Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1855 Page 4
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EVEN ?NG STAR THE WORLD WOULD BE B aTTER FO& IT If ini n cm ?? ?? r im mil I nif *n.| ? > nnd flnn; It. wiUi ban he:??!?, ? m n? SeoaMat b?it - than ^rig md -?<>??*; If men, 'nst> ad r?f iii'^'ing pnie, Would l?*a?n to bate it and abbor it; 11 more relied Op Love to guide, The world would be the better for it. It men deai; le* in mocks and lands, And mori -n h >nd* and deeds fraternal; If lov-'s w bad nn?re willing hand* To link thi- wo?1d to the ?u|>enial; If men st?? if ovr '* nil and wine, And on l?rm>e; tinman lr arts would pour it; l! 'iir?" nd ,;mine"' Wouu i. ( omliine. Th- world would the better tor it. If more wmi a.< the play of Life, Aid few? r ? . it 111 rehearsal; If btgo;ry ?* -u.d di'ath its knife "Till fo< ?>er-ifin more "niv?r*al; If C.wtnn ., -a with agrs grown, Mad few men to a-lore it; I* tr nt shone n 1 "ith nlnne, The worh v?k;I bt the better lor it. " If m*?i w e v in little thing*? Affectii? iu nil (Gfir baling*: It hraru li t'. f>-vwer rusted airings To i*ola !b<ir kindly feelings If men. w.iert \\'ron? bnits down the Right, Woui j rtnke ocetber and restore it; If Hu 'it made Might in < very light. The world w ?i d be the In tter for it. " HoRaimt: M/ssacrk a:*d Burning of ? British h \ ? information has been received of ? ti al occurrence on board the British Beuu'ce, the master of which, (Captai.i Cund} ; with his wife, chief mate, uii'thers, have been massa cred by tK c w, who after* ards set lire to th sh*i> and destroyed her, to prevent der^cti n. The Berenice sailed from Shang m u the 15th of July, 1852, with a cai ._o < f tea, for Sydney. Uei crew sf^nj m Singapore, consisted al most entir? ? of men from different parts of Netherlmd india, who, thinking that there was i?:ucr gold on board, conspired to take possesion of the vessel. Tlie Captain, mate, and three seamen werv killed at t ? outset; the captain's wife dragged fr u* fcstween decks, whithei j>he had flown, and thrown overboard A French r~--~nger is also unaccounted for, and thrv? dcngalese and Ainboyna men who w<-r? among the crew All the money that it . wretches got consisted ol one hundr* >: 'i >rins and forty Spanish dollars, wh'ch tiiey divided among them selves, and >~;i3 agreed among thein to sail for Tai.bu. there to abandon the vessel, after Laving set fire to it. The ship gaining T?cal, which was taken foi Tuaban, sh. w?s set on fire, and they took to the Several were left be hind, and ^ere burned in the vessel. Finding thvi n istake on gaining the heights of T gal, they were compelled to get nd of m s". the plunder by throw ing it overb- ->id. The authorities, how ever. caused heir arrest. Some of them confessed; four ct the ringleaders wer?: executed, anil tire others sentenced to twenty years barishment. Pescxi of a SisaLM OMissieN.?A few weeks ago, 01 e of the wealthiest cap tains m Amster-i im made his will, not permitting ever his professional advisers to know its c ents, and placing the document in u ?ied envelope, transfer red it to the * v ves of his notary. On his death bed i- communicated to cer tain of his fn i i the fact that one of the items in his v? was two hundred and fifty tioria* a egaoy for every Roman Catnohc pner -^siding in Arasterdvji. On ^Dening t . will, it wa? asrerta aed that the word ?" had been .nit ted, so that i . beques* ran thu^ : "I give g^rl hequ^.h *o every Roman Cath olic [priests, ; course, inclnded."' e siding in Amsterdam ?u the tim^ ot m^ decease, the sura of two hundred and fif ty florins.'' Several claim> lave been already made, and it will require about twelve millions of florins to carry out this provision. There will suil r main, however, forty orfitty milli? florins for the benefit of the family. ARRl VALS AT , NCI PAL UOTELS. Vw.!>ard?> b 4 kic.waui*. G ?' Bal lwin, KV L<? Chevalier M de Marsi J T Marin, do Kurope A L> broeli. lTS? E Vlan b, NJ ti G Bogest, NY IV 11 Talcott, do J V Edward*. O p T Wvman, Army '? '? I"fasten, Via-G V\" S Wetmore & iadics, B W Jones. NY NY D Lor ?, do A lie Witt, Ha.?s G A Trowbrnlg* 10 J H -outhwuk, RI J Child, Va It E Sickles, NY II Barna'd, ?'t Capt osden, IfSN A L Avery, Kla IV S Jahiuton, (1 F A P?ll>, Mass Capt J Lest-.-r, Md latlraal Mot?l??. d. will*an W O Havey. NJ W VV \W?t. pa \V Via T A Mcl'reery, SC J li Trail d<i H VVledeinann. Granada H II l'rathei,d . VV B?-aro, NY Mrs Latlir >p. Fa K Nel-on fc rton, do Misw Paui, do I?r || || Cuild-s and lady t Macale?t? r, do Mass Mi - Macalrfirr j , E > 'win 3l lad>.do do L T r?io. ker, Cuba G William*, do VV E II-.- tuii N Y J Hall, do J 8 Gilb? rt, do J Paul, do R W right, do J H B< i' A Sec or, do W F Garland. F? C Cliaputan Ji ladv, Ut Mr Wilton. Vid G W Tubman. Md J BIomI, do Crewnf Ro'sl-*. ?. a u. imwa. I?r F?l?er, NY F Raadtll k. son, Wis J Grsig**r & lady, ? % l ? Brrktley, Va 5 11 Sharpie*-. ?. Berk-.ley, do A J Cuawiing d? . W Way. NY K Sand-. NY H B ButII, do A V Blak.. do D L Cueliiug, Fa W Chamberlain, .*? w r, Dixon. Va A Even- t. do J U Stanton, NJ W R E W Ph?lp?. do H W Suhm.ii, M.i B Bales, Pa T J Turner, do .N WIntelv, NY A Hmes, do J C Stark J Mclnt re, do G Cam-.l.. II, Vt S SaHderwjsi, nougla-s, Md 8 F Sempte, Va G W Frters, do Kir*' -j. n. ai 4 tisiwooi 0 VV IlaniKon, T ? Linn VI de Mario, Enroue W H \ |a, ,, |i rio 1?> s, Md I. Rider. NY f ?,? M luU, Va 8 GibiM'it a lady, M?-. A r M'adelhall, Md Mim Cib^rn, do A K Latlirot* fc l idv, Pa Ma-i Gil>-o?, do A C Ui??l, do H Blot* a la.iv. F< J I) i;?|itfr, Va >1 Wilkinson, Va?* I>r Chilton h lady, NC 1 Clark, Md J A Jonvn a lady, do T 8 R<iy, do G B Whaling, Man* T M ItoiHu's, Pa H T Bladen, <lo W A Hodges NY G W Francw, NY VV U 1 hamberlain. d< W Ob--riM>n. NJ Mi>- ? tiaiiib- tlaiu. iJo L t Stoker, Havana R Piwte a lady, d< * ?j fl Rtaut Foul-1. b. ?aCIVBT. AlH m-re-t NV R R 8(M-akman, Pa . 1 Jjmvrb, Va j King, do Ho:. VV Sh i 11 iion ?. nrc W G llo<tge?. Na^ ? u''.".. w , 1 " Cuiumini. Ala J H t ?>tt, Md It X IItrader. NJ A 11 Hobb*, do .CaDilon llo.iaa, Alexandria, Va. 4. wwri,*, . aorair.roa. Col Kelley, O ewn F P F or be.", NY D S Mafrnder, M.I St G Tucker, lady 2 chil T J MabeflUy. Va dren a ?ervautj Va L C EImwoii, do G W F Smith, do J B irlMinr. do L 'I r-aiiafero. do G C AnaMral, do J Shawson, NY F B B? ail,<to C B Daniel, Pa R T Kabl?-, Md 8 Morgan Maj J F !*iutih, Va A Seliman, M l J J C Uaugli?