Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* ? Off IB Y HiAEK I, Tiileskay, May 3?8 P. SI. A sligH improvement in the stock market wu realised mt the first board to day. There was more activity, and better prices ruled. Virginia tt's advanced }i per oent' New York Central 7'a, J* ; Canton Comjiaoy, %; Read me Railroad, X; Hudson R ver Railroad, )f; Michigan Southern Railroad, 1 ; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, For some daja past railroad bond ' have been more firm ly held. The > ales have not been large. The bears find it difficult to get stock (or delivery on their contracts as they matu-e, without paying an advance, and they are therefore large borrowers. Holders of stocks are well able to carry them, and the shorts are afraid to put oat contracts on long dates. Transactions seller and buyer thiee days, are more plenty than any other time, and they hope in this way to keep the market from ribing. So loot; as the different railroad* continue to show such large earnings, and the money mar ket continues so abundantly supplied with capita, the shorts will not mike much out of their bearing operations. Western railroad stocks are gradually improving. The BdJes of th'jss stocks in this Market are only to a moderate extent. We believe most ?f them are dolus * Urge business, bat tbey will noi for the future pay dividend^ anything li?e those tuey have pud. We notice a sale to-day of Hampshire Coal Com pany stock. A small lot of fifteen shared sold at eigh teen per cent. This stock was put upon the oooirs of the Board ot Biokers a few days since, after a rigi 1 and thorough investigation into the organization and re sources of the company. The committee appointed for the purpose reported unanimously in its favor, and it waa aercp'fci. Ths is a sufli:ient endorsement, aid a guaranty that the affairs o: the com paoy wera in a sound condition. Its future productiveness is a nutter depend ing upon the management; of lhat there is very little doutt. It is a mug, compact concern, and a moderate but mess will give largo dividends. The Reading K liiroid Company will report a large business tais weak. The ?cal tonnage will be greater than that fcr the wpek pre. vions. The demand for coal continues aotive, and the receipts at tidewater do not accumulate. After the *i ijourowsn* of the board, the following ffjei of cords were made at auction by Simeon Draper. ? ^.COO Buffalo and N. Y. Citv RR , wiurel by fl/fi moifgtge on road frotn Ittica to CuiVtlo HI. too do. do. do., secured bv first naoft najj. ov> road from Atti:a to Hoinilsvi'.le, soli together for $53,486 Tbr folk wing ' ales were al*o made a . auction by A. II. Nirulay ? ?10,040 Fox and W scot in Improvement C >. 8's, interest idM 8'. }( 9 ('CO Cleveland, Pvnesvllle and Ashtabula Rtt. 7'e, Intere.t adiel 84 ;u' * 83X ?<,(00 Laie Ere, and St. Louta Tl?t 1st Mortgage, interest added... 73 :4 f..?00 Cknantfaigoa and K!'. , 2d mor tage, in'eren* added.. , U4'd a 13'^ 2,?' 0 rti' ago ?K(l Mississippi RR . -d ni"-.-r C> CtliO Cbicin Jati. I. > an J Chicago KK ... "2 1(<0 suares Erie Railroad If (i co. Reading Railroad... 88'* 26 do Shoe nnd I eath-?r Bank U8 4<* r? Williamsburg Gas light Co 'i , 2?' <30. Columbia Pire Io. nr.inje Co 8t>, 40 do. Ohio Diamond Coal Oo 80 ? At the second board the market was not so firm. Pj tre of the fading fancies were <i'iite a'.t'.ve at jr'wn a fraction below those current at the lira boarl Erie Rii'l/tal fell olf '4 p?r cent; Railroad, 'u ; Cam ? terland, ;4'. There was a sale of Galena and Chicago Railroad at an adv ance on previous prices. Michijaa Central Railroad -old at 8 : percent, which is ?,n ad vac :*, ?heritors are wa-.ting the arr.'val of the AtUat'c, wins laf?r news trow Europe. Ak soon as they have pro perly digested her advices, they will fca looking oat for thr next California steamer; and si they go oa >:on!. du ally waiting for som''t''ilnj. QuOtatisnv for contols liavs aa especial r.haim for tnat class of e peculators. We have never kno?vn sto-iss bet'er beli than at this mo mt?t HpVlers will not sell without a prodt, hu". ..lie ?h?rte, as a general thing, are required to ma'-? delive ries, Instead of settling differences, at. tie maturity of contrasts. The U'ansa:tioss at tbr Assistant Treasurer's ollic to day w?TS as follows I'aio oc freanury a?;oint $cs,H'; !>4 Received on rr*?sury u count ^2.104 4b Bslaii ?ot Trei^urj acrouat ....2,3;."., 4 10 10 I'airt f?r Assay office 02 Pat d fcr Cubursing checks 42, S3! S3 Tbe Chatham Bank pay* t'aree and a hilf c?tii emi annual dividend; the National Fire Insurance <'cmpwn>, a ai.m.ann ail dividend of fifteen pe : We anJerctano that all tha praferred stock of the New Jersfj Company?par value $12 60? hi* ji? a taken, and i cere could have been dispose J of Tl:? oompaay ?i? no* 'ti funds fur an active prostcition of botli the I aM and iron business. The steamship Star of the West brings about half a million o* dollar* in go'.d and government dr.ifl? MHjoef what came in the hands of passengo ?* i Ttin i? just abojt what we*.;. Th?; i.seign-e of I'age, lit con A: Co. received b / thii itcniicr about one hundred thousand dolli's, vbieb w:ll be appropriated to the payment of the pre ferred cUims. The null steamer, which wi!' be due *b's time next wctk, will, without doubt, bring a remittance nearly equal to old average. We look for fall a nr. I. on : c geld by her, independent of draft* and nhalpis^eiigvrs bring, wh>h i* c< nsiderable. ILe a'.ate Treasiiier of California wr tes to the finan cial ageats here, nud-r date of Apnl 5, that the money ?o me?t, the July payments of interest will be forwarded te thi* city by the first steanur '.n M.iy; also that fifty thousand dollars, net apart for the redeoipti :a ot oond.i due in 18dl. wD be forwarded at the same time Af'er the pa^niect of the tU'ty thousand dollar, i, the. debt of California will be aider two millions, which will bs fur leer reduced by the eales of real estate li?liinging to tbe i'Ute. The fobewing sale* were made at auctioa in i'hilad-il >l is. on the 1st instant:? yj shs. Stite Runt, Camden, N . .1 $70 M< ' filrard l.ife and T.-u?t. Company ..... t-* 25 lii 1 County Fire Insurance Co.? par $50. $40 3t 11 Germantow& and Perkioiaeu Turn pike Company $21 2-i .?* " 9 '.nuylkill Nav. (common stock) ....$21 12, 'i It " l'Ciiade.phia Kxchaajja ( jmpaoy $?ij 60 r ,42?. " Cambria .con O., p-f shire $1 1( " Cat- (Va and l'falla. Steimib'i ferry >.*. $60 $300( Ph.laceipbia Co., lhfiy tu? pei wat The B?f ton l>Uf/rapi>. of the 2d nst , says. ? The ?to<*k market war drill and 1 'elets tii* morn a,;, with ?ran?action.; T*ry much limited, ".hough buyer* we re . n exccss of sellers, ani Main*, Providence, w..r ?en>?, Kactern, and M hlgan Central, coul i a >? oe h i. 1 at a Muall advance on yesterday's pr :e. OU1 Colony 1* a sc id demand a'. 7'' v' bid, HO asked. ru*re j, very 1. .steea rf h-lj ef ttp aUive ia the mtriet, aal a slighUy ir^resfed demand *3 old improve pr.ccs materially. Wrroois* Centrai touched 3 to- Jav for t:ie Qr-tt ;ia? n':) M?/ch 10, auu tht h'/Ock -.old for 2J,', April 2.'. V-.r.n .o* sno Masaaehusett- s<^U 14\' iiraod .IiiaC ion sold it 3-H, an: this 'n ?el iw the market lor aoy -.on-iiderablo lot. Wilming'on u lc a httie be.ter demand, ant "2 tlje pr ce "f jeiterdsy, bid :or snratt lot', rt^i- . - htrv hiiig heavy at $j, although no limount of stock >s otfered at that prirt. At tne auction to-day, stocks seoeraiiy snld low. Wec.Vrn 94, W .rcster '.io. to . M ' r?nt.'<> Marine insurance 02, for w.nct 04 !