Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: SATURS \T AJTEBirCOH May 26 \f.E!\T? FOB THE STAB. The lollowirg persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tise cents in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. Nevr York?S. M. Psttinoill & Co., Kas^a street. Boston ? V. B. Palm**, Scollay's BuIIuing. Adymbtiskmhicts should fce handed in ly 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may ECt a^iiC&r until the next day. THE WEIXLY STAB For the current week ending to day, is, as ii*!!?], filled with inf creating intelligence fiom all parts cf the country and the world, boeides a chclca selection of anecdotes, brief atoriea an I. ?j a distinguishing feature, Washington 5ew3 and Gossip. In fact, a highly entertain ing nu.nber. The subscription price is $1 25 a year, or throe cents a single copy. Of 7 Hi MO^SESO PBETS. The Union replies to ccmplaints of the Doa t n Advertiser against the cxiating rates of international (with Britain) postage o - maga *?9es. pamphlets, Ac , showing that all the c\ -ersive aad exorbitant features cf those rati! result shelly from the efforts of Britain to a cbango of tham the pretext for further changes whi:h will admit British tocoka into the United States free of duty. t>he Inttllig-ncer i3 to day devoted to news. It intimates, however, that the election of Mr. "WUa ii already a fixed fact. Tut Virginia Eldcuon Botorni The returns, aa they come in. are aa fol lows, viz : Wiie,(Dem) FJournoy, (K. X.) Norfolk county ? 2f0 Louden 1300 JRr oke aad Hancock.. ? 174 Richmond ? 960 Motfu-X cay ? 4?0 Fredericksburg ? 164 Alexandra city & ce. ? 477 Campbell ? 000 Henrico .. ? 2sG Jefferson ? 30 Cue :erfield 580 ? Poteriburg 5*5 ? Culpepper ? 65 Fauquier ? 86 Ohio ? 61^ Marshall ? 400 Frederick ICO ? Berkeley 15 ? Dinwiddi 12? ~~ J}recasri!!e 170 ? Prince EI ward 75 ? Prince viecr^e 2^0 ? Fairfax ? 03 Hanover 20O ? Shenan<Io%h 2054 ? Pa^e 061 ? Warren 234 ? Kockin^h^m 22 JO ? Clarke 34 ? Prince M'llliam 417 ? Rappihaoneck 6 ? Al.'discn i>~>o ? Louisa 200 ? Orange 33 ? Angara (doubtful)... ? 13'0 ATi/?marle ? 150 Marion 700 ? Tyler 50 ? Harrison 100 ? Wythe....*? 200 ? Pulaski 50 ? Roancke ..... 292 ? Boutour: 300 ? Frankim 200 ? Appcmatox ?67 ? Halifax 575 ? Lunenoerg . .v. 250 ? Charlotte... 40 ? Powhatan... 2b0 ? Mecrjjenberg ........ 400 ? l> 350 ?? ?^n?ac\ 295 ? illizibrth Cit-r 12 ? 8tuffori 30 ? Spotsylvania 14 ? Author* t 136 ? ii:ng William 2:;o ? P;incee3 Anne 34 ? Kansemond. 210 ? Pittsylvania ? 45t) *? M ntgemery ? 300 Wiii.:*u.sburg. ? 15 Charles eity ? 85 Caroline.. ? 'jj Bedford....*........ ? 200 Buckingham. ... ? 70 Morgan ... 150 ? iiam;?hir? ? 350 Biondwick. 350 ? * Jrrey 75 ?? ia'e of Wight 500 ? Harrisonburg 500 K oanoke 2^2 ?. Wythe 200 ? Halifax 600 ? Sou hampton 80 Nottaway 50 Amelia 100 ? Prince Ldward 75 ? Petersburg 33 ? James City ? lj ILe fallowing members cf Congress have ?en;ualy been re eleoted, v;a , Messrs Mill* ion, Baily, (ioode, Bccook, Powell, Caakie, fcm^th, and certaiuiy Faulkner. Kcw Misic foe ran Piako?We Lave re ceived trcm Ililbus 4 Hit*, corner of Penn vyiva.m a avenue and Eleventh streets, Star lie:. ? Ine Pres.dent's Mounted tiuard gai.kaup,"eciLpcaed by ltobcrt Hel!er, and printed and peb!i?had by that enterpriaing ^ni p-fu!ir firm. It is handsomely embel iiihid, ihe frcctLpicce affording excellent portrait* taken frcm daguerreutypea, cf Ca| t. I'dck, a^l Lleuts. Flint, Bohlayer and Ladco. The cEctrr ore represented on horseback. V?'e have aUo bees favored by the publiihera, ili'buj ?& Hiii, with a copy cf Borgman'a ** Smithsonian Pclka," embeilishad with an accMite view of the Institution s buildings. Tt:3 j-o waa played by Bergman's band daring tte laU: fair of the Metropolitan Me ohar..ea lasfitme, and was adaaired by avery body. Piano forte j erformers can now obtain Copies of this truly popular air. Mjl"thodist CoariBENCB.?The New York Fast Conference of Methodist preachers in ae.-sion a: Danbury, finally adj^urnodatalate hour on the ci^ht of the 23d. The business of the conference during the Utter part of the tension wa cf a somewhat exciiirg char accer, being the dkeastiosef resolution! look ing toward a change in that rule of the Meth odists which lastrtets their minister* to two yean in the same city. Kev D Foster advo cated t: e charg# in a apaoch of great ability. The rc*ilu:iooa were adopted by a small ma ?ri?y. G? lhe fir. : train of paisengar* oara in r0?<? for New ^ ?rk, via Ch.cage, arrived a Toronto on tba ldth iaat., by the Northern Ontario ana Huron Itailroad. CS-T accost ot supporting the Cincinnati; ^i.-e .Department last year was $113. wmmcToi news asp gossip. th' Know Hothinjft Lot Virginia Lot tnose papers which advocate the 'A'neri aaa doctrines' be sustained and encouraged by the people. Wa venture the assertion, a.* 'f the 'Afro'ican Organ' had had a circu lation in Virginia of tweaty thousand copies, (as it ought to have had,) or if other papers which enter earnestly into polemic discussions in favor of American questions, had received that support they were entitled to, Virginia would have given oa yesterday not less than thirty thousand majority for the American ticket.''