-ity, Mu W II Jamen, Va G riioma*. Va , J A Smith, do II.11 II A VVise. do J C Mom-lire, do H L Brook a lady, do Or L H Tu ker, do E t' Marnhall, do W M nnick, do L ?* F.Ha^on. B Sbum?te, <Jo JOHN H. BUTHMANN. T?f?*T?* AMI* DMUa IN* WINK, HRAN ' i~- ' r<, Ac. ? ? i>h |railia ->:ith -de '*? n * ' Mwi k c'tT?4 *!-:*!! ?w?c? *-io .. uumi r, br *Tov? cnsi.:'n,t in i*xt * ^v, Por'.ofvui. vi ^rpie.n,? In ?n1 dMT-^? hr?.-fla ^ '? ?1* *'? I o: rt io>* ft iue, s Of it Tult liu* AuO, t>\^ I'urry Pi? kl:n^ red and ?hit* C!*ret, at ?r ces nrora 50 pjr du*e ?? to ?h" h.frhast ct> d?X And n roam* other kicdstf Wlu Alac, Tory superior C>g >m, pal* and dsrk: Krheid ??m GU, ?* Rum fine old Whiskev, I'lah Milt, CorJiil*, and liar an a Cigar*. dee we* 5 PBOPO?ALS FOik MAIL BAG8. ~~ Po?T OrilCE Department, January 12,1835. ShALED PROPOSALS will bp received at this Department until 9 o'clock a 111., of th- 931 of Apul next, for furnishing for four years from the 1st day ot July next, in such qnanti'ios and a* such date* ns may be required and ordered tor the mail service, mail bag-> ol the followng description, to Canvas Mail Bags. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, an 1 62 inchnj in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass weighing 15 ounce* to the yarf of 27 inches width ? the yarn ol the labric to be doubled and twisted and' five fo il. Si*: No. 2, (41 ir.cbea in length, and 48 inches in circuuilereuce,) to be made of cotton canvas? wsighmg la ounces to the yard of 27 inches widtl.' and the dot 1 1 > be woven in every respect like that of the first s ze of bag*. rso" J- &2 hichen in len?th and .18 indies in circuinfer.n?e.) to be made ot cotton canvas* wv:ghiiiff 10 < liners to the yard of 22 im ho* width and til cloth to be woven a- above described. ?he c inva - bagj of sizes Nos. 1 2 a'e'to be made with a sufficie t numb, r of eyelet h< les nnd provided with stroii4 cord to secure tlioir mouths, '^r ?a,f,e to he w<" *"(' distinctly marked u U. S. Mail, ? aad to be numbered according to tlie sizes a ?ove specified. t Isnth"r and (Janvis* PoncJies. S ze tfo. 1 48 in in length, and 60 ?n. circumference *'ze No. 2. 41 do do 4# do Size No. 3 36 do do 42 a0 31** Nv. 4 36 do do 3K do Size No. 5. 26 do do 2f? do ' .h" ^dy of the leather |M.uc.'ies is to be made of 3?od and su:is!antial bag-leather, well tanned, weigh in^ for Nos. 1 anrt 2 not I ??than 8 mine s, nnd for ti.e smaller ,iZev not less than 7 ouucie to the so. r:n 'iU a'"1 ,rtaP to Of good skirting leather well tanned, and the same to be well and -tro .giy secured with the best iron rive s, well tjiincd. The canvass pouches ;?re to be made of dtii-ely woven canva s, s as to resist water, or tt 4ra>t ?-qu ?l to tint ><f which the pouches now in ihe ?rrice Me made. L'v'krr and Canvass Horse mail Bags, (in saddle bags form.) M?. No. I. Hod" 48 inches long, and hi inch-s in ? iriu .1 r? lice at ihe widest pans ; ends or bottoms ot m<', 14 by 2>j inches Size No. 2. Uod> 44 inche.- l?mg, and 36 inches in ciPeiiiiiiereiice at Die widest parts ; ends oi bottoms of raine, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. Ho .y 42 inches long, and J2 incite* in cm umt rrneeat th? wi 4esi part-; ends 01 bottoms of s ttne in by 20 inches Th - leather horse mail bags are to Ik- made ol good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, and weighing not l< ss than 7 ounce* to the square foot and the seams to be well and -4,,,ugly sewed ? ?.r it' riv.*tt?-d, to bt so don* as not ;o chafe the horse'or naer. Tbe canvass horse mail bajf* are to bo made ol the same quality of fabric as the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and Leather Drop lrtt$r Pouch's. (with side pockets.) Size Xo. 4. 30 in. in length, and 3G in circumference >?ze No. o. 2b do do 28 do Canvas* \c us paper Mail Ba{>. Size No. 1, (4t? inches in length and 62 inches in ci eumfcrence,) to ba made of cotton canvass w^hiug at lea?t 15 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width; the yarn ol the fabric to be doubled and twisted amtnvr told, and the ban to be so, ?nsmicted as to bi: locked, and to hav? a handle at eactt end. Size No. 2, (41 inches Ion* and 43 inche* in cir "umtereuee,) u. be of the same material and man n^r of construction with size No. 1. Prop -sals tor improvements in the construction of any of the above described mail-bags, 0r in the ma t rial; th r-of. ,re invite 1; an 1 the restive value ?ltd fc.lapuuion to the service at well as orice of rwch improvem. ut will be tonsidored in determin in-; the low -t and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied wit:t samp>s of each article hid lor, showing the construction, quality of materials, and u orkmat - -htp proposed, and a"so with evidenct of the com pttenc> an I tbility of the bidder to ? xeC?ite Hie wort according to contract. The specimens inH?tbe delivere i at tli? b-i,nrt ment on or before the 231 ,hy cf April next and ti!I. in connexion with the |tro|KM>ala form tli- has,, ot the contract*. Specimens deiM?sne.| 'r bid-'->? . h m iv 'vith safety and con\ ente,,ce be used i i he mail ervice will be paid tor at tlie rates r-r^ pose<! by inem. ? ?L oa1 the bids wdl be made 01. or b. fore th- fir-; day ol May neat, and the bidder or In i lrr f '' " v*1'1r ouired to enter int.. c....tract - n or h.:Ujr. the ? -,th , r. of lc,,e n..4l. Wllil 1 "s " *' !f's i ,T a oul perlormaiic- ol the ??b ition- .10 eu ered into. viltlie iuscles contracted for aie to be delivered at me co.'ra. tor-s eip^mse, at |{o.lon, Ma-sa.;hu ^ V- V.; I' ._ Pittsl.ur?b, i a ; llaluuiorc, Md : \Va>hni^ton, n- t.,J harb'ston S.C.; ^u-irs^.a.; Monrgomery! A a.; New U'Jeaiis, La; N.^Tffc*, T. i.oui> v.lle, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio; L?,?' Mo , such qna mi ties and at such times as the I). ?art nieni may require ; and they are to b- rigidly in speeled before delivery, and none are to be received wh cii shall be inferior to the specimens or st:*nd if a To enable bidders to estimate the number of the ? lfferent kinds of mail bags which will probably be required, they are iniormed Uiat there were fur nished tor the u?e of the Department, during the year which ended 30 h June last. 2 135 leather pouchea; 3^78 eanva?s (sniclies; 450 leather horse man bags; 6O0 canvass home mail bags ; and 17 110 cat.viss mail bass. 6 ' The proposal# should be endorsed " ProjotuL tor Mail Bass, an J be addressed to the ?? PoUmaster 7- ? , . , J A M Es CAM PIIEM., ja.i 15 l.m lv?kv l*<wtmastrr General. rosen'kranz pianos. * lusr received two of tlie above unequalled in atrumeiiU direct from the Manu ? Uctory in Dresden, Germany. Thesefl^HfcKK rianoT, having both, after a loi g seannf^Mr* and land voyage, arrived in perfect'/ ?? * \7 U tune, afford an .ther guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tunc. 1 heir lieauty and power ol tone elicits the higbe?t eiicomuins from all tlie great musical critics of i'urope. .. . ? HILBIJS & HITZ, Depot, cor. Pa. av. llth and D sis. ?in o?tt m m 1 No. 5as.j ? f)oi r f!