Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 20, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 20, 1855 Page 6
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11m Cuban [hM tbt National uulll|MMt, Jut 'll ] We ebeerve bj tha bows pa pert that Uea. Quitman was at Jackson Mississippi, aoeut tha b*f*ua<ug of thu msutb. and address* I tho people aa tha subject ef Cu bu laarpearfsooe. From tha oe*eriptien at hia ? pee oh la tha Flag of the Union woleara that he argued that tha mission at republicanism and the great prlaetpta* of self government, ilka the mission oi laa Christina redgien, la aggressive; and that it ia the duty of ail rovarin of (rrMiM to dise?mia*t* it* coc'r ae# to tha *al ghtment aad elevation of tha Caucasian race. The acquisition of On be ha d?oaMd a na ver*al sentiment. Of th? throe taodas suggested to obtain it?na: by parohaao, by pub lie conquest, or .by private eeouueet?ha aald that tha -Ant bad failed bopaieaaly; that tan ecoad would ha bar rem of good, aa the blacka would be emancipated before tha L'aited States oouid gat possession; and, comsequent ly, that the third Method waa the oaly faaaihle oaa for ite accomplishment. Upon thta po at ha dwelt energeti cally, awl erring hia own view* bt referrieg to the suc cessful ravelotioa aad subseq oeat aaeetat.oa of Texas, which he aaid had beea accomplished by the asaterial aid at American citissm, ia deeoite of tha prods maToa ot Oam. Jeokeoa warning them againat iuterfrseao* Sack, substantially, according to lb* Flaga/Uu Union, waa the argument or Geo. Quitman, concerning which a Mobil* contemporary properly remark* that it oeetaiaa matter "that might eome back to plague tka orator, aba old he be found agaia nittim the jurisdiction of hia learned aad able Mend, Hon John A. Campbell, of tba Catted State* Supreme Oourt " The democratic journal published at Jackaoa also hat aa article describing the v ait of General Quitman to th* capital of hia State, which is worthy ot aotioe. Wa oapj it entire:? (From the Jackaoa M-ssUsipptaa, ef June 1 ] Can. Quitman reached the capital eu Monday. The announcement of hia arrival drew to the depot a large concourse of silicone, eager to testify their respect for him aa a sol iar who ha* perilled his life ia dsfesca of hia country, as aa ardent and uncompromising advocate of the rights of the South, ana as ens who in various civil trusts has base faithful la the discharge of his duties, la behalf of tba eltlz-ns present ha was wel comes with appiopriats remarks by Capt. tfa. Isttils, to which be responded, referring chiefly to hia connexion with the well known movements in the United States having for their object tha liberation of Cuba. Agreeably to previous aotioe Oaa. Quitman delivered aa address upon the Cuban question to a large assem blage of Indigo and gentlemen at the Representative hall oa Wednesday evening. Ha recapitulated with mucu fore# aad clearness the importance of the establishment of the Independence of Cuba to the Interests of the Unites States, treating it drat as a national question, aad secondly, as a question aflvctieg tas dsatiny of the ?lavs 81 ? tea. He adverted to his oouneetioa with the famed Cuban expedition, and censured th* eetiea ef the fedetal administration touching tha enterprise. We will remark that, while a strong current of sympa thy pervades this part of th* oouatry toward* that expe dition, thai* are few uamfluenoed oy p irsonal or partisan eonaideratlona who are prepared to And fault with the action of President Pierce. An ardent Mead of the ao qu tuition of Cuba, he selected ee Minister to Spain Mr. Soule, with reference to that measure. While the war like expedition was in the proems of formation?while circulars marked "confidential" were strong ly enough flooding th* country with elaborate details of the plans at the campaign?while the whole land alsioet literally resounded with the notes of preparation for the expedi tion; while all these things were in progress, a friend of the administration aad of Cuban independence, Mr. SU dell, moved in tbe United States Senate the repeal of the neutrality law, with the expiree# purpose of relieving the President from his swore oe'lgatiou to enforce it agalnet the expedition. The measure was warmly adve oated hf the Union newspaper, and was knowa to meet the favor ef the administration. The attempt failed. By a large majority th* Be sate refused to eauotion the repeal of the law, and left the President no other alter native but te euforoe it lbs foil#wing section of the law of 1818 bears dirsotly en the point, aad is quoted, that no misapprehension of Its meaning may exist :? Sec. 6 Aad be it further enacted That if say ptrssa shall, within tha territory or juriadiotioa of tho United States, begin or sot oa foot, or provide or prepare tha means for. aav military expedition or euterpriso. to bo oarried na from thsnoo against tho toiritorv or dominions of aav foreign Prince or State, or of say oniony, district,Mr people -with whom the United States are at peace every parson so steading shall ba doomed guilty of high misdemeanor, do. A second attempt was mats by Senator Brown, of this State, to effect the repeal of this law, near the close of the seooad session of the last Congress; but it met with even less enooursgement than the movement of Mr. SUdell Therefore, if blame attaches te nay branch ef the government for the failure of the Cuban expedition, (which we think is far from probable,) it belongs to the legislative or law making branch, not to the axeoutive. The President Is as mach bound to exeoute the neu trality law aa the fugitive slave law. He has no au thority to consult his psxsoual views lu regard to th* . justice or propriety ol law* which are spread before him for his gutdaaoe on the statute books. Gem. Quitman, in the oourse of his remarks, dsc'sred himself a democrat of the school of Jefforson, and an nounced hia intention, however widely differing from the adssialstrataa on the point above meatiooed, te stand by aad support the demoeratlo party iu the ap poaching and future contents. His address was listened to with marked attention, and its delivery was frequently interrupted by loud and prolonged applause. Afltalif In Kuum. [From the Washington Union, June 19.1 We publish below a aeries of paper* in relation to tb 5.