Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: THURSDAY AfTERlVOOlf.. ..February 15. VZT The large and oonvenient dwelling ou the corner of Pdhnsylvaaia ayenue aud Eleventh street is for rent Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. &PIBIT OF THS MORS Die PRESS. The Intelligencer advocates the passage of the bill to authorise the oonstruotion of the proposed seven new steam si oops-of-war, and earnestly deprecate* a veto of the spoliation bill, repeating, in cogent language, many of the well known arguments against the exer cise of the veto power, and in favor of the measure in question. The LTmion argues that Senator Seward owes his re election to Know Nothingiam, holding that it came into play just in the nick of time, and under circumstances which made it the most convenient stepping-stone for that talented and sagacious statesman's purposes PKKN0NAL. .... W m W. Fream, once a man of some considerable property, and about ?tix years ago Assistant Alderman of the Thirteenth Ward, of Mew York, Thursday afternoon ap peared before Justice Connelly at the Tombs, confessed himself to be a vagrant, and request, that be might be sent to the Penitentiary as *u;h. The magistrate complied with his re ques', and sent him to that institution for three months. ....It is said that t< Sam Houston will arrive in N??w York on Monday next the 18th inst The Baptist Historical S-ciety have appointed a committee to arrange for a lecture to be given in New York by the General be fore that Society. lie ii to lecture in Boeton on the 22od inst. tor the benefit of the Students of the Bayler University, on Texas * ... .The Spirit of William Pitt, Earl of Ca tham. delivered a lecture to some spiritual ists in Syracuse, a f3w days ago, which was so eloquent, that the meeting, by resolution, thanked the ghost ....Mr Pike, cf the Tribune, in a letter from Washington, denounces, in the strongest terms, those members of Congress from Mas sachusetts, (Appleton. Banks, Eliot, Good rich. Unham and W alley) who voted to take up the bill reducing the tariff. ....Mr. Belmont, Minis'er to Holland, has accomplished what American Ministers at Hague have fruitk"ly attempted since 1335 by negotiating a Cj^.ular Convention with tije Government, by waieh American Consuls are admitted to all ports in the Dutch colonies which are open to foreign commerce. For many months be could only obtain permission tor five poits, then for free port.", now for all The Lnglish and Austrian Ministers at Hague are mucn piqued at Mr. Belmont having ac complished what ttey failed to do A Know Nothing Novel, called -Stan hope Burleigh," is announced. The suthoria 'Jen I?? '-a foreigner, we should" udie by the name, probably a connection of the Scotch family of Dbu's. ....Hon Ralph lletcalf, having been noti fied by ex Gov Colby, Paul R. George, (isn't that a queer cotnbioatioQ of names') and Kti?l Durkee, that he has received the American nomination fjr Governor of New Hampshire has written a letter accepting the nomination! .... The editor ot the Baltimore Patriot who or several days, lately, flourished about Washington, commences an editorial in his paper ot yesterday, in this wise : " A few days since we beheld Mr. Cooper Senator from the great iron State, reading a manuscript speech to some eight or ten mem bers. including the Speaker, whose legs were cross*i with great resignation, whilst his eves were hxed in the direction of the orator with that apparent attention and real abstrac tion which tne presiding officer of a delib erative body must require to avoid going deranged with the infinite eonfusion of ab surdities cf which his brains wound be made the receptacle ^enator Cooper, a Democratic adherent of a Free lrade President, was oppo3ing a pro Swilion to admit rai;road iron free of duty ' low very strange that the party which pn. tends to unity of political sentiment, should tolerate such inconsistency." This is certainly new* at Washington, and shows the writer, who lived some time here to ba a Know Nothing to the manor-bora benator Cooper is not only a clever fellow but also one of the stauncaest Whigs we know Ne "kinier" *ue*s the Patriot will take the back track whon it editor finds out he has been pitching into a good Whig. It is strange how party throws caud into the eyes of some editors. ....The Newbcryport Herald reports the death of Orlando I> Merrill, Esq , of that city, at the advs need age of ?2 juri. The de ceased wtm p.-obably one of the oldest ship builders in tbe country. He built the United States ship Pickering, in 17ei>, ajd tbe United . tale-: sloop cf war Wasp, in 1813. Ihe Rev. Dr. John S Reese, an emi and the President Annual Conference of the Methodist Pro-eotant Church, died at his resi dence in Baltimore county, yesterdav after noon .... ihe friends cf tbe Sunkury and Erie Railroad Company in Philadelphia appear to be entirely satisfied with the selection of ex Governor Bigler as its President .... Ihe untiring advocates of Women's Mights?Mrs. Ernestine L. Rose and Miss Su san B. An'hcny, are discussing at Albany the subject ot the light of women to vote. .... Major O M CrutchCeld, in a letter, hag declined to be the candidate of the Know .Nothings for tbe effi -et f Governor of Virginia Uial fiends to vote for Henry A. Al a public meeting of Gov. Smith's constituents, recently held at Fredicksburg V a . tbey call on b u? to define his position on Kn'W Nothingism before Congress adjourns. .... It is said that Hen. Howell Cobb will will be a candidate f?.r Congress from the Oth district of Georgia T .... A Democrats state convention has been called to nominate a candidate for Gov ernor of Tennessee, to m?t at Nashville on the 20ta of March. .... The Hon., Charl.