|)F ?E D,StJ?^TINUANCE 'j lhe L H,t"< land office at Jf jfersonvii/c. t'in C'vnpi)f""fl W'1' " huliana. NIJEK the provisions ot me second section of the act of Congress, approved June 12. 1810. wnirh declares '-that whenever the quantity of pub nc lards remaining unsold in any land district shall he reduced to a number ol acre- less than one bun tlred thousand, it shall be the duty of the See retary ol the Treasury to di continOe the land offic,: for such district; and if ?-n> land in anv such dtstrnrt rhail remain unsold at the time of toe discontinuance ol a land onic, the same shall be subject to side at some one of the eiutini' land of lices m<?t convenient to the district in whlcli the land office shall have been discontinued, of which' the storliry ol the Trea&ury give iioticj' ?tid inasmuch as the 7th section ol the act approved k " r' authorizes the Secret ry of the Treasury to continue any laud district in which is situated tlie seat of government .f any one of the f tales, notwithstanding Uie quantity of land unsold ja such district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in m* opinion such < onunuance may be required by public convenience or in order to close the land system 11 stich filiate at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1M0, a?M/ inat much a* the duty abort required has been derived "'f.n f*' *e<-retary of the Interior hu "the tu t to cs lOtO Hom* Departmentapproved 3d March. Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view n rep-irts from the Ian I officer., at JKM KRsoNvii.t.K. "ntl VVinamac, tiiat the vacant latu| in each ol said districts is r.-duced below one hundred thousand acres, the Secretary of the Interior, with fhelWJTi 2 n ?J.iiie President, baa directed that lv,i - ??c?ant JarrcuoNviLLK. Viwr ennks and .~i ,h iC;the of Indiana, be discontinued, . ,1 "d* "'Hold at the time of the ice a, ilnrf? lna,,c subJect to >al' ?? the land s^d State! ?LI"' ot government of I k*!!!!". re?*'?ing ^unsold, and uapprnpnated bv ."ll^jec l? 5riVale ' "iry within the limits of tM districts now discontinued, will cea?e to be subject to entry as heretnfore at those offices, from the .late of the receipt of this notice by the reg st,.ri and receivers thereof, and the land officers at Indi ? > * poms will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepared to receive appricatioiif for entries of any such lands at their offi.-e. JOHN ?> ILSON. Commissioner of General Land OITIce. J a scary 25. 1855. j*n 2M- 2aw6w p00k and laboring men." CJMALI, btMUn.NQ of lg fret er more, la ?w and terms to suit. L?>J?D A 00. ?WlLDlBo $ T o n E wjsaSs^i-. ^ PROPOSALS FOR FURIflSHING PAPER FOR TFE PFBLIC PBIHTIITG Orma Sti-KRiirrExniNr Peine P*i*ttjio, Washington, January 25,1855. IN pursuance of the provision* of the act entitled, '*An act to provide for cxeeutin? the pu tic printing,'' fcc.. approved August 06, 1852, waled prnposa will be received a' this ? ftice,in the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 28th day of .March next, at 1J o'clock m., for furnishing (he following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8.500 rams, weighing 28 pounds per ream, and mea suring 19 by 26 inches 3,100 reams, weighing 26 pound* per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, weighing 24 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inches 400 reams, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the best materials, and Finished in the best manner and tree from adul teratfou. A contract will be entered into for sup pi. ing the qasntitirs stated, at such times as the public service may require, but the privilege is re served ??. ordering a grader quantity of either kind, should a greater quantity be required, at such times and in such quantities as mav be deemed necessary. Simples <rt each kind of paper must accompany fich bid, and all proposals end samples mu<t be transmitted to this office, free of (ullage or ot icr expense Each proposal must be signed by the individual or fi m making it, and must specify the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and byt on<! price) of each description of paper. All the paper must h<- delivered st such place or places as mav he design, ted in Wa>hin?ton city; in ?ood oricr, free of all and every extra charge or ex pend, ann subject to the inspection, count, weight an I measurement of the Superintendent, and be m all respeets satisfactory. Blank form* for proposals will b fnmi-lied at this o**ice to persons applying for then* ; and n?>ne will :?e taken into consideration* substantially agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; and the supplying of au inferior article, or a failme to supply the quantity required at any tiini will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is n quired to furnish with hi< propo ses satisfactory evidence of his a'ulity t.i execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with such e*1 i dence will be rejected. Pi-oposals will be adilre~sed to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the United | .States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplving Paper. ' A G SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 20?eotd INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. ffXALTH RESTCRKD AND LI^E 1 i. iv L?K. MORMTB IMTiGORAViWl H11U OR OOBPlATi.?At ixst che MM thaai ..pjtedto Pro?. MOa&2'3 IHViaOilAlUfe II OR uulUUAli w- ?> .'#? p,ed/-1?aljus. Th* pu'i i- 'ft.'u deceivd, ??'?..I net t^e simple u>l >?.iin% truth: snr.tnnr^ or the iiisoe?er<?r.? <lj>, oivhjflU'olf a by wit' 0* e hifrhyt eltts ar?d rhoow triurarh n* o >11 doubts. INOKUDUf.iTY (8 OVBR TII'?.o?.'r; '<7# a?>saof ?a?,tiino?iy wbi-hie perfectl; 'r. s ieta'ele. 7Le F>.una rea?*?*>', in tve der'<.r?b!e ?t is arising frim iok".' or of tb* Vuriva? "r/ac* which ma\- dj> ths-rond'/ful rn*clfne?r'!?v ?S-?u. I' restore''fro ty'.l v.gor ev.