?Organ of ysterday. So, it seems that the Virginia Know Nothings Foat the election by failing to subscribe, amoDg them, for twenty thousand copies of the Organ! That, at leas', is the opinion of our amiable, talented, entertaining, and modes! neighbor; and who should know better than himself, who has given such irrefragible evidence that, though a veritable Kniw Nothing, he has been, emphatically, a know-somathing with reference to Virginia political matters* Oar Washington " sporting'' friends are all ready to swear this afternoon th~t of all know ing ones in Virginia mattftB, the Organ is the wisest as weil as the most decreet; for they have fe:t the effects of its learning and wisdom in their pockets, as men never before felt such a thing under similar circumstances They bet all they had. One hundred thou sand dollars, at the very least, were wagered here on this election, the " sporting" men and others betting on the judgment and information of our neighbor. Everything they could rako and scrape, even their fast horse?, billiard tables, breast pius, and watciics were put up after all their money had been staked. They ware not the only class speculating after this fashion on our modest, talented, amiable, and entertaining neighbor's judgment. Quite a number of our friends, the hucksters, who with great unanimity pin their faith to car neighbor's sleeve, also speculated largely. ' Some of them looked a little sick in the mar-1 ket this morning, doubtless only from fatigue in getting ready to shout ever the triumph of Fk urnoy. It is to fce hoped that the result of their vonture on the Organ's la'.e assever ations will not cause a r?so in tho price of but ter, already standing at a figure that causor porsons of moderate meant; to make wry faco; a? they swallow it. Some of the fair sex, tcc> are said to have mado similar investments, setting ransferablo things in their possession, sad c ubbing to make up purges with vhich to speculate on our neighbor's judgment and information. We think tLis story a slander, however, as we never before heard of betting by ladic: in Washington. Page county proved an awful bite. Up to a week or so ago there was a Know Nothing lodge in its limits em bracing some three or four hundred members, which it was calculated would greatly reduce the TOO msjority which it cast lor Pierce, the Scott vote cn thtii occasion being only 110 But very recently that lodge unanimously de termined to di.-solve and vote for Wise. A day or two since, its president cam? down into these uiggins with some tea thousand dollars in his pocket, in search of speculators in our ne;ghbors judgement, and found them too; amcng them being our talented, enthusiastic. am;.tble, modest, and interesting neighbor it self, which ventured a grab for Ave hundred of the Pago men's money. The story that half of this stake was bet by a clergyman who ha? defied the stole fur the stump is, doubtless, untrue. It wa*' all the venture of somo of the Organ joint stock lay partners None of i' ww put up in tho shape of a city lot, which is a proof of the fact. Tho wager was on seven hundred majjrity in Pago for Wise, But, perhaps, we must not "tell tales out of school, though they do convoy lessons which should bo laid to heart by ail who sincerely desire the well-being cf society. As for our neighbor, by his own showing on the day beure yesterday, be is this afternoon as dead as any 2*ova Scotia herring now lying box?d up in tho stores cf our friends John Bail or Joseph W Davis. For he said on that occasion: "Before iho ?un now sulking shall sink be hind the mountains of tho West, Virginia will be redeemed from thraldom to the Uichmond junto. We have no more doubt of this, than we ha\e of our physical exkteiice * * m Vv e doubt not that before sunset thi3 day, '^hoa:as S Floumoy will be tho Governor C^ect oi \ irgsn:^. by a mujority, ranging be tween five and fifteen thousand votes." Whea Lis friends, who have extracted 5? much money out of their opponent? by ven turing everything lut tho sh-jti on their backs, on bis judgment, give him tho grand and imposing funeral to which he is fairly entitled at their hands, we shall certainly at tend as a mourner, on personal, not political, grounds; for though we have never placed con fidence in hi3 judgment on Virginia or any other political matter?, be i3 really a very clever fellow and a gcod neighbor. We sin cerely hoje. howevsr, that ho may live long enough to teach scciefy a few more such 1C3. sons on tho folly of risking its money on the calculations of interested politicians. Tax<? oa U. S. Property ?A voucher was presented by a disbursing officer for the pay ment of taxos ou oertain public property, which voucher was disallowed. It waa held that no cession of jujudiction by a Stato was noceaaary to exempt United States property, of the kind meaUcuAd in the Constitution, fr. m taxation. Whon the legis lature of a Sta'e has given its cousaut to the purchase by the United States of any place ?:for the erection of forts, magaaine and other needful buildings," Congress, by the Consti tut.on has exclusive jurisdiction ovsr fueh plan in all ciscs whatever, and no S:?te or Corporation can levy and collect taxos upon the property. It is, on general principles, doubtful whe thtr such taxos could be legally as.oj ed, even if the legislature had not giveu its con teat to the purchaser ; as it would scorn that State government* could not possess the right to tax the constitu'ional means