Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Haziran 1855, Page 16

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Haziran 1855 Page 16
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wsKTinmrn imwn eteit pit. fi nnn tg 98,000-fob sal*, or partner 14.UUU IMN la the llbery >UU> basing*., 'with ?Mn *f Ut ib*fi wait*. To ? bu >k>t if nob afraid to weyb tbia i? a ohanee eeWem offered, at the (table* arc etook ?d ?Mk mnUlu ef tho baft aad plant; of livery korvee, aad daiaf a large bnaiaom. Addraaa Chaaoe, Herag aBaa. ? o knA - 'ob bale, a house and lot for fO.UUU. tba abara tia The hoaaa ia a aaat thraa eterv aad baaemeut. laat Aaiahad. aad partly ooeupied; ?niebvd with alidiag doora. cornicaa, contra flower*. a to no fteopa aad Iron ralllnga :will raat lor ever 9400; ai t a at a In a wall improved part of South Brooklyn, two block. *aat of Cewt atraat; railroad la Warren itraat.uu H.jrt. *?*>?? oaabalf eeah. Apply to JOHN Mtti.LADT, (trocar, aarnor or Warraa aad Hoyt atraota, Brooklyn. CJ 9nn -*OB SALE. OB EXCHANGE FOB BBAL fA<?Vv. Htoig. > oao half lakocoaO ia a mauufaotur lag baataoaa ia tbia aitr, whiah pay a a goo i profit, aad tha bullae** iaaraaaiag daily. Far partieulara adaraai D. D., Haaald oBaa, for aaa waak. A praetiaal jeweller prafarrad ?1 CA -A LOZENGE FACTOIF, WITH ALL TBI flOv, material, full iaatraatioaa, aad a good alrelao' aiatoat, will bo aold lor tba above aaa. tba proprietor (a widow) baing aaahlo to attend to tba baaiaaaa. Apply at 6fi Want Thirty filtb atraat, naar Sixth arcana. A BARGAIN.?FOR 8 A LB, THB FAST SAILING ateawboat Bdwia Forraat, complete ia over* roapaot Immediate naa. Apply to JOHN DULLEST, 268 Wtet let. or to A. B. IILlb. 92 Waat atraat. AWBLL B8TABL18HBD MANUFACTURING BUSI aeaa, af a peculiarly profitable aaturo, will be diopoaed at. FriaafilO.UW Ttraa made oanToaiant. Peraona hav ing aapital will plaaaa addraaa R. B A., Herald etfiee. A BABE CHANCE. ?A HaIB DRESSING SALOON JSl for anlo.- Tba location naanipaaaad ia Now York, being aoaaaatad with ana af tba principal down town, aaa known no ono of the moat profitable in tba alty. Tha leaao, fixture*, Aa., will ba aald tor fl.UOO. C. B. HOWES A CO., 84 Naaaan atraat. A DRUG STORE. IN A FIRST RATE LOCATION, A worth Sl.t* 0, tor apla cr trade, for any dlapoaabia good, or war on The oomer la going Waat Immediately. Long laaaa, aheap root. C. B. HuWES, 84 Naaaan atraat. Boabding house for sale-at a bargain. with all tha tnrnitnra, aad good ataady boarder.?all ?aahaniea Tba anly reaaon for telling ia, tha owner ia going to Europe. Inquire at 141 Chatham atraat. CINCINNATI REAL ESTATE.-FOR SaLE, ONE haadrad and forty aorea of land, adjoining the ait; of Ametaaati, anitabla for oity lot# orooantry aitoa. Will be aeld altegether, at a great bargain. M. L. SHELDON. 86 Nat aaa a treat, TVBUG STORE FOB SALE-DOING A GOOD BUSI 17 net a. Batiafaetnry raaaona given. Apply nt DM Sev enth avenue, earner Twaaty-fonrth at. Drug store for sale.-an old established. Art elata retail drag tlere arlth laaee, beantifnlly eltu attd en the great thoroughfare ef the eity, now doing a fair buaiaaai, and euaeeptible of great enlargement, la offered 'or tola, an aaeewnl af the baalth af tba proprietor. Partiaa wha aan een'rel 94,1)00 or 96,000 oaab capital, will find tbia a bargaia. Addratt Apatbteary, box 2,674 Poat Offleo. EgLMANT COUNTBT RESIDENCE FOR SALE, WITH SB tha faraltora, ferriage, Aa , and twenty aarna of land, a no and a halt milaa tram the Now Brnnawiok depot, N. J., on. lib bank a of tbo Martian. and aommandiag n mngnifloonA mp Tbo hone# la In tha dathla atyle. lately bnilt with Mb _ jaeWnelenala, and filled in with bclek. A photograph ef Kjkme can be aaea at the efiee of F. D'UERTILLT, Ne. MBaehange | Firm AT MOBB1STOWN, N. J.-FOB SALE, A VALU able farm ef eighty eeroe. lying about one mile from the depot nt Morriatowa, N. J. Land rolling, wall wooded, and a aaver failing apt lag of exocllent water. For par. loalara apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Plus atreet. TrlllR SALE?THB STOCK, F1XTCRES, Aa., OF A f confectionery and iao oream anlooa, aitnatod at No. 27 Eighth avenue, doing a good bnaintoo; will bo oold very lew, the yceecnt proprietor wiablag to leave the eity. No baai aoah off era better indaeementa than tbia. Far partioalara enB en the promiaee. r)B BALE?THREE VERY DESIRABLE LOTS, 26x100, hi Hiakery atreet, near Neatrnnd a venae. Brook pyx, only one minnte'a walk tromlRadfordtnvenae; will be eold at a ?a ertAeu^ Ajiply Mnmediaitely, at 80 Baavtc (troet, up ft aha, 1.1GB SALE-A GROCERY STORE. WELL LOCATED. P SaUafaetcry reaaoaa given far felling. Addraaa W. R., Herald ofiloe. rB BALE-A WBLL ESTABLISHED MANUFAC tnring bnataeee, under a valuable patent, already fa vorably iairodaeed,-aad pre mixing n Inerntlve and perma aeat laveetment. For particular! apply to HERMANN JL LPDW1Q.36 Wall ot. 1J10R SALE-A COTTaGE RESIDENCE. STABLE. J? ooaoh hoaao aad ontboaoao, togatber with 11 lota of ground, knndaomoly laid ant with traoa aad ahrubbory, and oneiooad with picket faaaa and gateway, in Eighty eighth ?treat, between the BlocmiagdaA road aad Eleventh ave nue. The above property it located en the flneat apot on thla inland, anayoi aaooaa, and tna atraat ia open from the bloemtngdnla road to tbo Elovaotb avenue Pooeesaloa im mediately. Apply to M. WILSON, eorner of Cortlandt atreet and Broadway, in the Gllaey Building. Fob sale-one highly finished steam as gtna, aaoan boree power; been In uae only two montbo. Apply ai 114 aad 110 Cannon atreet. Fob sale?the furniture of a private bouaa, whiah la maetly new, and tbo honaa to lot; tho location la one af tha matt detirnble In tba appor part of tbo alty; tbo prico ot tbo furniture will amount to about 81.000. lot fall partioalara apply to C. B. HulV E3 A CO., 84Nae loot. aan ftti FOR SALE-EIGHT LOTS OF QRuUND, WITH A kaadtomo dwoillng bonao, Ae., aitnata on tbo Sixth ave nue, between 126th and 136tb atroeto. Wunld be aold vary oboap. Inquire of J. DEN HAM. 8th avvnub, corner 16th at. ?jlOR BALB-A MII-LINERT, WITH A SMALL STOCK X ana fiataraa, aitnatod at 176 Stxth avenue, botwaen Twelfth and Th rtoantb eta ; a good location for a faaoy ntoro aloe Call at tbo above No. F lOR SALE?ONE SECONDHAND EIGHT HORSE jl. engine, ono cylinder boiler, and ono tlx horee engine, new, cheap. Apply at 429 Tenth atraat. FIB SALE -FOUR FOUB STORY BRICK HOUSES, with ate ran. on Seventh arcane, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth etreota, on tha mart favorable tarma. Apply ta K W. BARNARD, 239 Seventh atraat, before 9 A. M? at Item 6 to 8 P. M. _ JIGR tALB-THE STOCK AND FIXTURES, TOGETHER wtM the lea.a, ef a roetauraat, No. 76 Maiden lane, it doing n buamoea of tweaty-eight tbonaand dollara n year; an oaoollont ehanoe for n person wi.hiag to etga. o In that batteeee. Far lurther partieulara anil nt 76 Maiden lnno. FK SALE?A PROFITABLE BUSINESS, IN FULL opera) ion, and doing n largo oaxb trade, the pruflta of wbiah are nbant 940 nor week, which can bo aali.laotorlly ohonn; thlo U an aaoellont opportunity for any