PLANT have taken the oiu and well known eomectionerV establish "ISLVn^i ? Sevenih street, opposite Odd Fel >wa llall where ihey will l?e most happy io receive iv a"'11',,; public genenlly. J VV e will keep eon.ia ilv on hand a choice selec lion 01 all kind-of CONFECTIONERY all kind^ea,er* ,n fof,*,*u doHiestie FHI 'ITS, of We hope by a strict attention to business to win iiiHp|.rob.u,1,l of our friends, aud merit a liberal nitn in N. h. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the o-i reasonable aud satisiaetoiy terms, at the sh*?rt feb6^r RYDER U PLANT. FOR LADIFjToNLY ! DR. DUPONCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS. 1V . . infallible: i\ their operation for the cure ol all painful ob ?t uc uoiis and leuiale irregularities arising from wnatever cause. riie>M >,j||4 h*>ve he# n tried in \Ya>fiiiiatou and let to Work liio t 1 harm. Those having a y }!!!1' ?i?" ' '?al'jej t will, on application to ih<* general ,?**'it. t.e relerred to persons, in Vk'a?itingi.m u" '? u,;' J vtra-.-iiy, who know thai they all they sre rvef>!->m?n'ie<l tolie. F the iia.ii,-and addr^- c of the general agert. | ? la 11-101 ki. iiragg sts who have the pills for sale : b 6 T,tW ,u column. J For Bale and Rant ACOMHODTOUa DWELLING TOR RENT? The large and commodious dwelling at the corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue, containing 17 large rooms, with a fine kitchen In the bvement, having a Cwt cellar and back yarJ, the who'e being in fine r? pair, is now lor trm. lu excellent lora tion and fine accommodations make II one of the inoai desirable place* for a large hoarding house or dwelling in Washington. For term* apply nt the Star office. ^ feb 8 - tf For rent or sale on reasonable TERMS? A two ato y frame House, with back building, containing si* rooms, on 13V$ street, between B and C streets south. Applv to d. A.DOUGHERTY, nest door. A three-story Frame, wiih bas-m*ftti on N. York avetitte, between 4th and 5th st*. wes!. A three < tory Frame, with Inck building on t M. noftli, between 4tli and 5th sts. we*t. Apply for the two last mentioned to JAltfE* W BARKER, on II street north, between 12th and 13th at*- west. A lso a two story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, G orge'nwn. DICKi?ON k KING, feb 7? eotf George own. TJIOR RF.NT OR EXCHANGE?F?r Georgetown or City Property, a email and well cultivated Farm in Fairfax eoii'ty, V.v Enquire of J. OR.ME, corner of W ridge and Congress sts., No. 87. feb 6?tf STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Go d> Groceries, kc., lo be stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, dig none paved and Dry Basements under the Star office, comer Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Applv at the Star office, jan 31?tf ITIOR RENT?FOR ONE YEAR <>R A TERM ' of v ars, the well situated, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Htorc of Hilbus h. Ilit/.. at the corner of Pa. avenue and Utli street. It contains seventeen rooms without the basement, in which the klti'h<n is situated. This i> a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a large hou.e on Pa. avenue,orfor a |K*r ?utii desiring <he best location in Washington for a large mid well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf FOR RENT?Posses ion given immediately, a three mory brick House and Store. Vo. 1A1 Bridge street, hear the Market House, lontaiulug 10 rooin? and kitchen. :i perfect!* dry cellar, capable of holding 20 cords of wood. This is a first rate stand for business, particularly as -lie Falls Biidg- is now in passable ord?