employed by the government of the Union to execute Itj constitutional powers. (See 4 Wheaton 316) MiutJ, navy yards, arsenals, barracks, Ac , areandouoted means, *r instruments of this description. They are also means to advance the prosperity and dofend the property and persons of the E!ates in which they may be located. They are, in short, plainly public property, held for the public benefit; which property might be rendered worthless for it; designed object, if States god corporations should be authorized to tax it. Tho Kinney Expedition ?From vrhat is1 ? ? amoLg the representatives of foreign Governments here, we presume that we were eorrect in attributing the reeent visit cf the United States District Attorney for the Sou h era District of New fork, Mr McKe<m, end Jos.L White, E,jq ,the counsel of the Mictrngua Transit Company, to Washington, to bo to lay j before the authorities here evidence going to show the necessity for preventing the contem plated sailing of the Kinney expedition. Signor Marcoletta, the Nicaraguan minister, also came here from New York at the lame time, and is understood, in diplomatio circles, to have taken a Tcry active part, indeed, with these gentlemen in poiating out and proving up the illegality of the expedition. We think it was shown, among other things, that two barques are now laying off the coast of Flori da, (near St. Joseph's.) laden with arms, am munition, Ac , and awaiting the arrival cf the steamer about to have sailed from New York with the adventurers. Tbefe facts, with the Brownsville letter of 'Col Kinney, which we published on tbe day : before yesterday, and other circumstances -which are being conversed over in foreign dip lomatic circle, of the federal metropolis, have certainly created the belief in such quarter? that orders left here yesterday afternoon to put a final stop to the project, accompanied by testimony and information quite sufficient to accomplish that object speedily. . Kr. Wise.?This gentleman has been over whelmed with visitors, at the residoace of his son-in-law, Dr. Garnett, on Ninth street, in this city, for forty eight hours. liis leading friends throughout Virginia have been send ing him dispatches, fast and thick, of the re suit of the eioction, which being known made tho Doctor's readence the headquarters of all the most reliable election new3 coming hither. Mr. W. ha3 been kept in a whirlpool of ex citement by the crowd bo constantly around him, if no; by the election news bo has been receiving. The manner in which his physical nature has kept its strength un lersuch atrial is wonderful, indeed; it not having flagged for an instant. He looks at this moment as though able, as well as willing, to keep his ante-el*c. tion premises to " Sam," enunciated in his never-to-be-forgotten speech in this oity; and he seems not to exult as much in his triumph for his own sake, as in the fact that?using his own wojds in the memorable speech above re ferred to?he has got his foot on Sam's neck. Arrangements havo been made to honor him with a serenade to-night at 9 o'elock, when the amount of his majority will probably be definitely known. This jabilee will conio off in front of Brown's hotel. Civil Fand of California.?This is the title ^iven to the monies that wero raised and col lected in California, by officers, 4c., acting under the authority of the United States, from duties, penalties, contributions, and internal assessments, after the date of the treaty of peace with Mexico, and up to tha time wheD the collection of the re venue pissed into the bands of the oollectors, ?fcc., appointed under the act of Congress extending tho revenue laws of the United States over that Territory Wo learn that the accounts of tho officers who had charge cf the collection and disburse ment of these monies are approaching final Adjustment in the office of the Third Auditor of the Treasury, under law3 recently pasred providing for the sime, from which it appears that this civil fund is by no mjana a small affair. These collections, it seems, amount in tho aggregate to over ono and a quarter mil lionaof dollais. Out of thii fund were de frayed the expenses cf the actual government oi California, prior to the formation of a State government?of furnirhing relief to destitute oroiland emigrants to California?of ihi Con vention called to frame a constitution?-?! &e collection, safe keeping, and disbursement of ti e fund, and for other purposes? and a lsrge ? am fcr purposes cornectcd with tbe quarter master's deparment of tho army en the Pa cific. It is evident that in the investigation and settlement of accounts eo anomalous in their charteter, involving such large sums of money, and requiring frequent reference to various acts of Congress relating to tho sub ject, much labor mt!3t necessarily ht-vo been expended. While it will be gratifying to those iutorened to know that a final settle ment will shortly be made, we doult not it will be equally bo to those who have Lad the investigation of fho same, to have completed a tarii so important and arduoua. The Election Zl*citonieiu?Washington for foity-ei^ht hours has been in an intemo state of excitement unexampled in its history. All agos, col-.r, and classes aro evidently under itf influ?J5?0 -From tha infant just out of the arnis to decripid old ngc, tho tongues of