* Ready, in the Tenn. essee pjpers, announces himself a candidate for re election to Congress .... John B. Miller, who did not get the position of secretary of legation to Peru, shows h is teeth in the U tioa Ooserver, and, like a true ?h?rt|?a* w*lka int0 President over the ?houldera of other peoj le Ea.CIYBMK!lT IM A Cl?CUI*ATI ScU00l^-Ex PCLS102S or a Negro .,L _fhe Cincinnati Commercial of Frida> <ays : DJufc'weSdlV "',Uuieat in th? Seventh lion of Miss Newh'aii?n<L*rnin* th* dat*r?iaa uon ot Miss >ewhall, , a colored bor who h-.b#cnK,D attendance ,o other depaJLInS i h h! ? ?0t U admitted into hers Ihe boy was regularly a t upil for seme month! and nothing was said of it until he was trails ferred to Miss Newh 41 s room, when7he ^ him home with a note, informing his mother that he would not be permitted to remain longer in the school. Tao mother, who is a light mulatto, inquired tbe reason, and Miss N laid the matter before the Distriot Trustees who told her that she must reeeive the boy' and the persisted in refusing fa so fates tie matte* was laid before the School Board subsequently, and that Miss Newhall, after an exciting de bate was sustained in the course she had pur sued Ihe boy who called himself a quad roon was expelled from the schools, the Board deeming that colored schools were provided for those tinged with 2egro blood. WAJIH8T0I HEW8 AID GOMIF. The Smithsonian Institution ?A writer In the Boston Pott, from this ci^y, eonunintiog on the affair a of this establishment, says : ''But sundry misstatements, contained in a paragraph ft th# Washington Star, though prompt]j retracted by the editor as soon as their falsity was proved, were given to him for insertion bj Mr. Jewe.t, and illustrate the danger ef relying upon any authority' from | that quarter/' Now, we have to cay that this paragraph from the Pott embraces several errors, some of which do injustice to Mr. Jewett. Thus, one of the statements in the Star, originally re ferred to, was that the Institution's advertise ments was withdrawn from our journal. This was oi-r own, end was retracted on the mo ment we ascertained that the non-appearance of the advertisements referred to in our col umns, resulted from the mistske of one of our employees, rather than an order from the In stitution. Next, that information of the leotureof Marm Willard, of Troy, delivered in the Institution's hfll, was not communicated to us by Mr. | Jewett, it being a fact known to all in Wash ington, which we simply brought back to the mind of the public. This was explained away, by our subsequent publication of the addition al fact, communicated to us by an officer of the Institution, that the old lady was invited to lecture there by a Female Teachers' Asso ciation, to whom Professor Henry had tendeied the use of the hall?not by himself. And, lastly, we have to eay of this matter, that the information concerning the appear ance on their book table, of the religieus pe riodical with the article adverse to the present management of the Institution cut out, and relative to the alleged faet that Professor Henry had caused such periodicals as had oon. tained articles reflecting on his management of the Institute's affairs to be stricken from the list of those to which they subscribe, did come from Professor Jewett to us. The first of these last mentioned matters was explained to have occurred only by mistake, and the last allegation was flatly denied We make this explanation fer the sake of truth, and for the benefit of all concerned. A. C. Dodge?Some of the enemies of the I resident, at a distance, who control newspa pers, seem to take the selection of (ien .I>odge, of Iowa, for American Minister to Spain, in high dudgeon. Aasording to their newspaper criticisms of his appointment, he is too empha tic a specimen of an American, to suit their fancy. They are, for the most parr, these who have so long been crying out against the selection of Messrs S^ule, Owen, and Belmont, because they were nit native born Americans. It seen s they are hard to please?blowing hot or cold from the same mouth as may appear most likely to justify them in getting up objections to the President's appointments. Their caveat against Gen. Dodge is, that he is so thorough a specimen of an American West ern public man. They do not dream of al leging that he wants either mind, oharacter, ex perience in public affairs, energy, industry, or any other real requisite qualification for the du ties he is to be called on to perform at Madrid. He is a rough back woodsman say they, who speaks only the language of his own country. The latter part of the allegation may be true But it is notorious that there is not at this time in public life here, a gentleman of more dignity and urbanity of address to all with whom he has oocasion to hold intercourse, than General Dodge; all are easy in his society, and he deports himself in all respects as a gsntle man should, who has long been habituated to constant familiar intercourse with persons ac customed to all the