} spiv . end er; the other documents belong to the same question but are new published for the first time, copies having been obtained by ue for this purpose from the prope departments, end tbe publication of whleh a seme reqni Site in order to prevent any misapprehension in regard to the true state of facte, which are of general internet and importance to the whole couatry Wo take occa sion to any that we see no canoe to apprehend interrup tion of tbe public peace in Kansas unless its actual re sidents should bo interfered with in the conduct of the public affairs of tbe Territory. If any parsons have heretofore interfered, (which, in oar mind, doc* not ud mit of doubt,) either to control the vote* oy moans of organised societies in other States, or actually to vote in the Territory without tho lawful qualification of resi dence, or to overawe tbe qualified voter*, such persona have perpetrated a gross wrong as against the rights and. the interests of the bona fid# settlors of Kansas, which dererves, and will reoelre, tho reprobation of nil right* minded men Governor Render, prior to hie lets visit to his former homo in Pennsylvania, bad oifieially canvassed the re turns of tho electors, and had given certificates of elec tion to some two-thirds of tho members elestof the Territorisl Council and House of Representatives, and had issued bis proclamation for oonvening the Legisla tive Assembly at Pawnee City in July nest, which will complete the organization of the Territorial govern meat W. 1. HARCY, uq., TO GOVERNOR RBET1KR. Dkpakturnt or State, Washington, Jane 11, 18,>5. _ Sir?I am directed by the President to inform yon that with the developements before him in reference to pur chases cf Kansas half-breed reservation* maie by yon in the Territory of Kansas, and in which, as you state. Judges Johnston and Elmore, of the Snpreme Court of the Territory, and Mr Isaacs, the District Attorney, par ticipated, aad in reference also to other sneculat'oa* by you in lands of tho Territory, apparently u> violation of nets of Congress and of regulations of tho department, he feels ombarraesed to see how, consistently with his convictions or dnty, he can altos the present official relation te tha territory of yourself or of either of tbe other gentlemen named to cont;nae, unless the impres ?ions which now rest upon his mind shall be removed by satisfactory explanations. The President will, however, be glad to receive and consider any ei plant ions which yon may desire to make in regard to the character end extent of the transac tions above referred to. aad particularly the matters spoben of in the letter of G. W Clarke, Indian agent, dated May 8,1866, aad addressed to the daperintenlemt of Indian affairs for Kansae, a copy of sbtch was for wardsd to yon at Easton on the 5th instant. I am, sir, vary respectfully, your obedient servant, W. L. MARCY. Hon. A. H. Rmcnmt, care of John Cochrane, Surveyor, ?Ac , city of New York. GOV. RKKDER TO W. L. MaRCT, KSQ. Nsw York, June 13. 1155. Sir?Yaur letter cf the 11th, postmarked the izth, was handed me between ten and eleven o'clock last night, after I bad made all my arrangements to leave for Kansas at six o'clock this morning. I oould not remain at borne to reply folly to the com munication without gross neglect of my official duties, nnd it ie eqnslly clear that Igeannot give to the grave mattors it contains the deliberate reply which they re quire while 1 am en route day and night. Nothing la loft me, therefore, but to proceed to the Territory, and reply to your communication thorn. I wrote to the Pre sident yesterday from Earton, aad mnat express my re gret that your communication was not mad* at an ear ner day. very reepectfnBy, your obedient servant. A. H. R81DER. Hon. W. L. Marot, Secretary of State, Washington. ATTORNET GENERAL CTSHINO TO THR ATTORNEY AND ASSO CIATE justices or Kansas territory. Attorney General's Omen, June 14, 1866. PlR- I am directed by tbo President to inform you that ia a letter from Governor Reader, of the Territory of Kanaaa, to tho Com mission* r of Iod'aa Affair* to which his attention has been called by a letter of G W Clarke, Indian Agent, addressed to tho Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Kansae, of tho 8th nit., Governor ttooder makes the following obterration regarding certain con tracts for the purchase of lands of Kansas half-breed re serves Those contracts wers, for oonvsniouce sake, mads ia tho name of Judge Johnston although it was well un derstood that Judg* Elmore, Colonel Isaacs and myself wore equally Interested.'' Thsio transaction* boing apparently fn violation of acta cf Oongreoe snd of regulations of tb* departments the President feel* embarrassed to ace how. consistently with hie conviction* of dnty, be can allow the present of ficial relations to too Territory of yourself, or of eithor of the ether gentlemen as mod. to ooathmo, unless the impreeaioaa which now root upon his mind shall be re moved by satisfactory explanations. He wilt, however, bo glad te receive aad const tor any explanation which yen may desire to make ia regard to tbe chars tev aad extant of tho transaction* ie question. I have tbe honor to bo, respectfully, C. CU3HING A LaoiBLAnvR Coachman?A gent'eman of this <dty, a week or two since, was inquiring for o private oeaohman Hoe whe heard of the inquiry end offered bif tervicee in tbat capacity, mentioned as a rocnm uaeadatioa that ba "was a member of the tot* General Court." Ws were aware that that distinguished body had gained much reputation by riding inside of vo hleles, (for instance: in two omnibnse* to Roxbury,) but w* had not inppoaod that any one of in ss-mbers had been la tho habit of oocup-lny an outsMo seat As it was notorious that ths car or state had of 1st* hosa aaaaaged somewhat recbtoseiy. It was thought hardly safe to trust on* of its drivers with the guidance of a privals carriage. The offsr was therefor* courts tWf -W'ofl PVWVy i tini ?r Tw??iy6T? Amm< T#.ia k Buthcv. [Ft?* DieiW Household Weed*, luU.1 Til hiii fabric erooticg at tte Ills ef Uofi, (*?* UkImi,) u yet kdif m imm'jImm to ?H Ik4 at mft At a AU anee U< ?je to unable to 4?toot nay particular propor'ieai about it. A close inspssUoa, hewevr, shews A Has ef uprights At nek ?* whion mark toe abeMag proportionsA* had stern, ant thfi om cu jwrwiT# that (hi ?hjic( Wirt ?? ii raaily iaUooed for a thtp , fitoadiegoo to# M?kAAf t?A river Thames, ?'*a ? ?Ait OpAA .pAO* AM OAA Aid. **d <JtS*AWieh U**p.Ul *A thi Athir. tt to not easy to form a just jonTOgt. on At this moAAtAr. ?bi?h. tor wans of a batter 1MU. WA ^11 Leviathan. It U baing built by djott, Kussvli k Ccmnany. from d?niga* by tor. BruneLtoe sagiaoar. ,|m CODOAL'tlOA th* rotixA fabric 1*. Wh*A W* ?????"* ??r rrn-'ATl tbAt tbA Roy ol AJb-rt line of battleship. of ?M bund rod AAd twenty guar is Mmitkinfunlorfoar thousand tMI, AAd About two huairod oai t in length, AAd tbAt tbo tttmla AAd Himalaya, At preseat tbi largeat AtAAmera afloat, ata OAly tare* Aua Ired and tweatv feet tA IwDftb. oi thsreaboats, they may form ioeua idea of tbo proyortioAA of tbu Baatsrn stsamNevi r.bTp wi-n vhiy am told that it wUl bA lix bnodioc AAd eighty foAt IA length AAd of tWOAty flve t boon Ad tool burden : tn oto*r word*. of men toaa six times tbo oapaclty of out men e? war. ani AbowA doublA tb? length of tbA largest stoomship Afloat. Oar render* will bATA froquoAtly hAord dtocuseton*i as to tbA rsdntive msrite of AAddle* AAd screw* I* tbA Low 1a tbA a thA screw will bo ovmbined witb tbA paddle, worked by ooglAAi nominally of two thoavaal il* ban drod bom powAr, bat in reality capable of being worked auto t?A tboaiAAd bona power To guard Agaleetao eldest* At oca to *00010017, nod to prevent any detoa tion from such a cause. tbo po-ldla wheal* will not ealy be porfactly dtitloet from each ether Ia their working, butAAcb wfU bo (At Ia motion by several setsof ma chinery of AUporabandAAt power, *o that at all times derangement* or clAAAisg of ooa or two cylinder* or boilers will not interfere with the profit** of tbo ship Steam will bo tbo ?ola propelling f* being ooAtemplAtod tA tbi* vessel In fixing to* gnat alze of tbo Leviathan, ito projostor believei that bo ho* obtAlaod tbo olemeAte of a speed hitherto uukaows in ocean-going stcomsrs. It U confidently predicted that by the grant length of the Lew in than abo will ba sua pled *1 MH through the water at an average speed, ia All weather*, of flitaaA knot* an beur, with a *maU*r power in proportion to tonnage than ordinary ?o?AAto now re quire to make ten knot* Tbo contracting apood of meat ocean mall earning ?team?r* i? eight knot*. W# bollev# that to* Eastern Steam Navigation Cem pidt intend making their flrat woyuge to Australia, the actual distance from Milford Hawan, the company A Port Philip to lex* than 14,009 mif.A, Jfimper?