*r. To a g<?od tenant the rent wil! he reasonable. Apply to T. o. DON Nik; WE. Also, a very convenient Dwelling, comaiiiiii( five moms, kitchen anJ cellar, lately finished, situated on Lingan street, near H'ck's Cottage, one <tf the most healthy and plcascnt situations in Georgetown. Ap|<ly as above. T. O. D. jan 24?2w* I SOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily I JL located Building Lots. 21 fe? t front by 130 feet deep, on graded street*, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price o: $75, payable &3 per month Title indisputable. (Tniou Land ? iffice, 7th H., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. W'ANTED?A WOMAN T?JL COOK ANH wash in a snnll family, where there i* no | children. One well recommended will rt eive lib eral wages. Enquire at this office. 1 feb 6?3t* Boarding. BO All Of* U ?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on P street, heiwi cn Gill and 7th, can offer fine large rooms foi families, either furnished or unfurnished. Also. Iia> rooni'i for gentlemvii much larger than are gcoeinll) appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and perinaneut or transient per sons wt.l be accommodated on the moot renewable terms. jan 29?2w* I * GREAT INDUCEMENTS. BLACKFORD, 99 Bridge st., Georgetown, being desiroes of reducing his flock, offers to buyer*1 Ins large assortment of ladies and gentlemen "i Gold Watches, Jewelry of the newest styles ant best quality. Silverware and Plated Goods at verj reduced pi ices to suit the time* J. S. H. would respectfully invite all in wa"t oi such ..nicies to call and examine his large as ort merit. f?b3?lw II. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, he'tneen 9th and 1 Ofh *tre*i*.t < iffers for sale a magnificent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, (?old Brace'ets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rings Wedding Fob and Vest Chains, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils, Thtmblcs,Trinkets, etc All articles are warranted a? represented and sob! unusually low. J n 19 HOtlGB. I^HE undersigned respectfully announces to th? public he is ready now to sell his PATEN1 REPEATING I ISl'oLS,or to take contracts foi making ill's same. Tuoae wisning to see me, car have an interview between the hours of 3 and 7 p in. A full explillation will b- given by tne or bj my legal agent. A B. Strou^hiou. Please addrcs* J. W. Brown, U.S. Hotel, Washington, D C. J. W. BROWN. [The Register of New Haven, Conn., will picas* copy.J feb 2?2w* i ISWLUTIOff or C -PAKT HEIRSHIP. I'llB co-partnership heretofore existing retweeti the undersigned, u llns day dissolved by muiual consent. Charles 11 as kins, who will coiitiuue tht btisincw, is authorized to settle the accounts and at t nd to the unfiniahed business of the late film. J. 11. ADAMS, Jr. feb 1 ??o3i CHARLES IIASKINS. CHAKLK8 UA>KtMs, Architect. (Pa. avenue, be'tee en Tenth and Eleventh wasuinoton, d. c. I IV ILL continue to furnish Plans, detail workint f f Drawings, and specifications o building- o| every descripiiou,and also to superintend their ert-c tion. feh I ??1 tl . MY COritTSHIP & ITS CONSEQUENCES, by Wikoff. Price (1.85, Slavery mi a New Light and its Grand Result-, by-a Citizen of Geiwgetown. Price l2l/? ets. A Night in Buenos Ayres, a new drama in five acts, by a Citigen of Georgetown. Price 12^ cu. The Scout, by W. Gi more Simm<; $1.25 Ida May; ,?! 