refinements of life in offi cial society in this Metropolis, wherein such society is as refined as anywhere else in the world. We are free to confess that nothing gives us greater pleasure than the fact that so perfect a specimen of the address of a Western American gentleman, is hereafter to be found representing this Government at an European Court. The example will have a happy ten dency indeed, going far to counteract the in fluence of the presence in Europe of the pro fessional snobs who, hailing originally from the United States, now make the continent their home, and in claiming identity with their original country, disgrace it by the obsequous ness they display in apeing the thoughts pre judices, vices, and follies of the worst class of the aristocracy of the Old World. French Spoliation ?On the day before yesterday those around us interested in these claims were in high glee, having managed somehow or other to persuade themselves that the President designed signing the bill. It was said that many members who had voted against it, under some benign influence or other had hastented to petition him to make it a law, notwithstanding their recent position on the question. \ esterday morning, however, the fever of those first above referred to abated, and by evening a chill, a cold chill, had set in upon them It evidently continues to-day, as though they are now satisfied that their hopes had led their judgment astray. Commodore Ferry ?The House yesterday ordered 10.000 copies of the report of this gal lant officer, of the result and partienlars of his expedition to Japan, to be printed, the binding to be in the elegant style of the report of Lieutenant Herndon y> e hear that a joint resolution will very shortly be brought forward, tendering to Com. Perry the thanks of Congress, for the essen tial services he has rendered his country while upon the Japan expedition. We take it for granted that there will hardly be a vote against it; inasmuch as all agree that he not only managed the delicate aud important trust confided to him, with great judgment and fidelity, but that the result of his some what (for a nava! officer) novel labors cannot fail to be the speedy generation of an entirely new commerce of great importanoe, indeed, to the business interests of the United States. H H Eobinson, Esq.?The difficulty which is said to exist in the Senate over the confirma tion of H. H. Robinson, Esq., editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, to be L. S. Marshal for the new Southern District of Ohio, we take to be no difficulty at all. The rumor to the oon trary which has been floating around Wash ington for some days past, is simple the crea tion of the wonder-mongers, in devising reasons to account for the failure of the Senate to dis pose of every thing before them immediately and at the same time, as it were. ^Ihere oan be no possible reason why the *? "fcmlil .katkoim 4^1? nomination in 4 leati jq ; and we therefore feel sure that by the usual time which the oenfirming body re quire to carry a nomination of the kind through their forms, Mr R. will be duly confirmed without opposition. He is a man of talent', energy and character, and has long been a lMding wd aetive man in the affair* of hia politioal party in his State Jm A Serious Charge -The Pari, oorrespon dent of the New York Tribune sajs :? _tTK* Fr*ncl1 Government, for instance, has i ' >J? it* possession oopies of the iw? r 7 Pr?#u??fi<>n of Ledru Kollin, Iff!? oalls on the poo PI* of Tranoe to arise and asnseinate the ^a.?!?*i'rb?vrlnf on th#ir ****** ?? Sni ??P th* Amerioan Legation at Lon ?i? w 7 w***d?teoted in circulation among V0*19 lld 11 *" bJ means of the U,*ni by offioi&1 Mai of the Lnited States that they gained admission into Franoe and passed into circulation. Copies _ Ul**? documents are at this moment at the Department of 8tate in Washington, haying been sent by the French Qorernment to M. ~?geS; with a demand for explanations. The explanation is simple: either Mr Siokles hM lent to Mr. Sanders the seal of the Lega ir'Vw 1*itr?**nUeman hM ??n#into office of Mr Miller, (the United States Dis patch Agent at London, and an Englishman without sympathy for the United States,) and has served himself with the seal of the Lega tion,^ which the Dispatch Office requires for sealing up and forwarding dispatches. Is this an honest means of propagandism or not ? This story has been current in foreign dip lomatic oiroles in Washington for months pest, wherein it it also said that it has, as a matter of coarse, given the Government here no little annoyance. The Aecounts of the Purser of the Bait bridga.?It turns out that there is some trouble in the accounting branch of the service about the accounts of Purser Looker, who has just returned heme in the Bainbridge. It seems, that under peremptory orders in writing from the commander of hi* ship, Lieut Charles G. Hunter, he paid to that offner s<me $4,000 more than his pay, Ac., came to on the cruise The purser alleges, we hear, that he only made the payments in question under formal and peremptory written orders from Lieut. Hunter* his immediate commander, who had authority | to put him in irons on his refusal so to do. The question at issue is, whether a purser is' or is not to be held responsible for money paid I out under such circumstances?there being manifestly no right on the part of his com mander to demand a dollar more of the public money from his purser than the amount of his pay and allowances, which was well known to the chip's financial agent. Captain Rynders.?The story that Captain Rynders designs visiting Virginia to electioneer for Mr. Wise, turns out to have he^n manufac j tured of whole cloth, no such idea having en> terod his head It was probably concocted to turn the attention of the good people of the old Dominion from the iuterferenco of others? not citizens of that Commonwealth?in the current canvass agaiust Mr. Wise. Kynders is a shrewd man, and rarely injures the cause of his friends. He knows too much ot the tem i per of Virginia in such matters, to have ever dreamed of meddling, directly, or indirectly with her local politios. 