^, "WJi aid 'M * ts bid respsetive'.y at the bnu 1 th's irorc.n{. The veto of tue Governor of Massachusetts of tli? ?o?n ef Stale credit to the Vermont and M.u'achuiet n lw'1 ruad Company was taken up in tbe lowir house oi the l/eip?la*ur* of that State, yeste'day, ao 1 resulted in vd2 letei. of which 171 were yea ani Idl no ? the oonstitn lx>oai vote I to sarry the measure against ths veto, oeinp 21 ~ in the aflinnative to 100 in the nos-a'.i <re. Tne #111, however, will come up again, for leconsi ?ora t>on. hut it* friends are a gooi ueai dishearttaed by ths adverse decision of the House. The liability of the commonwealth for loons of s-rlp 1? railroad corporations from 1837 to 1S42 is steteil at $b,(.piO 00C. Tho debt on account of 10,000 sbntes Wes tert railroad stock subscribed for, ir 1995,000. Tlie sink ing fucd to reieem tae scrip issued in 18^7, to p?y for 10,000 shares We?t?m ra'lroed sto:k, amount- to orer $1.10(,000, and Uiclules the remiining half of the pra coeds of tales of lands in Maine since 1837 . Ample pro ?ieiOD ha? been made for tlie payment of all the raiirial crip, and for $2<"0,000of that isaaed on aoeiunt of the p^hli: institutions, leaving $1,000,000 standing against $706,r<00 of Western railroad stock, and the rights In the aiok ng fund theraw ith : but tbe committee suggest ciii t en a? to a further use of the State credit. Stock Kxctinnge. Thi rsd.vt, May .1, i8.?5. 100 shs Col 1 H Mine % 100 McTolloeb OohJ. 160 Peon & L ZOo s3 2 YO?n KK..S3 (>3^ 12f> do c 93 'j 200 do b*> 91 'j r,o do SjX r? Erie R R 00 600 'lo blO f> i 1 <t frO do .l>3 (W'4 '<0 do ..... . *60 ?0 1?1 da J 50.V 50 do fcl* M do.. . , . . , b7 M)i *>u0 do *4 ftO 'I do blO $k0?f Virfin'i fl's br. 97 U 1 4'S 0 do... M0 07 >4 ?0f0 do...,,s3 V" *4 12000 lad <hat* A'(.. 83 )j' 1000 Er.e 2dMbds, , . ?7 1000 trie bis of '7$. 87^ t?i00im;wMi,<i. #i. i:{u 2000 NlalatMaUne.. 87 ICO 1U Cen RR b<l?. 76 u 2C0O do 7;,j* 2V*1 do.... V.o ' 1000 Gal ftrhlMs. r?r*,V 30C0N*CHr<Ms.e. d HB 80C0 NY Cm 7 i.... lv.:; ."*0 do lo-; $000 do, . ,.h 50 1M $0C0 fSj u7 10. .1250 CI?t?*To1 dbds 75 lOOResuUn? HR..M 81 6600 H lstMbdn.e.d. WO 2M do .3 M 60C0 Mich 8 Jackbds 8# 200 d > bl5 M>' 40 she Corn Ex Bk.. 99^ 500 do b?0 86lT ?> Continental Hk. . 10?'? 100 do bl5 8 6ii 37 Ohio LUe&TrCo. . 83 \ 60 do ?3 80 v 50 Canton Co ... ?30 26*,' 100 do....at90 M w 60 do e30 26\ 12 Harlow RR?? 30 60 do e 27 60 Hud RIt RR. .i3 41 145 Nic Transit Co. . 16'*' 30 Mieta S R R..e3 101 100 do b30 1?H' 25 Mich 8 Conatr.. 92 U 400 Cum Coal Go. ,b3 28,^ 25 N Ind R R.. . . ?8 101 100 do c 28jJ 20 do 101 W 16 Hump Coal Co... 18 14 Clev & Tol R R.. 77 BECOHD BOARD. $45C0 NYCRRbds.e.d 89 200 ,-hs Erie RR. . b30 50 (WObMalatMGL.blO 87^ 100 do b3 49K do 87 >4 50 NY On RR. . b60 93>i 1"(0 Erie 2d M bds. 97 10 Mich Con RR.... 83 1C0C0 HlstMbd?..b60 90 300 Reading RR. . ?60 86 60H lilCenKKbs.boO 75# 225 d? 86>? 1000 do 76>,' 1(0 do s3 85 100 sbs GoldlliU Mine ? j' 500 do 86 100 Cum foul Co. .?3 28 'u 60 Hudson RR..BJ0 41 1< 0 Erie Railroad. .s3 60 >, 100 do s3 41 do 83 60 19 Galena&ChiRK. . 91 100 do b3? 50>, 81 ao 91 1*0 ?lo b3 60 100 Harlem RR. . bi$0 30 U 1300 do s3 49?g 75 do 30 ? CITY TKilJK H fa; FORT.>aY, M,.y 3 ? 6 P. M. Amiks.? . Sale 40 bbls. pots, at $6 81 a S6 87, and pearls, a- $ti 12 a $6 lb??. Brkaustuftm ? F'our ? Owinn to reduced stocks, com mon grade* of tlour were easier. The salea ernbrae?d a -out 7,000 a 8 000 bbls., including common to goad choice .state, at $'.? 75 ;i $'.) 94; do. da. Western, at $9 75 a $10 26; an-j $1* 75 u. $13 for fancy and extra (Jen<Mee; $ii; 12 a $10 75 for>. (4,600 bb'.B). Rye dour and meal wns 'iin:h?.n^e.t. Wheat wax nornirai Corn whs Bcere- and firmer Satenaoout i:i,000 a 14,(100 bush f1?, including t'outliam white, at $1 11 a SI 11}?, au.l at SI lu lor Wert?rn m ied- delivered. Rye was scarce, and Ltld at $1 50. Oats were quiet, with but little doing, at 81c a 85c. lor St iUi and vVes'xrn. CotKKK ? 1,C00 mats o' Java w-re sold at 14".. : -00 do. Wo, atlOJic. a 10%c. ; 375 bt^s Liguayra, at 11c., and ?100 do St. i i niingo, at 5'oC. a 6>fc. Cotton ? Tim market continued active, with sales of 4,000 a O.OOo bales. We quote mi.ldiing Uplaads, at Vfic : iio Florida, at 9%c. ; do. Mooile, at 9J-?0., and f\i w Orlesns and i'exsB, at 10c. Fi n ? No. 1 m'ickerel were gelling in a nolo rat# way at (20, No. 2 at $15, ?n.i No. 3 at $H 2? a $S 50; dry cad do. at $.'! 75 a $4 12#; No. 1 liorringat 27c. a 31c., and scale ai )0c. FimautB ? Rates were inactive, as shippers were dis posed to await tbe receipt of later foreign news. To ) Wernr oJ, 120 tons dead wight w?r? eng);;ed a*, p. t., 20 bbiu. bitlHvm at 2s , 150 bbls. shoe oe,;* at la. Oil., and 38 aalf boxes toSaoco at Is. Od. Tj Hivre, sums cottoa was goiu^ torivard, at }jc. Tbere was nothing new to London or to German ports. To California, rates var>d from 30c. to 35c. Frcit.? 600 box-e M. R raisins soM at $2 40 a $2 45; 100 1o do. n ?]t kegs sat'dlcHB wre sold at $4 37. H ?Y ? 800 ba!<'s were aoM tit, $1. Mol.ASSFg ? ? hbds. TriuMid were Bald at 26:., aad 140 .jlids XsuviUf nyrup it p t. Naval Storks ? 100 bbir. mrp-intine were sold a' $?'. '.>r ; spirts varini from 44c- a 45c.. and $1 75 ?ra? a-,Ved for . (i- 'rnon Wilmiogum ro^ia. per 310 lbs., dol'.ve'ed. OiUJ.?About 400 gallons linseed were jo.d at ?5o. a C I' ? . whale iaci?'.l from t)5c. a 07c.; sparm wa i notmntl. J'Kovisio.Ms ? Pork ? l"be market wae wi'.ho^t i.-npjr tan: cbanve; a fair outiness was done Sata a^out 600 sbl;.. in'-ijtiiu^ old MM at. $lti 50, and ne v do. at $17 50, and pr mi do at $11 37>i B-i:f ?r', with salsa ef d00 bbls. at $9 7ua$12 60 for caun'.ry R'lef barae were at S18 50 for S'.ate and $20 a $.1 for Chicago extra. SbouKWa an ) haois w?re scarce anl firm; tales 20o hhds. at 7 tor the fortner 0',: ' V- for ;he latter. Lard ? Heavy; 300 bbls. soli at 10 a lOJi-s. Kick ? A o"nt 200 cd'ltr were sold at 6 a 6!^3. for cam mor , to ;?% a 6)fc- 'or to prime. Si har ? I'bo m . rkyn was rather quiet. About 200 hhd-f. V?w Orleans were gold at 5-'^ a 5;ic.; 46 do. at 6c., ant! 75 do. 1'oito Rico at 5Jut. LIST OF LETTERS lUoiHiuiug m (he Vcw {orb City Pout UtQcev Friday, Itlay 4, 1855. Published exclusively 'n the Nkw York Hbiuld, hy aet ?r ?<mirre?H ? fox psixr Having tkr. largett circuUu u>n ij ciy in the Onittd staff.*. LADJBS' LIST. A. Abbott Mr# C \ Mlice M:ns Vary Af.hmaril Mi>n n . A'? r:iathy MiMtSa- Alien Mrs, Hisnwice sir -e rAa ntwot Armstrons Mi>* Aciimerman Mrs, Allen .Miss Ana Fan-iy Utinin nd st Al on Mrs linr iinor Armitron^ Miss Adams Mrs Catha- Allerlot 1 MrsKa Vil Mary iin? Altabeznrty Mad'l Ashburn Ktizs'-.e'.h Ailnms ^tartiia lu IKrianna Atwiod )|i? Mar,' Aires Sara') Ann Andcr*un Mrs. C? Atwell Mrs Mary J Ale.-.andi-r Mis* A :i?l st A' well Vliss Maria mandril Anderson Mrs Mary Torosa Alexander Miss Anthony Mrs Ma'y Avory M: u Ssrab J Frxtcis ? u . H BlacV E'i/a Bartin Miss l.oul?a Brooks Mrstlar't BS B:i"on lure. West Ka'es Mrs K.o >ei:oa llruoinn Mr# c A 34th st Moan Mr? IS n Hrou .-.hsl Mark Ann Brasf^rd Mi'sChar HfirnWh Mrs >'\r > llou.-k Ellou 1 o tit 1/ line IS mrae Mra Mary Bradt Urs Catha- Book Mrs C, Bata ? Hr?-,vn Miss Jtne rine vts st Brown Hi-< Miry Brady Ann B-ckleyMra l.rowu Mrs M in v E ' llrady ttnry lltckor *lr? Louis'. Ilr iwn Miss Mur^rst Brtdley Miss Eli Bodilows Mary Auu lirownia^ Mis !?' n. '/.aiietn Bcr-^an Ellen Biyln Mrs Ann Bailey Mrs Catha- Korry Miss Blija ttriice M-s Ouanan rlr.e Urewstcr Mt-.s.Mary Bfic-e Mi<? Jane 0 Blnine M-ss Mary liirkiirton Mrs E Bnckipy Mr) Eliiii iiall Mrs Elsv Juno Bidnull il.s Umu- botti* blanchard MrsCcal- l'ue Burko Mrs Catnsy ley? 2 l!ri(js Miss Eliza- Burku Miu II >n r% Bland Mrs Aurolia ''orb It'irke Mr< Jauo E Killer Mrs J.ine? 3 Ilurrjws Mrs Jo-; M Brand .Mr.; Hannah Kbishor, 2t<th st liusb Miss Msry li Biss>ll Mist Ellon A llryau Mar^srot Buirett Miss Ann Hlivoos Miss Eliia Bryant Mrs A Barry Mrs Anna Hr?rsn Mary Burns Miss, 7th ave Barry Bridget lioktuy iirs Marthy Barns M ir ,-arot Barry Kate Bois Anna Jane Bryne .Mrs A ltarry Mrs Patrick Browley Mrs JaneE lirynu M -s Kii.a Bartholimew Miss Book Mrs Henry H Byrnes Honor Elizabeth C Cady Mrs Jesse Crawford Mrs, Corkran Catherine C'ratti Mrs (ieo C Charlton Coroorau MrsM ir<t Cain Maria < raj , Miss Julia Cormuck Mrs Jas Callahan Mrs Bridt Creed Mrs, lilt'- Cornelia Mrs Anu Calianban Anne Clemraint Miss Ca- Cornell Mrs Alio Cbnubets Mrs Jas rolino Cornell Mrs Canny Cauiell Mrs Maria Che ley Mrc Mtriia Cornell Miss Msry Cauipbello Mrs F N A tforrigan tfiss Brlit CUnoii Mrs Sarah Crispe Mrs, 2d itve Corson Miss Jul ? A Clarke Widow, 42d Coft'y Bridget Crassiuin fliori-ia Clarke Mary Cozstrell Mrs L S Crostwait MisiAlisa Clarke Mrs didnoy Columau Mary Ann Coltnn Miss Mary Cair Miss Sophia A Coleman Margaret Crouso Missllannih Carrel 1 Miss Kate Cummins Cutn ','oirsen Miss Strah <'arroll Jane Cunpton Mrs Sarah A Carn>n Abbey Ann Crowell Miss Ade Csrvcr Mary P Cronan Bridg?t lino M Casey Mary Cronin Mrs Michaol Crowley Mary Cau^hlin Alise Ca Conlin Mury Cunningham Miss th.irine Conned Mi-s/ohana Juno Caiirev? sy Mrs ' onriiy Bridget CrniseMissE Crn?Mrs \\ ll Cootier Mis>- 11 ell - n Curtis Mrs Augusta CaMjiJy Mrs Anne Coiik:iu Mrs Ellen Cox Mrs Ellen Chatterton MrsS S ? 