Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. A portion of the Marino Band were engaged' fur tbe oooasion, an J, in tho internals of the piorciaea, porformod some of tb^r choice and lively pioeea Several colored inOi^duaia, clad in whit# jackets and aproc^ were busy in "handing roani ice antj other delicacies. uj three or f?"^r fe?nai? servants were employed J? \ refreshment room, where the two or uiroo ssbool trustees and other gentlemen wore privately regaled, we presume. Not having been among the iavited guests, (in fact none of the pre** was thus honored,) and presuming that the entertainment was select, we could not overcome oar natural dif fidence by as intrusion. We do not, however, oomplain of this, out merely mention our po sition a? explanatory cf an ab>enco of further details of the festival which wa* prolific of so mach joy to the juveniles and the compara tively lew adult* who v. ero privileged to wit noes the exercises. Our notice is voluntary, and onr praise of the entertainment?at least so mach of it as we witnessed?sincero. Grand Military Display ? Oa Monday morning, the regiment of the volunteer militia of the District of Columbia will parsdn for exercise and inspection, in accordance with the general order, heretofore issued from head Juarters. The legion will bo reviewed by Lie resident of tho United States and the Secre tary of War, and doubtless admiied by thoas and* of onr citizens, who, as ever, are partial to military displays. The boys are not invited to bo present, as it is presumed they will a: tend without formal importunity ! Ground is to bo broken, on that day, for tho erection of a suitable buLding tor the care and preservation of the ordnance, arms, and acquirements of the volunteers ar.d militia of the Distriot of Colombia, and of the military trophies of the revolutionary and other wars, and for the deposite of newly-invented and model arms for the military service, toward the building of whieh proposed armory tho late Congresr appropriated thirty thousand dollars. It wi!? ba located on the public grounds in the Seventh Ward. Tax Coscert, by the Marine Band, this evening at the President's grounds, will doubt ..<as bo largely attended; the weather being beautiful, and the love of instrumental melody not having abated in this community. The offeota of music are incalculable, toothing oven " tho savage," according to tho fancy or the personal observation of the poet, and cer tainly promotive of happiness to the civilized and enlightened portion of humanitv. Some of the losers cf money on the result of the late Virginia election might, in all proba bility. be oheered in their despondency by tho portormancs of the following | ieces. which will constitute the programme: Grand Quick ?tep, Fra Diavolo Overture. Dillj Day Quick step. Grand Terzetto, Duetto in Ernani ; Evening Star Wal .z : As I view these Scenes ?o Charming, from the opera of Scnambula, horn solo; L'Eco da Monte Blanc Polka; Few Days Quickstep, arranged for the Marine Band by the leader and conduotor, F. bcala. Watch Retcrss ? Our city has loea re markably qaiet every night daring tbe past week. Even the excitement caueed by the ?lection in Virginia has not been snfficient to draw oar people from the path of rectitude. There haa been some little contention; but a kind word of adrice has settled every misun derstanding. No political controversy has cre ated a riot as yet. and wo believe oar citizsns bate U}o mach good ?ea?e to permit it to do ao. Oar day and night police ccrtainij de serve credit for tho manner in which they have performed thoir duties as gentlomcn end officers, of there has been no necessity to record a tingle United States or Corporation case at the guard house since the 2'Jth iost. Centre Market appeared to be very wel! supplied this morning Purchaser* were numerous, and well pleased with tbe reduced price* of various article* Butcher- have h*es ?urcha?inff be?f on tho hoof for ^5 ?>7 j to I2r per hundred, which is about'equiva Iect to $l2a*i3nett; old theep EtanJirg $2 50 to $i 2b Tho retail prico in market this morning was about as follows : Beef, frosb, per pound, I2?l3 cti ; salt do., lOai m , u. brf , ao ; mutton, I0al2; veal, I0*l?; b<*con. I0al4; pork, I2all; lamb, per quarter, 7oa$l; strawbenies, per quart, 25a *7$; green pea?, per peck 25*37}; potatoes j??r pock. o7a50; better per pound, 2la37i; eggs, per dozen. loals; hay, per cwt., $l 24 ; straw, per cwt, 75. * Mbiucal Deiautms-nt or Georgetown College ?We are pleaded to learn that the graduates of this Institution have formed an Msociation to be designated the Medical Alum, ni Association of the University of George town, and have fully organised by the election of the following officers, vis: President, S. J Radeliffe, M. D; 1st Vico Present, W jSva?u, M Z>; 2d Vice President, J. Hall Moore, M D ; Corresponding Secretary, 0. A. D alley, M. D ; Keoording Secretary, J. V. Middleton, M. D.; Treasurer, T. C. Mcln'.ire, M D ; Librarian, Jos W. Smith, M D. Hc.vawas ?Yesterday afternoon, a horse attached to a buggy, belonging to Mr. Smith, oa D street, bet wean Thirteenth and a half and Fourteenth streets, got frightened and ran off, the driver not being able to oontrol tiffl When opposite his owner's stable, he rat upon t, ud ?o continued for some distance*, when the buggy struck a tree box, knocking the dfirjr out without doing ??riocs injury i'he shafts and wheels of tae buggy v?eio broaen, ar. d tho h%rLcu much damaged It was fortunate that the u uai numcer of little children were not plajicg at that corner, as we might Ii?V9 been compelled to record more serious ji juries. The Ficnr at the Depot ?Th? partiei en gaged in this affiir on Thu-sday mornirg, ap peared before Justice Bates, yesteiday, for trial. Mr. U. Mageo was required to give ?c^urity to keep the poa?e. The ITriuwi cue against Mr. Thoi. Donabo was dismissed; but he was held under a corporation warrant fir profanity, and fined ?3 and eta's An ether person. Anthony Grey, was held to bail to keep the peace for making thre-ts of vio lence, and is to appear to day for tri*l upon a Jba/ge cf assault and battery. False Move ?a gentleman, yesterday af ternoon. happening to come out of the tele graph office wi'.h a dispatch from a friend in the North?not in Virginia?and oalliog an lBtima'.e acquaintance, or relative, aside, for the purpose of showing it to him, was at once fvrroanied by fifty or more of tbe hundred and odd '-anxious* persons who had collected in that locality to hear '-the news" relating to the Virginia election Thay wor? not a little disappointed, when the receiver oaimlv folded bp ice dispauh. saying, ' It is wn a do in t tie ?ubjeot, gentlemen." ' Thb Gbasd Pic-sic of tbo Northern Liber tiee' Fire Company will take place on lhurs day, the 7th of June, at tho White House, for which the committee having the affair in ?