* batoncbed at. a epead of fifteen knot, or mUrinc/hour averaged from tool to laod *<mld 1take tbo Leviathan to tbo golden colony m about thlrty tw* day*. Thi* eaa only be aocomp.tohAd.ATen.?* that high ?peed, by nodding nfl stoppsg-afor ooal,*kieb, betidM detaining a Abie many day* in the different porta, car j4*a k*r a great dtotaace out of the direct cteatoing Bamwa find another nowdty brought to bear br Mr. Brunei. A chip of Jtbto bngo oapasity can carry 12,000 too* of coal*?quite aaSdont, it to etated, for hair consumption on the outward and homeward royages. Soac* will still be le't for 1,000 tons of cargo, tho mtulwe machinery, and 4,000 psaeengara, with thilr lnggAgo, and All necesaAry stores for u.e, Tho AdTAAtAgo of tbto Arrangement is twA-fold. Be sides the awo'dance of Atoppage* for ooallng on the ^rey owe the ship earns all the freight which must otherwiiA haws been paid to sailing Tesaeu for the conveyance of ^MtTt^oAaliCgTpoU, wnlch. on thm-fourih* At the quantity consumed on one voyage, wenld amount to a sum sufficient to buin and cqalp a steamer of two or tfcJn"order to oompeaiaU for the great loss ?f 'dght caused by all tbto anormouA consuuptlon el fnel, aua to maiatlin an equal Immersion of the puddles, tb* coal wtlTto a certain extent, be replied by waterpamped into the water tight eompartmente farming the akin of the ship, and of which we shall presently haws oocasion to ?peeb. In addition to tbto arrangement, the paddles hays been so adjusted on the wheel* aa to bo aa efficient at see draught of water as at another It la impoaeibls to judge *of the future taiah ** bc^ commodatinn of auch A rtgantic ship aa the LowiothAn from the preaewt atateol the troAhan. wiatona of metal plate*, ? ?%??!* height, with sub compartmeata at right to dlnde the monster fahrio tato a.nnmbjw of and obloog apaces, each of which would oantain an right-roomed bonne of Camden Town build, or a ceml drtacbed villa from StockweU at forty poaada per ^We^napected a model of this ship in wood, and could acarcoly believe that the unatghtly m*.i of Iron ptotea, rlweta and joints, just beheld, conld by any poasibto ingenuity, be wrought lute anything so beautBnUy symmetrical *a the long "rVw liSe little craft b'efor* us Upsring oS forward aa sharply as a woodman? * % ThimM wh?rrj. Iroa that moiel w# win ??? ablrd te understand where the enginee, coals, stores and cargo would be placed, and moreover wlureUetwo tbonaand ftrrt class paaaengera woidd hi berthed in their ftre hundred state cabins, and where tbs two jhou H Moolld ciua and eteerare wwwW V* placed, without nearly aa mach crowding as in an a maiA deck nnloen aUty feet in length, nnd rnrtv In width, and fifteen feet IB height, with a aeeond claae saloon only twecty feet shorter, end a foot or two lea* In haight. The leviathan baa these, and they appear but small eompartmente of the huge interior. It wenld prove a fortunate circumstancei for oar mtU tmrnv authoritieH. who in ?0 raoch io wm( ol ivi&ai trasiporta to the aeat of war. if thto monstor ship wero veadv ror sea at the present moment. There are just now two divisions of the French army of tee thousand I tiiM ,?rh readv to be conveyed to the scenes of thalr ?uturT&MU0M Ihe Lsviathcn, with just sufficient fue?for so short a voyage, oould Uke on board one ef divisions entire, with horeae, fodder, artillsry and *.mmunition* it could fend those ton thoueeud mm, with proper 'arrangements, in the Crimea; could return And clrry the second of those email ??* o?iUd Arrive beck At Maris 111* s for the aeeond time within one month from her first startiag. i* hit Kfiii deemed mi achievement worthy of men* tinn to conver an entire regiment of light civelry from t???/?th5 ftlTsofby way of the Rid Sea and Egypt, in about two months If the calculations a? to the speed of tho Leviathan are correct?which more learned heads than ours dselare them to be?then the Lft_d mnTRvid At lgift bilf ft ooien regimen tt of c^Telry sxssxSto'laii.?,??27'a.,,.s oompenise. Certain it is that the Leviathan could not harebeen built en the wooden system The might is*, giants of Indian forests, of fabulous age, in countless lumbers, would not have sufficed to produce ash-p of half her sice. Strength enough could tained with the most pondsrous mosses of timber-work, braced as they might have been with iron and copper, to have floated so mighty a load of cargo, machinery and living belnii. Yet the monster of wnlch we are now speaking?so new In Its virions appliances of power, so wonderful m its unheard-of capocHy-is oomp.sed of rti*st?ffi of iron loss than one Inch In tnicimeat. The secret of the great strength Attained by this com paratively small amount of metal to in the Peculiar structure of the hull. It 1* built throughout in distinct compsa'mente, on th. priAciple of the BriUnnla tabular Bridge, and when finished will be in fact lar ship, the principle of that structure need not here be dwelt upon. It will suffice to explain that the whole of tbto vessel will be divided into ^ ^.g. w.t<sr^bt omanartments. by means of mm plate bulkheads carrion rP to Se upSr ^, thereby Axtondlng far above the water line. In addition to this great safeguard aga'nst accident, the whole length of the ship, exoept ?0* tapers oil at either end, Is protected by n d<?0U Akin^of meial plating, the outer one beleg dUtant three .set from the interior. These doable tubulor sWe* era car ried too far above the deepest water mark, and inas much as tho traverse bulkhead* extend to the outo* of these skins, they ire divided into msny water-tight snb divtoiens, any on* *r two of which, though torn or free tur?d, and ttlled with water, would not affect the buoy ??as.rffi'.ifirSX to, there are two enormously strong longitudinal bulk heads of iron running from Atom ?*?b f??T feet from the laocr Mid carrltd to the ?pf>er deck, adding greatly to the solidity and safety of th* vessel. The main ecmparteiAOti thus fofme-l by the bulkheads have a means of oommonicaUon by Iron eliding door* near the top, easily and effect laUy closed in time of need. Ia this way not only are ail the most exposed portion, of th* Ablp douWe the bodv to cut up into a great number of very large but perfectly distinct fire and waterproof compartments, forming, indeed, so many colossal iron safes If we can imagine a rock to penetrate th* donole skin, and make its sharp way Into any of these eompartmeatrlt might fill with water without any detriment to th* rest of the 'bCtoe of the most terrible calamities that eaa befal a vessel at eea to undoubtedly a fire. The iron eattr tight bulkheads woaUl seem to defy thek destructive element sufficiently, hot. In order to make aseuraaJ* doubly sum, the bulioers are experimenting wltn aview to employing only prepared uninflammable wood for the '"suoh'to toe'LsviatheB She Urto be tonnchedJinUke any other sb?p,broadeide|OB tithe water bvm-oasof by drsulc power, and early next spring to expected to make a tral trip to toe United 8t*tee nod hoot la toss than a fortnight la eentomplAtiM this Brebdingnsg vesrsl enr small