Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1855 Page 7
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UTERYISIMENT8 RENEWED EVERY DAT. TENAICPR RBG1STKH. A BASBBINT, 90 BV 99; ROOMS AND OF Jl. 1?m nmral third and fourth door* of the new build. iBgi. M ul 68 Falton Htrcet, to lot. Apply to E. EVANS ob the fro nui. AN OFFICE ON TUB FIRST FLOOR, AND ONE OB two lofts to lot, ia store If/) Wee t street, owner Robin pop* Inquire ou the premises, of ROBERT FRANCIS. A NEAT TWO STORY AND ATTIC, WITH BASE J\. menta, or tl.ree story house wauted, with modern lm Pirenientt, in a good locution. Addrtas alnote, with rent, Thompson, No. 5 Washington Market Voeoy atroei aide. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO RENT, OR ForR SAL*, IN J\. So nth Brooklyn; partly furniehed, *>eautilully located, port of rent token in hoard. None hut thooo wialung to toko genteel boarder* need apply. House oontaina 16 room a, with all tho Bodern improvements. Inquire of C. k. CAVEKLY, corner of Uonry atreet, and Firat place. A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK HOUSE, il in a flue looation in Brooklyn, tventy minutea' walk ttum the forrie*, and noar the rare to lot, and roat taken in board. A permanent arrangement would like to be made. Addreoo Frank, ho* 144 1I< raid uffioa. BROADWAY-STORES, AC., TO LET. ? S E V ERAL ?tows and upprr parts, to let, in deairable location*, on Broadway, auitahle fur almost any business, at moderate rente. Apply to JAMES 1'KICE, :M0 liudtua atreet. Brooklyn heiguts.? to let, the cottage houaa No. Mi Will jw strict, Brooklyn, having gaa, Ac. Apply to 1DWARD 11 ART, 103 Willow otreet, Brooklyn, or 74 Jamea atreet, N. Y. CHEAP RENT.? TO LET, ONE MORE Or THOSE DE airable houeea, brown front, with all the modern improve rente. Convenient to atagea and oara. Only $460. Early ?lieatlon le neceoeary to aecure it. WALTER A SEELY, lighth aveuue. COTTAGE TO LET IN WILLI AMSBURO? A VERY mall, handsome cottage, hU South Firat atreet, fonr bloeka iron ferries; yard very handaome, and filled with grape vines, running roen, woodbinea, Ac : rent $.TiO; refer _enee and aecurity required. Apply to IIUGUES A GREEN, 133 Grand atreet, Williauiaburg CLUB ROOMS TO RENT, AT600 BROADWAY, WITH furniture and billiard table. Apply to E. V. IIAUtJll WOLT, 661 Broadway. Factory to let-thk well lighted four and a half atorv brick factory, about .Vi bv .SO teo>, with spaee behind far a st*am engine; in rear 31 and 33 Woat Thirteenth atreet, or will be leased to a deairable tenant, on moderate term*. Inquire of F. 8. BCflLESINQER, IB Pino atreet. PIRT CLASS APARTMENTS, WITH EVERY CONVE nienoe, to let, on thir l ttoor of No. ti04 Sixth avenue, fcetweeuHnrtyflfth and Thirty sixth atreeta. Apply imiue ((lately, to Mm. BUCK LAND, on the | remises. Furnished house to let.? the first class brown atone front houao 38 West Seventeenth atreet. be tween Filth and Sixth avennei; haa all the modern Improve menta, and very eonimodioua. Posaeselon oan be had Imme diately. Can be seen at all 1 ours. Will bo let only to a Bivate family of the highest respectability. Boarding nae keepers need not apply. Inquire of J, L. COLBY, office of S. Smith, 36 Wall atreet. Furnished house to let?the three story brown atone front hosst, from lat May to lat November next, with all tho modern improvements, neatly furnished, k?ear to Madiaon aquaro and Fifth aveuue. Addreaa G. W., hoi 3,608, Poat Office TpURNISIIED ROOMS, -A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, JF having more room than required, would let a Bitting room, Ibree bedrooms, and mo of kitchen, to a email lamily, ?r to two or three gentleman, iuqnlro at W West Sixteenth otreet, two doors from Sixth avenue. House to let.? the first class brown stone houae No. 40 Weat Nineteenth atreet, between Fifth aad Sixth avenue*; haa all the modern improvements, and eontaiaa seventeen rooma. Poaaeaaion middle of April. In epiir* at 710 Broadway. OUSE TO LET?THREE STORIES HIGH, AND l attic, with alt the modern improvemonta, in the beat ditinn. No 698 llouaton atreet, near Broadway. i'osset immediately. Apply at 2t'3 Broadway. H fOUSE TO LET? THE DWELLING l'ART OF HOUSE 429 lludaon atreet, consisting of front and back parloro on oecond floor, and three rooma on third floor, pantriea, gat, Crotou, Ac. Ap^ly LARK A WADE, 429Hndson atreet. Houses to let in iioboken? wituin three minutes' walk of the ferry; a|tew new tlrat ulaaa houses in River terrace, with court yards, commanding a beautiful view of the river and city of New York; liaafnn 4 hot and cold water, Ao , Ac. ; and will be let to private families of the highest reapoctaMllty only. Boarding houae keepera need not apply. Inquire at tho olTioe corner of Hudson aud Kecond atreeta, Iioboken, of E. MARTIN. Bouse and store to let, at Brooklyn? To gether or separate. Ia iltuated corner of Wlllougbby avenue and Saudford atrret, one blo?k from Myrtle avenue. Tho atore baa a room and bedroom attached. The dwelling part consists ofeix rooma, with a covered atair to the yard, and entirely aeparatod Irom the atore. Iuqnire on the pro mises, up stairs, on th* 30th aud 3ist instant, and April 2d, from 9 A. M. to 12 M., and 2 to 6 P. M., and after 2d proximo at 102 Conoord atreet, Brooklyn. Houses at iiarlem to let-at very low rente: In 12Sth atreet at (.mo and <400; on Fifth avenno, near the di pot at $20*1- on l.'4th street, near sixth aronue. with large gardens, at $ jai and $260; five brick honeea, with noflurn improvements, $4<<>: a aplendid oottage, with el^bt lota of ground, on 126th atreet, J.f *J, and several smaller plaoea, at $126 per annum. A few nlec cottagea for aale on very <a-v terma. Apply at WARD'S Real Eitate office, ad I Joking the Railroad depot, Harlem. 10 UT OF TOWN ? TO LET-PARTLY FURNISHED, A PW .?1 maotion, with afcabloi, o'tthoutoa and /roundi, 'itv M*th oil th# liioki of U* IU4mb, V-. i .ii >a???d for beaTu aad beauty; tmitabU for a boarding **uu ?CM7 ** ipprtp? VT?! I.e!, 49 EMhange plaoe. 'TEA* POWER.? ROOMS WELL LIGHTED, WITH * it?adj ateam t>ewer, to tot. Inquire ?t John Konnejy'* ? i marble work*, corner u> Thirty fifth street Mil Broad JTEAM POWER IN ANN STREET.- ROOKS WIT1I (team power to let; alau store* 51, 53 aud57 Aon atreet. aquire at 4V Ann atreet. ?ctoke. BASEMENT AND I.OFTS TO LET? HE PAR ATB P? li or toeotber of new building No. 42 Walter atreet, Broadway. 1 !.e lott* are auitahlo tor light taannfactu eg purpoee*. An excellent place tor pianoforte inakora, -dwarc, crockery, or any hu-ineaa requiring inueh room. p?ly to _ C. A. RAUDOUINE, 475 Broadway. TORE AND DWELLING NO. 491 WASHINGTON ?trect, opposite Clinton market, to let ? Well auitedfjr reatauraat, ete. AI?o, the nlore and dwelling ?31 llndaon reet. now occupied ae a recar (lore. Apply to JAMES RICE, "Ml Hudaon atreet. LET-TO A SHALL GENTEEL FAMILY, (WITH ?at children preferred,) the upper part of a modern bnilt Kaglif h houae, altnated In one of the fineat neighborhood* up iwn, ?eet aide. Rent from (900 to #3W. Inquire at 3UO lata avenue, in the droit atore. |po LET? THE STOKE m OKEENWICH STREET, third door above Murray atreet, one of the beat location* ' aido city for Uoaiery or Gentleman'* Fnrnlihing atore. 0 and rent apply to J,hn Jamiaon, Z72 1'earl atreet, or |17 Fourth atreet, after ti o'clock, P. M. LRT.-THE STORF NO. 430 BROADWAY, THE TWO beuae* No. 44 and 48 Caral atreet, a room feet on eadway, and tbe houae No. 140 Chamber* atreet. Apply . 144 Chamber* atreet a LET-SPLENDID OFFICES. VERY CHEAP. TWO aiuutea' walk fr?m the City llall; the aecond an I thir l ? of 78 U ekman atreet. Can be occupied immediately, i rent charged till after lit of May. Inquire on the pro O LF.T-IN SECOND PLACE, SOUTH BROOK LYW, between Clinton aad Henry atreet*; tU* *ecoud of thoae adaomo three atory brick and brown atone haeement, aaea, witb belt*, apeaklnx tuba*, gaa, Ac.. A)., thirty throe ' eourt yard in front. Rent 15uo, and ready for imme a I'coapatioti. If dcalred, a gentleman and wito will oc py and entirely furniah a part ot tbe houao, and board out rent. Partial board for the gentleman, full board for 'adj. Tbe latter arrangement would be preferred witb a * etory tenant, who wonld be privileged to take mo .-a in. Apply to WM. B. COX. 20 CUE atreet, N. Y. LIT? A PLEASANT, CON V EM ENT TWO STORY frame henae, In tbe rill we of Tarrytowa, on tbe llndaon Ever Railroad. 3" mill* Iroio New lurk. Rent $ltW, la let Mr*. I'URDV hi ring atreet. New York, after 6 clock P. M. . LET ? Til E UPl'ER OR LOWER PART OF A aodern beilt bona*, Kith gaa and bath, tn llndaon atreet, ' Abingdon tquara. Inquire of 8. DELLEV1E, 35 Maiden LET? ON MOUNT PROSPECT HILL, BROOKLYN a double c ttaio hnoae. or one half, ooaaiiUng of Ira ?ma. Tbe place la well f hade, I witb torreat and orna nt el tr??a; th< re ia a ;arden with a variety of truitt reel, I paature (or a euw. aUo ?taolea, Ac.; located near Flat lab atenue. Take Flatbuah atagc from Fulton ferry. In ? at the hotel. LET? A THREE SToKV AND BASEMENT HOUSE, near Sixth avenue, with Crotoa wat-r and r a?, rent I. A hone* on Mnrray Ilill, between Fifth and SUth enn??,f7W; cottegee on Forty third atreet, bctwe-n Fifth d Sixth avenue*. 