--a Ia addition to tbe attraction of a pleasant trip oa the toe s earner George Washington down tbe picturesque Potomac, a fine band of music baa been engaged to enliven tho company with their dulcet strains Kioht Drills ?The Highlanders were out ? long and i leas ant drill' m Lajhbb' Faik ?A fair for the benefit of the Met'aodist Episcopal Church, will be held in Fovrest Hall, in that city, commencing on M onday evening, the 2Sth instant The en ?/erprising ladies unier whose auspices tie Fair is to be conducted, will provide supper every evening, beside offering a variety of other good things, and fancy articles, to be exchanged for t>,e M surplus revenue" of the visitors. Boardibq ?' We refer thoie of oar readers who are deeiro'as of procuring good boarding and comfort-?))]e lodgings to the advertisement of Mrs. Qre'sr, which appears in the columns of the Star. We can confidently recommend this lady ra Peeving one of the best and most ?Stable es ablishments of that kind in the metropolis; and to this all who hare been t\ai accommodated onder her roof will doubt less testify. CITY BAHIBLEfl* Drarvo the present excitement politician* should prrtrtrwe their teraperature, and if Wise and Flour uoy men desire to manifest sagarity in their fervent en th unarm, they caa at leaat cool off aad maintain th-ir preservation for fourteen hour* ?t a tempera lure ol sixty degrees, they will find Double Water Pitchers, calculate to eTect such an end at the Hardware Store of Joseph L. Savaox, Pa. avenue, between 10th and 7.1th streets Mr. 8 independent of his cooling appx-atus, has all the modem improve, mcits in huilding hardware that is necessary in the construction of Iwa atiful residences. He keeps Wa ter Cooler* of every character, Waterman's Venti lated Refrigerator* -stall sizes aad prices, Fly Brush es of beautiful pattt tup, Children's Gigs, BirdCages, Charcoal Furnaces, and an immense variety ol do mestic wares, wbic h he is prepared to dispose of at rates that will rend er at least 20 per cent, more ai vantages to purchasers than any other establishment in Washington. '-'.Excelsior" is his word. Duth h a miglily conqueror! The giants of the ear'h fall before kiiin. The monuments of genius and the arts, the temples of pride, ambition, and vanity, every mon seat spring up uid arc hurled is tlie earth iu his path. "No note the clar ion of renown can breatiie To alarm the lot g night of ilie lonely grave, Orcheck the he> idlorg haste of Time's o'erwhelm ing wave.8' The bones of our friends should be cpitaphed and monumented. Tlieir gilded mausoleums should be the evidences c?t our apprec.atim of their bright and brilliant trails. The lovers of works of art and beau liful designs in. mural and every other description of marble archit fcture must bear in mind that Joseph W. Kelly, Ph. avenue, next to the National The atre. ai d also at the corner of I5th street and New York avenue., has shown a degree of taste and p^r fee lion of design, in the execution of his elaho orateiy carved ma<itels and torn >s, that render h>s portion as a marble worker second to none in the National Metropolis. lie is a young min. and h>s inter prize and skill are wel; worthy the encoerage inent of all who desire to add to the 01 nament ol the city. The marble used by Mr. Kelly, in his carving de railment is* from the richest quarries of statua'j niarLle in Italy, embracing every variety of tint and c?lor. lie is prepared to execute any kind of work that may boffend, either ornamental or plain, in the lie-i possible manner, and as cheap as any oth er .i-arble cutter in the city. He has in l;is (tufdoi mechanics who stand at the head of their profession and, as a consequence, is eitflWed to rhow as hand soroe, if not handsomer, specimens of workmanship, in Iti.'ian marble, &j any other marble yard can pre sent. He is continually executing fine browm-u ne w?rk, and builders will find it immensely to their advantage to inspect the of Mr. Kel.'y ta this depar-mani of skill. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Albxabdbia., May 2ft, 1866. The Circuit Court, Judge J W. Tyler, hav ing adjourned over the day of the election, re commenced its session yesterday, which was occupied entirely with the civil cases of no general interest. Tie vexed question of the oon tcstea votes has not been settled; the demo cratic commissioners in the wards where they were (ifered have refuged to sigh the return, which will make null the entire poll of these ward). The new boat, Alice C. Price, commences her regular trip on Tuesday morning next. She leaves Washington at 3 and Alexandria at 7 o'clock on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Cone river at 4 on Wednesdays and Saturdays of ea?h week. The morning papers are full of ela:tion news. The Gazette says '-the returns are highly favorable to the success of the Ameri can ticket." The Sentinel says, " the result, as far as heard from, has exceeded our calcu lation, and, without highly improbable results elsewhere, we regard Mr. Wise's election as a filed fact, and by a decisive meprity." This morning a fine party of young ladies and gentlemen with Bowdsn s ?an?l left here for a pleasant pic nic at Arlington On Mon day Mount Vernon Band, I. 0. U. B , spend the day there. To morrow, the Rev. Dr. Cuthbert preachoe at the Baptist ohuroh morning ani\ tTeniug. Ami. RiLiEr ron EBRirggoN.?John Erricson, l- ? i " the inventor of the caloric engine, has expend ed ail of his own and his wife'g f)rtune in prosecuting his experiments, and is now in desitute eircumstancee. As his poverty is the consequence of hia exertions to promote science and to benefit mankind, it has been propojed that a collection be taken utrfor his [L'rrijcn's) benefit, in eteiy town and ward in the United States, on the 4 th day of July next, and in all the meetings for making arrangements to cel ebrate