2 Coyle Miss Mary Pa Camera Mr* ?A Darleff Mi?a Mar- Dormi M *1 Martini Inily Mrs Catrrn *aret Dotvtn Hn D all OD Mrs, Dur Pout Mrs E"?li?r Kuoley dm M ary C hum place Deny Mrs Mary Ujii tm Mr* Tn?a Paly Miss, Antiony Uuvillo Mrs M iria Uowus Mrs K C Pailoy Mrs Cat'i Hi- vino Ellon Djwaa Mint M.irtba Dam* Mias Martha^ Dot in M'-sEr-ilyA J Ocn^cl Anna Maria bovine Mr* Miry D ' >vn M>-s .T P?v. t Mrs Ch irlos Ann j>ucrut Mart, Davids Mr? Muri.'^- Dillon Mury Anne w*y Davis l'nal'na G Drinker Cla ry S "Diiffy Ann Pean Elizabeth A Itrncoll Mrs Mary Unify Brtdset Dean Mrs Mary a Diasosway dome R Rn!Toy Mrs Mary Deson Miry E Dixcon Mm Mary Pnffoy Marv Ann Deckt r Mi ?? I'ho'ie l'o'uu Mmj ll>narh Dii'in Mrs c 11 Pcnpsey Mrs <athe I'onniran Mirj Ounao Mary l)ump??7 M il CU' n imnnelly Mini 'a bO?y?? Mine Miry Dimosth Mrs wa'uli Donovan Mtss El'cn Ana Penlin Mrs, 17th TE] Mrs K Ed? a-il* Mrs E J Kilor S iri'i Ain E?rl*y M us Han HI is Mrs Mary J' Kstea Mrsi' nth Elliott M" -<?rah .1 Kv?ns Mrs Vary T Earloy Mrn Nancy Edwurdn Mrs ,Stn- t* . MissAdelaid*<iu W r> Harriot cv v E/.eklel Mrs francos P FlmrlanMrs.jnij St i n emaa Mn 11 Kitisimon* Mi?s Kriloi rii Ann Maria Faancllar Mis V M Ellen I'ranki u Mrs F>r?u?on Mr<(,'atb Koiey Hi-', 21st at A'laline Ken. aid Mra KevEHFao' Miry Fari'-sy Mias Ellen F?rm MisaSirahW Foril M's, II nry st Farisoy Janu FletcBor Mrs K Kont Mrs John Farlong Miss, M ,tt F'eld M as ElUa sthl'nnr .aia.-au Mils K armor Jrs M Kink Mrs K A H<>noru* Farmer Mrs H litsgorald MrsMary L'o *lor Hm Ualit iMldl M ?< I', 4th Jane Kowle- M ?ryi.<>iiia.t Farroll Ann* Fiupatrick Miss Fo* Maria Kanlly Mary Ann, E 8M??y-'i Fox Mar> Freclaml MrnOcclis.Kiu?;iiinn?Mi<isKosp Foy Mix Sarih ?au Mrs F.liitb< th W'snatrick Mrs Fiord Mr? M Kay Mary Elita Floyd Miss M A Uriel Mrs, Broad- Orc?n Mini ilnodix Kr<,Urii4 way 1* O Marganrdttc G >od*ri<> Mis?Mary Gafl'ncy Catharine (ircen Kuth A Gory Mary Gallayher MiasCath Gcorio Mme Caile G issMsry Galaxy Catharine Gorman Mrsil nben Qou {SobolinTharesa Grant Elltabetb? 2 Giblin Mi** J:ine Clover Mia< CatVe Gardiner Mus Catb Olhons Mr- El ,/ab'h Gui liar il Mrs Glass Msry Ann GrilAn Mrs Mallte Chsrl's '? Graves Miss Helen G'lffHh Miis Dora Gosrln Msd'IU Gray Miss Ellin Gilohrist Mary Gallon Minn Gray Mrs Ceissr GMlsipio C?th*ri?c Jeanne'ts Gri<ory HnClarissaGilmartia Ann Gornor Mr< "<ar->li Grun Mrs. Wash (Jofl Mrs (ivies \!r< Mary Am inton st Gvldney Mi?s M M Gyrus Mi??, #<ii< st Greon Marcarit I, ^ Goodall Mrs Fred A Haokir Mrs E P Hearty Ann HMIi<t?' Mra l.vdia HanK'Tty Mrs Sara b HexKemaaMrs, 24th Holmes Mrs Martiia Hart Mrs W I,. .VHh it Ann Hall Margaret Hondcrion Mra, 1st Holmat Mi is Sa llnlpin \?n Maria st mf 'ha 0 Jl.inulrnn < a har ncllirber' Mils Atn D II >p? Mrs Mary A Hamilton Marv J llorberr Mr llfsti-r II >|>kii:i Ann, U'i'l Hammond Sopbro Herd Miss Franoii s <a /t nia B Herw>od Miss Elits Hopklna M-? tnn Hindii v Mr i Sarah letii Hopkins K*.;. t. liannrrt? Mary Iloa* MiifCa'hariao Hoppin MrsHjnil Hansen Mr< Ce<> II llewltt Mrs M, t-.n Uardman Miss M A Rroadwav nornn Mrs, B'dnay Hardy Mrs Anna Hlokey Mrs Ellen llnrnsr Mr<0?ntbst llarly Catharine lliokey Mrs Mar/'t Horsfor i Mils Mirf t Hartis Mils IVar! st llixfins Mrs, 7tli av N Harriaon Miss Clara ni/tin-i M" 1,(1 Hot. hkini Mra t'hi? C Hill Miss Mary B Martiaon Miaa Sarah Hill K p ?v Howird Mrs *?to Jan? llitlMrnAojnatns B H 'will Mrs Fmelion Hart Mia A J llillyer Mrs Kiisa llunliard Mrs 1 l< Ilarv iyMi-a Aurella btth A ll'uhn Mirv M llaatiaya Mis* Kate n^nvk" Mi<? G II i|t<ert Mr< Mnssa Hnitiaxs Ira'e!!a llln'-a Mis? Mary Hunt Mrs Mnr^acet Havens Mrs Mary J Hislop Mr< Ellon M U?n' Mi<s Mar. Hay*ood Mrs Mary IlitohcoekMlaaCath Hunt Miaa Mary A Healoy Ellen ll'<Knn Miss, Umoa llydf I, aura E Htaly Margaret ronrt Hv.lrr Mrs. Fnlton Hea;ney Sarah Hocin Mary st llrenoy Anne HofNerto" Mr* John llyer Mrs Johanm JlecryMias Mride" Hol/ato Mra II nm Mrs EHiabeth II- fftrnan MrsEIlm ^ llyms Misa Jane liar Mary j Inierntl Miaa Ja ViMi Mia* E. J beau Jo * *? J Jnnia Mil* Catba Thonuaopat Br-.artway n-a ;?rv? JJtry /u^as?n U : /ones Wist. *m;lj Jt hcdon Mrs PI X Johnson Mm Vm w w i "*?>' K Jonta Catiuurinc Kaat Mra trail/ I Kancler Mrs A w KeAMtdjr *? ?U? K *?? I helktt Mr. au- Koduh. Mr. Ellen M* *" c?*ulu?* {ffij'i?. ??? c>'" ^V., Kelly Bridget Kerr Mm if v Mri John *215 Su/8n.? KiJbet *? J ' *??Au?'J'a' & LS,^ ^SSS^?- " J .an .man lira r u ?h *" Jai1"" LovMror. Mr!. Mary )<uj Mr* Jane uu.?ntfn . kfncn Bridget u;i?flA."^y M mtTl i:hoh &uU :. j&k.XV.t.ey ?&? "? Al?i~ Ma inn Mr, Tho. Meelmn J'^V 2uUin. CatCr?^ Matuwu Mary A nn Meiviile Mrs Kali Mu irin M|? H nn'. U,C'th8" Srm Mulligan M^.Mairtha M?her Marrr.t Mullenney Mary MaW^'en M"uUrrMrfrsC A Maleorn Mr., 3d arc Miller Sir. E R Munre Mi.. Mir, Marsha M Vrj MaHonC'.t?"^ A"' Martin -Vi,6. Mary M imuia Cathurire Murphy M ? Ca ?.A?" ? ? MiwotanMlleViolet fcbirin ite?2M?. ttiKryAnB5r? M M tl^Mi,. Char J D *" A1" ?''2?6t M u rry^M^ra' A n ii'io Max veil Mr. F s {^"auMU.OuUalia M yer?Mr., iliimZi u. I S urray Mr.JCath. Morrill Bridget Maxwell Mu.Sarah ,ino Morl?y Jane Qlac ^ABallMiy.M.rfhaMcrormiok MnJa. McKoe Mr. Anno MiLalxiM'.fc I'.ilen MoUermot Mra Ca Maria iic<,ai>e Aiurar^t thariue MeLe*n \ffna piinn MoCahi' Hiid?2li*laM0n?tyh6 Mary MoI'e*><* EUxabeth McCain Bridget MoLaupbran Ann McMahoa Mr* Mclnua MeGonni.sMr.,Mun- i'eirl .t ' McJ nun Ml.. llnry roc street McNally Ellen M?< arthv nH?u"teiS?nU1 Mr.;U*,y E McNern* Mis, Miry McGown Mi.. Ann MoPittie Mis., Wo.t K UB. Mclionan Mia. Eli- .tract Mcc iatle i Bridget zabeth McQuillon Marv Me<;"lcy Bridget MeOuinan Anne MoRea Mra.lUkfsiat t1!1 ' Molntlro Mr. Lydia McSweonoyJoUuuna a Marga- Mclntyre Mia.Mary MoVoy Cath 1 ilu ^ McKenna Catherine ^MM. Va.h. MiS"EU N'Viaern Mr' D" WeKate ^wto^U.^izl 52X Nanuery Mis. Rnd- MaNom Mi.. Me- Nolan Miss Ann Margret ry,Mn q W1" ?"' u" '?f0'"? O'Callachan Miss O'Konnedy Miss !i ??? r?. H"d?<m Uauora llolin | " "L'/Anne O'ConnorMlj.EUon O'Neill Mnl?ri,l(.ct ii7' i i ? <? < oners Julia O'Neill Mr. Mary (I'Rh!H riTl, "? ? on?*?r Maria O'Reardoii Uanaah n>ni< ui n ? "*yt rMiss. lieok-O'Kily nri(i?et Sisssa M,M eu o-T.rVath 0 tonno?B*^ilia riddoJk'fiJ; wn. UcK Pratt Mri WniH A Mark*! place* * Mm. Mary I' Paul Mr. fieor^o Pre.ton vlrs Maria ?{'? """[l'" ? l'caao Mrs ll 'V l'ostania Mr. V U 1 aliuer Mnry E Pea.o Mis. Elmira Potor. Mrs I aimer Mr. C, D Pea'.oll Svrab F Prire Wru, 2';tb st 1 arkcr Vli.s faro Perbles Mr. I'ilti) Mi.. AliSv ,,!'rk8 A? - .. . P?ol.l?8 Mia. H E Ptk? Mini Emily 1 arher Mr. Urrriol-. Pliclau Mary Piuable Annie 1 nrkcr Mi.. Majjrie P.lletier Mrs V Porter CaMierine A Parker MI.?Mat?Ma Phelp. Mr. \V,n H Poulain Mad Vmi'lv'n ' Ml" Pranties Bridget Powor Hi.nMar^arot hirily U l'trl?y Mr* J V i'lunket Vlar'nrof Parrott Mr. Eliza l*'fkin? Miaa Ade Pnriell Hits Aaa ltth h"** ^ 1'liyfo Min Cavh A iij"1 ? Q?inn Miss Cathe Qnfnn Honor (jowl iaryS T ???? 2 Quinn Mr. A tt * J,B M'" Hwwfch Mr, Mary Uod^re Mr. Dclany K?y Mr. A tana Reynold. Mini Catli,ito<uHin Mr. E R Ray Mrs *imira M !)th it Romaio Mr. N p Heajra" Mnrir Reycolda Catlia, Ronan EUau Reddin Amelia Lou Prinre ft Roouev Oath Redden Mr. Julia "if"1*6 M" W,n *???? ,?A drew""1 A'rS A? Ri'Se1 M Wi a " W lios" "??i?tte Hrt ":'h- K-o?*leMU?bJ?e itfRan Mies Mary inrtori Hfc y K ?!!%,?? An. , v. R"?ch Mr'' A,bllny Ruddle. Mr. A S at Ann.bth at Rudolph Mrs Elba d 1,1 ? Roach Mil. Anna Ru.acll Mi.a Jo.e Reilly Anne, W*r Kobinsou Mis. 5 a phiue ur"? 'u , t Ur. Kate Keuth Mrs II DpB Keii v Rodger. Mis. J E Kian Mia. Bridgot K % i %Jc:? <?'"