*ry delicate. func .1 d con?*:te?l wit'o th?t nsyst?*; sous eonpoand %g-?iicy rf mafic r u i a^n-i, new^ry to th~ ;? iu^tinncj hitman lift. To person* of feeble nuf.ii ;ar irsm*, or d.-fi-ieut in vital prwsr, It is rsoai a-t the cn'y 7ne?.Pe ^f corarauiiJciiting that *4 tif which ie nec?r:3ary to thr pr per enjoyment >-?! *11 the natural appef'es, w we'd as the bigh-r TT.tsl ^'tribute*. Its beneficial e^*"Is .%re not con .1n*d to either eex or to ar.y rge. Ths f'.eli!e giil, th>> aiV.nj? wife, the iM'.eas. ernevat^J yca'h, tfce eTerworc insn of hnsir *sr. th* Tlriim of nervous ds pr**aion, tue it iirlduul ^ufT^r!:ir feem ?'T??-al de )i!Hy, or from the wejAnas-' of s single organ, will *1: ftud ira-a"di*t? ^nd permnnsut relief fror: the is'of this iucoaipsrab]r'en- -Inr. To tl?oae who ^ave a prellsposltlou to j.4r^.l}??= it prove s f-ouiplete and aafriliog sufegaard N,^ain:>t ci;*t terri Ll? malady. Tbers ar>- 121. 7, r.?rLaps, have 60 '.ritled with th^lr consul itions, thnt they think ib :niselve8 t>fy >n>l tL* re h of medicine. Let not ven thf ?e ie.-p ir. The teller -leols with disease as it exists, withe ut rsfcr^nee to <:aupe3, ?nd will net caly remcro the ^'s&r Vr i' \ ;t UBDUII.D rnt i'WvSN ;yV"f?rf.TTION X^e -onxt f il.esyct'^j, lr?'JiC|{ to n?r rp.i i ?ss, t>:? f'-vias of perr?**? 1i."" it : , so ncmoroua that it T.u!ireq?)!reacolnnn ?.s.' iiuaertte the tc?l<iditn for wi?'~h this prepav* rt'i' n is isr?>;iPc. A f- however, ni'.y 1 ??ncnie m' *i, via: nr iralgli-. iie Jr>'ereH'iT.,! -i-'p. i!?,icr5y? i'Pt para'ysis, hyster'i. palpitation oftltp lisart, spi na afllrcthna nius'*"!ar lebility, trorpcrs.ttr'nU-uc*, * f-u irg ( "DHatlo^. in the flush, n, tc"pil ity th lir?r, mental drprepnoo, wexfencss nf tte ^i t,mdirpo "tkn ?.? more, raictn tftrr er^roi*-?, broken deep at, terrifying dr??a??, in&bility *o re ?ne.ln in one p-m*? . position, w?-shnese of the pr> ??ci *fiv? ? rgnntexu-?' incomt??teBrv, c -larwholy, "ipocian! t, 2cor-ilt-us. i kin^st t'v fnnv b, male irrsg'iiarltt'M, a chronic tendency to misenr ru re, eaacifcLien a;>d ali x?aolaiuts crowing out of a free indulgence of the pas io;-s ?ud all oarrennr.j does ^st pro?s?d Irr.m (.r?*?f?io caui-es beyend the resch of mrlicine. >Vhentr"Mr the ^rgt^s to he acted oprn are free f.-on axalfornatior or str t ira1 diseasen ii is avrrred that MORoE'b INV >' v '.TIN J 8UXC3 will replace * jakr"?s with ,r? c??h, inra^H-l'y with !>ftiei?noy, irrtgularity will ur.norut rnd natuial *o tivitj, ned tb^ uot oniv watiirjut bsr??rd of reaction, but with a happy err*01 on th* gen^rjil orgunirnti #^~Bear in ir-im'thst all malati'os, wherevertli?:-y t"e?in, ftMih ??ith th? n-rvous system, and tb?t tl-e t ^/-alirati^a of the n-rs-^s or mo'ion a?- i s^nsst'.on la V nysical death. Boar in mind ?.5so, ih?t for every fcini of ne*vous d>r-ae th<? KlH??r Oor^.ial Is tb? 1/iUy r^l'abla ?tioc km t?o. CR Dr. <Ho>i4>'b 'i?V!C ' Cosr-tiL t <.s been ocua ;vi>i'.e.: >y some uuprin-'-j led pwui. in tuture, all the i'eituioe Oc?riit-l w:P here the , rorxiator'a fac slmi'' , wst?J . ver ih? cci'k of ea?*h lo*tle, and the fol'n i:j?f words blcwr. in the glass Jr., P.orn'i tari^'oraOji Cordis!, C. If. i(L\U, ProprUtor, M.T. ?ir Ths Cordis ?s put np highlyoonoentrated, in ui bottles. ?rloe^?$8 per bottle; two Tor $i?; six for |12, 0. H. itlNC, Proprietor, * 12i L'roadway, New Torll. ^Id by I>rv:gglet6 throu/hout the United Ht*t?e, Caiialae. and West Indies. AUaNTP. Washington?7.. I) QILV?AJP. Baltimore?r. ?. 1UV(3. Richmond?bS N N MTT * BRStA. % 9tar SO??*>tf United States Patent OIHce, ( W^siiirroToN, Jan. SI, 1354. j ON the petition of Cumulus Davrvp p.t and Al iiekt BEtixiF.s, of Bri lg?*port, M^ssachupeits, I raying for th?* e.Tte: rc-i a patent granted to 'hi-m on tfce 4th of .May, 1841, for impiwvtos.ent ia the manner of consiruet>g ra lrcad earriagej so a? to ease the lateral m.-tion of t^e bodi-s thersof, for peven years from the exp:rat?on of Laid patent, *hifh takes plac? on the ith laj of May,eighteen hundred and fifty tire ) It in ordered, that the "aid petition be heard at the Patent Office en Monday, the 23d Jay ot April, next, at 12 o'clo-k, in ; and all persons are notified to appear sjid show eause, if any they have, why r.*Sd petition ought not tc be 'rantnl. Perboub opposiug the ?*xtensiou are required to file in the Patent ijflice their objections, specially set forth in * riting. at lenst twenty daj s before the day of hearing; ali testimony filed by either party to be ased at the said h'-arins must be takeu and trans mitted In accord-nice with th<- rules of this Ofllce, whleh will be furnished on application. The testimony in tn? case *ill In* eloped on the l.'itb April; depositions and tther pajn-rs relied up rn as testimony mu^t be fil?-din the office on or W fnre the morning ot tb*t dsy; the argum?*nts, i' a'i>* within tep days thereatter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in tha Union, Intelligen<-?-r and Kvening jitar, Washington. D. C., Pt wnsylvai ian, Philadelphia, Pa., Scientific American, ^ew York: and the Po t. bo?t^n, Ma?a.. ouce a week for three successive weeks previou. tc t!se 25d of next, the day of hearing. C1IAKLK8 MASON, Commia,?ioper of Pat-nts. P. 3.?E<lit0rP0f the above papers will please copy s id send their bills to the 1'atent Office, with ? p^, per containing this n.Vi<*? feh 1?T3w VTAPiVk'N KhrIisU Battles and Sieges in the i l Peninsula, I vol. London, 1KVI Manual el Ki? ld Operation by Ll Jervis, Royal Ar tillery, 1 vol, 1852 The Young Office-'s Companion, by Col l.oril de Ros, 1 vol. Tli ? War in Russia and Germany in 1P10 13, by Col Cathcurt, (killed at Inkerman) 1 vol, maps and diagrams, lb.