that day. DtSTiJtocisutD Viiitobs?Yesterday noon there arrived in this city about a dozen New York priie fighting bullies, via the Atlantic road They were of the class of Tom Uyer and Yankee Sullivan?hard-head, hard fbted. whieky.drinkers, and very desirous of contin ually " punching somebodv'g bead " They had bee a up to Canada to settle a prise fijrht, but were driven back over the line by the ter rors of the Riot Aci. oaoked by a strong p*ii;e force. At Island Pond, yesterday morning, (Ley bad an amateur engagement, to give them an appetite for breakfast. At Bethel they had another tiff And in the cars they were pltohing into eaoh other quite promiscu ously ulong the route, just to\?8s away the time yleacantly. Several of the oar windows were broken out with holes about the sise of a man's head. Mayor Dow had been telegraphed of their arrival, and requested to detain them lie was acoordingly at the oars with a strong force, but as they did not i??te?fer9 lyiih biut ha did not meddle with thtfin One of the bul lies wanted to know how manv policemen were th?r? Hi was t>'d about thir'y, ??Thirty ?" said he, "make It *15;^ we il whip ho crowd " They pawed on west, and honored^ Bostou with their preeecoe list even ing. We ghould'ut wonder i. the police re ports of to-day iu that city were unusually in teresting We sever saw men more desirous '"m.bod^ibould "l?| ii i, ?i, of ?ut ih? ideftof whipping car entire police foroe with thirty added to It? that's the greatest i >ke of the whole.?tort. land Argus, May 24 , ?3Ta yoang, handsome and well educated lady in Maine, wlo, seme ten years sines married a Chjpptwa Indian causing a deal of talk at the time, now resides with her abo rigtnal husband in Lawrence, K T, where tbey live in good style and have the comforts of civilisation around them Her husband graduated from Hamilton College, New York whether before or after marriage we do not know. A Goon Joke ?The city authorities of Ma rysville, California, recently passed an ordi nance for the removal of outside stairs in that city. While the council ware In session a few days alter, tb? stairs leading to the Council Chamber, were removed, and the dignified members of that bedy, according to the Her ald, were compelled to4lehin" down the posts of the building Democratic Fibiso to ? Ma5 ?Black wood's Magazine in a ..otice of the death of Nicholas, refers to the oa^e of the Frenchman who was sent out of St Petersburg for smoking a cigar in the street, before the face of the Emperor, and adds the following : " There is no doubt about it, tb< oigar in the mouth gives a certain damocrttio fiaiflh to a eoab." 4 from Fenaaoola describes the IV? De*r vbat plaoe M b?,0? "enclosed .I*1 brt.Jk waHs, ?nd Open on the o*her, defer.Jed by huge sharks, of whoie voracity frightful stories art told/' n?p?LrW99?I.rNGS.?oor rwider* to an adrer u~-/ tlMnant In ?notber column, for full particular.* con cernln* the HYOCANA of Dr CMMIs. It la said to he on? i>f the tn'H"t i?niark?b!e rnree fnr all deerrlptlmi r?f itUiuisaa ot th? lnns*e*er dleroverad. It* virtues hare l>een teattltod in by tauii'treiK wb? have obtains I their koowted?? by ihc beat of all taacliere?etperience. CAliTION.?Pr. CURTIS'8 1IHURAN A i? tfca orlic'nal and only genuine article. way I??lm f>T?A flKOBIT FOB THB LAD1E3?HOW TO PBK8BBYI Beauty.?Don't ase*-halk, I.lly Whlta, ?r any of tlta so-calked e?*m?tlce, to cvnreal a tided or sallow complexion. If yom would have the rvaaa broajht back to your cheek, a clear, healthy and akin, and life and vigor in fused thron^h the system. get a bottle of Dorter's Spanish Mixture, and take It according to directions. It does not tact* quite aa well aa IwrfloiMla ; bnt, if aatar a few doaee you do not And yoar health and beauty revlTin*. your it*? elaatic and vigorous, and Uie whole system refreshed and ta vigor* tad like a Spring Morning, then your cave la hopo lee*. and all the valuable certificate* we posaess, go for naught. It la the greatest purifier of the blood known, is perfectly harmleta, and at the tame time powerfully efllca cioaa. ?.?See advertiaement. fp7?S0AH WAMCKR k CO.. Marble Hall flotilla* Kicpo J?' rlrra, under Hrowns' Hotel, reapectfnlly announce that their display of Spring and Summer Clothing la now ready for inspection, comprising an assortment of Coata, Vents and Pantaloon* of the neweat and rlclieat deelgna in material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen who stndy excellence with economy In fashionable articlea of dree* an opportunity for ae'ectinz I* offered from one of Hie largest and moat attract Ire etock of good* ever offered in this city at * vary reduced scale of prices. ap 17 Tr~j? PBIMIUMS AT THE FAIB8.?WHITKHrBSTfl ' still In the ascendance.?The Juries of each of the late fairs at Baltimore, Richmond, and N?w Tork awarded their hlghMt pramlusas to J. H. W. for their snperlnrlty of Pho tograph' f,^raoacopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of Mi* Maryland Institute for three years past. Whitahursfs Gallery in this dt/ la on Pa. avenue, betw. 11 and 6U> streets. fcb 17 - rHKNOMKNA IN MKDICINR.?Bronchitis, Congh, Dypeoala Liver Complainta, f^rofula. Ac. ?For ail diseases of the Female System it stands pre eminent. A Clergyman Just informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate efcarsrfcr?particulars hereafter. HAMPTON S VBuKTABl.K TINCITBR?By lis mild ac tion on tlie atoraach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dysp?p ? la, Congb, Astiima, Bronchial aud Lung Affections P/.ins In tue Back, Side and B"ea?t, Consn-.uptlon. Scrofula, Rlien matism, Gotit, Kauralgia, Fistula, ltowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous OfMlltles?with all diseases arising from impure blood, aud is Uie greatest female medicine ev er known. TV* iuvalnable medicine la working wonders upon thehunian frame. Seeadvortisemeut to-day. mar 7 fV-7*I>B. HOOFLANO'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BIT TKRS. There are few things which afford us greater pleasure than sitting down to write a nolle* of the celebrated Hoof iand German Bitters, because we are folly conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and our heart tell* us that by ?nr notices maay have fcren induced to take these Bitters, ?nd been reecued from death 1/ dyspepsia, liver complaint, Ac., for tha cure of which 11 Is certain It Is prepared and soli only by Dr. C. M. JACKSON, at Uie ttorifcMi Moilclcs Store, No. ISO Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar 3??m WJet SaiLLiatfTOS raceltas all the usw Boots and Xewt rapers as fast as published. He is agent for Harper's aud ail tie other Ma,;a*ln<?s, aud nor renders will always find a large and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at k i Bookstore Orino ? Ho'ldinc. cor Pa. avanu* and 4 % st. D. OILMAN, Drngglat, lias removed to IIS Seventh ' street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre parad to fl'I all ordrrs for Medici' es, Painta, Oils, aud (Haas on accommoda'.lng terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician 'a pr?