?? i;;; s;1 "aij rm" """ Sabine Mr. Semple Mt.a Cath'ne$mith Mary bta?nmn lanny Sefienck Mr. Mary Smith Mis. Manda d Min HuryNShcpard MrsChus N ua I> ak?Wl: Mar?ar?t ?ter.. Mia. Au ?u.t* Smyth Mary A jjcally Msrv ?te*en? Mi., is'lan sloano Mis. Ann Saiumon Mr. (.atlie Sto*?i.8Mr?RcvAb?HcoU?id Mia. Marv P s , . Stevenson Mrs E A Sloeum Mr. Mary N Swan M:?. Jaoe A Stewart Mra A ?< .-Solum in Mrs itti.t siiUnal*.! |8h A,ioe2?xtoD Miaa' -l th atStonein* MrsAuielii V) f-'i,nit SeK Oa Storry flr. .fane Sdwuou Mis8 Cliza rullnu ? iiiu l',0 8?h/*?rCiuJVS?irah *? mv8vn -Mrs nannaSuHiran Mary, Or Ma ei Mi.. E II Simpson Mri Mar'a anire st Slater M>WMt Siu/luion Jolianua Sullivan Mary. Van Itrid;?tMilro. Mr'Cathorint) dc water nt Shaw .Miss Julia U Smith Mr. C Sulop Mio. Junnv Stranrburir Mr. A ASmith Mra Aana Scliulta Mr. I'hubsA Seaman Mlsa EminaSmith Mr. Annah c Soally Mi#s Brid -e J??!! AiiKellnedmith Mr. Aimio P Sluinway Ur. Wm ' sed w?*k M.?rUu- S "'"^i^'^Spr!,,, M^.. AmohaJ Skollov 5 ' f ???. Mary sLultnorth Mi.. E a.eiiey Mary Smith Mr. Mary Syke. ,Mi?? K Sparaharoll Mr. El Sohillinger Mi.. Ev Sjotc Mrs Sarah v'naA ulinB r Snllirau Elixabcth T*aokc"'Mri Jo's T?h?MJ"' u"TTJ Mis.Uary irl. tji . I* "? Mm, MuloerrjT^mosonMrHrriniilit. Tracy Misn Aunn Tit>hitn Air* Juraoa Th'vormv Mir,rn><?f Traoy Mr. Helen M Tilletaon Mia. ?B Toole Inn * ' lra<y Mr. Hm H Tillot.on Mie.Ohar Thorn Mrs 4maa M Jaiaart Mri(of Civ Tiltotaon Mi.s M I. Th-irnton Mr.^arah TrMitt Vlr. Trimble Mi.a Suaan Tiw. Mrs' Joh'n iragitt Mrs Triplor Mrs. Broome Turner Abbv I aylor Mra, B. way Themaa Mrs J A l nrner Mr.^lixa 1 Sarah Themaa Mra Jamea Turner Mr.Jeu.ima Ten.v Wr.njn?li. Mr. M A Tflee Mr. .Isno K J,,"? u Tom, .kin. Mrs M B 1 alLnah1 U" s"' Dlmer "r" Ann S Ullman MrsEivia A y Cmphrey Mri Charle. Valentine Rhia Vantice M^. Julia Vose Mr. R, 2l)th .t wX'h'K. j ? 5SKJSJ? S" Walker M,? B.idt Wei er Mr. .^rah While Mrs J? " wj Uc? M?? 8.1 S ;Vr"tUWOrth Mr" Whit,! *iM 11 ? wan joe Miss Sal S Ada Whlimora Mri <' II WivUh Jane Went Mri Cha? Weodn II rn :Wih si Wal*h Mrs tfarv Wriulev Mrs ii'nuiur. ?! wir'n|M,"s,Mti, w-ii/tley M" I(*b* Wood. Mia. Sara'. W?e m II 5! !' Wr,Ann?? WoodburnMr. Fran warn Mihh Uennet WilHgon Janet ci?i > Ware Mary Wil iatns Mum Ann Wortley Mri ?th Waters Cather-r a William. Mi.. C I. avenue Wa. ton Mr. Mary ^ Wlli lam. Mra Josep Yoan* JoMphiae ? Yeoman. Mr. Raohae.l /Imnrrln Mia. Henrietta /.uallay Mad'lle Clemence Aditom* William Adler J cp a 9 Atncy Thoiuna Adam Geo Gordon Allan .1 Adam UclimHt A *on Abr:im? Jacob Alloa Jame? I; All-n Wis T? 2 Alien A i.ord Allen S M? 5 Allun William Allen Ai'en RlnM All"D .1 W All.'n lr ED All?D R W Allen Alexander Alien Walter s Abbott J S .t E A Adam (V ill. am Adam H W Adam Phillip Addition J S ? 2 GKST].EMEN':3 I.I8T. A Ackarly A Co Wm Andr.'ws J D Adrean Prof Adolph J IS Al(;io Wm S Alexander E All in.- W"m R Altoril Samnsl \ Ahem John A'owyo i art Aird B C Alexandor I. Alcook" Mr Alt Churlee Abraham A Anthony Henry And'noii lionj Andeinon J K Anderson uanc Amca Georjre Amea J W*taon Anility J amen Anthnn Mnna Anman Alex An;;mi William K B!e kwell Capt E P.e?ma? Mr II-? 3 Oapt Blah ?lee Tlioj r? r.eik Peter Bradley I'antThoa **)eekm?n II Kruckett Saml Boll L M Hradley Geo T Bell A N liat.inntnn Danl Bellinger Norman Bradly llnnry Bell Peter II llratilon Johnaon Bellony Jamea Bradley W II A Co Beilan John N Brady John J Itrenn Nathan Halinek J C Krennan Thoma* BiiClt tVm A Broi Benaon W J Blank John Bcman A Bla<k John, l.'th at Benjamin Ben.l Bla, k J U Bab "nek Chat Hlaek KAbt Brady BPtn^rd Black Ar<?b'<l Bilker 8nr.l I' Baley Martin Baldwin Edmd Baker II P Bull Jam'* M Balch M C Blake Riclid C Blake A Tom i>i Blair Ki*hard Balaam John Brabam J ohn Ballrr, Geo Bnird Al">ander Baler I hna U Itlake Gen W U'andiea B? 2 B!ai chart Geo II flrtixltrhnri H Bank ?r H l? Bail' rott, Edwd A Bilanger P C Co RifRt William Branson fontiei Ban;.-* (J Br?n<lrold Martin Barr-tt Kdmond Barilli El tore 2 Bi'iitim k Wm t Benedict. I.ecmnr Brlen John Benedict J O Benjamin A M Bennett Win Bctta Chan IJ Bre??ter Ebone/er Ito'ilton jamea Betunconrf PrM> Boatwiok K P lfe?eler Frederick Berry Jokn A more Geo II Ambrose W ui? 2 Ana'.in Jo?eph Atwood Geo \Y Arthur i" W Arnoll W S AnpleM Mr Axtoa John Aahti Id Jas A '.bridge I, lv A/.o Mona Eiueno Artndo A Atwili n rinan Arnold Henry Araia'roti* J K Arnold John Anbrey Mob* Bri s J Arinai-ronz Mr Arnold Willlitim Aie Mon* AaUor A -itnmouB Avery S J ArmtitronK B Anton Mr Bown Cyrua lininrn II Br i?n Pr?f DelrinF Urn urn C W B' twn A II Brown Banjamin, 2 Brown E J Brawn Alonrn J Brown Ourlia Browe l.yinan W Brown Alexander Brown J Brown Arthnr Brown Nathaniel Brown Riehatd Brown Edmund Brown J Botollo Ail inl i A Iloratiu Froderiek Boawell U i< Boaworth Mari'iia Bronthmn rt-'iij f Brouiili Mention G , , ? BojoeACoV Berkley C A ,t Co Bro* nell ^'ephenE Brewer A Co Betta c 8 8 I'.eat John lleatty Jamea Bernard Wm H Biden C I. Bricken L Rilby W tn Blckerton John?; li iler Thom?< Billoto Aaottino Bidwell lr >nk Bowdea Andrew Brownlee Jamea B..yd A Co 3 B Brown H Boyd Willi ? Boyd 1 A Li llottam Vital; Kliiotmr .(ohn Biyle Patrick Boyd Ko n-rt Bownen Kobsrt Biol I.KWi< T Itulloek EdaurJ fine nell Jim?< B lekly John Brnce Col Wen Bnaklev John Blum Moaea Br. aim n Jnlln Birdaall Albert Biaho|> Wm E Blahnp Edwurd B _ _ Blianette t'hariea Y liur^eaa Jonn T Barron Dementi* Binnhley A C? liuckman Mr Barker John C Buhtnn William Bnrna Jnhn Bli?a M Bnrdett Woi A Block T Bnraa Kiiiart Bronnard A Co Buret P ,1 Bnanlnun Andrew B.irVe Tb mat Broeko* t W B Bnrna ?' R Boil I'atriek Unrmeiater H Bo.-ar' John I< Burar ti M B 'Iton Rer tome l?nr? Jnh lina W llartiett J Ta'delli Martin Barril John Barbour J N Barnum T Barrectl.. A Barbour II M Barrett Jamea Bareena Juun Saii^re/ Bain R' nald Ba-tley I) Barrett John Tlarnuvi >urmaa Barry Eminent! Bodenhamer lir Boek Howard Bolatar Geo Broek Frank Cfceiriek Jamea Burdiok H Bnah Wm Burke W H Borneaa John Ilnrlinitton W in A Unrtoa Klwarii nroLQWtll Jacob 0 Hnrr * A Basaett A Compy Brooks Jochna, Bark C*r>* Julia Bassett A K Greenwich Burma Thomas Bascom Capt Wm Blood H 8 Burro ugh Jame* Bonifaela* Levy Barton Jamus Bones L Barton Joseph Boroberi 0*o _ Batler WcatwortbS Blatohford B Braure Albert Blsuvelt Chw Battle Mir j Hale* Alfred S Bate* Wm Bawdeu Wm Bayles Joseph Brook* Alan*oaI,2 Burg 8 J A Blorbell Mr Burltxb A Co Boanell J A Blood cri Brook* A X Bleaking Michael TBond Wm? 2 Borbtnk Paul Barton Wm ? Batler Andrew Butler Isaao Huahuell William Battler William Bjrra Andrew Byrne* Thoma* Byrne John Blydcnburg P Bryse John W? 2 Rryce John Byrne Michael ? 2 Beach Wm A Brook* E P Bleeckrr H Brook* fttephen Hevon Iiaac Booth Thoma* O Beattie Wm Boad J G Beach J M A Co Brook* Joihna Bread Fred Iiaao Bonner J S BeanvlllaMoa* Jno Brophy John P ? 3 Brooks Walter Breeden Col Talma Brown J F Benson By M C Calla-n Joseph Carr W Conway Jame* Cain Mlobatl Carson James Council Jumes Callaghmi Thoma* Carpenter Jem* Connor John Caloupeany J Chas Camle Michael Connor Daniel Calljen 1'rauoi* Carsou Peter B Connor l'atriok Calhoun Capt AisXl Clark Stephen A Conckliu Brother* Caflral Ja* J Clark Char lea Connolly P C - Hull Charles Clark (leu E A Co Connolly Thoma* Cable Stephen Clark Rev J L, t> 1 Conley rapt John Craighead He* J 0 Clark W W Couuaughton Tho.n CallaphaaJa* Clark A J Cumbs Geo H? 2 Cain John Clark Knoa P Conrau Stephen P Can nan Edward Clark John 8 Uoauiban Jame* Crane A Thompson Clark Michael Couruy Denis Chamhon Monsieur Crawford U L Co: per Jaiues Jeace f ra?lord GAS Campbell John P Campbell Wm >1 Cratranru 8osrate C lopcr & Bro* Crawford J M Crawford Henry Craven J A J Cooper Or E S Cocks Robert Gooks J C Campbell Archib:'ldC*ussin Anguita* CookJ W<lliam H Campboll i'atnvk Cation H Jr C?okn L H Campbell S W Cavan D Cooks J B Campbell t P Caulkins Alouxo. M Cook i Edward C Camp '1 beodore D Cooks F Campbell J U Chase Joel Cooks M M Camrbell William ('bane M II Cooks Cant (juluD Crawford William Croose William Campbell Mr Chase Franklin N Cooney Farroll Campbell William Cattip Francois Cronin Jeremiah Cam p ell K E Chavaurrl Alexd'r Comely A Co J Campbell l'eter Cassidy Thomas Cooney Robert A Crane Hicbcrd T Cransat Mr Crane Lemuel V Clegborn Robert Campbell R K? 2 Chary Patrick Chalmers J 11 Clemeutt J W C Cameron A Co Cre?