%0 Six Familiar Lectures, by a field officer, 1 vol, 18il (ieneral Wolfe's Instructions to Yomig Ofiicers, 1 ? vol (out of priat) 1768 The Mediterranean, a Memoir. P Msioal, liisuwical, and Nautical, by Rear Adtiiirn; SmStli, 1 vol, 1H&4 The Miscellaneous fjiteran' Work* of Genera! Bur goyne, 2 vols, (out of print) 181* jan 24 -> > RANCK TAYL'JR. . UNION ACADEMY. C?iH'r of fburttcnth tl. and Ktu) York avenue. AFKW ta re pupils oan be received to ma<?e up the limited numlier.' Application must be made soon. The discipline, instruction, sn i means of S'lustr?tton are siich as to insuref atisfactory pre ^res ia those pupils who a\e pun^nsi, regular and obedient. Circulars at the Bookstores. <l??30 -3io Z. RICHARDS, Principal. TKAVKLKRS' HfREtTORY. - , ><i ? ?? rATIIAM'S LINK OV OMMIBUSICH j will Alexandria at 4, If. ind * hi, 1^ and J tf p m. Wi leave Washington at 6, 11, and 12 a ui., 3% and 7 pm. Seat* can be nccured at the Office^ Fairfax st., and Newton's Mansion Howe ; in Washington, ct Hall's Segar Store mi Kirk wood Houm. This Line run-* regularly winter and sanwner for the accommodation of the Public. Passengers called tor and taken to tieir residences if Dot too far. FARE?For the Ant trip up and last trip down, 50 cents; all other regular trips 25 cents. Trunks extra. LATHAM fc COOK, jan 8?If GBOHWKMH BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINK BETWEEN NEVV Y0RK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. This lino affords unequalled facilities to the bnsi ness men of tin- District of rolumbia. The Agenfs at either point will receive freight and give a through bill of lading to VFashington at the lowest rates oi freight and no commission* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange Pl -ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. 8CHANK, jan 14?d>n Foot of India Wharf, Boston. foiTthe west and south. BALTIMORE AND OHIO tiAlllKOAB f-MPBOVRD AP.RAN'.TKMKNTg ?>R TRAVKL! JMPORTANT CHANGES OFXCIIKDVDF!! The lat^ completion of th tpntral Ohio Railroad betw??r Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, as it do?s, by ro short ani d'.rect a line, the Baltimore an 1 Chi^ Railrad With all portions of the West (anl Ncrt . and Southwest,) gives this route greatly inrrcaa*' advantages to throueh travelers in that direction. On and afar MONDAY, November 27, 1854, th? trains wili be run as follows: fOR THROUGH PA99FNOKK*. Two fast trains daily will run in each direction Klrwt?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m ., instead o! 8 o'clock as heretofore. (?fcoept on Sunday,! ?n?l arriving *t Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The KXPRR8S TRAIN, leaving at 5p m f iusUad of at 7 p m., as heretofore, and rnoniog through to Wheeling in about 17 hcurs, reachirg there at 10 25 a. in. This train will step at Wash iagtcn Junction, Sykesville, Monoracy, Harper's y'rry, Wartinsbnrg, *?ir JohnV Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowleeburg, Newburg, Fettennan, Farm Jngton, Cameron and Mouudsviil? only, for woo-i and water and meals. Beth tke?e trains mak* prompt and regular eonn<vtlon with the c^rs ot thr Central Ohio Road for Cambridge, Zan'svill-, Neir ark, C<>lumbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, r?yto'i fandusky, Tol^d-, Letrnit, Indiananolis, Chicago. St Loui:'.etc. Pappeagers leaving lJaltimore by the Mai'Tr*n; wi 1 reac*. Cincinnati f*r dinner next day, while by lbs "'xpresB Train th^y arr v? then- ] st 12 the next night, being kept but on* nfgM ot the route by eith-r train Passengers for the Norihwe*-t via Cleve'ard and a'l intermediate points can mike a direct ,c?:nec tion with 'he trains upon th> Cleveland sad Pitts lurg l'.u lrord at all times whe ? the Ohio is navi^a b!e for steamara betwen Wb^lin.: ard tWllnvjlle by leaving Baltimore in ?he Mail Train a' 7 a. w. Iteturniug, the Trains i*ave Wheeling as foltawF: I The KXPRE8S TRMNat4:?p n, reaching Pa! Utao-^ at D.ftO a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. m reaci.icg Baltimore ?t 7 p m. 4?*Thronxh tickets by beat from Wheeling fori f, Madison. L' u'Fville, fct. f '?uis and otarr ' Kivcr Cities, * i'l br sold at a 1 time? wten ihe stag* of w?t?r nil I adrcit. Through tfckts between Baltimore and | Waauington, and all the iraror+snt cities and tcwnc 11 the West, are sold at the Ticket Oftces of the Company. POR WAY PA8FXN~EItS. TUB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Rtatioa wili take passengers for a'.l lb* usual Ptopiitg place or the Road Returning, <his train leaves Wheeling | at 11.45 midnight, Cumberland at 10 15 n. m., an arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THE FRKLKKICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, | fbr FrederieK and ict'i m??iiate place, will start at 4 p. m , daily (except Sunday.-) ar.lvinK in Fr*der-1 ici at 7.40 Returciug w ill l"?ve Frederick at 9 a. | m. arriving at Baltimore at 12 30, noon TilK KLLIC' >TT'.^ MILL** A(XX)MMODAT;0N Will be m dnily, (exw pt Sunday s.) as follows : Leave Cami'ii Station at 6 a m. and 3 p. m Lenre E'liott's Mill3 at 7.30 a. m. and $.30 p. m. I WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: IEAVK daily, ejeept Sunday, at 6 and 8>f a m j at?d 3 eel 6 pm. On Sunday at 6 a in and 6 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4}^ and 9 am; anl 8 s*)4 t p m. On Sunday at 4# am and 5 pm. The c^necti.mii with B dtiiaore k OLio RaTr-** ! for the Went are by trains leaving at 0 a a an i ' j pa. I For Philauelphia and New Yoik at C, ar.d ?'{ a d and 6 pm. For Annapolis at a m anl 5 p n. Fti Nor.oli at 3 p m. T. II. PARH0NS, Agent Particu'ar attention t called to the Rule requir ing a raepen^ble Toucher for any person of ool< r | who m^y wi=h to pass ov r the road dec 13?dtf UEAlfOE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1851, rr'HK Cer.? ieare Alexan^rii da;ly for Oorinpg X Tiii? and in'.ern??di?te ctatioas at 7H o'clock, a. m., on tb? arrival ol the boat from Washington, giving ample time for breakfast on beard. Con necting at Mxuavaa Junction with a traio for Ftre? burg. at Warrent?>n Jucticn witb a train for V.'ar rerton, and at Qordonsvilif with the trains on th Vir^inbt Oatral RaiLoad for Richmond,Ch*rlf-tt?r ^ille, and c'.aunton The cars leave Qordcne<ri!'e daily for Al-xandr4^ and intermediate stations, at before 12. a. m.. or the ariiTal of the trains oi the Vi-gii.ia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlctt*wviii?, and Staunton THROUGH TICKKT8. From Alexandria to Warrentou $2 00 ** *? Gordonsvilie 3 50 " M Charlottasville 4 25 44 44 Staunton 5 90 " 44 St rati burg 3 60 " 44 Lynchburg _6 76 44 44 Wiocheetcr 3 50 " 44 Luray 4 26 44 ** New Market 6 00 44 44 Middleburg 2 25 For Lynchburg, connecting with the stages at Ch-.rlottesville, on Mondays, WedaesJayr, and Fri days For I.'iray and New Market, conne; tin^ with the s ages at Culpeper,on Tueaday3,Thureda^r,and Sat-1 urday For Winchester daily, connecting witb the ctage? a. Piedmont > ur Middli burg daily, connecting with the stages 1 at the Plains. Per orJer: W. B. PR 1CKETT, Agrnt. nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. jFare round trip $1; from Alex andria 76 cut" ?The THOMAS OOI.LYKR le? We.pticjtoa at 9 and Alexandria at o'clock. C"ach?s leave the Capitol for the boat at o'clk. Coach fare '0 cenu. Persons winfjlng the Co*ch*s trill '.save their resi dence with 0*o. k Tho?. Parker. t Refre^hmentr on th" boat. *vrt 23 ?dtf SAM'L GEDN5Y, Capt TKiJtu RKW YORK dt, LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rpHK SHIPS COMPRISINO THIS LIN2 AB!i 1 T1IE? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cvtnfto.-k, Aj)HI ATIC, Capt. flrxtoB. These .diip* hav? lie^n built by coatr.nct, expr -b ly fur tovjrnment servi^; every care hia.Kc>n taken in tffeir construction, as iu the Knginee to inscre etreu^th and op-^l, and their a ermmoda tions for ar? unequalled for eVgtlic and comfort. Prke of passage from New V' rk to Li?erpool, in first cabin fl'JO Second Cabin 70 Exclusive use of extra size ata*?- roome 300 From Lirerpool to New York ?30 aud ?20. An experiencoi surgeon at'w.hed toaa^h ?hip. No berth can be secured until paid tor. For freight or panai apnly to JsDWARD K. 03LLINS * CO, 6ti Wail street. Ne? York. BROWN, SIIlPl.iSY A CO, Li vr pool. E. G. ROBRRTS A CO., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A 00, 26 Rus? Notre Dacie d?s TI< toiies, ParL?. GEO. H. DRAPKR, Havre. The owners of th*e shipe will act be Accountable fjr gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, previous Stones or metals, unless hil's of 1-ding are ri/ned ther?T'?r, an1 ihe value there if Unrein rxi,re?srd. nov 16?dlv I>APER MOISTENER.?A New InvinOoti ff* moistening the leaves of a Copying Book, Post &?<; Stamps, Envelopes, ami moisten the fingers w >en colliding bank bills. Also, useful lor Various otlter puiposes. It will be found an indi?pcnsibfo article for i verv d< sk. It is perfectly siifipl" and cheap, and must come into general use. TAYLOR fc MAURY, jan 18 Agents for Washington. HLIlini UTIIflStlilTI. wc*a*d a. inri. u?i?i 0. CI *31ITn A CO., Micsiutmri u4 17*1 r" i" A WODOL, CA VPfUCNB. ITM Vo 84 8 CALVMRT fTBfcrr, or prrffct Ws*w street, PVLTIMOR* Md | lj T1D1AI DOOTOB. i .. _ _ - R ? ?P*KC*R OAr*hit Profle-vional esnrlce* Xr the Mtiaecs of ha' II oan ewre al! kinds of Crncer*?iakt thee out without pain, or the qm of any knife. I r,B 'we *11 kinds of Fit? and Spasms, R beam ? tic Pain*. Oon?amptk>n, Dronry, Dysp-peW, PHea, Palej. cr tar oth?r ailment the human an.Uy ar? subject to He - an rtop Rl-eding from the Lrngs 0: K's?, ?j? l'+i?nw fron lb? patient by knowing the patientV fMB?. I' ill bcrn blind, and hu studied wr?; year* nndar as Indian Dor?or who wit among th? wild Indian* ttt-twn years. DR. 8PKNCKR ha< removed from Mr. Backtab's Boarding Houf?. to ?o. M, HANOTIR STREET, ?H Raltlmcre. Vd. COUGHS, COLDS, HO ARSENESS7 ftallef !? Flw* Minute*. TYLERS COYPOCND GUM ARABIC SYRT1 1WB in.reasin* demand for this meet pleasant, safr. and pfllcawas r?wMj tor ail pulmonary diwaeee, has enable! th? proprietor to reduce th' price bo a* to pla~e it within the reach cf all clacee* Its sep^i iority or?r nm: similar prjpaiatiro* ia at tested by many 'miaeDt ?, bysi?i>iD? who i>are eye witoeMMf of ita efllcacy when th* upu*! rcme dies have also by thousand of onr mopt r epectable cltlien' who V*re used ?t in their 'atniMe. both as preventive and cure with never failing sue cess f?r the last twenty years. during which period With very little aid tron advertising. Ac , it ha Kadnally spread reputa ion ev?r the whcV Union i caeei of recevt 04di Cough*, BtmrtettcM, <&c , i gi^es cimedlate relief, a*?d Ten rally care* in a da* or two, without h.terfering with diet or busiDe >s, o r?*dering the sya'.en more siko pt IK e ot Co -Is, I. chronic ccsa*. Atfhma, Whropny Cough, Crn%q flrtr cJutu, Affectioru of thf. Ltmy;, arui (JbnMm; turn. It is stlways vry b nefieihl and mMopi fali* when oornrpe'iied in time to perfect?. cure. Price 25 atd tO c?nt? a battle. So'd wholesale bv Pitteraou A Nairn. S .->tt k Oo RlJgely k Oo. A!exandrla by IVel k Siereor. I; Oeor^etOTs-n by Mr. Cisael ma- TYLER'S GUM A RABIC CJINDYDROFt a similar coicpo<n'! >n to tb? abo-e, but id a xaildf and mar - portable f.jrm; tb?y a<*t ?i'tc a charta or a trout)<*one "Cough, and cL?ar the thro** *n ?c!m; they contain no injuriona ''rug. are partici? l.u-ly >-W!nn*B(lH far chiidrn. freqaer>rv of pn? he twaibiiM. s?,5bli<* ?peak re, ai Ac Prl~o \*2\4 SD,1 25 ^at* per bcx. 'or s*:- at art Drug aud Can !y {?*orea. ret 17?tf ~SOMETniNG NEW. OPl*OSTTB THK .MAKKKT ON PKSNFYLVA ?'IA AT-KN'UK 4 doire bidow Nin'h <tre* t is i N1W CLC-THINO 8T0 tE f>r M*n and li^yg openad. tbi# Jay. Dls? KK'ne of the cheapen clothing Mcrchsi'.te i*i th? li rtb. (lrt?nnin<it to offer to the -itiiens of Wa^hioictoo and vicinity hi? e*cel!?i?t Clotb:n^ut -h^ b>w??t Nor'beru rrif^ ft r cash nc'y. Th?r?* tn?? POOH MAIV will find ju?rt cuch a Clothing !?tore ??has long beej wanted in \Vhsh;ni:?oo. Hw n>ot?o is rh^p fo? cash, ar>-J sj?t prick osit. A good substantial wollan e^?t he will tell lb! $2 7b ; and heavy wiu?T pan* -, w^U lined for $1 26, and fise .*oati?, oferco4!s, end Test*, In proportion Oood wool and o?ton under hirta, h^ejery, gloy?<=. Ac., chtu. er than the chuap?st. oot 11 tf IRWAN'S WORKS? Pnrisli arid other P'-noilliiij-. 75c Raniaiiium at Home, Letters to CliH f'iuattre Tf?i;c? Men and Things a? 1 .-h\v them in Knr>?p?; 75c Letters to Bishop Hughe*, in muslin 40 cents, nnne: 20 cent* American Principles on National Prcwpr-rity, a tbariks^'ivi' e s?*fmon, paper 10r JAY'S VV<?KK.S. Autobiography and KeminUrpnces of ib? Rev. Wni Jar, with note* of (li?tit>triiisbe<1 contentporaries in 2 vols, >2 50 Female rienprure t'ha aeters. jjl Morning and Evening Ext-rei^e, 2 vols, $1 50 Fine edition of the Saint? in 4 v< Is o5 Christian Contemplated 40e URAY & BAM.ANTYNE, j^n 15 498 Seventh clr?