25 Piitnain s Vagazinefor February; 25 cents Ballou's New Monthly for February ; 10 ets I Godey's Ladies B?K?k for February; '25 i ts. ' For sale by E. K. LUNDY, ~ 'No. 15# 8 Bridge sueet, Georgetown, jnn 25?tf SOMETHINGNEW ANEW Store, consisting entirely of new and fresh Goods, has lately beun opened on cornet I of Tenth and E streets, where the proprietor \viU be I glad to see his old ann new friends. All in want of COFFEES, SUGARS, TEAS, and other articles iu the Grocery line will plea-e give me a call, as I am determined to sell a< cheap a-, if not cheaper, than can l?o sold elsewhere. ? Now on hand a choice lot of Tobacco and Segar*. ? A. H MOUNTZ, Mjsoiuc llall, aorner 10th and E streets, feb 5 ? eo3i* ROriCI Or C0PAKTHER8H1P. ? wash mo roH HALL best aub art, G/riter Ptitnrulrania avenue, und 6th tf.. *outh tide. "PKTHR M. DI'HANT, PI I ailf e" leave to say to his friends ami former custom ers thai lie has dio|**ed iil ^mMHS his enl>re inlrreM in Uis late establishment, under tlia St. Charles Hotel, and to iuforui them iliat be \\ ill hereal'ter be lotiud at the abow named Res taurant, which will be conducted under the joint I management of bENTEK &. DDBAN'T. I The firm lieg to assure their friends and the pub lic generally that no exertions will be spared by them to deservn a continuance of the favor and |?a tronage they have heretofore received, and that their establishment, lor order, cleanliness, and at tention to the wants of their visitors, shall be unsur passed in this or any other city. Their Larder will always be supplied with tlfe most choice Yiauds, Luxuries, and Delicacies that | tlie market can affiird ; and their Bar well stocked with (leverages of the most hvorite kinds and best qualities, together with a choice lot of Cigars of sa I perior brands. WILLIAM F. BENTER, jan 31?eo6t PEt'EK M. DUB ANT. CUMBERLAND COAL. rU.M P and fine COAL delivered to any part of the j District low for cash. Apply through the post office or at thi lumber yard or the subscribers, D and 26ih streets, near the National Observatory. feb 6?eo3t H. N. fc J. W. EASBY. SBBASTOPOL NOT YET TAKEN. BUT we are taking splendid Pictures perfec ly life like and beautiful for *25 cents and upwaids We have the finest skyligkt in Washing on, and by our long experience iu the profession renders it hard |y probable jor us t ?juakca poor picture. Call aud for yourselves. Gallery over Gslt's Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, be tween 9tli and 10il< sliver*. 4"tb7-3,' P. D STEWART. It A.?Whereas John Kortf and Caroline X i Kortl", his wife, live apart, under a deed of sep aration, the public are hereby warned not to trust the said Cnroline on ncconnt of the subscriber, an-J lb not tcsponsiblc for any debts contracted by her and will not my the same. JOHN KORFF. feb 3? UwSnr* Auction BftlM. T AUCTION NOTIOI. * lie SALE UP DRY GOODS at the store of M _ L. Williams, win be continued TO-MOB ^OW (Friday) MORNING. at 10 o'clock. The n?o.t de sirsblc pv. ul the stock In yet to *1', constating <* plain and figured Silks. Luien*, C*mbn< ?, F/I|in|< Silk and T, lldkf?. English Bourry. ('loth* Ve'iiiigs.Urabrella*. Parasols, Carpeting*. Mutiiin au>1 Oil Cloths. crape, cashmcre and woolen Sluwls. kc, Re. Tl?? ladies are respectfully invited to the aale, as an opportunity offer* of getting good Goods an<t great bargains. M. L WILLIAMS, E. 8. WRIGHT, f?b8 It Auctioneer L~ IV'ERPOOL SALT AT AUCTI<?N-On M? >N DAV nrit. the 12 li ii)?us', at 11 o'clock a m-. Will In: sold oil boaril Barque Bessie and Schooner Ann D', lying at our wbarl, their cargoes, t ons>al tng of? .1,500 sacks G. A. tab 2,006 d? fine do Factory filled, bleached, and warranted 10 to the ton. Terms at the wile. ? PoWLEK k CO.. fobs?d4t Alexandria, Ta By J C. McOUH?fC. A?0?lfla*?r. I TRUSTEE'S HALE OF VALUABLE Improved Krai Estate on Pennsylvania ?venif^-By vu m -of a deed in tm>t. h *arii g date ihedtii eav of April, lt<50. and recorJH! ? Liber J? A- J*.. No. 1ft, folios 431. kc., tlic