*Tl,itioi,s at all hours of the day and ulght Tha night bell ia ou the right ot the store door. ap 14?liu DlUl). On the 2T?th instant, in Riltimrrp, M-l, in the 52<i year of her aje, SfMNNAH ADDISON, or hem orrhage of the consort of f!eo. C. Addison Wants. "117"ANTED?BY A WHITE BOY, THIRTEEN ? f years old, a situation wh-re he can make himself generally useful He can read and write, and if an active boy. may 25?3t* *1 O CLAIM AGENTS, Sic?An Attorney and 1 Counsellor at Law, who has had t**enty-one years professional expeiience, much of that time ir ft? I pracfice, wi.-hes to form it connexion with or be engn^i-d by a Claim Agent or Lawyer. Referen:e* satisfactory. Address '?Lex" at this office, may S3?5t WA N T E 0 ? A PARTNER TO WORK A Slone Uuarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and oili?*r3. there l,cin? now creatde mand for stone. Th s Quarry is immedia'cly oppo site Georget wn. Larfte -haniy, blacksmith shop, ] an ! every implement on the h|w4. Tl is quarry fur ni*>he^ Uie best and largest truck S'otsc, file. A ! chance id now offered. Call or write tn LLOYD & OO, Fifteenth street, eppo. the Trc:u ury. may H?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 150 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7th st., ah-tv* Odd Fellows' Hail. ap 28?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. ? carding. MRS. ffl. C. GZlKHIl'g Boarding House., on Pennsylvania avenue, fir--1 house wtBl cf\ the Capitol eate. Fine rtu nis at vrniou- prices, and ev ry po^ribie aitemion and cuiui>*rt l? stowed on lud<ea and iient!??men guests. n.ay 2G?3?v* BOAiti) AM) K O O M 8.?Two or three newly fumhhed ai.d very de-irabie ?"r,o?b lot rent, with board, al ? . u,liou K(nv; BOAilDING.?Tnree well-fcrniahod Room?, with boardiug, can be obtained at No. 491 itieventh street, west side, between G and H. may 21?tf SUMMER BOARDING.?A few persons can be aceom-nodat'd with boar! from the 1st June,in the country, in a private family near B:adrn?hurg. The location is a h*a!thy and pleasant one, vriiii in a short distance ?l the Spa Spring and ( laden* l? i!e,;o:. Relercaces raqiured. Apply to MlSt ROSS. Biadensburg. nray 21 ?eoA* ?V O TIC RENT ?PARLOUS AND 1" iJta.u'crH, wiui bo%rd. Also, table and tran cicnt lioard. with a katbiiig room an I shower h?ths a;id every atlection to mid it most afreeable t. htr boardeia- Mrs. P. G MDUATi Comer Pennsylvania avenue and 134 st. ap 23?3oi BOAKU, Ac-MRS. BATES, on tne south weat corner of Pa. aveiwic and Uih street is pre paid to accommodate gentlemen with roo:iH, with or without board. Every ellbrt will be made to ren der tboae comfort: ble who may lav?r h?<r with their ps roiiage. ap 6?tt" FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. % JUST receivtd, several P.a;?o? from the celebrated factory of St< inway It So?s, New tfnrk; one in Louis XIV styie These i' awoh a?e in c?ery re ipect the beet now made in tue United States; they received at tne late M?-troj.oliiar. Mechanics' Paii the first premium (a silver uied&l) for eacl. of ti.eir fi tuos exit biu d. Every person adinircrt the volume of ume, aw wtll as the workmanship of their inntru m1 nta. TUes#, ?n ^ddtUou ta lay other stoek ol p.anos, farms the besi and lurge^i collection .-outli of ^Lasou's nnd Dixun's line. 1 The p'iUlx are respectfully invited to call and ex-1 amine before they pureha?e elsewhere, tbiy will find moderate prices and reasonable tuun l'lAMJS to rent alwayj on baud, and second hand Pianos taken 111 part paymeui for new ones,at my Piano Wareroom, No. 46 8 Eleventh st, above Pa. avenue. FR. C. L^lwiii^NUACH. may "Dewing by machine. Yfiss HI NOUOLD. at Misa Pi:iings?. V5ib X? I ^e'.weeii In. wvenue and F street, No is pr> i>ared to e^ecutc with despatt a, and in the neatest tn tuner, all kinda of pi at seyving lor latuilies, hotel keeper's, and tlm trade generally vis: LadnV ?ik.!?s, Uudics, &c , Oentlemen's Fhirts. Bodoujs, Wristbands, Collars, Drawers, Pvtjiot j II uUkerclaef". Furniture I.ineus, vi* t Table 1 Mollis, Sheets. Pillow aul **^er Ca^ts, T^-.p,,. Nanki^ bruins. ? Also, Tailjf Mantua makers' work of all kind*, Miss R would inform the pnblie t'.iat &he has se cured the services of Miaa ROONEV, from Bulii more, who ha.* been winking on the machine for 18 month*, and understands her business thoroughly. AII work warranted tQ sta:?l c?|Ual to any otLer, an i dope on the moat reasonable terota. may 17?coQw* io DYSPEPTICS. |OCOA, Cocoa Paste, Cocoa Shells, Brornn and Pure and Sweet Ctooolates for sale &t the Tea and <'?>iTe Store. No. 510 Seventh street, opposite National Intelligencer Office. Also, an excellent article of Black Tea, without the weedy flavor so common with Black Teas gene rally. Tne altentio i of the trade is invited to cur stock af teas of all description!!. may 23 -eo.-Jt HAIL h HENNING. NEW GOOdFfOR GENTLEMEN. PJ. STEER, Merchant Tailor, No. 48 8 Sev ? enth street, has just received tr.ui New _ York, a v.*ty ele?ant aud large addition to^BQ his stock 01 Spring an i Summer GOODS, AA consisting of Cnssimcrs, Ducks, Dnils, Sic.. Ml lor Pants, and Suit and Marseilles YES 1'INGS, Ixith plain and colored, of ihe richest and prettiest styles ever seen in this market, all of which lie is prepared to make up in the best style at very low prices. Gentlenen would do well to call early if they wii-H to see very cheap styles. may 1} -w 2w ARLINGTON HUUSE. THE undirsigned would respectfully iaform his friends that he has aken the establishment lor meily known as the " Arlington House," which he (?tends openinc on Saturday nex', May 19th. as a Restaurant of tne tfr?