aoqugi ntanox with thing* nautic?r, dwarfs down to Lmiputton lASigniflcane*. Before rsa'h^ ins tb* Isle ?f Dog * w* had imagined w* had poswiessd some scquaintance with ship building and Asnns wgl steering/One of the leviathan's cylinder* wm suffieiest to extinguish our pretensions. Marine Court. Before Hon. Judge McCarthy. A REWARD MOT SOC0HT FOR. Jfxi 17.?David R. Quick w. John T. JHtvnHng ? Thi* ?u an notion for unilt end battery committed on do fendont in plaintiff* ibop U?t March. Defendant is * carter Loot winter a robbery woo committed on bio premtoee. and a largo quantity of tool* taken from him. Ho onWqaontly offered a raward for their recovery. The plaintiff') brother, whole a m*chint?t. wo* In a tecond hand etore in the Bowery, end there-a? the rood*. He gave the Information to hi* brother, (pU n tlff,) and told him to go and got the rower I end they would divide It. Plaintiff eeoordlngly called on the de fendant at hi* ?bop, and while there an altercation oc curred, during whlchptointiff got a pair of biack eyoi and other Injorie*. The defendant inai<t* that plaintiff wa* the aggre*eor, and got no more than ho deaervet, eon that he (tie defendant) we* the Injured o?rtr The joey boeerer, thought different, and gave a verdict for 1210 to coter the plaintiiTi eye*. Judge Piram Warner bae received the demoeratlc wenrca' rn fo? fentroee In ??e Fourth di?*nct 0f ,;#or l?a tt?%l Si i? th* 1'lfWV. 11m HMi Mr. IHXiw, of rwunmee. TU TU KMT'JK or THH MUiLD. Nkw York, Jus* IS. 1M4. Ia your report ef the ifMohM mat* Uit tfMlif at the "Knew NoUieg bim nir-ttiag " in the Hart, 1 flat tt* raise ot tba Un F. P ntasken, o? TiM?aM, la tiwduoed an one ot the tfukir* up a* that eooasiea. 1 beg t? state that the Horn F. P. tree ten was aot pre*?ut at tha 'f eihertng ia tiia Hart" last evvwieg, and oeaeeqoewUy did aot ?*ke tha "Kmw Notbln*" ope?ch uncostly attributed to Uiia is your report, ??; further, 1 take tea liberty ta *xpre?> my Una belmf tint the pa lit leal priorlaklo. ai Mr titreUea ara as remote from "Knew AoUuogi-m ." a* "an ha hunialf from Sea York city at tha t'me of tba afore-? id y*tb?r'.B{," m I can ?tata, confidently, that sir. iftaaUa m a >t wituiu tea hundred and flity mile* at" Nee Yort at tba tiia* the "Know Nothing mans mooting" <aa being bald ia tba Park. Now, Fir, as Mr. Stanton's personal aid political frieati. 1 baatea to cermet tba erroria your ra ?.?rt, which might ether vis a Indict upon bin great political injustice. Plaaea publish the above, and oblige, reupectfuly. VhRIfAS. Theatre* sad Kxhlbttlonl. Acapkmt op Murao ?Thursday eveelag. tbs Lagraage Opera troupe will give, far the las' time, BetUni'a gruud opera ef "Norma"?Madame La Grange twho ia admired far bar greet: meal acieaoe) as Norma, Siraora Cartiai as Aualgina, Hollla by tiigoor Mirate, and Oturooo by Ma rin). If this east cenaat call together the lover* of npleadid meal ability, we knew nut whit caa Thoee who lore melody ia it* reined character, n ho aid ga to tha Academy Curing tba few sights the La Uraage company Will appear. Nmio'a Uakdkn.- Tha third representation of Balfe'e baautliul opera, eaWtied the "Iiaughter af St. Mark," will be givtn Uiii ama<ag. Ta thaea who ham bees pre aeat at ita first prsluottra, it U scarcely ancereary to aay they bam bean wall pl*a**<l. M is Lints*. Pyna, who is evidently one af the mast finished vocalists, hu shorn that wherever she ia placed, ems In the most d ffi -ult ro/e, aba is perfectly at horns Nible has spared aotbiag ta produce this opera affectively. 1st tha levers of mu sic testify tha fact by extensive patroaage. Bowkky Thratrs?At tha aaat side af the city, wa know of so place where an evening oan be whlled away with mme pleasure. Mr. Waldroa Is untiring in hi* exertions ta place the aid Bowery wtthent oompettten. It is tba best and meet properly regulated theatre at the eastera side of the city. He has had the Preach sad Spanish dangers performing there for the last fortnight, endeavoring ta afford everything of refinement for kU patrons at a great expense. aad he ehsuld receive hit re ward. To-night, ft. Jehastea's beaellt takes place. Let bim bare a bumper. Burton's Thkatrr?The benefit of aa actor who it one oi tha greatest favorites ia Now York, takes place tonight?Mr. G. Holland Those who remember the old Olympic svtl1 aot forget bim The piaoes selected ara the drama af "All That Glitters is Not Gold," Messrs. body, HtL'aad. Bland and Mrs. Frost ia the leading cha racters, "hipped la tba Uud" will follow, and the amotemeat* will close with the "Widow's Victim," Cbanfrnu sad Miss Aibertlne ia the principal parts Wallauk'b Thxatrk ?Tha German Opera company will appear cn Friday evening in Donisetti's celebrated opera of "The Child of the Regiment," when Mad D'Or my. assisted by several artists of great vocal celecrity, will appear aad gim, ax they have already doaa in ano ther place af am'u emcnt ia this city, a proof of their splendid vocal sclenoa. No deubt the German commu nity will sustain them by a patronage commensurate with the r talent. Wood's Minmtrbui are Ore wing full houses every night ?a proof that negro minstrels? is still in the ascendant. ?'Black Blunders" ia announced for this evening. BDCKLKY'sHsBJCSADMie.?This company wi'l leare for a short time after this week, la order to gala health in the provinces. They announce for this evening a bill of great altractloa. The burlesque opera ef "Bonnam buln," with a great variety ot vocal aad instrumental performances. PnhHaii'B Mimtrklp.?-.'till the number* wi'l ge to see the great burlesque "Baby Show," which will excite more intrinsic amusement than the reality Besides, there will be a performance of great variety, both vocal and instrumental. Metropolitan Thxatkb.?The benefit of Miss Mary Agneo cornea off to-aigbt. She is a yeunz American act ress, ana it is hoped her friends will rally on the occa sion The pieces selected are "Much Ado About No thing," in which Dyett, Howard, Norton", Miss Mary Agnes, Mrs. Sylvester and Miss E Morant will appear. "The lore Chare" will follow, with Dyott, Miss Mary Agnes and Mrs. Vernon will fill the principal characters. Mrs J C. Frost announces her benefit far Thnrsday evening, at Burton's. Mrs. Frost is a young Amerioaa actress ot marked ability, aad thla is bar first appeal to the public ia her native city. Tbi Optra in Boston.?The LaGrnoge company gave "Norma," and the last aot of ??Lue:e"at the Boston theatre on Monday. Booty seat was taken. The con certs daring the week were not pecuniarily sooeeMfal. Johnston's Tsbtwonlal.?Remember this affair takes place to morrow evening, and that from the dramatic arrangements it will be a splendid affair. Inadora Clarkk, the American prima donna, will make a flying visit to Yonkers, where she will sing this evoa Ing, by invitation of a committee of lad'es and gentle men. She will be assisted by artists of vocal celebrity, ContlnktiTal Hall, Cornxr or Kightii Avrnuk.?Sedg wick aad comptny give their en'ertaiament called "Ctotchets aad Quavers," every evening this week. Thk Filibustering Magnolia.-The vessel, recently carried intn Mobile by the cutter McClelland, for being concerned in filibustering, u a forfeit, under tha revenue laws of the I'uitea states, wita all her cargo?S,000 rifles, 1,800 Colt's revo vere, 1,000 pound < fixed ammunition, n brass field battery, and a larg ? quantity ef ether military store*. The 3d tuition o.