paraon hnr tag n imail amount ot eaab. Apply to THOMAS A STREET, 34X Pine atreet. FOR SALE?THB LEASE, FIXTUBE3 AND FUKN1 tare of the well eetabliahed reetaurant in Broadway, corner ef Park place (formerly Fiorenee'r) It will be ecld en rtnavnable terma, by applying to GEORGE C. BYRNE, 43 Unrrioon atreet. FOB SALE A FINE FARM, CONTAINING 83 ACRES, adjoining tho beautiful village of Hoekaneaek, N. J., well na opted for early gardening parpoeea, or eonld bo di vidodtnto village I eta. Apply to u. WILbON, 212 Pro. poet plana, Jar any alty, or Bfirkor A Oatrnndor, 167 Broadway. Fob bale cheap-if applied for immedi otely, a modern bnllt bonao la Weat Thirteenth .trout; excellent 1,cation; tbo owner going to Europe; term. eaay. Alan lor anlo, a farm in Waatebeoter oounty, 86 milea troin tha aity; alau a aonntrv roaidenea in Cnrmauavilla. Apply te b. A. JACOBS, X1 Wall atraat, baaement. fM BALE CHEAF-TBE OLD ISTABLI3QED CAR 1} mage and bUekaaueh abap, now doing a ttrct rate bnei nuts. A rare ebnooo for two young men to atartln tho baaiaaaa For further periieulare inquire on the iireinirue, eerner ef North JTirxi and Pint atreeta, VYilliainabarg. *C1GB SALE CHEAP?THREE WELL DOTLT AND X1 eemmedionf three .tor; and baeemeut bouaee, with mar bit mentela and grateo, gno Bx'.uroe, Ao. An.; eituated on J. rtieot, throe miautos' walk from Tenth itr.'ot ferry, Raet Diooklyn, formerly Groeopoint. Term, made eoay. Apply to 8. 8. Free, on the promiete. r?R SALE OB BXCHaNOB-A TWO STORY FRAME tallage neuao and three lota of ground, iltuatod on tho eonth .tan of Fiity thirl atreet, between Fourth and Fifth avenue*; tbo bout* ia 38 feet deep, with tea room attaohed on rear, and 30 feet 6 iuahae front, buiu m the beat manuer, 8Med in wttb briek, fieora all deafened, marble mxnteir nud aif the modern improvement*; hue a aplendid court yard and fiiaasa in front. For further particulars apply on the pru mioee, or ef FOUNTAIN A SMITH, builder., 63 Bart Twen ty- aeventh itreeL rK SALE, OB RXCBANOE FOR CITY PROPERTY A farm ef over 80Uneree, on Loan Inland; good land, la need cultivation; new hone* and goed out taadtugo; well watered; 36 mil** from '.ho oity, and within 3)a milea af tfi* trtkreod atalien. Inquire, befire 12 M.. of ANDERSON A ?ALARM, 100 Teaay etroet. buRdtag. bear the depot ?* ?e.7 WnU .tre.t f For sale or exchanue for nsw Turk or Ilreoeljn property?? up?t ?up mnanioatary, witb iptendtd water power, >?w the oltf or New York, with fall toe e f woehieen, capable of tuilai off l,?? lb*, weedy. I V. J. hKlMJKtU, Moehlaery F ? real retete, ft untie* ?? Atienne (treat, Brooklyn?a eereet deetined to a Tiry M*h etemerd ef volao. Tale property U edepted far puklU or private ih, U anreitrteied Md t4in A?oaay, 17k Cbetuem it. OR BALB, TO CL08E A CONCERN -o? E Of TUB bolt liiveelmeati to the market?a valuable pieee o. oolite, litilUi oa Atlantic itreei, Brooklyn?a (trees deitiued te a rerr M?fa itauiard ef valae. Tbti property u adapted for public er pitrate uee, U enrertrtri. ' a lire leeatlty tot motor. Per private iale by AMTHUNT J. ULEBCKEE. 7 Bread It.. N. T. % 1VEBY STABLE FOR SALE.?TUB LBASR op Su) (roued, balldini, Itoek, Ao., of n Uvvry 'table, loeated H the t totally ef Madleea iqaari, aad itl tilid a vm ?bi kaitaeu; erne ef the belt neadi in the eity Termi ve rt moderate- R. B KlftUHlRER, 31U PoorUt gvoawo k'SWING MACHINES FOR SALB-AT NO. 1M CHAT ) ham itreei, at the reduced fprioe el AW. Meehiaee re paired aad impcwved; e*e ef Slager'i meobiaeelor tele. The scbscbiber will sell au his locust timber, ineladio* leverol ttteoMtad loeait poeu, alee, a very laue quantity of heavy timber, Bt for ehtpe er doei ?; alee, between eae aad two tkeaeand eerde of firewood, In cluding beiidei oak aad abeetmat, tome of tha bait ktekary. Aad reel at Lloydi' Honor, Hnattactea PfJtOHei,!, I n?N *1 LLWYII. n o 1MIMU HEN.-TBK ADVERTISER, WHO IS J. the taveaker of a eiw preeeie fee meao'aotnnet a Maple article lm eemmeroe, hoi for iale tbe rl?bt for tble eHy and county. Alio the State ef Naw Jersey. It will be riven t efete ery money if reqai id. that wttb a lopitol or M)0. ISO te $M pir day can be made. Reference w>t| ha ptvea to tkeee already engaged la tbe bailaOM. None bat theee a ho tea it'o eati.raeiory referee ee. aa ta fair deallop will be treated wtth, and aona bat tboie who do?4fe te ea B buetwees, and ere willim? te werk a little, meed oae *" ? hie edveittfemeat. Addreei'Banheatn, fterel'l r?ee, ^ three dayi with real eeiae, e? a# ethere WtU be on STORB FOB BALB. CHBAF-IN CONSBQUENCB 1 *f th* owner b*l> g iMk; agoedehaae*. Apply ti th* irtmltM, 3U1 VALUABLB FROPBRTY FOB LUlftSRMRN.?FOB V Ml* or uabuit-oxr four hundred una of land, ?*U timbered with pin*. spruoe, bemloek, u4 Other valuable timser, i* bo at twenty mm improved.) a M* mill, SO by 30, with g*ag of UrM eaw*, lath meahtnerv, A*., 3 good dwel ling house*, a Vara, 80 ?y 90, blacksmith's abop, and othor good outhouses, all arw. daunted within fly* all** *f a easel, In (>n?ida eoonty. Frlee 90,600 Fart nay remain on mortgage, *r will esobange for olty property. For far ther particular* tail at 16 Frank t'root, this woek. "VONKBRB FBOPBBTT FOB 8ALB OR BXCBANGR I for N*w York city properly, 17 mil** from N*w York Bly*r Railroad; bout* iitaat*d ?a th* Hooto* Elver Railroad; bout* dtaatad ?? Warbnr toa avenue, wltbia fly* m tan tea' walk of tb* d*pot, eon taiaiag U mai, title aad cellar: nearly *n? tor* of gard en ground, wall laid *nt with fruit tre**, y*g*tabl?* and Bower*; water la tha waah bona*, dining room, and bath room ap etalr* Iaqnira at MOWBRAY'd dry good* etor*, no* o?-t Mrnat tmabtf luoiFrma. FURNI8HED ROOM TO LET? AT NO. 23 CITY Ball place. Beat, $6 par month. Befurenooa axohanged, A BAN DBOMB SUIT OF ROOMS TO L1T-PARTIAL J\ ly fnrcitbad, with nee of kite ban. la a private family; the bona* oontainal gas, hatha, Ao. Apply at 118 VYaverlay plao*. A SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR?ON TUB FIRST A floor, with ona or two bedroom* attached, to l*t, in a private bona* with all the modern improvement*. Also, a ?ingle room wrll furnished. Apply at 90 Prince (treat, a few door* w**t*f Bread way. Bakery.-to let, a bakery, 10 by m fbbt, with a large new ov*n and boiler, and all *th*r rcqul ?it** complete, la excellent working order, together with a (tore, sitting ro, m aad two bedroom*, at 321. late 3d, Sixth ?treat, between a*enne*_C aad A A^r'j^to Dr. O' Rs'lLLY. 83 Whit* *tr**t, or Mr. Thoma* Farefl 221 SUxabeth *tr**t. COUNTRY BBSIDBNCB TO LBT?iM TBB YILLAOB of Qlenvill*, 2>? mil** from the Porteheiter depot, W**p oheiter oonaty, N.Y., on the New Hav*n Railroad, lKhour* from the oity. The plaoe con*i*t* of hona*. outbuildings . .. ... - .? - ?- ?rat* - and eight aer** of land. Would let **parat* or together. Adcr*** J. L. MOSUKK, Porteheiter. FUBNISBBD APARTMENTS.?A SITTING ROOM AND bedroom, farniiked, to lot. at moderate rent, for the ?ummtr; location quiet, airy and near tha Ualaa Club Bonge. Addroa* M. box 1,788 Poet Offlee. FUBNISBBD APARTMENTS TO.'XET?CONSISTING affront and bank parlor*, (with n(* ef piaao,) baeenent, bath room and three bedroom*, cooking utensil* and crook omplete: wonld be rented low to a good tenant, until the flrif of May. Inquire far on* weelt at 112 Sullivan ?treet. Reference* required. FUBNISBBD APARTMENTS TO LET ?ON FIRST floor of a bonne in Variok ?treet, cor*#r Franklin, with piano in tho parlor. Apply at No. 6 Variok (treet. Furnished house to let.