900; a tSree atory and baaeiuent houae Tweaty alatb urcet, near Ei'hih avenue, rent S.W. ">*Y r RANKLYN, 71 H e*t Thirty fifth atreot, ? r 2-J adway, room 11. LET? A FIKN I - 1 1 E I * HOUSE, WEST OF 1IROAD way, below Grand atreet. Tbe houae la baudaomely MheJ, bath, Ac : contain* about aixteeu room*, in good r; will be rented In to a good tenant; rent quarterly, laov.,,. , aaeaaioa Immediate, ifreqalrad Adirea* Mr*. >., Broadway 1'oat Office. LET? THE BUILDINGS, NO. 64 VESEY STREET aad % Barclay atreet, ov r the tunnel. Alae, M< Va h atreet. AUe, two o?cea in Trtalty Building. Apply at I (Bet of the Mil.. Avenue Railroad Company, 111 lir?ad f, 4J Trinity Building LET? A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WITH MODERN tmprovenienta, rent io?' Alai., hall of a oottag ; r at Call at 138 Waat Thirty fourth ? treat. > LF.T-TIIE LARUE, ELEGANT, BROWN STONE ftoal (tore, with] baaem' nt and eellar, No 86Naaeail will be let to a good tenant on reaaoaaMe term?. M. L. SHELDON, MANaaaau atreet. LET? A THREE STORY BRIi'K HOUSE IN SKII^ maa atr-et, near Park aveaae, East Brooklyn Rent, ). Tbe M> rtle avenue railroad ruaa within oae block of t piemiaea reiid-ring the locality 'oavenleat t > tb<j*e 4o [ bealteee in tbe city. Apply to C KNOX, li- Fulton t. Hew York. LET? THE LARGE STORE 37U WASHINGTON *tr*?t, between Warren aad Chamber" atreeti. Inquire ( Fraaklln atreet WM. FORSYTH. LET-PART OF Hi 'USE 56 LAIGHT STREET; NO medera lmproTtmente. Inquire oa tbe premise. | LET ?PART OF A LARGE STYLISH^riOUSS TO lat, taeludlag parlor, naaieroa* aieepiag room*, Ac , L, with all mrxlirn iui|<r i ?mruta, the remainder of tbe ae being oecuj .?d I y ihe wner. Terma mo lerato, to a I elaea family Apply at liM W eat Tweaty ttgnth atreet ) IET-TO aTm A El" FAMILY, WITH?7uT QKOW*i ehildren, the apper part of a geateel houae la the ith ward, with nee of bath roam, gaa. Ac. For partlcu I, inquire at 42 Flrat avenue, after 1 o'clock P. M. > I.ET~THE STORE ANoTlTcK PARLOR ITI~wTl liaa atreet. euitable for any aaereaatlle buaineaa, alao, I third ?'ior, containing two !rc,t and !?-? beek roonn. ?it, to EDWARD HART. 74 Jama* Hreet. ) l.BT m n WALL STREET. YERY DESIRABLE Leflleeo en aeeoad. third, aad iuarth fioora. Apply to if Bailey, 64 WaU riraet. TKlVAim* BKOUTKH. TO LET-HOUSE WITH GARDEN, FRUIT TREES, vine*, ahruba, Ao, cornor of Fifty -seventh ateeot vnd t'irit avenue, plaaaantly aituatcd, Ao. Apply at 1U2 broad way, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at f.'t Kaat Twenty e?v?iuth atreet, of PETER A H. JACKSON, TO LET? THE THIRD STORY Of HOUSE NO. 1,213 Broadway. ?fU Fortieth itreet, conamtiug of two lar<o room*, four bedroomi, cloicti, ward' old, Ao., with ga? aud ( roton water un the floor; rent fitO per year. Alio, fourth ?tory, ismc ai third; rent <150 per >ear. Inquiro on th? premise*, or at 10S Fourth avenue, corner of Twelfth atroet. TO LET? A BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE AT C'ARMANS vlll*. with ooach boa**, ataMe. and six lots of ground, {,n l.M'd itreet. within ISO yarda of thu Hndaon River Railroad depot. Apply un the premise*, or at Mil Broad * ay. fO I-ET? A FINE ROOM. AND SMALL ROOM AD joining; water, Ac.: a Rood location for an artist, physi cian, or any one requiring an ottce. Na. <iiH Umulway. TO I.ET? THE LOFTS OF 115 AND 117 FRANKLIN ?treet, for light manufacturing purpovea, Vix'M, aro well lighted, high ceilinas boitt wav, Ac wHl be rented loir to pood tenant*. Apply to C. A. BAUDOUN E, 47.') Byoadway. TO LET.? THE SECOND FLOOR Aiy> FRONT BASE meut of a modern three atorv bourn in Twenty lourtli Mreet, between the Ninth and Tenth avenue*, with hath, pa* Ac. For particular* enquire at 175 Weft Twenty fourth ?treet, near Eighth avenue. Kent t'M, TO LET.? THE FIRST FLOOR OF THE 4 STORY briok house No. 237 F.aat Twentieth (trout, near Fimt avenue, consisting of grocery it ore, tack room and two bed rorms and t aaenient; or whole honae if required. Inquire of Thoina* Bntlcr, 146 Wost (treet. TO LET? THE UPPF.R PART OF A TWO STORY brick honae, consisting of five room*; loratloa 17 llarri eon atreet. Can be **en from 2 to 4 o'clock P. M. For term* inquire at 52 Carmine ?treet. mo LET- THE BASEMENT IN THE MOFFAT BUILD i. ing, corner ef Broadway and Authony street. It ha* been used for the last six year* a* a restaurant, *nd i* well adapted for that purpose, being fitted up with private room* lor dinner or rapper partie*. boxes, vaulta, two kitohon*, oyster vaults, Ao.; all the con vunie noes of Cretou water. Apply to W B. MOFFAT, 336 Broadway TO LET? THAT LARGE AND SPACIOUS STORE 409 Hudson atreet. Apply to DANIEL F. HILL, 407 Hnd*on atreet. TO LET-A LARUE FOUR STORY HOUSE, COM pletely furnished, with modern improvement*, and 8 oMeoion immediately ; also, a house iu Croaby atreet, near Iroome: alio, t i.e. upper part of a four (tory houao, eultablo lor any kind of buaine**. Inquire at 114 Waverley plaoo, below Washington equare. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF A THREE STORY house, 114 Thompson atreet, consisting of front and bark parlors, pantrie* between, with two hall room*. to a Ftiiall family, without children. Inquire ho the premiae* be tween 11A.M. and 3 P. M. Kent moderate. fO LET-IN SEVENTY SECOND STREET, SECOND house east of Broadway, a commodious home. in good condltiou. eight lets of gronnd, fruit, Ao. Immediate poa ?cation. Bloomingdale stages pa**, and Eighth avenuo rail road, aoon to be completed, ieaa than a block diatant. In quire of E. VAN AKEN , 1M0 Ninth avenno. fO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE ENGLISH baaement house 17ti Wcat Twenty fifth street, with all the modern improvements. Inquire of J. WOLFE, 371 Sixth avenue, in the segar atoro. TO LET, FROM THE FIRST OF MAY? THE LOWER part ofa houao in Vandam ?treet. Fer particular*, in quiro of WM. J. CLEMENT, 'J94 Wcat atroet, near Canal street, after one o'clock P. M. fO LET? SMALL GENTEEL HOUSES, 31 AND 22 Eighth avenue, n*ar Abingdon aqaaro. Gas and Croton throughout. Alao a front efAcn, 3X5 Broadway. Kent only ? I V ; al*o, select hoarder* wanted, fora large modern house, uptown. Term* low. Apply to T. MAN SON. dentiat, M5 Broadway. ! ' ? TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, TnR SECOND STO ry, eonaiating of live rooms, with bath, watur closet, gas, Ac., to/ether with the back basement, of the three story honto No. 103 West Eleventh atreet, between Fifth and ttlgtn avennes. The owner occupies the houae; three in family, adult*; rent $600. Inquire on the lromises. Can be seeu from 1 to * P. M. TO LET-THE THREE STORY, HIGU BASEMENT )>ro?n atone front dwelling houae 31 Went Thirty filth ?treat. Inquire on th* preuilaee, or of FRANKLIN BROWN, 75 N a.-rau atreet. TO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND, A QUARTER OF AN hour'* ride from the landing, a very line and extensive country aeat, in full view of the ocean, with vegetable gar den, farming gronnd*, and frnit trees of the highest order. Dwelling house very large, aud completely 1 uruished; sta ble*. cuthonse*, and gardener's lodge at the entrance. Pos sesion msy be taken immediately. Reut lor one year, ?2,500 Hume concession will be made for a two or three years' lease. For father particular* addres* box 7#6 Post Offloe. TO LET-A NEW THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, with basement and Croton water, attuatcd in Fourteenth ?treet, east of Eighth aveau*. on south *lde. Rett uot mors than 1230. inquire on the premises. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE TWO STORY and attic brick houae 175 Weat Seventeenth (treet, eon bating of Iront and back rooui, bedroom, and a large room in the atiie. to a small American family, without children. K?c 1 9150. Apply to D. L. BOOKSTAVKR, at Wm. llall A Son's niuaic store, 239 Broadway. I LET-A HOUSE IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, 144 Court atreet, will he let to two qniot families; one se cured if another apbliea: alao, a part of a houao in this oity. Apply to FREDERICK M. BUTLER, Ml White si. fO LET? AN OFFICE, SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN, at 330 Sl?>h avenue, near Twenty. firat street, front and back room, on firat floor. J. A. WALNUT. i I.