fuHscriVrvftl <"'?11 at public ?ale. om MONDAY, the 19-li day of Pel*1858. al * lock p. in , on the prcu.iscs, |iart f?f Lot ?, lit Reaci vation No. 12, fronting 16 fret 8 inch a Pennsylvania avenue, an t running hark I0t> fe* t 6 inc'is* to a 15 fret alley, mit'i the impr vemect*, wh eh c? n?i?t of a wr.II and 6nS>taiit'a'ly hnitt two story brkk house, covering the whole depth of the lot. The property is < lig h'y situated on Pennsylvania avr* ??,h tv%v? n Second and Third >tn*'t? west, and a lj<>ining the ?M Rair><a:l Depot, and ins gco.l bo?i uaas l**cai on, and offer* to prisons desirous of in Vesting an rxeel't nt oppoituiuty. The terraixf sale wiil be; t?ne-thirdof the pir cha e money iu ca*l>,and the balance l't six, twelve, eithtecn, an I twe. ty-four nonths, f<>i note*- hearing inter- st from day of sale^pccureJ hy deed of trust u;?ni the property. It the term* of wale sre not com pli.-ft witn in sii ?5av* arte: the sa'e, the property wi l be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk Sin! ??xp? n>c of the purchaser. All conveyancing a: i'i- eT|^-n?e of the purcha-er. Title indisputable. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. JA*. C. McGUIRE, jan 20?3:awfcd? Auctioneer. Mott?BedelTs Line. YORK, ALEXJtNDRM, WASHISOTON CITY, .iXD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. IIIS LINE OF PACKETS HAILS WEEKLY I from pier 14 East River, N< w Vork.and oflcnr if necessary, and are composed of the follnwtog fir.-t class vessels: ? ew selir. A. T. /terfef/. Bedell, ma-ter. New ^clir. Mott Rtdcll, A. V. Tredwell. Si-hr. J1 .? I) . Wm. Oliver, master. H?!?'. I'rlunt. L. A. Smiili, ma?ter. fc-ohr. Coinmutiticr irt-Chirf, W??gl ni, master. Sehr. (treeni'-ay. Wil?in, master. Tiit'.fte vessel* are all last sailers, and the ni'tf<erm men of the trade, tnn the ouly ragn lar line of \Vaatuneion ("itv packets. MOTT REUELL, Wall alreet N. Y. S. S. If ASTERS It SONjS Alexandria, Ta. THOMAS RILEY, feh 1?6m Washinctnn and D. C. CtoLll, SILVER, STEEL fc PLATElTsPEC TACLES to suit every age and^ e,e. Ruling Specc. R. R. Glasses, Eye" Piotectora, Eye (ilass?* of all descrip * tions, Fending Glasses. Gotgles : ko., Par;ib?la, Perifocal. Ooncjve, t'onvex, and folored Glar-se? pr.t in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in waul of glasses may be sure to get tho<e which benefit the eye a' II. SFMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa. avenue, b?tw. 9tli and lOtli ?ts. jan '20 SILVERWARE. A VERY pretty assortaient of SiIvit t'oflrc Sets, /x Pit* heis, tiohlelji, Cup , Creams, and all kirda oft-'noons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, pui'a'jli for pre>entn. viz: Soup and Oyster Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives, Cream and i?ujrtr Sjioons, ctc., is otFi red at low p? ces, and warranted sterling. H. SEMKF.N, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. Bill ani! 10th ?.a. jan 19 riMlE FOREIGN TifPICE LIST, (Brite11) cor JL reeled to August. 1854, tiiia day recnvFd trom London. FRANCE TAYLOR, jan 15 BOYS' CLOTHING. WALL & STEPHENS, Wholesale and Ratail Clothing and furnishing .Merchants, Pa. ave iitie, next door to Iron flail, have on hand one of the larcei't and nio?t varie?i a sortmerts of READY MADE BOYS' CLOTHING in ttic country, which i* ina le up in every style, and calculated to suit all ta^fy. Their Goods are ma<ic of the l?est uiaierials and by the bo*t workmen, a. d will be di*po<ed ot at rate* t liat cannot fail to pie?u>e. Tn? public are respectfully invi:etl to call and ex amine the stock. feh 2?tf 'I HE QUEEN'S R' jniianon? and Orders t* flie V Army complete to Ip54, 2 vc|?, London Code Ni?