-a three story and basement nouee, with modern improvement*, newly fnrniihed ene year dnoe, eat able lor a prlva'o (amiiy, or would ho lot for a boarding koneo; eitnatad woet of Broad *ay^ below Broome Kreet. Apply te Mr. DIBBLEE, Ne Furnished douse in Brooklyn to let-the baeement, ground floor nnd att.a, in n pleneant reepeote blo looallty, near South ferry. Addreie Jam**, Herald otfioe. Furnished housb to lbt?fob the summer months and until the flret of October; first olaee bone*, furnished complete, near Union *qnar*a>d Pltthavenoe; ? ill be let very low to a suitable family. Addree*, with ?amo and retidenoo, box 903 Poet Oflflao. House to lbt.yearly rent ssou, with gas, ehandoliori, minora, lnnndry, speaking tube*, Ao. Lo cation very pioaaaat, near one of the prieelpal avenuoe. west of Broadway. A portion of furniture. carpet*, A*., la ni** ordor, will be sold at a bargain. B W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. ?|OUSE TO LET?119 WEST TWENTY SEVENTH I street, in perfect order, with Oroton water. Apoly to W ASH1NGTON HURRAY, attorney at law, No. 70 Nassau ?tr et. >aRTLY FUBNISBBD HOUSE AT CLIFTON. BTA toa Inland, to letweWithlntan minntee' walk of Vender hilt'* landing. Tho ground* ore w*li arranged and benati fuH> (haded. Term* modorat*. Inquire of R. 8 HOWES, ling on the premi**i, or of Mr CHESBER FLOWER, 71 Broadway, up atairt if 10 LRT-sFOSSBSSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY JL rear part ef the seeond story, the front part of rh? thlxd story, and all af th* fourth etory *< 29 Beokn >, street; also, tha front room of th* fifth story of 3) end 33 Bookman etxeet Eaeh apartment i* suitable for any kind of mechanical bnsineea; also. Easement ot 24 Beakmaa street. Inquire ef JAMES OONNfSk SONS,i _ 29 Beekmaa itreet. TO LET-TWO BROWN STONI FRONT SNQLISB basement hone**, with all tha modern improvement*, ix Twenty-first street, between Piftb and Sixth avenue* Ap to A LEY AND KB wBCKilEcKER, 31 Liberty street. TO LIT-APARTMENTS IN HOUSE 86 WEST FOR tietb street, between Broadway aad Sixth avenne, ooa slsting of a parlor, two bedroom* and a kitchen, nil eomrnu ? ioating; thoy ar? finished in n superior manner, with insr. ble mantel*, gas, Croton water, and all modern improve ment*. Rant moderate. Inquire on tho premise*. TO LET?IN BRUOBLYN, A THREE STORY AND basement dwelling honse, 142 Court street, next to tko corner ot Amity, within five minutes' walk frsm the South ferry. Tho Greenwood and Fulton lorry line af railroad ear* paaaiag th* premise* *v*ry flv* minute*. Th* b*a** 1* in good order, nnd will he let leaeenahl* to n good tenant, Posaessioa given immediately. Inquire an the premise*. TO LBT?REN T ONLY $300-A VERY NICE SHALL three stery home, in a good looetion. in th* vicinity ol Madison square, ale* a large fine dwelling part, 12 room*, bath, its, Be , rent $476. also several large nouses. Apply to E B. K1NSH1MER, 319 Fourth avenue. mo LET-IN JERSBY CITY. TWO THREE STORY J. brick bouse*, confining ol eight room* and ba**m*at*, suitable tor two fa m ill?i, n nsiSM, The location l* in the benitaiest part of the eity, in Sooth Seoond (treat, near Erie. Pax*ale water in the yard. For particulars inquire at E. COLE'S offloe, Jertey avenue and South Fourtn it. mo LET-ON BERGEN H1IQHTS, ONE MILE AND A A hell from th* Jersey City terry, seven new dwellings. The view ef the bnv and eity of New York, Brooklyn, Sta tea Island, do., from this point 1* unrivalled. Good water, aad a pure atmosphere, omnibuses l*av* th* ferry every f*w minute* Apply at the offloo of tho Daily Tolegrnpfc, 21 Montgomery street, Jersey City. rpo l.ET.? FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN; JL hDu. room and bedroom for a gentleman and rile, with or without board, hi a pleasant part of the city and woure? nient to all buiioee*. Apply at 636 Hudeoa atreet. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR, OVER THE STORE of Nil Broadway, containing fonr roomi, three pautnee, together with a ihr*e room on the floor above; Croton water on the premieee. Kent, to a email family, $260 par year. Possession given immediately. Apply en the premieee. rpo LET-TO A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A BRDBO. J. and xitting room, without board Apply at 71 Na' ? etreet, three doora from Pearl, Brooklyn. TO LET.?A NBW THREE STORY AND BASEMENT home, with modern lmprovementa, will be routed low to n email genteel family, and the rent taken in board Addreee immediately H B., box 101, Herald offiee mo LET, IN TIFENTT-SECOND 8TREET-A NEW X bro wo etone honee, No. 169, between Seventh and Eighth ?wanes. Rent SC60 only. Farwitur* lor enlo vory cheap. Can be eeen at any time. TO LET-TWO FCRNISHED PARLORS, WITHOUT board, on flret floor, in the genteel private bouee S3 Grand etreet, two blaeke wait o Broadway; to a gentleman and wiie, or tingle gentlemen, tbi* 1* a moet daeireblo op portunity tor the realisation of an elegant, retired and wall kept establishment; Bent $60 n month. mp LET?THE THESE STORY STONE FEONT HOUSE, X 68 West Twenty sixth street, with modern improve ment*, would be let at the rat* of S7UU a year; alao, the four story, modern built hams*, 214 Wast Thirty fifth atreet, wonld be let at the rate of SMW a year. Apply to J. DEN HAM, Eighth avenue, corner el Sixteenth street, TO LET?TO A SMALL, RESPECTABLE FAMILY, part *f house No. 10 Wooster street, a few doors 1. j:n Canal. Rent moderate. References required. Apply ok the premises TO LET-AT HARLEM, IN A VERY HANDSOME AND healthy locality in the Sixth avenae, between 134th and i. 6th streets, n neat new house, snitnble for one or two gaa teel 'amnion Apply to Dr. O'REILLY, 83 White etreet, or Mr. Watson, house and land agent, Fourth avenue, 134th etreet. . TO LET-A NEW THESE 8TOEY AND BASEMENT houee, up town, with modem improvements; will be ranted low to n small gtatesl family, and the rent taken in boerd. Address immediately JR. 8., boa Mo. ltfl Herald oboe. TO LET?A FIRST CLA3S FURNISHED HOUSE, ON Eaet sixteenth etreet, near Union square. The hen** bus nil the modern improvement*. Will be let for lis ?uuntba or a longer term. Inquire of R. A. W ATKINSON, Mo 7 Nnnsnu street. rpo LET-FRONT AND BACK PARLORS ON 9E00VT> X flour, bedroom and back basement. Po?**s?>oa latino einteiy. tell for tbtoo days at No. I Horatio etioet.