*T A TBKEK STORY BRICK IIOl7?E IN Sklllman (treat, near Park avenne. East Uroklyu. t ?!00. Th* Myrtle avenuo railroad run* within one It of th* useelwa, i in ilwtld th* Itowlltv covvenieet la thMe debt; bullae** fa the eltjr Apply to A. BENSBL, 311 E/iat Broadway, between 10 and 3 o'clock; or to J. B. BEN SEL. 11 City _HaU. 1 T U) LET-THE STORE 58 DKY STREET. (UNDER THE Dey Street Hotel.) Podeaaion can be ha.l ou or before the lit of May. The fixture* for aale. Apply A. HALL, Ik Chamber* atreet. TO LET-PART OF A HOUSE ON WESf NINE teentb itreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*, with all modern Improvement*, rent $.?i0; part of a honee on Wcat Twenty leeond atroet, between El?bth and Ninth ave nues, alt the modern improvement*, rent will he taken In board; part of a houae on Weat Twentieth atreet, between Sixth and .Seventh avenues, EntlUb tmatiaunt, lower p*rt all modern improvement*, reut KV<0; part of a honae in Frank lin atreet, near Broadway, rent ?4"U, atore on Broadway, and fixture* for aale, reut tl.HUU; two houaea ou Prince ?treet, near Broadway. $1.^00 each. Apidy to ROOME A BUNNELL, 373 Broadway. TO RENT? FIV K BRICK DWRLI.INO HOUSES HAS tic ftonta, MtM doow, btHmroti and uadar cellar*, lu Hoe* atre?t, In th* city of Urooklvn, and within five minutoe ? iik ol the ferry leading to I'eok Slip, auitablefnr email <an teel fanil'iea Tha huaaaa win ba pot in complete order, and r< nto.1 i>t a reasonable rate. In<|uir? of EDllUND J. I'OR TER. No. 6 City Uall Place, New York. TO KENT-A LARGE FACTORY, WITH STEAM POW ar, in I'ltt atraet, near Grand. Thil la on? of tha moat da eirablc faetoriee la the city. PuiMMion flrat of April. Ad draaa Lot 3,W* Po*t OAce. fO LET IS BROOKLYN ? I'AKT OF A NEAT COT tagc bouee in Kant avenue, near Myrtle, conaietln/ of two room* and three bedroom* on theeeooud floor, and plea .ant bn.eraer.t, Apply to OLIVER WILI.ET3 A SON, Z7d Pearl (treat, N. Y. fO LET, IK HMOKLYN-TOE THREE STORY atora and dwelling, 77 H Fulton atrect. The pramiaee are In li rit rate order, and a ?ead teaant would ba treated with favorably. Mire would ba let reparately If daairad. Ai rly en the prea i?*?, to M??er?. IlAOE A BOTHER, or to WILLIAMS A GARDNER, 12 Wall *tra-t TO LET OR LKASK? IN TH* VILLAGE OF YONK BRft, four acrai of around. with a email houaa on it. Will b* |.t oheap if applied for Immediately Apply lo T. LAW Kfc.NuE, 13 licekinan atrect, No. 8 Clinton cuart. TO I ET OR I.KASE ? (190 AND WW-TWO PRETTY cottniie boneea, railed Claraoc* Villa*, 11 rootnaaaoli, ittbli. ahade Crotoa water. Stwad aad Third avaati* caraj.aa* them day and alftht. Apply oa premieae, eoruat of lOOd etraat aad Thir4 a venae, ar at Barnum* Mneenia. TO LET OR LEASE? A LAIOE STORE ON NORTH aaet corner of Broadway and Canal atraet, almirablf ?itoat*<i fur clr-thiaft, hitting, or aay taaiaaae that rcqair** publicity. Inquire at tlf>? Broadway. TO I.F.T OR LEASE? FOR ONE OR MORE YEARS, OV Ftatea leland, about 7K mile* from the I'ort Richmond u rr\ , a farm, 'ontainin* 4(1 a<r<.* of land. X) or which ar- in meadow, and the balance tillai le, aad l)SgMra> of aalt mca dow On tha place ie a d?>?d hooee, barn, an ! other n^ree eary outbuilding*, together with a peach orchard, contain lax about 7U0 treee, and a variety of other fruita, auch u ap ilea in ?re, rlnm*. chernee, An. For parliou'ara apply to MATTHIAS WOOD, corner of Boerum and Dean etr?*t?, South Brooklyn, or to I REDERIC GRl?SH"N. I'ort Ri. li mond, near the ferry. The atfambnat Huguenot leave* for I'ort Richmond from tbefootof Whitehall atraet at 9, li, S)k< and 8. TO LET <.R I.F.A^E? IN BROOK I.YV, A THREE SToRY hoaaa in Totn[ K ill e avenue, between Iliokery and (join -r atreeta, a garden of aii lota all laid 0'it, liable aad carrta/i hoove; n?*ar I. effort* park. Alao, a two etory honaa rorn?r of Hickory atr<et and Tompkine avanaa, adjoining the above. For further particular* apply an (ba pr?ml*a* TO LET OR LBASB-TBK PREMISES NO SI I U<?K E ry. <now the Th'atre ll' tal.i and a lar/>- lot in t(.a rear, on Eliaabath atrecf, lultabla for a ooal yard Apply ta J H A W K CORT, SOBowary. TO EKTOR LEASE? THE STORE AN 1> ItOTHE, WITH the rear brick dwelling, 24 l.aar?na etraat. bet wean < a 1 nal aad '.rand atreaie. a rood locattoa fur baataeaa; rent |r.W. Apply at MW Tbompaaa atraet. TO I.ET OR FOR SALE-TWO VERY HANDSOME new Bret rlaaa fonr ptory brown at'.nn front fcafliah taaament hoaaaa, iltaata ZI7)and Wra! Thirt> four'h etr'K I'ereona d>iir1n? an elaaant rratden. e. aill find thle a rare opp?rtuaity. Apply oa tha prami>aa, i'.K Wnl Thirty fourth atreat. fiT LET OR "FOR SAI.E-MVO G(?TTAOE?r~"E II eaven aad eif ht rooma, aha la and fr.itt tra-e. cardan Ac., altuated in the plraeant aad haaltbv villaae of Near Durham, 3K aiilaafrom llobokan, na the iiaekeniaek p>ank road. Staaea koarly, faro b? Kik.r'a eta?e, li. Rent ll? Apjly on the pramiaee. to II. I I'EHRV rt IIE HOUSE, 114 EAST THIRTEENTH ^TRCKT, IS I ta be let or a"ld, to a pereaa that will buy Ite rnraitara aad honeebald, la tba eame bouie will <ive aotloa. Apple na the fremiaaa. THO I.ET OK EXCBANOE FOR CITY VROPEATr, IN the^vUlaaa of Nvaek. R?a4ilau4 aaaaty, tba hotel kaowa a> tba Yark Hoaaa Tba keaea aaataiaa about forty raoma. aad la eaneiderad tka baet ataad la tba aoaaty. Alao. an* foar *torj brlek atora aailable for aerraattle or maaafa^ tnrlai partoaa*. Fer tartlenlare apply ta THEODORE ROSS, w P?arl alraet. New York; lie - ry Hart. 1X7 Eaet Iwaaty flrat atrtat, New Tark, or Aiartah Ecaa. oa tha pramlaa*. \l < ' RkSHOI'S TO I. ET -Til REK LOFTS IN HI "iTfi. "f ia? earaar of I'nnee aad Croaby atraet). Ill faat d**p I) .A feet froat. aaitaU' for aay maanfaatariac p'irpneee, fortr.trly a aa?oa making a*tabli*hm?nt. Apply aa tha premi_***._ PROPIMAUI. XJOTICR TO rORTRA' TORS -SEALED PR'tPf.e*!^ IN will ba received at Ike .Mc. af thi Cypraaa H.lla Cen.a tcry, .No 261 Broadway, aoraar ef Warran atra?t, nntolthe Kb day of Apr?| aeat. i, r aaacadaaiu at and tntehiaa tha Williaiael urt aad Cvprvaa Uiila plaak road. rannia? from liuekwlak av?nne, W il haaaebarv, to tha Cyproea IlilteC'ame tery, near Joka L Saadicer a, Kmcaeoaaty Lll . ba(a? f .ar mile* la laactk; er arapaaal* will ba received t^r o?a olila wltb the prtvilaaa af tha whela. ta ha made aceordiar ta tba plaa* aad, ?pactfcatinni aa tla at tha Ometery oAre Re *t4*t. KDNt'.ND DKilicU), i'rawdeat. ?QWM, BOOM?, JBCU, WAIT MP. A NEAT THUS STORY HOUSE WITH TUB MOURRN improvements autiJ, by a ?mail family. Kant not H exceed ?M0. Addreas, stating locatlou aad ml, Q. I- , Herald offioe. Brooklyn lot wanted, for card, in tier poat or Moutague street, or m ttiat uni4bl.orb.">d. Any oue having such a lot, can hoar of sarti a ptirshaser by aiiureailng a not* to Smithsoa, Union square Post Office. HOUSE WANTED, WITH POSSESSION 313T MARCH. Any one having a snug houae in a respectable neigh 1 orl'.ccd, situated pleasantly, with a good yard, and at a rent Iroui (1<U to $400, mar bear of a flr t rate tenant by ad dressing buz 3,917 Poet Office, tliln morning. House wanted in Brooklyn? a two oh thr?? (lory house, in good order, and in a reapaatahln i * * , lor a (mall family. K i t nut Im moderate, w?luh will !>? paid punctually. Address V. V., Herald offioe, elating runt and location. Rooms wanted.-a physician is desirous of obtaining the firit floor of an Englieh bmnai. nt house, located between Eighth and Sixteenth atroota, near H road way, orabaaement suitable for an ortloe, with rooms in sou.e other part ?f the bouse, not above .Second atory. Ad dress C. C. J-, Umion iqaaro 1'oatO lllce. Rooms wanted- bv a i.ady and gentleman, and hoard for the lady only, whore there are ao 'other boarder*; location between lln'on square and Tweatv ninth street; amiable accommodations will ensure a good ooou paut. Addreea Williams, box 250 Post Office. STORAGE. -A ROOM, OR PART OF A I.OFT, WANT ed Immediately, to store a autall lot of furnltaro. Ad dreaa J. W., Herald office. TO BUTCHERS -WANTED To PURCHASE, A FIRST elara meat market. Prioe nut to exceed H.UUO. Up toivn preferred. Addr. au P. W , Herald office. "11T AN TED? BY A SMAM. FAMILY, PART OF A II bouae, the Brat or aeound flour, with or without bate rucnf, in either the Seventh or Tenth ward. Address, atatiag locality and terms. O. B. H.,box 1,I0U, I'oat Office. WANTED? A HOUSE IN A RESPECTABLE NEIUI1 borhood, below Fourth street, and west of Broadway It mist have all the modern improvements, contain ten 01 eleven rooma, and the rent not to exceed &'OU per annum. Addr<s? J. W. 8., box 4, 484, Poet Office. WANTED-TO PURCHASE. A SMALL FARM, OF about twentgr acrea, including Ave oraix aereaof wood, with a aiuall neat modern built houae, in good repair, with nut hulldlnga, ahade trees, nrahard. Ac , to oorreepond, with in two honra of the city of New York. Apply at Jullen'a Hotel, No. 2 Washington place. Dr. Huater. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN A private family, a parlor, small dinmg room, bedroom, kitchen and servant's roomffn good order, nufurnlabed, in a tirat elaaa houae. Location not above Sixteenth scoot. Neighborhood must be pleasant. Address with full partiau lara, O. L. O., Ilerald uffioe. Refereuoea exchanged. WANTED TO RENT? A SMALL AND GENTEEL houae, Bodern built, ia a good neighborhood, at a uto derate rent, between Second and Sixth avennea, and below Thirtieth street. Addrraa A. II. Sanda, ear* of liroolu, liroa , corner of Catherine and Cherry atreeta. WANTED TO RENT? THE LOWER I'ART OF A home, with front haeemant, oae badrnum if conveni ent, in a good neighborhood, un the north aide, beluw Twen tieth street, Bear the care; family email. Kent moderate. Addreea l?. D , Broadway Poet offiea, atatiag location. Il'ANIED-TO RENT FROM FIRST MAY NEXT, f f a an, all, seat, two atory and attto frame houae, die abont 22 by 25 or .'*> feet, situate* in a ver* good and geutoei nel.'hhc rhuod, upon the Sixth avenue railroad, and eluao to c ana I alreet? the hoaao contains kitcken and dining room In baaemeBt, good elaa parlor with small room attached un dial floor, front room and two bedroom* on second floor, and two bedroom* in atlic. WiU be rented low, say t&K), to a email, good aad reapoaaible family. Addreea R. T. N., box hSu Ilerald office; UM4T AND FOUND. DOO LOST? $15 REWARD. ? LOST, NEAR THE CITY Hall, un the 21st of March, a large black aad white Newfoundland dog, weighing a'jout eighty pounds; he ha* a large white ring around his neck, white stripe on hla fore heed, white breaet, white feat, with while un the end of hie tail, and anawere to the namo of Dash. Whoever will return him to the Weigher'! oOlca is the < uatom Houae, ihall re ceive tho above reward. FOUND-MARCH Z3, A LARGE BLACK NEWFOUND lead dog, white hrraat, feel ahd end of kit tail. Ad drvaa J. 11., box 113 Herald office. Light guard bai!l.-lost, a richly f.mbroi dereil Sendkeratiief. The p-reon who pinked it up en the atair will be liberally rewarded, aad at the aatne time confer a favor, by leaving|it at North Moore alreet IOST-ON TUESDAY, MARCH 17. A LAUC NEW J found. ard dog, all hleck, with the exception of a while tpol on hie I realt and Mnd foot tlpp.-d with white. Any one who will return himHo 44 North Moure atreel, will re ceive tii reward. IOST ? AT THE LIGHT GUARD BALL, A WHITE J pearl fas, greatly valood by the owner. Any pereou returning It will bo liberally MsaMed. M?A1'E HKOTHERS, 2 M Broadway. IOST? BANKBOOK NO. J US7, KR. >M THE EAST J Klver Savin-* Ilatl., bel nrtn- to Wilhelmlna Sir one. 'I lie finder will rlutnw to leave the line at the above hank Ing office, or at Mr buaae, No. 1C Ludlow atreet, and a libe ral reward will be gtvM. ? LOST? THURSDAY, MtRf'II 29, FROM MK FOURTH avenue, or Twelfth (treat, n ir rourt h aveuue, a email black end tan Engliah hull tarri^r dot;. A euitabie reward will he paid to aay une relurali.V th ?> taraa to IUA Fourth avesue. IOST-ON THURSDAY. 2VTII MARCH, A MEMOKAN J dum bnek, leather cover, with patent mete'Ha peaml iualde; T. II Mowbray written nu Sr.l M?e * twltalite ru ward will be piven OLIVER UOWiiRAY. ?<U Urand al ? ? y T OST ? YESTERDAY, IN THE BOWERY, BETWEEN JL A'?n^^w;, STRAYED AWAY, ON THURSDAY, MARCH 2V. FROM Greene alreet, a fat (beep, abort wool To I tioee gi ? ing information where it aay be fuaad, a liberal reward will be KiV'B. r OST ? V ESTER I) AY, IN THE BOWERY, BETWEEN Li i oi.rth 04 UvweteeiMleii, a diamond uroee, >ui la uvar. A tbaral reward wftr he paid at U Bond atrwat. KXTRA pat. Bounty land, *?.? soldiers, sailors, and all othcra who aerved la aay of tb? wara, iin-l th-ir wldowa or minor children,) eaa obtain their warranto by ap plying at the eld eatabiialied ufflee, 37 Chaml era etreet, aeit to Burton'a. D. S. BROWNE, Attorney for United Statae Claiaai. Bounty land and pension claims under tbe late lav* af Cascraee, promptly and legally proea cuted by GEORGE WOODMAN, attorney at law, 40 WU B OUNTY LAND? SOLDIERS. SAILORS. Ao., AND the widows of thoae deeeaaed la any war aiuoe I7W, by tbe late act of CoBgreaa are eatltled to I'M aoree of land aad ran obtain the aame at the eld aetabllahed ageaoy, >-"> Chat ham etreet. Evidence of Mtvlee of thoaa that have reoeived part ob file. CALVIN W. SMITH. Saoaeaaor to late N. Hauht. Bounty land agkncy of tiik veteran corps of the war of IS1J, of the city of New Vork The profile to be paid iBto the ehartty fund uf the cerpa No. 12M N'aa xau rtreet, aouth liae, tour doora below ISeekman. 1/tD' n hoorr from ? A. M tor, P M Col II K A VM' IN D, Major A DA 1.1. V, Jr . Adj. Gob. L. W RV'CKMAN. Agenta appoint, ed by the Corp*. / GOVERNMENT BOUNTY LAN D OFFICE-AI.I. SAI " I lara who aerved la tbe toUowmg vaaaela in the Monona war. are eatltled ta laad warrant a ? Miaeiaaippi, Vixen, ^plUlre, Scorpion. Etna, Potomac, Ohio, All. any, Raritan, John Adama, Deeatnr, Germantown, Veenvma, Hackla,^e, Reefer, PrlBeeton, Colaatbuf, I'ongreea, porta month, ( yane, ht. Mary a, Erie, Dale, Preble, l?xia.-ton, SouthamptoB, Shark. No charge till tbe warrant is eo| etted. TIIOS L. URA V N A RD, ?l Wall atre I. I AM D WARRANTS -ALL PERSONS ENTITLED TO J tx nntjf land, aadar the late act of t.'oaicreaa, eaa hare the nini properly eulleeted, oa application to TAYLuR BKOHIEKS, looker*, 7* Wall etreet, corner Pearl. Navy bounty i.and orrtcs.? ail united Statee eailure and ctbora, who for o?er fonrteon ?!?/<, ?iurln? tha lata Meilcan war, aeraod in any l ulled *tat*e iiayy or revenue yeeael in tha Uulf ol M-uit, or In the Pa> me nreaa, on coatta of Cali'oraia and iMNj Alan, all United ftatea navy aailora on aeaaa , harlH>ra, or tb? lakee, la l?at war arainat England for more than fourteen d?ye, or in any war einea I7U". alao, tha wldowa of ail tha al>ore nam a I, are now ea< h entitled to laad warranto for l'<" nnree, and oaa obtain tbeaemi ? free of charge till proeerod? on application to EDWARD BISSELk, Agent tod (Into) Poraar Unlt?<l Statea tta?y (7 Wall atreot. A'AVY SAILORS' EXTRA PAY OfriCI-AM. i> I'. !<. aailore, Ac,, who, letween l-l G and IV.1, aerved ib anjr t ft. vaaeel in I'aeiBe, on o?ait? of i all forma and Meiico, are entitle. I to at ra bay, whln'i la promptly i, aid them by the nn^-rei^ned ' Ritra pay" or talancea Of * araa eotnlaf to wid-iwe or heira of deoeae*<l U H > altera, collected and paid, and all kiade of elaioia arainat I n, ted Statee recovered I t EDW \ Rli RISSEI.L. A*oat an I 0?tei l'..r>ar t; S. Na??, C! Wall it. TT 8. BOUNTY LAND AURNCY, 3K> BROADWAY.? I . I.aad warranto fw aaldiera. aailora, artlflnore, alerka, teamatera. Ac , obtaiaei, hnorht eold aad located llllnola Sklent tltlee pare haee*!. lltBaa honre froa A A II till 8PM. AMES K A JlilJN D. 8TROW. AUorneya at Law, ctlea No V, apetnlra. ITNITPD STATRS BOI'NTT LAUD nrriCR.-AI.L ) (oldiere ar eailora, ar Ilia wldowa af theee wha eeryed la ii.eartny ar na?? ia any af tha vara alaca 1771. are eatitlo4 to IMaareeef ,rUonir laad." Thoao who raeeived dOorflt acr?e aaa iMrit tha lalanee No eharr- whatever aatO ? arraata are aalie< ted. A r ply V? t>e ?,-??, P. T. Btrra. M Wail etreet, haaaaieat. ARTROIiOUT. A BTBOLOOY ?UK I W Kufltt.K, FROM SWT. J\ dea. late af 1'Mladelphie, Ne w Verk and Beitea, of lore hia aervicee to tha cltieaaa of Saw York tad ita vieiel ty. he ia able to foretell paat, preeeat and future areola, lie hae been eontalted ty all tha arowaed henda of Ennpo, ai d enjoyi a higher reputation aa aa Aetr lefer than nay ononowliviar Natiaitiea calculated ? l.adlee (1. r* atie rt.en, |.V I.attera. pott paid, will reoolra immediate alien Usi. far parti oure ???? Aetroiojieal Alaiaaaaa; ?? pe ?r- earaj at tha tftre 171 Syi-am .re atreot, Claeloaatl.Ohia, ly appliratioa hy lattar A STRtll.OOY -Hlta. PIIVITP Ul REMOYEH to J\ .'3 teroad Kita a, botwooa Ciratand *?wnj atraota until th? |at of May, aa? a til I enatlaaea har iiaaiaaaa antil furthar aottoa | Madame alwin, prom pari*, temdem iibr i' relooa to tha ladlea aad coatloiwea la phraaolacy, ty ?.ooka and eoloaaa. Bho aaa la enaawltad about laee. aw ra?a. haataooa. Aa . aad will toll tAa aaaaa of tha lady ?f eai.tlotraa they will aiarr> . alao the aanae of hoy eiettera Madame Alwia aoaaaraoa ia Eaaliah. Proaak aad Uonaaa. Roaijaaca 3Wi Bowery, aear Pirat atraat MI!?S BRI < E. THE MYEMTII DA Ij'illTP. H. CAN ke e nault-d on ae< a't of life trne aa1 certain, at h?r ottca. to ( aaal atraat. >aat of Hroadeay. ap atatra, th|ed B' >r. aad ai*<> Venae pi, la. I. a l ee VI . eele, raatiemea II THE WON IiERPUL AND iim.iii.y oipted lady will pe.aitttely leaoa the rity ia a few data an all wha wiah to eoaaalt MADAM M<>RH"W may eall e->?w. ar they will aot pot tha ehaooo. Har prodinti-aa will airoly prira aat. T.,ehia? to all her ?