|>oleon, literally translated 1 vol, l,ond<?i I8ft4 Fairholi'* Diclionarv of Tsrms of Art, 1 vol, Loa d-:n, 1854 The Microscope, it? HI?tory, con?uu< tion. and ap plication. hy J. F"gg, 1 vol. 500 engraving, l.ondon, l?54 Hughe* i uties of Jndge Advocates I vol The Stea-n Engine, tor practical men, by Ifait'i an.i Gener, I vol, London 1851 The Steam Engine, it* history and mechnnlsn? Iw Robert Scott Burn, 1 vol, London, 1854 Richards' Population and t'apital, 1 vol. i^tnlon. 18>4 FRANClT^TAYLfiR. jan 20 BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETII. nEALTII Y GUMS, AND A SWEET BREATH. All who arr desimu> of obtaining tln*e b*-n?r fits, s -Hid use ZF.RM \N' S CELEBRaTEU TOOTH-WASH. This delicious article combine^ so many meritorious ijiiaimes. that it ha* now be couic a stmdard fatorite with the ciurcn* ot Krw Y?rk. Phi>iide|plna and Ba'timore. Drntists pr? scrihc it in their fraeuce most succeabl'uliy. and from every cource the n??*-*t Haltering laudrtH>ns are awarded it. Inflamed aud bleeding gum- are immediately brn efitted by il.< use; its actfn upon them i? mH.I, soothing and effective. It cleannrs tlie tretli e.? tlr r >ughly. that they ar- made to rival pearl in whitene s, and diffuses ihri ngh the monrli sii< h a delighiful fre?*lin ss, tliat the breath i? rendered e* quiritely eweet. It di?infr >ts all those impnrillei) which lend to produce decay..and as a cou*eqtienc.-, *h< n Uie?e are removed, tile tc*th must always re main sound. Iiisut'4) and recommended by all the emliwai Dentins in New York, Philadelphia, Baltm'ore, and other cities where it has be n introduced. All should give it a trial. Prepared only hy FRAVt'lS 7.ERMAN, Diuirci l and rhemiet, Ninth and Caiharne' Mrecw, Pliiin delphia, ard sold by alf DrtiRista ??v. ry wlitre. ai ?ynt? p?T bottle. w. H. GILLMAN, jan 17?;im Agent for Washington Ci?y. A CARD. '?HIE undersigned ha< purchased the lca? of the I eHtaldi?lniient known a? the " Meiro|?oli? R* - feclory,** situated on Pennsylvania avenue, fvtwerii 4X aril 3d street*,arijojninc lackson Hall, which he respectfully infoniiH his friends and the public, lie will open ^ a frwdayxusa RESTAUR ANT. where visiters cm -be supplied with refrechineuts at al1 liourv, of a sup rior ipiality and in rood ntyle. TUo lHin?e is iindergoiuf a ihorouch renovatNHi, teing newly painie?l ami p:o?ered.and will hav. hpa eious and well f'irnished dininc and supp?'r mou;s. I he Bar (under mv own immediate direction? will lie turn.-lied with Wines, Hrandn-s, Scotch and , Enqlixli Mw, l.on 'oii Porter, Havana Cigar*, he., j Jkc., of the verv l?est brand--. ELEMENT REYNOI.M, fell 5?4i* late of Willards' Hotel. PIANOS~POR SALE OR RENT NHW and second hand PIANOS, of my own and several other factories, are always togsgjp be had at mv Piano Ware room, on anth st., between Pa. avenue and K sC <?M Pian<3s taken in exchange. Tuning a'*> attended to. ? t. 0. RRICHKNRACH P. 8.?A few very low pr ced seoond-hand Pianoa rom fX for aala. dee 1?9m IROIV HALL BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK ES TA B LISHMhNT. JUST REt'El VED, and r?e?uving, a large sui^df of best qualitv TRAVELING TRUNKS. CARPET BAGS, *c., n hich will be sold low. I shall sell my ?tock of Winter ? BOOTS and SHOES on hand, which embrace* av ery article, at reduced price*; and aa my stock ta large, my customers and the pu lie ara requested to call and cxuinuis. To those who know themselves indebted ina. I would say that I dc*ire prompt settlement. Pot me future I ?hai| render my accounts monlUy -tin* syw tem having beeomc necessary because of thecliaiife in the credit svatem at tbe North. S. P. HOOVER, feb 3? eolil Iron Hall, PennsylvaniA