*y Benjamin _ n Chsimcr nenry Jao Cleenewereck M II Cro*byPr?f Howard Cram J< tlerfon Cleveland John K Croswell Henry J G Campbell A luxan'r Center T C Cantni MunsErnst Clement Jule Campdoras ilun* (bleary Patrick Campbell Robert E Creaton William Campbell Andrew Christie Wm H Cape Catptr Chils James Crndcntcu Frede- Chipman John A riek E M Chichester l)r Cnrtonier Mons R CieJobn Carpenter Wm II Cri< Isaac II Cirriok Richard T Christie 11 K Charmek Monsieur Chittenden A S Ernst Chichester F H Car! if> lo Samuel L Coen John Carpenter B F Com "ran John Canington John W Cochrane Jobu Carbo Manuel Cootirauc Joseph C?rper?er John Collins John Ciape John Collin* Patrick Carperte* Zet.ulon Collins Lawrenoe Chaplin A btiuter Collins Cornelions Cannint hamPatriok Carroll A ti _ Collins Joi n Cnnningbam J C Coleman C) arlts Cumming* Captain Ce'cmanJ E Charles P Coleman Michael Ccmnni-< John B Cole W A Cuminings <Vin Coins Joseph Cumm mcs Charles Coles Darien _ Camming* Timothy Corridia M r Cortleyoa I Corrieuex Mom G Corbitt James Cope Capt W D Cordes F CroBS Robert C Coruwall J W Copway George? 2 Corell Phlllio Corbitt Rev J 8 Cornwall Gil'iert Crowle* Denis Cowan Rooort Con oilier Philippe Cr jwley David Co?an Samuel Crowley John Cousin* David H] Ccghlln John Coury Michael CourhMn Patrick Cox William W Cox Mr I) Cotteroll G B Cargill Charles H Carinas J A Crunch Jobn Carrel Charles W Chaplin Wm C Chapman George Carlisle J CareOE H L Carroll James M Carey James A Catcy Jeremiah G Carlberir A Carter Is K Csrroll Edward Carpenter Master Carew John Carter John Cardose II Csrlifl- Samuel Carr J>ctcr Ctrroll John Ch*|.in E W Carr James Drain Jobn Daly John Da'v Hyrsm Daith lieorKe W Daley 'Jiaotby Daley Patrick Daley R H Daniel Mr Daiiel RS Daiiicl r rancis Danitl Henry A Dame' Patrick Danitl Henry A Dailey 'Ihomas Dalion Drake E F Cotlin Charlt s E B Cummin^ : John Cofflu Capt John CrugerJohnC Cobb G Cockbnrn David Codi John Coates A Coitus Thomas Cnllity Dennis Cnenat Joseph Cruder Sec or A Co Curien Peter Clynch Thomas Cogswell Sanford S Cuf.ter A Flan dors Coule Naao Coo Spencer W Croacb Jamss Coby Uwue Colbnrn J W Cohen M Collier E H Conway Jame* Cutter J Nelson Chureh Benj Curruy Nathaniel Curry Nathan Currior James M Cnrtiaon Jol n Curry Thomas Cyuieh A D Do Ett ille Louis Boane N F Fourder DoeltgeJohn De Hello Mon* Dodgo John C Delmonte Jose Ra Docile H 11 non Del ass Charles Delano A Deleaney Patrick De Corral Jaeiuto Dod^e Jobn l>, MD Doherty Thos Do lan A Faitt Dolan Ed Domtnjeri OJntn A Deming Wm B Derl.y James G Dn I. amira Benar.Demllng Anton dino Dalten J M Banner F A Dat>iel Daverin Jbam Ka^ene Darling II H Deming Kiehard T Donnoley Michael Dominc E Donnoley Terranco Denahy Daniel Donnolloy John DenniBOn A Van Donahoe Patrick Nts* Donovan Miohael Denning J P btmpsey William Do Pan Viotor Dcnner^on T W Demerant J Donovan Joan Donovan Jeremiah Doody Michael Uoomor Richard Dowe James Dowloy Thos Drown M J DowdleThos Dsrds Christopher Dent-low J G, MD T)e MosiiueraAnibal Downs Fernando C Day Prof H > Day Edward 1* D*u*liton Mills C David l.ouis Davio It A Da >ilverera J J Diyton John Daws-n llenryJB Davis <<eor?? B Davis M in W Davis 1) omas Davis Ceo W? 2 Davis RM(rt H Davis A I'e'kin* Davis J ohn M Davidson J< hjl, David'on Samuel l)avy ibomas 1). newey 1 enni* Dedcser James L Dennis A Co A H Devoo Isaac K Descombos S J Deslandes P !?' C Degarnauld 3 Dcsaxe Charles Downs Patrick Dowling Jacob Diwoey Wm Donaing George Dow Aug F Duui;las Thos W Doyle Patnck De Tejke Albert J Doylo Andrew De Savan Alter'. Doyle Laurince De hewarry John Dudley J A DevelanJohu Detwy Mons Amand Devi no John Dufl'ey James Ilrevet Mons DuiRu Ucnry Dress'er A Clayton l)uc an John Day William C Dunlop A A Deverous Y S Danlou Wm Dvvitt Martin Dunn Thus DeSlosasxewixFrsn Dunu Hugh eisco De Sax Charles Den ar Ttiouia* Dedeecr Lawrerce Demand James De t rutas Ro t? J Dian Mr, 7tb avo De Ardra>l>>Mtmiel Dickermau Elms Do Hinder Joseph Diokenson Isaac Degraw A Ueaiues Thomas lieean I'hillippe Deiker 11 Deforest C V Dlko Simeon Dunbar Ueo Dunpbrey John Onnue James Dncai Mons Duniog Wm Jr I)univ?nTimothyE D-ipie Emile Durand Clark Drinkwater Thos K Dnuall John Dripler Prod fl Drl'ooll Jobn Dixon Jobn Deaue Capt David Dixon Mr, Maiden Jjcaie Henry lleaus \^uli?m De Attefff Gaiper Earl James M Xdwarda Geo EdwarO" Tom JEdgar Wm Eauloson Jobn Kckvll J J Eddy Henry Edwards N tdwards Kiehard Ellas Aaron ? 3 Ellciy John G Fall Miciael halloa Michael lali*n Carl >airebild J H Durgtn C a ? 2 Drury M Drary Samuel Dwyer Tbos Dwyer EJmond Dwjness A lane fiiios A Davst E Ely l'hilo S KlkinsJ S kins Dr E W II Ellery E H R Bill* U W Ely John R Kliran Jotir E>inbct Prof E?;an John Emmerson Thos B Evan* C T Emberrv Abrah'mB Uinerson Jainos M Etlen Jacob Everson jJonj F ? 2 Esinbert Prof Es'.es I.adwrll II K?sling J A Co ? I Mstos Bri vard 'I' Evtns W Enrioo C F Flodg Mathias Freeman James Fclob Allen & Freeman H C Embley G A Fairman Gllton W Freeman G Y Faber W 1 Faircblld ramuel Frain Wm Flaig M Franklin Jimes Faulkner Jame* C Taiet Edward Fuke Joseph Frank A A Bro Franklin C??rge Francis Daniel Francireo Chas Francis Mr Krubklin J T Fan noon Haniel Fain bain Ceu F aotvan M m C France A Co It Farnhsm W T Farly James Fogal A Co Folot K W F'oley Patrick Fogel l.ouis Ford Chas E Flood Miohiel Flood Chas L Forres', A Forniaii (loo II Flore* Hernardo Foote lliram Forehan Michael U? 2 Forrnt lapt A Flemminir Patrick Font-cillo lien D French. Well* A Co I'ran'co Fem meter DrJ M I, r onteulla Franoiieo Feny Hoffman Fembriok Paul R Fenion Kusene French F M Ferretra S J Ferer Anaatia* Fleteber C'ha* H Fleming Chas K .Freud Oliver E Fien-uan Thos Field H T Finned I>r D C Flint A W Finch Phillip Fillipo fohany I'lnan I'ranoi* Field Daniel f an. I' man Michael Finnley Henry Fan E T Ficgel Benedict Farrr^ton Wm Fisher John E Fniman J Eitbert Fish Asa barren E J Fisher A D Farrtll ?cni? (Wtn Kisher John F F*rnes?orth l.apt Fisn E II F?ney Patrick Foy W K. Foster Wm Fountain Mr Froit A T Fowler A Di^ts Frothing 'iara Geo E Forster Waldo Fittmgton Sydney Fox James i R F Farrsll Peter Fay Anis Flattery R H Frlieo Al Maytre Felcine Leopard Foster Peter Fowler I) S Klynn J F Fenwioic James Furuess K 1' Flynn Miurice Fi'xpatri 'kAndrew Fur^eu S.vnnet fitinatrick Kd?'d Fnrman George Fish A Van Allen Furlong Win Fitiiian J R F'unke H Fitxgorald James Fuller AC" Edw'd Fracnet E Grady Anr'i'tua Graven R E Galiaiiher bd?ard Gay George Li*U;i(? James Gl?e?on Mietaael Graham John Green Jmnc< W GnHn.hcr '1 bomaa Gleeaon Uorlv Gallapher Jnmna Grrenhedjc Cuth Cilman K J Cil icrt William L Crimea llu;h CriAW<*lil A Gtllesirio F lllttriu A G'tligan Jumna GillUnie W ;> 1 1 or G Gmadv John Gimpelin George L God'rey Geo Graham Thomas t>o*t Hill John L> Gtary John Graham J.imcf Gleoionjohn Gallagher E Gregory P L Graham J ? (Ireoc Jimii ? Sale Leonard 1. Grton Edward D E Godley'j I Gain* D A Cart Gebhardi John Uogren M it A J Graham David Greetnun Jamea Golmun Frndri :k Graham JohnSCapt Gronet Unna Goldnntth I' Gallkgbtr J Gehbard l.nonhnrd Goldsmith Henry Graham Kot M Cearr William M Goldstein P Ga'ptu Horace Greene James Goodrlel P.?ra Gallagher William Greene Anthony Goodwin W I, 1$ Gunther M Greene J II Groatenor K O Grant J M Gtenan Michael G iw.-r James II Grant William II Grevink J C Grote?lo?a John Gallardet Theodore Gerard V G rroy \la hew Garcia Wni Gataemta Alonio Gardiner Win Gardiner Samuel Caratan II C Gla?erMlnhael Grari fioua GesncrDr Abraham Groaa l/ewi* Greg Wm II Greabam, Whitte more ft Co Gideon A Gihaon Hhilo P Gihaon Kraok Gardner Copt WmB Gihaon Robert P Gariaan I'atrick Grlo Wm II Glidrion J'.hn S Carrier Muna Gardiner >aa?tie Cif'y James GaTilhnT V? lliam Glass U iikrdfn Bornard Gaugher Michael Garen Mr Gru Jamei Gray R Gray (/apt II N Gayer Rtr Chat Gonlarte Joai GnuH I'aytt Good >n C < pt John Goulard V f (i jrH, H'keiu&n A riah?'J Could C.enr -n C m he ran i'a't Uoriulev Ko < rt Griffin w Gn?in Mr Uritfin Wolcott QrilBn Wm A Gifljri Ltlarlos Griflttb i>?Tid H Click urn' J Grime* i'et?r Grisley John Gilford 1 B M Hag?r?y Mr. ltith at Ilayden Daniel llalu luir liny Ale* Haddock 1'rofChaa llayee Kiclard B liayei John llaight Klisba ilaye* Tho* llalanj J R Have- Michael llaftrman Michael liayei Charles J llatcnth John I' Hajea Patrick Hal M y Joseph A llayaca Mr Half Hohert, lUyward C llale.r Michael ilnanor Patrick llalnli. 