>a.lera No eha'ro If a?t aatieAa i 70 Bro> aaa etr-et totooan Caaaoa aad CelaaMa. li'tla mea aot adantte l IDK ATIOW. At.EKMAN I.ADY, Wl|t? IIA4 DE VOTED HER whola life to tha edaoatxa aad i?tnatl * ?f <tlidr>a. af dileyeat aataoaa. and wha ha* aaa a aaeooaafal teardiai arhaol for rtrta, at N?w Roeheile toeir?a a lea aaore trpSaa atUdraa. laqalra af lee W r Mahiwiaaa Mett 4ieet ar addroea a letter ItC 8? Now Raehaika Patt 0??o, wl*h *1U ii ?tMa??4 w. Tar?i iwdorata aPKciA i* aonox a. A LPHA CHAPTER NO. I, O. U. A? MEM lit li.S OK TV tbia ob?| tar, knit of the order. an invltad to MUud tha fnm ral of Breth r 'f homer M. Wood ruf from bit latore't dance. 74 P}i llr>?d*?v, on Saturday afternoon, ?t 10 o'clock. Dated Marc!, JMh, ISM. 1 J AMI! Uoco nr, c. of C. V. R. KBNALAtt, S. IMMIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK, NO 51 !i Chamber* ntpet.- Notice ? Ikupuaitora mo informed thut depoaitt made on or before Saturday, the7tliof April, will bear in t* reel from April I. . Hank opua daily, Iruiu 10 A M. to 3 I*. M., and from fi to V I'. M JOSEPH STUART, Praaident. Joiua Manninb, Comptroller. MARINER'S HA VINOS DANK, CORNER OK THIRD nteuiio And Math otrict. -Depoaite made in Una mentation on ?r betoro tko 10th of April, will draw in tcroet from tbo lot inataiit, at tbo rata uf all par m?1 on aunt! of HWI and under, and fivojiiir eent on aunia over ?&*!. U on. JACOB A WKSI KKVELT, Preeideut. Philip W. Inn and laaao T. Smith, Vioo I'reaideuta. W. U. Ei. ? worth, Soervtary. NOTlCE-TIIK CREDITORS OK ROBERT CIII.MOK, baker, prior to Anguat, UH7, will pn>*?nt Uair ilaiM. properly authenticated, te hie aaeirfnee, U. C. MORGAN . 90 VVeet atreet. Notice.? da tJi'inif ani? sus^ueuanna coal Compaay? Seven i>< -t oi nt bo ride ? lloldore of tbo abom I ' Tida, dated June I, 1W3, tknon n aa tbo Rod Bonda, I who hare not been called up<n poraunally, are roqueatod to rail at S Jandon'l oAcc, No M Wull itrret, on "r balure the Atli April next, una matter of vital importance to their lute reati aa bandholdera.? iltrch 3D, IMA. 0 frier. Panama railroad company, niw York, Mareh 19, IMi? The anaoal aleotion for tUrtnaa director* of tl e above eoapany will ka bald at the ufliao, No 7(1 Broad war. oa Monday, tba aeoend day of April Beat. The polla will open at iland eloae at 2 o'elooh P. M. The tranafar hooka will ba elaaad on tba 2Hth of Marob to tba 2d af April, iael naive. lltNKV SMITH, Saaratary pro tain, Orrictt or tub <;hicaqo and roce island Railroad Com pan v. Corn Baebanre Bank llnfldln*, 13 William atreet.? New Yilk, March 11, IMA.- Thl* Company having declared a diridand of fvar per eent an the capita! atoeb, ptuable oa Monday, tba aee >ad of April next, the tranafar book* will he clreed oa Satuday. the aeventeonth In atant, at 3 P. M., until the aeaoad of April. Tba dividend will ka paid at tba oSaa af tba Company. A. 0. rLAQO, Treaaurpr. Orrici or the ambrican coal company, Compaay, af Allaaaay aonnty, northwiat corner of l'ine and Naaaaii atreeta.? Ita atockboldera of tbia aompany are hereby notified tbat aa itatalmaat af U 10 IUU per ahare will ba dna and pa}able at tbia oflkee an tha 'Id day of April next. Tka traaaler booki will ba cloaed from tba 2Htli inat. till tha 3d of April aext, inelaaira. Hy order of tbo true tear._ THOMAS W. JAMES, Secretary. PUBLIC NOTICE? THE SUBSC'RIBKR HEREBY |i*aa notice that, on aad after tba llrit day uf April next, tha price of taiik fraaa hie dairy erlll ba radnced from H to b'e eanta par quart, lie particularly invite* tho public to call and axamiua bia dairy, which every peraoa ahould do before taking milk from aay aetabliahment. JOSEPH 0. STANTlAl, ceraar Eight yoUth atraat and Kilth avenue PRISON ASSOCIATION or NEW YORK.? Till! election of officrra of tha i'riann Aeaociatlon. for the enaulng year will take plaea at tha office, No. IS Centre atieat, on Friday, .VU inat. Pnlla open from 4 till S I*. M. KHANK H. BALLARD, RaaordioK Saoratary. Rose hill savinus bank. no. ui tuird ave aaa, cne door aboya Twenty Ural etreet.? New Vork' March W, IKVi. Oper. daily, hom HI A M. to 7 P. M. Six par eant tntareat alloaad on a am a of IMIU aad nader, and live per eent an lama ovir (MK>. liepoaita made from date to April IS will draw mvereat from April I. Tbia ia atriotly a raviaM bank, and aa anch cbartarad by tha l?Kialatare of tbia State. It ia aot connected with any other haakina ia atltatioo. WM. H. I'LATT, Praaident. Jawra R. ttutk, Viaa Praaident. II. I.ooraoaaow, Secretary. Tub makim-.1i- sayinor bank? corner or Third avenue and Ninth itreat, p?ya aix percent Inter eat on anma of tMxi and under, and Ave p> r cant on aninaover t?*i. Open daily from 9 A. M. to 2 T. M , aad WEDNESDAY and SATliRDAk EVENINOS, Iron 4 to 8. orricr.Ha Hen. JACOI1 A WEST KK V 1. 1. r, (late Mayor of thoalty.) Preaidaat. I'himf W. Eiaoaaad Iaaar T. Smith, Viaa Praaidanta. W. II. Eiuwo* TH, Secretary. > . li ? Tkla Savinra baa k la in no way connectad with any other haakina matltotien In thla city, ia revularly chartered arcerdlox to Taw by the Leatalatura of tbia State, and haa Ita londa aaovraly ieva?led, mainly an bond and mortgage, on pro party wcrth doable theainoatt lean ad. Tnr. CLOTHING STORE, LATELY EEPT BY A. Mmel, alM llonatoa atreat, haa bean aold to David Oatllmtr. All elalma and drmanda twin* by and dae to Mr Slmel, will ha aettled by Mr. Oettin*er wltbla thirty daya from date. A. SIHKI* New York, UarohlH, ISM. p. OBrTINOEIC. -tlTARNINGIS IIKREIIV GIVEN, NOT TO OI V E A N Y TT crealt to th< crew ?f tba Hanoverian brl* Gerinanla. CAI'T I II HI9TA KKEKS "1IT M. B. JON KS, CONSTABLE. REflPECTrULLY IN r r fr>rma hla friend a and tho public that he will attead to collecting notea da- ta and aooonnta, alan forecloelnx mort naree, dlapoa? a*iaK and all other i naineae beloaala< to tha ofhceol ( onatable Can le foaad daily at hoe daek at tha Marine Court, City llall. 1IORKKH, CARHIAOKS, *iC. i 1ARRIAGES FOR SALE.? FOR SAI.B, A FINE " J coaeb, taeanoed but one ??y, auitabia for private or ? ublle nac; alan. a coach brat, keen uaa I four laontha; eoev SI 50; alao, one d tlar'a abvilon, keen tear minatae,a iet >. a), will ke aold fortia?; alao. top waxona, Ac , Ao. Ap ply at .?< Broadway J NO. C. IIAMK J 'OR SAI.E-JUST riloM TI1E COUNTRY, A IIF.AI Tl fal Akdallah aad Maiabrino mare, without klemiah, a read, aoaaaf* trotter, aad aaa trot ia 3. W aatraiaad Caa ha I ??? n at the elab atahlfa in Dewwlnt near ft Inert ?r atreot Apply at ataad Na. I Waahla?ton market, Weet atrent. MAKKWEN A SAI.TBR. 1|H>R HALB? HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS.? TIIE 1 bone ia aiae yaara eld, aaitakla for aa praaa ar (rooerr, parfactly ooued. aad a rood traveller, the waann la ne*riy mw, and in rood aider Caa be voen at S8 Sooth atreet, from M A M to ?, P M Inqaira of ROIIERT If A WK K Ef OK SALE? AN F.l MiANT CARRIAOR AND IUK near; baa beaa oaad bat three moatha; made hy H'oed, lomliaaon A Co , and coat ItUU, will ba auid vary low Ap ply a' SO W eat Kifiaaatb atraat, batwaaa 10 aad li A. M. FHiR SALE- AT A BARGAIN, A SMALL BLACK MAKE, aoand aad vary kaadaeme Haa trotted a mile ia 2 alt Waft. Coat, eae year aiace, (HCU. Will eell far eaah. Alao, a li?kt two aeat eaaab Price t3?), *uod aa new. AC drear Black Hawk, bax IIM, Herald oAea. S'UR BALK? A VERY FINE BROWN HOKSE, SIX yaara old, var/ faat, and anuad aad klad ia all harncaa, about |A)^ banda hirb. will be aold cheap, aa,tbe owner haa an aaa for him. Inquire at tka aBae of thi Matropohiaa Hi tel. FMjR SALE? A GOOD PAIR OF STRONG TRUCKING mnlee, with wai(on aad harnoaa, w?aan, with ahlliinx iiercn, aad alao baa I'rtca, M>) Apply to I.. J IIKL l.oN I, 73 Waoater atreat. IjV.K SALE? A poWERrUI. HI.ACK IIORSB, SEVEN 1 yeare aid tkieaprmr. warranted aoand aalkiad, oaned hlia u' moatha Aiply at 242 South atrvet, LALiDER A Ml J I U EI.L, Hlrgera aad .-'uvedoraa FMjR FAI.*? ONE CAERIAOB, MAS BEEN BUT A akort tima la >h; >u lh? aa.abllthoioni. of a (ontla n an loat ib tka ArMl?. Pnca UBS. (an bo ma at tho < iaraadon Htahlaa. No. A Iralag place. BVjK BALK? A SCIlMilK TOLNQ BROWN MARE* yiod ira??li' r . ? .1 aad ? a i la arary raapoct. la qaJfa al Mi> Jay ittwt. Brooklyn, in tha moruiuc. FHlR PALE BLACK HAWK ENTIRE COLT, FOUR yoara old, dark dapplo iny ; blda fair to roako a ?ory lul (etir T<? any on* wontlna anch a horM, bo will a rood taitiUunk for |utwdtn, addrooa llnr;, llorald nftco. alalia* wbarala bo hu. L'OR SALE- A noRSE, W4GON AND HARNESS; r would >ait a docor or family Caa !>?? a*oa for Hirao daya at tho ?r< 'try >'ora oaraar of llr?om? and Elliaba'k atrrata, from 10 1? Xa'rloak; aad l.awor Momaania riaiago, aftor S a'elook laquira lor J. Mo Vay. Horde hir f ale --sixteen hands iik;ii, imp aad klad, tad - an trot la and la a flrat rau atd tlo tori*. Ho rou ka aooti at J. HI/ ICON'S atahlo, I'.t i wolfth ttrral, aoar I nitaralty plaea, liotoraon tha boura -jf * aad S. HORSES AND Ml Lt?nriEEN VERV ROI'ERIOR yoaor koraaa, lately from Varaioat, warranted para Marram Among thani two pair* cloaaly aialohad haya, al oa aigkl aura now aity mad- l.rtt wv?ii. aad a apon of laryo mat h* '1 mal- a for tala ahaap. Apply at 21 aad 3B Bocrata atrart, lirooklya. NEW TORE TATTERSA LI.S, sixth AVENUE, NEIR Tblny ninth atmal. - I'ooitifi aal* at pablta aaatl ia, | on Toaailaj, April S. IMA, aala to <? mmarmo at It a'alaak prarna.y Th' faat trittmr atallida W >>M .jton toraih-r withaaorral (at tralliag k?rao<, ????