+ order, and feels assuted that he willhave LIQUORS andClGARSoi tt,echoicest brands, OYSTEHS, GAME anil FI8H, in season, an I every other artiele in his line to suit all who ?h >ald favor lum with a call, F. A. COOK, niay 1??eolm* C For Bale and Pent HOUSE TO LET?On Ihh street, between D and E streets. Good stand for a shoemaker i* tmm r. For u rms apply to J< ?H X WATERS, E street, between 10th and 11th, General Agent and Collector. may 25?St* FOR RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE ON the Capitol Square. Apply at No. 19 North A at. Capitol Square. may 26?Ji* FOR 8ALE-A STORE, FIXTURES, AND food will of a Confectioner in the First Ward. Rood reasons given for selling out. It may be tHiuf i?t cheap by applying at this office, may 25-3t* I}*OR SALE OR RENT?Tin: owucr of a hotel, ' now engaged in another business, would like to sell his enure stock and fixtures, and if <i<>n<and ed, the house situ 'ted on Pennsylvania avenue with a good run of custom, on liberal terms. Particulars at CHARLES WALTER'8 Agency nnd Intelligence Office, 57 9 Seventh st. opp. Ctntrc Market, may 24?3i* FOR PALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO-STORY rnd attic Brick House. wit{i a two srorw back building, containing a large Hall;>nd ten good rooms To a caieful tenant the rent will be verv mot?erat>' For farther particulars enquire of Mr. PI11LII' MACKEV, corner Fourth and I sirens. may 2J-I w* For sale-a lot of ground in the most thriving part of the city, improved in paM and is under r? lit at two hundred df Mars a year It is situated on Ninth near N street, and has a front of 76 feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inches deep. The above property will be sold at a bargain for cash or on time, as the purchaser may desire, by paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMBS O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12th and 13th street?. aaay 21?2w For rent?the two new houses on Pierre ftreet, between L aad SI street?, con taining six rooms each, with ba.?eu?ent ar.d a large ya-d attached. To punctual tenants the low rent of ei'hldollart will be charged month'}. Enquire ofth? owner, ophite the premises. inav 15?1?* CHAS. THOMA. Rents reduced to suit the times. .$150 a year will be received "tbr the rent of those new nnd convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, staMe, wood sh?d and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pu?e water are near the door, and coinmunicat on is had with Georgetown by way of II and 8eventh streets and Perm. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual f;y*. for tbc accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this creat reduction of rent immediate application inti^t be made to the undersigned, eiiher by letter, or at bis houee at Kendali Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and tl,e hojjsos i^ape< ted at *ny time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal ?erms. WM STICKNEY, No 4, Kendali Green. N. ft ?Rent* paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1855? tt Tf ALUARLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR the V I'ity, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly situa'ed tiacts of Lr.n.l. t,o,<tar.3 ing about ntty acres each, partly ia Montgomery county, hut principally in Washington county, DC. <>ppo-i?e the farm of Joseph H Brailey, Esq., about niil' S from Washington, communicating with it by a new and conim ulious road row undercon stiuctien The soil is e^eellts:, a<iu weil ai!ap;.-d to corn and wueat The situation is prominent an-i healthy, and the land weil watered. There are three tenements on the promises. This property is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country res idences. A plat of the property can be seen at the officc cf the sut*criber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to se*- it. EDW. SWANN, No. 136 Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 - co2m IflOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAU lors and Chambers, with board, Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. ?33 F street _ ap'J FOR RENT OR SALE ON REASONABLE Terms.?A three story Frame, with basement on New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets n est Also, a three story Frame, with back building, on I street north, between Fourth and Fifth sts west Apply to James W. Barker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13th struts west. DICKSON' fe KING, ap 5?Thtf Georgetown. F^OR RE\T-THE THREE STtiaV"STORE and Dwelling. No. SO Bridge strei t, George town, ?o long occupied as Euimut's Confectionery. Apyly ta AKN'Y, next doer nav 25?eotf HOMES FOR ALL.?Heaunruliy r.nd h> aJtlnly located Bmhfrng Lets, 24 feu front by 130 ft ot deep, on graded streets, enn, until sprintr, b* bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per montli. Title indisputable. Union Land Otnee, 7th st., above Odd flows' Hall, jan 6m - John FOX, Secretary. CHEAP BONNETS. LADIU3 who desire cheap llo.NNETS, FLATS, fee , will do well to call at F. F MY I LRS, Ag? u', who has a lar?? assortment ot ! the latest styles, which will be offered at I very low prices. Alsi, a fine assortment of FANS of every descrip Hon. Do not forget the place. F. F. MYERS, Agent, No. 13, opposite the Centre P^arket may 24?co3t REWARD. SERVANT girl Sarah left the Marshall Houf-e, in Alexandria, Va., on Monday, the 14th instant) and has not fince been heard of. I will pay tie above reward if taken up out of tlis State oi* Virgin ia, or .^*20 it taken up ia tue State and lodged in jail so tlmt I cua get her a^ain. She is of a chestuut col for, about uvd feet hi*h, stout built, aud hat a pleas ant countenance whi n epoke%to, ? nd is about 20 years old. I purchased h? r in Charlottesville, Va., in October last. FELIX RICHARDS, may 24?ectf CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES] I HAVE now on hand, nnd constantly finishing, a vory large ass ortment of 1'leasure :"-'c ,4* "Tip a - Family CARRIAGES, of the latest lash ions, which I will sell js '*>*/ as the same quality of work can Ik; ami in 4ny of the pjiuetpal markets of the United State*. The subscriber is aow dealing exclusively ia Car nages ot Ins own manufacture, and ail wor< sold by hiui will be warranted, nnd compute favorably v.ith any work iri this market. As 1 always keep a la.