1 Hon ianra Hagerty Bryen GriPla.' A Brotbet Giillanae Uiatier I'hilllpp tlnik e A M albert Isaac Hag( John ilaca Rnrkard Hall Kraaoi* Hall Darin* W Banff Jes?? C liana John S Hamilton 8 N llealny Jeremiah Dearie Vrancia Haley Tbomaa lie it'll John lladdin Kdwnrd L lleenan Thomas llcnry Joaejb Henry Jamei llenesse' John W llenioi Williair Hamroend Jr ?te Henry W illiam C phen ? IlawiVeraer Mr Hamtneneek J \ituher .lio-h Cuido ylanonl ( i u n ?a S'urtm-, 0 Conn John M (iuerronU- l).inM Cairo Nat Imn >> GutniR k Br fltf Giiyer W Geumo Gurney J I* A Co Glynn Fr*act3 ltolme* Jobn I1"H Uanlol Itotan A Tbompaoa Holain William Hoffman I'enihtvrd Hodtenn Pek?r HoUkin- A?or Huffman IV tor llolden 3"th llolaoher M Hoele Septima* F Hotmcr U W Uoce T B Holdmdcn W llolt W R Holt William Ho me* J H Holt William lloldermfiu J B llolenheck Hind lloldten Joaeph Hojer G W k Co II oley R M lla>U. Itaae I llendriak Sdwd? 3 Honihan fho? H<-'.dry William II-ni? Henry lliaaer ('al L> U Hopiine it .liter UcUj S A il pHioi Wm B km Bond John Haurna Jan i>* llanley Joku H?rt Oeornc W Paruey W S liar: in A A Cv Hnriin D Hair ? J D Henrique Anguatu* Horford Jam** Henderson John W llorsley R Heaman J Q HendricksonG K Hewith Francis Hergog A llersli A Bro* 1 Bermite L Ilsrrim topACo AJ Hewlett Cornell Hart A Son* ? Harper A Co H aft Jam?* Hart Albion C Hart Dr S Hardick W Hurkini And Hornby Charles Horutek Ed Hotcbkiss Geo F Hoock 10 I E AA Houghton Me and Houghton E dcrbatt Gtorje H How jtmti Howard Cha* F II ? 'log A Co P He?itt Benjtmln I Howard Justin II Hewitt Joseph Howard Daniel M Herreng Christy Howland W P li.-wlett I?aac HoweJoiiah Howell Wm Hoyt Oraon C Hoyt Rev Ralph iiarmu *ii nii|i iiigw i W Hoyt I> B HarristoirThomai HiltenageCaptJohn Hubbard John Hardimanllichael lliggiua Tboma* Hubbaud J Harveti^fccob Hiudiok Alfred HattinJSeo F Biggins John O Hastiir'&Sjf fsASon Hinpins A Son 0 liar brock Thomaa Hewett William Uarrii9n Jamei E Hickion James Harvey Charle* liibbltt William Hardin J^C Hilge Tbomaa lJaatinlWtmuu! C Hiigin* BS Haskell Capt Far- BilfRoswell num Hill George Hatch F B Hill H?nry G Hatch W D Hike Charle* L Hatch Geo Jlillyer L W Hatch Christopher IlickeyJohn Hatfield Me** ? Co Hildreth 11 R liaslam Gee llinsell M E ilawei U Hind Martin Hawck Joseph Iliad J M Haw pa Peter A Hipp William Ilavk Samuel Hawthorn John Hay, Eveua A Co Hix John Hodrmah Joseph Hubbs David S Hueka Jamea W Hudson Fred Hndaon E II Hudson W D Hall E W Hughe* Hugh Hughes E Hughes Van Der ryent A Co Hughes Dr Geo nughes J no J Unghe* Rev K T II an tor Jam** Hunter J J Huntingdon R Hussl Mo ns llavnar Capt Saml Hogan ECU Iloldlott Ferdinand lintoheson H ilavena Col C Hyncman Leon Irving A Clark Inpall* Chas F Irwin James Jackson William J ackton C M Jackson James Jackson Andrew jacooks Coo JacobiM J Jaegn Prof C Jajquin 11 Juquu* Geo R J aim a J nines W Hoarr William Hurley Rev John Huasey LIi|ah M Irwin Charl** Ingram James Ireland Jaok*on A Irwine Aloxander Ives John Johnson Rufu* Joi.naon Rodger* Johnson John Johnson S F Jones Judge ? 3 Jonea Martin C Jones E Jone* A Jo/ -a Johnson Rohart A Jone* Robert Johnson Sidney S Jonea Richard Johnson J Johnson Linton Johnson Andrew Johnston Ooorgo Jones John Junes Peru* R Jonas Mr, bth it Jones J r Jameson Spring A Johnston Daniel E Jone* John T Waters Jayitli W T James M*. Percy Jamm Robert JaineB Lewi* L Janvrin A B Jenkins 1>r Jenkins D Jenkins 8 F Jtflrej s John J? using* Wilford Jcanna Moninuro P Kadif-h Charles A Kenny James J Kalttr Julius Kenny W G Kavanagb Francis Kenoey Thos Kavannch RobartV Kenady Denis aerk l'atriuk JonnetOj Jamea Johnston W Johns Dr C Johns llenry Wj Johns llenry Johnros John Jones C B A Co Jones Smith A Co Jot ex John Jones Humphrey Jono* C J Kavanaxh Patrick Kane Daniol Keaaol M Kaiel'atrick Kesna Solomon Kramer Phillip Kerrigan Jatnes Koenan Michael Kerrigan Francis Keaan John Keys Ainxanuor Keernan tficiiaol Keogh John Killigan Dtvld Keogh Peter Ketlor George Koopea Mickell Kleinmann MonisureKldd W E Keating Rahaid Knight James Kearry Ceor^e Knibbsjohn Kflohcr Michael Kill man Capl Robt Kiunoy Jamea Keller Monirure Kilroy Thos B KimhallTC Juynes Knight A Van Kirk Klrtland T S Kelley Henry L, MDKiliock David Krim Bros Kelly William Kirk Jopeph Kirlog William M Kelly Edward, KinghUnd A Co, K. Kingnberry Joan A Kelly John i J 1) K.rklandC M Kelly Owen Kini: William C Knerin John Kelderhouse Geo W Ring James W Romberg Mauryti Kennlly Patrick Kin;; Michael King Anton Jones Mr, Gr'nwich Joshua .t Wall Jordan Michael Joseph Monisuro Louis Judson L B Judd Jno Joy C V Joy E h Joseph R Jutson W Jubber Mr, 13th it King Morand Kins Andrew Kinr. William J K<ng Jamea King John King Dr Amasha W Kin,; Capt Thorno* Km.: Thomas Kiii;c Hon E WM Kirloy Thomas K -k Wilson J Kirby L B Kin 2 mar Josiah W Kptland Enoch Kimball A Co Kiagal'ord A don Kent Charles Kiess Conrai l.andon George C ha boy <1 T Lagrand George Lang A M l.ancey Jame* F 1-afarie Jr. J oh a F l.eo A hijuh l.amton Elilen II Lehean J A l.agard Edward Lambert Mon* Jj Leavitt 1, J Leo Rov I, Legtuno Mona Lee Rut'us K l.eoney John Knrtz A lluubar Kulner P?ter Kostrom John Laley John l.anc John Lane Jrhn liven Michael Larce James H Laurie John U * Geor> e Lavalta Prof Laughiin A Avey Latelle George S Lee fcdward F Loprain H E Leary Thomas Levy Julius Levy 1, S Lovy David S Lewis Capt W G l^Ucvillo Mr Levy P L Len/. T Lewis H L'Estrango John Lathrop l.ulber H Lowis Wm M Lawton Frincia Lewis A Co W M Lnrkin Michael Larkin Thomas Larkin Michael LawUsa John I.atonr I'cti r Lary John T l.aurmt Mons>n Jntne* Larkin l'atrick I.anceo Caspar Laurence F Laurie Jamei Ltavy Patiick Leggett Al jaham Leavenworth D B Lee T P Leifinan Levy Lewis M A 8 N Lenman L l^ylmrn Mr Leonard Dan Lively Geo W Litbour Jacob Littletield E L Littlcjohn Elliott Lit-.lo A Fox Lobndo Eng Lochlln William Lookwood & Br:i Lock Cap'. M P Louis PO Lloyd William Long James S Lovell Aloxauder Long Willi im G Love Edward Lorena C Lovoll James Lowrie Robert Liuia Mom Logans I) Lynoh Michael Lyddon John Lymar A E Lyman, Scott A Co Lymau Adolphui Levy Lr Gustavus Lynch Thomaa Leon Peter Lessun l'eter Leonard John l/ovy J l.inds?y R Lynoh Capt Wm Lynch Hugh Lyn4i Ben Lyman Joseph Lambirk John Liggin J W Liid>ay Wilson l.inch Michael Littlefiled Elmer M Maguire Jamea Mehegan Eugene Macombie George O Meeeh Henry L MaconJovephU Mcdhur?t Mr Mace L II? 2 Mcnra Wil'iam P Mackev Alexander Melvin Richard MaKuirn Mr Mellon A llenry Mick?nry Tbomaa Metd ter B Mackelgrue John Alellon John Line John Edward Lyon J C Livingston Stephen Ludliw Dr Benj C Madan Ahram? 3 Macombie ( > CO o Maddock W IS Magr. ire Jamea Markey Caleb Malooiio Jamea R Manners L> N Meikle Wm Mende Poter Mead Stephen Mcza r Merchant R Merrill Woodbury Merriam E L Lyons Thomas Lyons A Co II Luclmo I) Jose Lyttlo William Morrough Plowdon Morris Levi J Mor>e Leonard Morrison Col J L D-2 Moritz V B Morris A Jonos A Co Moran Miohtul Morrison Iticn'd Mor^h S W Morria Sam'l B Moriarty J er'm.ah Moreiva Antonio Senr Morrison Andrew Maliom Willinm H Meryman Oapt J a- Morton SMllman Mahler Philip Mandell A <'o Manning H S Mandrrville Mr Manuel Dr Don Mann ? ilHam B ManuSor W B Maty JoKn Mabony John Mantle Jo.?eph Mshon John Mallor Peter Maugr Mons Malon Patrick Martin Patrick Marx Albert Martin Wm II Marlow Felix ?ob Mtriegui John Morens Wm Morrough Jaa Mct7.!er Chas Z? 2 Morris Cha* H Mi-riman A L Meyer E Menxie* Jas Meyenber; S Morria Andrew Moracey Jeremiah Moron Androw Moran Thos Metiam Frano W? 2 Morrison Jonathan Mil Henry Mille Mors Andre Miller Adam Miller II 1' A Co Miller Seth M Mills Woi Milner Geo W Miles Geo Miller FA Morri* Govermier-3 Moxsomor Joseph Morsx Jas Moxon J\* F. Monleney Jas Moiart Dr Michael Myers John M Muller Freak Muiles Joseph Matcns Rev Moits Milnnr Jorepn Miller Capt John B Murohy Denis Mirtln J H Marx Albert Marshall J L Marden li? 2 Utny Carlo Marble Ilenj Marshall Jamoa Martin Warner Martin Mr Marrio'.' Mr Marrh Wm C Martin E>i Marx E Maron Patrick Martin J H Marlle Francis Maf.terson J imei Mathews Jamta Miller Stenhcn Miller A Hunter Mills Geo E Miller Chas C Mi ller. i as M Miller Erie L Miller J i>epD L Miller W HU Mills J 1' MiMer G Minton John II Mlncsnn l'eter Mitchell Pierce UUtle John Minelli D Mitchell Warren Moore* Ernst Monag'jan Martin Matnil MontEdwardMoBai John Maren Geo Momey Hev L Mathews Faniel B Msloney Michael Maaterson WllliatnJ-Moham John N Matiley Kd Mai te Jlax Mather J II Maynard A?her M a x I o w William Mayer Augustus Maxwell Mr Matlle Edward Mavsard Damian Montgomery 7th ?t Mo ire Wm E Mooro John L Moore Cyrui? 