all ara wagging up^a the srcspecta of the elec tion or defeat of Henry A. Wise. ?fce street! until this morning, when tbe result wa? ad mitted by all, were crowded with people eon versing, wrangling, Letting, sweating, and swearing over the interesting ipemo. The f/i-jnds of Wise in this oity, numbering quite as many Whigs as Democrats, have been in lii^h glee from the inatant they heard the re port of tho first gun?of the re3ult in Altxan 4rla?wbiie the faCf? of tfc'-'Se of flcumoy ha7* bean elo gated by degrees, until at the present writing they are faiily chargeable with double price for shaving. ?t. Louii Lot Claims ? Under an act of Congress ef May 23th, 1824, the Recorder of Land titles was authorized in oertain olarses of ca?e3, to confirm claimants in their town lots, and in all such o-sos dircoted, as the evi dence of their titles, that "confirmation ar? tiji&Uti" should be granted. At the last ses sion, a general act dated 22d December last was passed, authorizing the issueiDg cf Pat ents in certain classes of cases which had been heretofore confirmed. It has boen decided by tbe Land Department that th*s act of 1854 does not abrogate oro'uange the provisions of tkc act first above mentioned. The aetof 1854 oi ly relates to those cor firmed claims in regard to which the acts of which the acts of Con gress do not direct what form of title shall be granted to the confirmees. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?Cn yesterday, the 25th of May, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on tho books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $2 098 40 For the Treasury Department.... Ie9 WO For the Interior Department 11,403 94 Fcr the Customs 36,540 00 War warrants received and en* tered 124.695 19 Repay warrants 6,872 09 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources...? 117 00 For covering into the Treasury from customs 6,995 63 Tha Secretary of the Treasury ?Tho Hon James Guthrie will lea^e his home in Louis* vlile on or abo at the first proximo for his effi Oial post in this oity. An Army Officar Beeigned?Brevet Capt. Henry Qn?pte, First Lieutenant of First Ar tillery, U. S A , has resigned, to take effwct Juno 30th, proximo. The Secretary of War has gone to his homo in Mississippi on a ririt, to be abient three or four weeks. Ad Acting Secretary of War.?Colooel Cooper, the Adjutant General, hu been ap pointed Secretary of War daring the preseat temporary absence of Secretary Davis. PERSONAL. .... Dr Isaao Draper, son of Isaac Draper, Esq , of South Attleborough, Mass., the Amer. ioau Surgeon io the Russian service, died at Sebastopol on the 20r.h of Maroh, of typhus f ever, after aa illness of four weeks. He was a man of fine talents and education His age wis 32. .... Mary Ann Wilkinson, 18 years of age, residing with her pareats at Saratoga Springs, New York, was poisoned by taking a dose of acid by mistake for a preparation for a oold. She had drepsed herself to attecd church, but the dose quickly laid her in the arms of death. .... Patriok Hughes, a brother to the Arch, bishop, died a few day9 sioee at Lafayetteville, Jeffarsoa Co , N. Y. He was an independent and intelligent farmer, of sixty years of age. And was very much respected by all who knew him. .... The Alb my Argus says that ((a gentle man is at present engaged in breeding fieh on the banks of the CanaBdaigua lake, and ex pects to stock that beautiful sheet of water with speckled trout " He muss be a horse marine. ....Carnum advertises that ninety infants' have already been ongaged for the National Baby Show next month. "Look out for squalls." ....Rev. Dr. Lindsley, a delegate to the Presbyterian General Assembly from New Albany, diedsuddnly on Friday afternoon, of appoplexy. .... An old man was arrested in Boston for being intoxicated, and when asked where he got the liquor he said he got drunk so soon af. ter commencing his potations that he could not tell! ....Mrs. Louisa Soott, of No. 4, Great Jones street, row over 93 years of age, com plains to the Mayor of New York that she can't make a living any longer, and wants to be sent home to her trieuds in Hanover Co , Va. She thicks she ought to have a pension for living so long. She was directed to the Governors of the Aim House to forward her to Virginia 4 Oh. carry me back," and so forth. ....A physician in large practice, was asked, a few days since, if New York wac healthy. He repliod?' Unusually so; the ex travagant price of provisions has checked the disposition for overfeeding, from which, or licarily, uerivo most of our practice!" The same may be said of Washington .... At the Presbyterian General Assembly, held at St. Louis last week, Dr. Skinner preached for one hour and forty minutes long ?truly a return to the good old Pari? an fash ion and t? the times when our lathers used to mako an all day job of church-going. ... .John L. Ctapman, a prisoner in the last stage of consumption, has been found guilty in Cambridge Mass, of the murder of Benja min Cozzens. RP* A bee hiving extraordinary ccme off in the vicinity of Houston. Texas, a few days j since. The swarm was passing over a train of cotton wagons, when they became confused by ?he noise and descended, choosing as a Fettling place the hoid of a wagoner, on which they piled up somewhat after the style of an old fashioned