1 The Pennsylvania Senatorial Election ? We have private advioes from Harrisburg which satisfy us that Lewis C. Levin, so well known around Washington, is the real candi. date of the anti-Cameron wing of the Know Nothing party in the Legislature there. He and his friends are exerting themselves at a great rate, in the hope of inducing the major ''7 ot tke Know Nothings to compromise on him, (Mr. Levin,) throwing both Mr. Cam eron and "Mr. Soattering" overboard. The party is divided?42 for Cameron, and 37 nomi nally for "Mr. Scattering." The Protection of Hew Orleans ?The con stituents of the Hon Mr. Hunt, of Louisiana, owe him gratitude fer his management, yes terday, of the bill appropriating $125,000 for the erection of suitable works of defence at Prootor's Landing, about twenty-eight miles from New Orleans. He pushed through bis measure in capital style, and in the shortest possible space of time. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 14th of Feb., thore were of Treasury Warrants entered on | the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $10,344 43 For the Customs 21582 30 Forooveringintothe Treasury from miscellaneous sources 606 24 For the War Department V66 44 *or repaying in the War Depart ment............ 966 44 For repaying in the Navy Depart ment gQ2 28 For the interior Department 14,558 06 C.'ONC! (SESSIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the indian Appropriation bill was de bated at length by Messrs. Bayard, Brown, Cooper, Clayton, Dawson, Houston and others, before being laid aside for the time being On motion of Mr. Fessenden, the resolution adopted in the course of the morning to change the hour of meeting to 11, a. m. was reconsidered and laid on the table; and then the Indian Appropriation being again taken up and discussed until they went into Execu tive sastion. On again opening their doors tbev ad journed. In the House, the bill to pay interest ac cruing under the 9th article of the treaty of 1819 with Spain, was discussed by Mr. Orr anc Mr. Jones, of Tenn., against, and Messrs. Stan ton, of Tenn., Breckinridge and Maxwell for it, when it was laid on the table?yea* 104 nays 90. ' After which they adjourned. Preceediagi if To-Day. In the lenate. to day, the emigrant passen ger bill was taken up on motion of Mr. Sew ard. The bill limits the number of passengers to one to eaoh twelve tons of the snip's bur den. Mr. Benjamin opposed the bill in a few re marks, when it was laid aside for the time being. Mr. Houston, rising to a personal explana tion, addressed the Senate at some length in exposure of the misstatements in a pamphlet by Thomas Jefferson Oreen, personally abusive of himself, (Mr. H ) Mr. H. was exceedingly severe in his re marks upon the character, standing, and his tory of the authof of the publication in ques tion. The bill to increase the salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court was then taken up and passed ' In the House, they went into a Committee of the Whcle on the state of the Union, Mr. Edgerton in the chair. Immediately after the reading of the journal, all the bills on the oalendar standing before the mail steamer appropriation bill, were severally laid aside by votes of the Committee, which having re* fused to dispose of that measure? Mr. Olds proposed to amend the first seetion of the said bill, which proposed to give the "notice" to the Collins' line of the tormina. n ot the additional compensation,* and then addreased the eommittee at length in opposition to giving the notioe. ?1 ? r* ? ???James Uussel Lowel, the poet, has been elected Professor of Modern languages and Belles Lettree in Harvard College, in place of Professor Longfellow He was not an appli. cant, the compliment is, therefore, enhanoed. He will accept the appointment, but before an* tering upon its duties, will pass ayear in Ger many and Spain, leaving here in May next. ADDITIONAL NEWS IT TH1 A?U FROM THE CRIMEA. SiiAiTopfL, Jtt. 10.?It U understood la the eiap that considerable deviations will he mad* from tke original plan of attack, with a riaw to tako an Important position for tke de fence of the flank, and two divisions of tka French armj will be held in reserve. The armj will immediately take np a new position, the objeot being parti v to stop the sapplies from reaching Sebaatopel by the sew road whioh the Rosilani have made from laker A despatok from Marskal Canrobert of the 10th nit, ears : The English hare oeded to as n portion of their lines, namely, the works commanding and destined to batter in n breach in the Malakoff tower, on which a serious attack will moet probably soon be made. There is muoh quarrelling among the British amy respecting allsgedinjustice, par. tieularty in regard to recent Brevet promo uOM. Jen. 12th ?There is nothing doing by the British, exoept getting un shot and shell and provisions. The Frenok and Russians ex changed a few shots occasionally; and a ocn sUnt fire is kept up by the riflemen. Last night was the coldest yet experienced. Du ring the night a body of 250 Russians at aoked n point on the French lines, when a sharp conflict ensued. Forty Rus ians were killed with the bayonet. The French force now numbers eigbt divi sions of 68,000 men, and the 9th division is on its way to tke Crimea. .. January 13 th ?'The Russians celebrated their New Year's day, within the oity with ap parent gayety at midnight all the ohapel ?