2 Moore (V (I Moore Lnke Mortr>n Alex C Norland A Co Misterton AlexanderMorse Ojrut E Mathews WllUam iliac Mulllna Daniel Muldoon P?trick Mullere 0 N MuUeney I'at'k Muller Emil Mullca Jamoa Mulloy Cha* Murr J Mulligan Edward Mullen John Mulligan Geo Mnllen Thos Myeri Andrew J Murphy Jaa Myn>* A Mur look Jas Myers Lewis Murry R U Murphy .Ks Martha Patrick Myrink Alex J Murry Thames Mnnasll Jas Geo, Murphy Patrick Myers Washington Munson John W My era Henry Murohy f ij Mnrphv Franoi* Mur.ioy Caleb Murphy John Murphy John, Z7tb at Morgan Jas K McArdrcw* PatrlckMcllOnnall MichaelMoKenna Patrick MeAlmaa Opt .las McDonnell John MoKonny Martin McArthora John McDonnell Kraocia Ma i4?ok?h James McAloney Bonj McDonel Joh? McKe<>n Jamea .Moliridc Andrew McDonough Wm MoKcnaan Patrick Met arthy "I imothy M?T?o?o?*h Martin MoKim Riohard McCarthy John MoDonongh Rer JaaMcKinney Jame* MeCanrt Capt J McDofl'Jat MeKinney t'etcr McCarthy Kernari VoBwuon John McKinnoy A M McConni-ll Samuel MnKifry John McKinniy Henry HcCarr ck Ihoiniu McKarlune Walter Mul.auglitia S O llct'oltln Bernard Mcrarlane Janiea McLaughlin J U McCoy J?me? McKarlaao Jan II Mcl.o/an W<\ Varick McCarthy Florence McFHrlet Jamca Mcl.eon John McCormick Wm M ? Farren Samuel M' Kiirin 1 bx J MeCreary 1) U MiGalroy (ioor^e Mcttanu* I'atrick Mct'lain A A MiGrath M MjHulun Thou Met iimlicr AmaxiahMcr;rath John MuMorri?on win MrCnrdy A A< nan MeCarty Thomaa MfMiillin Henry A UcCaiin] VcGlaughlin .lamei McMullin J?me? Met hcaary J M McGarrity John McMnllane Patrick McGaushrjn lleary McNamai Michael McGlimay Jamei McNanura Micti.iel McGin I'atrick MuN'ally John McOlnley M MoNally Wm MeQovern Edward MoNally Wm McGninaat Patrick MuRienard Samnel >)rGuinan Patrick McQoilty Wm John McGuiru Bernard McQnid Amlreir McCa'c Krancia McCarthy John Hot all ion John Mc arty Michael McCha?ne* Jamee Mc< lain Alia* Vi< laghen James McDermot Kd MeDerw entRarth'y McOuire Francis McDonald Hudson Mclntonh James McDonaH hector MelNaineAF. McDonald II McKcon Patrick Mc 1 onald John K Nan Matlew Naann William haah Thro dor- It Xaah Coorye k O? 2Nichol< A Co? 2 N entailer II Nial Matbew 0 New John Neare T A Sob McSweener Brian MoVar William McVeigh laiclinel Mc Whemer DrJohn MoKenna Bernard Norton Emony E .Noons C Norri.Ie J ueph Noyea J R Navita Samuel Neilion J?irn a M N?i....n banitl Neat liuHMdl B A ewell Jamei W _ Needham Henry M John Nrlfon liarriion Nlebola Heary Nioken>on Ebben P Norton Oeo F Nichols Rev E A Nolan Thomas Nichols"" F R II Mrhola Jama* R Nichols Henry M Nuholn Geo- go S Nelson A It Co ^wlin Wm P Newman Kurt Newcomb U C O'Coaaa* Edward Oakley Wllmott O'Brien E O O'Connor Patrick 'Connor Wllliai Nichola William Mchola Stuart Newman John I, da o Old Inn William O' ? onone Join O'Neal Jama* t>li?er John O't.eary Patrick O'Connell William O'llare Bernard O'Ceanor Paula O'Brien Penia O'Brien William O'Plynii Jok n O'Keil John Orilrle William O Ofliay J?bn R O'N eal Richard O'Maly John Noriega J nan O? t Noyat <!apt Allan N?rria Jnmea North Lavi J Not! J H No tila (i W Nugent Eiward Norrlna John B^orthA fintrop N.irria fhonia* II Oagood C?ot John ton O'Shanghneaaey Lawr?nce Oreraokar A W O ?en John O'DonabneWHIiam Oaliorn N K O'l'onnell John Ot* Jon?p*i O'Mahone* James O' l .vary Jamoa O'D.innell John O'Neal Jainea P Oweaa John Oihoin N K Oshnrn William Owinga Williaru Orte> Arthur U Owtni Martin O'Shea Patrick OttrandarAlexand'r Oweaa Darid P Palmar William Paul J W? 2 Price John? 1 Parmlee Mr Pateraoa William l'i"r?on William S Paine T?a?id Piatt C Piraira An^n^to Park John I'earce Chta plliater 0 Parn-?>JS I'alerano Gaetano Pike Sy Weater M 1' k Caprond PrITara Edmnnd A Phillip* R l"rall John T Pbelpa k K I'ierea Jaa J Pa?i t F Ptiaer Mr Polak Jaoqaea I'artollo A M Pearr Mr. Attornaj I'rooat Conatant r ?l?n TaH stun Phelpa Gro*ie 8 Panyol II enrr Calmer E? J PeibodyCW Potter Fd ward Carry Owea Paldeg C O Patter I'hiaeai I'ttitf Ktr I'M* 1'earoey C W J'oJlard Joha Palmer David? 2 PsrUh Consider Party John Palmer Utrrr E I'uktr ln'iu Palmer James W Palmer Be Djamin Parker William A Pack A P-2 Peart all TboBM Perry Rich Perry J E II Prendergast J M Peterson John I'rcntiu f J Petit Ernest Parti uhi.mer Wll- Peters V belm Perry Capt Geo S Parsoun John W Perey Barnl H Parry John Perry William E PalpemtyerA Schn Perkins W L n aker Peridot Monsieur Payne David 1'ereira Joao Ma Paul Eu.-enr Presoott Chat 1> Patten 1 aptRobtH Plmertel Joaqnim Paiiaglia Carlo Prwgle J Julius Pratt L G Pinokney Benj F Patcbin Ira Phillips Georne W Pratt Georre A Pike Sylvester M ? - Paoliello Giovani Phianey Edward U Purdoe J Patterson Hon G M Pierscn Edward Putnam Or C S P*rUr Cant Polllon jfilj Pool it J amen Proost Chat ? Pottier Eugene Power* D W Pollock Thomas C Pout Jebiel J Poet William Power Peter Pool Capt ThomAI Poet C H Poyer William Pi pelin Jules Power Jae Tho* Poyer dfilliamj Pollard F W Porter Dannie Pyke Robert i Pumeror WalteC Fudge James Payne John Piatt Capt Wm Patrick Wm H Quinlan Timothy Quick James Quirk John Quinaby X R Raymond Oram W Rink Rein hard Pinet Reiny Phillips R W Queen Charles t/uiun Rev W Quntara D O Kaiei Antoni Ralston W in C Rains Levis Ratnei Esmond Hand Gtorge W Ravnolds B Raine John Randolph A F Rice Nioolas K'ch James H Richardson 1> M hitt Charles G Richter Charles Reiley John hipluy k Johnson Rinton Wm Ramrdell Henry B Riddle Thomas S Rsdcliff George P Richard Nades Havutoyra W ? 2 Kiwalla Charles Raus John 1' Raymond Col II Kendall I) Reynolds Jamee Reay James Reid Win N Reiley Edward Reynolds J J Rued I'hur'ea Reineir Angnstns Reiley James Retail John Reiley James >e?d J k J Runnard H?nry Ri a William R. a W A Reedie Thomas Reed rto .iert J Iteot'ord Mr Held & Marcus Rcenan 1 emnco Rfx ler M r Reiley Michael Hfiry lidbcri Heiley John J Rikcr N M Hitter l.udroi;; Renuoy A Reybert James M Pureoll William 9 1' junket Robert Qiin'trd Louis V Qunue Eugene QuinlM WiUiam Rodcera E G k Co Rogers Delany Rodders Wm L Rogers John Rolley J William Rorme Chas Oakly Rostet Morrisore 3 Root n D Roth Carl Roth Lewis Root liilo B Koss Robert T Roverc Agoltina Rowland Jamea L Ki rke James Rioney Thomas? 2 Kovcrke Jeremiah Rowlell Daniel Ronalds R J Rourke Thomas Roth UoaisureJoha Ron/.ono Silvio Rothschild Mr, Ve> s?y st Ross William RHhehild M, aT B Ring Charles P Rilley Peter Riske John A Rice George H Richardion J 3 Riee N Ritaho An lre?r lc.zii Charles Riley John Roily Cherles A Rittor Bent diet Riddle Daniel Riohardson Jtunes Richmond Micah Rillnnp N Richardson Francis Ruts J U Roades W B Kusn John D? 4 Robbins Seth II Rudolph Bernhart Koberts Fdwaid Kudkin R KinhardstKiHe&ryA Ruseells John R berts H M Kusscll James Roberts E M Russell John Ko ert Nioolas Russell Wm Robinson Jamus E Ryan Timothy Robinson R Ryan John? 3 Ui'liuson Hugh Ryan John T Robinson J Ryan Dennis Robison Goorge Rytu M T Kohines A B Ryan Edmund Roliicuhazd Frank ny an Timothy Robert Morrisure Kun'ell Chas G Abel 8 3*nls Phillip S Spencer Francis {vully Charles Shelley J W M afford lUrvey G Self Ed G Satterni; llunry A Speneer Austin tOiaap f W hultmunn J-hn I Salisbury C Km ill Shad rack Spalding Wiu C MackolC W Babe) k Costis Sal.sbury S Straiten Jvhn ? Stunwood Rorwoll Sanford David Sanford Juuies S Swan Tho* Stranz Wm B k Co? 2 Scanlan Jolm D Spannler '"linrlcs Samson Henry Sands R Sanderson Jos ? 