*.'t assortment, I iuviie purchaseis and otheis to ci amiae ray stuck heft-re purch%Mag elsewhere. Carriages built to order Old Carriages takon in exchange, or repaired at the shortest n tice. THOMAS YOUNG, Fign of the Golden Hor.^e, No. 400 Pa. avenue aud 4.K street, may 1?co3m A CARD?LOOK HERET" 4 LL ye lowers of Ui<- good things ol this life, and a V we will cel. you where you may obtain at least some of thein. Thankful for past favors, I would respectfully ask a continuance of the gam^ dux eg this Spring aud Summer, i ai^ piepartdto furnu h ail who will givu u?e a call vith the sweet and ec ol i;.g Bv'V^t^es in my line at short notice. Such as le<j Creams, Water Iced, of flavors, Si hariotte Reuse, Blancmange, fee Cakes of ail kiuds- Also, foreign and domestic Fruits mid Confectionery gen eiaiiy kept iu weil regulated establishments or ? ? kind. - M v ^--irtlCUJar ?.lte,,a??. Vfin he paid 10 ftirnishiiis | ? .iihn^ rjm fjrlile's Cakes. Al^o, Parties, B;Jls, recursions, Pic N'tcs, fctc., fee., and up?ju rtascn able tvrrns. Call at the old stand, Ma?sachu?ef!s avenue, be tween 9th and 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.-Be-t quality ICE CREAM held at $1 50 per gallon. may 7?eo3m JOI1N VV RIGIITSTINE. SOOLSiTaI'-\VKITING PAPERS of the finest 1 and also of the cheaper kinds A large supply just received direct from the man ufactureri<, for sale at uuusunlly low prices. may 16 FltANCK TAYLOR. WASHINGTON STORE. IADIES, you must not forget that we are still j ofletitiij great bargains ia UryGootl*. We name in part? M Hireling aud Cashmeres at istrf cents, cost 30 Fine fast co'ored Law ns at 8 ccnts, cost 11"^ Yard wiue b'eached Cottons, only 6Ji cents White and colored Crape Shawls at half price Cotton Sheetings, all width*, less than they can be bought elsewhere Plain ChaTlcys, only 18# per yard Fine Fiench Ginghams, only 33 cents Ladies' black Hose at 8 cents Liaen Table Damask very cheap A few piece* left, beautiful styles, Brilliants, enly 22 cents Berege de Lamet for 12^ cents, worth 25 Plain, dotted and Embroidered Swisa Muslins, very cheap Ourcusiom'rs will please remember that all of the above Goods must be sold by the 1st of July We have aho a fsw pieces Silks, different styles, which will be sold without regard to cost. No. 1?, opposite Centre Market. may 21?lw NOTICE. THE Undersigned can accommodate part'es with COACHES for pl?asurc trips. Also, to make trips to boats arriving after night from the White House.1 For terms apjdy to Mr. JOHN HOI,BROOK, at the Stare Stand at the Capbol, or orders left at G. fe T. Parker fe Co.?i Wore. WM. WH ALEY. may 1Q-Im* Auction Bales. By QRKEI * SCOTT, Auctioneers. HANDSOM COTTAGE BUILDING LOT* at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 31st instant, we shall si 1!, on the premises, at G o'clock p.m., several handsome building lots, having an entire front on Massachusetts avenue of 72 feet 11 inches, and a front on 3d street east of 155 feet, forming the corner of Massachusetts avenue and 3d street?ast, on an elcvaied and heahhy position on Capitol Hdl, the Cnpitol, and a pump of excellent water at the corner. Also, two lots on E fctteet north, in sure square, it being sqnare No. 755. The lots will be st-ld in siz^s t?? suit pnrchasere. Title perfect. Terms: One foutli cssh; it&lance in 6,12, ar.u 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sals. A deed given and a deed of tnist takes. GRELN & SCOTT, tnav So?d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. JHcOCIKK, Auctioneer. 'fWO DESIRARLE DWELLING HOUSES at L Public Auction.-On WEDNESDAY atter noon, May 30ih, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 8 in sqnire north of square 515, with the :aiprcvenu'uts, consist i"K of two excellent two-story and attic liame dwel line liotiie, with brick basements, each house con taining 8 good rooms. These house* are nearly new, having been fin ished 'a-1 fail, and very substantially built, with the bent matt rials. Each hou?e Las a side and back alley. T? rms: One third cash ; the residue in (i, 12, 18, an 1 24 months, for notes bearing interest, secured ny a deed of trust on the premises J A0. C. McGUIRE, may 26?d Auctioneer. By J. C. ScOl'IKKt Auctioneer* ^irALl ABLE BUILDING LOT ON FOURTH ..f street, between E and F. fronting on "Jmiisia rv Square," at Auction ?I shall offer for sale in front of the pn misea, on WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, at 6 o'clock p m., the north half oi lot No 5, in square 531, ibout 25 l.-et front bv 93 teet four inches de?p This lot is eligibly located, b?in2 only 3 squares from the I atotit ami Pot?t Offices, mid in a ranidl> improving section of th?? city. Terms: One iifth cash; the balance in 6, H, 18, ai.d ~4 months, the d-f. rr-d payments to bear inter est, and to be secured by a deed of trust upon the propesty. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 25 - d Auctioneer. ?y GRKKN * SCOTT. Auctioneers. 1ARCE AND COMMODIOUS HRICK HOUSE j and T.ot on Capitol Hill at Auction.?On Hll foy, the 1st day of June, we shall sell, at 6 o'cloc k p. in., on the premises, the large and wHI-burt three-story brie* Hoa-m, lately occupied by the Hon. Judge Craneb, situareo on Delaware avenue ne*t to ttte comer oi north 11 street, near the n<-,ti; Capitol pate. Tire house cor.tans thirteen cmve niently arranged rooms, and wide fa-sage hrou-h the house, arid built with thick walls, and a cell'i under the whole bqildlnr, and the lot bet K haif of ,No. 6, in square No. G*?, having a Iroiit o: thirty feet fit inches, ruenir-g 1515 feet seven inches to a thirty teei uii?y. The above-de?cri ?f d pron ettj is certainly Mie of the handsomest location* an I mon beautiful sites ii. VVaslunz'OQ. nreaentiac the mo-.? commanding vi*w. There is also a ;.U07 cf excellent water near the d<*or 4 Term. : One fourth essh ; balance in one. two. hree, and tour years, the pn^ha>er to give u*ies tor tiie deferred payments, bearing interest from day OI II. A dee ' ri ven ami a deed of trust taken. Title indisputably. AH conveyance at the cost of the ptirclnser. ^ GREEN fit SCOTT, n.ay u> d Auetioneers. Uy OUEiCN ib SCJTT, Auctioneers. '| WO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS AT AUC I Hon. Mn THURSDAY, the 24th instant, at 6 a c.uck p. in , we (-hall sell in front of the premie:* part or Lot No. a, in Square 437, with the improve ments. which two irame Houses, one contain ill5 three an I the other nine rcotxtg; rach hoti??