- roaokoa, ha- ka. war an, lianaa, it, tbo ahato will to oold witkoat r*a?rto. OEO. i I.EMBNS, a a 'Una a or aad propriat ?r. UTAH LB AMi IIOtSE TO LET TOtiETUEB OR SEPA O rat" Iho touaa ronttiaa a.nt rooiaa tko ataM' will a"'mmadat? twtlto hrraaa aad Arrlofo room far loir erf baa and <*0 or all wa*<aa, a pa? of tho atabla, If pro lrrn( Apply at M'J Variak at root rro i et-a I'RiVArr. staiile IN90IU at .no mj J hiatk 'trf', aaar Soaaad araaiol. ;-7 : 1 j RKWARDf. 4r,l I SEWARD LOST. Till KID A V. RIR'II S. afa ) 1/ I ? t ? .an Iho hoora ?f 1 and 7'-| 1 1 V I' N , oa tko l.lor.aiini dalo r ad Br-iadway aboao Oraad, or la l.rtm* ali'tl Ir' Hr ado ay and Eaal llftadoay a pocbolWih * ofttaialair aboat Ihraa buadrod doilata la kllia, of doawaai aali'M ? I ' ir< m oaa ta fifty Ala*, a^ao aaiail cbooka on I >on#ry lapon ol oo oao to any onaai%pt tlia twaor Any poraoa bi dill tko aaaio and rotaralnf It to tho n i ril,v ? III o'taia *baa>o?o roward aad Via thaaka of E. ft HHiRI", A?0ht Indopaadoat l.ioa plot 14 North rlaor ? a) / k REWARD -Til* AlUlTE IE?T ABD Wll.l. RE tlU paid far tko doio^tiaa and ?>aftrUoo of ?ka ;?r aon or farooaa who I orrlarl aaly ooi?f?-1 tho ayp?r r?oi? la iho btoao 7S Waal atroot, t raor of '%rltalo w ti a ttala tra bay, aa lb- aiAkt al Taooday, tho StH loat , aad alala llafaffta ? .''Id ItaMian wat-h, with t ? lot u-ra j <J t >.or? >a. and alaa a P*' ka'boak. aoaiainlni ?oaoy in b lla aad pap*ra Jl>IIN i, AN HELD, Sloraista, JS Wool atrooi. (fill REWARD -I.OHT IN TIIR KAUKlN Of THE ?Ta-U A'idiiartI M'ia'0. loartooatk itraot oa tho m ? aalon of tb- I i?kt Oaard Rail a lar?? aiao opara flaoo ?:oof tad with Botbar of paarl aad allMr 1 .a a'- .ro ro ward aadlbaOiaoka of tka l'*aor will k< ? ioarfal iff "? far ila rat' ro, it '.a?la? ba?a a mamaato of frwodaMp ? ?? a ' *11 U l?BS, Patxda Bot.l, Wa rroa aad f. rooi, wi>k atroat* ? r REW ARD -STOLEN, ON TUE ElfJRT OT THE ? I i.d laMaat, a f<f,rto-o faat aiiattr ball! r>?, paiftad wl ito taaldo aad - ato.da, ,f a?biu., aad kl?o aaawalo aoata aad owltoai boardo. ao itofa or tool ? to far* aoat ta lly aplil aad oatra rtba a* rooa <ao b ,tt aa * '*-? a??r will rataro tka aaaio to tbo ottoih oiolll ro'o. >atko ai ? aa rowtid aad aa , -aoai odaakod of apoa aaaflakti af tbo lbaaf |_ add'ti au II EN R T RREXLIN II Jar atdaat, Hrooklya AO REWARD - L<-*Tr? ?? EEi? ? RE" flf.' H'a) ra> ?, Hroadwaj a ? itat d'-t Tao abota M ward will l>o gtaaa to ol.oai r ail! trior ' kn to tko Valoa Uttal. Litafty lira" tatr 217 ? w?U. , Ur ok yn ~ pijimocttm. r LATINS ( ABM ? EABO n.ATINO ? ?BI<< TlU aid oaid vail aiaaaaad. wttk all tka aaruoa atbor *-ai Itiaa of baaa aad tattoo aarda ? ada by ?AB MART A V, far talo I* Ua braAa aad a ak kaoaw at 1MB Ml? Ml HnUr ?WMt> HHIEi tAd AM* A?l>MCMUCJH?. CI BUM AN OFEKA -NIHLO'B UaEOSN. I . Sav rWTH Hi'lackiniOD Si..,ir, 8ATURDAV EVENING, MARCH 31. will he performed, fur the laat tiino tl.i. aeae- u, i ?! M. V Weber'* icrand 1. 1 He Opera of dkr FRifsscuim. Third appearand) of Ulna CAROLINE LBIIMAN, of the King'* Opera ll>.ue? tu I .opcohait u. u A-atm? Vad f I EDEN Ul' KO, *>iin. SfllHAl IIBTAUIKK aad YiNCEE ill Urn other |iriaoip*l character*. MuaUal Director end Coaduutor Jul Un<r Prlco* at Adinlaaion -Hum, according to looet in ft ??a ?.i; Dre*e ( irolti uud seotred btM, SI, to All other parte of tbo hosee, M ovnta. Doom -.pel 01 7; 'o m??iw At H o'clock. bus iitBoe u poo froea IIA.II.W4 i'. MU CRTON'S THEATRE, < HAMMERS STREET.? I'RI 13 day? The uaual Weekly Tr??t. -fir ? ? - TflK TOODLRB 1.11.1 THE SI.KHIUS FA MIL V, tha two rr.ate.t faourlto* otar promoted. Aminidab Hlmk Mr. Hurt on Timothy Tuodlc ..Mr lliirton To marrow, Mat urtlay, tlio n> * aod m .at aueaednul oomedy of I r.l.klt DhM AIN i IIH, I'M i: i'n.ui k 'li \ mi ma Win, In whuli Mr. liurti.ti Mr Harry Hall. Mr Jordnn An. will auraar: with TIIE WANDERING MINsTKKL. VII.1KINS AND Ills I, IN All, and tlio farm of MuKV. llLUNDEHS THAN ONE ncaeia mi c?dh. ptata . on do Maun 0. without ohorK', at the hoi offlri-, from U A M to 4 I' M Ore aootvSI. Private koiea SA each ticket* ceo alto I at iHF mualo iturea of Wui Hall A hou, S Jollio, a 1}0 WERT THEATRE.? FKOl'R I ETOR AND MAMA l) nor, I. 1*. Weldron; fta?e katatir, K-.eit Jua* ? Prteea of admiaaioa - Ho too. '/?> eenla, fit aod Oailery 1-IV, oouta. Private Uoae*. SI. ? Friday a?enia?, Mar. li U, TIIE ROBBERS. Char lea do Moor.... Mr. E. Eddy TIIE AVALANCHE. Twamia Martial Mr. JohMtoa NlllLO'S HARDEN till A N D CONCERT or TDK J'VNE AND HARRISON ENOLIPII OPERA COMPANY, On Miikuav, Ai nu. 2, IM1. MISS LOUISA I'Vut, MI 85 I'V.NK, MH BoRRANI, MR HLNRV IIOR.NCASTI.E, MK. J. O. AlKINn, aai MR. W. II A R R I hON when they will liitrodnce thu deme ul the following OPEIIAS AND ORATORIOS. oriitin ui MARITAN A? Wallao*. liOUfcM I AN <i I R I,- Ilalfa. "LA UA/./.A l.ADKA" -Roolnl. DoN I'ABQUALE -Doiutelti. C 1 N D E HE L 1. A - RiiMiai, on ATOHioa ot CKBATIONl Hayde. MBBBI All? Handel. El. I J A II? Mcndeleoohn. STAIIAT MATER? Roeiinl. BALLADS ANI) SONOK h.v Benedict, l.mlev, Oreeillo, Ac. Program meo will ha laiuaa Immediately. Tickata M) real*. Heate .an ho Mound, without aitra Orchedra ha had aod U. W alara, llroadway. Iioora opou at 71 Coaurrt to oommraca at H o'alock pro rlaaly. TIIE URAND S II AKSI'E A REAN FRSTITAL, l? A I, CO.HTl'ME, lit A Hi or the luauo or rm AMERICAN DRAMATH- FUND AS-nCIATION, AT TIIE A 0 A D E 11 V OF MUSIC, Amu. 10, I'W. Tha Tickata haing liluitad, oa aarly a| plication will be oecee?ary Coatutna Tlck?t, aduiitting ? lady kail (entltman S^ (,'llitoa'a Drraa Ticket, " ....... S Second plaata is the lloiei for the rntir* aren ia> IWI caata eitra I'ritata lower tier fliiaa^h All otlicra .'loaoli DaocloK will coninieaee at V o'clock. Half to hvor'a inter miaaioB at 12 o'alock. Tie Brilliant fihakapcarrao Tahloaai will ho preeealed at 12k o'clock. Suppirr Rootna open all tho eTealnx. TlcaaU may ' <* iimcurad at tha m teral hotala an l muair atone, alio at tho hoi oAcea of tbo Tbaatrea, or froui any of the lotinbrra and honorary lurmtera ot tho Draniatli' Food. Mr Wii.i.iamo, of :tl^ Uroonie utraet, will be io atteudanoe at tha Aradiiuy of Muiic with a lar^e aaauriuirat ul a|ilauilld Coatuaea. I'ABTict'l.AB Noticb ? The mutt rlrld trrotiay will ha obaerteil on the port of the Cociialitoe of ltd?>.| liua. Boo lull I ilia lor diitribuliou of Ta l??oi. BUCKLEY'S BERENADERS, ? 3 BROAD* AT.-TIMI altered.? Coacnrt comrueaeoo at 7 Ik ? clock. Ticket* 2,1 rrota. Monday arealnr, March 21, and all tb.t aotk, A Nik I'lECR, Donlietti'a haaatlfnl up, re, I.' El. IS I RE D AMOUR, OR TIIE LOVE SPELL, in two acta, with aow heonery, Drcaaoa. A*. Nemeimo... G S. liuekley | Dulooinalii. . . . IVrolTal Adiia Miat Rleaaur I Uelcura ,1. H. liuekley t-oldlera I'eaaauta Ae ... . ... Company FreoeJlnn the ojpe^ra^ EURO MINSTRELBV PKRUAM B BL'RLRSdCE oFERA HOUSE, Itroadwar.? Tlila e?'nln.., FRRUAM'S MAMUOTll k.TII Kil'IAN CuMPANT AND IlllUEBlJUK OI'EKA TROUI'K. Tlio larfeat company over "rrtnited, eua>|?,ad of aapenor Tceal aod n ?,im-i,tai per'i.ruiera. (.rood Etbinpiaii atery eeerlag, ot 7'(' o'olook, and on tho afternoon* of RodnMdoya end Hater data, at 3 o'clock. Admiaalon, ZS eent*; ehildrea nadar ten yeora, half price TOUN R. SMITH'S ORAND T <CR OF IUROPE *1 AND ?IEUE OF BR V ASTUrOL, At Ran-nta ll*i.L, Mi Bboaiiwat, ? howtnK tuaa, fi rty feet wide, of the principal CITIES AND OBJECTS nF INTEREST IN KCROPP. Every 0T?ai0(, at 7>t o'clock, and eaery Sotorday alter ooon, at 3 Tbo niaalo by Mr. Alwya 1 keld, of lyoudea. AdinlMaao* ? -m. BURTON'S. CHAMBERS bTKEEl - MR J t IIAR.NET. Tnaaonr, reepeotlally aaatiunce* bia Anaual llen<-hi lor Tneedoy e?tnln|r aeit, April 3, wlieb an attr?i li>e outer tomiaeBt will be ..Ifered. I'art.aulara In fattire adfertleo m out* Ilea book aow open f PARTICULAR MOTK R-THR ^?LFBRATIClT^ X El XI It or LOVE ran l>o had at IILTK I.EF'S OI'ERA IK CHE I ? very ai?ht thi> w ok I/RAN E I.I N MISEl'M Nil. 13 BnWtRV, NRaRi.T I r oppoaite the Bowery Tkoatn Perfoi inonoaa eeory of ternoon, at 3, and every ti'miu;, at 7. N. It Stroa?er* 1 a 111 nbeoMO that the Fraaklia Mueeom la the oa!y ploee la the Called Statoe where the Model Art. ate an etbibitod, ? ith other ongjaaj eatertaiaiaeate. Roiaeaber, Me. U Uowory. The (.'Ici.k n rated aiiiiott collection <m Kim* tian aatlquKlo*, nunU*ri?K apwarda of a t houaaad ob j*eto? lb? in?>at popular, attractivo. ami inatructiva oahlM turn in lb# ell / la ?f* n day ia4 ? ran.i.f a*. lb* Htuy fi aant lutlllU, WW Brgfc4?iy. Anew and beautiful panorama for sale ?