^ rpo LET?A CON VSNISNT PAST OF THE GENTEEL X house 3d Twelfth atreet, between Sixth and Sov*n?h ' arena**, to a small family at grown parsons. The house ha> gas and bath roam. It will bo ranted cheap. For particu late apply on the pramiee*. rpO LAT-A VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED HOUSE, IN X South Brooklyn- It la eanvenlnat of neoea* by the dL frrrut terries, and bae nil the modern improvement*. Ta* furniture ?i th* boue* all new. and *f the beet qaslity, wii. alau ha sold iu> a very low tpriea. Addraae L. R, boa 2,18.1 Peel Offiee, N. Y. riv? LET- THE FOUR STORY (THRER PARLOR DEEP X dwelling honse, No. 176 Eaet Sovcataaath (treat, near Stnyvettot park, with gae, bath, hentora and water eleeeta rent at SI,idu per year inquire W. C. ABEAM A.N, No. IS3 Weoeter, corner of Houston street. rLRT, AND FOR 8ALE.?SEYERALOOOD HOUSES to let; aie* half of a boose to let, m a good neighbor Loud, wttl. gas end Cretoa water. Several hontas and lots for aw* and exohaaga. Apply at the Broadway Land offiee 1,110 Broadway. S. W GRONK. rpo LBT, CBBAP?AP4HTMRNTS TO SMALL FaMI X lies, in gowd honeen; Cretoa watwt en each floor?No. Si iiroeme street; art beveath avenae; No. i Miaetta lane; lob and 171 Bast 1 hirty sound atreet; alao, e?or* 90 Seventh hpply on the premmo*. at of L W. BARNARD, 23? Eeveutb etreet, beter* 9 A. M. or from 6 to Hf. M. The city or williamsburo to let?the bone* N*. 101 South F rst jtreet Poesessien given lot mediately. Inquire of JAMES MUEPUV, Fulton Don works, 2u Censors strset. rrO DAUUEHKBOTYPIS'I S, ARTISTS, *C.-TO LBT X nr lease, ta* second and third stone* *y the oommedi ous building to the tadibeaat ecrner of Canal sad Hudson street*: ta* aanltal north and weal light, and ie la A very potii* tkerougb'ar* ned stag* and ear rant*; rant moderate. A pply th JAMES PRICE, MO Had eon etreet. rpo PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WHOLE X eel* grocer*, proviaion ur feed deal art?To let, aa aid established corner iter*, four eteriee, ta* eeliare, ample ioite. 'lb* peeiUon will eommaad ihti entire trad* *f Lone Iilhud. Apply Immediately to JOHN BEAlNERD, Wall itfbtt ferry, Brooklyn. $3.(KK).OOOjJS^Jrj^2W2a" mm. si ^JS^sr.yB'jssLSt M5SS ruiBuan a juiiMiuN M7 Hi A an itrwt, mai 4 aad >. $100 000 ~"!^BY TH LattD OM ?*>*?> At?u VJ-VV/.UVU, a?rt,H?, la luai to nit applieaatc. far **r? y l&rt, M MVID Mf OMl lit?-tit on ifltil arftJwA. liv# rtftl Hrtftio !? ibis ?Itj or BrooDyi, * Am&iv BROAD, Wall **r?.t ??4m^RnikJSH^U *? * $7/J 000 -W.A"T*?| "??* OB MORI PBRSON8 VIU.UW. vko <u toaaud Wfialtl** U?mm4 a liar* ia out aa<l willing (? imvect tt in a tioik ??? will pay a net proflt wf 475 (**< withta etal-' moat**, or >14(1.000 wRhiatwoatj maitha Njnt kit aautiaae. (brawl, aaiaa lattap bnrlaaaa moa, capable af judi log far thaxaalTMk and MART AMOUNT, ORPUBOHAB ide, w a'a baa, rioh Jewelry, ?eweMa ?aal property (aaaraUy. R. WOOD, 1 floor, fraai roam, baa 8 A. M. to $40 000 -J*OI,,.T U??*AUT ADTANOIDCM <(P 1 Y7.UUU. dlamwad*. watohee, Jvwaln, aaian, ataaha, kiB** *' ?erehanflae, byJtMBPR LYON * Oth. 16 William (treat, t- em 1U. Partial waited aa at flhabr f?n daaoaa. N A.?All traaaaatlana eeatMmUat il R 000 LOAN WILD BB MADE TO i . ,y , 'ft- P"foh??er (t three or fou af the boat lota on Brooklyn Heuhu. at tha Wall atraat tarry: tba in Jro**?*Ato ta ba Orietly drat alaaa; apply immediately ta t'BR BIA1MKP, * all atraat farry, Or jeklyu $10 (100 T}' ^>AJ* ?N FIRST CLASS PROPERTY '? ?"/ "t "aw fork; mu(t ba worth a It eat double rhe rum wanted. May row Ma from 3 ta 5 ?!?f: Ap,d;? nipbcaka brrustBin apuillips, si Liberty (treat. $1 0 000 -W*>T*D, TO DISPOSE op A M0RT wlV.UUU.nfi af>10.000 an uatmproved property 1b York worth Iftl.OUO. Apply at <90 Cherry (treat. New $/> 000 T? wanted on a loan fob <1U.UUU two or three yearo, ta beeeenrwd by bead and ""ortgage on reel aetata worth flea timaa the amount loaned. A I'haraJ eommieeion paid If abulnad (oou Apply ta SANDroKP, BTRlRhE A PORTER, fll Liberty (treat. fiOO IN CA8H wanted and an active JtU.uWU man to aagafe wl'h tha adrartiaer. who will threat a like amount la a lumbar eaaoa factoring boaimaee in tbu eity, under alraumitaaaaa that wUl aaaara ><1,000 par a? wUl be given at aa latarytawby addracc ing Lnrubar, Herald ottoe, atatiai ttma and place, $500 ^ANTBD-FBOM ope to tbeeb months, ?' Srat rata aaaarWy: a liberal b.aue will ba g'Tt>L Addrt>J. with tirea aaiaa, ban IX Herald oMcc. I1ROADWAY LOAN OFFICE.?CASH ADVANCES AJ made In large or amall amoaato, an diamoada, watahaa. Jewelry, anparal, and all deeorlptiona of parooaal property or pnrehaaed lorcath. Tba atriotaat aoafldaaea and pnno drlii 'yWenmfRrtuiaBladto. Ad drcaaS94 Broadway, near Walker atraat, (1ASH ADVANCED IN ANT AMOUNT, ORPUBOHAB ) ad at eight, diamoada ' ' ' tiaa, nad vaiaabie paraaaa biynlton etreot, aeeond I CASH ADVANCED ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Jewelry, >e?ar<, pianofortaa m rebaediaa and peraoud property generally, (er bought fur oaah I Geed eity aetoe, ?took*. bond* and mortgage* negotiated. Baaiaaea oaot dt-u'ial and promptly eneentod, at 78 Naaaaa atraat, (ret floor, book office. _ FLOBENCt A CO. CASH LIBERALLY ADVANCED-ON WATCHES, jewelry, dry good*. piaaafortaa, lornltura, or aay other property, at 41 Howard atraat. aornar af Broadway (re meved from 9'4 Broadway). Tbia being tha aldaat aad moat rMpon.ibl. the All ^^ti0n. ?ra"trSt7, ooafldantiaL McLOUOHLIN A O'NEILL. EXCHANGE AND COLLECTION OFFICE, NORTH 5^'"'?0TB*r ?f Broadway aad Canal atraat. GEORGE rlYTyN Unenrrant etoaey, af (Tub daaariptian. die ?anatad at the laweat market (Wall etraatj rata*. CoUaa tiona made on all tke principal aItiaa in tba United Statoa w? tftllMA. Emigrant industrial savings BANK?Divi dend aotMe.-Depoiilort ar* laformed that a eeai aa nual diTidrad, at tba rata of cla par cent per annum on all cume of SflCO and under, and Aye par cent par annum on nil enmn erer $40u whiah (ball Lara boaa aapotitad at laaat tLrea aoitia on tho lot day of duly next will bo paid to dapoMtoro on and altar Monday, Jnly lt>. Iatereit aot i J,'. *!" N oarrlod to tho credit of dopoaitort aa pria J6a bank ta opened for Ousin* aa, from 10 A. M. f , and from 5 to 7 F. M., nt M Chamber* atraat, aaat ef Broadway. JubEPH STUART, Pioeldant. John Manning, Comptroller. IRVING SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WARREN w . -??L_Oraaawloh.- trpaa daily from 10 A. M. ta 1 P. M., aad from 4 to 7 P. M. Interact at tha rata af fl par aaat on ana. from >1 ta flfluo. *' f ?w a wroONCKLIN, PraaldaaA M."i.V-U?^r,j ^c. Pitaideato. VANDxaniLT L. Boxton, Sea rotary. Liberal cash advances on household pur nitnre, ptnnoa, w ate baa. Jewelry, naoTionl inatrn maato, ftraarma, maahaniea' tool*, dry rood a, Aa., nad pac aonal property ai ayery deaeripUon, or tho klahaot each ? nth ertlm tetit * ***"' 1I*^A,^RAY * WALTER, >8 Money advanced for short periods on real oatato, dlnmonda, wntahoa. Jawolry, pinto, pinaofortoa, ary gooda, heraoa, aarriacoa, and orary deaarlption of pro Pw*j by tho roapaaelblo Empire Lean and Ageaer Com fA?7- C. WILLS. Aaaat. Twenty fonr hour* aatiaaaofl eiaat on rani aetata. Scrcrai houtea aad lota for ealo. 0FP1CB PP THE THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD OOM paay.