*?'t. NtCW MUM Jl'ST PUKMSH2!?, "I do not ask lo ofTt-r thee," a very pretty s'>ng. inscribed to Miss lligdon, Portsmouth, Va. "The Elves,1' being beautiful variations on Thou art gone from my gar.e. "VVe Ktood beueatli the inorui'x bfit,dit ray;." a beautiful ballad, re^peclfu.lydedicated to Mi ? Nan me Maury, of Wafhlurron. "Souvenir," a brilliant Waltz, by Prof. Poertxcii, and dedicated to Miss Charlotte Uavis, of Washing' ton city. Fauy Star and Sunbeam fiebotti?ches, Sparkling Walt*, Old IVfender'a Quickstep, .it the Music, Pi ano, and Fancy Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. arenue, between 9th end 20th jan 10?tf British statesmen?Lives of avm^,,, Russell, PalmTT'.on, Orabam, Clad?tune. fce., 1 vol, London, 1?54 Thirty Years of Foreign Policy, a history of the Se cretaryslnpg of Aberdeen and Palmer-ton, I vol, London 1855 Beedellv Itritish Tariff for 1854 5 Special Report to Parliament on the manufacturer of the New York Industrial Exhibition, b\ Wall is ' ' Special Report to do., on the machinery of do , b Whitwortb ' * Special R. |>ort to do , on the Raw Materials and Agriculture ot do., by Wilsofc Sj?ecial Re|iort todo.,ou the Geological Department of do., by Lye 11 Ranfield's Statistical Companion for 1854 Rickard's on PopuUti ?n and Capital, 1 vol, London don 1854. complete Set (rcarce) of the itritish Almanac and Companion Iroin its commence ment in 1828 J"" 26 FR\NCK TAYLOR. NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lrnnxiana a>*nuf, (vpnnt* the Bank of Wnhinc'(* \ ,T R. 1 HOMAr. Li>LRANV respectfully in^itei 1.TA the attention ot th- public to examine hii ?tock of GOODS, 'fhi-h h* ha? rp?ued on Lousi^ca avenue between Sixth and Sereuth <drcet/, oppr*it? the Bank <d W.i^hington, cousieting of all d~ crip tions of Tea?, Ac.. Imp^r'al, Guny>o<?der, ani lU?et Tee , Win s and Liquors, of al! ports, which he car eel) at the lo .rest prices for eash or approved p?per. liepjiee ail the n?ce?sariei for Oro ery Eupia*? vli: Brnoins, Bucket*. Pedxr Tubp, Matches, Ac., Ac. Please cail and see for yourrelvea. nov 22?I.'m MV COl'RTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCES by Henry Wikoff The History and Poetry of Finger Rings, by Chas. Edwards The World a Workslion, by Ewbank The New Congressional Directory at TAYLOR A MACRV'S J*n 15 Bookstore, near Hth ?t. K' CHABLEj WALTER'S GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. NO. 353 SEVENTH ST. orrosrrc emu markf.t. Oflioe hours from V ?o 12 a. m., and from 2 to| P* m' jan 17? Iiii* SKCOND HAND PIA9IOS~FO| SALE OR REN P.? We have in store four Pian< ??, two of Chickcrmg and two of Andre Steins, which we offer low tor, or good notes, or will rent on moderate terms. New Music exacted to-morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, _ja?- ^ 30ft Pa. avenue. EX PEC f ED 1TEW YEAR PBE8KIT78. OF all the branches of bus1ne>s conduct*d in tMs city, flw^rte*, p-rbape, of a I others affo'-d thr smallest proflti, and should have the prefereuce for c^sh, and no oae In that business <"*n a utinue if his customers ?r?- i*ot prompt in aetUem-n* hy (.bort notes or c ish. Desirous cf closing up for the pa-a, I earnestly r-que*t all who are indebt'd to call aud settle wi hout delar I will fuither give n tic* that sll future bills rtiich m*y be ccitrsct?d with m? must be mud with ref-r nee to, and with the dia inct uoderstaud io< tiiat ihsv are to be ? (*d m ntb'y, bv cash cr notes a* iJ days, whi- h I h*r^ prepare i f0*r the put p^?e, except uch t.f c)g old cu- t'.nen who have k|. ways le-sn prompt. Z M. P RING, dec 27?tf 4 1ATHOLIC BOOKS.?A large and varied a->oit \J inent of Caiholic Works, including St. Vincent Mamml Chn-t .-wi's Guide, Gems oPlU vofion ; Do nay lli-h?i}> m plain and elt-gant bindings, at the low est price, just received at TAYLOR Si MACRY'S Jn,i D> Bookatori:, near 0*h M. ABNT, ^ No. 8# Bri>f?e ifrtet, (Jeort>4oim. ]S I'H'pared to furnish, Dimnkrs, Sorrtrs IYcodinos, Ac., with everything in the Oonf?-c tionary line, m any part of the District, at the ?if; notice, and on the most reasonable term*, jan 19?tf MATHEMATICAL IRSTRUMKNT8 Mrs. tf- ANftEEidS has reoeired a large and complete aasorfment of Mathematical Inatru n"nts and Drawing Materia1# of sup?rlor quality The Malh'tna'Kal lustruoients at<-chiefly of J?w>s U ^nuftct >ry in -an s, as well as la separate pl?e*?; Watsr colors aui oil c-lora Drawing pat-?rs or ev ery quality. Ai so, Studiss in Urraingand Painting. 22?tf aTfl Penn. avenua. riMIE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN; containing 1 hints to sportsmen, notes on sporting, and t:ie h ibits of the game birds and wild fowl of America ; y ^ M. D. With numeral^ ill us tradons. Forenleat TAYLOR A MAURY'S Jau '' Bookstore, near 9ih ?t. PHILADELPHIA mERTlSFVENTS. BJVIDEft'B WHTB8 AT PHILADELPHIA. JOHI V. IIIDKR, M?r In former old eetabli*b?<J &m, of Jacob S VTDX.JL He Td Walnut nr?:. to*' -Unn W lew Fourth street. where mm^i will l? ?nvrHed with WUfUtmX UQUOMS on the ?-vt r urmi JACOB IIIDKR, Jr., ifMtlbr he |? port*Won cf PVRETGS' IWM, 0i? Bo, Tl Wal cut street, Philadelphia, *bsr? he is to * ~~ i portal Vb of W\mt retire nrd?r* for the special II A<-? from vartoar hcoM tu Bnmpe, ?o q??ctitw* at IV WDM IM d&tk MM of the hick tm?4 * "in^le do era ead upwards; eed rjeoaoiidts for bk Ron, JOHN VAl'GHAN PXIDBR, the patrcnafa 0f hi< friend* and former custom ere %? All Wines orderwS Iter Washington will be de livered by Express frtt tf >??1 y DOCTOR rocasKLr. THI POCKXT JS8CULAPIUS: on, AYXRY ONI 018 OWN PHTSICI'H. Th* FUU-th Elitlor , wttk One handred fr.pra vines cheering !*?"?*- S ard Mai formation# oftue Bibh Hyetern 1* e*s r -b?pe Md To wbk' i?4Mi JS ait Impei peo; 1*. ef t*?nee plating r- nrti ag?. By WM kOL'NU, M. D. Lot ur (itHic Lr sabaired to DrttHt 4 or; y ol ti>? MhCULAVlUt U hia child ft may urt kta trcm u b*rly L*t ro tpm< .nan ot w^m nw in to toe iwrrt ohiireilons *>' life without -seJtnf the POCRkT JES* MI APIBS Let an on* ?ut?-r;nf: trom a hacknlsd C'.'.'gh, r*ln la tke rids, restiras nights, nervoun Mten an-' the whole trnia . f i#yspeptic s*nmtk>ue, and even phy -?k ?u, be another mom-at, without -* nenlung tb? *9GTTLkfrC8. Have the married. or t\o#e about to be tr?:rled any Impediment, ree' tais truly use ful bock, as It has b-eu the n'tai ol savlne tboas anda cf unfortunate ?re?*nr*e Trom the Tery jaw? *t Aa? perwe B?d?ae TVTBNT CRTO ftt'-lcaed in a letter, wltf reeelre one cc;rof thi? ^?oik by mail, or ti: copies wlW be ientf?: Cue Pel. !'4d:?, fpo?tpa?d) DR. WV. TOUN?. No. Ill Spruce rtra t, rhHatelpbla. ?.plc-lr AN APPEAL T<> COMMON SENSE. I IT THI SICE HIAR THE lECl*. Cimi^ RKKJ4MIW.?When ver kn??wn l?i? hi ?iiv will b*: CMirluxive. Hut l?'?t Jiin?e alio do not linon tlie Captain ?lu>uld b?ec? plicjl, l?r. lti? ? .Tt 8i Rr.v. with othera r?t the bw? known and mo-t highly r^-}?eclahle cili7.?*iie ?l Eaat'-n, ?-u?lo?ae hi* womirrful care by nAMPTO.V's VHGETABTJI TlVCTrBB. r.AnToa, (K-t. d, IBM. W'liiiinrr 4' VoiHkev .? <;eiiil? int-n - I !?It my duty to yeu and Ike piiK r in ccriilj to the effect! of llarnpton'a Vt Cincture. I ?m? tor nv>ra th' n five year* iah<*rui( in?ler a iti'aw ol Cluonir Kti? u nan?iu, and tlie srrat "?at tin"- I wa? so bfliilcaK that I had i ? be ln'ijx il tr'Wn my l??d and ilrrs??