*?>? wererinfiaf. At one o'clock the Rue ^LD,r.WIt?'n ^e commenced cheering The French taking it as an insult opened a fire upon the town. The Russians immedi ately replied along the whole line of defence by the fiercest cannonade yet experienced Under the cover of the firing a strong par ty of Russians made a sortie on the front and flank of the British left, and captured the Bri tish vidette, driving in the oovering parties, bat on being engaged returned towards the town. Simultaneously with the attack on the Bri tish line? a strong sortie was made on the French lines, the Russians penetrating within me parapet and spiking three mortars. The French rallied and drove back the enemy in side of the lines of his advanoe, and at day break the batteries were all quiet. Jan 14th ?The sanitary condition of tbe British army is improving. The establish ment of the Central depot of provisions has much relieved their sufferings Jan. 15th.?There is a continued fall of soow, and it is now three and a half feet deep. Preparations for a renewal of the bombard ment in progressing rapidly on the part of the British Several Polish deserters fromSebas topol have given important information re specting tbe range of their batteries. A move ment has been observed among the Russians end it is reported that Lipraudi has reoeived strong reinforcements January 16th.?The Russians appeared to day in considerable force near Balaklava which it was thought they had abandoned' There was another be vy fall of snow to-day , The 38th British infantry have disembarked The steamer Sarnla has arrived with four bun dred horses. January 19th ?A despatch in the Patrie announces that the fire was almost suspended on both sides. All were seeking shelter from the snow. The moral and physical condition of the besiegers was good. The horses were saffering severely from the oold. January 20 th ?A despatch from Menschikoff states that during the night a successful sortie was made against the French centre, in which several were taken prisoners aad many killed. Jan. 22 ?Information to this date has been received, via Bucharest. The weather is very fine, but the British army is still sickly. Abundanoe of supplies of all kinds have ar rived?shot, shell, clothing, 4c., but no houses. There is no progress to report in the siege. The British 30th and 14th regiment! were die embarking. The French have undertaken to hold the whole of the British works against the Russians. The galvanic apparatus for exploding twen 2 tons of powder against the sunken thips at e mouth of the harbor of Sebaitopol, have I arrived at Balakla, together with a corps of divers. It is expected that tbe explosion will damage tbe foundations of the Forts Constan tine and Alexander. THE VEST LATEST FROM LONDON ENGLAND. Rumors still prevail in London in regard to the Ministry; Palmerston, Lansdowne, and Clarendon are spoken of. The bullion in the Bank of England has in creased $192 500. FRANCE. I lhe French Admiral Febre Desfonkie, who commanded at Petropolowski, has been re called, and replaced by Fourchon, ex Gover* nor of Ffenoh Guiana France is forming a second Foreign Legion. SPAIN. New arrests have been made on the suspicion of a Carlist conspiracy. A Madrid letter of tbe 25th Jan says that Soule is seriously sick. HOLLAND The Dutch envoy sent to Japan has return ed with assurances that Holland will contin ue on a footing with tbe most favored nations TURKEY. Constantinople aocounts to the 22nd sav pecfad ?hange iD the Turki<fc ministry is ex ih^5ii,! hKT*-b!en arr.tnfed "ithGreece and the Turkish minister will be recalled. ASIA. Qbchamyl's eiistepce and continued com mand is proved by a recent foray near Tiflis Kunstran continues in a state of revolt. RUSSIA. 1 he Ctar's two sons passed through Mos. cew on the 15th. ITALY. Numerous arrests have been made at Flo renoe on the pretext of a revolutionary con spiracy having been detected. Arrests have also been made at Leghorn, beoause of tbe sale of Masinni bonds. eSdiitilTOWN CO&BESrONDENC* - ! 