-Tho iatorwat on tho boade of thla Company, flao let ef July, will ba paid at the Broadway Bank. AMOET EOWARD3, Troaearor. fTDB INTEREST DUE JULY 1, ON THE CITY OF J. Stockton, (CaU tan par ooat bonda will ba paid at ear office, on and at tar Saturday J ume 30. aa proeentatiom of the eoupcna. WbLLS, FAEGO A CO., CCI Broadway, r CAPITALISTS.?THE POX AND WISCONSIN H pro*amaut Compaq offer to aapitnllato far laraatmant too ramalmac half of thoir 6 par ooat bonde (Mflt.009). any able February I. lWS lot area t Mm I ananalW, at t&e Hanb off North A marie a, city af New Ycrk. Tkaaa boade are en torod by a (ret mort*a?o*po? laade worth, at a low ntloa^ Hon, mora tban double tha amount , alee, naaa tho lmneWra moat Paolf. togotbar with ito proaooda, water powarTAa Inoniro at tba office of tho company, 14 Wall atrtoi. TO I.OAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE.?THE SUB eertber baa 11(4,01(1 to luan, in yariono iudi, mot oxeead lug >70,10(1, en ilrat elate Improved property in tha eity of New Ycrk. or open goad form* within flfty mile*. ANTHONY J BLEECKKK, No. 7 Broad etroot. N. B.?Real aetata of every daaeription (old by private eoamct. OOPA&TWBR8HIP WOTICTII. d!l<k (Win -VANTtD, IN A MANUFACTURING ??J_U.UUU. b?liM, wall M(tUifb<l ill doing a go -J bDMitx to purehaae tbe interact of a retiring partner. To an tnterpriauig man tbii U a (0*4 opportunity, and opt of rare ocoT.rrnaee. Aditraaa A. C-K , Herald iBm, utating where an intarriew may be bad, whlah will moot prompt attention. ? K nriA TO *1?,000.?PARTNER WANTED, IN THE Jv.uUv lomier and wood bniiaeis, now ettabliabad, 10 an ae'ive boelneea man tbii la a rare ohanoa ftr invert meal. Addrcta Virginia, Bex 14, Herald offloe. .A PARTNER WANTED, TO JO IN IN A ^ J, eaab bntineie, aatabllahad lor the laat eight jrara The retiring partner having builaeit reqnlring mo?t of Ma time ont of the oity ,1a the leaaoa of dlapoaing of hia $300. in tat eat. AWt{ B. HOWES A CO., 81 Naaaeti atreet. d'Onik TO $1,000.?WANTED, THIS DAT, A SMART man who will take an lntereat la una of the aid eat and beat eatabllahed diaiag mleena In the elty. I muat be eat ef town all the time, and am iuduoed to give thia ahanee where (10. (AW a year nan bo made. / McMAHON. 17? Chatham atreet. Alinn -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT, a^UU, to take an equal lntereat in a new and Important travelling enterpriee, at which (1,000 a year oaa be made br indue try. None but an eaterprieinc perron need apply, ae ft la ne hoax, aa will be tbown by applying te E. MoMaHON, 170 Chatham atrett. i'l cVk-PARTNER WANTED TO JOIN THE ADVER FliJU titer te buy out a bnaineee, now In anoceaaful ope ration and paving SJI? a month: It la a oaab budnete with ont rlak; ao time ta loae. Apply to CAMPBELL A DAY, 118 Chambers at. Alao, partner wanted ln|aa old aetebliahod real aatate and brokaraga oftoe, dolag a largo baaineae A partner wanted?with a capital of m,?m. to ongaga la a pleaaaat and pro ft ta hi a huaieeia new ea ?abllaked To an aetft# ontorprtaing peraon, tbe above Is a rare ebanee, aa tho hueiaoee will yield ten thonaand dollars a yaar prolt, properly palhad with eaeh. Addrete Uee, Gordon, Herald etteo. Dissolution of partnership.?the co part neaahip heretofore eilaUag under tka Ann name of Dna oan A Ailawerth, la diaeolvod by mntnal oonaeaL^^ The bnalneaa ef the Arm will he etrri'ed oe aa agoal ?y Jamea F Dnneaa, who baa removed te 71 Naeean atreet, i nu of John, oaooaoioor. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL ef from S40UI te *S,0U0, U a mannfaetmrlng bnaineee known tor a nnmber ef yeare; pay* a good latere# t. Beat ef relereneee given and required. Apply te Bdward Blumen thal A Co., ltd William streak. ^ FIKKWOIUU. " ANTOtT FIEE CRACKERS-NO. 1, GOLD CHOP 40 paeka. Fa* eal# ta late to suit pnaehaeera, by JAMES ROBINSON, 74 Beaver atreet. jjUM P ? a'tbii maiket. Bvery art tellvared. free ef eagtAfO. All UmA* ef ethihdtte* ptteaa COAL. fere lav tax la year winter supply from elsewhere. 1 RICHARD (JLINTON, 300 Flrat evenne, earner Ft'teen lb tor lit. CtO A L?CUMBERLAND COAL, OF SIVBRIOR 00 / to, win be eeld by the tekaailtor from veaeaLifor TWaW UPRRIOR qUA^M lhe.** R.C. T"3?IKJLC*_L *WliHWO TO ckM M 77t*. ?i" o. c. ?Uruuri, iktaX dfc'eet to^^ Irl,fc u< Taakoo 010 C CHaBLBS, No. U Jay K T. TV..,*J??{?S>iAJ?P BOBTB AMBBIOAN BOTAL Chtor utu Tom" *? m??*?ool. ?*?< pooea<e. ??J Chief (Mu bootoo to uauwou ??J*1* WW ?WM t*1* U?ht m J^tboad^aa 2^?2?uUwu;rj KJCT ^ Af?i^7u?rri..?. ? bH*U iue ? A?la, Lott/^ .. ???? godaoodar, Jaoo ? A?aeioa, Uu, ?? 5?S** **???T. Jaiy 4 Aorihe lot unraf aatil Mid (ir " * ? Tor rrefcht or himci ooolr m There ? ilj be ?? etA-,C.v ?.A* P. ?.?*'.* *?wllN.Proem. oaUl farther ??hb^^ ^ "?? fromNow Tot LINK or 8T%1M. Jorib itrer. heTKl^ew diif .? I? *o?~lW* H?tm ^eet. " ? ?oe^ad eiaoe paeeaoe'.'.*. WW * k# Art*! will Wioliowtd by Che NoHK Au. 'i'i'?0 Tbeowaer oftheeo ??'- iaii ? ? w ' July H. (OJd, elite,, ballieTV^ .J^iL . * hooooaUWo for U'e, aaloea Ml la of laSaeare *o?oo, or a? therof thereia oxnreeeod. ol*aod therefor, had the ralat t*!V '**?? ?? houhl ratoa. ik* Wforo MlUah ? riBDW MH '^"<^si?4arr?wsssg raox MT*? or eaiiaao. "PWhrde. Aria! "T.. *i',80 No?h aiiJ" HAT*" ;&h 8i~ j$Z" ^iV8Ur.v.v:.v.;--J^? hlrth'a^:; 11 "ortb Star . Au?r u .0& S "off-S ^ Not- 3 ???k??r ::::.{&. " ....1V#T. hi j Tk##0 tMEDlblpi Mr# tl MffOd Va''.' ?????? 00 el ^thws??*8--?2? ?ssAw?^** "?feg"""" ' CO.. ? Q.O ci?i, S^SiSfiSP for eahia. aaoiad JEI^a ?oo?taoiotloa? fttesSSr'K oorlj appUottion ebonid bo madooa board at*nS>V ?tot. or to WlJULIANs A OUIONfdO S'?5 ?ST. CIOXGK'8 LINK -THI t* tor. w??.? ?odh?ioB^"abiB^oM?d^S!fV.'i,l!t J"*- Thoaotom ship #*mot bt #ieell#d PirtiM ?plta* thuald aot fail to eaeaklne hor boTere^H . ?** *? Boropo hpolroa board, pier 8. North rirar 7r te*^** aloeobore. JZuAtEST / joljttWS^tw, (Ma Uip. tool frem FbiiexJ J,". ?* l1,a* th preriAoaa 1 SfiS^jsaMCTgaSg rterllBd oad A^fJ* i? {?* of BJ Torh^*** ?twt*rhiUdSK^*trtltoj^JLd%??B5if ^ tYiiSuitTd'iSaSlS Trioo of paeeaco, drat eabia. Iiao; tetaad utifri IH* aot waated dariaa tho wat*if* ah*niiil he .J,, ,' .)ljL the day before aailiarVarhod ow ? No fCSJa? Jl?^W Uko. after Tharadaj! Ju'a F? ?roJ2t to B<XoaN *l^!ltr*4Nr4ar3tw|k* uZtiktDZc ?V.*utL't> " Sta.p2TL5f R iDUCXD PRICE31?108 LdB. BAGGAGE FRRBII _ Font boori fMm ocean to ihii bjr Panama Railroad. ? Co axpoenre to deadly miaomaa, and itajnoii naviga tion in open river end lake boatjt?'Through fer California fie Panama Rallrcad.