avenue. WATCHES! WATCHES! IP YOU wi-h a wariMird timekeeper, al a rea???nu' Se ^aKjX' price, you are invited to call^^BK^ and examine my rclected sto-k^1^^^^^ of fine Engti*h ami Geneva Waicbe* for ladies nnd gents. II. SEMKKN, No. 33 V Pa. av., between Vtli and 10th *?? jan 18?eotMart TELEGRAPHIC. Btprtuif f?r Hh Ml; lwilt? >l?t N*w Btnrenn. Feb B - A .re look pleoa at Mattapaireu jeateday, which degvroyed nearly an entire iqam In the eeatre *?? ika tows. Among tbe buildinga eoMuwd ?wt tbe Plj mouth County Hotel, Eataa Ball, u eno*. copied atora, a keepera baitdiag ooeapiad by Baratow, boat builder, and lateral mailer pwellingi. The Iom it estimated at $20,000, atatt one h-?1 f of which nil under Inference 1 he Weather and Halle Ni? Vonk Feb. 8.? The enow iea'd' uigb'ly tailing bera, bat it ia drifting badly Al'ke Eiat, the weather if in >deratin$. The Northern and Eaetern maile h a/a not y*t armed. PniLAt>BLrHil. F-b 8 ?1The ?? tin lcoa tibues here- Hail ?nd aoow minglad tie fall ing. wi'h the thermometer degree above t?TQ. lhe mow on a 1?>?; id 14 Inclea deep, the wea'.4**! i* more moderate The "a^ile are all behind their tlm? An Earthquake Posroit, Feb. 8?The ahoefc of J* ea'tb qnake naa diatinctly felt thi# mcrb*ng, at twenty minute? before eeven o'clock, ir Hali fax, N S , Sackville, Export. CaU'B, Me , end oth?r place* At Sackville it was ?o vio lent that houaee tottered and window* wara broken Foxsinattone for U 8 Senator Harki?bcr0, Fab H ?Sigty-one cand date* were nominated in tha Houee this naming for U. S. Senator. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Fab 8.?Flour butter aa wall aa firmer Howard street if bald at $0 62|, and City Mills at $8 S5a$8 17*. Wheat There wer< no effiringa thi* morning. Corn - Sale? of 0 000 buahela?white at h5a88s, and vellow at 00j In other description of grein, nothing waa done Vow York Market* Nmw Yore, Feb 8 ?Cotton it unchanged. Flour is vpward and firm?aalea of 2 000 bbl?. good Ohio at $8 87 i a $9 25; Southern?aalea of 900 bbla at $8 87* a $9 37i. Wheat and corn ia firm and upward?aalea of 1,50? bath ela yellow eorn at $1 a $1 01. Beef ia upward and fi m Pork ia unchanged with a moderate demand at pravioua ratea Lard?A limited buaineaa ia doing at (.revioue ratea Whiaky <a firm; aalea of Ohio at 33c. tuperintendent of Public Frinti&g IIaubisbhro. Feb 8.?Governor Pollock haa nominated Colonel A. K M Clu^e, of Chamberaburg. editor of tha Repoeitc-y and Whig, aa auperintendent of publh printing, in place of E Coroman. Damage by the Ioe at St LouLi St. Locir, Feb 7.?During the breakiag up of the ice yeeterday several ateamboate were badly irjarad The H adverb ad her atata-rooma croahed and part of the eabin wrecked: tha Arabia had her guarda broken, tha Martha No 2 had a hole punched in hull; the Alham bra haa aunk; and a number of bargee and coal boata were broken in'o splinter. This loae is very heary DISSOLUTION. THE partnership of Barton a (irmc ia tble r<ay dtwolved by mutual consent. AH a^ojuta due the concern mu.?t l? paid t < II. Barron, he ^eing an thortecd to close the bu*in?-? of the firia. HENRY BARRON. February 3, 1855. TH< >S. OB ME. The undersigned would rwpertfalty ref*inst alt tli<?sr indcbfil to the concern to eo<ne fonra'd and aetile titter hills by the 6th of March, a- it * very important to him io have the ha?ineae cfc-j*i by tti*f time. AH account* left over at that time wJ. be put into the hand* ?if an <4kcr far collection. A'l ar count* due by the concern will pleaae be pwaH for payment soon a* pona ble, a? I an ready at any tunc to meet the same. HENRY BAF.BOV. P. S.?The umlM'ijiifii would respecitV > ?ay to all the cti?tomer? of th^ late Urm, and tL?? fiMte f< uerallv, tha*. tliere wi'l always he kept a *'"? k o( Vo d and t'oal at th?' old stand, (ireen strtti. and s-' licits a share of pnhtic pairrinage, Believiry it to b be t U?r both I u?