'lhe Weather?Attempt at burglary and ar. rest?Our approaching Election?Post Of Jit?Markets. J Gboroktown, Feb 15, 1855. During the last several days, the weather has been quite moderate, accompanied by fogs and rain, which has caused the snow to disap pear entirely from our streets. Oar river Is ?till blocked up by ioe, which will require several days more to remove, unless the rains west of us, and the melting snow shall cause something of a freshet to carry it off. On Tuesday night last, an attempt was made by burglars to enter the hardware store i nf -5 U Linthicum A Co., at tbe oorner of Bridge and Iligh streets. They did not, how ever, effect their objeot, being frightened off it is supposed, by the movements of the night watch, with the loss of their tools whioh thev left behind, consisting of a saw, braoe and bits several chissels, and a pocket knife. We would advise all such nootural visitors to seek out some other field for their operations, as our people and officers are too much on the alert for them to sucoeed further, if they do not some of them mey have to take a trip in search of gains r Yesterday being St. Valentine's day, f,Und TiUy at our post offioe, had his hands full in attending to tbe multitude of caU. bv thi young, for missions of remembrances or affeo tion from friends and lovers affec Officers Sedgwick and Kitchen arretted ves terday, an individual hailing SmBS? more, who says his name is Wm Whit* nH aftlS" '<*? of the piJtJeTwhJ'S th?ca^A?o ?iiDt0 ,lor* of E. M. Lin. HenJTluf ? v WM ttk#n b*for* ???*<<? Henry Reaver, who fully committed 1>1? to ^ hU trial before the Crimiaal Court tiihfil MTio4n-, C iron an tan oca connected with his oondact before his arreet, aad tke guilty parties Our municipal election, which oomee off on next Monday week, seems at yet to oause bat 1? . J -? 1 littla, If uj excitement Htw(ofcf>. eloie oboorvera bare boon able to fifaro oat, protly correctly, tbo latitude and lonfitade ? par* tiee. Not to now?everything eeema to bo kopt ia tbo dark, and mob itraago conglom erations of partloa baro takoa plaoe that tbo abrewdoat politiaUai aooia unwilling to ad. ?aaoo aa o pi oioa abont tbo roauit. So mo wbo have hitbarto boon antipodoa ia everything, rank politioal ononioo, aro now cbook bj jowl, palling togotbor ia tbo moo baraaao aa loving a> doTOt. Indood, to wondorfal ia tbo re rotation ia ao&o eaaoa tbat oao would almoet aappooo tbat tbo ?lilonian bad alroadj dawn od upon a?. How tboao wondorfal ebangoc have boon brought aboat, wo can't imagine, anlooa "Sam'a" given tbosa tbo grffc. The flour markot tbia aMrniag i> dull at f? 75. Wboat?rod. $1 90; wbito. $1 96 a $2 Markot dull afed doc lining. Sfbctator PaoariTCTiow ? Naw York ?Tbo Now York Mirror aaya: "Woi ?oo it atatod tbat tbonaabor of abaa donod fomaloa in thia oity wbo lire by carnal | dogiadation, ia about aix tboaaand; and tbo writer, wbo Nona to bavo boon investigating tbaao melancholy atatiatioa. allowa an averare income to oacb of aix dollara a wook, makinc an aggregate of $36,000 a wook, or $1,872,000 [ a yenr." Tbo Mirror, oaating about for aomo ozpodi lent to moliorato, if poaaibla, tbia appalling I evil, remarks: I?J,I.tJ\a.?f0rito of th* abolition lata, tbat if you pan up Slavery it aill die ? " m oril at oar own doorv more dam ning and degrading to body and aool than all me aiavery of tbo world: and yot our shallow brained, aaintly-toungod -'philanthropiaU' dare not toucb it. Tboy oall on tbo Mayor, wu moekery, to aupproaa it ? I 2. . * hHe *nd orJ would be raised againat tnat bold and earnoat roformor wbo should pro poao, in our Common Council, to have tbo in | famoua houses of Church and Loonard street. 'i?*n'fd dwignatod aa tboy aro in Peria and St^ Petersburg and daily inspected by pbyaioiana and a Board of lioaltb " ? ATTENTION, CONTINENTAL GUARDS. An adjourned meeting or the company will i* inc a,h Ha" Ti,,S (Tbwway) EVEN INO. the 15th instant, at 7U o'clock Punc I lual attendance is earr ertlyrequeitXi New mem be s will pka-c cot.. forward and hvn I the tonrtitatioa. WM. TUCKER f< b Chairman. f-^^THIRI) LECTURE FOR THE BENE ti\ ot the \ oung Catholics' Friend Socini ofGeorgetown will be delivered by Hon. Josrm k. CHANDi.aa.of Pennsvlrnnia, at Forre?t Hall. G?-?.iri on THURSDAY EVENING, Frbruar?Jd at 7 o'clock. ' Subject: ?? WashingtonVcharacter an an exam ple." Ticket* 25 cents?to be bad ai the b<n?k and drn? store*, and at tlie door of the hall. feb 13?TuThHTu WT METROPOLITAN MECIIAMCS' INSTITUTE Washington City, February 6,18A5. ' AT a meeting of the Hoard of Manafcm nt of ?he Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute hdd i?ie j evening in the Exhibition Room, tbo following amble and resolutions, ottered by Jf?n? pit H. BraJ ley. E-q , were unatituiou-ly adopted, to wit: *'.?ce th** lasl "?'etliig of the Board, Jno. l J Maury, Esq., one o( its Vice President'*, ha< [ been removed by death, and it is flume and prop, r that tlie death ot one so eminently entitled to >mr esteem and respect ?houldnot paa* unnoticed; theie lore Reutlved, That we deplore hi* low, who, by pre cept and example, daily illustrated the power of truth and the l->rce of integrity, in attracting low ards himself tlie regards of all men ; who neither stooped to win popular favor, nor swerved from ihe plain path of duty to secure it; wIiom> lofty lionor, high , purpose*, benignity of heart, and amenity of iua* nors, gathered around him troop* of friend*, and whoee'clear intellect, cultivated mind, ?>u?d iu.Ic I moat, and energeuc chaiacter, twund them to biu, in lite and hav? left ihem mourners at bis death. niio/rfti, That, in the history of hi* public lit?i we find nothing to regret but its brevuy, and wjt.h we woul I not intrude on the sacr?d privacy ot .In meatic affliction, we unite wuh those ne^t aad dearest to him in sym|?athy f.,r that lo*s, which i not confined to them, but U felt bv a wlu?le commu nuy. Resolved, That the foregoing preamble and re.. lutions be published hi the public print* of the city , and a copy preheated to the family of Mr. Maun JOSEPH HEN R V. President Met. Mech's Institute. I rue Copy: .... . P- M- pEAt80N, Rec. Sec. hrb 1 .b? 11 A LARGE L?