-Thc Dund State* Mail Stoenubip Company will dcapatob for Acpiawall, en Wbdnaaday, Jon* 2ft at t o'clock P. M., preeteety, from pier feet ef warren etreet, North river, tke new end apteudld ateamehtp ILLINOIS, (2.MU tea* burthen,j J P. MoKlnatr?, V. 8. W., ?emmaader. Paatengore aad mai a will he forwarded by Panama railroad, aad eouneet at Panama with the Facts* Mail* tanm chip Company'* mapntflecn' ateamahip John U Stephen*, (2, UO ten* burthen J R. U. Pearooa, K*q., com mander, which will be la raadlne**, and leave koa-jiedia'^lv ler ban Franeiieo. The pebli* are Informed that the 1'. M. S. 8 Co. alwaye k ave one or moro extra rteamare Ijtog at Panama, ready for tea, to avoid aay pocaible detention ol baeeengerear mailt. For paaaage apply U> L W. KAY MONO, at the only office of tbo o?mpanloo, 177 We<t etreet, eorntr ef Warrea, Now York, (renting the North river. F~ IS BAN FRAN CISCO -THEA 1 "NXW_8TEAM CK ASTORIA, of 800 tnno burthen, will he dlrpatohod on the 21et June. Per freight end pweeagv apply to the under ?iiaed, er the oaptaia on board, pwr No. A North river. Tbl* oteamer offer* Ana acoommodationa for a limited nam ber of pa**ungeri Poreono availing of thio epportnnity will avoid the dearer* or aiekneaa on tbelithmna. WILLIAM LOBACH A 8C0EPELXR. aoBcavarai. -iSxSPATCU LINE FOX BAN FRANCISCO.?THE Ml AO \J nifioent A 1 sllppor oldp OOLBKN WEST ia aow lead ing at riev No. 2, Enid river, aad will poaltivcly *etl for San en or bofort Saturday. JunaDU. Shipper* will plearo hav* all thair freight on beard Saturday ZM In*'., and hand ia their hill* ni lading for dgnature. The Golden Wert 1* on* el the aharpeet clipper* ever built in the United Stele*, end pr*f*nt*th?* greaUit lad***ment* t* ahipoor*. * SUTTON A CO.Tm South ? treat, *or. of Wall. Australian independent mutual linx Tb* magnifleent A 1, clipper ihip METROPOLIS 1,000 ten*, 1' B. Jay. Commander, will aneoeod the Cryital Pa laoe and havelmmediat* deipateb for Mslhonrn*. The ac commodation* for paaaangar* in thia Ana ship are of the very beet, both lr. firat acd reeond cabin*. Alto, n limited ana ber ot ('earage paeeenrer* will be taken at the low rat* ol tfft, fonnd.'wlth pioyliiona by the *htp. Baring a portion of her cargo already engaged,paeeengare can depend on quick derpateh. For frelf bt or paacagc^at low ratea. apply oa board, at pier 17 Raatilvar, or to milLLEB A LORD, 108 Wall ctroot, aad AEKRLL A ELLIOT, lid Panrl (tract. Australia?passengersper ship crystal l'alace will pleaee have their baggixe na board on Saturday aext. the 23d iuit, ae the chin will call on thoiVh without fail. A fee* berth* rel for aalo. Apply on hoard, at piar 13 Ae*t ylTar, or to ARKltLI, A ELLIOT, 14A Pear! at root, MAILLBE A LORD. 108 Wall t?. Australia.?pionmbr - line?carrfino the UnHed State* mall ?The celebrated A 1 alippar ship N101ITINOALX, Captain Mother, tor Melbourne will ho dorpatobod on ha* eooond voyage about the let July, hav tag mad* tor laet ia the ixoriiilextef tlcao of 76 day*, moo oxoallant acoommodationa fovpnaaoagort and freight. Ap ply at thaoffiaoof R. W. CABMEOW. No.<BowlEtg(Iroen aad lift Wall atreet. Steamship cahawba, united states mail, t apt. R. w. Shufoldt. direct far New OrUaar, will touch at Havana an return iiln. aad will *all oa Monday, Jaao BKh, at neon. For flrofsnt *r panago apply to LIVINGSTON. CROCHBRON A Co.. Si Broadway. In aonaoqnanoo ef axlotlag quaraattn* regulatleae at ,^<w Orloaa*. th* above (hip will a*t ton*h at Havaaa oa tb* sat word trip F" OR NEW ORLEANS. DIRECT ?THE U. E* MAIL Stoamahlp CAHaWBA, Captain E W Shofcldt, will MbMM reoeivleg Irelghl oa Thartday, Joaoflat, aad *ail an Nanday, J una Oth, at It a'olaok. from piar foot of Re hineoa atroot. N. R-, Uneblog at Havana on hor ret im f0t Wi^O^Wr^RON a CO.. SI Broadway. N. B.-In ooaeoqnanc* of oxtatiac quarantine regulation* it New Orltaaa, th* Cabawba will not atop at Hovna* going out. SANTR >.rm lUUlal'l put ??pit tPJ~'^A "? * """rfjaiW lrWTito, 1UV* a. IT TNK LAGRANGEOPERA TROCPX. pSjsrA?i?raiZi wah.1,,^ SIONOK RAPAELLE III RATE, IT TNK LAGRANGE OPERA TROOP*. Principal i -IE BIOMOR SIONOR MOKKLLI, ?A tktlt ntin (torn Eootoo. Marital limUr ul Conductor .Sig. ArilU The public wa reeveetfu ly informed Ult the MftftMat ?f UiaM oelebraud artiste will aot ait and bevoad tha Aret llj a( Jail and outmost positively afford toe paUlalri Ult opportunity of hearing than taaH far aaa or the tlx rarraaantatiom may W atoarad at tba Aaadtmj. At Halt A Sob a at Van Mardaa A King's, and At JolMa'a BBtM) store. . Prleoa efAdmtoalooi?Parqnet, Parquet Circle and Plrat Circle, $1;^ Secured, $1 30, family Circle, M aaata; Amphi *^!aS?a opeifat 7jtf; the Opera aommancaa at 8 o'clock. 'and Mee tin Laar *r- Johnston OEOROE BaRNWRLL. BMRTON'B, CHAMBERS 8TRERT.?DRESS E1RCL1 aad Parquet 60 aanta; Family CtrolOjS aaaU; Orabaa In chaira, $1; Private Sanaa, Ed each. Aooxaopan at 1% baa In at 8 o'alaak.?Wedaeadar evealog, June 30. Banafit rt Mr. George Holland. ALL THAT QLITTEK8 18 NOT GOLD. NIPPED IN THE BHD. WIDOW'S VICTIM. Jeremiah Clip Mt Otnlrau BUCKLEY'S SERRNADERS. 688 BEOaDWAT.-MON day araimi, Jana 18, aad arary evening ttiii weak, Md ^w^^SSntaTERTAWMRKTt of a aapartar ard< f, aad " fan without vulgarity. ' Aad the dutiful ^Vm'bUlaT" " Amino, (the klaak Somnambollat) .MUt Rlaaaat Gumbo, (pledged to Amlna) O- S- Bnokley Luay Jaa, Unlub wHh Suaaaaah) R. D. Buckley SaltTmokar. ? W. rerrival taaaaaaaa at 8 o'clock. Ttakata. M aaata. N. B.?Thia company wlU aloaa, for a abort ana ton, aa Saturday evening aaxt. Juae 23, for tka purpose of eatemnvo preparations la their ball, ta produaa aaw Burlesque Oparaa aa tka ra opening. D ua notloo will ka given. ISIDORE CLARK, THI AMERICAN PRIMA DONNA, at tba requaat of a committaa of ladiot and gentlemen, will Mat, THIS EVENIN^Jma^Ja YoNKERS, at tha Fall particular. in programme*. Franklin as bowert, nearly apposite tba Do wary Theatre. Par form aaoaa arary af ternoon, at 8, aad arary evening, at 8. N. R.?Strang art will akaarra that tba Fiublla Maaaua ta tba oaly pErita tha Vat tad Stataa wbara tka Modal Artjata arc exhibited, wltb athar arigiaal aatartalamenta. Remember, Ma. M Bowery. OLYMPIC CIRCDS, 45 BOWERY.?H. PRANCONI A R. Ruaaelli. Proprietor.. . - Naw attraotioa for tba week. Engagement of tba Female Equaatriaa, MABI, (From tha Cirque Olympic, Pari* ) Second week of the Shakeporenn Clown, W. P. Waflett Moan. Fraaeoal with hi* eplendid Bayard aad John ?tar; Laratar Lea aad bui talented children; B. RuaaaUi aad T. Nartlla la their Rearing aatf: together with many ?tier aoreltiee which will ka enumerated la the bllU. Bona*, 25 cents; Banorrad Seat*, 50 oentj; children, half prfoe; Pit, 12)4 aaata Aftaraoon performaae..:?Monday, Wednesday aad Saturday. ROOKLYN MDSEDM -MONDAY .EVBNING. JDNE 26.?Baaeflt of A. Morgan, tha Manager, upon whloh ocoasioa tha tallowing ladiot and gentleman Lara, la the kindett manmor, volunteered their, and wUl ap reer -Mr. F. 8. C bantam. June. *r- Ota g Charles, Mr. France, Mr B. Yetea. Mr. Tyrrell, Mr. S. E. Brawn, Mrs. Wentworth, Mian Adelaide Prioe, Mlaa Ida Vernon, MUa Gordoa, Mlaa Rate Hunter, Mid atherc whaoe nam en will appear in tha hill. of the day. WI DOW S V1CT1M?CHpTM rYS. Chaafrau; Jane, Mi.. Ida Verocim heat-' Darling Old Btlok >' Mr J. Seymour. Favorite ^CBV^T^YEa^yt^e^on"^^ Aeeoeiatloa. Extra cabd.