grenadier's bearskin The hat wag then removed to a wagon and conveyed six or eight miles and the bees securely hived. rp" Tho popalar impression that the bite of | Iho spider i<? poisonous, ana that the insect is capable tf inflicting a encmous and danger ous wound iscombattod by an eminent French naturalist, who says there cannot be detected in them any apparatus capable of secreting acd retaining j.oi?on. Tho sume person also caused himself to bo repeatedly bitten by these insects, and without any irjury. beyond the slight scratches which their tiny teeth were competent to produce Kansas Election.?A telegraphic despatch, dated .?Iay 21, from Kansas Territory, says, the Leavenworth dis;rict anti-fieesoil ticket is elected by sixty-one majority, and anti-free soil men are elected in every di-trict. # t.lAGL CHL ROM, Iahnd, Rev. Alfhed _ IIOI.MEAD, Rector, will be opened for di vine every Sunday at 1: a. m and 8 p m may 28?It* v ;? 1 RELIGIOUS NOTICE.?-The ReT. Dr. 1 e*SDaL; havin j returned from the South will occupy hu own pulpit tomorrow. He is ex pected to preach a missionary sermon in the morn '"?i and'Sd tjie impenitent at night, u.ay 28?It* ^ATTENTION, NATIONAL GREYS ? ? a,e hereby ordered to meet at your armory on MONDAY, the 28th in-tant, at 8 o'clock a m.. in full summer uniform, for inspection and parndn. ?y PETER HAGAN, O. 8. may 2f>?It ATTENTION, MARION RIFLES.?You will meet at your armory on MONDAY, the 20Ui instant, at ? n'd <k n m , in lull uniform By order. JAS. L. FOX WELL, 1st Set.' may 27?It* *-~^.ATTEXTION. YAGERS.-You arc or Hered to Assemble Ht your Armory on IMOnfl W MwRt.i'.'G, NaySil, at 9 o'clock pre ciatly, In full .?um?Hr fiy n-rct?e. The Company will move from the armory iO'mTflutea ke fore 10 o'clock in order to be in line at the time or dered by tbe colonel. By n?J*v of Cant schwarrman. may 86?it M. RUPPEL, O. 8. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, AT i t.ntiou.?You are heri bv nor-fied "to fneet ai 1 your &ru,o.-v on MONDAY MORNING, the *8 li iostadl, at 1'^ o'cjock, In summer uni fotui, f^Xf*p?teuul parade end inspection. By order oi C?pt^. \\ RiCUEY, O d. gtixy 26-It* l 1 ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS -You are A A fcereby requested t? meet at your armory for rj Regimental parade on MONDAY MORNING A tt the 2Cih instant, at a o'clojfc a. ni , in lull uni' lorm. By order of J. J. Mulioy, Liiut Com. may 88?It j>. HARRISON,0. S. SCOTT GUARDd, ATTENI ION?Ycu are t?''e,}jy ordered to appear at your armory on MONDAY MORNING, May 28, at 8 o'clock, la lull EUmiacr uniform, for parade. B A. JAMISON, Captaiu. Joun Keywortu, O. 8. may 26?It* NOTICE ?We the undersigned Dry Goods Merchants, of Seventh street, for th purpose of giving our clerk* time fo< recreation during the summer months, will commence on June 1st, tn close our retpeciive places of business at o'clock p m. Saturday night-, eicepted. Our buui iicm is very heavy at this season during the dav and we hope our frifcnda will see the ueoe.-sity of our adoptiug ihe above rule, and runemuer that we will admit no one after that hour under any circum stances. R. BR1CE HALL, R. G. HYATT, J. W. BARNECLO. may 25- Jt F. M M AGRUDElt! (NATIONAL GUARD, ATTENTION l You are hereby notified to in-Htat your Ar mory on MONDAY MORNING rext, May 28:h, at 8>^ o'clock precisely, in lull uniform, for refimental parade and inspection. By order of Capt. Tail: may 25-3t? C R BISHOP, Q. 8. MONTGOMERY GUARD, ATTENTION You are hereby requested to meet at vour Arl mory on MONDAY MORNING, the 88th instant, for parade. You are also requested to attend a meeting at Lieut Feenej 't on Saturday night, to determine what uniform will be worn. Particular attcnti m u requested. By order of the Captain : may 85 3t WW. O'SULLIVAN. gre. A. PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD Attention?You are hereby notified to Sih lTT!Y MONDAY, May 28th, 1855, at 9 o'clock a m., in fall uni form, will, arms, accoutrement.., ami horie tran K^cuion."0 ? ?fder'<0f IifC"nenul Parade and By or-er of Capt. J. Peck : mav 84 3t* W. II. HAYWARD, mayji^gi* F?at Serg'r. ?!0 o^^h^QiA.^D "~Strayed frojn '^e "?briber 'V ?nth? 8Ut in sunt, a yourg light red Co W? e is wuh calf. The above reward will be given it taken out of the city, and $0 if ftniad in the city JOHN WISENBORN, 143 N. York ave , bet. 1st and 3d its. nil}' ao - Jt* YjIST OF LBTTBR" Remaining In tk* Post Office, WashingtontD. C., Min 26, 1855. fOrdere'lto bt advertisedin the"Evbrim*Bm." atrfaJ'lt to Uu follonnng section of the Port Opce La,r?if being the mwepaper hating the largest nrcu lotion of an^ dmilypmper j?sUish*d in Washington: Sic. 5. And be it further enacted, That th*Jist of tetters rtmlinin(anctllW for in any p<w ofnceui any city, town, or villaje, where newsnaper* shall be printed, ihall, hereafter, be published once only in the newspaper which, being ???ued we,,v y't.or oftener.sAatf here the largest circulation within tlie range of the delivery of said office,to be decided by the postmaster ai such office.) tf^pvriooiipplflni f?r litm la ths wH pImh My tbsjr in itri All**, Mrt R Adam*. Mta* Mary Alien, Mrs B Brown, Mrs Itnb A (Wait. Mlas 8-.?an H Knah, Mr* Mary Kryera, MU* Easter Huahky, Ml?? Mary B Carroll, Mary Cart!