>T uF FLAX SEED ju?t received and lor sale by -. SAVI'L BA<"ON* & CO., teb '?* Corner Seventh ?t. and Pa. ave. #10 BKWABOi-Lost, between Washing ton and Alexandria, a small square HAIR TRUNK. The above reward wiii be 'paid lo .' y person who will leave it at BEN'TER'sTcorner G.h J street and Pa. avenue. |g Ethereal oil, apples7~c~ra\rerries. Potatoes, 1 urnips, and Welch'* Family Ftou. in barrels and sacks. Superior Old R?e Whiske>i London Porter, and almost everything Hue at tlie JOj- vv- DAVIS, feb_is-lr Corner Ninth and E st* , NEW FANCY STORE. HUT< HINSON k MUNRO have for *ale at their new store, next door to Mwsrs. Wahei Harper & t o., Pa. avenue, between Utli and 10th streets, every description of Fancy Goods, Perfume ry, Hosiery, Gloves, Porte Monnaie#, Card Cases Jewel Boxes, fcc. ' Also, Metallic and Papier Maclie one and ei#ht day Clocks, Mantel Ornament*. k.c.. together with 8 iaT *??'t,ne"t of Ph<-" Work, the whole ol which will be solii at the lowest New Vork price* HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, ,, lc , , betw.tnh and 10th st*. feb 15?1 w y Organ 3t) NATIONiL THEATRE. Loeaeo Mr J A Kmiiaii Acting* Stage Managor.. John Waavl? MR. KEENAN Begs leave to announce u? the Ladie* and Gen le men of Washington, that he has, after great exertions, completed his Company, and is now enabled to pro duce, in tnagificent style, the celebra inoral domes tic Driiua, entitled TRUE SOUTHERN LIFE: OR, UNCLE TOM AS HK 18! This Great Moral Drama, with it* %ix tahlkacx AND THIRTY SCENES! Concluding with the ALLEGORICAL ASCENT OF EVA, I <S ? ?... Wiii for u,? time, SATURDAY ICVlCftlMO, Kcb. 17th. The character of EVA. the Mower of tbe Souih l.v 1 LITTLE LOUISA PARKER, (OnJy 6 yemn of age ) The rendition of this beautiful character bv a child so young, has gained the euconiuui of nil tlie I ????* InFAHT PKOD1QT. The Stage Department will be under the immedi ate direction of i. u MR. J*0. WEAVER, late Matiager ol BarnumV fMuseum and Welch's National Theatre, Philadelphia. _ . ratcaa or apmission. Private Boxes Dresa Circle and Parquette !"!" ^ Tickets admitting a lady and genUenlto ^ Orchestra S*ats i* Second ami Th rd Tier".."... .? Colored Gallery " ^ ~ f^bTS-Tw" 81 7-10 cominrnce 11 7* o'clock. rjHVO SERVANT WOMEN k TWO GIRLS? | X ?' ? H?, the other 19 years old p. hir$. Also, a middle aged woman for sale. She I* a c??"? washer, fcc , and will be sold on time it desired. Eaqui.e at No. 95* Sewdifb *t, oppr^ite A M "EK''V CHEAP?VfRY tUEAP! THE subscribers have on baud a large u**4*tineut of CABINET FURNITURE and every article in Ihe !I<>u*e ' keeping line, which they will sell] at very reduced prices for cash. Housekeepeis and all oihers in want of barvain* can save money by examining our st.^k befo/V making their purcheses. wore Furnitu e neatly repaired and varniahai o. .k. most reasonable terms uo ?? Furniture bought, sold, or eichanged ^ , BONTZ COOMBS G. SCHAD. CABUSre SALOON. GALAXY OF JUVENILE OEKIC8, TO? BOON CHILDREN. These celebrated children, three in number, AINA 1IABB1.LA, LOR A SOKDOV. ??? ?OEOAvIT BOOB, Will fire m i mntalMKM at CARUSrS SALOON, THOUDAf IVKIII8, f?? IS, In which they will tp^Hr in rnw of their fif.riM caMtMn. LADT Or LYONS, HOR1T MOO I. ROIBO AID JI'LIBT, SCHOOL rot BOABDAL. And coo elude with the Song of the LOW BACKED CAB, And a genuine Irish Jig. 50 renu. Poor* opea at at 8 o'clock. fch 14 THB THIRD?LAPT?AM - GREATEST Golden and Magical Hoirrt of the muMd MACAL LISTER ?100 worth of *| lenrftd Jewelry. in PIFTV d Gifts will be given away at the past periorm anee of the great Macician at Odd Fellows' Hall, THCRSDAY EVENING. Feb. .'?th. including tour ap'enrfid Gold Watehri-tvo Mm do , >ings, brooches, Pencils, Bracelet*, he. Still uo increase in the price at ticket*.. Tickcu only 50 cents?to be had at Gait A Bre.Vi Jewelry Store, Pa. avenue, where the prmnrtf may be teen; at Kirkwood House, and Odd Fellow*' Hall, day and evening. Tickets limited to the rite of the hall. feb 14?St* FKWCH LA1GUAGK AID DEAWUTO A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate of the University of Paris, is desiroos t ? give LES SONS in hi* native tongue, and DRAWING to schools, classes, or private pupils ia Dim eitv and vicinity, lie it also willing to give complete insfruc ? lion in the above tranche* in compensation of board in a respectable family of thi* city. 1 he advertiser feel* confident to undertake the following engac< inent. vix : If a ter a coarse 48 lesson* his pupil ba* not acquired the fhcilitv of speaking aa<1 under standing well the French. In wril continue to give instruction free from charge. The highest teetimo mats of character and success in isactmif will he given. Addre** "F V," at this office. feb 14?lw* NOTIC It?The undersigned gives notice that the rumor* now in cirrulaiion about him are false, lie give* notice that he will make every et tort to ferret out th?- person or .(.ersons who may have started them, and bnug the parties to putn h meiit to tlie full ex'ent olthe law. feb 14?St* CHAS. M. PAi NTER. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER AND PLA~ TED WARE. AT REDCCED PRICES. In anticipation of the approaching du I ^ season we offer our entire ?t,?ck of ehnnt StL. GOLD WATCHES, KICII 'EtVELRY, 1 PI'RE SILVER W ARE, kc., at gr. ally re duced rate Pel-on* would do well to examine our assortment which m by tar rlie (arrest. most fashionable, and best * levied ever offered to our customers. M. XV. GALT k BRO , A Fa. ave.. between ?hh and lOih Ms. feb 14?fit (News) WAABIV0.01V 4 A LV X.ANDKI A |STE.AMB< ?AT?The splendid uitd ? ..^commodious steauiar GEO. PAtiE will rwume her rem ar trips ?1||'R.?D4Y. Fehtu ary lStK * Great attention pa>d to Freight. Fare FIVE CENTS. Latham ? splendid tine of Coaches connect with r ?"?/ - a, K A- BYTHER, Captain leb 14? NILKV REGISTER FOR AMERICAN ST At F Papers.?A otripl te *et of Ni|?*' Register, ;? *OU, or any other B.Nik- mil be given in exchange f<H the ?? AmendII Sute Papers" and " American Archives," .* they will be purchased at s liberal P"T?- TAYL< ?R k MA CRY'S 14 Bookstore, near Ninth street. A BOOK OF QBE AT VALUE ft HTOBEBT pYCLoPEDIA OF MISSIONS, by Rev Ha.vey V J Newcomb 1 vol., large octavo, double column*. page- ; price $3. Embracing a comprehensive ?Vw ol a I ill Missionary operation* in the World with g'*ccr.iphic?| description*, condition of the uti' evangenxed, be., together with the religmu. move ments of the age, under an alphabetical arrange meht. illustrated with thirtv two Missionary Viap ? The Cyclopedia of Mimm*, by Br v. Hartev Newcomb, I regno! a* a wo-k of great perman* n value. It contains mi Inn a moderate compis*, and in a convenient torm. a Urge amount of Ju-t the kind M iniimatHm, historical, statistical, rnd illo* trattve on the subject oi Mission*. Mlocti ever* Mm ister, and ? very christian lavinau needs to po?te?>, and which could be rained only by laborious re search in books ami document*, many of which are not easily accessible. Can. W. Wood, a? . r . S*0- A. B. C. P. M.*? Agents for the Distri.-t: GRAY k BALLANTYNE, feb 14 ftWB Seventh sr. CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PERSONS wishing to deeline housekeepinr, and desiring to avoid the trouble and expense ot art auction, we will, if called upon, pu*chase their en tire stock ; or those having a surplus of articles iu the houst keeping line, will find us at ail times pre pan d to pay the Inchest ca?h prices for such atti cles as they may wish to sell. Call at BONTZ k COOMBS, Cheap Furniture Store, r U between I and K sueet* feb 14?3t A^Vyi M AN FOtt HIR E.-Enqu7r .7room No. 20, flrst fioor of the General Po? Oftce feb 14?4t* ? 0?T?On M< nday eve nine, the 12th instant, in kU one of the exhibition room* of the Mechanic*' Institute, en the road to the Smithsonian from K ? neat 9ih, a larty's Gold BROtX*H, hair! Any one anding the same and retu nine it to Mrs tiregory, at Mrs. Evans', com. r E and ?th sis wul receive the thanks ,* the owner, or M require be suitably rewa ded. feb evening last, a email white DOG with his tail cropped. The finder will ,e ceive a liberal reward if left at Mrs. AUSTIN'S .? between C and D ets. f^b 13_3> LOST The first and third volumes of "The ad ventures of Oil Bias of Santil lane." Translated from the Fiench of Le Sage, by T. Sniollet, M L ~ Stereotyped by B. k I. Collins, New York, printed and published by H. Dnvall, 18-JO, Mew Vork A Wi'' ^ P*,d ,f ,e?* X this office. ' FOR HIRE?A YOUNG NEGRO WOMAN^? Slie is a go.h1 house servant, washer, ironer, ?*j u nnqa,r*" M ?* Delaware avenue, c?pi 101 Ul11- feb lilac NOTICE TO DEBTORS^ u,r ,*t*'firni ^ GEO. u . a nvPD > .?M anU ?* ^ ftM" 01 THoil i?? i in the lumber business in this ciif. have been p iued in my hands, with instruci.oe. to have tli? *aiue settl d or secured forthwith All persons in any wise indebted to the firms abovu mentioned will ul?*a?e attend at snce *nd save expense WM. H. WARD. Attorne^, / i ii ..^_>ff,Ce over To4d * Hat Siorr. feb 13 ?efiifw TA8B^NCr^RY' ALBATA I^OBKS AND TA' Also, every style of the finest quality Al B' ^S^fcASTOM ' JEA hETH' CA"^ KETS, C ASTOBS, kc? which will be found it best substitute for real silver ever discovered M. W. GALT k BRO. r I I, r P*-,V 1 b<*,w- ?"d ,0?B feb 13-6t (News) NEW RESTAXTccAITT' Peaaayivaala nvaac?, ' AlsrIA towft* Third am/ fWr and a Kult (Formerly the Metropolis,, now the ELDORADO RESTAURANT. f \CLEMENT KBYBOLDS CvilW ('ate ol V\ Mn>de' Hotel.)' B??" inform his friends ? . *"u the puMic generallv hat. having leased the house lorm^rt^T!!!!?!^ the Metropolia Restaurant, two 4?m>ri above r i States Hotel, north side Pa ayen^ L^ J J ^ ? e lurnohej, .nd re organ, and liandsrme style, uioier the aame^l ih" w ELDORADO RESTAUR ANT where he iuvitec them to call *? k. r ?. them with first qualuy L,^u? Js V??h RRANDIKi. 7 WHIIK1KI, CORDIALS, WIIBI, ALKI,4c. rwr AID CIO A KB. ?? ln!>f every l"??d ?? auu all tate. busiac-s at Willed ???here, justifies him in assumiac to hi 11 *" w,n 'n*w" H ? present insurn issed attraction to his vi??i#r? mm .. .11 . BATING SALtHiN will at all times contain every delicacy ibe ,i rra; ?rairwj' "DC Ml. and seasoa affords, selected with aa eye ui N?a' and which will be prepared by a masterly baa. - He has organiisd Ins a tabiisi.meni so thai (eati* men Will always enjoy quiet without ob ru??s lai^WnTadHadetermined that it shall always n I piibit order, cotnlqtt, aad ease, combined 1 I ga iee and every attention from those in his al feb 13-If ^

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