* fronting twelve f-et on -outh G, between ?th ai d Bill freets west, with a live feet alley Lu?een the two, making the whole front 29 feet, running back 85 feet t inches. ? * One-fourth cask; balance in six. twelve, eighteen, and twenty lour months, on notes bearing interest. 6 A dc< u <iven and a deed of trust taken. iitle indisputable. 1Q , CREEN i SCOTT, ma> It d Auctioneers. iT?>1bt ?.hi?ve sale I* postponed In consequence ot the rain until MuNDAY, ;he 28lb instant, at the s.uue lijur. GREEN 3i 8P0TT, may -3 -d Auctioneer!. Uy d. SCOTT, Auctioneer. "VTALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH I, ,/ e:h f""1 91,1 ftrerts we t, at Auction. On \\ KDNE 'DAY, tie: 30th ln-tant, we si^H s< || in front ot the premise*, at G o'clock p. m , tlie beau tiful l ii.Miii r lot situated on the south side of north I, bawten Hth an l streets we?t, being w^st ball oi Lot No 7, iu square 104, having a front cf by 8o ee?. ' T<ims: One fourth cash; balarcern fi,12, an.l 18 months, for n >tes sati? i'actoriJy i n iorsed, bearing in tere>t iio.n day of ?a>?.-. A deed giveit and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCijTT* Auctioneer^. l*y J. C. McGl'TiEi Auttlonesr. rr nrs fEE'? sm.e of city l o th-od * MONDAY afternoou, May 21st, nt 5 n;clock, at the Auetiiyi rooa:^ of James c. Magu>re, Cie sub scriber, bv virtue of a deed of tru<t dat*-l Apn; a6. 1 Vt, it??d recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 76. folios fcc. one of the land records for \>'ashington county, in the District of Columbia, will stil the fol lowing Lous, viz: Lots Noi. 17, 2C, 27, and 28, in Square No 50. Terms: Cac-half ca*h ; the residue in 6 and 13 n onths, with interest, secured by a deed el trust oil luu preuu. )? If tbc terms of sale ir? cot complied with within five days the trustee reserves tiie right to resell, at tlie ruk aud cxjten<.:- of the d? fauliine purchaser. 11. C. SPALDiNG. Tiustce. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 7?co&ds Auctioneer. &g~ Thf above iil? Is nnstpoerd un til TUESDAY afternoon, the 29th instant, at the Dime hour and place U. C. SPALDING, Trustee. JAS. C. McCUIRE, may 23?eoids Auctioneer. ny GK.KH* dc. HOOTT, Auctioneers. I EXTENSIVE SALE OF MAHOGANY BOARD Ii aiiu Pbr.k at Auction.?On MONDAY, the ?>il. instant, we shall sell iu front or cur warehouse, on 6th treet, between Pennsylvania and Mi-ouri avenues, at 2 o'clock p. m , 4,CC.U icet ot tine mahog any H srds and Plank, vlx: 3 50n feet % ard ineii boards 5tiUfeet 1/^,2^, and 3'^ in^h Plau'i *! he above st -ck of Lumber is r?r. tine quaiity. Terms: All f^uuis of r.nj undercuii; over $25 a credit of 30 ar.d six y days, tor satist'a'.io/dy endorse-! Lulus, bearing interest. GREEN fv 9COTT, may ^1 -ThSM Aucltoucers. By OP.RKill X SCOTT. Auctlon^cra. Tr ALU ABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING W on north K, between lHth su.t 7:h its west, at. Auction ? On MONDAY, the ?8th instant, we shu'l tail, at & o'cloek p tn . in front of the prec** ses, Lola Nus. 4 and 5, iu Square 184, f:;;iyi j u;> tiie north side of nortli K, b? tv.Vo le'b suy* *t|, streets, 53 feet three inches,, v f';?r f<;ll inc)? runnin b 'ck au avr:i#o Jej.tit U ? ,fcCt to a aar ty-leci u.b.'5, 4 hej.ior.erty is handcoinely lo eated, beinj U*" e, e nd square nonh of Lafayette Square p rsons wishing io m ike a (jood iuvest ui. i t Mill do well to attend tlie sale. Title indisput Lie. Terms: One-third cakh *, the ref i.'ue in 6 12. nr. ! IS months, for uotes bearing mteiest I'raiauc o y > - the sa!? A deed given and a deed of tract taken. GREEN L SCOTT, may 22 - d Auctioneers. FOll SALE ?A Pair of BAY M ARES, 7 years oldnextspring,weil bred,sourd.stylish, tfV gentle, spinted and capital goers. Tin vire well-broken and pi-rfectly free fro:u trfc ks. a::d will particularly suit any gentleman who is lond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They c m be seen at Southron'3 (Ute Birch's) Stable, on 14th wtreet, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or au op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star office. They will be scld a La gain. ap 3?tf MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE.? Every ar ticle in the above line may be ob'aincdi ten per cent, cheaper than in ai;y store ih( the city. Milliners will find it to their ad vantage to call. S;raw Bonnets, Hats and Flais Lace, Crape, Blonde, Silk and Lswn Bonnets al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Rice do. Blonde Lace Edgings Footing, Ike. WILLIAM P. SKEDD, Fancy Goods and Millinery, ft04 11th st. may 21?lw DRAWING BOOKS from Pari* and London, imj port?-d direct by th^ undersigned, of various kinds and description, Landscape Diawiig, Flow ers, Animal Life, the Human Fi?jure, Perspective, Architectural Drawing, Ike. may 21 FRANCK TAYLOR. '? AHE HEALING OF TIIE NATIONS. BY L CH AS. LINTON. With an ln roduclion tad Appendix by N. P. Tallma.'ge. Published by tlie Society for the d'ffusxiu of Spiiittul Knowledge, New York. I large octavo volume, pr ce $1 50. For tide at TAYLOR * MAURY'S Bookstore, near thh nuctl. * TELEGRAPHIC. BKroiTKi) rot TBI DAILY EVENING BTAJL Tin in Wilkeebwre. ?t Philadelphia, May 28 ?1 4re brokt oat in Wilkeaberre thii morning, which destroyed the store* of Me?r*. Morgan. Frederick end. Wilton. W Loomii, end J. Lewie, the U? of fice of 0 B Nicholson. end the Bedlerd Hotel, by 8. II. Petarbangh. the dwelliagi of Mem. Lord. Batler, Dr. Boyd end other*. The prop erty wes mostly insured, ezoept that of Dr. Boyd. Hew York Markets. Nkw Yobk, May 36 ?Cotton ii firm. With en upward tender cy. Floor haa advanced fie 12c; gcod Ohio, $10.44a$10 fll; Southern ie buoyant Wheat i* a trifle higher; Mi?h gaa $2 65. Corn ia a trifle lower; mixed lObalUo. Pork ia upward and firm.. Beef:: unchanged. Lard ia eerier bat not qnotably lower. Whiaky ia better; sales of Ohio at 33fta39o. Baltimore Markets. Baltibobt; | May 2fi --Vlonr ia Heady, at |10.&7a$ll for Howard street, and $10 75 for City Mill*. Wheat-White $2 60, and red $2 50a$2.53, Com it unchanged. Hew York Stock Market. Nkw York May 26 ? Stocks are dull; mr&ey ia plentiful Sales this morning of Brie Rail road star*? at 48#; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 80i; Cleveland, Columbus and Cin* cinnati Railroad 1061: Cumberland Coal Con* pany 272; Reading R-iiroad 87#; New York 91 f: Pennsylvania Coal Company 108; Virginia6 s 9S;Mi?rouri 6's 92; Indiana5 a 84|. Wood Engraving and Lithographing. Ornct ScrtaiKTawntKT Pcauc Pai<mae, Wa?hington, May 19, 1856. PROPOSALS will be received at this office mnii tne 30th day of May instant, at 19 o'clock, m , for drawing and engraving upon wood, in the high est style of the art, twenty four or more quano ii*r? 