* the net of April 'JO, 1818, provides that a vessel leaving a pert ef the United States, as she left New York, with n fraudulent clearance as to her cargo, and on such an errand as hers, shall, with her cargo, be forfeited, ene balf to go to the ioformer; and these concerned with her are liable also to a fine of $10,000. Ia this case we presume that the Assistant Secretary of tha Treasury is the party causing her to betaken into the custody of the revenue officers in the disttictei Mobile. It U not believed in this city that she was ia tbe service of the Cobs Junta, as alleged; Nicaragua is thought, on very reasonable grounds, Indeed, to have been her destina tion, notwithstanding the protestations to the contrary. ? H athimffU-n paper, June 18. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONET MARKET. TtntsDAT, Jane 19?6 P. M. The itock metket opened exceedingly ba,ysnt this morning. A very heavy amount of business wis transacted, end the upward movement appears to gain strength as prices become inflated. At the first board Missouri 6's advanced 4 per cent; Oali' fornia 7's, ); Erie bonds, 1875 . 4> Illinois Central Construction, New York Central 7's, 4; Ohio Life and Trnst, 4; Cumberland Coal, 4; New York Cen tral Railroad, Harlem, Erie RUlroad, 4; Reading Railroad, 1; Hudson Railroad 24; MicVg&n South" em, 2; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 4|; Cleveland and Toledo, 4; Chisago and Rock Island, 2, There was quite an excitement to-day in New York Central itock. The large sales at auction gave an impetus to the market, and prices were up above par. At tbe board there was considerable activity, at an ad vance. Erie and Reading were in demand to-day at better prices. Of tbe latter cash stock was plenty. Hudson Railroad bss advanced rapidly within the past day or two. On Saturday tbere we.-.-e sales at 39 per cent, and it sold to-day at 43 per oedt. This rise has cot brought out much stock. Western rail road stocks do not seem to make any pause in their expand m. Cleveland and Pittsburg sold a few days since at forty-five per cent Bales to-day were made at flfty-flve. Even this enormous advtnoe has not induced many holders to realize. Railroad bonds were finely taken to day at better prices. Il linois Central construction and free land, amount ing to $160,000, sold at tbe first board at an advance of about three-quarters por cent all round. Most of the purchases were for osah. Brie, Hudson River end New Yo. k Central bonds oomp??ed other par chases to-dsy, all at an advance. The speculative exo tement existing at the Stock Exchange has brought out soma new stroke We notice to-day a small rale of Biuntwiok City Laad Company. Toere is, pert aps, no railroad stock on the list possessing ao wide n margin for an improvement as Erie, and we believe that e good portion ef that margin wil be covered before many months. In viae ?f its po utioo and prospects it Is unwarrantably depressed It is at this moment selling for only about ooe-hal as much as Orntral, and If there is in reality that difference in their value we have cot yet been able to discover it. Alter the adjournment of the ooerd this morn ing, the following bonds and stocks were sold at auction, by Simeon Draper, on awouat of the trustees of the late Utica and Schenectady Rthroad Company:? 9?08,00O N.Y.Oa. RR subsc'n 6'a. Int. adde4.S?|4 a87* 14,800 do. do. roarert's 7's, do. ?a tOl.'s 1,>48 shares N. Y Css RR *t? 'k W% s loO 3-1*1 The following sales were made on account of whom It may coaoern, sod to close an estate $17,000 lake Erie, Wabash and St bouts Railroad 1st atortffsg* let. added.7.1 >4 lO.POP N.Y On K R. real estate fl'e... do 80)4 fl.ffO Memphis fity ?'? do. ?9 1,000 shares N.Y. (lea KR (at. added 100 3 IN s 100)4 Mr. Ntcolay s?l<t a. auction, this morning, 29,938 shares of tbe cm; Hal stock of the Ovid Hill Mining Compai y. terfelte! tor a m-paymsnt of an assess n.eoiof 71 dente per sbsre levl d thee -o. Tdey btmgh 74 eelll *o $1 p * ebve, subject to-mid At the ii 3?ad board the market woe bu >ytuv, not active. lie net* Central bends edvanwd l per ?eat; Nee York Centra', beads J; Erie baa*, 1876,4; New York Central BR, |; Cncage and Book lel'ial, 14 ; Harlem, ft; Reeling closed at prior eurreat ia the moroiag. Tbe upward move BU-nt is many stock* ha* been too rapid, and a re action will br tbe result before many day* eWpve. Tbe treoaaotioaa at the Assistant Treasurer's of* floe to-day, were as follow*:? Paid oa trearurr eeoosat $26,942 19 Rsoviv-xl da *0,106 00 Balance do 2,824,098 60 Paid for aaaaj office 1,271 60 Paid oa dUburaiag checks 28,984 60 The warrants entered at tbe Treasury Depart ment, Washington, en the lGth last., were as fol lows:? Far tfcr redemption of itsck $14,016 67 Far the 1 rranury Dvpartucot 916 38 Far tb? Interior Departmtwt 6,920 48 For tha caitcmi 10,933 74 WarwananU n-ceived aad eaterwi 83,430 26 War (Spay warranta rocslvnd and entered... 4,336 07 Covered into tba treasury from c>i'am> 4,064 71 Covering into treasury from misc. sources... 1,149 77 The Bank of America has declared a matl an nual dividend of four per cent; Tna Peoples' Bank, three acd-a-hhlf per oent; Michigan Southern Ball road, five per cent. The Michigan Soother* Rai'roal C m?any earned In May $270,970 74. againat $228,377 80 for the seme month lost year, showing an increase of $43 692 94 in the month this year. Tbe New York Central Railroad Company earned $020,912 73 in May, this year,.against $610,820 88 for the corresponding month lait, showing on in crease of $110,091 85. A larger per cent of the re* ceipts in May,this year, were from passengtrs.than last. Tbe rates for the transportation of freight oa the New York Central Railroad have lately been greatly prevent its gotog ov?r rival routes, which have now become numerous and un oontrol'sble, but not enough to comply wish the jaw limiting the dividends to ten per oent an nually oa the amount of capital actually expended in the construction of the same?which does not exceed fifteen millions or dollars?or to justify the authority given to the company to "take private property for the purposes of the road upon tbe payment of n fair compensation." "The eminent do main remains in tbe government, or in the aggro gate body of the people in their sovereign capacity, and they can resume the possession of private pro' peitj not only where the Bafeiy but also where the Interest or convenience of the Bute is concerned, as where the land is wanted for a road, canal, or other public improvement." In consideration of the exercise of this right by railroad companies, and tbe grant of tha franchise or privilege of making the road and taking tolls thereon, the pub lic become entitled to the use ef it in transporting persons and property at equally reasonable and cheap rates, such aa would keep tbe road in repair and pay the stockholders seven per oent dividends annually oo the money actually invested by then, and it is the duty o: tbe Legislature to maintain and enforce this right. There can be no more equi table principle established than that which requires railroad companies to do their business on su:h cheap and accommodating terms that the benefit to the public, from the use of them, may bs of sufficient Imparlance to justify the resumption of the possession of private property, and granting tbe privilege ef making the road and taking tolls thereon. Veseela now convey