-bdrton'S theatre. T"" YTBafflWBSME* "? '"'?Si ttWTtfft'fls .soot OOL., by Mteeie. Eddy, Do Waldroi, Bland. Holland, ? """."o'ViS.DVlflll. ?' ??VgSWS4?5t?.'iir,'"d'a??' la whloh Mlaa Albert;ne and Mr. Chaafrau will diaplay their woaderlul lmltatloae. TME ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.?A CARD to tha patron, of Ethl^a i^atreUy thMaghint tha Iilti4n4 BtA*Aa Tta Qiiinkntd beii l?ifi to la for? too k^io"\3oi(it ^?t)wiU^oo?. I ?any rirlag aoaaarta uadar tha a bo re titla, (whloh in erary metsnoo li ib Miimptioo). Hiowlf And th# prlnoipnl moin ban ot hla "original troapa" are In thia eity, and hare aojt returned their perform en oet alnea their r,tnrn_.ff?" P't W "e'p. chrIsty! Tba aaly paraoa of the baboo of Chriety at Bay period ea gaged aa a performer la repreaentatlou of Ethiopian eharaa ter. BURTON'S HIATBN.?HXWA.?MRS. I. 0. FROST Am tht A on or toiinmw ihit bor ?liiTi oiif viU Uki pboi on Thursday oronlnf, Jono 21. Jeter*l artlata of Mkaowledged ?Mlily hara Toluataerad tkeir lertloaa. Boata may be aeoured at tha afllaa. W" '? ?"fflKH!"TA" H" AT FKA^NCON?1 VI^EW*Clllc'US,"bcVIHY, Foar olowua ta tha olrela. Nona. Franneal, Roekwall, MUa Maria, Sig. Nepali, Bon a all a, M. La Clair, WalUti, All tha Company, Retnoldt, And a hint af TO* luataen. SeaklUa. A CURE FOR HARD TIMES. Pea mam a Gbcat Gift DiaraiwrTiow Faaitltaly taken plana aa 6th af Juy. REMXMBRR TICKETS ARK ONLY $1 EACH, AND admit four pemeii to PiaMAm'a Btmiofiaw Oraaa, 663BaoADWAT. AmoaaaO tba glfta ta ka dlatiibuled la a ... _ Splendid farm, I loan of 1 lean at aaah - *??*{ 1 loan af aaah. LJW 1 laaaa of aaah, J6W aaah Ittaaaaaf oaolr.ElOOoaeh }.?? Tba 2 JO trooting mare Lilly Dale bff Ml Roaewoed ptaaoa 10 Geld watehoe, be., Ae. Kami all order, far ttakata ta JOSIAH FRRHAM, Adame Heuaa, Bateau. aad aa Wadaaadamaad SatmrdaiNlth aaw fee Cure* in nBGRO MINSTREI.SY, ETC., Tioket., 25 eaata. Gift tlekeba admit fear pareoae aaah. /TDARLBS !STREET THEATER, BALTIMORE, FOR 11 rest.?Thia beautiful and fanhioaabia thaetro, at the coraar of Baltimore aad Charles etreate to effered far rant, by tha week, mouth, yeer. ar ioagar, an raano.inbla terms. During the pant twa eaaaona It haa been well attended by Mm beet portion af oar alttoaae; and not witbntandlng tba general depreeuo* of thoatrlaala all arur the country, too hurieeaa kaa bean profitable to aa extaat which warranto tha aeiartiaa that, wftb a good com paay aad attraatlra p?rfonaaaeea, H muat proro lafTatire to toe manager hereeftOT It to la good repair, "mad ha. lately baca mueh ton prof ?d la TemUUtion, fonderingit one ?il tba ma?t oomfortabla aad airy thaatra. to tba rity. A trtfltng outlay would place it la .nob a condition aa ta raak eeeand to an aetahlikhmant in the country aa regard! beauty, aaamara and uligRiUWy of location. For tarm., addroa. WM. W. MoCLELLAN, Baltlmoia. Md. Theatre, Wilmington, Delaware-ladies and gentlemen, of acknowledged talent, wlahlag ea uagemett. lor a .nmaer eeieon eight waaka, will make mir.edlate application to II. A. LANGDON, Stage Maaager, WUmmglon, tel. MjkTET'RS CAPABLE OF PERFORMING ON ANY tceheitral instrument, and wishing to join a inuatoal aocioty, whene object, are their own lmprooement and pl?i eure, nan hear of aa opportunity by addreeeing Orpheon, Poet ofloe. MEDICAL. 1\R WARD'S WNPOBTUNATB'B FRIRND, ft, WWTh / a tHk.-Jut what tkoM nil who bare lonmeM him, rnamaly, a aire at once, ?i aa dalay and >?*u panra. Criiwil ?ara in tha world ky Dr. Ward'i " Uiht tuMtta'afPriaBd." AfBiatad tako a?Uaa?no othar ramadlaa ?aa tar* raw radically, Bhiht aaaaa aarod la a fow howrrt nothing aba doarit. No. M Caaal atraat, oat door ?aat of Broadway, la tba alaaa W yak tkla rapid aad tkoaungk retnady?aawbara alia la Now York. A aura warraatadSy Dr. * arA PaMaata aaziaua far rwliaf may aaly aa a ruR onto by kia traatmaat, without taung tha ayatam. Altara ttoa at dial ar aaaaatUa Mam bualaaaa aat raqulrad. Dr. powers' ladies*- qolbbm tonic anYpe riodia 011a, a aafa aad aarar fatting remedy for famala wragular Iklaa. Pi a pa rod acaardlaa lo tha aHflaal ptaaarlp tioa. aad aald hr Da, WARD, Caaal atraat, aaar Broadway. Lattara aarwarad. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES -RE. EVBOM' ?mm ? Agamay far Ika azaluaira traatmaat of all dfca*??? 'aat lot to famalaa, No. M Laming ton arcana, naar Want Twatfty raraath atraat aad Paurtk arcana. Ramadlaa far famala daranramamla from W <a IS. Adataa arwda. Coaanltatiom A lattara aaatdaatlal. MRU lattara aoataladag ?3 unread with adalaa aad madMaa by Alva paat. RiUlf rwarnatmd lu All aaaaa. ratiaata from a diataaaa grortdad With attytta hoard, aaralac aad attaadaaaa. wmm< |^Rf?a?L^WIifiiNifc wMiaii RuRfT cm ,T. y.:*i A4(W w{H yaaaaad. and laawa at Saturday, sua 13. |ftj MB MAT* U* il iwntfia H 7i Of?Hw la itk"K:r&t vt.-suok AO, Stag of Cipro* Mr. llllMI Limn, a Fatrioiaa *f Tank** Mr. MtOMM (Ortgiaall* porformod ky kirn.) Oaaaoil of Tib Mr. Mwfl 9*1*11 he Guard Mr ?h2*K5 raaof Knight ...... a ad originally porformod hp Ha) n to Andre*... 777... Mioo Ma PyjK 1, INCREASED CMRDS ANI vm> UAAUMM -?MB UP OOMMRM4 ?Ml ? OKRo-k flDKIOlT ITIIU*, JmM Boooad perform as oo la taoriw of balfes spectacle oruu, la thro* aoto, *? titled ?iua DAUGHTER or ST. MASK, naw prodaced la alt Iks oaiaiaAi. an.xirnon, With Now Booaory, Cootomo*. Baaaoia, Ami, Bad all Midi aoooroorloo, and tb* following poow'tl _ eaar or OHABAOTias:? Lsoigaaaa, Andrea C Moaaarrigo, oaaoflka Ooa'aoil of Taa7..T7T..'Mr, _ Strain, an Oflsor of tko Guard Mr I Bo raid I Martnao, a Fago to tha Kiag .. .1 Adolph da Coorav, a fraaoK tolikk jtr (At aompoooa for, ab " Cattriaa Coraaro ni>aa I fuel brchbstra, _ GRAND BALLOT. Conductor Or. (J. F. BrigkoW BVBOIAl. HOTICB. Tick ok# RMU Prlaaka lloiaa 41 ?rohsotra float* 91 Box office upon daily, from 8 A. M. t# 4 P. M., far lllljlll flnkottia Moots and Vrtoat* Box** only ... TUB DAUGHTER Of ST. MASK will bo parformrd EVERT NIGHT TBI8 WEEK. Broadway theatre. FRIDAY EVENING, Jan* 22. cootLixxxTixr aaaKrtT TO SIQNutta VIET Ta VRRTlPEACH, Prima Doana Contralto of the lako Uaroma and Aoadomj al Haolo Oporo Troona. ATTRACTIVE PERFORMAMCB9. Twa lata of Wo t'para. RcMBO AND JUILIETTA, aad ? too ad aot of LUCREZIA IMRGIA. Ann A UBAffD COJtOBBT. Th* followiig eminent artlot* tiara kindly vtlnatkmd kholr Mrvloaa, ard all! opfoar:? flu. no a a fnxoiii, prima doana, (H*r trot appaaraaoo la < > pnra.) Bionon UoLcium, liuoox Baihali, Sionoit Cvtvai, Sianoa Uolitti, Signoa Rocoo, Tha Liktla I'honomonan, A delis A Patti, aad others A Graad Oeheotra Coadnoter, 8 If nor La Mass* Prioaa of admisrioa, iiuaI tbaatra priaa*. flonlx may bi teen rod, witbont ettra charge, at kb* box oAaa af the Ibea kro, twa day* bafora METROPOLITAN THEATRE. HISS MARY AGNES, The young American Aetreta, far oae night aaly, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE JO. beiag bar third and laat appearance la Naw Park proviox* to bor departor* from tb* Oaltsd state*. on whiah aaaaaioB will bo porformod Miakopore'a oomady of MUCH ADo ABOUT NOTHING. Boa trie* if lot Mary Agaaa Aad, by particular dailro, Sberldaa Kaowloa' popalar ** medy of THE LOVE CHASE. Conataxoe Mlaa Mary Agmaa Lydia Mr*. Abbott Sapporlsd la both pleoot by a fall aad efleiont eompaay. For fall particular* ieo Mile of tbs day. Baa book bow of an, and ticket! alio to ho bad at the otto* of kb* Bmndap Dlspatob, 21 Boebmaa stroak. rxicxsor admioiioit. Proieoaiam Box** for *lx peraoni, $6 and $8, according to locality. Brehoatra Chair*, oaoh Ob* Dollar Balaony flaata, caoh 73 aoatf Drata Circle and Parqnatk* ..... Meant* Family Cirale aad Upper Baxaa 25 aanba Plana* may he fecured