4 Sanderson J W St an it Mr Stuncer Joseph Sancler Jacob Sansbuv John Sands John It Sanders A & S Sohr?m firrelies Scanlon Patrick Samon* Patriok Star llcnry Sbaw J.i me* V Slaw Ge: II Shaw James Ruddy Daniel Smith James Smith l'rot' H B Smith G W Smith Ernest L Smith Jaoob A Smith Thomas 11 Smith Stephen L Smith Ilutns Sheldon U S Shellerove James Sieirkey John Spencer U R Snerman k SonCB Smith Cauley Sterling k Sheriler Shtpps Almon Sterrrae William B Shriinpton Joseph I hermau llu isonN Spring Ferdinand A Shew John J Sioo'air O S Sherwood R W Sisson Jeremiah A Sherman S G Sbivirick Captain Slerman, George E Stiner Jaoob Stevenson James stinson Capt Benj Spiers P T Skinner Thomas Sinclair William Sherman John R Sherman B P Sherman G W Stewart Jsrnes n Shcppard Wm 11 Shtridan Wm Feune John C Shepard P Sherrer Adam Severns Willitm Stewart James ?Stephens A P Shetidea Thomas Simpson Samuel Stekler Jaoob Simpson Edward Simoson E W Simp-on Wm n Utiiealand son Snider John A Sparks Col Usrvcy Sii^y Edward 0 Straus* Jescpn Sbarpe 1 hos Stratton A Smart l)r Saivcn Moniiure Saw Ueor^e Sawyer Jo.-cpli Stron-o Henry Savnpo Jnmcs Shavers S 11 k Co Ssrver A Spear J E Swift John Sigle Henry Sie>:ol Abraliam Scrib'jer G H sill ? N Sobmidt D W Simmons Timothy Simonlno S Skilley Pranois Siggius James Strith Leonard Striffiand John Street Daniel Car- Scribner G II penter Pb ja George R? 2 Shea Michael Shea Morty Sted 'iford Robt J Streit Gnldo W Stcbins H Stebins Urcar F Swcester Moses Seely V W Sbeeky Joreph Sears Chsrles Seery Thomas th>a John f eeso ( barles Fpearing 1 hos P Sohereg k Stiner Sevtvians Wm S Smith M Smith W J Smith Abel J Smith Pembcrton Smith Capt Saml Smith Capt Jos C - nn Hi A LI Sinithyman Thos Svnuhoff Charles Soli^ Chas T ScoQeld Elisha Slucum E N A Co Stoddard J James Mom H S Stone John Stono George H? 2 SMine Doras L Stone E S Summer Mr, Rail road office Sroiir John __ Southwiok Royal, Jf llarri- Story Charles Jr Stouvennl G P Short t Wm E Sonthrimer Mayef Shor^ Wm S Sproat M L Sount A M Suow David Soott Phile R S.omaa M Songa John F Soper William Sorstn Joseph Stronse R Short Wm Snow II B snort Thomas Storm Jno J sutton James k CO S^yfred Ju'lut Snrtera P'etro Sturgets Wm II Scndder Lot Sutherland Alex Smith Capt Samuel Sturtyinan Geo F Smith Hugh L Smith S F Smith J R Smith Sidney T Smith Geo II Smith Charles Smith Bcntly G Smith Dr G Benja min Smith Jonathan Shellmann Johann Smith Frank Spencer Hon Sam- Smith William uc! ... Smith GW Tap- Robert Tracy Wm Taft Horace Taft David J Tallman, Miller A Co t appan Charles Tatliam John Tta\ er A Arnouz Ttayer Kev T Taylor William Taylor Elii-ha R Taylor C G Taj lor James P Taylor Wm Taylor Wm B Taylor John Taylor ? L Taylor Wm Taylor Mr Teillrr Ambrnscis Treadwell David Smith Silas C Sullivan John Suttire C Shattlevrorth Jas Stuart H L Sullivan Johnny Sullivan H T Sullivan Pater Stuwart Joseph B Sch'iitz Emanuel btua-t Mr. Liberty Syire Gordon N Sun John J Smyth John Smyth "homas T Teernan James Teenne.v Michael Tweedy I'.Jwin A Teller Jamet II Ttlier Roiiert S Treniain t R Tellord Robt lerray Mone E Thiselton H 'lis lale W a? 2 Dr Tioe Peter Tilmon Rev Lytnon Toser J'B Tilfer W B Ttouoke J Trist Dr E R 'iitus John Tixh Thom.n Thomson William Toley Thnmns Thompson A J Thomas t apt AC Thomas Capt Thomson Samuel '1 hompson G G Tobnl Henry F T'aompjon Tnomas i oilman George Thorp * Vanness Trowbridge Benj Tot tea Gilbert F Tory Rosaweil Trowbridge E L Thornton John Townley Charles Treadwell Bradley S Thomas James leahan Dennis Thon psrn I homas Treaty James Toorinei Z V Underbill James W Ulman Leopold Ustler Moni Emile Vliman Mons B Umtt G Tuttie J Li Trumbull E R Tyler Prof Wm S Tuttie R T Truemann Robt Turner William Tuttie J L Tittle * T Tr lemnn Robt Trutntiull E R Tyler Prsf Wm S Yaleiio Jopech Valentine Patrick Valentine Isaac s Venablo Aaron* VslUnte A1 Br On Vestney Alex Jose? 2 Vere Jamea Vallee Mons Chas Viu-.unt >amuel Van Vsnlerbergbe Mons Van Or.len J Y Henry ? '1 Van DerboevenDen Van l>yok James ' Van Antworp D S Meer Vau iHasiog Jos R VanDenburfiliJarH Van HoorbekeMons Va<- Toko Dtniel Van Ness t'lirre b A VanVravkenJ Valle SlgDam^nito Victory Mathew Veuve Mons Ulysse Vires Ross Vincent Oapt rhil? lip J Volgne Capt Voiif-fit George Van Raalti A Walth James Webbfr Albert Wb'te Mr Walter At Wtl.tlne John Wliits?F Walkrm Charles Witka John fhilip White J)r Gen H? 2 Wnkonian T B Webb Oenr<e White Wm II Walker Robert Welth William Wh ?? J ami# Waliaue Ke? Cran Wheeler 1) tllake White '*m A Co Walker Geo A W.-eil Wni II While Won" Water Richmond A Wcelaey u F olden Wh>teU W Smith WesU'rvelt U Watierbitclilil'i Wetcott Franklin Waeebter Aitony Wliet'aJ.'hu Wendebac-k E Wetmore H f Wexton Jas W WistmiD rhoa Wall Martin Wa tit r. Wont An Wa k?? J Wallace r II W?l?h Jnhri W'nltyen U in Walla?o Juon Waleh John, Mnl berrj at Walk' r John Walrb, Johu, lor- Wter * Hyde fyth i-t U ilbnrn ?'ha? Wall James Wright Win I' Waltb Micha.l Wtlliaton IVio Wash, John, 1'carl Wilder l> ('? at Wilmurt) A Wa'tera Thomas W aMtra Joseph u'?miMi J 1) W?rn Ho ?rt Wan)*f Edwarl M'arner t'hi A Warren darner W aerntr A Mnckle Weldon itllre'd J W'arren H W it 1.511a II K Wariall John'onii Wil?->n Henry Wnndall altied Writht Wm A Co Vt arrina Samuel Wilier J White M W'o Rot t B Whipple W U WhUuey Samuel W.othrop W H Wing Jon k W'bi?,*oy W m H Werner A Maidhof Win'ton Orville M Wilton R Whit more B Wi'letton, Tyler A Whith I 'at Kelly Winer Snlusob Wilson John C W ilcox Loyal H M riRht 0 H \ Co Wileo* !jylv< <ter W' igvins Richd W ni--'eil H Wltuinjer Edward W hi'.in^ Wm O O w'othrop Theodora Wliiiiolsey Chas A Wkitnuy James D Wbl?i>ey Daniel Wiae W W Winatanly Pliilip ?'i?? uer Fraicie Wllimera AClawges Wiii?la? John W iihur K.iea Wii:ht llu^h I'ots M iiet riiilip Wilcox Henry Wan.i William Ward Samuel C Warner F Warrer E H ikkiuricn Henry Wright llobt vt Wri/ht I hot S Wright Ibornei Warner F. Ptlan- Wright R W c?y at Wick* Walter M aterhonne A Co Wick Iph WayCioU Wl/nln, W II WatKm Henry C Wlllard Wm Watmin Jamea Wiley Rohott Watchman A Kc- Hitkins Wm Hector WiikintJoim Waterhurv A Co Wileox Jnliue Watle? S j Wilson James WaUruian Chat W il>on Ctaaa Waters Jamea Watton Mr W ataon John Wattra Edward Wat *on I. rainier Water Aim Wtekea ?.un T W? a??r C J A Co Welti J I) W'ebb I ewis Wbeaton E? 2 Weed II (J Welch Stephen Weba Thomas Wells Kranrln II Wh.. ler Mr K Webb ThoaH Yonrg Jamea c Toanic Edward T /eebarial J /ink llatUattr WinanaA Voorheei Wiaamer Francit W iu'er Oavid Wits Jokn Whitney J I> Wood Walter W -o?l Or John O Woo-l Henjainin WoolUy Or J I* W'o"den J W"?d r 'anklin Wood Andrew J Wo|r Rrn>o Wo'tlgny Jaf nee J W oodman Wm Wood A Harrold Wtoda.oek J B Wo k(1 C A Woleet* Albert Wood Jeaepk W<,|f Itaaiel Wood Riabard Wood Jotepb Wood nan llarrla Tt Wo d Mom F Et chart Wood Oeorge t Woodward Reading Woli Jnhn Wood w a Col . Wilton fnna M'llaon Henry W||,H,n W Willaon John Willeou R Wilkinson Jtre'h _ W lllama loin'l-2 Woolley Col J D Williamt I ittheton Wonle David Williams HO II ? 3 ?ard Nimro* Williams BF Werner Anteine Williams Jeffer- Wrman Charloa II Sun t Wyman Capt A B Williams Win II Wyae J II WilHama Polham Wilie i'aot Joha Williamson Rer CH Wye*..# ft I Williaminn Ale* W' 'e Robert' Y Tonai .lames Young Archibald Z Zaohariaa Conrad Wllliamaoa Dr Yennr Wi'liam Young raarlee M Zahra<kle Cbrla>.i?B, /aalaophy Em le iv| l?'cllant>nmi. Dcrle Lodge No JfO Tree Ma- He'tya Lodre No II ton? 2 . N'pl-e* Carrirr'.' ISooh and State Rightt Lod?? No ifil I Stationery ? o i, OF ? _ Amerln*n Ship rteanlnj^on Cornucopia Lodje No JOb I O S?* Brnaawiek l,lu 0f ii F I'acketa Morton Encampment Vaion Atent I hon.|,kina l ino lc Temrle Third Am >riem Celldior Aa. Zetland C bap' fr No 141 Ma teeiatlnn tonic Temple New lla?nn -^idill-rr Co Zetland rtienter No 2 Ma- Atent Waahii.rtea l.ine aenlc Temple Ilrialnl ilard<*er*C' r<rnr do I.ion F.neampment Am?nnn v*'?u-r ' 'or re Mt?iuie Temple Airea? of |-apcr iiwi, RchyHr Ch?p??r 0 0 A bum rtraet

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