large quantities of freight through the Wei land canal, to and from the porta nf Thcheater, Oawfio, iMntt'a Harbor and Oip' Vit cent, on Lake Ontario, and Ogdensburg and other places on the river St. Lawrence, where there are railroads running to Boston, by way of the Ogdensbnrg and Northern, and the Montreal and Piattaburg Railroads, and New York by the Roohea ter and Genesee Valley, and Syracuse and Bingham ton railr ads, and Philadelphia and Baltimore by the Elmlra and Williammwt Railroad; and from Lake Erie it is taken by the New York city, Buffalo, Coming and New York, and New York and Erie railroads, to the city of New York. No compro mire or satisfactory or equitable arrangement of all those conflicting interests can possibly be per manently made, as the trade and commerce of the four most populous and wealthy cities in the Union tie involved in the competition. The whole cost of all thes? railroads will sooner be sacrificed than an reasonable charges tolerated. Baltimore, Philadel phia, New York and Boston, the respective railroad ocmpanies, and the places where they terminate, as well as the people inhabiting the intermediate, and, in fact, the whole country traversed by or having occasion to nse them, are vitally interested. The Erie canal caa a'ways, however, be made to regulate the rates on each freight as does not require speedy transportation, by reducing the tolls daring about eight months of the year, which the Legislature will >a intnre be compelled to do, from time io time, by the competition of the above named railroads. Redactions of canal tills have heretofore repeatedly been made on account of the competition of the Baitinpre and Ohio railroad, which has eight tan tele, altogether two miles in length, and many high gradeb, and the Pennsylvania canals and railroads, which pass over the Alleghany mountains on high grades, where until recently there were four Inclin ed, three half a mile each, and one three quarters of a mile in length, on the east side, and three on the west side, each half a mile in length, over which the railroad cars and canal boats in sections on trucks, have until lately bsen hauled by stationary pojrer, when a oircdltoaa railroad, passing through tunnelling ou which looomotive en gines are used, was su*>stltated, the expense of which is little, if any, lees than the inclined planes. The range of the Alleghany mountain* extendi thrcugii the Northern and Middle States,from fifty to two hundred miles in breadth, nearly parallel with the Atlantic, and from fifty to one hundred and thirty milee distant from it, affording no passage through it between Canada and the Tennessee river* as level as the Mobawk valley. Previous to tbe completion of the Brie canal in 1825, a vast trade was carried on between Baltimore and Philadelphia and tbe West through Ohio on turnpike roads com ceding with the National road, which afforded to tie* facilities the New Yorkers did not possess, and the citizens of those pis es entertained great hope* tr .m the extension of the National road beyond Cnmberland until they were omvtnced that they could not compete with the low rates of freight on the Erie canal. And the reduced amount of the imuorta and exports and basinets of those cities subsequent to tbe above year, tarnish unmistakable evidence of the diversion of tbe business of the West to tbe city of New York through tbe Erie canal, whloh has continued up to the present time. And tbe State of Pennsylvania baa ever since been endeavoring to open eommo nieationa by railroads and canals over tbe moun tains to transport freight and passengers at tbe rates * barged on the canals and railroads tn the State of New York; hot many millions of dollar* have been esciiflctd in the business, and public works which cost tbe Sta'a over thirty mlllkras of dollars, are no w offered for ml* at seven and e-half mllHons, with na prespectof getting a buyer, as tbe State he* sank many milUeni tn the nee of tbe same, and higher charge* weald materially lessen tbe trade now car ried on throogh those ohenneis, wbleh Is dooMiens of sufficient benefit to tbe inhabitants individually to compensate for the Incredible expense and his of tbe State in oenstmcttng and managing the seam. And now when the rivalry of that State no longer materially inter feree with tbe boslaem of the Cen tral Railroad, tbe above mentioned roads, reoently cenrtrnorad within our own Bute, at ma oh less ooet Men the Central, which was originally so frail that th* track* were f el aid after the pine rail aad fiat bar bad been used shout six years, will each take away a portion of ite freight aad passengers, at still more ndn rd rates Xhf 890th B*J 8tomn Navigation Company,char Ured by It a Legia'ntur^ it IU late aosilon, havo their books in the villages upon tki eeuth side of Suffolk county, Long Uud, tad about ' one-third of the otpiul stock has tiretdy bow taken Tbt Hooky will close about tbo four h of Ja'y. It istliebwBi|on ef the company to run a line of steam ?r. ft on We^uapUm, Soffdk canty, through tbo Bouti Bey tsd the to Stw York I(,, th tbo Iiso wbl pay well, *. tV|m M fQrij b1Im ^ thickly populated ountty w K ,t ,f %oy dtiteniol Naw York wlsn to sube v>tbo?u>ik it csa be d me within the ?peeiflad time. w' Vail, of Islip, Suffolk county, and kuitia tw, Patcbogue, ore the commi olonera hiring charge o< tbeboks. The capital trill be dlrldod into shares of twtnty flre dolltra each. a ho asnexed statement exhibits the gross and net earnings of tbo Philadelphia and Reading Ra lroad Company for tfce month of May, this year, ottnparad with the corresponding month last year :? PmumxLPuii nn> Rkamuo Kailboap. dfay, IKit. law. Received frota coal 0273.270 77 $387,097 33 RmHtkI fiow merchandise.... 10,037 48 2M88 It Received from travel, he 20.173 36 ?3 208 63 Total earnings 0310,301 00 0 M9.O91 03 Tr'rportetioa, roadway, diunp age, reoawel fund, aad all oborgn 108 686 03 184,424 00 Net inconio for thamon?^..016O 70a 07 0284,200 13 Do. pravioa# five montMr436,062 00 711,017 87 Nat Income six mcntha 0680,149 27 0977.084 00 Aocr rdtng to this, tbo increase In net inoome durlrg the first six months oft he present fiscal year amounts to $300,C37 23?eqtrtl to about sixty-Mx per cent. The gross earnings of the Morris and Essex Rail' real Company for the fiscal year ending May 31> 1855,amounted to 0231,116 93, and the expenditures in the same time to 0125,172 98, showing a not la come at the close of the year of 0105,942 90. Oat of th's, two semi-snnua! dividends, amounting to 067.876 69. and interest on debt, 018.736 10, have been paid, leaving a balance of 029,331 16, whioh has been added to the contingent food. The financial condition of the oompany, on the let inst., was aa follows:? Dr. Cr. Coaatruetioa ..$618,168 60 Capital stock.$1,047,966 00 Real estate 60,680 68 las. cap. stk. 108,800 00 Buildings 87.666 27 Bead trust's Engine 01.602 03 school fund 80,000 00 Cars 83,769 78 Bond* (1804). 282,004 00 Incidental# .... 3,001 70 Bills payable. 7,000 00 Machinery 4,294 21 Unclaimed di Extra, to Hack- vidsads.... 