*, Mr* Kllsa Oarrul, Rosin a i'1?arflanil. Miss Maty O-ircarsu, M is* Oomic, Mis* M E S Darla, Mil* Anna A 0?lm**a, Mr* Ellen Kit*, Mr* Ellsalwth klMrott, Miss Sallls French, Mrs Elizabeth Fein, Mi** Mary A Fox, Mf*s Klen ? ? :t . ? ? Mr* Roaenls Harris, Mrs Fnphemts B liayird, Mr* Harriet A Harrison, Mr* Maria Hicksy, Ml** Xano Harriaon. Mrs Oarrolins Hawkins, Mil* U J Jarkann, Mr* Rabsocs Johnson, Mr* Thorns* B LADIES' LIST. Bemp, Mis* Amanda Bay*. Miss Mary Ann feng, Mlas C Jvaephlos Kearney, Mrs Sarah Le;.Hrs Brldgst L*rn*r4, Mrs Lufborvogh, Miss Msrgtret Uwrt ne*, Mrs Jane J Luntlay, Mr* Mary B Miller, Mrs Margaret 8 Mftcbel, Mr* Fanny F Ma^rn'ler, Mis* Martha | MoDaftUl, Mr "Sarah O'Coanell, Mia* E r*r*on, Mlaa Marauds B I'atteraon. Mary A Read, Mrs Mary A Ramard, Mr* Harriott Roberts, Mlas Augntu Bandar*, M;s !!nrrl..t SandTord, Miss r..ra Si.??cer, Mr* Eliaa Araallvood, Mr* A S Tilley, Mis* Maty B Tsrrltt, Mr* Mary Webb. Miss Mary A Wilkinson, Mrs Otrrollae Wa**on, Mrs Wysft, Mr* Sarah J Wilson, Mrs Jsne B Jackson, Miss Grace GKRTT/EMEX8' U3T. Arnntronj, Msjoj Funster. Obadlali McBlogstt, Thos ^ rrssr. Dr fu: a?. Qrlffin, W T Klcoias. Oswald G'Vsoa * Moutfom- h>wn??, j a '?ry Oilsy, Thos Oribiis, J T Owst . R U Oo:;f1n, Jamea M O'Brien, Michael Grant, J W GiUis. Geo a AraTai, R? v Jop B Ames, Gen G?o W Aryiu, I H Abbott, K G Ad aim, Cbri*. C And?r*on, Gen A Applt-farlb. W Berkl*y. Win B Besl!, W? KUw*r<UGaruer, G W Brown A Water* Galther, Frsnrlt Butt, Win S Brook* A Wllon Beck, Wm Bauer, T W liartlett, Thos Bell. X S Brady, Milas Brown, R H Baksrst, R H Brown. Robt Bloys, M Botlt'r, Her J W Bry*u, Jnj Bennett, Jamo* K Be taley, Jos A Geo Henry, J P Rowtn, Francis L Heudrii, J no Giyan, Jalue* Hnrtllrg, Edward Burn*. Daniel Beck, Dor??-y Bur>lgh, Dr Boyce. Capt Bennett A crsns 0 ilei, E F Gottacbich, a L Guild. C M Ulock, A Hulten, Wm B lloey, W o How*er, W Harvey, W? (! Harbin, Tho* U Harrfa, 3 G Heavonr, Saal lloarn, Mlehaal Hl((^in?, Michael Howe, Capt M P Brag*, e< l B Uon<*, A L % Burton, ALI Clark, ^Pua Chinpbell, Tho* t'uyler, R R '"??vllln*. Robert Coy I, J no 1 C ilUntre. J no Cooke. Lt J W Cook, Janiee Crjwly, Jerry C.?lvert, J A C kllaKbnn, J Ci-iimp, J T Cornell, J CJr C'lllen, Jno Cullinan, Jno Cameron, H ugh Curt 1?, H C Condlct. Dr H F CMH, G W C-.yrera Francisco Haiu 4*ber, JoS Hayatnijo, Jno Hndeon, T D Hill, Edward Holt. D Hongler, Dan Rosen- Hartman, C F Uarralnon, (J L Huicbe*, II li Huiiard, Clia* Hayden. Capt X Jonca, R.,l>-rt lain-i wood, B Johnson, John F John*, Prof Join *, MarnUall Johuaton, Ool J K Johuwio, Heary. Johnson, Ue<> W Jnne*, C J lice, Edward Kimley, R.jUjrt Kellcy, J'.mv Bnlght, Ueo H Bern, Frederick Kirk'ey, Thoa K I.ycnea, James Lee, Capt 8 3 Lee, Jim. Long, Jno Leroux, Jul** Carroll, Col De Ro- Lloyd, Juo M ?ey J Crawford, Ch*s Turtia, Cha* C Cook, B D Conroy, Ale* B D jugberty, W C Delaney. Thos linn lap, S K Downing, Patrick D ? Witt, Mr D tne, laaac DNney, Ja* R Do Puv, H W 2 Durt, Kranci* Dyer, Danl R Darling, C K Leddy. Hugh Lnndy, K K Laurent, Benl la ter, U Land. B B Martin, James Maber, James Morgan, Wm Marshall, Win Murray, Wm Moriarty, Thos Maakell, Thoa Mitchell. T'io* Mason, Philip 3 Means, L^wla klabony. Jobn Dulancy, C ipt Bla- Moore, Jno J den Minor, Jame* Dwyre, Anthony Miner. H H F-iton, C'pt Jerome Morriaon, K R Ocbs, kllllan U'SuUKsn, James O'Counor. Jaiass O'Brien, D Parn>?r!efl, Jno H rhtillpa, Lt J V*a Ness Porter, Capt Wm Pagett, W K Parker, Thoa J Pruat, Robert Petit, Juo N Pfelfer, Jno Patey, Gideon Quean, Mr Rynes Rind, Tbos R B-ysol<!s, Tbos D Ramsey, 8 R'Tby. Robert Bt'bluson, P J Roberta, Juo Reldy, Jamea Ruggles, J A RobNou, Henry S Riley, Geo Rodgeraou, Geo Rh Lmond, Almoi Stinaon, Wm Smith, TC H Hpiilard, Thos Strong, Thoa 8 it tar lee, Dr R S Stoddard, I)r N Sumner, Rer M S Smith, James Stevens, J 8 Smith, J..? Stone, H Slat/.. <Jeo F Scott A Garner Bib.rnan A Kl-ler Stewart, Chas K Smith, Chan, jr Sherman, Chss B Sherbutt, be:.J Steele, A F Schrtt, Arthnr Thoioae, Wm M Thoma*. Wm 3 Taylor.Dr Simon T* Thompaon, R D Terrett A Mitchell Tttua, J C Talbot, fcugena > Tucker, Cbaa i t'uibaugb, Michael Van Lamb, Richard Wayne, Ma| H C Wallace, Wm Wtlllarus. W W Wyville, W W Wenzler, Z wn:i im*. R H While, Patrick William*, W Waller. X P Wlllron, N O Warren, L P D Wasblngt. n, L B William*. Iarael Wliaon, D W'llleon, Jacob WortMngton. Jos Wllllam?. J< * Wlddi'^mbe, Henry Watkin*, lien tiec 1 Wo rater, (.ilea Walters. Geo Wagner, Dr Wlckotl, Dr Wataou, CAB Warner, B Elmer, Richard Moran, Cornelia* Fealy, Thog Millett, Cha* Farrell, K Meyer, C 6 F..rrar, Jno M M rton, B H Fruncu, Jas E Martin, Adam 0 Fiaiier, James Martin, A W F; w. Job Mollan, Arthur Fi-bar. Henry Mclntire, Andrew F rrall, Prancis McQruder, K J Frederick, K U . McCrea, Harry Fn yser C C Mcftuinn!**, Jno F! emh. Dr C G McConu, J W * -'y ?5 JAMES G. BKRRET. P OFFICIAL.. Frankiin Picrce, President of the United States of America, to all ichom it may concern: ^au^lactory evidence uavijig been exhibited to m ? '.ha' Jose Ji'Lio Martin db Gouabo has b^en splinted vice consul cf Spain, for the port of Sa vannah, in the Slate of Georgia ; and that Josu Mc N07. ha^ been appo'nted vice consul cf Spain, for tlit poit of Boston, ?n the State of Massachnpetta, I do hereby reco*nije thum as eucli, and declare them fr< <? to exercise and eajoy such functions, powers an.l privileges na are allowed to the vice consuls of the most favored nation? in the United State?. In testimony whereof, I have cauxed these letterr to he made patent, and th? seal of the United State* to be hereunto affixed. Given under my baud, al the eity of Washington, tlie Q:id dny of May, A. I). 