fer Boloney. Orohaotra Chair* and Breas Cirelg. at tha Box offlo*. of Mr A T. Whitfeg, fNnt A. M. kill 4 P. M.. dally, without oxkra chars*. Boar* opan at (,X, par rormanoa to bag to at 7X a'olaah. EO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 472 BROAB U way, above Grand It root OPEN EVERT EVENING. For kbit week, Ethiopian Mlnxtr* ay. Dancing, A*., 0*1 aladlng with kb* BLACK BLUNDERS; OR, FORTY WINES. Daora opan, <1)4; oommonaa, 8 a'oloak. Tlobeta Slaamtd All builnaao tranaaoted ky H. Wood W Broadway theatre. HUMMER SEASON. Engagement* for a I i ml tod feriod with thos* ialaxtod AZ kiata, MR. AND MK8. BARN MY WILLIAMS, being tha ir firak appearance kino* their lueaoaaful ylaitk* California, eommoncing MONDAY, JUNE 26, whtn an amaotng and aktrattlee eatartainmtnt will kd ferod. For fall partloalart as* bill* Btx Book open on Saturday, Jan* 22, wb?n MAta Bl| be oecurod three day* la advance. Tboie ladle# aad gentlemen engaged far th* tima? ******, are reqaaatad to moat la th* groan room, on Friday, Jan*Zl, at 12 M. _ If ETROPOL1TAN THEATRE. iTl FARIWILL TtanXOblAL BY THE NEW YORK DRAMATIC SOCIETY, TO THOMAS B JOHNSTON. (Lata of Burton'*.) Thvasday Evxmrrc, June 21, the tntartalaraenta will eommenoowith Bolwar'a oalebrbted comedy of MONEY. Evelyn Mr. P. B. Oanway Stoat Mr. John Brtagkaxa Grave* Mr T. B. Johnatan Six Fred. Bloant Mr. H. Wabkiaa Dad lay Smaatk Mr. W. H. Hamklin Lcrd ulotomof* Mr. P C. Myrm* Sir John Taaay Mr. W. H. Bellamy Shorn Mr. John ?erbart Clara Doaglaa* Mr*. P. B. Conway Lady Franklin Mr*. J. Braagkam Gaorgiana Vaaay Mia* Anal* La* ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIETY, Written by Janaa B. Pbblipa Eaq. . To be fallowed ky MB. ROBERT JOHNSTON AS THE MANIAC. W F VVALLITT A* M* will giro hi* olaaaio'al eatartaJnmeat* of noe'lont aaulrtur*. Fa* do Bouquet* by....M'llo Tbareaa and Moaa. Schmidt SECRET, Oft A HOLE IN THE WALL. TboDM Mr. G. Mall and Mr. Dnpuia Mr. P-jC. Myraa Valare Mr. W. Ly akar Porter Mr. Rydor Mad. Dapaia Mlaa IafMait A agelloo Mia* E Mo rant M'Uo Zolaka aad La Petit* C'orito in Pa* La Eaaagaal. Caml* Clog Medley Daao* by Profeasor B. Yak*) ?To aoaebado with NIX, THE CABMAN. Nix, (with aong*) Mr. John W la ana Frank Free ling Mr. A. F. Biak* John Franer Mr. Coaoar* I****-; Bfdat Mary Ana Mr*. Sylvorta* ??"7 Mia* Gaotg* Mori* Mlaa Thompada Paroaakt* aad Drata Clrel* Weomt*. Pamny Clrol* 28 aoata. Six baak open from 1 1.1. to 4 P. M. Ticket* may b* abtaiaod at all th* hotel* Door* open at o'clock; performanooa will cimmaaw* at a'oloak i. B ? Th* aonmittaa moat roipoctfnlly rotara tbaw thank* to the ladlaa ai d geul temen who hart ao kiadly to laataarad for tb* aboro teatimoalal, bat from thair anxabav being a* great It waa Impose!tile to arall tbemaelTaa of all their aaroloe* Tha Naw York Dramatic Society return their linear* thank* for tb* aaanimono response to their call. G. B. DrFOREST, Chairman of Committaa. J. NORTH, Secretary. T. 8. Nina, P. N. Y. I). I. F. J. A. Boole, Trooonrer. TOHN B. SMITH'S GRAND TO OR OF 1UE0PB O ANB SIEGE OF SESASTOPOL, At Cninnan Ahoxili Rooms, SSB BnoASWAT, showing owe HvoaaiD rinwa, forty loot wide, of th* arixoipal CITIES AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST IN BUEOPE. Every ooonlng, at 8 o'olook; aad oyory Satnrday adti a*ea, at 3. The muaio by Mi. Alwya Field, ot London. Admitaloa 26 oaatg I'IBaND CONCFRT, AT CONTINENTAL HALL, COE - U ner of Eighth avenue and Thi'ty-lonrtb atyeat, thM (Wedaerday) evening, Jnre 20. at o'oloek. Mr. A. Sedg wick, Muiical Director. Vooaliot*.?Mlaa Dnek worth, Meoara. Geo. Harriioa, W. Brown, Ao. Glee*, Ballade, Con certina Scire, Ac .for a rich evening* amnaing aad maaioal entertainment. Bo* prugramme. Ticket*, 25 aanka; 6t* tlobeta, 91. PERHAM'S BABY SHOW OUTLIVBS BARNUM'8, aad call* forth tromondoaa SHGLTS OF LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE every evening, at Gtl3 Uroad way. MEDICAL. A PHYSICIAN OT THE FIRST BESPBCTABIMTT Jt\ an A otandl dr la tha ally, hu lakta a private reaidtaee op ti'wo, for tba troalment of iarallda. Ta aay oaa wha 4e rlraa retirement, qniotnde, oompataat nnreiag, with all lk? appllaaea* af comfort, Ihle aatablUbmant ia unequalled hi tba ally. Addraaa Pbjoieiaa, bax 777 Port Offloe. A BRANCH AN D DEPOT Of DA SHl/BEROEB'8 LIN il aaan 'aborvor j and illapeaiary. 430 .troadwajr, la epaa ad at 129 Franklin atrcat two doora from Vfert Broadway. All ehroala or acata dtaaaaaa, aach aa mercurial or anrefala tta. ba thay ol long Heading or reoeat, aa thay aoeamala or iLhari'ad. ara treated on l>r Siiaharaar'a traa antia curial j.rinr>i< a (lorfalt $5,000 'or ?ha oaa of merearjO Bo? I?r Shnbcrier'i carda and etrenlare; aaa opinions at tkt rretr. At tlila branch office particular attention la paid ta dteeanoa of the abooa mentioned natura by Ir. Kraglar aid aaalataata, andcr the aaparrialon of Dr Em. L. IbiiTiaagaa eaMpbad, far- we2a laftar. Iabiiw'bal toT.aa eureo ta all lutuaai wtibeal i?l?.tlngthe general health ia the eTfcbtertdawrea. Pirtta tian agalnat ftn are at taeka by minimal I a MA DHL COBBETT 19 DUANE BTRBBT. MAT~Bir^H ? anltad with aanfldaaaa aa -if Iti Aataatar aaa apaolality af tba profaaaloa arablaa him ?mtaait anraa Ilia l reatmeat la permanent aaraa Ola treatmeat la tba aamaa aa lieed by tba great Rtaard, af Parta N. > -Bt. aa mem tor af tba N^T CalTedelty, map baaaaaat tfl DHK COOPBR U DCANB STREET, BO X/1MQ EJfdWN ? t. tteo.-taeoe af Now Ten aa tba ?Mt neacesfal MM||liMgMMMawatry aaa baart at. awatthaaa Kbcwa la ? aontolatinn ta gaaraataaa a asia J\R JOHNSON J ad mora anraa ark. Dr. J. o treatmeat alaaa aaa ~ derate, aad D l DDAMB BTIIir.lAI PBRPOBH ^^?^^Htbaa aay at Aaa ma d tea I maa la Nam ^HrTXTtibetmeat ia aada aad axpadltdawo; Ida medl ^Hbe tabaa wilbaat tear af detection fbinaa at tba ma nay rafmadad tf aaataranlaa la aftgiwa R. F1RRT, 87 EBANU.IN STREET, NEAR TAE liar a aalana, may ba aaaaaltad aanldanttally la aaatdia rfleegjOT Dsrtl> famadf fat female piCORD'B FRACTicT^NOT1CB^^?BHOT^H XV Tba nadariignad, formerly a papd with aid with laity, T>r?. Camoeban aad rrmarad, and panraaaotlr aal idle panting raatna at No. MI.^P dlaaataa. Hatandora ta all aSMabwd aoaftlra nafirrnart of relief, aad there whohave baoa nhmaedkr *epce<dee," aatl dataa, little beoka, "aa merwonr. ?' aad Bba affamoaa af tba aamarooe mtdiaal tharUtaaj af tba day. may paly da bar- | lag tbalr aaaaa traa tad efMtnally, no mattar haw aomali together with tba many aww aad efecieat ramaniaa af tbla emlaeatinraaaa, reader falkualaopaaafbla. Itmaybamaa tlonedfar tba in frrw a tie? af paOaate racidlag ia tba eeaa try at dlataat attlct, that (lay oaditi aay Uma aaaamrt tba and taat tothem Raeaal aaaaa aarad wlthon Cnarga* galta modern to, aad tht mart aaadtd lafarmaHaa (lvaa la every iaataaaa. Hla tpoatmaat or naiamattaa, ?cretala. aad narrona dlaaaaaa la baaed entirely oa tba ma h*un\!!? freml ta I, aad riraml to 9 C D H AMKOWD. M D, aargeea, Anther af HedlcaMInfermetloa far tha Million, dV, 4a. He. I Id Braadtray, eppeaote St. Niebnlai B?HV

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