266 06 etUtowa 660,767 08 Profit & less.. 168,468 61 Extens'a vest of BackeHstewn 24,721 10 Coaiectioa with N. J. Railroad 81,406 70 Wood & timber 10,462 26 N. York freight building and vhsrf 463 06 Bills receivable and caih 44,036 14 Total $1,084,489 67 Total ,$1,654,489 67 Bubecripthns to new stock to tb? amorist of $108,* 000 hate been taken to raise funds for the comple tion of the Hackettatowa extension. No further steps bare been taken to extend the road west of Hackettatown, and the directors think It inexpe dient to do so at present. A resolution was adapted by the stockholders, requesting the directors, if they deem it expedient, to survey a ronte for a railroad from some point on the Morris road, between Hackettstown and Dover, to the Delaware river, at or near Phillipabu'g, and estimate the cost, Ac. The total receipts of the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad Company for the first Ave months of the present year, amounted to 1480,626 24, against $456,869 08 for the same time last year. The expenses this year in the same time were $205,552 67, being the net income of the oompaay applicable to a dividend, at the a'ose of the five months, $275, 073 57. Amonnt required to pay July dividend, about $225,000. The Canton Coiqjany of Baltimore received last year from sales of lands, rents, A?., $48,574 81, which with the balance on hand Jnne 1,1854, make a tital of $69,810 62. The expenditures for the year ending May 31, 1855, were $59,697 89, whtoh left in the treasury June 1,1855, $10,112 73. During the year there has been added to the wharf property 2,142 front feet. The Wabash Valley road will be opened ninety three miles from Toledo to Fort Wayne on the 1st of July, and twenty-five miles further in about ton diya afterwards. The Lake Superior Journal speaks in strong terms of condemnation of the tricks to whiok Wall street and State street speculators have resorted to fleeoe the pnbli: by the sale of stocks of an imaginary value only, by means of false and exaggerated re ports, newspaper puffing, sham dividends, and the inflation of the stock market by the arte beat known to "operators,"on 'Change. Though mining opera tions have thus been brought into dlsclkdit, It is yet insisted that there is a solid basis for confidence in well mar aged mining companies; that there is no place in the known world where suoh rich and abun dant deposits of copper and iron ore can be found as in the Lake Superior country; and that the suc cess of several companies is even now astonishing, considering through wbat difficulties they have had to work their way. In the luture everything is en ecoragiug. The receipts of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal from the opening of navigation to the 10th inst, amount to $74,170 67, against $59,970 50 in the corresponding period last year, showing an in crease of $14,200 17?near 25 per cent. We learn from the Pittsburg Gaztlu that the oommittee appointed to investigate the affairs aud accounts of tbe Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company, by the stockholders, at the meeting in January, Lava completed their labors, and pub lished tbe result in pamphlet form. After speodiog about two months, anil examining all the transac tlons of the officers from the inoeptkra of the eater prise, the committee report that there Is nothing affecting the honor Integrity and fidelity of any r.ffioer of the company, excepting the defalcation of the late treasurer. The Park Fir# Insurance Company have declared a semi annual dividend of fire per cent. Tbe returns of the banks of New Orleans for tbe waek ending June 9th, compared with those for the week previous, present the annexed result Basks or Nrw Orleans. June 2. June 9. Deere me*. PMcis 7,880,601 6,949,896 ...437,206 CTrra.siion 0,920,424 6,810,449....110,015 Pepostts 11,814.723 11,089,621.... 726,101 Short 13,888,401....309,683 Eschsan 3,449,050 3,038,619....410,431 Due DUIsnt Banks .... 1,5*1 <06 1,268,670....282,831 Lobs said Short Loans, Jons 2 $21 100,337 " ?? Jana 9 20,864,923 Total (teitiM for the week 234,414 The New Orleans Crttcen' of the 12th fn$t.. say*: Tho Bonk report for the lwt week exhibit* * greet decree** In tone ttaau It wl'l be observed la epoei* there iee decrtase of $487,206, In circuWtioo of $110,014; la deposit* of $726.HI: ia exchange of $420,431; la fbort loans of $909,623; (a A'aUnt Wanoe* of $282.3$$. The great decree** la depoelta, aearljk ".?rtere of a million of dollars, U la wmi m#k. anxtety eauied by many trauelont U??Lr buidnCM for tb? eoooou, haeteov-? ? vil by tbo anroaooemeut of th? BoULlSHINO epklvniie exlatlag t? our erty. Of *Wto$aoo. financial movemonto of our ofty, boiag do pot of tbo VFvrt, ore rooro or Iom cfo^J'rJ good or bod aanttary ooodlttoa ed la tbo ogtrosato tbo boaka aro cob reauii tbo roqulromooM of tbo law, fil,860t above. $164,446 l? with the Baak of Louiotan**, New " " $140, wtth tbo 8tato Baak, and $140,000 wit*?9?* M Ifvolac'udo tbo exchange balance* would exhibit a balaaoo of $<0$ 000, r_ Seaator Roak, of Texaa, hat ad(;hl"? nor*, the Staft Gazette, at An at to, oo wpttag or rrjectlag the bill (Hon of Coagreae, on the mbjoct He la decidedly la fbror of ac oj B#,aW btofflblaoptoloulflta np?a the* cutter the bill thao upoa tta effbet In rldiiMMd * ita <dbt, aad la dlapoata* finally of hitherto lateral* able ooatroreruy. I ?tuo * ur,heaaye, to what the United 8trfi,^,'; bare <'om, but it U the beat that ooold S* tfco'd only be |et after mich egertloq. Bosk geaa iw further ia private oidtiMid, ttu he Imm H hlaueif la his pabdiaddreaa. Ilia raparted af Mm that U plainly telle Tazaa that if the State raftMM or aegie la to acjept the prowMaaa of toe paMMf b'JI, ttoat CoDgreea will make direct appropriates of the bou; ; aad aa each a course would he Jeet ard oroper, wa can scarcely qnaatloa suCi a imB Bey en aa a baoka were chartered by the Ligtala ture of RHode Iaiaad, during the eight days'aeaatel jsat closed, v i:? Tee Beak of the Republic, ta Providence; the 8Mar Beak, ia Nottb Prcrtdeaoe; the Soweauet Beak, ia Wm rea; the k? racer*' Beak, ta Nertk Kiefntera: the Aaha we? Beak, ta Hopkiatoe; the rirertoa tl??k, taTti ntaa; 7T -.Vj rrmaklio Five Oeat H*Tieg? Bask, ?a Prerttiaee. 1? ^V,. eoaaieaUttoa 1 beak eapiUI. two rtCo**erce?wflfe-"* ^ Bans ui the Beak eerauat af thai* etack^^Sy^t^^.^'y *? The resume of the beaks or Sooth CeroHaa, .. the month cf May, give the foUojriig exhibit: ? Capital etock, 814.627.218; bills tactrealatea, (4,787, 287 ; set pro It* aa head, 81,666,090; eaeh AapaatOad tad ether b>d?ii aot enumerated, 88,200,(30; apeate, 8<, 882 2.78 ; do tee discounted oa aareaoel security, 81< i"0 788; dome*exchange, 88,2o4,674 ; kMOL 81.807,880; stack, 81,842,731; suspended debt aad debt la suit, 82 248 428. I la capital etaek there baa haaa aa lacraaaa af 836,800$ is circuities there baa been e dee-eaee af 8184,000; to aet ptoftte there has brea aa iacraaee af 880,000, aaO i ta deposits, kit., a decrease of 82 (0,000; la epaata a 6a oraaaa of *\?p,o< 0 , la aotea discounted aa piraaoel aa* purity aa tocreeee ni 8130,000, aad ta demestte exchange a deoreaaa af 8606 ooo The following table ehowe the quantity of MM of the principal artiolea of produce left at tidaeralar from *e oommeeoement of navigation to the I Ml of June, inclusive, doriog the yeare 1863,66 dago, 1864, 45 days, aad 1865, 46 deye Rkobits ar Paooocs at Tidxwatx*. 1863 1814. 