185a, and of [L. s.] the independence of the United Stales of America the seventy ninth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. b. Marct, Secretary of State. THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAMBOAT COMPANY'S STEALER ALICE G. PRICE. CAPT. SAMUEL BA^EIi, Will commeno3 her regular trip? on TUESDAY MORBIRO. tn- 29;ti instant, touching at the ditferent Landings on the river. L?*ace W'a?hinrton at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'clk nn Tuesday an1 Friday mornuics Returning, wi I leave Cone River ?t 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. NOTICJfl. The attention of genih men is called I jt.n very prime drab Rocky Mountain /? aver HAT, as wtll as all kinds of felt^l^ Haw l'or summer, which I sell very low for cash. ANTHONY, Practical Hatter, Seventh street, second door north of Pa. avenue. . ? nmy\J6-2t A CARD. \f A. TYIOl * I1MTER8 take this ?".-?hod of infonnlr.jr their patrons and the public thnt iheir schooi ^ ** UiuJL in thh, ciiy for day scholars exclusivtly, and will re-cpen on the I5ih Sf ptember next; the scholastic year will terminate on the 1st of July following In connexion with the above, it is also their determi nation to open Uaeir establishment in the country for the reception of boarding puj ils on ?he first of November, the particulars of which will be made known hereafter. Applications may be ma.1o at their Institution on F street, between 18th and 13th. may 86-6t MORE NEW MANTILLAS. WE open this morning? 20 irore of those beautiful Biack Sjlk anj Lat e Mantillas 25 Black Lv.c Sh.twlj Hearts and Points at reduced prices Also, a large stock of rich figured and plain Bareces trench Lawns, Organdy Muslins Rich Bareife Roben very cheap Dated and plain tj wiss Muslins All of which wiil be sold at much lew than form er price*. r Purchasers are conJially invited to call and exam inc our assortment for ilieinselvps may 2i e<6t COLI.EY fc SEARS. 44 TO BAKERS AND CONFICTION ERS." n OPS, Molasses, and Currants, ate. 2 bales-Jst sort hops, (growth of 1854) 1 1 n 8tf.,cUy Pnu,e New Orleans Molasses 1.0U0 lbs extra nice Currants, (equal to the new crop) 400 lbs Shelled Almonds 2,0??ili^ n,avtr? Su*ar> (flne and color) ?0 lbs clarified do. Also, Almond-, Palm Nuts, Filberts, Walnata, Pecans, Dates Prunes, Cherries, Plums, lie. kc. in store and for sale at exTemely low prces. , W|| M CRIPPS, ol i^uisiana uv, bet. OtH and 7th street*. may 26-6t GREEN TURTLE. A FINE lot of GREEN TURTLE just received which will be served up in Steaks and Soum at OAflTIER'S Saloon may 25 3t ERRY'S AND GILLOTT'S bf tL >ENS i. variety, b )ught in person from the manufactur ers by the undersigned, in this way securing genu papers, which can be of do ?ae to anv one but ?"i""* '? $5 ELECTION NOTICES. rllRV) WABD.?ITNio* flCErr. For Collector ROBERT J. ROCIVV For Register?WILLI* M J. McCORMICk. For Surveyor?8 T- AHKRT. _ For Alderman?J>r. A. Y. P. GARNETTV^ , For Common C uncil-THnp. fl W l tV I*LE. ERA9TUS M. CHAFIN, RICHARD H. LASttT. may 93? le* _ Fimh ward aoTioKr-Aa Qkum will be held on Monday, the 4ib day of June Heat, at the bail ding known ?? the OW Capital. ?*" Register, Collector, and Surteror fr0" f1>? " Si K? ?t kOmmm. mt i^sssismis; B~rd ?* ? WM. p. FERGUSON, e. parrv, J AS. A. BROWN, Commissioner. of Election fc, F,Oh fTfHk SKVKNTH WARD -UNION TICEET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. ForOmmon Council?SAMUEL PUMPHREY SAMUEL 6, TAYfcOU, IiJi.N'HY A- CLA*e?, ' MOUNT VERNON HOTEL, Gap* May, liw Jerger. T|^HE abov* lloijw bv Uui completely tiiiktd A nnu rurnuaed, ' rid will comfortably iccobmo (late l,ftuO guetis. The bouse ia sit us ted within the city, standing by itself ou probably the beat tr?fh for bathing in the world The hoiue ia upward of 800 feel in length. the dininj m???i ia feet. Al? together, the MUUNT VERNON HOTEL aford* the coot eat and meat delightful retceat in the w?*kl. Families of aii perron* and upward* emm he ac commodated with (tfirate tables, having their meaia furnished at any hour agreeable to them. Aa n# nary win also be act at regular bows w tfctaw are not ia parties, and wfcq may d'Hofi r - ? I a we -'?"?* "?>??' "are thia ?"?eon been added, .or parties desiring to be strictly An Artemn Well haa been bored nearly 100 feet in depth, and furnishes pure soft water throathowt the hoOrf. * Large and commodiotn stabling hav* been added. The Hotel haa every modern improvement, in deed, every thing has been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guests. A full Bain of Music will be in attendance daring the whole season. Letters addressed to the proprietors, directed to Cape I aland, Cape May, If. J., will be promptly answered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN * CO., may 25-2W Propnetat* PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. 