<r and seller, he ha? de ermin?d to make the term* ca*h, or on short tuue to pam fuel t ust"m? rs. THOS. ORMK, Agent. feb5 n AVISO ?OLD OVWL l.mSKR Yard t? Me>?*ra. Ji?lin B. Ward k brother, we ? ou d ?-olicit lor them the patronage oi o-n t -rwitr customers. THOMAS a l;VKK. HAVING ITHCHASEI) ()? MESsyiS. THOM AS a DYEK their enure stock, we sliaM eui unue the Imi bo'h at the ct?rn?-r ol'Srth hm<? ii, and Twelfth and I "anal i*treet*. We havi- i-i f and a larg'' and weil -tock ot l.umb' rf au *h a White Pine ot a'I atxes, Yellow Ptne. Joist, Flo??r in(. a?d rMilinf. Latli*. Pai ngs, and all kind: ??! cab inet and coachma er's Lumber. We re?peciiully solint a uliarr ot pab''-1 patron ace from the public, Ix-mij; ?l?.t?. mined :? a?ll<?n 'asonabb' terms to prom|4 cu>t<>mera. f.h?-?M?3t JNO. It. WARD h P.RO. BOOTS, SHOtS AND GAHEllS. JAM KH ANUKRaON. Cutter and Frt'er. TJ. KURHK T. 464 Pa. avenue, n side, ? between 1-ithand 13th street^. kee;>e?.utisiant I) on liaml a very fin- a-so-<tn?ent of Laoi*> hi id <;-iifn Boots. Hlioes and (iaiter* of hi-] own make, of the beat material and work manship. For sale, Judgment aciinst LvwraCaaa F' asvTB. of Michigan, ?l|doyee at the Capitol, l- r t v?if y dollara and thirty-aeven cents. lid. 6 tt t UllPIH'tt ffl GREAT BARGAINS. -*ur|SII!NO to reluce my stock of Br.ots and f f Shoe? iii order to make room for *prlr? pii?s, I Khnll commence H:i? day to ael! oCmy Leavy t?o?rls at great.y fWdnced |?ric?*. All in want of a supen w quality of Bhor* LI very Low prices, can find tliem at l>. R. Wall*.'Hoot, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. 34 Market Si.; c . be tween Till and 8lh sirt wt*. D. R. WALL, fob I?eoinr MUTUAL KIRK IH8T7K1FCK 00BFA9Y, OF TIIK niHTriCT OF COLUMBIA, ( karlrrfrl tv Congrem, OFF1RS to the c>uaea? of the Diatrict tl.e aafeei and chea|Hiit uieana of n atiraace agdad i?es by fire on all deacriptnaMi of pro|*nrtv, aa aiav be ?een hy an examination of the charter and bv I ,w?. ApplicuUona tor insurance can be madetoiht- un dersigned or at th- ?>?ce of Jolui Van l!ii>wlck, " N street and Wa?tunpion Canal, where cepiea of the charter aud by laws may l?e pn* ur?d. ULVSSKS WARO, Pre?dd?r t. .Wci??/far?-Thomas Hlsgd'-n, Ulv??na Ward, Dr. F. Howard, J. C. MeKelden, John Van Rtswick, P. W. Browning and M. ii. Emery. j an 31?eolm V ? J TUK l'HDICnilOS*n jBL Hereby informs tbs einaensof Wnaii ?C ^^^inr?>" that he w II ati-md tn the layiog out of new and the repairing ot old gardens^ Alco, tlie pruning of shruha, arap-*riea, etc. tTiirjw mode rate. _ ? ? Order* left at Mr. N^ienV, Hrugrt^t, eon *r I a. av. title i n.l 9th atreet, nod the groeery store ol Mr. F. Hi??, Capitol Hill, will be promptly att?*sd<e1 t>?. feb 6?eo'tt* O. tfCMYW. LAW~PARTNKRSmpT SUPREME'OURT < IFTHEUNITKH BTA1 FS. ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOUIS J*NIN bave formed a c (tartiicfship under Uie a?mf ?d "Walker and Jaiiin,"'for the argument s( ?,i?e? in the Supreme! ourt of the Cnitcd Staree, at VV*. h in*ton city, whe<e both will attend throuftK--!: die tut ure ?esaions ol that court. They may be addressed at Wasbui^on, H. Jerl, or New Orleans. 1??? T REMOVAL. RE un4?TMfn? <t. ti.auula turers of M e.-.*** Pire and Wafer Pio^t C ??.portion Lo< fiug hav* t' tuoveit ttieir oSi- ?? fnan T? wtfc to >o. ?*? """? "Fh"wmEm sou. Ofllce hours f.oai 11 Jo 12 o'etoek a- m. feb 3 - eo3t* p?15^r

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