*r> liv.? Tk% ** nUrtl| m, nn<t p** mod by ot>? of tba boat artlata in tho o?uiitry, woll adapted for tr?* ??Hint, And about 2,1 WW varda of r?orM?. Tba foil BrtlruUra will b* ri?en ty add ratio* a o- t? to i'an "thin*, ? 170 H?nl4 f'OR HA LB?THE NATIONAL TUB A TEE. I S THE CITY ? f H aahiagton. 1 1 it oil 4 of lb* larrwat >? tba loonir y, ii IImi til j ill in ih? til J, AM bli always mM |m4 nay, li front* o? l'*nna)l?*nia mini, loiw*?n TkirtMOtb aod tovrlooMh Tho lot front* at* tbo *iro?t m* fool, runmnr lack tbo* width I'JU l*ot, w fion It wtd*a* to |<*faot, lod rnntiuu*! that width tho fortbor 4iiU%r? ?,f .W foot, rnakln? o total donth of IAV fo?t. I'&dcr tbo tbcotro Ui o IU|I nan. mi, fMli I n rontol '.'-r ?09 JMV ?t?k I I on ?ii Urpriain/ man wbo nrid*ratan<ia tho buaino**, tbo property ran raadlly bemad* to pay for 1l**lf In a few y?ore Tba t#rm? of pay moot will bo mad* convenient to a pur?b**or, or tbo } rop?rty wi'l I r l-aw-l f r ?>.? < r u> .re v*ar# to a aoit able party. Application* may b? addrovoed u> W. II WIMjEK, Philadelphia. MIJIICAL. 5 or wiieatstonvb bnolish harmonium* the oaly one* 1% thl* aoontry. *mtablo for lodre rototor ?' aatry oharetoa; th?y aro math an port'-r to tbo a Hod* %?, f IM >>> ii fttl M # la in ilifli tifaa wlllbaeeM ilaffly, or Ibo flee. al L A J. 4ACOII4 ? 7 ftroadwoy. Ai.auv-'i ea< iikk or, r re well ami the Erifliah branch#*, do*ira* a attoettan In an a>el*a?y r family, tho latter pr*t?rre4. would have ao oLoortoa t?? tbo Heath H ercoaatrj A4<lr?M I4U A HortH ot o Aiaii i ii \s> ? i" ii \ i cikhi ii * i t n ? ? at !*aa tban wbolraalo ooat pr ro Tba aotacrlnot ? ao? ... . * t/or? baa*d aa ^at?r* alaek of ntaa?< fr >? ?M of tbo i ?U 1. a i?? r if.- , ? ? ? ? ? a iml aawiAaa. A!*o. a fill *?? rlMal f lit Dwia A Co a nnrivalUd trood and ? ?'?|tort ? M il , Il .mlin a Modal oiol?/4oooa Hi lia i ? I rooal> l.araaoMaa^ | ?o4 (arUr ?rt ana, at low th oi llEKRV A QORDON WJ fir a?|wfy. BlOft IALB AT A BARGAIN I CM I I; o?rt--Two fory flu# raoowood plait''*, mad? SoaboM, ia oao. ?'??o o*tovo, tM?bod all r ? ni, for $?9>, ' ???^?tber ?ta octavo, Rnui *d all fwaaA tJ" ? t.4 1 v <l oprifbt mabotftny plaoo, rnaio \j I' 'oyol, f <r $l#i. At oad l.aod ulaa?i Ukta ia ?a?baoro Tw ??ry piaa^o t r ? I pfl j il M Bo worj lfi;Mt'AI, A lAhf Re^lllINO vr TtiU'S WK?T iu ?|.f- i w.aboi t'? it'T o?' bar a i?' - r ??f f <p :? f r t ? .?. ?#t"r??? M< ? 'on g??* ? ? 7ona* $i 1 I - f | kft?r ml <" i ?a * g-o n.oro oao la a faiaiiy A44r'?aW?a tigroid o;A MEMlliftONHTRII HTM OVER Al.l. ? OBI BTITor .* I? All W oolobfoUd |i?o.lna baa jaot boon owordad M*a?r* ,4m i'h? ? i ?? r?'o4 ffiel'>4o?ai at tbo frond .Satioaal I in fe#id a Vtflur{t?a, Ii, < , alao at tb? tiMktti a of tb ao . a f btrt<o* * laatitoto for tbo ftato of BaaoaoAoaota f. t p*o*raoi ?*mt a*aa of (<>aa, otaMiooa ?f Ua*^?lia ,j# ty of w? i. !* anty and tfarattlity of mo* tbojr aaotl ' ? of a y t^f mo?o factaror ia tbo I'ji.mi Iiato# I %? moiudaoa, at a tary low pn ?, ar? noH#4 t %. at t' * ?olo Igoary. ii"H A ' E V4 A 1 1 H i So i&J Itr adwo/ OifiAN -a ? r.RT r *? n i am rot r oTor oroam , ? ? j4iH>4 Iw A mill ob to I lo nr. f vd*? row*, j %r parlor n.on* by a ooU ^rotod r?.al' r *. t*o i *j v *d of a>'?odiool? low, ond a m?lo4oo<. taooa .a acbaafo %pfiy lo A M IREI N ? IflJ Woat HMOlway VIOLIN AMAU.I iio A MIRtfoNT IN H l'an?, wbo r*odf*4 tbo bra' rr <? ?? U o ; ??* ftntabod a' mo *UUaa ?r,d lafiUa ar\ it* a i a aab fa t A#aor blm wl'b a call at b.a pia< ^ '41 Br?a4wat WrANTEfV A riR T MATE il'RlNO loH 1 atatklM tb' rob, la tbo tit; AAdrooo l*a?t'?r, II a. I oA?o KIPKKN* Uil %< I AliAMI A CO * C. AlairORNlA El TEE OI VICE ho ft# Hroa4wav.? tp^ial aotiaa b< ^ ai for*. a 'btp pora ~ Radootiaa of Eapr?oa r aloo A aat A Co, i ?oa tiootatboir I a.tforata Eiproao ??ai mora, aol ifco ?*? abaata aa l attlto |*oa#a )y ,lb*t tb*y U*? rod i?? J tla? roto lor ??prooo fr??a Now Vori to Ua Fran* *#<ba, r)A I** aaaaa root* Ia Uirtf t faooata p-r j ad . ttn wail a^ood, by oaaa*?(ia|ataoai?r? Tlwa oa y 2i daya Tv lo oatitlad to tbo atwva radoitua la ro<?. a?*?t wttah aot Uaa tkaa 1/ ataa4i l? tla fo*t IVIu?? aa(*r tbat wo.fbt will bo aol >aot la a * ba/f" *f %? par Foal <t%r ae* t Ea rroao, oa4?r tbo aow tordf f ? ? d ? ?o ) rotoa wUl go ? ^ . . 1 I' M in *bar?* *f owa *to? i* I ?*wa??-*or to d *< aa U?fl * biwt*r* vl I o4*aa? a?ad a lOoar frwif it worl* A * a?n A'taaaa A I ' raap^'io iy gtoa Hm tbat n# r *?rr?oo faoiiittoa noi.a aa*.*4ort?d. a*d Uai ab' >, v*v ? o?f ras; op?a tl?* ota?i( at<? t**a M u| (wi l lo 4.i|o^ " r fwo4a ab* tb* rr*at#?l ij^d, aad doiiooraag lb? uwo iao ? ?diot?lr oa arrival 0*r arrao foaaoo to for tr *a*p?r a?ua aro ta/fo aad aa^.o-a?f*? a ror> u>aa AoW W B l>l %*tfr*RE B #. t AN l"dl' ?. ? rr??r.(. f? ?f iH?i |r, 'II, Iml, !? ..?. ???-???? *#?|r? <???????? ?' WI.1 |i |w lll?> II'"1 ('?* Ultm *??* >k/ < I ItMut w< ??????< UM III V??>l? WUl,l ?IllMlllIf u IV# I ?l Umi.IM lis >??< HI || U tf?u ??ijr ?? I IIWIM t lw?M I V *'^11 lu trMlM* ??? b, HK jlm umm, mm.miu, iiroadwa* Tuiru ? *? marsha^u. boi x J > Luna** ? r? ? pa a >1 7: oomu*?no* at 7W o'aiatk. Friday ?<uu. Mofol. J". will "? wioriaeJ 11 AM LET. Ilamlat Mr r?n??t Elng... I! r. L< Au. o *.1 M*uildru*tora. ? . .?. H'alWu# l.tittti . Mr <..a?* IlimUi ... ?? lI<>rto? rafaniu* Mr Wl.itinj | OI...*t Mr llaacholl II rntio i;r I l#rot.. digger Mr David** li*rtc Mr. (?>??<> aur I "I i.olla. Mui*. 1'vRi'l koaoncranU. .. Mr If .Ilia til | Q"-< ' ..Mr*. Abbatk i, null i UK MlTlllSU Tom Dlkbloi Mr. Dati.Lr* Niti ... Dili J llMoikrlf \ V' A 1.1. AC E h fur. A IKS. n*OA?*ill, NUt " bMom< *irn?t I rfday *?onin/. Marob JU, rut ti.a< ii ft. k iai u ii r II' nry Anltry Mr I *u>r I Mr*. I'lamlllo. . Mr*. Cram.d Mr. Aukrt). Mr 1 1 KsrUtta , Mr*. Ilovj Tilt I. AMt HI Llk E A -Urn i ir.-. ii 1. ?f y r murf. Rupert tt lf* Mr UM t'hattarl.u Mr. Ilramihaa. fcmllar ?- 1' l I.) |t*| Mr* ftl*ph*n* Mr Nt ddart I Hnaa )!>'? Koh llinmlL lly.r Jba.l<.w ?nrt|i , Mr.. II... u 1)AHM M'S \WKKt. S'- vi n v 1MB WONDE* .1) lul . nrlualty called the MAMMoTU <11 HI.. wotghin* W |M.un.ta, r..|Uiilu# JMl?rli?IU?? lur her el. .thing, 6)2 (wl around tho waiat, V f"< i nr.uad tl.a hit* j r?*t around lb* krim. RliJ 3 aoru*. iho' I Mtrab O, ? E'enlng, at 7K, the tiiay .if tho t <>RS|. ' A N IlK'i TIIKE.1 A. tar. I. at Ti l I II ml al-.. tC'H A llOD'ft I'OMB Na ohargt. to aaa all tl.a carwa.liaa boaidu*. Adiaitlnaao, M> cant*. children tii.flrr tali, L\ cont* A t'ADEM V or Ml l<\ ITAI.I AN <H'EKA On I'hii.av Ev(n*n, March .Wl. *111 l>a porftrmod V?rdi?0 grand Optra of KIOOLETJO. Tba f.rit Bppoaran. o of hlU.NOH IIM ID NOLI, in tha rolo of Ilia litiha t.f Uai,1ua, with Sl?a*ra? llfcll 1 1< . A MAHKI/KK. I'ATTI "IRA EOHCI1. SUti ra IIAKII.I, ROCCO Bad l.OLKTTI In Ih* nrlnrl|*l rolo* Mutioal Dlrootur an.l C'onda?k?r Ma* Marataat ftaal* may M ??carad at Mali A "-uua, llroadnay, VauNor daa A Mini ?. ni<?l ai Ibo bm .it&ra of Iho Ana. Ian. y ul Munr. I'nett ul Aduii>-| 1'arn.i.', I'ar iuat I irala anil llrtaa Clrrla, f I . ft- 1 ona v Ir. la .D> nla, Ani|il.ltbaatr?, ii oaala lloura o|M*n at 7. p. rlorniancaa rawmanoa ai H o'alaob. (1 bo. niKi.rrv a woodh minstrels, no. 171 1 Uroailwa), iMacliauut llall ) fromlator* ilanr) Wood an4 Oaa. Cbrlrty Tau aaah. a >arla<l and i.| CTIIIOI'IAN IKIU t.rtM ANi'l, i"??a?nii aaarr 7W?VIo*1l f.i wtife III. At K lll.UNlIl.KII and M At HKTII TlakaM, 'it> All baaiaaw Iramaalad by Man/) Moot. (1BEAT ATTtACTION ro* r H I DAT BVBNIVfi, I Mar.b 3ll. al tUa Intrrnallonal, M lll.iai?a ?Iraat, for lh.i banallt of I'ruf V I. El K. Ilia " Apollo of ll?l aldarc." On tkia oaoa?Mi* Ifc. ra ailt b? a yraud Taklaana ropraaanlln^ lb* laat tt ?ir in .Saw Vurb, alao, lb ran yutuiK ladiaa from Rio Jai fba >outh Ataarioa, will app<ar. on tbl? nl?hl only, In Ihraa abolto Tnblnaui. lul i?ili.? lart aee pro(raa>uia?. Vive i a h m ma iqi 1 r ? u i.iAMft, cnarvMEK of lha llraiuntle I uu-l llall, vuuld raapoaimllv maouafa to iba patrona of iba ktaoclnll a lliat I, a baa Illy aaliraly ntw avatmnaa, In addllinn to bla four ral approrod (took, a l.lel. ho la prou.i to ' fler upon iba mo*t raaaoaablo Urn.. I'oatumaa of any nail, n n la. ry na lo at tho ahorbaat aotlao lor iba aboaa iMaaalon. TMbaio caa alao bo bad of lha aab ?oribar, ai jut lit' 1 ma alraoi. U' ANTED -A 1 KM ALE HA I. I.ET DANCER, TO TRAT 1 1 wit b a cmnpaujr In Ibo Raotoru fttaloo. Addraiao, ? tailor t?rtu?, A> . Art. hoi IMi llorald m.?. IHBodaataly Maunivicent i'ohtl'mes and ticebts ros tiib llall I o.Iuom. of Ibo A marital Dratnalia Fand Aaoo elation, can bo bad of MR? U. HfcVMOUM, HO Walboc MWNOAL. hkWAHD-JKri RIKV ANTIDOTE. A BPECI iyot'o la Bilitura f?r Ibo oara of dla irdora II laakoo a ? paady cura altbout lha load raAlrt. tloa of dial, drink. 