'v8'i by nine inches) of winery, to illustrate K? porta or Surveys of Route for Rulmad to Pacific Ocean. Also, for drawing and engraving, in the same s'yie M*ty-five or innre email geological ill'istm ,i?.?i? and views to accompany r&tiie work. .Mr", lor <ir<iwir\g and engraving in the name man Q'T, two or more views to accompany Report of l>Ht tillllSS. All these ? nerav.njs will he required to be drawn rpoti the blocks in the very best btyle.and the draw ing submitted to this office fcr correction or ap proval ; ;n:?l when such drawing* are approved, the ensraviligv to be executed in the neatest manner. ^roposril* will also be received until the fame dat* fir drawinc in crayon, in the highest style of the art, upon -tone, nr.'] prm. ing in one, two, an.I thren tints, twenty-three thousand or more copies at twenty four or more quarto plate* (rx by nine ir.clief) of illustrations to accompany Reports mi Survey* ol l.'oute for I'ailioad to Pacific Ociw. Propowtls will also i?e received for drawing and I Tin li ni! a portion of the work last above named, ao'l printing in colojs. The illustrations w ill be open at this office for the inopection of thoje persons desirous ot bidding for tiie rame until the closing of the bids, and any ia f rmation desired will a!*o he furnished. The paper required fcr printing the Iiihograptu will be fumi.-hcui by this office. Co',tract9 will be entered into with, and bonds T*.th security will be required from, the kuccesefal bidders, for the Qithlul execution of iheir contracts. The bids wiii state, separately, the price, and but ? nc price, for each class of work bid tor, and the tune required for the execution of the work, or por tioas oi the same, and must be addre?aed to "A. G. Seaman. Superintendent of Public Printing. Waab iiigtos, n C ," end bo plainly endorsed "PropoeuU for \\ ood Liieraving," or "Lithograpiiine." A. G. SEAMAN, may 21?lw SupTintendeoC. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ~ . ^Jp^KWith each train of Care arnv ~^i i^rifi'TWashington or Alexan dtia. '1 lie ^r. aiier* THOMAS COLLYERir GEORpE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. tn for the Orange and Alexiadria cars, and connect with the am tr:un on their airival. Meal- furnished on the boat?. The boat* connect with aii the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Cape may 17?d 'I !)? UMDKRt iQXKDan now working f the Sione Quarry formerly occupied by Major Win B. Scott, and are prepared to futnisb BTONE at the usual market r-ites. HUMPHREYS WILLIAM A Cc'r^UuWTi, Ma> la?lm* IIAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such a* Bracelet*, Cbef 11 tins, Chains, Breastpaii", Earrings, Finfer 1 Ring*, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be been at my store. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. a v., between 9th and lOlh eta. Mar JO FRESH ARRIVAL OF TEAS, (CONSISTING of Pouchong, Oolong, Bug Break J last, Gunpowder, Impe rial, Hyt?)u and Young llywf, in lb. metallic paek?, half and quarter chest- and boxes, at exceedingly low prices, wh?l? sale and retail. Ail oiher kinds of Teas always on hand, such a* Soutaon^, Niuc Votig, Orange, nn?l Flowery Ptcco, Hyson Skin, &c. ? nll and bee HALL b HEN NINO, nay t3?eo3t 510 Seventh at. IIII! MUTUAL F1BK IRSURAHC* COMPA NY OF THE : ISTItlCT OF COLUMBIA. CHARTERED by Conjre-ss, offers to the property' ownen of the District safer and cheaper meana of insurance than any other Company. ULV S^ES WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secfetnry. MATHEW G. EMERY, Tieeswea. ?aMaesaa Ulyt^c.? Ward Jjhii Van Riswick Thomas Biagjen k'. W. Browning F. Howard, Matliew G. Emery. J. C. Idckseaien, (ittice, i urtimbia 1 lacc, comer Lctuaiaaa tirenaa an I ~',t. street. ?Hfice Lours from C to 6 o'clock p. m. fel*. 36?eotf L. J. KIODLKTOM, DEALER IN ICE, j Ojjiif anJ Dipct south side F, nc^t t* tfrnm tlU it. ICC KEPT CONSTANTLY ON UAND AT THE OFFICE, which can b* bad in targe or mail quantities. ' ffice opeu Uoat 3 a m. to 9 p. m. Ui 1?hijSjh VO iou WANT FIRST RATE ICE | CIKAMI Oat to AKNY, Briape street,Georgetown, f he was awardeti a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mcch inica' Institute, for ICE CREAMS, WA TEa ICEi, and CAKES ma* 25?eott ORGANS FOR SALE. Vg'UrEklOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a fi>:e Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now o.i txliiuuon at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Pair. 'I hey .ire frotu the m nuiactory of HENRY ERDEN o.'New York. INir terine, &c . apply tn Trof. SCHEEL, on 14tlv CRet, north of F. HENRY ERBEN. tub ill?entf STKAY U1L> A W A Y cn Fnday, the 4th o# May, tiom Georgetown, a small colored Boy, aliout ele ven years of age. Had ou when he left, u pair ol snulf-colored pants and a mraw hat. Aa swerstothe name of JaUe Any one giving inlet inatiou n MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 -eventb st, Georgetown, will receive the thanks of the fam ly and a r-warJ if desired may 18?2w* COPARTNERSHIP. WE have this day r irmed a copartnership under tne firm of Neal k IUvimku, for the sale of Wines. Liquors, Cigars, be., at wholesale and retail, at No. 5 6*4 Seventh s ., opp. Centre Market. J. T. NEAL. may 85?eolm C W. I1AVENNER. SrOAR. JIOHSSKS. ke. 50 hhds New Orleans and Porto Rico Sugar 130 bble New Orltane Molasses ALSO? 300 boxes Oranges on ron?ignment For vale by MURRAY It SEMMES. may 25?eo3t STRAW MATTING. JUST rec? ived 4, 5, and 6-4 White and entered Matting-, wbteh I am w llinc at the lowest pri ces for casli or to pr >mpt custinners. J. H. SMOOT, S. side Bridge si., near High, Georgetown. aaay ia? GARDENING. GARDENING pe' formed by a good practical Gar dener, who under .land* a l the branches ap?>er j tainiag to the booties . They wdl undertake to lay out gardens in the in ist approved etvle by the job, , d -p, we; k, or if necessary by the year, and keep the same in order. W HARLIN b (rO., I Ne. 4TV 13th sueet, U)iy 21?lw* two doors souil Pa. avenue^

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