*d in my rlnthei" i Im*c iiit*- r<\!iicr(1 io a aien* <k*lHoii. Allth*1 m?*<i icinin I tt>>k linn1' m?' r>? fwl, aad I continued to aw.w hoik1 I lu ar 1 of it:?in|rt??nV Tincture ai^d hi'Ught I would jivi- t( a trial. At thi? time I dtd iot cxp?Tt in live on'- day :itt?*r awithrr. I did not ake it (th* Tincture) {or the Rli<*uMalMM, but an ? short time I ?a< well ? ( tliat diaeaae. Pr->in the fl-cuot your I ineture and tlie lie'pof G id I am now jtettinp in erwxi h>alth. I wish atl the afflicted to try Hampton'? \\ jetahl* rint ture, as I havr il ?re, with the aaMe ?lf?fct that Itaa OO Vour atieuient earvant, lea *c RmaWU. We are acqitainteJ w ith I aw B?-n;amin; told '.?in ?onir of I'.MnpionV Vefftabi'' Tin"tur?-,aadk^ ifvr tli?- ..Imve Mat< ni?it i-w?r'. fi*w?ot? k Ran. I'rom our know I?*dp* of Captain R? njaniin wr arf ?oufifb ut that Ike nUove ~ta!?-iii?-nt i- tni*- and un taff?rat?J- A. Joh*-<?*. CnaUl! ItoaiKana. Call and g'-t |?nii?h!?-t* erari?, and iToujh, B(on< hiUa, RbfUiuatiMU, N'<-urat?ia. Ilya ??<*psia. N?-.voua h**< and tieii'-ral ki.--*. A?a ??niah m< ickie or lor d? li< ate rhildr> i. ne l*b?t t nn?-ouatVd. Sold by MWRTIMKR k M lU C.IM V. 14<> Har 'ioro rtrcrt, r.alninori*; ?nil -W Keiai!wav. N Vet i!im. 5tott k Cn., J. !!. Moork, l? It. ' mr, '/Larke k. Kowliko. IV. Ei-mot, ai:d II. Pun ?os, Washington; also, by K- H. F. Cis-ri., Gro?ie 'iwn. and C. C. U?rrv, Al-iindria, und l.y P:ur au reerywher. )*n"-ar CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Th? Gittt PmrlBur or the Oiovdl Hot a Particle of Mercury la It! Vn TjrrvLULLt P.?met.t |->r f^rofu.a, K>> *r:l, j Rboumatlum, Owti :at? Catanar-us ErapOom, w Pamles on the f*e-, lMntetua, ktb, i C'hrooi Soro Ky*^, Worm rr T?ttrr. ? ?.l " U?at, Kr.lartetcent and Pain of the Br&?*o4 Joioia, fttubl'orn UWrc. Syphilitic Di?- ri*n, I.uiahiM'o Spinal C mpla-i.ts, am til the ?sisir.jr front an injuji:iou? u?#* of M'r^u'y, uC pru'' n*e its ! ife, CiT Impurity of ti.? B ood. Taiaavl? M dleine. wfc^b ha br o-ort brnted rcr th- number cf ?xt-a dicary cum. (T'eted 'lirou^h Its ag?ney, tat inJ,:?'-l tb<? propn to't, at the urg- nt p-jn-nt <?! ib?'F fri n 1*. tr- < tn t *o the public, whleh th-y <lo wl"i tl ?? nmwt ?? id.'Dc? in ita elr'a-e ard ?rn!ier:ul cutatite prep ?rti s Thf fol'owinr ceniuoalea, reWrnl tr?a ? ar*e numb r, axe, b jwen r. rtrorgrr tM'ia^ny hen the n??r? wo'tl of the proprietor?; i Rti *r? ? ' !rt>T3 gen^I^ra^n w-'l knrtrn in th*lr ?,?? 1 >fthe hi(?he?t re*pe -tahliity, many of th-iarei'iini n the elty of Kidmo^d Va. V. BOIDKN, Rr-q? ?r tha Kxrharg- tlotM. F?di lord, it own erery wh#re e?ys h* haf '1?* v'e^ due ea'livi Carteb 9 (Spakish Mirtuhx aiu? u *ter?d a rxer a hau JreJ caa?-B, in nearly e'l the d ?a^w or wbichlt 1? rae? mm ended, ni'b tb? artoa shingly grod resu ts lie ?ays It i" the mc?t ?? "ra-rJ nar^ medicine be bus ?eer ?e?n. AC.UK AND FKVMl?<JPKAT CD KB.?1 bt^y ?artify that for thtee years I had *iru? ?f tiie mo?t eiolent description. I h ?d ? reral I'k? -tici*n?, took Urge quan i'ies of Quiuiua, v.ent7' an>l I bel exe all tbe Tv>niCo advertised, but all ?t? out permanent r?li-f. At last I tried Carteri ?>pan:.5h Mixtu'e, two bottles of which eRertwBJ ired me, and I am happy to pay I h*ve had hills or ferere since. I consider it the V't T"ai; : u tills world, a .J the ea!y rscdi'ine that ?*? reached my ea7?. JOHN 1X)*?GD A. BtAViR Ditch, near Richmc i, Va. C. B LtlCK, Esq., now in the city of Kicb:no?l ?nd for many years in the Poet OfB ?. h?s ??cn v>nhlenf? in th- axtoni?aing eflleary c.f <P niah Mii'or*. that h* has bou^h. upwsrd- of ^ ??otU?a, which he h?i gix^n away to :h ? *ie? Mr. Luck say? he bx? nerer known it t"? W' w"s 'a^ct cec^rding to JIrectioae. I>r. MINQK, a practis^n^ PkypHsn, end fcr rtf the City .loH, in th? city of Hi. ha ad, L*rbf has wltn?i*ol in a aambar of InMaaoaa?.? efT rti" Oar cr*? Span: h Mixture, whnh wer?- mo- tra * urorirfng. llr- says in a -*er "f <VUoUmr?K^ pen J - nt on th? l.ixer, th ? goo<i ?.ffoctc ver? *"?? -'e?ful indeed. . ? ^ SAMCBL 5d. PKINB KSL of the firm of P-mker * "doeria, Richm.'Dd, was curod cured of Uxer U3 Saint of three v ears standing, by th* m.'-I t? . tt'eaof Oarter'e Spani b Mixture. OKK AT CUftE OK SCKOPULA ? The Eaitorf rj the xjehm .ml Republican h>d a a.t xaat ?or! in tkeir pres? room, ca-?<d of Ti.>l?ut ^croiula, b n?d with Khauma'.iem, which entirel; dka ?? nim from wrt Two bottles of Carter's Mi^tnr-- cade * perfect cure of him, and the *"?' vor' in a public notice, ^ay they ?-cbeertu51y reo"? met * it to all who are afDicteC with any di""** 0 the blood" ... bTil.L ANOTHER CUBIC OF SCiiOfrLA ?Ihjd a r-ry valuable boy cured of Scrofula by * ^>s-iii?b Mixture. 1 coa*t?d*T it truly a TfciUt.' meiicin-. JAMKc U. TATI/>R, Onndnetora* *a? R. P. an-1 P. 11. R. Co., Rlchm nd, Va FALT KHEUM OF TWKMY YfcARS STANDI"-*? CU ^ KD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reeidiat: ?a ^ HichMd. ws. cure.1 by thr-? b .tttes of tjrtsj t9sv<\U MiEture, of Salt Kbeum, which h' I? n??I,t-ia^T TC^re anl whi.Ji all ^ ef th., d#7 aauld not euro >lr. Th mp on ? * kaoaa Sterohanl in the city of Rrhu: nd. anl U? b un .1 ???arkabie. MM. a.KATTIIEWS, r.f ftl hmo- d l.aJ a rem** Cirr^wt>bi:ia, In the worst form, bj tarter* Hi?n'*k lllEture. lie wv| he rhwrfjUt rec-O ni- u<if it, aud nsidera it a very inTaJuabie mei* cioe. KbVTlK BUBTON, er>mmPdoner of the revenue, sa?s he ku ? xei the go<Kl effect.- of Carter's i*pani(-h M it are <n a number of sypbiliti <-??-?, and ?ari it is a --effect eure frrthat h rr<Uf disease. WM. O. I'ARWO ?D. at Rv-nmoad. rared cf old Boteb -vad U oers, wb'eh disabled him frem walking. T?s k a Ibw lottie- of Carter's Spauisb Mixture, and w->* enab*"J to waik without a crutch, in a ah^rt tl xe pemanently cural. I -incipel Depots at M WAPD, C10IE A Co? No. 8k Maiden Lania, New York I v. W DYOtT A BONs, So. 1S2 North Second st^ Ph laie'nbia i .tKNNETT t BEERS, No. 12 Main street. Rich mo d, Va. And for sale by CHARLES STOTT. Washington, D. 0; URN KY PBBL, AUxao itia, aad bj D.uggisU everywhere. Fric4 $t per bottlo,or ?x bottles f r $5; ?p 31?iy PIMIHTM ANDIRONMANTRL ?Mi y be se ? a beautiful aaeortmant of thege ch a? ard da rable article*, dt theoorner of Pem.^Tlv*aia av^wU* and Tenth street, Of?r th* Wa~hi..,ton Ssa ng HA8R1XP,

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