01 poaul', or obaoro In applioalloa lo kuainoao. Tk> proprietor okallanyrtt a air. ^lo un which Ibo inlilaro will aoi oara. nndar ibo fori, liaro of lira huadrad dollara. fartlior iba diaoaao cannot b? contra, tad If a d< *? ol lha BilluN .a iaka% when 1 It 1< put ail la kolllaa. wilb fall diroalM'BB, ol (I. Ob* boll la I ??!? * w>*k ? laaay aro enrod la iao day*, for talc b> < II Km,', 111 Hr .a.laoy, Bayard otroot BUTLEKHMIXTI-HLOK CC III: lift AND (VITA I II A IH Ibo Croat Enallob ? ' ' r t'.a tr >(iil*o?aio ooai plalata ihaoo laadMooi Bra raliad on, aafo and oartaia. aaro* all caooi. akara oapovloa and olbor prwparaUoua haao fallod. Triad la thonaBBdo of vatao, and ..o?ar aa? known to fall la aradicallnr tbaoo .llaoidtro Iwnt 11 aiprao* fr m No III Franklin otrool, Naw York, ftrld ny M. ddard k llurtoa, Tmy: Wriobl, huflalo. oad l.y JrB?iati In Norfolk, I'ovta month, aad Richmond I irrulora >*nt br pool A 4 dr* to . DR III II.ER, II . rraaklla alroot DR ward m a ; i s nil <>m ^ riu: . iiri; hi* UalorlnnoU a I rtand *r*? wh. a n ibaac alao will? aoraa whan all other tbln/> fall. Th-ao who bar* rulfaroA from pr*iaa4*r< wtrrtmod a rara, . .ffiiaSoi t onal atraot, oao duir frou. ?ay I. ?tablialod oiaoy *aar> to row warraBtad. Conaollatt. n* (tatia Tba ramady II. wikh ? book Ailondaavo till 10 I' M. I \H. WAKREN, MERIiKR or TIIE < OLI.EUB OF J/ ftorrtoi.* of Dublin oad Bdlal<vrc n'toBdi ta prlyat* prBctloo at hli old **takli*hod .th. o, 71 Madlaaa itroak, *?ar IBlhanao. wbiro ha la parformlnf ll.a m^at tilrb'ng oara* ob raooyd. wllboat rwtraiat lu dlol or baolavaa yar ?all*. DR llDNTEK, NO. I MV1MOK STHELT, NEW TORE, *o Ion* and faaoyakl) kn?wn lo tba fnklla, taiy Ba o. aiallod *t hi* . Id *>ta> ll>l 'd . fkoo, atioro k? la. yraa II*. d ib ob* Irat *h of laodlo.oo l?? ti>* ia#. m ) oara Bad madoM.oiB oaro* than Bay othar naa la U.o Oily, la many a ?ibm.i of paru.n* *? n*id*f.d manial la. oamo ol whMb 04 baa p*rmit?oB to r*r*r to ?? I arat'dor* t bar(*o modoralm and in all mo** a far* (? a ran load C'aatioa ?My yroal raatady, llnatar a rod drop t > al oara* tortala dionaoao with ni drtiof It* poi*. a I* tba i.l .od oaa oaly ko bad a* abata, Kma* (|. Call aad gat lb* M?*Hor of lloallb DR WARD'ft UNfOKTI/fcATE* #K IBN O. Bl. a aoob J'.t wiol tl...o* oast who kn* o**trvio4 vortaia dl?*a*o*. anni*ly a ooro at aao*. aad ao dr!a> aad ?noro *>p*n**. Or'otoat tor* la II o aorld kj ?r ward'* I'af. riuoat* * t n?nd A Hlotod, toko n tioo, ao *tk?r rmo diao oaa car* yi.o ta luaily .-I , . raaao ?r*J la a ba boar*, aotbior *lr? d?a* II ho Jutiaai rtroat, aao dooa *a*t of Htoadaay, la ll.a | bm ??. y*t tbi* rapid Bad tborvaab rom*dy bo wb*r* *loo la Now Vork A oar* oorraaBod ka Dr vt ard I'atunt* aail- ** ' rr*li?f aay r*lf *a a r*yM tor* b* bl* Iraatmaal, wltb'.ai taiiay Ibt.i ailora tion of dl*t or rooaot.oa from Baaia*oo not rapalrod Ilk rO?E)UI LAI. IB." -II > kit. Tt.NK AND TE ' rlodlo p.llt, known lo bo tba "?t?i? r*m?4y A f frtnalo waako.aa, < l otr*?tioa* aad irr*g alantiao Cnro. |1 p*r koi HI atlh 4ir**t.r.oo at Or Ward'*, M Caaad *t**ot, ooo door *o * i of Rroadwoy I )K IEKBY II# WMT BH AIlB AT INhVN If Ibruuii.' t r.a I i. ? aa IB* **. at .<. aatfal **.1 ?a|? 4ltlaa* |lktii;>i M Ik 11,. MmI >1 Miu.itimMi, u ri.ranltxl m vault Dr I'irijr la IIm mil laf llatal a Iri'1. mi-, > atli tu4 a?n let 1/ f>.r irr ajarl llaa 1'flra, l: I |H CfiRllETT, I* III ABE BTKfEr. MAT B* I ' aaa?ulla4 ?i' h aa.nfW.i.'a MrUia Jimmm Twa If fair )<UI la Uila ipa'lalilr anlNa htm l? lairaaM* l^iniaaaltaiM Ilia traali .rat la t'.* ataa aiual uaa l>aa< Irf Iba ir al K|rar4 4 I'irt* S B? I'f I' a iipf. ma, u ?'?lit ?l tl<? B*? fart lailtirall;, Ma; ka M*a ia u? ?B>aa. 1 |K JOHMftOX. if. tJCAN* fTlllET IIAS IBRfOBM I ' >4 *. n nra llaa ai* *ti.?- w IhiI atu .a Ni? J . ?k far J ? iraiimitl la iala aa4 aa|?4liw?i, kla *a4l . 'l?aa rta Ba libra altk-al hn al 4ataati'ia f'har?M a*. ? ral*. aa4 !?? aa< aa* r* f*a4a4 If Mi.a'tallaa la a^l |i<ai. I >r cooriR. 14 ui an*. cTkur. Hd uimiifun I f l?. Ilia alllia* af Baa >a IM aaal a?aaa?M irtallllawf lalili aaai Iff Ma I wi ?f, aatlaaai U 1 4 a?aa?ll.4 it M* *14 r.liatln* H i >a'.na>|ia *i4 rirla* maalMlaa t* " *'- * aa Mhla* l-wl H. B Ul . C aaaitalaai a ?ar* la all iaaa< a*4.r i*kra Mlahmobt. fABi* AMD is>*in>* riirniitu* aa4 MB*al nUti af lua Nalktl Altan aa<> la? l>, In all. lay kilt Mill ? I. a. , l ur.44,.,, fa, II I I* <an>lia< al H? 4] I'i4< alixi ??raw ?? Iraai. a *t . ta-aa II A H tail 1. t.,4 ' c., I )? ? ?aa4a?* ai~.na4 T I. '-*a tu4lKaaM 'Mla4 If aaail lalaairata, ?? "fai alili all'l i?Hfa la rMaat.aallai In 1. a>4 hi* traailaa.- IIUmi.B, 1 tarrUr 4h Cat* Kan, ? ? - Ian**. Iff B I. la M. II BM Il.a4i?|iura Till M? wri-l- Al I>I")|\CMV BV IHMTO* BN. i L. Mil liBBi.EK, I>aa4a? at. 4 tr?vr?l4i alita Lia i?aa li?nl.if a?4 liny a lary. Wmw >???* uiaiwaif, vilktat allwl ?. ? a aal uatu. a kar.,l.ta it'init aaii?k>iii4aifa!i>f al all ii. ? *t>**a<la( MiMa*. ? aiu,al i.|al>Ma t| aia-ri via* I; la' a*tkaa*a. laaMat, ?alair I ai-f^fali a. >.r If Iiair4l H.?a?l aiaala 4uih, lata i a. a la- f|? la'.l a ill. ? ? aaiaaal *? a*./?* , '*a*~*aMt 1 1 , ii ta a | ia.r. Wa4l< alar ?f a I aa>r*artat araBltalk*. **rvf*lk> It* aa4 aataa.aa 4 ?am?i aa 1 a, II far l kla raaaaa aalalr, U.-aai Ilia ifataat Ua>4l lanrMialff aa aa?a aa 1(4 [allla aaltaraally alialM II a ka?*l. 4*a af lla auiVaaat. llal if II* a' - a? aialkaal al.aata* aa I taat* triwatlMi li naal aalaiailf aaatlaa III l>a?l? l? aaaaara aa/ a- uan II, a ?aal laa* aatlla4, Maali, aM4 aa4 !??(, l? Ia4 4u>l4a?? al l .akiaa ataiaa. 1 *1 at* a* *ila,* 4**tra* kaaaa Ilia <a4 ilaia Un? tiri< "? R-*4?ria* laaraarf aa4 atk.r tlalrat aa I klia'4- ?# ? ?< -laia atiital; aaaa?aa Mff II li ?ill aatUa mUi ^aaa ^araliaa M4 af Ilka |fa faaaiaa isUlllfaat laaa la , .-aaral aa4 ?4 ika lafaiifa aafa flail/ Ba. >1 >.>aaal lU aaa itila aal malaia. aaa >a 4Jri Brva4?av. ffiir uiibatb>t mm' ai. UlirovBBr or rua I u< MM U SHInr . al, laaa ?iaa ? ? ia4 aaa aaa al iai a - la* aa [a'tar* a '..-.4a a ia>aa4|r Ikal aaiaa 1 aary kla4 af kaaa.. ? fi aa U< a fai a-r-.(?la lata la a aaaa*a Ma kaa lrl*4 14 la "tar I I'liaiaa aa4 aa?a? f*ila4, aia?|t la IV ? a aaa lalk Itwlat baaaf Via aaa iat 4 Waa aaa aaaaaa* a*ar t?a ?aa4ia I aii.laa>aa al IU airiaa all alfht* tvaaia aa 'aa af li' ia? 1 a . k>K'aa aia aa a- '?4 I i? ? '>?<?! aara aavallk ? 'aa u Ural battiaa a.U ? '? !>? ?? fa? tla4 af |4tt|laa aa Iba 'aa. Tail?ll.?al all M ? ! ??ra ??,? ?? a'aaa af kaiU. 7a a ta-iiaa ar ?arraaU4 la iai. Ilka a .ral aaaakat ia IB* ?aall af iiat-aaf Ufa U #?? ? Mia* ara ?af.a?a4 I ?? aara ?ba ? ral a aaa 4f ar ; all a l a* ? hka ta l?< atllai ara ??rrtka>t*4 W rara *11 kaaoar .a ??? a/n ta Walilaa a>* a a rr?aU4 ta a af i mtlt) af Ua ar aa kt4 I ai ? aaa la. ? a, 1 .a l a.f la- ? ?? It k t<!<? kla *?rra*la4 la aara tafrafl ??4 raa kJI al?*fa f>*< 'iliall f'f Hklf atafiiatilikiik'* Ta. Iai raa tatiaaa ara aarra*<*4 1 a aara Uaa ?am a aaa af >*a|*?raa f*. la Itf ? ' allkaa ara am. <4 14 ? ir? tB* a-al Ia4 f-ar*l. aaa* al rt'laklllit a I raa la fall Mllai ara a?r*aai*4 la ? ara IBa nlk rk.a* . _ |||> ta aWBt B*4?la* a'. I im'M * "fat ? aaa af *a*arf?la. Af all aiaaia ?r.? -a4 li.a !',? ?r>tl-MI.> kU ? far'aal aara ta a**raa?aa ? aaa lb* aBa*? fMalilf i* f aaAar I |*4 1, '*4 aaaf a <B< a-a?4 ? aal aa af IBa* ka Ika r|. *4ai?, af I'.aaU. M> ? IB* a#. <a af I IB ???*? mm. ?? fara aa aa'ar ..I ??tfa*ataB ?r? a< rara Mil IBU aara Ba. ?M I aaa. fa. 4 a a-n a a4 II Bal I al aall aa*lBa* altar ? IrlBl t a alf ' Maala f*f llaa ' Tk'?a ara l?? II a** . a a i ;aar U ? a aar/f-ilif Br* IBMN ,1 ,a a ar ;ariafa? la I'M (llaaa aaila |4aallfal aa4 ral II II >? Iiaarml "*r ka "I a?l(l I 4 a. aw. ra 1 4 i* t*#t ... af < al II ? --al4 rara a.'1 ' all af Ba?*r la 4,,i,fi"i >1 ta?aflk?ia(4*iilM aa ' a r-al |*Mlinit af i' a I . atrr) I will Hal. I??' l? *M.I. I<AI, I m4|M4 Di, i a 9kB*at ? i kali, a* |?f ft '? A **?? 1*4 I *al4 aaa* * llaa >aa4 I all <a fat 4a f a'(4 Ba i !.?!.#? a4 4*al atar a*. ?aaaf mi t" ka^ |n <r? I'l ?*4 M*??B af n 1/ira* II- a*' raa* *4.1. aaa. la ?4. .faaiM B** ?*T ?BII4ra% ,iar fain 4. aa. ft ifaaart ?* *Ba ' I '"a ? aa u *|BI ;Mf< laal|>a*fal A* a **??' ?a ' ?a w **?' ,i*kla Bk Bllaa* rtnali.aa,ulirii"'*"a<Hnn *? ' *a Btakl*i4k 4a t Br laav<4f I ta. ***. a*' aa?aa .* la ka4 a a. a* af aa*a'a a ?k.iB"kfal 'f .'?afcaU B?naiy. Ma )? ? art. a ai'-.l BarB?.? Ba*a fr?. tl M MMBa a* a* a* far Ba? T rr ' W *"4 ?? l? I>raa4aa, a. f f .?.M* B' ?l Bar-la* tltaii A Mil Baa u Ba 1*1 fata iir*. I BaraB I lattkiaf |M liwaa*H aaraal . ttaSla A ''raa I la I7B * *i..?*. i ? A r?al, IkiaiaBUfft. f t w*i *4lta I'aakBa ?.aaa * B.a aaa Ba aBaaa A I * , tain .**-. Hi' um4, N*a<ll A Baa ia* Warrai nra.1 ? arl ' a. A f.a Baataa ,M< M f? ?Bl?4 if ?* n?H^4}ji?4?fH.

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