1866. Canal open April 80. May 1. May 1. Flour, bbla 664,017 301 693 110,184 Wheat, baeh 804,485 881,740 884,688 Com 363,411 1,304 048 1,28^886 Barley 132 632 206 416 48,281 Rje 17.735 81.143 24,784 Other grain* 608,141 609 465 636 188 Beef, bUs 21 809 A,034 8,648 Pork 03,600 69,706 34,878 Aebea 9,134 6,316 4,061 Butter, lbe 272,588 77,473 6^418 Urd 6,827 643 10,143 790 3,A81,TU Cbeeia 121,672 93,664 19,bW. Woal 177,181 87,982 101,688 Bscon 0,470,028 8,786,806 2,221,Tit The quantity of flour, wheat, corn aad barley left at tidewater, during the aecond wank la Jaae, ia the yeare 1864 and 1865, waa aa follow*:? Flour, Mb. Wheat, bu. Com, bu. Barley, 6u. 1854 87,603 383,144 148,768 16,834 186 5 40,204 120,034 434,062 8,181 Dec ... 47,302 Dec.262,210 Iac.290,283 Dec . 6,MB The aggregate quantity or the seme artiolea Ml at tidewater from the oommenoemeat of navigate* to the 14th of June, inclusive, during the years 1884 and 1866, iraa aa followe:? flour, Wt. 'Wheat, bu. Com, bu. Barley, to. 1864 301,603 881,740 1,366,048 206,414 186 6 179,104 (56,006 1,284,066 4S,88B Dec.... 122,4(9 Bee.324,645 DmI2,M3 Dn.US,U4 Tfce aggregate quantity of the nine artiolee left at tide rater from the commencement of naviga tion to the 14th of Jane, in dartre, during the ymn 1863 and 1855, wan W follawi:? F\our, IMs. Wluat, bu. Corn, bu. Barley, bu. 1863 ft 64,017 864.486 362,411 lit, 090 1866 179,194 666,096 1,284,066 43,19S Dm....874,823 Dec.308,390 Inc. 931,664 Deo. ..89,MS By reducing the wheat to floor, the qnaatitf ei the latter left at tidewater thin year, compare* with the oorreapmding i-eriod of laet year, nhewa a decrease of 187,628 barrels of floor. Stock Exchange. runsuAY, jua* 19,1866. 96000 U 8 6'(, '67... 116)4 50 ttu N Y Cm RR. 99)4 10000 O'o0'a,'60.exln 106)4 200 do 080 96* 8000 Tann o's, '90.. 98 100 do s3 99X 11000 Virginia6'i... 100* 100 -do bJO 99* 11000 Virginia>"(... 100)4 100 -da bid 99* 8000 Miaaourt 0'?... 07* 300 do b99 90* #7g ? - 6000 do 97 X 300 do 99*4 ionic Txypto'a e'a.sS 03X 100 do b69 l*? CaGfor i -a, '70 *1 ig 00* da . 3000 V*uiw, . ,w .. ? ? u>. 12000 Ind Stato Fle*a 84)4 1(0 do 1000 Harlem latMBa 01 200 do m 1000 Barton 2d MBa 80 47 do 4000 ErieCoavBa,'71 86)4 300 Harlam RR... .a3 20000 Erie BOa,'76 a3 01 10 Harlam Prafd .. 79 5000 do....rSO 01 6 Stontagtoa RR.. SOCO HndRiY2dMBi 02 ? 20 R'o Water's RR. Tt 6000 Hud RJt 30 MBa 7614 1030 Krio RR a3 69 800( 0 111 Can RRBd*. 82)4 200 do -? 100(0 do. . .b30 83 >4 200 do If000 do....b60 83*4 50 do ale 69 16000 do 83 60 do a09 6* 7000 IUCRRFdB* wp 77 450 do blO 6014 30000 IB FreeUndBda 80 100 do 68 6414 12000 do 80)4 200 do a3 6414 10C00 do b60 8014 50 do *3 60 28000 do a3 80 200 do 6014 1000 N Y Can RR Be 90)4 600 Reading RR.. .aS 4000N YCen7'a... 102 2(0 do. ?OK 10 aha Ocean Bank. 80 100 do ?? 26 Ohio LAtrnatCo. 102)4 200 do at Of; 60 Broadway Bank. 118)4 200 do blO 91 8 10 do 118 100 do 630 91 3f 0 Canton Oo 2ftjg 200 do 669 91>4 300 do bOO 27 200 do. al 91 60 Nic TianaitCo .. 16 160 Hadaon R RR.. 49 100 do b30 16)4 100 do aOO 49 42 Paan Coal Co.... 113 18 do 4944 40 do 112)4 126 do 43 300Cum Coal Co.... 20)4 0 M. 8 tc N. Ia. RR 197 tOO do blO 20)4 ICO do 19714 .100 do b60 29)4 140 M. S.htf.Ia Coa. 199 360 do 20)4 100 Panama RR. bl5 198 100 do (39 20)4 100 do 199 300 do s3 20)4 60 lit Miami RR... 199 200 do b30 29)4 10 Clar hPitta'6 RR 99)4 600 do b80 29)4 14 do 68 100 do a60 20)4 76 do 66 100 do b3 29)4 10 CleT* Toledo RR 100 BrunaCily I.d Co 4)4 60 do (64 99 600 Gard Cold 1)4 120 do 99)4 ^NawCreeJi CICo. 2)4 10 Cin H Ac D. RR.. 74>| 36 NY Can RR 09 104 Mich Can RR.. 1 600 do *60 00 26 Chie'ohR I.RRb3 98 ?ICONS BOARD. $3( 000 Ind *ateFIv?a 86 20 aha Gal k CbicRR 109)4 16COO 111 Can RR Bda 83 20 do 190 (000 do 88)4 2ft Chlcdc RialRR bS9 99)4 8000 do 63)4 50 Uudaon Hirer RR 43 26(00 do 84 100 Cum Coal Co.blO 29)4 6(0 NY Can KBB* 90)4 1(0* do. 8000 do 60)4 100 da n S 1000 TH&AllatMBa 87)4 100 Erie RR bM low 10000 Ena Bda ot'76 91 *4 190 do (69 69 200 ?ba Canton Co. (3 26)4 100 do 699 60* 100 N Y Central RR. 1(0)4 260 do 69)4 200 do 100 60 do blO 69 60 do 09)4 400 Harlam RR.. 919 ltO do a20 9rfl4 60 do. 39)4 3 60 do b80 09)4 ?0 Reading RR..bS9 9a* ~~ " "" 912 ?9 do b30 09)4 2(0 da 930 1C0 do aim 99 800 do 91 165 do 100 200 do blO 91 60 do a60 00)4 CITY TRtOB KSPOAT. Tukdat, Juaa 10?9 P. M. Amm.?Small aalaa pote ware made at 0)4a., aid pearl* at 6c. BnxADarcrrs.?Flour?'The aalaa embraced about 8,999 a 0,000 bble , Including ooaunon to good 3lata, at 9* 76 a 90 26. and Waatera do. do., at 90 a 90 76, aad $11 a 913 tor ax ra Genaaoa. Canadian (abaat 1,000 a 1,300 bbla ) ware aold at 910 a 911. eautb arn waa aaaier 8a>aa 900 a 1,000 bbla at 919 99 ? 911 26 for common to good, and 9H 97 a 913 far fhaag and extra. Rye flour?200 a 300 bbla. war* aold I a 99. Cora maal waa nominal at 96 06 a 96 12)4 far Jeraay. Wheat?Thar* waa mora doing, and tha maitat waa ratber flrmar, 8,000 baahata prime white Oanadiam *okJat$2 60, and 8,000 do. lipper Lake at 93 06. Rj* waa atoady, with a mall aalM at 91 76. Corn waa in dnoad anpply, aad tha market flrmar. whioh checked - |^_ - 3 a 30 soo aalaa Tb* traaaactiona embraced about 36,000 i bu* bala Wtiters mixed at 91 n 91 03. No aalaa ef wklan or yellcw war* reported. Oata war* quiet at 60s. a 690. for ftato aad Waatera. Comx?Tb* aalaa embraced 100 bag* Rio, at 10**.( aad loe to 200 mat* Jara, at 14)4a. and Jamaica at p. 9. Oot-roH.?Tbara waa aomc bettor fa*ling la tha market, with mora doing. Tha aalaa footed up about 9,900 n 4,000 balee, at atoady prieaa. Fxxiohi*.?To Lireraaol, about 30,000 bnahaU of can war* engaged to ahip'a bag* at 6)<d. a 04. 70 bale aan (aland cotton at t-lOd. For aquara bale* 3-1' waaaatad; anl 100 bbla oil ware angagad at 17? There mm e?t<? to UhA?* ?7R,aM that in tbo qoMttoniof ut ro 1 err%?iYt * bIu ""*** book* Or OTMlM, M NlM OB oomattntl* by Napo! hoj nooqoal. gVi wlM toll th. u.. ofWfotiKl u4 alio tho aamoof her Titittr. Rooldan ilnrt, *a? door from Cathorlmo. vtim bbucb cam bi conscltbd'on events iu for a ihort tlmo, ai her o?oo. *$ Bait BfcbMath ?troot; and alto lot tori writ too for thooo who ha** not tkd ?Milky at writing for tkoauelaoo. for Mxpoaeo. B*? hotiro, 7 till 10; horn la day tlao, 10 till t-?P iroRTUfb. Mocking birds tor aall-two splendid ?oekixg bird*, Ju.t am*od ft*" Sot?0nal ;th.y Book oat, dog, hot), roootor. aad ?l?* ajghtaad day, toy a?**' bob wanting a Sao bird, ?af AW1* ta PraakliaBaokot, Old ?Up. rBBOVALS. ROWOVAI Z. COBPBBCHT BBGS TO ANNOONCB ho tuMtrid hla butokor * otoro from bio old otaad, tho corner ol Walkor aad Notl otroot* to No. ? Nott (troot, nexrBai'ord, wboro bo toilette a ooatiooatdoa of that Ikror IAJoMW ?? "? ,0"?? **?Bd. Moderate prioo* id Voaiity will ho hla alB, to ooBBaad trade. I) O NOT BB WITHOUT A OOOO FARM: DO NOT BE wltboot haalthy and ooaotant employment; don't lot thd bio)'ptieoo ol ront and proTliioBotroaalo yoa. Ltro la tho moetloiHhy part of tho Ualtod 81 o too. where ft*or tad tana irt netor known For oalo, a farm of dd aoroo, at Clarkrtdaa. Root land conntr.N.Y ,90 ailoo rota tnU olty.dU froB Nyaok ? from Rockland Lako.tH fp.m Hororotraw; know heaoe*. htm, 'torn gOP,***?* baiiM, iota orH. kitchen, aadlali ?Id ottidl ootbafUtnge, ndw and la boot order; d aoroo yoaac robord. Macrae wood, aad rood wall, aad lao atroaa of ?t*r Bctt of boot otoaafooct* that will laat fererer; too ?tooloond ebnreboo; ooo mill. Prieo $4,000, tX?W oaah; t worth f&,MO. A good former can make bodot oa thla to. Fonr ahanccia day to got to Now Vork for Sx. Too dlft** can bo filled wltk hoarder* at $4 aad $A nor waoh. r??ra* It a hett?r market far produeo Una tkia otty. w?t>t. a farm, do aot m!*? thi? chance Apply at 37

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