'I'llIS Band ia suitable for an. and ali pwrpoece, I mid is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleaded to engage them, caber aa a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the abort eat notice hy applying to t KLDERIC PROSrERF, Leader, at Taluvilli's Store, opp>mt? the w ? ^ Marine Barracks. N. B.?Ord< rs left at Hilbus h, Una's Muaic Dei pot, will be promptly attended to. may 'J5?4m w A K D? Strayed from the neighbor hood of Seeley'n Lime Kiln on Sarur *Mo J?1' lhe 19"' <n**nt. a light GREY >1 M.L, ten or 11 years old, slim butt, is soundfa tiSwp^ J!*0*" r, w,rd w,u l>e paid at H. MCC AFFREY'S Grocery Store, corner o< *1 a?d D streets. Inland. ^ -24_3t? " I1AY!?HAY !! w?n??. T? P,:RSON^ I* WANT OF HAY! ^OVV landing it P?e> Wharf. Seventh street, ? ^ ?^hington, 2O0 bundles beat baled HAY, which will be sold at the Wharf, at fl 50 per 100 lbs., if taken from the Whan , MATTINGLY k BROTHER. mayM-lw (Intel) (JYOiikn?A cow, with a wti le ti^ai and kJ crumpiad horns, the white extending under her throat and belly. Hind Ifgs frrimUW* lhe lioek down, white, *i.|?*s m.d back of bright red, tail red, with white end. She lime a slit in each ear, upp< r aide ; alx* on the lower side of tne right ear a round piece cut out. ?3U will be giv < n lot the recoverv of il.e Cowar dconvlcU-.n of the initi, or J5 lur inf?irmatijn on Hliicli ib? cow it re covered. Apply at residence on square scuth square no 173. corner C and Seventeenth sis. may 24?3i* ICE CREAM. AT the old stand, corner of F and 9th street, ran be had the be t quality of ICE CRKAM.iA WATER ICES and CONPECTIOSEHY of^ all kinds. Y All orders promptly attended to. ft I have ope ned my Saloon for the rcasoaa, ?l" but the best quality ?lia!l be kept. All wish ing a rood article would do well to call. may 24-12t THOS ECKABDT. MANSION FARM ICE CREAM. THE subscriber wishes to notify the cittsens that he is in conatant receipt of the above eel ebrated ICE ( KEAM trom Ba'timore daily u made ot pure Cream, and will be sold at a Y uailon, delivered at any hour during the da>, in JL any part of the city.. T he smallest quantity sola hu! be half a gallon. He constantly receives Pennsylvania and Dela ware PRINT BUTTCR, wh eh can be wJed S? tl.e Centre Market House, tear the Engine Hou?e, ?luring market house, ?.t which plic? ordtr? cjtn be leit for Ice Cream. Any one ordering must either pay at the tune or upon its delivery, as it is a cash article LEWIS PAGE. may 34? lw* ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CREAMS of ail flavors, such as Vanilla, Choco late, Lemon, Strawberry, Pine Appie anl, 0?w aiige. Also German C.taias, Water Ices, hlauoe Mange, Charlotts, Jclht*. fcc Ths Sod* uofUe u :st in uie city, on the old principle of manufacture with Pure Fruit Syrups without the u?ual druu mix tures. ? CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all kinds sent k? any pait ot the city. Creams $2 per gallon-^** cents per qu N. B.?Ladies Saloon up stairs Parties supplied. J. g. WEAVER. mirit-iw" ' K?' **T opp ?AEPBT "*??. bat J Boxes, *c.?We have just received a large va riety of every description of Travelling and Packing Trunks, ladie*' dres* Trunks, Hat Boxes, VaMsSuf Carpet Bags, Satchels, kc., which we wf^t dispose 1" v rUTc'^r,c"' ?"d "" ??? WALL & STEPHENS, iaa> 34- ?? avenue, neat to Iron Hall. DR. TUEOD. UANSMAN - ? "Cbos^? {!om e,,th, to ten 0>e,0ck a.m. may affim^* **?' ?VV feUotBt HaU J1ER!JI*!?RY? TOILET AKTfCT.ES, *c., kc.-VVe likvr new store a large v^ri' ?yof ftueand comuioo Fans, Harrison's sod Lu hinscelebrated Perftimery, Brushes,Combs, looti, Powdery.playing and visiting Cards, fine I'onmon Card c'aaes, B^kiu. ?C-,*c., all of we are s< lling out at low prices to suit the times I! *K*> w?'* "* uontry, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store ol ___ JOHN F. ELLIS, may S3-'? ?"??ue, bet. 9th and lOtH ata. HOUSE-KEEPING UAKDWAKE. 1MIE eubfcnbfr begt> have to inform the public that he has opened a ?tore at 490 Seventh st. heiween D and E streets, where he has a general assortment of Houw-keening Hardware, Cutlery, Silver Plated Brittam.:3, Japanned and piam Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow andCedar Ware, Clocks Bird Lag-*, Feather DuMers, Brushes, Brooms, baskets. Mat*. Also, fine Pocket Cutlery, Raxors Scissors, Combs, kc. 11 His goods are entirely n? w, and were selected rrom the latest and most approved htylea They were bought for c&bh, and whl be told at the lowest possible prices. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to ex amine Lis stock and pricca, as be is confident ha can offer them greater inducements Hn they wi'J meet with elsewhere ia the city. map23?tf GEO. fRANCI8. SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW for April 185"). Contents? P Benton's Thirty Years in the Senate Louis the Fourteenth Chief Justices of the U. S. Raskin's Architectural Worka Russo-Turkish Campaigns Principles of Art Ruth Hall American Education On Uie History of Virginia Applications ofChtmwtrv Cntiesl Nonces. Subscription pnee %5 per annum. y FRANCE TAYLOR. jWR OALk . *f>riM?h Carriage A Double Wagon * 3 tsll Carnage Horses 2 Buggy and saddle Horaea jjftj?" if1? Coach man of the French Minis ?i"gsg "r"8l""' - W?W BoORb KtCiEVKD AT * _ SHILLI NGTON'S. The Two Guardians, by th* author of Heartrrarr and the Heir of Redely flf Ladles' National Magaaine, for Jut Bailou's Magaaine, for June ? New York Journal, for June Yankee Notions, (V?r June. """ **" ?? SHILLINGTONW rrn|?111 Bil> cer. 4>< m , and Pa. n?.

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